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Kim Joon

Kim Joon 01

Name: 김준 / Kim Joon
Real name: 김형준 / Kim Hyung Joon
Profession: Singer and actor
Birthdate: 1985-Feb-03
Height: 183cm
Weight: 64kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Blood type: O
Talent agency: 2step Entertainment
Kpop group: T-Max

TV Series

The Great Show (tvN, 2019)
City of the Sun (MBC Dramanet, 2015)
Endless Love (SBS, 2014)
Crime Squad (KBS2, 2011)
Kimi no Kioku wo Boku ni Kudasai (Bee TV, 2010)
Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2008)


Lupin III (2014)


Samsung Anycall Haptic Pop (2009, with Kim Hyun Joong & Kim Bum)
Omphalos (2009, with Gook Ji Yun)

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  1. 1 : venessa1254 Says:

    First one to comment oppa!!!!!!! Anyway good luck in Boys Before Flowers. You play a good role. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!! Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 : yahe Says:

    gee…nice to be the second here to comment on you..
    your so cute in “Boys before Flowers” and ur good in acting…
    honestly im in love with you.. 🙂 love yah

  3. 3 : OHDANG ! Says:


  4. 4 : sang Says:

    it seems like this is his first project? he’s good in his role! keep it up & i’m one of your new fans — i enjoy boys before flowers & all four of you guys are just marvelous! aja

  5. 5 : lu Says:

    hopefully his character will get more scenes and room to develop! really, kim joon´s a god cast and i love him next ti the other boys – he should reeeaally get more scenes and story!!!

  6. 6 : Aamanda Says:

    Awsome!!!!! Wish i had found this website earlier!!!!! You are so cool! I love ur hair in Boys Before Flowers!!!! Keep up the good work!

  7. 7 : ka Says:

    He’s very impressive. I’ll be watching over his act skill in BOF

  8. 8 : Peach Says:

    Wow. I love his acting skills & he’s ‘ supersupercoolface.’ Although he may not be as handsome as the other F4(s), But he really has a pure Heart. Hohoh. But he like other women. That’s uhm, abit weird. Hahah, But I still love him! 😀

  9. 9 : memiow Says:

    among F4 he’s attract me more..his face look similar with Gong Yoo..He’s so cute..

  10. 10 : arvin ace Says:

    I really love Boys Before Flowers
    Good Luck Guys!
    Keep Up the Good Work!

  11. 11 : mzlinda Says:

    omg!! Kim Joon is great in this series. love him!^^

  12. 12 : shikin Says:

    seriously,he’s hot!

  13. 13 : teffe Says:

    cute cute :)) lol

  14. 14 : shanti Says:

    ommo he is too cute!!!! i love him so much….all f4 members are very cool n handsome in their own way!!
    wish u all the best for the future oppa!!!

  15. 15 : Anna and dulce #1 minho fans Says:

    We love you too!
    though you do need more scenes!
    you should steal gaeul from ji jung in the show!

  16. 16 : Evelyn Says:

    You are so handsome! Keep up the good work and good luck in your future projects!

  17. 17 : danica isagre Says:

    im happy
    now because
    i found you
    i search you everything
    and now im so glad
    your so bonchaya
    more power
    i;ll make you a friendster
    to comment me
    and to remember me………
    pls tAkE CARE always

  18. 18 : gilda Says:

    Congratulation! Kim Joon first impression very strong personality and more action drama/movie to come.

  19. 19 : MissPang Says:

    Kin Joon!!
    Your very handsome…
    The role you played, was great…
    I enjoyed watchin’ Boy’s before Flowers!!
    I hope to see more of you… 😀

  20. 20 : JUN Says:

    won bin sunbae…..:-)
    i love how cool u are….n i think u also suitable with jandi coz u’re so protective….

  21. 21 : stephanie Says:

    u r so cool…
    i love that when u punch the bad guys during the kidnapping.
    don’t give up in ur career kim…

  22. 22 : GinaxJoonie Says:

    OMG I Love You Kim Joon
    HeHe You Are So Handsome In
    Love Your Personality So Much
    How I Wish I Was In Korea Right Now
    That Would Be A Dream Come True
    Ima Keep On Trying To Learn Your Langauge
    The Best I Can^_^ Keep Fighting
    KIM JOON we’re All Here For You
    Till The End !!!!!! Gooooo F4!!!! Yay!! HaHa

  23. 23 : vani Says:

    no words can say, i just like you!

  24. 24 : melinda Says:

    i got the hots for you too, boi.

    LOL !
    duuude, although you were a new actor; i think you did a pretty guhd job.
    just keep acting? lol you’re cool.

    i loved your low and husky voice, it was so sexy! haha
    & your character was super easy to like.

    miss you !

  25. 25 : Naomi Says:

    Aw, Kim Joon! You’re awesome, you should know that!

    Greetings from Sweden, your biggest fan ever.. that is living in Sweden XD

  26. 26 : Claudia Chastolia Says:


    i always remember that it’s the first line that was said by woo bin to jun pyo when jun pyo was awake since the surgery.

  27. 27 : .gem. Says:

    woo bin sundae…

    itz ur first acting career yet y0u’ve a really g00d j0b..

    i h0pe you will have m0re pr0jects in y0ur acting career, and of course, als0 in y0ur rap/singing career…

    wish yah ol d best!..

    G00d luck!..

    P.S. ur cute.. ^^,

  28. 28 : .gem. Says:

    woo bin sunbae…

    itz ur first acting career yet y0u’ve a really g00d j0b..

    i h0pe you will have m0re pr0jects in y0ur acting career, and of course, als0 in y0ur rap/singing career…

    wish yah ol d best!..

    G00d luck!..

    P.S. ur cute.. ^^,

  29. 29 : khayte Says:

    i love you kim joo a.k.a. sung woo bin… take good care always… mwuaahh…

  30. 30 : swey wayne Says:

    Oppa……u luk greatttttttttt,m cuming to korea soonnnnn hope to meet u lol

  31. 31 : Rin-ji Says:

    sO cOol and cUte nOw i knoW yoUr name sUng woo biN…
    take caRE…

  32. 32 : shiec Says:

    youve caught my attention the first time i saw BBF..
    Kim Hyun Joong is cute but you are more appealing! The personality that Kim Hyun Joong likes about you shows on your aura!
    keep it up and hope to see more of you in the future

    btw, i love your HAIR>……………….

  33. 33 : ita Says:


    woo bin….

    ups…. kim joon you are so cweet….

    i love you so much…

    you so cool…

    what are you doing if you have break time?

  34. 34 : bea gador Says:

    hey kim joon

    your my number one fan..

    keep up the good work..

    your amazing..

  35. 35 : miss aqilah Says:

    Annyong!!!I’m Aqilah from Malaysia……….ohhh!!!!i really love this guyz…..among the other F4’s youre the most cute and charmin…….Good luck both in career ang life—

  36. 36 : yeye Says:

    GOSH.. that’s all I can say.HAHA!

    u rock..

  37. 37 : KB Says:

    ang ganda ng boses nia. pramis. :))

  38. 38 : kayvee Says:

    hello kim joon
    how are you?

  39. 39 : kc Says:

    oh my gosh.. hi kim joon! hope his reading this, i really love your show [boys before/over flowers] your all awesome and so handsome and super CUTE! hope you all can come here in Philippines!. i’ll be waiting. ^love&kisses^

  40. 40 : carmela ;) Says:

    hi! you are so handsome..and perhaps, gorgeous! anyway, im carmela. im a filipina girl and a big fan of yours.. pls send me an email at [email protected].. im watching youre tv series here in the philippines—–boys over flowers.. ive gone crazy thinking about you.. please grant my request.. i’ll be waiting.. l0ve u! ♥carmela♥

  41. 41 : cliche Says:

    it’s ur 1st acting career?

    u’re lucky to get this role, u know,,

    nice act too,,,

    i think u should’ve get more story and scenes in this movie,,,

  42. 42 : valeria Says:

    soy valeria de argentina, me encanta este actor es divino. chaaooooo

  43. 43 : (mixel)i Says:

    …they said it all so what could i say now?hehehe….God Bless!

  44. 44 : melanie Says:

    Wew, your so cute, honestly, my sister said!

    Ganda hah, ng role mo hehe!!

    God Bless you more!

  45. 45 : inna07 cutiebabhie Says:

    woo bin sunbae.. your so cute and hunk!!..

    love your character in the hana yori dango drama^^

    well oppa!! keep up the good work and godbless you always!!.. saranghe!!..

    your d’best!..

    keep safe,.. mwuah..

  46. 46 : kehsie Says:

    hi =) mr. kim joon =) ….i’m a big fan of yours.. i h0pe you will have m0re pr0jects in y0ur acting career, and of course, als0 in y0ur rap/singing career… gud luck and God bless u more…
    —-kehsie ([email protected])

  47. 47 : shilma Says:

    haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii , my name’s shilma . i’m from indonesia . can you speak indonesia ?i’m waiting answered from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 48 : Lyngene Says:

    halu kim joon!!!
    i’m from the Phillipines..plz do visit our country..u have many fans here..F4

  49. 49 : sofia Says:

    hello kim joon nice to meet you you are so very
    very handsome and please just continiue your work in bof
    god bless

  50. 50 : Felicia Says:

    I lurb ur role e most in boys over flower.. e funny one haha.. im typin this message all e way in Singapore hope tat all F4 members would come to Singapore and visit! please email me at [email protected]


  51. 51 : dyes Says:

    hello kim joon:)
    how are u??

    u so cute nd perfect for me. (ahahahahahaa:D)
    i like u character in BBF.
    please come to indonesia, we have a 9ood country nd u have many amazing fans in here.. 🙂

    please come.
    we saranghae u ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥..

  52. 52 : yhet_18 Says:

    ,..hElLo…hOpiNg fOr yoU tO haVe a cOncErt hEre iN pHilipPiNes,,..wiTh tHe bOys ovEr fLowEr cAst,,,…

  53. 53 : faye:) Says:

    ur so hot and cool in the picture!..hope you can visit us here in the Philippines..take care..

