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Name: 김정훈 / Kim Jeong Hoon (Kim Jung Hoon)
Also known as: (Kim) John Hoon
Date of birth: Jan 20, 1980
Height: 179cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood type: AB
Profession: Actor, Singer, Model
Debut: As leader and lead vocals for group ‘UN’ (United N- Generation)
First Debut Song(Solo):Voice Mail(2002)
Education: Seoul National University, majoring in Dentistry; transferred to Chung-Ang University, majoring in Acting
Religion: Buddhist
Family: an elder brother and an elder sister
Hobbies: Listening to music, computer games, pools/billiards
Pop Group: Part of the male duo pop-group “United N-Generation” from 1999 to 2006.

TV Series

Start Again (MBC, 2016)
Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long (Hunan TV, 2016)
Witch’s Castle (SBS, 2015)
Immutable Law of First Love (NAVER tvcast, 2015)
Late Night Restaurant (SBS, 2015)
Her Legend (jTBC, 2013)
Dummy Mommy (SBS, 2012)
I Need Romance (tvN, 2011)
Love Strategy (Hunan TV, 2008)
Witch Amusement (SBS, 2007) as Yoo Joonha
Fog Street (Drama City) (KBS2, 2006)
Goong (MBC, 2006) as Lee Yul
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2004)
Orange (SBS, 2002)


Emperor’s Holidays (2015)
Stray Dogs (2014)
Sunday Punch (2012)
Cafe Seoul (2009)
DMZ (2004)
Shut Up! (2004)

Album & Concert

– On April 15 2006, Jung Hoon, along with singer Chae Yeon, hosted a concert held by CJ Media celebrating their business opening in Japan.
– He released the solo album, Five Stella Lights, in Japan on Oct. 25, 2006 under the moniker John Hoon, and had a succesful concert on December 12, 2005.
– Yi Qi Zou (一起走) Walk Together, with Vivian Hsu, Love Strategy opening theme song (Hunan TV, 2008)

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1,439 Responses to “Kim Jeong Hoon”

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  1. 1151
    arezou Says:

    hi,good luck!!!
    im from iran.

  2. 1152
    mia Says:

    loving you 4ever,….i wanna be your girlfriend…i think it just my dream……………..hiks

  3. 1153
    ika Says:

    i love u
    salam manis from indonesia

  4. 1154
    syahida Says:

    I would love to promote our malaysian beautiful film..talentime!!! u will love the film once u watch it…directed by yasmin ahmad..I think u got the beautiful personality..I am civil engineering student from Malaysia..

  5. 1155
    dinda Says:

    luv u. . . .

    hhe. . .

  6. 1156
    lala Says:

    Hi….when your’s next project ????

  7. 1157
    lia Says:

    hi..yul goon ups… I mean Kim Jeong Hoon (KJH) , luv ur acting at the Princess Hours. Kisses…from Indonesia!!

  8. 1158
    minozer Says:

    Annyong jeong hoon oppa ^*^ I love ur acting in princess hours… Wish to see ur next drama like princess hours… Fighting ^o^//

  9. 1159
    DoDo Says:

    I Love you so much.

  10. 1160
    selena Says:

    my little prince… always be strong, be happy! I love ur acting at the Prince Hous…wish to meet KJH in real life *-*

  11. 1161
    deniz Says:

    ı love you , you are very hondsome. we are waiting in türkiye. Do you know türkiye

  12. 1162
    syahida Says:

    Hi, there!!! hope u still remeber me…but I don’t think u read this message…I’m the one who promotes the talentime movie directed by yasmin ahmad..have u watch it or not? I would like to suggest a song titled I go written by pete teo..a great song writer and singer from Malysia..it’s REALLY touching u know….spend your leisure time listen to his song…kamsa hamida!! so long…..

  13. 1163
    Liz Says:

    Hey ur are from the movie from princess hour u look good ^_^

  14. 1164
    dechen Says:

    really nice actin in goong best of luck 4 more

  15. 1165
    BlOsOm Says:

    HeY u SiNg I NeVeR HeAr u SiNg BeFoRe LoL

  16. 1166
    selena Says:

    Late at night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of you, and I wish on the star, at somewhere you are thinking of me, too… good luck and God bless you!

  17. 1167
    dzuvia Says:

    you’re the best actor…!
    you’re the best actor…!
    you’re the best actor…!
    you’re the best actor…!
    you’re the best actor…!

  18. 1168
    kalakerinos Says:

    you are really like a prince.i hope you’ll be well-known not only in korea but also in world products.good luck to you in whole life.

  19. 1169
    angela Says:

    hi kim jeong hoon..
    i watch you in youtube and based on my observation,you are a excellent actor,model as well as singer…
    aside from that you are very smart…whenever you joined in a game shows,you always win…
    you even know many languages from other countries!!
    you1re once in a blue moon!!
    you`re very handsome…
    please have a concert in philippines..
    you`re very famous here.

    i just want you to know that even you are know in army ,i will still support you..
    i know that you will be in army for two years…
    i hope,when you get out in armyy,i can see you in person…
    i wish you good health and sucess…
    take care
    —-from: philippines

  20. 1170
    chasel Says:

    i will wait for two years,so that at that time you are not in army..
    you`re very smart and handsome..
    please visit philippines and have a concert here..
    take care and god bless..

  21. 1171
    shirley jackson Says:

    Hello! John Hoon anyonghaseyo chagya!!!
    You are my favorite korean actor, I really admire you so much
    I hope that you stay handsome and enhance more on your acting skills,
    Sarangheyo oppah… Yongwoni…

  22. 1172
    kim.i.am Says:


  23. 1173
    iris Says:

    Most of the asians like u. I m buddhist, too.
    U are the best,anyway I m waiting for your acting in movies.

