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Koo Hye Sun

Koo Hye Sun 02

Name: 구혜선 / Koo Hye Sun
Profession: Actress, Director, Screenwriter, Artist, Singer, Composer, Author
Birthdate: 1984-Nov-09
Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea
Height: 163cm
Weight: 42kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: A
Blood type: A
Family: Husband/actor Ahn Jae Hyun
Talent agency: YG Entertainment
Education: Shin Chon Elementary School, Bu Pyeong Dong Elementary School, Bu Heung Middle School, Bu Pyeong Girls’ High School, Seoul Art College

TV Shows

You Are Too Much (MBC, 2017)
Blood (KBS2, 2015)
Angel Eyes (SBS, 2014)
Absolute Boyfriend (GTV/FTV, 2012)
Take Care Of Us, Captain (SBS, 2012)
The Musical (SBS, 2011)
Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009)
Strongest Chil Woo (KBS2, 2008)
The King and I (SBS, 2007)
Pure 19 (KBS1, 2006)
Ballad Of Suh Dong (SBS, 2005)
Nonstop (MBC, 2005)
Drama City (KBS2, 2004|2005)


Daughter (2014)
The Peach Tree (director, 2012)
Magic (director, 2010)
August Rush (cameo, 2007)

Filming as Director

2012 The Peach Tree (feature film)
2012 Fragments of Sweet Memories (3D short film)
2011 13th International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul (Trailer)
2010 Magic (feature film)
2010 You (short film)
2009 The Madonna (short film)
2009 7th Asiana International Short Film Festival (Trailer)


2010 12th Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia: Spotlight Award (The Madonna)
2009 Busan Asian Short Film Festival: Audience Award (The Madonna)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Novella Drama Excellence Award – Actress (Boys Before Flowers)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Lee Min Ho in Boys Before Flowers)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Popularity Award – Actress (Boys Before Flowers)
2009 6th Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards (Taiwan): Best Asian Female Star
2009 Andre Kim Best Star Awards: Best Female Star
2009 14th Asian Television Awards: Nominated for Best Drama Performance by an Actress (Boys Before Flowers)
2009 Pusan Asian Short Film Festival: Audience Award for Cheerful Caretaker
2007 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (The King and I)
2006 KBS Drama Awards: New Actress Award (Pure 19)


She was the MC of the popular music program Inkigayo on SBS (2006-2007)
She hosted the SBS Drama Award in 2007
She sang the theme song for her drama Pure 19

Related Photo

(if you have any Koo Hye Sun pics want to share with other fans, please write down the link of the photo inside your comments, Thanks)

Koo Hye Sun 52 Koo Hye Sun 53 Koo Hye Sun 54 Koo Hye Sun 55 Koo Hye Sun 56


  1. 1 : Anabel Says:

    Ku Hye-sun is the greatest actress. i don’t even know Korean but i love her acting.

  2. 2 : Theresa Says:

    I just discovered this show by accident about three or four weeks ago. I am in love with the show and in love with this actress who plays this part with genuine charm. How refreshing. I ashamed to say that I never knew that Korean drama existed but boy am I glad I ran across it.

  3. 3 : Eun Says:

    shes gorgeous and shes a great actor =)

  4. 4 : Tika Says:

    I UTTERLY IDOLIZE KU HYESUN!!!!! I love her to pieces! I think that she is one of the most beautiful and most natural K-drama actresses out there. I wish lots of luck to her and I hope that she does extremely well in the future.

    I think that she should seriously get married to Suh Jisuk….he is soooo hot for a K-drama actor. They make the most cutest couple ever. A match made in heaven!

  5. 5 : greg Says:

    umm what’s the song that she sings at the beginning of the show called? it’s really good and i would like to know the name please?

  6. 6 : ConstableOdo Says:

    I think she’s talented and has an adorably cute face and figure and probably works hard under a lot of stress. I hope she doesn’t get burnt out and depressed like Jung DaBin (another Korean actress I really, really liked before she did herself in). It’s just that fans shouldn’t take the characters she portrays as the person behind the role. Anyway, please post as many links to photos of her as possible. I’ll have great joy in looking at them.
    Also please check out my episodes of Pure 19 at: http://www.dailymotion.com/group/24336 to relive Gukhwa’s destiny with Yunhu.

  7. 7 : Fan of Ku Says:

    can anyone tell me why when i typed Goo Hye Sn up there there is a huge huge space between the words on the last line? i want to make sure that doesn’t happen again

    anyway to make this more Ku Hye SUn related. Any new news about her today?

  8. 8 : Donna Says:

    I love Goo Hye Sun’s acting. She is so talented. She is so believable!! And she is so cute! Certainly fame is her destiny. She seems like a real, down to earth person. I loved watching her on Pure in Heart.

    I found it by accident. I live an hour outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I would get home from work about 11PM and watch the show here at midnight. As everyone here says, Suh Ji Suk is so fine! I like them both.

    I would love to know what she is doing now as I want to see her on TV or in a movie! Anyone who knows what she is doing, please kindly let me know! Thank you!

  9. 9 : Ellis Says:

    I find her beautiful. I thin she brings a naturalness to her role. I hope to see her in many more things in the future. I watched Pure 19 in the states too. Loved every minute of it

  10. 10 : memeo Says:

    when i came across this site sometime back, there were over 100 comments. was disappointed that they have vanished now, probably due to some tech problems. like watching hye sun in her role, surely is natural, cute, pretty & good. if i may share, u can see more of her photos in http://profile.imageshack.us/user/vannessave/

  11. 11 : memeo Says:

    looks like hye sun is nominated for some kinda of awards in the 43 baeksang awards on 25 april – anyone understands?

  12. 12 : Brenda Says:

    She is so pretty, and good acting too…..

    Wish you luck in your career. Looking foward to seeing your next episodes.

  13. 13 : memeo Says:

    hye sun’s latest mv
    from YG entertainment

  14. 14 : memeo Says:

    some more of hye sun’s video-clips

  15. 15 : Lisa Says:

    I love that video. GHS did a great job in it. She will be in an upcoming drama later this year – KING AND I

  16. 16 : Todd Says:

    She is simply beautiful. Plush she has talent to match

    memeo thanks for the link. Yeah it is sad she only has 16 comments. She deserves so much more

  17. 17 : CarY Says:

    She so great!!!

  18. 18 : Leslie Says:

    What happened to all of her entries. She had way more than this the last time I visited this page. I notice that even my previous entry is missing.

  19. 19 : Leslie Says:

    Did you see the clip of her at the bakery opening. She is so beautiful. There is just a freshness and humbleness about her that is so appealing

  20. 20 : memeo Says:

    are u talking abt this clip :


  21. 21 : Leslie Says:

    Yep, I believe that is the page. Right now the video isn’t showing up for me. Is that your page?

  22. 22 : memeo Says:

    no, it’s not mine.

    try again n again, don’t know what else to say.

  23. 23 : memeo Says:

    check out this youtube clip on ghs tlf cf – shoe story clip

  24. 24 : kuhyesunfangroup Says:

    looking forward to King & I. she looks great in the promo pictures

  25. 25 : Marlie Says:

    Love her. Just so talented

  26. 26 : memeo Says:

    rubie of soompi reported that khs is cast in a cameo role in robin william’s move “august rush” due to release in nov – good for her.

    Source: KBS Global


  27. 27 : Musicisourhigh Says:

    She is one of my favorites

  28. 28 : kuhyesunfangroup Says:

    Her latest CF w/ Jo In Sung for TLJ is out. It has a christmas theme and it is so adorable

  29. 29 : diela Says:

    saranghaeyo eonni………….

  30. 30 : Ray Says:

    She’s so lovely…..totally smitten by her. Saw some of her interview clips & she’s so pretty, sweet, genuine, innocent, modest, friendly, cheerful, obliging……omg, it’s endless…..

    The show just came to Singapore & i just can’t stop watching the DVD.

  31. 31 : pipeng Says:

    i like her so much..she has a pretty face…..Jo in sung and Goo hye sun are look good together….hope they could do more CF together especailly Tous Les jours CF…God Bless…..

  32. 32 : Love2read Says:

    I remember about a year ago she had tons of postings. Were they all deleted? Anyway, I am glad that she is getting much work. She is extremely talented.

