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Kim Jae Won

Name: 김재원 / Kim Jae Won
Profession: Actor
Date of birth: February 18, 1981
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 182cm
Weight: 71kg
Blood type: B
Family: Older sister and wife
University: Sangmyung University (acting major)
Graduate: Hanyang University (International Tourism)
Religion: Christian
Talent agency: Will Entertainment

TV Series

God’s Quiz: Reboot (OCN, 2018)
Let Me Introduce Her (SBS, 2018)
Father, I’ll Take Care of You (MBC, 2016)
Hwajung (MBC, 2015)
Scandal : a Shocking and Wrongful Incident (MBC, 2013)
May Queen (MBC, 2012)
Can You Hear My Heart (MBC, 2011)
First Love (CCTV, 2008)
Hwang Jin Yi (KBS2, 2006)
Great Inheritance (KBS, 2006)
Wonderful Life (MBC, 2005)
She Is Nineteen (SBS, 2004)
Beijing My Love (KBS2, 2004)
Land of Wine (SBS, 2003)
Romance (MBC, 2002)
Rival (SBS, 2002)
My Love Patzzi (MBC, 2002)
Honey Honey (SBS, 2001)
Wuri’s Family (MBC, 2001)
You say it’s Love, but I think it’s Desire (SBS, 2001)


Shoeshine Boy (2006)
100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (2004)
Coming Out (2000)

MV in the Following Album

Jolin Tsai Agent J (2007)
Promise (2008)

Official MV featuring Kim Jae Won

Lee Soo Young : #1 Bus stop MV
Lee Soo Young : #2 Fantasy MV
Lee Soo Young : Cafe
Kim Jae Won 2013 SINGLES CF : Agent Kim

Entertainment Show

Survival (Special Documentary as Narrator) – MBC (26/Dec/2012 to 6/Feb/2013)
Get it Beauty HOMME (TvN, 2012)Beauty Guide for Man


2018 SBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actor (Daily/Weekend Drama): Kim Jae Won (Let Me Introduce Her)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Special Production): Kim Jae Won (Scandal)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor Award (Soap Opera): Kim Jae Won (May Queen)
2012 20th Korea Cultural Entertainment Award: Top Hallyu Star Award
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award (Mini Series), Actor (Can You Hear My Heart)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Can You Hear My Heart)
2005 Best International Star Award
2002 MBC Most Popular Actor
2002 Best Dressed Talent
2002 MBC Drama Awards Best New Actor
2002 SBS Drama Awards New Star
2002 SBS Drama Awards Top Ten Stars


He is getting married on 28/Jun/2013. His fiancee is three months pregnant. (Source I & Source II)

Official Site

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : avrin Says:

    sarang he yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muah muah! lurve you

  2. 2 : ika Says:

    u r so cool………….

  3. 3 : chafiezha Says:

    aHh!!!i ReaLLy rEaLLy aDmiRe u kiM jaE woN!!!u R mY heRo!!!!LuV u 4 eVa!!!!!

  4. 4 : mary Says:

    i love ALL YOUR DRAMAS MAN! ESPECIALLY YOUR RECENT ONE… HWANGJINI…… you really looked tortured: i just wished we also had sbs and mbc here in the middle east so that i could also watch you other shows ….:) keep the tears cumin arasoh? jinixx…..

  5. 5 : he he ho ho Says:


  6. 6 : mira Says:

    hello,kim jae won….really admire you….your acting in wonderful life awesome….do you know something??my friend,his face same with you….his eyes,the colour of skin…same with you….the gurls mad with him because of you….hahaha….me too….i really2 like you….keep a good job,ok….love you…mmmuuuuahhh!!!

  7. 7 : mira Says:

    ops!….forgot something….wish you happy birthday….my god bless you….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUX2….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KIM JAE WON….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

  8. 8 : lynlyn Says:

    What can I say….but…Like u men…ur soooo cute because of ur killing smile… nice acting too…uuuu….kept up….and stay healthy…

  9. 9 : sallyen Says:

    I melt everytime i see that smile xD
    Kim Jae-Won, Kim Jae-Won, Kim Jae-Won…..baby.baby.baby

  10. 10 : mai nhia her Says:

    oh my gosh!!!KIM,Jae-won is SO freaken HOTT!!!!

  11. 11 : riyoma Says:

    oh!! what can i say.. but you really look cute.especially n woderful life… shin bi and you look really like father and daughter…hehehe

  12. 12 : flor Says:

    ahh. ur so cute i really like in wonderful life its so funny but there’s more sad =] i really like you. im a fans of han seung wan., se-jin., && han shin bi!!

  13. 13 : Truc Says:

    i luv youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…i luv wonderful life the most with you and eugene inthere………i luv youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

  14. 14 : sally Says:

    hi! uve been quite for a while, whats up? relly miss u a lot, hope to hear from u, please take care and i hope ull have a happy and healthy life…please do some more movies and be on arirang tv’s showbiz extra please please please…love you

  15. 15 : madayad Says:

    hi mr kim jae won! i really wish that you have an English website…’kinda hard to understsnd korean, whats more when reading it…it would be nice if you could make it sooner, i really wanna read a lot about you, i like everything about you, good luck! (anybody who could help me find his english website pls…thank you)

  16. 16 : mandy Says:

    God bless you!

    You are the best!
    short hair cut is most suitable for you!
    Waiting for your good performent!
    Take care!

  17. 17 : amy Says:

    Hi, Kim Jae Won … how are you, i really like your movie, and your smile …. i watched them all … do you have a new one … hurry .. i can not wait .. please do some more movie … you are my idol …. you are so cute….. wishing your family and you have a good day, stay healthy and have a good life…..take care.

  18. 18 : qidah Says:

    hi, kim….how are you…i realy like you smile….it cute…see you again

  19. 19 : Myo Thazin Says:

    Hi, How do you do?
    Your are so handsome and so cute.I like your smile.
    You are only one of my favourite actors.
    I am very glad you to come to our country,Myanmar!
    If you are free, come to our country again welcome to you!
    Please reply to me a letter OK baby! BYE BYE!

  20. 20 : wonderful life Says:

    Arhh you are so cute…in wonderful life you are so childish b4 being daddy after being a daddy you are so much so handsome muacksssss to you!!!1

  21. 21 : hani Says:

    halu!!!!kim jae won your so cute!!!!! i like yuor smile!!!!i watch your movie and it so good!!!!

  22. 22 : hani Says:

    sarang heyo!!!!kim jae won!!!!!!your so cute!!!!

  23. 23 : hani Says:

    halu!!!!!kim jae won!!!!your’e one of my favorite korean actor!!!!!!you have you killer smile!!!!!!!!

  24. 24 : Shang2 Says:

    u r sooo cool …. i like smile n childish acting in Romance

  25. 25 : nyzle Says:

    you’re so cute…………… good actor i like your role in romance…..

  26. 26 : Elis Says:

    I love you really much when I see you smile i wanna shock you so cute love you

  27. 27 : jacky Says:


  28. 28 : amy Says:

    Hi Jea Won, where are you? … we missed you a lot … i watched all your drama and movie too many time … when the first time i watch it … i like your role in Rival … and now i loved you in Great inheritance and Wonderful life too … Land of wine also good but i don’t like the ending … you looked handsome with your glasses in My love pazzzi …. in My love in Bejling your hair not too good, i don’ like that hair but your role is good ….. in My house or Wuri’s family you are so cute … anyway, all your role is good, i heard the movie ” shoeshine boy ” in production already .. so when it will come in out …. hurry … now i don’t watch any korean drama except your drama … even though i watched it too many time but it is still good …. love you …hope to heard something from you soon…. have a nice day and take care

  29. 29 : jenny malaluan Says:

    i love you jae won, umwuah!

  30. 30 : divine Says:

    hi! i like you………………>

  31. 31 : amy Says:

    Hi jae won,
    i heard you will have meeting with your fans in this December at Osaka Japan … i want to been there but it is hard for me … too far …. when you will be come to US … i will waiting for the Video clip about that meeting come out …. take care….

  32. 32 : GELINA Says:

    Hi, Kim jae won!
    You play the role of Kim jung han…
    You are cute in Hwang jini!
    I like your acting…
    You are very smart!

    My favorite Show is Hwangjini for these month is Hwangjini!
    :: It has a wonderful story like Jumong ::
    I like your love team with Ha ji won!

    Ha ji won is pretty and you are handsome…

    Have a good day.
    Smile always 😆

  33. 33 : amy Says:

    you are good in Music Video too, eventhough it is just a few minitute … but i like it … Tsai Jolin is not my favort singer … i watched that MV because of you …. hhihihi…..

  34. 34 : KJWaddict Says:

    that voice
    those lips

  35. 35 : jennythu Says:

    I like your’s smile.

  36. 36 : Laura Says:

    – ✿ Kim Jae Won is my new obsession. ✿ –

    Haha… I totally love his smile! And his acting’s not bad either. Keep up the good work, Kim Jae Won! Hope to see you in a new drama/movie soon!

    Btw, he has a role in Jolin Tsai’s new music video/mini-movie “Agent J”. Check it out~!

