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Kim Suk Hoon

Kim Suk Hoon 01

Name: 김석훈 / Kim Suk Hoon
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1972-Apr-15
Height: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: A
Talent agency: Loen Entertainment
Education: Chung Ang University

TV Series

Mom (MBC, 2015)
Ruby’s Ring (KBS2, 2013)
Sparkling (MBC, 2011)
Empress Chun Chu (KBS2, 2009)
Blissful Woman (KBS2, 2007)
The Secret Lovers (MBC, 2005)
Han River Ballad (MBC, 2004)
Into the Storm (SBS, 2004)
Affection (SBS, 2002)
SWAT Police (SBS, 2000)
Tomato (SBS, 1999)
Trap of Youth (SBS, 1999)
Hong Gil Dong (SBS, 1998)


Circle of Crime (2012)
The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan (2008)
Magang Hotel (2007)
So Cute (2004)
Tube (2003)
Tomak: Save the Earth, a Love Story (2001) (voice)
Gingko Bed 2 (2000)
A Great Chinese Restaurant (1999)


2013 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Daily Series) – Kim Suk Hoon (Ruby Ring)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award (Serial Drama) – Best Actor (Sparkling)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Serial Drama Excellence Award – Actor (Empress Chun Chu)
2004 MBC Drama Award: Excellence Award, Actor (Ballad of Han River)
1999 SBS Drama Award: Top 10 Stars; Excellence Award, Actor
1998 SBS Drama Award: New Star Award

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  1. 1 : aiai Says:

    i watched your series secret lovers and i really like it…im looking for your other drama series but unfortunately i havent got any…if ever that there is a chance…can i communicate with you through email…my email add is [email protected]….im not sure if there is a chance that you can see this comment of mine…i doubt you visit this site…hehehe but anyway there’s no harm in trying….wish you goodluck…

  2. 2 : su mon Says:

    I first watched your series Tomato.I like this series very much.You are the korea actor I like best.

  3. 3 : her fan Says:

    i did not know he was the main character in the drama tomato. i thought he was so handsome back then, i haven’t seen any of his drama since tomato that’s why. i thought he looked very familiar in empress chun chu but i couldn’t figure out who he was. now i know. he’s still handsome.

  4. 4 : eka Says:

    I like you on iron impress serial, you look good! bravo….!

  5. 5 : eka Says:

    I see you on iron ipress drama. You look good!!!

  6. 6 : Thi Says:

    Hi Kim Suk Hoon
    I hope this massege will reach you and you will spend time to read it
    I am very regret to know that you met an accident last April,I know that after search your information on website just now. I do hope you are fine now and wish the best things will come with you.
    I am watching the film” Happy woman”, it is really nice film, I love it.
    It is very nice for me if I can receive any feedback from you.
    I am one of your fans in Vietnam.

  7. 7 : Winnie Rae Says:

    I watch his 1st drama Tomato and has always wish that I can watch his drama again..I wish was fulfilled as I am watching Blissful Woman now. All the best & good luck in your carrer ..KIM SUK HOON 🙂

  8. 8 : ericflying7006 Says:

    Hi, I am from Taiwan. Tomato is my first Korean TV series. I like it a lot and think it is the best Korean drama I’ve ever seen. I bought DVD so that I can watch it all the time. Mr. Kim did a very job in it and his image in it is so impressed to me. I wish you have a happy new 2010 and wonderful life forever…

  9. 9 : mel Says:

    i never watch your acting before.. but i think you are a great actor…

  10. 10 : Anonyms Says:

    love your new drama ‘Shining’ with Kim Hyun Joo….Happy Belated Birthday and best wishes be with you…..Good luck^^

  11. 11 : KDaddict Says:

    S Korea has many Hwa Mai Nam–pretty boys, but not many masculine good looking man. That’s why it is So good to see Kim Suk Hoon’s image in Shining or Twinkle Twinkle. This is the best look for him among all his works, better than in Blissful Woman, better than in Secret Lovers. Best hair cut, best style as a serious professional man that suit him so well. Hope to see another one of his drama very soon. Good luck to Kim Suk Hoon nim.

  12. 12 : rainbow Says:

    You are incredible in Shining Twinkle Twinkle. You and Kim Hyun Joo just light up the screen. Super directing, storyline and acting. Hope you protect and love KHJ with your life and pls announce to evil LYR that KHJ is your lady. Don’t even look at or entertain that evil LYR or be nice to her. It will be difficult to watch after that! We hope you marry KHJ (HJW) and have lots of kids. You are a real cool macho. Thank you for your wonderful hard work and acting, dear Kim Suk Hoon.

  13. 13 : EASTI Says:


  14. 14 : IM Says:


  15. 15 : Krai Says:

    You are very handsome good looking good hair style in Shinning, hope to see you again soon.

  16. 16 : E;; Says:

    Love your acting in Shinning.

  17. 17 : GALE Says:

    Your acting in Shinning are so real hope to see you again very soon in the next drama.

  18. 18 : LV Says:


  19. 19 : DAME Says:

    He’s getting better looking as he gets older!!

  20. 20 : Esigh Says:

    Kim Suk hoon, I just discovered you on Twinkle Twinkle and I liked what I saw. You played the role of a manly man/s man very well. You made me want to watch your other dramas. I hope you’ll get more opportunitiies to star in more dramas.

  21. 21 : Dina Says:

    Hello Kim Seok Hoon …Congrats! U have done a great job in Shining. Your acting with Kim Hyun Joo was really good and I never get bored with it. In fact, both of U and Kim Hyun Joo were really a good match as a couple for this drama and it would be really nice if both of U are becoming couple in real life….Pls maintain your hairstyle as in Shining….it suits U well. Lastly, pls get married soon …It’s high time already…may U find a life partner that will bring happiness through your whole life…just don’t wait too long ok. Hope to see U again in other drama.

  22. 22 : Lexi Says:

    I love your acting… especially in Shining/Twinkle, Twinkle… You look so handsome… just perfect… hope to see you in another drama soon… please don’t take any breaks..

  23. 23 : Carol Says:

    Love your drama since ” tomoto”..

  24. 24 : sooxian Says:

    축하합니다! 환상적인 승리!! Congrats, 祝贺你, 恭喜你! You deserve the award for your great acting in Sparkling/Twinkle2. 我真的很喜欢你的演技僵硬,直立编辑的角色。我期待着你的未来业绩。See you soon ok and keep up the great work!

  25. 25 : angie Says:

    I hope may God always make ur life SPARKLING 4ever,take care n I hope I could to meet u…Good Care ^^

  26. 26 : angie Says:

    May God Always Make Ur Life Sparkling 4ever..God Bless U and I hope I could to meet you. Good Care ^^

  27. 27 : Jasmine Says:

    Like you in Blissful and Sparkling. Good job!

  28. 28 : azjhoon Says:

    Hey there, Kim Suk Hoon!

    I became one of your big fans while watching your drama Twinkle Twinkle with Kim Hyun Joo. You both have a great chemistry. One of the best couples, pairings, castings in KDramaland. Hope you land another drama with her. Luv you so much! You deserve your acting award at Twinkle Twinkle. You made me cry so much in that drama. Good job and keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see your next project.

    BTW! I wanna wish you an Advance Happy Birthday! We’re both April celebrants, just like KHJ, kiddo! Luv you so much! My birthday wish is for you to find the woman of your dreams, who will stay with you forever with kids and will keep loving each other until your last breath! If I’m not married, I will be one of your stalkers….hahaha! I’m so crazy about you, kiddo! Can’t wait to see your next project. Hope to hear some good news from you.

    God bless and keep looking for the woman of your dreams!

  29. 29 : Ivy Says:

    I love yr manly character

  30. 30 : Jen Says:

    Happy birthday Kim Suk Hoon!
    You looked so cool, manly & matured in Twinkle. Im not a Korean drama fan but you got me in Twinkle!
    Your chemistry with the lead actress Kim Hyun Joo is awesome!
    Keep up the good work!

  31. 31 : Eva Says:

    l love this man..he’s really cool man..twinkle twinkle is the best Korean drama..

  32. 32 : azjhoon Says:

    You’re such an excellent actor. Saw you in Tomato, a very light-hearted but very endearing drama. Love u and Kim Hee Sun..wish there were some kissing scenes..You were so young there. Watched it for the 4th time already. Can’t get enough of you, though.Watched The Secret Lovers also, and still contemplating on The Iron Empress, but seems like a very long drama. But because , I luv to see you on the small screen, I will watch it in no time and also one of my fave guys is there too as a king but he only appears on the drama towards the last 10 or so episodes. Have been looking for some of your dramas but can’t find any of them. Blissful Women is in My Soju but it only shows up to 20 eps. Nevertheless, I will still keep on searching on most of your dramas and movies, and hoping to see you more in future projects. Miss you a lot. I’m watching Twinkle Twinkle as of this writing, and I think this is already my 10th time to watch it…I couldn”t care less how long it is, but I can’t get you out of my mind , so the best cure is to watch u in Twinkle.
    Miss u, please can’t wait to see you soon. Best regards and God bless!
    Hope to see u get married soon. KHJ is the best match for you both on screen and real life…hope you both can always get in touch. Good luck!

  33. 33 : azjhoon Says:

    Hey there, Suk Hoon ssi!

    Been missing you a lot. I heard about your radio show, unfortunately I don’t understnad Koren unless someone translates what you were saying. I heard you’ve been playing a lot of romatic songs…and one of the first songs you played as a DJ was “When I Fall in Love”. I hope that’s something that’s very memorable to you and to your fans who only wish or dream that you and KJH can be together forever.

    God bless and hope to see you soon in the small screen.

  34. 34 : linthirinwe Says:

    kim Suk Hoon ,you are so beautiful.I like you in Twinkle so much.Your acting is so good and you are handson man.Keep up the good work.:)

  35. 35 : azjhonn Says:

    Good morning, Suk Hoon ssi! Finally last night, I was able to download Rainbow software and was able to listen to your radio program @ CBS FM live. Though, I don’t understand the conversation, listening to your voice alone is just enough for me. Keep up the good work, hope your show remains to be a high rated show.
    Best wishes and more power!

  36. 36 : ThuTrang Says:

    You’re so manly, you make me cry so much in Twinkle Twinkle. I know that may be you don’t read this message, but I wish to meet you so much because it’s impossible. I’m not korean, how to meet you??????????!

  37. 37 : Dương Says:

    tôi cũng vậy!!
    tôi cũng giống như các fan hâm mộ anh
    anh thật là tuyệt trong phim Twinkle Twinkle…
    tôi chưa ngưỡng mộ ai cả,nhưng bây giờ tôi thấy mến và cảm phục anh rồi đấy…tôi chắc rằng anh không hề đọc được điều này….nhưng riêng tôi biết rằng tôi đã gởi cho anh…hahahahahaa…..
    chúc anh luôn thành công trong mọi lĩnh vực…

  38. 38 : nga Says:

    Tôi là người hâm mo anh trong vai chu biên tống. Anh đừng đánh mất hinh ảnh của mình đấy!

  39. 39 : zam Says:

    Dear Admin,

    Please add the 2013 KBS Acting Excellence Award for an Actor in a Daily Drama (Ruby Ring) to Mr. Kim Suk Hoon’s accomplishments. Thank you so much!
    Happy New Year to all the Admin staff of KoreanDrama.org. Thanks for everything you’ve done for all your site’s regulars. God bless you all!

  40. 40 : Shirley Leng Says:

    Hi Mr Kim Suk Hoon,
    First time watching your acting at Sparkling/Twinkle Twinkle, you are a good actor. Keep up with your good performance and wishing you the very best. Happy Lunar New Year 🙂

  41. 41 : Jyoti Says:

    Like you in twinkle. Your character showed me way to walk through my own marriage. Started caring for my hubby even more. Well I am head over heels over you as well. Your cheerful personality makes my day. Wish I had you as third kid in my family! God bless you. Pray a beautiful life partner for you who gives you adorable kids and keeps you happy forever.

  42. 42 : Michelle Says:

    Yeah, its the first time I fell in love with a Korean show, Twinkle Twinkle. Its my 4th time watching it again and never get tired. You and Kim Hyun Joo paired so well! I like your manly ways and you are the perfect man in every aspect. I really enjoyed the dialogues, they’re so witty and smooth and your expressions show it all. Hope to see you with Kim Hyun Joo together in another show. You both are such fine actor and actress.

  43. 43 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Michelle — i agree w/you he’s awesome in Twinkle Twinkle am watching now & really got hooked, i can’t stop watching! he really got a good chem with Kim Hyun joo & both their characters are good people in this drama! i just hate the other character geum ran 🙂 no wonder Kim Suk won for his acting in this drama, he truly deserved it! I first liked him in the old kdrama of his titled Tomato, i fell for him then & more so now 🙂 2 thumbs up for this Twinkle drama, i can’t wait to watch him in Ruby’s Ring

  44. 44 : sangjhoon Says:

    i’ve seen most of his dramas like secret lovers where i even bought the dvd, tomato, into the storm this latter one even w/o subs i bought the dvd because i like him so much, also and when i heard about his accident while he was doing empress chun chun i prayed so hard for you Kim suk hoon & thank God you’re able to pull through! Thank you for bringing us joy in watching you

  45. 45 : Michelle Says:

    @ sangjhoon, yeah, I find Kim Suk Hoon super super good. I am watching Twinkle Twinkle for the 7th time now. I searched dramago and could find just 4 dramas by him. Ruby’s Ring is in Tudou but I can’t read Mandarin subtitles well so I am lost! I rely on English subtitles which Dramago provides. Kim Suk Hoon is just the perfect man I had hoped for!

    I watched The Secret Lovers but I still like him in Twinkle Twinkle. I simply love his clean looks, expressive eyes and oh, he is ever so good-looking and gentle. Looks like I am going crazy. I want to buy his DVDs. Where can I buy them?

  46. 46 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Michelle, likewise i luv this actor since his old drama Tomato which i bought the dvd even if there’s no subs hahaha imagine how much i adore him? then another dvd i bought, again w/o subs called Into the Storm he’s awesome too in this drama but i can only figure out some stuff based on their body language, it cld be frustrating when there’s no subs simply bcoz when there’s a scene where you think it’s intense & cld be an impt part in the drama but sigh sigh i can’t u/stand hangeul woah ….yes i also started RR drama it’s on youtube too search for it under KBS & subscribe to them thru YT & they update you on your email on what’s the curr episode! i hv yet to continue with that one but wow i think i prefer Twinkle Twinkle story wise than RR though i wld still watch it once i’m done with TT where i’m only on epis 37 🙂 i can’t wait to see the rest, i heard it’s a happy ending w/c is good! I agree KSH is a perfect man absolutely the type of man/husb you wld take home to meet with your mom hahaha i’m crazy about him really!
    Yeah i once again agree w/you i prefer this TT drama than SL! i’m so happy that he won an excellence award in TT w/c he richly deserves!

    where to buy DVD? check yesasia maybe they still have the titles you want! woah 7x you watched TT? i don’t blame you a bit! hahaha where do u watch TT? i watch it on gooddrama & just can’t stop watching, i was off yday fr work & i had a marathon watch hahaha when i continue tonight it’s gonna be epis 37! i luv the chem between our guy & kim joon so? is that the lead actress name? i can’t recall – nice mtg u here & talk to u soon here!

  47. 47 : sangjhoon Says:

    Dear Admin: Kindly add this photo if possible here’s the link: thank you soooooooo v much!


  48. 48 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon, haha nice picture of KSH. My mobile is filled with his pictures both as wallpaper and home screen! I took them off the screen and changed them according to my fancy.

    Yes, I watched it on my PC, dramago.com. I just enjoy watching him. Each time I repeat the show, I realised something new that I missed previously. Guess my attention was too much into him!

    Luckiest lady opposite him is Kim Hyun Joo. She’s great, too! I love the ending where she hunted him down and they hugged in the mud field where he teaches the kids. It melts my heart.

    Yeah, nice to meet you, too!

  49. 49 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Michell — i’m only on epis 38 & how’d u like the way he proposed to her eh? hahaha he’s so naive isn’t he? yes glad u liked the photo! hahaha u’r also a diehard KSH fan like me! yes yes Kim hyun joo is a lucky actress to be paired with him! i hv to finish this drama hopefully by the weekend:) i can’t wait! he’s so charming & i’m falling for him too hahaha! hv u seen ruby ring? i started it a few wks ago but hvnt cont’d since i just had the urge to see this twinkle drama! he truly deserved the excellence award, his acting in twinkle & other dramas as well were all 2 thumbs up! u shld visit his thread at soompi i spazz there once in a while! he’s got lots of photos there too as you can imagine! talk to you again! yes nice to meet you

  50. 50 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yeah, I love everything about him. I think his proposal method is special, hahaha!!! Can you recall the scene when he shopped for the ring? The way he described her really tells that he loves her a lot.

    After watching him in TT, I like him more as when he’s in Ruby’s Ring. I watched just the first half hour as the Tudou network was lagging a lot with lots ads. And I couldnt read the Chinese subtitles too, I lost quite a lot of the storyline. Anyway, the ladies there fail to compare with Hyun Joo. I love her dress sense and taste. Do you notice she never repeat her clothing and accessories? I love her dress sense. She is clever to pick KSH too! She was a model in high school and came into acting and into Hollywood. That’s what I read somewhere.

    I definitely fell for our KSH thru and thru! I checked out the yesasia this morning. There are some like Japanese, Taiwanese, Thailand’s versions and I don’t know what these mean. I guess they are dubbed. I don’t like cos I love hearing his voice. Very manly. I will buy if in native setting with English subtitles so that I could understand.

    You are soooo slooowwww! I finished all within those few days cos I can’t wait to be sure he ends up with her and so I rushed thru. On subsequent rounds, I picked up what I missed out as I was rather confused with all those Korean names other than HIS! Then after more and more rounds of watching, I can see why he behaves the way he did to her. He’s forever protecting her in his own ways!

    He left the publishing firm and stayed by his mom. He is such a smart guy with motive to track down his mom’s activities. Finally, she was thrown into prison and all her ‘assets’ were set on fire and hence, lost everything she had. KSH left her to teach delinquent kids in the outskirts. But he should at least keep her informed, why didnt he? I am a little upset. Poor girl! But she was very strong and determined. She visited his mom in prison to stay in touch in whatever way she could. She told his mom that someone wanted to marry her. At the same time, our Prince Charming also mentioned in his letters to his mom that students there asked to marry him.

    I guessed his mom was moved by her pure sincerity. Upon her release from the prison, she handed Hyun Joo all the letters and asked her to go look for our KSH and bring him back.

    In the last episode, he sort of rushed down the aisle. It was so hilarious!!!

  51. 51 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I love the suit he wore when he proposed to her. Do you have that picture?

  52. 52 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Michelle, i’ll try to look it up & google it, i did like it too! 🙂 isn’t that cool & so naive of him to propose in the cafeteria? LOL soooooper cute!

  53. 53 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Michelle woah you really know it round by round hahaha i don’t blame you i’ll follow your suit in that i’ll watch or rewatch this series after watching or finishing it! i’m quite slow becoz i just started last week plus i can only watch after office hours at home otherwise oh boy i would stick my eyes into my computer all day & won’t get tired seeing our guy’s face! did you know i found out yday he’s got his own w/site & you can sign in there & leave a dearly msg to him, this site was set up by int’l fans of his & u shld have a look when u have time! also i post some msgs in his soompi thread —likewise i like him more/more seeing him in this drama! i also had a few hrs spent watching RR but hvnt been able to continue coz i kinda felt set off by the genre of those sister having their faces switched or something like that!
    i only get my dvds from a local store & the eng subs are awful but that store even shut down or got bankrupt so i hvnt been able to get dvds lately! thnx for your recap but i heard it’s a happy ending which is a relief coz i’m afraid song’s mother would be a hindrance in their relationship! i had to laugh when (i’m sure u recall this scene) song was bathing da beum’s baby singing the 3 bears? i thot he was super super cute! if he was just a short distance i cld’ve hugged him hahahaha! we’re both crazy about him! i can nvr get tired talking about him so it’s so nice we both can share some of the things about him! talk to you again!

  54. 54 : sangjhoon Says:

    To Admin: just to follow up on the request to post KSH’s photo please & let me know why it’s not possible if anything! many thanks


  55. 55 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle here’s an official w/site for twinkle twinkle & maybe we shld browse through also to look for that photo where he’s proposing to jung won n later i’ll look for some more ok? hv a gr8 day & ttyl

  56. 56 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle ooooppps sorry i forgot to paste the site here :)) here you go:


  57. 57 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle – i’m looking now at hancinema w/site & they have lots of photos of the drama twinkle & you may want to hv a look when u get a chance & i’ll also look again for that photo you like when he proposed to jung won! 🙂

  58. 58 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i found some photos on page 118 on soompi forum on the proposal & you’re right his suit was nice! if admin will be kind to post the photo/s i’ll go to twinkle twinkle page here as we can’t ask them to post here since it’s gonna be off topic , this page is meant for leaving comments for our guy! let me get the link & ask admin ok? talk to u again

  59. 59 : sangjhoon Says:

    Dear Admin: Pls post this photo when you get a chance, thanks much


  60. 60 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i think i found the photo & here’s the link which i hope our Admin will be nice to post here but it seems their office is either closed or they’re too busy! here’s the link of the suit that you like during his proposal in the caf! though this was not a scene in the caf but with his mom i believe this is same suit!

  61. 61 : sangjhoon Says:

    To dear Admin: Many many thanks for posting link #60! also if you can #59 also when you’re not too busy 🙂

    (@sangjhoon from admin: we’re not busy now. but we only publish the pic that we like on our page. Hope you understand.)

  62. 62 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Wow! thanks for all these msg and its good we can be talking our hearts out. He is so so cute singing the 3 bears song, even cuter than the baby! I am sure he is what he is in real life too. I can’t find any fault in this guy, hmmm. Yeah, I would have hugged him too instead of the baby, haha!

    I really love him. He’s got the height, the looks, the charisma, the charm, his gait, nice body (I can’t stand guys with muscle building type), gentle, extremely polite, knowledgeable, kind and helpful, phew! just about everything! He appears to be a One-Stop-Shop, hahaha! To our dear KSH, this is our honest compliment!

    His proposal. Very creative and I like it, with a touch of innocence. I like it and when he said his legs are sleeping and he couldn’t get up, I couldn’t help laughing away!

    Sangjhoon, keep his pictures in your handphone, so he is with you wherever you are. Good idea, right? If ever you lost your handphone, he might get it cos others might think its his handphone! Then he will return it to you in person, just like the way he returned the umbrella to the horrible woman.

    Talk to you again!

  63. 63 : sangjhoon Says:

    To Admin: OK thnx i u/stand! thanks for your hard work here! have a great day!

  64. 64 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Michelle — Sorry for late reply i got busy watching epis 42 of TT & like you said i’m quite slow hahaha!

    u’r more than w/come! nice to be sharing some stuff about our guy with you! is that the suit you spoke about? i saw one but the photo was just showing a part of his shoulder when he was proposing to jung won 🙂 so it’s not one of the best but the one on top which was just posted by our admin is the same suit right? oh i know he was so cute singing 3 bears to that baby LOL i’d hug him too w/out any hesitation hahaha!
    well said how u described him, he really seems very proper i think even off camera, whoever will catch his heart in reality is a very lucky girl indeed! Likewise, i’m not into those type of guys with muscles but KSH is just right & woah i luv his height, his nose is just right & need i say more? hahaha
    I’m sure you remember how jung won described him to her officemates right? i thought that was funny too coz she got jang dong gun, hyun bin, etc. finally overall kang dong won right? i’m really impressed with the writers of this drama, direction & all that not to mention the superb acting of the leads; although lee yoo ri’s charac is quite loathsome, she was really good too in her role as geum ran!

    His proposal is quite unique & like you said with a touch of innocence! hahaha love every min of it!

    LOL i got lots of his photos adorning my room & book shelves & my wallet too plus my handphone so you’re right perhaps if it gets lost & the one who finds it wld surely think it belongs to him hahaha great concept you have there, i wld probab faint if he returns it to me hahahaha I really wanna see KSH in person someday :)) yes like when he returned the umbrella to that crazy annoying geum ran hahaha

    OK ttyl & hope we hear another drama he’ll be making soon! we’ll let him take a breather for a little while as he needs to recharge after making Ruby Ring 🙂

    talk to u soon!

  65. 65 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle this is a cute one with all the description that jung won made about who she’s dating: check the link


  66. 66 : Michelle Says:

    OMG! No wonder he looked so disappointed!

    Agree, that girl is really really lucky if he marries her. Let’s just dream on.

  67. 67 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Hi, I found this site and am watching our darling KSH in Ruby Ring with English subtitles. http://www.drama.net/m1/ruby-ring-episode-1/part1

  68. 68 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. The video keeps breaking down. Not as good as gooddrama. I am at epi 2. Oh my dear, the ex-girlfriend (I think) slapped him so hard!!! My heart aching for him…..

  69. 69 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL you’re now on RR drama? good for you! you can also follow that w/good subs at YT but u hv to go to KBS world! thnx for the link also i’ll check it out! :)) i’ve seen the first 2 epis & yes she slapped him but can’t recall what really happened since it’s been wks & i’m all coped up with TT drama! I can’t wait to finish TT ….did u say u’r also looking for TT dvd? i looked at malkee it’s not avail also even amazon! there’s one but it’s from australia w/c is very cheap & i emailed them but hvnt rec’vd any response yet!
    hehehe we really feel for our guy even in TT where he was also slapped right? i’m falling for him more/more hahahaha don’t mind me i’m going crazy hehehe

  70. 70 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle do u hv twitter a/c? if so we can exchange pleasantries there as opposed to here! so pls let me know 🙂 ttyl

    try to click link to see the proposal of our guy (cr: soompi page 118)


  71. 71 : sangjhoon Says:

    sorry Michelle i meant for it to read jpg instead i put jpt 🙁

  72. 72 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I need to create twitter account. Will let u know once its done. Oh… that’s because he pulled her into the conference room as she kept avoiding him. So she slapped him for being disrespectful to her when he tried to hug her. I still prefer Jung Won than this lady. This lady looks kinda dull compared to Jung Won and KSH clicks really well with her.

    RR doesn’t really pull off with me I watched cos he is there. At the end of epi3, I think they got together again.

    I still watch TT over and over again. I simply love him….

  73. 73 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I created my Twitter.

  74. 74 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, cool i’ll follow you there, so we can blabber 🙂
    pls look for LuvJiH4evr, thnx

  75. 75 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle….likewise i think jung won really looks good with our guy in this drama compared to RR lady coz she’s quite stiff sometimes! u know i don’t blame u from watching TT over/over again & though i’m only on epis 47 now i’m already thinking of rewatching it hahaha Likewise i may hv to watch a li’l of RR only bcoz of him! i hope he gives us another drama soon!

    i saw some pix of them so sweet in RR maybe that’s when they got back together, i want to see that drama too when i finish TT! talk to u soon

  76. 76 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. ok my first time using twitter, so let me figure it out soon. Since our guy spent so much time, effort and sacrifices for TT, we shall make sure his every effort is worth it. So by watching it thru and thru, we learnt from his every action on filial piety, taking responsibility, self-sacrifices, offering help to the needy, etc, its endless.

    I repeated to see when they both start to feel for each other too. Its interesting to see the chain of events and what little action it took to change his attitude towards Jung Won from the beginning and vice versa.

    I like to analyse the minute details so I can have a fuller understanding of each character and see things in a more wholesome perspective. TT is terrific! All things aside, I enjoy just watching him. Today I screenshot so many of his images into my handphone. Talk soon!

  77. 77 : sa Says:

    @michelle – take ur time my friend in figuring out twitter, it’s fun once you get the hang of it! that way we can even post a lot of his photos! i cldnt agree w/u any better than that, the role of editor song in TT is just remarkable, how can u find a guy like him who’s been thru a lot just for the sake of righteousness not tolerating what his mother has been up to & all that, like u said his sacrifices, the love for his woman & we can go on/on with his character i suppose!

    u know i’m thinking that once i’m through in watching TT that i will also re-watch those sweet moments scenes of JW & SJ & likewise will never get tired of seeing him in this role! I think this wld be one of my fave roles of KSH that we can all agree that aside from giving his best performance he’s just likeable thru & thru! i’m just lost for words :))

    the epis where JW’s young uncle reunited with his mom at the airport made me teary eyed plus when editor Song cried in front of his father & the office staff just broke my heart (for him). woah amazing actor he is!

    good for you for having screenshot of him in your h/phone, i hv his photo also in my wallet & if ppl see it they might assume he’s my b/friend hahaha i wish! i know azjhoon in this blog from another k actor we both like & she’s also in URI where our guy has a great Int’l fans there & hope you’ll sign or join in there too, you can write to him directly as well! also i gathered from that site that he has a radio show in SK? did u know that? TTYL and let me cont watching a bit of TT before heading out the door 🙂 Hv a great day n w/end! always a pleasure coming here to talk to you about KSH, we luv him for sure! 🙂

  78. 78 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i can’t help but share this w/you, JW & SJ made me teary with the last scene in epis 48 woah i’m teary eyed watching these two when JW rushed to his house after her brod in law told her they had a drink & what a nice set of words he said while he & JW’s brod in law were drinking it goes like “this past spring was the warmest in his entire life, and even if it rained to him it was a bright sparking spring day” woah how about that? i can’t wait to see the rest! 🙂 ciao for now

  79. 79 : Michelle Says:

    @sa. Hi, nice to be sharing. I’m crazy over KSH and yes, my friend peeped at my phone that has him on my screen thinking its my boyfriend! haha! Oh, how I wish its true. Did u say URI? What’s the link to get there? Does KSH really join in? I am so so excited? I doubt so. He will be so busy dating. hahaha!

    The little uncle is so cute, especially when he said he will become a grandpa before reaching adulthood! This is a really fantastic cast. I am so addicted and always watch an episode before gg to bed. I don’t really like RR, honestly, except just to watch KSH. I finished epi 5 of RR today and repeat TT again. Maybe if JW is his girlfriend in RR, I will watch with more interest.

    I love to watch those YT videos of KSH talking and talking and talking. Although I don’t understand a word, I find him very chatty and warm. Very natural and without any airs. I love the picture where he and JW wore the same piggy tshirts at his mom’s restaurant. They really look so good as one. I screenshot that picture of him into my phone from Hancinema site. He appears to me as a very intelligent guy, someone who is really the Editor-in-Chief! OMG! never tired talking of him.
    Yeah, let’s share our thoughts here. Do you think our guy will look at this thread?

  80. 80 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, there are so many teary moments towards the end. I just wished he should have pulled JW back from the lawyer guy. You know the part when he asked his friend to drive back to Shin Lim Dong after hearing JW’s poem? Really touches my heart.

    Yes, those words he said are so touching, he looked so sad and despaired. Poor thing! I felt so sad too.

    Now you know why I am repeating the whole drama again? Haha! This time I record them as I watch. Talk again tomorrow.

  81. 81 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, first of yes it’s sooooo therapeutic talking about our guy here! he’s adorable & i can go on & on but likewise won’t get tired talking about him! LOL we’re both crazy! I agree w/you 200% he seems v intelligent, nice person, warm, unselfish, considerate and woah isn’t he an ideal b/f for both of us? another frnd of mine is so crazy about him & i saw her accidentally in URI (which i’ll give you the site after this) & u’ll meet a lot of friends there too & the site manager is pretty nice too & very welcoming! anyway you’re thinking that our guy will visit this thread? hope against hope he will but with his hectic sched who knows maybe he’s got a staff to just surf the web and it will be nice if he does come here!

    yes the little uncle is so cute, i like him too did u know he’s the brod of Mickey Yoo chun? i read somewhere & if i’m not mistaken the artic indicates he’s older than MYC but doesn’t he look so young? it made me teary when he finally calls his birth mother ‘mom’ ….i was waiting to hear him say ka chima which is don’t leave!! but i guess he needs to know her more that’s why! also noticed the guar kwang soo or something like that, i think he’s so cool in terms of his loyalty to editor song, i’ve never watched a kdrama that i liked the gangster guy or guard but he’s just so likable & seemingly naive hahaha

    Now i can relate to you by watching or rewatching this TT drama 7x hahaha I will be doing the same thing too once i’m completely done tonight is my marathon nite for this since i only got about 7 more epis to go & counting! hahaha

    i was also surging on YT the other nite on some of our guy’s vids there’s an old one with star date or something & fans hugged him wishing it was me hahaha & he seems very simple & down to earth! I think he’s also a bit shy & very private don’t you think? our ideal man! hahaha

  82. 82 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yes indeed there are many touching or teary moments in TT drama countless of them & also that part where he was looking at her from a distance when they both got off the bus & followed her on way home then the young lawyer or dae bum was cheering JW….he’s madly in love at her but yet he’s not selfish in that he wants JW to be freed of his mother & other problems that she’s encountering related to her! awesome drama…yes now i know why you kept watching it hahaha
    i think i hvnt seen that part yet about him pulling back the lawyer etc.

    nice talking to you as always!

    here’s the link to URI – hope you sign up (my username is jinjoo)


  83. 83 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle re RR drama likewise i’m not too keen on the storyline plus if that was JW as lead i may hv a change of heart, but i’ll chk it out nxt time coz he’s in it! a frnd of mine who likes our guy also feels the same way, she’s not too keen on his leading lady unlike if that kim hyun joo she said it will be OK!

  84. 84 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Unfortunately I only managed to signin to uri Dear Kim Suk Hoon and nothing else. Need to follow up with cecil again.

    Tell you my secret how I finished it all so fast. Firstly, KSH is the main attraction. I watched the main bulk of it over 3 days and 2 nights with no sleep and not doing other things, hahahahaha!!!! Its like gg on a 3D2N short vacation, huh?

    The part that you have yet to see is so sad. After landing his mom in jail, he left without telling JW. He even cancelled his mobile line. JW was so heartbroken. He was with a friend leaving their hometown but along the way, JW’s poem and song moved him and he decided to turn back to Shim Lim Dong to make up with her. As it happened, she didnt answer his call cos he calledl using his friend’s mobile. Then at that moment, the young lawyer wanted to cheer her up and brought her to the nearby school field where her fired some fireworks. She was so happy. Then he kissed her. As fated as it is, KSH was looking on from behind a tree! He then walked away and I bet he must be feeling really really awful!

    I thought he should have grapped JW when the lawyer brought her out! Maybe if I be the director/producer, I will change this script here. Then they can live happily ever after! Like a sweet fairy tale, huh?

  85. 85 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon & @sa. You can try watching Blissful Woman here http://koreandrama.com/blissful-woman/

    I cant open the drama its got some problem.

  86. 86 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle first of thnx for the link to watch BW, i found out also yday that URI got it uploaded with all the epis so that’s also cool! i didn’t fulfill my goal lst nte of finishing our fave drama TT, i was exhausted & had to hit the sack unexpectedly so this a.m. i hv been watching to continue, i believe 2 or 3 more epis & that’s done! i actually don’t want this to end hahaha!

    woah your secret in watching did sound like my friend i was talking to the other nite, she said the same thing she finished in 3 days no kidding, she didn’t sleep till 4 am! with a drama this great i don’t blame u guys for hvng a marathon watching :))

    u know i really am impressed with JW for having such a kind heart towards editor song’s mom, we can see how hard she’s trying to use the reverse psychology towards her, i luvd that scene where she slept in song’s house beside his mom & she kinda wrapped her arm around her & song’s mom was touched with that! oh KSH seems getting more/more handsome during the last few episodes gosh, likewise wished he’s our b/friend hahaha like when your frnd saw your handphone with his photo LOL! he’s truly our ideal man! hahaha i think i saw a photo somewhere in soompi when the young student lawyer kissed her & song was looking from a distance, that spoke volumes to him — yeah i agree he shldve grabbed her, sometimes we can’t seem to achieve what we want to see in kdramas for sure! this drama is 2 thumbs up waaaaaaaaaaaay up :))

    i’m sure, these two lovers make us cringe every time we see them on the screen hahaha After finishing this i’ll try to watch BW, but my other frnd who’s crazy about him too tells me TT is the best she’d seen of KSH coz in RR she thinks his role was weak/stupid in more ways than one but i still wanna see the tender moments there as i saw some clips on soompi where they were kinda sweet w/each other! u know they’re denying rumors of him & LSH dating, but if it’s true we’ll give him our blessings – he needs to be happy off screen whoever will win his heart 🙂

    Re URI i’m also not familiar with all the links in there but once u joined in cecil will walk u through; i also learned there’s a voting that’s going on & our KSH is already #16 compared to other pop actors! that’s great & i hope to join the voting too coz there’s instruction in URI how to do it! i guess i’ll see you there soon! did you browse the site & u’ll see some of KSH souvenirs they got with his signature on them personalized! isn’t that cool, he takes the time to respond to his fans? amazing guy! we’ll talk again soon!
    btw that sa must’ve been me also coz i was in a hurry one day writing to you & li’l did i know i didn’t type my whole username & just belatedly noticed i only put ‘sa’ sorry to confuse you! thnx a bunch ok? hv a gr8 day

  87. 87 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i just tried the link it also won’t open for me, u know why? the epis were uploaded thru dramacrazy & this site no longer exists from since last yr, i used to watch there too but sad to say they had to fold it! anyway i think we can watch thru dailymotion & crunchyroll!

  88. 88 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m on that part now that you mentioned of edit song going back to shim rim dong, i was teary-eyed again, so sad that scene plus when he walked away thinking someone like the young lawyer has taken his place! i went to the local store here to buy TT dvd, believe u me, not a single dvd for TT anymore! :((( so sad eh, let me finish this drama so i can rewatch hahaaha i think i’m gonna watch BW first & then go back n forth to TT n rewatch it!

  89. 89 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I can never have enough of TT. Our guy looks better so good as he aged. He looked good too as a schoolboy – you saw the picture? and I could identify him right away. Yes, I didnt like his role in RR. I think the we got spoilt by TT, and I can hardly move on with RR. I keep coming back to TT. I have no choice but to record them. He is my dream man.

  90. 90 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL i just finished TT & i miss it already :)) I agree w/you he looks better as he aged & when i first saw him in Tomato drama i thought he was really handsome but these days he seems to be handsomer! where is the schoolboy picture? was it in the drama? you know one thing i wished from the ending? that they’d shown more of their sweet moments together & just skipped those unnecessary scenes, i luv the ones they’re doing their teeth, laying on the bench with him sorta touching her tummy assuming she’s preggie hahaha but they seem to have cheated us with the last scene kissing her but it was obscured by his head 🙁 hahaha i can’t get enuf of these two! this drama as good as this one shld be more than 54 episodes hahaha!

    i agree w/you re RR i also stopped watching after epis 3 i think simply bcoz it didn’t seem realistic to me how their faces got switched? i wld only watch again bcoz of KSH, yeah being spoiled by TT drama seems one of the factors! You’re lucky to have recorded them, u mean u got the whole TT? woah i envy you my friend!

    i told you on #88 i went out to check if i can still buy TT dvd i was at the store sifting through their many dvds old/new but was frustrated coming out the store empty handed! 🙁

    count me in — he’s my dream man too hahaha

  91. 91 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle here’s a link to his teen photo on (credit soompi) soompi – i’m sure you’ll enjoy this photo! he didn’t seem to change & some comments there on his thread think he’s a natural & yes indeed as you can see nothing was altered on his face! here’s the link:


  92. 92 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, that’s the thread where I saw his schoolboy photo, the 2 guys together. He doesnt need cosmetic surgery, already so soo good-looking when young.

    He’s an MBA holder and wow, good-looking and brainy. The perfect guy. I wonder how many girls fell flat for him already!

    Yeah, I love the 3 pictures. 1 is both brushing their teeth and kicking each other’s butts, another is when they sleeping and he threw the blankets over her face. THen the one she supposedly preggie. So sweet!

    You can buy a video recording software, install it on your PC to record as you watch. I don’t like daily motion. Very unorganised or have I not done it right?

  93. 93 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle oh that’s the photo you mentioned, yes indeed looking so natural u can really tell he didn’t go under the knife to achieve that good looking features; i like his height as well drooool :)) let’s just hope he finds a nice woman who will really love him as he is & not for what he is!

    luv those 3 pix too wished they had those scenes fully u know what i mean? they cld’ve just focused on the two sweethearts in the last few epis & just cut those not so impt scenes without them! instead of 54 epis they shld add one more episode showing how they are after marriage, and not rushed it right? so glad to see they got married though & happy ending for both! i’m now looking at BW from his fan site & compared to how he looked in TT he’s more good looking as editor song hahaha!

    really i can buy the vid rcdg s/ware? is that how you got his TT drama by a software? good for you, i’ll try to see about that! DM as i’m watching now got too much commercials! btw were u able to see his old drama han river by any chance? it’s not avail anymore online as it’s quite a few yrs old! thnx my frnd & see u soon! i’m just kinda curious of BW so i’m looking at it now. maybe later i’ll rewatch some TT scenes of our fave couple! :))

  94. 94 : Michelle Says:

    Is this your twitter account – LuvJiH4evr ?
    I just too happy with TT. Dont want to see our guy being slapped so many times. In TT, he already got it from JW’s mom and his mom. I’m ok if mom slapped him but not any others.

    U should look for some software too and keep a copy of TT. U’ll never know when it will be removed and then u will be lost. I hope in real life he marries JW.

    I only get to know KSH with this TT show. Oh… I’m such a late comer. I will try baidu to see but I am so poor at Mandarin.

    Try this: http://v.baidu.com/v?word=kim+suk+hoon&ct=301989888&rn=20&pn=0&db=0&s=0&fbl=800

    I am already neglecting so much of my work. Gotta get back to work. Talk soon!

  95. 95 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle sorry for late reply, i got busy watching BW 🙂 yes that’s correct that’s my twit acc! I’m missing it already the TT drama! LOL now i can relate more to you & others like my other frnd who watched it many many times she tells me! i’m planning to rewatch it for sure but i’m just a bit curious of seeing BW a bit, though our top fave for him is TT 🙂

    i wld like to luk for that s/ware u mentioned coz i was exactly thinking of that….the drama might one day not available anymore online woah i’m gonna cry hahaha! Me too, i surely hope he marries JW in real life they look so good together eh? lovely couple!

    many thnx for the baidu w/site i’m gonna check it out! Really you only knew KSH from TT….aren’t u glad u did even as a late comer! at least u can read Mandarin? i can real Korean fr self learning but struggling to u/stand what i’m writing & reading hehehe.

    OK go on with your work now! see u n talk to u again nxt time! it seems our inspiration (KSH) will never fade for a while! hehehe

  96. 96 : sangjhoon Says:

    Dear Admin: if this photo is OK for your approval to post kindly include it to his gallery, it’s one of his early photos around the time he was in the drama Tomato! Many thanks in advance. I’ll have more than one link so you can choose as you pleased!



  97. 97 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle – this one’s for you :


  98. 98 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I use snagit, my webhost admin recommended this. Really powerful. You can email to TechSmith ([email protected]). Hope to get close to KSH in my next life….heheeee!

  99. 99 : Michelle Says:

    Yes, I like his boy-next-door kind of look. I am sure he is very down-to-earth person, deep in thoughts, a person of quality. This morning Ichanged my home screen to his picture wearing the piggy tshirt he wore at his mom’s restaurant. Very homely. Just happy thinking of him.

  100. 100 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. There are so many LuvJiH4evr. Why dont you just look for me instead? michellelimlh

  101. 101 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle really many LuvJiH4evr? i thought you can’t hv more than one username? ok thnx i’ll look for yours!

  102. 102 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle thnx frnd i’ll chk snagit! i’m dying to geta hold of TT dvd hehehe

    indeed he’s a boy-next-door guy, one who’s mother wld approve if you take him home hahaha LOL we’re both going nuts over him, now i’m rewatching it already yes yes but skipping to the ones they’re not on! hahaha
    can you tell me pls if you recall what epis that one is wearing piggy tshirt? i can’t seem to find a photo with him wearing it! 🙂

    me too i wanna meet him in my nxt life hahaha

    see u on twitter soon! what about from URI did u get there all right?

  103. 103 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle – i just sent you 2 twits! see you there too ok?

  104. 104 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Nope, the number 2 should show up under tweets, rite?
    no worries, I am more into facebook. You can reach me here https://www.facebook.com/michellelimlh

    You can send msg into my fb acct too. Didnt have much time to update and mostly share whatever interest me in the newsfeed or stuff that I wanna keep.

    I just finished epi 6 of RR, don’t like it at all. Its like flipping the pages of a book, nothing really worth studying into. I might not bother to continue. I rather spend time admiring him in TT and having my own dreams!

    Next life I wanna be born in South Korea and into acting. Make sure he doesnt go to another country or away from acting! I want to be the JW with him. Loud dreams, ya? Hahahahaha….

    Click this link http://www.hancinema.net/korean_Kim_Suk-hoon-picture_gallery.html with your phone and I screengrab all his pictures. OMG I just can’t have enough of him. I recorded until epi8 but have not seen the piggy tshirt yet.

    Nay, the URI is a pain and so I have given up. I left my msg but it just didnt show up. When I try again , it keeps prompting to say I have no permission. Anyway, I stick to the soompi thread that you gave me will do.

    Next life, we must make sure to look out for him.

  105. 105 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle lol count me in i wanna be Korean too in my nxt life, same like u an actress hahaha so we can be his JW woah we’re both crazy!
    wait a min i saw you on twit & sent u 2 msgs already since u gave me your acc! LuvJiH4evr is right not sure what u meant by 2! too sad i don’t hv FB not too keen in that one! see you on soompi i uplded some of his pix there too so we can talk there at length!
    ok i’ll go to hancinema too, i want that photo of him in tshirt like u mentioned is it on hancinema?

    RR may not be our cup of tea but i just wanna see him there too, right now i’m chkng BW thru his fan site coz i can’t watch it anywhere else!

    oh that’s too bad u gave up on his URI? it was like that for me too but what u shld do is click on membership then where you see write docu click that & msg me or cecilia, right now i hv no clue of ur username so i can’t even go there to look for you! did u click the link here where i said this one’s for you? it’s a good pix of his n maybe u don’t have it yet or u may have already?

    at soompi my un is hibiscus with our guy as my avatar! 🙂

  106. 106 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle i forgot to tell you our KSH has an FB account too accdg to URI! check him out 🙂

  107. 107 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Oh TQ v much! I saw his fb. I am following him on fb.

    “Korea’s representative attractive & luxurious Actor
    In 1998, Kim Seok-Hoon debuted by SBS Drama ‘Hong Gil-Dong’. He is Korea’s representative actor and earned many love from the audience by his intellectual looks, sharp but tidy image, and wide acting spectrum. Beginning with movies ‘The Ginko bed’, ‘TUBE’, ‘Magang Hotel’ and ‘2012 city’ to Drama ‘Glittering’, ‘Happy women’, ‘HanGangSoo song’, ‘Into the storm’ etc, he shows his fabulous acting ability. Recently he is broadcasting as an MC and radio DJ showing his ability as an all-around entertainer. “

  108. 108 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle u’r more than welcome my frnd, my pleasure, too bad i hv no FB acc, but sure follow him there too! i’m right chkng his old drama where he’s super funny, singing & acting like a spoilt brad in this drama Han River, since u hv joined URI u can watch it fr there click multimedia & when u see on the left hand side the title of drama click on it & u can start watching though it’s not subbed but there’s a recap done by one of the fans so you can sort of u/stand what’s going on! i started BW but got bored, this one is more exciting, light drama & he’s super funny like u’v never seen him before! talk to u again later when i chk back here! i wished he’s got twitter though 🙂

  109. 109 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. He specialised in modern dance and ballad (or ballet?). There’s a tiny part on his dance movement with the leading lady in The Secret Lover.

    I will learn to Twitter too. He’s such a great guy! Brainy and a great goodlooker, (sorry…) can’t help blabbering again. Talk soon. I’m getting ready to watch TT before leaving for work.

  110. 110 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha again watching TT i don’t blame u, i’m just checking han river for now but will surely rewatch our fave drama TT again later! i’d be skipping on some parts when i watch TT where they’re not on the scene!
    yeah i hope so too so we can share on twitter, it’s just easy coz i already saw your account & twit you 2x, i guess u hvnt been there again! me too i can’t stop blabbering about KSH & all about him! yeah he’s ballet specialist i guess! is there? i can’t recall SL scenes coz i’ve seen it awhile back tho i’m planning to watch again since i got the dvd anyway!

    ok you hv a gr8 week ahead & don’t work too hard, TTYL! 🙂

  111. 111 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjihoon. He starts to open up towards her after realising the baby is not hers. You can almost feel the sign of relief there and then. Excellent actor! Then back in the publishing warehouse, he made her a cup of coffee and volunteered to help her put on the stickers on the rest of the 2,000 books. He likes her from this point already. Whereas for her, she softens towards him when he supported her idea of not putting the band round the new book.

    I simply love their dialogue and he always say, “happy?”, “satisfied?” as some kind of retaliation to win and have the last words. Ok, gotta go now. Bye

  112. 112 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i did like the dialogues in this TT drama which i noticed all along, good scriptwriter, screenplay, direction etc. Yes i recall that scene where he helped her with the stickers! arghhhh he’s super awesome guy! i think so too that he likes her already from that scene.

    ok hahaha you got your dosage of TT so now u can go to work LOL

  113. 113 : sangjhoon Says:

    good day admin: may i pls follow up on my request #96 if those photos are approved? thnx again!

    (@sangjhoon from admin: Please see comment #61)

  114. 114 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yeah, and good news too. I close a retail shop rental today!

    Ohhhh…. our dream guy! Have u found his piggy tshirt yet? I will continue watching and I should come across the epi soon.

  115. 115 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle good for you – our guy must’ve brought you some luck hahaha!
    ohhhhhh yes yes our dream guy, i found it fr one of the pix in hancinema that you posted the link here! thnx again! i hv it on my phone now yeyy
    made our day! am still watching a bit of han river drama, they got some sweet moments but i kept skipping to the scenes of him & lead actress most times unlike TT i never had to skip! 🙂 hv a nice evening or morning where you are!

  116. 116 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Admin….i u/stand but sometimes i don’t because how do you determine what pictures you like to post? if i may suggest & don’t get it the wrong way maybe change your msg shld be modified? since your msg on this site indicates:
    (if you have any Kim Suk Hoon pics want to share with other fans, please write down the link of the photo inside your comments, Thanks)

    thank you v much though…..have a great day! i appreciate it

  117. 117 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle i sent u a twit pls check ur twitter page when u hv a chance ok? i’ll give u my email add there so we can talk more about our guy 🙂

  118. 118 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Ok I will get some help from my colleagues on how to go about twit. Yes, KSH is a stress reliever so I did well!

    In epi 10, she fainted and KSH performed CPR on her.

    I just finished recording epi 11. JW was drunk and uttered nonsensically. She is really good in her act, I just couldn’t help giggling and found her extremely loveable! KSH looking at her so lovingly!

    OK i check twit now.

  119. 119 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I meant to tell u the piggy tshirts they wore is in epi 11

  120. 120 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I googled: On full web (on a computer or whatever can load the full site):
    > At the top between Home and #Discover tabs is one called @Connect. Select this.

    But I cant see @connect at all.

    Anyway I will try check this out.

  121. 121 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yes i recall that CPR i think that’s what started their love affair hahaha it had an effect on both of them with that CPR it’s like a kiss hahaha
    oh i can’t seem to focus on my work all i hv in mind is editor song & JW hhahaha crazy me/us! remember also the time after their breakup, she’s trying to win him back so she pretends to stumble outside the office bldg? she’s good in her pretensions hahaha i luv these two really, i wish they’d date in real life!

    i really want to d/l this drama i’m glad u can record it yourself i envy you! LOL

    michell @120 what are you talking about? i don’t u/stand

  122. 122 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michell thnx for letting me know what epis that piggy tshirt is located! 🙂 wow u seem to be really good at TT now that u’v seen it more than 7x now hahaha i’ll watch again tonight the sweet moments….yes i got the photos of him wearing the piggy tshirt! :)) thnx

  123. 123 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle here’s some tips on twitter:

    on your browser just type twitter.com
    then it will take u to that site, you sign in, u see your incoming twits; or msg me with my username

    hope this helps

  124. 124 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle here’s a link where u can watch trailer i believe on his movie magang! i hvnt seen it yet either

  125. 125 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjihoon. I gave u my first twit. Now I could see my picture there.

  126. 126 : Michelle Says:

    @sanjihoon. I found this on pg 18 of soompi. They probably are dating and this news was in 2011. So maybe better news to come.

    “No insider information or news. The staff are all secretive about these two. Even if HJ is not close with SH, she must be friends with the others, right? Why there isn’t any other photos with her co-stars? You remember a staff member only leaked out her photo with HJ and SH separately and you can see even the staff are very discreet about any info linking up the two.

    The reasons the fans fancy about them: they are both single, SH’s ideal type is the same as HJ: a bubbly, bright, pleasant and candid woman. They make a perfect match with each other in terms of personality and appearance. They seemed like acting for real as a couple…etc.

    OK, tell you guys one more thing:

    Yesterday SH attended the national sports ambassador event in Goyang City. SH told reporters that he regarded Goyang City as his second home town. It so happens that HJ was born and grew up in Goyang City. So it’s up to you guys to interpret.”

  127. 127 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjihoon. Best part of doing your own recording is u could rename the file to highlight so u can recall easily. As in epi 10, TT10 JW Fainted In Office, epi11 Piggy Tshirts.

    My head is swarming with KSH too!

  128. 128 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i need to figure out how to do the recdg & stuff i can’t get over our guy really it’s crazy i can’t stop thinking about him LOL hahaha! thnx for telling me those episode i’m gonna look it up i wanna see the CPR again hehehe! piggy shirts ep 11 ok my frnd thanks v much!

    on to your #126

  129. 129 : sangjhoon Says:

    i wish u cld twi so i can provide u w/my email there (not here)!
    wow i know i luv these two to be dating in real life, they’re so cute together & you know some celebs i heard before like in their case in twinkle — after a few yrs we hear so & so dating …they met on such n such drama/movie so who knows we might be surprised one day! they’re just probab so secretive right?

    Where did you read that SH attended the sports event? how exciting if he said that he likes Goyang eh?

  130. 130 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle here’s YT vids i stumbled upon if u hvnt seen it yet:



    enjoy our inspiration & dream guy hahaha

  131. 131 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Here’s what I have in twit for u: Hi, sangjhoon, hope u can find me here!

    I could only see my own tweet but not yours. If I could see yours then I know i am on track.

    Yeah, its prob they dating secretly since 2011. Not too good to announce if things dont work out. This will be romance made in heaven!

    I read this event on soompi pg 18

  132. 132 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. OMG, he’s so good-looking and manly! Oops, too bad, the first vid is silent, I cant hear his voice. KSH is the ideal man.

  133. 133 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’ll chk your twit & will walk u through what you’re talking about after this! who knows maybe they are, i know of 2 celebs who got married recently & met in doing a drama that nobody knew until they’re about to marry! so i hope we can be surprised with these two lovely couple one day soon! hahaha

    i know he’s super good looking eh? but u know what compared from years ago where i’d say he was already good looking but lately he became more handsome u agree? i like his hair in TT & RR for that matter! gosh we can talk forever about him hahaha! i second u on that KSH is the ideal man!

  134. 134 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, i didn’t even find your twit, i sent u one just now with my personal email pls just email me so we can talk at length there too ok? thnx

  135. 135 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Write to this dummy email [email protected]
    Shortcut around all these.

  136. 136 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i sent u my email add at twitter!

    look i found this website but it’s in australia though very cheap they sell twinkle dvd:


  137. 137 : sangjhoon Says:

    ok thnx michelle i’ll try that dummy email

  138. 138 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle – pls chk ur email i sent u just now! thnx

  139. 139 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m now rewatching epi 10 where she fainted n he gives her CPR hahaha these two are incredibly great!

  140. 140 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle – another vid i saw on YT

  141. 141 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I am alrd in recording mode and so I will not buy, since this has subtitles in English which I really need.

    Yes, the CPR kicks them off. In epi 11 they both wore the piggy tshirts. Really nice together, rite? Aft I record all the 54 epi, I’m gg to put all of KSH and their scenes together, skipping all the rest. This will be my version of TT. In epi 13 KSH cooks supper for her and in epi 14 their first jealousy starts.

    I watched the YT vid, he shd get a doctorate !

  142. 142 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle woah that’s so cool!

    i luvd the cpr plus the ones wearing piggy tshirts like a couple tshirts eh? lovely version if you have hahaha thnx for giving me the epis w/c are so significant in this dramas, plus the prop is epis 37 as i mrkd it last i watched! then i wld luv the part where she accidentally slept in his bed :)) plus of course the wedding!

    i agree he shld get a doctorate!

  143. 143 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Let’s continue here to keep this thread alive. Who knows we might win some awards such as have a date with KSH? If he so happen to come here? Always dream out loud, heheee!

    Just admire my courage and don’t underestimate the power of dreams! Hope KSH keeps to his clean and intellectual image (which I strongly believe is his real self). Great parents of his to give birth to such a unique son! 3 Thumbs up!

    I’m pretty sure u love my dream.

  144. 144 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yes of course we’ll continue here & we’ll have a goal of at least for now 100 pages like other actors! he deserves to be pampered & we can just talk talk about him tirelessly right?

    i cldn’t agree with that any better ‘the power of dreams’ hahaha who knows right maybe someday we’ll have an award u said a date with him then the 2 of us will play paper, scissors, rock hahahaha may da best girl wins!

    indeed his parents are super lucky he seems to be a very nice person, a gentleman, warm, shy & we can go on & on! lucky is the girl who will capture his heart! i hope it’s Kim hyun joon!

  145. 145 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Today I am done recording epi 16 & 17. In epi 16, KSH was jealous seeing JW together with small-hearted prosecutor-to-be. He refused to let JW alone with that small guy and so drove JW home leaving GR at his mom’s restaurant. (I’m indeed very happy with KSH for his prompt action.)

