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Kim Nam Gil

Name: 김남길 / Kim Nam Gil
Previously known as: 이한 / Lee Han (He debuted as Lee Han but as of 2008 Kim Nam Gil decided to use his real name as his stage name.)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1981-Mar-13
Height: 184cm
Weight: 70kg
Education: Myeong Ji Cheon University

TV Shows

Through the Darkness (SBS, 2022)
The Fiery Priest (SBS, 2019)
Deserving of the Name (tvN, 2017)
Shark (KBS2, 2013)
Bad Guy (SBS, 2010)
Personal Preference (MBC, 2010) cameo
Queen Seon Duk (MBC, 2009)
Terroir (SBS, 2008)
Several Questions That Make Us Happy (KBS2, 2007)
When Spring Comes (KBS2, 2007)
Lovers (SBS, 2006)
Goodbye Solo (KBS2, 2006)
Be Strong Geum Soon (MBC, 2005)


The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale (2019)
Memoir of a Murderer (2016)
One Day (2017)
Pandora (2016)
The Sound of a Flower (2015)
The Shameless (2015)
The Pirates (2014)
Tears of the Amazon (2010)
Lovers Vanished (2010)
Hand Phone (2009, cameo)
Portrait of a Beauty (2008)
Modern Boy (2008)
Kang Chul Jung : Public Enemy 1-1 (2008)
No Regrets (2006)
Don’t Look Back (2006)
Low Life (2004)


2019 SBS Drama Awards: Daesang – Kim Nam Gil (The Fiery Priest)
2010 46th Baeksang Awards: Best Newcomer Award (Queen Seon Duk)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Lee Yo Won in Queen Seon Duk)
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Male Excellence Award (Queen Seon Duk)

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : nowena Says:

    Hi there!
    Just drop by to say i’m a great fan of yours.
    Though u may just be doin supporting roles however ur character really shines out.
    Especially in the drama – Lovers.
    Wat an awesome bodyguard…. Suave and Cool!
    Congratz for the good job…
    Hope to see u landed a main role in the nearer future.
    Aza! Aza!

  2. 2 : your fans Says:

    i think Lee Han is a handsome man. in lovers he’s so cool and i like his act. Hope he will become a famous actor like the other in the future.

  3. 3 : nathan Keith Says:

    i am from the philipines and i recently watched your movie No Regret. I think you portrayed the role very well. I commend you for your acting prowess, powerful but subdued. hope to see more of your movies soon. Thanks

  4. 4 : hay mar Says:

    I’m from myanmar. now i’m enjoy your movie series- Lovers. I’m really like you.

  5. 5 : Snowball Says:

    Hey! Yo! Kudos Lee Han.
    I just finished the show “When Sping Comes”. It was a startling performance from you. The manliness you exuded for the character was just right. At the same time, you’ve portrayed a tough man’s tears so well I don’t just cry with you but also felt your (the) pain.
    You are definitely in my list of ubber GOOD actors.

  6. 6 : i-c Says:

    aHhm, hi deR..

    I’m uR no.1 faN in d phiLpines.. hOp 2 seE u sOon..
    i reaLLy can’t iMagiNe tHat ders a PeRsOn wHo toTaLLy peRfecT..
    Ur sO cuTe, handsOme, seXy, Hot (etc.)
    i rEaLLy reaLLy Like u..(heheheheh)
    hOpe 2 sEe mOre mOvies From u…

    LuvLots… uR no 1 fAn….

  7. 7 : i-c Says:

    bY d wAy.. hOp i caN kNoW uR e-add…..

  8. 8 : kling Says:

    hi there. you’re super handsome and a super good actor. i really love korean series. god bless =)

  9. 9 : lian Says:

    your so cute!

  10. 10 : Aisushi Says:

    I really liked how you played your character in the series Lovers. I hope to see you in more roles. ^_^

  11. 11 : rosz Says:

    You are very good looking and you act pretty well too,,..
    i hope to see more of your projects…
    I hope I can see you in person someday!
    more success in your career..


  12. 12 : shin Says:

    hi! i’m from the philippines the tv series lovers is now showing here in our country and i really like you, hehe!! your so handsome and a good actor hope you will come here in the philippines:)

  13. 13 : che Says:

    hey! you should demand a tv series which you are the main character cause you act so cool and really realyy good ha..and i can be your leading lady.haha in my dreams
    goodluck to you.

  14. 14 : jeany Says:

    hello….ang cute cute mo talaga…Hope I’ll see u in person..Im a big fan of yours..

  15. 15 : Zuppaaaahhhfaaannzzz Says:


    You’re great!!!

  16. 16 : cindy Says:

    hello,,ur the best ur so super cute i hope i see u in personnal love yah,,,,,

  17. 17 : aleana jane Says:

    uR So cOoL On D’ ShOw
    i Lyk uR roLe aNd
    u lUk goOd witH
    Choi hA-na..
    lUv uR tAndeMn!

    cAn u coUrt hEr?
    hEhE.. jUz kiDding bUt iF u like hEr..
    dAt wUd bE gReAt..
    i lUv d’ two oF u..
    gUdLuCk aNd GodbLeSs!
    sAy hi 2 Choi hA-nA foR mE??

  18. 18 : leonicole Says:

    hey! LEE HAN! I’m your no.1 Fan here in the Philippines!! i already watch your movie titled NO REGRET! it was so beautiful! you are cute and most of all a good actor! i hope you come in our country because you have so many fans in here! and all of us want to see you in person!

    that all!!



  19. 19 : Gil's fan Says:

    Lee Han has already restored his real name Kim Nam Gil since May 2008. So Actor Lee Han…no longer exists..^^

    Some sites about Gil:

    Gil’s personal site, many pictures there

  20. 20 : aLeana Jane Says:

    wHy Did hE hAs 2 rEstoRe it?
    jUz Asking!

  21. 21 : ♥rAzel♥ Says:

    ♥lee han♥

    kay tgl ktang hinanap♥♥♥♥

  22. 22 : zagen Says:

    hi!!! lee han know what i always watch lovers every night…..and i find u very handsome……i really like how u portray ur role in lovers….even though ur just a budyguard but ur so cute…….im one of ur die hard fan…..take of ur self!!!!

  23. 23 : zagen Says:

    hi!!! lee han know what i always watch lovers every night…..and i find u very handsome……i really like how u portray ur role in lovers….even though ur just a budyguard but ur so cute…….im one of ur die hard fan…..take care of ur self!!!!

  24. 24 : lala Says:

    hi there!!! juz droppin by to say i only watch lovers coz of u!!!!
    ur so cute!!! luv yah!!!

  25. 25 : Nifa Says:

    Annyong hasaeyo cute guy!!! How’s yr day? Why yr profile so simple? Why r u so secretive & very reserved person? R u the one who act in ‘Rainbow Eyes’ movie? If u do so, chukahaeyo! U r superb coz u did well carrying the role as ‘gay’….dont get me wrong….u did hve a girl features infact. Sweet smile and sweet face like a teenage girl…
    Love yr role in ‘Lovers’ drama side by side wiz Lee Seo-jin…keep it up! Good job!!! Saranghaeyo…ta nyo o gesseyo…

  26. 26 : zayra Says:

    ..hello..i really love ur acting in no regret… and when spring comes…but why does it so hard to access to ur picture..its so few about you in the net..do u hv any official website which is in english…?…i want ur wallpaper..

  27. 27 : kryzhia Says:

    h!lee ahn!!i realy realy like your role in lovers!!your tae san in lovers,right!?soon jung is the who like you,right!?you look good with her on lovers!!!!!!!!!i’m a ganaster………do you want me to believe that!?how can i hit a woman!?kept calling me if you want to experience it!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!



  28. 28 : claire Says:

    i think you are so hot!
    just so you know, you are the
    very first korean actor i fell in love with!
    haha.. i love your dark side..
    i hope i could see you in person someday..
    my home is way too far from your country..
    but i really do hope so..

  29. 29 : fauzie shik Says:

    hello Mr Lee Han…i’m ur fan from malaysia…i just finished watched ur drama ( GOODBYE SOLO ). i like the ending of the story, but i’m too hurt tat u r goin to leave suhui…i think the director should be match u n suhui..hee hee hee..look nice couple..hahahaha. but i’m so angry wit ur character too in drama, u r good in lying…haa haa haa haa. anyway send my regards to MINHO, GRANNY, and etc..hee hee hee..i like korean drama…very dramatic!

  30. 30 : rina Says:

    great acting in the great seon deok…really eye catching and two thumbs up…..

  31. 31 : chris. Says:

    .. this prolly wont get to u…
    but, i love you

  32. 32 : tria Says:

    saranghe nam-gil oppa!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 33 : lee hyun su Says:

    Bi Dam ssi………

    Change u’r name cause everyone who see u in ” Queen Seon Deok ” didn’t know about u’r real name…..

  34. 34 : kervin Says:

    good day…. Lee Han

    I’m your fan from the Philippines.. you know what, before i didn’t want to watch korean movies maybe because i found your language so difficult to learn and understnd. but last week, when my friend gave me a gift which is a dvd of your movie “No Regret”, i started to be a fan of watching korean movies and tv series. your movie is very nice.. yes, we can say that it is a gay movie, but i think unlike other gay movies, this one contain some sense and teach lessons in life. that’s why it’s one of my favorite from now on. you and your co-actor lee young huun acted very well as a gay. i almost cried while watching the movie. thank you…..

  35. 35 : nana Says:

    I like you from your acting in QSD
    your acting like you are really2 BIDAM
    I think you`re amazing actor in this world

  36. 36 : errin Says:

    nam gil oppa…really love you…so adorable on Bi Dam’s Character…cool..love it so much…

  37. 37 : widya rahayu Says:

    thank u for visiting the kids of the earthquake victims in my country, indonesia. please check out my portrait of u at my page widyarahayu.deviantart.com crying drawing u..

  38. 38 : arum Says:

    kim nam gil saranghae bi dam love you fulllllllllllllllllllllllllllll..cool abiezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  39. 39 : arum Says:

    kim nam gil saranghae bi dam love you full and cool abiezzzz

  40. 40 : arum Says:

    kim nam gil saranghae bi dam cool abiezzzzzzzz……

  41. 41 : nia Says:

    lee han.. love u sooo much..

  42. 42 : k-drama freak Says:

    that’s the greatest k-drama i’ve ever seen !!
    kim nam gil,, fiiuuuh he’s so cool !!

  43. 43 : meme Says:

    hey kimy .. firstly i dun like Queen Seon Deok before i saw u ” now I really like the ” bidam”. ur the hero in this series. but i really upset for bidam’s death . it’s wasn’t unfair. and i hate the queen.

    anyway I’m always with u

    keep moving forward

    we’ll always watching YOU

  44. 44 : maryjoy Says:

    hi kim nam-gil your such amazing as bidam i really like the way u move as character of bidam…thats why your cute and lavable…

  45. 45 : maryjoy Says:

    im waiting kim namgil about bad guy..hope great story…goodluck…

  46. 46 : Yukihara Says:

    Hi,kim nam gil-ssi.. I’m your fans from indonesia.. I’m quickly fall in love with u when u played d role as bi dam in queen seon deok.. I think after lee min ho,you’re d one that i love so much.. Keep success for your next role in bad guy drama.. Good luck..

  47. 47 : jhoy clein Says:

    hi..there.. hope you enjoy your lives there as an actor.. i really proud of your parents coz they make you become self independent..and you know already the social lives.. you should thanks for your parents.. always take care of them…coz its very hard if you lost one of them….make your lives good..i just say..good of you…dont be regret so easily just face any problem thats come unto you life.. then you can solve it by your selff.. once again..thank you..bye~!

