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Kim Ji Hoon (1981)


Name: 김지훈 / Kim Ji Hoon
Profession: Actor
Date of birth: May 9, 1981
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood type: O

TV Series

Flower of Evil (tvN, 2020)
Babel (CSTV, 2019)
Rich Family’s Son (MBC, 2018)
Bad Thief, Good Thief (MBC, 2017)
Seven First Kisses (NAVER tvcast, 2016)
Sweet Stranger and Me (KBS2, 2016)
Go Ho, The Starry Night (Sohu TV, 2016)
Funny Woman (KBS2, 2015)
Come! Jang Bo Ri (MBC, 2014)
Goddess of Marriage (SBS, 2013)
Flower Boy Next Door (tvN, 2012)
Secret Investigation Record (tvN, 2010)
Pick the Stars (SBS, 2010)
Empress Chun Chu (KBS2, 2009)
Love Marriage (KBS2, 2008)
Why Did You Come to My House (SBS, 2008)
Golden Era of Daughter in Law (KBS2, 2007)
I Came in Search of a Flower (KBS2, 2007)
How Much Love (MBC, 2006)
Great Inheritance (KBS, 2006)
Love Hymn (2005)
Golden Apple (KBS, 2005)
A Problem At My Younger Brother’s House (2003)
Loving You KBS (2002)


Natalie (2010)


2014 MBC Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actor (Soap Opera): Kim Ji Hoon (Come! Jang Bo Ri)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Long-Length Series) – Kim Ji Hoon (Goddess of Marriage)

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  1. 1 : LiLith Says:

    he’s just awesome and such a mix of gentle man and courage gallant hero

  2. 2 : Rosa Tan Says:

    you are so handsome in your recent drama appearance in daughters-in-law,good performance keep it up

  3. 3 : Cox Malanao Says:

    i’m cox from the Philippines, i love your show!
    Daughters-in-law, Both of you guys look great together (Lee Soo Kyung)!

  4. 4 : EK-Jkt Says:

    I like your acting in “How Much You like it”. Matured and cool. Keep up the good work:) Cheers,

  5. 5 : Grace Says:

    You’re very fervent actor, most dramas of yours’ make me gets into the same situation you are in and connect with the story very well. Keep it up for what you do and many blessings.

  6. 6 : vee Says:

    he is so cool…. very cool

  7. 7 : Ratna Says:

    I like his acting in How Much Love, i just watching now..i dont know if this serial in 2006. Its okay..better than i dont know hehhe.. For all, please see this serial. You will not regret it.

  8. 8 : Stella Says:

    I’m watching “How Much Love” & it’s my first drama with him as an actor. I see that he has the quality of a gentleman & a good actor at the same time. Not only he’s good looking but his charm really moves my heart. Good job & God bless!

  9. 9 : marinafrisca Says:

    he’s so handsome.. a bit Jang Donggun face type.. n he’s young .. omo.. i like him in love marriage.. a must watch…

  10. 10 : Chaimoon Says:

    You’re cool in Love Marriage! Keep the charm going. You got it!

  11. 11 : Timmy Says:

    Hi Kim Ji Hoon,
    You’re so handsome and good actor…………..

  12. 12 : Ellen Says:

    Hi Kim Ji Hoon,
    When I watched your drama, LOve Marriage,I became so much interested to watch your other drama series.I even watched your drama series “Golden Era of Daughter in Law”in chinese.The truth,I can’t understand Chinese,but even without English subtitle,I’m watching it.I was attracted with your eyes .I’m now watching also “I Came In Search Of Flower”.I watched that,because of you……..I hope for your success inthe future………………..

  13. 13 : ila Says:

    i love him so much…
    he’s so cute n elegant in love n marriage..
    love this drama…

  14. 14 : KhmerChickUSA Says:

    Love Marriage is the first movie I watch with Kim Ji Hoon in it and that is when I fell in love with his charactor………….. The scene when he got out from the shower was so so HOT……I hope he play more movie 🙂

  15. 15 : fatima8 Says:

    i love kim jihoon.. i love da way he acts.. he is definately one of my fav actors!!

  16. 16 : mayalin Says:

    i love kim ji hoon!! he’s so charming in Love Marriage ^^

  17. 17 : neg Says:

    i think he will be the next the SSH in Korea …

    i enjoyed his last three series cuz they’re all funny ones which we all need these days with the freaking economy rather than more and more dramas.

    i don’t know why he always pair up with a very talkative female lead .. hmmm .. is it cuz he’s a quiet guy … anyway, hopefully, he’ll be in more comedy series.

  18. 18 : ernie Says:

    i love your character in love marriage. Your charming face, yuor lovely smile really suit you….hope ur success in what ever u do:)- Good Luck…

  19. 19 : Mentari Lim Says:

    oohh…my gosh…i love u’r smile…n like u’r character in love marriage.
    It’s so sweet…i wish boyfriend like u…hohohoho
    Hopefully u always succes…n wish u’r dream come true…gud luck!!!! never forget to pray ok?!

  20. 20 : lia Says:

    hii…he’s so cute….

  21. 21 : Ellen Says:

    Hi Kim Ji Hoon,

    Greetings from us in Sunnyvale ,California.

    I don’t know why,when I watched your drama series
    Love Marriage,I tried to search your other drama series.Then I watched the “Flower of my Life”I felt sad that you”re not the lead actor,in fact that you’re more better to be the lead actor.i hope I can order your other drama series.You”re so cute and good looking actor.

  22. 22 : Ellen Says:

    Hi Kim Ji hoon,

    You’re great in your role as Lawyer in Love Marriage.You’re more better in serious role,rather than in comedy.I’m hoping to see more of your drama series.

  23. 23 : Timmy Says:

    You’re one of the Korea’s good looking actor.I really can’t believe myself admiring Korean Actors rather than Filipino actors.My Mom,really likes you,no wonder ,you’re a good ,handsome actor.

  24. 24 : Timmy Says:

    I’m a Nursing student here in Palo Alto,California,though I’m busy cause I’m also working as CNA,graveyard shift.,I also watch your drama series,with my sister and Mom .

  25. 25 : Timmy Says:

    For You KJH,



  26. 26 : Timmy Says:

    Another Thoughs To Soothe……………


    HAVE A NICE DAY……………

  27. 27 : Timmy Says:

    We hope ,we can see you in person.Maybe you’re more handsome.

  28. 28 : kt Says:

    You are charming in “Love Marriage”. I believe you are the up and coming korean heart throb. ope to see more of your shows in future. Good luck!

  29. 29 : Timmy Says:

    We’ve just finished watching “Love Marriage’.You’re so natural in your acting.You’re such a good actor………………..

  30. 30 : Ellen Says:

    Hi Kim Ji Hoon,
    I hope we can watch your other drama series in English.I hope too,that you can be paired with Lee ji Ah,maybe in some sort of Love story……..

  31. 31 : Wendy Says:


    I am not certain if you do read the comments for you here in the web but I want you to know that you touched so many hearts from your natural acting. I don’t usually watch Korean dramas because most of the time, I don’t like the ending as well as the actors but watching Matchmaker’s Lover became an exception. First of all, I want to commend the people behind this drama series. Thank you so much for creating such a heart-warming story acted by excellent actors and actresses. This drama series came to my knowledge three weeks ago and from then on, I was hooked watching this show. I never thought I am capable of loving until I saw Kim Ji Hoon. Thanks for giving me another inspiration. I love how the story ended. Not too heavy and not too lousy unlike the others. The storyboard is awesome and the acting is excellent. Indeed a must see drama series that would tickle your heart and soul. Kim Ji Hoon, thank you. Thank you for giving me a reason to live. But I promised to myself that I will look for you. I am dying to meet you in person. We are maybe oceans part away but I know in God’s time, we will meet.

    After I watched this series, I gained a new perspective in life as well as new goals to achieve. Kim Ji Hoon, I will come to your land and I really pray to actually meet you. And that is a promise I am going to keep. And by the way, you are welcome here in the Philippines. Just let me know. Take care always.

  32. 32 : saranya Says:

    Hi kim, this is Saranya from India..
    its only been a few months since i have started watching kbs world, was fond of documentries but i became a great fan of korean dramas after seeing matchmakers lover…. ur acting is cool and awesome…. i made all my friends and cousins watch it….. it makes us feel a little embarrassed to watch d intimate scenes in the drama, except for which everything is great… we expect u to do more challenging roles than peppy roles as u do now…. keep up d good work…. my prayers for u…. good luck…………………..

  33. 33 : Anitha Says:

    hei kim….. doing a good job…. thank god we get korean channels in India…. Do well in your future projects…. we expect you in movies too…. keep it up……

  34. 34 : Sylvie Says:

    Hi Kim Ji hoon,

    I really like your acting in Love and Marriage. You are an actor with charisma. Mostly I like your acting in How Love/How Much Love with Jo Hyu Jung. Both of You really did a great job. You are really great in serious role like as a lawyer in Love Marriage and as Seo Dong Soo in How Love/How Much Love.
    Always keep the Great Job… and God Bless You….. I’ll be waiting for more of your drama…

  35. 35 : Luna Says:

    Kim Ji Hoon is the best part of the series Love & Marriage. He’s very handsome (looks like a young Jang Dong Gun) and a very good actor. Loved the character he played in Love & Marriage. I am looking forward to watch more dramas with him.

  36. 36 : Novi Says:

    I love your acting i’been watched ur drama Why did you come to my house & love marriage..Your acting really good in thos drama…u such like young Jang Dong gun…Hope the best 4 u…N i will continue 2 watch ur other drama…U be my other korean actor fave. Love u…

  37. 37 : peapea Says:

    ได้ดูซี่รี่ส์คุณแล้วชอบคุณนะคะ มีผลงานดีๆต่อไปแล้วกันนะ

  38. 38 : rulan Says:

    just finished watching Love Marriage series !
    You are awesome to the maxi !
    I love your calm smile !
    Cool and handsome !

  39. 39 : yanti Says:

    Hi Kim Ji Hoon……..

    You are so handsome when you’re in “love n marriage”…but i like u more when you’re in “why did you come to my house”…i like your eyes and your sweet smile…..i hope you’ll always get the best thing in your life…..love u…..

  40. 40 : love Says:

    Kim ji hoon
    very handsome

  41. 41 : merve Says:

    annyeonghaseyo from turkey since i watched ur drama love n marriage i became one of the best fan of u go on oppa good luck 2 u

  42. 42 : Jewel Says:

    My first encounter with KJH is when he was in KangTa’s MV (Propose). But I didn’t realize it was him cause he was still young ^^;;
    Then years after, I watch his Love Marriage drama on KBS, I was hooked and start looking for another dramas that has him in it ^^
    Now I’m watching How Much Love, and I see it’s going great ^^

    KJH, those comments above are the proof that you’re a great actor 😀 We look forward to your upcoming dramas and movies XOXO

    PS. I love your smile & hairdo at Love Marriage, please keep it up ^^

  43. 43 : nene Says:

    gosh! falling in love with kim ji hoon.. i was hooked too after watching love marriage and search for his other drama too… his smile, his eyes makes me melt! BRAVO KIM, keep it up.. you centaintly carrried the role well.. hope to see more of your show, yours big fan from singapore 🙂

  44. 44 : annielove Says:

    Hi Kim Ji Hoon.

    I watched your drama Love & Marriage.

    You are so good in Park Jun Soon.

    I like your smiles becouse you smile with your eyes.

    Hope you have a new drama soon.

    I come from Thailand that I hope to see you in Thailand.

    Love to see you,


  45. 45 : kkkkkk Says:

    hi Kim Ji Hoon…………
    i watched ‘Why did you come to my house. you are very handsome man. I like you. Your smile is really wonderful.

  46. 46 : mey Says:

    hi.. kim ji hoon.. luv so.. u’r a gud actor n i wait for u next movie..

  47. 47 : samantha Says:

    Kim Ji Hoon is the actor i like most. i love everything about him, but i don’t like the actress who acted in the Love Mariage with him.

  48. 48 : Meiyi Lim Says:

    My family introduced the show “Golden Era of Daughter In-Law’,to me & now I’m got hooked on it, because of the nice storyline, & the Male Lead, Kim Ji-hoon. The show was very entertaining! Also KJH is so good looking. After that I see ‘Love Marraige’ and the story line was also good. These two shows are worth watching.
    All the Best to you, Kim Ji-hoon! You are always welcome to visit Singapore! Hope to see you in person too!

  49. 49 : miki Says:

    Expecting your new show ! wish u with new success!

  50. 50 : Meiyi Lim Says:

    I am now watching Kim Ji-Hoon’s previous Drama called “How Lovely” or “How much Love” Finishing soon. It’s the best of his Dramas like Golden era of daughter in-law, Love & marriage. I almost have been crying throughout the 112 episode! It’s a great storyline. Must Watch! You will like Kim Ji-Hoon even more!
    Through this Drama I get to know the female lead, Jo Yeon Jeon. She is very cute & pretty, unlike the other three co-stars in GEOD, L&M, WYCTMH.

  51. 51 : Emine Says:

    Hey!I just want to luv u the world.This dramas so the funny like u Lee Ji Joon!These Flowers Are Beautiful.I like all your series…
    THE GOOD WORK!! =) 😀

  52. 52 : Emine Says:

    Kim Ji Hoon is so the best.He’s so hot & pretty good..

  53. 53 : bhumo Says:

    Oppa, I saw you for the first time in Why did you come to my home and you are rocking man!! Hoping to watch more of your dramas in the coming years..korean dramas are very popular in our Tibetan community..keep going…we are there to watch no matter what!

  54. 54 : Trang Says:

    KIM JI HOON is very, very handsome. I love U

  55. 55 : ag Says:

    I really enjoyed him in “Why did you come to my house?”. Kim Ji Hoon is quite goodlooking!

  56. 56 : Benedicta Angelica Says:

    I like you in love and marriage.
    You look so handsome and cool there..
    You look so great with your clothes there..
    You look so charismatic..
    Your smile is good too..

    Keep on..!

    You know,,
    For me, Korea is cool because of its dramas..
    So touching and inspirating..

  57. 57 : J chitchu Says:

    Kim Ji Hoon is soooooo handsome. His smile is perfect and charming.
    He is sooooooooo cute too. He’s so hot. I prefer his style in Love marriage.

  58. 58 : lucy Says:

    Hi, I watch you show I forget the title now you are not their. I hope one of this day you and Goo Hye Sun will get together on tv drama or movie. Both of you are good partner and cute. She producing movie and directing and also actress to her movie. She said she don’t any actor opposite to her. Hope she will contact you and accept it. Good lucky and hope you two will be together.

  59. 59 : gee gee Says:

    You handsome, good actor. I watch your some of tv drama show here. You look gentleman, charismatic, educated. Hope one of this day you have tv drama , commercial , pictorial on magazines or movie with Ku Hye Sun. You and her will good partner, both of you are cute, same smile and both look good looking. Where are the producer why don’t think about you and Ku Hye Sun put together on drama or comedy it will big hit.
    Hope you and her be couple.

  60. 60 : mya kay khine Says:

    hi ji hoon,
    i like u and love u so so so so so so much .

  61. 61 : anyta Says:

    no coMent!!!!!
    you vEry cooL n hAndsome…

  62. 62 : Link Says:

    I like Ji Hoon very much.. not only handsome, sweet and good looking, in all his dramas I’ve watched (how much love, why did you come to my house, love and marriage, golden era of daughter in law, flowers for you, great inheritance, love hymn) and now still watching golden apple, Ji Hoon’s acting is really sooo good… really a very good actor..

    Since I’m an overseas fans and cant read Korea.. dun know much about Ji Hoon’s news..
    Hope Ji Hoon has new drama in this year 2009…
    cant wait for it…
    really love all Ji Hoon’s dramas very much… love and support Ji Hoon alwaysssssss… 🙂

  63. 63 : meee... Says:

    Ji Hoon.. you are very cute, handsome, and greattttt…
    Good work in all your dramas… love you so muchieee.. and love all your dramas…
    cant wait for your new dramas..

  64. 64 : Sian Says:

    Hi… I’m a new fan of Kim Ji Hoon.. Love Kim Ji Hoon after watching how much love.. and becomes love and love him more after watching his other dramas.. I watched almost all of his dramas.. and love his acting..
    Ji Hoon always looks sooo cute and handsome in all of his dramas..

    I cant read chinese and Korea..
    can any fans here help me ?
    is there any sites or discussion forums of Kim Ji Hoon in English ?
    help pls… thx in adv…

  65. 65 : olomo Says:

    I like you in love and marriage.
    The first , I watch Korean Movie . ((love and marriage))

  66. 66 : kat kat Says:

    Hello brother, I like your style and all of your motivation. you are so handsome and sweet. I like you very much, your acting is very nice and i like your dramas all. i want to be your younger sister,ok. please u make me my brother. i like you very much

  67. 67 : maya Says:

    hi,i love kim.kim is very good,very beautiful

  68. 68 : yuyamyothet Says:

    i like u

  69. 69 : rsb Says:

    try watching “golden apple” in kbs world. he is so good looking there! 🙂

  70. 70 : t y p Says:

    your acting ability is so nice
    i enjoy you
    i want to make friend with you
    but i know it is impossible

  71. 71 : ZAR Says:

    oh my gosh!!!!
    i like the way u acted.
    your nice
    heheheh so handsome
    i like to meet you in person
    but it’s impossible
    keep up the good work

  72. 72 : zar Says:

    your such great!!!
    i love your movies
    … may hope i could watched all of them
    ur such cute in your character
    i thought ur just 19
    20 above?????????
    it’s not in ur physical appearance

    keep up it dude

  73. 73 : sendy Says:

    looks so nice

  74. 74 : asi kılıç Says:

    Never say never!
    You are very special fortome. Always look on the bright side of life.
    Turkish lady

  75. 75 : Narcissus Says:

    yesterday I watched u in Showbiz Extra. U asked to send our love for u, so I’m here now to support u more than before………
    have a great life
    wish u more success everyday……

  76. 76 : eva Says:

    hey hansome…..,i love all ur drama.
    hope u always make godd drama n movie 🙂
    aja aja figthing…..

  77. 77 : Shealy Says:

    Hey Kim Ji Hoon, this is my first time watching korean drama and I fell for you in “Why did you come to my house?” You are so lovely and handsome.. Every lady who watch this drama will fall for you as well.. I love you! All the best to you!

  78. 78 : abby Says:

    all his drama are really good,he’s one of my favorite.
    hopefully the PD will let him pair with go hye sun.I want ot see him more in heavy drama…

  79. 79 : sang hee Says:

    i’m so impressed with you in Stars Falling…& i’m gonna miss that drama esp. you as kang ha! i still hv to see some of your other projects like why did you come…love/marriage etc.

    keep up the good work, your potential in acting shld nvr go wasted.


  80. 80 : sang hee Says:

    moderator cld you pls add this photo here for Kim? many thanks!


  81. 81 : sang hee Says:

    To Moderator: pls post photo of KJH — many thanks!


  82. 82 : sang hee Says:

    Thank you very much moderator! I truly appreciate it! That’s so quick! Million thanks!

  83. 83 : sang hee Says:

    Hope you won’t mind posting another photo moderator for KJH….Thnx a million again!


  84. 84 : Darling102 Says:

    Kim Ji Hoon is so good looking. His curvy lips are very sexy:):) and his acting skills have been improving a lot since last drama. I fall in love with him all over again in his new drama Stars Falling from the sky. I hope to see him again in his new drama soon. Good luck, Kim Ji Hoon!!!

  85. 85 : sang hee Says:

    Many thnx again moderator/s! I appreciate it v. much!

    Take care until nxt time when i got some more photos for this gorgeous actor!

  86. 86 : abby Says:

    dreaming for sequel of the SFFTS.Want to see more on Pal Kang And Kang Ho

  87. 87 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Abby me too, I think a sequel to Stars would be the answer to our withdrawal syndrome of this drama!

  88. 88 : sang hee Says:

    Hello moderators, i hope you’ll post yet another latest photo of Kim Ji Hoo, a scene from Stars. Here’s the link and many thanks!


  89. 89 : jo Says:

    Yes he’s really that gorgeous looking actor. Hope to see you again soon in a next project.GOD BLESS!

  90. 90 : Treasure Says:

    I’m with you all…he’s one of my favorite Korean actors no doubt! He’s such a good actor too not only just a pretty face! More power to you KJH! sarang hae yo

  91. 91 : sang hee Says:

    i think i know why the moderator is not posting the photo link coz of maybe copyright. that’s fine i’ll choose another one without the production logo in it. I’m sorry moderator i wasn’t thinking! thnx

  92. 92 : sang hee Says:

    my fave photo is the one in the middle! he looks super gorgeous!

  93. 93 : sang hee Says:

    I just finished watching Wanted Son in Law or Why Did You Come to My House & loved it! I highly recommend this drama if anyone here hasn’t seen it.

  94. 94 : ronalieron Says:

    kim ji hoon!!XD
    i really really love ur dramas specially SFFTS!!ur so hot and handsome there!!XD
    heheh XP hope u made another drama like that!!
    keep up the good work!!
    kang ha and pal gang 4rever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

  95. 95 : YSH4ever Says:

    Ji Hoon ssi, annyeong !

    With your gorgeous smouldering looks and personal charm & charisma, i am not surprised at all why so many fans are swooning over you !

    May you attain even greater stardom ! Hope your next project is as lovely as Stars.

  96. 96 : sang hee Says:

    I just saw parts of Haengbu or How Much Love & even without Eng subs I did enjoys watching you in that drama, the wedding scene was quite emotional! You’re such a great actor Kim Ji hoon sshi! Very versatile like one of my favorite actors Yoon sang hyun!

  97. 97 : sang hee Says:

    oopps sorry a typo there it should just be enjoy w/o an ‘s’

  98. 98 : sang hee Says:

    Hello YSH4 & ronalieron…welcome on board my friends! I’m sure if he reads this column he’ll be happy to see our greetings for him!

  99. 99 : =P Says:

    Good morning!!

    SB & YSH4 – hi – Now we really got to keep up with Y2 eh?

    As SB put it – zapped!!! and BAD!!!

  100. 100 : sang hee Says:

    Hi =P Good Morning to you too hehehe glad to see you here as well as YSH4! yeah zapped & bad are the words to describe it. Yes indeed we can’t neglect Y2, as adorable as he is! hehehe

  101. 101 : Ronalieron Says:

    Hi kim!
    Hi also to sang hee^-^unnie!!^^hehehXP
    saranghaeyo kim!!!!!XD

  102. 102 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong dongsaeng Ronalie! Kudos to you my frnd! nice u can visit also fr time to time to say hello to Kim ji sshi! if you have a fave photo you know you can paste the link here so our moderator can post it ok? talk to you later.

  103. 103 : ronalieron Says:

    annyeaong aesaeyo kim!!!XD
    hope to see u at best couple award ceremony together w/ choi!!
    keep up the good work!!fighting!!^-^

    unnie!!annyeong >.^


  104. 104 : sang hee Says:

    Dongsaeng Ronalie…that’s one of my fave photos of KJH….let’s hope it gets posted by our moderator here! 🙂

  105. 105 : sang hee Says:

    To Moderator: Pls publish this photo of Kim as per link below, many many thnx!


  106. 106 : ronalieron Says:

    Unni!! I like most of KJH’s pics when he smile like that!!!so cute!!!!!!!>..^

  107. 107 : ronalieron Says:

    His face is very different from sffts…there,he barely smile and laugh but still I like him very much!!>.< hahah^o^ is it too much to like him that much?!

  108. 108 : sang hee Says:

    Me too i like his beautiful smile Ronalie! He didn’t smile that much in Stars coz of his character as we know, he didn’t open up to anyone coz of his past childhood but once he did in the last few episodes, we all started liking him! 🙂

  109. 109 : sang hee Says:

    Moderator, pls post photo link, many thanks!


  110. 110 : ronalieron Says:

    yes ur ryt^-^
    that’s why I like him more and more!!!!

  111. 111 : sang hee Says:

    hi ronalie…yes i agree

  112. 112 : ronalieron Says:

    annyeong kim!!!

    plz put my photo link here^^plz?!!tnx a lot!!!

    hello unni^^

  113. 113 : ronalieron Says:

    this is my photo link, plz post it to kjh’s photos


  114. 114 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong ronalie dongsaeng…it’s taking a while for our mods to place the photos, i wondered if there’s any problems coz I think if they’re not too sharp they’re not able to post it/them. let’s hope they add our photos soon! thnx v much moderators! i also saw ur posting on ysh board, cool!!

  115. 115 : ronalieron Says:

    it’s alryt^^i’ll wait for it^^

  116. 116 : sang hee Says:

    yeah we can wait for it, maybe they’re just too busy!
    annyeong rona!

  117. 117 : sang hee Says:

    hi rona…click on #109 & see his photo in white shirt, that’s one of my faves…he’s so cute in white shirt!

  118. 118 : ronalieron Says:

    ya^^he’s so hot there^^

    this is my pics for him and choi together^^

  119. 119 : sang hee Says:

    rona…i got nice photos of them also together. that’s a poster for Stars i guess that you have.

  120. 120 : sang hee Says:

    OH THANKS A MILLION Moderators for posting the photos of Kim Ji Hoon! That’s great! Kamsahamnida manhi!

  121. 121 : sang hee Says:

    for posting pls moderator/s when you get a chance! many many thanks!!


  122. 122 : sang hee Says:

    thnx again moderators…that was fast!I appreciate it very much!

  123. 123 : ronalieron Says:

    yey^^tnx again to moderator!!

  124. 124 : ronalieron Says:

    annyeong kim!!>.<
    how's it going?keep up the good work and do ur best!fighting!

  125. 125 : =P Says:

    Hey there girls – doing good eh!!

    Thanks SB go the vid Sydney in Love – with CJW and Baek Sang Hyun of Accidental Couple.

    they looked great.

  126. 126 : sang hee Says:

    Hi =P….u’r welcome & i think they do look great! nice to see you on this board once in a while! now i’m gonna be busy going from this board to our other guy’s board! hehehe the more the merrier i guess!

    i still hv to see AC…my cousin tells me it’s good too!

  127. 127 : sang hee Says:

    Ron i meant to ask you what ur fave scene in WDYCTMH or Stars? I think in WDY i’d say one of the funniest wld be when he ran outside the store in his box shorts….did you see how he was running so fast like a cheetah? LOL

    In Stars I hv to review that again since i got the DVD yesterday & it’s so nice to watch it on big screen mind you!

  128. 128 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong Kim Ji sshi…. i got so hooked in your previous projects that i had to see Love Marriage as well. Keep up the good work!

  129. 129 : sang hee Says:

    To Moderator: Please post photo link below for Kim Ji Hoon — many thanks in advance!


  130. 130 : sang hee Says:

    oopps i think that link won’t work, let me resend it sorry moderator!

  131. 131 : sang hee Says:

    To moderator: i hope this link is better than the first one…thnx again!


  132. 132 : ronalieron Says:

    hi unni!!
    annyeong kim!!!bogoshippo!!!>.<
    i like that scene too^^so hilarious!!in Stars,what parts i like most(parts?)heheh..actually there's a lot,but i'll tell u only one,the best,is kim's reaction in ep 14 while pal gang treats his wounds after he had a fight,u remember that part?i really like his reaction there when pal gang got angry and just leave his room b/c of his bickering instead of saying tnx..i felt that he really regrets about arguing w/ pal gang and don't want to leave his side that time^^u got me?maybe watch that ep to know what i mean^^

  133. 133 : ronalieron Says:

    to our moderators,plz,if u can,post this pic to his other pics here^^



  134. 134 : sang hee Says:

    naduo me too rona…bogoshiposo…i got busy as usual!
    oh i do recall that scene…likewise i got quite a few faves in series, but i cried in early epis where PK’s parents died suddenly & she & her siblings cldn’t find a place to stay – it seems that the whole world just turned their backs on them! I also liked that scene when KH & PK along with Nami got stranded? if i recall then KH’s shirt got stained etc. you cld see KH’s other side, warming up i guess as they walked along eating roasted potato or sweet yam. I’m rewatching it so maybe something else wld come to mind later.

  135. 135 : sang hee Says:

    i just had to peek at that photo you’re requesting & he’s looking so serious there eh?
    did u see the one i’m requesting? that’s taken when he won as best new actor in 2007.

  136. 136 : =P Says:

    You have to watch AC and YAB – trust me – if Ju and I are liking it – you will too. Those are happy dramas!! Watch and have fun!!

  137. 137 : ronalieron Says:

    yes,i love that part too^^it alwys made me laugh everytime i watch that part where kim was replacing nami’s diaper and the po** just got in his shirt,and omo,look at his face!!totally love it!!!seriously,i love all the part when he’s not serious.heheh..
    yes,i saw ur photo where kim’s at the award,i think,w/ short hair.

    to =P,i’ve watched YAB,and i also have that dvd,it’s really good and funny,and i like shinwoo there^^

  138. 138 : sang hee Says:

    =P…judging from your recommendation/s before & now, I’m more than convinced to watch YAB & AC…even rona liked it. I just got too many things & so little time. As i told you girls now that i hv the Stars DVD, i’ve been rewatching since y-day & now on epi 5 & of course just like you P i take intermissions hehehe.

    i’m so glad to talk to you here too P….maybe nxt time we’ll talk about Stars or WDYCTMH – i’m also watching Love Marriage so i’m really gonna be tied up hehehe. YAB will be nxt in line plus AC!

    talk to you later chingoos!

  139. 139 : sang hee Says:

    rona, i also had a good laugh with that scene where KH was chnging Nami’s diaper 🙂 i thot that was cute, coupled with the xpressn on his face! he’s turning fr cold to warm! hehehe

  140. 140 : sang hee Says:

    of course who cld forget Taegyu who’s fallen for P Kang? he’s hilarious…he was such a riot but with a warm heart…it’s funny that scene where he calls for a pizza only to turn around to his young uncle & lets him pay for it! then the proposal to PK hahaha oh i got a tummy ache with him while watching some of the scenes with him! he could be a real nuisance with his childish behaviour!

  141. 141 : sang hee Says:

    To Moderators: Pls post Kim’s photo when u get a chance…many thanks!


  142. 142 : ronalieron Says:

    oh yeah!!^^how can i forgot our tae gyu there!!he’s funny and cute too^^remember the last ep,i mean ep 20,the part where tae gyu welcomes pal gang,oh i love that scene!!everybody there just stare at him cuz of that…^o^he’s totally funny!sad that he’s not the one that pal gang loves..and talking about Stars,i hope there will be a season 2 cuz i didn’t see pal gang and kang ha married..damn it!! i so wanted to see that part!!!

  143. 143 : sang hee Says:

    Rona…i echo ur views on Stars…they shld’ve had a wedding but instead they got the ahumma/ahjussi wedding! grrhhh I was hoping to see her & our guy in their wedding outfit, they look so good together eh?
    Yeah I remember epi 20 & Taegyung is one cutie too, a bit of a rascal at first few epis but that’s ok. hehehe

  144. 144 : sang hee Says:

    Oh yeah me too i ‘d luv to see Season 2 of course! I just can’t seem to get enough of this series mind you! hehehe We shld petition to SBS to have another go for Stars, this time showing their wedding matter of fact they can start epis 1 with that, then the kids as part of their entourage, by this time Nami must be walking already, so he’ll be the ring bearer, best man of course is JH & grandpa or haraboji to give PK away! Oh that’ll be so lovely right Rona?

  145. 145 : sang hee Says:

    it’s just made u mad when they shaved off his hair, he did look a bit matured! (:

  146. 146 : Treasure Says:


  147. 147 : sang hee Says:

    Many many thanks Moderators for posting some photos of Kim Ji Hoon! We truly appreciate it! Thanks a million!

  148. 148 : sang hee Says:

    hi ronron…where art thou? not too busy here at work so i thought you may be here too? hv u finished rewatching Stars? I hvnt coz i hopped from Love Marriage to Stars so i think i’ll finish LM first then rewatch Stars 🙂 I also hv been watching O My Lady & to watch ep 2 when i hv a chance!
    talk to you soon!

    annyeong to Kim Ji Hoon sshi

  149. 149 : sang hee Says:

    oh i forgot to mention that my sis is also now a huge fan of Kim Ji Hoon after seeing him in Stars so i asked her to post her msg too.

  150. 150 : =P Says:

    Can he be any gorgeouser?

    I am also rewatching Stars – it is so addictive. If not for Yoony – Y2 could easily be my No.1!!!!

    Let me watch Stars a few more times and then see if I can get round to recapping.

  151. 151 : =P Says:

    KH in the last 2 episodes especially was the sweetest thing on earth!

    The drama would have really benefitted from 2 episode extension.

    Firstly – they should not have had PK and KH give up all their shares. Put in trust some for all the kids would have been better and more practical. I get that PK did not want to touch money – but could have done the trust for the kids education.

  152. 152 : =P Says:

    KH quitting JK? Well – mixed feelings – I guess he did not want to see Botox everyday?

    But to give up his shareholding? Maybe share with JH – give some to Parang? Keep it for expenses – in case Nami needs surgery again?

    The ending too fairy tale – and not a convincing one at that.

  153. 153 : =P Says:

    Not clear on the living conditions either – did Parang move out to be with KH? His ties with KH stronger than with his own family?

    Well still acceptable I guess – cos they all rooting for PK and KH to get married soon – so temporary arrangement only.

  154. 154 : =P Says:

    And also – not much time given to PK and KH to develop the change in their relationship – instead of 1 year later – show us their relationship blooming now – and then 1 year later – their wedding!

    Too little PK and KH moments.

  155. 155 : ronalieron Says:

    annyeong kim!!

    hi also to sang hee, i havn't finished rewatching Stars,but sooner,heheh..

    kamsahamnida to our moderators!!saranghae!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. 156 : sang hee Says:

    hello chingoo P…just getting home & nice to see you here! hehehe i know what you mean but can i have two number ones u think? hehehe I realize what you’re saying can’t he be any gorgeouser hehehe that’s new in the dictionary created for KJH!

    rona & i have been rewatching & she’s quite fast, i’m only on ep 7 where he celebrates his b/day i mean KH’s b/day; then Parang at the very last scene almost got the house on fire but one thing I didn’t think was right is when PK slapped KH, that’s totally uncalled for, i know she apologized to him later but hey it’s Parang’s fault anyway! P i shld look f/ward to your recaps on Star! 🙂

  157. 157 : sang hee Says:

    @151 — P I agree w/you 101%, the money cld’ve been used for the kids but i guess PK really matured in this series. Also yeah it would hv been better if there’s another 2 episodes that way it wasn’t rushed & perhaps we’re able to see a wedding of these two!

  158. 158 : sang hee Says:

    hi rona…yeah bogoshipo KJ!

    i’m enjoying P’s mini recaps of Stars so i got busy reading through hehehe.. this drama made me cry & laugh…the Taegyeong character is to be reckoned with — imagine him trying to outsmart his two uncles? hehehe He’s proposal & all that to PK. Oh he’s just hilarious!

  159. 159 : sang hee Says:

    Yes it wasn’t clear on their living conditions but I think PK wants to prove that they can get by this time without panhandling if you will plus coupled with her pride. I still think Season 2 wld be great, seeing them married & how KH interact with the kids as a couple!

    If this drama wasn’t rushed, it wld’ve been perfect but this is definitely one of my favorite Kdramas!

  160. 160 : sang hee Says:

    Hi dongsaeng Ronron hehehe u’r so cute! You’re quite fast in rewatching Stars considering you just started not too long ago? hehehe Since i got the DVD now I can enjoy it more on big screen & some scenes when I watched on viikii I easily got distracted coz of the humurous comments by fans so you end up reading two things & this time on DVD I got to really concentrate on what’s going on, I even cried on some scenes whereas when I first watched it, I didn’t! hehehe

  161. 161 : sang hee Says:

    To our moderator/s: Sorry to bother you with another photo request please. Thnx again!


  162. 162 : YSH4ever Says:

    Hi Ji Hoon ssi….. hope to see more of you in interviews and on variety chat shows. The only one i remember seeing you was in the Round Table Plus quite sometime back and even that was just a brief glimpse !

    Keep up yr good work…..there are lots of fans out there looking out for you !

  163. 163 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong YSH4…u know what? my sis wants to post here so i suggested to her to get a user name here & she asked me to think of one so I thot well if YSH got YSH4 why not KJH4? hehehe So this board will soon have your namesake if you will! 🙂

  164. 164 : sang hee Says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU Moderators for posting another cute photo of KJH! You guys rock! Thanks for your time! We love this website for actors!

  165. 165 : sang hee Says:

    I hope to see more of Kim ji sshi in another drama perhaps with Han joo? of Shining Inheritance or Yoon Eun Hye! I’m liking you also in Love Marriage you look really handsome in suits even in casuals!

  166. 166 : sang hee Says:

    rona…i just noticed your msg that u finished rewatching Stars? Girl you’re too fast for me! hahaha I’m kangaroo watching (my term for hopping from one drama to another) betwn Stars & LM so it’s taking me a while! I’m enjoying LM too as you suggested before, wow there’s more k.ssng scenes here than in WDYCTMH or Stars combined! wheeww! woot woot wink wink!

    talk to you later (or TTYL) as i’m still at work

    annyeong to our Kim Ji sshi!

  167. 167 : KimJi4 Says:

    annyeong hasaeyo Kim Ji sshi…i watched your drama Stars with my sister which we both enjoyed tremendously & we’re both taken by your charm, acting, handsomeness & all that! We hope to see more of you soon in another comedy/romance type of drama! I read some columns describing you as ‘s.xy bedroom eyes’ or an ‘eye candy’ & i cldn’t agree with them more than that! all the best to you in your future endeavours!

  168. 168 : KimJi4ever Says:

    my sis tells me i shld hv the word ‘ever’ after 4…see she’s more into these postings compared to me so consider me a newbie! i’m always not good at this but my sister is or has always been so pls excuse me! So let me change that to KimJi4ever!

  169. 169 : KimJi4ever Says:

    my sis got all these list of Korean actors & of course you’re one of them…i only have a number of them as i said i’m a newbie and no doubt you’re my no. 1 now —- she’s got a long list of them & it’s hard to keep up with her!

  170. 170 : sang hee Says:

    =P i noticed that as well, this drama shld have more time for PK/KH transition period as to how their love per se developed during the course of a year or so. It wld’ve been more exciting, show them dating away etc or some cute moments. I also got exhausted seeing PK multi-tasking from her insurance job to housekeeping and babysitting NamYi! There were some loose ends but I think it’s good drama overall!

  171. 171 : =P Says:

    Hey SB!! Get back to Yoony!! Have you seen Ju’s report?

  172. 172 : =P Says:

    O and Hi KJH4!!

    Nice to meet you!

  173. 173 : =P Says:

    KJ4 – start your own list – your sis and I – or lists are so very long – and we have to be loyal to all – and the number keeps increasing!!! LOL!!

  174. 174 : sang hee Says:

    Hi =P just logging on as we had dinner a while ago! hehehe no i hvnt seen her report (for what report?) i’ll go there after this. it’s so lonely here so i’m keeping KJH company! hehehe

    yeah you met my sister here hehehe she knows me so well, she can’t seem to compete let alone keep up with so many guys on my list! hehehe She knows u now by name since we’re exchanging plethora of emails during the MFL days, sometimes i let her read ur recap (not on board but when the two of us were YT’ng hehehe) she really thinks u’r impressive!

  175. 175 : sang hee Says:

    =P i just told my sis u got a note for her, she’s still busy in the kitchen but will respond to urs as soon as she can! meantime i saw Ju’s numerous links & peeked at 2 of them, our Yoony in curls but lost weight! i hv to see the other later, meantime i got to hv some dosage of KJH hehehe! I’m still watching LM & roo watching as usual betwn that & Stars. I’ll talk to you gals again later!

    Hi Ronron! how’s it going?

  176. 176 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Same here nice to meet you =P…yes my sis got a long list, i only have a few so far & i liked Jang dong gun so much but after seeing Stars with Kim Ji…it didn’t take long for me to decide that I like him better! Oh can I say that here? I’m new to these postings unlike you & my sis so bear with me! I may have to start & follow your long list guys! It was my sis who introduced me to these kdramas, otherwise i never had a clue why ppl are so drawn to watching them, i’m a latecomer & i recall when she asked me to watch I was not interested at all as I’m one of those who are lazy in reading subtitles but when I started watching I just loved them! I only have watched very little unlike her but this latest drama series Stars really got me hooked & now she bought the DVD so we’re both watching again! I love Kim Ji hoon, such a handsome actor & I have yet to see Why Did You Come as I was quite busy when my sister watched it last week!
    Nice meeting you again & I heard so much about you from her so I feel I’ve known you also but it’s nice to talk to you here! Take car!

    (my sis chose this UN for me & i like it i think! 🙂 )

  177. 177 : KimJi4ever Says:

    i got a typo sorry i meant to say take care instead i got ‘car’

  178. 178 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong kim ji sshi…i really am liking you in Love Marriage, your role as a lawyer really suits you! i also liked your role in Why Did You Come to my House as it’s completely different & you were so funny too! I’m just sorry i wasn’t able to find your previous dramas such as Trouble or Problem at My Brother’s House, How Much Love & others which I definitely will keep my eyes open to see if I can get hold of them one day!

  179. 179 : Julee Says:

    Hi SH,

    Thought I’d drop in from next door and say annyeong to Y2. Nice pics up there, all yours?

    I’ve seen KJH in 2 other dramas, Daughters In Law & Love Marriage. Think Stars is his best drama so far.

  180. 180 : =P Says:

    Hey You girls need to come back home too you know – come over and read the recaps on ep 10 – they are voluminous this time – could not helo myself.

  181. 181 : sang hee Says:

    Hi P & Ju hehehe yeah ep 10 may be too long for me to read this a.m. so later when i get to work.

    Ju re photos yeah thanks & welcome aboard even if you’re just briefly coming here hehehe. The photos are not all mine some from rona & my sister wants me to look for some more as she’s got favorite ones too but i hvnt had a chance yesterday.

    Nice to see familiar names here for sure P & Ju!! see u on the other side later!

  182. 182 : sang hee Says:

    Ju…. I think i liked him also in WDYCTMH where he’s quite rugged, in LM he looked so suave as a lawyer & too bad the other prev. dramas like daughter in law which is a comedy i believe. there’s another old drama of his called How Much Love & ppl who’ve seen this thought it was a really good drama as well! I think he won as best new actor in 2007 but I’m not sure which drama it was from.

  183. 183 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hello moderators: May i request this photo be published here please…I appreciate it v. much! Thank you!


  184. 184 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Thanks moderators but i tried that link & it gave a whole page but i just wanted Kim’s photo taken from Empress Chun chun pictorial but if it’s not possible it’s fine & I’ll select another photo of him later. Thank you!

  185. 185 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Here’s a link that probably wld work better from sageuk debut. thnx again moderators!!!


  186. 186 : sang hee Says:

    To moderators: another photo please if you could post here. Many thanks in advance!


  187. 187 : sang hee Says:

    Many many thanks moderators from myself & my sister for posting the photos ever so quickly! We love you! More power to your website!

    Happy Easter to Moderators! God bless!

  188. 188 : sang hee Says:

    HI ronron…if u said ur finished with rewatching Stars what’s next? I’m still trying to finish Love Marriage & it’s really getting interesting! My sis started watching WDYCTMH & she’s loving it!

    Talk to you soon!

    Annyeong also to our Kim Ji sshi! I love that photo of yours taken in sageuk debut (credit dramabeans). I still have to watch this epic one of these days altho I’m not a huge fan of historical series but with you in it I’ll bear every bit of time spent!

  189. 189 : sang hee Says:

    I just wanna say annyeong to Kim Ji sshi & hope he’s doing ok after months of shooting the Stars drama! I also hope he won’t take a long break from work like other actors (sometimes) do leaving their fans so empty! You know what they say, strike while the iron is hot & since you’re really hot these days after delivering such a great performance not only in Stars but from other previous projects, I’m sure you won’t let any opportunity pass! Remember that your fans like me, my sister and some friends on this board are here to support you! Sarang hae yo!

  190. 190 : sang hee Says:

    To Kim Ji sshi — if you’re one of those who celebrates Easter… Happy Easter to you & yours!

  191. 191 : sang hee Says:

    To our hardworking Moderators…a Happy Easter to you all! Thanks again for posting some photos of Kim Ji Hoon! It’s much appreciated!

  192. 192 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Annyeong Kim Ji sshi and Happy Easter to you & your loved ones!
    I’d like to say I’m enjoying Why Did You Come to My House & this role of yours is more subtle compared to Kang ha who is so serious! I’m really loving it & hope to see Love & Marriage as well which my sister is currently enjoying as well.

    Take care always! We love you!

  193. 193 : ronalieron Says:

    annyeong kim!!!
    hi also to sang hee!!
    i already finished rewatching Stars,and i still wanna watch it again although im not feeling well yet^^

    take care unni and to our kim!!!saranghae!!!!

  194. 194 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong to our KJH & to you Rona…i hope you’re feeling better today! I’m popping in here before my day gets hectic with some errands etc esp this Easter! I hv to cont. with LM today in betwn my chores as i’m almost finished! Do you remember that scene by the rooftop which I think is one of the funniest when KJH or lawyer Park thought it was his g/friend covered in blanket sitting by the chair, and he hugged this person (her ex bf) & what a surprise it wasn’t her! hahaha LOL

  195. 195 : sang hee Says:

    another cute scene in LM was when they’re painting the bench & subconsciously sat on the wet paint as they’re k.ssing when they got up the paint on their pants created a heart-shaped for both of them, it was so cute! i’m loving this drama & if i’m not mistaken, this kdrama has got so many k.ssing scenes in most of the dramas i’ve seen!! wow the lead actress is indeed so lucky to have KJH as her leading man! I’m jealous! hahaha

  196. 196 : sang hee Says:

    Hello Moderators: I’m here again to request another photo please. Many thanks in advance, I appreciate it!


  197. 197 : sang hee Says:

    another photo pls to be posted when you get a chance moderators! many many thanks!


  198. 198 : sang hee Says:

    I’m sorry Moderators, I stumbled upon another cute photo of Kim Ji Hoon & hope it’s alright to have it posted here.

    Thanks a million & have a good day!

  199. 199 : sang hee Says:

    ooopps i’m sorry i think i forgot to give the link to the photo.

    here it is: thanks again


  200. 200 : sang hee Says:

    oh LOL those two latest photos were not from my request, mine were #s 197 & 199 only — whoah i thot those were not allowed to be posted here? hehehe but anyway, since the moderators approved those two s.xy photos of KJH then i guess it’s ok, but i wldn’t hv requested those ones, and i dunno where the links came from! ummh too s.xy KJH!

  201. 201 : sang hee Says:

    sneaking out here to post as i’ve done my share in the kitchen…hello Ronron, KJH & others who may be reading here!

    As I rewatched Stars, i think KJH’s acting on ep 11 where he meets his birth mother in that cafe asking his mother why she’s there (in Korea) then he recollects how his mother left him while he was begging her not to leave her, etc. see his eyes welled up in that scene, so convincing indeed as he reminisces how she abandoned him. I hope he wins an award this year! He’s really good!

  202. 202 : sang hee Says:

    =P or Rona…since u guys are also rewatching Stars, do u recall which epis this one is when KH changed Nami’s diapers? I’ve reached ep 14 & so far this shows some flashbacks of that & i luv to see that part where PK & KH were walking & PK surprised KH with that roasted potato stuffed in his mouth, i thot that scene was cute so if you guys remember that pls let me know so i can rewatch that part! kamsahamnida chingoos!

  203. 203 : onestepahead Says:

    sexxy hotttt…body…

  204. 204 : sang hee Says:

    i agree w/you onestepahead! six packs indeed!

  205. 205 : KimJi4ever Says:

    i promised to get back here when i can so just wanting to say annyeong to our idol & my numero uno Kim Ji ssi! Hope you’re doing well & taking a relaxing days ahead after your hit drama series Stars or Wish Upon a Star which was fabulous! It’s one drama I wldn’t get tired of watching and rewatching (just like my sister SH here). We’re hoping to see more of you & all the best to your future endeavours!

  206. 206 : sang hee Says:

    Dear moderators:

    I wish to follow up on photo requests please boxes #197, 199 & 196! I hope you get a chance to post them as these are nice photos of Kim’s as well! Thank you fr the bottom of my heart!

    Take care!

  207. 207 : sang hee Says:

    onestepahead…..welcome on board! hope u can visit again & join us here! we need your support for KJH who truly deserves some nice words from us fans here! see you again soon!

    Hello & take care to our Kim Ji Hoon!

  208. 208 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong to Kim Ji ssi hope you have a nice week ahead! Bogoshipo!

    annyeong also to Rona & my other frnds here! =P you got to visit us again ok? Yaksok?

  209. 209 : sang hee Says:

    well since i’ve rewatched Stars (& wanting to rewatch again mind you) I want to share this with you guys that their k.ssng scenes on last two episodes were great! The only thing I wished that PK wld hv done was to sort of respond to his embrace rather than have her hands hanging on the sides! At one point when she was shocked for first time he did this to her that’s understandable but he hugged her numerous times in other episodes after that & her reaction was still cold! Argghhh PK if i were you ummmh ummhhh! woot woot! hehehe

  210. 210 : KimJi4ever Says:

    To our dear moderators: Hello first of all & please post this photo of KJH here on board!

    Many thanks!


  211. 211 : ronalieron Says:

    whoa, the last photo is sooooooooooooo…hottttttt!!!!!!!!!!!! like it!!XD
    annyeong kim!!!how r u?hope u doing fine there!!!
    hi also to sang hee!!!miz u!!!!!XD

  212. 212 : ronalieron Says:

    saranghae kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bogoshipo 🙁
    wanna see u again in another drama 🙁

  213. 213 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Rona! howdy? I agree with you I wld like to see him also in another drama & please make it soon Kimm ji ssi! Sarang hae yo!

  214. 214 : sang hee Says:

    Yes Rona…the two photos are hawtttt! hehehe I didn’t think it wld be allowed here & i guess these were posted by someone else, definitely not me hehehe. It’s nice that it’s a part of his gallery now.

  215. 215 : sang hee Says:

    oopppps Mian hae Kim I mispelled your name as i normally don’t proof my work here on board! 🙂

  216. 216 : sang hee Says:

    another photo i wish to see here is the one in Why did you come to my house where he was in box shorts running outside the store. woot woot that’ll be cute but i dunno if the moderators will allow that. hehehe 🙂

  217. 217 : sang hee Says:

    Girls, as i rewatched Stars i really wanna say among the kids in that drama, Parang is the cutest! Imagine him playing bridge for KH & PK…who cld forget that scene when he took off from the hospital after his checkup only to summoned KH who was with fishface trying her engagement gown…then KH took Parang to have some pizza & he started telling him that his Noona loves him! oh what a cute kid!

  218. 218 : sang hee Says:

    I got to ask my sis to join me here as i don’t think you girls fr that zone are up yet….oh yeah Rona was here earlier but maybe got busier now. let me see if i can reach my sis i know she’s also at work but i’ll bug her! Only bcoz of you Kim Ji ssi!

  219. 219 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hello Kim Ji ssi…my sister insists i come on board so i’ll just talk for a few min. I’m liking your drama Why Did You Come to My House…you’re such a versatile actor & can really play both comedy & dramatic roles! I think your role in WDYCTMH is so cool & no wonder that her father got to like you without a doubt! I’m almost done watching & next in line is Love Marriage! We’re trying to get a hold of your drama Golden Era but i’ll ask my sister to search for that as she’s better at this! I wanna say you got the cutest smile!
    Also hello to =P & Rona here!

    Take care & I hope more blessings come your way! We hope to see more of you in another drama, for now we’ll allow you to take a short vacation, but please do another drama!

  220. 220 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Oh i meant to say something about the hot photos up there…whewww i want it autographed by you Kim Ji ssi! ::

  221. 221 : sang hee Says:

    Ok thnx KimJi4ever…u made it! yeah those photos are sure hot! even Rona thot so! Wasn’t he cute in WDYCTMH? I enjoyed it too and his brod is so funny & good in his role!
    bak soon, i got some stuff to do!

  222. 222 : sang hee Says:

    i forgot to say hello to onestepahead! i hope you join us here again! see u soon! also, if u have a fave photo of KJH, you know you can always request to have the photo posted here just so you know! talk to you soon!

  223. 223 : sang hee Says:

    Many thnx moderators for posting some more of Kim Ji’s photos! You made my day (again)!!!

    Board is quiet, where’s my small circle of friends here? 🙂 ah my unni is glued in watching Why Did You Come to My House she’s almost done thank goodness but nxt to watch for her wld be Love Marriage!

    I can’t help but laugh on Stars’ epis 8 when Kang Ha changed baby Nami’s diapers in his car…LOL he’s so natural in his acting. He’s so funny when he talks to himself! After rewatching this drama I think fr epi 8 as he so admitted later, that he fell for Pal kang! what a sweet guy!

  224. 224 : sang hee Says:

    Gmorning chingoos here…annyeong also to our handsome Kim Ji ssi…hello Rona, how’s it going? Guess what Rona, I started rewatching Stars hehehe, I luv that scene about KH changing Nami’s diaper & his acting was so convincing LOL! Then the scene where PK stuffed roasted potato into his mouth & he says, you gave me something you already placed in your mouth (not exact words). hahaha I never get tired of seeing this drama let alone his handsome face!

    Anyway, i’ll talk to you later!

  225. 225 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong ha saeyo Kim Ji ssi…i hope you’re having a restful vacation after working very hard from your hit drama series! take care always!

    hi to rona also! and others here!

  226. 226 : sang hee Says:

    Dear moderators: please post photo link of Kim Ji hoon & Choi when you get a chance. Many thanks!

    link here

  227. 227 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hello ev.one & to our Kim Ji ssi

    Here’s a link from arirang which is an interesting interview Kim Ji did that i wish to share with you.


  228. 228 : sang hee Says:

    Oh so nice of your moderators to place that latest photo i requested! Kamsahamnida, you all are great, & can’t thank you enough! More power to you all & on this board which is addictive 🙂

    Thanks again endlessly!

  229. 229 : sang hee Says:

    Thnx for that link KimJi4ever… it’s so good to read something nice about Kim Ji…he really seems to be a perfect gentleman! Undoubtedly, he’ll be among the next Korean wave actors! Keep up the good work Kim Ji ssi!

    Annyeong KJH! Take care always!

  230. 230 : sang hee Says:

    To dear Admin/Moderators: May I please ask why Stars Falling from The Sky or Wish Upon a Star is not listed in your ‘Find Drama’? I was hoping to post a msg regarding this beautiful drama series but when I searched for the title it was not on your list of Kdramas at all! Could you please add it on your list so we can comment or post a msg separately from Kim Ji’s board page?

    I would appreciate your assistance on this matter when you get a chance please.

    Thanks a million in advance!

  231. 231 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hello Moderators – i would appreciate your posting this photo (link) of Kim Ji Hoon please. Thank you very much! (credit to dramabeans)


  232. 232 : sang hee Says:

    Just can’t start my day without saying annyeong to our favorite actor Kim Ji ssi!

    Annyeong ha saeyo Kim Ji Hoon ssi! Hope you’re having a wonderful break from your drama series but we still hope to see you in another drama very soon! Thank you so much Kamsahamnida for giving us your excellent performance in Stars Falling or Wish Upon a Star! We love you!!

  233. 233 : sang hee Says:

    Dear Moderators: Pls disregard my msg #230 re Stars or Wish Upon a Star drama not being visible on your list or Kdramas, I found it & you got it under Pick a Star so thanks again!

  234. 234 : sang hee Says:

    thnx for that link KJH4ever…i enjoyed reading that as well! ummhh that’s great guy he doesn’t smoke! i know i saw his CF on YT smoking but of course that’s just what he was asked to do!

  235. 235 : sang hee Says:

    Many thanks again Moderators/Admin for posting KJH’s photo! I appreciate it very much! Hats off to you for being so efficient! Bless your hearts!

  236. 236 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Good Morning frnds…just wanna drop in to say annyeong to our Kim Ji ssi! I may be just popping in here & there as my days are quite busy, but I try to find time to say hello to you & others here!

    Take care KJH!! Pls do another drama soon! We can hardly wait!

    To Moderators, those photos are really wonderful! thnx to you all!

  237. 237 : Treasure Says:

    Hi Sang hee, KimJi4ever, Rona & all here…i haven’t been here for a while but doesn’t mean I have neglected Kim Ji Hoon! Like you fans here, I am support for him forever! He’s very special among other actors I have watched before! I’ll try to come here often now. Bye today! Hello to Kim Ji!

  238. 238 : Treasure Says:

    I wanna say photos are all nice! Thank you for those!

  239. 239 : sang hee Says:

    Hello ev.one! Good to see you here Treasure!

    It’s always a delight to look at KJH’s photos here, he’s truly my daily dose of inspiration! Look at him smile & that sure enough makes my day!

    We owe these photos to our moderators – if not for them we won’t be able to have this gallery of Kim Ji ssi!

  240. 240 : sang hee Says:

    Now that we’re on photo subject, moderators pls another photo of Kim (the very first one on the page please sitting as we already got one of the other photo here) when he was filming Iron Empress. (cr dramabeans)
    Many thanks in advance!


  241. 241 : ronalieron Says:

    hi everyone!!!
    hi to sang hee!!!how r u?bogoshipo 🙁 it’s been a while…i miz our conversation here about kjh…
    annyeong kim!!!bogoshipo too!!!!!!!!!!!

  242. 242 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Rona…nadu (me too) bogoshipo! u must be a busy girl, but that’s ok, we all have to do what we have to do but not forgetting to come by here & say annyeong to our Kim Ji Hoon ssi! 🙂 If we want to discuss about Stars you can go to Pick the Stars page here on this site & we can talk at length! hehehe

  243. 243 : sang hee Says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PHOTO YOU JUST POSTED Moderators! You all are awesome! I love this site & just like the Kdramas, it’s so addictive! Endless thanks again! We love you guys!

    Annyeong to our Kim Ji ssi! We hope you’re always doing well & more blessings come your way! You seem like a very nice person & deserves some pampering 🙂

  244. 244 : TaroTard Says:

    Hey guys, Just wanna say omg! I LOVE Kim Ji Hoon. Wish Upon a Star was the first time I properly sat down and watched him and loved him. I’d only seen him in a couple of eps of “why did you come to my house” before but now I am gonna have to revisit that series and watch “love marriage” too. I followed Wish Upon a Star obsessively every week and made 3 fanvids for the show so far haha, it was actually a really sweet girl who left a comment on my vid that told me about this site, I just thought I’d come say hi and share the love =D he is awesome! haha

  245. 245 : sang hee Says:

    Hello TaroTard….what a nice thought for you to come & join us here! I know that vid you spoke about which I’ve watched a few times, likewise I was glued to this drama series like you can never imagined! 🙂

    I did love Why Did You Come to My House as well..i actually watched it right after Stars folded…I told myself, I got to see more of this great actor & wow did I enjoy it too, he was so funny & very convincing in all his roles like in Love & Marriage! The latter was a good drama too & i love happy endings so I’m almost certain you’ll enjoy it as well! Aha that sweet girl….hehehe…you’re very generous with your words…that sweet girl surely thanks you! Hope when you’re not busy to come again & let’s talk about Kim Ji ssi here ok? Cool! Take care for now my friend!

  246. 246 : sang hee Says:

    Just wanna say Annyeong hasaeyo to our fave Kor. actor Kim Ji Hoon!

    It seems my day won’t be complete w/o saying hello to you KJH & my circle of frnds here on board. Hello also to Rona, ToraTard, KimJi4ever, onestepahead, Bidacel? USA Mary & if i missed ur name sorry but just the same this hello is for you all! Happy Weekend too!

    Also to our moderators who’ve done a good job with this board esp their consideration for always putting photos for us regardless of their busy schedule. Happy Weekend to you all!

  247. 247 : sang hee Says:

    To dear Moderators: i found another cute photo of Kim Ji Hoon if you get a chance please post on board. Many thanks again!


  248. 248 : -joy- Says:

    hi guys!!!! actually this is my first time ever to participate and leave a comment in a site….anyways! I’ve watched 3 of Kim Ji Hoon’s drama and all i can say is he’s an awesome actor, everything is in him,it’s a complete package..:)

    I can’t wait to see his new drama, is anybody knows what’s his upcoming drama after wish upon a star????thanks a lot

  249. 249 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Joy…welcome on board! It’s always good to have company here, it seems like i’m one of the regulars but if you can always pop in to talk with us about Kim Ji Hoon, that’ll be great!
    Mind you, Stars was the very first drama I watched of Kim Ji & first few episodes I wasn’t liking his Kang Ha character, then as the drama progressed, woahh all h..ll broke lose for me! hahaha I luv this actor, his charm, his acting & ev.thing about him! I read an article describing Kim Ji as a ‘perfect gentleman’. I second that….he’s a complete package! 🙂

    If I hear something about his new project, we’ll surely post it here but not yet, maybe he’s still taking a good well-deserved rest of course after months of filming Stars! Talk to you again soon!

  250. 250 : -joy- Says:

    hi sang hee!!! you are so welcoming! and im so thankful! Kamsahamnida…..:)

    I watched him from since why did you come to our house, so that’s it, i just love his acting, the face…so to speak everything! 🙂 since then, I keep searching dramas of him…thanks again!…i’ll keep on checking here, I did add this site to my bookmarks….:)

  251. 251 : ronalieron Says:

    hi to sang hee!!>.<
    really glad that im back here again,yey!!!!
    im gonna check out the Stars page that u said^^tnx anyway!!!talk 2 u later!!!

  252. 252 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Joy…& Rona

    @Joy…thnx for your kind msg…yeah same here, i loved him from Stars drama & then had to watched his previous ones like love marriage & why did you come where he was so hilarious in the latter, in love marriage he’s so sweet & did a great job in both! yeah pls come again to

  253. 253 : sang hee Says:

    oopps i wasn’t finished but it went through… sorry

    anyway i was saying to Joy, pls come again & we’ll talk about Kim Ji here ok? talk to you again soon.

    Hi Rona….howdy? i know ur a busy girl but glad to see you again & we have a new friend Joy! the more the merrier! yeah chk out the Stars page ^ ^ ur welcome! yeah talk 2 u later!

  254. 254 : olive Says:

    you is very hansom

    how much love TV series is perfect

  255. 255 : sang hee Says:

    To our moderators: I keep seeing some cute photos of KJH sorry to bother you with another link….thank you very much!


  256. 256 : sang hee Says:

    Hello to our Kim Ji ssi who i hope is having a great weekend & much needed rest after wrapping up Stars for a few wks now. We hope to see him in another drama soon! Bogoshipo!

    Hi to all friends here, Rona & evbody like Bidacel, SFFTS, TaraTard, & all! Talk to you soon!!!

  257. 257 : KimJi4ever Says:

    dear moderators: hope you get a chance to post this photo of our fave actor Kim Ji joon when your schedule permits.
    many thanks!


  258. 258 : -joy- Says:

    hey guys!!! how are you all!

    i miss Kim Ji Hoon already!!!! huhuhuhuhuhu, I’ve watched wish upon a star many times now…..hope to see KJH on a new drama again!!!!

  259. 259 : ronalieron Says:

    annyeong sang hee!!and hi 2 our new boardm8 joy!!^-^
    i know,we all really miz kim ji hoon already after his drama in Stars,hope he make another romantic comedy drama like that!!!i’ll definitely look 4ward to it!promise!!
    jaljinaesaeyo sang hee!!^-^

  260. 260 : sang hee Says:

    Hello girls Joy & Rona…same here we miss him so much huhuhu (too hehehe) How are you also girls? I already rewatched Stard 3x now hehehe. I can nvr get tired of this drama! I started watching Flowers for My Life where our KJH was cute & his hairstyle was far more diff. than in Stars but he’s of course looking handsome as well. I hope so too that we can see him again in another drama perhaps a sequel to Stars or anything as long as he’s the lead actor!

    jaljinaesaeyo also Rona! See you again girls!

  261. 261 : ronalieron Says:

    yeah!totally agree w/ u sang hee!!

  262. 262 : ronalieron Says:

    annyeong moderators!!plz post this link to kjh pics here!!tnx a lot!!!


  263. 263 : sang hee Says:

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH Moderators for posting new photos of KJH! He’s dead gorgeous what can we say right Rona? 🙂 He’s truly an eye candy!

    Have a good day Moderators!

    Hi to u too Rona! i luv that photo you picked!

  264. 264 : sang hee Says:

    Am so happy chingoos that our Kim Ji ssi’s photo gallery is really growing! Thanks really to our moderators for their hard work!

  265. 265 : KimJi4ever Says:

    To our Moderators: Wish to follow up on photo request #257 of Kim Ji’s cute photo please.

    Many thanks again & have a good day!

    Hello to Kim Ji ssi & friends here on board!

  266. 266 : -joy- Says:

    yea yea sang hee, a sequel for the stars falling would be very nice……. :), Hi rona!

  267. 267 : ronalieron Says:

    to our moderators:

    annyeong 2 sang hee^-^and hello everyone!!!miz u so much kim ji hoon!!!!!!!!

  268. 268 : sang hee Says:

    hello frnds here hi rona, joy, thnx moderators for giving us back this page! annyeong to our KJH!
    take care

  269. 269 : ronalieron Says:

    annyeong kim ji hoon & sang hee!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bogoshippo 🙁

  270. 270 : miley angeles Says:

    i’m right now watching pick the stars..and i love it.i shed bucket of tears in some episodes and laugh my heart out in most scenes.love kim ji hoon.hope to see him in another drama.

