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Kim Woo Bin

Name : 김우빈 / Kim Woo Bin
Real Name: 김현중 / Kim Hyun Joong (Kim Hyeon Jung)
Profession: Model and actor
Birthdate: 1989-July-16
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 188cm
Star sign: Cancer
Blood type: A
Talent agency: SidusHQ

TV Shows

Our Blues (tvN, 2022)
Uncontrollably Fond (KBS2, 2016)
Love Cells (NAVER tvcast, 2014)
The Heirs (SBS, 2013)
School 2013 (KBS2, 2012)
To the Beautiful You (SBS, 2012)
A Gentleman’s Dignity (SBS, 2012)
Vampire Idol (MBN, 2011)
Cupid Factory (KBS2, 2011)
White Christmas (KBS2, 2011)


MASTER (2016)
Twenty (2015)
The Con Artists (2014)
Friend, The Great Legacy (2013)
Runway Cop (2012)


Kim Woo Bin apparently changed to this stage name from his real name, Kim Hyun Joong, shortly after Vampire Idol (MBN, 2011) launched, to avoid confusion with that other Kim Hyun Joong.


2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars – Kim Woo Bin (The Heirs)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Best Rookie Actor: Kim Woo Bin (School 2013)
2013 8th Asia Model Festival Awards: New Star Award – Actor

Related Photo

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Kim Woo Bin 24 Kim Woo Bin 25 Kim Woo Bin 26 Kim Woo Bin 27 Kim Woo Bin 28 Kim Woo Bin 29 Kim Woo Bin 30 Kim Woo Bin 31 Kim Woo Bin 32 Kim Woo Bin 33 Kim Woo Bin 34 Kim Woo Bin 35 Kim Woo Bin 36 Kim Woo Bin 37 Kim Woo Bin 38


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  5. 5 : nzul Says:

    waah, this actor will really turn into something … He’s cool 🙂

  6. 6 : nzul Says:

    ye ye ye la la la, now i’m one of your fan from Indonesia.. 🙂

  7. 7 : HaroroIsPororo♡ Says:

    Mimin pic/cover KWB diganti dong yang lebih keceh, doi sebenernya oke looh, he’s really good looking too. :)) kamshamnida

  8. 8 : School 2013 « Gmtn96's Blog Says:

    […] Se Young as Song Ha Kyung Lee Jong Suk as Go Nam Soon Kim Woo Bin as s Park Heung Soo Ryu Hyo Young as Lee Kang Joo Kim Chang Hwan (김창환) as Han Young Woo Kwak […]

  9. 9 : [KBS2 2012] School 2013 RAW E1 | Says:

    […] Se Young as Song Ha Kyung Lee Jong Suk as Go Nam Soon Kim Woo Bin as s Park Heung Soo Ryu Hyo Young as Lee Kang Joo Kim Chang Hwan (김창환) as Han Young Woo […]

  10. 10 : Zhazira Says:

    очень хочу увидеть его в главной роли))

  11. 11 : kim ta ra Says:

    i’m very like you kim woo bin… i hope this drama quickly completed…
    fighting Woo Bin oppa……

  12. 12 : wynn Says:

    know him from now watching drama [School 2013; 학교 2013]~!!!!! (~v ^)Y
    so wanna know more of his old videos, songs if have, and more~!!! (*v *) please tell me, or send me all the websites~!!! (^. ^)
    also waiting more of his upcoming videos~!!! (-. ^)
    looking forward more of his good news~!!! (^- ^)Y
    thanks!!! (-v -)Y

  13. 13 : Abc Says:

    Photos of Kim Woo Bin ^^

  14. 14 : freedomdemon Says:

    to Abc :thanks so much~!!! (~v ~)

  15. 15 : didem Says:

    hello my name is Didem .. I am writing you love turkey fan, I watched you all the arrays so successful .. so handsome <3 my love armful of turkey ..

  16. 16 : kiara Says:

    here is some pic of kim woo bin


    and dear admin will you please change the profile picture and make this as profile picture….(link given below)


  17. 17 : kiara Says:

    thanks a lot Admin nim ^^

  18. 18 : Dede Says:

    Couldn’t t you have picked a better picture. He looks like he is fifteen. He is twenty three.