  54. 54 : soraya love bbf Says:

    kim joon…you so cool in boys before flowers…..and you funny boy… 😀

  55. 55 : jasmine:))ofPhilippines Says:

    hi! please come 2 the philippines together with the other cast of boys over flower!

  56. 56 : dhyta Says:

    I realy like you… don’t forget me okey…. dhyta from indonesia…..

    saranghae forever……..

    visit indonesia…..PLEASE…..

    I very like when you singing your song………

    paradise T-max it’s good song….

  57. 57 : purpleboyz Says:

    boys before flower is good…

    I like it..^^

  58. 58 : Priskila Says:

    Boys Before flowers is my favourite film…
    because the film show sad acting…

  59. 59 : Ronolfo Says:

    your so handsome
    can we meet here in philippines!!!
    love you mwuahhhhhh…….

  60. 60 : Ronolfo Says:


  61. 61 : Lovely Says:

    you are cute

  62. 62 : rahma Says:

    hi.. kim joom
    how are you???
    rahma from indonesian

    your so handsome
    I like your character in BBF

    please come indonesia……!!!!
    please come indonesia……!!!
    please come indonesia…….!!! ^^

  63. 63 : Devika Says:

    hi kim joo… didn’t get 2 see ur full acting potential, hope 2 see in ur next project… n did support d serial well… yo- yo… cool fightin skills ;)… fighting!!!

  64. 64 : fitriah Says:

    i love you……..

  65. 65 : fitriah Says:


  66. 66 : Angga Says:

    In BBF u so stylish…
    I like you.. you my inspiration! 😀
    you must to come in Indonesia!!

  67. 67 : CC Says:

    Woo Bin sunbe, sarangheyo..

  68. 68 : karin Says:

    hy..kim joon
    i’m karin
    i live in indonesia
    you very nice..
    you very cute..
    i want to see you..i love boys before flower
    you n order is very cute
    please write you latter for me in [email protected]

  69. 69 : Maey Says:


  70. 70 : reyhan Says:

    anyeonghaseyo! hye suh-ya
    chonun keke imnida!

  71. 71 : ligaya Says:

    hello kim joon
    it’s nice to see you smiling……hope to see you in heaven…

  72. 72 : karin Says:

    I’m karin, I’m from Indonesia
    I like boys before flower..
    I like to see you..and I want to see you..
    please write your latter to my e-mail in [email protected]
    and please give my e-mail to lee min hoo…he..he.he bye-bye

  73. 73 : reskianta Says:

    kim jun..
    saranghae …
    love you!!

    your songs with T-Max is very good..
    I like that..
    you are so cute,and cool..
    please visit to Indonesia..

  74. 74 : Monicha Novi Margaretha Says:

    Haaaaaiiiiiiii……..Kim Joon
    you very very very HANDSOME

  75. 75 : ellen Says:

    Kim Joon,
    You look definitely handsome. A very trusted friend of Kim Bum. Hope you visit the Philippines soon

  76. 76 : yafna Says:

    hi!!! kim joon…your face and your smile is very cute.
    I very very like you..I saranghae u!!!!!!
    I hope you can study indonesia language….
    in indonesian many many people like you….
    please reply…

  77. 77 : Nanda Says:

    aaaaaaaa kim joon
    you very handsome…..
    when you come to indonesia……..
    all waiting for you………..
    please come to indonesia.
    i very like you…….
    you is the best,,,,,,,,,,,

  78. 78 : RIALITA Says:

    hai………………,my name is rialita Ilive in indonesia i’m very lovely for you and kim bum

  79. 79 : rhiiana Says:

    duuhh ..
    situ teh ganteng pisann ..
    hahahaah ..
    gw jamin ngk ngrti bahasa gw lo !!!

  80. 80 : arum Says:

    ele”, ganteng pisan atu teh…
    awewe pada naksir situ kang,,,,,
    ora ngerti ?
    you really handsome….
    i like you in BBF, not only you but also kim bum,,,,
    and also all F4

  81. 81 : d'pu3 lavita Says:

    hi kim joon…
    you’re so cute..
    we hope you can come in our country(Indonesia)..
    we’ll hang out together with you and F4..

  82. 82 : sherlis Says:

    Kim Joon, so this is your first role acting in the drama Boys before flowers. Keep it up the good work. I am sure you will have plenty more roles to come. Jia you. Jia you.

  83. 83 : maysari Says:

    hei kim joon,
    I’m maysari,
    I’m from indonesia
    Your very2 handsome..
    I like boys before flowers..
    Its a nice..
    Where do you come from indonesia??

  84. 84 : maysari Says:

    hei kim joon,
    I’m maysari,
    I’m from indonesia
    Your very2 handsome..
    I like boys before flowers..
    Its a nice..
    I like your character in bbf
    Where do you come from indonesia??
    Please come to indonesia.

  85. 85 : Fitria Says:

    Hai, , ,
    kim joon. . .
    I’m fitria from indonesia.

    You are very cute. . . ; )

    edd my fb
    [email protected]
    please! ! !

  86. 86 : meyri Says:

    hi!!! kim joon!!!
    im from the philippines!!!
    you’re the cutest!!!

  87. 87 : kim Says:

    hi joon i am from philippines in muntinlupa hope you can come in here
    love you♥♥♥

  88. 88 : marshy 023785 Says:

    i like boys before flowers

  89. 89 : kimy Says:

    hey Kim Joon !!!
    chonun kimyiyeyo
    Annyonghasseyo >,,

  90. 90 : mz.fashionizta Says:

    ..juzt want 2 say ur so cute,,thats all..

  91. 91 : Ucan Says:

    just wanna say, please come in to Indonesia…
    U r so cute…

  92. 92 : cheara Says:

    have you seen your action in BBF drama? you are a real helpful for friends, but you are so mad. please don’t do like that cause it’s so mad! I’m your fan :p

  93. 93 : Vir0_cUTEzZ ^^, Says:

    Ahny0eNG hAiseiY0 . . .KiM j0oN 0pPa?!!. Ovi siMniDa. . . .! 0pPa. .SarANGhaEy0, ,

  94. 94 : cinta Says:

    you are co cweat……….
    I like you for akting ,,, goooooodddd

  95. 95 : aya matsuyama Says:


    ur so cute of ur pic. here

    moshi2 konichiwa

    watakoshi wa anta

    im aya from tokyo japan


  96. 96 : nissa caca . Says:

    Hi . .
    Kim joon .

    I like ur acting .
    It’s so great !

    Do you have facebook ?

    I hope in bbf will new episode .
    Cause i very love BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS .
    Hehe .

    Please reply to my email .
    Ok .
    Dont forget !
    Cause i’m wait .

    Chayo !

    Thanks .

  97. 97 : La-la Says:

    hi ”KIM JOON”!!!

    I’m lala from indonesia….

    i like “Boys Before Flowers”

    so much…
    you too…

  98. 98 : cheara Says:

    Hi! 🙂 How are you? I have a question to ask you, How can you make your height so tall like this? I like your tall very much!

  99. 99 : rose Says:

    hey yo
    how r u ? I really like u .plz cum 2 India u luk very nice
    n plz plz reply 2 my mail ID >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    m waiting………………………………………..
    m still waitin’
    luv u take care

  100. 100 : yOuR fAnS Says:

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii, Kim Joon….!!
    I love uuuuuu, your acting in BBF is very good, aaaaaaaaaaand…
    very… very…. very……..so sweet

  101. 101 : jiandaaa_soeciiiiiii Says:

    wah cute bgd cuiiii

    tetep main dlm flm boys before flowers okeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. 102 : poetri amira Says:

    let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    good night sunbae kim joon yeahh

    are you okeyy=yeeeaahh

  103. 103 : fahrina nahdhiyah Says:


    are you oke?????????????????yeah
    you are cool and handsome
    I want become younger sister sunbae kim joon

  104. 104 : rasyiqah ikramina Says:

    you are cool
    you are clever singing a song


  105. 105 : puji Says:

    can i get ur phone number?

  106. 106 : necha Says:

    so cute…

  107. 107 : putri oktaviani Says:

    what are you love here ?
    are you have friend’s ?
    what i become youre friend’s ?
    because i’m soo fans to you
    i wont to korea (seoul)
    you is soo cool and cute for me than all
    i perhaps sick because thinking you

  108. 108 : putri oktaviani Says:

    you soo cool and cuteeeeeeeeeeee………..!
    i’m is youre friend’s
    what are you love here ?

  109. 109 : RheNeE Says:

    yo.yo.yooo.. what’s up broww..

    u to resemble someone..

    i think u so cool …
    i like u and i love u ..

  110. 110 : eyez Says:

    Kim Joon – You’re such a classic!


  111. 111 : lieshan_sherly Says:

    hii .. hiii ..
    kim joon your so cute ..
    i like u and luph u full _
    when you come to indonesia ??
    very” like BBF specialy F4

  112. 112 : lieshan_sherly Says:

    kim joon i luph u _
    your so cute and handsome ..
    very” like u _
    when you come to indonesia ??

  113. 113 : lieshan_sherly Says:

    hii .. hii …
    kim joon , i luph u so much _
    your so cute and hansome .
    very” like you _
    please come to indonesia ^^

  114. 114 : cristy kristine Says:

    yoo hows it going kim joon
    I really love you movie boys before flowers
    Um………..please come to phillipines

  115. 115 : VîrØ yÄÑ Says:

    YuhbAseYo! ! ! ! Ahny0enGhaisEy0, , ,ØVÌ shiMniDa! ! KiM j0oN oPpa, ,sAraNGhaEy0. .

  116. 116 : Øvî yÄÑ ^^, Says:

    YuhBaseiy0,! Anhy0enghaisEiy0. . .KiM j0oN 0pPa sAraNgHaey0.