  271. 271 : mrs. KJMFans Says:

    I think he is sexy man,, i like that,, make me feel hmmm,,, i can’t say anything again,,,, miss u, Kim Ji-Hoon,,, i always watching u again and again,, heeee

  272. 272 : sang hee Says:

    Hello chingoos Rona, Joy and other new fans here. How are you all? I heard our guy KJH will hit the comedy stage & if I stumble upon that site again I’ll paste it here for you all to read! I’m so happy upon reading it & he says he’ll try his best to do this comedy which I thought he didn’t have to try hard cause we all saw him in Why Did You come to my House and some of his scenes in SFFTS where he was very funny right? Let me look for it again & paste the site here.

    Talk to you soon guys! Take care & to our KJH too good luck in your new project on stage!

  273. 273 : sang hee Says:

    Here’s site where his latest news has been published. I wished we could see this one though but since it’s gonna be on stage we have to be in Korea (smiles) to see him!

    Good Luck again Kim Ji sshi! There’s no doubt you’ll do an excellent job in comedy as well!


  274. 274 : ronalieron Says:

    kim ji hoon!!!bogoshippo so much!!!!!!!!!
    when will i see in another kdrama 🙁 ?
    i wanna see u again!!!(so badly!!!)
    annyeong sang hee^^

  275. 275 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong KJH sshi…i agree w/rona…bogoshiposo!

    Ron…frnds here…pls don’t miss checking out the site i pasted here….KJH will be hitting the comedy stage it’s just too bad we won’t be able to see it but hope some nice fans wld upload it on YT someday! we’re happy for you KJH…you’re versatile & no doubt will be able to do a comedy without any problems! Good Luck to you Kim Ji sshi!

  276. 276 : Lily Says:

    3 words that describe Kim Ji Hoo ** HOT, SEXY, ADORABLE !!!!

  277. 277 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong ronron, joy, miley, kjh4ever, mrs kjm…..esp to our KJH sshi.

    Ronron, i liked that latest photo you asked our mods to post here, he’s so cute!

  278. 278 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Lily…welcome aboard….i liked that 3 words u described KJH…I agree with you~he’s oozing with charm! Hope to see you back here & chat about him…Also if you have a fave photo of KJH just paste the link here & the moderators will post it here ok?

    see you

    annyeong ronron & others.

  279. 279 : ronalieron Says:

    hahah^-^ definitely agree w/ u lily^^

    kim ji…bogshippo…why is it SO HARD for the SBS to have u play again in another drama? I WANNA SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!SO BADLYYYYYYY!!!!
    plz SBS!!!! i beg u!!!!!

  280. 280 : ronalieron Says:

    to sang hee,
    i know! he’s so cute and charming!!
    can we make it to 4 words to describe Kim Ji hoon?(hahah^-^)

  281. 281 : ronalieron Says:

    plz post this link to his other photos here!!!thanks!!!!


  282. 282 : sang hee Says:

    Hi ronron, lily, joy & others here…..howdy? i really want to see him too in another drama coz on stage we’re not able to watch him unless we go to Korea (sigh sigh)….i got to look at that link of photo you requested rona!

    bogoshipo KJH ssi 🙂 take care & pls just like the others here we wanna see you again & do another good drama like the others you’ve done!

  283. 283 : sang hee Says:

    Dear Moderators: Pls kindly post the link of KJH photo when you get a chance. Many many thanks in advance!


  284. 284 : sang hee Says:

    Thank you very much Moderators for posting that photo! I appreciate it! That was quick!

    Rona & friends here, if you haven’t seen KJH’s previous drama Golden Apple it’s now available on mysoju. It was uploaded recently so don’t miss it, I already watched epi 1 & it seems really interesting!

    Annyeong to Kim Ji sshi! Take care!

  285. 285 : sang hee Says:

    Saengil chuka haeyo Kim Ji sshi in advance! Happy birthday on May 9th! May all your wishes come true!

  286. 286 : ronalieron Says:

    annyeong Kim!!!
    advance happy bday to you!!!
    hope all things are going well^-^
    take care alwys,we really miz u…

    annyeong to sang hee and others^^

  287. 287 : ronalieron Says:

    to our moderators, if u have the time, plz post this link to KJH’s photos here..i’ll appreciate it so much^-^


  288. 288 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong KJH sshi – annyeong rona & all frnds here!

    rona – i looked at that photo of KJH…he looks really cute! his b/day is coming up on tues. let’s hope he’s got a great one! talk to you guys later!

  289. 289 : yamja Says:

    I Love kim ji hoon

  290. 290 : sang hee Says:

    Saengireul chuka habnida to Kim Ji ssi May 9th! Have a great birthday! Sarang hae yo! Have a blessed day!

  291. 291 : ronalieron Says:

    annyeong kim ji hoon!!!

    saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
    saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
    sarang ha neun Kim Ji shi
    saeng il chuk ha ham ni da!

    saeng il chuk ha hamnida Kim!!!!bogoshippo 🙁
    may all ur wishes came true!!

  292. 292 : sang hee Says:

    Nice job Rona — I’ll try to sing him also here written in hangul!

    생일 축하 합니다
    생일 축하 합니다
    사랑해요 대단히
    5월 축복은 더 당신의 방법 김 Ji 온다

  293. 293 : sang hee Says:

    김지훈 ssi …… I agree with Rona…bogoshipo!

    May you have a grand birthday & be pampered by your family, friends & loved ones!

  294. 294 : KimJi4ever Says:


    I agree with friends here we miss you! Bogoshipo! Pls do another drama soon!

  295. 295 : ronalieron Says:

    Kim!!!…bogoshippo 🙁
    plz SBS!!give another drama to our Kim!!!we really really really miz him!!!

  296. 296 : sang hee Says:

    I second the motion to Rona’s wishes….it doesn’t have to be SBS…any of the other two big productions like KBS and/or MBC right?
    We truly miss Kim…bogoshiposo! 🙂

    Hope you had a great birthday! Keep up the good work!

  297. 297 : ajumapatty Says:

    I love so much my Kim Ji Hoon, I give him a loot of kises for his birthay.
    please Than you `ve a good day. ok

  298. 298 : sang hee Says:

    Hello dear Moderators: When u get a chance, i found another photo of Kim Ji hoon & wld appreciate your posting it. Many many thnx in advance! Take care!


  299. 299 : sang hee Says:

    Thanks a milln Moderators you made my day! Thank you Thank you! You all are so efficient & nice!

    Annyeong to KJH! to Rona too & other frnds here! Talk to you guys later!

  300. 300 : sang hee Says:

    hello annyeong Kim Ji hoo… and to friends here, it’s been quiet, where’s everybody? Rona u must be busy? i am too so i’m just sneaking here.

    talk to you guys later

  301. 301 : -joy- Says:

    ey there!!!!!how’s everybody! miss our Kim Ji Hoon already! 🙂 hi! rona and sang hee and everybody here!

  302. 302 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Joy….long time no see? howdy? yeah missed you guys too, i guess evbody’s been busy doing their own work etc. Yeah we truly miss KJH, too bad his next proj. is on comedy stage — wished it were on another drama though, oh well, anything would be good for him but nxt time we hope it’s another drama with Choi or other actresses!

    talk to you again ok and to ronron too!

  303. 303 : Startulle Says:

    KJH is an amazing actor. I just had fun watching WUAS n i really miss them…

  304. 304 : -joy- Says:

    uh oh!!!! so sad if its in a stage comedy, we wont be able to see it eventually! :(, i think we have to wait a little longer then????? huhuhu,so how are you guys doing?????

  305. 305 : sang hee Says:

    hi joy, nice to hear fr you! i’m find how about you? it’s been quiet here & i guess ev.body’s busy.
    I know isn’t that sad we won’t see him unless we go watch him in Korea on stage! (sigh sigh, cry cy)…but it’s good that he’s gonna be busy & not be staying at home awaiting offer/s.
    talk to u guys again later & hello to others like rona & annyeong to our Kim Ji hoo ssi.

  306. 306 : sang hee Says:

    ooppps just noticed my typo there instead of ‘fine’ i typed ‘find’, that’s what happens when u’r in a hurry 🙂 u know what they say: haste makes waste!

  307. 307 : sa.. Says:

    Woww.. He’s really cool!

  308. 308 : sang hee Says:

    hi Sa…yeah i agree KJH ssi is really a cool guy! you’ll never get tired seeing his handsome face that’s for sure! nice to meet you here!

    annyeong to our Kim Ji ssi!

  309. 309 : sang hee Says:

    Hello moderators: Sorry to bother you again with another photo of Kim Ji Hoon when you get a chance please? Many thnx in advance! You all are super nice!


  310. 310 : sang hee Says:

    many thnx moderators for posting Kim’s photo…i truly appreciate all that you do! thnx again!

  311. 311 : KimJi4ever Says:

    can’t wait to see another drama of Kim Ji ssi! i am just rewatching WDYCTMH & oh he’s just awesome, his acting, etc. Hats off to you & keep up the good work!

    hello to friends here! let’s continue & support him!

  312. 312 : sang hee Says:

    hello girls, why is it so quiet here in the last few days? we got to keep this board alive friends.

    annyeong to our Kim Ji Hoo…to all of you too rona, kimji4, joy & if i’m missing some names all of you hello.

  313. 313 : sang hee Says:

    to our moderators: have a great weekend!!

    i may come up with another photo of Kim Ji & so thnx v much in advance.

  314. 314 : sang hee Says:

    Hello moderators: when u get a chance please add this photo to Kim’s gallery. Much appreciated! Have a good w/end to you all!


  315. 315 : sang hee Says:

    THANK YOU Moderators for posting kim’s photo! you guys are great! keep up the good work, we appreciate it!

    have a nice w/end everyone including our Kim Ji ssi!

    hi rona, joy, & all here!

  316. 316 : sang hee Says:

    Here i am again moderators if u won’t mind, please add this latest photo of our Kim Ji Hoon credit – dramabeans! thnx a million everybody!


  317. 317 : sang hee Says:

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH Moderators for posting Kim’s latest photo from dramabeans re his University of Laughs stage project.
    You made my day! Thank you Thank you once again!

  318. 318 : sang hee Says:

    Girls, how’d u all like Kim Ji’s latest photo? There’s an article from dramabeans re his latest project on stage called University of Laughs & it says there he’s adorkeable 🙂 he’s indeed that & looking handsome as ever! Let’s wish him all the best in this new project of his.

    Annyeong Kim Ji ssi & we’re sure you’ll give the audience your best performance so keep up the good work!

  319. 319 : KimJi4ever Says:

    To Admin: kindly post the link photo pls of Kim Ji hoon, Thank you very much!


  320. 320 : sang hee Says:

    hello frnds & to our Kim ji ssi….hope his stage debut is going well! Where’s ev.body? rona, joy, trude, kimji4ever hello!

  321. 321 : KimJi4ever Says:

    To Admin: I just wish to follow up on #319 per my request to post Kim Ji’s photo from that link please?

    Many thanks!

  322. 322 : sang hee Says:

    Hello to our Kim Ji hoon ssi & all frnds here. It’s been quiet, annyeong to Rona, Joy….u guys must be very busy? Hope you’re all doing ok! Talk to you all later!

  323. 323 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Kamsahabnida Moderators for posting Kim’s cute photo! Greatly appreciated! Thank you endlessly!

  324. 324 : sang hee Says:

    It seems my day won’t be complete w/o dropping by here & to say annyeong to our Kim ji ssi! Hope you’re doing well with your latest project on stage…titled University of Laughs! Fighting! aja aja

    Have a nice w/end everybody including our Moderators!

    hello to Rona, Joy, Kimji4ever & all sorry i can’t remember all the names!

    talk to u all soon!

  325. 325 : Julee Says:

    Hi SB,

    It’s been a while since my last visit. Lots of new pics up there. Is he in any new drama after SFFTS? Btw, how many times have you re-watched that ^ ^

  326. 326 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Ju, been bc today & just popping in here & thnx for your visit…u made my day! hahaha Well maybe around 5x now rewatching Stars hahaha just like i did with MFL.
    He’s doing a stage play called University of Laughs & one of those photos was his latest from that pictorial credit…dramabeans!! Yeah he’s got lots of photos now & thnx to our moderators for efficiently putting them up here!
    Once again good to see you visiting here Ju!

  327. 327 : Julee Says:

    My guess is that pic should be the one in centre of last row holding those books. Only 1 with 8 packs haha.

  328. 328 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Ju, yeah u’r right that’s his latest photo from University of Laughs! Too bad his fans can’t see his show but lucky for those (fans) in Korea though.
    hahaha yeah only one w/8 packs!

  329. 329 : -joy- Says:

    hi sang hee, rona and everyone……hi Kim Ji Hoonshi! we miss you already!

    @ rona! yea i’ve bee very busy for the past few days…sorry guys!, sang hee do you have facebook? do you think our Kim Ji Hoonshi has facebook?????talk to you guys soon!

  330. 330 : -joy- Says:

    opppssss sorry the message was meant for sang hee, because she’s been the one asking us if we are busy hehehehe….sorry rona.

  331. 331 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Joy, nice to talk to you again…i guess rona won’t mind right rona?
    Yeah we all miss him don’t we….he’s got a stage play called University of laugh but too bad we’re not able to see that unless we go to Korea sigh sigh! Re Facebook? i don’t have & i dunno if our KJH got one either. Sorry Joy, not much help, but if i hear something i’ll post it here ok?

    Come visit us here when u hv time it gets lonely here by myself. hahaha

    take care & hi to Rona too

  332. 332 : -joy- Says:

    yea no problem sang hee, its just that i saw some other korean actors who had one…..but later if you are planning to have one let me know okay????then i would like to talk to you online and maybe i could see your pics too if you dont mind, and post pictures of our Kim Ji Hoonshi… 🙂

  333. 333 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Joy, sure i’ll let u know but i’m kinda opting for that since i heard it’s too public per se! 🙂 I don’t think i’ll subject myself to be seen on facebook hahaha! yeah there are some celebs who got facebook as i heard but who knows may our Kim ji got one that’s unbeknownst to us?
    talk to u again later & hope u come by often & keep us company! ^^

  334. 334 : sang hee Says:

    Annyeong to our Kim ji hoon & hope he’s really enjoying his new project on stage University of Laugh…the title alone speaks volume, as in lots of laughter! Good Luck in all your endeavours Kim ji ssi!
    Hope you make another drama when your stage performance wraps up!
    Take care!
    Hello also to our friends here Rona, Joy & many others!

  335. 335 : sang hee Says:

    Dear Moderators: Here I am again, it seems my other friends don’t hv time to look for Kim’s photos 🙂 so pls bear with me with another link to post please when you get a chance! As always, I appreciate all you do esp. when you post his photos from the bottom of my heart. Here it is:


  336. 336 : soody Says:


  337. 337 : soody Says:


  338. 338 : sang hee Says:

    THANK YOU MODERATORS!!! You made my day again in posting that Kim’s photo with an umbrella!
    Everybody, enjoy Kim’s photos ok?

    Hi Soody, yeah i cldn’t agree with you any better than that! He’s the King of Kdramas, I’d like to find one like him too LOL!! Pls visit here & talk about him often ok? Welcome on board!

  339. 339 : sang hee Says:

    It’s really nice to see Kim’s photo gallery build up like this! Thnx again to our moderators for being so considerate & all their hard work, efficiency & all!


  340. 340 : -joy- Says:

    hi everyone! hello sang hee…..just dropping by to say hello to you guys!…..

  341. 341 : sang hee Says:

    Welcome back Joy! nice of u to drop by, pls do when u get a chance as it gets pretty lonely here w/o you guys! 🙂

    helo to rona, kimji4ever, and others!

    annyeong to our Kim Ji ssi!

  342. 342 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong to our Kim Ji ssi & to you all, Rona, Joy & more!

  343. 343 : sang hee Says:

    hello friends here, chk the link fr dramabeans as our fave actor will be in a sageuk sci-fi drama & will start shooting on Jun 19th. I’m so happy, excited, thrilled about his new project & can’t wait to see this one as well! We miss you so much Kim ji ssi & this is really a great news for all of us – your fans! Aja aja fighting!
    Hello Joy, Rona, Kimji4ever & others, i’m bad remembering names (:
    So chk this news with this link below, credit dramabeans


  344. 344 : sang hee Says:

    Have a nice w/end to our Kim Ji hoon ssi & our moderators here & friends also.

  345. 345 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Joy, Rona, Soody, KimJi4ever just keeping this board alive for our Kim ji hoon!

    Annyeong to Kim Ji ssi & hope you’re enjoying doing Univ. of Laughs!

    Good day to our moderators also and happy new week to everybody here!

  346. 346 : sang hee Says:

    To our moderators: Pls pls when u get a chance post this photo of our Kim ji ssi! Many thanks to you all!


  347. 347 : sang hee Says:

    THANK YOU ENDLESSLY to our Moderators for being so nice in posting Kim’s photos!!! I appreciate it v v much!
    Have a lovely day to you all!

  348. 348 : Kimji4ever Says:

    I would appreciate if you could please post this photo of Kim ji hoon credit dramabeans (from his debut University of Laughs)

    Thank you very much to Moderators!! 🙂


  349. 349 : Kimji4ever Says:

    another photo pls as part of his university of laughs (credit dramabeans) if you can pls post this one also. many thnx moderators!!!


  350. 350 : Kimji4ever Says:

    That’s super Moderators! Many thanks to you all for posting Kim’s photos!
    I appreciate it so much!

    Have a great day!

  351. 351 : mel Says:

    wooooww… you’re so cool..

  352. 352 : ade Says:

    i like ur act.. ^^s

  353. 353 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong to Kim Ji ssi and haeng bokha weekend to you!

    to our friends here & our moderators have a great w/end!

  354. 354 : -joy- Says:

    hi everyone! hi sang hee!!!! wow!!!! great news…..im looking forward to the new drama, another side of our Kim Ji Hoon, im sure its gonna be exciting drama because he’ll excellently do his role… 🙂

  355. 355 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Joy & everyone….yes i know, i hope we can watch it though & there’s no doubt he’ll do a good job…he’s a great actor what can we say right?
    Nice to see you here, pls do come often so i hv someone to talk to hahaha it get’s pretty lonely here without you guys!

    Joy do u hv any fave photos of Kim ji u wish the moderators to post here? pls do so we can have more photos to oogle at :))))))

    see you soon & other frnds here!

  356. 356 : sang hee Says:

    oh glad we’re online again it’s been offline since this a.m. & this board is just as addictive as Kdramas, thnx moderators! at one time it was also indicating a virus page so glad it seems fixed!

    hello to everyone esp to our Kim Ji hoon ssi!

  357. 357 : sang hee Says:

    Hello moderators: i’m here to bother u again with another cute photo of Kim ji ssi, when u get a chance pls. Many thnx!


  358. 358 : sang hee Says:

    THANK YOU ever so much Moderators for posting Kim’s photo! Thank you endlessly till next time :))))
    Have a great day to you all hardworking moderators!

  359. 359 : ronalieron Says:

    i miz u sooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!
    u look so handsome in all ur photos here>.<
    hi sanghee and everyone here^_^bogoshippo T_T

  360. 360 : sang hee Says:

    Hi also Rona — we miss Kim Ji I know bogoshipo & also we miss you here on board Rona! Glad u can join in again! :)))))
    Keep us company once in a while so our Kim’s board won’t be so lonely! 🙁
    Nice photos eh? I luv them too & thnx to our Moderators for being so efficient & patient most of all coz i often bother them with posting of his photos! Now his board looks more lively right?
    Talk to you again & many of our frnds here!

  361. 361 : sang hee Says:

    I second the motion to you Rona….miss Kim sooooooooooooo much! hahaha I hope we see him & Choi in another drama!
    Saranghae to our Kim Ji ssi! Take care always!

  362. 362 : sang hee Says:

    Hello Mel & Ade….welcome on board! he’s really cool & can act very convincingly! Join us here once in a while if not often so we can show our support to Kim Ji ssi ok?

    Nice meeting u here both!

  363. 363 : sang hee Says:

    Dear Moderators: Pls if u get a chance post another nice photo of our Kim Ji hoon here. Many many thanks!


  364. 364 : sang hee Says:

    THANK YOU so much Admin for posting that latest request I had here…that was quick! I appreciate it v much! You all are fantastic! :)))

  365. 365 : sang hee Says:

    i wonder why my msg is awaiting moderation where there’s no expletive word/s in it? :((((( strange! hahaha

  366. 366 : sang hee Says:

    Annyeong to our Kim ji ssi! I hope you’re having a nice time doing your stage play & i look f/ward to seeing your other tv prog. which i think is also coming soon? I’m so happy for you!
    Take care!

  367. 367 : Julee Says:

    Hi SB,

    Was about to tell you about reading in DB that KJH would be in another new sci-fi drama but I see you’ve already read about it. So you must be very happy and waiting in anticipation.

    We too are waiting for a new drama from our beautiful man ^ ^

  368. 368 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Ju…hv u recovered fr your recent trip yet? believe me one of my suitcases is still 20% not unpacked hahaha i’m hvng a denial stage maybe it’ll be still unpacked till i go back to Kor. again hahaha hope nxt yr again!

    anyway, yeah i read it a few wks ago fr dramabeans & yeah i’m so excited for him & our beautiful man of course. I can’t wait to see Queen if this is confirmed & hope he gets the lead!

  369. 369 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong to our kim ji ssi & hope he’s hvng a nice weekend and a restful one!

    hello also to ev.body here rona, mel, ade, kimji4ever & many others.

  370. 370 : sang hee Says:

    hello ev.body…joy, rona, mel, kimji4ever & others here, annyeong to our KJH & our moderators!

    where’s everybody? any fresh news about our guy? i’ve been busy but i’ll dig some stuff & share w/you guys later that is if i find something new! :)))

  371. 371 : KimJi4ever Says:

    hello kim ji ssi, hvnt been here a while but you’re of course always on my mind, hoping we’ll see another drama from you hopefully with choi jung (Pal kang) again!

    hi to all here & i’ll try to post often like sang hee! 🙂

  372. 372 : sang hee Says:

    hi kimji4ever….nice to hear fr you again…yeah i frequent here keep our guy company! i hope he knows this site & can see how much we appreciate him!
    hello to others here & to you all hv a grt weekend, to our moderators too esp Kim ji hoon ssi! :))))

  373. 373 : KimJi4ever Says:

    hello sang hee, same here sis, just lazy sometimes u know doing so much fr time to time but he’s always in my mind! 🙂

    hello to our kim ji hoon forever!

  374. 374 : sang hee Says:

    hello kimji4, joy, rona, ada, mel & others….especially to our Kim ji ssi! Bogoshipo, hope you do another drama, we can hardly wait!
    Good luck in all your endeavours! Aja aja fighting! Take care!

  375. 375 : Kimji4ever Says:

    i think he’s got one of the most gorgeous faces in K entertainment & just his smile alone speaks volumes!

    annyeong Kim Ji ssi, hope you’re in the best of health & hope to see you in another drama! take care & we’re all supporting you in all your future projects & endeavors! God bless!

  376. 376 : sang hee Says:

    i agree w/you kimji4….isn’t he an eye candy? *-* i wanna re-watch SFFTS one of these days! 🙂

  377. 377 : sang hee Says:

    hello to our Kim ji ssi first of all!

    girls, i read online that his new drama from tvN is scheduled for Aug. 20th airing so i can hardly wait! i hope someone will upload this online! 🙂

  378. 378 : sang hee Says:

    yes i agree with you kimji4 ev.thing about him is of course likable! he’s super gorgeous need i say more? :))))

  379. 379 : sang hee Says:

    hello moderators, sorry to bother u again but another photo of our Kim ji i know it’s similar to the ones posted here but this one is kinda showing his nice b.dy :))) thnx again

    link here

  380. 380 : sang hee Says:

    wow that was fast moderators! u made my day again, umhhh that’s a really good photo of Kim ji….ummhhh super abs! can i say that here? 🙂

  381. 381 : sang hee Says:

    oh i clicked the box w/o saying THANKS sorry, Thanks a milln moderators for posting so quickly!

  382. 382 : sang hee Says:

    really like that last photo of his! *__*
    thnx again to our moderators! have a nice day!

  383. 383 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong to our kim ji ssi….can’t wait for your new project, bogoshipo!

    hi rona, kimji4 & others. also to our moderators have a good day to you all!

  384. 384 : sang hee Says:

    happy weekend to all esp to our Kim ji hoon!

  385. 385 : sang hee Says:

    good day to our moderators…pls post the latest photo of our Kim ji hoon, the top photo from that page — credit dramabeans. thnx endlessly!


  386. 386 : sang hee Says:

    i guess i have to look for another photo as that one i requested may not be possible to post. thnx anyway moderators! have a lovely day!

    annyeong to our Kim ji ssi!

  387. 387 : Kimji4ever Says:

    hi sang hee & all….pretty quiet here but i’ll try to keep u company – yaksuk! :)))
    i can hardly wait as well for Kim’s new project which starts this august! let’s continue to support him, he deserves to be pampered. talk to u all soon!

  388. 388 : sang hee Says:

    hi kimji4…yeah it gets pretty empty here but we’ll get by! nice to see you!
    me too can’t wait for that drama! 🙂

  389. 389 : Kimji4ever Says:

    hello sang hee & others here….it’s so good to come here & oogle at his photo gallery! that last one wow nice abs! :))))
    talk to you again!

  390. 390 : pepper gal Says:

    hey kin ji……..lookin gr8 in all ur pics em a fan of urs 🙂

  391. 391 : sang hee Says:

    hi peppergal…nice to meet you here! hope you can come again & talk about our kim ji hoon :)))

  392. 392 : sang hee Says:

    I’m wishing our Kim Ji hoon a big success & rating for his new short drama on tvN which started Aug. 8th in So. Korea. All the best throughout the airing of this drama! Aja aja fighting! 🙂

    I hope it gets uploaded online so we can watch it! Take care KJH ssi!

  393. 393 : bhe Says:

    kim ji hoon goodluck to your upcoming drama…i like your character in pick the star..keep up your good work oppa.

  394. 394 : Kimji4ever Says:

    i’ve been wondering too about his new drama…if anyone’s got some news or article about this, pls share it here. thnx!!

    good luck to him on this new drama which i believe will be a great one! Aja aja fighting

  395. 395 : sang hee Says:

    hello chingoos/friends

    yeah hope his drama is another success…good luck KJH

  396. 396 : sang hee Says:

    hello friends here yuli where are you these days? hi to kimji4 & rona what happen? hahaha
    I also wish him all the luck for his upcoming drama Xfile Jeosan whatever the right title may be coz i’ve read quite a few diff. titles already i can’t even keep track :)))

  397. 397 : sang hee Says:

    sigh sigh just learned fr dramabeans that our KJH will be heading to the military end of this year! i definitely don’t want to think about this…so sad! anyway, we’ll be waiting for your comeback so just stay safe & healthy! bogoshipo already! 🙂

  398. 398 : sang hee Says:

    to our moderators: pls add photo of Kim ji hoon when you get a chance — many thanks again!


  399. 399 : Julee Says:

    Hi SB,

    Was about to tell you about KJH’s year end enlistment which I read in DB but looks like you already read it. That was a nice pic of him with ruffled hair and moustache (love that kind of moustache hee hee).

    Can guess you must be so sad that you won’t get to see him for a while after the new drama. I would be too if it was Yoony ^ ^

  400. 400 : Allison Usa Says:

    I like him soooooooo much i am korean american ji hoon oppa sarange but i wish u could be my soul mate but sorry i am sorry i cant do anything.

  401. 401 : sang hee Says:

    hi ju, thnx for your update but yeah i saw it oredi & it\’s been a habit for me to visit DB in the a.m. when i log on at home so i saw it & u wld u/stand my feeling down when i read the article! :((((( sigh sigh Yeah it\’s not too long ago after Stars falling that i started knowing/liking him & now this, he\’s leaving so soon? woahhhhh help! hahaha i\’m totally sad! i just have to count the days of his comeback! 2 yrs seem to pass by quickly these days! :))) i have to resort to his dvd & oogle at his photos!

  402. 402 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Allison USA … same here i like him a lot & too bad he’s leaving us to serve his military duties end of this year! Nice to see you here, pls come & visit again – we can talk & rave about him! 🙂

  403. 403 : sang hee Says:

    Hello moderators: i think that link i requested is not possible so i’ll try this one please when you get a chance! Thanks a milln.!


  404. 404 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Ju, i forgot to address that thing about his photo from DB, yeah i luv that ragged look, bedroom hair & all that in that photo. hahaha me too, i seem to have a penchant for guys with moustache like taebong? hehehehe

  405. 405 : sang hee Says:

    thank u ever so much moderators for posting his photo! loved it!

  406. 406 : sang hee Says:

    me again moderators…:) pls add this photo clip from his latest drama to start this month! thnx a million to you all! ‘appreciate it v. much!!!


  407. 407 : joy Says:

    what??????he is leaving for military service???????is that how long i’ve been away that i didn’t hear anything about him??????huhuhuhuhuhu…

    hello sang hee…hi everybody….how are you guys!… i’ve been very busy these past few weeks…..hope everything is okay……what’s the title of his new drama again???if you don’t mind….thanks

  408. 408 : sang hee Says:

    welcome back Joy…wow we missed u here! yeah huhuhuhu is right, i can’t believe he’s leaving us soon i think end of this year! let’s hope he can do another drama before then perhaps? the title of his new drama seems numerous, i hear it’s called Joseun? x files, etc. however this will be aired on Aug. 23rd if i’m not mistaken. So it’s just around the corner my frnd! u’r welcome no prob.
    i’ve been busy myself but for some reason this board is so addictive that it doesn’t seem to complete my day w/o coming here. :)))

    talk to you soon!

  409. 409 : sang hee Says:

    i forgot to tell u Joy…chk out the artic. fr dramabeans that’s where i found out that he’s heading to the milit. end of the year!

  410. 410 : KDrama : Secret Investigation Record « asianfansclub Says:

    […] Kim Ji Hoon as Kim Hyung Do Im Jung Eun as Heo Yoon Yi Kim Gab Soo as Chief Shin Moo Hoe Jo Hee Bong as Jang Man Jun So Min as Choi Eui Shin […]

  411. 411 : USA-Mary Says:

    I really like KJH’s acting…phenomena and off the chartsl! That’s alright…baby…go do your military stint and come back an even greater and finer actor! WHAT A MAN…WHAT A MIGHTY FINE MAN…(sung to Salt n’ Peppa’s song)!

  412. 412 : USA-Mary Says:

    Oops…forgot to add SEXY!

  413. 413 : joy Says:

    sound so depressing but anyways duty is duty… 🙂 we will just hope for the best and for the time being i think we have to rewatch all his dramas….hehehehe…thanks for the infos Sang Hee

  414. 414 : sang hee Says:

    hi joy, usa mary & all ron too, yeah duty is duty is right but we’ll surely miss him so let’s just rewatch & rewatch for 2 yrs all his dramas so we won’t feel to lonely! talk to you guys i’m just sneaking here on a brk fr a seminar!

  415. 415 : sang hee Says:

    hehehe that’s funnyusa mary yeah he’s indeed sexy! what can i say?

  416. 416 : sang hee Says:

    hello chingoos, i watched Secret Invest. Record last night & it was quite interesting! I can’t wait for the nxt epis.

    Kamsahabnida Kim ji hoon ssi for bringing us another good drama! aja aja fighting!

  417. 417 : Kimji4ever Says:

    i can’t wait to see that too sang hee so thnx for the info! i’ll chk it out!

    annyeong to our Kim Ji ssi!

  418. 418 : joy Says:

    the drama is so great……it captured my interest so quickly….gush!!!! for just first episode…can’t wait for the next one……our Kim Ji Hoon is so great….he is so good in everything…..he is truly born to be an actor……

  419. 419 : sang hee Says:

    hi Joy….I agree w/you, he’s born to be an actor no doubt about it!

    i know wasn’t ep 1 exciting, i’m really not into sci-fi but this one caught my attn & my main reason is of course our kim ji hoon! just look at the expression/s on his face, it just speaks volume! he really is amazing! luv him, he’s my no. 1 no doubt! hehehehe :)))

  420. 420 : sang hee Says:

    i honestly can’t wait for the nxt epis!

  421. 421 : Secret Investigation Record | Asia Drama Lovers Says:

    […] Kim Ji Hoon as Kim Hyung Do Im Jung Eun as Heo Yoon Yi Kim Gab Soo as Chief Shin Moo Hoe Jo Hee Bong as Jang Man Jun So Min as Choi Eui Shin […]

  422. 422 : sang hee Says:

    joy, ronron, kimji4ever….i just saw ep 2 & it’s really getting more/more exciting…i need to finish pt 5 tho! good drama! TVn is also doing a grt job in this production i must say! good for our KJH!

  423. 423 : Kimji4ever Says:

    likewise guys, i’m enjoying kim’s new drama series! he’s so handsome whatever garb he wears if you will!
    hello to u all!

  424. 424 : sang hee Says:

    u’r welcome kimji4….let’s enjoy his latest drama for sure! 🙂

  425. 425 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong to our kim ji hoon ssi – once again, your performance in Secret Invest. Report is outstanding! I can’t wait to see the next episode!

    hello to everyone!

  426. 426 : sang hee Says:

    hello ev.body esp to our kim ji ssi! i was able to get hold of your old drama called Much Love & started watching it….it’s addictive i must say! 🙂
    so happy to be able to get it at the store at this time as it was out of stock last few months ago!

    aja aja & take care always!

  427. 427 : Kimji4ever Says:

    hello sang hee & all….yeah i started watching Secret Inv. Report latest epis & it’s addictive —- i think this drama gets interesting each week & i dunno about u guys but somehow the production of this drama makes u feel u’r watching a hollywood production coz of its good cinematography! i’m loving it really esp with our Kim ji hoon in it nothing cld be more perfect….he’s such a brilliant actor! woah he’s amazing aside from his pretty face he’s so convincing when he cries!

    Congrats to our Kim Ji Hoon ssi for his great drama! aja aja fighting!

  428. 428 : sang hee Says:

    hello kimji4ever, and ev.body esp to our KJH! yeah isn’t it interesting every week? i can hardly wait for the nxt epis of this sci fi! Kim ji ssi is so convincing in his role, and can he cry woah he’s so gifted! well let’s continue to support him & hope he gets to leave us with another drama before he heads out to his milit. service end of this year! :))

    sarang hae yo Kim ji ssi you’re da best & my number ONE K actor!

  429. 429 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo Kim ji hoon & friends here!

    I just started watching Much Love & really enjoying it, he looks so cute in this drama & the story seems really interesting!

    talk to you guys later!

  430. 430 : ji Says:

    i’ve always admired you kim ji hoon from the drama golden apple, & lately stars falling, i think you’re one of the best of the best Korean actors in the industry & hat off to you for your great acting skills! Kudos! you’re not only handsome but super good in acting! hope more blessings come ur way & don’t worry when u go to serve in the military soon, we’ll be waiting for you! who wld forget you? not me never! sarang hae yo!

  431. 431 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Ji & other friends here! Yeah we all seem to have same admiration for Kim ji hoon & it’s hard not to notice all the goodness in him! I still am watching his previous drama called How Much Love & am enjoying it of course!

    Annyeong Kim Ji ssi! fighting!

  432. 432 : Jacko--taiwannes Says:

    Fighting Ji-Hoon,hope u can come to taiwan &wellcome u

  433. 433 : polaris Says:

    Hello Kim ji hoon….so glad i found this site so i can tell you how much i like (love) you! I first saw you in Stars Falling & you sure are one of the stars that fell inside my heart! Joke joke i dont want to scare you with my words now. Just so you know you have a big fan like me here in America who will always support you….since this drama i had to search for your other projects such as Why Did You come?, Golden Apple, How Much Love, Love & marriage & hvnt been successful in finding Golden Era of Daughter in Law but hope to find the dvd soon! You rock & don’t you worry if you leave for the milit. service we’ll be here for you waiting! Kidaril kae! aja fightin! You’re my number ONE Korean actor no more no less! Saranghae yo

    Hello to some of you here, i’m new so bear with me.

  434. 434 : sang hee Says:

    hello to our kim ji ssi…hope you had a good rest over the w/end!

    i see some new names of fans here on board! welcome here & good that you guys can come by & keep us company!

    i’ve been watching this dvd called How Much Love & he’s as usual good in his role & very charming…i’m enjoying the drama & can’t wait to finish it!

    talk to you all later!

  435. 435 : sang hee Says:

    Haengbokhan Chuseok Ji hoon ssi – Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family! Cheers/Kombei!

  436. 436 : Kimji4ever Says:

    hi sang hee, to our kim ji hoon a happy thanksgiving & have a great time with your loved ones! sarang hae yo!

  437. 437 : sang hee Says:

    hello kimji4ever & ev.body esp to our KJH! Hi to Polaris our new frnd here! Guys i highly recommend How Much Love drama with our KJH….it’s really a good one! Too bad it’s not uploaded anywhere online….he’s really cute in this drama like the other dramas he was in or is in like Secret Report! talk to u all later!

  438. 438 : sang hee Says:

    welcome here polaris, i hope u can always come on board & keep us comp. I know all of us here are just crazy for kim ji hoon. glad u found this board too & talk to you again later.

  439. 439 : sang hee Says:

    Have a nice/great weekend chuseok to you Ji hoon ssi! hope you’re having a great Chuseok! Be blessed always!

  440. 440 : Alex1999 Says:

    Hi Kim Ji Hoon,

    I’m your fan from Thailand. I fell for you since I watched “Star Falling From the Sky” then I tried to find out all of your dramas. You certainly are a great actor with very good looks indeed. There are some more fans in Thailand who will continue support you. Hope you can come to Thailand one day.

    I’m now enjoying your new project “Joseon X-Files”. It is great, too and hope it will have season 2 with you in it. But it might not be possible since you are gonna leave for Military Service soon. When it comes, I will be very sad.


  441. 441 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Alex nice to meet u here, yeah me too when i saw him in Stars Falling, I started searching for his other projects & now i found a dvd called How Much Love or So in Love & he’s really good in it too and very very handsome! I hope u find this dvd in Thailand so we can talk about this drama next time! I’m also enjoying the new drama of his Joseon files & likewise I hope there’s seas. 2 but since he’s going off to serve in the military that may not seem possible. I miss him already & he hasn’t even left! :)) Talk to you here again later ok?

  442. 442 : KimJi4ever Says:

    sorry i forgot to paste the link 🙁


  443. 443 : sang hee Says:

    hello kimji4ever….u sort of reminded me to ask the mods also to post this photo link.

    Pls post this moderators when u get a chance! Thank you all for doing so & being patient with me! You guys are grt!


  444. 444 : sang hee Says:

    sorry moderators, i found another cute photo of our Kim ji hoon…pls bear w/me & post it —— once again many many thanks to u all!


  445. 445 : sang hee Says:

    Million thnx to you all moderator/s concerned for posting Kim ji’s photo! I appreciate it v v much! *–*

  446. 446 : KimJi4ever Says:

    thnx for posting kim’s photos!

    annyeong kim ji hoon…i just saw a vid interview of you fr arirang & you mentioned something to the effect that you’re not sure if you are known overseas & if they do that someday you may want to pay them a visit as well…you need not worry i guess cause i’m sure with your good dramas you’re now well known all over the world for your great acting aside from your good looks:) i’m fr o/seas & a grt example that i myself & many others know you & hope you can visit really someday! take care!

  447. 447 : polaris Says:

    Im really a big fan of Kim ji hoon & he’s an awesome actor & dead gorgeous! Plz anyone who knows if he’s got a website? let alone a fanclub so we can join? I’m so madly in love with him! :))))


  448. 448 : sang hee Says:

    Hello to u too polaris….nice for u to come by here again & keep us company! he’s really awesome & yeah dead gorgeous, he doesn’t have a bad angle if you’d noticed! u shld see How Much Love or So In Love oh he was really good in this drama & i luv his chem. with Jo yeo jung! I need to watch Golden Apple once i’m done with HML! nice talking to u!
    Catch u later & ev.body here!

  449. 449 : sang hee Says:

    Dear moderators: i found this latest photo of Kim ji hoon credit dramabeans as he’s due for his army service on Oct. 4th! Pls kindly post – thnx so much

    We’ll miss him terribly!


  450. 450 : polaris Says:



  451. 451 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Polaris….you bet, we’ll be here waiting for him & even when he’s gone we should keep this board alive & hopefully he’s got a spare time to check his online msgs! I’m not looking f/ward to his leaving sigh sigh….but I’m sure he’ll have some buddies there like Shin dong wook, Kim jae won who he worked with in Great Inheritance & of course SDW in Stars Falling!

    Talk to u again later!

  452. 452 : sang hee Says:

    Thank YOU Thank YOU dear moderators for posting Kim’s latest photo ever so quickly! That’s a really cute photo of him but sad that in that photo he was announcing his army service beginning Oct. 4th! sigh sigh….my no. 1 K actor is gonna be gone to fulfill his duties but we’ll be here waiting for him!

    Thnx a mlln again Moderators! You guys are awesome!

  453. 453 : sang hee Says:

    This is for ji hoon ssi….please bear in mind that altho you’re leaving us for your milit. service, you will not be forgotten! I hope you won’t get lonely & will be able to see some of your colleagues like Kim jae won & Shin dong wok who worked with you! May God bless you & keep you while you’re away from your family, friends & fans like me! Aja aja fighting! Keep your spirits high! Bogoshipo!

  454. 454 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hi sang hee, polaris & all especially to Kim Ji hoon ssi! I’ll be with you keeping you company here guys Sang hee Polaris as i’ll be off fr work and promise to be coming here while our idol is gone for his milit. service! We’ll keep this board alive even if he’s away…we’ll show him that we won’t ever forget him OK guys?

    I wanted to so much to see his drama Golden Era & How Much Love, i’ve seen him in Why did you come & Love Marriage but i don’t wanna miss on his projects! 🙂

  455. 455 : Sang hee Says:

    hello polaris & ev.one — oh that’s good to know so i don’t feel like i’m talking here by myself :))) let’s keep this board alive for our Kim ji hoon! aja aja fighting!

    i started watching Golden Era of Dtr in Law & it seems like another good drama altho i hvnt finished How Much in Love so i’m just sort of taking a brk there & curious of seeing G. Era that’s why!

    Talk to you guys again later!

  456. 456 : KimJi4ever Says:

    yes Sang hee, we shld keep his board alive even if he’s gonna be away from us! i really miss him already! meanwhile he’s away i’ll have a marathon watch of his projects past/present! i can’t wait to get hold of his latest dvd Secret Invest. I found that site where you can watch Golden era tho there’s no Eng sub but i’m willing to watch as long as i can see his gorgeous face! :))) ok off to watch KJH’s drama now! talk to u all!

  457. 457 : sang hee Says:

    hello kimji4ever….yes i think GE is also a good drama as i peeked on that site but somehow i think HML is a more poignant family/romance drama! still at work so talk to u all later! 🙂

  458. 458 : KimJi4ever Says:

    just so our moderators know the topic about the dramas we spoke about like GE that’s Great Era of Daughter in Law with Kim ji hoon so in a way it’s related to Kim ji, we’re talking about his projects! But if this is also considered unrelated we’ll refrain from it .

  459. 459 : polaris Says:

    hello guys….been absent here but we’ll try to come often from now. i’m still sad with his recent news of going to military! ** sigh sigh ** i feel missing him already! i wished he’d served in military prior to being popular don’t you think – that way we can still enjoy him & not be left empty for two years! huhuhuhu i luv this guy! 🙂
    more later! (luvd that photo of his the one w/mike)

  460. 460 : jackocss Says:

    i will Forever supports him,here is i found his pic station,wish all of you will like it

  461. 461 : Sang hee Says:

    Hi Jackocsss thnx for sharing that site, there are some photos there which i haven’t seen before! I really like all his photos! Thanks again

    Me too i will forever support him! welcome on board! hope you come again! Have you seen him in How Much Love? I just finished watching it & if you haven’t seen it you’re missing out!

    I really believe How Much Love is his best drama ever, i thought Stars Falling did it as well as Why did you come but in HML, i just completely love him! It is apparently one of his favorite dramas he said in an interview!

  462. 462 : Sang hee Says:

    hello again jackocss….he looked so handsome from those photos taken while signing autographs i believe, those fans were sooooooooo lucky to have had their photos taken with him! thanks again for sharing. I still hv a few more to click away & see his photos. :)))
    Pls share some more if you see another site that got his photos. :))

  463. 463 : Sang hee Says:

    i’m not sure if our moderators can post the top photo fr this page credit dramabeans but if not you guys just go to this link & feast your eyes on our Kim Ji hoon’s last photo shoot b4 entering his milit. service!

    To our Moderators: if only possible just his first photo please if you can post here as i said i’m not sure if it’s possible. Thanks a bunch!

    we’ll miss him terribly! ciao for now guys!


  464. 464 : Sang hee Says:

    Dear Moderators: pls post another photo of our kim ji hoon cred. baidu site! many thnx


  465. 465 : Sang hee Says:

    Hi Jackocss….u made my day with those photos you shared a link with us…up to now i’m still not done looking at them, there’s so many nice Kim ji’s photos a lot of them i haven’t even seen before or else where! can u tell me pls if this is a website dedicated for him by his fans? thnx!

    once again many thanks for sharing this site or i wldn’t have a way of knowing about it let alone seeing his gorgeous photos! i think the ones taken with fans must be shot in August of this year? He’s just so gorgeous!

    do you also know if he’s got a fan club anywhere in Asia that i can join in?

  466. 466 : polaris Says:

    wow thnx v much jackocss for that site with his photos….i think i’m gonna be busy too like sang hee viewing them as i am not even half way through. i’m overwhelmed & i luvd his photos here from baidu! thnx again

  467. 467 : KimJi4ever Says:

    hello guys, i still hv to see & view that site that jackocss shares here, i nvr get tired seeing his photos so i’m sure we’ll all be busy feasting our eyes. sad day for us fans of Kim ji this is THE day he’s leaving us for his military duties, oh i really wasn’t looking forward to this day at all! it’s kinda depressing if you’d ask me! however, we’ll just count the days & we’ll be here for him through thick & thin 🙂

    kidarisae yo kim ji hoon, we’ll be waiting! meantime, we’ll rewatch your dramas while you’re serving your country! take care & we love you don’t forget that!

    guys talk to you later i’ll be viewing his photos in a bit!

  468. 468 : polaris Says:

    i’m really enjoying the photos from the site you shared with us Jackocss, i’m not done yet as there’s quite a few beautiful never before seen photos of our Kim ji hoon! Thank you again & to baidu dot com for those photos, he seems to be really very charming with his fans! It’s on my wish list to see him in person, hopefully when i go to Korea & by that time he’s out from the military service!

    ok guys talk again later as i cont. looking at his photos!

  469. 469 : polaris Says:

    woah i didn’t notice that latest photo of KJH, he’s soooooper handsome! i saw that fr dramabeans today! **sigh sigh** he’s leaving today!

  470. 470 : sang hee Says:

    oh thank you very very much moderators for posting ji hoon ssi’s last photo shoot fr dramabeans! i truly appreciate it!

  471. 471 : jackocss Says:

    Not at all for everyone who likes Kim JI Hoon,Altought he is going to military,But i will Forever supports him,also u are too;my English is not well,so i can’t to express My feeling,I Have order his vidio”why did come to my home”,”how much love” &”pick the stars” AND i wlii to collect Them forever , My TV OF TAIWAN now is play his SHOW”Golden Era of Daughter in Law”&”pick the stars”,i like Them so much

  472. 472 : jackocss Says:

    here is some vedio oh Kim Ji Hoom,Wish all of you are like them

  473. 473 : jackocss Says:

    i find his twitter,there have his new pics

  474. 474 : sang hee Says:

    Dear Moderators: Pls post Kim ji hoon\’s photo leaving for military service. Many thanks! I\’ll surely miss him!


  475. 475 : sang hee Says:

    Hello Jackoccs wow thnx for his twitter a/c plus all the links you’re sharing with us! Don’t worry about your English we can understand it, it’s not a problem, all we need is to talk about kim ji hoon & just enjoy this site. Have you seen his photos from dramabeans yet?
    Did you know he’s got a new drama available on line called Secret Investigation Report? It’s also a good drama & this is his last drama before leaving for military service. We shld send him a msg through his twitter account. Pls. come here again & we’ll keep this board alive even when he’s gone ok? Talk to you soon!

  476. 476 : sang hee Says:

    hi again jackocss – yeah i’ve seen the titles you mentioned but i still have to watch Golden Era as it’s on tuduo dot com…no Eng sub but it’s ok. I’m sure 101% you’ll love him in How Much Love & altho my dvd did not have Eng sub I bought it anyway coz I wanted to see all his previous projects. Once you got your DVD copy of How Much Love i need your help in one of the episodes 🙂 since you speak Chinese I’m sure you can explain something there that I didn’t quite understand at all! :))

    I liked that baidu site you shared with us, I finally finished last night & his photos were awesome! Thanks again! You’re very resourceful!

  477. 477 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Jackocss —- thnx again for the links you’ve shared with us…it’s a sad day today our kim ji hoon left for military service! we’ll be here waiting for him & let’s keep supporting him even he’s gone for the next 2 yrs!
    we’ll truly miss him! good for you to have ordered most of his DVDs, i still have to watch some of them like Golden Era. If you haven’t seen Why Did you come to my house, that’s a good one too altho i must say Stars Falling was a lot better! I’m watching How Much Love also & liking it!
    Come again here & keep us company! thnx again! I just saw his photos from Dramabeans & even w/o his thick hair, he still looking so hot! 🙂

    We’ll miss you Kim ji hoon ssi! We love you!

  478. 478 : sang hee Says:

    wow i was just at twitter on kim’s account & you’re right Jackocss he’s got some new photos there! thnx again! now i need to open a twitter acc so i can post a msg there too! 🙂 great that we know his twitter acc so we can send him our msg while he’s gone!

  479. 479 : sang hee Says:

    i just opened an acc with Twitter just so i can follow kim ji’s latest there & you guys shld go there, as Jackocss indicated here, he’s got lots of photos he uploaded there too! let’s keep him company while he’s serving his milit. duties!

  480. 480 : polaris Says:

    hi sang hee & all incldg our new friend Jackocss who shared some nice photos on baidu sites for us! I’m gonna open twitter acc too so we can communic. with him. I hope he wldnt mind us writing in Eng. 🙂

    be safe Kim ji hoon ssi, we love you & will be waiting for you — in the meantime i’m gonna make sure to rewatch your dramas & there are some which i have not seen yet anyway like Golden Apple, Love Hymn, There’s Troubles in My Brothers House etc. I started HML & liking you in this drama! You’re awesome in your role as Seo Jung something, sorry i’m not good in remembering Korean names! Sarang hae yo!

  481. 481 : polaris Says:

    Guys i saw this fr hancinema – enjoy! lucky are those fans who saw him off! wished we were there to see him before he serves his duties! i hope to be in korea when he gets back! aja aja fighting!
    Take care ji hoon sshi! 🙂


  482. 482 : sang hee Says:

    To our Moderators: Just wish to follow up on #474 request i made to post this link of KJH please. Thanks a million!


  483. 483 : sang hee Says:

    Milln thnx to our Moderators for posting Ji hoon’s military photo! You guys are wonderful!

  484. 484 : KimJi4ever Says:

    well guys i’ve been busy searching for some other news about our KJH & it’s really a sad day for me/us!! he looks very young with his hair shaven like that…he’s gonna be missed a lot!

    hope he’s going to adjust to his milit. life very smoothly! our prayers are with you Ji hoon ssi!! we love you & will support you forever/yongwanhee!

  485. 485 : KimJi4ever Says:

    thnx also polaris for that hancinema link, altho it was not easy to look at his photos since he’s gonna be gone for 2 yrs! sigh sigh! ^ __ ^

  486. 486 : polaris Says:

    hello everybody – you’re welcome KJH4 for the hancinema link! i was busy surfing for more articles about him & can’t seem to get enough of our KJH! sigh sigh i can’t believe he’s left us! i hope he’s gonna be fine where he’s assigned! we’ll always keep him in our prayers!

    talk to you guys again as i have to see more of his photos from baidu which our frnd Jackocss shared with us! 🙂

  487. 487 : sang hee Says:

    Hi friends & to our Kim ji hoon of course annyeong ha sae yo.
    I also hope Jackocss will come again & talk to us. I saw some of Kim’s photos from his twitter acc & you guys must’ve seen it already…he’s cute as ever! He’s probably among a few who cld get by with that hair shaven off & still looks hot! 🙂 Oh I miss him already!

    I’ll see you all later, time to watch or rewatch some of his dramas now so it doesn’t feel empty! *–*

  488. 488 : sang hee Says:

    guys here’s another article of KJH – this is another good news, he’s gonna be in a 3D movie titled ‘Natalie’ so this is something to look f/ward to! Here’s the link you all can read for yourself:


  489. 489 : KimJi4ever Says:

    At least we got some good news about his new movie in spite of this sad day of him leaving for milit. I can’t wait to see that one! Thank you sang hee for the link! I like his photo there too!

    Talk to you guys nxt time.

    Annyeong to our kim ji hoon, wishing him all the best while he’s serving his country! We’re so proud of you!

  490. 490 : jackocss Says:

    i will come here to talk about him or share the pics for everyone,support Kim Ji Hoon forever

  491. 491 : sang hee Says:

    Hi jackocss….OK please do & we’ll share some stuff about him even when he’s away from us! It’s one way of showing our support for him! Right now I am continuing with Golden Era as he’s the lead in this drama also – I still have to watch Great Inheritance & that seems to be a nice drama as well!

  492. 492 : sang hee Says:

    well it’s day 2 of our kim ji hoon’s milit. training & let’s hope he doesn’t get homesick so much 🙁

    i hope his debut movie Natalie will be avail. online so we’ll be able to watch it. i still have to continue with Secret Investig. as i got caught up with searching for some more news about him these last few days re his lvg for milit.

  493. 493 : polaris Says:

    HELLO GUYS! i’m continuing with HML & like his looks in this drama & it’s getting really interesting….no wonder this is the drama he himself liked…he showed his emotional side most times & his sweetness to his wife! it may be long but hey it’s well worth it! loving it! meantime i also hv to read the recaps fr Dramabeans of Sec. Investigation drama JB calls it the best drama of the year & i can second that motion!

    anyway see you all later & of course a special Hello to our sweet guy Ji hoon sshi! Take care!

  494. 494 : Kimji4ever Says:

    yes yes yes dramabeans says Secret is the best drama of the year & i really am happy for our Ji hoon ssi about this! i haven’t been able to cont. watching that however it’s really one of the next ones i’d watch!

    hello ev.one esp KIM JI HOON!!

  495. 495 : Kimji4ever Says:

    oh well guys i’ve been surfing the net for anything about our guy & there’s one site called KoreaVibes & there’s some photos of him there too. I just forgot to paste the link here, i’ll be back with it soon! 😀

  496. 496 : Kimji4ever Says:

    here’s the link guys!


  497. 497 : sang hee Says:

    Thnx Kimji4 for that link! I nvr knew about that site, ummhhh another one we can visit once in a while! okidoki talk to u later!

    a special hello/annyeong to our kim ji hoon ssi! 🙂

  498. 498 : KimJi4ever Says:

    *_* Sang hee – You’re v welcome – when i see something else i’ll share w/you all! Jackocss is also good in searching, quite resourceful – thnx to you & yes keep us company & let’s keep this board alive in spite of his absence!

    hello to Polaris also esp to our ji hoon ssi – annyeong!

  499. 499 : sang hee Says:

    Hi ya all – I tried to watch Secret & it won’t allow me coz of plug ins sigh sigh…anyway, i got a fill from dramabeans so just as well — that drama is getting interesting each time! This time it’s not as scary as the prev. episodes which is good! A friend of mine also started watching it since he liked him also from Stars! I wished she could join us here but she said she’s not so good in doing something like this on board, a bit bashful I guess! 🙂 Ok catch you guys soon!

  500. 500 : sang hee Says:

    since i’m not able to watch on viikii just yet (it’s funny i used to be able to up to ep 4 of Secret Investig so maybe it’s just too busy these days) i’ll probab. rewatch either Why Did You Come or for the ___th time Stars Falling! I just nvr get tired of this drama plus How Much Love which i’ll defin. rewatch in the next few. If you don’t hear from me here then you know I’m busy rewatching Kim ji’s Stars! Catch ya all later!

    Annyeong to our Kim Ji hoon ssi! Hope you’re doing ok for your 3rd day away from the hustle & bustle of Seoul! 🙂

  501. 501 : sang hee Says:

    Here’s a vid i came across & if u guys haven’t seen it click on the link & watch a few min. of this one. He was with his co stars of Secret Invest.

  502. 502 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hello all – thank you Sang hee for the link, actually have not seen that, he’s so cute! i hope one day someone will upload something about his latest movie Natalie which is his first big screen debut!

  503. 503 : sang hee Says:

    you’re more than welcome Kimji4 – mind you ev.time i see his photo up there b4 leaving for his milit. service i kinda think he’s one of those who can pull off that hairstyle & still be able to recognize him coz of his handsome face! 😀

  504. 504 : sang hee Says:

    i continued watching kim ji hoon’s Golden Apple since i got busy watching him in How Much Love & of course in betwn. the series of Secret Inv.
    amazing how he looks so young in Golden Apple he must be about 24 yrs old when he made this drama but he looked much younger than that i’d say 19 or 20!! 🙂

    ciao for now

    annyeong to our kim ji hoon who must be asleep right now! 🙂

  505. 505 : polaris Says:



  506. 506 : sang hee Says:

    Hello there Polaris…yeah HML is indeed v v addictive altho it’s long but well worth it! I’m planning to rewatch it matter of fact once I finished Gold. Apple! 🙂 3rd day since he’s left for milit. sigh sigh Hope it won’t take long for him to adjust to his milit. life!

  507. 507 : sang hee Says:

    got engrossed watching GA but taking a short brk now. i guess we’re all busy trying to watch or rewatch Kim ji’s dramas! i think Golden Apple is also nice but my fave aside from Stars wld be How Much Love! I’m sure you Polaris, Kimji4 will agree w/me once u guys finished it! I dunno but it’s just that i like this drama HML so much, it’s quite touching & the twist of the story was really good & most of all he really looked v v handsome in this drama & i dunno about you but he really looks good in scuffy look if you will!

  508. 508 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Jackocss…i didn’t mean to forget ur name in that last msg but i just got carried away with talking about Golden Apple. I know you mentioned you ordered the dvd also of How Much Love so I’m sure you’ll love that drama just as much as I did! I need help in some episodes once you started watching ok? Take care & hope to see you here soon!

    annyeong to our Ji hoon ssi….take care & eat well ok? Jjal ja! 🙂

  509. 509 : sang hee Says:

    To our moderators: here i am again with a request to post Ji hoon’s photo when you get a chance please! Many thanks!


  510. 510 : jackocss Says:


  511. 511 : sang hee Says:

    hi jackocss….really u got them now? i’m happy for you! which one are you going to watch among the dvds u got? i’m right now watching Golden Apple, he’s looking so young! ok talk again later! nice to see you here!

  512. 512 : sang hee Says:

    thank YOU MODERATORS for posting Ji hoon ssi’s army photo! he still look as handsome as ever even without his locks! thnx again! you guys ROCK!

  513. 513 : sang hee Says:

    A special annyeong ha sae yo to our Ji hoon ssi who must be taking a well deserved rest from his milit. exercises! 🙂 Missing you! Bogoshiposo!

  514. 514 : Kimji4ever Says:

    hiya everyone especially to our KJH!
    Sang hee, Polaris, Jackocss – howdy? wow i stayed almost wee hrs of the morning watching HML too good to just keep it hanging so i’m kind of tired today hehehe I’m not complaining I’m liking it! I love the army photos – he’s so adorable, oh but i miss him! :(((

    got to go see ya all latah!

  515. 515 : sang hee Says:

    hi kimji4….sounds like me when i watched that drama, i think it’s actually better than the other dramas he was in at least this is my opinion coz as it is dramas/movies are more or less in the eye of the beholder if you will, what may be nice to me may not always be for someone right? 🙂

    catch u guys later & can’t leave this board w/o saying annyeong to our KJH! * – *

  516. 516 : sang hee Says:

    yea actually KJH mentioned in his arirang interview that HML is his memorable drama of all & that he worked hard in that drama, etc.
    i quite agree, he was really into it & he must’ve given his all, the irony tho is that the drama wasn’t promoted i guess, not v many ppl knew about it! sigh sigh

  517. 517 : Fran Says:

    Please watch a short video of Kim Ji Hoon!

  518. 518 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong to ji hoon ssi….hope you’re doing ok! we miss you! Bogoshipo!

    guys i think we all are v busy watching his dramas so we’ll come by during our breaks 🙂 just enjoy HML & i’ll cont. with Golden Apple which is also getting exciting now.

    catch u later!

  519. 519 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Fran – i just watched that vid u shared the link with us on youtube & have enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing! I luvd all his photos there too!

  520. 520 : polaris Says:


  521. 521 : sang hee Says:

    hello ev.body & to our ji hoon ssi who must be in the zzzzzzzzzz sone 🙂 good for him, i can only imagine how hectic & thorough the training he’s going through but keep aja aja fightin’!!! we miss you!

  522. 522 : sang hee Says:

    oooppps i misspelled the word zone & typed sone instead! oh well u know what i was talking about 😀

    yeah i did like that vid too polaris! there’s quite a few more of KJH on youtube but i just don’t have time since i’m watching Golden Apple but i won’t miss those for the world!

    ciao for now guys! hv a lovely day to you all!

  523. 523 : sang hee Says:

    it’s funny coz the photos Fran got in that youtube incidentally happen to be most of what i have in my collection! 🙂 i’m really glad someone like you Fran was kind enough to do a vid of our guy which is a sort of dedication if you will – let’s hope he’s able to watch it! Am sure he’ll be delighted!

  524. 524 : Kimji4ever Says:

    Did you girls see that photo of him & his leading lady from Joseon x files someone fr Drambeans shared the link & they got some kind of white stuff which seemed to be whipping cream or something & looked like they’re having fun! 🙂 They said that’s probably one of those photos which started rumor of them dating? I think it’s not true, KJH is just cool guy & knows how to have some fun & humor so to speak!

  525. 525 : Fran Says:

    To Sang Hee and Polaris: I’m so happy you guys liked the video! It was fun to make,afterall, I (we) can stare at his face all day long. I probably could have added a better selection of pics,but I put it together quickly. Thanks again for watching! I’ve been enjoying Joseon X-files.

  526. 526 : sang hee Says:

    Hello Fran, i enjoyed it to the max & i like u said it’s nice to stare at his photos where i myself don’t get tired of doing! :)) thnx for making that vid & hope you do some more :))) when u get a chance! I know it must be hard work but for our guy it’s all worth it right? You did great so I don’t know what else you think you’re lacking 🙂

    I just don’t hv the capability to do what u did but believe me if i can only upload something like that i might do it non stop LOL! :)))

    come by again & let’s show our support for our guy even tho he’s not gonna be with us for da nxt 2 yrs sigh sigh! :((
    I’m also enjoying Joseon x files plus not even enough I still read the recaps from dramabeans…hahaha. Talk to u again here
    Hi Polaris!

  527. 527 : polaris Says:

    Hi Fran, Sang hee, Kimji4, Jackocss & all — annyeong to KJH!
    I too enjoyed that vid so thnx a whole lot Fran, i loved the photos you used but everytime i see his army photo, kinda sad to look at that one 🙁 Anyway, we’ll support him forever!
    Girls I’m continuing with HML & ummmhhh a few more to go but it’s just addictive….i got some stuff i got to do but put it off hahaha terrible eh? my mom will surely kick me one of these days! hahaha kidding, she’s so into kdramas too so makes it easy! She likes kim ji hoon too altho her no. 1 is i won’t say it here hahahaha.

  528. 528 : Amy Says:

    Waiting for you.

  529. 529 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy….yeah we’ll be waiting! so ji hoon ssi aja aja fighting!

  530. 530 : sang hee Says:

    thnx amy for sharing that link, i luv his photos there altho it’s mixed emotions as that photo was when he was leaving us for the milit. :((
    see u again on that site amy!

  531. 531 : KimJi4ever Says:

    hello girls….i have to see those photos amy shared with us….i’m so hooked in watching KJH in How Much Love so if you guys don’t see me here u know i got really immersed in that drama, being w/end & all that i have to take advantage of whatever time i can spare! 🙂

    i wonder how our KJH is doing it’s been exactly a week without him! hope he’s not feeling too sad or homesick, hope he gets to see his celeb. buddies there like shin dong wook, jim jae won & others. 🙂

  532. 532 : sang hee Says:

    hi kimji4….nice photos amy shared at her twitter acc so u got to see them if u get a chance! i know HML is really a good drama, hope one day some kind soul will find time to sub it online! no wonder KJH himself said that’s his memorable drama of all! don’t u just hate her father? so mean really! ok talk to you all later got to watch some drama now i’m watching GA still!

  533. 533 : jackocss Says:

    I had donllow “Secret Investigation Record” part 1-part7,although i don’t know Korea language, but it is good TV game,I like them very much.

  534. 534 : sang hee Says:

    hi jackocss…i myself like Secret Invest. but i haven’t watched the latest as i’m still on Golden Apple. It’s a good drama for a sci fi.

