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Kim Seung Soo


Name: 김승수 / Kim Seung Soo
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1971-July-25
Height: 181cm
Weight: 72kg
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: O
Family: One older sister
Talent agency: Star-Art Entertainment
Education: Kyung-gi University (P.E. major)

TV Series

Three Bold Siblings (KBS2, 2022)
Show Window: Queen’s House (Channel A, 2021)
River Where the Moon Rises (KBS2, 2021)
Sweet Munchies (jTBC, 2020)
Wind, Cloud and Rain (CSTV, 2020)
Are You Human Too? (KBS2, 2018)
First Love Again (KBS2, 2016)
Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (KBS2, 2016)
The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 (KBS2, 2015)
Family Secrets (tvN, 2014)
Will You Love and Give It Away? (MBC, 2013)
Who Are You? (tvN, 2013)
Cheongdamdong Alice (SBS, 2012)
Still You (SBS, 2012)
Just Like Today (MBC, 2011)
King Gwanggaeto the Great (KBS1, 2011)
I Am Legend (SBS, 2010)
Good Job, Good Job (MBC, 2009)
City of Glass (SBS, 2008)
Don’t Ask Me About the Past (OCN, 2008)
Why Did You Come to My House (SBS, 2008)
Kimcheed Radish Cubes (MBC, 2007)
The Book of Three Han (MBC, 2006)
Love Hymn (MBC, 2005)
My Sweetheart My Darling (KBS1, 2005)
One Million Roses (KBS1, 2004)
Sweetheart (SBS, 2003)
Wife (KBS2, 2003)
You are a Star (KBS1, 2004)
Remember (MBC, 2002)
Fox and Cotton Candy (MBC, 2001)
Mina (KBS2, 2001)
Cool (KBS2, 2001)
Rookie (SBS, 2000)
Bad Boys (MBC, 2000)
Huh Joon (MBC, 1999)


Gochibang (2010)
Emergency Room (2000)


2017 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Daily Series) – Kim Seung Soo (First Love Again)
2006 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award

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  1. 1 : dek Says:

    good actor! keep it up man!!

  2. 2 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Kim Seung-soo! I like the way you acted in `Jumong`…I find you extremely attractive especially the way you smiled…Boy,you`re so cute!!!!!!!!!! I couldn`t help to stare!!! I wish you will have many,many more T.V. series to come..And I hope,we will have them here in the Philippines so that I will see you often… I also wish you`ll visit here in the Philippines with Song Il Gook and Han Hye-jin.. We love `Jumong` so much!!! We watch it every night..We love all the casts in `Jumong`!!! I wish I will have a boyfriend as handsome as you!!!!!!!! Take care! 😉

  3. 3 : Jay Says:

    Good actor!

  4. 4 : Daisy Says:

    Hi Prince Dae-So!!!! 🙂 I love you more each day!!! You acted your role in `Jumong` so well yet I couldn`t afford to hate you..I hated Prince Dae-So`s deeds in the latest episodes that made my tears fell but I couldn`t get rid of my eyes from you!!!! I even didn`t want to blink! I like you soooooo much Kim Seung So!!!!!!!! I know you`re just a very competent actor that you did your job so great! You portrayed your role so well! I like your face so much!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are still single…. Take care always! 🙂

  5. 5 : jEpOy Says:

    a film would not be successful without the suport of the good antagonist/supporting actors or actresses. and you played your really well. ur a good actor as ive seen. you really affects & touches emotions of viewers because of the way you portray your role. that was very effective acting. keep up the good work man & congratulations to the rest of the cast & staff of JUMONG. a job well done… 🙂 😀

  6. 6 : Daisy Says:

    Hi to all! I`ve read from one of the Jumong avid fans`message that Kim Seung Soo is already married….. 🙁 (huhuhu!) Is that true? (huhuhuuaaaahhh!!!) It crushed my heart into pieces after I read it..It hurt me soooo much,I could hardly breathe(joke lang)……. Seriously,until now I`m still not well……. My life right now is never been so happy than the first time I saw him til the day before I read the message that he is already married…. 🙁 He made me sooooo happy… He even gave me strength and encouragement by just making me happy,by just being him,by just seing him in `Jumong`….No matter how tired my heart was with all the pressure and challenges in a day,when I saw `Jumong` esp Kim Seung Soo at night,all the sadness in my heart would be gone… How I wish he is not yet married….He can help me achieve my greatest dream in life this year by just making my days sooo great!!! How I wish he is still single til the day our paths will cross…We will meet..Then he will invite me to a date…Then he will kiss me…sooooo hard…very hard….Then suddenly,I fell…from my bed!!!!! Boy,it was just a dream!!! Ang corny no?! Pero ang sarap isipin…hehehe! Kaya please tulungan niyo na ako….Please tell me if you know something about him… Thank`s a lot in advance!!! I`ll be glad to know the truth even if it hurts soooo much! huhuhu! But no matter what will happen,even if he is really married,I may be sooo sad but by seing `Jumong` again can make me happy again but not as happy as when I`ll know Kim Seung Soo is really single.. No matter what, I will always love the TV series `Jumong`,it`s the best!!!!! I seldom appreciate a story…but to me,this one is one of a kind! I love all the casts in `Jumong`! Congratulations! You did your job soooo great!!!! I hope,all of you will have a lot of projects in the future,so that there`s a lot more of great stories from your very beautiful country and very talented writers,directors and co-workers that you can share to us! Take care! 🙂

  7. 7 : Daisy Says:

    Hi Kim Seung Soo!!!! Crush na crush na talaga kita!!!!!!! Ang gwapo mo!!!!!!!! Nakakapraning!!!!!!!!! Hindi ko maiwasan ang mapapatili pag nakikita kita sa `Jumong`!!!! How I wish I could marry as handsome as you,as tall as you and with the same age as you…I hope he will be as strong,mature,responsible,smart and clever as Prince Dae So with a heart as kind as Prince Jumong…Although he doesn`t have to be a prince…… But I know this can happen only in my dream……..coz there is only one KIM SEUNG SOO in this world…….. But I want to keep dreaming…..to dream,dream and dream……I don`t want to wake up yet……not yet……..Because by just looking at Kim Seung Soo`s face in Jumong, make me feel so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care Kim Seung Soo….. 🙂

  8. 8 : Daisy Says:

    But I`m still bothered if Kim Seung Soo is still single or married…..If anyone knows about him please tell me here…..Please….. Thanks a lot in advance……….. Take care to all!

  9. 9 : Che-che Says:

    Congrats!you’re definitely a good actor!I admire your acting and martial arts skills..I hope to see more of it..Goodluck!!

  10. 10 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Kim Seung Soo! I`m so happy I got your email add from a friend of mine,one of Song Il Gook`s million fans in one of the web sites here.. I hope it is still working.. I already sent you a message… 🙂 I`m so excited to know your reply… Take care always my handsome prince! Love you! 😉

  11. 11 : jumong Says:

    jumong idol kita galing mo idol sana madami kpa magagawa pinikula ^____^

  12. 12 : JUMONG!!!! Says:


    sana dumami pa mga pinikula mo idol JUMONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 13 : Daisy Says:

    Hi Kim Seung Soo! I`m soooo happppyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! I have saved all your latest pictures(with and without some casts in `Jumong`) that I saw in my computer and in my yahoo! I also put them in my friendster… I tell the whole world there how much I like you! I also tell there how much I like your TV series `Jumong` and all the casts! I`m so happy because I can see you often right now….every now and then…. I hope you are in good health…Take care always…. 😉

  14. 14 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Kim Seung Soo! 🙂 How are you my handsome prince? I hope you are in good health and have a great time here in the Philippines! I`ve read in one of Song Il Gook`s avid fans` messages that you and all the casts in `Jumong` except Song Il Gook and Won Ki Joon,came here,in Cebu,Philippines few days ago.. Thank you so much for coming here in our country! You all make us all(fans) very happy… Eventhough I haven`t gone to Cebu because my parents will not allow me to and I can`t decide on my own because I still live with my parents and I don`t want them to worry about me especially that my dad is sick right now, I`m still very happy because you came here.. Although I really want to see you,it`s like a dream come true,but I can`t, I still felt soooo happy when I read the experiences of my fellow fans who saw you all there… I felt their excitement, enthusiasm and happiness.. I felt like I was there too.. It was very nice of them that they shared their experiences to us who haven`t gone there by telling us everything in detail what happened.. My heart danced in joy while I read their experiences but a part of me was still sad that time…because I wanted to see you but I couldn`t..I almost saw you but I hadn`t..Before I thought,it`s quite impossible to see you but now,you seem so near and really real not a dream or a fantasy..I couldn`t even believe right away that you`re in Cebu after I read the message saying you are all here in our country. But I can`t still see you because I can`t go to Cebu.. How I wish I can go to your country someday and I`ll find you.. If that will happen,I think I will be the happiest girl in the whole world even if you will not see or recognize me,it`s okey..But I`ll try my best to meet you personally..:-) I dream of meeting you personally…. I wish you have a great time in your stay here in our country with your fellow casts. I hope you can visit to our other beautiful places–Baguio,Palawan,Boracay at a lot more! I wish also you can come to my city..Cagayan de Oro.. 🙂 I hope you enjoy a lot here.. If only I can be your tour guide I will bring you all to those places..I will make it sure that they are safe for foreigners like you.. But sad to say that I`m just here.. I hope you will come back here sometime…Once again,have a great time here! I`m soooo happy if you and all the casts that came are happy! I hope I will know more from my fellow fans about your stay here in our country! May our Lord God be with you and all the casts wherever you go and whatever you do! Take care always! Love you so much! 🙂

  15. 15 : Daisy Says:

    I know, you all (casts in `Jumong`) have millions of fans here in the Philippines..Almost all Filipinos love your TV series so much! Ladies and gentlemen (young and old) and even children, single and even married people like `Jumong` very much! We do everything just to see it late at night..Even gentlemen have very funny and even very hard experiences, not just the ladies, just to see `Jumong`! Although, many of us can`t go to Cebu, don`t have computers to visit in the web sites and don`t go to the internet cafe’ to drop by here and write messages but we all continue to love, support and watch `Jumong`! We love all the casts and will support every project that they will have in the future! I just hope we will have them all here in the Philippines! Take care to all casts! May you all have a great time here in your stay! Enjoy and have fun!!!! 🙂

  16. 16 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Kim Seung Soo!!!! 🙂 I`ve read in one of Song Il Gook`s fans that you and your fellow casts left already… I hope you all enjoyed in your tour here… I wish you all will come back here someday…. I hope Song Il Gook and Won Ki Joon will visit our place too someday because I`ve also read that they did not come here with you… But we (fans) did understand why they didn`t come… Once again, we love you all so much and we will continue to watch `Jumong` because it`s one of the finest koreandramas ever! Take care always Kim Seung Soo! I miss you a lot because I haven`t heard anything from your vacation here in our place except that someone said you came with the casts.. I didn`t even see you in one of the `Jumong` fans’ pictures… I wish I will meet you someday…

  17. 17 : Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae Says:

    김승수 오빠 사랑해요!!! 계속 좋은 드라마들의 출연해주세요!!! I love YOu!!! Big FAn!!! 열렬한팬입니다!!!

  18. 18 : Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae Says:

    To the “Daisy” person, KSS is not married yet! 🙂 luckily”

  19. 19 : Daisy Says:

    Hello everybody! I just wanna say I like the stares of the two princes (Prince Jumong and Prince Dae So) to Lady Seo So No last week so much!!! The time when they talked about their love to Lady Seo So No…Boy, my heart melted… As in!!!! I nearly cried because of the intense emotion that I felt that time,I was so touched… They reminded me of someone… hehehe! No,just joking… But really I like them very much!!!!!!!!! If Kim Seung So will give me that look, I will give my soul!!!!!!! hahaha! Just kidding, I will only give my soul to God, but really those were the looks or stares that I almost can`t say no to the two princes if I`m Lady Seo So No… But of course she has to choose and her heart got a choice already because only one man can fill the space of her heart and that is Prince Jumong.. I really love the Jumong-Seo So No love team so much!!! Nakakakilig!!!! Bagay na bagay talaga sila!!!!! Si Prince Dae So naman……BAGAY KAMI!!!!!! hahaha! Pero medyo hurt ako sa mga tingin na yun ni Prince Dae So kay Lady Seo So No no? Jelly (jealous) yata ako kahit acting lang yun!!! 🙁 Naiinis ako pag nagpakita na ng interest si Prince Dae So kay Lady Seo So No,hindi ko naman sinasadya…Katulad ngayon..ganun na naman…Ewan ko ba,I really can`t help it,my heart ached talaga every time I saw him looking at her kahit pa favorite ko silang lahat! Gustong gusto ko ang lahat ng mga actings nila.. Kaya nga avid fan talaga ako sa TV series na ito.. The stares of the two princes seemed so real! I almost believed those were true that they really came from their hearts, that the two actors (Song Il Gook and Kim Seung So) really have feelings for Han Hye Jin! Or maybe they are just very competent actors that they did their role so great! Or maybe…BOTH…huhuhu! I can`t accept it if that`s the truth.. Kim Seung So is still my only crush since I knew him.. But Song Il Gook is also great!!! If Kim Seung So is not in `Jumong`,if I didn`t know or see him, my crush would definitely be Song Il Gook because I like him very much as Prince Jumong and as an actor but just like Lady Seo So No, the space of my heart is enough only for one man..And you can`t teach your heart who to love… 🙂 hehehe! Ang corny no? Pero totoo… 🙂 Good night guys and may God bless you all! 🙂

  20. 20 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae! 🙂 Are you really Kim Seung Soo??? 🙂 Sorry,if I can`t write well..I can`t understand my feelings right now..It`s mixed.. I`m nervous, very happy,very excited,almost believe but I still can`t…that you are really Kim Seung Soo… That Kim Seung Soo talked to me here… Sorry,if I put `Sarang Hae`, I don`t know if it`s a name or a greeting from a fan of Kim Seung Soo who played with me and told me he is Kim Seung Soo…… I`m so sorry if I`m so frank I didn`t mean to hurt or insult you I just can`t believe Kim Seung Soo would answer me here.. But don`t worry if you are not Kim Seung Soo, just a fan, I`m not angry with you.. I just can`t play with that `joke` because I`m serious… I hope you are not offended with me…. Well,anyway thank you very much for the concern and info………….. 🙂 But if you are really Kim Seung Soo…………. 🙂 I don`t know what to say………….. I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!! 🙂 MAYBE, NO WORDS CAN EVER DESCRIBE HOW HAPPY I AM NOW… NO PAINT CAN EVER PAINT IT……….Although I still can`t believe it……..It`s more than a dream come true……….And Kim Seung Soo is not yet married….. I`m so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I dreaming?????

  21. 21 : Cherryl Says:

    Hi!Kim Seung soo is that really you?I’m surprise cause Song il gook hadn’t replied any of our messages.Maybe because he’s too busy with his lovelife. Anyway,i just wanted to congratulate all of you for a job well done..

  22. 22 : Daisy Says:

    Hi Kim Seung Soo!!! 🙂 I`m sooooo happpppyyyy!!!!!! My sister got your screensaver `Jumong`! 🙂 Now,I can see you and your fellow casts often in our computer screen. 🙂 I like it so much because your pictures appeared very big in the screen! 🙂 How are you right now? I hope you`re in good health and very much happy…We often watched your latest videos together with your fellow casts here in the internet.. You were so handsome in your latest look in the videos!!! 🙂 I didn`t want to blink every time I looked at your face in the videos,in the TV series `Jumong,in the screensaver and even in all your pictures that I gathered.. I couldn`t help it, I don`t know why this feeling is so strong…There were and still there are lots of handsome actors everywhere but I haven`t felt this way before with those actors that I happened to like..And right now,I can`t appreciate any other looks anymore except for Song Il Gook that I also like very much as an actor but he is not my crush…. You`re my only crush since I saw you in `Jumong`… I saw my former Filipino crush recently but my feelings for him faded..Maybe because it was been quite a long time since I last saw him..or maybe because there`s someone who replaced him in my heart..or maybe because I just read your messages here when I saw him… Now that he`s back,I think,my feelings for him is completely gone or…maybe I need time…But I`m not interested to him anymore… I`ll just focus on my career,on watching you,your TV series `Jumong`and reading anything about you and this TV series..:-) Please take care always……….. I miss you here…………… 🙂

  23. 23 : Daisy Says:

    # K Says:
    March 29th, 2007 at 9:20 pm

    dear daisy!
    is this what he really said? 김승수 오빠 사랑해요!!! 계속 좋은 드라마들의 출연해주세요!!! I love YOu!!! Big FAn!!! 열렬한팬입니다

    first one: saranghe means “mahalkita”
    coreans above this is.. you don’t wanna know.
    but if you want to.. i’d say you have a competetor. that’s what other girl said to him!

    ” i love you kuya Kim sungsu !i hope you star in lots of shows. i’m a big fan of yours.”

    are you ok? just go get beer. you will be relaxed a bit. poor girl!!
    but if it helps, i will let you know about his info.

    # Daisy Says:
    March 30th, 2007 at 10:51 am

    To Mr.K.!

    Hello Mr.K! Thanks a lot for your reply! :-)You know I am kinda ashame of myself after I read your latest message because I remember how I reacted after I read those two messages in Kim Seung Soo`s web site and how happy I was at that time..I thought at that time that it was more than a dream come true..Because I only dream of seeing him in person someday and at that time I thought he answered my messages and told me “….I love you,big fan…”. No words could ever describe how happy I was and no paint could ever paint it..I also thought of asking `her` again who I thought was him(Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae:the words placed in the name section). I wanted to know if it was really him or just a guy who played with me and said he was Kim Seung Soo,gladly I hadn`t done it..I feel so ashame right now but I can`t blame myself because that was how I understood the messages.. I realize,it`s really difficult if you will just assume everything because you can`t understand them..I`m so glad you tell me frankly here.It`s so nice to dream but there is nothing better than the truth.. But it`s okey to me if someone will like him so much just like me..A very handsome guy with a serious type personality as he is will always have a lot of admirers. It`s just normal.. I am happy if a lot of people will admire him because I want him to shine more,I want him to be more successful and get the dream of his life..I want him to be happy..I will be very happy if he is very happy even without me.Although there was no night that I didn`t think of him,there was no hour that I didn`t wish he will be mine,there was no minute that I didn`t dream I`m his wife but I know where my feet stand.. He is an actor and I`m just a fan..He is in Korea and I`m just in the Philippines..He is a Korean and I`m just a Filipino.. I think our ways will never cross or if they will,his way will just pass mine..But even from that I enjoy a lot what I was/am doing..I want to keep loving him,to keep dreaming of him..I don`t want to wake up yet because it is very constructive to my part..Someday,a time will come wherein I have to wake up..and start a real life.. So much for my drama..hehehe! Thank you very,very much again for your offer that you will give info about him if there is any..Although it is still okey if you don`t.. 🙂 It`s so nice of you doing it..I really appreciate it very much! I will be very glad to know it if there is any…anything,bad news or good news it“s okey…Hope you will receive many more blessings from God!! Have a very nice sleep `coz it`s already late at night here.. 🙂
    # Daisy Says:
    March 30th, 2007 at 11:10 am

    One more thing Mr. K,if it`s okey…:-) I saw their video wherein they (casts of `Jumong`) were being interviewed on stage,many white envelopes with heart seals appeared when Kim Seung Soo`s face was flashed in the screen while Han Hye Jin was talking..But I can`t understand your language..Don`t you think they were letters or emails from his admirers or fans or there`s something between him and Han Hye Jin that was why these envelopes appeared? 🙂 I`m just curious…you know…Well,I honestly jealous..but just a little bit… 🙂 i can`t help it… 🙁 Please tell me Mr.K… A million thanks to you in advance! Hope you`ll have a great day tomorrow! 🙂

  24. 24 : Daisy Says:

    To Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae:

    Hello! I hope you read my message #23 above.. I would like to ask an apology to you for thinking that you were really Kim Seung Soo and talked to me here or maybe a fan who played with me because I like Kim Seung Soo so much and pretended he was Kim Seung Soo… I`m so sorry,I thought that way..Maybe because at that time, I was just overwhelmed with my feelings for him,but a big part of it was because I couldn`t understand your language..That was why I misunderstood it.. But even I thought that way at that time, I maybe frank but I never got angry with you at that time even though a big part of me thought you were really a fan who pretended to be Kim Seung Soo and talked to me..because I couldn`t believe Kim Seung Soo would talk to me here..If it happened to be true,I mean,if you were really a fan who played with me and pretended you were Kim Seung Soo to see my reaction,I would still not get angry with you..because even from that,you made me felt very happy because a part of me also at that time would really believe you were really Kim Seung Soo. Even for a short moment you made me felt so happy,a happiness that can`t be replaced by millions of treasures.. 🙂 That was why I was still very much thankful to you at that time even though,I was not sure of what was the truth,even I had doubts on what I may going to say or do because I was not sure exactly what happened.. I will still be very thankful to you if I will know that you were really a fan and not Kim Seung Soo because somehow you thought of me and gave me the info I longed to know.. I still wish right now that you will tell me more here.. Whatever you will say then, I will be very thankful that you say something..I hope you you will, so that I will know what exactly happened..It`s really very much important to me.. Whatever your answer will be,I will be very happy and thankful again because it I will know the truth,I will know your side.. But it`s also okey if you won`t.. I hope you are not angry with me..I hope Mr. K told me the TRUTH.. But I think,he did tell me the truth and I was very much thankful to him..He indeed,a very nice friend because he gave his time and effort to say something to me..I hope we can be friends too here because we both like Kim Seung Soo so much or whatever.. I hope we will be friends.. Hope God will always be with you.. Have a very nice day! 🙂

  25. 25 : Bing Says:

    The story `Jumong` has a lot of values and principles that are very much essential in our daily tasks and activities,in the situations that we often encounter,in the problems that we often get..It reminds us of the value of love to the family and to someone especial,loyalty,respect,trust,true friendship,being a good leader,being noble and being a hero,love to the country..the importance of freedom and the people`s lives..and above all the importance of being humble and patient,of not losing hope,of giving forgiveness,of being at the bottom to be on top,but at the same time being smart,clever and responsible and even giving your own life for the benefit and goodness of all,and a lot more! Bravo to all casts,all their co-workers especially the writer and director and everyone involved in this tv series for a job very well done! Bravo also to GMA-7 for the very nice translation of their Korean language and those very beautiful songs that you made for this tv series,you did a very wonderful job! Because of you,GMA-7 this tv series became even more wonderful! You brought the best in it,you have delivered their messages to the people successfully! Congratulations to all !!! We hope you will have many more very beautiful,wonderful and amazing stories from Korea,from these actors and actresses that you can share to us fans here in the Philippines! 🙂

  26. 26 : Marvs Says:

    Good actor, keep it up

  27. 27 : Daisy Says:

    Haaay,naku!!! Nakaka-inlove talaga ang mga tingin ni Prince Dae So kay Lady Seo So No!!! As in!!! Super in love na yata ako!!! He was so sincere talaga..And,he was very soft spoken pa lalo na `pag si Lady Seo So No na ang kausap..huwag lang nating pagtuonan ng pansin ang mga sinabi niya kasi siyempre hindi siya ang bida so hindi masyadong nakakainlove ang mga sinabi niya,para lang kasing binili niya ang pag ibig ni Lady Seo So No.. I like some qualities of Prince Dae So,not all.. But it doesn`t matter because Prince Dae So is just part of the history,of the past.. What I like most is the actor behind him..He is Kim Seung Soo.. Kim Seung Soo just acted his role so well.. He brought out the best in him, in Song Il Gook and in the rest of the casts..He is really a very good and skillful actor.. I know in real life,he is different from Prince Dae So.. Although maybe part of Prince Dae So`s ways,movements and gestures are really Kim Seung Soo`s..and because of those I like him more and more each day!!! Love you so much,Kim Seung Soo!!! Take care always!!! 🙂

  28. 28 : Daisy Says:

    But I`m still bothered who is `Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae` really..? Can you tell me more here please? Please? Can we be friends? I will be glad to know the truth…. Although I believe Mr.K did tell me the truth but it`s different if I`ll know it from you… But I am very much thankful to you and to Mr.K for your time and effort,telling me something about Kim Seung Soo.. Hope we can be friends… May God be with you two! Good night! 🙂

  29. 29 : lady anne Says:

    hi there kim seung soo!!! i really love the way u smile…hope that youll have many tv series that i could watch here in the philippines. and hope that youll visit our country someday! i love jumong and i love the way u portray your character there…mwaaaaaaaaahhh! godbless!1 your so hot! hehehe……..godbless

  30. 30 : lady anne Says:

    hi there daisy..pwede ko ba malaman kun san sya pwednd padalan ng mail or messages? im a kim seung soo fanatic..thanks god bless!

  31. 31 : angel'sfaith Says:

    guess ko lang ha? email mo xa d2.. [email protected] pero kung meron ka pang alam na ibang email sabihin mo sakin hehhe.. or ym mq…[email protected] add nyo ko mga kim seung-soo fan! kwentuhan tau!

  32. 32 : angel'sfaith Says:

    hi daisy! fan din ako ni prince daeso! anong friendster mo? add kta pwede? add mo ko sa ym mo! tnx a lot!