    The fun part in epi 17 is when JW relates how her heart flutters when she saw KSH outside her home early in the morning. She tried very hard to justify her words. She became really upset upon seeing her birth father and mother. Not much of sweet scenes in these 2 episodes.

    So then, the first kiss should be on the way soon. Going back to my work now.

  146. 146 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle great, good for you! you’re really making a big progress my friend! keep it up! i recall a bit of that scene, that small guy is annoying as well as the eldest sis in the family how she talks back to their mother is just unbelievable! those two plus geum ran is also annoying in many episodes until the time she got to her senses! anyway we can sense his jealousy big time, his actions spoke volumes truly! i just luv their romance!

    JW really is outspoken but when it comes to her demonstration of affection towards him i think she pretends not to notice him & in self denial!

    yeyyy i can’t wait for first kiss hahaha ok go on w/your work now! TTYL

  147. 147 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m no won epi 13 & i think that’s the start of editor song’s being so concerned about her that JW was surprised to hv rec’vd a txt from him! he asks if she’s ok coz the nite before she was drunk & puking! lovely drama & sweet couple i can’t get enough of these two LOL

  148. 148 : sangjhoon Says:

    oooppps typo it shld read i’m now on epi 13 sorry michelle

  149. 149 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. yes! yes! In epi 13 and that’s after the mystery surrounding the bb was cleared. Before that, he was ‘bitchy’ about JW having a bb and still went match-making. So, my take was that he was attracted to her already but he withheld his feelings.

    Remember at the hospital KSH was still annoyed on learning that the 2 guardians of the bb being Dae Bum and JW? During the argument btn JW and the little uncle where the mystery was unvealed, KSH then expressed a sign of relief on learning that the bb’s mom was not JW. He then opens himself to her from hereon.

    This was followed by the CPR scene, the piggy tshirts part where his mom started to get suspicious over his son’s relationship with JW. Also he was so uncomfortable on seeing the small guy looking for JW that in the car ride to the printer shop that he outwardly showed his jealousy. Even JW was surprised when KSH suddenly appeared to come along too. He must have seen the small guy and had interrupted. You see, he starts to get possessive over her.

    Yes, u r right that he was so concerned and started to miss her already in epi 13 . Oh my, me too, I can’t get enough! Their tiny actions, words and expressions are so strong and added new dimensions to the storyline and characters. KSH, I love u.

  150. 150 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. The kissing act shd be in epi 19.

  151. 151 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha thnx for telling me about the kiss scene epi 19! u r amazing! hahaha
    yes i recall those scenes where edit Song was getting insecure about the bb & once he found out he was relieved! u know what i like also is the script, it’s very good i think the scriptwriter is good otherwise the drama will be lost in translation! i think that both of them were suppressing their feelings for each other, remember how JW used to just seem to loath editor Song? u know what they say, the more u hate the more u love & these two are a perfect example!

    i can’t remember the epi where she took a shower in the office & Song got locked outside then she thought he was an intruder & her towel dropped then later he said there’s nothing to see something like that, i thot that was hilarious too! there are so many nice, funny, touching scenes in this drama, hence it makes it more entertaining!

    we both can’t get enuf of these two, i wish they’d date & marry in real life, they’re match made in heaven! i hv a hunch sooner or later we’ll hear some news about them even after the drama is running to 3 yrs old now! :))

  152. 152 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Everything seems so perfect in this drama fr start to end. Her shower scene is in epi 6. Yes, I enjoy the little rumbling made by him each time. He’s so sharp at his words like how JW described him to the interviewee in epi 1. He can be quite nasty as both just want to have the last say. Perfect couple. If they shd fight, their neighbours are safe. They’re just fighting vocally.

  153. 153 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Their bb will be first-rated too!

  154. 154 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Later in epi 18, u cld just laugh your head off at their glaring incident.

  155. 155 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle sorry i was watching RR for a few min just to see our guy’s face but am still drawn of course to TT!

    i agree w/you….the script, screenplay, direction, let alone the performance of the leads & even the others no matter how small their roles are like the cute young uncle hahaha he’s so natural too i like him! yeah the rumbling he makes is so hilarious, u see he doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeves so even his staff think he’s stern individual, but deep inside he’s got a heart of gold! one example, he doesnt tolerate his own mother but so nice of him to come out from work & give his mother a hand at the resto! perfect man really for JW :))

    yup that’s a good term “fighting vocally” and indeed they are or they were in this drama!

    thnx for telling me w/c epis is the glaring incid, i’m gonna check it out now 🙂 TTYL

  156. 156 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I always thot the little uncle will grow up as a schizo. Poor little boy who is in no time a grandpa with all his ‘descendants’ older than him! He’s cute.

    I just finished the first kiss epi. its towards the end of the 3rd part.

    Yes, our guy is perfect. As a son, he’s filial and cared for his mom. Wants his mom to start afresh as he knows without that change, she will never accept JW as the daughter-in-law. We can sense how strong the trust btn KSH and JW that nothing can overturn their love for each other. Ohhhh, sangjhoon, I wish we also have that same destiny in our journey!

    I just love to watch him cook, bathe the bb and singing away, folding clothes with JW’s brother-in-law at Shin Rim Dong and shopping at the supermart. Gotta go now for training today. We’re on the opposite side of the globe. Enjoy your first kiss!

  157. 157 : sangjhoon Says:

    @ michelle, LOL i like your end greeting, ‘enjoy your first kiss’ hahaha u made me laugh my frnd! you’re sooo funny! LOL

    ummhhh u can say that again i also adore him seeing him cooking, bathe the bb, filial son, folding clothes….n we can go on n on hahaha super guy! superman hahaha

    i hvnt finished the first kiss but i sure will enjoy that hahaha! thnx for telling me w/c part so i can just jump into that part!

    yeah the uncle became a g/pa at a very young age hahaha that scene with uncle & his birth mom was very moving! after all she cares for his son!

    yes yes wish we hv same fate or destiny :)) hahaha gosh JW is so blessed! these two are super cute together! luv them to death!

    ok go on now w/ur training & hv a gr8 one, i know we’re on the other side of the globe hahaha ttyl (i always enjoy talking to you, pls excuse the typos if any) ….. always in a rush to go back to watching twinkle ~o~

  158. 158 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle didn’t realize we’ve reached 157 something pages oredi hahaha hope u will focus on your work & not see KSH face on what you’re doing ok? hehehe

  159. 159 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Oh yes! KSH is here there and everywhere in my head!

  160. 160 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle :))) you’re sooooo funny! likewise i always see his face! i’m not at the 1st kiss yet but can’t wait!

  161. 161 : Michelle Says:

    @singjhoon. I’m really really hope against hope KSH will visit this thread! Then only he’ll realise how much we miss him…. hahahaha!!!!

    Now my PC desktop is a collage of all his pix taken from Hancinema site.

    I recorded epi 20 where you still get to see (or feel) their first kiss which is a repeat of ending part of epi 19. Here, JW sang her congratulatory song to the young lawyer, holding up KSH’s pencil as her mic. She’s really cute! Remember? And of cos, he got so jealous and upset after realising its Dae Bum who was at the other end of the line. KSH then let out his frustration until JW had no choice but to confess her feelings for him. You get to see their sweet moments from the past in this epi.

  162. 162 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, same here wished he’d realize that he’s got this thread & that we’re incessantly talking about him! we surely miss him we’ll say BOGOSHIPDA (miss you in Korean)!!! LOL if i go back to SK someday i’ll search for him thru the ends of the earth! hahaha then the SK police will come n get me they’d think i’m a stalker for KSH hahaha then michelle you’ll come & bail me out! hahaha

    ok i’ll slowly but surely come to those epis again! i do remember than scene mind you! Song’s emotions always spoke volume & these two are just trying their best to suppress their true feelings! there’s countless sweet moments in this drama that it makes us viewers clamor for more!

    thnx for giving me a headsup on w/c epis is which! 🙂

  163. 163 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle re #158 hahaha i mis-spoke i meant thread is growing not the pages hahaha it wld be nice if we can make it to some more pages – let’s try not pages but thread we’re going on 200 now hahaha

    Hope he comes here right? did i tell u U can listen to his radio prog by going to his int’l fan site? yes they upload it there too!

  164. 164 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Looks like I need to learn to speak korean before u go SK or I might end up like u!

    Too bad I don’t understand a single word of korean. Who knows? KSH will offer to teach me?

  165. 165 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’ve been doing self-learning reading kor/eng dictio & i can only write/read hangeul now but still struggling to u/stand what am writing n reading hehehe i think it’s quite hard w/pronunciations! when i went there first time in SK i had a bit of words w/c is conversational ones only the simple ones esp if i wanted to haggle with the vendor when u go shopping hehehe

    you will u/stand it by watching a lot of kdramas like u’v watched TT 7/8 x now u’ll be able to pick up & u’ll be better than me hahaha so when we both go see our KSH we can communic w/him! esp the word i love you which is sarang hae yo i’m sure this is so familiar to you by now!

    he seems like a warm/nice person he may go out of his way to teach us hangeul hahaha

  166. 166 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Hey, shall wait for that day to arrive! My heart goes boom.boomboom..boomboomboom..my knees will go weak too. Ohhh @sangjhoon, when I faint, you stay away, please. I want that CPR from KSH! lol!!!

  167. 167 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. He looks so good even in that baby blue jacket. Interesting epi 22 what you might termed as lovers quarrel. I like his thoughts “It would have been easier to solve a Mensa Maths problem…” and for JW, “It’s easier to go to Kim Jong II and solve the reunification problem…”.

    I love the script in this epi. Everything flows very well here. I love the expressions in KSH, one can sense his feelings right away.

    I will want to learn to speak the Korean language …..

  168. 168 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. You will love this link


  169. 169 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. He’s got such a lovely voice …

  170. 170 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle sorry frnd for late coming here! woah thnx for that link he’s so handsome & yes i luv his nice voice, apparently i noticed that all along but just forgot to tell you! ummh i bkmarked that site so i can just look/watch it again!

  171. 171 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha sure i’ll stay away becoz he will perform CPR first for me hahaha we’re both loonies!

  172. 172 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle girl….he looks good/great in anything he wears for that matter but i’m not on epi 22 yet so i’m gonna hv another marathon nite tonight! did u notice he’s got nice lips? i mean he’s ageless too, he doesnt look a bit his age!

    i agree the script in this drama is close to perfection! very well done this drama i tell you! we can rave/rant about it & it’s endless!

    in korean boom boom boom is like dugeon dugeon (spelling may not be accurate in romanization) hehehe ok me too i can’t wait to see him in person! that’ll be one of my wishes! i think he’s a very nice/warm person & very private at that, we don’t even know fr his bio if he’s got siblings let alone parents but in one of the articles i’ve read they mentioned about his father! he must be a very filial son brother nephew etc.

  173. 173 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, he’s got really nice lips that I focus on too. Especially when its closeup and he starts to scold and vent his frustration. Just can’t get angry with our guy. He’s so loveable and cute even when we know he is so stern and like some say, he’s cocky.

    All is forgiven, our guy is none like what they say. Who cares what others might say about him. He’s nice, nice and nice!

  174. 174 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Who knows? Maybe he’s got a string of kids tied to his apron string? (Just joking) Hmmmph, wonder what he’s doing now.

  175. 175 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hehehe yes his lips would be one of his strong assets on his face w/c is very prominent indeed, more curvy than female’s i shld say! who says he’s cocky no way hahaha let them be & some netizens i read while posting about TT drama that he’s too old for our JW i didn’t think so, he looks very much like he’s in early or mid 30s! well beauty is in the eye of the beholder so let them say what they wanna say but for us both he’s close to perfection! :)) we’re entitled to our own opinion/s right?

  176. 176 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hehehe maybe u think? LOL i don’t think so & let’s not hope so! i think he’s wanting to get married accdg to articles i read but maybe the right girl hasn’t come along, either that or he’s too selective and/or he’s very much like a mama’s boy? hahaha our assumptions/presumptions are endless!

    u hv a gud nite there ok? ttyl

  177. 177 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle one dialogue i like in TT when edit Song epi 16 tells JW ‘let’s share your sadness’ woah gave me goosebumps! this drama got really good script writing!

    btw if u wanna learn Korean why not, buy some Kor/eng conversation dictionary, also i usually jot down some phrases i hear from watching kdramas, i wished i were fluent though! 🙂 so we can talk freely to our KSH when we go see him in SK!

  178. 178 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I just finished epi 24. Fun part is his expression which I’ve never seen before. He looks like wanting to eat up the young lawyer when the latter offered to let JW move in to stay with him in his room.

    In one thread I read JW is a homebody and stays home occupying herself with her hobby when she’s not working. Also, KSH likes this kind of girl.

    You think we can get to talk freely to him? I think not the slightest chance. Anyway, I will learn to speak Korean when I have the time. I only know kim chee for now. Good nite!

  179. 179 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle u made me laugh every now & then, your first word is ‘kimchi’ hhahaha food on your mind, that’s not bad hahaha u shld learn i love you (sarang hae yo), i like you (jeowa hae yo) these are only simple words u can start with! i luv Kor food ummmh i can eat bolgogi every week or bibimbap for that matter! hahaha anyway enuf for food i know ur sleeping now, epi 24 i’m only on epi 17 now hehehe i skipped when it’s not our guys on screen! he’s absolutely jealous eh with dae bum ssi young lawyer hahaha what’s funny our guy also thought the baby was JW’s LOL!! coz she calls herself the mommy of dae bum’s baby as she adores him v much!

    I can believe that JW is a homebody ummmh truly a match made in heaven if these two hit it off, i pray they do eventually, who knows maybe they’re already dating secretly? fingers crossed! i read from soompi about some artix that fans posted JW is KSH’s type, outspoken, natural, she speaks her mind & all that ….i like her more now that i’ve seen her in TT! i saw her in old kdrama Glass Slippers & she was likeable there already with So ji sub (her ex bf).

    maybe i shld re-phrase that ‘talk freely’ as i said earlier, i think i’d say talk a li’l simple words like annyeong ha sae yo (hello) hahaha we’ll polish it when the time comes no worries my frnd!


  180. 180 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud morning to u already, pls chk ur email when u get a chance thnx (kam sa habnida in korean)

  181. 181 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I found tomato but only aired elsewhere so I still cant watch it.
    i will do my shopping

  182. 182 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Wonder if our guy do conduct tours? I will jump at it if he does.

  183. 183 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle oh no really? did u try YT? or his kshfansite they uplded it there too! i hope u find it!

  184. 184 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle – LOL let’s hope he does 🙂 we’ll jump on it together hahaha

  185. 185 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. When u reach epi 28, I like the song when JW was retiring in her room after being reprimanded by her mom. What’s the song title? Sounded like Dea Bum singing.

  186. 186 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle ok we’ll see, i got another song i can send u it’s called After the Love & they play this ost when JW & edit Song are on the screen. if u like it too i’ll send u meantime i’ll see what song u’r talking about!

  187. 187 : sangjhoon Says:

    i’m jumping to epi 28 to hear the song & part 1 where JW is leaving the house & edit song & young uncle advises edit song about JW is so funny, he tells song that when she gets upset feed her some candies! then he continues to say take of her until your black hair turns grey! woah he’s so cute the uncle

  188. 188 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yes i luv that song also hence i looked for it intently a few days ago, exactly the song i was telling u that i’ll send u! 🙂 one track mind? hehehe it’s good eh, but i dunno if that’s dae bum singing i don’t think so! i’ll send u after my chores! it’s called After the Love

  189. 189 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i like this one too but it doesnt seem availa online anymore listen on YT:

  190. 190 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud a.m. to you, i just sent u the ost “after the love” by ka dong hoon! enjoy
    i got busy looking at RR, it’s ok but like u i still luv TT drama

  191. 191 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, I love this song too at 189. Thx, I will check my email later. Just send me all the songs u have I am sure I will like since we are one track mind.

    The young uncle hinted outright at JW’s mom that the 2 are already dating. I like him for being so supportive. In epi 28, JW and her team was singing Americano but our dear girl went off with her lyrics and the rest silenced off. I enjoy watching KSH snicker when JW sang out of tune. So sweet of him to cook the birthday dinner for her, too.

    However, I just can’t stand that hypocrite and evil GR. Watching her tasting the disgusting innards and forcing herself to eat the intestine soup really puts me off. She looks more and more like a witch and the 2 sisters Tae Ran and Mi Ran look like Cinderella’s 2 step-sisters.

  192. 192 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Oh my! every action, expression, thought, every word from him, hes so perfect …. u shd know who I am referring to by now.

  193. 193 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i luv the young uncle’s support for our JW, he’s awesome, the way he hinted to JW’s mother that they’re dating with his head turned to her sitting on the sofa was cute eh? he’s awesome uncle thru the end!
    yes JW sings out of tune & SJ just cldnt help but smile! Indeed sweet to cook b/day dinner….ev.thing about SJ are loveable & who wld’ve thought his mom was a monster eh? hehehe

    arghhh the 2 sisters are awful & the eldest TR she’s so disrespectful of her mom as if she’s the mother, the other sis MR is annoying i can’t stand the voice of that actress!

    GR is super mean, hypocrite, greedy, materialistic n i’m afraid to ran out of adjectives! yayyy i know she was forcing herself to eat the innards she’s disgusting!

  194. 194 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle here’s an eye opener for you!

  195. 195 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle ms twinkle expert is epis 28 their first kiss? 🙂
    i know who you’re referring to on #192 which i just noticed now hahaha….on epi 28 her b/day when his monster mom unexpectedly barged in his apt & i luv the way he was strong & deep in his words in telling his mom that i won’t let go of this hand (JW’s hands) but there’s another hand waiting for you ooomma — then after his mom left JW did say similar thing by telling him she won’t let go of his hand unless he does first….awwww these two are too awesome! :))) i think first kiss was when they spilled the coffee on his counter, i can’t recall but this kiss on epi 28 ummmhhh a lot of fans think he had never kissed like this before till here with JW!!!

  196. 196 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. YES i will bookmark the link in 194. Thx

    From TT Expert Desk: Their first kiss was in epi 19/20. It was kinda experimental? haha! Then the 2nd is epi 29 on JW’s birthday. This time they were more passionate with each other. From kissing expert viewpoint, yes, he puts in his wholesome self into it.

  197. 197 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL ms expert hat’s off to UUUUU hahaha kissing expert, twinkle ceo expert …u’r soooo funny! i’ll jot this down 1st kiss as u listed here! i recall it was that time when they’re both kinda nervous w/each other & spilled the coffee where u said experimental hahaha then he or both became passionate on epis 28/29 on her b/day! 🙂

  198. 198 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle a frnd sent me My Love ost by Kang dong ho (dae bum in TT) & i emailed u the link so chk ur email later.

  199. 199 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. hahaha!! I can’t help laughing myself!

    Yes, first kiss is over that silly cup of coffee. Don’t know why he sort of bang the cup onto the table???!!!! Too nervous, I guess, and forgotten its a cuppa and not some books that wont spill.

  200. 200 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. If you observe in epi 29, after his mom left, JW suggested they finished up their dinner. I think she was the one who initiated the 2nd kiss. But of cos, it takes 2 hands to clap. They both were passionate.

  201. 201 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U see our thread has hit 200 chats already. I’m sure ours is unique compared to others. Makes interesting reading coupled with humour and crazy thoughts too.

  202. 202 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I still prefer ‘After the love’, I listening to it now.

  203. 203 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i thot u must be asleep so i didn’t check here i know by now you’re in dreamland hahaha

    i know amazing we’re now 202 & this 203 and counting! amazing how the two of us can build up our guy’s thread here & thanks to skd here for having his thread alive & well! hehehe yeah humor & crazy thoughts are good combo!

  204. 204 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, actually i luv both hehehe i’m a sucker to Kor songs so let me know if u want some more of other songs outside twinkle i got lots to share but not sure what your preference are! ciao for now ttyl

  205. 205 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon, Good Morning to you, its now 9.30am Singapore time. I enjoy the melodious voice in After the love. I didnt explore so I only know of songs from TT. I will just keep to TT.

    Today is public holiday here and in most parts of Asia. Its Vesak Day, so I am going to the temple later.

    In epi 29, the 2 were punching each other with their words. The script writer is really great…its so enjoyable and fun at the way they were exchanged. So finally, KSH said he had seen everything already and its not something remembering! I know you mentioned this but its so fun!

    Oh my! I see images of our guy all over again.

  206. 206 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. my friend, did u notice his bushy eyebrows? They expressed lots of his emotions. I like him clean and suave but not in ancient costumes.

  207. 207 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, Gud morning to you too & Happy Vesak Day to you & all there in Singapore! nice u hv a day off & visiting the temple! say one for me ok? and to our guy too!
    You know i like the other one also i sent u from TT drama i think they’re equally great the latest one i sent u was from the baby’s lawyer father or Dae bum ssi, he’s a member of boys’ group SG Wannabe & he’s now serving in the military for 21 months sigh sigh! anyway ok i won’t send u any other if u r a loyal TT hahaha

    yeah i luvd the script in this drama truly, i second u on this, it’s not like other kdramas i’ve seen where the script were so so but this TT drama is just too good! LOL i know KSH said also that there’s nothing to be seen remember when they’re sitting at the steps on their way home & it was her b/day epi 29 & his present to her was a pr of sneakers….argh sigh sigh he’s tooooooooooooo awesome a guy!

    here we go again hahaha

  208. 208 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, girl….need u ask me that about his bushy eyebrows? by now we’ve studies his face hahaha from A-Z, did u notice his eyelashes? it’s also thick, he reminds me really of bushy eyebrows of my other guy Song seong hyun … i think i need to introduce him to you i’ll send u a photo thru our email later, he’s one of those that JW described editor Song when she was trying to tell the staff how her b/f looks like several K actors!

    i’ll sigh sigh sigh w/you hahaha tooooooooooooooo awesome guy overload

    enjoy your day or holiday there! ttyl

    (i’m checking him now in Blissful Woman even w/o subs yayyy)

  209. 209 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i knew i forgot to address one thing u said above that u didn’t like him in ancient costumes, same here like u said ‘clean & suave’ hehehehe

    U know he’s someone i’ll describe if he happens to be or if my b/f happens to be…..tall, dark & handsome isn’t he ?? he’s 6 ft 1, he’s dark skin or tan and of course handsome and not only that but he seems to be a perfect gentleman….lucky is the girl who will capture his heart! :))

  210. 210 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Come to think of it, we actually put him under the microscope unknowingly. I only knew the small chestnut guy has long nice eyelashes (cos he said so). OK, I shall study our guy’s eyelashes from now on, and his set of teeth too!

    Song seong hyun? Oh, fren, for me Kim Suk Hoon is enough. Thx.

    How far have you gone with your TT marathon?

  211. 211 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Come to think of it, we actually put him under the microscope unknowingly. I only knew the small chestnut guy has long nice eyelashes (cos he said so). OK, I shall study our guy’s eyelashes from now on, and his set of teeth too!

    How far have you gone with your TT marathon?

  212. 212 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud pm to u there! LOL i guess we did eh put him under a microscope unbeknownst to him but am pretty sure there are many more crazy fans who dote on him but we’re dealing with ourselves hahaha!
    Ok i u/stand u’r staying loyal to KSH but i was just going to show u the eyebrow comparison n not swaying you to another one if you will :))

    well am very slow now w/my marathon only epi 30 coz i was kinda kangaroo watching (hopping fr one KSH drama to another) like last nite i just skipped a lot watching BW, only looking for scenes with him! however i’ll be back to TT after this! a doze a day of TT gives me/us inspiration so i’ll keep u update, how about you? i’m sure u’r far off than me hehehe

  213. 213 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes I do u/stand the eyebrow part. You’re really nice to share with me all those little details I find them humorous too, esp, the one JW painted. Yes, u r right, I am just too satisfied with KSH. In all my years watching HK, Chinese and Taiwanese dramas, no one wins my heart like he did.

    So, u r doing a cross-section of all his dramas. Don’t end up being confused. I finished recording TT31 and in each of these I wrote a short snippet so u know what to want to see and jump at the correct epi.

    I get 2 doses a day. 1 in the morning for breakfast and 1 for supper before bedtime. I am a hard core

  214. 214 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha u r indeed a late sleeper! LOL i know the eyebrow part seems cute, but my fave wld be his nose & lips aside fr being tall, dark & h/some! u r indeed a one woman man hahaha OK ok i u/stand so we’re in this together, he melts our hearts & now we’re both crazy as it is!

    yes i am doing a cross-sec of all his dramas i even chkd his hong gil dong where he looked like too young & not fully bloomed! hehehe what u r finished with TT31 how fast is that woah! ok i apprec ur doing those snippets e.g. first kiss, first hugs hahaha this may be out of topic but still w/in the perimeter of TT, i luv the way kwang soo (can’t recall) his mom’s bodyguard i’d say he wld be my favorite b/guard gangster ever, he’s so loyal to editor Song, partly bcoz he helped him reformed as he mentioned in the drama but my gosh most ganster guys i wld not pay attn but he’s so kind with his innocent kinda looking face doesnt he?

    me too, while hvng b/fast i got TT on the screen then in the eve before i cross sec his other dramas hahaha He was cool in BW as a detective but lots of scenes i skipped when he’s not on! we’re both hard core cld we be twins or like geum ran & jung won but they were switched at birth though hahaha

  215. 215 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle Jeon achim/good morning! pls chk ur twit i got a msg photo there for u ok? 🙂 sign in click home, click followers u’ll see my twit luvjih4evr

  216. 216 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. good morning to u! I checked but don’t see u in twit.

    fyi, I am an early sleeper but ever since I got myself into this TT, my world is upside-down now. Yes, same for me too – his nose & lips.

    Indeed, Kwang Soo still has the innocent look with his little twinkling eyes. Remember the part when he stared so hard at the sushi wanting to eat them? U see 2 big men fighting over the sushi … Yes, I agree he is the number 1 b/guard gangster ever that I will remember. He has conscience.

    Supposedly we were switched at birth and we cld hv gotten onto the big screen opposite our guy too!

  217. 217 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michell good morning to u too! argh really when u see box that says twit u type there @LuvJiH4evr then i will definitely get it!

    hahaha we’re really separated fr birth me too i’m an early sleeper but since TT i’ve been sleeping late late late! hahaha it’s hard to cure our sort of addiction to this drama, there’s really no rehab available maybe we shld start putting up one hahaha

    ummhh yup yup yup his nose, eyes too aside from his lips! woah i /we can go on & on re this

    isn’t kwang soo amazing? i’ve never admired a bodyguard or gangster before till i saw TT, he’s got a good heart, very loyal, knows how to be grateful & all that….oh i like him, yeah he’s got that innocent look almost pitiful one hahaha!

    LOL won’t that be good then we’ll really fight for edit Song! in a way i cannot blame geum ran for liking or falling for him, she really was smitten when she first encountered him remember our guy gave her a hanky, then returned her umbrella woah, won’t u fall for him? hahaha 1000 better than that twit wannabe prosecutor who’s so materialistic! i’m gonna hv dinner then another few hrs watching or rewatching our fave TT drama.

    TTYL u hv a great day ok?

  218. 218 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yup I already did. But it seems to be in newsfeed and everyone sees my msg. We’ll just do via email.

    Great idea! A rehab centre for KSH addicts.

    I love the one u put up on soompi where he got his hair done up. I can tell right away its his silhouette even if u blacked out this pix! And oh yes, Kwong Soo – pitiful is the word, fren. How JW suggested to the monster mom to let him use one of the rooms in the house. Shes so kind until she forgot hes a b/guard.

    Our guy is great at offering hankies. I will start tearing just to get a hanky from him. LOOLLLL!!! SK guys dont use tissue paper at all?

    OK, get on with your marathon. I need to work on my website asap. My attention has been diverted cos of TT. Talk again tonight that is your morning. Or when I need some rejuvenation later.

    c u

  219. 219 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle woah my fren go on w/ur work first, but u know what i feel now since we’ve met here? our exchanges are also addictive hahaha when i wake every morning first thing i clicked is this thread of our guy to see if u hv a msg/s for me woah what’s going on here? hahaha so glad we met otherwise i have no one to talk to about our guy who is deserving!

    anyway u liked that one on soompi hahaha i know isn’t that something?
    oh the b/grd Kwong soo yup he’s one of a kind! if u recall editor Song helped him i think got out of jail & he sorta reformed him so this guy’s gratitude is over the top! oh yeah i remember that too JW told monst mom to use one of the rooms!

    my marathon hasn’t started, i got some chores awaiting me but i am making it faster so i can get to my marathon in due time hehehe

    it’s ok if they see your msg as long as it’s not for public eyes but anyway yeah emails are fine no worries as Koreans wld say in the drama “kyeok jeong masae yo” (or don’t worry).

    remember this….i’m just an email away or here if u need some dose of rejuvenation hahaha you’re so funny! ok ok ciao ciao as JW & edit Song wld say when they part ways….cheom cheom cheom i think kinda slang for bye bye bye

  220. 220 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I forgot to tell u nowadays I unconsciously look at the sky! Hhahahahhahah!!!! I took a picture of the nice clouds up there too. OK i email to u. Now I u/stand how how fans commit suicide for their idols. Back to work now

  221. 221 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. cheom cheom!

  222. 222 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. My new hobby – sky gazing. Sent u in email.

    Yes, me too, first thing in the morning …

    cheom cheom!

  223. 223 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yup it reminds me of edit Song looking up the sky! wasn’t it he who said in the drama he likes the sky or was it JW bcoz it’s everywhere? what a dialogue eh?

  224. 224 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i luvd the photo n thnx fren for sharing! u took a good photo woah is it that sunny there today too?

    hehehe yes first thing in the morning

    ok cheom cheom

  225. 225 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I was doing my showflat duty, sat at the counter waiting for walk-in customers. And as KSH images came thru my mind, I subconsciously looked up and wow, its so beautiful.

    Its very sunny and hot here in Singapore. I took that with my Iphone5. Going to get my Samsung Note 3 soon.

  226. 226 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Good morning. Here’s your breakfast: Just finished epi 34. This GR is so thick-skinned. Not forgetting the ‘crime’ she committed on the missing page for the new book, and being reprimanded as such, she and her mom still insisted they be together. I remembered when they were on the terrace, KSH made it clear that he loves JW only. Anyway, its good that the dinner was arranged. I like the part when JR looked at the monitor screen and saw just the guy but not JW, who probably hid behind KSH. GR was devastated when JW stepped in. That was my moment of joy!

  227. 227 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Sorry, this shd be GR and not JR in this line….”I like the part when JR looked at…” You must be wondering if you missed out on any characters.

  228. 228 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. In epi 35, KSH and JW got objection from the Han parents. At Shin Rim Dong, when they were having drinks together with Tae Ran’s first love and Tae Ran’s hubby, our guy looks so refine, so outstanding and so so so charming! Good nite from my part of the world here, at the PC the whole day, gg to have my sweet dreams now.

  229. 229 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud eve your part of the world….yes indeed that GR is absolutely thick skinned no shame no conscience whatsoever…all she knows is to be greedy n envious of JW! i cldnt stand her charades watching her truly! how cld there be such a human being like her eh? i’m so happy though that our guy is so smart in going thru the cctv & that’s just the beginning of him being suspicious of her but remember editor Song was so kind to reprieved her, not to divulge her evil deeds after he found out that GR was the culprit! this drama is awesome overload! i remember that too the line you had on #227.

  230. 230 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL KSH has become our inspiration, that photo u took was fantastic, i first thot u got the photo fr some google images li’l did i know u took the photo, that’s something u can post on twitter! luvd it!

    it was also like that here in Calif yday, hot around 87 deg & very sunny like yours in S/pore! ummh i luv samsung products, my tv is samsung, my cam is samsung i luv them but i need to upgrade mine too they hv samsung 5 already!

  231. 231 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i remember that part & i admire his warm interaction with JW’s family, he’s so down to earth & like u said very charming! remember the part where he also helped fold the laundry or clothes? i love him dearly! JW is so blessed to hv found a hubby like him! 🙂 here we go again!
    ok hv your swt drms now & i’ll have a dose of TT before b/fast & b4 gg to work! ahhhh refreshing to think about him ~o~

  232. 232 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud a.m. there to you! i just came back fr lunch & while outside when i looked up the sky you crossed my mind & our KSH too, i thot woah am i going to be like him n michelle, sky gazing? lol you’re contagious! hahaha anyway can’t help but think about him & can’t wait to watch TT & RR, we’re shippers of KSH so even if RR isn’t one of my fave K dramas he’ll hv my utmost support! 🙂 cheom cheom for now

  233. 233 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Me too, I love Samsung products. I’ve Samsung TV, tablet, handphones, fridge. My Galaxy 2 is still with me and I used it to play Candy Crush and recording seminars and talks. There’s KDK brand … BTW, any KSH brand for that matter?

    I’m looking at Note3 and Samsung5, haven’t decided which to go for.

  234. 234 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. You can see the relaxed side of him doing the daily chores in Shim Rim Dong, especially when he rushed down the steps to help JW’s mom and later hooked arm with her. Remember just before this, he was so depressed and I’m really glad he managed to find solace among these poor but kind people at Shim Rim Dong. Initially he looked very tensed up …. oh… I really love him!

  235. 235 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, we found another avenue to appreciate nature. Before this, I only know to appreciate greenery and landscape and never the sky. Thanks to our guy KSH.

    I’ll find a way to put it up on Twit. Hope he sees it, ya?

  236. 236 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I can’t wait to hear him sing the 3 bear song. Plus his story-telling and recording….

  237. 237 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle Indeed….now our KSH shared with us something that we sorta taken for granted eh? me too i luv mountains, greenery, floral etc but didn’t even dawn on me to look up & apprec something that’s everywhere 🙂

    if u want i’ll do it for you & i’ll just credit you in there. do u hv FB? i don’t so if u hv he has FB he’ll def see it there since he doesnt hv Twit acc. at least not yet!

  238. 238 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle did he sing 3 bears in TT i can’t even recall now :)) i luvd the scene where he’s bathing dae bum’s baby eh, so fatherly hahaha, plus i luv it when he wears an apron n cooking for his dear JW! awwwww

  239. 239 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. ok thx for twit for me. I will put it in FB. He wont hv time to do these… he’s too busy dating

  240. 240 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yes me too i luv their products i must say anything Korean, be it food, cosmetix name it! hahaha we both might as well be Korean in our next life! don’t u hv it on your radar to visit his country? i’ve been wanting to go back i hope soon, i luvd it there! i never thot his country is so beautiful! u must plan maybe you’ll see/meet him first before i do i’d be happy! hehehe

  241. 241 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle ur w/come my fren, i’ll do it when i get home, i need to focus hahaha then your chance to post on fb, hahaha he doesnt hv time to date, he’s too busy working, his hands are full! he needs to find his soulmate soon but life begins at 40 they say & he’s at that age but that’s only number we don’t care even if he’s reached 50 hehehe

  242. 242 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U cross-sectioned and now confused. look back at #53 on pg 3, hahaha… u luv the song!

    Yes, must make a trip to SK but not on my radar yet. Wonder what supermart he goes to, its easier for me to camp there!

  243. 243 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Cant access Dramago.com for my daily dosage. Google Chrome has blocked it. It has detected some malware inserted into the site

  244. 244 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle just getting home but i already posted your sky photo on twit, too bad u can’t chk your twit acc, try it coz if u go to ‘home’ on your page of course sign in first, u’ll find my twit i’m sure!

    anyway i’ll email u where to watch the TT ok?

  245. 245 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle what do u mean pg 3 #53 is that soompi? i’m quite slow tnite i’m hungry that’s why hahaha.

    u’ll absolutely luv it in SK, lovely lovely country so many things to do & all that, let me know when u want to go n if u don’t want to stay in a hotel u can do a minbak! i’ll email u what i meant

  246. 246 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. THx for the twit. nope, nothing still. I posted on my fb acct, a simple 2 liner.

    let KSH give a candy – a tart one, cherry or whats the other flavour?
    arrhhh …. uummph

    to stop u from getting cranky

  247. 247 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. pg 3 #53 is this thread

  248. 248 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle ahhhh i thot so hehehe

    i can’t recall the other flavor of the lollipop he gave JW there are many in that bottle, how thotful can he get eh? such a sweet man! LOL yeah we better hv some of those candies like pacifiers hahaha

  249. 249 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. See the candy works!

    i’ve no choice but to watch RR on drama.net …. so dissappointed

  250. 250 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha yeah i saw n got ur twit now! but it shld still send it also to my email that way i know but it didnt, we’ll play w/it nxt tym

    hahaha yeah i watch it on YT now i’m on epi 38 waiting for epi 39, it’s OK as long as our guy is there don’t mind the other flaws!

  251. 251 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’ve to look for alternatives. Cant stand the RR. Talk to u after 8 hrs, I’m gg out now… cheom cheom!

  252. 252 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL u really don’t like it eh? ok cheom cheom take ur time & 8 hrs i may be asleep when u get back 🙂 cheom cheom

  253. 253 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle alternative wld either be han river, his movie tube, or BW 🙂

  254. 254 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. heeheee! The site is ok now… I felt so lost without my dosage, oh my, I really am addicted.

    I minute I’m home, upon waking up and before sleep, I check for updates from you. Crazy fellas.

    Its so very hot outside and it might be considered heatwave to u. Its 33 degree Celsius, sometimes 35 or even 36! I just cant take the heat so came home. Dont mind the cold but not the heat.

    I must do what I need to quickly so that I have the complete set of TT.

  255. 255 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. My life is back to normal after getting my dosage. Wow, u r faster than me. I just finished epi 36. He is forever so attractive since day 1 I saw him… polite, thoughtful, helpful, genuine, respectable, caring, responsible … @sangjhoon, need to search for new words to describe him.

  256. 256 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Re 252, I tried so hard but still dont like it. I like nice, modern setting. Here I go again … good taste in dressing and style eg. JW and KSH. I love to see him in baby colours; those that big guys will seem awkward but he looks so good in – I like the baby blue, another is the yellow with green shirt and have yet to see him in baby pink. Especially when his colour matches JW so you see them nice and matching. JW also great taste with her clothing, belt and bag and her shoes, her hairbands. KSH and JW always comes in matching shades. Their colours never clash. I really love seeing her in his pullover and pants. She appears like a little girl in daddy’s clothes.

    I love their scripts, the ideas were sharp and neat. Even that Sang Won, I kinda like him too. He Han daddy is abound with fatherly love, nice dad to have. I like the Shim Rim Dong mom. She has a great heart for everyone, including an outsider like the young lawyer. I appreciate her fervour to fight on with her life, always looking at the brighter side for a better future. She was so determined to change her gambler hubby into someone to be proud of before she loses her sight.

    Like u, I dislike JW’s 2 sisters and can’t stand Mi Ran’s voice at that. The elder sister has no respect for anyone except for her little daughter whom I like. She’s so cute.

    Needless to talk about GR. Disgusting!

  257. 257 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. cheom cheom (sorry, I always forgot this)

  258. 258 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud a.m. fr here gud eve to you there who’s probab in dreamland trying so hard to see in your eyes KSH even w/eyes closed hahaha! LOL me too like right now i’m waking up n chkng here already, we’re both nutcase hahaha

    yes i think we’re running out of adjectives to describe our hero! we hv to search the dictionary :))

    @252 i gotcha, but i wanna give him unconditional support being a shipper for him n i kinda grow with the drama coz i did stop at epi 6 i think when i cldnt bear to comprehend why two faces got switched, i can u/stand TT’s switch at birth but faces? come on right but for our guy i persevered!

    fast on TT no andwae (in korean), i was talking about RR at TT i’m only epi 30 so ur a lot faster on TT than me coz remember i cross watch whatever u call it hehehe

  259. 259 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle glad u’r able to get your dosage or i’ll send u express mail of some candies that editor Song gave JW in the drama 🙂

    it’s really strange how we get hooked with this drama it seems endless, crazy us! hehehe i echo your statement about him being so thoughtful, caring, gentleman, sweet n almost perfect, his face is so angelic eh? gosh we need to see him in person or this craziness isn’t gonna go away hahaha wishful thinking!

    TT’s script is one of the best i’ve seen in kdramaland! arghhh i hate those 2 sister & yeah it irritates me to hear Mira’s voice, seriously whoever is her agent or trainer shld do something about it, so hi pitched & her acting isn’t even great! the elder sis is more annoying in every sense of the word….disrespectful to her parents, husb & she’s trying so hard to let her li’l girl learn english to the point that she’s putting too much pressure on her who’s barely 10 yrs old, she’s crazy! the annoying charctrs there wld be her aside fr GR, Mira, n of course monster mom but on the Pyeong dong side JW’s brod (or not really brod anymore) , i like the young uncle, outside the fam of course the younger lawyer, n our fave bodyguard Kwang soo oh he’s adorable! hehehe

    do u recall young uncle’s mom when she was picked up by kwong soo she was so blunt in telling him ‘you’re ugly’ woah poor thing!

    anyway, let me hv some dose first n i’ll be back since u r in drmland now anyway! to be cont’d.

    cheom cheom time for TT now

  260. 260 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle b4 i get immersed on TT, editor Song’s life was marred by this monster mom, he seems to hv grown lonely, having his dad passed away on his birthday, growing up then dealing with how his mother earn her livelihood against his will but of cldnt do much about it since in their culture you still have your respect intact no matter what! that’s so sad n it’s not easy to feel for him eh?

    re wardrobe yes i agree w/u they both hv good coordination in color & stuff! i like JW’s headband, she’s so cute wearing house clothes also with loose shirt & leggings and when she dresses for work she looks cute the more! our guy with his towering height looks good in anything, i also liked him when he was in the field in chkd shirt drool he’s an eye candy.

    ok cheom cheom again ….. our saga continues

  261. 261 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle here’s a scene on epi 32 b4 going to the funeral wake he’s handing JWsweet & tart cherry candy; funny she said ah this old man is always jealous where she was really talking about her young uncle coz ES thot it was the young lawyer! hahaha let me continue

  262. 262 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i wish we cld post some more of his cute photos here but there are some restrictions on what Admin can post so it’s hard to guess which one makes it here, in all the pages that we’ve started only one made it here :(((

    anyway i was on epi 31 this a.m. & that part where they’re supposed to meet at the movie theatre JW said something like this old man being jealous hahaha so cute then edit S just glared at her, shortly after that he handed her some candy sweet tart hahaha then to her amazement she said why he’s giving her a candy, edit S says well your uncle tells me when u get hungry u need to have some candies!

  263. 263 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i know u’r still in drmland but when u wake up i want u to hv some dosage of TT hahaha epi 30/31 i admire the detective work done by edit Song re GR’s mischievousness in pinching a page of the novel or book; his tactic was put a copy of vid in the file but it’s blank then he gets back caught her in action asking her “are you looking for this?” he means the vid & much to GR’s surprise edit Song got the real thing! our edit Song is smart & GR is quite dumb! hahaha she’s smart in doing evil things getting jealous of JW & why is JW to be at fault of their switch? she’s spiteful what can we say? then back to them watching movie she kept laughing at the scene on the movie but edit Song was so much in deep thoughts & then he somewhat gaze at JW who a few times tried to sway his face to look at the movie screen instead of her! these two are more than adorable!

    you know lately i’m not liking the pyeong dong mother is that pyeondong? u know what i mean…..she’s been cold to JW & insisting that her husb is also rooting for GR to be edit Song’s wife! i also loath the brother he’s a loser! :))

    cheom cheom more later gg back to work (lunch over)

  264. 264 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle Good M to you!

    sorry i noticed i got some typos there also i meant to write: it’s not easy not to feel for him (edit song) #260 but am sure u can ad lib most of the errors, ur fren was in a hurry to write as much in one bit! hhehe

  265. 265 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Good morning to you! I’ve just gotten off my bed. Its 6.10am Friday. Picked up my newspaper and having your postings for my breakfast. Thx, its nice to read and re-read our saga again and again.

    No worries about making errors. I’ve lots of grammatical and punctuation errors, who cares? Editor Song will check them.

  266. 266 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. let’s start from #260. I managed to link this part abt KSH (heehee, I prefer to address him as his real self and not Editor Song) emotional and psychological pain in his growing up years in a later epi. When the mon mom tricked the little uncle to her mansion and asked wasn’t he at school. He replied and said he’s got headache (or something) and a fren died cos of that. Notice at that point, the mon mom turned to look at KSH’s photo that was on the side table. She’s must have been afraid that this will happen to her own son, too.

    Such a mon mom to have!

  267. 267 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #260. Eye candy! Yaya, I cant take my eyes off him!

  268. 268 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to you too, it’s only 3:38 pm here Thurs…. still rolling up my sleeves & working but hardly busy in the office, boss is away on a trip !!!yeyyy waking up with our saga hahaha! it’s therapeutic don’t u think? LOL we can never seem to get tired of KSH at all & ES for that matter!

    i remember that scene vividly when the uncle saw his grad pix on the coffee table, u r right monst mom kinda tacit for a bit pondering it may happen to her son, after all she dotes on him but the prob is she’s addicted to money hehehe remember at one point JW in one of their (monst mom) conversations, she was quoted in saying what r u going to do with your money? when u (mom) die u cannot take it w/you hahaha sooooo right JW way to go! this drama has moral lessons n that’s one of its qualities i admire watching a good kdrama!

    yeah such a mons mom to have i agree!

  269. 269 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle thnx fren for ur u/standing in typos error etc, when u get excited like me in posting what’s on our mind u tend to get oblivious with what u’r writing esp grammar/stuff like that!

    yayyy eye candy woot woot

    be back soon (BBS)

    cheom cheom not yet we just started hahaha hv ur b/fast first ok? woah time flies eh another w/end of marathon coming up hahahaha

  270. 270 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #261. I like them throwing words at each other lovingly. Shes 29 and hes 36, right? I think its nice age gap btn them. She always attacked him on his age and aging physique. He in turn will rebutted that he had already seen it all and there’s nothing worth remembering. He’s so good at this words that he can erase it all but not his subconscious mind and will snigger when it resurfaces.

    I enjoy watching him getting jealous at each of the young lawyer’s action. He will glare and ‘want to eat him with his eyes’ as how JW described. Its obvious we enjoy every single moment of TT even if you watch and rewatch like me!

  271. 271 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #262. Agree that we shd be able to add pictures here too. Maybe they should let us know the restrictions on what can be put up rather than telling us they will only put up those that they like. Anyway, we go to other threads to enjoy the pix.

    Before they enter the cinema, I think KSH is aware that his mon mom is tracking down on JW and so he is checking the surrounding before coming to her. He mentioned that he is a senile old man, right? His hurt is revived once again by the death of the little boy’s father. He was already planning to part with JW, knowing that his mon mom will harm JW. Thats why he just wanna go thru it all with her – watch movies, climb mountains, etc. She also reads his signals very quickly.

  272. 272 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #263. Yeah, he is very smart indeed. It makes GR looked real dumb, like what u said. Her ex-b/f broke off with her,so what? In fact, they are both the same. Both wanting to have a richer other half and so they deserved each other, actually.

    She just want to be in JW’s shoes, crafty and evil spirit!

    Yes, me too! I dislike the Han mother. The irony is the Han mother got eyes but is blind. The Shim Rim Dong mother is going blind but can see ahead.

    Imagine she just want to make up her so-called lost time to GR by giving her $30m won as monthly expenses, a car and even grapping JW’s b/f. She just does according to GR’s wishes. Doting but stupid and selfish mother! Its’ good to let her see GR’s true colour later on.

  273. 273 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Good afternoon to u. Wow, didnt realise you already responded! Great! I gotta write it all here now, gonna leave home in an hr or so for a seminar til evening.

    Great not having a boss around,eh? I love that feeling too!

    yeeks, saw my stark typo ….. grabbing and grapping! Anyway Editor Song will correct it.

  274. 274 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #270 So true their exchanges are so good that it leaves an indelible moment in our minds! LOL i know JW always kinda teases him about his age ur right the gap is just fine about 6 yrs but JW must be thinking 36/37 is too old hahaha it’s still young if u’ll ask me! then he wld use his ammunition that he’s seen ev.thing in that epis where she mistook him as a prowler! hahaha i tell u the dialogue or script in TT is out of this world!

    remember when ES told the young lawyer that stay away fr JW bcoz she’s his woman? hahaha i also luvd the part on epi 31 i think when JW accidentally heard ES telling GR that no matter what his mother wished for him as his wife, JW is the one he loves! awwwww goosebumps!

  275. 275 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle It’s sad that we’re not free to choose photos to post here bcoz there are plenty of KSH pix nicer than the ones we got here (no offense Admin) but we just cldnt determine which ones will make it here, i’ve sent 2/3 links & only one made it here! i also liked his young photo from his Tomato drama days but Admin did not approve of it so I kinda stop requesting! ironically the notice on top indicates if you have photos you want to share with other fans send the link or something like that! anyway yeah that’s sad!

    i really like his kind heart our ES, i remember him tearful as he saw that little boy who’s father committed suicide bcoz of his mon mom not providing the loan to his dad etc. I luv the way ES is zero tolerance towards his mon mom’s business deals! he wants to do a lot of things with JW & u know what i wished they had done in this drama is for these two to have a date on the beach, just enjoying themselves, hiking etc. i think i’ve seen these scenes many x in kdramas….almost time for me to go home, to cont at home

    cheomcheomcheom 🙂 \ o / yeyyy

  276. 276 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I sent u a pix in email cos I cant post it here (as usual). You will love it! Cheom cheom, gotta go now. Enjoy the pix

  277. 277 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle isn’t that nice edit Song will be on hand to proof our typos hehehe u’r so funny!

    u can say that again, nice to hv a day of reprieve from my boss hahaha till tmrw he’s not in the office so another day of reprieve!

    anyway thnx for the pix i got it & responded to u already, woah luv to hv that photo posted here oh well! i think i gave up already of posting pix here! however we respect their rules so we’ll abide by it! we luvya Admin!

    i also luv it when he’s jealous of the young lawyer plus the baby also! hehehe can u blame him, i think she must be her first love woah so he’s being over protective of her in more ways than one! i was crashed tho when they broke up i didn’t think it was necessary!

    cheom cheom first since u r out of the office, ttyl later, i can’t wait to hv another dose of our TT

  278. 278 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m back for a while since i’m watching epi 32 now where JW gazes at the sky hvng a flashback on what ES told her ‘i like the sky, she asked why, he says because i can always see it whenever & anywhere i want to…” then JW says “and it’s always different everyday”….these are just a few examples of how deep the dialogues are in this drama! awesome OHSOME hehehe

  279. 279 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle don’t work too hard i’m gonna say g/nite now cheom cheom! c u tmrw! i had a good dosage of TT, HRiver & sleepy now 🙂
    g/nite to our KSH & you!

  280. 280 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Just completed epi 38, the proposal. I still enjoy JW’s description of her match especially after you sent me the picture, it gives me some insight into her description.

    I love the way JW told that evil woman off…”back off from my future husband…” and ” stop being pathetic to ES”.

    Did u notice what book the pregnant woman was reading? Its “Training Men and Training Dogs”. I luv the producers in this drama!!

  281. 281 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I emailed you my surprise pix. Take a look!

  282. 282 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I gotta rewrite this again. I clicked on submit comment button but nothing came in.

    Just finished epi 39 where this Han father asked the Hwang parents to take GR back! Now her true colours emerged after the Han father said he will donate all his properties to charity. She immediately left home after giving the father a piece of her greedy mind.

    This part I like – Kwong Soo vented his displeasure by kicking GR’s luggage.

    This I like best. KSH story-telling the kids. U can feel his enthusiasm and love for children. His childlike behaviour is so adorable, more adorable than the children around him! Gosh! he’s so so damn handsome!

    If I were the camera man/woman, you know what to expect, ya?
    Cheom cheom, I’m moving on to the next epi.

  283. 283 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Just done with epi 40. KSH singing the 3 bear song while bathing the baby. Peekaboo! Peekaboo! Peekaboo! he’ll be a doting daddy! Teaching baby to brush teeth and also telling the baby “Need to be clean in order to meet his girlfriend”. Our guy is so cute!

    Cheom cheom, good nite, u r late today.

  284. 284 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yeah i’m late today got hooked in watching then fell asleep hahaha sorry fren!

    oh ur faster than me now i’m only on epi 33 coz i was kangaroo watching u know what that is right? hehehe

    i can’t wait to see epi 40 where he’s bathing the baby & singing 3 bear song! i may hv to jump to that & just go back to epi 33 hahaha he will be a great dad i’m pretty sure! awwww he’s super handsome i know!

  285. 285 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL i like the b/guard’s kicking that luggage, i remember that part! hahaha i told u he’s my fave b/guard of all the kdramas i’ve seen!

    u know i loath the shim rong don father, he’s such a pain to his fam & his wife is a hard working mom but he just doesnt seem to care; but i know in the last few epis he more or less changed after finding out his wife is going to be blind!

    i hope KSH will find his soulmate soon otherwise we’ll join the queue of candidates for his wife hahahaha joke joke

    hahaha i’m pretty sure if u were the cam man/wom u’ll be doing the unexpected LOL

    i hvnt chkd my emails i’m sure u got something there too, sorry fren i’m kinda late today! u must be in the zzzzz zone by now so cheom cheom now & more later as u dream of KSH!

  286. 286 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL i’m laughing away here watching beginning of epi 36 where ES was in mon mom & he grabs the food that JW prepared to eat there so upon noticing it he opens the lunch bag started eating then he asked Kwang soo u want to try & did he try it with all his might then ES gave him a meaningful look tells him ‘stop eating’ hahaha gosh ES can be funny if he wants to be! awesome actor, the expression on his face always speaks volume! see i jumped to 36 now on my way to epi 40; i put epi 33 on hold!

    cheom cheom gg to hv b/fast now then off to work

    TTYL n hv a gr8 w/end

  287. 287 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle epi 36 he describes JW as 100%woman, pure, energetic, etc. hardworking, lots to say ah he says she can’t cook & sing but she thinks she does it well! the exchange with the sales lady was so funny then she asked no the style, furthermore he’s still not getting it hahaha so funny, i really like the script or dialogue in this drama!

    cheomcheomcheom till ltr

  288. 288 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Good morning to you and myself too! I got up to pee and now addicted looking for you.

    Yes, he’s someone u want to luv your whole life! They’re both the same, thinking off track just like her singing. hahaha!! He rattles on and on about her shows how much he loves her. Yes, the salesgirl was so amused.

    I will not tire watching TT over and over again. I really enjoy the dialogue and I’m so tickled still.

    Just drop your lines here and soon we’ll hit 1000

  289. 289 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Epi 33 is nice too. JW submitted her resignation letter and went to look for the mon mom. KSH was so worried when he couldn’t reach her the whole day and so drop by her SRD home after work. They both waited for one another at the wrong home. So finally when he got back to his officetel, he found her sleeping, probably still drunk, on the sofa.

    So sweet, he carried her to his bed. He’s such a gentleman and just lie beside her in bed. Well, unconsciously he had his hand on her shoulder til morning and the rest is sweet moments…. should watch it asap.

  290. 290 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Ok now I really gg to bed now after knowing whats in epi 33. hahahaha!!!!!

  291. 291 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. always forgetting cheom cheom!

  292. 292 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yes we’re both addicted to our pleasantries about KSH & who wldn’t? he’s got it all! LOL u had to go pee & u still check on me here? u r one awesome chingoo (friend in korean) hahaha soo funny! yeah epis 33 where he’s looking for a ring but wasn’t even sure if JW is his g/friend? hahaha how naive can he get?

    me too so we’re in this together no tiring watching TT ok? yaksuk (promise in Korean)

    hehehe i hope we’ll hit 1000 the way we’re gg marathon in here!
    cheom cheom for now on to ur other notes

  293. 293 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i can’t wait to watch that & thnx for telling me it’s on epi 33 where he carried her to his bed & altho i remember that scene i wanna see it again hehehe isn’t he a gentleman? with other guys they probab kiss her or something like that! he’s so sweet!

    i luv edit Song & KSH hahaha in my drms

    ok u better get some beauty rest! cheom cheom

  294. 294 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud morning to u already, wake up & smell the roses or coffee, our guy in TT drinks coffee a lot i think? i assume edit Song at his age 36 in this drama grew up kinda loner if you will coz of mon mom, he probab was not too outgoing bcoz of his mon mom’s evil business deeds; also became lonely due to his father’s tragic death n became resentful to his mon mom! who wouldn’t? unless he/she is the kind who can tolerate her like GR who’s a greedy person! i luv the scene at the office balcony where GR & ES were talking (i think i’ve said this a few msgs up on top) telling GR not to ever go to his mon mom’s house again n that he only loves one woman & that’s JW, unbeknownst to him(them) that JW was hearing every words he’s saying….woah goosebumps! 🙂

    oh well i’m sure u’r sleeping in since it’s a sat already your zone but checking here while you’re having b/fast ready etc. \o/ yeyyy

    cheom cheom then back here

  295. 295 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, its Sat morning 8am here. I suppose he’s trying to define the word ‘girlfriend’ and JW isn’t just a girlfriend? Haha, poor fella, let me teach you and I’ll be your girlfriend.

    It’s so much more meaningful dissecting and discussing the whole drama bit by bit. There’s so much more than just storyline, eh?

  296. 296 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Roses don’t grow well here in this hot and humid climate. I love them when holidaying in Australia, Europe and States. I suppose you drink coffee, too? So, we are on par with ES already!

    Due to the circumstances surrounding him and his mon mom, he has grown up tough and luckily also learnt to defend himself as well as knowing the right path to take in life. Yes, I love that part too at the office balcony he called the terrace. Before that scene, remember, there was 1 morning when JW came to the terrace happily with the intention to look for him but saw the both of them chit-chatting since it was GR’s first day at work? She rambled on a list of menu items … (I could only recall chicken intestines). I find that unusual and nice to hear. She’s good at name-calling…stone Buddha, constipation (or something similar). I must watch again to take note!

