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Kim Jeong Hoon

Name: 김정훈 / Kim Jeong Hoon (Kim Jung Hoon)
Also known as: (Kim) John Hoon
Date of birth: Jan 20, 1980
Height: 179cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood type: AB
Profession: Actor, Singer, Model
Debut: As leader and lead vocals for group ‘UN’ (United N- Generation)
First Debut Song(Solo):Voice Mail(2002)
Education: Seoul National University, majoring in Dentistry; transferred to Chung-Ang University, majoring in Acting
Religion: Buddhist
Family: an elder brother and an elder sister
Hobbies: Listening to music, computer games, pools/billiards
Pop Group: Part of the male duo pop-group “United N-Generation” from 1999 to 2006.

TV Series

Start Again (MBC, 2016)
Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long (Hunan TV, 2016)
Witch’s Castle (SBS, 2015)
Immutable Law of First Love (NAVER tvcast, 2015)
Late Night Restaurant (SBS, 2015)
Her Legend (jTBC, 2013)
Dummy Mommy (SBS, 2012)
I Need Romance (tvN, 2011)
Love Strategy (Hunan TV, 2008)
Witch Amusement (SBS, 2007) as Yoo Joonha
Fog Street (Drama City) (KBS2, 2006)
Goong (MBC, 2006) as Lee Yul
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2004)
Orange (SBS, 2002)


Emperor’s Holidays (2015)
Stray Dogs (2014)
Sunday Punch (2012)
Cafe Seoul (2009)
DMZ (2004)
Shut Up! (2004)

Album & Concert

– On April 15 2006, Jung Hoon, along with singer Chae Yeon, hosted a concert held by CJ Media celebrating their business opening in Japan.
– He released the solo album, Five Stella Lights, in Japan on Oct. 25, 2006 under the moniker John Hoon, and had a succesful concert on December 12, 2005.
– Yi Qi Zou (一起走) Walk Together, with Vivian Hsu, Love Strategy opening theme song (Hunan TV, 2008)

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  1. 1 : 'vin Says:

    jeong hun oppa..

    nan.. mogoshipoyo..

    a za a za!!


  2. 2 : ellen lee Says:

    i love u so much, jeong hoon….muach,muach,muach…can u please reply my mail……….

  3. 3 : ellen lee Says:

    i hope ‘en wishing that u’ll always success and handsome… 😀

  4. 4 : liz Says:

    love ya……you such a great person…. so sood looking….keep success

  5. 5 : Rika Says:

    Conen Indonesia saram imnida.. saranghaeyo 😡
    Ganteng pisan…

  6. 6 : Rika Says:

    Keliru pasang icon say.. mestinya 🙂 muah..muah..

  7. 7 : Danielle Angela Says:

    I’m so addicted to you!! You’re the greatest actor and singer I’ve ever liked (loved)… Wow! You even studied in Seoul University and majored in dentistry!! So smart…and COOL!! Simply amazing… You’ve become my motivation for my studies.. I admire you a lot! I want to be like you… I hope I would be able to know more about you… If only I have your e-mail address (but I know that’s impossible) May I have your e-mail? Pleasssse!! Please do reply my e-mail… You’re so HANDSOME… When you smile… my heart melts… You smile like an angel!! SARANG-HE!!

  8. 8 : Danielle Angela Says:

    Pleasssse do give my your e-mail address… But if not… it’s ok… I understand… You’re soooo famous!! Bye!!

  9. 9 : Rue Says:


  10. 10 : Rue Says:

    ( i know you, this month..n very late..,,^^)
    up’s sorry
    that’s wrong..hhehe

    erm YEOBOSEYO?(fine/)

    jeoneun Rue rago haeyo
    from indonesia hehe..

    i like your char ^^..

    UR so cute,handsome,cool n…

    erm nice 2 meet you.. see u again ^^

    Gbu 4

  11. 11 : sylvana Says:

    wow… you’re great actor!!you’re cool!!
    you’re like a Bomb in my country indonesia!!
    i can’t WAIT to see your next movie series!!
    i always wish you happy and success!!!
    keep rockin!! 🙂

  12. 12 : sylvana Says:

    reply my mail please!!!sweety jeong hoon!!!
    why you don’t come to jakarta to promote your movie??
    i can’t wait!!!

  13. 13 : Purple_Nots Says:

    A fabulous actor! Wishes for your high-flying career.

  14. 14 : Julia Says:

    precious to you.
    nice to know you, although only by television. ^_^
    budha bless you…

  15. 15 : kimfan Says:

    kim jeong hoon u’re the best i love u u r so cute muah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best prince eva

  16. 16 : 0.0 Says:

    hi, i think u r realli cool, not only b’cos of ur looks, but ur smarty brain^.^ n ur fabulous acting.sorri, but i m very curious 2 no y u r interested in dentistry??? isnt there is something inspire u 2…

  17. 17 : kelz Says:

    There’s so many words in this world, yet, i have ran out of vocabulary to describe how amazing you are. =))

  18. 18 : shuyi Says:

    I donno wat to say but he\\\’s really very very GENTLE LOOKING n SUPER ATTRACRIVE!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19 : Elinovy Says:

    He is so cute ^_^

  20. 20 : heavenly-ice Says:

    kyahh!!! he is super duper cute!!!x_X

  21. 21 : NuLing Says:

    Hi! Kim jung hoon
    I’m oilly. ( I’m Thailand. I’m 23 years old. I’ve brown hair and white skin. ) I want tell to you. I’m listening your music.I think it’s nice…good melodious. I like it. And I like you too. What a charming man you are! And I would like to know you. I see you from goong series. You’re so cute. You’re the greatest actor and singer. Could you tell me your email? I Would like it. Please…! I’ll wait. Bye Bye

  22. 22 : LIRNA Says:

    not cute anyway!! Yak! I hate him…not cute n not nsem…biya ne..Wakakaka!

  23. 23 : farahshar Says:

    too cute n so sweet in Princess Hours!!
    Prince Lee Yul Goon..good luck!!

  24. 24 : Annie Tan Says:

    Jeong Hoon looks so charming! I watched him in Princess Hours drama repeatedly. I very touched by his love for princess Caijing. When he wept with pains, my heart painful. Hope to watch him in next new drama upcoming again. And I hope he will be coming to Singapore and I will be able to see him in real life one day.

  25. 25 : anne Says:


    i like ur acting skill…hopefully i can watch more of ur series…u really are talented whether in acting or singing and hopefully u will acted more and sing more….good luck and all the best…

  26. 26 : TaTA Says:


    i will really be saying praises like duhh

    KIM JEONG HOON u rock when acting in the drama GOONG yea

    work real hard for youur next drama
    youu sure will become succesful

    all the best uhh
    tts all i can do yea

    i love youu KIM JEONG HOON
    i do love youu

  27. 27 : margaret Says:

    3low!! how have you been? I dont really know if the real kim jeong hoon will read this but, I just want to know why a guy like you wants dentistry.. thanks! And maybe you could reply to me.. at [email protected]

  28. 28 : margaret Says:

    Hi!! again Merry Christmas and I hope during your promotions, you\’ll go and promote some in Philippines, here in Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines.. Tell you what Philippines have so many great tourist spots, have you ever seen hundred island?? how about chocolate hills?? tarsier the smallest monkey, Pandaka pigmea the smallest fish, mousedeer the smallest deer, monkey eating eagle the biggest eagle in the world, Davao the biggest city in the world in terms of land area,again we have so many beautiful tourist spots here in the Philippines such as hot spring, cold spring, white sand beaches, famous hotels, historical places of the ancient world such as banaue rice terraces, and many more, thats why Philippines was called the pearl of the orient seas… oh, you could also find Philippines interesting because of the biggest mall of ASIA, the greenvilles plant,(which is the most expensive things were sell here..) if you only know as well that philippines because of its rich and natural resources was colonizes, by spaniards, japanese, americans and many more.. thank you.. I hope you\’ll have a time to go visit Philippines, especially here in Cagayan and Cebu.. Bye Bye!!!

  29. 29 : margaret Says:

    You’re so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! as in, maybe perhaps a miracle will happen, and I’ve got to meet you, who knows my ambitions will come true, I’ll know you more… thanks and I’m looking forward for that kind of thing, God will provide and help, maybe the staffs are the only ones who would read this, I’m taking it curiuously.. somtime and someday everythinh will be revealed..

  30. 30 : Glaiza Says:

    Are you an angel??? you’re so cute… you know wat? you’re my idol…. i wish i could see you in personal…. can u visit here in philippines …..kim jeong-hoon ur so cute tlga…. i am very touched by ur acting…. i love princess hours very much…. anyways i love ur voice… so sweet and cool… ur voice made me relax…. so there… i will always support u… im ur no. fan…. take care… good luck to ur career… merry xmas ^_^… rock on’

  31. 31 : marj Says:

    your’re so cute when i saw at first like i’m in heaven oh my gush !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn’t expct that your’re so cute

  32. 32 : roceLyn Says:

    hi a pleasant day everyone.. im rocelyn from philippines …

    well one of avid fan of this guy Kim Jeong Hoon his so simple yet so handsome…

    i may say that he has a similarity with lee of f4..

    keep up the good work man and keep your feet grounded

    take care always

    i know that it will take more time for you to visit in our country but i will look forward on that day..

    te amo!! ingat ka palagi

  33. 33 : Bea Says:

    I love Kim Jeong Hoon…!!!
    I’m from the Philippines and i know that fans like myself are dying to see you…so i really hope you could visit our country…i think that you really did a great job in portraying your role and it really touched my heart….i hope that you could grant our wish!!!

  34. 34 : LoRrAiNe Says:

    hi Kim Jeong Hoon…

    youre a very good actor…

    watakushi wa anata…

    youre the best prince…

    take care always…

    i love yah… =’)

  35. 35 : LoRrAiNe Says:


    ur the best..

    take care always…

  36. 36 : elle Says:

    hi mr.kim!!

    uhm,, im an avid fan of princess hours!it is currently showing here in the philippines.ur acting is great..i see myself symphatizing with you in the series.that’s how effective your acting is!ahm, more blessings to come, more offers to come your way and success in your career.eheh..im nervous while writing this message cos i don’t know if you can read this one.belated merry xmas to you and advance happy new year.hope you get the chance to read this message and other’s messages.

    continue in honing your acting and singing skills so that more offers ill come your way.. keep your feet on the ground and stay cool!

    i know only a little about you.. eheheh.. but i admire you! that’s all.. more power!! =)

  37. 37 : ipay Says:

    i want to meet you personally!!!
    you are so cute troy!!
    i love your smile!..
    you’re an angel…
    im dying to see you…
    hope you can visit philippines..
    i always watch princess hours…
    it has a good story…
    you look younger than your age… 😉
    im ruuning out of words…
    OMG you’re so gwapo (it means Handsome)
    hay… when i see you’re smile im melting…
    i hope i can see you…
    i will go to korea and i will meet you…
    i love you!
    God bless you!

  38. 38 : Neva....(*=*) Says:

    I like your role in the “Princess Hours” or Goong in Korea..
    Cheerful, friendly and gentle especially to Girls…
    I hope and i believe that you are what you are in the Drama series…
    Gosh…I’m like anybody else….
    You are really charming….
    mu shi su…!
    Good Luck!
    Hope you visit the Philippines…
    You will be surprise to see your huge fans and that includes me…

  39. 39 : -june- Says:

    just want to say take care and god bless..ehehhe..^_^..they already said everything what i want to say to u..^_^..ehehe..keep rocking..ahaha

  40. 40 : shwe po theint Says:

    i like u so much

  41. 41 : Ebi Heung soo Says:

    Kim jeong hoon,i love your chara in goong!

    You act well there^_^

    You are my prince charming^0^

    Waiting for your next project…

  42. 42 : denise28 Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon! youre soooooooo cute!!!!hehehehe.. when i first saw you on t.v. i thought you were only 20 yrs. old..
    i cant believe that you’re 26 yrs.old! i’m serious!
    hope you can visit here in the philippines..because i think you also have fans here!hehehehe…i like your voice and your band..hehee..

    more power!
    take care

  43. 43 : denise(philippines) Says:

    visit philippines pls….

  44. 44 : denise(philippines) Says:

    I’m so addicted to you!! You’re the greatest actor and singer I’ve ever liked (loved)… Wow! You even studied in Seoul University and majored in dentistry!! So smart…and COOL!! Simply amazing… You’ve become my motivation for my studies.. I admire you a lot! I want to be like you… I hope I would be able to know more about you… If only I have your e-mail address (but I know that’s impossible) May I have your e-mail? Pleasssse!! Please do reply my e-mail… You’re so HANDSOME… When you smile… my heart melts… You smile like an angel!! SARANG-HE!!

  45. 45 : geestin Says:

    i really like u ………….and i love ya………..ur so handsome, gorgeous and all………mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 46 : dhin navarro Says:

    hi i wish i will meet you in person.
    im an adict fan of yours in PHilippines.. the koraendrama Princess Hours, how i wish i could see u in person, im dhin.. pwamis i will watch everyday. your kroreandrama is the best.. mwauh..

  47. 47 : dhin navarro Says:

    hi again hihihi.. this is dhin again, take care cause i care 4 you.. ingats ka lagi ah.. we will support u, not just me but all Filipino viewers, hope i will meet you in person.. hope soon.. tnx, im one of your fan. hay graveh ang gwapo mu tlaga..

  48. 48 : -xandra- Says:

    you’re so handsome!!! wish you all the best!!!!!! wish you visit philipines!!!

  49. 49 : -xandra- Says:

    i mean…i hope you’ll visit philippines….

  50. 50 : janna Says:


  51. 51 : janna Lagria Says:

    you are so sweet your songs r so harmony like your voice voice heaven my friend adiylah is a pittbull

  52. 52 : NeLaHj Says:

    P L E A S E
    V I S I T
    I N
    T H E
    P H I L I P P I N E S
    T O G E T H E R
    W I T H
    Y O U R
    CO- A C T O R..
    ” J O O J I – H O O N”

  53. 53 : rush Says:

    your so cute especially when you smile….

    i wish to meet you personally… i wish you to have more projects…

    your so handsome…..

    please visit here in the philippines…may i know your telephone nunber…???

  54. 54 : Ruby Says:


    so CuTe!!!!

    u know in the drama series Goong.. i prefer you than that skinny prince..(who is his name? forget.. well whoever he was)

    Love you.. sarange…

  55. 55 : ah phy Says:

    John!!u’r so great in “Goong”!!!lurve ur performance…maintain the standard “n” most imptly ish to maintain dat cute,boyish “n” handsome look of urs!!AZA!!AZA!!

  56. 56 : leizl Says:

    hello…kim, im from philippines…i like the way you act in pincess hours and your so cute…….hope to see you here in philippines.Godbless..:)

  57. 57 : xiao yu Says:

    hi Kim jeong-hoon your so handsome…….. we always talk about you in school ….I visit all websites that has infos about you… you and yoon eun-hae so good together….in the philippines we watch princess hours(goong gung)at 10 pm from mondays- fridays i never missed just one episode of the korean drama because i want to see you all everyday if possible….i hope you’ll have time to visit the philippines me and my classmates are looking forward for your visit…..i even sleep for only 6 hours to watch your show………bye, godbless!!!!!!!!!

  58. 58 : mis leong Says:

    hi….oh no…WHY SO MANY PEOPLE LIKE YOU….you can make me ‘HATE’ you…..he…he he…

    sorry n miss you…

  59. 59 : jenny Says:

    i love u!

  60. 60 : JennyLo_phil Says:

    hello everybody and to you Kim jung hoon..you’re so handsome and i really really admire you just like Lee jun ki..I hope you can visit Philippines their also a lot of korean people here who are having their vacation..I’ve read also that you are a singer i hope you will have your concert here in davao city..and i’ve heard that you can speak english..wow so we can really understand you ha….Sarang he and kamsameda whatsoever.!!hehe..I also wish that i can be your chatmate..hehe

  61. 61 : maja** Says:


  62. 62 : maja** Says:

    hey…pleaSe VISIT THE PHILIPPINES!! i hope he always stay that cute and handsome..and so hot! haha we are so sddicted to him… he acts very well! looking forward to see you!

  63. 63 : leiram Says:

    hi kim jeung hoon…just want to greet u an advance happy birthday on january 20… wish u all the best….if u find time, i hope u could reply thru my email [email protected]

  64. 64 : leiram Says:

    JEONG HOON!!!!!!!!

  65. 65 : chenggay Says:

    hi kim jeung hoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my friends and i are your avid fan here in the philippines….even at work we talk about u…hope you could email us back at [email protected]

  66. 66 : Eunice Joy Whigan Says:


    I’m yah no.1 fan here in the philippines about your korean novela entitled “Goong The Palace”..Hope you”ll email me at [email protected]..thnxx

  67. 67 : annie~ Says:

    Hihii~ I just recently watched Goong aka. Princess Hours~

  68. 68 : annie~ Says:

    Kyaa~ Guess you can’t hit ‘enter’. Sowwies for double posting..~.~ Anywho…

  69. 69 : jeanne Says:

    ….hi kim… i’m so happy that i can watch you in my television…but.i’m have only a little sad because of your role in princess hours.. i hope you will email me…..

    …..more blessings in your career… and the lord may guide you……

    …..pls. email us(your fans)………
    visit the phillippines….

  70. 70 : baiti_mas Says:

    hi jeong hoon!

    i’m your fan from malaysia..i really like to have your single album..the problem is…i could not find it in malaysia..would you promote your album here? i’m sure you have lots fans here owing ti your acting in goong and your sweet voice..please!! i really hope to have your album…please

  71. 71 : mukgu malaysian Says:

    i dunno lah..why ar all d korean actor are so handsome…likes they spare a diamond on their face….

  72. 72 : shiroi maboroshi Says:

    i hope you’ll visit phils..

  73. 73 : eun - kyung (kyung) Says:

    uhm…………? cute? dunno… i dont like him much. about every korean actor isn’t hot……. hyun bin is the best out of them all 🙂 ….. but still he is only ok. not hot hot 🙂 *barf*

  74. 74 : freeradz Says:

    hyun bin and kim jeong hoon are both cute ok and i love them very much kagatin kita dyan e…..i hope you can go to the philippines……I will waiting for you in the airport….you also a singer but the difference between us im only a choir member……im taking up BSBIOLOGY because I want to be a doctor to help our country……sana magkita man lang tayo study Filipino to understand what Im saying MAHAL KITA…….it means I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

  75. 75 : jesseca Says:

    oh my god!!ur sooooooo handsome!!!!!asn ..hoping that u will come and visit the philipppines..u have so many fans waiting here….plss,,visit philippines cause u have so many fans!!!!!!as n!!muahh..

  76. 76 : noelle08 Says:

    you have a great voice!……… the philippines really love you so much!….
    although i already finished the goong series, i want to watch it again specially the scene that Kin Jeong Hoon sings! he truely rocks!!!!!!………
    i wont miss that episode again!

  77. 77 : albiii Says:

    omg omg omg
    why r u so cute???ain tht legal??grrr
    cuz ov u i wish i was korean!!!
    soo look sooo handsome in goong!!!
    omg omg omg
    im actually dein..abut u r soo cute!!!
    whats ur email add??hehe lol

  78. 78 : albiii Says:

    omg omg omg
    why r u so cute???ain tht legal??grrr
    cuz ov u i wish i was korean!!!
    u look sooo handsome in goong!!!
    omg omg omg
    im actually dein..abut u r soo cute!!!
    whats ur email add??hehe lol*****

  79. 79 : dyenya Says:

    i find u cute!!!hahaha well done in goong!!! i hope to see u in Goong 2!!!

  80. 80 : noyokino Says:

    Does anyone know john hoon’s adress?
    I wanna send him a birthday present.
    Do you guys think he might get it or not?
    Hope he visits here in Bangkok too.

  81. 81 : hazeline sarah Lu Says:

    …kim i love you so much….the best in goong

  82. 82 : Cathy Says:

    I don’t know if you’ll be able to read this. But anyway, ever since I watched Goong, I’ve been browsing for information and pictures about you. I was shocked to know that you’re already turning 27 (we have the same age). A lot of fans all over Asia are drooling about you and I’m not surprised. You have a very soft, and handsome face. I’m sure you’re also a kind-hearted person. I wish I could go to Korea and see you in person. Well actually, I don’t want to just see you but I’d like to go out with you and get to know you. Impossible as it may seem, wishes and dreams are free and limitless. I hope you can visit the Philippines. I’d be more than willing and happy to serve as your tour guide. I hope we can communicate by any means. I seriously want to get to know you. Don’t worry, I won’t stalk you. I just want to be your friend, or maybe even someone special. Again, to those who can read this, pardon my imagination but dreams do not have limits. Also, we are under one sky and possibilities are endless. Jung Hoon, I hope you’ll be able to read this and post me a reply. If our paths don’t cross today, maybe in our next life we will…

  83. 83 : Christy Says:

    Hi, Don’t you know that you are the rival of Joo Ji-hoon sa puso ko? mahal din kita eh. Kindly reply my Mail? luv u very much. Kindly mail you e-mail to me?

  84. 84 : lizaray Says:

    Kim Jeong Hoon? Hmm….. I think he is so handsome and intelligent. I really love “Goong” and I hope in the near future he would get more successful projects.

  85. 85 : Savannah Loh J.J Says:

    Terrible!!!!! Y u r not acting in Princess Hours 2??????

  86. 86 : fayeT Says:

    my GoSh!!

    iM deepLy in Love wiTh thiS gUy!!!!

    i wiSh i cOuLd meet u personALLy…

    bUt i knOw that’s too impossibLe…

    maNy FiLipinOs aRe waiTing fOr yoUR next sHows…

    hOpe we coUld kNow you mOre…

    tiL heRe…

    God bless and moRe poweR to you…

    mwaaHHH !!! ^_^

  87. 87 : vhannie Says:

    i think your cute!!! AaaaaaaAAaassssssss iiiiiiiiNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!
    especially your eyes it glowing everytime!!! and your lips they are very kissable!!!!
    I like you a lot!!!! Wish you all the luck!!!

  88. 88 : prudence Says:

    KJH I am not one of your typical fans. Probably I am a lot older than the rest of them. I just recently watch the whole chapter of Goong…. and I now understand why a lot of people become addicted.

    Anyways keep up the good work, keep your feet to the ground. I do not know if you yourself will read or have time to reply to this message, nevertheless, I sure hope should you find time, just give me a buzz, and thanks you.

  89. 89 : prudence Says:

    KJH just recently became one of your fans, though I may be a lot older compared to the rest. I have majored in Psycholofy and Law… so see I am a lot older.

    Anyways congratulations on the success of your show (GOONG). I do not know if you yourself will read this message. Nevertheless, should you find time to read and reply to this, I would definitely appreciate it.

    Take care always.

  90. 90 : Ja-JA Says:

    hi…kim jeong hoon…im from PHIlippines,,
    im ur no.1 fan here..
    ur so handsome…i’ve always dream of you
    ..pls visit philippines..we love you so…
    take care always RoCK YOU! god blez u

  91. 91 : Ja-JA Says:

    hi..kim jeong hoon
    i really like you!
    im ur no.1 fan here
    ..i wish you visit
    i’ll keep on watching
    princess hours
    every night
    just for you..
    i luv u so..
    take care

  92. 92 : Zhik Says:

    Jeong Hoon acts naturally…

    He’s a good actor and has a lovely voice…

    Most of all, very handsome..

  93. 93 : omsie Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon,

    am an avid fan of yours…..

    i always watch you in princess hours… i even bought a DVD just to have a souvenir that if your show ends,,, still am in touch with you and joo ji hoon..

    hope you visit here together with joo ji hoon…

    hope you can a song for the filipinos if that time came..

    no doubt that when you sing in some scene of princess hours, you stand out…

    LOVE YOU and more power…

    E-mail me sometimes,,, hehehe

    love lots,,

    OMSIE of phillipines

  94. 94 : maanne Says:

    Happy birthday… your so cute and handsome in goong..

  95. 95 : debby Says:

    who will be the one

  96. 96 : Lizette Says:

    … hi your such a handsome man but it seems that both of you and Joo Ji-hoon are very handsome… wish you visit here my country Phillipines… also wishing that you drop me an email in this account [email protected]… wishing very much that you drop an email your dying hard fan…

  97. 97 : Grace Says:

    hi yul!!! hahaha, you’re such a good actor!!! you’re so cute and handsome… I’m always watching princess hours here in the philippines… I hope you visit our country… I’m one of your fans… YOU ROCKS!!! so… MORE POWER in your career!!! guDluck!!!

  98. 98 : goong Says:

    gud day kim jeung hoon!!! im so impressed with goong. om so addicted to it right now. ur such a great actor! continue to be excellent!! im from the philippines, hope u can reply. take care and God bless!!

  99. 99 : LyNkAt Says:

    hi., ur so handsome and cute., I LOVE YOU.,

  100. 100 : Chlang18 Says:

    hi there Kim jeong hoon!!! you know, you are really good in acting and singing… i hope that someday, you’ll visit the Philippines… i promise, you’ll have good time… Love Lots!!!! mwuah!

  101. 101 : ylleanne Says:

    hi!!!!!!juz wanna say i admire u so much….keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  102. 102 : maja** Says:

    your so cute!!!


    you also have a super cute voice!!!

    your whole entity is so…..



  103. 103 : iloisa Says:

    You don’t have to search no more

    ‘Cause I am someone who will love you for sure!!!!

  104. 104 : iloisa Says:

    hi! kim………………

    plz. visit here at philippines!!

    i’ll for yah!!!!

  105. 105 : iloisa Says:

    i mean i’ll wait 4 yah!!!

  106. 106 : chen2 Says:

    OMG!!! kim jeong hoon, you’re soooo hot!!!

    I looooove you! bwahahaha!

  107. 107 : Clarina Says:

    I love u Jeong Hoon.I’m from Myanmar. Aza Aza Jeong Hoon!!!

  108. 108 : sandy Says:

    hi.. I’m you’re fan in the philippines.. you’re very cute in goong princess. I really like you to have your own drama and hoping that it will be shown in the phil.. Hey!! happy bday.. hope you’ll have a many more birthdays to come.. I love you and will support you no matter what.. mwah mwah.. lovelots


  109. 109 : sandy Says:

    Hey..I 4got.. I hope that you’ll gonna visit us here in the phil or have a concert at our country, we’ll surely give you a warm welcome.. hope you’ll recieve this soon.. mwah.. mwah

  110. 110 : sandy Says:

    don’t cry ha.. because I feel sad wen u cry.. wen i see you’re smile, surely!! you’ll brighten up my day… mwah mwah mwah.. love u love u love u love u love u.. hope I could hug you, that’s my greatest dream.. Please visit us … PLEASE

  111. 111 : sandy Says:

    wo ai ni.. mahal kita.. aish teru.. i love you.. please visit us

  112. 112 : zherrie Says:

    You’re my dream boy.. you’re sooo cute, you may not be the prince in goong princess but 4 me.. you’re the real prince.. love ya soo much

  113. 113 : sandy Says:

    hey!! I will arrest you.. Why? becoz u stole my heart.. lolz.. r u not tired yet becoz you keep on running in my mind.. is ur father and mother a terrorist, coz ur the bomb. lolz.. I wish I could be v so that I’m always close to u, R u a well, coz I can’t stop fallin 4 u… hahaha.. love you.. hope this will make u smyl..

  114. 114 : beverly Says:

    hi hi!!!!! ure so cute…super duper as in..promise..i didnt expect ure a singer..wow!!! Idol…hope that ull visit here in philippines and i just keep on wishing that ull be very careful with ur health bcoz i want 2 see u..healthy …..ure so cute..God bles..hehehe……..

  115. 115 : Jeanne sharisse Cornejo Says:

    you’re very very cute you know that
    as in,.,.,
    stay hansome as you are,.,.
    rock on,.,.

    cha of cavite, Philippines

  116. 116 : youngurl Says:

    >hi’ Kim Jung-Hoon i love you so much. u’r my inspiration.
    i hope u’ll visit us there in phil. gudluck and more
    power to u’r career.

    >from youngurl_18 (philippines)

  117. 117 : roslia Says:

    im so proud to be one of you fan i like you but our age is not compatible im only 15 yrs.old but still iloveyou for me your the best!!!!!!!!!!than JOO JI HOON even my younger sister didnt like you b’coz of your character in GOONG hope you’ll visit here in PHILIPPINES……………LOVELOTS>>>Roslia

  118. 118 : chaegyung Says:

    i think im falling inlove toi this cute guy hope i met him in person to give him a hug and kiss…

  119. 119 : Arienne22 Says:



    You really did well in Princess Hours. Hands down to the way you portray a prince’s character; no wonder you got so many fans.

    I hope u guys visit the Philippines! Your “Goong” drama series is becoming a hit now to our country.

    Owryt! I think that’s all I can say. Take care!

  120. 120 : spika_nica Says:

    hello…….how are you hope your fine im nica from phillippines i hope i can get your email add……thanks

  121. 121 : cherry lou Says:

    advance happy b-day……..

  122. 122 : sandara park Says:

    gwapo mo grabeh……

  123. 123 : chesca Says:

    hi!…I really like you

  124. 124 : pretty eljay Says:

    i really like, ur cute just like me..

    do u have friendster account? http://www.friendster.com

    well if u have, u can add me as ur friend, [email protected]

    or send me an e-mail… no, ur not cute, ur handsome…thank u so much, i always watching princess hours, here in the philippines

  125. 125 : girl who admire u Says:

    where did u design ur hair! last time u are long hair right! amazing! suddenly change it! tell me where is de salon located at ya!

  126. 126 : julie Says:

    kim jung-hoon!!
    kim jung-hoon!!
    you know what?! i like you’re smile so much!!
    just keep on smilin’..ok?!
    and hope you’ll visit our country..

  127. 127 : me Says:

    d way u portrayed ur part in goong is great. your eyes speaks a lot. i hope to watch more of your tv series

  128. 128 : chelle Says:

    hi…Kim jUng-Hoo..Your so adorable..!
    hope to see you soon!!
    mwahhh..Princess hours the best!!
    Add my friendster account [email protected]

  129. 129 : sandy Says:

    Hi .. it’s me again sandy.. you’re so cute.. wish I could see u in person.. Pls sing 4 us if u visit our country,4 i really love your voice.. you’re smile takes my breath away.. I reallt think that you are my prince charming. dow I’m so young 4 u, I still believe that we’re really meant to be.. Pls visit us soon.. thats all my prince, mwah

  130. 130 : Gervian Says:

    He’s a very cute guy..but he dun lyk other ppl say him cute…so…i will say him HANDSOME..yeah!!!:)

  131. 131 : roxanne Says:

    ang gwapo mo ever!lav yah…….

  132. 132 : kristin Gagasa Says:

    Hi! Im kristin! How are u? I hope your doing good in your career! Anyways, you really did a great job in your role!!!You have a lot of filipino supporters here in the philippines!We really admire your talent!!! Just always keep up the good work!!! Stay cute and more powers to your career!!!

    This is my e-mail address, [email protected]! If you need someone to talk to, im always willing to listen!!!!!

    Bye!!! Goodluck!!!I love You!!!!

  133. 133 : Jessica Says:

    hi Kim Jeong Hoon…I love your series goong…I just want to thank you for inspiring me so much…admiring you is the best feeling I’ve ever felt…thank you and good luck in your career…^_^

  134. 134 : Jessica Says:

    Last night, I had a dream…I cant remember the details but I felt so numb…Thats me, the not so ordinary-ordinary girl…I’m sharing this not because I want to but because I felt that I should…

  135. 135 : kriziel ann venancio Says:

    kc kilig to the max cna gian at janelle..
    ang gndng panoorin……
    pero mas gus2 ko c troy kc ang gwapo2 nya at ang bait ng mukha
    nya pra xng anghel kng titingnn….

  136. 136 : nosferriku Says:

    he`s cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    luv u

  137. 137 : virche Says:

    ang gwapo mo!!!!!!
    ur so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. 138 : roslia Says:

    Kim Jeong Hoon you know what everytime i see your pic i feel better your the most…. and anyway your band all of them are hondsome ang hey… if i i’ll graduayed to 4th year high school…my cours will be dentist also like you im really glad to know KIM JEONG HOON … know you to busy and no time to see it but i want you to know this I REALLY LOVE KIM JEONG HOON…… forever…..(just kidding) how i wish i can travel to south korea to met you whaaa kidding again well good bye and good luck…. LOVELOTS>>>>ROSLIA!!!!

  139. 139 : Lyza Says:

    Kim Jeong Hoon , i wish you could visit the Philippines . your so cute and handsome i like your acting and singing, i really hope to meet you someday!! Luv u!!

  140. 140 : Lyza Says:

    ADVANCE HaPpy BiRtHdAy TO U!!

  141. 141 : Lyza Says:

    Please visit the Philippines you have so many fans here,pls..!!!!

  142. 142 : baiti_mas Says:

    hi KJH…Happy Birhday to you..may god bless you!

  143. 143 : roannvi Says:

    happy birthday!!! hi i’m roann from the philippines and i just LOVE princess hours!!!! more power to you and God bless…hope someday you can visit us here in the philippines…=)

    p.s. i think you’re the cutest guy ever!!! keep up the good work…=)

  144. 144 : princess Says:

    i love u,yr so cute can u be my soulmate or husband to be
    keep up the good work ur a great actor!!!!!!!!
    love princess

  145. 145 : Hyacinth Says:

    Men, he is cute!

