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Kim Ki Bum

Name: 김기범 / Kim Ki Bum (Kim Gi Beom)
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1987-Aug-21
Height: 179cm
Weight: 58kg
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: A
Family: Cousin/actor Shin Dong Wook
Talent agency: SM Entertainment
Education: Santa Monica High School (Santa Monica, California, U.S.A)
Skills: Dancing, singing, acts in a play/English
Languages: Korean and English
KPOP group: Super Junior
Religion: Christianity

TV Series

I Love Lee Tae Ri (tvN, 2012)
Deep Rooted Tree (SBS, 2011)
Happy Events at Chunja’s (MBC, 2008)
Snow Flower (SBS, 2007)
Rainbow Romance (MBC, 2006)
Marrying a Millionaire (SBS, 2005)
Sharp 2 (KBS2, 2005)
April Kiss (KBS2, 2004)


Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (2007)


C&C phone
Elite Uniforms (along with singer BoA)
Ottogi Noodle (with Kim Hee Chul, Go Ah Ra and Jung Hwa Young)
My Chew (with kgroup Sugar)
Modern automobile “NF SONATA”

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : NeLaHj Says:

    Gosh!! He’s so cute..haay.. hOpe to see some ur shows soon..

  2. 2 : -han- Says:

    gosh…a heart throb… i wsh some of his tv series will be shown here in the philippines..
    i love U!!..(“.)

  3. 3 : benilou Says:

    he is a hearthrob!! gorgeous,handsome and cute!!!!!!! waaaahhhh!!! i love you!! hope i’ll see you as soon as possible…. please visit the philippines someday…. i’ll wait for you!!!! you know what, you will achieve fame here in the philippines because of your perfect image…..!! it is true>> promise!! i’m benilou_yao_robles

  4. 4 : Tifa Says:

    hey he is my real love. something tells me that he is mine.but not isn’t he? there is many girls that tells that love you but you aren’t believing it right????

  5. 5 : sallyen Says:

    What a pretty face d;

  6. 6 : eabril Says:

    dios mio ste chiko esta en todas :'( kiero saber mas de el 😀

  7. 7 : gie Says:

    leave that lip-gloss on ur mouth
    and u’ll be such a cute man.
    comem on burv!
    u dont need any lip-gloss to be a man..
    I’m sure

  8. 8 : tippy Says:

    i love you…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your my crush……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god…………!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9 : derxiong Says:


  10. 10 : heechulrella Says:

    kibumah saranghae…..keep fighting….always be ur #1 asianamerican fan……love you…..

  11. 11 : -- 62 gloriawu Says:

    I love him the most out of Super Junior…
    and plus he knows how to speak english =]

  12. 12 : Emine Says:

    Dear Kim Ki Bum!!

    I wish you the best 😛
    Happy 20th Birthday Kim Ki Bum 🙂
    The most beautiful guy great in The World..
    He’s so hot & pretty good. 😀

    Lots of Love on your happy Birthday !!! 😉

  13. 13 : Lilprinxez...Philippines Says:

    hello..OMG…Kim KI Bum is so so so Cute nd handsome…i hope i could watch some of his shows at KBS worls AGAIN!!!!

  14. 14 : Babyna Says:

    ooo my gosh!
    u r so cuteeeeeeeeee
    i’ve really fallen in love wid u
    luv ya muwaaaaaa muwaaaaaaaaa

  15. 15 : heki Says:


  16. 16 : lina joy Says:

    hi,kim!!!you’re so cute!!!super…i’m one of your fan,,,

  17. 17 : ieyka45 Says:


  18. 18 : devil disguise Says:

    oh my god!!! super cute ni kim….. i hope i can meet him…

  19. 19 : izzy joshua Says:

    hi ,izzy from malaysia. well, you are cute but i know you have a lot to show to the world.so keep working for it ‘coz i know you can do it. fighting!

  20. 20 : senorita Says:

    Your face is same my boyfriend

  21. 21 : chilena Says:

    HI Kim !!!!!!!

    U look so handsome!!!!!……..
    Um….. Do u have a YM????
    What I mean yahoo messenger???….
    Pls… tell me whatz ur email in YM….
    Just send in my Email Add….
    [email protected]…..
    Thank you!!!!…
    I hope U could Give me ur YM account…..
    Cause I’m your Number 1 FAN!!!!!!………

    Luv Lotz,

  22. 22 : KiM kI bUM loVER Says:

    huh i think the email add of that guys on friendster is
    [email protected]
    dont believe just view it on friendster

  23. 23 : marlou Says:

    Your new face in entertaiment industry, right? Pls. Continue to inspire especially the youth by your profession. Try to visit our warm country, Philippines.
    From: Marlou
    Davao City, Philippines

  24. 24 : laine Says:


  25. 25 : laine Says:


    hi ;;;;;;; ki bum

    i hope you’ll gonna read it

  26. 26 : Nina Says:

    KIm KI BUm, you and Dong Hae are the best members in Super Junior. I wish me and my friend could’ve went on Super Junior Full HOuse. But, we’re only 13 and 14. =( But your english is awesome!!

    I watched every episode of Full HOuse and I’m watching Snow Flower on my soju.com.

  27. 27 : Tina Says:

    i really liked him in Super Junior Fullhouse!! he’s so sweet… plus, his smile will make you drool.. hahahaha. can’t believe he is related to the main lead of cloud staircase, i think they are cousins. ( not sure.. i just read it in another site) i hope you will be the main lead in your future drama. we’ll definitely watch it!!!

  28. 28 : mae Says:

    SARANGHAE kibum….U’re my lfe….kibum forever….U always mkes me smile….Tnx 4 being my inspiration….KAMSAHAMNIDA….