  33. 33 : Blue2607 Says:

    Koo Hye Sun is really pretty and really gifted in acting. She can act naturally in The King and I and she really is cute. She’s one of the actress in my heart
    With love,

  34. 34 : Anonymous Says:

    You are so great.
    Your acting in Pure in Heart can touch my heart deeply.
    You deserve to be awarded.
    keep on trying.

  35. 35 : David McClay Says:

    I’ve only seen Ku Hye Sun in the Drama Pure in Heart, and she became my number one – favorite actress. I don’t understand Korean but I can read subtitles. By following dialogue and watching her act – I see her terrific talent. I’ve also heard her sing on Youtube – the Pure in Heart title song and a couple more. I wish she had recorded them for sale – her voice is great. Iknow I would buy any recording she made.

    Love her in New Jersey -David

  36. 36 : htwehtweaye Says:


    Your are very cute. Your smile is very sweet.

    with love

  37. 37 : WhatIsInTheFood Says:

    Anyone knows what is next for her?

  38. 38 : miyachan11 Says:

    she will portray Makino’s role in Hana Yori Dango’s Korean Version

  39. 39 : WhereistheGOODFood Says:

    I heard about the Hana Yori Dango casting yesterday(I think). I really hope the writer and director do a good job

    anyway, I wish her luck. Expectations will be high

  40. 40 : kay Says:

    had my fingers crossed she would be picked to be in hyd. think hyesun with her cuteness and versatile acting ability will be great in it. she is sweet and on the quiet side but can be feisty too, and she can makes all kinds of faces and expressions. her father acted in pure 19 as well as the king and i and he’s adorable too. can’t wait!!

  41. 41 : David McClay Says:

    Kay –
    What role did her father play in pure 19 (Pure in Heart). It’s on tv now in Philadelphia and I’d like to see her father.
    Thanks – David

  42. 42 : SoMuchGoodFood Says:

    Does anyone know when HYD will start taping

  43. 43 : MusicIsOurHigh Says:

    I keep checking back hoping to see if there is more information on her upcoming show

  44. 44 : amktsy Says:

    I hate your character in pure 19.But i’m not hating you.You are beautiful.But i don’t think you are suited to act as Makino.Sorry to write such comments.

  45. 45 : deadlyoo Says:

    im a fAN OF YRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 46 : heldy Says:

    The first time i see u in SCW, u’re very beautifull there, i hope can see u soon in HYD, and the other K drama in 2009

  47. 47 : TheBooksWeRead Says:

    I’m hearing some pretty good things about her in HYD. It is great she is building her resume/experience.

  48. 48 : lil_pai_pnay Says:

    You Go girl!!!I Watch you on Pure heart of 19, I love you then, I love you more on your new character on Boys over flower… Good luck. hope to see more from you!! Fighting !!!! WONDERFUL….. luve yah

  49. 49 : Deborah Says:

    People, it’s not called HYD..the dramas’s name is Boys Before Flowers .-.

    any waysss.. I

  50. 50 : venessa1254 Says:

    Goo Hye Seon, unni!!!!!!! Your acting in Boys Before Flowers is so good and cute. I wish I played Jan di, so I can meet and act with Lee Min Ho, but your so cute and talented such a good actress, and pretty. Kepp it up.

  51. 51 : Imee Says:

    I lOVE Goo Hye Sun as Gukhwa in Heart of 19 and I LOVE her more as Jan Di in Boys Before Flowers. I think Lee Min Ho is cuter and sexier than So Ji Seok of HO19. Keep up your good work and looking forward to next episode of BBF. You have such a great chemistry with LMH.AJA!!AJA!!

  52. 52 : Boys Before Flowers Addicted Says:

    She’s simply AWESOME!!! I love her as Geum JanDi!!!!!!!!!!!


  53. 53 : Boys Before Flowers Addicted Says:

    Her acting is amazing!


  54. 54 : Amanda Says:

    u g l y

  55. 55 : lea Says:

    TO 54:
    YOU R VERY cruel !!!!!

  56. 56 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    KHS is great to play the role of Jan Di.

    What I admire with KHS in addition to her being a very good actress is her almost white, fair & flawless skin and pinkish almost red lips. I doubt if this was due to make up coz on BOF her make up is so minimal.

  57. 57 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    Yes, Amanda is cruel, and Jan Di is more than cute.

    I believe KHS must belong to a group of Korean actors/actresses who haven’t done much to enhance their physical attributes.

  58. 58 : fizah Says:

    like her very much…
    so cute and talented…
    you are the best for part as geum jan di ( makino) in BOF..
    your acting is amazing…
    aja aja fighting!!!!!
    hope to see you in another great drama..

  59. 59 : memiow Says:

    she’s so cute in BOF..i think i like her more than San cai in Meteor garden..she make a lot of funny impression..his character make this drama more lively..can’t wait to watch episode 17..

  60. 60 : ateymz Says:

    wah. she’s pretty with long hair. and cute, with short hair. haha. yeah Imee, she sure do has good chemistry with minho. they look so cute together. minho is so tall, and she’s only at his shoulder. haha! totally can’t wait for the drama to finish.

  61. 61 : ateymz Says:

    many people had commented that she is not beautiful. seriously, she’s beautiful. especially when she has long hair. she surely do have good chemistry with minho. they look so cute together. minho is like totally tall and she only reached his shoulder. that even makes they look so cute!

  62. 62 : arvin ace Says:

    I really love you Koo Hye Sun, you’re so cute and lovelable
    I love you Geum Jan Di,
    Keep up the good work on Boys Before Flowers!

  63. 63 : arvin ace Says:

    I really love you Koo Hye Sun, you’re so cute and lovable
    I love you Geum Jan Di,
    Keep up the good work on Boys Before Flowers!

  64. 64 : sarah Says:

    i just love her!!!! can’t wait for episode 18… i totally cried when she sang for jun pyo…

  65. 65 : Weng Says:

    I really like Jan di and Go jun Pyo Koo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho!!!! t watches the episodes
    again and again.. Cant wait episode 18, I really love Boys before flowers!!!

  66. 66 : sujin Says:

    you stupid AMANDA!!!
    my GHS is the best of all the BOF famale casts~~~
    she’s not only cute, but she acts marvelously and full of joy~~~
    she deserves the best with all her male casts~~

  67. 67 : nanette Says:

    >Hi Koo Hye Sun..!!!

    >You’re so cute and lovable…

    >You’re a good actress..

    >I like Geum Jandi and Goo Jun Pyo..

    >You and Lee Min Ho have a great chemistry..

    >Keep up the good work and take care always..!!!

    >Good luck to your career..

    >Luv u..

  68. 68 : sweet Says:

    i really love your acting!!!keep it up……..

  69. 69 : fei Says:

    I like her very much…
    You are so cute and talented…
    you are the best as geum jan di in BOF..
    I will support you… hope u have another new drama….

  70. 70 : shikin Says:

    koo hye seon..
    seriously..she is so cute..
    and talented..

    i really likes her acting in boys over flowers!!!
    kiyora! 🙂

  71. 71 : hm5airy Says:

    you are beautiful,
    i love you

  72. 72 : teffe Says:

    hi , stay pretty . :))

  73. 73 : *** Says:

    She already die right?

  74. 74 : Ling Says:

    LOL. She is still very much alive and kicking!
    It was the other actress, Jang Ja-yeon, in Boys Before Flower that died.

  75. 75 : miel Says:

    to ***: No… she’s currently playing Jan Di in Boys Before Flowers

  76. 76 : shmaykel Says:


    Jandi LOVE Jun Pyo
    wohooo, what a couple!!!

  77. 77 : *** Says:

    my friends say she dead on sunday,8 march 2009 yesterday

  78. 78 : kaku Says:

    jandi is died:(:(

  79. 79 : rehanah Says:

    i hope *** become more alert about the news!!
    the actress died is not goo hye sun…
    hope you read the news about dead…

  80. 80 : hm5airy Says:

    your photos shows that u are the most beautifull actress
    in korea

    i love you girl

  81. 81 : nuna Says:

    ur beautifool in real dan in bbf………….u look better with long hair

  82. 82 : gilda Says:

    Congratulation! Koo Hye Sun I really like you from Pure Heart to BoF.

  83. 83 : rehanah Says:

    luv u very much..