  146. 146 : Hyacinth Says:

    HI!!!!ur so cute@!

  147. 147 : _Lien_ Says:

    it January 27 today !

    HAppy b-day Kim Jeong-Hoon !!

    wish you all d best !

    ur sO cute …

    gUd luck !

  148. 148 : _Lien_ Says:

    can you visit Philippines ?!

    please ….

    u know that you have a fans club in or school?!!

    hehehe …

  149. 149 : Dina Says:

    Dear Kim Jung-Hoon,

    Happy Birthday to you !
    More power and more success !

    May God always be with you !
    Awaiting for your act immediately ^_^

    Warmth Regards,

  150. 150 : Dina Says:

    Dear Kim Jung-Hoon,

    My name is Dina. I come from Jakarta,Indonesia.
    I hope you can visit our country.

    We really enjoy watching “The Princess Hours” ..
    It’s so different and unique Korean Drama that I’ve ever watched.

    Hopefully I can get your reply.
    Thank you and God bless you.

    Warmth Regards,

  151. 151 : melissa Says:

    your have a degree in dentistry right? hmm.. no connection to your job i mean fame right now. can you do “braces” for me? hehehe just joking! you look young for a 27 year old. anyway, goodluck! and since everybody is claiming that you have a killer smile i’ll just go with the flow besides i think the same way too. take care!

  152. 152 : LuReyN Je0ng Says:

    happy birthday mr. john hoon..take care alwayz..

  153. 153 : melanie Says:


  154. 154 : melanie Says:

    sengil tsuka hamnida………Happy birthday

  155. 155 : Charie Videña Says:

    kim jeong hoon is very handsome and cute.I just want 2greet u a happy happy b-day I LOVE YOU

  156. 156 : LuReyN Je0ng Says:

    happy birthday kim jeong hoon..take care alwayz..hope to meet u sumday..

  157. 157 : carren Says:

    you’re so cute! i like your performance in goong! keep it up!

  158. 158 : marx Says:

    oh my god!!!

    he’s very wonderful!!!

    u’re my greatest idol!!!


    the BEST!!!


  159. 159 : haha Says:

    haha he look so fuken gay

  160. 160 : abhie Says:

    KIM JUNG-HOON.. an gwapo mo tlga.. xobrang lyk na lyk qta.. hope dat you’ll gonna visit the Philippines so that i would see you again on tV. not only on PH.. hai.. i wish.. ur so Gwapo tlga.. sUuuUper dUuuUper.. muuAAhH..

  161. 161 : abhie Says:

    beleted.. HAPPY BDAY 2 U!! I LIKE YOU SO MUCH..

  162. 162 : maezelle Says:

    i love you!! but since your not the lead guy character…hmmmmmmnnnnnn

    HAPPY B-DAY!!!!

    HAPPY B-DAY!!!



    HEHEHEH sounds possible..

  163. 163 : clarissa Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon im clarissa from philippines…im one of ur avid fan in “princess hourse” i lyk u the way you act and really like a prince…hop 2 see u soon….im looking forward for ur reply………..i love you and always take care.pls come and visit philippines…………..i love you so much…………god bless ………take gud care…………..

  164. 164 : sandy Says:

    Hi.. It’s me again, sandy.. I love u so much.. pls visit our country. I’m looking forward in seeing u perform live. hope i could touch ur hand becoz it will really make me smile. u know, wen u smile, you look soo… kind and any person who will see you smile will make there heart melts. I wish that I’m cai jing, becoz surely I will choose u and not shin.

    I want to share with u, a line of song

    Sometimes I want to give up,
    I want to give in,I want to quit the fight
    and then I see u baby
    And everthings all right
    everythings all right..
    Wen I see u smile
    I can face the world,
    U know I can do anything
    Wen I see u smile
    I see a ray of light
    OoOh I see it shining ryt through the rain,
    Wen I see u smile,
    Baby wen I see u smile
    AT ME…

    That’s my song for you

  165. 165 : julie Says:

    kim jeong hoon!!!
    belated happy birthday!!
    wish u all the best!!

  166. 166 : sandy Says:



  167. 167 : ann Says:

    I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!1HE IS THE MOST HANDSOME ACTOR IN KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. 168 : Belle Says:

    Hi Kim Jeong Hoon,
    I like you very much. You are so handsome, Saranghea. I am from singapore. Happy B-lated Birthday. May I have your e-mail address so that I can keep in touch with you. Thank you very much, Kim Jeong Hoon.

  169. 169 : Lyza Says:

    sarang i gaiyo!! how are you?
    we love you from your fans
    please isit the Philippines

  170. 170 : Lyza Says:

    we want to watch the sequel of princess hours 2
    can i have your email address

  171. 171 : daryll jean taala Says:

    ei.!!i likE yOur LatEst sEriEs!!yOu’rE sO cUtE!!

  172. 172 : Elizabeth Says:

    Hi KIm Jeong Hoo
    Im Elizabeth From Philippines You are so cute and handsome something different in you I like you I hope will meet you someday can you visit the Philippines

  173. 173 : [email protected] Says:

    Jeong Hoon upa dangshin eun nomo moshita….popo joseyo…hehehe….

    you’re so cute especially when you smile…i know you speak english than the others cause you’re studying at seoul university where most americans in south korea are studying too…. Keep smiling…

    wish i can see you in person when i come back to south korea…feel free to email me to my email add above..hehehehe….


  174. 174 : anjey... Says:

    saranghaEyo!!!! SARANGHAEYO!!!
    you are really so so so cute, handsome, hunk, hot and everything that could describe the w0rd Handsome!! i hope i can see you doing a movie you as the main actor, no love team..hahaha. i got jealous. you know what? I dream and wish to have a guy like you… well totally almost you or should i say.. its really you I wish but I know its way impossible because… becuase its just impossible.. hehehehe. Hope I can see personally your smile. a great wide smile…hehehe . KEEp up the good work, you really acted very well. I cried many times in your scene. Your eyes tells a lot of word that the mouth cant ever speak up.. Love you!!

  175. 175 : michelle Says:

    hi… i saw princess hours.. and i really really like it!! first time i saw the film.. i dint like it… but when i saw you there as one of hte cast….


  176. 176 : lou Says:

    i’m do u have a friendster accounT?

    ahhmm.. kim jeong hoon,, i really like you…
    on the first time that i started watching princess hours, i was hook by you…
    you’re so cute … as inn.. to the max….

  177. 177 : rose ann Says:

    I’m dying to see you soon…>_

  178. 178 : ter2 Says:

    i just want to say that you did a great job in Gooong… if I were Cha Gyung i would choose you.. haha.(:

    more power! : P

  179. 179 : TAMMI Says:

    just simple
    I LOVE U SO MUCHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. 180 : ROXANNE Says:

    will you be my friend?
    hey!you so very cute, handsome and elegant…… dnt you know that?????? i will always wacthing princes hours every night…… hmhmhmhm!!!!!!!! by the way im roxanne this is my email address: [email protected]
    always take care and may god always bless you!!!!!!!!! so have of your carrer………. your my #1 idol………
    hope that you will accepting me as one of your friend…….
    always wear your smile……..

  181. 181 : ROXANNE Says:

    have nice day!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love you as my asian idol
    heheheheheheh hope you read my message…….

  182. 182 : nienna Says:

    helow…i really like your character in princess hours goong-the palace..even though you act somewhat villain in order to get what really belongs to you..how sad your not the crown prince from the start..but i do enjoy the series..

    your a great actor..i like the way you act..en of course your so handsome..hehehe
    take care..

  183. 183 : fritz Says:

    hi! kim………you are so cute talaga as in…….. i love you kim…………

  184. 184 : fritz Says:

    ellow!!!!!!!! i love you kim……..

  185. 185 : angelica Says:

    I’ve learned that your habit is “Biting your fingernails” ! Well, not bad really!!!!! you know why? It’s because I’m also doing that habit since I was a li’l child.Can you imagine that? i’m still biting my fingernails unti now at my age of 18!(laughs).Anyway, your the only prince
    in korea and that Oh-So Cute SMILE of yours!
    Always keep that Cute smmile ,k?
    I’m Angelica.
    Good luck to your blooming career!

  186. 186 : AimEE (CMU-LHS) Says:

    Love you Troy as your name in princess hours philippines..
    ang gwapo mo talaga..
    same as Gian (Joo Ji Hoon)..

    You both are really good in princess hours..

    Hope to see more of your appearances in ManY other miniserieses..

    Oh my God!, I can’t believe I’m actually writing this….hehehe

    I hope i could really meet you but that can only be in my dreams…

    But at least nakasulat ko diri!!

  187. 187 : icha Says:

    i dont really sure that you will read this message,

    but i just want 2 say, gud luck!

    visit Indonesia sometimes…

    you’re se famous in here

    oh, yeah.. my friends and i are watching prince hours 4 3 times now..

  188. 188 : princess Says:

    hello there kim jeong hoon!!!
    i really admire your acting in the tv series princess hours… frankly speaking most of us here in the philippines want you to be paired with janelle because youre so handsome and you look good together….pls visit the philippines because were dying to see you………..KEEP UP THE GOOD,WORK,LOOKS,AND hope you would be promoted for more romantic and funny movies……;j mwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

  189. 189 : vanelia Says:

    you’re sooooo cute…..love yah sooooooo much……gua ai di…..te querro….aishite masu…..aishite iru…..im crazy for you…..you are a great actor and i love you for that……

  190. 190 : sydney Says:

    hello…umm…hehe…most of the girls here in the Philippines wanted to see you and the casts of princess hours…we really admire you guys…and you really look good when you are smiling…well everybody does…hehe…hope you can visit our wonderful country and i assure you that people here will give you a warm welcome…take care always…keep up the good work and we’ll be seeing you on some of your shows…thank you very much…

  191. 191 : karla mae Says:

    kim jeong hoon is cute but he’s not my type a guy i like joo jin hoon because he is gentle handsome and smart.

  192. 192 : lady mai Says:


    I really like u hope 2 c u in personal.

  193. 193 : benilou Says:

    hei!! you look handsome!! hope you’ll visit the philippines someday!! together with cast of goong!! and also belated happy birthday!! i will watch you in goong 2!!=)

  194. 194 : rebel Says:

    happy b’day my rebel,,,

    wish u all the bezt,,
    i hope love keep u’re life,,

  195. 195 : richard Says:

    hi!!!!11111 you know what after i watch yur show princess i really do like you.your my idol,,,,,,,,,,wer thge same in many ways

  196. 196 : jhing Says:

    Hi! I hope you can visit philippines! and i hope i can see you in person kim jeong hoon!

  197. 197 : jhen....(",) Says:

    hi!!!!! kim jeong hoon!!! you are so handsome….!!!!! i’m ur no. 1 fan here in the Philippines. your my 4ever PRINCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur handsome than jo ji hoon u know…. i loike u bcoz ur so simple and loving!!!!! take care always!!!!! mwauhhhhhh!!!!! GOD BLESS!!!!

  198. 198 : jhen....(",) Says:


  199. 199 : jamaica Says:

    Hello from the Philippines! (Does he really get to read all the stuff that we post?) Anyway, just want to shout out with all the other Princess Hours fans here that HE should have WON (the title, the girl–SOMETHING). I just cried and cried feeling so sorry for his character, wanting to just make his pain go away (even if it’s completely ridiculous of me to). Well we all know it’s not real pain, but that just makes him one heck of an actor. Hope to see him in more series and movies!

  200. 200 : kaye Says:

    hi!!!! kim jeong hoon,you become the prince everyone is looking for,hope u find ur princess really soon =p

  201. 201 : jade Says:

    inkigayo, Joong Hoon!!!

  202. 202 : jade Says:

    inkigayo, Joong Hoon!!! visit in the PhiLippines!!

  203. 203 : jade Says:

    inkigayo, Joong Hoon!!! visit in the PhiLippines!! i cnt wait to see you!!

  204. 204 : jade Says:

    inkigayo, Joong Hoon!!! visit in the PhiLippines!! i can’t wait to see you!! anyway, who’s Jennifer from Star Golden Bell?

  205. 205 : jade Says:

    inkigayo, Joong Hoon!!! visit in the PhiLippines!! i can’t wait to see you!! anyway, who’s Jennifer from Star Golden Bell? i heard that she has a crush on you…

  206. 206 : jade Says:

    inkigayo, Joong Hoon!!! visit in the PhiLippines!! i can’t wait to see you!! anyway, who’s Jennifer from Star Golden Bell? i heard she has a crush on you but i love you more than anyone could.

  207. 207 : jade Says:

    inkigayo, Joong Hoon!!! visit in the PhiLippines!! i can’t wait to see you!! anyway, who’s Jennifer from Star Golden Bell? i heard she has a crush on you but i love you more than anyone could. my feeLings wiLL never change..

  208. 208 : jade Says:

    inkigayo, Joong Hoon!!! visit in the PhiLippines!! i can’t wait to see you!! anyway, who’s Jennifer from Star Golden Bell? i heard she has a crush on you but i love you more than anyone could. my feeLings wiLL never change.. Hope to see you soon!!!

  209. 209 : jade Says:

    inkigayo, Joong Hoon!!!anyway, who’s Jennifer from Star Golden Bell? i heard she has a crush on you but i love you more than anyone could. my feeLings for you wiLL never change..

  210. 210 : jade Says:

    inkigayo, Joong Hoon!!! visit in the PhiLippines!! i can’t wait to see you!! my feeLings wiLL never change.. Hope to see you soon!!!

  211. 211 : jade Says:

    Take me to your heart so I can be with you sarangeun eereok’e nareul meecheege hae
    I’m crazy for you weonhago ddo keedareego parago neega p’eereyohae
    jeeboongweero ollaga talbeecharae malhalkke neoe eereumeul neoeegee-e neoeegee-e I got nobody beside you

  212. 212 : **apple** Says:

    kim john hoon….u so handsome leh….keep it up ur gd work . yeah! *winks*

  213. 213 : alain Says:

    annyong hasmnigga!!
    annyongi haseyo!!

    hi there!!
    amm.. im alain flores,16 yrs.old from philippines..
    i really love korean movies,,and i really like your edision goong-princess hours,,,
    i enjoy watching it,,im so happy everytime i watch korean movies..
    i have a collection of korean movies,and i included your movie in my collection..
    so pls.continue doing such a beautiful master piece movie..
    ok thats all for now!!

    kamsa hamnida!!


  214. 214 : glaira Says:

    hi..hope i can meet you some day..not as a fan but as a friend..maybe we’ll meet by chance…it’s not impossible…
    keep up the good work…you’ll have a long way to go..
    God bless..

  215. 215 : glaira Says:

    hi..hope i can be your friend someday…

  216. 216 : glaira Says:

    i really hope you could read my message personaly…

  217. 217 : glaira garcia Says:

    hope you could visit here in the Philippines..i don’t know if you can really read all these stuffs..but i enjoy it anyway..i know you have so many friends…hope it won’t bother you to add me as one of them…thanx..

  218. 218 : kim ann Says:

    hi kim…..
    i’m kim ann from Philippines…..
    i mean troy in princess hours!!!!
    ur so handsome…………………….
    i really like ur cute smile and ur movie princess hours……..
    take care alwayz and God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  219. 219 : kimberly ann Says:

    hi kim…..
    i’m kim ann from Philippines…..
    troy in princess hours!!!!
    ur so handsome…………………….
    i really like ur cute smile and ur movie princess hours……..
    take care alwayz and God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. 220 : kimberly ann Says:

    i really like ur smile!!!!!!!
    hope u would reply in my e-mail…….

  221. 221 : sweet_angel Says:

    hey!!MR. DREAM BOY!!

    well……….i just wanna say “THANK YOU”..
    coz you made me HAPPY..its good ENOUGH to see your face.. i have a lot of pic. of you..i wish im your PRINCESS..(let me be the one).. hehehe..
    inkigayo, Joong Hoon!!! visit in the PhiLippines!! i CAN’T wait to see you..i really LIKE you ..especially the WAY you act … ur so SWEET..CUTE…..sobra…kea nga “MINAHAL NA KITA “…hehehe maybe im not your no.1 fan here in philippines.. because as you can see theres a lot of people here says that they really like you…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! LOVE YOU!!mwuah………..plz take care coz i care….


  222. 222 : antfan Says:

    u r so gay!!!

  223. 223 : cherrie ann obice Says:

    annyeohaseyo kim!!! i’m cherrie ann from the country Philippines!!! i’m a solid fan of yours… i loved your show PRINCESS HOURS… i’m congratulating you because your show was super super nice as in!!!promise!!!

    your are the best kim!!! your voice was the best…
    its my pleasure to have you as my friend in friendster account…
    i hope that you always visit my friendster account and make testimonials for me!! ahehe

    here’s my friendster account- [email protected]

    i also thank you for serving your fans and we do hope that you never ever leave your profession as an actor and a goo singer!!!

    keep in touch with GOD…. thank Him always because He gave you a very nice voice and thank Him also because He gave you chance to live here on earth to serve people…

    keep in touch also with Yoon Eun Hye…. ahehe.
    i loved you both!!!

    take care and God Blessed You always!!!
    Smile Always!!!

  224. 224 : merlin a. baraclan Says:

    hi, john(as your nickname) i really liked the way you acted in the korean tv series Princess hours. hope i’ll meet you one day. keep shaking our minds bro!!!! you reaaly are the best!!! i can paint for you if you want to

  225. 225 : kim Says:


  226. 226 : mj Says:

    hi kim! im mj from iloilo city philippines.. i really like your character in princess hours i already finish watching it. i bought a dvd of it.. many fans are waiting for you here in the philipines we hope you can visit our country here and i also hope you can come in iloilo city not only in manila philippines.. and i also hope i can be friends with you together with shencaijing and xin… i also hope we can sing together too…well for now just here. god bless! and good luck to your career!

  227. 227 : mAy-AnN Says:

    hi! fiRst time I saw you in PrinceSs hOUrs… yOu captuRed my aTtention… you look siMpLe but cHarmiNg… Im not ceRtain that you’re rEading all of this stUff… I mean our messAges but jUst to exPress mY adMiration fOR you, yOU’re siMply iRResistAble… nyWeiz, if yOu have tiMe.. yOU can vIsit my fRiendster! Mwaah! 😀

  228. 228 : angel Says:

    kIm jEoNg HoOn,
    HeLLo, Hoe aRe YoU? nice character in the PRINCESS HOURS!!!
    im from the philippines…hope you’ll visit the PhiLiPPiNes…….i like
    your smile and your face…..take care always…..mwaah

  229. 229 : giselle Says:

    prince troy……..you’re so cute and handsome…..

  230. 230 : giselle Says:

    prince troy……..you’re so cute and handsome…..i like your sweet smile…

  231. 231 : Leff Says:

    hi there!!!!
    you’re stunniNgLy haNdsome…
    yopu havE that GorgeoUs sMiLe Tha
    immediateLy cAptured mY Heart..
    youre 8 years older Than i Do…
    but you look youngEr than you tRuLy are..
    actuaLLy i was first attracted to joo jing hoon..
    but..i dont know…it just happEneD that i like (and LOVE!!)
    you now…
    theres nothing else i can do But…
    PRAY iLL see you and have somEtime with You..
    hope it’LL not only Be in mY imAgiNation..

  232. 232 : Leff Says:

    you’re a nice one…i like you reallyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..
    i love the way you smile…
    the way you dress..
    the way you walk..
    the way you talk..
    the way YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!
    for me you’re the best character in princess hours…
    if ill be an actress (that will happen..)
    iLL have you as my Leading man..
    it’LL be you as a korean and..
    me as a Filipino…
    Having an affair..
    LOVE you jeong!!!

  233. 233 : Leff Says:

    hpoe you’LL find time to CommUniCatE wiTh me…

  234. 234 : princess janelle Says:

    ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ang gwapo moh!!!PRINCE TROY!!!!!mahal na kita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bagay kayo ni PRINCESS JANELLE!!!! azzz in!!!!!!!i love you PRINCE TROY!!!!!!!!!!!!MHUWAHHH!~!!!!

  235. 235 : venti Says:

    jeong hoon…. i hope u want come to indonesia…
    i wait 4 u
    special love for kim jeong hoon

  236. 236 : venti Says:

    I’m Very like you’tre character in PRINCESS HOURS…
    Happy B’day for u, i hope God Bless u….
    i like you smile…. i sed
    Hope you’ll visit the INDONESIA….
    plz add me at friendster [email protected]
    your my #1 idol
    Hope that you will accepting as one of your friend

  237. 237 : YEn Says:

    MWAHHHHHHHHHHHH………you’re look like an angel to me…..I really really like your BABy FAce!!!by the way I’m yen from Philippines!!!I hope you will visit our beautiful country!!!

  238. 238 : ana marie Says:

    your so handsome!!i’l like you to go here in the phil..

    your one of the good looking korean actor i’ve ever seen in the tv..

    hope that you are going to have a concert here..

    that’s all..


    your avid fan..
    -ana marie-

  239. 239 : racheL ANN Says:

    i really like your tv series…. Princess Hours… I’m a big fan of yours…. I’m a filipina…. please mail me back… love you… ,my frenz are crazy 4 u….

  240. 240 : aileen rose Says:

    hey!keep up the good job!!!!!see you!!! see you more in television!!

  241. 241 : aileen rose Says:

    belated happy birthday!! wishing more birthdays to come and hapiness to you and your family!

  242. 242 : pOsH gUrL Says:

    he is just so handsome…….he didnt look like 27 years old………he completes my whole day……..cute guy…….just love him……

  243. 243 : pOsH gUrL Says:

    he makes my heart beat again….hope to see him in a different role aside from being the former crowned prince in goong a.k.a princess hours…

    uhn jeh yuht duhn guhn jee gee uhk nah jeen ah nah
    jah kkoon nae muh ree gah nuh roh uh jee ruhp duhn shee jahk
    hahn doo buhn ssheek dduh oh reu duhn saeng gahk
    jah kkoo neul uh gah suh joh geum dang hwang seu ruh oon ee mah eum

    byuhl eel ee ah neel soo eet dah goh
    sah soh hahn mah eum ee rah goh
    nae gah neh geh jah koo (neh geh jah koo)
    mahl eul hah neun geh uh saek hahn guhl

    sarang een gah yo geu dae nah wah gaht dah myuhn shee jahk een gah yo
    mahm ee jah koo geu dael sarang hahn dae yo
    ohn seh sang ee deud doh rohk soh ree chee neh yo
    wae ee jeh yah deul lee jyoh~ OOH~
    suh rohl mahn nah gee wee hae ee jeh yah sarang chah jaht dah goh

    jee geum nae mah eum eul suhl myung hah ryuh hae doh
    nee gah nae gah dweh uh mahm eul neu kkee neun bang buhp ppoong een deh

    ee mee nahn nee ahn eh eet neun guhl
    nae ahn eh nee gah eet deu shee
    oo reen suh roh eh geh (suh roh eh geh)
    ee mee geel deul yuh jeen jee mohl lah

    sarang een gah yo geu dae nah wah gaht dah myuhn shee jahk een gah yo
    mahm ee jah koo geu dael sarang hahn dae yo
    ohn seh sang ee deud doh rohk soh ree chee neh yo
    wae ee jeh yah deul lee jyoh~ OOH~
    suh rohl mahn nah gee wee hae ee jeh yah sarang chah jaht dah goh

    saeng gahk hae boh myuhn (saeng gahk hae boh myuhn) mah neun soon gahn sohk eh (sohk eh)
    uhl mah nah mah neun (YEAH~) suhl leh eem ee ssuht neun jee
    joh geum neu jeun geu mahn keum nahn duh jahl hae jool kkeh yo..

    hahm kkeh hahl kkeh yo choo uhk ee dwehl gee uhk mahn suhl mool hahl kkeh yo
    dah sheen nae gyuh teh suh dduh nah jee mah yo
    jjahl beun soon gahn joh chah doh bool ahn hahn guhl yo
    nae geh muh mool luh jwuh yo~ OOH~
    geu dael ee ruh geh mah nee (geu toh rohk mah nee)
    sarang hah goh ee ssuh yo (geu dae yuh yah mahn) ee

    this song is just for you my dear jeong hoon……i love you…

  244. 244 : nicole Says:

    soooooooooooooo cuutttttteeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  245. 245 : nicole Says:

    gawa pa kayo iba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  246. 246 : karen Says:

    luv u kim jeong hoon take care always!!!!!!1

  247. 247 : kylie Says:

    I LOVE YOU, you’re so cute in goong. I look forward to your new movies and dramas/

  248. 248 : jimila Says:

    u’r so cute.. idol ta ka.. i want to c u n person.. hope u visit philippines..
    I LOVE U……..

  249. 249 : miles_grazie8 Says:


    ang cute mo talaga!!ever for life

    MY PRINCE no. 1 ka

  250. 250 : danica Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon… i don’t even know if you can read this but hey, i would just like to say that i really admire you… i’m not really a fan of any actor or actress but when i saw on TV, there’s something in you that made me wanna see you in person. i really hope you can visit the Philippines. please…………….. many people really are really admiring you here.

  251. 251 : danica Says:

    kim jeong hoon….someday i will visit korea… hope to see you

  252. 252 : amy Says:

    uu so handsome!!!!! wish tat uu could cm to singapore wit yoon Eyn-hae and Joo Ji-hoon….

  253. 253 : leslie Says:

    ur so handsome….i thnk i’m olredy inluv with your charm…hehehehe
    but 4 sure its quite imposible coz ur in korea and i’m hr n d phils.
    but i’m hoping that i can see you personally….can u send me more pctures of yours?? pls send it to my email address…keep it up with your career!!

  254. 254 : norjanah_isma Says:

    there will be ordinary days sfor you……………
    if theres someon ho cares like i do………
    love is ifortant to all people………….
    like kim jung hoon………………….
    dont be crazy……….

  255. 255 : norjanah_isma Says:

    dont be crazy………………….
    we will die………
    i like
    kim jung hoon……….

  256. 256 : norjanah_isma Says:

    kim jung hoon is……………..
    realy………….nice boy
    to all of you………….
    kim jung hoon……………..
    best actor…………
    of my heart……………..

  257. 257 : janelle Says:

    hi!troy. i am one of your biggest fan. i am from the philippines. i am only 12 years old. i always watch your biggest hit,goong. during the airing of goong, i collect pictures of you. i always visit your profile, i end up the day visiting your website. i always wish to your response and the fulfillment of your visit in our country. i will always be your fan whatever will happen. see you!


  258. 258 : yoon Eun hye Says:

    hi! yul, i’am your lost wife from philippines. i want you to know that 12 years from now you dont visting me. ihave a news from korea that you have an wife that is ashley is your new wife? pls .visit mehere in caloocan city in philippines. THAAT is JOKE only

    pls. have aconcert here in philipines

  259. 259 : fhabulouse Says:

    john hoon is simple but very gentle….
    i know him more than anybody does….

  260. 260 : mae Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon… keep up the good work…. ur sooooo cute…… ur eyes is so cute… cute smile… in short everything. takecare always.. love you… mwuahhhhhhh

  261. 261 : Angela Says:

    Hi!!!! its me angela………… friendster????? [email protected]

  262. 262 : ziziebrown Says:

    sweet… sweet… sweet looking guy…

  263. 263 : zhette Says:

    i cant help to love you kim, youre so cute!! oppps! … not cute but handsome… hehehehe hope to see you!!! how i wish to be with you even in a glance… hayyyzzzzss…. love yah!!!… mwahhhh..tsup… ahahahaha

  264. 264 : zhette Says:

    hi prince troy!!! oppps! kim jeong hun to be exact…
    others think that im obsessed on you if i told u this but… i think im fallin for u!!! wew!!! im sorry but thtas what i felt.. anyway i know your going to think that im just ordinary and like other fun of yours but… oh sorry i dont need to tell you this… anyway just take care always… im happy seeing you in a television in your korean drama princess hours??? your so cute there…oppppsssszzzz!!!!! not cute but handsome….hehehhe take care my prince… mwaaahhhzzzz…. tsup….

  265. 265 : lara Says:

    Hi.,.,i’m lara.,.,i’m from the Philippines.
    I admire you very much.,.,
    I hope you can visit our country.

  266. 266 : lara Says:

    kim jeong hoon, can i get your email add??

  267. 267 : denisE_ Says:

    hi kiM!!!im denise by the way..frOm philippines..hmmm…i dOnt know what tO say…ummm…let’s just say i cant help bUt faLL foR you!!!hehehehe…lOve you anD gOOdluck with yOur careeR..

  268. 268 : denisE_ Says:

    wheew…yoU’re the sweetEst gUy i’ve evER met…ehehe!hoping that yOu are really that sweet..yOu knOw…hOw i wish i cOuld see you in persOn!!!!yOu take cAre always my pRince..iLL be dreAming of You…mwaaaaaaHHHH!!!!

  269. 269 : Sassy Princess(Yun Eun Hae) Says:

    Sarang…Hiii I am Eun Hae. Nice to meet all of u! I know more about Kim John Hoon…If u want to learn more about him…U can e-mail me or add me in ur MSN:

    [email protected]

    I’ve jus created it…so don’t mind about the name…As long u can talk to me!!!

  270. 270 : evangeline masion Says:

    hi,,,,how are you………………………………….

  271. 271 : evangeline masion Says:

    anyong haseyoooooooooooooooooo

  272. 272 : summer Says:

    Hi! i love watching the program Show Music Tank in Arirang. The group Baby Vox was usuallyguest there. yoon eun hye has changed alot. I never recognized Kim Jeong Hoon in the group United N-Gen. 🙁 though they appeared in that show several times. he’s good looking and a good actor too. You can really feel that he is truly inlove with Yoon Eun Hye in Princess Hours/Goong. I hope korean singers can sing in english more often now since korean songs are very nice, the melody is beautiful. its really hard to sing in your laguage.
    Congrats to you & all the cast u have high ratings in the Philippines. Many people especially women and lil girls too go gaga over you. i hope u can the visit Philippines soon. Goodluck! ciao!

  273. 273 : jean Says:

    ur so cute……………..
    hope ypu will gonna visit our country…….
    you are so famous here in the philippines..

  274. 274 : jedremil_jd Says:

    nice career!!!hehehe
    see you soon!muwah!

  275. 275 : DEVINE GRACE JUMAWAN Says:


  276. 276 : nobody's princess Says:

    you’re cute!

  277. 277 : nobody's princess Says:

    total real cutie!!!!

  278. 278 : gerlyn Says:

    u are soooooooo………….cute!!!!!!!!! hope u’l visit philippines( ‘-‘ )

  279. 279 : Misha Says:

    K I M J E O N G H O O N…. i s s u c h a g o o d a c t o r. i h o p e he can visit here in the philippines and be my 18th dance in my 18th birthday…

  280. 280 : vanee Says:

    hello…ur so great in princess hours..and super cute.

  281. 281 : charlene Says:

    your so handsome……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And you are very very handsome in goong as prince yul……!!!
    I wish your (drama city)fog street will show in abs-cbn…..
    and also plsssss….. have a concert in the philippines because i love your song siruis…….

  282. 282 : charlene Says:


    please reply on my e-mail….. i admire you so much when i see you in the television…. when i see your smile i feel like i’m in heaven……..
    i really really admire you so much……….
    i wish that you will visit in the philippines……..
    you are the one inside in my heart……….
    i know that’s possible to like me…….
    but i just want you to know that i really really like……….
    i will never forget your smile……..
    please come in the philippines………
    you are very welcome in here……………
    when you visit the philippines have a concert in here because i’m a big fan of your songs…..
    my 2 favorite songs is “SIRUIS” and “GLASS”

    if you a friendster add me as one of your friend……
    this my friendster “[email protected]
    please add me……..
    i want to know more about you………

    love ya………..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  283. 283 : reEsa! Says:

    hi priNce trOy or mr. kim jeong hoon!ur very handsome ever!!!!

    rissha!!!!…….laB yAh!!

  284. 284 : Crown princess Roseann Says:

    hey troy..hope you will have a concert in the Phillipines so i cn see you..mwahhh…you are so cute..

  285. 285 : manilyn Says:

    kim jung hoon i really really like so much!!!!!!!! i hope we will see you soon!!!!!!!!!! iam your number one fans!!!!!!!!good job!!!!can you give some photos!!!rather real picture with me!!!!!

  286. 286 : patrice Says:

    i love kim jeong hoon he is so cute
    yoon eun hye is so cute also i love them both joo ji hoon is good and handsome too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love them very very very much hope you can visit us in the philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! many fans of princess hours will love it anyway all i can just say is PRINCESS HOURS ROK MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  287. 287 : PATCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    i love kim jeong hoon very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!1
    im your number one fan all i can say is MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  288. 288 : ashely Says:

    !!!!!!!ur so handsome!!!pls visit here in philippines!!!!!im the big fan of u!!

  289. 289 : dina_cute Says:


  290. 290 : ashneah Says:

    like the way you act hope to have a reply from you… Wait I’m an fan from th Philippines… Love the show… Wish I get A reply… Tnx

  291. 291 : kristelle Says:

    hi! you’re so handsome I watch princess hours every night and you’re so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  292. 292 : charisse Says:

    hi! nice job! you are one gorgeous actor…your movie series is mostly watched here in teh philippines…keep it up! hope the cast could visit here someday! 🙂

  293. 293 : clarys nolasco Says:


    sarang hamnida..!u r so cute and handsome..u r nice..