  33. 33 : Daisy Says:

    To Lady Anne and Angel`s faith:

    Hello girls!!! 🙂 It`s so nice that you visited this web site! 🙂 Sorry I haven`t visited this web site for quite a long time because I was so busy in the past few weeks… But I always have time to watch `Jumong` every night… 🙂

    Lady Anne,I`m sorry,it took me so long to reply in your message to me…I had read your message before but I couldn`t decide at that time yet whether I would give you KSS`s email add or not because I really felt jealous,I couldn`t help it…I thought of going back here on the next day after that…I thought,maybe I could give you his email add already but unexpected circumstances arrived.. I`m glad I`m here again! 🙂 But actually, I also felt thankful at that time somehow because another girl (you) admires him… I want him to shine more and even more although he is already a big star since before… I saw his pictures,some tv series and movies` lists and the messages of his fans in the other web sites…He was already successful in his past years.He had so many messages there from his fans.But I couldn`t open those messages..A part of every message was displayed..But I couldn`t understand those messages… 🙂 Well,so much for my chika… 🙂 I`m really very talkative,I can`t help it! hehehe! His email add is [email protected] .I got it from my friend in Song Il Gook`s web site.That is also the email add he placed in his other web sites… 🙂 Good luck! 🙂 Hope to talk to you more sometime… 🙂

    Angel`s faith,yeah you`re right! 🙂 I sent him 2 messages in that email add. I don`t have any other email add of him…But I think,that one is still functioning because there were no failure notices that I received after I sent him (KSS) messages in my yahoomail… 🙂 I really love to add you in my friendster list of friends and in my ym… It`s really my pleasure to be your friend too but I can`t reveal my identity yet this time…I`m really sorry… But we can be very good friends here… Just say and ask whatever you want…Feel free to ask me if you want… I will be glad to answer them to the best way I can… Thank you very much for being a friend… I am very much honored to be one of your friends… `Til next time… Hope we can still talk more here…:-)

    Honestly girls, I felt jealous the first time I read your messages… I can`t help it.. But just a little bit though… But right now…I feel so glad,you admire him also… I realize right now that if you really like or love someone, you will only think of what can make him very happy and everything best to him… You will not think of your feelings, even if things may hurt you, it will still be okey… Some said, “Love is so kind,gentle,patient…everything good… It is not selfish…” 🙂 It may be so corny to other people but not to the one who feels it… Good day girls!!! 😉

  34. 34 : angel'sfaith Says:

    hi daisy,

    nabasa ko msg mo.. ok lang if ur not ready pa to reveal your idedentity, but if the right time comes u can add me at ur friendster kc nabasa ko ata last tym na madami kang pics ni KSS sa friendster mo tama ba? or sa iba un? hehe. that’s y na curious lang ako. Hirap kc maghanap sa net. lalo na sa korean site d ko maintindihan but dont get jelous ha?hehehe. trivia tau…lam u ba na si KSS din ung nagdirect ng korean drama/comedy na Ode to love/ Recipe for love na pinapalabas sa arirang ngaun? pero dko ako 100% sure sa info kc nadaanan ko lang xa sa net the last tym. open po ako sa mga reaksyon nyo mga KSS fan! Happy po ako na may mga bago akong friends lalo na Fan din ni prince daeso! Fan din po ako ni SIG kc d nman matatago na gwapo xa talga at magaling umarte. Sa bahay puro sila SIG eh. Opposite kc ako sa kanila kaya si KSS ang mas gusto ko. Pra sa akin mas bagay si KSS at HHJ. Gusto ko nga sila magka2luyan kahit sa totoong buhay e..nakita ko pics nilang dalwa, dati na rin pala sila nagkasama sa isang drama. Kaya pala nung isang beses napanood ko ung jumong behind the scence sa youtube… nagprapraktis silang dalawa para sa lines nila. Mukha naman silang close.

    Ms. Daisy ASL u nman po.

    Hi rin po Lady Anne. asl u rin po.

  35. 35 : Daisy Says:

    To Angel`s faith:

    Hello Angel`s faith!!! 🙂 I`m so sorry,it took me so long to get back here, I was quite busy in the past few days na naman..unexpected..importante lang talaga.. I feel so glad reading your message again, ang saya mo pala talagang kausap kahit nabasa ko lang message mo… I really like talking to you here… How I wish I can add you in my friendster but not now lang talaga kasi nahiya pa ako… Kung alam mo lang how I opened my feelings to Kim Seung Soo in this widely opened internet especially to other web sites…And,hindi naman talaga ako ganito sa totoong buhay… I usually kept my feelings… 🙂 But I don`t have any regrets expressing my feelings here at all because wala naman masama sa magmahal di ba? Expressive lang talaga tayong mga girls… hehehe! It did come from the bottom of my heart, just like you girls…right? 🙂 And KSS is worth all those feelings… 🙂
    Yeah,you`re right I have many pictures of KSS with and without some of the `Jumong` casts… I`m thinking how can I share them to you here… I want to post them but I don`t know how… Maybe I can`t do that here..I don`t know… I wonder how others did those postings in other web sites. But all the pictures of KSS that I have in my friendster came from this internet, I searched his name… 🙂 I would like to ask you something if you don`t mind… Do you know how to save pictures from here (internet) to our `my pictures` at `my documents` of our computer and transfer them to our friendster? I can share to you how I did it, if you want… But that if you don`t know how… 🙂 But I guess you know it already… 🙂 I`m just worried how can I share those pictures to you… Or maybe if you know how to post here,if we can,you can tell me how,I`ll post them here for you… Thanks in advance then… 🙂 Or whatever,please tell me how can I help you…without revealing my identity… hehehe! Baka maloloka ka na rin sa kagagahan ko… hahaha! 🙂 Hindi na ako nagseselos kasi friend na kita…. 🙂

    I also saw in other web site that he was the director of a movie or maybe that was a tv series,I`m not so sure because that was few months ago. If he directed this korean drama/comedy na Ode to love/ Recipe for love, he must be very good in loving, an expert lover, don`t you think girls? 🙂 hahaha! Iba talaga pag like natin no,minsan marami tayong iniisip,agree ba kayo girls o baka ako lang… hehehe! Baka ayaw niyong madamay… hahaha! Sige na nga,mukhang ako ang pinakamatindi! hehehe! I`ll search that one…. I`m so happy also na nakilala ko kayo… A friend is one of the priceless treasures we could ever have because we can never buy a friend no matter how much do we have yet we can have them free… 🙂 Thanks a lot girls for being my friends here! It`s really an honor! I`m really very much happy especially that you admire and support KSS too! I just felt a little bit jealous at first but right now I really feel so happy that you two like him also… 🙂

    Yeah, a lot of people really like SIG.. All of us in the house really like him (SIG) so much but we have different crushes! 🙂 That was why we enjoyed talking to one another because we have different crushes in this tv series `Jumong`but we also have something in common, we like this tv series so much! SIG really has a space in my heart because I like him a lot as an actor and as Prince Jumong! I love him so much! We all do in the house… But my crush since from the start until now is only KSS! I`m so damn crazy for him(KSS)! I love him more each day!!! Can`t help it! In my eyes,he becomes more and more handsome every time I see him, every second I stare at him… 🙂

    Oy,`wag mo naman sabihin sana sila ni HHJ ang magkatuluyan dahil bagay sila at close pa,selos tayo niyan… 🙂 hehehe! Although HHJ is really very beautiful and like what you said they are close but I still can`t accept if they`ll become lovers or if they`ll get married… huhuhu! Oh,no…please Lord don`t… I can`t accept it! huhuhu! That will really hurt! As in!!! huhuhu! I still can`t accept if KSS will be in any other girl`s hands! No, please don`t Lord… If that will happen I wish I will not know… huhuhu! hehehe! Seriously, HHJ is really a very wonderful woman, I may be badly hurt if they`ll become lovers (huhuhu!), especially if more than that, but I guess, I will be one of the happiest persons for them because I know they will become very,very happy because they both decide for that… I wish KSS to have the best woman, the woman in his dream, the woman that can really make him very much happy! I will pray for him to have the woman God wants him to have because God`s choice is always the BEST of all time… 🙂 But some said, HHJ is getting married to other guy,a famous singer… What a relief,huh!!! 🙂 hehehe! I was really relieved when I knew that… hehehe! 🙂

    You ask me of my ASL… I`m female and reside in Cagayan de Oro City. 🙂 I`m sorry I can`t tell you my age and exact address because if my friends will drop by here,they`ll recognize me easily. 🙂 Most of them know I`m madly in love with KSS and an avid fan of the tv series `Jumong`. They might laugh at me if they`ll read all my messages here and in the other web sites! 🙂 I never been so expressive to my past crushes before… Most of them think I`m that reserved type girl… 🙂 How about you,can you tell us here your ASL? 🙂 That is, if you want…. 🙂 I will always be your dearest friend here… 🙂

    Thanks a lot for your message Angel`s faith! 🙂 I hope we can talk more here… 🙂 Take care always! May God be with you always! 🙂

  36. 36 : Angel's faith Says:

    Hi dear,

    its been a while ha? mmm.. lam mo ba lagi ko pinupuntahan ang site na to just to see if u reply na… well ok lang po.. bc ka naman ata. Btw, regarding naman sa mga pics alm ko na po un. Copy or save ba? just wanna know lang naman kung meron kang iba pang pics na wala ako kaya ko gusto makuha ung friendster mo..madali lang naman e. if u dont want pa to reveal urself, is it ok if i may suggest na gumawa ka po ng ibang id na pwede mong gamitin para pwede mong send sakin tru email or ym ung mga pics. d ba pwede un? d u nman po ilalagay ung true identity mo e.. hehhe d ba GOOD IDEA un! hehhe! galing ko no? ASL ko po 24/f/mla till next tym! bye! cute mo talaga daeso!

  37. 37 : Angel's faith Says:

    hi dear,

    its been a while ha? lam u po lagi me pumupunta sa site na to just to check kung meron na u reply…whew! at last! joke! regarding namn sa friendster u po.. is it ok if may i suggest na what if kung gumawa ka ng bagong id na pwede mong gamitin sa friendster or ym or email para naman masend u sakin ung mga pics hehhe.. d u nman ilalagay ung true identity mo e..dba good idea un?? gagamitin u lang para maka2long hehhe.. uu nga po mabilis lang copy and save sa net marami na rin nga me pics ni seung-so e but curiuos pa din ako kung ano pang meron kang pics or video na wala ako..like what ive said mahirap maintindihan ang site ng korea/n kaya d lahat meron ako..and about HHJ and KSS sakin lang naman un…. hehhe pwede ka pa humabol.. joke! To tell u frankly.. nung una kong napanood ang jumong dko naman xa nagustuhan (KSS) kc nga sa lam mo na un d ka2lad ni jumong gwapings! hehehe but nung nagtagal gusto ko na rin xa.. medyo may hawig kaming ugali heheh. not all ung iba lang. mas lalo ko xang nagustuhan nung makita ko ung ibang pics nya aside from the series jumong. May histura naman pala xa e. And dun ko nakita na nagksama na pala sila ni HHJ sa ibang series. hehhe ang salbahe ko! pinipilit ko silang dalwa! BTW, may news ka ba sa kanya? ano nang pinagkakaabalahan nya ngaung tapos na ang jumong sa kanila? mmm??? ano kaya?
    asl ko nga po pala 24/f/mla till next time! cute mo talaga hwangj

  38. 38 : Angel's faith Says:

    hi dear,

    its been a while ha? lam u po lagi me pumupunta sa site na to just to check kung meron na u reply…whew! at last! joke! regarding namn sa friendster u po.. is it ok if may i suggest na what if kung gumawa ka ng bagong id na pwede mong gamitin sa friendster or ym or email para naman masend u sakin ung mga pics hehhe.. d u nman ilalagay ung true identity mo e..dba good idea un?? gagamitin u lang para maka2long hehhe.. uu nga po mabilis lang copy and save sa net marami na rin nga me pics ni seung-so e but curiuos pa din ako kung ano pang meron kang pics or video na wala ako..like what ive said mahirap maintindihan ang site ng korea/n kaya d lahat meron ako..and about HHJ and KSS sakin lang naman un…. hehhe pwede ka pa humabol.. joke! To tell u frankly.. nung una kong napanood ang jumong dko naman xa nagustuhan (KSS) kc nga sa lam mo na un d ka2lad ni jumong gwapings! hehehe but nung nagtagal gusto ko na rin xa.. medyo may hawig kaming ugali heheh. not all ung iba lang. mas lalo ko xang nagustuhan nung makita ko ung ibang pics nya aside from the series jumong. May histura naman pala xa e. And dun ko nakita na nagksama na pala sila ni HHJ sa ibang series. hehhe ang salbahe ko! pinipilit ko silang dalwa! BTW, may news ka ba sa kanya? ano nang pinagkakaabalahan nya ngaung tapos na ang jumong sa kanila? mmm??? ano kaya?
    asl ko nga po pala 24/f/mla till next time! cute mo talaga daeso!

  39. 39 : Angel's faith Says:

    ay ano ba yan… dami naman! paulit ulit pa! hehehe paxencia na! nagloloko kc ung internet! laging nabubura ung sinusulat ko. yan tuloy doble doble na! hehehe kahiya!…

  40. 40 : Daisy Says:

    To Angel`s faith:

    Hello Angel`s faith!!! 🙂 I`m back again… 🙂 Kaya `wag ka nang malungkot… 🙁 I`m so sorry talaga medyo matagaltagal pa bago ako makareply dito. We admitted my dad to the hospital for more than two weeks already. I`m glad he`s okey now and he`s home but we still have to take care of him here although he`s ambulatory. He recovers fast… Thanks to God… 🙂 I`ve already made a new email add: [email protected]. I sent you KSS` pics already, just a while ago at your email add : [email protected]. I hope you receive them. Please tell me if you don`t receive them so that I can send them again and check your email add there, in my yahoo or whatever…. You also have pictures of KSS, maybe you can send me also those pictures which I don`t have… 🙂 Please? 🙂 Thanks in advance then… You`re really so kind then… 🙂 There were pictures of KSS which I missed… I like those pictures so much because those were some of his latest pics. I`m not so sure when they were taken because it was my sister who used our computer when I saw them. She was looking at those fans` messages and the pictures posted when I passed by… I asked her a favor to please save them,those pictures where KSS was so handsome. So my sis saved them… She said those were taken during their victory party, just few months ago, after Jumong`s last episode was ended in Korea. But I hadn`t read about them there at that time because I was so busy then… I didn`t even see where those pictures were posted,what web site… Then when I was about to transfer those pictures to my ym and friendster, they were being deleted already by my sis. She thought I had transferred them already. I asked her what web site those pictures were posted but she couldn`t remember it already. I tried to search those pics many times… I opened almost one by one all those sites related to KSS but my right shoulder ached (maybe because of prolong handling of the mouse,my muscles did fatigue…) before I could see them. I couldn`t continue… If you have them, can you share them to me…please? 🙂 He was extremely gorgeous, very much goodlooking at his…dark brown suite there, I guess…if I`m not mistaken… I often saw him in many videos here in the internet but I haven`t placed those videos in my friendster because I don`t know yet how to place them… I`m still looking forward to know how… But I don`t worry much on his videos because I can see him in the internet right away if I want to. I prefer also to see his videos in the internet because they are many and quite long. I don`t think I can place them all in my friendster. I don`t know much of his present projects, I haven`t research yet… But I do hope he will have many projects in the future. I wish also we will have them all here in the Philippines. I`ll pray for that… 🙂 If I have more time, I will research for that… I`ve heard about him from my friends in other web sites. If you want to know something about him, it would be better I guess if you will read their messages there by yourself… So that there will be no more and no less… If I`ll just say it here, I might miss something… 🙂 You can read about him, in my friends` messages for me, in this web site, at Song Il Gook`s section… I often asked my friends there about him(KSS) because they often said something about him there to me… So I didn`t hesitate to ask them especially that they are really nice there… 🙂 You can also read something about him at Filipina Soul or you can just search this one : http://www.filipinasoul.com/koreas-number-1-novela-premieres-on-gma/#comments. This will lead you directly to this other web site. If you`ll try to read the messages of Mr.K to me here, about KSS, you will know a lot about him… 🙂 Because of Mr.K`s messages about KSS, I like him(KSS) even more… 🙂 Maybe you will enjoy reading them too. Mr.K is a korean… He is nice, I think you can ask him too if you want to know something about KSS. Maybe he can help you… 🙂 Yeah, maybe you`re right, the first time I saw KSS, I didn`t find him very much handsome… But when he smiled,the time he began to like Lady Seo So No, I found him extremely attractive and very much appealing… That time then I stared at his face often… I didn`t blink even a second every time he appeared on screen… I also found him super cute!!! His face was also sooooo ” maamo` ” especially if it was Lady Seo So No he was looking at and also in his videos in the internet. 🙂 There are a lot of guys or actors, even Korean actors more handsome than he is, I think, but I can`t appreciate their looks already except for SIG because I like him a lot also as an actor and as Prince Jumong… But still my only crush since the first time I saw this tv series `Jumong` until now is only KSS. His face, his look is the only one I ever wish to marry, to sleep with every night… hahaha! I`m really very naughty, ain`t I? hehehe! It`s okey no one knows me here anyway… hahaha! I`m really so damn crazy! Huwag niyo na lang akong tularan, maawa kayo sa self niyo… hehehe! Sometimes,it`s so nice to be naughty, anyway harmless naman ang magtype lang ng messages dito,di ba? hehehe! Lokaloka na talaga `tong friend niyo… Pero okey lang kasi ang ganda ng feeling ng lokaloka `pag ang super crush mo naman ang iniisip mo at nadadivert ang attention mo sa ganito lang mga bagay at wala ka nang gagawin sa totoong buhay when it comes to those matter…lalo na`t hindi pa ako puwede sa mga bf-bf kasi kailangan ko pang ibuhos ang malaki na part ng time and effort ko sa studies ko… Haaayyy… Ang haba talaga ng sinasabi ko rito no? Baka hindi mo na binasa… hehehe! Pasensiya ka na, super madaldal talaga ako `pag naumpisahan kaya naman minsan lang akong magvisit dito dahil marami pa akong dapat gawin and `pag magstart na akong magtype dito parang ayaw ko nang bitawan ang keyboard sa kakatype… Sorry talaga… 🙁 Baka nga nakatulog na kayo sa kababasa diyan… 🙁 hehehe! Well,anyway,it`s so nice reading your message here again Angel`s faith. I like a lot reading your messages… Parang nakikita ko self ko sayo nang kunti, eager malaman ang reply…hehehe! Pero `wag kang magagalit ha? Everyone is unique pa rin… 🙂 You`re from Manila pala, kaya pala palagi kang nag-popo sa amin dito…. hehehe! Ako kasi bisaya kaya hindi ako masyadong sanay sa `po`… I wish we can talk more here Angel`s faith…para naman may friend ako dito… Share tayo kung ano ang latest update natin sa crush natin ha? Tell ko sayo `pag may nalalaman ako bago, just ask me lang kung may gusto kang itanong sa akin ulit. Magresearch din ako more about him, if I have more time… Ngayon kasi nag-eenjoy pa ako sa binabalita ni Mr.K sa akin kaya hindi pa ako nagreresearch about KSS… But I`ll research talaga kung hindi na ako masyadong busy… Sana hindi ka magsasawang magdrop by dito paminsan minsan… Punta ka rin sa ibang web sites lalo na yung sinasabi ko, enjoy din doon. Visit tayo rin dito kasi web site `to ng crush natin, supportahan natin siya… Take care always! May God bless you, your family and other loved ones always! 😉

  41. 41 : Daisy Says:

    Guess what guys? I`ve heard from someone na sold out sa Divisoria namin dito sa CDO ang Jumong dvds. Dami na talagang nahook sa tv series na `to… 🙂 Dami na ang mga fans!!! The BEST talaga ang tv series na `to!!!!!!! 🙂

  42. 42 : Angel's faith Says:

    Hi Daisy,

    Wow! I’m so glad u replied faster than I thought! hehehe just kidding! Sorry to hear about your father, hope he will get well soon! I’ll pray for him, don’t worry. Btw, Hey! I received your email and it was fun! Most of it nakita ko na po sa site nya but ung iba naman d pa. Mas gusto ko ung katawan nya nitong huli lalo na nung jumong especial pati buhok nya, SUPER CUTE sya dun. Ang payat nya kc nung mga unang Ep ng jumong dba? tapos nung last ep naman sobra laki nman ng mukha nya pero cute pa rin! Marami ka pang pic? send mo pa sakin. hehehehe! adik! I’ll send u my compilation of he’s pictures when I get home, nasa house kc. Bigyan din po kita ng video ng jumong especial nila baka un ung hinahanap u pong pic nya naka black sya doon, but u will need installer ng ibang player kc d sya po gumagana sa windows media. I’ll send it nalng po later sa email mo. Napuntahan ko na rin dati ung website ni SIG marami ngang nagbbgay ng ym dun e. Daming peeps, nakita rin kta dun. Minsan nagsulat ako dun may nagreply nman agad kaya lang meron akong nakaaway dun inadd nya ko sa ym nya nung una ok sya pero nung nagtagal lumabas din ugali nya guy xa. dko na maalala ung name kc binura ko na sa ym ko. Beware nalang hehehe. (beware of manyakis)

    Parehas po tau.. dun ko rin sya nagustuhan kaya nga nasabi ko sau na bagay sila… Silang dalawa lang naman inaabangan ko doon e.. bagay silang magkasama…hehehehe…:)>- Peace!

    Alam u po thankful din ako na may nakakausap ako, kc nga like what ive said sa bahay puro SIG sila kc nga daw goodlooking nga. Bida pa! E si Daeso hindi! Ay naku! nagdedebate lang kami sa bahay! Syempre hirap akong pagtanggol ang lolo nyo kc ako lang mag isang namumukod tanging k daeso pumapanig! hehehe adik talaga!

    Sya nga pala ung sinasabi mong Mr. K. san po pwedeng magtanong sa kanya? Hmm or anong site para basahin ko nlng kung ano ung mga tinanong mo baka naman mainis un kung same lang itatanong ko sa kanya.

    D naman po me nagagalit.. totoo naman kc na gusto ko malaman or mabasa ung mga reply. Ganun lang talaga ako mahilig gumamit ng po.. pasensya na mas bata ba ako sau or mas matanda? Hint naman jan! ehhehe

    Lagi lagi po me pumupunta sa site na to unlike k SIG site, kc naman po puro si SIG ang pinag uusapan dun. May site nga akong pinuntahan, thread sya ng jumong nag aaway away sila dun kc may pumapasok na taga princess hours fan na naninira sa jumong.. well natutuwa lang akong basahin. gusto ko lang malaman ung mga point of view nila. D naman ako nagpopost dun kc nga nag aaway away sila.

    Ei, I bet napanood mo na ung buong dvd nung jumong no? Me too! Kainis nga lang kc ang hirap intindihin ng English subtitle na nakalagay dun malamang Chinese gumawa. Tapos nako panoorin un pero pnapanood ko parin ung tagalog sa GMA adik dba? Naghahanap nga ako sa youtube ng jumong na tagalog ay naku ang daming cut! na download ko na din sa youtube lahat ng bloopers ng jumong! lalo na xmpre kapag kasama si daeso! Ay sige ang dami ko ng sinasabi hehehe.. till next time ulit! babye! Thanks nga ulit sa pics! wait mo ung ibbgay ko sana wala ka pa nun! hehehe! bye na po!

  43. 43 : zandra t Says:

    punta kayo sa filipina soul kasi may video ni KSS doon courtesy ni Mr. Kang of Korea. Han Hye Jin pala ay naging student sa PE in KSS noong highschool pa si HHJ.

  44. 44 : Angel's Faith Says:

    Hi Zandra t,

    Talaga po? mmm.. balita ko nga! But nagpost me dun kaya lang d lumabas. Traffic ata. Dami kasing people dun no? Sana lang walang nag aaway. bad un hehehe. Pero thanks po sa info.

    No na po news k KSS? May balita ka ba? How bout si SIG and the rest?
    anyways pwede po makuha ung ym u po?

    add moko.. heheh para may kausap naman ako regarding sa jumong.
    Ok lang po kung ayaw nyo.. madali naman ako kausap! heheh jowk!

    ym ko po kung sakali :anne_me23

    Ei Daisy,

    Musta na po u? Nareceived u po ung pics?
    Musta na po father mo? Ok na po sya?
    Bty, grabe avid ka pala talaga. Nabasa ko po ung mga post mo sa filipina soul., hehehe…ang masasabi ko lang WOW! hehehe! Wlang tatalo sau! da best ka! Go Gurl! haha!

    reply naman jan! (”,


  45. 45 : Angel's Faith Says:

    KSS and HHJ, sa tingin ko bagay po sana kau pero ang tanda na ni KSS para sa kanya 8 yrs ang tanda! tama ba? just to think of it na naging teacher pa ni HHJ si KSS… mmmm, very interesting! but age doesnt mattter dba? ahhah! pangarap ko lang un! hehehe lam ko naman po may BF na si girl e. e si SIG dba mas matanda pa k KSS sa totoong buhay? 2 yrs ata tanda nya k KSS e. pero cute talaga sya!

    Galing nyo po umarte grabe! Nadadala ako!

  46. 46 : zandra t Says:

    Hi Angelfaith,

    Your 2 posts are now displayed on filipina soul. ganon lang talaga don. medyo natatagalan minsan lumabas post kasi iminomoderate pa. wala ako YM eh. latest kay SIG is he’s filming Angel in the US and fans are stalking him there. God bless. We miss Daisy on Filipina soul. She does’nt visit the site anymore. Maybe she’s busy with her dad again.

  47. 47 : Angel's Faith Says:

    Hi Zandra t,

    any news k KSS?

  48. 48 : zandra t Says:

    Wala pa ako alam. Missing in action yong Korean na nagpifeed sa amin ng news. will try to research for you sometime.

  49. 49 : alie Says:

    he is my dream boy. Kim Seung Soo I love u soooo much!!! u r d best!!! Hugs nd Kisses….

  50. 50 : Jeli Says:

    Grabe Kim Seung Soo crush kita you’re the best talaga. Lalo kang guma-gwapo pag nagagalit. Alam mo ba tumutulo ang laway ko sayo! pag napapanood kita kinikilig ako. Mga friends ko nga lahat sila kay jumong at young po pero ako sayo talaga 4ever. Gwapo mo grabe.Mwah, mwah!

  51. 51 : Mary Jane Says:

    Hello Mr. Kim Seung Soo!!!!!

    Song Il Gook have sending me a message here at my friendster. Just why I want to introduce you and I want to meet someday, but it’s Il Gook bestfriend? Just I love Jumong have to watch here in the Philippines and you are no.1 actor in my heart and soul. Pls. join me at my friendster ok!!!

  52. 52 : Jeli Says:

    Hi 2 my love Kim Seung Soo known as Dae so!!!!!

    Khit plagi mong pinahihirapan ang pinakamamahal kong heneral Jumong….
    Ikaw pa rin ang no.1 sa puso ko..Ikaw ang idol ko parehas kayo ni Jumong…
    La akong masabi pag tinatanong ako ng mga friends kung sino..
    C jumong o c Dae so….
    Sbi ko parehas ko silang loves..
    Ang popogi kc at ang lakas ng dating sa’kin

    S pagkain maihahalin2lad k cla sa Fried chicken…
    Msarap papakin….

