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Kim Sun Ah (1975)

Name: 김선아 / Kim Sun Ah (Kim Seon Ah)
Chinese Name: 金宣兒
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1975-Oct-1
Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea
Height: 170cm
Weight: 50kg
Star sign: Libra
Blood type: A
Family: One sister, younger brother
Talent agency: Yedang Entertainment
Education: Ball State University USA (Piano Major)
Talents: Playing the piano, swimming and figure Skating

TV Series

The Empire of Law (jTBC, 2022)
Secret Boutique (SBS, 2019)
Children of Nobody (MBC, 2018)
Should We Kiss First (SBS, 2018)
Woman of Dignity (jTBC, 2017)
Masked Prosecutor (KBS2, 2015)
I Do, I Do (MBC, 2012)
Scent of a Woman (SBS, 2011)
Telecinema After Wedding Banquet (SBS, 2009)
City Hall (SBS, 2009)
When It’s At Night (MBC, 2008)
My Name is Kim Sam-Soon (MBC, 2005)
Golden Era (MBC, 2000)
좋아좋아 (SBS, 2000)
Love Story (SBS, 1999) daily drama
Jump (MBC, 1999) sitcom
Love and Success (MBC, 1998)
Forever Yours (MBC, 1998)
MBC Best Theater ‘Her Flower Pot NO. 1’ (MBC, 1998)


Operation Chromite (2016)
The Five (2013)
Pitch High (2011)
Attack the Gas Station! 2 (2010) cameo
Sweet Lies (2008) cameo
Girl Scout (2007)
The Worst Man of my Life (2007) cameo
She’s On Duty (2005)
S Diary (2004)
Happy Naked Christmas (2003)
The Greatest Expectation (2003)
Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield (2003)
Wet Dreams (2002)
Yesterday (2002)


2018 SBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Awards: Kim Sun Ah and Kam Woo Sung (Should We Kiss First)
2018 SBS Drama Awards – Daesang: Kim Sun Ah and Kam Woo Sung (Should We Kiss First)
2018 MBC Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actress (Wed-Thurs Drama): Kim Sun Ah (Children of Nobody)
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Awards, Best Actress (Soap Opera, Scent of a Woman)
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars (Scent of a Woman)
2009 SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Stars Award (City Hall)
2009 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Special Drama – Actress (City Hall)
2005 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award – Actress (My Name is Kim Sam-Soon)
2005 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award (My Name is Kim Sam-Soon)
2005 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Hyun Bin (My Name is Kim Sam-Soon)
2005 Asian Television Awards: Best Drama Performance by an Actress (Runner-up)

Related Photo

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Kim Sun Ah 43


  1. 1 : ZHAZHA Says:


  2. 2 : ShinAe Says:

    You look very young in the uniform.

  3. 3 : SueYip Says:

    She is a brilliant actress. Her performance in My Lovely Samsoon was superb. Hope to see more of her films or dramas.

  4. 4 : Jessica Says:

    Hello Kim…Aka Samsoon..

    You are the best Korean Actress I have ever seen, My mom and I enjoyed watching My lovely Samsoon twice. The English Subtitles helped us very much,,, Since we are not Korean or do not speak the language.My mom and I want to visit Korea one day so we can meet you. Thank you
    for keeping us entertained. Best wishes and good luck in your acting in the future.

  5. 5 : Miela Says:


    ur the best among other korean actress ,, keep up the good work @ GOD BLESS>>>>>

  6. 6 : KOTSHEKO Says:

    ei, love this girl… bein’ with hyun bin… looks really great… watched My Lovely Sam Soon it was so fun… I’m lookin’ forward for a new film or project again with Hyun Bin… Hope so… Bless you Kim Sun Ah… love you… More Power…

  7. 7 : lynne fr. Phils. Says:

    I really love this girl… a superb actress,very funny and versatile..I really like ur performance in My name is kim sam soon…Hope there will be more coming up…more teledrama’s with Hyun Bin ’cause ur such a good pair…More power!!! Love yah….

  8. 8 : Iza smiley Says:

    Dear Kim Seon – nah,

    I think My lovely sam soon is a very live and strong drama. Your acting is very lively and hope to see with the same hero in the future…why dont you think of having Sam Soon 2 ? Perhaps both Hyun and sam soon are married and having the twins and how they solve problems in the marriage life ….ALL THE BEST IN YOUR CAREER!!!

  9. 9 : [email protected]_gurl Says:

    ur so good at acting in “My Name Is Sam-Soon” keep up the good work
    make more dramas

  10. 10 : AURA!!!! Says:


  11. 11 : samsoon_luvr Says:

    She’s a great actress, I can’t believe she had to gain so much weight for the role of kim samsoon, the english subtitles really helped since I’m no korean, just asian.

  12. 12 : 진 사 민 Says:


  13. 13 : choice8778 Says:

    Kim Sun Ah u r the best actress in Korea. Wish you All the Best and God Bless.

  14. 14 : mvl Says:

    sun a:

    just wanted to drop a note to let you know what a fan i am of your acting. i was captivated by your portrayal of kim sam soon on the tv drama ‘my lovely sam soon’. i happen to catch it on azn tv when my cable service was trying to entice me with getting increase services. i was only catch a couple of episodes of the show, but became entranced with the character you played & the entire story line, so much so i requested the video as a birthday gift. i have become quite a fanatic about the show and have gotten others in my family watch it, as well as friends. your acting was so well done, your comedic timing was perfect. the entire cast was excellent. it is one of my favorite videos now. so thank you for your gift of acting & continue success in your career. i understand that you are completing your degree at bsu and wish you success in that endeavor as well. i am a 52 year old african american female who now has been tuned into the korean culture by your show. i am going to share the video with my culture. you are now one of my favorite actress, have you thought about acting in the states. we’d be lucky to have you. thanks again.

    a luta continua;


  15. 15 : GorgeouS eLLe Says:

    whoa! a very good comedian…
    your acting is very lively!
    you should keep it up!

  16. 16 : Shirley Says:

    Hi, How are u and how ur lifes ? I’m Shirley from Malaysia. I’ll like to see ur drama, u are the best……….^.^ U so sweet & cute……….^.^

  17. 17 : hazeleyes0115 Says:

    i really love Kim Sun Ah! award-winning actress! pretty and witty! hardworking and a loving person. i hope she would have another drama again with Hyun Bin!
    they are the perfect couple ever!^

    SunBin Forever!^

  18. 18 : sicilygrace Says:

    Dear Miss Kim, Dear SunAh,
    For some reason, and I’m sure you’ve read this a thousand times, I (a 59 yr. old grandmother in Ohio) was totally captivated by the couple of MNIKSS episodes that I stumbled upon. Not knowing when I’d be able to see the beginning of the story, I hinted and received the boxed video set for my birthday. It has since travelled through my family in three states and we all loved it — even the men! We miss SamSoon. So we periodically take out a CD and watch a few episodes or scenes. Your protrayal of SamSoon was so incredible that she became real for us and, of course, we would love to see what happens next for her. Some producer should really pick up on that.
    Because of your portrayal of SamSoon, Korean people and even the culture don’t seem so alienating and remote and I would love to understand Koreans and Japanese people better than I do.
    I realize that you are an actress, a performer, an individual who deserves their privacy, and do not have a problem separating the character from the actor. Hope to see much more of your acting on American TV in the future.
    By the way,,,,how did you like living in the States as a student? How about an interview in English. Your American fans really want to hear from you. Are there any new acting projects coming up for you?

  19. 19 : kk Says:

    kim sun ah ur such a horny girl i wanna rape u and hypnotized u fuck u up until u get weak! ! ill be with u soon . . . .

  20. 20 : nazr Says:

    You are a very talented and versatile korean actress….looking forward for MNIKSS part 2???

  21. 21 : Nana Says:

    very talented actross!!

  22. 22 : krissyang Says:

    Haven’t seen her in any shows for a while. It’s a pity cos’ she’s such a superb actress…

  23. 23 : sofy Says:

    I love you I love you she is very talented actress.

  24. 24 : soha Says:

    hi kim son ah you are very lovely you make me lough very much i like you very much you are very good actoress

  25. 25 : mermaid Says:

    oooh i looo yuo Kim Sun Ah sooo much
    me and my sistars too
    i wish all the best >>>
    and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE act in more drama .. ^_^

  26. 26 : eyah Says:

    anyong! hi kim sun ah! im eyah from manila really like you specially your drama kim sam soon also like the movie shes on duty ive seen all your movies hope youll have another mive or porject this 2008 we terribly miss you

  27. 27 : nini Says:

    Hi Kim Sun Ah aka Kim Sam Soon

    I really enjoy & love ur acting in My Lovely Samsoon. Hope to see My Lovely Samsoon 2 with Hyun Bin. u both really a great couple, the drama doesn’t seem like reel life but in real life.