  37. 37 : amy Says:

    ha..ha..ha .. you have a new manager and you will have a new drama right … i hope to hear that soon…..

  38. 38 : husna Says:

    i love you since i am 13. you are talented, and truely handsome… happy always… remember i like your smiles!!!

  39. 39 : lyne.yagami Says:

    have anice day.. do not forget that we always supporting you!!! you are so cute and talented. no one can make you failed…. na… chaiyou… gan ba teh… jia you…!!!!!

  40. 40 : bunga01 Says:

    hi….very love your sweet smile….and your are so great in HWANGJINI…but very pitty you coz….the ending are very dispointed…
    hope you will act in new drama ASAP…

  41. 41 : jennythu Says:

    Now i like you.

  42. 42 : Meiraba Says:

    Hey,jae won its me,how hav u bin all dis unforgotten days,hop u fine n b fine in every incoming days,try not b weak to be strong 😮

  43. 43 : amy Says:

    Yeah, be strong JAE WON we are all support you … love your smile forever…. Hope can see your next drama ASAP ….. Miss you so much…..

  44. 44 : singaporejan Says:

    How have u been? Hmmm realised you’re going Japan? So sad! why never THINK ABOUT in SINGAPORE?
    By the way you going to in CAMP? Mean soilders?

  45. 45 : amy Says:

    Mery Christmas Kim Jae Won …..Miss you so much …. i hope i can see you more and more on the next year …….. Best wish to you and your family……. take care….

  46. 46 : Meiraba Says:

    Hi, its me again,
    I 4got 2 wish u merry christmas.so i m wishing u ha p merry christmas 2day,bye

  47. 47 : tAyN Says:

    hI Kim jAe wOn……
    i lIke the waY you act in all of
    yoUr korean movie and TV series…
    kEep up the gOod worK…
    I also like your killing smIle…
    i hope someday you come here in the
    philippines you are so wElcome here…
    i will always love your show…

  48. 48 : tAyN Says:

    hI Kim jAe wOn……
    i lIke the waY you act in all of
    yoUr korean movie and TV series…
    i like you in 100 days with mr.arrogant..
    you inspired me to study hard so thank you….
    i hope someday you come here in the
    philippines you are so wElcome here…
    i will always love your show…

  49. 49 : tAyN Says:

    i forgot to say hapPy hAppY new year
    to you and in your family…..!!!!
    i hope you will send me a mail

  50. 50 : romance_KJW Says:

    i love lucky smiles and cute

  51. 51 : Wonderful... Life_KJW Says:


  52. 52 : Falling in smile Says:

    Don’t frown,
    because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile!

  53. 53 : For_KJW Says:

    someone loves one
    sometwo loves two
    but I love only one
    and that one is… You (KJW)

  54. 54 : snow smile Says:

    hi !

    i like ur movie so much.
    and do you have any new film for 2008 ?

  55. 55 : snow smile Says:

    i want to see ur movie online by internet ? so what way can i watch ?

  56. 56 : amy Says:

    what if i never knew
    what if i never found you
    i never had
    this feeling in my heart ….

    Miss you so much, KimJaeWon…

  57. 57 : jUsT_4_yUo Says:

    jUst wAnt tO grEet yUo
    a hApPy hApPy b-dAy
    wiSh yoU a gOoD healtH
    and mOre b-dAy to cOmE….
    i hOpe yoU havE a nEw mOviE
    this 2008 so that i havE a reason to
    search it on the intErnet…..

  58. 58 : Nifa Says:

    Hello birthday boy! I’m a fan of yurs from Malaysia who had 2 girls at home also really enjoying yur movie/acting.

    I wud like to take tis opportunity to wish u a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may GOD bless u always…

    Hope whatever brings you joy and excites yur heart, I wish for u…
    Whatever encourages u and lead yur dream forward, I wish for u….

  59. 59 : asa Says:

    jae won,i love u forever.i hope u will act in more shows n b more famous.

    your fanatic fan

  60. 60 : melanie Says:

    happy late birthday!!!

  61. 61 : abby Says:

    i’m a fan of you!

  62. 62 : lyne_bear Says:

    hai i am a girl from Malaysia…. Jae-won…i have watch your drama… you are really cute… i love you and Jang Nara like a cute couple… i hope i can be your friend always, can i? i hope you will be success in your life..!!! smile always…
    [email protected]

  63. 63 : Wawa Jamal Says:

    hello,I’m from Malaysia…
    you are so cute when you are smilling

    hope you kan replay me .


  64. 64 : sakura Says:

    why did he become an actor?? He’s not even that handsome????

  65. 65 : amy Says:

    i like the music in your drama ” Romance”.. and i also like your role in there…. i just want to use the title of that music to convey to you ..
    ” Loving you …”
    Don’t be weak … just be strong and think we are always beside and support you, Jae Won….

  66. 66 : Ishmah Says:

    when i first watched WONDERFUL LIFE, i really didn’t like you. your acting’s not so good, not even so handsome. But I change my mind, in the last episodes of WONDERFUL LIFE. You are a good actor actually. Especially when i saw your other movie, She is 19. Your acting is really good in that movie, makes the character strong. Really different from your act as an immature man on WONDERFUL LIFE. ok Kim Jae Won. May Succes always be with U. Peace! BTW, Have U ever come to Indonesia?

  67. 67 : anlie Says:

    you’re so cute….

  68. 68 : ligirl Says:

    damn u r fine in wonderful life n hwang jin yi. u r my # 1 actor n i can’t believe it that your b-day is in feb 2:)

  69. 69 : violetlady Says:

    wow i like his charisma… & the way he portrays his roles… he isn’t as cute as lee dong-gun (my fave) but he is almost as good as him… keep it up… ^_^

  70. 70 : amy Says:

    JaeWon, i like your personaly so much…. you are very good person not only on your role but also in your real….
    Keep it up and do a good job..
    Miss you so much….

  71. 71 : Leilani Says:

    I love your fantastic smiles! I’ve seen five of your tv series and you really very likeable. You’re great!

  72. 72 : lanien mondejar Says:

    darn!!!!!!!!!kim aje won i know you’re one of those talented actor in korea!!!!i’ve seen 5 of your movies and tv series….will what can i say im still looking for the other movies…yet it so rare here in the philippines do im still waiting for those to come out…i used to order but still i dont have the movie….but im looking forward to it….your really great like bae yong jun…the two of you was so wonderful and very talented…..!!!!!!!!!

    saranggiyo oppa!!!


  73. 73 : Aoy-Thailand Says:

    Hi Kim Jae-Won,
    I’m follow watching your series, I love your acting so much. Your acting was to nature, your smile was so bright. You’re the great actor.
    take care,

  74. 74 : lalaine Says:

    hi kim jae won im your no.1 fans from philippines, you more handsome when u smile i like you so much.. your my idol 4ever.. i love you

  75. 75 : saranghae Says:

    kim jae wonn omg you should check my myspace out .
    your so HAWTT ! .
    i watch all yourdrama & movies . (;
    -hearts always yen .

  76. 76 : saranghae Says:

    is there any more new movies or drama coming out ?
    i really wanna see more .

  77. 77 : apple Says:


  78. 78 : sandrahay Says:

    hello kim jae won
    i really wanna see you.i am from myanmar.when you came here i was not here(in yangon)but i was in monywa, myanmar.i like your acting very much.i like you.because someone i like is similar to you.good luck for you & have a happy all time.

  79. 79 : capella Says:

    jae won,

    u’re so cool…

    i like u so much….


  80. 80 : shylone Says:

    yobo seyo!!!!!!!!
    hi….when are you gonna make anew movies?….still looking forward to it!!!!!send us your update…….still looking forward for the news bout you….



  81. 81 : sarah Says:

    hi, i’m from malaysia,
    really like to watch your movie especially wonderful life. ou have a sweet smile. it will be better if you become more mature in your acting. you make a very good pair with eugene.

  82. 82 : yu Says:

    hi jun won. how re u?

  83. 83 : winnweaye Says:


  84. 84 : amy Says:

    Hi Jae Won,
    How are you? i heard you will be lead the role in drama name ” First Love” which will be shot in China …. China- Korean production…. and will be start in this September … can not wait to see that ….
    Your acting is good and your singing is good too… yet, your voice is warm and soft … really like ” Promise ” and ” i miss you” … it is good …
    Hope to see you soon and have a nice day JaeWon!!!

  85. 85 : Felicia Ng Says:

    I have watched 8 of your drama series: Romance, Great Inheritance, Hwang Jin Yi, Wonderful Life, Land of Wine, My Love Patzzi, She is Nineteen and Wuri Family. I must say that your acting is great and I enjoyed every drama that I’ve watched. But for the ending in “Land of Wine”, it was very sad.
    Looking forward to see many more of your drama series.

  86. 86 : dA Says:

    I don`t like your drama Romance but i like Wonderful Life.I have been waiting for your new film.I`m sorry that i didn`t watch Hwang Jin Yi and i have say that it is lousy to watch despite my classmate said it is nice to watch.If i knew you`re the one who acted it, i can tell you that i will sure watch.It have been broadcast on ChannelU on saturdays and sundays on 7.30pm in november 2007.

