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Name: 김정훈 / Kim Jeong Hoon (Kim Jung Hoon)
Also known as: (Kim) John Hoon
Date of birth: Jan 20, 1980
Height: 179cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood type: AB
Profession: Actor, Singer, Model
Debut: As leader and lead vocals for group ‘UN’ (United N- Generation)
First Debut Song(Solo):Voice Mail(2002)
Education: Seoul National University, majoring in Dentistry; transferred to Chung-Ang University, majoring in Acting
Religion: Buddhist
Family: an elder brother and an elder sister
Hobbies: Listening to music, computer games, pools/billiards
Pop Group: Part of the male duo pop-group “United N-Generation” from 1999 to 2006.

TV Series

Start Again (MBC, 2016)
Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long (Hunan TV, 2016)
Witch’s Castle (SBS, 2015)
Immutable Law of First Love (NAVER tvcast, 2015)
Late Night Restaurant (SBS, 2015)
Her Legend (jTBC, 2013)
Dummy Mommy (SBS, 2012)
I Need Romance (tvN, 2011)
Love Strategy (Hunan TV, 2008)
Witch Amusement (SBS, 2007) as Yoo Joonha
Fog Street (Drama City) (KBS2, 2006)
Goong (MBC, 2006) as Lee Yul
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2004)
Orange (SBS, 2002)


Emperor’s Holidays (2015)
Stray Dogs (2014)
Sunday Punch (2012)
Cafe Seoul (2009)
DMZ (2004)
Shut Up! (2004)

Album & Concert

– On April 15 2006, Jung Hoon, along with singer Chae Yeon, hosted a concert held by CJ Media celebrating their business opening in Japan.
– He released the solo album, Five Stella Lights, in Japan on Oct. 25, 2006 under the moniker John Hoon, and had a succesful concert on December 12, 2005.
– Yi Qi Zou (一起走) Walk Together, with Vivian Hsu, Love Strategy opening theme song (Hunan TV, 2008)

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  1. 1101
    norra Says:

    hi I love u so much

  2. 1102
    aty Says:

    hello how are you ..?

  3. 1103
    meemee Says:

    hi,, i like u. Have a nice day
    i hope u will read my massage

  4. 1104
    Niki Says:

    wow!he has so many fans!

  5. 1105
    annie Says:

    ur sooooooooooo cute!

  6. 1106
    likiyoko Says:

    I just wanna know how did you got soooo famous and how did you become all this… Well please I just want you to reply maybe to meet with you and discuss about how you end up on a major front page well just connect with me at likiyoko@yahoo.com

  7. 1107
    angel Says:

    hello kim jeong hoon. You much handsome. I love you. Are you from turkey. You please come here. good by

  8. 1108
    annie Says:

    hey hope ur doing great…..m one of ur fan from across da globe, Nagaland i.e, in India……ur quite popular in our land…i know its almost impossible for u to do this,as u already have so many fans, but i wish u could just mail me back if its possible…i’ll b too happy….my mail address is akole_sekh@yahoo.com..life’s best to u….KEEP SMILING & always remember dat U R VERY SPECIAL!

  9. 1109
    sghaery Says:

    pls take gd care of ur health n i really wish to get ur email..
    cos had made sm slides for u..^^..
    KIM JEONG HOON IS D BEST..!!^^!!..

    i m a malaysian who located bside singapore..~
    i saw u in singapore ‘s show few years ago..
    u r really cute….^^..!!..

    밥이나 잘 챙겨먹고 다녀요.~
    당신을 감사하십시오..~!!

    All d best..=)

  10. 1110
    Noon Says:

    Hello !!
    My dearest John,
    I am one of your fans, as other people say you are so cute. I wish you to be more successful in the future. Although I have never seen you at outside, I feel that my soul is always beside you. If possible, I wanna see you even once in a while.
    Yours sincerely,

  11. 1111
    hanekus Says:

    I wish you could held a live concert in Hungary too, your voice is soo great, thank godness we can hear and see you through the internet 🙂

  12. 1112
    christal Says:

    i love you……….everyone already said those words so……for uniqueness……. take care coz i care………..

  13. 1113
    Lya Says:

    i Love You “Kim Jeong Hoon”

  14. 1114
    honey Says:

    hey i love u so much.u r innocent and i like ur babe face.try more!cheers

  15. 1115
    kenei Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wel m kenei 4rm nagaland i,e. India. wel i rely luv d way you carry every role so smoothly!! N i like you a lot. wish i 2o was a korean. wud ve got the opportunity to see you,but everything we want cannot be made true. if ever you get a little time for your fans mail me too(krankisrulz@yahoo.com). wana be your friend. neways wish you a happy and successful life!!!!!!!!! Far love n hugs. lotsa love!!!!!!!!!!!! tak care! bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  16. 1116
    fathin Says:

    i’m one of your miliion fan..
    i like watching u in every part in your movie or drama
    especially in princess hour(goong)
    you look like totolly like prince…
    love u..
    i’m waiting for u next acting…

  17. 1117
    honeyMolina Says:

    I really really love you so much……………………………………………….I really admire your baby face…ahah…….Godbless

  18. 1118
    sghaery Says:

    pls take gd care of ur health n i really wish to get ur email..
    cos I had made sm slides for u..^^..
    KIM JEONG HOON IS D BEST..!!^^!!..

    i stay in malaysia who located bside singapore..~
    i saw u in singapore ’s show few years ago..
    u r really cute….^^..!!..