  48. 48 : jhoy clein Says:

    Hi… how was your life’s there? I wish it’s good always…and I hope you doing quite nice there. You should be proud of your parent’s coz they teach you how to become a real man what I mean is you know how to stand by your own foot. Most of parents they teach their own child to become a self independent… And you should thank of that…always take care of your parents what ever happen because its very hard if you lost one of them… and thank you so much of your movies and other just move it…you must solve any problem that pass on your life.. Once again… Good luck!

  49. 49 : Karen Says:

    I really like you in Queen SEon Deok……. and to your other korean novela…. I am really fan of yours in acting…. Good luck to your career!… Hope to see you in person…… (Philippines) ^_^

  50. 50 : Myra Says:

    Hi Kim, I was so engrossed in watching QSD. Of all the actors there, you’ve made a deep and lasting impression. you’re so good and i like your facial expressions. you’re a really good actor. i hope to see more of your tv series and movies soon. because of QSD i’ve became your huge fan! good luck!

    Myra from manila philippines

  51. 51 : andrea Says:

    hi kim!! im andrea from the philippines,, i really dont like korean films before becoz i really dont understand your language,, but when i watch you on qsd i began to like you,, i dont like showbiz but when i saw you on qsd i start liking korean films,, keep up the good work i really like you,, very interesting face,, and love your smile bidam

  52. 52 : Laine Says:

    i’m laine from philippines also.. I also love your smile and your gestures.. They’re so cool and adorable!!! Keep up your good work! You are a great actor and I think a good man too! Hope you can visit our country also.. LOLZ! 🙂

  53. 53 : ovan Says:

    i never thought that lee han and kim nam gil are the same person, keep up the good work and hope to see you partner with rain you and rain are the greatest martial artist today

  54. 54 : madel Says:

    hi kim… i fell in love with your character in qsd, you’re such a great actor.. love it when you smile.. please visit our country–Philippines.. im sure you’ll have a great time here..

  55. 55 : marie Says:

    hi, kim nam-gil! i love your character in queen seonduk..well, not only your character but you as a person.. you are so good looking..ever gorgeous.. I LOVE YOU! hope u will visit our country soon -marie from philippines

  56. 56 : eqcubz Says:

    hiii appa kim nam gil…thanx so much for you….last time, you came to my country Indonesia.. to helped people in padang..it’my hometown..you’re so awsome..
    with love -eQ cuBz-

  57. 57 : aya Says:

    kim ur so cute!!!!!!!!your charater in qsd is a typical whose very much inlove, that youll do everything for that person…. i hope you are in real life…. take care

  58. 58 : santirm Says:

    thank you,coz helped my country west sumatra

  59. 59 : N' J' ezZmaAlL Says:

    lee han we luv YOU……………….
    J” n” …………………..

  60. 60 : amie Says:

    hi kim nam gil…. u know, i really like you a lot! i really attracted to you…as a bidam and as a kim nam gil…can you visit philippines?….i’m sure you’ve got a lot of fans here already…we will wait for you…..

  61. 61 : mulan Says:

    i ‘m so moved about your character in QSD. I love bidam very much…. Congats to you. I also watched your movies. Before i didn’t realize or recognize you but after watching QSD i’m beginning to recal all the movies, dramas i’ve been watched. take care and more power to you….

  62. 62 : grace Says:

    Love your character as Bidam, you’re so gorgeous Kim Nam Gil.

  63. 63 : mary Says:

    Hope to see you in person, love you Kim Nam Gil.

    I can’t wait for your new drama.

  64. 64 : Margarette Says:

    luv you… your so great doing your character as Bidam. hope more movies to com.hope to see you soon.

  65. 65 : LEE-SAN Says:

    i love you kim nam gil, your caracter in queen seon deok its so cool

  66. 66 : maverick Says:

    I cried a lot for the last episode of Queen Seon Deok. Your great actor, I hope you won a lot of awards for this drama.

  67. 67 : Princess Anne Says:

    Hi Lee Han, i hope your always fine… anyway, my name is Anne I’m just 24yrs old. you know your so good your so great actor in the drama Queen Seonduk i loved watching you as Bidam your so nice,cool and very attractive i really find you most attractive of all men i ever seen your so cute and goodluking guy for me your perfect! i love you very much!… i hope i see you someday it’s my dream to see you in person and to talk with you. i love your drama in Queen Seonduk when i watched you in a miserable life I’m so touched and sad… but, however, I’m happy watching you. i hope i see you someday and i want to be your friend even now i hope my wish will be granted. always take care and Godbless! i will pray for you always! i love you! always watch your health!- Princess Anne of Manila Philippines.

  68. 68 : Princess Anne Says:

    I am your no.1 avid fan. thank you…

  69. 69 : jules Says:

    how can i be more close to you?
    do you have any public website that i can always visit so that i wont miss you???
    i want to know you better..
    im looking forward to your movies…

  70. 70 : joan Says:

    hi!i hope you in good health, condition,,
    will you visit my country ing phil.

    i love you so much…………

    may i have a question to you?
    do you have a girlfriend?????
    plz…….answer my question to you…….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………..

    take care your self..

  71. 71 : generose Says:

    i can’t wait for your new dram..i love your character as bidam
    hope to see you soon

  72. 72 : generose Says:

    i can’t wait for your new drama..i love your character as bidam
    hope to see you soon

  73. 73 : Claire Says:

    To Kim Nam Gil: I haven’t been this addicted with a Korean actor before. You are the first one that made me appreciate and admire Korean TV series and movies. Your character as Bidam in Queen Seon Deok caught my attention and eventually made me a big fan of yours. But you as a person impressed me the most. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Being active in charity works only proves that you are truly God’s gift to mankind. Helping those people who are in need is indeed a benevolent act. I hope you won’t ever change… I like you the way you are – humble, compassionate, talented, honest, and true.

  74. 74 : sheila Says:

    well the first time i saw an episode of you in queen seon deok inside the cave, i said to my self “this guy is great,” i always love your smirk it always give a care free feeling..but then i learned bidam’s life is so miserable..mixed emotions you need to portray, but you did it quite great..i really really felt bidam exist, i cried my eyes out..T,T..so so sad..yeah, i wish to meet you too..Kim Nam Gil, you inspires me!

  75. 75 : crisreyes Says:

    hello kim, good acting prowess in Queen Seonduk, love your eyes and your smile as Bidam, charming and adorable, your having so many fans here in the Philippines because of QSD, hope you find time to visit us here, pleeeaaasseee, i promise to see you when you come here oppa, more power to you, your such a good person and a good actor, wish you have many korean dramas to come, it suits you…

  76. 76 : billa of Philippines Says:

    Your really great actor.you made the movie meaningfull, It really affects to my life.your character reflects me also of who and what kind of person I am, how to hande the situation of bieng a born child without a family.I would like to thank you for showing your best in that movie/series.I’ve learn a lot from that role.Wish you to gain more awards in that role.hope to see you in more korean movie.waiting for that.Love you..good luck

  77. 77 : billa of Philippines Says:

    Your really great actor.you made the movie meaningfull, It really affects to my life.your character reflects me also of who and what kind of person I am, how to hande the situation of bieng a born child without a family.I would like to thank you for showing your best in that movie/series.I’ve learn a lot from that role.Wish you to gain more awards in that role.hope to see you in more korean movie.waiting for that.Love you..good luck. we have same bday..Advance happy bday to you..

  78. 78 : maryjoy Says:

    helo kim nam-gil happy birth day to you, by the way im really touch when i see the video about you when you go to padang indonesia to help other peolpe in padang,,i really admired you…soon i will see u as bidam on gma7 telebabad..

  79. 79 : maryjoy Says:

    happy b-day kim nam-gil 4 me your great as an actor..also your nice voice the way u sing..

  80. 80 : Nhani wangbi. Says:

    i like u
    kim nam gil….
    i love you

  81. 81 : ekablp Says:

    saya suka cara kamu as”bidam” QSD memandang sesuatu yang benar atau salah dari keadaan yang menimpa kita karna tak ada satu manusia yang bertindak tanpa melihat keadaan jadi menurut saya karakter ini”bidam” adalah karakter paling realitis

  82. 82 : killhard Says:

    i like the way u act in qsd
    i really admire you as a great person
    hope you come here in the philippines,,ty
    you are a great actor
    i like ur smile and
    your the best and greatest korean martial artist for me,,hehehe,,
    i swear,,,XD

  83. 83 : Funk_jheng Says:

    Your such a great actor and you really did portrait your character as Bidam so well….Your so cool and i loved your ragged look (dirty look) with matching mustache…mwwwaaahhh
    good luck to your new career as a militar…=)

  84. 84 : hadjean from philippines Says:

    hi!the first time i saw u i started to admire u and like u.i think u are the most cutiest guy i have ever seen.please take good care,good luck to ur career and i love u very much………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. 85 : honey lea from philippines Says:

    hello!kim nam gil,the first time i saw u,i thought ur just cute but later i realize that ur not just cute but the most handsome,dashing,gorgeous and extraordinary guy that i saw in my life.i am very happy for ur career and i hope u will be happy of what ur doing.i wish u all the best of luck in this world.take care always,good luck to ur career and i love u so very much………..!!!!!!!!!!

  86. 86 : sheena Says:

    hi lee han im a big fan of yours wish to see you soon in philippines i love your song thumb s up bye reply plssssss

  87. 87 : misz kazumi Says:

    ~.~ hi cutie pie..
    ….uhy i really love ur smile..
    and also your eyes…

    …hope to meet u here in the phillipines!

  88. 88 : Nike Says:

    Waw lee han 1 love you so much

  89. 89 : Nike Says:

    Kim nam gil you every handsome.anw ku suka bgt ama pnampilan km yg berpran sbgi BIDAM qsd.1 love you pull.

  90. 90 : eyes-zah Says:

    be kim nam-gil or lee han, you are one great actor…
    you are so good at every role you play.
    you never fail to move me so as to drench my face with tears with heartfelt performances…
    may you let us see more of your remarkable performances…

  91. 91 : puput Says:

    oppa saranghae…
    love u so much oppa

  92. 92 : mulan Says:

    Hi Bidam, i really admire you… i’ve watched your movies like “no regrets”, portrait of the beauty, etc. i loved your acting it’s awesome an remarkable… May you have many blessings to come…

  93. 93 : secretmie Says:

    hi KNG. i cant wait for Bad Man to show here in the Philippines. i really love your acting. i love your eyes, your smile and your ruggedly handsome air. whew!

  94. 94 : vikki Says:


    you don’t need glam only to shine, that was very evident in all your ahows and fils, so to speak. by being yourself, you were recognized. i like you a lot here in the phils.

    goodluck! ma’am vikki

  95. 95 : dexjamuel licup Says:


  96. 96 : Nike Says:

    Kim nam gil mga km slalu sukses dlm berkarir q doain ok !!!

  97. 97 : ettenyl Says:

    hi bi dam i really like you in queen seon deok……………….
    youre really lovable
    you make me smileand fall in love with you
    gosh……hope that will meet one day!!!!

  98. 98 : Princess Leia Says:

    hi kim but I love you as bidam in qsd…if you have facebook pls add me,,this is my e-mail:[email protected]…I will wait for you:-)…..

  99. 99 : champong Says:

    hey bidam, you luk lovable in quen seon duk… hai, tym will come that both of us will see face to face… i will wait that day comes… saranghae bidam

  100. 100 : mia of Philippines Says:

    hi i really like you as Bidam, such a great actor! i do love your facial expressions.. i wish we’ll meet in person .. hope u grace us a visit here in the Philippines.i know i can only love u from a distance, so i’ll pray for ur success and good health, more projects nd someday ull make it to hollywood like jackie chan where all over the world can watch u. will definitely search and watch all ur movies nd dramas..

  101. 101 : chesil balbuena Says:

    gorgeous handsome……………i love u,,,,,,…tc:)

  102. 102 : nafi' Says:

    cool n smart actor,salut!