    I love it and felt so good he said those words good enough for JW to hear.

    Cheom cheom, going to wash-up now.

  297. 297 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud a.m. to u just getting online now since i was a bit late coming home for errands! it’s only 6:42 pm Fri here n i know u must hv some plans since it’s a w/end after all yeyyy!

    anyway — now that u said he’s trying to define ‘g/friend’ he must hv been thinking otherwise as in fiance of sorts hahaha he’s being naive is really cute & i wished there are some more guys out there like ES or KSH for that matter….nahhhhh i doubt it hehehe he’s our one & only! i want to believe that his role of ES is fairly similar to his off cam persona! for a guy i think he’s so demure if i can use this word to describe him albeit this word may be more approp for females but u know what i mean! i may sound like a brkn record but lucky is the girl who will capture his heart! 🙂 \o/ <3

    definitely it's so good to kinda recollect those episodes like what we're doing here, imagine u'v seen this drama 7x u must know most of the happenings by now even w/your eyes or comp screen closed hahaha

    did u open my emails yet? 🙂

  298. 298 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle really not much roses in your part of the univ? i thot roses are pretty much abundant in asia too right? oh coffee yes i do but i’m more into tea so it’s just 1/2 at par with our guy!

    i remember that scene u mentioned also, JW feeling so jealous when she saw them on GR’s first day! lol i know she’s so good in muttering some stuff n remember she cuts off the head of those fish she was supposed to prepare help her SRD mom? hvng raised in a wealthy family she probab never even lift a finger in their kitchen & it’s funny when ES at the jewelry store he was describing her as i told u in one of those msgs up there this a.m. ‘she can’t cook she can’t sing but she thinks she does it well’ hahaha!

    i know i luv the scriptwriter, pd, dialogues in this drama! i can’t wait to hv another marathon nite on TT i shld stop kangaroo watching n focus on TT for this evening! i guess i’m feeling greedy now wanting to watch all his past projs, but not as greedy as GR gosh that girl is something else, but in fairness i like her as an actress, i’ve seen her past projs & she’s very good! i liked her a lot in the drama Ice Adonis or other title Yellow Boots, in this drama she was not bad woman, matter of fact pitiful!

    cheom cheom for a li’t break n then i’ll check my emails n back here.

  299. 299 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i can’t seem to watch TT now it gave me a warning that the site is reported as attack page! woah i went to dramago & i think they’re sisters site same thing! i might hv to find other altern!

    cheom cheom

  300. 300 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Same for me here too!!!

  301. 301 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I hope it goes away like the first time I encountered. The site is under attack and unless these were removed, we’ll be permanently disabled!

  302. 302 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #297 U said it! He must have thot of fiance/e relationship rather than girlfren. Who’d buy for g/fren, right? Come to think of it, smart guy. He doesnt splurge and bought sneakers for her on her birthday. Again, who’d hv thot of that too? He’s so special to us. Proposal from a food tray, woah, I like that!

    Remember when he first joined the pub firm, he told his staff not to waste $ buying this and that? When he got his paycut, he didnt utter a second word. Oh my, our guy is so awesome! @sangjhoon, there’s no one like him and our guy is unique. I trust he is as good a guy in real life too. Yeah, (broken record…) lucky is the girl who captures his heart.

  303. 303 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Roses dont thrive as well here. Mostly the nicer and bigger species are airflown here and soon we are left with smaller blooms due to genetic changes. Besides, there are lots of pest attack too. I love roses especially orange and yellow ones. Alth yellow roses means parting, but who cares? the colour is bright and vibrant I love it.

    I am also a flower crazy person. Lets talk abt this in email so not to spoil the mood here.

  304. 304 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes she’s full of confidence which is excellent. She’s born at the right time, right place and meet the right people. Must have been good karma with all good deeds done before and now have the luxury to be in the warmth of our dear KSH. Oh, I am so so jealous but I wish her well.

    I find her creative and a fast thinker. To her, a problem isnt a problem. There are ways to resolve it. Remember when her SRD mom wants her to prepare the chicken dish? Knowing her limitations, she placed order delivery. I thot that was great! She changed the concept from serving dinners individually to buffet style cos she’s shorthanded and alone. And when she recollected what GR told her that the mon mom laid a trap for her, she said that the mon mom will be trapped by her instead.

    And oh, I love watching her do her yoga. I’m gg to learn that too! But firstly I need to balance myself … hahahah!!

  305. 305 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #301 yeah i got scared, i nvr encountered this prob before ever till tonight! woah that’s the least we want to hv in our comp some kinda attack! was that same exper u had when u told me the other day? woah, right now i’m watching BW i hv no choice! did urs go away after that? so most likely the site is now vulnerable?

  306. 306 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle that’s what came to mind he probab didn’t think of her as g/fren but fiance hence he was at a loss when the sales person asked him! hahaha he’s very unique gosh the 2 of us r just going crazier each day hahaha!

    yeah i remember that too, he’s being frugal as well unlike his mon mom who he said their house stench with money! he’s one of a kind, u can tell he must hv a great upbringing! we’re almost certain he’s a great person off camera! i saw one vid on YT that he was attending this church event n singing on stage, if i come across that again i’ll send it to u!

    i’m so frustrated not hvng a TT dosage tonight, i’m even afraid to click the link again! where do u watch now? i wondered!

  307. 307 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #303 OK we’ll talk about that in email :)) i’m also a flwr lover esp hibiscus flowers they’re so pretty abundant in Hawaii!

  308. 308 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes I saw that vid on church event. He sang with the group. he’s a staunch Christian. I dont have much of a choice besides TT. So I hope the admin at dramago.com will do a quick fix.

    I just cant click, it wont allow me to move on. And I refuse to watch RR which is at another site. So just gg to work on my website today. Todays cool with heavy showers in the morning. I’m working from my comp so I will just switch window to see your msgs here.

  309. 309 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle JW is a witty woman that’s one of the qualities perhaps that drawn ES to her aside fr being simple, level headed girl, outspoken, she speaks her mind if need be, honest (to the point that she called the police to raid the gambling place, remember when mon mom trapped her, that’s just one of them), very reasonable person n that’s why she was really loved by the wealthy parents….the first few epis she & her mom were so lovey dovey right? i guess both ES & her deserve each other truly!
    Imagine even Dae bum (young lawyer with baby) fell for her coz she exudes a lot of warmth n yet she can be feisty at times! i admire her unselfishness too, tending to DB’s baby even before he moved to SRD place to rent a room…that’s one of the things our guy was jealous of at first he thot she was the mom of DB’s baby hahaha oh this drama is so good we will never ran out of things to chat about!

    what r u watching ? r u also affected by the attack?

    lol i know she ordered chickens to serve to the customers coz she didn’t know (how to cook) otherwise! hahaha

  310. 310 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle so it’s not only me then, u also hv prob with the TT site arghhh n i thot it was just me? i hope they fix it if not now tmrw! 🙂 our dosage is ruined! hahaha

    oh so u saw that too, yeah he must be a good Christian! that’ guy doesn’t hv any flaws hahaha

    RR is on YT pretty safe i’m waiting for KBS to upld tonight epi 40, i kinda grow on the drama i believe out of curiosity plus i wanna see all his projs be it good or whatnot; hv u seen his movie Tube? i saw that few yrs ago & it was good exciting type of drama! i think it’s no longer on YT where i watched it then.

    OK we’ll pop in here now n then i’m gonna check if RR is avail now otherwise i was watching at his KSH site BW. it’s not that fantastic but let’s hope our sites will be fixed soon!

    don’t work too hard on ur comp 🙂 take it easy it’s Sat there!

  311. 311 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle log on KSH site it’s avail there our TT

  312. 312 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m not watching anything. Waiting for TT only. Yes, she doesnt and cant lie. Remember the first night she spent with him at his officetel? Next morning she blurbs out to the eldest sis she was at the sauna after getting drunk etc etc. That woman straight away knows she’s lying.

    I like her confession that she like him after he threw his fits on her. At that time she was singing the congratulatory song to DB from his desk, etc. He was really stunned and didnt know how to react. Superb acting!

  313. 313 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. What’s the link to KBS site?

  314. 314 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i just thot u may not want to wait & TT is avail on his site thru dailymotion!

    ah yes hahaha she went to the sauna she tells her but she was really at his offictel i remember that, was that the time she fell asleep & she carried her to his bed (pix i sent u?). LOL the way she sings really puts a smile on ES face hahaha but she’s trying hard anyway! i read she’s got a good singing voice when she’s not pretending to be out of tune, i think i read in one of the postings at soompi! No surprises that they both won excellence award that year for this drama!

  315. 315 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle here’s the link (u signed up there with cecile right? just log in & go to multimedia n the list of their dramas are on the left hand side) here’s the link :http://www.kimsukhoon.co.kr/xe/welcome_page
    i hope u remember ur pw hehehe
    after u click multimedia it gives u the list of his dramas just click TT

    let me know if it works pls

  316. 316 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #314. Oh my! we’re now over 300! No, that was the first time she stayed overnight, dressed in his oversized pullover and pants.

    I love to see his snigger and sometimes smiling secretly at the thot of her. He looks so contented with this girl.

  317. 317 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, I signed up but got prb accessing further. I’ll try it again later.

  318. 318 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle re JW i also admire her determination in that she pushes so hard to get to know mon mom in spite of her coldness towards her, she wants to get to know her she tells her….other women might just give up but her resilience is over the top i think even ES was impressed! the mon mom as i’m watching now epi 33 when she was courageous enough to visit her in her mansion asked JW why are you here n all that she said i want to get to know you, to u/stand your life, etc. & the mon mom says u watch to catch the tiger in the tiger’s cage or something hahaha! she’s tenacious n the mon mom thot she is to give up bcoz of mon mom’s stance? no way not JW hahahaha

  319. 319 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i know hahaha just the two of us here seems to be making a lot of difference! woah unbelievable!

    oh i see that was the first time, well ms expert like i said u must know this drama fr A-Z & beyond hahaha

    did u click log on? it shld not be prb though! yeah try it again coz i know u signed up last time successfully right? the pw is case sensitive as u know so try it again! otherwise email cecile she’ll be able to help u!

  320. 320 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I felt that the mon mom was sorta giving in to her when she tested her as to what is more impt – her job or getting married to her son. She chose her job rather and said they’re still getting each other in depth so marriage is not on the cards yet. However, when mon mom later checked with GR, that greedy woman right away said she will come to work in her kitchen forever and ever if she can hv this man.

    So, we can see one is deep and the other is so shallow. JW is full of confidence. She thinks hard before moving forward. I admire her. Yes, ES was impressed to the point of being fearful at losing her to the young lawyer!

    Not forgetting the b/guard who seems to like her tho.

  321. 321 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. OK, I’ll try it now.

  322. 322 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i meant to address that part u said that on her b/day he gave her a pr of snickers, what a guy, his thoughtfulness is just amazing but i noticed it too that he secretly smiles esp when he thinks of her singing i guess hahaha! let me see if i can continue w/TT

  323. 323 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle JW’s tenacity paid off in the end, she seemingly isn’t afraid to face the challenges ahead of her in that who wld hv thot she won’t give up knowing what she knows now about his mon mom, then again we shld not forget she must luv him deeply but afraid to let him notice too much of it! GR is so greedy that she wld face anything head on no matter what is entail as long as she can smell money, material things she even went to clean the innards in her resto remember? she’ll go the extra length to prove her strength but she’s making a big mistake….her strategy at least one of them, is to win mon mom’s heart before ES, little did she know ES isn’t gonna put up with mon mom anymore albeit he made a promise to his mom that he’ll give being involved with mon mom’s dirty business but she gets to choose his future wife….but it ain’t happening, ES is also fed up with his mom & won’t tolerate her anymore than he should! what a story! well let’s see if we can watch some n hv a dosage at least! :))

  324. 324 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i forgot one more thing, lol JW brings her own food since the monst mom won’t feed her! hahahaha i know the b/guard likes her too not romantically but as a person i guess!

  325. 325 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I emailed to Cecil for help.

  326. 326 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, she’s everyone’s fav to the extent that JR was so upset.

    OK, move on with your TT and let KSH twinkle your heart too. I’ll wait for Cecil to reply. Cheom cheom.

  327. 327 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle she’s likable that’s one of her qualities that GR is lacking!

    i miss gooddrama coz it streams faster than when i watch it at KSH site so i stopped now it kept buffering! 🙂 i hope cecile reply soon so u can hv a dosage 🙂

    what happened when u log on, then ur email n pw? i don’t u/stand why it’s a prb

  328. 328 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, ok hope she ‘s able to give u some tips! i stopped watching coz altho it’s thru DM, it’s still under dramago but it buffers every now n then not like gooddrama the stream is perfect! cheom cheom but i’ll be back!

  329. 329 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, I logged in and when I clicked on Dear Kim Suk Hoon, it displays “You have no permission blah blah blah…”

    I am definitely logged in successfully as I could see the logout button turned on.

  330. 330 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Try this link below and replace the epi you want with what I have here


  331. 331 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle u’ll only see that before you log, ignore it & click log on, it also happend to me when i first signed up, ignore that box & just click to the right hand sige ‘log on’ then a box asking u for email & pw will pop up! try it again

  332. 332 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle @330 i tried but u know what? YT is more uptodate i’m already epi 41 if they upld tonight

    i just notice a typo on #331 i meant sign not ‘sige’ hahaha

    otherwise try to log on thru my acc if u still hv prb i’ll email it to u ok?

  333. 333 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle just ignore that sign u hv no permission n just click log on it shld work!

  334. 334 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. No worries, ES will call you tonight on your typo. Sleep tight and have your mobile beside you at all times. He’ll call when you least expected!

  335. 335 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m logged in. What do I do next?

  336. 336 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. taking a break now watching the liveless RR

  337. 337 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle how’s it going? i think i’m gonna hit the sack now! can’t stay any longer coz our TT isn’t available! at KSH site it buffers a lot unlike the other usual site i watched it from it was always streaming fast & nicely!

    ok let me reiterate when u see the box u r not permitted do not click sign in, ignore that box just click log on then your email & pw ok? GL 🙂

    i hv to cheom cheom now too sleepy w/out the dosage hehehe it’s already 11 pm here!

    just email me & i’ll read tmrw! hope u can watch fr KSH site ~o~
    (*-*) g/nite cheomcheomcheom

  338. 338 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle what u do i go to multimedia, it’s on the left with the list of all his dramas u see TT click on that & just look for the episodes at first it’ll show u the latest epis at the bottom there’s 1 2 3 4 5 etc. the lower the no the the episodes are listed accdgly

  339. 339 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle u shld watch RR on YT it’s more epis & updated every nite!
    lol i hope u’r right he’ll call me hahaha crazy us!

    r u still hvng prbs w/TT on his site?

  340. 340 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle as shippers of KSH just try to enjoy RR it’ll grow on you like i do…at first i did stop watching but as i went on i started to get more enthuse in what’s gonna be happening next n next!

    cheom cheom final answer hahahaha

    g/nite & hope to drm of our guy! LOL

  341. 341 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Sorry, I cant stand RR. I can just walk away from it to do other things and not miss a single bit. Whereas for TT, I’m literally glued onto it. I rather spend time gawking at our guy in TT than the in RR.

    Too bad. I’ll carry on with my website until dramago.com get it all fix. Good nite to you. Cheom Cheom.

  342. 342 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. WAKE UP, WAKE UP!
    The site is back to normal now!!

    Did KSH call u? Tell me!

  343. 343 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I just finished epi 41 where the little uncle’s mom came back. Witty dialogue here between her and our fav b/guard, KS.
    She told KS straight in his face : Your face sucks but you talk nicely. I felt bad cos you’re ugly.
    Then she went on : I came thinking that I should have a hot final love with the first man whose name I was curious about in Korea
    To this, KS replied : Yes, I don’t think thats me. Have that final love with your son.

    Our b/guard said this very well!!!

  344. 344 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Epi 41 u find our guy folding the laundry. I surprised he handles the knife well too. Remember he peels the chestnut to cook for JW birthday? Wow, I cant do that!

  345. 345 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Still sleeping? Epi 42 KSH face off with his mon mom and even gv his mom a warning. The PCD mom overheard the confrontation btn JW and GR and realised GR was responsible for all the bad deeds. I just wonder why PCD mom didnt bother to bring GR back from the mon mom home but rather the SRD mom did try to persuade her to leave the mon home.

    I just wish it was a 100 epis. Now felt the drama gg to finish soon.

  346. 346 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I find that JW and KSH should make it a point to answer all calls. Many a time their problems would have been resolved if they were more responsive. Agree? Then our drama would have been shortened by half! Oh, that’s bad too!

  347. 347 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michele hahaha gud morn fr here, almost gud nite there! yeyyy it’s back? woah it didn’t take long…glad to hear thnx for the heads-up dear fren!

    woah u got lots for me to respond to here, i’m just waking up hvnt had b/fast & here i am chkng here already! sori for late rep, but it’s always on my mind about TT n our chichats here!

    yeah RR isn’t even close to our TT but being a shipper for KHS i’ll just let it slide also he looked better in TT, in RR he seemed to hv put on weight esp his face 🙁 hehehe

  348. 348 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i meant to tell u i was on the ph with him all night hence i’m just waking up now hahaha crazy us!

    i remember him folding clothes with the guys at SRD; he’s adorkable hehehe (not dorky) he can easily get along with anybody & doesnt look down on them! swell guy he is!

    i liked that scene too while he’s cooking n peeling the chestnuts for her b/day! woah we can go on/on with his great characteristics n awesome qualities! the thing is the office staff looks at him as stern, cold, strict but deep down he’s the opposite w/c they never knew or realized he’s got a heart of gold! oh i envy JW hahaha

    i remember the uncle’s mom’s discussion with our fave b/grd she tells him he’s ugly & all that! i feel sorry for him coz he’s such a nice fella but i think the uncle’s mom was trying to befriend him asking him to drink w/her! 🙂
    in the hotel!

  349. 349 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Oh I am jealous of you now, all night on the ph with him! Wait till you see my pix with him sent via email. Heeeheee!

  350. 350 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #346 yes i agree 101% esp when the time she resigned fr the company, he tried to reach her but she kept taking the batt off her phone, i guess it was hard for her to talk to him at that time not knowing what to tell him if she picked up the phone! there were so many instances that both of them let their pride too over & i was crashed when they broke up! woah hard enuf to watch! like u said the story would hv been shortened if what we wished for this drama would hv taken effect!

    agreed again 200% that this drama this good shld’ve been 100 episodes not 54! they shld’ve let the story goes till after the wedding, more swt moments, show us their bambino (baby) hahaha or they shld hv a sequel which seldom happens in kdramaland! very rare!

    anyway i’m sure u must be dreaming by now & hope he calls u too! hahaha

    i hope the sites won’t hv similar prbs anymore, i really got scared last nite! also thnx for giving me the epis that way we can always pinpoint the fave scenes! now i can’t recall where he’s singing 3 bears hahaha i think u told me i hv to look again somewhere here!

    cheom cheom for you as u’r asleep let me chk the site now. \o/ yeyyy

  351. 351 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle it just dawned on me that the mons mom who can afford a maid (i’m watching epi 36 now) never hired one, i see she asked GR to fix them some tea, i guess one reason wld be she doesnt want anybody except KW to witness all her wrong doings, that way it won’t leak outside! we know she trusted KW so much this is just my theory!

  352. 352 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’ll do a little more before knocking off. U r right! She relied too much on KS and knowing her, she cant trust anyone, esp with her kind of business. She has a hold on KS, for some past incidents and she threatens him. I guess if not for KSH, those guys would have killed her easily.

    KSH is such a good boy. After the attack on GR, he told his mom to take care and insisted KS take her home as the attacker is still on the loose. His expression shows it all, very worried for her.

  353. 353 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Enjoy your marathon. I’ll continue upon waking up. Wanna get the complete set up before anything disaster happens.

    Yes, we are thankful to Admin for letting us share our discussions here.
    Thank u, u’re great, Admin!

    Cheom cheom til I wake up … for pee or whatever! LOL!!

  354. 354 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle woah still up…watching epi 36 where our ES met with KS n to make it short KS tells him that JW goes to his mons mom house, brings her lunch eats with her much to ES’ surprise…then KS expressed that the house has gotten brighter bcoz of JW…hahaha i luv this bgrd…his face tho not h/some has a kind aura to it! our KSH is an ideal guy, like u said a good boy a good son, good b/f good person to just anybody period! 🙂 to think that KSH also concealed the fact that it was GR who stole the book page was more than awesome! awwwww speechless overload! 🙂

    rightfully so mons mom only trust KS hence she didnt even bother having a housekeeper at home! i luv the part where JW blabbers while they eat hahaha she’s very talkative & fearless (even Kwong told ES that she comes, reads book, n seemingly fearless). hahaha

    let me continue coz maybe ur in zzzz zone by now

    cheom cheom for you there

  355. 355 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha u r very resilient indeed! i salute u! yeah before things like that happen again last nite u better complete ur work on TT!

    yeah we just luv Admin, they’re v u/standing & accommodating! thanks Admin sooooo much we luvya!

    ok cheom cheom cheom till u visit the b/room but i’m running some errands after epis 36 so just be by here n i’ll tell u when i cheom cheom fr online ok?
    swt drms, and tell me if KSH called u ok? 😉

  356. 356 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, i can’t help but share this w/u on epi 36 where ES hv been invited by the Pyeong dong fam to kinda introduce formally ES to GR as i think her future hubby much to their surprise ES takes JW with him oh my oh my i can’t help but chuckle seeing this scene.

    ok more later hahaha cheom cheom again

  357. 357 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle, wake up wake up pretty rosebud! :)) just getting home so i hvnt had a dose of TT yet, lots of things to do, miss KSH already n also talking to you it’s in one package! i’ll touch base w/you once i get things organized ok? gonna hv a marathon for sure 2nite, last nite i got disappointed/frustrated coz we cldnt watch at least u were able to since it’s morning hrs there, so i had to hit the sack as early as 10:30sh pm coz watching at his site was not so good either! 🙂

    cheom cheom for now and good morning to you & to our Kim suk hoon ssi! let’s wish him a happy Sunday & that he’s always healthy & happy even though we’re across the miles apart hahahaha crazy eh?

  358. 358 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GOOD MORNING!

    i’m getting here for a li’l while i meant to tell u JW (Kim hyun joo) has a new long drama & i was hoping the lead actor wld be our KSH but apparently not! then we won’t be watching it right? though we like her too but she’s only in our hearts for KSH hahahaha

    cheom cheom again but be back

  359. 359 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, epi 36 after JW’s dad gave his blessings that they’re dating, ES confessed in the room alone w/her father about his monst mom etc. n then the father now objected about their relationship, to make it short I luv how JW stood firm that when her father tells her u shld end it with ES — JW was firm enough to say i’m sorry i can’t do that! i thot, woah ATA GIRL, exactly what i’ll do if i were her hahaha! what has he got to do with his mons mom what’s impt is he is who he is n for da fact that ES doesnt even tolerate what his mons mom does is already a big plus! anyway let me contin b4 i head out again to attend church serv & when u come over here i’ll be joining u! 🙂

    cheom cheom for now

  360. 360 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Gud AM to u! I’m glad our lives are back to normal.
    #354 JW challenges mon mom that if she wants to keep her son, she better stay with her (ie. JW). Come to think of it, the mon mom didnt dare to do too much to JW cos she knows her son well enough. And at some time, she got suspicious of KS too.

    But she believes in others too easily and jeopardise herself. In the later scene, she even told the mon mom she has the original contract. She shd be a little more street smart, like GR. OK, let me gv a tiny bit of credit to GR (wh i havent so far).

    The different environment builds up their characters differently.

    Yes, KS good guy, hes like someone in KSH shadow. Both are great ‘brothers’ and yeah i love the part when they were eating the sushi that u aptly described.

  361. 361 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #355. Oh last nite I told him he is a 2-timer, talking to my good fren the night before and now me! He said he will personally teach us K language so we can chat online too. But I love to hear his voice so he said will serenade me everynite without fail. LOL! Wishful thinking!

  362. 362 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #357, Gud morning to u from here its now 8am Sunday morning. Gud morning to our fav idol KSH too, u r always in our hearts!

    Yes, JW (Kim hyun joo) is a superb actress, but yeah, our hearts are only for our one and only KSH.

  363. 363 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #359. Yes, I salute JW for her action too. She knows she can be firm with her own dad and likewise KSH with his mon mom.

    If its us, I think we’ll just elope like what he suggested.

    OK, cheom cheom, I go washup now and read my newspaper. U finish church service and start ur marathon. We’ll catch up from here. Cheom cheom!

  364. 364 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle jeon achim (good morning in Korean) lol i just got back my fren fr church serv so yes i am happy our lives are back to normal hahaha gosh it’s really an addiction even your postings are addictive hehehe

    [email protected] your 363 kudos to JW on epi 35 she was firm in telling her dad that she can never part fr ES ata girl, if u love someone u hv to stick together otherwise love isn’t real! my take on ES is it was a wrong timing, imagine JW’s dad just gave his blessings to both of ’em & he went to talk to him thereafter to confess about his mon mom, Ok i don’t condone the fact that he’s honest n might as well tell him now than later but i agree with JW why is her father implying that since his mon mom is a loan shark bz woman that her son is also to be condemned? that’s not right this is why JW was strongly defending ES re his mon mom’s b/grnd! i agree with JW! these two are match made in heaven, both of them are on same page & i had to laugh when she went to the room where ES was n extended her hand asking for a candy hahaha then he lets him feed her with those sweet ‘ahhhhh’ then she asked for another candy this time it’s meant for ES where she fed him to his mouth with those popular ‘ahhhh’ hehehe luv them luv them

    anyway i’ll be addressing some more after this.

  365. 365 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #361 hahaha he’s two timing us, ummhhh i better put a leash on our KSH hahaha! no way he’s gg to serenade u how cld he promise me that to & turn his back telling u same thing? i’m gonna give him a pc of my mind! hahaha

    go n read ur paper first n i’m gg to hv my dinner ready, BBS not a final cheom cheom yet! hehehe enjoy ur coffee ok?

    it’s 7:09 pm Sat here!

  366. 366 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i can’t believe ES got some candies ready for her! i didn’t finish epi 35 since i had to lv for church earlier so i’m continuing with that segment & i still laugh esp the expression on his face, almost wanting to tell her we’re in this kind of situation & u still ask me for a candy! hahaha but JW didn’t hv dinner editor Song! she’s starving! :))

  367. 367 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #363 yes if that’s us we’ll just forget about the others we’ll just elope with him hahaha! no questions asked! i’m now only at epi 37 i’m gg to hv a marathon n pray that the site won’t get the attack notice again X fingers crossed! awwww our KSH is so handsome in epis 35 as if he’s not h/some in all hehehe but i luv the expression on his face, he’s such a natural actor!
    u must be taking a swim not only just a wash up hahahaha where are you? odi ga (in korean) chingoo! too much reading paper & drinking coffee 🙂

    TTYL let me cont w/TT before we hv another spoiled nite 🙂

  368. 368 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U know what? I just cant stop laughing!!!!!! We’re both waiting in line for him to say ‘let’s elope!!!!’ FYI, my bags are packed and ready to fly! Better remember my passsport too, hahahahhah!!!!

  369. 369 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Without doubt, hes soossoososososos handsome! No words can describe. Why make our guy shoulder all the blame? Why attack him if they could go straight to his mon mom!

    Why not blame GR for being so greedy and its her own wish to go take that woman’s seat, etc. Why not blame the PCD mom for not doing her duty to take her back and also being selfish to JW? Why not blame Sang Won for eyeing at inheritance that lead to all his misdeeds? Why not blame everybody….everyone… except our guy? If I were the director, my fren, u r my only fan!

  370. 370 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Oh dear, I got my zoning upside-down as I’m so into watching KSH.. yes, its good evening/night to u!

    #366 Ya, they’re supposed to have dinner but it turn out badly. Agreed, he should just let this golden opportunity pass first. Well, only the baddies do that, ya? He’s a goodie so everything is laid out flat on the table. That’s the reason why we luv him, right?

    R u in dreamland? can u hear him say, ‘let’s elope, elope …elope …’?

  371. 371 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha not yet in drmland but about to coz my eyes somehow are drooping! hehehe however i wanna watch some more so i’ll let u know!

    woah LOL if we elope it’s gonna be the three of us hahaha remember when JW & her mom happened to be coming home & they just came fr Pyeong dong whatever & JW was giving her SRD mom compliments about how she makes money folding boxes? JW asked ES if he will hold arm with her mom too, that was so cute!

  372. 372 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha i forgot to mention about your bags all set for eloping hahaha i gotta hv mine ready i don’t want u beat me now! :))

    @369 I feel for ES coz he was telling JW’s father also that he’s lived his life away from the misdeeds of his mother and yet ppl are still looking at him as if he’s to blame for it! like u said GR, the PRD mom, silly brod among those who are to be blamed not him!

    awwww he’s very very handsome i know hehehe, u shld go back to that scene while he’s painting (i emailed u about this a few min ago) it’s too much to write here hahaha he was awesome! need we say more? 🙂

    yes nite time here but u r just starting ur day n can do more marathon watching hehehe!

  373. 373 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’ve been forgetting to tell u that KSH is Aries & i am too, what about you? hehehe r u busy packing your extra bags? woah hold on coz u don’t wanna carry too much with you when u/we elope! hahaha crazy us i’m contemplating if i shld watch some more i’m only on epi 38 hehehe

    oh btw i’m into that scene where the mon mom phones JW asking her if she’s made her decision in that is it her dad or ES to choose to go to & all of a sudden ES emerges grabs her phone & talks to his mon mom telling her she chose both me & her dad! hahaha ata Boy!

  374. 374 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m gg to buy rice and kimchi. He said to bring these. LOL!
    Orrhhhh, how could anyone miss this guy? his physique + looks + personality ++++++ We have to find a way to make him elope with us!

    Me? Capricorn. Yes, I love that moment when he graps the phone. And after that he said he will chew on this incident til they age. I really dont know to say abt our guy…..

  375. 375 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i just finished the unique/innocent/naive way of ES’ proposal to JW hahaha he’s super cute! i guess i’ll hit the sack now to get some beauty rest so when he calls on the phone my voice won’t sound awful! 🙂 LOL

    g/nite to our ideal guy & to u enjoy your day whatever ur planning to do except don’t elope w/out me & him! hahahaha

    ~o~ nyt nyt c u tmrw

  376. 376 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Just finished epi 45. Its the start of our heartbreaks. He meant to part already and cooked for JW and asked her to return his ring. I thot that was mean.

    Its rather fake not to feel the record cover with no record in it, so this part, I’ll just let it pass… But when KS came over to his officetel to hunt for the contract, Wow, u see our guy in action! He broke down in the bathroom when he saw the extra toothbrush JW brought over. Omg, its really sad that their future is smashed just like that.

    Ok, I’m gg to get kimchi now. Cheom cheom,

  377. 377 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i was about to lv the page & see a post fr u! hahaha u know today i did go to Korean grocery & bought some ingreds to make jap chae u know this one the transparent noodles they always eat in kdramas; then some sesame oil, side dishes (i hv some more kimchee so didn’t need that) & ready made kimbap! hehehe i tell u my life evolves around anything Korean!

    we’ll go the extra length to elope w/him….regardless of circumstances of his monster mama! hehehehe

    i know who cld miss seeing those attributes? his height = perfect, his face=perfect, character = perfect, tanned skin = perfect, the way he dresses = perfect did i leave anything since i’m kinda sleepy now? u do the rest of math my fren or ur running out of things to describe him too? hehehe arghhhh we both luv him that’s the bottom line!

    ok buy some kimchee to take w/us when we elope! hahaha imagine 3 ppl eloping, this will be in Guinness book of world record! lol

    ok i think i’m gonna go to get my zzzzzzzzzzz now but lv ur msg so when i wake up i hv some dosage from you too hahaha mwahhh to our KSH!

  378. 378 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle 376…..i dread to watch the br/up part of all the scenes here, it crashed me to bits! he’s good in suppressing things n i feel for him! if i were JW i won’t let it happen! 🙂

    anyway go ahead & buy your stuff n see u in the morning 🙂

    cheom cheom cheom

    we’ll dream on…..till nxt tym…take care my fren

  379. 379 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I give him 20/10, my fren. Everything’s perfect!

    More heart-wrenching scenes, I hate them!

    When GR was hospitalised, SRD mom came to look after her. She tried to cheer GR up and sang very loudly. Then JW came and joined in. At this point, u look carefully at SRD mom’s expression, ok? SO funny!

    I wonder who’s the idiot to ask our KSH to do community work to GR? Without getting our permission, eh?

    Fren, I’m fighting for our guy….

  380. 380 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Gud morning to u, its 8pm Sunday for me. I’m rushing to complete my TT task tonight. The little uncle’s mom is looks very sweet and pretty. I was a bit confused with how she left the little uncle. Seems like she left him in the park cos her b/fren didnt like the child and then the Han father picked him up. Is this correct? and how did she end up in the States?

  381. 381 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Morning…. I’d better write down before I go on to next part. Epi 48, SRD father look for SKH in office. Asked him not to let go of her. Our poor guy cried and all his staff were shocked the 2 have been dating!

    As in all offices, the staff gossip and u find their analysis is really out of this world. Funny part here, they were so immersed in their discussion abt KSH and JW that they didnt notice KSH standing there listening. He asked them the topic of the meeting, and said is it me? Hahahaha, I couldnt help laughing at our guy!

    cheom cheom, now i go on to part 3

  382. 382 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GR went to look for the mon mom when she suddenly fell and fainted. Actually she pretended I think so that later she overheard that woman’s plot to attack the publishing house.

    Luckily she alerted KSH. He passed the original contract to President Han and explained his situation. Poor guy, trapped in his mon mom’s evil deeds.

    Of cos, the part when the little uncle’s mom was leaving, the scene was so touching. He called her mom… oh……

  383. 383 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I finished epi 48. Our guy destroyed his mon mom’s plan with tip fr GR who pretended to faint in the house. Here u get the downside of the 2, he followed her home and then met the brother-in-law whom he confides that he is not qualified, etc. When JW learnt of it, she rushed to his officetel but found it empty and then proceeded on to the mon mom home.

    Poor guy, slapped twice by his mon mom. He seemed so helpless, poor fella! Lost his love – lost his job – wrongful accusation by everyone, even his staff – got slapped by PCD mom and his own mom – had to make good what his mom had done. If I were JW, I’ll camp outside his room, if not, inside. hahahaha!

  384. 384 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. OK, fren, me tired now. GG to slumberland and dream of our guy now….cheom cheom

  385. 385 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michell good morning fr here g/nite your zone! woah u’v done a great deal with TT!! kudos to u fren! i’m just waking up feeling a bit refreshed i must say hahaha thanks for all ur feedback on our fave KSH & TT!!

    first of, did u get your kimchi? hehehe better prepare all those for our guy when he visits u! LOL he might even peel some chestnuts if u got any!

    so much to read here! if i may reiterate, it’s one of the saddest part, their b/up! how cld he asked for the eng ring? if i were him, i’d say keep it for this time right? anyway that’s how it goes but in reality yeah it’s kinda mean from his perspective!

    ok re #380 it was touching when young uncle calls her ‘mom’ which she desperately wanted to hear! it’s also not so clear why she left y. uncle like that, i can’t even bear to leave a puppy when i go somewhere let alone a child? apparently Pyeongdong dad who’s father (y. uncle’s father, so they’re 1/2 brod) i think had an affair with this beautiful /pretty woman mom of y. uncle & how he ended up there maybe she left him at the doorstep with a note? hehehe but look how he turned up, he’s a well mannered boy who dotes on JW even after finding out about the switch, he always supported her all along, so cute he bought her a foldaway bed when she’s at SRD! that actress mom i’ve seen her in another drama lately & she’s really pretty, i read she was Miss Korea a few yrs back!

    i’ll be back here since ur asleep now to cont w/ur other stuff, time to do my morning exercise, wash up n b/fast! cheom cheom for a li’l while then while exercising i’ll hv TT on, i’m now epi 38 & counting! :))

  386. 386 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m now at the proposal scene where JW asks him to kneel down & propose hahaha so naive, i luv his suit u r so right my fren!

  387. 387 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle can’t help but laugh when JW asks ES to say meow meow then kinda licking his/her finger touching their noses both laugh coz they didn’t want the staff to think otherwise (that he’s proposing) oh these two are so lovely to look at!

    btw one of my friends who also watched TT recently tells me she also luv both of them in this drama! she thinks they’re so cute together! on to your msgs later ok? cheom cheom now while i cont watching epi 38 🙂

  388. 388 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle at 379 – yes i second that he’s perfect! height good looks we can go on/on

    well yeah the SRD mom is something else it was seemingly easy for her to warm up with GR in spite of her character, lol JW singing is outrageous hahaha….yeah that’s a stupid idea to ask her just for comm work considering she’s done so much harm not only to JW but the company per se! she needs a hard lesson, our ES is too nice then even their father asked that ES concealed the fact that he (father) knows about this, remember after he collapsed & ES was the only one allowed first to see him in the hosp room? Girl….that GR needs a heavy spanking! her greed is overflowing from her system! their mother is also a hypocrite looking down on the poor SRD family, remember when the father invited them for dinner she’s had a mouthful about the poor has diff set of brains, they might ask them for help later on etc etc….the husb is more into people than her! anyway time for shower n will cont with TT & you a li’l later, then b/fast. i’ll send u some photos email of the actors that JW described our guy.
    Song seung hyun’s eyebrows, Jang dong geun’s eyes, hyun bin’s nose, total he looks like Kang dong won! a combo face we might say!

    cheom cheom for now

  389. 389 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle remember when JW’s SRD parents got invited to Pyeondang’s hshold, GR was kinda snubbing them and what i really found so nice of the Pyeondang’s father is that when SRD father did not know what the other stuff for washing hands was for & he started gulping it, it was so gracious of the other dad to went with the flow by doing same thing followed by JW so as not to make him feel humiliated or something. i thot that was very nice! anyway, while doing some chores i come here & also got the epis 38 running too, multi tasking if you will!

    did u drm of our KSH? hehehe tell me about it! ms capricorn! u shld be aries too like him & me hahaha maybe in your next rebirth hahaha

  390. 390 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle 383 – yes i’d do same thing camp out outside his room! 🙂 i think i’m glad in a way we’re not JW we can do so much more to his mon mom hahaha! it’s sad when he left the publishing co & left for the countryside! i think it’s very unfair that they did this to him!

    in spite of his mon mom’s wrongdoing he still get his charac intact, very obedient in more ways than one! u know what they say blood is thicker than water so he’s doing so much to make his mon mom go the right path but the old woman is money hungry! glad he didn’t get an ounce of what his mon mom’s charac is, maybe his father is more lovable!

    anyway i can’t go any faster than epi 39 i hv other things to do in the morning hrs hahaha but i’ll manage to catch up on you, this must be your 8x watching this? gosh i can’t even get any closer than 2x hahaha u r one bionic woman or wonder woman! hahaha i just burnt the ost we got from pony & kept playing 3 of the osts i got the female vocal but u said u only want after the love so i didn’t bother sharing this one w/u but if u like i can easily send it so pls let me know! it’s a nice one they play on the b/ground when the 2 lovers are on the screen! 🙂

    cheom cheom for now & waking up soon are you? hehehe good for u oh but u got to g work of course n it’s only sunday for me so i hv a long way to go watching wise, 1:23 pm here now

  391. 391 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. If I had used my time diligently as what i do now, I would have been a top scholar in my school days!!! Maybe also go to Chung Ang Uni and join Phantom Entertainment. OK, Must remember to be Aries too next life.

    I fully agree #387 on the proposal scene. We’ll hit #400 after today, I am sure. I could still recall his ‘dazed’ look, staring at JW like he’s been hypnotized. He’s really good! And of cos, Mr Perfect!

  392. 392 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #388. Yeah u sent me already on the combo face. Thx again. Yes, I like the PCD father, he’s accommodating and doesn’t have any air. But yes, the sickening wife who instill all the bad notions in her children doesnt deserve this kind of good life.

    The SRD mom is so sweet despite her setbacks. She’s pretty and its no wonder she’s a former beauty queen. She’s some years older than her gambler hubby. This is what I like abt this drama, age doesnt play a very impt part in relationships. Its the first I’ve seen of an uncle who is younger than nieces and nephews. I love that young uncle. Remember he kept calculating his age with the girl (whats her name)?

  393. 393 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Gonna be a busy day for me today. If its not too troublesome, just email me the songs u feel its nice to me. I’m sure your taste isnt far off. If not, I kept repeating the same song you sent me earlier.

  394. 394 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud a.m. to u there! glad ur up now, i also took a nap after doing a lot of chores LOL don’t i wished i cld just get glued at TT all day long so i can catch up with your epi 48 ur almost done! i envy you hahaha
    i really wish i’d gone to Chung ang uni hahaha no not phantom anymore i think Admin shld update their bio for him, his agency now is Loen or Leon entertainment w/c i saw from the KSH int’l site!

    yah i’m glad i took a short nap so i can prepare myself to stay even till 11 pm tonight! it’s always good to watch it 2nd time around just like when u see or hd watched a movie u simply appreciate it more than the 1st time! LOL don’t u like JW’s persistence & resilience in dealing w/mons mom? JW never ceased to amaze us….even ES was more than surprised to hv learned fr KS how she’d been coming to their house n doing what others won’t dare do or did! Other girls or women wld’ve backed off but her love for him is stronger than her peers! what a girl! i luv the dialogue of tying their heartstrings don’t u? one of the best kdrama dialogues in this drama, i’ve seen a lot of kdramas by now & this is one of them that i liked….Lovers in Paris also got a good dialogue that stuck in my mind!

    well i guess we will hit 400 today hahaha imagine our exchanges doesnt seem to falter! woah amazing how 2 fans can keep it going! if only he knew! hehehe

    agreed! he’s really good yeah Mr Perfect! :)))

    i know u must be busy it’s Monday there so just pop in whenever, i’ll be here! hv a gr8 day ok? cheom cheom temporarily

  395. 395 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #392 first of i forgot the name of that girl the y. uncle is smitten, they’re both cute, i’ll pay attn when i watch nxt few, she’s also v supportive of JW unlike the other two esp the tall one i cldnt stand her, as soon as she realized JW isn’t the real dtr of the Pres she turned to GR & gave her all praises!

    LOL u know when i first watched TT i thot to myself re the y. uncle, the casting of this drama is making a mistake, why in the world the uncle is younger than the niece/nephew? then as we watch we found out the reason why hahaha LOL he’s so cute, his brod is also an actor Mickey Yoo chun, he’s more popular than him (uncle) but i find him cuter & younger looking than Mickey!

    I like the SRD mom, she’s simple & a great housewife, the father is just a nuisance but after learning his wife will be blind he seemed to hv been touched! yes she was a beauty when SRD dad showed JW the photo while they’re on the bus! i’ve seen her in many kdramas, she was also in Blissful Woman!

  396. 396 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, i know u’ll be tied up being a Monday, so no worries, i’ll man the ship, this won’t sink hahaha! i’ll share u the son if u like it keep it no harm right? 🙂 i like the Dae bum’s song also w/c u said u prefer the ATL song, this one i’ll send u is a female vocal w/c u heard in the drama too, i like it a lot so Pony is so great, i cldnt find it anywhere but she’s able to upload it for me!

    ok do what u hv to do & just pop in whenever u can sneak in here! meantime i’ll hv a quick dinner & be back to watching TT, can’t live w/out it now, i think we’re both obsessed! hahaha

    cheom cheom for a while

    i’ll send u the song ok? no worries, u’r welcome anytime!

  397. 397 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i know i sent u combo face but that’s only a sorta sketch that someone made up to incorporate all the actors’ faces but the one i emailed u is the actual actors coz i know u may not be familiar with all of them yet since u’r just being loyal to our Mr Perfect! :)))

  398. 398 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Forgotten to address this #377. U r 95% korean already! U cook korean food v often? I love kimchi, I took on a cooking lesson from a Korean Chef Minjung Lee just to learn to make this and have done it a couple of rounds. Its time-consuming but who cares since we r about to elope anyway. No need to cleanup after that. haaahahahahh!

  399. 399 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Ok let me take a look at my email, I think I have not responded as per the last round. Too busy watching TT.

    cheom cheom my fren and our dear KSH!

  400. 400 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #381 i remember that scene also mater of fact i was teary when i saw that first time (coz of course i’m watching 2nd time so i said first time), there are so many touching scenes in this drama n also some cute/funny scenes as well! yes the staff were just surprised! i liked the way JW & ES concealed their relationship, keeping their privacy seems utmost for them & u can’t blame them bcoz those girls in the office (except for the youngest one who is the apple of uncle’s eye) are very gossipy & annoying! they think ES is stern, cold and so on!
    I’m so glad that SRD parents are really liking ES! btw how’d u like the bromance (brod romance always used in kdrama viewers as slang) of SRD dad & son in law gosh SIL is so good to him i give him credit – he’s better than his wife, as if he’s the son not a son in law! he was always supporting his fath in law regardless! :))

    ok let me come back here & answer some more of yours coz i think i hv missed some hahaha

  401. 401 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yeyy 400 & now 401 after this….hahaha 95% Korean i feel it really, but of course we hv to elope with KSH so we need to practice his way of living esp cooking food for him! LOL

    what u r good my fren even taking Kor cooking lessons ummhhh KSH wld hv a sure place in his heart for you! make sure u practice peeling chestnuts ok? hehehe woah what else did u learn u must tell me ok? I luv kimchee, bolgogi, kalbi, their pancakes, and alllllllllllllllllllllll side dishes or banchan, i can do w/out the meat but just serve me the banchan i’ll be happy! :))

    i hvnt sent u the song since i got busy here in a min my dear hahaha

  402. 402 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. After we elope with KSH, we’ll upgrade to 100% korean immediately. Got to go wash up (or swimm) now.

    Talk later. Dont steal my KSH without my permission. hahahaahh!!!

  403. 403 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL u r super funny, ok i won’t steal him after all we’re in this together like two peas in a pod! hahaha yes yes we shld be upgrade to 100% for sure! ok take a swim now.

    ttyl i’m gonna embark on epi 40 now cheom cheom tempor

  404. 404 : sangjhoon Says:

    Dear Admin: Pls try if these photos of KSH are to your liking, he doesnt have many photos here :)! all your hard work here is very much appreciated! Luv this site! thank u ever so much! best regards to you all here are some links you can choose from please:




  405. 405 : Michelle Says:

    Dear Admin. Yes, pls do so, we miss all these nice pictures and hope this site will THE site that everyone will come to.

    Thx, Admin for helping out.

  406. 406 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m into that scene he’s giving the baby a bath telling the baby u need to be clean in order to meet girlfriends hahaha i’m chuckling here so hard, he’s super cute! Our KSH will indeed be a good daddy when he marries & hv his kids!

    #405 i agree w/u let’s hope with lots of pix here that his fans will come here too! thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Admin in advance!

  407. 407 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes! we will be the movers and shakers for KSH! Maybe we will be appted spokeswomen for him too!

    Oh yeah, the bb scene. I love it. I’m sure his kids are well brought up afterall daddy has gone thru all the bad times!

    I’m leaving now so just came here to check u out. U enjoy your marathon and I will move on once u are on par. Its more interesting that way. cheom cheom to u, to admin and to KSH.

  408. 408 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i luv him singing 3 bears LOL he’s adorable! i wished they’d shown them going to the bathhouse where typically kdramas wld show they scrub back of one another! he’s very accommodating & likable that’s why SRD parents like him a lot! i like the way he says ‘kaps da’ (let’s go).

  409. 409 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle ok hv a gr8 day at work & sky gazing hahaha Yes we may be apptd his spoxwomen, we’re the loyal shippers of KSH! Hope he’s doing well & staying healthy & ready for another project for us to enjoy!

    thnx for chkng me out here! ok i’ll try my best to be on par w/you as u’r da speedy gonzales one on TT, ms expert! hahaha

    cheom cheom to u too & our dear Mr Perfect KSH & to our dear Admin!

  410. 410 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Hi my fren, I’m just home and quickly turn on my comp. Gg to cook dinner, oh pls, pass me the candy, i’m getting cranky. Catch up later.

  411. 411 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle good eve/good morn fr here, u must’ve been busy n tired n already asleep by now! i didn’t do much progress last nite but i’ll just surprise u once i get par on where u are n most prob u’r finished w/TT by now!

    ok ok i’ll shoot some candies fr here just don’t be cranky when in front of our guy hahaha! ok catcha while i watch TT b4 b/fast & shower!

  412. 412 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Was about to start the alarm clock ringing on you! I’ve just finished epi 49. Was u r right, I’m gonna finish all tonight if poss. We can still discuss cos I dont mind yet another round.

    In this epi, JW tries every effort to revive and flame KSH’s heart again. She had her picture in the mini-books for him and left a note on it, broke her heels on purpose to get near him, esp the scene where they both conducted the interview, she sang (again out of tune) and u can sense KSH still v much in love with her thru his smile.

    Oh, I miss the part after discovering the contract the record cover. She told her SRD family she’s getting married but only after she get him. She even said to kidnapped him as the last resort.

    @sangjhoon, maybe we shd do that!

  413. 413 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I can’t wait for u, I’m scared the site will get the attack again. So i will be desperate to get it over and done with and move on with another round.

  414. 414 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i thot u may be sound asleep but thot of chkng again here while the epi is loading right now….LOL ok u go on ahead don’t wait for me coz u’ll nvr know with these sites, i’m ok with the way my watching is going hahaha!

  415. 415 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yes don’t u like that concept of ES he placed it in the Nat Cole record cover, our guy is really smart, he knows his mon mom pretty well by doing that!

    yeah we shld kidnap him hehehe it’s heartbreaking really when they separated! this drama shld’ve been extended to another 10 epis & showed us their married life & all that, sometimes i don’t get kdramas or their producers at all, they rushed the ending, i luvd the toothbrush scenes hahaha plus the one laying on the bench etc.

    ok i’ll let u work on your marathon & we’ll take it fr there! hahaha cheom cheom for now while i cont b4 i hv shower/b.f. (not boyfren as u joked in ur email hahaha)

  416. 416 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #415. No, I mean to say anyone shd feel there’s no record in it cos it’ll feel flimsy without it. The idea is great, our guy did it correctly as no one will suspect it, let alone, JW even threw it away.

    Just finished epi 50, but didnt pay much attention to details. Just wanna finish as much as poss quickly. Our guy looks so good(as usual)….
    He feels really sad at having to leave the publishing house. Talk abt more when u reach this epi.

    Good nite, need to catch some beauty sleep and dreamzzzz. Tomorrow is another packed day for me til night, so I can only watch the first few hr upon waking up. Meanwhile do drop your msg here. To motivate u further, maybe our guy will come to this thread….. cheom cheom

  417. 417 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Ya, good thing u clarify. I would have thought its ‘shower with boyfriend’. Then I will definitely pry further …. who? with who????? hahahaha! cheom cheom

  418. 418 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michell 417 hahaha u started it yday b/f (b/fast not b/frien) LOL we’re crazy as usual! hahaha of course with who? our guy hahahaha in my drms!
    ok u get ur beauty rest now b4 our guy calls u & ur not ready with all your glamour! hahaha nite nite n of course i’ll be here no worries! cheom cheom g/nite

  419. 419 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i gotcha! he’s pretty smart! i luv this epis where he confronted his mom epi 42 that in middle sch he came across a book that says ‘I love justice’ n he was trying to instill in mon mom that justice shld prevail that she had so many ppl who sacrificed under her monster life etc. Even JW’s mom when she met mon mom at home told her she cldnt believe ES grew up a decent person knowing that his mother is doing some dirty business as he was growing up! excellent dialogues in this drama as we always say!

    ok we’ll talk more when i reach your epis! hahaha as if we’re just starting to watch this, mine only 2nd u must be 8th x now right?

    cheom cheom while u gather ur thots & drms! make sure u dream of our guy! :))) hv a g/nite rest!

  420. 420 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i got the name of the youngest staff at Forest of Wisdom coz one of the girls called out her name, it is Han Song yee young uncle’s crush or apple of his eye!

    cheom cheom c u in ur morning hrs!! dream of KSH ok? it’s a request!

  421. 421 : sangjhoon Says:

    To Kim sukhoon ssi: we hope you’re doing well & that you’ll give us another drama soon! Pls don’t let us wait too long! 🙂 Take care always & we’re always here to support you! My friend Michelle here & I are making it possible to keep your thread here alive & well! Keep smiling & always be happy!

    We both are re-watching your drama which happens to be our all time favorite Twinkle Twinkle! Michell had seen it i believe 8 times now where i’m only on my 2nd round since i was not able to watch this at that time it was airing! You can just imagine my regrets not watching it then but they say better late than never & I really like so much, your great chemistry with Kim hyun joong have been marvelous! We hope you will have another drama with her in the future! aja aja hwaiting!!! :))

  422. 422 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, i wrote our Mr Perfect KSH fr both of us pls see #421 :))) in case he comes spazzing here hehehe! talk to u soon cheomcheom

  423. 423 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle re #416, i think i misd addressing the LP cover where ES thought of placing it inside the cover i agree it wld def feel flimsy w/out the docu inside but she never even noticed all along & threw it away outside her room! our guy is v v smart of thinking it that way KS nvr even suspected right? Poor KS he was just doing his job & got entangled with so many bad things the mons mom asks him to do! i had to smile looking at KS’ face sometime coz he looks so innocent 🙂 i remember young uncle’s mom asked him to join (her) for a drink & he said he’s on duty or working n that he cannot hv a drink, his face was so kind tho he’s supposed to be a gangster (or reformed gangster). 🙂

    just thinking u may not be up yet but good morning to you ok? hv a big b/fast n get ready to do some sky gazing! cheom cheom till i get home!

  424. 424 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #418. Oh its me? sorry…was really jealous that u undercut me on that, luckily its just ur dream! Just hope our guy will make a coffee for me and chit chat on the terrace.

  425. 425 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #419. Isnt it better the 2nd round? U’ll be amazed at what details you missed out as u rushed to capture all the main ideas first. Yesterday I also registered some new details and likewise for my round #9. Every look of him no matter how many times I repeat is still so fresh. I will stop once I get tired but dont think that will happen.

  426. 426 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #420. So she’s Han Song Yee. The most sensible of the lot. She’s true to JW and KSH and its no wonder little uncle had his crush on her.

  427. 427 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #422. Thx a lot for doing so, I appreciate and I’m sure our Mr Perfect is more than happy and will follow up on what we and other fans wish soon! My wish for the 2nd half of 2014 is for our guy to come to this thread. HoHoHo, hope we dont need to wait until Christmas.

  428. 428 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #423. Our guy is really smart. Maybe KSH and JW were so engrossed in their thoughts and worries that none noticed the record was light too. Anyway, praises to our guy, I like clever and smart and super handsome and suave and tall and nice-built and with excellent taste and great dress-sense and upright and intellectual and proper and filial and caring and responsible and respectable and down-to-earth and studious and child-loving and charitable and thoughtful and no-nonsense and a good househusband… woah!

  429. 429 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #423. I am too engrossed and forgot the part on KS. Yes, I like him too. He answers are very diplomatic and straight. U r right – a reformed gangster – credits to our guy again!

    Good that he’s upfront with the little uncle’s mom. Shes the type who will leach on any guy, even her own son. Remember how she wanted the little uncle to pay for her meal? I thought that was ridiculous and the mom shd have bought her son instead?

    Well, thats how she is and ended up with an old man in her college days (I suppose) and so, that’s the way she move on with her life.

  430. 430 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle first of good morning & at #428 hahaha u r one funny girl! i’m chuckling here reading your msg describing your ideal guy! hahaha u may not believe this but u took those words off my mouth! hahaha plus the last one ‘good househusband’ hahaha what more can we ask for right? i sent u an excerpt of his fan interv after TT & u shld look at it when u hv time! hahaha

    isn’t he really perfect? i like the filial part aside fr d/to earth, handsome etc etc. hahaha luv what u wrote!

    just getting home & sad the site won’t uplaod for me i’ll try the site u watch it from! on to ur other msgs.

  431. 431 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #425 yes yes it’s really better 2nd or 9th rounds hahaha u more or less appreciate it all over again & while watching some segments i said to myself ah so that’s what he meant or something like that u know what i mean, first time watching u wanted to get into the bottom of it but 2nd time i appreciate it more! agreed, he always hv that fresh look in him, gosh the 2 of us will never run out of things to talk about hahaha. I hope u won’t get tired or i’ll be alone here! hahaha we’ll see!

  432. 432 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yeah han seong yoo i just happened to saw that part where the 3 of them were talking & one of the called out her name! i know they’re cute together with young uncle! i nvr saw that actress before but i kinda like her!

    #427 u r more than welcome, i thot it wld be nice to write something here for our guy in case he accidentally click on here or his assistants – i’m sure these actors got someone to check their fan sites eh? let’s hope we won’t wait till xmas for him to do that! hahaha that’ll be one of the best christmas for us!

  433. 433 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle #429 exactly KS is such a nice person amongst the gangsters in kdramas! kudos to his quick thinking & wit plus his gratitude towards ES is amazing considering he used to be a gangster but a well reformed one at that! his face looking so kind/innocent LOL he made me smile when i see on screen!

    the young uncle’s mom is something else i know, she hasn’t seen nor touched his son like hug him & yet she’s arrogant & cheap she asked her son to pay for her meals! i agree w/u she prob was looking for security in her college days that even if young uncle’s dad was old enuf to be her father she didn’t mind at all however in fairness in the end she came with 2 suitcases full of money hahaha! i also like the young uncle he’s always so sweet with our JW & supportive!