  29. 29 : nabilah Says:

    (Iban) Aku sayau ke nuan.
    (Kenyah) Akik uva’ iku’
    (Kayan) Akui nyalam ika’
    (Bidayuh) Aku nyalau amu
    (Dusun) Muhang oku dia
    (Malay) Saya cinta kamu
    (CZECH) MiiLUJii TE
    (iiTALIAN) Tii AMO
    (GERMAN) iiSH LiiBE DiiSH
    (HAWAiiAN) ALOHA WAU iiA Oii
    (LiiTHUiiANiiAN) TAV MYLiiU
    (BOSNiiAN) VOLiiM TE
    (FiiLiiPiiNO) MAHAL KiiTA


  30. 30 : Kristina Stille Says:

    keep on smiling…………..

  31. 31 : muriah Says:


    eo-ddeo’ke ji naeshimnikka?

    je ireum-eun muriah imnida!

    manseo pangaseumnida…
    but’ak hamnida visit the Phils.


  32. 32 : muriah Says:


    eo-ddeo’ke ji naeshimnikka?

    je ireum-eun muriah imnida!

    manseo pangaseumnida…
    but’ak hamnida visit the Phils.


  33. 33 : joymarivic05 Says:

    i wonder if this issue is true:

    moon geum young and ki bum will have a new K-drama series entitled “TIMELESS” produced by KBS.. i don’t know if they are already having a shooting which will be aired in 2008..

    so i suggest let’s check some websites to check if this news is true..

    if this will be true, then it would be great for us! another drama series to watch…

  34. 34 : kim hye sun Says:

    anneong haseyo kim ki bum!!! hope to see you there in korea…

    saranghae oppa!!!


  35. 35 : kc Says:

    your the cutest and the most handsome person i’ve known……..
    i wish to see you in personal……
    i wish you may visit here in the Philippines……
    arghh!!!! ur very very very cute!
    i’ve collected all your pictures……
    hope to see you soon….

  36. 36 : kimberly Says:

    your handsome but i like jang geun suk

  37. 37 : kharenne Says:

    cute ka pala?nice face but i like jang geun seok more!!!anyway i will learn to like you

  38. 38 : kimberly Says:

    you look so good but i fall in love with jang geun suk sorry!!!!!

  39. 39 : san Says:

    YO! man YO! lol Kibum I LOVE YOU SMILE… but you’re so quiet. lol oh well doesn’t matter YOUR SO ADORABLE!

  40. 40 : Tiffie Says:

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. You are so awesome!!!!>.

  41. 41 : Tiffie Says:

    oh of course you are so cute and pretty.

  42. 42 : jazzii. Says:

    i’ve always dreamed Kibum to be my bf.

    I hope he visits the philippines!!!

  43. 43 : kim hye sun Says:

    anneong haseyo kibum oppa!!! i’ve seen you twenty two times when i’m there in korea!!!

    hope to see you again soon!!!

    !!!sarang hae kibum!!!

  44. 44 : kim hye sun Says:

    anneong haseyo!!!

  45. 45 : kim hye sun Says:

    merry christ mas and happy new year kibum !!! have an awesome holy day!!!

  46. 46 : kim hye sun Says:

    !!! sarang hae kibum!!!

    sarang hae!!!

  47. 47 : kim hye sun Says:

    even if its impossible to meet i will make a way just to see you!!!

  48. 48 : kathleen Says:

    u are so 귀여워요. i like you because you are 단순해요.

  49. 49 : rhina Says:

    i love him so much…first as i so him im in love because he is such a good man and a handsome face…i would like to say to kim kibum that i love him so much and i know someday we will meet in person….everyday i watch their mtv the happiness in you tube…thank you!!!!!

  50. 50 : Tiffany Says:

    HaPpY New YeAr Kim Kibum!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a good one with all yours friends and family ^_^ YOU’RE AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  51. 51 : kim jhe su Says:

    hola kim ki bum eres el mejor chico que he conocido y por cierto el mas simpatico buena suerte te dessea tu amiga bye

  52. 52 : madel loyola Says:

    hoe gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. 53 : jeny Says:

    kibum you’re very handsome!
    hope I can see you in personal someday….

  54. 54 : Pink Cherry Says:

    HI Kim Ki Bum
    I like your face
    I like your dance
    I like all
    Of U/….
    O My Gosh
    U are…..
    Very Handsome
    and Cute…
    Oh Kim Ki Bum
    I hope u and your group will go to Indonesia soon

  55. 55 : cute_janine Says:

    hi..kim…im proud for you….ammmm..good luck to you…and take care always///ammm!god bless your job..and also your family….amm…just take care your self..and dont be tired..!

    thank you!

  56. 56 : cute_janine Says:

    i wish that i can see u in personal…duhh!hehe….

  57. 57 : jasmine Says:

    ………hAy’zZzZ……ur my ideAL mAn…….

  58. 58 : jasmine Says:

    …….cAn u be my fRend????if you reAd my mEssAgE….just tRy to add my frendster aCcount……
    [email protected]

  59. 59 : lys Says:

    an nyong ha se yo….
    can i ask something???
    where can i see kibum drama???
    can’t find it…
    help me please…
    mail me at [email protected]….

  60. 60 : stalker Says:


  61. 61 : Nicole Says:

    Hey Ki bum! Are you really Ki Bum?

  62. 62 : cristina Says:

    hola kim kibum
    if you read my messege. i think about you ;
    the first you are good singer
    second you simple pretty
    and you are best

    in addition you little same to declan galbraith, i think

  63. 63 : bea Says:

    hello…kim ki bum..wow..as i see you..in a photo gallery..and that was first time..I saw you..I REAlly appreciate..your..look..