  84. 84 : shereen Says:

    Hello! You’re such a sweet lady. I hope you will do another tv drama together with Lee Minho. You make a lovely couple. I like you when I’ve watched you play the role of Gukhwa and I like you more as Geum Jandi. Hoping for a Part 3 of “Boys Over Flowers”

    By the way, CONGRATULATIONS on your book launch! You’re a versatile artist. From singing, acting and now an author. WOW! Keep up the good work. I love you!

  85. 85 : Wilson Says:

    I am fan from Singapore,I like your acting, u are so pretty!

  86. 86 : stilla Says:

    Shallom You are so cute Koo Hye Sun..Love U..God Bless you..never can judge your’s talent in acting..

  87. 87 : oche Says:

    i love ur show so much. im from the philippines and even if it is not yet showing i am olredi a big fan!! and i rily like u so much!! ur gr8

  88. 88 : cyd Says:

    your doing so good!
    your so pretty!
    you and min ho are compatible!
    i love you both!

  89. 89 : MoreMoviesMoreMovies Says:

    So talented in so many ways

  90. 90 : eLLA_19 Says:

    Is that true?
    She died already?OMG…
    I Love you so much!
    I realley rally like you in BOF…
    More powers to you and to lee min ho…

  91. 91 : shereen Says:

    To eLLA_19:

    Are you in your right state of mind? Do you know what you are saying? Before you comment make sure that you understand what you are doing ’cause it’s being posted and many will be reading it.


    KU HYESUN IS VERY MUCH ALIVE AND KICKING! She will live for many many years more ’cause she together with Lee Minho and the rest of the original cast will still be doing “Boys Over Flowers” part 2!

  92. 92 : kenny Says:

    i like all your dramas.

    u are such a sweet lady.

    i’m looking forward to your next drama.

    good luck forever……

  93. 93 : ayrah Says:

    hope you will have your new movie
    …keep up the good work>…

  94. 94 : airatotzkie Says:


  95. 95 : airatotzkie Says:




  96. 96 : airatotzkie Says:




    C YAH THERE!!!

  97. 97 : yunita Says:

    Hi!I’m your new fan!I love your acting,and I hope you and all the koreaF4 member’s can come to Jakarta!Good luck and Hope God bless you always

  98. 98 : Shirley Says:

    Keep up the good job, girl! you’re now a good and beautiful actress, inside/out.

    Hope you can do another job with the F4’s . . . .

    Visit us too here in North America. . .

    God Bless you Jang Di!! and so with your friends the F4’s

  99. 99 : cha Says:

    im from the phillipines….i really like ur acting…i wish more project to come…..take care….and ignore the people who tissing you…….lav you….coz ur my idol…..

  100. 100 : Grace M.Leung Says:


    Hye Sun . cute woman . luv ur acting . ur smile .
    I’m feom Indonesia .

    when F4 n u will be come to Indonesia ??

    I want to go to Seoul next year.
    Wish can meet u …

  101. 101 : shereen Says:

    I always watch KBS & Arirang and browse the youtube, hoping to get news about you and Lee Minho. I miss you both!!!

    Hope to see both of you act again soooooooooon together.

    Stay healthy and always be happy!!!

    I love you!!!God bless!!!

  102. 102 : nicah Says:

    i really like koo hye sun because she is pretty and beautiful…….
    i wish koo hye sun and lee min ho together again in true life

    LEE MIN HO love KOO HYE SUN…..

    I wish more kiss lee min ho and koo hye sun….

  103. 103 : linne Says:

    HI! koo hye sun i really like ur show BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS because ur pretty and cute good team up w/ lee min ho i hope u visit here in the philippines THAT’S ALL keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………..

  104. 104 : precious (cel) Says:

    hi! koo hye sun i’m ur fan hope u can read this veri soon i’m

    from philippines i’m studying korean language bec. of u

    and the cast of boys over flowers ……

    i love ur drama ur da bzt mwuahhh

    gu jun pyo love geum jan di


    gud luck datz oL

  105. 105 : carmela ;) Says:

    hi! you are so beautiful..and perhaps, gorgeous! anyway, im carmela. im a filipina girl and a big fan of yours.. pls send me an email at [email protected].. im watching youre tv series here in the philippines—–boys over flowers.. ive gone crazy thinking about you.. please grant my request.. i’ll be waiting.. l0ve u! ♥carmela♥

  106. 106 : maurine Says:

    i think you’re a good person and you are beautiful too… i like the way you act!! you act your character naturally and i love it!! take care

  107. 107 : chen chen Says:

    .hi how are u im ur super fan u so pretty,cute,gergous,simple ghurl,im pilipina girl pls send me ur some cute pic in my email [email protected] or chat me if u like ivyjoycute my email i lab it ur movie

  108. 108 : jasmin palermo Says:

    Aneong!!! unni jandi…’

  109. 109 : nicah07 Says:

    HI! koo hye sun ur so cute and pretty good team up w/ lee min ho
    koo hye sun we love you!!!!!!!


  110. 110 : zxychelle Says:

    hi i’m zxychelle i love u so much

  111. 111 : Christine Go Says:

    Hi Ms. Koo Hye Sun, I hope the whole cast can come and visit the Philippines. The whole country is watching your show, Boys Over Flowers. =)

  112. 112 : annie Says:

    hi ms. koo hye sun your so pretty…i hope you and the other cast of boys over flowers will come or visit the philippines even for a while ..

  113. 113 : Citra Says:

    I from indonesia..
    I very like boys over flower..!!
    Please come n visit indonesia..!
    I want to learn korean language but very difficult..

  114. 114 : jed Says:

    hi im one of your avid fan here in tne phil,hope and pray that you can visit here in our beautiful country bec i know you like beautiful beaches bec,htere are lots of korean visitors here in our place…we love ur roles in boys before flower, more power to you jan di,,,,

  115. 115 : cylenaboflover Says:

    annyong, unni hye sun.. I am one of your avid fan here in the Philippines.. take care and God bless you!!

  116. 116 : pink_topaz Says:

    Hi Hyesun-sshi. 🙂
    I’m very happy that you were chosen as the female lead character of Boys Over Flowers..
    You added sparkle to BOF’s wonderful cast.
    The chemistry between you and Lee MinHo is truly wonderful and addictive. 🙂
    It’s good to have your show aired here in the Philippines.
    I was never an addict for dramas…especially dramas from other countries until BOF was introduced.
    I just hope that what one of our TV Hosts here said about you and the F4 coming here in the Philippines is true. As far as I know, you’ll like our country a lot despite the humid temperature. 😉
    More power to you and the othe BOF cast.
    Just ignore the bashers for they don’t know how to appreciate such wonderful pieces and professional actors and actresses like you.
    You have my lifetime support, Hyesun-sshi. 🙂
    Hyesun-sshi, FIGHTING! 🙂

    PS: I’m learning how to read, write and speak Korean on my own right now because of the drama. In other words, you have influenced a 14-year old girl like me a lot. 😉

  117. 117 : evergreen Says:

    Hello, Hye Sun. I like you. I’m watching Strongest Chil Woo now. I’ve finished watching Pure 19. After this Chil Woo, I hope The King and I will be available. I’m thinking, maybe you and Hyun Bin will also be a great pair in a romantic drama show. I just like Hyun Bin. I’m looking forward for the project. Good Luck!!

  118. 118 : claudhette Says:

    `ur so cute koo hye sun.

  119. 119 : kent Says:

    koo hye sun i like u when u act in the BOF

  120. 120 : shereen Says:

    how are you this days?
    i miss you and Lee Minho.
    how i wish to see you everyday on tv.
    your so cute & lovely!!!
    take care!!!

  121. 121 : veronica Says:

    ang ganda mo. parang ako. hahah

  122. 122 : veronica Says:

    gogo..bvoya over flowers. top rating kau d2 sa pilipinas.

  123. 123 : unscarred Says:

    saranghe koo hye sun!! so lovely and cute! =)

  124. 124 : naynie Says:

    hi’ KU HYE SUN aka GEUM JAN DI ..
    am so proud of you!

    you’re not just beautiful but a very talented person too.

    i really admire you!

  125. 125 : eunice Says:

    koo hye sun you are really a beautiful person and you are also talented, I really liked your movies in fact i’m your no.1 fan……………………
    you and lee min ho are soooooooooooo good together I hope that you two can make a movie again……………..