  434. 434 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle let me fix my dinenr & be back! i’m sure u’r either at work now or still preparing to take a plunge in your swimming pool hahaha & while swimming sky gazing! don’t get drown or i’ll call ES to give u a mouth to mouth or CPR w/c i think even if u are able to breath, u will still pretend you haven’t so that it will take take for him to work on it! hahahaha

  435. 435 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’ve been wanting to tell u I like his ‘ahhhhhh…’ so much., like what we say ‘ohhh’

    #430. Having a good househusband is final.

  436. 436 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #434. I picked up a tip fr JW. She bent her heels til it almost broke. I’ll hide somewhere and when he appears I jump in….

  437. 437 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i know in all kdramas i find that so unique & sweet the ‘ahhhhs’ when they want to feed u or someone you love, in Korea they call it ‘love wraps’ hahaha when my sis & i are eating & we wanted to joke with it i’d say …..ahhhhh….& we’ll both laugh! i luvd the scene where after the PRD dad told ES he can’t accept him since his mon mom is a loan shark, then JW went to the room & they’re by themselves she asked him for a candy then said ahhhhhh, after that she asked for another one & she wanted to feed him …. forcing him to say ahhhhhhhhh woah i laughed so hard!

    hahaha #436 u r sooooper funny, don’t u forget that tip ok? i prefer the CPR hahaha!

    ok ok good househusb is final answer! maybe we shld hv a 3ple wedding coz it’s gotta be the three of us hahaha

  438. 438 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #437. On 2nd thoughts, we shd leave out the ‘househusband’.. He might run away even faster!

  439. 439 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #437. This is the eating ‘ahhhh’ I like. There’s the other ‘ahhh’ that he sometimes used as in agreeing with what the other party is talking. I like the initial epi where they met when JW was having her date with the little chestnut guy. I enjoy watching his finger pointing from JW’s eyes to where the Han father sits. Its so comical since JW lost her contact lens and cant see far so he’s actually directing her sight.

    His ‘ahhhh’ also means he’s doubting the other party’s words. He has a nice crescendo with that ‘ahhhh’. Ohh, I simply enjoy everything abt him. Looks very much I will go on with round #9 so @sangjhoon, u’ll have company!

  440. 440 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha ok we don’t want him turned away so early on. hehehe so good decision, leave that out hahaha

  441. 441 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U wouldnt believe it! The site is under attack again!

  442. 442 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle oh i see hahaha ok sorry i misconstrued u on that! i think i remember the sound of that ah u spoke about….i also love the way he says ‘kaps ta’ let’s go in Korean lang. hahaha don’t u think his voice is so powerful & soothing? i second u on that ev.thing about him seems flawless! hahaha we’re gone crazy for sure! i wished he knew!

    woah i’m impressed rnd 9 hahaha ok keep me company but i hvnt finished 2nd round, it sounds like when i say 2nd round is i’m drinking soju! hahaha

  443. 443 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, really? omo omo (oh my gosh) i can’t believe it b4 i had dinner i was even watching part 3 of epi 43 now it’s under attack again? oddoeke what to do? ah i will try to watch on YT then. even w/out subs

  444. 444 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, go to dramafever it’s available there too! ok?

  445. 445 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes I like his ‘kaps ta’ too! Enjoy the scene when JW resigns and he couldnt get hold of her during the day and night, he matched to SRD and waited there. He gave DB a piece of his mind and I like the authoritative manner telling JW to stand far away. He’s so protective of their relationship and especially so when he realised DB is just a door away. Imagine the turmoil in his mind!

  446. 446 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Thx but I’ll wait til i get home tonight. Hope its just an attack and not a siege. Lets pray hard this site is safe or else our hardwork will go down the drain. Its enjoyable to read what we’ve got and I do that on my mobile when on the bus. But I cant respond as it gives me error so I’ll just check for updates fr u.

  447. 447 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i had to stop watching d/fever it’s not as good as the other site, it kept asking me if i want to go premium for 1 wk trial free! i also hope that it’s only an attack, i’m now afraid to even try 🙁 yes i hope it’s not a siege! we hv to be v careful now! i dunno where else to watch, viki nor yt don’t seem to have this. yayyy

  448. 448 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. No TT so I’m getting a dose of our dear guy on Daily Motion Kim Suk Hoon 2013 CAU New Year’s Concert 2(韓語中字) Alth I dont u/stand a word, I find him so impressive speaking like an intellect and so entertaining and soothing hearing him speak. I know my grammar sucks here.

  449. 449 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle ur welcome! i know isn’t he cute saying ‘kaps tah’ hahaha his voice sounds so nice & kind! i was at that scene where in the hosp GR awoke & the PRD mom slapped him then JW went after him, he asked her to go back in to the room, then moments later here she was running after the bus, that was a nice scene too, then she says she’s hungry & the 2 went groc shopping! u can see the expression in his eyes so natural in acting, teary eyed! arghhhh awwwww i luv him more hahahaha

    ok take it easy now n let’s see where else i can watch! d/fever changed so much it used to be so nice watching there!

    hv a gr8 day ok? kaps ta hahaha

  450. 450 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #449. When they part n walk in the opposite direction, they will always turn back to look n wave goodbye to one another. But aft this slap that he got, he didnt turn back at all after they parted. He was so hurt but yet being sensitive to JW, he tried make it seem so light by telling JW she soothed him on the wrong cheek.

    cheom cheom, i gotta go now. Keep dropping in here cos I’ll be reading on the move.

  451. 451 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #450 i know this is the sad part now, he joked that she soothed him on the wrong cheek but it actually is the right cheek of course! then they had dinner & yes the saddest part of their affair n yet when he went after her to give the LP cover u can tell JW was expecting him to say don’t go i changed my mind or something to that effect! I think ES wld never have broken up with her if it had not been for GR’s accid right? PRD dad was very upset that he asked him to leave JW that sorta triggered it n combination of his mon mom being the root of all that’s happening, he cried in the bathroom oh such a good actor he is! need we say more! u know the After the Love music plays during their breakup so now it’s ringing in my ears! hahaha

    ok cheom cheom while i cont in d/fever i’m back there again coz i’m even scared to try the other site now! maybe until further notice hahaha

    catach ltr! 🙂 \o/ aja aja fighting! kaps tah ahhhh

  452. 452 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaa we shld get as much dosage wherever n whenever as long as we hear or see him that’s more than enuf even if we hardly know what he’s talking about! after all ….. that’s love n unconditional luv hahahaha

    i’ll be back but hv to hv some tea now

    cheom cheom

  453. 453 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I m outside n craving for updates. Inages of our guy floating in my head, fren, work harder on ur maratnon. Cheom cheom

  454. 454 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud morning fr here/evening to u! not much i cld share last night except i was tired n had to hit the sack before 11 pm hahaha also this a.m. the site is saying attack again! yeah didn’t u check oh yeah ahhhh u must be asleep, notice how i use the ‘ahhhh’ from our guy! hehehe sad part is their break up oh arghhh awwwww i’m crashed! the PRD father shld not be like that….and the mother slapped him poor thing!

    let me find out if i can watch at d/f

  455. 455 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. OMG! It looks this time round. Site still down. I just reach home. Its 10.30pm Tuesday night.

    I luv his ahhhhhh…

  456. 456 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle woah ur quite late coming home my fren, i just fin epi 47 d/f site i really am sad by the other site coz this one i’m watching it fr got too many commercials, it’s taking it longer! it’s only 7:30 am here tues! u hv a good rest!

    update: i luv the part where JW tells him inside the hosp to ES the cat shld not worry about the mouse, i luvd DB asking ES fr today can i look after JW since they broke up; also i like the way ES tells his mom u want GR to be ur dtr in law even if u won’t hv any g/children? hahaha the mon mom was speechless, she made her own skeleton & got scared of it so to speak! the last scene was he took the contract fr our fave b/guard KS he says to him you did not give this to me i stole it rom you! woah i luv the dialogues in this drama ever!

    cheom cheom taking a shower b4 b/f (not bfren ok hahaha) we only got one & only b/fren u know who! hahaha

  457. 457 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U speak from my mind now. ES answered DB ‘you must pass’. I wonder what he means. Does he mean DB must pass his exam or DB must win JW’s heart? Tricky ahhhhh? Aft that DB couldnt answer. Our guy smart ahhhhh?

    Absolutely, I luv all the dialogues too. Of cos, I know who. Get on with your shower alone. Let me check out the site again.

  458. 458 : sangjhoon Says:

    hahahaha @michelle get on w/my shower alone you cracked me to bits hahaha gee u r funny girl! just coming out fr shower ….. alone hahaha
    anyway yeah DB cldnt utter a word, maybe he meant pass as in winning her heart! gosh i wondered before why they titled this drama twinkle or sparkling….everything in this drama truly sparkles if not it twinkles every dialogue is worth catching, i nvr saw a drama not much that really made me paid attn to their dialogues! did u know the writer also won an award in 2011 along with our 2 fave stars here? yup

    u r still up? get some rest so u can do marathon ok? hehehe i can’t wait for tonight to watch the rest n hope the sites we go to won’t be under attack again!

    b/f time hehehe if ur still up i’ll be back but mntym cheom cheom

  459. 459 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I will remain up til the site comes up. I’m short of the last 3 epis. I love everything in this drama. Been watching this and only drama. even my TV was left untouched for many weeks already. hahaha!

  460. 460 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle like i said i apprec rewatching this, just a brief one our guy is crying as JW’s SRD dad came to ask him why did they brk up….what i’m going to tell u is that our guy is not selfish at all, he thinks about the welfare of jw n her fam n others bcoz he doesnt want them let alone her to be burdened anymore by his mon mom! amazing guy…did u see the staff ‘s reaction in disbelief that it’s jw n him dating woah

    let me go back to watching i’m just excited to shar it w/you

  461. 461 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle is the site still under attack? i like this segment when they’re mtg & little did they know he’s standing there what’s the mtg about? is it me? hahaha luv this drama, i know my tv too has been idle except when i chk the weather then turned it off to watch TT. hahaha we’re on the same boat of course, i luv his voice, ahhhh kaps tah hahaha luv d way he says it

    hope u get the last 3 epis u r fast don’t u watch d/fever?

  462. 462 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I definitely sure he is much better off with us than with JW and the others, agree? ahhhhhhh!

    Yes, I am v touched by what u said in #460. He cried in front of all of them and his cry is so real.

    I just laughed when he asked “Is it me?” I wouldnt have thought of that!

  463. 463 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m teary eyed while the youngest staff tells jw that her SRD dad came to see ES & that her father pleaded to him not to let jw go & that he cried, hearing her telling jw i’m crying too coz it’s a sad scene where he obliviously cried in front of his staff where they perceive him as a jrk & cold n all that! ahhh i still hv tears typing this, tears for our ES hahaha i’m crazy i know

  464. 464 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I am rewatching what I have in my PC. so its round #9

  465. 465 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Oh dear, I think its a siege now. Its taking such a long time to get back.

    Ya, that scene is v v touching, he must have been v hurt and has no one to turn to except his ownself. He lost everything overnight.

    I cant carry on, will catch some sleep hopefully our lives will return to normal. Good morning to u. U wont miss anything since u r working and site is down. Cheom cheom

  466. 466 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle I cldnt leave home for work this a.m. till I finished epi 48 so I was a li’l late coming in woahhhh….i luvd the part where the brod in law to be had a drink w/our guy n when he came home he spilled the beans on what ES told him, such as he’s not qualified, the best spring he’s had, even if it rained he felt warm or something like that….then after hearing this JW rushed to his mother’s house & she hugged him but he wasn’t responding, that was where I left off….i can’t wait to see nxt one….i wanna go home hahaha n just watch the drama! Soooo good!

    wow u can be in guinness book of world recd if ur #9 now & counting! hahaha

    it must be a siege i told you!

    ok hv some sleep n ttyl…cheom cheom

  467. 467 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle it’s 10:56 am Tues here & i just chkd again it’s still under attack! i feel for the site, i hope they can put a stop to it! i luv watching there coz it gives u 3 playlists if one doesnt work for u another option is avail! arghhh keep fingers crossed that this isn’t what we’re thinking to be…a siege as u said!

  468. 468 : sangjhoon Says:

    To dear Kim Suk hoon ssi: annyeong ha sae yo to we hope you’re doing well and keeping well! we will wait for your next drama, meantime have a very nice spring break and more power to you! We always enjoy watching your drama Twinkle Twinkle & my friend Michelle here have seen it about 9 times now where i’m only on my 2nd but i will surely try to catch up on her:)

    From your faithful/loyal fans across the Globe – Sangjhoon & Michelle

  469. 469 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud morn to u, pls chk ur email i hv gud news for u 🙂

    @Kim suk hoon ssi a very nice good morning to you from us here!
    have a great day in SK esp with your radio broadcast! aja aja

  470. 470 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m done with my beauty sleep n a v gd afternoon to u. The site is back to normal now.

    Thx for the greetings to Kim Suk Hoon on my my behalf. U r so thoughtful like him!

    I’m gg to start my marathon today for the last 3 epis. Cant afford the gamble. Watching TT is more serious than running own biz. Hahahahh!

  471. 471 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gr8 my fren, yeah it’s back to normal, so work on it as much as u can b4 they get attacked again 🙂

    u’r more than welcome of course i won’t leave u out, we’re like 2 peas in a pod remember? hahaha thnx i’ll take that as a compliment! 🙂

    ok start ur marathon, happy for you! hahaha TT is paramount to u not the running of biz, i’m w/u on that! 😀

    happy wed & happy b/f (as in brkfast)

  472. 472 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i forgot to say gud morning to you hahaha

  473. 473 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Its dead again!

  474. 474 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle woah really a huge prb now! so sad

  475. 475 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yeah, disaster for us! I’m lost!

  476. 476 : sangjhoon Says:

    i just emailed u stepbystep to go to the other site ok? hope it works
    just try it again

  477. 477 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Is this a sabotage? We are so unlucky! Hope they get this fixed up asap. I’m trying my best to like RR. For our guy sake.

  478. 478 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I do my work on my comp when I hear his voice, I will quickly switch windows just to see him. Oh pls, get our TT back online quick.

  479. 479 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I failed again. Another 10 min, that’s all. How cld anyone not notice that Ruby isnt Ruby at all? They arent identical twins and even so, there are habits, actions, mannerisms unique to each.

    Even Runa’s b/fren can tell the diff. How is it that Ruby’s b/fren can’t? They’ve known each other since college days!

    All the more, the mom and aunt shd see the diff right away. Its really absurd. Kinda hard to swallow.

    I gg to nap again. Talk again later, cheom cheom

  480. 480 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud eve/morning to you! sad i know hope u complete your watching soon!
    i also only watch RR bcoz of Kim suk hoon otherwise i wld’ve stopped long time ago

    doesn’t he hv a beautiful voice? i know hearing his voice even if i’m not looking at the screen watching TT say, i had to get something from the kitchen n the drama is on, i feel happy hahaha

  481. 481 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle you’re asking why none of them in RR noticed the diff betwn these two? of late tho i don’t wish to spoil this for you, they’re not twins apparently the bad Runa is adopted! anyway, the reason also that they didn’t notice ruby is not ruby is coz of their faces, a lot of comments in YT also said how come they shld hv noticed their voices right? but then it all boils down to the fact that in fictional stories most writers exaggerate that’s probab why we can’t come to grips w/how these two complicate matters while we’re watching! 😀 what i don’t u/stand also how did their surgery turn out to be this way? it’s mind boggling really!

    i’m sure ur sound asleep now so let me get a small dose of TT before i do anything else hahaha cheom cheom

  482. 482 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. oh no, had a really long and deep nap, got up thinking its morning, hahaha, its only 9.30pm now Wed night. Was just a 2 hr nap, checking on the time at #479.

    My life is in havoc with KSH/TT. LOL!

    No chance of our site getting up again. This time its really bad.
    Anyway, I found a great lullaby with RR.

  483. 483 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. typo again in the above “My life is in havoc WITHOUT KSH/TT.

    Ya, his voice is so nice, i dont know how to describe it, just so ssooo nice like his person, like his personality, here I go again having been so quiet abt him these 2 days….

    He is most handsome in TT so I’m gonna hit at it again. Epi 1. I luv his kraps da, like u. cheom cheom

  484. 484 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. which epi are u? so we can be on the same page

  485. 485 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle sorry for late rep but i just finished ep 52 going on to epi 53 but i hv to hv b/f after this heheehe no worries u’ll get it back just hang in there!

    gud u had a good nap! 🙂 so u must be in drmland now! on to ur other ones

  486. 486 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle ok for typos as we smtyms rush with our thots here! edit song will take care of it! hahaha i know the feeling when u say ur life is in havoc w/out KSH/TT….i echo that view! same here when they had that prb i had to search for the TT drama like a chicken walking w/out its head! hahaha

    gud u found a gr8 lullaby for RR, i only watch RR coz of him!

    if u hit no ep 1 again then this will be ur 10th x? hehehe i salute u fren!
    i know his voice is soothing it’s really cool, he must hv a good singing voice too!

    gg for b/f (not b/fren) brkfast ok? hehehe

    cheom cheom for now n drm about him

  487. 487 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m still up, my fren. Yayaya ES will help, so we just throw our hearts out happily. U r funny too! chicken without its head!

    Yes, luv him inside out.

    Go on, get your b/f. hahaha!!

  488. 488 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle what’s ur take on this when he was leaving n asking the driver to take a u turn then calling her but she didn’t answer coz she didn’t recognize the unknown no. on her cell, was he thinking of staying ? then dae bun spoiled it when he saw him kissing her n he turned around to leave! I think he was thinking of not leaving her but then when he saw them he probab thot woah she’s forgotten me easily? i need ur feedback on this ms expert hahaha thnx kam sa hab nida chingoo

  489. 489 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle lol u r a late sleeper indeed! anything for our guy i guess eh? u liked that eh chckn w/o its head hahaha that’s how much we luv this guy! hvng b/fast in front of comp hehehe i feel for him i think he didnt want to part after hearing her poem inside the truck so he asked the driver to take a uturn but dae bum ssi spoiled ES’ mood seeing him kissing her! gosh

  490. 490 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. In fact, I was all too happy when he decided to turn back. Yes, i felt the same, too. He wanted to make up with her but thought she had gone to DB for good. Why didnt he just barge into the restaurant knowing she’s there? Seems he lost his fighting spirit against DB.

    He must have inherited lots of guilt from his mon mom and felt DB is a better choice for JW. JW was so delighted at seeing the fireworks and so, maybe he felt justified enough to leave her. Sorry, but I think, he is too wishy-washy here.

    Luckily she is still strong-headed to move on with all confidence to get him back.

  491. 491 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. If we were JW, none of this ‘tragedy’ will happen.

    His mon mom will be gone for good a long long time ago!
    We would have wrapped him up and kidnapped to another foreign country to start life anew!

  492. 492 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Remember that time outside the hospital, DB asked if he could start take care of JW? ES said dont need to ask him and that he must pass. So when JW accepts DB’s kiss, ES must have thot JW has accepted him. He’s a blockhead at this! Compare to JW and GR. JW fought her way thru.

    He’s lucky JW pushes forward.

  493. 493 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle well said my fren, i think he just assume the wrong way that DB is a new man for JW but li’l did he know poor JW was hurting deeply that evening! but u’r right he was a bit off or wishy washy there he cld’ve just ran after her while DB was dragging JW that eve….however u can’t really blame him ES has been unselfish n that he wanted JW’s happiness more than his! Remember some epis ago he told her or himself can’t recall that she did not want her to suffer anymore under his mon mom n JW’s fam for that matter! our guy is suppressing all his true feeling for the sake of JW n his love for her! i think that nite he was pretty determined to stay in the mon mom’s mansion but things like DB kissing her made him think otherwise! arghhhh my heart hurts for him as i’m typing this woah are we really watching a drama or we’re just too intense to the point that it’s really getting into us? this drama is THE most that has /had an effect on me with all the tens /thous of kdramas i’ve seem! woah i’m just in disbelief! i can’t wait to watch nxt epi 53 tonite! so i think we shld be on par by then? hehehe

    i remember that #492 outside the hosp where DB asked if he cld take care of her….he must pass etc. poor ES has been jealous of DB all along but it seems he didn’t hv a choice but to give in! He’s a blockhead like the staff always described him, i think part of this is bcoz of his growing up, he must be very aloof since his mon mom made him n of course he’s embarrassed of their livelihood hence he’s more or less walking on egg shells when he encounters ppl!

    oh i need to hit the road my fren hv a nice eve n we’ll be in touch! my head is full of KSH even when i’m at work hahaha

    cheom cheom for now but c u when u awoke

    \o/ ahhhhhh kaps dah

  494. 494 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle p.s. yeah i was happy too when he asked the driver to make a U turn i thot yeyyy but the rest was really sadder than sad!

    cheom cheom ahhhh kaps dah!

  495. 495 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Take care and dream only of him. Dont be like little uncle who scribbled the girls name all over the pages. Make sure you do not call your boss ES. LOL!!!

  496. 496 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL i know the li’l uncle is something else too hahaha i like his innocence! oh noooooooooooooooo not a chance for me to call my boss ES, not even close hahaha LOL wished tho that it’s ES so i don’t hv a chance to work i’ll just gawk at ES if he were my boss! step aside Jung won hehehe

  497. 497 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U wouldnt believe this! I just cant sleep until I finally found this which i will email to u in a while.

    Just finished epi 52, so so sad, their parting. No matter what he is still sossoo handsome!

    Now I can go to bed its 3am in the morning! cheom cheom.

  498. 498 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle U r one of a kind lady Hoon hahaha! You know that song “How Deep is Your Love” that’s what’s going on w/you & me! Hahaha glad u found that one I got fr the mail! Cheom cheom sleep now ok? Get some beauty rest!

  499. 499 : sangjhoon Says:

    Dear Admin: FOLLOW UP we know you’re busy but can u pls check if these photos are for your approval? I sent u this msg a few days ago:

    Dear Admin: Pls try if these photos of KSH are to your liking, he doesnt have many photos here :)! all your hard work here is very much appreciated! Luv this site! thank u ever so much! best regards to you all here are some links you can choose from please:




  500. 500 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #491 hehehe of course we wld’ve snatched editor Song & give him a safe haven somewhere that his mon mom won’t find him ever! we’re going to rescue him for all the miseries she had put upon him while growing up esp with the tragic death of his father on is birthday of all days! i also admire JW’s quest to get mon mom get reformed – luvd the scene where she slept beside her hahaha then wrapped her arm around her where we can see mon mom was touched by her gesture! i also give her credit for dropping her charges when she was kidnapped by mon mom thru that gangster but her PRD mom was the one who filed the fraud charges hence she eventually got arrested! somehow i feel for mon mom when they put handcuffs on her, it’s hard not to melt your heart in spite of what wrong she’d done! anyway i’m gonna finish this drama 2nte so i can’t wait! 🙂

  501. 501 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Gud morning to u from here! Today’s a great day so I’ll finish up my last 2 epis before embarking on my other stuff. Enjoy your marathon and we’re on par. Cheom cheom

  502. 502 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud morning to u too/gd aftn fr here! oh good! i’m sure u’ll get it done 🙂

    yup we’re on par now so after i wash my dishes i’ll just get glued 🙂

    cheom cheom chingoo

  503. 503 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. So sad I’ve come to the final epi and done with. Wish it goes on forever and forever and ever.

  504. 504 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Likely to recycle for the 10th round. By then, I can see with my eyes closed.

  505. 505 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha we’re both experiencing the so called w/drawal syndrome i guess! me too i wished it’s never ending to TT hahaha

  506. 506 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL 10th round it will be, and 3rd for me i’m a latecomer! i’m sure u’ll memorize the lines or dialogues too by now hahaha & of course like u said w/ur eyes closed! 🙂

    it’s 11:52 pm here & i need some beauty rest so when we drm of KSH we will look good!

    jjal ja isseo to our KSH & u my fren

  507. 507 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I don’t mind watching other dramas but nothing can beat TT. Of cos the biggest pull is our guy KSH. Hard to accept others.

  508. 508 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud eve to u gud morn fr here….i know i fully u/stand u hahaha i really hv a w/drawal syndrome now after seeing it 2nd time, i will rewatch 3rd rnd but i hv to luk n see what’s happ in his BW series in meantime! i salute u for being a loyal TT shipper let alone KSH shipper! we’re on same boat! rewatching now for 10th? hahaha gud for you

  509. 509 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I am not as fortunate. BW not available here. I’ve watched The Secret Lover already. Its better than RR.

  510. 510 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle it;s avail at his int’l site if u can only log on there u can n that’s where i watch it from, yeah i also saw SL, ITStorm but TT is our all time fave! yeah SL is bettah than RR 🙂

  511. 511 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Cecil already said its boring! dont know what she/he mean!!!
    anyway, she must be sick n tired of my asking again as i couldnt do anything upon login since day1

    i will just give those a miss
    only fated to watch TT. LOL!!!

  512. 512 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i also dunno what she meant boring i doubt if she meant the rules? or the drama? 🙂 i like that fated to watch TT LOL reminds me of the chinese drama fated to love you!
    1 am now in your zone hv a gud rest buddy!

  513. 513 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Can we make it to 100? Which epi are u now with TT? I’m done epi 1&2 already. Tonight epi 3&4.

  514. 514 : sangjhoon Says:

    @micelle woah that’s a tall order fren, hhhahaha done W 3/4 now after i left this a.m. u go on no worrie

  515. 515 : sangjhoon Says:

    To our Kim suk hoon ssi, hope you’re doing well & may you have a great w/end & radio show! Take care & we’re always rooting for you! Hope u will have another drama or movie soon!

    From us: Michelle & Sangjhoon your loyal fans fr across the Globe

  516. 516 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. We achieved half of our goal already. Now to continue with the second half of our journey and by Christmas, hopefully our Kim Suk Hoon ssi will come pay us a visit.

  517. 517 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle it seems likely we’ll go beyond our expectations! let’s hope so & that’ll be our big treat if it does happen! nothing’s impossible, just think positive right?

    hope you hv a gr8 w/end as well as our Kim suk hoon ssi! fighting, hwaiting

  518. 518 : sangjhoon Says:

    Thanks Admin for updating Kim suk hoon’s bio re his entertainment company!

  519. 519 : Michelle Says:

    @sanjhoon. In epi 6, after the shower scene, there’s nothing there for me to remember or forget. hahahah!

    Next he found the complete devastation at his work desk! Look at his stare. I really like it!

  520. 520 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i remember that too! hehehe it was one hilarious scene n who cld forget that?
    i’m gonna catch up on you just wait n see! 🙂 i thot u were on the road?

  521. 521 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle funny on epi 5 jw’s mom thot dae bum ssi really likes jw whereas the reason he came by was bcoz of the baby! the writer/s of this drama is extraordinary great! can’t get over how they made the dialogues so awesome!

  522. 522 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Just covered that part the night after the shower scene. JW’s mom came to deliver her fresh clothing, etc. KSH was so inquisitive about her. Then came the glare. She was so determined to get even with him and they both start a huge argument just on that tiny glare alone! I like best when he lost his patience and wrapped up the argument by saying something like ‘… let’s just analyse it on our own’ and waved his hand at that.

    Later at the canteen when he noticed Sang Won wasted his food, he rambled on and on the world calamities. JW now has a different view towards our guy. Seems to have appreciated his cool.

  523. 523 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i read the our KSH ride the bus in SK, funny how someone noticed him one day & the guy said his name out loud then ev.one on the bus got excited! he seems a very humble person, woah his future wife is sure lucky!

  524. 524 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m done with my breakfast. Will continue before bedtime on 7&8. Cheom cheom!

  525. 525 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #521 Yes, supposed to have left but an old fren called up and took half hr chatting away. Its Sat morning here and most of companies work on a 5 day week.

    everything falls in place so nicely. who would ever have thot DB was for the bb only? Even her mom looked so comical with her comments. Cheom cheom!

  526. 526 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle ok i’ll catch up on you i’ll do a marathon for as long as i can stay awake!

    cheom cheom for now

  527. 527 : sangjhoon Says:

    #525 michelle It’s only Fri eve 8:55 so on my standard this is still pretty early!

    yeah it’s so funny the mother was surprised that young uncle kinda used JW as an excuse that DB likes her – yeah expression on mom’s face was funny, as if she’s measuring DB n she told herself maybe i’ll consider him if he graduates or something like that! hahaha

    cheom cheom fren

  528. 528 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i liked that part where JW was so worried edit Song saw her in that towel that dropped then she asked him to delete what he saw & ES says nothing worth remembering anyway! LOL i luv these two forever!

    then it’s so meticulous of ES to sharpen all his pencils, w/c later on wld be his signature thing in this drama as in being associated with him!

  529. 529 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #523. wow, he take bus rides ya? Appreciate him a lot! Nice guy, no airs. My type. Unfortunately, he doesnt know me.

  530. 530 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hehehe i know how down to earth can Kim suk hoon ssi be? me too i think his being modesty is one of his greatest assets! yeah no airs just a nice guy! hahaha he will know u someday! :))

  531. 531 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle done epi 7 i’m sure you’ll achieve more when u get home & ‘am gonna be lagging again 🙂 i’ll catch up on u no worries

    well i’m gg to cheom cheom kaps dah/krups dah again! annyeong!

    jjal ja!!!

    Good day to our fave actor in SK! fighting KSH (a.k.a. editor in chief Song)

  532. 532 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Hey fren, I thot u shd be in slumberland? I try to like RR since hes got his wiki. 2013 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actor in a Daily Drama (Ruby Ring)

  533. 533 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I give u the handicap. i watch RR

  534. 534 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud a.m. fr here! yeyyy now i hv comp watching him in RR, i told u it will grown on u — if we hv to support Kim suk ssi we hv to go all the way no matter what! hahaha ok buddy

  535. 535 : sangjhoon Says:

    @532 michelle i thot so too but somehow i cldnt hack it anymore hahha! didn’t u know he won an award in RR? yup my fren…our Kim suk is a very talented actor & awards are always on his side! glad u decided to cont with RR, i’m on epi 43 now if it uplds nxt tym

  536. 536 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. gud evening to u. ok ok, will try. Again only 10 min on RR and I gave up. Will need to be more patient with the rest of the cast as well as not to dwell too deeply into the script and storyline. I just find the surgery etc unconvincing. Anyway, like u said, just focus on our guy.

  537. 537 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Go to his FB acct. Loads of nice pix there. https://www.facebook.com/kimsukhoon.cafe

  538. 538 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle watching ep 8 now! gud eve to u gud am here! lol it happened to me too but i just went on for our guy on RR! i’m w/u the surgery is very unconvincing indeed! it’s mind-boggling really!

  539. 539 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle ok thnx for sharing the FB info altho i hv no acc there i may hv to sign up to gawk at his pix 🙂

  540. 540 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Me gg on to epi 7/8 now

  541. 541 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle i’m almost done with epi 8 🙂 we’re almost on part

  542. 542 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. No need for signup. Just copy the link I gave you onto ur browser. You can see all the nice pix, v v nice ones

  543. 543 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’ll continue tomorrow. We’re almost on par. My shutters are closing on me. Good nite!

  544. 544 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle ok hv a g/nte’s sleep & i’ll look at FB for his photos! thnx for telling me, i got ur email too about it!

    cheom cheom

    g/nite to you & our Kim suk hoon ssi in his beautiful country South Korea

  545. 545 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle, i just looked at his FB quickly omo omo lots of gorgeous pix of Kim suk ssi! did u sign up for FB? i think we shld so we can send him a note, i’m almost sure he goes to FB than other sites! did u notice more TT pix than other of his dramas? thnx again fren for sharing!

  546. 546 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle eerona eerona get up get up :)) gud a.m. to u there, just getting home from errands; food shopping hvnt watched but after chores i will

  547. 547 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i hv news for you, i was watching this new drama & who did i see as bodyguard again? our fave TT b/guard kwang soo yeah he’s in this drama plus geum ran (Lee yoo ri) LOL i was surprise to see the b/guard! glad he’s got another proj now!

  548. 548 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Gd morn. for me, Gd evening for u.
    #545. I already have FB. TT has the most and all v pleasant to look at.

    KSH is v neat and organised. Notice how he wiped the shavings off his desk left behind by JW when she sharpened those pencils of his? I laughed my head off when Han Song Yi was penalised for her carelessness in misspelling the author’s name. JW rushed to the scene half-way thru brushing her teeth. She didnt realise there were foams around her lips. Look at how KSH stares at her disgustingly??

  549. 549 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Epi 8 is so interesting. JW v good at acting drunk. After revealing her inner feelings and saw her unselfish acts such as taking on the tardy for her staff, KSH softened towards her and in fact, seems to have a liking for her starting now. Still enjoying the minute details even on my 10th round.

  550. 550 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud am to u gud eve fr me yeah epi 8 is quite interesting lol i know she didn’t realize the foam on her lips in a hurry to go down to song yi’s rescue! u know i admire her for standing up for her staff, imagine she had to do the labels herself since she mentioned to ES that she’s taking responsibility but much to her surprise he said you’ll do it w/out any help fr others! hahaha

    yes i noticed that too how v neat n organized he is for a guy eh? hehehe that’s why the staff describes him as stern coz nobody can really get in his way he always has the answers or ammunition for them!

  551. 551 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle fren we hv observed exactly same thing JW is a really good n convincing when she was drunk! gosh these two are just too adorable! hehehe

    i think so too this is the start of ES liking JW, he proved himself wrong in a way coz i believe ES thinks of her as selfish, irresponsible editor but she’s really a great person n ES starting to notice that now!

    u must be hvng b/fast? u know what i had for lunch? guess? Kor food there’s a place nearby korean resto n they are popular with the local Koreans here so i went there, like our KSH alone eating alone hahaha i luv their ban chan or side dishes! anyway hv ur b/f now n talk later!

    i feel like watching Into the Storm for a li’l bit then back to TT i hv the dvd tho no subs but i don’t care as long as i can see him on big screen hehehe

  552. 552 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle r u almost epi 9 now? while prep my dinner i’m gonna start on 9 hope we’re on same page hehehe
    this time he still thinks that JW has a baby as they’re heading for dinner the maid calls her that the baby is sick so ES/JW rushed to the hosp

  553. 553 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. No, I’m lagging behind u. Today’s a busy day for me so I can watch only before bedtime. Only finished up to epi 8. Yes, they both have liking for each other starts here. For JW, the turning point is when she marched up to him demanding to remove the 3 tardies. After having heard his reasons, remember, she started taking the bus to work? She has changed! Another is when the colleague suggested to put the band round the book, KSH came to support her idea? See the look on her face? Terrific show! Cheom cheom, need to get moving.

  554. 554 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. K food is healthy n nice. Maybe I shd start making my own kimchi…

  555. 555 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #551. Eat slowly and look around carefully. KSH might be on his way there! He’s looking for company too.

  556. 556 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #552. Yes, thats when he starts to see differently and remove the final hurdle as he already liked her.

  557. 557 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #550. The producer is so good to think of this and let the books fell off the shelf! This unique scene has brought them into close physical contact for them to move on. Dont u think this pile that fell was put up by JW? Most likely so, knowing her character, think I’m right.

    Yes u r right, hes the everyready battery for every form of objection. Hes good!

    cheom cheom for now til evening.

  558. 558 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i took a nap n am still lagging too! 🙂
    @553 yes i like her support for the staff, she really goes out of her way to defend them! don’t u love the expression on ES’ face ev.time he feels he shld reprimand the staff? woah he’s a very strict boss but for a reason! yeah i remember that n she started taking the bus!

    indeed terrific show

  559. 559 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle #555 LOL who knows maybe he’s taking a trip here n i wldnt even notice he’s at the other table across fr me? hahaha LOL

    yeah try making your own kimchee i tried it sometime ago but i still like the way the Koreans way of doing it maybe it’s just on my mind but i think it tastes better than the one i prepared hahaha one of my fave ban chan or side dishes wld be the fish cakes!

  560. 560 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle @557 u think it was her idea? maybe not it just happened that way but wasn’t he arrogant? hahaha she was saying i saved your life n this is what i get? he said nxt time don’t do that hahaha once again we may sound like a brkn record but the dialogues in this drama are super duper amazing!

    ok cheom cheom till u r avail! i’m gonna look at his other dramas so maybe we’ll be on par again by the evening! this time – not sure how long i can stay till my eyes give up i guess hahaha

    don’t do too much ok relax

  561. 561 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m watching his movie now ‘heartless city’ fr his int’l fan site! just starting & his acting is as usual so natural! hope u can watch this too sometime!

  562. 562 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #558. Yes, I observe his every expression. They’re v much in-depth and I just love the way he does it. Esp that one when the doc calls for guardians of the bb!

    #559. Next time call out his name. I search the FB for his name. 1 guy pop up, face is so diff, so cant be him. Ignore.

    #560. No, not her idea but they both put up those books. Since she is of a careless nature, the pile that feel could likely be her efforts. Ya, I’d say they’re both very stubborn and strong-headed. Both refuse to open themselves but secretly smiling and acknowledging the other’s good points.

    Yeah, broken record as it may be, we repeated cos we so afraid to miss out those details! hahaha! I never get tired of repeating or hear repeats fr u. I still enjoy, just repeat….

    I sneak home to rest a while before moving off. Now watching epi9

  563. 563 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yey w/come back for a while! i’ve watched /finished his movie Heartless City, it’s kinda crime story! now i’m sharing you this guesting he had with the variety show i forgot what it’s called but u can follow thru from YT!

    yeah they’re both stubborn but noticed his surreptitious glances/ smile at her when he’s being amused by JW’s blabbers? these 2 are super cute!

    i also finished epi 9 but taking a break coz i wanna watch some of his other projects!

    LOL i know nxt tym i’ll call out his name who knows maybe he’s in the crowd eh? hahaha

    glad u’r resting ok enjoy cheom cheom for now

  564. 564 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle oh i see what u mean when the books fell over fr the shelf! yeah they were working on it as he was giving her some idea how to put the books from that machine first few epis!

  565. 565 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U know I couldnt help chuckling. JW said the bb’s face appearing in her eyes all day. Aren’t we in the same boat? KSH’s images floating all over us, too!

    He was so fierce with her when she barged into her father’s office without knocking. But after she left, I guess he sort of realise she’s has some emotional problem.

  566. 566 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i guess u can say that we’re on the same boat fren!

    yes i saw the reaction on his face that he realized how he hurt her feeling! 🙂
    i’m still watching Healing Camp with his as guest, he’s so talkative n funny, too bad it’s not subbed but it seems really good; he’s showing off his cooking skills! he’s making the group laugh so hard with his talking! i’m still up till my eyes give up! 🙂

  567. 567 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i think i need some beauty rest hahaha so i’ll bid u cheom cheom for now till tmrw! u enjoy ur day & keep watching! 🙂 g/nte fr here!

    Annyeong to our Kim suk hoon ssi – have a great day & a blessed one!

  568. 568 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to you u must be marathoning again, just waking up n first thing i visit is here LOL we’re addicted to KSH! let me see if i can start epi 10 while doing my morning exercise! 🙂 good nite to u there!

  569. 569 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Nice abbreviations GM/GE, words are getting shorter and shorter, haha! Yes, addiction to KSH is still there like Day 1!

    I’m just home, gg to start epi 9/10 cos I didnt manage to finish epi 9.
    Hopefully can see our guy in my dreams!

  570. 570 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #563 that series not available here for me. u r lucky!
    i didnt get to see much, vid stopped many times so m gg to bed now.
    gd night!

  571. 571 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle lol i know it’s gud short abbrev GM/GE so u hv a gd nt & swt drms of our guy!

    i just finished the talk show i told u about Healing Camp he was a guest in Oct 2011 i think either a little before TT filming not sure but they showed some clips of their first kiss, etc. Anyway he was very funny made the hosts in the show laugh away however frustrating coz there’s no subs, i felt laughing away with them! i think i read in soompi some t/lation of this that the hosts were asking him why he’s not married yet etc. plus he spoke about his previous projects; then showing he was demonstrating his cooking skills! I thot YT was also avail w/wide? arghhh sorry u can’t even see it!

  572. 572 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’ll cont w/epi 10 once i’ve done what i hv to do today! so we’re at par on watching! my sister is also on epi 10 now she tells me!

    cheom cheom

    jjal ja (g/nite in Korean or take care)

  573. 573 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #571 He’s just 42 this yr. Even if he marries at 50 hes still gorgeous looking. Really need to hit the right partner which is of utmost importance.

    Yest internet was lagging, didnt get to watch 9/10 or RR. I find the lead lady looks more an older sis to him than a girlfren. Dont like her looks. Tho her eyes are big, they seem dull, and her face is not natural, unlike JW.

    She’s out!

  574. 574 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Made it thru epi 10 finally. todays another full day for me. So now m getting ready to wash up and go. Catch up with u again tonight. cheom cheom

  575. 575 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud am to u i’m also just getting up fr a nap hahaha i managed epi 10 the CPR LOL ev.time i see it i thot woah amazing hehehe

    oh i agree, age is that no. he looks 10 yrs younger i’m serious! even if he’s 50 i agree he’ll be gorgeous! there’s a childlike in him as it is with everybody so he must be taking good care of himself of course! he needs to meet the right soulmate, u know what the saying goes, good things come to those who wait! 🙂 so he’s probably taking his time n enjoying his singlehood but he needs to hv someone beside him so he doesnt hv to spend going to the movies alone, eat alone etc. :))

    i think RR is really a no-go w/you but i managed to hack it bcoz of him! 🙂

  576. 576 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle ok go on w/ur busy day but take it easy & i’ll hv another marathon since tmrw is a public holiday here, being Memorial Day so i’ll probab go byond epis by epis hahaha

    ok catacha ltr, cheom cheom Twinkler buddy! hahaha

  577. 577 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’ll try to hack it too ……

  578. 578 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle ATA Girl! hehehe yes keep me company with RR just don’t mind her but u know in fairness she’s a good actress i know i know we can’t compare her to the sweet JW but give her a chance 🙂

    i’m looking epi 11 i think i can’t help but laugh out loud here when the ugly prosec tried to get in JW’s car to go to printing shop & suddenly ES grabbed his hand not take his front seat that’s his hahaha then prosec was offering cupcakes w/c he says was very expensive ES took it instead, he’s really jealous now! LOL then he blabbers why JW is mtg this kind of guy; however i think he really feels sorry for JW coz of the situation she’s in i.e. the switch with GR! amazing story w/c we’ll never get tired for as long as we could!

  579. 579 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U r getting me all excited again! I’m doing some final checks on ur contribution here before i scram.

    Oh I love to see his jealousy! Actually JW goes alone and I guess he rushed in last minute upon seeing that small guy. What do u think? thats why JW asked if hes going too? Its as tho he owns JW now, hahahah!!!

    I love the way he counter that small guy. I just love it.

  580. 580 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hehehe sorry if i got u all excited fren hahaha i just can’thelp but share it w/you! i was chuckling real hard coz the prosec braces wearing guy is so funny too….yeah i luv his expressions of jealousy even with dae bum ssi but he doesnt wear it on his sleeves; it’s kinda hidden if u will! hahaha i guess so too he rushed in last min when he saw him coz he wasnt intending to go w/her hence JW was surprised! hehehe yeah out of his sheer jealousy it feels like that…he owns her now! i really think he’s smitten bcoz of JW’s openness, she doesnt hide her feelings & that’s (i read) was one of the qualities he likes if he’s got to choose his partner in real life!

    i’ve been wanting to tell u how JW’s tolerance & persistence in dealing w/his mother which in the end paid off eh? if it’s some other women who wld stick to him with a mon mom like that right? but she persevered to the point of hvng to know her better by going to mon mom’s place to hv her lunch even if she had to pack her own food! amazing JW hat’s off to her, they’re match made in heaven! i wished we’re watching a true story of KSH & Kim hyun joong! she’s a wonderful person & so is he!

  581. 581 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle remember this epi i’m sure u do where he was at his mother’s resto helping her clean up, he was thinking of JW when he saw her dress hanging at the resto fr the nite she got drunk, txtd JW to let her know the printing is done etc then in passing JW tells him i’m hungry but it wld be nice to have sundae i think kind of soup she had there but thot her mom’s resto is closed oredi; he quickly says no there’s 2 more tables w/customers but he was lying, at this time i guess he’s starting to have feelings for her, so hurriedly he started fixing her the food; i thot that was so cute, then they took a walk but JW was expecting him to at least have a conversation w/c he did not & she was upset she said to herself i hv digested all the food & he wants to walk some more! hahaha he cld be very boring as a b/friend coz i think he’s naive/shy eh? arghh luv ES! 🙂

  582. 582 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i luvd the scene where one Sat he happens to be at Forest of W & while at the balcony he saw JW walking by much to his surprise & then follows her while he’s walking up the balcony then grabbed her outside asking if she wanted to join him if he orders jjajangmyun (black bean noodles, fre u hv to try this it’s yummy)….these two will be able to run this drama w/out the other characters i tell you! that’s one thing i wanted to see in the final epi after she went to throw mud at him in that field to have some more moments of them together, catching up with the lost years, if there’s something i wld want to change in the ending that wld be it! 🙂

    ok fren i just can’t help but share the above w/u in case i forget later on! 🙂

    cheom cheom dunno if i’ll hit the sack soon so c ya tmrw! enjoy the rest of your TT watching!

  583. 583 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Lets celebrate once we are at #600!

    I believe KSH = ES in real life. What an ideal and perfect partner to have!

    I’ll be over the moon and above the clouds!

  584. 584 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Ya we put our thoughts into here and I love reading them when I am on the bus or idling. #580 Yes the mon mom finally was impressed by her sincerity. She’s full of warmth and honest in her ways. Sorry I am gg to jump ahead …. i was so tickled when she told the mon mom that when mon mom is old by then, she will cut her nails until they sting, dress her in clothings according to her (JW’S) taste. She is so forth-coming in her words that the old lady was just so stunned.

  585. 585 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #581. yayayaya, i m so glad KSH quick thinking – cool white lies – wow! I love the way he washes the rice, cooks the soup, I m sure he is good at cooking too in real life.

    As a boyfren, I think he thinks beyond the obvious. He wanted JW to tire out so she could get a good rest and forget all the unhappiness. But to her, she thought they’re supposed to have a walk together, to chat and stroll along but least to her expectations, he just walked on and on and on … and she was skipping and jumping and seemingly enjoying herself.

    I thought this was funny. When they agreed to go home, JW turned around and he was nowhere to be seen. He had disappeared almost immediately!

  586. 586 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #582. Oh, he loves to tease her. He smiled so lovingly at her when he made her think there was some sauce on her side of the mouth and she licked like a little kitten….

    Agree … I support u to change the ending. It ended too abruptly here. Should show her with the children and I m sure she has a lot to contribute towards the children education too. Show the many happy moments esp they missed each other and the hard-times they’ve been victims of.

  587. 587 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #585. I thought he will walk her back!

  588. 588 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle let me just say first GM/GE here be4 anything else! just waking up & here i am chkng here oredi lol KSH is v v addictive! we can’t seem to get enough of him!

    #583 i’m all for that yes celebrate we will! :))

    he truly is a perfect gentleman! i truly believe so that he’s actually like ES or maybe cooler than his charac (as ES) i saw him in that talk show Healing Camp & he was very warm, awesome & funny!

    hahaha over da moon n above da clouds hey nice title for his nxt drama hahaha i luv that, u must be a good poet my fren

    into a slumber oredi? this is still early by ur standards ok irona irona (get up) hehehe on to ur other ones gosh i woke up & so many stimulating readings here

  589. 589 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #584 yes JW’s resilience/tenacity paid off, like i said in my other posting who wld tolerate such a mon mom throughout their (ES/JW) relationship let alone the kind of business she’s in right? imagine her throughout her ordeal in serving her sentence she was there visiting her up until the tym she was released with tofu in hand; then dyed her hair, cut her nails w/c like u said she did promise while there were not even in good terms! she’s a wonderful person even when GR has been nasty to her she was still keeping her dignity n all that!

    yes the mon mom was touched even when she was in the cab w/her reading his mails i think m mom finally realized how a nice person she has been to her & that her son is indeed lucky to hv found his partner in life! amazing story

  590. 590 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #585 me too i luvd the way he rushed to see what he can cook for the love of his life hahaha altho they’re not officially b/f g/f yet at that point….washing the rice, cooking her fave soup….i think just her presence made him feel confident that she’s OK n that how little he could do to ease the pain/s she’s having he’ll do anything! lol yeah the walk — he’s too naive i can tell you that….he’s a perfect gentleman he won’t even attempt to hold her hand w/c i reckon JW must hv been anticipating right? hahaha he disappeared into thin air when she turned to sort of look for him! he’s 101% cuter to da max!

  591. 591 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #587 i think he did ask her where she parked the car but JW was quick in saying no, she’ll manage to it herself bcoz the thot of her walking again w/him was just too tiring already :))

  592. 592 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #586 yeah the jjangmyun moment, he’s full of humour but in a diff way which the staff haven’t had a chance to see bcoz as their superior he wants them to respect him but w/JW he cld be funny in words & actions! they’re both funny in their own way, JW’s bickering etc w/c made him smile secretly esp when she sings out of tune we see him shake his head n his eyes just lit up hahaha his facial expressions even when he doesnt say anything really cracks me to bits!

    i’m glad i hv your support on the finale…after the mud scene if we can change the script, they shld hv shown them sitting by the beach reminiscing of past year or so w/out any contacts w/each other, more intimate moments instead of showing that lousy brod changing diapers, the staff mtg, the way she lay down w/her mom singing & all that those i/we cld eliminate & replace it with JW/ES hugging/kissing under the moonlight skies then showing she’s preparing to dress for her wedding & all that….can we be kdrama writers after seeing this many times now esp you 10xxxx & counting? hahaha i honestly yearn for those ending scenes then they did not hv to just embed those getting up throwing blanket at her, doing their teeth, laying on the bench with her hand guiding his to her tummy thereafter kissing her those could hv been a part of the finale! too late for us to suggest such things! hahaha we’re both crazy about them that’s why!

    ok i’ll let u sleep & i’ll chk if RR is uploaded already! cheom cheom fren c u when u wake up! \o/

  593. 593 : sangjhoon Says:


    another thing remember that epis when it was raining they shared an umbrella & JW was noticing he was only covering her side & he was getting drenched on his shoulder, JW kept pushing the umbrella towards him then he grabs her hand to make it steady awwww so cute…..these two are super cute!

  594. 594 : sangjhoon Says:

    did i tell u that some fans at soompi wrote that when our guy kissed JW in the drama that they noticed his ears were red & compared it to other dramas of his kisses where it wasn’t like that? they’re implying that he must really be nervous & liked her a lot! :)) i hope one of these days we’ll hear that these two hv been dating secretly like other celebs who came out in the open after say, two yrs like that k actor Jang dong gun who married this actress n been dating for 2 yrs unbeknownst to the public! they also met from a drama they made yrs ago but at that time didn’t hv any inkling they wld meet again & later on date & married! nothing’s impossible so i hv a hunch these two will hit it off….one day…walking down the aisle! hehehe fingers crossed not eyes :))

    i’m watching RR now epi 46 b4 hvng b/f

  595. 595 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle here’s his page at hancinema, when u get a chance pls post there your beautiful msg for our KSH i’m sure he goes there too or his staff! i also left him a msg n here’s the site: http://www.hancinema.net/korean_Kim_Suk-hoon.php

  596. 596 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle before i forget this one, how humble/modest ES when he first came to Forest pub the staff asked him how he wanted his office fixed & he told them i don’t need an office don’t waste anything like my desk ID or whatever you call it coz ppl when they come would take them to me….i thot woah he’s such reasonable employee or head of the dept.

    i luvd the way JW tells him in one of the episodes after ES heard her singing to Dae bum ssi & gave her an earful of jealousy JW tells him yeah i’m falling for the editor who is jealous of the father’s baby hahaha i thot that was so funny & then he just went shocked or galvanized if you will! he cldn’t even ran after her :))

  597. 597 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GA fr here! i’m just hooked on our guys now on the first kiss hahaha funny i nvr recall the song of first kiss was not When I Fall in Love it’s actually Fly Me to the Moon eh? then that lyrics came exactly when he was kissing her! LOL the director of this drama is amazing! i luv the way he said why did JW asked for coffee while they’re listening to NKC he tells her is this a cafe music or something like that! he’s so funny but he says these things with a straight face! these two are amazing actors! you got to stop me i can’t stop watching hahaha

    i’m sure ur still sleeping but when u wake up i got so much here to share w/you fren! ciao for now cheom cheom later!

  598. 598 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE to u and to our dear KSH too! So much reading, I’m excited!

    #588 Yes, can nvr hv enuf of him … he’s part of our lives now. Do we need to attend his healing camp ?

  599. 599 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #589 JW was fabulous! Their love was so strong and they truly trust / understand each other up to the point of refusing to let go til the very end. She even intended to put up in the foreign countryside just to look for him and luckily she had DB with her at that time. Ya, this could be a reflection of their relationship in real life.

  600. 600 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. CELEBRATION TIME!!!! We’re at #600!

    #590 KSH truly knows where his heart is and is not a flowery person. He’s genuine and cute to the core. Can u imagine with his long legs, just how fast JW had to catch up? She must be panting every sec and like she said in #581 she was upset she said to herself i hv digested all the food & he wants to walk some more!

  601. 601 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u GE here! lol maybe we shld! did u hv a gud drm of KSH? hehehe

    let me tell u a funny scene am sure u remember this one JW bought some fish bread & so they’re eating together & stuff, so he took her home but dae bum was there to meet GR, upon seeing DB JW got so excited as her usual greetings to DV when they see each other, to make it short ES was so disturbed by her reaction to DB that he asked they take a walk, he was fuming inside JW was wondering why he hasn’t said a word etc finally he opened up telling her why her mood changed as soon as she saw DB, then came DB who took GR home, he asked they walked together & as they’re walking DB’s mp3 or ipod fell n JW’s voice singing in it hahaha ES asked him to delete it & DB refused to do it! woah he’s super jealous hahaha i luvd that expression on his face when he’s upset eh?

    hv ur b/f now & i’ll cover the other note u have here

  602. 602 : sangjhoon Says:

    woah i didn’t even notice kombei u’r the 600th note fren hehehe how nice!
    we’ll do ev.thing for our KSH! we’llve hv cheers of soju hahaha!

    @599 yes their luv is to be praised, both are sensitive individuals & unselfish — i hope so that like u said a reflection of their relationship in real life & let’s hope so!

  603. 603 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle 600 – yes yes i agree w/u! He’s honest, speaks his mind & all that! LOL i know it wld be hard to put up with his walking, i luv his height! this is why he carries himself pretty well, nice in anything he wears!
    yeah she digested all the food & she got tired simply bcoz he just walks w/out even talking, at least if they’re talking the time will pass quickly right?

    don’t worry about the other here i tend to write long notes i don’t want u to get exhausted, we’ll start fresh my fren! ok? go on with your bf & don’t worry about my other postings here, we pretty much covered most of it & those were my replies to you anyway! 🙂

  604. 604 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #593 I love this umbrella scene too! So natural. Thanks to the rain. Lovely scene.

  605. 605 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #594 OKOK I’ll replay and check on the colour of his ear. #596 Yes, his first day at the pub house, he treated her transparent. Who would have thought of this? #597 remember the way he advanced towards her to take the record? Isnt this the 2nd time he walked up to her this way? So hilarious! Yes, absolutely agree! The music stopped at the right moment too when they kissed. Remember later on in the car, the words ‘kiss kiss kiss’ came on again. Oh my, I was really laughing away!

  606. 606 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #604 me too i luv that umbr scene, these two’s chemistry are one of da best i’ve seen & i’ve watched countless kdramas but they really wld stick w/me!

    @605 yes check his ear, really red hahaha!

    yes the music indeed stopped right at that ‘kiss’ scene! good directing!

    oh i know i laughed so hard when inside the car she pushed the radio & kiss kiss kiss came on hahaha me too i cldnt stopped laughing! so many scenes that’s worth remembering!

  607. 607 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle he finally confessed asking her not as a friend but be his woman; furthermore he says to her they will meet as a man & a woman :)) i think this is their first hug! i’m sure u know it by heart but i’m just thrilled hearing him that finally he said those words i like you to JW!

  608. 608 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yeah, got carried away reading and chatting. Lets start fresh, great idea!

    #606. Not just check, was hoping could touch them too! Gg to be greedy like GR now.

  609. 609 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #607. He did so after so much pushing. But here again, his type of guy is unlikely to go astray or default. Really really nice guy to have and to hope for. Lucky JW, who knows they will be a couple in real life!

  610. 610 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle 608 hahaha u made me luf again! lol i know if only we cld! hahaha spkg of GR she’s pathetic greedy wicked young woman! grrrhh
    it’s ok i just don’t want u to be burdened since ur gg to work

  611. 611 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yes she’s one lucky girl but he’s also lucky bcoz JW is very kind/nice always unselfish even decided to live at SRD no matter how poor or harships she’s facing living there! also she gave in w/the proposal albeit she knows GR stole her journal! amazing couple! i really wished they’d end up together in real life! 🙂

  612. 612 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle excuse me fr jumping a bit here but am sure u remember when he took JW to shin rim dong one eve as they rode the bus then when they reached the resto DB came out & to make it short JW was telling him she plans to move there but to think there’s no room even if….then DB quickly offers his room & when ES heard that he banged his hand on the table while having their meals & i thot that was very hilarious! hahaha he’s super jealous of DB

  613. 613 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #612 yayaya! He surprised and shocked everyone including me watching the drama. He felt very insecure when he saw DB there and so decided not to leave but to eat with them. Hes very smart. As the Chinese saying goes, know your enemies in order to defeat them.

    Then he rattled on about the world calamities when JW left the table to carry the bb. My God! Everyone was so uneasy until the SRD mom felt she has to talk to this guy to put things in perspective. LOL!

    Thats the problem with our guy having too much knowledge!

  614. 614 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Is this our version of Anne Frank’s diary? Someday someone will put this into a revised version of the drama. OK, cheom cheom, gotta go now.