  535. 535 : polaris Says:


  536. 536 : polaris Says:



  537. 537 : sang hee Says:

    To Kim Ji hoon ssi – hope you’re ok, annyeong!

  538. 538 : Startulle Says:

    Just wanna say hi to Sang Hee!!!
    and yes dear, i also watched his Ariang interview back then……so cute when he said his best feature is his pout lips!….I was all smiles!!! lolol

  539. 539 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Startulle – nice to see you here! Thanks my friend for stopping by! Yeah i did watch that Arirang interv. of KJH & he said his lips are his best feature & we sure agree with him & that his memorable drama is How Much Love! Ok talk to you again next time!

  540. 540 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hello everybody & to our kim ji hoon who must be busy with his training!

    I’ve been busy watching HML & you know how it is when you start a good drama (i know sang hee have finished it) it’s hard to not get engrossed!
    Talk to you all later!

  541. 541 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Kimji4 & all esp. to our Ji hoon ssi! It’s ok keep watching HML since it’s a lengthy one you need all the time you can get 🙂 Like i said before it’s all well worth your while! I like his scuffy look in HML too & his acting as well as the others like Jo yeong jung – don’t they look good together? It’s definitely one of my favorite Kdramas now among many others!

  542. 542 : polaris Says:




  543. 543 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong to our Ji hoon ssi first of all & hope you’re doing ok in spite of your rigorous training right now! aja aja fighting!

  544. 544 : sang hee Says:

    hi polaris & all — yeah i agree we’ll talk about it once u & kimji4 are done with HML. After watching Golden Apple I’ll watch Great Inheritance with KJH, Kim jae won, it looks good too since i’ve missed out on this at the time i cld’ve watched it….actually didn’t realize till after Stars Falling that KJH was in that drama hence i don’t want to miss any of his projects!

  545. 545 : sang hee Says:

    To our moderators: pls post this photo of kim ji hoon when you get a chance. Many thanks again!


  546. 546 : Kimji4ever Says:

    just popping in here quickly to say annyeong to kim ji hoon & you all girls! talk again later! running late for some office errands!

  547. 547 : sang hee Says:

    Million thanks moderators for posting Kim Ji hoon’s photos leaving for his military service! I appreciate it very much! You guys are awesome!

  548. 548 : Kimji4ever Says:

    sang hee thnx for sharing those photos of KJH with his fans bidding him farewell ….it may just be me but somehow i get mixed emotions seeing his photos that just got posted 🙁 wished he didn’t have to leave so soon! It’s ok we’ll be waiting for you Kim ji hoon! 🙂

  549. 549 : sang hee Says:

    you’re welcome kimji4….yeah same here, it’s kinda sad really to see his photos leaving but he still looks cute eh? wished i were one of those fans to see him off 🙂

  550. 550 : polaris Says:





  551. 551 : sang hee Says:

    hi polaris, kimji4, fran, jackocss, rona, amy & if i’m forgetting someone sorry but everybody, have a good w/end especially to our kim ji hoon it’s been 2 weeks now, how we wished it were 2 yrs already so we can welcome him back! it’s ok we’ll be waiting! 🙂

  552. 552 : sang hee Says:

    i knew i forgot someone, startulle hello to u too! hope you guys can come visit here again & let’s keep this board alive for ji hoon ssi!!

  553. 553 : sang hee Says:

    btw has anyone of u seen empress chun chun coz kim ji hoon was in it too? i got to chk that one….i still hv to see great inheritance & not quite finished with golden apple, however it’s really a good drama as well so it’s worth your while even if it’s lengthy. actually HML is longer than this one!

    catch u all later – time to continue with golden apple!

  554. 554 : polaris Says:



  555. 555 : Amy Says:

    Glad to think we will join together to cheer Ji-hoon. This month he will begin to understand the role of the military. The next step, he would train hard and tiring. To wait for news from him that we all miss him so much soon and hopefully will have good news to his fans
    W E L O V E K I M J I H O O N W E L O V E K I M J I H O O N

  556. 556 : Amy Says:

    ” let’s keep this board alive ” Yes, Sang hee I think so…well ah..
    we come… together come join to talk about some..? ji-hoon Act We can share some impressive plays on which he played one likes. Or which role at any We talk exchange network idea popular in his performance Oka, I started it … Oh, My name is Amy, I know ji-Hoon when he wore chapter Jo Gi Dong.
    “Why Did You Come to My House” After that I was his fan and forword 4 more his Series then ….?
    Next time I will share some thoughts when I see the drama of his first …….???
    I hope the Others fans of ji-hoon talks are impressive to me, I will keep follow.

    우리는 김 지 훈 & 우리는 김 지 훈을 기다리고 사랑

  557. 557 : sang hee Says:

    HI AMY glad to see u hear my twitter frnd :)))) yeah let’s keep this alive till the day he gets back from the military….let’s YAKSOK for him (promise) ok? I hvnt been to twitter lately sorry my frnd but i saw ur email to me & got so busy – forgive me!
    yeah our KJH must be busy getting all the necessary training at this first stage! he’ll do ok we’re sure about that right?

    yeah we can talk more about his dramas & have you seen How Much Love? if u hvnt you don’t know what ur missing Amy! 🙂

  558. 558 : sang hee Says:

    Yes Amy & girls….we need to continue & cheer him up, who knows he might have a chance to go online right?


    Amy you are a lot of fun! I’m sure his fans will be impressed with your quest & let’s make it our quest for him while he’s serving his country.

    talk to you soon all!

  559. 559 : Amy Says:

    Hi… Sang hee, somehaw I’m also happy to see you i get some idea for call us…..We are the One KJH group gang… what your think?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (*^๐^*)

  560. 560 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy yeah i think so too! i was just leaving a msg for u on twitter & thnx for following me & i’ll follow u too ok? pls keep us company here so we can show our support & keep our KJH happy! 🙂 yeah kekeke

    do u know if he’s got a fan club amy? 🙂 we shld join if u know one!
    talk to u again!

  561. 561 : sang hee Says:

    Amy u mentioned about why did u come to my house? i liked him in that drama too however i only got to know him from stars falling & from then on wanted to see all his previous dramas, among them love marriage but in how much love i really think he was great too! i’m now watching golden apple but after this i’ll see great inheritance …. this one i didn’t even realize he was in it! even flowers for my life i had to rewatched coz when i saw it first time i didn’t know him then!

  562. 562 : Startulle Says:

    Im wondering what our oppa is doing at MS….
    Missing his adorable smile!!!

  563. 563 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Startulle….welcome back:) Yeah i wondered too, i hope they get to take some time off, i think they do!

  564. 564 : sang hee Says:

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ yes amy 🙂

    기다리고 사랑 Oppa

    jjal isseo

  565. 565 : sang hee Says:

    guys talk to u again tmrw time for zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  566. 566 : Amy Says:

    I can tell more from my post at 556…The first time I see him in chapter Jo Gi Dong is at the Gi Dong ran two mafia’s a range Gi Dong falls in that time I just would have looked look him flagrant and thought that This Korean actor. Korea does not look like it. He looks sharp intensity, I is not taking your eyes from the drama of that I spent a day with one night and see to the end and often times I pity Ki Dong and cry why did u come to my house? A drama. very fun. I’m open to see it repeated anywhere to enjoy and appreciate the touching. Then, I also find the follow-up, his friends and have come to know in this And it makes me feel better.

  567. 567 : Amy Says:

    Hey….Sang hee,
    Let your sweet dreams to kim ji hoon Goodnight. (-v-)zzz..Zzzz…

  568. 568 : Amy Says:

    Keep continued…for all our Kim ji-hoon
    Amy, Sang hee, Polaris, Kimji4ever, Startulle, jackocss, Fran ++ anymore ..We are the One KJH Group Gang 🙂 yeah kekeke.

  569. 569 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Amy I’ve been out sorry my frnd but i really am happy to have you join us here….yaksok (promise) we’re KJH gang ok? hehehe
    Yeah i did like him in all his dramas like why did u come, etc. i fell for him in stars falling then the rest is history! hahaha

    did u see my msg at twitter for you? u must be just waking up, we’re in a diff. zone my chingoo/frnd

  570. 570 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha thnx Amy…for that sweet drms wishes hahaha i hope one day to drm about him hahaha! 🙂

  571. 571 : sang hee Says:

    yeah ja gi dong ja gi dong kim ji hoo —- uri sarang hae yo! from the KJH gang (in alpha order):

    Sang hee

    Hope i didn’t forget someone, if i did, pls pls forgive me!

  572. 572 : sang hee Says:

    talk to you KJH gang later! i’m sure you guys are busy either watching our KJH drama & Amy or Fran may still be in their zzzzzzzzzz.

    annyeong to our ji hoon ssi….who’s probably just getting up right now from the camp.

  573. 573 : polaris Says:





  574. 574 : Amy Says:

    Good morning Hope last night KJH gang would be the same sweet dreams Yeah I pity Ji-hoon constant over last night from a tour in our dreamHe had been tired. Hahaha I’m just to make fun like everyone to smile when we chichat to him. Okay, will talk to We Are The One KJH Gang soon.

  575. 575 : Amy Says:

    Ohh..yeah Sang hee i got ur msg on my twitter Thanks ur so lovely.
    Umm looking 4 KJH fans like us 4 keep about some news from ji-hoon, cos his broad so quiet make me feel no good then saw you post on his pict….I following of you. :p

  576. 576 : sang hee Says:

    Good Morning Amy & all! yeah yeah neh our KJH must’ve been tired coz all of us were dreaming about him last night! hahaha I liked that Amy, that’s one way of keeping our sense of humor while he’s away from us!

    OK way to go We Are The One KJH gang hahaha! Luv him dearly! Let’s always keep him with us here though we miss him tremendously!

    Talk again soon!

  577. 577 : sang hee Says:

    Amy I meant to tell you if you have some photos you can ask our moderators here to post it next time as we usually do on this board ok? 🙂 What we do is send the link & ask our moderators to post it so just paste the link here & voila they’ll post it. They’ve been very efficient in doing so!

  578. 578 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hello Amy, Polaris, Sang hee, Fran, Jackocss & more….annyeong to our Kim Ji hoon ssi. Yes I like that too Amy, we’re the KJH gang hahaha love that idea! Let’s keep the light burning for him while he’s away serving his country! We’ll be waiting & talking here about things related to either his dramas or what not! Aja aja!

    See you all later!

  579. 579 : polaris Says:



  580. 580 : Amy Says:

    Hi Polaris 🙂 and all KJH gang.
    I think so and hope he come back soon about his dramas is….
    “Why Did You Come to My House” ji-hoon as Jo Ki Dong.
    “Pick up the Stars\” ji-hoon as Won Kang Ha. that i replay manytime
    “Love Marriage\” ji-hoon as Park Hyun Soo. manytime kissed make me Jealous .
    “Great Inheritance\” ji-hoon as Choi Shi Wan. and I cheer him :p
    “Love Hymm\” ji-hoon as Kang Hyuk. good drama It is a useful material. ji-hoon is so younger so cute and freshy. keke…i love him

    –* I think I should break. Then hurried back to talk 4 more. *–

  581. 581 : sang hee Says:

    it’s really nice to have new friends here like amy, jackocss, startulle, fran, polaris & of course kimji4 have been here keeping me company, and u know what they say the more the merrier! so cheers for KJH and his set of KJH gang! 🙂 fightin’ 🙂

  582. 582 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy, hahaha yeah i just rewatched stars from ep 14 thru 20 finished it and woah i liked the way he talks so fast & nags pal kang …. love him also as kang ha, jo seong i think in how much love…i hvnt seen love hymn…lucky you amy i can’t get hold of a dvd of this one! pls tell us about it ok? how about how much love have u seen this? oh it’s one of my favorites of him! luv him too kekeke 🙂

  583. 583 : polaris Says:


  584. 584 : sang hee Says:

    yeah KJH gang we are! same here i hvnt seen love hymn so amy u need to share some with us ok when u get a chance pls! 🙂
    i think this must be my 6th time i rewatched stars & can’t get tired of it! once i’m done with golden apple i’ll watch great inheritance.

  585. 585 : sang hee Says:

    amy hv u received my message i sent u at twitter? i’m new at that so i wasn’t sure if it went through! i luv the photos u posted there of our kim ji hoon! kekeke

  586. 586 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Glad to come here, just taking a break fr watching HML hehehe. Sang hee you rewatched Stars 6x now? I don’t blame you my friend, I love him also as Kang ha….still wishing there’s a sequel though! I still have to update myself watching Secret Investigation and KJH gang don’t forget his latest movie called Natalie i think it’s coming soon! 🙂

    may have to brk away for a moment here coz i can hardly wait to see the next epis of HML! 🙂

    sarang hae yo Oppa Ji hoon ssi from all of us — KJH gang!

  587. 587 : Amy Says:

    How Much Love or So In Love.
    I went to store DVDs and tried to ask, but can not I post ark from some where although difficult to find, but I would have. I think that everyJi-hooh’s drama I’ll have to keep all the pages. will be back….

  588. 588 : sang hee Says:

    okidoki kimji4….u go ahead & continue w/your HML…i’m taking a brk after watching or rather re-watching Stars Falling. one of my fave scenes would be when he changed nami’s diaper hahaha LOL he was so cute blabbering about it!
    maybe we shld share our fave scenes in one of his dramas ok girls?
    any of his dramas like why did u come i think one of the funniest in this drama wld be when he came out from the store in his box shorts! 🙂 LOL so cute!

  589. 589 : sang hee Says:

    amy…that’s one of the titles so in love or how much love. if u can’t find it yet it’s available online on tudou dot com. he was awesome in this drama! i was just lucky to get hold of it not too long ago from our local store & so glad i did! i plan to rewatch it too. yeah me too i wld luv to have all his dramas for collection! 🙂 we’re all diehards what can we say?

  590. 590 : polaris Says:



  591. 591 : sang hee Says:

    yeah polaris…amy…kimji4 who’s busy now with HML….i’ve started watching golden era on tudou as well altho no eng subs but i sometimes don’t care if it’s not subbed – just to watch his drama is more than enuf i guess. the only setback is when there’s a good scene and dialogue which of course wld be nice to hear what they’re talking about but other than that, i kinda follow through with my minimal u/standing of hangul kekeke right amy? hehehe

  592. 592 : sang hee Says:

    kjh gang….i’ll try to continue with golden apple and/or secret invest.

    back later

  593. 593 : polaris Says:


  594. 594 : polaris Says:



  595. 595 : Amy Says:

    Yeah…Polaris, Kimji4, sang hee,++anyji-hoon. I think is him that is Kim Ji-Hoon and if have another drama of Kim Ji-Hoon but not much kissed In chapter I think That it is not him. Hope all KJH gang happiness.

  596. 596 : Amy Says:

    yes Sang hee I think same you not care that not subbed-and is not korea Language but is Chinese sound is not ji-hoon voice I\’m not sure is same link Sang hee took or not. But is okay 4 watched ji-hoon. will come back again cos miss our all KJH gang (((H)))

  597. 597 : Amy Says:

    Ohh..Sang hee i just read your msg do you love it. Thanks i glad and hope anyone of ji-hoon like we’re KJH Gang. Sure i will be long keep..oh.. no is not be long keep But FOREVER we are. Thank 4 send me msg i love it give me more if can be.. :๐)

  598. 598 : Amy Says:

    Ohh (o-o) i mistake LuvJiH4evr i so sorry Please forgive me. like As I send the wrong envelope so sorry forgive me LuvJiH4evr please. That my wrong so sorry…But i really glad you love it too will be back. :*(

  599. 599 : Amy Says:

    Take much KJH and i to be in a hurry, it to rush make me to have a visual illusion, Okay today i must Sleep early yes I should do.
    will talk again tomorrow Nice Dream to all we’re the One. Good Night KJH Gang.

  600. 600 : Amy Says:

    wait…wait…that some new pit of our KJH gang.

  601. 601 : sang hee Says:

    dear amy: wow how did u get his army photo? oh u made me happy & am sure our KJH gang here….i didn’t get a chance to say g/nite last night mian he! oh i can’t get over his photo i hope we can have our moderators post it here so let me know where u obtain the link amy if possible pls? otherwise the link is just fine but it’ll be nice if ev.body can view here right? u got me excited amy!

  602. 602 : sang hee Says:

    sorry amy i got so excited i forgot to thank you for sharing his army photo! he seems to be doing ok….oppa keep your spirits high, we’re waiting right KJH gang? :))

    amy have a g/nite sleep as we’re in diff. zone, polaris & i are i think in the same zone 🙂

  603. 603 : sang hee Says:

    amy that’s fine hahaha i know what u mean that’s just for twitter eh? it’s ok don’t worry about it! 🙂

    i’m sure our KJH gang will all be happy seeing his latest photo!
    thanks again amy endlessly!
    amy & KJH gang have a good sleep, dream of our oppa! hahaha

    talk much later ok?

  604. 604 : sang hee Says:

    Amy i forgot to answer your question re So In Love…i got the one w/o sub but like you said i didn’t mind even if there’s none & Chinese lang. which i don’t u/stand hehehe but i really liked it altho i hv a question for you since u seem to speak chinese? I can’t u/stand in one of the episodes why KJH family turned hatred to KJH’s wife?

  605. 605 : polaris Says:


  606. 606 : polaris Says:



  607. 607 : Amy Says:

    Hi..Sang hee, Polaris and everybody i so excited too and quick keep 4 our that pict i got from another fans korea Actor maybe she also fans our KJH, i look outa more but have just one i looking for her again then will share. keep talk later 🙂

  608. 608 : Amy Says:

    about daughter in-law what people thought of the past would prefer tough girls. Large size like little Fat and then there is a strong Kababs support of her husband. The slender-waisted young people penetrate the draft board conservative view that weak old nest, but will create a dust disease burden.
    for Grand ji-hoon she wait to long time is ji-hoon told 2 Grand he can fide by his salf But Not ready Show the girl.
    for opp ma ji-hoon she just need daughter in-law for Take care family cos she think she begin Older. is ok storry about Family and Coudsin.. sure ji-hoon That role was a natural. Have Fun.

  609. 609 : sang hee Says:

    Hello Amy & KJH gang….sorry i didn’t get a chance to come back on board however, thnx for telling us about daughter in law.

    i’m so happy i found a dvd of Great Inheritance in the store today so i’m just getting home now & won’t watch it yet but will finish golden apple first hahaha.

  610. 610 : sang hee Says:

    Yeah Amy….glad about his army photo….woah…i’m so happy really jongmal….i got so excited seeing oppa in army uniform! yeah maybe that’s an avid fan of KJH that’s a rare photo then. :))

    thnx again

    talk more later, time for dinner….

    hello to our KJH gang polaris, kimji4, fran, jackocss, amy, startulle ++++ others hahaha

  611. 611 : polaris Says:




  612. 612 : sang hee Says:

    amy….i watched how much love without sub so if you’ve finished it & watched it in chinese also as i did, pls tell me why KJH’s family turned to hate his wife shortly after they married ok? thnx! 🙂

    talk again later

  613. 613 : polaris Says:




  614. 614 : Amy Says:

    Hello we’re KJH gang.
    just wake up Hi Polaris .. Hi Sang hee .. well .. Feel Good to come here right.
    will back next hour. (%> c[T] ….> (eating)

  615. 615 : sang hee Says:

    KJH gang….talk to u tmrw…so g/nite from me & i’m sure we’ll hope to drm about our KJH! 🙂

    annyeong to kim ji hoon!

  616. 616 : Amy Says:

    Sang hee about How Much Love and Golden Apple not yet watch i try fide it i know alittle a storry is so sad drama right. be back.

  617. 617 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Amy….u shld watch on tudou dot com in chinese sub and lang too. it’s a good one…KJH says in his interview that How Much Love is a memorable drama for him! Golden Apple is on mysoju & am currently watching, it’s also good with our KJH!

    much later

  618. 618 : sang hee Says:

    oh yeah amy, HML is not that sad as what othe dramas i’ve seen but it’s worth it though it’s long. golden apple is only 30 epis but i hvnt finished. i think u can try to order HML online? Jackocss our other KJH gang friend was able to buy.

    where is jackocss these days? busy watching dvds eh? 🙂

    talk to u gals later

  619. 619 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hello KJH gang – especially to our oppa ji hoon ssi! I’m so happy we’re keeping him here active! we’ll promise till he gets back from military to be here ok girls? amy must be in her sweet dreams right now? g/nite amy!

    girls take care & see ya all later!

    yeah where’s Jackocss? Fran? Startulle?

  620. 620 : Amy Says:

    Thans KimJi4ever, yeah i dream about the board like we’re meeting.
    (^ 0 ^) …jackocss these days? busy watching dvds..? Jackocss? Fran? Startulle ??… maybe They continue to find a lawyer now to the military (I’m laughing), and planned to kidnap the lawyer returned.
    t -(:-) Is a fantasy of nostalgia
    :O K I M J I H O O N W E’R E M I S S Y O U S O M U C H :[

  621. 621 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hi there Amy…sorry for late reply…got so busy again…yeah where our other KJH gang? Jackoccs busy watching dvds hehehe, Fran? where are you girls?


  622. 622 : KimJi4ever Says:


  623. 623 : Startulle Says:

    @sang hee:
    yes i saw his military new look a long time ago!

    and i LOVE man in uniform!!!…..waiting to see him in one asap! lol

  624. 624 : Startulle Says:

    oh ….anybody went browsing in his twitter account?

  625. 625 : sang hee Says:

    hi startulle…nice to see u here….yeah i went to browse at his photos there, he’s got lots of nice ones there!

    glad u can come & join us here my friend! 🙂

  626. 626 : sang hee Says:

    KJH gang….i have to sleep early so i’ll say gnite to you all & to our KJH jjal isseo!

    see u friends tmrw

  627. 627 : Amy Says:

    Good afternoon Ji-hoon gang
    today i came late cos on a business trip to the provinces. But still think of we ‘re gangs. My house is very hot weather.
    But to come here feel that this is not hot. Even during this busy chieftain “> that is Kim Ji-Hoon <" can not come. But I still feel good because there are all of us. I love all of us all. come back again :))

  628. 628 : Amy Says:

    Hi..sad again about browsing of ji-hoon “*(
    fide more away to meet him…that link i not sure maybe your all be there already. but for some the Orther…enjoy @[email protected]

  629. 629 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy i like that Jihon gang hahaha! i was just checking that link u shared w/us and you are so resourceful among us! hat off to u my frnd! many thnx, i’ll browse again later but i just wanna reply to your msg firs!:)
    i didn’t realize he’s got it from cyworld too. of course we all enjoy ev.thing about our KJH so keep it coming *-*

  630. 630 : sang hee Says:

    good morning to you amy & jihoon gang….i know some are in the evening zone now.

    anyway amy, i feel the same, coming here on board talking about him seems so therapeutic right? i know what you mean! let’s hope our other Jihoon gang won’t get tired of coming 🙂 like i said before we shld keep this board alive for him till he comes back…YAKSOK ok? Promise!
    sweet dreams amy & all!

  631. 631 : sang hee Says:

    amy….i was just trying to post a msg for Ji hoon ssi & saw ur msg there but can u tell me which button to click & do i need to sign up also? i can read hangul but don’t understand yet what i’m reading. 🙂 thnx amy!

  632. 632 : polaris Says:




  633. 633 : polaris Says:


  634. 634 : sang hee Says:

    hello polaris, amy, kimji4 & all Jihoon gang 🙂 yeah our amy here is so resourceful in finding so many stuff for sharing. i really wished i cld post a msg there amy on cyworld & it seems you’re good in determining how to do that in hangul….pls give us some tips on how to do posting there when u get a chance later.

    jihoon gang or gals….heading out the door for work so ciao for now & i’ll see u when i get to work ok?

  635. 635 : sang hee Says:

    i dunno about u girls but i like to have a separate box from now on for our Jihoon ssi 🙂

    annyeong ha sae yo Ji hoon ssi—- we’re keeping this board for you till u come back….just stay safe….there’s so many of us who will be waiting for you whether they’re posting a msg here for you or not, they’re somewhere waiting for you…i know even outside Korea like the Philippines, China, Japan etc Singapore/Malaysia….as far as Australia!:) so stay happy, healthy & cool!


  636. 636 : sang hee Says:

    amy….before i log off & head out the door for work….i agree with your msg here that we all love each other….yeah we’ll be here…we may not come at the same time coz of different time zones but whoever will be available is fine ok?

    take care & talk later

  637. 637 : Amy Says:

    Great Polaris Sure ji-hoon must have read of course I can feel.
    Hii Sang hee Open the page to post. Will see a rectangular box like the Web to In other words, we play Enter your username in the box first. Same put off the next box, no username then press the post box on the question mark after a try I enjoy there.

  638. 638 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy….i’m now here at work so thnx for your feedback! don’t you be sleeping by now? 🙂 sweet drms & hopefully u’ll dream of Jihoon ssi! hahaha
    ok i’ll try the cyworld & let u know….mwah thanks to you my chingoo/frnd

  639. 639 : sang hee Says:

    amy…i tried twice to post but it didn’t seem to work….i need more help 🙁
    i wanted to post there for KJH….i followed your instruction but when i press the one with question mark there’s a box that popped opened i just clicked but my posting didn’t work! i’ll try again later & perhaps u can give more advice when u wake up ok? thanks amy!

  640. 640 : Kimji4ever Says:

    SOOOOOOOOO sorry KJH gang i got tied up with some work & thank you thank you Amy our dear friend for your resourcefulness…..i’m gonna chk it out soon re website on cyworld, i can hardly wait but i can’t right now, you may u/stand gang that i wanna concentrate on that for sure! hahaha

    I’d be so happy to post something for him so aside from this board, let’s keep him alive there as well OK? Jihoon gang? talk much later

  641. 641 : sang hee Says:

    Jihoon gang…just trying to come here in spite of me being at work but i still want to find out why i can’t post at cyworld Amy! 🙂

    i’m gonna give it another try after this. sigh sigh!

    have a nice day everyone!

  642. 642 : sang hee Says:

    yea i agree polaris, we’ll just try to think that our KJH is on a long vacation so we won’t be too lonely here! Yaksok (promise) we’ll keep this board alive for him Jihoon gang! aja aja fighting!

  643. 643 : sang hee Says:

    Amy…i tried to send u a msg from KJH twitter & to your account but it didn’t work. Do you hv a youtube account? from there i’ll give u my email add ok? Pls let me know. thnx

  644. 644 : sang hee Says:

    just saying good morning to our Kim ji hoon who must be just getting up now.

    Good Morning Ji hoon ssi from your Jihoon gang here! We hope you’re doing ok & not feeling homesick! 🙂

  645. 645 : sang hee Says:

    good morning amy, everybody from your zone….our Jihoon ssi shld be up too maybe much earlier than we would know! 🙂

  646. 646 : KimJi4ever Says:

    hello jihoon gang….i tried cyworld also AMY but cldnt get through! we need some more lessons hahaha.

    thank you & a special hello to our Kim Ji Hoon!! we’ll be waiting right Jihoon gang.

  647. 647 : sang hee Says:

    hello jihoon gang, Kimji4 me too, i hvnt been successful in posting there so amy was good right? we’ll try again later. how’s you’re watching HML going?

  648. 648 : sang hee Says:

    jihoon gang i have to hit the sack (sleep time) now but amy i’m sure will be here soon right? aja aja

  649. 649 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Woah, it’s quite in the KJH gang board? been busy watching our Jihoon HML drama last night almost getting there and it’s one of those I agree with Sang Hee that makes you wanna watch non stop as it’s truly addictive!

    Amy, i like that cyworld site but i briefly tried it last night so I would give it another shot based from your instruction!

  650. 650 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo Ji hoon ssi….take care always! we’ll be here waiting!
    aja aja fighting! 🙂


  651. 651 : sang hee Says:

    hello kimji4, amy, polaris, fran, jackocss, startulle where are you gals?

    had to take off early from here last night as i’ve been exhausted…of course before hitting the sack what else is new? i had to watch a bit of golden apple with our KJH! i’m quite slow these days since i got to rewatch Stars Falling these past few days! can never get tired of that drama! 🙂

    talk again during the course of the day Jihoon gang!

  652. 652 : sang hee Says:

    Hello Moderators: If you have a chance add this latest movie of Kim Ji Hoon titled Natalie (2010) please. Many thanks!

  653. 653 : polaris Says:



  654. 654 : sang hee Says:

    hi polaris….yeah i hope against hope this movie of our Jihoon will be shown online otherwise we’ll wait for dvd! 🙂

    where are the other Jihoon gang? 🙂

  655. 655 : polaris Says:



  656. 656 : sang hee Says:

    Thank you so much moderators for adding Natalie to Kim ji hoon’s filmography! You all are really awesome! Thank you for this website, we love you guys!

  657. 657 : sang hee Says:

    well jihoon gang…i’ll say nite nite for now, got busy watching golden apple — so see u next time.

    goodnite to our KJH!

  658. 658 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hello Jihoon gals/gang….almost through with HML & hopefully will be able to watch other KJH’s drama such as Great Inherit., Golden Apple. I’m kinda getting sad with the twist of HML story, that we can talk on HML page next time!

    A speciall annyeong to our Ji hoon ssi who must be sleeping at this time!
    Take care & we’ll always remind you that we’ll be here waiting!!

  659. 659 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Jihoon gang….here’s a link to a site where you can feast your eyes for more of our Jihoon ssi’s collage of photos – enjoy!


  660. 660 : KimJi4ever Says:

    I just finished looking at his beautiful photos from that site Ji hoon gang & am sure you’ll enjoy lots of his photos, some of which i’ve seen only now!

    well i’ll talk to you all later, got to go now!

    take care our Ji hoon ssi! we luv ya!

  661. 661 : sang hee Says:

    woah thnx kimji4 for sharing that site…gonna chk it out soon!

  662. 662 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy u must be busy these day? we miss you on board! hope when u come back you hv more Kim ji hoon news? 🙂

  663. 663 : fran Says:

    Hi sang hee and everyone,
    Just wanted to say ‘hi’ to all and thanks for watching the short vid I made of KJH couple weeks ago or so. Guess we are all so busy! Anyone have time to watch Joseon X-files, btw? Also,thank kimJi for sharing the nice photos. Maybe I can put that in a new vid? LOL

  664. 664 : sang hee Says:

    hi Fran, nice to hear fr you! Yes i’ve been following Joseon X files of our Kim ji hoon but i must admit i haven’t had a chance to see the latest epis which i think is now on ep 7? Reason being sometimes vikkii doesn’t work for me unless i install plug ins as you know! 🙁 However, I read the recaps from dramabeans and feel uptodate!

    Yeah that’ll be nice if you can make another vid! We’re the one to thank you for that vid you made! More to come right when you’re not too busy? 🙂 Look f/ward to seeing more of our guy KJH!!

  665. 665 : sang hee Says:

    btw Fran, we miss you on this board….we promise to keep this alive for Kim ji hoon till he gets back :))) so come again soon ok?

    Jackocss is also missing as well as other friends we have here, so pls chat with us again soon!

  666. 666 : Kimji4ever Says:

    You’re all welcome for that site, it’s always good to share what we come (came) across with re our favorite Korean actor, he’s da best of da best ain’t he?

    catch you all later Jihoon gang (as Amy would put it *–*)

  667. 667 : polaris Says:



  668. 668 : sang hee Says:

    Jihoon gang, i’ll be back later meantime i’ll watch KJH’s golden apple & also Secret Invest. I’ll come for a short brk every now & then.

    Have a great w/end ev.one!

  669. 669 : Amy Says:

    Hi..every ji-hoon gang
    my network is no good for 2 days now is ok i miss we’re gang so much. back again.

  670. 670 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy jihoon gang missed you too, i thought something must’ve been wrong with your computer for some reason, nice to see you hear gangmate! 🙂 make sure you check out the site that kimji4 has shared with us coz they’re awesome photos of Kim ji hoon!

  671. 671 : Amy Says:

    Thanks KimJi4ever and Sang hee
    i just login….is great. :))

  672. 672 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy, you’re welcome & am just taking a brk from watching our KJH’s golden apple off & on as i’m also trying to see some epis of Secret Invest. hahaha kinda multi-tasking or multi watching if you will!

    yeah i liked that site & i did log on or register too so we can show our support not only here but elsewhere our KJH is!

  673. 673 : sang hee Says:

    amy — i wanted to lv a msg on his cyworld but still unsuccessful! 🙁 help! hahaha i know u gave us some tips but am finding it hard to clik on that ? question mark symbol, it didn’t get me anywhere! thanks!

  674. 674 : sang hee Says:

    that site really is nice & have enjoyed all KJH’s photos there some from his early dramas & latest ones from his leaving for mlitary service!

    well Jihoon gang….i’ll see you tomorrw, bedtime 🙂 time for my zzzzzz

  675. 675 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong to our kim ji hoon ssi….good afternoon to you & hope you’re staying strong & healthy! jjal isse yeo

  676. 676 : polaris Says:


  677. 677 : Amy Says:

    Sang hee
    a box ? do not click but nex a box? yes ..click

  678. 678 : Amy Says:

    Hi..Sang hee, Polaris, and all ji-hoon
    if Anyfriends have problem about Language post on cyworld I have some Example…
    http://twitpic.com/3039md enjoy

  679. 679 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy….just logging on as i was out it’s only sat. here! hello jihoon gang!

    grt amy i’ll try that as soon as i get settled here! thnx amy!
    ok i’ll follow that instruc.

  680. 680 : sang hee Says:

    Hi amy & Jihoon gang….i saw the sample & thank you thank you, i think it’ll be good to follow that & we can post out msg to Jihoon ssi! Amy you’re awesome! 🙂 hat off to you my friend.

  681. 681 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Thank YOU Amy….i’ll try that too! You’re a great Jihoon gang member!

    Hi sang hee!

    hello to our Kim jihoon ssi! have a great weekend, hope you’re able to get visits from your family & friends!

  682. 682 : sang hee Says:

    hello kimji4, amy & jihoon gang….yeah i’ll try amy’s instruc. too i’m just taking a short brk here but we’ll be back later, got some chores now.

    annyeong to our Jihoon ssi!

  683. 683 : Amy Says:

    Hi.. goodmorning Sang hee. KimJi4ever and all of KJH gang.
    ….It’s my pleasure. 🙂 can you post in cyworld….?
    i think we’re good Score right keep more more ….keep up for we’re Ji-hoon.

  684. 684 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy yeah i’ll try soon, your instruction is really cool! now we’re able to post for our KJH! yeah his score is getting him up there 🙂
    i’ll try to post soon, i still have to figure out exactly as you outlined & i’ll let u know when i’m able to!

    thanks again amy! talk to u soon!

  685. 685 : sang hee Says:

    sorry amy, i forgot to acknowledge your greeting! Good Morning to you too & all our Jihoon gang!

  686. 686 : sang hee Says:

    amy, jihoon gang….i did it & was able to post at cyworld for kjh!

    thanks a million amy – you’re terrific! 🙂

  687. 687 : Amy Says:

    bussiness girl. like you very busy girl I can feel is you rush rush… hulahula Sang hee .. fighting your gang give your five cheering.

  688. 688 : Amy Says:

    I’m glad so glad.
    Ohh..I finally breathe air. Waiting for the chance that friends will have some posted. Okay, it worke… halehale haha. i very happy

  689. 689 : sang hee Says:

    Yes Amy, was so glad myself to be able to post, without your help i think it wasn’t possible! hahaha thank you thank you for your patience & excellent instruction!

    yeah busy busy hahaha….i think i may have now to post their everyday! thanks to you we can get our message across to Ji hoon ssi! yeyyy!

  690. 690 : sang hee Says:

    amy one more question on our KJH cyworld….how’d u get those artwork beside your posting? it’s so cute with the wording white day! is it white day now in Korea?

  691. 691 : polaris Says:


  692. 692 : Amy Says:

    you’re welcome. In cyworld have many options and there are many festivals to choose on the left under a girl & boy,click on the text. Click to see and try as you like. Guess and click 2 review. ;p

  693. 693 : Amy Says:

    Hi..we are KJH gang say .. Hi to anybody
    … is ok..is you’re welcome happy for everyone enjoy
    Oh Oh that Thailand was a cool at night air, then. I think that Korean Air will start winter now. Snow falls, so I would find Option with the atmosphere.

  694. 694 : Amy Says:

    Great of the moderators, sensitive information attached to the situation fast response with the request. We thank you a lot. We will wait for news monitoring mission to the military’s Kim Ji Hoon.
    Hope as soon….we’re all wanna say… THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  695. 695 : polaris Says:



  696. 696 : polaris Says:




  697. 697 : Amy Says:

    Thanks…Polaris sleeptigh sweetnite dreaming about our ji hoon….Good dreams (-๐-)Zzzz..!..ZZzz..i.zzz

  698. 698 : Amy Says:

    Wish KimJi4evr as KJH,gng check my msg on tweet.
    is great 4 make sure again thxs..

  699. 699 : Amy Says:


  700. 700 : Amy Says:

    I thinking about sending letter. Our KJH gang. Friends who know address military ji hoon camp .. I think that if the correspondence is no problem, he still allowed. How do I know the address. Friends help me with ideas.

  701. 701 : sang hee Says:

    gud morning from here amy & jihoon gang ….. good idea i think i’ll find out more where to send our mail to KJH….we’ll try our best!

    most of u are still on zzzzzzzzz sweet drms and hope u guys drm of kim ji hoon ssi! 🙂

  702. 702 : sang hee Says:

    amy i always send u direct msg on tweet, re our kim ji hoon did u see them? i visit there too as well as this one & now cyworld so we’ll explore more! thnx to u we’ve found other avenues to get our msgs to him!

  703. 703 : am_jihun Says:

    Hi…we’re gang
    yeah…KimJi4evr i got your direct msg too. is great make me know however i think we’re KJH gang take time get some relax on weeken
    hope anybody our gang happines and you too. will back.

  704. 704 : am_jihun Says:

    Hi..my Friends
    Sorry, I remember you switch to KimJi4erv manytime.
    yes i got your msg my necwork too slowww geting to long time than i not muct send back then i come here to post is make me sure.

  705. 705 : sang hee Says:

    amy, i got busy uploading our ji hoon’s photos on twitter 🙂 i saw some of your comments too! i got lots of photos of him & we’ll continue to do so later! yeah our gang on weekends could be busy but i always find time for our ji hoon ssi and so are you!

    no amy u meant luvjiH not kimji4 hehehe

    how come you’re still up?

  706. 706 : sang hee Says:

    back again later ji hoon gang!

  707. 707 : am_jihun Says:

    Is manytime i confused about Sang hee’s name and KimJi4evr’s name…hahaha kedekede Ji-hun I need your help 😛 love your all.

  708. 708 : sang hee Says:

    🙂 amy i don’t blame you coz it’s similar to luvji4ever! hahaha. sleep tight now. our other gang members must be v v busy.

    i’ll be back later.

  709. 709 : polaris Says:




  710. 710 : polaris Says:


  711. 711 : KI Says:

    Hello JiHoon gang, Amy hahaha you get it all mixed up i guess! that’s ok! i’ve been watching Joseon x files, taking a short brk from HML.
    I have to open an acc soon on twitter.

  712. 712 : KimJi4ever Says:

    I meant to write Kimji but i don’t know what happened it just got KI in there. 🙂

  713. 713 : am_jihun Says:

    is ok KimJi4ever we’re get it today is wonderful day that 4 girls between togetherSang hee, Polaris, me is Amy or am_jihun, KimJi4ever +++ more. be back… Amy I am_jihun ;P

  714. 714 : am_jihun Says:

    to day Sang hee work hard on twitter i will be follow
    KimJi4ever me too is write not correct need write GOODMORNING OUR JI HOON GANG. then wrong …but we’re get it can understan right.. Take care all.

  715. 715 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy, polaris, kimji4….and other jihoon gang

    yeah i got busy uploading our jihoon’s photos on twitter. hahaha nal wi hae (anything for him)….i quite enjoyed it girls….love to do it and share his wonderful photos! thnx amy for your continued posting there! maybe when polaris, kimji4 & other gang here are not too busy you can feast your eyes there too! 🙂

  716. 716 : sang hee Says:

    did you like the photos i got shared on twitter amy? great! hahaha some of the photos i’m sure you’ve seen already but i thought of posting it anyway! yeah we w/stand each other….not to worry!
    you take care too.

    btw amy are you a late sleeper? hahaha i noticed u were posting till late in the evening at twitter? hahaha you’re great my friend!

  717. 717 : sang hee Says:

    Good Morning to our Ji hoon ssi! Hope you like the photos i uploaded on twitter!

  718. 718 : polaris Says:



  719. 719 : Startulle Says:

    Hi Everybody! Hi Sang Hee!

    Wow…..i didnt realize he had a movie this year, “Natalie”, sounds so romantic! Anyone can tell me what its about?!

  720. 720 : sang hee Says:

    hi startulle…welcome back our jihoon gang member….yeah it’s called Natalie i believe it’s his first movie a 3D & let me find the synopsis & post the link here ok? good u can come to join us here!

  721. 721 : sang hee Says:

    Startulle & Jihoon gang here’s the synopsis of Natalie with our KJH in it:

    People who have build a wall around themselves. A sculptor Jun-hyeok, an art critic Min-woo, and a modern dance student Mi-ran. A mystery melodrama about the love and secrets of the three people

  722. 722 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hello everybody in Jihoon gang…have an early start tomorrow so I’ll say good night for now especially to our Jihoon ssi!

    Talk to you gals next time!

  723. 723 : sang hee Says:

    girls i’ve been searching for more photos of our kim ji hoon so that’s why i was quite busy! also @ am_jihun we’ll try to find out how to send a letter to kim ji hoon ok?

  724. 724 : Amy Says:

    Hello all..Waww..all together
    Sending mail to yahoo already.. 🙂
    will back..

  725. 725 : Amy Says:

    Yupp.. i LOVE all your pitpost and i can save to my spacail Album. Thanks a lot..kiss kiss
    today is great have many fans come to say Hi to ji hoon i happy.

  726. 726 : Amy Says:

    Today Sang hee is SuperGirl.
    Today, you continue to work hard grueling Kim Ji-Hoon of us would feel good knowing that the lovely fans like you.
    Today my country is holidays I can sleep late.
    I’m also looking for addresses to send letters as well try to search … some where moer. B back again. LOVE ALL OUR KJH,

  727. 727 : fet888 Says:

    saranghae…the most gougeos man in korean television

  728. 728 : Amy Says:

    Hi..we’re KJH gang
    update 4 more pictures of Kim Ji Hoon
    On twitter
    can follow us.

  729. 729 : fet888 Says:

    his smile is so cute…so much…

  730. 730 : Amy Says:

    fet888 Welcome to Kim Ji Hoon broad wish your enjoy and can join
    this page with Kin Ji Hoon gang … 😉

  731. 731 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy, jihoon gang & we welcome fet888 our new friend here! yeah isn’t he the most gorgeous? we agree of course 🙂

    hahaha amy, you’re so cute, you too are a super girl coz you were the one who got us twitter & cyworld! yes let’s search for where we can send him our greetings thru letter not only online!

    good amy you’re off today and can sleep late! lucky girl

  732. 732 : sang hee Says:

    glad u like the photos amy! i got a lot more to share so hang in there! hahaha more later or w/in this week!

  733. 733 : sang hee Says:

    we’re so happy fet888 found our Jihoon board…..hope you come often fet888!

    i really think he’s got the most gorgeous smile! look at his perfect ‘curvy’ lips? he said in an interview that his lips is his great asset & he jokingly said it’s kissable! hahaha

  734. 734 : sang hee Says:

    amy…..thanks for liking the photos! hahaha yeah kiss kiss kiss back to you — am glad too that there’s lots of Jihoon fans who came to view his twitpix when i uploaded them!

    annyeong to our Kim ji hoon who must still be asleep or about to sleep!

  735. 735 : sang hee Says:

    amy & jihoon gang—-sweet dreams….may u guys drm of our oppa jihoon ssi! 🙂

    oh amy i just saw ur email….thnx & i gotcha! my comp is acting up so i wasn’t able to come here right away after my last msg!

  736. 736 : polaris Says:




  737. 737 : Amy Says:

    Yupp.. Sang hee is always sexy about Ji hoon lips i love it and wanna make a kisssssss

    song of KJH gang I will dress up as a song to the end.
    just show on KJH board and KJH cyworld. Seek to follow our plan to accomplish. I WILL.
    ……my time jumping to ji hoon than evreybody can jumping with me to ji hoon……in my dream yeahh..! Good Dreams 4 KJH too see you all again tomorow Good Night ..ii..! !!..ZZzzz..ii..zZzz..zzzzz…..z

  738. 738 : polaris Says:



  739. 739 : sang hee Says:

    u’r more than welcome polaris! glad u & amy lovd the photos! i got a whole lot more when i get a chance i’ll upload KJH’s photos! happy to share what i got of his photo album! it’s so inspiring to oogle at his dead gorgeous photos! missing him terribly though! :((

  740. 740 : sang hee Says:

    girls from golden apple am trying to peek at great inheritance & it’s also a good drama with our kim ji hoon!

    back soon, phone ringing

  741. 741 : Kimji4ever Says:

    hello KJH gals/gang….i’ve been watching two of our Kim ji’s dramas, kinda joggling from Joseon x files & How Much Love! Sang hee sounds like multi-watching too betwn. GA & GI! hahaha that’s how much we love our KJH!

    welcome fet888 – great to have another friend here!

  742. 742 : sang hee Says:

    amy, busy girl too? you’re miss resourceful here! 🙂
    polaris, kimji4 (yes i’ve been multi watching)
    startulle….i sent u the natalie link today
    fran, jackocss….we miss you here, come by soon!
    fet888 – you’re the new addition to our KJH group so come often & share anything about our Ji hoon ssi ok?

  743. 743 : Amy Says:

    SA WAT DEE KA {thai} mean Hello everybody on Kim Ji Hoon location. It is very pleasant.
    http://twitpic.com/30wsoy KJH in uniform. will back again……

  744. 744 : sang hee Says:

    sa wat dee ka Amy! cool to learn another language! thnx for the link, i’ll look at it now! luv kjh gang! 🙂

  745. 745 : sang hee Says:

    amy, thnx for sharing that photo….our jihoon ssi lost weight, hope he’s not too tired lately! you’re very resourceful…super girl too! 🙂 where & how did you get that photo? woah, u’r great my friend!

  746. 746 : polaris Says:



  747. 747 : sang hee Says:

    yeah polaris….first time to learn something in Thai…thnx to our frnd Amy! how’s your HML watching? i’m hopping from golden apple to great inheritance hahaha then sometimes back to joseon x files so all together there’s 3 dramas to watch, oh there’s one more i need to see golden era of dtr in law! hahaha

    ok back to watching girls!

  748. 748 : sang hee Says:

    to our kim ji hoon…..take care & make sure you get enough rest! we miss you!

  749. 749 : Amy Says:

    Thanks Sang hee and Polaris 4 intrest my Thai 🙂 now i try to finish of my all busy then my plan to take all the week take » A Problem At My Younger Brother’s House » some time on my wokr i can watch again “Pick up the star” and more Thinking of nice words that indicate a ji hoon, writing song ” A LITTLE BIT GIVE A KISS ON HIS LIPS ” make to complete. Will share on our ji hoon broad.

  750. 750 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy, sa wat dee ka! yeah give us some more easy ones like this in Thai nxt time ok? 🙂 it seems easy like Korean?
    i hvnt seen that drama coz it’s not online nor avail. on dvd, where do u watch this one…Prob. at my Younger Brothers? i also wanted to see this but no luck! hv u seen golden apple? great inheritance? i’ve seen most of his dramas now except some like Love Hymn, Golden Era (still in progress for me) & the other one i forgot the title!
    so ur taking a week off – u lucky girl!

  751. 751 : sang hee Says:

    good morning to all KJH gang! polaris, kimji4, amy, startulle, fet888, fran, jackocss

    back to you amy….pick the stars…is one of his dramas that i nvr get tired of watching, i like the kids too, pal kang ssi, aside from his brod hahaha i forgot his name in that drama, u know what i mean shin dong wook who i happen to like also but our KJH is of course no. 1

    sweet drms ya all! A special jjal ja to our Kim ji hoon!

  752. 752 : Kimji4ever Says:

    and Good Morning to you friends of this KJH Board!! two supergirls: amy & sang hee…working hard for our oppa…sa wat dee ka …. i like the ring to that Amy! today is a busy day for us so i may not see you guys till maybe just a maybe tonight….got some impt. reports to do for the boss so i need a bit of concentration here & there! I’m sure you guys will be off/on here so keep our Oppa company! have a lovely day KJH gang!

  753. 753 : sang hee Says:

    hi kimji4….no worries…we’ll be here so go on w/your tasks & see you later! i’m sure some of our KJH gang are in zzzzzzzzzz zone like amy, sleep tight as well with our KJH!

    talk soon!

  754. 754 : sang hee Says:

    girls….Natalie our Ji hoon ssi’s 3D movie will be released i believe tomorrow! let’s hope it’s uploaded as i’ve said many times earlier so we can watch this last project of his before leaving for his milit. service.

  755. 755 : sang hee Says:

    ummhhh amy & kjh gals….i’m still trying to find out how we can send our letter to him in the milit. it may not be possible but we’ll see! i know amy is also working hard on this. (not busy here so i’ll come back again)

  756. 756 : sang hee Says:

    sharing the link below for you all KJH gang….nice article about him where they mentioned about his So In Love (or HML) drama series! enjoy


  757. 757 : polaris Says:




  758. 758 : sang hee Says:

    kjh gang…i got engrossed watching our ji hoon’s golden apple & joseon x files & enjoying them both!

    nxt after golden apple will be golden era…am sure amy is busy watching too 🙂

  759. 759 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo kim ji hoon & good morning to you, hope you have a nice day!

  760. 760 : Amy Says:

    Hi..everybody my nectwork manytime problem.
    So I miss we’re gang so much. will back.

  761. 761 : sang hee Says:

    sa wat dee ka amy & all…it’s ok i also got same prob sometimes! i’ve been watching our ji hoon’s drama last night & was not able to come back here 🙂

  762. 762 : sang hee Says:

    i asked one of my Kor. friends who’s been in Korean military via email & he said that it may not be easy to get a letter to him unless we know for sure KJH’s base such as if he’s in the navy, marine or army! he suggested that we send him msg thru maybe his twitter or cyworld but even then he may not provide it publicly so KJH gang… we have to rule that out for now 🙁

    back again later, work now

  763. 763 : sang hee Says:

    has anyone of you girls seen Golden Apple, if so, is this a happy ending? some links are now broken at mysoju so i skipped a bit but you can make sense with it even for a few epis you’ll missed!

  764. 764 : Amy Says:

    Hi…Sang hee i wanna say goodmorning so early right but is good for breath the air is fresh air you get my reply on tweet i need you check also to be sure if is corect that make we surprise with our Kim Ji Hoon right…. my….Wished

  765. 765 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy good morning to u too! no i hvnt chkd it..but i will after this.
    yeah fresh air, nice and hope our kim ji hoon is fine! he seems to hv lost weight! 🙁
    back later

  766. 766 : Amy Says:

    Hello Kim Ji Hoon broad. Wish everything your well and get Experiencein coaching. Back to Sang hee about Golden Apple i not yet see and on Tudou but i will anothertime. Have wonderful day 😀

  767. 767 : Amy Says:

    굿모닝의 KJH 명 모두

  768. 768 : polaris Says:


  769. 769 : sang hee Says:

    hello Amy, Polaris, Kimji4 & ev.body on board!

    I miss him terribly as well so we hope to get some news about him & pray he’s not too tired & lonely where he is now!

    Amy, i thought you’ve seen GA – so what are you watching now? I know Polaris & kimji4 are busy with How Much Love and too bad some epis of GA are brkn on mysoju; however i tried to peek at Great Inherit. just to get a break from it hahaha. Multi watching again!

  770. 770 : sang hee Says:

    a special annyeong to our Kim ji hoon….we’re always thinking of you & we’ll be waiting!

    have a great day & to our KJH board friends you do the same!

  771. 771 : peckleboo Says:

    2012 will come like a blink of an eye. Keep on moving soldiers!!

  772. 772 : sang hee Says:

    hi peckleboo that’s an inspiring message for all of us who admire kim ji hoon — i wld like to think that too! glad to see you here, pls come again!

  773. 773 : Kimji4ever Says:

    Hi KJH gang…been immersed with lots of things, hvnt been watching due to the volume of work & not able to visit here often so sorry our KIM JI Hoon & frnds! I’ll try to make up for that as soon as i can!

    Have a wonderful one to you all esp to Ji hoon ssi — we miss you! take care

  774. 774 : sang hee Says:

    no worries kimji4….we all have to do what we have to do so we u/stand! isnt it frustrating when you can’t watch kdramas esp with our KJH in it? 🙂 i really do feel that way sometimes but still wanted to squeeze in that spare tiny bit of time to accommodate & oogle at his face hahaha! anyway, take it easy now!

  775. 775 : sang hee Says:

    sa wat dee ka amy & all! you must still be in dreamland? as well as our kim ji hoon ssi! have a good one!

    see you later

  776. 776 : polaris Says:




  777. 777 : Amy Says:

    ……WILL BACK.

  778. 778 : sang hee Says:

    hi there amy….no news means good news? hahaha he shld be ok our ji hoon as he’s young & very energetic & you’re right he gets some of his energy here on board so guys & other fans let’s not put him down ok?

    back later

  779. 779 : sang hee Says:

    it’s only morning ur end amy….other KJH gang busy watching our Ji hoon ssi…after this i’ll watch a bit more of GA since some are brkn links now!

    how’s our other friends Fran, Jackocss, Startulle? busy bees? 🙂

  780. 780 : Amy Says:

    Hi…Sang hee ….very busy today but can comes checking our broad maybe have some news about we’re ji hoon hahaha..is feel good when we talk to him…right 🙂 keep talk later …ok.

  781. 781 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy yeah it’s good to be chking here, one of these days we’ll hear some news about him, hopefully but he’s really into training now for i think 5 wks then off to his 2 yrs service!

    it’s ok if ur busy no worries….i’ve been busy watching our oppa’s GA hehehe, so i’m just taking a short brk but i’ll talk to you tmrw & our frnds here if i can’t come back here later coz almost time for zzzzzzzzz 🙂

  782. 782 : Amy Says:

    Ok…Sang hee’s KJH,G
    hahaha it like code on KJH broad….
    ….Sang hee’s KJH,G
    ….Amy’s KJH,G
    ….Polaris’s KJH,G
    ….KimJi4evr’s KJH,G
    ….Fran’s KJH,G
    ….Jackocss’s KJH,G
    ….Statulle’s KJH,G
    ….Ronron’s KJH,G
    ….Fet888’s KJH,G
    ….Peckleboo’s KJH,G
    ….And more…………

  783. 783 : sang hee Says:

    Amy you’re awesome! shall we have a new name like KJH sweeties instead of gang?? what you think Amy & girls? where’s Fran, Jackocss, Startulle, Ron, fet888, peckleboo, polaris, kimji4?

    we’re all for one & one for all for our KJH!

  784. 784 : joy Says:

    hello everybody!!!!!!im back! after a long long long period of absence…. 🙂

  785. 785 : sang hee Says:

    wow Joy welcome back, for a while i kinda forgot who’s Joy but now i recall you were here with us sometime ago. glad to see you here. pls come by again, our oppa is now in the military as you probab. know! see you again ok?

  786. 786 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hi Joy, i don’t know if we’ve talked here before but am sure sang hee must know you! Nice to meet you here! You’d been absent eh? welcome back then!

  787. 787 : KimJi4ever Says:

    hi sang hee….sounds nice KJH sweeties 🙂 i’ll go for it, i dunno about our other KJH gals/gang? where’s polaris, amy, & all?
    happy w/end everyone especially to our Kim ji hoon ssi! Hope he’s doing ok!

  788. 788 : sang hee Says:

    hello kimji4….howdy? how’s your watching HML? finished yet? hehehe

    yeah it’s nice to see Joy again!
    Amy…busy girl?
    kimji4….progressing on HML?
    polaris…hvng a nice watch of HML
    startulle….where r u
    ronron…busy girl too
    fran…busy with making vids of KJH? 🙂
    fet888…come again ok?
    jackocss…r u still watching HML

    in my case i’m still watching & lagging on it for that matter…Golden Apple

  789. 789 : peckleboo Says:

    Hello gals, i’m honored to be part of KJH Sweeties. we must keep this hope alive. we must secure his throne until he returns. we must fight for him as he fights for the country. hail jh!!!

  790. 790 : polaris Says:


  791. 791 : polaris Says:





  792. 792 : sang hee Says:

    hello ev.body….i’ve been out and you just don’t know how i miss this board when i’m not able to come here 🙂 Hello to our kim ji hoon and the KJH gang/or sweeties?

    hi polaris, peckleboo, amy, kimji4, joy, fran, jackocss, ron, startulle & all!

  793. 793 : peckleboo Says:

    kjh sweeties, hello again. I’ve seen 2 of kjh dramas so far. first one is pick the stars. watched this drama over and over again, used 2 boxes of kleenex. i den realized i can not live if i can’t see kjh again. i came to search for his other dramas and found “why did you come to my house”. the 2 images are totally different but i love him no matter what. you guys know where i can find his other movies/dramas?

  794. 794 : sang hee Says:

    hi again peckleboo….i experienced a bit of a prob with my comp. but i’m now back online again.

    same here i saw him first on stars falling & at first i wasn’t smitten with him but as i cont.d to watch i just liked him more & more, likewise i had to look for his prev. dramas & li’l did i know he was in flowers for my life but never knew it was him (of course at that time)…so i had to rewatch it after stars falling, then searched for more kinda addicted to kjh already to the max & loving you which i’ve seen also previously but didn’t realize he was in there too! i felt the same way as you did.

    to answer ur question, you can also find Golden Apple on mysoju dot com, great inheritance on youtube, love & marriage i think is also on youtube and mysoju. i’m currently watching Golden Apple on mysoju though some links are now broken!

  795. 795 : peckleboo Says:

    Missing KJH.. boo hoo :(. Hope he lives comfortably and still receives lots of love at wherever he is right now. Any sweety figures out how to send him a letter yet? we’ve gota let him know he’s forever remains loved by his sweeties…I also want to send my love to every KJH sweeties.

  796. 796 : sang hee Says:

    @ peckleboo again — i also liked stars falling & have seen it countless times, i recently rewatched it again last week & i dunno about you and the other KJH sweeties here but i can’t seem to get tired of that drama as well! hahaha

    i meant to tell you that Golden Era with KJH is also online though no subs but in Chinese only, audio in Korean, i also watched Great Inheritance on dvd & it’s also nice! one of my favorites would be How Much Love this is on tudou dot com & polaris & kimji4 are currently watching this drama & liking it! you will also love him in this drama, he was awesome!

  797. 797 : sang hee Says:

    Peckleboo…re sending letter to him…Amy & i wld also wanna find out how to get letters to him while he’s away so we’ll try our best to find out & will let all the KJH sweeties here how to! 🙂

    Also if you go back some pages, Amy got some links shared with us such as his cyworld board where you can also lv a msg for him plus his twitter account jiraishin99….sign up or register as both amy & myself have been posting there, you can see so many photos of him & send him a personal msg if you go to his account. Pls let us know if u have been successful ok?:)

  798. 798 : sang hee Says:

    i’m missing KJH too tremendously boo ho 🙁
    let’s hope he is living comfortably but with the training & all that it may be tiresome for him/them!

  799. 799 : peckleboo Says:

    Thanks Sang Hee. you’re the best. I think I’m obsessed with KJH.. . I’ll definitely check out all recommended sites. love you guys for making me feel at home on this board. go kjh spirit!!!

  800. 800 : sang hee Says:

    same here peckleboo…sending love back to you as a fellow KJH sweetie 🙂
    our other kjh sweeties must be busy right now but i’m sure they’ll be happy to welcome you on board! really happy u can come & join us here…our wish is to keep this board alive for KJH while he’s serving his country!

  801. 801 : sang hee Says:

    ur more than welcome peckleboo….we all admire a great actor & sort of have one thing in common….supporting him coz he surely deserves it right?
    i just hope that you can join us often & regularly like our other fellow KJH sweeties, amy, polaris, kimji4, fran, fret888, ron, startulle, joy who recently came back after a long absence 🙂

    on behalf of the other KJH sweeties welcome on board!

  802. 802 : peckleboo Says:

    Yes Sang Hee. I’ve just had my twitter account set up because of KJH. my nick is peckle66. what’s yours? i’d like to follow you and other KJH sweeties.

  803. 803 : peckleboo Says:

    Certainly. hello amy, polaris, kimji4, fran, fret888, ron, startulle, joy. i’m so glad to be here

  804. 804 : sang hee Says:

    hahaha no i’m not the best, i think we all are the best here! 🙂 i too feel obsessed with KJH now coz i feel incomplete if i don’t come on board (here) nor visit his twitter site hahaha oh also you can go to Keep Smiling Together site he’s got many beautiful photos there! Also if you have favorite photo of KJH, you can ask our moderators to post it here, just paste the link! pls don’t hesitate to ask us anything here, we all will be happy to share anything with you ok? we’re like sisters on this board & should get along well in KJH’s sake hahaha

  805. 805 : sang hee Says:

    cool, that’s grt peckleboo…mine is LuvJihforever so see u also there ok?
    we’re so glad you found KJH (and us) here! amy also has twitter, she’s am_jihun! the other sweeties i think has still not set up yet!

    i may hv to log off for now as it’s getting late from my end but i look forward to talking to you & our fellow kjh sweeties tmrw! 🙂

  806. 806 : peckleboo Says:

    awsome. i’ll also be bz watching other dramas recomendended by Sang He and Polaris. we shall continue….. carry on soldiers!!! hehehe…

  807. 807 : peckleboo Says:

    LuvJihforever or LuvJih4ever? i think i have already added you as friend. Besides JH, you’re my 2nd twitty. right?

  808. 808 : Amy Says:

    Hello all KJH.
    Glad to see all here. Sang hee I look VDO already more then happy to be because when we read the news it was just a slide but rules are perceived his feelings more. Soon, I will come back to talk.

  809. 809 : Amy Says:

    Thanks for Moderatorsใ
    to make our Kim Ji Hoon broad up…up…we’re all wanna say Thanks again. (^๐^)

  810. 810 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy, peckleboo….KJH sweeties…

    first of, yea amy nice to see u back! u looked at his vd already which one How Much Love?

    @peckleboo….sorry it’s LuvJih4ever u’r right hahaha look up amy too and see u there so i can add u also to follow

  811. 811 : sang hee Says:

    that’s fine peckleboo…i also added u as friend and ok if ur bz watching KJH dramas…that’s cool! we all get bz coz of watching his drama if we can’t be found here right all KJH?

  812. 812 : Amy Says:

    Hi..Sang hee, Peckleboo, and all
    How much love is long drama right.
    Now I just start Golden Apple when finish I will look Howmlv ….same How much I love Kim Ji Hoon…
    Yeah ..I love him so much..infinity….

  813. 813 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy, yeah HML is long but it’s all worth your time! i’m also watching Golden Apple but not finished yet coz some links i need to see on mysoju are now broken! 🙁 Meantime, i’m looking at Great Inheritance where i bought the dvd the other day hahaha.

    yeah me too & i think we all love KJH infinitely and unconditionally right?

  814. 814 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hello KJH sweeties here, welcome on board peckleboo, joy and hello to our Kim ji hoon! So nice to have you gals here! I got busy these days but i wil make sure to pop in once in a while! yeah am still watching HML…sang hee is right HML is long Amy but it’s worth every min. of our time!

  815. 815 : Peckleboo Says:

    Hello all, i’m just on episode#2 on GA. the drama seems quite interesting so far but i can’t wait til JH appears. i went to tudou.com for HML but it’s all in Chinese. i’m i missing something here?…

  816. 816 : Peckleboo Says:

    Thanks Kimji4ever. glad to be on board.

  817. 817 : Amy Says:

    Goodmorning Peckleboo, Sang hee, KimJi4ever, and all of KJH sweeties, I saw start Golden Apple, then make me cry…it just for start..if all the story is how…? so sad. did somebody like me…?

  818. 818 : Peckleboo Says:

    yes Amy, the story is sad and good. i’m on eps3 and did not cry yet =). i grew up in asia so i can relate to many things from this story. where’s our KJH??

  819. 819 : sang hee Says:

    hello KJH sweeties gang….i’ve been in & out & just popping in before dinner….yeah amy & peckleboo…GA is another good drama of our KJH but just be patient girls coz i too felt same way when i started watching it…i cld hardly wait for our KJH to appear but he will starting i guess from epis ??? 10 i can’t seem to be accurate, i hv to check my notes after dinner ok? it’s so sad in the first few epis. I’m now on ep 18 & he’s looking v v handsome!

  820. 820 : sang hee Says:

    good morning kjh sweeties amy, peckleboo, polaris kimji4 & evbody….it’s sooooo nice to have you guys joining here really

    back later

  821. 821 : sang hee Says:

    peckleboo…HML is really in chinese no eng subs on tudou but somehow i managed to ummmh i’d say u/stand what’s going on not that i speak chin. unfortunately not….but i persevered coz of our KJH….i even bought a dvd just so i can watch it over/over again! hahaha but i’d suggest u still watch it, polaris & kimji4 are watching even w/o sub. anything for our KJH hahaha. ok guys back again later, got to do something.