  87. 87 : snow Says:

    hi kim jea won

    your are very handsome.
    i always think of you.
    i love you madly.
    God bless you.
    Do you hava a girlfriend?
    God Bless you forever.

  88. 88 : adaluz Says:

    bueno mi actor preferido es kin jae won ps
    y me gustan todas sus dramas coreanos no me pierdo ni uno saludos para toda corea ..
    algun dia voy a ir de vacacion esperenme

  89. 89 : mery Says:

    ‘다시 차마
    이미 당신처럼 아무
    난 당신이 내 메일을 알려 드리기위한 기회를 갖고 싶어요

  90. 90 : Laurain Says:

    Hello Jae WOn I really like you in The film Wonderful life and Great heritage. you have a good smile,

  91. 91 : thai-81 Says:

    hi…kim jae won…
    i have not watch all of your dramas/movie…but recently, i watch My Love Patzzi where u play the role as S.J… you a so talented in the drama,great smile and cute appearance….best of luck in future,okay..

  92. 92 : as Says:

    hi jae won, i’m frm m’sia.
    really like to watch ur movie especially great expectations.
    u have a sweet smile.
    hope can meet u when u come to m’sia

  93. 93 : as Says:

    hi….if u have free time…chat me at my mail add

  94. 94 : Nelsonsf Says:

    Annyeohaseyo, i’m your fans from Malaysia would like to chat with you. My name is Nelson or you can call me Nel. Hope u can add me at your mail and hope to hear from you soon.

  95. 95 : Xinxin Says:

    Hai,,Kim Jae Won..I like your acting,you ar very handsome!!..

  96. 96 : esther amanda Says:

    hai…..kim jae won! you’re really cool in drama 100 day with mr arrogant.I also like you killing smile.okay……..take care

  97. 97 : lurve_kjw Says:

    hi..kim jae won..im ur fan from malaysia..i like ur killing smile..i hope dat u will chat wif me on net..
    lurve u always!!!!!!!!!

  98. 98 : lurve_kjw Says:

    i wanna ask u 1 question???
    when u will make a film in malaysia…hehe..
    ijk…mind it..
    i hope dat i can c ya!!!

  99. 99 : jasminefong Says:

    hi..cant wait 4 ur latest drama..and i’ve been waiting for a very long time..and i really lov watching all ur previous dramas except the old costume one..sorry bout it..u r really a great actor wif great big smile;)

  100. 100 : kjwlwin Says:

    I am the one who like you. I mailed you since March, but you didn’t mail me back. I know that you may be very busy. Whatever it is, I believe that you will mail me back someday. I am 19 yrs old. I always want to have a contact with you. I like you not because you are an actor.


  101. 101 : Mira Rai Says:

    i wish i had Kim jae won’s mailing address too so that i could write to him all the time but unfortunately i don’t have his mailing address as well as i don’t know his official website whish is translated into english. i’m bored watching those chinese, japenese and koreans script.i am feeling like sick. Everybody is writing reply as he’s gonna read these reply. though he read or not i wanna say that he is way too cool and i’m sure that every guy can’t stand him cuz of his grat talent and it really goona take him to long way of sucess and fame.

  102. 102 : shue Says:

    after watch the movie,i feel like him!
    really hope to meet him 🙂
    luv kim jae won >_

  103. 103 : suriani Says:

    hi, kim jae won…i’m your fan from malaysia…i love to watch your drama, wonderful life…you’re so cool in that drama…i love ur smile… i really hope that i could find someone like u in the future…

  104. 104 : tomoko lee Says:

    you know what is wrong with you kim jae won you never reply back to me i hate you sooooooo much like if i never wanted you to exist!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted toget an e-mail from you!!!!!

  105. 105 : jasminefong Says:

    tomokolee- it’s a horrible thing for u to say such thing juz bcoz u dun receive an email..even if u receive one, definitely not kjw who writes it..

  106. 106 : Caraib Says:

    After being disappointed by several actors who could show nothing more but anger and sadness, finally someone who really brings the characters to life! Maybe this is why I can’t study and just spend time searching for information, a website, anything… But ALL I found were Thai/Korean/Japanese characters and… I can’t read them…
    Anyway, Kim Jae Won, if you read these lines, know this: I’m impressed. unfortunately, I came too late since you’re going to the army. Take care of yourself, ok!
    Hoping to meet you in the future…

  107. 107 : Han Says:

    hi.my name is han si yin.i am from USA,but i am myanmar.i like you a lot
    i saw all of your movies and i like all.i am 19 years old.my house have a lot of your photoes.if you have time,can you mailing to me.i am waiting your mail and u want to go to somewhere,can you come and visit to USA.
    i really really like your smile.one day,i want to come and visit to korea.if i marry,i want to marry who are look like you.i am sure.i ma not joking.bye bye.i am waiting to your mail.

  108. 108 : Han Says:

    i ma sorry my name is Han Su Yin.bye bye again.i really really waiting your mailing.have a nice day.

  109. 109 : maryam Says:

    hello, i see this actor in hwang jin yi. he was a diffrent man in palace.he was older than himself in this film , and this subject show that he played very good.

  110. 110 : Aziiangel Says:

    김 재원, 당신이 최고야! 난 널 사랑해

  111. 111 : mira u. Says:

    hey!, i miss seeing you on t.v. i’m now wishing that there will be a second episode of “WONDERFUL LIFE” ft. you, kim yoo jin, han eung jung, lee ji hoon, jung da bin (han shin bi) and now because of you i’m studying hard so that when i finish my studies i can come to korea and see you. i love HAN SEUNG WAN (KIM JAE WON).

  112. 112 : mira u. Says:

    hey! its me again just here to remind you that i really really want a second “WONDERFUL LIFE” of course with the original cast . ok thats it stay healthy and stay handsome to.I love you HAN SEUNG WAN (KIM JAE WON)

  113. 113 : mira u. Says:

    annyeong haseyo mr. kim jae won just hoping to see you soon 😀

  114. 114 : sita Says:

    i will kim jae won come to indonesia together with kim eugene .
    im very like it if jae won be a couple with eugene 🙂
    i hopeness it ..

    when ?


  115. 115 : singapore jan Says:

    oh no..i really sorry i missed the news…
    I thought Jaewon’s went to overseas for studies or film…
    But never expected you already in SERVICE since last march 2009

    well no matter how….
    i really wish from my heart….
    wishes you blessing….for all wealth + health + everything…..

  116. 116 : afif bond Says:

    wanna fight????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. 117 : arnie Says:

    hi kim jae won im a fan from pilippines….i really like your drama 100 days with mr.arrogant especially wonderful life…. you’re really a good actor!

  118. 118 : priti Says:

    i am a korean frick gal among all d actors u are one of those who made me freak plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz visit nepal sometime sarangye kim

  119. 119 : aisy Says:

    Hi!!! i really love your acting in 100 days with mr. arrogant!!!! you such a great actor…^_^!!!!

  120. 120 : 老顽童 Says:


  121. 121 : akira Says:

    i’ll wait for comin WONDERFUL LIFE!….u’re my fav actor…with killing smile…Shin bi…i love u’r korean pronouncation…

  122. 122 : laxmi Says:

    hop e t o s ee you like this alwayys with good nam e n fame,kin jae won

  123. 123 : amktsy Says:

    your birthdate is same as park shin hye and name is similar to Kim Rae Won.

    a fan of yours here. :p

  124. 124 : han hsu luck Says:

    Nice to meet you … My name is Han hsu luck…
    I am 21 years old…
    I live in yango….I am myanmar girl…
    The next 4 years ago,are u come down to country of Myanmar.are u remenber?
    Now i am attanded toNational University of Art and Culture…
    Please can u reply my mail…ok..I am waiting for ur send mail…
    good luck…I always watch ur movies…..

  125. 125 : meera Says:

    Hai Jae Won!! I’m from malaysia.. I really enjoy watching your drama such as MY LOVE PATZZI and SHE WAS NINETEEN.. Hope to hear your new project soon.. Bye2

  126. 126 : suin yuee Says:

    hye kim jae won..
    i’m from malaysia…
    i like you smile coz very sweat..

    i wish, one day i get special frens have a good smile as you..
    a lot drama i watching expecially “wonderfull life”
    k, gd luck n aja2x…

  127. 127 : hanen Says:

    i dont know you …but i love korea and korea drama

  128. 128 : saungthazin Says:

    You are very nice.I’m from Myanmar.Do you know Myanmar? Welcome from Myanmar.Thanks.

  129. 129 : saungthazin Says:

    I want to meet you.

  130. 130 : saungthazin Says:

    Sweet dream.
    Have you been visited Myanmar country?
    I think you have visited.
    Please come to my country next.

  131. 131 : julia Says:

    hello,i am from brasil,i like your dramas ,visit one day brasil you sure liked

  132. 132 : 마리아 안젤리카 Says:

    hello! why dont you have any more korean drama after hwang jin yi..?? I really really like your korean drama esp in Wonderful Life. Your such a great actor!!! ^^,

  133. 133 : mel Says:

    i like your smile… keep smiling..

