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Name: 김정훈 / Kim Jeong Hoon (Kim Jung Hoon)
Also known as: (Kim) John Hoon
Date of birth: Jan 20, 1980
Height: 179cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood type: AB
Profession: Actor, Singer, Model
Debut: As leader and lead vocals for group ‘UN’ (United N- Generation)
First Debut Song(Solo):Voice Mail(2002)
Education: Seoul National University, majoring in Dentistry; transferred to Chung-Ang University, majoring in Acting
Religion: Buddhist
Family: an elder brother and an elder sister
Hobbies: Listening to music, computer games, pools/billiards
Pop Group: Part of the male duo pop-group “United N-Generation” from 1999 to 2006.

TV Series

Start Again (MBC, 2016)
Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long (Hunan TV, 2016)
Witch’s Castle (SBS, 2015)
Immutable Law of First Love (NAVER tvcast, 2015)
Late Night Restaurant (SBS, 2015)
Her Legend (jTBC, 2013)
Dummy Mommy (SBS, 2012)
I Need Romance (tvN, 2011)
Love Strategy (Hunan TV, 2008)
Witch Amusement (SBS, 2007) as Yoo Joonha
Fog Street (Drama City) (KBS2, 2006)
Goong (MBC, 2006) as Lee Yul
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2004)
Orange (SBS, 2002)


Emperor’s Holidays (2015)
Stray Dogs (2014)
Sunday Punch (2012)
Cafe Seoul (2009)
DMZ (2004)
Shut Up! (2004)

Album & Concert

– On April 15 2006, Jung Hoon, along with singer Chae Yeon, hosted a concert held by CJ Media celebrating their business opening in Japan.
– He released the solo album, Five Stella Lights, in Japan on Oct. 25, 2006 under the moniker John Hoon, and had a succesful concert on December 12, 2005.
– Yi Qi Zou (一起走) Walk Together, with Vivian Hsu, Love Strategy opening theme song (Hunan TV, 2008)

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  1. 1001
    aubrey Says:

    ur very good in acting and in singing too i want to meet u

  2. 1002
    Princess Says:

    hello kim jeong hoon…..i love you…….can you marry me on my birthday?????

    (*,*) *Kim Jeong Hoon* my lover

  3. 1003
    Saung Cherry Khine Says:

    I like your acting in Goong very much. And I like your song, too.

  4. 1004
    Saung Cherry Khine Says:

    I want to know your gmail account, too. My gmail account is ayemokhine@gmail.com.
    Please invite me in google talk.

  5. 1005
    Saung Cherry Khine Says:

    Hi, I’m from Myanmar. I’m Buddhist, too. I want to be a friend with you. Please invite my gmail account in google talk. My account is ayemokhine@gmail.com. please invite in google talk with ‘ayemokhine’. Thank You.

  6. 1006
    nihal Says:

    ben türkiyeden senin hayranın olan biriyim.lütfen bana cvp yazarmısın e mailini verirmisin?

  7. 1007
    Cherie Says:

    well, just wanna wish you all the best for your acting ahead! you look really charming! haha!

  8. 1008
    rho Says:

    most handsome korean actor.
    hope to see him here in Philippines!

  9. 1009
    Pye Pye Thein Says:

    I want to know Kim Jeong Hoo`s mail address.
    Can you reply to me above mail address.

  10. 1010
    Pye Pye Thein Says:

    I want to know Kim Jeong Hoo`s mail address.
    Can you reply to me mail addres.

  11. 1011
    Pye Pye Thein Says:

    I want to know Kim Jeong Hoo`s mail address.
    Can you tell me Kim Jeong Hoo`s philippiness mail address

  12. 1012
    Pye Pye Thein Says:

    Can you tell me Kim Jeong Hoo`s pPhilippiness mail address.

  13. 1013
    Pye Pye Thein Says:

    I love him.

  14. 1014
    azramina Says:

    ben sana aşıgım seni cok seviyorum seninle tanışmak ne kadar imkansız oldugunu biliyorum ama dünya cok küçük TÜRKİYEDEN SANA SELAMLAR seni öpüyorum muck muck

  15. 1015
    Angel Says:

    How are you? I hope you are in good health.Me too. I like you very much.& I also want to be a friend with you. I want to know your account.
    My gmail is yuyuwai1991@gmail.com . My age is 17.
    bye bye!!! good luck!!!
    Please accept my wishes from above, ok?

  16. 1016
    than than win Says:

    How are you? I love you very much. You are very handsome. I invite you to come Myanmar. I like your movie, your performance, your smile face, your song. We haven’t met in this life, but we meet another and I hope. Please send me a mail to my account thanshwepazun@gmail.com. I hope your return mail.

  17. 1017
    Twin Says:

    I like very much your acting.I an myanmar girl.I want to invite your mail.
    Please can you invite to me ?My account may.innocent@gmail.com
    I waiting for your invite.I want to be friend with kim.