  615. 615 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle 613 – i know he’s so funny this is why i think KSH as i read he wanted to do comedy & u know i think u’ll agree w/me he can do comedy! i chucked when he banged his hand on the table & woah wasn’t he so insecure/jealous that he was about to leave but as soon as he heard JW offering DB to eat he swung around ever so quickly & yes he wants to eat as well! cute cute overload! hahaha
    I luvd that Chinese saying know your enemies in order to defeat them…so true!

    that’s another funny thing he started with that litany about wasting food which i believe he did that too to JW’s lousy brod remember? hehehe
    You know i think of the reasons SRD mom told JW (after ES left) that she doesnt like him at all was she knew GR also likes ES & remember SRD mom slipped of the tongue told JW ‘i don’t want anybody getting involved with him” then JW noticed the word ‘involved’ why did u say anybody getting involved? then i think she realized she slipped! u know maybe this is easier said than done since i’m not a parent, but my opinion whoever my dtr or son falls for i think as long as they’re good ppl they don’t hv to be rich or wealthy, i’ll give them my blessing! bcoz in the long run parent/s will ruin the lives of their children if they always in the objective mode!

    i tell u if a guy is like ES or KSH & my parents object? i’ll forget about anything i’ll just go with the one i love to the extent of eloping with him hahahahahaha

  616. 616 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #614 LOL maybe this is our version of Ann Frank’s diary 🙂

    okidoki cheom cheom c ya later hv a gr8 day!

  617. 617 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle remember when she went night fishing w/her dad & she got kicked out from his car ? then JW heads down to ES’ apt but he wasn’t there, then he came home noticing the wet floor by his door he figured woah JW must hv been there rushes to the elevator to catch her but she’s already walking in the rain; i think 2nd hug for them then he took her to his place, while drinking coffee tells him it’s more comfy at the sofa, then time to sleep as a perf gentleman he says u sleep in my bed i sleep here on the sofa, JW says sofa? she says it’s uncomfortable, ES says why do u want us to sleep together, holding hands? hahaha gosh i really laugh at this part!

  618. 618 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjihoon. I m now on the train (MRT) in SG context. Me holding back my laughter! I m so amused by that too. He is so comical, yes he doesnt laugh at all! Well done @sangjihoon i missed out until u recap. Gud Job!

  619. 619 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle enjoy the train ride buddy! :)) yeah wasn’t that amusing the way he says it to her why do you want us to sleep together holding hands? LOL they’re super cute! nxt day GR was so jealous that she saw them walking together figuring that she must’ve spent the nite at his place! i thot yeah eat your heart out GR! GR is really annoying she spoiled the mood of the two when she retrnd the umbrella mentioning of them drinking, hahaha JW looked at ES tho she didn’t say anything but her actions spoke louder than words & just left! oh i hate the mon mom 2nd nite she wants to sleep at officetel again she burnt the rice & i think she tried to prepare him some curry dish but ES’ mom came & threw her out!

    oh another thing i missed first time she was sleeping at his place & drinking coffee she suggested to play some music but ES didn’t seem to want the romantic LP playing hahaha so he instead got the folk song & u shld see ES’ face trying to observe JW’s reaction! these two are da cutest of da cutest!

    anyway i hv to hit the sack now altho i wanted to watch some more but gonna stop hahaha so cheom cheom for now my fren n c ya tmrw!

  620. 620 : sangjhoon Says:

    To our Kim suk hoon ssi: Annyeong ha sae yo! Hope you have a great day & all the best to your radio program! We’ll be waiting for another drama or movie from you but please don’t let us wait too long! 🙂

    Take care from us across the Globe my chingoo michelle & sangjhoon

    God bless!

  621. 621 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. there’s so much to talk abt for TT. I took on your suggestion for RR. Nothing to talk abt, my fren. Am now at epi 17. well well, just let the drama run.

  622. 622 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE i agree, so many things about TT tears, laughter, fun but RR not much! i’m at epi 47 last nte & it’s pretty slow! our guy in this RR drama is so soft i think his love for Ruby is immeasurable hence he’s blinded by it! i gathered tho fr some readings that he’ll find out & when he does then maybe the story will be more interesting! 🙂
    let me get some dosage of TT n i’m sure you’re sound asleep by now tho it’s still early your zone!

  623. 623 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GE/GM to u! Was abt to say the same to u. His role is very weak, same expression thru out. Even then, cant feel the intensity of his love for her. Maybe gotta wait til the cows come home to see some excitement. Not asleep yet. Its 10pm and am gg thru my course notes and watching the drama at the same time.

  624. 624 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle same to u….this segment remember u must, JW went to SRD to move & yelled fire…anyway she slept there n in the a.m. hrs our guy ES came to fetch her w/out her knowledge, so JW was surprised but before this he saw DB w/baby saying bye to JW so he was fuming w/jealousy of course! to make it short ES gave DB a piece of his mind telling him JW is his woman, they’re dating & he can tolerate the baby but not DB! so cute but DB won’t give in he’s a very tenacious young man eh? so then he walks with JW very upset he says to her sorry to spoil the family mood hahaha and really told her why he was upset or mad bcoz JW is now precious to him! i’m sure u must’ve memorized these scenes w/your eyes closed but ev.thing about these two are super cute!

    glad u’r still up n hvng a dosage of TT so am I!

  625. 625 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I think i did pretty well with RR today. That’s all.

    Yeah, each time u talk abt TT, I get excited. I stopped RR right away!
    OK, I love this scene. I love the color of his outfit too. I remember every detail. He wore yellow with bb green jacket. He was worried cos JW did not ans his calls the whole day. He became fuming mad and so fierce when he saw them like a happy family! Poor JW didnt know head or tail as to why he got angry. Oh I love the scene here. I love to see him getting jealous.

  626. 626 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle me too i also get excited when we talk about anything re TT! lol just keep gg on RR just for our guy n nvr mind the others 🙂
    i do too luv that scene, so right he’s wearing greenish shirt & he looks v handsome indeed! yeah so worried coz she nvr called him but i loath that mon mom coz she was really intending to hv dinner w/ES n spend another nite there but m mom came n kicked her out if only ES knew eh?
    u r so right his expression of jealousy is to be reckoned with! so cute! let me come back here after shower fren! 🙂 i’ll say cheom cheom when it’s time but not yet since ur still up

  627. 627 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I imaged everything in my head already. He really looks so so so good and handsome!

  628. 628 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m gonna do epi 11/12 before i knock off tonight.

  629. 629 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Dramago failed many times so I’m gonna have my beauty rest. U carry on and drop all your msg here. Gud nite fr SG!

  630. 630 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hehehe i ‘m happy for you for having it imaged in your head ahhh ohhhhs awwwwwws i second u on that sooooooooooooooooooooo gud n handsome! who cares about his age, he looks 10 yrs younger anyway!

  631. 631 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle again? d/go did it again? oh oh sorry to hear that! but just hv ur beauty rest hehehe ok GN to in SG & from CA!!! c u tmrw

  632. 632 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i told u yday i had a marathon since it’s a public hol here & am now on epi 27 JW’s b/day but sad enough nobody in SRD even remembered her special day, so the swthrts are bickering on the phone JW pretending she’s with the baby & DB and he went mountain climbing but of course he’s at home in his apron washing the rice, peeling the chestnuts but i hv to continue later….not sure if he did remember her b/day, otherwise why is he preparing a meal for her, unless bcoz it’s Sunday? anyway i know the expert’s desk will hv an answer later hehehe i hv to prep gg to work so when u wake up this wld probab my msg for you! i can’t wait to continue epi 27, if u wanna jump ? so we can be on same pg otherwise go on with 11/12 where u said u hv been watching! 🙂

    cheom cheom

  633. 633 : sangjhoon Says:


    p.s. kaps dah & krups dah are music to our ears now hahaha aside fr cheom cheom he’s got a soothing voice, i’m sure he sings very well too!

  634. 634 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle here’s the link of healing camp listing their guests apparently our KSH were one of those first celebs that were invited just scroll down, his was in Oct 2011 maybe while filming TT?

  635. 635 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle sorry i hit send w/out hvng the link on 634 i was in a hurry


  636. 636 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle believe it or not on my way to work all i can see is his face woah this is awful! hehehe such an impact on us, i think we better visit him in Korea & shake his hand, take a pix w/him & all that! deal? hehehe

  637. 637 : sangjhoon Says:

    To Admin: Please try & see if these photos of Kim suk hoon is for your approval. Please choose from sites below: thank you v much!





  638. 638 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM to u! Just got up fr bed. Its 6am and gotta leave in a couple of hrs time.

    #632. Fr Expert’s Desk: Yes, of cos, KSH remembers her birthday! He already did his research and homework with the little uncle on what JW likes to eat and planned to surprise her.

    JW wanted to be with him, too, and so after work on Friday, she told him she’s leaving. They were so cute at this point! He whispered to her that they leave together. She teased him by raising her voice and pretending she can’t hear him. Then she said she cant go with him as she had to go home to pack her clothing. She said tomorrow’s Sat, shall we meet? He, of cos, felt rejected and also gave his excuses. He said he has 2 weddings and a birthday to attend, so its difficult to meet. Then she asked what about Sunday (which is her birthday). He rebutted and said he’s going mountain climbing. So, that’s it. She was upset and wished him a terrible weekend ahead. He enjoys teasing her and chuckled away after she stomped off.

    I love their exchange of words that makes the whole drama so alive and interesting.

  639. 639 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle 638 GM to u only 4:30 p here but 1/2 hr i’m gg home yeyy another watch of TT! i’m sure you’re getting ready to go home, our sys was down for a while cldnt get internet till a few min ago & first thing i opened was this site of course to chk on you! hahaha

    expert desk – i know u hv all these dialogues, scenes in your witty mind, i luv their exchanges i know! when i go home i’ll cont w/the scene she’s in his off/tel & he’s wearing a cute apron! woah i think this time their kiss will be ummhhh d.e.e.p. hahaha i cldnt figure that one out ms expert if he does know about her b/day but u answered my qstn of coz! hehehe

    it’s so cute when JW approached his desk telling him she’s leaving, then he looked at his watch thereafter kinda whispered ‘we leave together’…JW is funny too she was talking out loud & the staff were wondering what was gg on LOL it’s just too cute! like u said their ex of words make the whole drama so interesting & alive i second you on this!

    hv a gr8 day fren chun chun or chom com (i heard him sometime chun or chum)

  640. 640 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i typo i said ur getting ready to go home hahaha i was in a hurry i meant getting ready to go out lol

  641. 641 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle contng now w/epi 28 didn’t remember till now that mon mom spoiled their meals while eating chestnuts w/ribs! gosh but then i like this dialog when he told his mon mom JW is precious to him & won’t let go of her hand however there’s still another hand to hold (for his mom) & he will wait! awww how sweet!

    hvng dinner bb

  642. 642 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U’ll find it difficult to stop. If ever my comp breaks down, i will break down too. LOL!!!

  643. 643 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle …indeed v difficult as if one of your arms hv fallen or something u feel kinda incomplete w/out it 🙂 LOL

  644. 644 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle u must hv a busy day! just finished watching KSH’s RR drama! i’ll hit the sack now but GN fr here & GD to you there! cheom cheom c ya tmrw fren!

    to our Kim suk hoon ssi have a great day & have fun in your radio show!

  645. 645 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Just back and bought my dinner. Its in front of me now.
    Cant wait to do the next 2 epi. RR is such a drag to me. Only when I’ve really nothing to do.

    Todays a busy day yeah. Tmr too.

  646. 646 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. So tired and my eyes are closing but I’m still pushing on to finish these 2 epis. He followed her out where she hugged him so tightly. He didnt dare to put his arms round her. The funny part was she clung on to him even more tightly when she was about to puke! LOL!! Mon mom was annoyed seeing her son being grapped at.

    @sangjhoon, I enjoy the part when JW got drunk. She kept asking repeatedly why he put his lips mouth to mouth on her….even if she was unconscious, she would have felt really bad! When mon mom came in the morning, she had to get water and help her up to drink. That’s not all i laugh my heart away, oh gosh! she fell onto the pile the crockery! I just love the director in TT!

    I gg on to cont with next part.

  647. 647 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. KSH couldnt pull himself apart when she puked, hahaha!! His expressions, her acting, they looked so matching until mon mom suspected they are more then office colleagues. I guess I got to say cheom cheom now. Need to sleep – too tired! Gd nite

  648. 648 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GN/GM fr here LOL i know i luvd that part too, as gentleman as he has been even if she regurgitated on his clean suit he cldn’t pull her out fr his arms! these two are match made in heaven in real life i’m sure of this so let’s see if they will date even after a couple yrs have now passed like other actors i’ve heard of — one example is Jang dong geun with his actress wife…i think i told u this before, they met in a proj but that was way few yrs back they were not dating after that but they saw each other again i believe in an event of sorts can’t recall exactly and secretly dating, then much to ev.body’s surprise they announced they’re getting married & now hv 2 kids! I hope these two will be like them!

    anyway back to the drama I also had a good laugh when she kept reiterating that mouth to mouth albeit she was drunk but woah she remembers about him putting his lips or mouth onto hers! LOL these two are super cute! isn’t it funny mon mom ended up washing both their clothes 🙂

  649. 649 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle let me ask you this where i was watching this epi last night remember when they went to see a movie thereafter went to a funeral wake where he started to break the ice so to speak about the tragic death of his father, of all occasion, his birthday? then after the wake they were sitting on the bench & started to tell her about it, if i can place myself or yourself in the director’s chair i would ask JW while hearing this sad story to hold his hand, sit a little closer to him to show her support at this moment right or wrong? then she wld initiate to hug him coz the poor guy is in tears! there’s something lacking sometimes in this drama but we’re only the spectators right? 🙂 he’s had a sad life growing up but remained very loving & obedient to his mon mom in spite of what’s happened & happening still in his life! we can both remember after their breakup he chose to be by his mon mom’s side so that spoke volumes!

    anyway i’m sure u’r in drmland now, yikes i didn’t drm about him again, if only we can place a request to our dreams i wldnt mind seeing his face hahahaha

    cheom cheom for now, hv a good rest & i know ur bz again tmrw u said.

  650. 650 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle forgot to address one thing about RR u said it’s a drag, i agree but i just wanna see more of him & his acting hence i try to stay uptodate with it! he’s the only reason i’m watching it! 🙂

    ok g/nite cheom cheom

  651. 651 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m sure even if i don’t mention this epi u’d know it by heart….i luv the scene where he waited n waited for her li’l did he know she was at off/tel waiting for him also! then a smile on his face when he saw her sleeping on the couch & carried her to his bed! when she awoke she got scared coz he was beside her LOL then she panicked upon seeing him, dashing to go to bathroom n he says to her don’t wash your face yet, why she asks, i wanna see your face bcoz i miss seeing it for whole day! awwwww i melt away! hahahaha

    anyway i rewound that scene i luvd it! i wished they had more of these moments & eliminated those annoying sisters etc. :)) we cannot always get what we wished for right?

    getting ready to hit the road so cheom cheom again i had a small dose of TT so i’ll be fine! 🙂 maybe we’ll call each other Twinkler friends! hahaha

  652. 652 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle my twinkler buddy hahaha GM/GF to you, i can’t help but share that i’m curr listening to our Kim suk hoon’s readio prog, he also plays English or American music plus some classical ones! His voice is more than enough for me even if he just talks all the way, with just a little music is fine by me 🙂

    Hope you hv a lovely day as you wake up! let’s keep each other busy with KSH aside from our work sched! chum chum or cheom cheom whatever is fine the sound is same like kaps da n krups dah, i luv him saying these words hahaha

  653. 653 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Testing

  654. 654 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE to u, my Twinkler buddy! This is my 3rd time rewriting this post as the other 2 didnt get submitted successfully and were lost.

    Yes, his voice is soothing and romantic but unfortunately dont get aired here. Can anyone be so PERFECT??? He’s a lady killer. Lucky is the woman he chose.

    I’m busy today and tmr too. Last nite I let RR run and am at epi 25 alrd. Think the epi shorter consisting of just 2 parts instead of 3 in TT. The only part I like is when he starts to suspect his wife is not the original woman. The drama doesnt highlight his role which I find overpowered by the side casts. Theres not much emotion for him here. Anyway, agree with u, we need to look at him only. Cheom cheom

  655. 655 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u my twinkler buddy hahaha i luv the ring of this don’t you? i know smtyms i does that to me i get error then i lost what i wrote!

    ummhh u can say that again w/his voice! it’s also on daily motion u may wanna try that? exactly your qstn can anyone be so perfect is a 64 milln dlr qstn and the answ shld be KSH hahaha! indeed whoever is this woman out there if he ordi got one who knows she’s indeed v v lucky like she won the lottery or more than that!

    oh really u r bz again just take it easy ok? just keep in mind his face, his thick eyebrows, his nose, his tantalizing eyes, oh n his curvy lips hahaha n your day will be less stressful! yeah i don’t like the way RR got that aunt & her crush dong pal they hv too much air time n a lot of viewers were also expressing their dissatisfaction over those characters! i always skip n kangaroo to his scenes hahaha! yeah his charac here isn’t as strong as our edit Song in TT but hope it will improve & let the drama redeem our guy’s character! He even won an award for this drama so i’m still curious mind you!

    just getting home so cheom cheom & hv a gr8 day Twinkler buddy a.k.a. TT expert! 🙂

  656. 656 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i know ur busy but when u hv time only wld be this reading here, u know i listened intently to how editor Song pronounced the word cheom cheom sounds like chung chung, not sure if i heard it right but just try to observe nxt tym u watch TT.

    let me hv some dosage of TT & i’ll pop in here again when i get a chance! meantime don’t work too hard my twinkler fren! don’t forget to sky gazing today ok?

    \o/ yeyyy \o/

  657. 657 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i can’t help but share this one w/you too bcoz if i wait another second i’ll surely forget! i’m sure u remember on epi 35 when ES was invited for dinner to PRD household & much to their surprise JW was with him – to make it short at first her father gave his blessings to both thereafter when ES confessed about his mon mom’s PRD father had a change of heart….anyway i like what JW told her dad as he came out fr his room w/o ES & JW asked him why he came by himself then the dad started telling JW that ES is no way gonna be continue seeing her etc etc…i luvd the dialogue that JW told her dad, in he lines that she thought of all ppl her dad wld be more receptive to ES & expected him (dad) to say good job good job you’re able to protect yourself from the kind of parent or mom becoz you know with that heart & attitude ES lives everyday, you have then JW continues by telling her dad in this world you can pick your job, you can pick how & who you’ll live with but you can’t pick your parents, are you saying to abandon parents bcoz you don’t like them because they’re not good? all the parents in the world aren’t perfect like you! (nice dialogue eh)?

    i really admire JW as a woman & ES they’re both kind-hearted people! her mom was also speechless! anyway let me continue with my dosage hahahaha

  658. 658 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #656. Yes, I try to remember to look up at least once a day. Fancy KSH gg into politics, all ladies will not oppose to anything he say or do! Everyone follows obediently like us!

    #657. yes love has grown her into a matured lady. Beautiful words that defy the parent’s thinking. Very true! I wouldnt bother so much – for us, we pull him and run away

  659. 659 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. No way i can catch up with u now. I try to finish RR, now am at epi 27

  660. 660 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle first of, GM/GE to you fr here! u know he cld be a gd politican n ladies will definitely hv no prob in getting him in!

    yes indeed JW is such a swt lady she doesnt seem to harbor any hatred even if GR went to extreme measures in beating her! when i first watched TT n i was into that epi i was holding my breath literally for her not to yield to her parents’ objection in gg out with ES & i had a big sigh of relief when she told her father i’m sorry i can’t do that when he asked her not to go out w/him anymore after finding out about his mon mom!

  661. 661 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle no worries as i told u we were on par last tym but due to a long w/end here i just cldnt watch any other except this n sorry i shld’ve waited for you but then again even if you’re lagging now u’v seen it 10x so u can even jump if u want to hahahaha i’m kidding, go on w/the epi you’re in!

    last nite’s RR ep 48 was better than epi 47 but i won’t spoil it for you! 🙂
    u hv a gd rest now n catch ya later while i get some dose of TT my twinkler buddy!

  662. 662 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U carry on with TT, I’ll be able to follow u thru from any epi u r in. Now I am in this epi where KSH drop in at the hospital and is keen to investigate on the mystery surrounding Insu. Just a few sec only and he disappeared …. now showing all the others….

  663. 663 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. The only excitement I get fr RR is to go SK for plastic surgery!

  664. 664 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle ok otherwise i’ll wait for you! oh yeah i remember that RR scene
    i always skip on that annoying chorim (their aunt) those scenes i think are unnecessary if u ask me!

    #663 hahaha ok not a bad idea but no matter what i prefer my natural look n that way we can avoid the risks in surgery not all of ’em are turning successful or what you perceived or hoped to be results wise!

  665. 665 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle remember that scene where he was at his monster mom’s house & JW had rush to see what’s going on with her father at the gambling place? that packed lunch he noticed on the table opened it & started consuming it but Kwong soo ah was just staring at him & then he asked him you want to try & did he try w/all his might unstoppable & he looked at him asking why do you keep eating? hahaha he’s like a little kid then grabs the lunch box & tells him i’ll make one for you! LOL KSH cld really play some comedic roles if given a chance! 🙂

    chung chung really heading out the door! so just swing by when u awoke twinkler buddy! 🙂

  666. 666 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle a GM/GF from here! Re: RR let’s talk a li’l about this though it’s not as intriguing a topic in comparison to our fave TT drama….
    fake Ruby is full of greed/jealousy i think she doesnt really love Gyeongmin (KSH) she wants notoriety, fame so he’s only using him! i feel for real Ruby coz she really is the love of Gyeongmin’s life but she’ll go the extra length to get away with anything even if it’s to ruin her sister’s life! i loath that guy In su he’s become an accessory to what’s happened to real Ruby! it gets interesting so i hope you just bear with it a little more since after all, it’s our guy’s latest project! i hope KSH won’t let us wait another year like he always did in the past! if you look at his filmography the gap seems every 2 yrs but from his previous projects like han river & into the storm it’s not so bad a gap! we’ll allow him to rest for another few months 🙂 but they need to pull him back again to give us another sparkling project! 🙂

    anyway i’m sure it’s almost time for you to get up, so i’ll bid u a temporary chung chung for now :))

  667. 667 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE! #665 Yes I remember that lunch box scene. He offered him but didnt expect KS to gorge so fast and told him to stop. I find it comical too! Agree, I think KSH can do comedy.

    #666 I havent come to that part of In Su becoming an accessory yet. If we censor all those unnecessary scenes, there isnt much left for this drama. They merely pad up to give volume. After 26 epi then we can see something brewing.

    TT is still the unbeatable and unstoppable for us. Every inch and every second is fun!

  668. 668 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE fr here! LOL i know he’s very funny when he needs to be funny! poor Kwong soo w/his face so innocent looking as a gangster u can’t help but feel for him a lot of times!

    well re In su, ah it was at the hosp where he noticed the mole on real Runa’s foot he realized at that point it’s not real Ruby but he kept it to himself therefore in essence he’s an accessory to this identity switching of the sisters! i think he wants revenge & just pretends he doesn’t know anything!

    oh my needless to say TT is da best of da best like u said unbeatable/unstoppable for us! yup i second you on this!

  669. 669 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I think initially he tried to win her back so he didnt expose the fake Ruby.

    Let’s get back to TT. I can see KS gorging away with his mouth widely-stretched! No wonder our guy wanted him to stop eating!

    Me gotta wash up now. Talk to u later. Cheom cheom or chom chom?

  670. 670 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yeah i think so you’re right!

    yeah i luv the expression of Kwang soo ah’s face doesnt he hv a pitiful face if you will? hehehe he’s my fave K drama gangster i tell you! he’s so loyal to ES & when the mon mom threatened him if he doesnt cooperate w/her that he’s going back to jail he got scared! those dumplings looked delicious no wonder he cldnt get himself to stop eating hahaha i can’t believe that scene!

    ok and have a TGIF since it’s oredi Fri your zone! TTYL chung chung kapshi da/kreops dah :)) hv a gr8 day twinkler buddy!

  671. 671 : sangjhoon Says:

    GOOD MORNING TO OUR KIM SUK HOON ssi! Have a blessed day Kim suk ssi! We’re here for you always! Keep up the good work & be healthy!

    chung chung from us: Michelle & Sangjhoon

  672. 672 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I have not personally greeted our idol as yet.

    Hope you visit this thread soon and u can feel how much we adore you. Your role in TT has made us so addicted that we can’t live without you. HAHAHA! Having a good laugh in the morning/evening always brings new energy and we hope to meet in person one day!

    Best wishes from us: Sangjhoon & Michelle

  673. 673 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle nice letter! luv it! thnx twinkler buddy for incldg me in your letter! 101% or more true! he’s our energizer we just keep going n going! like the young uncle told JW in TT take care of my niece till your hair turns grey! 🙂
    i do wanna meet him in person but i’m afraid i’ll paint before i reach or extend my hand to him then it may be a good thing in more ways than one coz he’s experienced in CPR hahahaha i may hv to pretend i cannot wake up though i was already conscious :))) just kidding Kim suk hoon ssi!

  674. 674 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle sorry ooopppps typo there ‘paint’ instead of faint wahhh that’s what happens when ur in a hurry & let ur fingers do the talking! 🙂 i get excited with the lines of CPR hahaha

  675. 675 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #673. You still have lots of time to practise, my fren. I’ve a suggestion for you. Starve for a week prior to meeting KSH. Also check that he has those candies with him too. Before fainting, pls put on your best makeup and remember to gargle thoroughly. LOL!!!

    #674. Not to worry, Twinkler. ES is there to help correct all our mistakes. He is v u/standing, he knows we are excited over him and he will excuse us.

  676. 676 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha u always make me laugh twinkler buddy! i think i can do that (starve) for him hahaha! the candies shld be those sweet cherry tart like JW likes…i sure will use the best BB cream made in SK hahaha & gargle a whole bottle of mouthwash! hahaha LOL u r hilarious!

    yeah i know edit Song will edit our notes here, or 3 strikes will be in order! hahaha i think i’ll hv another dose of TT after this 🙂 while you sky gazing there ok?

    i have his radio prog playing while typing this & i feel like i’m in SK listening to his prog live! he’s got a soothing voice! arghhh i wished u cld get this fr your side! he’s now playing a classical, i wish i could request When I Fall in Love by NKC hahaha! or the music Kiss Kiss Kiss! LOL

    a temporary chung chung i feel incomplete w/out seeing TT hehehehe

    just drop a line when u can it’s always a delight to see ur msgs here!

  677. 677 : sangjhoon Says:


    p.s. i just heard him talking & hear him say those sweet ‘ahhh’ his voice is so kind u know what i mean? oh this one he’s playing is nice again just dunno the title of this classical but i know i heard this many xxx bfor

  678. 678 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. SG can receive KBS channel on TV. I’m a late comer here too as I’m too pre-occupied with my work all the time. RR is on air plus other dramas. SG is in the same segment as Malaysia and HK so I get just RR for KSH drama and hope the rest of his dramas are aired here.

    Yes, his looks turn you crazy and his voice just melts you. Help! Now we look like a slab of melted ice-cream!!! LOL!!!

  679. 679 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. cheom cheom for now. c u tonight!

  680. 680 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle Good u can get KBS on t.v. this means u can only catch up with RR thru t.v. n not YT as i’m watching it from? U can watch YT progs tho? i hope so too that his other dramas will be aired there!

    LOL i know it does turn u crazy ummh his voice too 🙂 hahaha melted ice cream is cool! 🙂

    ok chung chung for now don’t work too hard! 🙂 g/nt fr here

  681. 681 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Sweet reminder. Practise falling down gracefully do not crush on him the way JW did when the books came crashing down. Who knows u ended up giving the CPR!

  682. 682 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #680. I watch RR here http://www.drama.net/m1/ruby-ring-episode-33/part2. Only watch those with Eng s/titles. YT will be over the internet but hardly do so unless my regular sites are down.

    We’ll have another kompei soon as we turn #700!

  683. 683 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I understand why u u dont like Insu. Me, too. He hid the truth out of his own selfishness. He and the fake Ruby is a match made in Hell. Both are horrible. The fake Ruby is the equivalent of GR.

  684. 684 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. OMG! Our guy got slapped on the left cheek and no one to comfort him. All cos his stupid fake wife made arrangement for TV crew to shoot her home video that angered her father-in-law and granny. Poor guy he had to soothe his own left cheek!

  685. 685 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. At least his granny soothe his cheek as i see now. He shd leave that evil fake wife and kick her out of the house. He doesnt know has 2 twinklers waiting here everready to jump in!

  686. 686 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to you @681 hahaha either way is fine as long as it’s same procedure! LOL that was so noble of JW eh? these two are def match made in heaven unlike fake Ruby & In su they match made in hell i agree! 🙂

  687. 687 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #682 Girl…u’r speedy gonzales in watching RR oredi on epi 33? i didnt know it’s online w/subs coz KBS uplds them ev.day except w/ends! i’m now on epi 50 & counting! i don’t wanna spoil it for you so just keep watching & we’ll talk on whichever epi you’re on!
    yes yes we’ll hv another kombei soon! start those glasses clonking

  688. 688 : sangjhoon Says:

    #684 yes michelle our poor guy got slapped thank goodness granny really adores him! hehehe yes yes we’re here always waiting for him & he need not worry if that hshold can’t protect him! i agree he shld leave that fake Ruby but Gyeongmin can really feel fake wife isn’t the same as she used to be! i can’t wait for that day G will find out about her & how he’s gonna go back to real Ruby!

  689. 689 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i don’t want u feel jealous now but as i type i’m listening to our guy’s radio prog, just hearing his voice makes me feel like i’m in SK listening to him live! his voice is so kind i dunno how to describe it more than this! the site uplds it ev.day!! i heard he mentioned some of his fans sometime ago from diff placed like japan, china etc. won’t it be nice if he cld mention his twinkler fans here? hehehe

    u must be marathoning RR now? one good thing watching on YT is it’s thru KBS world who uplds the drama with subs!

    maybe g/nte to u or chung chung (i think last nite i heard him in one epis if i’m not mistaken…chung chung not cheom cheom, i’ll pay much attn again nxt tym)

  690. 690 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #686. okokok, practise your CPR too and make sure u do it really well!

    Watch on the link I gave u. Dont need to rely on uploads.

  691. 691 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. yes i marathoning thru cos i need to speed up on my work soon.

  692. 692 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL no worries even w/o practice our instincts will help us through hehehe
    why r they already complete w/subs? i’m only on epi 50
    okokok i’ll chk it twinkler buddy thnx much

  693. 693 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #692 okokok ur marathoning maybe we’ll be on par when u reached more than 33 epis 🙂 don’t work too hard now!

    chung chung chung

    hv a gr8 w/end

  694. 694 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i just chkd the site they’re only up to epi 33, i’m better off at YT where it’s up to 50 epi since las nte, but i must say ur gud in finding sites for kdramas, kudos to u buddy! thnx again maybe i can use it nxt tym i look for other kdramas w/c i can’t find anywhere else! u cont w/that site on RR & if u can’t wait for nxt one say epi 34 go to YT w/subs fr KBS world!

  695. 695 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. As I see here, its up to epi 44 only. After that i will switch over to another site.

  696. 696 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I am at epi 39 where the real Ruby regained her memory. Wouldnt u be shocked waking up one day to see someone else with your face? She came to the cafe and met KSH. He asked, Am I really that handsome? Our ans is unanimous. Of COS you are!!!!

  697. 697 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m sure ur on slumber now i thot it’s only up to 33? like i said on YT is uptodate up to 50!
    OK you’re progressing in watching RR u may be on par by the w/ends! i wldnt be shocked if i got the face of say JW in TT hahaha but in reality yeah how did the surgery go that far, did they provide the surgeon with maybe Ruby’s photo & go fr there? it’s still mind boggling for me! 🙂

    yeah that qstn shld be answered by both of us & other fans of his! hahaha we’ll say sinja sinja sincerely u r h/some KSH no doubt about it! :))

  698. 698 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE to you, my Twinkler fren!

    The surgery sounds like a freak. Can eyeballs be enlarged? Even if the fake Ruby ‘trained’ her voice to sound like the original, the real Ruby didnt have to do anything to sound like the sister. Its too ridiculous. I know we never have any good comments on this drama, except that line “Am I really that handsome?” hahaha!

    The surgeons worked based on their photos after their bodies were identified. Happened that the fake Ruby wore the real Ruby’s dress and the ring and all assumed that way. Anyway, take it like a fairytale.

  699. 699 : Fan Says:

    Dear Sangjhoon and Michelle,

    I like your posts. Some of them are hilarious and make my day! When not feeling so great I make it a point to just visit your thread here :-)))).

    Continue your support please. Like me there may be others that read it all and enjoy. And, you thus would never know your audience;-))).

  700. 700 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to you too Twinkler fren/buddy/chingoo! 🙂

    Need we say more right? the only consolation is that we hv our KSH in this drama & cldnt agree w/u any better than that her voice n eyeballs so diff than fake Ruby 🙂 we’ll just let the flaws slide n like you said a fairytale!
    that’s da best comment we cld ever talk about “Am I really that handsome” LOL hahaha

    yeah one of the viewers’ comments is similar to your re surgeons, they relied on the photo of real Ruby plus the outfit & of course the ring she was wearing at the time of accid!

    bb soon not cheom cheom yet 🙂 we’re just starting!:)

  701. 701 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’ve come to the last epi for this site. Will resought to yt unless i manage to get another site that hosts all the epis together.

    Chorim’s admirer is disgusting, picking his teeth at the table in front of everyone. I can accept the drama now that our guy is even more suspicious of his fake wife. The drama seems to be moving forward now.

  702. 702 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE once again. Unbelievably, we hit #700! Let’s kombie!!!

    My previous post became a comment awaiting moderation. Dunno why.

    Like you do, I will revert to TT. We can blabber endlessly on it. Cheers for #700 cheers for our full support for our dear idol Mr Kim Suk Hoon!

  703. 703 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Fan hi & welcome on board, the more the merrier! LOL nice to hear michelle & i can make you laugh – 🙂 i hope u come even once in a while i hate to impose but we’ll have a gud tym here talking about our favorite K actor!

    now that u mentioned ‘audience’ we’ll never know if Kim suk ssi visits this thread too right? we’ll take your advice & many thanks for dropping by & happy to know someone like you who is also a fan of KSH enjoy our conversations here! see u again

    cheom cheom :))

  704. 704 : Michelle Says:

    @Fan. #699. YES YES YES all the way! Glad u like our posts. When I’m bored or needed some energy, I will read this thread too.

  705. 705 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE again my twinkler fren!

    #701 LOL i know as i told u you might grown on RR as our KSH is in it! He’s a very loving husband & supportive of her! i’m telling u now YT is da best for this drama bcoz it’s directly coming from the source…KBS who uploads it & subs it, this is why it’s more up to date imagine it’s already up to 50 epis? other sites are also relying on them i guess, so hope u get it fr YT it’s uploaded M-F except w/ends!

  706. 706 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #702 cheers! kombei! our support for dear KSH is worth our while, he seems like a very wonderful person & i/we can go on n on about him! his charisma is one of his strengths hence fans like us are easily drawn to him! i remember when i first saw him in Tomato drama i had to searched for his other projects & if i’m not mistaken the 2nd drama after Tomato that i was able to find online was Secret Lovers & in all of his projects i was never disappointed & woah in TT my admiration for him grew stronger like a lightning volt hahaha

  707. 707 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, Twinkler, u r absolutely right! I prefer the lazy way but for YT I have to search for the next epi and we are interrupted by ads. Anyway, cant have the best of both worlds.

  708. 708 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle @Fan — the more the merrier & we’re happy to have you here, just spazzing with us when u fell like it right michelle?
    so happy to hv met you too Fan! michelle & i resort to this thread when we can’t seem to erase KSH in our minds! 🙂 so pls come again! who knows maybe our Kim suk hoon has been reading our postings here, fingers crossed!

  709. 709 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon @Fan. If so, he’s giving us his early Christmas present! We support him, whether he’s 42 … 52 … 62 or 72. LOL!!

  710. 710 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #707

    i give u a tip in RR watching on YT….on YT browser just type e.g. Ruby’s Ring ep 50 then it will give you a long list of the episodes, coz i also had same prob when i first watched there but over time i found out the easy way! ads r not frequent only in the beginning n u hv a choice to skip ads try it u’ll like watching there too!

  711. 711 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Great! I’ll do just that!

  712. 712 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle @Fan:

    i second you on that, age is just a number n we’ll support him like u said even if he’s reached those numbers u indicated! 🙂

    he’s worth our while, he’s unique in more ways than one, charismatic, wonderful, set aside that he’s good looking but what counts most is his beautiful heart inside him!

    Girls….right now i’m listening to his radio prog & his voice alone serves as a stress provider…he’s now playing theme song of Love Story movie which happens to be a very nice piece! he’s got all diff versions of LS movie be it vocal or instrum

  713. 713 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #711 – yes aja aja fighting! hehehe glad u’ll try!

  714. 714 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Now I see our guy in epi 44. His emotions when facing off his fake wife reminds me of TT now. Its so good to see his old self back again!!

  715. 715 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle woah u r way too fast n catching up with moah hehehe gud we’ll soon be on same page b4 we know it! yes he’s got lots of those scenes from thereon!

  716. 716 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. i gotta leave home now. c u tonight my time. chom chom

  717. 717 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle @fran

    i’m now checking Blissful Woman on KSH site & i’m sure you guys will agree w/me in this drama tho he looks like he’s only in early 30s or late 20s, i do prefer him lately as he matures, he looks more elegant & more handsome! :)) not that he’s not handsome in early dramas but he’s def more handsome these days!

  718. 718 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle okokok cheom cheom n hv a nice day! c u (your time)

  719. 719 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #717. Sure, he looks more and more handsome as the years go by. He’s the one and only we never can get tired of no matter how many times we repeat! Pls excuse us, we are not exaggerating.

    I am at epi 45 where the fake Ruby was run down by the real Ruby. Good for her! I love this scene, absolutely! The good will always prevail.

  720. 720 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Will finish up epi 46 and catch my beauty rest. My shutters are closing down on me. Gud nite @sangjhoon @fan @KSH

  721. 721 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #719 GM/GE I’m just getting up it’s w/end i figured more beauty rest won’t hurt! hahahaha u too hv a gud BR n energized urself for marathon is in the offing!

    indeed i think it’s not our imagination but he looks more handsome lately! doesnt seem to age also! funny how the TT drama brushed on his ‘old’ age accdg to JW & her mom then remember the SRD mom in one of his visits teased his age n said u look younger than 36 yrs, u look 35 awww i thot she cld’ve been more generous hahaha but all we cld see the expression on his face like only a yr younger? hahaha his roles cld pass him for at least 6 younger than his real (life) age!

    woah ur v fast in watching RR epi 45? u will be on par w/me by the time i watch epi 51 by tmrw nite! they don’t upld as i said on w/ends only M-F!
    oh yes the good outweighs the bad n can’t wait till Gyeongmin (KSH) finds out that he married a fake Ruby! this fake Ruby i think is equally wicked compared to GR of TT.

  722. 722 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle @Fan

    Gnite to u & catch your beauty rest!

    Gnite to our Kim suk hoon ssi!

  723. 723 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GAf from here, ok i want u to pls take note of epi 35 or 36 TT where PRD dad was hosp bcoz he heard about GR being the cause of the missing page in the pub, this is where u’ll see our KSH folds his lips while in the hospital with the dad since he collapsed hearing that bad news about GR! He called ES in his hosp room alone n asked him not to let GR know that he knows about the incident; then he tells him to keep protecting his JW, you’ll see he did it in that scene! 🙂
    chum chum momentarily while i cont with the epis, not writing it here i’m afraid i might forget it.

  724. 724 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle mian mian sorry it’s epi 37 not 36 i was wrong! pay attn to hosp scene with PRD dad where after hearing what he says in one of the dialogues he sorta gathers his lips that’s what i’d been telling u about his mannerism! i know u noticed a lot in RR but u told me u don’t recall seeing this (mannerism) in TT. 🙂

    cheom cheom for now, got to be busy but bb whenever

  725. 725 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle one thing to add on epi 38 during his proposal i had a gud laugh while pretending they’re looking for something on the floor JW asked him to do the meow meow hahaha & ES was super funny doing it like touching his nose & tongue LOL he’s super cute! :))

  726. 726 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE to u! #723. Maybe he’s thinking hard of what to say next. There’s not many of such expressions here and RR is more noticeable.

    #724 the miao miao scene was cute! They both were like in their own world. When he couldnt get up, he told JW my legs fell asleep. I wouldnt hv imagined saying this abt legs! After they realised all eyes are on them, they panicked. They’re like children at play. Yes, v v lovable and cute!

  727. 727 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u too! #726 yes u hit the nail on the head i believe so, he’s in the pondering mood! i agree again not many of that in TT but RR!

    i know i luv the meow meow from both of them LOL super cute! hahaha i know that thing about his legs feel asleep! i luvd that scene also when JW was sitting on the steps by herself n she’s about to give the mon mom her answer on who she’s choosing if it’s her father or ES n as she was about to tell m. mom on the phone here comes superman hahaha grabs the phone & talks to his m. mom saying she’s choosing her father & me, thereafter he told her you (JW) almost put me on the curb hahaha

  728. 728 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #727. He will chew her on this incident for the rest of his life. Also his subconscious mind will reflect on her nudity which he claim theres nothing to look at or worth remembering. I love his lines. I’m stuck at RR epi 47 yt just doesnt play. I’m gg to search for other sites. chom chom!

  729. 729 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #728 lol i really like his lines in TT plus the facial expressions on his face — awesome awesome actor! That nudity part was so funny when he said it’s not worth remembering hahaha!
    oh no hope u find other sites but keep looking fren! u’r almost there on par with me by tmrw YT wld hv the epi 50!

    chom chom c u ltr

  730. 730 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m fine with yt now. Watching epi 48. Dislike the Chorim and Dongpal behaving like young teens bearing their age and slapping each others butts etc.

    Now the fake Ruby and our guy relationship becoming very strained. He shouting at her looking so stressed up. No wonder he got the award!!

  731. 731 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. He said ‘There’s no way u r Jeong Ruby’ confirms his doubts abt the fake wife. But the story got interrupted by so many unnecessary scenes that makes the storyline disconnected. No wonder its double the no. of epi than TT

  732. 732 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gud u found it on YT, that’s what i’d been telling u fren! woah ur almost uptodate hahaha gud for U! i always skip chorim/dongpal 🙁 Yes Gyeogmin (our KSH) is very doubtful about fake Ruby in the last few series! our guy really is always so natural in his acting that’s no wonder he won an award in this drama too!

  733. 733 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #731 the unnecessary scenes are of course those chorim n d/pal there was an epi where they probab had 70% of the segment all about these chorim n a lot of viewers on YT were also unanimous in their sentiments they also hate them hahahaha! yeah it’s about 98 i think epis? i want more of Gyeongmin or just the lead characs not chorim hahaha

  734. 734 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m starting epi 49 where hes in the bus and talking to the group. How I wish he’s a tour guide and I’m sure to be the first to join in! I’ll email u the pix that I grap offscreen. Phew! he is evergreen, always so so so handsome and like u said, v kind looking!

  735. 735 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michell speedy gonzales u r in marathon watching of RR hehehe gud 4 u! lol i know if he’s the tour guide the buss will be full house! hahaha indeed handsome n v kind looking, he could pass as a religious minister 🙂

  736. 736 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Hehe now on the bus. Gotta take the bus as he preached. Religious Minister? Woah! The worlds a perfect place to live in. No corruption no vice, no evil doings. Suddenly all the young n old regardless of age n gender will be bookworms!

  737. 737 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle 🙂 i saw the pix u sent me! yeah he cld pass as a minister, he seems very patient/kind n wld be good in outreaching hahaha now we’re making him a minister! isn’t that nice if the world will be like that? 🙂

  738. 738 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i bid u jjal ja yeo (g/nite fr here) i can’t open my eyes any longer now 🙂 so enjoy ur marathon & c ya nxt tym!

    chom chom :))

  739. 739 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. We’re always full of live n happy when talking abt TT. Yes i indeed if hes a minister he only need to use his expressions, facial expressions no need to talk. All the girls will go crazy!

  740. 740 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GE/GM to u! I’m watching epi 49 now. Its really strange that both the real Ruby and Insu didnt expose the fake Ruby when this can be done. She only needs to tell our guy their past together. But thereagain, we’ve agreed this drama is liken to a fairytale.

    When i reread this thread in the bus today, I realise we’ve taken ES for granted that he’ll correct all our typo, grammar and spelling mistakes! Better be more careful now, 3 tardies and we had it!

  741. 741 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m done with epi 50 now looking for epi 51 but its not there. I suppose I have to wait as I saw epi 50 dated as 30 May. So I say GN to u fr SG.

  742. 742 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u first of CONGRATS u made it to 50 now hahaha we’re now on same page! as i mentioned to u that KBS only uplds RR during the week, so we can expect epi 51 by tonight! 🙂

    gnite to u over there! i’m just starting my day here :))

  743. 743 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #739 i agree, it’s somewhat therapeutic, stress reliever when we talked about our KSH! if he’s gonna be a minister then we won’t see him on screen anymore but let’s say he is i’m sure the congregants will be overflowing! 🙂

  744. 744 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #740 if fake Ruby n In su spilled the beans w/c we agree they cld’ve then the drama will end by epis 30 maybe minus chorim n dong pal love affair? hehehe this is why i told u before that in su is an accessory, he shld’ve told them already when he noticed the mole on Runa’s foot when he saw it in the hosp that day!

    u said it before our ES will make sure he edits our typos/grammar etc. or 3 strikes hehehe

    ok chum chum g/nite jjal ja

  745. 745 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE to u! Agree there wont be any much left of the chorim n dongpal part is removed. On the other hand, this might make the drama more appealing and possibly win some kind of small awards. Who knows? since our guy got the award all by himself!

    OK, we’ll just let our thoughts and creative ideas flow, thats the main focus here. I found this link where all the vid queues up neatly for your selection.


    Just refresh the link to see if there are any new uploads.

  746. 746 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to utoo! yeah i think so too, but the airtime for chorim/d/pal have been too much 🙂 our guy & Ruby (lee song yeon) got an award as well in RR!

    thnx for the link queue fren, late tonite or early tmrw YT or KBS world shld hv it uplded ordi so we’re on same page now hehehe u r way too fast ms twinkler!

    hv a gr8 b/f! 🙂

  747. 747 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I found this vid our guy looks so naturally handsome and kind

  748. 748 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Wish I was there to hug him too. So many girls out there crazy for him. I will hug and puke like JW did!

  749. 749 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’ll chk it out but can’t help share this meantime w/u i’m at that epi 40 where he’s bathing the baby of dae bum ssi hahah him seeing 3 bears, ohhhh he’s super cute! he looks good w/the baby nxt time it shld be his own! LOL

  750. 750 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #748 really? i will watch that after i see our guy sing 3 bears hahaha
    of course i will too, i won’t let u just get away i hv to hv my part n be like JW …. as u said puke!

  751. 751 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle oh i’ve seen this before & yes he’s looking h/some & very kind, i envy those fans eh? oh for sure i’ll give him a bear hug hahaha i think he’s very accommodating in person, not a snub eh? really a nice person! luv him more!

    Kim suk hoon ssi YOU ROCK!

  752. 752 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i just wished the vid was subbed coz he seems to be saying something funny; i envy those fans! 🙂 who hugged him!

  753. 753 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle here’s the link to his into the storm just take a glimpse , the scenery in this drama is awesome plus the ost

  754. 754 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. OMG!!! He’s so handsome! He’s the tallest too when they stand in line for the helicopter

  755. 755 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle which one are you watching now? i’m lost! 🙂

    here’s the link & chk his appearance beginning 16:17 on the vid of SWAT so young & h/some

  756. 756 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle SWAT drama was in year 2000 & he was only 28 yrs old then but if u’ll see him in this drama he looks like he’s only 21 yrs ol, he really doesn’t age fast! 🙂 it must be in his genes!

  757. 757 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I watch the one u sent @753. Wow, u know all his timeline, too. Great fan! U shd get an award fr him.

    Yeah, if not his genes, cld be the K ginseng hahaha! He looks same in all dramas, as though they were done at the same time. Who will be the fortunate wife and baby??? Its the biggest win of the lifetime.

  758. 758 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #757 hahaha we’re both great fan! imagine u watched him in TT 10x? u deserve an award….Excellence in Twinkle drama watch!

    i know there’s lots of ginseng in their country! isn’t that something he does look the same matter of fact he’s more gorgeous as he age! ummh that’s a 64 milln $ question — it will be the luckiest girl and baby, he will be a great husb & father! he seems to be v fond of children in TT though it’s a drama but who knows he may very well be a good dad in real life!

  759. 759 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Here I am couldnt help laughing. Checking up on the colour of his ear. Dont see much redness.

    Both were so stoned after the first kiss and worst of all is the Kiss song when they were in the car after that. He said let’s go silently … hahahahah!!!!

    enjoy ur KSH alone ok? I gotta leave now. Chom chom

  760. 760 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle u don’t see redness? maybe u ain’t seeing the close up photo hahaha

    SWAT seems nice his brod was a SWAT officer in first epis n they seem very close but his hyung (elder brod) as he was about to meet him got shot so i dunno if he’s gonna die or wld survive! i think i’m gonna continue n let u know!

    ok chom chom now n ttyl

    hv a gr8 day

  761. 761 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle woah his acting in SWAT is also outstanding, just hv a look at epi 2 where after his brod was killed he went drinking & went bezerk when he heard some singing & he got beaten, wow he’s really a superb actor! i’m really interested in seeing him in his old dramas such as this one & even w/out subs i may continue just out of curiosity!

    chom chom see u later

  762. 762 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m liking the story of SWAT 🙂 now on epi 3 & our KSH is really good in this drama too of course it’s no surprise right? he always delivers

  763. 763 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle epi 51 of RR avail now but i’ll watch when i wake up as i can’t open my eyes anymore, got busy watching KSH on SWAT

    jjal ja/chom chom

  764. 764 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Ahhhhhh, thx for the alert. I m now at training but stealing time to peek here. Will watch it this evening.

  765. 765 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m now watching epi 51. Saw this comment by one viewer. HAHAHAHAH!!!! So funny! “Ok I am now just watching to see how stupid it ends, I no longer care what happens to Ruby or Runa.” Exactly how we felt but we have our objective and mission.

  766. 766 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GE/GM fr here! i just finished watching epi 51 & i did see that comment too hahaha mind u this is yet an epis i’m happy to see where Gyeongmin is really stronger n he did say why he’s being passive coz he realized she’s gone through a lot, the accid, and that he really loves her but i think he’s reached the point where he’s not tolerating her anymore so we’ll see what happens next & i can’t wait! :))

    #764 u’r most welcome fren! jjal ja

    chom chom

  767. 767 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, my buddy, I’m sooooo happy to see our guy with character. Makes me feel TT again!!!!

    He is extremely understanding, accommodating, loving, patient +++.
    U can see his eyes turning red like what JW said, he stares at her until blood shot into his eyes and will look very scary… she said it so well that i cant imitate. Well, i see that in epi 51.

    When he dragged her out of the bedroom, I thought he was gg to announce their divorce. I am so disappointed when its merely to apologise. This gives the devil more chance to commit her evil doings!

  768. 768 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yes i cldnt be any happier with this latest epi of RR, he’s really stronger & i liked that when he dragged her outside their b/room but i wasn’t expecting him to announce yet a divorce i’m sure that ‘ll come later sadly enuf but this scene i know what u mean when in TT he was showing similar emote to JW, gosh our guy is really giving his all for the role/s he plays in any drama! like i ‘m watching him in SWAT & he was good as usual! this SWAT drama is well made i feel like i’m watching a Hollywood movie!

    i can’t wait for nxt RR i’m so happy u decided to stay watching it! didn’t i tell u that this RR may grow on you after a while! ok hv a nice nite c u in the a.m. hours ur time!

    meantime chom chom!! ciao kapsu dah kal kae yo!

  769. 769 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GA to you! tonight we shld have epi 52 avail so can’t wait coz our KSH has reached that point ordi where he cldn’t hold his patience anymore as fake Ruby is getting out of hand! if i were fake Ruby i’ll try to go on copying the good side of real Ruby since Gyeongmin is a nice man/husband, but she’s just too greedy & obsessed with material things, i think she doesn’t love Gyeongmin, she just married him for money, power n to beat her sister since real Ruby is endearing! she’s not too far from Geum ra of TT maybe equally mean! 🙂

    hope u had a gud beauty rest!

  770. 770 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE to u! KSH is really really good and its not surprising he had the award to himself. Gosh, I could feel his anger and frustration cum disappointment after waited for her for so long. U r absolutely right! Fake Ruby is too greedy. She wants both men for their merits. Yeah, no diff from GR.

    The Insu is not much better either. Is his love real? He seems to love Runa right fr the beginning and now switches to the real Ruby. He hides evidences and ‘plots’ for his own selfish gains. So, I think they deserve one another. chom chom

  771. 771 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u too! i know he’s a multi talented actor, we saw in TT he cld be funny & same time made us cry too! no surprises when he gets award/s for his roles!

    In su i think came to really like/love real Ruby coz who is not to like real Ruby, she’s a nice person & i’m only thinking maybe and u cld be right as well that he just loves Runa but part of it is his selfishness overpowered him in that real Runa has left him n married Gyeongmin so he has to hv a part of what’s left for him to the extent that he hid the truth n ruined real Ruby’s life! if i were real Ruby i won’t hv anything to do w/him anymore let alone marry him (In su) coz he’s the one who held the key in telling the truth but he concealed it for like u said his own selfish gains! i can’t wait for more of Gyeongmin’s tantrum against fake Ruby 🙂

    chom chom too for now! stay safe!

  772. 772 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle here’s something i found out…our guy in SWAT drama must hv gron from his height or 180 cm, u know why i said this? bcoz the other actor who’s also (i know fr other dramas) as i looked fr his bio is 173 cm, and in the drama they have same height in this swat 2000 drama, now our guy is 180 cm tall so since he was only about 28 yrs old he may hv grown about 8 more cm! 🙂

    chom chom i’m watching him in swat drama 🙂 c ya

  773. 773 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes he’s 180cm tall I believe that as stated in his biodata. But JW said she didnt measure. Why not we do it? hahahahha! I think we have to stack ourselves up or make him lie down on the floor! LOL!!!

    Its more than a month and we cant seem to stop praising him many times a day. Where can any star find such loyal fans? He’s as fresh as day 1 I get to know him. If only he IS our guy….. I congrats him and the lady he chose to spend his life with.

    I’m working from home today so I’ll peek in here later. chom chom!

  774. 774 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yes 180 cm but what i was trying to tell u is that the other actor who’s w/him in this drama swat i know he’s not as tall as our guy hence i thought of finding out the other actor’s bio & true enough that actor is only 173 cm whereas our guy now is 180 cm! therefore, it only goes to show our guy grew from 2000 year he was only 173 cm (same as other actor) and now looking at our guy’s bio he’s 180 cm!

    i know it’s our anniv fren to hv met here how about that? kombei kombei clonk those wine glasses or just a shot of soju wld suffice! hahaha i’m sure he’s got some other loyal fans but i think on this thread we’re ‘it’ hahaha!

    okidoko if u’r wkg at home that’s gr8 i hv someone to chat with, i’m still watching swat & oh boy it’s getting intense! our guy is as cute as a button as the saying goes!

    chom chom for now but i’ll be back hasta la vista chingu

  775. 775 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, when they fell in line waiting for the heli, he’s the tallest. Oh my, I can recog him fr any angle.

  776. 776 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #774. Yes i got u. He grows amazingly tall. Puts all the plastic faces to shame, ya?

    I take a break n watching ep 52 without s/titles.

  777. 777 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Hey, my Twinkler fren. Watch here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu0ISZzUXmU Turn on the captions and click to choose English

    If u need help, I’ll email u

  778. 778 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Sorry but the s/titles dont appear v useful.

  779. 779 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle which drama u talking about fren? is it the into the storm? i luv his height! 🙂

  780. 780 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle in a li’l while YT thru KBS world shld hv subs but i think not at this point yet! sori late rep i got hooked on swat drama hehehe

    @778 it’s ok michelle no worries 🙂 thnx fren!

  781. 781 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #777 i came across that smtime ago & yeah it’s like a private vid n no subs i’ll wait for YT 🙂

  782. 782 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I jump to epi93 trying to figure the end first

  783. 783 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I am done with #93 if that’s the final. Fr what I gather, fake Ruby was admitted for psychology treatment, I think. When she was about to leave the hospital, somehow 2 staff came and drag her back again. Not sure why.

    Then the final part showed Chorim preggy and the disgusting uncle paired up with the disgusting maid as well as Dongpal’s son with the little girl at the restaurant. They were at the restaurant celebrating its opening.

    Nothing conclusive for the leads as they werent shown together as a couple. What a drama!

  784. 784 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle u killed our suspense :)) i still hope gyeongmin will be back with real Ruby! :)) fren u absolutely can’t wait eh?
    i just chkd epi 52 not avail yet! maybe in about 1/2 hr it will be!

  785. 785 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Sorrry soorrry twinkler, HAHAHAHA ! LOL!!! Maybe they will …. but I cant u/stand a word just looking at the screen. I’m so disappointed too, but for a different reason. Really annoying, its moving on like a snail and our guy hardly appear until the last second.

  786. 786 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle :)) kyeok jong ma (don’t worry) hahaha i can u/stand your enthusiasm! oh no i want to see more of Gyeongmin ssi even at the last epi!
    i’m sure it will be uplded soon since ur still morning hrs there u’ll watch it ahead of me (epi 52)!!

    much as i wanted to do some more marathon i’m terribly sleepy now 🙂 so bid u jjal ja chom chom kaps da/kreups dah chingoo

    to our Kim suk hoon ssi – have a pleasant day in SK! we’ll always be here for you! take care!