    Keep up the good hard work.will be waiting for ur new upcoming movie & drama.

  28. 28 : panyangbear Says:

    She’s one of the funniest comedian For me! Just by looking at her facial expressions when she portrayed Sam Soon makes me laugh! She’s good in S Diary too! I still find her pretty whether she’s skinny or fat. I simply love her!

  29. 29 : hyunnadia Says:

    YOU are so cute…you and Hyunbin are good couple in the world…. love you forever….

  30. 30 : shirley Says:

    prfct match wd hyun bin!!she’s very funny in my name is kim sam soon!..i love dt shOw!..her acting is natural!..

  31. 31 : amy Says:

    you are the best kim sun ah

  32. 32 : dali Says:

    just for you kim san ah..
    je conée pas vraiment englai et j’aimeraisbien que vou comprenez mon msg….
    j’ais vue la serie my name is kim sam soon et je l’ai adoré beaucoup et surtou votre couple qui me semble drole et fantastique, sinserment chez nous”nord d’afrique” c’est tout le monde qui aime vos filme et j’aimerais vous voir dans un autre film avec huyn bin bientôt. je souhaitevous voir un jour.bisouuuuuuu faite coucou à tout le coréa et huyn bin.

  33. 33 : etryte Says:

    i luf watching your ur movies n dramas,make me laugh a lot keep it up

  34. 34 : Snow Says:

    Hi Kim Soo Ah,

    You are finally back, waited for so long for your new drama, really happy to see you on screen again!

  35. 35 : Maggie from HK Says:

    reply, repeat, repeat……..Kim Sam Soon\\ never feel bore and hope to see your new product———-When it’s at night with Lee Dong Gun.


  36. 36 : Mietje Says:

    Hi Ms Kim Sun Ah,

    I love your role on “My name is Kim Sam Soon”. I look forward to see your acting in “When It’s At Night” and hopefully it’s gonna be the same hilarious and funny as Sam Soon.

    Keep fighting and gud luck in your career!

    Bogor, Indonesia

  37. 37 : young Says:

    Kim Sun Ah totally rocks!

  38. 38 : arcy Says:

    One of the rare Asian actress who seem to be really natural. She is not skinny & anorexic looking like most actresses. In fact she has healthy looking curves at the right places. Her face too is beautiful in a very natural way. Her expressive eyes are not artificially big, her nose not unnaturally sharp, etc… Way to go, KSA!!!

  39. 39 : butterfly Says:

    Hello SUn Ah

    same birthday with mys sister

    like you in kim sam soon

    when its at night.. ill watch after it’s complete.. i want to watch it without cuts..

  40. 40 : anggie Says:

    omg she is a fabulous actress i like all her movies and dramas i think she is a great and complete actress and also she is really beatiful i will always remember her ^^ love you so much and admireee you KIM SUN AH

  41. 41 : Dodie Says:

    Happy Birthday! May you have many more!

    Enjoyed your acting in “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” and has since been searching for all your movies and dramas. Just finished “When It’s at Night” – You really are a great actress! Chemistry between you and Lee Dong Gun transcends the screen! I have yet to see a movie or a drama where you did not jive with your leading men. I really hope you will not wait for another three years before coming out with another drama.

  42. 42 : kari Says:

    i like this gurl

  43. 43 : marites gerona Says:

    love you in When Its At night. Why havent you married yet?You look photogenic in your pic here

  44. 44 : norma Says:

    sun eres una miss maravillosa y talentosa actriz y modelo .eres una de mis favoritas actrices coreanas .te deseo lo mejor

  45. 45 : Winnie Says:

    i addicted to all show especially KIM SAM SOON Drama love it. I watch more than 8 times.. i really love your character

  46. 46 : Winnie Says:

    Enjoy watching you dancing tango with Rain (Rain comeback show) . Your dress is so pretty…. i admire you Sun Ah..

  47. 47 : lie_chien1985 Says:

    wanna watch her drama “Jump”… can anyone tell me the web for watching that drama???????

  48. 48 : meirav Says:

    the time i saw u is at the comeback of rain i thoght what a great dancer
    and i know u worked hard i liked the tango dance i can’t till the moive
    comes i wish u merry chrismess

  49. 49 : SOUSOU Says:


  50. 50 : SOUSOU Says:


  51. 51 : SOUSOU Says:


  52. 52 : sousou Says:

    kim sun ah just i want to say:













  53. 53 : chocolate Says:

    kim sun ah u are best actress in the world good luck for u kim sun ah &lovelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly kim sam soon i love uuuuuuuuuuu

  54. 54 : momomiko10 Says:

    wow!!1 word..
    u a model..i dont know u’re such a pretty actress..in korean ippo(^^,)
    i like ur acting style in my name is kim sam soon..

  55. 55 : elia Says:

    dear Kim, we saw my lovely SS here in Mèxico, we loved it, every week we sat and wait to watch it, why not a second part, I think would be wonderful, have you ever been to Mèxico? is Korea as it looked, very nice place, do you eat dogs?
    carry on and success

  56. 56 : chay Says:

    hello kim! 🙂

    all i can say is that i love the my lovely sam soon with all the tv series i’ve watched! it is my favorite! and you and hyun bin looks so cute together and i definitely relate with the whole story because of you and your great acting! 🙂 “fighting!”

  57. 57 : Linda Then Says:

    Hi Suna

    I am your fan. After watching My Lovely Kim Sam Soon. I am in love with you and Hyun Bin. I really like that show. Any chance that you will act together again. Hope to see you in Singapore.

  58. 58 : vivi Says:

    i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u
    u r sooooooooooo sexy and cute
    i am from iran

  59. 59 : ying Says:

    I am one of your fan ever since I watch the drama ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’! Keep fighting! I’m watching City Hall now!

  60. 60 : munichreynoso Says:

    Kim Sun Ah is a Very Talented Actress, no doubt about this. I’ve watched most of her movies and Dramas. If you like My Lovely Sam soon, you will also love her drama City Hall. KSA fighting!

  61. 61 : adi.kurniawan Says:

    hallo kim sun ah….i am your fans from indonesia
    i very like your acting when you play in movie “my name is kim sam sun” i hope you come to indonesia and make a movie with indonesia artis.

  62. 62 : adi.kurniawan Says:

    i love you kim sam sun, sorry i means kim sun ah…wish you all the best

  63. 63 : Vera Says:

    i love you acting….
    why you don’t really dating with Hyun Bin???

  64. 64 : Vera Says:

    Hi… Love your acting so much…
    Why you don’t really on a date with Hyun Bin??

  65. 65 : Meonk~meong Says:

    Hai.. I really love your acting, your smile and your voice too. Sometime you face can be like a child but sometimes it can be sexy n mature. I think you a smart women. I love the drama of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and City Hall. It’s funny, romantic, it’s very touching my heart.

  66. 66 : joy Says:

    Best korean actress. Period.

  67. 67 : Tety Says:

    Love you so much in City Hall.

  68. 68 : punch Says:

    Arguably the most hardworking and talented actress in Korea!

  69. 69 : jumbo Says:

    You are the best in CITY HALL with KOOKI

  70. 70 : erika Says:

    hola kin sun ah me parece una actris muy buea pq actua muy bien en los melodramas q a actuado

  71. 71 : monster Says:

    Kim Sun Ah is a Very Talented Actress. I love City Hall Drama. Is Kim Jung Eun older than Kim Sun Ah? ht Kim Jung Eun date of birth is 4/Mar/1975 from jungeun website.

  72. 72 : Miss White Says:

    Hi! KSA,
    c.c CSW

    I wanna say hello and cheers to you KSA for bringing laughter and tears aplenty both in joy and pain to all your fans near and far to gain (to me the gains may be just the pleasure to watch U laugh and being carried away each time by your words and actions few can touch my heart and come this close. Just to mention sometimes my loved ones too thought I have gone crazy and laughing to myself. I do need space and indulge this way to pamper myself). Your fine actings are superb in CityHall, this far I have yet to see another KActress that can match up to U both in beauty and mettle more to endorse is your good character with best elements and substance few can surpass your high standards and possess such fine qualities in acting and deliveries like U and CSW in CityHall.

    I must sincerely say you are absolutely the Best KActress 2009 in this KDrama CityHall both above standards in storylines and your chemistry with lead actor, CSW is simply beyond compare in fine elements few can match your qualities.

    As your ardent fan from Kim Sam-Soon and Night After Night you have been my favourite KActress and I must attest loud and clear you are the Best KActress none can beat.

    Again my votes for the Best KDrama in 2009 is CityHall and the Best Couple Award for KDrama 2009 is certainly yours for keep. All in all, you have bring joy across the globe and to keep all your fans all over the world always cheerful and happy and we are still asking for more of you…KSA…do keep your coming-ups… coming fast our way.

    Take care and stay well. Cheers from Malaysia…white and all.