  103. 103 : echiL Says:

    i super love this guy!!he’s funny and cute!!!

  104. 104 : ann Says:

    love you my bi dam

  105. 105 : ann Says:

    so sad u died in the ending. i cried…

  106. 106 : Claudia Says:

    I want you … to come in Romania for see you and speack with you…
    I ‘love’ you so much!!!

  107. 107 : Claudia Says:

    Plsss come in Romania. I want to see you and speack more things with you. I ‘love’ you, so much!!

  108. 108 : Claudia Says:

    Love you!!!
    Come in Romania in my home … 😛

  109. 109 : Lenai Says:

    Hey my bi dam,,you kn0w i cant go over you since ive watched queen se0ndeok,, your really have this charisma that strikes my world! i SuPER LOVE you since then! I h0pe you can c0me here in the Philippines, surely ill c0me and i will cancel my work when that day c0mes! you kn0w your my ideal type of guy! i love you,, 0ne day ill visit you in korea! More power My Kim Nam Gil!

  110. 110 : jArRaSs rHaNe CulleN Says:

    ..hello kim nam gil!..it’s nice to see you in queen seon deok. You portrayed “Bi Dam” very well. Hope you will have time to visit the beautiful Philippines..I love you Kim Nam Gil..:-*

  111. 111 : Dang Says:

    i love the character you portrayed in queen seon dook

  112. 112 : Lyn Says:

    Im a big fan of yours Kim Nam Gil especially your role as BI_Dam in Queen Seon Deok.I hope that you will have another tv show/drama that will air here in the Philippines.God bless….

  113. 113 : Ghefara Says:

    whew…. love your acting as bi dam in QSD. It’s very great, especially the last scene ( Death of bi dam ) it’s very great acting…. sadness hopeless love… very touchable…..

  114. 114 : marielle Says:

    you’re so cute you are my crush in queen seon duk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  115. 115 : marielle Says:

    and i heard that you and deokman will be married! 🙂 haha! but you know you are very good couple! 😉 i hope you will come in the philippines!!!!!!!!! iam your number one fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. 116 : kriska Says:

    he’s so cute and talented
    his character in Queen Seon Deok really fits to him,,
    his a quick mover there, funny and
    he really dont take things so serious.
    and that makes me really relate to it…
    that only he gets serious into something
    worth a time to think about.
    hes now my idol…hehe
    together with Miggy Chavez of chicosci

  117. 117 : johan Says:

    kng u are a great actor and gorgeous. gudluck to bad guy. more power 2 u. kim nan gil we will miss u gudluck also on ur military training…

  118. 118 : ty Says:

    great actor kim nam gil

  119. 119 : NoAh Says:

    your so gorgeuos in your picture…..:-)

  120. 120 : ella Says:

    sorry guys….he’s already committed to me…better luck next time..

  121. 121 : ella Says:

    sorry guys..he is already committed to me….

  122. 122 : daphnne Says:

    I really liked the Bidam character. Great work!

  123. 123 : wayn Says:

    love u appa, perfect couple with lee you won

  124. 124 : itsoey Says:

    Your acting is excellent! I lost my tear at the end of Queen Seon Deok, really touch… also like you in Lovers

  125. 125 : Crina(lily in english) Says:

    Seondeok queen was a very good drama 🙂 Kim Nam-Gil seems to have something that makes you not get detached from the TV 🙂 )i cried at the end .. it was very sad .. :< .. Kim Nam-Gil is a very good actor ! .. From Romania

  126. 126 : donna Says:

    bidam bidam bidam i cant get u out of my head, your so charming….fell in love with you

  127. 127 : itcha Says:


  128. 128 : paymana Says:

    hello KIM NAM-GIL
    take care ang good luck

  129. 129 : kuri Says:

    hello!i like ur role as bidam!take care always!luv u!

  130. 130 : vhia Says:

    i like ur role in queen seon deok ,more poiwer and opportunity to u .,,,,,sarangghamnida bidam and deokman

  131. 131 : vhia Says:

    hiii…. saranghamnida kim nam gilll you make me smile when i ssee u even though internet onlyyyy i love your voice plssssssssss….. visit philippines ………………..lovew you mwaahhhhhhh..

  132. 132 : wazabi Says:

    you become a great opa…sarange….’

  133. 133 : jennifer Says:

    hi kim nam gil!!your a very good actor!!you really rock my world!!wish i could see you in person!!!luv yahh!!!

  134. 134 : sarah manzano Says:

    saranghe kim nam gil…

  135. 135 : vhia Says:

    aneyong kaseyo may god give a good health andopportunity…. my oppa bidam sarranghae,pls visit philppines…i hope i that someday we can meeet………sarranghamnida apadeun nan apeun molla i love ur song in qsd.if only lee yo won havent marry both of you are agood couple……………………..

  136. 136 : lleonever Says:


  137. 137 : lleonever Says:

    they were so funny!!!

    well!!!the truth is..you’re really handsome…

  138. 138 : lleonever Says:

    hope you’ll visit our country..especially the SISTERS OF MARY SCHOOL in cavite,Philippines…I guess you are familiar with this school..because there is also SISTERS OF MARY SCHOOL in South Korea…
    Most of the donors of that congregation are koreans….
    I hope you’ll be one of the donors…

    Now Im asking you to visit the Philippines esp. the school

  139. 139 : lleonever Says:

    thank you..take care and god bless yhou alwayzzz………………………………………………………………………………….

  140. 140 : chaimoon Says:

    You said a lot without saying anything in QSD just by using your facial expression and especially your eyes! Great acting! Keep it up. Looking forward to your next projects!

  141. 141 : dara lo Says:

    난 당신이 정말 여왕 seondeok 당신이 최고의 배우가하는 행동 방식을 loce 길 내가 남 김 사랑

  142. 142 : dara lo Says:

    당신의 긴 머리 좋아해

  143. 143 : ychihara unoh Says:

    i love bidam so much

  144. 144 : jem Says:

    it’s so heart warming to see that a lot of people already acknowledges kim nam gil’s superb talent even before he outshined everyone in QSD.
    i regret that it’s only now that i’ve known an actor like him exists:(
    but i won’t waste time now and will support you all the way!
    your new series “bad guy” is truly promising
    you may not be the most handsome korean actor but you were definitely the only one who made such an impact on me
    i’m sure no one will ever be able to surpass you!!!
    truly love you more than words can ever express…

  145. 145 : jem Says:

    i’ve learned from one of your interviews that you would like to learn english, oh please do!
    that way you would know how much your fans from all over the world(especially here in the philippines) respect and love you^_^

  146. 146 : jemdc Says:

    kim nam gil, its so nice to hear that a very good actor like you has a big heart for those less fortunate. i hope and wish that you will not change you attitude your on the right path. More blessing and God bless you always.

  147. 147 : edmarie Says:

    OMG…. he’s so CUTE….!!!!

  148. 148 : edmarie Says:

    OMG…. he’s so CUTE….!!!!



    YOUR SO CUTE….^_^

  149. 149 : Jinjoo Says:

    i nvr knew about him till my frnd mentioned him & had to look for his profile & photo & woah he’s super cute….got that charm that’ll magnetize you i guess in my opinion! I can’t wait to see him in Bad Guy!

    i guess we can post photos here too like the other boards!

  150. 150 : Jinjoo Says:

    To Administration of board here kindly place Kim’s photo if you don’t mind please. Thank you much!


  151. 151 : jinjoo Says:

    Many thnx to moderators for that photo of Kim nam ssi! I loved him in Queen Seundeok & now Bad Guy!
    Thanks again & I’ll find some more photos for posting 🙂

  152. 152 : rainbow Says:

    thanks to queen seon duk tv series since thru this i got to know kim nam gil who’s got not only a handsome face but an incredible talent like acting. hope his “bad guy” series will be shown here in the philippines.

  153. 153 : gunay.azeri Says:

    hi. lam azeri girl. you my favorit actor

  154. 154 : rae Says:

    Ahhmmm….there are lots of things I want to say about you”kim nam gil” but as I read these comments, they just said it…hmmm…what more can I say…they already said that they love you, and I Love You, too….don’t laugh at me ok? hmm…and more over they said that you are handsome, indeed you are, hahayyzzz…maybe what I can only say is that…I love your voice when you speak…heheh..it’s true..hoping someday we’ll meet…even in my dreams..I don’t care if it will be a nightmare…

  155. 155 : gunay.azeri Says:

    hi……..l love you my prince.l live in azerbaijan.(shore in cspian sea) l wish….you come in azerbaijan.l kiss you….

  156. 156 : vhia Says:

    aneyong hamshimniga kim nam gil you and lee yo won are goo couple for the filipinos hope to see you in korea someday.. im gonna work ther still all because of you and deokman queen seon is still #1 here in the philippines sarranghe…………….

  157. 157 : sachi Says:

    i really admire you kim nam gil. i hope that you’ll read my comment, and someday we’ll meet in person (dreaming..hehe) wish you can visit your fans here in Philippines.. sugoi desu ne!!! good luck and thank you for giving me a new inspiration 🙂 lots of LOVE <3

  158. 158 : jinjoo Says:

    Since watching him in Bad Guy, I’m now a huge fan of you Kim nam gil ssi so I’ll ask our Admin again to post another photo of yours!

    To Admin: Please post this photo of Kim nam gil, here’s the link & thank you so much!


  159. 159 : wazabi Says:

    opa…..saranghamitha cinca cinca cinca saranghamitha….wo hen ai ni…..’

  160. 160 : Jinjoo Says:

    Kamsahabnida to our Moderators for posting another photo of Kim nam gil! that’s a good photo!

  161. 161 : joyce Says:

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  162. 162 : natsumi Says:

    konichiwa kim nam gil i’m one of your fan you look so “aztig”in queen seon duk i hope that someday we’ll meet in person godbless……..have a beautiful life and successful career

  163. 163 : yuii Says:

    hi i admire you in queen seon duk as “bi dam”and in bad guy your so good in acting……godbless

  164. 164 : wazabi Says:

    opa….saranghamnika,you so cool i love you,opa’

  165. 165 : Sunshine Says:

    hi kim nam gil after watching you in queen seon doek you can consider me as one of your fans. youre a good actor as bidam i hope to see you here in the philippines. my name is sunshine cua Im from blk 43 lot 15 brgy. san antonio de padua I dasmarinas city cavite philippines and in behalf of my family allow me to say this sarangheyo…… bye god bless and more power

  166. 166 : coralou Says:

    hi! i’m a fan of queen seon deok, and i saw you appear on that drama as one of princess deokman’s loyal allies. i like your character on that drama. and i like the story line of queen seon deok. hope to see at some future drama like queen seon deok.

  167. 167 : ivy Says:

    <" nk2bilib t6a c kim nam gil galin6 tala6a… kya llove n love kita!!!

  168. 168 : Sunshine Says:

    hello nam gil, one time if you visit here in the philippines always remember your welcome to go in our house here is my address block 43 lot 15 brgy. san antonio de padua I dasmarinas city cavite philippines. im sunshine cua your number one fan in the philippines. hope to see you one day. /god bless and more power.

  169. 169 : joyce Says:

    hi kim nam gil.thanks to your show queen seon deok.oh to all kim nam gil and bidam and deokman fan in queen seon deok,sana buksan nyo ang facebook at paki search nalang ang bideok.To all bideok fans ito.

  170. 170 : xexe Says:

    i love you kim nam gil… sana bumisita ka dito sa philippines

  171. 171 : anne Says:


  172. 172 : mel Says:

    you’re so cute.. i like you..

  173. 173 : Jen Says:

    Hi Kim,

    I’m an avid fan of yours. Hope you visit here in Philippines soon. I’d really love to see you in person. Take care and good luck to your career!