  126. 126 : eunice Says:

    you and lee min ho are perfect with each other………………..
    I really really do admire you a lot I wish that you and lee min ho are true lovers in real life……………………
    GOD bless you…………….. koo hye sun/geum jan di……..

  127. 127 : judie28 Says:

    koo hye soon aka jan di you’re great actress!!
    how i wish to meet you and BOF cast someday soon…
    take care!

  128. 128 : des Says:

    go jandi! beauty and brains. what more can u asked? her stunning almond-eyes, rosy cheeks and totally sweet smile outstand the rest of the korean actresses. come to think of it.. seldomly can an actress even write her own novel(tango)..how impressive (“,) keep up the good work!!! sunbae..

  129. 129 : aloena mae Says:

    haloo jandi..

    ganda mow talaga..


    luv ur show..

    keep up d gud work..


  130. 130 : Felicia Says:

    ellos! Koo Hye Sun, I love your smile is so lovely and sweet! Oh yes, forgot to intro, I’m Felicia from Singapore! I hope to see you in Singapore with the F4 guys! please do email me at [email protected]

    Thanks from you’re biggest fan,

  131. 131 : yhet_18 Says:

    …hElLo koo hYe sUn,im jUliet oF pHiliPpines..,uR no. 1 fAn heRE….HOpE tO sEe yoU iN pErsOn…mOre poWer,aNd goOd luCk tO yoUr cArEer…

  132. 132 : faye:) Says:

    hey gurl!..i heard you’ve got lots of talent;singing,acting and even in writing..that’s great!you and lee min ho are great together..i heard that you two are friends.keep up the good work..take care..

  133. 133 : sean Says:

    your so cute in boys over flower=) i like your hair there hahahaha can you go in the philippines i want 2 see u =)

  134. 134 : Janine Nolasco Says:

    ilove you jan di!

  135. 135 : kim bum Says:

    saranghae koo hye sun
    i want to be like you

  136. 136 : delaine Says:

    hey koo hye sun ur so cute and gud young actress in ur country..i really like u and lee min ho 2 b 2gether n real lyf..i really luv 2 watch BOF..hope that 1 day u and f4 wil visit hir n Philippines..i love you…mwah

  137. 137 : nicepurple Says:

    i love your cute face jan di!! you’re really a perfect match with jun pyo!!!

  138. 138 : claudine Says:

    .i like her role in boys over flowers, she’s really funny funny:)

  139. 139 : ika Says:

    my birthday…09 NOV too..
    same with koo hye sun..
    i can’t believe it…hehehe. 🙂
    hye sun unni..ur so cute, pretty and beautiful..
    i like you..unni.
    keep it up k..
    i will always support you..

    i’m from Malaysia..bye.

  140. 140 : jasmine:))ofPhilippines Says:

    hi koo hye sun!
    ur so pretty! and funny…
    JAN DI…
    bagay kau ni jun pyo!
    pls. come to philippines…

  141. 141 : alivh Says:

    hi ..ku hye son ! U re funny and beauty !

    go ! Go ! Go ! Boys before flowers !

    So romance if u with goo joon pyo (lee min ho)

    I’m from INDONESIA

  142. 142 : jewella Says:

    hello,koo hye sun!
    you’re so beautiful and funny in bof!
    hope you can come here in philippines..
    keep smiLing!
    hope we can be friends!


  143. 143 : linne Says:

    i really like koo hye sun because she’s cute as played jan di she’s more beautiful go………….go………….go……………..koo hye sun i♥you more…………

  144. 144 : Arwi Says:


    I’d like to sau that you were outstanding in Boys Before Flowers, so very charming, lovely and cute! You should go out with Lee Min Ho, you look so beautiful together! Hope that you will appear in many dramas! Wish you luck!

  145. 145 : michell Says:

    halo koo hye sun u know that u are so very talented person thats why i like u i hope that u will be fallin in love of lee min ho thank u very much

  146. 146 : Nicole Says:


  147. 147 : claire Says:


  148. 148 : kim jae eun Says:

    sa rang hae ku hye sun ……….lee min-ho and ku hye sun is cut together. they’re like a real couple btw i’ve watch there drama (boys over flowers/boys before flowers

  149. 149 : ica Says:

    hay koo hye sun

    i am like you, you are so pretty and funny i like you forever
    i like your film ( boy before flower ) is good.
    good bey…bey 🙂

  150. 150 : Kim eun suh Says:

    Hye Sun unni.. I’m from Indonesia.. I am fan of you and Lee Min Ho.. I like the chemistry both of you.. I hope U” get another chance to work with Min Ho oppa again.. GBU..^^

  151. 151 : mayank_indonesian Says:

    hy,,,i’m fROm indOnesia,,,
    just wanNa say,,,
    kOo hye suN,,,U’re my inspiRation,,,

  152. 152 : d'LianNa Says:

    Hi Koo Hye Sun. U re so beautiful woman! I m from Indonesian! Boys Before Flowers is already watched in indosiar tv. And U re so talented actress.. Congratulation 4 U..^^
    come to Indonesian, please^^

  153. 153 : keke Says:

    anyeonghaseyo! hye suh-ya
    chonun keke imnida!
    im from the philippines
    youre so popular here!
    and the f4 too!
    pls come here soon!

  154. 154 : Nay Says:

    Hi Koo Hye Sun…
    All Indonesian people waitin U here

    Hope U and F4 will come to Indonesia..
    God Bless You


  155. 155 : cinta bonny Says:

    Holaaaaa !!!

    I don’t know what can i say at the first side when i saw u at indonesian TV program that is INDOSIAR ,,

    I realize that u can change all my habits like i’m so lazy to do my duty at home and another ,,,,

    But when I saw u’re act ,,
    i’m very proud with u coz u can act so perfect !!
    pliz add my email at [email protected]
    I’ll waiting for u ,,,
    KUDE !!!

  156. 156 : PINK cOcOoN Says:


    Your sOOOOoooo…beautifUl
    Jan Di…!
    Keep Up the Good Work
    Stay Beautiful…!

  157. 157 : Desiree Says:

    hi!! jan di, your so beautiful, especially in your movie boys over flowers…i hope you will have another movie with lee min ho..

  158. 158 : Ling Ling Says:

    Hi… Like you very much in BBF, so natural… you act is very good..
    hope you will have another box office projects… with lee min ho..
    you and lim is a perfects couples….

    Big hug and regards,
    form Indonesia….

  159. 159 : shibbychan Says:

    omg , i love ur characters in bbf . u r absolutely pretty i’ve ever met . i love you Jan Di 🙂

  160. 160 : shiela Says:


  161. 161 : win dae Says:

    hi…annyeonghaseyo! choenen win dae imnida, indonesia saramimnida your act so natural i’ll never missed your movies, come to indonesia okey with 4 boys behind u ^_^ ll..

  162. 162 : yuri Says:

    cuantiq buangetttttttttttttttttt………………..

  163. 163 : ida miaw Says:

    u know………
    u change my life………
    I gOt spirit after I saw ur perform in BBF
    I HOPe I can be like jandi…
    never give up…….
    and always explosive……..
    and you are the most beautifull woman I ever saw
    when you come to indonesia???

  164. 164 : mas bejo bojone limo Says:

    Masya Allah cantiknya!! U re very very beautiful. I love u so much

  165. 165 : sujud harry pamungkas Says:

    ih lucu deh
    aku mau dong jadi pacar kamu
    kapan main ke bekasi,Indonesia?

  166. 166 : indira Says:

    Dear 구혜선 / Koo Hye Sun (Gu Hye Seon),

    hi…annyeonghaseyo! choenen win dae imnida, indonesia saramimnida.
    Koo Hye Sun..i like u so much..and when you come to my country?
    You are my inspiration to fitting in all condition wiil be happen in future.
    Oh ya..as you biggest fan..i hope you have a really a relitionship wih Lee Min Ho (Goo Jun Pyo)…becouse ..you are a great couple..
    CayyOooOO Koo Hye Sun..

    Best Regards,

  167. 167 : honey Says:

    wow ang galing mu tlga!!!
    cute mu pa

  168. 168 : dhita Says:

    hey,,, koo hye sun,,, your smile is cute…

  169. 169 : Lenny Says:

    I like you .. your beautiful ..
    when your come on indonesia .. ??

  170. 170 : ying Says:

    I love her in BOF! KHS fightning!