  117. 117 : queenie Says:


    You know you’re so cute!
    I love your fashion sense…
    I love the way you move
    the way you smile…
    For me you have the best and the sweetest smile in the world…

    till here…
    always smile nd stay cool…

  118. 118 : lauren Says:


  119. 119 : Happy zahra Says:

    Kim joon,
    are you will came to indonesia with f4 and all player boys before flowers?
    I hope you will come to Jakarta city and meet with me..
    I am waiting you..

    happy zahra

  120. 120 : shereen Says:

    hey my bro!!! how are you???
    i think your such a nice person and friend ….
    supporting Koo Hyesun’s exhibit ….. what a nice gesture together with Lee Minho.
    keep it up, God bless!!!

  121. 121 : kuntum Says:

    yo,yo,yo. . WelcoMe BAcK !

    The words, it’s remember me for u. .
    Your charaCter is so bravo. .
    You and kim bum sunbAe are the best soulmate. .

    Kim joOn sunbAe is my hEro. .
    I’m froM indoNesia. . Visit here please. .

  122. 122 : een Says:

    I Am from inDonEsia

    you cute n swett kim joon

    I VeRy HaPpy can Be see u ………

    I like u alwayssssssssss

  123. 123 : cinta Says:

    kim joon kamu cool

  124. 124 : rika chan Says:

    kim joon…
    u’re a cute guy..
    very kindly..
    like u so much..

  125. 125 : varr................! Says:


  126. 126 : dian wjayanti Says:

    just one word……
    so cute……..

  127. 127 : marliana Says:

    luph u kim joon……………..

  128. 128 : bhee Says:

    hello kim joon
    ur so cute
    wish you have a more project..
    keeep safe..
    gud luck

  129. 129 : aureoLa Says:

    woo Bin sunbae . . .
    I truLy like you . . .

  130. 130 : bea nr Says:

    yo,yo,yo,what’s up bro,,
    hi,,kim joon,,ehm,,
    when i watched bbf,,i thought that ur younger than lee min ho,,
    but ur older,,
    ur face so like kids,,

  131. 131 : bea nr Says:

    yo,,yo yo,,what’s up bro,,
    i like that word
    when i watched a bbf..i thought that ur younger than lee min ho..
    ur so like a boy,,
    i like ur act,,cooool

  132. 132 : arinda Says:

    I MISS YOU. . . . . .

  133. 133 : marshy 023785 Says:

    hi! i like boys over flowers a lot hope to see you in person

  134. 134 : m_c_n Says:

    i keep on watching boys over flowers over and over again! thanks to lee min ho, kim hyun joong, kim beom and of course, kim joon! you guys are the best! such good actors!

    i watched the taiwanese and japanese version too! But the korean version is the best!

    I hope you could come to the Philippines! cheers!

  135. 135 : rosy Says:

    yo yo yo
    I really really like u so much
    mis u
    take care

  136. 136 : rosy Says:

    yo yo yo
    nice 2 c ur drama . I really like it
    can i chat with u m a vry big fan of ur
    miss u

  137. 137 : suci Says:

    aLloW kim jOon,,yOu are smart Boy…..” liKe yOu..”

  138. 138 : novi Says:

    KIM JOON Ak sng bnr loh ma kmu

  139. 139 : tiara Says:

    yo yo yo…
    i like your style bro..hoho
    pleasee visit us in indonesiaa..oke??:)

  140. 140 : agni Says:

    my name is agni…
    i’m from indonesia………
    oh ya, i hope you will become my friend!

  141. 141 : Dhea Says:

    Loveing you forever
    i hope you visit indonesia with f4 or t-max

  142. 142 : Dhea Says:

    Loveing you forever
    i hope you visit indonesia with f4 or t-max,,
    i LOVE boys before flowers.,
    love you! I like your face,song and anything

  143. 143 : marynol Says:

    kim joon your so cute guy

  144. 144 : siti cunuy Says:

    i from indonesia …

  145. 145 : udci bbfLovers Says:

    so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I’m from INDONESIA

    luvv u fulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  146. 146 : christine Says:

    luph u kim joon oppa……
    n i always luv u…
    i’m from indonesia and i always hope u can come to indonesia

  147. 147 : andreane Says:

    morning…kim joon :). your acting in BBF very…very…good men.when you and F4 come to INDONESIA???

  148. 148 : sandra Says:

    how are u boy?
    u’re so handsome
    i like u
    hope we can mate in person
    and i hope also that u can visit our country
    we’re glad to see u

    wish u all the best and more projects to come
    always takecare of urself
    godbless u always

  149. 149 : cinta Says:

    oh my good kk tinggi banget

  150. 150 : jit Says:

    Please Vote for the BOF Cast and BOF so that they can win in the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009.

    You can vote here.
    Also vote for them in the Japanese and Korean Websites so that they aren’t behind on those. There are pictures so you can figure it out.

    *Voting period 7/13/09-8/30/09
    *You are only supposed to vote once daily but after voting once, close the site, delete the cookies, then go to the site and you can vote again.

  151. 151 : Goen Says:


  152. 152 : desya Says:

    cute ,,
    nice to know you..
    when you come to Indonesia?

  153. 153 : Utari Says:

    I hope you come to Indonesia for sing Paradise

  154. 154 : dian wijayanti Says:

    your so cool….

  155. 155 : risma kurniasih Says:

    i LOVE kim joon (:

  156. 156 : yuli wiyanti Says:

    hello kim joon.. you looks soo.. perfect.

  157. 157 : cjlucifer Says:

    I regard u so. warmly welcome from Myanmar.

  158. 158 : cjlucifer Says:

    I regard u so. welcome from Myanmar

  159. 159 : Yhevie Says:

    Oh mY gOD..
    You looks verY cUTe,
    I must come to seouL,
    And I’m promise I will see and kissing you.. Haha.. Just kidding.
    Wait me please. Ok

  160. 160 : Peter Says:


    You’re handsome on your show Boys Before Flowers ha….
    I like it…
    Keep up….

  161. 161 : june Says:

    Kim Joon is such a dream guy!! *swoon* He’s my Prince Charming…:))

  162. 162 : lisa Says:

    kim joon oppa!!! saranghae!!! joahae!!! uri kyoronhajyo?

  163. 163 : maria Says:

    hi…….. kim joon
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    chayooo……. kim joon

  164. 164 : jenny Says:

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  165. 165 : pamela agnes e. marcos Says:

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  166. 166 : venuz Says:

    kim joon..i really love you..
    you look so cool..
    love you very much..ever after..

  167. 167 : Lhya Says:

    I like Kim Joon Eyes…so cute..
    i think i like kim bum face..
    but now i prefer Choose Kim Joon
    also his character..
    won soo bin is really cool

  168. 168 : mitha Says:



    boys before flowers……….

  169. 169 : sasti Says:

    luv yu………….

  170. 170 : mediza Says:

    how are you kim joon

  171. 171 : Richa Says:

    I Love U Full
    You very cute….

  172. 172 : lee Says:

    SOLO? why? i love your group. especially u and park yun hwa. i love your songs!

  173. 173 : helen christin Says:

    Hi.. Kim Joon
    you are look so handsome..
    I just wanna say I love you,,
    please replay to my email…

  174. 174 : Sally Says:

    Ann Yeong Ha Say Yo,

    I’m from SIngapore. The drama is really a nice one. You are always so cool in the drama. But so sad, you don’t have any girlfriend in it But it is alright, I’m sure you will find your Ms Right in real life..

    What have you been busy with lately? Hope to be your friend and fan..It will be so nice if you can reply to me.

    Fighting..Kim Joon.


  175. 175 : htetmyatnoeoo Says:

    i like u.but i don’t know. i am myanmar. but i love korea actor. My name is htet myat noe oo.see u. bye……………………! boy.

  176. 176 : htetmyatnoeoo Says:

    i account is [email protected]! u invite me.ok.

  177. 177 : nana Says:

    hy kim joon…. how are you? are you so handsome…

    I’m you biggest fan…

    why you and team boys before flowers come to indonesia(jambi)?

  178. 178 : rose Says:

    i ddnt knw ur wid the tmax group…anyway i love ur songs…

  179. 179 : ina Says:

    when go to indonesia???

  180. 180 : fittrie Says:

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  182. 182 : heo so_young Says:

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  183. 183 : NURUL HERMI UTAMI Says:

    i lovo u forever

  184. 184 : NURUL HERMI UTAMI Says:

    gila cakep banget

  185. 185 : yolanda Says:

    hi…. i’am yola,from indonesia,i’am your fans,, do you know?? your fans in indonesia is very much,.,. becauce your handsome,cute,cool,and your acting is very good.. when will you come in indonesia?? or you come in my home,my home is in pekalongan city,indonesia… i’am very like your acting in boys before flowers,because your acting is very good,, i love you…. uuppss,do you know?? your star sign is my star sign too… haha….

  186. 186 : kezia Says:

    heyy boy’s .
    you look so handsome .
    when ill you come to indonesia ?? .

  187. 187 : safira Says:

    you are really good in boys over flowers i hope you be good in your life too.

  188. 188 : 46 Says:

    Actually you’re the most handsome one in bbf
    not all of the people know it
    but i know and i reallize it more than the other

  189. 189 : Rhizana Says:

    hi handsome…
    I Like you so much..**

  190. 190 : vennia Says:


  191. 191 : Ayodya Shindu Says:

    I’m Yoddie(a girl) nice to meet you, I’m not follow your series, but many people talk about all of you, they say you handsome, cute, sweet, and humble. I hope u can come to Jakarta,to make them statisfy. see u in jakarta. Jesus love you.

  192. 192 : milley Says:

    kim joon you are really so cool……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i like your character at the boys before flowers…………
    i like your style^_^

  193. 193 : AmI Says:

    what the heck is he???????
    GAY GAY GAY…….!

