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Kim Yong Min

Name: 김용민 / Kim Yong Min
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1977-Sep-22
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 179cm
Blood Type: B

TV Series

The End of the World (jTBC, 2013)
The Musical (SBS, 2011)
When It’s At Night (MBC, 2008)
White Tower (MBC, 2007)


  1. 1 : Dede Says:


    Finally we have some info and acknowledgement for Yong Min, thanks.
    Now can we have a better picture, he is so sweet.


  2. 2 : Dede Says:

    More picts. Please add.




  3. 3 : Dede Says:


    Can you change the pict as per the request

    (@Dede from admin: sorry, we don’t like your photo. We just upload the photo we like)

  4. 4 : Dede Says:

    To Admin.

    My sincere apologizes. Did not mean to offend you by asking for a change of photo.

    Just felt that the photo that was there does not even resemble the actor. I have requested photo changes before, but if its offensive to do so, I woill not ask to do so.

  5. 5 : Dede Says:


    (@Dede from admin: of course you can request, but we will only upload the pic we like. We also didn’t mean to offend you by rejecting your photo)

  6. 6 : Dede Says:

    Was’t offended by your rejection of my innocent request for a photo change. Just your unprofessionalism.

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