  787. 787 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m watching epi52 now with s/title

  788. 788 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Pretty Twinkler, did u have a sweet dream of our guy? If not, pls continue ….

    I will go back to TT epi 11&12 tonight. I have put TT on hold for too long since trying to cover RR. Now can only watch RR one epi a day, is not fulfilling enough. Now I u/stand why you kangaroo watch, my Twinkler fren. I will hop to SWAT too.

  789. 789 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Hi Twinkler fren. Play this, familiar?

  790. 790 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I thoroughly enjoy TT epi 11&12 where they went to the printer shop and the little guy was stalking JW. As we noticed much earlier, out of pure jealousy, KSH interrupted and took his rightful front seat. He asked JW why she keep meeting this man. Then his ‘ahhh…’ (in crescendo) to the small guy makes the guy appear even smaller.

    I’m sleepy now. Cant find SWAT epi 1 in yt but only epi 16 so i shall call it a day. GN/GM to u!

  791. 791 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GE/GM fr here! #788 hehehe same to U pretty twinkler fren…yayy i was hoping i cld request for that dream but didn’t drm of him at all! wae wae (why why) hehehe anyway i thought of watching RR first bfr chkng here & our guy was making up w/that greedy fake Ruby etc that he truly is the one & only love for him! wait till he finds our the truth right? yeah we can only watch 1 epi at a time w/c i don’t mind since i can kangaroo watching hehehe

    i’m sure u’ll enjoy your TT for the what 11th time now i lost count :))

  792. 792 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #789 woah thnx for sharing that CF twinkler fren! i think that was uploaded by one of his fans i recognized the username!

  793. 793 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #790 yes i think that scene where he took front seat is cute then i remember he grabbed the cupcake w/c the little guy intends to give JW! i luv to hear him say ‘ahhhh’ so cute!

    i’ll find epi 1 swat for you! in a bit let me hv b/f first hehehe

    hv a g/nite & dream of KSH & tell me about it! :))

    chom chom for now sleephyhead!

  794. 794 : sangjhoon Says:

    To our fave K actor Kim suk hoon ssi: jjal ja isseo yo to our Kim suk hoon ssi! be blessed & have a restful night from your faithful fans michelle & sangjhoon!

  795. 795 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i meant to tell u that in swat drama the actor who plays their chief or commander is JW’s dad in TT! then the other officer actor is same cousin he had in tomato drama, a lot of familiar faces in this drama i’ve watched before! i hope u’r able to watch it i sent u the link via email ok?

    chom chom

  796. 796 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle who’s now in dreamland, epi 8 of swat was very exciting! i told u each epis is very intense n they hv diffic tasks each time! i hope KSH role here won’t be in danger! i don’t want to spoil it for you but i hv a loooong way to go this is 16 epis! our guy stands out amongst the other officers! but of course…..doesnt he always?

    chom chom gg now to roll up my sleeves! :))

  797. 797 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Fan how r u? hope you’re doing well & will be able to come again one of these days! 🙂 take care from your fellow KSH fans here!

  798. 798 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE to u! Todays a busy day for me. #796 yes our guy always stands out among the crowd. He’s got everything – PERFECT! No other words to describe him.

    Gonna be a wet day here in SG. I love it so it wont be so HOT. Catch up with u tonight SG time. chom chom.

  799. 799 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u too! oh again a busy day, take it easy though fren!
    yes indeed our guy KSH stands out! Mr Perfect that’s him! 🙂

    rainy day, i luv the rain too sometimes! okokok chom chom catcha ltr! hv a gr8 day in SF!

  800. 800 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Watching TT epi 13. So fun still. Cooking up white lies to get her as he missed her already. She came and he cooked specially for her. Oh, I want that soup too, looks really really delicious! He must be a good cook. How about having his own restaurant? ya, besides being a tour guide and a religious minister, he will make an excellent chef too! Mr Perfect KSH restaurant 24×7.

  801. 801 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha i know like other actors who ventured in resto bz e.g. bae yoong joon of winter sonata, he’s got one in Japan too! i’m pretty sure his resto will be packed 24/7 then when we happen to vacation in SK, that’ll be our first stop 🙂

    that’s a gud rhyme Mr Perfect KSH 24/7 if he starts hiring we’ll put in our resume hahaha !

    did u get my email re link to swat? i’m gg to watch /continue with epi 8 it’s getting intense! 🙂 hope u find it coz once u hv epi 1 the rest will be on the right hand side, pls let me know & i’ll send u the other links okidoki?

    krueps day/kapseu dah/kreom yeo/ hara sae yo
    i just luv to hear him say all the above! with a surreptitious grin when he doesnt want his love JW to see him (smile)

    bb soon

  802. 802 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle one tip i may share w/c u may know oredi is that once u got the swat vids on YT going u bookmark that page & so nxt tym u need not search for it since it’s in hangeul! 🙂

    GLuck girl! i’ll chk back here when there’s commerc on swat vid

  803. 803 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. If he’s doing what is mon mom is doing, he can get free labour from GR to stuff all the sausages. By this, we will witness if she is doing the stuffing wholeheartedly or not.

    Yes, he must hire both of us together, there’s no doubt abt that.

  804. 804 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #802 yes got it, thx! will catchup tonight. chom chom!

  805. 805 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hehehe i know i think GR is a show off! this GR is pushing the envelope too hard albeit ES bluntly told her there’s only JW he loves no other woman! can’t she get it? or shall we teach her hangeul? 🙂
    oh if he hires us that’ll be that day fren! 🙂

  806. 806 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #804 okokok hara sae yo jal dae dah!
    chom chom kaps dah!

  807. 807 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle can’t resist telling u about this epis of swat oh my gosh it’s so riveting i hv to hang on to my seat like i said each epis gets to be interesting & dangerous! a well made drama, kudos to the production/directing aside from the actors, they’re all good but of course KSH is numero UNO! 🙂 let me watch some more before my eyes give up 🙂

  808. 808 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle finished another epi of swat n it’s getting better each time! however, dreamland is calling me so c ya in the SG hours!
    jjal ja/chom chom twinkler fren

  809. 809 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #805. Looking to that day, fren. Lets teach GR hangeul and make sure we are not to be trifled with. JW is just too nice for this type of woman. Wait til she cross our path, eh?

    U know his timeline and all his dramas, sure fren, KSH will let u run the restaurant for him in full trust. I offer to be ur assistant (or his assistant!).

  810. 810 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GE/GM to u, pretty twinkler! I didnt realise we already went past #800. Lets get our glasses and clink! clink! clink! I dont believe it!

    I’m watching SWAT and waiting for our guy to appear. Wish there are subtitles. Let me see … in #800 we wish our guy a Mr Perfect KSH restaurant 24×7 …. so its good news!!!

  811. 811 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u another pretty twinkler hehehe

    #809 yes i know we’re going to sit down with GR n teach her hangeul hahaha! u know i admire JW for her tact in handling the evil doings of GR in this drama TT…she’s a v nice, warm,compassionate person & other qualities we’ve observed watching this drama & no surprise here that ES started liking her, even to the point she goes to his mon mom & tries to win her heart or simply get to know her more even if mon mom won’t even blink when she was starving to eat & just watch her at that! amazing woman who deserves a nice man like ES!

    hehehe running his resto what a gr8 idea but he has to sign us a package deal kinda contract, he can’t hire me if he doesnt hire u as well…no i won’t put up with that concept of u being my assistant, we hv to be on same level, i don’t wish to be unfair! :)) lol we’re gg crazy fren
    on to ur other msg!

    u must be asleep so jjal ja to u

  812. 812 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle btw i just finished watching RR coz last nte i cldnt wait for it anymore so i had to hit the sack!

    oh yeah we passed 800 just by blabbing here i can’t believe it myself, this is all for our great actor KSH! yeah get those wine glasses clink clink clink clonk clonk or buy some bottles of soju n then we go to ES’ mon mom’s resto get drunk! :))

    i know there’s no subs for swat but u can figure out what’s going on kinda sign language if u will hahaha but i’m truly enjoying it coz it’s really well made drama!

    i also just finished RR epi 53 it’s good epis once more!

    ok chom chom i hv to get ready, sleep tight for ur beauty rest n see u when u wake up! hv a gr8 eve

  813. 813 : sangjhoon Says:

    To our Kim suk hoon: if you happen to be visiting here just wanna say we’re enjoying your dramas all the time! i’m curr watching you in swat police as well as our fren michelle here & glad to see some of your old projects too!

    Have a blessed evening! i also enjoy listening to your CBS radio program thru the kindness of URI site! aja aja fighting! take care always!

    Jjal isseo yeo!

  814. 814 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m tuning to your side of the globe now. Ya, saw our guy now in SWAT. Wow, so young and handsome! I goggled for synopsis and here’s the link


  815. 815 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #812 Wow, his ahhhs and oooohs sound so nice. Yes, lets go to the mon mom restaurant and get drunk. Great idea, fren. But we dont puke on him, we puke on mon mom instead … hahahahah!

    we’ll buy lots of fish bread and ask ES to cook rice and soup specially for us too since JW had that too!

    GN, my fren.

  816. 816 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL had i known ur still on by side i wld’nt hv logged off early hahaha see i told u just be patient, umm y & h that’s him hehe oh thnx for synopsis fren i apprec it! gr8 help


  817. 817 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle #815 agreed ohs ahs & one other thing his “mo mi kah’ this mean what is it or what r u saying i guess! LOL we hv to be gentle with mon mom in spite of her being the queen of money lenders 🙂 like what JW did being gracious n all that, we have to use reverse psychology buddy to win her heart! 🙂

    hv u ever tried fish bread? ummhhh luv those, u can buy on the street vendors in SK, like those fish on sticks n they’re very cheap! ummh ok we’ll get her bags n bags of those fish breads! i bought some not too long ago but they’re frozen fr SK still yummy!

    i luv the way he wears the apron n washing the rice for his woman! 🙂

  818. 818 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle woah a lot to read for swat synopsis but very good coz now i’m getting a clear picture of what’s going on since we’re watching this w/o subs! u r a v v resourceful fren not only a twinkler now but a swat girl! hahaha thnx again i will read ev.thing for sure! 🙂

  819. 819 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u i’m sure u’r still in dreamland but just wanna share this w/u, the link u gave me for swat is really helpful & i’ve come across the reviewer Sukting before n she’s good! i remember i got a dvd no subs but went online n voila Suktin got the review & she sure shed some light on the flow of the story! good job fren for finding that one about swat, i knew it the bad guy with fake moustache who killed our guy’s brod is the father of kang shu his friend! good cop story, glad u started watching it, another stuff we can rant/rave about!

  820. 820 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #817 Twinkler, u’re learning fast! Yes, we shall treat mon mom really well and also teach her humanities. If she could grow her love to others, she’s a great person, capable as she is to bring up such a wonderful son that she truly loves. She is like JW said, a mom with love for her child. Absolutely! Sweet Twinkler, we’ve 2 tasks on hand now.
    1, Teach GR hangeul
    2, Teach mon mom to be a socially acceptable person.

    If our target on mon mom is successful, the whole story will change. We’ll call it Twinkle Mom

    @sangjhoon. U make me wanna go SK now….eating fish bread!
    yayaya i love to see him in apron, too! He is so adapt to all the household chores, clearing the table, in the kitchen, oh my, nice and good husband to have! A wonderful son, husband, daddy, friend, boss +++

  821. 821 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon #820 Not sure if sukting is fr SG. She mentioned couldnt get the DVD in SG. I didnt read all so just do a couple of para so to have a good headstart on the epi. At least with her help, I now realise the lady Dan Fei is a spy.

    Agree with you, our guy grows in his looks. More handsome as the years go by. Awwwwww…..

    I gotta leave home now. Talk tonight.
    (U know, I feel like a star, checking constantly to reply to my fan!)

  822. 822 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #820 i can see you my twinkler fren to write your own novel in the future, i mean it, u hv the knack in writing & i applaud u! 🙂 ok ok yeah we hv to be like JW who’s tenacity paid off in the end, dyeing our mon in law mom’s hair, clipping her nails (remember JW said to her at one time while preparing for dinner that she wld cut her nails till it stings bcoz mon mom asks her why don’t u resent me) but we’ll do more than that for her so we’ll see what else nxt tym what we hv for monster in law mom hahaha!ok i like the title too Twinkler Mom! u r funny!

    if i were u i’ll really consider gg to SK, u will hv a blast! too bad SK can’t hire me to endorse their tourism bcoz i hv a lot of good things to say about their beautiful country! awwww fish bread is one of my faves, plus the steamed fish in sticks remember seeing them eating fr street vendor?
    he really looks cute in apron! i hv no doubt in my mind that what we see is what we get in terms of his being such a nice person on/off cam; a really good son, brod, husb, dad & all that!

  823. 823 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha u made me luf first of u said u feel like a star chkng to reply to your fans hahaha indeed u r a twinkler so u r a STAR! HAHAHA i’m ur no. one fan! hahaha

    really sukting might be fr SG? she’s good & i can honestly see u doing something like that perhaps better at that coz u r v eloquent, i’m serious!
    i printed the review & marks each sec w/the epis i’ve seen! dang fei is truly in love w/our guy & v versa, epi 11 i think they kissed! hahaha so don’t u touch that channel coz u r gg to see their kiss scenes! after dinner i’m gonna cont w/epi 13 oredi! so u better hv a marathon one of these days so we can be on same page! 🙂 no burden just kidding!

    okok chom chom n go on w/ur tasks! keep smiling!

  824. 824 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle just for fun jump to epi 13 first scene KSH doing his laundry at the laundromat n he’s so cute like a 20 yr old, he really looks younger than his age of 28 yrs in this drama! even in TT he cld pass for a 36 yr old n younger! okokok

    c ya later but if u hv time jump to swat epi 13 ok? he looks soooo cute

  825. 825 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle twinkler fren just chkng here too but hv to say chom chom jjal ja till then! hv a good day over there! just finished RR epi 54 it’s qte good! i’m almost done w/swat, nxt one will be his other old drama called affection if i can find it! :))

    c ya ltr \o/

  826. 826 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #822. Wooooh, u think so that i could produce a novel? Need our guy for continuous inspiration! Thx, well-said, maybe when our guy learn of this thread, he will give me more to produce a novel. Am looking forward….hehehehehe!!

    Me just got back with dinner in front of my pc, as usual. After checking for my fan’s (got just 1 fan btw) reply, will switch to RR to be on par with u, my Twinkler fren. chom chom

  827. 827 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #826 GM/GE to u & our KSH of course! our inspiration to get us through the day/s ahead! :)) yeah ur no. 1 fan me hehehe
    Yes indeed u cld be a writer or someone who’d do a recap of kdramas! so start sharpening your pencils & let ES edit that for you or JW! 🙂
    me just getting up, this is our eye opener these days, i don’t even open my email first but here …. yeah go to RR then swat ok? twinkler fren

    i’m going for a swat hehehe chom chom

    hv a good dream!

  828. 828 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM to u! Yeah, must start sharpening pencils, u r right. Need to go buy a small penknife and not the usual sharpener. Oh boy, me gg back to basics!

    Watching SWAT epi 2 but quite bland cos I dont understand the language. Now coming to end.

    Heeehee I m like u. Never been so hardworking and consistent even at work to check on this thread first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Now our guy is in the cold trailing the other guy. Oh no, he fell flat on the ground. @sangjhoon, quick! go and apply CPR on him!

  829. 829 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GE to you Gm fr me! lol i know start w/ur sharp pencils now! just finished the finale of swat! no worries if u don’t u/stand the lang what i did fr when u sent me the link i read through each & got an u/standing of what was gg on! u’ll be able to follow even w/o subs as i did so just keep watching , a smart twinkler like u won’t hv a hard time figuring out the story! i won’t discuss the details here as not to spoil u but it’s a good ending!

    yeah me too first thing when i woke up n first thing when i got home i check here hahaha gosh what’s gg on w/us? i’m also not u/standing it myself hahaha our KSH is sure lucky to hv fans like the 2 of us! uri turi sarang hae kim huk ssi 🙂 (meaning the 2 of us love him)!

    oh yes i’ll be glad to apply CPR 🙂

    chom chom gg to hit the road now ttyl & hv a gr8 night!

  830. 830 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U r so considerate, thank u, Twinkler! I dont like violent scenes and SWAT has too much fighting and bloody scenes, making it so gross! Now I am watching TT epi 11&12, my consolidated version before gg to bed. I enjoy this better despite this being the 11th time and best part is I need’nt have to put up with all the unnecessary scenes.

    RR is getting more exciting now that the real Ruby is adamant on taking action. I wouldnt call this revenge but I think what she’s doing is right. I support her. You r right to say Insu is an accomplice to the fake Ruby.

    Here are some of my equations:
    GR = Fake Ruby
    TR = Chorim
    MR = the young girl at the restaurant
    DB = Insu

  831. 831 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Hope KSH will pop in to say hello to us! Yes, we are the die-hards for him.

    I still feel so tickled when JW fell over the table of crockery when mon mom chased her out of the restaurant! Actually mon mom’s kindness is shown in this scene. When JW in her sleepy state asked her for water, the mon mom actually attended to her and even propped her up. So, her motherly instinct is there still. Yeah, we will be nice to her. We shall train her and shower her with our love more than JW in order to win. We are confident of that right, Twinkler?

    Now they drove to the printer shop. Enjoy this argument btn ES and the little chestnut guy….. chom chom & goodnight, Twinkler, til i finish the epi! Good nite, KSH!

  832. 832 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #830 ok ok i u/stand me neither i usually am not keen on violent stuff but like i said anything for our KSH i will fathom, i just skipped looking at the bloody scenes & paid attn when he’s on screen! 🙂 u r brkg da recrd on 11th TT watching kudos to u fren u really r a twinkler! in other words u need your dosage bfore gg to bed hahaha gud 4 u!

    yes RR is getting exciting as it progresses! i luv your equations w/c are pretty matching 🙂 isn’t in su an accomplice right we are! now he claims he really fell in love with her? yeah right! 🙂

  833. 833 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #831 i surely hope so that KSH will one day pop up here but w/his bz sched we’re not sure anymore!

    I agree the mon mom still got her motherly instincts, yes I distinctly remember that scene where she was obliged to give her some mul (water) & propped her head up! We shld at least give her credit for that 🙂 Then I remember mon mom was so annoyed when she was washing their dirty/stained clothes fr the puke hahaha she tossed her blouse fr the washing bin! Hahaha she really has a funny attitude! Yeah the ride to the print shop was another funny one w/the chestnut braces little guy hahaha he’s a dork!
    g/nte twinkler fren

  834. 834 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE to u! Have u read our guy’s sharing on his FB? This was a month ago. Good reminder for everyone!

    Three meals a day on set shooting the movie solved in. A simple beverage to drink after a meal always use a paper cup. And staff to learn about 70 people, assuming 3 per person per day, but could use more than 200 semyida whimper. , so every time you start shooting fellow actors and staff to Tumbler (tumbler) would be present. Colleagues in the field troubled but also appreciation for, let’s reduce the use of disposable cups is also a message of my own. worse than filming in the cafe. ‘Cup of coffee’ as the norm growing every street cafes are mushrooming, much disposable cup usage is increasing exponentially. Look around the high street or road trash strewn all over the disposable cup. employee at the counter “mug you? disposable cup you?” he asked, but most of the order of disposable cups. Suspicious if the mugs are attributable cleaned. Chemical preservatives in disposable cups, but we can do more harm to the body seems to be forgotten.

    Need strong regulation and at the same time I think that the campaign. Every coffee shop if you use a large amount of disposable cups bite or a fine, tumblers and mugs have a bigger discount for customers using a formula to increase the incentive policy will soon summer. Coffee drinks and more people will find cafes molril. Disposable cups will be used more, it is clear the land into the bottle. Earth Day was the last 22 days. One used in the country about 300 million disposable cups are called. Get the convenience of the costs in return someday you whilst we have experienced very thick.

    [출처] 본 기사는 프리미엄조선에서 작성된 기사 입니다

  835. 835 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to you GE fr here Nope i hvnt coz i told u i don’t hv FB woah thnx for sharing! this is a good wake up call! even here at work i hv started using a mug not coffee cups!
    kam sa hab nida twinkler fren for sharing! pls dig in some more of what he’s got on his FB ok? glad u found this one too!

    gg home now chom chom ttyl

  836. 836 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m hvng probs w/yahoo in sending so i can’t even reply to your email re swat! anyway i’ll reply thru here! it’s ok if u didnt enjoy it but i got hooked since i started it already, i don’t wanna miss any of his projects old/new that’s why i stuck to it! it was a li’l violent but there’s romance as well so it sorta hv a break from the action/suspense also!
    i’m sure u’r getting ready to leave so i won’t keep u twinkler dear fren!

    chom chom for now while i hv dinner 🙂

  837. 837 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle here’s an MV of his drama Affection on YT – enjoy, he looks cute here!

  838. 838 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle dunno what drama this one i stumbled upon tonight here’s link fr YT:

  839. 839 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle epi 55 RR now avail! let me watch first n ttyl! 🙂

  840. 840 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle just finished epi 55 it’s quite good! don’t miss it ok? i think i’ll hit the sack now kinda sleepy oredi! u take it easy n don’t work too hard!

    chom chom g/nite fr this zone! g/nite to our wonderful actor Kim suk hoon ssi! jjal ja sae yeo!

  841. 841 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. yes, am watching it now. She always hug him when she’s guilty and he seems to be aware of it. Surely, he and his sister should check with the guy who is supposed to receive the money. He shd stand firm now that he has sighted her and got evidence too.

  842. 842 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Now RR has ignited my engine. I’m watching epi 56 without s/titles. Just want to check if KSH will continue to investigate and what the fake Ruby will do next.

  843. 843 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u! yeah i liked last nte’s epis coz Gyeongmin (KSH) is slowly but surely uncovering his wife’s charades & smart move of real Ruby to expose her sister’s embezzlement! i think gyeongmin ssi is too nice & being blinded by his love for fake Ruby but now he’s realizing fake ruby’s hidden agendas which is a step in the right direction for him!

  844. 844 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I feel that he shd just divorce her after catching her red-handed. No need for further investigation. GN, Twinkler, I wont reveal so that u can enjoy epi 56/57.

    cheom cheom to u and our idol!

  845. 845 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle 842 woah fren now ur worst than me hahaha can’t wait for it to be on w/subs eh? glad your enthusiasm has ignited your engine hahahha nice way to put it fren! i think gyeongmin ssi shld divorce fake ruby n reunite with real ruby!

    i’m sure ur asleep now so chom chom jjal ja

  846. 846 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle happy w/end to you there!

    to our kim suk hoon ssi haeng bok han weekend

  847. 847 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yes i agree he shld just divorce fake ruby….that will solve the prob! 🙂 g/nite to u & our KSH

  848. 848 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle twinkler champ hahaha GM to you, hope u won’t hv a busy day! almost time for me to go home & hv a marathon TT again! :))

    chom chom

  849. 849 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE to u! Leaving home now, maybe afternoon by then u will b dreaming of our guy in SWAT action. chom chom

  850. 850 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u too! ok hv a safe trip to work! just getting home myself as i had to go to the store! i finished SWAT i’m gg to watch him in Affection chom chom fren!

  851. 851 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GE/GM to u! I marthon RR without s/title. Now at epi 64. Anxious to see the fall of the fake Ruby.

  852. 852 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Cant find YT with s/title epi 56. Can you?

  853. 853 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u! u may not recall i mentioned to u that we won’t have RR on w/ends only M-F they upload! so we hv to wait for epi 56 till Mon my fren! 🙂

    LOL u marathon w/o subs hahaha now u sound hooked on it! hahaha btw where can i watch w/o subs? u can email me pls when u hv time thnx

    jjal ja

    chom chom kreups dah, kaps dah

  854. 854 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE to u! Yes, u r right. I’m hooked to see how the story will turn. As expected, there are many incidents that happen at the right moment to drag the story on.

    I’m at epi 69 now.

  855. 855 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to you too! just getting home lots of things/errands to do on w/ends but i hope ur hvng a good one too! LOL good for you at least i hv company in talking about RR unlike when u didn’t want to continue w/it now u r far ahead with watching! i hv patience i can wait hahaha i like to keep myself in suspense plus with subs! by tmrw eve KBS will upld it oredi!

    i’m continuing with TT later epi 37 i believe 🙂

  856. 856 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Epi 37 is when SRD dad fainted, then epi 38 The Proposal. Hahaha repeat this proposal once again! Lovely!

  857. 857 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle u encouraged me to watch raw since u sent me the link i’m really tempted hahaha kam sa hab nida chingu

  858. 858 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, its v good, no prob with streaming, no ad. just watch it briefly and my aim is to see how far the fake Ruby can get away. Also the story makes our guy quite dumb not to know anything abt his wife when they are sharing the same bed.

  859. 859 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #857. RR is unlike TT where we laugh and get humoured by every inch of their witty dialogue. We admire their dress sense, nice expressions and interesting nitty gritty details. Every action captures our attention and hearts. So its a must must to absorb every word said and never never take your eyes off the screen, not even for a second.

    In RR, I only want to know how the fake Ruby is laid down finally and to see if she has any conscience to redeem herself. Also keen to know what the real Ruby will do to bring justice to what happened to her. And of course, for us to just gawk, stare or indulge ourselves in our guy doesnt need any s/titles at all, LOL!!!

    I’m now at epi 71

  860. 860 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yes by now u must memorize every detail/dialogues n stuff hahaha my sis is watching epi 40 now she’s excited! my dvd she says will be on its way by mail so that’s exciting once it get it! i luv the proposal scene one of our faves, i dread to see their break up though huhuhu

    @858 i know exactly what u mean! hence i’m watching epi 56 now maybe i’ll embark on a marathon tonight! 🙂 so join me ok? but u r epi 71 it’s hard for me to beat! i agree why do the writer make our guy so dumb sometimes but u know i think he’s blinded by his love for her that’s why!

  861. 861 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #859 true my fren RR is unlike TT where it has more stuff to talk n rave about! like u said the dialogues in TT are just awesome, kudos to the writers/direction/production not to mention the outstanding performance of our KSH ssi & Kim hyun joong and others in it like Lee yoo ri as GR!

    I think fake Ruby is tirelessly doing what she’s doing n i honestly get tired for her, imagine she’s unstoppable with her charade to the point of paying someone (that guy) to make the messy stuff on her behalf. She’s absolutely heartless like GR albeit the latter redeemed herself in last few episodes of TT! so let’s see if fake Ruby will do the same!

    will chk back here after a while, i luv the site u shared coz it’s got no commercials! 🙂 thnx again fren!

  862. 862 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m on epi 56 where fake ruby calls our guy ‘chagia’ sweetheart but she walks away, he’s really getting annoyed with her now slowly but surely! 🙂 did u notice fake ruby always got that night robe, 🙂 doesn’t she hv any other to change it with? 🙂

  863. 863 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #860. I feel the writers’ fault. How could the husband not feel her false pregnancy unless they dont come into physical contact at all. She had her baby bump at that time. Anyway, cant divulge too much til u watch it.

  864. 864 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #862 ya, I didnt take any notice of her clothing cos I dont like her at all, I like just her hair with large curls at the ends. That’s all.

    Agreed, she shd hv a change of her nightrobe. Maybe all the bedroom scenes were shot at 1 go. HAHAHHA!!!!

  865. 865 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #861. Fake Ruby doesnt have the intellect to match and only does things without filtering them off her tiny brain. Each time when she’s caught off guard, she’ll hide in her quilts, display her false affection for her hubby or give some silly excuses to get away with.

  866. 866 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i think nxt epi she’s faking her pregnancy! i agree w/you 101% how cld the husb be unaware of that? 🙂

    it’s hard not to notice coz each epis she wears same night robe then hid under the sheets LOL she’s scared of her own wrongdoings! she’s unstoppable like a bomb ready to explode! poor Gyeongmin ssi right at the tip of her nose his wife is fooling scamming him in their company!

  867. 867 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #865 fake ruby’s intellect i must say is the fact that she’s smart in being a menace to people that she’s good at, but even fr the start real ruby is smarter than runa!

  868. 868 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #867. This time ur turn to hit the nail on the head! Absolutely accurate!

    #866 The story drags on and on when she’s again forgiven for her fake pregnancy again. I’m quite sick of this actually. And that makes our guy more and more like an idiot!

  869. 869 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #868 🙂 thnx buddy! 🙂

    i know i heard this from one of spoilers last time that she’s gonna fake it but won’t he know that she’s really not preggy, u know what i mean?

  870. 870 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle here’s an inspiration vid for you so take a brk from your RR meantime! u’ll luv this one

  871. 871 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle — i can’t open my eyes anymore but will stay in touch! i’m sure ur almost done with RR marathon for you!

    chom chom jjal ja!

  872. 872 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #869 She was preggy and he was overjoyed that he forgave her soon enough and went ahead to handmake the baby cot plus the family was looking forward earnestly and treated her specially well.

    But heaven has it way, I guess. She tripped and fell and soon was miscarriaged. The real Ruby helped her to the hospital. No one knows about it and she went ahead to fake it until the granny became suspicious and uncover the truth. How she uncover it I leave it to u to find out, my Twinkler fren.

  873. 873 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U know me v well, fren. I’m gg to finish all today so I can concentrate on my work. Sleep well and have enough energy to marathon. GN

  874. 874 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U shd move on to epi 79 onwards. Our guy is actively conducting his own interviews and investigations. Funny thing is he doesnt even know where his wife kept the drawer keys that he had to ask the housekeeper. Strange right if they were sharing the same room?

  875. 875 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. As you r in deep slumber, ur Twinkler fren has hit epi 82 now, with another 11 to go. If only I could u/stand their k language.

    The revelation is unfolding slowly. U can see our guy in action as usually in TT. So, I must hit to the last today!

    Cant stand Chorim and partner. Behaving as tho in their teens when they are well into middle age! I like Dongpal’s son. A good-looking young lad!

  876. 876 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I emailed u the vid on Making Fish Bread. Lets make enough to bring to mon mom’s restaurant and share with the diners there! Looks really easy to do.

  877. 877 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I cant wait to tell u this. At epi 88, our guy was already sooooo fedup with the fake Ruby. Our guy was asleep on the bed. The fake Ruby snuggled up to him and placed his hand over her shoulder. U know what he did? He pulled his hand away and turned to the other side and continued sleeping. HAHAHHAHAAA!!! I like that!!!!

  878. 878 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GE/GM to u! thnx i’ll chk my email after this, see i come here first to chk rather than go to my emails ! the thing is we hv to hv the fish bake pan to achieve the shape of fish bread! 🙂

  879. 879 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle 877 LOL that’s so cute however u mean to tell me ep 88 they hvnt divorced? woah i was hoping gyeongmin ssi shld be w/real ruby oredi! yayy that fake ruby is something else maybe worst than GR 🙂

  880. 880 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. We really need the s/title to fully u/stand in detail. In epi 91 our guy confirmed his wife was fake. I will stop here and wait for the s/title.

    Our guy is the worst victim above all the rest. Ok, wait for u to catchup. GN. Need to limit my viewing time to 1 hr at night from tomorrow onwards. GN, chom chom.

  881. 881 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i salute your quest to go on w/o subs hahaha you go Girl! today i hv to cont with our TT n decided to stop with RR epi 57 i want to concentrate on what they’re actually saying i guess on epi 56 the father almost had a heart attack bcoz of ruby’s misdeeds right?

    #874 i think u r right in a sense that why is it he doesnt know where his wife’s key is being kept – my guess is that fake ruby is super cautious about her hubby’s suspicions these days that she had to keep her personal stuff ever so safely, and the housemaid who’s so nosy knows where it is bcoz she cleans their room & who knows she may hv come across it one day!

    me too i can’t stand chorim/dong pal, yeah the son is h/some but i’ve seen more cuter young K actors compared to him 🙂 first time i’ve seen this young lad in this drama!

    you may be on a slumber now so chom chom jjal ja

  882. 882 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Wooh GM to u! He didnt divorce her. Too kind unnecessarily! Ruby’s mom found out the truth first and u see, she also didnt expose the truth. This fake woman is so thick-skinned too. She also caused our guy’s father to faint and died.

    Our guy now locked the bedroom door and is interrogating her. She insisted she’s the real Ruby. She pushed her luck too far.

    Wait for the s/title cos need to u/stand what words were exchanged.

  883. 883 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle woah ur still up? finished it yayyy he didn’t div her? what’s the point in all this? i want him to go back to real ruby! arghhh! oh the haborji died? oh nooooo! i like gyeongmin’s family they’re so modest & kind in spite of being wealthy!

    i know i wanna wait for subs to fully u/stand their dialogues!

    i just finished watching maan chi’s fish brd recipe i hope u make them so u’ll score big with mon mom in law hahaha

    GN to u i guess Girl you’re burning the midnight oil for RR hehehe

    chom chom jjal ja i hv to hv a b/f now the fish brd made my tongue watery! 🙂

  884. 884 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. If no divorce, then its really the most lousy drama on earth, the producer and writer ought to be shot. How could she do all the evils and yet be allowed to fulfill her dreams?

    The whole drama is way too absurd right from the beginning. If KSH is not in the drama, I will just not bother after the first epi.

  885. 885 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle right u are my fren, if our guy isn’t in that drama i’ll probab pass watching! after all the charades it may seem like they tolerated her evil doings, what about the real ruby right? if i were her i’d fight to get back what her sister took away from her!

  886. 886 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. If I were the real Ruby, I will expose her the moment I regain my memory. I will share all my past with him so he has no choice but to think twice about his wife. I will lookup the hospital to check. On this point, GR did the right thing, didnt she?

  887. 887 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Before I leave home a little while later, I’m getting a dose of TT epi 13. Our guy missed her and trying to compose some sms msg to her…. later cook for her on the pretext of still serving some customers at the restaurant. Really enjoy TT.

  888. 888 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. HAHAHA!!! When our guy asked his mon mom to go home, she asked him to come home as shes all alone in the big house and she wants to feed him. He said he’ll think about it.

    Mon mom said ‘Oh all that thinking…Why are you always thinking”. Dont you find this dialogue very interesting and funny?

  889. 889 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #886 agree w/u if i were real ruby also i’d not hold it any longer & expose this fake ruby coz i won’t be able to resist just seeing Gyeongmin at a distant & suppress my feelings, all hell will break loose if i were here, glad we’re not real ruby hahaha!

  890. 890 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #887 yes isn’t he sweet? gosh i wished i had a b/f (not brkfast) like him! we hv to meet Mr Right hahaha

    i was just talking to my sis & she finished TT & v much liked it, now she’s looking into rewatching her tomato & into the storm dvds, she’s also head over heels with KSH! then she says to me when are we going back to SK? i said if i had wings i’ll fly tmrw & will storm into his agent’s office to meet KSH hahaha

  891. 891 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #888 yeah i know i remember that….but u know what i ‘ve observed watching this for 3rd time now, mon mom loves ES so much — remember that scene when the young uncle came to her house & she asked why he’s not in school & he said one of my classmates die, etc. n i know u know the rest, but to make it short mon mom became pensive, thinking about her own son right? also vice versa ES loves his mom undoubtedly with all his body lang & all that he may not be showing it but of course he loves her in spite of her dirty business!

    fren here’s a slogan for us re TT: a dosage a day keeps the doctor away! hahaha LOL chom chom from you i’ll be here just check on me will ya? we’re both addictive to our chattings so pls don’t forget me here hehehe

  892. 892 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I luv your slogan. Great one!

    Yes, I remembered mon mom looked at his picture. He on the other hand doesnt like to go against her unless shes overboard esp with JW. Once he was working in the kitchen and cooking his dinner, he highlighted to mon mom that one of the collateral contracts she had is for a property that will be conserved and that will not bring in any money for her. Then when she objected, he simply resigned and said since she spent so much money to bribe the officials, then surely she had the truth.

    He did his part to not hide what he knows alth he didnt like this biz. Wonderful son!

  893. 893 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Good that you have the DVDs. Enjoy it over and over again, fren and ur sis.

  894. 894 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL glad u like our slogan hahaha i thot it was v approp coz we both hv to hv TT to rev up our engines each day!

    yes u r absolutely right our ES protects JW even with the help of our fave b/guard kwong soo! i think also he’s using some psychological way of putting his mon mom in toes! he’s a v honest person & remember JW’s SRD mom even wondered how a person like ES grew up in mon mom’s household? true he’s a man of honor! one of my faves wld be him bathing da beum’s baby singing mama gu papa gu hehehe

    great great guy, i’m sure both us won’t ever get tired of this TT drama n count my sis with this sentiment too. She said she’ll start rewatching tomato from today! i bought it for her a few yrs ago even w/o subs coz of our fondness of KSH! now she has the urge to visit SK hahaha i said i won’t refuse but this time we hv to see KSH hahaha u shld plan yours too we’ll see ea other there & shake his hand maybe even a hug? hehehe

  895. 895 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yeah so happy it’s just sheer luck i think even yesasia is out of print with this one! thnx fren!

    i sure will watch it over/over again hehehe

  896. 896 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelel i meant to tell u that my sis thinks he’s more handsome nowadays than when he was in Tomato etc. Not that he wasn’t handsome then but he’s more good looking now! 🙂

  897. 897 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m sure u remember this epi 44 after he came from the hosp bcoz of GR he went back to work & got a request fr PRD dad to resign, then he & JW was outside the hosp that evening & he was asking her why don’t they go for 2 hrs (not to go back inside hosp) take a walk by the ocean, have something to eat or if she’s got a passpt they can even take a trip etc., in retrospect JW shld’ve said yes that way ES didn’t hv to go through & be slapped by her PRD dad! sometimes JW is too nice/obedient i guess bcoz she’s blaming herself for what happened to GR! 🙁

  898. 898 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #897 omo omo i erred, it’s the mother who slapped our guy not the father 🙂 mian mian sorry u can edit my mistakes since u r the TT expert desk! hahaha

  899. 899 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i got a much needed dosage of Twinkle so i’ll bid u g/nite fr here but good day to u over there!

    To our Kim suk hoon have a blessed Monday & rest of the week! Take care! we’re always here for you!

  900. 900 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Let’s kombei! We hit 900 here! I bought 2 fish bread from Takashimaya just now. One for u and one for me. Yes, its really nice. I had 1 with azuki beans and 1 custard. Really yummy! Email you the picture as much as I want to put it here but its really out of the question. It shd be similar in taste to the one JW bought, eh?

  901. 901 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m watching RR epi 56 to hear their dialogue. I like it now that he is making himself clear with his wife. Thats how this drama shd be. Best is to divorce her.

  902. 902 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. This epi 56 is the best. Our guy should stay firm all the way. I just wish I could bury the fake Ruby in the pit meant for GR in TT.

  903. 903 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u GE too yeah kombei n how about that 2 fish breads, thanks fren for buying 2 hahaha nxt time three one for our KSH hahaha i also meant to tell you in SK roti buns are popular or it’s also called coffee buns i think it started there in SG! u’ll see these in some kdramas too i luv it ummmhhh sooo good!

    i got the pix n thnx for sharing it looks really nice the mold of fish are very distinctive! hahaha wished u cld just share it & put it here i know! i’m sure it’s same taste as ones JW got hahaha

  904. 904 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i didn’t chk epi 56 w/subs last night as i was watching TT b4 i went to slumber! i’ll watch it after this before gg out! i think! really it’s the best u said? good i can’t wait to watch it! i know fake ruby is like GR in TT. i think u may be in slumber so jjal ja chom chom for now

  905. 905 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Should buy 3, u r right, my fren. Next time I engrave his name onto it, ya? By ‘roti’ I suspect its SG. It means bread in Malay.

    Interestingly is the shape of the fish. Remember how the SRD father asks if they eat the head or tail first? I start with the head first. Very yummy.

  906. 906 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes gg to slumber right after this. Epi 56 is good but didnt stay long that way. Anyway, her life is in turmoil at the way she refuses to give in. Such horrible woman!

  907. 907 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha you ate the head first i think it meant something else too i can’t recall now 🙂 good for you! nxt tym 3 one for our KSH hehehe
    yeah i think so too it was originally fr SG try to look for Kor bakeshop or store they carry them delivered fresh, oh just the aroma of coffee in the bun wld make u feel wanting for more!

  908. 908 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #906 yeah i just finished epi 56 & happy to hear gyeongmin ssi wants to div her but she’s just too stubborn n thick skinned woman so it’s frustrating on her husband’s side!

    ok jjal ja fren c u later

    chom chom

  909. 909 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u GF fr here….TT epi 47 i believe where ES followed her home unbeknownst to her then looking fr a distance he sees JW being amused by DB, i liked the way he was accid seen by brod in law n asked him to hv a drink there our ES got a nice dialogue about how JW became an inspiration to him of sorts saying spring was more beautiful even if it rains etc. After that brod in law who’s now drunk but his mind still clear of what our ES told him shared his thoughts of how ES truly loves JW where she ran to go to mon mom’s place and that scene was a kodak moment – she’s running towards him who’s wearing his green sweater (gorgeous in ev.thing he wears) but hesitant to respond to her right embrace! oh this drama will linger in our minds for a loooooooooong time my twinkler fren! each epis are truly worth our while!
    anyway i know ur still in slumber but thot u need a bit of dosage hahaha
    kerups dah, kal kae yo, chom chom chingoo


  910. 910 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, oooppps typo there #909 editor Song pls correct it 🙂

    it shld read ‘tight’ embrace not ‘right’ ….really haste makes waste!

  911. 911 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. HAHA, answering my fan’s chat first thing in the morning!

    I found the fish bread mould/mold. U see, u use American English and I am brought up under the British system. I email the link to u.

    #907. The coffee bun was a once upon a wave that came over to SG from Malaysia. This biz turn up huge crowds esp with office workers queuing up to buy and I am one of them. But it didnt last that long as more copycats appear. Its long gone from the scene here. Its called Pappa Roti. This is the original and smells real good.

    #909. Yes I remember every move that they make! Its still fresh in my head. He wanted to return her hug but I guess hes aware his mon mom will be overlooking from the living room. I suppose his mon mom needs love and a life partner too then maybe she will give up her biz. Lets introduce a nice boyfriend to mon mom!

    #910. Wait til ES come on board this thread, he’ll faint at seeing so much corrections he has to make!

    chom chom, signoff and see u next time!

  912. 912 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha i guess so Am eng & yours is Britz ok ok! i got it thnx chingoo!

    yup i luv coffee bun till now, i first got introduced to it watching Kdramas then when we went to SK i got to buy it & indeed it was heavenly! i heard it originated fr Malaysia right! umm smells great i know!

    you got it girl, mon mom needs a love life hahaha we’ll get her one so she won’t be lonely & then just forget about her money bz!

    hahaha i know ES needs to correct typos etc.

    chom chom just getting home! see u nxt tym (as if ur gonna be gone for a while hahaha) your fan/s will miss u here!

  913. 913 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #911 i’m watching epi 49 & u r right ms expert twinkler his mon mom was watching by the window hence he cldnt respond to her embrace! i like this part where he told JW i can abandon you but not my mother so i chose the latter! filial son indeed! but we both know his heart aches still coz he really loves JW! what a guy!

  914. 914 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. To put this bluntly and matter of fact way, how long can his mom live up to compared to JW. So JW can afford to wait. God forgive me …. its one way to accommodate this sensitive battle.

    Yes, as we’ve identified from the beginning, he is MR PERFECT!

  915. 915 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #914 indeed come to think of it! i feel sorry for ES growing up as he said with the stench of blood in their home coz of his mom’s bz!

    yes yes fren he’s Mr Perfect!

  916. 916 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Enjoy your DVD, Twinkler, I am on my way out now. Dont worry, once we move in to live with mon mom and our guy, we will refresh the whole place, grow scented plants, flowers and nice foliage around the house, taking care never to block the sky out of our guy’s view.

    Also have nice flowers making the inside of the house smells really good. No more money lending so the place is going to be clean and fresh. We’ll have BBQ, like JW proposed, outside and have soju too!

    Ok, fren, me on my way out now. Enjoy and dream!

  917. 917 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #916 gr8 concept i’m sure mon mom will love that; i too wld luv BBQ outside that palatial home she’s got hahaha of course not we won’t let anything shield the sky out of our guy’s view as u said! 🙂

    it’s a no-no for money lending we’ll help the under-privileged instead of making it more harder for them if they need money! like JW said in TT she’ll spend the money instead of saving it! 🙂

    OK chom chom my fren, i just finished RR epi 57 i’m sure u’ll watch it whenever! I will try to enjoy TT dvd & hv a good dream! 🙂 ciao c u tmrw
    don’t buy too many fish bread only 3 will do or make it 4 we need to share our mon mom in law just one! hahaha

  918. 918 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u chkng our fan mail here hahaha what happened to u i don’t see u today? u must be tired? or just watching TT & RR? anyway u enjoy it too!

    chom chom for now i hv to continue with TT

  919. 919 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Sorry Twinkler, i attended a funeral wake. Just over n On my way home. Was thinking our guy attended the wake with JW after catching GR in the trap he laid for her.

    Fren, at least I know theres someone out there missing me! Heehee!

  920. 920 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha yeah i miss you (bogoshipo in Korean) it felt empty here! i thot u may hv fallen into slumber hahaha fren c how you’re missed here? therefore u hv a very tiring night i’ll let u go! jjal ja chom chom sleep tight it’s only 11:20 pm your zone! i’m getting ready to hit the road in a few! cathca later fren/chingoo! take care!

  921. 921 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I keep rewinding epi 57, when i ans your email i missed reading the s/titles so rewind and rewind and never moving forward at all.

    OK now i signoff from here and rewind to the beginning again. GM/GN chom chom

  922. 922 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha ok just concentrate & no worries about here till u wake up tmrw!
    na du signing off now gg to earn a living!

    GN to u chom chom jjal ja

    to our KSH ssi also jjal ja!

  923. 923 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle just to refresh your mem & mine here’s more about TT:


    2011 4th Korea Drama Awards

    Best Supporting Actress (Lee Yoo Ri)

    2011 MBC Drama Awards

    Serial Drama Top Excellence Award, Actor (Kim Suk Hoon)
    Serial Drama Top Excellence Award, Actress (Kim Hyun Joo)
    Serial Drama Excellence Award, Actress (Lee Yoo Ri)
    Serial Drama Golden Acting Award (Kil Yong Woo)
    Writer of the Year Award (Bae Yoo Mi)
    i’m not surprised the writer got an award, it’s a well done drama, story etc.

  924. 924 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Salute to the writer. Hardly think writer to win award but this is clearly an extremely deserved award for Bae Yoo Mi.

  925. 925 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u #924, yes indeed & it only goes to show this drama was highly praised, well deserved!

  926. 926 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GE to u! I google to see the writer. Amazing talent!
    Am also surprised that one is the gambler father. And he won too. I thought the SRD mom will take an award but she didnt.

  927. 927 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle c ya later gg home soon! chom chom fren for now!

  928. 928 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i was about to lv page but saw ur latest msg, yeah the gambler dad won, yeah surprisingly the SRD mom did not eh? chom chom for now fren i’ll see u when i get home!

  929. 929 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m bringing my laptop along so shd be able to catch up when I am there. chom chom

  930. 930 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle coool ok KIP fren don’t work too hard! chom chom chom

  931. 931 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle i meant KIT keep in touch hahaha ES will edit it anyway!

    you know that 70 kg w/c is his weight equals 154 lbs really proportioned to his height! still rewatching TT what else is new! SRD mom poured salt to JW in this epis!

  932. 932 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. KIT-KAT, my fav. Yes, just go ahead and scribble on, what ES wants is creative ideas and facts need to be correct. No copy, taken from internet, lies or make believe. Take the bus to KIT is better than sitting in the cafe or driving your own car. So, fren, leave your car at home.

    Haaha, my fren, you are now in operation #3? She’s making kimchi of her.

  933. 933 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL i know Kit Kat ur fave? hehehe yeah no time to proof when u’r in a hurry to write your idol (you) and KSH hahaha! i think operation #4 now hahaha but i can’t beat u with your brkg da recrd of 11? and counting! speaking of leaving ur car, did u notice that Forest of Wisdom publishing has their own bus i think for their staff? it indicates Pajubooks something or that town must be the mega of books in SK? i can’t wait to go back to SK wahhh!

    hahaha making kimchi of her true bcoz in making kimchi they have to sort of rinse the cabbage with salt i believe!

    get ur laptop gg my fren coz guess what? RR is on! :))

    catchu again b4 slumber since i’m gonna see what’s up with Gyeongmin ssi! i think his better half (i’m being sarcastic u know that) is gg to yet do another charade!!

  934. 934 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjohoon. Yes, there’s always this charade (but wont tell u now), then they accept her back again. Pull n push factor.

    Ya, later will check to view RR. c u chom chom

  935. 935 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle I just finished epi 58 i know the grandma was so forgiving but gyeongmin was determined to div her! how cld she go on w/faking it sooner or later they’ll expect her stomach to show right? the prev indicates that gyeongmin was seemingly in doubt coz she goes to the doc by herself etc. too bad real ruby won’t spill the beans yet! 🙂

    c u fren chom chom jjal ja now from this end! take it easy!

  936. 936 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Stupid, right? Just because of the bb and she’s free from all guilts. Her hubby took her in due to family pressure. Yes, u r right he’s on his toes ready to investigate. Real Ruby is too weak or maybe she’s too emotionally affected seeing them together.

  937. 937 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #935 Fake Ruby is really preggy and she didnt expect that too. So, we can say the bb saved her.

    There’s nothing for us to rave abt in RR. chom chom

  938. 938 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle#936 yes stupid in every sense of the word! i also cldnt u/stand the grandma being intense in not going thru div where she knows pretty well that her grandson is not happy with this wicked woman! yeah real ruby is also nuts & weak if i may say so, just go out there & reveal the truth right? how much longer can she avenge about what happened to her, meantime her fake sister is enjoying herself with lots of lies n deceits!

  939. 939 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u! really she’s really preggy? awwww poor gyeongmin ssi! the thing is fake ruby just goes on & on like an energizer batt tirelessly! yeah u’r right nothing much to rave on RR unlike our fave TT.

    chom chom

  940. 940 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i thot it’s chom chom but i can’t help to share w/u about this scene epi 11 where the li’l guy prosec came & as he was about to ride with JW in her car ES suddenly emerged, grabbed his hand & prompted him to take the front seat! hahaha gosh this drama never ceased to amaze us! ES is super funny!

  941. 941 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. OMG, I wrote a whole lot of interesting stuff but its not posted here. How could I repeat them again?

  942. 942 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i know once it happened to me so nxt time it’s long hi light it copy in case it doesn’t work u can still repeat & then paste it on new page! awww sorry to hear that fren!

    i think once u wrote & lost it that’s it unless u do the above i told u about

  943. 943 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’ll try to recap it here. Done with epi 13&14, lots of humourous and nice moments here. When Sang Won and KSH were at the terrace, SW asked KSH to intro a girlfriend to him. KSH replied saying the only women he knows is his mom and aunts, who is 49 yrs now! Isnt that a cute and sarcastic answer for someone like SW rightly deserve?

    When GR came to the office, KSH was accompanying her all the time and this makes JW extremely jealous when she saw them from the terrace. This writer is so good! Now comes the time for KSH to get jealous. Happened DB called and they both bet on whether the bb will call mom or daddy first. KSH was staring so hard at her and oh my, his looks and facial expressions…. I really fell for our guy!

    Now comes the lunch at the canteen. JW saw GR and KSH together having lunch. She was jealous obviously. Then came the moment when GR wiping the spills for KSH and noticing JW staring at him, he became so uneasy to the extent that we could notice him fidgeting.

    #940 Yes ES is so funny I agree. Who would expect him to respond that way to this small guy.

    Getting sleepy now… I better do a copy before I hit the Submit Comment button in case everything got lost again. GN and chom chom!

  944. 944 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m on epi 13 now where GR went to look around the pub company much to JW’s brod’s surprise hearing that she’s asking GR to move in & let’s try to live together made her brod confused!

    i think we’ll be on par once i get to continue tonight! 🙂 always nice to read your recap! u can be a writer too on the sides 🙂 no kidding your eloquence is your hidden talent! chom chom fren

    c ya later when u awoke!

    g/nite to our KSH ssi also jjal ja & take care sukhoon ssi!

  945. 945 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i ‘m on that scene where he’s at the terrace then noticed JW walking by the sidewalk then he started following her – i dunno about u but to me this wld be one of those touching scenes awwww i wished someone like him will follow us like that hahahaha! so sweet they’re not even lovers yet! then now he grabs her arm where he dashed from the bldg to talk to her! woah i’m so in love with these two people! hahaha

  946. 946 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Hey Twinkler, am a workhalic, tired but just couldnt fall asleep cos some work still outstanding. So here I am reading your posts.

    #944. A tiny bit to add in here. After all the intro and when JW started to walk away, she turned around to look at KSH. Is it because she felt he shouldnt be with GR?

    Haha, thx for your compliment! Dont mind getting paid for watching and reviewing kdramas but on condition that they are KSH dramas (I need inspiration).

  947. 947 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Stark spelling error … workaholic, sorry ES.

    #945. Sure, we share the same sentiment. I have just my shadow following me …..

  948. 948 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #946 woah i know her glances & his as well spoke volumes a lot of times! u hit the nail on the head i believe that’s the msg that feeling of jealousy why he’s w/GR!!
    you’re welcome my fren, it’s from my heart, i speak my mind if it needs be! hahaha

    u must be a workaholic fren just like JW & ES!!!

    sleep tight now ok?

  949. 949 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha no probs ES will be on his toes to chk our typos errors n what have you!

    i’d echo that view….only my shadow also nobody else but keep looking coz our shadows may have one behind us unexpectedly! hahaha

  950. 950 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Take a closeup look at the hair, must be one that sweeps like a gentle wave up his forehead, with neat sideburns and slightly ruffled at the top. This shadow will be from a guy who is 180 cm tall and is 70kg in weight, long legs, suave, charming and walks with a nice gait, always looking clean and fresh, tastefully dressed and perfect in every way.

    Be on the lookout, fren!

    chom chom, really gg to bed now!
    sukhoon ssi, u know who I am referring to……

  951. 951 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle woah i can’t believe u hung on till 3:25 am hahaha OK i sure will hv to always be on the lookout coz i wldnt wanna miss that tall dark handsome man behind our shadows! an ideal man – a perfect gentleman… always looking fresh as if he just came out fr the shower! ummhhh and he walks nicely indeed with his 180 cm & 70 kg woah i can faint n won’t even mind since he’s good in CPR! if he just did it quickly with JW i’ll make it a lot longer even if i was conscious oredi! hahaha Mr Perfect is awesome in every sense of the word!

    i’ll take ur advice hahaha i’m looking out now oedi oedi?

    chom chom to ou sleephyhead!

  952. 952 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle then after grabbing her arm outside Forest of Wisdom bldg he ordered one of my fave K food Jjangmyeon w/black beans! i had rewound that scene where he patiently walks up on the terrace while she was in a pensive mood, thinking about the future of FofW! i stopped watching from that scene so i hv to continue tonight when i get home! their chemistry is out of this world! let’s hope they team up again but i heard JW has a new proj & our guy isn’t in it! wahhh hu hu hu it’s ok i hope he gets another offer this year n won’t let us wait for 2 yrs like he did in the past! he seems to be enjoying his gig on radio program so we’ll allow him for a little while but not for a looooooong time Kim sukhun ssi! we miss you tremendously! 🙂

  953. 953 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GF just wanna share this w/u my sis was faster than me in watching TT, she’s finished & now she’s rewatching him in Tomato dvd w/o subs hahaha! after rewatching TT this 4th time around i’ll have ITStorm in queue then Secret Lovers coz i just rewatched it (tomato) a few mos. ago prior to finishing my 2nd TT watching!

    almost tym to clock out! i might miss the Pajubook shuttle :)) i’ll try to catch it n sit beside ES hahaha crazy

  954. 954 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE to u and KSH.
    #951. U r quick, fren, to grap this great opportunity to faint. I would love to encounter this too!

    #952. THe Jjangmyeon looks so delicious, I’m gonna lookup maangchi site she did 1 vid there. We get substandard ones here.

    Its probably much less taxing to do radio program and especially so since hes got all the attributes. I wonder if he insures his throat/voice since thats the prime asset in this line.

    #953. I watched The Secret Lovers once but dont have the urge to rewatch. He looks young and playful there. I will consider his other dramas when I have more time. Making money comes first.

  955. 955 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, dont miss the Pajubook shuttle but this might be a blessing in disguise. Check if ES left the office or not, check the 4th floor terrace as he might be listening to his mp4 and make sure dont lock him out in the cold and u go showering to make yourself comfy! Then after that dont tell me what happened cos I sort of know the bathrobe scene, hahahah!!!!

  956. 956 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM GE fr here hahaha i can’t help but answer your #955 first apart fr the other one hahaha LOL i luvd that scene too, if i hv to lock him up i’ll make sure he’s inside where i am hahaha i wldnt wanna let him freeze outside however if my robe will have a malfunction i won’t want u to hear the rest of what happened! hahaha you’re so funny!

  957. 957 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #954 of course we hv to be quick re these things we can’t waste time hahaha well we can take turns in fainting we’ll make sure about the timing! i don’t want to be selfish u know like fake ruby! hahaha

    yes jjang myeon i’ve tried in SK & here but the SK made of course was better! the ones i had in a Kor resto here was just so-so! i guess it’s more authentic when it’s fr SK, it’s yummy it comes with yellow daikon preserves as a side dish or ban chan! pls try it with maang chi’s recipe it’s pretty easy i’ve also tried making it, i bought the noodles fr Kor groc & then there’s the black bean sauce n voila u hv jjang myeon black noodles! make sure ES doesnt see your mouth with sauce or he’ll wipe it out for you! hahaha w/c i’m sure u wldnt mind one bit!

    i agree i believe so too that it’s not too taxing for him, since he has the radio prog on for only 2 hrs M-F i gathered, where he plays easy listening music esp some classic ones i was listening almost ev.day now at work very low vol of my boss wld wonder who’s talking in Korean hahaha, anyway he plays chopin, beethoven, etc.