  134. 134 : ade Says:

    i like ur act.. ^^

  135. 135 : tere Says:

    im from brunei n watching your tv drama kindergarden love….n you look fantastic & very handsome ..u got the most beautiful smile..keep smiling n best wishes to your movie career…keep fighting…

  136. 136 : eugene Says:

    I’m so fond of you in My Love Patzzi and Great Inheritance. You’re definitely my fave actor. I really miss you since you left for the army service last year. Hopefully, you will be discharged soon. I’m waiting for your coming back on screen. Fan from USA

  137. 137 : hirad Says:

    what about ”my sister in low is 19”

  138. 138 : eugene Says:

    My sister in law is 19 is also good too but he’s just a 2nd main lead. He wasn’t with the main female lead at the end. That’s why it’s not one of my fave K-drama

  139. 139 : eugene Says:

    Kim Jae Won- a sweet smile with Han Ji Min. Enjoy!!!

  140. 140 : Jia Lallla Says:

    i luv KIM JE WON . .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. 141 : Jia Lallla Says:

    i’ll learn korean language because i want 2 talk 2 you

  142. 142 : LaylahKim Says:

    He has o dramas after that because he went to army >.<
    But he'll return soon *-*
    Aja! Aja! Fighting!
    We wish to see him acting again!!!

  143. 143 : Q khi Says:

    Kim Jae Won,…
    i love u…….

  144. 144 : christine Says:

    i really like kim jae won.. <3 but i can't find his song promise..hmmm can anybody help me?? =))

  145. 145 : tanha Says:

    hello oppa.how are you?i miss you very very very much

  146. 146 : W Says:

    Hi Jae Won
    Merry, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2011.

  147. 147 : Qkhie Says:

    Kim Jae Won,
    Happy new year 2011

  148. 148 : Qkhie Says:

    I miss U…
    I can’t for new drama

  149. 149 : Qkhie Says:

    i can’t wait for new drama 🙂

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  153. 153 : USA-Mary Says:

    WELCOME BACK! I’m so excited to see you in this drama that I can hardly wait to see it!

  154. 154 : Can You Hear My Heart | Kpop Entertainment Says:

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  157. 157 : can you hear my heart « ☆ ♪ ♡ vhitrii blebible triples ♡ ♪ ☆ Says:

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  158. 158 : kimnieyoon Says:

    I love you Kim Jae Won!

  159. 159 : Eng Says:

    Hi Jae Won,
    Really nice to see u on screen again. You take on the role of Dong Joo really good. Keep ur hard work and ur smile!

  160. 160 : Sai Zaw Naing Oo Says:

    I think that you may be the most popular actor in Korea .OK

  161. 161 : Sai Zaw Naing Oo Says:

    Can you give me your account!

  162. 162 : Can You Hear My Heart « louisvuttoninparadise Says:

    […] Kim Jae Won as Cha Dong Joo – Kang Chan Hee (강찬희) as young Dong Joo Hwang Jung Eum as Bong Woo Ri – Kim Sae Ron as young Woo Ri Nam Goong Min as Jang Joon Ha – Seo Young Joo (서영주) as young Joon Ha Go Joon Hee as Kang Min Soo Lee Kyu Han as Lee Seung Chul Jung Bo Suk as Bong Young Kyu Lee Hye Young (1962) as Tae Yeon Sook Song Seung Hwan as Choi Jin Chul Yoon Yeo Jung as Hwang Soon Geum Kang Moon Young (강문영) as Kim Shin Ae Kim Yeo Jin as Mi Sook Lee Sung Min as Seung Chul’s father Hwang Young Hee (황영희) as Seung Chul’s mother […]

  163. 163 : Jen Says:

    Can you hear my heart is great drama! Kim Jae-won is one of my favourite actor.

  164. 164 : diefan Says:

    very talented. I enjoyed very much and loved it. ‘can you hear my heart’ and other dramas he made.

  165. 165 : Oi Says:

    Hi Jae Won/Dong Joo,

    Congratulations to you! You acted really great in Can You hear My Heart.
    Thanks for bringing out love & forgive message.
    Hope to see u soon. May God bless you.

  166. 166 : ms.thinnyu Says:

    Hello Kim Jae Won

    I’m one of your big fan for long time (since romance).
    When you get here, Burma(myanmar),
    Our Goverment didn’t allow to see you. I heard that you said “not much people doesn’t welcome me” .

    That is not true, kim . We tried to meet u . but It didn’t work.
    But After 2007, Our Burmese Gov allow us to attend this kind of ..

    Please Trust me . We all myanmar people love you.
    Good luck , Kim

    come and vist Burma for the second time.
    Warmly welcome from Myanmar

    your Big Fan from Burma


  167. 167 : bani Says:

    Hello Kim,

    first to know your name when I see “can you hear my heart” its wonderful drama. it can make everyone want to know you. you act naturally. After I watch your film, I am going to know your film more.
    great for you

  168. 168 : sorie Says:

    your acting so goood ..we love you oppa ^^
    i love the story in can you hear my heart cause of you ..fighting ..
    we will waiting U

  169. 169 : lei Says:

    Can you Hear My Heart is a very nice comeback of KJW. I love the story and his acting. I’m looking forward to see him with another great drama and if possible with Eugene.

  170. 170 : banTaI Says:

    kim jae won .. you’re one of my fvrite korean actor…
    you hve your own charm..your acting was so good..
    all your drama i’ve watch never dissappointed..i.m glad that you become no 3rd most popular korean actor 2011 behind micky yoochun n jang geun suk..but for me you no 1st for the BEST. i think that why you got 2 drama in this year..really great.After your performance in CAn you hear my Heart,.i’m looking frward for your new drama “Me Too,Flower’..I can’t wait to see you with Lee Ji Ah..Do your besT!!!

  171. 171 : swes Says:

    you are a great actor and bst of luck for ur nxt film

  172. 172 : [email protected] Says:

    Thanks for the lovely acts in “Can You Hear My Heart”. I shared a lot to my students about your character in CYHMH during our morning devotion time. It gives a good example for my students on how to forgive others as Jesus said we have to forgive others for seventy seven times. I hope you are also that kind of person who can forgive others. God bless you. ^^

  173. 173 : sara Says:

    really,you look like an angel from heaven with that beautiful smile and innocent milky skinned face and as an actor you are also great.it seems you don’t lack anything kim jae won.i love you.wish you the best pretty boy but i don’t like lee jia as your co star in new drama.anyway happy to see you soon after CUHMH

  174. 174 : Me Too, Flower! Says:

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  175. 175 : Me Too, Flower! – Korean Drama Picture Blog Says:

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  181. 181 : gyin gyin Says:

    oppa! what is your injured?

  182. 182 : eny limbong Says:

    when I wacth can u hear my heart,
    i’m fall in love with you oppa jae won

  183. 183 : CAN YOU HEAR MY HEART « LoveDrama's Says:

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  184. 184 : emerald green Says:

    When is Kim Jae Won oppa going back to work…?

  185. 185 : kim jae won fans club Says:

    We miss Kim Jae Won oppa badly… hope he’ll get well soon and come back to work… we are all waiting for you…

  186. 186 : Me Too Flower OST Part 1-5 | Says:

    […] Sun Han Go Eun as Park Hwa Young Jo Min Ki as Park Tae Hwa Seo Hyo Rim as Kim Dal Notes: Actor Kim Jae Won was originally cast as Seo Jae Hee. However, he was replaced by Yoon Shi Yoon due to the injured […]

  187. 187 : Sneha Says:

    i love all your dramas, you’re really talented! get better soon!

  188. 188 : kim jae won fans club Says:

    congratulation KIM JAE WON for winning the excellence and popularity award for your drama Can you hear my heart.. we are all very happy for you.. We hope you to have more projects to come, we love you always and we are always here for you….

  189. 189 : kim jae won fans club Says:


  190. 190 : syra Says:

    kim jae won,,saranghae…Gbu always

  191. 191 : sassygrace23 Says:

    I really love Kim Jae Won oppa.., he is the best. I collected some of his best SMILEs, check out this photos http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.285875014805696.69273.265673126825885&type=3&l=e60745c2c8 , You can also check out Kim Jae Won Fans Club on facebook for more photos… http://www.facebook.com/kimjaewon0218

  192. 192 : Diana Says:

    KJW, keep up a good work. Hope you will work hard, upgrade your quality of acting and become the best actor also the number ONE !!!

  193. 193 : vhiana Says:

    So cooollll….

  194. 194 : kim jae won fans club Says:

    Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.
    Birthdays are filled with yesterday’s memories, today’s joys, and tomorrow’s dreams.
    Your best years are still ahead of you.
    You’re not getting older, you’re getting better.
    May the years continue to be good to you.
    May this year bring with it all the success and fulfillment your heart desires and may all the wishes and dreams you dream today turn to reality… Happy Birthday!

    Greetings from: KIM JAE WON FANS CLUB

  195. 195 : romina Says:

    i love u oppa

  196. 196 : Raisha Says:

    I like you oppa kim jae won,sarange….