  64. 64 : bea Says:

    you are really handsome…wow!!I really like you!!yor act..dance and etc..

  65. 65 : jija Says:

    hello, Kibum

    I really like you. u r so cute.
    when u smile, u can turn the sad moment to b
    veryyyyyy happy moment for me.

    I want to see u in other drama and I hope
    I can see it soon.

    ps. hope u like Thailand
    u r so cute

  66. 66 : van anh Says:

    hi kibum, i really like u, i have seen the videoclip “full house”. i love it so much and esp u. i want to be your friend, can i.my email address is [email protected] u try to add it, i hope so. please reply me, thanks so much!!!

  67. 67 : Jenny Says:

    hi kibum!!!
    well i’m spanish but i know that you know english so i talk you in english =D
    i really love you couse you are very handsome, i’d like to meet you.. it will be so cool.. 8D
    you are perfect!!!
    cute boy.. love you so much ok??
    add me please!!!

    [email protected]

  68. 68 : kaye cheona Says:

    Hi kim ki bum. How i wish i can talk to you personally. YOu have handsome face that could not resist by any one every time you smile. Could you be my man? I’m just joking. Take good care always.

  69. 69 : rose Says:


  70. 70 : rose Says:

    hi kibum i reaaly like you…..hope that you understand this letter…yah coz’ you’re from california….i really like the super junior……but the i like is SUNGMIN…………..pleas reply meeeeeee….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. 71 : rose Says:

    SARANGHAE…….i forgot……..i’m from Bacolod City,Philippines………mahal na mahal namin kayong lahat……….palang-ga ta kamo nga tanan……………..MuaH

  72. 72 : jolenz Says:


    i really really love kim ki-bum!! waaaahh!!

    so cute..

    hehe,, nakilala koh lng xa bcoz of abs cbn’s ew k-novela..

    marrying a millionaire..

    then tlgang ngsrch pah ako s net pra jan!! hehe..

    love u kim ki-bum!! hehe

  73. 73 : jolenz Says:

    oh, hi again..

    hehe.. i almost forgot.. im from batangas, philippines..

    i sure hope that i’d be able to meet you kim ki-bum!!

    and also the other super juniors.. 😀

    tc always!! labyah!! muah muah!! xoxo

  74. 74 : chelle Says:

    Hay Kim. u know what? and i first you see at the merrying a millionare. i”m relly like u. and prove of u… u are so cute. inlove with you!!!! if you read my message pls add me your friendster.” [email protected]…….. Hope you see you soon…. pls…. visit in the Philippines, Mr. Cute kim ki bum. I love you… god bless and more power…….

  75. 75 : Bella Says:

    Heylow..kim ki bum…i love u so muchh..

  76. 76 : carmie Says:

    you know what i really like you..
    i like you so much…
    and i falling in love w/ you….
    i thought kim jeong hoon or troy of princess hours is the most cute, handsome korean actor..but when i saw you in marrying a millionare,
    i really falling in love w/ you…
    i llove you kim….
    i love you so much…
    take care of your elf always..
    god bless you…
    good luck in your career….
    always pray to god ok..
    and god will guide you..
    love you!!!!!

  77. 77 : Jinky Bitara Says:

    Hi!Kim I like you to be my friend.I like you because you’re a great young dramatic actor & a great international performing artist,just keep up the good work okey.:)U & ur leading lady on ur t.v. series “Marrying A Millionaire” are a perfect loveteam & a couple,because you both have a
    strong chemistry & a kilig it means in English giggle factor.I will always
    pray that nobody will breakup ur loveteam even if both of u will be paired to
    someone else’s leading lady or leading man.TC & GOD bless.

  78. 78 : cyndy Says:

    Sarangheyo…kim kibum….i really love u …especially in marrying a millionaire …you iS the one of my favorite members of Super junior
    im hoping that u Will viit here in the philippines…aja

  79. 79 : carmie Says:

    how are you?
    i really hope that your ok there….
    i love you so much….
    and i want to see you in personal..
    can you visit here in phlippines?
    i wish you can..
    i love you so much…
    and if you need a friend i’m always here for you….
    can you also add my friendster…

    [email protected]….
    i love you…
    thank you…
    and take care always….

    always smile ok….

  80. 80 : Melissa Says:

    Uhm… hi ya… you see, I’m sure your really tired of all weird screaming drooling girls over you but don’t worry I’m not one of them. I just need a friend… I’m quite lonely recently and a quiet, cute person I think would do…. or ad me in your friendster [email protected]… I live in the Philippines, in a small town called Baguio… by the way don’t get freaked out but….. Sarang Hae…

  81. 81 : Melissa Says:

    hi ya… I live in Baguio city, Philippines… could you be my friend?? really lonesome recently….. by the way its really embarrasing but sarang hae…. i really like you,.,.,.

  82. 82 : lheia Says:


  83. 83 : lheia Says:

    mas wafu kim hye-seong quh………^_^

  84. 84 : ochi Says:

    hi…. kibum…….
    iam ur fanatic fans. i love u so much. please add m at [email protected].
    dont forget. i will waiting for u……..

  85. 85 : carmie Says:

    im carmie…….
    how are you????????
    i hope that you’re in a good condition……
    you know what…..
    i really like you so much………
    i dont know why????
    but when i saw you on tv
    i fall in love w/ you….
    i really love you kim ki bum………
    i love you………
    i hope we see each other in personal……….

    take care kim……….
    good luck……..
    im always praying to GOD for your health, guidance, blessings, for your career and for your family…….
    i love you so much……..
    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. 86 : carmie Says:

    im carmie…….
    how are you????????
    i hope that you’re in a good condition……

    good luck………
    i love you……..

