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Kim Rae Won

Kim Rae Won 02

Name: 김래원 / Kim Rae won
Chinese Name: 金來沅
Date of birth: 1981-March-19
Height: 184cm
Weight: 72kg
Birthplace: South Korea
Blood type: A
Talent agency: Blue Dragon Ent.
Education: Joong Ang University
Family: parents and younger sister
Religion: Catholic

TV Series

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning (tvN, 2021)
Black Knight (KBS2, 2017)
Doctors (SBS, 2016)
Punch (SBS, 2014)
A Thousand Days’ Promise (SBS, 2011)
Gourmet (MBC, 2008)
What Star Did You Come From (MBC, 2006)
Love Story in Harvard (SBS, 2004)
Say You Love Me (MBC, 2004)
Attic Cat (MBC, 2003)
Snowman (MBC, 2003)
Wuri’s Family (MBC, 2002)
My Love Patzzi (MBC, 2002)
Life is Beautiful (KBS, 2001)
My Home (MBC, 2001)
Soon Poong Clinic (SBS, 1999) sitcom
School 2 (KBS, 1999)
Half of You (MBC, 1997)


Gangnam Blues (2015)
Wonderful Moments (2013)
Insadong Scandal (2009)
Miracle (2007)
Sunflower (2006)
Mr. Socrates (2005)
My Little Bride (2004)
…ing (2003)
2424 (2002)
Plum Blossom (2000)
Harpy (2000)
Scent of a Man (1998)


2016 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Genre) – Kim Rae Won (Doctors)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Producer Award – Kim Rae Won (Punch)
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Awards, Best Actor (Special Planning Drama, A Thousand Days’ Promise)
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars (A Thousand Days’ Promise)
2005 41st Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Love Story in Harvard)
2004 SBS Drama Awards: Most Popular Actor Award (Love Story in Harvard)
2004 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Award (Love Story in Harvard)
2004 Daejong Film Awards: Best New Actor Award (My Little Bride)
2003 The 20th Korea Best Dresser Award
2003 1st Andre Kim Awards: Best Star Award
2003 WuSan MBC: Best Actor Award (Attic Cat)
2003 MBC Drama Awards: Best Actor Award (Attic Cat)
2003 MBC Drama Awards: Most Popular Male Actor Award (Attic Cat)
2000 Blue Dragon Awards: Best New Actor Award (Plum Blossom)
1999 KBS Drama Awards: Teen Award for a Newcomer (School 2)

Related Photo

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Kim Rae Won 13


  1. 1 : vesper Says:

    Kim Rae Won is a very good actor,very versatile in his acting. He can be the counterpart of Takuya Kimura of Japan. the two can act any role given to them. be it a comedy,action and especially those romantic love stories.

  2. 2 : assil Says:

    kim rae won is a barrel of emotions. one can really feel the emotion behind he lines being delivered. he is not only an incredible one, he is also a hunk. he’s got a great body and dresses quite well. keep up the good work. make more series that touches our hearts. i love you. more power

  3. 3 : assil Says:

    kim rae won is a barrel of emotions. one can really feel the emotion behind the lines he delivers. he is not only an incredible one, he is also a hunk. he’s got a great body and dresses quite well. keep up the good work. make more series that touches our hearts. i love you. more power

  4. 4 : Thanissara Says:

    I am his REAL girlfriend !! @[email protected]


  5. 5 : Aye Thiri Kyaw Says:

    O Par Kim Rae Won,
    I like your action. I like your attractive smile. So, I love you. Always I remember you. Forget me not.

  6. 6 : Aye Thiri Kyaw Says:

    O Par Kim Rae Won,

    I like your action. I like your attractive smile. So, I love you. Always I remember you. Forget me not.

    Aye Thiri Kyaw
    Bago City, Myanmar.

  7. 7 : -han- Says:

    -toink- as i saw i=him in the movie ” My little Bride”..whoaaa..super..he’s so handsome…

  8. 8 : Jacky Says:

    Kim Rae Woon is a true actor, I can feel his sincerity when he act and the deep emotion….. He’s also cute and likeable….. Good Luck to you and I’m one of your fan here in the Philippines…

  9. 9 : ale Says:

    KRW is a superb actor. Infact I started watching korean movies and dramas after I watched his drama “My love patzzi”. I’ve become a great fan of rae won. U rock!!!!!!!KRW……………………a great fan from Nepal

  10. 10 : Ms Tiara Serasa, Brunei Says:

    Kim Rae-won, you are an incredible young actor with so many talents. I am not a person who easily cry. But your actings did especially in What Star Do Are Your From?. Your actings got the feel and really touched my heart! Congrats and keep up the good work! your fan from Brunei

  11. 11 : lynlyn Says:

    Like ur acting,,,ur really superb and very versatile actor…kept up the good work…Im really an avid fan of urs….

  12. 12 : cRisHenA Says:


    i lOvE aTTiC cAt a lOt… i lOVe yOur aCting… yOU’rE sO cOOL. pRomiSe…

    yOu rOck.. gOd bLeSs..

    mOrE pOwER…

    sTaY hEaLthY…

  13. 13 : xiaowei, Singapore Says:

    I really like his acting very much. he can give out a very emtional, passionate feeling, cute, relax, funny in his acting. His eyes can really talk (expressive). He very handsome too. I just love it…. Keep up!
    a fan fon Singapore.

  14. 14 : cun_yang Says:

    Truely,he is a good man,cute,handsome n more about him…….I watch him in Love Story In Harvard!!!!!!!!So Best r!!!!!!!!!Good Luck 2 Kim RAe Won……….I will support u always!!!!!!!!!!!Chayo!!!!!!!!

    @[email protected]

  15. 15 : great frn of korean Says:

    kim rae won is such a wonderful. i love the movie ,my little bride.ur way of looks drawn me really crazy.even all my frn like u.we all love u kim rae won.good luck.god bless u.

  16. 16 : Marites Says:

    i love you in Love story in harvard its a nice story!
    i am one of your fan here in the philippines! 🙂

  17. 17 : hanka Says:

    oh my pretty boy i love u forever ! Kim Rae Won is so manly , funny too .I love his funny actings …i am always by his side !
    —1 of your fans from VIETNAM

  18. 18 : starz Says:

    i fell in love with KRW watching him in love story in harvard & which star r u from. definately a charasmatic & talented guy! luv ya always!

  19. 19 : aRyNN69 from Brunei Darussalam Says:

    whoaaa…. i fall in love with him… i cant stand seeing his eyes looking at Bok Sil~ he’s so cute n so romantic~ funny… if only he can come to my country.. i will surely wanna meet him~ make film at my country ekk~ hehe… before i only love to see his brother (Kim Jae Won)

  20. 20 : aRyNN69 from Brunei Darussalam Says:

    really wanna contact with you~ can you emailing me KIM JAE WON? my email n msn [email protected] if you wanna see my profile go to http://www.friendster.com/arynnie btw im from BRUNEI DARUSSALAM country im a big fan of you~

  21. 21 : baby_lisa Says:

    hi….i really fall in love with u…i love ur character in “which star are u from’…so cute,caring and the most attractive one is ‘funny in romantic way’…the way u smile and staring at ur heroin….i want someone like ‘choi seung hee’…are u? please no hesitate..do email me..’[email protected]

    thanks….good luck in ur career..god bless u


  22. 22 : candice Singha Wong Says:

    Hi Rae-Won, I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You are a very handsome, cute and good heart.. I really like love you.. I see you good actor..Nice! Hello Rae-Won, you can to reply my email [email protected]. I want see your pictures more…

  23. 23 : Elsa Says:

    Hi Rae Won, I’m from Singapore. I’ve never been a fan of any drama series until I caught “Love Story in Harvard” by chance. With much blessings, “Which Star Are You From” was also subsequently aired on cable 2 months ago.

    You were able to slip into your roles so effortlessly and that made each drama very real. However, I’m sure ‘effortlessly’ is an understatement as I believe there were much ‘tears, sweat & blood’ behind every production. I’m now an avid fan of good, quality Korean dramas / movies! Watching them have also given me a better understanding & insight of your culture.

    I love “Which Star Are You From” so much that I just rented the DVD to re-watch over my next week of leave from work! From all the rave reviews I’ve read on the net, I must catch all your previous works too!

    I understand that you’re serving the military now. When will you be resuming your spotlight in the showbiz?? Do drop me a note whenever you are available at [email protected].

    All the best & God bless you!

  24. 24 : shinmon Says:

    Hi Kim Rae Won,
    You and Kim Jae Won are sibling. Yes or No.
    Please Reply me Brother.
    I like your action.
    Be happy long life.
    bye bye Brother.

  25. 25 : emilia Says:

    ‘Choi Seung Hee’ is the guy I’m looking for in my life..I wish I could be as lucky as your ‘Bok Shil’…You really touched my heart with your eyes and emotions…I am not a person who easily cry, but your actings manage to break that..

    All the best to you,
    Emilia from Malaysia

  26. 26 : dyubeh... Says:

    well. i first saw kim rae won in love story in harvard.. after seeing him in that said ‘drama’ i felt something strange in my heart? hahaha… seriously i’m beginning to idolize him.. kim rae won is really incredible…… i love you kim rae won…

  27. 27 : gemini Says:

    … he really is an actor, a lot of convincing power. It was good that he has been into series and movies that have good storylines. His looks and acting ability can be easily paired of with any actresses. His acting ability, whether being funny, serious, melodramatic, makes his series and movies worth watching.

  28. 28 : prettylove Says:

    i like u film and u. i am moe =rain from myanmar.u don’t know how mush i admire u.i consider about u every time. u action make me excitement.
    you are so handsome,u love is so great.
    anyway, i love you.
    have a nice day.
    good luck.

  29. 29 : aunaun Says:

    try your best to win more blue dragon awards.i hope u can and wish u good luck.if u are free send an email to [email protected] i like ur style and acting

  30. 30 : dyubeh... Says:

    kim rae won is really the man orf our dream!!!!!!!! he’s one of a kind…

  31. 31 : shanE Says:

    i wish the two of you kim tae hee are together ,

    you looK gOod tOgether ! pramiz ..

    adD me up ..

    [email protected]

    i wish you have a new series with tae hee again , !

  32. 32 : batrisya Says:

    i love u so much
    your smile make me crazy

  33. 33 : michienix Says:

    ur so cute kim,especially in which star are you from?….
    i like you there and in harvard too..
    ur one of the great actor i know in korea..
    more power! may the god bless always!;b

    add me in friendster:[email protected]
    thank you!;b

  34. 34 : ymmarie Says:

    hello oppah,,,you know what im so in love wiyh you,,,u r so ahnsome and i like y the way u act,,i hope that someday i will hug u tight,,,hehehehehehehe,,,add me in my friendster,,,[email protected]

  35. 35 : ymmarie Says:

    love you kim rae won a.k.a dustin kim

  36. 36 : rosyrain Says:

    hi,i wanna say one thing
    i love u more than my life.
    “the sky is high
    the cloud is white
    my love is bright”
    good luck

  37. 37 : rosyrain Says:

    how are u?
    i am moe =rain from myanmar.i am university student.18 year old.
    the love story in the Harvard is so good. your action and our smile make me excitement . your love is so great,i think so the woman who is loved by you will be very lucky person all over the world.
    if i don’t have chance in life to meet u ,i will pray for the next life.
    my gmail is [email protected]
    i love u more than my life. i can do everything for u.
    i ever thinking about u,when u happy i happy,when u sad i sad.
    every night i send my love by the sky , cloud ,star , moon.u can feel very sweet love from the sky.the star will have smile, the moon will have full warming,the cloud will have kindness,the sky will have compete love .
    i love u forever.i miss u so much.
    good luck

  38. 38 : sya Says:


    u know….i luv ur film ‘luv story harvard’ very much…

    and u know i also luv u ……

    bye….i hope u success in what ever you do….

    i luv u….

  39. 39 : Sal Says:


    You are real gentlement in most of your series especially “Love Story in Harvard”. I keep on watching that series because of your passionate.

    You are very skillful and tallented Korean star.

    Keep it up and may God bless you.

  40. 40 : erin Says:

    aside from being handsome he is really an excellent actor!

  41. 41 : Larena Says:

    i love KRW……ur soo damn hot…i wanna grow old with you…hehehe…i love you the way you act…u r so handsome in what star did you come from……you rock mah world dude!!…keep on rockin it!!…..i am also ur avid fan here in philippines…..love you!muah…

  42. 42 : Larena Says:

    guys, is kim rae won married??????…

  43. 43 : rosy rain Says:

    i love u
    “sun and star are so different
    sky and sea are so far away
    you and i are so different and so far away”

    “sun and star are so different
    sun is so large and light
    star is so small and smile
    but they are lying in the same sky
    you and i are so different
    but we are lying in the same world
    sky and sea are so far away
    but they will meet at one point
    you and i are so far away
    but we will meet at one day”
    this is my dream and my hope

  44. 44 : libby Says:

    ur so handsome

  45. 45 : mack Says:

    kim rae won wo hen ai nie…ummmuah! jia yao….keep up d good work!

  46. 46 : rosy rain (prettylove) Says:

    how are u?
    u are so handsome ,smart .
    now i miss u so much.i can’t stop to keep myself from thinking of u.
    your image are influencing in my mind.
    your movies are so good.
    your actions make me excitement and drive me to mad.
    anyway,i love you.
    good luck

  47. 47 : anne Says:

    your so handsome and cute.you are one of my favorite actor in korea..aside from that i like your team up with jung rye won your both nice keep it up i also like your kdrama which star are you from? its very interesting..

  48. 48 : Cris Says:

    You are a great actor.

  49. 49 : austine Says:

    Hi! Rae Im one of ur fan here in the Philippines., I really like your series Love Story in Harvard & which star are u from? I want to know if you are married. Keep up the good work!!! take care & God Bless!!!!

  50. 50 : mayshoke Says:

    I like your action.
    i’m from myanmar.
    ur very handsome.
    ur free time send me mail.
    ur ever smile
    i wish every ur goodluck!

  51. 51 : carms Says:

    hi rae won,
    i love everything about you..as in everything!! you make me smile and you make me laugh. i’ve watched almost all your movies and dramas and my favorite is which star are you from ‘coz i also love ryu won.r you a couple in real life?i do really hope so. love you rae won and hope to see you in the philippines.

  52. 52 : princess77 Says:

    Before, i don’t have any plan going abroad..but now.. i really want to go to seoul, south korea just to see you..i a big fan of yours from now on.hope to see you in the philippines.
    more power and take care alwayz.
    i love you kim rae won

  53. 53 : rosyrain (prettylove89) Says:

    how are u?
    i am rain.i am university student.
    i miss u
    when i thinking about u i am very happy.
    but when i thinking that it is not easy to meet and see u i feel sad.
    anyway,i love u forever.
    i am your great fan
    i will try to meet u
    after i graduated i will come to korea.
    my dream will become true.i believe that.
    i love kim rae won

  54. 54 : okdiani Says:

    KIM RAE WON! are you Kim Tae Hee’s boyfriend’s???????

  55. 55 : hannah Says:

    an nyong haseyo oppa…… you know i like you the way you act in which stars are you from^_^anyhow im your biggest fan in philippines hope to see you soon^_^sarang hae

  56. 56 : Linna Says:

    I say ‘no thank you’ for having glued me to my tv….almost like falling in love in high school. You have matured handsomely over the years. God Bless Always.

  57. 57 : rose ann rulona Says:

    i like him! he is cute………..like to see him in personal!

  58. 58 : rose ann rulona Says:

    hi rae! i like your tv searies here in the philippines! i wish you will visit our country……….you’re so cute!

  59. 59 : rai flores Says:

    i like the series it is really cute!

  60. 60 : miracle joy Says:

    hi!!i really really like..i hope to see u in person..and thats my greatest dream..keep up the good work

  61. 61 : rosy rain (prettylove89) Says:

    kim rae won
    how are u?
    i miss u.
    i love u.
    “sun is so shine
    star is so smile
    love is so shine, smile,and sweet.”
    i love u more than my life.

  62. 62 : hyda Says:


    i really love ur new series hre in philippines

    which star u come from

    it really nIce

    tHumb’s UP!!

    good luck to ur career…

  63. 63 : kisses Says:

    wooooooooohhh….grabe nato!!!!gwapo mo tlaga!!!f u have friendster can u add me? [email protected]

  64. 64 : stupidMe Says:

    i first saw him in my Love Patzzi
    and through that drama i came to like him….
    he maybe not that handsome
    “BUT” there’s something in him that makes anyone fall^0^….

  65. 65 : pinaigurl4u Says:

    oppa.. anionghaseo…

    Kim Rae Won..
    you’re a a good-looking man and a very good actor..

    You’re the best..

    Sarang he…

  66. 66 : kristine Says:

    guys, for those hu love rae won. i know u feel wat i fell hai…..

  67. 67 : khristine Says:

    yuppie, Come here at philippines rae won.

  68. 68 : patyalap Says:

    hi! kim rae won, I really like you a lot.your so cute.really really cute.
    Super dooper grabe mega over talaga!!!!!!

  69. 69 : IDAR Says:

    Hi KRW,

    Keep up the great work! We love your movies & dramas a lots.


  70. 70 : IDAR Says:

    Which Star Are You From is a great series. I like KRW’s character in there. KJW also really cute, I hope I could see you both in person some days.

  71. 71 : M0v13 L0v3r Says:

    Agree!! I like Which Star Are You From too. Also, “Love Story in Harvard” is great. I’ve been searching for the DVDs for both series. It’s kindda hard to get one with English subtitle here….It would be better if I could understand Korean ey??

  72. 72 : M0v13 L0v3r Says:

    Hi Rae Won,

    I know you were filming “miracle” ealier this year and can’t wait to see that. But do you still have any movie or drama line up this year? I guess we really want to see you more and more =) Hope it’s not too greedy

  73. 73 : mae Says:

    hi, krw! you’re the best korean actor ever! i like your tv series which star are you from very much. you and jrw look so good together. i hope you will have another tv series soon.

  74. 74 : diane Says:

    i like his height…
    its gives points sa kanyang appeal to my standards….

  75. 75 : shey Says:

    I love your hair style in Which Star are you From Your so very cute there… I love Which star are you from.. Love u Kim Won.

  76. 76 : shey Says:

    hi Kim Rae Won can we be a chatmate pls……? [email protected]……

  77. 77 : arlyn Says:

    Hi! KRW….you are so handsome and i think you are a good person too. I really love your tv dram which star are you from? your team up with JRW is great, you look wonderful couple. i hope you two really in real partner in outside camera. I always watch your drama every night coz i always fall in love and cry hard… esp. when JRW and you meet again……more power! hope to see you two in the PHILS….ARLYN of Electromark

  78. 78 : bing Says:

    i dunno how to start this…. feels like i am teenager now…. i think i am falling inlove and carried away by your “which star are you from”, i dont watch tv, i swear but the story itself is nice but what makes me feel like young, inspired and inlove with you and fantasize with you, is your natural ways and looks, i like it a lot, hope i can change our 2008 vacation to your place, my goodness, i shouldnt do this!!!!!! i love you, i lknow it is impossible but i just put you in my life as an inspiration because this is not a fairytale story. God bless.

  79. 79 : bing Says:

    Hi Kim Won,
    this is called obsession….. it is midnight here, am still up, looking at your picture or maybe i have a bipolar symptoms hahahahahaha!!!!

  80. 80 : bing Says:

    …your fans are mostly filipinas!!! love you! kisses

  81. 81 : ronasna Says:

    You are the real actor, Love stories is Harvard it s so natural it doesnt look like u are acting. I hope its same in real life too.

  82. 82 : LIME Says:

    hei, i really love kim rae-won! so handsome…so cute…so tall!
    wish i could be your ‘GIRL’…


  83. 83 : LIME Says:

    be handsome everyday!!!

  84. 84 : LIME Says:

    rae won,..

    elow there baby…

    thinking of you everyday,..

    seeing your face every now and then…

    could this be love?..


    this should be love…

  85. 85 : LIME Says:

    kim rae-won?…

    know how many GIRLS loves you these days?

    can’t count ’em man!

    but you should count me!…


    “cause i’m the HOTTEST & the PRETTIEST…”



  86. 86 : zalat phyu Says:

    hello !
    I like you very much in Love Story in Harvard and Life is Beautiful.
    I found that you have a perfect action!
    keep your excellent action aza aza fighting! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  87. 87 : bing Says:

    hey my man, is there a chance that you can reply us back? we are just keep on dreamin’ every single minute hey! i really like your which star are you from…. drives me crazy, i should look for the love stories in harvard as well as life is beautiful, i think so… mwah my love

  88. 88 : Ahliyah Says:

    Oh… I really like SIG but I also like you especially in Love Story in Havard…you have this very cute smile that captivated my heart… Thanks for making us smile…

  89. 89 : butterfly Says:

    dear kim..

    i’m your great fan..
    congrats!! best acting in LOVE STORY IN HARVARD..
    hope u success now n 4ever..
    did you plan to come 2 Malaysia?
    i really hope so..
    ok..g’bye =)

  90. 90 : refraction Says:

    kim rae won..i really admire him.i believe that he is truly a good actor.he portrays his roles well.i adore his character in which star are you from…

  91. 91 : vine Says:

    kim rae,i love you so much, as you can see my sister bing writes you as well oh my oh my, love you my man

  92. 92 : vine Says:

    Hi to Lime, hello dear, we are the same, i really know the feelings, oh this is love, hay am so inlove with him!!!! can you please forward to me his official website? or any info about him? tnx.

    Vine ( “;”)

  93. 93 : sayeeda Says:

    Hey Kim Rae Won,
    I never thought I would like any koran movies or any sort of drama. And one day I was just looking at stuff in youtube, and love story in harvard came on in the side. For no reason I clicked on it, and after that I felt completely in love with you. I think your an absolutely amazing actor and extremely good-looking. Your smile is breathtaking..Your eyes light up a day..I think your everything any woman could ever dream about. That person you will marry will be very lucky.
    I hope everything in life goes well for you. Take care and be safe.
    Love Always

  94. 94 : paula marie Says:

    Kim Rae Won…..How are you? You’re so cute in the MBC “Which Star Are You From”.
    Hope you’ll have another project together with Jung Ryu Won

  95. 95 : Joyce Says:

    hi smile,
    i’m crazy in love with your smile rae won…i do love and enjoyed watching your movies especially which star are you from.hope to see you in the philippines…your the only korean-actor i truly love and admired.by the way you are very attractive in the way you choose your clothes…super fantastic!as alwayz take a bunch of care! I LOVE u KIM RAE WON mwaahh!!!

  96. 96 : vine Says:

    rae won, hoping there will be a part 2 of which star are you from, and you look good and better with your hair like that and the way you dress up….. trust me…. you look good at which star are you from….. mwah

  97. 97 : lala Says:

    hai re won,
    i like u in “love stories in harvard ‘ . this best acting. I hope you succes now n forever.
    God bless u.

  98. 98 : caryl Says:

    Hi KIM RAE WON, I like you in Which star are you from…i like the way u smile and even ur angry wd Jung Ryu won your partner in Which star…I hope i c you in personal, my dreams and my imagination…your my inspiration…hehehe…Hope you visit in here in our place PHILIPPINES wd Jung Ryu Won….I want to ask u somthing..are u in love wd jung ryu won? B’coz i like you both…hope u married soon..your so sweet to each other..God bless and Gud Luck in your career for both of you…mwahhh

  99. 99 : vine Says:

    rae won, love you, part 2 please, keep your hair like that at which star and the way you dress up. mwah

  100. 100 : karen Says:
  101. 101 : Leah Says:

    Annuyong haseyo , me haw ma. i like your movie which star did you come from i always watching her in the philippines. you no what you are handsome. I like you because you are very tall and good actor. I wish i can see you in person. i love you Kim Rae Won.

  102. 102 : vine Says:

    kim rae won, please send me your latest photo…. [email protected]

  103. 103 : rosy rain(prettylove89) Says:

    how are u ?
    i miss u.i love u.
    good luck ,opa

  104. 104 : emmy mallari Says:

    hope this popular korean actor and jung ryeo won can visit manila soon.

  105. 105 : danika Says:

    wahhhhh…. i supah love kim rae won!!!!
    he’s sow handsome… were good together…

  106. 106 : yan Says:

    well, i likehim so much.. i hope i can see him on personal….

    he’s handsome, i love you!

  107. 107 : SWEET Says:


    I like your movie LOVE STORY IN HARVARD , its very exited to me …you are very good and charming !! let me get yr photo ? pls send to me if possible.Wish u everythings ok on you!!!


  108. 108 : AWONSHANG Says:

    kim rae won i love u so much i ve got ur pic in my bed room i like u alt in love story in harvard.u r da 1st korean star to touch my heart.im `19 n im an indian .hope u recieved . my add Awonshang N LANGOL NEAR SHIJA HOSPITAL LANTHUNGCHING IMPHAL MANIPUR INDIA 795004 HOPE U SEND ME UR PICTURE THANK U N ALL DA BEST LOVE U LOVE U …………………LOVE U ALT SARANGYE OPPA BYE

  109. 109 : apple Says:

    always try the best

  110. 110 : MojaRooo Says:

    I love you Rae-Won!!!!!!!

  111. 111 : faridatul Says:

    i like u in my luv patzzi……………..
    so sweeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttttttttt

  112. 112 : YLH Says:

    hello, Kim

    do you reply your mail which from your audience?
    If so, may I know what r u doing now?
    and would like to know, if you have girlfriend, can you love and treat her like ” Love story in Harvard ” !!

  113. 113 : Jo Didal Says:

    Dear Rae Won,
    Anyong haseo! I am an avid fan from your neighboring country in Asia. I would like to tell you that you made an EXCELLENT performance in your TV miniseries “Love Story in Harvard” and for me it is the best romantic drama Korean TV has ever produced, which is close to reality. Are the producers not thinking of doing a “sequel” of that tv miniseries?
    Of course your performance in other dramas are also good, you are naturally talented actor. Keep up the good work and always keep your feet on the ground. Keep smiling, its one of your asset!

  114. 114 : marisaosb Says:

    Dear Rae Won,

    Don’t you know that you have a killer magic? You have an oozing personality and you know how to portray your role well. But why do you have always to portray a hot tempered personality? Is this really your real YOU? Good luck to your career and may you stay long in Korean entertainment.

  115. 115 : zoila Says:







  116. 116 : Pyeoung Sun Says:



  117. 117 : "Davaowenya 9/30" Says:

    Dear Rae Won,

    What is in you that we are so MAGNETIZED with you everytime you portray a role in a TV series or in a movie? I guess one, is the way you care for a woman you love. It looks so natural and effortless for you to play this role. I pray that this is true in real life, CARING for women in general. More power to your bloosoming career.

