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Kim Sung Min

Name: 김성민 / Kim Sung Min (Kim Seong Min)
Real name: 김성택 / Kim Sung Taek
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1974-Feb-14
Death: 2016-June-26
Height: 180cm
Weight: 73kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Blood type: B

TV Shows

The Three Musketeers Season 1 (tvN, 2014)
Potato Star 2013QR3 (tvN, 2013)
Can We Love? (JTBC, 2014) cameo
Can’t Take it Anymore (jTBC, 2013)
Can We Get Married ? (jTBC, 2012)
Coffee House (SBS, 2010) cameo
The Reputable Family (KBS1, 2010)
Give Me Food (MBC, 2009)
Queen of Housewives (MBC, 2009) cameo
Family’s Honor (SBS, 2008)
On Air (SBS, 2008) cameo
Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic (MBC, 2008)
Couple of Fantasy (MBC, 2006)
Tears of Diamond (SBS, 2005)
Single Again (SBS, 2005)
Lotus Flower Fairy (MBC, 2004)
Women Next Door (MBC, 2003)
Miss Mermaid (MBC, 2002)
Bad Girls (SBS, 2002)


Eating, Talking, Faucking (2013)
The Weight (2012)
Invasion of Alien Bikini (2011)
The Mafia, The Salesman (2007)
Time (2006)


2004 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award – Actor (Lotus Flower Fairy)
2002 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actor Award (Miss Mermaid)
2002 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Jang Seo Hee (Miss Mermaid)



On 2016-June-26, the police stated Kim Sung Min, who has been in a coma since the 24th, was diagnosed as brain dead at 2AM KST. The diagnosis was confirmed at 10:15 AM KST, and Kim Sung Min’s family has agreed to donate his organs. The police will have to sign off on the organ donation and a transplant could occur in the afternoon. On 24 June, Kim Sung Min’s son called the police to report his father was physically abusing his mother. Shortly afterwards, she asked the police to check on her husband, and they found him attempting to commit suicide by hanging in the bathroom. (Source)

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  1. 1 : grace Says:

    You were really great in your drama, Miss Mermaid

  2. 2 : rebecca wang Says:

    Hi brother …
    How is going on?How r u these days?
    I’m from myanmar..now ur movie r showing here…u know all of my family r really really like u…
    u know u r not like another actor…coz u don’t do any sexy action but u have especially innocent face and action..
    i’m now 28years old and girl..
    u know i love u so much …
    brother i wish u to get more more successful life…
    ok bye bye..
    good luck

  3. 3 : Divina Gamo Says:

    You really a great actor. I hope you’de make more shows. I like your role as Bili at the Fantastic Couple Korean Show. You were really funny!
    I hope for your continuous success! God bless. Bye!

  4. 4 : Hatake Says:

    Hi,i’m one of ur fans.You’re good in acting and always do something naturally.Keep up ur work and hope you will get projects in 2008.Anyongh,^_^..

  5. 5 : eunice Says:


  6. 6 : annie Says:

    hi kim sung min… i really like you… your a very good actor and i find your character interesting.. your so cute…

  7. 7 : jane yap Says:

    you r my most favourite korean actor. watching your dramas brighten up my mundane life.thank u for your great acting. wishing u great success in your acting career.i have watched four of your dramas and i truly enjoy watching them.

  8. 8 : jane yap Says:

    how r u? i m currently watching your 2004 drama `the lotus flower fairy` from dvd. it is a heart-warming story. it has been a great pleasure watching it. i look forward to viewing your new drama beside `before and after plastic surgery` which u made this year.

  9. 9 : jane yap Says:

    just to say hello. so far you only made 2 tv dramas this year with one of them appearing as a cameo role (on air). i like all the roles that you played in those dramas i have watched, especially in `couple or trouble` which you played the role of billy. you created so much humour and jokes in this drama that i really enjoyed it so much. you are a very good actor because you made the roles look so real.keep it up. wishing you great success in your acting career. i come from Singapore.