  87. 87 : iscah Says:

    poor carmie…she’s so pathetic…i pity her…
    go kim ki bum!

  88. 88 : wenchie Says:

    hi poh your so handsome.

  89. 89 : hazelnut Says:

    hi kimkibum!!! ur so cute and cool!! I like the way you dance and u smile

  90. 90 : roz Says:

    saranghae.saranghae.saranghae.saranghae!!!!ur my m0st fave in super junior! m0st 0f ol ur da m0st hands0me nd cute!!

  91. 91 : Katrina Says:

    annyonghaseyo chonun katrina imnida.
    i like your music video in u, don’t don and marry u almost everything i like… suju fighting. i will support super junior even i am from philiphines though i am half chinese like hankyung… ^_^

  92. 92 : kibum fan Says:

    hi my name is nancy and im one of kibum fan i discover him like 2 or 3 months ago well i think hes cute and samrt i got alot to say about him but i cant 🙁 i dont really have time you see im at school right now and the bell is going to ring in like 5 min!!!! well all i want to say right now is good luck 🙂 and i dont really know why i like you but i just do well cyapeople 😀

  93. 93 : dae nah-shii Says:

    chonun dae nah rahgo hamnida^^

    saranghae yo! kibum! aja! aja! mwah!

    i reaallly love you, i wish you’ll have mannnny kdramas coming.

    gonna watch for you,oppa! 🙂

  94. 94 : kibumlover[audrey] Says:

    !!!kim kibum will visit here in phippines!!!

    _its a good news right?_

  95. 95 : karms Says:

    Good News!!! right!!
    to all the filipinas out there!
    let’s just PRAY. and if not,
    maybe its time for us to go
    there!! nyaks???!!! hahah!!!
    im excited to see him,
    not personally, but on T.V! nyahah!!

  96. 96 : pat Says:

    hi ki bum
    you’re so cute, i love ur face
    come to jakarta please

  97. 97 : i love kibum Says:

    kibum is so cute!!!

  98. 98 : marovic Says:

    he could really understand and speak english?

    is that really true?

    well, thats really good…
    if that is really true,

    well, that’s really cool of him…
    he does not only have good looks he also has brains..
    that will make many girls’ hearts jump for him…


    speed up!!!

  99. 99 : Patty Says:

    Oh…You are soo cute n handsome

    Gorgeus person…adorable….

    I Luv tou soo much

    When your group come to Indonesia???

  100. 100 : Patty Says:

    Hi there again….

    I luv You

    You has killer smile that make every girl is going to be melt….

    Take care alwayz…..

    SARANGHAEYO…..Kibum oppa….

    D Handsome n cute guy ever…..

  101. 101 : Sharon Says:



  102. 102 : Hee Ju Says:

    love you~~

  103. 103 : i love kibum Says:

    so cute

  104. 104 : mho Says:

    Kim ki bum is the most amazing thing i have ever seen in this world…

    How im i contact you kim…pls…can i have it…Here is my email add…[email protected]…plz do contact me…i will die if you dont…

    i extreamely love you…

    Your the man..Idol Kim ki BUM

    you make a boom in my heart…

  105. 105 : jhyniee Says:

    Kibum is so CUTE!
    SuJu Hwaiting!

  106. 106 : nannie9 Says:

    oppa u will do very well in this new drama.
    i like your character in this drama
    FigHtinG oppa

  107. 107 : ayu Says:

    U’re so cute
    I love U

  108. 108 : Hee Soo Says:

    Kibum oppa~~love you^_

  109. 109 : sheryl Says:

    your sooooo cute…..

  110. 110 : jhyniee Says:

    Kibummie Oppa!
    you’re so cute!

  111. 111 : mikee Says:

    oooooppppaaaaaa!!!!!i lyk u….luv u ol daY!!!
    herE’s my # jst coL mE…
    moshi moshi….

  112. 112 : sha Says:

    opppppppaaaaaa!!! we love u so much here in phil…hope u have a time to come in phil…..saranghe!!!!!…..mwaaaaaaaah!!!!….can u col me’ hehehehehe….here’s my # 09097332888…saranghe!!!!!

  113. 113 : candy Says:

    hi kim ki bum .

    oppa. u’re so cute . i’ve always been watched your dramma . i like to see you dance on the stage .and i wish ican see u in korean. u’re my idol…….. 🙂

    i love you

  114. 114 : youwishkidd Says:

    your korean dramas are awesome but you should put as lead role sometimes like sharp 2? yeah that was pretty cool. BE IN MORE KOREAN DRAMAS!

    love ya kidd

  115. 115 : richard Says:

    …you’re so handsome…. mwahhh

  116. 116 : richard Says:

    ….i’ll admire you for such a good actor….

  117. 117 : di Says:

    ya sure..kinda serious too eh?but seems nice..=)

  118. 118 : Danci Says:

    HEY!!!! ur birthdays coming up!

  119. 119 : cute12 Says:

    hai..you’re very handsome and cute actor..I will always support you at the back okey!!!

  120. 120 : sandgirl Says:

    OOOOH!!! Ki bum! so cute n i love you being a king of shit!! ha.. ha.. ha..


    GO King Of SHIT!!! love that! love that!!

  121. 121 : kim mona Says:

    I love kim ki bum

  122. 122 : kim mona Says:


  123. 123 : farrukh Says:


  124. 124 : mik Says:

    Ki Bum!! i really like you…i just hope that someday you could come and visit your million fans here in the Philippines… your new drama is fantastic but the main reason why i watch it is because you’re there…hope to see more of you in dramas…sarang hae!!!