  174. 174 : dwee_q Says:

    KNG n LYW
    best couple ever!!
    (sorry Park Jin Woo…)

  175. 175 : ade Says:

    i like ur act.. ^^

  176. 176 : joyce Says:

    hi.please visit to all kim nam gil fans in http://www.facebook.com

  177. 177 : CH-TR Says:

    yerim seni yerim 😀

  178. 178 : joyce Says:

    hi to all fans of kim nam gil.

  179. 179 : Annie Says:

    Really love to watch Kim Nam gil acting!!!!!!

  180. 180 : heaven Says:

    iloveu kim nam gil,,,,,,,i wish u would visit phillipines,,,,,,
    youre my inspiration kim nam gil,,,,,,,,,,,

  181. 181 : heaven Says:

    iloveu kim nam gil
    iloveu the way u smile,,the way you stare at the camera,,,
    your my inspiration,,,iloveyou more than myself,,
    ilove you very much,,,iwish you would visit phillipines,,,
    take care always,,,more projects to come and good luck to your carrer,,,mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh????????

  182. 182 : joyce Says:

    hi kim nam gil.

  183. 183 : Kdrama : Bad Guy « asianfansclub Says:

    […] Kim Nam Gil as Shim Gun Wook – Kang Soo Han as Gun Wook (child) Han Ga In as Moon Jae In Kim Jae Wook as Hong Tae Sung – Park Joon Mok as Tae Sung (child) Oh Yun Soo as Hong Tae Ra – Moon Ga Young as Tae Ra (teen) Jung So Min (정소민) as Hong Mo Ne Kim Hye Ok as Mrs. Shin Shim Eun Kyung as Moon Won In Jun Min Seo as (Tae Ra’s daughter) Chae Gun (채건) as Bum Woo (child) Lee Ji Eun (이지은) as Sun Young (child) Chu Hun Yub Go Eun Ah Toyohara Kosuke […]

  184. 184 : kendrid Says:

    why you look so good???

    i hate you!!!
    you look so cute!!!

    i lookin’ forward to watch your show bad guy…

    i hope you can drop by here in the philippines…

  185. 185 : charlote Says:

    i am an avid of yours here in the philippines…i always watch queen seon duk and its still showing here and because of its unqiue story and also a historical….you are really a good actor..hope you could us here in the phillippines….

  186. 186 : anne Says:

    yobo seyo oppa bidam saranghaeyo………….mwahhhhhhhhhhh

  187. 187 : joyce Says:

    hi kim nam gil.i like your rule in qsd.i watch queen seon deok last thursday.july 8.nakakaawa ka bidam.namatay na kasi si lady mishil.the best hwrang for me..bidam.

  188. 188 : sunshine Says:

    hi nam gil,
    i’m one of your fans here in the philippines, i came from blk 43 lot 15 barangay san antonio de padua I dasmarinas citty cavite philippines. hope to see you here pls visit the philippines for your fans just like me we are longing to see you. God bless and more power….

  189. 189 : anonymous Says:

    김남길씨! 나쁜남자 잘보고있어용! 정말 킹왕짱 멋있습니다! 눈빛연기 쵝오! 아 그리고 군대때문에 밤샘촬영때문에 많이 힘드실텐데 건강조심하시구요 언제나 남길씨 팬들이 응원하고있다는걸 잊지마세요! 그럼 전 나쁜남자 다시보러 고고고! 감사합니다!<3

  190. 190 : Anonymous Says:

    Hi, kim nam gil

    Hey.. really appreciate your role in Queen Seon duk and in Bad GUy.. you look quite really handsome… in QSD.. can’t believe you act so well… both in drama scenes and actio scenes.. hope to see you in more dramas upcoming and we, in Thailand.. really love QUeen Seon duk and your role as Bidam.. although a bit cunning character… Fighting!! Nam Gil Oppa

  191. 191 : kim Says:

    hello kim nam gil…
    your eyes are attractively penetrating…
    i feel like i’m kind of metal really melting whenever i look in your eyes…
    you are my best actor…
    keep up…hope you visit here in the Philippines…
    i am looking forward to meet such a guy like you:)
    saranghe!!! right?!

  192. 192 : joyce Says:

    ”wag mo syang paalisin masasaktan ka lang.”sabi ni bidam kay deokman.kim nam gil gustong guo talaga kita……!!bideok i love it..

  193. 193 : sunshine Says:

    nam gil, i hope to see you in person.sarangheyo

  194. 194 : joyce Says:

    the best talaga ang bideok…!!

  195. 195 : ryumi kaoru Says:

    i love you so much nam gil opa

  196. 196 : joyce Says:

    ”sa tingin mo ba hindi lumulukso ang puso ko tuwing lumalapit ka sa akin?”sabi ni deokman kagabi kay bidam.

  197. 197 : joyce Says:

    Sabi ni bidam kagabi ”kung mahal mo ang silla handa akong maging silla.”umamin na rin si bidam.sa 7 malapit na yong third hug scene nilang dalawa…..the best 🙂

  198. 198 : ANGIE Says:

    bidam ang gwapo mo tlaga.sana MAGKAROON KA NG TV SHOWS SA GMA ULIT

  199. 199 : joyce Says:

    nakita ko yong cammercial ng queen seon deok….12 days an lang daw…nakakalungkot naman at matatapos na madami akong mamimiss doon…lalo na si bidam….!!!ay ang gwapo talaga nya…ay syempre si lady mishil medyo deokman…at syempre yong queen seon deok di noh….sabi sa facebook ipapalabas daw yong palabas ni kim nam gil na bad guy,sa 2011.ewan ko lang kung totoo ha…atsabi din ng classmate ko..

  200. 200 : Schie Says:

    Correction Please::: He’s not in the cast of the TV Drama TERROIR…. I’ve seen it… This might bring confusion to his fans… He’s not there even just a cameo role….

  201. 201 : robie Says:

    oppa kim nam gil(bidam), i think ikaw ang pnakversatile na actor in korea sna iplabas sa gma ang “bad guy” team up with witch yoo hee(han ga in) saranghamida……

  202. 202 : joyce Says:

    di ako makapaniwala na mag papakasal si deokman kay bidam..pero di naman matutuloy yon ehhh..!nakaka asar nga si deokman.pinatatakas nya si bidam.tapos sabi kay chunchu patayin sya.ang gulo ni deokman…nakakakilig di yong kagabi sa qsd.at yong wed.yong hug scene at yong mga sinabi nya kay bidam…at yong kagabi na hiniga ni bidam si deokman.bideok forever!

  203. 203 : joyce Says:

    umaangat na ang bideok sa yudeok..!mas madami ng sweet scene sa bideok lalo kaysa sa yudeok.tapos meron pa silang ring scene.malapit na sa 7 ipalabas.nakakakilig talaga!bideok is the best…^_^

  204. 204 : joyce Says:

    ang ganda ng palabas kagabi sa queen seon deok.ring scene nilang dalawa ni deokman.!:)i like that…

  205. 205 : ceng Says:

    i really admire in queen seon deok…ur chinita eyes was so perfect…

  206. 206 : ceng Says:

    …ireally admire ur acting in qsd

  207. 207 : joyce Says:

    crush ka namin ng mommy ko…:)matatapos na qng queen seon deok di ko na kayo makikita lahat……sa tv!lalo na yong nanay mo na parang di tumatanda,si lady mishil…..

  208. 208 : iya Says:

    i love u kim nam gil ipagpapalet ko ang asawa ko sau grbe nkaka in love ka tlga.

  209. 209 : joyce Says:

    ending na ng queen seon deok ngayon nakaka lungkot naman.:( sana nag katuluyan na lng sila bidam at deokman.mamaya matatapos na…hay kahit patalastas pinapanood ko.

  210. 210 : Mina Says:

    Hi Kim Nam Gil(Bidam),
    i learned you are now in the military as what was told me by my student, i really admire you in Queen Seondok, you are very good in your role….i don’t know if you can receive letters in your military camp, i would love to send you letter.I am one of your fans here in the Philippines.

  211. 211 : Shane Says:

    QUEEN SEON DOEK now is the end. I will miss you Kim Nam Gil (Bi-dam). I cry a lot while watching it, especially when you died. OMG! I’m so proud of you! Your LOVE for Queen Seon Deok (Dok-man) was so endless and you show it even if it will be the cause of your death. THUMBS up for Queen Seon Deok! ~I ♥ it! The best!
    SARANGHAE.. ^_~

  212. 212 : karen Says:

    oh kim nam gil for me youre a great actor..you made me cry a lot last night while watching queen seon-duk..especially when you are trying to reach the queen.until your last breath you tried to speak her name…youre so good…

  213. 213 : joyce Says:

    bidam nakaka awa kanaman kagabi.kaka iyak talaga.:( mamimiss kita…si deokman iyak lng ng iyak bago namatay.kakaawa naman kayo.sa langit nag katuluyan naman kayo.

  214. 214 : donna Says:

    QSD is one of the best movie/drama ive ever seen.nkabili ako ng DVD at na addict kme pareho ng husband ko sa kkpanood til the last 62nd episode tinapos namin, at sinubaybayan ko pa rin sa tv kse d mganda translation sa dvd d masyado naintindihan.since then nging avid fan na ko ni bidam.and also we ended up calling each other bidam and deokman.i really love him in his long hair look!sana magvisit cla sa philippines!

  215. 215 : dharladarling Says:

    looking forward to watch “bad guy”….

  216. 216 : joyce Says:

    ang queen seon deok miss ko na.sana di na lng namatay silang dalawa.siguro kung hindi namatay si bidam,mabubuhay pa si deokman.nakaka asar talaga si yusin.

  217. 217 : Carmen Says:

    i love u kim nam gil
    you are very good in your role……i really admire ur
    kim nam gil for me youre a great actor..…youre so good…
    you are now in the military…I will miss you Kim Nam Gil .

    From Carmen, Bucuresti-Romania.

  218. 218 : zhaine Says:

    He’s so cute!!!!!shocks!!!
    You’re so good in acting,,as in to the highest level!!!
    Hope you visit us here in the Philippines!!!hehehe
    I’m looking forward to see you in another drama series with
    lee yo won,,both of you look so wonderful together…
    I really love your role in Quenn Seon Deok,,haiixzzz…
    I just don’t like its ending,,its so tragic..=(
    Anyways,,,wish you all the best!!!You’re the best!!!

  219. 219 : joyce Says:

    first day,first week,first night na walang queen seon deok.kakalungkot naman,di ko na sila makikita…..minsan na lng kakaasar..mamimiss ko si bidam.

  220. 220 : sayrie Says:

    i like your eyes.as bidam your eyes look like tell about your sadness than any word.i cry when you dead as bidam.its soo sad.how u in your really life??? i am waiting your coming to indonesia again specially to jawa

  221. 221 : joyce Says:

    1 week and 1 day na ang naka lipas ang queen seon deok ng matapos.nakaka miss.lalo na si bidam oh…naaalala ko parin nong last night ng queen seon deok,haaayyyy…….nakaka miss si bidam……

  222. 222 : gene Says:

    hi kim nam gil i love u so much,youre such a good actor, youre so cute i wish u can visit her in the philippines.mwaaa….

  223. 223 : luna Says:

    Nam Gil Shii, love the way you act, nothing can compare what you did in Queen Seon Deok. For Bad Guy, there’s too many kissu scene, othokhe… it’s too much i think

  224. 224 : joyce Says:

    nakakamiss ang queen soen deok.sana ma replay sa 11 yong qsd.

  225. 225 : joyjoy Says:

    your the best kim namgil,i like so much the way u act,actually im already watchng badman or budguy..nice and fantastic acting,i miss u kim namgil.

  226. 226 : joyce Says:

    sana may palabas ka na ipalabas sa channel 7 para panoorin ulit kita….hehe

  227. 227 : ehd Says:

    yah joyce right.i hope he can have another show in GMA 7 here in the philippines!!!! i hope i hope!!!!