  197. 197 : my yen Says:

    Kim Jea Won…..i love you!

  198. 198 : Mei Says:

    Kim jae won kamu adalah aktor terkenal dan yg paling ganteng di seluruh dunia karena senyumu yg manis dan mata yang berbinar and I LOVE YOU KIM JAE WON

  199. 199 : Leann sumo Says:

    This guy looks like a girl.I prefer the other actor who is playing the lead role in I’m a flower too, except that I don’t like his hair.

  200. 200 : Gretz16 Says:

    I don’t think oppa looks like a girl :)… just look at his photo..he is to manly and handsome to be a girl.. Anyway, i love all his drama , his acting keeps improving in every drama that he made. Oppa, keep up the good work… fighting…

  201. 201 : chloe14 Says:

    i haven’t seen him in hanbok because the only drama i’ve watched of him was “can you hear my heart”. it was a beautiful drama…maybe he looks hot in hanbok, i think i’ll watch Hwang Jin Yi, since i think its a period drama, but is his role there big?
    more power oppa…i love your smile!

  202. 202 : anez Says:

    i like u in can u hear my heart,,,, like like,,,

  203. 203 : Gretz16 Says:

    I can’t wait to see him in this drama… i’m so excited… oppa fighting…

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  206. 206 : Prita Says:

    Saranghae oppa…i really love your acting in Hwang Jin Yi and Can You Hear My Heart..
    Wishing you success in your career!

  207. 207 : Cathy Says:

    Oppa i like you a lot… 🙂 Saranghe…

  208. 208 : cembil Says:

    Kim Jaewon Oppa always in my heart :)…I felt in love since I’ve watched him in CYHMH drama. I feel he is my soulmate. His sweet smilé complete my days…Kim Jaewon Oppa, Saranghe <3<3.

  209. 209 : Gretz16 Says:

    Actor Kim Jae Won has been selected as the MC for new show ‘Get it Beauty HOMME‘, the male version of ‘Get it Beauty‘ led by Eugene.

    ‘Get it Beauty HOMME’ will be delivering the latest trends and beauty tips for men in their 20′s to 30′s, and will air its first episode on September 16th.

    Women will also be able to enjoy the show as well as it will provide various tips they can relay to their significant other.

    Praised for his milky, flawless skin, Kim Jae Won seemed to be the perfect fit as the MC for the show, and he is said to have shown off his wit and humor during the recordings.

    The actor commented, “There are a lot of men who are taking an interest in beauty these days, and I am one of them… I’m looking forward to an enjoyable time with the audience as we deliver beauty know-hows that are applicable to real life.”

    Source : Sports Seoul via Nate

  210. 210 : [MBC 2012] May Queen RAW E7 / SUB E6 | Says:

    […] Yoo Jung as Jeon Hae Joo (Young) Jae Hee as Park Chang Hee – Park Gun Tae as Chang Hee (Young) Kim Jae Won as Kang San – Park Ji Bin as Kang San […]

  211. 211 : lee hye na Says:

    brother,,,,,,,,,you’r the best

  212. 212 : may queen Says:

    KangSan oppa!! <3

  213. 213 : [MBC 2011] Can You Hear My Heart | Says:

    […] Kim Jae Won as Cha Dong Joo – Kang Chan Hee as young Dong Joo Hwang Jung Eum as Bong Woo Ri – Kim Sae Ron as young Woo Ri Nam Goong Min as Jang Joon Ha – Seo Young Joo as young Joon Ha / Bong Ma Roo […]

  214. 214 : Gretz16 Says:

    oppa you are the best…. fighting… 🙂 i always love you..

  215. 215 : juwita Says:

    oppa i always support you i always love you

  216. 216 : kpopandroid Says:

    Oppa Kim Jae Won is the BEST ! Hope he will win awards this year from MAY QUEEN 🙂 Fighting ! Love you always ^^

  217. 217 : Angelie Says:

    Jae Won oppa, i really like you. 🙂 you are so sweet and kind hearted, i always admire your good personality on and off the camera. I wish you to have more awards and recognition on your talent. I know you deserve it. Oppa fighting…

  218. 218 : annp Says:

    My love ♥ only for you, My heart ↬♥̸̨↫ only for you…☆Kim Jae Won☆ Oppa, You Are my STAR ★ ★

  219. 219 : nvzious Says:

    kjw . . you great actor .oppa sarange . . hope you get awards for ur acting in may queen . . . . <3 u

  220. 220 : Daisy Christina Thio Says:

    Kim Jae Won…,I like your drama ..Can You Hear my heart.. U likes smile..n’gentleman..

  221. 221 : Vann-San Says:

    Hi Kim jae won, I LOVE IT. I watch can u hear my heart. Make me laugh, cry really my heart. I’m deaf, sigh language. I’m personality quietly, embarrassed, love laugh:)

  222. 222 : paras Says:

    not too much drama you have,,, why?

  223. 223 : Gretz16 Says:

    CONGRATULATION Kim Jae Won for winning the “Top Hallyu Star Award” on the 20th Korea Cultural Entertainment Award Ceremony today … I’m So proud of you. You deserve really this award because you are the BEST… Keep up the good work. Fighting…

  224. 224 : Cembil Says:

    Ashaa…CONGRATULATIONS Jaewon Oppa ♥..I hope you win more awards this year…I knew you will win the TOP HALLYU STAR 2012 as You are a very good and talented actor 🙂 …You are deserve to win more than 1 award…Sarange Oppa. ♡.♡

  225. 225 : Thuy Vu Says:

    Congrats Jae Won oppa!Keep fighting and get more and more sucessful in your acting career!You will deserve for all awards, especially in your fan’s heart!

  226. 226 : fernanda Says:

    congratulations jaewon oppa 🙂 Figthing <3

  227. 227 : KY Loh (Singapore) Says:


  228. 228 : KY Loh (Singapore) Says:


  229. 229 : Sofia Says:

    Cutkae Oppa, ^¤^ I will always support you.

  230. 230 : Alice Says:

    South Korea’s Top Hallyu Star 2012…. you are amazing Jae Won oppa… i love you so much…

  231. 231 : tammy Says:

    congrats on your award. You are a great actor and the emotion you portray melts my heart

  232. 232 : Angie Tay Says:

    Congratulations, you are a great actor, always portray your role very well will always support you, fighting

  233. 233 : ANA MORAN CRESPO Says:

    congratulations, good we your fans for many years, we are so happy for you and this prize will we a great impulse to your acting carer. GOD BLESS YOU

  234. 234 : ivette Says:

    felicitaciones te lo mereces tu actuacion es muy convicente y se ve tu esfuerzo y el del equipo de May Queen. Congrats, I hope to see you in more proyects. Your acting is very real. And Congrats for the May Queen team!

  235. 235 : jianpark Says:

    chuka hamnida… 🙂

  236. 236 : Michelle Says:

    Congratulations and best wishes in all your future endeavors!

  237. 237 : FRANCISCA Says:


  238. 238 : Rosalind Says:


  239. 239 : Olga Kim Says:

    Приятный молодой человек и актер хороший, поздравляю! Удачи! Успехов! И побыстрей уже заканчивайте “Королеву мая”

  240. 240 : miss ant Says:

    congratulations oppa,figthing!

  241. 241 : Ms Admin Says:

    Congratulation for the South Korea’s Top Hallyu Star 2012.

  242. 242 : eka Says:

    Congratulation Jaewon oppa ♥♥♥
    You’re the one and the only my superstar …
    Best wishes for everything ^_^ Love you always

  243. 243 : Alice Says:

    @ Koreandrama.org Admin. Please update the awards list of Kim Jae Won… On the 6th day of December, he won the Top Hallyu Star Award 2012 on 20th KCEA (Korea Cultural Entertainment Award).

    Thank you… 🙂

  244. 244 : retno mutiara Says:

    selamat ya my favorite

  245. 245 : Hercilia Says:


    Congratulations!!! I like you, and I like your dramas too. Hugs…. 🙂

    From: Retalhuleu, Guatemala

  246. 246 : [MBC 2012] May Queen RAW E35 / SUB E34 | Says:

    […] Yoo Jung as Jeon Hae Joo (Young) Jae Hee as Park Chang Hee – Park Gun Tae as Chang Hee (Young) Kim Jae Won as Kang San – Park Ji Bin as Kang San […]

  247. 247 : Mae Says:

    Kim Jae Won oppa… you did a great job in May Queen… keep it up… ok?? Fighting… 🙂 love you always…

  248. 248 : Luong Says:

    Dong _ San oppa…^^… I am always be with you ….like as your shadow but don’t be scary ..I just want to protect u..^-^.