  10. 10 : namfan Says:

    annyoung – i’m just watching tears of diamond & you’re a good actor ! i’ll surely watch your other projects! more power to you!

  11. 11 : Haidy Says:

    Hi! Kim Sung Min your really great actor to all korean drama you make,really fantastic acting, i like you very much in Tears of Diamond,keep up the good work…saranghamida

  12. 12 : mia Says:

    hello.. i started to watch couple or trouble..

    bcoz.. it just aired inn sgpore tv..

    u r a great actor..

    do [email protected]

  13. 13 : Tammie Says:

    I am so mesmerised by your acting in Miss Mermaid, I just feel so real, that I cant help but wish you and Jang Seo Hee would be a couple in real life. So much so I find it awkward to see you with other actress…so sad you cant be with Jang Seo Hee in real life

  14. 14 : Andrew Says:

    Fantastic Couple, Anna’s Princess. Does anyone know the cat breed?

  15. 15 : Jane Says:

    I have been watching your latest drama,’Family’s Honour”.It is a great show.The story is meaningful and touching.It touches on family values and preserving family heritage.Your role as the twin playboy brother is really cute and comical. Wishing you the best in this coming lunar new year.

  16. 16 : yane Says:

    Happy 35yrs old birthday to u Kim Sung Min! it’s 2 days away & on Valentine’s day..im happy to be de 1st to greet ur birthday. im from Brunei…

  17. 17 : Jane Says:

    Happy birthday to you. It is also Valentine’s Day so I wish you have a memorable and romantic time with your loved one. I am your fan from Singapore.

  18. 18 : Jane Says:

    ‘Family’s Honour’ is a very nice drama and the best Korean show I have watched so far. I admire you and Park Shi Hoo’s acting in the drama. You are a talented actor with a warm and endearing smile.

  19. 19 : Jane Says:

    You are really funny in your role in Family’s Honour’. It has been such joy watching it. You are doing a great job in acting.

  20. 20 : JamesPai from myanmar Says:

    I’m your fan.So please tell me how to contect to you?please to [email protected]

  21. 21 : nurfatimah hr Says:

    hell0o.. hi there, im ur fan nurfatimah fr0m brunei.. i liked ur acting especially in ur “bef0re n after” drama series, i enj0yed watching it, u r s0o g0od in acting there n u r s0o natural.. the best part when u r wearing a pink sweater i l0ve it.. ^ ^, h0pe u will suceess m0re n m0re in ur career.. im willing t0 watch ur next drama, best regard f0m ur brunei fan.. sarange y0o, kim sung teak..

  22. 22 : JamesPai from Myanmar Says:

    Hi there,we still not meet.But I watched your drama “Before & After Plastic surgury Clinic” . I like so much . I want to meet you and want to talk a lot. Someday we will meet.

  23. 23 : KinJa Says:

    Like Kim Sung Min!!
    He was soooooooo excellent and funny actor,
    he was also shown on a few minutes on the end of Drama “Queen of Housewives” ,
    only a few minutes, still made me laugh to dead.
    Hope to see his new aritcles soon.

  24. 24 : mandana Says:

    hello, you are very handsome and best actor in the korea.

  25. 25 : rooshanak Says:

    hello, i watched all your film
    specially face billi

  26. 26 : rooshanak Says:

    hello, i watched all your film specially face billi

  27. 27 : banafshe Says:

    i watched film some korean but there was’nt funny.

  28. 28 : roshanak Says:

    hello, kim sung min
    i loved couple of trouble
    from asia

  29. 29 : roshanak Says:

    i really ambrasse
    best actor
    please to [email protected]

  30. 30 : banafshe Says:

    deep within or hearts, each of us carries the speed of a secret dream, special and unquie to each individual.

  31. 31 : Margo Goh Says:


    I am your number one fan from singapore. Your portrayal as Ms Jang Seo Hee ‘s husband in Miss Mermaid is so natural and realistic. You both make a perfect couple. Keep it Up !