  18. 1018
    punk_101 Says:

    kim i really like ur performance in goong
    i know evrybody else does
    too bad there is no part 2
    hope seeing u in another tv drama
    series coz i know u will rock ur acting career again

    wish u all the best

    arianna as punk_101

  19. 1019
    butterfly Says:

    hey! Kim Jung has a new tv series.. together with other country.. Taiwanese or chinese? i think chinese…

    when will be your next korean tv series???

    i will for it for sure..

    hope GOONG will have a continuation… together with Eun Hye and Ju Ji Hoon

  20. 1020
    g u r b e t Says:

    john-hoon inşallah bir gün türkiyeyi ziyaret edersin.türkiyeye gelipde istanbulu görmek olmaz bu arada…. I LOVE KİM JEONG HOON……………………………………BYE……………………………

  21. 1021
    noh.mon1 Says:

    Hello ,
    I am very for I know u r buddhist. May u always peace and heapy.

  22. 1022
    rachel Says:

    kim jung hoon is SO HOT.
    not that great of an actor though. but it’s ok.
    come to new york city?? i would so go to a concert of his

  23. 1023
    Mary Beth Says:

    ., ei mr. singer! you rock!

  24. 1024
    tirah Says:

    kim jeong hoon…..ur so cute…ops,my name is tirah..im from malaysia…have u go there?if not,i hope u can come here as im really like u since i saw u in goong as prince yul…i like ur character..u look very cute..ur 2nd drama that i like is witch amusement…but u are cruel in that drama..nevermind,u still look cute in that character…BASHA!!

  25. 1025
    Quinn Says:

    hey guys! annyong hashimnikka!

    can you guys help me get over 4000 comments under Song Hye Gyo’s name? if you dont know her….or havent heard of her then thats fine
    just so long as you leave a msg…anything

    just look for her name on side list!….i would really appreciate it….and you will be blessed with goodluck!


  26. 1026
    punk_101 Says:


    KIM how ARE you I HOPE you ARE fine
    i HAVE one QUESTION 4 now WHEN do YOU
    think U will HAVE a girlfriend
    I hope soon
    pls. reply asap

  27. 1027
    özlem Says:

    hi! I am özlem can you help me please ımmm what happened ? and where are you from

  28. 1028
    seren Says:

    yul seni çoooooooooook

  29. 1029
    zu zin htet (zinnia) Says:

    I like u very much because u r so cute.

  30. 1030
    ela Says:

    çok güzel sesi var

  31. 1031
    !!!hatice!!! Says:


  32. 1032
    Ayeaung Says:

    i love u cuz u r very handsome

  33. 1033
    Laarni frofunga.. Says:

    ^ ^hello!!
    You look great Kim..I love your performance,,your acting,,and much more..
    I love you… wish to see you soon here in Philippines!!

    it’s me,

  34. 1034
    L.O.V.E Says:

    hye handsome!!see you at malaysia….

  35. 1035
    rosa Says:

    hiiiiiiiii john hoon i ‘m a big faaan of urs i recently watched ur movie princess hour nd i m crazy abt u ………..u loook really cute no wonder u r a gr8 singer nd an actor……. all the best 4 d future john hpe u respone bye …t.c…..

  36. 1036
    sassy girl Says:

    hi………….!!!! i’m yanaliah your big fan as you know.i hope can see you at malaysia one day.i like your perfomance and acting.i hope you can accept me as your little sister and i like your style hair.you so……… cute when you smile and laugh.my friend Syazwani said,you not handsome and bad guy in the world cause she jealouse that i’m your big fan.don’t be angry because i’m still your little sister and your fan.

  37. 1037
    kim jeong hoon Says:

    i love u handsome.go to my email ana_kim@yahoo.com

  38. 1038
    Ierne Says:

    You are cool. Go to my email ireneahimah@yahoo.com

  39. 1039
    lemon Says:

    hi kim…its me,lemon…i juz want to say ur a sooooo cuuuuuteeee like a gurlz(my cousin say that)…he3…
    add me,sent me mail and most of all have a successful career in the future…c ur soon…

  40. 1040
    Eirich Says:

    soooo cute 😀

  41. 1041
    michiyo Says:

    hi john…you r so cute…luve ya…

  42. 1042
    michiyo Says:

    i want to know ya..it’s my gmail.michiyo.ai@gmail.com

  43. 1043
    Christine Says:

    I like your movie very much .Hope u can email me your photo and list of drama. T.Q

  44. 1044
    lena Says:

    i love you very very muck muck

  45. 1045
    lynda Says:

    lurve u so mmmuucchh!!!
    u are so cute ..

  46. 1046
    monmon Says:

    i appreciate u very much. i want u to reply me . i like u style

  47. 1047
    monmon Says:

    i love u

  48. 1048
    pretty_jo Says:

    saranghae!!!love u so much…u are my idol and iam a big fan of yours…..

  49. 1049
    naraa Says:

    I love you kim jung hoon

  50. 1050
    kdrama lover Says:

    I like your acting in Goong and Witch amusement. What will be your next drama? I am looking forward to it.

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