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Name: 김정훈 / Kim Jeong Hoon (Kim Jung Hoon)
Also known as: (Kim) John Hoon
Date of birth: Jan 20, 1980
Height: 179cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood type: AB
Profession: Actor, Singer, Model
Debut: As leader and lead vocals for group ‘UN’ (United N- Generation)
First Debut Song(Solo):Voice Mail(2002)
Education: Seoul National University, majoring in Dentistry; transferred to Chung-Ang University, majoring in Acting
Religion: Buddhist
Family: an elder brother and an elder sister
Hobbies: Listening to music, computer games, pools/billiards
Pop Group: Part of the male duo pop-group “United N-Generation” from 1999 to 2006.

TV Series

Start Again (MBC, 2016)
Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long (Hunan TV, 2016)
Witch’s Castle (SBS, 2015)
Immutable Law of First Love (NAVER tvcast, 2015)
Late Night Restaurant (SBS, 2015)
Her Legend (jTBC, 2013)
Dummy Mommy (SBS, 2012)
I Need Romance (tvN, 2011)
Love Strategy (Hunan TV, 2008)
Witch Amusement (SBS, 2007) as Yoo Joonha
Fog Street (Drama City) (KBS2, 2006)
Goong (MBC, 2006) as Lee Yul
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2004)
Orange (SBS, 2002)


Emperor’s Holidays (2015)
Stray Dogs (2014)
Sunday Punch (2012)
Cafe Seoul (2009)
DMZ (2004)
Shut Up! (2004)

Album & Concert

– On April 15 2006, Jung Hoon, along with singer Chae Yeon, hosted a concert held by CJ Media celebrating their business opening in Japan.
– He released the solo album, Five Stella Lights, in Japan on Oct. 25, 2006 under the moniker John Hoon, and had a succesful concert on December 12, 2005.
– Yi Qi Zou (一起走) Walk Together, with Vivian Hsu, Love Strategy opening theme song (Hunan TV, 2008)

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1,439 Responses to “Kim Jeong Hoon”

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  1. 1
    'vin Says:

    jeong hun oppa..

    nan.. mogoshipoyo..

    a za a za!!


  2. 2
    ellen lee Says:

    i love u so much, jeong hoon….muach,muach,muach…can u please reply my mail……….

  3. 3
    ellen lee Says:

    i hope ‘en wishing that u’ll always success and handsome… 😀

  4. 4
    liz Says:

    love ya……you such a great person…. so sood looking….keep success

  5. 5
    Rika Says:

    Conen Indonesia saram imnida.. saranghaeyo 😡
    Ganteng pisan…

  6. 6
    Rika Says:

    Keliru pasang icon say.. mestinya 🙂 muah..muah..

  7. 7
    Danielle Angela Says:

    I’m so addicted to you!! You’re the greatest actor and singer I’ve ever liked (loved)… Wow! You even studied in Seoul University and majored in dentistry!! So smart…and COOL!! Simply amazing… You’ve become my motivation for my studies.. I admire you a lot! I want to be like you… I hope I would be able to know more about you… If only I have your e-mail address (but I know that’s impossible) May I have your e-mail? Pleasssse!! Please do reply my e-mail… You’re so HANDSOME… When you smile… my heart melts… You smile like an angel!! SARANG-HE!!

  8. 8
    Danielle Angela Says:

    Pleasssse do give my your e-mail address… But if not… it’s ok… I understand… You’re soooo famous!! Bye!!

  9. 9
    Rue Says:


  10. 10
    Rue Says:

    ( i know you, this month..n very late..,,^^)
    up’s sorry
    that’s wrong..hhehe

    erm YEOBOSEYO?(fine/)

    jeoneun Rue rago haeyo
    from indonesia hehe..

    i like your char ^^..

    UR so cute,handsome,cool n…

    erm nice 2 meet you.. see u again ^^

    Gbu 4

  11. 11
    sylvana Says:

    wow… you’re great actor!!you’re cool!!
    you’re like a Bomb in my country indonesia!!
    i can’t WAIT to see your next movie series!!
    i always wish you happy and success!!!
    keep rockin!! 🙂

  12. 12
    sylvana Says:

    reply my mail please!!!sweety jeong hoon!!!
    why you don’t come to jakarta to promote your movie??
    i can’t wait!!!

  13. 13
    Purple_Nots Says:

    A fabulous actor! Wishes for your high-flying career.