  24. 1174
    Julia Says:

    We all are hopping to your visit to country Myanmar.
    Myanmar is the best buddhist region country. Come and seek out our warm, interesting culture and i believe u’ll find happy, openhearted and kind heart of myanmar people and beautiful, pleasant sences.
    Always Warmly Welcome from our Myanmar!!!!

  25. 1175
    samy lizeth cruz valderrama Says:

    안녕하세요 친구가 내 이름은 샘 페루 대학생의 석회의 부서에서 당신은 내가 당신 팬이 이후로 난 16 난 항상 내 생각에 나는 당신의 모든 소설, 연속극, 비디오, 본 건 당신이 알고 싶은 살고있다는 나는 그것을 즐길 많이 날 20 년 전, 일 te kiero 하니까요 당신은 모르겠지만 Maximo 나는 귀하의 이메일에있다 희망이 희망이 언젠가는 무도병 여행 Talves 또는 오지 jajaja셔서 가는데, 당신을 볼 수 잃진 않았 깊은 감상 남았 chauuu 길에서는 조심 besitos bebe.

  26. 1176
    supriya Says:

    HEY Kim Jeong Hoon ,ur really handsum and sexy
    I was a huge fan of urs since Goong released n i started watching it.
    Missed u n Saranghae oppa!!:)
    Do well on military and come back soon.

  27. 1177
    Strawberry_cashews16 Says:

    Is he the one who is in the bad wife korean movie??

  28. 1178
    Tsurara Says:

    I love him. period. I hope to see him more after he’s released of the army or that thing

  29. 1179
    efryll Says:

    did any of these korean actors and actresses ever read our comments? hehe… just asking, anyway, this guy is really cute and a good actor, oh i had this funny story, once i put his picture in my friendster account as my primary pic, after a day or two, there’s this hot girl asking me out because she thinks i was him and told me i’m cute and she’s interested… it was funny and scary… hehehe

  30. 1180
    nhezxiie Says:

    y0u kn0w i saw u b4 but in a far b’coz iv’e been in korean ehe your my crush super crush but i know its so big wishes to be your wife someday 😀 but not imposible your a human and i am too so why not right i just wanna say hope i met and talk to you when i visit there 🙂 bi go si f .. sarang hae yo ..

  31. 1181
    larz Says:

    i love you forever!!!!!!!!!!

  32. 1182
    paul Says:

    I idolized you so much and I really love you in Princess hours ./,.’;'[I’m waiting to your next korean movie and sooner can be watch here in phillipines,.// thank you,/”hoping to your reply./,

  33. 1183
    Norme Says:


    Love your acting in Goong..similar with my love life…Keep acting…keep fighting..Stay well and don’t stop …life is too short to waste…So what’s your new project…when…where….oh so much to ask…

  34. 1184
    coralou Says:

    hello! i have watched your drama goong and i love the story. i just hope that the producer of the said drama will make a sequel to it with the same cast. and hope to see you in some future korean drama.

    have a blessed christmas & a prosperous new year!

  35. 1185
    cookie58 Says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year….

  36. 1186
    april Says:

    Love watching “PRINCESS HOURS” It’s cute of you to tell them you love her in the movie and hope one day I get to see you?:]

  37. 1187
    atiqah Says:

    you are very cute.hope you can be my friend

  38. 1188
    hoeyrose Says:

    your so cute??? i dont think so…

    your NOT cute!!! remember it…

  39. 1189
    kherene Says:

    ..honestly your gorgeous..

    …go go go!!!!

  40. 1190
    zohreh Says:

    hi,im from another far country,please tel me how can i send email for kim jeong hoon,this is my email address:angelearthy_bonny@yahoo.com
    i should do it,please do me this favor every one who can.

  41. 1191
    dhebbie2t Says:

    yah he’s cute
    missed you seeing on TV

  42. 1192
    azi Says:

    hi jeong
    u r so cute & handsome i think:*

  43. 1193
    azi Says:

    salam zohreh
    age natijeii gerefti be manam begoo;)
    khabaresho too haminja bem bede

  44. 1194
    Leila Says:

    anehaseyo jeong hoon!
    my sweet one! my love! my dear fellow!
    u are very very fascinating.
    i like your acting in drama goong very much…i love your smile, ilove your facial expression,i love your kindness too…
    u are very handsome and very attractive…
    your eyes is charming.
    my dream prince!,u are my soul tranquil and u are my hearth repose …
    day and night think to u.
    my honey! Happy birth day to u…
    iam poet and writter from Iran_tehran,…
    i hope u can come to iran together sung il gook,25february 2010..
    u are in my heart for ever…i love u…ilove u…ilove u…..aniyo my darling.

  45. 1195
    tara Says:

    hi honey
    happy birth day to u
    ilove u
    iam from iran

  46. 1196
    bathrooms Says:

    Took me ages to find this post, this time I’ll bookmark it.

  47. 1197
    zara Says:

    happy brthdy sweet hear

    i am a big fan of u,and i really love u
    i wish i could come to korea & see u there
    u r so handsome and i really like your acting in drama goong

    luv uuuuuu honey

  48. 1198
    ani Says:

    hi,im from another far country,please tel me how can i send email for kim jeong hoon,this is my email address:bmw_3335@yahoo.com
    i should do it,please do me this favor every one who can.

  49. 1199
    aza Says:


    hey ani if u can found a mail to connect with jeong plz tell me



  50. 1200
    rhesan... Says:

    hi john hoon your so cute,,,,
    hope you go here in the philippines,,
    i saw you in “goong”
    princess hours in the Philippines,,,

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