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Kim Suk Hoon 01

Name: κΉ€μ„ν›ˆ / Kim Suk Hoon
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1972-Apr-15
Height: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: A
Talent agency: Loen Entertainment
Education: Chung Ang University

TV Series

Mom (MBC, 2015)
Ruby’s Ring (KBS2, 2013)
Sparkling (MBC, 2011)
Empress Chun Chu (KBS2, 2009)
Blissful Woman (KBS2, 2007)
The Secret Lovers (MBC, 2005)
Han River Ballad (MBC, 2004)
Into the Storm (SBS, 2004)
Affection (SBS, 2002)
SWAT Police (SBS, 2000)
Tomato (SBS, 1999)
Trap of Youth (SBS, 1999)
Hong Gil Dong (SBS, 1998)


Circle of Crime (2012)
The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan (2008)
Magang Hotel (2007)
So Cute (2004)
Tube (2003)
Tomak: Save the Earth, a Love Story (2001) (voice)
Gingko Bed 2 (2000)
A Great Chinese Restaurant (1999)


2013 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Daily Series) – Kim Suk Hoon (Ruby Ring)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award (Serial Drama) – Best Actor (Sparkling)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Serial Drama Excellence Award – Actor (Empress Chun Chu)
2004 MBC Drama Award: Excellence Award, Actor (Ballad of Han River)
1999 SBS Drama Award: Top 10 Stars; Excellence Award, Actor
1998 SBS Drama Award: New Star Award

Related Photo

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  1. 1251
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yeyy keep it up girl! i’ll be in tow coz i can sing Korean songs hahaha modesty aside! let’s go to taiwan n join jim lin copycat’s ok? hehehe
    me too i wish i had JW’s pretty face! a sweet face at that!

    #1250 fren i just remember, it’s Barry M’s Can’t Smile W.out You, i found one online i’ll d/load after this! oh it’s reminiscence of that prposal scene!

  2. 1252
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha i just noticed u said DJ signing off now LOL u r super funny fren! no worries i got it already but Grease? i can’t recall, is it significant to JW/ES or the girls were just blabbering?

    ok your no. 1 fan is signing off too as it’s almost time to RR…ng hahaha
    i’m listening now to our KSH radio program! his voice is beautiful too! isn’t there anything that we don’t like about him? tell me about it! πŸ™‚

    chom chom ms copycat singer! hahaha

  3. 1253
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i just finished RR 82 woah fake ruby made ma laugh a lot tonight, i’ll tell u after u watched it!

    chom chom

  4. 1254
    Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yeah, its so easy to fish her out. Fake Runa has finally done justice. Look at her family’s reaction … hahahaha!!! GM, the father and the mother and they suddenly stopped and were stunned by her dream!

    She appeared really really stupid woman in this scene. Good for her. The higher she climbs, the greater her fall!

  5. 1255
    Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1252. Sorry fren, the Grease was played at the cafe if I am not wrong, near SRD home. I remembered that vaguely. As for the proposal, I just played epi 38, there wasnt any music at all.

  6. 1256
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1254 GM to you i didnt realize u had a msg here for me i meant msgs πŸ™‚ yeah RR last nite was just hilarious in terms of FR being in politics, who are those guys wanting her to be assemblywoman? lol i know Fathinlaw ‘s facial reaction was whaaaaaaaaat? he must be thinking i thot u r crazy but now u r crazier hahahaha gosh the audacity of that FR is over the top! i hope GM won’t allow her what’s wrong w/him always yielding so far to her whims?

  7. 1257
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1255 really? i really thot can’t smile w/o you was playing somewhere in espisodes ? n thot it was during the proposal scene! thnx fren for your tym n effort! i know i can rely on my twinkler expert buddy!! πŸ™‚

  8. 1258
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE i know u didn’t want to see him in HGD but woah he’s already good in acting here, also just learned this was his debut in dramas? he’s already a pro in his acting ability! impressive! just wanna share it w/you!
    chom chom

  9. 1259
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hv u watched epi 84 yet? or r u too busy singing there? :)) you’d been absent, ES will give you 3 strikes now LOL

  10. 1260
    Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m back now so ES, u can take back your 3 strikes!

    I’m sure u enjoyed epi 84, just as most of us. Doesn’t it make sense now the bb she miscarried was actually Insu’s? Its not GM’s. Fake Runa did this just right but why didnt she reveal the truth to GM and her mom?

    This writer of this drama thinks we viewers are idiots. How could GM not realise that the bb wasnt his? Anyway, too much to comment.

    Gd nite! chom chom!

  11. 1261
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle Good you’re back ES will give you clemency hahaha
    Oh yes i enjoyed ep 84 it wld seem like that, the bb may have been insu’s, but yeah how cld GM not know or maybe bcoz….u know what i mean…FR in the interim seduced him too so he thot it was his πŸ™‚ LOL i cld kick that fake Runa if i cld thru the comp screen, what’s holding her to tell GM or her mom? that’s what really annoyed me!
    Indeed the writer of RR is playing with our intellect! hahaha

    GM to u & GN fr here

    chom chom fren – don’t forget to sky gaze ok? πŸ™‚

  12. 1262
    Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m done with epi 85. Go slap the real Ruby and her mom. They deserve to be losers.