  228. 228 : LiZMaya Says:

    I love u Kiiiiiiiim :-*

  229. 229 : joyce Says:

    gusto ko nga may palabas siya sa gma,para gabi gabi nanaman ako mag pupuyat dahil sa kanya.hehe…at sana ma replay sa 11 yong queen seondeok.

  230. 230 : joyce Says:

    2 weeks and 2 nights ang naka lipas ng natapos ang queen seon deok..nakakamiss talaga..sana mapa nood ko ulit……

  231. 231 : jessel abuan Says:

    i really love you kim nam gil just because you are good looking and super duper charming.i hope i can see you at personal.

  232. 232 : CHILLINE Says:

    dont 4get filipinos
    my idol

    im your no 1 fan in your movie
    as well as your movie together
    with lee yo won


  233. 233 : joyce Says:

    hay sana may palabas ka pa,na ipalabas dito sa pilipinas..katulad ng bad guy..at nakita ko sa facebook,katatapos mo lng yong lovers vanished?nakalagay kasi 2010.

  234. 234 : joyce Says:


  235. 235 : peggy Says:

    Kim Nam Gil,love you so much

  236. 236 : peggy Says:

    you are a great actor,i cried so much while watching Quen Soel Duk and Bad Guy,because i love you…

  237. 237 : bebo Says:

    you are a great actor, Kim Nam Gil, I like your drama Bad Guy so Much.

  238. 238 : MoonFlowerAngel Says:

    I really really like QSD especially the character of Kim Nam Gil
    he’s a brilliant actor I hope that someday he will visit her fan’s here at
    the Philippines!!!

  239. 239 : peggy Says:

    iloveu Kim Nam Gil,you are my best actor,
    I really love to watch Kim Nam Gil’s acting…
    Gold bless and more success

  240. 240 : Lucille Says:

    I like you since you acted in Lovers as a bodyguard. Like you even more when you acted in movie NO REGRETS – you’re so sexy. Congrats to u the success of Queen Seon Duk where u acted as Bidam. All the best to your future. God bless

  241. 241 : rose Says:

    Amazing performance in Bad Guy, thanks.

  242. 242 : 007zhel Says:

    you’re so good in acting.. i love the way you smile and you’re different expression in Queen Seon Duk

  243. 243 : joyce Says:

    sana may palabas ka ulit dito sa pilipinas…!katulad ni deokman at mishil.foxy lady at cruel love…

  244. 244 : joyce Says:

    ang saya ng linggo ng wika namin kahapon…kht 1 fisrt runner lng kami masaya parin…!!!ang gwapo ni kim nam gil kht anong palabas nya.maliban lng sa _______________…!!!

  245. 245 : joyce Says:

    kakamiss na ang qsd…kakaadik..!!!kakamiss dn si bidam…

  246. 246 : melodia Says:

    i love him forever

  247. 247 : melodia Says:

    God bless you….love you…..i love your drama

  248. 248 : nhica Says:

    sana may palabas ulit kayo rito sa philippines jaja kasi si deokman mayron ulit jaja buti nalang sa gma ako jaja by the way yung palabas ni deokman sobrang nakakaexcite mapanood jaja the temptation of wife……………….weeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh….nakakaadik po si bidam ang cute nya kasi

  249. 249 : joyce Says:

    tama…!!!sana may palabas nga ulit ang bideok…hehehe…mag iisang buwan na ang qsd ng natapos…!!nakakamiss parin ang qsd pag gabi..

  250. 250 : joyce Says:

    si rain sa full hous,pumunta dito sa pilipinas,sana si kim nam gil,lee yo won at ko hyeon jeong pumunta din dito sa pilipinas….heheh…miss ko na sila….

  251. 251 : melodia Says:

    love you..love you….forever

  252. 252 : joyce Says:

    sana ulitin yong qsd….hehe miss ko na talaga…lalo na syempre si bidam.!!kahit yong boses nya..hahahha….sa coffee prince ko na lng naririnig yong nag boboses sa kanya….hehehehe

  253. 253 : joyce Says:

    sana meron ng dvd o cd na tagalog sub na queen seon deok…para mapanood ko ulit…kakamiss talga…!miss ko na sila..uy manood kayo ng coffee prince sa channel 11,maganda.si arthur at andi..hehehhe…yong boses ni arthur yong nag boses kay bidam…

  254. 254 : alexis Says:

    bidam…………………………….u got my attention,………..:)

  255. 255 : alexis Says:

    bidam,…u got my attention,…

  256. 256 : nama Says:

    kim nam gil, you’re amazing, love you so much.

  257. 257 : nama Says:

    I wish you a nice time serving in the arm, hope the 2 yeras pass quickly.

  258. 258 : wilma Says:

    The first time i saw him was in lovers,
    by then i felt hat he is not that goodlooking thou but he can definitely act,then i saw him in Quen seun duk,then goodbye solo and now in bad guy and i must say he deserves leading role bigtime he gives me chills…
    he can act first class….And he may not be the typical cute or handsome korean actor but he is definitely oozing with sex appeal over flowing with appeal…omg…im a new fan for now….

    So he is not yet done in his army im going to miss him so much….
    saranghee….aja aja fighting…

  259. 259 : mariz Says:

    kim nam gil you are such a great actor…

  260. 260 : gloria Says:

    i love you,muahhhhhh,

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    inulit yong money war sa 11..panoorin nyo ha?

  262. 262 : joyce Says:

    sana pag inulit yong queen seon deok,wag umaga….sana hapon…mga,,,2 mga ganon….heheehhhe….miss ko na talga…

  263. 263 : dannica Says:

    .i love kim nam gil ..sana makadalaw ka ,,d2 pinas kasama ang da best leading lady mu na c lee yo won..sobra kong nagustuhan ,,queen seon deok .. love you guys ,,

  264. 264 : joyce Says:

    miss ko na talaga ang queen seon deok…pati ang BIDEOK..kakalungkot pa ang ending..sana nga ulitin,pero pag inulit sana hindi umaga o kaya tanghali..sana hapon.hehheh..

  265. 265 : joyce Says:

    hi..!share ko lng sa facebook sa mga fan ng queen seon deok.. http://www.facebook.com/queen seon deok fanatics
    type nyo ha….hehhheheh

  266. 266 : Joann Says:

    GAY GAY GAY!!!
    he did it with a guy and kissed with a guy!
    how can he DO THA!!!!
    nappeun namja!!
    i thought he wasss veryy HOTT when he didi nappeun namja
    until… i watched the movie NO REGRETS by accident…
    i didnt kno it was gay movie
    i jus watched it for u kimnamgil!!

    and u dissappointed half ur fans dUDE
    howcould u

  267. 267 : kysha Says:

    What a talented actor. Looking forward to his works after he returns from MS.

  268. 268 : vit izaku Says:

    what movie or drama is this from?

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  272. 272 : belle Says:

    Kim Nam Gil

    I really really loved Bad Guy, thank you for your amazing acting!

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    I Love Kim Nam Gil…. So cool… I like your acting as Bidam in Queen Seon Deok… Fighting!!!!

  274. 274 : melodia Says:

    i love him very much…..
    i want to share some photoes…..


  275. 275 : regina Says:

    Hi Kim Nam Gil oppa … I’m your fan. I like you in The Great Queen Seon Deok and Bad Guy. Also, your voice with your song ‘ Can’t I Love You’ . I think it’ll be great if you make album 🙂 I’ll waiting for you pictorial albumm … GBU oppa …

  276. 276 : melodia Says:

    love u my KIM NAM GIL…..u are my favorite actor …..
    u r the best…..

  277. 277 : melodia Says:

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    I can be waiting u, wait ur act..

  281. 281 : Bahareh Says:

    sharing photo


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    what is your new drama?
    I,m waitinggggggggggggggggggggggg…

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    Hi, kim nam gil, U R soooo cute when U r smile..
    keep smiling..

  284. 284 : savenaa Says:

    kim nam gil,
    I’m big fan of ur since last year after watching QSD & I also watch the “Bad Guy”…..I wish 2 watch new series soon….

  285. 285 : alaleh Says:

    @bahareh…..are u Iranian ?!:D
    when I was watching bad guy i can’t stop my feeling about his voice….Kim Nam Gil has great voice.i love him

  286. 286 : alaleh Says:


  287. 287 : jo Says:

    I broused everything about you in the internet.
    I want to know you more ‘coz you’re such an enteresting person
    or maybe I’m deeply a fans of your’s.I was captivated by your excellent acting in the Bad Boy drama.I’ll wait for more of your creations.Have a lovely life ahead!GOD BLESS.

  288. 288 : Bahareh Says:

    sharing photo

  289. 289 : shine Says:

    love KNG
    love KNG
    love KNG

  290. 290 : fanatic Says:

    You look so hot with attractive.

  291. 291 : Alifa Says:

    I really like you, Nam Gil oppa…
    I hope, you will more success than now…
    And I hope your life can be more happy than now….
    you are an interesting actor…

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    did u erase it ?
    why ?

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    i love ur drama very much…..especially bad guy and queesn seon duk

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    but i wish it hadn’t sad ending………

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  296. 296 : Bahareh Says:


  297. 297 : jess Says:

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    hi my great guy.. at last i find time to leave my meesage for you.. how’s your military service.. i hope you enjoy there.. i’m waiting for you.. take care and good luck.. i miss you so much.. i love you my great guy!..

  299. 299 : baby Says:

    I love KNG U r very smart. I like very much.He have a girlfriend?

  300. 300 : sun Says:

    Love, like a river, will cut a new path
    whenever it meets an obstacle.

    love u kim nam gil

  301. 301 : sun Says:

    There is only one happiness in life,
    to love and be loved.

    love u kim nam gil

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  303. 303 : bahareh Says:

    love kim nam gil

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    Hello,nam gil
    I like you.
    I am waiting for ur new drama.
    Keep on trying.
    God bless you.

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    you are really cool in the drama.
    I’m very jealous of han ga in!!of course u were good couple and i like it
    Saranghae, kim nam gil ssi

  308. 308 : pune Says:

    And I love your movies

  309. 309 : kysha Says:

    Kim Nam Gil Ssi,

    Superb acting in Bad Guy. Really gonna miss you for 2 years.

  310. 310 : bee Says:

    Kim Nam Gil, I liked you in Bad Guy so much, you’re so attractive and a very talented actor.

  311. 311 : bee Says:

    I aso like queen seonduk

    but I like kim nam gil better with han ga in. they were a good couple.

  312. 312 : Bee Says:

    I liked his hair a lot in Bad Guy!

  313. 313 : Chazzy Says:

    ur acting is amazing.love u

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    i love you kim nam gil. . . ..
    i hope someday you’ll visiting me. ayy i mean my country “phillipines’
    i want to see you personally .. sooner .. hehhe :)) im just ki’ddin

    even not sooner or maybe later. .. :)) ki’ddin again
    demandinG. .

  315. 315 : poom Says:

    I’ve seen your drama, Bad Guy.
    you are really cool in the drama.
    I’m very keen on of your character Bad Guy.
    u and Han Ga In were hot and I love this couple
    Saranghae, kim nam gil

  316. 316 : Bee Says:

    Come back soon, Kim Nam Gil oppa!

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    kim nam gil!!!! i love you!!!! oppa!!!

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    My sweet oppa

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    you’re mine in my dreams!
    love u!!!!!during watching bad guy i couldn’t breathe

  321. 321 : lili Says:

    news about kim nam gil:

  322. 322 : lili Says:

    i have read comments!most fans love Kim Nam Gil with Han Ga In,,,yes Brilliant couple!

  323. 323 : jessica Says:

    i love you my great guy.. i know you can do it.. i’m waiting for you.. hope to see you after your military service.. waiting for your another movie with han ga in with a happy ending

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    I like so much ur style and smile. I m so so exictet when u smile. when i m thinking about u , i cannot sleep.