  194. 194 : winda Says:

    anyong aseo i am from indonesia, you so handsome. when you come to indonesia??????? i am will waiting you in indonesia for sing fight the bad feelings

  195. 195 : Dewi Says:

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  196. 196 : RyFiE Says:

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  197. 197 : Caca Says:

    I liKE u Very much.
    You are handsome boy.
    Good luck 4eVeR

  198. 198 : Tha heartnet Says:

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    and come to my town on batam. .
    If you want. .u can visit my friendster at
    [email protected]
    ahahaha. .XD . .

  199. 199 : Nadia Says:

    Hi Kim Joon . .

    I am addicted to You..

    Addicted to Your handsome face,
    Addicted to Your voice,
    Addicted to Your kindly heart,
    Addicted to Your Character,
    Addicted to Your …
    Addicted to anything from You!!!!

  200. 200 : Dewi Says:

    Hi…. How r u handsomeboy? I’m from east java, Indonesia. I know u from BBF, it’s popular in my country. How about ‘ur band T-Max, hope will be success. I want to tell u something, u can believe or not, but yesterday I was dream, in my dream I met u for awhile. After I woke up, it’s make me Happy. Ok. if u have time come to my country, u can visit in the Bali island. Love u…

  201. 201 : Dewi Says:

    If u don’t mind, may I know ‘ur telp number I mean ‘ur celular, please100x… Thank u very much… I’ll be waiting u…

  202. 202 : Sofea Says:

    Hye my fvrte actor..kim joon…im ur fnatic fenz..when u want to do a cncert in malaysia?i hpe so..ok bubye..love u so much..muahhh

  203. 203 : sela maha Says:

    when you go to indonesia????

  204. 204 : sela maha Says:


  205. 205 : Helmi Says:

    u are great

  206. 206 : Its U Says:

    Paradise-tmax. I like that song

  207. 207 : echa Says:

    hey t-max, when you will come to Indonesia? come to here, please. we always will be waiting for you 🙂

  208. 208 : ariezkha Says:

    i love u

  209. 209 : juk Says:

    kim kim….mas kimjun neh

    yoh, hokeh, hansamu de omoshiroi movie desu

  210. 210 : sabrina Says:

    yo man wass up! i like ur acting in bbf kp it up! aren’t u going to play a movie??????????????/

  211. 211 : niia Says:


    kim joon…

    u so cool

    love u

  212. 212 : liyana Says:

    wassup yo..

  213. 213 : Tia Says:

    u r so sweet

  214. 214 : Tia Says:

    u r so sweet

  215. 215 : diayu Says:

    haii kim joon,why you so cool ?? hihihihihi :),nice to know you.by the way,would you come to indonesia especially medan north sumatera :),i’ll waithing for this time

  216. 216 : haje Says:

    hai ….
    how are you brother joon
    i’m your fans from indonesia
    when T-MAx will conser at indonesia
    if you dont busy,please add me in my face book
    [email protected]
    and if i dont have froblem next year
    i’ll go to Korea ….
    thax ….
    wish you all the best ….
    i’ll waiting your coming to indonesia ….

  217. 217 : RINCHU Says:

    hi this is your big fan from BHUTAN.i really like your acting in BBF you are so handsum with cool personality…when you speak yo yo wass up man its sounds really good…so good luck and see you soon in next project…..

  218. 218 : desie Says:


  219. 219 : pauline Says:

    hello!!!!!!1 ur soh handsome ,,,,

    i hope you will visit here in Philippines

    im your fan frm Philippines…

    take care

  220. 220 : eun jae echizen Says:

    hi kim ….first is i like yi jeong ,then
    ji hoo,but i learned that i lab u
    i hope u read it…………..

    quote for u….im getting rid of myself in the times that im not with u..

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  221. 221 : dhila Says:

    helliow kim joon,,,,

    I fans your in indonesia,,,
    you Is cool,,,,
    please come to indonesia,,,,

    LOVE YOU,,,,

  222. 222 : charizze Says:

    hi i and my family labs yah sooooooo much!

    tke cre!

  223. 223 : bella Says:

    haiiii KIM JOON,,,,

    yOu so cooL,,,,

    Iam your fans,,,

    love you,,,,

  224. 224 : sara Says:

    hai Kim joon..
    when you come to Palembang,Indonesia…

  225. 225 : sara Says:

    hii kim joon..

  226. 226 : ♥Nabila Nubeela♥ Says:

    I luv u so muuuch 😀
    kim Joon, I and my classmates even call u ”burung hantu”
    burung hantu = owl
    any ideas why??
    becuz one of my friends told me u look like an owl 😀
    have nice smile…
    u’re good lookin’ anyway 🙂
    I like ur songs too..
    like paradise..
    I luv T-Max 😀
    we love uu!!! 😀


    PS : when’ll u got tour to Indonesia??when u get tour in Indonesia,,don’t forget to visit MEDAAN!!i want ur signature and take a few pictures..
    whoaaaaaa 😀

  227. 227 : vaji Says:

    it was the best serial that i have seen.

    i think this serial have strong infuence on every body.
    very lovly that realy impress every body.

    i wish you be successful every where in every time.

  228. 228 : rima ac Says:

    haiiiiii ……kim joon when you visit in indonesia……I fans you …and when T-MAX concer at indonesia ……..

  229. 229 : chardina Says:

    hii kim joon I very very very luv you so much,I hope you can visit in indonesia(Medan)….may I know your telepon number or your add mail?I’ll waiting just for you………

  230. 230 : ivon nikodemus Says:

    allow kim joon….
    I ivon….

  231. 231 : aNie Says:

    WOY !!!!

    kapan datang ke Indonesia ????

  232. 232 : diah Says:

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    i love yu …………….so muchhhhhhhh…….

  233. 233 : siska Says:

    Hy KIM JOON……

    how are you??

  234. 234 : Viona Says:

    heeeeeyyyyy…….kim jON
    hooooWWWW ARE YOU…

  235. 235 : marinel Says:

    hi my name is Marinel.I see you in boys over flowers your cute.saranghe

  236. 236 : firdha Says:

    my boy friend . you are a really good actor . handsome . i love love you . when are you camed to INDONESIA with T-MAX ???????????????????????

  237. 237 : via Says:

    annyong haseyo kim joon .
    Ottoshimnikka ?
    Chonun via imnida .

    I see u on boys before flower
    and u are so cute,kind,and handsome .
    where u come to indonesia with t – max ? ?
    I love u .
    I love u .
    I love u .

  238. 238 : arezou Says:

    u r handsome!

  239. 239 : dzuvia Says:

    you’re ”coolguy”…

  240. 240 : manerk21 Says:

    hi joonie…

    yo, wats up.???

    i like u in BOF..

    hope u visit here in the philippines..

    tnx a lot… i like all your songs..

    tnx a lot prince song..>!!!

  241. 241 : ging Says:

    you know none of ur episodes I didn’t watch.
    ur mY FavoRite.so much.

  242. 242 : christa Says:

    GO T-MAX!!!!

  243. 243 : Juicy_ii Says:

    Hi ! Would u come to indonesia ?

  244. 244 : STEFANY Says:


  245. 245 : rIn_MuTh'ZzZ Says:

    KiM JoOn…. LuPh iIuH.. QuW NgEfAnS BgT Ma kM.. ^.^ MwAhHh. . .

  246. 246 : aar bee Says:

    i like u kim joon….sarang heo……..

  247. 247 : aar bee Says:

    im from India,,,so..Kim Joon…cant u plese visit India…..coz i want to see u……………

  248. 248 : cinta laura Says:

    brother how are you ? .
    you what welcome to indonesia?
    i love bbf (boys before flowers)

  249. 249 : swastika Says:

    plz kim joon plz i wan a be your fan plz accept my friend ship plz chat with me in [email protected]
    and give also u email id plz to ur poor fan

  250. 250 : nazila alaydrus Says:

    hyyy,,kim joon…i’m nazila alaydrus from palembang,indonesia
    i like your style,handsome,and your is best actor for me
    i hope you can visit to indonesia especially palembang,indonesia
    I LOVE YOU TO KIM JOON,,,,,,,,and i like T-Max
    i miss “BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS 2”

  251. 251 : Amnah alkaff Says:

    hi…..kim joon i’m amnah alkaff from palembang,indonesia
    i like you because you is multi talent,handsome,cute,good looking, and your the best actor for me and i hope you can visit to indonesia especially palembang,indonesia

  252. 252 : swastika mahat Says:

    hi u look so handsome
    plz make me ur fan and give me your email id plz. and also chat with me alot when i am in chat
    i love u KIM JOON
    u r a dream boy for me
    i am the great fan of yours
    i can die for u test me
    u r so handsome

  253. 253 : sushma Says:

    hey handsome i am your greatest fan u ever had. i love u so much that i could give my life for u can u plz send me your big photo so that i could print it and hang in my room
    i always see in my dream that u are always with me
    plz can i get your yahoo id
    if u did that i would do anything u like
    i am your grate fan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me your pic
    i love u
    i love u

  254. 254 : okta Says:

    kim joon saranghae

  255. 255 : savira Says:

    mr.kim joon….
    how are you?
    I Love You Mr.Kim Joon

  256. 256 : uthie Says:


    jugaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaa

  257. 257 : Mytha Says:

    U look so kind. .

  258. 258 : Dhyni Says:

    I love you kim joon. .

  259. 259 : choi he bin Says:

    i love u jooon!!!! >.

  260. 260 : icah Says:

    hy tim t-max always succes yah…..
    i love kim joon
    i love you forever n t-max
    for:kim joon n t-max

  261. 261 : Gia Says:

    Hi, I’m one of your fan from Indonesia, 1st time I saw u was from BBF, definitely, and I became interest to u because I read 2 of ur interview on the web.
    honestly, I found ur personality very very interesting, you’re such a grown up and hard working person, love that quality in you.
    and if u say u can’t dance, u definitely should see yourself dancing, cause it’s pretty awesome.
    I like T-MAX’s songs too, its very nice and easy to hear.
    anyway, may God bless u always, bless ur fam, ur work and everything u do….
    keep the good work in acting&singing
    Jesus love u

  262. 262 : zinzin Says:

    hi kim
    i want to friend with you. i am Myanmar girl. u sitting gtalk chatting. i want to know your gmail account. My gmail account is [email protected]

  263. 263 : soraya andriani Says:


  264. 264 : rika Says:

    HAI KIM JOON km ciut deh klo brgaya seperti itu

  265. 265 : rima a.c Says:

    hai…. kim joon good morning……how are you?…when you visit in indonesia…. I like you because you smart…..when you tour sesame t-max in indonesia……

  266. 266 : Lintang Ayu Hardini Says:

    I love you full ha ha ha

  267. 267 : Catherine Says:

    i love u so much

  268. 268 : Catherine Says:

    U are really a cute guy and that’s why I love u so much.If i get a chance to come Korea,I would like to meet you just once.