  125. 125 : Yena Says:

    ai yubb kim ki bum so muchiiiiii

    hez zooooooooo handsome

  126. 126 : Bellbranda Says:

    wow! so young already do singer&actor!

  127. 127 : Adeline Says:

    Wow!so cute la u ! Gambateh!!!!

  128. 128 : 희수 Says:

    기범오빠 사랑해요

  129. 129 : kim+mj Says:

    I really LOVE KIM KI BUM!!!!!

    I wish that i will see him in Personal……
    you’re so cute ^_^

  130. 130 : kim+mj Says:

    ……. lots of my friends says that he is totally cute and handsome for that matter i feel flattered…. hehehe!

    KIM KI BUM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  131. 131 : pauleeeen Says:

    i love him so much, , ♥paulene♥

  132. 132 : Sachi'z Says:

    kim Q bum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sa rang heo…^^
    ur face same as my brother…
    but u’re more cute than him..

  133. 133 : Sarah Says:

    oppa you’re like seriously th cutest face i’ve ever seen.
    Really awesome guy.
    XD come to singapore please,
    and yeah just take care, and keep smiling cause your killer smile is LOVED. (: God bless!

  134. 134 : sandy gee Says:

    hi kim…i”m very sorry i”m late,,hehe i am 1 ov ur prety fans here n phils. glad 2 see u in ur cute pics… u know, most ov my idol actrs are d koreans and ure really2 1 ov dem…wish see u person…

  135. 135 : xanthe Says:

    iloveyou…….i’ll totally digging you….you rock…kawaii^-^ dont forget xanthe kim

  136. 136 : Niña25 Says:

    he’s really cute and i think all the girls love him…………=)

  137. 137 : nads Says:

    your face is just like an angel.hope to see u in person.SARANGHE

  138. 138 : vhinah Says:

    my gosh.,,!!!!!
    what a face.,,?
    your perfect.,,
    good luck to your career.,
    vhinah from phil.,,

  139. 139 : Leeyan Hermia Lee Says:

    Oppa, you’re the reason why i cried and laugh. i will always love you. So, do your best & takecare of your health. (:

  140. 140 : kimidar Says:

    hi………..i love u so much*…..*

  141. 141 : kimidar Says:

    HI….hi………kibum i like and love u so much..

  142. 142 : kimidar Says:

    kimkibum………i love u forever love KIMIDAR…….KIM is kim kibum,,,,
    MIDAR is me and my real name is ASMIDAR from malaysia

  143. 143 : starkibum Says:

    i sooo found him ages ago

    and now like everyones loving him.

    he became mine first.

    i still love you.

  144. 144 : sandy Says:

    please no post contact online. but thank to all support suju

    kibum not give contact to others

    i just his friend from ELF so no flood msgs.

    suju fighting!

    saranghe to all ELF^^

    [email protected]

    for update

  145. 145 : antonette Says:

    hello…im antonette…im your avid fan here in the philippines..i love the you act and smile…

  146. 146 : antonette Says:

    hello..im here again..hope your ok i really like you…your so cute..sarang heo….

  147. 147 : emidori Says:

    u r so adorable…
    hope u will succss wit flying colors..
    add me k…

  148. 148 : :D Says:

    hahaha~ cute comments. some even leave their hand phone numbers. shocking(x

  149. 149 : bina ssi Says:

    ki bum oppa
    i really really like you
    i hope you always sucess in your career

  150. 150 : bina ssi Says:

    ki bum oppa
    i really really like you
    i hope you always sucsses in your career

  151. 151 : annalyn Says:

    you really perfect handsome…..God Bless U

  152. 152 : annalyn Says:


  153. 153 : d3w1 Says:

    hi. . .
    you are so cute.. :*

  154. 154 : ::pink:: Says:

    hhye kibum!
    luv u!
    sarang hae yo~~

  155. 155 : Czarina Says:

    hello..ur a christian? wow! good for you…
    well, I’m a christian too…
    I’m czarina from philippines…

  156. 156 : grace Says:

    i miss you.. hope to see you someday..

  157. 157 : purplekawai Says:

    annyonghaseo kim ki bum…?????????

    God n u the best 4 me……..



  158. 158 : eprii Says:

    hae,, kibum.. luv u so much…
    really handsome boy…

  159. 159 : ajem Says:

    you are the cutest young koreans i’ve ever seen !!!!!you are hot and totally my type. im from nagaland, india why don’t you come and meet us so that i can kiss you .!!!!!! pliz reply back im so crazy for you!!!!

  160. 160 : Milta Michelle Says:

    I think,kibum is not cute..
    He is really not cute..

    He is HANDSOME!!!


    I like his black hair!
    I hope he won’t make his hair to be blonde..
    He really look cool with the black hair..
    I love black hair!

    And i also love his smiling face..
    I wish kibum won’t feel sad..
    When i see his smiling face,that’s makes me smile too..

    Emm..will my message here read by kibum?
    I will be happy if that so..

    If there is anyone wanna share with me..
    This is my friendster..
    [email protected]

    Thanks a lot..

    I’m so glad that i can leave a message here..

    Take care and JESUS BLESS US!
    Always keep on ur spirit!

  161. 161 : Carissa Says:

    you’re really cute and handsome boy…

  162. 162 : spring Says:

    Hi , Nice to meet u. I am you are fan. I really love your voice and also your cute face. I love u ki bum . Sarragaeyo ki bum shi

  163. 163 : spring Says:

    Hi nice to meet u . i am your fan . i love ur voice and also ur cute face.I love u ki bum. sarragaeyo ki bum shi.

  164. 164 : spring Says:

    hi i love u

  165. 165 : yuki Says:

    hi i love u is that [email protected] is u email.Please answer me .and Do u have any friendster account because there r a lot of friendster acc about u.