  325. 325 : Lynk Says:

    hi! take care always Mr. Kim Nam Gil aka Gun Wook…. love you!! (=”.”=) meow!!

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  327. 327 : Eglantine Says:


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  329. 329 : zizi Says:

    i hope you can hug and kiss me….
    i love the way you hug jae in in bad guy

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    please take care and i am waiting uuuuuuuu.come with new drama.
    please act with han ga in , u were nice couple.

  331. 331 : naz Says:

    Hi kim nam gil…
    We’re waiting for your next drama..
    Good luck…

  332. 332 : china Says:


  333. 333 : Bahareh Says:

    my kim nam gil…..how r u today ?

  334. 334 : Bahareh Says:

    love ur acting…..love your dramas

  335. 335 : mayka Says:

    The HOTTEST Korean actor ever!!!

  336. 336 : shinee Says:


  337. 337 : cookie Says:

    Hi when are we gonna get to see your new shows??? Miss you for a long long time.

  338. 338 : krissy Says:

    Hi..nam gil………….
    Good Luck for your future career…You are an Asian favourite actor now!…Don’t forget for a road tour to Malaysia as u’ll get to see ur fans here…

  339. 339 : krissy Says:

    anyway..what is actually your facebook?…And to contact u?

  340. 340 : star55 Says:

    KNG how are you,you were really awesome on Bad Guy.

  341. 341 : yunni Says:

    I want to see you decorating my screen again,, haha~ :)keep healthy oppa! Will be waiting for your next movie/drama project!

  342. 342 : Eglantine Says:

    2 days ago i wrote some comment for my kim nam gil
    who did omit my comments?
    I wrote them from my heart for my kim nam gil
    wont omit it in future?

  343. 343 : Eglantine Says:

    why did omit my comments?
    who did omit my comments?

  344. 344 : Eglantine Says:

    I’m so sad
    My heart is sad
    Please keep my comment

  345. 345 : Eglantine Says:

    Thanx for shareing photos that I gove you:-*

  346. 346 : Eglantine Says:

    00ooo0000oooppa I LOVE YOU.

  347. 347 : Eglantine Says:

    Don’t go for looks,

    they can deceive

    Don’t go for wealth

    even that fades away.

    Go for sum1 who makes u

    smile becoz o­nly a smile makes

    a dark day seem bright..

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Kim nam gil

  348. 348 : Eglantine Says:

    Comment:some text missing*

    Sender:Name Missing*

    *Number Missing

    *Sent ate missing

    *Missing U a lot thats y

    everything is missing….
    I LOVE Kim Nam Gil FOREVER

  349. 349 : Bad Guy « K ADDICT Says:

    […] Kim Nam Gil as Shim Gun Wook – Kang Soo Han as Gun Wook (child) Han Ga In as Moon Jae In Kim Jae Wook as Hong Tae Sung – Park Joon Mok as Tae Sung (child) Oh Yun Soo as Hong Tae Ra – Moon Ga Young as Tae Ra (teen) Jung So Min (정소민) as Hong Mo Ne Jun Gook Hwan (전국환) as President Hong Kim Hye Ok as Mrs. Shin Kim Jung Tae as Jang Kam Dok Ha Joo Hee as Jun Hye Joo Shim Eun Kyung as Moon Won In Park Ah In (박아인) as Da Rim Jung Seung Oh (정승오) as Uhm Sang Moo Jun Min Seo as (Tae Ra’s daughter) Lee Ji Eun (이지은) as Sun Young (child) Song Ji Eun as Gun Wook’s mother Ji Hoo (지후) as Lee Bum Woo – Chae Gun (채건) as Bum Woo (child) Song Joo Yeon as Song Joo Yeon Baek Hyun Sook (백현숙) Kim Eung Soo Chu Hun Yub Go Eun Ah Toyohara Kosuke […]

  350. 350 : Trixie Says:

    Love him in Bad Guy drama. He so HOT!!

    admit please add these pics.



  351. 351 : MinAe Says:

    Nam-Gil Appa~~ you r the best korean actor ever! i’ve been hooked on your acting skills since your portrayal as Bi-Dam!! We will be waiting for u~come back quickly!! Many many loves from Malaysia~~

  352. 352 : Eglantine Says:

    i love you kim nam gil

  353. 353 : love_honey Says:

    LOVE YOU………!!

  354. 354 : Tania Says:

    best korean actor……

  355. 355 : marrys26 Says:

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  356. 356 : chang Says:

    well..really impress with nam gil..he has all the potentials in acting…has a good looks too…more power to u and always believe in ur self…

  357. 357 : Elahe Says:

    Hi..I have big Poster’s Kim nam gil;I’am very very happy

  358. 358 : Elahe Says:

    I Love you Kim Nam Gil

  359. 359 : titi Says:

    u best actor

  360. 360 : JjJo0o0 Says:

    harsh words break no bones, but they break hearts .dont use harsh words.dont break my hearts;
    i love you

  361. 361 : JjJo0o0 Says:

    Never say goodbye when you still want to try.
    Never give up when you still feel you can take it.
    Never say you don’t love a person when you can’t let go

  362. 362 : ladan Says:

    Hi………… i love kim nam Gil
    the best actor
    of iran

  363. 363 : Anna Says:

    Kim Nam Gil is so awesome. He is handsome, charismatic and such a good actor. Queen Seon Deok is the best. I love his team up with Lee Yo Won. It was really heartfelt. Hope you’ll have another movie/show played in the Philippines. more power.

  364. 364 : Ho_Cha_GilL Says:

    I LIKE you Kim nAM gIll

    Because You are so Cool,Friendly and gila suka banget gaya slengeannya kamu….


  365. 365 : rana Says:

    the best best best …………………………………………………..actor

  366. 366 : joyce Says:

    miss ko na ang queen seon deok…ang tagal na nong natapos…lpit na ang christmas mga fanatics…syempre pag katapos ng chirstmas new year na…:) remember jan.4,2010 nag umpisa ang queen seon deok…hehehe

  367. 367 : joyce Says:

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    just type http://www.facebook.com /facebookamoticons

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    http://www.facebook.com/facebook emoticons.

  369. 369 : Lady Says:

    Bad Guy is gooooood story…n ur acting so naturally…

    Can’t wait ur new drama…

  370. 370 : ka lee han so sweet Says:

    HEMMMMMMMMMMMM AKU SUKA / ngefens bgt ma ka2

  371. 371 : shin me Says:


  372. 372 : marrys26 Says:

    hi!kim namgil we miss u so much here in the piilipines…

  373. 373 : hO_cHA_GiLL Says:

    oppa Kim nam gill cuae…..

    miss u oppa…. 🙂

  374. 374 : irene21 Says:

    helo kim nam gil how are you there at the military camp.,hope u okay..merry christmass ad happy new year..

  375. 375 : Eddy Says:

    kim nam gil so sad that you have to leave when your drama is so good and popular. hope you will appeared in better drama

  376. 376 : Eddy Says:

    your best drama always becomesad ending do you ever considerate of happy ending drama or maybe comedy romance like full house

  377. 377 : Eddy Says:

    Go go go Lee han or Kim Nam gil_KNG

  378. 378 : Aidi Says:

    love sad ending movie but love much more happy ending movie

  379. 379 : Chika Says:

    in bad guy and the great seon-deok you seem emotionless outside but truly hurt inside

  380. 380 : maribel Says:

    i hope you’re doin’ fine and great there in your military duty kim nam gil. i am a fan from the philippines.

  381. 381 : maribel Says:

    i watched both queen seon duk and bad guy and are both good; thrilling and moving. i love the actors, all of them. though the ending are both sad it still give the benefit of real good entertainment

  382. 382 : rose Says:

    love your act in bad guy…..
    and also you appearance…..
    wait your next act impatiently….

  383. 383 : Elvie Puzon Says:

    How long more? missed you so much! Been looking at all your You tube videos.. They’re all nice and I am thankful I can see your videos everytime..Take care and looking forward when you come back!! Love you- KIm Nam Gil !!

  384. 384 : lyn Says:

    You are one of the great Korean actors that I’ve watched. Great performance in Queen Seon Duk and to top it all you have a powerful presence on the screen. Talent combined with charisma will surely pave a way of greater opportunities in your craft.

  385. 385 : daniela Says:

    yes this is other one i love verry much in bad guy meraviliosso

  386. 386 : Victoria Says:

    Sorry! I search Kim Nam Gil Fan letter address
    Please write me [email protected]

  387. 387 : allen Says:

    halu kim nam gil…..am one of ur fan here n philippines..your great;;fighting

  388. 388 : zaza Says:

    hi Kim Nam Gil…Iam Zakiyyah from Indonesia…You are so cool and good acting in BAD GUY…^_^

  389. 389 : Marieta Says:

    Ha tudnám Kim Nam Gil e-mail címét, akkor tuti nem tenném itt közzé!Megtartanám magamnak 😀
    Mr. Kim, you are a fantastic actor!

  390. 390 : Astrid3 Says:

    Hi Kim BIDAM Nam Gil……
    I am wholeheartedly greet you a Happy Happy Birthday!!
    I prayed you’ll be always safe and your family.
    i miss your Acting carer. I will always wanted to watch you again on TV series and movies… Take Care ad God Bless you always. ~Astrid Ivyness

  391. 391 : reina Says:

    hi,i am fan of yours.i really like all your dramas.hope i can watched more movies of yours.

  392. 392 : hana Says:

    I love you kim Nam Gil, come back soon 🙂

  393. 393 : danutzadana Says:


  394. 394 : danutzadana Says:

    ………..and I forgot to say to you …..easy army……,soon will be finish with this and you will start to make movie,again…..so you know to be the best…..

  395. 395 : HunnieB Says:

    good actor, good acting skills!
    love it! 😀

  396. 396 : ._bad boy_. « ☆ ♪ ♡ vhitrii blebible triples ♡ ♪ ☆ Says:

    […] Kim Nam Gil as Shim Gun Wook – Kang Soo Han as Gun Wook (child) Han Ga In as Moon Jae In Kim Jae Wook as Hong Tae Sung – Park Joon Mok as Tae Sung (child) Oh Yun Soo as Hong Tae Ra – Moon Ga Young as Tae Ra (teen) Jung So Min (정소민) as Hong Mo Ne Jun Gook Hwan (전국환) as President Hong Kim Hye Ok as Mrs. Shin Kim Jung Tae as Jang Kam Dok Ha Joo Hee as Jun Hye Joo Shim Eun Kyung as Moon Won In Park Ah In (박아인) as Da Rim Jung Seung Oh (정승오) as Uhm Sang Moo Jun Min Seo as (Tae Ra’s daughter) Lee Ji Eun (이지은) as Sun Young (child) Song Ji Eun as Gun Wook’s mother Ji Hoo (지후) as Lee Bum Woo – Chae Gun (채건) as Bum Woo (child) Song Joo Yeon as Song Joo Yeon Baek Hyun Sook (백현숙) Kim Eung Soo Chu Hun Yub Go Eun Ah Toyohara Kosuke […]

  397. 397 : Hana Says:

    Hi! my baby sweety kim nam gil.
    How r u? Now, I’m very happy because your drama bad guy will be aired in Indonesia. I miss your act in every drama.

    I miss u!!! Take care of yourself.

  398. 398 : jade bautista Says:

    i hope it will be aired in the Philippines…

  399. 399 : Mel Says:

    Kim Nam Gil, one of my favorite actor of all time. Absolutely charming with amazing acting talent and full of charismatic. Queen Seon Duk, Bad Guy are some of my favorite Korea’s drama of all time. Until your return from the army July 14th, 2012, CHEERS to great health, happiness and many many many great Korea’s drama to come in the near future. We all miss you on the screen here in CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHEERS KIM NAM GIL…….from all your fan here in CANADA!!!!!!!!