  118. 118 : Jojo-Philippines Says:



  119. 119 : Aileen Says:

    Hi everyone!!!Hi Kim Rae-Won!!I hope you’ll read my message!!I like you so much KRW!You’re the best korean actress who is the most beautiful AND HANDSOME!!Actually are you dating someone??This is just to make sure as my dream and my wish is to see you marrying Kim Tae-Hee!!!You and her are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo goood together!!I pray that my dream will ever come true!!!I love LSIH!!Actually this is the only movie i see from you and after watching it on dvd, i fall depply in love with the drama!!!Please keep friend with Kim Tae-Hee!!She is soooooooooo nice,cute,and has beautiful eyes like you!!!You should fall for her!!!I know there is something between KTH and KRW!!I know!!

    Please email me KRW :
    [email protected]
    I have not so much friend and I just want to be your friend..and maybe it’s impossible since you’re an actor..but please KRW!Please..I’ll make everything to please you!!

    This is my email address and if there are other fans of KTH and KRW,you can add me as your friend!!Thanks KTH and KRW!!!!!!

    Please email me Kim Rae-Won!!Please..if you can add me in your msn if you have you can..but it seem for you totally impossible..but i keep hope one day i can chat with you..since i will never meet you..i live very far from you and travelling is not part of my daily life.I live in Mauritius..it’s a small island in the Indian Ocean…Thanks a lot KRW!

  120. 120 : yel Says:

    hi kim rae won!!! i’ve been head over heels with you since i started watching your dramas… yoooooure so good in acting… hope we can be friends (hope your going to permit that, please). =) God bless in your carreer and hoping to see you in person when i visit korea!!

  121. 121 : khristine Says:

    do kim rae won can read our comments here??

  122. 122 : khristine Says:

    f someone know the answer pls. response immediate.. pls..

  123. 123 : marisa Says:



  124. 124 : Pyeoung Sun Says:

    Dear “Pretty Boy”,

    Smile a little smile for us, cause you light up my life!

  125. 125 : su Says:

    Hello! Kim Rae Won … How are you? I like you very much. I wants to know your E.mail but I can’t search any web site.How can I do.Anyway I like you .I hope you’re a good actor in your country.Most of the girls like you in my country.I’m from Myanmar(burma).

  126. 126 : Princess Dianne Reyes Says:

    HeLLo mR. kIm RaE wOn!

    ThaNk YoU foR MakInG ME fEeL tHE lOve Of thE cHArACTER diReCTOR cHUY oN wHiCh StaR aRe YoU fRoM!

    PRiNCEsS ReYes FrOm tHE BeAuTiFul COuNTRY Of Philippies

  127. 127 : tazz Says:

    i hope director choi,can read our comment here! i love his character in which star are you from?… from PHIL.

  128. 128 : loraine Says:

    hi mr. kim rae won!hope you’ll read all your fans’ posts here.. we love you so much here in the philippines. hope you’ll find time in visiting our country.

  129. 129 : stehanie m chan Says:

    helo bagay kao ni jung ryu won im 12 years old only

  130. 130 : stehanie m chan Says:

    hel mr.kim rae won im stephanie im 12 years old im happy to watch again the which star are u from

  131. 131 : citadelle Says:

    kim rae won is one of the best korean actor!!! He is superb in acting. my favorite tvdrama of Him: What is your star?, Love Story in Harvard, and Attic Cat. He’s ooooozing with sex appeal!!!! love you Rae Won…. Hope to see you in person.

  132. 132 : Ei Says:

    Dear Kim,

    Anyway keep try on.

  133. 133 : Mine Says:

    Dear Won,

    Do ur best!

  134. 134 : jinkee Says:

    HI KIM

  135. 135 : Tere Says:

    hi kim,

    You’re such a good actor!especially in Which star? I wish that you do more movie with Jung! So GREAT! Please visit us in the philippines.
    Can’t wait to see you with Jung ofcourse!

    Luv ya!

  136. 136 : Tere Says:

    Hello kim,

    Please send me your latest picture with Jung Ryu Won! You have both “SEX APPEAL” guys! over!!!! My email add [email protected]

  137. 137 : michelle Says:

    hi..i love your korean novela with jung ryu won..you really look good together..the show was very romantic and the story was really good..your so cute and angeline..hehehehe..when i watched your your episode,its makes my day complete..i hope you have more korean novela with jung ryu won..

  138. 138 : Empy Says:

    I like your serial love story at harvard and my little bride i cried so much in love story at harvard you are very match with ya role.sarang gaeo

  139. 139 : kristel Says:

    hi there kim rae won!!!
    i really love your shows especially w/c star are you from???
    you and jung ryo-won look good together!!!
    hope to see more of your shows!!!!
    Take carE!!^^,)

  140. 140 : tina Says:

    hi kim rae wom .im from India. i really luv ur acting u r very handsome keep it up ur work.lastly plz sen me ur latest photograph it will be ever thankful to u if u sen me.
    takecare bye

  141. 141 : tina Says:

    hi kim rae wom .im from India. i really luv ur acting u r very handsome keep it up ur work.lastly plz sen me ur latest photograph it will be ever thankful to u if u sen me.
    takecare bye
    my email ID: [email protected]

  142. 142 : .x.ica.x. Says:

    i am sooooo in love with kim rae won right now..

    i dont know why..

    but their is something about him that i just cant resist..

    omg…. he’s so hot.. cute and gorgeous…

    i hope i can find someone like him here in the philippines…


    hoping for a new series and movie from him soon..

    i love you kim rae won!!……(‘x’) mwaaaaahhh..

  143. 143 : angie_jeremY Says:

    hi there!!!! u know what??? i really miss d sweetness between u and kim rae!!! i super_doopre like you!!! keep up the good woRK!!!!

  144. 144 : Joy Says:

    KIM RAE WON…….you’re one irresistable guy! Love you in Which Star Are You From, Love Story in Harvard and Attic Cat. You’ve got that killer smile that any woman would die for. You’re just one Fantastic guy.

  145. 145 : joanne Says:

    Hello Kim Rae Won, u know ur so handsome.. I really love your movies..especially “Love Story in Harvard”.. When i started watching it, I couldn’t stop.. I just wanna sit back and watch all day..hey tell me if u have a new movie coming up… u know i’m 2 yrs. younger than u. How do u do it.. i mean, u have a lot of experience in acting in front of a camera.. ohhh, it’s too great to see u in action..and u know, whenever i see ur shows, i can’t stop my eyes to blink..lol..well, i hope i’ll see u next time in ur latest release..pls, if u have a myspace profile, check me out cuz i want to be your friend..my myspace name is Mizz Ramon..

  146. 146 : Thet, Freddie Says:

    Dear Kim, I watched your 2 series in Myanmar, Where are u from and Love story in Harvard. I like your acting, not your face. Don’t wear too much tight jean pants and don’t shout too much by forcing.
    This is my suggestion. Please speak korean language alit bit clearly. So many confusing to listening your korean words. bcos I am a beginner.

    Freddie, Thet (Myanmar)

  147. 147 : kisses Says:

    hello kim rae won,
    congrats!!…in your serries which star are u from, cause we like so much, i hope u to visit here in the phillipines.

  148. 148 : chl0e Says:

    he’s so hot…
    he’s a hunk…
    i love him…..??!!!!

  149. 149 : Janelle Says:

    Dear Kim Rae Won. you’re a great actor. I’ve watched Love Story in Harvard, Sunflower and Which star are you from and I really love your acting….added that you’re so handsome… with oozing sex appeal… that any women would long for…. hope to see more films from you,.,,,,

  150. 150 : melissa Says:

    hello.. i hope you speak english? i plan to study korean laguage very soon.. amm oh can i ask you something about a noodle in korea the brown one it really looks good i wonder what you call that? i really love eating even if im thin :p

    korea is my favorite country im from philippines, i plan to visit their in the near future


  151. 151 : RiIsAh Says:

    HYE KIM..
    IM RIISAH FROM bRUNEI,i like all your movie!!hehe…i wish i can see you now in Brunei…well,do u have email(msn)??if u have can you add me??plz….my email address is [email protected],hehee,i have many questions to ask,hehe…
    actually,i have a problem here…its about my frens….they dont treat me like the old one,they treat me like their enemy n they dont even smile at me…i wanted to have closest frens..i wanted u to be my closest frens…hehee,i want to meet u but i know u r buzy now…but its okey….i’ll wait!!hehee..
    actually i like u very much!!!!because u r handsome,good actor and more…..!!!!!!!!!!i hope u will come here in Brunei…n add me(msn)now!!because i want to talk to you…haha..
    thanx bYe n………………………………………………..gOod LuCk!!!!

  152. 152 : Pyeoung Sun Says:

    Dear Rae Won,

    Can you post in the internet your latest activities, please. We are so hot to hear anything from you. Good luck

  153. 153 : marisa (Phil.) Says:



  154. 154 : "Dabawenya 9/30" Says:

    Dear Kim Rae Won,

    How I wish we could always hear from you in TV or in the Internet. I really miss you now that your TV miniseries in ABS-CBN is done. When is your next project. Keep going please. . .

  155. 155 : Jojo Says:



  156. 156 : marisaosb Says:



  157. 157 : "Sal Sunyanim" Says:

    Dear Rae Won,

    Anyong haseo! Praying that you will have more projects to come, that is, TV miniseries, movies, commercials & public appearances and may you have the good health to sustain your active life. Keep going, keep smiling and most of all keep thanking God for all the blessings!

  158. 158 : mabel Says:

    hi! kim rae won your so handome! can you post your account so that i can add you.?

  159. 159 : mUIzZaH Says:

    HyE Kim…..
    YoU kNow Wat,YoU ArE So hAnDsOme!!!!!!aNd CuTe aCtUaLlY…..HeHeE=p…I hOpE yOu ComE HerE In BruNeI…BeCaUsE mY FwEn WanT To SeE You….I gUeSs YoU AlReAdY ReAd HeR mSg….BuT YoU KnOw WhAt …ShE AlWaYs WaTcHeD YoUr MovIeHeHeE….BtW,CaN YoU AdD Me As YoUr FwEn??=)
    PlZ…My EmAiL aDdReSs Is–>[email protected]
    HoPe YoU vIsT HeRe In BrUnEi….My FwEn WoUlD HaPpY To SeE YoU….HaHaA..=)
    i ReAlLy WaNt To SeE YoU..HeHee=)……
    ThAtS AlL!!ThAnX..n GuD LuCk 4 AlL…
    hOpE YoU ReAd mY mSg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mWaH!!!!oH gOsH, iM BlUsHiNg RiGhT NoW…………..:$

  160. 160 : mUIzZaH Says:

    HyE Kim…..
    YoU kNow Wat,YoU ArE So hAnDsOme!!!!!!aNd CuTe aCtUaLlY…..HeHeE=p…I hOpE yOu ComE HerE In BruNeI…BeCaUsE mY FwEn WanT To SeE You….I gUeSs YoU AlReAdY ReAd HeR mSg….BuT YoU KnOw WhAt …ShE AlWaYs WaTcHeD YoUr MovIeHeHeE….BtW,CaN YoU AdD Me As YoUr FwEn??=)
    PlZ…My EmAiL aDdReSs Is [email protected]
    HoPe YoU vIsT HeRe In BrUnEi….My FwEn WoUlD HaPpY To SeE YoU….HaHaA..=)
    i ReAlLy WaNt To SeE YoU..HeHee=)……
    ThAtS AlL!!ThAnX..n GuD LuCk 4 AlL…
    hOpE YoU ReAd mY mSg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mWaH!!!!oH gOsH, iM BlUsHiNg RiGhT NoW…………..:$

  161. 161 : lilet OMAMALIN Says:

    HeLow director JEREMY CHOI… how r u my Kuya? hope ur just OK… iLOVE UR tleserye WHICH STAR ARE YOU FROM?.. 2geder w/ JUNG-RYU-WON… or u luv name (ANING)… I MISS tlga d 2 of u… hope mging KAU tlga ang pra sa isat-isa n a REAL LYF… im So SAD tlga when d tlsrye was ended on last AUG.2…. i Hop mkkasma q kaung dlawa… I hope mgkkaroon kau ulit ng tlsrye ni aning…. GUDLUCK D 2 OF YOU… n ur Own CARRER….MORE POWER THE TWO OF YOU…. GOD BLESS Sa n.ung DLWA…

  162. 162 : sweety rose Says:

    Hello Kim Rae Won………Are you happy now? I think you have a wonderful life.I like you so much.I never forget your smiling face.I always watch your movies.(What planet are you from?)That movie is my favorite one.

  163. 163 : "Sal Sunyanim" Says:



  164. 164 : marisa (Phil.) Says:



  165. 165 : Pyeoung Sun Says:

    Dear Rae Won,

    I wonder what the handsome actor of Korea is busying right now? Please take good care of your health and take time to sleep so that you will not have pimples on your beautiful face. I miss you so much.

  166. 166 : Leiz (Phils) Says:

    hi kim rae i really like you. you are one of the great actors in korea ive admire most. my mother and i used to watch you all the time after we go home from work. my mom really idolized you a lot. when it comes to your teleseries i already watched love story in harvard which i love the most, also with the which planet are you from, attic cat, say you love me etc. oh my, i love watching your face on the screen. you are young and compassionate & romantic, i can feel that. keep up the good work. please include me as your fans here in the phils. i wish my dream will come true to visit korea to see you. Good to hear from you…

  167. 167 : Nick (Phil) Says:

    it was very touching when he flew from thailand after his fan meeting there, straight to the funeral of JUNG DA BIN…. he doesn’t even think of taking a rest for a while…

  168. 168 : whea Says:

    kim rae won I lUV U…………………………..!

  169. 169 : eva Says:

    gosh kim rea won has so many fans all over , i wonder if he can read all that is written , honestly i have watched only 3 dramas of his , that being love patzi , – i hated his hair and the color . which star – his hair was awesome , i loved every inch of it , then i saw lve story in harvard and i nearly died . gosh he was irresistible , just watching the lead actors made me smile , i think this series had the most beleivable romantic scenes , jezz i hate the fact wen the woman stands like a cold turkey hands down , closes her eyes and lips touch lips , so stupid , love portrayed shud be intense , beleivable and it shud make us love the feeling of falling in love , i hated the kissing scene in full house , was that even a kiss ? i loved LSIH not becoz he is good looking , with out even stating it out he is one of the best looking guys in the industry , i still think jerry yan comes first no offence thou but he is undoubtly a very good looking , smart , smell nice and clean kind of a man . just wish to see more of u, his acting is again tops and yeah he can surely make kisses look so real – see which star , i wish u all the luck in the world , and not to worry u have loads of fans , including me …. cheers … peace out !

  170. 170 : Jojo Says:


  171. 171 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    Someone PLEASE change this picture!!! The picure does not do him justice!

    Saw moie “Sunflower”, WOW, very powerful. Kim Rae Won is of course great! Really looking forward to Gourmet!

  172. 172 : raikushe Says:

    Hi i love you such i wlling to stay korea for you.And i willing to sacrifice everything for you i want to see you.Kindly try to visit Philppines next year hopefully.Thanks god i found you.mwahhh

  173. 173 : renato Says:

    [email protected]

    just invite me in your friendster…thankz

  174. 174 : yasmin Uy Says:

    hi jeremy thats your name here in the Philippines in which star are you from. i really want to see you face not just in tv but in person but its too expensive to go there in Korea hope you can go here in the Philippines. or maybe you can send me a plane ticket so that i can go there in korea hehehejust joking…. wish i could see you some day bye bye…..

  175. 175 : zell Says:

    Kim Rae won,your such a handsome and a good actor as well,,i loved to watched your drama series and your movies.. Saranghalgge..

  176. 176 : Jojo Says:

    Anyong Rae Won,
    I really miss you. How I wish I could see you personally and witness that magnetic smile of yours. Keep up

  177. 177 : Pyeoung Sun Says:

    Hello my favorite actor in Korea, Kim Rae Won!
    I am just curious who you date with. I guess it is just okey with us your fans that you go out with some beautiful girls in Korea. You are a public property so please let us know your kind of girl aside from being beautiful. Keep smiling

  178. 178 : Dabawenya 9/30 Says:


  179. 179 : daisy Says:

    Hi Kim,

    I’s been a long time wanted to say hello to you. I’m from Malaysia and just to let you know something that you really good in act and i like your charactor in every drama you act. Keep up the good work and hope to see you in Malaysia…..

    *kiss kiss*

  180. 180 : yeekoe Says:

    Hello, Mr. Kim
    Are you single or married?I hope you will be successfull in the future than now.

  181. 181 : phey Says:

    hi kim rae won,

    you are so irresistable,

    you are my top model for a mission impossible dream…

    you are simply one of a kind….

    and to sum it all… you just simply made me crazy…

    I LOVE YOU….

    i can say you are really someone who i can’t live without…

    so pls come and visit me and all of us here in the Philippines who admire you so much…

    i’ll be here waiting for you…..

  182. 182 : kim827 Says:

    hello kim rae won.. you’re so handsome.. i hope you’re not married,..love you..

  183. 183 : bbyron Says:

    Kim rae Won
    I wonder if you have a current pictures, I tried to go surfing in the internet can’t find one..plz update your gallery I know your a great and handsome actor in korea. I pray that God will guide and protect you from all the pressures of the entertainment world. Non stop watching your movies and drama over and over with a sunny SmiLe!your face of my head…pls make more movies and drama with all beautiful korean actress yoon eun hye, lee da hae, song hye-kyo, Eugene and han ga in.

  184. 184 : the` the` Says:

    i am ur audience from myanmar.i like ur tv series.
    i wish u will be hollywood best actor
    bye bye.

  185. 185 : gemini25 Says:

    Hi Kim Rae Won,

    I love the series of Love story in Harvard. Smart lawyer and great lover and also you stand up in what you believed in and never give up. The series is cool and you did a great job in acting and also your partner.

    I will be watching more of your tv series like What star did you come from. I believe it is good too. Keep up the good work.


  186. 186 : yuri Says:

    i love u in the drama a love story in harvard and ur so funny in attic cat also my little bride, keep up ur good acting

  187. 187 : Hunnibie Says:

    Dear Mr. Kim Raewon,
    I have watched a lot of Korean Dramas, every time i would finish a story , i would end up liking all the actors. But you are ones of the ones i never stopped liking, i actually bought Love Story in Harvard and still keep on waiting for a new drama of yours. I really like your acting. esp in Harvard… your English speaking is fine actually. You have this extra something that your fans like from you. Hope you are good when it comes to treating your fans,,, not a snubbish type. People will like you more if you are smiling all the time.

    I am a Filipino, working in dubai. I am a certified Korean Drama fanatic. Please give us more good drams.

  188. 188 : Moe Moe Says:


    I am dying to watch your new movies. But, I could not find in our country. I am so upset darling. Hope to watch your all movies. Wish you all the best in your carrier. Love you.

    Moe Moe

  189. 189 : Dianne Bergonia Says:

    Hi Mr. Kim RAe won! you are so handsome.. i love you!!!! i like you very much.. im from the philippines……..

  190. 190 : lovely Says:

    hi…your so cute…..i really like your movie…..cwn i know whats your next movie?

  191. 191 : nayah Says:

    hello cutiecute,,,how are you? good luck! good actor.

  192. 192 : chatinnah goncabue Says:

    elow!!!!!!KIM RAE WON ur so cute!!!i hope u can MINE someday!!!well,,,how i wish…ur so yummilicious!!!…hehehe,i missed ur movie>>.huhuhu i can’t wait 4 ur nxt movie!!!i love yahh!!mwah!!!!!!!!

  193. 193 : chatinnah goncabue Says:

    elow!!!!!!KIM RAE WON ur so cute!!!i hope u can MINE someday!!!well,,,how i wish…ur so yummilicious!!!…hehehe,i missed ur movie>>.huhuhu i can’t wait 4 ur nxt movie!!!i love yahh!!mwah!!!!!!!!
    i saw ur pics on internet..ur soooo hotttt!!!

  194. 194 : mierdo Says:

    ure the hottest on earth n…the biz industry…stay cool,sarangheyo…

  195. 195 : "Sal Sunyanim" Says:

    Anyong Rae won,

    I am happy for you that projects kept coming to you whether in the movies, TV, commercials, personal appearances and etc. This just proved that you have the talents to be a Korean actor per se. I just want to remind you to keep your feet on the ground and do not let popularity get too much on your head. You have a long way to go in Korean entertainment world and you will be supported by your fans in Korea and from other countries like mine. Keep smiling, you look good and irresistible with it.

  196. 196 : Pyeoung Sun Says:

    Dear Kim Rae Won,

    You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes out of you. You’d be like heaven to touch, I wanna hold you so much! What else is there to say? YOU’RE MY KIND OF MAN!

  197. 197 : marisa (Phil.) Says:

    Dear Rae Won,

    I just want you to know that I am a certified Kim Rae Won addict fan. I spent time surfing the internet just to watch your past TV series and movies with English subtitles. I bought a DVD copy of your Love Story in Harvard and have watched it for the __th time and still watching it sometimes. You are a certified DRAMATIC ACTOR! Congratulations!

  198. 198 : apple joyce Says:

    1 of mY fAvorite acTor in koRea.. i loVe wHich sTAr r u from..

  199. 199 : alextech Says:

    I absolutely love your smile. You are a great actor. Never stop making korean drama…Hope you’ll have time to visit the Philippines 1 day.

  200. 200 : jaya Says:

    saranghe yo kim rae won!!! very much!! forever!!

  201. 201 : abel Says:

    the first time i saw kim rae won on tv..i’ve already fallen in love with his acting..he’s really good. he played with his character and i love him so much when he make some funny things on tv..i really enjoy watching him..i hope he can visit our country Philippines bec. he has a lots of Filipino fans..!!!!
    way to go!!!

  202. 202 : nim Says:

    hi, Kim rea won.
    YOU are superb. I really like the way you act. SARANGHEYO.
    keep it up. Waiting for your next drama.

  203. 203 : May Mee Htun Says:

    Kim Rae Won

  204. 204 : May Mee Htun Says:

    Are you single?

  205. 205 : jojo Says:

    Anyong Kim Rae Won!
    I miss you so much . . . . .when can I see you in the tube again?

  206. 206 : Dabawenya9/30 Says:

    My dear Rae Won,
    Anyong haseo! I am really addicted to your being paired with Kim Tae Hee and have been looking forward to see you both in a movie or in a TV series. I hope this is possible in a very near future, if given a chance to be paired again. All of your leading ladies are beautiful but for me Kim Tae Hee is the best, be it physically or in acting. Keep smiling. . .

  207. 207 : sirapa Says:

    i’m ur crazy fan…. i fell 4 u when i saw u on tv drama ‘my fiesty gal’ (my luv patzi). ur movie ‘my little bride’ is soooooooooooo gud. hope 2 c in tv drama as well.
    nepal is becoming crazy abt korean movies.

    miss u….
    take care…

  208. 208 : joanna Says:

    hello kim rae won,
    i love you so much i like you…

  209. 209 : Jan_Singapore Says:

    Please come to Singapore……
    Wow you looked so mature now. Keep it up

  210. 210 : lou sombria querido Says:

    your such a good actor. we love you. Which star are you from the best for us. I’m hoping to hear from you soon. We love you here in Philippines. Keep up good works and more power to you.

  211. 211 : roslyn grace Says:

    anyong hesayo!i like the story which star are you from, chongmal! it inspires my life.
    i also like kim rae won, he’s so handsome!i want to have a boyfriend like him..hehehe
    yepuda jung ryu won!!
    kim rae won sarangheyo!

  212. 212 : Jojo Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS RAE-WON for being an appointee of UNICEF card patron for children! I guess you are the right person for this even though you are not a “father” yet. Good luck to all your projects!

  213. 213 : marlou Says:

    Aside for being a actor what will be you ambition?Or ur job aside as actor? Pls continue to inspire others especially the youth mostly ur fan. be a role and good model to them. take care your self. And try to visit our country.
    From: Marlou
    Davao City, Philippines

  214. 214 : atah_san Says:

    u’re cute. i like ur acting in which star are u from
    and the actress too.
    the story is quite interesting too.
    keep up the good work!

  215. 215 : emerald nectar Says:

    Hi, mr. Kim Rae Won,
    I like you & your movies & your manner.
    I ‘m from myanmar. May you be happy & healthy forever.
    If you become ill, I will treat you free of charge, just remember me, ok!
    I’ll be waiting for your movies & victory.

  216. 216 : annie Says:

    i never swoon to anyman except my husband…… i like it when you run. you’re drop dead gorgeous and delicously hot….. am wondering if somedayi could meet you. I am so silly…. am acting like a teen-ager. Even at work, i stop and drool over my memories of you running…. i like like it when you run….

  217. 217 : sele Says:

    hi to all Filipino fans of KRW! If u love him n my love patzzi, attic cat, love story in harvard and w/c star r u from, dont miss his movie w/ moon geung ‘My little bride.’ Ul definitely love him more hehe
    pls pls pls watch it im telling u u would surely want the ost to be included in ur fave songs

  218. 218 : marisa (Phil.) Says:

    Hello, Rae Won

    Anyong! Can you tell us more about yourself aside from liking beautiful girls. Say, about your family and sibling. What are they doing? Kamsa hamneda! Good luck always.

  219. 219 : jennythu Says:

    If i born baby i wish,nearly same your’s face.

  220. 220 : jennythu Says:

    Hi ,
    Rae won,how are you?

  221. 221 : jennythu Says:

    Hi, rae won

    Hi,rae won
    I,am from myanmar, but now i stay in malaysia.Congratulations for unicef ambassador. I like your’s all movies and Tv series, you are only one favorite actor. if you free reply my mail, thanks.

  222. 222 : emerald nectar Says:

    Hi, Mr. Kim Rae Won,
    I’m emerald nectar from myanmar. I like ur TV series “love story in harvard” & “what star did you come from”. You are the only one actor of korea I like. If you are free, I invite you to visit my country please.
    If you are not proud, please send mail to me,ok! ([email protected]). I’ll be waiting your mail every day, watching your movies. I’m 1983 born, so I’m 2 years younger than you.
    well, thanks for everything if you read this letter.
    your audient,
    emerald nectar

  223. 223 : jennythu Says:

    HI, rae won
    how are you? i 3 years older than you, so you are look like my brother, here only everyday can use internet. please reply my mail. may i hope one day, take care you self. thanks.

  224. 224 : jennythu Says:

    Hi,rae won
    how are you? everyday you read all mail or not? please come to visit malaysia, i want to see you. thanks.

  225. 225 : jennythu Says:

    Hi, rae won
    how are you? i want to listen about your news.
    I hope u continues to rise in his life, thanks you.

  226. 226 : jennythu Says:

    I miss you so much.

  227. 227 : [email protected] Says:

    i don’t know where I can watch the FULL MOVIE OF “…ING” because my cd keeps skipping whenever I play the 2nd part… grrrr…..

    “..ING” is Rae-won’s 2003 movie together with LIM SOO JUNG (I’m a Cyborg,that’s ok & Sad Movie) it’s cute actually but MY LITTLE BRIDE is the most BRILLIANT movie I ever seen from his performances…(^_^)

  228. 228 : jennythu Says:

    Hi, rae won
    how are you?
    I hope you fine. thanks.