  13. 1263
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle…..#1262 yes i wld do the same thing too gosh this real Ruby & her mom really annoyed me last nite watching! indeed….losers! it’s really unrealistic already!

  14. 1264
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle how’s it gg w/your singing? πŸ™‚ u must give me a sample mp3 ok? hahaha i can’t wait to hear so our KSH can broadcast on his radio program next time! keep practicing! fighting aja aja my twinkler buddy!

    hv a nice nite there

    chom chom jjal ja

  15. 1265
    Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. On my way to work now. Didnt do my past-time activities at all. Its a new week today. Hope everythings fine and good for us. Chom ch

  16. 1266
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michell OK LOL no past-time activities Yeah it’s a new week so hope you hv a gud start of the week & i second that hope ev.things fine & good for us including our Kim suk hoon ssi!

    chom chom for now fren

    (i just fin epi 86, FR is getting crazier each epis, this of course doesnt surprise us anymore) \o/
    / \

  17. 1267
    Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. V shallow. Now its like slapstick drama. Watch only if u want to KSH

  18. 1268
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michell#1267 hehehe rightfully so! i spoke w/another fren last nite & she herself wanted to slap real Ruby for suppressing the truth, blame it on….i’d rather not say it here! πŸ™‚

    chom chom gg now

  19. 1269
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle just fin RR oh my gosh it’s one of those epis where you want to kick your comp screen! LOL

    keep sky gazing ok?

    Hope our Kim suk hoon is doing great & staying healthy!

    chom chom for now fren

  20. 1270
    Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I support FR since the real Ruby has no determination at all.

  21. 1271
    JJ Says:

    @michelle i just hated real ruby last nite woah she’s just a puppet for her mom & FR; i don’t have pity on real ruby anymore than i shld! yeah i agree, real ruby has no determination; and now the mother claims she’s not the bio dtr but the FR? gimme a brk πŸ™‚

  22. 1272
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL i got the wrong monicker there w/c i used on the other page that’s also me ‘JJ’ on #1271 sorry to confuse you! hahaha πŸ™‚

  23. 1273
    Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. No confusion, fren. No change in writing style. I noticed that. πŸ“

  24. 1274
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha it’s like the same writer with diff name! LOL

    just fin RR i had to laugh in one of the scenes & i’ll tell u why after you finished watching! πŸ™‚

    chom chom

  25. 1275
    Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Let me guess. I luv this scene and I guess u think likewise.

    Here it is: Our guy pulled his arm away from her and turned to the other side away from her, right? Wooah!! I love the director!!! (or maybe its our guy’s genuine reaction, hohoho!!!) chom chom

  26. 1276
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1275 believe it or not when i saw that scene i thot of sharing it w/you right at that moment but i didnt wanna spoil your watching it, but yeah for once we luvd the direc last nite, pulling away fr her wldnt you if you were GM? hahaha good show, way to go GM! hahaha lol cld be ur right it must be his genuine reaction coz i think the actors are once in a while allowed to put in their own acting as in ‘ad lib’ if you will!

    chom chom fren gg now

  27. 1277
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle pls chk your email coz i got a suggestion there awaiting you re that scene in RR hehehe i’m flexible though & i can always give in to a fren like you so no worries about that! hahaha the RR drama is almost finished nxt week right? I admire fath in law for being resourceful! how cld real Ruby covers for that wicked FR? grrrhhh

    TTYL chom chom

  28. 1278
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle – pls pay attn to RR epi 89 when u watch i hv a qstn for you re GM’s mother!

    chom chom fren

    dont work too hard just take a moment to sky gaze like our KSH in TT

  29. 1279
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle….ummhh all’s quiet in the waterfront! wake up wake up pretty rosebud! hehehe a few more hrs N RR again!
    talk to u whenever….chom chom take it easy

  30. 1280
    Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. So nice of u to keep the thread gg. Ur Twinkler fren been busy. Already hit second half 2014 need to make more money….

  31. 1281
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle thnx fren, i know u’d been bz so no worries, we’ll man this ship so it doenst sink at all πŸ™‚ only coz of Kim suk hoon ssi! we’ll do anything for him, he’s well worth our while! just don’t get tired of my blabbering here! πŸ™‚ my Twinkler buddy/fren! ok make more money coz this yr is slipping by ever so quickly before our very eyes!

    have a happy w/end & sleep tight now, just remember to take a brk & relax, staying healthy is paramount! πŸ™‚

  32. 1282
    sangjhoon Says:

    To our dear Kim suk hoon ssi: Wishing you here a happy weekend & a relaxing one! Stay healthy & please make another drama! Bogoshipo, we miss you and my friend Michelle here have seen your Twinkle or Banjjak Banjjak drama for i think 12th time now & just hope our dvds won’t get worn out doing that so we need to see another drama from you! Take care!

    From your loyal fans: Michelle & Sangjhoon

  33. 1283
    Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Long weekend here for us. Its Hari Raya Puasa – Muslim’s New Year on Monday. Fortunately I found the peeled chestnuts on the supermarket shelf just now. Been waiting for it for sometime.