    밥이나 잘 챙겨먹고 다녀요.~
    당신을 감사하십시오..~!!

    All d best..=)

    (from Malaysia)

  19. 1119
    Raegal Says:

    Ur Smile is soooooooooooooooooo cute…….. and so u are.
    alwayz keep smiling………..

  20. 1120
    karla Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon im one of your number one fan.
    im from phils. to 🙂

    hope we can meet sooner,

    take care!

  21. 1121
    andrylene Says:

    helow how are you i can see in person

  22. 1122
    andrylene Says:

    helow saranghey!!!!!!

  23. 1123
    andrylene Says:

    helow how are you i hope i saw you in person mhuahhhh….

  24. 1124
    jezza Says:

    your melting me
    oh’ GOD!
    i h0pe you read this
    i like you soo much
    you’r soow cute

  25. 1125
    berfin Says:

    slm john hoon ben berfin istanbuldan istanbul aa gelip konser vermenii istiyorummm???????????????:D:D:D

  26. 1126
    akane Says:

    just want to say that your a good actor,,you got the looks and the talent…keep it up,,what’s best to do? acting or singing? guess you did great in both area…

  27. 1127
    rimau99 Says:

    u’re sooooooo cute.. 🙂
    i can’t even hate u as Yul in Goong, even that u’re a little cruel there ! 🙂

  28. 1128
    Vilomi Says:

    u r very talented,cute.
    The best movie of u r’s which i like is goong.U look very cutein that movie, even all my cousin’s r craz about u

  29. 1129
    yoon eun hye Says:

    my name is yoon eun hye
    my friend is kim jeong hoon
    owww beatfull website nice to meet you

  30. 1130
    marivic Says:

    hi..im marivic from philippines..
    i hope we can meet in person..
    always take care and god bless..

  31. 1131
    raden erni syahira Says:

    hello,nice to meet you.

  32. 1132
    moon Says:

    hi i love you so much sometime i must come from korea to meet you i am myanmar girl

  33. 1133
    mohaddi Says:

    I wonder when read your date of birth…..
    I think you must be younger….
    good luck.

  34. 1134
    audrey Says:

    najis ganteng banget jadi orang haha and oh yea i agree with mohaddi, you must be younger dude 😀 can’t believe that you’re 29 years old waaa

  35. 1135
    vivian Says:

    hi!! im vivian!! i like you!!!!!!!!
    i hope someday you can recognize me!!! iloveyou

  36. 1136
    princess Says:

    hi…I’m Putri from Indonesia………
    heemm….kim jung hoon…u are so cute…. ^^,

  37. 1137
    princess Says:

    hi….kim jung hoon…u are so cute…charming…and nice…. luv u…

  38. 1138
    princess Says:


  39. 1139
    yOuR fAnS Says:

    I very happy watch you in BBF……..
    Your acting is very gooooooooodddd
    I love u 4ever….

  40. 1140
    Bella Says:

    you must be 10 years younger than your age.. 🙂

  41. 1141
    La-la Says:

    hi… o-genki???
    i think…
    you is cute man
    oh…i’m lala from Indonesia

  42. 1142
    Kokoro Says:

    yay i have the same birthday as you! 😀 and Princess Hours rock! 😀
    [you rock too!]

  43. 1143
    iz Says:


  44. 1144
    Tata Noble Says:

    Hi there, this is from the Phils. my name is Tata Noble… So handsome as you are always be.. Very nice man & so gentle… Hope to see you in the Phil…. Luv yah

  45. 1145
    jonEa Says:

    how cute you are kim jeong hoon,, i lup you so much..
    i want to see you face to face..
    i almost crazy if i see you in ur drama..
    saranghaeyo oppa^^,

  46. 1146
    gala Says:

    John Hoon forever!!
    i love his voice, his eyes n his acting
    He is fascinating. I hope to see him in role of strange, Janus-faced n smart person. hehe… someone like Eugeniy Onegin may be? оr someone like Urahara ))))

  47. 1147
    fazlina Says:

    hai kim,how are u there in korean,i m from malaysia l like u actor drama yuhee and princess hours it intention outside there.i support u anything drama…pasah

  48. 1148
    mayu Says:

    i just love you!!!!

  49. 1149
    amber Says:

    hi jeong hoon^_^
    i wish u came to Melaka ok

  50. 1150
    ezaty Says:

    hai kim..ur cute boy..he6.first,i like your acting in yoo hee,witch dramas series.i hope ur happy always in your life.last says GO GO chaiyok!!! kim.

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