  294. 294 : Erika Nolasco Says:


    haHa!! maHaL na kiTah.. lOve u Pow!! gRabEEEh pakaZaL na Teo!! nGeoN NaH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  295. 295 : rere Says:

    Kim jung hoon…nice name…hai i’m rere,one of your true fans…i liked u..when you play in princess hours drama.i think youre good with brown hair.i’t nice to see you act.but i never hear you sing.i really hope that you can come to indonesia.i can’t wait to watch you from close.wanna see you’re real face.is only handsome in TV,or it’s handsome in real..He..he..he…(^.^)..

  296. 296 : Ana Kristina Says:

    Prince Troy,

    you know what, you are a very good actor. i love that anime look in Princess Hours… hope you dont change that look… you are a member of a male pop duo right? i really want to hear you sing…perhaps, you can visit our country…

  297. 297 : han ji-eun Says:

    ahnyoung haseyo! u r soooo great!!! can’t speak hangeul very much…but…uhhh… ok… bye!!! >.

  298. 298 : Kimberly_prettypink Says:

    hello mr. Kim Jeong-hoon….I really wanna see you in person but I know that it would be impossible….reading my page would even be impossible but I’m still hoping you could,….I just wanna say that I admire you so much….”Mr. Kim Jeong-hoon is a guy that is hard to find…He’s got those talents and skills that would stun anyone…He’s also got those looks that can really be admired by everyone…and I know that he’s also got that HEART OF GOLD…..well, I’m still hoping that I can get the chance of seeing you in person…I hope that you could visit the Philippines(Laoag City)…and no matter what happens, I’ll always be the person who will look up to you, who will always idolize you, who will always believe in you….and that I’ll always be your #1 fan……”

  299. 299 : piyasiri hinlad Says:


  300. 300 : piyasiri hinlad Says:

    kim jung hoon very lovely
    from toey in thailand

  301. 301 : jith_cute Says:

    hello,I just want you to know that i’m your BIGEST AND #1 FAN, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!Hope that we can meet in person..if that will happen i would be the happiest girl in the whole world..Thanks for the time for reading this..good luck,god bless,take care always & more power to your career!!GOD YOUR SO HANDSOME!!

  302. 302 : janavi Says:

    i saw ur mv itz reli nice..

    i lyk ur smyl

  303. 303 : theta Says:

    uuuhhhh……..why am i always sad?????
    it’s one dialogue in princess hours,,,,so cute n hhmmmm,,,
    please visit me in Bali island,,,,if you can please reply mai mail ochhee,,,….

  304. 304 : rHyza Says:

    hi. i really loved the story. i did make a way to find the copy of it since spending would not be the best option. good thing my classmate lend it to me. i just finished it today with ethel. we loved princes hours so much. in our school in stc cebu philippines, everyone’s crazy about you. jope to see lot’s of you soon. take care. more power. hope you reply to this mail. thnx! ^_^ i love you. i want to marry you!!!

  305. 305 : Maricon Ribo Says:

    Hi…I was able to watch your Korean drama series Princess Hours coz it’s a big hit here in the Philippines. You’re so good especially the emotions on your face.I know you’re a famous actor and artist in your country but to also capture the enthusiasm and admiration of Filipino viewers, that’s really amazing. And hell, I’m one of your fans here. You’re not just a cutie heartthrob but your passion in acting is simply impeccable. I love your work…

  306. 306 : rachelle Says:

    does he have a blog ? 🙂 can someone tell me the url ? thaannkksss! =p

  307. 307 : kim jeong rome Says:

    hay grabe!!!! gusto ko talaga si kim jeong hoon as in sobra!!!! gusto ko siyang makiya ulit sa tv after the princess hour!!!! haist!!!

  308. 308 : michelle Says:

    hi troy,im your no.1 fan here in philippines,,sana someday mkita in person.believe it ornot,imfalling in love w/ you na.lagi kotlagang sisubybayan ang princess hours.add u me s friendster mo pls. i love you troy

  309. 309 : aya Says:

    hi!!..take care always..hehe!!..mwahh

  310. 310 : franchesca Says:

    this may sound so crazy…i really like u a lot as an actor and singer…and i may say u are a SUPERB artist…i would like to congratulate u…wish and pray for a good career…i wish u already has a baby…boy that is so i can ask your baby to meet my baby girl…:)

  311. 311 : desertedrose Says:

    Miyane! But really saranghaeyo! Miyane! But really saranghaeyo! Miyane! But really saranghaeyo! Miyane! But really saranghaeyo! Miyane! But really saranghaeyo! Miyane! But really saranghaeyo! Miyane! But really saranghaeyo!

  312. 312 : desertedrose Says:

    I assure you that Till i am on this earth, I will not cease to Love you! I assure you that Till i am on this earth, I will not cease to Love you! I assure you that Till i am on this earth, I will not cease to Love you! I assure you that Till i am on this earth, I will not cease to Love you! I assure you that Till i am on this earth, I will not cease to Love you! I assure you that Till i am on this earth, I will not cease to Love you!

  313. 313 : desertedrose Says:

    I m really dying to meet you!

  314. 314 : desertedrose Says:

    Hoonie, u r alreayd no . 1.. i want u to remain no. 1. i want u to be no. 1 forever.. so work hard ok! dont just play computer games! concentrate on ur work, languages, acting, singing, good food – dont drink too much….. no smoking at all.. listen to ur mommy… and dont play computer games too often.. dont watch too many movies … be healthy…… dont gain weight.. dont get skinny either……. DO NOT EVEN TOUCH DRUGS…….. stay away from too many ppl…… dont make unnecessary friends….. beware of people around you……… do not trust people easily……… stay away from scandals…….. do not get married yet!….. and ya…… a no no on making Girlfriends………
    I wanna watch u on XMAN again….. so please jeong hoon come to some tv game shows again……and remember…… I love you…….. it’s only me who loves u dearly without any selfish reasons! so do not let me down! i really demand this from you as a true n loyal admirer!

  315. 315 : desertedrose Says:

    kjh: Hoonie, u r alreayd no . 1.. i want u to remain no. 1. i want u to be no. 1 forever.. so work hard ok! dont just play computer games! concentrate on ur work, languages, acting, singing, good food – dont drink too much….. no smoking at all.. listen to ur mommy… and dont play computer games too often.. dont watch too many movies … be healthy…… dont gain weight.. dont get skinny either……. DO NOT EVEN TOUCH DRUGS…….. stay away from too many ppl…… dont make unnecessary friends….. beware of people around you……… do not trust people easily……… stay away from scandals…….. do not get married yet!….. and ya…… a no no on making Girlfriends………
    I wanna watch u on XMAN again….. so please jeong hoon come to some tv game shows again……and remember…… I love you…….. it’s only me who loves u dearly without any selfish reasons! so do not let me down! i really demand this from you as a true n loyal admirer!

  316. 316 : desertedrose Says:

    please do not delete it!

    Hoonie, u r alreayd no . 1.. i want u to remain no. 1. i want u to be no. 1 forever.. so work hard ok! dont just play computer games! concentrate on ur work, languages, acting, singing, good food – dont drink too much….. no smoking at all.. listen to ur mommy… and dont play computer games too often.. dont watch too many movies … be healthy…… dont gain weight.. dont get skinny either……. DO NOT EVEN TOUCH DRUGS…….. stay away from too many ppl…… dont make unnecessary friends….. beware of people around you……… do not trust people easily……… stay away from scandals…….. do not get married yet!….. and ya…… a no no on making Girlfriends………
    I wanna watch u on XMAN again….. so please jeong hoon come to some tv game shows again……and remember…… I love you…….. it’s only me who loves u dearly without any selfish reasons! so do not let me down! i really demand this from you as a true n loyal admirer!

  317. 317 : desertedrose Says:

    Hoonie, u r already no . 1.. i want u to remain no. 1. i want u to be no. 1 forever.. so work hard ok!

    dont just play computer games! concentrate on ur work, languages, acting, singing, good food – dont drink too much….. no smoking at all.. listen to ur parents… and dont play computer games too often.. dont watch too many movies … be healthy…… dont gain weight.. dont get skinny either……. DO NOT EVEN TOUCH DRUGS…….. stay away from too many ppl…… dont make unnecessary friends….. beware of people around you……… do not trust people easily……… stay away from scandals…….. do not get married yet!….. and ya…… a no no on making Girlfriends………
    I wanna watch u on XMAN again….. so please jeong hoon come to some tv game shows again……and remember…… I love you…….. it’s only me who loves u dearly without any selfish reasons! so do not let me down! i really demand this from you as a true n loyal admirer!

  318. 318 : desertedrose Says:

    u r alreayd no . 1.. i want u to remain no. 1. i want u to be no. 1 forever.. so work hard ok! dont just play computer games! concentrate on ur work, languages, acting, singing, good food – dont drink too much….. no smoking at all.. listen to ur mommy… and dont play computer games too often.. dont watch too many movies … be healthy…… dont gain weight.. dont get skinny either……….. stay away from too many ppl…… dont make unnecessary friends….. beware of people around you……… do not trust people easily……… stay away from scandals…….. do not get married yet!….. and ya…… a no no on making Girlfriends………
    I wanna watch u on XMAN again….. so please jeong hoon come to some tv game shows again……and remember…… I love you…….. it’s only me who loves u dearly without any selfish reasons! so do not let me down! i really demand this from you as a true n loyal admirer!

  319. 319 : alyanna Says:

    you’re so handsome..
    love you..

  320. 320 : alyanna Says:

    sana makapunta ka dito sa philippines…
    ‘cox im your number one fan..
    im hoping..

  321. 321 : desertedrose Says:

    Happy “day-after” valentine’s day! May each day be a valentine’s day for you!

  322. 322 : desertedroze Says:

    I am impatiently waiting for Witch YooHee to be aired! My support is always with you!

  323. 323 : aramae Says:

    alam mo ang cute mo talaga sana naiintindihan mo tong sinasabi ko
    sana makita kita in person kasi sobrakitang crush mahal na kita
    happy valentines day bee happy

  324. 324 : aramae Says:

    ohio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ang cute mo talaga sa princess hours.


  325. 325 : aramae Says:

    will you be my friend sana pumayag ka noh~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  326. 326 : gladys Says:

    hi im ur fan hir in the philippines.>>> i love watching u in goong… i have somthing to ask. did u sung STAY? one of the prnces hours theme? [email protected]

  327. 327 : janelle Says:

    ang cute mo troy!!!!!grabe sarang haminda mas bagay pa kau ni monique!!!!!

  328. 328 : cyn Says:

    i maybe one of the few filipinos who recognize you.. but i found you really amazing im watching princess hours and youre just so cool!!!

  329. 329 : teacup Says:

    well, this drama is my friends introduce 2 me1. At 1st, i’ve not much interested on it,but.. but.. when i saw the whole drama.. well.. not the best drama i’ve seen but is the most i like.. hehe.. don’t know the “goong2” will it b as good as the 1st 1.. Haha.. will support u always.. Aza Aza John Hoon…

  330. 330 : chin Says:

    gosh!! i love you so much!! im crazy for you!!

  331. 331 : aira Says:

    hehehe……… i love u so much……….. sna viit u in philippines with yoon eun hye…………

  332. 332 : aira Says:


  333. 333 : ivy Says:

    hay you so cute makaka addict ang iyong kagwapohan

  334. 334 : ivy Says:

    i love you prince troy dah kagawapo gyud nimo nohhhhhh

  335. 335 : rAcHeLLe Says:

    HI!! kim Jeong Hoon!! Im always watching goong…. I am your #1 fan… I hope you come in the Phillipines soon…….. BYE!!

  336. 336 : NuRuL Says:

    I’m Nurul n I’m from Medan, Indonesia
    Congratulations for ur new album….
    I was suprised when I knew that you are 27 years old
    You have face baby
    I hope you will play on the Goong season 2
    Luv u……

  337. 337 : rua vang Says:

    22222222222222 chao tat ca cac ban , toi den tu Viet Nam

  338. 338 : sandy Says:

    nice and cute,i have a crush for you

  339. 339 : sherilyn Says:

    hi! I love ur character in goong, sweet, loving and a true gentleman. I hope ur r also like that in real life. I idolize u bcoz u managed to finish ur studies despite of ur showbiz career. Im looking forward to ur next tv series. Lots of love…..

  340. 340 : abigail Says:

    hi ?troy add mo ko [email protected]

  341. 341 : Des YAp Says:

    You were such a cute guy.

  342. 342 : bullet wong Says:

    ur so cool kim jung hoon…i got d chanz to watch princess hours…while im hir in italy…tnx to my mom!i really want to see u in person…sei bellino…ti voglio bene…

  343. 343 : mae joy of Philliphines Says:

    h!………..know what???theres a lot of girls her in Phillipines likes you……. well,theres no doubt coz your such a very cute guy….. hope to see you in person prince troy….goodluck and goodhealth…………

  344. 344 : Chinh Says:

    i love your character in goong…ooo…especially United N-Generation very awesome, too bad guys split up…you were both great singers. I hope that one day, one of your next tv series/movie will take place in the United States somewhere. Alot of girls here in the US love you xD yeh…you could include my friends.

  345. 345 : Lalita Says:

    Kim Joeng Hoon,

    I really like your role as Prince Yul in Goong. You are a great actor.I watch DVD for two times! and will begin third times this night. When I watched Goong, I feel sorry for you. Anyway, If you have time to visit Thailand, I’ll be thrill. Hope to see you soon in next movie na.


  346. 346 : jin Says:

    hi from philippines.. good luck and more power to oyur career i like your rule in the palace

  347. 347 : fherl Says:

    hello!!! i really like the way you act and do your role specially in princess hours… i really want to meet you in person…i know it’s is a dream but maybe someday…we don’t know..,hope you can visit here in philippines…god bless and goodbye…

  348. 348 : fherl Says:

    i forgot to greet you…well this is my chance…

  349. 349 : Andrea Says:

    Anyong Haseyo!!!
    Hello!!! I am andrea janelle I am Very HAPPY to watch Goong or Princess Hour! Did you know that Goong is the very popular koreanovela
    of the Philippines!!! I wish you would come to visit us Here In THe PHILIPPINES as in all of the main cast With you, of GoOng!!! PleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasSssssssssssssssssssssssEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I Love you Kim Jeong Hoon!!! I wish you would come to Visit here And have read this letter!!!! thanks for the makers and actors and actresses of goong!!!

  350. 350 : Andrea Says:

    Anyong Haseyo!!!
    Hello!!! I am andrea janelle I am Very HAPPY to watch Goong or Princess Hour! Did you know that Goong is the very popular koreanovela
    In the Philippines!!! I wish you would come to visit us Here In THe PHILIPPINES as in all of the main cast With you, of GoOng!!! PleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasSssssssssssssssssssssssEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I Love you Kim Jeong Hoon!!! I wish you would come to Visit here And have read this letter!!!! thanks for the makers and actors and actresses of goong!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! as in Belated!!!

  351. 351 : china Says:

    troy!! mail me!! thanks =)
    super belated happy birthday!

  352. 352 : diana jane Says:


    you are my love of my life!!!!

    i wish you will come here in the philippines in iligan city…

    you are so so so handsome..

    me and lots of my friends are very in love with you….

    because you are so cute handsome and ofcourse your killer smile can make us melt everytime you do it…


    please will you come here in the philippines…..
    for me………

    oh you are so so good in acting and singing…

    i wish you’ll gonna grant my request pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  353. 353 : jilianne Says:

    princess hours is currently shown here in the philippines and it’s really a hit.. kim jeong hoon is very talented.. so cute.. so gwapo (it means gorgeous).. and he’s even taking dentistry and a straight A student.. amazing.. i wish you will come here in the philippines..

  354. 354 : Emine Says:

    Hi! I love you Kim Jung Hoon in those new pics. 🙂
    The most beautiful guy in the world..You are the Music best.He’s a good great actor!These are all great! 😉

  355. 355 : Emine Says:

    Dear Kim!!

    Happy Birthday Kim Jung Hoon 😉 !
    You are a wonderful actor the good in the world!
    Have a wonderful happy & nice birthday :)He’s a great actor…

  356. 356 : gwen Says:

    i love you

  357. 357 : RINA Says:

    i think U are the best actor in korea,i hope i can meet U in my country in indonesia. altough im just a student of SMP PGRI 3 bogor im have a dream.my dream to be your friend. please come to my country!

  358. 358 : dovenwolf Says:

    i like very much your character in Princess Hours!!!You’re so gentle and kind…Ang gwapo mo talaga…hope you visit here in Philippines. Kahit 27 ka na, gwapo ka parin…

  359. 359 : gigi From philippines!! Says:

    Kim Jeung Hoon is the best!

    He’s the reason I bought the Goong DVD!!


  360. 360 : Minnie Says:

    i love kim jung hoon! ur the best!

    from:mennie [thailand]

  361. 361 : Minnie Says:

    i want to have ur hotmail [but its impossible i know] but if u can pls reply me or say hi to me [send me a message by hotmail na ja]
    thx bye!

  362. 362 : Carla Bernadette Cagampan Says:

    Hi! Your a very good actor you deliver your script whole heartedly. I like you very much. i hope you could do more tv series with Yoon Eun-hye as your leading lady. take care and god bless!!!!!!!!

  363. 363 : dee cee Says:

    hi…kim jeong hoon…ur so cute like jo ji hoon…ur such a lovely boy…i am always watching your show like the “princess hours”…im love you…mwahhhhhhhh…take care od yourself…

  364. 364 : aramae Says:

    hello andito nanaman ako
    ang cute mo talaga sa princess hours
    sana maging kaibigan kita noh!!!!!!!!!!!!! pero parang impossible
    pero sana magkatotoo

    ingat lagi sana mabasa mo to I love you joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  365. 365 : duyen Says:

    hello i am duyen i love jeong hoon

  366. 366 : angel Says:

    you are so cute

  367. 367 : kristine Says:

    hello, Kim Jeong Hoon you are a great actor……. i hope someday we will meet…sooon.

  368. 368 : married Says:

    hey you hottie………

  369. 369 : married Says:

    you are so sexy

  370. 370 : Faith Says:

    good actor

  371. 371 : Princess Anne Says:

    Dear Prince Troy,

    ‘Hope you can come to the Philippines and sing. I like your role in Princess Hours. You have a refreshing face and you seem so nice.
    We hope to see you more in other soap, and hope that you’ll be paired again with Caijing and see you really end up together. We love you here.

    Princess Anne

  372. 372 : [email protected] Says:

    hi ……welcome to phillipines i hope can i see to all on personal!!! cast of princess hors!!!!and i hope your giving me friendster???? …….thank’z

  373. 373 : sohl Says:

    jeong hoon oppa please tell joo ji hoon oppa to act with you in the second goong because you are a good actor for yool and he is a good actor for shin so please preswade him to act with you. if you can do it he can do it!…..thebun

  374. 374 : fans Says:

    aniyasayo … Kim JeonG hOon .. sarangheayo !!!!! aza aza fighting !!!!

  375. 375 : fans Says:

    yul goOn sarangheayo !!!!! GoOng !!!!

  376. 376 : lyze Says:

    hi!!i wish you would go here in the philippines!!

  377. 377 : n...c Says:

    the character you played, is heartbreakingly so hard to find in real life…i hope many guys learn from it ;P you were so good in Princess Hours…KUDOS!

  378. 378 : n...c Says:

    there are so many things that can be said, but i am afraid all of it will only be wishes and fantasies, so i’m choosing to stick with reality… a simple congratulations will do, for the job well done.

    may you have more blessings, and more movies and tv series to come (you singing in one of those that i can watch is melody enough…)

  379. 379 : Miss Rinoa'86 Says:

    owh my god,u r sooooo cute in Goong drama series..

    i’m from malaysia and my greates comment is dat u’ll better ask for a chage in the script from the director.hehe..u deserved more to become the royal prince.

    hope dat u’ll carrier will flourished successfully in days to come..
    luv u with all my heart..

  380. 380 : gillian kakioma Says:

    kim jeong hoon!!! u r so cute!!!
    luv ya so muchhh!!!
    wish u best of luck in ur future career….(^_^)
    hope 2 c ya next time!!!

  381. 381 : jessa Says:

    ur so cute po!!!!!!!!!! visit the philippines u know i want 2 see u in personal.i love you very much

  382. 382 : sonia Says:

    Hi! Kim Jeong Hoon, hope you’ll read this message, I just want to say you got me especially with your sweet smile, goodluck and more movies to come, do pls. takecare always, I LOVE YOU! Its Me, Sonia of Philippines

  383. 383 : sonia Says:

    hi! Kim Jeong Hoon, Hope you’ll read this message, I just want you to know that,Im here,wishing to meet you in person and hoping to be your friend. Im very happy to say that I’ve stored you in my heart you are always in my mind. Pls. take goodcare of your self and more projects to come! I LOVE YOU! It’s Meeh, Sonia of Philippines

  384. 384 : charlize keith Says:

    im from philippines, kim jeong hoon.. you are so cute!!! i cant help but stare at your pictures all day!! hope i can find a guy like you!!! take care always!!!

  385. 385 : lAdY*_* Says:

    eOw tRoy…Ah ezTe..yUL..aH eZte..jEung hOOn…
    loVe yOu pOw kHit d p kTa mxDunG kNow..
    uR dA bEst kC eH…AnyThiNg n gWin mUh
    mgAndA prA zkin…lAm q n EnDi mUh mAiiNtnDhAn..
    2ng mGa cnzv q..Lyk q pUh zNa n pUmUntA k HerE z pHiLipPinNes..
    aNd i wAntEd 2 mEet u pErsOnALLy..
    jUzT,,aLwAyz,,pRay,, aNd He wILL hELp u..
    zMa mPanUod p nMiN uNg iBa pNg sEasOn ng pRinCess hOurs..
    oNLy iN aBscBn lnG,,
    kpAmILyA sOLid kC aQ eHH…
    lgIng icPing iM hErE aLwAyz,,
    oNcE agAiN,,lOvE yOu!!
    fROm lAdy cApRiAnnE t. QuIesTas..
    fRom thE pHiLippiNes..hEre iN maLabOn ciTy..

  386. 386 : khamil Says:

    ei kim jeong hoon….
    hello??? im khamil, 17, 2nd year college… from the philippines… biggest fan of “the princess hours..”
    you’re so cute.. and i am ur biggest fan..
    i wish that you will make a tour in our country…
    wish you to reply to my email….
    god bless and take care always….
    goodluck to your career…

  387. 387 : khamil Says:

    hirs my email: [email protected]

  388. 388 : jhazmhine Says:

    you’re so cute
    hope to see in person

  389. 389 : warda Says:

    hellow,,,,,,,, how are you kim??????
    your so amazing…. pls invite me in your friendster
    [email protected]
    pls visite here in philippines…..

  390. 390 : kim flores Says:

    hi kim

    hi, im your no.1 fan here in the philippines…..

    I hope someday you will visit here especially here in Manila….

    plz add me in friendster….
    [email protected]

  391. 391 : cun_yang Says:

    hi…………..wow………..so cute in Princess Hour…………i like him than Joo ji Hoon / Prince Lee Shin…………So charming……………Prince Lee Yul Goon………..I luv u sooooooooooooo much……..muahhhhhhh………….Gud luck 2 u r……………

  392. 392 : maw Says:

    Hi. Kim Jeong hoon
    I hope like everyone that like you. I glad that almost people in the world like you. And I am the one of they like you too. Because you are good at, pretty, so cute, especially your soud of the song is very good, I like it. I am Thai and hope you read my message too.

  393. 393 : maw Says:

    Hi. Kim Jeong hoon
    I hope like everyone that like you. I glad that almost people in the world like you. And I am the one of they like you too. Because you are good at, pretty, so cute, especially your soud of the song is very good, I like it. I am Thai and hope you read my message too.

  394. 394 : japjap Says:


  395. 395 : Juliana Law Says:

    yupz…he’s really cute…i luv him so much…until he’s picture is in my room…all over…and i hope i can see the real ‘him’ one day,in korea,any street!!!

  396. 396 : Juliana Law Says:

    i love him so much!!!hope he can come 2 Malaysia one day, although this is just a little place in the map…

  397. 397 : [email protected] Says:


  398. 398 : nur Says:

    do you have friendster or my space??

  399. 399 : afroza luzon Says:

    hello cute boy.how r u there?i’m ur fanz from m’sia…u know i use my sis mail without her permission because i really like u since ???????

  400. 400 : nusaybah Says:

    your acting in Goong was very good…
    you look so smart and charming..
    keep your good work..
    hope to see you in more drama


  401. 401 : e-da Says:

    i like ur acting in good…u look so cute n i hope i will see u in more dramas next time


  402. 402 : mei yuan Says:

    hi………..kim………..your so cute………if u have a time………….
    please visit the philippines if you have a time………………………
    you are so handsome

    saranghaeyo kim jeong hoon

  403. 403 : Angel Says:

    hello kim! u know what, i really like you! i dont know what im feeling as of the moment..all i know is that im falling for you! you are really handsome! i love the way u act..i love the way you smile..i love the way you talk! i love everything about you..i think ive fallen for you! hope you could visit our country! i really want to see you in person! please! i beg you, pls visit us here in philippines!

  404. 404 : phoebe Says:

    hi!!! ur so handsome!! im from d philippines!!! i’m one of your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!

  405. 405 : pigu Says:

    hi….. such a cute guy… can’t believe that ur turn 27 years… droping by to say i luv u, bro…

  406. 406 : zhiawui Says:

    kim jeong hoon,i will support you forever~~~

  407. 407 : catherine casiano Says:

    Hello john! i love you!!!!!
    im your no. 1 fan b’coz ur so cute!!!
    i really love you!!!!
    Plz say u love me too…….

  408. 408 : kim flores Says:

    hello kim…

    hi i’m ur no.1 fan here in philippines…

    hope u will come here…….

    Luy yah alwayzzzz…..

  409. 409 : dwie Says:

    hello, kim keep cheers up, i know u can be a good actors. when i see in princess hours ur not to bad. go kim go kim good lucky

  410. 410 : tricia Says:

    oh my god..
    ur such a cutie!!
    ur terribly perfectly hot!!
    grabe..ur one of a kind!!

  411. 411 : Charis_DhyX03 Says:

    Hi Kim… I wish your career will grow and grow… I was so addict of Princess Hours… Actually in Filipino Version of Princess Hours your name is Troy… And Joo-Ji Hoon is Gian… More Power Troy… I Love You… Mwuaah Take Care… =)

  412. 412 : marianne Says:

    i love u ……… i admired u

  413. 413 : linda Says:

    you”re so cute baby…
    when i can see you directtly..
    i wanna come to you, n say that i wanna be yours baby
    ganteng e….

  414. 414 : luphi Says:

    Nice smile yo…
    How old r you..? You’re so cute guy just like a ten boys out there… so lttle baby bunny…
    U know wat???!!! every top girl in the world must be you’re wife some day…hahahaha
    Just kidding bro…
    or u want it to…? hehehehe

  415. 415 : ainur Says:

    sweet smile…u are the cutest korean actor in the world….love uu….

  416. 416 : ainur Says:

    u are the cutest korean actor…love u…

  417. 417 : xin fang Says:

    hey..u rawk too the max..i hope someday you would come 2 Malaysia to promote your movies.hope could meet u someday and can u giv me ur e-mail.add? pls

  418. 418 : suhaila Says:

    just 1 2 wish u congratulation 4 ur succesful goong drama!
    n hope u will be a good dentist!

  419. 419 : Jhona Merino Says:

    your so cute….I wish to meet someone like you.,willing to give everything to someone you love (Princess Hours).,Love you troy!!!

  420. 420 : iRene Says:

    hii.. I’m one of your ‘big-big’ fans.. you’re da best actor in da world! (Princess Hours)
    I hope I’ll meet you someday.. heehee..

    good luck! keep smilin’! X)


  421. 421 : misae Says:

    hye..i’m also one of ur big fan.(”,)

    congratulation!! ur acting was so cool.
    keep smiling!coz u have a wonderful smile..
    hope u will success in ur career. keep it up!caiyuk2..daaa

  422. 422 : ana&fairuz Says:

    jeong hoon oppa. how are you? we are fans from MALAYSIA. we love your acting in goong. you look so cute, you know! have you ever been to malaysia? the drama goong haven’t ended yet. but everyone in our school keep talking about this drama. by the way all the best to you.

  423. 423 : ~fAraHyaH~ Says:

    hey!!!omg!!i luv u!!!soo… hawt!!! muahxx!!^_^

  424. 424 : ~fAraHyaH~ Says:

    by de way!!im from malaysia too!!! i luv ur voice!!its not bad but!!stilll!!!!lurve ur voice!!

  425. 425 : noemsss... Says:

    kim jeong is so cute and i think his lover!

  426. 426 : Sung Wook Il Says:

    kim jeong hoon is very good singer and actor….

  427. 427 : loida Says:

    im a big fan of yours because of goong (princess hours here in the phil.)
    hope to see more of your projects and goodluck in your career..
    lav yah!!

  428. 428 : ANGEL Says:

    Kim jeong hoon is a very good actor and singer….I like him!!! very handsome he’s so CUTE!!! C”)

  429. 429 : chai Says:

    your so cute.. your my crush. saranghaeyo…

  430. 430 : lintang Says:

    haaiii kim jeong hoon
    you are so cool,cute
    i lop u so much miss u muaach

  431. 431 : lintang Says:

    haayy haayyy
    i am your fans form indonesia
    do you know that my country is beatyfull country
    are u interest to visit my country???
    i will wait 4 it
    see youu miss u so much

  432. 432 : Maura Says:

    i love u so much jeong hoon….!^^
    u r wonderful!

    i dream of u every night…
    keep success..

    god bless u

  433. 433 : Cindy Says:

    u r d best actor n singer in my life..
    will u have another korean album?

  434. 434 : MauRa Says:

    will u come to indonesia?
    me n my friends here are loving u…

  435. 435 : Klarissa Says:

    I wish you continued happines and success, and good luck on your endeavors.

    I’ll wait for more-to-come TV series of yours.

  436. 436 : jaY05 Says:

    ha jeong hoon….i’m really like u!!!i hope u will come n visit malaysia…hope u will reply this message!!!!

  437. 437 : yaya Says:

    saranghaeyo saranghaeyo saranghaeyo saranghaeyo saranghaeyo oppa kim je0ng h0on!!cutE!!aza aza fighting,oppa!!
    huhu..c0mE 2>>>(k0ta bharu-malaysia) with g0ong’s act0r n actrEss 0k??PLIZZZZZZ!!!!!

  438. 438 : Cherluck Says:

    >I am your fan in Thailand. At first I see you from “Goong”… I am very impress you because of your smile. Your smile make me want to know who you are. You are so cute and cool guy!!
    >I am waiting to see your TV series and your song.
    >I hope to see U in “Thailand”. If you have a chance,Please come to Thailand…
    >Alway keep smiling!!!
    >Wishing you are successful as a singer and actor.Take care you health.

  439. 439 : Angel Says:

    Hello kim! i am Angel. Im one of your million aved fans whose head over heels inlove with you. U know what, i really like you! im dying to see you..ive been sending a lot message here! if you happen to read my message, pls email me [email protected]
    Pls! one message and id be fine!

  440. 440 : Angel Says:

    Ur movie “GOONG” is still showing here in the Philippines! i really love your show..everytime i see you cry, it feels like my heart is going to broke up into pieces! Ur smile brightens up my day..ive been dreaming of you every night! i dont know whats happening with me..all i know is that ive fallen for you! call me freak if u want, im just telling the truth! i know u cant hardly read this, of all the million girls whose sendingn you message everyday, u cant hardly notice me..i just want to express what i feel! i love you!

  441. 441 : Angel Says:

    i have a lot of pictures on you..i keep them all stuck up in my room! i have also have lots in my email, website, everything! I also have a cd in your movies! i keep on watching korean channels, thinking that i might see you! am i obsessed? i dont know! everytime i see u in the tv, i wanted to hold you tight! embrace you with all my might just to let you feel how much i love you! i dont care what people say about me! I want everything bout you! i cant stop thinking bout you! In sozme of your movies, i really dont want to see you cry..it makes me cry too! Please leave me a message when u happens to read this.. [email protected]

  442. 442 : mag Says:


  443. 443 : mabel Says:

    hi my prince…. your so very cute…
    you know wat i really really want to see you here in the philippines…
    i love your movie….
    i always log-in at enternet just to see you.

  444. 444 : Czar Says:

    wheew so cute!!!so handsome!!!
    what a Hunk
    I love You
    I think im fallen with you!!!wheew

  445. 445 : p-za Says:

    hai…im hafizah from malaysia..i really really love the way u act in Goong..
    u so cool and cute
    i hope u can come to malaysia

  446. 446 : dely_Msia Says:

    hi, jeong-hoon. i really like the way u act in goong. u’re really handsome and cute. do come to Malaysia. there’s a lot of ur fans here. love ya. muah muah muah….

  447. 447 : yInG Says:

    kim jeong hoon… your songs are so nice… you hav a great voice and acting skills… i luv the character u acted in princess hours. i heard that u’re pretty intelligent too… haha…u’re perfect!!

  448. 448 : flitz Says:

    troy ilove me to you!!!!!!!!!i really love you!!!!!!!!!im ur #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!