  32. 32 : Jane Says:

    You are memorable in your portrayals in dramas ‘Couple of Fantasy’, ‘Family’s Honour’, ‘Single Again’. I love watching these dramas over and over again. They are simply your best.

  33. 33 : Leila Says:

    my name is leila from iran_tehran
    ilike your acting so much.
    i defintely wath heaven”s fate drama from arirang tv.
    wish u all the best.
    good luck my love!

  34. 34 : suna Says:

    ilove u.

  35. 35 : zin Says:

    I really like you.

  36. 36 : zin Says:

    Happy birthday kim,
    Have a good day. I wish you will happy and fine. Best regard for you. Good luck and godbless you. I hope your family will happy and fine.I’am sure it is a happy family. Take care yourself kim.

  37. 37 : zin Says:

    How are you. I hope you and your family fine. I really like you .
    Takecare yourself kim.Bye………

  38. 38 : zin Says:

    Ur unique
    Ur caring and
    Ur the Best.Take careyourself


  39. 39 : sode Says:

    hi guy ,I m sode from tehran
    i wanna have a email address from u
    i watch your movies and i like to cantact whit u
    I thnks so much if u answer me
    have fun

  40. 40 : fatane Says:

    hello dear kim sung min i am fatane i live in a northern city of iran (massal) i love your play in heaven,fate i wish the best for you. take care.your happy fan fatane bye. i kiss you from here.please answer me

  41. 41 : fatane Says:

    hello honey(yoobo) i love you and i praise your role playing . yesterday i cried because heave , s fate was finished .i want to say that your feelings in this drama were pure and i could feel it you helped me thank you GOD bless you. before this drama i was lost my feelings of love and love was so strange to me but now on april 16 i can feel the happiness. thank you .I KISS YOU LOVE YOU.DOSET DARAM.

  42. 42 : sahand Says:

    Hi, fine? I’ Sahand from Iran-Tabriz.
    I can’t say anything about your playing in “Miss mermaid “, it was excellent. But could I have your e-mail address? Please leave me a reply.

  43. 43 : mel Says:

    you’re a good actor..

  44. 44 : fariba Says:

    I loved his play in Miss Mermaid, although in some scenes he forgot his real love to his wife but in most of them he was shown as a devoted husband who really loves his wife and appreciates her

  45. 45 : Shim Says:

    Like it or lump it, we viewers are impressed by good movies, their themes, stories, tears and laughters… We forget them after a short while anyway! But what we never ever forget is the perfect role-playing of stars like you, Mr. Kim Sung Min, and Ms. Jang Seo Hee in an admiring drama series like ‘Miss Mermaid’.
    All the best of luck and life,
    Shim (PhD student)

  46. 46 : Tala Says:

    you played very well in miss mermaid. bravo

  47. 47 : Jeanne Says:

    I really enjoy watching u on the man\’s qualification program. U seem very kind and wonderful human being. Could be the Aquarius sign & blood type b personality that I also share. U should be very proud of who u are. Please keep up the good work and aloha!!!

  48. 48 : Min | Trends Pics Says:

    […] Kim Sung Min.jpg star.koreandrama.org […]

  49. 49 : zin Says:

    kim I really miss you ,don’t lose hope take care

  50. 50 : athu Says:

    u r really a very sweet and handsome actor. I like ur acting n looking forward to see more of ur movies n dramas. Mistake gives us a new positive realisation so hope u will become the best man and once again ur talent will be seen by the world.

  51. 51 : zin Says:

    kim pls try again . u have so many fan and all of fan are waiting u .Take care urself ..

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  55. 55 : CoolBeans Says:

    It is a shame so many Korean celebrities turn to suicide. I pray he recovers quickly from his coma and I pray his family stays strong. The poor man has not been out of jail 6 months.

  56. 56 : azin Says:

    he just passed away, brain death was diagnosed by doctors this morning :((( my deepest condolences to his family, may he rest in peace…

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