    Sana dumating d2 sa pinas ang mga heroes ng buhay ko!!!!
    fafa Jumong at Daeso Visit naman kayo d2 sa pilipinas
    Para mapapak k na kayo…hehehehe

    email me: [email protected]

  53. 53 : Daisy Says:

    Angel’s faith Says:

    May 9th, 2007 at 5:50 pm
    Hi Daisy,

    Wow! I’m so glad u replied faster than I thought! hehehe just kidding! Sorry to hear about your father, hope he will get well soon! I’ll pray for him, don’t worry. Btw, Hey! I received your email and it was fun! Most of it nakita ko na po sa site nya but ung iba naman d pa. Mas gusto ko ung katawan nya nitong huli lalo na nung jumong especial pati buhok nya, SUPER CUTE sya dun. Ang payat nya kc nung mga unang Ep ng jumong dba? tapos nung last ep naman sobra laki nman ng mukha nya pero cute pa rin! Marami ka pang pic? send mo pa sakin. hehehehe! adik! I’ll send u my compilation of he’s pictures when I get home, nasa house kc. Bigyan din po kita ng video ng jumong especial nila baka un ung hinahanap u pong pic nya naka black sya doon, but u will need installer ng ibang player kc d sya po gumagana sa windows media. I’ll send it nalng po later sa email mo. Napuntahan ko na rin dati ung website ni SIG marami ngang nagbbgay ng ym dun e. Daming peeps, nakita rin kta dun. Minsan nagsulat ako dun may nagreply nman agad kaya lang meron akong nakaaway dun inadd nya ko sa ym nya nung una ok sya pero nung nagtagal lumabas din ugali nya guy xa. dko na maalala ung name kc binura ko na sa ym ko. Beware nalang hehehe. (beware of manyakis)

    Parehas po tau.. dun ko rin sya nagustuhan kaya nga nasabi ko sau na bagay sila… Silang dalawa lang naman inaabangan ko doon e.. bagay silang magkasama…hehehehe…:)>- Peace!

    Alam u po thankful din ako na may nakakausap ako, kc nga like what ive said sa bahay puro SIG sila kc nga daw goodlooking nga. Bida pa! E si Daeso hindi! Ay naku! nagdedebate lang kami sa bahay! Syempre hirap akong pagtanggol ang lolo nyo kc ako lang mag isang namumukod tanging k daeso pumapanig! hehehe adik talaga!

    Sya nga pala ung sinasabi mong Mr. K. san po pwedeng magtanong sa kanya? Hmm or anong site para basahin ko nlng kung ano ung mga tinanong mo baka naman mainis un kung same lang itatanong ko sa kanya.

    D naman po me nagagalit.. totoo naman kc na gusto ko malaman or mabasa ung mga reply. Ganun lang talaga ako mahilig gumamit ng po.. pasensya na mas bata ba ako sau or mas matanda? Hint naman jan! ehhehe

    Lagi lagi po me pumupunta sa site na to unlike k SIG site, kc naman po puro si SIG ang pinag uusapan dun. May site nga akong pinuntahan, thread sya ng jumong nag aaway away sila dun kc may pumapasok na taga princess hours fan na naninira sa jumong.. well natutuwa lang akong basahin. gusto ko lang malaman ung mga point of view nila. D naman ako nagpopost dun kc nga nag aaway away sila.

    Ei, I bet napanood mo na ung buong dvd nung jumong no? Me too! Kainis nga lang kc ang hirap intindihin ng English subtitle na nakalagay dun malamang Chinese gumawa. Tapos nako panoorin un pero pnapanood ko parin ung tagalog sa GMA adik dba? Naghahanap nga ako sa youtube ng jumong na tagalog ay naku ang daming cut! na download ko na din sa youtube lahat ng bloopers ng jumong! lalo na xmpre kapag kasama si daeso! Ay sige ang dami ko ng sinasabi hehehe.. till next time ulit! babye! Thanks nga ulit sa pics! wait mo ung ibbgay ko sana wala ka pa nun! hehehe! bye na po!

    Angel’s Faith Says:

    May 18th, 2007 at 7:38 pm
    Ei Daisy,

    Musta na po u? Nareceived u po ung pics?
    Musta na po father mo? Ok na po sya?
    Bty, grabe avid ka pala talaga. Nabasa ko po ung mga post mo sa filipina soul., hehehe…ang masasabi ko lang WOW! hehehe! Wlang tatalo sau! da best ka! Go Gurl! haha!

    reply naman jan! (”,


    To Angel`s faith:

    Hello Angel`s faith!!! 🙂 How are you? 🙂 I miss you all guys (all my jumonger friends) here in the internet… 🙂 I`m sorry it was been quite a long time that I haven`t visited here… 🙁 My sis has to use our computer the whole day in this entire month for her self review. She`s going to take an exam at the end of the month and our computer can help her a lot during her self review. I was also quite busy in the past several days so during her relaxation hours, I wasn`t around to use this computer. At night, we watched `Jumong` together and only after it our computer would be vacant but I fell asleep already,I was too tired… I`m glad I have enough time to type my messages here right now… 🙂 How I wish you are still here Angel`s faith, how I wish you still visit this web site often and take a look at the messages here… I really miss you guys here… 🙂

    Kamusta ka na Angel`s faith? Chika ka naman dito… 🙂 Thanks a lot sa messages mo! 🙂 Talagang naaaliw akong basahin ang mga messages mo, sayang nga lang at hindi ako makavisit dito palagi.. sana andyan pa rin kayong mga friends ko dito, `wag naman sana kayong magsasawa magpost dito kahit paminsan minsan lang… I`ll try my best talaga na makareply ako dito `pag may time ako na malaki… Iba talaga ang saya `pag may friends ka ano kahit hindi mo pa nakikita…nagsi-share kayo ng mga gusto niyo at nai-express niyo ang mga feelings niyo… ang saya talaga! Kaya please `wag ka sanang magsasawa Angel`s faith ha… 🙂

    I already opened your message to me at my yahoo long time ago but I hadn`t enough time to talk to you here at that time, my mom asked me a favor to do something that time… Then after that, there were a lot of assignments, responsibilities and works that I had to finish as soon as possible…I`m really sorry… I really wanted to send you a message because I was really very much delighted by your message and especially the pictures… ha!ha!ha! I liked your message and the pictures of KSS so much! I really laughed when I looked at his pic, he was standing with his swimming trunk… Girl, I really stared!!!!!!! ha!ha!ha! not on the face but, on the……I really clicked the `zoom in` right away to make the picture very big and…..then I went right away to the…….MIDDLE!!! hoping to see something….BIG! as in hoping to see something really BIG!!!!!!! ha!ha!ha! Well, I was a little bit disappointed because it was not so clear, I hadn`t seen it much, he wore a dark blue colored swimming trunk, right ? 🙂 he!he!he! But I still assume that it is really BIG!!!!!!! ha!ha!ha! especially today!!! hahaha! He was still in his teens or early 20s at that time I think… I took a look at your message to me at yahoo again just this few minutes ago, I really love all his pics so much, especially his latest pics that you sent, the one I told you, the one I asked if you have it… Nakakainis, tumulo na rin laway ko! katulad yata ng isa nating kasamahan natin dito sa KSS ADIK FAN CLUB!!! hahaha! Now I know how she feels…. hahaha! Ang gwapo niya (KSS) talaga!!!! Ang sarap talaga niyang……….(naku! never mind nalang… hehehe!)……. HALIKAN (ang ibig kong sabihin)!!!!! he!he!he! Nanggigigil talaga ako sa kanya!!! Ang GWAPO NIYA TALAGA!!!!!! Thanks a lot really Angel`s faith!!! 🙂 You`re the BEST, friend! 🙂 Ang dami mong binigay na pics ni KSS sa akin… Love you talaga! 🙂 His pictures are really so great!!!!!!! NAKAKAINLOVE or maybe the right word is NAKAKATANGGAL ng UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!!!! ha!ha!ha! Lokaloka na `ata talaga ako sa kanya, no? Haay naku, hindi na siguro ako tatablan kung may panlunas man ito, kahit pa siguro pinakamataas na dosage, buti pa yata yung adik pwede pang irehab para gumaling… he!he!he! And honestly, talagang nagseselos pa rin ako sa mga latest co-memebers natin sa club na ito no ( 🙁 ), KSS ADIK FAN CLUB or para mas formal ang dating, THE KSS ADDICT FAN CLUB. hehehe! Ok ba ang name? Angel`s faith tulungan mo naman akong magname sa club natin.. 🙂 I-correct mo naman oh, please… para kasing mas maganda kang magname ng club natin dito para kay KSS kaysa sa `kin… I can`t help it talaga, sa`yo hindi na ako nagseselos kahit pareho natin love si KSS kasi siguro dahil friend na kita, pero parang nagseselos yata ako nang kunti sa mga kasamahan nating bago dito na love rin si KSS… Ewan ko ba… Pero kunti lang naman, mawawala lang din siguro, initial reaction ko lang siguro katulad nong sayo…medyo nagseselos din ako dati pero hindi na ngayon…. hehehe! Pero super happy ako at medyo marami marami na tayo dito sa fan club natin… hehehe! Sana mas dadami pa tayo dito para mas enjoy at sana maging friends din natin sila, no? 🙂

    But honestly I was dissapointed in yahoo because when I opened the pics of KSS that you sent and then clicked the `next image(right arrow)`, a pic appeared… Then I clicked it over and over again, many pics appeared… The worst thing was there were porn pics. I remembered these porn pics were the pop ups that sometimes appeared in our computer screen before. I didn`t know why it always appeared before… These people in the porn pics were mostly white people and there were blacks too, not asian… Every time these pop ups appeared in our computer screen, I usually closed them right away because many of our relatives can take a look at our computer anytime because it is located between living room and dining room…But still these pop ups appeared again and again… There was a pic of an asian girl too as I clicked the right arrow from those pics of KSS you sent, maybe a Filipina but it was not a porn one, it was a nice pic, a formal one… So I remembered when you said in your message to me at yahoo that I would check if there were pics of yours… maybe that was your pic or your friend`s pic. So I checked the pics of KSS that I sent to you there in yahoo. I was really dissapointed because there were porn pics too, those pop ups I mentioned here earlier… I was really dissapointed because it may seemed that we have those porn pics in our files which we haven`t… Also, there was a pic of my friend from friendster. That is her primary pic in friendster, I wonder why it appeared in my yahoo, when I clicked that `next image(right arrow)` under KSS pics that I sent to you. I didn`t have that pic of her in my yahoo photos but it did appear there, I really wonder until now how it happened… I tried to scan further, maybe there were more pics but my shoulder got tired already that time and then my mom called me…. That pic of her suppose to be her personal property, why it did appear there? She didn`t even know about it… Did you see those pics? But when I scanned them again just these few minutes ago, those porn pics of the white and black people weren`t there anymore, even my friend`s pic, that solo pic of her face, wasn`t there too… I think yahoo had something to do with it.. Yahoo should fix that kind of trouble…

    Punta ka uli sa Filipina Soul, mayron mga latest news sila about KSS and also SIG doon… Very exciting talaga ang mga news nila doon… Alam mo mayron akong icoconfess…bago ko lang nafeel `to… Pero hindi ko sinabi dito kasi baka magalit ate ko… (hehehe! joke! ) But I can`t help it not to tell here na kasi…anyway hindi lang naman ako ang ganito… After I read about Zandra`s latest few messages in Filipna Soul, those messages about SIG, I was beginning to like him (SIG) na talaga! I can`t help it! I can`t stop liking him na talaga after that… Not only as an actor but something deeper! Crush ko na yata siya (SIG)! And that feeling grew bigger and bigger after each info Zandra gave… It started when Zandra posted the letter SIG gave to his fans last April. I read his message to his fans and I even heard his voice, I clicked the audio web site there… Then after that, I read every info about SIG that Zandra and the other jumongers gave because I like him(SIG) so much na… SIG seems so kind!!!! 🙂 He seems very nice!!!! Before I thought, maybe I was the only one who happened to know SIG that will not have a crush on him, because I was madly in love with KSS and because I`m a one-man woman.. But I was completely wrong!!! I can`t stop it na talaga, I like SIG`s personality so much, even until now! I like him more each day! I`m still extremely attracted to KSS this time but I like SIG`s personality so much! Maybe because I know SIG`s personality more than KSS and because I heard SIG`s voice myself talking to his fans. I didn`t understand what exactly he was saying there but he seemed so gentle and very sincere when he said it and there was a translation there so you can also understand what he was saying… I also like KSS`s personality based on the info I got from my friends in the other web site but I really heard SIG`s voice while he read his message to his fans and that alone softened my heart to the max talaga!!!! Before I already found SIG very handsome, I considered him as one of the most handsome,attractive and appealing men I`ve ever seen but he was not my crush because I was extremely attracted to KSS… But after that info of Zandra, everything changed especially that I really heard his voice there! After I heard SIG`s voice, I told my sis, I was beginning to have a crush on him na, she said,”SIG is only mine!” she joked because the truth is she also likes to hear me appreciating SIG. 🙂 But I could also feel she partly meant it… I guess, she was also a little bit jealous at that time… I couldn`t blame her, she likes SIG so much! We both laughed then… Well, after all, it`s just a crush to someone too far, someone we can never have so I think it`s just okay to us, sisters, to feel that way freely, di ba?… hehehe! 🙂 In real life anyway, I don`t want to feel something more than a feeling for a friend to the person my sis really likes or loves because she and my family are very important to me, I don`t want to have a conflict to them because of that matter… There are lots of guys out there naman di ba… Ang serious ko no? he!he!he! Pero talaga tanggap na ng sis ko na gusto ko rin si SIG kaya mas nagsi-share kami ng opinions, ideas and anything about SIG, tv series `Jumong` and the rest of its casts… Buti na lang at hindi type ng sis ko si KSS, ay naku magseselos talaga ako pag nagkataon lalo na`t palagi kaming nag-uusap! Ewan ko ba may kasabihan naman na “Do not do unto others what you do not what others will do unto you…” Haaay naku, parang hindi ko yata maintindihan self ko! Hindi yata ako sumusunod sa kasabihan na `to. Mali bang ginawa ko? Masama ba akong babae? 🙁 Payuhan niyo naman ako please… Buti na lang okay lang ang sis ko! Swerte pa rin ako sa sis ko dahil talagang nagkakasundo kami pag dating kay Jumong. 🙂

    Para naman yatang two-timer ako nito no?… But I really don`t know why I feel this way… I can`t totally understand myself… I used to be that faithful, one-man woman not a playgirl or a two-timer girl. But I think, I`m more attracted on KSS`s look than SIG even though SIG seems to be more handsome than KSS. On the other hand I like SIG`s personality more than KSS maybe because I know SIG more than KSS based on what I read about them from many sources here internet, especially those from the fans…But they are both great and really amazing in their own unique ways… 🙂 Also, both of them are really extremely handsome!!! 🙂 For me, the two of them are the most handsome guys in the whole world!!!! 🙂

    The girls that win their (KSS and SIG) hearts must be very lucky but at the same time maybe very unfortunate (hehehe!) like what one of our friends here said (hehehe!), because you will have a lot of rivals and even if they are faithful to the girl they love, you may still have fears and sleepless nights or restless hours because a lot of temptations are just around the corners…. hehehe! But anyway, some say, ” Love and trust come together… If you really love the person, you should trust him… If you can`t trust him, then you don`t love him at all…”. Also, many says,”If you truely love each other, nothing can come between you…” So love is really amazing,right?! We just have to trust in it… On the other hand, I think it`s just normal to like or get attracted to more than one person… But when it comes to a serious relationship, when it comes to love, we should only commit to one person to make the relationship last… If we can`t do that then maybe that person is not the one for us, or vice versa… If we still long for someone else, if we will not be contented or satisfied to only one person, then maybe we really don`t love him or her that much… But others also say, “Love is like magic, it will just come at a most unexpected place, time or even to the most unexpected person…You don`t have to search…You don`t have to find love because it is love that will find you…” 🙂 I guess, love is really a mystery…It has full of surprises, has boundless ends, often times beyond our imagination or comprehension… But we don`t have to worry or search because it will just come at its most mature state… 🙂

    Yeah you`re right, pinakagwapo yata ang latest look niya(KSS) pero para sa akin, lahat ng pics at video niya, okay na okay lahat!!! 🙂 Kahit ano pang itsura at suot niya sa mga pics and video, para sa`kin, ang gwapo niya pa rin tingnan!!!!!!! 🙂 Aaaayyy!!!!!!! Haaay naku! Talagang kinikilig ako `pag naalala ko face niya!!!

    Ganun ba? Wala kang kakampi diyan sa bahay niyo na ipagtanggol ang love natin… Don`t worry kakampi mo naman kami dito…. 🙂 hehehe! Ganun naman talaga kung minsan… hehehe! Inaasar tayo pero lambing lang nila sa atin yun… Ang importante naman di ba ay masaya tayo nagkukunwentuhan… 🙂 Ang boring yata pag walang kausap at walang kasama manuod ng tv kahit pa siguro pinakamaganda ang palabas kung ikaw lang ang nag-isa… hehehe! Kailangan pa rin natin ng kasama para maishare natin ang saya natin, di ba? Just keep on doing what you want to do… Kahit ganun yan sila pero love ka no`n… Ipakita mo na lang sa kanila that you stand firm. hehehe! Ako mas gusto ko na hindi type ng sis ko ang look ni KSS. hehehe! Selosa talaga siguro ako no? 🙂 Sabi ko sa kanila dati dito sa bahay, “I don`t care what others say, think or feel about KSS… Whatever it is, it`s not important because it will not affect me… I listen to myself, to my heart and at the same time I open my mind, my eyes and my heart…” I`m not perfect but I trust myself and God. I also trust other people ( loved ones- family and friends ) but the final decision is still in me, of course, with God`s help… So just go on girl! 🙂

    Girl, di ba crush mo si KSS, ba`t mo naman ipinamimigay siya kay HHJ? 🙁 Selos tayo niyan…. hehehe! joke lang! Aaminin ko na, mukha naman yata silang bagay… Ayoko talagang sabihin bagay sila no… Baka madevelope pa si KSS sa kanya… Hindi kaya ng puso`t isipan ko… huhuhu! Buti na yung ganito sa atin, may the BEST woman win… hahaha! Parang paligsahan ano? Siguro lahat naman ng mga bababe, the BEST in their unique ways, pero mayroon naman talagang the BEST sa mga mata ng bawat lalaki, di ba? Si KSS, mayroon din the BEST woman para sa kaya, sino kaya yun? 🙂 Dati kasi, sabi ng iba wala siyang (KSS) girlfriend. Ewan ko lang ngayon… para naman yatang impossible yan no? Pero baka very picky siya pagdating sa babae or baka kabi-break lang nila no`ng time na yun… Basta ako, kahit sinong gusto ni KSS, okay lang sa akin. Siguro mahurt ako ng kunti pero magiging super happy ako pag nakikita kong masayang masaya siya… Gusto ko masayang masaya siya palagi… Maluluingkot ako, `pag malulungkot siya…

    Okay na ang dad ko, maraming salamat talaga sa prayers mo! 🙂 I appreciate it so much! Thanks a lot to God din, alam kong hindi Niya pinabayaan ang papa ko no`n at talagang pinagaling Niya… 🙂 Thank you so much talaga sa mga pics ni KSS. Kung may mga pics ni KSS akong bago, i-send ko sayo agad. 🙂 You mentioned about a video of Jumong, thank you very much talaga if you will send it to me pero nakakahiya naman yata sa`yo, okay lang kung hindi na… Andito ba yan sa internet? Tingnan ko na lang sa internet. 🙂

    Si Mr.K. nasa Filipina soul din, yung sinabi ko sayo na web site dati. He is very nice, puwede ka naman sigurong makipagfriend at magtanong sa kanya… Ang dami niyang alam about KSS. 🙂 Mayron nga siyang mga latest news about KSS ngayon, pupunta ako doon after this if I don`t feel very sleepy pa, gabi masyado na kasi dito ngayon, marami kasi akong ginawa kanina… 🙂 My friends there in Filipina Soul are really great and kind, they can be your friends too, I guess… 🙂 They are really true friends… May naging kaibigan ka na pala dati na manyakis??? Buti na lang binura mo siya sa list of friends mo. Pero iba naman `tong mga friends ko sa Filipina Soul, okay na okay talaga sila… I`m very thankful to God nga eh at may mga friends akong katulad sa kanila at sa`yo… 🙂

    Sorry, napindot ko ang `submit comment` kanina while typing, baka kasi magtataka ka inilagay ko na ang message ko sa itaas, hindi ko pa naman natapos… Inaantok na talaga siguro ako, kaya iba na ang napindot ko, gusto ko pa naman sanang magchika pa… 🙂 hehehe! Ang daldal ko talaga no? 🙂 Baka magalit sila dito… sorry…. Sana makavisit ka sa site na `to uli… Til next time! I will also include you and all your loved ones in my prayers… Take care always! 🙂

  54. 54 : Angel's faith Says:

    Hi Daisy,

    It’s been a while since the 1st day we’ve chatted here.
    I always visit this site last May but it stopped last June because of the busy schedules. Busy here at work and also in school. Too many assignment and deadlines arrrrggghhh.. I don’t know what to do! One day, after searching such things in the net, something tells me to visit the site, and luckily I found your message. I was soooooooo verrrrry happy! happy, happy, happy!

    Yah! I read some posted messages there and it was awesome. Now we had 53 post and going to 54 for my message. haha! But its ok! Now KSS acting is more appreciated. Many fans believed him now and posted their thoughts on this site. Thanks God. hehe! Were not alone!

    About our club, hmmm… I don’t know what name fits for us. I’m not good at it. Naming clubs, I’d never done this b4 u know.. hehehe! Well I’ll try… wait, let me think, mmmmmm…………………………. ULTIMATE KSS FAN CLUB??? KSS ADIKTUS? what do u think? hehe! well I don’t know! white flag raising…I surrender!!!!!! just kidding!

    Don’t worry about my folks. I know they don’t mean it, they only playing with me.

    Nude pictures? Mmmm.. I don’t know where they came, but I checked the email I sent, the one with KSS pictures, I don’t find any nude pics at all.

     TRY THIS:
    Why don’t you install an updated antivirus to your computer especially laptop so that it wont infect any virus. Or just enable BLOCK POP UPS. Antivirus is free on the net, you can download it if you want.

    Filipina Soul?
    I visited that site before and posted some messages, I think that site is too crowded that it takes time to post my messages.
    Yah I met some friends there, I forgot her name. She’s the one who told me to check out KSS video but sad to say I never got the chance to visit the site anymore because of some errands. Sigh….

    Happy to hear your father is ok now, it’s a quite relief. Thanks god.

    Do you have any news about KSS? He’s missing in action!
    Do you know arirang? I always watch that show. It’s the only Korean channel that made me interested in Korean drama and showbiz with English subtitle. Anyways did I told you b4 that KSS directed that drama/ comedy RECIPE FOR/OF LOVE? Well I watch it on arirang just check it if you had time. His father (the king geumwa) at jumong played the main/lead character. It’s a cool drama!

    And about KSS and HHJ, it’s only my idea, a point of view. Impossible is nothing you know! Don’t get jealous I’m on your side now. Haha! What friends are for?

    Well I missed you guys. If I had more time, I’ll visit this site more often.
    till next time… bye!

  55. 55 : Millet Says:

    I really love watching jumong!!! Daesoh kinda look sloppy in the series.. But in real life he’s really hot!!! very talented also.. good actor and good dancer.. he recently got married. too bad.. still love him though.. I usually like villain.. I like him from the episode he lead jumong into drowning in the quick sand.. he..he.. anyways to all my co fanatics there.. please add me up..friendstetr.. [email protected]…. Jumong Rocks and Daesoh is HOT!!!!

  56. 56 : Daisy Says:

    To Millet:

    Hello Millet! WHAT??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My love got married???????!!!!!!!!!! Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you serious???????????? WHY??????????? Why did he not wait for me?????? huhuhu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huuuuuaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! It hurt me soooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I really feel bad you know……….. Millet, how did you know he got married recently? Can we find the source here in the internet? Is the source of that news here in the internet? Can you give the source to us here please? Millet please…… Who`s the verrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy lucky woman? May I know her please? huhuhu! Buti na lang may iba akong love, si papa SIG, at least hindi ako masyadong nahurt…….. not as much as if I know that kind of news before, the time when he was my only crush……. huhuhu! huhuhuuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhh! Buti na lang nadivide ang love ko….. huhuhu! Ang sayang niya talaga!!!!
    Dream man ko pa naman siya…….. huhuhu! Pa`no na ngayon ako!!!!!!!!!! huaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!! Pero di ba my divorce naman sa Korea? hahaha! Joke lang! Seriously, kahit hurt ako pero I`m so happy for him if that is really true…. He is a very great guy! He deserves all the great blessings God gave to him…. 🙂 Pero Millet, please give us the source of that news naman oh….. Please…….. Thanks in advance! Take care always! 🙂

    To Angel`s faith:

    Hi friend! Damayan mo naman ako please oh……. hurt ako masyado sa latest news sa itaas ngayon……. Millet said KSS got married recently……. huhuhu! 🙂 Hindi ka ba hurt? Sabay na lang tayo iyak! huhuhuhuhuhuhuaaaaahhhhh! I plan to reply to your message pero parang hindi ko pa kayang makipagchika ngayon…. Sorry….. reply ako message mo pag medyo ok na ako…… I want to know the source if he really got married……. I can`t love him as much as I do if that news is really true, if he is really married na…… huhuhu! I will also search here in the internet if he really got married recently…….. If he is really married, it may be very,very,very hard but I have to forget my feelings for him and I have to start it the time I read the news from the media with my own eyes or hear the news and read the translation myself….. Sorry if I act differently or whatever……..HURT talaga ako!!!!!!!! Pero I will still and always be your truest friend here! huhuhu! Hindi pa talaga ako ok…… Take care always friend!

  57. 57 : Angel's faith Says:

    To Daisy,

    OK lang yan.. d naman ako na hurt, ok lang sakin. Happy po ako para sa kanya. Ginawa tau ni GOD na may kapares. Just face the reality na he’s too old for you and take note magkalayo kau ng lugar and magkaiba kau ng mundo. I mean he don’t know you….NO HURT FEELINGS but its true! Gurl chill!!!! Sabi mo pa nga nanjan naman si papa SIG mo. hehe! wla pang asawa yan… Makakalimutan mo din sya.. Kaya lang ganun talga, there are times na ikino compare mo ung reality na manliligaw mo sa isang taong gustong gusto mo. Tama ba ako?
    Puppy love mo lang yan k daisu!!! hehehe! I like him but not that I like him like him. You what I mean… I’m so happy for him.. Man.. dapat lang siguro no? he’s 34 na? klan pa sya mag aasawa? para naman magkaanak na sya! Naunahan pa sya ni yungpo! pero same age lang naman sila dba? Ok lang yan friend. Inom tubig… hehhee. tama nang iyak, papangit ka! hehehe!

    Curious lang ako kung sino ung lucky girl nya? And when/where did Melissa get the news?
    I really wonder?????

    Hey daisy-> is daisy is ur real name? or did u come up with the name daisy because of daisu? you just change u to y? Am I wrong? or right? haha! just guessing.