  229. 229 : jennythu Says:

    Hi, rae won
    How are you?
    now very tired or not?
    I want to see you.

  230. 230 : [email protected] Says:

    hi i’m annie from philippines someday i want meet you from philippines your handsome buy the way you go to my friendster so cute….

  231. 231 : aieza Says:

    Hi,rae won.How are you?Please come to Malaysia if you are free.My birthday is same with you,but not to same.My birthday is 21.March but you is 19.March.I hope we can celebrate birthday in same day.(If you can come to Malaysia in Pahang).And can I know what is your mail,hobbies,favourate colours,how many language can you speak and how old are you?

  232. 232 : aieza Says:

    Hi rae won. how are you?you have a style to be a professional actor.
    can i be your friend please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.you are so cute and handsome.

    I LOVE YOU………………..(I was crazy now)

  233. 233 : singaporejan Says:

    Oh no you’re going to be “soldier” a member of army? Hmmm, then we’ve to wait for you 2 to 3 years. It is? oh no soooo long. we’ll wait for you…..and sure sure very miss u. Anyway Take Good Care.
    Singapore Fanssssss

  234. 234 : Regina Says:

    Good actor, cute and funny. I have enjoy watching Attic Cat and Love Story in Harvard. However ,” Love story in Harvard” the english speaking
    have room for improvements. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  235. 235 : aieza Says:

    Hi,rae won.I’m so happy can send the mail to you.How are you?You are the best actor in my life.Did you read my mail yesterday?Now you tired or not?You are so handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [email protected]
    TAKE CARE YOUR SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  236. 236 : Noraima Bagundang Says:

    Hi…………. ur so handsome……….. I’m only 15 yrs. old, but ur my crush………. Je!Je!Je!

  237. 237 : aieza Says:

    Hi.rae won.How are you?Can I be your friends?Where are you now?You are so cute…………….Your smiling was so sweet.

    [email protected]
    KEEP SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  238. 238 : aieza Says:

    hi,rae won.how are you?

  239. 239 : michi vartan Says:

    hi rae won, i really like your face and how you make emotions out of your cute eyes. i hope to meet you one day if God permits. why do handsome people like you stuck only in one city which is Seoul? hahahah… korean actors have cute features and i like it… especially you… looking forward for more movies and dramas…. a thumbs up for your achievements!

  240. 240 : Jenny"? Says:

    hi, !!! first time to comment here,, I love the way you act, you have something that some actors don’t have, your such a versatile actor, hope we can be friends. though I’m not seeing you personally, here is my email add [email protected] pls reply.

  241. 241 : cy Says:

    best actor!

  242. 242 : Jo anne Says:

    Hi! I’m just one of you’re millions of fans around the world! You’re such a great actor especially your role in which star are from! I am a very much fanatic in that soap opera, i bought a dvd of it & watch it everyday before i went to sleep..im jo anne of the philippines

  243. 243 : dori Says:

    I Love You.

  244. 244 : jennythu Says:

    Hi, rae won
    Merry christmas you& yours family.

  245. 245 : jennythu Says:

    Hi, rae won
    marry christmas to you.

  246. 246 : jennythu Says:

    Hi, how are you?

  247. 247 : jennythu Says:

    hi,rae won
    Happy new year and merry christmas to you.

  248. 248 : jennythu Says:

    Rae won,
    please one time reply my mail,[email protected],com.

  249. 249 : MARY GINA Says:

    hello, kim rae- won i am one of your million fan all over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
    did you know that my mom is really like you because your such a really good actor!!!…thats why she like you. IM ALSO LIKE YOU BECAUSE I’VE BEEN ,. ALREADY WATCHED YOUR TV SHOW

    PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!



    I KNOW THAT I’M TOO YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!……….

  250. 250 : jennythu Says:

    Hi, rae won
    Today really you so happy, i wish you very very happy, i am no christan but i also happy in christmas day .my religion is buddhist. iwant ,next life may i meet.

  251. 251 : michelle imnida Says:

    anneoyong haseoyo oppa.otteyo?..dont you know that because of you I started be the addict fanatic of korean series since i started to watched love story in harvard?my first korean series i watched.your so awesome and inspiring series i ever watched.by then i started collecting kseries now..ans im ur one of ur avid fun..hope to see you in person..
    komawo oppa..SARANGHE..muahhhh

    michelle imnida

  252. 252 : michelle imnida Says:

    anneoyong oppa..when can we watched ur new series GOURMET?I am really looking forward to watched it..Can’t wait to watch it now..coz dont you know that i’ve almost saw all your series?as well as ur movies?like love story in harvard, which star are you from?, say you love me,attic cat, love pazzi,ING,my little bride,mr socrates,and many more to come..hehehe

    chokayo oppa..

    michelle imnida

  253. 253 : michelle imnida Says:

    OPPPPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAA! na nun chongmal chowa!..saranghaeyo!!!

    chongmal pugopshita!


  254. 254 : jennythu Says:

    Hi, rae won
    merry christmas .

  255. 255 : jennythu Says:

    Hi, morning
    last night alot of drink?
    very happy?
    happy with who ………
    i so jealous.

  256. 256 : jennythu Says:

    may i know your mail address?

  257. 257 : aieza Says:

    hi,rae won.how are you?did you smile everyday?you are so sweet.bye…..

  258. 258 : AIEZA Says:

    hi,rae won?can i Know your mail ,please……………………

  259. 259 : jennythu Says:

    Hi, rae won
    I going to crazy because of you.

    I going to crazy because of you.
    what r u doing?

  260. 260 : aieza Says:

    Hi,rae won.How are you?Why you dont reply my mail?are you busy now?Dont worry,if you busy i dont want to bother you.BYE!

  261. 261 : jennythu Says:

    hi,rae won
    i cannot sleep because of you.

  262. 262 : jennythu Says:

    Hi,rae won
    happy new year,u & yours famaily.

  263. 263 : Ei Phyu Khaing Says:


    You’re the best actor all over the world.
    I like you very much and I want a big brother like you.
    Yours acting in Love story in Harvard is GREAT.
    You’re real professinal.
    And I think you’re very romantic and funny.
    The person with you will be happy and lucky.

    Ei Phyu Khaing

  264. 264 : jennythu Says:

    Hi, rae won
    Happy happy new year to you.

  265. 265 : jennythu Says:

    hi,rae won
    happy new year.

  266. 266 : cheryl Says:

    hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m still a virgin>>>>>>>>>>>>

  267. 267 : jennythu Says:

    hi where are u?

  268. 268 : norie g ramos Says:

    hi….gudluck to yur career and take care…

  269. 269 : KiKu Says:

    hello …. Kim Rae Won …. hmmmm

    definitely one of the actors in South korea …

    if one day i can be another person

    i want to be like him …. bec i idol him …

    also anyone knew where can i watch his koreandrama “Life is Beautiful”

    i saw the preview and it is good …

  270. 270 : leizel Says:

    i am ur avid fan here in the Philippines. I already watched your tv series like love story in harvard, say you love me, attic, my love patzzi etc.. i am looking for the copy of LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, i haven’t found one here. please email me back thank you. Gud luck to your career!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  271. 271 : loraine Says:

    i miss u!!

    i miss ur koreandrama here in phils.

    i really admire u!!

    u know that??

    i love you so much!!!



  272. 272 : guchik Says:

    can’t wait 2 c him in gourmet.

  273. 273 : chit chit Says:

    kim rae won is the best actor.I want to see you are films, but don`t have in my country.I like you .

  274. 274 : chit chit Says:

    I & our friend love you so much!!! (myanmar)

  275. 275 : jennythuthu Says:


  276. 276 : min min Says:

    don’t make my heart stop.

  277. 277 : jennythuthu Says:

    hi, i miss u so much

  278. 278 : davood_mirzaie Says:

    hello i am see dae jang geum very very good film.by

  279. 279 : kenri Says:

    I am from India…I watched “my love patzzi” and have your cd “love story in harvard” which I haven’t seen yet…I found your dialouge delivery, intonation, voice and even acting some what similar to Rain/Jung Ji Hoon(another of my favourite) though many fans might disagree….I love you never the less…you are adorable and acts well…all the best~

  280. 280 : Roxanne1119 Says:

    Hi Rae Won,
    Anyong hashimnikka. Chunon Roxanne rahgo hamnida. Choum pepkaysumnida. Chonun hangukmalul mot hamnida but I am trying. Kamsahamnida Rae Won, I love all your dramas and your movies. Congratulations on being your own boss. God Bless your new company, Bless Entertainment and God Bless you for being a nice and humble person, not to mention handsome, versatile and charismatic. I am pretty and talented, can I be one of your talents??? Just kidding!!!

    Seumail Kim Rae Won. Saranghaeyo!


  281. 281 : jennythuthu Says:

    hi, rae won
    today i read korea times new paper ,male hottest stars this year enter to military, include u, so i don`t know how to say my feeling, congratula tion or sad or i feel like that. i worry about u. 2 years is so long ,between 2 years cannot see u.

  282. 282 : jennythuthu Says:

    hi ,everyday i miss u.

  283. 283 : mannette Says:

    i love you very much KIM RAE WON! you are really a great actor!!! hope you can visit the philippines and do a movie here just like Ken Chu of F4!

  284. 284 : AureoleGurlz Says:

    hye rea won..i like u too much hope u alwaz in good situation..
    how ur career now?

  285. 285 : mikah mae e jesus Says:


    I like you so much!

    ay! but not that much pala!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love all of your moveis specially! my little bride you are so pervert their

    I wish your not like that!!!!!!!

  286. 286 : diela Says:

    Anyong hashimnikka.i am from malaysia..just col me dila..actually i already watched your tv series like my luv pattzi,love story in harvard and which star are you from make i start admire yours acting.i dont know how to describe my feeling after watched “which star are you from”.yours acting in that drama is very great…erm..i know that you think i like same anothers your fans like certain a girls fall in love with you but not me.honestly i just admire yours acting and wanna be your friends.can u do that?if yes i hope you can give your email address..thats all.best of luck for your career…

  287. 287 : jennythuthu Says:

    i miss u, why your`s new so quiet.

  288. 288 : jennythuthu Says:

    hi,rae won
    u receive so many flower,u give to who?

  289. 289 : Moe Says:

    L like u movie which star did you come from I always watching her in the Myanmar.You know? You country veary beautiful.I very like.I love you Kim Rae Wom

  290. 290 : Moe Says:

    How are u? U happy valentine’s Day? U always happy.

  291. 291 : yol Says:

    I really amaze your acting ability your so talented i like you so much hope to see you more movies & tv series….

  292. 292 : jennythuthu Says:


  293. 293 : moe Lay Says:

    Kim Rae Wom
    I Love u very much.valentine day from kogyi happy?Kogyi always happy. I Myanmar country Kogyi very Love.Myanmar country Kogyi come I invited.

  294. 294 : she2x Says:

    goodlooking guy..i like u..good job!keep it up..mwaaahh

  295. 295 : rose galz Says:

    hi there,
    i’ve been longing to see you in person.You know what,i really really like you. I do hope you still have many movies/drama series to be released soon.You really have a perfect match with Kim Tae Hee.Your a great couple.You are my ultimate crush ever.
    Love you.
    See you soon.


    can you send me an email.
    i am looking forward for it.

    Loving you forever ’till i die,

  296. 296 : jennythuthu Says:

    morning rae won
    i worry about u go in milatry , so take care your self.

  297. 297 : KAREN Says:

    hi,,,,,,,,,, kiom tae hee n u look so beautiful

  298. 298 : Alizee Says:

    Hi Mr. Kim Rae Won, I hope you will understand this mesage but anyhow, just would like to let you know that you captured us with your smile… hmmm.. I guess most women agree maybe men as well( he. he. he.) We’ll be looking forward to your next TV series “GOURMET”. Hope you will be able to visit Philippines and promote it. Have a great day!!!

  299. 299 : felicity Says:

    Annyeong haseyo, Kim Rae Won 🙂 Jeoneum Ana-rago haeyo. Jeoneun miguk Manila-eseo wasseoyo 🙂 i hope my korean language is right? 🙂 its my first time to do it. just wanna say that i really do admire you. hope you can visit or do movies in the philippines coz im one of your millions of fans here. wishing you success on you career. you are a great actor. keep it up! 🙂 Saranghaeyo… 🙂

  300. 300 : marisa (Phil.) Says:

    Anyeong haseo, Rae won! I miss you . . .

  301. 301 : Dabawenya9/30 Says:

    How is the handsome guy from Korea? Miss your smiling face Rae won!

  302. 302 : shalom dee Says:

    You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my mind out of you! How are you Kim Rae won?

  303. 303 : "Sal Sunyanim" Says:

    Hello, Rae won! Wishing you all the best in life. Good luck!

  304. 304 : stern Says:

    u have friendster?????/give me this is my friendster
    [email protected] invite me ha??


    u are soooooooooooooo…….. handsome.

  305. 305 : papa andi Says:


  306. 306 : jennythuthu Says:

    hi, how are u? i miss you so much.

  307. 307 : malki Says:

    Hanyo assayo!
    dear Kim rae won ssi,
    it is soon to be your birthday,
    I wish you a Happy Birthday!!!!
    All the best for the years ahead,
    Stay cute & sweet!!
    love u, malka from Israel

  308. 308 : edlen Says:

    I’m an aVid fan of yOurs herE in the Philippines..
    You’re so handsome, wish to see you someday!!

  309. 309 : jennythuthu Says:

    hi, how are you? i hope fine,your`s birthday is nearly,i wish u,u enjoy with family.

  310. 310 : shawie Says:

    i have collected some of ur korean dramas.. hope i can complete them all. am a fan from d philipines. Take Care & God Bless!!! Wish u could make more.

  311. 311 : Moe Moe Lay Says:

    Ko Gyi ”Kim Rae Wom”

    How are U?Ko Gyi I very crazy.

  312. 312 : Cicilia Says:

    You are a good actor, really good in Attic Cat, but the character kind of annoying me.

  313. 313 : raikushe Says:

    hi kim raewon, remember i’m one of your girlfriend her in phillipines. if you have please open myfriendster this is my email add [email protected].

  314. 314 : flynn Says:

    hi kim raewon, remember i’m one of your girlfriend her in phillipines. if you have please open myfriendster this is my email add [email protected].

  315. 315 : jajo Says:

    i like the way you are dude,you are so manly i like it keep it that way.

  316. 316 : jUstiN Says:

    i had watched My Love Patzzi!! its sO gOod!! hahaha.. better watch it guys!! Nara Jang is Funny!!

  317. 317 : moonshadow Says:

    u r so cute!!!

  318. 318 : jarl0304 Says:

    hi! i’ve been searching the net to find all your dramas/ movies. i like your acting a lot. also, you remind me so much of my husband. hope to see more of your dramas, even the old ones. and i hope to see “gourmet” too. God bless you always!

  319. 319 : roz Says:

    hi..ur s0oo cute nd hands0me!!!^_-

  320. 320 : kashi Says:


    ok..i’m out of words sorry!!

    uhm…ok…i find you different n i can’t describe it with words but one thing is sure is that i really love u…wat more can i say haha nth much that is all i guess … sorry

  321. 321 : kashi Says:

    hey again..i forgot to tell sth abt u..wel i’ve watched almost all of ur movies n dramas…well i really liked you with kim tae hee. you two suits a lot…hehe…

    uhm..i’m frm nepal..now i’m in hk well i haven’t seen u ever in my life only in internet n stuffs…but i hope to meet you someday…bye..

  322. 322 : lola Says:

    my dream is to see you in person…..
    god bless you always…..
    love you!…..

  323. 323 : jasmin Says:

    hello oh i love you so much, wish i could see u in person saranghi oopaaa,

  324. 324 : belinda Says:

    wen i saw u in ..ING, i fell in loove wid u

  325. 325 : atien azira Says:

    i always dream i can a person man just like you in my life.my boyfriend is too “damn”.i hate him.sarage oppa!!!!

  326. 326 : mermaly Says:

    hi gorgeoous. . . i like your acting in . . . weh juz forget the title

  327. 327 : fly Says:

    allop…………. u look nice in “which star are u from?”
    keep it up

  328. 328 : Hee Ju Says:

    sweet smile~~

  329. 329 : analyn Says:

    hi i watch you in love story in harvard your so handsome

    i wait for your comming tv series again

  330. 330 : jenneth Says:

    i love kim so much. for me he is a good actor.

  331. 331 : jenneth Says:

    i dont know how i can send a message to him.
    here in the philippines the love story in harvard and which star are u from is no.1

    tAKE Care kim.

    god bless

  332. 332 : meirav Says:

    l loved ur moive love story in havard i think ur great
    take care
    happy birthday

  333. 333 : jenneth Says:

    hi kim i dont know if u really read my message. but i hope. i just want to get a picture of you with a signature. hehehe. do i ask too much? hope i can here from you. my add is [email protected].

  334. 334 : jenneth Says:

    hello kim rae won.

  335. 335 : jenneth Says:

    are you married? do u have a girlfriend?

  336. 336 : serene Says:

    I love your smile…….

  337. 337 : Leilani Says:

    You’re a versatile actor. You can make me laugh and you can make me cry in your dramas. I’ve seen five of them and you’re really good. I hope you can be paired with Park Chae Rim.

  338. 338 : rymond christian Says:

    Hi kim !!!
    you’re really fantastic actor, i’ve seen some of your movies ( sex comedies) , you were so great. can you send me your pictures thru my email? Tnx. and more power

  339. 339 : zinmieshein Says:

    I miss your smiling face. I miss you so much.
    good luck

  340. 340 : eyna Says:

    hi..!!!i am from malaysia…i really admire you…i like ur movie,especially …ing…hmmm…

  341. 341 : su su chit Says:

    I like u so much.I always wish u good luck & happy.

  342. 342 : aen Says:

    hae!! i hope u hear this from me.i’m from malaysia,one of ur big fan. u look so cute when smiling…SMILE!! caiyoOo!!!

  343. 343 : YU YU Says:

    when i saw you, i feel sorry. i think i have no chance to meet you.

  344. 344 : maria avon Says:

    hye,.i am one of ur fan,1st of ol i want tell ,i already watch,my love patzzi,wuri ‘s family,my litte bride,which star r u come 4rm..first tym i watch his film is wuri family,he already tickle my heart becoz of his talent acting,.i also see ,he is a humble person,..i would lyke to c u acting with my other fav actor rain,.n actress lee da hae..hope u will gain more award,.i am from brunei..take k….

  345. 345 : maria avon Says:

    i am from brunei,.u r the best for me…hope to c u one day..

  346. 346 : maria avon Says:

    minat hantap..parampampam… minat hantap mean big fan

  347. 347 : Roxanne1119 Says:

    Hi 김래원 (Rae-won),

    안녕-, 잘지네냐. 괜찮아요? 제 이름은 Roxanne 입니다. 너 귀여워. 내가 널 좋아하게 된 것 같아. 나랑 사귈래? ha,ha joke!

    메세지 보내주세요. Nuhh Boh Goh Nuhh Rang Mahl Ha Goh Ship Uh, Nee Mok Soh Ri Deut Go Ship Uh….나는 너를 순전히 사랑한다

    유감스러운, 나는 가야 한다. 보고 싶어요

    안녕히 가세요

  348. 348 : yEnyen Says:

    i am youre #1 fan.,!!!!!!!!youre so cute.,!!!! i really like LoVE STORY IN HARVARD.,!!!!!!!!!!!0od bLss.,!!!love you

  349. 349 : yEnyen Says:

    i am youre #1 fan.,!!!!!!!!youre so cute.,!!!! i really like LoVE STORY IN HARVARD.,!!!!!!!!!!!g0od bLss.,!!!love you

  350. 350 : yEnyen Says:

    i am youre #1 fan.,!!!!!!!!youre so cute.,!!!! i really like LoVE STORY IN HARVARD.,!!!!!!!!!!!g0d bLss.,!!!love you.,!!!!!tke care

  351. 351 : warit Says:

    I like you very much

  352. 352 : janice Says:

    I missed you sooo much! watited (2) years aft the serial “What star did you come from”. When on air? can who tell me? Hmmm, but i think reach Singapore here for VCD may need to take more than (1) year. Oh no can’t believe it. Have to wait so long…. please tell me more about new series “Gourmet (MBC, 2008)”

  353. 353 : janice Says:

    I LOVE whatever you are. Especially ur SMILE:o) Keep it up……. Take good care!

  354. 354 : janice Says:

    I LOVE whatever you are. Especially ur SMILE:o) Keep it up……. Take good care! 食客 looking forward & expecting….

  355. 355 : cathy Says:

    Hi !
    u r a good actor. I’m praying for u everything is ok .
    Get peace and satisfy from god upon u. I ‘m from Myanmar.

  356. 356 : karren Says:

    I missed you sooo much!
    i know you dont no me..
    im just an ordinary person who’s trying to be a part of your life..
    maybe in the future..haha
    I’ll see you in korea!

    i like everything about you!

    Im from the Philippines!

  357. 357 : Nina Says:

    I am from Myanmar.
    I want to be your friend.

  358. 358 : minn minn Says:

    hi, krw! you’re the best korean actor ever! i like your tv series which star are you from very much. you and jrw look so good together. i hope you will have another tv series soon.
    i like you

  359. 359 : janice_singapore0950 Says:

    Yeah! Gourmet on air now…… Kim Rae Won, Take good rest….

  360. 360 : cherlee Says:

    i m very enjoy ur acting in very character u played.FIGHTING!

  361. 361 : marayani lugu Says:

    can’t wait to watch gourmet.i am curious abot this series..i am a fan of rae won

  362. 362 : marayani lugu Says:

    when will u come to brunei?

  363. 363 : chanchan Says:

    Hello! Kim !
    I love Yr Movie Love Story In Harvard !
    Fighting ! I love this Word !
    Be Happy & Successful !!!!!!!!!

  364. 364 : gracia Says:

    hi kim rae won,im 1 of ur avid fan,iv watched some of ur series,lyk attic cat,w/c star r u from,luv story n harvard,my luv patzzi,say you luv me,nd i really luv all of them,ur such a good actor.i lyk d way u smile,d way u act,d way u run,iv noticed that u always run in most of ur series hahaha..but its really cute..hope i could see u personally…can u pls send me ur pix tru e mail,w/dedication….tnx in advance…god bless

  365. 365 : yael Says:

    Hello Kim Rae Won,
    My name is Yael and i am from Israel.
    The first time i saw you in the drama ” Whice star are you from?” i was impressed from your acting qualification.
    afterward i saw more drama of yours and you are relly a good actor.
    it’s amazing to see how you change your body language, your appearance like different person.
    hope to see more of your work.

  366. 366 : kazche chenie Says:

    i lv kim rae won

  367. 367 : Tenzin Says:

    hi kim!
    You are really a fine actor. i enjoy watching your movies. Also you look really cool!

  368. 368 : Tar Says:

    Hi Kim, im from Thailand….you so cute!!! im also love your smile and

    everythings about you…take good care^^

  369. 369 : rasberrytea Says:

    u girls are insane!!!
    thinking that he’s really going to read this crap

  370. 370 : jietzq Says:

    sarange rae won.

  371. 371 : em Says:

    kim rae won!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im 1 of ur avid fan.u know.. i fall 4u when i saw u in MY LITTLE BRIDE.DAMN IM SOOO INLOVE W/U!!! i think… im really obsses of mr.rae won..!!!! ahah…my dream is 2 see in person.can u plz send me ur picture w/ur dedication..plz!!!? send on to my email add.i love you kim!! i think im gonna die!!! im from philippines.will u add me as 1 of ur girls??!! haha…

  372. 372 : em Says:

    kim,..here i am again..begging u to pls send me ur picture w/ur dedication.i love you soo much!!!! i will wait 4u…i miss u… i want 2 marry u..plz..i want 2 hear from u…

  373. 373 : Sonia (MiRan) Says:

    Kim Rae Won,
    Im from America, Washington D.C.
    when i go to korea i wish to meet you!!

  374. 374 : rainbow Says:

    you are so cute n good looking..come visit indonesia someday…

  375. 375 : nectar Says:

    u know me
    i love u
    i like u r movies
    u know i fool u r movies
    ur lover
    from myamar[golden land}

  376. 376 : nectar Says:

    u know me
    i love u
    i like u r movies
    u know i fool u r movies
    ur lover
    from myanmar[golden land}

  377. 377 : tigereyes33 Says:


    i like watching your series and movies too!!!

    i think you’re handsome and one of the best actors of korea!!!!

    i hope you’ll do more!!^^

  378. 378 : tigereyes33 Says:

    oh by the way,,,, my friend really likes you so much!!!

    she wants to say HI ^^ (mwah) from my friend lani

  379. 379 : honey Says:

    hello Kim Rae Won,
    Hope I’ll meet u one day
    I’m from Myanmar and hope u to visit our country.
    sar rang hae yo!!

  380. 380 : Kim.nge Says:

    Hi O Pa!
    I love u so much. I wanna b ur little sister. Plz Let me b,OK? Please reply me at “[email protected]”. I m waiting O Pa!
    I’ll love u for ever!

  381. 381 : Ms.ohn mar Says:

    Dear KIM,

    I’m from Myanmar.I wish to see you in real life.
    Just to see you only for a moment.

  382. 382 : May Chit Says:

    Dear brother Kim,

    I like your “Love Story In Harvest”.
    I’ll always find your movies in video shops.
    My fri also likes you so much.
    Our Myanmar peoples also like your good movies.

    Ajaa…Ajaa.Fighting………O Pa

    Your’s Audience

  383. 383 : Alice In Wonderland Says:

    Rae Won, I love watching most of your drama series , especially ‘Love Story in Harvard’ Now following through your latest serie, ‘Gourmet’ you are such a wonderful actor and I bought most of your VCD from my country, Singapore. Heard that you are to serve your two years in the military soon…. So sad and going to miss you …. nevertheless, take good care of yourself and hope to see in Korea if I got the chance to visit your coutry. All the best to you in whatever you do ….

  384. 384 : sdm Says:


    I am your’s audience. I like you more than other actors in Korea. I thank your face is sweet. You smile is frankly like a child. Actually, I don’t want to mention my mail on the website. I just deal with you. But I don’t know how can I contact you. If you can give me a chance , write me the above mail.

    More successfully and Presently the rest of your life.

  385. 385 : yael Says:

    Dear Kim Rae Won,
    Until now i see many t.v. drama some of them have good actors but none of the actors have your magic . Ther is something special in you i realy don’t know what it is but it’s ther. you are blessed.
    I must confess that you are the first person in my life i admire and i am not young (48). usually i only evaluate achievement but here it’s more then this.
    I feel like i know you befor maybe in another metamorphosis, god knows.
    Waiting to see more of your work
    Yael from israel

  386. 386 : lyra Says:

    hi kim rae won,i am a big fan of yours and ive watched most of your movies…your’e really handsome……im waiting for your gourmet

  387. 387 : angel Says:

    you’re great oppa

  388. 388 : azenith1022 Says:

    Hello! kim rae won i luv ur smile and d way u act.Hope to watch more all of ur movies and series…muah!!!