  171. 171 : kim jae eun Says:

    an yong ha se yo! chonun kim jae eun imnida philippines ch’onun e so wat sumnida………………

    i hope u and lee min ho and other cast of bof will come here you are so popular here promise……………hope u will come here …….
    tu pa yo

  172. 172 : song hye jin Says:

    ee po ta:)

  173. 173 : song hye jin Says:

    so pretty hye sun……..

  174. 174 : kimi Says:

    jo ah hae!!!!!!!

  175. 175 : Hnin Min Thaw Says:

    i like u.

  176. 176 : Abby Says:

    hello!you do very great in BFF more power to u…
    hope to se u here in the Philippines.
    god bless!!!

  177. 177 : shereen Says:

    sooooooooo beautiful!!!
    sooooooooo sweet!!!
    could you be Lee Minho’s lifetime partner?
    please accept him wholeheartedly
    I will be very much happy for both of you.
    Good luck, stay happy and God bless you always!!!

  178. 178 : ryu Says:

    you are my dream girl.. ^o^

  179. 179 : olin Says:


    i’m from indonesia

    you’re so beautiful…so cute..

    are you lee min ho girlfriend in real life????

    i hope yes,,very very nice couple..

    come to indonesia with F4,,please…

  180. 180 : eva Says:

    hi… Koo Hye Sun 🙂 I’m from indonesia
    you’re so beutiful girl…. I hope you can come to indonesia. by the way, you and lee min hoo are nice couple… I hope too

  181. 181 : d'pu3 lavita Says:

    hi koo hye sun…
    d’pu3 lavita hope you and F4 can come in Indonesia…
    thank you…

  182. 182 : nhanie Says:

    hy….koo hye sun.im from indonesia,u bener2 perempuan yg sangat tangguh…..!koo hye sun caayoooo

  183. 183 : Calistha Says:

    hi Koo Hye Sun..
    You’re very beautiful and very Cute..

    I like you Koo Hye Sun,

    I like you, because you’re very nice…

    Ehm, by the way..
    When you come to Indonesia???

    I want to see you in indonesia..
    and I want photo together with you!!
    Please Koo Hye Sun..

  184. 184 : mary Says:


    .. i love your role as an innocent one..

    …. you bring up your role as if you are in the real world of poverty.. a person that never give up and a person that has dignity and pride!…

    …….hope to see you in my place…(hope you’ll read this message)

    ………how pity i am! (never mind my childishness)

    ………..by the way,,keep up your good work!

  185. 185 : dessi dwi Says:

    haii…koo hye sun.. how are you?? i’m from indonesia. koo hye sun..u’re so beautiful girl.. i love u…

  186. 186 : dessi dwi Says:

    haii… koo hye sun.. how are u?? koo hye sun..u’re so very..very..beautiful girl…i love u

  187. 187 : NopH Says:

    Koo Hye Sun you’re very very very beautifuL

  188. 188 : NopH Says:

    ew ..
    so sorry, my report cut

    you are very very very beautifuL
    hehehe ..
    same with Indiri, I Hope you have relatiptions with Lee Min Hoo
    because in FiLm you are a funny coupLe!!
    Top CER !!

  189. 189 : WidiaLupH Says:

    Hi, Koo Hye Sun! How’re you? I’m Widia from Indonesia. Your acting is so great! i like when you portraying as Geum Jan Di. You’re more beautiful with your long hair,really! Boys Before Flowers is the BEST my Favorite Dorama ever!
    Mmm,ya! Do you have twitter or facebook? Please tell me and add me on facebook : [email protected]

    please,i beg you!
    I hope you’ll be a real couple with Lee Min Hoo,like in Boys Before Flowers. Trust, you’ll be a great couple!! Thanks !=)

  190. 190 : pj13 handsome Says:

    hi! i love you in tagalog mahal kita……..

    wish u come here in the Philippines…

    사랑해 sarang hae

    ^_^ mwuahh…

  191. 191 : pj13 handsome Says:

    love u babes!!!!!!

  192. 192 : pj13 handsome Says:

    annyeonghaseyo?, i love u so much,

    난 당신에게 중독이야 !!!!

  193. 193 : pj13 handsome Says:

    엄마는 너를 너무 사랑 … mwahh…

  194. 194 : april rose Says:

    ~i love u jan di! ur so cute and beautiful…

  195. 195 : diohanne Says:

    hey guyz!koo hye soon is really cute…she’s really a good actress…

  196. 196 : prima Says:

    koo hye sun……..akting kamu gue banget, anak yang begitu polos,,,,,,,,
    jan di i love you, kapan ya kita bisa ketemu???
    g mungkin kali…ketemu sama kamu ja itu suatu mukjizat loh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    anggap ja mimpi yang g kesampean………..
    tetap berkarir y koo hye sun,kamu manis banget,i like u, i love u,

  197. 197 : GraCey_o28 Says:

    Ku Hye Sun…. Your Verry Preety,,, hOneSt!!!!
    Ur A niCe aCtresS.. U made Ur Job Well gUrl!!
    Hope u’ll be w/ LeeMIn Ho..
    bOth of u has a grEat chEmiStry!!! pRomiz…….
    I claim.. that more moVies to cOme!!…
    i reaLLy enjOy BOF!!!
    …MhynCh_gUrl n’ bluE…

  198. 198 : nadya Says:

    waw, waw, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaww…….
    cihuyyy, hi koo hye sun…!!
    I am Nadya from Indonesia
    your acting in BBF is very cute…
    you’re so sweet, kiss with lee min hoo
    when you and F4 gank come to Indonesia???
    I love u 4ever

  199. 199 : dhes Says:

    helo… what’zup..what’s up… helo jandi..my name is dhes…your fans from phillipines…. can i comment? i think your so beauty if you have a long hair…keep up the good work…..

  200. 200 : laura Says:

    I like your acting so much….
    would you come to Indonesia with F4????
    good smile Geum Jan Di
    I’m from Indonesia,,

  201. 201 : nhica Says:

    hi…geum jan di…i like how you act…:)your so beatiful! i like how you dress up and your hair style,i hope you can visit philippines. im one of your big fans.:))

  202. 202 : merinda Says:

    hi geum jan di….
    i’m merinda hye sun..hehehehehe
    i like your acting in BBF….
    you are so beautiful and cute…..
    come to my country please….


  203. 203 : Ucan Says:

    hiiii…. u r so cute… can’t stand to see u here in Indonesia…

  204. 204 : Reza Says:

    Hi koo hye sun !!
    after i see u in your last movie BBF, i become u’r fan !!!
    hope there will be BBF 2 , thats tell your next life with goo jun pyo(Lee min hoo) ..
    u’r so cute !! and of course sooo beautiful !!!

    please reply to my e-mail !!!
    thanks. .

  205. 205 : katara Says:

    i’m very like you as long hair…good luck ^_^

  206. 206 : abu marli Says:

    i love u full

  207. 207 : dee Says:

    You’re so cute. Although you are older than me but if we walk together, I will be believe that some people say that I’m your sister..

  208. 208 : cheara Says:

    hi!sister. I’m your fan. I really interested at your action in BBF drama very much. you are so cute, I love you as my sister. I want to see you in Cambodia. Do you interested in my country? But my hope is you’ll reply to me back , I really your real fan na!Bye, sister.

  209. 209 : Agvie Says:

    Hi geum jan di aka köo hye sun..!Im fr0m ind0nesian..Hey Im very like with y0ur acting..I think y0ure acting is very natural..Hum I want t0 seE u..!!!I l0ve u..!!Chay0

  210. 210 : jenelyn Says:

    hi…geum jan di…i like how you act…:)your so beatiful! i like how you dress up and your hair style,i hope you can visit philippines. im one of your big fans.:))

  211. 211 : jenelyn Says:

    i am a fan from philippines your so good in acting in bbf i want to you a t.v series title:strongest chill woo in channel 7

  212. 212 : vyllem Says:

    Geum jan di!.

  213. 213 : cheara Says:

    I have some wonder about you, you are 25, but you look so pretty. How do you care about your beauty? I like your cute face very much 🙂

  214. 214 : nal Says:

    KOO HYE SUN.. wow i really admired ur acting esp. in BOF. u have d looks and d talents 2 have such major role. bravo ms.beautiful..u know wht? im 28 years old, but still i am an avid fan of yours.. i just pray that YOU and F4 could b able to visit the philippines. im done watching ur koreanovela but still i kept on researching about you , jun pyo and ji hoo.. i love ji hoo so much. u and ji hoo r indeed well-rounded person..i hope that u 2 would have a major concert soon..that’s possible right?