    Hi Melissa,
    If you read this kindly answer my question. It’s for the sake of our friend daisy.

    Thanks in advance!

    To our dear KSS,

    Congratulations! From the bottom of our heart! Hope one day you reply here! We really appreciate it!

  58. 58 : millet Says:

    Hey there fanmates”)

    Actually ito yung interview na yun ng pinakitang ikinasal na xa.. kaso grabe hirap ma-access ng info.. Lahat na ata ng keywords na puwede i-type type ko na para lang makuha yung whole info.. Ganito kase yun.. nag su-surf kami ng mama ko.. tapos I was like saying how good an actor he is.. and he was really cute when he danced in the sound of let’s get it started by blackeyedpeas.. I mean he got the moves.. I was like worshipping him telling all the good things.. na para bang pag nilalakad mo yung magiging bf mo sa mommy mo.. and I was like saying.. he still single.. and then suddenly during the interview.. it was korean but it shows there many hearts na graphics sa kanya.. tapos biglang pinakita sandali yung clips ng kasal niya.. grabeh.. durug ako..wish ko lang talaga scene lang yun from he’s up coming whatever movie o korenovela.. kaso hinde eh.. he doesn’t want to give more info.. he’s very private.. sobrang na hurt me I wasn’t able to download the video.. ang hirap pa naman hanapin.. tapos pag hinahanap ko na using the same keywords that I used. It doesn’t show na=( Wish ko lang talaga… mali ako!!!!!!!! Badtrip.. naka sideview yung gurl.. tapos ang bilis lang pinakita.. if I know tsaka yun;) he..he.. bitter.. Sige mga friendship.. naka-break lang ako.. next time..

  59. 59 : Jeli Says:

    Hi Daeso!
    pakiss nga.
    Pogi c deeso pag naka-smile. Lagi kc sya galit sa “Jumong”..
    Hi, Mary Jane! nag e-mail c Song sayo? sabhin mo nmn sakin e-mail add nya! please

  60. 60 : Jeli Says:

    Good morning!KSS

    I like ur role in “Jumong”!

  61. 61 : Jeli Says:

    I saw you pics in Hancinema.
    You captured my heart! soo handsome!

  62. 62 : Jeli Says:

    Love na kta, KSS!

  63. 63 : Jeli Says:

    Are you married?
    Bcoz I’m single and wiling to marry you!

  64. 64 : Jeli Says:

    Annyeong KSS!

    Goodluck to your career!
    Many movies and tv series to come! Aja!

  65. 65 : jeli Says:

    KSS please visit our country Philipines. I wanna see you in person.

  66. 66 : Angel's faith Says:

    To Millet,

    I think I know what ur saying na… search it at you tube, makikita mo un. Parang napanood ko na un. May video ako nun sa bahay. Ill check it later and send it to you if u want. It was an interview with SIG, KSS and HHG the three of them. Tama ba? I think its not he’s wedding… part lang un ng isang scene sa isa nyang koreanovela. Matagal na un. Wala naman po me nasasagap na balita na nagpakasal na sya. I hope I’m not mistaken. As I already said si yongpo ung last na nakita or nabalitaan kong nagpakasal. I always watch showbiz arirang d sin sanay sinabi na nila or nagbalita sila kung kinasal na nga sya….

    Well kong mali ako.. OK lang din. hehehe.
    Ewan ko lang ung isa kong fren kung OK sya? 😀

  67. 67 : jeli Says:

    Hi Daeso i’m going crazy over you! hahaha.

  68. 68 : jeli Says:

    Don’t worry hnd pa po married si KSS. i’m 100% sure. kaya don’t cry na ha!

  69. 69 : jeli Says:

    Hnd pwede makasal si KSS kasi babaha ng luha!!!! pero promise hndi pa talaga siya married nafe-feel ko yun! lakas ng vibration noh!

  70. 70 : Daisy Says:

    Hi to all!!! 🙂 I miss you guys here! I haven`t been to this site for quite a while because I visited the other website, http: //h0tpink20.multiply.com many times. A friend of mine in Filipina Soul told me that the owner of that site seemed nice and maybe she could help me on KSS`s latest info. So I thought of asking them, the owner and the people out there about KSS`s latest info especially on the issue if he really got married recently or not. Gladly, the owner replied and gave KSS`s other website but I couldn`t understand the info there because it was written in Korean. I was also fortunate because many people there answered my question about KSS`s issue. Although they had varied answers but it was so nice to know all of it because at least we can weigh things over…

    Angel`s faith,

    Hello!!! How are you? I miss you friend! 🙂 Thanks talaga for everything…napapagaan mo loob ko…huhuhu! Yeah, what you said in your no. 57 message is right… Tanggap ko naman ang katutuhanan kaya lang nabigla talaga ako nang malaman ko yun (initial reaction siguro sa umiibig… hahaha! corny no? hehehe! ) and naniwala agad ako na totoo yun… I couldn`t help it… Pero totoo man yun o hindi I have to wake up… But still I like him a lot and I just want to know if the issue is really true or not… Because if it`s really true then I have to stop my feelings for him na talaga and kung hindi naman, if he is still single, we can still enjoy adoring him, di ba? 🙂 hehehe! Buti na lang hindi ka hurt like me… 🙂 Kasi kung dalawa tayo mas malulungkot ako… ayokong malungkot ka rin… 🙁 Daisy talaga name ko… 🙂 hehehe! Yung Daisu na spelling ay yung sa dvd di ba? Sa internet naman iba ang spelling di ba? 🙂 I`m so happy when I read your no. 66 na message… I really hope you are right… Pero parang may nakita rin ako before na parepareho sa sinabi mo pero parang wala naman yata yun mga maraming heart graphics na lumitaw nang interviewhin na si KSS gaya nang sinabi ni Millet… Mayron akong nakitang mga envelopes with heart seals on them, sa ibang video, nang ipinakita na ang mukha ni KSS pero parang wala naman akong nakikitang flashed video of KSS`s wedding doon… Pero matagal na rin yun… Ewan ko lang baka iba ang aking and iba rin sa inyo… Tama ka friend, kung mayron man latest news about him eh di sana ibinalita na ng mga reporter, di ba? 🙂 Angel`s faith, pashare naman ng website kung mayron kang makita about this issue… I mean about the truth… Thanks in advance! 🙂 Thanks a lot for being a super nice friend! 🙂 Love you friend! 🙂


    Hi! Thanks for the info and for replying us here… 🙂 Even though I don`t know yet what really happened but it was so nice of you telling something… If what you said was true then that can really help us a lot here…at least we know what we are going to do and our limits… I hope we will continue sharing here anything we think is important.. Please feel free to do so… I think all of us can share here what we think is relevant… 🙂


    Hello! Thanks for your answer! 🙂 How I wish you`re right na hindi nga totoong married na si KSS. Parang pareho nga tayo, super crush natin siya… Am I right? 🙂 hehehe! Pero whatever the truth is I know all of us will be very much happy for him because we love him! 🙂 Sana lang hindi totoo yung issue… hehehe!

    Girls, please share naman dito kung may bago kayong news about KSS… Ako rin magsishare ako… Pero punta rin kayo sa mga websites na namention ko from my past messages here kasi marami kayong malalaman din doon hindi lang about kay KSS pati kay SIG at sa iba pang mga casts ng tv series nila na `Jumong`. Sa mga bago dito, WELCOME to our club! 🙂 hehehe! Angel`s faith, ang ganda ng mga names na ipinangalan mo sa club natin pero mababagay pa kaya yun sa atin kung totoong married na nga si KSS? 🙂 Ikaw na lang magfinalize sa name kung anong gusto mo, may tiwala ako sayo at siguro naman lahat kami dito… 🙂 Kahit naman siguro kung totoo ngang married si KSS ay susupportahan pa rin natin siya di ba girls? Kaya patuloy pa rin ang pangkat natin katulad sa Damul Army, matibay, hindi madaling maglaho… hehehe! Pero kailangan sabay sabay tayo lahat dito buohin at pagtibayin muli ang pangkat natin, hindi namin kaya kung iilan lang kami… Okay ba girls?! 🙂

    Angel`s faith, tuwang tuwa na sana ako no`ng nagreply ka sa`kin, no. 54 na message mo pero nakita ko rin yung no.55 na message ni Millet na married na si KSS, kaya nag-iba lahat…Pero okay lang, kung yung talaga ang totoo, nagpapasalamat ako kay Millet.

    May bagong project daw si KSS, it`s entitled “Don`t Ask My Past” sabi ni Mr.K from Filipina Soul. Marami pa siyang sinabi about KSS doon. 🙂 Sana we can also have that project here in the Philippines… 🙂 Girls, tulungan niyo ako pray na makita natin yan dito sa Philippines… hehehe! Have fun reading! 🙂 Take care friends! 🙂

  71. 71 : Daisy Says:

    Ay, hindi pala sa Damul Army natin maihahalintulad ang pangkat natin, girls… hehehe! Sa Bu Yeo Army na lang…dahil si Prince Dae So naman ang leader natin dito at hindi si Prince Jumong, di ba… hehehe! Ok rin naman ang Bu Yeo Army, di ba girls? Mga mababait din naman sila lalo na si kapitan (yung loyal kay King Geum Wa) at heneral Heuk Chi, `wag lang si Naru dahil talagang masama yun… hehehe! Pero in general, mga mababait din ang Bu Yeo Army, di ba? hehehe! Sa kabila, Damul Army sila… hehehe! Pero ang Damul Army at Bu Yeo Army natin dito ay hindi naman nag-aaway di ba, dahil iisa lang ang layunin natin lahat, ang makapanuod ng `Jumong` gabi-gabi at makita ang mga loves natin, di ba? hehehe! At tsaka dahil nagkakaisa tayong manuod ng `Jumong`, puwede tayong magtatag ng isang bayan at puwedeng ipangalan ay `Jumong Fan Club` dahil yun naman ang pangalan ng super favorite natin na tv series… Ok ba ang name, girls? 🙂 Angel`s faith, tulongan mo naman ako uli mag-name ng bagong bayan natin dito..oh…please… hehehe! And galing mo kasing mag-name…hehehe! Yung iba nating members dito magsabi rin kayo kung anong gusto niyo sa bagong bayan natin… hehehe! 🙂 Marami rin akong friends sa kabila, maging friends din natin lahat sila doon… Punta rin kayo doon… 🙂 Ang kalaban doon ng Damul Army ay mga masasamang PH fans (Princess Hours fans) or ang other name ay Puro Han fans… or Puro Han Army. hehehe! Galit na galit ang mga Damul Army sa kanila dahil yun kasing mga masasamang PH fans (hindi naman lahat na PH fans ay masama) ay talagang malupit kay Prince Jumong (SIG) kaya talagang ipinagtatanggol siya ng mga armies niya… Ako dahil dalawa ang loves ko, kasapi rin ako sa Damul Army doon pero hindi naman layunin ng Damul Army na mag-aawayaway, di ba? Kaya sana hindi na manggulo doon ang PH Army para hindi magagalit ang mga friends natin sa Damul Army doon… Kung walang masabi na maganda ang mga PH Army kay SIG, hindi na lang sana sila makialam para hindi magalit ang Damul Army…kasi sa tingin ko, hindi rin natin puwedeng hikayatin ang mga PH Army na samahan tayong magtatag ng bagong bayan(dahil di ba nauna ang tv series nila) at tawagin `Jumong Fan Club` dahil ayaw rin nilang maglaho ang bayan nila na unang naitatag katulad doon sa tv… hehehe! Super loyal din sila doon. And we always respect them and their favorites naman di ba, sana they will also respect SIG and his fans… Sabi nga ni Heneral Jumong, hindi dapat magbuwis ng buhay sa walang kuwentang away para sa kanilang ipinaglalaban…kaya hinikayat nalang niya ang ibang pangkat na samahan siyang magtatag ng bagong bayan na may freedom, malaya ang lahat na tao… (tama ba ako? hehehe! chika din kayo…) 🙂 Sana lahat tayo na mga fans, Jumong fans at PH fans, magiging friends di ba? 🙂 Buti tayo dito, hindi nag-aaway nagkakaisa tayo para sa iisang love natin… hehehe! We love you Kim Seung Soo! 🙂 Kahit nga kung totoong married nga siya ay andito pa rin tayo, sumusuporta sa kanya at sa lahat ng mga projects niya… Ang saya!!!!!!!!!!! Go, girls!!!!!! Go, Bu Yeo Army!!!!!! hahaha! Lokaloka talaga ako no? Wala lang miss ko lang talaga kayo dito… Take care always friends! 🙂

  72. 72 : Daisy Says:

    It`s July 25, 2007!!! 🙂 GIRLS, IT`S KIM SEUNG SOO`S BIRTHDAY!!! 🙂


    In behalf of my co-fans and friends here : We wish you everything best in this world! May you will have a very long, healthy and happy life together with your loved ones and family!!! Also, may all your wishes and dreams in your life, your loved ones lives and family`s will come true! Be happy!!!! Enjoy your day!!! Take care always! We are very much happy for you! 😉

  73. 73 : Angel's faith Says:

    Oh really?? Excited naman akong mapanood un.. mmm klan kaya ipapalabas un? MBC din ba? KBS? Bida ba sya? or kontra bida ulit? Ano na kaya hitsura nya ngaun? mmm.. Nakakaloka. hehe.
    kulit ko no? Excited lang ako hehe.. Nung minsan mapadaan ako sa ch. 7 or GMA nung sang gabi nakita ko si KSS taba nya dun.. pero ok lang mas gwapo sya dun..bagay sa knya. mas gwapo sya tignan ksa k jumong. para sakin lang ha? hehehe

    Uy! wag naman po..suportahan pa rin natin sya khit sabihin pang married na nga sya ok lang po un..si KSS namn ung crush natin d naman ung girl so ok pa rin un.. hehehe..

    About sa name mo hehehe akala ko gawa gawa mo lang un? praning ako e.. hehehe inaaliw ko lang sarili ko malapit na exams naming d pako nag rereview. instead nagbabasa me ng mga messages d2 sa page ng pinakamamahal nating KSS. KSS forever pa din ako!

    haha natatawa talga ako sa tagalog version ng Jumong pati ung mga sinasabi nila. Kakaiba!
    Miss ko na manood nun kaya lang d na talga kaya ng powers ko.. pagod na pagod ako from 8am to 9pm prang busog na busog ang utak ko. from work to school drecho hayyy… from 9pm to 12mn gawa ng assignments san ka pa?

    pasensya na daldal ako ng daldal iba naman sinasabi ko not related sa page nato. 😀
    sensia na…

    OK going back sa mgs mo.. mmm ei bgay u po naman sakin ung link ng sinasabi mong parang Q and answer portion nyo ni Mr. K para mabasa ko rin.. dami kc messages dun mahihirapan akong I scan lahat ng messages. wish ko lang ganun din ka active at ka hyper ung mga frens natin d2 na magsulat about k KSS..at least message 71 na tau! hahaha! TAGUMPAY!

    And about sa videos hmmm.. hanapin ko pa. ill send it to you kapag may malaking oras me.. medyo bc bchan ang lola nyo ngaun.. hehehe!

    Ge po gang d2 nalang muna.. till next tym ulit!

  74. 74 : Angel's faith Says:


  75. 75 : Millet Says:

    Hey guyz.. Hmmm.. About our group why don’t we try “Pangkat ni Daesoh”? he..he.. I really like him as an actor.. he’s very effective.. He ‘s not like other actors who’s so concern about their image or how to look good in the camera.. For him I think he wouldn’t care less if he looks stupid, crazy or ugly.. As long as he would give his role justice as long as he could relay to the audience what kind of personality he’s being. That’s what really matters. That’s what I love about him. I’m soooo tired of “playing actors” I really think he’s the real deal.. Soo what do you think guys “Pangkat ni Daesoh’????? I will think of other name later…

    Miss You Guyz.. kahit di niyo ko miss:’)

  76. 76 : Angel's faith Says:

    hi millet,

    miss kita hehe! joke! ok na un! pangkat ni daeso.. parang team lupin! hehe… punta ka sa http://h0tpink20.multiply.com/guestbook nandun din kami nakikigulo.. site un para k sig pero nakiki gulo kami.. wag kau mag alala gawa me ng paraan para mauz ung multiply ko.. post ko dun lahat ng vids at pic na meron ako ni kss para mabilis hanapin..hirap kc maghanap lalo na sa mga korean sites na d ko maintindihan… para masaya sana nandun din kau.. inaauz ko pa kc ung site ko.. nagpost din me ng mga kpop sana magustuhan nyo.. maganda naman sya masarap pakinggan kahit d ko maintindihan.. parang f4.. hehe.. promote natin si KSS para marami syang link sa internet.. daanan no rin ung site ko hehe..http://angelsfaith.multiply.com kaya lang under repair pa… salamat sa inyo! GO KSS!

  77. 77 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Angel’s faith! 🙂 I’m so glad to be here again! 🙂 I really like reading all your messages here, friends… 🙂

    Yung questions mo sa no.73 ba ay yung latest project ni KSS na “Don’t Ask My Past” na sinabi ni Mr.K? Hindi pa sinabi ni Mr.K. kung kailan ipapalabas yun at kung saan… Hindi ko pa rin naresearch yun dito sa internet dahil nabusy ako dati, alam mo na, yung about sa kung married ba si KSS o hindi… hehehe! Yun ang sinisearch ko dati… 🙂 I’ll try to research about that latest Project of him if I have more time. And I’ll post it here right away… 🙂 Basta ang alam ko na sinabi ni Mr.K. ay detector daw si KSS do’n. Also Mr.K. said, he got a new hair cut do’n and lost weight… I’ll try to ask Mr.K. about your questions also… Baka may alam din siya do’n… 🙂

    Ang ‘question and answer’ messages namin ni Mr.K. doon ay halos lahat naman ng mga messages namin na para sa isa’t isa since from the start I asked him of something… Gustong gusto ko rin na mabasa niyo yung mga messages ni Mr.K. para maaliw din kayo sa mga balita niya about KSS… 🙂 Kahit yung mga messages niya sa akin sa bagong punta ko palang do’n… 🙂 Pero I understand na talagang mahihirapan kayong mag-scan doon lalo na’t wala nang numbers ang mga messages do’n ngayon unlike yung dati mayro’n….at ang dami pa ng mga messages, lalo na ‘pag bago kayo doon… Pero worth scanning naman dahil marami namang mga magaganda na mga chika ang mga ibang friends natin do’n. Ako, medyo madalidali ko nang malocate nang kunti ang mga messages ni Mr.K. para sa akin dahil nabasa ko na dati. How I wish mabasa rin niyo lahat na sinabi ni Mr.K. about KSS. May naisip akong paraan…bakit ngayon ko lang naisip ‘to? Ang gaga ko naman ba’t hindi ko naisip dati ‘to, gustong gusto ko pa naman malaman din ninyo ‘tong mga news about KSS, dati pa… Patawarin niyo na lang ‘tong lola niyo, malimutin na kasi, hindi ko tuloy naisip pwede pa lang i-post ko messages ni Mr.K. dito, mag-ask lang ako muna ng permission niya… I-post ko na lng dito ang lahat na sinabi ni Mr.k. about KSS? Pero I will ask permission to Mr.K. muna… Wait lang kayo girls ha, ‘pag nag-okay na si Mr.K. na i-post ko lahat ng messages niya from Filipina Soul dito, and ‘pag okay naman ang in-charge sa site na ito, makikita niyo na ang mga balita ng Korean friend natin na si Mr.K. about KSS. Ipo-post ko agad ‘pag okay nang lahat…. 🙂

    Tama ka friend, mas gwapo ngayon si KSS sa ‘Jumong’ kaysa dati! Ay!!!! Ang gwapong gwapo niya talaga!!! Tama ka girl, mas bagay sa kanya ang look niya ngayon sa ‘Jumong’ kaysa dati niyang look sa tv series na ‘to pero constantly super handsome naman ang papa KSS natin di ba girls? Hay naku! Parang nakakalimutan ko nang hindi pa pala talagang naconfirm kung ano talaga ang totoo sa latest issue niya, kung married ba siya or single… Pero 100% sure daw si Mr.K na hindi si KSS married. Don’t worry i-popost ko dito about this line kung mag-okay na si Mr.K. na ipost ko ang mga messages niya dito… 🙂

    You are so busy pala…Okay lang yan girl… Kung may time ka lang punta dito… Andito lang naman kami… Ako rin minsan lang akong may time na malaki dito, niluluboslubos ko na… Pero ‘wag ka na lang gumaya sa ‘kin girl dahil sabi mo may exam kang papalapit ngayon… Pero kung nakaka-relax naman ng mind mo kung dadaan ka paminsanminsan dito or sa other site..maganda yan! Just go on girl on what you want… You are a smart, responsible lady naman… You know what you are doing… At sure ako matalino ka rin, kaya mo yang exam mo! Pray ka rin! 🙂

    About sa video, thanks a lot in advance friend…pero puwede na ring di na siguro baka hassle na ng masyado sa ‘yo lalo na’t papalapit pa lang ang exam mo, ibig sabihin you still have to work very hard for it pa for many days kasi medyo matagalan pa bago matapos. Ibuhos mo na lang lahat ng powers mo sa exam mo friend… That is so important… Okay lang , girl kung hindi mo na ipapadala… Ikaw na lang bahala…. Basta okay lang ako kung anong desisyon mo… 🙂

    Angel’s faith, sa tingin ko ang latest look ng super love natin na si KSS ay yung ibinigay ni kswoo sa hotpink. 🙂 Ang gwapo niya do’n!!!!!!!! Hay naku!!!!!!! Parang magkakasala talaga ako sa tingin ko palang do’n kung talagang married na siya, iba ang nasa isip ko eh!!!! hahaha!!!!! Joke! pero totoo!!! hahaha! Lokaloka rin ako ano? Marami pa rin tayong naloloka kang KSS, di ba? Iba-iba nga lang siguro ang degrees and reactions… hehehe! Yung iba nasa, hotpink! hehehe! Sana visit din sila lahat na KSS admirers dito no? Gusto rin ng ibang fans do’n si KSS pero hindi ko na maalala masyado ang about do’n, ireview ko na lang… hehehe!

    I’m so happy super loyal pa rin kayo sa papa KSS natin! 🙂 At love na love pa rin ninyo siya… Ganun pa rin ako… I admit it… I still like him a lot! Ganun din yata si Millet at si Jeli…. At yung iba nating friends sa hotpink na gusto rin si KSS… 🙂 I’m really very happy matatag ang bonding natin sa love natin na si KSS at sa friendship natin dito! Go girls! 🙂 How I wish he is really not married yet like what Mr. K. said and others about him… 🙂 Til next time mga sis…. 🙂

    Have fun reading here friends!!!! 🙂 Take care always!!! 🙂

  78. 78 : Daisy Says:

    Hi Millet! 🙂 We also miss you girl here! Wow, what a nice name our group has! I also agree to that! 🙂 So, is that the final name for our group here? 🙂 Then, let’s call our group,’Pangkat ni Daesoh’!!! Mabuhay ang Pangkat ni Daesoh!!! Mabuhay si Kim Seung Soo!!! 🙂 Ang saya!!! Now I know hindi pala sa dami ng mga tao nasusukat ang saya at ganda ng pagsasamahan ng isang pangkat, nasa bonding pala ng bawat members ng isang pangkat… 🙂 …nasa quality ng pagsasamahan ng mga kasapi ng pangkat na ito! 🙂 Parang yun sa Damul Army sa tv no? hehehe! Kahit kunti lang sila sa simula pero, super tatag ang pangkat nila… At napalaki nang husto nila ang kanilang pangkat dahil malaki ang pagpapahalaga nila sa bawat isa… 🙂 hehehe! Pero maganda rin naman sa kabila, sa kay SIG, kaya lang hindi ko naisip before na maging ganito tayo kasaya dito kahit medyo kunti lang tayo…. 🙂 You’re right friend, KSS is a very effective actor kaya kung minsan ang nakikita ng ibang tao sa kanya ay ang pagiging Daesoh niya… Ganun naman talaga palagi…. hate nila ang kontrabida sa story at ang love lang nila ang bida! At sa totoong buhay ng mga actors, hindi napapansin ng karamihan sa mga fans ang mga kontrabida na actors sa stories… Pero tayo dito ang tinitingnan natin sa kanya ay talagang siya as an actor and person at hindi yung role niya dahil part lang naman yun ng history ng Korea, although siguro may mga actings si KSS na talagang sa kanya pero not sure tayo kung ano at kung talagang mayro’n man… Sabi nga ni SIG sa isang interview talagang iniisip niya na siya talaga ang nasa role na ibinigay sa kanya… And he acted according to his role… And being an actor also, I think KSS did everything or did his best also to portray his roles in the past projects wonderfully as if he was really the persons in the roles he accepted including in ‘Jumong’…. He is a great actor! I love his acting in ‘Jumong’ (as it was the only project of him that I saw) very much! It was excellent! 🙂

    Til next time friend! Take care always! 🙂 Have a great time here! 🙂

  79. 79 : Daisy Says:

    Angel’s faith, Really girl? You have a site of KSS, a new site? Woooooww!!!! That is soooo great, friend!!!!!! I’ll pray for the great success of your coming site!!!!!!! I know it will be very successful!!!!!!! I will be there right after I’ll know it is done!!!! And I will visit there too often!!!!!!! hahaha! So here’s the great site for our very loved, KSS!!!! 🙂 Here’s the most wonderful site for our group, Pangkat ni Daesoh!!! Mabuhay ang http://angelsfaith.multiply.com!!!! hahaha! Ang saya dito! 🙂

  80. 80 : Daisy Says:

    Girls, let’s try to convince GMA to get KSS’s latest project, “Don’t Ask My Past”….. Please? Maybe he is too handsome there too! My voice maybe too little to be heard but if all of us, KSS fans, will tell GMA, maybe they will here our ‘one voice’, loud and clear… 🙂 Then, they will grant our wish… hehehe! Also, can we request the lobbyist of SIG too? hehehe!Please? hehehe! I will also try to convince in other sites to ask GMA of SIG’s and KSS’s latest projects… 🙂

    One more thing girls, our Korean friend, you know who he is, is asking me if I know about Miriam Quiambao latest life, if she got married again for the second time… He really wish to know because she is his big crush! 🙂 He knew from the internet friends, I guess, that she got married for the second time and he is asking me if the news about her is true? I haven’t heard that news yet… If anyone knows here, friends, can you please tell me so that I can tell him about it? Or you can tell him directly at Filipina Soul… 🙂 He is also a very great friend! 🙂 How I wish I will know something about that issue…. I will ask all my friends that I will see this week and all my friends in all my most favorite sites in the internet…that if they will allow me to… hehehe! Enjoy your day friends! 🙂

  81. 81 : Angel's faith Says:

    Hi Daisy,

    Dont worry friend… my schedule is a OK now! My exam is over.. ive survived! haha! so nothing to worry about… thanks for ur support. And about the vids of KSS i’ll post it on my multiply some other time.. i’ll already post some cute pics of him and you can visit the site.. but as i said its not done yet.. ill do my best to make it perfect..