  73. 73 : shirin Says:

    hi.I love you kim.

  74. 74 : Miss White Says:

    Ms KSA,

    I had viewed 3 of your KDramas MNIKSS, Night after Night and now CityHall. I really loved CityHall most. You have truly protray your amazing and confident self in so many beautiful ways none can come this close to your excellent standards. I must sincerely comment indeed you delivered well and superb as the lead actress in each major role that you had acted so full of emotions and grace with laughter and comics to the delights of all your fans far and near.

    Well, I am one of your ardent fan from Malaysia, a lady corporate professional who only wants to pamper myself to really good KDrama like yours as the ultimate breakaway to de-stress. We have few things in common, one is I am as tall as U, like to relax and eat special food and travel to new places yearly, may be not as stunning as you @ 100% and had been an ex-flight stewardess based overseas before I return to Malaysia for a posting.

    Infact I shall be visiting Korea, Seoul this year end and would like to visit any of your business outlet be it cafe or fashion or beauty where I can have the priviledge to say hello to you or drop you a line personally.

    Hoping you come by to read my postings and give your fan a surprise.
    Infact these are my very first postings for a KDrama and when time permits do read my sayings on CityHall. I hope you will have a good read knowing it’s from a fan far away.

  75. 75 : arezo Says:

    hello kim sun
    i’m a girl from iran.I love your play with hyun bin.I hope best wishes for you.your smile is very nice
    God keep you

  76. 76 : icha Says:

    kim sun ah i love u, city hall, what a great story

  77. 77 : dimple Says:

    hello kim sun ah,i’m one of your avid fan from the philippines,i love your acting and i love watching mnikss and wian.stay cool and beautiful as always.i look forward for another project of yours.kim sun ah fighting!love yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  78. 78 : EliteVampire001 Says:

    Hello Kim. I love you and your character in The City Hall. It is by far the best Drama I have ever seen! Take care!

  79. 79 : solnaz Says:

    hi sun
    im solnaz from iran.i watch My lovely samsoon.u very very good in the film. i hoop the best for u.kiss

  80. 80 : lina Says:

    hai kim,
    you’re great actress. i love your acting both on my lovely sam soon & city hall. can’t wait for your next
    tv series.
    lina – BALI

  81. 81 : chacha Says:

    Dear Miss Kim

    Really love your acting. You are indeed one class act. What’s most amazing to me is that not only can you act so well but you have this amazing ability to bring out the best in your co-stars. Everyone seem to be at their best when they act with you – from Hyun Bin to Lee Dong Gun to Cha Seung Won to all the other cast who acted alongside you. You are one of the very few actresses who can do that. Hope to see more of you soon.

  82. 82 : cecipitu Says:

    I just love her, she is the best korean actress and absolutely every drama is much better than the last one

  83. 83 : zany Says:

    totally blown away by you in city hall! what a typhoon! typhoon shin mi rae!

  84. 84 : nora Says:

    hi kimmmm
    i really lovvvvvvvvve u very very muchhhhhhh
    i like to see u here dear
    im from iran
    take care honey
    im in love, love u,bo0o0o0os, byeeeeeee

  85. 85 : nora Says:

    your smile is veryyyyyy attractive
    you must always laugh
    you are so extraordinary
    i say this sentences from depth of my heart
    i watch yr lovely samson on tv every night
    honey take care
    kissssssss :-*

  86. 86 : minoo Says:

    I love u kim ,u’r the best .I’m a huge fan .hope to see u in iran someday.

  87. 87 : fifi11 Says:

    i love you kim sun ah

  88. 88 : behnaz Says:

    hi kim im behnaz from iran recently i saw my lovely samsoon inthe satelight (farsi1.tv) your acting is great hyunbin is too ilove you ilearned many things from this series again i love you with best wishes behnaz

  89. 89 : sarah Says:

    hi kim sun ah.
    i really really love you,i like to come korea and see you.
    you are the best and so cute
    i can’t stop thinking about you
    i’m from iran.

  90. 90 : Mehdi Says:


    I’m Mehdi from Tehran/IRAN
    I seeing you in farsi1.tv station.
    I’m interesting for your body language, you doing very well.


  91. 91 : maryam Says:

    hi ms kim

    im maryam from iran(tehran)

    u,r very very beautiful .i love uuuuuu kim

    i love uuuuu sam soon

    i love uuuuu jin hooon

  92. 92 : maryam Says:

    hi ms kim sun ah

    i love u

    i watch serise kim sam soon evry night (farsi1.tv) i love sam soon and jin hoon)

    u & mr hyun bin are very very nice and beautiful in serise my lovly kim sam soon i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu kim sun ah
    i love u hyun bin …..

    i like very very your acting when u play in move sam soon

    pls travelin iran i waitin u MARYAM FROM IRAN

  93. 93 : maryam Says:

    hi kimmmmmmmmmm , love me

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O Y O U

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O Y O U

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O Y O U

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O Y O U

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O Y O U

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O Y O U

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O Y O U

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O Y O U

  94. 94 : shahin Says:

    hi kim sam soon , oh I forget, sory, kim sun ah .I love you and hope that

    you always stay beautiful.i say this sentences from depth of my heart.

    tv series my lovely kim sam soon is very very beautiful & funny.

    (((( 당신을 사랑합니다 김 선아 ))))

    I AM FROM IRAN . Hope to meet….by

  95. 95 : Elnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz Says:

    … …….`’•,,•’` Happy Birth Day Lovely Sun Ah :*

  96. 96 : maryam Says:

    hello love meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kim

    happy birth


    * * ** **** **** * *
    *** ** **** **** *
    * * * * * * *

  97. 97 : maryam Says:

    … …….`’•,,•’ I LOVE YOU

  98. 98 : Miss White Says:

    Dear KSA

    Today is your Happy Birthday and may your every good wishes come true. Here’s, Wishing U a blasting time filled with cheers and bubbles more beautiful and warm just like the feelings U exudes time and again whatever your role calls. Enjoy maximum with family and friends. May God Bless You Always. Stay well and take care.

    Yes, Blast away towards your next project and goals and continue to set high margins for your good work, few really can match your standards. I had seen U in CityHall and indeed was sucked in by your storm. Had woke up in bits and stages, that was after a drawback of about 5 weeks…your big 5 voting number is really contagious. Even now, at times living and spending time in CityHall, have to buck back to life and future. All in all wishing U the Best of the Best!!. Cheers!!…

    Best regards,

  99. 99 : krissyang Says:

    Dear Kim Sun Ah Shii

    A very, very Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope & pray that you’ll win the best actress and best couple with Cha Seung Won this year as you so richly deserve. Really love your performance as Shin Mi Rae in City Hall so much!!!

  100. 100 : krissyang Says:

    Btw, fans of Kim Sun Ah, go watch City Hall if you have not done so. It’s the best kdramas in recent years!

  101. 101 : Sylvia Says:

    happy birthday! wish you always happy and get every thing you want. you ar3e the best!

  102. 102 : jangerr Says:

    Happy birthday to you, Suna Shi! Thank you for always giving us your best in all your dramas & movies. I really, really enjoy watching your shows. In return, I want to wish you all the best in every area of your life and may God bless you always!

  103. 103 : behnaz Says:

    hi im behnaz from iran recently isaw samsoons series your acting was great i learned many things from u and hyun bin thank u so much illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeee u bouthof u God helps u in your life always best wishes

  104. 104 : sheila Says:

    hi! i’m from iran and i saw ”my lovely sam-soon” your acting is perfect!

  105. 105 : arash Says:

    hi kim i am arash very iloveyou

  106. 106 : arash Says:

    hi kom i am arash very iloveyou number phone you ? you send eimal number phone to [email protected]

  107. 107 : arash Says:

    hi kom i am arash very iloveyou number phone you ? you send eimal number phone to [email protected] wait wait wait wait

  108. 108 : arash Says:

    hi kim i am arash very iloveyou number phone you ? you send eimal number phone to [email protected] wait wait wait wait

  109. 109 : arash Says:

    hi kim i am arash very iloveyou number phone you ? you send number phone you to email i am [email protected] i am wait wait wait wait

  110. 110 : arash Says:

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  115. 115 : Sony Says:

    KIM Sun Ah performed really natural.
    It’s really funny.

    And it remind me when I watch My Name Is Kim Sam Soon.
    She is really good in that drama.

    Now, Her acting in City Hall is better.
    Keep Fighting! KSA

  116. 116 : kay cook Says:

    Love, Kim Sun Ah….Best in CITYHALL………….

  117. 117 : pass by Says:

    she act very well… i like her so much!!!
    hope that she got more drama coming out!!!!
    support her always!!!