  822. 822 : KimJi4ever Says:

    You’re welcome peckleboo….glad to have you as one of our KJH sweeties! 🙂

  823. 823 : KimJi4ever Says:

    hello to our kim ji hoon – we hope you’re doing ok & pray you’ll be able to adjust in your new surrounding/s pretty soon! it’s been almost a month now since & we miss you terribly! take care always! we’ll be here waiting till you get back right KJH sweeties?

  824. 824 : sang hee Says:

    i guess ev.body’s busy now watching GA & so am i so i’ll talk to u fellow KJH sweeties tomrw!

    logging off soon! enjoy the drama of our JH ssi!

  825. 825 : sang hee Says:

    KJH sweeties…i just saw kjh first picture as a soldier from hancinema & here’s the link! he’s looking good! enjoy


  826. 826 : joy Says:

    Oppaaaaaaa!!!!!! come back now…..!!!!!

    wouldnt it be nice that Military in Korea will exempt a handsome and cute person like our Kim Ji Hoonshii? hehehehe just joking!

    thanks for remembering Sang Hee…..

  827. 827 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Joy, yeah ur welcome, of course i remember you:)
    yes yes yes…..come back soon right? look at his latest milit. photo which i pasted the link this a.m. from hancinema!

    i agree entertainers of Korea shld be exempted from serving coz they entertain & make us happy, they deserve a break!

  828. 828 : Amy Says:

    Hello..all of KJH sweetie 🙂
    Sang hee, your link ‘s Excellent that our good news.
    Today I felt very tired from work. but I come here and click on the link it makes me tired, lose well.
    Thang you soooooooooo muc…Sang hee my sweetie KJH, back later..

  829. 829 : joy Says:

    i observed our family here is getting bigger, that’s a good sign…. :), thanks to sang hee for being here always……and thanks to evebody!

  830. 830 : Amy Says:

    yeah Joy..is verygood for sign….our broad..we’re here together all of Kim Ji Hoon fans we can make the broad like our Home is KJH sweetie House.

  831. 831 : sang hee Says:

    hello sweeties joy, amy & all! good to know that even u feel tired amy that u come here for a good KJHspirin hahaha (like aspirin) joke joke! this board i tell you is so therapeutic & if i don’t come here to talk to you guys or just plain talking to our KJH, i feel rather incomplete! woah! hahaha

    yes joy, our family is getting larger which is a good sign i agree with amy!

    you’re welcome Amy sweetie hahaha….nice ring to it eh ‘sweetie’! we’re kinda KJH sweethearts! isn’t he blessed with all of us here rooting for him endlessly?

  832. 832 : sang hee Says:

    Amy glad u liked the link fr hancinema & u’r welcome & other KJH sweeties…i always get daily subscrip. fr them & u guys shld sign up too so you know the latest of Korean news esp our KJH…he did look good in those photos right? i was happy to see him like it’s an eye opener this a.m. & thot of sharing it w/you KJH sweeties before i head out the door this morning. I’m still at work so i guess Amy & others (not sure about u Joy) would be just sleeping still? so talk to u guys again later. hv a great sweet drms 🙂

  833. 833 : joy Says:

    o what a nickname for all of us…….sweeties….hehehehehe……

  834. 834 : Amy Says:

    Hi..Joy…you can call Joy ji hoon sweeties, Me..is Am ji hoon sweeties, sang hee is Sang ji hoon sweeties…and more …hahaha and more i dea….?

  835. 835 : peckleboo Says:

    Hello KJH Sweeties, Thanx Sanghee for the awsome photos of our soldier KJH. At work today, i couldn’t think of nothing but KJH and the sweeties. I wanted to serve the net for KJH and his sweeties badly but afraid of getting fired. well here I am. off work and back on board. I so too think KJH should be excused from the army. Not just for his cuteness but also for saving many dying souls of his sweeties =)..

  836. 836 : peckleboo Says:

    last night i stay up until 2:30 am to watch GA. i was determined to stay up until our KJH appeared and i made it. it’s slow going but it’s worth seeing. any sweety has under eye concealer?/ hehe…

  837. 837 : sang hee Says:

    hehehe yea Joy….we’re all KJH sweeties….Amy was really responsible for naming all of us KJH gang but thought of making it more yummy hahahaha!

  838. 838 : sang hee Says:

    Amy you’re soooooooooper creative.. hahaha Joy ji hoon sweetie, am ji hoon sweetie, sang ji hoon sweetie, peckleboo ji hoon sweetie, polaris ji hoon sweetie, kimji4ever ji hoon sweetie & our other fellow kjh sweeties who have been absent for a li’l while now, jackocss, startulle, ronron, fran, fet888 so on & on! pls sweeties come back soon! 🙂

    i also agree peckleboo that not only coz he’s handsome but bcoz he’s made a lot of his sweeties like us inspired, happy & he’s the sweetest thing that ever happened in Kdramas hahaha!

  839. 839 : sang hee Says:

    @peckleboo….u\’r welcome & i\’m so happy to have shared that link with you all….he\’s looking good eh? let\’s hope he\’s OK & mind u likewise there\’s not a single day that i didn\’t think about our KJH but we won\’t let u come here & get fired hahaha just when the time allows is good enuf! i hope 2 yrs go by so fast!

    really u stayed late? that’s not unusual…we’ve all been through that peckleboo! yeah i think he appears around ep 11? am i right? i’m now on epi 18 but also watching so slow coz of my comp.

  840. 840 : sang hee Says:

    next kjh sweeties, don’t miss watching Great Inheritance on youtube with our KJH ok?

  841. 841 : sang hee Says:

    ok fellow sweeties, i hv to do some work now before i get fired hahaha!

  842. 842 : peckleboo Says:

    yes Sang Hee, i did stay up late and completely worth it. i’ll climb the highest mountain for JH..hihi…. by th way, peckleboo ji hoon doesn’t sound right. how about boo ji hoon? sound better? lol.

    KJH sweety… we miss you. take good care of your health/skin/weigh and come back soon. no matter what, your fans will be here waiting for you endlessly.

  843. 843 : sang hee Says:

    hahahah peckleboo….i like that boo ji hoon it does sound a lot better! so i’ll be hee ji hoon it doesn’t sound good hahaha? hahaha ok i like the ring on yours!

    u know same here, last time i was watching How Much Love…i stayed really late tho i didn’t u/stand the Chin. lang. hahaha anything for our KJH is all worth our while! glad we’re all in unison here for our beloved Ji hoon ssi! (i’m just sneaking here again hahaha) it’s just a comp. away how’s that? talk again later!

    i agree our KJH shld take good care of his health, mind etc. he should not be lonely or depressed, we’re all here waiting for him & will support him forever! right KJH sweeties?

  844. 844 : am_jihun Says:

    yeah..friends we can call more that’s old name + sweti
    We Are The One Kim Ji Hoon Sweeties Gang. @[email protected]

  845. 845 : sang hee Says:

    hehehe Amy that’s soooooooooo cute! yeah we’re the sweetest gang in the KJH world! coz he’s da best of da best!

    talk later, now going home from work….see u all later kjh sweeties gang! yeyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

  846. 846 : am_jihun Says:

    Peckleboo, Joy, and more…KJH, sweeties that is one more link for our KJH broad we can leave msg to KJH
    and away make we can post
    Click EXAMPLE….enjoy

  847. 847 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy …. that’s the same one i visited last time right? it’s good u refreshed our kjh sweeties who may not hv known the sites.

    tall to you all later (ttyal) time for dinner now 🙂

  848. 848 : sang hee Says:

    just something came to mind my fellow kjh sweeties….did i tell u guys that even at work i use KJH’s name or first 2 names like kimji as my password? hahaha how can i ever forget him? ijust thot i’d share it w/you guys….he’s also my screensaver, i got some album w/thous. of his photos, hahaha even in my wallet…..i’m sure most of u got same or similar? back later

  849. 849 : am_jihun Says:

    hahahaha…Sang ji hoon..can i call you like this ;P
    that me too. I never forgot him even though few seconds. I feel that in my head, it reminded all the time. If one day I’m very busy. No time into the board or did not see his series, I feel like missing something to know any. So I’ll have to load his images stored in phone and use as screen shots to get..hahaha..is real on my mind.

  850. 850 : am_jihun Says:

    Sometimes I ask myself I too much crazy or not. But I think I did not. Because I was not interested in the stars before. And the stars who did not scream. However, but with this exception would be now. hahaha..Feel it more than ever. Now more than a boyfriend.

  851. 851 : sang hee Says:

    yes amy of course u can call me that hahaha how about you amy ji hoon?
    same here i’m like that too even if i can’t come here, it doesn’t mean our kjh is not on my mind hahaha yeah more than a b/friend u might say!
    he’s a big inspiration in me & likewise i admired other K actors before but this time it’s nothing like that, with kjh it’s more deep hahaha 🙂

  852. 852 : sang hee Says:

    amy i just sent u a twit!

    i hope our kjh will one day be able to update his twitter acc.

  853. 853 : sang hee Says:

    amy i was just posting for kjh at cyworld but it didn’t seem to work! 🙁 i did succeed before but tonight wasn’t so lucky for me sigh sigh!

  854. 854 : sang hee Says:

    it’s ok now amy, i got through with my posting for our kjh! yeyyy i just hv to learn how to add the clip art like you have there with i love you written hahaha it’s so cute! thnx again amy!

    talk to you all kjh sweeties soon!

  855. 855 : am_jihun Says:

    Okay..Sang ji hoon time your on the bed will talk to yoy later. Sweeties our KJH in your dream Goodnite.

  856. 856 : sang hee Says:

    OK am ji hoon… hahaha yeah time for some sweet drms of our oppa kjh! g/nite fr my end & to you & some of our kjh sweeties…have a grt day!
    talk to u sweeties of kjh tmrw!

    i’m sure some of our kjh sweeties are watching his drama right now? 🙂

    jjal isseo to our KJH

  857. 857 : KimJi4ever Says:

    I miss you ji hoon sweeties….hahaha…got so bz with so many things but I’m sure you all u/stand especially our Ji hoon ssi when one cannot make it here on board! Nice to have Joy again, Peckleboo or boo ji hun? hahaha and Am ji hun, sang ji hun hahaha it’s really a nice ring to all the ji hoon sweeties! I think mine & polaris wld be kinda long to mutter…polaris ji hun or kimji4ever ji hoon oh well whatever right still comes to ji hoon sweeties! We all promise to be here till he gets back so we’ll do just that! Seeing his official milit. photos made us all happy, he looks good — thnx for the link sang hee!

    To our Ji hun ssi, pls stay healthy, eat well, and think of your fans like us who’s always gonna be here for you! We can’t wait to see you in Natali! Take care!

  858. 858 : sang hee Says:

    hi kimji4 and good morning to you all esp to our KJH, he’s the sweetest of all sweetest! hahaha we’re just his sweeties! it’s quite all right if u’r bz coz we all hv to do what we hv to do….we’ll be here if one of us can’t be there’s always someone to cheer our KJH board!

    talk to you sweeties later — time for work! 🙂

  859. 859 : joy Says:

    thanks kimji4ever for welcoming me back……hello everybody….very happy to read all your posts here….so relaxing….. 🙂

    hello Kim Ji Hoon Oppa….hope your doing fine and great!

  860. 860 : sang hee Says:

    hello again joy (or joy ji hoon)…how’s ur watching GA coming along? i’m not progressing coz i tend to hop from one KJH drama to another such as a few epis of GA then Joseon x file hahaha….multi watching if you will!

    annyeong to our ji hoon oppa! sleep well

    KJH sweeties who are also in the same zone as our KJH….hv a goodnite’s sleep & talk to u all sweeties later! 🙂

  861. 861 : Kimji4ever Says:

    You’re very welcome Joy! Yes I agree, coming here & reading the postings is a sheer therapy!

    Keep smiling Kim ji hoon! Stay healthy too! We your KJH sweeties love you very much & missing you like crazy! 🙂

  862. 862 : sang hee Says:

    Dear Moderators: If possible, pls. post Kim ji hoon’s first pictures as a soldier when you get a chance. Many thanks in advance!


  863. 863 : sang hee Says:

    how’s every kjh sweeties? just getting on board as i had a busy day but always have time for our sweet KJH oppa! fellows kjh sweeties, back after dinner ciao for now!

  864. 864 : peckleboo Says:

    Hello to our sweet sweet JKH at the military base and to ourKJH sweeties restlessly waiting at home from all over the world. I’m currently on ep 16 of GA and liking it. I cried my eyes out seeing our innocent kjh were chased by the bad morons. my heart just ache ache ache… truly dramatic. Love kjh inside out, upside down.

    KJH.. be safe

    Ok KJH sweeties.. will be back next time. hope to see more updates from you guys.

  865. 865 : am_jihun Says:

    Hi…KJH, sweeties that is one more link for our KJH broad we can leave msg to KJH.
    and away make we can post
    Click EXAMPLE….enjoy

  866. 866 : am_jihun Says:

    Hi..all sweeties of KJH.
    I did up again about link KJH if some of his fans behind.
    wish the all of sweeties KJH be happy. Have a nice day… Take care

  867. 867 : sang hee Says:

    hello kjh sweeties….good amy for refreshing the links to our KJH so the others can join & post something.

    wow peckleboo, u do watch v fast eh epi 16 already? hahaha i’m only on ep 18 coz some of th eother lnks are brkn fr mysoju….where do u watch?

    a special annyeong to our sweetie KJH who must be just getting his lunch now! manhi mokja (eat a lot KJH)

  868. 868 : sang hee Says:

    i meant to tell u this amy your sharing us how to post at cyworld is really great….thank you amy ji hoon 🙂 you’re one resourceful sweetie! hat off to you right sweeties? i’ll see u all tmrw, time to get some zzzzzzzzzz

    g/nite to our sweet KJH & all his sweeties!

  869. 869 : sang hee Says:

    hello kjh sweeties….sounds so quiet here! just trying to pop in here while at work so see you all later!
    Golden Apple is really getting good as the series progress – i’m sure some of us have been glued watching! Take care KJH sweeties! Talk again later!

    Annyeong to our Kim Ji hoon! Take care

  870. 870 : Kimji4ever Says:

    Hi sweeties of ji hoon ssi….:) how’s everyone esp. our Kim ji hoon? Some of you may be waking up on a Friday morning already so good morning to you KJH sweeties!

    I’m happy to say I’m almost finish with How Much Love & loving every minute of KJH air time! No wonder he said this drama was memorable for him, his acting was topnotch!

    Catch you all later!

  871. 871 : am_jihun Says:

    Hello,sweeties KJH broad.
    yesterday I lost our borad but today I can sing so happy 😛
    come again…

  872. 872 : sang hee Says:

    hi amy & kjh sweeties….yeah the board was quiet y-day, hahaha i thought most of us were busy watching our KJH dramas! 🙂 glad to see u here again! swt drms to you & other kjh sweeties from your zone & mine!

  873. 873 : sang hee Says:

    hello kjh sweeties…hvng problems with my comp. for a while but happy to be back on again & say hello annyeong to our kim ji hoon ssi!

    have a nice weekend KJH & KJH sweeties here! back later!

  874. 874 : sang hee Says:

    To our moderators: Pls follow up on #862 if you can post that link pls.
    Thank you v. much!

    Have a great weekend to you Moderators!

  875. 875 : fran Says:

    hi sanghee,
    i can’t believe the comments have jumped up to over 870 since i last visited. wow! thanks for posting more military pics of kjh. keep them coming! have yet to finish watching ‘x-files’. hope u and everyone here has a good week!

  876. 876 : am_jihun Says:

    To our Moderators: Pls follow up on #862 if you can post that link pls.
    Please update score again. Thank you v. much!
    Have a great weekend to you Moderators!…millions thanksssss
    from….Sang hee, Fran, am_jihun,……and we’re all.

  877. 877 : am_jihun Says:

    Thanks for Moderators, you alwas lovely.
    Have a wonderful day Tack care. 🙂

  878. 878 : sang hee Says:

    hi am ji hoon…how are you? yeah we want our KJH’s latest photos posted but maybe our moderators are quite busy so we just hv to wait 🙂

  879. 879 : sang hee Says:

    hi fran…yeah i’m also watching joseon x files plus golden apple:) yeah our KJH’s score has gone up since we’ve got other sweeties joining us here!
    have a great weekend too fran & every kjh sweeties, amy, kimji4, polaris, fet888, joy, startulle, jackocss & other sweeties whether you come here or just passing by & you love KJH you’re one of them too!

  880. 880 : am_jihun Says:

    Yes Sang hee I think so thay are busy we have to wait.
    I am Ok but little busy Thanks and I guess you also is busy right. How about your drama…? Ohh..did your watch lovehymm…?
    back again…..4 my ?

  881. 881 : am_jihun Says:

    hahahaha…hi Sang joon I forgot to tell you that. I tried making kimchi. How do I view the Web Korean cooking. Steps to take to do it fairly. Done enough to ferment before some 24 hours or stored in a refrigerator, 1-2 Sunday to today, I just finished it. Tomorrow will eat it and I’ll tell you that my skills are what If anyone likes to eat vegetables, they should try to do about it.
    I hope that I would eat hahaha…eiei.

  882. 882 : am_jihun Says:

    Hello, Sweeties Kim Ji Hoon girls gang.
    I did the link for get more happiness to our KJH all.
    Enjoy 🙂

  883. 883 : sang hee Says:

    hi am jihoon hehehe yeah we’re all busy watching some drama of our KJH! however we manage to keep him company thru here so as long as we pop in here when we can we should be fine! i’m still watching Golden Apple but i hvnt seen Love Hymn coz it’s not online nor on DVD! how do u watch it? let me know pls if it’s on line coz i think i didn’t find it last time.

  884. 884 : sang hee Says:

    am joon i’ll email u something about kimchi coz our moderators may not like us discussing it here since it’s not about KJH ok?;-) hehehe (see the red notes above)

  885. 885 : sang hee Says:

    am ji hoon sweetie, thnx for the Love Hymn site, i can watch it but loading so slow i’ll try again later! thnx a whole lot! ive been wanting to see it badly! you’re one resourceful sweetie! hehehe

  886. 886 : am_jihun Says:

    Ohh..Sorry to talk about outside.

    Now I read and acknowledge the warning, then red. Sorry again.

  887. 887 : am_jihun Says:

    You’re welcome sang joon
    I want you to suck this drama is a good story.Ideas to make sense of life and have fun about loading I think it so far away it loads slowly or maybe the time everyone uses Internet then signal is busy busy. Be..back…

  888. 888 : am_jihun Says:

    Hi…all sweeties KJH,
    For drama about other Ji hoon can check the web link to see the same love hymmm.
    Sang joon you can share for everyfans KJH,
    Have fun in on drama we’re Oppa,
    L O V E K I M J I H O O N L I K E L O V E H Y M M M

  889. 889 : sang hee Says:

    just popping in here again before heading outside again 🙂

    yes am ji hoon i’ll try to paste the link here. i und/stand that’s probab. why it’s slow loading as there’s many users at one time, i’ll see epi 1 later of Love Hymn where u said our guy was looking cute & very young 🙂

    go to http://www.jukkool.com

    that’s the link kjh sweeties if you wanna watch love hymn where our am ji hun shares with me & all here.

    thnx again am ji jun you’re awesome friend!

  890. 890 : am_jihun Says:

    Hi…anyone sweeties KJH,
    hi…sang ji hoon that great..yeyeye to our Oppa we can we can..Sang joon can you do more cute animation fame on cyworld ji hoon you try it?…..Oh..my..ringing ringing…will back again.

  891. 891 : sang hee Says:

    hello all kjh sweeties…

    first of, am ji hun what r those twit upic? u mean u got more photos of our KJH there?

    ok i’ll try to do more animation on cyworld but i liked yours too with that msg ‘i love you’ that’s sooo cool for our kjh!

    back again shortly!

  892. 892 : sang hee Says:

    am ji hun i liked your msg on cyworld for our kjh….plus the christmas clip art you did! u must tell me how’d u did it! 🙂 it’s so pretty!

  893. 893 : Amy Says:

    Hi…everyone sweeties KJH,
    and hello sang joon i post already that away to do animation (to change frame) On my post no.882 that link I did Example same last time to post on cyworld our ji hoon.
    if can not open link or it not work can tell me later Ok.

  894. 894 : sang hee Says:

    am jihun, kamsamnida…i’ll try that again tmrw – i’ll let u know ok? i’m bz watching our kjh golden apple, nxt to watch love hymn 🙂
    see u all kjh sweeties nxt time!

    annyeong to our one & only Kim ji hoon! take care ji hoon ssi from all of us…your sweeties! 🙂

  895. 895 : ilove Says:

    Kim Ji Hoon ..He’s
    The Best Actor
    We’re All Love Kim
    Ji Hoon

  896. 896 : am_jihun Says:

    Hello…Welcome Ilove to board KJH here we call that is Sweeties of KJH and welcome you in we’re groups.
    Yupp…Kim Ji Hoon, he the best actor. Have a good day. Enjoy. 😛

  897. 897 : sang hee Says:

    WELCOME Ilove….nice to have another KJH sweetie here!
    yes he’s no doubt our best actor 🙂
    pls come again & share your thoughts of KJH here on board right amy & other fellow sweeties here?

  898. 898 : polaris Says:




  899. 899 : sang hee Says:

    hi there polaris & all kjh sweeties! yeah u’r on ep 100 now? cool! that’s good, no take ur time coz it took me a while too watching HML! It’s getting better each time isn’t it? i’m also quite slow watching GA since i’ve been hopping fr Joseon x files to GA then GA to Love Hymn where our other am ji hun sweetie was so resourceful in finding the link! so we all are going to be bz bees watching our best actor KJH! 🙂

    back later gals

  900. 900 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong ha saeyo to our kim ji hoon, keep healthy, eat well, sleep well just remember all of us here – your KJH sweeties we call ourselves, will be here waiting for you! Take care!

  901. 901 : am_jihun Says:

    Hi..Sang joon, Pol joon, Iv’ joon, and every sweeties KJH,
    How about to holiday n how about we ji hoo..wish him get relax on holiday too. And our sweeties get so. will back again 🙂

  902. 902 : sang hee Says:

    hi am joon, hehehe howdy? pol joon, iluv joon and all KJH sweeties…yeah am jihoon, hope he’s having a good w/end is that what u’r saying? 🙂

    u guys must be v busy watching our Ji hoon ssi’s drama? Na duo (me too) i just had to hop fr one of his dramas to another but make sure you guys come here even for a second ok?

    peckleboo or pecklejoon is missing as well as fran, fet888, joy? i know Kimji4 has been here a day before. tell us sweeties what you’d been up to in relation to our KJH ok?

  903. 903 : sang hee Says:

    for those sweeties of kjh watching how much love, you must have seen him singing at a noraebang (karaoke) with his love & i must say he’s got a good voice altho he was kinda fooling around with his song! it’s amazing how many Korean actors are so good in singing as well as acting! i’m really impressed with Korean songs & singers let alone actors like him who can sing & there’s many of them who can do just that!

  904. 904 : sang hee Says:

    am hoon or jihoon….i believe our moderators are not posting the photos of kjh milit. or army for some reasons so we’ll just have to go by that otherwise they’re pretty good in posting in no time!

    thnx again moderators – we understand if you’re not posting that link from 862? i can’t recall the number now.

  905. 905 : Peckleboo Says:

    hello again to our sweetest JH and his sweeties. How y’all doing? Are we changing our family name to “joon” now? so i supposed i’m boo joon? haaha..this is quite fun. Ya Hee Joon…I was busy and didn’t get to see much of JH dramas. I’m on ep25 of GA. I got there so fast because there are many broken eps prior to that. I really don’t know what I’ve missed. our JH must be officially at the millitary base for the real thing as of 11/4. Miss you much sweet JH. Stay healthy. i’ll stop by from time to time to see you guys on board. take care.

  906. 906 : sang hee Says:

    hi peckleboo hoon, sweet KJH & his sweeties!

    peckleboo/hoon hahaha i think it was just a typo hence it became joon not hoon? hahaha woah u overtook me in watching GA, i know there’s quite a few brkn epis & i must admit i was hopping fr Joseon x files to GA plus being busy w/other things! oh you’re so right, he must be wrapping up his 4 wks training & then off to his 2 yrs! Oh how we miss him! ok see u again & you do the same take care & i sent u also a msg on twitter did u get it? 🙂

  907. 907 : sang hee Says:

    @Peckleboo again….i think i also missed what you’ve missed in GA such as epis that have been brken i’m now only at ep 20 where he’s already sent to study in the US. ok keep in touch & nxt drama of KJH don’t miss How Much Love on tuduo.com though this isn’t subbed but you’ll figure out the story somehow! 🙂

  908. 908 : KimJi4ever Says:

    hello to our KJH & KJH sweeties here. It’s hard not to get immersed into watching How Much Love though i’m almost through…sang hoon , pol hoon you both are right, this is one drama that has been memorable to our KJH & now I realize why…he seemed to have given it all in terms of his acting skills! If some of your KJH sweeties haven’t seen this it’s really worth your while! You won’t wanna miss it!

    Missing you Oppa Ji hoon ssi….fightin’ we’re here trying to amuse ourselves in your absence by watching your dramas!! You’re the best! 🙂 Luvya from all of your sweeties here!

  909. 909 : Peckleboo Says:

    Official greeting to Kimji4 hoon. Hello to all kjh sweeties. I haven’t seen HML because i don’t speak korean nor chinese. i’m afraid i’ll ruin its awsomeness by not understanding what’s going on. I’m anxiously waiting for the eng sub but don’t know how long it will take. thanks for the encouragement!…here i go. the web site is tudou correct?

  910. 910 : Peckleboo Says:

    Hee ji hoon /joon sweety/sweeties. typo is all good. If you say ji hoon fast enough, it’ll be jooh..heheh..ii got your message on twitter.

  911. 911 : sang hee Says:

    first of at peckle hoon hahaha…ok my fellow sweetie…me neither i don’t speak chinese, u/stand a little common korean words since watching Kdramas however i persevered since i just wanted to oogle at his face in this drama, just take a peek, no harm & for some strange reason i think you’ll follow through the story. I must admit it was frustrating for me to delve into what’s being spoken especially the moments in this drama which you think you needed to find out what’s going on. I even requested YA entertainment to do this vid in Eng. can u believe that? hehehe The CEO responded to my email & he said that since this drama is quite long, it may not be easy to do that however he said he’ll bring this issue on the table when he meets with his staff! sounds promising eh?

  912. 912 : sang hee Says:

    yeah peckle hoon hahaha and all our hoon sweeties who may still be in dreamland hahaha…yeah i believe it was just a typo or amy may just be putting j & h together for our KJH it can be possible too, like sounding jhoon as in ji hoon? hahaha as long as we all u/stand each other right?
    hoping you all are having a wonderful day or evening depending on which zone you are kjh sweeties! now time to do some a.m. exercise 🙂 back later

  913. 913 : sang hee Says:

    i forgot a couple of things since kimji4 hoon is not on board yet…yeah it’s tudou dot com for HML peckleboo.
    also glad u got my twit msg. also am hoon provided us the link for Love Hymn which i haven’t seen since i’m still struggling to finish GA. 🙂

    where’s am hoon today & other sweeties?

  914. 914 : Kimji4ever Says:

    Hi Peckleboo hoon? hahaha thnx for that official msg for me! re HML me too i don’t speak both chinese or korean, just like sang hoon & pol hoon hahaha what a nice ring to our names now hehehehe am hoon i think speaks chinese? anyway, like sang hoon i seem to follow through the main genre of the story altho it’s kinda frustrating sometimes esp. if the scene is quite intense & they’re talking about things you needed to hear. hahaha
    anyway, my nxt drama after this wld be GA or Grt Inheritance! talk to u all sweeties later!

  915. 915 : sang hee Says:

    this is esp. to our Kim ji hoon oppa…..have a great day! eat well, sleep well and be healthy, we’ll be here waiting for you….aja aja fighting!

  916. 916 : sang hee Says:

    to all jihoon sweeties – have a great day! enjoy whatever KJH drama/s you’re watching since i’m also gonna be away from here watching GA.
    i’ll try to pop in later so see u then all sweeties! 🙂

  917. 917 : Peckleboo Says:

    Hello all JH sweeties. hee jhoon, kimji4 jhoon, thanks for getting me into watching HML. it’s quite challenging locating the movie but i finally made it with a little help from my bf’s help. for those sweeties who have the same problem searching like i did. you could copy 有多愛 and past to the search box. you guys are right. i’ve just started and it’s quite catching and i miraculously follow through just fine.

  918. 918 : Peckleboo Says:

    Sang Hee jhoon, yes, sound very promising. awesome job with the dub/sub request. i admire your dedication and persistence. Yay kjh!!!Yay kjh sweeties!!! yaaaayyy!!

  919. 919 : Peckleboo Says:

    kimji4 jhoon, so you’re not korean either? seeing your nick reminds me of my favorite korean food. heehe…. peace..
    KJH sweety… we all love you. take care of yourself..

  920. 920 : am_jihun Says:

    Hi…sweeties KJH girls gang and all of ji hoon.
    kim4 joon peck joon sang joo I lost again from yesterday so i v miss ji hoon borad and glad to see everybd here. I call last everybd joon b cos ji+hoon voice like joon is close then esy to call follow the name. so…we’re missing ji hoon more than a month so sad. Be back later.

  921. 921 : sang hee Says:

    hello jhoon sweeties….am jhoon hahaha i’m now u/standing why it’s joon hahaha. well we missed u too on board am jhoon! ok whatever we can call ourselves is just fine right all sweeties here?

    peckle jhoon nice that ur able to like HML, i think none of us here cld speak Kor. nor Chinese? however the story itself is really nice, it’s one of those that you cannot seem to disengaged watching right sweeties who’ve seen this?

  922. 922 : sang hee Says:

    yeah it’s been a month now that he’s gone from us….bogoshipo KJH…we’re missing you like crazy! 🙁

  923. 923 : sang hee Says:

    peckle hoon…thnx for that kind words…yeah shows how much we adore KJH to go an extra length for him re his memorable drama HML. Just to refresh you & other sweeties here….in an arirang interview which i saw fr youtube i also paste the link here a few pages ago hahaha that HML was a memorable drama for him coz he worked hard on his role & i must say by watching this drama that he did give his all!

    take care you all sweeties of kjh! pls come again to cheer him up ok? 🙂

  924. 924 : Kimji4ever Says:

    Hello to all Jihoon sweeties 🙂

    @peckleboo….no i’m not Korean but sometimes i wished i were hahaha so i don’t hv to read the eng subs while watching kdramas! joke joke….no my username may sound kimchi the korean side dish but it’s like Kim then ji for our Ji and 4ever coz i’ll be forever his fan! hahaha i know it does sound like the side dish which happens also to be my fave! i luv kor. food yum yum! hahaha glad u’r able to ask your b/f to find it on tudou! Next we must watch Love Hym since our am jhoon sweetie provided the link to that or was it sang jhoon? anyway, thnx guys & take care to our beloved KJH who we miss for a month now. Oppa we miss you! take care!

  925. 925 : sang hee Says:

    for you jhoon sweeties who have watched or are still watching HML, don’t you think sun joo’s father was too much? i don’t wanna be a spoiler here but have u seen our ji hoon ssi posing as a ‘fake’ doctor in one of the episodes? doesn’t he look good in eyeglasses? i think this drama is one of my KJH drama favorites truly! he was good as suh dong soo!

    back later!

  926. 926 : polaris Says:



  927. 927 : sang hee Says:

    hello kimji4 jhoon…yeah i did like him in that doctor image on HML….he was looking so sleek eh? oh did i ever get annoyed with soo jong’s father, if i were her i’d have eloped with him long time ago. hahaha glad i wasn’t in her position or i wld be a bad daughter for sure hahaha….a guy like kjh i wldnt think twice hahaha

    ok jhoon sweeties ciao for now! hv a grt day!

  928. 928 : sang hee Says:

    sorry polar jhoon hahaha i think that note was also meant for you re HML, i was in a hurry didn’t even mention ur name but yeah the one he disguised as a doctor to enter her home i liked that plus other fave scenes of her & jo yeong jun not sure of spelling.

  929. 929 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong to our ji hoon ssi, it’s been a month & 5 days now since you left & we hope you’re staying healthy & strong!

    hello to jhoon sweeties, it’s been quiet here, where are you all sweeties? am jhoon busy searching for more news about our KJH?
    polar jhoon…still watching HML just like peckle jhoon, kimji4 jhoon?
    how about fran, fet888, startulle, ronron, jackocss (hv been gone for so long now?) joy busy with Joseon x files? 🙂

    ok let’s all continue to watch his drama & pop in here when we can ok?
    hv a great day or evening wherever u may be sweeties!

  930. 930 : KimJi4ever Says:

    hey there jhoon sweeties all of you having a good day i hope?
    yes sang jhoon i’m still watching HML….not much progress u’d say but i can only watch after the days’ end hahaha i wanna finish by this w/end so i can start on great inheritance! then golden era….so many dramas to watch but little time 🙁

  931. 931 : KimJi4ever Says:

    A special annyeong ha sae yo to KIM JI HOON ssi! We’re here on board for you coz you’re the best actor for all of us your Jhoon sweeties! 🙂
    Take care always & stay fit & healthy! Fighting!

  932. 932 : sang hee Says:

    hi all jhoon sweeties, kimji4 jhoon…and to our KJH ssi….it took me a while also to finish HML as it’s lengthy but it’s all worth our while i’m sure you all wld agree! i’m still not finished with GA myself since i go fr joseon x file to GA hahaha…also GA on soju seems too slow to load for me hence it’s taking me a while to finish even just one segment of an epis but still i will strive to finish this drama as it’s also good!

    annyeong to our Ji hoon ssi — have a good night’s rest!

    talk to you all sweeties later!

  933. 933 : sang hee Says:

    all jhoon sweeties, hv a grt weekend, especially to our ji hoon ssi oppa!

    i guess ev.body’s busy and no time to come on board? some of the GA epis on soju are now fixed but some are still brkn.

    see u guys next time & enjoy watching our KJH’s drama!

  934. 934 : locco Says:

    kim ji hoon…i’m ur greatest fan since love marriage..looking for your new series..i reli love stars falling from the sky..

  935. 935 : sang hee Says:

    Hi locco…welcome on board! yes we all like him here so visit & join us on this KJH board again ok? me too i liked him first in Stars Falling & nxt i watched was Why Did You Come then Love/Marriage. You shld also see him in How Much Love & the other dramas he was in if you haven’t yet.
    We all call ourselves here KJH or Jhoon sweeties so you’ll be locco jhoon in short for Ji hoon! 🙂 take care

    Hello to all the jhoon sweeties, talk later!

  936. 936 : polaris Says:


  937. 937 : sang hee Says:

    hello to all joon sweeties…am joon where are you these days? hi pol joon, kimji4 joon, peckle joon & all the sweeties….have a grt w/end.

    annyeong to our ji hoon ssi – have a great w/end to you! hope you’re not getting lonely where you are! aja aja fighting! 🙂

  938. 938 : polaris Says:





  939. 939 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hi there poljoon hehehe how is the rest of our joon sweeties, it seems we’re all busy on w/ends so it’s quiet here! We always have good wishes for our favorite Korean actor Ji hoon ssi so let’s keep this board rolling while we can till he’s back with us! We won’t waver right fellow sweety gang? Where’s amy, fran, fret888, joy, peckleboo and other sweeties?
    Have a good one everyone esp. to our Kim ji hoon!

  940. 940 : sang hee Says:

    Hello first of all to our Kim ji hoon & hope he’s having a nice day in spite of his training!

    Hello to fellow Joon sweeties….who must be all bz watching a KJH drama! I hope mysoju will fix the brkn links of Golden Apple which i still haven’t finished coz i’ve hopping from one drama to another! hehehe 🙂

    @poljoon…good ur almost done with HML…i think peckleboo is still watching it right as well as kimji4! not sure if am joon is watching HML still? oh well talk to u all later! hv a grt day!

  941. 941 : fran Says:

    Hi Sang hee and all the cool gals here!
    Just wanted to tell everyone I made a new vid of our fav guy. I finally had time to finish it. Hope you all like it!

  942. 942 : fran Says:

    Sorry everyone. This is the link for the new video:

    I had to reload.

  943. 943 : sang hee Says:

    hello fran….nice of u to do another vid of our guy, can’t wait to watch it. many thanks! (still at work so i’ll watch later) sigh sigh 🙂
    hv a good day to you & all the KJH sweeties/gals here!

  944. 944 : -joy- Says:

    hello Kim Ji Hoon sweeties, hope everybody is doing great!, by the way thanks for the video fran, our kim ji hoonshi there looks so good in different angles, he’s so really handsome….

    take care everybody, im just dropping by since i wasn’t able to visit here for quite sometime, i miss you all!

    take care kim ji hoon shi!, we miss you!

  945. 945 : sang hee Says:

    i just saw the vid 2nd time fran…many thnx for that wonderful vid of our guy…i agree with Joy he’s very very handsome & looking good in every angle! truly an eye candy ~ _ ~

    i love the b/grnd music too! i can’t wait to get hold of the dvd of Joseon x files 🙂

    welcome back you sweeties here Joy & Fran….come again as it gets to be quiet here these days! 🙂 talk to you other sweeties here! ciao for now!

  946. 946 : sang hee Says:

    jhoon sweeties i’m sure most of u hv seen this fr GA but i thought of sharing this MV with you, it’s one of my fave episodes from the drama! enjoy! (i do hope this is the right link hahaha)

  947. 947 : sang hee Says:

    another link i’m sharing with you joon sweeties about our KJH – enjoy!

  948. 948 : sang hee Says:

    i meant to tell you joon sweeties that both this one & the other link credit our fellow joon sweety ronron, she did a great job in both videos much like our fran joon 🙂 in case you hvnt watched this, i love this one too and the song from the drama Stars Falling. Enjoy!


    annyeong ha sae yo ji hoon ssi! have a great day & to all Joon sweeties here! talk later!

  949. 949 : polaris Says:



  950. 950 : sang hee Says:

    hi all joon sweeties, u’r welcome poljoon. i did enjoy fran’s new vid too! more more fran? hahaha just kidding, that is if u have time! well where’s our other fellow joon sweeties who’s been absent here like our resourceful amy? hope ur ok my friend! remember we all promised to keep our KJH board alive even when he’s not here so pls. come again gals and keep us company! this board is just a CLICK away 🙂

  951. 951 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo to Ji hoon ssi….we miss you terribly…just stay healthy and safe! may God bless you always! we’ll be here waiting! aja aja fighting!

  952. 952 : am_jihun Says:

    Hello everyone of KJH sweeties, Hi..Sang joon I’m back Oh …I miss we all on board I miss we are oppa kim ji hoon
    I miss the most here. We talked about thinking about him and however…ok I have to go back to read what some viewed.
    I will be back.

  953. 953 : sang hee Says:

    welcome back amjihon!!! woah bogoshipo, we missed you so much on board! sooooooooooooooo happy to hear from you! pls don’t be absent that long coz i almost called 911 (emergency) for you 🙂 joke joke you were missing in action (MIA). hahahaha ok frnd see you again soon, at work now! you got lots to read now & vids to view! talk soon!

    hello to other KJH sweeties! hv a great day!

  954. 954 : Kimji4ever Says:

    welcome back amjoon sweety….i agree, we missed you here….you must be busy busy? nice to see you here again! hahaha sang hee joon will call 911 already coz we havnt seen you! 🙂

    hello to our kim ji hoon ssi! fighting!

  955. 955 : Peckleboo Says:

    Greeting to our lovely KJH and his sweeties. sure got lots to read after a long absence. Thanks Fran joon and Sang/hee joon for the great vids. love it! i hope all are well. im back on watching Star Falling for the 4th time… and yes, i’m not crazy. i’m just crazy for kjh =).. i’ll be back…

  956. 956 : sang hee Says:

    hi pecklejoon welcome back & all the joon sweeties

    @pecklejoon – u’r more than welcome for vids! yeah you’re being missed as well as amjoon and many other sweeties here! no i don’t think ur crazy coz i’ve watched Stars falling 6x already & nvr get tired of it! yes indeed as much as the drama Stars Falling is delightful, our KJH is the no. 1 reason we’re rewatching & rewatching this drama. don’t u love the way he blabber at pal kang, oh he can be really super funny in some of the scenes in that drama!

    i’m afraid i wld hv to stop watching GA as the nxt epis are brkn & wldn’t want to skip these brkn ones so i’ll wait till soju fixed it! have u seen Gret Inheritance? i finished that a few wks ago hence my watching GA was on hold at that time 🙂
    ciao for now and have a good day all KJH sweeties! talk again later!

  957. 957 : sang hee Says:

    i wrote a long msg just now & forgot the spam so i lost it! :((

    anyway i was saying hello to all Jhoon sweeties here & was saying for u guys to share whatever you’re rewatching or watching right now. i know pecklejhoon is rewatching Stars, but i myself had to stop watching GA since the nxt epi are brkn now so i’ll just have to wait till it’s fixed. I’m contemplating now whether i’ll cont watching Golden Era (this is not subbed) or rewatch either Love Marriage or Why Did you come. 🙂
    Enjoy whatever it is & have a grt w/end all Jhoon sweeties.

  958. 958 : sang hee Says:

    this is especially for Ji hoon ssi….annyeong ha sae yo and have a haengbokhan weekend. Haeng bokae so! To payo! 🙂 ~ _ ~

  959. 959 : am_jihun Says:

    Hello… Oppa sweetie Kim Ji hoon hope everything your well n pray to God protect you…And say Hi…to all of girls sweeties Sang joon, Peckle joon, Kim4 joon, Happy to see you are all 🙂 I missing there soooooooo much but I very very busy…can not be here.
    …….During the time I did not come at this, but I put my heart at this gathering is a place where we share stories and is one of Kim Ji Hoon.
    will be back soon…Take Care all.

  960. 960 : am_jihun Says:

    Happy is great we are jumpingup on more of score and will go on more and more…..is the gift for us right….helahelahela yeyeye..

  961. 961 : am_jihun Says:

    And one that I can not forget it WE KISS KIM JI HOON.

  962. 962 : sang hee Says:

    Hi again amjhoon, yeah we love him, we miss him & all that! Let’s always pray that he’ll be safe, healthy and in good spirits! these are all possible if we always think about his welfare & safety through our strong support also for him! we really missed you here amjhoon sooooooooo glad you’re back, i know we’re all busy but with our love for KJH we all gather here when we can right?

  963. 963 : sang hee Says:

    i agree with you am jhoon that kiss to kim ji hoon we won’t forget, i hope we can go to Korea when he gets back so we can welcome him!

  964. 964 : sang hee Says:

    hello to our KIM JI HOON, and all his sweeties here!

    @am jhoon…altho we’re not here merely for Ji hoon’s score, it’s nice to see his name up there and without you all sweeties this won’t be possible! so let’s keep his board here alive & if you guys are too busy i’ll be here even if i had to talk to myself huhuhuhu sigh sigh ~_^ hehehe.

    hv a grt w/end everybody, including our Moderators who have been so nice to all of us!

    a special one to our Kim ji hoon, hope he’s having a nice evening! sarang hae yo from all of us!

  965. 965 : am_jihun Says:

    Hi…Sweeties Sang joon, I miss you and all this place too.
    Sure in time he back that is my hope when I think about him. I feel good be there mean here on board and so glad to talk with you and everybody here. I wish you are all feel good also 🙂 B..Bc

  966. 966 : am_jihun Says:

    Hello… I paste the link for someone else missing pictures of KIM JI HOON.
    Enjoy… 😛

  967. 967 : sang hee Says:

    yes amjhoon…..you made me/us worried coz of your long absence! hahaha i’m glad you’re back with us….i/we missed you too terribly! you’re making our Kim ji hoon happy that you’re back on board!!
    same to you amjhoon & all our fellow jhoon sweeties here feeling good like you said, and you too! woah what’s that B..bc? hehehe something new to me! talk later

  968. 968 : sang hee Says:

    oh i think i know what it means now amjhoon…be back right? cool, i’m gonna use that too for shortcut! hahaha

    i wonder how our kim ji hoon is doing? no news means good news they say! 🙂

  969. 969 : polaris Says:



  970. 970 : sang hee Says:

    oh i didn’t notice amjhoon sharing the link…many thanks!

    hi poljhoon, hehehe nice to see you & thnx for compliments…i just feel it’s so therapeutic coming here & it’s so nice to do something for our idol Ji hoon ssi. Pleasure is mine…and you guys are really sweet so let’s keep the ball rolling here 🙂

  971. 971 : sang hee Says:

    thnx moderators for posting the photos shared here by our sweet amy!

    amy you’re really good in finding our oppa’s photos! oh he’s super handsome, i feel like i’m seeing him in an action or war movie? 🙂 thnx again amjoon sweety! i’m going to save this in my folder now! yeyyy u made my day and w/end all together with his photos!

  972. 972 : sang hee Says:

    To our Moderators: pls add this photo to kim’s gallery when you get a chance. many thanks


  973. 973 : diutay Says:

    Hi everybody! Am quite new here. I stumbled here when I was trying to look sites/links to info about Stars Falling From the Sky. I was watching it at http://www.mysoju.com but when I reached episodes 19 and 20, I couldn’t find it anymore. I would really appreciate it if somebody can tell me where I can find these last two episodes. I also tried http://www.viikii.com as well. Also, where can I find How Much Love? Thanks.

  974. 974 : sang hee Says:

    thank you very much for posting kim ji hoon’s photo Moderators!

  975. 975 : am_jihun Says:

    Yesssss…..Thank you very much Moderators we are so glad to see ji hoon on uniform on board.
    Hi…Sang joon, Pol joon, I think you have the last ji hoon picture I post already…cos I saw his pic on website. Miss you all and will talk later.

  976. 976 : am_jihun Says:

    Hello…Every Sweeties ji hoon.
    I think this time Ji-hoon, he would have been a training step is reconnoiter I think he would be happy as well and hope that and I hope that he will have time to rest soon. To be told things.
    Let us get to know on the Internet.
    @ Sang joon …B…Bc is shot cut from Be righ Back.
    I use that B..Bc.. meaning be back same Ji+hoon= Joon. B…bc

  977. 977 : am_jihun Says:

    Can you imagine the great Sang joon.
    From which we have discussed in the forum are opinions of each one of us, it can indicate the identity of that person too. If anyone has a go on Cyworld’s Kim ji hoon, we will know the identities of his.

  978. 978 : am_jihun Says:

    Hi…everysweeties KJH,
    I did not watch the drama of him. Because You only busy with work I hardly have free time but it will be aired on TV on Saturday
    and Sunday at 6 pm on Empress Chun Chu the story has not shown up to now show that Kim ji hoon’s The King felt that he would be the end of story. And I’m waiting to see him live.
    still wait 🙂

  979. 979 : sang hee Says:

    hello amjoon, yeah i saw that earlier remember fr hancinema then i asked our mdrtrs but unfortunately they probab. got problems posting it from that site so when i saw urs on twitpic i thot ok let me try this link & voila (welah) it worked this time so yes yes we love our moderators for ever working so hard on this site & giving us every opportunity to post some of our guy’s photos! yeyyy we missed u too amjooon.

  980. 980 : sang hee Says:

    i hvnt seen empress chun chun…i know he’s also in that drama & it’s a long one too so just let me know pls amjoon or any of our jhoon sweeties who’ve seen it to give me an idea which epis he was in? hahaha i’ll just skip the rest as long as i can watch the epis he was in!

    oh u mean on cyworld? what identities? i don’t think i get u there sorry my friend! pls email me ok? our modrtrs may not want us to discuss something out of our KJH topic here.

  981. 981 : sang hee Says:

    hello to our Ji hoon ssi…we’re soooooo happy that our amjhoon here shared your latest photos….i don’t know amjhoon how u got those photos & am so impressed with your resourcefulness really! thank you thank you and thank you once again to our moderators for posting them!

    he’s looking good ain’t he? woahhhhh actually he looks like he’s getting used to his surroundings there now, you can tell from his photo!

    back later —- am busy too today 🙁

  982. 982 : sang hee Says:

    amjhoon & kjh sweeties here….now i know what you meant by B..b.c hahaha ok i learn something everyday….that makes sense!

    ok B..b.c. :))))

    oh yes one more thing our ji hoon ssi may now be in his official duties as last month was just his 4 week training! i hope he gets to see his family & friends and keep his spirits up while away from home. If we were only in his country i’m sure all of his sweeties will be there visiting him every week but i gathered that only family & friends are allowed to see him! sigh sigh! 🙂

  983. 983 : Peckleboo Says:

    Sang Joon. Is it true that only family member can visit? Aren’t we all the j’hoon now =)? that makes all of us his fam members..hehe…oh..I wish i’m his little cuzn or something. that’ll be real nice eh..

  984. 984 : sang hee Says:

    hi pecklejoon….yeah that’s what i’ve been told by one of my Korean contacts who served in Korea yrs ago btw watch his movie called My Father on mysoju, he’s the main character who’s story & role was played by Daniel Henney..true story…so anyway he’s the one i asked about u know sending mail, visits etc. & he told me that only family & friends maybe that’s to say some of his entertn. colleagues i’m sure.
    Yeah i wished also we’re one of his relatives or cous. so we can pay him a visit…that will be HUGE treat! We all sweeties shld find out how in 2 yrs’ time we can welcome him home, i can just imagine us with a banner much like those fans on photos here – that will say ‘WELCOME HOME OUR JIHOON, FROM YOUR DIEHARD SWEETIES’ hahaha….oh that’ll be a once in a lifetime thing that we’ll never forget? hahaha B.b.c

  985. 985 : polaris Says:



  986. 986 : polaris Says:


  987. 987 : sang hee Says:

    hello to all jhoon sweeties here….first of, poljoon…it’s ok i do that too sometimes, kinda missed addressing some stuff or so but yeah won’t that be nice to have us welcome him in person when he comes back & all of us here holding that banner? oh that’ll be the day!

    good u finished HML…i know it’s a good drama & one of these days i wld have to re watch it – the OST is also nice! yeah her father in this drama is a mean one! b.b.c later

  988. 988 : am_jihun Says:

    Hello, Sweeties…Sang joon, Pol joon, Peck joon, and every KJH I miss it or not…hahahaha looks like this new board is furiously bang special Now I’m starting to see How Much Love, although the speaker does not understand Chinese. But glad to hear the voice of Ji Hyun. Just listen to his voice, it feels very good. Miss you Kim Ji Hoon n miss you are all. Take care 🙂

  989. 989 : am_jihun Says:

    It’s not just my opinion. But anyone who arrived here together sharing ideas.
    And it is great. And we salute all the people who make this forum alive Sang joon is a busy time for taking to update the story of Kim Ji Hoon as despite how busy she is, but for space has always been for this forum. I’m glad to see fans of Kim Ji Hoon Thank you for helping us work out here for bright, thanks to the generosity of our Moderators…..B…Bc. 🙂

  990. 990 : sang hee Says:

    hi amjoon…nice to see u hear back again! thnx i’ll take it as a compliment & yeah i really admire all the fellow Jhoon sweeties here who are all dedicated to him right? that’s how we show our unconditional love for him, coming here, saying hello to him & all his sweeties in spite of our beezee scheds! thnx so much for fans of KJH who joined us and are still joining so we can keep his board alive! i hope he can see how we appreciate him & be delighted that we’re so loyal & faithful to him even if he’s away! B.b.c

  991. 991 : sang hee Says:

    all sweeties of KJH hello again

    @amjoon….glad u started watching How Much Love, me neither, i don’t u/stand Chinese but seeing him, hearing him, & all that seem sufficient….and if i may reiterate here that this drama HML has been a memorable drama work for him as he (said) worked hard on this project! right now i’m rewatching Why Did You Come….since Golden Apple on soju got some epis brkn the ones which i needed to continue from! sigh sigh!

  992. 992 : sang hee Says:

    btw….all sweeties here, i got to liking one or two songs in HML & if you go to this site there’s a link where you’re able to d/load some songs, i particularly like the female vocal in that OST drama! if u look on this same site under drama list, click on i think the title they used here is So In Love! enjoy!

  993. 993 : sang hee Says:

    back here with correct title ‘How Much You Like It’ is the title they used from this site not So In Love!

  994. 994 : am_jihun Says:

    Sa Wat Dee Ka.. mean’s Hello on board to all Sweeties.
    Hi .. Sang joon appreciate some advice on How Much Love Music I looked up at the 14 and then to hear and read a language not understood. But see because I understand some subject. Now I’m real chance that if the actor knows that the girl who will be how This shows our hero at all I was touching every chapter. The story was fun thanks Tudou.com presented to us fans can keep track of Kim Ji Hoon. Have a good day 🙂 B.Bc.

  995. 995 : am_jihun Says:

    Hello again:) everyone would be like I’m moderately more drama ji hoon is not that what matters is not at all eyes. Want to finish the track to it hahahahaha … that is me. B. Bc.

  996. 996 : Anne Says:

    hi……..we love your acting and miss that……….

  997. 997 : sang hee Says:

    sa wat dee ka to you amjhoon & our KJH and his sweeties….as i was just getting up this a.m. news came that the North fired artilleries to the South & first thing came to mind is our Jihoon ssi, let’s pray he’s ok and other citizens around the area!
    b..b..c later i’m still watching the news & you can also see it online!

    i’ll respond to your msgs later amjhoon

  998. 998 : sang hee Says:

    girls, here’s the link to that latest or breaking news from KBS World re the attack on SK!
    Let’s pray that our Ji hoon ssi was not hurt or near where the bombardment took place!


  999. 999 : sang hee Says:

    @ amjoon….u’r welcome & glad to share something about our guy as always! yes there’s nothing about him that we don’t like is there? 🙂 he’s just amazing, handsome, great acting & all that! i’m glad you’re able to find the music to your liking, i too just understand the common Korean words or phrases but i just love their music, the OSTs from most dramas are really outstanding! i got a whole bunch of Korean CDs from their drama OSTs & a few of them are from our KJH’s dramas such as Love/Marriage, Stars Falling etc.

  1000. 1000 : sang hee Says:

    Hi Anne, welcome here….yes we all love him & his acting! Pls. feel free to join us here & just say what you want to say about our Kim ji hoon ssi ok? Nice to meet you!

  1001. 1001 : am_jihun Says:

    Hello to all Sweeties, KJH. Hello Anne wellcome to join with us
    and say hi .. Sang joon.
    How Much love till I’m 25, and I do not want your eyes
    to enjoy anything.But I stop to greet friends in ji hoon forum before and would have to go back and look at How Much Love. Will back later at accommodation at sight.

  1002. 1002 : sang hee Says:

    sa wat dee ka again amjoon & all our Jihoon sweeties here….that’s how i usually do, watch his drama & then come here to post a msg 🙂 way to go girl sweetie! hahaha. woah u’r fast in watching already on ep 25? it gets more interesting as u go along so keep up the good watch my friend/chingoo! enjoy ok?
    talk again much later! hv a nice evening from your zone!

  1003. 1003 : sang hee Says:

    Girls/Sweeties of Jihoon ssi…. it’s a sad day for South Korea with the recent artillery firings that killed 2 soldiers so let’s all pray for the victims of this shocking incident…not only that we’re concerned of our KJH & his fellow actors who are serving at this time but to the other injured soldiers as well & civilians for that matter! Let’s hope our KJH has been spared of any injuries as well as others who we may not know or heard of! 🙁

  1004. 1004 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hi all sangjoon, amjoon, poljoon, and our KJH….i agree with you Sangjoon it’s quite sad that So. Korea suffered with artillery and my prayers too are with the victims & their families. I also pray that our KJH is safe in all this as well as the others nearby!
    I missed you all – hv been busy these days & I haven’t even had a chance to cont. with HML….good for you Amjoon that you’re now on ep 25…I also welcome Anne here pls be one of our sweeties on board! *_ ~

    To our Kim ji hoon….we hope & pray you’ll be safe!

  1005. 1005 : Jesse Willms Says:

    Excellent post.This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad that I finally came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.

  1006. 1006 : sang hee Says:

    WELCOME Jesse Willms….glad you came here & hope you’ll be one of our regular Ji hoon sweeties…you’re more than welcome, it’s good to share info with everybody here! pls come again!

  1007. 1007 : sang hee Says:

    hello sa wat dee kat to all kjh sweeties, i was watching Korean news after i posted that msg to our new frnd jesse but i’ll b.b..c later

    annyeong to our Ji hoon ssi, stay safe….we’re thinking about you all the time!

  1008. 1008 : sang hee Says:

    hi kimji4joon, yeah it’s a sad day but we can only pray for the victims, their families & the injured ones. let’s also not forget to keep praying for all and of course our Kim ji hoon to be safe while in training!

    talk to you all sweeties later!

  1009. 1009 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hello sangjoon, and all sweeties of KJH….sad to hear about that too and of course our KJH crossed my mind — hope that he’s safe & that this kind of attack will stop. Sympathy to the victims and the many who got hurt in this incident.

    take care you all sweeties!

  1010. 1010 : sang hee Says:

    hello to all jihoon sweeties, hi kimji4joon…hope you all are having a great day! it’s still hard not to think of our KJH and other K actors we also admire who’s serving right now in the military! let’s continue to pray for all of them, not only of our KJH & his fellow K actors but to all our Kdramas homeland which we all learn to love & appreciate!

    to all celebrating Thanksgiving – have a great one! 🙂

  1011. 1011 : am_jihun Says:

    Enough people know that breaking news from KBS World re the attack on SK!
    They are also worried about our Ji hoon, we can only hope.
    He would not find anything serious incident. Another is that he just is.
    Admitted to practice soon. And should remain Usage city.
    He would also certainly not the outskirts.
    What we’ll be praying for him and his friends safe.
    Be God’s protection for them.

  1012. 1012 : sang hee Says:

    hello all kjh sweeties…sa wat dee ka amjoon…yes, when i first heard the news of the attach, our KJH came to mind & since then i’ve been praying for him & his other fellow servicemen, whether they’re celebs or not and also for civilians! good to know that since he just went for a month that hopefully he won’t be in the danger zone(?) let’s cont. to pray for him & all of them!

    i missed the board but i try not to be away for so long! 🙂 b.b..c

    to our Ji hoon ssi…you’re in our prayers & just be safe! sarang hae from all of your sweeties here on board!

  1013. 1013 : am_jihun Says:

    Hi..Sang joon and all sweeties KJH, about How Much Love came to me during the middle of the story then.
    How Much Love, and in my opinion I think this
    sentence, How Much Love.
    Is a question of a girl. As they see themselves, I think that she will become part of the hero rather than love. B.Bc.

  1014. 1014 : am_jihun Says:

    Hello…again 🙂
    I still do not know how the story will continue, because I watched the middle of the story. So I’ll go back to the end. It is about fun. I will visit again to say hello. Back later when I break.

  1015. 1015 : sang hee Says:

    hi again amjoon….yes the drama HML is quite intense, when i watched it i sometimes got quite mad at myself by not learning Korean lang. fully so i can u/stand the drama. their love story is quite amazing isn’t it? i like jo’s character coz she’s so down to earth even tho she came from a rich family but their beginnings were also poor as you noticed from the flashbacks. back later – i’m up to some kind of chores here 🙁

  1016. 1016 : sang hee Says:

    hello to all sweeties, hope you all are having a good start of the w/end!

    amjoon…once more about HML, i can also say that we can now see why it’s called How Much Love or So In Love…coz they truly are in love but there are so many obstacles throughout their relationship but you can almost wished that the parents will just let them be. B..b…c

  1017. 1017 : am_jihun Says:

    Hello…all stweeties KJH, Hi Sang joon as a different
    family. It is a hurdle to love. But it is very good in that.
    A test to prove the love of two people. Now I look up to. And I still need to win and cheer.
    Hopeful that our hero is in love or not …..
    How Much Love….B.Bc.

  1018. 1018 : am_jihun Says:

    Good afternoon…anyone 🙂
    about how much love (L)
    How Much Love in the drama is not all cleared up, but …
    How Much Love How Much Care.
    In the sense of fans Ji hoon is still overwhelming.
    Have a happy weekend. 😛

  1019. 1019 : sang hee Says:

    hello sweetie amjoon….yeah i agree, how much love i believe is appropriately titled by the author or producer of this drama as they went to a lot of obstacles as i mentioned earlier! he was and so does she, so in love w/each other that at times both were put to a test by their own loved ones she by her father & he by his whole family! it’s a beautiful love story and i just hope someday we’ll watch this drama with english subs so we can best understand the things we did not really grasp watching this. I have no doubt you’re liking it too as the rest of our other sweeties like poljoon, pecklejoon & kimji4-joon! b..b..c

  1020. 1020 : am_jihun Says:

    How Much Love to my second half.
    South Grand Chinese track.
    To not understand the language.
    But I guess the story enough to know ji hoon just do not hear us, but it’s ok lol still missing him :*(
    K I M J I H O O N I M I S S Y O U K I M J I H O O N

  1021. 1021 : sang hee Says:

    to all KJH sweeties, good morning/evening whatever your zone says 🙂

    to amjoon who must be asleep by this time having the same zone as our sweet KJH 🙂 the others may be in same zone as i am so good morning to you or good evening to some!

    Pls don’t forget to say a prayer for our KJH as Korea faces some kind of tensions…let’s hope he & all who are affected by the recent attack will be in their safe locations! Annyeong ha sae yo ji hoon ssi – we love you from all your sweeties! take care jjal ja!

  1022. 1022 : sang hee Says:

    hi amjhoon, yeah even tho we can’t u/stand chinese, it’s not hard to follow that our Kim ji hoon is so in love with her & same with her!
    yes yes yes…..bogoshipo….Kim ji hoon….missing you like crazy! 🙂

    amjoon, i see you’re still up? perhaps watching HML? hehehe enjoy it

  1023. 1023 : am_jihun Says:

    Hello, Sweeties KJH, Hi … sang joon.
    Today, as we have with each appointment to the board.
    Our time chasing after a few minutes, hahaha ..
    Now I see Secret Investigation before the break room.
    It will come back to see How much love.

  1024. 1024 : sang hee Says:

    hello all sweeties & amjoon sweety, i got busy responding to emails one of them was fr you hehehe….yeah in spite of our busy sched. thank goodness we allow time for our Kim ji hoon! way to go Girls!


  1025. 1025 : sang hee Says:

    hello KJH sweeties & esp to our Ji hoon ssi…take care always!

    @amjoon….how are you liking Secret I? I hvnt finished watching it coz sometimes if it’s on viikii source or wat it doesn’t load on me! i hope to get the dvd of that drama so i can add to my collection of KJH dramas! 🙂

    hope you all sweeties are doing well & can find time soon to pop in here! enjoy your day ya all! ~ _ ~

  1026. 1026 : am_jihun Says:

    Hello all sweeties hi..sang joon yes I get so and when dvd have for sale I need keep for my colection too about some….if I can make for support our ji hoon sure I will 🙂 B.Bc

  1027. 1027 : sang hee Says:

    hello to our KJH & all sweeties here!

    @amjoon — yeah i wanna add Secret to my collection too but am not sure if it’s out yet at the store! needless to say, we need to support our KJH unconditionally that is 🙂

    woah our fellow KJH sweeties have all been busy i guess that it’s only the two of us manning this board? it’s ok they’ll be back, and who can’t resist our KJH let alone coming here right? B.bc
    have a good restful night at your zone & our jihoon’s zone! take care ev.body!

  1028. 1028 : polaris Says:


  1029. 1029 : am_jihun Says:

    Hello…Onboard..Hi to we are Oppa ji hoon and Hi al sweeties.
    I see how much love Near finished.
    After that will see the Secret Investigation.
    And friends now look at what some parties.
    Let everyone enjoy the drama. B..Bc. 😛

  1030. 1030 : sang hee Says:

    hello all kjh sweeties esp to our ji hoon ssi!

    amjoon, you’re almost finished watching HML? woah that’s great! i plan to watch Love Hymn one of these days but am not sure if i saved that link you gave us the other week or so, if i can’t find it i’ll ask u a favor to send it to me or paste it here pls ok?
    have a good night sleep ya all! drm of our kjh ok? hahahaha

    yeah enjoy watching! B..b..c

  1031. 1031 : am_jihun Says:

    Hi..Sang joon and all link ji hoo with fanclubs befor he go military.
    so miss our ji hoon will back again.

  1032. 1032 : am_jihun Says:

    And about ji hoon presenter

  1033. 1033 : sang hee Says:

    hello again amjoon….i was away fr comp watching the fixed link of Golden Apple….oh thnx for the links you shared with us…i’ll look at it later meantime time for me to hit the road now…b..b..c.

    for our sweet pecklejoon, just to let u know that the broken links of GA has been fixed so in case you haven’t checked yet on soju!

    yeah we miss ji hoon ssi terribly! sarang hae yo Kim ji hoon ssi from all your sweeties! we’re waiting!

  1034. 1034 : sang hee Says:

    before i go, amjoon, you’re one of the most resourceful sweetie here, wow i’m so impressed 🙂 thnx frnd….i’ll look at them later, actually i can hardly wait to see the links. 🙂

  1035. 1035 : sang hee Says:

    amjoon…i went to that link & which one do you click? it’s in hangeul & i didn’t see our ji hoon’s photos? pls help! thnx

  1036. 1036 : sang hee Says:

    hahahaha that naver blog is so funny, wow i’ve never seen that footage before – thnx amjoon – you’re very resourceful! working hard finding things & sharing it with all KJH sweeties – we commend u for that & the others you’ve searched for!

    bogoshipo ji hoon ssi! take care always!

  1037. 1037 : am_jihun Says:

    Hi…Sang joon
    Okay it new one link we are Oppa.
    then see the link you can try…enjoy.