    About sa pic na pinost ni kswoo im not sure if its his latest look but I think I know where he get the pic.. napanood ko na un.. parang victory party ata nila un.. not so sure sa name ng party na un… Pero cute sya dun.. I hope Makita ko rin latest look nya ngaun dun sa bago niyang series…
    mmmm ano kaya?

    Hi millet!

    ge po till next time! GO KSS!

  82. 82 : Millet Says:

    Hey Guyz!!!!
    End of shift ko na naman.. I really wanna quit my job if I’m not worried about my studiez.. kaso nga lang mula ng natagpuan ko ang site na ito nagkaroon ako ng dahilan pumasok sa work dahil sa free internet he..he.. ang babaw noh??? Feeling ko kase nung una ako lang nakakapansin na ang cute talaga ni daesoh.. di ko nga mai share paghanga ko sa kanya kase nilalait ng mga Jumongers Idol ko.. Mas astig ata Kickz ni Daesoh P.E Major yata siya.. he..he.. Anyways sa lahat ng Interview niya kulang nalang lumuwa mata ko para i-check kaliwa’t, kanang kamay niya kung may nakasuot bang wedding ring.. At wala.. wahahahaha.. si Yungpo at Daddy Gyumwa meron.. siya wala.. ang tanga ko talaga.. dapat nung una pa lang yun na check ko.. haaaay.. akala ko lang meron.. pero wala..wala..wala!!!!!!! Sige I will visit that site that you created.. Oo nga pala.. buo naman kayo ng Pangkat ni Daesoh sa Friendster… KSS Fan.. Pinoy Chapter.. Pangalang-pangalan pa lang.. sariling atin na.. maganda nga yun onti pa lang tayo.. ayaw niyo nun??? konti lang tayong sasalubung sa kanya sa airport kung saka-sakali… kung marami tayo di tayo makalapit… he..he.. marami fans si daesoh nahihiya lang umamin… basta me.. I never really like actors.. and never had I dreamed of joining a fans club.. I always thought it’s downright corny… but for him I will be the cheeziest girl.. he..he.. bubuhos ko na lang sa kanya paghanga ko.. total kaka break ko lang kay jowa… Sige mga kapatid.. wish ko lang matambangan natin siya balang araw.. wala siyang kawala satin!!!! wahahaha!!! haha!! haha!! hmmmm.. katakot.. parang stalker.. till next time;)

  83. 83 : Daisy Says:

    Hello again Angel’s faith! 🙂 I visited your site in multiply and it is WOW!!! How I love it, girl! 🙂 Two thumbs up ako sayo! 🙂 Great!!! :-)Naalala ko ang pagka-super-baliw ko dati kang KSS sa mga pics niya do’n na pinost mo… Ang saya do’n!!! hehehe! Di ba binigyan mo ‘ko dati ng mga yun…? hehehe! And until now, baliw pa rin ‘tong lola niyo sa kanya! hehehe! Ang super gwapo niya talaga! Pareho tayo ng mga mata girls, we find him extremely handsome, attractive and appealing!!! 🙂 hehehe!

    Ang ganda talaga ng site mo friend! 🙂 Kahit na sabi mo di pa natapos pero enjoy na enjoy na ‘ko do’n! 🙂 hehehe! Gusto ko yung mga pics ni KSS! And very excited rin ako sa mga videos na ipopost mo girl… Kung may time ka lang friend… pero talaga, aabangan namin yun! hehehe! Marami kaming mag-aabang no? Medyo maramirami na yata tayo dito… hehehe! 🙂 Go girl! Pwede na bang magpamember do’n…? hehehe! Baka kaya ako ang first… hehehe! Sabi mo kasi hindi pa tapos yun…?

    Girl, cute mo sa pic mo do’n ha… Pero galing mo! naipost mo pic mo na, I think, hindi ka pa rin marecognize ng friends mo sa real life na ikaw yun dahil nakatago ang magaganda mong mga mata! hehehe! Pero okay lang man siguro sa’yo if they will know you’re here right?…katulad ng iba nating friends dito and sa other sites… hehehe! Okay lang sa kanila na makilala sila… Ako kasi, ayoko ko pang i-reveal ang identity ko, guilty kasi ako… hehehe! Mukhang masama ang ginagawa ‘no? hehehe! Baka nga, pero bahala na, basta maexpress ko how much I like them! Si KSS and si SIG! hehehe! Dalawa kasi!

    Maganda naman at natapos na exam mo! 🙂 Sabi ko na nga ba, kayang kaya mo yun eh! 🙂 hehehe!

    Yung pic ni KSS na ibinigay ni kswoo pala ay yun yung sa victory party nila…? Kaya pala ang gwapo niya do’n!!! Aaaaayyy!!!!!! Super gwapo niya talaga do’n!!!!! As in!!!! hehehe! Sa lahat ng looks niya na medyo iba-iba, pero constant gwapo siya, yun yata ang pinakagusto kong look niya! hehehe! Super gusto ko yung pic na yun!!! As in, mababaliw ako ‘pag tinititigan ko siya do’n! Ang gwapo talaga niya sa victory party, di ba? Yun pic sa party nila ang hinahanap ko dati, di ba nag-ask pa ko kung mayro ka… hehehe! Pero marami sila sa pic na yun… hehehe! Mukha ngang sa party nga nila yun pic na pinost ni kswoo, ‘no?

    Yeah, me too, I’m wondering how he looks like this time especially on his latest project… 🙂 How I wish we will see his latest pic or video! 🙂 I hope someone or some media in Korea can post his latest pic here or in other popular websites so that we can see him right away! 🙂

    Girls, let’s also try to convince GMA to get KSS’s latest project… Please? Saan kaya tayo puwedeng magrequest, sa siguro GMA, ‘no? Sa Filipina Soul kaya makikita ng GMA? 🙂 Sana mabasa ng mga taga-GMA ang request natin… At pati na rin ang lobbyist of SIG…irequest din natin sa GMA… hehehe! Napakagaling kasi ng GMA ‘pag dating sa mga tv series…katulad ng ‘Jumong’ di ba? 🙂 Pero kahit saan channel basta nando’n si KSS at SIG, watch ako! hehehe!

    I’m so happy I have friends like you guys here! Taka care always! Have fun reading! 🙂

  84. 84 : RoxyBathory Says:

    Kim Seung Soo-ssi…. Saengireul Chukahamnida!…belated!!!!

    I never thought July 25 is your birthdate, but I was way damn sure you are under the sign of Leo. I forgot to post my greetings on my site for you. Tsktsktsktsk….

  85. 85 : blah...blah...blah.... Says:

    is it jumong nice to watch????cuz i suddenly watch it here from AZN.TV..and i think the story is from old korean civilazation i think…i’m really not sure thou…

  86. 86 : Daisy Says:

    Hi again Millet! hahaha! I really enjoy reading your latest message. :-)How i like it! 🙂 Parepareho pala tayo na talagang gustong gusto natin si KSS! Go girls! hehehe! Sa kay KSS na lang natin ibuhos ang pag hanga natin, at least hindi pa tayo mahurt di ba? hehehe! Ohhh…nagsalita ako! hehehe! At least kung married man or kung magmarry man ang love natin na si KSS, kung mahurt man tayo ay not as much as kung ikukompara natin sa totong buhay di ba? Iba naman yung sa totoong buhay… Kagaya ko ayoko pang magkaboyfriend sa ngayon, kailangan ko pang magconcentrate sa studies ko… 🙂 Ay naku ano bang mga sinasabi ko nakatulong ba ako o ano? Basta friend smile ka na lang diyan…hayaan mo na lang yang ex-bf mo marami pa diyan! Malay mo baka tinadhana talaga na magbreak kayo dahil iba ang gusto ni Lord sayo… Mas gwapo!!!! hahaha! Kung si KSS man yang itinadhana sa’yo, naku ‘wag mo nalang ipaalam sa akin friend kung kayo na….. dahil…..hindi ko kaya!!!!! huaaaahhhhh!!!! Maawa ka sa ‘kin!!!!!! Please… ‘wag mong ipaalam!!!! Please!!!! hehehe! Ang baliw ko talaga no? 🙂 Oy girl, sabi mo walang wedding ring si KSS sa interviews pero matagal nang natapos ang ‘Jumong’ sa Korea, matagal na nilang ginawa yun at medyo matagal tagal na rin silang nagpopromote nun…sa mga interviews… Maliban lang siguro kung may bago silang interview ngayon… And di ba ikaw rin ang nagsabi na he got married recently…? Pero sabi mo rin you were not so sure dahil the news was spoken in Korean language… Mayron nagsabi he really got married pero marami rin nagsabi na hindi pa daw siya married… Hay naku! ‘Wag na lang nating isipin yun dahil feel ko ibabalita naman talaga siguro kung talagang married or magmarry na siya, malalaman din natin… Yun din ang sabi ng isa kong Korean friend, kung nagmarry daw si KSS ay sana naibalita na sa buong bansa nila, sana alam na daw niya at ng mga tao. Whatever… okay lang naman yun sa atin di ba… Basta di ba love pa naman natin siya as actor kahit kung married na nga siya dahil talagang magaling siya! At parang feel ko rin hindi pa talaga siya married kagaya ng nafeel ng iba sa atin dito at sa ibang site. hehehe! Friend, how I really wish makasali ako diyan sa gusto niyong buohin na group sa friendster pero nahiya pa akong i-reveal ang identity ko kasi baka may makakakakilala sa akin… Ang dami pa naman puwedeng tumingin o bumisita dito sa internet… Naku! Nakakahiya! hehehe! Buti kayo girls, okay lang sa inyo… kasi naman ‘tong lola niyo kung ano ano ang mga sinabi dito sa internet, kaya hindi maireveal ang identity… hehehe! ‘Wag niyo na lang gayahin ang pagkagaga ko… Pero di ba mas maganda rin yun nagpakatotoo tayo sa feelings natin para kay KSS… Yun nga lang parang nahiya pa talaga ako ireveal ang identity ko… Iba kasi ang totoong buhay ko, strict ang parents ko… Hay naku! Maiba na lang tayo… Yeah, you’re right girl mas maganda ang kunti lang tayo na fans niya dito dahil at least kunti lang tayong sasalubong sa kanya sa airport at kunti lang din tayo maging bababe niya dito sa Pilipinas!!!! hahaha! Siguro nga nakakatakot nga tayo ano? hehehe! Parang wala siyang kawala… hehehe! Joke! Di ba gentle naman tayo girls…at first!!! hahaha! Joke! Ang bait at ang galing mo naman nagwowork at the same time nagaaral ka katulad din ng karamihan sa atin dito… Go girl! Kaya mo yan!!! Ipakita mo sa kanila kung gaano ka katalino na kayang kaya mo yan lahat!!! Basta huwag lang nating kalimutan ang health natin at si Lord or kung Sino man ang God natin… Sana magpatuloy pa rin tayo sa pagsusulat ng mga messages natin dito mga fellow KSS fans… Kahit kung paminsanminsan lang kung busy tayo…para tuloy ang saya!!!! Di ba masaya tayo dito ‘pag may nagsusulat dito…. Kahit ano, chika kayo para masaya…. para naman sa atin ‘to na mga fans ni KSS, di ba… 🙂 Til next time friend! Take care always! May God be with you and your family always! 🙂

    Hello Roxy!!! 🙂 It’s so nice you visited this site… You have a very nice site too! Good luck!!! 🙂

  87. 87 : Daisy Says:

    blah…blah…blah…. Says:

    August 3rd, 2007 at 7:19 am
    is it jumong nice to watch????cuz i suddenly watch it here from AZN.TV..and i think the story is from old korean civilazation i think…i’m really not sure thou…

    Hi blah…blah….blah!

    Yeah, the tv series ‘Jumong’ is really very nice! Its story is very beautiful and has a lot of values! But you will appreciate it more if you have seen it since from the start… I had watched it in the dvds, but I still watch it in tv every night… In Tagalog version, translated in Filipino language, we, in the house, appreciate it more as we can really hear the voices coming from their mouths with facial expressions especially if its ‘joke time’, you know the comedy parts, even in the drama, in ‘kilig’ or love story parts, and in action times… Its so nice to hear those in our language than just read the translation in English below just like in dvds… But the dvds are also great because we will know right away the whole story! We did buy dvds because we couldn’t wait for anymore days not to know the whole story because it was very thrilling! Also, we wanted to hear the real voices of the actors and actresses! hehehe! And, we wanted also to have a souvenir of this tv series. Many of us Filipinos did the same… There are too many Filipinos, millions, I guess, like this tv series ‘Jumong’ a lot! They even have very funny and even very hard experiences, doing everything not to miss it late at night! Most Filipinos prefer and appreciate tv series with very high qualities just like this one! Good day! 🙂

  88. 88 : Daisy Says:

    Prince Dae So in ‘Jumong’ right now is so cute even though he is a little bit fat or maybe really fat (hahaha!) but still has a very good body or physique, very firm abs! Ahhh!!! How I like it! hahaha! hehehe! He is super cute pa rin!!! I remember my two aunts… 🙂 My Aunt V said, “I just noticed yesterday when I looked keenly to the tv series ‘Jumong’, Prince Dae So has a very nice nose and lips, very nice mustache and has a very smooth face! Look at his nose and his lips, they are very beautiful! He is really very handsome! But I don’t like his eyebrows… I like that of Prince Jumong’s eyebrows. Prince Jumong is very handsome too! “… I smiled when I heard her because I like everything in Prince Dae So or Kim Seung Soo’s look very much since from the start and until now. He was my only crush before. But I already found Prince Jumong or SIG very handsome before, even more handsome than KSS since from the start… The two of them are my ultimate crushes this time! hehehe! My other Aunt K said lately, ” Ohhh…Prince Dae So is really handsome! I just noticed that lately… Look at that! He is more handsome in his look right now that he is already a little bit fat… He has a very neat look, very nice face!”… Well, I smiled again… It sounds like I always has a very good taste in admiring guys! hahaha! I love you KSS! I love you SIG! For me, the two of you are the most handsome guys in the whole world! 🙂 Take care always guys! 😉

  89. 89 : cris Says:

    belated happy birthday po prince daeso……….

    cute mo … promise……..

  90. 90 : cris Says:

    guys, keep on watching Jumong…

  91. 91 : cris Says:

    good villain…

  92. 92 : Daisy Says:

    Hi cris!!!! 🙂 Thank you so much sa ‘pag visit mo dito, friend! 🙂 1 step forward na naman si KSS! Ang saya!!!! 🙂 Thanks a lot!!! 🙂 Go friends! Go KSS!!! 🙂 We love you KSS!!! 🙂

  93. 93 : Daisy Says:

    Yeah, let’s keep on watching ‘Jumong’ friends!!!! 🙂 Let’s support our favorite actors and actresses here! They’re the BEST!!! 🙂 we love you all ‘Jumong’ casts!!! 🙂

  94. 94 : cris Says:

    it’s always good to drop by here… hehehehhe

  95. 95 : cris Says:

    yoooooooooohhhhhhhooooooooooo… monday po ngayon, at malapit na pong mag jumong…. 😀

  96. 96 : Angel's faith Says:

    Hi daisy,

    I’ve got great news for you.. u should visit my multiply site. I’ve uploaded new pic of KSS. these is about his latest korean tv drama. Sorry, hindi sya ganun ka ganda kc kuha ko to gamit ang cell phone ko..

  97. 97 : cris Says:

    ate angel pwedng papost ng multiply mo…? Gusto ko din po makita… hehehheh

  98. 98 : Angel's faith Says:

    bat wala message ko? grrr

  99. 99 : Angel's faith Says:

    Ei mga fwens.. check nyo po multiply ko.. nandun ung new pic ni daeso…. from “dont ask my past interview.. xencia na po kuha sa cp ko lang pati ung video… nagpost me kanina ng msg d2.. nawala naman.. waahhh! joke

    Hi daisy… kulit u po talga! hehehe! dami na ntin d2.. saya!
    tama ung fren mo cop sya sa bago nyang tv servies medyo comedy daw un.. ang payat na nga nya grabe 9.5kilograms daw pinayat nya..

    panoorin nyo nalang sana malinaw… kc sa cp ko malinaw e.. pwede mo sya madownload para masave mo sa cp mo.. para lagi mo sya kasama..dba bongga! hehe

    GO KSS!

  100. 100 : Angel's faith Says:

    Hi cris,

    abat nagkaroon agad me ng nakababatang kapatid.. hehe.. check u nalang nandun na un.. GO KSS!

  101. 101 : Angel's faith Says:


    multiply ko pala… http://angelsfaith.multiply.com enjoy!!!! GO KSS!

  102. 102 : cris Says:

    Angel’s faith Says:
    August 7th, 2007 at 4:46 pm


    multiply ko pala… http://angelsfaith.multiply.com enjoy!!!! GO KSS!

    thank you, thank you po…. heheheheehe 😀

  103. 103 : cris Says:

    bawas nga sya ng timbang, slim ng konti,,, tangkad nya nga talaga…
    ok naman yong video, medyo malabo lang po… heheheh

    wait nkita ko yong nka pose siya sa may pool, hehehhehe, ntuwa naman ako don…. teenage siya don… heehehehehe

  104. 104 : cris Says:

    Angel’s faith Says:
    August 7th, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    Hi cris,

    abat nagkaroon agad me ng nakababatang kapatid.. hehe.. check u nalang nandun na un.. GO KSS!

    kung may imaginary friend ang mga bata, then let me be one of your imaginary kapatid,,,… hahahahaha 😀

  105. 105 : Angel's faith Says:

    cris Says:

    August 7th, 2007 at 5:34 pm
    Angel’s faith Says:
    August 7th, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    Hi cris,

    abat nagkaroon agad me ng nakababatang kapatid.. hehe.. check u nalang nandun na un.. GO KSS!

    kung may imaginary friend ang mga bata, then let me be one of your imaginary kapatid,,,… hahahahaha

    Hi cris,

    Okay.. okay.. check u may isa pang bagong pic me nilagay paxencia na nakuha ko lang xa sa net.. eto mas maganda..GO KSS

  106. 106 : cris Says:

    check this out: Hancinema po ito: hehehehh


    madami siyang pictures dyan.. hehehehehh

  107. 107 : cris Says:

    cris Says:
    August 11th, 2007 at 7:05 pm

    Huwebes- August 09,

    Jumong 29.6% vs. Walang Kapalit 22.6%;

    yahoo…….ang dami na nilang itinapat sa jumong, still jumong padin ang nangingibabaw….

    Congratulations po…:smile:

  108. 108 : cris Says:

    Huwebes- August 09,

    Jumong 29.6% vs. Walang Kapalit 22.6%;

    yahoo…….ang dami na nilang itinapat sa jumong, still jumong padin ang nangingibabaw….

    Congratulations po… 😆

  109. 109 : Angel's faith Says:

    Good Morning Mr. Seung Soo!
    Just Passing by..
    Hi Friends! Morning!

    GO KSS!

  110. 110 : cris Says:


    share ko lang po pictures ni KSS… gwapo… hehehehe


    enjoy watching… hehehehe

  111. 111 : Angel's faith Says:


    share ko lang din blog na nakita ko meron d2 video interview sa latest drama nya then madami ding pics ni SIG…

    tabi tabi po sa may ari ng site…
    makikiraan lang…

    GO KSS!

  112. 112 : cris Says:

    ate angel’s faith, thank thank you po sa link, ang daming picture ni SIG, latest.. ehehheeheheh, nkita ko din po sina KSS at Ms. Han Hye Jin at ang ibang casts ng jumong…. ganda ng site, thank you, thank you po… heheheh

  113. 113 : Angel's faith Says:

    hi cris,

    ok lang po un.. ang susurf kc me sa net dun sa kimcheed radish cubes or dont ask my past.. nakita ko un site na un.. ganda no? pag may nakita pa me ibang pics or site psot ko agad d2 ung link.. ehehe!
    sowi po.. tabi tabi lang po! tau lang dalawa lagi nag uusap d2 cris ah.. hehehe

    san na ang Pangkat ni daesoh??? 🙁

    Ei daisy/millet san ka na? busy ba? hehehe

    GO KSS!

  114. 114 : cris Says:

    oo sana magkasabay tayong mag online dito, masaya kapag may kasabay eh.. heheheh

    gud am po Prince Daeso.. 🙂

    gud am din po sa lahat ng mag oonline mamaya…

    Keep watching Jumong……

  115. 115 : Angel's faith Says:

    Waahhh bina bagyo na tau! Baha samin! kakalungkot!
    Pero nakakatuwa din walang pasok!

    pero ok lang basta nanjan si KSS.. hehehe!

    Hi cris!

    GO KSS!

  116. 116 : cris Says:

    heheheheh, baha din po dito sa min, pero hanggang tuhod lang… 🙂

    walang pasok kanina, kaya surf ako dito, tapos don sa mga links kay SIG…

    bakit kaya pa dito sina ate daisy……… yyyaaaaaahhhhhhhoooooooo

    gud pm po sa inyong lahat, sa mga mag oonline………

    sympre gud pm po kay KSS….

    congratulations for your upcoming tv series….. 😆

  117. 117 : Angel's faith Says:

    gaNdAnG uMagA po!
    Just passing by…

    gising na tanghali na! Buhayin ang Pangkat ni DAESOH!

    GO KSS!

  118. 118 : Angel's faith Says:

    Gandang uMaga po ulet,
    Sakaling d me makadaan d2…
    Magandang tanghali, hapon at gabi na din.. hehehe

    halo sa inyong lahat PANGKAT NI DAESOHYA!

    GO KSS!

  119. 119 : cris Says:












    thank you po kay ate melojane sa mga links….. hehehehhehe 🙂

  120. 120 : Angel's faith Says:

    gAnDanG mOrNing sAu KSS!

    at sa inyong lahat!
    gising na tanghali na po!

    buhayin ang PANGKAT NI DAESOHYA!

    Go KSS!

  121. 121 : Angel's faith Says:

    Hi po sa inyo!

    Gandang Tanghali!
    just passing by..

    Go KSS!

  122. 122 : dan dan urao Says:

    ang galing-galing ni jumong mag-espada.Parang kagaling lang ni bubuno
    si jumong sana mawasak na ang emperyo ng han walang laban ang

  123. 123 : Millet Says:

    Heller Angel…

    BC eh… nilulunod ko sarili ko sa O.T malapit nanaman kase 2nd sem=( Tapos nag 33ning pa ko para sa nalalapit na digmaan.. he..he.. love ko si Daesoh pero nasa jolbon me ngayon.. sumama me kay bubuno.. wala na kaseng makain sa buyeo.. he..he.. ipagpalit ba si daesoh sa pagkain… Miss you all…

  124. 124 : Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae Says:

    im SURE becaus im korean and i’m very up-to-date with my celeb. facts and im also a HUGE fan of kim seung soo!!


    im also watching the latest drama he stars in, the one he filmed afta jumong!

    in case the otha ppl hu leave commetns on this site wanted to know, the new drama he stars in is called 깍두기 pronounced in English as ggakduki.

    김승수오빠!! 정말 사랑합니다!
    저는 호주애서사는 승수오빠의 광팬입니다!!
    호주애서태어나서, 글시를잘못서요 T.T 실수많이하면… 죄송해요 ㅋㅋㅋ

    ~!!승수오빠 사랑해요 영원히~!!

  125. 125 : Angel's faith Says:

    hi millet,

    musta na? bcbchan lola mo ah… bat ka naman k bubuno kapa sumama.. sna naman lang k fafa sayong nalang hehehe.. kaya lang bading garci sya.. si daesohya, sayong at jumonga lang mga crush ko dun e… hehehe
    bc din me kaya lang gumagawa talga me ng paraan kahit makadaan lang d2…hehehe.. adik!

    miss ko na din kau lahat

    Ei cris and daisy san na kau???
    la na ba ang pangkat ni daesoh???

  126. 126 : Angel's faith Says:

    Hi Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae:

    Thanks for the info… i know someones gotta be super happy about that..u know hu u r..

    ei..r u in the phils or in korea? just asking if its ok? no hussle..

    and if kimcheed radish cubes only airs in mbc channel coz we dont have it on our cable (at home)..only arirang, ytn and kbs world…

    is Sarang Hae means i love you?
    i had a lot of Q in mind… sorry for that.

    but thanks in advance if u answer that Q’s
    Hope we can be friends.


    gO KSS

  127. 127 : Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae Says:

    im actually currently living in Australia but i am of koren blood
    and kimcheed radish cubes airs on MBC on saturdays at 7 55pm and i think sundays as well
    KSS cums out as a TV producer and a single father, how sweet~?!

    and yes you’re rite abt how sarang hae means i love you in korean
    can i change the pic of KSS on this page sumhow cause this one of him isnt very hot

    hehe i hav HEAPS hotter ones of him!

  128. 128 : yma Says:

    hello po d2 s kampo ni fafa DAESOH……….. i mean it he is soooo fafalicious…next to JUMONG…..but in fairness i love Kim Seung Soo as well…he’s acting is just so great…….so KSS Sarang Hae….DAESOH is really still single?? if so…i wanna meet him..and soon…..hahahah…. take care you all…..be going back to Jolbon…..hahahah

  129. 129 : odi Says:

    Hindi ko na maitago ang nararamdaman ko para kay Papa Daeh so… Kahit alipinin mo ako walang problema… Hahaha.. Napacacute mo kc, napakama-attitude mo, nkakainlove ka lalo pag nagagalit ka fafa!!! hahaha.. Mahal na kita sobra, sana pumunta ka naman ng pinas…

  130. 130 : odi Says:

    Ayokong panoorin sa DVD yung ending kc ayaw ko makita na nagdurusa ka Papa Daehso.. Kung may magagawa lang ako na pumunta jan sa yon to gagawin ko, magsusuot din ako ng mabigat na baluti para harangan ang lahat ng sibat na papunta sa iyo.. hahaha… Bakit kc di na lang kayo mag-usap ni jumong.. Pumayag ka na sa gusto niya.. Di ka pa mahihirapan kc ako ang magging bago mong reyna.. wag mo na iligtas yung asawa mo ako na lang magbibigay sa iyo ng maraming anak.. Hahahaha!!!