  166. 166 : myk_d-los legend Says:

    wanna b lyk u dude………..cn u giv me some tips…..2 became lyk u

  167. 167 : mariel Says:

    my gosh,your so handsome guy for me actually this is my first time to write on the computer but i relly relly like you,how iwish to see you in person so that i can kiss you and hug you. I LOVE YOU KIM KI BUM… me i come from philippines.The one of the great place like in Korea.

  168. 168 : mariel Says:

    kim your the handsome guy for me how i wish to see you in person so that i can kiss you and hug you, by the way i come from philippines the great country like korea. I LOVE YOU KIM KI BUM SO MUCH…

  169. 169 : L Laweit Says:

    I think L Laweit in Deathnote is more cuter than kim kibum!!! Duh!! hahahah By the way mariel from the phillipines… Your grammar is so wroong!! hahhaa

  170. 170 : green tea Says:

    kim ki bum, u ar my super star already. I lov u litle 4 ur cute action. Ur fan lov u 4 ur every thing na. Tak care na b the good guy!

  171. 171 : nana Says:


    Oh…you are so handsome.^^

  172. 172 : kimberly Says:

    hye kim =)

    i luv ur dance move… it’s really cool…

    and u look sexy too when dancing… luv ya…
    God bless u =)

  173. 173 : shann Says:

    im your avid fan…
    hope we can be good friend..
    im from the philippines

  174. 174 : shann Says:

    i admire you for wat you are…
    hope i can be like you… stay happy…

  175. 175 : baja Says:

    I L(“0”)VE…..U!

  176. 176 : GLADYS Says:

    hi! kim ki bum…
    ur too cute and mysterious to look for…
    hmmm i’m ur fan here in philippines..
    wish to know ur friendster or ym if u have any…
    zhyd_02 is my ym!

  177. 177 : kristine Says:

    hi kim… you’re so cutie and very handsome… hope you and the super junior will come and visit here in our fairy land… the Philippines… hehe ^_^ love and God bless… hope you will grant my wish… – good luck to you and to your career, love life and more powers!… i will pray for you always… keep safe…. be happy and smile…. regards with all the handsome members of super junior… loving, Kristine from Philippines

  178. 178 : olga Says:

    hi kim kibum.. you are so cute and handsome…i like your smile very much..good luck to you…God bless you..

  179. 179 : Fransisca Wu Says:

    umm,u ar so cute espesially ur smile.. ^^ phew,too shy to speak it out.. ;p hope u got d best.. oh,and hope u can visit Indonesia,espesially Medan.. hehe.. an impossible thing,eh? well,may God bless u and ganbatte desu ne.. ^-^/

  180. 180 : kenneth Says:

    hi kim u r my 1rst idol plz add my friendster [email protected]

  181. 181 : kenneth Says:

    hi kim u r my 1rst idol plz add my friendster [email protected] and [email protected]

  182. 182 : shibrephizel Says:

    ……hi kim…..ka cute bla cmu………daw bata ka 2lukon…..
    ka cute gd sg imo smile….tni kd2 d phil…..damo ka d fans……
    i hope u can understand…….GOD BLESS!!!!

  183. 183 : shibrephizel Says:

    ….hello kim…..
    stay HUMBLE…………..
    u know what u r very popular here n da philippines…..
    we hope that u can come here in our place…

  184. 184 : ♥Fye♥ Says:

    ♥♥ hi ♥♥

    Ur my crush….
    How i wish i can see u in personal…

    Hope u’ll visit Philippines someday…

  185. 185 : catherine Says:

    ^_^hi im catherine
    i accedentally open ur profile
    hmmp..ur so..cute..
    im fun..looking ur eyes..
    im only 14 years old…wat is ur relationship with
    kim bum???..a.k.a sumbae yi joeng..

  186. 186 : azaiza=) Says:

    hi kim sang bum!!
    i hope you will visit in the philippines
    because i want to see you
    im marie azaiza ocampo
    from macabebe pampanga..
    im your number one fan..=)
    i hope my wish will come true…
    thank you..!!!kim sang bum

  187. 187 : Kathleen Says:

    KIM BUM!! you are so damn cute. :”> I really love your smile. Hope you visit the Philippines soon!

    Boys over Flowers is one of the best Asianovelas I`ve ever watched.
    Good Luck to your shows!

  188. 188 : haji Says:

    hi kibum your so cute…pero tumaba ka na

  189. 189 : april Says:

    annyong haseyo kim bum…your smile is really cute..and your good at acting too..

    hope you can visit philippines..=)

    good luck in your career..

    take care..annyonghi kyeseyo..

  190. 190 : camille Says:

    i love you kim bum hope you can visit in philippines…………………

  191. 191 : daisy mae Says:

    love u…………Im dAisy mAe frOm pHilipiNes

  192. 192 : Mint Says:

    Oh Ki Bum, you are so cute! I just know you are a Christian like me. By the way are you Protestant or Catholic ? i watch you on Attack on the Pin-up boys. WOW HOW CAN YOU THROW POOP ON THE FLOWER BOYS?! Looking at your face i thought you are innocent! Just kidding, i know it’s just a movie. I believe your true self must be a nice man. mY friend really like you and i also like you. I hope you will have and bright and great future and success as a great singer. Dont forget your destiny and always do your best. i really like Super Junior, especially kyu hyun, sung min, eun hyuk and you. Dont work too hard and take care ok? hope to see u one day

  193. 193 : iieZz Says:

    i like u so your style very much
    nice 2 know u

  194. 194 : KINDRA Says:

    i am so sorry about you injury………………. uh what happened???? huh weird i ran out of things to say. i would love to talk to you

    love ya hon

  195. 195 : Farel 89 Says:

    At first i think kim ki bum and kim bum are same person.. Actually not.. They totally different.. I like both kim bum and kim ki bum. I love super junior song “sorry sorry”

  196. 196 : Farel 89 Says:

    Dont be confuse with kim sang bum and kim ki bum.. They totally different

  197. 197 : pam Says:


  198. 198 : tap Says:

    hi…. kim ki bom

    umm… I do not really see you I’m Miss U very much.Which makes me think of you a most

    How are you?What do you do? I really want to see you in person in concert with your friends, I want to see 13 Super Junior
    ELF waits you .