  19. 19 : daena Says:

    He have to be lead actor on drama soon!
    he’s too hot to always be the second lead..
    ahhh, wish some producer can look forward for him

  20. 20 : nana Says:

    “Hyung nim”
    at school, u’re character is very strong. I really like and touching. Outside looked very hard, but inside you’re so warm and loyal friend. cool man. if I were his girlfriend, he must be my guardian, hehe.
    hopefully next drama, starring you become.

  21. 21 : Kdrama – A Gentleman’s Dignity (신사의 품격) | serbamendadak Says:

    […] Kim Min Sook Yoon Jin Yi sebagai Im Me Ah Ri Lee Jong Hyun (Gitaris CN Blue)  sebagai Colin Kim Woo Bin sebagai Kim Dong Hyub Kim Yoon Seo sebagai Eun […]

  22. 22 : koko Says:

    I love him in School 2013! Very handsome kekeke

  23. 23 : oori Says:

    so handsome!!!!!

  24. 24 : simarjeet kaur Says:

    a very strong actor ,tough guy,have a look of rude boy,skilled actor………….these all traits makes u a good and complete actor……………like ur smile……as s couple with lee jong suk u made me crazy…………ur fan from India……..wish u see u once……

  25. 25 : hunnie Says:

    I like him…and his acting style…so cute even he is kind of tough looking guy..

  26. 26 : ana Says:

    good actor…like you”re wearing the Canada maple leaf sweater..

  27. 27 : The Heirs Ep 1 [Eng Sub] | Korean passion Says:

    […] Korea, his heart is torn between love and duty. Meanwhile, Rachel’s half-brother Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) develops his own crush on Eun Sung. Who said being a rich, beautiful high school student was […]

  28. 28 : asdasd Says:


  29. 29 : Yangyang Says:

    The first time we saw him was when he played as Johnny in the “To the Beautiful You”. Despite his short role, he made a good impression of being a promising actor. We are glad to know that he is part of another TV series again. We look forward to see / watch this in our country soon! More power!

  30. 30 : stasika Says:


  31. 31 : 樊mm Says:


  32. 32 : yuncheng Says:


  33. 33 : 527suill qee Says:

    oppa,you are so hangsome! i love you。fighting!

  34. 34 : Moon Says:

    Despite of watching many Korean films, I haven’t enamoured of male actors yet. After seeing The Heirs, I’m totally captivated by Kim Woo Bin with his manly beautiful and his perfect acting skill. Love him so so much ! <3

  35. 35 : just_saying Says:

    Love the photo with the black shirt and a hat. Whatever you wear, you will definitely look good. Plus, you can really act. You successfully made each character you played come alive.

  36. 36 : 527suill qee Says:

    oppa,i love you!The Heirs is very wonderful!i love the man what you actted~fighting,oppa!i wish u happy every day with your girlfriend!fighting oppa,i love u。木马,爱你,哥哥。大发~

  37. 37 : snow Says:


  38. 38 : malide Says:


  39. 39 : caroline Says:

    oppa,you are pretty actor .you are handsome .i love you…the heirs fighting.

  40. 40 : joei Says:

    Kim Woo Bin you are an excellent actor. I know you’ll continue working hard for the success of your craft in acting. CONGRATUALTIONS to you for portraying Choi Young Do. Which really fits you the character. I love you hope you’ll visit the Philippines soon because i know for a fact that you have a lot of beautiful fans here. 🙂 Congratulations and Good Luck! 🙂 I Love KIM WOO BIN!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  41. 41 : MIRABEL Says:


  42. 42 : ALEKS Says:


  43. 43 : veronik Says:


  44. 44 : Nep yojha Says:

    I have fallen for you!!!! I lop you kim woo bin……

  45. 45 : Nep yojha Says:

    I am looking forward for your new work and I hope you would be the lead actor….. Hope for the best……

  46. 46 : Vivian Piris Says:

    looking forward to your next drama as lead actor..hwaiting Kim Woo Bin

  47. 47 : cecilia perez Says:

    his a good actor.i love his latest drama hiers.