  131. 131 : ren Says:

    gwapo ni dae soh

  132. 132 : ren Says:

    jumong bat dmo pa pinapatay si nalu.. asar na asar ako sa mukha nya eh,,,, siguro type mo sya? tingin ko din may pagnanasa si hepe mopalmo kay jumong.. hehehehe. kaya lang mukhang mabaho si jumong…. may tawas na kaya nun sa panahon nila???? paki sagot nga mga kapatid…. huh!

  133. 133 : Ming Says:

    อายุ15เองค่ะยังเขียนอังกฤษไม่เป็นเลยก็จะติดถามผลงานต่อไปค่ะ Thai–

  134. 134 : AALYKZ Says:

    halllooooooo to all….. hmmm….if i have one wish,i would go to korea to see daeso…. hmmm…i think im fallen for him na…his ssooooo macho and i like his face so much…i hope we could both see each other,,,,…

  135. 135 : AALYKZ Says:

    i have a question i hope some one will answer this…do you know whats the name of the alalay ng governor ng yonto yung uniform nya is red??? yung namatay na last figt versus jolbon and yonto??? crush ko din xa eh…grabbbeeeeeee ang gwapoo nya..jumong the best talaga!!!

  136. 136 : alan Says:

    good day to all!!! add nio nmn ako sa friendster mga fans ni jumong lng ha!!!!! heheheheh [email protected]

  137. 137 : alan Says:

    nkakatuwa naman dmi pala natin addict kay jumong,, cge mga frens sana add nio ko sa frensdster .,., [email protected].
    alam guys nakakalungkot ung ending ng jumong., sana hindi n lng sya mamamatay dun kainis., sana may book 2 grrrrrrr

  138. 138 : alan Says:

    angel’s faith! sipag mo pala gumawa ng comment heheh ok po yan !!! mabuhay ka!!! pero sana makapag organize po kayo ng fans club ni jumong sasali ako hahahahahahah, paki add po ako sa frensdster for more details kung meron man salamat po mabuhay ang gorgueryo!!!

  139. 139 : Angel's faith Says:

    alan Says:

    September 1st, 2007 at 3:49 pm
    angel’s faith! sipag mo pala gumawa ng comment heheh ok po yan !!! mabuhay ka!!! pero sana makapag organize po kayo ng fans club ni jumong sasali ako hahahahahahah, paki add po ako sa frensdster for more details kung meron man salamat po mabuhay ang gorgueryo!!!


    Hi alan,

    R u a gurl or a boy? sorry natanong ko lang… 🙂

    Uu nga e, sipag ko no? araw2x ako dumadaan d2 sa page na2
    pag wala po kc ako gnagwa mag gusto ko pong dumaan d2 at magpost ng magpost ng msgs.. dati meron me mga nakakausap d2 pero bcbchan sila ngaun e…no offense ha? bro lang un mga fwens!

    xa add mo din po ako sa friendster mo para masaya.. sana maging magkaibgan din tau.. hehe! adik! ung iba kc yaw magpakilala kung cno sila.. nahihiya. ako auz lang sa akin kahit d2 lang tau mag usap usap sa net…

    [email protected]


    gO ksS

  140. 140 : Angel's faith Says:

    to alan:

    nakita ko na pic mo alan, guy ka pala.. tataka lang me bat ka napadpad sa d2 sa site ni daesoh? hehe joke lang… welcome naman tau lahat d2..

  141. 141 : Angel's faith Says:

    waahhh.. kaka2wa naman.. nagrereklamo palang me the other day about kimcheed radish cubes if wer ko xa mapapanood… kc nga wala samin mbc channel then suddenly last saturday biglang nagkaroon.. wow! its really a miracle.. napanood ko na xa. nakaka2wa naman si KSS dun.. gwapo…hehehe. parang teenager lang.

    pinalitan nila siguro ang script nun.. kc ang pagkakaalam ko cop sya dati then ung isang girl parang may power nakikita nya ung mga past or masamang nagawa ng isang tao.. pero ngaun iba na. tama si kim seung soo sarang hae tv producer na sya sa d2…

    la lang gusto ko lang mag share sa inyo.. hehehhe

    till next tym!
    Go kss

  142. 142 : Daisy Says:

    Aug 17, 2007 at 8:18 pm

    sorry to say wrong info about KSS.
    he’s staring on Kakdugi but not as a detector but a PD(tv producer).
    he’s a divorcee and makes tryangle with other woman divorcee.
    i don’t think this could air in the philippines because
    it’s a family drama.
    almost no chance for you to see this out there.

  143. 143 : Daisy Says:

    Aug 18, 2007 at 9:44 pm

    finally Kakdugi aired yesterday on MBC.
    around 10% rating..
    not bad for the first time.
    lots of korean drama shows lately don’t even reach 10%.
    so different to pinoy shows huh?
    that’s on prime time.
    but it happens a lot these days.
    and we don’t think just because of the rating is high doesn’t mean that it’s popular.
    i hope more info about KSS comes up soon.

    Jumong is still on huh?
    was Yuhwa dead yet?

  144. 144 : Daisy Says:

    Aug 21, 2007 at 3:33 am

    dear daisy.
    he’s got another drama” don’t ask my past.”
    he’s said to lose 20pounds to play detector role.
    we don’t know yet when it will be airing yet.
    one thing i can say is that before airing it’s already filmed completly which is kind of rare in korean drama industry.
    i saw him just 2days ago and
    yeah.. he still looks ok.
    he reminded of you that moment daisy!

  145. 145 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Angel’s faith, Millet, Cris, Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae and to all new here… Hi to all! 🙂 I guess, I really have to speak mostly in English because our foreign friend is back… 🙂 I’m so sorry guys I’ve been out for quite a while busy lang talaga… Pasensiya na… 🙁 I’m really sorry… I’m so happy you are always here for KSS… 🙂 You’re truely his worthy fans… 🙂 I’m ashame I’m not that active here but I still do love him pa naman… Dalawa na kasi sila eh… hehehe! Sorry… I really love them both… 🙁 Kaya mas naging busy ako… 🙁 Can you still forgive me guys? Please? I’ll make up for my shortcomings… 🙁

  146. 146 : Daisy Says:

    Hi Angel’s faith! 🙂 How are you friend? 🙂 I miss this site, I miss you guys here but I was really busy for several days… I’m so sorry… I saw KSS’s video of his project ‘Don’t Ask My Past’ in your site. He is so cute there! How I love his looks there! Thanks a lot friend for making a very nice site for KSS and for posting that video there… 🙂

    Angel’s faith, according to Mr.K, ‘Kakdugi’ is different from ‘Don’t Ask My Past’. ‘Kakdugi’ or ‘Kimcheed Radish Cubes’, I guess… Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae said, KSS is a tv producer in ‘Kimcheed Radish Cubes’ and Mr.K said he (KSS) is a tv producer in ‘Kakdugi’ also. You already saw some scenes of it… 🙂 That is so nice! 🙂 Nakakainggit ka naman, friend! 🙂 And you said he is handsome there… 🙂 How I wish I can see that one too… 🙁 We don’t have cable tv at home yet… Is that from cable? I’ll try to check this Saturday if I can see him in our tv… 🙂 Jumong’s ending is approaching… Oh I’m sure, I’ll miss it, all its casts, especially KSS and SIG… 🙁 If that will happen I’ll just see them in my Jumong dvds or here in the internet… 🙂 I’m glad I can always see a lot of news and updates of SIG… 🙂 But not of KSS…so sad… 🙁 I can’t understand his (KSS) other site, it is written in Korean unlike that of SIG’s… SIG has many sites especially hotpink20… There are sites of SIG which are translated in English just like in hotpink20, very nice! I’m thankful to you, you have a site for KSS and I have seen his video of ‘Don’t Ask My Past’ there… 🙂 Thank you very much of it again, friend… 🙂 How I wish I can also here more news about KSS just like SIG…

    My friends and fellow KSS fans here, if you also want to send a birthday card for SIG because his birthday is coming, this 1st day of October, you can send it to [email protected] … If you want to know more about that info, you can read more of it in http://h0tpink20.multiply.com . Only Song team assured SIG’s fans to inform SIG about it… 🙂 I believe them because they are from seoul Korea. Good luck to all! 🙂 May God bless us all here! 🙂

  147. 147 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Cris! 🙂 Thanks a lot for the many sites that you gave… 🙂 I haven’t scanned them yet, I will after this… 🙂 Thank you so much also for posting many messages here… 🙂 May God bless you aways! 🙂

    I hope you already know about Only Song team’s offer to SIG fans as I know you are also a fan of SIG. 🙂 They offered an email where we can send our birthday card for SIG’s coming birthday this 1st day of October. They assured us that they will inform SIG about it. I believe in them because they are from Seoul Korea. The deadline of submitting will be on 27th day of September. The email add where we can send it is : [email protected]. For more info, you can see it in : http://h0tpink20.multiply.com . Good luck to your birthday card making! 🙂

  148. 148 : Daisy Says:

    Hi Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae! 🙂 I’m so happy you posted here again and told us that Kim Seung Soo is really not married… 🙂 My Korean friend in Filipina Soul also told me so… 🙂 He said, he is 100% sure KSS is not married yet… 🙂 Thank you so much for telling us all here too… 🙂 Thank you very much also for giving us more info about KSS’s latest project… 🙂 KSS is really very cute and handsome…right? 🙂 I’m still very much attracted to him, just like SIG! I love them both very much! 🙂 I hope you can visit here again sometime or often… 🙂 hehehe! May God bless you always! 🙂

  149. 149 : Daisy Says:

    Thank you very much everyone for posting often… 🙂 Even though I wasn’t been around for quite a long time, but you’re here often to support KSS so that he won’t step back again… You maintain his place… 🙂 That is so nice of you all! 🙂 Thank you so much friends! And I know he will step forward soon… He will also climb up and up here… His career in showbiz, I guess, is getting better and better… He had and still has a lot of fans in Korea, I guess, because I’ve seen many messages in his other site but I couldn’t understand the letters there so I didn’t bother to click or open those but there are numbers, they are like years of posting… Also, if I’m not mistaken, KSS has two projects after ‘Jumong’, ‘Kakdugi’ and ‘Don’t Ask My Past’. Please correct me if I’m wrong… 🙂 Wow!!! This is a good news to all KSS fans! 🙂 He is a very good actor just like SIG, he deserves all those blessings! 🙂 He portrayed his role in ‘Jumong’ excellently just like SIG! Congratulation to both of them for having a very nice career!!! 🙂 Good luck to your present projects, KSS and SIG! 🙂 I love you both very much! 🙂 Take care always! 🙂

  150. 150 : Daisy Says:

    Hi again Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae! 🙂 So KSS is a single father in ‘Kimcheed Radish Cubes’… How nice!!! 🙂 How I love it!!! That must be a very wonderful tv series! I imagine how he acts there with his child… How cute!!! I think he is so cute with the dad role… How I wish I am the mommy of his child there… hahaha! Joke! You also like KSS a lot…right? 🙂 Can we just share, friend…? hehehe! Joke! How I love to watch that one! I really wish I can see that one here… 🙂 We don’t have a cable at home yet… 🙂 I hope there are dvds of that in the stores here in the Philippines already, I will wait for that… 🙂 Thank you very much again friend for the info of KSS! 🙂 Till next time… Take care always! 🙂

  151. 151 : Angel's faith Says:

    To Daisy,

    Ola! kamusta! buti napadaan ka? Miss kita fren!
    Talaga?! magkaiba un?? pero parang same cast lang naman e. Sana nga po.. and regarding sa tanong mo.. uu napanood ko na po xa but in korean language and no subtitle. Kc MBC channel talaga. yep cable tv po sa min destiny cable ch60. Nagulat nga ako e biglang nagkaroon.. nwala naman ung KBS channel haayyy… hehehe.. Wag u mag alala record ko xa sa cp ko and post ko sa multiply para mapanood nyo rin..record ko sya ngaun sat and sun then ill post it on monday agad.. ganun ka bilis! hehe!

    Actually dko xa talga maintindihan promis pero pra akong ewan na pinapanood ko nlang ung mga actions nila para maka jive ako.. hehehe adik! 😀

    ggak-du-gi Also known as Kimcheed Radish Cubes
    parehas lang silang dalawa… pero dko alam kung eto rin po ung Dont ask my past..

    uu nga po daming tao sobra sa site ni SIG.. d2 nalng me tatambay.. sumasakit kc ulo ko kakabasa o kaka scan ng mga msgs
    OK na ko d2 sa site ni KSS.. hehe
    pero luv ko din si SIG kaya lang dami na natin sobra yoko na makipag agawan haha… biro lang… 😛 mas luv ko kc si oppa KSS..

    and u dont nid to feel sorry..
    d kc me mahilig mag judge ng tao.,sana sila din…. ok lang un! feelings mo un e.. kahit 2 pa or 3 pa gusto mo ok lang un.. wlang makakapigil sau..hehe. suporthan kta fren. salbahe ako.. hehe

    ung sa kimcheed kwen2 lang po me sandali… haayy grabe ang cute niya! ung mukha ni kss dun isipin mo kung ano yung itsura nya sa unang pinakita siya sa jumong.. medyo may laman lang ng kunti.. pero d ganun ka taba.. ung tama lang.. prang teenager nga e. hehe.. ang kulit nun.. lalo na ung d ko makalimutan ung nabasa sya ng tubig tapos isinuot nya ung damit ng lola/matanda kc wala syang pamalit… haayy sobrang tawa ko..ang kulit ng itsura…

    ay xa sobra na to… daldal ko na po..
    kwen2 ka ulit daisy hehehe!

    till next tym!
    gO kSs!

  152. 152 : Angel's faith Says:

    yo! great news para sa inyong lahat…

    heres the site kung san pwede nyo mapanood ung kimcheed radish cubes.

    gang 4 ep palang pero maganda sya..

    you can find here also the newest korean comedy drama I am Sam.. ganda din nyan nakakatawa…

    enjoy watching!
    gO kSs!

  153. 153 : Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae Says:

    gakduki is pretty good…
    KSS= cuteness!!
    “dont ask about my past” hasnt aired yet in korea…
    for the 1st ep. of Gakduki, the viewer rating was 14.6
    hehe im so accurate…

    and for every1 hu uses this site and has watched jumong, the actor for king in jumong, geum wa (jun gwang ryeol) stars in another drama called “the king and i” which has a really high viewer rating. its the 3rd ep. and it already has a viewer rating of 22.8 !!

    im a fan of jun gwang ryeol too!! lol
    he’s really good at acting, you should’ve seen him in hojun, REALLY good acting man!!

    anyway… for “dont ask about my past” its tru he lost 9kg (abt 17 pounds.. i think) for his act as a police officer/detective
    KSS looks soooo hot in the pic. for “dont ask aobut my past”!!

    and sorry daisy! im not willing to share my man with you!! haha jksjks

    can anyone find a way to change the pic of KSS on this web page and tell met how to do it?!

    ~!!KIM SEUNG SOO!!~

  154. 154 : angel's Faith Says:

    Hi Kim seung soo saranghae..

    can i butt in?? U know wot? i watch heo jun everyday… it aires here at the philippines at arirang tv.. hes a really good actor.. portraying as a doctor.. do u agree..

    Oh i get it.. dont ask my past is diff. from kimcheed radish cubes… im really happy.. i wish it aires here in the philippines. i really do..

    sorry for butting in.. i hope ur not mad at me..

    Hi daisy!

    till text tym!
    gO kSs!

  155. 155 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Angel’s faith! 🙂 Miss you rin friend and this site… 🙂 I miss our super ganda chika to the max portion especially when it comes to KSS… 🙂 I’m so glad here we go again… 🙂 hehehe! How I love it! I really miss you, friend! I’m fine… I hope you are as well… 🙂 I can see that you really are doing great! 🙂 Me rin, I was a little bit confused if ‘Kakdugi’ and ‘Don’t Ask My Past’ are different or not at all. Mr.K said, they are different so I posted his messages here after I read your message about it. I’m glad Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae confirmed that they are really different. 🙂

    A million thanks talaga friend na irerecord mo yun… 🙂 How I wish I can see that one too… 🙂 Pero if you are not busy lang…baka kasi burden na sayo yun kung busy ka… But I guess, when it comes to KSS, nothing is like burden to you… hehehe! Mabuhay ka friend! Ang galing mo talaga at naisipan mo yan! You give effort in posting those scenes of KSS so that all of us who don’t see it can watch also! You’re really great! You’re the BEST! And very kind as well! hehehe!

    Yeah, friend, addict talaga tayo kay KSS, obvious ba? hehehe! Me too, I enjoyed watching ‘Jumong’ in dvds very much even though sometimes I couldn’t understand much what they were talking about… Although it’s better than your experience with Kakdugi because it has translations below but sometimes I just enjoyed a lot looking only at their faces and listening to their voices without reading the translations below… Pinagtsatsagaan ko talaga kahit hindi ko maintindihan dahil gustong gusto kong marinig ang mga true voices nila at makita ang mga reactions ng faces nila at the same time… hehehe! Very addict talaga! How I love to listen to the voices of KSS and SIG! hehehe! I always mentioned the two here, KSS and SIG, already… Sorry… I hope it’s okay with all of you here… In the other site, I still did the same, I also mentioned KSS and SIG in SIG’s site… hehehe! Parang playgirl or two-timer ako ano? 🙁 I can’t help it kasi… They’re both very handsome and so great! hahaha! Two-timer talaga ano? hehehe! Before kasi, since I started watching ‘Jumong’ my only crush was KSS because SIG was and still is my elder sis’ crush. So I didn’t focus on SIG even though I also found him very attractive and extremely handsome! I was extremely attracted to KSS and it grew more and more rapidly… I was soooo crazy for KSS! It was like he’s the only man in this world! I didn’t have any other crush and only him could make my world goes round… (emote na naman ang lola, sorry..hehehe!) But I already liked SIG very much in his role as ‘Jumong’ and as an actor since from the start… My sis always told me a lot about him (SIG) and she often watched his videos out of scenes in the internet and I could also see those videos every time I passed by… But I began to have a crush on SIG when I heard him reading his letter to his fans and you were the first person I told everything about it, remember? 🙂 hehehe! You were the first one because I knew you could understand me and you’re one of my super friends! 🙂 hehehe! I couldn’t help not to admire SIG a lot at that time… My heart really melted because of the content of his letter and his sincerity with a very soft voice while reading it… Oh my, I felt something so wonderful deep inside my heart at that time even though I’m not a Korean fan since he read that for his Korean fans but others said he read that for all of his fans… 🙂 I didn’t tell anything about it to my sis right away… I knew she may not like it because she loves SIG a lot! I was right, that was her initial reaction when she knew about it but she was never angry with me, I could just see in her face that she didn’t like to think that I also have a crush on SIG. But now, we are great partners in appreciating and talking anything so pleasant about SIG… 🙂 She has accepted it already, after all she loves to hear me saying very nice words about SIG… hehehe! In real life though, I can’t afford to have a crush on the man my only sis likes or loves… If that will happen I will try everything to stop my feelings for that guy. But gladly, it doesn’t happen yet! hehehe! When I read here that KSS got married, I was really hurt because I loved him very much, so much more than SIG at that time (since I just liked SIG at that time) and I thought that the news really happened… Day after day, my feelings for him (KSS) subsided because I was always thinking that he really got married recently and so I didn’t look at his pictures and almost didn’t see his face in ‘Jumong’ to forget my feelings for him… I thought I already did forget it but when I saw his pic that you posted at hotpink20, I realized I still liked him a lot… Then kswoo posted another one, my, I realized that I was still extremely attracted to him! Then, when I looked at him in ‘Jumong’ again, oh, he was still so handsome! I could not stop myself from admiring his looks! I still liked his face so much! I almost screamed because of deep admiration and attraction by just looking only at his face, but I had controlled myself. I was a little bit surprised with his gorgeous looks when I looked at him again because I hadn’t looked at his face in ‘Jumong’ for quite a while since I read he got married… On the other hand, my feelings for SIG grew and grew each new day… Right now, I admit, I love SIG sooooo much already, even more than KSS because I know SIG more than KSS. I’ve read a lot about SIG especially those times when he was being interviewed… I think I know more of SIG’s personality… But I can’t help it, every time I see KSS’ face especially right now that his face in young Prince Dae So is being flashed often together with that of SIG and other casts, before ‘Jumong’ starts, I realize, I can hardly forget my feelings for KSS because I still like his looks a lot! I am still very much attracted to him especially that Mr.K confirmed KSS is 100% not married for quite a while already… Then, Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae confirmed also… That is really a very great news for KSS’ fans! 🙂 Honestly, I am still very much attracted to KSS’ face… But I find SIG extremely handsome, attractive and appealing too… I think I love SIG more than KSS because I know SIG a lot more than him (KSS)… I don’t care about SIG’s money, popularity, family background and power or connection as he really has the best in these aspects… I admire his (SIG) great looks and very impressive performances in acting and in sports… But what I love most about him (SIG) is his personality… I like him (SIG) soooo much for what he really is (based on what I read about him) and for his great love to his fans… I know KSS is also a very wonderful person just like SIG because I know something about him (KSS) also but I know SIG more… BUT I LOVE THEM BOTH VERY MUCH!!! 🙂

    Hahaha! Wow! Really? KSS is so funny in Kimcheed? How I love to see that one! I hope I can really see that one someday… I mean, its whole story… 🙂 Maybe we will have that one in our dvd stores soon… Or maybe we have that one already! I’ll try to find that one… Thank you so much talaga friend, for sharing what you saw… That is so kind of you! 🙂 Yeah, I imagine what you said… I also love his looks in young Prince Dae So soooo much! That was the face that made me so crazy for him to the point that there was no hour that I didn’t think of him… When I saw his face again in young Prince Dae So being flashed back before ‘Jumong’ starts, I really screamed with extreme admiration and attraction! Girl, he is extremely attractive and appealing in there! I miss those moments so much! Those moments…when they (Prince Dae So and Prince jumong) are still young especially that their Filipino team song is being played (‘Hold On’)… Wow! It’s like old memories being flashed back! I really miss those times, I nearly cried thinking that ‘Jumong’ will end soon already… I know I will miss them all! I hope we can still talk about them here after it because if not…I will surely miss all of you guys here… 🙁

    Thanks a lot for supporting me in that topic friend, that’s what I like most about you!!! You are really the BEST! And you are really one of my best friends! hahaha! I’m really bad, ain’t I? No, joke! I know no one will oppose me about having two crushes and most favorite actors… 🙂 hehehe! After all I can not have them both… 🙂 Korea is too far and we will have so many rivals in them… Also, I think the sun, moon, stars and rainbow should have to come down first before they will like me… hahaha! Unlike here, I have quite a number of suitors! hehehe! Joke! It is better this way at least if one will marry, either KSS or SIG, I will not be hurt much, not as much as when I read here before that KSS got married… 🙂 In real life though, I want and prefer to be very faithful and I think if I can already find true love, I can not love any other man anymore…or at least one at a time… 🙂 hehehe! So corny ano but true talaga… hahaha! 🙂 Ang corny ko talaga ‘no! Pasensiya na Angel’s faith, feel ko talaga parang sumasakit na ang ulo mo diyan sa konsemisyon sa akin sa haba ng message ko… Sana naman hindi friend… Ayokong sumasakit ang ulo mo… 🙁 Ang daldal ko tagala ano… Sorry, friend… Haaay naku… Siguro sa isip mo buti na lang paminsan minsan ka lang Dais, puwede ba maging busy ka uli at mag-absent dito! hehehe! Joke lang friend, alam ko naman hindi ka ganyan… Alam kong tinitiis mo ako…Joke pero baka true! Sorry talaga…sana naman hindi… Love you friend! hehehe! Oy, baka matatakot ka nang magreply sa akin dahil baka ang haba na naman nang message ko… Promise hindi na ganito… Medyo short na siguro nang kunti… Baka sa isip mo na naman bakit ‘short nang kunti lang’, sana talagang short! hehehe! Andito na, end ko na ‘tong message ko… Till next time friend! Take care always! 🙂 May God bless us all here! 🙂

  156. 156 : Daisy Says:

    Hi Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae! 🙂 Ooooh…so sad…you will not share KSS to me… 🙁 I’ll better go to SIG’s site, there, they will let me share with them SIG… 🙂 hehehe! Joke! You reminded me of myself before… 🙂 I was a little bit like you… hehehe! I felt a little bit jealous every time I read a fan’s message to KSS… I even didn’t like to think that someone likes him a lot! But that was usually my initial reaction… The second time I read the message of the same person to KSS, I always learned to accept that KSS is really very appealing to girls… 🙂 So after then I became very happy for him if those fans would continue to like him especially if we became friends already… I didn’t feel jealous to my friends at all… 🙂 I may be so strange at those times but that was me… 🙂 After all, everyone is unique… 🙂 Right now, I don’t feel jealous to KSS’ fans at all…maybe not yet… 🙂 But there were times, I felt a little bit jealous to SIG’s very special woman and fans…but very seldom though… Those were only my initial reactions also… The next time I read the message again, I didn’t feel jealous at all… 🙂 I am very much happy if there will be more, more and more girls that will like or love SIG very much, and the same with KSS…BECAUSE I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH!!! 🙂

    I’m also a fan of the one playing King Geumwa in ‘Jumong’… 🙂 His acting in this tv series ‘Jumong’ is really very impressive! Actually, all of their acting in this tv series are very impressive! All the casts portrayed their roles in this tv series excellently! Congratulation to all of them for a job very well done! 🙂 I also want to see his drama… I hope GMA or the other channels will get all their projects… Till next time, friend… 🙂 Have a great time posting! 🙂

  157. 157 : Angel's faith Says:

    Hi daisy,
    Nice to see you dropping by here…Ang kulit mo talaga.. natutuwa ako sau.. Hindi naman ako nagsasawa Makita ung msgs mo d2 sa site ni KSS and wala me karapatan magalit.
    Natutuwa nga po ako at nakapag post ka ulit ng msgs d2.. kahit gaano kahaba ok lang un.. as ive said na cocontrol ko pa naman kc araw araw ako dumadaan d2.. not sa site ni SIG minsan lang at sobrang dami tao. @-)

    Ei if u want po pwede mo Makita ung sinsabi kong scence sa http://www.veoh.com type mo lang kimcheed radish cubes nandun po un.. 6 ep palang ngaun.. may nkilala me dun ung nag post nun.. mabait naman sya, koreana. I ask her if I could have a copy of that series but sad to say she deleted the file already after she uploaded it to veoh site but u can watched it there naman.. so if u had time why not try it.. hehehe.. para makapag kwentuhan tau regarding sa new series ni KSS. 😉

    Ai, di q po pala nasabi ung video walang subtitles kaya mahirap maintindihan.. pwede mo grab ung mga videos na un tapos lagay sa BLOG.. I’ll do it later if I have tym then share it w/ u guys.
    You can download it also but u has to install first the installer. mmmm pahirapan ba? hehhe.. :((

    Regarding sa DVD haaayyy wala pa sya d2 sa pinas.. kainis..! sabi ko sau adik ako e.. Hinalugad ko na buong mall at dvd stores pero la pa me Makita..pero ok lang wait ko nalang sya.. hehehe

    Hala fren inlove ka na k SIG… hehehe.. hinay hinay lang.. baka may balitaan ka na naman ma broken hearted ka na naman jan.. hehehe joke lang..