  449. 449 : vanessa Says:

    i love u kim u so best

  450. 450 : norafasyak Says:

    haiii…ciut boy. u ar very2 ciut and now i already collect ur picture and ur film. i very like see u in television together all actress. i hope u always success in ur life..i’m proud with u kim. pasyak.. 🙂

  451. 451 : JenIaa Says:


    my boyfriend…hahahah just kidding!!!

    i love you

    i see you in tv

    princess hours

    love so much!!!

    please… be my boyfriend!!!

  452. 452 : Nicole Says:

    i love you so much!!!!!!!!!plsss visit the phillipines im so addicted to you ilove you kim jeong hoon!!!

  453. 453 : kendrid Says:

    hi troy!! i love you very much!!!hope you will visit the philippines pls.include yoon eun hye and joo ji hoon!plssssss….!!


  454. 454 : Irishaby Says:

    hello….. my name is Irishby i know im not a special person but i really2 like u 2 be my friend…. i am your fan…… you very cute u know…. well i come from malaysia…. i really like your movie…. keep doing ur job.. its very nice wit u. u have ur face and voice…. i really2 want 2 hear your song but i dont know where i must check….. so please…. i really2 want your help…………. just mail me 2 this e-mail.. [email protected]… please……..
    May GOD bless you….AMEN..

  455. 455 : Nikki Says:


    Kim Jeong Hoon oppa………….
    I’m really addicted to you……….
    Hope you will visit here in the Philippines especially here in Cebu City……….
    I like your role in Princess Hours……..
    Hope you and Yoon Eun Hye will be together forever……….

  456. 456 : Nikki Says:

    hope you’re also one of the cast in Goong 2….
    I hope you will reply…..
    on my comment…..

  457. 457 : Nikki Says:

    You are so adorable, cute, gentleman and handsome.


  458. 458 : MIcHelLe Says:

    ah za ah za..hehe..^^
    first time saw u feel got i feeling..haha..

  459. 459 : nasherine joson Says:

    I’m one of your fan
    I’m only just a student from a private school only for girls.
    I just want to say that
    “No one can stop you from dreaming, reach all your dreams and succeed, don’t give up, be a good model to others, hope you can find a good partner, be yourself, don’t stop dreaming”

    there are only three things you should take care of

    love, friendship and family!!

    your fan,
    nash 🙂

  460. 460 : LeEna Says:

    HEllo! Jeung hoon, I love your acting. And because of you, I want to learn Korean. You’re so cute! Can you give me your e-mail address? Pleaseeeeeeeee……………………………….!

  461. 461 : Leah Says:

    hi Jeung-hoon!!!

    i looooove the way you portrayed Prince Yul! i never thougt that at my age of 28y/o, ill still have a big crush on someone young. actually i was shocked to know that you were born 1980 because you look sooo young. i do hope that you’re gonna have a show/concert/casting(anything!) here in the Philippines…and if possible, reply in my email(haha wishful thinking!). anyways, congratz in your great career and more breaks to come!!!

  462. 462 : ying Says:

    Hi!Kim Jeong Hoon!U are very handsome.U looks more handsome when u are smile!I very love to watch the princess hour,it is really a good drama!!!

  463. 463 : cesar Says:

    Hello=P Jeung Hoon=P…. U know u are so very cute and handsome=P Can you give me your email address please! if it is ok to you=p…. Please..please… You know you are my idol because you are cute and talented…

  464. 464 : athirah Says:

    okay, i like you. =)

  465. 465 : aieza Says:

    I wish all the cast of PRINCESS HOUR a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry good luck on there carier may god bless them all..good luck n always having fun in whatever you guys do…..

    We will support and always behind your side..

  466. 466 : Risuku Takarai Says:

    Hiii…. Kim Jeong Hoon…I love u very much….
    Do you have friendster?
    Add my friendster…[email protected]
    see you..

  467. 467 : mega Says:

    I love you so much. because you very handsome

  468. 468 : mega Says:

    I love you

  469. 469 : shirley Says:

    i sueyee from malaysia..
    i very like u
    can u be my friend
    [email protected]

  470. 470 : riyoma Says:

    you know something… even you’re a bad guy in ‘goong’ but you still look like a good guy.. that character is not siutable to you..
    you can reply this at
    [email protected]

  471. 471 : czexyl Says:

    im czexyl from the philippines…!i really love princess hours…!absolutely 100%…!im still 11 years old and im going to be 12 this november 12….!but in my young age after watching the princess hours i think that im mature…!so i want to be your fan 4ever…!!!!!!

  472. 472 : Jessicalyn Says:

    Hi…’Am from the philippines
    Ur really good in acting
    I really love Princess Hours
    When I watch ur movie I learn some details of the History of Korea
    Some part of the movie is a part of asian civilization
    Can I know ur email add.pleazzzzzzzzzze……………?

  473. 473 : nhallynn Says:

    hi I’m from the Philippines……
    ( di ko talaga alam Kung Mababasa mo ito)
    but i like to try……….
    just keep doing your best to us…..
    you are good in acting and singing…
    i hope we can see you in the philippine.
    we your fan’s in here at your back to support you
    (kahit di mo kami kilala okey na masabi naming nandito kami…..)
    God Bless
    (as a friend…. even you didnt know………….)

  474. 474 : Hihi Says:

    i love you the best in goong!!! i love you!

  475. 475 : kirazue Says:

    i love him very much….so cool…

  476. 476 : Diana Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon!!!
    you’re so cute!!! you have a lot of fans here in the philippines,.
    of course i’m your number one fan!! hehe..
    mwah!! i love you so much!!
    can you please add me on your friendster [email protected]
    you can also email me if you want!!!

  477. 477 : LeneSo Says:

    anyonghaseyo!!ur handsome,i know ur kind!!kip up troy(kim jeong hoon)waah..!!i love you so much!!

  478. 478 : tini Says:

    hello..i love u so much..
    i like ur baby face..
    so cute..

  479. 479 : jocel Says:

    hi pls p[ls pls pls visit in the philipines! kim the philipines is beautiful places!pls pls

  480. 480 : jocel Says:

    love you kim!your so cute and intelligent

  481. 481 : toukta Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon
    i am from lao
    i like u so much

  482. 482 : arcane Says:

    kim jeong hoon,,, ur d best. i will send u a poem, hope ull transform it to a song, on April….. hope u can sing in english… Can we be friends?????????? hope so……………..

  483. 483 : arcane Says:

    add me to ur frienster.. [email protected].. may i be one of ur friendssss?????? hope so…. be careful, strive to be happy!!!!

  484. 484 : arcane Says:

    ur d best kim jeong hoon…

  485. 485 : MIChElLe Says:

    ah za ah za..hehe..^^
    john hoon u so cute ooo..hehe..
    mooo mooo…>..

  486. 486 : ZAHIDAH Says:

    john hoon u are so cute
    i love u.hehehe

    basya john hoon opa.

    aza aza figthing.

    may u sucses always

  487. 487 : christine Says:

    I love kim jeong hoon so much Iwish you will visit the phils. soon with joo ji hoon I love you so much!!! I hope there is gong 2 and this time you will be the crown prince because you are very much like a prince… sarrangyou!!! Sarrangyou!!! your’e so handsome!!! more power to your career I will wait for gong 2 I hope you will be the crown prince there:>

  488. 488 : isaisha Says:

    hi…..im from malaysia…if you have a time,please send a email to me…after my studies i would like to visit your country….

  489. 489 : maylan Says:

    hi Kim

    I am really like your acting in princess hours…
    really sad if people in your position…

    be honest when i buy the cd i was wascth it in 24 hours. non stop…
    heheheh….. after that be sick…

    hope you will be success always.

    your fans

  490. 490 : cun_yang Says:

    wow!!!!!!so many fans of Kim Jeong Hoon………….I like him too…………..He is soooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………………………i love u jeong hoon…………i will support u always r…………………PrIncE_LeE YuL

  491. 491 : clarice Says:

    hi there!!!!!

    i really love you in princess hours…. your acting is very good…. you have a lot of fans… and most of all you are so cute!!!! love you!!


    with lots of love,

  492. 492 : little girl Says:

    Hi John Hoon,

    I am from Thailand. Have you ever know that you have a biggest fan here? If you come to promote your movies or series or songs in Thailand, you will be surprise that you have a lots people that really like you.

    I really like your role in Princess Hours. I think you are most like princess. I’ve seen this series 5 times already.

    Hope you success in everyting you hope.

    Your fan
    little girl

  493. 493 : Ness Says:

    from me to you…
    i just want to say that youve really done a good job in goong..hope youll someday come hir in our country coz you surely have a lot of avid fans here….hope you give me a reply in my add…hey kim jeong hoon you really rock…..

  494. 494 : little girl Says:

    Sorry. I typed wrong. I mean that you ae the most like prince. Not princess. SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

    Hope that some time you will come to promote your movies in Thailand.

    Forget to tell that I really like the 5 stella nights album, especially Sirius song.

    Thank you for letting us have a good cds and movies.

    Your fan
    Little girl

  495. 495 : april Says:

    John Hoon,
    You’re very handsome and CUTE!!! huh….huh.uh….can’t resist.

  496. 496 : Joanne Says:

    KIM JEONG HOON!!!!!!!! U r soooooooooooooooo cute n handsome n cool too!!! I wish u can come 2 Malaysia 2 hav concert in Malaysia.

  497. 497 : april Says:

    Most of my friends like joo ji hoon(in goong)better, but i think you’re ultra better. Good luck in you’re carrier!!!

    ( APRIL)

  498. 498 : april Says:

    Forget to tell ya:

    i wish i can meet u…………………….
    From your good friend:

  499. 499 : Joanne Says:

    (scream), KIM JEONG HOON!!!!!!!!!!!
    When i saw ur cute n cool picture i will scream like that, because u look soooooooo cute n handsome!!!
    I hope u dont mind that. :-))

  500. 500 : shirley Says:

    john hoon oppa…
    can i call u like this..hope u dun mind…
    u r very cute, cute, cute, cute, handsome!!!!!!!
    forget one thing..u oso a very very very kind kind kind kind kind kind ppl…
    hope u have a good day

    urs fans………………………………. aza aza
    support u
    a good ”dentist”

  501. 501 : vane Says:

    i hpe tht u n me wil meet someday n i knw u r a good prsn n hs a good idea u r actrctve nhndsme 4 me n 4 othrs i wsh a lucky wll cme 2 u n 2 ur fmly n frnds.thank God bec. He create a prsn lke i wsh u won’t b a boastful n a bd lke othrs i hpe ur career wll b prpct 4 u

  502. 502 : cuttie_hoon Says:

    this is for every person who idolized kim jeong hoon like me…
    i know all of you will agree that he must release his very own solo album not just in japan but also around asia like my country philippines…my intuition says he can be BIG & BRIGHTEST STAR ever live! not just in korea & japan but anywhere he choose to prove himself…i’ll wait for that moment…let’s cheer him up guys for his sucess…all of you!
    luv you kim jeong hoon!!!

  503. 503 : cuttie_hoon Says:

    and to follow up…
    i already watched the trailer of kim jeong hoon’s latest korean drama…
    and some episode of that (witch yoo hee – korean drama)….thanks to those who already uploaded those videos & shared it ,with all their kindness…but it’s not yet finish because it’s still showing in korea…””jeong hoon act as joon ha (i guess) mah yoo hee’s (han ga in ) long time crush…but tae suk will come between (jae hee )…hehe just watch and you will like it..and laugh til you drop!””he is not the third party of the love triangle anyway..it’s dennis o’neil””…i’m still hoping that kim jeong hoon will soon to realize to come and visit..and experience our renowned hospitality…long live (mabuhay!!) kim jeong hoon in PHILIPPINES!!…don’t forget me….please

  504. 504 : stannia Says:

    Hey..i really love ur movie alot ..hope 2 u next show ^^

  505. 505 : Sexysiren Says:

    Hi!you’re doing great..keep it up!good actor nice acting!!

  506. 506 : Dewi Says:

    Hello……….!! i really like you because you are a good actor and cute person. I hope your carrier will be more successful. see you……. 🙂

  507. 507 : vincCy Says:

    kim jeong hoon~! u so leng zai~!

  508. 508 : mastur Says:

    i’d watch u in gung n i start to admired u n i’m sure u know why. i like to see u when u smile. u became my inspiration in doing anything. could u reply my email if u’r free?

  509. 509 : afieyda Says:

    hye kim.. ur acting in PRINCESS HOUR is great. u ar so romantic to che keung.. my mom also like ur acting. good luck for ur career… n be more success..

    ur fan fr malaysia

  510. 510 : vonny angelina santoso Says:

    kim jung hoon?
    he always be a good actor.he can singing too.
    very lovely person i never met before.
    so i just wanna say ganbatte.
    finnally 4 all fans jung hoon, we scream ahhhhhhhh…..to kim jung hoon.caneee

  511. 511 : lina Says:

    hai…i juz wanna ask…y u so cute? love you in princess hour…can”t wait to see in acting again…but there still had something to improve on ur acting…work it out!

  512. 512 : dheja Says:

    hi!!! your reaaly handsome ‘gwapo’ ..i love your acting in goong “princess hours” here in the philppines… hope you can visit us here with some of “goong’s” cast… we love you!! …god bless ..*SMILE*..

  513. 513 : lyza Says:

    i luv kim jeong-hoon 4 ever!!!
    a speech 4 kim jeong-hoon:
    i like u ever and ever..
    u’re a cute guy..
    i never been bored see u acting..
    i like ur voice too..
    i’ll like 4ever..
    stiil acting ok?
    bye, and smile 4ever 2 keep u still young!!!

  514. 514 : nadia Says:

    kim jong hoon………
    i’m your greatest fan in Malaysia…………..
    i think that you are the cutest guy on earth…………
    cayok to you…………

  515. 515 : fasya Says:

    kim jeong hoon…
    u really a great star……………

    i’m your big fan in malaysia…

    good luck in whatever u do!!

  516. 516 : shirley Says:

    john hoon…
    is me again..
    u noe wat….
    i love korea very much….
    when i bigger…
    i will go to korea….
    keep ur best…
    aza aza

    waiting 4 ur new movie

  517. 517 : rifhan Says:

    hello john hoon… i’m rifhan from malaysia..
    first of all.. i want to congaratulate to you for your apperance in goong..
    it was so nice and i’m so proud of you..
    i like your voice.. kind of cute..
    so slow n soft.. even when you sing..
    iy’s totally different from other korean guys..
    no hard feeling ok?
    nway, good luck to you.. and i hope one day i can meet you…

  518. 518 : aquamarine Says:

    to kim jeong hoon!

    wow!what an innocent looks and amazing voice, you had, youre such a talented young man,, and i admire you so much… you make me weak everytime i see your smile…. im hoping to meet you asap.good luck and more movies to come.

    saranghaeyo ,
    cj.of phil.

  519. 519 : aquamarine Says:

    to kim jeong hoon!

    just always keep your feet on the ground….

    saranghaeyo ,
    cj.of phil.

  520. 520 : aquamarine Says:

    im trying to study Korean language for just in case if we crossed our ways
    i can do have a conversation with you.

  521. 521 : Du Du Says:

    How are you? Firstly,I introduce myself.I am Du Du and I’m from Myanmar.I knew you when I saw Princess Hours . Do you know I have finished seeing this movie today and I saw it last night ,and at that time it was on fire near my house.I always sleep deeply everywhere but last night after finishing to seeing this movie, I can’t sleep at once because I was thinking about you. So I knew there is on fire near my house because of you. I think you carry happy things for me.Thank you for everything.And I wish you would get many success in your art.I write my e-mail address for you.If you wish, you can contact me by an e-mail.Take care,Du Du.

  522. 522 : hime Says:

    Kim Jeong Hoon!!! I admire u so much!! I first know you when i watch Princess Hours.I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  523. 523 : John Hoon Fans Says:

    Lurrve John Hoon!!!!muaxxiez!!~~~

  524. 524 : Pink Angel Says:

    I like you soooooo much!!!!!.Do reply my short message please….First of alll,im from Malaysia….and my age is 18 years old

  525. 525 : indRi Says:

    hi yool, sorry kim I mean…he…he…he…
    actually I didnt really care of you when I saw you 4 d 1st time in pRincess hour, u’re so cute, nice, friendly n your character so sadly…cuz sometimes makes me cRy… cry… n cry…
    he…he…he… soRRy if my english not good…hope u’ll b understand…
    maybe if u read this

  526. 526 : pjay Says:

    Hi KJH! I love your voice. I love your smile. I love every thing about you. Your’re my idol. Please take care. I’ll support you forever.

  527. 527 : najwa_rain Says:

    my kim jeong hoo…..
    ur acting is so good in princess hour…
    i like ur acting as YUL!!!!
    i’ve heard ur songs…….it’s great!!!
    i’m waiting for next drama

  528. 528 : Jessica La Says:

    Hello Kim jeong hoon. I dont think you will read this because you must be very busy. I dont admire you because of your appearance but i admire you because of your acting. Im in korea right now, and i have seen you all the times. Can you guess who i am.

  529. 529 : ien Says:

    you are so cute
    i love u so much
    when i am look at u i feel i want faith
    thanks to make me feel that

  530. 530 : Cherryblossom Says:

    hi! i like your acting in princess hours..you did a great job!But like what i’ve said to Gian pls,magpataba ka naman..you would look so manly kung medyo may malaman ka..lastly,congrats!

  531. 531 : sharina Says:

    hi,love ur character in ‘princess hour’. hope u always succes in what ever u do.i’ll always support u from behind.

  532. 532 : leah Says:

    your the best we love y0u!!!!!!!!!!!!\

    please visit us here in philippines we love you!!!!11





    HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON !!!!!!!!!

  533. 533 : Melody Says:

    hi, me and my friends were really glad that you are one of the characters of the goong… you are so cute and inteligent… so hoping you can visit us here in the Philippines…

  534. 534 : apple Says:

    annyongha seyo kim jeong hoo. sarang-heul!!!!
    you are so cute ma… i love you….. anyways, send my regrat to shin, chae-kyeong and hyo-rin okey??? are you still remember them??? hehehe.. just kidding.. but, don’t forget to send my regrat to Joo ji hoon, Yoon Eun-hye okey????? and you too.. saranghaeyo oppa!!! hope you can reply mine… bye..

  535. 535 : asheqin Says:

    hi….what ur doing…my sister n i luv ur skill acting n it kind like a real feeling coz my sis n i can cry to see that drama goong….you can perform much better than that if you get a good character than the others…..i’ll be delighted if you can reply my message at my email that is [email protected]
    we can change opinion about film industries…..hopefully….0k…juz that 4 right now…..

  536. 536 : czexyl(bgirl) Says:

    hi…!kim jeong hoon…!




  537. 537 : Etsu Says:

    KIM JEONG-HOON!!!You’re very good at acting.can you come to Malaysia? Please…….

  538. 538 : Etsu Says:

    Good luck on tour career

  539. 539 : angel Says:

    u so cute
    u are very good actor
    can u came or visit to philippines……….??????????
    thats all………..

  540. 540 : c.u.t.i.e.a.d.d.i.c.t Says:

    hi jeong hoon kim!!
    how r you?
    hope ure doing fine..

    all i cn say about him..

    his very handsome!
    cute too..
    good in acting!
    (waah!! lupet!! gling tlga!!)

    u did a great job in the
    koreanovela PRINCESS HOURS!!

    (sana merong part 2!!)

    juz always take care of urself!

    i will miss u all(characters of PH!)
    esp. u gian!!

    i love u jeong hoon kim!!
    (wuhoo!! gian!!)


  541. 541 : c.u.t.i.e.a.d.d.i.c.t Says:


    wahahaha ;p

  542. 542 : christine Says:

    hai 0ppa! u are so cute ! keep up the good work! i am ur fan !

  543. 543 : dalene Says:

    my happy tooth says”hey, kim jeong hoon you did a very good job in Princess Hours!”…hope you can visit us here in the Philippines…drop’n by to give some lov’n a’yt!

  544. 544 : {p.y.r.o.x.} Says:

    im just one of the avid fans of yours in the drama.

    many tell that your my twin brother but i guess it ‘s true cause…

    why do i always deanie it since it follows my destiny of prudence in life

    hoping you could reply and visit me in person here in philippines.

    sincerly yours ………………………………………………………………

  545. 545 : ---LadY JadE--- Says:

    ***Sawasdee Kha***

    I’m a Fans of U in Thailand. Thanks for visited us in this special festival Songran naka. It’s impressed us a lot. You made us really really love you-Prince”Yul”-. Ohhh How cute and friendly u r??? You made me believed in the DESTINY.
    Thanks again for your kind,your sweet smile and everythings of you that you do for Thai Fans.

    PS: Why you keep laughing when you saw your pic? I just wondered???
    Anyway you signed on that thanks a lots naka.

    **************\^o^/ Saranghaeyo\^o^/*********************

    ******WiSH HaPpineSs ArOunD You********

    [email protected]

  546. 546 : mae joy francisco Says:

    Hi prince………8s sad 2 know dat princess hours end already…ur great.. come and visit phillipine sometyms…

  547. 547 : nicole Says:

    omg!!! when the 1st tym i saw m in goong, i fell crazy in love w/ him!! his eyes, his nose, his lips, sooooo perfect!!!! how i wish i can go there in korea 2 greet and hug him!!! can u pls give me some of his tv soap and shows pls and also his pics coz i am his avid fan!!

  548. 548 : Cathy Says:

    Hi! Really glad to see U in Goong.U r so perfect! I really like ur performance N plz appear againn in Goong2 together with YEH.I think U can become very famous if U go on trying.AZA AZA!

  549. 549 : Aimee Says:

    hi kim!!!..,,,ur so cute!!,,im ur # 1 fanzzzz,,..please visit here in PHILIPPINES,.. especialy here in BICOL!!!,,ppppllllllzzzzzz!

  550. 550 : starz Says:

    prince yul…yul…yul…what else can I say *sigh* u r so cute!!! sayang yul!!!

  551. 551 : wana Says:

    hi…….luv ur job in PH..hope u come in malaysia..

    – luv ur cute face
    – luv ur acting
    – luv u…….sayang awak….ding d0ng!!!!

  552. 552 : fuRuU Says:

    kim jung hoon

    i hope your wish can you get it
    now,,,,,and next time,,,,,,okey

  553. 553 : kasha Says:

    u r damn cute. my colleague said we look almost same, like sister n brother… hahaha.. wish to have u as a brother.. hihihihi. (can it be possible?)love u so… aza aza….

  554. 554 : azn_honeii Says:

    just wanted to noe does da guy>>KJH

  555. 555 : kiRstEn_pRinCesShoUrs Says:

    do you know that we admire u a lot ur a good actor and singer!!!!!hope to see you soon her in the philippines with the other cast of princess hours!!!we really love it!!!ur so cute i love your smile!!hope to see yah!!!mwuahhhhhhhhh!!!!!take care!!

  556. 556 : lha-lha cute Says:

    hy…i like you bcauze your so cute and i love your smile,,why you come to indonesian??first city in jakarta??i hope you coming in here…please.. kim,please you add my friendster??you undstand friendster??hehehe just kid..add my friendster…in [email protected]..okey i waiting you add my friendster and i’m sorry if my language no okey bcauze my language is minus,,,hehehe,,,

    sarangeengayo kim jeong hoon…


    god bless you forever…

    success for you…

  557. 557 : sherylene Says:

    hi kim im one of ur funs from philippines and i promise to myself that i will go to korea and try to find u hope u can
    read my email and have a time to responce my message u know im just 15 years old and when i saw u in princess hours or goong i admire u very much u know i have a picture of u for me to remember u every night i think im falling in love to a guy that will never be mine i promise that i will see u in personal

  558. 558 : fizah Says:

    Lol.. wow u reali attract a lot of gals yeah?

    honestly speaking, u’re one hell of a charm!

    it’ll be nice to see u in person..

    well im a singaporean..

    so u gt e hint dere? 😉

  559. 559 : anne Says:

    youve got to come see the philippines! youll like it here,esp.
    the people here are very warm and hospitable to visitors…!
    you have no idea how much filipinas love you!especially me!
    …hehe…we really love you!….and i like your voice too…
    …and you did really good in goong!hope to see yah!

  560. 560 : pinky_kisses13 Says:

    hello kim jeung hoon…my name is marvic but you can call me sunshine and i’m a Filipina. Princess hours (Goong) is one of the korean drama aired here in the Philippines and most of the Filipinos like it. Hope you, Song Ji Hyo, Joo Ji-hoon and Yoon Eun-hae can visit us here in our country (especially in General Santos City…^o^) because all you’re Filipino fans want to see all of you in person. You are a good actors and actresses. Take care of your health and good luck to your career.

  561. 561 : 1sweetybo Says:


    You are very good looking.

  562. 562 : reynadel Says:


    =>ur so very very cute im ur fan`s in phillipines i wish u and joo ji hoon is coming 2 phillipines i love ur movie goong!
    =>sarang he and bugoshipuyo and sashingita
    => =) plzzz tell 2 joo ji hoon sarang he
    =>my name is reynadel
    =>bye bye or anyong

  563. 563 : putri Says:

    i can’t sleep without tingking u[aK u GaK IsO TuRU AMaRGo MIKIr AwAkMU].So sad..when I saw u in PH1 couldn’t get chae kyong.But u can receive my love. Someday I hope(very..very) u have to come i Indonesia especially in Jombang. the last i say….EmmuuAaaaaaaaaaah!!!!^_^

  564. 564 : eijiLaine_philippines Says:

    hi there!!! I’m one of ur avid fan here in the philippines… after princess hours a.k.a. goong started I bought a DVD copy of it so that I can see you even in tv…. after I saw you I always surf the net looking for some info about you and I was mesmerized on what I found that you’re a singer not just a singer but a popular korean singer… wow you reallly have a wonderful voice… I like UN so much even I’m a Filipina I appreciate your songs very much I also admire your duo Choi Jungwon but you’re the one who really inspired me…. I really like your single “SIRIUS” and also “REMEMBER” and your japanese song “TOO FAR AWAY”
    hope you could visit Philippines… I’m looking 4ward to that day

  565. 565 : aubrey Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon.. ang gwpo moh tlga.. hehe..

  566. 566 : eijiLaine_philippines Says:

    John Hoon… you really rock!!!

    can you please add me as one of ur fwend in friendster. here’s my email [email protected]… plz. plz. plz.?!

    i really love your smile… wish that you visit philippines (esp. MANILA) together w/ YOON EUN-HYE…
    why don’t you endorse your albums here? that would definitely break the record
    hope witch yoo hee soon be aired here…

    luv u… mwAhhhhhhhhhh!

  567. 567 : anggi Says:

    anyong – haseo

    my name is anggi. I am from Indonesia. your serial TV, Goong is very famous here. I hope one time you can visit Indonesia. we will wait for you…

    bye… see you in Indonesia…

  568. 568 : Da Eun Says:

    My name is Daeun (김다은) I loved watching Goong…
    (I thought that you were much more attractive than ji hoon (주지훈)..)
    I will be hoping to get an email from you…♡

  569. 569 : barbie Says:

    hi john i just love your smile. i hope to see you personally……wahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! someday in korea or here in the philippines.

  570. 570 : Sandi Says:

    you are so cute… I really like you when you smile. Keep smiling ever…

  571. 571 : nadine Says:

    hi….hello….jeong hoon…….i wish that you could come here in the phlippines…….princess hours is very popular here in our country…….you are so cute and very handsome…………i hope that i can see you again on tv……….i wish you are also in the princess hours 2……….love u…….and take care alwayssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  572. 572 : sofie lee Says:

    kim jeong hoon anyong haseyo…………
    my name is sofie lee, i’m from Indonesia.
    i like you in princess hours because you are so cute…….
    jia you……………..

  573. 573 : ting Says:

    u’re such a charming one and u also have a nice voice that melts every girls here in philippines plus your MILLION DOLLAR SMILE that takes each girls breath away.

  574. 574 : Lee Shang Lan Says:

    Hi!!!!! 🙂
    I am from Myanmar. I know U In Princess Hour (Drama). Ur style is very cute. U should do more greater in acting than Now. I am always Ur fan. I wish you will be most popular actor In Asia.
    Would you like to be my friend??? Contect. Girl (Shang)

  575. 575 : cute_karen Says:

    hi my prince kim jeong hoon!!!!! i realy miss you!!!!! i hope you visit in our country! in philipines!!!! i love you kim jeong hoon

  576. 576 : cute_karen Says:

    i realy like you
    ur so
    and i lyk ur
    act in goong
    i watch
    princess hours
    its a beautiful korean
    movie i like goong
    very much!!!!

    i realy love you
    kim jeong hoon
    i hope i see you
    in person!!!!!!
    plss visit in our
    im cirtified
    kim jeong hoon

    love you
    prince troy!!!!!!!

    im your #1 fan
    in philipines
    your highness!!

    ********your #1 fan********


    ***********************kim jeong hoon************************

    ********************i love you prince troy***********************


  577. 577 : cute_karen Says:

    ===================kim jeong hoon==================

    i love you

    gud luck your career

    and more blessings!!!!!!!!

    god bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ================i love you prince troy=================

    i love you very much

    love you

    love you

    love you


    your #1 fan


    from!!!!! philipines……

    love yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..


    kim jeong hoon!!!!

    prince troy

    prince yul!!!!

    we love you very much

  578. 578 : dinta Says:

    aniong haseo…
    i’m from Indonesia. my name is dinta, female, 23 years old. i like u’r personality in korean drama Princess Hour? I’m dreaming about someone like Yul. kindess, loving, soft. and when i see you laugh, my heart beatin’ so fast. god, I know I found some character who give me inspiration.
    but, is it u’r trully personality?
    I always pray and support for u’r happiness.
    Aza Aza Figthing, my Idol! hope for u’r succesful live,always!!

  579. 579 : dheean Says:

    I’m Indonesian too. I am very sure that no one can’t deny that u r very handsome and charming. Ur smile makes every girl in this world going crazy. But above of all, ur personality as Lee Yool makes us fall in love with ur character. I wondering if ur real personality as same as Yool. I hope it is, because it will make u become more shining as a star in the sky of ur fanses’ heart. Be the prince in our heart, always.

  580. 580 : goong Says:

    hes so hot

  581. 581 : goong Says:

    omo omo hes so pretty

  582. 582 : yOol lover Says:

    ommmmmmmmmgGGGgg i freaking love his acting and hes so cute

  583. 583 : Shin&Yool Says:

    I watched this drama 4 times its really good

  584. 584 : YULLLL Says:

    he’s so hot and elegant ! i want his necklace he wore in the drama!!! i love him!!!

  585. 585 : animeLoVuHh Says:


  586. 586 : KittyCatganstah Says:

    Omgah!! i Lub diiiiiiisss drama yul and shin fighting!

  587. 587 : goong123 Says:

    Yul !! yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul yul

  588. 588 : goong123 Says:

    i LOVE yul! and shin! they are the best ever they are so freaking hot
    shin and yul are the best actrors ever and they are so talented
    omo omo Yul!!! you have the best face ever.
    i Want your face and hair. SHin!!! you are also the best ever! i want your face and body omo omo. shinyul!!!!!!!!!! thats what im going to name my child. Hot! joo ji hooooooooooon kim jeong hooooooonnnn! you guys are like a work of art sitting in a muesum waiting to be looked at omg you guys are Hot! goong all the way Shin and Yul are the best

    and may i include.. Rain sucks asss he doesnt know how to sing he has nasty little korean eyes and face he needs to go to a dentist and fix your damn teeth they’re Yellow and crokked Stop trying to pursue an acting career cuz you suck.


  589. 589 : goong123 Says:

    * correction , crooked

  590. 590 : charin Says:



  591. 591 : Natalia Says:

    Jeong Hoon!!!!!
    I like U!!!!!
    I hope U’ll come 2 Indonesia!!!!
    Sarang HaeYo!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope u ‘ll play at goong 2 with Eun Hae n Ji hoon!!!!
    Please…..Cz U r great couple!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll b wait 4 U!!!!

  592. 592 : bia22 Says:

    hey there, I just want to let you know that I am a big fan of you and you music. I dont understant korean but I like your music and the way you sing the lyrics. ‘Ur music make me feel so emotional that one of your songs make me cry. You are so cute and I like the way you smile that make my heart melt everytime I see you in “Goong”. I want to know you more but I think that would not be possible, you are a star that it’s faraway and unable to reach. Pleaseeee send me an e-mail to let me know that you have read this. I love to hear from you and i wish i can meet you just once Please keep on smiling you make everything shine when you smile. I love you and I wish you the best.

  593. 593 : Natalia Says:

    Hello Jeong hoon!!!!!
    How r U?!!
    I like U so much!!!!
    I want U 2 play at Goong 2!!!!With Ji hoon n Eun Hae!!!
    U r very handsome at Goong!!!!
    I hope U visit at my country (Indonesia)!!!!
    I wait U!!!!!
    please reply…..


  594. 594 : Christine Says:

    Hi Jeong-Hun I don’t know what to say because I’m nervous. But I’ll try to make one message to you with sense of coarse.You know what there are only four words that can shorten to describe your physical apearance very strong sex apeal. When I first saw you on television my heart was beating so fast I felt so uneasy. At the next day I asked my friend “What do you mean if you see a guy suddenly your heart was beating so fast and you felt so uneasy?” She said that it only means one thing your having a crush on that guy. Then at night when I saw you on your show again I had the same feeling so then I was convinced that I really had a crush on you. If you’re going to reply this message I will be very happy to know that. I will never miss the chance to ask you the things I want to know about you. I really ask the questions I want to ask you. Here are some. I will be asking about your family of coarse more about yourself. Next I will ask you if you already have a girlfriend if you don’t have one yet I would be of coarse kind a happy but it’s impossible you won’t have one yet with your very strong sex apeal you won’t have it’s impossible. Next I will be asking you what type of girl you like and also I will be asking you your crushes. He!He!He! Sorry if I’m too personal. Anyway can I be your friend? Please! Pretty please! By the way please reply this message. That’s all! Bye!Bye!