  269. 269 : puspa Says:

    kim joon kapan ke indonesia??????????????????????????
    aku tunggu ya?????????
    jangan dengan f4 ya?????????????
    aku suka ma kamu cz kamu tu cool, cakep, keren, mukanya nggak ngebosenin n mata kamu yang lucu itu karena mata kamu itu unik aku suka banget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    aku tunggu ya di indonesia??????????

  270. 270 : nunie Says:

    Kim Joon,
    U r very handsome n u r so cool, I like u’r voice n i like ur personality!!!

  271. 271 : muna Says:

    Hi Kim,

    Dis is Muna all d way 4rm Himalayn land Nepal.m a gr8 fan of urs n ur Korean Series BBF.Its really a heart touching series dat i had ever seen.Now its my one of d favourite series.I truely luv 5 of u seeing it.It was really d gr8 series n u all 5 have really done the superb job…

    I wish u all of 5 bst wishes n hope to see u in up coming series 2geder.
    N u knw wat,watching dis Korean series made me feel like visiting Korea in my life time n i will definately wanna c u there.

    Nyways,Plz do stay healthy n many loads of bst wishes for ur up coming series n bright future n career.

    urs truely,
    Muna shrestha (NEPAL)

  272. 272 : meioka Says:

    aku suka lihat gaya kamu di BBF walaupun kamu kelihatan nya cuek tapi kamu sangat perhatian , pasti sangat menyenangkan punya teman seperti kamu…..

  273. 273 : sunita Says:

    hi kim . i luv ur fighting in BBF dramma. And u r so handsome. i am ur great fan.

  274. 274 : pitte Says:

    hey kim joon . i’m pitte from jakarta (indonesia)!!!
    i’m is your fans and i like your acting in BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS film’s ….. your acting very nice and i like it .btw when your come in to indonesia ?
    i hope your can to come in indonesia …..
    good bye kim joon I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and kim bum, lee min hoo, kim hyun joong, and goo hye sun ….love you forefer ..

  275. 275 : arina joon Says:


  276. 276 : pitte Says:

    hey joon ……..how are you ???????????
    i’m pitte at indonesia jakarta ,i’m is your fans! i like see your face because your face very handsome and i like it .
    btw when your come in indonesia,and are you can come in indonesia ???????? and your acting very nice and i like your acting in boys before flowers film’s .good luck for T-MAX band ,spirit allwase to next and i love for you, kim bum, kim hyun joong, lee min hoo and goo hye sun I LOVE YOU SO MUCH .btw when your film’s show in televisions indonesia ???? i’m waiting ok!!!!
    good bye joon see you next time

  277. 277 : anire Says:

    i love u
    i love u
    i love u
    i love u
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    i love u………………………………..

  278. 278 : ariska Says:

    Hi Joon!
    U’re is the best
    I like you as Woobin

  279. 279 : krissy Says:


    I LOVE U KIM JOON<3 4 REALZ MAN SEXY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  280. 280 : ushmana Says:


  281. 281 : ushmana Says:

    LUV U.

  282. 282 : aiia Says:


  283. 283 : DTT Says:

    kim joon love u a lot.
    love from bhutan

  284. 284 : minchi Says:

    annyong kim jun………
    sarang hamnida……….

    i hope we see each other soon ….

    your loveng fan

  285. 285 : efryll Says:

    hi, i’m a fan of bof, I’m one of your fan too, good luck with your career and God Bless, have a nice day

  286. 286 : kim joon ruby Says:

    annyong kim,
    how are you? how about your job? nice too meet you! we’re friends! are you ok/ i hope you ok? i cryed when i watched your film to action! best wish to you! i wish you every success! i wish you a good health! i want to talk with you very much! hjhj! i wish i can meet you near days! i ‘m viet namese! good luck ):):):):) happy christmas.

  287. 287 : kim joon ruby Says:

    my yahoo is [email protected]! your angel! i’m angel for you forever! best wish to you!

  288. 288 : [email protected] Says:

    ellop kim Jo0n…@—–

    i’m your fan….
    u realy sooow cute in drama BOF….

  289. 289 : Angie Aw Says:

    Kim Jun sunbae,hwaiting !!! Saranghae !!!!!!

  290. 290 : genie Says:

    i love you kim joon…

    i love the way you smile..

    i love your eyes your lips…

    your so handsome,and cute…

  291. 291 : jean marie Says:

    an nyeong ha sim ni kka?
    you are a good actor/singer kim jun! keep up the good work!

    god bless and take care

  292. 292 : dina Says:

    wwwuuuiiihhhh ….

    gga sia-sia guw cari artikel idola terbaru gw eeeh gga da kekurangan”a

  293. 293 : ruby Says:

    i lov u

  294. 294 : aprielllllllll Says:

    Hy kim joon………………………………………………………………………….
    I’m apriel from Bandung,Indonesia………………….!!
    I LIKE YOU,LOVE YOU,because you multitalent,cute….etc
    I’m very very much LOVE YOU……………………………….

  295. 295 : jean marie Says:

    saranghae kim joon!

  296. 296 : atiqah Says:

    just hi.im from malaysia

  297. 297 : amyy Says:

    kim joon so cute..”

  298. 298 : jam Says:

    anyong! hi joon ur so cute and handsome korean man i’ve ever seen. i’m one of ur fans. ur the cutest among the f-4. 4 me u r the cutest man in the world. PS love yah!

  299. 299 : ain Says:

    hi..kim joo..im from malaysia..i like your act in BOF(mafia son..)i hope F4 will come to malaysia..just add me in [email protected].

  300. 300 : shrutijoshi Says:

    hey… Kim Joon…
    u were too awesome in Boys before flower………..i love u sooooooooo much….awaiting for ur other movies n tele serials….
    Hurray for Kim Joon
    love u….
    cool guy!!!

  301. 301 : lyunitarizka Says:

    Kim Joon

    i like u singer is fight the bad felling

    its very to touch my heart

  302. 302 : ardiansyah fabino Says:

    kim joon….

    i’m fanz u from indonesian……….

    come and join to indonesian!!!!!!!

    please come!!!!!!

    i always wait you!!!!!!!!!


  303. 303 : ruby Says:

    hello!how are you? are you ok?nice too meet you!
    did you had H1N1 sick? i hope you will healthy nearday! i’m vietnamese! i wish you a good healthy! wish you good job! and good luck for you! your angel! best wish to you! [email protected]

  304. 304 : amily aileen Says:

    hello kim joon
    i really a fan of you
    i love u so much
    u are so talented
    before i love lee min hoo
    but i noticed that many ppl love him
    so, i changed my mine to be your fan.
    chiayok kim joon

  305. 305 : Amik cutez Says:

    >agkhu amik?!
    .agkhu nag indonesia?
    >btw kpn” k.indonesia iia?
    .gg klah kren ama negara laen louw?!
    >louw leh agkhu pingi ktmu ama kak kim joon?!
    .d.foto caem louw asli se caem ubpa tta?.
    .mungkin agg jdul tpii agkhu ngfans bgt?!
    >tpii tep gg mungkin z ktmu agkhu d.semarang kak joon d.korea?!
    .huft .:-|

  306. 306 : jam Says:

    f4 is so cute..
    you know what!?
    boys over flowers (boys berfore flowers) here in the philippines is number 1… BOF is really number1 and also f4 korean version is the number 1 than taiwanese version…

  307. 307 : kim joon cutez Says:

    kim joon…
    you are very2 cute…….
    i love you so much….

    i like u singer jun be o.k..
    its very2 good

  308. 308 : amie Says:

    hi…. kim joon
    i am amie from indonesia
    love you forever

  309. 309 : Erlyta agustin Says:

    hi Kim Joon
    how are you now ? are you okay ? i am fans u from indonesia . . . i always wait you to come in indonesian . . .forever . . .

  310. 310 : lunie Says:

    hey cool guy
    u gota me crazy
    coolstyles in boys b4 flowers liked dat.
    very cool……….
    wana c u again in others too.cool again

  311. 311 : sisilia Says:

    apik kim bum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tapi nek kwi yow lumayan he !!!!!!!!!!!1

  312. 312 : sisilia weleh2 Says:

    hei………., kak kim joon ! aku ngefans banget low ma u,,kak kim joon hruzzzzz ke indonesia,tpi ke wonosari ja yaaaaaa,he……..he…..he….. cama kiim buuuuuuuuuuuum hlowwwww jgn tkut ma plaku bom bnuh dri .. …. . .. . . …. wes mowh dharrrrrrrr ammientttttttt !

  313. 313 : Fitry Says:

    Hi kim joon, ,
    you very handsome, ,
    i Love U. .

  314. 314 : rati Says:

    how r u?
    i m a real fan of u
    i want to meet u soon
    u look great in boys over flower n i luv all ur songs

  315. 315 : gracylla rose guncheng Says:


  316. 316 : Junpyo Says:

    aku minta boys over flower ko dah tengok ke?kalau lom tengok baik tengok sekarang tau best gilerrr ade junpyo,jandi,jiho,yijeong,wubin dan gauel tau!! baik tengok cirita ni best best giler sedih lak tu~

  317. 317 : Junpyo Says:

    aku minat sangat cite boys over flower aku cuma minta Gu Junpyo&Gaum Jandi je!!!