  249. 249 : alma Says:

    Jaewon oppa… you took my breath away… i love you so much… 🙂

  250. 250 : Mai Huong Says:

    I love the way you smile Jae won oppa 😡

  251. 251 : ALine Says:

    CongratuLation Kim Jae Won……

    Wish U All The Best,,,♥♥

  252. 252 : Jane Says:

    i love you Jaewon… 🙂 fighting…

  253. 253 : miss ant Says:

    GBU Kim Jae Won…fighting

  254. 254 : FRANCISCA Says:

    desde aca lejos,desde chile,pero con el corazoncito cerca…te mando todo mi apoyo y amor…suerte,,,fighting

  255. 255 : iliana Says:

    te amo KIM jae WoN

  256. 256 : merley Says:

    KJW oppa wish u all the best n GBU all the time 🙂

  257. 257 : Gretz16 Says:

    News Update: December 19,2012

    Son Dam Bi and Kim Jae Won to host the ’2012 MBC Drama Awards’

    Having confirmed the hosts for their ‘Entertainment Awards‘, MBC has now revealed that singer Son Dam Bi and actor Kim Jae Won will be coming together to emcee the ‘2012 MBC Drama Awards‘ taking place on December 30th.

    Representatives of both sides confirmed the news on December 19th. Kim Jae Won’s agency revealed, “Kim Jae Won has had a close relationship with MBC, so he gladly accepted the offer without any hesitation. We believe his appearance will be all the more meaningful.”

    The actor is currently starring in MBC’s weekend drama ‘May Queen‘ while Son Dam Bi received praise for her improved acting in MBC’s special 50th-anniversary drama production ‘Light and Shadow‘, which came to an end in July 2012.

    The ’2012 MBC Drama Awards’ will be taking place on December 30th at MBC located in Yeouido, Seoul.

    Source & Image: TVReport via Nate

  258. 258 : Ayşegül Says:


  259. 259 : dee dee Says:

    Kim jae won . . . i’am your big fans . i hope someday i’ll meet you . . n i hope u be a great actor then fast . .n all ur dreams come true . .

  260. 260 : Panda Says:

    Kim Jae Won- I come from Viet Nam and I love you so much.

    Wish you have a happy and meaningful holiday.We hope you will participate in many more dramas in the new year, so your fans always see you.

    Love you always

  261. 261 : cembil Says:

    Good Luck for You, Oppa…for MBC drama Award tonight….Hope you will win an award there…Fighting !!! 🙂

  262. 262 : Gretz16 Says:

    Jaewon oppa Congratulation for winning the Best Actor Award tonight at MBC Drama awards 2012. You are the best. I love you always. God is always with you because you have a kind heart. Keep up the good work. We always support you… fighting… 🙂

  263. 263 : Grace Says:

    @Koreandrama.org Admin.

    🙂 Hello Admin. please update Kim Jae Won oppa awards list since you already publish the list of winners in MBC Drama Awards 2012 at http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=24606 … thank you so much.
    Happy New Year…

    CONGRATULATION to Kim Jae Won oppa… 🙂 for winning Top Excellence Award :).. God Bless You Always.

    (@Grace from admin: Awards just updated. Please take a look.)

  264. 264 : Grace Says:

    Thank You Admin. 🙂 Happy New again… :)…

  265. 265 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Koreandrama.org Admin. Please update Kim Jae Won oppa details on info.
    His current agency now is Khan Enterprise (http://khan-ent.com/index/bbs/board.php?bo_table=s4_01&wr_id=9)

    and please add “First Love” (CCTV 2008) on the list of his drama…

    thank you… i really appreciate if you response… 🙂

    (@Gretz16 from admin: Thanks. We just updated his profile. Please take a look.)

  266. 266 : jean Says:

    To all Kim Jae Won fans… 🙂

    Make it a daily habit to Vote for Kim Jae Won oppa on this links…. for Most Popular Male Artist…

    Japanese Site : http://e-vote999.com/ninki03/tvote.cgi?event=vote3

    – Vote every 12 hours or twice a day
    Chinese Site : http://www.ttpaihang.com/vote/rank.php?page=1&voteid=824&sortby

    – Vote daily , once per IP adress..
    PPTV voting site : http://korea.pptv.com/jrzt/sjmr/

    Thank You…

  267. 267 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Koreandrama.org Admin. Thank you for the update. Please don’t mind, i would like to add one more update ..

    Please add, Entertainment Show
    “Get it Beauty HOMME” (TvN 2012) – Sept.-Oct. 4 episode Edition
    Beauty Guide for Man
    (Sunday-21:00 KTS) – Website: http://program.interest.me/Program/622

    Thank you..

    (@Gretz16 from admin: Thanks. We just updated his profile. Please take a look.)

  268. 268 : christine Says:

    Jaewon oppa i love you.. patiently waiting for your next drama.. <3<3<3

  269. 269 : Ann Says:

    Oppa i love you.. you are my super star.

  270. 270 : arsenia Says:

    keep up good work iam one of your fan

  271. 271 : arlene Says:

    oppa i think im inlove with you. i always dream about you. otokke???

  272. 272 : Jane Says:

    I love you Kim Jae Won oppa. <3 <3 <3

    To those visiting this page. Please click the Facebook "LIKE" at the top right side and also share on Twitter before leaving a comment.

    Let's share our LOVE for Jaewon oppa. Fighting.

  273. 273 : Jane Says:

    Sorry, the facebook tab is at the Top “LEFT” side.. 🙂

  274. 274 : Gretz16 Says:

    To: Koreandrama.org Admin. , please add this photos on this page.. thank you… 🙂

    Photo #1 : http://www.dramacrazy.net/can-you-hear-my-heart-images/2865/Image/9588

    Photo #2 : http://www.dramacrazy.net/can-you-hear-my-heart-images/2865/Image/9580

    Photo #3 : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=423831481010048&set=a.265673543492510.64565.265673126825885&type=3&theater

    Photo #4 : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=396775827048947&set=a.265673543492510.64565.265673126825885&type=3&theater

    Photo # 5: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=331036773622853&set=a.265673543492510.64565.265673126825885&type=3&theater

    Photo #6 : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=323589651034232&set=a.265673543492510.64565.265673126825885&type=3&theater

    Photo #7 : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=285902328136298&set=a.265673543492510.64565.265673126825885&type=3&theater

    Photo #8 : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=308949219164942&set=a.265673543492510.64565.265673126825885&type=3&theater

    Photo #9 : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=419685828091280&set=a.265673543492510.64565.265673126825885&type=3&theater

    Photo #10 : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=441173512609178&set=a.312701135456417.74124.265673126825885&type=3&theater

    (@Gretz16 froma admin: we just added these Photo. Please take a look)

  275. 275 : Cathy Says:

    @Koreandrama.org Admin. please update Kim Jae Won oppa info. and add the following update.

    Agent J (2007) – Taiwanese Movie (The Fate of Special Agent)
    – Starring: Jolin Tsai and Kim Jae Won
    -reference : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYzQLzOkgTs

    Music Album:
    Promise (2008) – Japanese and Korean Version
    -reference : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pW-7L5_CCY

    Admin. I really appreciate your kind responce. Thank you. If possible, can you add his Official Website too? This is the link : http://www.kimjaewon.co.kr/

    (@Cathy from admin: we just updated his profile. Please take a look)

  276. 276 : Maria Says:

    Happy Birthday Oppa… Wish u all the best… I like your drama May Queen and Can You Hear My Heart… ^^

  277. 277 : Cute Says:

    Jaewon oppa ,Next month is your birthday but i’m really excited about it. I made a birthday wishes for you in advance 🙂 <3<3<3

    Hoping that your day will be as special as you are.

    Count your life by smiles, not tears.
    Count your age by friends, not years.

    I'm so glad you were born, because you brighten my life and fill it with joy.

    May the years continue to be good to you.

    You're not getting older, you're getting better.

    May this year bring with it all the success and fulfillment your heart desires.

    Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.

    Happy Birthday, and may all the wishes and dreams you dream today turn to reality.

    May this day bring to you all things that make you smile. 🙂

    Oppa i love you…

  278. 278 : eka Says:

    Jaewon oppa…..i’m really very happy that I can be one of your big fans
    Since I know you my day have been awaken than before
    Jaewon oppa….. the day of your birth is almost here

    I wish you a wonderful day not only just on your birthday but all year round

    You are not getting older in each day but you are grown-up

    Stay Happy as you always be

    When you are lonely I wish you love

    When you are sad I wish you happiness

    When you are troubled I wish you peace

    When everything seems empty

    I wish you hope

    Happy Birthday …… may what you have been wishing and dreaming for these days

    Will turn into reality as soon as you wanted to be…..

    May you always wake up with a smile in the morning

    GOD bless you

    Jaewon oppa I love you (Aku Cinta Kamu)……♥●♥

  279. 279 : Gretz16 Says:

    Announcement from Official Fans Cafe in Korea:

    Hello Everyone.
    We are the Cho Ji Il Kwan Management Team. ^^

    Happy New Year!! (^^)(_)(^^)
    2012 has gone and 2013 has come.
    We hope that you find some happiness in 2013 through Jae Won.

    We will wait for Jae Won to come back to us after some time of well-needed rest!
    He has worked so hard the past few months and truly needs some rest.

    Those who are spending time waiting to see him, there is some good news!
    The 5th Inauguration Ceremony has been set: February 17, 2013 (Sunday)!

    There will continuously be notices coming up about it (staff, talent show, seating, etc.)
    Please come by and make sure to keep in touch..