  215. 215 : rena atmaja Says:

    I’m the biggest fans for BBf,i luv all of u…i hope u will visit indonesia
    I pray for ur succesful&ur carrier,,,,I hope will Can be a friend…..I like ur act…..very much….C…U…

  216. 216 : miela Says:

    Hello,Iam from Indonesia.I like with your film although you ugly but you is the best

  217. 217 : nissa caca . Says:

    Hi …
    koo hye sun .
    I’m ur fans .
    I love ur acting in bbf .
    I hope there bbf will new episode .
    I wait ..
    Hhe .

    Please reply to my email .
    Chayo !

    Thanks ..

  218. 218 : nissa caca . Says:

    Please !
    Reply to my email :-);-) .
    Dont forget !

  219. 219 : La-la Says:

    Hi “KOO HYE SUN”!!!
    my name is lala-from indonesia….-malang city…
    geum jan di
    #beautiful girl
    #smart girl
    #cute girl

    I have a quastion…
    May I???

    to KOO HYE SUN
    who is your boys friend???

  220. 220 : lyra Says:

    hi hope you can read this ………..love you

  221. 221 : cheara Says:

    Hi!sister. I really really love your cute action in BBF very much. You are a real wonder woman, so brave. Keep brave like rock na, sunbae…! Have a nice day (“,)/

  222. 222 : Amyneyz Says:

    Hy.,,koo hYe sUn
    I like yOur aCt so much that’s make me have inspiration for my life,I’m from Indonesia and I hope yOu and F4 cAn visit my country,..I’m really want kNow who is your boy friend???
    I think you and Lee Min hO is the best couple,..I hope you cAn have a special relation with him I wish for your sucess and your happiness,..

    I like you,…Thx

  223. 223 : minee Says:

    Wish you the best Koo Hye Sun…. you’re a great actress… thanks for your talent… you made us happy.

  224. 224 : Indi Says:

    hallloooooooooo, i hope you can visit Indonesia I LOVE YOU :):)

  225. 225 : BOB Says:

    Haha, she is a very talented girl..

  226. 226 : ackha Says:

    haiiiiiii koo hye sun
    aku suka banged sama drama korean mu…..
    terus smangad ya…….
    maaf ni pake bahasa Indonesia

  227. 227 : feby Says:

    you are so cute and talenteed..
    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  228. 228 : Ruth Says:

    ol d bez 4 u..
    keep up d gud work!^^

    u make me love d korean drama.. =D
    hope will see u again in another film..
    fighting!! n GBU.. ^_________^

  229. 229 : mega lestari Says:

    hiii Koo Hye sun

  230. 230 : Emil Says:

    Hií. . .
    Any0ung hasEo
    Jandi y0uR look so bEauTifUl_

  231. 231 : windy Says:

    hi koo hye sun!!! i heard that ur so talented!!! gosh i really admire you!!! only few people are given plenty of talents and ur one of those few people…i really love boys over flowers,u and gun pyu,the two of you…people here in the philippines are getting insane with ur show,its so nice,better than f4 before…lol..hope u guys could visit the philippines soon…i want to know more about you and jun pyu,hope that you two would become lovers…are you really a swimmer???? and u rily play piano???

  232. 232 : windy Says:

    by the way my name is windy and im from the philippines….i really love watching u and jun pyu’s bloopers on youtube,so nice watching the two of you having sweet moments together…i really love the two of you!!!! godbless! hope to meet u soon!! and jun pyu!

  233. 233 : kartika cutez Says:

    hai kyoo hye soon,, i`m kartika from indonesia,,and i`m u`r fans ..
    I hope U can visit to indonesia.. ok

  234. 234 : jiandaaa_soeciiiiiii Says:

    hiiiii…… Guem juan di you are the best & your beautiful guest
    yours big fans…… oke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  235. 235 : mulia Says:

    KOO HYE SUN ! i love her so much . unnie, can you visit Indonesia? here’s so many fans of you and f4 . PLEASE COME AND VISIT US !

  236. 236 : pinky Says:

    Geum Jan Di
    i like u….because u cute…n beatifull

  237. 237 : Ella Says:

    I’m Ella.
    i’m one of your fans from indonesian
    I like your acting, because your acting is very good!
    Good Luck…….!

  238. 238 : RheNeE Says:

    i dont like u..
    because i jealous buangggeett….

    moment u kissing with lee min hoo .. tauuu,,,

  239. 239 : U.S.A. Says:

    Miss Koo or Gu, your portrayal as Jan Di in Boys Before Flowers was extraordinary. Your character was the formidable contrast that was needed to turn around the lives of the emotionally, messed up F4. Eventhough, they had everything and could get anything they wanted, your very presence slowly began to bring an awareness for change in their lives. Excellent writer(s). I’m so glad that you were chosen to play this role.

    As far as people who make comments about not liking you, don’t even receive that foolishness. The thought of it is not even worth a grain of salt. It’s sad and shows no emotional growth, when people can’t distinguish fiction from reality, and comprehend what the writer is conveying. There’s always a lesson to be learned in life, whether the source is fiction or reality. Whoever they are that’s envious of your position in whatever role you play, that means you definitely are doing something right. People are not jealous or envious of someone who doesn’t make an impact in other peoples lives or who’s really not headed for or displaying some form of greatness.

    May your gift of acting prosper you in every area of your life. Thank you for sharing that gift with all of us.

  240. 240 : Yuliantari Says:

    안녕 내 이름 yuliantari
    내가 발리 덴파사 르에서 온
    나는 아시아 소년 꽃 전에 드라마 제목이 정말 맘에
    정몽구 회장은 박근혜 언니 동생 태양이 매우과 최대 접촉 끈적거리는 인표 또는 존 리 분 호, 아주 다정하고 특히 아름답습니다.
    정몽구 회장은 박근혜 여부 태양 자매 리 분 호와 특수 관계가 있나요?
    난 강력하게 지원하는 경우, 여동생과 일치 리 분 sangan 호.

  241. 241 : Yuliantari Says:

    안녕 내 이름 yuliantari
    내가 발리 덴파사 르에서 온
    나는 아시아 소년 꽃 전에 드라마 제목이 정말 맘에
    정몽구 회장은 박근혜 언니 동생 태양이 매우과 최대 접촉 끈적거리는 인표 또는 존 리 분 호, 아주 다정하고 특히 아름답습니다.
    정몽구 회장은 박근혜 여부 태양 자매 리 분 호와 특수 관계가 있나요?
    때문에 기존의 동생 리 분 호와 일치하는 경우, 지원합니다.

  242. 242 : lyka Says:

    hi!!!!jan di u know ur so nice inside and out…….
    hope that i will see you in person…….
    i love you and always take care love you guys

  243. 243 : shereen Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on your art exhibit!!!
    You really are an awesome artist.
    I really admire you for your positive outlook in life. Keep it up!!!
    Go fight, fight, fight Koo Hyesun!!!

  244. 244 : song hye jin Says:

    i hope you, lee min ho, kim so eun, and kim bum also kim joon and kim hyun jung . will come here in Philippines. we hope to see all of you soon.

  245. 245 : kim jae eun Says:

    if there would be a korean drama with this tittle, “MY SISTER’S BESTFRIEND IS MY GIRLFRIEND” it would be more nicer if you(koo hye sun) and lee min ho and kim so eun who will play the roles:
    LEE MIN HO: Song Jun Woo (Song Eun Jae’s older brother)
    KU HYE SUN: Ku Jun Hee ( Song Jun Woo’s girlfriend/loveteam)
    KIM SO EUN: Song Eun Jae ( Ku Jun Hee’s bestfriend/Song Jun Woo’s younger sister)


    KIM BUM: Ku So Pyo ( Ku Jun Hee’s younger brother/loveteam of Song Eun Jae)
    KIM HYUN JUNG: Yoon Yi Jeon (Song Jun Woo’s bestfriend and love interfair between Song Jun Woo and Ku Jun hee)
    KIM JOON: Woo Jin Ho ( Song Jun Woo’s friend and Ku Jun Hee’s lost friend)

    (Lee Min Ho) Song Jun Woo- who says “MY SISTER’S BESTFRIEND IS MY GIRLFRIEND”
    Ku Hye Sun here is a succesful businesswoman with her younger brother.
    And Lee Min Ho is an actor and have a bad memories about his family who are living in canada before and he is responsible of his younger sister who is KIM SO EUN who will play the role of Song Eun Jae.

    other explanation will follow……………

  246. 246 : lyra Says:

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    i like the way you’ve act
    i like ur personality
    and the way u love ur fans..
    i’ll hope we see u soon..
    luv u
    tke cre..
    god bless

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    anyo . .