    P.S. Please answer this message I really want to know more infos about youself. I eagerly want to be your friend. Reply on http://[email protected]

  595. 595 : Jessa Says:

    KIM JEONG-HOON you’re the bees knees!!! You’re handsome,cute and when you smile I feel like I’m in paradise!!! YOU’RE THE MAN OF OUR DREAMS!!!

  596. 596 : mandy Says:

    hi, kim jeong hoon
    hw are u???? i like u so much!!!!!
    u are so handsome n cute…!! i like ur songs so..much, one of ur songs makes me cry..!!!
    I hope u can visit to my country(brunei)
    please reply……

  597. 597 : princesshoursindeed! Says:

    ur as nice as my big bro!

  598. 598 : galih Says:

    john hoon,,, i love u’r smile so much…may i know u’r mail address?? plissss,,,and would u reply my mail???pleaseeee…..i’ll be waiting u’r mail…..love u..

  599. 599 : AURA!!!! Says:


  600. 600 : ma.giselle Says:

    i like your acting in the novela!two thumbs up my dear…..i wish i could see you in person! and i just hope that your attitude is as handsome as your face….keep up d good work!and il be right here to support you!stay humble(if you are humble…hehehe.jokes)and where ever you go always step your feet to the ground!gud luck to you and god bless you!hope you could read my message…

  601. 601 : gryze Says:

    hello…i just want you to know that i admire you so much…hehehe waiting for response

  602. 602 : juliet Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon! i’m one of ur no.1 fans!!!! b’coz ur so cute n’ nice… every night i watch your films!!!

  603. 603 : kim jeong hoon forever Says:

    …hello! you know… i wish that you will visit Philippines someday! i really really like you very very much! especially in your film :”PRincess HOurs”
    i luv it!!! ur my favorite korean actor ever!
    =D …

  604. 604 : kier Says:

    hello..another cute actor and talented star of korea…

  605. 605 : shanE Says:

    ilike you bUt nOt much

  606. 606 : beatriz Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon my name is beatriz im staying here in sk hub guro dong guro gu seoul city south korea (pumunta ka sa Pilipinas sa brithday ko )it means :go to Phillipines at my birth day im turning 9 in august 8 what your yahoo mail ? reply pls……………………………

  607. 607 : Mheg Says:

    hello..pls giv me to me your email add or email me at [email protected].. thankyou

  608. 608 : tranquility. Says:

    hello kim =]

    i just watched your series ‘Princess Hours’. Your’re a talented actor and your voice is gentle whenever you sing. Hope every song you sing is truly from your heart =] Out of all other celebrities, you’re the most decent and outstanding one. Be yourself and have faith that way your career will be successful =]


  609. 609 : Erikka Says:

    I heart you Kim Jeong Hoon!


  610. 610 : Erikka Says:

    I heart you Kim Jeong Hoon!


  611. 611 : Marylou Says:

    Hi jeong hoon,It’s too late too comment,but better late than never.I watched ur Koreanovela “Princess Hour”.You look awesome there and ur acting was great.I don’t know how to explain your handsome face.I felt that your face full of loneliness kept in ur heart.Yeah! ur really have a nice good loooking face but it looks like ur something keeping pain in ur heart..I don’t know,ur face is like an Angel but…its hard to say it…Just hoping ur okay as well as ur career..It’s hard to get over about that teleserye ‘coz all of you are good..Grandma is a cool queen and still looking good no wrinkles and energetic one at her age.That’s why i bow down my knee and really proud being an Asian ,though i lived here in Australia,still my heart belongs to the world of Asian Country..I’m ur fans here in the other world ,Keep being humble,love your fans,and stay as handsome as you are…I’m feelin’ freezing now,so need to go…Be proud but be humble….Your fans will love if you if you you love them too bye for now…

  612. 612 : Sheena Says:

    I miss u so much. Can’t waiting for ur Princess hours 2

  613. 613 : Ayu ELfira Says:

    Hello………….kim jeong hoon…………

    I Love you very Much…….

    I just want to know you.
    I hope u can visit to my country???(indonesia)
    I wait you………!!

  614. 614 : Ayu ELfira Says:

    one again…..
    I hope u don’t forget my massage

    Waiting for respone

  615. 615 : linda Says:

    Hi Kim Jeong Hoon
    My name Linda from Malaysia
    I hope u always success n goog luck
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  616. 616 : melinda Says:

    you are so cute………

  617. 617 : naein Says:

    you are the best actor in south korea.
    you are really cute……
    and you also have a very good voice.

  618. 618 : Josephine M. Jopia Says:

    Regards to you jeong hoon, congratulation to your carrer, good job, i’am your number one fun here in the philippines. it started when i watch GOONG here and I really admire you there the most, keep-up the good work, i’am looking forward to see you soon, actually i already saw you in my dreams, and hope that soon we can able to meet in person and to know you much morethan i know right now about you, take care always and GOD BLESS YOU, I LOVE YOU, Mwuaaahhhhhhhhhhh……………..

  619. 619 : ashleyem Says:

    WoOw……Kim Jeong Hoon ur very handsome!

  620. 620 : ashleyem Says:

    ei,,,,Kim Jeong Hoon may i know ur email add

  621. 621 : kimjeonghoon no.1fan Says:

    ur so handsome!!! i love ur acting in goong!!!

  622. 622 : trizia Says:

    he will be more cuter if he will come here in Philippines……but if he don’t+ came here he’s still ugly for me……;p

  623. 623 : trizia Says:

    he will be more cuter if he will come here in Philippines……but if he don’t came here he’s still ugly for me……;p

  624. 624 : aura Says:

    annyeong hasseyo!!

  625. 625 : Princess Sohl Says:

    ur an gr8 singer!!!!

  626. 626 : StaR Says:

    Heyy u r so cute! I love ur acting and hope u nevr fail! Ur smile will always be bright and know that someone cares(me)! I also luvv ur singing! I didnt know u sang until a little while hehe well take care and be SUCCESSFUL!

  627. 627 : IeC Says:

    Hi, Jeong Hoon, i’m ur big fans from INDONESIA. I hope next time u’ll come to my Country, Indonesia. Be Successful!!!

  628. 628 : ma. emmanuelle Says:

    hello kim,im ur big fan from philippines.and i hope u willvisit our country

  629. 629 : tippy Says:

    ur my fan in the philippines…your so handsome your my crush…really!!!! anyeong..!!! -stephanie”tippy”- fr: cebu city, philippines

  630. 630 : Baby Rabbit Says:

    Dear Dennis,

    Hi! I am very nice to you. I forget to pay my mail you . You are hansome and gentlement person. Welcome to come from Myanmar. I invited to you. You have free time or vacation come to Myanmar . Please reply me this mail you read as soon as. Please sent me your beautiful one photo. Looking forwards his sent mail. My mail address as follows………….. [email protected] & [email protected] ……………..This mail you received as soon as possible reply me. Your photo to pay me, I thanks you.
    Ok see you later. Let me stop my letter. Please reply me…………….


  631. 631 : tika Says:

    Hi kim jung hoon…you are so…adorable,cute,handsome,smart (your IQ is 140 wright??),nice,down to earth,and a good actor.
    I love your act in goong altough you became a bad guy,you could appear your bright side beside your dark side.you can act became a nice guy to chae,on the other side you could be a tricky guy to Shin.and you are a singer too wright?I’ve never hear your voice bcos ur cd are not sale in Indonesia.so..why don’t you sell your cd to indonesia also?Everybody loves you.all of my schoolmates too.I’m only 13 but since I saw you in tv,I like you.and you know,because of you I watch Korean drama.I used to be dislike K-drama,but after I watch princess hours,oh my God..I like it!!And I think you are a hardworker person.You want to learn Japanese,english and other language to keep up your good work.I wondering if you want to come to Indonesia to promote your CD.It will be fantastic.Ok..I’m waiting for your reply.Keep up your great work,God bless you and…sarangheyo..

  632. 632 : Kate Says:

    Kim Jeong Hoon.. When will you come to Indonesia?? We’ll wait 4 u..
    Your cd is in here already. Hope tika will find it. I bought it in duta suara. Try find there.
    Love you so much.. Too bad, can’t see all your film..
    Keep playing yeah.. Love see u act..

  633. 633 : mack Says:

    hi ji hoon..i’m ur no. 1 fan. i love ur voice, love watching ur acting and i love u so much. …..ummmmmuah! keep up d good work and smile owest!

  634. 634 : mack Says:

    heheh again i love u….wo hen ai nie…saranghaeyo..
    good luck! ummmmmmuah!

  635. 635 : anne Says:

    i like your face your very cute,,,i idolize you because your very inteligent yet very good actor..i watch you of one of my favorite kdrama which is princess hours hope many proj. to come..

  636. 636 : mhau Says:

    hi Kim Jeong Hoon or lets say it troy, I’m ur nO. 1 fan hEre in Phils. I’m maureen, u know i’m very very happy f i see u in personal but i know that i doesn’t happen. keep up The GoOd works,! God Bless…

    if you’d like to reach me (in my dream) email me,- [email protected]


  637. 637 : mhau Says:

    hi Kim Jeong Hoon or lets say it troy, I’m ur nO. 1 fan hEre in Phils. I’m maureen, u know i’m very very happy f i see u in personal but i know that it doesn’t happen. keep up The GoOd works,! God Bless…

    if you’d like to reach me (in my dream) email me,- [email protected]


  638. 638 : nnmin Says:

    H! Jeong-hoon
    I am a big fan of u from myanmar. I like u very much in princess hour. May I know ur email address.
    I want to get alot of ur photos.
    I wish u gain many success. I invite u to come our country(golden land).
    Have a nice day and dream.

  639. 639 : nnmin Says:

    If can u sent me ur photos, [email protected]

  640. 640 : saw_me and NeZa Says:

    Hiaa……………….. helloo kim, how are you??,we are NeZa n saomi,we are 1 of them your fans from Indonesia.We are very love n like with you because you are very cute >x

  641. 641 : Dita Says:

    Hi..i’m from IndonesiA,my name is Dita..I very Luv u.I hope u can come to my country,,because I want to meet u,,and all of your fans in Indonesia
    if u come to Indonesia,,don’t forget to invite me to your show,,okey!! HahaHa…Although you are very busy..I hope u can read this message..Amin.See you…(“,) God bless u..
    _Dita Your GirlFriend_ Hahaha :p

  642. 642 : Amanda Says:

    Hi, i’m Amanda. i’m from Indonesia. actually i’m surprised when i know you were in dental faculty. i’m studying dentist also in Indonesia. i know you when i see u in princess hours. why u’re so kind in that drama?hehehe… i’m wondering why you stopped your dental education.because want to be an entertainer?
    well,how can i contact u? i leave my email address. hope you can send me email. thanks.
    my email : [email protected]

  643. 643 : wahida Says:

    hi,i’m wahida,from malaysia.i like you because you are so sweet and cute…i know you in drama princess hours. you look so cute!!

  644. 644 : princess Says:


  645. 645 : Fatimah Says:


    I know you in princess hour. You are so cute. I like your acting and singing. I like you……………………………………..yery much

  646. 646 : stephanie Says:

    hello kim jung hoon . . .
    i’am your a big fan. .
    and you are very good in acting and singing. . .
    your songs are beutiful. .. . .and sad. . .
    and you are very handsome. . .
    and i think you are very kind person. ..
    bec. . i saw it in your eyes. . .
    and i hope all cast of princess hours are visit here in the philippines. .
    and i hope you will have concert here in the philippines .. .

    and pls add my e-mail. .
    and i have 2 accounts. .
    here we go. .

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    and pls add me. . .
    thanks. .

    harasu. .kim jeong hoon.
    and have a nice day. . i’ll wait to your reply. .
    and will be a good friend. . .ok. .

  647. 647 : mAgriTTe Says:

    annyong haseyo…
    ur so handsome……..
    really love ur movie goong…
    keep up the good work…….

  648. 648 : Qh_kyo Says:

    annyong haseyo,
    im name kiky,btw i was wacth ur film and k-dorama…
    i like ur acting and ur voice…
    anyway,i want ask u question…
    y u dont have korean album/song???
    i have heard ur songs (im sorry,shiriusu,always and never,sad song,etc)…
    but i never hear ur korean song…
    do u have email????
    could u share to me???
    i like u so much,coz ur handsome,clever,ur a good actor and singer…

  649. 649 : Icysnowqueen Says:

    I hope to see more of Kim Jeong Hoon. Waiting for Witch Amazement to come to Singapore. Will buying his latest single. Can’t seem to have enough of him… Hahaha!

  650. 650 : dy-ien Says:

    sarangheyo…chuwaeyo….mmmuah…luv ya….from malaysia…

  651. 651 : Garfield_lover Says:

    hi,kim jeong hoon…i like your acting in so much… especially when ur eyes express da sad feeling,can makes me feel sad also…hope can see u soon in new drama,all da best 2u lar!!
    (from: someone who come from malaysia)

  652. 652 : darleth Says:

    hello daddy troy ur so cute,handsome,charming.you know what catch me im falling for you and im crazy for you.

  653. 653 : Tomoyo Says:

    hello kim jeong-hoon
    i like your act u are very good at acting
    oh..what to say that u are so handsome
    anyway the your acting were perfect
    hope u get more improve in acting the next movie
    u can reply me in any how in
    [email protected]
    in brunei it is quite small maybe u can come to my country
    anyway i like u very much
    thank u
    u are my biggest fan

  654. 654 : aja aja fighting! Says:

    Kim jeong hoon..!!
    words cannot explain how cute and lovable you are!!
    i hope i can see you..as in real life one day!
    u are soooooo cute in the drama ‘goong..princess hour’ staring YUL..!keke^^

    take care!..good luck in everything you do!..hope tat u can see this..hehe^^

  655. 655 : hannah Says:

    an nyong haseyo kim jeong hoon u know i like you coz ur handsome hope that you will visit in philippines so that i can see you in personal^_^kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk….sarang hae

  656. 656 : Cecelia Lynn Says:

    hey hey…. hope to see more of ur product …. hmm…. i prefer u to act a guy which is smart,cute,and…..SMILE MORE…hahah! because u look good when u smile…. and do take care…Good Luck! ^^

  657. 657 : lalala Says:

    can the cast in goong act tgt again in a new drama ? =DD

    keep up the good work (:

  658. 658 : Nicole Says:

    Hi, i love ur dramas!
    Is so grool, wht i mean is, its Great + Cool 🙂
    Hope to c more of ur upcoming dramas and hope for ur furthur success in ur future!!! bie bie!!

  659. 659 : azhura Says:

    hi how are you ,i’m azhura! i love kim jeong hoon so much,he is very cute and so cool ,this acting impresed me! so….good luck!……………….

  660. 660 : angelina Says:

    hi….. i like you so much kim jung hoon… coz you are good looking besides… your’e so cute and handsome so keep up the good work good luck…hehehe… hope to see you in personal….

  661. 661 : riana Says:

    ellow…ireally-really like…you look handsome….

  662. 662 : reane Says:

    just keep anything in nature, dun b influence by any others do ur best n good luck always.

  663. 663 : joahnna alesna Says:

    Hi! prince troy, your amiable and your my ultimate crush grabe! i like you talaga! i hope i can see you in the future.

    good luck and stay handsome as you are!

    I LOVE YOU! to the highest level.

  664. 664 : tanya Says:

    ang gwapo ni prince troy!!!

    totoo bang nagdad8 cle ni Yoon Eun hye?


  665. 665 : KJHlover Says:

    i love your smile! and your voice!

  666. 666 : KJHlover Says:

    cant wait until your new drama comes out! you rock

  667. 667 : kate Says:

    oh..gosh..wonban your so really hansome…well,actually all I want to say is please add me as your friend in your friendster and can you go here in tacloban city in philippines if possible..(^^)sarang hae wonban

  668. 668 : diosa mae Says:

    hi! im your big fan…. im 9 yrs. old from the phil. your are my inspiration that gives me strenght to live further. im a cancer patient, wishing to see you someday. i know God has a reason for all this, so i trust him so much and give my life to him in return. for he gave me a happy family. thank you!!!! for inspiring me..

  669. 669 : angelina jolie Says:

    anyong ha seyo!!!!
    is it true that you have a tongue cleaner?
    how about your relations eun hye?
    i love your killer smile
    tell abs-cbn to air your show [fog street]
    i love you mwah!!!!!
    i’m your number 1 fan in the world
    sarang hamn nida
    kill me na if i see you
    from angelina jolie with love

  670. 670 : Rukiya Says:

    I’m a big big fan of Song il Gook!!!

    I wrote a comment here
    bcoz I appreciate his cuteness…
    Even I don’t watch the Princess Hour till the ending…
    He’s much pretty boy than Joo Ji Hoon….
    and also in acting..I Guess!! BYE-BYE

  671. 671 : alice Says:

    anyong ha seyo

    i love the way you sing dance act and of your killer smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if we fall in love maybe we’ll your songs as duet

    sarang in gayo?

    you are indeed a very cute guy

    sang hamn nida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  672. 672 : sandy0410 Says:

    Kim Jung Hoon is the sexiest and most gorgeous man alive! I love your smile and your voice. More power to you! Sarang ham ni da!

  673. 673 : Caroline Says:

    Hi, Kim Jeong Hoon, I’m one of your biggest fan.. I love your acting in Princess Hours, you make Prince Yul more greater than anyone, I love your singing too.. You have both advantages, you can act and sing.. You’re very lucky!!.. Not that all, you have a very sexy smile that can make everybody melt when they see’s you smiling.. Last but not least, I hope that you will go far with your acting and also singing, no matter what you do i’ll always supports you.. And maybe if you’re free, add in at myspace at [email protected] .. Thank you if you’re reading right now, Muax!!

  674. 674 : LoKaH! lOkAh!!!!!! Says:

    aNg gWapOh mo tAlaGa!!!!!!! LuV u nAh!!!!!!! mWuah!!!!!!!!

  675. 675 : yungStur Says:

    booooooooooo!! u suck man, all ur drama movies are fuckin boring.get a lyph

  676. 676 : diane Says:

    in fairness cute sya…..
    mas ok pa ang mukha nya kesa kay jo ji hoon…
    well, truth hurts………..

  677. 677 : maclafs Says:

    i love you kim

  678. 678 : Truc Says:

    Kim Jeong Hoon……..you so hotttttttttttt…i luv you …you are a good actor….you good at acting prince yu…my tears drop when you cried almost at the end of the movie…goong…it was so sad.l…..you awesome….i luv your singing voice tooo…

  679. 679 : mee Says:

    i luv Kim Jeong Hoon very much!!

  680. 680 : sugar Says:

    kim jeong hoon has wonderful voice, smart, handsome…and bla bla bla…

  681. 681 : Lea Says:

    LOve You Troy!!!!!! I’m your as in ever the heller number 1 fan!!!!!! Mwahhhhhhh! Gwapo moh tlaga

  682. 682 : kris Says:

    !!!!!luv u!!!!!talaga Kim Jung Hoon!!!!!!!

  683. 683 : E-phonne Says:

    Hi jeong hoon….

    I am from jakarta, Indonesia…

    Miss u…..

    Please be my boyfriend…


  684. 684 : nana Says:

    Hi!!!How r u!!I’m from Malaysia..

    I like your acting in gung & I enjoy watch this drama series…

    go0d luck in your carier…

  685. 685 : evilrayne Says:

    i think your gorgeous enough to be a prince,,well goodluck to your career
    and have a great day!!!!!!

  686. 686 : aech hernandez Says:

    ang gwapo mo talaga prince troy sana pumunta ka d2 sa philippines
    crush na crush kita talaga mwuah……..

  687. 687 : aech hernandez Says:


  688. 688 : nice Says:

    i thought that he’s not that cute…
    but i’m wrong, sorry about that….
    i didn’t notice his guts….

    hmmm…. i guess….
    wherever you are just be careful…
    always consider the best things in life first…

    always remember to be humble…
    and never forget where you came from…

    that’s it…
    God bless always….Mr. john hoon…


    friend.. from the philippines…
    janice pearl curioso…

  689. 689 : heejeane Says:

    anasehayong..watashi wa ejaen chan.sorry because mix korean and japan language.i’am agreed with other people comment up there. to me kim jaeong hoon oppa is good actor and singer,beside that he also cute,handsome and sweet…sweet as his smile.When i look he smile it’s make me whan to smile and make my world spinning.i really like jeaong hoon oppa.so..kambate and aja!aja! to jaeong hoon oppa.untill that,sa laon in gayo…always smile or warate shi kari..pisss…

  690. 690 : Nicolie PIneda Says:

    im one of your avid fans im 14 yrs. old and actually you are my first love. hope that you visit philippines because some of your fans are here waiting for you I hope that you have more projects and dramas to come and also i wish that you will have an another goong series were you and yoon eun hye (chae gyung) were loveteams!!! thats all thank you very much i will always love you!!!!!!

  691. 691 : arnie Says:

    im one of your fun here in japan!
    i wish to meet yopu personaly here in japan
    or if i have a time a vacation in kerea is more good
    bythe way im arnie
    good bless!………………

  692. 692 : arnie Says:

    ang this my cell# number herein japan
    if you have a time just call me at that num#

  693. 693 : lee yoo dee Says:

    hi kjh
    i like your acting at princess hours as lee yul
    my friends say i’m looks like you especially if smile then i always watch goong
    i hope i could meet u
    ok only that, take care and see u

  694. 694 : nichyo Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kim jung hoon.i luv you so much.i just want to say sarangay

  695. 695 : xt Says:

    Kim Jeon Hoon!!!!
    I really like you’re role in Princess hours!!
    I watched it every night here in the Philippines!!!

    You’re so handsome I really Like youre smile!!!!!!

    mORE pOWER!!!!

  696. 696 : elvie Says:

    oh my god!!!! I realy admire you because you so cute when you smile and act as Prince Yul in Princess Hour!!!! also i realy like the way you acting because every time you cried in the drama it’s very touch my heart. you are my prince that i’m waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  697. 697 : unaitachi Says:

    you are my hero….huhuhu so cute…ahaks

  698. 698 : tazz Says:

    hello kim jeong hoon… i like your voice and i like your character in goong.. i hope you will come in our country (Philippines) on of this days… Take Care! =)

  699. 699 : soso:) Says:

    jeong hoon,,u have a cute face!;P hehe
    luv ur acting in goong!
    ~always happy!:)

  700. 700 : Lalmuanpuii Says:

    Mr. Kim i like u so much and so ma frenz Ramdinsangi ,Cl – VIII,SPHSS,Aizawl,Mizoram.Yuo are one of ma bezz korean stars

  701. 701 : -- 62 gloriawu Says:

    AHHH!! so CUTE + ADORABLE !!

  702. 702 : Sophia Ha Says:

    you have the most beautiful smile…

    SMILE MORE… i like your songs. Even though you hardly sing but your

    voice is very natural

  703. 703 : irish Says:

    I love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  704. 704 : irish Says:

    sa na may other drama pa sila.

  705. 705 : TommyYummy Says:

    You inspire me i like watching your drama Goong for some reason its funny i want your hair ill grow it out the same alright later

    and i also want your silver necklace in goong that you wear.

  706. 706 : dewi Says:

    hei kim?apa kabar!!!!!!
    boleh kenalan gak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    aku dewi,kalau kamu siapa!

  707. 707 : janelle Says:

    annyonghasaeyo!!!!!1 You do a big round of applause!!!!!!!!!
    You do a great job to goong!!!!!!!!!
    You’re so handsome!!!!!1

  708. 708 : hanada Says:

    anyeong haseo’

  709. 709 : hanada Says:

    anyong seo’

  710. 710 : novita Says:

    anyong seo’


    I LUV U SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\
    U R SO HANDSOME,SO COOL,SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  712. 712 : hitomzki Says:

    wAFu mO diN pALa eHEHhe!!

  713. 713 : YuanHye Says:

    Aniahasao! Kim Jeong Hoon

    I really like your acting skills. I went on alot of your websites and I know that you’re very smart. Good Luck on your busy days!


  714. 714 : ranisa Says:

    hi……u know ur so very cute and handsome….ur my ultimate crush…….
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH…….mwahhhhhhhh..

  715. 715 : ranisa Says:

    Hi…….my friends are very excited to meet you in personal…..coz they are your no.1 fans here in Philippines…..they are Stella,Genalyn,Harrah,Lyka and Marie Chris……….and especially me Ranisa……….please accept me as one of your friends………

    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  716. 716 : sella Says:

    i like kim jeong hoon when he acting on princes hours
    he is very handsome and his voice is very good

  717. 717 : irma9 Says:

    Dear oppa,
    Love your act. Haven’t got the chance to hear you sing. Anyway, wish you best of luck in whatever you do!
    Btw, I did explore your website the other day and gosh! u r so damn cute since u were little! and much much cuter when you got older!! I wonder how u look like in the next 5 years… hehehe…aja!aja!

  718. 718 : Riei fukuzawa Says:

    You’re so handsome and you’re act is cool and your smile is cute I LOVE YOU SO MUCH When you meet to Indonesis I’m waiting for you

  719. 719 : nancy Says:

    Hey kim jung-hoon well I really love you and giving u a shout out from america. I’m waiting for you to come to california. Well I couldn’t stop crying in goong and witch yoo-hee. You have to play the one who never gets the girl? Well I still love you and i’ll be waiting!

  720. 720 : nancy Says:

    Well you look awesome with ur orange hair but u still look lovely with ur black hair. Anyway I still love you. I love you forever and I love ur song still believe. I hope I see u when I go to korea in a few years! You should consider having a concert in california! I love you and ur smile and voice and everything.

  721. 721 : YuanHye Says:

    Aniahasao! Kim Jung Hoon

    I think you were very good in Princess Hours and you are very smart. I heard your IQ was 146! You also have so many professions like being an actor, singer, ang model. You’re also good at math and physics right?! Wow, how smart. I really admire you cause there isn’t much good looking actors that are smart AND good looking. Well just wanted to say hi and hope you stay healthy and take care. Good Luck on your busy days!

    Aniakasao! Your Fan!

  722. 722 : YuanHye Says:

    Aniahasao! Kim Jung Hoon

    I think you were very good in Princess Hours and you are very smart. I heard your IQ was 146! You also have so many professions like being an actor, singer, and model. You’re also good at math and physics right?! Wow, how smart. I really admire you cause there isn’t much good looking actors that are smart AND good looking. Well just wanted to say hi and hope you stay healthy and take care. Good Luck on your busy days!

    Aniakasao! Your Fan!

  723. 723 : YuanHye Says:

    Aniahasao! Kim Jung Hoon

    I really like how you acted in Princess Hours. You are so smart! I also heard that your IQ was 146, right? Wow, You are also good in math and physics! I really admire you cause not much actors are as smart AND good looking as you. Well, just wanted to say hi. Hope you take care of your health and good luck on your busy days!

    Aniakasao! Yor Fan

  724. 724 : queenie Says:

    Hi! I’m from the Philippines. Hope I can see you in the future. You know you look like my true love the first time i saw you in Goong. But you’re much handsome than him! Sad to say he passed away in a vehicular accident but before that we didn’t got to the altar. I’ve married someone else Because my family didn’t like him. Up to now I still love him even he’s with God. And my love with him goes even stronger everyday because of you. He’s just like you… very talented & very witty. I thought he’s reincarnated.. Hope we can meet each other because I miss him very much & just tru you can empty this loneliness I have. Good luck & God bless!

  725. 725 : eliaDania Says:

    hye…kim jeong hoon….ish3…u know what….i’m in luv wth u…since i watch ur acting in prncs hour….u look sooooooooo sweeeeetssss… luv u… as a friend….hehehe…

  726. 726 : anyoung Says:

    hi!! you’re very talented person and i really admire you so much. i wanna beyour friend!^-^ keep up with your good work. may god bless.!^_^

  727. 727 : mariel Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! GWAPO MO TROY!!(khit di yun ung real name mo)

  728. 728 : danna Says:

    your so cute and so totally absolutely captivating..
    i hope you will visit the philippines..
    be healthy and alwys remain cute and handsome

  729. 729 : anita Says:

    !!!!!!!!!you’re so cute!!!!!!!!!aniong haseo!!!!!!!!!

  730. 730 : Rhoxann Ampoloquio Says:

    hi!!! idol talaga kta.. Ur so very cute and talented.. ty!!!

  731. 731 : summer baby Says:

    hi! we are your fans from philippines. You’re so talented and smart. we’re looking forward for your next tv series and will be shown also in the philippines. God Bless and Take Care…

  732. 732 : sunshine Says:

    u are so cute!!!!!!!!!! i like look u face….

  733. 733 : January ? Philippines Says:

    Please vote the ” Princess Hours” for the best on screen couple in

    Showbiz extra 500 special survey event..


    And in KORean Drama Festival 2007…

    please vote Princess Hours…

    let’s support Yun Eun hye to be in the top….

    link in http:www/arirang.co.kr/event/2007_KDF/vote.asp

  734. 734 : ida Says:

    i love u……………………………..

  735. 735 : ida Says:

    i luv u………………………….

  736. 736 : ella mae Says:

    hello…u hav a angelic face…

  737. 737 : angie Says:

    dear oppa,,annyong haseyo??
    i am from indonesia
    i saw u in fog street, palace n witch yoo hee,
    but d best performance of u is in fog street,
    n i love u so much i wish u can go to my country,
    ur so handsome n ur smile like angel, i really like ur acting!!
    hope ur carrier better from now,

  738. 738 : angie Says:

    dear oppa,,annyong haseyo
    i am from indonesia
    i really love ur acting,,n d best performance of u is fog street,,
    wish u can go to my country,,
    to meet n greet with ur fans of course
    who one of them is me,,
    ur so handsome,,n smart i think
    but i really like is ur smile who looks like angel

  739. 739 : yoon eun hye fans Says:

    i love u……….kim im ur fans w/ eun hye

  740. 740 : renato Says:

    >>>hello…its me, ren..invite me at [email protected]…tnx..im from philippines

  741. 741 : renato Says:

    >>>hello…its me, ren..invite me at [email protected] tnx..im from philippines

  742. 742 : yasmin Uy Says:

    hi kim jeong im fanatic of your show here in the Philippines. Im half chinese and half filipino. You know one of my dreams is to meet the korean star especially kim rae won hehehe and also oyu ofcourse hehehe bye bye see you when im in korea.

  743. 743 : KJH N YEH FAN Says:

    I wil support U N Yeh Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  744. 744 : justin althea Says:

    hello..your great but im not satisfied in your character… justin althea

  745. 745 : Undermedvetet Says:

    So, I’m currently watching “Witch Amusement”, and it’s not a pretty sight. Of course Kim Jeong Hoon is doing some great acting as usual, but I don’t really like his character to much. Not just because he kinda seems to be a bad guy, his character, but because I really wanted to see Kim Jeong Hoon do something different.. Hmm, a more happy character, that’s not either just heartbroken or very complex. Well, not necessarily “happy”, just different. Don’t get me wrong, he does these kinds of character really well.. Like, in the ending of Goong (I don’t remember which episode it was), he was crying really intensely – That was such a strong scene, I really felt like I was the one who was heartbroken. Haha. I guess I just feel that it would be nice if he made his audience smile and laugh with him too, not that we’ve felt sad and cried with him.. Well, some of us have cried anyway. Haha. 😛 Anyway, Kim Jeong Hoon is such an amazing actor, hope to see more of him! : )

  746. 746 : myka Says:

    your face is like a heaven.

  747. 747 : sammy Says:

    he is really cute. love one of his korean drama show! :]

  748. 748 : wie Says:

    hi,,,,,,jeong hoon………..!!!!!!!!!!
    walo pun wie ga bsa b inggrs,,,,,,hehehe,,,,,,,
    tapi wie ttp dukung n ngomenin kmu,,,,,,,,,,
    wie sneng bgt,,,,,,,,,+ngefens brt ma kmu,,,,,,,,,,
    ttp semangat n berjya yoawhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!

  749. 749 : afri Says:

    hai kim…nice to know u…i know that u don’t know me at all…
    i just want to write something about u’r new album…
    i’ve just buy u’r new album called : kim jeong hoon album : the best album…that was so nice…u’r voive ws very great…i also like u’r song with UN…and the MV that was shoot at snow time…oh my god…u’r soooo young and cute…
    i know that now u’r concentration is in acting…but i still wait another album from u..keep up the good work…and stay healthy

  750. 750 : yashinta Says:

    haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii . I just want to say, you are so cute and very handsome. if you have time, may you sent a letter for me. maybe say hello or more.

  751. 751 : Yohana Says:

    Hi, I’m very happy if u want to visit me in Indonesia.Many people in Indonesia Is very like watch P.H movie,n me too.


  752. 752 : jessy Says:

    WoW..you are so popular among girls ha..but..there’s something i don’t understand about you..sometimes you look like a girl..^__^ i think you should works more on your masculine part especially your appearance..man should not wear pink right??one thing that i like is your soul voice..i’m learning korean lang now and you know what,i like 2 sing korean song.when i was little i really want to be a singer but now i’m an engineer..haha life so unexpected right..same as u too..a dentist turn to be a singer/actor.