  118. 118 : FARIHA Says:

    hi hi kim sun ah you are so profassional actress and lovely be happy always i saw you the firs time in my lovely sam sun and i love you bye bye

  119. 119 : nazi Says:

    hi samsun i love your acting

  120. 120 : annie Says:

    Hi Kim Sun Ah 🙂 you are one of my favorite actress in Korea … You are so so cute ,I wish you have great great time and happy for ever in ur life,God bless u honey ,best wishes

  121. 121 : Kim sun b Says:

    hi kim…i’m from indonesia….your acting is perfect, naturally and cute..would you like play in indonesian drama? interesting? God bless your future…..keep be a naturally girls….regard kim sun b

  122. 122 : arash Says:

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  124. 124 : Sunahforever Says:

    Dearest Sun Ah,

    You are the best and I really mean the best. A bit late with catching up on your latest dramas but am watching When It’s At Night now. I love you & LDG together…Although you are not as funny in WIAN, you showed your serious side and matured side….Love your passionate and sweet kiss with LDG (fans, dun forget to catch this, on Chapter 11). You are such a good kisser….sigh….LOVE YOU FOREVER!!! DUN EVER STOP ACTING!!!! Will watch everyone of your shows!!!

  125. 125 : behnaz Says:

    HI ,I am Behnaz from Iran and I saw kim sun ah (night after night &Samosooni )Dramas they were so nice .
    I want to find night after nights song and its lyric but I can’t if some body can help me please help(with sending the links of it).
    my email:[email protected]

  126. 126 : kay cook Says:

    Suna-I Love you in CityHall,it is just Awesome………….

  127. 127 : Jenny Palma Says:

    I’m Jenny from philippines!

    Hi kim sun ah,, i admire you so much!. I think you are a very wonderful person. With such a good heart. We filipinos like you so much. Your funny personality, off the cam, i just love everything about you. I will always be your number 1 fan. though it is so hard for me to understand korean, im trying my best to look for all of your movies, shows on youtube and some korean websites. i love you kim sun ah!!

    to all kim sun ah’s fan you can reach me at: [email protected]

    i love you so much kim sun ah!

  128. 128 : Jenny Palma Says:

    miss kim, please continue doing movies & dramas, novelas, you are making my miserable life happy.im always happy to see you in tv 🙂 your smile i love you kim sun ah! hihi..ilove everything about you. please take care of your health, eat on time, dont stress your self, ignore the bad reporters, dont get affected. stay pretty i so love you kim sun ah~
    -jenny from phil-
    [email protected]

  129. 129 : maryam Says:

    hi i am maryam from iran i see all films very very i love you

  130. 130 : maryam Says:

    i am maryam from iran u loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me

  131. 131 : maryam Says:

    i have all your picture love me


  132. 132 : tahmineh Says:

    hi kim seon ah . i m from iran you ve been famous in iran like ( joomoong)you are very cute.I saw your drama (kim samson N when it s at night )your acting in (when its at night ) was grate.I love you N lee gun.dong . both of you were perfect . good luck honey…………….

  133. 133 : shosh Says:

    country on the globe pulling some from Asia, so we’re on the same continent, I also think we have similar personalities just that much more talented than me, but she shared our personality, the very clever sober good warm friendly, and absolutely amazing, so I’m purchases very great affection for you.
    I wrote you and you responded to your films at several sites YouTube, you might have read some of them. Needless to write that I regularly watch the movies you star in them, and last saw Hull City is a series, it’s hard to disengage from the series, I watch it time after time series amazing, wow I’m very happy if the series will continue with both of you , you are perfect together, I’ve already written in the past i see you perfect married couple .I am waiting for your next series,
    I know you want to hold performances in the world, playing the piano, this is your primary domain.
    Good luck to you ^ _ ^ .

  134. 134 : Lily Says:

    My Lovely Sam Soon is the K drama I first fall in, I accidentally watch 1st episode on Msia tv, and since then cannot withdraw myself. It open my eyes to such outstanding and exceptional plots than those cries and tears.

    and then now City Hall…

    Suna really good, I like her alot, her good play as well as her good character in personal. Ajaa… Suna-si

  135. 135 : jastinel Says:

    I love Kim Sun Ah and it`s been 4 years now that I`m crazy about her.
    Please do watch her TV drama City Hall.

  136. 136 : shosh Says:

    like that.I love you my star .

    I just wanted to say, I love you,
    I just wanted to say I’m sorry.
    Sorry about the stupidity
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    Every minute, every second,
    Come back to me my love,
    I’m waiting for you,
    and I’ll wait for you,
    always and forever.
    [I believe there is any man who feels that way about Kim Suna.It seemed to me.}

  137. 137 : asena Says:

    I love kim sun ah

  138. 138 : Lily Says:

    Happy New Year !!
    May KSA win the Best Actress award for her great acting in drama City Hall.

  139. 139 : parisa Says:

    i love you kim sun ah! i never say this to any one but i realy love you! could i have your mail plz!

  140. 140 : lover Says:

    hello happy new year. kimsunah dear you are actor super srar korean. my heart lover.for you

  141. 141 : U.S.A. Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Miss Sun Ah for your awards!!! THEY ARE MORE THAN WELL DESERVED! May this year, 2010, bring you ‘THE BEST’ in everything that you put your hands to!

  142. 142 : Lily Says:

    Congratulations!! on your winning 2009 SBS Special Category Drama Best Actress Award.

    You have been the best actress to many of us, keep fighting 😀

  143. 143 : alireza Says:

    i love you
    دوستون دارم

  144. 144 : lover Says:

    i love you kimsunah

  145. 145 : KBC12 Says:

    KSA,you are one of BEST ACTRESS!!!! all time…….Cityhall one of best drama ever…….

  146. 146 : lover Says:

    hello dear kim sun ah.heart and blood me is presented for you.you are evermore in my heart

  147. 147 : Milad Says:

    Well ….
    Mrs kim , Awards havn’t price for me
    I love you because of yourself and your movie and TV series
    All of them are best
    You are in my heart , and every iranian ppl i think
    Mrs Kim , Never don’t come here to iran , because they dont let you to come back 🙂 . because they really love you . like me
    I wish to see you just for one time .
    I love you

  148. 148 : lover Says:

    i love you kim sun ah.i need to meet you.would me have your email.my heart is for you.saranghae

  149. 149 : Getz Says:

    Congratulations on winning the Best Actress award and the Top Ten Stars award.

    KSA you are the Best KActress in Korea!!

    Keep up your good standard.

    We are waiting for more in 2010.

  150. 150 : paul Says:

    like you stupid girl, Chijjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Sodonghe

  151. 151 : shahrzad Says:

    hello dear kim Sun Ah .. I am from IRAN and we(my family and i) really enjoyed your playing in -my lovely sum soon and night after night serials. THANK U very much and GOOD LUCK. bye :*

  152. 152 : elahe Says:

    i like u alot,plz make progress and be carefull abou your self. my sister and i want to visit korea and also we hope; u visit IRAN. GOOD LUCK.

  153. 153 : sepideh Says:

    hi, my name is sepideh from iran,i love you(kim sun ah)and i love her movei,kim sun ah, you are so beautifull:))

  154. 154 : sheyda Says:

    Hi dear Sun Ah
    Many people leave comments for Lee Dong Gun.Definitely he is great and great specially he is attractive.But I’m really proud of peopl or mybe I should say girls like you. Talented, capable of acting in any role, and really perfect in getting necessary figures and moods(like : the scene,in night after night,you hug bum sang when the old book BIM HADANG found while you are crying/ or moments you cry for your father) This is the best way(acting) to show people how much talented you are. I really admire you and your acting. Absolutely you are one of the best actress. Always you have my applause.
    Best wishes for you and greatst blessings for your profession and life
    Be excellent as always you have been.
    I love you . A girl,a fan of you.

  155. 155 : hafiz Says:

    hello kim sun ah,i’m aliff hafiz from malaysia..i very enjoyed your playing in my lovely sam soon and she on duty…nice…gogo kim sun ah…

  156. 156 : ladan Says:

    hello dear suna …. i am your fan from iran…i love your moives…night after night and sum soon good luck..:-*:-*

  157. 157 : ladan Says:

    hi my dear suna…i am your fan from iran…i love your moives like night after night and sum soon…good luck my dear:-*:-*

  158. 158 : parisa Says:

    hi my dear kim sunah.I really really love you,you cant imagine how much i’m in love with u!!:-),Im from iran,and love your acting in when it’s at night(night after night)hope to see you someday and hug u.

    a friend uve never seen:)

  159. 159 : lover Says:

    my sun is kimsunah my love is kimsunah my heart is kimsunah my god is kimsunah .i love you kimsunah

  160. 160 : KBC12 Says:

    KSA,love ! love ! love ! ….CityHall is one of best drama ever…….

  161. 161 : lover Says:

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  162. 162 : lover Says:

    hello my sun kimsunah i love you sarangh

  163. 163 : lover Says:

    my love kimsunah i need your email address

  164. 164 : jessy Says:

    pretty girl, u r so perfect. God bless! u r such a wonderful actress. the best korean actress ever. go on acting, don’t stop.