  48. 48 : cecilia perez Says:

    I wished this 2014 more project or more movie.to kim woo bin. goodluck.Happy New year!!!

  49. 49 : angel Says:

    i love Lee min ho, but after watching Heirs i just cant stay without saying this “I love Kim Woo Bin more than Lee min ho now”….not only his skills as an actor, but also his damn good looks deserve appreciation…i love him a lot….his role in Heirs is so flawless and beautiful…from now on i will write my thoughts about him on this page. and i guess its always going to stay positive. 🙂

  50. 50 : angel Says:

    btw HAPPY NEW YEAR OPPA <3 <3 🙂 😀

  51. 51 : putri andini Says:

    Oppa pertahanin akting antagonisnya dan sifat2 nyebelinya
    Like banget….

  52. 52 : your fan Says:

    You are amazing. Your performance way overshined Lee min ho. SEXYYYYYYYYY

  53. 53 : wna Says:




  54. 54 : shine Says:

    you are indeed a very good actor… your acting in the drama “the heirs” is supeb/brilliant! i cant wait to see your next project…goodluck and congrats!!! well done!

  55. 55 : wna Says:

    woobin! ><


  56. 56 : Ahlam Ali Says:

    Woo bin oppa MANI SARANGHAI <3
    My sexy oppa FIGHTING! ^^

  57. 57 : nadzshla and friends Says:

    anyeong oppa we are your biggest fan in the philippines we hope to see you soon there in korea keep up your career and we are always here to support you me and my friends really love you kalasahan namu kaw soooooooobraaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  58. 58 : nadzshla and friends Says:

    oppa jeongmal sarangheyo!!!

  59. 59 : love you Says:

    oppa you are so beautiful i love you so much

  60. 60 : Aya Zaya Says:

    oh! Kim Woo Bin was born on the same day as me!))))))) July,16 1989!!!!! Greattttttttttt! love him! but after Lee Min Ho!sorry! but he’s my 1st LOVE!)))))

  61. 61 : money styles Says:

    Lee Min Ho is better than kim woo bin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. 62 : money styles Says:

    go to bing .com and go to images and tipe Lee Min Ho he will be better than kim woo bin

  63. 63 : Ann Says:

    Kim woo bin is so gorgeous and sexy its insane

  64. 64 : viktorya! Says:

    tot u guyz were here 2 comment cuz u luv or lyk kim woo bin. Then y r u guyz comparing im 2 lee min hoo. Arrgh. Luv u oppa. Fighting!

  65. 65 : nang Says:

    now l look your drama’heries’
    l like you very very much

  66. 66 : lizzy Says:

    awesssssoooomeeeee…………..acting mannnnn iI JUST LUV ALL UR DRAMAS!!!!!!!

  67. 67 : amaru Says:

    i don t forget kiss for yestredey.

  68. 68 : Shayne Says:

    Your so cute. i first saw you in A Gentleman’s Dignity and you have something i cant resist..=).. Like you so much! GoodLuck!

  69. 69 : Alwine Says:

    Kim Woo Bin has a cool face… 😉

  70. 70 : roselyn bentoy Says:

    anyeong woo bin oppa!
    what a coincidence, we born on the same month and day but not the same year. its okay! atleast its still the same.

    first time i saw you i already like you!
    your a very good actor ang your so cute! ♥♥♥

    i wanna see u in person,

    im a very big fan of you.

    wish you all the best, many projects to come
    goodluck! muah ♥♥♥

  71. 71 : heba jihad Says:

    he’s my favorite korean actor… love him so much …

  72. 72 : shin min ah Says:

    shiiiittt!!! you’re not good!
    LOL.just kidding!
    you are the hottest guy on earth. my only dream is to see you in person..i love you kwm.

  73. 73 : shin min ah Says:

    i really hope one day you’ll visit the Philippines.