  753. 753 : rhea Says:

    excelent…good perfomance in goong although that fist time i see your act..i know you never read this comment but it’s not wrong give u +++ … at least make me better, i still want to wacth u in korean drama 4 next time…!! just wish you’ll be better man! add your ability in I,E,S,Q. ok…the last chayoo..!!chayoo..!

  754. 754 : zalyza Says:

    Hi kim… i’m from malaysia… i just want 2 say u’re so handsome and u’re act is cool and your smile is very cute.. Luv u…

  755. 755 : rian... Says:

    hi kim jeong-hoon…
    im one of your fans here in the philippines..
    you know i already watched your show entitled “GOONG”,,,you did a go0dwork…

    you are very talented and handsome…hoping that you may visit here in the philippines…

    love yah….AJA

  756. 756 : Thida Says:

    You were great in Witch Amusement. I loved your character. You played the surgeon so well. The twists and turns of the series really had the audience on thier toes. Well done.

  757. 757 : analie Says:

    hi! am analie am a pilipina and a like the korean story of princess hours and its very nice like the comedy and my friends it s like sana pumunta ka sa aming bansa okey Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….ah okey ang guwapo mo sobra tlaga

  758. 758 : happy Says:

    i love your character in goong

  759. 759 : hihihi Says:

    your acting was fantastic in princess hour and witch yoo hee!!

  760. 760 : goodluck Says:

    keep up the good work!!

  761. 761 : lol Says:

    i am your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!

  762. 762 : yuri Says:

    what i cutie

  763. 763 : snow Says:

    i just LOVE you

    you are so cute

    you were great in


  764. 764 : hani Says:

    halu!!!kim jeong hoon!!!your so cute!!!!!you are a very good actor!!!!!i like the way you act in GOONG!!!!!

  765. 765 : novia Says:

    sejak melihat joenghoon main di serial princess hours,aku suka melihat karakter prince lee youl yang kamu perankan.semoga kamu terus memainkan serial yang bagus dan bermutu seperti princess hours dan aku akan selalu mendukungmu walaupun aku berada di Indonesia.aku akan selalu menjadi fansmu Huating!!!!!!!!!!

  766. 766 : SHAIRA DEPAZ Says:


  767. 767 : lovely Says:

    wow…your so cute…..i like you so much….im hoping one day you bcome my friend…..

  768. 768 : via Says:

    hei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u really really really really really really……………….. handsome and cute for me and hwaiting ^_^

  769. 769 : mayka Says:

    you were great in you song and i love that song and you are my inspiration i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  770. 770 : lea Says:

    hi…. your so handsome and cute you know what i watch princess hours everyday

  771. 771 : CJ Says:

    i love love Kim Jeong Hoon. i hope you’ll be in Goong 2 🙂 mwah. take care

  772. 772 : cristine Says:

    hi!!!KIM JEONG HOON ur so gwafo talaga..maxado kang papalicious!!!!i hope u’ll be mine someday!!…alang kokontra,,ok???i can’t wait to watch d part 2 of GOONG…hope it will be sooooon!!

  773. 773 : suzette Says:

    Hi Kim!!! Well I am missing you a lot you dont have much film and drama nowadays…Hope to hear from you again and be able to watch your handsome face on screen.

  774. 774 : carolyn Says:

    hi. im carolyn from philippines..
    i really love watching ure tv series..

  775. 775 : mierdo Says:

    go chaiyok…sarangheyo…^^ ur very cute,so…stay cutter!!!

  776. 776 : kiki Says:

    will u b my friend…?? ^^

  777. 777 : aLice Says:

    hi kim! do you have a friendster account?

    can you be my friend??

    jast add me….

    [email protected]

    hope to see you soon on tv..

  778. 778 : ??? Says:

    why they dont want to have goong 2???

  779. 779 : ??? Says:

    he looks really charming and cute

  780. 780 : abel Says:

    ..he can melt evry girls heart..tignin pa lang…

  781. 781 : lililala Says:

    he looks really good…

  782. 782 : mary elaine Says:

    well,he’s also cute and has a great voice…wish and hope you guys will visit phillipines!!!saranghe(“,)

  783. 783 : yukinO~ Says:

    hmmF!ur so cute i love you muah..take care^_^

  784. 784 : UndEr COpy Says:

    i really like you….i love you kim!? you are so attractive!? and you are so handsome!? love your shows and movies!?love it !?

    love yah!?

  785. 785 : happy Says:

    cute face… u are a fan of all girls !!

  786. 786 : Rahhh Says:

    You are really good-looking.

  787. 787 : asnizah Says:

    hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m ur big fan… u r so cute………. plz reply email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  788. 788 : epy and teddy Says:

    epy: i love you so much! you are so cute.
    teddy: good luck on your careers. be cool but not too cool.

  789. 789 : anie girl & batchoy Says:

    anie girl:an neoung ha se yo! you were so cute!………………………………
    batchoy:you’re an angel!…………………………………………………………….

  790. 790 : du du Says:

    How are you?Are you busy in your work?Do you know me I’m your new friend(du du).If you received my replies, please contact me. I’ll be waiting to your reply. Good Luck,your forever fan,du du.

  791. 791 : ivy leigh Says:

    hi kim!!!! how are u? hows ur life going on….? u so cute….and im ur no.1 fan here in the philippines…..i always listen to your album and i wish iLL see u in personal….. if u want to reply me just email me………. [email protected]

  792. 792 : maiza Says:

    hi. Haow r u hope u were fine..k

  793. 793 : Aliah Says:

    I hope you will be in Gong 2.I hope yu can be my friend one day.

  794. 794 : kate Says:

    hi!!your so cute!!!

  795. 795 : chabori Says:

    i like you but i like kang ta more!!!

  796. 796 : belle Says:

    he’s cute 🙂

  797. 797 : marlou Says:

    try another field in entertainment like directing. I think that u will be excell in different kinds of jobs. Pls. inspire others epecially the youth by your profession and be good model 2 them.
    From: Marlou
    Davao City, Philippines

  798. 798 : mharkbhen Says:

    what is your email add?????

  799. 799 : jan Says:

    i am your thai fan you are the best i love you

  800. 800 : jan Says:

    you are the best

  801. 801 : viola Says:

    ur really cute n handsome
    luv u very much!

  802. 802 : [email protected] Says:

    hi…i came from the philippines…i already watch your tv drama which is goong i really like it..hope you came here in the philippines. i watched your drama in abs-cbn network…goodluck and take care.

  803. 803 : ila Says:

    hai.you are so cute and also a good actor.i like you.hope you always happy and have a good day.

  804. 804 : Thinzar Says:

    hello my brother i’m myanmar.
    I like UR character in goong & witch amusement.
    UR my favourite actor….

  805. 805 : yoon eun hye Says:

    kapan tayang di indonesia……….?

  806. 806 : demi Says:

    dashing debonaire

  807. 807 : khaing Says:


  808. 808 : khaing Says:

    Kim Jeong Hoon,i am ur fans.
    i like ur acting and songs.
    if u not favour , pls reply me. Thanks a lot.

  809. 809 : jeeka Says:

    hi…you are a really good actor…and cute too!

  810. 810 : nabilah Says:

    (Iban) Aku sayau ke nuan.
    (Kenyah) Akik uva’ iku’
    (Kayan) Akui nyalam ika’
    (Bidayuh) Aku nyalau amu
    (Dusun) Muhang oku dia
    (Malay) Saya cinta kamu
    (CZECH) MiiLUJii TE
    (iiTALIAN) Tii AMO
    (GERMAN) iiSH LiiBE DiiSH
    (HAWAiiAN) ALOHA WAU iiA Oii
    (LiiTHUiiANiiAN) TAV MYLiiU
    (BOSNiiAN) VOLiiM TE
    (FiiLiiPiiNO) MAHAL KiiTA


  811. 811 : misskorea Says:

    yuhuuuuuuuuuuuu….i luv kim jeong hoon..u r the best actor in princess our…..dont forget to visit malaysia….!!(ina,ain,zura)

  812. 812 : merry wu Says:

    i really like your acting
    when first time i saw u in princess our
    you are soo cute,,, ^_^
    good luck for your carier…….

  813. 813 : nikkie Says:

    hi!!! i love your acting in goong…

  814. 814 : az Says:

    =) cute

  815. 815 : Noraima Bagundang Says:

    Merry X mas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m 15 yrs. old from Phil.

  816. 816 : yura Says:

    oh……………………………….. you are so sweet you are so sweet
    kau memang punya TRIK!!! buat qu KLIK dengan dirimu!!!
    you so cute
    why Lord give you a perfect people

    couse JOHN guanteng tennan
    CUTE eeuuiyy…………….
    ganteng pisan manateh ureng…………..


  817. 817 : yura Says:

    abi teh ngefans pisan ma Kang john habis akang teh kasep pisan bikin hati abi deg”an atuh……!!!
    kulo ngefans sae mas John sampun di Princess Hours mas,

    rodo apik mas John is very…..very……cute, handsome,sweet and good acting in Goong and good singer
    ^_^ good luck for new album!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  818. 818 : donna Says:

    hello!!!kim jeong hoon more power♣♥♥♥

  819. 819 : mjoy Says:

    ..,you’re so cute..
    i’m joy from philippines..,
    ..,luv u so much..,

  820. 820 : rosa Says:

    elow…i enjoy watching princess hour..b”coz ur 1 of the main character.. i wish i will see u in person.. lov u..

  821. 821 : monica Says:

    ooooo………sooooo sweeeet hero!!!!!!!!! u r too coool in princess hours…….luv u lot ^_^

  822. 822 : kitano junko Says:

    i love you alot……..u’re so cute……u’re so cute……love u alot…….i’m from nepal……………….sa rang hae yo…….

  823. 823 : Shi Kyo Says:

    i love Kim Jeong Hoon so Much!!! I like him….
    He`s very cute, cool and Charming

  824. 824 : Shi Kyo Says:

    oh…..kim jeong hoon !!! i like you, i need you, i miss you!!
    So, please!! Would you like married with me???????

  825. 825 : eintchuhlaing Says:

    How cute and lovely u are,I love the way you act.

  826. 826 : yinshan sue Says:

    halo..im 1 of your fans here in the philippines..i rily wana see you personally….i just like you very much…your my man of my dreams….U

  827. 827 : babyfee Says:

    are you still in singapore ?
    if so , how do i get your recent updates ?
    i want to see you so badlyyyyyyy !!!

  828. 828 : riku Says:

    hmm….can be said as ‘cute’,’cool’,and……

  829. 829 : alyssa Says:

    what is your secret to be as cute as my teddybear??you look alike my teddybear!!

  830. 830 : daisy Says:

    oh…he is very handsome… i

  831. 831 : fly Says:

    You can sing and act so well..

    Rock on!!!

  832. 832 : sheila Says:

    jeong hoon u can sing and act so well expecially in yoo hee the witch……

  833. 833 : mu.fang Says:

    hi there.. thanks for coming to singapore last week..hope that there is more of your drama shown in singapore 😀

  834. 834 : kat Says:

    freakin’ hot:D

  835. 835 : YASMINE Says:

    i reli lyk u ever since princess hours………. & a cutie pie 2………. hope u can visit our country(philippines). stay hapi. i do admire ur acting..

  836. 836 : ace Says:

    Kim Jeong hoon youre sooooooooo cute! hehe, hope you can visit in the philippines, you have a lot of supporters here. we look forward in seeing your other korean dramas.

  837. 837 : mae Says:

    hi……….. your one of the most cutest actors in south korea,.. i even uload ur photos in my website, la lang cute ka kasi,.

  838. 838 : jhyniee Says:

    your smile can kill me!!!(really?)

  839. 839 : jade Says:

    wow..your so cute…mahal n kita…really…

  840. 840 : diOdy Says:


  841. 841 : krissyang Says:

    He seems very popular but haven’t seen him in any real lead role. I wonder why???

  842. 842 : joy Says:

    i didn’t know that you’re a singer!
    but you do really look good

  843. 843 : stellar Says:

    When can we see a show with him in the lead? Really look forward to that…

  844. 844 : Millie12 Says:

    Youre so cute…

    I like u so much!!!

    Luv u kim!!!

  845. 845 : ann cristine Says:

    You know what you are very handsome. Actually i like your smile.. I hope you will visit here in the philippines.. You are my inspiration.. YOU ARE VERY GOOD IN ACTING.. GOODLUCK in your career!! I LOVE YOU!!! God bleess you!!!

  846. 846 : HNIN PWINT Says:



  847. 847 : sexy_man Says:

    yo yo yo! just passin’ by!

  848. 848 : loraine Says:

    kim jeong hoon!!

    i really miss u!!
    u know what??
    i really really admire the guy like u!!
    ur so handsome!!!

    i do love you!!!



  849. 849 : M.C Says:

    i love u so much ur so cute and handsome
    i really hope i can see u in person, ur always
    cute and smiling, u cheerup people when they
    feel down i just love the way u look, smile,
    talk, ur voice, and ur singing. I look at u and
    just love how u look like i wouldn’t care if u
    were a actor i’ll still love u cuz i don’t care
    about ur money but i love u for who u are
    Kim Jeong Hoon………ur my #1 handsome
    man love u of course u and ju ji hoon just
    look hot and sexy well yep hope i can c u
    in real life……=p

  850. 850 : krisan Says:

    hey! kim jeong hoon you know u are really so cute guy i think every girl wants you to bcome thier perfect dream man,bcoz so talented not just in acting but also in singing you are really great i really admire you in princess hours gudluck!!! mwahhh….

  851. 851 : SarAh Says:


    here is wat that d’scribes u…… (4 me)

    1. cute
    3. a very talented actor…..

    course there are lots more……
    h0pe t0 see y0u in pers0n……………
    keep up da gud work…..

  852. 852 : M.C Says:

    i hope u can come to visit me on the other side of the world
    ur so cute and ur like a angel to me, u may not read this and
    u may hear this alot but i love u i wish i knew how to say it in
    korean maybe u can teach me korean on day when u come to
    usa……….and i am not american im asian but im was born in
    usa so yea i really hope u choose a girl who really love u for
    who u r and not wat u have…..=p

  853. 853 : citi Says:

    I think he’s better looking & cuter than Joo Ji Hoon. He’s also definitely a better singer than him. Acting wise, they’re probably about the same. How come he’s playing mostly second fiddle? Time to put him in the lead…

  854. 854 : YuRikO Says:

    …grEeTings mY preTTy pRinCe.._

    …There’s OnLy OnE Thing I caN saY.._
    …Damn..!! uR One oF a Kind.._

    _= YuRikO =_

  855. 855 : sha Says:

    tomorrow is ur day!
    happy bday!
    may u have a good year!
    ur so intelligent, handsome, talented!what more can u ask 4?
    god bless:)

  856. 856 : mary cris Says:

    hi, kim jeon hoon.. . . . you are the man of my dream! ! ! ! belated happy birthday. . . . . i love you so much . . . . .muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh c”,) abby ashly

  857. 857 : lanie Says:

    my god.. kim jeong hoon.. my only prince.. i love you with all my heart!! sarang heyo……….

  858. 858 : lanie Says:

    no man can ever replace you.. kim jeong hoon has all the qualities of my dream boy.. handsome,intelligent,sweet, great voice….!!! what more can i ask for?

  859. 859 : jeanne pauline Says:

    hiiiiii!!!!!!! kim jeong hoon……. i love the princes hour……. b’coz you are there……. so i love it very much……. i always watch it…….i wish on youre next birthday…….more projects….. that we can watch here in phil….. i love you……..and please pass me some of you’re picture…. my website is friendster com…… and my email add is [email protected]
    my password is bryan…… i love you verrrrrryyyyyyyy much!!!!

  860. 860 : venafe Says:

    hai kim jeong hoon… your so handsome….

  861. 861 : anne Says:

    you are so handsome!i like your acting at princess hour…good luck for your career!

  862. 862 : anne Says:

    i like your perfomance at princess hour…good luck for your career!!YOU ARE NUMBER ONE…I LOVE U…..

  863. 863 : jem Says:


  864. 864 : nica Says:

    hi..how r u???having a great time????me 2…….add on friendster plzzz…[email protected]…………..bye

  865. 865 : baby86 Says:

    hi..it’s enjoy when wathcing u in princess hour…i like the schene when u never give up to get yoon eun…that my “boy”..hehe..gud luck..bubye n hope u success in ur journey…muahhhhhh….

  866. 866 : baby86 Says:


  867. 867 : sabrina. Says:

    hye. good acting in yu hee, da witch. lovely. wow, i never know that u studied dentistry. guess what, me too,in international medical university.
    🙂 kindda tough rite?, but enjoyable.
    if u could add me, msn, [email protected].
    thankyou. goodluck.

  868. 868 : jenny Says:

    hi, kindly add me in my yahoo mesenger.you’re so great, very good actor,mis u in princess hours

  869. 869 : rHeA Says:

    can we be friends?…

  870. 870 : koreanlover Says:

    love u’re voice so much…

  871. 871 : jue Says:

    i really love you Kim Jung Hoon. come to malaysia. miss u jung muahhhh

  872. 872 : jolie Says:

    hi you are very handsome.i love you very much.i like …………………………………………you.

  873. 873 : clarieth Says:

    you know your cute

  874. 874 : Karla Says:

    hELLO!!!! Troy,,,,

    So CUTE!!!!
    that’s alllllll……

  875. 875 : rakel Says:


    felicidades eres un gran actor y ademas muy guapo

    ¡¡me encantas ¡¡¡

    saludos XD

  876. 876 : haniey Says:

    ai handsome..i luve you very much….

  877. 877 : vic Says:

    kin jeong hoon is so cute………

  878. 878 : mitch pasuquin of dubai Says:

    hi! ur sooo good looking amd nice voice huh??..ur soo cute,.hope to c u in korea! hehe..

  879. 879 : rabiatul Says:

    Hi, kim jeon hoon you are so handsome…….such a perfect guy

  880. 880 : cristine Says:

    hi sow cute hehehehehehe

  881. 881 : joanna Says:

    hello……….i always watching princes hours….more blessing to come…..

  882. 882 : bugsie Says:

    john hoon is remarkable in princess hours. (= very cute and mysterious.

  883. 883 : Wani.. Says:

    Hi,Kim Jeong Hoon…i hav watch ur drama ‘Princess hour’…u look vry cute n handsome…i admire n luv u so…..much…i hope,one day,u will act as the main actor in the next drama…baissya’!!!(am i spell it correctly??)

  884. 884 : katherine Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon…im katherine.did u got MSN ? i want your MSN…u so handsome la…i like u…^. –

  885. 885 : kim Jeong hoon addict Says:

    KIM JEONG HOON,saranghaeyo*blush*
    addicted to u since ORANGE..oppa….good luck in whatever u do!!!
    gambatte ne?!

  886. 886 : kim Jeong Hoon addict Says:


  887. 887 : rosemina Says:

    we love you!!!!!1

  888. 888 : Nian Says:

    to Mr. Kim,
    Your so lovable. Always smile.I’m A fan of yours..

  889. 889 : OREN-GURL Says:


  890. 890 : arianne Says:

    hi kim… to tell u dah truth…. ur so handsome and cute!!! not only that…ur so very good in acting…but i don’t like it whenever i see you cry and like..being hurt….keep up the good work…God bless you…

    luv yah….mwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh….yngat!!!tke care

  891. 891 : Starflower Says:

    hi, kim jeon hoon…. love you so much.

  892. 892 : carmie Says:

    how are you? i hope that your ok….
    you know what… i really like you so much….
    and im your no.1 fan here in philippines….
    you know what…when you see my friendster,
    i have a lots of your picture in my profile…
    and keep on smilling, coz your so cute when you smile…
    take care of your self…
    god bless…
    god luck to your career….
    and i love you…..
    always pray to god and he will guide you always……

  893. 893 : ghea Says:

    goood actors and actreses,,,,,

  894. 894 : geraldine Says:

    i love u troyyyyyyyy

  895. 895 : Jana Says:

    P L E A S E
    V I S I T
    H E R E
    I N
    P H I L I P P I N E S
    M A N Y H E R E
    I N
    P H I L I P P I N E S
    A R E
    I D O L
    Y O U

  896. 896 : Jana Says:

    I M O N E
    O F Y O U R F A N S!
    P L E A S E
    C O M E
    H E R E!
    W E W I L L GO!
    F O R Y O U

  897. 897 : Jana Says:

    you can visit here in vacation!
    can you vacation here there’s lot of
    good surroundings here in philippines please come here!

  898. 898 : carmie Says:

    i love you so much…..
    i wish you can visit here in philippines…
    coz im your no.1 fan here….
    i love you kim jeong hoon……
    take care always…
    thanks a lot…
    always smile ok…
    god bless you….
    good luck……
    and if you need a friend, i’m always here for you…

    you can add me in your friendster…

    [email protected]
    love you….

  899. 899 : see yang Says:

    hey u!!!…u really are a great actor, singer, and model!!!…wellas…keep it up!!!!…^_^….if u wanna knoe mah email, here it is…[email protected]…hope we known each other as friendz…aite!!! wellas…..gtg….bai bai!!!

  900. 900 : hazel Says:

    hi kim,your so cute,im your fan!keep up the goodwork….. God bless1

  901. 901 : hazel Says:

    hi kim your so cute,keep up the goodwork!

  902. 902 : anjeanette Says:

    He’s cute but i like LEE DONG WOOK more!! waaaaaaah!! korean male actors are HOT especiall LDW!! 😡

  903. 903 : sh20030 Says:

    Keep good working Jung Hoon. You are forever my star.

  904. 904 : thameechawlay Says:

    hey prince..

    i am the No 1 fan in yangon.
    I like you a lot…
    i wann come to korea to meet you..will you meet me prince? hehe

  905. 905 : hanazuke oshiwa Says:

    I WAIT YOU…………..

  906. 906 : christin Says:

    hm….mm…….very sweet n cute lol…

  907. 907 : sulastri Says:

    i admire u ever since i start to watch the seris Princess Hours!From there i went to listen to your songs! and i love it!If i have one wish..i would wish to sing or act together with you!As i see that you are a good singer and also a got actor!You have the charisma!I wish you a blessed dae and year ahead you!If you don’t mind..you can add me in friendster??at sulastri [email protected]
    hehe..well all the best in anything you do!

    stay happy,healthy and cheerful!
    take care!

    From ur fren: Sulastri!

  908. 908 : carmie Says:

    how are you????????
    i miss you so much………..
    i love you…….
    good luck………….

  909. 909 : hannah Says:

    i love you.. i love you..you’re so nice and cute and charming..you’re close to perfect…mwaahhh…

  910. 910 : ROXY Says:


  911. 911 : Angeela Says:

    saranghamnida ooopaa!!!!!!

  912. 912 : karen Says:

    pnggap sseumnida

    insa haseyo

    saranghe jeong hoon



  913. 913 : Annasu Says:

    OPPA, you’re so handsome in ‘Princess Hours’ and also in ‘Witch Amusement’. You are one of my stars. You can visit us in Myanmar. Myanmar loves Korean dramas.

  914. 914 : SONIA(FRANCE) Says:


    i am sorry my english is bad, I am a french girl , 29 years, i adore you in coffee prince, you are a good actor and you are very cute too. i am very sad , because in france there are many american actors and not asiatic actors, then, welcomed in france, there are same an asiatic cinema festival to”deauville” , then , welcomed.
    take care of yourself
    kiss from France

  915. 915 : nov Says:

    Hi Kim Jeong Hoon…Sorry,my english is bad…I`ve already read all of the comment about you…you`ve many fans…good looking, clever person, etc…but dont forget…all of your succestion comes from God…So, you`ve already say thanks to God…and for your parents…
    Hope you can come to indonesia

  916. 916 : chaerim Says:

    i’m watchin her new drama dal ja’s spring
    it’s really good

  917. 917 : da ja's pring Says:

    yeah i agree her drama is all good

  918. 918 : da ja's pring Says:

    hope to see her new drama
    very nice

  919. 919 : da ja's pring Says:

    sorri 4 the commetns i’m in the wrong person

  920. 920 : fye Says:

    hi!i would like to be your friend and know more about you…visit malaysia whenever you free ok…all the best for you….stay cute ok!

  921. 921 : misato Says:

    kim jeong hoon…looks like allan (ah rang) of devil beside you…… many people has told me that… and now..here in this picture….yhey look a like specially when ahrang’s hair is down!

  922. 922 : jemaya_10 Says:

    whaaaa,., your so handsome,… hope you visit philippines someday…. ahehehe

  923. 923 : juice22 Says:

    hai john!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am a very enormous fan of yours. i especially like when u act in princess hours. it like we have evryting in common. keep up the gd work………..
    saranghae….. do cum to singapore….

  924. 924 : ZIRa & aDa MALAYSIA Says:


    why u r sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee???

  925. 925 : marovic Says:

    he is one of my crushes when the t.v. series “Princess Hours” were held in Philippines….


    i was searching for this guy’s name for quite so long…
    i did not have the luck to catch his real name on our t.v.
    at long last!!!!

    i know he’s a singer…
    actually, i really like this guy’s voice in Princess Hours…
    that time he sang for the Girl…
    what’s the name again?…
    i cant remember anymore…

    but he is really good in Princess Hours…
    i actually even cried when he cried
    because he cannot have the heroine..

    good actor!!!!

    god bless!!!!
    speed up!!!
    good luck to you!!!

  926. 926 : nisu Says:

    he is so handsome. him act, him voice, and all about him is very awsome!

  927. 927 : Dulce Says:

    Hello John..
    So many people are crazy about you.. You know..
    I saw your profile and I know that it’s not true/fake.
    Well, all i can say is take care..
    I know that..
    Uhmm.. never mind..!

  928. 928 : Dulce Says:

    Visit our country.. the “PHILIPPINES”.. there are lot of Koreans here..

  929. 929 : Dulce Says:

    hmm.. your a singer, an actor, and a model right??
    Why don’t you visit our country??
    a concert here..

  930. 930 : Mystery girl Says:

    Hi there,i really like u since i watch your drama princess hour.Do please add me at [email protected]

  931. 931 : martina Says:

    You’re so cute! I love you!

  932. 932 : jhang Says:

    hope to meeet you someday…
    your so cute…
    wish to sing with you….
    i really like you……….
    please come to the phillipines…….. (@[email protected])

  933. 933 : Nhi Says:

    Kim Jung Hoon!!!!!!!!! I love U! I like U since i watch yor drama “Witch Yoo Hee”. In that movie, u’r such a bad person but i don’t know why i like u through that movie.

  934. 934 : jugilda Says:

    kim jung hoon, your so cute,,, i love you

  935. 935 : ashley Says:

    hi jeong hoon, i very charming and cute
    i really really like you
    hope we meet someday

  936. 936 : kim Says:

    hellow kin jeong hoon,,, i want to see you in person
    hope that you visit to our country
    in philippines

  937. 937 : jovy Says:

    kim jeong hoon is so nice in singing and acting
    he rock my world, heheh
    he is so hot in modeling
    thats why i like him so much

  938. 938 : cristine Says:

    i’m very happy to post a comment here
    hope that you read all our message
    i’m one of your million fans
    hope that you’ll visit in philippines

    take care always
    good luck
    to your

  939. 939 : liezl Says:


    jung hoon

    how are you today?

    hope that your okay

    and hope your doing right today

    takecare always

    and good luck

    GODbless you

  940. 940 : MARTINA Says:

    Hi Kim Jung Hoon

    You’re very handsome and very talented. Hope to see you here in the philippines. I love you!!! Take care…

  941. 941 : jilda Says:

    hi jung hoon
    i really admire since i saw u in tv, i like when you sing, you have a good voice and i like also when you act, you act so great and good, specially when i saw you in princess hour,that’s why i’ve searching your other drama, and i’ve found out that your one of the character in witch amusement, i dont really like your role on those drama, cause your role is being a bad person, but i know that your not a bad person,you’ve only doing your job and i been watching your another drama which is LOVE STRATEGY. and thank god your finally the main character of this drama. thats all. heheh
    just keep up the good work
    keep safe always and
    good luck
    i love you

  942. 942 : jugilda Says:

    hi kim jung hoon
    i’m here again to visit and post a comment and i want to visit you here everyday, cause this is the only thing to show you how i really love you, i dont know why i love you
    i’ve only finding myself thinking of you and searching more information about you and i realise that i fell in love with u even though i didnt saw u in person. i envy u cause i’ve making you my inspiration and your the only person who change me a lot and its really work
    so take care always
    hope that your ok
    and do the best
    good luck and GOD bless u

  943. 943 : jovy Says:

    hi john hoon,
    i’ve read the post comment here and i see that u have so many fans and they really admire and love u, and i am also
    one of your million fans and i really really like you.
    so take care and god bless you

  944. 944 : kim Says:

    hai kim jung hoon
    u are so cute and charming and i want to see u in person
    to see how handsome u are heheh.
    so please visit here in philippines

  945. 945 : ashley Says:

    hi jeong hoon you are really handsome, hope that i’ll see you someday and visit our country here in philippines, or else i travel to your country just wanting to see u ,, heheh

  946. 946 : bheeverly Says:

    im so proud of you!!
    good luck to your

  947. 947 : eannjane Says:

    nice to meet you upa

  948. 948 : jane Says:

    I miSs u s0 mucH***********

  949. 949 : phUnkhyLIChIOUz Says:

    I rEALLy LIkE yOu EvEnthOUgh wErE nOt tO mUCh CLOsE, !!

    stAy CUtE And gUd LUCk tO Ur CArEEr, .!!

    kEEp sEyp, .!!

    mUAhbBb, .!!


    -kIm jEOng hOOn-

  950. 950 : eriza Says:

    How are u?

    Everythings alright?

    Like to hear from you!

    Love to see u soon!

    Obviously, i miss u!

  951. 951 : peng Says:

    Wow…heard u sang the chinese song “Tung Hua”, ur pronunciation was great, would you consider to release a chinese album in future?? Hope that day will come soon, hehe…i’ll be waiting patiently…cheers!!! 🙂

  952. 952 : jilda Says:

    hi jung hoon,,,
    i really really like you
    cause ur so cute and charming
    even though u are 28 yrs old
    but u look still young

  953. 953 : jugilda Says:

    annyong hashimnikka senior kim jung hoon,, i’m back again
    chal ji nae sho sso yo?
    no mu po go shi p’o sso yo
    annyong hikyeseyo
    hang u nul bim nida

  954. 954 : lea Says:

    kim jung hoon,




  955. 955 : liezl Says:

    kim jung hoon is
    so cute,
    and intelligent!
    with an iq of 146.

  956. 956 : megan Says:


    his so cute

    he is already 28 but he still look young!

    his talented too! he had a good voice

    the songs sakura tears, sirius,etc sang by him was so amazing

    he is totally hot


    kim jung hoon is the best

  957. 957 : chenez Says:

    you take my breath away!!

  958. 958 : Jessa Mae Says:

    Ur so cute. I watched Princess Hours coz I saw u n d advertisement. I was disappointed coz ur not the leading man but still Goong is my favorite. Every morning before our class, we always talk about the night’s episode. Hehe, we are your true fans. More powers. I hop wel b frenz. pls reply [email protected]

  959. 959 : gady Says:

    how are you today? i hope you’re fine there. ok how about your work?? hope you can do the best hehe same with your motto “do the best” ^_-
    take care

  960. 960 : eriza Says:

    hello how are you?
    i hope you’re fine there
    i want to be your bestfriend. i am eriza from indonesia,
    try to be the best in everything, hope your ambition could achieve and you get more success in your carrier and life.ok thanks for your attention good bye, see you, and take care ok! \(^_^)/

  961. 961 : gladys Says:

    I want 2 be ur frenz, please100x add me at [email protected]
    I very like u ……………..
    fanatic fans………..

  962. 962 : mary ann Says:

    wow.. u so cute..

  963. 963 : raiza Says:

    damn ur so cute!!i wish i could buy ur albums hir in our country :'(.. tC!!mwah!

  964. 964 : celo Says:

    hai kim jung hoon
    hope ur doing good!
    take care!
    have a great day!
    @[email protected]

  965. 965 : jugilda Says:

    hi jung hoon
    it’s me again, i’m just pass by to say
    hello and have a great day
    tace always and more power
    god bless

  966. 966 : inah Says:

    i can’t believe that u’r already 28… to be honest u don’t look like one… i also really hope that i can meet u when i come visit korea…

  967. 967 : Patricia Says:

    hi,,,kim jeong hoon,,,
    ,,i lyk u very much coz ur so cute,,,,
    ,,also think that ur so kind,,,
    ,,,bye for now….
    ,,,take care,,,
    ,,gud luck,,,,
    ,,luv yah,,,

  968. 968 : Frankie Says:

    KJH is the most talented, handsome singer actors I’ve seen in my life. Like most I love his sweet smile and elegant performances. He played the calm Yul perfectly, but from his constantly moving legs in some interviews I suspect he is usually impatient to get on with whatever he is doing. I hope he will have some time to relax and enjoy life now that the Japan tour and album are complete. I particularly love seeing his love for his mom – that really shows his true personality. I hope I see much more of his work in dramas and Asian music, and hopefully in the US.

  969. 969 : Rike Bong Says:

    because of Goong, I hate you know…Dun blame me, blame your character…but you are cute, though!! SMILE!!