    GOD BLESS!!!

  389. 389 : Noemi Says:

    Hi Kim rAe wOn! I reaLly loVe all yOuR mOviEs! wiSh tO sEe yOu sOmedAy! KeEp up tHe gOod work!

    LuV YaAaaAh!

  390. 390 : Vijaya Lakshmi Says:

    Hi Kim rae won
    This is vijji.I like u very much…I cant express my feelings in words…I like u very very much..In my opinion u r a great actor..Iam from India..Before i dont know much about korea,after seeing ur movies i want know about ur country,ur traditions etc..U are the one who created interest in me to know about ur great country..surely once i want to visit ur country.. Plz remember me(vijji from
    INDIA)..Please send me reply…I LOVE YOU…..my EMAIL:[email protected]……

  391. 391 : me again!jackie!!!xempre addict qoh aneh!!!+ Says:

    i luv u JEREMY!!!!!i lyk ur koreandrama WHICH STAR AR U FROM!!!!gudluck and take care olwezz!!!!i love u.mwaahhhh

  392. 392 : azenith1022 Says:

    I’m crazy about you…Hope i see you someday.
    I love you!!!

  393. 393 : kaye estela Says:

    Anyongaseyo! How are you? Hopefully someday somehow we will meet.oppa chareso u as 관여자.chalga u.chulsemeseyo.

  394. 394 : rowie bondoc Says:

    hi im from the land of pearl philippines mabuhay!!!!to be honest i want to be your personal assisstant if you wish i will drop my career as hotelier just to be with you…. hehehe….. whats new about you? it hard for me to find latest news about you…. i was so bless to see this link that i can post may admiration to you do you read this how i wish you had a time to do so reading this too many blogs your really one of a kind bro…. i do add you on friendster but i dont think i hot the real you too many people use your name there…. i do love your acting at LSIH & of course attic cat…kim a really want to be your personal asst. i am serous about that adopt me hehehe i will post my # here 09178321322 my e-mail add [email protected] this is act of desperate person but i am really serious i want to see the beauty of korea even the culture…. pls sir kim rae won allow me to serve you…. take care….

  395. 395 : linda tan Says:

    hi oba,

    Recently just addicted to korea drama til i wish i could be the actress.
    i just finish watching yr drama which star r u from and Love Story in Harvard,very touching and i like the style u act.
    hope you will treat yr gf the way u act ib the drama,must be wonderful feeling.
    people said korean drama are like in dreaming land,need to dream sometine right?
    hope everything go well with u and hope to c u in singapore one day.

    linda([email protected]

  396. 396 : ranjita Says:

    hi i am one of your biggest fan ,i love your acting so much ,ican’t help myself falling for u,hope to meet u one day, and that day will be my dream come true.love u and best of luck for your future.

  397. 397 : josie Says:

    i love you and im dying to see your gourmet….

  398. 398 : dA Says:

    I have heard of some of your dramas before becoming your fans.Can anyone tell me will Gourmet DVD come to Singapore by this October?I want to watch it directly after my PSLE.Can you come to Singapore?But please don`t be too proud like kwon sang woo and a lot others.Please OH please come to Singapore.How about begging you to come?Please oh please.I`m listening to ATTIC CAT ost come back to you while i am writing this.I am only 12years old.Please come to Singapore,please oh please…

  399. 399 : dA Says:

    If a movie acted by you is shown in Singapore,i will surely watch.But please let it be after 8october as it is my last day for PSLE.As i am someone who don`t usually watch movie.Saying the same thing again,please come to Singapore,please.I really really beg you to come.If you come, can it be after my PSLE?

  400. 400 : han han Says:

    hi kim,
    i m from singapore,
    i really like yr movie n all yr drama series,
    the style u act… yr smile…
    ur a great actor,
    will u come to singapore?
    hope can see u one day,
    take care n wish u happy always ^-^

  401. 401 : azenith1022 Says:

    To Kim Rae Won,

    Again i’m here to greet you first in the whole month of September……You are no. 1 to me always and forever!!!!!!!!!!!

  402. 402 : azenith1022 Says:

    I’m waiting to have a copy of your latest drama “GOURMET”,I think its a nice series ‘coz your a good actor.

    I Love You Very Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  403. 403 : azenith1022 Says:

    Kim Rae Won is d best actor for me, I love to watched all his movies and dramas.
    He has a killer smile really nd loved to fantasy him!

    Keep up the good work always, more success in your career!!!

    Luv yah always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  404. 404 : Full Says:

    I like u very much. More than I can say.

  405. 405 : azenith1022 Says:

    Hi Mr. Kim, Good day to you………….

  406. 406 : azenith1022 Says:

    Hey Guys out there!!!

    If you are the one who admired Kim Rae Won just ad your comments about him…..TNX Guys!!!!!!!

  407. 407 : azenith1022 Says:

    He is also photogenic!!!!

  408. 408 : azenith1022 Says:

    Hope I see you someday…..Although its impossible,

    Luv u muah!!!!

  409. 409 : azenith1022 Says:

    Hello Mr. Kim Rae Won,

    Good evening! Hope your doin’ fine now i’ve watching again your movie now “My Little Bride” for the 5th times already. Your so cute kasi in this movie….I like it !!!!

  410. 410 : azenith1022 Says:

    Stay healthy and God be with you always!

  411. 411 : azenith1022 Says:

    Today is the final episode of your drama series “GOURMET” i hope the copy of that will come soon here in the Philippines.

    More power to you!

  412. 412 : azenith1022 Says:

    Still stay the same as you are now…..
    I heard that your a nice person in and out….
    More project to come you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  413. 413 : azenith1022 Says:

    I love you soooooo mmmmuuuuccchhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  414. 414 : azenith1022 Says:

    I really really really adoring Kim Rae Won so much!!!

  415. 415 : azenith1022 Says:

    I heard your going in your military service soon???? Really???
    How sad it is, Well, that how life is. Remember that your fans all over the world will not forget you. Specially me!

  416. 416 : azenith1022 Says:

    I think thats all i can say for today, Have a nice day to you…

    Kim Rae Won, I love you!!!!!

  417. 417 : azenith1022 Says:

    Good day to you my Kim Rae Won!!!!!

  418. 418 : azenith1022 Says:

    Love “KRW” so much………………..

  419. 419 : azenith1022 Says:

    Keep healthy always!!!

  420. 420 : azenith1022 Says:

    My Krw,

    I just wanna greet you good evening!, hope your doin’ fine right this moment.Your doin’ great job always…
    Keep it up!!!!!

  421. 421 : azenith1022 Says:

    Hi KRW,

    You rock my world!!!

  422. 422 : azenith1022 Says:

    just wanna greet u gd morning!!!!

  423. 423 : azenith1022 Says:

    Kim Rae Won is a good actor….

  424. 424 : azenith1022 Says:


  425. 425 : azenith1022 Says:


    See you later…..

  426. 426 : azenith1022 Says:

    OHH!! yeah!!! Such a gud looking man!!

  427. 427 : azenith1022 Says:

    Gud Am.. a great greet from me!!!

  428. 428 : azenith1022 Says:

    always KEEP Smiling!!! to keep u gud looking..

  429. 429 : azenith1022 Says:

    your sooooooooo “ASTIG”… cool!!!!

  430. 430 : azenith1022 Says:

    were hoping that you will visit philippines someday!!!

  431. 431 : azenith1022 Says:

    hope you enjoy this day!!!

    smile always!! 🙂

  432. 432 : azenith1022 Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 keep this always!! 🙂

  433. 433 : azenith1022 Says:

    KRW is soOOOOOO gud looking man… any should know bout this.. 🙂

  434. 434 : azenith1022 Says:

    more success in LIFE!!! nice!!! 😉

  435. 435 : azenith1022 Says:

    GOOD MORNING!!!! im still awake just 4 KRW… 😉

  436. 436 : azenith1022 Says:

    Such a nice actor…
    hope u shoot 4 more movies!!!

  437. 437 : azenith1022 Says:

    everyone should watch all the movies of KRW…
    its so nice!! promise!!!

  438. 438 : azenith1022 Says:

    Hi KRW,,

    PILIPINAS is hoping u 2 visit here..
    we hope this year.. 🙂

  439. 439 : azenith1022 Says:

    HOPE you enjoy the M.A… 😉

  440. 440 : azenith1022 Says:

    my day is complete everytime i watch you in my laptop…
    KRW your the best!!! 🙂

  441. 441 : azenith1022 Says:

    Hello Kim Rae Won!

    I’m back again how are you? Doin’ fine? I hope so………..

  442. 442 : azenith1022 Says:

    My sister like you too…Kim Rae Won is great!!!

  443. 443 : [email protected]!z- Says:

    😀 KRW your the best!!!

    and i like ur movie the

    Mr. Socrates…

    sOoOoO cOoOoL..

  444. 444 : [email protected]!z- Says:

    WhoA!!! mr. KRW your the best!!! ;D

  445. 445 : [email protected]!z- Says:

    everyone should watch the movies of

    Kim Rae Won… sooo the BEST!!!

  446. 446 : [email protected]!z- Says:

    Hai KRW,

    gOOd EvEnIng!!!
    Kep Smiling 😀

  447. 447 : [email protected]!z- Says:

    its really true that your going to military service this year??

  448. 448 : eNtHeT Says:

    to [email protected]!z:

    yup i heard its true…

    sooo SAD 🙁

  449. 449 : [email protected]!z Says:

    oHH!! really..
    its sOo sad!! 🙁

  450. 450 : azenith1022 Says:

    KRW fanclub should not worry…..

    2years is sooo short… 🙂

  451. 451 : eNtHeT Says:

    WE will wait you then…..

  452. 452 : eNtHeT Says:

    we hope we see you personally!!!
    KRW we love you so much!!! 🙂

  453. 453 : [email protected]!z Says:

    i hope
    he visit
    here in

  454. 454 : azenith1022 Says:

    The final episode of “GOURMET” is next week not today!!!

    GOOD WORK!!!!!

  455. 455 : kevin_emoy Says:

    if i had a chance 2 meet KRW personally i want 2 hug him… kiss him also in lips…..

  456. 456 : kevin_emoy Says:

    Since i’ve watched his movie “PLUM BLOSSOM” i started to like him.
    He’s so sexy at that movie and i love it!!!!!!

  457. 457 : kevin_emoy Says:

    KIM RAE WON…..Your so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

  458. 458 : eNtHeT Says:

    To kevin_emoy,

    I’m curious about your identity, Are you GAY????

  459. 459 : kevin_emoy Says:

    Since i’ve watched his movie “PLUM BLOSSOM” i started to like him coz he was so sexy and i love it!!!!!!!!!!

  460. 460 : kevin_emoy Says:

    to enthet,
    We’ll about your question although its personal…i’m gonna answer it


  461. 461 : eNtHeT Says:

    To kevin_emoy,

    i see….


  462. 462 : [email protected]!z Says:

    To kevin_emoy:

    Nice!!! hahahaha!!!!

  463. 463 : [email protected]!z Says:

    KRW your
    sOoO cOoOL
    PerFect!!! 🙂

  464. 464 : [email protected]!z Says:

    I cant
    wait to
    watch ur
    series gourmet
    such a
    nice drama!!!

  465. 465 : [email protected]!z Says:

    2 everyone
    i want
    you 2 know
    that KRW
    is so xcellent
    actor!! 😀

  466. 466 : [email protected]!z Says:

    Kim Rae Won and Nam Sang Mi
    NICE pair!!!…….. 😉

  467. 467 : kevin_emoy Says:

    KRW your so HOT!!!

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  468. 468 : kevin_emoy Says:

    you know what i keep thousands of pics of KRW and hundreds of posters in my room…… :

  469. 469 : kevin_emoy Says:

    KRW your the only ONE for me!!!

  470. 470 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im willing to be your lover!!! love u KRW..

  471. 471 : kevin_emoy Says:

    everytime i sleep im always dreaming about KRW… if KRW become my lover im the luckiest GAY in the whole UNIVERSE….

  472. 472 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im willing 2 go 2 korea bcoz of you!!! Can i ask?? wat is your home address?? 🙂

  473. 473 : kevin_emoy Says:

    KRW if you see me in personal im so sure you will fall inlove with me!!! promise!!!

  474. 474 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im totally crazy thingking of you!!!

  475. 475 : [email protected]!z Says:

    TO Kevin_emoy:

    you wanna know wat his address???
    blk 26. lot 7 rosalina vill. seoul korea….

  476. 476 : kevin_emoy Says:

    KRW im hopelessly devoted to you!!! 🙁

  477. 477 : kevin_emoy Says:

    KRW i honestly love you!!!! 😮

  478. 478 : kevin_emoy Says:

    Oh no! im really crazy about you Oppah!!! :X

  479. 479 : kevin_emoy Says:

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo just 4 u!!!!!!!!

  480. 480 : eNtHeT Says:

    Mr. Kim Rae Won,

    Your acting is great in the movie “Sunflower”, bt it was a sad ending…

  481. 481 : eNtHeT Says:

    I’m waiting for your gourmet!

  482. 482 : eNtHeT Says:

    Always stay the same!

  483. 483 : eNtHeT Says:

    Keep up the good work always…

    God bless you!!!

  484. 484 : eNtHeT Says:

    I like your all drama series its all nice!!

  485. 485 : eNtHeT Says:


  486. 486 : eNtHeT Says:

    Your such a good looking guy!

  487. 487 : eNtHeT Says:

    You are the best!

  488. 488 : eNtHeT Says:

    I saw your interview in youtube 2gether w/ Nam Sang Mi
    Match pair really!!!

  489. 489 : eNtHeT Says:

    Keep Healthy!!!

  490. 490 : [email protected]!z Says:

    such a
    man!!! 🙂

  491. 491 : [email protected]!z Says:

    im still
    that u
    will visit
    here in

  492. 492 : [email protected]!z Says:


  493. 493 : [email protected]!z Says:

    ur acting
    is good
    its sooo

  494. 494 : kevin_emoy Says:

    you know what i love all your drama’sand movies its so nce!!! 🙂

  495. 495 : kevin_emoy Says:

    KRW is so cute!!!

  496. 496 : kevin_emoy Says:

    everyone should support KRW…

  497. 497 : kevin_emoy Says:

    KRW is a nice person i met him once….
    in my dreams…

  498. 498 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i love you soooooo much!!!!

  499. 499 : kevin_emoy Says:

    wait 4 me there, i will go 2 korea soon!!!!

  500. 500 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i hope you read all of my comments!! tnx love you!!!

  501. 501 : [email protected]!z Says:

    WhoA!!!! 11 na…

  502. 502 : kevin_emoy Says:

    woi!!!! KRW is sooo cute!!! luv u!!!

  503. 503 : kevin_emoy Says:

    my pledge of love cannot be broken for KRW!!!!

  504. 504 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im looking 4ward 2 meet you!!!

  505. 505 : kevin_emoy Says:

    your my world your my everything.. 143..

  506. 506 : kevin_emoy Says:

    my way patay!

  507. 507 : kevin_emoy Says:

    he is soooooooooooooo


    1 4 3 4 4!!!… 🙂

  508. 508 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im speechless everytime i saw the pictures of KRW…

  509. 509 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im kevin the GAY next door,…
    and im lonesome 2nyt… 143 KRW…

  510. 510 : kevin_emoy Says:

    Kim Rae Won is my boy next door!!! 143 KRW!!!!

  511. 511 : kevin_emoy Says:

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz……
    visit here in the philippines…
    1 4 3 KRW!!!…

  512. 512 : eNtHeT Says:

    to kevin_emoy:

    r 2tally crazy???

  513. 513 : [email protected]!z Says:

    to kevin_emoy:

    yahh!!! he’s 2tally crazy…
    im sure his a big guy..
    he’s so pathetic!!!
    hahaha!!!! 😀

  514. 514 : [email protected]!z Says:

    :p hey!!!

  515. 515 : kevin_emoy Says:

    yahh!! i think im 2tally crazy about KRW.. can you guys help me???
    1 4 3 4 4 KRW!!!…

  516. 516 : kevin_emoy Says:



  517. 517 : kevin_emoy Says:

    Kim Rae Won RoCkS!!!!!!!!

  518. 518 : kevin_emoy Says:

    Kim Rae Won Ur soOoOOoo . . pApALicioUs!!!!!!!!!

  519. 519 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im head over heels over kim rae won!!!!!

  520. 520 : eNtHeT Says:

    kim rae won is soOo coOoL!!!!

  521. 521 : kevin_emoy Says:

    b4 im a straight guy but after i watch the movie of KRW i become like this…. oppah!!!! aja aja aja 143 KRW…

  522. 522 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i love you
    kim rae won
    ur my idol!!!

  523. 523 : kevin_emoy Says:

    143 KRW!!!
    ur da best among the rest!!!!!

  524. 524 : kevin_emoy Says:

    honesty is da bst policy!! 143 KRW

  525. 525 : azenith1022 Says:

    hey guys!!! im back!!

  526. 526 : azenith1022 Says:

    lets continue posting comments to kim rae won for him to become # 1!!!
    fight! fight! fight!!!

  527. 527 : azenith1022 Says:

    hey KRW, hope you visit me here in d philippines!!!

  528. 528 : kevin_emoy Says:

    hai my full name is KEVIN NEBRIA im a MACHO GAY!!!
    143 KRW

  529. 529 : kevin_emoy Says:

    kim rae won, please be my LOVER!!!

  530. 530 : azenith1022 Says:

    to kevin_emoy:

    hey, Kevin, kim rae won is mine!!!
    dont you ever try to stole him from me!!!

  531. 531 : kevin_emoy Says:

    to azenith1022:

    im sorry but im truly madly deeply in love with kim rae won!!!!! 143 KRW

  532. 532 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i really really like you KRW!!!! 143. . .

  533. 533 : kevin_emoy Says:

    I love Kim Rae Won More than anyone!!!

  534. 534 : azenith1022 Says:

    Dear KRW,

    Everybody loves you out there,
    So i am here…
    More good movies to come…
    I’m waiting for that to watch.

  535. 535 : azenith1022 Says:

    Thanks for showing your talents….

    Your really one of a kind Celebrity these days….

    I hope you treat us as your friends more than a fans!

  536. 536 : azenith1022 Says:

    If you have time to read our comments,
    This is our way of loving you…
    Kim Rae Won ur great actor to me.

  537. 537 : eNtHeT Says:

    Your such a nice dresser too…
    You look so handsome no matter what kind of suits you wear,
    You have a great smile, everytime i watch of you my problem will

  538. 538 : eNtHeT Says:

    I don’t think there are anyone would replace you in my heart….


  539. 539 : eNtHeT Says:


  540. 540 : eNtHeT Says:


    KRW iluvu!!!

  541. 541 : azenith1022 Says:

    I’m going to watch again the series Which Star Are you From,
    I miss the loveteam of KIM RAE WON and JUNG RYU WON!

  542. 542 : azenith1022 Says:

    MY KRW

  543. 543 : kevin_emoy Says:

    Hellow KRW i’m here again…

  544. 544 : kevin_emoy Says:

    Again, i just want u to know that you are my hero to me…

  545. 545 : kevin_emoy Says:

    This is my lucky day!
    Co’z i’m the first one who greet you.
    143 KRW!!!

  546. 546 : nemracz Says:

    Dear Kim Rae Won,

    I recently watch Story in Harvard now and im admire your character there.Your so handsome and Gentleman.

  547. 547 : wheng316 Says:

    Gud Morning!

    Hi mr. Kim, Your so cute in Which Star Are You From!!!

  548. 548 : Baby_yshaa Says:


  549. 549 : wheng316 Says:

    God Bless You!!!
    More more more movies….

  550. 550 : kevin_emoy Says:

    I’m thinking of you always!

  551. 551 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>12 na jud!!!

  552. 552 : nemracz Says:

    i watched the movie ‘my little bride’ and ‘…ing’
    i like it sooo muchhh!!!!

  553. 553 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    Kim Rae Won, your always be my baby!!!!

  554. 554 : wheng316 Says:

    msg.: Your so the BEST!!!!

  555. 555 : wheng316 Says:

    everyday and everynight im thingking of you!!!

  556. 556 : [email protected]!z Says:


  557. 557 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>mr. KRW
    >>your so
    >>COOL!!! 🙂

  558. 558 : kevin_emoy Says:

    hey!!! I Luv Yah!!!

  559. 559 : kevin_emoy Says:

    philippines like you soooooo muchhhh!!!!!
    14344 KRW!!!!

  560. 560 : kevin_emoy Says:

    MR. KRW remember wait 4 me there in korea coz im going there soon…
    143 KRW!!!!

  561. 561 : kevin_emoy Says:

    no matter what im gonna find you!!!
    143 KRW!!!!

  562. 562 : nemracz Says:

    all of your movies is so cool!!!

  563. 563 : nemracz Says:

    im hoping you visit here in philippines… tnx..

  564. 564 : eNtHeT Says:

    always keep up the good work!!!! 😡

  565. 565 : azenith1022 Says:

    To Kim Rae Won,
    Have a nice day!
    I miss You so much…

  566. 566 : azenith1022 Says:

    Take care always!!!!

  567. 567 : azenith1022 Says:

    keep healthy!!!

  568. 568 : azenith1022 Says:

    Stay as you are…

  569. 569 : azenith1022 Says:

    Be God Fearing always!!!!

  570. 570 : azenith1022 Says:

    Have a happy life…

  571. 571 : azenith1022 Says:

    Smile always….
    I love you KRW!!!

  572. 572 : shaira Says:

    KRW is so handsome….

  573. 573 : greco_paloy Says:

    Kim Rae Won Dude!
    You and Me are look a like!!!

  574. 574 : greco_paloy Says:

    To kevin_emoy,

    No Need You To Go In Korea Bcoz I’m Already Here In Philippines!!!
    You Gonna Find Me….

  575. 575 : shaira Says:

    I’m waiting for your Gourmet…

  576. 576 : shaira Says:

    Who’s Kim Rae Won’s girlfriend in real life???

  577. 577 : shaira Says:

    Whoever she is, as long they love each other its gonna be okey!!!

  578. 578 : Baby_yshaa Says:


  579. 579 : Baby_yshaa Says:


  580. 580 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    I saw your photo gallery…

    What’s new???

  581. 581 : kevin_emoy Says:


    Are you sure? Can you show us any evidence?

  582. 582 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>to greco_paloy:

    >>you should be carefull…
    >>to kevin_emoy…
    >>bcoz SHE’s A MAN!!!.. 😡

  583. 583 : kevin_emoy Says:

    To [email protected]!z,

    wat are you talking about!!! im just inlove with KRW
    14344 KRW!!!

  584. 584 : kevin_emoy Says:

    To greco_paloy,

    can u be my KRW substitute LOVER???

  585. 585 : greco_paloy Says:

    To kevin_emoy:

    sorry i cant!!! all i need is a friend… 🙂

  586. 586 : [email protected]!z Says:

    hai KRW!!!!

    >>im wishing you the best!!!!
    >>good luck!!!

  587. 587 : nemracz Says:

    i really2x like kim rae won i dont know why but 4 me his the best!!!! sooo cooooL!!!!

  588. 588 : nemracz Says:

    his eyes are so cute, damn i love him so much!!!

  589. 589 : shaira Says:

    hes so nice!!! ang i love the way he look!!!

  590. 590 : wheng316 Says:

    KRW is very cool and great!!!

  591. 591 : wheng316 Says:

    really really good actor!!!

  592. 592 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    to wheng316:

    yah your right he is s cool!!!

  593. 593 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    KRW you ROCK the philippines!!!! 😀

  594. 594 : kevin_emoy Says:

    he is lovable!!! and i LOVE him very much!!!!

  595. 595 : kevin_emoy Says:

    Kim Rae Won im addicted to you!!!

  596. 596 : kevin_emoy Says:

    I wa born to tell you I LOVE YOU
    andi was torn to wat i have to!!!!
    134 KRW

  597. 597 : kevin_emoy Says:

    KRW i really really like you i hope i can see in personal!!!!

  598. 598 : kevin_emoy Says:

    143 KRW!!!

  599. 599 : kevin_emoy Says:

    [[[[[[[[[[[[[ [[[[ [[[[ [[[[ [[[[
    [[[[ [[[[[[[ [[[[[[[ [[[[ [[[[
    [[[[ [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ [[[[ [[[[
    [[[[ [[[[[[[[[[[[ [[[[[ [[[[[
    [[[[[[[[[[[[[ [[[[[[[[ [[[[[[[[[[[
    KIM RAE WON!!!!

  600. 600 : kevin_emoy Says:

    hope to see you soon take care olweiz…

  601. 601 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>13 na!!!

  602. 602 : [email protected]!z Says:

    i really2x like him so much!!! his the best!!!

  603. 603 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>his so good!!!
    >>at acting!!!
    >>his acting is
    >>so natural!!!

  604. 604 : greco_paloy Says:

    yah your ryt [email protected]!z he is so good!!!

  605. 605 : kevin_emoy Says:

    KRW i LOVE the way you are!!!

  606. 606 : kevin_emoy Says:

    mr. KRW you know wat i was born to be your LOVER!!!
    143 kRW!!

  607. 607 : nemracz Says:

    2 all: yah!! everthing of him is perfect!!!

  608. 608 : [email protected]!z Says:


  609. 609 : [email protected]!z Says:


  610. 610 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>just joking!!!

  611. 611 : nemracz Says:

    YAH!!! perfect!!! he is so great!!!

  612. 612 : nemracz Says:

    i hope you enjoy your acting!!!

  613. 613 : nemracz Says:

    KRW God Bless You Always!!!!

  614. 614 : nemracz Says:

    your movie the Socrates is so good!!!

  615. 615 : kevin_emoy Says:

    your sooo handsome!!!!
    and i like you very much!!!!

  616. 616 : kevin_emoy Says:

    your soooooo cooooooooL!!!

  617. 617 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i wish im in korea, to find KRW!!!!
    143 KRW..

  618. 618 : kevin_emoy Says:

    godbless you always,, and god fearing!!! love yah!!!

  619. 619 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>MR. KRW!!!!

  620. 620 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>hope you dont change!!!
    >>always keep smiling!!! 🙂

  621. 621 : nemracz Says:

    faith is thesubstance of things hope for the evidence of things not seen…

  622. 622 : nemracz Says:

    his so PERFECT!!!!

  623. 623 : nemracz Says:

    oye!!!! Oppah!!!

  624. 624 : nemracz Says:

    we love very much!!!!

  625. 625 : nemracz Says:

    so cool!!!!

  626. 626 : kevin_emoy Says:

    ang CUTE talaga ni KRW!!
    143 KRW!!!

  627. 627 : vienna Says:

    im a new member of KRW FANCLUB!!!

  628. 628 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>To vienna:

    >>welcome to the club!!!

  629. 629 : [email protected]!z Says:


  630. 630 : kevin_emoy Says:

    hai im KEVIN NEBRIA!!!! wanna text me heres my cp number>>09206605806… ok
    143 KRW…

  631. 631 : nemracz Says:

    THE BEST!!!