  958. 958 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #956. Make sure it malfunctions at the right time. Maybe just leave the entrance to the shower room area unlocked will do. He will come to u out of no choice.

  959. 959 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle re Secret Lovers yeah he’s pretty young & looking diff there but u know i don’t want to leave any stones (his dramas he was in) unturned hence i watch them too hahaha i think i only watched the dvd 2x since i bought it!

    after dinner i’ll cont with epi 14 of TT so we’re on same page now fren!

    don’t make too much money now ES doesnt like his mon mom with too much money hahahaha

  960. 960 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #957. Sure, sure, we shall take turns to faint gracefully.
    His choice of music is v therapeutic too. I listened once on the saxophone by Kenny G. I love this guy, he’s got class and good taste. If we wanna stay by him, we have build that class and taste too. Someone like GR and fake Ruby is out!

  961. 961 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #959. Need to buy air tickets to mon mom home. Once there we’ll spend all her money to our hearts’ content. chom chom

  962. 962 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #960 we’re like package deal he can’t do CPR w/out the other! hahaha yes his choice of music is awesome too plus his voice even if i don’t u/stand what he’s saying hearing him is more than enuf to make my day at work! LOL if only he can read our postings eh? he’ll probab grin like he did with JW surreptitiously … yes again he’s got class, of course fren we hv to be in line of what his convictions are oh plzzzzzzzzzzz GR & fake Ruby is surely out of our league! hahaha

  963. 963 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #961 yes we hv to buy air tix, i think her money has burnt but perhaps more were left in her palatial home — as long as ES is there we wldnt worry about money! imagine he donated that orig painting to that woman n he just told her whatever amt you hv w/you is fine! what a guy! the painting apparently was worth millons of Won n the guy who’s overseeing the place was stunned! hahaha that’s absolutely not the way his mother wld want him to be but look at him eh? amazing editor Song!

    chom chom time to cont w/TT in a few

  964. 964 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I guess we dont need so much money, u r right! We’re both very versatile and I’m sure we can work miracles to bring mon mom back to her humane sense in no time. ES will surely love us!

    OK, enjoy ur drama, chom chom.

  965. 965 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Lets start to think how to knock some sense into mon mom’s head. We’ll throw parties for the kids every weekend at our palatial home, and have a series of activities to involve mon mom as well. She will be so touched if we get the kids to call her granny as I believe she’s deeply an excellent mom.

  966. 966 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle that’s right, we’ll follow JW’s footsteps in zero tolerance to our mon mom after all if we love her son we hv to try to love/like her too! wahhh as if we’re doing our own novel now LOL! kidding aside in TT i admire JW’s resilience in dealing w/mon mom imagine bringing her own lunch, salivating in watching her eat the delicious halibut in front of her? she’s an amazing woman! not very many g/friends wld be able to hack so much i think!

    this epi 15 is when it was raining & ES shares his umbrella with his famous ‘kaeps dah’ word! hahaha luv them to da max!

    ok chom chom

  967. 967 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle in spite of her being a mon mom there’s a percentage or tages of her mother’s instinct in her so yeah gr8 idea fren! also we’ll make sure she gets busy with the grand kids that way she’ll be tied up with good things rather than bad! hehehe

    remember when JW slept in her room & she cuddled with her like her own mom? i thot that was a touching scene with both of them, mon mom tried to pull her arm away but she just held her tighter & u cld see fr mon mom’s face she was touched! luvd that scene! my sis also tells me she’s impressed with the writer/dialogues and the way it gave moral lessons to viewers! she’s also rewatching now she tells me hahaha i think fr the money left fr mon mom’s wealth we ought to open a drama rehab hahaha coz this drama is super addictive!

    ok whenever u can visit here pls do so or i’ll say ‘bogoshipo’ missing U hahaha

    chom chom kaeups dah!!

  968. 968 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle just finished epi 17 of TT & now RR is on so hope u can watch when u get home!
    TT epi 17 is when i think ES started to like JW, he drove her home bcoz the li’l guy got drunk & he volunteered to driver her car leaving GR waiting at the resto! once they reached her home he asked if they can be friends & JW asked him if he knows what it means by the native Amer Indians n he said no then JW tells him that if you’re a friend you have to carry her sadness on his back something like that, i’m not good in recaps fren but u know what i mean! hahaha

    anyway let me see what’s up with RR n will say jjal ja fr here n chom chom, kreaups dah! kal kae yo

  969. 969 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i bid u jjal ja fr here N chom chom for now!

    Annyeong ha sae yo to our Kim sukhoon ssi! take care!

  970. 970 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Now watching RR epi 59

  971. 971 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Our guy ignores the fake Ruby completely despite knowing of her pregnancy. He shd be more firm but he isnt.

    Notice something? Everyone carries the same phone. Samsung Note 3?

  972. 972 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM my fren! To add some bright colours to your day, pls check your email. I’m sure you’ll be delighted!

  973. 973 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u! ok i’ll check my email after this, first thing i come is to this site hahaha

    OK u must be fin w/RR of course

    #971 yeah he completely ignores fake ruby, he’s v v suspicious to the point he asks about the ultra sound etc. i did notice that they hv same phones! is that same as yours?

    ok let me chk my email now. r u still up?

  974. 974 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I intend to get Samsung Note 3, Note 2 & 3 look almost the same. I resent you over 3 emails.

    Yes, he’s checking on her so closely that she’s becoming v paranoid.

  975. 975 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle I luv Samsung products we both can endorse it hahaha Yeah i got your resent emails, kam sa hab nida thank you chingoo! luvd it

    yes & i liked him when he just ignored her calling chagia/yobo wheewww gave me goosebumps coz she’s not really sincere! i think she doesnt love Gyeongmin, she’s a fake who can ever believe her now?

  976. 976 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle #958 hahaha i missed replying to you on this…lol i know that wld be cool! remember when he was outside the bldg & her robe dropped? he turned his face away hahaha then after that when she pleaded to him to erase what he saw , ES tells her nothing worth remembering hahaha he’s super cute!

  977. 977 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. If only I can display the pictures all here, I’m sure many fans will love them too!

    Yes, she later came to realise that she loves Insu and not GM. She just craves for material gains cos the family’s rich.

  978. 978 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. yes, his words are really very sharp and hits hard. And thats why I watch repeated absorbing every word that he say.

  979. 979 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle I know the frustration believe me there’s tens thous of pix we cld post here but two of my requests hv been ignored so i dunno anymore what’s up with that!
    i guess she loves him more but few viewers were saying cld it be da bb is In su’s? do u really think she’s not faking the pregnancy? then it’s really Gyeongmin’s? this is one christening i won’t attend! hahahaha

  980. 980 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle #978 his words are with thorns if you will! out of sheer frustration of her wrongdoings he’s v disappointed in her coz the real ruby is a nice kind sensitive loving not materialistic person like real runa! if i were runa i’ll just tell gyeongmin i’m the real ruby!

  981. 981 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Oh my, u r so cute. Me too I wont attend the christening! hahahaha !

    ok, lets recap. she was preggy before accident and miscarriaged. Aft that she became fake Ruby and married GM. One day when the family talks abt her becoming preggy, GM said its impossible as he will know for sure. Then suddenly she is preggy and GM was stunned. So, its any viewers guess.

    She begged Insu that she will have his bb and Insu said she merely wanted bb for family’s inheritance. Remember the video Insu took with her on her knees at his home? Well, all I can say is she’s a loose woman.

    So I will think its Insu’s and her bb. Not GM’s. That’s why GM went ahead with his investigation despite her getting pregnant. He knows the elders in the family wanted a bb so badly so he was just playing along. Poor guy, he’s the real victim, worse than the 2 Rubys and Insu.

    Tell him to leave both Rubys and come to us., We’ll accept him as he is and won’t take advantage of his family’s wealth!

  982. 982 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha yes u agree w/me we won’t be at this christening for sure, i luv bbs but it will u/stand our predicament! hehehe

    u know u’r always good with recaps, n i recall that scene where she was on her knees & after that who knows the camera were not there either! woah poor gyeongmin he’s really the victim like u said worst than the 2 sisters! i want him back to real ruby!

    the family of gyeongmin’s so nice & u/standing and da grandma is so happy for her future grt grandbaby li’l did she know it’s not really her g/son’s bb!

    hahaha sure we’ll tell him to leave both RR sisters hehehe u r da cutest of ’em all!

    no we won’t be after the fam’s wealth, money is not everything they say

  983. 983 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Insu still loves her at that time when she begged him. So anyway, both are a match made in hell. Just believe in our guy, he never lie nor does evil. We just bring him back to our side and we live happily ever after. No need to fight and get frustrated over trivial matters.

    GN, my Twinkler and KSH, we always support you no matter what and how bad GR or fake Ruby does to you. chom chom

  984. 984 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle gotcha so it’s in su’s bb, lol match made in hell! exactamento we believe in our guy that’s all there is to it! lol yes live happily ever after!

    GN to u Twinkler fren & of course our KSH ssi!

    chom chom c ya ltr

  985. 985 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u….just wanna share this w/you i didnt realize both our guy & gal won popularity awards! well deserved eh? here’s the list:

    Popularity Award, Actor: Cha Seung Won (Best Love), Ji Sung (Royal Family), Kim Jae Won (Can You Hear My Heart), Kim Suk Hoon (Twinkle Twinkle), Song Seung Hun (My Princess)
    Blue guessed: Cha Seung Won
    Popularity Award, Actress: Choi Ji Woo (Can’t Lose), Gong Hyo Jin (Best Love), Hwang Jung Eum (Can You Hear My Heart), Kim Hyun Joo (Twinkle Twinkle), Kim Tae Hee (My Princess)
    Blue guessed: Gong Hyo Jin

  986. 986 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. TT is excellent! I wonder how long the writer took to write it. Really wonderful!

  987. 987 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u yes i second u — i wondered too how long it took her! it’s a drama that will linger for a while in our minds!

  988. 988 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m on epi 20 of TT & i must say this scene just flowed naturally where he slams the coffee mug, she quickly pulls out tissue papers, he tried to help her but then as he did that he pulled her towards himhahaha ev.thing went so fast & i was thinking it must’ve been hard to have made it so real eh? amazing actors & director! but too bad the first kiss here was interrupted by nat king cole’s as it’s a brkn record hahaha otherwise it wld’ve been a li’l longer kiss! hahaha

  989. 989 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, everything that is meant to be comes at the right time. I was rather surprised he was forceful in pressing her hands down and pulling her towards him! Oh wow! the kiss was humourous indeed.

  990. 990 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle fren RR is on now so chom chom n cyl

  991. 991 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle lol before i start with RR let me tell u this, on epi 22 i was chuckling bcoz of this scene where DB happens to be meeting GR & he observes that JW was radiant with joy he said later as she talks to DB; of course our ES was so jealous of dae bum ssi, to make it short JW was about to ask DV for a cup of tea & ES butts in it’s too late now, you go inside! the as DB was to walk home, he drops his mp3 & he heard it’s JW’s voice singing out of tune then he looks at DB with contempt hahaha & says let’s walk together! :)) am sure u remember all the scenes distinctly by now! ok time for RR

  992. 992 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle need some beauty rest n just fin RR!

    chom chom jjal ja to you & Kim suk hoon ssi! kaeps dah

  993. 993 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes yes yes of cos I recall v clearly on what happened! His jealousy is so obvious and he expects DB to take his orders as tho at his workplace. DB is also clever and told him he won’t. His jealousy and insecurity went over his head.

  994. 994 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m just back, straight to this! Gg to start RR epi 60 isn’t? chom chom

  995. 995 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to U! #993 it’s quite funny when u see the expression on ES face like he cld grab DB & punch him hahaha!
    i’m also liking the rain scene where JW prior to realizing it was raining outside was anticipating when she says aren’t u gg home? he said oh until i finish the manuscript & off she walks slowly trying to do some mental telepathy, wld he stop me or tell me let’s go to dinner? but then it was raining outside n she was muttering of all the days i didnt drive my car, there goes ES (our hero superman he is hahaha) with an umbrella on hand grabs her to share it with her, then she notices he’s getting drenched on left side of shoulder, kinda guides it towards him so he doesnt get wet any further…..i luvd their encounters! this drama never ceased to amaze us!

  996. 996 : sangjhoon Says:

    @994 michelle yes it’s epi 60 & am sure u hv an idea what happened since u watched it raw! enjoy n we’ll talk about it later!

    jjal ja to you

    chom chom

  997. 997 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, I watched it raw, and also get the gist of the epi, so what I gathered is almost there. GM’s sister somehow show great displeasure with fake Ruby. GM remains doubtful and wondered why he couldnt feel any excitement when he actually longed to become a father.

    I dont have any pity for Ruby when she finally learnt of fake Ruby’s pregnancy. She gets what she deserves. She didnt even fight for herself but only wallows in self pity. I feel for GM our guy and he is the real victim of the whole drama.

    He much better off in TT!

  998. 998 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #997 Ye i noticed his sis was v disappointed in fake ruby i think it goes with the whole fam of G but the grandma is so anxious of hvng a gr8grandchild so she seems to overlook fake ruby’s flaws! G’s fam is really admirable but none of them deserve what fake ruby has been inflicting on them esp our guy gyeongmin ssi! yes he was wondering why he’s not feeling excited of the news of being a father!

    likewise i hv no sympathy for fake ruby, we even heard her from her mouth that why she can’t stop her charades so she knows exactly what she’s doing n she needs professional help :))

    chom chom jjal ja to u there

    catcha later twinkler fren, make sure u drm of our hero!

  999. 999 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m looking at epi 23 where he is now confessing he likes JW under the cherry blossoms woah goosebumps hahaha he said he can’t wait any longer, it’s not possible, so he says be my woman not us a friend etc. hahaha luv this scene!

    chom chom now i hope hehehe this is too addictive

  1000. 1000 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I am now watching TT epi 15. Before he ran down and grapped JW by the arm on the pretext of sharing the jarjangmyun with her, he actually tidied JW’s desk and immediately undo it. Whats your view on why he undo what he has done? Because of pride?

    Hes disillusioned after realising what JW wanted to find out was not about him but rather his pencils!!! The writer is so good with every detail and this is so unique!

    @sangjhoon. I wait for your response to this….chom chom

  1001. 1001 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I had wanted u to take on the #1000! but u beat me to taking the #999 spot.

    Anyway, let’s kombei!!!!! clonk clonk clink!!!

  1002. 1002 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i thot u were in slumber hence i said chom chom earlier yey first off kombei klonk klonk! it’s ok no prob whoever is fine with 1000 there’s only 2 of us here anyway hahaha

    ok to tell u my input on that i think it’s pride & him being so proper & naive he didn’t want her to make it known that he cares so much for her! am i right? dunno exactly! but i meant to tell u fren that ev.time i see pencils at work ES came to mind hahaha! i luv also his reason of why he uses pencils remember JW asks him n he tells her it’s bcoz it’s easy to change what he wrote or something like that! I know i’m amazed we are btw amazed with the writer of this drama! u know i saw the writer’s other drama n it was good too such as Happy Together with Song seung hoon where i even bought a dvd! hahaha she’s good!
    very unique indeed! i’m on epi 23 as i said earlier i luvd that scene also under or around the cherry blossoms!

    so fren is this your 12th rewatching of TT? brkng the record! hahaha

    chom chom soon gg to work but i’ll catch up on you!

  1003. 1003 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle no problem as Koreans wld say ‘gyeok jong ma sae yo’ no worries! either one of us wld suffice & just hv that glasses ready for kombei n clonk clonk ok? yeyy

    kreups dah/kaeps dah chom chom

    jjal ja to you & our Kim suk hoon ssi!

    \o/ yeyyy

  1004. 1004 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle ok to cont w/their walk around the cherry blossoms which i’m so in luv with those blooms….anyway he started saying she’s always on her mind, that he likes her and i luv this one…… ‘BE MY WOMAN’ woah! how good does it gets? LOL if i were JW i won’t hv 2nd thots! i’m sure u’ll agree w/me on this 200% hahaha

  1005. 1005 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle ES shld edit my 1004 posting, i shld hv there always on ‘his’ mind & i got ‘her’ mind woah haste makes waste! hahaha i hope ES won’t hv me fired for typos! hehehe

  1006. 1006 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1002. Here’s my reason for his undoing. Upon seeing the messy desk, his initial reaction is to tidy it up as we know he’s a neat and proper guy. Everything must be in the right places.

    Thoughts ran thru his mind and he wondered why he’s doing that for her. Maybe he’s unsure of JW’s feelings towards him at this stage and hence, to retain his pride he undid the tidying up.

    So later when JW confessed her love, he’s stoned momentarily cos he never expected those words from JW.

  1007. 1007 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1002. Beautiful scene and I will snuggle up to him so closely and I’m the happiest woman on earth if I were JW …. ‘BE MY WOMAN’

  1008. 1008 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1005. Yes I’m sure a responsible guy like ES will not hesitate to do all the editing. Well, he might just call u in and reprimand that u shd check your dictionary! Pls dont interpret wrongly like that Song Yi (is that her name?) on ‘sitting on the left side of the river…’ Silly things like this upsets ES. And when he asked u if u r from a certain Uni, just dont say u r there to pass time only!

  1009. 1009 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle first thing i do when i’m logged on is chk here woah

    #1006 i told u don’t keep ur day job anymore, just be a write! hahaha u r so good in your assessment, Forest of Wisdom shld make u one of their editors coz after ES leaves where he’ll be the prez u can take his place so meantime start fr da bottom! also to add to your assessment, my take on this also is maybe he doesnt want to offend her let alone insult her! now i’m on epi 24 where JW is crying coz i think she’s desperate to leave PRD & on the phone ES was telling her that her sadness is his too! 🙂 these two are super sweet! 🙂 on to ur other ones!

  1010. 1010 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1007 yes yes i would too if i were JW imagine coming from ES be my woman! lol gave me goosebumps!

    #1008 hehehe i know i remember how ES reprimanded soong yi that day poor girl was about to be fired, thnx to JW she was let to stay! ok ok i’ll take ur advice! hahaha

    U know her PD mom is loathsome coz it’s obvious she’s changed so much since this GR came to the household, she’s just too biased unlike her husb who loves/dotes JW so much! let me hv my dinner n be back

  1011. 1011 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. HAHAHA, thx for your compliment! No motivation for me to join Forest of Wisdom once ES leave, hohoho! I will follow him to distribute books to the children and also to the countryside and wait cos I know he’ll be there. Lets leave our jobs and start on our new journey!

  1012. 1012 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha u r welcome fren! u r just being modest!
    anyway remember this epi 24, i’m sure u do by now where GR asked ED if he cld drive her home since she’s not good yet? he declined but went with JW by bus! anyway spkg of bus, i googled the dist of Paju to Seoul v versa & it takes 90 min if there’s not much traffic so their ride on the bus was v long!
    #1011 u know i’m serious i thnk i wld luv to live on the countryside in SK! remember JW’s bio father in the ending epi he expressed his desire to live on the countryside!

  1013. 1013 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I love countryside where I was brought up. Now SG is so urbanised that I missed that type of carefree lifestyle. Our guy lives in Seoul and he must be travelling a great deal for shooting. Its tough job having to drive home after sleepless hours. I hope there wont be another unfortunate incident for him. He must be blessed and be safe!

  1014. 1014 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle ummh you did, lucky you, i luv the c/side myself when i was back home we usually go to my grandmas in the c/side & i just enjoy every min of it! Yeah i hope he doesnt get into what he’d been through in 2009! thank God he pulled through, when i heard that news i really got so worried as if i knew him personally 🙂 anyway i’m on epi 26 i luvd that scene when JW went to his off/tel but he wasn’t home then when he got home he noticed the wet floor by the door & rushed inside just to find no JW — he ran so fast & caught her in the rain awww it was so touching! now the scene is they’re listening to this folk song i think same song JW usually sing out of tune hahaha! which epis are you now?

  1015. 1015 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle just fin epi 26 of TT but can’t stay for more i was hoping to do marathon but my eyes are giving out now! there’s no RR till monday so i’ll say chom chom for now & enjoy whatever you’re watching! 🙂

    hitting the sack now!

    chom chom

  1016. 1016 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Didnt watch today. Just home n watching TV KBS channel, old ancient Korean drama. Dunno the title. Watch just to relax. Too tired, so gg to sleep now. GN/GM to u n KSH. C u tmr. Chom chom

  1017. 1017 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michell GE/GM to u! woah i wonder what old ancient one u were watching last nte 🙂 could it be with Ji jin hee in Dae Jang geum? it’s one of the top ancient dramas in Korea dunno i may be wrong it cld be something else u’r watching!
    hv a g/nte there & c u tmrw chom chom jjal ja

    jjal ja to Kim suk hoon ssi

  1018. 1018 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle epi 29 JW’s b/day where he’s cooking for her peeling chestnuts, cutting carrots, soaking the ribs in water, etc. U know i’m gg to the market in a few to try his recipe hahaha silly me, i also went to maang chi’s w/site to get an idea how to do it & watching our guy cooking this made my mouth watery so i’ll let u know the outcome once i prepare it either tonight or perhaps tmrw hahaha! this is their 2nd kiss on this epis a more longer one than before! hahaha

    ok chom chom for now till u wake up!

  1019. 1019 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GN to u! Really had a good rest and quite reluctant to do anything for Sunday today. Need to spring clean cos didnt do any housework since I embarked on my TT journey. Honestly, I dislike doing housework!

    #1017. Wow, cant believe we are past #1000 over a couple of months only? I dont enjoy ancient dramas and dont mind it if theres not too much fighting but wont follow thru like a ritual as for TT.

  1020. 1020 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1018. Yes, try that chestnut recipe, I love chestnuts too. I usually buy those fr China that are big so u dont waste time cracking for that little amount of ‘meat’. What I do is after boiling them, I will simmer them dry in the same pot after discarding the water. Need to shake the pot so as not to burn the nuts and they will come off dry and fluffy.

    Alternatively, just roast them in the oven. My fav. As chinese always believe, roasting is heaty for the body. I boil them most of the time.

    Take a pix once u have that recipe done. I will do my cucumber. Still have some Korean chilli flakes left after my last round of kimchi making. Will pix to u on the finished product.

  1021. 1021 : sangjhoon Says:

    @1019 GM to U too! Nice to hear you had a gud rest! U deserve it after wkg the whole wk! i myself don’t want to do anything on Sundays hence i try to do it either Fri eve or Sat 🙂 one thing for sure housework is never ending so i’m w/you!

    i know me too i can’t believe it hahaha & it’s only 2 mos right? woah it only goes to show we ‘re unstoppable bcoz of KSH ssi!

    i’m not also for epic dramas this is why when emp chun chun was on i just looked at few epis to see KSH but didn’t continue!

  1022. 1022 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I am done with TT epi 15&16. I’m still on my operation 11 and going slow as I capture our guy and JW appearances only. I’ve done for the previous epis and its really nice to watch these without unnecessary interruptions from the rest.

    If u do recall the part when GR wanted to strike a conversation with KSH when she asked him about working at FOW. He asked her to come to his mon mom’s restaurant and before she could say goodbye, he cut off the line immediately. That was good, I thought.

    Then when JW came in with the chestnut guy, he was so distracted and confused and at the same time, furious that JW commented, ‘Your face’.
    Oh wow, u shd take a second look at him, his face was really BLACK!

    I love this epi when he drove JW home leaving GR behind and suggested being friend with JW from now on. Really nice guy who doesnt hide his feelings abt JW fr GR. The thick-skinned woman just doesnt seem to sense anything!

    OK, I’ve been very mean with GR. One credit for her is she cares a lot for SRD mom as compared to her other 2 useless sisters.

  1023. 1023 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1020 I’ll try it tmrw fren & if it turns out OK (of course we can’t beat ES’ cooking hahaha) i’ll take a pix to share it w/u! Chestnuts are my favorite & the ones our ES was peeling were huge! He must love to cook? hehehe some guys to love to try their hands on cooking & who knows he may be one of them off cam!

    I do that too sometimes boil the c/nuts, i soak them in water or bake/roast are better! i luv it roasted too!

    ummh cucumber like the ones that GR likes in TT 🙂 i luv the sound when u bite them it’s crunchy!

    time for ur b/f (hehehe not boyfriend but breakfast)

  1024. 1024 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Just had a cup of coffee as its almost lunchtime now. Cook porridge using the short grain rice meant for sushi. Now boiling with dry scallops and later will add in canned abalones and chicken stock. Going to be a lovely meal! Oh wow…. if only u r my neighbour, fren.

  1025. 1025 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1023. I’m sure KSH is a great cook, judging by the way he peel the chestnuts. He’s a super boyfriend and husband and father and son and everything super super super! If only I can have someone that meets just halfway. He’s Mr PERFECT still in our list.

  1026. 1026 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. We started on this thread on 8 Apr 2014. Was pg 2 at that time! We’re just about 2 and a half mths and already pg 41!

  1027. 1027 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i finished epis 33! LOL i luv the ring to that operation 11 haha woah am only on my 4th round & counting! this drama if we’re talking about food may have some MSG (monosodium glutamate) it’s so tasty & we can’t get tired having it! hahaha aside fr being addictive!

    #1022 Yes i recall that part too, it’s a good one but then again there are so many good ones in this drama & u know it’ll be good if we can make some kinda journal where we shld chronicle the impt scenes e.g. first kiss, ES singing 3 bears, proposal etc etc. as i rewatch these days i tend to make note & am sure you do too unless u have an elephant memory as they say hahaha!

    GR is thick skinned & oblivious to her manners! ES is really a perfect gentleman, remember also the incident where he did not mention to PYD father who was behind the error in printing the book? he’s really a nice person!

    well aren’t we all mean to GR? we have lots of reasons why 🙂 but like u said we hv to give credit to her for caring more about her mom & even paying most of her father’s debts/loans unlike the other 2 sisters who are annoying 🙂

    it’s taking me a while to reply my server is acting up my fren!

  1028. 1028 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1026 jongmal yeo (really)? woah we’re only pg 2 then? get that crystal wine glass clonking now hahaha! amazing eh? and u know what? it’s quite therapeutic just like TT i mean our spazzing here heehehe!

  1029. 1029 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1025 hahahaha u made me luf again fren! i know if only we can meet just even halfway like him we’ll be da happiest in the world! He seems to really have a flair in cooking, he’s awesome overload! ok let’s put it this way he’s a Superman! hahaha Of course we like the sound of Mr Perfect!

    Remember of course on epi 33 when first time i guess JW went to his mon mom’s place to get to know her & poor JW was starving but mon mom won’t even flinch to offer her some food? i think that was very mean!

  1030. 1030 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i think i’ll hv a TT marathon tonight for as long as i can stay up w/o blinking hahaha

  1031. 1031 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i know u must be bz with housework but i u don’t hear fr me sooner than expected, it’s bcoz i’m hvng tech probs with my server here it just skips the service every few minutes! 🙁
    i’m still up though coz i plan to do a marathon of TT

  1032. 1032 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, just came back after buying the spring onion, chives, garlic and onion fr the supermarket opp my home. Just finished my porridge so will hv enough energy to workout my kitchen, etc. Aft that do the cucumber for GR, hahaha, since i so harsh with her since Day 1!

    So get on with you sleep and marathon and I get to clean up my home a bit. chom chom

  1033. 1033 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelel yeyyy shopping for ingreds coool & convenient it’s just oppos ur house…..u must be a good cook like our ES unlike JW who burnt the rice hahaha but u know that scene our guy is such a gentleman he ate it even if she burnt the rice hahaha!

    umm cucumber sounds good, i hvnt tried that, i’ve tried making the daikon but not yet the cucumbers! don’t forget if u hv time to take a pix 🙂 Me too i’ve harsh with GR esp when she’s trying to beat JW in everything! we u/stand she’s had a tough/hard life but it’s not JW’s fault that she got into the rich family right?

    No i’m not sleeping yet, i’ll hv a marathon but get on w/ur cleaning n if u hv something in mind to write i’ll be here till my eyes give way 🙂

    not chom chom yet 🙂 i’ll say chom chom when i’m ready ok? :)) don’t work too hard at home now!

  1034. 1034 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle enjoy the cucumbers – make it crispy so mon mom will root for you rather than GR! hahaha don’t work too hard doing house cleaning ok? i thot i cld do a real marathon but my eyes can’t hold much anymore so i bid u chom chom jjal ja from here till i see u tmrw!

    enjoy your 11th round of TT hahaha brkg the record again!

    chom chom twinkler buddy!

  1035. 1035 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. When u wake up, pls find the stuffed cucumbers in your email. Next time I will use daikon as in cabbage kimchi. This maangchi’s recipe uses carrots and no daikon. Anyway, its just a matter of taste. I left the rest at the counter and hope it gets a little sourish like kimchi. Now its quite bland and raw.

    For mon mom, I’ll prepare more sweet soups and dessert so that she will taste the sweeter side of life. For KSH, its the halibut dish that we must learn to make.

  1036. 1036 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1033. I believe GR is a girl of high hopes and ambition but circumstances are against her that she grew to become greedy and revengeful. The main cause is her gambler father. Since she has been accepted into PCD household, she shd be happy and grateful for a brighter future ahead. She has the chance to further her education etc but she rather not to and instead wanting to oust JW out of the household. Clever to fight her way into the household but not clever to carry on after that.

    Being the type of character to blame JW for your ‘loss’ is so ridiculously stupid!

  1037. 1037 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1033. Yes, I’m lucky to be here with the supermart opp. It opens 24 hrs daily and also surrounded by eateries. I really dont have to cook but its more healthy to do so.

    I watched a Korean documentary this morning over KBS channel, dont know the title cos I just switched it on and there I have this about this woman called Seoyong with her French hubby. Seoyong was adopted and moved over to France at the age of 6. She was preggy and came back after 25 yrs to look for her mom in Korea. They stayed at Jejo and oh, I love their lifestyle there. Saw them picking the braken in the field and learning the Korean language etc. V interesting! The govt provides subsidies for the poor and those in multicultural marriages like Seoyong. Wish I am there!

  1038. 1038 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, the cucumber goes very well with white rice. I love it. Its refreshing and light. Try it out its easy to do. I need to change my diet to Korean. Its more healthy.

  1039. 1039 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM to u! Here’s your rib dish just add chestnuts


    If in doubt, simply call in to the radio station for our guy to help. He might drop by to peel the chestnuts for you, too. If you’re lucky enough, he’ll cook for u too!

  1040. 1040 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to you first of! i saw your pix of stuffed cucus & woah congrats, never mind if u didn’t think it shld appear like maang chi’s like u said it’s a matter of taste! as long as it’s yummy no worries! i hvnt tried this mind u but i wld luv to nxt time! i think it shld get soury as it marinates!

    hahaha ok that’s good for mon mom sweet stuff so she becomes a li’l sweeter in time! halibut awwww it’s the rolls royce of cars top of the line in fish category! no fishy taste at all love it!

  1041. 1041 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle @1036 Rightfully so about GR if we’re in her shoes like u said i’d pursue my studies, be thankful that i finally found my bio parents who can afford so much to get me back on track & all that, but instead she wants to outsmart JW & blames her for taking her life from her which is ridiculous as we both agreed! GR got herself consume so much of her greed, wicked things, even to snatch ES fr JW etc but on the other hand JW is such a nice person & they cld’ve gotten along so well if GR wasn’t like that & perhaps JW wld’ve stayed in the PD hshold if not permanently bcoz of her SRD mom’s health condition she wld hv come back/forth to PD hshold!

    one thing that i admire about JW is her unselfish ways, she didnt even take her savings with her, the stocks & all that, what a noble woman she is, she deserves a good life with ES for sure!

  1042. 1042 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1039 hahaha woah thnx a bunch for the link, i can’t find a decent chestnuts fr chinatown, it’s out of season now but i’ll just put water chestnuts hahaha for this recipe! LOL u r so cute, but our guy must be in the zzzzz zone for me to call him to peel the chestnuts! :))

  1043. 1043 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle #1038 i really think that Kor diet is healthy & full of nutrients! since watching kdramas a few yrs ago i’ve been on/off Kor diet mind you! i used to buy extra long grain rice but now i switched to Korean rice they’re yummy, i also eat the rice like they do in kdramas in a bowl, i bought the kind of long spoon they use & the only lacking is to speak hangeul fluently hahaha! i think we both like to be in Korea let alone if i cld i wanna be a Korean now hahaha

  1044. 1044 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1037 I myself prefer to cook my own food altho if i crave for a resto food occasionally i would but 95% i cook which i luv anyway! so our guy won’t get hungry with us hahahaha! woah u r blessed with 24/7 stores there! i’m also surrounded here by eateries, i’d walk a block & there’s mexican burritos w/c i luv, another block Chinese food & Kor restos also!

    If i’m not mistaken i think i’ve seen that docu i think that’s called Screening Humanity that’s a nice prog on KBS, it’s on M-F for an hour & i always enjoy it too! Lately i hvnt had time to watch coz of TT & RR 🙂 ummhh i think SK’s govt is really providing a lot of good things for their citizens & it must be nice to live there! me too i wished i were in SK hahaha

    Anyway, i luv to see Jeju Island it’s beautiful out there, hv u by any chance in outskirts like Jeju they have giant squids hanging in clothesline to dry? woah i wld luv to see & experience that!

  1045. 1045 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle by the time u wake up u shld be able to see the kalbi i prepared 🙂 i’ll hand u a plate thru the screen hahaha

    hv a good sleep/rest!

    jjal ja to you & our Kim suk hoon ssi too

    chom chom for now

  1046. 1046 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Just checking in before I have my slumber. I sent u the Ribs and Chestnuts cooked personally by Chef KSH via email. You can have a lasting feast on it.

  1047. 1047 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle 1046 oh i’ll chk it then i thot u were in slumber oredi! 🙂 thnx fren! maang chi’s recipe vid mentioned she cldnt find chestnuts so she skipped that ingred! 🙂

    btw i’m jumping again on epi 5 where JW slept in & late for their mtg where ES trashed her presentation, gosh these two fought like crazy in the beginning eh? i guess it’s da more u hate da more u love sorta thing! i like the way ES was nonchalant when JW approached him asking why he rejected her presentation same time he was sharpening his pencil & he tells her if u go up to conf room & bring me your presentation fr the trash can i’ll read it! hahaha anyway u hv a good sleep fren!

    thnx again for ES recipe

  1048. 1048 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m on that scene again with her locking ES outside the bldg & he turns his head away so as not to see more of her robe as it fell down! i can’t get over these two! soooo funny! i’ll cont later & by that time u must be out of slumber!

    chom chom

  1049. 1049 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u pls chk ur email i got the pix of the ES Kalbi dish! something is missing your picked cucumbs & i ran out of kimchi too hahaha it’s ok i got the leaf lettuce but i need ES to say…..AHHHH then he puts the leaf lettuce with the kalbi in it for me to eat! hahaha

    now time for some dosage of our TT!

    c ya ltr chom chom

  1050. 1050 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle here’s a li’l quiz for an expert Twinkler like you my fren, when did ES told JW ‘your pride is out of my control’? hahaha let’s hv a little fun here about TT since u’v seen this for 11th round now! clue: this was the time when she got drunk at his mon mom’s house while drinking w/GR, then after GR left, ES was having his meal but JW was asking him over to join him but he didn’t instead he left the resto; she then followed him asking ES what is it that you have that i don’t? I’m sure u know this drama & memorized most of the dialogues by now hahaha! this is for when u wake up!

    CYL chom chom for now

  1051. 1051 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE to u! Of cos, I know! ‘your pride…’ She was drunk and shouted at ES to stop moving. She asked ES what he has that she doesnt. She walked very unsteadily and fell down when her heel was stuck in the grid. He helped her up and make good the heel for her. That’s when he said that to you. Bingo!!!

    After you’ve gone thru operation 10 like me, you will find every word worth paying attention to.

  1052. 1052 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1047. Its interesting to rewatch to connect the ending with the start. Then you see how they got started and grew from curiosity to love. I love their first meeting when JW mistook him for the doctor and she blabbered on about push-up and remodelling the cliff. ES was also funny at the way he stared at the pin on her blouse. Epi 1 was already so catchy and fun. Also love their second meeting at the coffeeshop. I enjoy it when he pointed his finger at her eye, then draw it towards where her father sits. Then later he ‘catwalked’ towards her … I love the way he walks with style and confidence.

    OK, enjoy your meal with KSH, give him more honey water to soothe his AHHHH…. I am definitely jealous!!!

  1053. 1053 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon #1045. Thx for the kalbi. Will have KSH over to AHHHHH with me…..

  1054. 1054 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle 1051 Yeyyy my twinker buddy is awake! GM to u too GE fr me!
    LOL i knew you memorzd this drama by this time 10th round & counting hahaha! You got it Girl! that’s exactly what it is ‘pride’! i thot it wld be fun to hv some quiz hahaha I like the ring to that….Operation 10 hahaha

  1055. 1055 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha u r more than welcome for the kalbi! yeah i wanna hear him tell us the …. AHHHHHHHHHs
    #1052 i’m w/you it’s really ncie to rewatch this drama! lol i know first epi when she mistook him for a doc & started blabbering about the cliffs here & there hahaha & yeah he stared at the pin but again she thot he was measuring her at that point! we can never get tired of this drama! ummh yes again on that the way he walks seems very dignified & confident indeed! his height is perfect! hahaha

  1056. 1056 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’ve been wanting to ask u this & since you’re the expert i’m sure u hv the answer! why is mon mom dislike JW so much? it cldnt be bcoz of her getting drunk at her place? well i need ur feedback when u hv a chance! now on epi 11 she keeps asking ES why he did mouth to mouth on her! hahaha i think that m/mouth was too quick i hope there’s lots of NGs if i were JW hahaha

  1057. 1057 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m chuckling here epi 11 hearing the mon mom when ES asked if she expects them to wear the piggy shirt & mon mom hollering while washing clothes what do u expect to find (to wear) if you don’t wanna wear it stay naked & wear an apron! hahaha woah i can’t stop laughing! these two looks like they’re wearing the couples’ shirt i luv that shirt hahaha

  1058. 1058 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1056. Mon mom and JW got on the wrong footing. JW was alone drinking at the restaurant not realising that was ES’s mom who attended to her. She asked mon mom if she was from China and said it must be very tough there so that she came here. Mon mom wanted to call it a day soon but JW insisted on continuing drinking and ordered more soju. She even offered to pay her extras to drink with her. I guess its all pride. Mon mom seemed to be the prim and proper type who must have felt insulted by JW’s first comment. Apparently she dislikes ladies to drink til drunk. In fact, she was concerned for her initially and said it will hurt her stomach to drink so much. Later when JW hugged ES so tightly outside the restaurant, mon mom got even more agitated to see her son taken in by this drunken girl. She also sensed there is more than just employer-employee relationship btn the 2. In order to win the pact, mon mom became all the more against JW becoming ES’s girlfriend.

  1059. 1059 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1058. That was funny too! stay naked and wear the apron! Yeah they look so good together! Did he just permed his hair? Thank goodness for his super good looks, he still managed to look good in it.

  1060. 1060 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle I kinda thot that was a turn-off to begin with but it seems so minute (mynut) to thnk that her being like that started mon mom to dislike her eh? but anyway i recall she said that to MM that she’s an expatriate fr China & she must be finding it hard in Korea in other words being a little tipsy she mistook her for a Chinese lady! like u said later on seeing her son being hugged by a drunkard girl didn’t sit well with her either! LOL luv that scene don’t you when she kinda hanging on to him ever so tightly & he tried to let go of her bcoz of the puke! hahaha

    yeah it was so funny when MM told ES stay naked if you want or just wear an apron even while typing this i can’t help but smile! they really chose a good cast for this drama like MM i’ve seen her in other dramas but she was not like this charac, what i’m trying to get at is she really played it well, i remember her walking away at the warehouse one evening & nxt time try to observe her walk she was really walking like a very tough woman hahaha gosh she’s something else!

  1061. 1061 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle oh i forgot to address this one fr your last msg, his hair yeah it looks to us that he’s got a slight perm w/c really looks good on him! i don’t like his haircut in RR too short on the sides w/c i remember mentioning to u sometimes ago, and most of those guys in that drama seem to hv same haircut coz of course they use one hair stylist! 🙂 one haircut i don’t like to see on our guy is that style in other dramas like SL, ITS, i liked his hair also in Tomato!

    Kim suk hoon ssi if you’re visiting here please don’t wear that hairstyle with bangs 🙂 we like your hair in Twinkle :))

  1062. 1062 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon #1060. I think its a BIG deal for someone who is the whatever bear in that region. Maybe MM felt humiliated at JW’s passing comment about her and being seen upon as someone from China having a tough time at the restaurant. She must hv thought MM is a helper rather than the boss. Or is there any political implications btn the 2 nations? Better not talk here.

  1063. 1063 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. The period drama is Jeong Do Jeon currently showing on KBS channel. Is this good?

  1064. 1064 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1062 You may be right she felt insulted N humiliated coz remember the way she talks to ppl such as i’m the white bear of SK or something like that, she thinks ppl shld look up to her bcoz of her influence in loaning money even to higher ups!

    i like the PD father he really loves/dotes with JW up to the point when JW was really the one who just backed off & remember they went night fishing & who wld’ve thot dad will just let her off his car in the middle of nowhere, he was hurt that JW wanted to have her own pub co (but of course it was just some crazy excuse fr her). I just get annoyed w/her PD brod who’s a loser! hahaha excuse for saying that!

    on the other hand the PD mom was annoying after taking in GR! JW is such a nice person, kind-hearted, sensitive to others, unselfish N i guess ES really fall for her qualities, she cld be feisty but funny in many ways, so outspoken if she needs be!

  1065. 1065 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i saw a part of that also thru KBS coz i can get that channel here but didn’t really sit down & watch, but one day i happened to see one of epis but didn’t really watch it! the lead actor is quite good though but i’m not into epic ones!

    if u can get KBS try to chk Wonderful Days, that’s the one i told u about that the lead is the actress our KSH teamed up in Tomato, i cld really see KSH in this drama as prosecutor! 🙂 It’s a family drama but i hvnt really continued since i got busy with TT & RR 🙂

  1066. 1066 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i sent u the link to Jeong do jeon actor’s pix!

  1067. 1067 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Great! You’re getting into details. I gotta leave now. Enjoy your show. BTW, I had my brunch. Steamed rice with GR’s cucumber. Nicer today. Gg to look for K rice now that I have only 1 serving of the Jap rice left now. Chom chom

  1068. 1068 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle – i usually hv brunch also during w/week, try the Korean rice, here Nishiki is popular the ones they serve mostly in Kor restos! Ummhh nice i luv that cucumbs w/steamed rice! yummy!

    ok hope u can get the Kor rice, u’ll luv it too!


  1069. 1069 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U must be asleep still. Finished RR epi 61. Boring.

    #1064. Yes, the PCD dad tries all means to keep her and is a very fair person. See how he ‘hated’ his son for all his selfish aims. For this, we have the PCD mom to blame for encouraging such bad attitude. I was shocked when he asked his mom to intro a girl with cup D to him so he can marry to have children in order to beat JW over the inheritance. Useless bum! He took his mom to be the mamasan in the earlier epi. That scene was comical.

  1070. 1070 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u GE in your slumber! i can’t seem to find RR 61 & u said u watched it oredi? strange

    @1064 1069 I really like PCD dad for being so supportive to JW, awesome dad even if he found out about the switch he still considers JW as his dtr! The PCD mom looks down on people, i didn’t like what she told PCD dad one day something about SRD being poor etc. that they think differently! Yeah the brod also was playing or practicing golf when JW came late for work & the staff mtg was in progress she calls him to open the door but little did she know her brod wasn’t even in the bldg, he’s a good for nothing son 🙂 LOL but greedy like GR for inheritance!

    oh i remember that i think he was drunk that day & he grabs his mom hahaha

    let me see if i can watch RR tho u said it was boring

  1071. 1071 : Michelle Says:

  1072. 1072 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1071 is for u.

  1073. 1073 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu v much twinkler fren! glad u r still up! let me chek it out now

  1074. 1074 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yes yes it’s on, so strange i tried for 15 min to no avail! thanks again buddy! let me watch a little & i know ur watching the other drama Brain hahaha woah you’re very courageous indeed, i can’t stand to see blood!

  1075. 1075 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Actually I cant but I just want to know how its like as we never have any chance to experience that. Told myself its plastic stuff they are ooperating on with tomato sauce / juice all over …..

    Our guy shd get a chance to act as a doctor one day. That way u will definitely watch!

    Good nite, I’m tired. Chom chom

  1076. 1076 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle just finished RR….so u too can’t stand OR scenes i know! hahaha sure when he goes for the doc role i’ll break my rules in watching medical dramas if it’s our KSH! no doubt about it! hahaha

    OK g/nite & hv plenty of rest! jjal ja

    chom chom

  1077. 1077 : sangjhoon Says:

    To dear Kim suk hoon we hope you’re having a good week! I’ve been listening to your radio program & enjoying it very much! I love the selection of songs you play everyday! Have a nice summer in SK & keep healthy! God bless & take care! aja aja fighting!

    From yours fans sangjhoon & michelle

  1078. 1078 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u! i sent u the link where u can d/load his radio prog, it may be some of his old ones like last yr but just so you hv an idea how his prog runs! 🙂

    chom chom for now almost time for dismissal!

  1079. 1079 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GE to u! Time to run and get on to ur TT. Thx for the link. I’ll try it out this evening, I’ll surely like it! Getting ready to go out. Chom chom

  1080. 1080 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM, jeon achim to u! okidoki run run ppali ppali (faster in Korean) You’re more than w/come for the link, just enjoy it!

    TT won’t be started till after dinner! i want to concentrate hahaha!

    chom chom fr here but drop by when u can! 🙂

    hv a gr8 day fren

  1081. 1081 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U know, Chorim shd be presented the worst and most disgusting actress award. I believe many fans will love epi 62 cos fake Ruby doesnt deserve to have the bb. She has evil thoughts to take all she could from the family. She knows the family doesnt like her and she makes no effort to improve their relationship. I guess she has to prevent her face change from being exposed and this is taking a toil on her. In Su, real Ruby, Yeonho and her hubby. Good for her and I’m sure all fans are happy the bb doesnt want to come to her. If only she learns from JW, ya?

    Our guy looks cute playing with the bb’s socks. Big BB he is! Just having him is enough.

  1082. 1082 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u….i second u on chorim gosh i had to skip a lot when they’re on screen :)) yes i do luv epi 62 myself, she doesnt deserve to have a bb in the first place when she was w/In su she bluntly told him she wants a life w/o a burden (bb) etc. so Heavens heard her & i’m so glad the bb won’t hv a terrible/wicked mother like her! Remember one scene on this epi she herself kinda pondering about the bb not deserving to hv her as a mother if i’m not mistaken? yes indeed JW has got to instill a lot of goodness into fake ruby’s mind!

    lol i know our guy definitely will be a great dad! yes yes just seeing him in RR sums it up!

    u must be in slumber so catacha later chom chom

  1083. 1083 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i know i said chom chom but meant to tell you this …. back to our TT…don’t u think (epi 48) FofW staff have been so rude to ES like e.g. this scene where after JW’s dad came searching for answers why they broke up…him crying…then there’s a staff mtg…before ES emerges they were talking about the incident of earlier w/SRD dad & much to their surprise ES was standing by the table already & he said something like the meeting is about me? hahahaha those two girls’ attitude were quite disrespectful the other tall one long hair just grabbed the paper from ES with a long face! ES is so nice to be passive but i guess regardless of the situation the staff shld not treat him like that! i can’t stand those two girls esp the tall one! 🙂 btw this scene w/him crying (i got teary too) he’s so convincing! what a great actor!

  1084. 1084 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i think epi49 wld be da 2nd time ES fixed her shoes tho we know she’s faking it….don’t u think ES shld open a shoe repair shop hahaha i like this epis she’s luring him to get back together like she told her fam she’ll even kidnap ES if she had to!

  1085. 1085 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1083. GM/GE to u! Yes, those belongs to Chorim category. Rude and bootlicker too. Guess they are old staff there and forgot they are merely workers. Remember who was the Editor in chief before KSH came on board? Was that preggy woman. KSH had a tough time changing their attitude. Agree. His tears are so natural. Only Korean men cry in dramas.

    #1084. I felt it strange that heels can be repaired by just knocking them on the floor. Yes, open one in SG, if he’s operating it, I’ll break my heels 3x a day! We had better kidnap him before JW does! (JW is such a threat to us!)

  1086. 1086 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1084 GM/GE to u too!LOL u never ceased to make me laugh w/your comments hahaha I noticed it too & to think the was the 2nd time he repaired her shoes just knocking it on the ground — how cld u put it back & have it worn again just by doing that? hahaha u r so funny ‘break my heels 3x a day’ if he’s the shoe repairman hahaha the queue wld be horrendously long! yes we can snatch him before JW does! 🙂

    #1085 absolutely right, those girls got no manners, i like so yoong (the samchoon’s crush) she’s also v supportive of JW! the preggy woman was the EIC prior to ES you’re right! yes again his tears are natural & v v convincing i got carried away when he cries, like u said only Korean men cry in drama! 🙂

    ok i’m sure ur hvg ur b/f now so have your mok ja (eat) now! c u ltr

  1087. 1087 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle b4 i heat up my dinner epi 49, it came to light for me that mon mom really doesnt like ES to live like her therefore she’s rooting for someone like GR to inherit her seat! i’m sure u know this by heart now for hvng it 11th round, when MM visited GR in the hosp with the big diam ring & she was telling her that she shld go back to her monster mansion after she recuperates, etc. & she was quite emotional saying this, she has a wee bit of percentage i must say of monster i mean mother’s instinct hahaha 🙂
    i give MM credit for this! after all she cares for her son, who wldnt? ES chose her not abandoned her telling JW I chose my mother, i can abandon you (JW) but not my mother! how’s that for a great son in spite of his mom’s nasty business! 🙂

  1088. 1088 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle p.s i’m sure u recall this one, nxt day ES/JW saw each other & he asked her how’s her leg, he noticed she’s again wearing hi heels & JW quipped wld it bother him if she wore something that wld make her taller than him? ES told her to use the pogo stick LOL he’s got a great sense of humor, who says he’s stern? 🙂

  1089. 1089 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1087. GR was right to tell mon mom the real reason in choosing her over JW was cos of MM’s love for her son. So, GR was the real victim in this case as a result of her own greed. Yes, I remembered that huge diamond ring and MM said that with some guilt. This mother-son relationship is truly touching, they care for each other inwardly.

    #1088. Yes, I love that scene! They both are still very deeply and emotionally-attached. They are just one.

    Me gg off now….chom chom

  1090. 1090 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1089/1087 yes, ironically for GR she’s MM’s victim, she’s like a guinea pig if u will bcoz of her extreme greed, if i were GR i’d be contented w/what the PD parents got in store for her! the PD mom gave her 30 mln won where she was diligently counting the zeros in it when she used the atm machine 🙂 Truly ES & MM’s relationship though both were not demonstrating it outwardly seems amazing to us! He told PD dad when he was offered to come back to FOW but declined to do that bcoz of his mother, he told him he’d rather not be selfish & deal with his conscience if this is accurate as far as i can recall he said? well u know what i’m talking about fren!

    anyway, ES is an amazing son, growing up alone, sad, hungry for his mother’s care/love & to think he turned out to be a level-headed guy, free of greed unlike his mother seems remarkable!

    OK chom chom 🙂 i’ll be here to man the ship! 🙂

  1091. 1091 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m on epi 63 RR now

  1092. 1092 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. My Twinkler fren, fake Ruby taking a step further into lying. She cant let go of the fact to lose the family inheritance and so faking the pregnancy. I would say the bb is smart to leave her at this early stage.

  1093. 1093 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. U know, I’m so tempted to buy the fish bread mould fr GMarket. But then, I wont have time to do it. Maybe if I go SK, I will get fr there. Love the fish bread…yummm yummmmm!!!!

  1094. 1094 : Michelle Says:

    @Sangjhoon. #1090. GM Captain! WRU? I’m gg into slumber soon. Leave all ur msg here and I’ll pick them up tmr morning. GN, fren!

  1095. 1095 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GE/GM to u, fren u missed me i think? good to know someone aside fr ES misses me hahaha my last msg there was bcoz i knew u left already then i went to get some twinkle dosage & never came back to check here since i figured u were gazing at sky again! hahaha
    Now it’s u who’s in dreamland! 🙂

    @1091/1092 yeah b4 my slumber i finished RR 63 also, gosh i can’t get over fake ruby now she bought this foam to wear & make her look preggy! if i were fake runa i’d go to gyeongmin ssi & spill the beans, this fake ruby gotta stop! yeah her greed is just going off the roof it’s just overwhelming to the point she can’t stop her charades! i’m also glad for the bb not to come from her, she’s unfit to be a mom, she’ll be another monster mom! 🙂

  1096. 1096 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle #1093 i know fish brd are yummy! luv them too! yeah buy the mould maybe till u get it fr SK, for now just let them do it for you! 🙂 my fave is still the roti boy or papa roti, i do luv both but the smell of the roti makes me eat non stop! hahaha

    #1094 i think you’re mistaken, u r the captain twinkler not me hahaha

    listen since ES is jack of all trades , we know he was a reporter prior to being an EIC here’s what he can do after leaving FOW: either have his own business or work as –

    detective (he jumped off his MM’s house catch the prowler)
    CPR chief (we know he saved JW’s life)
    shoe repairman (he repaired JW’s shoes 2x by pounding it)
    day care center (since he bathes the bb of Dae bum ssi, reading books to blind children)
    philanthropist (generous in donating money/books/painting)
    accountant/bookkeeper (overseeing MM’s accts)

    am i missing something? maybe you twinkler expert can fill in more

    i know u’r asleep by now so chom chom jjal ja

  1097. 1097 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i knew i was forgetting one of the things he can do to add to list above #1096 he cld be a professor this was when he went to the countryside teaching the kids; also a farmer right? woah he’s got his hands full so he need not worry if doesn’t go back to FOW!!!

    jjal ja

  1098. 1098 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle wait a minute…it’s still early ur end twinkler fren how come you hit the sack oredi? andwae andwae (no way)! anyway, after this i’m gonna hv a Twinkler dosage to rev up my body engine! :))

    i thot of something else in TT i may hv mentioned this to u before but i do admire JW’s brod in law, he’s much nicer to SRD fath in law compared to his wife who’s very disrespectful of her parent that tae ran woman! one funny scene these two fell asleep on the living room floor with son in law wrapping his leg on fath in law hahaha I also like brod in law’s support for ES when he happened to ran into him one evening seeing ES looking at JW fr a distance & dragged him to hv a drink, convincing him to get back w/her & all that! amazing guy! so funny Tae ran’s first love mistook him as her father hahaha i just had a good laugh in that scene!

    well lots for u to read my fren when u wake up! 🙂 chom chom for now but i know i’ll be back again, this thread is just as addictive as TT drama hahaha we’re like two peas in a pod!

  1099. 1099 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle mian mian sorry for hvng you read so much here but i’ve been forgetting to ask my twinkler expert fre (U who else? hahaha) why samchoon’s mom got all the 3 suitcases full of money, ok granted she sold her stocks to MM but how wasn’t it that her stocks were quite a bit & if she did sell it why is FOW able to retrieve the rest w/o hers? i’m not too clear about this so i need your insight pls when u can spare time after your slumber! :))

    kam sa hab nida (thank you fren)

    chom chom

  1100. 1100 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE to u! Apologies I overslept n now on the bus out to Sentosa. I cld only shower n no time for b/f this morning.

    Aft she sold her stock, ES saw KS move the suitcases out of the room together with her. ES learnt that she sold her stock to MM. ES then broke that deal by revealing that the contract was forged. Hope my memory didnt fail me. Chom chom

  1101. 1101 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle – GM/GE to u too! LOL i did that the other day my alarm clock didnt go off so i had to rush n also just able to shower! 🙂

    Ahhhhh ( just like the sound of ES’ ahhh) i see but then my other question now is did our ES after the ahjussi left him in SRD watching JW/DB during the fireworks/kissing etc. i think he stayed again right? hence he was able to lodged in that temp temple like house remember? what i’m getting at is he even managed to give away more donation as reported on t.v. that’s why JW got an idea where he might be (staying).

    you’re the expert so when u get a chance! enjoy the bus ride!

    chom chom for now hvng dinner 🙂 try to buy fish brd for b/f

  1102. 1102 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle – i’m watching KSH in SL n he’s quite funny here & v young looking! i’ve seen this a few yrs ago can’t believe this was released in 2005 about 13 yrs ago? how time flies! he’s handsome here too but he’s more good looking at the present time!

    let me watch a bit more & then RR will be on soon!

  1103. 1103 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GE/GA to u there – just fin RR quite interesting this time — just wanna say chom chom & jjal ja fr here!

    cheoun haru bonae yo (Have a nice day)

  1104. 1104 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Now I’m refreshed after a shower and here I am sitting at my comp answering my loyal fan’s postings.

    #1096, Fren, u manning the ship in #1090 so u r captain. We’ll take turns anyway so that this ship remains afloat. If it gets drifted to Jejo safely, then its fine.

    WOW, Twinkler, so much to digest. Let me take it from

    #1095 we both agreed the bb decided to leave her and the choice was right. In MM’s case, MM is capable in her own old-fashioned ways. Fake Ruby has nothing except to steal.

