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Kim Hae Sook

Kim Hae Sook 01

Name: 김해숙 / Kim Hae-sook
Profession: Actress
Date of birth: 1955-Dec-30
Education: Kyunghee University (Nursing Major)

TV Series

Tomorrow (MBC, 2022)
Inspector Koo (jTBC, 2021)
Hospital Playlist 2 (tvN, 2021)
Start-Up (tvN, 2020)
Hospital Playlist (tvN, 2020)
Mother of Mine (KBS2, 2019)
Babel (CSTV, 2019)
Room No. 9 (tvN, 2018)
About Time (tvN, 2018)
Nothing to Lose (SBS, 2017)
Whisper (SBS, 2017)
Father is Strange (KBS2, 2017)
Saimdang, Light’s Diary (SBS, 2017)
Yeah, That’s How It Is (SBS, 2016)
Make a Woman Cry (MBC, 2015)
Only You, My Love (KBS1, 2014)
Pinocchio (SBS, 2014)
Marriage Without Dating (tvN, 2014)
Hotel King (MBC, 2014)
Wonderful Day in October (SBS, 2014)
The Suspicious Housekeeper (SBS, 2013)
Kings Family (KBS2, 2013)
I Hear Your Voice (SBS, 2013)
Childless Comfort (JTBC, 2012)
Can’t Live without You (MBC, 2012)
Saving Madame Go Bong Shil (CSTV, 2011)
A Thousand Days’ Promise (SBS, 2011)
Life is Beautiful (SBS, 2010)
Good Job, Good Job (MBC, 2009)
Cain and Abel (SBS, 2009)
White Lies (MBC, 2008)
Robber (SBS, 2008)
First Wives Club (SBS, 2007)
I Hate You, But It’s Fine (KBS1, 2007)
Mun Hee (MBC, 2007)
Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (SBS, 2007)
My Lovely Miss Dal Ja (SBS, 2006)
Stranger than Paradise (SBS, 2006)
Famous Princesses (KBS2, 2006)
Spring Waltz (KBS2, 2006)
End of Love (MBC, 2006)
My Rosy Life (KBS2, 2005)
The Bizarre Bunch (KBS1, 2005)
Precious Family (KBS2, 2004)
Oh! Pil Seung And Bong Soon Young (KBS2, 2004)
Passion (MBC, 2004)
Little Women (SBS, 2004)
Sweet 18 (KBS2, 2004)
Pearl Necklace (KBS2, 2003)
Wedding Gift (KBS2, 2003)
Summer Scent (KBS2, 2003)
Country Princess (MBC, 2003)
Confession (MBC, 2002)
To Be With You (KBS1, 2002)
Golden Wagon (MBC, 2002)
Romance (MBC, 2002)
Winter Sonata (KBS2, 2002)
This is Love (KBS1, 2001)
Her House (MBC, 2001)
Law of Marriage (MBC, 2001)
Ladies of the Palace (SBS, 2001)
Autumn Tale (KBS2, 2000)
Fireworks (SBS, 2000)
Huh Joon (MBC, 1999)
You Don’t Know My Mind (MBC, 1999)
Queen (SBS, 1999)
Did We Really Love (MBC, 1999)
My Love by My Side (KBS1, 1998)
Because I Really (KBS2, 1997)
Queen Inhyeon (MBC, 1988)
The Ume Tree in the Midst of the Snow (MBC, 1984)
The King of Chudong Palace (MBC, 1983)


Guy With Potential For Success (2019)
Herstory (2018)
New Trial (2017)
With God (2017)
RV: Resurrected Victims (2017)
Miss Butcher (2017)
Tunnel (2016)
The Handmaiden (2016)
Assassination (2015)
The Throne (2015)
Helios (2015)
Kundo : Age of the Rampant (2014)
So Won (2013)
Ggang Chul Yi (2013)
Love Clinique (2012)
The Thieves (2012)
Mama (2011)
A Long Visit (2010)
Bat (2009)
Congratulations! Our Love (2008)
Open City (2007)
Sunflower (2006)
My Girl and I (2005)
Wet Dreams 2 (2004)
My Brother (2004)
Dead Friend (2004)
Oh! Happy Day (2003)
Marrying the Mafia (2003)