  318. 318 : Junpyo Says:

    ni wubin kan dalam cite boys over flower

  319. 319 : Junpyo Says:

    kim joon cutez

  320. 320 : Junpyo Says:

    kim joon hi are u ok d korea

  321. 321 : Junpyo Says:

    kim joon kirim salam kat junpyo ngan jandi tau

  322. 322 : shila Says:

    hello kim joon..
    i like your songs almost paradise..
    and i like everything about you..
    add me at [email protected]
    i hope so..

  323. 323 : cinderella Says:

    hi kim joon
    i’m fanz you from indonesia
    come and join to indonesia please come !!!!

  324. 324 : nabila turrusydah Says:

    카 ‘김준 내가 nabila
    동생이 내게 전화면
    나는 인도네시아 해요
    난 연기 소년의 외모에 꽃을 찾고 사랑하기 전에
    또한 나이가 밴드의는 “T – MAX는”사랑을 찾고
    동생 FB했다? FB 전 : [email protected] (제발) 날 추가
    잘하면 더 성공적으로 동생

  325. 325 : kemvirlyplaca Says:


  326. 326 : kemvirlyplaca Says:

    hi, kim joon im ur no.1 fan from phil.

  327. 327 : missy Says:

    you’re so cute…

  328. 328 : Diar Says:

    Hai Kim Joon. You very Handsome.

  329. 329 : kim so Says:

    hi kimjoon iam grade 3 student and iam 9 years old and iam your no.1avid fan

  330. 330 : kim so Says:

    what is your age and what is your birthday

  331. 331 : kim so Says:

    advance happy birthday kim jun

  332. 332 : FYZAH Says:

    you are very cute………………………………….I LOVE YOU

  333. 333 : rea Says:

    hello kim joon……… im always surfing for site related to you!!!1 hope you will read this!!!! im your fan… im not saying im your number 1 fan… but i can say im your forever fan!! take care..

  334. 334 : neezue Says:

    keep it up. my best wishes r always by ur side.

  335. 335 : clara's joon Says:

    kim , kiss me please ……. ????????????????????????
    (^_*) ……………….

  336. 336 : kyra Says:

    hye kim joon.
    i’m one of your thousand fans.
    i love your act in ‘boys before flowers’

  337. 337 : May Says:

    He is so hot!

  338. 338 : anusa Says:

    hanya so kim jooon sarangae

  339. 339 : anusa Says:

    hanya so kim joon sarangae

  340. 340 : anusa Says:

    hanya so kim joonur movie bbf is great and 2 watch bof soon hanyyyya sarangae plz add me in [email protected] kamsameda

  341. 341 : tina Says:

    i cant believe i found this website, well u luk gud and i pray am ur first fan from Ghana Africa. do u get the chance to read this messages ur fans write well i hope u do.

  342. 342 : tina from Ghana Africa Says:

    keep looking good<>

  343. 343 : rain Says:


  344. 344 : karima joon Says:

    kim Joon I miss you
    I really miss you
    i love you so much
    please come back in my arms
    I <3 u forever
    I'll wait though there keeps us together

    당신이 준 미스 김
    난 정말 당신이 그리워
    나는 당신을 아주 많이 사랑합니다
    제발 내 품에 와서
    난 "3 U 영원히
    하지만 거기에 우리가 함께 계속 기다릴 게요

  345. 345 : ana jonna Says:

    kim joon is so handsome and adorable..i really hope to see him soon..wish he will visit the philippines!!!♥♥♥♥♥

    i love you kim joon!! i will be your #1 fan forever!♥♥♥♥♥

  346. 346 : ana jonna Says:

    ♥♥♥ these three hearts are only for you my kim joon!! it means “i love you!!

  347. 347 : jojo Says:

    i love you so much… i relly love you…. mmuaachh… good luck ok…!!!

  348. 348 : tashi Says:

    hi kim joo. i like you so much in Boys Before Flower….you were so cool and i like your sings very much…..I am huge fan of TMax..you you happy life….take care…God bless ^ ~~~**

  349. 349 : tashi Says:

    hi kim joon..i like you s much in Boys Before Flower…..you were so cool….i am a huge fan of you and your band TMax….Wish you a very haapy life…take care……God Bless!!!^~~^ FAN From Bhutan

  350. 350 : [email protected] Says:

    elo0o_0p kim joon..
    i’m realy like u act in bof… ,,
    …ahhhhh….u soooo000 co_0l…

    go_0d luck aeee…
    may god bless u…

  351. 351 : thuy vy Says:

    what are you doing?.

  352. 352 : thuy vy Says:

    what do you think of your life?.I think that you are very friendly and naughty so I like you.Good luck to you.Bye

  353. 353 : judith Says:

    oh……………………………………….my god

  354. 354 : judith Says:

    u’r adorable. in the photo u’r looking so…….funky.where u born to be handsome or…………………………….

  355. 355 : novem Says:

    You are not proud.so i like u .

  356. 356 : yudis ra Says:

    funny and cute

  357. 357 : Euphemia Says:

    .,ahmf ur s0 cute kaya i like u weih ,….k inl0ve kah.lavZ u ….w0o bin 2too ka bng sweet talker

  358. 358 : cyenta Says:

    luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv……very muchhhhhhhhhhh

  359. 359 : moni Says:

    u r so hndsm brothr! U r freakng cute n smart. . . Quit fasionable. Evrythng u wore. . . It suits u! U r damd nice 4 d photo shoot of Omphalos! Lv u lotz! Mwuah! Tk cre! Sty healthy!

  360. 360 : moni Says:

    Oppa! U r awesom blossom in Boys ovr flwr! U r d best among F4 hehe!Boys ovr flwr won’t b dt mch grt widout u my bro! Saranghae! U r d 1 hu holds d key of my heart >=< Lv u soooo. . . . Much! I wsh i cud c u evn 4 a sec in reality. . . . . ! I Lv 2 hear ur sayng. . . Yo' Yo' bro n Hey buddy. . . . in B.O.flwr. N i lv ur litl smile. Mwuah ~ Mwuah ~ Mwuah. . . . ! N i do lv wn u beat thos bd guys in Macau. . . ! Oppa Fightng! Keep it up! Hopng 4 ur success in evry steps of ur lyf! Sty cool brothr!

  361. 361 : moni Says:

    Wow. . . Oppa! U luk reli hndsm in Andre kim’s Fashion period. U r adorable! Superb bro! Mising u a lotz man. . . . . Hope 2 c u in anothr projct veri soon! Here, m prayng 2 d almighty 4 ur succes in ur future! Kim Jun Oppa§ Fighting! I lv ur smartness yo bro! Lv u dear!

  362. 362 : moni Says:

    Hey cutei. . . . Yo Yo bro!!! Waz up??? Anythng wrng? If dn dnt wory. . . . M here olwz 4 u! Lv u!!!!! Hey Lol, pls b healthy n sty kul. . . Okii?! U r my soul bro!! 4 me, u r evrithng!! Haha! Sounds kinda funy nah?? Nwayz, I jst Lv u n lyk u lotz!! Alwz tk gd cre of urslf n ur career! Hope 2 c u soon!! Anyong kim Jun Sunbæ!! Saranghae Jagiya!!

  363. 363 : moni Says:

    Elloe cutei ~ smarty~N~ hndsum yo bro!!! I gues no wrds cn dscribe u. . . . . . Oppa! U r d bst! Wana c u soon in a nw drama/ movi wt a female partner as if i wnt 2 c ur romantic charactr haha!! Hop u’l b doing dt 4 ur fans!!! U r so kind n lvly yeah! Alwz b hapy~ henbokhasayo~ [Saranghae]

  364. 364 : moni Says:

    kim Jun is d best! Hey bro! Cud u pls visit India wt othr T-Max member? M 4m India so pls try 2 visit hea. Wana c u. . . Dtz my desire. . . . If i cud b abl 2 c u in persn dn wow. . . . I thnj m gona dei or collapse hehe. . . ! In my scul nah. . . Me n my frnz calld u ” Yo Yo Bro” i gues ds nam suits u a lotz. . U lyk it hah??? I thnk so. . . Bt evn if u dnt. . . Pls accpt it thnkng dt ds nam cums 4m a poor gal or ur no.1 fan okei??? Lv u bro. . . . I gues u r a gud racer n a skilld theif coz u r olwz runing in my mind n u steal my heart. . . Hehe! Oppa Saranghaeyo!! Anaegasayo!

  365. 365 : ghazal Says:

    i cant imagine how much ilove u …
    i hope 2 c u.
    Iam ghazal from iran…
    plz give me ur ID & email

  366. 366 : Merve (MBC*KJ) Says:

    Hi, I like you very very very much Kim Joon,
    I will wait you to Türkiye!!!
    Otherwise I am going to there ;))

    Best wishes..
    Good luck :))

  367. 367 : maria Says:

    helloooooooooooooooooooooo… i have watched your movie with my sister and my cusin..(((just in 3 days))) we really enjoyed //we love your look..im fron IRAN….

    f4 is the besttttttttttttttttttttttt

  368. 368 : liza Says:

    …….anyong haseyo! hellow? brother kim joon, u know that i like ur song especialy ”jun be ok” ,i always sing it that bcoz i have a lyrics,and i memorize it…hehehehe,and also T-MAX 2,i’m ur big fun IDOL! DATS all kamsa hamnida,bye bye,tc

  369. 369 : MANA Says:

    kim joon
    i m mana frm nepal! i had watched ur movie boys b4 flowers just in 2 days.all the member of f4 looks great! alihough u didn,t share screen solong as others f4,ur acting is so cool………. without u
    f4 would had been incomplete!
    how come the god create u guys so genius that u performed so cooly
    as well as singing in T_MAX?


  370. 370 : aini Says:

    kim joon ganteng banget si

  371. 371 : Amie Says:

    I luv u, very1000x luv u. Coz, u r so cute, cool n handsome. I luv u 4ever!