  14. 14
    Julia Says:

    precious to you.
    nice to know you, although only by television. ^_^
    budha bless you…

  15. 15
    kimfan Says:

    kim jeong hoon u’re the best i love u u r so cute muah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best prince eva

  16. 16
    0.0 Says:

    hi, i think u r realli cool, not only b’cos of ur looks, but ur smarty brain^.^ n ur fabulous acting.sorri, but i m very curious 2 no y u r interested in dentistry??? isnt there is something inspire u 2…

  17. 17
    kelz Says:

    There’s so many words in this world, yet, i have ran out of vocabulary to describe how amazing you are. =))

  18. 18
    shuyi Says:

    I donno wat to say but he\\\’s really very very GENTLE LOOKING n SUPER ATTRACRIVE!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19
    Elinovy Says:

    He is so cute ^_^

  20. 20
    heavenly-ice Says:

    kyahh!!! he is super duper cute!!!x_X

  21. 21
    NuLing Says:

    Hi! Kim jung hoon
    I’m oilly. ( I’m Thailand. I’m 23 years old. I’ve brown hair and white skin. ) I want tell to you. I’m listening your music.I think it’s nice…good melodious. I like it. And I like you too. What a charming man you are! And I would like to know you. I see you from goong series. You’re so cute. You’re the greatest actor and singer. Could you tell me your email? I Would like it. Please…! I’ll wait. Bye Bye

  22. 22
    LIRNA Says:

    not cute anyway!! Yak! I hate him…not cute n not nsem…biya ne..Wakakaka!

  23. 23
    farahshar Says:

    too cute n so sweet in Princess Hours!!
    Prince Lee Yul Goon..good luck!!

  24. 24
    Annie Tan Says:

    Jeong Hoon looks so charming! I watched him in Princess Hours drama repeatedly. I very touched by his love for princess Caijing. When he wept with pains, my heart painful. Hope to watch him in next new drama upcoming again. And I hope he will be coming to Singapore and I will be able to see him in real life one day.

  25. 25
    anne Says:


    i like ur acting skill…hopefully i can watch more of ur series…u really are talented whether in acting or singing and hopefully u will acted more and sing more….good luck and all the best…

  26. 26
    TaTA Says:


    i will really be saying praises like duhh

    KIM JEONG HOON u rock when acting in the drama GOONG yea

    work real hard for youur next drama
    youu sure will become succesful

    all the best uhh
    tts all i can do yea

    i love youu KIM JEONG HOON
    i do love youu

  27. 27
    margaret Says:

    3low!! how have you been? I dont really know if the real kim jeong hoon will read this but, I just want to know why a guy like you wants dentistry.. thanks! And maybe you could reply to me.. at carissa_scharlene@yahoo.com

  28. 28
    margaret Says:

    Hi!! again Merry Christmas and I hope during your promotions, you\’ll go and promote some in Philippines, here in Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines.. Tell you what Philippines have so many great tourist spots, have you ever seen hundred island?? how about chocolate hills?? tarsier the smallest monkey, Pandaka pigmea the smallest fish, mousedeer the smallest deer, monkey eating eagle the biggest eagle in the world, Davao the biggest city in the world in terms of land area,again we have so many beautiful tourist spots here in the Philippines such as hot spring, cold spring, white sand beaches, famous hotels, historical places of the ancient world such as banaue rice terraces, and many more, thats why Philippines was called the pearl of the orient seas… oh, you could also find Philippines interesting because of the biggest mall of ASIA, the greenvilles plant,(which is the most expensive things were sell here..) if you only know as well that philippines because of its rich and natural resources was colonizes, by spaniards, japanese, americans and many more.. thank you.. I hope you\’ll have a time to go visit Philippines, especially here in Cagayan and Cebu.. Bye Bye!!!

  29. 29
    margaret Says:

    You’re so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! as in, maybe perhaps a miracle will happen, and I’ve got to meet you, who knows my ambitions will come true, I’ll know you more… thanks and I’m looking forward for that kind of thing, God will provide and help, maybe the staffs are the only ones who would read this, I’m taking it curiuously.. somtime and someday everythinh will be revealed..

  30. 30
    Glaiza Says:

    Are you an angel??? you’re so cute… you know wat? you’re my idol…. i wish i could see you in personal…. can u visit here in philippines …..kim jeong-hoon ur so cute tlga…. i am very touched by ur acting…. i love princess hours very much…. anyways i love ur voice… so sweet and cool… ur voice made me relax…. so there… i will always support u… im ur no. fan…. take care… good luck to ur career… merry xmas ^_^… rock on’

  31. 31
    marj Says:

    your’re so cute when i saw at first like i’m in heaven oh my gush !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn’t expct that your’re so cute

  32. 32
    roceLyn Says:

    hi a pleasant day everyone.. im rocelyn from philippines …

    well one of avid fan of this guy Kim Jeong Hoon his so simple yet so handsome…

    i may say that he has a similarity with lee of f4..

    keep up the good work man and keep your feet grounded

    take care always

    i know that it will take more time for you to visit in our country but i will look forward on that day..

    te amo!! ingat ka palagi

  33. 33
    Bea Says:

    I love Kim Jeong Hoon…!!!
    I’m from the Philippines and i know that fans like myself are dying to see you…so i really hope you could visit our country…i think that you really did a great job in portraying your role and it really touched my heart….i hope that you could grant our wish!!!