    Happy ending for u and goO jun pyo . .
    Hahahaha . .
    I like that . .
    Btw, i’m from INDONESIA. ..
    I hope u cAn visit and meEt your fans together f4 . .
    U’re so cuTe . .

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    Ur so Stronger girl n beauthy

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    thank you for all your efforts in the making of BBF! btw, i loooooved you and the rest of the cast even more when i saw the NG’s and BTS!!! you guys are sooooo cute! 😀 hope that all of you will always be that happy and energetic!

    i really can’t get enough of bbf.. hehe. i’m hoping there’ll be an original dvd of the series with the NG’s, BTS, after story and interviews… with good eng subs of course. 😀

    looking forward to more of your works, be it songs, movies, dramas or artworks!

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    annyonghaseo . . .

    hi, geum jan di . . .

    you know wHat ? I realLy realLy like your roLe in boyS before fLowers

    you’re so pure . . .

    i hoPe you n Lee min Hoo can be true Lovers . . .

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    “we will wait for you ”


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    i like you in BBF. you’re beautiful and simple. . .
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    Iam from Saudi Arabia
    I love You Sooooo Much
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    Thank you so much for this serias (Boys Before Flowers) your role is amaizing and you is soooo funny and so cute

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  276. 276 : andreane Says:

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    G E U M

    J A N D I

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    hai…KHS, you’re such a great actress !!!
    i’m so happy and excited when i watched BBF.
    …hope to see you in personal with Lee Min Ho 🙂

  279. 279 : admawati Says:

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    KHS..yoe’re such a great actress!!!…so happy & excited when i watched BBF(three times)…
    hope to see u and Lee Min Ho in personal 🙂

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    jan di …
    saya dr Indonesia ….

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    i like ur acting in BBF ..
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    And i always hope i can meet and become friend with u n’ F4..

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    i like u

  284. 284 : jit Says:

    Please Vote for the BOF Cast and BOF so that they can win in the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009. ( I personally voted for BOF as best drama, KHS as best actress and LMH as best actor even though KHJ,KB,and KJ:( were also options since I love MINSUN. KHS and LMH need to be together.)

    You can vote here.
    Also vote for them in the Japanese and Korean Websites so that they aren’t behind on those. There are pictures so you can figure it out.

    *Voting period 7/13/09-8/30/09
    *You are only supposed to vote once daily but after voting once, close the site, delete the cookies, then go to the site and you can vote again.

  285. 285 : Mala Says:

    Am ur big fans from indonesia
    I like ur acting with min hoo…the best couple…

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    wHen yOu cOmming in iNdonesia?
    I’M waiting You Geum jAndi…

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  288. 288 : Maria Theresa Says:

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    i’m is one of your fans……
    nice to know you^^

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  292. 292 : Goen Says:


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  293. 293 : STAR Says:


    ur soo pretty, cute, sexy and Great Actress..

    I Reli LiKe Ur CheMisTry Wit GOO JUN PYO and JI HOO…

    WatcHing Boys Over Flower Every Nyt Makes Me inspire and Kips Me SmiLing…


    hi to KAT, JULIE and CLAIRE…

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    weeeeee…. ur xoo pretty!!!!
    i lAb ur eyes. .hihi

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    Hopefully theres BOF part 2. Lots of people will watch it. Hope to meet u someday wt f4. Godbless u.

  296. 296 : simone lee Says:

    your acting in BBF is so natural and through your role as Geum Jandi, you surely have inspired many of us here.

    we from South East Asia would be very happy to meet you in person here!

  297. 297 : cherry Says:

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    looking forward to more of your next projects….
    hope u will visit us here in the Philippines togethere with the F4….

    God bless!!!……

  298. 298 : niken Says:


    G E U M j a n d i.. i’m fRom IndonEsia

    i hOpe u wIth F4 cAn visIt to Indoesia

    u LoOk sO pRetTy i LikE u wIth gOO joOn pyO

    i HoPe u cAn maRried wiTh hIm iN BBF ^_^………….

  299. 299 : sam Says:

    hey koo hye sun, you are such an inspirational and wonderful actress, now your art work is even fscinating i love you and keep up the good work i hope to see you someday in person along with any good up coming dramas of your.

  300. 300 : vida Says:

    Haiiiiiiiiii………………….. !!!!!!!!!

    Geum jan di I luv u sO mucH….

    nice to kNow u ^_^

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  302. 302 : claire Says:

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  303. 303 : magdalene Says:

    HIHI GHS! you are so beautiful. i thought you were very young cos i watch bof and you look so young in the show. but now i see that you are actually already 25 yrs! how do you manage to stay so young and beautiful??

  304. 304 : MAY Says:

    hello my friend asked me to come look at this photo of you… you really do look so young haha. how do you do that.. anyway you are very pretty and i wish you all the best!

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  307. 307 : MAY Says:

    MAY! haha good thing you are in my house but using different coms. yay sleepovers! haha why are we not using msn but chatting here instead i don’t know lol. yeahh hye sun is so beautiful. her complexion is nice and her face is so perfect. and most importantly, she smiles alot and is so friendly and sweet.

  308. 308 : magdalene Says:


  309. 309 : MAY Says:

    you know, i really hope she and hyun joong date…..

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    how cute you are…..

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    u very cute n so beautifull….

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    I like to watch BBF…
    You r very very beautiful..
    Don’t forget 2 me……thankz…

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    so, aza aza fighting!!!!!!!

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    wow,you’re so cute…
    i can’t imagine how funny you are….
    it’s a little late for me to know you…
    i’ve just known you from BBF….
    i’m waiting for your next movie..

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    Hi!! You’re so cute and funny in BOF. So good that i can’t help but laugh and cry with you in every scene. Hope to see more movies/series of you and Lee Min Hoo in the future. I wish that you’ll visit Phils. soon, my daughters are dying to see the both of you. They even memorize your lines in the series. More power and success!!

  316. 316 : DESI AYU Says:

    i am Desi……
    from Jakarta city.
    i Like u Sister koo hye sun………….
    i like boys before flowers….
    Kimbum,and Lee min hoo is Boys Handsom and cute….
    he is good and hapily……
    i love u Korea………..

  317. 317 : Ma. Angelica Del Gallego Says:

    hi ku hye sun

    I’m angelica I’m 8 yrs old from philippines I am your number 1 fan here in our country, your so beautiful I always watch your movie BOYS OVER FLOWER. pls add me to your frendster.

    see yah.

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    i’m yollanda from indonesia

    i like boys before flowers

    you are beautiful

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    you are look so cute and beautiful,,
    wish you the best..
    replay to my email please..

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    In BOF u’re so cute n lovely.
    Group of G_4 are ur fans!!!
    N we 1 2 kno u clearly so i wish u reply!!!! thz

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    your fan,

  322. 322 : Sally Says:

    Ann Yeong Hye Sun,

    I’m Sally from Singapore. This drama is so nice and touching.. Finally Geum Jan Di is with Goo Jun Pyo..happy ending..

    Ha…ha…u have acted well in this drama..Hope to see you soon in other drama.

    Fighting…Fighting…Hope to have reply from you..We can be friend and your fan..Do you have facebook or friendster. You can add me in?

    Kam sha Ha mi da
    Sally 🙂

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    i love you hye sun…..

  324. 324 : RaffaNaylla Says:

    Hi Goo Hye Sun, I’m Raffa from indonesia. I like you acting in BBF.

    I luv they way you smile. Very Bright smile.

    And for me, you looks very friendly and sweet.

    I wish all the best for you and more success.