  632. 632 : greco_paloy Says:

    AJA AJA AJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  633. 633 : greco_paloy Says:

    you have a PERFECT SMILE!!!!!

  634. 634 : greco_paloy Says:

    your my IDOL!!!

  635. 635 : greco_paloy Says:

    your so the best!!!!

  636. 636 : shaira Says:

    you know what i really like very much!!!!

  637. 637 : shaira Says:

    everyone should watch the movie of KRW!!!!
    i hope soo!!!!!

  638. 638 : shaira Says:

    everyone should know that his the BEST!!!!

  639. 639 : eNtHeT Says:

    hi-hi!! kim rae won!! hope ur fine!!!!

  640. 640 : eNtHeT Says:

    i love kim rae won!!! he rOcks!!!!

  641. 641 : azenith1022 Says:

    to all fans of kim rae won!! please lets support him!!!! give more comments!!!!!!

  642. 642 : azenith1022 Says:

    Im so loyal 4 Kim Rae Won!!!! bcoz he is so NICE!!!

  643. 643 : kevin_emoy Says:

    oye!!!! ireally really LOVE YOU Kim Rae Won!!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  644. 644 : kevin_emoy Says:

    his so handsome and ive watch all of his movies!! i like it all is so cool and all of my friends love it the of mr. socrates its so nice!!! perfect!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  645. 645 : kevin_emoy Says:

    hey kim rae won, let’s eat!!! 143 KRW….

  646. 646 : kevin_emoy Says:

    kim rae won you know wat your so HARDCORE!!!!

  647. 647 : greco_paloy Says:

    hope you releases new movie here in the philippines . . .

  648. 648 : shaira Says:

    i like you very muchhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  649. 649 : shaira Says:

    kim rae won is born 2 b a star!!!!

  650. 650 : shaira Says:

    kip up da good work!!! people n da philippines love you!!!

  651. 651 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>14 na jud!!!

  652. 652 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>can i
    >>he is

  653. 653 : azenith1022 Says:

    KIM RAE WON is the one 4 me!!!

  654. 654 : azenith1022 Says:


  655. 655 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    Hello everyone just want you to know that KRW is
    my fiance hehehe….

  656. 656 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    your the BEST of all!!! LUV YAH!!!

  657. 657 : kevin_emoy Says:

    143 kim rae won…

  658. 658 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i miss yah a LOT!!! KRW is so hugable!!!
    143 KRW!!!!

  659. 659 : kevin_emoy Says:

    can u hug 4 awhile???

  660. 660 : kevin_emoy Says:

    your so kissable!! can i kiss you???

  661. 661 : kevin_emoy Says:

    hud me plzzzz… if u hug i will kiss you!!!
    143 kim rae won

  662. 662 : kevin_emoy Says:

    your so cool!!! looks like im freezing!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  663. 663 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i love your eyes the you look its tempting me!!!
    143 krw…

  664. 664 : kevin_emoy Says:

    you make freeze bcoz your so cool!!!! and i love it!!!
    143 krw…

  665. 665 : kevin_emoy Says:

    your the best thing happen to me!!!!!!

  666. 666 : nemracz Says:

    hes so HOT!!! im melting everytime i look at him!!!!!!! but its perfect..

  667. 667 : kevin_emoy Says:

    good night kim rae won!!!!!! i love you so much!!!! muahhugzz!!!!!!!!!
    14344 KRW.. i LOVE you!!!

  668. 668 : kevin_emoy Says:

    were back!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  669. 669 : kevin_emoy Says:

    143 krw!!!
    were back!!!

  670. 670 : kevin_emoy Says:

    we are back!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  671. 671 : eNtHeT Says:

    to kevin_emoy:

    ohh!! your back!!!

  672. 672 : eNtHeT Says:

    he is very nice!!!

  673. 673 : nemracz Says:

    OHH!!! were all back!!!

  674. 674 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    he is really cute!!!

  675. 675 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    very nice actor!!!

  676. 676 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>im here
    >>were all back!!!
    >>nice2x!!! 🙂

  677. 677 : greco_paloy Says:

    its so nice 2 be back!!!

  678. 678 : greco_paloy Says:

    becoz i miss kevin_emoy how are you now??
    hai Kim Rae Won i miss you too!!!!

  679. 679 : greco_paloy Says:

    i reckon too the plum blossom is the BEST 100x!!!


  680. 680 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im so excited to find KRW in seoul soon!!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  681. 681 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i have to say KRW is the best of all!!! hahahaha!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  682. 682 : kevin_emoy Says:

    your so cute!!! he has a cute face!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  683. 683 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i want everyone to know that im worried if KRW entered in his Military Service!!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  684. 684 : kevin_emoy Says:

    to greco_paloy:

    yah your right ive watch plum blossom Hmpf!!! countless!!! its so nice!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  685. 685 : [email protected]!z Says:

    to all:

    >>yeah!! your ryt,
    >>all of his movie
    >>is so great!!!

  686. 686 : kevin_emoy Says:

    [[[[[[[[[[[ [[[[ [[[[ [[[[ [[[[
    [[[ [[[[[[[ [[[[[[[ [[[[ [[[[
    [[[ [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ [[[[ [[[[
    [[[ [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ [[[[ [[[[
    [[[ [[[[[[[[[[ [[[[ [[[[
    [[[ [[[[[[ [[[[ [[[[
    [[[[[[[[[[[ [[[ [[[[[[[[[[[[[

  687. 687 : kevin_emoy Says:

    KRW your fanclub is here!!!!

  688. 688 : kevin_emoy Says:

    KRW dont forget that im going to seoul soon, and i’ll find you there!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  689. 689 : wheng316 Says:

    hey to all im here!!!
    yah!! your ryt his NICE!!! so COOL!!!

  690. 690 : eNtHeT Says:

    JUST DO IT KRW!!!!

  691. 691 : eNtHeT Says:

    “faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen” KRW Solid!!!

  692. 692 : eNtHeT Says:

    time is gold so keep you guys write your comments to Kim rae won!!!!

  693. 693 : [email protected]!z Says:

    time is GOLD so PAWN it!!!

  694. 694 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>to all KRW fanclub!!!
    >>lets get ready 2 RUMBLE!!!!

  695. 695 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>I’m KRW Fanatic!!!

  696. 696 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    what site i watched the full movie of plum blossom?? im searching 4 it!!!

  697. 697 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    anyone knows???

  698. 698 : eNtHeT Says:

    if i were you, you shoul buy a dvd in SM!!! sidewalk muslim!!!

  699. 699 : eNtHeT Says:

    to baby_yshaa
    go now b4 it out of stock!!!

  700. 700 : [email protected]!z Says:

    lapit na!!!

  701. 701 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>15 na!!!

  702. 702 : [email protected]!z Says:

    yeah!!! perfect!!! 15 na jud!!!

  703. 703 : [email protected]!z Says:

    Be strong!!! arf3x!!!!!!!

  704. 704 : nemracz Says:

    he is so cool everytime i look at his picture im melting!!! he is HOT!!!

  705. 705 : nemracz Says:

    i love it!!!

  706. 706 : nemracz Says:

    he is so perfect 4 me!!!

  707. 707 : nemracz Says:

    i think KRW fall inlove w/ me!!! hahahaha!!!!

  708. 708 : shaira Says:

    to nemracz: idont think so!!! hahahaha!!!

  709. 709 : shaira Says:

    your so cute!!! i think i love you!!!

  710. 710 : shaira Says:

    wat should i say your cute guy!!!

  711. 711 : wheng316 Says:

    OHH! my Gosh your so HOT!!!

  712. 712 : Anonymous Says:

    hi KRW im your new fan!!!

  713. 713 : m!ga Says:

    im here your new fan!!!

  714. 714 : azenith1022 Says:

    hi m!ga welcome 2 the KRWfanclub!!!

  715. 715 : kevin_emoy Says:

    aayyyy!!!!aayyyy!!!! aayyy!!!! kim rae won!!!! ahhhh!!! i think im dying!!!!
    14344 KRW!!!

  716. 716 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im hyper subwoofer!!! because of you my life has changed!!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  717. 717 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im calling your name again!!! everytime i sleep!!!!
    143 krw!!!

  718. 718 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im yours!!! forever!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  719. 719 : kevin_emoy Says:

    you light up my life KIM!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  720. 720 : kevin_emoy Says:

    KRW your the only man in the world to me!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  721. 721 : kevin_emoy Says:

    KRW you know what i cant smile w/o you icant laugh and i cant sing i finding it hard to do anything!!!
    143 KIM RAE WON!!!!

  722. 722 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i want you to want me too!!! and i wont go w/o you!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  723. 723 : nemracz Says:

    i believe ican fly!! bcoz of kim rae won!!!
    obsessed na c kevin_emoy ky KRW!!!

  724. 724 : nemracz Says:

    i only have eyes 4 you KRW!!!!

  725. 725 : eNtHeT Says:

    Be Bop A Lula!!!! your so cool!! nice!!!

  726. 726 : eNtHeT Says:

    everything i do i do it 4 you!!! cool!!!

  727. 727 : eNtHeT Says:

    your are a shinning STAR 4 me!!! great!!!

  728. 728 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    you are my sunshine!!! that shining me everyday!!!

  729. 729 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    im always thingking of you everynight so its wonderful tonight!!!

  730. 730 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    your all i need!!! im here always!!! so your not alone!!!

  731. 731 : azenith1022 Says:

    To All: KRWfanatic: A10tion- ATTENDANCE IS A MUST!!!!

  732. 732 : m!ga Says:

    ok ill attend tomorrow!!!

  733. 733 : m!ga Says:

    Hi KRW wanna eat with me???

  734. 734 : kevin_emoy Says:

    Mr. KRW im saving all my love 4 you!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  735. 735 : kevin_emoy Says:

    head over heels im hopelessly devoted to you!!!

  736. 736 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i was born to love you!!!

  737. 737 : shaira Says:

    nothings gonna change my love 4 u!!!!!!!

  738. 738 : shaira Says:

    im here 4 u always!!!!!

  739. 739 : shaira Says:

    you mean everything to me bcoz i love you so much!!!!!!

  740. 740 : shaira Says:

    you light up my life like a candle!!!!

  741. 741 : wheng316 Says:

    mr kim you know your my inspiration!!!!!

  742. 742 : wheng316 Says:

    your my everything!!! your the best thing happen to me!!!!

  743. 743 : wheng316 Says:

    he aint HEAVY hes my LOVER!!!!

  744. 744 : wheng316 Says:

    your my only love and devotion!!!!!

  745. 745 : cherie Says:

    all i have to do is dreaming of you!!!! im your new fan!!!

  746. 746 : cherie Says:

    i cant get enough of your love!!!!!! ur so cute!!!

  747. 747 : cherie Says:

    hello everyone im a new fan!!!

  748. 748 : cherie Says:

    how am i supposed to live w/o Kim Rae Won!!!

  749. 749 : azenith1022 Says:

    To cherie:

    WELCOME to the FunClub of Kim Rae Won!!!! i hope you enjoy!!!

  750. 750 : azenith1022 Says:

    to all new members keep supporting our ONE and
    ONLY Kim Rae Won!!! Tnx guys!!!

  751. 751 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>16 na jud!!!

  752. 752 : [email protected]!z Says:







  753. 753 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>im so

  754. 754 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>so lucky
    >>a STAR!!!!

  755. 755 : eNtHeT Says:

    im so sleepy, see you later alligator…

  756. 756 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im so inlove with kim rae won!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  757. 757 : linda tan Says:

    hi rae-won,

    just finish watching yr drama attic cat,so touching and tears start dropping from …….
    i like the show but i heard about da-bin feel so sad…
    hope tat yr career smooth and more drama coming
    aza aza.


  758. 758 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    Good day you KRW!

  759. 759 : wheng316 Says:

    I finish watching Snow Top Lover bcoz of Kim Rae Won…

  760. 760 : wheng316 Says:

    Snow Top Lover series is not so good drama,bt bcoz of KRW i watch it!

  761. 761 : nemracz Says:

    I LOVE YOU KRW!!!!!

  762. 762 : kevin_emoy Says:

    If you only know i’m your no.1 fan!

  763. 763 : kevin_emoy Says:


  764. 764 : kevin_emoy Says:

    I luv your movies all of them!!!!

  765. 765 : shaira Says:

    KRW your the no.1 korean actor to me……

  766. 766 : shaira Says:

    if you only know your my only one!!!

  767. 767 : shaira Says:

    14344 Kim!!!!

  768. 768 : nemracz Says:

    hi what are you doing ryt now??? i HOPE your fine!!!

  769. 769 : kevin_emoy Says:

    till death do as part!! ur my ONLY ONE!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  770. 770 : shaira Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  771. 771 : shaira Says:

    im alone inlove with you!!!!

  772. 772 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im a optimistic loving you mysteriously!!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  773. 773 : kevin_emoy Says:

    my hearth is shaking everytime i saw you in tv!!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  774. 774 : kevin_emoy Says:

    when i die ill go 2 heaven bcoz ive spent all my life with you!!!

  775. 775 : kevin_emoy Says:

    love me and give it all to you!!!

  776. 776 : kevin_emoy Says:

    ohh!! i 4got 143 KRW!!!

  777. 777 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i did it all 4 you!!! coz i love you!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  778. 778 : greco_paloy Says:

    yah!!! he is great i think!!!

  779. 779 : cherie Says:

    hes so hot!!! perfect!!!

  780. 780 : cherie Says:

    he is so perfect 4 me i think!!!

  781. 781 : cherie Says:

    he is good at acting in his movie mr socrates… 4 me he is the best!!!

  782. 782 : kevin_emoy Says:

    to cherie:

    hmpf i dont think so,
    he is perfect 4 me!!!

  783. 783 : kevin_emoy Says:

    again i 4got 143 KRW!!!! luv yah so much!!!

  784. 784 : kevin_emoy Says:

    KRW is my ONE and ONLY!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  785. 785 : m!ga Says:

    in his movie in plum blossom he is so sexy!! and i really like it!!!

  786. 786 : m!ga Says:

    he is really hot!!! i really2x want to meet him in person!!!

  787. 787 : kevin_emoy Says:

    me too i’ll go to seoul soon, just 4 kim rae won.
    143 KRW!!!

  788. 788 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im going in seoul soon, then i’ll find KRW to meet him!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  789. 789 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im so very happy to have him!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  790. 790 : kevin_emoy Says:

    you rock my world!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  791. 791 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i love you!!!!!!
    143 krw!!!!!

  792. 792 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i really love you very much!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  793. 793 : nemracz Says:

    he is so cute nice and great!! perfect!!!

  794. 794 : nemracz Says:

    every should watched all of movies of KRW!!! i know you will love it!!!

  795. 795 : nemracz Says:

    we love KIM!!!!

  796. 796 : nemracz Says:

    good nyt i have to sleep early!!! gudnyt KRW!!!

  797. 797 : kevin_emoy Says:

    to nemracz:

    ok good nyt!!!
    143 KRW!!!!

  798. 798 : kevin_emoy Says:

    he is really hot!!! and i really love it!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  799. 799 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>3 to go
    >>b4 nxt page!!!

  800. 800 : [email protected]!z Says:





  801. 801 : [email protected]!z Says:





  802. 802 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>17 na!!!

  803. 803 : [email protected]!z Says:

    We All Love You Kim!!!!!!

  804. 804 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>he is so good at acting
    >>its so natural, all i can
    >>say is he is great!!!!!!

  805. 805 : kevin_emoy Says:

    to [email protected]:

    yah your ryt he is so great!!! i wonder?? i think [email protected] is CUTE??
    143 KRW!!!

  806. 806 : kevin_emoy Says:

    to [email protected]:

    do you have friendster?? can i add you as a friend??

  807. 807 : kevin_emoy Says:

    or any contact number??? heheheh!!! if, if its ok!!!!

  808. 808 : greco_paloy Says:

    to kevin_emoy:


    to [email protected]:

    dont trust kevin_emoy!!!!!! thats all i can say!!!!

  809. 809 : greco_paloy Says:

    to [email protected]:

    just trust me ok!!!!! i warn you!!!

  810. 810 : azenith1022 Says:

    To All Members of KRW Funclub!

    Attendance time….Please response immediately!!!!!

  811. 811 : azenith1022 Says:

    Is Baby_yshaa online?

  812. 812 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    yezz,i’m online!

    KRW luv you!!!!

  813. 813 : azenith1022 Says:

    Ok, let’s proceed…


  814. 814 : azenith1022 Says:

    enthet ?

  815. 815 : azenith1022 Says:


  816. 816 : azenith1022 Says:

    kevin_emoy ?

  817. 817 : azenith1022 Says:


  818. 818 : azenith1022 Says:

    [email protected]!z?

  819. 819 : azenith1022 Says:


  820. 820 : azenith1022 Says:


  821. 821 : azenith1022 Says:


  822. 822 : kevin_emoy Says:

    I’m online…

  823. 823 : kevin_emoy Says:

    To all KRW member,
    Good Evening!
    143 KRW!!!!

  824. 824 : nemracz Says:

    Hello everybody i’m just woke up!!!!

  825. 825 : shaira Says:

    i’m present!

    KRW FOREVER!!!!!!

  826. 826 : azenith1022 Says:

    Kim Rae Won,

    Your sooo Great actor.We love you!!!!

  827. 827 : kevin_emoy Says:

    hope 2 see you soon in person!!!!
    143 KRW!!!! your the best among the rest!!!!

  828. 828 : [email protected]!z Says:





  829. 829 : kevin_emoy Says:

    you will always be in my heart wherever i am were ever you are even if it takes 4ever even if i see you never you will always be a part of me. longer than 4ever!!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  830. 830 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i will be always present just 4 KRW!!! KRW FOREVER!!!
    143 KRW!!!!!!

  831. 831 : eNtHeT Says:

    dont worry if theres no special to celebrate today with. between family and friends theres plenty of love to go around enjoy Kim Rae Won!!!

  832. 832 : eNtHeT Says:

    i am a big fan of KRW and i wished to see more of your stuff more power!!!

  833. 833 : wheng316 Says:

    i enjoyed watching your drama series which star r u from and i showed it to my friends here…

  834. 834 : wheng316 Says:

    i want to know more about you, and im looking 4ward 4 your new movies!!!

  835. 835 : cherie Says:

    hello KRW, i really waited for your gourmet, im so excited to watch it, GOD BLESS YOU always!!!

  836. 836 : cherie Says:

    i love KRW bcoz it empowers women like me. i will surely watch every KRW movie. it worth every peso!!!

  837. 837 : nemracz Says:

    “i think true success comes when you know your worth and assert it. you have to know first what you’re worth so that others can see it!!!!

  838. 838 : nemracz Says:

    im your biggest fan. i like you so much bcoz youre so true and humble to your self…

    God Bless You… be Happy!!!!

  839. 839 : shaira Says:

    ive been an avid fan of yours for a longtime…
    if you happen to visit here in philippines i would very much like to see you in person…

  840. 840 : shaira Says:

    my day just lightens when i see you.. im praying 4 you always!!!

  841. 841 : aNNa Says:

    hi KRW,

    im your big fan and i really like you very much!!!

  842. 842 : aNNa Says:

    i never pretend to be
    something im not
    you get what you see, when
    you see what ive got
    we live in a real world, and
    im just a real girl
    i know exactly where i stand

    and all i acn do is to be true to
    i dont need permission from
    nobody else
    coz this is the real world, and
    im not a little girl
    i know exacly who i am….

    i LOVE you KRW!!!

  843. 843 : azenith1022 Says:

    Kim Rae Won,

    i see you not only as a successful actor but more important as a wonderful person inside and out. that is one of the things i absolutely admire about you…

  844. 844 : azenith1022 Says:

    hello Kim Rae Won,

    i adore you in so many ways i hope and pray that God will bless you with much success and lasting happiness….

  845. 845 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    i really want you to have not only a successful carrer but also a happy family….

  846. 846 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    if you visit here in philippines i really want to see you in person… KRW solid!!!!

  847. 847 : [email protected]!z Says:


  848. 848 : [email protected]!z Says:


  849. 849 : [email protected]!z Says:


  850. 850 : [email protected]!z Says:


  851. 851 : [email protected]!z Says:

    congratchuleytsun… for tha greyt sakses at yor leytes tv seres GOURMET……… yor da bes among da res……

  852. 852 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>18 na jud!!!

  853. 853 : [email protected]!z Says:

    see you later alligator!!!

  854. 854 : [email protected]!z Says:

    KRW GOOD NIGHT!!!! im signing off!!!

  855. 855 : kevin_emoy Says:

    Good Night KRW….
    143 KRW!!!

  856. 856 : azenith1022 Says:

    Dear Kim Rae Won,

    Good day to you! Hope your fine now.Congratulation on your high rated drama series Gourmet…

    More Power!!!!

  857. 857 : azenith1022 Says:

    Mr. Rae Won,

    Nice loveteam with Nam Sang Mi…..

  858. 858 : lemon Says:

    Dear Kim rae Won,

    I’m avid fan of yours since i’ve watched Attic Cat i like your character there….Kilig ako sa’yo!!!

  859. 859 : lemon Says:

    This is my first time to say my feelings to you. I hope i saw in personal…
    I luv You!!!

  860. 860 : lemon Says:

    More success in your career!
    God Bless You Always!!!!

  861. 861 : theresa Says:


  862. 862 : kIkAy Says:

    I love your movie my little bride…..

  863. 863 : Bebang Says:

    KRW I like you sooo muchhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  864. 864 : Bebang Says:

    More nice movies and series to come!!!

  865. 865 : Bebang Says:


    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  866. 866 : Alyannah Says:

    Your such a nice dresser, good in acting…
    Hope more happiness in life!!!!

  867. 867 : lemon Says:

    to krw,
    be happy in everything you wanna do!
    I love you!!!

  868. 868 : greco_paloy Says:

    Hey KRW, gud day!

    Is kevin online nw?

  869. 869 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    Good Afternoon!
    I’m here again to greet you Mr. KRW!!!

  870. 870 : azenith1022 Says:

    Always be the same no matter what…

    Kim Rae Won fanatic ALWAYS!!!!

  871. 871 : kIkAy Says:

    im your no. 1 fan.. im so addicted to you!!!!

  872. 872 : kIkAy Says:

    i dont know why im addicted to you!!!!!!! maby bcoz your cute!!

  873. 873 : kevin_emoy Says:

    hello kim,

    im here again just 4 you!!!!
    143 kim…

  874. 874 : kevin_emoy Says:

    you are really the best!!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  875. 875 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im so inlove with Kim Rae Won…
    143 KRW!!!

  876. 876 : nemracz Says:

    hello everyone,

    hello kim rae won, like you so much!!!! muahh!!!

  877. 877 : shaira Says:

    OMG.. he is so handsome!!! luv so much!!!

  878. 878 : winni3 Says:

    hello Kim,

    i am your BIG fan, and i really2x love 2 watched all of yor movies!!!

  879. 879 : winni3 Says:

    im an avid fan of yours!…

  880. 880 : cherie Says:

    hi KRW,

    i miss u a lot!!!

  881. 881 : [email protected]!z Says:






  882. 882 : wheng316 Says:

    im so excited to watch your movie gourmet!!!

  883. 883 : aNNa Says:

    hi KIM,

    “live the LIFE you LOVE, LOVE the LIFE you live”……..

  884. 884 : ferry Says:

    hello Kim Rae Won,

    im your big fan, your no.1 fan!!!

  885. 885 : ferry Says:

    ived wathched all of your movies they are all good…

  886. 886 : m!ga Says:

    HAI MIGO!!

  887. 887 : m!ga Says:

    your so great of your movie in plum blosssom.. i reall love it!!

  888. 888 : [email protected]!z Says:


  889. 889 : [email protected]!z Says:


  890. 890 : [email protected]!z Says:

    be nice

  891. 891 : [email protected]!z Says:

    only 10 to go!!! hahaha!!!

  892. 892 : [email protected]!z Says:

    count down!! 9

  893. 893 : [email protected]!z Says:

    8 to go!

  894. 894 : [email protected]!z Says:

    go 7!!

  895. 895 : [email protected]!z Says:

    only 7 to gooooo!!!

  896. 896 : [email protected]!z Says:

    6 na lng!!!

  897. 897 : [email protected]!z Says:

    5,4 to go!!

  898. 898 : [email protected]!z Says:

    3 na lng jud!!

  899. 899 : [email protected]!z Says:

    2 2 go!!

  900. 900 : [email protected]!z Says:

    1 happy 900!!! hehehehe!!!

  901. 901 : [email protected]!z Says:

    19 na!!!

  902. 902 : azenith1022 Says:

    Good Morning!
    I’m back again to greet my idol…

    KIM RAE WON!!!

  903. 903 : azenith1022 Says:

    Take care of your health always…
    We’re here your fans to support you forever!!!

  904. 904 : kevin_emoy Says:

    hello kim,

    i like you so much than my self!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  905. 905 : kevin_emoy Says:

    hi kim,

    i have to say that wait 4 me in seoul…
    i will go there soon…
    143 KRW!!!

  906. 906 : nemracz Says:

    hi kim,

    to kevin_emoy:

    hahahahaha!!! pag.chure oi!!!

  907. 907 : nemracz Says:

    hottah!! you makin httin here!!! i luv kim rae won…

  908. 908 : nemracz Says:

    your the best of all!!!

  909. 909 : kIkAy Says:

    i never dreamed someone like me could love someone like you…

  910. 910 : kIkAy Says:

    the first time i ever saw your face i was fall inlove with you!!!

  911. 911 : kevin_emoy Says:

    you and me against the world!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  912. 912 : kevin_emoy Says:

    you dont have to say you love because i really love you!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  913. 913 : Alyannah Says:

    it will be end of the world if your gone at my sight!!!

  914. 914 : Alyannah Says:

    i may not love like this again!!!

  915. 915 : Alyannah Says:

    im almost over you!!!

  916. 916 : Alyannah Says:

    im so inlove with KRW!!!

  917. 917 : marites Says:

    im your super fan from zamboanga…
    but im in america now!!!

  918. 918 : marites Says:

    i like you very much!!!!!!!!!!

  919. 919 : marites Says:

    i hate monkeys!!!!!

  920. 920 : marites Says:

    hey kim rae won,, u know wat???
    i tink batman is gay!!!!

  921. 921 : sulu Says:

    hai, i’m so regret to know you lately but i do thankfull finally know you. i see you first time in mr socrates wow…thank you so much cos you already play so good & entertain me so, it’s remain me about predestination, i can speak to my brother about it with flow. ever you visit jakarta? try it. more easier you contact me than i contact you, right -u r superstar…i cant reach you if you not come down :).
    once again thank you kim rae won.

  922. 922 : azenith1022 Says:

    Hello, i’m back once again!

    You know what? Ever since i watched your in drama i admired you so much.There is no time that i forget your handsome and smiling face. I really2x like you a lot that why if you noticed everyday i’m writing a comment for you to express my admiration for you…
    I never stop doing this because i admire and appreciate you as a good actor.