  34. 34
    LoRrAiNe Says:

    hi Kim Jeong Hoon…

    youre a very good actor…

    watakushi wa anata…

    youre the best prince…

    take care always…

    i love yah… =’)

  35. 35
    LoRrAiNe Says:


    ur the best..

    take care always…

  36. 36
    elle Says:

    hi mr.kim!!

    uhm,, im an avid fan of princess hours!it is currently showing here in the philippines.ur acting is great..i see myself symphatizing with you in the series.that’s how effective your acting is!ahm, more blessings to come, more offers to come your way and success in your career.eheh..im nervous while writing this message cos i don’t know if you can read this one.belated merry xmas to you and advance happy new year.hope you get the chance to read this message and other’s messages.

    continue in honing your acting and singing skills so that more offers ill come your way.. keep your feet on the ground and stay cool!

    i know only a little about you.. eheheh.. but i admire you! that’s all.. more power!! =)

  37. 37
    ipay Says:

    i want to meet you personally!!!
    you are so cute troy!!
    i love your smile!..
    you’re an angel…
    im dying to see you…
    hope you can visit philippines..
    i always watch princess hours…
    it has a good story…
    you look younger than your age… 😉
    im ruuning out of words…
    OMG you’re so gwapo (it means Handsome)
    hay… when i see you’re smile im melting…
    i hope i can see you…
    i will go to korea and i will meet you…
    i love you!
    God bless you!

  38. 38
    Neva....(*=*) Says:

    I like your role in the “Princess Hours” or Goong in Korea..
    Cheerful, friendly and gentle especially to Girls…
    I hope and i believe that you are what you are in the Drama series…
    Gosh…I’m like anybody else….
    You are really charming….
    mu shi su…!
    Good Luck!
    Hope you visit the Philippines…
    You will be surprise to see your huge fans and that includes me…

  39. 39
    -june- Says:

    just want to say take care and god bless..ehehhe..^_^..they already said everything what i want to say to u..^_^..ehehe..keep rocking..ahaha

  40. 40
    shwe po theint Says:

    i like u so much

  41. 41
    Ebi Heung soo Says:

    Kim jeong hoon,i love your chara in goong!

    You act well there^_^

    You are my prince charming^0^

    Waiting for your next project…

  42. 42
    denise28 Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon! youre soooooooo cute!!!!hehehehe.. when i first saw you on t.v. i thought you were only 20 yrs. old..
    i cant believe that you’re 26 yrs.old! i’m serious!
    hope you can visit here in the philippines..because i think you also have fans here!hehehehe…i like your voice and your band..hehee..

    more power!
    take care

  43. 43
    denise(philippines) Says:

    visit philippines pls….

  44. 44
    denise(philippines) Says:

    I’m so addicted to you!! You’re the greatest actor and singer I’ve ever liked (loved)… Wow! You even studied in Seoul University and majored in dentistry!! So smart…and COOL!! Simply amazing… You’ve become my motivation for my studies.. I admire you a lot! I want to be like you… I hope I would be able to know more about you… If only I have your e-mail address (but I know that’s impossible) May I have your e-mail? Pleasssse!! Please do reply my e-mail… You’re so HANDSOME… When you smile… my heart melts… You smile like an angel!! SARANG-HE!!

  45. 45
    geestin Says:

    i really like u ………….and i love ya………..ur so handsome, gorgeous and all………mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 46
    dhin navarro Says:

    hi i wish i will meet you in person.
    im an adict fan of yours in PHilippines.. the koraendrama Princess Hours, how i wish i could see u in person, im dhin.. pwamis i will watch everyday. your kroreandrama is the best.. mwauh..

  47. 47
    dhin navarro Says:

    hi again hihihi.. this is dhin again, take care cause i care 4 you.. ingats ka lagi ah.. we will support u, not just me but all Filipino viewers, hope i will meet you in person.. hope soon.. tnx, im one of your fan. hay graveh ang gwapo mu tlaga..

  48. 48
    -xandra- Says:

    you’re so handsome!!! wish you all the best!!!!!! wish you visit philipines!!!

  49. 49
    -xandra- Says:

    i mean…i hope you’ll visit philippines….

  50. 50
    janna Says:


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