  970. 970 : Löscher Says:

    Kim Jeong Hoon,
    i like yr songs n series. u r my role model.
    u r charm,cute n sign of purity. i hope u’ll be the best.
    i wanna see u . du bist mein liebsten Mann.Go for it!

  971. 971 : iaaknl Says:

    i don’t like your character in princess hours and witch yoo hee [you’re character only ok? :)]

  972. 972 : Norike Says:

    Hey, you are so cute, why you act as an as* hole in princess hours and witch yoo-hee….what a waste….next time, reject them who give you bad character okey…I want to try to like you….hahahhahaha…peace!

  973. 973 : butterfly Says:

    can i take you home even for 1 day? i really like ur smile…

  974. 974 : lady in luv Says:

    he is my boyfriend ok!!
    we go date together last week…

  975. 975 : iris Says:

    we very happy to see you in Israel

  976. 976 : liebing Says:

    I miss u my friend… keep smile okay ^_^
    I wish can see u soon. love u.

  977. 977 : Peng Says:

    Hi, i wish u all the best for your future…and always support you… 🙂

    If u have time please come and visit

    to meet your fans & pls have a read of the daily comments for you…

    All your fans deliver their love & support to you everyday…

    Take care 🙂

  978. 978 : nunu Says:

    i wish u all d best 4 ur future…

  979. 979 : Trinity Says:

    OMG!!!! U are the most cutest guy i have ever met!! I love you and will keep on supporting you! GO! GO! Fighthing! SARANGHAE!!!!!

  980. 980 : ailel Says:

    please visit us here in the philippines. many Filipinos are waiting for you…

  981. 981 : ashlee jade Says:

    hi your such a wonderful person!!we all wish
    hope u can vist here in phil.you act so professional!!
    im the 1 whoa dd u in friendster almost all of your account!!

  982. 982 : debbie Says:

    i like ur smile…

  983. 983 : leah lyn Says:

    can i be an ambitious woman?wanting you to be mine.
    Take care. Godbless.:-)

  984. 984 : yam yam Says:

    Jeong Hoo

    i love u very much. you are so cute and innocent.
    have a nice life and get many prize in your life.

    if u have a time, please reply to may mail.

  985. 985 : Jean Says:

    Dear John,

    Thank you for your participation in the recent fund raising concert in Japan for the China Earthquake.

    My sister-in-law and I like your performance in Goong very much. I wish you well in following your passion and your heart in pursuing this career.

    It’s absolutely a pleasure seeing your performance! Make more great dramas and sing more songs.

    Thank you and all the best
    Jean from Toronto, Canada

  986. 986 : hnincherry Says:

    I am your audience.
    I want your photo.
    Please to my gmail.

  987. 987 : hnincherry Says:

    I want your photo.
    Please send me to my gmail.
    [email protected]

  988. 988 : nay Says:

    wow! the way people talk about it sounds amazing. plus i think your s great person.. don’t let other people think otherwise or don’t listen… your just perfect!

  989. 989 : blackcherry Says:

    I like so much your acting and your style.
    I want to be a friend with you.
    If you want to be a friend with me, I request you to send your photos with cheerful smile to my g-mail ( [email protected])

  990. 990 : baby Says:

    Hi!everybody that love Joong hoon.I just want to say that i love his style his charactor his smile make me fall in love again and again.Wish all fan and Joong hoon have good luck and happy every day.^-^

  991. 991 : Sally Says:

    Falling in love with your voice and the way you sing LIVE
    I will get totally melt.
    Love your talent, voice , look and most of all sincerly to your fans
    Will always support you…

  992. 992 : dan Says:

    You been so hardworking… As just release your new 5th Single album
    I brought the album and all the 3 songs was great.
    You make me feel so worth it even I need to order them from Japan.
    Gan Ba Tei … Kim Jeong Hoon
    Show everyone what you can do and prove to everyone you can do it.

  993. 993 : Applelay Says:

    I would like to introduce to you.
    I am from myanmar.
    you and me are same religion.
    I would like to friend with you at online.
    I hope to—-

  994. 994 : jaejoongie Says:

    hi evry1 im new hre.jeong hun u r soo…kawai n hensem.hpe det u cum 2 malaysia n saranghayo.

  995. 995 : jaejoongie Says:

    hi evry1 im new hre.jeong hun u r soo…kawai n hensem.hpe det u cum 2 malaysia n sarangheyo.can’t wait 2 c ya.

  996. 996 : yunjae Says:

    annyiong haseyo i reli like watching u in princess hours n yuhee da witch.ur such a charming prince 2 me in goong n luv ur sweet smile.

  997. 997 : miyoon Says:

    jung hun i veri like ur acting n singing.2 me u r da most gentle n kind person.i oso like wachin u in love strategi wit vivian …!!u2 r so lovin in da drama.luv ya veri much n god bless u in wateva u do.all da best in ur career n dere4 i will oways rememba n supprt u.jung hun r da best n jia you.

  998. 998 : figgy Says:

    wo de oppah zhen shuin ni hao ma?wanna c u more in ur upcomin dramas n movies.wish u hapi always

    GUD LUCK!!!

  999. 999 : Vin C. Says:

    You’re so handsome and a you have an angelic face. Good luck and more t.v. series and movies to come. how i wish i could hug you. Vin- Philippines

  1000. 1000 : aubrey Says:

    marry me kim jeong hoon .. ahaha i love u

  1001. 1001 : aubrey Says:

    ur very good in acting and in singing too i want to meet u

  1002. 1002 : Princess Says:

    hello kim jeong hoon…..i love you…….can you marry me on my birthday?????

    (*,*) *Kim Jeong Hoon* my lover

  1003. 1003 : Saung Cherry Khine Says:

    I like your acting in Goong very much. And I like your song, too.

  1004. 1004 : Saung Cherry Khine Says:

    I want to know your gmail account, too. My gmail account is [email protected].
    Please invite me in google talk.

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    Hi, I’m from Myanmar. I’m Buddhist, too. I want to be a friend with you. Please invite my gmail account in google talk. My account is [email protected]. please invite in google talk with ‘ayemokhine’. Thank You.

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  1007. 1007 : Cherie Says:

    well, just wanna wish you all the best for your acting ahead! you look really charming! haha!

  1008. 1008 : rho Says:

    most handsome korean actor.
    hope to see him here in Philippines!

  1009. 1009 : Pye Pye Thein Says:

    I want to know Kim Jeong Hoo`s mail address.
    Can you reply to me above mail address.

  1010. 1010 : Pye Pye Thein Says:

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    My gmail is [email protected] . My age is 17.
    bye bye!!! good luck!!!
    Please accept my wishes from above, ok?

  1016. 1016 : than than win Says:

    How are you? I love you very much. You are very handsome. I invite you to come Myanmar. I like your movie, your performance, your smile face, your song. We haven’t met in this life, but we meet another and I hope. Please send me a mail to my account [email protected]. I hope your return mail.

  1017. 1017 : Twin Says:

    I like very much your acting.I an myanmar girl.I want to invite your mail.
    Please can you invite to me ?My account [email protected]
    I waiting for your invite.I want to be friend with kim.

  1018. 1018 : punk_101 Says:

    kim i really like ur performance in goong
    i know evrybody else does
    too bad there is no part 2
    hope seeing u in another tv drama
    series coz i know u will rock ur acting career again

    wish u all the best

    arianna as punk_101

  1019. 1019 : butterfly Says:

    hey! Kim Jung has a new tv series.. together with other country.. Taiwanese or chinese? i think chinese…

    when will be your next korean tv series???

    i will for it for sure..

    hope GOONG will have a continuation… together with Eun Hye and Ju Ji Hoon

  1020. 1020 : g u r b e t Says:

    john-hoon inşallah bir gün türkiyeyi ziyaret edersin.türkiyeye gelipde istanbulu görmek olmaz bu arada…. I LOVE KİM JEONG HOON……………………………………BYE……………………………

  1021. 1021 : noh.mon1 Says:

    Hello ,
    I am very for I know u r buddhist. May u always peace and heapy.

  1022. 1022 : rachel Says:

    kim jung hoon is SO HOT.
    not that great of an actor though. but it’s ok.
    come to new york city?? i would so go to a concert of his

  1023. 1023 : Mary Beth Says:

    ., ei mr. singer! you rock!

  1024. 1024 : tirah Says:

    kim jeong hoon…..ur so cute…ops,my name is tirah..im from malaysia…have u go there?if not,i hope u can come here as im really like u since i saw u in goong as prince yul…i like ur character..u look very cute..ur 2nd drama that i like is witch amusement…but u are cruel in that drama..nevermind,u still look cute in that character…BASHA!!

  1025. 1025 : Quinn Says:

    hey guys! annyong hashimnikka!

    can you guys help me get over 4000 comments under Song Hye Gyo’s name? if you dont know her….or havent heard of her then thats fine
    just so long as you leave a msg…anything

    just look for her name on side list!….i would really appreciate it….and you will be blessed with goodluck!


  1026. 1026 : punk_101 Says:


    KIM how ARE you I HOPE you ARE fine
    i HAVE one QUESTION 4 now WHEN do YOU
    think U will HAVE a girlfriend
    I hope soon
    pls. reply asap

  1027. 1027 : özlem Says:

    hi! I am özlem can you help me please ımmm what happened ? and where are you from

  1028. 1028 : seren Says:

    yul seni çoooooooooook

  1029. 1029 : zu zin htet (zinnia) Says:

    I like u very much because u r so cute.

  1030. 1030 : ela Says:

    çok güzel sesi var

  1031. 1031 : !!!hatice!!! Says:


  1032. 1032 : Ayeaung Says:

    i love u cuz u r very handsome

  1033. 1033 : Laarni frofunga.. Says:

    ^ ^hello!!
    You look great Kim..I love your performance,,your acting,,and much more..
    I love you… wish to see you soon here in Philippines!!

    it’s me,

  1034. 1034 : L.O.V.E Says:

    hye handsome!!see you at malaysia….

  1035. 1035 : rosa Says:

    hiiiiiiiii john hoon i ‘m a big faaan of urs i recently watched ur movie princess hour nd i m crazy abt u ………..u loook really cute no wonder u r a gr8 singer nd an actor……. all the best 4 d future john hpe u respone bye …t.c…..

  1036. 1036 : sassy girl Says:

    hi………….!!!! i’m yanaliah your big fan as you know.i hope can see you at malaysia one day.i like your perfomance and acting.i hope you can accept me as your little sister and i like your style hair.you so……… cute when you smile and laugh.my friend Syazwani said,you not handsome and bad guy in the world cause she jealouse that i’m your big fan.don’t be angry because i’m still your little sister and your fan.

  1037. 1037 : kim jeong hoon Says:

    i love u handsome.go to my email [email protected]

  1038. 1038 : Ierne Says:

    You are cool. Go to my email [email protected]

  1039. 1039 : lemon Says:

    hi kim…its me,lemon…i juz want to say ur a sooooo cuuuuuteeee like a gurlz(my cousin say that)…he3…
    add me,sent me mail and most of all have a successful career in the future…c ur soon…

  1040. 1040 : Eirich Says:

    soooo cute 😀

  1041. 1041 : michiyo Says:

    hi john…you r so cute…luve ya…

  1042. 1042 : michiyo Says:

    i want to know ya..it’s my [email protected]

  1043. 1043 : Christine Says:

    I like your movie very much .Hope u can email me your photo and list of drama. T.Q

  1044. 1044 : lena Says:

    i love you very very muck muck

  1045. 1045 : lynda Says:

    lurve u so mmmuucchh!!!
    u are so cute ..

  1046. 1046 : monmon Says:

    i appreciate u very much. i want u to reply me . i like u style

  1047. 1047 : monmon Says:

    i love u

  1048. 1048 : pretty_jo Says:

    saranghae!!!love u so much…u are my idol and iam a big fan of yours…..

  1049. 1049 : naraa Says:

    I love you kim jung hoon

  1050. 1050 : kdrama lover Says:

    I like your acting in Goong and Witch amusement. What will be your next drama? I am looking forward to it.

  1051. 1051 : kdrama lover Says:

    I am glad to see you acting in a leading role of a Chinese drama, Love Strategy, filmed in Shanghai China. This drama is fun. You and the leading actress, Vivian Hsu, make a lovely couple.

  1052. 1052 : aye aye paing Says:

    i miss him

  1053. 1053 : september Says:

    You are so cute whenever you laugh.You are my uptown boy.If you read my comment,please reply to me…

  1054. 1054 : crystal Says:

    ur so cute and handsome!!!! hehehe….
    i love persons like you…
    well good luck in your carrer!!!
    well i hope i can see you in person…
    Co’z idol kita e…. gusto ko talaga ang mga taong katulad mo.

  1055. 1055 : crystal Says:

    kiiiiiiiim…………. good luck
    ..i really like you………..hehehehehehe!!!

  1056. 1056 : kayzee Says:

    just dropping by to say ‘HI!’
    you’re very talented actor and i’m looking forward to see more of your shows and movies…
    hope you will have the chance to visit our country-Philippines…
    it’s a nice country, nice people, and a lot of fans waiting for you…
    by the way, have you got friendster, multiply, imeem or even yahoo mail account?
    just add me up if you want…
    [email protected]… tnx!
    god bless
    and keep up the good work!

  1057. 1057 : ask__meleği Says:

    bana e-mail adresini gönderirsen çok sevinirim şeker çocuk ok do you understand me kim jeong hoon

  1058. 1058 : ask__meleği Says:

    I am live in Turkey. I am waiting you here. You must come to the Turkey because we are love you much. you are very very very sweet. ok. I love you juvenescent. tangshin-i cho-a-yo

  1059. 1059 : betül Says:

    ı love you .(turkey)prince hours kim jeong hoon ı love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  1060. 1060 : win thiri Says:

    I am your audience. You so cute.You will be successful in your future. See you again… Bye….

  1061. 1061 : Ye' Than Lwin Says:

    brother John-hoon very lovely boy. I remenber.

  1062. 1062 : amber Says:

    hi jeong hoon.nice to meet u ^^.i hop u come to melaka because i and my friend want to see u.i love u because u so cute in the princess hour ^^.thank you ^^.

  1063. 1063 : martha Says:

    Hello John Hoon:

    I love your music and your acting, i’m looking for your music but it’s a little difficult because i live in mexico, but it doesn’t matter i’ll find a way.

  1064. 1064 : Nes Says:

    You’re cute and handsome. You’ve got tantalizing eyes! More power, more movies/drama series. You’re a good actor. Keep it up you’ll go a long long way. I love you. God bless. . .

  1065. 1065 : puk_101 Says:

    hi kim!!!
    i hope your doing well i love your new album
    hope you will make another one soon
    i love your new drama too love stratregy
    hope you wil make another korean series soon!!
    i wish you will be sucessful in your career!!
    I LOVE YOU!! with the best of luck
    love manal email me as soon you read this
    [email protected]

  1066. 1066 : [email protected] Says:

    u r my life

  1067. 1067 : d3w1 Says:

    Hi Kim..
    I hope one day I can met you… 8)

  1068. 1068 : Dhira JGS Says:

    I hope one day…i can met you..n i miss u…you are handsome n cute etc…

  1069. 1069 : Dhira JGS Says:

    Hai kim…
    Ih…you are very..very…very handsome…aDd me in [email protected]

  1070. 1070 : Dhira JGS Says:

    Hai kim…
    Ih…you are very..very…very handsome…aDd me in [email protected] 🙂

  1071. 1071 : Violet Says:

    Hi Kim, I just watched your Princess hours teleserye but felt sooooooo sad because i wanted the princess to end up with you…

    i hope to see more Korean Teleserye but please be the lead role, ok?

    May God bless you more…

  1072. 1072 : Snow Says:

    good acting, great voice and very soft,…you are so popular 🙂 .. best of all…
    no hoping to see, cuz you too popular 🙂 … but still i wish can meet you one day… have a little talk …:) hiii i know silly thinking 🙂 ..

    good luck 🙂


  1073. 1073 : Snow Says:

    good acting, great voice and very soft,…you are so popular .. best of all…
    no hoping to see, cuz you too popular … but still i wish can meet you one day… have a little talk …:) hiii i know silly thinking ..

    good luck


    [email protected]

  1074. 1074 : juliemae Says:

    from philippines here…

    ang gwapo mo… troy in

    princess hours,,,,,


  1075. 1075 : janelle Says:

    love you kim jeong hoon……..!number one….

  1076. 1076 : amber Says:

    LOVE U ^^

  1077. 1077 : tina Says:

    haloooo…… you kim john hoon,,,,im jjust dropping by to say helow…. hope you could come here in the philippines…all of you the cast of goong…..by the way im tina…..and my friends and i says…”I LOVE U” because your a good actor inthe movie…. once again “HI”and “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”…….hehehehe bye,bye…:)

  1078. 1078 : cathy_cute Says:

    hi mr. kim jeong hoon!!!your so very cute and handsome…jeje..i hope that i have a chance to see you in person…i really like your eyes..they’re very attractive..jeje..love you..muaaahh!!?jeje

  1079. 1079 : cathy_cute Says:

    hi again..jejeje..i like also your song “now and forever”!!!!very meaningful and inspiring….hope that you will have a new drama series because all your fans are very excited about it….love yah….muaaahhhHH!!!stay cute…:-)

  1080. 1080 : kylie--glee Says:

    hey, love your character in goong!!
    FYI,your 1 of my friend’s biggest idols!!

  1081. 1081 : irene Says:

    i love you…

  1082. 1082 : mysteriousgirl Says:

    nang luspad man k dong ur so very ugly hope that u will visit our country philipihnes

  1083. 1083 : sitta Says:

    i like him so much…..


  1084. 1084 : cutiegirl Says:


    your so cute guy!!!

    love your show….

  1085. 1085 : nornie Says:

    hi!im your #1 fan im kim salameda youre very talented and handsome like a rose.i wish i can go to korea so that i can see you in personal.and your so cute.i love you muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.tnx god bless and i wish you’ll have a healthy body.bye

  1086. 1086 : UN? Says:

    saranghamnida kjh!!
    do come to malaysia..huhu
    love u..

  1087. 1087 : yahe Says:

    konnichiwa 🙂

    you really have a sweet voice…i really love listening to your songs, especially “NOW AND FOREVER”…

    and you are also a good actor… 🙂 ….everybody here loves you

    your no.1 fan
    yahe =)

  1088. 1088 : APRILIA HESTIKA RINI Says:

    anyiong hamansenka,kim jung hoon hello how are you salam kenal ya? dariku’ to de point ‘ja ya eh soal lagunya km aku suka lho? pa-lgi klow main film tambah seneng deh.??? I LOVE KIM JUNG HOON.4EVER.LOVE,LOVE YOUUUUUUL, THanks yous

  1089. 1089 : cathy_cute Says:

    hi?!!!gud eve kim jeong hoon……………
    by the way happy birthday 2 you and more birthdays to come……
    lov yah

  1090. 1090 : momomiko10 Says:

    u a the most hot korean guys eva..

  1091. 1091 : Emine Says:

    Hi..Happy 29th Birthday wish you all the best like Dramas alot its one of the best shows in A long time keep up the good work. 🙂 😉

  1092. 1092 : Aida Says:

    Hi Kim Jeong Hoon! Happy 29 th Birthday, You are good job with drama and movie…. Good Heart and Dream with star 😀

  1093. 1093 : icka Says:

    just wanna be u’r friend…

  1094. 1094 : kwok wen fie Says:

    Hiii…happy bday to u…may budha bless u.

  1095. 1095 : fereshteh Says:

    (in the name of GOD)hi i know its late but happy birthday to you i wish and want God to help you in your life your a grate actor and singer maybe one day i can meet you i dont know you will read my massage or not but i want you to know that you are like a big brother for me .all of us will have happy life if we choose true way in our life i belive that you can be allways happy then please please please be always happy because of your self and your parents.buy my brother (fereshteh from iran)

  1096. 1096 : thuzar Says:

    nice to meet you. i love you so much.
    [email protected]

  1097. 1097 : MaRwHa Says:

    Assalamualaikum….Hy…aku suka banget peran kami di princess hours

  1098. 1098 : MaRwHa Says:


    I HopE oNe Day…
    I CaN mEet You…
    I LikE yOu….
    BeCausE yOu MY pRinCe…

  1099. 1099 : KimLover Says:

    i am so in love with you,,,,

  1100. 1100 : Arlyn Says:

    Been wanting to know how I would be able to greet you on your birthday and just found this site. Not even sure if you visit this site but anyways, belated Happy Birthday and I hope that you enjoyed your day. Your birthday is just two days after mine and therefore, no way I would forget your b-day. Unfortunately, I can’t find any of your music CD’s here in California so I’m asking my cousins and friends from Philippines to send me the CD’s and hopefully a poster too. My daughter and I just loved Princess Hours. We watch it over and over again. She likes YEH a lot. I think that you’re a great actor and a great singer. I love your retro songs like “Lately” and “Now and Forever”. I love listening to your Japanese songs too although I don’t understand the lyrics. I really need to thank my co-worker who introduced Korean dramas to me. If not for her, I won’t know that someone who is so talented like you exist. Just take care and God Bless!

  1101. 1101 : norra Says:

    hi I love u so much

  1102. 1102 : aty Says:

    hello how are you ..?

  1103. 1103 : meemee Says:

    hi,, i like u. Have a nice day
    i hope u will read my massage

  1104. 1104 : Niki Says:

    wow!he has so many fans!

  1105. 1105 : annie Says:

    ur sooooooooooo cute!

  1106. 1106 : likiyoko Says:

    I just wanna know how did you got soooo famous and how did you become all this… Well please I just want you to reply maybe to meet with you and discuss about how you end up on a major front page well just connect with me at [email protected]

  1107. 1107 : angel Says:

    hello kim jeong hoon. You much handsome. I love you. Are you from turkey. You please come here. good by

  1108. 1108 : annie Says:

    hey hope ur doing great…..m one of ur fan from across da globe, Nagaland i.e, in India……ur quite popular in our land…i know its almost impossible for u to do this,as u already have so many fans, but i wish u could just mail me back if its possible…i’ll b too happy….my mail address is [email protected]..life’s best to u….KEEP SMILING & always remember dat U R VERY SPECIAL!

  1109. 1109 : sghaery Says:

    pls take gd care of ur health n i really wish to get ur email..
    cos had made sm slides for u..^^..
    KIM JEONG HOON IS D BEST..!!^^!!..

    i m a malaysian who located bside singapore..~
    i saw u in singapore ‘s show few years ago..
    u r really cute….^^..!!..

    밥이나 잘 챙겨먹고 다녀요.~
    당신을 감사하십시오..~!!

    All d best..=)

  1110. 1110 : Noon Says:

    Hello !!
    My dearest John,
    I am one of your fans, as other people say you are so cute. I wish you to be more successful in the future. Although I have never seen you at outside, I feel that my soul is always beside you. If possible, I wanna see you even once in a while.
    Yours sincerely,

  1111. 1111 : hanekus Says:

    I wish you could held a live concert in Hungary too, your voice is soo great, thank godness we can hear and see you through the internet 🙂

  1112. 1112 : christal Says:

    i love you……….everyone already said those words so……for uniqueness……. take care coz i care………..

  1113. 1113 : Lya Says:

    i Love You “Kim Jeong Hoon”

  1114. 1114 : honey Says:

    hey i love u so much.u r innocent and i like ur babe face.try more!cheers

  1115. 1115 : kenei Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wel m kenei 4rm nagaland i,e. India. wel i rely luv d way you carry every role so smoothly!! N i like you a lot. wish i 2o was a korean. wud ve got the opportunity to see you,but everything we want cannot be made true. if ever you get a little time for your fans mail me too([email protected]). wana be your friend. neways wish you a happy and successful life!!!!!!!!! Far love n hugs. lotsa love!!!!!!!!!!!! tak care! bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  1116. 1116 : fathin Says:

    i’m one of your miliion fan..
    i like watching u in every part in your movie or drama
    especially in princess hour(goong)
    you look like totolly like prince…
    love u..
    i’m waiting for u next acting…

  1117. 1117 : honeyMolina Says:

    I really really love you so much……………………………………………….I really admire your baby face…ahah…….Godbless

  1118. 1118 : sghaery Says:

    pls take gd care of ur health n i really wish to get ur email..
    cos I had made sm slides for u..^^..
    KIM JEONG HOON IS D BEST..!!^^!!..

    i stay in malaysia who located bside singapore..~
    i saw u in singapore ’s show few years ago..
    u r really cute….^^..!!..

    밥이나 잘 챙겨먹고 다녀요.~
    당신을 감사하십시오..~!!

    All d best..=)

    (from Malaysia)

  1119. 1119 : Raegal Says:

    Ur Smile is soooooooooooooooooo cute…….. and so u are.
    alwayz keep smiling………..

  1120. 1120 : karla Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon im one of your number one fan.
    im from phils. to 🙂

    hope we can meet sooner,

    take care!

  1121. 1121 : andrylene Says:

    helow how are you i can see in person

  1122. 1122 : andrylene Says:

    helow saranghey!!!!!!

  1123. 1123 : andrylene Says:

    helow how are you i hope i saw you in person mhuahhhh….

  1124. 1124 : jezza Says:

    your melting me
    oh’ GOD!
    i h0pe you read this
    i like you soo much
    you’r soow cute

  1125. 1125 : berfin Says:

    slm john hoon ben berfin istanbuldan istanbul aa gelip konser vermenii istiyorummm???????????????:D:D:D

  1126. 1126 : akane Says:

    just want to say that your a good actor,,you got the looks and the talent…keep it up,,what’s best to do? acting or singing? guess you did great in both area…

  1127. 1127 : rimau99 Says:

    u’re sooooooo cute.. 🙂
    i can’t even hate u as Yul in Goong, even that u’re a little cruel there ! 🙂

  1128. 1128 : Vilomi Says:

    u r very talented,cute.
    The best movie of u r’s which i like is goong.U look very cutein that movie, even all my cousin’s r craz about u

  1129. 1129 : yoon eun hye Says:

    my name is yoon eun hye
    my friend is kim jeong hoon
    owww beatfull website nice to meet you

  1130. 1130 : marivic Says:

    hi..im marivic from philippines..
    i hope we can meet in person..
    always take care and god bless..

  1131. 1131 : raden erni syahira Says:

    hello,nice to meet you.

  1132. 1132 : moon Says:

    hi i love you so much sometime i must come from korea to meet you i am myanmar girl

  1133. 1133 : mohaddi Says:

    I wonder when read your date of birth…..
    I think you must be younger….
    good luck.

  1134. 1134 : audrey Says:

    najis ganteng banget jadi orang haha and oh yea i agree with mohaddi, you must be younger dude 😀 can’t believe that you’re 29 years old waaa

  1135. 1135 : vivian Says:

    hi!! im vivian!! i like you!!!!!!!!
    i hope someday you can recognize me!!! iloveyou

  1136. 1136 : princess Says:

    hi…I’m Putri from Indonesia………
    heemm….kim jung hoon…u are so cute…. ^^,

  1137. 1137 : princess Says:

    hi….kim jung hoon…u are so cute…charming…and nice…. luv u…

  1138. 1138 : princess Says:


  1139. 1139 : yOuR fAnS Says:

    I very happy watch you in BBF……..
    Your acting is very gooooooooodddd
    I love u 4ever….

  1140. 1140 : Bella Says:

    you must be 10 years younger than your age.. 🙂

  1141. 1141 : La-la Says:

    hi… o-genki???
    i think…
    you is cute man
    oh…i’m lala from Indonesia

  1142. 1142 : Kokoro Says:

    yay i have the same birthday as you! 😀 and Princess Hours rock! 😀
    [you rock too!]

  1143. 1143 : iz Says:


  1144. 1144 : Tata Noble Says:

    Hi there, this is from the Phils. my name is Tata Noble… So handsome as you are always be.. Very nice man & so gentle… Hope to see you in the Phil…. Luv yah

  1145. 1145 : jonEa Says:

    how cute you are kim jeong hoon,, i lup you so much..
    i want to see you face to face..
    i almost crazy if i see you in ur drama..
    saranghaeyo oppa^^,

  1146. 1146 : gala Says:

    John Hoon forever!!
    i love his voice, his eyes n his acting
    He is fascinating. I hope to see him in role of strange, Janus-faced n smart person. hehe… someone like Eugeniy Onegin may be? оr someone like Urahara ))))

  1147. 1147 : fazlina Says:

    hai kim,how are u there in korean,i m from malaysia l like u actor drama yuhee and princess hours it intention outside there.i support u anything drama…pasah

  1148. 1148 : mayu Says:

    i just love you!!!!

  1149. 1149 : amber Says:

    hi jeong hoon^_^
    i wish u came to Melaka ok

  1150. 1150 : ezaty Says:

    hai kim..ur cute boy..he6.first,i like your acting in yoo hee,witch dramas series.i hope ur happy always in your life.last says GO GO chaiyok!!! kim.

  1151. 1151 : arezou Says:

    hi,good luck!!!
    im from iran.

  1152. 1152 : mia Says:

    loving you 4ever,….i wanna be your girlfriend…i think it just my dream……………..hiks

  1153. 1153 : ika Says:

    i love u
    salam manis from indonesia

  1154. 1154 : syahida Says:

    I would love to promote our malaysian beautiful film..talentime!!! u will love the film once u watch it…directed by yasmin ahmad..I think u got the beautiful personality..I am civil engineering student from Malaysia..

  1155. 1155 : dinda Says:

    luv u. . . .

    hhe. . .

  1156. 1156 : lala Says:

    Hi….when your’s next project ????

  1157. 1157 : lia Says:

    hi..yul goon ups… I mean Kim Jeong Hoon (KJH) , luv ur acting at the Princess Hours. Kisses…from Indonesia!!

  1158. 1158 : minozer Says:

    Annyong jeong hoon oppa ^*^ I love ur acting in princess hours… Wish to see ur next drama like princess hours… Fighting ^o^//

  1159. 1159 : DoDo Says:

    I Love you so much.

  1160. 1160 : selena Says:

    my little prince… always be strong, be happy! I love ur acting at the Prince Hous…wish to meet KJH in real life *-*

  1161. 1161 : deniz Says:

    ı love you , you are very hondsome. we are waiting in türkiye. Do you know türkiye

  1162. 1162 : syahida Says:

    Hi, there!!! hope u still remeber me…but I don’t think u read this message…I’m the one who promotes the talentime movie directed by yasmin ahmad..have u watch it or not? I would like to suggest a song titled I go written by pete teo..a great song writer and singer from Malysia..it’s REALLY touching u know….spend your leisure time listen to his song…kamsa hamida!! so long…..

  1163. 1163 : Liz Says:

    Hey ur are from the movie from princess hour u look good ^_^

  1164. 1164 : dechen Says:

    really nice actin in goong best of luck 4 more

  1165. 1165 : BlOsOm Says:

    HeY u SiNg I NeVeR HeAr u SiNg BeFoRe LoL

  1166. 1166 : selena Says:

    Late at night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of you, and I wish on the star, at somewhere you are thinking of me, too… good luck and God bless you!

  1167. 1167 : dzuvia Says:

    you’re the best actor…!
    you’re the best actor…!
    you’re the best actor…!
    you’re the best actor…!
    you’re the best actor…!

  1168. 1168 : kalakerinos Says:

    you are really like a prince.i hope you’ll be well-known not only in korea but also in world products.good luck to you in whole life.

  1169. 1169 : angela Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon..
    i watch you in youtube and based on my observation,you are a excellent actor,model as well as singer…
    aside from that you are very smart…whenever you joined in a game shows,you always win…
    you even know many languages from other countries!!
    you1re once in a blue moon!!
    you`re very handsome…
    please have a concert in philippines..
    you`re very famous here.

    i just want you to know that even you are know in army ,i will still support you..
    i know that you will be in army for two years…
    i hope,when you get out in armyy,i can see you in person…
    i wish you good health and sucess…
    take care
    —-from: philippines

  1170. 1170 : chasel Says:

    i will wait for two years,so that at that time you are not in army..
    you`re very smart and handsome..
    please visit philippines and have a concert here..
    take care and god bless..

  1171. 1171 : shirley jackson Says:

    Hello! John Hoon anyonghaseyo chagya!!!
    You are my favorite korean actor, I really admire you so much
    I hope that you stay handsome and enhance more on your acting skills,
    Sarangheyo oppah… Yongwoni…

  1172. 1172 : kim.i.am Says:


  1173. 1173 : iris Says:

    Most of the asians like u. I m buddhist, too.
    U are the best,anyway I m waiting for your acting in movies.

  1174. 1174 : Julia Says:

    We all are hopping to your visit to country Myanmar.
    Myanmar is the best buddhist region country. Come and seek out our warm, interesting culture and i believe u’ll find happy, openhearted and kind heart of myanmar people and beautiful, pleasant sences.
    Always Warmly Welcome from our Myanmar!!!!

  1175. 1175 : samy lizeth cruz valderrama Says:

    안녕하세요 친구가 내 이름은 샘 페루 대학생의 석회의 부서에서 당신은 내가 당신 팬이 이후로 난 16 난 항상 내 생각에 나는 당신의 모든 소설, 연속극, 비디오, 본 건 당신이 알고 싶은 살고있다는 나는 그것을 즐길 많이 날 20 년 전, 일 te kiero 하니까요 당신은 모르겠지만 Maximo 나는 귀하의 이메일에있다 희망이 희망이 언젠가는 무도병 여행 Talves 또는 오지 jajaja셔서 가는데, 당신을 볼 수 잃진 않았 깊은 감상 남았 chauuu 길에서는 조심 besitos bebe.