  74. 74 : cha eun hwi Says:

    if i were cha eun sang, i’lld go for you cos you are so badass and hrtbreakingly beautiful..it breaks my heart that i wont ever get to see you…love you♥

  75. 75 : JAY Says:

    I love You Woo Bin ah 🙂

  76. 76 : JAY Says:

    Saranghae Woo Bin From India

  77. 77 : chaimaaLeeminHo Says:

    we love you kim woo bin 🙂 <3

  78. 78 : JAY Says:

    Woo bin Saranghae 😉

  79. 79 : JAY Says:

    kim woo bin fighting 🙂

  80. 80 : R. Tiara Says:

    Kim woo bin jeongmal saranghamnida <3

  81. 81 : R. Tiara Says:

    I am waiting for your new movie the technicians 😉
    I hope the rating is good. Saranghae :-*

  82. 82 : R. Tiara Says:

    Oppa, do you have girlfriend ?

  83. 83 : R. Tiara Says:

    Uri oppa fighting !

  84. 84 : shyra Says:

    I really want to meet you oppa woo bin. Stay handsome and smart!

  85. 85 : Blue Says:

    From California I wish to meet you someday! Saranghae!

  86. 86 : fiq Says:

    well. pity you because declined offer to cast in pinocchio drama.
    that’s drama is daebak! i loved it because jong suk take the lead actor.
    i love the way of the drama plot…
    sorry… but you’ll regret to decline the offer before. hahahak

  87. 87 : Nur Aisyah EXO Says:

    Woo-bin oppa,SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!

  88. 88 : R. Tiara Says:

    Kim woo bin annyeong {}
    I miss you

  89. 89 : vincci Says:

    so so cute…love u Oppa,,ur the best

  90. 90 : grace Says:

    I really like your style more than Lee min ho.I dont know why maybe because you are my type.

  91. 91 : zeedagold Says:

    i lyk ur acting its great especially in the HEIRS

  92. 92 : marzieh_ELF Says:






  93. 93 : Vatina sinda Says:

    love wo bin

  94. 94 : nim Says:

    사 랑 헤

  95. 95 : Nadia-kaissi Says:

    Kim Woo Bin is the best asian actor & model , i really like your damn bad eyes . your acting is amazing , i wish you all happiness . you have many fans from Morocco so i hope to see you in marakkech festival why not! and i hope to see you more in Cinema . Kim Woo Bin = the most sweet & dangerous cearture all that secret is in your fabulous eyes. love you

  96. 96 : paulina Says:


  97. 97 : tigerb Says:

    @admin: please list ‘the technicians’ as a movie that kim woo bin starred in 2014. thank you.

  98. 98 : tigerb Says:

    kwb attracted me to his role in ‘the heirs’ and i thought he is a good actor. just finished watching the movie ‘the technicians’ (or ‘the con artists’) and he proved that he really can act. it’s a fun heist/crime movie, story line not unique, and this time kwb smiled more than in ‘the heirs’.

  99. 99 : ruby placheta Says:

    kim woo bin i miss you. when will i see you in a drama again??? your’e not in love cells part 2??? i miss you….

  100. 100 : ur fan Says:


  101. 101 : ruby placheta Says:

    WOO BIN where are you???? i miss your tv series.. please

  102. 102 : Uncontrollably Fond Episode 1 | Drakor Sub Says:

    […] Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) and Noh Eul (Bae Suzy) were a couple who got separated during their childhood due to an ill-fated […]

  103. 103 : Uncontrollably Fond Episode 2 | Drakor Sub Says:

    […] Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) and Noh Eul (Bae Suzy) were a couple who got separated during their childhood due to an ill-fated […]

  104. 104 : tigerb Says:

    you’ll pull this through, kwb. take care and God bless.

  105. 105 : Nancy Says:

    Get well soon Woo Bin.. praying for you

  106. 106 : Korean Drama Review Inheritors – Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Min Ho as Kim Tan, Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang, Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do, Krystal Jung as Lee Bo Na, Kim Ji Won as Rachel Yoo, Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon […]

  107. 107 : pepito Says:


    kim woo bin act in movie MASTER (2016)

  108. 108 : Uncontrollably Fond – almostkorea Says:

    […] Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) and Noh Eul (Bae Suzy) were a couple who got separated during their childhood due to an ill-fated […]

  109. 109 : jerusalem Says:

    kim..im big fan of u luv u so much u r so amezing at uncontro..Fond……..

  110. 110 : Mayra Guzman Says:

    Kim we miss you on TV. How are you health ‘All right ?. We will see you soon?

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