    Check my email and read the earlier email first. I sent you two.
    Now watching epi 89 and maybe can find ans to your curiosity.

  34. 1284
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE — yeyy gud for u fren long w/end & also for finding the chestnuts…i saw the pix woah luvd it looked yummy, i’ll be there to taste ur cooking gimme a few hrs ok? LOL in my case i hv to wait till around nov to get the good/large chnuts!

    thnx for sharing the pix of your cooking prowess! don’t eat too much ok save some for Kim suk hoon or Editor Song when he comes around your area! πŸ™‚

    ok hope u notice the epi i was talking about

    enjoy your long w/end fren – for me TT marathon this w/end

  35. 1285
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u i’m watching TT epi 10 CPR scene plus when JW got drunk in mon mom’s place n spent her night there LOL she kept repeating like a brkn rec why he placed his mouth onto hers that nxt tym ES shld just leave him alone, to die! ES seems pitying her from his facial expression, his action speaks louder than words! great actor!

    chom chom for now n i’ll cont watching πŸ™‚

  36. 1286
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle r u very busy & tires my fren? KSH/ES miss you! it’s just a click away, he’ll give you 4 strikes if you’re lagging!

    g/nite to you & our KSH ssi! let’s hope he’s having a great/happy time beginning of week!

    chom chom

  37. 1287
    Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Sorry about that, Twinkler and ES! My internet went into coma for the past 24 hrs after a big thunderstorm. Lived like a jungle woman yesterday – no lights, no fan, no TV, no PC, no music. Totally cut-off from the world. No watasapp, no facebook, etc and mobile was running low in battery.

    Life is back to normal again, today, and internet is working. Heehee!

  38. 1288
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i really missed u twinkler fren! oh noooooooooo i’m sorry to hear that you were shunned from the outside world 24 hrs LOL like a jungle woman u r so funny! Glad you’re back to normal yeyyyy
    ES will forgive you & will waive the 3 strikes w/c almost got upgraded to 4 hahaha!

    I just finished watching the finale of RR so we’ll talk about it after you’re finished watching tmrw ok?

    meantime it’s slumber time & chom chom jjal ja from me to you & our great Mr Perfect Sukhoon ssi!

  39. 1289
    Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Thank goodness, RR has ended finally! I’m done but without any excitement.

  40. 1290
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle one consolation though is our guy won best actor for his performance ast Gyeongmin ssi! also that he did not leave JM group! i can’t believe i stayed on thru 93 epis, only bcoz of Kim sukhoon ssi! he’s worth our time in any of his dramas!

  41. 1291
    Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I wonder how long it takes for this drama but it really appears to be a rush job. Is that the finale? Fortunately they have KSH as the life-saver or drama-saver. KSH truly deserves nothing less than the best actor award!

    chom chom!

  42. 1292
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle @1291 it may hv taken them a few months n grueling hours with many takes i’m sure! i was thinking also that it ended at 93 why didn’t they do 95 at least? LOL with kdramas a lot of them hv rushed endings! look at TT i still feel it was rushed too! the last epi of TT shld’ve more of ES/JW after the wedding instead they had those fillers such as the brod tending to his baby; the staff mtg, those shld’ve been canned n just give the two leads more air time! well it’s a good thing both of us were not sitting on that director’s chair hahaha! i cldnt agree w/u any better than that…our guy is the life-saver & truly deserves the best actor award! he’s awesome what can we say?

    chom chom fren

  43. 1293
    sangjhoon Says:

    To our Kim sukhoon: Have a nice evening & a great weekend! We always look forward to seeing you in a new drama! I always enjoy listening to your CBS radio program everyday! It’s always very inspiring hearing you on the radio with all the beautiful music you’ve been playing for us! aja aja

  44. 1294
    sangjhoon Says:

    @Michelle have a great evening & w/end! keep practicing your singing who knows one day you’ll be one of the guests in his radio prog :)))

    chom chom

  45. 1295
    sangjhoon Says:

    are the twinklers off? πŸ™‚

    happy w/end to michell & kim suk hoon ssi and admin here!

  46. 1296
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle why hv u been AWOL or maybe MIA as in missing in action for a while now? ES will give u 3 strikes πŸ™‚ what hv u been watching that u never come to visit here these days? πŸ™ don’t let the ship sink now ok? i can’t man this ship w/o you coz the passengers (here) might get tired of my blabbering! πŸ™‚

  47. 1297
    sangjhoon Says:

    To Kim suk hoon ssi: just finished watching you in Empress Chun chu & you were once again amazing as Kim chi yang!

  48. 1298
    Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Hi, just a quick chat and peek into whats happening here. Catch up when I have more time. Chom chom

  49. 1299
    sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, welcome baaaaaaaaaaaack twinkler fren! nice to c u here again! OK i’ll see u then when u hve more time no worries! not much happening here except our KSH went on a 1 week’s vacation & back now! chom chom

  50. 1300
    sangjhoon Says:


    To Admin: Merry Christmas to you all & Happy New Year! Thank you for allowing us to express ourselves & share anything & everything for our Korean actors/actresses!

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