2016 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Long-Length Series) – Kim Hae Sook (Yeah, That’s How It Is)
2008 45th Grand Bell Awards: Best Supporting Actress (“Open City”)
2005 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award – Actress (The Bizarre Bunch)
2004 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Oh! Pil Seung And Bong Soon Young)
2000 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actress


  1. 1 : bless Says:

    you are indeed a legend!!! you did great jobs in all the seasons series but i liked the most was your role in “autumn in my heart”. you had a good exposure there and well delivered acting. so far, that’s all the series i’ve seen where you were one of the supporting casts. i will look forward to see more of the series indicated above.

    bless (from nt, australia)

  2. 2 : amanda Says:

    i loved you in autumn tale

  3. 3 : Mina Says:

    Dear Kim Hae Sook,
    I have seen you in many Korean tv dramas. You are very good!


  4. 4 : yap-jhan-sun Says:

    hoy gurang ka nah wag ka na magartista mag ritayr ka nah

  5. 5 : Feliceku Says:

    love u mom…u have a very gud acting in any dramas…great jobzz

  6. 6 : harmonie2 Says:

    Loved her acting !
    Presently watching Life is beautifu – she’s so good again!

  7. 7 : athena Says:

    hi omma hyung woo.saranghaeyo

  8. 8 : sima Says:

    hi omma hyung

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  14. 14 : Nilce Says:

    My name is Nilce i am your fan,s watch the dramas a lot.I think you are a big star between the other Korean actors and actresses. I would like to know more about your life and career il et is possible and keep in touch about yowe next projects xoxo.Nilce Curitiba Paranà Brasil.

  15. 15 : too many too pick a fav Says:

    You are AN AMAZING ACTRESSS!!! I honestly and truly believe that you deserve more than those few awards you got. You are incredible. Sometimes the best people are the ones that are unappreciated but despite this you continue to be an inspiration to even a non-korean actress like me ;} fighting!

  16. 16 : Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil | LoveDrama's Says:

    […] Kim Hae Sook as Go Bong Shil Chun Ho Jin as David Kim Dok Go Young Jae as Seo Joon Tae Kim Hye Ok as Park Won Sook Lee Seung Min as Seo Yoon Young Kim Young Joon as Bae Kyung Soo Luna as Seo In Young Kim Kyu Jong as Nicky […]

  17. 17 : Null Says:

    Sao năm nay phim cô Đóng ít vậy.Con cũng muốn Biết nhiều về Cô nữa.

  18. 18 : Null Says:

    Cô cho con wedsite Hoặc email của cô nha.Email cua con nè [email protected]

  19. 19 : Null Says:

    chờ thư của cô đó.bye

  20. 20 : marcia Says:

    have seen you in so many dramas but can’tremember the name of the one with your 2 daughters eho were raised by your husband’s second wife their names were Jae Hee and Moon Hae i think. what was the name of the drama?

  21. 21 : maecia Says:

    where can iwatch “This Is Love>”

  22. 22 : Rain Says:

    For me please address wedsite or facebook !! ^0^

  23. 23 : mylz Says:

    What a wonderful MOTHER in Life is Beautiful…That’s is so called “SUPER MOM”…Love your acting! And you made me cry out loud in episodes 20 and 21 what a beautiful mother inside and out that even a stepson can have such confident with you telling his deepest secret….ohh guys its a must drama to watch for…. Really what a beautiful life!!!! Congrats Omma! saranghae! You inspired a lot of mothers in the world which such a WONDERFUL acting!!

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  29. 29 : Dragon Baby Says:

    I love your acting as Anggeum in King’s Family. You always add excitement to every drama you join. Hope to watch you in a next drama soon,

  30. 30 : Autumn Grace Says:

    You’re such a brilliant actress Ma’am, keep it up. We really admire you as an actress.

  31. 31 : peter chow Says:

    I love the show life is beautiful and i was in jeju island this summer but can not find the guest house that was in the dramer,could you please tell me the real name of the guest house and its address or web site ? Thanks.

  32. 32 : Fio Says:

    You’re an excellent actrees. I love ur dramas..

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    […] Kim Hae Sook– Yoo Myung Hee (mama lui Do Han Joon) […]

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