  400. 400 : vhia Says:

    haist ..he’s really a good actor ..full of talent and charismatic..i rea ..
    lly like u hope god will bless you takecare…gudhealth..ur song ill always want to listen to it …

  401. 401 : Tia Says:

    Yeyy! your drama bad guy/boy had aired in my country.
    Very, very, happy ^_^
    Kim Nam Gil, love ya

  402. 402 : Hana Says:

    Now, you’re in Army. But I wish you’ll be ok there.
    Take care n miss ya!

  403. 403 : susan Says:

    i’m in love with you and your acting kim nam gil..

  404. 404 : enny Says:

    wow, amazing.

    ur are cool Kim Nam Gil

  405. 405 : yuuki Says:

    lobe this guy, when u rate from scale of 1-10 he’ll get 12, from his looks and acting skills, he’s really the best.. i like a lot of korean actors but he’s one of a kind.. keep up the good work and hoping for a lot of drama series coming from u.. keep shining.. take care!

  406. 406 : yuuki Says:

    love him so much.. continue ur gud work.. thanks for sharing ur talent with us,,..

  407. 407 : dewi maharani Says:

    I like you very much I hope you will come back to act again….
    I miss you

  408. 408 : dewi maharani Says:

    I like you n I miss your act come back soon okay….

  409. 409 : patra Says:

    i love your smile..

  410. 410 : syifa Says:

    i Love you so much kim….
    when you come to indonesia again……

  411. 411 : christine Says:

    very good acting. i can feel every emotion in every scene. i’ll be waiting for your next work. thanks

  412. 412 : devi Says:

    your so cool man…
    and i’m in love with u….
    form devi in indonesia

  413. 413 : amzii Says:

    hi.. can u send me kim nam gil email add? thank you.

  414. 414 : bebo Says:

    can’t wait for your come back, I wish time goes by faster…

  415. 415 : miruna_77 Says:

    is my favorite actor … most talented and cute of Korean actors … Kim Nam Gil to come back healthy … I wait with love!

    I congratulate you for the roles of Queen Seon deok şi Bad Guy! gorgeous! the right great! to keep it so … and watch out for your health is most important!!Fighting Nam Gil oppa!!

  416. 416 : LIA Says:

    I never thought I’d be so impressed by an actor, not one Asian, but Kim Nam Gil managed to impress me and make me feel the deepest emotions. The role that made him the QSD was a masterful, worthy of an Oscar. With Bidam I laughed, I enjoyed it, I played, I grieved and cried with him … I loved him, perhaps more than he loved himself Seondeok queen … was something amazing … a dream … came into my life like a dream …. I think every woman wants a man like Bidam together … to protect her and love her as was Bidam for Deokman. Through this amazing actor who is Kim Nam Gil, Bidam regained rightful place in history. Bidam remains my favorite character in historical dramas, and Kim Nam Gil will always be my favorite actor, and I can call his number one fan. Kim Nam Gil I’ll wait to get back healthy in the army, I shall miss you very much! kisses, many kisses and warm hugs from Romania!




  417. 417 : ritha Says:

    I love u so much

  418. 418 : DIAN Says:

    KIM WHERE R U????????????????????b with u is a dream that will never come true

  419. 419 : DIAN Says:

    kim nam gil being with is a dream that will never come true

  420. 420 : trang Says:

    I miss KNG so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  421. 421 : Apple Says:

    bidam . I love you.

  422. 422 : Balinesse Girl Says:

    whether the movie “Bad Guy” does not continue anymore?
    good movie .. thank you

  423. 423 : fitri handayani Says:

    Kim, Miss U much! I wait your drama seri “Bad Boys 2”

  424. 424 : claudya Says:

    yep KNG is a great actor i liked his role as Bidam so much that when i watched the last episode in QSD and sow him dying i cryied all day after that even in the night ,maybe i got to addicted of this drama but o really enjoyed it.the same thing in Bad Guy in my oppinion after such a cruel death in QSD i think that in this drama he should have lived becouse it dissapointed us(his fans)again, i’m not saying that i love Kim Nam Gil becouse this would be stupid but i definitely love Bidam and Shim Gun Wook 😉

  425. 425 : mickey Says:

    hello! when will you be back in acting? miss you! i watch bad guy and dont like the ending so i hope there will be a part 2… Good luck! God bless

  426. 426 : fariba Says:

    aniogeseyo nam gil.
    nan saranghe.and i whach your movies and i love them.
    you are so much ippuda.
    its my email adress:[email protected]
    i hope you send me mail

  427. 427 : any yuli Says:

    I miss U so much …

  428. 428 : mimi Says:

    ahhhhhh! He did an outstanding job as BIDAM in Queen Seondeok!

  429. 429 : shakespeare Says:

    hi there kim nam gil, annyeonghaseyo! i just want to say that you’ve made a remarkable character in queen seon deok and in bad guy. also, i think that in real life you’re remarkable and distinctive person. i love your qsd and bad guy. they’re the best korean drama i watched and i watched them because of you he he;) everyone love you here in the philippines.

  430. 430 : shakespeare Says:

    never watch korean drama until there was queen seon duk- bidam. very captivating and distinctive one. wow. you introduced korean film thru you. sarangheyo nam gil oppa;)

  431. 431 : sara Says:

    cute cute cute mt favorite bi dam . saranghaeyo.

  432. 432 : Bad Guy (나쁜 남자) « styrn Says:

    […] Kim Nam Gil as Shim Gun Wook – Kang Soo Han as Gun Wook (child) Han Ga In as Moon Jae In Kim Jae Wook as Hong Tae Sung – Park Joon Mok as Tae Sung (child) Oh Yun Soo as Hong Tae Ra – Moon Ga Young as Tae Ra (teen) Jung So Min (정소민) as Hong Mo Ne Jun Gook Hwan (전국환) as President Hong Kim Hye Ok as Mrs. Shin Kim Jung Tae as Jang Kam Dok Ha Joo Hee as Jun Hye Joo Shim Eun Kyung as Moon Won In Park Ah In (박아인) as Da Rim Jung Seung Oh (정승오) as Uhm Sang Moo Jun Min Seo as (Tae Ra’s daughter) Lee Ji Eun (이지은) as Sun Young (child) Song Ji Eun as Gun Wook’s mother Ji Hoo (지후) as Lee Bum Woo – Chae Gun (채건) as Bum Woo (child) Song Joo Yeon as Song Joo Yeon Baek Hyun Sook (백현숙) Kim Eung Soo Chu Hun Yub Go Eun Ah Toyohara Kosuke […]

  433. 433 : rosie a libela p Says:


  434. 434 : zoelika fatiranti Says:

    i like film bad guys

  435. 435 : mayclo Says:

    i like kim nam gil. he is a good korean actor. i saw you in queen shun dok and bad guy. i hope you will make more korean dramas. keep up the good work.

  436. 436 : VRH Says:

    I LOVE u so muchhhhh!

  437. 437 : koreanfanatic Says:

    Oh my God! i love your character in bad guy! your such a nice actor! you portrait very well,.saranghee ! i’m waiting for your next drama…

  438. 438 : SoupeMiso Says:

    Je l’ai bien aimé dans Queen Seon Duk <3

  439. 439 : takeshi Says:

    Hai! I like your performance in Queen Seon Duk and Bad Guy very much. They really expose your talent in acting. I noticed you since your role of body guard in Lovers. Your role and your performance in Queen Seon Duk lighten up the whole drama and make it more interesting. But the ending really make me feel so sad… And I can’t think of anyone else who can play your role in Bad Guy…

    I’m looking forward to watch your new drama…

    Gam Ba De!! q^o^p

  440. 440 : baby Says:

    kim nam gil ssi.. you realy have 1001 face.. love it. action so good. 🙂
    looking for your new drama.. hwaiting!!!!

  441. 441 : Khejel Zed Says:

    Kim nam gil ssi i love ur acting in bad guy just today i finished.. Really i like so much ur character in this drama.. wating for ur new drama…
    best of luck .. bye

  442. 442 : Norhanan Says:

    Oppa i love you so much,i hope,i can meet u someday…Queen Seon deok is great show here in phillipines,bideok is love… Oppa can u send me message in my email –>[email protected] thanks u..
    Opps i hope you and Unnie lee yo won having a new show together after ung millitary..saranghe..

  443. 443 : lala shakilla Says:

    miss U so much……

  444. 444 : Tina Says:


    You really shinning at Queen Seon Duk, if you’re not an actor, it would be our lost, in QSD, my emotion followed by you up and down, you made me laugh and made me cry(at the end), you’re borned to be a star, there were so many talented artists in the drama, like “Yue Sin Lang” you are still outstanding. can’t wait for your next project. saranghe!
    keep up your already good work!


  445. 445 : iva Says:

    a very great actor…i was hooked to korean films and culture because of your role in QSD…you’re one of the best actors in the world with very sincere eyes…good luck on you military duty…you’ve proven that bad guys in movies are kind and courageous in real life…i’m glad that i lived in your lifetime…

  446. 446 : nitza Says:

    es el mejor actor me encanta ver series con el es un encanto

  447. 447 : krystal Says:


  448. 448 : GiRl Says:

    love u soooooo much
    plz come back soooon

  449. 449 : ToOniI Says:

    love your acting with Han Ga In,,,,The Best couple

  450. 450 : BEST KOREA ACTOR!!! 2012 Says:

    Hello Kin Nam Gil,

    You’re such an amazing actor! So handsome, full of charisma and great uniqueness. I’m not from Korea; however, now I would like to learn Korean and to be able to say hi to you when I visit South Korea one day. You’re such an inspiration to all the audiences and fans around the world*******************************To all Korea’s producers, we miss KNG and want to see him on big screen….LUV U, especially Queen Seon Duk*************************************


    Signed by French Vietnamese, Toronto CANADA*********************

  451. 451 : MISS U Says:

    MISS U on screen so much!!!
    Pls make more drama!!!!!!!!!
    NEVER FORGET, you’re such an amazing actor, an amazing person, an amazing figure for everyone around the world to look up to. Your heart is full of many greatness, such as love, generosity and kindness…most importantly, as audiences, we can capture all these greatness through your eyes, heart, emotion, expression and body language into our TV screen…I think I am in love with your great ACTING ABILITY…WILL YOU BE MINE …..So handsome and most important, so grounded to earth and reality……Miss you and want to see you on screen…

  452. 452 : yon Says:

  453. 453 : lore Says:

    just finish watching bad boy the ending just blew me esp. after all that tragedy that one person can encounter. hope to see another show or movie soon. watching all of the kdramas. your acting is so different than the US. the emotion that you do is so much more real. real tears, etc. i haven’t watched tv in so long now i can’t seem to get away from all the shows and movies made in korea. get sick of reality shows, etc. thank you so much for sharing your shows movies the the U.S. hope one day get to visit korea for the view in these shows looks amazing.

  454. 454 : Aneli V. Sarmiento Says:

    I am from the Philippines and I had fallen in love with korean drama. Your character as Bi Dam has captivated me. Your acting was very convincing and I would love to see more of you in korean drama. I wish you more success in showbizness. Mabuhay!

  455. 455 : Aneli V. Sarmiento Says:

    I hope you could come to the Philippines and make a movie with Sarah Geronimo or Toni Gonzaga…it would definitely be a box office hit!

  456. 456 : khan Says:

    watching dvd qsd drama again and miss kim namgil,you are still in army now remember take care yourself,come back soon to make a new drama for us.

  457. 457 : yon Says:

  458. 458 : Tanya Lewis Says:

    Wasn’t he in Personal Taste to?

  459. 459 : mhai01 Says:

    I realy realy like the way u act, whenevr ur serious,smiling, and crying, u make me fall in luv w/ u in queenseondeok especialy in ur act in badguy ur such a gorgeous and super hot actor!saranghae ooppaa u r same as cha seung won act…u have chemistry w/ han ga in hope ill see u again workng w/ her..m0re dramas 2 c0me oppaa..