  372. 372 : mel Says:

    you’re so hot baby…

  373. 373 : ade Says:

    i like ur act.. ^^

  374. 374 : indah Says:

    way way kim joon??????????????cowok persnil f4 ini ok kok ak suka pertemanan mereka ok bangettttttttttttt top bgt????heeeeeeeeeeee lam muahhhhhhhhhhhhh woobin boys flowers ummm????????????????????smga indonesia ada f4 ya haaaaaaaaaaaaaa????kapan di indonesia dong???????????????

  375. 375 : tika Says:

    hey kim joon how are you kapan di indonesia poko nyua sukses terus buat f4

  376. 376 : tika Says:

    hey kin joon apa kabar kapan kmu ke indonesia ku fans berat mu loh oh ya q pnya lagu bw qmu tp besok ja yac daaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  377. 377 : tika Says:

    hey pa kabar kim joon oh yua kan q dah janji katanyua q pengen kasih lagu bw kim joon nih lagu nyua

    “arti sahabat’
    aku bermimpi tentang hari ini masa masa ini lah yang tak kan bisa q kenang slalu kau tak sendiri karena q bersamamu temani aku sampai akhirnya aku . ingat kim joon aku fans berat mu lho titip slm bw f4 yua dah

  378. 378 : anmol gurung Says:

    kim joon m a gr8 fan of urs n plz do gr8 dramas as boys b4 flowers so dt i cn gt 2 s all ur muvees .i wil really b very happy 2 c one mre drama or muvee of urs.byeeeeeeeeeee n luv u.

  379. 379 : irina Says:

    woooowww….imi place asa de tare acest film boys before flowers si are niste actori super tari si frumosi…:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X…….

  380. 380 : wulan Says:

    제 이름은 김 준 카 분기입니다. 저는 인도네시아에 살고 있습니다. 김 준 카도 인도네시아에 다녀오셨어요? 난 당신 … 큰 팬이 당신은 인도네시아 인도네시아에 시간이 없다면?

  381. 381 : naghme Says:

    hello.my name is naghme and i from iran .in iran f4 are veryyyyyyyy famus .
    and every body like their.i love youuuuuu,kim joon.
    good byeeeeee***

  382. 382 : naghme Says:

    heyyy kim joon.you and your friends are nottt nice or beauti . you are very ugly.did you see iranian boys.?you shuld see thier,ok.
    but i think you are difrent.

  383. 383 : parisa Says:

    hi kim joon
    i love u and you are very hot and beautiful
    u are better than lee min ho
    will u marry me????? he he he

  384. 384 : Liang Says:

    totally my type 🙂 but i wished that you dressed in simpler designs 🙁 oh well i dont care about that as much 😀 <3

  385. 385 : t-are Says:

    dearest kim joon….
    i love you……
    will u be my friends????

  386. 386 : koi Says:

    i love you kim jun ok

    datang ke indonesia kususnya ke pandaan ok

    dan teman teman f4

  387. 387 : melvin Says:

    youyr such a talented actor.i like you handle the role of wo bin.hope to see you in your next project.GBU

  388. 388 : mercy Says:

    HI,u look so handsome!!hope u do more movie..be strong nd be patient always….gudluck…

  389. 389 : mercy Says:

    hi kim joon…i know ur a talented person..so go for it guy….may u have more project to come…..go forward..God bless u!!

  390. 390 : phuntsok Says:

    hi u r really cool and good looking

  391. 391 : DAJ Says:

    Great artist!!
    I hope to see more shows for you

  392. 392 : Rowshanak Says:

    Hello handsome boy. i wish i could talk to you just for once. i fell in love with you and i spent alot of time to find you. one day i will

  393. 393 : sherlin Says:

    hey bingo man i never tell u anything.enjoy bro

  394. 394 : htunhtun Says:

    hey! mr Kim Joon, U r real Song Woo Bin. Ur style of Woo Bim is I like.

  395. 395 : milah Says:

    kim joon , q suka bgt sma kamu , kim joon jdiin q pacar kmu donk !!! heeeeeeeee !! bikin lagu wat q yahhhhh !!

  396. 396 : ei cho Says:

    i really really like u. u r good at acting.:)

  397. 397 : Boys Over Flowers « K ADDICT Says:

    […] Tsukasa Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo aka Hanazawa Rui Kim Bum as So Yi Jung aka Nishikado Sojiro Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin aka Mimasaka […]

  398. 398 : tina rana Says:

    i m ur biggest fan in the world. i really luv u very much

  399. 399 : ANGGITA Says:

    halo kim joon aku anggita aku ngefans berat sama kamu.Kamu kapan ke indonesia kususnya ke Surabaya.Semoga kamu dan teman-teman di boys before flowers baik-baik aja.Tolong dibala ya.daaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  400. 400 : ANGGITA Says:

    hey kim joon, apa kabar kamu kim joon?aku punya lagu romantis buat kamu nih lagunya

    ”Cintaku Hilang”

    Seandainyaa bisa terulang kembali saat pertama bertemu antara au dan aku.Kausentuh jemari tanganku terbuai indahnya kata cinta terucap olehmu.Manis…manis yang ku rasa.Ku tak rela cintaku berakhir.Kuminta kau katakan cinta saat ku terjaga adakah kau rasa.Tak separti diriku kini cintaku tlah hilang.
    Ingat ya aku fans berat kamu.

  401. 401 : aijamal Says:

    hello kim joon i love you. you super 🙂

  402. 402 : laucky_jan15 Says:

    hi…………. kim i realy like u.you singing well

  403. 403 : Candra Says:

    hi, Kim Joon! Happy New Year 2011. Succes in your career and always happy in your life. I like your album ‘Joon Be OK’ and i hope you always be ‘OK’. Hamsahamida.

    from Indonesia fans

  404. 404 : Delia R Says:

    Hi Joon I wish you the best and hope to see more of you in upcomming dramas or movies .I love you XOXO.

  405. 405 : Delia R Says:

    Me again do you have any plans for this year?

  406. 406 : Boracay Says:

    Hi Kim Joon,

    You are really cute and handsome.

    Just like to share with you a quote about hope…

    “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. ” — Dale Carnegie

    You can get more hope quotes at http://quotelandia.com/category/hope

  407. 407 : zahra Says:

    Dear Kim Joon
    I am a fan of you and i hope every day i hear more good news about
    You and i hope to see your movies
    I want to ask you a questione, i want to see your new movie and your naw Song how can i find them? beacuse in my country it,s very hard
    DON,T BE TIRED this is my country very usual proveb

  408. 408 : tia selalu cyank Qmu Says:

    kim jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon
    I LOVE U muahhhhhhhhhhhh

  409. 409 : Crime Squad | Kpop Entertainment Says:

    […] Jo Min Joo Park Sun Young as Heo Eun Young Sun Woo Sun as Jin Mi Sook Sung Ji Roo as Nam Tae Shik Kim Joon as Shin Dong Jin Jang Hang Sun as Team Leader Kwon Lee Min Woo as Lee Dong Jin Hwang Kwang Hee […]

  410. 410 : Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama (Video) | Crime Squad Says:

    […] as Jo Min JooPark Sun Young as Heo Eun YoungSun Woo Sun as Jin Mi SookSung Ji Roo as Nam Tae ShikKim Joon as Shin Dong JinJang Hang Sun as Team Leader KwonLee Min Woo as Lee Dong Jin Hwang Kwang Hee […]

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    […] Jae Wook Kim Jeong Hoon Kim Ji Hoon Kim Ji Suk Kim Jin Geun Kim Jin Tae Kim Joo Hyuk Kim Joo Seung Kim Joon Kim Jung Wook Kim Kang Woo Kim Ki Bum Kim Kwang Gyu Kim Kyung Shik Kim Min Jong Kim Min Joon Kim […]

  412. 412 : Swikriti Limbu Says:


  413. 413 : laaya Says:

    you are very good actor and mabe beauti but i like your act in boy before flower.
    in iran is new year celebrate
    happy new year

  414. 414 : Boracay Beach Resorts Says:

    Waaa my ultimate crush! 🙂

  415. 415 : nicole Says:

    every one killing themself for your love and you! Gosh u dont even look at it.
    Die 4 nothing

  416. 416 : avesa Says:

    i just couldnt imagine, why is everyone here use to comment in english language where in fact their grammar sucks!hahahaha

  417. 417 : avesa Says:

    i love this actor!he acts naturally,keep it up!i just wish you have many more project to come!you deserve a lot!godbless

  418. 418 : trish taylor swift Says:

    i hate koreans bt also i lik u n kim hyun joong i hav watched bbf as well u r toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nic n goooooddddddd

  419. 419 : Elham Says:

    i love u sooo much, u r soo cute and realy handsome
    good luck oppa

  420. 420 : judi Says:

    i realy love u so much, i think u are the best korean actor and singer, im a fan of “T-max” group too,
    i love u forever oppa ^_^

  421. 421 : wita Says:

    sarange ooh……..oppa

  422. 422 : yulia Says:

    이 영화에서 행동을 할 때 당신의 행동처럼, 당신이 섹시해 보인다. 나는 다음 영화 배우에서 기다리고 있어요. 난 널 사랑해

  423. 423 : (한국 드라마) My K0rEan DrAma Ser!es « mY naMe is "G i a N" Says:

    […] of F4 starring Lee Min Ho as Gu Joon Pyo, Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo, Kim Bum as So Yi Jung and Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin together with the average girl Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di. Four new handsome faces […]

  424. 424 : elli Says:

    u r my favorite actor and i love u so much..

  425. 425 : elham Says:

    im waiting for ur new drama
    love u so much

  426. 426 : sherly Says:

    i love ur act in BBF, i like this drama and wathch 2times only beacuse of u, u were so amazing
    i love u so much

  427. 427 : nanci Says:

    i like u so much, u r my idol

  428. 428 : Uee Says:

    saranghaeee oppa

  429. 429 : rebeKa Says:

    hi KJ, i hope everything is going well for you. take care

  430. 430 : elli Says:

    Do you have new drama? u r so handsome. Pls make more drama!