  1038. 1038 : sang hee Says:

    yeyyyyyyyyyyyyy amjoon……… thnx kamsamnida….our oppa’s hair looked so different hahahaha….wow is that his fan club? we shld join, we’ll find out more, i know you’re the best in finding things hahaha thnx again sweet amjoon!

  1039. 1039 : am_jihun Says:

    Hi..again all KJH sweetgirls.
    You re’ welcome and are willing share the ji hoon to
    fans feelgood happy. He’s not in range. We also see an old picture of him waiting for his return. B…Bc.

  1040. 1040 : sang hee Says:

    hello all sweeties…yeah amjoon, nice to be able for us to see each time you share some stuff about our beloved ji hoon ssi! yeah we’are waiting, kidaril kae!


  1041. 1041 : sang hee Says:

    hello to all sweeties of kjh….amjoon just wanna let u know i was able to do that cyworld for our KJH! kamsamnida! talk to u all tmrw

    annyeong ha sae yo kim ji hoon ssi…take care always! fighting! ~ _ ~

  1042. 1042 : am_jihun Says:

    Hi…all ji hoon.
    about how much love i crying again it so sad loved but can’t to be love
    Ohhh.. so pity our oppa and the girl.
    sang joon you can did it on cyworld yeyeyeye..nex.. it esy for you i glad too.
    i back to how much love it almost to the end..wish all ji hoon have greating day and we are oppa’s kim ji hoon too. B..Bc 🙂

  1043. 1043 : sang hee Says:

    annyeong to our KJH and his sweeties here!

    yeah amjoon i got your instructions on our oppa’s cyworld very well….i’m really happy i can use the cute clip arts from that site so our ji hoon ssi can see it!

    i know i cried watching HML too, poor couple their love got so many obstacles, i really feel sorry for her most of all coz she suffered a lot of hardships. i don’t want to be a spoiler here in case some of our fellow sweeties haven’t reached that epis yet so i’ll stop now hahaha. b.b.c.

  1044. 1044 : sang hee Says:

    To our moderators: if possible to paste the link of his photo here, it’s a good photo of our KJH….many many thanks to you all for a great site!


  1045. 1045 : sang hee Says:

    hello again all sweeties, how’s ev.body? amjoon, i thought of asking our moderators to post that photo of our KJH from one of the scenes in Secret Invest. Report, i think he looked great in that photo like many others he’s got here! 🙂

  1046. 1046 : sang hee Says:

    sorry poljoon i thought i responded to ur msg already! howdy? that’s ok, we know ev.body gets busy fr time to time so not to worry! yeah let’s hope our oppa is ok and others who are in that part of the world!

    hello to all sweeties here esp to our ji hoon ssi! take care

  1047. 1047 : kim am joon Says:

    Hello 김 지 훈 (his name say hello to him) and hi…. sweeties.
    This range is not good news that South Korea
    Let us pray that our security ji hoon be safe. B..Bc.

    PL .. “kim am joon” from is ..
    “I am a girl in a family of fans kim ji hoon.”
    Amy or am_jihun

  1048. 1048 : sang hee Says:

    kim am joon hahaha now i can call myself kim sang joon! hahaha

    let’s pray he’s safe, i’m worried about him really! b b c

  1049. 1049 : sang hee Says:

    sweeties, here’s another site for kim ji hoon, amjoon & others u can post a msg too. I just did!


  1050. 1050 : kim amjoon Says:

    Hi…anysweeties KJH. about How much (we love him) love
    How much we like kim ji hoon.
    How much we love kim ji hoon.
    How many times he made the world look brigh.
    Thinking of cloning into a home.
    Howmuch we need and do not hesitate to give thought to mind.
    Tell all the sense in the depths of his heart to know that
    Just two years but it seems to go slow…and slowwww
    But we will wait…for his return.

  1051. 1051 : kim amjoon Says:

    Hi..kim sang joon (that our family:P)
    Thank you, you have to offer another link to us. It is an excellent link very
    I will visit as often as the Comment on Comment on this board.
    Lol I miss him so much. I thank you again.
    can I call a new one more name to you,
    then we will have a family fans of Kim ji hoon. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1052. 1052 : kim amjoon Says:

    Hello…:P..again 김 지 훈 and say hi to all fans.
    I just finished How Much Love then will watch Golden Apple
    last time i stop to scend 10 or maybe…not sure must check again what I veiw…Hope all our ji hoon enjoy to all his drama like me 🙂 @ Kim Ji Hoon I sender good wishness to him and tell is….fighting jiraishi..

  1053. 1053 : sang joon Says:

    hello kim amjoon, nice ring to that so yeah we’re family of KJH hahaha now i change to sang joon! 🙂

    hello to all kjh sweeties! so amjoon u finished how much love? yeyyy it’s really good isn’t it? yeah u’ll like golden apple too but my fave wld be HML betwn these two, and of course Stars falling!

  1054. 1054 : sang joon Says:

    oh u’r welcome kim amjoon for the link, i just happen to stumble upon that link & yeah we can also post there once in a while!
    hehehe the KJH family wow his family is growing now as in fans family!

    yeah we’ll be waiting for you Ji hoon ssi….we hope & pray you’ll be safe where you are! bogoshipo!

  1055. 1055 : sang joon Says:

    to our moderators, just wanna follow up on the link i requested on page 42. many thanks again!

  1056. 1056 : sang hee Says:

    hello amjoon….yeah i echo that & will also say sarang hae yo to all KJH sweeties especially to Ji hoon ssi. We’ll continue to pray for him that he be safe where he may be in this recent horrific incident in Korea!

    Woah hehehe nice lyrics! No amjoon i hvnt started Love Hymn, i have to finish Golden Apple first….i got late in finishing since most of the links were broken remember? Now it’s all fixed so after this GA i’ll watch LH then Golden Era — so many things & so little time 🙂

  1057. 1057 : kIM POL JHOON Says:




  1058. 1058 : sang hee Says:

    yes kim poljhoon, welcome to his family of jhoon hahaha! we have to cheer up ourselves since he’s left us for nearly two months now right? it’s our kim amjhoon’s idea, she’s a very hardworking fan, always trying to dig some more latest news of our ji hoon ssi! we applaude you amjhoon! keep up the good work!

    a special annyeong ha sae yo to our KJH – we hope & pray that you’ll always be safe where you are along with your other friends/colleagues and all citizens of S. Korea! We love you all, after all S. Korea is our Korean drama homeland, to all our other oppas in the military, take care! We hope peace will prevail!

  1059. 1059 : kim amjoon Says:

    Hello…to all sweeties family Kim.
    If anybody like name i glad too.
    Kim ji hoon: kim = we’re Oppa ji + hoon = joon.
    = Kim + ourname + joon = we are the one kim ji hoon:)
    kim sangjoon
    kim poljoon.
    kim amjoon.
    and more…kim..next list post..joon
    I feel that we are like family.
    Intimate ties Union, and more.
    The board is like a family that really.

  1060. 1060 : kim sangjhoon Says:

    hahaha yes kim amjhoon, we’d like to think we’re a family here, sharing whatever things we have about ji hoon ssi, and it’s so nice to be interacting with each other – having to talk about him, his works and accomplishments, etc. Let’s keep it going & going! 🙂 More family members to join next time! Our other sweet friends must be busy but i’m sure our Ji hoon ssi is always being remembered even if they are away from this board! See you all sweeties later!

  1061. 1061 : kim sangjhoon Says:

    it’s hard to start the day without coming here to say hello to our Kim ji hoon and his sweeties!

    have a great day and weekend everyone including our moderators who work so hard for us to have this site for our favorites actors/actresses and korean dramas as well!

    more later! 🙂

  1062. 1062 : kim sangjhoon Says:

    well where are all the sweeties gone? 🙂 the silence here is deafening! how are you all? quite busy with so many things i’m sure! annyeong ha sae yo to our beloved Kim ji hoon ssi.

    more later! 🙂

  1063. 1063 : KimJi4ever Says:

    i’ve missed out quite a bit here lots to read! i like that Jhoon family of sweeties! Ok girls/sweeties i think I’ll change my name as mine is a bit longer to type let me think now….i have to get back with a new name 🙂

    like u guys said even if i don’t come here often our Kim ji hoon is always on my mind, i’ve been v v busy with a lot of things so hope you guys understand especially our KJH! we love him dearly!

    A big hello to our Kim ji hoon ssi and hope always he’s in the best of health & safety! We sure will continue to pray for him & many others – matter of fact pray for all our beloved people of our Kdrama homeland!

    love all his photos & yes thanks to our efficient moderators for posting his photos as requested!

  1064. 1064 : kim sangjhoon Says:

    Dear Moderators: In the spirit of Christmas, I found this photo to be really cute of Kim ji hoon in reindeer hat so pls post – i appreciate it! Happy Holidays!


  1065. 1065 : sang hee Says:

    hi kimji4joon…yeah it’s ok….yes think of something a bit short username so it’s easier. missed u here but amjhoon, poljhoon & myself tried our best to come here! we miss our other sweeties like fran, peckleboo, startulle, joy, jackocss (for a while now, i know last time she said she’s watching her newly purchased KJH dvds like HML) ronron, sorry if i’m missing some names but you know who you are sweeties…so we miss you and come home (board) soon 🙂

  1066. 1066 : kim sangjhoon Says:

    i guess i got used to sang hee that i still use it sorry sweeties hahaha

  1067. 1067 : kim amjoon Says:

    Good job my sweeties family kim
    Hello..all i am back here….try to find something news but not yet glad to see Kimji4ver, kim poljhoon there and our score geting up and up yeyeye good fans right kim sangjhoon yeahhh..B..Bc

  1068. 1068 : kim amjhoon Says:

    To our Moderators.
    Kim ji hoon is a picture of a very handsome.
    Please bring these images posted on the boards of our thanks.

  1069. 1069 : kim amjhoon Says:

    To…Moderators I am so sorry it was 1068,
    you bring up a post then.
    The truth is this link that I presented, please ask.
    Moderators bring these images posted.
    Thank you very much

  1070. 1070 : kim sangjhoon Says:

    hello amjhoon….just visiting quickly here & yeah 1068 is already up there…however the new ones you got woah i think those are nice photos of our KJH too, i’ve never been to that site! you’re hard working girl thnx! i also want 1064 link of his photo where he’s wearing a reindeer hat so it’s really in tune with this Christmas coming soon! I hope our moderators will have time to post it!

    yeah good to see our other sweeties poljhoon & kim4jhoon who wants to change her name to a shorter one hahaha i agree, we’ll wait kim4jhoon!
    b b c later as i hv something to do! thnx for sharing the links amjhoon!

  1071. 1071 : Kim amjhoon Says:

    Goodmorning …. Moderators on board.
    Thank you to post pictures up ji hoon in the character of this handsome he looked very cool.
    Happy first day of work. Thank you very much again.

    *<i<i<i= 😀

  1072. 1072 : ron Says:

    omg he’s so handsome in his last pic!!
    Kimji ssi bogoshippo T__T

  1073. 1073 : sanghoon Says:

    hi ron welcome back! long time no see, we missed u here!

    yeah i like those photos….maybe moderator i can follow up on photo box 1064 i requested too where kim ji was wearing a reindeer hat pls? thnx so much!

    amjhoon i like that photo too v v handsome all photos he’s handsome anyway 🙂

  1074. 1074 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello..all KJH,
    hi..ron yeahhh..long long long….so long you not here
    we are miss you so much. @ photo ji hoon i glad everybody like that and me too. I use shot name like sangjhoon hahahaha..we are family i no need difference….
    still miss somebody @ military training camp..take care.

  1075. 1075 : angeljhoon Says:

    Hello again all KJH sweeties…this is kimji4ever…now i thought of a new name i’ll use ‘angeljhoon’ like angel coz the old one is too long for all of us to write. yeah welcome back to ron also! so my family name will be Kim angel jhoon in short ‘angeljhoon’ 🙂

    take care to our Kim ji hoon ssi…we really miss you…pls be safe always!

  1076. 1076 : sangjhoon Says:

    oh that’s so cool angeljhoon…like one of his angels ah that’s a good one! we probab shld hv called all of us angels of KJH instead of sweeties hahaha. it’s ok let’s hope a lot of angels fr above are watching over him while he’s away from us!
    b b c

  1077. 1077 : amjhoon Says:

    Hi..family of kim,
    wellcome back home angeljhoon is a very beautiful name.
    It was a good name for a new meaning good.
    Yes, everyone will have the full name Kim Wow yeyeyeye
    I’m very happy and ji hoon, it would feel good as well.
    we’re send good wishes… good things to give him protection sure our ji hoon be safe.

  1078. 1078 : sangjhoon Says:

    yeah amjhoon….i like angeljhoon name too! of course our KJH will always be in our prayers that he be safe & healthy.
    yeah his Kim family is growing now hahaha i’m sure he’ll be delighted! let’s keep him in our mind at all time!

    annyeong ha sae yo Kim ji hoon ssi, hope u have time to visit online esp here and others like twitter and cyworld!

  1079. 1079 : amjhoon Says:

    about drama.. i wacthing Golden Ap almost finish
    then..i make plan..to Secret Investigation ..yes
    wish everyone enjoy all ji hoon drama..B..bc.

  1080. 1080 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi amjhoon…woah ur almost finished with GA? i hvnt finished coz mysoju was acting up lately….sigh sigh but i’ll finish it for sure. Yes i also need to look at SIR & when it’s finished i hope to get the DVD for my collection! 🙂

    hello to all sweeties of KJH and best to him as he sleeps now Korea time! Bogoshipo & kida rilkae!

  1081. 1081 : sangjhoon Says:


  1082. 1082 : sangjhoon Says:

    ooppps sorry i meant to put a note with that msg.

    To our Moderators: I wish to follow up on that link from twitter box 1081 re our KJH Christmas photo, so pls post it when you get a chance! I would appreciate it v much, it’s a photo that will be nice to share with everybody here! Thank you much!

  1083. 1083 : angeljhoon Says:

    Hi to our kim ji hoon and his sweeties! yeah i like that photo sangjhoon that you requested fr our moderators — it sure is a cute photo of KJH especially now that Christmas is just around the corner! did i tell u gals that I really liked HML? Oh soooo nice, it’s a pity they went through a lot but it’s a happy ending that’s all that matters eventually!

    nice to have a big Kim family here hahaha Our amjhoon is so creative and resourceful….we commend you for all the things you do & shared & still sharing here, you and sangjhoon are truly devoted and am sure all our other sweeties too when they find time coz i myself have been too busy but it doesn’t mean KJH has been off my radar, no way – andwae sultae andwae! 🙂

  1084. 1084 : amjhoon Says:

    A few days it will be Christmas Day,
    I have a picture of ji hoon.
    Suitable for the festival, please moderators.
    Post to a Christmas gift for fans of kim ji hoon.
    Thank you very much. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

  1085. 1085 : amjhoon Says:

    K I M J I H O O N K I M J I H O O N K I M J I H O O N
    W E L O V E J I H O O N W E L O V E J I H O O N
    K I M J I H O O N I L O V E K I M J I H O O N L O V E L Y

  1086. 1086 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello..family kim.
    A quiet day. So I shouted out loud.
    Tell everyone :O kim ji hoon, I think it most.
    Kim ji hoon, I think most of the world at all.

  1087. 1087 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello all KJH sweeties esp to our Kim Ji hoon! i like that amjhoon you got a box just for him, that’s so cool! yeah i’ll echo that from here that we love him & missing him a milln. times!

  1088. 1088 : sangjhoon Says:

    i do hope our moderators will post that photo but nothing’s happened yet, am wondering whether they’re not able to but i’ve requested before from twitter & they did post it. i guess they’re too busy, we’ll have to wait!

    yeah all we think aside from other things is our KJH….we’ll never forget him for sure! 🙂

  1089. 1089 : POLJHOON Says:




  1090. 1090 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello poljhoo, amjhoon, angeljhoon & all the sweeties of KJH! how’s e.body today? i hvnt finished watching GA coz it’s quite choppy lately for me so I’m starting to watch Goldn era which isn’t so bad in streaming – i’m hvng probs with my comp. lately that it’s v v slow so I’ll see if this one works for me!

    a special hello annyeong ha sae yo to our kim ji hoon who must be sleeping right now.

    b b c

  1091. 1091 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello all kjh sweeties…been a busy day for me but tried to come here earlier but didn’t get a chance…hope ev.body is ok & watching our KJH drama!

    good morning to our KJH & all sweeties from that zone like amjhoon, jackocss & others! talk to u guys nxt time!

  1092. 1092 : via Says:

    I hope you are fine while serving in Military.. Saranghee Ji hoon oppa.. take care and don’t worry we always support you..FIGHTING!!!

  1093. 1093 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello family kim.
    I finished Golden Apple. In over all his drama hahahaha.
    Hi Via welcome to the family kim.
    Here, very warm. And hope you will come visit again. B..Bc.

  1094. 1094 : sangjhoon Says:

    first of hi via…welcome as amjhoon said to Kim’s family 🙂
    hello to all KJH sweeties & most especially to our Kim Ji hoon!

    hi amjhoon, bogoshipo! woah u beat me there finished with GA already? i had to stop at ep 25 since it won’t load even this morning & the other day! i’m sure it’s a good or happy ending right?

  1095. 1095 : angeljhoon Says:

    nice to be back here, how’s everyone & to our kim ji hoon – we hope he’s doing excellent wherever he may be at this time!

    to all KJH sweeties have a great day! I started watching Sct. Invest. & it’s a different drama of our KJH, he looks good in that traditional Korean costume like the one in that photo up there!

    see ya all soon!

  1096. 1096 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello..all fans KJH,
    Kim ji hoon’s hope that we will not stay Near the scene
    God Please Be protected.
    North Korean collapse, South Korea shot clip.
    Will back later.

  1097. 1097 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi angeljhoon…all sweeties of KJH….nice to see you again here! i think you’ll like SIR, what’s not there to like about our KJH’s projects right?

    a special annyeong ha sae yo to Kim ji hoon ssi….stay safe & healthy!

  1098. 1098 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello Sangjhoon, Angeljhoon, Poljhoon, and all.
    There many link about our kim ji hoon wish anyone enjoy.
    He would love to eat good at taking. I like that he always look greating.
    I think I prefer his other plump plump I’m just looking, not fat.

  1099. 1099 : amjhoon Says:

    kim sangjhoon Says:
    December 5th, 2010 at 7:00 am
    Dear Moderators: In the spirit of Christmas, I found this photo to be really cute of Kim ji hoon in reindeer hat so pls post – i appreciate it! Happy Holidays!

    …….again for request….

    I urge the picture in this link I provide.
    If possible, please ask the moderators.
    Post thank the board for many of us.
    Thank you very much 😀

  1100. 1100 : sangjhoon Says:

    Hello to all sweeties esp to our KJH!

    thnx so much amjhoon for sharing the sites, the youtube clips i’ve seen after liking him in Stars Falling but i dunno if i saw all of it so i have to check some of them still. The one about the NK/SK attack i’ll watch later…you’ll make me/us busy watching 🙂 LOL You’re soooooo resourceful, I’m just speechless, u’r a good sweetie, right girls?

    after this i’m gonna watch some of your youtube links so i may be gone for a wee bit hahaha

  1101. 1101 : sangjhoon Says:

    Amjhoon —- thnx for follow up on the photo of KJH for Christmas, I think there must be a prob. that’s why our moderators won’t post it. That’s ok maybe we should find another link but same photo, the prob is i can’t recall the original source of that photo coz that’s the one i got when i posted on twitter from my flash drive! 🙁

    that photo may have been from KST site since they have really wonderful photos there of many celebs.

  1102. 1102 : sangjhoon Says:

    I agree with you Amjhoon, we pray that our KJH & also all of them in Korea be safe with the recent incident! He’s surely in our thoughts haru haru (everyday in Korean i guess )

  1103. 1103 : amjhoon Says:

    Kim ji hoon and his family so cute.
    For the first time the family of ji hoon.
    For sure my friends will not miss this link.
    So I presented on our boards again…Enjoy.

  1104. 1104 : amjhoon Says:

    Kim ji hoon with his family 😀

  1105. 1105 : sangjhoon Says:

    Oh Amjhoon you’re a super girl, i’ve never seen his family before, this will be first time, you made my day, thank you thank you, my goodness i’m so excited, i just saw a bit & cldn’t help but thank you first, i saw his photos when he was younger & then the school photo w/eyeglasses – let me continue to watch b b c here

  1106. 1106 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello..On board.
    Your welcome Sangjhoon is done right first time for me too.
    Youtube these will be posted just last month.
    I think it’s cute ji hoon is someone so nice kind.
    With respect to surrender.
    I feel disappointed that he was one of the heart.

  1107. 1107 : sangjhoon Says:

    Amjhoon, i just finished watching & hv enjoyed it to the max! woah yeah first time i’ve seen his family, i think that’s his mother right? he seems very kind i know, i just wished the series was subbed – you mean he didn’t get the heart then he lost? i really thought he was funny when he was trying to be a spiderman in one of the scenes! hahaha i also think he really wears eyeglasses coz when he was in his hi school photo he was wearing glasses. He looked so handsome esp in the last epis riding on that carousel or whatever, i liked his hair – he looked so cute! thanks again my resourceful friend! loved it

  1108. 1108 : sangjhoon Says:

    amjhoon, i wanted to email u but my email is hvng problems, it’s not loading! so i’ll talk to u again tmrw.

    see you all sweeties and a good day to our Kim Ji hoon! Be safe & healthy!

  1109. 1109 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello to all kjh sweeties & a special annyeong to KJH!

    as i’ve said previously, my day seemed incomplete without coming here so this is the start of my day 🙂 have a great weekend everyone and also to our hardworking Moderators! Thanks for everything you do!

    talk later everyone! have a great w/end!!

  1110. 1110 : sangjhoon Says:

    천만번 사랑해 to Oppa KJH….girls this in hangul means Love you a thousand times….or Cheonmanbeon sarang hae!

  1111. 1111 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello, sweeties kim family.
    Hi..sangihoon the link I posted it.
    Are other links about ji hoon many
    You can open or not i need to sure.
    that you are not missing about lovely story our oppa 😀

  1112. 1112 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi amjhoon & all sweeties, thnx again, yeah i’ll try all the sites you shared here! i enjoyed the Youtube also, he’s so handsome & funny eh?

  1113. 1113 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello sweeties family kim…and all fans.
    I see Youtube yesterday,
    I have a feeling that love him more.
    Probably because they have seen a lot more of him.
    It does not feel disappointed KIM JI HOON FIGHTING.

  1114. 1114 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello family kim.
    Now I’m almost as excited as helpless
    Cause I have this excitement is.
    Kim ji hoon Today we wait for his messenger.
    He has posted on his twitter I so glad.

  1115. 1115 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello sweeties kim,
    today sangjhoon and me .> amjhoon < share some missions.
    About ji hoon it big job for us .. hahahaha.
    I think we would take the same overheated.
    The next time you may click only once, but successful. Take care all n have perfect weeken.

  1116. 1116 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello again.
    How Much We Love You Kim Ji Hoon
    How many times is how many time or…
    ..how many more questions. My answer is not.
    But my mind that it returns we are your fans forever.

  1117. 1117 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello all KJH sweeties….yes amjhoon & myself became ecstatic that our KJH posted a msg on twitter — i’m still excited hahaha! glad to hear from him that you won’t believe! yes indeed, how much we love him is immeasurable i must say….also it’s unconditional! we’ll support you kim ji hoon ssi to the fullest!

    hope everyone is having a good w/end especially our Ji hoon ssi!

  1118. 1118 : sangjhoon Says:

    all sweeties, our KJH’s Wish Upon a Star has the top choice so far for Best Family Drama from ppl voting at dramabeans, so check this link out. You can also vote for Joseon X Files & WUAS when you visit the site!


  1119. 1119 : sangjhoon Says:

    good day all kjh sweeties…..how’s ev.thing? just to share w/you i got a dvd copy of Joseon X Files already & so excited that i watched almost all night 🙂

    annyeong to our KJH who must be asleep right now…sweet dreams oppa!

    talk to u again gals later

  1120. 1120 : angeljhoon Says:

    Hi all KJH sweeties, wow amjhoon & sangjhoon you both are hardworking on our KJH….i hv to look at those sites — my laptop has been acting up lately aside from being tied up with so many things. But of course our KJH has never been out of sight out of mind for sure. i can hardly wait to see his family so after this i’d surely watch some of the clips that amjhoon shared here! Thanks guys!

    We love you sarang hae yo Kim ji hoon ssi! Aja aja fighting! You’ve touched so many of our hearts that it’s hard to shake it off even if you’re far away serving your country! Just be safe & healthy! 🙂

  1121. 1121 : sangjhoon Says:

    good day all KJH sweeties esp to KJH ssi!

    hi angeljhoon, amjhoon, poljhoon & all….yes i really thank amjhoon for providing that youtube link coz i’ve been desperate in the past to see & find out about his family coz none has been written about how many siblings he’s got etc. & seeing his mother on vid was a big treat as well! i’ve saved it in my favorite youtube so i can watch again nxt time.

    try to go cyworld & if you guys have time to write him he posted there, again thanks to amjhoon who’s very hardworking in finding so many stuff about our guy. b b c

  1122. 1122 : POLJHOON Says:



  1123. 1123 : sangjhoon Says:

    천만번 사랑해 to Oppa KJH….annyeong! be well & stay safe & healthy! bogoshipo! jjal ja!

  1124. 1124 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello poljhoon…i did enjoy that youtube with his family too thnx to our amjhoon who is always finding things about him! see u all soon!

  1125. 1125 : amjhoon Says:

    Hi..sangjhoon, poljhoon, angeljhoon, and all.
    It’s my pleasure. I am glad that we have enjoyed the Youtube ji hoon. My friends would feel the same way that they look lovely and very kind right. Ohh I Love him 😀

  1126. 1126 : sangjhoon Says:

    WOW i thought i was in the wrong site, I love this Christmas background Moderators! Really really nice! So cheerful & very festive indeed! Thank you thank you for this beautiful site!

    MERI KERISIMASU to Moderators & all our Kdrama homeland Korea!

  1127. 1127 : sangjhoon Says:

    Hello amjhoon, poljhoon, angeljhoon & other sweeties! Yeah evryONE enjoyed that YT u shared with us! I mailed my Christmas card yesterday to our KJH, let’s hope he gets it in time for Christmas!
    HO HO HO 🙂

    I hope with this Christmas background that our moderators will have time to post our Kim Ji’s photo we’ve been requesting. Maybe i’ll re-post the link again to refresh their memories coz I think they were just super busy for Christmas such as decorating this site!

  1128. 1128 : sangjhoon Says:

    To dear Moderators:

    Pls. kindly post this photo of KJH here where he’s wearing a reindeer hat for Christmas – we realize how busy you have been dealing with other things on this site but would really appreciate it!
    THANK YOU THANK YOU! here’s the link:


  1129. 1129 : sangjhoon Says:

    this is especially for out Kim ji hoon…..MERI KERISIMASU to you and your loved ones! Sarang hae! Cheonmanbon Sarang hae

  1130. 1130 : amjhoon Says:

    Merry Xmas..On Board.
    We wish you a merry Christmas
    We wish you a merry Christmas
    We wish you a merry Christmas
    And a happy New Year.
    We want some figgy pudding
    And a cup of good cheer.
    We won’t go until we get some
    So bring it out here!
    We wish you a Merry Christmas
    And a happy New Year.
    Wish all happy sweeties’s kim ji hoon

  1131. 1131 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello sweeties family kim.
    Updates for friends left behind.
    Observed in this good news hidden.

  1132. 1132 : sangjhoon Says:

    HO HO HO to all sweeties & to our special man Kim ji hoon ssi!

    Woah amjhoon thanks for that Christmas greetings! I love it! 🙂

    Same here, wishing you all the very best this Holiday Season and yes I want some pudding hahaha & sleigh bells, and snow!

    We miss you like crazy Ji hoon ssi! Sarang hae! Cheon man beon sarang!

  1133. 1133 : amjhoon Says:

    Sarang hae!…
    Current date and time to BOT.
    However, no current BOT as
    Thinking of you every night, every day
    Kim Ji Hoon ji shi … Fighting.

  1134. 1134 : sangjhoon Says:

    good day to you KJH and all sweeties here! hi amjhoon sa wat dee ka….yeah we miss/love him to the max! aja aja fighting KJH! take care of your healthy, eat well, sleep well! you’re in our thoughts every single day, haru haru!

  1135. 1135 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello on board.
    hi…sangjhoon how about your dream last night…
    and how we’re oppa ji shi..ji hoon. when i thinking about him is make me to be excited,…to much to talk then to much too missing…kim ji hoon I miss you sooooo much.

  1136. 1136 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello ev.body! hi amjhoon…so sorry i didn’t have our Ji hoon ssi in my drms last night hahaha otherwise you guys will hear it from me!

    me too, the more i think about him the more i miss him & wished he was never sent to the military at least not until later! 🙁

  1137. 1137 : angeljhoon Says:

    Greetings to you KJH ssi & all your sweeties here! I really like the Christmas background done by our moderators! So beautiful right ya all? I’d also like to send him a letter so thanks for alerting us amjhoon!

  1138. 1138 : amjhoon Says:

    Good morning Moderators and all.
    if can be please Moderators post No1128.
    We are request again if can be … please post.
    on board for us .. pleasezzzzz.
    we’re all thank you millions time.
    we wish you are all Moderators have a wonderful weeken. Take care.

  1139. 1139 : amjhoon Says:

    Good morning sangjhoon.
    My time zone later than the date shown on board for about 1 hour that we can say Good morning.
    in the morning i replay Why did UCTMH again and make me
    smille is good for the start of this day. And hopefully you too.

  1140. 1140 : amjhoon Says:

    Ohh..wellcome back angeljhoon missing you like ji hoon i miss you so much..my dear friends angeljhoon
    i hope you not missing someting on board hehehehe
    our board is running i hope you follow check list that have so many youtupe our ji hoon. 😀

  1141. 1141 : Chrisyane's Blog Says:

    […] Kim Ji Hoon as Won Kang Ha Shin Dong Wook as Won Joon Ha […]

  1142. 1142 : sangjhoon Says:


  1143. 1143 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello first to you Kim Ji hoon ssi!

    yeah amjhoon, angeljoon —-we’re all for one & one for all like the three musketeers altho we’re not only three but lots of sweeties here.

    b b c

  1144. 1144 : sangjhoon Says:

    yeah amjhoon…our time zone made us miss each other by a wee bit of time! i’ve seen WDYC for ummhhh maybe 3x but with Stars Falling around 6x already hahaha that’s how addicted KJH has been for us! just hv to watch love hymn & golden era but there’s no sub so maybe wait a little.

    also hi angeljhoon yeah i love this Christmas background made nicely by our admin or moderators! i really also like ji hoon’s reindeer photo as i call it hahaha. thnx again endlessly to our great moderators here for being so nice in posting it in spite of their always hectic schedule.

    annyeong to Ji hoon ssi & take care always!

    sweeties, more later got to go!

  1145. 1145 : sangjhoon Says:

    Hello to Chrisyane here…i just visited your blog & it’s beautiful! Hope you will be one of our KJH sweeties here ok?

    KJH sweeties, don’t miss going to Chrisyane’s blog it’s beautiful!

  1146. 1146 : sangjhoon Says:

    메리 크리스마스 to our KJH! if you sweeties can’t read hangul this is the translation of that:

    Meri Kerisi Masu! sounds like merry christmas also right?

  1147. 1147 : sangjhoon Says:

    sweeties go to this site of our KJH & post a msg for him when you get a chance!


  1148. 1148 : amjhoon Says:

    WOWww ji hun ji shi..
    Thank you soooooo much our Moderators that christmas gift for all sweeties fan family kim…so happy and wish all the best for Moderators too. hi..Chrisyane your bog is very nice i will visit there. hello sangjhoon we’re greating ji hoon pic..right…happyday…B..bc.

  1149. 1149 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi amjhoon….yeah when i saw his photo on a reindeer hat i was very happy it finally got posted in time for Christmas! 🙂 yeah i liked chrisyane’s blog too, it’s pretty nice! B b c

  1150. 1150 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello Kimjihun so glad to see you can be update.
    that ji hoon told about North korea.
    ” Oh, I’m not an emergency? my friends heard about the North Korea missile could had taken a shot at home ..”
    wish your have greating time made the best take care of you self. love you so much.B..Bc.

  1151. 1151 : sangjhoon Says:

    amjhoon sa wat dee ka, where did u find that msg? is that what he wrote somewhere ? i’m about to log off but talk to u tmrw. time for my zzzzzzz
    hahaha! i got engrossed watching Kdrama but feeling sleepy now, sorry i cldnt come earlier sweet frnds!

    To our KJH – jjal isseo (take care). We miss you terribly! Stay safe & healthy!
    / \
    / \
    [ ] that’s my christmas tree for you & all sweeties here

  1152. 1152 : sangjhoon Says:

    oh that’s too bad, the christmas background has been replaced…oh well there’s got to be a reason!

    hello to all sweeties & esp. to our KJH! ev.body seems busy these days! have a great w/end.

  1153. 1153 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello…family Kim.
    Christmas scene and gone too quick.
    Hi…sangjhoon about ji hoon say I got from jiraishin99 tweet reply as his friend is “jooyeon ahn”
    We’re board to be quiet for today…ohhh..longly…B..Bc.

  1154. 1154 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello…all sweeties kim.
    my wished mayby on the way to kim ji hoon.
    not so long we will meet missing geting on trip. B…Bc.

  1155. 1155 : amjhoon Says:

    Christmas scene is comeback yeyeyeye kudekudekude
    Thanks a lot to our Moderators so cute. 😀

  1156. 1156 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello to KJH first of all hope you are having a relaxing day in spite of the tension in SK these days! aja aja

    to all sweeties, hi amjhoon yeyyyyyy Christmas backgrnd is back thank you to our moderators, it looks so cheerful & really festive!

  1157. 1157 : sangjhoon Says:

    yeah amjhoon, board has been quiet ev.body seems busy with Christmas & all that, as i have been too! oh that msg was from his frnd jo heon ah (i think he’s an actor?) in twitter? you’re a hardworking sweety hahaha digging all the news every now & then and thanks for always sharing with us!

    yeah your letter mailed already? good! i hope he gets our mail without any problems! b b c later have a good day all & this is of course countdown to Christmas! Yeyyyyyyyyyyyyy ~ _ ~ d^-^b

  1158. 1158 : POLJHOON Says:


  1159. 1159 : POLJHOON Says:


  1160. 1160 : amjhoon Says:

    Yeahh..sangjhoon I hope so ..
    Before we talk about that we need to find an address to connect with ji hoon. The letter, which it is our hope at the time. Then we were hopeful.
    And when we changed the name to call Sweeties family fans of kim and then…Soon we may know the identity of a more personal view of ji hoon with a family.
    It was very surprise to us right …B..Bc.

  1161. 1161 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello to our Moderators…and say Hi..to sweeties of kim.
    @Poljhoon is my pleasure n glad that everyone,be happy.
    And I have a very happy to share. Feelings for all of us.
    For one of the people we love.
    I want him to be loved by others.
    Everyone wants to love him.
    He is lovely is not considered a good habit.
    He deserved to get love from us…Our Kim Ji Hoon. B..Bc.

  1162. 1162 : amjhoon Says:

    I made this page print send to ji hoon with my letter
    to tell him how we love him ..Yes..i must go post office now..B..Bc. 😀

  1163. 1163 : amjhoon Says:

    * * *
    / \ i
    / l \ ^
    l___^____^____^ /*\


  1164. 1164 : amjhoon Says:

    Blessings from heaven to all you see the good things, be come good luck and prosperity, a glorious life, and the fans who love Kim Ji Hoon by side him forever.

  1165. 1165 : amjhoon Says:

    The first time in 20 years, I wrote a letter mailed. Because most of the phone call. Or the Internet more generous Ohh Ohh no can not imagine. hehehehehe….hahahahaha….my first letter mail
    is I send to my best Kim Ji Hoon.. is good memory.

  1166. 1166 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello..my dear of all.
    you welcome sweetie poljhoon
    I think maybe is….
    jiraishin99 Kim Ji Hun
    지난주에 보낸 편지들 구호품들 잘 받았습니다^^ 다음주에도 기다릴께요 ㅎㅏㅎㅏ
    18 Dec
    Translate to english is
    Last week I received a letter of the alms of the next week I’ll just wait ^ ^ heh heh ㅏ ㅎㅏㅎㅏ
    may be our.. about from me I just send at noon …I ark postman how long time. He said take time 3 or 4 days not over that.
    ….B…Bc 😀

  1167. 1167 : mui Says:

    Merry Christmas to you. Blessing you to have a Good things in you life forever.I will pray for you and give you encourage to pass every movement on your life way. You do not walk alone.

  1168. 1168 : sangjhoon Says:

    first of, a special annyeong to Ji hoon ssi, our ultimate Korean actor! I hope you receive my Christmas card i mailed last week!
    Once again 기쁜 성 탄과 새 해 복 많이 to you!

  1169. 1169 : sangjhoon Says:

    welcome here mui! yeah we all love him so come back here & let us hear more from you ok?

    hello amjhoon, poljhoon, angeljhoon….our other sweeties like franjhoon, jane, joy, stellatur, jackocss have all been MIA (missing in action) and ronjhoon too….sweeties you are all being missed here so pls come by again!

  1170. 1170 : sangjhoon Says:

    yeah amjhoon & all sweeties, here’s another translation of his note:

    Last week Sent letter s relief products are well received ^ ^ next week is also ‘ll wait heh heh ㅏ ㅏMerry Christmas and Happy New

    woah good he got some letters already! i hope it’s one of mine hahaha

    b b c

  1171. 1171 : sangjhoon Says:

    amjhoon at 1160 box, yeah i agree w/you on that…we seem to be getting our hopes pretty high eh? i just hope he’s happy with the love he’s receiving from all of his fans! his parents should be very proud of him!

  1172. 1172 : sangjhoon Says:

    i know everyone wants to love him & what’s there not to love about him right?
    really amjhoon ur first letter mld in 20 yrs? hahaha cool! i’ll chk twit & cyw later when i get a chance! thnx amjhoon for all ur infos! i luv that xmas tree too! hehehe
    / \

  1173. 1173 : angeljhoon Says:

    Well ladies, Jhoon sweeties….lots to read now since i’ve been away? 🙂

    first of all Merry Christmas to our Jihoon ssi and may you have a blessed Holiday Season, hope you get to take sometime off from your duties to be with your family & friends this Christmas! Our prayers are always with you that you stay healthy, safe & be cheerful in spite of the trials in life! We’ll be here waiting for your return! We love you! Sarang hae!

  1174. 1174 : amjhoon Says:

    Hi..angeljhoon yes is long list..
    We will bring together exciting ..
    Finally, we are equally hopeful.
    For me. I thought it was like a gift.
    Reward the good sense to give him a lot.
    @Mui welcome to ji hoon board and Merry Chistmas.
    there we’re update news kim ji hoon as we can as be..
    ark you come to visit again.

  1175. 1175 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello angeljhoon, amjhoon & all sweeties!

    wow i luv this new christmas background made by the moderators…i really like this one better than the previous one!

    thnx dear moderators for all you do!

    b b c

  1176. 1176 : amjhoon Says:

    yes sangjhoon is perfect scene i like too and thanks our Morerators they are hard work there. B..Bc.

  1177. 1177 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello..Moderators, Anysweeties kim, And everybody.
    A few more days to reach New Year’s Eve. Many places on Earth during this time the weather is very cold. And South Korea, too. Very cold weather. Holiday New Year’s Eve New Year 2011 Please be careful when traveling and maintaining good health and may all your New Year’s event safe and happy and be love kim ji hoon forever.

  1178. 1178 : sangjhoon Says:

    Hello sweeties, KJH ssi hi amjhoon angeljhoon, yes this background is mostly pleasant to the eyes, i luv it, thnx to our beloved moderators!

    you’re right Christmas & N Year are not too far from now so this is a C.mas countdown if you will! I know it’s lightly snowing in S Korea now & they’ll for sure have a White Christmas! brrrrhhhhh it’s gonna be cold though so please our Kim Ji hoon ssi bundle up & stay warm! 🙂

    b b c

  1179. 1179 : sangjhoon Says:

    woah another quiet day here on board, where’s ev.body nowadays? amjhoon – still trying to dig some more news about our ji hoon ssi, hardworking girl!
    angeljhoon – busy shopping are you?
    poljhoon – not sure what she’s up to
    all other sweeties – pls come on board & show your support for our KJH till he gets back!

    have a grt day everyone esp. to our Jihoon ssi! 🙂

  1180. 1180 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello…sweeties kim.
    This range would be busy with friends, to forcefully tasks in order to catch the end of the year. Ji hoon will not know to celebrate Christmas with his family or not.
    However, I will show them that we sent him to mind all the time. Think that love and care for him always.

  1181. 1181 : sangjhoon Says:

    to our Kim ji hoon ssi, may your Christmas be as joyful as if you haven’t left your family & friends and your fans all over the world! We hope for your wishes that they may come true and that you will be safe every single day that you’re away from your loved ones!

    MERI KERISIMASU! Sarang hae yo! Your sweeties here love you very much! aja aja fighting!

  1182. 1182 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi sweetie amjhoon, yes we will show our love & support for our ji hoon ssi yong wanhee (forever)!!!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to our moderators as well!

  1183. 1183 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello..sweeties kim.
    today I waiting for ji hoon but he cant sigh mabe he got busy
    day hope he can back to his family for christmas..

  1184. 1184 : POLJHOON Says:




  1185. 1185 : POLJHOON Says:


  1186. 1186 : sangjhoon Says:

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all esp Ji Hoon ssi!

    Hi Poljhoon, Amjhoon, Angeljhoon & all sweeties who have been MIAs (Missing in Action hehehe) hope you all are spending a wonderful Christmas.

    Our love to Kim Ji Hoon ssi will never fade away forever! 🙂 Cheonman beon sarang!!

    / \

  1187. 1187 : amjhoon Says:

    Merry Chrisssssssssssmasssssssssss.
    *Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle all the way
    Oh! What fun is it to ride in a one-horse open sleigh Hey!(Re*)
    Now the ground is white, go it while you’re young
    Take the girl tonight, and sing this sleighing song
    Just get a bobtailed bay, two forty for his speed
    Then hitch him to an open sleigh,
    and crack you’ll take the lead (*)

  1188. 1188 : amjhoon Says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Waww Yeyeyeye hehehehe Waaww

  1189. 1189 : fran Says:

    Hi sangjihoon and all the lovely people that visit this board!
    Merry Christmas to all and wishing everyone good health,good luck and
    happiness in the New Year! And thanks for watching my videos of KJH! And to KJH: you are missed,but never forgotten!

  1190. 1190 : amjhoon Says:

    Merry Christmas fran too.. wish you good life good love good luck and all the best be come to you..so long time no see i so glad you not forget us…Ohh fran pls sight sigh again to get ji hoon to your name..is Kim franjhoon ok. nextime we will see franjhoon on our board…enjoy.

  1191. 1191 : sangjhoon Says:

    welcome back fran….long time no hear? Merry Christmas to you too & all here. i always enjoy ur vids so hope u do more about KJH nxt time! woot woot @[email protected]

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all esp to our Ji hoon ssi, i agree we miss him but not forgotten!

    All the best this Holiday Season to all of you sweeties on board & to our dear Moderators without which this site won’t be available for us to express our fondness to our KJH & other oppas on this site! 🙂

  1192. 1192 : sangjhoon Says:

    amjhoon hehehe i like that song u did ok way to go jingle bells all the way! Santa’s sleigh filled with gifts of love, happiness & peace to all mankind! Enjoy everybody and good health to everyone!

    all sweeties of KJH one for all all for one!

  1193. 1193 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello on board.
    OO..Ohh..we have new scence is Happy new year 2011 yeahhh not to long about 5 days…great and nice. Thks our moderatos thay are active all the time today also same everydays feel miss kim ji hoon so much

  1194. 1194 : sangjhoon Says:

    I luv this new backgnd too Happy New Year is just around the corner….nice thnx moderators.

    hi amjhoon, angeljhoon….hope ev.one had a good Christmas….esp our ji hoon ssi….yeah amjhoon we miss him everyday! bogoshipo!

    b b c

  1195. 1195 : sangjhoon Says:

    Hello/Annyeong to KJH ssi & all his sweeties!

    Hope everyone’s had a good Christmas & now we are preparing to welcome the New Year so let’s hope for good health, happiness and all our wishes come true!

    Take care Ji hoon ssi & all my fellow Jhoon sweeties here!

  1196. 1196 : amjhoon Says:

    Good morning..kim ji hoon and all.
    Today also same last days miss you so much 😀 Have a great for everydays enjoy. 🙂

  1197. 1197 : amjhoon Says:

    HELLO 😀
    close to new year our borad is be quiet maybe everybody geting busy plan for new year party..

  1198. 1198 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello to our KJH & all here 🙂

    Hi amjhoon, yeah it’s been quiet ev.body busy with NYear’s now i guess but we find time to come & keep Jihoon ssi company! hope he’s had a great Christmas celeb. with his family & friends & was able to get some time off from his milit. duties!

    b b c

  1199. 1199 : POLJHOON Says:



  1200. 1200 : sangjhoon Says:

    good day/eve everyone esp our sweet Jihoon ssi….hi poljhoon nice to hv u back!
    wishing you all sweeties here and our Jihoon ssi a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and have a blessed one for the coming year & beyond.

    b b c

  1201. 1201 : sangjhoon Says:

    i guess when i’m not busy here at work the first thing in mind is to come here on board! 🙂 i’d say we’re missing many of our sweeties who haven’t come recently like joy, startulle, ron, jackocss, jane and fran was just here the other day & if i’m missing some names pls excuse me as it’s been a while now. we miss you gals so come here soon! 🙂

    happy new year to you all!

  1202. 1202 : blue Says:

    ji hoon , I ‘m Thai. I just watch “Stars Falling From the sky ” your series. I like you and your act is great. Nowaday, what’re you doing ?
    What series do you like ? and do you plan to do in New Year 2011.
    I can tell that in Thailand you are Star. Ha Ha .

    Hope to see you
    Happy New Year 2011

  1203. 1203 : sangjhoon Says:

    Hello Blue fr Thailand….nice to meet you here & i also started liking him in Stars Falling…i’m sure you know he’s now in the military & won’t be back till 2012? Come by again & join us every now & then. You can also watch his other projects like Why Did You Come to My House, Love & Marriage, Golden Apple & his latest before going to military titled Joseon X Files!
    Happy New Year to you! Hope to see you here again!

  1204. 1204 : angeljhoon Says:

    Hello annyeong Jihoon ssi and all the lovely sweeties here 🙂

    A very Happy New Year to you KJH & all sweeties and to our moderators! May all your good wishes come true and most importantly good health & safety!

    We love you Kim Ji hoon ssi and will support you in all you do! Be safe & healthy! Take care! 🙂

    Talk to you all later!

  1205. 1205 : sangjhoon Says:

    Sae hae boka manhi badu sae yo Ji hoon ssi Happy New Year!!! Have a wonderful one & hope you enjoy it with your friends & family this New Year! All the best to you & your loved ones!

  1206. 1206 : sangjhoon Says:

    Sae hae bok manhi badou sae yo Happy New Year to all my sweetie friends: amjhoon, angeljhoon, poljhoon, pecklejhoon, joyjhoon, franjhoon, jackocjhoon, blue, startulle, ronjhoon & if i miss anyone, pls bear with me but this is all to Jhoon sweeties here.

    Happy New Year to our Moderators too without whom we won’t have a chance to express our admiration to Jihoon ssi and many other Korean actors on this website! Thank you all – you’re wonderful!

  1207. 1207 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello ji hoon, Hi…anyone,
    The day after tomorrow say bye by for year 2010. Thanks angeljhoon wish all your wish back to you too. Hi..blue wellcome to ji hoon board I’m from Thailand too 🙂 ฉันชื่นชอบจีฮุนมากเช่นกัน เขาเป็นดาราที่ฉันชอบมากที่สุด แต่น่าเสียดายที่กว่าจะได้เจอจีฮุนก็คงจะปี 2012 2 ปี ก็นานเนอะช่วงนี้ก็ดุละครของเค้ารอไปพลางๆ ฉันเข้ามาโพสท์ในบอร์ดนี้เป็นประจำทุกวัน ถ้าบลูว่างๆก้เข้ามาโพสท์พูดคุยกันในบอร์ดบ่อยๆนะที่นี่จะได้ไม่เงียบเหงาของและมารวมพลคนรักคิมจีฮุน ณ ที่นี้ด้วยกัน sangjhoon how about your letter…let me know some ok 😀

  1208. 1208 : amjhoon Says:

    Invite friends to join the New Year countdown parties tonightใ

  1209. 1209 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello all sweeties!

    yeah i’ll let u know if my letter was received but i think i won’t know until he responds to it right amjhoon!
    hi angeljhoon same to you all happy new year!

  1210. 1210 : blue Says:

    Dear ji hoo,
    thank you ,sangjihoo from News of kim ji hoo have to do his responsibility to be army. I know that if I live in Korea , I\’m sure to go to say Hello before kim ji hoo go to the camp.

    Finally, I will wait kim ji hoo for 2 years and hope new from this website.
    happy to sangjihoo too.
    Take Care Kim Ji hoo (-_-)

  1211. 1211 : blue Says:

    Dear Amjihoon,
    I ‘m thai fan to kim yi hoon like you , How many fans of kim yi hoon in thailand? hope to be your news of Kim yi hoon in this
    and Say hello to fans from Korea . Today, I just watch Star falling from the sky in 3 times. Miss you

    Take Care Kim yi hoon

  1212. 1212 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello all sweeties, Hi..Blue glad to visit you back board ji hoon.
    And hope if you are going to discuss the board greeted ji hoon frequently Sweeties family kim we all love and miss.
    Send to ji hoon concern here that make we all feel like family.

  1213. 1213 : amjhoon Says:

    Hi..Bluejhoon…welcome to sweeties family kim. Yes there we are update news kim ji hoon as soon as we can then come to join with us there..about ji hoon i know him frome drama why did you come yo my house is not to long i know him after then.
    i falling love and follow his all drama..B..Bc. 😀

  1214. 1214 : amjhoon Says:


  1215. 1215 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi again blue….once you’re on board we’ll call you blujhoon as in Jhoon family of sweeties hahahaha we’re all going nuts here for Jihoon ssi so i’m sure you’ll u/stand! you’re more than welcome about his update & whereabouts, it’s nice you found KJH board here & once in a while you can talk to our amjhoon even in thai for more news since amjhoon is our resourceful sweetie here! right amjhoon? i also recommend that drama of ji hoon why did you come to my house, he was really good in this one & funny, then there’s How Much Love you can get the link & watch if you go to this site click Drama List, in here i believe it’s called So Much Love, this is one of my favorites now, then Golden Apple on mysoju. did you also know his latest one before living for the army? It’s titled Joseon X Files or Secret Investigation Report also watch online!

    Happy New Year to all especially our Jihoon ssi

  1216. 1216 : amjhoon Says:

    Happy New Year to all, we take your pleasure.
    Auspicious better appreciate different rejoice popular happy smiling.I pray for blessings from heaven to those you happiness discriminatory.

    Please give blessings by the kindness for Kim ji hoon, Moderators, sangjhoon, Amjhoon, Poljhoon, Angeljhoon, Pecklejhoon, bluejhoon, and all kimjihoon fans.

    Discriminatory to those you happy every day and every night and appreciate the all fans .

    To thrive in the New Year Thai Bands Be Happy.
    Be happy all year round to count, but now
    To end suffering Peace peace rejoice.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011.

  1217. 1217 : sangjhoon Says:

    amjhoon….yeah it’s coming matter of fact it probably is coming to your country as we speak….so countdown to 2011 yeyyyyy!

    hope our Jihoon ssi will have a good year ahead of him & beyond! this goes to everybody here including our moderators!

    once again HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  1218. 1218 : sangjhoon Says:

    amjhoon, good msg fr you! everyone stay happy & healthy….throughout the New Year & beyond!

    to all sweeties angeljhoon, amjhoon, poljhoon, blujhoon, franjhoon, jackjhoon, ronjhoon, joyjhoon, startullejhoon, may? i forgot her name now but anyway enjoy enjoy the New Year with a bang! let’s support Jihoon ssi all the way!

  1219. 1219 : amjhoon Says:

    yeah…i think so and try to do some specail word for we are all and specail one’s kim ji hoon the best of the best in my heart.

  1220. 1220 : sangjhoon Says:

    yeah amjhoon, u got it right, he’s the best of da best in our hearts! nothing will change that! we love you kim ji hoon! you rock! 🙂

  1221. 1221 : POLJHOON Says:



  1222. 1222 : amjhoon Says:

    Thanks & Happy New Year to Poljhoon are very happy as well.
    And we start the countdown waiting ji hoon just come back next year only. No more waiting too long.

  1223. 1223 : amjhoon Says:

    First day of the year hope our ji hoon get time to partie and say happy new year to his socicail…Take care all.

  1224. 1224 : sangjhoon Says:

    I also hope that our Kim ji hoon ssi had a good New Year with his family & friends! Wishing him all da best of da best for 2011 & beyond!

  1225. 1225 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi amjhoon & poljhoon hope you all enjoyed 2011 celeb. and to all our sweeties here!

    Happy New Year also to our dear Moderators!

  1226. 1226 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello sweeties sangjhoon, poljhoon and all.
    One day after the holiday celebrating the year Failure ji hoon our hope, too. Always miss you.

  1227. 1227 : amjhoon Says:

    Hi..again 🙂
    Let me predict that the next scene after scene, the color will be a day of love Valentine, however, that this festival is to love kim ji hoon every day and is overwhelming.

  1228. 1228 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello annyeong ha sae yo to our KJH ssi Day 2 of this brand New Year & hope you had a wonderful New Year — we love you yong wonhee forever!

    hi amjhoon, poljhoon, angeljhoon & all the sweeties here! yeah i know what you mean amjhoon we failed to hear fr here this NY but that’s understandable since he must be busy & very limited time on his hands however let’s predict he’ll send a note again one of these days! 🙂

  1229. 1229 : bahar Says:

    I am bahare.Iam from Iran.You are very pretty and joker.you are best artist in film why did to come my house .Can I give mi your emali?
    Thanke you

  1230. 1230 : sangjhoon Says:

    Hello to our KJH & his sweeties here! hope everyone has had a wonderful New Year & all the best to all!

    Hi Bahar fr Iran….welcome here & glad you’re able to find this board! I also liked why did you come…he was really funny there & i’m sure you’ve seen him also in stars falling? if not, you don’t know what u’r missing 🙂
    go to his twitter & share your email there, at jiraishin99 i believe, there’s more chances of him posting there too, let us know if you’re able to ok so we can help you or assist you further! come back soon so you can talk about him, anything about him etc. will always be appreciated by him & us!

  1231. 1231 : sangjhoon Says:

    to bahar…one more thing go to cyworld also….i’ll share the link later.

  1232. 1232 : sangjhoon Says:

    here’s KJH cyworld link


  1233. 1233 : sangjhoon Says:

    i agree with you amjhoon, sooner or later this background will turn into a spirit of Valentine’s Day?? maybe? it depends on whether our moderators will have time to change it. that’ll be nice though!
    yeah we didn’t get any msg fr our kim ji hoon ssi for new year’s — he’s probab. too busy with his duties! we can u/stand that! arayo!

    where’s everybody, so quiet here! b b c

  1234. 1234 : blue Says:

    Happy new year 2011
    I’m coming back. hope you all happy , and have kim ji hoon in your heart like me.
    kim yi hoon, what’s about fan kr.? I read his history,why he plays average one seire/ per year ?
    and what channel to contact him ?
    Miss you all , and Can I see once time

  1235. 1235 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi again & welcome back Blue! yes same here with all of us he’s always in our heart…what dramas of jihoon have you seen so far aside from stars falling? you should see him also in: golden apple (mysoju dot com) as well as love and marriage same site.
    pls let us know if you need more info ok? re his twitter account, you can go to jiraishin99 and sign up so you can send him your message of admiration! 🙂 u can also ask our amjhoon here, she’s also fr thailand!
    talk to you & all sweeties here soon!

  1236. 1236 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello, all of us Hi sangjhoon, and Hi bahar welcome to Kim ji hoon board. Now back to normal after the holiday that celebrates the new year. B…bc.

  1237. 1237 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello again.
    What are news. Oh, if I have to search so viewed What’s new is that some After a while I’ll come back later.

  1238. 1238 : amjhoon Says:

    Hi..Blue [ Bluejhoon ]
    you can visit ji hoon on sangjhoon post link at 1232 and can follow him by twitter
    http://twitter.com/#!/jiraishin99 Hope your enjoy 🙂

  1239. 1239 : amjhoon Says:

    Bluejhoon if you visit on cyworld ji hoon and need to post there you can click that link to open how to post on cyworld ji hoon.
    If you have some question can ark me or sangjhoon there.
    wish you are enjoy with my present.

  1240. 1240 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello amjhoon, blujhoon & all sweeties here!
    yeah blujhoon u can ask amjhoon or myself if u need help surfing twit & cy! amjhoon is v good in cyworld she taught me how to use the clip arts & how to post there so feel free to ask her – she’ll walk u through it like she did for me!

  1241. 1241 : sangjhoon Says:

    yeah amjhoon we’re hoping to hear from jihoon ssi but he’s still busy & preoccupied with so many duties in the army i guess!

    hi to bahar as well hope you visit often! nice to know our jihoon ssi got a fan or maybe fans we don’t know in Iran!

    b b c (be back)

  1242. 1242 : sangjhoon Says:

    KJH sweeties, here’s a link to KBS news re army extending training for another three months (that is fr 5 months to 8 months) this year. let’s hope & pray this means our Jihoon ssi having been there since Oct. won’t be affected with this year’s extension! 🙁


  1243. 1243 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello, alsweeties…Hi sangjhoon.
    Thanks 4 KBS WORLD News. I think ji hoon causes the constant practice certainly See it and then had hard winter weather any more. I send hundreds % hearts to cheering our kim ji hoon fighting … B..bc.

  1244. 1244 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi amjhoon & all sweeties! u’r more than welcome! yeah he must be very busy these days with constant training! 🙁 Let’s hope he keeps his spirit high & not to stress himself too much! we need to cheer him up like you’re doing, was it in twit? i hvnt been there lately but i’ll try to leave him a note esp on cy! b b c

  1245. 1245 : amjhoon Says:

    Hi..Sweeties ji hoon…
    finished new year patie everybody busy too. is big job to me for clear all the way into place. A house in order as before. got busy busy…but my heart never busy for kim ji hoon 😀
    right…sweety sangjhoon..!!..B…Bc.

  1246. 1246 : blue Says:

    Dear all fan of kim ji hoon
    I intend to go to KR for meet kim yi hoon , if we plan to go please tell me for preparing to money. HA HA

    For amjihoon,sagjihoon thank you for information , but I cann’t contact him because KR language.

    Will come again

  1247. 1247 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello alsweeties kim, Hi…Bluejhoon you can leave msg for ji hoon on Cyworld just click this link to learn How to post.
    Is EXAMPLE how to post on Cyworld if you open this link you will understand..enjoy 🙂

  1248. 1248 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello again sweeties KJH here, bluejhoon, amjhoon & all…yeah wish list for me is to see him in person, maybe we shld plan this when he gets out from his milit. service? oh that would just be a grand grand time for me/us! don’t you think? blujhoon, amjhoon is good at cyw so she’ll probab. give u instructions here in Thai? u think amjhoon? i also was taught by amjhoon she’s really good! ok talk more later! so this is TML 🙂

  1249. 1249 : sangjhoon Says:

    oh i forgot to say u’r welcome bluejhoon….i guess by now u know why we call our usernames with jhoon at the end right? hahaha we’re crazy about him so this was amjhoon’s idea which we all have followed through lately! hahaha so welcome to the KJH sweetie club & hope you come regulary as a show of support for him 🙂

  1250. 1250 : sangjhoon Says:

    Sweeties here’s a song by Bobby Vee which i thought we should dedicate to our KJH while he’s away & maybe getting a bit lonely 🙂 it’s a nice song if you want to hear this on youtube just type More Than I Can Say. I changed the word ‘I’ to ‘We’ as this is from all of us. Credit Bobby Vee (singer) here we go: KJH this one’s for you! I’ll post it also on cyworld later.

    More Than We Can Say

    Wo-oh yay yay
    Love you more than we can say
    We’ll love you twice as much tomorrow
    Wo-oh, love you more than we can say

    Wo-oh yay yay
    We miss you every single day
    Why must our life be filled with sorrow
    Wo-oh, love you more than we can say

    Don’t you know we need you so
    Tell us please, we gotta know
    Do you mean to make us cry
    Are we just another gals

    Wo-oh yay yay
    Love you more than we can say
    we’ll love you twice as much tomorrow
    Wo,oh, love you more than we can say.

    Sarang hae yo Kim ji hoon ssi from all your sweeties! yeyyy

  1251. 1251 : amjhoon Says:

    Is very nice song so Excellent hahaha you No.1 to give song for ji hoon yeah..i will forward my time to finish my Lyrics
    for ji hoon too. Ohh..forgot to say hi…hahahaha… Ann yeong ha se yo..to all sweeties kim, wish everybody funny happy
    enjoy the day. B..Bc.

  1252. 1252 : amjhoon Says:

    Ohh..my colorname is change…is make me surprice..hahaha
    I think mean that some to specail…hahaha..anyone who can tell me?..hahaha but feel good like my thinking. B..Bc.

  1253. 1253 : sangjhoon Says:

    hahaha you liked that amjhoon? thnx…isn’t it quite appropriate for our jihoon ssi? we miss him every single day & all that & we can say no more than we love him! hahaha glad u liked it! ok we’ll wait for your song! hahaha

    TML (talk more later)

  1254. 1254 : sangjhoon Says:

    woah i didn’t even notice that your colorname changed indeed? what does it mean? mine is still black hahaha u r special amjhoon!

  1255. 1255 : franjhoon Says:

    Hi sangjhoon and everyone!
    Happy New Year!
    Thanks for giving me that new name ! I love it! Hahaha!
    If anyone has any ideas about a new vid, let me know. I can always make a vid of another actor other than KJH.

  1256. 1256 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi franjhoon hahaha glad u liked ur new name hahaha welcome back & Happy New Year to you too! ok i’ll see if we can find an idea of a vid….we’ll let u know….thnx for asking our sweetie friend. pls come by again we miss you!

  1257. 1257 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello,Sangjhoon Hi franjhoon and all. Happy new year 2011 to you too. long long long…time no see welcome back home great to see you and i also miss you. now we wait for more about ji hoon trainning again and hope he everything be ok. I am also glad that you like our new name. B..Be 🙂

  1258. 1258 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello to you too amjhoon…franjhoon & all sweeties some have been missing in action here hahaha. we’ll wait for latest news about him & just hope he’s doing OK! have a good day everyone or evening wherever you are at this point! 🙂 TML (talk more later) or as amjhoon phrases it b b c

  1259. 1259 : sangjhoon Says:

    all sweeties, i just found out minutes ago we can watch KJH movie Natalie on the link below, i’m warning you if you’re under age 🙂 ask your parental guidance as the first few scenes are a bit too much to take hahaha. glad it’s not our guy who was in it hahaha. OK enjoy & i’ll watch it later. here you go:


  1260. 1260 : sangjhoon Says:

    i looked at the movie briefly & gosh there’s some heavy s.xy scenes — up to u to judge am still glad our guy didn’t perform those scenes hahaha

  1261. 1261 : amjhoon Says:


  1262. 1262 : sangjhoon Says:

    yeyyyy amjhoon….that’s so unique…i luv your msg to him. hahaha i’ll do something like that after this hahaha u gave me an idea mine wld be in hangul

    my other msg is undergoing moderation coz of the words there. sorry moderators! delete it if you see fit! 🙂

    thnx again

  1263. 1263 : sangjhoon Says:

    김지훈 천만번 사랑해
    김지훈 천만번 사랑해
    김지훈 천만번 사랑해
    김지훈 천만번 사랑해
    김지훈 천만번 사랑해

    girls/sweeties, this translates to Kim ji hoon love you a thousand times or
    cheon man beon sarang hae

  1264. 1264 : amjhoon Says:

    Goodmorning all sweetie and all fans.
    Today is Friday i get try again. Waiting for our ji hoon.
    Just in case good luck enough to let him have it online.

  1265. 1265 : amjhoon Says:

    Hii Sweeties Kim,
    Feel like a broken heart. 🙁 but i always understand him and still waiting 4 u KJH. Amjhoon…Fighting..!..

  1266. 1266 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo ji hoon ssi…i hope you received my christmas card & letter enclosed….pls respond thru your twitter or cyworld jebal.
    cheon man beon sarang hae! kidarilkae yo! bogoshiposo! jjal isseo!

  1267. 1267 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello to all jhoon sweeties…yeah amjhoon it’s friday to you since y-day and am just waking up on a friday morning…..what a (time) difference a day makes eh? hope you all have a grt weekend esp. to our beloved idol Kim ji hoon ssi!

    t….m…. later

  1268. 1268 : Tweets that mention » Kim Ji Hoon » Korean Actor & Actress -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Am Ji_Hun. Am Ji_Hun said: Talk to kim ji hoon http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=538&cpage=26#comment-120410 […]

  1269. 1269 : amjhoon Says:

    Annyeong ha se yo..Everyone.
    yeah..I post that manytime to present Webside and need more friends ji hoon fans or someone else missing him.
    weather some country so cold..wish everybody good care health. B..Bc 🙂

  1270. 1270 : sangjhoon Says:

    annheong amjhoon & KJH & his sweeties …. good idea my frnd so we can get some more supporters for jihoon ssi! 🙂 i also posted that song on cyw in case he visits there soon!