    Uu alam mo ba kahit hindi nako nanonood ng Jumong inaabangan ko nlang ung umpisa nun.. ung may kantang hold on hehe bago mag simula, kc nakikita ko ung hitsura nila ung mga bata pa sila. Ganda no? pagkatapos nung kanta tapos 2log nako.. hehe d kc pwede maxado magpuyat may work pa me sa morning and skul sa gabi.. haaayyy.. pero ok lang bbgyan ko talga ng oras na dumaan lagi d2 para sa inyo mga frens. hehehe.

    lagi ko nga inaabangan kung may new msgs ka na e.. hehe.. kaka2wa at nakta ko na nag post ka. Dalasan mo naman daan d2 ohh para may kausap ako hehehe.. 😛

    Di me magsasawa dumaan d2 kahit tapos na ung series sa GMA. hehe! certified KSS fan na to e.. hehe! 😀

    Ge po gang d2 nalng baka kaw naman sumakit ang ulo.. hehehe. B-)
    till next tym!
    gO kSs

  158. 158 : Sayo Says:

    Hey there…
    I also watch JuMong everyday,
    I’m so impress with Kim Seung soo performance as Prince Daeso…
    I can’t expect he is top actor in this site,his character in Jumong is bad. Other people are hate him. When I saw this site there are some people who love him!

    and daisy are you a newswriter or columnist?

  159. 159 : rovilyn Says:

    ang pangit mo

  160. 160 : Daisy Says:

    Rovilyn, if you can’t say good words to KSS, better don’t say anything at all. I respect your freedom of speech and of posting a comment to KSS because those are your rights, the in charge of this site gives those rights to you… But we, KSS fans, have the rights also to say and post what’s in our hearts and minds… KSS doesn’t deserve that comment of yours… You should know that! If you are smart, kind and educated, you don’t say something not pleasant to any other person that doesn’t do anything bad to you. No matter how ugly a person may be, you should not say so… The real beauty can’t be measured by the outer looks because it can only be seen what is in our hearts and minds… ALSO, KSS IS NOT UGLY! HE IS VERY HANDSOME, APPEALING AND ATTRACTIVE! I understand, maybe you hate KSS because of his role as Prince Dae So in ‘Jumong’. But he is not Prince Dae So in real life and you know that! He only portrayed the role that was given to him. He did his best to make the tv series ‘Jumong’ very beautiful so that you will enjoy watching it! One of the main reasons why this tv series turns out to be one of the most wonderful dramas ever made because of the contribution of each cast. All of them did their roles excellently! If it was not because of the very impressive effort of each cast in giving justice to his or her role, you will not appreciate this series much the way you do right now… They worked as a team. Because of the outstanding performance of each cast, we learn to appreciate most what the director, scriptwriter and all other involved persons were trying to give to the viewers… I hope you realize that…

  161. 161 : Daisy Says:

    Sayo Says:

    September 7th, 2007 at 2:36 pm
    Hey there…
    I also watch JuMong everyday,
    I’m so impress with Kim Seung soo performance as Prince Daeso…
    I can’t expect he is top actor in this site,his character in Jumong is bad. Other people are hate him. When I saw this site there are some people who love him!

    and daisy are you a newswriter or columnist?

    Hi Sayo! 🙂 Welcome to this site! 🙂 It is so nice of you, you visited this site! 🙂 No, friend… I’m not a news writer or columnist. 🙂 I’m just an ordinary KSS and SIG avid fan… 🙂 Why did you think so? 🙂 Let me guess… Maybe because I often wrote too long messages here…right? 🙂 Or maybe because I often narrated events or experiences… Sorry… 🙁 I’m just very talkative… 🙁 I hope it is okay with you guys here… 🙂 I can’t help it… I really enjoy talking a lot especially to my friends and to all other very nice people around… 🙂 How about you? Can you tell us something about yourself here too? Please? 🙂 Just feel free to say or tell something whatever you like… We are like a big family here except for those who don’t like KSS… They don’t belong to our family here… I hope you will also visit here again some other time or much better if often… 🙂 hehehe! Have a great time posting, friend! 🙂

  162. 162 : cris Says:

    magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat…

    daan lang po muna… hehehhe

    keep watching ng jumong..

    luv u all…. 😆

  163. 163 : Angel's faith Says:

    rovilyn Says:
    September 8th, 2007 at 7:06 pm
    ang pangit mo

    Friends.. Sorry for posting inappropriate words but I cant help it….

    TO Rovilyn,






    I’m not really into judging people but now X-( … I really wanna know what rovilyn looks like…
    You must be very beautiful princess :o) …
    nahhh ur just a waste of time…=;

  164. 164 : Daisy Says:

    Hello again Angel’s faith!!! 🙂 How are you my dear friend? 🙂 Please don’t feel sorry for what you said, friend, you just did what is right! 🙂 I was so happy when I read your latest message! 🙂 Yan ang tunay na kasapi ng Pangkat ni Dae So, kaya siyang ipagtanggol! 🙂 hehehe! Saludo ako sayo, friend! Buti naisipan mong ipamukha sa kanya kung maganda ba siya? Great, friend! hehehe! You just said the VERY APPROPRIATE WORDS FOR HER! 🙂 MAYBE IN THAT WAY, SHE WILL REFLECT SOMEHOW… AFTER ALL, YOU NEVER SAID BAD WORDS TO HER, YOU JUST ASKED HER IF SHE IS BEAUTIFUL AND IF SO, SHOULD ACT LIKE ONE! THAT’S A BRILLIANT IDEA! 🙂 Ang ganda ng sinabi mo friend! 🙂 You’re the best, friend! 🙂 Sana hindi na bumalik yan si Rovilyn na yan dito, kung puro hindi maganda ring lang ang mga sasabihin niya para kay KSS… 🙁

    Angel’s faith, sorry nga pala friend, hindi ako naka-reply agad sayo after reading your latest message to me dahil tiningnan ko pa kasi ang mga videos ni KSS sa site na sinabi mo… hehehe! And, masyado akong nag-enjoy sa panunuod do’n… 🙂 Then suddenly antok na ko… 🙁 Sa isip ko, hanap ako ng malaking time, yung hindi pa ako inaantok para makachika to the max ako! hehehe! Baka sa isip mo na naman diyan, friend, sana yung inaantok ka na magreply Daisy para maliit na lang ang masabi mo! hehehe! Joke only! I know you naman friend, you’re so kind! You will never think something like that! 🙂 hehehe! Sa susunod na message ko na lang ako makipagchika sayo para sa latest message mo para sa akin, yung no. 157 para mas dadami ang mga messages dito… hehehe! Oy, ang ganda ha, malapit nang maka-step forward na naman ang fafa KSS natin! hehehe! 🙂 Go KSS! Go KSS fans! Go SIG! Go SIG and Jumong fans except those who hate KSS! hehehe! Ang taray ko no? hehehe! 🙂 I’m so sorry to SIG and Jumong fans who are my great friends, mayro’n kasi kayong kasama na bago diyan na hate si KSS and I know you know her, parang siya talaga yun kasi pareho sila ng pangalan o baka hindi siya, kapangalan lang niya… Yung na-mention namin ni Angel’s faith lately and we don’t like what she said to KSS… It ‘s okay with us if she doesn’t like KSS because everyone has his or her own taste of favorites but she should not say something so unfair to KSS’ part… Love you all, friends! 🙂

  165. 165 : Daisy Says:

    cris Says:

    September 9th, 2007 at 9:05 pm
    magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat…

    daan lang po muna… hehehhe

    keep watching ng jumong..

    luv u all….

    Hi Cris!!! 🙂 It’s so kind of you, you visited this site again! 🙂 Thanks a lot, friend, for being here again! 🙂 I miss you all there, in SIG section, friend… 🙂 I’ll drop by there after posting messages here… 🙂 Yeah, you’re right friend, let’s keep watching ‘Jumong’! It is ‘SUPER KILIG’ na ngayon!!! As in!!! Grabe!!! Mababaliw ako sa ganda ng love story!!! Chika ako about it in SIG site kasi ang ichichika ko ay about Heneral Jumong and Lady Seo So No, yung napanuod ko lately… 🙂 hehehe! 🙂 Take care always, friend! 🙂 We love you too here! 🙂

  166. 166 : Daisy Says:

    Hi Kim Seung Soo Sarang Hae, Millet, AALYKZ, Ren, Odi, Yma, Alie, Mary Jane, Jeli, Lady Anne and to all other KSS’ super women! 🙂 hehehe! Joke only! I mean, to all KSS’ fans or to all girls or gays out there who have a crush on KSS, hi! 🙂 I really wish you can visit here again friends, we miss your presence… 🙂

    Hello also to all other friends, too many to mention, who posted messages here! Thanks a lot to all of you! I hope you can visit here again sometime…or much better if often… 🙂 hehehe!

    Take care always, friends! Have a great time posting! 🙂

  167. 167 : Daisy Says:

    AALYKZ Says:

    September 1st, 2007 at 2:07 pm
    halllooooooo to all….. hmmm….if i have one wish,i would go to korea to see daeso…. hmmm…i think im fallen for him na…his ssooooo macho and i like his face so much…i hope we could both see each other,,,,…

    Hello AALYKZ! 🙂 You’re right, friend! 🙂 Prince Dae So or KSS is really very macho!!! Really wow!!! hahaha! How I like his face and body so much as much as I do to SIG!!! 🙂 hehehe! KSS’ face is very handsome and extremely appealing and attractive with or without the mustache! His has a great muscular physique and really tall as well! On the other hand, I also like SIG or General Jumong in the tv series ‘Jumong’ a lot! hehehe! SIG is extremely handsome, so cute and one of the most attractive men in the whole world!!! hehehe! He (SIG) is sooooo gorgeous!!! 🙂 As in, to the max!!! 🙂 hehehe! He (SIG) also has a very good muscular physique and very tall!:-) How delicious! hahaha! How I wish I can go to Korea too and see or meet them both! 🙂 I really hope I can go to Korea someday… 🙂 I think that won’t be too long… I just need very few years more with God’s help… 🙂 hehehe! Asking for God’s biggest help! hahaha! I know God will help me… 🙂 hehehe! Waiting for God’s most wonderful miracle! hahaha! But if they’ll go to the USA often, much better! hehehe! 🙂 Dreaming the impossible dream! hahaha! Who knows?! hehehe! I think I will be one of the happiest persons in the whole world if I see them both!!! 🙂 How great and wonderful that may be! 🙂

    Oh my, I’m really head over heels in love with SIG! But I’m still so damn attracted to KSS! I love them both very much!!! I wish them everything BEST in this world! 🙂

    Good evening friends! 🙂 Have fun posting everybody! 🙂

  168. 168 : Daisy Says:

    odi Says:

    August 30th, 2007 at 9:52 am
    Hindi ko na maitago ang nararamdaman ko para kay Papa Daeh so… Kahit alipinin mo ako walang problema… Hahaha.. Napacacute mo kc, napakama-attitude mo, nkakainlove ka lalo pag nagagalit ka fafa!!! hahaha.. Mahal na kita sobra, sana pumunta ka naman ng pinas…

    Hi Odi! 🙂 Wow! Kahit alipin, okay lang, alipin ang puso ‘ka mo? hehehe! Pareho ‘ata tayo friend, alipin din ‘ata ang puso ko kay KSS pero pati rin kay SIG eh… Dalawa sila! 🙁 Okay ka friend ha mas naiinlove ka kay fafa Dae So ‘pag nagagalit! hahaha! Ang ganda naman ng love na yan! Hanga ako sa ‘yo, girl! 🙂 Oo nga naman ang gwapong gwapo pa rin ni fafa Dae So kahit nagagalit! hehehe! Pero ba’t naman mas naiinlove ka kung nagagalit siya, dahil ba mas ‘manly’ ang dating niya do’n o dahil mas nachachallenge ka na mahalin siya lalo? hahaha! Joke lang friend! Curious lang kasi ako, crush ko rin kasi siya eh… Ako kasi mas gusto ko yung hindi siya nagagalit, pero pinakagusto ko yung naka-smile talaga siya, yung bagong palabas pa lang ng ‘Jumong’, yung in love siya kay Lady Seo So No… 🙂 Ang gwapo niya do’n! 🙂 Sobra! Pero talaga girl, hangang hanga talaga ako sayo at gustong gusto mo siya lalo na pag nagagalit! hehehe! Ang astig kasi niya ‘pag nagagalit ano? 🙂 Si Jumong naman gustong gusto ko ang maamo pero super gwapo niyang mukha, kahit nagagalit napakaamo pa rin! 🙂 Ang ganda! 🙂 Pero super ‘KILIG’ to the max talaga ako sa mga tingin ng dalawang prinsipe (Prince Dae So at Prince Jumong) kay Lady Seo So No! Super touched talaga ako sa mga tingin na yun! Kung ako si Lady Seo So No sa mga oras na yun, naku, hindi talaga ako makatanggi sa love ng dalawang prinsipe, ang gwapo nila kasi! Aaaaayyy!!!! Pero dapat isa lang ang piliin di ba? Buti na lang hindi ako si Lady Seo So No, dahil talagang lagot ako sa kanilang dalawa ‘pag nagkataon dahil dalawa sila loves ko! hehehe! Ang hirap ‘atang mamili no’n kung ako si Lady Seo So No… Pero si Prinsipe Jumong ang natatanging love niya do’n eh kaya buo ang loob niya na siya ang piliin niya… Kung hindi lang nawala si Prinsipe Jumong at natatakot siya pakasal kay Prinsipe Dae So, sana sila talaga ni Jumong ang magkatuluyan hanggang sa huli… Pero ako, silang dalawa (KSS and SIG) ang pipiliin ko dahil fan lang naman ako eh… hehehe! Pwede dalawa! hahaha! Pero sa real life faithful din ako no… hehehe! Parang defensive! Joke! Super daldal ko talaga, ang daming sinabi! hehehe!

    Good evening friends! Enjoy posting! 🙂

  169. 169 : Daisy Says:

    odi Says:

    August 30th, 2007 at 10:02 am
    Ayokong panoorin sa DVD yung ending kc ayaw ko makita na nagdurusa ka Papa Daehso.. Kung may magagawa lang ako na pumunta jan sa yon to gagawin ko, magsusuot din ako ng mabigat na baluti para harangan ang lahat ng sibat na papunta sa iyo.. hahaha… Bakit kc di na lang kayo mag-usap ni jumong.. Pumayag ka na sa gusto niya.. Di ka pa mahihirapan kc ako ang magging bago mong reyna.. wag mo na iligtas yung asawa mo ako na lang magbibigay sa iyo ng maraming anak.. Hahahaha

    Hi again Odi! 🙂 hahaha! Ganyan talaga ang nagagawa ng love ano? 🙂 Kahit ano gagawin natin, ‘wag lang mapahamak o masaktan ang love natin… Ang ganda naman! Kakayanin mong magsusuot din ng mabigat na kasuotan para harangan ang lahat ng sibat na papunta kay Prinsipe Dae So… Ang ganda nga naman ang nagagawa ng love di ba? So unselfish, so kind, so brave… Pero ‘wag naman ganyan friend, paano na ang pangarap mong maging bagong reyna niya at bigyan siya ng maraming anak na hindi nagawa ng reyna niya ngayon kung ikaw ang sasalubong sa mga pana? hehehe! Joke! Oy, bad yan friend ha, hinikayat mo na ‘wag nang iligtas ni Prinsipe Dae So ang asawa niya, para ikaw na ang maging bagong reyna! hahaha! Hindi, joke lang ang sinabi kong bad yan ginawa mo, alam ko naman joke lang yan sinabi mo… 🙂 Tsaka, saksakan din naman ng sama yung asawa ni Prinsipe Dae So, buti nga sa kanya kung gano’n na hindi na siya ililigtas! hehehe! Joke, mukhang nagseselos lang ‘ata ako sa asawa niya… hehehe!Joke! 🙂 Hindi rin naman siya maaano do’n, ang bait ‘ata ni Heneral Jumong! hehehe! Akalain mong pinauwi pa siya… hehehe! Gano’n talaga ang nagagawa ng kabutihan ano? Yun ang gayahin natin, friend! Ang kabutihan ni Heneral Jumong… hehehe! Di joke lang talaga ang mga sinabi ko kung ano-ano… Alam ko namang mga mababait tayo dito eh (oh, kasali daw ako? hehehe!)… iba yata ang nagagawa ng pag-ibig sa mga tao di ba? Puro kabutihan dahil ang pag-ibig ay galing kay Lord! 🙂 Gusto ko lang talagang makipagchika sa inyo dito baka sakaling mag-reply kayo at dadami agad ang mga messages dito at aangat na naman agad ang puwesto ni KSS dito… 🙂 hehehe! Nasabi rin ang totong motibo… hahaha! Sana okay lang sa inyo dito ang kadaldalan ko, friend… Sana hindi kayo mapikon sa mga jokes ko… Have a wonderful time posting! 🙂

  170. 170 : Angel's faith Says:

    Dearest friend Daisy,

    Thanks for the comment…She really deserves that, but don’t mind her she’s just a waste of time…

    Princess Rovilyn only wants our attention…poor girlL-)
    Naahh forget about her /:)

    By the way, how u doin? Really? You already watch kimcheed… What ep are u in now? wait until you see ep.8… its more fun than the past ep.. I’ll give a hint.. KSS wore a dress… can u believed that? No? Me either? And another thing…there was a scene where they watch a movie (a horror one) together with his co-officemate and he was very scared… he was trembling…hahaha I cant help myself but laugh…I was just like a fool… I was alone in my room and I was laughing by myself… You really had to watch that scene… He’s really funny and cute too… do u agree? I bet u did. He looks like a teenager… hahaha crazy me :”> … but it’s true really.

    Hey, sorry I couldn’t keep my promise about copying it on my cell  .. I hope u understand. Its more fun to watch the video clear with the link I gave u than recording it… its too blurry… I’m so thankful I discover the site.. hahaha and one thing it is also available at youtube.. u can now watch it there. I already downloaded and uploaded some ep to my pc from youtube but they only had until 2 ep’s… but its ok. At least I had 2 

    Its okay friend, I’ll wait for your latest post “about that chika to the max thing”… haha.
    Silly us…

    Am I too talkative right now? Mmm I don’t think so… nobody can beat you daisy haha…:)>- I was only kidding…

    OK till next time!
    gO kSs..

    Hi to Cris, Kss saranghae, alan and Welcome Sayo! and to all KSS fans!

  171. 171 : cris Says:


    do not make away away DAESo, kasi the next time you post here na pangit siya… 🙁 sang katutak reresbak sayong pngit ka DIN…. Cge ka…. karma was beside you……. matakot ka…. 😆

    up for Daeso… love ko lahat sa Jumong, at lahat ng andito… Luv yah…

    See yah around.. andito lang ako… pagala gala lang po… 🙂

  172. 172 : Daisy Says:

    Hi Angel’s faith!!! 🙂 How’s my super nice friend? 🙂 I hope you are in good health always and doing great as usual… 🙂 I miss you, friend… I’m so sorry I hadn’t complied with my promise to you last September 10, that I would make a reply to your number 157 message at that time. I really meant that friend but I decided to make messages for our other friends here first since I thought my message for you would be long… I thought that it would be a very special message for my very special friend… All my close and super nice friends here in the internet are very special to me… 🙂 Also, there were a lot of things that I would like to tell you… But when I was about to make one for you again, ‘Jumong’ was about to start already, so I decided to watch ‘Jumong’ and then come back here later after it. But after it, I forgot already and fell asleep… Ohhh no… I really feel bad for that… I’m so sorry… Then on the next day, I was so busy again… 🙁 I’m really sorry… 🙁 And sometimes, during my vacant hours, my sis used our computer and before I could replace her, I fell asleep or sometimes there were something that I needed to do again unexpectedly… 🙁 I’m really very sorry friend… I know you’re so kind that maybe you do not mind it but I feel guilty because you are a very special friend to me, all of my friends here… I tried to find enough time but our computer’s mouse was damaged… Then our CPU… And after those events, I was tempted to reply to my other friends’ messages from the other sites since I thought I had enough time to make one for you afterwards… I thought again that I would make my message for you the last one (but not the least… it would be a very special one) especially that there were a lot of things that I would like to say to you… But sad to say that there were unexpected circumstances again… And then, I had little time left… Oh, I’m really sorry… I hope it is okay with you, friend… I really miss you… I hope you are still there… I’m sure I will miss you a lot if I can’t see your messages here anymore…I hope you can still drop by here sometime… I will wait for your message here no matter how long… 🙂 It is okay… 🙂 I know you are too busy also but you visit here more often than me, that is sooo nice for KSS, friend… 🙂 I felt very happy every time I visited this site and read your latest message for me… I always laughed out loud every time I read those past messages of yours… They are all great! 🙂 Those messages of yours are priceless! All of my super friends’ messages are priceless and very wonderful! I treasure them so much! I always feel very happy every time I sit here and read all my friends’ messages… 🙂 I have plenty of very wonderful and super kind friends here in the internet, like you… They are all priceless too not only their messages, like you, friend! 🙂 And I treasure and cherish all of my super nice friends here, like you! 🙂 If time will come that we will not make messages here anymore because the future is not ours to see, I will be very much happy to recall that once in my life I had very wonderful and really great friends, like you… 🙂 Thanks a lot for being a very wonderful, super nice and so kind friend, Angel’s faith! Love you friend! 🙂 I’ll put my main message for your two messages, numbers 157 and 170, on the next space so that KSS will have more messages here… hehehe! 🙂

  173. 173 : Angel's Faith Says:

    ei, check out KSS pic! yummy!


    enjoy! go KSS!

  174. 174 : cris Says:

    good morning Jumongers..

    there are still 14 days remaining for the airing of Jumong here in the Philippines, so keep watching,…

    there are lot of twist that will happen so don’t miss the episodes.. Ok?

    Watch Jumong every monday to friday, after Marimar. hheheeh

    Plugging po ito… 😆

  175. 175 : airhez Says:

    to all jumongers,

    before the ending of jumong, i just want to ask if you know the real name or other information about prince biryu, so-seo-no elder son. pls send it to my e-mail. [email protected]. pls………………………..
    tatanawin ko po itong “utang na loob”


  176. 176 : airhez Says:

    to all jumongers…………………………..

    hallow sa inyong lahat! pls don’t ignore this message!!!!
    for those who are very very interested,i guarantee you! it’s so nakakakilig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grabe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  177. 177 : Millet Says:

    wahahaha..kaloka yung episode na tinamaan ng kidlat si Lady Mauriong…haaay..si daesoh kase minulat ng nanay niya sa sama ng loob..kahit di naman siya inaano ni jumong badtrip siya. Pano kase dun na siya minulat. Tingnan mo si Jumong. Napatay na yung Nanay at Tatay niya.. nawalan ng mag-ina ng mahabang panahon.. kalmado pa rin.. kase mahusay ang ginawang pagpapalaki sa kanya ni Yua. Kaya talagang kontrabida diyan yung nanay niya:(

    Anyways.. just wanna say..”Hi” to all you friends here..it seems like there was a commosion but i wasn’t able to keep track. Anyways this site is SHRINE to all things Kim Seung Soo. So if you don’t love him you do not belong here. This is a place where when you log on you share special things that you see about Kim. When we started to like him we haven’t checked his cute pictures yet. His talent is enough to make him look sooooo good. And he’s not handsome. He’s CHARMING. Handsome is good when you see the first time. And then you lose interest once you get to know the person. Charming is when you see “something” good and then it becomes better once you get a better look. He’s sooo charming..He’s getting cuter each time. Even if they tried hard in Jumong to make him look hagard but he’s still hot. He’s efforless. He’s Him. And we Love him. so who ever that person here. We are all half professionals and students here and we know enough who to admire and that is Kim. so don’t you dare..this is a free country but not on this website..duh..don’t you know the word respect. If you really hate him then create your own chatroom don’t do that here. Sensitive it is..But that’s how I feel. That’s it!!! LOve yah Daesoh..