  1176. 1176 : supriya Says:

    HEY Kim Jeong Hoon ,ur really handsum and sexy
    I was a huge fan of urs since Goong released n i started watching it.
    Missed u n Saranghae oppa!!:)
    Do well on military and come back soon.

  1177. 1177 : Strawberry_cashews16 Says:

    Is he the one who is in the bad wife korean movie??

  1178. 1178 : Tsurara Says:

    I love him. period. I hope to see him more after he’s released of the army or that thing

  1179. 1179 : efryll Says:

    did any of these korean actors and actresses ever read our comments? hehe… just asking, anyway, this guy is really cute and a good actor, oh i had this funny story, once i put his picture in my friendster account as my primary pic, after a day or two, there’s this hot girl asking me out because she thinks i was him and told me i’m cute and she’s interested… it was funny and scary… hehehe

  1180. 1180 : nhezxiie Says:

    y0u kn0w i saw u b4 but in a far b’coz iv’e been in korean ehe your my crush super crush but i know its so big wishes to be your wife someday 😀 but not imposible your a human and i am too so why not right i just wanna say hope i met and talk to you when i visit there 🙂 bi go si f .. sarang hae yo ..

  1181. 1181 : larz Says:

    i love you forever!!!!!!!!!!

  1182. 1182 : paul Says:

    I idolized you so much and I really love you in Princess hours ./,.’;'[I’m waiting to your next korean movie and sooner can be watch here in phillipines,.// thank you,/”hoping to your reply./,

  1183. 1183 : Norme Says:


    Love your acting in Goong..similar with my love life…Keep acting…keep fighting..Stay well and don’t stop …life is too short to waste…So what’s your new project…when…where….oh so much to ask…

  1184. 1184 : coralou Says:

    hello! i have watched your drama goong and i love the story. i just hope that the producer of the said drama will make a sequel to it with the same cast. and hope to see you in some future korean drama.

    have a blessed christmas & a prosperous new year!

  1185. 1185 : cookie58 Says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year….

  1186. 1186 : april Says:

    Love watching “PRINCESS HOURS” It’s cute of you to tell them you love her in the movie and hope one day I get to see you?:]

  1187. 1187 : atiqah Says:

    you are very cute.hope you can be my friend

  1188. 1188 : hoeyrose Says:

    your so cute??? i dont think so…

    your NOT cute!!! remember it…

  1189. 1189 : kherene Says:

    ..honestly your gorgeous..

    …go go go!!!!

  1190. 1190 : zohreh Says:

    hi,im from another far country,please tel me how can i send email for kim jeong hoon,this is my email address:[email protected]
    i should do it,please do me this favor every one who can.

  1191. 1191 : dhebbie2t Says:

    yah he’s cute
    missed you seeing on TV

  1192. 1192 : azi Says:

    hi jeong
    u r so cute & handsome i think:*

  1193. 1193 : azi Says:

    salam zohreh
    age natijeii gerefti be manam begoo;)
    khabaresho too haminja bem bede

  1194. 1194 : Leila Says:

    anehaseyo jeong hoon!
    my sweet one! my love! my dear fellow!
    u are very very fascinating.
    i like your acting in drama goong very much…i love your smile, ilove your facial expression,i love your kindness too…
    u are very handsome and very attractive…
    your eyes is charming.
    my dream prince!,u are my soul tranquil and u are my hearth repose …
    day and night think to u.
    my honey! Happy birth day to u…
    iam poet and writter from Iran_tehran,…
    i hope u can come to iran together sung il gook,25february 2010..
    u are in my heart for ever…i love u…ilove u…ilove u…..aniyo my darling.

  1195. 1195 : tara Says:

    hi honey
    happy birth day to u
    ilove u
    iam from iran

  1196. 1196 : bathrooms Says:

    Took me ages to find this post, this time I’ll bookmark it.

  1197. 1197 : zara Says:

    happy brthdy sweet hear

    i am a big fan of u,and i really love u
    i wish i could come to korea & see u there
    u r so handsome and i really like your acting in drama goong

    luv uuuuuu honey

  1198. 1198 : ani Says:

    hi,im from another far country,please tel me how can i send email for kim jeong hoon,this is my email address:[email protected]
    i should do it,please do me this favor every one who can.

  1199. 1199 : aza Says:


    hey ani if u can found a mail to connect with jeong plz tell me

    [email protected]


  1200. 1200 : rhesan... Says:

    hi john hoon your so cute,,,,
    hope you go here in the philippines,,
    i saw you in “goong”
    princess hours in the Philippines,,,

  1201. 1201 : sima and prastoo Says:

    we really love your voice.your voice is great and really good actor too.we abig fan of you.good luck the girles from iran

  1202. 1202 : armaghan Says:

    Hi,You are a great player.I love your movies.You have many fans in Iran.I’d &others like you come here to Iran.How can i call you????

  1203. 1203 : armaghan Says:

    By the way,Happy brithday.I have found your site today & become aware that 20 jan is your brithday.I love you &waiting for reply in my mail.Best wishes…

  1204. 1204 : armaghan Says:

    My mail is [email protected] waiting for reply thank’s…

  1205. 1205 : jhoane Says:

    Miss you Prince Troy… !!!

  1206. 1206 : suhki Says:

    How are doing in the army? STAY SAFE & WE WILL SEE YOU IN A NEW DRAMA SOON. Sacramento, California awaits your return to the SCREEN.

  1207. 1207 : efryll Says:

    what is he doing in the army????

  1208. 1208 : Taraneh Says:

    I lately became familiar with Mr. Kim Jeong Hoon.
    i wanna say i wish you be successful in anything that you do, but you know i got amazed by this fact that korean people always seems to be younger than they are , i mean when i first saw you on TV screen i thought you are younger than me ! i was born in 1988 !!!! this is so funny !!!!!!!!! i wish you have a good time.
    if anyone wanted to tell his or her idea about iranians send me an email please.
    good luck

  1209. 1209 : afsaneh-i am iranian Says:

    love love love love love and kissssssssssss.

  1210. 1210 : aiida Says:

    i love you you are handsome man i am iranian

  1211. 1211 : youka Says:

    you’re hansamu boy…..
    you very cuuuuuuuuuutttteeeeee…………….

  1212. 1212 : youka Says:

    you’re hansamu boy…..
    you very cuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttteeeeeee…..

  1213. 1213 : Maryam & Mandana Says:

    we really want to know why you are in army?
    by the way we love you. we hope you be succeed any where you are! & we are iranian!
    send us a message!

  1214. 1214 : solanje Says:

    u r the best ,
    u r the one ,
    i realy love u dear john hoon
    i hope to see u

    be happy

  1215. 1215 : Maryam & Mandana Says:

    i have something to say!!!!
    do you really read these comments??
    can you realize that we are in Iran??
    any way we love you!

  1216. 1216 : ct yul Says:

    wow..u just got many fans..well,u deserve to get them..,hope u hepi all da ways u are.

  1217. 1217 : joyjoy Says:

    love your acting in goong.,.,.first time i saw you in that tv series i got starstrucked.,.,hope you will get another break.,.,

  1218. 1218 : solanje Says:

    saranghamnida………………………………….. I love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  1219. 1219 : solanje Says:

    ****** I love your song Parrot ******

  1220. 1220 : solanje Says:


  1221. 1221 : Negin Says:

    my name is negin.I am from iran Shiraz.I love you.
    The best Kim Jeong Joon.

  1222. 1222 : Sara Says:

    Chinja mochin namja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1223. 1223 : Sara Says:

    You have many fans in Uzbekistan. You are my destiny!

  1224. 1224 : shadi Says:

    hi dear john.how are you? i’m an iranian girl… i saw u in princes hours. i’m 18 years old & i was born in january just like u… this is my email:[email protected] & [email protected]…but i don’t khnow your email
    i think you are perfect…تو را بخاطر دوست داشتن دوست می دارم…. تو را به جای همه ی روزگارانی که نمی زیسته ام دوست می دارم

  1225. 1225 : shadi Says:

    hi dear john.how are you? i’m an iranian girl… i saw u in princes hours. i’m 18 years old & i was born in january just like u… this is my email: [email protected] & [email protected]…but i don’t know your email
    i think you are perfect…تو را بخاطر دوست داشتن دوست می دارم…. تو را به جای همه ی روزگارانی که نمی زیسته ام دوست می دارم

  1226. 1226 : niloo Says:

    love you so much, wish you luck!

  1227. 1227 : thae`lay Says:

    hi hi

    사 랑 해 요

  1228. 1228 : thae`lay Says:

    hi hi

  1229. 1229 : cha Says:

    Hello, Kim Jeong Hoon..

    I watch Goong over and over again,
    I really like your acting and your style there
    miss u in the next tv series or movie…

    keep fight !! :B

    from Indonesia

  1230. 1230 : elham Says:

    hi,i cant believe your age.ulook so young.u look handsome.am from iran.is it possible to answer me

  1231. 1231 : solanje Says:

    * I love your song *

  1232. 1232 : solanje Says:

    * saranghamnida *

  1233. 1233 : solanje Says:

    Good Luck & always be happy

  1234. 1234 : solanje Says:

    I miss u…

  1235. 1235 : solanje Says:

    Hi dear john hoon
    How are u today?
    I’m thinking, will you read this page?
    I hope you read it

  1236. 1236 : solanje Says:

    *You are always in my mind*

  1237. 1237 : dikla ben david Says:

    Hi i love your face i think you are a beauty person and a good actor i want to visit korea . i like dramas korea . good luck .oopa.

  1238. 1238 : solanje Says:

    * Can’t Live Without Your Song *

  1239. 1239 : aiida Says:

    hi hi i love love love you i hope you read this page do you read ??
    i am from iran we love you we love goong i love korea i love too so much

  1240. 1240 : solanje Says:

    Hmmmmmmmm……….. How can i meet u ??!!?!

  1241. 1241 : solanje Says:

    *AlwAyS I LoVe U*

  1242. 1242 : farzaneh Says:

    hello* i love korea and korean actors and actresses
    i saw you in princes hours
    i hope you will be successful
    i am an iranian girl and i am 16

  1243. 1243 : solanje Says:

    miss u prince hoon…

  1244. 1244 : farnaz Says:

    hi,mr.kim jeong hoon!
    can i call you john hoon?!
    you have many fans in iran!
    firs time i saw you in goong,and i could read your eyes that youre a sweetheart person!!
    wish you be happy and read this!!
    i like u not for your appearance!im sure you are a fantastic boy!!
    any way you have a great voice but why do you always sing sad songs?!
    be happier!!
    good luck!
    we love u!!!

  1245. 1245 : Santi Says:

    I LIKE YOUR ACT IN GOONG DRAMA….But I don’t know your other movie…and I hear your siner too…but my mouth little dificult for korean speaks…

  1246. 1246 : vanessa Says:

    hola, como estas soy fan delas novelas coreanas

  1247. 1247 : solanje Says:

    * I * * L * O * V * E * * U *

  1248. 1248 : mahshid Says:

    dear hoon i love u so much i’m your huge fan from iran you did your best in goong i love that drama because of you. you are the real prince in this drama make sure haha .good luck 😉

  1249. 1249 : cii evegne Says:

    :: I LOVE U sooooooooo muchhh!! ::
    ,, u so cute and charming look in your drama “GOONG”
    ,, YOU’RE MY PRINCE…………. *hha.ha i always dream about that y’know 😀
    ., i hope i’ll meet you soon, in Indonesia of course :))
    ., i ‘ll waiting for u
    ,, hope you all the best oppa ^__^

  1250. 1250 : Elka Says:

    Hello!I cant believe we have the same age and even the same birth month,I’m Elka by the way from Philippines.I’m a big fan of “goong”Princess Hours”.you have a very cute face.hope to see you in a new drama!good luck!!!

  1251. 1251 : Nili Says:

    Hey Kim Jeong Hoon.
    How are you doing?
    What can I actually say? First of all I would like to say that you can properly. But surely you read that often. I’m not a hysterical fan of yours, which I must admit. I just wonder how do you guys look so young? 30 years, and still look like a 20 year old guy? That’s impressive 🙂 You’ll find this really strange message, but will you please answer a question? In which dramaserie do you think you play great? What is the high light in your career I mean? Omg, i can’t believe i’m doing this. Well anyway, I wish you the best and goodluck with life.


  1252. 1252 : Nili Says:

    I don’t know why I even put this message online! Sorry guys if I offended you and your super star.

  1253. 1253 : solanje Says:

    *I ** M * I * S * S ** U*

  1254. 1254 : sumyat Says:

    Hay prince
    I just wonder how do you guys look so young? 30 years, and still look like a 20 year old guy? You are very handsome and cute.I want to you be a
    great actor.you action is very good and very match with u
    U have talented.Bye I go to my class. So u don’t forget me
    i love u.

  1255. 1255 : mel Says:

    i love you very much….

  1256. 1256 : solanje Says:

    * G * O * O * D ** L * U * C * K *

  1257. 1257 : solanje Says:


  1258. 1258 : solanje Says:

    * Y * O * U *** A * R * E *** T * H * E *** B * E * S * T *

  1259. 1259 : diefan Says:

    Hey Kim Jeong Hoon.. your good in ‘Goong’ and witch yoo aee.

    my best of luck to you. Cheers! soo handsome man.

  1260. 1260 : flozz Says:


    the first time i saw him in Goong, i thought “OMFG he’s so look alike Super Junior Donghae!! with the soft eye-staring and cute smile” i thought they’re about the same age but omg, Jung Hoon is way older than donghae! i agree he looks way younger than his actual age.

  1261. 1261 : solanje Says:

    I miss u …

  1262. 1262 : solanje Says:

    John Hoon !
    Why your website is not available?!?!?!?!?!
    ohhhhhhhhhhh , I realy miss u …

  1263. 1263 : solanje Says:


  1264. 1264 : solanje Says:

    ***Y * O * U***A * R * E***T * H * E***B * E * S * T***

  1265. 1265 : solanje Says:

    *i will always love you*

  1266. 1266 : solanje Says:

    I wish you always be happy and healthy

  1267. 1267 : solanje Says:

    please take care of yourself

  1268. 1268 : solanje Says:

    thanke you jeong hoon

  1269. 1269 : bejo Says:

    Hi,. Kim Jeong Hoon
    I’m a big fan of you..
    I like your style, the way you act in GOONG is very very good..
    I miss you to being main actor with yoon eun hye,.. (oh., really suit couple actually..)
    with your cute face and briliant acting, you should be main actor for her new film (Love Song)..
    miss you so much…

  1270. 1270 : bejo Says:

    some of my friend in indonesia do like your acting too,
    so you should play in new film to cure our yearning of your acting…
    hopefully, you can play as main actor with yoon eun hye in “Love song”

  1271. 1271 : solanje Says:

    *Y * O * U *** A * R * E *** T * H * E *** B * E * S * T*

  1272. 1272 : solanje Says:

    ***S * A * R * A * N * G * H * A * M * N * I * D * A***

  1273. 1273 : solanje Says:

    ^ ^
    ~( * . * )~

  1274. 1274 : solanje Says:

    ….^ ^….
    ~( * . * )~
    ___! !___
    . ! ! .
    . ^^^^ .
    . ! ! .
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    ~( * . * )~
    ___! !___
    [email protected]@…..

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    so charming !

  1277. 1277 : solanje Says:

    so cute !

  1278. 1278 : solanje Says:

    so warm !

  1279. 1279 : solanje Says:

    You Are Prince Of Dreams !

  1280. 1280 : solanje Says:

    wish you always be happy …

  1281. 1281 : solanje Says:

    wish you always be healthy…

  1282. 1282 : solanje Says:

    and I wish you continued success in the future…

  1283. 1283 : solanje Says:

    I will always love you…

  1284. 1284 : solanje Says:

    I will always support you…

  1285. 1285 : solanje Says:

    and I always pray for you…

  1286. 1286 : solanje Says:

    Good Luck Prince Jeong Hoon

  1287. 1287 : solanje Says:

    ( ^ . ^ )

  1288. 1288 : solanje Says:

    Thank you for your beautiful song Al Dente

  1289. 1289 : solanje Says:


  1290. 1290 : solanje Says:

    ******I * LoVe * U******

  1291. 1291 : solanje Says:

    Every morning starts beautifully
    with the sound of your sweet voice

  1292. 1292 : solanje Says:

    You are perfect

  1293. 1293 : solanje Says:

    I really love voice mail music video

  1294. 1294 : solanje Says:

    …..^ ^…..
    ~( * . * )~
    ___! !___
    [email protected]@…..

  1295. 1295 : solanje Says:

    Hmmmmmm….. I want to see your name on top of this page!!!

  1296. 1296 : solanje Says:

    some days ago , you sang (nothing better) in VM radio , i really enjoyed it . you are wonderful !

  1297. 1297 : solanje Says:

    I think you are the great singer !

  1298. 1298 : solanje Says:

    I don’t know anyone like you

  1299. 1299 : solanje Says:

    sweet & confident

  1300. 1300 : solanje Says:

    And I will forever support & Love you

  1301. 1301 : aneireil Says:

    i love kim jeong hoon specially his voice, he is a perfect person. godbless always!!!!

  1302. 1302 : nabz Says:

    I’m one of your fans here in Marawi………..

  1303. 1303 : nabz Says:

    i really idolize u…………

  1304. 1304 : solanje Says:

    *** whenever i listen to your song , nothing can annoy me ***

  1305. 1305 : solanje Says:

    * Thank U Jeong Hoon *

  1306. 1306 : dwee_q Says:

    love 2 see u as lee yul at goong

    miss your act

    hope i can meet u someday

  1307. 1307 : Airmax Mall Says:

    hello blogger, I found your blog from google and read a few of your other posts.They are gorgeous. Please keep it up! cheers, Samantha.

  1308. 1308 : solanje Says:

    * You are the best JEONG HOON *

  1309. 1309 : solanje Says:

    *** PeRFeCt ***

  1310. 1310 : solanje Says:

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    sukses terus dalam karir.jangan cepet2 marrieed OK!!!!

  1318. 1318 : solanje Says:


  1319. 1319 : rose Says:

    very mysterious face,it lokks like u keep a lot of secret…
    But,your smile also so cute….
    Can”t wait to see u”r acting again….

  1320. 1320 : solanje Says:

    Take care of yourself Jeong Hoon

  1321. 1321 : dwee_q Says:

    jeong hoon oppa…….

    i hope i can see u in person someday

  1322. 1322 : woofer jane Says:

    hi kim i’m a filipino and i like u so much i’ve watch princess hour every day coz its a funny serious and very nice movie i love u both joo hi and you i hope we cn keep in touch.how i wish bro.hope you more success

  1323. 1323 : solanje Says:

    I miss voice mail

  1324. 1324 : Asian Girls Says:

    ************ nice *************

  1325. 1325 : Asian Girls Says:

    very cute 🙂

  1326. 1326 : andrea nicole rito Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon im your avaid fan her in the philippines i like you especially your face nose eyes and your voice i want to see you soon

  1327. 1327 : 007zhel Says:

    you’re so handsome… saranghaeyo… i love your acting in Princess Hour

  1328. 1328 : mahla Says:

    Hi hoon Im mahla im18 years old im iranian I love u and joo ji hoon pleasw answer the me

  1329. 1329 : Aynaz Says:

    Dear Mr Kim Jeong Hoon ,
    I saw The Goong Siral.
    it’s very atractive.
    I hope you be successful in you life for every days.
    I would like to have your mail.If you want that.
    Best reguard.
    Email:Aynaz_d[email protected]

  1330. 1330 : solanje Says:


  1331. 1331 : solanje Says:

    * I really miss U *

  1332. 1332 : solanje Says:


  1333. 1333 : solanje Says:

    * I will be right here waiting for you *

  1334. 1334 : solanje Says:

    * U are The besT *

  1335. 1335 : solanje Says:

    * LoVe *

  1336. 1336 : viewer Says:

    no more project – i.e. tv series, after 2007 ..?
    watched you in Goong, quite interesting.

  1337. 1337 : Becca Says:

    Hope u’ll play new drama..

  1338. 1338 : solanje Says:

    * I ** M * I * S * S ** U *

  1339. 1339 : solanje Says:

    * I ** Always ** LoVe ** U *

  1340. 1340 : solanje Says:

    * You are my Prince *

  1341. 1341 : solanje Says:

    Saranghae (^.^)

  1342. 1342 : solanje Says:

    Take care of yourself

  1343. 1343 : Dorothy S. Hirshfield (Dot) Says:

    re: Kim Jeong Hoon (Kim Jung Hoon)

    I have recently rented the drama Princess Hours (Goong) and am moved by the character you played (Lee Yul), by your sensitive portrayal of him, and by the beautiful soundtrack. Although I’m a senior citizen, I find this story to be very moving, and I find your acting to be phenomenal. (Needless to say, so is your singing.)

    Thank you for all of your hard work; it is appreciated! Mrs. H.

  1344. 1344 : Lydia Says:

    Love you! <3
    still look cutey!

  1345. 1345 : ellen Says:

    i’ve watched princess hours several times
    and i still love watching it… you’re so cute

  1346. 1346 : solanje Says:

    *I * LoVe * U *

  1347. 1347 : trish Says:

    Hi Im trish from Samoa and Im Goong’s wife…. I luv U dad mwah mwah…..lolz

  1348. 1348 : kosar Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon. i am a girl and my name is kosar. i am come from iran. i love you very much . you are realy beautiful.i 13 years old. bye

  1349. 1349 : anik Says:

    hi… frankly speaking, i never watch or interested in watching korean drama before but when i watched princess hour, i’m totally in love..you are so cute, so mild, so gentle…i guest, if it’s in real real life, i’m sure no one will say “no” to you….
    you bring the audience in confusion in choosing which one should be loved..shin or yul…cause u’re awesome !!!!! great job….love u.. and actually i was searching your new drama debut…it is too bad i could not find it..miss to see u in the next drama!!!!!

  1350. 1350 : fatima Says:

    I LOVE U kim jeong hoon .
    iam iranian.

  1351. 1351 : fatima Says:

    I LOVE U kim jeong hoon
    im iranian

  1352. 1352 : rosário chaves Says:

    김정 사랑하는 박중훈씨, 그의 모든 것은 좋은 것이죠! Shocking Shocking!!!

  1353. 1353 : setare Says:

    john can you email or you are too busy

  1354. 1354 : setare Says:

    happy new year I wish healthy for you john

  1355. 1355 : taravat.cute Says:

    Heloo.I am taravat.I am 14 yeaars old.What is your email address?Thank you very much.///

  1356. 1356 : Ninaz Says:

    ooooooooooooooh oppa love u verry much! boos boos

  1357. 1357 : Dilini Tharaka Gunasekara Says:

    *Happy Birthday* Kim.We love U very much. your good actor and good singer.Wish U all the best…**Aja Aja fighting**.

  1358. 1358 : wilma Says:

    OPPA………happy happy birthday…….
    Stay as good looking as ever….thats funny i thought your younger than i am…im am 25 and you look like 20 to me…..hmmmmmmmmmmm
    aja aja fighting ……

  1359. 1359 : wilma Says:

    but wait guys where is he now? can someone help me……i cant see him this past years…is he in military service…or something…..i solidly miss him…..thnks

  1360. 1360 : meymard Says:

    you seem nice,kind,lovely,pretty.
    I hope I see you as soon as possible

  1361. 1361 : solanje Says:

    *** LoVe ***

  1362. 1362 : vhinah Says:

    he enter military service last 2009, and now he’s discharged. he look mature and sturdy.

  1363. 1363 : solanje Says:

    LoVe * LoVe * LoVe * Can’t Stop LoVing U (^.^)

  1364. 1364 : farnaz Says:

    love your voice
    love your acting
    love your face
    love your personality
    love your everything!!!
    i am iranian and happy to see you have fans from all over the world!!
    you are the best!

  1365. 1365 : laaya Says:

    you are a beautiful and good actor
    in iran is new year celerate
    happy new year

  1366. 1366 : laaya Says:

    i think yo are yong but you are…….

  1367. 1367 : Jovita Bullmore Says:

    This design is incredible! You definitely know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

  1368. 1368 : fatemeh Says:

    hello, im from iran You’re a good actor
    I have a number of films I saw
    Hope to succeed Mr Kim Bashbd.

  1369. 1369 : farnaz Says:

    خیلی خوشحالم که میبینم من تنها طرفدار ایرانیش نیستم!!!

  1370. 1370 : fina Says:

    saranghayo …..
    <3 …..
    yaou are the prince charming ……

  1371. 1371 : shima Says:

    i love your act
    you are the best
    im iranian
    pleas answer the me

  1372. 1372 : ka-jin Says:

    i love your acting. happy to see again in a drama!

    Iam from Kurdistan (North of Irak)

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  1374. 1374 : syiefree Says:

    Jiaaahhh kite lahirnya bareng (we’re twins) ngfans ah…

  1375. 1375 : Korea Insipiring » Blog Archive » I Need Romance Says:

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  1376. 1376 : Taylor Says:

    I saw you in goong it was good. you are good actor

  1377. 1377 : Yoko Shimizu Says:

    Dear Kim Jeong Hoon ssi
    앙넝!日本語でかきますね「ロマンスが必要」みました みたときはびっくりしたけど정혼 씨をおうえんします!504のファンミにさんかしてからこれからいっぱい장혼 씨をおうえんしようって思ったから・・・いそがしいいとおもいますが体には気をつけてがんばってくださいね❤

  1378. 1378 : ch0c0late815 Says:

    i wish you can do a good drama soon 😉

  1379. 1379 : Anonymous Says:

    […] […]

  1380. 1380 : I Need Romance - Lombok Says:

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  1381. 1381 : Ania Says:

    hi jeong hoon
    you have very very lovely face&very very lovely voice& OH you are very very lovely;I very very love you
    my name is “ania” and my age is 18 from iran

  1382. 1382 : ANIA Says:

    hi jeong hoon
    you have very very lovely face&very very lovely voice& OH you are very very lovely;I very very love you
    my name is “ania” and my age is 18 from iran&youre collar very nice

  1383. 1383 : Elham Says:

    my name is elham.I am from Iran.I cannot speak English very good ,just say,,,,,I LOVE YOU,,,,, pleas masseg at me MY DEAR

  1384. 1384 : Elham Says:

    Hi MY LOVE Are you ok? pleas masseg at me ,,I am waiting,,my LOVE,,

  1385. 1385 : Elham Says:

    سلام خوبي گلم

  1386. 1386 : donna mae Says:

    hello!mr. john hoon,

    im your avid fan!!
    i hope i will see you in person!
    your a good singer and actor,i really like your songs..
    even i cant understand..but i really like it!!:)
    its nice when im listening your songs..:)

  1387. 1387 : hye jae rin Says:

    안녕하세요 김 훈 정공 !!… 내가 당신 가장 큰 팬이예요 생각합니다. 나는 당신을 너무 사랑하고 난 당신을 영원히 사랑합니다. 이미 서울에서 여기 콘서트에 당신을 봤어요. 널 다시 볼 바랍니다.! … 항상 돌봐 … 당신을 사랑 … 옷파 .. <3

  1388. 1388 : Hasti.BAD GIRL Says:

    it,s verry go0o0o0o0o0o0D

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  1391. 1391 : niki Says:

    hi jeong hoon.
    How are you today? give me your mobile number! Send it to [email protected] ok? Your not a good acter and arend a bad acte but i love your play. My friend says your face is like moncky and she like to kill you:) have a good time babye

  1392. 1392 : Ashley Says:

    Hi! Whatever people say about you.Good or bad,i dont care about those,im always your fan! I like everthing that u do.work hard and be healthy.

  1393. 1393 : Edith Alegria Says:

    Hi I’m Edith and I am from the us and I just wanna say that Kim jeong joon is the best actor for me. And I hope You feel the same way.

    B) hope you have a nice day…
    <3 u Kim Jeon joon

  1394. 1394 : hoya Says:

    خیلی نمکه!عاشقشم!

  1395. 1395 : star Says:

    hi my dear

    you are so cute and sweet good luck

  1396. 1396 : 4.) *** pRinCesS hOurS (GoOng) *** « myfavoritekoreannovel Says:

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  1398. 1398 : ADE Says:

    hi, I your fans from Indonesia
    I love you

  1399. 1399 : elba Says:

    hi im elba i love you im from peru

  1400. 1400 : mahsa Says:

    عزیزم،میدونی که خیلی جیگری؟

  1401. 1401 : saye Says:

    I Love You Forever

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  1403. 1403 : دریا Says:

    سلام بچه ها من از ایرانم اگه از کیم جونگ هون خوشتون میاد بیاین به وبمwww.kimjeonghoon.blogfa.com

  1404. 1404 : darya Says:

    hi i’m from iran if you are kim jeong hoon’s fan come to my weblog

  1405. 1405 : Purnama htb Says:

    Annyong haseyo, i’m from Indonesia. Like your smile n style…

  1406. 1406 : Star aile Says:

    Love you oppa

    the best ever :*

  1407. 1407 : darya Says:

    hi john-hoon i’m darya and i’m from iran when i see princess hours i loved you so much i just want to say you are so cute and the best actor and singer i have a blog about you bye my love

  1408. 1408 : nimbuzz mblaq* Says:

    kim jeong hoon so beautiful…<3

  1409. 1409 : yanasunmi Says:

    my prince 🙂

  1410. 1410 : Abubakar Siddique Says:

    You r really sweet actor….

  1411. 1411 : sandra Says:

    I hate your silent behavior men should be enerjetic bye dad

  1412. 1412 : maral Says:

    azizam kheili dooooooooooost daram

  1413. 1413 : kirana Says:

    You are my prince in my heart,forever KJH……

  1414. 1414 : sujufan Says:

    he look like donghae from super junior

  1415. 1415 : VIVIANA Says:

    i love you KIM JEONG HOON es chico mas guapo del mundo

  1416. 1416 : marspagaway Says:

    i watch princess hour and it’s so fantastic i love korean drama and i’m always watching KIM JEONG HOON your good and handsome actor.

  1417. 1417 : Happy Says:


  1418. 1418 : [MBC 2006] Goong | Says:

    […] Main cast Yoon Eun Hye as Shin Chae Kyung Joo Ji Hoon as Lee Shin Kim Jeong Hoon as Lee Yul Song Ji Hyo as Min Hyo […]

  1419. 1419 : Zimmerman Says:

    You sure this guy isn’t gay? He sure looks gay to me. More like a woman..

  1420. 1420 : Zimmerman Says:

    In Goon he is always wearing lipstick and a woman’s necklace. I wonder why a lot of Korean men are girly and they promote in movies… The androgynous look???

  1421. 1421 : rose Says:

    I love u in GOONGS then i started searching ur other drama and i like all the role u played,how i wish u can have drama with my favorite girl SANDARA PARK I THINK U WILL LOOK GOOD TOGETHER IN ROMANCE DRAMA.PLEASE make my day…take care….

  1422. 1422 : Nissy sara zachariah Says:

    hai frnd..i like you very much…i like to see you

  1423. 1423 : cheonsa007 Says:

    KimSungSoo, 너무좋아 ♥♥♥

  1424. 1424 : [email protected] Says:

    can you please sent me of picture of kim jeong hoon thankyou i love john hoon forever

  1425. 1425 : [email protected] Says:

    super cute my idol john-hoon please take of yourself god bless you i’m your fan in manila see you in drama again i hope the drama her legeng win in korean award

  1426. 1426 : yujene Says:

    I love Hoon and support you forever ♥

  1427. 1427 : Rio Immacon Says:

    Hello Hoon Ur so cute really=)..Hope u’ll find someone better for u.Stay cool and healthy.

  1428. 1428 : Diana Isam Says:

    I don’t think he’s attractive. His looks are too common

  1429. 1429 : Diana Isam Says:

    Model? You have to be kidding me!

  1430. 1430 : ernaly loristo Says:

    Yah, Kim Jung hoon is not that super handsome but he has a certain appeal and I like his smile. He has a beautiful teeth.

  1431. 1431 : sl Says:

    <3 him…

  1432. 1432 : LORENA PEREZ Says:

    hi jung hoon i’m your #1 fans here in Philippines.I like your killer smile.

  1433. 1433 : samanalee Says:

    oh …. u r really so cute…romantic……innocent…..this is my first cmnt to someone who comes to my heart as a dream boy,…. yeah … i just got crazy bcoze f uuuuuuuu

  1434. 1434 : angelita adam Says:

    ele é simplesmente tudo de bom… seu olhar é penetrante… o melhor de tudo que ele é verdadeiro
    amoooooooooooooooooooooo muitooooooooooooooooo
    sempre o apoiarei!!!

  1435. 1435 : Kim Ha Yul Sexy Girl Korea | Galexsotic.com Says:

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  1436. 1436 : Kim Ha Yul Sexy Girl Korea | Galexsotic.ga Says:

    […] Kim jeong hoon » korean actor & actress […]

  1437. 1437 : nba 2k16 mt fast Says:

    Many thanks extremely handy. Will share website with my good friends.|

  1438. 1438 : Nuna Says:

    Even your not very handsome, in the princess hour your impress me too much. you are face match with loser in love. Than you.

  1439. 1439 : shoshlev Says:

    Get a hug from me and a lot of love, not only because you are a talented actor and singer,
    It is because of your good soul.

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