  1271. 1271 : sangjhoon Says:

    i dunno why my msg still awaits moderation when there’s nothing bad in what i’ve said? 🙁

  1272. 1272 : amjhoon Says:

    Annyeong ha sae yo..Kimjihun ang say hi to all..At sangjhoon post on ji hoon Cyworld is so nice..for him is great to us i agree with you..B..Bc. ro also same TML ..^๐^..

  1273. 1273 : sangjhoon Says:

    amjhoon & sweeties here…i think no. 13 on cyw was from Kim ji hoon as he used his name there. woah i’m so excited if that’s really him i still have to read some of the writing i know if that’s him, there’s so many kekekekeke he wrote in hangeul…kekeke is something like in english i think is like an expression. i forgot now hahaha. anyway chk it out ok?

  1274. 1274 : sangjhoon Says:

    amjhoon & all – here’s a copy of what he wrote on cyworld that is if that is really who he claims to be coz i read the post name as kim ji hoon woah i hope it’s him here it is:

    내랑이름도같은데 투데이도 비슷햌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    i think in romanized it’s like: nae sang ireum do kal yun dae tuo dae idu bi su jo heon kekekekekekeke (this may not be accurate as i read it but i’ll try to ask my korean friend if i see him tmrw) 🙂

  1275. 1275 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello jihoon ssi, hope you’re doing ok. aja aja fighting!

    woah board is quiet this w/end. ok have a good day ev.one!

  1276. 1276 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello anysweety, Hi..sangjhoon.
    Hope everybody well. Oh..sangjhoon i will see now b back soon. 😀

  1277. 1277 : amjhoon Says:

    @sangjhoon i think so but…why he not say or leave someting to tell for his fans…?

  1278. 1278 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi all sweeties esp KJH

    hi amjhoon, maybe he was in a hurry, i need to google the t/lation of what was written, i just hope nobody was faking his name ? but i hv a strong feeling it was him? we just hope!

  1279. 1279 : amjhoon Says:

    Hi..ji hoon fans.
    Yesterday or the day is a day off, he looked from the time he thought I should post.
    If this is the normal time in the camp, then he would sleep.

  1280. 1280 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello ev.body sweeties

    so amjhoon u think that was him who posted on cy? i hope so 🙂

  1281. 1281 : sangjhoon Says:

    sweeties here’s the word lingo translation of our guy’s note fr cyworld:

    looks like my lang name today is also similar to get fit for fun! blah blah blah blah blah

    내랑이름도같은데 투데이도 비슷햌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  1282. 1282 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello kim ji hoon why do you disappear quietly. Leave a whisper to the wind cold. Ask you to send us news that we knew.

  1283. 1283 : amjhoon Says:


  1284. 1284 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello Kimjihun. Moderators alsweeties and anyguys.
    This is considered a special day is another day of the year. Matt is on 11/1/11 >yy mm dd< desiring what ye ask pray to make a wish for the fulfillment of every word their prayers. I m happy for all ye hopeful. Have wonderful day. Take care:D

  1285. 1285 : amjhoon Says:

    Good afternoon to anysweeties and all.
    In the words of their prayers, I was a real Most happy.
    Thank God. Thanks ji hoon.

  1286. 1286 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello Sweeties Kim..Hope your enjoy.

  1287. 1287 : sangjhoon Says:

    good day to you Kim Ji hoon, i agree we miss you manhi bogoshipo! hope we get a msg from you one of these days so your fans can be assured you’re doing OK. We only hope & pray for the best to you always & may you stay happy, healthy & eating well!

    good day to you all sweeties here & amjhoon i like your msgs to him 🙂

  1288. 1288 : sangjhoon Says:

    To dear Moderators: pls post this link of KJH when he took a photo during his first military leave! Many thanks!


  1289. 1289 : angeljhoon Says:

    Hello sweetie friends & especially to our idol Kim Ji Hoon….amjhoon & sangjhoon you both are soooooo good in coming here, pls excuse me for not being able to do so often as my time usually doesn’t allow me.

    I’m going to check his twit account after this. thnx guys!

    take care Jihoon ssi

  1290. 1290 : amjhoon Says:

    Good morning anysweeties and all.
    hahaha…sangjhoon my msg going to ji hoon ringing ringing ..like that right hahaha..i hope so maybe ji hoon can got our feel …B..Bc.

  1291. 1291 : blue Says:

    hi ,
    I just post to him in twitpic , but I know he doesn’t read because he is busy.
    I just look love & marriage. Really I don’t like this series. when compare with star falling from the sky ( see more than 6 times )

  1292. 1292 : sangjhoon Says:

    Many thanks to our moderators for posting our Jihoon’s photos from his latest military training! The more i look at those photos the more i miss him! 🙁

  1293. 1293 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello blujhoon & amjhoon…thnx for the links amjhoon

    blujhoon, love & marr. is not as nice as Stars I know what you mean! I also hv seen Stars maybe 7th x now hahaha & still don’t feel tired of watching it! On twitter i’m not sure about him reading the msgs but maybe when he gets the time he might! I also posted there & our frnd amjhoon always got something there too! glad to see you back blue! pls do keep us company.

    hello to angeljhoon, we missed you too! we got quite a few sweeties who are MIA (missing in action) hahaha.

  1294. 1294 : sangjhoon Says:

    amjhoon, glad u posted on twit his photos during training, i wanted to leave a msg on your page but twit is experiencing tech problems so i’ll chk back tmrw! he seems into it & looking diligent in his trianing! i like his photo also during his day off, looking excited to be out from the camp drinking iced coffee i guess peering through the window — i’m happy for him!

  1295. 1295 : amjhoon Says:

    Hi .. Sangjhoon, Angeljhoon, Bluejhoon and all ji hoon fans. Everybody welcome back again and again so glad to see you are all .. @ Bluejhoon ji hoon because the cause must be in strict regulation rather than private time. But I’m sure. If he has the opportunity he had to check online to read all the text of course. With the limited time he has just updated the story to the fans buzzing.

  1296. 1296 : amjhoon Says:

    Sa Wat Dee Ka >Thai style<
    you're welcome with joy. Glad that everyone liked.
    about drama love & marriage. is lovely and funny girl was fun to another form. But a kissing scene too much hahahaha jealous girl does not look like a common star falling from the sky I see this too often. See how many times it is not another boring story about love hymm ji hoon is our lovely and so young … i love hymm too.

  1297. 1297 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello again. It is important not to forget it is thanks to our MODERATORS posted many pictures of our sweetheart we are all thank you a million time. Have a beautiful day:) TML “talk more later
    A short code from Sang joon.

  1298. 1298 : blue Says:

    Hello, amjihoon คือคุณจอย?
    ไว้เราไปเกาหลีเพื่อไปเยี่ยม jihoon นะ
    to our fanclub jihoon
    I have to stay in Hospital for accident. during on 5 jan untill yesterday
    12 jan . !!!!!!
    So, sorry to cann’t contact

  1299. 1299 : blue Says:

    Dear angeljihoon to,
    tks for look follow our sweet jihoon
    and nice to meet you

    sangjihoon. i’m watching star falling for watching this more than you
    what’s about another series , please tell me ?

  1300. 1300 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello any ji hoon.
    @Blujhoon ครั้งหน้าถ้าไม่รังเกียจรบกวนบลูใช้ชื่อตามนี้นะยืนยันว่าเป็นสมาชิคในครอบครัวของจิฮุนเรียบร้อย เราชื่อแอมนะ เรื่องไปเกาหลีแอมว่าไว้ให้จิฮุนปลดประจำการก่อนดีไหม จะได้เป็นการฉลองต้อนรับการกลับบ้านให้จิฮุนด้วยและการที่เราจะไปเราก็ต้องติดต่อกับจิฮุนไว้ก่อนจะได้ไม่เสียเที่ยว ถ้าเป็นไปตามนั้นจริงๆเราค่อยประกาศหาร่วมเพื่อนร่วมเดินทางอีกที ดีใจที่บลูเข้ามาพูดคุยด้วยและมาบ่อยๆนะหายไปแค่วันสองวันพวกเราก็คิดถึงละ:) about to visit ji hoon we have time to make plan Okay:D

  1301. 1301 : amjhoon Says:

    Ohh..so bad and sorry. How about you?..hope you get better than that..must take care. We are all sweetty family fan of kim ji hoon ขอเป็นกำลังใจและส่งความปราถนาดีให้บลุหายไวๆ สะดวกเมื่อไหร่แล้วรีบมาคุยกับพวกเรานะ แอมเอาใจช่วย Take good care ur self.

  1302. 1302 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello on board.
    hope our Moderatos post it too. Thanks alot …yo. B..Bc.

  1303. 1303 : amjhoon Says:

    Hi..For someone elfe to missing.
    give credit for sarang hae yo..Kimjihun…hahahaha

  1304. 1304 : sangjhoon Says:

    first of all Bluejhoon i’m so sorry to hear about your accid. i hope you’re OK now, take care!

    @amjhoon – yeah me too got jealous with that actress in L&M too many kiss scenes eh? hahaha i like the Stars falling better than this drama I agree with blue also. I love all the photos now we have from his latest army training! I got mixed emotions though coz i feel like he’s really working hard or they are letting him work hard sigh sigh.

  1305. 1305 : sangjhoon Says:

    chon man beon sarang hae Jihoon ssi! always take care & don’t be lonely, we’ll be waiting for you & support you always & yong won hee! 🙂

  1306. 1306 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello annyeong to Ji hoon ssi & all his sweeties!

    i got to see a lot of his photos on cyw that i’ve never seen before & thanks for telling me about it amjhoon! i still have a few more to cover but really had a fill today; i saw his photo when he was maybe 16 or in his teens? but really he was so thin & very young looking so i’m not sure if he was 16 or in his early 20s but he sure was looking so young. 🙂

  1307. 1307 : sangjhoon Says:

    quiet board these days…how’s ev.body of jihoon sweeties?

    happy weekend everyone esp to our Jihoon ssi! fighting!

  1308. 1308 : amjihun Says:

    Hello/Annyeong to KJH ssi & all his sweeties!
    Ji hoon Don’t worry about your skin more 100 days not so bad just take care so good your health…everything will be good too. always miss you. @sangjhoon yup..so quiet here..let board to holiday too. hahahaha…TML. 🙂

  1309. 1309 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello again.
    Ohh..online with another computer I’m forgot change my name hahaha…I miss you Jo gi dong, Why DUCTMH. I like you Park Hyun Soo,Love Marriage and more …nex post.

  1310. 1310 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello any ji hoon act and any ji hoon fans.
    ” Kim Hyung Do ” as secret Investigation,
    ” King Hyeon jong ” as Empress chon Chu,
    ” Jo Gi Dong ” as why did you come to my house,
    ” Park Hyun Soo ” as Love mariang,
    ” Won Kung Ha ” as Pic the star,
    ” Suk Dong Soo ” as How much love,
    ” Go Eun Tak ” as Flower for my life,
    ” Choi Shi Wan ” as Great Inheritance
    I love all his act..and more..Nex post. 😛

  1311. 1311 : sangjhoon Says:

    wow amjhoon i like that idea of you having all the roles or characters he was in coz sometimes i can’t recall some of the names he played 🙂

    hello to you KJH & i agree w/amjhoon be healthy, no prob how your skin looks, you are still awesome person, Korea and your fans like us are very very proud of you!

    yeah amjhoon & all sweeties TML

  1312. 1312 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to our kim ji hoon, and all sweeties here! hope you’re doing OK in spite of your rigorous training these days at the military! stay strong, healthy & eat well! we’ll be praying & hoping for your safety always! jjal isseo! 🙂

  1313. 1313 : bluejihoon Says:

    Hello fanclub of jihoon,
    I come back to miss you all. TKS for amjihoon and sangjihoon
    ดีจ้า แอม เห็นด้วยนะที่ไปหา jihoon คงต้องติดต่อก่อนจะได้เจอ ไว้แอมจะไปก็ได้เลย
    Please take me to meet jihoon.
    To amjihoon.
    What’s about another series. เรื่องอื่นๆ สนุกป่ะ เรายังไม่ได้ดู
    I fall in love him in star falling from the sky. My friend give love&Marriage but I watch some and fell don’t like ,
    therefore, I watch only one seires but watch very often ^___^

  1314. 1314 : amjhoon Says:

    Hi..Sweeties anyone 🙂
    @bluejihoon Thanks for answering in a pop as the Chic family fans love ji hoon.
    ละครที่จีฮูนเล่นสนุกทุกเรื่อง เราดูิินจนร้องให้ด้วยทุกเรื่องเลย ส่วนเรื่องไปเกาหลีไว้ไกล้ๆจีฮุนปลดประจำการเราค่อยคุยกันอีกทีนะ แล้วอาการบลูเป็นอย่างไรหายดีหรือยัง อากาศหนาวยังไงก็ยักษาสุขภาพด้วยนะ
    @sangjhoon I followed the link to comment on the club web page pan ji hoon is to find the website.
    Glad you like. The weather was cold, everyone looks after carefully you healthy. Take care all. 😛

  1315. 1315 : amjhoon Says:

    From post No. 1310.
    ” Kyung Ku ” as Golden Apple.
    ” Lee Bok Soo ” as Golden Era Daughter in low.
    ” Kung Yook ” as Love Hymmm.
    ” Choi Sung Wook ” as Loveing you.
    about ” A Problem At My Younger Brother’s House ”
    That Drama I still do not see it does not know the story.
    But we are confident that every character on the show’s see everything. The many issues that I watched so much fun and I like everything. Bend my friends would like, too.

  1316. 1316 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello again bluejhoon, glad to see u back! u r more than welcome! me too, wasn’t so impressed with L&M story but i watched it anyway coz of our KJH! You shld watch Golden Apple, if u havnt, Golden Era of Daughters in Law, How Much Love tho no eng subs, Joseon X files. I too fell for him watching Stars Falling oh another one u won’t wanna miss is Flowers for My Life most of these are still online like Gold.A; Joseon etc.

    Hello to our Kim ji hoon & his sweeties here!

  1317. 1317 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello. Sweeties. The weather was cold, ask all health care is always warm and good care your self.
    @sangjhoon I agree with you drama ji hoon, many of our players have to guess the event because there is no English subtitles. But still likely to see:)
    @bluejhoon มีละครที่อยากแนะนำเรื่อง why did you come to my house เรื่องนี้ก็น่้าดู ji hoon รบบทและแสดงได้ดีมากๆถ้าบลูดูเรื่องนี้นะรับรองว่าจะต้องรัก ji hoon มากว่าทุกวันนี้แน่นอน B..Bc. Take Care Of all.

  1318. 1318 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo ji hoon ssi, hope you feel good everyday! as always we’re missing you but just the same you’re always on our minds! kidaril kae!

    @ amjhoon, yeah so it’s a grt idea for you to sift thru the names or characters he played in all his dramas! you’re a very resourceful sweetie!
    hello all sweeties, hi bluejhoon, franjhoon, angeljhoon, poljhoon, joy, & all come home here soon! aja aja

  1319. 1319 : kim sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to our ji hoon ssi and haeng bokhan weekend to you!

    to all sweeties….how r u all dong & have a grt weekend too! got a busy day ahead so TML (talk more later).

    🙂 amjhoon still busy with our KJH blog? take ur time but i can’t wait to see the whole blog soon! you’re v v artistic so keep up the good work my swt frnd!

  1320. 1320 : POLJHOON Says:



  1321. 1321 : POLJHOON Says:



  1322. 1322 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello Everyone, I-Net signal does not work at all cant to online so however..? I miss everyone in the forum. Hi..Poljhoon
    you’re welcome and glad to see you To talk often.
    @sangjhoon also thanks I’m will try..( u get is )..haha will talk later..Take care all.

  1323. 1323 : sangjhoon Says:

    helo poljhoon….nice to see you here…u r welcome!

    hello to our ji hoon ssi! fighting!

  1324. 1324 : amjhoon Says:

    OUR BOARD SO LONGLY.. :*( quiet like waiting for ji hoon update to make awake…think so…Ohhh ji hoon missing you ..from board. (:-… :”(

  1325. 1325 : sangjhoon Says:

    our msgs amjhoon must’ve criss-crossed so thnx my frnd! TML

    annyeong & sarang hae yo to our ji hoon ssi! jjal isseo! 🙂

  1326. 1326 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello sweeties my dear..we need more time to say we miss you so much and love you…kim ji hoon..more than we can say…and need more and more time to say a lost of love 4 u. Be safe we care take care our love jihun ji..shi.

  1327. 1327 : sangjhoon Says:

    my day doesn’t seem complete w/o saying annyeong to our jihoon ssi & all sweeties here this is why my msg has been constantly on moderation here LOL! I’ll try to watch his Love Hymn when I get a day off nxt time since i need to concentrate fully when watching his drama!

    yes amjhoon this board seems lonely these days, our other sweeties have not been visiting! i wondered why??? see you all later! have a grt day! B b c or TML

  1328. 1328 : sangjhoon Says:

    yes amjhoon, we shld express more of that since we truly miss him! love him more than we can say! 🙂 i can’t wait for 2012 when he gets home! i hope we can welcome him & plan to go to Korea by then! that’ll be the best of the best!

  1329. 1329 : sangjhoon Says:

    Here again is that song we dedicated to you kim ji hoon ssi (credit Bobby Vee, singer) I’ll try to translate it next time so you can read in hangul!

    More Than We Can Say

    Wo-oh yay yay
    Love you more than we can say
    We’ll love you twice as much tomorrow
    Wo-oh, love you more than we can say

    Wo-oh yay yay
    We miss you every single day
    Why must our life be filled with sorrow
    Wo-oh, love you more than we can say

    Don’t you know we need you so
    Tell us please, we gotta know
    Do you mean to make us cry
    Are we just another gals

    Wo-oh yay yay
    Love you more than we can say
    we’ll love you twice as much tomorrow
    Wo,oh, love you more than we can say.

    Take care ji hoon ssi! chon man beon sarang hae

  1330. 1330 : angeljhoon Says:

    It’s been a while & I’m sure you guys are just keeping this board alive! A big HELLO to our KJH & let’s hope he’s always in good spirit! Aja aja!

    All sweeties have a great weekend and talk to you soon!

  1331. 1331 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi angeljhoon, we missed you here, welcome back! hope you’re not working too hard!:)

    hello to our jihoon ssi & all sweeties here! have a grt weekend!

  1332. 1332 : angeljhoon Says:

    hello again to all sweeties esp to our kim ji hoon ssi….happy new year gong hae fat choy oh sorry i’m not sure now of spelling…to all who will celeb. Chinese New Years, and to our moderators too.

    hi again sangjhoon thank you & miss you all like amjhoon how r u? blujhoon, poljhoon & all who are missing in action here! take care all!

    we luv you ji hoon ssi! yong won hee! we’ll be here waiting for you!

  1333. 1333 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to our ji hoon ssi, hope you’re doing well!

    hello angeljhoon nice to see you again! come again ok? take care
    happy new year to all who’s celebrating the Lunar year!

    also to all sweeties, annyeong!

  1334. 1334 : bluejihoon Says:

    Hello, Chinese New Year to our fanclub of Kim Yi Hoon
    Welcome back hope you are OK
    keep in mind kim yi hoon

  1335. 1335 : sangjhoon Says:

    same to you bluejhoon, welcome back & yes Happy New Year to our friends who celeb. this Lunar Year! How are you too & yeah let’s not forget our idol jihoon ssi ok? Hope to see you again here and all our other sweeties on board who have been absent for a while now. 🙂

    A special annyeong ha sae yo to our Kim ji hoon ssi! Take care always, eat well, sleep well & all that! Hope you get to post again on twitter soon!

  1336. 1336 : sangjhoon Says:

    chon man beon sarang hae ji hoon ssi! Happy Lunar Year! take care always!

  1337. 1337 : Sakura4u Says:

    Just remember to breathe. Take each day one at a time, and don’t forget to find something you can smile or laugh about. When a challenge arises and facing it head on becomes to difficult, attach it from the sides. Don’t loose sight on the things that are really important to you…

  1338. 1338 : sangjhoon Says:

    Here’s wishing our Ji hoon ssi a Happy Lunar Year and to all KJH sweeties, moderators too who are celebrating Lunar Year! Have a great one!

  1339. 1339 : sangjhoon Says:

    haeng bokhan weekend to our jihoon ssi & all his sweeties here! 🙂

  1340. 1340 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo ji hoon ssi & hope you have a good start of the week & so on! take care always —- we’ll be waiting for you! 🙂

    hello also to all sweeties!

  1341. 1341 : sangjhoon Says:

    해피 발렌타인 데이—이 날 사랑 하는 사람과 함께 하루를 벗고 얻을 희망! 사랑해요!

  1342. 1342 : Startulle Says:

    Where’s my friend?! lolol
    i know one of the “..joon”!

  1343. 1343 : Startulle Says:

    ….oh, yeah!
    I love man in uniforms!!!! lololol

  1344. 1344 : sangjhoon Says:

    welcome back startulle…missed u on board! yup he looks good in uniform eh? yeah since you came last time we decided to start putting jhoon in our usernames hahaha so u shld be starjhoon in short! see u again soon! take care my frnd!

  1345. 1345 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi startulle…long time no see on board! yup i do too — he looks good in uniform & other outfit of course!

    annyeong to our Ji hoon ssi! hope you’re having a good week so far!
    take care!

  1346. 1346 : POLJHOON Says:



  1347. 1347 : sangjhoon Says:

    Happy Valentine’s to our Ji hoon ssi and all sweeties here!

    chon man beon sarang hae oppa!

    Hello again poljhoon & have a good one as well as our moderators here!

  1348. 1348 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo ji hoon ssi & hope you had a great valentine’s day! fighting!

    hi poljhoon & all sweeties who are MIAs (missing in action)! hope you all had a great V. day! come & join us here again & show our support to KJH even though he’s away! 🙂

  1349. 1349 : POLJHOON Says:



  1350. 1350 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo Kim ji hoon ssi…hope you’re having a nice weekend! Hello also to all sweeties!

    Hi poljhoon, amjhoon, angeljhoon, joyjhoon and all who haven’t been present here! what happened? don’t ever forget about our KJH ok? Hope you all are just busy but still have our oppa in mind! 🙂

  1351. 1351 : sangjhoon Says:

    just swinging by here to say annyeong to our idol Kim Ji hoon ssi! hope you’re doing OK! jjal ja isseo!

  1352. 1352 : ellehnny Says:

    so it’s Kim Ji Hoon aye?! well, i’m going through my best actors from Empress Chu Chu and this cutie here is one of them. I’m on to the last disk of the movie, that’s like episode 71 to78 i’m guessing. Can’t wait to finish it up and get to know what’s going to happen.

  1353. 1353 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi there ellehnny….i hvnt seen emp chun chun but it’s in my radar one of these days! yup u r right he’s that cutie…u shld see his other projects if u hvnt that is….like stars falling fr the sky, joseon x files which were two of his latest prior to him joining the military! hope you come & talk about him again! 🙂

  1354. 1354 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to kim ji hoon ssi….i can’t be absent fr your board so this is why the moderators always have to moderate my msg/s. it’s ok as long as i can leave something here for you, i’ll wait! thnx moderators!

  1355. 1355 : amjhoon Says:

    Kim ji hoon I miss you somuch.

  1356. 1356 : sangjhoon Says:

    welcome back amjhoon, i miss u here on board let alone our ji hoon ssi!

    Ji hoon ssi, bogoshipo!

  1357. 1357 : angeljhoon Says:

    hello to all espec to our guy kim ji hoon, i’ve been away on a trip so sorry i wasn’t able to come here often! i’ll try to visit from now on!
    missing you all esp our oppa!

    see u soon hv a good weekend everyone

  1358. 1358 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello to our kim ji hoon ssi, hope u had a great w/end!

    hi angeljhoon….nice to see you back! we missed you! pls come often!

    ji hoon ssi, pls take care, like amjhoon, i miss you so much too! 🙂

  1359. 1359 : sangjhoon Says:

    Annyeong ha sae yo Kim ji hoon ssi….take care always & we’ll be waiting (kidarilkae) for you & hoping the says will go quickly for nxt year you will be released! Just hang in there! We all love you! 🙂

  1360. 1360 : ellehnny Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo sangjhoon, thanks for greeting me…anyway, now that that i’ve done watching the movie, and it just made me want to just watch the last disk of this The Iron Empress or Empress Chun Chu movie because *omg* … by just acting as a Emperor, this cutie made want to be his Empress — *giggles’ :p* — nuhh jkz ** but seriously, he look like he’s just 21yrs of age or below .. but according to his biography, he was born in 1981 !!! i was like, “seriouslly”??? ahaahaha’ 🙂 .. by the way, i’ll try to an get those movies you’ve said i should try watching it !! i’d like to watch all of his films, becuase he is the number one actor that i prefer now !! well now, i gotta bounce so you take care, also all of Kim Ji Hoon’s ssi, especially our Kim Ji Hoon .. ttyl and stay blessed !! much love ellehnny **

  1361. 1361 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi ellehnny — u r welcome! glad to have another KJH sweetie here…let me brief u why we call ourselves sweetie of KJH, needless to say he’s a sweetheart for one thing hehehe so you’ll be one of his sweeties now! isn’t he cute & i agree with you he looks younger than his age! now u made me wanna see emp chun chun altho it’s lengthy but did u say he’s in epi 78? if i got to see just those episodes with him, i won’t hesitate at all! 🙂 yeah u shld see the other projects he was in & if u hvnt seen Stars Falling this was the drama i fell for him, then after liking him here, i had to see the others like Love Marriage, Why Did You Come to my house and oh one of my faves wld be How Much Love this is only in Chinese subs but i didn’t mind at all coz the story will move you! Ok pls join us here again & oh he’s got a twitter account so if you’re interest here it is & join us there too – it’s jiraishin99! see you again soon ok? take care!

  1362. 1362 : sangjhoon Says:

    have a good w/end to our Kim ji hoon ssi & all his sweeties here!

    to ellehnnye i took a peek at emp chun chu ep 71 & ur right our jihoon ssi was in that epi & looking cute, indeed looking younger than his age! u shld see him in Joseon X files where he looks very handsome too! ok talk to you & all the sweeties on this board who’s been absent for a while!

  1363. 1363 : POLJHOON Says:



  1364. 1364 : sangjhoon Says:

    guys, chk out twitter from our guy, he just posted a msg today! go to jiraishin99….he said he’s received all the letters from as far as Romania & gifts, that he ok and also not to worry about him!

    kamsamnida KJH for keeping us abreast of your condition in the army! we miss you!

  1365. 1365 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello poljhoon nice to see u here again! chk twitter kjh posted a msg there.

    annyeong to our KJH, my day seems incomplete w/o saying hello to you & all my friends here! have a grt day to you & all here!

  1366. 1366 : sangjhoon Says:

    sorry moderators…i can’t help but visit this board ev.day….my intentions are good just to keep KJH board company since my other friends are seemingly busy!

    annyeong to our KJH — hope you’re doing well each day! hang in there coz b4 u know it, you’ll be released from your duties! 🙂 maybe you’ll see Hyun bin ssi???

  1367. 1367 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to our ji hoon ssi! i hope you’re doing well! aja aja

  1368. 1368 : angeljhoon Says:

    hello to ji hoon ssi…hope everything’s fine with you! we’re here waiting for your return!

    hi sangjhoon, and all sweeties here….i’m rewatching stars falling and this is one drama of his that i can’t seem to get tired of!

    talk to you all later & take care

  1369. 1369 : angeljhoon Says:

    i seldom come here to post and still my msg is awaiting moderation? what’s going on here? i thought those msgs with bleep bleeps are the ones that’s dangerous here? 🙁

  1370. 1370 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to our Jihoon ssi! hope u had a grt w/end.

    hi angeljhoon, yeah it’s seemingly like that so sometimes i just don’t feel like posting here anymore 🙁 i’ll persevere bcoz it’s our Jihoon ssi!

    i’m not sure what’s happening to our other friends who haven’t come here anymore! as i promised KJH i’ll be posting here till he comes back! 🙂
    i can’t break that yaksuk!

  1371. 1371 : POLJHOON Says:



  1372. 1372 : amjhoon Says:

    hi to KJH…hi poljhoon, sangjhoon, angeljhoon & many more my comp not hooked lately…can’t come here for a while. miss u kimjihoon and sweeties here.

  1373. 1373 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello amjhoon, nice to see u here! miss u here!

    annyeong to kim ji hoon ssi! hope u had a great weekend! 🙂

  1374. 1374 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo Ji hoon ssi…nice to hear you’re OK where you are…keep your spirits up and before you know it, you’ll be discharged from your duties! we can hardly wait! eat well, sleep well & pray too ok?

  1375. 1375 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ji hoon ssi….i promised u ev.day till u come back that we’ll be here, take care always!

  1376. 1376 : angeljhoon Says:

    a big HELLO/ANNYEONG to Kim ji hoon and all friends here! spring is here and hope just as flowers bloom, everybody feels the fresh spring air wherever you may be!
    take care always KJH fighting!

  1377. 1377 : sangj Says:

    hello to u angeljhoon, nice to see u here! it gets pretty quiet here without you guys but as i promised our KJH, i’ll be here even for a one line or so to keep this board alive while our jihoon ssi is away!

    hello to our Kim ji hoon ssi and everybody here! ciao for now & happy spring time ya all!

  1378. 1378 : sangjhoon Says:

    ooopppps what happen to my username hahaha i guess i clicked it too fast, that’s me sangjhoon!

  1379. 1379 : sangjhoon Says:

    just to say annyeong to ji hoon ssi and hope you’re doing well! aja aja

  1380. 1380 : angeljhoon Says:

    greetings to our kim ji hoon ssi and hoping he’s always healthy and eating well! we’ll be waiting! ajaajajajaja saranga hae!

    hello to fellow sweeties here! hi sangjhoon the ever faithful one! 🙂

  1381. 1381 : sangjhoon Says:

    glad to be back here after admin had to do maintenance i guess last week!
    annyeong to KIM ji hoon and hi angeljhoon!

    thanks to our moderators!

  1382. 1382 : sangjhoon Says:

    well where art thou my sweet friends? what’s the promise we made while our KJH is away? what happened to you all? 🙁

    annyeong to our Kim ji hoon and hope you are doing well! countdown almost to your special day May 9th being your birthday!

  1383. 1383 : POLJHOON Says:



  1384. 1384 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi poljhoon, yeah gud to see you here, i’ve been absent….got real busy!
    our Jihoon ssi will soon be celeb. his bday so keep that in mind, may 9th!

    hope ev.body is doing OK…plz join us here & keep his board alive & well! 🙂

    annyeong jihoon ssi!

  1385. 1385 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi again poljhoon, yeah i meant to address what u said about loyalty, i believe that if you really are determined and committed that’s where loyalty comes into play! 🙂 i always think if say, we’re on yahoo or chkng our emails that this board is just a click away so i try my best to be here till he gets back! 🙂 yeyyyy take care ya all!

    annyeong esp to our KJH!

  1386. 1386 : flyinginsect Says:

    Dear everyone, I’m JH’s fan from China and glad to see all of you here:)
    I knew him from, then chased and so on. He did so well!
    May 9th is coming, will he get a day? 🙂 Now he has passed the Exam and entered into the Propaganda Department of the National Defense Institution. Hope his good performance in the army, and I’ll always stay here waiting for his coming back.Never change!

  1387. 1387 : flyinginsect Says:

    Dear everyone, I’m JH’s fan from China and glad to see all of you here:)
    I knew him from Pick the Stars, then chased How Much Love ,Golden Era of Daughter in Law and so on. He did so well!
    May 9th is coming, will he get a day? Now he has passed the Exam and entered into the Propaganda Department of the National Defense Institution. Hope his good performance in the army, and I’ll always stay here waiting for his coming back.Never change!

  1388. 1388 : sanjhoon Says:

    hi flyinginsect….we welcome you on board! pls come often & show your support to our guy KJH! likewise when i first saw him in Stars Falling i had the urge to follow his previous projects! yeah his birthday is coming May 9th and i just sent him a small present with a card so hope he gets it! Missing him so much!
    Glad to have you here as a part of our KJH board. We call ourselves here KJHsweeties just a thought that came up so we always attach ‘jhoon’ after our username, yours wld probably be longer let’s try flyinsectjhoon? hahaha whatever or u can stay with flyinginsect it doesn’t matter as long as we all are for one…that’s KJH! Come back soon & share some more of your thoughts about him and his projects! You seem to find news about him like passing in the exams? I never heard of that so again, pls share whatever news you have for him. Thanks and see you again soon! We’ll be here waiting for his return!

  1389. 1389 : sanjhoon Says:

    @flyinginsect….u can also follow him on twitter at jiraishin99 if you havent signed up…also on cyworld u can post a msg unlimited. go to cyworld & just type his name. let me know & i’ll see how i can paste the link here. Our friend amjhoon was the one who’s good in finding things about him too. She’s just not available on board these days but i hope you’ll meet the others here too later. See u soon! Let’s keep this board rolling ok?

  1390. 1390 : flyinsect Says:

    Hi sanjhoon~Now i’m flyinsectjhoon and so glad to be one of you. 🙂
    JH told that he had received letters and presents from all over the world, even from Roumania, i believe he will get yours too. About the exam, i have got two photos and i’ll try to upload them. Another is ,yesterday JH updated “I wanna fall in LOVE” in his twitter. Hope he can find the girl asap~~ 🙂
    I’ll come here when i’m free. See you sweeties~

  1391. 1391 : flyinsectjhoon Says:

    Sorry .. I can’t get the the link of the photos 🙁

  1392. 1392 : sanjhoon Says:

    hi flyingjhoon hahahaha yeah nice sound….oh really he’s got something in twit again? i was just there i guess frid night & didn’t seem to see what you’re talking about he may just uploaded it. We’re glad to have you as an addition to our KJH family of sweeties hahaha. Yeah let’s hope so that he finds the right girl for him and he shld not wait that long like the other stars in Korea who turns 40 yrs old before walking down the aisle. I wished tho it’s one of the best girls for him as he seems to be a nice person! OK yeah see you again when you’re free but remember he’s just a click away even if you’re doing emails etc. at least i think it that way! hahaha if you have fave photos of his you know you can share it here amongst the other ones we have that was done thru our good moderators so just paste the link here & the mods will do the rest! ciao for now and see you soon i hope! this board gets lonely without the other sweeties.

  1393. 1393 : sanjhoon Says:

    a special annyeong to KJH ssi! hope you get to read our msgs here on board! aja aja aja

    jjal isseo

  1394. 1394 : sanjhoon Says:

    hope you’re doing well ji hoon ssi…you’re always thought of and praying that you be safe & staying healthy! aja aja aja jjal isseo

  1395. 1395 : POLJHOON Says:



  1396. 1396 : noonajhoon Says:

    Anneyong Haseyo
    I’m one of Kim Ji Hoon’s fans from Indonesia..I’ve watched some of his drama…the last is Why Did You Come to My House..wow so hillarious and I am glad that I can see other side of him…
    I am a bit confuse why he said that he wanna to falling love, right now he is dating the female leads from Joseon X Files,isn’t he???

  1397. 1397 : sanjhoon Says:

    hi noonajhoon….welcome here on kjh board, nice to meet you! u shld watch him in Stars Falling from the Sky that’s the one that got me addicted to him! Re falling in love? No i think he wasn’t officially dating that actress (yet) from Joseon X files, at least we hvnt heard if it’s true or just a rumor! At that time, neither one of them were willing to admit this but whoever it is that he’s going to be involved with or is now involved as we speak, we shld perhaps be happy for him! He’s at the right age now we’d like to think that. Pls come again here & be one of his supporters till he gets back from the military!. Share some of your thoughts about him, etc. and if you happen to find a favorite KJH photo, paste the link here as indicated above, and our good moderators will be happy to post his photo here ok? Also visit his cyworld and twitter accounts with lots of his photos there too & msgs from him! See you again soon Noonajhoon from Indonesia you said!

  1398. 1398 : amjhoon Says:

    hello to ji hoon ssi…hello all sweeties….i hv problems with my comp and still not fixed but ji hoon ssi is always in mind of course. missing you and take care always. sarang hae!

  1399. 1399 : sanjhoon Says:

    hi amjhoon, poljhoon you both have been absent for sometime now glad to see u here & we got 2 new sweeties flyinginsect & noonajhoon! the more the merrier girls! come on board & make our Jihoon ssi happy even if he’s not in the limelight these days! we’re counting the days Jihoon ssi!

    We’ll be here waiting – kidarilkae…..fighting! have a great w/end to you & all the sweeties here. If you happen to be celebrating Easter like some of us here, have a Happy Easter!!!

  1400. 1400 : sanjhoon Says:

    annyeong to Kim ji hoon ssi…hope you’re doing well & having a good break from your extensive tasks in the military! just hang in there & before you know it, you’ll be back with your family, friends and ready to work again to deliver us some dramas. jjal isseo

  1401. 1401 : angeljhoon Says:

    hello to our jihoon oppa! hello kjh sweeties here….countdown to his birthday right which is may 9th! wow time goes by so fast & i truly believe before we know it he’ll be back a few more months 🙂 can hardly wait!
    take care oppa & hope you’re doing very very well! as always, bogoshiposo and sarang hae yo! :)))

    see you all next time!

  1402. 1402 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha shamikka ji hoon ssi & everybody here! hi angeljhoon nice to see you again! yup countdown on his may 9th b/day…how time flies eh? i hope our jihoon ssi gets to take a day off on his impt. b/day to spend with his loved ones! aja aja aja fighting!

    see you all again!

  1403. 1403 : sangjhoon Says:

    Have a good weekend to Jihoon ssi and all sweeties here including our moderators who have been so patient with us here.
    Take care Jihoon ssi fighting!

  1404. 1404 : amjhoon Says:

    HELLO..Moderators,Sangjhoon,Angeljhoon my sweeties kim. I missed all the news. I missing everyone. I very very sad.
    Today is my birthday. What I want today is for online post saying that I thinking to all and miss everyone on Board so missing our ji hoon….I still always on there..always here..will come asap if i can. I ALWAYS LOVE YOU KIM JI HOON.

  1405. 1405 : sangjhoon Says:

    woah amjhoon….happy happy birthday to you…saeng il chuka hae yo my chingoo! bogoshipo! i know you always think about KJH and us here and it’s so nice to hear from you again! Enjoy your birthday! Our Jihoon ssi’s b/day is next Monday already, May 9th! Let’s greet him then ok?

    annyeong to our KJH!

  1406. 1406 : azj Says:

    Hi Sangjhoon & Angeljhoon!

    From the moment I saw KJH @ SFFTS soem 3 weeks ago, I fell in luv with him. He’s so hot, handsome, great actor, and what else, oh yeah, his KILLER SMILE; don’t know what else to say but to me, he ranks as one of the best among the best korean actors out there. I’d seen SFFTS, more than 5X already and I never get bored at him. Wish I can hug and kiss him. Also, watched Love and Marriage, but didn’t like it that much , though, there’s absolutely no chemistry between him and lead actress, his acting was a so so either, but he’s still so cute and so clean and neat; also watched Wanted Son-in-law, finished the drama, I liked it though except for the very bad subs. Wish someone, translate them not from a chinese perspective but from the original korean language. I felt in luv with him, too in this drama. I started watching Golden Apple, unfortunately, most of the videos cannot be played. Sangjhoon and Angejhoon, can you please help me find the best website to watch Golden apple in full with Eng subs, as well as Wanted Son-in Law, and of course, Golden Era of a Daughter in law. Seems like the latter is a very good ROMCOM, it even rated very high in Korea. Please, being a new member of KJH fan blog club, I really do appreciate you with providing me the websites to watch these 3 dramas: Golden Apple, Wanted:Son in Law and Golden Era od a Daughter in Law. Please help, I’m already getting crazy searching the web for the viseods, but I may not be good enough when it comes to thorough searches. Let me know so I can give you my email address. I luv him to death. PLease guys, help me! Thanks so much for your assistance in advance. Very truly yours, Maria. Can you tell me also the ending of Golden Apple? I’m sorry for being so demanding, but my day won’t be complete without even seeing him acting. Good luck to him and wish him for a safe return to showbiz, can’t wait until Oct 2012. Is that right? Thanks again blog moderators, hope you can help me with my hunger towards hims. Gracias and God Bless always!

  1407. 1407 : sanjhoon Says:

    yong wan hi KJH… jjal isseo!

    amjhoon i hope u had a great b/day celebration! kombei, cheers to you!

  1408. 1408 : sanjhoon Says:

    HELLO AZJ…wow i enjoyed reading your msg here – i luv reading long notes/msgs….Welcome here! Glad you can join us here on board, too bad we don’t know really if he’s got an official KJH fan club, I’m sure there is in Korea or Japan! Anyway, first of, Golden Apple in mysoju i think is complete, mind you i havent finished watching it yet coz it (source) stalled on me, it’s choppy & i just got frustrated watching so i’m so sorry i can’t even share you about the ending, i unfortunately stopped at epis 11 i believe, it’s been a while since i stopped due to that reason, however, i’ll give you some online sites & just find out if it’s available there since i myself haven’t had a chance to check it out. Look it up in dramacrazy dot com, dramastyle, kimchidrama, youkou i guess it’s called and dramafever, there’s so many more but i’m not sure if they have GA from these sites i mentioned. Golden Era is available on tudou.com though no Eng but i guess it’s in Korean lang (which I appreciate even w/o Eng subs. 🙂 ); then Why Did You come to my House or Wanted Son in Law I watched on mysoju a few months ago. You may want to see How Much Love on tudou.com tho no Eng but woah this is one of my favorites of KJH, really a nice love story; then you should check out Flowers for My Life and Loving You the latter was his first break & at that time he was unknown to me. I only found out about him just like you & some of our fellow fans here when I saw him in Stars Falling….at first epis i wasn’t so attracted to him but as the drama progressed, I found myself going crazy about him hahahaha! I believe here on board, we somehow have similar stories about how we were mesmerized of KJH and I know now that he’s one of the best and da best of da best at least for me, he’s definitely my no. 1.
    Likewise, i’ve seen Stars maybe 6x now, yeah and I have a collection now of his DVDs except i wanted Golden Era & unfortunately this DVD is no longer in print; I also wasn’t so crazy of Love & Marriage the only consolation watching it is he’s the lead, i wasn’t thrilled with the lead actress also hahaaha…have you seen Joseon X Files? It’s still avail on mysoju chk it out that’s his last drama before leaving for the military! Speaking of which I also can hardly wait till he comes back in 2012! Don’t forget to greet him on his birthday which is on Monday, May 9th! Also go to his twitter, he’s got lots of photos there & he posted once in a while, his twit a/c is jiraishin99; then on cyworld look for kimjihoon cyworld, i also post there as well as our friend here Amjhoon – she’s also like us crazy about jihoon ssi! :)))) It’s no surprise right? If you have a fave photo of our KJH paste the link here & share it with us ok? I’ll talk to you again next time! Once again nice meeting you & please come here & talk about him even for a single hello will do! Let’s not stop supporting him for he deserves it! Annyeong for now!
    A special annyeong ha sae yo to our Kim ji hoon ssi! Sarang hae yo!

  1409. 1409 : azj Says:

    Thanks so much Sangjhoon!Ihad that desire to let everyone know how happy I am to be a member of KJH fan blog. I could have written a much longer blog, my fingers were typing so fast that I didn’t realized some of the words had typos. Anyways, I do really appreciate your quick response. Thanks for your info, I have tried all these sites, but none of them give Eng subs. I read a blog about GA’s finale, he ended up going back with his childhood sweetheart. But, I wish, WAT can get the videos fixed. In any event, right now, I am watching Wanted: Son in law again (2x @ Tudou) @ Crunchyroll, problem is, I need to sign up for a membership so I can watch eps. 6-20. It has a better Eng sub than the one that’s on Tudou. I’d seen the whole drama @ Tudou but it seems like I missed a lot of the dialogues bec of the bad sub. HE’s SOOOOOO GOOOOOD and SOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOTTTTT at Son-In-Law. I wish those dramas @ Tudou like Daughter-in-Law, So much in love , etc are subbed in English. I have also started watching Joseon files, but some of the episodes were broken esp those ones shown via WAT. Don’t you hate WAT???…UUGGHHH! My patience is losing steam, if in a day, I don’t see him. God please help me…. I’d never been this diehard to anyone, but this guy really kills me. How come, there are no other bios of him on the website…like his religion, his family members, eductaion, just like the other actors, everything was listed about them on Wikipedia or dramawiki, etc. So, now I have to sign up also @ Twitter , just to make sure, I don’t miss a bit of everything about him. We’re both Taurus and of course I will never forget to send him my best birthday wishes on Monday. It’s already saved on my calendar, though! Hey my friend, keep up the good work and please always update us on everything about him. How come there are not that much videos of him on YouTube? Ok, my friend, thanks again for your reply. I will try checking out cywold, never been there before. LUV Yah, KJH!

  1410. 1410 : azj Says:

    Hi Sangjhoon!

    I’m so mad, I wrote another long reply, but I don’t know why it didn’t get posted here. I sent it like over an hour ago,though! It’s killing me. I’m taking advantage of no boss present @ work to write that reply…so disappointed. Anyways, I’d like to thank you for your quick response. I tried all the websites, you mentioned but I do really need with Eng Subs. I read a blog about GA’s finale. He ended up going back with his childhood sweetheart, but I still want to see the rest of the episodes. I’m re-watching SON in Law @ Crunchyroll, eps 1-5 are free videos, but on the 6th, I need to sign up which I’ll do tonight to re-watch the rest of the dramas. Watched it though @ Tudou, but the subs are awful, I feel like that I missed the best parts of the dialogues just by reading the subs. As I said b4, it’s better to be translated from the orig Korean lang than from a chinese perspective. This is not the 1st time this happened w subs translated from Chinese version, but everytime it happens , it makes my brain out of whack. Nonetheless, just by seeing him on screen already makes my day. That’s how diehard I am. I am still a Kwon Sang Woo fan, but KJH outranks him as my new #1. My 3rd is Choi SiWon. After, I saw OML, a Javabeans critic once said that OML’s predecessor SFFTS is a much better drama, and that’s when I checked out on SFFTS. THank God, if not from Javabeans, I will not find out about my new found best of the best actor of them all. I’ll check out on Cywold, and maybe sign up @ Twitter, too to read ur blogs.
    Sangjhoon, please keep up the good work and always update us on everything about him. Luv him to death, my day won’t be complete without seeing him at least once on screen. Will not forget to send him my bday wishes on the 9th, we’re both Taurus, you know, so we have something in common at least. Hey, how come, no websites say anything about his bios e.g. family, religion, place of birth, education, etc. Maybe you can give me more info? BTW, I’d like to see his dramas subbed in English at least that way, I understand and apprecaite the story more. Wish, I understand Korean lang. My husband told me last week, that he will come with me when I visit Korea, but if I do that I’d like to meet him, and that may not happen until after Oct. 2012. OK, my friend, I wish you well and keep up the good work.

  1411. 1411 : angeljhoon Says:

    Hi Azj, Sangjhoon & all sweeties! annyeong to our Ji hoon ssi!
    I also welcome you here AZJ….it’s good to have a growing number of KJH fans for sure! Likewise I’ve seen Stars numerous times I can’t even start to remember & count it! LOL! I guess Sangjhoon summed it up for you so I won’t elaborate much, however, we all have same kinda feeling for him, he’s handsome, great actor and need we say more right? I’ll be counting also on his birthday like you girls! Talk much later!

    Take care Jihoon ssi & all you sweeties here!

  1412. 1412 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi first to KJH & hope you’re getting excited for your upcoming birthday! we all are excited for you so hope everything turns out to be great that day & you get to take sometime off to be with your family that day! 🙂 sarang hae!

    hi angeljhoon – yeah i got that long msg for AZJ so let’s hope she comes back to share some more of her views about KJH! talk to you all soon!

  1413. 1413 : flyinsectjhoon Says:

    Hi, I’m coming again~

    azj, your first long reply wrote last time does post here, we can read it , so don’t be disappointed 🙂 let me tell you something more about him:) His religion is Buddhism; he has 3 family members, his parents and his older brother(has married, and had a son) ;his major is psychology; he’s hobby is watching movie and Starcraft ; he is good at and taekwondo and Starcraft.

    I like most. That’s JH’s first time leading a drama. It’s long, but I’ve watched 3 times. The character JH acted in the drama is my favorite.I can’t find JH’s dramas subbed in English. How can you get the meaning of the dramas?

    BTW, I can’t register his Cyworld because I am not Korean and can’t get the number of identity card. Most of the content on Cyworld and Dawn can’t be read except members:( Anybody here has done it?

    May 9th let’s greet him on twitter! See you:)

  1414. 1414 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi again flyinsect….nice to have you back! woah u really have done your assignment in finding more about him. anyway to go to cyworld no need to sign up, i must say we shld credit our fellow fan sweetie Amjhoon, she’s the one who got me into cyw and walked me through it, only reason i was able to post there was because of her intuitiveness and excellent resourcefulness. Let me walk you through after i jot it down to make sure it’s accurate, i have to go there & do it step by step & i’ll share it here ok?

  1415. 1415 : sangjhoon Says:

    @flyinginsect, azj and other KJH sweeties interested in posting at cyworld, try this link – i bookmarked this so i just clicked this & paste it here – hope it works:

    here’s the step to post for KJH: you’ll see three lines in hangeul & his photo on left side of your screen
    1) click that it will take you to another page
    2) two boxes will be shown put cursor on right box to type your username of your choice, left box type again username plus number example the last who post had kim123, yours will be sweet124
    3) there’s a box with an image, large box is for posting, after posting click left (small) box next to hangeul characters — wait a few seconds and your post will be done.
    Hope this works, our friend Amjhooon was the one who got me into this, thanks to her.
    yes we shld also post on twitter for his special day May 9th.
    Let’s not stop supporting him coz he surely deserves our attention!
    talk to you all soon!

  1416. 1416 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello azj, i also did post my msg earlier while at work in response to flyinginsect but much to my surprise, it didn’t get posted here! i painstakingly did the steps to go to cyworld but now that i’m home i don’t see it either! i dunno what’s wrong that it didn’t get posted here! like in your long reply i’m just able to read it now but i never saw these two replies of yours earlier! let me hv dinner & i’ll talk again later ok?

  1417. 1417 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi again in response to azj…now i see my posting which i indicated was not in here earlier, that’s so strange, anyway you guys follow that steps in going to cyworld ok?
    Likewise azj when i first saw him in SFFTS i made him my no 1 actor, i also was a fan of Kwon sang but KJH is my no 1 of all & I think this will never change! 🙂 i think he’s a promising actor & don’t you like those scenes in SFFTS when he blabbers to Pal Kang incessantly? hahaha i thot he was really cute doing those blabbering, i really am crazy about him! When we went last yr to Korea, i had no clue where to look for him & at that time SFFTS was still airing i believe, however, i plan to be back in 2012 just so we can welcome him back & we need to find out ahead where the exact location will be since i really wld like to see him in person! i know what u mean, not much is being said about his bio, but our friend Flyinginsect here gave us some info as well, i didn’t even know his religion till she posted it here. I’ll try to send u guys some links of his YT vids if i can find it in my favorites, he’s got one there playing with his nephew or niece, i can’t recall. Our other friend Amjhoon is more resourceful than me since she’s the one who found those vids of him which i may never know if not for her. I hope you meet Amjhoon here one of these days coz she’ll be delighted to know you too!
    I really wish that How Much Love has a sub bcoz it seems like a good drama that i even bought the dvd even w/o subs hahaha that’s how crazy I am my friends here! to be cont’d. 🙂

  1418. 1418 : sangjhoon Says:

    girls….correction on no. 3 click the left box after posting not the right box…sorry!

    i’ll continue with my reply later

  1419. 1419 : azj1119 Says:

    HI sangjhoon, angeljhoon & flyinsectjhoon to all avid fans out there,

    Wow! How blessed am I to have some new-found friends in the name of Kim Ji Hoon. Thanks for welcoming me to his fan blog. And thanks for all the info..thanks flyinsectjhoon, you answered all my inquiries, but you know what? I want more? I can call myself a very greedy fan of his, who wants to know everything about him. I signed up @ Twitter, just to make sure I don’t miss his bday. Don’t know how to use it yet,though! Sent him my bday wishes thru twitter , but not sure if he got it. I open the cyworld link you posted yesterday, I didn’t try doing your instructions yet, seems like I will have a hard time, though, but got to do it no matter what for the sake of my luv for him…I have been busy watching Son in law @ Crunchyroll, this is my 3rd time watching it, only had 4 hrs of sleep during the last 3 days, and maybe for some days ahead until my free trial expires. Piece of advice… don’t continue your membership with Crunchyroll after the 2 week free trial, service is very slow, it buffers most of the time, it will just be a waste of your monthly membership fee. It was better with commercials for free membership, than being a premium member. Luv him so much at this drama, will never get tired watching it over and over again. Unfortunately @ Crunchyroll, this is the only drama of his that’s on their website, so what’s the use of continuing my membership.
    An unforgettable event happened to me the day after I signed up with crunchyroll, bec of my eagerness to watch Son in Law. I pulled my wallet from my purse to provide my visa # to Crunchyroll, and didn’t realize that I didn’t put it back in my purse. I went to work the following day, drove in the highway @ 80mph, thank God I wasn’t caught, if not I will partially blame it to KJH… Sorry, my friends, I just can’t help it, I may be getting so crazy over him for being such a dork. Maybe, I was on his mind, to save me from being caught. hahaha! Call it hallucinations, my friends! Sangjhoon, I can’t believe , we have the same experience in discovering him…And I hope the rest of his fans had the same experience as we did. As for my plan to visit Korea, it’s still in effect, but I want to make sure that I meet him there. What other ways can we get in touch with him, just to make sure that we meet him? I’ve never been to Korea, but I’m very excited right now. I even told my husband that if it’s my choice , I want to retire and spend the remaining years of my life to Korea…That means, me and my husband will separate, him to retire in my country and we will both return here in NJ for a few months to spend time with our children & grandchildren. How crazy is that? Hahaha! Even my children and nieces who know about me being such a korean drama fanatic, are so thrilled about my plan. God knows if my wishes will come true.
    To all our resourceful fan blog mates out there, get more info as much as you can and make sure to update us with the latest about him. I trust you all with all the info, since I can’t myself, being not an online search savvy person, can get info about him as much as you guys can. Nonetheless, thanks to you all for making my life quite exciting than ever before, I’d never posted to any blogs before. Even if KSW was my fave for over a year, I never posted anything on his blogs, only when KJH came into my life. Again, I consider myself so crazy about him…hahaha! Didn’t tell my daughter yet about him, will show her his pics and some of his dramas when she returns next week from school. She already knows about KSW and CSW, but I think she will be more thrilled with KJH.
    Ok, my friends, let me stop for now….having started my Saturday morning with a big bang writing this blog responding to my new found friends in the name of KJH ,while also re-watching more episodes of Son-in-Law before doing my weekend chores. Don’t forget to post some of his videos on YT. Unfortunately, YT is getting slow too, it buffers most of the time. Wish I can still watch So Much Love, Daughter in Law, etc.
    Enjoy your weekend…and to all the Mother’s out there….Have a Happy, Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your day with your family! God bless! KJH, miss you always!

  1420. 1420 : azj1119 Says:

    Sangjhoon, I’m sorry, I should thank about the cyworld link….Got so excited, though!

  1421. 1421 : flyinsectjhoon Says:

    @sangjhoon,thanks for your sharing 🙂
    I’ve opened the page you offered, but I am confused about “1) click that it will take you to another page”–what does ‘that’ refer to? I’ve tried clicking all the contents on the left side of the page, only when i click JH’s photo and HISTORY, it took me to another page, but neither shows me two boxes you mentioned in Step2. I think I’ve took a wrong way. Could you tell me more details? Thanks~:)

    Another, here is a program about JH (on May 6th)—“KJH, become a navy” , Just click the link below and enjoy it!

  1422. 1422 : sangjhoon Says:

    Hello azj, flyinsect, angeljhoon, amjhoon and esp to our KJH who’s b/day is just a day from now! Sorry for not coming here sooner, w/ends are quite a busy day i’m sure for most of us….i still hvnt had a chance to go to my YT a/c to find that vid i spoke with you guys about! It was amjhoon our dear friend here who found that vid & she also did paste the link here last year so i’m sure it’s somewhere here on this site if i’m not able to locate it from my youtube favorite folder!
    Likewise, i’m so happy that you & flyinginsect found this site for KJH, it gets to be lonely here lately since our other KJH friends here must hv been so busy and i know for one thing amjhoon has got problems with her comp for a while now but once she gets back she’s one resourceful girl here!
    I also can’t believe azj that we seem to hv similar experience in finding KJH after watching SFFTS, i also did like KSW & many more on my list which keeps adding every time i see a new K actor in a drama but my admiration for KJH seems very different i must say! It’s also funny coz I also wish to live in Korea someday hahahaha LOL won’t it be nice if our dream is materialized then we can be in same neighborhood? hahaha I really liked it there when we went for a visit last year and I can hardly wait to take another trip but like you said we really have to pull our resources in finding out exactly where our KJH would be if we want to welcome him back from his service! We have ample time for now & i’ll try my best to see how it wld be possible to do so!
    Re crynchyroll, i think you need not join & pay a fee to watch since it’s a free site for any dramas, unless they’ve changed their policy. Also you can watch Son in Law from mysoju i believe it’s still available. I also liked How Much Love though it didn’t have subs but you can somehow figure out what’s going on however the only setback is when there’s a scene where you realize it seems intense, then you get frustrated coz you wanted to know what was said & that happened to me while watching HML. Girls KJH in one of his interviews, did mention that HML was one of his favorite projects of all (at that time) since he did his best for this drama!
    Woah I’m glad you did not get a ticket for speeding LOL – i have a good friend from NJ also – you’re 3 hrs ahead of me i’m in N. Calif…anyway, I did send you a msg on twitter coz i saw your name there y-day, i wonder if you got it? also guys, post a msg for him if you go to hancinema for his birthday!
    Re cyworld — flyinginsect…. i had same exper. before but our friend Amjhoon who was so good at it, walked me through it. I’ll figure out what prob you’re encountering after this.
    Talk to you all again & pls keep us company here even for a short line or so. I’ll be back soon!

  1423. 1423 : sangjhoon Says:

    i got excited writing that long msg that i forgot to say you’re both welcome for twi & cyw!

    Ok re cyw: that first page where you see his photo on the left side right…there’s 3 lines you’ll see in hangeul, click that then on the next page you’ll see his photo again, this time you’ll notice there’s this box with drawing or cartoon like character, there’s 2 small boxes, the one fr the left you type your username example azj231 (that no nxt to ur username is being obtained from the last who posted there, so look at the number of last posting say sangjhoon 124, then your will be azj125) this is quite important or you won’t be able to post if you don’t have this info.
    After you type your username, you can start typing your msg in that bigger box next to the cartoon character; thereafter click the right small button to post your comment, there will be a box that indicates in hangeul whatever that means that it’s OK.
    I hope it works this time! 🙂 Talk soon!

  1424. 1424 : sangjhoon Says:

    Thank you flyinginsect for the Youkou link, i got engrossed for a few min, and so excited to see his new vid ….. you’re one resourceful girl too….it’s so nice to see him again! He’s looking good & as always very very handsome! I’m gonna rewatch it again next time, how did you find it? woah it’s just splendid seeing him!

    For mothers here Happy Mother’s Day and also if some of our moderators are mothers, Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂 Have a good time!

  1425. 1425 : sangjhoon Says:

    My friends here’s another link to a nice vid of KJH, i’m still trying to search for the one that amjhoon shared with us some months ago showing him with his mother & little niece(?)….if i hv time today i’ll just search for the link here — as i recall amjhoon did paste the link here at that time. talk again later!


  1426. 1426 : sangjhoon Says:

    this link was shared by our Amjhoon a few months ago — KJH vid — enjoy


  1427. 1427 : sangjhoon Says:

    guys this is for our Jihoon ssi – this translates to loving you a thousand times, i wish i could say million times 🙂 in romanized it’s kim ji hoon cheon man beon sarang hae!

    김지훈 천만번 사랑해
    김지훈 천만번 사랑해

  1428. 1428 : azj1119 Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Sangjhoon. Wish it could be gazillion times. I’m sorry I had to copy your hangeul greetings… It just makes me happy that even by copying i can send him my bday wishes on his big day!

    김지훈 천만번 사랑해
    김지훈 천만번 사랑해

    Kim Ji Hoon! Wishing you a very very Happy Bday! Wish you all the best, I have always been praying for your safety during your military service, and I couldn’t wait for your Early fall 2012 return to us. Wish I can or we can meet you when we visit Korea by then. I’m so glad to have discovered you via K dramas. I have only been a fan of yours in less than a month but I’ve never been this avid before, and you were the only one who made me like this.
    Again. hope you’re having a blast on your bday…God bless ,Godspeed and always take care of yourself, so you can return safely to us who have been patiently waiting for you endlessly!
    Couldn’t wait to see more of your videos and pics while serving.
    Miss you and take care!

  1429. 1429 : flyinsectjhoon Says:

    Hi sangjhoon, I’m so frustrated. I’ve tried several times but it couldn’t work. I clicked the link below the blue words “취근게시물” (that is the three lines in hangeul ), it took me to another page, I saw two cartoon characters . The next step, I input abc171 in the first(left) small box and typed my msg in the big box, then click the small button below, but the page didn’t change.. I don’t know what’s wrong:(

    I’m glad to share JH’s news to you all 🙂 I’m member of Baidu JH’s bar(http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%BD%F0%D6%C7%D1%AB&fr=itb_favo&fp=favo) and club(http://tieba.baidu.com/club/10634160/t?from=loginbar). I found most of JH’s news here, anyone can read and reply in the bar, but only members can do that in the club. Welcome to join us:)

  1430. 1430 : sangjhoon Says:

    i hope you get to celebrate it with your family & friends outside the camp or even inside!!! May more blessings come your way throughout the year & beyond!

  1431. 1431 : POLJHOON Says:


    Hello also to our new friends here AZJ and welcome back Flyinginsect or flyjhoon! 🙂

  1432. 1432 : sangjhoon Says:

    i’m not sure what’s happening here but i posted a short msg for our Jihoon ssi’s birthday & id didn’t work! is there a glitch or something?

  1433. 1433 : franjihoon Says:

    Hi sangjihoon and all other Ji Hoon ssi fans! Happy Birthday to our favorite K-actor! Best wishes for a great year!

  1434. 1434 : sangjhoon Says:

    Hi franjhoon….uri mani da chingoo! nice to hv u back, u must’ve been busy that we didn’t see u here for a while, believe it or not i thought about you just y-day coz i was searching for KJH vids fr my favorites on YT & kinda saw one of the vids u uploaded sometime ago & thought about you then!
    Yeah let’s hope his birthday was one that he’d hoped for….as in…spending it with his loved ones! see you again i hope! 🙂

  1435. 1435 : azj1119 Says:

    Hi sangjhoon, flyinsect,Amjhoon,etc…

    thanks to all for your resourcefulness! I was able to see all the links you pasted here. Luv them except that it could have been better if what he’s saying have been eng subbed. At any rate, it’s better than nothing at least we could see what he’s doing while in service. Sangjihoon, for some reasons, I don’t know how to tweet and greet him @ Twitter, I’m new to twitter and don’t like it,though. If it’s @ FB, I’ll be on the roll. In any event, I hope he can read my bday greetings @ Hancinema & here.

    KJH, hope you had a great bday! Wish you the best! I do always pray for your safety while serving your country. God Bless you as always! Miss yah!

    BTW, Sangjhoon, I had to sign up @ Crunchyroll bec. ep. 6-20 require premium membership. Although, My Soju or dramacrazy have full & complete episodes, I can’t stand watching them because they were so poorly subbed. My head keeps on spinning everytime I’m on it. At least @ Crunchyroll, their subs satisfy me with full understanding of the story.

    Ok have a good and hope to read more of your blogs in the morning!

  1436. 1436 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi again azj, flyinginsect, amjhoon, angeljhoon, poljhoon, franjhoon and all esp to our KJH! first of azj, you’re more than welcome! sorry i can’t seem to locate that vid i promised you guys
    we’re kinda opposite in a way re FB i prefer twitter coz it’s not too public, or was i just misinformed about FB? anyway i thot i saw your twit to our Jihoon ssi & i even follow you. i’m under another username there with LuvJiH4ever i know it’s long but i guess i wanted to convey to him that i luv him hahahaha crazy me eh? likewise i’m not sure if he gets my msgs but under that box reply when u go to his a/c on twit, i think that alone in itself indicates our msgs go to him!
    i see what u mean joining crunchyroll…have u tried dramastyle?hulu, kimchidrama? i forgot what u’v been watching on crunchy that you can’t get good subs from other sites, was it golden era of dtrs in law? i still have to see this one plus trouble at my brother’s house. One of my faves would be How Much Love thou i watched this w/o subs! he’s really cute in this drama plus the story itself is good but i’m not sure why this was not promoted highly at that time! i even bought the dvd but again no subs! huhuhuhu
    let’s hope he had a grand celebration with his family & friends during his special day last May 9th.
    ok see you all again & azj i hope you won’t get tired coming as it gets very lonely & empty here with just by myself these days talking hence the moderators are always indicating my msg is awaiting moderation hehehehe Amjhoon’s comp probs hvnt been resolved i guess otherwise she’s constantly visiting & posting here the others i guess have just been busy. I hope also we can show our support to our guy till he’s back from his military service & continue our loyalty so to speak hahahaha! hv a good day to you all & see you guys soon!