  199. 199 : SJ Says:

    Kim ki bum cute

  200. 200 : Only U Says:

    Kim ki bum.. Ur amazing.. I like U

  201. 201 : Its U Says:

    I love kibum and all the super junior members.. I watched attack on the pin up boys again and again and i never bored

  202. 202 : Its U Says:
  203. 203 : Wonder boys Says:

    I want nobody nobody but you.. I want nobody nobody but you.. Haha…. KIM KIBUM WE ALWAYS SUPPORT U

  204. 204 : Kihae Says:

    KIHAE~ 4EVA~

  205. 205 : Kyumin Says:

    21 august emm.. Cant wait.. Happy advance bday kim ki bum

  206. 206 : Kyumin Says:

    Sorry sorry sorry sorry nege nege nege nege majyeo nega nega nega nega ppajyeo ppajyeo ppajyeo bryeo baby shawty shawty shawty shawty nuni busyeo busyeo busyeo sumi mkhyeo mkhyeo mkhyeo naega micheo micheo micheo baby

  207. 207 : Suju fanz Says:


  208. 208 : Suju fanz Says:


  209. 209 : jenaira Says:

    i love ki bum suju!

  210. 210 : jenaira Says:

    i love kibum!

  211. 211 : Suju fanz Says:


  212. 212 : Suju fanz Says:

    Happy 22nd to kim kibum.. Smile always and all the best to you..

  213. 213 : Monster Says:

    Kibum… Happy birthday..

  214. 214 : Monster Says:

    Happy 22nd birthday

  215. 215 : edsmimi Says:

    happy birthday 22nd to kim kibum…good luck in life and in yr carier.don’t be upset and always be happy..i’ll always support u and suju…..i love u!!!!!!

  216. 216 : aisy Says:

    HI!!!!!!!!Bye!!!!!!! ^_^

  217. 217 : Snowflower Says:

    Kim ki bum.. Ur so cute… I like ur act in snowflower

  218. 218 : Madarina Says:

    ki bum Happy BirtHday….

    I’m your fans From Indonesia…

    I want to meet you….

  219. 219 : Snowflower Says:

    First time I heard kibum have to leave suju i was very shocked. Uhuhu thank god its just a rumors 🙂

  220. 220 : Miracle Says:

    Kibum cant sing.. He cant sing.. He cant sing haha.. His the worst vocal in super junior thats why he only doing rap and backing vocals haha..he just have good looking face thats y i like him. He should quit from super junior. Sorry kibum but i still like you. I will support him as an actor not as super junior member

  221. 221 : nurul nabila idris Says:

    ki bum, u are so cute…. i like ur band- super junior….

  222. 222 : nurul nabila idris Says:

    oh, my lovely ki bum…. u are so cute…. huhu…. i like ur band- super junior…. all of u are gargeous…

  223. 223 : Only13 Says:

    To miracle,
    I dont care he can sing or not. For me he have a great voice. He cant leave super junior because without him super junior is incomplete. Protect super junior 13.. PROTECT ONLY 13

  224. 224 : Only13 Says:


  225. 225 : KB Says:

    Kibum kawaii

  226. 226 : Only13 Says:

    Without kibum.. Super junior mean nothing.. PROTECT 13 SUJU..

  227. 227 : Kawaii Says:

    Kibum sooo cute when he sing u r my sunshine in chunjas happy event.. Kawaii kibum

  228. 228 : Why i like you Says:


  229. 229 : Why i like you Says:


  230. 230 : Why i like you Says:


  231. 231 : Why i like you Says:

    My life couldnt get better without you..

  232. 232 : Abegail Says:

    Annyeong Hasaeyo!!!!
    You’re so handsome!!!!
    Kamsahamnida for making us fall in love.

  233. 233 : SARANGHAEKIBUM Says:

    KIBUM ! so cute ! >.

  234. 234 : kim.i.am Says:

    KIM KIBUM ! saranghae yo, LOL not korean but would love to learn and visit one day. LOVE ALWAYS.

  235. 235 : ika Says:

    Hai… I very like you. you are very-very handsome……….

  236. 236 : dana sarang KIBUM Says:

    yehhhh…me too!been a fan just this year, but now im head over heels for him!cnt wait to marry a korean…ive read this pinay (filipino girl/woman) blog, that married a korean and i just loooved korea a lot more 🙂

    please, can anyone help me find some korean store here in the philippines. i want cheap. 🙂 im only 14, andcyurrently in high school in Iloilo. :))

    love you guys! 🙂

  237. 237 : karene Says:

    anyeong hasseo!!!!!

    kim kibum your so cute

    youre so talented, many girls have crush on you

    keep that cute smile

    chossin hasseo=]]

  238. 238 : fatin Says:

    you’re sooooooo cute….
    i hope
    u come to malaysian

  239. 239 : emobob Says:

    Hi kim ki bum!! i’m your fan from philippines..
    good luck to your carreer..take care always.. love you..