    Love & Kisses,

  923. 923 : azenith1022 Says:

    Your always in my heart forever,KIM RAE WON!!!!

  924. 924 : lemon Says:

    Hello KRW,

    have a nice day to you! Hope you have new movie to comethis year. After your gourmet what gonna next drama series you do?
    Your fans hoping for it for sure….I luv you!!!!!

  925. 925 : Baby_yshaa Says:

    To Kim Rae Won,

    There are 6 series of yours that i watched already ( Say that you love me, Love story in harvard, Attic cat, Which star are you from?, Snowman, and My love pattzi ) I really like them all i think its bcoz of you? Well, the story is nice too!
    Now i’m waiting for your latest drama gourmet,I’m sure it also a nice one…love you!!!!

  926. 926 : nanethluvyou Says:


    TAKE CARE…..

  927. 927 : Alyannah Says:

    I miss you so much KRW!!!!

  928. 928 : theresa Says:

    Have a nice Day to you & God Bless Always!!!!!

  929. 929 : nemracz Says:

    Your soooo handsome in which star are you from? Really like you there
    I think i’m going crazy about you!!!!

  930. 930 : nanethluvyou Says:

    THIS MAKING YOU PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  931. 931 : marites Says:

    Dear KRW,

    Now i’m your no.1 fan here in america!!!

  932. 932 : marites Says:

    My super friends here know you because of me…
    They want to watch your movies too.
    I love you,KRW!!!

  933. 933 : marites Says:

    More,more,more nice movies and dramas from KRW!!!!

  934. 934 : Alyannah Says:

    Hello my Dear KRW!
    Your a great actor to me forever!!!

  935. 935 : kIkAy Says:

    Kim Rae Won FOREVER!!!!

  936. 936 : eNtHeT Says:

    hello KRW,

    your so handsome in gourmet….

  937. 937 : eNtHeT Says:

    we want you to be no.1 here even though its so hard to achieve….

  938. 938 : shaira Says:

    hai Kim,

    i really miss you a lot…..

  939. 939 : shaira Says:

    what are you doing right now?? i hope your fin.. muahh!!!

  940. 940 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i really2x miss you a lot…
    143 KRW!!!

  941. 941 : kevin_emoy Says:

    you know what i really2x love you so much!!
    143 KRW!!!

  942. 942 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i really2x hopelessly devoted to you!!!
    143 KRW!!!

  943. 943 : cherie Says:

    sabihin mo na kung anong gusto mo kahit ano gagawin para lamang sayo…. i love you KIM RAE WON……..

  944. 944 : cherie Says:

    just tell me what you want and i’ll do everything just for you…
    love you KRW!!!

  945. 945 : wheng316 Says:

    pray to god always…………

  946. 946 : wheng316 Says:

    good night!!! sweet dreams!!!! sleep tight!!!

  947. 947 : winni3 Says:

    hai KRW,

    i hope your alright always..
    god will always keep an eye on you….

  948. 948 : winni3 Says:

    im your solid fan here… and i really2x like you so much!!!

  949. 949 : kIkAy Says:

    im a kikay and i hope your a kikoy…. luv u!!!

  950. 950 : [email protected]!z Says:

    last one to next page!!!

  951. 951 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>20 na.. hahahaha!!!

  952. 952 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>hi!! KRW!!
    >>Rock ‘n’ Roll!!

  953. 953 : [email protected]!z Says:



  954. 954 : Alyannah Says:

    hai kim,’

    your the best ever… yeah!!

  955. 955 : Alyannah Says:

    you’re so cute ever!!! that’s why i love you!!!

  956. 956 : Alyannah Says:

    lets rock n roll together oyeah!!!

  957. 957 : jenny Says:

    i really like all of your movies bcoz its all great.. keep up the good job…

  958. 958 : jenny Says:

    the gourmet is really good… i hope you have another tv series to come…. god bless you always…..

  959. 959 : shaira Says:

    have a nice day ill be back tomorrow!! luv you KRW!!

  960. 960 : nemracz Says:

    keep up the good work!!!

  961. 961 : m!ga Says:

    be brave always…
    u rockz!!

  962. 962 : jenny Says:

    just do it again!!! nike!!

  963. 963 : [email protected]!z Says:

    >>21 na jud!!! hek3x 😡

  964. 964 : Cathy Says:

    Dear kim Rae Won,

    Good A.M.
    Ever since i watched you in Which Star Are You From? , I’m starting to like you there.Since then, i’m looking for your other series.
    Keep Smiling!!!!

  965. 965 : Cathy Says:

    the family is o
    ur first community. . . .

  966. 966 : shwesin Says:

    hi hello
    in korean movie satrs u r the famous I like your action very much
    u r so clever n hansone

  967. 967 : shwesin Says:

    I like youe action
    u r the cleverest person
    lone story in harved is famous TV series

  968. 968 : eNtHeT Says:

    hows youre day kim rae won??????????
    i really missed you!!!!!!!!!!

  969. 969 : madonna Says:

    hello kim.. your a cute guy huh???

  970. 970 : shereen Says:

    hi Kim Rae Won. I’m your fan from Philippines. Hope to see you act in drama series at KBS. I love you. Good luck.

  971. 971 : sulu Says:

    hai kim rae won, come on…say something to us your big fan

  972. 972 : sol Says:

    so great your tv series, I’ admire it most,,profoundly good..the two of you kim tae hee are the perfect match,………………

  973. 973 : zucchini Says:

    ur smile give me strength…
    i love you so much….
    may ur life full of success..

  974. 974 : enthet Says:

    hello!!! kim rae won!!!

    imiss you!!!!

  975. 975 : Ma Says:


    U can call me “Ma”! U’r younger than me .When did u visit from Myanmar???I advice u,Whatever u always read u’s funbox.I like so mach u.U action “Love Story in Harvard” so nice.I wish u,one day u can get the”Oscar”award.Iwaitng u’s replay.

  976. 976 : kevin_emoy Says:

    hello kim rae won!!!
    i miss you a lot!!!
    hope you miss me too….

  977. 977 : kevin_emoy Says:

    you are the reason why i am still alive!!!

  978. 978 : kevin_emoy Says:

    you always take my breath away!!!!!!!

  979. 979 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i really hope to see you in person!!!

  980. 980 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i LOVE kIM rAE wON!!!
    143 krw

  981. 981 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i really like the way you are!!!
    especially your acting in your movies!!!

  982. 982 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i think im going crazy about kim rae won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  983. 983 : kevin_emoy Says:

    kim rae won, thanks for making me happy!!!!!!!!!!!

  984. 984 : kevin_emoy Says:

    my lyf is worthless without you kim rae won!!!!!!!11

  985. 985 : kevin_emoy Says:



  986. 986 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i miss you kim rae won!!!!!!!!!

  987. 987 : enthet Says:

    hello KRW!!! how are you???
    hope your owkie!!!!!!!!!!

  988. 988 : enthet Says:

    i really like the gourmet!!!!!!!!!

  989. 989 : enthet Says:

    i really hope to meet you in person!!!!!!

  990. 990 : enthet Says:

    when would you visit Philippines??????????

  991. 991 : enthet Says:

    keep on rockin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  992. 992 : enthet Says:

    hey krw, ican ask who is your real girlfriend????????

  993. 993 : enthet Says:

    im confused, are you gay???

  994. 994 : enthet Says:

    can anyone tell me, is kim rae won gay???????

  995. 995 : enthet Says:

    no offense to the kim rae won fan!!!! hehe

  996. 996 : enthet Says:

    you rock the world of filipinas!!!!!

  997. 997 : enthet Says:

    ok lets be serious,, you are really good actor!!!!!!!

  998. 998 : enthet Says:

    alright, bye for now, i got to go!!!!

  999. 999 : kevin_emoy Says:

    krw is not gay!!!!!!!!!!

  1000. 1000 : kevin_emoy Says:

    be strong kim rae won!!!! 14344

  1001. 1001 : kevin_emoy Says:

    >>>>21 njud!!!!!!

  1002. 1002 : Ruhama Says:

    just want to say..keep doing the good work…

  1003. 1003 : Viola Says:

    hi kim,
    i watched love story in harvard
    i like it so much
    i like ur movies

    i wanna b ur fri

    c ya
    love u
    plz ssend me ur latest photos
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  1004. 1004 : dei Says:

    …i’v been scouting for your movies,lately. 🙂
    …your not that pretty,…nonetheless your an inspiration.char!

  1005. 1005 : ruhama Says:

    Hi KRW

    I think you are a very good actor i saw your movie …ing it was amazing & heart touching… love u..

  1006. 1006 : ruhama Says:

    Hello again,

    “Love Story in Harvard ” is one of your best drama, it shows all your grat acting skil… keep ding such good work…

  1007. 1007 : kevin_emoy Says:

    i love you KRW!!!

  1008. 1008 : kevin_emoy Says:

    you rock KRW!!!

  1009. 1009 : kevin_emoy Says:

    you’re the best actor ever!!!!

  1010. 1010 : kevin_emoy Says:

    im crazy about KRW!!!!

  1011. 1011 : kevin_emoy Says:

    take care always KRW!!!

  1012. 1012 : arantxa Says:

    hey!..ur a really nice actor..i watched some movies of urs..have not got so much to say but dat keep on acting..till den anyo!

  1013. 1013 : kevin_emoy Says:

    hello KRW!!!!! 14344

  1014. 1014 : Mira Rai Says:

    i don’t even know that kim rae won would read this message but i’m writting concerning him. He is very versatile and descent actor and funny as well. i’ve been watching korean movies and i’ve never seen a actor like you a dashing, handsome,cool…..and awesome……..
    kim rae won u really rock on movie…..keeep it up……

  1015. 1015 : Mira Rai Says:

    u were way too cool in ‘My little Bride’. i wanna say one thing that ur smile is awesome………u look great when u smile. u know when u smile ur eyes twinkles and that just make my mind go crazy…….
    so Mr handsome KRW keep on smiling……..

  1016. 1016 : June Says:

    I first saw you on MY Love Patzzi…..I love your smiles
    your acting is wonderful too…..I just liked everything about you.
    Many many best wishes for you keep doing your best work..I’ll be watching you in movies……love ya….

  1017. 1017 : sulu Says:

    hai rae won-ssi,
    how r u? now im so interesting with socrates methode, i learn more about filsuf specially socrates after watch u in mr.socrates. i think in mr.socrates not only talk about predestination. i’ll try to interpreting & find out the philosophy. rae won-ssi would you teach me how to learn fast hanguk language?

  1018. 1018 : mar Says:

    u’re my favourite actor.
    u are very handsome.
    I live in myanmar.
    have anice day

  1019. 1019 : Daisy Says:

    One of my favorite actors. Loved SAY YOU LOVE ME and MR. SOCRATES.

  1020. 1020 : znith Says:

    hello KRW!!!! how are you??? hope youre ok!!!!!!

  1021. 1021 : Mira Rai Says:

    Kim rae won rocks
    Kim rae won rocks
    Kim rae won rocks
    Kim rae won rocks
    love u so……………..

  1022. 1022 : jesscca Says:

    I’m watching Gourmet and your acting is excellent. Keep up the good work!

  1023. 1023 : jhoan Says:

    hi kimrae..
    im jhoan from the philippinnes..
    you look so handsome…en i rily love how you make us gerls happy en feel special..just by watching you…

    hope you’ll visit the philippines…

    see yah…muah!

  1024. 1024 : jhoan Says:

    hi kim rae..

    i rily love how you performe in every scene that your doing specially
    in love story in harvard and my little bride

    hopre you’ll visit the philippines…muah!

  1025. 1025 : oom Says:

    I love you so much “pretty boy”

  1026. 1026 : THAILAND Says:

    “Love story in Harvard is one my heart ”
    I wish you heve a new Series with tae hee again

  1027. 1027 : celine Says:

    i love you rae-won…love all your movies and soaps…just hate it when they call you the wrong name…hello people fyi in korea, person’s name are called from their family last name first then their given first name. Meaning…KIM is his last name and RAE-WON is his first name…

  1028. 1028 : Fe Says:

    Hi Kim Rae-won, I really like your smile ’cause you’re so cute and i’m a fun of yours. IDK if you will read this message. You know, I don’t know your real name so what I did ws I search your name in the web. I’m Fe from Philippines. I wish you the best of luck and more success. 🙂

  1029. 1029 : Fe Says:

    Anyong haseyo…
    actually that’s the only korean word i know.
    muah…. 🙂

  1030. 1030 : chase Says:

    u’re damn hot. 🙂
    i love which star are you from?
    u make my day happy

  1031. 1031 : elma Says:

    Hi Kim Rea Won, you’re really nice and good looking. I like your acting specially in “Which Star are You From?. Your funny and decent actions on camera makes you so much attractive to people watching you. Keep up the good work. Our family loves you. We are from the Philippines and we pray for your success in life. GOD Bless and more power to you and your family.

  1032. 1032 : Yana Lie ( Indonesia ) Says:

    To: Kim Rea won

    I Like your act…

    Lucu n mengemaskan…

  1033. 1033 : PHIRADA(THAILAND) Says:

    hi kim rae won

  1034. 1034 : lynda Says:

    i like ur drama love story in harvard!!!
    u are so romantic..

  1035. 1035 : wanitz Says:

    im a great fan of yours,ireally really like you

  1036. 1036 : JESSA Says:

    annyonghaseyo KIM RAE WON!! :]] i’m jessa. your #1 die-hard fan and also jeong ryeo won. haaai. you’re so HANDSOME. i really like to meet you in person. that’s why my dream is to go there in KOREA and to meet you in person and also jeong ryeo won. :] you two are very sweet and cute couple. hope in real life,she will be your girlfriend. ahhaha. i knew that kim tae hee becam your girlfriend. hmm. she’s also very beautiful. hehehe^^. HOPE TO MEET YOU IN PERSON!!!!♥ireallyLOVE–KOREA!♥♥ i swear! 😀 more power to your career. GODBLESS! –jessa from Philippines.

  1037. 1037 : nge lay (myanmar) Says:

    Kim rae won ( director )!!

    u r my prince

  1038. 1038 : nge lay (myanmar) Says:

    kim rae won (director)!!

    u r my hero.

  1039. 1039 : irene23 Says:

    hOnEstLy,,,i didn’t nOticEd ur grEAtnEss in ur pAst tv drAmA
    u and JEONG RYEO WON look vEry vEry vEry good tOgEthEr
    i hArdLy sLEEp At night EvErytime I wAtch every EpisOdE
    d swEEt scENEs of u and ryeo wOn LOOks rEAL….
    what’s d reAL scOrE MAN???

  1040. 1040 : irene23 Says:

    are the korean actors able to read these messages?
    hope so……..

  1041. 1041 : maricel Says:

    anyeong and anyenghasaeyo kim! ur so handsome i love always watchng ur face on screen. i luv ur face! hahaha. hop we can be friend soon aftr reading dis.

  1042. 1042 : maricel Says:

    kim hw r u? hop u can vsit here in phil soon i wsh 2 see u face 2 face, eye 2 eye. hahaha!

  1043. 1043 : maricel Says:

    kim help me find you!!! hahaha i luv u saranghe!!!!
    i reli lyk my god im crazy

  1044. 1044 : znith Says:

    Hi Kim Rae won,

    I hope your doin fine now, miss u so much…
    Take Care Always!!!

  1045. 1045 : znith Says:

    Your a great actor for me!!!

  1046. 1046 : mon Says:

    I like your action & your sweet face.
    may u get many successful things.

  1047. 1047 : princess Says:

    hi! im princess from philippines!!!

    i really love your movie my little bride its very fun and romantic!!!!
    i hope u will visite us here!!!

  1048. 1048 : imeenhery Says:

    hi kim rae won,,,
    ====im ur biggest fan from the philippines,,,
    ==”>i hope you will visit here,,,,
    you know what?you serve as my inspiration to pursue my studies,,,because i wanna see you in person…,,,thank’s a lot…
    ===can i say i love you?hahaha…(in my dreams)…
    ===”>take care always….
    ;;;more movies to come,,,,have a nice day!!
    you’r so cute and i like your smile….i like the way you act….
    ryt?ok!!!__imee here!

  1049. 1049 : bethsabe Says:

    Nunca fui fanatica de nada, ahora me encantan los dramas , telen. koreanos especialmente attic cat que llore bastante. kim, actor es sensacional.

  1050. 1050 : tyna Says:


    im from brunei..i like ur face..and ur acting..very cute face and such as romantic guy hope u’ll be like dat in real..wana c u…
    love ya so much…

  1051. 1051 : me Says:

    I like u so much . I watch all of ur movies.

  1052. 1052 : sulu Says:

    annyonghaseyo rae won-ssi,
    i still learn about socrates & almost find the conclution from tipologi of mr socrates, socrates & Jesus. use to be i think philosophy is nothing, different than now, do you know agustine & cornelius vantill? they are good philosophy. you must read ‘introduction to philosophy-norman geisler, building a christian worldview-w.andrew hoffecker, sofis world, plato letters”
    thank you kim rae won…GBU

  1053. 1053 : Nong Says:

    My name is Nong. I am from Thailand.The country of smiles.I watch you’re movies. I love them espeacially the”The Love Story In Haruwared” You make me live my life to the fullest. It makes me feel happy when i watch you’re love movies. I dont have time to watch you’re great movies because I live in a foundation for women. I want to know which are you’re best movies. You’re movies give me a reason to live. The website for this foundation is http://www.wildflowerhome.net.
    I hope you visit the website and learn all about what we do. If you ever come to the land of smiles please visit us.

  1054. 1054 : juliemae Says:

    woi….. your badboy but i like you… in attic cat…………


  1055. 1055 : rayhane Says:

    hi my perfect actor i’m rayhane this is my e_mail can you please gave me your personnel e_mail i love you verry much

  1056. 1056 : jue Says:

    i like you alot. ur movie make make laugh and ur actions are attractive.

    can u come toThailand once??

  1057. 1057 : irene Says:

    i love you…keep up the good work…

  1058. 1058 : Mira Rai Says:

    hi again to this site of Kim Rae Won well he’s got a newly talent …….guess what????-cooking isn’t that great!!really he had published a book where he got very delicious foods recipes..hats off kim rae won….. hats off……….

  1059. 1059 : sulu Says:

    merry christmas kim rae won

  1060. 1060 : vicky webb Says:

    all i have to say is……………..MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!

  1061. 1061 : neanderthal Says:

    Happy New Year!

  1062. 1062 : wanggmo Says:

    You are just toooooooooooooooooooooo cool……………………………………………

  1063. 1063 : wanggmo Says:

    hi dudu,
    I hate to say this especially to guys but i must admit you are real charmer.I just felt you are drop dead gorgeus.You are too cool.I watched your films and it was fab…..I ENJOYED THOUGH I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOUR LANGAUGE.IT WAS TRANSLATED IN ENGLISH.GOD!IT WAS SUPERB

  1064. 1064 : irish Says:

    Your movies made me realize a lot about loving. More success!

  1065. 1065 : ocean Says:

    Kim Rae won!!!!! I am the gr8est fan of yours from Nepal!!!!!
    I love you so much……I like your acting I have watched your movies and t.v serials…….they are beautiful, cute and romantic. Please do good work and play nice movies. God bless you!!!!!

    HAPpY NeW YeaR KIm Rae WoN!!!1!!1 (^ ^)

  1066. 1066 : anne Says:

    for me,,,he’s the most good looking korean actor n my list…next is Song il-gook.

  1067. 1067 : mika Says:

    for me, you are just like jae hee.
    You’re funny and handsome look.

  1068. 1068 : Le' Le' Says:

    Kin , I’m Myanmar.Do you know Myanmar?I like your action very much.You are so cute , attractive.I like you and I love you so.Thank

  1069. 1069 : Le' Le' Says:

    I like you so much.

  1070. 1070 : lhadon Says:

    hi kin…
    i love ur acting..n ur smile…dis is me from bhutan..hope u kw that place…hav a nic day ahead…

  1071. 1071 : jennie Says:

    hi kim rae won.. i love u so much.. il meet u in my dreams..take care

  1072. 1072 : thuzar Says:

    i am myanmar . do u know myanmar?i like u so much

  1073. 1073 : Rachel Says:

    Hello Kim Rae Won!
    since I first saw you on our TV in the serie ” from which star are you” I loves your actinf and most of all how you look, you are a great actor and a very hansom man, much success, happy new year. Rachel – Israel

  1074. 1074 : oo khin Says:

    i m ur very big big and big fun

  1075. 1075 : rowie bondoc Says:

    hello kim rae won,
    whats new about you? i do rewatch attic cat and love story in harvard you really portray your character very well..i also watch your latest gourmet its good. its hard to find your other movie here in phils. as i said in your friendtsr account if you want personal assistant,home nursery i am available.. il alwyas sent to you my email addres [email protected].. pls make a replay…. as of this day i am so sad because i still waiting my opportunity at alberta… hope i can go thete sooner.. pls wait for me i want to meet you personallly… take care

  1076. 1076 : meirav Says:

    hi kim i heard ur making a new drama can’t wait for it to come out

  1077. 1077 : drewney Says:

    hi, i love kim rae won so much. i already watched his latest drama “sik gaek”, nice one. he shows like a real person. i want to get a copy of all his drama & movie. i have also collection of drama like : gourmet, wsayf, lsih, & i got sunflower thru youtube… i hope i can get also his “PURE” photo album which launched in japan, that was last 2004-2005 i think.. by the way, is there anyone who knows where can i download that album..

    thanks, and i hope much more drama & movies to come… keep it up!!

  1078. 1078 : eneria143 Says:

    i like kim rae won very much…i started liking him with love story in harvard…..hope to see him more on korean novelas….good actor….

  1079. 1079 : aira Says:

    hi drewney,

    where i can download all the movies and dramas of kim rae won also all of his collection?is it ok if i used flash disk and put in the portable DVD player or is it comfortable if i buy on the disk?well i also like him a lot i’ve already watched all of her dramas and movies but i need collections of them can you help me?do you have any contact or email of kim rae won?when exactly the “insadong scandal” be aired?thanks a lot in advance

  1080. 1080 : Ginny Moe Says:

    i like ur style.. and ur action..
    i hope u to b a seccessful actor..
    i mean…
    more and more than as usual..
    i am from Myanmar..
    if u r free…
    please reply me..
    i’m looking forward to see ur mail in my mail inbox…
    ever smile “O Pa” .. !
    cheer up!

  1081. 1081 : PrincessFab Says:

    Where can I download “Plum Blossom”??

  1082. 1082 : ieda Says:

    love u when i fisrt time look you..
    i like ur movies and on whatever u do..
    i’m happy to watch ur movies..
    keep a good work…

  1083. 1083 : Chen Says:

    Hi, I appreciate so much about you. I am impressed by your smile and character. You are great^^ Hope be friend of you…haha… What is your official website? will you go there often?
    PS: I am from Guangzhou,China. Will you email me? Although probably you will not see my post here, I really hope I can get letter from you. [email protected]

  1084. 1084 : rose Says:

    when i first saw u i saw love
    and the first time u touched me i felt love
    and after all this time u r still the one i love…..

  1085. 1085 : angelete tengco Says:

    …love you…that’s all

  1086. 1086 : ivonne Says:

    i love you …… te amo

  1087. 1087 : ivonne Says:

    te amo

  1088. 1088 : Joyce Choong Says:

    Greetings Kim Rae Won,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! May all your birthday wishes come true. Keep healthy and happy. Keep up the good work. God bless you.

  1089. 1089 : drewney29 Says:


    wish you all the good luck in life and career,,, keep up the good work…

    i love you very much….

  1090. 1090 : drewney29 Says:

    Hi Aira,

    here’s my email add: [email protected],, i bought some dvd’s here in the philippines but not all of his movie and drama i had, cause its hard to find here. i have is all what i told here in my last message. i really like him so much but i contented to watched his movie by searching in the internet,, hope we can help each other to find some ways in collecting his works. just email me in my personal mail so that we can talk about him.. hehehe…

  1091. 1091 : znith Says:

    happy birthday to you KIM RAE WON!!!
    U have a great life , i wish u all the best in life…
    I love you sooo muchhhhhhhh….

  1092. 1092 : znith Says:

    more success in your acting career more movies to come, we’re waiting your insandong scandal movie together wd Uhm Jung Wa..


  1093. 1093 : znith Says:

    Happy Birthday KIM RAE WON!!!

  1094. 1094 : moon Says:

    song ll goooooooooooooooooook *

    the best ……………. song ll gook the king …………………………………….song ll gook the prince

    *song ll gooooooooooooook * woooooooooooooooooooow

    kim rae won no thing

  1095. 1095 : rim Says:

    dear kim,

    sorry did know is yr bday in 19mar . happy 28th bday.

    just finish watch yr new drama Gourmet within 1 weeks

    having panda eyes now

    very interesting and exciting drama.

    but was quite sad did not c u and her married thought u and her will be in wedding scenery.


    aza aza fighting

    hope to c new drama coming



  1096. 1096 : struck with rae won Says:

    love this kim rae won sooooooo sooooooo sooooo much
    actually i didn’t know him befor , i just knew him from the last month only
    but i didn’t think at all that he will attract me like this .. wonder what he did he do with me !!!!
    i always be used to like rain , hyun bin and so ji sub , but after knowing this awsome rae won i became the one and the only one i love … love love love him

    plz guys help me to find his drama “say u love me” to watch it online or download links , plz pleeeeez help

  1097. 1097 : znith Says:

    For me KIM RAE WON is the best…
    I love you Oppah…!!!!

  1098. 1098 : rim Says:

    hi kim o pa,

    went to have a search manage to find yr old movie,my love patzzi

    very good show ,u always so cute and cool

    2days i finisg watching….

    hope u get awards for yr new show gourmet…very touching

    hope u have new show and come to singapore one fine day


  1099. 1099 : rhea lorena Says:

    hello Rae won oppa!! belated happy birthday!!!! Hope to see you soon on your new series or movies… Miss you!!!!

  1100. 1100 : proudmommy3 Says:

    hi kim rae won..this is mimi from the philippines…..just want to greet you Happy birthday! When can i finally meet you or see you in person.just finish watching attic cat and im into gourmet ….im really doing my best to get all the copies of your dramas! I really adored you on your drama love story in harvard.Im so fond of you..your sweet smile,your sad face and your character being so stubbord..your so cute!….keep up the goodwork your really a versatile actor.Goodluck…

  1101. 1101 : struck with rae won Says:

    pleeeeez plz anyone tell me where can i download his drama ‘say u love me’ with direct links not torrent , i tierd a lot searscing for it , plz help me T_T

  1102. 1102 : melinda Says:

    love kim rae won’s style and smile. what’s your new movie?

  1103. 1103 : meirav Says:

    if u can’t find it just buy it from the site yesasia they have good moives
    and music that is what i did i bought love story in havard and other

  1104. 1104 : kiut_krw Says:

    u r damn gorgeous..
    Kiut gler…
    i know that u r not going to read this.. but u r simply amazing.
    guck luck

  1105. 1105 : sara Says:

    salam aya tehrani kasi on hast?