    #1096 U make me laugh now. I am sooo tickled!!! Yeah, our guy neednt go back to FOW, let me add on:
    – Counsellor – he helped changed KS from a thug to a goodie goodie loveable b/guard. Also changed GR from bad to good. Teaching the delinquent kids to be good.
    – Chef – I love his signature dish of ribs and chestnuts
    – Cab Driver – He did that many times for JW
    – Chief of Police – U see how he got JW’s gambler father out of jail and clamp down on the forgery where even the professional police force fail
    – Chief of Triad – He can control the underground thugs eg burn the warehouse and no one knows who did it, how he stood at the terrace with KS nodding to him for approval and acknowledgement of job completed
    – Social worker – Taking care of GR and strolling her on the wheelchair
    – Renovation contractor – Painting JW’s basement office
    – Cafe operator – Making coffee for JW
    – SWAT officer – how he tried getting into the building only to see JW robe fell … hahahaha!
    – Playmate – how he meow meow meow at the canteen
    – Sports trainer – how fast he walks that tires JW out

    we build this list up for his consideration.

    #1098. Yeah i like the brod in law (BIL). Awful looking but nice guy.

  1105. 1105 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1101. He was disappointed and continued his journey and mission. Actually he wanted to return to her, following the ahjussi’s advice. Yes, u r right and JW realised her internet sales were boosted by him.

    #1102. Yes I saw the SL, looks young like in his 20s. However I didnt really like his character there as he cant do what he wants.

    OK, I wanna cook my dinner. I’m making breaded fish fillet and eat with lettuce. Then eat while watching RR. Chom chom

  1106. 1106 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m knocking off now. Leave ur msg and quizzes for me here, I’ll pick them up tmr morning. GN. my frens

  1107. 1107 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1104 GM/GE to u woah ur list seems longer than mine for ES hahaha gosh i knew u cld fill in the gap my twinkler expert! yes i’m ur no. 1 fan & our KSH is our no. 1 guy! agreed about all the laundry list u got added – indeed he’s a jack of all trades! amazing guy like a Superman! hahahaha
    like the sports trainer too how he walks so fast beating JW — luv the list u got fren i knew i can count on the expert twinkler!

    yeah BIL is awesome i luv their bromance with FIL in this drama, he’s like the real son unlike the eldest dtr who’s so mean to her parents! 🙂

  1108. 1108 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle re #1090 yeah each of us will take turns coz we want the ship to remain afloat for our KSH! 🙂 while you’re sleeping, i’m on duty & vice versa! just waking up now & first thing for me is to check our fan mail hahahaha bwahhhh

    #1104 & 1095 yes u r absolutely right at least MM is capable of handling her business outside the bun compared to fake ruby who’s somewhat afraid of her own skeleton in her closet! glad for the BB coz she ain’t fit to be a mother, 2nd time she’s miscarried so that spoke volumes already!

    #1105 Poor ES he asked ahjussi to turn around & head to SRD so he can return to her but got disappointed! what a love story of these two! i wished they’d just more of their sweet moments though & had minimal scenes of the others!

    Re SL – i think KSH must be already 33 in that drama but looking like 25, he looks younger than his age! i’m liking SL also coz it’s got some funny scenes with the second lead! i don’t like KSH’s wearing that scarf 🙂 LOL they made him look like a playboy!

    umm yummy dinner my fren….sounds appetizing!

    chom chom for now since you’re in slumber! jjal ja fren

  1109. 1109 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle it seems any chance i have i come over here LOL so addictive, i feel like i’m always talking to a ‘live’ person altho u’r asleep right now hahaha
    mind you SL makes me laugh so much n there are sad moments too in this drama, for instance in one of the scenes KSH came to see her but at that time she wasn’t at the doc’s apt so she started climbing the fire escape to open the door for him but the bldg sec alarm was activated so the cops came of course & KSH overheard the secu grd telling the cops she’s a housekeeper at the doc’s apt! KSH was taken aback since they’ve met on a number of dates knowing she’s the plastic surgeon but apparently just a substitute for that blind date! i know u didn’t like to continue watching but it’s cute, i’m on brk for my 5th rnd of TT that’s why i don’t wanna miss a thing from his previous dramas! :))

    chom chom for now bbl

  1110. 1110 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE to u, my fren! I’m late today cos I ran thru the past 5 days newspapers. Time to answer my fan’s postings.

    #1108. I skipped rice this week. Been putting on since I opened the packet of Jap rice. Yes, its yummy and so easy to make, followed maangchi’s recipe briefly. Made a wrap with butterhead lettuce and filled it up with the breaded fish and cucumber kimchi. V appetising and wonderful.

    Korean rice comes in big packets so gotta skip and settle for either Jap or Thai coarse rice, looks like the type KSH used in TT – mix of red and white grains. Going to make more kimchi this weekend so bought the Korean red pepper flakes. Also bought the Korean black bean paste for jajunmyun to make like the ones KSH and JW eat at the office. (jajunmyun – spelling correct? I can write romanised Chinese v well but not for K language)

    See? TT has brought us a long way in to even changing my diet! 3 Thumbs up for TT!!!

  1111. 1111 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1109. Yes, remember I told u I wrote in to Dramafever asking about where I could order the TT dvds and they replied that they’ll get a ‘live’ person to talk to me. Soon after, Twinkler, u came on board. So, I guess you must be the angel sent to meet me … thank u, Twinkler!

    Hi fren, I finished watching SL at that time when I was sourcing for TT. Yes, KSH always look so good, and esp young and like u say, a playboy. But somehow I find that role didnt bring him up so much like in TT. He appears v playful and looks v dashing when he had the little few seconds dance with his date.

    I felt sad when he came by her home quietly to sneak at her and dropped the bouquet of flowers outside the gate. And I felt worst when he had the wedding invitation cards printed!

    He’s a great carpenter! Pls add this to our laundry list. He made the table for her in SL and also made a BB crib in RR. However, he’s a bit immature in SL as he didnt even consider the size. The table was way too big to fit into her tiny space. Anyway, super guy to consider for lifelong partner!

    Yes, keep going, Twinkler. You’ll find more into the nitty gritty as u repeat. Really worth going into operations 10.

  1112. 1112 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. WOWWWWW!!! Looking back, I hit the #1111 spot! Clink clink clonkkkkkkk!!!

    U know, I watch the KBS channel and saw the SRD mom in TT and Sera in RR in the ‘live’ show. The studio had many participants at the studio talking and sharing some discussions which I didnt understand. So I make it point to watch this everyday, maybe, will see our guy there one day.

    OK, chom chom for now. Going to wash up and get ready to go.

  1113. 1113 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle annyeong twinkler fren GM to u GE fr me! woah lots to read am late also had to stop at market & what i made tonight is Viet fresh spring rolls — i’ve been wanting to get my hands on this but nvr had a chance! i’ll share a pix w/u much later! anyway i know Kor rice is filling but yummy! woah your breaded fish sounds good mas kae tah! lol we’d been influenced by Kdramas watching them eat their yummy food! ok this is the right spelling of jjajangmyun, i know sometimes i just write the word the way i hear it so no worries i u/stand what u meant! luv jjajangmyun i can eat a lot of it so i wanna stay away! it’s easy for me to put on than to take the wright off as usual!

    what i wanna try nxt time is their rice with red beans in it, we had it in Kor resto & i luvd it! yes 2 thumbs up for TT wayyyy up for introducing us to so many good things we saw in their drama!

  1114. 1114 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1111 wow what a number this is! anyway me an angel? hahaha thnx, but w/o wings! u’r more than welcome twinkler expert/fren!
    lol i know we met here & the rest is history! i myself didn’t realize i’ll get an answer fr you coz sometimes fans might come & post here but they just fizzled later on but i can’t help to reply to u & am always wanting to share what i have or know of! i’m also blessed to hv met u really, it adds some spice to my days, i chk here before even chking my personal emails hahaha! seems so addictive like the drama TT!

    yeah that’s an addition to his resume, a great carpenter! u know i’m only on epi 8 of SL so i can’t even remember he did a table for her fam! i saw that scene oredi where he followed her with dad with the bouquet of roses then dropped it coz he got intimidated by her dad’s voice! it’s sad that there always seem to have a gap in the LOVE dept when one is poor & the other is wealthy like in the case of her & KSH! i want to finish this one coz i ve seen it a few yrs ago but can’t seem to recall the rest of the scenes! he looks very young in here & yeah i’ve seen the dance he did with his date 🙂

  1115. 1115 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle 1112 hahaha wowwwwww is the word….clink clonk get that wine glass out :))

    there are many good progs at KBS but i hvnt watched lately coz i’ve been preoccupied with TT & now SL! hahaha i luv the star’s interview, happy together where they hv celebs who sometimes want to promote their new dramas then the celebs will hv a chance to show their cooking potential before the show ends; lots of variety shows but too bad i can’t watch v much during the day since it’s a work week! the ones of KSH on YT an old one i think was fr KBS where they meet fans on the street n remember he even hugged the fans? oh i wished it were us hahaha!

    ok i’ll catacha later, as the Koreans wld say eedah ba yo (see u later); cheoun haru bonaeyo (have a nice day)

    chom chom is our fave coz of JW/ES!!!!

  1116. 1116 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i just finished watching RR 64 n hitting the sack now so c u in the morning twinkler fren! u take it easy n don’t forget to gaze at the sky like ES n JW! 🙂

    chom chom

  1117. 1117 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1113. I saw the recipe. Its merely cooking the rice with red beans or black beans. I will add black sesame seeds too. BTW, I bought my TT DVDs, at last, managed to find it!

    #1116. Was in JB, weather was so hottttttt!!!! Gazing the sky will hurt but I took a pic of it in the evening, it was glowing. Nice!

  1118. 1118 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I cant wait to tell u this. In epi 64 when Ruby visited fake Ruby’s bedroom to find out if they sleep together. When she finally decided to leave, our guy walks after her. Did u notice how he turns around with his left hand tucked in his pants pockets and his expressions was rather stern towards the fake Ruby? He really looked so good!!!

  1119. 1119 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1117 yes i saw online it’s pretty easy cooking rice/red beans N it’s yummy! i’ll try it nxt time!

    i’m sooooo happy for u to hv bot TT dvds woah after all the search u found it! yeyyy clink clonk those glasses too!

    i chkd here earlier but u must’ve been busy w/Brain hahaha so i took a walk & didn’t chk again till now!

    where is JB? i’m lost! :)) when i took a walk this a.m. the weather being really nice/pleasant here i had my mp3 playing TT osts & oh i feel like i’m seeing both of them gazing at the sky!

  1120. 1120 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1118 yes belib u me i noticed that he sorta ignored fake ruby & left the b/room! awww i know he looked so good! like i said before i wished this drama was just about their nice /sweet love story with real ruby then it wld just be great!

    jjal ja i know u’r in dreamland so c u in the a.m. hrs & have a happy w/end!

    chom chom

  1121. 1121 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1119. JB stands for Johore Baru. Its a state in Malaysia, above SG and we drive a km stretch that links SG to Malaysia. There are many new condos facing the sea front where the development is in progress. Really nice and cheap. A China developer has bought most of that area and the place is just fantastic!

    #1120. I saw the RR DVDs too but I didnt buy them. TT is enough and I really enjoy watching and rewatching again and again. Gg to finish up epi 65 before knocking off. GN!

  1122. 1122 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle oh i see nvr heard of that of course i’m not fam w/places there! sounds promising eh N by the sea i wld luv that!

    u know i meant to tell u i also saw RR dvd some wks ago in one of the nearby stores here but didn’t bother buying it, i prefer him in TT that’s why i guess! hehehe is 65 on oredi? woah good for you i won’t see it till tonight


  1123. 1123 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i take it back i’ve watched epi 65 last nte i was still thinking of epi 64 that’s why hahaha

  1124. 1124 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1122…. wow, nice number, fren!

    hahaha, kinda mixup ya? Thx for ur tip. I found the ones with s/title for my latest craze. But now getting tired and sleepy. So will slumber after I am done with epi 65. chom chom!

  1125. 1125 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yeah nice number 🙂

    yeah i got mixup there, u r more than welcome, pleasure is mine! ok i got hooked watching SL hahaha

    hv a gud rest fren chom chom jjal ja

  1126. 1126 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle almost GM to u, can’t resist sharing this w/u – just a short brk fr watching SL, his acting in epi 12 is so natural when his parents confronted him why he’s meeting another girl instead of the surgeon, his sister is a bully that’s when the parents found out about it! our guy is really good from a cool guy to a more serious scene on this epi! so versatile! anyway let me cont a bit N will bback when u wake up! 🙂 the story of SL is quite OK, of course if we don’t hv to compare it with TT!

  1127. 1127 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u….since u’v finished watching SL on epi 12 where he rushed to see her in Jeju Is, do u supposed he became confident to date her bcoz the other guy mentioned to him that she went there bcoz they may hv found their mom who’s doing well now? i’m still mixed N not able to read our guy’s charac when he did this altho we both know he really likes Yeoung in or whatever her name is in this drama! this drama is interesting too, only my 2nd round so i cld hardly remember most of the scenes!

    let me watch some more! 🙂

  1128. 1128 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle epi 13 now our guy’s good in golf too, his physique hasn’t changed from this drama to TT woah! amazing! in this drama he seems more affectionate when he left Jeju he even kissed her on the cheek & now again as i’m watching this scene after they parted he kissed her again on the cheek much to her surprise….i wished he’d done this to JW in TT :)))
    kinda sad when she & her siblings went to Jeju only to find out that it’s not really their mother they were meeting!

  1129. 1129 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle in addition to 1128 i think our guy was so happy hearing yeong’s mom is doing well for the sake of his parents who are against dating her bcoz of her poor b/ground but he’s not in a way disappointed for his well being !

  1130. 1130 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle erona erona wake up wake up pretty rosebud! GM to you

    believe it or not i’m teary-eyed watching this scene epi 15 of SL when she came to the doc’s apt to retrieve her belongings, books etc. & she of course didn’t know he was there w/her parents, she dropped the books coz i think she must be shaken by this & woah our guy ran after her! awww it’s so touching! 🙁

    let me continue & ttyl

    hope u had a good sleep

  1131. 1131 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle….what happened to the captain holding the port? u’d been quiet 🙂 maybe a lot of gawking at your TT dvd eh? anyway almost done with SL, 2nd time around & liking it! it’s got some tender moments & nice to see our guy happy n also some sad moments from him! nxt after this either ITS drama, i’m hvng a KSH marathon week!

    chom chom jjal ja

    hope u’r just not tired of hearing from me 🙂 i’m sure u’r just too tired/busy!
    take it easy & i’m just a thread away!

  1132. 1132 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Sorri sorri, fren. Was out the whole day and got hooked onto Brain! Captain apologising!!! Ship didnt go under but captain got drifted away into Brain.

    #1130 why are u always so teary-eyed? me not at all. I havent started watching my DVDs yet. Oh, I had wanted to tell u ur Viet Spring rolls look so good! I shall do my jarjianmyun tmr. Will share it with u and our guy plus JW.

  1133. 1133 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1131, oh no, Twinkler, this place has become our regular routine already. Just drop your notes here, we are exceptional!

  1134. 1134 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1132 LOL i’m glad the ship remained afloat coz the Captain went drifting to Brain hahaha!

    i cry easily that’s just me hahaha i thot that scene was touching coz they look down on her & our guy was so different from his parents! 🙂

  1135. 1135 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1134 hehehe Twinkler i u/stand but sometimes i feel bad blabbering all the time hahaha!

  1136. 1136 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle really the spring rolls looks good? i sent u the recipe, it’s v v easy N quite healthy! woah jjangmyun ok pls send me the pix 🙂

  1137. 1137 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u GE too! hope u had a gud drm fren! 🙂

    finished SL finally! now onto Into the Storm 🙂 this one was in 2004 therefore he must be around 32 yrs old, this was before he did SL! our guy’s looking so sleek here! nice scenery too!


  1138. 1138 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GE to u! Yes, he looked sleek, I agree. All about him is so precious to us both, hahahahah!

  1139. 1139 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM twinkler fren! yes ma’m i second u on that ‘precious’ to both of us hahaha

  1140. 1140 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle taking a brk fr ITS he’s a lawyer in this drama N his acting is as always superb! i luv the ost in this drama really blends well with the scene N all that! wished there’s subs though i’d enjoy it more 🙂
    i’m sure u’r busy preparing jjangmyun so take ur time N enjoy it for lunch!

  1141. 1141 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle our guy’s role in ITS is quite strong N he’s v handsome as always in this drama! i’ll cont tmrw meantime i’ll leave the day shift to your in holding the port! i know u won’t let it sink! hahaha
    enjoy your drama ok?

    chom chom jjal ja

    c u tmrw

  1142. 1142 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m watching Brain and wished for KSH to be the lead. No cooking today cos too addicted.

  1143. 1143 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM to u! How have u progressed, Twinkler? The ship’s cruising slowly by and the captain is simply taking things easy. Trying to finish Brain before going on TT again.

  1144. 1144 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GE/GM to u By the time u finish watching Brain u’ll be more brainy hahaha! i was hoping i’ll be able to taste your jjangmyun & our guy would be hungry too! 🙂

  1145. 1145 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1143 well shall we say so far smooth sailing hahaha! after brain then TT for 12th round right? i’m into his other drama now ITS after watching SL 2nd time! after ITS then Tomato then TT again for 5th round! hahaha we’ll be both unstoppable! yday much to my dismay my Tomato music cd plus with SL osts in it won’t work anymore, i tried to clean the disc to no avail! 🙁

  1146. 1146 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1144 Yes, my brain is growing daily with every epi, only 20 epis in this drama. Shd make it 100 else not enough to share the brainy stuff with the 3 SRD sisters as well as lots of that with fake Ruby! Then the world is at peace.

  1147. 1147 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GN from here, Twinkler. Just drop ur posts and steer the ship safely. chom chom

  1148. 1148 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1146 LOL make sure it doesnt grow too much, i thot it’s 24 epis? u must like it v much to wished it for a 100 epis! yes i know the 3 SRD sis plus fake Ruby joined together wld be a world without brains! hahaha

    OK g/nite for now twinkler! chom chom
    sleep tight with brain in tact!

  1149. 1149 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Captain’s bz today till night. Dont be alarmed. No news is good news.

  1150. 1150 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u OK thnx for your note Captain! hehehe here’s excerpt of sukting re Tomato KSH charac is the favorite:

    Favourite character (Kim suk hoon’s character as sheng jun) cr: Sukting’s review

    Sheng Jun. He is so nice and kind to others. Although he is a lawyer, he always thinks of the poor’s interest and helps the unfortunate during his free time. A close second will be Ying Shu. Are you surprised? I find her too harsh to Han Ni at first. But I realize that it is for her own good as she has very high expectations of her. I don’t approve of how she treats her like a rival later though but I can feel her concern for Sheng Jun. She feels remorseful for neglecting him but has tried hard to make up to him.

  1151. 1151 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle here’s link to sukting’s review of tomato drama:


  1152. 1152 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u, i just fin epi 66 i’d say this wld be one of those exciting epis so far! i’ll let u see it N not be a spoiler tho i realize u’v seen it raw! 🙂

    chom chom

    jjal ja

    i know u had a v busy day/nite!

  1153. 1153 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM to u! I’m just home. THanks for the #1150 note.

  1154. 1154 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1152. Granny tore off her padding right? I’m gg to watch it now. chom chom

  1155. 1155 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u GE fr me! u’r always w/come fren!

    yeah granny tore off her padding LOL i luv granny more on this epis!

    kreups dah kal kae yo

    chom chom for now but i’ll BB (just like the Terminator ala Arnold S.)

  1156. 1156 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i got a very impt email i sent u just now, kindly check it fren! thnx

  1157. 1157 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i can’t resist telling u how our KSH’s acting is right now in RR scene woah he’s awesome, so natural! FR as u know fr watching raw got kicked out tonight, she’s unforgivable! let me continue N finish this epis!

  1158. 1158 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle ms expert here, i’m hearing fr FR that real Runa is adopted? is she just blabbering coz she’s mad or i’m confused now 🙂 lol

  1159. 1159 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1157. hahaha! Fren, short happiness only. Dont know what the writer is trying to do, just to prolong the drama?

    #1158. Yes one is adopted. She overheard from a conversation btn the mom and Chorim at the restaurant one day.

  1160. 1160 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1159 i know Fren LOL short happiness is the word!

    i think i also remember one of the past episodes where it was mentioned that real Runa is the adopted one – that answers why they’re so diff!

    anyway i came across this vid w/c i’ve never seen before…the making of TT it’s quite interesting here’s the link: watch it later

  1161. 1161 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle another NG of TT

  1162. 1162 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i leave you now to be the captain, i’m hitting the sack now!

    jjal ja fr here

    Gnite to our favorite actor Kim suk hoon! 🙂

  1163. 1163 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Sure! I am just too tired to move out today. You’ll be energize again after a good rest, Twinkler!

    I’ll send my private jet over later to fetch u to SK. Dream on ….

  1164. 1164 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. RR Epi 67 is superb. The drama shd just end here and I’ll be very satisfied. Like what real Ruby said, fake Ruby is a complete idiot!

  1165. 1165 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GE/GM to u, i burnt the midnite oil last nite searching for some more KSH on YT that’s why i found some of the TT NGs! did u get to watch?
    yes i think you’re absolutely right Twinkler is the therapy if we’re tired N weary! hahaha a twinkle a day keeps the doc away! how’s that? hehehe

    cooooool send ur private jet N when u fetch me i’ll KSH in tow! hahaha dream on is right

  1166. 1166 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1164 i thought so too, epi 66 & 67 were both superb for me! but i want a diff ending that real Ruby gets to re-unite with our guy then i’ll be happy with the ending! real Ruby is right FR is an idiot bcoz she didn’t savor those moments of being loved by Gyeongmin, instead she clamor for more greed as if it’s not enough that she’s ruined Gyeongmin’s life let alone her sister or adoptive sister! in fairness to FR she’s so convincing in her role aside from our guy plus the actress who plays her mother! woah these actors are to reckoned with!

  1167. 1167 : sangjhoon Says:

    To Admin: It seems you’re missing some of KSH awards info so please kindly add this to his bio:


    1998 SBS Drama Award: New Star Award
    1999 SBS Drama Award: Top 10 Stars; Excellence Award, Actor
    2004 MBC Drama Award: Excellence Award, Actor (Ballad of Han River)

    Many thanks Admin!!! We appreciate your hard work!

  1168. 1168 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle who’s in slumber by now….i’m taking a peak on his movie Magang Hotel….he’s good in kinda gangster comedy in this movie! our guy is gifted with multi-talent! i know you’re just focused on TT but it’s also nice to see how he played some other roles! he wears a mustache in this movie & he’s the gangster boss bus a nice one much like Kwong soo ah in TT! 🙂

    ok chom chom for now

    Jjal ja

  1169. 1169 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1166 Since they arent together as in the last epi (i hope I got it right cos its raw without s/titles) I prefer the drama to end at epi 67 so we dont waste our time and effort.

    Todays a bz day again for me. Leaving home soon.

    Enjoy your Magang Hotel. I like him looking clean and neat. So its TT for me still.

    Chom chom

  1170. 1170 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1169 GM to you yeah i see what u mean on RR coz FR is unstoppable N will only continue to create havoc, she’s a menace to any family! 🙂
    well u gotta do what u gotta do, the ship won’t sink so go on w/ur bz day N n worries twinkler/brain fren! hahaha i like the ring to that twinkler brain! LOL

    i just finished Magang Hotel, he’s so versatile, he’s no doubt good in any roles be it comedy or serious drama! i quite enjoyed it, i started this morning & finished it before dinner! 🙂 i know i know TT is your primary dosage, once i’m done with ITS i’ll go back to TT! 🙂

    chom chom twinkler buddy! hv a gr8 day!

  1171. 1171 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle just updating you of my li’l dose of RR i just finished epi 68…so we’ll talk about it when you’re done watching it yourself!

    don’t forget to sky gazing 🙂 like ES/JW!!!

    chom chom c ya later

  1172. 1172 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, I sky gaze from the bus. Its like a piece of art or a big ocean. Absolutely fantastic! I’ll email the pic over to u.

    Thx to our guy in TT that I am aware of the wonders above us. Ok, now about to RR and go braining after that. Chom chom

  1173. 1173 : sangjhoon Says:

    Dear Admin: Many thanks for adding his awards to your list! We appreciate it v v much! 🙂

  1174. 1174 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle thnx for sharing the beautiful sky photos! luv it, these days too i appreciate that beautiful thing above us from God that w/out watching ES in TT we probab wld’ve taken it for granted! it’s lovely & to think u took the pix fr riding the bus, it was amazing! i love SG i wish i’d see your beautiful country someday but i’m now focused in gg back to SK! hahaha

    LOL i fin RR last nite & we’ll talk about it after u watched!

    chom chom gg to hit the road now

  1175. 1175 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Twinkler, I finish braining. I simply love this drama. But what to do? Every good thing must come to an end.

    Now gg back to the evergreen everloving TT. Going to TT epi 17&18.

  1176. 1176 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. FR asked if our guy gg to divorce her. He said that’s an option. Wow….Twinkler, get ready ya????

  1177. 1177 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u dear twinkler fren! LOL ms brainy congrats for finishing it! it must be really good! gg back to ur 12th rnd i lost track oredi! 🙂

  1178. 1178 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle 1176 i know she’s so gutsy, i luv his answer, that’s an option, n the G’s father is also mad at FR who wldn’t? he said i don’t believe her anymore! i was annoyed with FR’s mother very persistent that G & fam forgive her dtr? yayyyy moth/dtr both thick skinned!

    yeah Twinkler buddy get ready, fasten your seatbelt! 🙂

  1179. 1179 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle now i’m continuing w/his drama Han River, he’s about 32 yrs old here i know u don’t wanna venture on others except TT but just wanna share w/you how awesome his acting was in this drama w/c is not surprising anymore coz he won an award here too!

    u must be in slumber so jjal ja

    chom chom

  1180. 1180 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u fren….just wanna share some more about HR, when he found out his ex g/f is going to get engaged with a new b/f he begged/knelt down in front of this guy to leave his ex g/f coz he still loves her v much, he was crying buckets! lol very impressive acting! i think in the end they’ll end up together coz i’ve seen some wedding pix online N am sure u’ve seen those pix before! tonight i’m gg to marathon a li’l bit till my eyes droop! hahaha

    ok TTYL

  1181. 1181 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1177 wow nice number! I laid off TT for a while when i was braining. The male lead is truly terrific and the female lead too. They’re both very matching. Until u go braining too we will discuss it thru our email. Lots to say, heeheee!

    #1178 Its rather artificial when the Sera who dislikes the FR suddenly felt sympathetic and to even come up with an excuse for her faking pregnancy. Hard to absorb.

    #1179 I dont have the Han River here unless source thru yt.

    Me gg out now. Chom chom

  1182. 1182 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes! Our guy is tops in almost every drama! The evergreen in our lives!

  1183. 1183 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1181 GM/GE fren! yes i noticed that w/Sera, then the mother also was trying to tell G’s father to maybe give her another chance? are they crazy or FR rubs it on them? 🙂 LOL i mean enuf is enuf, there’s always a limit to ev.thing!

    oh i dunno if braining’s gonna happen to me, thnx but no thnx hahaha that’s one drama we won’t (i think) been able to blabber!

    it’s not avail on YT but maybe tudou but i’ve been watching w/o subs on uri’s site!

    ok get gg chom chom

  1184. 1184 : sangjhoon Says:

    michelle #1182 yes i’ve nvr seen any of our guy’s drama that didn’t click at least for us fans…he’s our evergreen, everlasting, inspiration, therapeutic too! i’m now listening to his radio program! i hope he won’t let us wait for 2 yrs to do another drama! 🙂

  1185. 1185 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle just fin RR ep 71 i think FR will get worst n am sure u know oredi why! 🙂

    chom chom gg to slumber, meanwhile enjoy sky gazing

  1186. 1186 : Michelle Says:

    #sangjhoon. Where did u get ep 71? I thought its only ep 70 with s/title?

  1187. 1187 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle oooopps sori fren i meant epi 70 hahaha mian mian to confuse you! LOL ES shld really edit our postings!

    i’ve been wanting to mention this among the phrases in TT w/c he really was good in saying is ‘mo mi kka’ (what is it) remember? hahaha luv his voice

  1188. 1188 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, he’s got a really romantic voice. I read a fan relating him to Mills & Boon type. I try to find that comment again but couldnt. GN, I’m knocking out now.

  1189. 1189 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle 1188 awwww i know such a melodious one let alone romantic like u said! oh i hope u find it when u hv time 🙂 ok thnx chom chom gg now too!

  1190. 1190 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I found it! http://vickychong.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/twinkle-twinkle-korean-drama/

    Before u get jealous, here’s what Vicky says “Song Seung-joon is the typical M&B man coming alive on screen and I find myself drooling over him. Although appearing strong and steady, he tears up easily when he sees his love being hurt. A man of few words, he speaks through his eyes. He is sheepish when confronted, hard when needed, but he never wavers, and as an audience, I can’t felt falling for him too.”

  1191. 1191 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1190 GM/GE to u yeyyy woah i’m speechless! thnx fren! what a nice thing to say about our SSJ or ES in TT! i’ll read more now!

  1192. 1192 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle what a nice article! she’s fr SG too! another brainy! 🙂

  1193. 1193 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i’m watching our guy on movie Tube & he’s really versatile, can do action, comedy, drama & his talents are endless!

  1194. 1194 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle at HR our guy is right now buying fish breads fr a street vendor, reminiscent of TT fish breads for mon mom! 🙂

  1195. 1195 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Huh??? What about us? Is he sharing his with us?

  1196. 1196 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL he bought the fish breads for his wife! hehehe how i wish he was sharing it w/us! 🙂

    jjal ja

  1197. 1197 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I cant help laughing at Auto who said FR freezes to death, she’ll make front-page news!

  1198. 1198 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. She such a selfish woman. Shocked to hear her blame her mom for the state she’s in now. Cos her mom called her Ruby when she was at the hospital after the accident. Now she accuses her mom. And she blames the girl who is committing suicide, she said to herself … why shd she care if that girl lives or die as she is going to die herself.

    Just hope she kills herself but then her own life is so precious that everytime there is something happening for her to redeem her evil doing!

  1199. 1199 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u hahaha i know as if she’s a huge celeb! i think FR is starting to really go nuts now!

  1200. 1200 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1198 Indeed she’s a v selfish individual; blaming her mom & all that for calling her Ruby hahaha she’s a 101% nutcase! in spite of that Gyeongmin’s worried of her well being! G & fake Runa are poor victims of FR here! so sad!

  1201. 1201 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u fren….just wanna share this re our guy — in Han River he plays a husband & very affectionate to his wife — he’s very cheerful & dotes on his wife so much, not bashful in demonstrating it compared to his role in TT as ES where he’s very reserved! he’s so cute as Junho, he’s a simple office worker not one of those chaebol or son of a wealthy conglomerate we often seen in Kdramas! though his family is well off compared to his wife! he’s so cute in this drama too!
    not busy here so i thot of blabbering with you! 🙂 chom chom till nxt tym

  1202. 1202 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. RR epi 72 is very boring, going in circles again. No creativity at all. Just dragging along. I will stop watching.

    Ya, I will scout for other dramas in the meantime. Chom chom

  1203. 1203 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL i know FR thought of another scheme of being a heroine in saving that girl who was about to kill herself! 🙁 i feel like stopping too but for our guy i’ll persevere 🙂

    i sent u 2 recommendations over the w/end check them out you won’t regret it! 🙂 chom chom

  1204. 1204 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, HR is not available here. Will try the other one u emailed me. So its the end of RR for me.

  1205. 1205 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle really? u’r stopping RR? wahhh i can’t blame u fren, it’s getting ….need i say more? yeah try that link i sent you esp Scandal same writer of TT drama!

    jjal ja & chom chom gg now

  1206. 1206 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m surprised that even dramas like RR can be aired! More editing shd be done to it. Maybe replace FR with someone else and I might carry on a bit more.

    Anyway, we have many choices. Just move on, fren. TT is always at the back of our mind. Chom chom

  1207. 1207 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1206 yes my fren, i actually prefer fake runa’s looks than FR!
    i’d really wanna re-watch TT one of these days but i still hv to fin ITS drama of his! i’m just getting greedy hahaha

    chom chom hv a gr8 day

  1208. 1208 : sangjhoon Says:

    안영 하새요김 숙 훈 씨 나 라드 오 ᄑ루구램 초앟 대박 !!!
    분대 짜레고

    분데 짜레고

    로부터 미국 앟메리가 your 반작 반작 fan

  1209. 1209 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle. in case our KSH reads this #1208 i told him i like his radio program n to take care & this is his twinkle twinkle fan :))

  1210. 1210 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1208. WOWWWW u wrote that????

  1211. 1211 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1210 hahaha yes i hv a keyboard n once u know the hangul word it does it for you! u can do it too! LOL
    see the last few letters between the words your and fan? that’s banjak banjak w/c is twinkle twinkle in hangeul n i think in chinese it’s yi shan yi shan?

  1212. 1212 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE fren, hope you are better. Long weekend for you, ya? Try catchup with your marathon and cook the ribs. I’m hoping the shelves will be filled up with shelled chestnuts soon.

    And also hope our KSH get the best ranking! Chom chom

  1213. 1213 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u too fren! yes thank you i’m much better than yday & even went to work oredi! yeah u’r uptodate it’s long w/end here July 4th yeyy marathon of KSH right now i’m kangaroong to Into the Storm hahaha then TT my sis has started again her 6th x now she beats me yayy!

    argggh too much meat, i think i’m opting from meat this time, fish maybe & noodles hahaha though BBQ is THE thing of 4th July! ummh i bought some shelled ones but it’s nothing compared to the ones our ES was peeling in TT! their c/nuts are huge & looks yummy!

    yes let’s hope so but like i said it’s like a yo-yo but at least he’s reached that ranking! chom chom u take it easy catacha later!

    back to my ITS drama now.

    happy Friday to you & to our Kim suk hoon ssi!

  1214. 1214 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon #1211. TT in mandarin is 一闪一闪亮晶晶
    Yi shan yi shan liang jing jing

  1215. 1215 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1214 i luv the sound too kinda musical eh yi shan yishan liang jing jing nice hahaha in ours it’s ning ning woah doesnt it sound similar like jing jing ning ning

  1216. 1216 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM GE to u – just fin 2 epis of RR i cld just kick gyeongmin for letting his wife back into his fam let alone decided not to divorce that wicked woman! i may be wrong but fake runa is annoying me too, she keeps throwing threatening words at her but she still keeps tacit about revealing the truth! grrrrhhh

    i’m taking a brk fr watching but listening to KSH radio prog now! catacha later temp chom chom

  1217. 1217 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yes, they’re all at fault; not only FR. Their action only serve her to move on in the wrong direction. Lets kick them one by one starting with the writer. Chom chom

  1218. 1218 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1217 yeah i agree! hehehe here’s his mv in case u hvnt seen this one, i quite like this, he’s so cute!


    chom chom

  1219. 1219 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yeah, saw that in ur email. Thx. Who is that lucky girl?

  1220. 1220 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GE/GM to u ok i just didnt want u to miss anything about our KSH! :)) the lucky girl looks familiar but maybe not that popular yet? just fin epi 75 as usual FR was annoying n her paranoia was obvious! 😀

  1221. 1221 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. GM/GE to u! Start of a new work week again. We’re also at the start of the second half of 2014. Need to see results for 2014 and not let it slip by.

    Our guy KSH lost 5 kg acting in TT for some scenes right? Let’s also start our healthy diet and workout to achieve the same by Dec 2014, ok? Chom chom

  1222. 1222 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u too! i know time flies really another work week again!

    yes let’s follow our KSH after all he’s a good role model! can u find quinoa there? another healthy substitute to rice, it’s not filling n yummy!

    chom chom for now

  1223. 1223 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I will take whatever is readily available. I mix rice with barley n others to cutdown on rice intake. I hv my off days too where I eat to my heart’s content but with caution.

    We wat healthily to function properly

  1224. 1224 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle way to go twinkler buddy! barley’s good i like it, also to your cereals add some flax seeds n to yogurt some chia seeds too! u know what they say health is wealth!

    look at our KSH he’s lean, tall & not think but just right! KSH must be exercising regularly n eating healthy too!

    reading about Quinoa:


  1225. 1225 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1224 ooopps we’ll let Editor Song check my typos hahaha instead of thin i wrote i was saying KSH he’s lean,tall & no thin but i wrote ……..’think’

    haste makes waste 🙂

    chom chom fren

    hitting the sack early, been marathoning this week i just fin into the storm hence i got stranded by his storm! hahaha

  1226. 1226 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i thot i was going to hit the sack i just found out RR 76 is on now! i might as well put off my sleep till i’m done with this one hahaha!

  1227. 1227 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle epi 76 hv our guy’s shower scene! :)) he’s very modest just showing his back hahaha unlike others i’ve seen showing their six pack!

  1228. 1228 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1224 yes I saw there are 2 types of quinoa; 1 is cream coloured and the other is black. The black if more expensive, so I guess its more nutritious?

  1229. 1229 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1227. Oh girl, u r making KSH’s ears go RED!!! Next time we see him fully-clothed for shower scenes. LOL!!

  1230. 1230 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i hvnt tried the black quinoa only the regular ones! it’s good with anything u can also make salads out of it n it doesnt take long to cook either! in salad put a little bit of cider vin or lemon if u prefer, red bell pepper, baby cucumbers, n anything to your liking a little bit of sugar that’s it.

  1231. 1231 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL hehehe like u said our guy’s ears are always red no matter what! hehehe i wldnt mind seeing him fully clothed in nxt shower scene, we prefer him to be modest n conservative unlike any others! hehehe
    chom chom for now
    sleep tight

    annyeong ha sae yo to Kim suk ssi, hope you have a good rest n sleep! we’re here for you! pls do another drama soon!

  1232. 1232 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle just fin RR 76, u can watch n we’ll hv our feedbacks later i know u’r sky gazing right now hahaha! no shower scene of our guy of course that’s over n done w/last nite as we saw him! no encore this time, he might catch a cold so we’ll let it slide! 🙂
    i hv to say chom chom for now, my eyes are giving up after watching an epi of RR w/c left me shaking my head as always bcoz of the turn of events, that of course is expected!

    c ya in the morning! jjal ja

    annyeong to our Kim suk hoon n hope he’s having a great time doing his dj job while we’re desperately waiting for his comeback! 🙂

  1233. 1233 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE to u howdy twinkler buddy? i hv an email for you pls chk when u hv a chance! 🙂 i’m sure it’ll bring back mem from TT.

  1234. 1234 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Sorry, I’ve been too engaged in other activities. Pls check your email as I’ve uploaded some interesting stuff to yt.

    Back to RR (as theres nothing better to watch), KSH is getting on his toes to check on FR. The sickening mom again is holding back the truth. Those who know the truth all held back either due to their own selfishness or stupidity (sorry, I had to use this word) and make the poor KSH the worst victim of it all.

    GN and I’m waiting for google to complete the upload the last 2 files. Chom chom

  1235. 1235 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle no need to apologize i realized how bz u had been 🙂 ok i already watched the latest vid u sent me this a.m. It’s a cool show!

    yeah RR i often had to shake my head after watching it these past few nites simply bcoz the sickening mom will suppress what she knows about the truth n i just am lost for words; like u said these ones who know something about it wants to hold back….i agree bcoz of their own gains, selfishness etc. no i don’t blame u for using that word bcoz it has merit! I feel for GM n Real Ruby they’re both victims but the prob with Real R is that she’s also holding it back, i don’t think if i were in her shoes i can control myself, i’d just tell GN about the whole truth about this sick FR!

    ok thnx fren for sharing the vids

    chom chom for now, i’ll be here!

  1236. 1236 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle just fin RR 80, woah our guy has been v suspicious n asking too many questions this time! i’ll let u watch first! 🙂

    chom chom

  1237. 1237 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle bogoshipo fren, any plans of TT marathon this w/end? i’m tempted but i’ll see what’s in store for me chores wise hahaha n errands wise! i miss JW & ES! a lot!
    i’m hvng probs with internet all day so in case u don’t see me here u know why!

    chom chom

    keep sky gazing ok

  1238. 1238 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’ve been very disloyal lately! I’m learning to sing my fav song by the Copycats of Jimmy Lin vid I sent u. I simply enjoy it and have it playing non-stop on my comp when I dont need to use my brain.

    Internet prb, huh?! I hate it having all your plans disrupted. Go back to your backup DVDs. Today will need to do some work – hard stuff! Plan to return to TT again sometime next week/

    Chom chom, my fren!

  1239. 1239 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1237 Forgotten to add.

    yeah, i was wondering why you’ve been so quiet. That’s unusual, I thought.

    Anyway I was out the whole day but peeked into my phone to check and obviously u were silent. Now I know.

  1240. 1240 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle1238 LOL i’m gonna tell ksh you’d been unfaithful these days! hahaha now back to in/net but i dunno for how long! anyway i’ve been taking advant of watching BW before it goes off again i meant the int connec! woah u hv to let me hear your style of copycat ok? hahaha

    yeah i always hv something to resort to when int is down, lots of dvds for sure to fall back on! don’t work too hard now ,yeah i plan also to go back to TT after watching this BW. 🙂

    hahaha sounds like u missed your twinkler fren eh, i know i hate it when there’s tech prbs on my server! right now it’s ok so just spazz n i’ll come here whenever! 🙂

    chom chom for now

  1241. 1241 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u! i just finished BW drama of KSH it’s good but of course TT is da best of da best! 🙂 i may hv to start some epis maybe tonight of TT now that i’m done with BW! it was heartbreaking to see our guy sad in the drama when he broke up with the lead charac! his acting here was no surprise another excellent one!

    i know u must still be asleep but just visit here when you can! 🙂

    chom chom jjal ji nae

  1242. 1242 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle jeon achim GM to u, now you’re the quiet one where are you? eoddi ga sae yo?

  1243. 1243 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle back to normal w/int.net so hopefully it continues! now it’s u who’s quiet around here! LOL still practicing your singing? hehehe keep up the good work fren! maybe one of these days it will go viral! hehehe
    i’ll start TT later i miss those guys! now i hv this list that i watched of KSH’s projects and these are:

    SWAT police
    Into the Storm
    Han River
    Blissful Woman
    Secret Lovers
    Hong gil dong (in progress)
    Affection (still trying to finish)
    (Emp chun chun too long altho i started but i think it will consume a lot of my time which i wanna use for rewatching our fave TT) LOL

    magang hotel
    (other movies i can’t find yet)

    chom chom

  1244. 1244 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yuhooooo! My Twinkler buddy! I ain’t so lucky. I searched thru most of the dramaxxx.com and could just find a few for my region here. I dont like to watch violent or period dramas so have narrowed down many of my choices

    I am still a TT watchdog.

    Gotta go now. chom chom

  1245. 1245 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yuhooo to utoo! my twinkler buddy! you meant searched for KSH’s other dramas right? me too i’m not into epic stuff hence i won’t hv time to watch empress chun chun much as i luv to see all his projs! however i’m watching hong gil dong coz it’s short, the ECC is about 100 i think epi? period dramas cld be violent u r absolutely right, there were some scenes where i had to turn my eyes away from it hahaha

    of course we’re both TT watchdog! that’s no surprise! aja aja!

    ok TT buddy chom chom for now & hv a gr8 week ahead! got to hit the sack now, i just finished RR #81! \o/

  1246. 1246 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I dislike him in Hong Gil Dong. He looks so dirty. I can’t stand it. Saw the first few minutes only.

    I’m enjoying the Copycat Singer. Will watch RR later. Chom chom

  1247. 1247 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle. No he wasn’t looking like that oh bcoz of his sageuk costume but u only saw a few min, then he was looking great later! hahaha you’re a twinkler picky hahaha i’m now on epi 11 when i cont!

    woah ur on copycat now so hope to hear a sample someday fr you! hahaha you go viral!
    chom chom gg now

  1248. 1248 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle my twinkler expert buddy may i ask you if you recall the b/ground song in TT engagement at the cafeteria pls? i know it’s Barry Manilow but can’t recall the song at all ? i’m lazy to play the dvd but if it’s on top of your head it’ll save me the trouble? i’m burning mp3 with the songs of TT incldg nat king cole, etc & i want to include that song so if u hv time pls tell me if you remember! 🙂 pls pretty pls hahaha

    chom chom

  1249. 1249 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’ll b the next JW in singing! Wish I h her pretty face! Chom chom

  1250. 1250 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I only remembered ‘Grease’ when the girls were talking about yhe Song rice cakes. Will hv to play back on ur request, so will broadcast tomorrow. DJ signing off now

  1251. 1251 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle yeyy keep it up girl! i’ll be in tow coz i can sing Korean songs hahaha modesty aside! let’s go to taiwan n join jim lin copycat’s ok? hehehe
    me too i wish i had JW’s pretty face! a sweet face at that!

    #1250 fren i just remember, it’s Barry M’s Can’t Smile W.out You, i found one online i’ll d/load after this! oh it’s reminiscence of that prposal scene!

  1252. 1252 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha i just noticed u said DJ signing off now LOL u r super funny fren! no worries i got it already but Grease? i can’t recall, is it significant to JW/ES or the girls were just blabbering?

    ok your no. 1 fan is signing off too as it’s almost time to RR…ng hahaha
    i’m listening now to our KSH radio program! his voice is beautiful too! isn’t there anything that we don’t like about him? tell me about it! 🙂

    chom chom ms copycat singer! hahaha

  1253. 1253 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i just finished RR 82 woah fake ruby made ma laugh a lot tonight, i’ll tell u after u watched it!

    chom chom

  1254. 1254 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Yeah, its so easy to fish her out. Fake Runa has finally done justice. Look at her family’s reaction … hahahaha!!! GM, the father and the mother and they suddenly stopped and were stunned by her dream!

    She appeared really really stupid woman in this scene. Good for her. The higher she climbs, the greater her fall!

  1255. 1255 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. #1252. Sorry fren, the Grease was played at the cafe if I am not wrong, near SRD home. I remembered that vaguely. As for the proposal, I just played epi 38, there wasnt any music at all.

  1256. 1256 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1254 GM to you i didnt realize u had a msg here for me i meant msgs 🙂 yeah RR last nite was just hilarious in terms of FR being in politics, who are those guys wanting her to be assemblywoman? lol i know Fathinlaw ‘s facial reaction was whaaaaaaaaat? he must be thinking i thot u r crazy but now u r crazier hahahaha gosh the audacity of that FR is over the top! i hope GM won’t allow her what’s wrong w/him always yielding so far to her whims?

  1257. 1257 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1255 really? i really thot can’t smile w/o you was playing somewhere in espisodes ? n thot it was during the proposal scene! thnx fren for your tym n effort! i know i can rely on my twinkler expert buddy!! 🙂

  1258. 1258 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE i know u didn’t want to see him in HGD but woah he’s already good in acting here, also just learned this was his debut in dramas? he’s already a pro in his acting ability! impressive! just wanna share it w/you!
    chom chom

  1259. 1259 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hv u watched epi 84 yet? or r u too busy singing there? :)) you’d been absent, ES will give you 3 strikes now LOL

  1260. 1260 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m back now so ES, u can take back your 3 strikes!

    I’m sure u enjoyed epi 84, just as most of us. Doesn’t it make sense now the bb she miscarried was actually Insu’s? Its not GM’s. Fake Runa did this just right but why didnt she reveal the truth to GM and her mom?

    This writer of this drama thinks we viewers are idiots. How could GM not realise that the bb wasnt his? Anyway, too much to comment.

    Gd nite! chom chom!

  1261. 1261 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle Good you’re back ES will give you clemency hahaha
    Oh yes i enjoyed ep 84 it wld seem like that, the bb may have been insu’s, but yeah how cld GM not know or maybe bcoz….u know what i mean…FR in the interim seduced him too so he thot it was his 🙂 LOL i cld kick that fake Runa if i cld thru the comp screen, what’s holding her to tell GM or her mom? that’s what really annoyed me!
    Indeed the writer of RR is playing with our intellect! hahaha

    GM to u & GN fr here

    chom chom fren – don’t forget to sky gaze ok? 🙂

  1262. 1262 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I’m done with epi 85. Go slap the real Ruby and her mom. They deserve to be losers.

  1263. 1263 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle…..#1262 yes i wld do the same thing too gosh this real Ruby & her mom really annoyed me last nite watching! indeed….losers! it’s really unrealistic already!

  1264. 1264 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle how’s it gg w/your singing? 🙂 u must give me a sample mp3 ok? hahaha i can’t wait to hear so our KSH can broadcast on his radio program next time! keep practicing! fighting aja aja my twinkler buddy!

    hv a nice nite there

    chom chom jjal ja

  1265. 1265 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. On my way to work now. Didnt do my past-time activities at all. Its a new week today. Hope everythings fine and good for us. Chom ch

  1266. 1266 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michell OK LOL no past-time activities Yeah it’s a new week so hope you hv a gud start of the week & i second that hope ev.things fine & good for us including our Kim suk hoon ssi!

    chom chom for now fren

    (i just fin epi 86, FR is getting crazier each epis, this of course doesnt surprise us anymore) \o/
    / \

  1267. 1267 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. V shallow. Now its like slapstick drama. Watch only if u want to KSH

  1268. 1268 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michell#1267 hehehe rightfully so! i spoke w/another fren last nite & she herself wanted to slap real Ruby for suppressing the truth, blame it on….i’d rather not say it here! 🙂

    chom chom gg now

  1269. 1269 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle just fin RR oh my gosh it’s one of those epis where you want to kick your comp screen! LOL

    keep sky gazing ok?

    Hope our Kim suk hoon is doing great & staying healthy!

    chom chom for now fren

  1270. 1270 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I support FR since the real Ruby has no determination at all.

  1271. 1271 : JJ Says:

    @michelle i just hated real ruby last nite woah she’s just a puppet for her mom & FR; i don’t have pity on real ruby anymore than i shld! yeah i agree, real ruby has no determination; and now the mother claims she’s not the bio dtr but the FR? gimme a brk 🙂

  1272. 1272 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle LOL i got the wrong monicker there w/c i used on the other page that’s also me ‘JJ’ on #1271 sorry to confuse you! hahaha 🙂

  1273. 1273 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. No confusion, fren. No change in writing style. I noticed that. 📝

  1274. 1274 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle hahaha it’s like the same writer with diff name! LOL

    just fin RR i had to laugh in one of the scenes & i’ll tell u why after you finished watching! 🙂

    chom chom

  1275. 1275 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Let me guess. I luv this scene and I guess u think likewise.

    Here it is: Our guy pulled his arm away from her and turned to the other side away from her, right? Wooah!! I love the director!!! (or maybe its our guy’s genuine reaction, hohoho!!!) chom chom

  1276. 1276 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle #1275 believe it or not when i saw that scene i thot of sharing it w/you right at that moment but i didnt wanna spoil your watching it, but yeah for once we luvd the direc last nite, pulling away fr her wldnt you if you were GM? hahaha good show, way to go GM! hahaha lol cld be ur right it must be his genuine reaction coz i think the actors are once in a while allowed to put in their own acting as in ‘ad lib’ if you will!

    chom chom fren gg now

  1277. 1277 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle pls chk your email coz i got a suggestion there awaiting you re that scene in RR hehehe i’m flexible though & i can always give in to a fren like you so no worries about that! hahaha the RR drama is almost finished nxt week right? I admire fath in law for being resourceful! how cld real Ruby covers for that wicked FR? grrrhhh

    TTYL chom chom

  1278. 1278 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle – pls pay attn to RR epi 89 when u watch i hv a qstn for you re GM’s mother!

    chom chom fren

    dont work too hard just take a moment to sky gaze like our KSH in TT

  1279. 1279 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle….ummhh all’s quiet in the waterfront! wake up wake up pretty rosebud! hehehe a few more hrs N RR again!
    talk to u whenever….chom chom take it easy

  1280. 1280 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. So nice of u to keep the thread gg. Ur Twinkler fren been busy. Already hit second half 2014 need to make more money….

  1281. 1281 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle thnx fren, i know u’d been bz so no worries, we’ll man this ship so it doenst sink at all 🙂 only coz of Kim suk hoon ssi! we’ll do anything for him, he’s well worth our while! just don’t get tired of my blabbering here! 🙂 my Twinkler buddy/fren! ok make more money coz this yr is slipping by ever so quickly before our very eyes!

    have a happy w/end & sleep tight now, just remember to take a brk & relax, staying healthy is paramount! 🙂

  1282. 1282 : sangjhoon Says:

    To our dear Kim suk hoon ssi: Wishing you here a happy weekend & a relaxing one! Stay healthy & please make another drama! Bogoshipo, we miss you and my friend Michelle here have seen your Twinkle or Banjjak Banjjak drama for i think 12th time now & just hope our dvds won’t get worn out doing that so we need to see another drama from you! Take care!

    From your loyal fans: Michelle & Sangjhoon

  1283. 1283 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Long weekend here for us. Its Hari Raya Puasa – Muslim’s New Year on Monday. Fortunately I found the peeled chestnuts on the supermarket shelf just now. Been waiting for it for sometime.

    Check my email and read the earlier email first. I sent you two.
    Now watching epi 89 and maybe can find ans to your curiosity.

  1284. 1284 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM/GE — yeyy gud for u fren long w/end & also for finding the chestnuts…i saw the pix woah luvd it looked yummy, i’ll be there to taste ur cooking gimme a few hrs ok? LOL in my case i hv to wait till around nov to get the good/large chnuts!

    thnx for sharing the pix of your cooking prowess! don’t eat too much ok save some for Kim suk hoon or Editor Song when he comes around your area! 🙂

    ok hope u notice the epi i was talking about

    enjoy your long w/end fren – for me TT marathon this w/end

  1285. 1285 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle GM to u i’m watching TT epi 10 CPR scene plus when JW got drunk in mon mom’s place n spent her night there LOL she kept repeating like a brkn rec why he placed his mouth onto hers that nxt tym ES shld just leave him alone, to die! ES seems pitying her from his facial expression, his action speaks louder than words! great actor!

    chom chom for now n i’ll cont watching 🙂

  1286. 1286 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle r u very busy & tires my fren? KSH/ES miss you! it’s just a click away, he’ll give you 4 strikes if you’re lagging!

    g/nite to you & our KSH ssi! let’s hope he’s having a great/happy time beginning of week!

    chom chom

  1287. 1287 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Sorry about that, Twinkler and ES! My internet went into coma for the past 24 hrs after a big thunderstorm. Lived like a jungle woman yesterday – no lights, no fan, no TV, no PC, no music. Totally cut-off from the world. No watasapp, no facebook, etc and mobile was running low in battery.

    Life is back to normal again, today, and internet is working. Heehee!

  1288. 1288 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle i really missed u twinkler fren! oh noooooooooo i’m sorry to hear that you were shunned from the outside world 24 hrs LOL like a jungle woman u r so funny! Glad you’re back to normal yeyyyy
    ES will forgive you & will waive the 3 strikes w/c almost got upgraded to 4 hahaha!

    I just finished watching the finale of RR so we’ll talk about it after you’re finished watching tmrw ok?

    meantime it’s slumber time & chom chom jjal ja from me to you & our great Mr Perfect Sukhoon ssi!

  1289. 1289 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Thank goodness, RR has ended finally! I’m done but without any excitement.

  1290. 1290 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle one consolation though is our guy won best actor for his performance ast Gyeongmin ssi! also that he did not leave JM group! i can’t believe i stayed on thru 93 epis, only bcoz of Kim sukhoon ssi! he’s worth our time in any of his dramas!

  1291. 1291 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. I wonder how long it takes for this drama but it really appears to be a rush job. Is that the finale? Fortunately they have KSH as the life-saver or drama-saver. KSH truly deserves nothing less than the best actor award!

    chom chom!

  1292. 1292 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle @1291 it may hv taken them a few months n grueling hours with many takes i’m sure! i was thinking also that it ended at 93 why didn’t they do 95 at least? LOL with kdramas a lot of them hv rushed endings! look at TT i still feel it was rushed too! the last epi of TT shld’ve more of ES/JW after the wedding instead they had those fillers such as the brod tending to his baby; the staff mtg, those shld’ve been canned n just give the two leads more air time! well it’s a good thing both of us were not sitting on that director’s chair hahaha! i cldnt agree w/u any better than that…our guy is the life-saver & truly deserves the best actor award! he’s awesome what can we say?

    chom chom fren

  1293. 1293 : sangjhoon Says:

    To our Kim sukhoon: Have a nice evening & a great weekend! We always look forward to seeing you in a new drama! I always enjoy listening to your CBS radio program everyday! It’s always very inspiring hearing you on the radio with all the beautiful music you’ve been playing for us! aja aja

  1294. 1294 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Michelle have a great evening & w/end! keep practicing your singing who knows one day you’ll be one of the guests in his radio prog :)))

    chom chom

  1295. 1295 : sangjhoon Says:

    are the twinklers off? 🙂

    happy w/end to michell & kim suk hoon ssi and admin here!

  1296. 1296 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle why hv u been AWOL or maybe MIA as in missing in action for a while now? ES will give u 3 strikes 🙂 what hv u been watching that u never come to visit here these days? 🙁 don’t let the ship sink now ok? i can’t man this ship w/o you coz the passengers (here) might get tired of my blabbering! 🙂

  1297. 1297 : sangjhoon Says:

    To Kim suk hoon ssi: just finished watching you in Empress Chun chu & you were once again amazing as Kim chi yang!

  1298. 1298 : Michelle Says:

    @sangjhoon. Hi, just a quick chat and peek into whats happening here. Catch up when I have more time. Chom chom

  1299. 1299 : sangjhoon Says:

    @michelle, welcome baaaaaaaaaaaack twinkler fren! nice to c u here again! OK i’ll see u then when u hve more time no worries! not much happening here except our KSH went on a 1 week’s vacation & back now! chom chom

  1300. 1300 : sangjhoon Says:


    To Admin: Merry Christmas to you all & Happy New Year! Thank you for allowing us to express ourselves & share anything & everything for our Korean actors/actresses!

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