  240. 240 : Alice Kim Says:

    Kibum is so cute in dramas but I wish he would be more active Super Junior~ But I still love him no matter what! <3

  241. 241 : philjean Says:

    hi?kim bum u now your su cute and handsome u now and your so junior *happ new year*

  242. 242 : ladiigodiva Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR mu cutie Oppa!! Keep healthy since you’re quite busy all the time okay, and remember your die smile never die, hehe~ saranghae! 😉

  243. 243 : judith Says:

    hi….ang guwapo mo talaga…idol kita eh…sana makita kita ng personal

  244. 244 : shoushin Says:

    hi how are u iam ur fan to be frank i’ admired u

  245. 245 : baby_kute_10892 Says:

    kibum so kute.I love you

  246. 246 : micah Says:

    hi! kim kibum. you’re so cute. hope you will visit Philippines someday.


  247. 247 : micah Says:

    hi kim kibum! you’re soo cute. hope you will visit Philippines someday


  248. 248 : madonna Says:

    hi kim ki bum,,,,,,
    i hope u come to indonesia,,,,,
    coz i very like with u,,,,n u best singer,,,,,^_^

  249. 249 : AGNES Says:

    kim bum cute bgts cih…..
    kpn2 k indonesia dunks….

  250. 250 : Carla Kim Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!! that’s alll I can say!!!

  251. 251 : heaki Says:

    at last super junior comes here in the philippines!!!

  252. 252 : Kibumfanz Says:


  253. 253 : Joanna Says:

    i luv u…
    pls………visit the philippines…hehhehe

  254. 254 : ginny Says:

    SuJu come in vietnam, why you not come……….?why?why……….

  255. 255 : Joanna Says:

    thank u!
    very muchh!!! 4 coming here in the philippines!!!

  256. 256 : Joanna Says:


  257. 257 : mi son Says:

    yah!!!… sorry guys but he is the ki bum of super junior not the ki bum of U-KISS

  258. 258 : han Says:

    oh, ki bum .
    no boy can make me freeze . but YOU

    please visit indonesia someday .
    you know , you grab so many fans here , and sure SUPER JUNIOr itself

    we’ll welcome you warmly ….

  259. 259 : lena mcGRATH Says:

    My love, I love you

  260. 260 : mel Says:

    you’re so cute… i like you..

  261. 261 : ade Says:

    i like ur act.. ^^

  262. 262 : amber Says:

    hi ki bum.nice to meet u.

  263. 263 : flozz Says:

    oh please. where are you these days? missing from Super Junior for acting? but why i never heard you playing in a good drama?
    honestly i only know your acting from Attack on the Pin-up Boys. i think you played pretty good, but when i search for other dramas you played, it never comes to be a good drama. it wasn’t not your mistake, i think it’s about the plot and other production stuffs, but still, are you serious in acting? i will be relieved if your missing from Suju to be a real actor. if you’re not, better back to suju, please. i mean, siwon and heechul also do acting and they can do it and still with suju, why couldn’t you??

  264. 264 : Kibunlover24 Says:

    Kibum 오빠 사랑해요

  265. 265 : 007zhel Says:


  266. 266 : boneclift_kihae Says:

    my 1st aegyo prince^^

  267. 267 : firaluphboyband Says:

    saranghae kibum oppa..^^…
    your face same as jun ki oppa and your cousin…

  268. 268 : TIFFANY Says:


  269. 269 : haessy139 Says:

    saranghae kibumahh.. elf waiting for you…

  270. 270 : zHiERiN Says:

    I LUv u 4evEr kImbUM . . . ..
    YoU AlWaYs iN My hEaRt fOrEVeR

  271. 271 : enny Says:

    hope i can meet u in korea

  272. 272 : Korea » Deep Rooted Tree Says:

    […] Ki as young King Sejong Shin Se Kyung as So Yi Jo Jin Woong as Moo Hyul Yoon Je Moon as Baek Jung Kim Ki Bum as Park Paeng Nyeon Yoo Hyun Soo as Lee Soon Ji Shim So Hun (심소헌) Hyun Woo as Sung Sam Moon […]

  273. 273 : TREE WITH DEEP ROOTS | LoveDrama's Says:

    […] Seung Hwan as Park Po Song Ok Sook Suh Joon Young as Prince Gwangpyeong Lee Soo Hyuk as Yoon Pyeong Kim Ki Bum as Park Paeng Nyeon Jo Hee Bong as Han Ga Nom Jun Young Bin as Mak Soo Yoo Hyun Soo as Lee Soon Ji […]

  274. 274 : chahat Says:

    there’s no special reason for this message,i just wanna steal a singal moment out of your busy life & hope i can make you smile and say i love you sooooooooooooo much more than i can say and 10000000000000000 guess what there’s no limit that how much and i love you like a love song

  275. 275 : nimbuzz mblaq* Says:

    saranghae yomoni….

  276. 276 : CHERRY MAY Says:

    kim ki bum very smart I love you

  277. 277 : Sunny Hill | I Love Lee Tae Ri OST Part.1 Says:

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  279. 279 : cute saranghe Says:

    advance happy birth day…i really really like you..

  280. 280 : I Love Lee Tae Ri « hanipoollazuardi (first) Says:

    […] a 14 years old student, (Baek Seung Hwan) who suddenly grown up to become a 25 years old man, (Kim Ki Bum) after an […]

  281. 281 : [tvN 2012] I Love Lee Tae Ri RAW E16END / Sub E16 + New 360p MKV | Says:

    […] period: 2012-May-28 to 2012-July-17 Air time: Monday & Tuesday 23:00 Cast Main Cast Kim Ki Bum as Hwang Min Soo Park Ye Jin as Lee Tae Ri Yang Jin Woo as Choi Seung Jae Jubi as Ha Soon Sim […]

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