    Official Fans Cafe :http://cafe.daum.net/kimjaewon0218

  280. 280 : alma Says:

    Kim Jae Won Looks Classy and Romantic for “Singles”
    Actor Kim Jae Won had a movie like pictorial for the February issue of “Singles” magazine. The actor did not hold out on his trademark smile for this romantic photo shoot.

    The romantic leading man wore classy suits in romantic settings for this dreamy photo shoot. He effortlessly became engrossed in the concept for his photo shoot, making the atmosphere delightful for all the staff on set.

    In the photos, Kim Jae Won looks as charming as always. In one picture, he lounges back in a luxurious antique-looking bed, flashing his trademark eye smile that has attracted his female fans through out the years. In other photos, he poses with cups of coffee with thoughtful expressions.

    Kim Jae Won was most recently in the MBC drama “May Queen.”
    Source : Soompi News / January 27,2013

  281. 281 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Koreandrama.org Admin.

    Please add this update on Kim Jae Won Entertainment Show list

    Survival (Special Documentary) – MBC (2013) – Kim Jae Won as Narrator
    – Dec.26,2012 – Feb.6, 2013 – Wed. 8:50pm

  282. 282 : sassygrace Says:

    To all Kim Jae Won fans , please vote Kim Jae Won oppa for Most Popular Male Artist
    to all the following links…
    Korean Site: http://100479.net/ranking/?
    Japanese Site : http://e-vote999.com/ninki03/tvote.cgi?
    – Vote every 12 hours or twice a day
    Chinese Site : http://www.ttpaihang.com/vote/
    -Vote daily , once per IP adress..
    PPTV voting site : http://korea.pptv.com/jrzt/sjmr/

  283. 283 : 季梅芳 Says:


  284. 284 : Can You Hear My Heart | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre los Doramas Coreanos en Español Says:

    […] Kim Jae Won as Cha Dong Joo – Kang Chan Hee (강찬희) as young Dong Joo Hwang Jung Eum as Bong Woo Ri – Kim Sae Ron (김새론) as young Woo Ri Nam Goong Min as Jang Joon Ha – Seo Young Joo (서영주) as young Joon Ha Go Joon Hee as Kang Min Soo Lee Kyu Han as Lee Seung Chul Jung Bo Suk as Bong Young Kyu Lee Hye Young as Tae Yeon Sook Song Seung Hwan as Choi Jin Chul Yoon Yeo Jung as Hwang Soon Geum Kang Moon Young (강문영) as Kim Shin Ae Kim Yeo Jin as Mi Sook Lee Sung Min as Seung Chul’s father Hwang Young Hee (황영희) as Seung Chul’s mother […]

  285. 285 : jenilyn guanzon Says:

    hey!!oppa KIM JAE WON:)..you know that your my favorite actor in korea and also my CRUSH!!!jejejejeje!!!

    ur birthday is this month so i pray that more birtday to come,more blessings,and a happy life forever!!!!


    jennilyn guanzon
    you number fan here in philliphines:)))

  286. 286 : jenilyn guanzon Says:




  287. 287 : koreafan Says:

    Hay i am from Egypt I liked your performance very much in may queen so i became abig fan of yours cant wait for your next drama fighting

  288. 288 : Kitty Kung Says:

    Kim jae won Oppa:
    you are so handsome and cute that I can’t take my eyes off of you.
    02/18is your birthday.
    Writing down my greeting for you is the pleasure of mine.
    I really live you as “Cha dong Joo” & “Kang San”
    I want to see more your drama.
    You act so well~

    wish you a happy birthday
    And I also hope you can come Taiwan someday:)
    You catch my eye.
    Thank you that you give me a wonderful ideal.
    Thank you that give me energy to cheer up

    Love you forever and ever~

    and I will celebrate the fallow birthdays with you~

    Tz Yu Kung. (Taiwan)

  289. 289 : Gretz16 Says:

    @Koreandrama.org Admin , please add this to Kim Jae Won MV list.

    Official MV featuring Kim Jae Won

    Lee Soo Young – #1 Bus stop MV
    reference: http://youtu.be/YHDgWa3SFYQ

    Lee Soo Young – #2 Fantasy MV
    reference : http://youtu.be/J9KiJd6IakE

    reference: http://youtu.be/f1RIt1P_Zq4

    Kim Jae Won latest CF: 2013
    SINGLES CF : Title ” Agent Kim”
    reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwvOYiUlVus

    “I will try to check out all his previous CF for more updates.”
    I really appreciate your quick response. Thank you.

  290. 290 : sassygrace Says:

    greatest and best actor of all time.. 😀 KIM jae Won..

  291. 291 : Karen Says:

    Check out the latest news about Kim Jae Won 김재원 new drama “I Hear Your Voice” at http://koalasplayground.com/2013/04/19/sbs-swaps-out-can-we-love-for-i-hear-your-voice-with-kim-jae-won-and-lee-bo-young/

  292. 292 : carol Says:

    oppa im patiently waiting for your next drama. 😀 you are one of the best actor in Korea.. fighting.. 😀

  293. 293 : Joy Says:

    News Update:
    Actor Kim Jae-won and actress Lee Bo-yeong might appear as a couple in a drama.

    Kim and Lee have been offered roles in the upcoming SBS drama “I Hear Your Voice” but haven’t decided on anything yet. If Kim Jae-won agrees to star in this drama, it will be his first come back to SBS in 9 years since the 2004 drama, “My 19 Year Old Sister in Law”.

    Kim Jae-won’s agency claims, “‘I Hear Your Voice’ is one of the many offers he got. He’s looking through them and will decide what he wants to do in due time”.

    Lee Bo-yeong’s agency claims, “She was going to take a break after “My Daughter Seo-yeong” but the synopsis was so good she’s thinking about it”.

    Meanwhile, “I Hear Your Voice” is written by Park Hye-ryeon from “Get Karl! Oh Soo-jeong” and “Dream High” and is about a public defender who fights for the 1% of innocence.

    Source : http://www.osen.co.kr/articl... ( English )

  294. 294 : JS Says:

    Sad to say but Kim Jae Won apparently declined to take the main lead offer from SBS upcoming drama “I Hear Your Voice”. His official agency announced that Kim Jae Won decided not to accept the offer and currently reviewing and considering other projects.

  295. 295 : Gretz16 Says:

    Good news for everyone. Kim Jae won oppa next drama is finally confirmed. 🙂

    Title: Scandal 스캔들
    Date of airing : July 2013
    Broadcasting station : MBC
    Time of airing : 9:45 pm (Sat/Sun) (Korea time)
    FB page: https://www.facebook.com/MBC2013Scandal
    Writer : 배유미 Bae Yoo Mi
    PD : 김진만 Kim Jin Man
    Eps: 50 (70mins each)
    Main Cast : Kim Jae Won, Jo Yun Hee

    Story : 하은중 Ha Eun Joong (Kim Jae Won) was kidnapped in an act of revenge when he was really young by the man who believed that Eun Joong’s real father was the mastermind behind the collapsed building incident that killed his son. Eun Joong who grew up to be a policeman, was shocked to find out the truth that the father he loved so much was actually his kidnapper. His life began to get entwined with 우아미 Woo Ah Mi (Jo Yun Hee), a 26 year old single mom as he seeks out the meaning of life after encountering numerous despairs and tries to heal the wounds in his heart.

  296. 296 : Rose Says:

    Kim Jae-won’s first shooting of “Scandal”

    Kim Jae-won took his first take of the new MBC drama “Scandal”.

    A still cut of Kim showed him at Paju on the 30th of May and he looks determined about this drama.

    Kim Jae-won’s agency claimed, “Kim Jae-won shot falling scenes without a stand-in and was the strong detective that he is. He is very into the role of Ha Eun-joong”.

    “Scandal” is about a man who discovers that his father is actually a kidnapper who kidnapped him from the man who caused the destruction of the building he lost his own son in.

    To be aired for the first time at the end of June after “A Hundred Year’s Inheritance”.

    Source : http://www.newsen.com/news_v... ( English )

    Credit: Hancinema

  297. 297 : Leah Says:

    Here is a shocking news that rocks my world today…
    KIM JAE WON oppa is getting married and going to be a daddy soon…. 🙂

    Kim Jae Won to Get Married His Fiancee on June 28

    Kim Jae Won will be getting married, and his wife-to-be is 3 months pregnant with their baby.

    A source close to Kim Jae Won told enews on June 4, “Kim Jae Won′s bride-to-be is currently pregnant. The two have been spending their happy days together carefully with the fruit of their love.”

    According to the actor′s agency, he will be holding his wedding ceremony on June 28 in Seoul. His fiancee is of the same age.

    This day, Kim Jae Won posted on his fan cafe, “We′re so attached to each other we′ve decided to get married eight months after entering a steady relationship. We had been childhood friends and grow up together in the same neighborhood. She is a hardworking, diligent, kind and warm beauty, and she is the same age as me. She is an ordinary worker. She is calm yet outgoing, and she understands what I do.”

    He also revealed in the post that the wedding will take place in worship service form.