  1437. 1437 : sanjhoon Says:

    Haeng bokhan weekend to our Jihoon ssi and all of you here!

    See you all soon on this board! Take care!

  1438. 1438 : franjhoon Says:

    Wow! I’m finally catching up on some of the postings here and looked at the link Amjhoon shared of KJH. Nice! He can’t be having ‘fun’ training, can he? LOL I’d like to make another vid of him! Everyone, have a nice weekend! Sorry I haven’t been around.

  1439. 1439 : sanjhoon Says:

    hi franjhoon, nice to see u again! missed u here! ok i look f/ward to seeing another vid of our KJH….take ur time!
    yeah he seems to be into his training, looking diligent. did u see the vid that our new frnd flyinginsect shared a few days ago? if not u can just go back a few pages here, i enjoyed that latest one as well as the one that our amjhoon shared a few mos. ago.
    you do the same & for all the sweeties, have a grt w/end!
    to our KJH aja aja jjal isseo!

  1440. 1440 : amjhoon Says:

    Happy Birthday past,Wishing to Kim Ji Hoon a healthy have good things happen to you good luck and wish you success in everything you desire. Hi..Sangjhoon, poljhoon, Franjhoon, flyinsectjhoon, and azj1119…miss you are all our sweetties Kim ji hoon. When can I be online and will soon return.

  1441. 1441 : amjhoon Says:

    I did not check his news at all. No Internet use that I feel terrible now, Kim ji hoon’s how we are. But what responsibility are also encouraged to send him always.

  1442. 1442 : amjhoon Says:

    I read the list back. It seems that our friends in the forum to post at Cyworld jiraishin99 why I posted this link on to friends, I try to follow the example. Then you can.
    http://twitpic.com/333452 Enjoy…

  1443. 1443 : amjhoon Says:

    Understand how to do and friends clicking this link try to do for post again. http://minihp.cyworld.com/pims/main/pims_main.asp?tid=16067237 http://twitpic.com/333452
    To Sangjhoon Please keep this post for post next page again Okay, thank you very much.

  1444. 1444 : sangjhoon Says:

    woah welcome back my dear friend Amjhoon! glad you’re able to post even for a short while since ur comp is hvng trouble!
    thnx for posting again your tips on how to go to cyw our new friends are eager to follow the steps but not very successful & i mentioned about your instructions which i was able to follow but not first time remember, i did it in a few attempts too! 🙂
    i hope your internet connection will be fixed soon coz i/we miss you here! bye for now but take care & see you soon

    annyeong to our ji hoon ssi as always take care! fighting~

  1445. 1445 : sangjhoon Says:

    @ Amjhoon…OK i’ll keep your link again so we won’t lose it! u r most welcome! THANK YOU for coming back & posting it again ok

  1446. 1446 : JM Says:

    annyeonghaseyo! Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all. n_n
    sanjhoon told me to this site.. glad to meet other fans of Kim Ji Hun ssi .
    n_n please everyone take care. and have a great day.

  1447. 1447 : azj1119 Says:

    Hi..Sangjhoon, poljhoon, Franjhoon, flyinsectjhoon, amjhoon,jm and to all our kjh avid fans out there!

    I’m back! Missed you so much guys! Have I been missing a lot during the last week? Can’t get enough of Son-in-Law, re-watching it for the 7th time until my free trial ends @ Crunchyroll tmrw. Also scrolling over the comments @ Dramabeans re: SFFTS recaps…so much fun and exciting , though , even if those are over a year old. Wish, I had the chance to know him then, so I could at least post my comments then. Do you guys already have an idea where we can watch So Much love with eng sub? I have yet to open the link you pasted that was shared by Amjhoon via v.daum….Wonder what I can see on that site??? Everyone please take, care and always think & dream of our Ji-Hoon ssi!!! Remember this line from Parang? “Ahjussi, always dream about my sister! “

  1448. 1448 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi annyeong JMjhoon and azjhoon glad to see you JM and welcome back az, when u come here we attach ‘jhoon’ to your name, that shows we’re family on board. hahahaha i’m still at work but i’ll talk longer when i get home ok? see you soon. 🙂

    annyeong to KJH

  1449. 1449 : sangjhoon Says:

    Hello to you all, welcome back sweeties of KJH, amjhoon, franjhoon & azjhoon! a big surprise JM…glad u finally came here! i didn’t see much of you at cyw lately? come again ok?

    hi again azjhoon! we missed you too! unfortunately there’s really no eng subs for HML…i know that’s the frustrating part but u know what? i watched it w/o subs & you can relate to it….matter of fact…i went the extra mile to write the CEO of YA entertainment last time after watching HML on dvd (yeah i bought one even w/o subs) & he responded to me indicating that he’ll bring it to the table (with his associates). I guess the main prob is I assume, with the length of HML with 125 something or more than that epis it may be hard for them to do it, besides i think this drama huhuhu didn’t become popular compared to others at that time which is a shame bcoz it’s really a nice love story! Try to watch it w/o subs just for the enjoyment of seeing our beloved guy!
    hahaha yeah that’s Parang’s line, i liked that kid too he was a huge fan of Kang ha, they had that special bond! i’ve seen that drama about 6x since it aired & bought the dvd hahaha i’m just as crazy as anyone else i tell you to the extent that my sis & i went to Korea last year! I hope to go back when he returns but i dunno exactly where (location) he will be at that time! we have lots of time from now to dig into this info.
    yeah we shld all tirelessly support our KJH ok girls? don’t make this board unattended hahaha come whenever you guys can visit but don’t wait too long, most times i found myself talking here alone! hahaha ok see u all next time!

  1450. 1450 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong Jihoon ssi….have a haeng bokhan weekend! take care always!

    to all fellow Jihoon fans have a great weekend everybody!

    to our moderators too have a good weekend! thanks for all you do & patience!

  1451. 1451 : JM Says:

    Hello everyone!! n_n
    ohh, seems my post of 2 days ago did not get published? why? T_T oh well.
    How is everyone doing! have a great weekend ^_____________^

  1452. 1452 : JM Says:

    ohh just found this image http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/808/jungjihun092410.jpg/
    Kim Ji Hun oppa looks so happy ^__^ i rarely commend people on their smiles. Just had to praise oppa’s smile ekekek lets remember his like this and lets hope that he is doing fine and in good health. He will soon come back and be even more handsome =P

    ohh.. on the post i had written 2 days ago but never published ¬¬
    I had mention how happy i am to meet other Kim Ji Hun fans. Also hope to be able to be able to make friend.

    I had also noticed that through here and cyworld many fans mention sending him gifts. He also acknowledge this on his twitter. just wondering how do fans know where to send this gifts? I am a bit of a dummy since i don’t know this stuff. T_T..
    ohh i had mention this to sangjhoon a while ago.. but we seem to be at lost is there any official fan club dedicated to kim ji hun oppa?

  1453. 1453 : JM Says:

    aigoo.. the last comment i posted with a cute picture of Kim Ji hun oppa.. “our comment is awaiting moderation” lets hope it gets published. the on other i posted and also got this message never got posted ahahaha

  1454. 1454 : azjhoon Says:

    Hi JM and all Jhoon sweeeties out there!

    I had the same issue with my posts. I had 2 postings on the 18th, they got published at first, but were gone when I went back in later that day. That’s not fair. I knew everytime I post it always says ,it needs moderation. In any event, I wrote then that I read your posts including that of Sangjhoon and the rests @ Cyworld. I read a post from Perla that she got his address @ Twitter. Wonder if we can get Perla here or in Cyworld, she may give us the info! Anyways, just keep us all posted! Have a great weekend everyone!

  1455. 1455 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong JMjhoon, azjhoon….i also hv same prob & our moderators do the’awaiting moderation’ coz they wanna make sure it’s not spam…i wrote them u can too if you go to box on top ‘about us’ there’s an option to send ur email. they’ll explain it to you further!
    it did same thing with me a few times when i wondered why i wrote or posted something but it didn’t get published then after a few hrs or so i saw it here. That part i’m not sure, it cld be a glitch or something the moderators can only explain (to us).

    anyway, how’s everybody in the KJH world? yeah JMjhoon i really am not sure where to look for his official fan club, i hv a strong feeling they have one from Japan or Korea for that matter, however, it just seems so hard to find it!
    btw, yeah i like that photo u shared, u shld ask our mods to publish it since we don’t have it yet on this board i think!

    i also hv his address so let me post it here coz i myself sent him first time a card & a small b/day present…our amjhoon also was very resourceful in figuring it out altho he got it posted on twitter! it’s a bit tricky posting mail/s to Korea – a frnd of ours advised us to always put something on the envelop like in hangeul tok pil si something. let me just do the chore/s i hv to do & i’ll post it here or on twitter or cyworld!
    AZJhoon were u able to post on cyw already? i think flyingjhoon hasn’t been successful but we shld hear fr her if she did! back later gals! 🙂

  1456. 1456 : sangjhoon Says:

    JMjhoon, AZjhoon…here’s the address of KJH however, you should try to paste the hangeul in your word docu coz u can’t send your letter to Korea with the Eng address only. Amjhoon & I included both in hangeul & Eng…what we did is paste the address or if you know how to follow the hangeul writing which is quite easy pls try to do that otherwise, paste it on a label & use it for your envel.

    (in all the letters we send to Korea my Kor frnd tells me to include this:
    Seoul Tuk Pel si (otherwise they won’t reach their destination). so here goes:

    Seoul Tuk Pel si Gwanakgu, Seoul Korea 20006
    Capital Defense Command Mailbox
    Heon Byeongdan 31, Jong Dae 1 Sudaei-Byung Kim Ji Hoon

    (pls just go to twitter for the hangeul version which u shld also include on the envelope, KJH posted that in hangeul & Eng so just go to his twi page ok?) Hope it helps so u can also send him a letter or something!

    what i did i used one of those half size of manila envel and wrote both addresses in hangeul & english….aja aja girls & let’s continue to support our favorite thru thick & thin! 🙂

  1457. 1457 : sangjhoon Says:

    girls i found this in my document in hangeul so just paste this to your docu ok? here’s the address in hangeul:

    KJH address in army base

    서울시 관악구 사서함 20006
    호 수도방위사령부
    헌병단 31중대 1소대 이병 김지훈
    Seoul, South Korea

  1458. 1458 : sangjhoon Says:

    I’m keeping my promise to amjhoon that this cyw instruction be here so you sweeties can sort of follow it through. I guess AZjhoon you got it already but not sure of flyjhoon yet. So here it is to follow the link!

    http://minihp.cyworld.com/pims/main/pims_main.asp?tid=16067237 http://twitpic.com/333452

  1459. 1459 : JM Says:

    annyeonghaseo sangjhoon eonni!!
    Thanks for sharing his address. yeh i will try to send him a letter..^^ really appreacite all your help..also glad to have meet you n_n…
    how have you all been?.. yeh i noticed my post with the picture got posted yeahh!!! hope kim ji hun oppa is available to make an update. A korean friend told me they get sometimes a short vacation every 6 months.. ^^ while on their service.. ekekek..ahh ahh now that the hallu wave they companies in korea will not have incentives to do more fan meeting around the world.. waa it would be sooo cool if one day…Kim ji hun oppa could come to the states.. ekeke

  1460. 1460 : JM Says:

    **** ahh meant hallu wave getting bigger and if noticed around the world.. hope now the companies in korea will have incentives to do more fan meeting around the world….

  1461. 1461 : sangjhoon Says:

    JM ur welcome & hope you drop him a line ok? likewise dongsaeng n_n ~ __ ~ it was real nice knowing u thru our KJH! how are you too & all our fellow sweeties of KJH? good to see u here again JM, keep coming ok like we do him on cyw! kekeke i like that photo of his too & hope our moderators will post it, they may hv thought u just wanted us to see that link — it will be nice if they can include that photo with the ones we got here right?
    i agree hope he can visit in the US some day, he’s been to Europe but not sure if he’s been to USofA 🙂 kekeke i’ll ask u on cyw which part of States u are nxt time ok?
    u know hallyu is gracing France as well, and as KJH got fans as far as Romania! that’s cool! yeah let’s hope Kdramas get more recognition around the Globe! talk again nxt time! jjal isseo to you all!

  1462. 1462 : jm Says:

    Hi everyone!! how is everyone doing..
    today i decided to create a twitter account to be able to follow kim ji hun oppa. ^^ pls anyone who has twitter can you follow me? i will follow you…
    i just found amjhoon as a follower for kim ji hun ssi

  1463. 1463 : sangjhoon Says:

    Hi JM & all KJH sweeties! i’m following you & i know u did follow me too on twit! gud u decided to sign up so we can get some updates from KJH! I just sent u also a note a few min. ago! Jjal isseo

    annyeong to our KJH! also to you all here! talk much later!

  1464. 1464 : azjhoon Says:

    Hey there to all KJH sweeties,

    I’m not sure if you guys checked this out yet. There are more photos of him that are so adorable. CAn’t get enough of him, though!


    Have fun reading the comments.

    BTW, if he will get another vacation in 6 mos. that means he will get it again in July? I thought I saw one of his tweets that he had a short vacation in January. Hope to see him then.

    Miss you all!

  1465. 1465 : azjhoon Says:

    To all KJH lovers out there,

    For those who fell in luv with him @ SFFTS, here’s a blog about the drama. Moderator, can you please possibly post the pictures from the site I pasted one posting ago? Please, I do appreciate that! He has some gorgeous shots in most of them.



  1466. 1466 : sangjhoon Says:

    @AZJhoon….miss u too here! howdy? yeah i’ve seen those photos from viki while SFFTS was still hawt! hehehe to us it still is right? If u liked these photos go & visit Keep Smiling Together it’s a Vietnamese website, type our guy’s name when you’re on their site & feast your eyes, not only fr SFFTS but lots of other KJH photos up to his Joseon drama series! Go chk it out girls! i d/loaded a lot of his photos fr there a while back!

  1467. 1467 : sangjhoon Says:

    Yes AZJhoon hopefully he’s getting another leave in July….me too i can’t get enough of him! I’m so glad we think alike here about him! He’s dead gorgeous – an eye candy & all that! 🙂 wahhhhh he’s driving me crazy really jongmal! hehehe back later….hope all you KJH lovers are doing wel! aja ajaja

    annyeong to our Jihoon ssi fighting! ajajaja

  1468. 1468 : sangjhoon Says:

    also AZJhoon & all: if you click drama list here & go to the title/s of your choice e.g. SFFTS or How Much Love, there you can ask our moderators to also post a link in a specific drama which I did some months ago! One of my fave scenes in SFFTS wld be when he was looking after baby Nami & his shirt got dirt — the way he talks & all that was hilarious! Just luv this guy! 🙂

  1469. 1469 : sangjhoon Says:

    i just went to click on that viki link & i see my comments about him there, LOL that’s my UN there ‘tuswit’ hahaha i also hv photos of him in my channel. that’s how much i luv this guy! 🙂

  1470. 1470 : sangjhoon Says:

    oh we don’t get that msg anymore about ‘moderation’ that’s for good? thnx moderators! 🙂

  1471. 1471 : sangjhoon Says:

    thnx btw for sharing those links with us azjhoon! try KST nxt time, also got lots of beautiful photos & explore cyw he’s got some personal photos he uploaded too! 🙂

  1472. 1472 : JM Says:

    annyeong! everyone. how is everyone doing. 🙂
    waa when i watched SFFTS that is when i was what a handsome guy!.. ahah i guess i worked my self back..(at that time) i started to search for his other works..eehehe. yeh.. i just found a site where i can get his last drama. it sound interesting..well i doesn’t matter..ahah just that he is in it. ^^

  1473. 1473 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong JM & everybody here! miss some of our fellow KJH fans, pls come & talk about our KJH right? yeah when i first noticed him in SFFTS i just fell for him! hv u seen HML? i can’t recall if you did but it’s one of my fave projects of him & he said so himself that he gave it his all! it’s too bad there’s no subs but you can figure it out except when u wished to hear a good dialogue in one of the scenes, that’s when frustration sets in! 🙁
    i dunno what happened to the photos i uploaded on twitter i can’t seem to have access to them anymore, twit modified their site recently & tried as i might, i cldn’t find it. maybe our friend amjhoon who is good at that will be able to give us some hints. Ok friends talk later, it’s time for my zzzzzz hahahaha
    to our KJH: jjal isseo!

  1474. 1474 : Jm Says:

    Hi everyone!! how are you all doing? how was your weekend?
    i uploaded this picture to imageshack http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/850/oppa.jpg/
    Kim Ji Hun ssi looks soo cute….the picture is from 2009. From a photography point of view…the composition is really good. The background..amazing!. ahaha waa i want a picture like that….ehehe i would mind if Kim Ji hun ssi was on the picture too. ahahha (a girl can dream..right?) lol

  1475. 1475 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello to you JM & all our friends of KJH board! hope you all are enjoying your w/end! woah i like that photo too, don’t u want to ask our moderators to post it? yeah we can all dream why not 🙂 LOL kekeke
    talk more nxt time, sleepy now. 🙂

    hello annyeong ha sae yo to Ji hoon ssi! take care always, we”ll be waiting!

  1476. 1476 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong KJH ssi!
    where’s ev.body here? a new month already, counting the days when our Jihoon ssi will be home! 🙂 kekekeke
    talk to u all later & hope everybody is having a good day! esp our Jihoon ssi oppa!

  1477. 1477 : sangjhoon Says:

    same thing is happening again on board, i posted something & it didn’t get published….i dunno what’s going on in here? 🙁

  1478. 1478 : jmjhoon Says:

    annyeonghaseo sangjhoon and everyone!!!
    How was everyone weekend? Mine weekend was ok.nothing major. :P.
    waa soon i be starting summer classes..:S.. so this weekend is jam pack of activities. ekeke.
    I found this site http://www.drama.net. You can watch some of
    Kim Ji hun ssi dramas :).. i am still looking for his earlier work..^^
    ohh yeh me too. ^^ waiting for our oppa to come home ^^ 😀
    Take care..

  1479. 1479 : jmjhoon Says:

    oh my last comment got “Your comment is awaiting moderation. ” lets keep put fingers cross that get published.. what happened? few weeks ago..this message was not happening now it come back to haunt us …lol j/k

  1480. 1480 : admin Says:

    Please have a look for the comment rule at the bottom : ‘We may moderate the comments post by people who very active in posting comments (now or previously) @ comments with 2+ links. You can post your comment but you need to wait a little bit of time for comment appear.’

  1481. 1481 : azjhoon Says:

    Hey there, everyone!

    Miss u all! KJH hosted a variety show in KBS from ep 15-53 , I think. Enjoy! For some reasons , I can’t open some of the sites. There’s one episode with BBF cast incl Go Hye Sun who was linked to him in 2009. You can watch it also on You Tube w/ Eng Sub.


    Have a great day, everyone!

  1482. 1482 : amjihun Says:

    Hello Moderators, Admin, Sangjhoon, Jmjhoon hope that the board of ji hoon also filled with fans who love. Seldom do I have to use the Internet. I also think that we and ji hoon all the time.
    Think all of us on board. Always miss our kim ji hoon. B..B..C. 🙂

  1483. 1483 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong JMjhoon & ev.body here hahaha u got it right u hv to hv …jhoon at end of ur UN, now we’re really a family of KJH hahahaha!
    woah thnx for the new link i never knew that one, there’s quite a few new drama links these days & that’s great! jongmal!
    yes my w/end was OK, of course just watching kdrmas where i started with smile, dong hae i’m liking it too! hope you all had a good w/end too.
    talk later, got to go now!

  1484. 1484 : sangjhoon Says:

    to our dear moderators: thnx for refreshing our memory regarding msg ‘awaiting moderation’, i guess we’re being impatient at times and we’re sorry about that right girls?

  1485. 1485 : Jm Says:

    I have read the rules and it says all of that stuff. However, it says ” comments with 2+ links”… and most of us post 1 link. So that does not violate the that rule…right? Also it states ” You can post your comment but you need to wait a little bit of time for comment appear.”… some of us have dealt with the comment never getting published. We have waited a week…2 weeks and the comment doesn’t appear. That is why some of us raise the issue that some of our comments are not getting posted even after we do follow all the rules. Even though we are active..we do wait and when we do post a link is 1 link….
    However, I and i guess all the people active in this forum we do keep the rules in mind and are following them.
    i don’t want to make a issue or create some sort of misunderstanding..I just wanted to explain our side of why we sometimes comment about this sort of stuff.

  1486. 1486 : azjhoon Says:

    Didn’t read admin’s posting reminder earlier. I agree with you JM.
    Well, I don’t see anything wrong with our postings except that maybe some of them were very long, but as far as posting links is concerned, I only see one being pasted at a time. In any event,I had been minimizing my comments so I can see them posted immediately. Nonetheless, KJH sweeties, Aja Aja! We have to stand and fight for our right!
    Sangjhoon! I can’t believe that ur watching Smile, Donghae! Me, too! But I skip some episodes, some were too boring for me, though! They’re showing them on Ch 15 in my area, but can’t be seen till midnight.
    Have watched SFFTS 10x already and never get tired of KJH. I Luv and adore him so much!
    Have a great weekend everyone! Admin, hope you understand that we’re not actually violating the rules.

  1487. 1487 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello annyeong to our KJH & all the jhoon girls here.

    hi JM…that’s true sometimes it did take that long for our posting/s to be published & since we’re asked to do the ‘captha code’ i think that wld already help fight spam msgs i’d think! it’s unfortunate that we have to do this since we’re not posting every few minutes.

    see u all later!

  1488. 1488 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to all KJH sweeties, we’re missing Amjhoon, Franjhoon, flyjhoon, angeljhoon, poljhoon for a while now – JMjhoon, AZjhoon nice to see you guys & be here again….LOL u r watching DH also? i got really hooked in this drama, i just hate that Saewa charac. i cld just kick her hahaha AZjhoon there’s a board here for Dong hae, do u think u can follow me there one day & let’s talk about it? the admin doesn’t want us to talk something here unrelated to KJH! i’d luv to chat there with you re DH hahahaha I’m really hooked on this one! see u on that board one of these days ok? how about u JM hv u seen it?

    i’ve also watch KJH SFFTS __nth x i can’t even count how many times anymore & still don’t feel tired of it! isn’t he adorable? gosh he’s an eye candy isn’t he? he’s truly an inspiration, i got his photo as my screensaver, i got lots of his photos printed like you can imagine girls!

    re rules here yeah we’re not violating it & we’re simply just so excited to be talking about our guy, we’re also not after jacking up his score on this board but merely showing our utmost support for someone who deserves it! aja aja fightin! 🙂

    you too everyone hv a gud w/end & talk again nxt time! jjal isso! take care

  1489. 1489 : jmjhoon Says:

    Hi everyone. How is everyone doing?
    waa i found this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKvvGQX6HD8
    Kim Ji Hoon sii appeared in the Taxi show. I wished it had either English/Spanish/Italian subs. Nevertheless its just good to hear him n_n.

    No I haven’t seen DH its a bit of a long drama. I mostly just watch short dramas.The longest I have seen was Dong Yi. I lose interest if the drama is super long 🙂

    I love SFFTS. He was soo cute and awesome in that drama. I once read him mentioning because most of his dramas he plays a Lawyer. Many actually though he was a real lawyer lol But he looks sooooo cute in a suit. I actually prefer him with street clothes 😛

    Hope everyone has a good day.
    Take care.

  1490. 1490 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to our KJH first of! to everybody here hope you’re having a good day!
    @JM yeah this is why it took me a while to decide to watch it for it’s too long! i hvnt seen much of DY either! 🙂
    yeah i prefer him in street or casual clothes, he looks dashing either way if he’s wearing suits or whatnot. did u see HML where he played a bogus physician? he wore eyeglasses & he really looked like a doctor! LOL kekeke there’s nothing i guess that we can say we don’t like about him! the way he talks in blabs made me laugh though esp when he was angry about something in SFFTS right? that diaper scene was one of the funniest i guess! i hope when he gets out of milit that he makes another good drama! i’m sure we can’t wait for that one!
    take care everybody until nxt time! JMjhoon or AZjhoon if you both got photos you want published here paste the link & ask our moderators to post it! 🙂

  1491. 1491 : azjhoon Says:

    Hey there everyone!

    Miss u all again! Amjhoon, thanks for that site you posted. I was able to find Daughter in law thru 40 episodes, been watching it, now I’m @ ep. 7. Very frustrated though, it wasn’t eng subbed. Seems like I’m watching a silent movie. Don’t understand what they’re saying, nonetheless, I’m enjoying everytime I see him on screen. Wish someone can translate it in English.
    Sangjhoon, me too! I hate Saewa. Everytime, I see her on screen, I fast forward the episode.

    Wish everyone a great day! It’s going to be a very very hot,hazy and humid day here in East Coast until tmrw…Hope I can survive these 2 days.

    Talk to you soon! MIss u KJH! Hope to see you next month!

  1492. 1492 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to Kim ji hoon ssi & all my jihoon family here! hope you’re all doing fine! i hope we hear fr him thru cyw or twit. he’s been quiet & no news about him so that means he’s OK!

    aja aja jjal isseo jihoon ssi

  1493. 1493 : sangjhoon Says:

    i posted something y-day & i don’t see it here today? is that just a glitch or ???
    just wanna wish our KJH ssi a nice day & this goes to all my friends here on board!
    take care ya all! see u later!

  1494. 1494 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello amjhoon, welcome back! hello azjhoon yeah i’ve seen that article too sometimes ago re GHS linked to our KJH but they both denied that rumor! i believe i read he’s a friend of GHS’s brother but it’ll be nice if they get to date, she seems like a nice person (from the fame BBF). I really like him tho with either choi ji of SFFTS or Jeung of How Much Love. 🙂

    thnx for sharing that link! visit keep smiling together vietnam site he’s got beautiful large photos there, amjhoon discovered that site, amjhoon is very resourceful as well.

    talk to you all later.

  1495. 1495 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi azjhoon, amjhoon, jmjhoon & everyone here esp our KJH!
    @azjhoon, hope u survive 2 days of heat; here in the westcoast is opposite, it’s cooler only about 60s & can’t wait to wear thinner clothing!
    yeah i’m tired of saewa charac. dojin & mrs kim, they’re all mean & greedy! grrrhhh i feel like i wanna stop watching; i hvnt finished dtr in law i stopped coz i was waiting for it to be subbed but i guess it’s not happening! 🙁 i saw up to epis 2 that’s all but wld like to go back & continue nxt time. i’m now epis 100 on Dong hae! go to dong hae page on this site so we can talk about it at length there & we can vent our frustrations hahaha.

    hv a nice day you sweethearts of KJH board! 🙂

  1496. 1496 : sangjhoon Says:

    @azjhoon….i can’t recall if you told us this but hv u seen How Much Love? it’s on tudou dot com, no subs but my if u liked dts in law this is one of my faves projects of KJH!

  1497. 1497 : azjhoon Says:

    Happy Friday to all my KJH sweeties!

    Getting frustrated while watching Daughter in Law. Seems like an interesting rom-com, but I don’t understand what’s going on except that they’re getting closer to getting married. Sangjhoon, no I have not watched HML. I searched it though @ Tudou, but didn’t give me a result. What title should I type? I will have the same sub issues while watching HML. Although while watching seems like it’s a very good story but I can’t appreciate its greatness because I don’t understand a damn thing being said. Aissh! Frustrations, frustrations, and frustrations. BTW, @ MySoju, there were several requests to upload Daughter in law. I’ll write there too. Hopefully, we will be heard. @ Smile, Donghae, I skipped a lot of episodes, watched 125-130, I don’t think it’s the end yet, but still waiting for final ep to upload @ My Soju.
    Happy Friday everyone! 2 Hot,hazy,humid,muggy days are over for now, and now we’re back to the 80’s. Talk to you soon!

  1498. 1498 : sangjhoon Says:

    have a good w/end everybody, esp our KJH ssi!

    talk to u jhoon family next time!

  1499. 1499 : azjhoon Says:

    Happy weekend, everyone!

    I was able to watch Great Inheritance w/ eng sub @ Drama style thru ep. 6..unfortunately, the succeeding eps don’t work as they’re not streamed , so didn’t even get a chance to finish. Seems like his role is as an antagonist here. He’s so cute and so handsome, good-looking, whatever superlatives I could think of about him. This must be b4 HML, his first leading role. Wish I can watch HML and Daughter in law with Eng subs. JiHoon ssi, can’t wait to see or hear from you @ your short time away from service next month. You seem very quiet these days. Hope you read our blogs. Miss u so much!

    Lots of love to you and to all ur JiHoon sweeties! God bless! Stay safe and healthy as always!

  1500. 1500 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi azhjhoon & all sweeties of KJH here! yeah i hope you all are enjoying the w/end so far! i’ve been watching dong hae here & there! i think u can find it on mysoju right? i bought the dvd that’s why i was able to see in its entirety. i also wld like to watch dtr in law w/subs but up to now it doesn’t seem to happen! i can’t even find the dvd either! sigh sigh! yeah in GI his role is that of an antagonist but like u said he’s so handsome in this one too. hv u seen loving you? that’s his first project but just a small role followed by flowers for my life, the latter u can watch on mysoju with subs & i think it’s complete! when i saw this i didn’t even know him then till my friend tells me after seeing SFFTS that he was in there so i quickly rewatched it LOL! that’s how we love you KJH!
    yeah missing him tremendously & let’s hope he post on twit or cyw soon! he’s been quiet i noticed! maybe busy with his training & such!

    ok see you all sweeties soon! don’t let this board left unattended hahahaha LOL 🙂 this is the only avenue we have to get through him & show our endless support! we’ll be waiting KJH! hurry pali pali come back soon!

  1501. 1501 : sangjhoon Says:

    @azjhoon….look HML here i think by going through here it will lead u to the tudou site pretty easily that’s what i did but i was able to get also the dvd w/o subs since it’s a really nice romance story! i think here on this site if you click on drama list they got it in a diff title something like oh gosh i forgot now but i’ll chk it out for you to make sure ok? i also didn’t u/stand w/o subs except for the common words we often here like jongmal, krigoo, aigoo hahaha komowayo pali pali hahahaha LOL those are the words we can relate to often in dramas other than that it’s quite frustrating esp the part where u wanted so much to find out what’s going on in a certain poignant moment in this drama! you’ll enjoy it to da max no doubt about it, try it even w/o subs coz that’s how i watched it & you somehow can figure out what’s happening! i like his leading lady here too, they really look good together, i was hoping they’ll date in real life 🙂 Re DH i also skipped some coz of my hatred of Saewa hahaha let’s discuss this more on that SDH board on this site ok? coz we’re not supposed to talk about something not related to our guy here as required by the Admin however i’d luv to see you on that page nxt time so we can discuss at length about DH ok? see u there soon!
    i think there’s happy ending that’s all i can say for now hahaha!

    re dtr in law i’ve also put in my request months ago & hopefully we’ll be heard! i’ll post again to request on soju, i also think that coz of license prob this drama may not be uploaded w/subs anymore than it shld! sigh sigh 🙂
    see u all sweeties soon! happy weekend. woah it’s hot there in your area? here it’s quite cool like hvng a natural air conditioning around the area, we’re really getting tired of this cold weather it shld be about 70s this time of year but it’s not happening! i’ll blow some cold air your way how about that? hahaha
    azjhoon, jm u guys hv YT a/c? i’ll send u some vids nxt time so give it to me pls on twitter ok? i’ll post mind there too, u’ll see my channel with his nice photo there hahahaha

  1502. 1502 : sangjhoon Says:

    azjhoon ok the title u click on this site is “how much you like it”, then click with chinese subs that leads u to the tuduo site! i hv shared here with you all that i even emailed YA entertainment re eng subs coz they’re one of the best in producing Kdramas with subs, and the owner wrote back indicating that he will broach this on the table altho he says it’s too lengthy to work on it but hope they decide to do it! 🙂 it’s a sad story, like the usual kdramas, the rich & poor gaps and the parents of the rich objects to their relationship, but our KJH also liked this proj as quoted in one of his interviews about this drama! he was so sweet in this drama, oh even w/o subs i’ve seen it 2x already in spite of the length! hahaha that goes to show how much i like it ooopps it’s like the title the site used! hahahaha i didn’t mean it but that’s how i really felt!
    ok got to do some chores now sweeties! till nxt time
    missing some of our sweet friends here amjhoon, poljhoon, franjhoon, angeljhoon, flyjhoon, janjhoon & many others which my radar isn’t working properly now with names! LOL

  1503. 1503 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to our Kim ji hoon ssi & hope you’re having a wonderful day or evening your end! fighting!

    all sweeties hope you also are doing well & pls come again & join us here for our kim ji hoon ssi! have a great day ev.one!

  1504. 1504 : azjhoon Says:

    Hello everyone and to our beloved KJH!

    Admin, can you please post this picture?


    RE-watching SFFTS for the nth time. I’m sorry, but I’m not planning to explore on watching any other dramas from any other actors but only KJHs dramas even if it means watching his dramas over and over again. Can’t get enough of him, though! Sigh…sigh…sigh… miss him so much! Hope to hear from him soon!

    Have a great day, everyone!

  1505. 1505 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello to ev.body esp our KJH

    woah AZjhoon, i luv that photo of KJH looking so relaxed! hahaha ok ok i u/stand you miss him to da max & so do i but just so i don’t get too depressed without him, that’s why i resorted to watching some other dramas hahaha i’ve seen also SFFTS countless times since it ended & seen L&M, HML, WDYCTMH numerous times but SFFTS is the most i’ve watched 🙂

    have a grt day to you & all

  1506. 1506 : sangjhoon Says:

    by now i shld be the queen of ‘waiting for moderation’ here LOL hahaha

    annyeong to our KJH & all the sweeties here! just to share w/you all i’m now back to continuing with Golden Apple since i stopped at epi 25 when i guess it wasn’t avail. or brkn at that time or it just wasn’t working in my comp….it’s been a while that i can’t even recall which is which LOL. Anyway, this GA drama is really good, i luv classic dramas don’t you? I guess we don’t get so many of these kinds lately but to add flavor to that, what cld go wrong if our Kim ji hoon is in the lead right?

    hope you all are having a nice w/end! till next moderation days! hahaha

  1507. 1507 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello ev.body….arghhh i’m now on epi 28 Golden Apple & wldn’t u know problem again with WAT source, so i can’t continue watching this & it’s frustrating! i think u got same prob before AZjhoon? i tried dramastyle but also WAT source & it indicated vid not avail at the moment! wahhhh

    anyway, good day & good week ahead to our KJH & all his sweeties on this board!

    ciao for now & take care ya all!

  1508. 1508 : amjhoon Says:

    sorry hv not been here, miss you so much kim ji hoon and all sweeties! my int/connctn not doing well. i come soon! take care

  1509. 1509 : jmjhoon Says:

    Hi girls! Mianhae, Mianhae for being away a bit!! How has everyone been? How is the summer going? Here in Houston Fireworks are banned T_T due to all the wildfires. However, they say we can still go and see the show the “pros” but on by the bayou. ekek

    @ azjhoon: thanks for sharing the pic. Oppa, Looks too cute ^^..Love his exotic look. ahah sometimes i can image he is another nationality..then again i can imagine him how he is ehehe.. 😛

  1510. 1510 : jmjhoon Says:

    ahah @sangjhoon Eonni just read ur comment. if you are the queen.. then follow behind eheheh..
    wahh i think before heading back to my studies I will stop by Oppa’s cyworld page. ahh i miss him.. all we can do its re-watch his old work. can’t wait for him to come back and see his new work ^^

  1511. 1511 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong amjhoon, jmjhoon and ev.body esp our Ji hoon ssi!
    yeah ok you’ll be second or better yet we can all be the queen of moderation i hate wearing it alone so we’re all carrying this title so fair is fair hahahaha ajajajaja

    i agree since we miss so much we’ll have to resort in rewatching his dramas nae! i was continuing with Golden Apple until mysoju (WAT source) isn’t working where i reached epis? i think 28 & it seems i’m almost done but there u go & it’s not avail on other sites sigh sigh!
    i agree also that sometimes our KJH doesn’t look Korean at all, sometimes he looks like another nationality i know!

    really? i think here in Calif they can still hv fireworks but not in the community, u hv to go by a certain designated area like Crissy fields & watch it but nobody or individuals can do it or you’ll pay a fine!

    ok hv a grt w/end in adv ev.body —- to our KJH hope you’re in the best of health & we’re counting for your return, and of course waiting till then!
    enjoy your sem break ok JMjhoon & hope to see our comrades here soon like AZjhoon (yeah i luv that photo too you asked to post)

  1512. 1512 : sangjhoon Says:

    girls/sweeties of KJH i swear i got a msg here esp mentioning JMjhoon etc. but i don’t see it! woah it’s not only awaiting moderation but it’s gone, ziltch, nada! i can’t recall what i’ve said but let me refresh my memory! 🙁

  1513. 1513 : sangjhoon Says:

    oh woah i see my msg now, i think when i came here posting earlier there was a delay of course awaiting moderation so it may hv crisscrossed!
    thnx moderators! you all are awesome! thank you v much for your patience with us! please excuse us posting almost ev.day, we just love KJH & we’re not after the score at all! so bear with us! thank you for all you do! What are we gonna do without this site? This is one of the best yet to express our views, admiration and how we fell about an actor so thank you from the bottom of my(our) heart!

  1514. 1514 : sangjhoon Says:

    oooppps excuse the typo there it shld read “feel” not fell! i was in a hurry i guess & just reading it again after clicking submit & saw my typo! 🙂

  1515. 1515 : JmJhoon Says:

    Annyeonghaseo!!! How is everyone doing?

    Eonni!!Chingu! Sangjhoon !!^^ waa miss you!
    I decided to take a break its 3:12am right know. 0.o To much about International business and government motives. ekekeke

    wah!! I just keep on waiting….waiting until Kim Ji Hoon ssi comes home.
    Also I have seen a few Epis. of Running Man. Ahhhh it would be sooo cool that by the time Kim Ji Hoon ssi is discharge the show it is still on. So he can participate on these type of shows. ^^ His army training will come in handy on the hide and seek game ekekeke

    Also does anyone know where I can find English subs for Kim Ji Hoon ssi drama Golden Era of Daughter in Law? Thanks in advance ^^

  1516. 1516 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to you JMjhoon & ev.body here esp our ji hoon ssi! hope ev.body’s hvng a nice w/end so far!

    yeah nadu, i can hardly wait for his comeback time! we’ll be here waiting! Running Man? that sounds familiar, is this a Korean prog?

    Re Dtrs in Law, sad to say, there are no sites w/subs & i’ve been waiting for this for a while now! I started watching at tudoi dot com a few mos. ago but had to stop coz i kept reatching his SFFTS at that time then came How Much Love & this one is a long one around 100+ but i’ll go back to see Dtrs in Law again even w/o subs! It seems like a good one & i want the other one too but not avail online, called Trouble in My Brothers House aside from the one Why Did You Come to My house which i’ve seen a few times already 🙂

    Anyway, we hope one day someone will sub Dtrs in Law too! ciao for now ya all! See you again soon!

    To our Jihoon ssi, jjal ja isseo! Sarang hae!

  1517. 1517 : azjhoon Says:

    Hello to all KJH sweeties!

    I miss u all so much and all the sweet chats about our beloved KJH! Miss him so much as well! Have been busy these past 2 weeks due to parties, transition @ work and will be very busy again in the upcoming week , it’s the month-end again. That means , it’s July next week, can’t wait to see KJH on his 2nd vacation.
    Taking advantage of the weekend to chat with you all!
    Any recent news about him yet? Empress Chun Chu is posted on My Soju! Anyone knows which episode he starts to show up? I’m only interested to watch episodes with him on it. Honestly, I’m not into historical dramas, it seems so slow and dragging to me and considering that it”s 78 episodes, I don’t even think I can finish watching it. But let’s see, I”m hoping that once I see him and how important his character is, I may be hooked into it. Girls, I need your input.

    Miss you so much KJH and all the Jihoon sweeties and I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

  1518. 1518 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello to u all KJH sweeties! hi AZjhoon nice to see u here! we all get busy now & then i’m sure but still manage to leave a msg or two here for our guy! 🙂
    you know i’ve seen that part of Chun chun with him but it’s been a while & i can’t seem to recall which epis that was, however as soon as i get a hold of my note w/c i hope i hvnt discarded i put it down in a piece of paper coz likewise i only wanted to see him! same here i’m not into epic at all but i just wanted to see him in his saeguk role, yeah who knows u might get hooked, i heard some positive reviews about E Chun chun ….i think dramabeans might hv it in her archive so let me do some investigative reporting & i’ll let u know!

    woah u seem like a busy lady there! did u see my note indicating i was continuing with Golden Apple but got frustrated that the next epis was no longer avail? sigh sigh i know! i guess nxt time i hv to cont with dtrs in law on tudou albeit there’s no subs! 🙂

    We all miss him for sure! Yeah we miss you too here AZjhoon so pls hope to see u here again and hope you too and all here esp our Jihoon ssi are having a grt w/end! Ciao for now girls!

  1519. 1519 : j-o-y Says:


  1520. 1520 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi joy howdy?

  1521. 1521 : azjhoon Says:

    Hello everyone!

    Good to see you here, Joy…same here, Sangjhoon!
    I got the answer to my inquiry re: Empress Chun Chu… Episode 64 when he first started to show up…on the 36th minute, I think. He’s very handsome…gosh, if he’s my king or my superior…for the sake of this so good looking young king, I will dedicate my whole life serving him and will die for him…lol. If you guys want to watch, switch between My Soju and Drama Star. There are some episodes that will work on My Soju and some will work on Drama Star. As I said b4, I became very interested in the story, liked it very much and got myself hooked to it. Didn’t watch the earlier episodes where he wasn’t on any of them, but was able connect the dots and understood the gist of the story.
    July is almost here, I can’t wait to see him on his 2nd vacation. God bless you KJH, Godspeed, stay safe always and miss you so much! Miss you all, KJH sweeties! Hope to see you all here! Have a happy July 4th and enjoy your long weekend!

  1522. 1522 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to KJH & all his sweeties here! have a grt w/end everyone!

    i’m rewatching SFFTS for __nth time woot woot! 🙂

  1523. 1523 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong AZjhoon….happy w/end to you & happy 4th July & for everyone here esp our KJH ssi have a grt w/end!

    woah thnx for that info where i can watch him coz as i mentioned previously here i can’t seem to recall which epis since i just briefly chckd it out then some few months ago but now that you pinpoint it for us, i’m gonna chk it out this w/end. hehehe i agre w/you AZjhoon if he was king, i’ll do anything for him! hehehe Drama Star ummhh that’s new to me, thanks another new site to joggle with! Like i said b4, i’m not into epic dramas but with him in it, i’ll brk my own rules! hahaha i’m sure u’ve seen him in Joseon X Files right? he was handsome there too! 🙂

    see u nxt time azjhoon, amjhoon, joyjhoon, flyingjhoon, jmjhoon, franjhoon, janejhoon, angeljhoon, poljhoon & many others— some of you hv been absent but just as long as we won’t forget KJH — keep him in mind! 🙂 take care ya all! if i forgot some names pls excuse me! 🙁

    let’s hope he send us twits when he goes on his 2nd vacation! miss him to da max!

    To our KJH ssi: jjal ja & hope everything’s going well for you…we your fans will be here supporting/rooting for you and counting the days of your comeback! Be blessed!

  1524. 1524 : Ji | Trends Pics Says:

    […] Kim Ji Hoon star.koreandrama.org […]

  1525. 1525 : j-o-y Says:

    I’m okay here!just miss u guys and I miss reading all the comments and updates about our beloved Kim Ji Hoonshi,hope so watch him in drama again soon 🙁

  1526. 1526 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi again Joy….we miss you too! i hope we get to see him in another drama that’s for sure when he gets back!

    take care now & have a grt w/end to you & ev.body here esp our KJH!

  1527. 1527 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ji hoon ssi….hope you’re having a good day & will be spending your vacation soon with your family/friends!

    @azjhoon….i looked at epi 64 of ECC & you’re right our kjh is just as handsome as ever! i hope he gets to do a lead role in a sageuk drama though i’m not too keen in epic dramas but if it’s him in it, i wldn’t mind at all, like he did in joseon x files!

    ok all sweeties, have a grt w/end & if you’re in USA have a nice 4th July…fireworks fireworks! 🙂 ajajaja

  1528. 1528 : franjhoon Says:

    Hi sangjhoon and all the jihoon ssi’! Thanks for reminding me to visit here! LOL Don’t worry,I haven’t forgotten about kjh. Afterall, I ‘see’ him everyday. *he’s my laptop’s screensaver and wallpaper hahaha

    will have a nice 4th of july! thx & take care everyone!

  1529. 1529 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi franjhoon, glad u got to drop by again! same here his photo is my screensaver, photo in my wallet, & here at home 🙂
    you also hv a nice 4th of July & same to our other Jihoon sweeties!
    take care & see you soon and best regards to our Jihoon ssi! let’s hope he’s doing OK!

    ciao for now sweeties of KJH!! ajajajajaja

  1530. 1530 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo Ji hoon ssi and all sweeties here!

    like i said previously, my day seems incomplete w/o coming to say hello here, call it obsession? hehehe 🙂 LOL this is why my msgs are always awaiting moderation, but that’s ok, we have to follow the rules so be it!

    hope ev.one is having a good day ciao for now!

  1531. 1531 : azjhoon Says:

    Hello to all Jihoon sweeties out there! Just checking in to see how our beloved Jihoon is doing. Miss you so much! Can’t wait to see you on your 2nd vacation.
    Sangjhoon, Franjhoon, joy, and all Jihoon sweeties, anything new? Don’t know what to do for now but re-watch SFFTS over and over again. Also re-watched some good parts of WDYCTMH, may also re-watch Love Marriage, but I don’t like her leading lady there, although he’s so handsome in that drama, but the girl makes me puke everytime I see her with him especially the scenes where they’re kissing. Anything you guys can suggest to me to get rid of this boredom? Anything about KJH???? Cheval, SOS!
    Have a good weekend everyone! KJH, please stay safe always, and think of us your sweeties always. Luv yah and miss yah!

  1532. 1532 : azjhoon Says:

    Oh no! Didn’t get posted again! I’m pissed! It was a just short comment, why it didn’t post?
    In any event, for what it’s worth, I just want to say hi to all Jihoon sweeties out there and most importantly to our beloved Kim JiHoon. Miss him so much! Wanting more of him.
    Happy weekend everyone!

  1533. 1533 : sangjhoon Says:

    just wanna wish our KJH a happy weekend as well as every sweeties here! have a great w/end everyone! take care!

    we miss you Kim ji hoon ssi! jjal ja!

  1534. 1534 : sangjhoon Says:

    first of annyeong to our kimjihoon ssi & all sweeties!
    @azjhoon….nice to see u again, i get really isolated here at times LOL! i know what u mean about being bored, how about watching his joseon x files? he looks really handsome there too, i know nadu (me too) i don’t really like his leading lady there hahaha same here it made wanna puke too when they kissed there & to think that that’s one drama with lots of kissu (kiss) scenes for that matter, i much prefer his leading lady in How much love, speaking of which that’s one drama i wldnt mind rewatching much like we never get tired of seeing him in SFFTS. i know it’s not subbed but u can follow through & just focus on his face hahahaha LOL! other than that no news about him nor a twit sigh sigh! let’s hope he’s doing ok! no news means good news they say! i do miss him tremendously & hope we hear about him or from him at twitter or cyworld! hehehe yeah jebal if anyone hears from him share it with us right?

    u too hope you’re hving a good w/end & so are all his sweeties here, catch you again!

  1535. 1535 : sangjhoon Says:

    the silence here is deafening hehehehe what happen to you all sweeties of KJH? just finished rewatching SFFTS for the ___th time can’t count anymore! nxt will be golden era of dtrs in law! i wanted to rewatch L&M but the actress just sets me off sorry, i wld prefer his co star to be either choi ji won of SFFTS or Jo yeong ??? of HML or the one from why did you come!

    anyway, annyeong to our KJH & ajaajajajaja fighting!

    talk to you all kjh sweeties soon! it gets lonely here ok? 🙁

  1536. 1536 : sangjhoon Says:

    happy w/end KJH ssi & all sweeties here! hope you all have a restful, enjoyable one!

    missing you jihoon ssi!

  1537. 1537 : jmjhoon Says:

    Annyeonghaseo!!! Hello ladies. Waah!! its been a long time. How have you all been? hope everyone has been having a great time and fun month 🙂
    I just stopped to greet everyone.
    Take care everyone!

  1538. 1538 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi JMjhoon, yeah uri manae yo….glad to see u back here! how are you also? hope you all had a grt w/end & happy start of the week espec to our Jihoon ssi!

    He’s been quiet no twit, no cyw either…he must be really busy these days! take care Jihoon ssi!

  1539. 1539 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong Kim ji hoon ssi! hope you have a grt weekend & we look f/ward to your next days’ off!

    annyeong all chingoos here or KJH sweeties! miss you guys, i guess ev.body’s been busy with so many things? just passing by here to say hello! take care ev.one & hv a grt w/end! talk to u all later!

  1540. 1540 : sangjhoon Says:

    To our dear moderators/admin: Pls kindly post another photo of our KJH here from this link — many many thanks for all you do!


  1541. 1541 : bluejihoon Says:

    Miss you all fan ji hoon , I ‘m coming back.
    Miss you ka

  1542. 1542 : sangjhoon Says:

    hi bluejihoon….woah miss u too! what’s happened? glad u r back, that’s what’s impt. keep us company! pls Jihoon sweeties, don’t forget our jihoon ssi, come as often as you can ok?

  1543. 1543 : sangjhoon Says:


    To our dear moderators/admin: Pls kindly post another photo of our KJH here from this link — many many thanks for all you do!


  1544. 1544 : Jmjihoon Says:

    Hi Girls!!! How have you been? wah!! it feels so good to be back.i still want to continue making friends. How is everyone’s summer going? Does any know when Kim Ji hoon ssi will have his next break? Sorry been out of the loop lately.

  1545. 1545 : azjhoon Says:

    Good morning to all Jihoon sweeties out there!

    Miss u all, guys! Just got back from our Canadian vacation, and can’t wait to join you again. Just found out that Dramafever is streaming Secret Investigation Record. Tried to watch it though @ My Soju and Dramacrazy a while ago but most of the videos are broken on both sides. Thank God, can watch his last drama b4 serving in full @ DF, sometimes though, DF acts weird. Just started ep.2, seems interesting and accdg to most of the reviews, it was the best drama of 2010, unfortunately, it wasn’t recognized by the awards committee. Have u heard that Shin Dong Wook aka Jun Ha was discharged early from the army because of an illnesss. Poor guy! Wish him well! Can’t wait to see KJH on his next vacation.
    Good to see you all again! Enjoy your summer and God bless u all! Miss u so much KJH. Stay safe and healthy as always. Luv yah!

  1546. 1546 : sangjhoon Says:

    good day to you KJH sweeties & welcome back AZjhoon & JMjhoon…missing you guys! no word or news about KJH nxt vac sigh sigh! he’s been quiet on twitter also….wae wae! 🙂
    woah how’s Canada? i’ve been there yrs ago but not lately! it must be hot over there with their heat wave?

    yeah sad to say his latest drama b4 leaving wasn’t recognized though even DBeans had expressed high regard for that project & recapped it too! i watched it on soju while it was airing!

    yeah i heard about SDW so sad let’s hope/pray he recovers as it’s in early detection stage!
    you guys hv a good summer too, pls keep me comp here as it gets to be lonely! ajajaja to our Jihoon ssi! jjal ja

  1547. 1547 : sangjhoon Says:

    many THANKS to our admin/moderators for posting our Jihoon ssi’s photo in one of his military days!

    he looks much younger than his age in that photo! miss him a lot right girls?

    thanks again

    annyeong to our Jihoon ssi, hope you send us msg on twit or cyw! aja

  1548. 1548 : jmjihoon Says:

    Annyeonghaseo everyone 🙂

    oh if you all want to watch Secret Investigation Record in super good quality you all can get the video and subs at myasiancinema.com
    That is where i get all the dramas..So i can watch Kim Ji hun ssi in super good quality 😛 not to miss a single shot of him eekkee

    I hope he shares a picture or something on his twitter or Cyworld.

    I just read about Shin Dong Wook. Its soo sad …just reading that his disease is chronic and for life. Also the pain situation. I feel sad but hope he can pull through all of this.

    have a great weekend everyone. n_n

  1549. 1549 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong JMjhoon & all sweeties here! thnx for that site, i nvr heard of that before, there’s really a lot of new ones where we can watch these days, when i started kdramas i remember using only a few such as mysoju, dailymotion, veoh, crunchyroll but these days we have a lot of choices!
    i hope they have golden era of dtr in law i hvnt really watched this one with eng sub…our jihoon ssi looks so handsome in that drama too as he always has been in others!
    yeah i hope that he’ll drop by to twit or cyw & post another new photo. let’s hope he’s ok, this is unusual that he posted only last April & then he’s been tacit!
    good w/end to u all & catchu later!
    to our jihoon ssi: happy weekend & take care!

  1550. 1550 : jmjihoon Says:

    Sangjhoon eonni. 🙂

    the website only has:
    Secret Investigation Record
    Stars Falling From the Sky
    Empress Chun Chu
    Love Marriage
    Why Did You Come to My House

    Its hard to find his works before “why did you come to my house” T_T

  1551. 1551 : jmjihoon Says:

    omg! girls i think i just found GOLDEN ERA OF DAUGHTER IN LAW with eng subs!!!!! ehehe i will get some to verify.
    Here is the link. You need to make a free account to get the videos.
    this site also offers k-dramas subbed and raw and variety shows 🙂

  1552. 1552 : jmjhoon Says:

    Oh also found other dramas he has participated in:
    Golden apple(20050:
    Great inheritance (2006)
    loving you (2022)—first drama he ever made..:P

  1553. 1553 : sangjhoon Says:

    great news JMjhoon….you’re one resourceful sweetie! many manhi kamsamnida! i can’t wait to see it with eng subs! u already made our w/ends right girls?

  1554. 1554 : jmjhoon Says:

    sangjhoon eonni..
    Just saw the first episode of Golden era of Daughter in law……..
    Kim Ji hoon ssi is like wine……with age gets better 😛 ekeke

  1555. 1555 : azjhoon Says:


    I just registered @ am-addiction…I’m @ Daughter-in Law screen right now, but don’t see anywhere to click the videos…none whatsoever on my screen.

    Thanks for the info, though! Greatly appreciated, but you need to walk me thru it more. I’m not a computer savvy like you do, but I’m very anxious to see Daughter in law’s eng subbed videos. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Thanks again!

  1556. 1556 : Jmjhoon Says:

    to see the vids. you just need to comment on the section..just comment something ..(the videos are blocked) and once you comment they will be unblocked.

    hope this helps

  1557. 1557 : Jmjhoon Says:

    Girls, have you all seen the movie Kim Ji hun oppa made called Natalie?
    you can get the movie here http://myasiancinema.com/k-movie-natalie-2010/

    waa soo surprise i used this link for ever and never new they had the movie :P..

    waahh now we have over 80% of his work..we can watch ^^..

    can’t wait for him to be discharge of the army ^^

  1558. 1558 : Jmjhoon Says:

    here is the trailer for the movie Natalie

  1559. 1559 : azjhoon Says:


    I read the instruction…it says to write thank you on the blank box all the way in the bottom of the screenm but don’t see that box at all. So anxious to watch this drama. Tried it yesterday, thought I had to download Xvid file, but it gave me a spyware…too bad, the PC where I downloaded the Xvid software has been hacked and hasn’t been fixed yet.

    Please walk me thru again? Thanks again!

  1560. 1560 : sangjhoon Says:

    kamsamnida JMjhoon, i’m dying to see dtr in law & i was at the site & like our sweet azjhoon was saying i too can’t seem to see the vid! i’m also not a comp savvy like you azjhoon so we both need jmjhoon’s help on this 🙂 kekeke woah i can hardly wait; btw i’ve seen natalie & got the dvd, i like that scene where he was washing clothes, such a sweet husband! the rest u be the judge coz it’s kind of ummhh movie! hehehe
    yeah our KJH is an eyecandy, wine and everything sweet like sugar kekekeke. i too can’t wait to hear he’s back from his milit service, i plan to go to korea that time but hv to find out where he’s meeting his fans to welcome him! hope we find out! i’d luv to see him in the flesh won’t you girls? won’t it be nice if all of us sweeties can be there with a huge banner welcoming him? i can just sort of visualize us meeting each other for the first time, including our idol! woah that’ll be one of my wildest dreams! aja aja keep our fingers crossed on that! a kor friend of ours tell us that to be able to see some celebs, try to hand around the major studios like MBC/SBS/KBS & we’re likely to see some of them! However when we went to Kor last yr, we went to KBS & found out after all the long walks my sis & i been through that we were in the wrong KBS ground, apparently they got two sites & the site we missed was the one where we likely to find them! gosh sigh sigh but it was almost aftn hours & we didn’t know exactly where the bldg was but some locals pointed us to it but still we were unsuccessful! in Korea u hv to really know your subway exits coz otherwise you’ll take a long long walk here & there! Well, maybe nxt time we have an idea & won’t get lost!
    have a grt w/end of what’s left of it girls!
    Annyeong Jihoon ssi, uri sarang hae yo chon man beon! 🙂

  1561. 1561 : sangjhoon Says:

    ooppps sorry got typo there ‘hand’ shld be hang around! always in a rush to post something, and u know what they say haste makes waste! hehehe
    ciao for now! got lots of chores to do but the best is later when we can watch kdramas, it’s my dosage & therapy during the course of the day! u know what i mean! hehehe excuse most of the typos coz it’s hard to notice it when you’re in a hurry! basically you guys would figure out if there’s a mispelled words/phrases ok? jjal ja

  1562. 1562 : sangjhoon Says:

    i just registered & logged in from that site & likewise i can’t see the drama dtr in law sigh sigh…when i typed the title on search button, took me to another page that only indicates ‘sorry not found’ or something to that effect! help JMjhoon hehehe kekekeke it can’t be that complex so what’s happening i wondered? thnx again!

  1563. 1563 : sangjhoon Says:

    i saw natalie from dramastyle & it wasn’t even subbed that shows u how desperate i wanted to see all his projects! 🙂
    yeah me too azjhoon i already registrd on that site but it only took me to their forum page, i didn’t even see the note you spoke about ‘thank you’ box, i must’ve missed it then! i too am anxious to see this drama for so long & finally our jmjhoon found it but we can’t even watch it wahhhh 🙁

    pls pretty pls jmjhoon walk us through ok? thnx kamsamnida

  1564. 1564 : jmjhoon Says:

    Hi girls.
    ohh i wish i could guide you..oh! i know…here
    email me at [email protected] or by the twitter (twitter.com/_jm_a) and i will pass you all the links.
    I think that will be easier. 🙂
    Its odd you all couldn’t see the reply box.
    @ azjhoon i feel bad. and it sucks it gave spyware and such.
    that site dont require any thing to download since they provide megaupload or fileshare links.

    OMG! sangjhoon that would be sooo awesome. I just need to save… or i will beg my parents to loan me the money 😛 yeh seen him live and in the flesh would be soo cool. well two dreams complete..ekeke going to korea and seen him ^^

  1565. 1565 : jmjhoon Says:

    Hi girls…seems my last post is not appearing.
    I made a walk-through image.. hope it helps.. If it doesn’t just email me at [email protected] and i will send you the links.
    Go to the http://www.am-addiction.com.. then follow the image… i really hope it helps its my first time doing a walk-through 🙂

  1566. 1566 : sangjhoon Says:

    sweet sweet Jmjhoon….can’t thank you enough really for the walk through…that site seems to need a rocket scientist 🙂 to get to our guy’s drama woah sigh sigh….i’ll try it again & endless kamsamnida for your time & effort esp patience with us right azjhoon?

    amjhoon if you are able to come on board here we’re trying to see if we can watch golden era & our frnd here jmjhoon is like you v v resourceful indeed in finding stuff related to our jihoon ssi!

    thnx again & i’ll let u know if i’m successful! aja aja

    have a nice week ahead ya all esp to our Jihoon ssi!!!

  1567. 1567 : azjhoon Says:


    Thanks! I followed ur imaged instruction,unfortunately, I can’t find anywhere on the screen the reply box to write Thank You, then click add reply… That’s all it needs to unblock me from viewing the videos, right? Could it be hidden? When i click the “add reply button” from anywhere on the screen sans the reply box, it’s directing me to an error msg e.g. No permission..blah..blah..blah…Me and Sangjhoon have encountered the same exact problem. Sangjhoon, have you tried again using JM’s instruction? I even validated and activated my acct via the email AM Addition sent me. What else am I doing wrong? Geez! Should I quit? Noooooo! I miss KJH and I want to see him again via Daughter in Law!

  1568. 1568 : sangjhoon Says:

    sorry girls i’m late in coming here, bz with so many things…first of many thnx again jmjhoon for the walk through!

    @azjhoon we’re on the same boat so it seems, i hvnt been successful at all in spite of jmjhoon’s effort to paste the links! then i tried to just browse through their titles & most of them are movie listings…i’m with you i miss our KJH & this is one of his dramas that i’ve been wanting to watch & was so happy that you jmjhoon found that site! sigh sigh i don’t really know why it’s so complex….in my case i can’t even see the reply button whatsoever, also i’m still not clear on where to paste it etc. 🙁
    it’s unfortunate that we can’t watch since most of his dramas are in that w/site! another drama i’d like to see is called trouble in my brother’s house…another family drama he’s in! anyway sweeties, we’ll have to try again & will let u know if i’m successful! wish us luck right azjhoon?

    i’m also thinking of giving up though i want to see this drama badly hahaha likewise azjhoon i miss him so much! thnx again jmjhoon! you’re one resourceful sweetie!

  1569. 1569 : jmjhoon Says:

    Eonni..just email me.. I will pass you the links to the videos.

    or if you want email me your stuff to log in to the forum and i can unluck it for you.

  1570. 1570 : sangjhoon Says:

    @jmjhoon…..jongmal mian hae for late reply…OK i’ll email u my stuff like what pw right? manhi kamsamnida dongsaeng! 🙂

  1571. 1571 : azjhoon Says:


    What about me? Can I email mine, too?

  1572. 1572 : jmjhoon Says:

    Of course. i will help you all out. 🙂
    How have you been?

  1573. 1573 : azjhoon Says:

    Hi Jmjhoon!

    Just emailed you my login info. Thanks for your help!

  1574. 1574 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong girls….yeah jmjhoon big help, however i was too busy i hvnt really start d/loading!
    azjhoon…our chingoo jmjhoon is such a comp savvy & i’m like u i’m not hehehe
    take care talk again later

  1575. 1575 : jmjhoon Says:

    oh? where is everyone….I am glad i have meet sangjhoon and azjhoon
    Eonni’s lets keep supporting out guy. n_n
    see the GEODIL he looks the same! I will take a screenshot.
    Since 2007 he looks the same…. well he just keeps getting better 😛

  1576. 1576 : azjhoon Says:

    Hi Jmjhoon & Sangjhoon!

    Jm thank you so much! Ur such a doll! Ur so goooooood! Need more of your expertise though!I sent u another email, need a pw @ Megaupload. Don’t know where to retrieve it. I know, I’m getting in there. I was so glad when I saw the episodes listing, but when I clicked the 1st episode, it directed me to Megaupload unfortunately, still can’t watch, don’t know where to get the pw @ MU….there were smiles on my face, when I saw the
    ep listings…KJH, just hang in there… I will see u again of course with the help of our very smart computer expert and ur sweetie JMjhoon. Talk to u soon, Jmjhoon and Sangjhoon and the rest of KJH sweeties who have been quiet for a while! Miss u KJH!

  1577. 1577 : sangjhoon Says:

    Hi AZjhoon & JMjhoon & all the missing in action sweeties of KJH 🙂

    yeah i think Jmjhoon you did a grt comp job with all this dtr in law series, however azjhoon/jmjhoon i still hvnt had a chance to try d/loading any of the epis albeit jmjhoon already walked us through it…too busy i guess by the time i’m home fr work etc. so hopefully this w/end or as early as tmrw which is Friday! mind you i can hardly wait to watch our sweet KJH in this drama! i hope someday a kind soul will also upload & sub how much love that’s one of my fave dramas of kjh & he himself too liked that proj of his!

    meanwhile happy w/end in advance to our KJH & you all sweeties here & catch ya all later…i agree with azjhoon a lot of KJH sweeties have been absent or quiet for sometime now! i miss our sweet amjhoon also who’s also a comp savvy like jmjhoon – i think she’s absent here coz of comp probs or online connection! we’ll be here waiting for you & all other sweeties here! of course we miss our Jihoon ssi & there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think about him! i hope he also post on twit or cyw!