  165. 165 : leon Says:

    I watched your TV serial “Night after Night” , it was very funny & I like it 😉
    especially when you call your partner “heeeey Kim Bong Song ” 😉
    take care 😉

  166. 166 : lover Says:

    my heart presenting to kimsunah.i love you kimsunah

  167. 167 : lover Says:

    my kimsunah i love you

  168. 168 : lover Says:

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  169. 169 : jessy Says:

    I LOVE U

  170. 170 : arvin Says:

    Ilikr ur personality and atire u are so beutyfull for me Im a filipino and u is korean ilove u kim sun ah

  171. 171 : lover Says:

    hello kimsunah thank for your good drama .i love you

  172. 172 : jessy Says:

    I like ur acting in “City Hall” so much. U r such a wonderful actress. Please, go on like that!
    I love the way u can make the audience laugh and cry, following each scene of ur dramas)))) Thank u so much.
    GOD BLESS, SUN AH!<3<3<3

  173. 173 : lover Says:

    my sun kimsunah my heart is for you i love you.i love you

  174. 174 : lover Says:

    my flower kimsunah sarangah i love you

  175. 175 : lover Says:

    hi my sun kimsunah. i am lover you.i love you

  176. 176 : Tammeo Says:

    Hi !

    Although I have seen only two of your dramas (My name is Kim Sam Soon and The City Hall), the impression of your acting is so great. I like the way you express your feelings in those dramas. Wishing you to get more and more success in acting career and let us enjoy many interesting dramas with you .

  177. 177 : lover Says:

    saranga miss kim sun ah

  178. 178 : lover Says:

    hi my sun kimsunah saranga

  179. 179 : Hossein Sangtarash Says:

    i watched “night after night ” with your shiny play.you are really good actress.i am a manager of an industrial company in Iran , the movie was the best relaxation for me after the daily hard works.

    thank you and your colleagues.

    with kind regards

  180. 180 : lover Says:

    hello miss kimsunah.you are well favored.i love you.saranga

  181. 181 : lover Says:

    one star one kimsunah i love you kimsunah

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  183. 183 : lover Says:

    big love for kimsunah

  184. 184 : berry lindsay Says:

    if you watch 20090825 Good Day video, it mentioned Kim Suna’s height is 173.

  185. 185 : jessy Says:

    thanks for ur hard work! we love u! i like all ur projects, but I’d like to see u playing someone evil))))) I think it’ll be perfect for ur career development)))

  186. 186 : lover Says:

    sarangah kim sun ah i love you heart me for you

  187. 187 : lover Says:

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  190. 190 : KBC12 Says:

    Awesome actress,KSA ! you are the Best……

  191. 191 : lover Says:

    i love country korea because kim sun ah live in korea((i love you ms kim sun ah))

  192. 192 : lover Says:

    happy 1 year city hall to ms kim sun ah and city hallers((i love you kim sun ah))

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  199. 199 : SmallDot Says:

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  202. 202 : TRAN THI THANH THAO Says:

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  206. 206 : leily Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my darling sun ah
    you are certenly the best korean actress and
    I love you very much as your fan.
    please play more nad more series and move for us.

  207. 207 : jessy Says:

    Actress Kim Sun Ah will take a role in new drama of SBS called ” I’m a legend”.
    This drama is the drama which point 1 year she back to screen since City Hall end last July.
    “I’m a legend” is about Law and will be on air on June 2010

  208. 208 : jessy Says:

    Actress Kim Sun Ah will take a role in new drama of SBS called ” I’m a legend”.
    This drama is the drama which point 1 year she back to screen since City Hall end last July.
    “I’m a legend” is about Law and will be on air on June 2010.

  209. 209 : lover Says:

    appeared sun from east .and begin hot my heart.((i love you my sun kim sun ah))

  210. 210 : sulyn Says:

    Kim Sun Ah in a new drama? Wow! Will
    be looking our for that. She is one amazing
    actress. Just love her.

  211. 211 : Kawaii Says:

    omo I’m so exciting that she’s on drama again…..
    Love her so much….
    hope the Leading man for I’am Legend would be worth for kim suna ssi..
    aja aja fighting….:)

  212. 212 : Kawaii Says:

    I’am Legend’s about kim sun ah ssi become a ROCKER and established a band after divorced from her husband which is a lawyer
    Sounds cool isn’t it!!! Im always dying to see her dramas…\^^/
    but the project still cast for leading man..hope Kim Sam soon reunion will fill the drama..;p

  213. 213 : sulyn Says:

    We are going to see KSA sing and dance in
    this drama? Will definitely look forward to
    seeing this great and natural actress in action

  214. 214 : lover Says:

    is big love in my heart ((my sun.ms.kim sun ah)) i love you

  215. 215 : jessy Says:

    Kim Suna is not gonna be in drama “I’m a legend”.
    She set out of this project, because of her new movie.
    So, we won’t see her soon in drama, but she’s gonna be in the movie.

  216. 216 : KBC12 Says:

    KSA is one of Best actress !

  217. 217 : sulyn Says:

    How sad! What would she be doing next? Would she be doing
    a movie or a drama? Was actually looking forward to see her
    singing and dancing on tv. Really miss seeing this remarkable
    actress on the tv screen.

  218. 218 : lover Says:

    always at memory you.i love you my sun(ms.kim sun ah) invincible

  219. 219 : lover Says:

    never befall have little of my love at my sun ?( ( i love you kim sun ah) )

  220. 220 : cat 78 Says:

    This is just one for you!

  221. 221 : jessy Says:

    Suna said her new project may be a drama, but it isn’t confirmed yet.
    Anyway, she’ll have a fanmeeting in Taiwan soon, so all her fans hope Suna will make some announcment about her next project there.

  222. 222 : lover Says:

    hello my sun….(ms.kim sun ah)sarang meda = i love you

  223. 223 : lover Says:

    hello my sun( ms.kim sun ah ) indeed wait is mortal

  224. 224 : lover Says:

    very love you ms.(kim sun ah)i want you realize

  225. 225 : lover Says:

    crazy for you (ms. kim sun ah)

  226. 226 : tiara Says:

    love you kim..great acting…:))

  227. 227 : lover Says:

    hello ms.kim sun ah .me by break heart always await(i love you sun ah)

  228. 228 : lover Says:

    sarang meda my sun kim sun ah

  229. 229 : sulyn Says:

    Will Kim Suna be cast in a movie soon?
    Am waiting to hear news of her new
    project. What would her role be? Am
    missing her. Do wish to see her in action
    again be it the small screen or the big

  230. 230 : lover Says:

    only kim sun ah((i love you my sun…..ms.sun ah))sarangh meeda my amour

  231. 231 : lover Says:

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  233. 233 : Neda Says:

    You are really sth,I love you.

  234. 234 : lover Says:

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  235. 235 : jessy Says:

    Thanks for ur hard work, Suna!
    We love u)))

  236. 236 : lover Says:

    hello i haven’t patience that be silent and unsay of you regardless that it’s unilaterallover but you look my suffer and burn my heart((( i love you my sun ms.kim sun ah you are only my love)))

  237. 237 : lover Says:

    hi my sun (ms. kim sun ah) i know you are busy. but if it’s address true in seoul??please you can do control mailbox???(c/o yedang entertainment…yedang building…1563-10seochodong…seocho-gu,seoul,south korea139877) THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  238. 238 : lover Says:

    ***************************Happy Birth Day *********** my sun ms.(kim sun ah)35 golden years is that have shine my sun.i hope that you have be glad and happy.i hope you have be years SUPER STAR korea.dear sun ah gift to you total flowers ROSE world********* HAPPY BIRTH DAY

  239. 239 : lover Says:

    hi my sun ms.kim sun ah.please give respond to lover and my love. you are similar mountaintop beautiful wonderful ,stately and inaccessible???

  240. 240 : KDAddict Says:

    Happy Birthday!! SUNA!
    Waiting for your comeback to drama..missed you!

  241. 241 : lover Says:

    Hi my sun ms.kim sun ah . if you never don’t remark to my love?i have again lovemaking to you.but you make a pang everlasting in my heart. because you playdown to my love????(((but again i love you my sun ms.sun ah ************F O R E V E R)))

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  244. 244 : felice hao Says:

    wow you’re beautiful girls !

  245. 245 : lover Says:

    we and our love surround with cusseds devilishs misleds and infernal but i do stabilize my love to you.if i can’t give message but yet i love you my sun ms.kim sun a ((((((((( FOREVER )))))))))

  246. 246 : loren_saranghae Says:

    Good luck 4 u forever

  247. 247 : Lely Maria Pane Says:

    i am ur new fan…
    wonderful artist….