    “I did think it′s too early to tell, but I thought over the need of a family and a stable life in my career as an actor, which I will continue for dozens of years to come. I′m very sorry I′ve come to confuse you with news of my wedding before the airing of my drama. I′ll work hard to become an actor that brings you happiness,” he said.

    A rep from his agency commented, “We believe they′ve been dating since October 2012. They started talking about marriage since February, and everything happened quickly because their parents already knew each other and long-time friends.

    CONGRATULATION to the happy couple… 🙂


  298. 298 : Gretz16 Says:

    Actor Kim Jae Won to tie the knot and announces his fiancee’s pregnancy

    Actor Kim Jae Won (32) will become the next celebrity to tie the knot.

    Kim Jae Won announced the good news in a press release to the media, “I’ve found my lifetime companion and we decided to get married.” Kim Jae Won’s agency also shared even bigger news stating, “Kim Jae Won’s fiancee is currently three-months pregnant. Kim Jae Won became very happy after hearing the news.”

    Kim Jae Won’s fiancee is a neighborhood friend who he has known since childhood. Although the couple have known each other for years, their friendship blossomed into love last October. After only eight months of dating, the couple decided to take their relationship to holy matrimony. The couple will hold their wedding ceremony on June 28.

    Kim Jae Won will also postpone his honeymoon to put his all into filming the new MBC drama ‘Scandal’ which is scheduled to air later this month.
    CONGRATULATIONS to the Happy Couple… 🙂

  299. 299 : Naing ko Says:

    i lik u so muh

  300. 300 : cc Says:

    Love Kim Jae Won oppa….. Congrats on marriage, Father to be and new drama, hope everything is successful for you…

  301. 301 : Naing ko Says:

    Can i know your facebo?

  302. 302 : carol Says:

    oppa sarangheo… congratulation.. you’re going to be daddy soon… 🙂

  303. 303 : Kim Jae Won Fans Club Says:

    @Koreandrama.org Admin.

    Please attach this video on the NOTE about Kim Jae Won wedding announcement. This is the English news TV coverage… http://youtu.be/f-eb2NrAKdU .

    Thank you…

  304. 304 : Kim Jae Won Fans Club Says:

    Hello @Koreandrama.org Admin. 🙂
    Please kindly add the latest photos of Kim Jae Won.
    If the photos are too many, maybe, the old ones can be change.









    Thank you…

  305. 305 : Celine Tseng Says:

    hi kim jae won! :DD
    i’m not so old.. but im one of your fans!
    even though i can’t speak korean, i just love the dramas you are in!
    If you read this, thanks for reading!
    bye bye. good luck on your future

  306. 306 : Kim Jae Won Fans Club Says:

    News Update: Kim Jae Won Talks About the PR Agent Issue

    Kim Jae Won carefully opened up about his thoughts on the recent military PR agent issue as a former soldier of the unit.

    When asked about the issue at the press conference for MBC′s Scandal, held on June 26, Kim Jae Won talked about his experiences.

    Kim Jae Won previously served as a PR agent with the Defense Media Agency after he entered the army in March 2009.

    He said, “I didn′t get to watch the broadcast, but I did read about the PR agent issue through internet news articles. I′m not entirely sure about what happened, but in the military, the system changes under the control of the supreme commander. I don′t know how the system is now because it′s been three years since I served, but I was surprised at the recent events. I hope it is wrapped up well.”

    Military PR agents recently came under fire for conducting themselves in a way inappropriate for soldiers, causing great uproar among the general public.

    Scandal will air its first episode on June 29.

    credit: Hea Jung Min

  307. 307 : Kim Jae Won Fans Club Says:

    News Update:

    Kim Jae Won Calls His Own Marriage ′Shocking′

    Kim Jae Won opened up about his upcoming marriage at the press conference for his upcoming MBC drama Scandal.

    The conference was held on June 26 with producer Kim Jin Man, Jo Jae Hyun, Park Sang Min, Shin Eun Kyung, Jo Yoon Hee, Ki Tae Young, Kim Hye Ri and Kim Kyu Ri.

    When asked about how he feels, Kim Jae Won said, “It′s a very shocking and immoral incident,” quoting the subtitle of his drama as a joke.

    “To be honest, I never imagined the word ′marriage′ would pop up so soon in my life,” he said. “I feel great thinking of building a new family with a great mate. Like a person feels more responsible with a title and an armband, I think I′ll start to weigh my actions more once my title changes and I get a family I have to care for.”

    On June 4, Kim Jae Won had announced he would be marrying his old friend. His fiance has been revealed to be an ordinary worker that is the same age as the actor. She is also three months pregnant.

    Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

  308. 308 : Kim Jae Won Fans Club Says:

    News Update:

    Kim Jae-Won gets married tomorrow

    Actor Kim Jae-Won is busy with two roles.

    Kim is getting married to a childhood friend on the 28th at the Raum in Seoul.

    However, without even having time to enjoy their honeymoon, he has to return to the set of “Scandal”. The honeymoon has been postponed to next year.

    Kim Jae-won is using his free time to prepare for the wedding. The bride is 3 months pregnant so she can’t deal with everything herself. He also doesn’t want to cause any trouble for the drama, so he’s dividing up his time as much as he can.

    Kim Jae-won claimed at the premier of “Scandal”, “I didn’t know the wedding would be this close so soon. There’s weight in my responsibilities as I have to take care of a family”.

    Source : sports.donga.com/3/al… ( English )
    Credit: http://www.hancinema.net/kim-jae-won-gets-married-tomorrow-57574.html

  309. 309 : Romance (로망스) | styrn Says:

    […] Kim Jae Won as Choi Kwan Woo Kim Ha Neul as Kim Chae Won Jung Sung Hwan as Lee Eun Suk (Chairman’s son) Kim Yoo Mi as Choi Yun Hee (Kwan Woo’s sister) Han Hye Jin as Yoon Ji Soo (Kwan Woo’s classmate) Kim Hae Sook as Oh Young Suk (Kwan Woo’s mother) Hyun Suk as Choi Jang Soo (Kwan Woo’s father) Go Myung Hwan as Kim Bong Kyun Shim Yang Hong as Kim Dae Kun (Chae Won’s father) Park Won Sook as President Yoon Mi Hee (Chae Won’s mother) Kim Yong Gun as Chairman Lee Young Kyu (Eun Suk’s father) Ahn Yeon Hong as Suh Min Joo (Chae Won’s roommate) Moon Ji Yoon as Choi Jang Bi (Kwan Woo’s brother) Lee Byung Joon as Choi Gong Myung (Kwan Woo’s half-brother) Jung Kyung Soon as a female teacher who smokes Kang Rae Yun as So Young’s friend Kim Kyo Chul Lee Eung Kyung […]

  310. 310 : Grace Says:

    @Admin. Please add this on Kim Jae Won info.

    Education: Hanyang University School of International Tourism

    I tried to add the source link but my first post went missing.
    Please update … thank you.

    (@Grace from admin: Please provide us the source link)

  311. 311 : Grace Says:

    Here is the link about his updated profile info.

    Under his Education background, it was listed, he graduated in Sangmyung University (Major in Acting) and also completed International Tourism in Hanyang University, School of International Tourism.
    This info is also updated on his official website under his biography.

    Thank you.

  312. 312 : Grace Says:

    Also please add Kim Jae Won mini movie 2001

    Title: “Man & Woman” You say it’s love, but I think it’s desire
    Starring: Bae Doo-Na, Kim Jae-Won
    PDs: Go Kyung-Hee, Kim Kyung-Ho, Park Hyung-Ki
    Writer: Son Hong-Jo
    Episodes: 1
    Air Date: October 8, 2001
    Network: SBS
    reference: http://youtu.be/-FvLTLJtC_Y

  313. 313 : Joy Says:

    @Admin. please add this update:

    Kim Jae Won latest Single

    Title: My Woman (Stay in the Moment)
    release date: October 28,2013
    reference: http://youtu.be/nBgly–c5To

  314. 314 : Hope Says:

    I love dis guy,his so cool nd bright,i lik d way u act,keep it up,nd also do hav a wonderful family!fighting

  315. 315 : sum2 Says:

    hi kim jae woon i really love ur drama all da best on all ur drama

  316. 316 : whyna Says:

    saengil cukha hamnida jae won oppa ^_^

  317. 317 : Henry Says:

    Happy to see you in Hwajung but looking forward to see you in a lead role.

  318. 318 : dante Says:

    hi kim jae won i want to you’re come to my country in Indonesia…and i want to see you again in korea drama…thank you i love you more

  319. 319 : Ha Ny Says:

    Happy to see you in historical drama with Ha Ji Won….

  320. 320 : soriQ Says:

    ước gì đươc một lần gặp anh ở ngoài đời nhỉ. có lẽ em sẽ khóc luôn mất.

  321. 321 : soriQ Says:


  322. 322 : putri andini Says:

    Oppa please acting at drama with good story line now
    You are best actor
    Last year you always acting protagonist character
    You are the best protagonist character all of them actor
    Pleaseeeee jaebal….
    I have a script with protagonist character,man
    If you need my script please contact me
    I proud of you!!!fighting!!!

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