  178. 178 : Daisy Says:

    Hello Millet! 🙂 It is so nice that you’re back here! 🙂 It was been quite a while since I last saw your latest message here. Me too, I haven’t been here for many days already, I was really very busy. 🙁 For me, KSS is really VERY HANDSOME! I like his face sooo much! I like his well-shaped and pointed nose a lot! I like his very cute and extremely appealing eyes to the max! I like his cheekbones sooo much especially when he smiles… I like his super cute lips, very smooth face and well-formed mustache in ‘Jumong’ very much! I like the super manly but very cute shape of his face a lot!!! He is absolutely SUPER HANDSOME!!! But I find SIG more handsome than he is… Even before, when I first saw them two in ‘Jumong’, I already found SIG more handsome than him… SIG almost has a perfect face… I also like SIG’s face a lot as much as I like his face (KSS’). For me, the two of them are the most handsome guys on Earth! There may be a lot more handsome than they are in this world but I like their looks most and so I consider them the MOST HANDSOME GUYS in this entire planet! 🙂 I think the word ‘handsome’ depends on the interpretation of one’s mind, eyes and most of the time heart… For me, being handsome is when you have a well-proportioned face with a well-formed and pointed nose, very attractive eyes and super cute lips and very beautiful teeth and smile which appear satisfyingly very pleasing to one’s eyes. 🙂 Most people can already tell if a man is handsome or not by just a single look. Others just notice him if they take a closer look and observe more keenly. And some just realize that he is handsome if they have the feelings already… They appreciate his looks more… His face becomes more pleasing to their eyes because of the feelings… Most women or even gays don’t lose interest after they find a particular man handsome. They become even more interested because of it. They only lose interest if they see something bad from him but as long as everything goes well, they will never lose interest or at least not right away… But there are still others who become so blind because of the handsome face, still very much interested in spite of the bad things they see from that handsome guy… That is because every individual has distinct personality… Also, I believe on the saying that goes,” Beauty or looks lies on the eyes of the beholder. ” 🙂 Everyone has his or her own unique taste of appreciating one’s beauty or looks… The other sees differently from the rest…and vice versa… 🙂 One may find a certain person handsome but others don’t… And these ‘others’ may find someone handsome but this ‘one’ doesn’t… 🙂 We can never tell who is right and who is wrong… It all depends on the one who see that particular person… 🙂

    I also find KSS very appealing or attractive. Before, I even found him more appealing than SIG. I was so attracted to him that I could really scream every time I saw his face in tv or in internet. My feeling was so strong that I could hardly measure or describe it… All I know was that I wanted him soo much more than any other guy in this world! He indeed captivated my heart; he conquered my total being and soul… But when I knew SIG more, especially those times I started to detach my feelings from him (KSS) because of the marriage issue; I began to like SIG more and more each new day… Right now I admit, I love SIG sooo much more than him because I know SIG a lot more than him… I also know few things about KSS that make me admire him a lot, he is a great person! But I already know so many things about SIG and as I read the news about SIG, day after day, I know him better and better and I love him more and more! I always love SIG more and more each new news, no matter what that news may be… SIG is also a great and very wonderful person! But I still like KSS a lot because I am still very much attracted to him… For me, both KSS and SIG are extremely attractive! 🙂 I find them both equally appealing or attractive right now! 🙂

    I didn’t use the word ‘charming’ to describe KSS in my past messages although I liked his smile sooo much because I didn’t find him that much… For me, being charming is when you have the charm or something such as a great smile, sooo great that can really make your face very pleasing and so delightful to look at than you really are without it… That is when you become sooo much more handsome and attractive than you already are when you smile or with the charm…And I saw him very handsome and super attractive with or without the smile…even if he was angry…nothing changed… That was because he really is so handsome and very attractive by nature…not just because of some charm such as the smile… But I liked his smile a lot before especially that I really liked him as Prince Dae So and as an actor and was so damn crazy for him for many months… His smile was actually the one that first captured my eyes and delighted my heart most. I was so crazy for him before, I couldn’t help it. 🙂 But right now it’s SIG that owns my heart MOST! SIG has both the extremely handsome face and the charm. SIG is indeed extremely handsome, very attractive and absolutely charming! 🙂 The feeling that I feel for KSS right now is just more of attraction… 🙂 I still do appreciate KSS’ face a lot! I still find him very handsome and extremely attractive just like SIG! 🙂


    Have a great time posting everybody! 🙂

  179. 179 : Angel's Faith Says:

    Hi guys….. just dropping by.

    whew, its a busy month… Thank God,finals are over, projects are already submitted to teachers and all reports are finished!

    Hirap talaga.. buti nalang inspired hehe..

    Hi Daisy,
    How u doin.. Sorry for not replying to your message last…mmmm, what day was it??? wait i’ll check the date………September 26. wooah… ganun na pala me katagal nawala d2? mmmm.. but dont worry i am back now..

    Hey its been a while since the last time we had chicka to the max ah??
    Whats u been up to lately? Hope u doin fine friend..
    And to all fans of KSS “KAMUSTA PO?” 🙂 Whats the commosion Millet saying?? Any News?… balita naman po jan.. 😀

    ngapala haayyy we only had 6 days to watch the great jumong… thats too sad…its going to end na.. Im going to miss our craziness… our love for Jumong..for KSSS..the madness…wahhhhh 🙁

    hehe nababaliw nako…
    ge po till next time!

    GO KSS!

  180. 180 : Angel's Faith Says:

    i mean wots the commotion…. xencia na po mali spelling… hehe
    ngaun ko lang nakita

    hi ulit sa inyo!

    GO KSS!

  181. 181 : Angel's Faith Says:


    bukas na matatapos ang Jumong…….8->



  182. 182 : Daisy Says:

    Hello friends! 🙂 It’ sooo nice to be here again! 🙂 I’m already missing ‘Jumong’ a lot… I have dvds of it but I really do miss its Tagalog version very much already even though it doesn’t end yet. It’s going to end so soon and I’m missing my Mon to Fri, very happy, extremely touching and so inspiring schedule every 10:30 at night so much already thinking that it will never be the same again without ‘Jumong’…not unless Lobbyist of SIG will replace it immediately then will be followed by Kimcheed Radish of KSS which are quite impossible in our country this month… Oh, I really miss ‘Jumong’ and you guys already… I hope we will still continue posting in this site even once in a while only, after ‘Jumong’ ends… I will really miss you all a lot if I won’t see your messages here anymore… I’ve been crying hard for days already because of my mixed emotions– very impressed and extremely happy with the unselfish and righteous love of the lead characters of ‘Jumong’ for their loved ones; very sad and really felt pity for them because of their sad moments and missed them all a lot! My heart was crushed into pieces every time I saw them suffering from seem-so-unfair-but-can’t be controlled situations. But I was also very happy and so impressed by their very wonderful, so kind and unselfish love and goal! Queen Seo So No and Queen Yesoya have boundless, endless, unconditional and so unselfish love for King Jumong and the people in this series! King Jumong has righteous and great love for his two families and the people also! How great this tv series, its casts and their roles are! The lives of the great people in the story are not perfect because no one is perfect in real life and we can’t control everything but they manage to do the right things! I’m sure in their real lives, in the real Korean history, these great people did almost the same as this tv series shows. Their deeds definitely pleased God! This tv series, all people involved and its great Korean history are all indeed God-given gifts for all people of today so that they will live in the lives God wants them to have! A million thanks to all people involved in the making, distributing and completing of this tv series including GMA and all Filipinos who enhanced its originally very fascinating, extremely impressive, so amazingly touching and extraordinarily very beautiful works! It is one of the most outstanding and finest performances I’ve ever seen! I love you all so much! I’ll be back after ‘Jumong’.

  183. 183 : Angel's Faith Says:

    waaaaaaahhhhhh this is it…

  184. 184 : ley Says:

    good luck 4 the actor….I luv this actor becuse his acting beside he is handsome.REALLY THE GOOD ACTING….

  185. 185 : leonardo Says:


  186. 186 : Angel's Faith Says:

    Hi KSS,

    Just passing by…
    What’s up y’all!

    GO KSS!

  187. 187 : melai Says:

    grabe ha! ang haba ng page mo dito, Seung soo! Akalain mo, maraming natutuwa sa ‘yo, katakot ka pa naman dun sa jumong! galing mo kasi umarte e! Ang tagal mo na palang artista! Hi! Cute mo!

  188. 188 : melai Says:

    nga pala, Hi sa inyo! Ahm, isa lang ba talaga award ni seung soo??? Ang tagal na pala nyang artista e..

  189. 189 : Angel's Faith Says:

    hi melai,

    share ko lang po…

    KIM SEUNG SU (Kim Seung Soo)
    Born: July 25, 1973
    Height/Weight: 181 cm (5′ 11″ ) / 72 kg (159 lbs)
    School: Kyungki University (Physical Ed. major)

    TV dramas: Jumong (Tae-so); My Sweetheart (Ki-joon); A Million Roses (Hyun-kyu); Sweetheart (Jong-tae); Wife (Sang-ho); Remember (Hyun-woo); Fox & Cotton Candy (Su-kyo); Mina (Tae Hoon); Cool (Seung-woo); Bad Friends (Jae-yong); Huh Joon; Man & Woman; Rookie; Kaist; Roses & Bean Sprouts; Heart of Lies (one of Dae-sae’s spoiled friends)

    Awards: KBS Best Actor, Silver (2003)
    E-mail address: [email protected]
    He can also sing.

    la lang 🙂 hehe

  190. 190 : Melai Says:

    thanks very much to angel faith!!!
    oh my god, he sings!
    i love male singers!
    thanks ulit!!!

  191. 191 : Melai Says:

    thanks very much to angel’s faith!!!
    oh my god, he sings!
    i love male singers!
    thanks ulit!!!

  192. 192 : Melai Says:

    Shit! Nagkasama na pala sina HHJ and Kim Seung Soo sa isang drama before jumong, tapos me kissing scene pa sila. See http://gallery.asianfanatics.net/index.php?act=image&pid=219335&page=12

  193. 193 : Angel's Faith Says:

    to melai..

    ur welcome…

    share ko lang….
    may bago na akong kinababaliwan ngaun.. sayang nga lang too late na sobra… its about NEW NONSTOP a tv korean series… anyone knows this?
    Sorry its really not related to KSS.. but im dying to watch this tv series or even download it if anyone knows where i can download it or buy it…just the season 2…
    please help..
    Sorry for posting here about this…

    thanks in advance..

  194. 194 : Angel's Faith Says:

    found it na… hayyy
    if anyone interested to watch this..
    heres the link..NEW NONSTOP 2


    again, sorry…

  195. 195 : Angel's Faith Says:

    Good News Mga KSS fan…

    Mapapanood na natin ulit si oppa KSS sa GMA 7..
    Batang bata pa xa d2.. wow.. cant wait…

    One Milliion Roses ang title..
    Simula NOv. 26,2007
    Not sure pa what time… but i really cant wait.. hehe
    Matagal ko na hinahanap yung dvd copy nito wala me mahanap..
    Dko akalain ipapalabas ng GMA 7 to..

    sana abangan nyo din..

  196. 196 : nesta Says:

    sino sya???? niÑo mulach… ikaw ba yan?.. haha

  197. 197 : Mamao Says:

    are u fcukin serious? That made me laugh so hard. Niño Mulach.

  198. 198 : cami Says:

    ang di nakakakilala sa kanya, panis. yon lang yon…

  199. 199 : jUstiN Says:

    hahaha.. puro filipino nag cocomment ah!! haha,.. hindi ako familiar sa picture nya eh..!! lang taon na ba yan?!

  200. 200 : Mint Says:

    I like Kim Seong Su when he plays as Da Soh in the movie,Jumong more than his real look. He is really handsome!

  201. 201 : Novi Says:

    KSS i’m your new fan…your character in full house & bad love really really good…keep the good work…

  202. 202 : Angel's Faith Says:

    Hi guys,

    WOW its been a while ah.. tagal ko na d nag po post ng message d2… mmm san na kaya si daisy??? Wow and nice update… pati pic nya pinalitan na! good! nice job para sa moderators nito!

    la lang… napadaan lang

    and for NOVI mmm… i dont think he’s in Full house or Bad Love… its the other Kim Sung- su or Kim Sung-soo… its two diff. people hehe… I thnk u get comfused by their name…

  203. 203 : Angel's Faith Says:

    wot??? mali me ng type sori… CONFUSED dapat… typo lang hehe

  204. 204 : rachell Says:

    kim seung soo ur cute handsome look!i love to watch one million roses!i love ur love team of son tae young!

  205. 205 : Annasu Says:

    OPPA, you are one of my favorite stars. I liked you so much in ‘The Book of Three Hans’ more than Song Il Gook. SARAHARE, OPPA!

  206. 206 : Annasu Says:

    Ah…Oppa. I forgot to say in first reply. Because of you, I didn’t look bad on the charactor Dae-so. My friends are also feel like that. They think you are so cute and handsome to be Dae-so. Anyway you had great acting and you got award for the charactor Dae-so. Go on working hard and get more awards. OPPA, FIGHTING!

  207. 207 : mel Says:

    hi…..i did’nt look bad on the character dae-so,i believe it’s a contrary in true life and for me you’re still cute and handsome to be dae-so.keep up the good work and i wish you all the best! GO KIM!!!!!!!

  208. 208 : hellocdw Says:

    he’s cuter in *jumong* than in this pic

  209. 209 : angelsfaith Says:

    saengil chukha hamnida seung-soo shi!

  210. 210 : angelsfaith Says:

    Im watching his new drama… City of Glass..

  211. 211 : Danzyx Says:


  212. 212 : Danzyx Says:

    My luvly 1st big brother^^~. Seung Soo-oppa^^~.

    _Brunei Darussalam_

  213. 213 : roya Says:

    I am roya,I am iranian
    and I like this actor very much…

  214. 214 : parisa Says:

    Hi roya i’m iranian too . i love him so much.because he is so ……

  215. 215 : Daisy Says:

    Wow! I didn’t recognize him in What are you Doing in my House? He looks so different from Dae- So in Jumong. He doesn’t have a pretty face but does exsude sexiness. I’ll be looking for more of the drama he’s been in.

  216. 216 : Angelsfaith Says:

    Merry Christmas Seung soo Oppa!

    I’m at episode 31 of City of Glass and i may say that your really a great actor. Ive got a teary eyes watching you kneel and cry. Wow that ep. was too heavy for me to take. but luckily i survived!

    So just keep up the good work on entertaining your fans. we all here to support you. whenever wherever!

    OMG is that you Daisy? its been a long time… how u doin?
    I’m glad you still watch his shows after JUMONG…

    have you try watching PLEASE DONT ASK ME ABOUT MY PAST? HE is so damn SEXY in that drama and hilarious at times.

    Yeah i also like him in What are you doing in my house/ Why did you come to my house.
    Esp. the part where he his in the gym. He looks diff.

    BTW Merry Xmas to you too!

  217. 217 : parisa Says:

    my dear friends if you know his E-mail adress please tell me.and if you are from kroea please answer me Whats the meaning of NIDA in your language?

  218. 218 : parisa Says:

    sorry korea

  219. 219 : Parisa nr:2 lol Says:

    i don’t think anyone has his email adress. -imnida means to be (identity). example. parisa imnida = i’m parisa. imnida is a humble form.

  220. 220 : parisa Says:

    thank you very much.your language is so beautiful.
    Are you from korea?

  221. 221 : parisa Says:

    Dear Daisy
    when i read your comment in the first page,i knew you have his mail add.so if you have his e-mail & it’s real send me please.
    besides i have this mail but i’m not sure it’s real. “[email protected]
    don’t forget send his mail for me please.

    love you [email protected]

  222. 222 : JoAnn Says:

    You are an awesome actor…I love the stern strong man you protray in Glass Castle. your fan.. in Hawaii

  223. 223 : Danzyx Says:

    GOOD JOB, GOOD JOB XD. New drama ayte? XD. Hpe i cn watch diz drama 😉

  224. 224 : Danzyx Says:

    Bcoz my lovely Seung Soo-oppa acts in diz GOOD JOB, GOOD JOB XD XD XD~~~~~.

  225. 225 : Sahar Says:

    I like you acting in ‘Jumong’.Very Nice!
    I couln’t open your official site !? when googled your name i found another
    actor that has the same name.Funny!
    hope to have a veeeeeeeeeeeeery good year(Now is Iranian new year
    called ‘Nowrooz’)


  226. 226 : Fereshte Says:

    Hi dear Kim Seung Soo. I’m an Iranian investigator girl. I love you very much and I leave my works only because of see you in Jomung serial. I am going to come south Korea as soon as and I like to see you very much. Please send me an address or email or phone number, please. All of my family believe that you are a traitor man in Jomung and ungraceful actor man but you are only my love………………….. .
    [email protected]

    Ms Fereshte, Master student of soil Physic and conservation, 25 years old, from Iran

  227. 227 : Mona Says:


    I am an iranian girl and I love Kim sooooooooooooooooooo much. Could you please send me the email address of this guy.

    Thank you very much

  228. 228 : Fereshte Says:

    Please see this message
    Kim Seung Soo










    Hi dear Kim Seung Soo. I’m an Iranian investigator girl. I love you very much and I leave my works only because of see you in Jomung serial. I am going to come south Korea as soon as and I like to see you very much. Please send me an address or email or phone number, please. All of my family believe that you are a traitor man in Jomung and ungraceful actor man but you are only my love………………….. .
    [email protected]

    Ms Fereshte, Master student of soil Physic and conservation, 25 years old, from Iran

  229. 229 : mina Says:

    wooh u r wonderful actor just ………

  230. 230 : jalil golestani Says:

    i love you

  231. 231 : mina Says:

    hi honey.I am iranian girl.

    I love u very much and I lick call with u.

    please send me a messege and loves your fan.

    I am 27 years and nurse.

    you are in my heart.

  232. 232 : nicole Says:

    Good work in Jumong. we love the show…you do have talent/ But please keep it to acting… dont try it in real life. God bless.

  233. 233 : mahshid Says:

    hi.i am an iranian girl too!when i look at this comments,i see a whole of lovely texts for mr.su which says we love u.so,if u read these(plz!),could u plz come to0 iran so we can see u by?!

  234. 234 : Tanaz Says:


  235. 235 : Danzyx Says:

    Annyeonghaseyo Seung Soo-hyeong~ :)))),
    Saengil Chukahaeyo 4 you~ !!!! ;)))),,,,

    Sweet 36 today~ :DDDD.

    -Brunei Darussalam-

  236. 236 : Bahar 봄 Says:

    Hi Im an Iranian girl too
    love you Kim I think you played more than well in jumong
    dont cry for soseno she doesnt deserve you :hug:
    and jumong is a loser, dont give a damn to his useless works.
    I love your eyes spesially when you get angry ^^
    and I wish to see you soon in Iran.

  237. 237 : (prince teso(omid maslehat Says:

    hi teso. i love you my peha. im your fan i have your web sit in iran. come too iran good bye my peha.

  238. 238 : prince teso--omid maslehat Says:

    in the name of teso.

    please come to iran pehhhha.

    I love you teso i love you boyo

  239. 239 : Farshad Says:

    می بینم که 90 درصد نظرات اینجا متعلق به ایرانی هاست! خیلی جالبه
    راستی تا حالا جواب کسی رو داده؟

  240. 240 : bahman minakhani Says:


    I am an iranian boy and I love Kim Seung Soo so much. Could you please send me the email address of this guy and youu picture.

    Thank you very much
    my mail is:[email protected]

  241. 241 : Abdul Majeed Rahimi Says:

    Hello Mr Kim

    i am from Afghanistan living in Adeliade South Australia. you are a great actor in JUMONG SERIAL. I wish to see you one day. Wish a happy life. if you come to australia one day plz give me a call. this is my number 0434101745.

    Wish you all the best luck Mr Kim.

    Abdul Rahimi

  242. 242 : marjan Says:

    im a girl from Iran.
    I watched jumong from TV and I think the best actor in this film is Kim Seung Soo.
    I LOVE him.
    Have a nice time

  243. 243 : arezou Says:

    hi,ur acting is very good in jumong drama!

  244. 244 : Bahar 봄 Says:

    Seung soo dear ^^ you are the best
    besides Jumong Tv series,I also watched your playing in: you are a star and why did you come to my House:
    I dont know how you perfectly play like this ! you really live with the characters which directors give you
    whatever you did till now is just more than perfect
    you have lots and lots of fans in IRAN
    I just hope to see you soon
    Im your huge fan and you are my only fav male actor in the world.

    I LOVE YOU………………………
    ..I LOVE YOU……………………..
    …I LOVE YOU…………………….
    ….I LOVE YOU……………………
    …..I LOVE YOU…………………..
    ……I LOVE YOU………………….
    …….I LOVE YOU…………………
    ……..I LOVE YOU………………..
    ………I LOVE YOU……………….
    ……….I LOVE YOU………………
    ………..I LOVE YOU……………..
    …………I LOVE YOU…………….
    ………….I LOVE YOU……………
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    …………………….I LOVE YOU…
    ……………………I LOVE YOU….
    …………………..I LOVE YOU…..
    ………………….I LOVE YOU……

  245. 245 : sonia Says:

    a whisper by you,a glance of you,a sweet smile on your beautiful lips,and i found my self deep in love….?NOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I dont like your acting!:-D
    in my book THE BEST IS:Mr ill gook!

  246. 246 : asma Says:


  247. 247 : Tanaz Says:

    Hi kim seung soo how are you
    You good actor in the jumong i hope good luke
    Do you undrestand english?
    I undrestand alittle korean

  248. 248 : Tanaz Says:

    Please send me email
    My email:[email protected]
    Kamsa hamnida

  249. 249 : Tanaz Says:

    Sonia please shut up
    Thank you

  250. 250 : Nasim Says:

    I love you
    I love very song il gook

  251. 251 : Tanaz Says:

    Hi seung soo how do you do? I saw why did you come to my house
    Good films:-)
    Seung soo
    I hate song il gook:-(
    Why arent you sending me email?
    Your busy?
    Send me email ok? Komapso

  252. 252 : tanaz Says:

    hi seung soo how are you?
    what are you doing?
    i miss you very much.

  253. 253 : Padauk Seinn Says:

    I like the best in one million roses and now watching series( bad mother in-law forced daughter in law to bear child) Its also touching and keep on acting seriously like these for ever.
    Your fan from Myanmar

  254. 254 : Padauk Seinn Says:

    Keep on performing same way ( seriously) not like Myanmar actors.

  255. 255 : tanaz Says:

    Hi seung soo
    your best actor

  256. 256 : Bahar (Prince Daeso & seung soo's big fan) Says:

    To all persians and other nations who can read in farsi
    join daeso and kim seung soo’s fans at http://kim-seung-soo-fan.blogfa.com/
    and fight for prince daeso
    Viva daeso
    Viva boyou
    lets show jumong and ill gook fans who is the real king!
    who was born prince and died with honor!
    It was daeso, it is ,and it will be

  257. 257 : jesh Says:

    his next drama is ‘I am Legend’ playing with Kim Jung Eun


  258. 258 : mel Says:

    i never watch your acting before.. but i think you are a great actor…

  259. 259 : Lady sandar Says:

    I did not interest in movies star and pop star since 1996 because I was interested in my MSc.But in one day of the year 2006, I watched the movies named “Jumong” and I noticed one actor who acts as “Daeso”.

  260. 260 : reza Says:

    heloo.im from iran.just I LOVE YOU.

  261. 261 : reza Says:

    im from iran.may name is reza and I love you very much.

  262. 262 : I Am Legend | Korean Drama List Says:

    […] Jung Eun as Jun Seol Yi Lee Joon Hyuk as Jang Tae Hyun Kim Seung Soo as Cha Ji Wook Jang Young Nam as Oh Seung Hye Jang Shin Young as Park Soo In Hong Ji Min Hyun Jyu […]

  263. 263 : tanaz Says:

    Hi i think you for we nt importent

  264. 264 : chris03cha Says:

    I just want to say, “you played so well as the Prince of Dae-So, of Jumong the Prince. Your charactor made me hate and loved him at the same time. I’ve never felt such passion and great role playing! I will be awaiting for your next upcoming shows, movies, or dramas! Much love from the US ^_^

  265. 265 : tanaz Says:

    hye why nt answer us

  266. 266 : tanaz Says:

    i hate u

  267. 267 : agnes g trinio Says:

    im agnes from the philippines, i love your acting in glass castle … you are a great actor hope to see you in my dreams… MABUHAY!!!

  268. 268 : agnes g trinio Says:

    Im agnes from the philippines i love your acting in glass castle…..

  269. 269 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  270. 270 : silvia Says:

    Hi. I loved your acting as prince Daeso. And i completely agree with Bahar. I’m a Daeso fan too 😛

  271. 271 : georgiana-romania girl Says:

    i love kim seung su!!!romania girl

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    […] Myung Min Kim Nam Gil Kim Nam Jin Kim Rae Won Kim Roe Ha Kim Sang Jung Kim Sang Kyung Kim Seung Min Kim Seung Soo Kim Seung Woo Kim Soo Hyun Kim Soo Ro Kim Suk Kim Suk Hoon Kim Sung Min Kim Sung Oh Kim Sung Soo […]

  273. 273 : daniel Says:

    hey seung soo
    y u nt anytime answer message i think u r very proud

  274. 274 : regina imperial Says:

    I love u so much . When will u be the lead character. I hate when you act as the villain coz villains always loose at the end, and thats what happen to Jumong… bcoz of that I did not watchd the ending of Jumong, because I dont want to see u fall…..In my dreams you are my husband….take care of urself I hope someday wil get to meet each other. hehehe. love yah!

  275. 275 : bernadettecruz Says:

    Hello, Kim Seung Soo, I am a teacher here in the philippines.during our vacation i watched your tele novela and inspired me the way you act is superb but tel you prankly i dont like the ending in your telenovela I’m a Legend for me the happy ending is to be united with your wife..but i love your acting very much..in the eyes of the actor will see the through acting.I love yopu Kim Seung Soo….

  276. 276 : King Gwanggaeto the Great « Korea.com Says:

    […] as Gwanggaeto the Great Jang Shin Young as Yeon Hwa Lee In Hye as Yak Yeon Kim Jung Hwa as Seol Ji Kim Seung Soo as Go Woon Jo An as Dam Joo Im Dae Ho Kim Jung […]

  277. 277 : queen Says:

    You are a good actor.

  278. 278 : juan Says:

    i love play part

  279. 279 : kim love soo Says:

    hi.yu are very gentelman.iranian fan

  280. 280 : samalo Says:

    I salute deso bg up bro !,

  281. 281 : JJ Says:

    i like you in most of the dramas i watched of you like why did you come to my house, city of glass and now i’m watching kimcheed radish cubes! hope to see more of you!

  282. 282 : Just Like Today | LoveDrama's Says:

    […] as Kim Mi Ho Hong Yo Seob as Moon Sang Yub Kyun Mi Ri as Lee Jae Gyung Lee Han Wie as Kim Joon Tae Kim Seung Soo as Jang Hae Joon Park Soon Chun as Park Jung Sim Park Shi Eun as Moon Hee Joo Yang Jin Sung as Moon […]

  283. 283 : Still you « hanipoollazuardi Says:

    […] Eun Gyung as Cha Soon YoungKim Seung Soo as Na Han JoonWang Bit Na as Kang Chae RinSong Jae Hee as Kang Woo […]

  284. 284 : james tay Says:

    I thought Kim Seung Soo was one of the leading actors in “Jumong”(MBC2007)?

  285. 285 : King Gwanggaeto the Great | OMG-Gurubootcamp!! Korean Drama Says:

    […] Gon as Gwanggaeto a GreatJang Shin Young as Yeon HwaLee In Hye as Yak YeonKim Jung Hwa as Seol JiKim Seung Soo as Go WoonJo An as Dam JooIm Dae HoKim Jung […]

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    […] Kim Seung Soo as Shin Min Hyuk Goo Won as Seo Ho Min Yoon So Jung as Mrs. Jung Park Young Ji as Chairman Shin […]

  289. 289 : Rasheedat Says:

    WOW! Prince Dae so, your acting prowess in Jumong is da bomb! your anger is so real that I give it up for you. good actor you are, would have love to meet u in real life. well done!

  290. 290 : Jonathan Says:

    i am dissaponted how all people have already left,especially Daisy! i really loved her as i stared at her all comments she had already left all along but eventually she left,pls it will be a great pleasure if iyou reveeal yourself again and here something fr you one more tine please.my e mail is [email protected]

  291. 291 : ALICE Says:

    I appreciated the way you played in Jumong , Prince Daeso

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