  431. 431 : melina Says:

    hi kim joon oppa
    u have so many fan in all around the world, and im one of them.. im ur big fan and i love u so much,
    good luck oppa

  432. 432 : shadi Says:

    hi oppa
    u must be so happy beacuse so many peaple know u as well as know herself/himself & love u so much…and im one of them.. i love u so much..

  433. 433 : pani Says:

    love you forever..

  434. 434 : elli Says:

    i love u so much u r so handsome and cute
    fighting oppa

  435. 435 : star's fan Says:

    Your acting is cool and hope to see your next drama soon

  436. 436 : (한국 드라마) Best K0rEan DrAma Ser!es « mY naMe is "G i a N" Says:

    […] of F4 starring Lee Min Ho as Gu Joon Pyo, Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo, Kim Bum as So Yi Jung and Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin together with the average girl Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di. Four new handsome faces […]

  437. 437 : sharon Says:

    you are my idol, i love you so much..
    please take good care of your health and be happy forever..
    go0d luck my dearest

  438. 438 : beautiful mind Says:

    love ya oppa..
    kiss you..

  439. 439 : blue girl Says:

    you are a sambole of a perfect man,u r so handsome,beautiful, goodlooking and nice
    i love u so..

  440. 440 : ANNA Says:

    did you kn0w that you have a big place in my heart, many times my eyes search you on the street And i ask myself” may i see you one day?” its my big dream!

  441. 441 : †jane† Says:

    wow you are so amazing and goodlooking and so so handsome, i love your acting in “BOF” so much,
    fighting oppa

  442. 442 : elham Says:

    sarNghaeyo oppa..

  443. 443 : selena Says:

    you are so beautiful as a love song baby..
    i love you..

  444. 444 : Ssi Says:

    im ur big fan, you are best korean actor, i love u so much..

  445. 445 : shainy Says:

    i like u and when i see your series my heart beat fastly for you,sometimes i smile with you sometimes i cry with you but always i love you…
    good luck oppa..

  446. 446 : hyuna Says:

    i love you forever & you have one big place in my heart forever

  447. 447 : salinaz Says:

    i like your hair colour it’s very nice

  448. 448 : elli Says:

    fighting oppa..

  449. 449 : elli Says:

    i love you with all my heart & i want you soooo…

  450. 450 : sharon Says:

    hi dear joon,
    i hope see you in a beatiful and lovely drama, i love you so much..
    kiss you..

  451. 451 : jojo Says:

    you r my best actor <3 <3^_*

  452. 452 : happy girl Says:

    I love you so much!!! you’re such a real name that all girls are looking for I hope you’re in real life like that or better!!!

    I love your smile!!

    saranyéééé oppa

  453. 453 : blueberry Says:

    ohh..my prince charming………i love u so much!!!why u always look great charm,,really stole my heart and make me thinking about u everyday…your eyes make me crazyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

  454. 454 : cute rabbit Says:

    i love u so much..
    hug you and a 10000 times kiss u..

  455. 455 : red wine Says:

    hi kim joon
    you are so cool and so handsome, your smile is so beautiful, i love you and your lovely smile
    have good times

  456. 456 : nanci Says:

    i realy love u so much..

  457. 457 : marya Says:

    Hello cute n handsome, you are really attractive all girls’s heart in the world, including me,god bless u

  458. 458 : elyna Says:

    I hope u will be happy , good luck in ur life and will be the best more and more

  459. 459 : shadi Says:

    saranghae oppa…

  460. 460 : gayel Says:

    i like ur smile, u r really a very handsome guy ,i like everything about u ,the way u walk, the way u talk, the way u smile, the way u look amzing ………… u r a real dude man………ur acting is also fantastic…………u r totally dam good………

  461. 461 : ace Says:

    oppa…u are soo funny.i like ur style.love u.:*

  462. 462 : katy Says:

    i realy love you.. please take good care of ur health
    kiss you darling

  463. 463 : chichi Says:

    oh!where are you honey??i really really miss you..

  464. 464 : mehrsa Says:

    kim joon fighting!! we will always support u

  465. 465 : LiLi Says:


  466. 466 : saghi Says:

    If kisses were water, I will give u sea.
    If hugs were leaves, I will give u a tree.
    If u luv a planet, I will give u a galaxy,
    if friendship is life I will give u mine.luv u..so much..

  467. 467 : UEe Says:

    l0ve y0u l0ve y0u l0ve y0u…s0 much..

  468. 468 : moon Says:

    u r a big star, please always stay shiny, i love you..

  469. 469 : maya Says:

    hello my idol
    how are you?
    do you have new drama?
    what are you doing ?
    i think i fall in your love badly..

  470. 470 : nana Says:

    i like your acting in BBF & crime squad ,u r so cute

  471. 471 : A-Ra Says:

    hello dear
    you are so handsome and cute, i like all your dramas and i love you so much
    good luck always in your life

  472. 472 : katy Says:

    i love u so much
    .aja aja…fighting…

  473. 473 : ojaswi joshi Says:

    u r so cool…..

  474. 474 : Chai Says:

    Attention His character in bbf have not grab much attention but l deeply felt in love with him. He’s the only guy I want to be the top actor. Don’t y he is so adorable

  475. 475 : 9.) *** BoYs oVer fLowEr *** « myfavoritekoreannovel Says:

    […] starring Lee Min Ho as Gu Joon Pyo,Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo, Kim Bum as So Yi Jung and Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin together with the average girlKoo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di. Four new handsome faces […]

  476. 476 : fire Says:

    i love you so much

  477. 477 : clara Says:

    i love youuuu

  478. 478 : Esther Says:

    Dude u are the best keep it up on your acting career,always know that u are wonderfully and fearfully made u are capable of doing anything don’t give up no matter the consequences,u are always in my prayers. God loves you stay anoited

  479. 479 : Boys Before Flowers (꽃보다 남자) « styrn Says:

    […] Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo aka Hanazawa Rui Kim Bum as So Yi Jung aka Nishikado Sojiro Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin aka Mimasaka […]

  480. 480 : Taemin shawol Says:

    Saranghae junppa!!!!!:)

  481. 481 : rogue Says:

    Hi Kim Joon,,merry Christmas….good luck and always in good health..fighting oopppaaa

  482. 482 : sanaz Says:

    hi kim joon. i love u…..

  483. 483 : marie estivenne Says:

    Hi! love your character in boys over flowers, and your English, it’s so funny in boys before flowers loll!. Hope one I would meet you in person. Good luck God bless you.

  484. 484 : Zulfiya Says:

    hello dear!how are you?I heard that Kim Hyun Joong is coming to Almaty city in Kazakhstan.Come with him together. Hope I would meet you in person. =D
    p.s I agree with all girls who said about you positive things))good luck

  485. 485 : Peta Says:

    hey yo u so gud looking in boys b4 flower…wish u were here:P

  486. 486 : nadia Says:

    hi.you are the best in F4!
    love you
    good luck

  487. 487 : prisca Says:

    hmmm…i hope you are always in faithfull so you not just popular in your action,but always in faith..god bless you..

  488. 488 : suzy khamluwa Says:

    hi…ur awesome in boyz b4 flower n we the fanz want u 2 play more n more drama n movies….best wishes…

  489. 489 : ti Says:

    kim joon very very cute and handsome

  490. 490 : fahimeh Says:

    i am fahimeh from iran.
    i & my sister forough love you very much.
    kim jun i think you are a racy actor.

  491. 491 : Alisha Says:

    Hey Kim joon I Love you so much <3 you and Kim bum are the best in f4 group … Have a nice day

  492. 492 : Destanee Says:

    Dear Kim Joon,
    You r very funny in Boys b4 flowers and ur english is even funnyer.

  493. 493 : jyzne Says:

    i lovve yoooou!!!
    ur so handsome

  494. 494 : Katie Says:

    Merry Christmas

  495. 495 : Esther fosu (@FosuEsther) Says:

    Kim Joon i love your dance in Boys before flowers you are good my friend

  496. 496 : shun liang Says:

    kim joon…..saranghe!

  497. 497 : heibat Says:

    heya ….
    hi my friend
    you are best in boys before flowers
    good lucky

  498. 498 : Abiodun afusat Says:

    (gu jun pyo) Woo Bin na juice na amanle(woo bin) un chu ka u’re d best sunbea luv u

  499. 499 : emna Says:

    love you so much kim joon . you’re realy the best also ILove T-max and I Love the song of paradise

  500. 500 : Sila :) x Says:

    I LOVE YOU !! Kim Hyung Joon Oppa

  501. 501 : elena Says:

    hi Dear kim joon!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU

  502. 502 : jay Says:

    Am a Nigerian girl from Western African.Love ur movies!!

  503. 503 : peter Says:

    i like everything about you

  504. 504 : peter Says:

    very loyal to song il gook in crime squad

  505. 505 : A.y Says:

    Yo yo yo bro…..am a Nigerian I love d way u act,and would like u to show up in Nigeria……xo xo xo

  506. 506 : LILI Says:


  507. 507 : zahra Says:

    I love Kim joon so much.
    He is Lovely man&handsome

  508. 508 : nim Says:

    You are the only one i like in BOF

  509. 509 : Chinny Says:

    oppa I love you

  510. 510 : unknown Says:

    I like ur acting 🙂

  511. 511 : Kim Tae Hee Says:

    He needs to change his agency for more dramas offering.

  512. 512 : smera Says:

    I just love u a lott………….am an Indian………and just love u love u…………..

  513. 513 : Endless Love (끝없는 사랑) | styrn Says:

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  514. 514 : Panashe Kamangira Says:

    I absolutely love you Kim Joon. You are a really good actor

  515. 515 : chinedu Says:

    Happy birthday to you in advance, wish you long life and prosperity in good health.

  516. 516 : yaaya54 Says:

    I love u soo much
    all de way from West Africa
    u are soo cute I cnt get over your face
    sooo adorable
    T-Max fighting!!!!!!!
    I love u oppa.kim joon fighting!!!!! haha:)

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