  460. 460 : yon Says:

  461. 461 : SoupeMiso Says:


  462. 462 : debbie Says:

    Kim Nam Gil you are so amaizing dude! Do you know that you have made me fall in love with you completely? I do wish you could come to Tanzania. Ilove the way you smile, laugh, and when you cry ……………….. Love you.

  463. 463 : Deborah Zabron Says:

    Hi Kim Nam Gil!! I loved the way you acted in The Great Queen Seondiek, I wish i was your Queen…..yeahh, i know it wont happen. Please, come to Tanzania, will you? I want to see more of you in the other drama. Please, make sure you won’t die in the end, K?

  464. 464 : yon Says:

  465. 465 : yon Says:

  466. 466 : MISS YOU ON SCREEN!!! Says:

    Kim Nam Gil, miss you on screen soooooo much…pls come back soon and make great drama series for us crazy CANADIAN to enjoys. We LOVE YOU

    roducers, pls bring KNG back on screen….we miss him….



  467. 467 : yon Says:

  468. 468 : february Says:

    I like u so much.I wish u get the life u want.:-)

  469. 469 : LuLun Says:

    Mr.KNGil, you’re amazing actor. I misses u so much on screen. I love whatever u do. u behave. I want to see u in a happy ending drama. I love the way u smile so much. 🙂

  470. 470 : parwa Says:

    hey kim nam gil.. i’m from kurdstan in iraq.. i love you so so so so much .. i miss you and i wanna come to slemany in kurdsatn.. we love you .I love the way u smile so much. 🙂 you amazing actor ever..you are so cite.. i love you .and i wish to come to slemany in kurdstan.. <3 <3 <3 <3

  471. 471 : parwa Says:

    you are so cute <3

  472. 472 : Gillian Sinks Says:

    U mek me wanna watch Korean films. Ur acting skills r so unique. Is Johnny Depp ur role model? I see him in u anytime u act. Love Ya! Wish u will come to Nigeria soon.

  473. 473 : nanunk Says:

    i will waiting to ur drama 🙂
    miss u so much oppa 🙂

  474. 474 : Naw Moe Thidar Aung Says:

    I like you as Bidam in Queen Seokdeok.

    I like Korean Historical Drama Series.

    I want to see you in new Historical Drama.

  475. 475 : kahina Says:

    you are the best kahina from Algeria

  476. 476 : Lamia Says:

    Hello Kim Nam Gil.I am from Azerbaijan. I love Korea and you. I hope see you. kiss youuuuu

  477. 477 : hina kahina Says:

    oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah you hear me please make a great drama with happy ending i just wanna see you happy oppah i wish you all the best sarangheeeeeeeee hina kahina from algeria

  478. 478 : dede lili Says:

    helloooo…. i’m dede from indonesia, sometimes i wanna see u at film/drama u become funny guys or comedy… coz your smile very cute….. ^____^ terima kasih (thank you)

  479. 479 : Cathy Says:

    Just saw your movie Bad Guy. You were very good in this drama. I enjoyed it very much. Hope to see more of you!

  480. 480 : [MBC 2009] Queen Seon Duk RAW E2 | Says:

    […] Chun Myung (10 year old) Yoo Seung Ho as Kim Chun Chu (Chun Myung and Kim Yong Soo’s son, ep34~) Kim Nam Gil as Bi Dam (King Jinji and Mi Shil’s son, ep21~) – Park Ji Bin as Bi Dam (young) Lee Seung […]

  481. 481 : bevelyn Says:


  482. 482 : bevelyn Says:


  483. 483 : Nur thyna Says:

    I love queen seon deok…bidam..u very cool i like it

  484. 484 : Werd Says:

    My favorite actor, superhot…

    Want to see him act in romantic melodrama with Song Hye Gyo. But this time dont end with death or sad ending. Wonder…When can we watch him again in the drama

    Love his long hair (Bidam at the end episode of queen SD).

  485. 485 : Werd Says:

    Wonder.. why only now KNG able to secure the main lead in the drama or movie. I’ve seen his potential in drama ‘Lovers’ way back in 2006. He was impressive then. His opportunity to be main lead only comes after movie ‘portrait of beauty’ and drama queen Seon Duk. Such a waste for a very talented guy, not to say a very hot one!
    He is a real guy, unlike some Korean actors who look more famine than a girl

  486. 486 : Yozora Says:

    I’m 1 of his fans.. i rarely like korean actors becuz of their “too pretty” in my eyes, but not Kim Nam Gil oppa~ ^^v

    hope there will be a new drama or movie for oppa in this year.. 🙂

  487. 487 : Tiptop Says:

    so handsome …. i hope to watch your new movies …….

  488. 488 : reny Says:

    oppa i love uuuuuuuuuuuuu

  489. 489 : reny Says:

    hi i like your movie Bad Guy.. ur really good acting.. i like your acting … i think it would be good if you can be couple in one movie with song hye kyo or chae rim.. they perfect girls for you.. 😀 i hope the producer will read this …
    for Korean drama ..why the list of the title movie that Kim Nam Gil [played i couldn’t see his name.. ???

  490. 490 : Sanakuu Says:

    Happy Birthday to you …….

    sorry for late wishes 🙂

  491. 491 : Joyce Says:

    I anticipate your new upcoming drama “Shark” with Son Ye Jin~!what a great cast!I can’t wait!May 27 come faster!

  492. 492 : Personal Taste | B!G 1s Me ^_^ Says:

    […] friend (cameo) Park No Shik as Goo Joon Pyo (cameo) Kim Joon Ho (cameo) Kim Na Young (cameo) Kim Nam Gil […]

  493. 493 : isoon Says:

    u amazing man *_* !!
    what’s caracter u have ?? LOL

  494. 494 : Christina Says:

    Well done! Bad guy, you acted perfectly matched with the story line in ‘Bad Guy’. Hope to view more in the near future. Keep up with your good figure and you are looked handsome in tied up long hair and sweet smile. Come to visit us in Hong Kong soon! Fighting!

    Your new fan

  495. 495 : Jae Says:

    Loved him in Queen Seon Duk. His character was awesome!

  496. 496 : KDadiktus Says:

    I LOVE KNG!!!

  497. 497 : ChocoKang Says:

    […] the death of his father caused by a hit and run accident, Han Yi Soo / Yoshimura Junichiro (Kim Nam Gil) returns to Korea from Japan after changing his looks and identity to take revenge on the people […]

  498. 498 : Nabila lili Says:

    hi….my name is lili my dream to be a actor in Korean drama I’m Algerian girl I’m brunette 1.60 have a long black hair and black eyes I speak three Languages Arabic and french and english i’m 16 year old ….how i do That dream pleas say to me? ….my réal name Is nabila

  499. 499 : leila Says:

    i didn’t like him as a gay man in no regret

  500. 500 : daniels Says:


  501. 501 : Shark / 상어 (2013) | My little world Says:

    […] the death of his father caused by a hit and run accident, Han Yi Soo / Yoshimura Junichiro (Kim Nam Gil) returns to Korea from Japan after changing his looks and identity to take revenge on the people […]

  502. 502 : juana Says:

    love his movie the bad guy soooo much.

  503. 503 : Adhe Talla Says:

    Time flies, ep per ep of SHARK, I have done wathing them. I more n more love that drama n admire KNG oppa’s acting in it as well. His romance scenes with son yeh jin are awesome. Best-pairing, of course. KNG oppa, sarangheyo.

  504. 504 : gygy Says:

    KNG Oppa, please choose a drama that you dont have to die in future.

  505. 505 : aimi ulan Says:

    You’re a greAt actor KNG oppa. Waiting for your next project.. Pirates. Hope you dont die in this movie,and have a happy ending life with SYJ.

  506. 506 : reny Says:

    love you much much much oppa …

  507. 507 : Shin Young Hee Says:

    i look forward to watch another “revenge drama” of yours man… (y)

  508. 508 : Shark (상어) | styrn Says:

    […] the death of his father caused by a hit and run accident, Han Yi Soo / Yoshimura Junichiro (Kim Nam Gil) returns to Korea from Japan after changing his looks and identity to take revenge on the people […]

  509. 509 : iyaiya Says:

    Annyong…I love KNG so much…the only macho korean actor I ever seen…really want his next drama n movie>> 🙂 I love Bad Guy so much….KNG oppa….hwaitting!! dont play kind drama that make you kill again at the end>>choose a different kind of drama which can explore your act skill!!

  510. 510 : paras Says:

    Love so much with handsome your face, oppa.. Never boring to see.. Hope next drama your couple with Yoon Eun Hye. And not die anymore so that not sad ending, ‘coz here we’r also saD even just drama.
    Good luck n take care^.^
    Wait for your new drama soon..

  511. 511 : LT6002 Says:

    my favourite actor KIm Nam Gil…pls come back with more drama. and pls, give him some drama with happy ending, it’s so hard watchinh him die again and again in dramas. saranghae oppa <3

  512. 512 : lov kim nam gil Says:

    i love you kim nam gil (“,) i love all of ur drama,ur acting,ur cool voice,u mde me falling in love wit u as my fav actor :))

  513. 513 : thessa Says:

    In other drama, oppa, you should be a happy man. I am really love your act and personality Gbu

  514. 514 : leine Says:

    You are an extraordinary actor…. My number one favorite korean actor ever…. hope you can have a romance-comedy drama with happy ending… because everytime i watched your drama i cried a lot and always felt sad…. always in good health…

  515. 515 : inhae Says:

    I really hope in his next drama there would be a happy ending!!!

  516. 516 : Dazzled Says:

    My first time watching KNG in a drama. His acting is amazing!!! He is born with a beautiful face. 🙂

  517. 517 : sanakuu Says:

    Happy Birthday to you! my dear 🙂

  518. 518 : mena Says:

    Waiting your next project pirates movie,and new drama saeguk.fighting

  519. 519 : ask Says:

    Very good article. I certainly appreciate this website. Thanks!

  520. 520 : Linn Says:

    You stole my heart as Bidam – so tragic – I cried for him.
    Best wishes for your continued success. You’re a wonderful actor and singer – and so handsome. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
    From a fan in the USA.

  521. 521 : نوره Says:

    Hello! I hope to see you again in a new and distinctive drama this year^^

  522. 522 : Doina Florea Says:

    Happy Birthday! Health, happiness, joy, love, wealth, dreams come true, are my thoughts sincere that you want them in this day and all the days to come. Sincerely,

  523. 523 : Kevin marcel Says:

    thx alot man ur best actor I hv even followed up from Africa to Asia big up bro………. wow….. I liked ur love actions in great queen…….#bidam

  524. 524 : Random recommendations for historical dramas with sad endings – Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Jung as Lady Mi Shil, Uhm Tae Woong as Kim Yoo Shin, Park Ye Jin as Princess Chun Myung and Kim Nam Gil as Bi Dam (King Jinji and Mi Shil’s son). Queen Seonduk will be about the life of Princess Duk […]

  525. 525 : dramalist Says:

    […] Im (Kim Nam Gil) is an oriental doctor, acknowledged as the best in acupuncture and moxibustion in Joseon. His […]

  526. 526 : Putri andini Says:

    Semoga oppa bisa menikah dengan unnie kim ah joong dan punya anak yang lucu2,,
    Salam dari fans berat oppa kim nam gil dan unnie kim ah joong
    Putri andini

  527. 527 : Chun Says:

    Hi, I think you forgot to write Pandora (2016) into his movies list. Pandora was a really really great movie. Kim Nam Gil oppa’s acting as Kang Jae-hyeok was very impresive. I cry and can feel the emotion of the character that he portrait.

    Admin, please edit his profile for us ^^

    Thank you..

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