  1106. 1106 : thuthu Says:

    I love u,so much

  1107. 1107 : shirin Says:

    hi kim rae von how are you ? my name is shirin i live in uzbekistan i like your movies i am your big fanat . so much i like your serial. Can you sent me your photo”s in my email thahk you bye!

  1108. 1108 : sulu Says:

    hi KRW,
    Im from Indonesia…i love you KRW

  1109. 1109 : meirav Says:

    hi kim hope ur ok can’t wait for ur new drama

  1110. 1110 : farnaz Says:

    which star are u from?
    i love you .

  1111. 1111 : mindy Says:

    Love kim rae won’s drama and movie very much. You have nice smiling and good looking body. Hope to see your product soon.

  1112. 1112 : taki Says:

    It has been a long time you not act in new drama, very love to watch your acting, wish to see you on the screen again. Please….. Always support you.
    Miss your smile and well looking.

  1113. 1113 : Ruby_C Says:

    I very like he, the first I see him, My heart

  1114. 1114 : fiona Says:

    my n ame is fiona i am 28 years old from aberdeen scotland i think you are the most amazing person i have ever known of you are not only talented but kind and compassionate you make the world a better place.
    i support you 100%

  1115. 1115 : aja! Says:

    him krw! your such a great actor..thank you for entertaining us through your great movies and shows.. hope you can visit here in the philippines.. keep up the good work! Godbless:)

  1116. 1116 : Hilda Says:

    You are the best Korean actor, love your smile, your face and your acting too. Haven’t seen any new dramas in 2009 since the last one “Gourmet”, we are getting impatient here in the U.S.
    We all love to see you soon.

  1117. 1117 : linda Says:

    hi rae won! i’m a teacher from Singapore. u know how stressful teaching can be here in my country?? n so i watch your dramas, sometimes over and over again… really, the way you talk, walk, smile, scream, sing… you de-stress me. thank u for giving me a little bit of hope after a hard day’s work. chao.

  1118. 1118 : chilli Says:

    hi kim i think that u r so smart

    i really want to knou u rs nose;eye n so on ……….. r original.

    i have heard most of korean are operate their face n body.

    i m a girl from myanmar 🙂

  1119. 1119 : sKY Says:

    Hi KIm,
    Just finished watching your gourmet made me cried and laughed Your truly a great actor! I love you for that even though you don’t know me at all pls count me in as your big FAN here in california. I watched all your drama & movies. What is your next drama & movies anyone knows?

  1120. 1120 : bernadeth Says:

    hi im badeth u ar my idol

  1121. 1121 : season Says:

    hi , i lilke your dramas. I am huge fan of y.ours.

  1122. 1122 : Jibununa Says:

    I’ve just watched “Love story in Harvard” It is very good serie. I have watched many series that you performed. However, you were the best as Kim Hyun Wu in this serie. No wonder why it was very popular. Hope that you are fine in the military. Take care. Be strong. I am waiting to see your work and will always support you.


  1123. 1123 : Violet Says:

    Hi “struck with rae won”. Don’t know whether u had tried mysoju to download the drama (say you love me). Perhaps u can try if u haven’t. I watched the drama from CD I bought, but to tell u frankly, it was the most boring drama ever for KRW. I was very dissappointed with the storyline, and feel sorry for KRW’s talent to be wasted on such poor drama. It got to take full package in order to make a project success, not solely depends on the actor.
    So, eventhough I’m a big fan of KRW, still I can’t help to give low rating for the drama. Think I’ve wasted my 15hours watching it.
    But that is my personal opinion. Maybe u can give it a try and see wehether u like the drama.

    Anyway I’d like to recommend for u to watch Gourmet (if u have not watch it), KRW drama for year 2008. The drama is excellent, and KRW is simply outstanding as a talented chef! Go for it KRW oppa!

  1124. 1124 : Tata Noble Says:

    Hi. My name is tata noble from the Phils… You are such a fine actor,.I’ve bought & watched all your series here in the Phils. I love it.. Take care always

  1125. 1125 : miss rae won Says:

    anyone know how to download the drama from mysoju?miss kim rae won alot…..=p

  1126. 1126 : hazel Says:


    .i like y0ur m0vies esPecialLy the love st0ry in harvard.. You drives me crazy.haha. U r my insPrati0n!ü..

  1127. 1127 : Sarah Says:

    Hey! Currently watching Which Star Are You From! Love it to bits. Guess what? Gourmet will be aired soon. Can’t wait. You are such a fine actor… with a sweet smile. Keep up the good work!

  1128. 1128 : Catty Says:

    Hi KRW! I have no words to describe how outstanding you are as an actor. You’re simply AMAZING and BRILLIANT in all your works. You’re able to put soul in almost all characters you played effortlessly. And understand that you’re very committed too, learning the characters in-depth before starts the shooting. Big applause for you oppa!

    Love you in My Love Patzzi, ATTIC CAT, Love Story In Harvard and absolutely GOURMET!! And now been searching crazily over all your older works including your movies as I just can’t get enough of you. I especially missed your mischievious smile in ATTIC CAT! And I think your hair style in ATTIC CAT suits you the best 🙂

    Wish you all the best and hope you’ll involved in more great series/movies afterwards. And I’m sure you deserve lots more awards for your outstanding job in GOURMET. Fighting KRW!

  1129. 1129 : kiut_krw Says:

    He will going to the military soon..
    this coming 13 August..
    We will miss him and his amazing acting for 2 years…..
    Dun worry my Oppa,
    we will wait for you and support you forever and ever….without no doubt.. =p

  1130. 1130 : Winnie Rae Says:

    KRW , always support / love you. Must continue acting & give us good drama..I really hope you can act with actress Ha Ji Won again…as I really miss both of you in “Beautiful Life” ..all the best .

  1131. 1131 : ras Says:

    i like kim rae won your acting and smile. i waiting for you new drama.
    ras.. from malaysia

  1132. 1132 : ras Says:

    i love your acting, style,cool and nice smile
    from malaysia.

  1133. 1133 : taki Says:

    hi, today i just saw one of your movie. the story about how to differentiate the real history drawings from past 60 years ago. very nice, a very different position you took in that movie.
    at the meanwhile, i also rushing for your gourmet drama at 8tv. hi, i am from Malaysia, one of the country from asean tenggara, next to Singapore.
    How is your actor life???? very interesting……. Are you have any plan to come to Malaysia for any promotion of drama or movie or product representative.
    in Malaysia, it is very difficult to find all your drama and movies. But i will try my best to collect all of it. i want to learn Korean languages, can you recommend me the first step to learn at home, any good book or dvd.
    wish to learn korean language because when i watching your drama, i only can understand what you said when i looked at the translation on the screen. and i do not like to change to chinese language because i prefer to heard you real sound….. hope you can reply me. thanks.
    one of your fans among all of the indefinity fans around the world, takiheng..wish you always in good job, happy and healthy..我爱你我的偶像

  1134. 1134 : Sarah Says:


    i case u are not aware. 8TV is airing KRW’s new series, Gourmet since last Thursday. Mon-Fri 8.30pm-9.30pm.

  1135. 1135 : rim Says:

    an neo


    u going ns???

    so no acting for 2 years.

    i finish yr recnt drama gourmet

    your acting skills is very good

    aza aza fighting

    sarang hey

    hope u come to spore one day


  1136. 1136 : lilis Says:

    I just love him!!!!
    HE’s amazing!!!
    Really really like him!!!

  1137. 1137 : nan ei khine {myanmar} Says:

    i love your acting…….. i love u………

  1138. 1138 : fionajane Says:

    hi my name is fionajane beattie from scotland me and my friend rae rae want to say all the best to kim rae won and we wish him luck we love you at the moment i am doing a 4 day fast for kim rae won so that god will keep him safe then i plan to spend 7 night of sleeping out door so that god will keep kim rae won safe may god and the angels protect and love him and no matter where he is we are right here loyal and waiting for our prince to get back to us you are in our hearts thoughts and prayers for ever
    stay bless all my love

  1139. 1139 : raelove Says:

    hi!! Kim rae won
    I’m from philippines…
    most of your drama was aired in the Phiippines,,
    and Now your Gourmet will air in the Philippines TV..
    I dunno when it will be air… but I will keep my fingers
    cross on it..
    you are really handsome,cute,charming,adorable,
    hot,gorgeous,elegant, genius….
    hope u will come to the philippines..
    for the promotions of your drama…
    see you soon…

  1140. 1140 : Lumi Says:

    Today KRW started his military duty. I was a little sad because he will be missed. On the bright side, he actually looks very handsome with his military crew cut.

    Take car KRW and God bless you.

  1141. 1141 : hani Says:

    Gourmet currently on air in Malaysia now…KRW was so cool&brilliant…love d storyline – really hope i cud taste ‘kimchi’ someday…

  1142. 1142 : michi Says:

    i like your smile
    i want to see your family poto

  1143. 1143 : Hang Says:

    KRW, u had to start your military duty? 🙁 I’m very sad cuz i won’t see u in any film for a long time 🙁 Promise me that u will come back soon! U are the best K-actor, i’m always by your side:)
    Can you pls tell me, it’s true that u sang a song in Love story in Harvard?

    Vietnamese girl, CZECH REPUBLIC
    Miluji Tě!!!!

  1144. 1144 : chaimoon Says:

    Are you going to the army soon? Please come back safe and sound for your family and your fans and for ME!

  1145. 1145 : vilmita Says:

    holas… yo tb estoy muy triste pero bueno dos años pasaran volando y ya estaremos viendolo filmar una nueva… porfa alguien me da un alista de sus pelis y novelas creo q me faltan muchas gracias

  1146. 1146 : lorz Says:

    Hi kim, I love your TV Series “love story in-harvard”
    Your a great K actor and love your cute smile… May God keep you safe always…….
    I’m hoping to see you personally…

  1147. 1147 : Htet Htet Aung Says:

    I love you very much

  1148. 1148 : miss yu yu Says:

    i love your acting, style,cool and nice smile
    from myanmar.

  1149. 1149 : zoya Says:

    I very love you

  1150. 1150 : zoya Says:

    i love your style & smile & your acting 🙂
    zoya from Tehran

  1151. 1151 : loli Says:

    hi rae won
    you are so handsome and a genius actor.. hope you are in good health
    I wish you all the best..

    saranghe oppah~~!!

  1152. 1152 : kate Says:

    i love u big smile “Love story in Harvard”

  1153. 1153 : lee Says:

    super crush!!! i love the show What Star Did You Come From !! super!!

  1154. 1154 : marjit Says:

    heiio mr. kim i see ur acting i want u very much u r very handsome my favourite actor is u. i am from imphal, manipu my country is india. okey bye

  1155. 1155 : jazlynn Says:

    I like all of your acting and style.I love you most other actor.I always wait your film and movie.You are very gorgeous.

  1156. 1156 : jazlynn Says:

    I love you very much.

  1157. 1157 : cheezytreat Says:

    you’re the best…

  1158. 1158 : gracie Says:

    mr kim… i really admired your skill. your acting is different. you have your own style. everytime i watch your movies and tv series, i can’t help but get my self into the scene. you are the only actor who can make me laugh and cry at the same time. there is something in your eyes. your eyes can visualize all the emotions needed in every scene you protray…

    congratulations kim rae won!

    i hope you will have time to visit my country. by the way, im a filipina… you are always welcome here in the philippines…

    take care and god bless you…


  1159. 1159 : charity Says:

    Hi Kim, ur such a nice and good actor. I like the way you look and smiles. Keep up the good works.

  1160. 1160 : Hilda Says:

    Hi Rae Won:
    I love watching your shows, you’re such a good actor and love your smiles. You’re just so different from the rest of the Korean actors. Our family loves you but how come we haven’t seen you in any dramas since “Gourmet”? We miss you.

  1161. 1161 : LIlis Says:

    2 years really long period…….
    come back quickly..
    we miss you badly!!!!!!!

  1162. 1162 : awonshang Says:

    love u kim rae won……………. u deserve 2 b da best human 2 bring smyle on every1 faces … LOVE U DUDE…..HOPE 2 C U SOON IN INDIA. LOVE ALL OF UR MOVIES N M IN LUV WID U….. UUUUUUUUMMMMMMAH.. MMMMMMMUAAAAAH.

  1163. 1163 : charity Says:

    hi again!

  1164. 1164 : aMbY Says:

    . . wah!! i love you so much Kim Rae Won!!! 😛 your only the one who is the actor that made me inlove so much!!! i want to see you in personal!! . . after i watched the episode 16 of which star are you from . . i shout so loud! 😛 you are so handsome and your eyes is so nice. your such a genius i like the way you dressed . . 😛

  1165. 1165 : aMbY Says:

    by the way i love your smile!!! always SMILE 🙂

  1166. 1166 : b¡Z(_)[email protected]¡P(_)r Says:

    oooph..da fightingz in sunflower r tremendous…hope 2 c u soon in more action flicks..da storyline of sunflower is remarkable n addin 2 it,is da acting of kim wit a gr8 penache…u r one of da finst acta dat is wel knwn al ova here in Manipur(a small state in INDIA dat is filled wit da lovrs of korean entainmnt n da fashion trendz)..keep up da gud wrk kim..,plz do visit india(esp north-east places)…!

  1167. 1167 : periwinkle Says:

    i love his movie love story in harvard his character in the movie defined his brilliance in acting, he portrays the character very well very mature and lovable at the same time. I love the way your eyes smile when you smile. I liked it!

  1168. 1168 : awonshang Says:

    hi……gud people. misssssssssssing u alot longin 2 c u soon… wel ve a blessed life … love u….

  1169. 1169 : Dorothy Says:

    Sweet December! Kim Rea-Won

    John 4:16
    For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.

  1170. 1170 : Dorothy Says:

    Sweet December!
    John 4:16
    For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.

  1171. 1171 : Muugii Says:

    Hi Kim Rae won

    It is wonderful to see your film and serial, you looks great and your roles are never repeat again. Love you.

  1172. 1172 : Muugii Says:

    Hi Kim Rae won

    You are wonderful. Your serials and movies are very nice. You looks attractive. You believe me you are good man. Wish you best.

  1173. 1173 : maypwintphue Says:

    hi , oppah
    I love u so much.You are very handsome.Your smile is very attractive.
    I am myanmar girl. I am your audience.

  1174. 1174 : shosh Says:

    Kim rea Wan you really the most my favourite actor, you’re pretty talented handsome clever ,you dream of every woman, I think you have a smile the conquers and Making light ‘,the room , the world and soul. You really really unique.
    like kim suna for me.

  1175. 1175 : roychel Says:

    wat ever u r ur stell in my hart..
    i hope so i’m ur aning & bea in ur life…
    take good care..i love u, mwuaaaah.

  1176. 1176 : mahnaz Says:

    hi kim rae won i am mahnaz from iran very iloveyou number phone you ? you send email number phone to [email protected] wait wait wait wait,you number phone send to email i am [email protected] wait wait wait .ilove you

  1177. 1177 : mahnaz Says:

    hi kim rae won i am mahnaz from iran very iloveyou number phone you ? you send email number phone to [email protected] wait wait wait wait,you number phone send to email i am [email protected] wait wait wait

  1178. 1178 : mahnaz Says:

    hi kim rae won .you are very nice very good .please number phon or email you?you send email or number phone to [email protected] you very much .ilove you kim rae won

  1179. 1179 : Uji Says:

    Long time to watch his drama..but know I had watch his new drama GURMIT..very interesting drama..but cannot forget him in MY LOVE PATZZi..love him in this drama

  1180. 1180 : [email protected] Says:

    ellop killer SMILE3…..

  1181. 1181 : cookie58 Says:

    Wishing U a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year….

  1182. 1182 : panraewon Says:

    Have you gals voted for our Raewon yet?

    by ploy

    love kim rae won pls vote here.for prince who the man we loves.you can votes every 12 hours.

    vote here

  1183. 1183 : awonshang Says:

    lover of my life,,,, have a merriest x-mas…. wd family, frens n da world k …. love u

  1184. 1184 : charity Says:

    Hi ! happy New year ! More blessings to come in your life. More movies, telenovelas, projects……. will come….. Stay sweet as you are. God Bless !

  1185. 1185 : farnaz Says:

    happy new year,,,wishing u a very very good year.

  1186. 1186 : geraldine Says:


  1187. 1187 : LiliSs Says:

    We miss him on-off screen!!
    come back quickly!!!

  1188. 1188 : rizbry Says:

    hi kim rae won,really admire ur acting abilities.i’m an avid fan of yours from the philippines.hope i can watch more of ur draama shows because for me you’re the best actor in the world.i hope to watch a show of yours soon.i really fell in love with u when i watched which star are u from.more power to u and God Bless.Love u kim rae won…..

  1189. 1189 : Maya Aizel Says:

    Je t’adore tu es trop Fort <3 Bonne continuation
    LOVE U
    JE T'AIME BEAUCOUP <3 <3 <3

  1190. 1190 : Maya Aizel Says:

    JE T’ADORE TU ES TROP FORT <3 Bonne Continuation
    JE T'AIME BEACOUP <3 <3 <3
    Gros Gros Bisou

  1191. 1191 : karima Says:

    Kim Rae-won is a sexxy and handswom actor,Funny in “GOURMENT”…verry verry beautifaul,OMG he is verry beuatufaul. peace!!!

  1192. 1192 : karima Says:

    am [email protected]…and i love to have friends(girls) on facebook. friendship

  1193. 1193 : injin Says:

    I really like him so much

  1194. 1194 : Is***e Ja****i Says:

    I LIKE You,

    You’re a very goOd actor and beautiful <3 !

    Ah and I live in frensh but I from Marocco and I can't speak english x] !

    Good Luck for the futur ! 🙂

  1195. 1195 : Is***e Ja****i Says:

    Hello !

    I like you becouse you are very beautiful and you are very GoOd Actor !! 😀
    But I am sorry, becouse I can’t speak English ! (T_T)
    I from Marocco and I live in Frensh ! (^__^)

    &GoOd luck for the futur !:D

  1196. 1196 : lhiza Says:

    i love kim rae won because he is so handsome, jolly and a very good actor. i never forget him because of the ” Love Story In Harvard”. wish you luck and more succes in your career! i wish to have a vacation in korea if ever i have the chance. God Bless….c”,)

  1197. 1197 : emi Says:

    Kim Rae Won…you are in my system…..you’re the best…..

  1198. 1198 : Marissa Silva Says:

    Hi Kim im ur avid fan iloveu n more blessing 4u.Ur d best actor n ur jolly wil be d best.

  1199. 1199 : s'imàx asmà Says:

    hi kim rae won i am asma from marocco i love you so much kisssssssssssssss for uuuu

  1200. 1200 : s'imàx asmà Says:

    hi kim rae won i am asma from marocco i love uu so much kiss for uuuuu

  1201. 1201 : نوال Says:

    مرحبا انا احب الشخصية التي مثلتها بالشيف الاكبر روعة

  1202. 1202 : Rodiah Says:

    Hi, Kim Rae Won,

    You are very good actor and versatile, especially those romantic love stories.

    From : RODIAH
    Sungei Petani, Kedah, MaLAYsia

  1203. 1203 : dinar anata Says:

    i love u so much i’m crazy about u…

  1204. 1204 : carine Says:

    hye kim rae won,… u r so hensome men in this world!!!!!!

  1205. 1205 : sesennu Says:

    i lov u kim rae won

  1206. 1206 : sesennu Says:

    i lov u so much kim rae won

  1207. 1207 : suikhin Says:

    i am your die hard fan

  1208. 1208 : lulun Says:

    i really love you in roof on the cat.i never get bore of watching you.

  1209. 1209 : noratamayo Says:

    kim rae won…………
    can i get your cellphone number????????????
    im ur avid fan……………………………………….
    hope i see you next time………..

  1210. 1210 : Sing Says:

    I love your drama “Love story in Harvard”. KRW & KTH is my best couple in drama.

  1211. 1211 : rsb Says:

    guys, try watching “what star did you come from.” he is so good looking there. plus, his acting is superb! im an instant fan. im into the last epi, and wanna watch “gourmet” after this. 🙂

  1212. 1212 : Shahrzad Says:

    hi Mr kim rae woon. in iran every one love you. Ilove your movies . if you come to iran we are so happy. bye.

  1213. 1213 : Roxanne V Says:

    hello kim rae-won,
    i miss watching you. ever since you started your military service it’s been so boring. i’m not used to not being able to watch you and not reading any news about you. it’s only been 7 months, but it feels like you’ve been gone for sooo long. hurry and finish up your service. me along with your millions of fans are waiting for your return. happy birthday on March 19. may you have many more birthdays and blessings to come. you are my no.1 korean actor, so humble, so handsome and so talented. i love u rae-won, take care.


  1214. 1214 : yeng Says:

    happy happy birthday to you Kim Rae Won may you have more birthdays to come… hope to see you soon in a korean drama series…good luck also to your entry in a military service….

  1215. 1215 : yeng Says:

    Kim Rae Won ever since i watch attic cat i became your fan and i really love that show of yours i watched it over and over again… i love you and take care of yourself in the military service…

  1216. 1216 : Shirley Says:

    Hi Kim Rae

    Happy belated birthday. All the best for your future. Take care. I like your drama.

  1217. 1217 : zeinab Says:

    hi Mr Kim Rae Won,
    I know you with (what star didi you com from) film. and I really like your acting ,
    good luck

  1218. 1218 : johan Says:

    hi kim rae won i miss ur acting already. hope to see you soon.you are one of the best actor in korea like song seung heon and kim nam gil.

  1219. 1219 : amel Says:

    hi kim rae won vous etes un grand acteur le meilleur meme en plus vous etes tres beau trop viril j ai regarde tous vos dramas ils sont magnifiques en attendant ton retour je vais m ennyer

  1220. 1220 : dreidx Says:

    hi.. kim rae won.. my name is Andrea ..youre my idol forever.. i really admired you.. i was so impressed and touched about your korean novela entitled Love story in Harvard in which I’ve learned that love can wait and if it is meant to be it will be yours forever. thank you for that. i hope you could come to our country Philippines so that i could see you personally.. God bless.. soar high..love you..hehe

  1221. 1221 : asmaa Says:

    hi mrs kim rae won i’m asmaa i’m from morocco*on every i love you
    i love your mouvies

  1222. 1222 : techie envoltorio Says:

    hi rae won, just want to say “saranghae” hope you can come to our country Philippines big mwah…………………………

  1223. 1223 : wazabi Says:

    i miss your smile opa…’

  1224. 1224 : parmida Says:


  1225. 1225 : Roxanne V Says:

    to my dear kim rae-won…in 2 months you’ve been away for MS for a year…’hope you’re enjoying your job at namsan library and learning a lot of english. can’t wait to watch you again. in the meantime, i’ve been watching your old dramas and movies. god bless you rae-won and may the lord guide you always. saranghaeyo curigo kamsahamnida for being the most wonderful you.
    luv yah!

  1226. 1226 : Roxanne V Says:

    KRW forever!!!

  1227. 1227 : mel Says:

    you’re a great actor…

  1228. 1228 : ade Says:

    i like ur act.. ^^

  1229. 1229 : love kim rae won Says:

    you and only you forever, Kim Rae Won

  1230. 1230 : cheryl tallorin Says:

    Dear Idol KIM RAE won,

    MAY i see you in person when i visit korea, i really admire you.

    Take care always God bless

  1231. 1231 : wena Says:

    ‘know what? you’re a great actor. Keep it up!

  1232. 1232 : haesu Says:

    how are you? my love.i miss you so much.we \’ll wait you always. from thailand.

  1233. 1233 : Roxanne V Says:

    missing you krw….13 more months to go…still waiting!!!

  1234. 1234 : Roxanne V Says:

    re-watching all of krw’s dramas…lsih, wsayf, my love pazzi and more..he’s still the best!

  1235. 1235 : shabnam Says:

    you’re playing perfect

  1236. 1236 : by Says:

    vous ete adorable kim rae won

  1237. 1237 : sara Says:

    you are really a good actor.handsome with a killer smile and that beautifull voice.i donnu why but u have sth that the more watching u makes you love u more.u have such a warmness that no korean actor has.ur r so unique.i reallly miss you.wish u be healthy n see u again soon.love u

  1238. 1238 : Winnie Rae Says:

    KRW , see u soon 🙂

  1239. 1239 : parmida Says:

    hi!i love your smile.

  1240. 1240 : lAYLA Says:


  1241. 1241 : rhodz Says:

    comment allez-vous mon amour??? i hope you always take care of your health…and wear your best smile…. really hoping to watch your latest series gourmet soon….je t’aime toujours!!!faites attention!!!

    to all who commented on kim rae won: anyone knows where to download korean series/movie for free???? please inform me…kamsahamnida. merci beaucoup!!!!

  1242. 1242 : pemva Says:

    hey kim i have seen ur movie little bride truly speaking i just loved it. actress was awesome n u both together match very well. do u guys really have relation. But dude u r are so sweet. i wish i could meet u. actually i m from country Bhutan. tkc

  1243. 1243 : JinkAiz Says:

    Hes one of the best!!just keep up a good work oppa!!its good your a catholic!no matter what keep in touch with God!!ok,may your dream come true!!best wishes..Somebody to be friends there?hope your all doin fine always gals…Godbless us all..

  1244. 1244 : fred Says:

    is kim jae won your younger brother???????????????????????

  1245. 1245 : link Says:

    love u KRW……

  1246. 1246 : nguyen Says:

    i miss u 🙂

  1247. 1247 : jo Says:

    When are you coming back? Do you have any plan to come back? Where are you now? Are you still serving in the military? or you are retiring now for good. ????????

  1248. 1248 : lovejoo Says:

    i miss you so much. love u forever

  1249. 1249 : ghazal Says:

    im from iran,i have seen your movies ,and i really admire u.it is one of my bigest wishes to speak with u.pls,i,d like to have ur fhone number to speak with u or ur email address,if it is possible.

  1250. 1250 : Sophia Says:

    ur AWESOME and ur a great actor! 😉

  1251. 1251 : Sophia Says:

    UR AWESOME and a great actor 🙂

  1252. 1252 : Sophia Says:

    UR AWESOME and a great actor

  1253. 1253 : grace Says:


    You’re a great actor….miss your drama so much.

  1254. 1254 : farah Says:

    i love your acting in gourmet..
    soooo handsome..

  1255. 1255 : lovejoo Says:

    you are lovely and great. luv u

  1256. 1256 : emi Says:

    thumbs up…miss to see you again in tv…

  1257. 1257 : grace Says:


    i’m waiting for your coming back..really miss you so much and keep on replay your precious drama..

  1258. 1258 : Fransin Lumondo Says:

    I like your acting in drama…..

  1259. 1259 : georgina Says:

    i really dont understand why some people like you huh! Your not that good in acting your not even handsome! OMG! i cant stand it.!