  1578. 1578 : sangjhoon Says:

    @jmjhoon…yeah nae dongsaeng, keok jong massae yo we’ll be supporting our kjh for as long as he’s in showbiz & beyond! nadu, same here i’m so glad to have met you & azjhoon & of course other sweeties here who have been MIAs (missing in action) hahahaha. I sure hope you guys won’t get tired of following our kjh!
    yeah he doesn’t seem to age & in SFFTS he’s gotten more handsome! woah good idea take a screenshot of him! talk to ya all later! take care & jmjhoon many many thnx again for your time, effort in walking azjhoon & i through this drama GEoDIL! you rock! ms comp savvy girl! 🙂 mwah for finding our guy’s drama!

  1579. 1579 : azjhoon Says:

    Hello to all KJH sweeties, active or inactive members esp. Jmjhoon , my saviour and Sangkhoon, the ever loyal and active blogger here!
    Finally watched the drama. Without you JM, I will be pouting the whole time! My stupidity struck me when MU asked for a Password… Who would have thought of that kind of PW? Just finished watching 2 eps of GEOADIL. I didn’t get premium subscription, regular download, is very limited but may only allow us to watch a couple of episodes per day. I;m already hooked with the 1st 2, hoping to watch more during my free time. NOnetheless…luv it…luv it! KJH is so handsome as ever , I have been drooling since the 1st time he appeared on the very 1st ep of this drama. Good luck to us, hoping that MU will let me download more episodes per day…Thanks, JMjhoon, you’re my saviour! Sangjhoon, watch it thsi weekend!
    Miss u KJH! Stay healthy and safe as always! Luv u all, guys!
    Heard that Leetuk from SJ is also entering the military soon!

  1580. 1580 : jmjhoon Says:

    Girls! i leave you all a few screenshots of Kim Ji hun ssi in GEOFDIL

  1581. 1581 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong azjhoon & jmjhoon, and the ever absent sweeties, franjhoon, amjhoon, poljhoon, angeljhoon, janejhoon, and others like azjhoon said even nonactive kjh sweeties howdy? a special annyeong to our handsome kim jihoon ssi!

    woah azjhoon, i’m so happy for you at least u got it d/loaded for epi 1…i’ll try tonight to see & d/load that epi, i saw first epi but no subs & i think at that time i got through epi 2 something & nonetheless hope against hope that some kind heart will upload w/eng so after all the wait & our saviour Jmjhoon who’s so resourceful found it! it seems like a top secret that nobody seems to know that drama let alone the w/site exist? so excited really…so my u/standing from you girls is that we’re only allowed one to d/load each day? omo omo that’s ok as long as we’re able to watch it! i know he’s really handsome in that drama & the other dramas as well of course!
    @jmjhoon thnx for those photos u shared, umh ummh eye candy indeed! he’s adorable what can we say right?
    anyway, have a grt w/end ev.body & talk much later!
    for all the absent sweeties —- we all miss you, please please drop by & give us some hint why wae wae you’re no longer coming here? after all, KJH board is just a click away! 🙂
    once again thank you kamsabnida to our sweetie jmjhoon w/o which we won’t be able to see this GEoDIL drama!!! take care everybody!

    Jjal ja isseo Kim ji hoon ssi!

  1582. 1582 : sangjhoon Says:

    @azjhoon….hahaha you girls are also being loyal bloggers too so i don’t think i’m the only one who shld carry the torch per se hahaha we’re all loyal KJH, we’re in this together! who knows we’ll be able to have a fan club for him or a blog, well jmjhoon or amjhoon you two are comp savvy, any plans of having KJH blog in the future? 🙂 i know some K actors whose fans got their w/site for their idol so i think we shld have one, what you think girls?

    I’ll let u know girls once i d/loaded an epi ok? cheers! kombae (spell?)

  1583. 1583 : sangjhoon Says:

    girls, i tried to get into the d/load part & when it asked for pw i was kinda mental blank, hehehe i’ll try again tmrw, meanwhile enjoy the drama azjhoon & jmjhoon, till nxt time! going to hit my zzzzzzzzz

  1584. 1584 : azjhoon Says:

    How was everyone’s weekend?

    Sangjhoon, you can download as many as you want I guess. Thanks to JMJhoon for that info. I was able to download 10 eps. yesterday, and I was never kicked out…GEODIL is a fun and very enjoyable drama…Very,very funny! Even my husband was watching a bit of an episode, he was laughing, too! I don’t care if it’s a 52 episode drama, but I may re-watch when I miss him. Gosh, our KJH is still the same. Won’t stop and get tired staring at his very handsome face..

    Enjoy your 1st day back to work!

    God bless u all, especially to our KJH, please stay safe and healthy as always! Miss you so much!

  1585. 1585 : sangjhoon Says:

    Here are the list of sweeties MIA (missing in action) here 🙂
    i hope you are all OK & will be back soon here! we miss you all aside from our guy KJH! drop us a line & meet our new sweeties JMjhoon & Azjhoon! if i’m missing someone’s name, i’m v v sorry as it’s been a while now.

  1586. 1586 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello azjhoon & all KJH sweeties….yeah thnx for asking i had a good w/end & hope you too & all here!
    i was able to start d/loading but i guess i just got impatient that seeing it’s taking 4 hrs for one epis? to d/load i stopped & also i was about to go out for food shopping so i kinda postponed it! oh i know what u meant even if it’s 52 epis i really don’t care as long as our guy is in it…mind u HML is more than that about 100+ & time just zoomed by me w/o any probs hahaha! i can hardly wait to see geodl believe me but i’m just hesitating to d/load so much coz my comp may not be able to take it? i guess it can right? i’ll try again & yeah THANK YOU to our Jmjhoon for the walkthrough it’s a grt grt help!
    you do the same have a nice start work week! God bless you & our KJH and his sweeties!
    ciao for now

  1587. 1587 : jmjhoon Says:

    Hi girls! hope you all had a great weekend 🙂
    ohh one week left and back to school T_T but i will try to keep coming and keeping in contact with you all.
    ohh look i found a picture of Kim Ji Hun ssi that will make you say “WOW!!!!!!!!!!”
    —To:admin could please add this picture to the collection..big thanks :)—-

  1588. 1588 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello sweetie girls….oh luv that photo jmjhoon….he looks so pensive & seriously handsome! 🙂 thnx for sharing & admin’s quick response to your request!

    oh yeah sch opening is fast approaching….we do hope you’ll come by once in a while though we u/stand you’ll be tied up with homeworks & stuff! T_T
    you all have a nice day & w/end ahead! talk much later!

  1589. 1589 : jmjhoon Says:

    Hi girls.
    I have found other pictures we can add to our collection for Kim Ji Hun sshi 🙂
    please admin when ever you have time could you please add them 🙂 thanks..


  1590. 1590 : azjhoon Says:

    Hello KJH weeties!

    Sangjhoon, I’m drooling on those pictures… Such a gorgeous guy! Those pics made me miss him more….Gosh! When can we hear from him again? July was over, thought, he’s up for a vacation then, and summer is almost over and still no news. Oh well, I have been enjoying GEODIL @ AM Addiction and may start soon with Golden Apple.
    Jmjhoon, good luck in school. I know how it feels, my 2 beloved kids are leaving for college b4 the end of the month. Will miss them dearly, likewise with you. I will miss you a lot, you’re like a daughter to me, too! Hope you always get in touch. Will miss how you’re teaching me with this comp technology…being an end-user like me who doesn’t know how to fix anything, may one time become a comp savvy like you too. Keep in touch and Good luck!
    Have a good weekend to all the KJH lovers out there! Same to you , JiHoo ssi…Miss you so much. Please keep in touch!
    God bless to all!

  1591. 1591 : sangjhoon Says:

    Hell/annyeong KJH sweeties AZjhoon, Jmjhoon & a long list of you out there!
    i agree azjhoon he’s dead gorgeous what can we say? truly an eye candy….drool drool…hahaha i still hv to chk the other photos shares by our comp savvy jmjhoon…i saw one of them oh woah w/o his shirt hahaha! i know it’s been months now since we last heard from him — he must be working hard in the military, just hope he gets to take sometime off soon! we miss him a lot! woah u’d been watching GEODIL i wish i could but i think i told jmjhoon i’m kinda slacking on it coz d/loading really takes time, i’ll try again nxt time. You know GA on soju is broken so i hvnt been able to cont at least on the epi that i wanted to see….hv u girls seen him in flowers for my life and/or great inheritance? i’ve seen both but when i saw flowers the first time i nvr knew him then so i had to go back and rewatch it, this was after seeing him in SFFTS and after reviewing his filmography i thot what he was in FFML & true enough he was cute & handsome then already but little did i know at that time that it was him!
    anyway, good luck also to your two dtrs who will be going to college & yeah our jmjhoon who’s probab gonna be missing here for a while 🙁
    i agree her knowledge in comp hopefully will rub on us one day hahaha

    HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND first of all to our KIM JI HOON ssi & you all sweeties here! Have a KJH marathon drama watch ok? 🙂 LOL

    take care ya all! see u nxt time!

  1592. 1592 : sangjhoon Says:

    @jmjhoon….thnx for sharing those gorgeous photos, i still hv to see the others, so far i’ve clicked on two photos one with the white towel and i know i’ve seen that before & i got a copy of that which i’ve d/loaded sometime ago….u shld see my photo collection of KJH in my flash drive, hahaha i think there’s not a photo of his that i don’t have (yet)….hahaha, my room got photos of him framed, my screensaver got his photo, my wallet hahaha name it! i’m gonna feast my eyes now so talk to u girls later!

  1593. 1593 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo to Kim ji hoon ssi! hope you’re having a good nights’ sleep! stay healthy & strong….i pray that life inside the military won’t be too hard for you & that the days will go faster so you can come home to your loved ones & to fans like us here! take care always! we’re v v proud of you!

    to my KJH sweeties here, hope everybody had a good & relaxing weekend, i’m sure azjhoon & jmjhoon you both were watching GEODIL….cool!

    Hi amjhoon….how’s it going? we’re still waiting for you here, we miss you ok?

  1594. 1594 : jmjhoon Says:

    annyeonghaseyo eonni @ sangjhoon & azjhoon
    annyeonghaseyo everyone. 🙂

    @azjhoon oh both your kids are going to school? oh it must be hard. my parents find it hard sending 3 kids to university/college at the same time. Luckly we have found affordable universities. on my sophomore year we decided to just live at home and drive to school. Since dorms are more expensive than the tuition.

    @sangjhoon & azjhoon how have your weekend been? My family came over so I just decided to hang out with them. I was suppose to go out with my friend. at the end i ditched the plan because we were suppose to eat at this restaurant like half an hour away. but her house is half an hour the opposite way from my house and the place. So i told her to meet half way but rejected the idea. So i was like ok..sorry cant go out. lol

    Today i went to a Korean mart. Wow! i bought chilli paste to make some food. but my aunt bought a lot of Korean fruit. Just to see how it tasted. my cousins ate all the food -_-‘ didn’t got to taste the Korean melon. its looks pretty its all yellow 🙂

    oh girls don’t worry just email me or whatever tech questions you all my have. I will help you all out. 🙂

    I halted a bit on watching GEODIL since its verily long and to not lose interest i decided to watch a bit of Miss Ripley. but when ever i want to see Kim Ji hun ssi cute face i watch an episode of GEODIL.

    Oh watched his movie “Natali”—– wow.. when they say its rated “r” they mean rated R. i was very suprise aaahh the story line was ok..but didn’t like the other actors so at the end i would skip around until i was Kim Ji Hun and would watch only him ahah

    Oh i read the Kim Ji hun was on Happy Shares Company Happy Shares Company this variety show in 2010

    oh i leave you a MV that Kim Ji hun participated in 🙂

  1595. 1595 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong jmjhoon, azjhoon & all sweeties absent here! a special annyeong to our jihoon ssi!

    w/end was ok, as always w/o watching kdramas it wld seem incomplete hahaha what else is new right?
    jmjhoon i’ve tried their fruits oh are they so humongous even their apples pears, and yeah the korean melons are refreshing! i always have korean ingreds in stock u know the basic I’m sure azjhoon is also into korean food aren’t we all?

    i’ve watched maybe 5 epis of ms ripley but didn’t go on with it tho i like the 2 actors kim seong & mickey; omo omo yeah natali is ‘r’ & nadu i had to skip a lot just wanting to see our jihoon ssi in it, one of the scenes where he was washing clothes was just too touching while his wife watches him etc. i’m just so glad our jihoon ssi wasn’t the one involved with those r scenes besides it’s not like him anyway!

    well jmjhoon & azjhoon’s kids you guys are dealing with back to school soon or have it started? i know some starts y-day & the rest nxt week!

    jmjhoon i think maybe u shld follow up on those photos u wanted posted – maybe admin is just inundated with requests but try to remind them 🙂 oh i shld try to look at that & also he was in that YT game show a few yrs back i’m not sure if i still hv it amongst my YT faves let me hv a look later & i’ll share the link with you all!

    ok you guys have a lovely week ahead! take care & of course to our jihoon ssi that he’s doing well!

    see u nxt time girls!

  1596. 1596 : azjhoon Says:

    Hey there, JMjhoon & Sangjhoon and the rest of KJH lovers out there!

    Glad to see you both again here! @ JM, I realized after I posted my blog re: his pics, that you were the one who posted those links. Sorry, you and Sangjhoon are always very active here, so I always get messed up. Thanks for those pics, made me miss him more and luv him more.
    @ JMjhoon, yes, I have 2 kids leaving for college towards the end of this month. My daughter is on her Junior year/Nursing, and my son is entering freshman year/Bio. Yes, it’s very expensive, but I hope it will pay off when both of them finish college and find better and high-paying jobs. Both of them are interested in medical fields, though! Just praying that they both survive.
    @JM, you were right, downloading GEODIL used so much of my memory. I thought opening the videos via Quick time will not affect my memory, but I was wrong, computer moron here is really admitting it…hahaha. So, I will try to do what you’re doing. Unfortunately, AM-Add is offline, so I can’t do anything right now. Will email you if I encounter problems downloading. Anyways, I already finished watching GEODIL, likewise with GA( only watched those ep that were broken @ My Soju). GEODIL is a fun and enjoyable drama, and I want to watch it again. @ Sangjhoon, downloading didn’t take me that long, shortest was maybe 5 mins and longest was 45 mins.
    BTW, when we were in Canada, my best friends treated us to a korean grill Resto in Toronto. My son never appreciated oriental foods, but @ this place, he really loved it. I luv it, too, Imagine grilling your meat & fish & veggies on your dining table? It was fun, and really want to try it again here. My kids went this weekend to a place close by, but it’s nothing like that one in Canada. My son didn’t like this one ,though. Well, when I go to Korea, that’s one of my iteneraries…Would love to get one of those tabletop grills, so I can try them at home.
    Ok, sweeties, hope you’re all enjoying your week… @ JMJhoon, have fun in college and always get in touch. @ Sangjhoon, always visit us here.
    And to our beloved KJH, stay safe and healthy as always. God bless, and please keep in touch! Miss you so much!

  1597. 1597 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to you azjhoon, jmjhoon and all our fellow KJH sweeties here!
    Wow i enjoyed reading your msg there azjhoon! i’m sure you’ll miss both your kids leaving for college but like you said, it shld pay off once they’re finished – i’m almost certain with the kind of fields they’re interested in which is always in demand undoubtedly they’ll land a good job!

    oh i envy you two for watching GEoDIL….i think i was also worried of the memory in my comp once i d/load the drama, i wished it were just straight watching but we can’t have everything i guess! 🙁 i did see first few epis from a chinese site sometime ago but when i checked again it didn’t seem available anymore sigh sigh! Re GA i know the ones that i needed to watch which i believe last few episodes or the ending part/s are still brken at soju!

    ummhhh you enjoyed the table grilling eh? when we were in Korea last year my sis & i experienced that & oh boy i really had my fill hahaha! there’s quite a few of those places here in the city & i’ve tried one or two places and they’re v v good! mind you with the banjan or side dishes alone i can do w/o the meat coz all their banjans are to die for! hahaha there’s this one place close to our area who’s v generous in giving side dishes, believe me they serve you 13 s. dishes & u guys know that we can ask for seconds right? but with the 13 s dishes there’s not much room left for seconds hahaha! my sis tells me also since she lives in canada that there’s a lot of good Kor restos in Toronto so when i go there nxt time for a visit she said to be ready hahahaha!

    well we shld all plan a trip to see our KJH in Korea when he gets back..that’ll be a great great moment eh? since our jmjhoon is v resourceful she may be able to find that place where they meet their fans? right jmjhoon? sounds like an assignment but i know you’re in school & all that so it may just have to wait!

    pls also keep me company here girls ok? hahaha this site is just a click away whether you’re online or simply watching kdrama hahaha! yeah azjhoon & jmjhoon i’m always visiting here so hope you do too!

    to our KJH that you always stay safe & healthy — we’ll be waiting for you!
    have a nice week girls!

  1598. 1598 : jmjhoon Says:

    @azjhoon Eonni, how have you been?

    yeh the video size takes up memory. I installed this program called TuneUp Utilities you can get it at download.com What this program does is gives you back the memory the video takes up or any file memory. When you erase or watch a video not physically downloading it instead downloading it to watch it through a video player. It still hold on to the memory. If you erase a file it still keeps a shadow copy of it. When you download it and install you go to the section “Gain memory” there if will give up useless memory that is being taken up. Also the compute creates restart points which keeps the video sizes even though you erase them. Hope this helps to gain back the memory you are losing. I really like the program because also offers other ways to keep your computer running smoothly. Such as you can fix and clean registry. stuff like that.

    Wahh! your kids must be really really smart. I hope they will finish they studies. 🙂 I have a friend in Spain whom its a doctor now..now she just is working and studying to get her specialization. She works on the ER for now. Also have a few family members who are in the medical field. I wanted to be on the medical field but i am soooo bad at science topics. Plus seeing blood makes me all nauseous and dizzy. lol

    I agree some restaurants are better than other. Yeh on Canada the restaurants might be better since there is a high Korean citizens on the country. Here in the U.S i can see its San Fransisco or Los Angeles (well basically important cities in California). Since most Korean singers or actors who are from the U.S they always well 90% mention that they lived and studied on those citizen. That is why i tell my sister i want to move to California increases changes of finding my self a Korean guy ahahha Silly ideas no?

    For now I am just being greedy and selfish in taking any opportunity I can in efforts to hang out and see this cute Asian guy i like from school.

    I will keep in contact with you and I really enjoy talking to you . I am also glad to have meet you through here.

    hope you’re enjoying your week. Hope you have fun but keep safe and healthy.

  1599. 1599 : jmjhoon Says:

    @ sangjhoon Eonni. Lets keep in contact through here or email. Also azjhoon eonni. n_n

    Oh I know the grill tables are really cool. I went to a restaurant here in Houston. They have the grill tables. However, they only let people use the grill if each person in the table order grill meat. T_T maybe i will go back and make my friends order a grill meat so we can experience it ahaha.

    Yeh that would be wonderful a “field trip” 😛 to see our Kim Ji hoon. To give him support when he is discharge. If not well we can always just tour the area ekeke. I will try to look into it and see if i can find anything on where they meet. Yeh for sure.. a great challenge. ^^

  1600. 1600 : jmjhoon Says:

    To Admin:
    Please don’t forget to add the images I provided a while ago to the collection of images we have on Kim Ji hoo. n_n
    Thank you.

  1601. 1601 : admin Says:

    Hi jmjhoon, link provided by you at comment 1589 are not available for view. Please check.

  1602. 1602 : jmjhoon Says:

    To admin:
    Are you sure? I can click on the links and see the images. The others have mention they can see the images themselves.
    I can also access them from other computers. please try again.

  1603. 1603 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello again my good sweet chingoos here jmjhoon, azjhoon, and all who are MIAs as in missing in action like amjhoon & others

    ok dongsaeng jmjhoon we’ll stay in touch no matter what same with azjhoon while you’re busy in school! i remember a scene in My Princess where kim tae hee sent song seong hyun a txt msg since he never stayed in touch while abroad so kim tae hee saying even just a dot or a period will do just so she’d know he’s OK! hahaha well so what i’m saying is even a short line will do, not a dot hahaha

    admin sent u a msg re your requested photo links i’m sure u saw that by now jmjhoon!

    yeah one of these days with your resourcefulness, i’m almost certain you’ll find out where our kim ji hoon ssi will be meeting his fans after his service! yeah a field trip is right hahaha…i can see kjh sweeties having a blast in korea, from food cruising to bargain hunting hahaha that’ll be the day!

    woah nvr heard of that utility…sounds cool…i’ll keep that in mind!

    so when u go back to school i’d say keep up the good work! it’s really nice to be in contact with you & azjhoon who will also be busy preparing for her kids’ going away to college.

    yeah the kor restos here are quite abundant since many koreans live in california however i gathered recently from a friend of mine that in NJersey where she lives, this state has the highest number of koreans in whole of the US. yeh not calif but new jersey! it sure will be nice if you could marry a korean guy jmjhoon hahaha who knows?

    it sure is fun to experience korean way of having those grill at their table believe me and the aroma of kalbi or bulgogi is just irresistible 🙂

    hahaha your crush is asian guy, he must be cute! hehehe

    anyway it’s getting late so i’ll wrap this up for now but we’ll stay in touch, you all take care & see you here again!

    a special greeting to our Kim ji hoon ssi that he’s staying healthy, happy, and always in good spirits while away from his loved ones! we terribly miss you and we’ll start counting the days next year!
    HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND to you & all sweeties here! Through you i was able to meet these nice friends here on board and on cyworld (where jmjhoon & i met)

  1604. 1604 : admin Says:

    @jmjihoon, Please download the pics as mentioned in comments in 1589 and sent to [email protected]. Thanks.

  1605. 1605 : sangjhoon Says:

    woah nice nice photos of KJH….jmjhoon our wishes came true! thank you v much to admin (sern)!!! you guys rock!
    luv luv those photos! what’s there not to like? he’s always looking good in any photos for that matter!
    lots to drool for sweeties!

    hope everybody’s having a nice w/end! to our jmjhoon, school’s open tmrw, all da best ok? take care always & hopefully you’ll hv time to pop in here! i’m sure if you can’t azjhoon will fill in for you or both of us! 🙂 hahaha i’m imposing eh, just kidding! we can’t just let this board unattended for reasons we know & that is our support for a nice man KJH! 🙂 ᄏᄏᄏᄏ

    annyeong to our KJH! i’m sure he’s just getting up at this time…hope he’s gonna have an easy day….not too much rain anymore in Korea & hope everyone in Korea will stay safe & see the sun shining once again!

    talk to you fellow sweeties nxt time! time to have some dose of Kdramas! hahaha

  1606. 1606 : sangjhoon Says:

    in one of those new uploaded photos i’ve seen before he’s looking like a real punk hahaha! he’s so cute! luv it!

  1607. 1607 : azjhoon Says:

    Anneonghaseyo (did I spell it right?), to all kjh sweeties out there!

    OMG! Our JiHoon ssi tweeted today. I’m so excited! Unfortunately, it’s in hangul. Don’t understand a bit! Cheval, Jmjhoon and Sangjhoon, Amjhoon, and everyone, maybe you can interpret what he tweeted about for the rest of us.
    BTW, Jmjhoon, how’s ur 1st day back to school. Good luck! Same with ur Asian kid crush in school! I will email you as soon as AM-Addiction forum goes back online. Need u to walk me thru about what u did as far as downloading the videos are concerned. Sangjhoon, yes, I’ll try to make up for Jmjhoon’s absent. Will always check in here as much as I can.
    FYI, we had a korean bbq at home for dinner last night. I used my electric griddle to grill marinated beef and pork, we felt like we’re in a korean resto. I rec’d a thumbs up from my son who’s a very picky eater. Only had kimchi as our side order. It was just my first try, didn’t even know how it will taste using an electric griddle. Since I rec’d a thumbs up from my son, next time, I’ll try to get as much variety as I can. It was such an enjoyable and filling korean style dinner, though!

    Can’t stop drooling over those pics,Jmjhoon. BTW.Sangjhoon, he has more great and “droolable”(don’t think this word exists in webster!) pictures from that Vienamese website you mentioned a while ago. Do you think we can get those pics posted here, too? Jmjhoon, is an expert on that, maybe she can get the links to send to admin.

    Ok, sweeties, I’m so anxious to know what JiHoon ssi was tweeting about. Paging translators, please let us know what it was all about! Do you think he’s off for his R&R from the military? Hope so! Jihoon ssi , please tweet in English, too so we can tweet back to you. Hope you’re in good health and please don’t forget that we’re waiting for you! God bless and stay safe always! Miss u a lot!

  1608. 1608 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong azjhoon, woah u made me excited let me have a look at twi oh mo omo, i’ll be back here, i can read but not u/standing a lot of words though. thnx for info, i’ll be back girls! yeyyyy

  1609. 1609 : sangjhoon Says:

    Summer da ,,end Yes….,;; ㅋ ㅋ Passwordtwit againI forgot and, found,,,,hehㅎ ㅎ,

    트윗 비밀번호 깜빡했다가,, 다시 찾음,,,,ㅎㅎㅎ

    OK sweeties, I tried to t/late using word lingo & that’s his orig hangeul fr twit & it sort of t/late to the fact that summer is ending & sounds like he lost his pw on twit & found but he forgot again …. hahaha how sweet! oh so excited to hear from him!

  1610. 1610 : sangjhoon Says:

    i’ll come back here when i get home ladies! so excited thnx azjhoon for sharing about this twit
    i’ll post again at length when i’m at home ciao for now

  1611. 1611 : sangjhoon Says:

    sweeties, it’s really exciting to see his twit….i can’t get over it! hahaha it’s been a while & thank goodness he took the time to twit even for that short sentence if you will! he seemed to hv forgotten his pw & then thought about it & then lost it again sort of t/lation hahaha….it was so cute of him! hahaha

    yeah nadu jmjhoon same wishes for your first day or week in school like azjhoon said in her msg & azjhoon same goes to your kids!

    believe me or not last sunday, i also used our electric grill the George Foreman way but this time it’s pork not beef & ummhhh isn’t it delicious when you have some meat grilled? hehehe azjhoon if you got a thumbs up fr your picky son, that speaks volume already! hahaha jmjhoon is also good in trying recipes such as side dishes right jmjhoon? i was able to make my first try on kimchi & you know what? it’s quite simple & i think modesty aside, it tastes good hahaha.

    ok enough about food i guess but yeah the vietnamese site got some gorgeous photos hahahh (drooable well if webster didn’t think of that then coming fr you azjhoon we’ll try to use it hahaha) which i d/loaded in my flash awhile back & not sure if it can be posted here well we can try to ask our nice admin people otherwise our jmjhoon is good at that…in the tech dept hahaha

    azjhoon, may i ask jmjhoon to give u my email so that we can also chat outside this board since our mods here don’t wish for us to discuss something unrelated to our KJH? only if you want, so jmjhoon you can pls give azjhoon my email thru your email, not here on this board if u don’t mind and thanks….that is only if azjhoon is also agreeing to that otherwise we’ll just touch base here or twit. speaking of which i can’t follow u there azjhoon since i hv no idea what you username is on twit, but jmjhoon & i hv been twitting! hahaha

    well time to watch some kdramas girls so i’ll say ta ta for now but till nxt time!

  1612. 1612 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo kim ji hoon ssi! hope you have a great weekend!

    to all kjh sweeties — have a great w/end as well & hope ev.thing’s OK with you all, active or non-active kjh sweeties!

    azjhoon, jmjhoon, amjhoon, franjhoon, janejhoon, ronjhoon, poljhoon, angeljhoon, jackossjhoon, flyingjhoon & if i forgot someone u know who you are 🙂 have a great one to you all & talk more later! ajajajaja

  1613. 1613 : sangjhoon Says:

    jmjhoon, azjhoon & all sweeties, here’s the link to the vietnam w/site where there are lots of photos of our KJH! our amjhoon was the one who found this site & there are lots of nice/grt photos of kim ji hoon on their site to drool at! enjoy! hope it works!


  1614. 1614 : sangjhoon Says:

    Dear Moderators — when you get a chance pls post photos of Kim ji hoon…many many thanks! Kamsahabnida! have a great w/end!


  1615. 1615 : jmjhoon Says:

    Annyeonghaseo sangjhoon & azjhoon eooni!!!
    How have you all been? Yeh, I also have seen how Kim Ji Hun-sshi finally twitted. Ahh I was so happy when I saw a new entry on the account.
    The classes are going ok. So far it has been a bit slow since its the first week. I mostly was busy with getting my books and some club meetings.
    I hope now that he has his password. He will twitting every now and then. 🙂
    Take care.
    Have a great weekend.

  1616. 1616 : sangjhoon Says:

    i noticed some new photos but only one of them was from the link i requested…that’s fine thanks moderators!

  1617. 1617 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong jmjhoon, azjhoon, amjhoon & all sweeties absent here! yeah it’s nice indeed to hear from our kjh re his twit! i hope he finds time to stop by there & twit once in a while! so cute of him eh? he lost or could be forgot his pw but when he found it, lost again hahaha….he’s got too many things on his mind we’re sure of that! he probab can’t wait till he’s discharged & we can u/stand that completely! however, a few months more & before we know it he’ll be out there!

    woah your first week of school & i’m sure it’s still in the irregular mode so to speak! it’s so nice to see you hear in spite of your bsy sched in school!

    hope also you all are having a grt w/end!
    azjhoon, i volunteered my email thru our jmjhoon in case u wanted to chat with us thru email since we can’t talk or chat here unrelated to KJH! anyway, if not it’s also ok here! thanks again jmjhoon for providing our azjhoon my email!

    talk to you again girls! take care ev.body! see u again soon!

  1618. 1618 : jmjhoon Says:

    Annyeonghaseo sangjhoon & azjhoon eooni!!!

    @sangjhoon, eonni. The pictures that we are seen being added. Those are the pictures I mention. I send them to the admins to post them. I understand that the images were a lot of them. but i they are posting so. So Thank you to the admins. 🙂

    yeh this week is slow.. since next Monday is labor day(sept.5.. I dont have classes). Also my professor canceled for tomorrow. So i only have my 2:30pm class. but i have a club meeting at 2pm. Wednesday I can only go to my morning class since my sister need the car for her dentist appointment on the afternoon. I have Tues/Thurs off from school. But i use them for my online classes.

    @azjhoon, eonni? how are your kids doing at school? hope they don’t have too much work already. I know how professors can start giving assignments the first days of school.

    omo! yes! can’t wait when Kim Ji Hun oppa can start to twit and be active on cyworld again like old times. 🙂 That reminds me I need to stop by his cyworld. I don’t want him to think I have forgotten about him. lol

    Eonni(s)! please take care. Much love. Hugs!!
    have a great weekend! ^^

  1619. 1619 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong dongsaeng jmjhoon, azjhoon, amjhoon even if she can’t come often, we hvnt forgotten you amjhoon! hope you all had a grt w/end!

    @jmjhoon…yeah i think those were the photos you submitted to admin & we shld have some more in the next week or so when i get a chance to dig from other sites! they’re all gorgeous what can i say? hahaha
    glad you’re off for a few days & yeah long w/end coming this labor day yeyyyy! an extra day is always a big treat for us right? also yeah i hope our guy twit again & mind u speaking of cyw me too i hvnt gone there for a week or so now! let’s post there in hangeul so he can appreciate it! 🙂

    @azjhoon…yeah i agree with jmjhoon hope your kids are pretty well adjusted in school altho it’s only the first week! hope you’re able to watch a bit of kdramas here & there as housework is never done so they say! 🙂 our jmjhoon provided u with my email so feel free to say hello w/o having to chat here as our admin warned us not to chat unrelated to topic of our guy!

    have a nice week ahead ev.body & thanks again to our admin for posting photos tirelessly! we just adore this site admin! thanks for all you do to make it possible for fans like us to express our admiration for actors like KJH!

    see u again all sweeties soon! to our KJH hope you’re able to take a day off & be with your loved ones again! take care always, we luv you!

  1620. 1620 : Love Marriage (연애결혼) « styrn Says:

    […] Min Hee as Lee Kang Hyun Kim Ji Hoon as Park Hyun Soo Yoon Se Ah as Seo Hwa Young Park Ki Woong as Yin Kyung […]

  1621. 1621 : azjhoon Says:

    Hey there, JiHoon ssi, and to all KJH sweeties out there!

    I apologize for not visiting you that often bec of my busy schedules. But I promise to visit you everyday just to say hello! Know what Jihoon ssi, you gave me 2 great friends in the name of Sangjhoon and Jmjhoon! We always talk about you even outside of this blog. Thanks a lot for that opportunity you gave us.
    How uv been doing btw! Hope everything is fine! Hang in there, without you knowing 23 mos. of service is almost over, so by then we can always see you.
    Just take care and always stay healthy and safe. God bless! Miss u so much!

  1622. 1622 : amjhoon Says:

    Hello, my sweeties anygirls on board and say hi to our Kim ji hoon missing there so long..Hi sangjhoon I always miss you and will back on board soon…kiss kiss bye… 🙂

  1623. 1623 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo to our kim ji hoon ssi – hope you’re having a nice evening over there and get to get a breather during the day! you’re always in our minds here on board & will be waiting! meantime, you take good care & remember we love you from all your KJH sweeties here on this great site w/o which we won’t be able to express our admiration for you & your hard work! aja aja God bless always! 🙂

    to all kjh sweeties – have a great day to & talk much later! see you all soon here!
    take care!

  1624. 1624 : azjhoon Says:

    Hi Admin!

    I’m sorry for bugging you again! Can you post these pictures of Kim Ji Hoon, please? Just wondering why my 4 posts this morning didn’t get posted yet? Am I doing anything wrong? Please inform. Just hoping that I get to see them all posted tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience with me,dear admin. Kim Ji Hoon, Please take care and always stay safe. if it takes forever. God bless! Bogoshipda!


  1625. 1625 : admin Says:

    @ azjhoon, the photo just submitted to you is the pics of kim ji hoon long long time ago, please provide the latest photo to us.

  1626. 1626 : sangjhoon Says:

    azjhoon, amjhoon, kmjhoon & all MIAs have a grt w/end especially to KJH!

    @azjhoon, the photo with white towel i can understand coz it’s already posted sometime ago; but the one at the bar first time i’ve seen it — woah where did you find these photos, cool & thnx for sharing even if some don’t get posted, we can always click the link & drool right?

    have a great w/end ladies & to our KJH of course! Annyeong!

  1627. 1627 : jmjhoon Says:

    Hi girls!! ^^ How is everyone. ohh hope Kim Ji hun-sshi is able to twit and provide a new picture of him ^^

    admin:noticed you haven’t finish posting all of the images.
    also I agree that some of the images that azjhoon provided are a bit old but what can we do when he is army service right know and there are no new images of him? Whats wrong with the old images..i mean those images are still of kim Ji hoo.no?

  1628. 1628 : admin Says:

    @ jmjhoon, do you know that this pic – http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v229/xcreamecaramelx/20060427181911982.jpg is taken 5 years ago? if we are keep posting the pics in the past, then the gallery will become old gallery of kim ji hoon. what i suggest is you may make a gallery of kim ji hoon in somewhere, then i will make a link there, so the fan who interest to see your collection pics of kim ji hoon will able to see it there. Hope you understand.

  1629. 1629 : jmjhoon Says:

    To admin: Im sorry if I hit a nerve or something. And No, i didn’t knew that the image was five years old. I mean you could just had stated that you are only allowing us to build up the gallery with current images of him. Why be so mean about it.

  1630. 1630 : azjhoon Says:

    Hi Jmjhoon and Sangjhoon!

    I was wrong, it wasn’t a documentary. It was actually a drama featuring guys who ironically are currently serving the military including our beloved Kim Ji Hoon! Here you go! Wish we can see the drama online and fully subbed in English. It may have not been shown yet,but the videos were shot in June.


    Happy viewing even if it only shows a couple shots of our Kim Ji Hoon.

  1631. 1631 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello/annyeong KJH & sweeties here AZjhoon, JMjhoon & all of his sweeties! oh we got some more photos posted i can see!

    thnx for the link, i’ll check it out! woah azjhoon you’re quite good in searching for KJH stuff….we hope to watch that once it’s sub or even if not subbed just to see the drama wld be a huge treat!

    i’m gonna look at it now. see you soon girls

  1632. 1632 : azjhoon Says:

    Hi admin!

    Thanks for posting some of the pics requested for posting via #1624. Hoping that you will reconsider more especially those pics in the bar.
    Anyways, please post this link below.


    Thanks for your patience!

  1633. 1633 : admin Says:

    @azjhoon, i didn’t see anything in the link that your just provided to us, could you please check clearly before you post something, otherwise we will consider your comment as spam in the future.

  1634. 1634 : sangjhoon Says:

    Dear Admin: When u get a chance kindly post these photos please! Much appreciated!


  1635. 1635 : sangjhoon Says:

    i just watched the vid & thnx azjhoon…i can’t wait to see the full drama soon i hope! he’s so cute with short hair, looking so boyish along with L jun ki & the other actor who i liked in vineyard man with yoon eun hye!

    be back later girls!

  1636. 1636 : azjhoon Says:

    Hi admin!

    BTW,thank you so very much for posting his photo in the bar! I do really appreciate your kind consideration.


  1637. 1637 : azjhoon Says:

    Good morning, Kim Ji Hoon ssi!

    Missing you a lot! Please always stay safe, healthy & happy! We will always be waiting for you.

    God bless and take care!

  1638. 1638 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong & kamsamnida for posting even one photo of KJH from the numerous links of request i made y-day! i’ve read your new instruction or notification about photos and i guess we’ll just have to wait girls for our guy’s return or come-back before we can post some other gorgeous photos that you azjhoon saw in my twit gallery! 🙁

    talk to u guys later & hope you’re having a great long w/end!

  1639. 1639 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello sweeties! annyeong to our KJH ssi! hope you’re having a wonderful evening!

    @JMjhoon, i just went to post something at cyworld for KJH & it seems the site has been modified, i can’t seem to find the usual page; when i clicked a link such as jiraishin99 some page came up but it’s not the same as it used to be! you’re the savviest one here so when u get a chance, pls try it ok?
    Have a nice week you all!


  1640. 1640 : azjhoon Says:

    Annyeong haseyo, Kim Ji Hoon ssi!

    RE-watching Golden Era of a Daughter-in-Law. This is one of my fave rom-coms, so much fun and very enjoyable.Luv you a lot in this drama. I love all your dramas, with the exception of Love and marriage. maybe bec. your team up with Kim MinHee is so awkward? Although, you’re so gorgeous in LM, but KMH is not the right one for you. Luv your chemistry with Lee Soo Kyung a lot,too!.

    Bogoshipda! Take care and stay safe always.

    God Bless! Will be waiting for your return in the fall of 2012.

  1641. 1641 : jmjhoon Says:

    annyeonghaseo azjhoon & sangjhoon eonni:D

    Use this link :
    it should lead you to his cyworld page. For me it still looks the same.

    its soo sad..to return and see the “notice” on the gallery.

    Girls how have you all been? Sorry I was a MIA this weekend. Since it was long weekend. My family took it to visit each other and have a labor day dinner. 🙂 Also read for my quiz that was on Saturday..I have another one this Saturday. =( This week feels soo long..

    Ohhh Kim Ji Hun-sshi hasn’t twitter.. ohhh its soo true what my brother says..When the guy doesn’t show emotion..in this case hasn’t twitted much…when they do show emotion it meas the world to us…in this case when he twits. 🙂

    take care. 🙂

  1642. 1642 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to KIM JIHOON ssi & to all sweeties azjhoon, jmjhoon & MIAs or just joining us for first time we wanna meet you! 🙂

    thnx kamsahabnida jmjhoon i think y-day the site was probab under some kind of updating or glitch but this a.m. i saw the same page for him i was so happy i posted there already! 🙂

    no worries if you’re mia, u hv to set ur priorities & that’s school!

    azjhoon u must’ve been busy and/or missing your kids! no worries they’ll be ok!
    LOL i know i liked L&M too but not his costar hahaha sorry! they didn’t match, i prefer his leading lady in HML or GEoDiL! sigh sigh i can’t watch it yet! i wished it didn’t require d/loading & just watch it the usual like many others! 🙁

    talk to u gals nxt time hv a nice & blessed day!

  1643. 1643 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo kim ji hoon ssie, hope you are having a great day & a weekend! always take care & we’ll be waiting for you! fighting!

    annyeong to my fellow sweeties here & you all have a great weekend too!

    T _ T

  1644. 1644 : azjhoon Says:

    Good morning,JiHoon ssi!

    Miss you a lot! Hope you’re having a great time while in service.
    Please stay safe, healthy and be at you best always!

    God bless and hope to hear from you soon!

    Take care and best regards!

  1645. 1645 : jmjhoon Says:

    annyeonghaseyo eonni! ^^
    다들 잘 있어요?
    I hope everything is going well in the army.
    Lets hope 그가 곧 사진을 제공합니다 바랍니다. ^^
    Everyone 몸조심.

  1646. 1646 : azjhoon Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving,/Cheonsuk,my beloved Kim JiHoon ssi!

    Hope you’re enjoying your holiday!

    Stay safe, healthy and be at your best as always!. MIss you so much!

  1647. 1647 : sangjhoon Says:

    안엉 김 지훈씨 행 북간 주 석

  1648. 1648 : sangjhoon Says:

    동생 안엉 ᄀ래구 az준 hope you both are having a good day!

    보고ᄉ힙오 am준 and all MIAs here!

  1649. 1649 : sangjhoon Says:


    Take care KJH ssi, we miss you to the max! Have plenty of rest this weekend & take care of yourself! We love you!

  1650. 1650 : azhoon Says:

    Good morning, Kim Ji Hoo ssi!

    Have a great weekend, please always stay safe and healthy!

    God bless and best regards!

    Bogos paso!

  1651. 1651 : azjhoon Says:

    How are was your weekend, Kim Jihoon ssi!

    You’re almost done with your first year of service in a little over 2 weeks. That means we only have to wait for one more year till your discharge! Can’t wait to see you active in showbiz again! Hope to see you soon! Please twit, everyone here is waiting for you!

    Miss you so much!

    God bless, and please always stay safe and healthy!

    Best regards!

  1652. 1652 : azjhoon Says:

    annyeong to our kim ji hoon ssi….good morning to you & hope you’re staying strong & healthy! Bogos paso!

    Hello to all KJH sweeties, haven’t seen you on board!

    Miss you all!

  1653. 1653 : sangjhoon Says:

    chon ajim Jihoon ssi & hope you had a grt w/end! like azjhoon i wish you all the best where you are doing your very best for your country! i’m not from Korea but i feel so proud of you & your comrades there!

    wishing you good health & safety—-bogoshipo!

    @azjhoon – i agree one more year & we’ll be able to welcome him back!

    talk to you all later

  1654. 1654 : azjhoon Says:

    Good morning, Kim Ji Hoon ssi!

    Hope you’re having a great day today, or night as I may say?

    Missing you a lot! Can’t wait to see you back in a year!

    Please always stay safe and healthy!

    God bless and best regards!

  1655. 1655 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to our ji hoon ssi and all sweeties here! hope everybody’s having a nice week to start with!

    az & jm how are you both? we seem to be busy these days eh? autumn is almost here but i still didn’t feel the summer heat where i am 🙁 LOL

    talk to u all later! have a blessed day everyone esp to our KJH!

  1656. 1656 : sangjhoon Says:

    Happy Weekend Kim Ji Hoon ssi! Hope you had a great week & staying healthy & safe!

    To all JI hoon ssi sweeties — happy weekend to you all! Talk to u all later!

  1657. 1657 : azjhoon Says:

    Have a good morning on this wet Saturday weekend, Kim Ji Hoon ssi!

    Hope you’re having a great time while serving. I met a couple of chingoos (JM and Sanghee) thru you and I’m so grateful about that! Hope to find more thru your board. Hi to my chingoos, and hope to hear from you all soon!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Stay safe and healthy , and be at your best as always.

    Luv yah and miss yah! God bless and best regards!

  1658. 1658 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo Kim ji hoon ssi! i second the motion with our friend here AZjhoon, we truly miss you & wish you all the best of everything!

    @AZjhoon & JMjhoon, i am also grateful that we met thru Jihoon ssi as well as the other sweeties who have been MIAs here like AMjhoon, Franjhoon, Poljhoon, angeljhoon, flyingjhoon, ronjhoon & many more!

    Hope you all have a blessed weekend and let’s continue to support our Jihoon ssi tirelessly! 🙂 God bless you Jihoon ssi & all your fans here!

  1659. 1659 : jmjhoon Says:

    annyeonghaseo Azjhoon and Sangjhoon eooni!!!!!!

    How have you all been? Sorry i haven’t been around much.
    Ahh yesterday finally took a huge exam for Int. Economics.. ..its a hard class for me because i don’t understand theory..i do better with math ..physical stuff. Now that i dont have huge exams..I will try to come here often.

    Ohhh i keep seeing how all this other artist still get pictures taken even though they are in the army. I start to think..what about kim Ji hun??? why people don’t take pictures of him??? mmmm also hope he will twit more on his next vacation time frame.

  1660. 1660 : azjhoon Says:

    Good morning, Kim Jihoon ssi!

    Hope everything is coming along well with you! Miss you a lot! Please always stay safe and healthy , ok! Hope to see you soon! Take care and may the good Lord bless and keep an eye on your safety as always!

    To my chingoos JMjhoon and Sangjhoon! Miss you too!

  1661. 1661 : azjhoon Says:

    Have a good weekend, Kim Jihoon ssi and to my chingoos!

    Missing you a lot!

    Any word on your next vacation? You’ve been so quiet lately. Please tweet your sweeties in English!

    Thanks ! God bless and stay safe and healthy as always!

  1662. 1662 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello annyeong everybody esp to our KJH ssi…miss you and all sweeties here….hello azjhoon & jmjhoon didn’t have time to come here LOL!! been busy girls! how’s everybody? enjoying weekend so far?

    have a great weekend to Kim ji hoon ssi & all sweeties here!

  1663. 1663 : azjhoon Says:

    Good morning, Kim JiHoon ssi !

    Happy 1st anniversary should I say, for a year of serving your country as a true patriot! You’re my hero! I salute you my dear! 11 months or so to go, and we’ll be seeing you active in showbiz again! We’ll still be waiting! Hwaiting!

    God bless, stay safe and healthy!

    Miss u a lot ! Best regards!

    I’m missing my chingoos a lot here too! Please visit often.

  1664. 1664 : sangjhoon Says:

    I second that greeting AZjhoon! Congrats on your first year of service Kim ji hoon ssi! We’re sooooooooooooooooo proud of you & we’ll be waiting! Kida ril kae! I think before we know it, he’ll be back already next year! I’m sure all of us here can hardly wait!

    Miss you too chingoos! I just got too busy entertaining relatives visiting in America so please bear with me if I can’t come often! LOL! It’s tiring to be a tour guide I tell you! hahaha It’s fun though at the same time, not complaining!

    hello to you all chingoos JMjhoon, AZjhoon, Amjhoon & all! Talk soon!

    Take care our Kim Ji hoon ssi! Stay well!

  1665. 1665 : jmjhoon Says:

    Hi Eonni and everyone,
    Ohh I am late in congratulating Kim Ji hun-sshi on his 1st anniversary. Ji hun-sshi, just few months now. We will wait until he comes back to showbiz or what ever he chooses. 😀
    Hope eveyone is having a great week and will have an awesome weekend.

  1666. 1666 : azjhoon Says:

    Good morning on this Saturday weekend, my beloved Kim Ji Hoon ssi and to my chingoos!

    Kim Ji Hoon ssi, I’m missing you a lot! Hope to see you soon!

    Missing my chingoos a lot too!

    Have a good weekend everyone!

  1667. 1667 : sangjhoon Says:

    Good Sunday morning cheon ajim to Kim Ji hoon ssi & the lovely sweeties here!

    I hope you all are having a grt w/end so far! Hello AZ & JM jhoons….yeah his first anniv & i second that, we will be waiting for you Jihoon ssi & like this year it went by so fast, next year you will be discharged & you’ll be welcomed by all of your avid fans! I hope we’ll be able to see you then! right girls?

    Meanwhile, have a grt w/end too Jmjhoon & AZjhoon! all the MIAs here Amjhoon where are you? It’s been a while!

  1668. 1668 : azjhoon Says:

    How you’ve been, Kim Ji Hoon ssi! Hope everything is fine, and you’ve been having a wonderful experience so far while in service. Please always stay safe and healthy!

    God bless and best regards!

    to my chingoos! Been missing you a lot here! Hope to see you soon!

  1669. 1669 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo Kim ji hoon ssi! bogoshipo! hope you’re always doing fine & hanging in there! we’ll be waiting for your return—take care!

    hi azjhoon, jmjhoon & all sweeties — i’ve been busy but still try to come here for our KJH & you all my chingoos!

    take care ya all & talk more soon! have a great day to you all esp to our Jihoon ssi!

  1670. 1670 : sangjhoon Says:

    how’s everybody esp our Jihoon ssi!
    fellow sweeties/chingoos, hope you all have a great w/end!
    how are things with you gals? talk to you soon!

  1671. 1671 : azjhoon Says:

    Hey there, Kim Ji Hoon ssi!

    Finally saw you today. I have pasted the link, so my chingoos can see you, too. You’re so handsome as ever! Missing you a lot, though!


  1672. 1672 : sangjhoon Says:

    woah AZjhoon, u made my day (evening already) with that link of our Jihoon ssi in a marathon with other K actors! You’re one resourceful girl, how’d u find that one? Many thanks for sharing! He’s really looking good actually great!

    Jihoon ssi, nice to see you among your fellow actors! Like AZjhoon here, I miss you a lot too! Take care always! God bless!

  1673. 1673 : jmjhoon Says:

    OMG! Azjhoon eonni!!! You are the best. ^^
    It was awesome seen Kim Ji Hun oppa gain. He looks very handsome.

  1674. 1674 : azjhoon Says:

    Uri Kim Ji Hoon ssi, anneyeong i Good to see you having a great time during the marathon.

    My chingoos, KJH fan board has been experiencing drought for quite a while, so during lunchbreak, I surfed the web, and voila…found him. Here’s another one also a fan based website but in turkish…as much as I want to join I don’t know which one to click.



    Kim Ji Hoon, good to see you really looking great, healthy and as usual…still very handsome…You even look younger than when you joined the army on Oct. 4th,2010.

    Miss you. Please join more on these military events that are open to the public so we can see you more often.

    God bless! Sarangheyo!

  1675. 1675 : azjhoon Says:

    My chingoos! Forgot to mention @ today’s Hancinema, there’s an article about Rain who entered on Oct.11, and is expected to be discharged on July 10, 2013, for a 20 month service. So, does it mean, our Kim Ji Hoon ssi’s discharge from the army will occur on July 3, 2012??? Wow! That’s even much earlier than I expected. If that’s the policy!That’s so great to know!

    We will welcome you with our open arms by then. Wish we can go to So. Korea to see you upon your discharge, unfortunately, we already have a plan to go to San Jose , CA in July for my nephew’s wedding. But, my visit to So. Korea will happen no matter what. Even if it takes years, but I would definitely would like to go just to see you.

    Missing you a lot! God bless and take care!

  1676. 1676 : sangjhoon Says:

    First of, kudos to our AZjhoon here for being so resourceful these days & am sure JMjhon you’ll agree, woah i can’t get over seeing that link where our KJH is as usual super handsome! Ok now you make me feel so excited about this thing that he’ll probab be discharged from his duties come July 2012 which is earlier than we anticipated however, you may be right coz how come Rain Bi gets to be released in July 2013 & he himself left this month which is same month that our Jihoon ssi left & you have the point there! Let’s all hope that this holds true since Oct 2012 seems another year for all of us to wait but whether it’s July or Oct nxt year, Jihoon ssi, we’ll be waiting & meantime aja aja fighting!

    I did tell you guys that last year we went to Korea but at that time I had no idea where to look for him yayyyy 🙁 otherwise, i wld’ve searched from east to west of SK just to get a glimpse of him! AZ & JM i highly recommend you visit SK – it’s a beautiful country but unfortunately, under-promoted in terms of tourism at least this is how i feel coz not very many people realize how beautiful Korea is & i must admit i myself wasn’t aware of that till I went last year! Of course we can say we’ve seen those beautiful scenery through their Kdramas & that’s one of the reasons too that my sis & i decided to visit SK! You will enjoy every minute of it, people are nice, food places are almost in every corner!

    Anyway, thanks for the links & I liked that one fr hancinema as well where this was the first time I learned about their daily routine while serving in the milit! AZ – JM & i salute you for being so resourceful! 🙂

  1677. 1677 : sangjhoon Says:

    chingoos, AZ&JM & others here…i just looked at the link in Turkish & this reminds me of the Keep smiling together blog or website i told u guys about, the layout of that website is more or less similar, it’s frustrating enough that we cannot find out how to join his fan club if that’s really one of them! Anyway, let’s hope that someday we get to find an English fan site for him!

    To our Jihoon ssi: we hope you get to be discharged sooner than Oct of next year! we’ll be waiting for you!
    Sarang hae yo! Jjal ja isseo!

    talk to you all later! thnx again chingoo AZjhoon for your hard work & effort in searching for news about our Jihoon ssi! I hope also that our other sweeties will come back here on board coz the more the merrier!

    ciao for now but i promise to visit here everyday! i can do that again since i’m done with being a tourist guide! o btw, we had a 4.0 magnitude e/quake here today & we were scared at work when we felt it, it was pretty sharp but short & thank God for that!

  1678. 1678 : jmjhoon Says:

    Hi girls,
    I found this video of him when he participated in the korean version of “Rookies’ Diary”. I don’t know if you both have watch it.


  1679. 1679 : sangjhoon Says:

    hello sweeties! JMjhoon i think i’ve seen that, wasn’t it you or AZjhoon who also posted the link not too long ago? it’s good to watch it again & thanks v much!

    i hope you girls are having a good w/end also to our KJH and as always wish him good health & safety throughout his military service!

    talk soon

  1680. 1680 : sangjhoon Says:

    girls ‘been busy but i hope you all are having a grt w/end so far!

    @JMjhoon & AZjhoon – my response to ur email are forthcoming ok? just bear with me while i catch up with so many other things! however, as always i promised the other day to come by here every day so i’m just taking a very short brk from chores! 🙂

    hope our Kim jihoon is having a good w/end as well! it will be nice if he reads our msgs here, i think they’re not allowed to browse the net while in the military so we can u/stand that!

    talk to u all soon! hello also to our sweeties MIAs for a while now!

  1681. 1681 : azjhoon Says:

    How was your weekend, uri Kim Jihoon ssi and to my dongsaengs, JM and Sangjhoon. Jm, thanks so much for spending some of your time getting my issues resolved.

    Now, I can watch KJH anytime, on his dramas with full and complete subs everytime I get bored or for KJH to fill in for my children’s absence.

    Kim Ji Hoon ssi, hope you had a great weekend, same with my dongsaengs and can’t wait to see you back in July, 2012. Please stay safe and healthy and be at your best as always. Luv it so much seeing you at the marathon last week.
    SME concert @ Madison Square Garden is still ongoing, too bad, I couldn’t make it.

    God bless, everyone!

  1682. 1682 : sangjhoon Says:

    Annyeong first of all to our Jihoon ssi & I second AZjhoon & hope you had a grt w/end! We’re also hoping it’s accurate that you’re coming home in July! We’ll be here waiting!

    Annyeong to sweeties/chingos AZ, JM – hope you also had a grt w/end & all MIAs, we haven’t forgotten you MIA sweeties! No worries, we’ll be keeping KJH board alive & well so please whether you’re an MIA or just wanting to join us on board to talk about Kim ji hoon, you’re always welcome!

    Nice to know that AZjoon you’ll be able to watch our KJH any time you want to! I just don’t have the luxury to do that since I’m not comp savvy like our JMjhoon!  Besides I got most of KJH dvd’s except GEODIL but that’s ok I just hope one of these days, a kind-hearted soul will upload it online! I’ll watch it even w/o subs!

    Ok chingoos, we’ll be in touch! Take care Jihoon ssi!

  1683. 1683 : azjhoon Says:

    Good morning or night my beloved Kim JiHoon ssi! And good morning to my dongsaengs, JM And Sangjhoon.

    SJ, yes,and I won’t get tired watching him. Still working on it May take me a few more days. I’m having a lot of fun, though! And of course, I can’t do it without the help of our baby dongsaeng, JM. You’re such a doll, kiddo!
    Wish we can see that military drama that he filmed with the other guys.

    Kim Ji Hoon, it;s good to see you healthy and enjoying your stint @ the army!
    God bless and best regards!

  1684. 1684 : sangjhoon Says:

    Chon ajim (good morning) to our jihoon ssi and to my loyal KJH sweeties AZ & JM good day to you both, of course all the MIA sweeties whatever happened to them by not coming to even say annyeong I’m not sure anymore! 

    I somehow envy you AZ for having such a great time d/loading KJH’s drama woah – how I wish I could do that but I think even if our dongsaeng JM walked me through I may not be able to do so coz it takes time right? It’s ok though like I said before I go most of his DVDs except that one Golden Era etc. I’m really feeling the urge to rewatch some of his DVDs I got but I’ve been following a lot of new Kdramas online so I hope he doesn’t mind hahaha.

    I also am so happy to see you Jihoon ssi looking well & having a good time with your fellow actors during that marathon! I sure hope AZ & JM we get to watch it soon!

    have a lovely evening you sweeties!

  1685. 1685 : sangjhoon Says:

    I just wanna say Jjal ja to Kim Ji hoon ssi – have a good night rest!

    To KJH sweeties a good morning to you all & have a lovely day!

    talk to you later!

  1686. 1686 : sangjhoon Says:

    woah we’re back to old version unlike y-day? this page set up is a lot better – thanks Admin!

    Happy weekend to our Kim ji hoon ssi & hope he’s doing well, health wise!

    To all fellow KJH sweeties: Have a grt w/end to you all and stay safe! Annyeong to my fellow die hards: JM & AZ

    Amjhoon – bogoshipo, pls come back to join us as well as the other MIAs here! We miss you all & hope you can meet our newcomers AZ & JM ok?

  1687. 1687 : sangjhoon Says:

    good day to our Kim ji hoon ssi & hope you had a relaxing day or w/end! stay healthy & strong and before you know it, 2012 will be here & you’ll be back to your family/friends/fans like us! We can hardly wait! Keep up the good work & it won’t go unnoticed for sure! God bless you always!

    to my KJH sweeties here: hope your w/end is both enjoyable & relaxing…it’s Halloween our end girls so don’t indulge in too much candies ok? hehehe
    see you soon girls! also our MIAs we miss you so much! pls join us again even once in a blue moon is fine! 🙂

  1688. 1688 : azjhoon Says:

    Good morning, uri Kim JiHoon ssi! How was your weekend? Sorry been absent for several days. Anyways, hope you’re having a great time, enjoy your day…and please always stay healthy, safe, strong and as handsome as ever….

    Miss you and my dongsaengs a lot!

    God bless and take care!

  1689. 1689 : sangjhoon Says:

    like i said before by not coming here will make my day/s incomplete so here i am again saying annyeong to our Kim jihoon ssie & hoping you are having a goodnight sleep & staying healthy! stay safe & happy! God bless always!

    to my fellow Jihoon ssi sweeties, unni AZ & d/saeng JM and all MIAs have a grt day! Happy Halloween if you’re in our zone or also celebrating Halloween! 🙂 Missing you too AZ & JM, hope you had a grt w/end 🙂

  1690. 1690 : azjhoon Says:

    Hey there, Kim Ji Hoon ssi!

    I’ve been missing you a lot! Can’t wait to see you back in July of 2012.

    Please do take care, always stay healthy, safe and sound! And of course, I miss that killer smile of yours!

    Luv yah and God bless you!

    Best regards to my dongsaengs! Have not been visiting here that much lately.. I hate month-ends!!!!!! Huhuhuhu! Missing you a lot, too!

  1691. 1691 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo Kim ji hoon ssi…hope you’ll have a great w/end & staying happy & healthy!

    Like my fellow KJH sweeties here AZ & JM we luvya!

    You too Unni AZ best regards to you & JM our dongsaeng…it’s ok if you can’t visit that much, we’ll keep this board on guard as always 🙂 Missing you too a lot as well as JM!

    have a grt w/end ev.body!

  1692. 1692 : azjhoon Says:

    How was your weekend, Kim Ji Hoon ssi?

    And to my dongsaengs, hope you’re still enjoying the rest of your weekend having an extra hour to spare with.

    Ji Hoon ssi, hope your enjoying yourself and please don’t forget that we will still be waiting until your big D-day!

    Please always stay safe and healthy and as handsome as ever! Can’t wait to see you!

    God bless, take care and best regards!

  1693. 1693 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong to our Kim ji hoon ssi, we always think about you and hoping that you’re always in good spirit and staying healthy! Bogoshipo!

    hello to unni AZ & dongsaeng JM — yeah we get an extra hour this w/end and you too hope you’re enjoying what’s left of the w/end and always take care both of you! JM must be busy with her school so you take it easy & make sure to have a good rest!

    have a lovely start of the week to our Jihoon ssi and to fellow sweeties here!

  1694. 1694 : sangjhoon Says:

    Annyeong ha sae yo to Kim ji hoon ssi & all the sweeties here!

    Hope you’re always in good spirits & staying healthy — we’re always thinking of you & your safety that God may guide you through your service & that you’re able to see your family when you have days off! We can hardly wait for your return next year! We’ll be waiting! Kidaril kae yo! Take care & jjal ja

    Ladies or fellow KJH sweeties, board seems quiet for a day or so eh? I’m sure we’re all busy but still have time to pop in here whenever so I’ll just say till next time & have a lovely day or days ahead! Take care!

  1695. 1695 : sangjhoon Says:

    annyeong ha sae yo Kim Ji hoon ssi, chon ajim good morning to you over there, it’s already evening hours here. hope you’re having a good start of the morning! stay well, healthy & happy! have a very nice day! take care!

    hello to my chingoos JMjhoon & AZjhoon & all MIAs 🙂 Hope you all are having a nice evening or day whatever the case may be!

    catch u all later! take care & be blessed!

  1696. 1696 : sangjhoon Says:

    to our kim ji hoon ssi: chon ajim to you or good morning….annyeong ha sae yo, we wish you a happy week & hope you’re always in good health! be safe & in good spirits! sarang hae yo!

    to my KJH sweeties hope you have a good week ahead! JM i’ll tweet u nxt time as well as unni AZ. you guys take care

  1697. 1697 : azjhoon Says:

    Good morning, uri Kim Ji Hoon ssi!

    I’m sorry for not visisting you that often! Too many things to worry about, though,personally. But, of course, when I see you, it lessens some of my worries.
    Hope you’re having a great time! Stay safe, healthy and be at your best.

    God bless and take care! Miss you a lot!

    Annyeong to my dongsaengs, Sangjhoon and JMjhoon and the rest of Jihoon sweeties who have been missing in sight. Have a great day day everyone.

  1698. 1698 : sangjhoon Says:

    Good day to our Kim ji hoon ssi! Hope you’re doing well in spite of your rigorous training & all that! Just remember you’re not forgotten but always on our minds! Stay healthy & in good spirits since in just about less than a year we hope you’ll be discharged fr milit duties! We can’t wait! Bogoshipo!

    To my fellow sweeties AZ & JM & all MIAs take care & don’t stop liking/loving our KJH! You too AZ unni hv a grt day & JM who’s been bz in her studies! I miss u guys!

  1699. 1699 : sangjhoon Says:

    Haeng bokhan weekend Kim ji hoon ssi & all your sweeties here!
    Have a nice time whatever your plan/s might be! Take care! we miss you terribly!

    To my fellow sweeties AZ & JM — miss u guys, hope u hv a grt w/end too!

    To MIAs pls find time to come back here!

    bye for now

  1700. 1700 : sangjhoon Says:

    cheon ajim to our kim ji hoon ssi! hope you had a nice w/end! have a blessed day throughout the week! we luv you!

    to my chingoos JM/AZ — guys u won’t believe this, i can’t wait to tell u what my dream was about last night….first time i guess i dreamed about our KJH…but like u know in our dreams it’s like bits & pcs u can remember and this is exactly how my dream was: as i was washing my car, there’s this red Ford 1950s model pick up truck that was trying to park beside me & i noticed it was him but i felt like the way i greeted him we’ve known each other already (LOL) so i waved at him & he waved back at me & i was kinda guiding him to park near my car since there’s another car parked by the other side where he would park between mine & the other car, then after he made his parking i put down the piece of cloth i was using for my car & greet him with may i say this in Korean for you? he said ok, so i said BOGOSHIPO (miss you) then that was all i can remember! woah even in my dreams i felt so happy already! hahaha I thought of sharing this with you guys & this is true!

    ok see u nxt time – boy this board is getting so quiet!
    happy THANKSGIVING to you both & all others here who wld be observing in the US. bye till nxt time!

  1701. 1701 : azjhoon Says:

    Anneongsaeyo, uri Kim Ji Hoon ssi!

    You see how your absence makes your fans wanting more of you even on their sleep/dreams? Sangjhoon, I dreamt of him b4 ,too, but, I forgot what really happened when I woke up. I knew he was there. Seems like in your dream, he was driving the same pick up truck that he was driving @ FFML, though it’s a Hyundai. How, you’ve been my dongsaeng? Last Friday, we went to Hmart Supermarket like 1/2 an hr away from my place, that sells mostly Korean products. We even ate @ Korean fastfood, had soup and bibimbap…gosh, I can’t stand the chili taste of them, but they’re good though