  248. 248 : sulyn Says:

    Just saw the news in dramabeans that you might be in a new movie.
    Looking forward to seeing you again. KSA – FIGHTING.

  249. 249 : via Says:

    You are My Favourite Actress for romantic comedy drama, Choi Ji woo is my favourite actress for romantic sad drama. I love both of you.. When will you starring another drama? I look forward for your next project.. I hope you will get someone you love soon…

  250. 250 : imma Says:

    i have a friend she look like kim sun ah….>,<

  251. 251 : eija Says:

    Hi….i’m eija from malaysia……i love all drama’s acting from Kim Sun Ah…you’re beautiful,funny girl,sexy,loving,caring and cutr….i’m try to found the VCD for all those drama & movie which you’re acting…love u…chayook!!!!

  252. 252 : sushila Says:

    u r such fantastic actress n i likd ur the cityhall keep it up n do more well …………!

  253. 253 : eka Says:

    funny and sweet girl:D

  254. 254 : cat 78 Says:


  255. 255 : Mustafa Says:

    Present my best love to Kim Sun Ah,

    I’m impatiently waiting to contact with her by email.
    SO please I urge send me her E-mail address immediately

    THanks a lot.
    Best Wishes

  256. 256 : Mustafa Says:

    My Dear love : Kim Sun AH.

    As I’m a retired teacher with 70 years old with one more HOPE
    Touch and KISS you .So I invite you travel to my country.
    And send me your E MAIL address for sending my POEMS
    Best Wishes.

  257. 257 : yieyienx Says:

    Kim Sun Ah—>Shin Mie-Rae… i love your act on City Hall…. you look pretty when you got angry but not when you smile….. “upss, sowrry :)”
    partner with Cha Seung Won –>Joh Guk is a good couple,hehehe…
    love you onyi….

  258. 258 : peter Says:

    I love her character in City Hall… she’s very funny, a must to watch. If you enjoyed her in kim sam soon I bet you will like her more in City Hall.

  259. 259 : sulyn Says:

    Just love Kim Sun Ah. She’s one amazing actress.
    Will be waiting to see her new movie, Fighting Spirit.

  260. 260 : Aitul Ly Says:

    you are so beautiful…i really love your acting in my lovely sam soon…you and hyun bin are really cute….

  261. 261 : kati Says:

    u r the best,,,,,,,,,,,,

  262. 262 : rahma Says:

    Yes shin mi rae I very like u 🙂 miss u in city hall

  263. 263 : dhez Says:

    Looking forward for your next drama this coming July 23 with Dong Wook Lee titled Scent of a Woman. I saw the promo pictures and Im just wondering if it is really you. Cause the last time Ive seen your picture your not so sexy then as compared to what Ive seen today. Romantic Comedy na naman Im sure mag eenjoy ang mga followers mo dito sa pinas katulad ko. You really are the best for me. Its been so long since your last project.
    Im just wondering why City Hall is not yet been shown here in the Philippines. For me of course is the best. Good Luck and God bless.Hope to see you here in our country

  264. 264 : oblique Says:

    yey! KIM SUN AH! she’s my favorite korean actress and also ha ji won. they have somethin in common: beauty, sexiness and comedic brilliance! they are also cute when they make faces! hahah! i wonder, has CityHall been shown in Manila? did i miss it while i was away?

  265. 265 : carla celeste Says:

    holas en realidad es muy hermosa y le qeda bien estupendo si mi nombre es carla celeste

  266. 266 : carla celeste Says:

    hello guud aver yes in soom mi name is carla celeste good bai

  267. 267 : Korea Insipiring » Blog Archive » Scent of a Woman Says:

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  270. 270 : mahya Says:

    ICRAZY for him kim sun ah(sam soon)

  271. 271 : SCENT OF WOMAN coming soon.. « kachkachaq Says:

    […] Kim Sun Ah as Lee Yeon Jae Lee Dong Wook as Kang Ji Wook Uhm Ki Joon as Chae Eun Suk Seo Hyo Rim as Se Kyung […]

  272. 272 : mona Says:

    sun ah drama is a always best….

    kim sun ah fighting!!!!

  273. 273 : douromm Says:

    i love kim sun ah..since 10years shes my queen and my princesse

  274. 274 : czar Says:

    i hate this actress. She is not that good. Her face is not beautiful, very chubby and has round face.

    czar from thailand.

  275. 275 : Anonymous Says:

    […] […]

  276. 276 : shohreh shi Says:

    i have many pics of yours.
    how can i attach pics?

  277. 277 : salinaz Says:

    i like u so much u r very good

  278. 278 : Scent of a Woman (여인의 향기) « styrn Says:

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  280. 280 : Kanha Says:

    You are such a talented actress. I love all ur performance, very confident and natural. All the best and success to you !!!

  281. 281 : City Hall (시티홀) « styrn Says:

    […] Seung Won as Jo Gook Kim Sun Ah as Shin Mi Rae – Yoon Chae Rin as Mi Rae (child) Choo Sang Mi as Min Joo Hwa Lee Hyung […]

  282. 282 : Marchioness Says:

    I have enjoyed watching My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, Cityhall and now, Scent of a Woman. You are quite a beautiful and equally talented performer. More power to you!

  283. 283 : ok ok ok Says:

    I like to see you act because you are a good actress 😉

  284. 284 : When It’s At Night (밤이면 밤마다) « styrn Says:

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  285. 285 : sara Says:

    hi miss kim sun ah. i hope to be success&happy in your life&job

  286. 286 : uniqueshop4u Says:

    So far she is the best actress that I know specially for drama. She is really study her character and project them well in almost every movie/drama that I seen. Love her for sure 🙂

  287. 287 : devi Says:

    I smiled when think if she played with 3 different character with 3 different famous actor (hyun bin, cha seung won, kim dong wook) in diffrent drama and it’s all perfect as a couple

  288. 288 : HODAYA Says:

    Kim SUN AH is an amazing actress and beautiful. I think She’s one of the best actresses in South Korea. Israel has many admirers who love Korean dramas so for all of them I wish her ​​much success. Good luck also to all the actors and directors in Korea and wish YOU continue to bring us beautiful dramas. Love you from Israe.

  289. 289 : Seulki CHOI Says:

    A website for promoting Scent of Woman DVD Director Edited Version is opened~!!

    Please come and join us~!


  290. 290 : Scent of a Women | dramakoreabanget.com Says:

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  292. 292 : lover Says:


  293. 293 : KDAddict Says:

    Happy Birthday :))

  294. 294 : Sinopsis Scent Of A Woman « yuniebatue Says:

    […] Kim Sun Ah as Lee Yeon Jae Lee Dong Wook as Kang Ji Wook Uhm Ki Joon as Chae Eun Suk Seo Hyo Rim as Im Se Kyung […]

  295. 295 : teresa tadena Says:

    belated happy birthday 🙂 saranghae KSA

  296. 296 : My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (My Lovely Sam Soon) « ashabrina2428 Says:

    […] Kim Sun Ah as Kim Sam-soon Hyun Bin as Hyun Jin-heon Jung Ryu Won as Yoo Hee-jin Daniel Henney as Dr. Henry Kim […]

  297. 297 : SHOSHLEV Says:

    Kim Sun Ah say about you you’re the Queen of Korea, and I say you’re the queen of the world you have a overwhelming natural in everything you do to the creation of a wonderful nature and if you read the lines and ask yourself what they’re talking? I am a person just like everyone’s right to a simple man with an amazing depth and intelligence that you can not see yourself as others see outside of what is inside,
    You’re a big star in the sky globe that illuminates many hearts.
    and I hope that the success of your private life is also coming soon .
    Be shining for everyone *^_^* .

  298. 298 : my korean drama: SCENT OF A WOMAN « Says:

    […] Yeon Jae (Kim Sun Ah, My Name is Kim Sam Soon) works hard as a staff  in a travel agency Line tour company in her 30+ […]

  299. 299 : maikee Says:

    we truly loved and admired you in the philippines in your shows my name is Kim Sam Soon and your excellent performance in Scent of a woman…you made us laugh and cry, ur the best korean actress for us…

  300. 300 : Scent of a Woman Korean Drama (download link) | meeSegera Says:

    […] Kim Sun Ah as Lee Yeon Jae Lee Dong Wook as Kang Ji Wook Uhm Ki Joon as Chae Eun Suk Seo Hyo Rim as Im Se Kyung […]

  301. 301 : jodethcruz16 Says:

    i’m sooo loving Kim Sun Ah…great actress…i’m done watching Scent of a Woman and its a 2 thumbs up for the both of them Lee Dong Wook and kim Sun ah…Looking forward to see another korean drama starring the 2 of them again…

    Scent of a WOman is a big hit now in the PHILIPPINES…
    Hopefully you could visit here with Lee Dong Wook


  302. 302 : kereshnie Says:

    wow,wow,wow dammmm is that women a beauty.oh shit i love that women tooooo much mwahs would love to see you sometime in this life time of mine.mwahs

  303. 303 : eva Says:

    I wonder what is the next drama she will play cause her acting is so amazing and adorable…Bravo Kim Sun A…

  304. 304 : jastinel Says:

    This actress made my viewing pleasure an awesome experience, she always give her heart and soul to every character that she portrayed and that what makes her a SUPERB actress!