  1260. 1260 : mary grace Says:

    hi kim rae won i like your korean novela love story in harvard i hope i see you soon you and kim tae hee i wish you visit in philippines because im your no. fan her in philippines and god bless and more blessing to come good health ;ove you muah sarangeeeeee

  1261. 1261 : Poppy C.R. Says:

    Kim Rae Won….. I think you are one of Korean if not Asian great Actor!! And a very handsome one too btw. I love “My Little Bride”. Keep up the good work, we are waiting eagerly for your next dramas and movies. Best of Luck and lots of love from your fans in Ottawa, Canada!!!

  1262. 1262 : lucy Says:

    hi, im lucyfr mizoram

    i like kim rae won frm da first time i watch his drama “my little bride” i like his character,his smile, i knw he is not that much handsome but i like him the way he is,,,,,,,,ur great keep smiling hope to meet u somday somwhere thats my prayer,,,,..

  1263. 1263 : sohyoungah Says:

    Oppa. Hwaiting. Han neun man duh kee dahle meun, kun deh eh suh na wa ja na. 🙂 keu nahl ee wah meun, oppa drama eh man hee man hee nowa joo sehyo. oppa drama eh nowah neun kuh bo go ship uh yo. Bahl ee bahl ee kun deh eh suh nowa seh yo~
    Oppa saranghaeyo. Nuh mu mutjeeseum. <3
    Na neun oppa ei uh leen shin bu gah dueh go ship uh yo <3
    Kun kang ha seh yo~!

  1264. 1264 : Sandra Says:

    You’re a great actor, glad to know you’re Catholic

  1265. 1265 : Sandra Says:

    a fine actor,nice to know you’re Catholic

  1266. 1266 : J.Ali Says:

    Espero que te encuentres bien, te escribo para desearte una Feliz Navidad y un Prospero Año Nuevo,ojala que lo puedas pasar con tu familia. Tu amiga a la distancia J.Ali

  1267. 1267 : Chrystaille Says:

    Talented, GREAT infectious smile, and a goofball sense of humor. My kinda guy!! Keep bringing the drama — I’ll keep watching. 🙂

  1268. 1268 : Lia101 Says:

    I really really like you’re dramas:)
    thumbs up:)

  1269. 1269 : keith destura Says:

    i hope to see another character of your movie and i’m looking forward of your upcoming film.PLEASE make another o rmany many movies.Ireally really love to see you on screen……….Hope to see you personally!!!!!!!Iwanna visit korea.

  1270. 1270 : bingo Says:

    i & my friends are filipina nurses working in the middle east. we watch korean drama series often and we like you so much. you are a good actor & we enjoy watching you.hope you’ll have a new tv series. take care & God bless.

  1271. 1271 : Viesa Says:

    i miss him 🙁 when will he get to star in drama again??

  1272. 1272 : via Says:

    Where are now Kim rae won? why we haven’t seen your drama lately? are you in Military service right now? I miss you and your drama, I wish I can see again in your next drama.. FIGHTING!!!

  1273. 1273 : pinkycharmed Says:

    i miss him…and love his smile..

  1274. 1274 : ruxandra2011 Says:

    ..miss you in the tube,still serving in the military?

  1275. 1275 : Alira Says:

    I Love your Drama’s !!

    A W E S O M E !!!! 🙂

  1276. 1276 : rosa sayan guerra Says:

    cuando sale este actor del servicio

  1277. 1277 : lady_mhartzen Says:

    hapi bday

  1278. 1278 : amei Says:

    Happy B’day..can’t wait anymore..want see ur perform in TV soon..

  1279. 1279 : tita vergara Says:

    march 19,2011

    …. hapi birthday, enjoy and be hapi always, God Bless!!!

  1280. 1280 : cindy Says:

    Love Story in Harvard was the BEST tv series ever.I watched it over n over.. KIM RAE WON is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  1281. 1281 : wyine Says:

    i like u r action and u r face.

  1282. 1282 : wyine Says:

    i like u and ur action and i love u

  1283. 1283 : nannwe Says:

    I Like You All

  1284. 1284 : poem Says:

    Hey I love you
    if i watch your movie i can’t sleep i miss you too

  1285. 1285 : chona Says:

    love your acting mwahhh!

  1286. 1286 : Chew Chung Jin Says:

    I really love Kim Rae Won’s “What Star Did You Come from?”.

    I have watched it 85 times to-date since september 2010. I have 4 sets of this drama series -you may not believe it but I am an 80-year old grandmother who admires Kim Rae Won so much for his extraordinary acting skills in this drama series that I must simply watch it daily. I hope I can meet this great actor someday…

    Your No. 1 Fan from Kuching, SARAWAK,Malaysia.

  1287. 1287 : nabum rima Says:

    M a big fan of kim since I saw his little bride….wat I like abt him most is his shyyyeee smile hwever I find difficult to follow him bcoz of language…Kim if ever read this message U r most welcome to my home which is far far frm korea btween I india n china….I also blong to mongoloid race bt problem is dat I only understand Hindi,english n ma local dialect……

    urs true admirer nabum rima….

  1288. 1288 : Chew Chung Jin Says:

    Suffering from depression due to a recent bereavement (from the loss of my husband of 57 years of marriage), it was Kim Rae Won’s brilliant display of multi-faceted characters in “Which Star Did You Come From?” that lifted me up from that doldrum. Somehow, just seeing Kim Rae Won’s charismatic smile and his romantic yet humorous actions cheer me up greatly.

    I have compiled by copying from the TV screen a book of English & Mandarin scripts of this great drama series “Which Star Did You Come From?”. In fact, I have started learning and improving my English and Mandarin languages and have bought dictionaries to accommodate my learning. My life now seems more meaningful…

    Thank you, Mr. Kim Rae Won, for inspiring me with your great works. How nice if you could drop me a line at this email address: [email protected]. Sure hope to hear from you soon.

    Your No. 1 fan from Kuching, SARAWAK, Malaysia

  1289. 1289 : fannie Says:

    hi kim rae won.! i wonder where you are now. i have’nt seen any new korean dramas nor movies starring krw.i hope you’ll still do tv shows. i’ve watched a lot of your dramas and i love all your characters, including which star are you from and love story in harvard.

  1290. 1290 : jeana nam Says:

    hi kim rae won,

    I watch all your movies, i like the gourmet chef and love story in harvard. I like your character there. And your english is excellent. God bless your family and career. I pray that God will send THE SPECIAL SOMEONE IN YOUR LIFE! i AM HAPPY AND PRAYING FOR YOU ALWAYS.

    jeana mejia nam of sacramento california

  1291. 1291 : butterfly5021 Says:


  1292. 1292 : Smile Says:

    Love Story in Harvard and Gourmet is the only korean drama make me cry … ur the best KIM RAE 🙂

  1293. 1293 : Smile Says:

    i love ur smile 🙂

  1294. 1294 : andee Says:

    Im one of the million fans of KIN RAE….. what happen to him for almost 3 yrs no Project …oh c’mon he is the best actor i ever watched in korean TV shows….there so many Filipinos love him becoz he is a great actor….

  1295. 1295 : joo raim Says:

    @1294 : i think Kim Rae Won still in his MS. this year he will be finish it. i also hope to see him on drama or movie as soon as he finish his MS. Kim Rae Won-ssi hwaatiiiiing ^_____________^

  1296. 1296 : Marzeil Says:

    Kim Rae-won, hope to see more of you!!! You are superbly appealing to me! 🙂 I just finished watching GOURMET last night. Love it!!!

  1297. 1297 : ismiati Says:

    Kim rae won,,i like your acting…
    your smile very nice…
    love story in Harvard and Gourmet…wooowww,,!!!!

  1298. 1298 : viola Says:

    hope you can make a comeback. you’re a good actor. GOD bless U!

  1299. 1299 : viola Says:

    hope you could make a comeback. you’re a good actor. GOD bless U!

  1300. 1300 : Athem Says:

    Hi !
    I don’t know whether u’ll read this message or not but you are truly the one who inspire me to keep moving forward in life i like the drama love story in harvard so much its perfect
    inspire me a lot so a million thanks

  1301. 1301 : fannie Says:

    hi kim rae won. where are you now. i miss you. i’ve been waiting for your new project but i guess, you have retired from acting.i love which star are you from and love story in harvard.you’re soo cool in that series. gourmet is currently being shown in our country but it seems that the last kdrama you’ve star, it’s 2008. it’s a long way from now. i hope you’ll star in another drama soon. i will surely watch it.

  1302. 1302 : (한국 드라마) My K0rEan DrAma Ser!es « mY naMe is "G i a N" Says:

    […]         The first ever korean drama that hooks and moves me. Kim Rae Won and Jeong Ryu Won (Hehehe si Director Choi at Aning (Angelyn, her real name when she got back to […]

  1303. 1303 : marlyn Says:

    hi kim rae won, im your number one fans, first time i saw you in television in our country atic cat i was so impressive i love your acting skill and i love your smile especially your lovable eyes…at that time im pregnant ( 1rst baby ). so now i copy your eyes into my baby boy ( 1rst ). i wish i can see you in person but its to difficult thats only in my dreams i can see you…

  1304. 1304 : curly Says:

    kim rae won4….like u very much!

  1305. 1305 : lyn Says:

    hi kim rae won, like u much!

  1306. 1306 : Esigh Says:

    When are you going to appear again in a new drama? I miss you a lot. Are you still in the military? I was thinking that you would be out by now. Anyway, can’t wait to see you acting again. I hope to see you soon. Please be safe and take care whereever you are.

  1307. 1307 : danna PHILS. Says:

    hello kim rae won,

    im sooooo happy that at last you’ll be going out in the military; hope your safe and sound and can’t wait to see you make movies and drama. i hope i can be able to chat with you even in facebook if you have one and one more thing: i’m just wondering if you already had a son? just curious!!! but still i admire you and love U…. take care and happy to see U again.

  1308. 1308 : Gourmet (식객) « styrn Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Sung Chan Nam Sang Mi as Jin Soo Kim So Yun as Joo Hee Kwon Oh Joong as Oh Bong Joo […]

  1309. 1309 : Roxanne1119 Says:

    Yay! Welcome back dear Kim Rae Won! I can’t wait to see your new drama! 2 years was just too long, I am sooo glad you are back! Love you Rae Won!

  1310. 1310 : Roxanne1119 Says:

    You are still my number 1 Korean actor even though you were gone for 2 years to fulfill your military duty. Aja Rae Won!

  1311. 1311 : rae Says:

    hi kim rae won… i really like you with nam sang mi…. hope you to can have another movie.. god bless on your career!.. happy comeback.. more projects to come.. hoe to be with lee yo own also…. i love you

  1312. 1312 : 5.) *** wHiCh sTar aRe yOu fr0M *** « myfavoritekoreannovel Says:

    […] first ever korean drama that hooks and moves me. Kim Rae Won and Jeong Ryu Won(Hehehe si Director Choi at Aning (Angelyn, her real name when she got back to […]

  1313. 1313 : A Thousand Days’ Promise – Korean Drama Picture Blog Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Hyang Ki […]

  1314. 1314 : Korea » A Thousand Days’ Promise Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Hyang Ki […]

  1315. 1315 : A Thousand Days’ Promise | Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Hyang Ki […]

  1316. 1316 : A Thousand Days’ Promise | Kpop Entertainment Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Hyang Ki […]

  1317. 1317 : [K - D R A M A] A Thousand Days’ Promise « Orange Couple Kpop Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Hyang Ki […]

  1318. 1318 : The most popular korean site in Iran » Blog Archive » A Thousand Days’ Promise Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Hyang Ki […]

  1319. 1319 : A Thousand Days’ Promise « maielfina Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Ji Hyung […]

  1320. 1320 : goldZ Says:

    Hello Kim Rae Won…. my first ever loved Korean Star…i’ve been following you since the first time i’ve seen you in Attic Cat, which was aired here in the Philippines years passed…since then i have love you already…..keep up the good work and GOD BLESS u !

  1321. 1321 : A Thousand Days’ Promise « Korea.com Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Hyang Ki […]

  1322. 1322 : A Thousand Days’ Promise » Korean Drama 2011 | isomwebs.com Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Hyang Ki […]

  1323. 1323 : A Thousand Days’ Promise | Kpop Show Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Park Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Lee Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jang Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Noh Hyang Ki […]

  1324. 1324 : A Thousand Days’ Promise Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Park Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Lee Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jang Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Noh Hyang Ki […]

  1325. 1325 : oogii Says:

    Hi. You are most wonderful actor of Korea.
    it is pleasure to you came back in movie.
    I have respected devotedly you.
    Good luck to you!

  1326. 1326 : zibOo Says:

    waiting for u new drama..LSIH drama very very like your acting..
    miss u

  1327. 1327 : wdr Says:

    love you so much! ur acting r so nice! a thousand days promise such a great drama!!

  1328. 1328 : leni junia Says:

    i love u..

  1329. 1329 : leni junia Says:

    i love u kim rae won

  1330. 1330 : wdr Says:

    love u kim rae won!

  1331. 1331 : lili Says:

    You played great in 1000 days promise – Deeply moved
    You were a charming couple in the drama
    Your crying at the end took me and i cried with you
    Have a good year
    Andi hope that we will see you in a lot of good dramas

  1332. 1332 : Marlene Says:

    Hi, dear prince
    Really I enjoyed your great act beside the talented Soo Ae actress in A Thousand days promisses, you may me cry. And I hope you can work again with Kim Tae Hee your angel who teach you many things when you shared roles in LSIH, really It is my wish you decide your life with a good girl who love you and understand too.
    I have an a presentiment about both of you KRW and KTH, be valient and tell her your feelings without fears be sincere with yourself. OKEy
    My best wishes in this New Year 2012, be humbled, and friendly with all your co -stars. You are a great person and remember that our God will accompany you in all your steps, go to a church more often and you will find peace after be feeding in his word of our Heavenly Father and our dear brother Jesuschrist. Have a good success and a good days along all your life.

  1333. 1333 : Ana Says:

    I love your acting in A Thousand Days Promise. So great! I wish I could have such beautiful love you provided for your wife in ATDP.

  1334. 1334 : Kalea Says:

    Can’t miss you in any drama darn it you’re such an amazing actor beyond my imagination. Wish more drama for you in the future! Mwuaaaahhh;)

  1335. 1335 : Kalea Says:

    Again Congrats!!!

  1336. 1336 : A THOUSAND DAYS’ PROMISE | LoveDrama's Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Park Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Lee Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jang Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Noh Hyang Ki […]

  1337. 1337 : milleth Says:

    amazing acting in a thousand day promise.. you deserve a best actor award.. all the tv series you’ve done in the past u did it well.. excellent acting.. fighting asa asa .. God Bless in your career..your the best KRW.. chuwahae,saranghae kumawo biane saranghae..

  1338. 1338 : A Thousand Days’ Promise (천일의 약속) « styrn Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Park Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Lee Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jang Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Noh Hyang Ki […]

  1339. 1339 : sang Says:

    hi Kim Rea Won, you are very talented and expert in this movie, wish you all the best in u r future.

  1340. 1340 : Nilce Says:

    I am your fan Watch the dramas a lot.I love you. Nilce Curitiba Parana Brasil

  1341. 1341 : mhiles Says:

    keep up the good work., kim rae won ur my idol., u deserve it…

  1342. 1342 : Subtitle Indonesia: A Thousand Day Promises (Korean Drama) « Korean Drama Subtitle Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Park Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Lee Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jang Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Noh Hyang Ki […]

  1343. 1343 : Sinopsis A Thousand Days Promise Episode 1 « Music Boo Says:

    […] KIM RAE WON sebagai PARK JI HYUNG […]

  1344. 1344 : suzie Says:

    Just finished watchihng ATDP for the 4th time, and it’s like watching it for the 1st time. I ran out of tissues even though I know what’s coming. I am so in love w/you. Here’s hoping 2012 will be better than last year.

    All the best

  1345. 1345 : kenna Says:

    Just know you at the first time in Thousand Days of Promise…..deeply in love with you, you are a grest and mature star….all the best for you, God Bless you.


    […] Kim Rae Won as Park Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Lee Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jang Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Noh Hyang Ki […]

  1347. 1347 : mylz Says:

    GREAT acting in A Thousand Days Promise….. Really moves my heart….after long awaited 2 years at last KIM RAE WON strike again in kdrama……!WELCOME BACK please do a lot of kdrama’s!…You’re still one of my undefeated BEST TOP 10 ACTORs!

  1348. 1348 : Adelle Says:

    Dear Prince,

    Your such a great actor.so nice and i love watching LSIH.I hope that you and kim well have another new and more movie.

  1349. 1349 : pulis57 Says:

    DEar Kim Rae Won,
    Truly amazing, what a talent you have! You are so handsome in your own ways.
    To tell you frankly, my first kdrama I watched is Dong-Yi then Dae Jang Geum which star Ji-Jinhee, Then, I have seen The Greatest love and City Hall which star Cha Seung Won. Thirdly, Lee Sun Gyun of Pasta.

    BUT, when I saw you in the movie MY LITTLE BRIDE .. I got interested on you and I am not disappointed. Your killing smiles did it. You are now belong to my heart! 🙂 My fourth Kactors who did well.

    My congratulations how you portrayed the role of Sung chan in Gourmet. I hope I can see more of your acting versatility.
    Be humble and love God above all things!
    “If you make the Most High your dwelling – even the Lord, who is my refuge –then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent!” Psalm 92.10

    God bless you.. Knowing God doesn’t mean salvation! I pray that you will know the truth that will sets you free!
    ” please read John 3:3″ Praise God for your life!

  1350. 1350 : february Says:

    i wish u be healthy,wealthy & happy.

  1351. 1351 : eds sebrof Says:

    It’s been 8 years of my undying love for this man!!he’s so damn good!! He always amazed me with his xceptional talent…he justifies well any role given!! U will always be my first love kim rae won!!

  1352. 1352 : tytyn Says:

    the best actor,,:-)

  1353. 1353 : yaqin Says:

    sekilas menonton saya pikir itu hanya sebuah drama yang bercerita tentang seorang pemuda yang bersekolah diluar negeri dengan berbagai permasalahn yang ada
    Akan tetapi aku salah, setelah menonton sampai akhir ada yang membuat saya terpesona sampai sekarang yaitu kepercayaan antara dua insan untuk saling berkorban demi seseorang yang mreka anggap penting.

    i likes this movie. very nice. thanks you so much.

  1354. 1354 : wedlhyn Says:

    long live best actor…

  1355. 1355 : afni clarsya Says:

    the best actor forever

  1356. 1356 : [SBS 2004] Love Story in Harvard | Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Kim Hyun-woo Kim Tae Hee as Lee Soo-in Lee Jung Jin as Hong Jung-min Kim Min as Yoo Jin-ah […]

  1357. 1357 : A Thousand Days’ Promise | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre los Doramas Coreanos en Español Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won as Park Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Lee Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jang Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Noh Hyang Ki […]

  1358. 1358 : teresa Says:

    wishing you a happy birthday n more blessings to come saranghee 🙂

  1359. 1359 : sinatra Says:

    admin, please add Wonderful Moments (2013), he play great in that movie with Jo An and Lee Kwang Soo……thank you 🙂

  1360. 1360 : mena Says:

    Great Actor!!! Saw two of his drama (Love Story in Harvard and A Thousand Days Promise) he really did the characters well. Great job KRW… I am a fan now.

  1361. 1361 : mena Says:

    I will see all of your K drama one by one and also the movies as I usually does when i am impressed with the actors/actresses performances.

  1362. 1362 : Jo Says:

    Happy Birthday! Have a good one! You’re one of THE best actors in Korea, hope to see you on more drama/series.

  1363. 1363 : Seng Ra Says:

    Hi..dear brother,may i introduce.I`m from myanmar in the kachin stage.i`m so glad to see your website.I know that your religion is catholic.i also same.congratulation i like your movei.So, i encorage every time.

  1364. 1364 : Jin bts army Says:

    Wahhhhh…cant wait for his upcoming drama… such a long time no see him… ❤❤❤

  1365. 1365 : Profil dan Biodata Lengkap Kim Rae Won | My Blog Says:

    […] Serial DramaPunch “Punchi (SBS / 2014-2015)” Sebagai Park Jung-Hwan A Thousand Days’ Promise “Chunilui Yaksok (SBS / 2011)” Sebagai Park Ji-Hyung Gourmet “Sikgaek (SBS / 2008)” Sebagai Lee Sung-Chan Which Star Are You From (MBC / 2006) Sebagai Choi Seung-Hee Love Story in Harvard “Rubeusutori in Habeodeu (SBS / 2004-2005)” Sebagai Kim Hyun-Woo Say You Love Me “Saranghanda Malhaejwo (MBC / 2004)” Snow Flakes “Nun saram (MBC / 2003)” Cat on the Roof (2003) My Love Patzzi “Nae Sarang Patjwi (MBC / 2002)” Life is Beautiful “Insaengeun Hareumdawo (KBS2 / 2001)” Sebagai Lee Jae-Min School 2 “Hak Kyo 2 (KBS / 1999)” Sunpong Sanbuingwa (SBS / 1998) Penghargaan SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Awards, Best Actor (Special Planning Drama, A Thousand Days’ Promise), 2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars (A Thousand Days’ Promise), 2011 41st Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Love Story in Harvard), 2005 SBS Drama Awards: Most Popular Actor Award (Love Story in Harvard), 2004 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Award (Love Story in Harvard), 2004 Daejong Film Awards: Best New Actor Award (My Little Bride), 2004 The 20th Korea Best Dresser Award, 2003  1st Andre Kim Awards: Best Star Award, 2003  WuSan MBC: Best Actor Award (Attic Cat), 2003  MBC Drama Awards: Best Actor Award (Attic Cat), 2003 MBC Drama Awards: Most Popular Male Actor Award (Attic Cat), 2003 Blue Dragon Awards: Best New Actor Award (Plum Blossom), 2000 KBS Drama Awards: Teen Award for a Newcomer (School 2), 1999  Source KoreanDrama […]

  1366. 1366 : gie Says:

    Happy Birthday! God bless you! I just want to congratulate you for your recent drama Punch. Your acting was so great….. No dull moments. I am hoping that you will be pair with Han Hyo-joo and with a theme of romantic comedy drama. I miss you doing that kind of theme.

    I am hoping that you will have another drama this year…… God bless!

  1367. 1367 : tigerb Says:

    just want to say that i enjoyed the movie ‘my little bride’ with krw as lead actor. he was much younger then and it was easy breezy for him, compared to his role in ‘punch 2014’ and ‘gangnam 1970’ wherein he is more adult and serious. still have to watch his previous work.

  1368. 1368 : tigerb Says:

    @admin: you might like to include ‘gangnam 1970’, a 2015 released movie that kim rae won starred in. thank you!

  1369. 1369 : punch 01 - 19(mp4/3gp) - My Mp4 Soju | My Mp4 Soju Says:

    […] CastKim Rae Won as Park Jung HwanJo Jae Hyun as Lee Tae JoonKim Ah Joong as Shin Ha […]

  1370. 1370 : Autumn Grace Says:

    I just started to know KRW and I liked him already. I hope to see you in more KDs this year onwards. There is something in you that your new viewers like me wants to dig in.

    Good luck and keep it up man. 🙂

  1371. 1371 : jcruz Says:

    oppa u rocked in gangnam blues and d sex part is wow

  1372. 1372 : meme lucu drama korea | Gambar Lucu | Meme Lucu | DP BBM Says:

    […] Berita, foto, artis & film asian – kapanlagi., Mayu watanabe akb48 perankan lesbian drama jepang . akhirnya mayu watanabe memulai karir perdananya drama sejarah jepang. sih aksinya?. http://www.kapanlagi.com/showbiz/asian-star/index2.html Goong – prince hoo » korean drama, » goong – prince hoo » korean drama synopsis, details, cast info korean drama tv series. http://www.koreandrama.org/goong-s-prince-hours/ Kim rae won » korean actor & actress – korean drama, » kim rae won » profile, biography, awards, picture info korean actors actresses. Kim Rae Won […]

  1373. 1373 : meme lucu september 2015 | Gambar Lucu | Meme Lucu | DP BBM Says:

    […] Wapsos – free mp3, ringtones, games, videos, music, This account suspended. contact hosting provider information.. http://wapsos.com/ Toronto fc forum – red patch boys forums, Toronto fc & mls public discussion forum hosted red patch boys * views expressed forum necessarily reflect opinion red patch boys. http://forums.redpatchboys.ca/forumdisplay.php?2-Toronto-FC-Forum Kim rae won » korean actor & actress, » kim rae won » profile, biography, awards, picture info korean actors actresses. Kim Rae Won […]

  1374. 1374 : meme lucu artis korea - Kabar Bagus Says:

    […] Kim Rae Won […]

  1375. 1375 : Lanny Says:

    Finally can’t hardly wait for ur new drama Doctors.. 😍😍 I really really like u.. Love ur act, u are one of the best South Korean actor.. I’m proud of u.. 👍👏👍👏😍😘

  1376. 1376 : Doctors + Subtitle – DRAKORMI Says:

    […] her heart shut away from other people. However, she changes after meeting her mentor Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won) who plays a key role in transforming her life from a helpless gangster to a compassionate […]

  1377. 1377 : OK OK OK Says:

    Kim Rae Won ssi, you are so suave in Doctors Crush.
    Luckily is you acting opposite Park Shin Hye.
    I enjoy it so much. Saranghae 😛

    God bless !!!

  1378. 1378 : Patti Says:

    I was so disillusioned by the fact that he agreed to do the “porn” in GB… he did not need that to boost his career. It was a bad choice for him … only needy, untalented actors and actresses in 3rd rate movies strip and do “porn”…..His mother must be ashamed.

  1379. 1379 : Lady_G Says:

    this guy is one of the best korean actor….when i saw his “Love Story in Harvard” oh boy…he is so great and also in “What Star you From” keep it up and have more movies to come please….thanks

  1380. 1380 : Alika Says:

    I watched his sex scenes in Plum Blossom movie yeterday. He was very hot and sexy. His body was perfect for woman like me. I like him so much.

  1381. 1381 : Christie Says:

    The good actor👏👏💕💕😇😇😇#Fcindonesia

  1382. 1382 : Grace Says:


  1383. 1383 : Ne mai despart doar 22 de zile pana la premiera "Black Knight" - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Soo Ho (Kim Rae Won) este un om de afaceri cu o inima curata, care infrunta pericolul pentru dragostea sa, Jung Hae Ra […]

  1384. 1384 : tigerb Says:

    i’ve watched ‘the prison’ and ‘resurrected victims’ that starred kim rae won, movies worth watching.

  1385. 1385 : Black Knight episode 1 – korean drama Says:

    […] Soo Ho (Kim Rae Won) is a businessman with a pure heart braves danger for his love, Jung Hae Ra (Shin Se Kyung) who is […]

  1386. 1386 : priya Says:

    Just lik Man of the match ur d man of ma world …. wt ever it z u always look so manly n handsome… u just took ma heart away

  1387. 1387 : Amy Says:

    I love your eyes, o love your nose, I love your lips, I love your smile, I love your body, basically I love everything about you.

  1388. 1388 : tigerb Says:

    anything new for this guy this year?

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