  305. 305 : erie susanti Says:

    I am really wonder you, Kim sun ah ssi, I want to have your dvd drama and movie too.
    But I don’t know where I find it. could you pls be send me your dvd such as 5 days , love story, dream wet or everything the old dvd drama what you played. Thanks fr your attention. You are very awesome.

  306. 306 : flower Says:

    KSA….‎​♥ u….
    U’re the best korean actress ever…!!!
    Keep fighting!!!! #bighug

  307. 307 : morgan Says:


  308. 308 : lhia shendie Says:

    i love u ! the ways you played ur acting in Scent of a woman.. very great !!

  309. 309 : bucopie Says:

    Kim Sun Ah was the first korean actress who gave me a lasting impression fr her performance on Kim Sam Soon. I really really like her. I was surprised to learn that she is a piano major graduate from the US. i wish Hollywood can pick her amazing acting skills and feature her in a major film. she is really sooo good 🙂 I just hope she would gain a bit of weight..i dont like her too thin.

  310. 310 : Featured K-Drama: Scent of a Woman « itsmedadah Says:

    […] Kim Sun Ah as Lee Yeon Jae Lee Dong Wook as Kang Ji Wook Uhm Ki Joon as Chae Eun Suk Seo Hyo Rim as Im Se Kyung […]

  311. 311 : Haniea Says:

    I love you so much onnie , the way you act is so great. Your appearance is gorgeous too. You;re the first Korean actress that i adore. Just see your movie FS , so touching and sad!
    Hope all the best will come to your career n your life :X

  312. 312 : Marisol_24 Says:

    que lindaaaaaaaaaa me encanto desde que la vi en mi adorable sam soom, no se porque sera por su actuacion poco convencional ,la del prototipo perfecto ,la delgada y la asediada por todos,encambio ella con su actuacion rompio los esquemas ,y muy buena quimica con hyun bin ,pero este año tambein debio ganarse el premio de parejas con lee dong wook por que hicieron una super buena quimica,este drama Perfume de mujer tiene too para ser el mejor del año. excelente kim sun ah

  313. 313 : kitty Says:

    Hi,Sunny how are you now? Miss you so much waiting for your new project.I’m a fan from Thailand , you are the only Korean actress that I follow since My lovely Sam soon till Scent of a woman .In this year (2012) I wish you have a lot of good thing in your life ,working, healthy and lover .Please take good care of your health I so worry about your health. Eat a lot and take a rest enough ,it’s good for you. Love you so much………Fan From Thailand.

  314. 314 : My Name Is Kim Sam Soon « Binnie Lovers Indonesia Says:

    […] Kim Sun Ah as Kim Sam-soon Hyun Bin as Hyun Jin-heon Jung Ryu Won as Yoo Hee-jin Daniel Henney as Dr. Henry Kim […]

  315. 315 : damaris Says:

    ami tambien me gusto perfume de mujer se le ve muy bonita hacen una bonita pareja con lee dong wook aaaaaaaaaaa incluso se le ve bien joven a kin sun ah por eso hacen una linda pareja ojala q esten en la vida real ojala q esten en la vida real

  316. 316 : sie_sunny Says:

    sun a unnie…i hope you always healthy and long life to be acted until you was old and I hope you will have someone who really loves you and you could get married this year, hehe…:) i love you and i love your drama, i so excited for watching every your drama and movie and i can’t wait for your new drama, miss u so much unnie, always take care and love u forever unnie from indonesia….^_-

  317. 317 : dyamante Says:

    You look fresh in your photo with the black bonnet at the top. Im a great fan. Any drama coming this year? I hope to see you in fit and toned body just like Camerons body in Day and Knight movie. Its because your such a model for young girls. Youve been thru characters that gained and lose fat. Why not being toned this time? Love you.

  318. 318 : nunix99 Says:

    I luv u kim sun ah.. From the bottom of my heart… I luv your act, your attitude, your face… I’m the biggest fans of. U… From jakarta indonesia

  319. 319 : kitty Says:

    How are you Sunny? Miss you so much ..waiting for new drama out of your mind focus,wish you don’t us waiting for a long time.Always love and support you forever…………………PS.Please take good care of your health.

  320. 320 : non canty Says:

    Sunny miss u your acting,please new drama 2012?

  321. 321 : kitty Says:

    How are you Sunny,wish you feel better .Miss you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day naaa.Forever love you. Don’t think so much and don’t worry be happy. All of your fans be by your side and always support you.Fighting……………….

  322. 322 : nunix99 Says:

    Kim sun ah… Please1000x made a new drama this year..

  323. 323 : nunix99 Says:

    Sunny… Please1000x make another drama… I luv your act.. I luv u unnie..

  324. 324 : Maria Elena Dongga-as Says:

    she does an amazing ACTING SKILL…… KUDOS

  325. 325 : kitty Says:

    Soooooooo happy to hear that you confirm to play in a new drama I do I do with Lee Jang Woo , I want to watch it so much wish you will do your work with your fine feeling and happy with your partner ,finally I hope you have good healthy . Always love and support you Fan From Thailand.

  326. 326 : Jerry Oakley Says:

    I fell in love with this woman in watching Scent of a Woman. I think she is so beautiful and I love all of her little facial expressions and quirks she does. I mean I really fell in love with her for real. This lady is great and she has stolen my heart completely. I hope I can find more of her movies here in the United States. I just love her I love the way in Scent of a woman when she would talk to her mom and the way she said (mom) when her mom embarassed her. I love all of her little quirks she does and the way you would crinkle her nose. Your newest and most admirable fan.

  327. 327 : lore Says:

    such a wonderful actress. chemestry between her and lee dong wook was incredible. cried every time, also loved the series my lovely sam soon and her singing with hyun bin playing the piano. loved to see more of her work.

  328. 328 : rahma indrayanti Says:

    Saya suka sekali peran kim sun ah saat dia jadi samson, dan say menunggu kelanjutan crita itu… Critanya sangat menarikm… Semoga ada kelanjutan critanya… Amiiin

  329. 329 : Nitha white Says:

    I love Kim sun ah,,,,,you acting the best,,,,,

  330. 330 : – [UPCOMING K-DRAMA] I Do, I Do Says:

    […] Ji An (Kim Sun Ah) is a successful mid-30′s career woman (Director in shoe company) with a bright future ahead […]

  331. 331 : MARINA Says:

    where do i begin to tell the story of how great a love can be;
    to my dearest sun ah

  332. 332 : Mina Says:

    You act perfeeeect!!i really really like you!!! You are the best actress Korea have!! I really mean it !!! Gooooooood job !! From Iran

  333. 333 : KDramas on the go… | faithodiessy Says:

    […] Ji An (Kim Sun Ah) is a successful mid-30′s career woman (Director in shoe company) with a bright future ahead […]

  334. 334 : majoy Says:

    i still like kim sun ahs kim sam son beauty

  335. 335 : lala Says:

    i love kim sun ah! you’re the greatest! looking forward to more of your projects to come..

  336. 336 : JoJo Says:

    I really really like you…. all ur drama I nvn miss… sun ah u r the best

  337. 337 : mariel Says:

    You are such a great actress, watched My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Scent of a Woman, and just yesterday, City Hall. Never got tired of watching you act out your diferent roles. You are so funny and fresh. Keep it up and looking forward to more of your works in the future. Fighting!

  338. 338 : listya Says:

    I think she so lucky..bayangin ni ya..dy tiap maen drama lawan maenx ganteng2 abeeeessss…haha..but she’s so loveable of course…

  339. 339 : mee nee Says:

    i saw my lovelu sam soon last week and was very impressed with your performance. i have been depressed for a while because i was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure and had to go through a painful change in my life. I am glad to see your determination and your ability to overcome t=any shortness in your life and i am glad to learn from you. thank you.

  340. 340 : Okha Says:

    I just watch ‘I do I do’ and i love her acting in this drama. She is very talented and i think she lost her weight very much n more beatiful now. I love the character when she act as Kim Sam Soon, but now i just realize how great she plays every role in her drama, and she look diferent in every pics here, and also she look totally diferent in every drama and movie. I never get bore to watch her over and over again. I know that she is a talented pianist, and I really want to see her playing as a pianist. May be someday there will be a drama when she has a role as a pianist. Good job girl….!

  341. 341 : Nguyenhuong6070 Says:

    city hall is first film I am looked up. I like miss fish. Then I watched: Scent of a woman; I do I do . ..
    I love your character. you ‘re great actress.
    Good luck for U.

  342. 342 : ซีรี่ส์เกาหลี I Do, I Do « SERIES 53 Says:

    […] Kim Sun Ah as Hwang Ji An Lee Jang Woo as Park Tae Kang Park Gun Hyung as Jo Eun Sung Im Soo Hyang as Yeom Na Ri […]

  343. 343 : renna Says:

    Cant wait your next KD,,c u soon unnie…^^

  344. 344 : I Do, I Do (아이 두 아이 두) « styrn Says:

    […] Ji An (Kim Sun Ah) is a successful mid-30′s career woman (Director in shoe company) with a bright future ahead […]

  345. 345 : jovie Says:

    She`s a great actress, funny and pretty for eme she`s the best!

  346. 346 : Jen Says:

    Kim Sun Ah is the GREATEST actress!!!!! She’s pretty & funny in real life. Love you unnie :-)!
    Hope to see you in more Korean Dramas.

  347. 347 : annie Says:

    Suka bgt I do I do .. Smakin main sm yg muda muda.. Tetap matching.. Critanya ga membosankan dan menarik.. Kim sun ah cantik bgt n awet muda dipasangin sm lee jang woo yg muda, ganteng dan tinggi.. Pasangan yg serasi.. Love it!!!

  348. 348 : I do, I do staring Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo 5 Stars « KDrama Journal Says:

    […] Kim Sun Ah as Hwang Ji An Lee Jang Woo as Park Tae Kang Park Gun Hyung as Jo Eun Sung Im Soo Hyang as Yeom Na Ri […]

  349. 349 : I Do I Do « hanipoollazuardi Says:

    […] Ji An (Kim Sun Ah) is a successful mid-30′s career woman (Director in shoe company) with a bright future ahead […]

  350. 350 : [SBS 2011] Scent Of A Woman | Says:

    […] Kim Sun Ah as Lee Yeon Jae Lee Dong Wook as Kang Ji Wook Uhm Ki Joon as Chae Eun Suk Seo Hyo Rim as Im Se Kyung […]

  351. 351 : raya Says:

    i idolized kim sun ah much.. she is really good as an actress… hope u and hyun bin to team up again in a new project

  352. 352 : kitty Says:

    Sunny miss you so much. Waiting for your new project. Please take good care of your health. Always love you. Fan From Thailand.

  353. 353 : charmaine61193 Says:

    my mom really likes you… 😀

  354. 354 : Lupe Says:

    Hoping you have a wonderful birthday , and I can’t get enough of your dramas hope you get a new one quick.

  355. 355 : kitty Says:

    Tomorrow will be your birthday , I’ll pray for you to have a very wonderful on your birthday , have a lot of good things that you want , be healthy , be happy, be successfully every projects that you make and have the right man that you love and love you forever. Always love you Fan From Thailand.

  356. 356 : Connie Says:

    Happy birthday…..:h

  357. 357 : kitty Says:

    Happy birthday to my lovely Sunny . Wish you will celebrate a happy day with your family , your friends and your lover . Waiting for your good news about your new project and your wedding hee hee .Lots of love.

  358. 358 : KD1960 Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  359. 359 : I Do, I Do | dramadic Says:

    […] Casts: Lee Jang Woo (known in Glory Jane / Smile Dong Hae) Kim Sun Ah (known in Kim Sam Soon / City […]

  360. 360 : [MBC 2005] My Name Is Kim Sam Soon | Says:

    […] Kim Sun Ah as Kim Sam-soon Hyun Bin as Hyun Jin-heon Jung Ryu Won as Yoo Hee-jin Daniel Henney as Dr. Henry Kim […]

  361. 361 : [SBS 2009] City Hall | Says:

    […] Seung Won as Jo Gook Kim Sun Ah as Shin Mi Rae Choo Sang Mi as Min Joo Hwa Lee Hyung Chul as Na Jung […]

  362. 362 : red_vishnu_28 Says:

    Super Love Kim Sun Ah’s acting! You really give justice to whatever role you portray.. I always watch your shows not just once but alot of times. Especially my name is Kim Sam Soon. Hope you and Hyun Bin will do another show after his military service..
    I’ll be waiting for your next show. More power and Godbless!!
    Aja Kim Sun Ah! Fghting!

  363. 363 : marina Says:

    my sunny
    you are the only sun of korea,shine for ever(i write it everywher;)ha ha).
    lots of love from iran:)
    a drama please plz

  364. 364 : Connie Says:

    U are great! I’m glad and can’t wait for your new movie next year

  365. 365 : Mustafa Says:

    Dear Kim,
    I wish I could watch once more your (When its at night).
    as i’m 71 years old .I ask you send some episode of that
    by attachtted email .Certaily I’d be very delighted and
    happy if that ‘d access.
    Warmest Wishes ,

  366. 366 : Scent of a Woman | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre los Doramas Coreanos en Español Says:

    […] Kim Sun Ah as Lee Yeon Jae Lee Dong Wook as Kang Ji Wook Uhm Ki Joon as Chae Eun Suk Seo Hyo Rim as Im Se Kyung […]

  367. 367 : zakia Says:

    where can we watch golden era and love and success

  368. 368 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    Ms. Kim Sun Ah, you are my favorite actress. I wish I could see you dance again with Bi/Rain 🙂 Also, I want to see you in a drama with my favorite actor Shin Ha Kyun! Is it possible?

  369. 369 : Lilibeth Says:

    hello Miss. Kim Sun Ah… I;m from the Philippines and ive watched your TV show I do I do,,, i want to tell you that your a very good actress,, really i idolize you wish you could come here in the Philippines or I can see you in person,,, thank you

  370. 370 : lyn Says:

    hi : ) i really love your show,i do i do- it was very great! i like your body,you looked gorgious and inspiring to every Filipino fans..im so addicted with that ..i watched 3x though i cant understang of korean language,but theres a Tagalog translation evry monday to friday,.
    All i can say is,you are a good artist.Goodluck to your career and more power..

  371. 371 : honeylette sadian Says:

    hello i finished watching your i do i do drama series and i didnt slept for 20 hrs just to finish it, its my first time watching a drama that long,your so good actress thats why..right now im searching all your movies and dramas to watch it..looking forward to your next dramas!..goodluck to you and always be happy!!..im your super fan honeylette from philippines!! =)

  372. 372 : mg Says:

    i am a big fan from philippines. love i do, i do. take care always!

  373. 373 : janish Says:

    hi! i’ve watched your i do i do many times and it always makes me laugh and gigle… i love your new look.. i hope that some of your others drama show will be aired here in the philippines too… i’ve tried to watch some of it in online but i couldnt find the website… still looking to buy some of it & asking some of my relatives in abroad to find and buy it for me… hoping you could visit the philippines too…. Good luck to your career..

  374. 374 : kitty Says:

    Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday,Happy Birthday,Happy Birthday to my only Kim Sun Ah.Hi Sunny today is your special day wish you’re happy and celebrate your BD with your family and the one you love. Hope your new movie and drama will be success and the most important is your health and heart are strong . We’ll always by your side and support you forever.So much of love from Thailand.

  375. 375 : mara Says:

    Kim Sun Ah! you are a great actress and i miss you so much. i hope you have a project soon. Keep up the good work.

  376. 376 : KASIH Says:

    I Like you and Like so much your acting..
    Fighting Sist…
    Jesus bless you and your family.

  377. 377 : Arthur de guzman Says:

    I liked you as one of my fave star. You are a good actress. I loved your beautiful face. What’s new? I am one of your fan. I loved watching Kim San Soon. Take care. Godbless

  378. 378 : Lupe Says:

    Hope you had a great and wonderful birthday day

  379. 379 : shan Says:

    i would love to see you play drama with hyun bin again, because it’s so amazing

  380. 380 : Charm Says:

    I’m very excited for your new drama “Masked Investigator”. Me and my mom always waiting for your new drama unnie and finally u have new one.. Sending love and support from Philippines <3 <3 <3

  381. 381 : Kingtez64 Says:

    Everybody here knows kim sun nah but where is her picture? Isnt unfair to see her name but no picture in their poster? Anyway who doesnt know her..the drama is not yet starting but a lot of comments has shown already that they are looking forward to watch it..cant wait to see her!!!!!!

  382. 382 : zanamaria Says:

    I love to watch My Lovely Sam Soon and keep it on repeating the CD more than 5 times. Never bored at all. Really admire you because I enjoy to watch City Hall, I do I do and Masked Prosecutor too.

  383. 383 : Should We Kiss First – korea news Says:

    […] Han (Kam Woo Sung) works as a managing director of an advertising company. Meanwhile, Ahn Soon Jin (Kim Sun Ah) lost her daughter unexpectedly and she works as a flight attendant. Eun Kyung Soo (Oh Ji Ho) is […]

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