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    Hello koo hye sun……
    i’m gilang from indo
    do you have facebook
    this is my facebook : [email protected]
    add me plaese my fb
    thx 🙂

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  327. 327 : Ewwing Says:

    U’re really feminime, and beautiful. Just merry me…


  328. 328 : angelica Says:

    hi im your #2 fan

  329. 329 : annisa Says:

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    i don’t know what can i say,,u so beutiful I LOVE U

  330. 330 : deri Says:

    난 당신이 인도네시아를 방문 희망 ..
    내가 관심이 매우 akting ..
    당신은 매우 아름답습니다, 특히 내 눈을에 ..

  331. 331 : dina Says:

    hello…miss hye sun my name is dina i come from indonesia,ponti city…
    your acting in BBF is very cood,i very like,succes to you…

  332. 332 : dina Says:

    hallo… miss hye sun my name is dina come from indonesia,ponticity…
    when you and some actor BBF come in indonesia? i waiting..pliss..
    yuo acting in BBF is very goooood,success to you,always…

  333. 333 : John Wiargo Says:

    i was glad that i`ve watched ur act koo hye sun ~..
    i`ll always love u as my idol.. please do ur best for all of your work.. God Bless u..

  334. 334 : lanz Says:

    love you muachhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  335. 335 : dea Says:

    정몽구 회장은 박근혜 후광 카카 태양

    인도네시아에서 난 DEA

    난 영화를하기 전에 꽃들을 돌보고왔다 우수

    카카가 아름답습니다

    나는 카카처럼

    ‘카’는 항상 정신을 나중에

  336. 336 : maria amistad Says:

    maria amistad

    wow!!!ur so beutiful.wer the same.im totally addicted to ur movie.bof im maria a great citizen in philippines.ur kissing scene in bof w/ goo jun pyo was make me crazy. i lve you and also goo jun pyo. i hope you will visit here in the philipphines.

    i love you so much

  337. 337 : nana Says:

    hy hye sun… you are so beautiful… I very like you…

    when you come to Indonesia?

    you are so perfect…. I’m your biggest fan….

  338. 338 : wtf Says:

    pretty soo pretty

  339. 339 : sara Says:

    you’r so cute as a cat (lol)
    i love you so much you are realy an actress,and also your skin is very beauty(lol)

  340. 340 : ina Says:

    my name is ina,when go to indonesia????

  341. 341 : catherine Says:

    .. koo hye sun your sOo.. very pretty and lee min ho your soO cute.
    ♥♥ both of you i love you!! and still pretty guem jan di.. ahah GoD bLeSs!♥
    and i love ggu jun pyo..

  342. 342 : catherine Says:

    ..♥ i love you.. jun pyo and guem jan di..♥♥♥♥♥

  343. 343 : NINI DESMARANI Says:

    hy koo hye soon
    how are you?

    so your is pretty and beautifull
    so your is smart


    Please add me in your facebook


  344. 344 : ria Says:

    you is my favorite

  345. 345 : Arinda Says:

    Koo Hye Sun you so beautiful and smart I Like You………….

  346. 346 : Dark city Says:

    She so pretty

  347. 347 : Sponge bob Says:

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  348. 348 : Sponge bob Says:

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    I juSt WaNNa Say U’rE so cuTe……

    All My FrienDs vEry Like U…



  350. 350 : yolanda Says:

    hi…… i’am yola your fans from indonesia,,, do you know?? your fans in indonesia is very much,,, because,your beautyfull,,,,,,, and your acting in boys before flowers,is very good,,,, when will you come in indonesia?? my home is in pekalongan city in indonesia,, I LIKE YOUR FACE,, i want to meet you,.,., please come in pekalongan city,in indonesia,,,,, good bye,, thank you…..

  351. 351 : jhey ann umalla Says:

    …hi… im one of your biggest fan in the philippines .. im hoping that someday you will come here in the philippines with the boys over flowers cast… please say hello to lee min ho also from jheyann

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  353. 353 : PUTRI SARI YANI Says:


  354. 354 : mitch of dubai Says:

    she’s very talented., magnifico!

  355. 355 : jandi Says:

    hi nice meeting you, your very beautiful i am ur biggest fan her n the philippines…i luv u

  356. 356 : Wulan Says:

    Hi……! My Name Wulan Nice To Meet You All Friend, I knew this blogs juts a minute ago and i very like with BBF

  357. 357 : angel Says:

    Hi Koo Hye Sun im angelica im one of ur fan,u know i really like u a lot Thats why i admare u so much,and i hope to see u in korea i love u always nd kip safe mwaahh god bless see u soon Jan di.

  358. 358 : agles Says:

    Halo.. namaku agles.. ojo tuku jamu..
    Hello.. my name is agles.. do not buy jhamoo.. to keep your beauty

  359. 359 : citra Says:

    Hi hye sun.it’s nice to know all about you.i’m citra from indonesia.
    I like you when you have long hair 🙂

  360. 360 : cHy_M0odzZ Says:

    oh my show sweet….

    love you….


  361. 361 : tyrababy Says:

    Im your biggest fan from malaysia. i love you so much. U r beauty with brain. god bless u.

  362. 362 : bimil Says:

    Ohhh, Goo hye sun I very like u act… u so talented… I love u so much…When u will visit Indonesia????I’ll waiting this great moment….


  363. 363 : siti sanisma Says:

    I AM SAD…..very222 sad looking your acting…I am from indonesia..when you come to indonesia???I LIve at in Dumai this city in Riau…If u can u must come here key???u very nice n beautiful,u can speak english??i want meet you,i want to korea meet you,can you meet me please??

  364. 364 : jandine Says:

    koo hye sun can yu ad me in to your yahoo messenger..this is my yahoo id janine_v8

  365. 365 : princess may Says:

    halu…im your biggest fan Princess May from Philippines …you are so beautiful when u have long hair..we want you to meet Philipines..i

  366. 366 : rabbit Says:

    i think Koo Hye Sun very cute…she likeness the girl in the comic. very very cute……>-

  367. 367 : Ruth Says:

    Koo Hye Sun is the 1st Korean actresss (in fact, actresses of all nationality) that I’ve paid so much interest in……she may not be the best in everything, but she has an inner purity, beauty & personality that just sticks out above every one else. Hope you’ll continue to use your God-given talents wisely. I’m so much looking forward to see you in your next project, esp in a drama or movie.

  368. 368 : fitri_ms Says:

    i think you are very smart and you have very much a talent, and from you i study and make me inspiration about my future, thanks koo hye sun about your inspiration, and i have a spirit to life. and i am from INDONESIAN

  369. 369 : aulia Says:

    your charecter on this drama give me support to struggle in this live

  370. 370 : inese Says:

    hei koo hye sun,
    you is beautiful. you very fan.
    koo hye sun love lee min hoo

  371. 371 : Well Says:

    Goo Hye Sun will be releasing a new music album coming end-August, follow by a movie. I’m so excited !!

  372. 372 : cindy Says:

    When I saw you drama Pure Heart 19, on tv, I said she a good actress and they said you song the theme song of that drama. Your are so talented. One of the actress she as drama showing now on tv. The want to be like you wearing hat, dress, hair and also acting like you. Her first name Han H….J…… I hope you will be a partner of Kim Ji Hoon on of the drama. If you looking a partner to your new movie why not get him. He is actor and good looking guy. Hope we will be together to your movie project

  373. 373 : Maya Says:

    With short hair you look fresh

  374. 374 : gillybebz Says:

    Goo Hye Sun you are the best actrees ever i see.and i hope you will be a lucky girl to have Lee Min Ho.please come to Indonesia.some producers thing you can be star in INdonesia.I like ur act in Boys Before Flowers and another drama or film.You are very talent, be fresh ok!
    If you get Lee Min Ho you will make many people happy.
    Nice to meet you…..

  375. 375 : gillybebz Says:

    I LoVE You JaN dI!!!!

  376. 376 : maena Says:

    you’re really really cute in the movie,
    aza aza fighting.
    sarang hae yo, noona!

  377. 377 : yeyen..... Says:

    Jan di!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U are very cute and beautiful in boys before flowers.
    God Bless U
    GOD LUCK FOR YOU!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>??????

  378. 378 : jerwin Says:

    happy bday Gu Hye Seon many movie to come dont singing career go wasted i know how talented u are if im a song writer ill make u on to sing but guess im not ^_^ ur voice make people have peace hope just wondering whats ur next move…… belated happy bday keep smiling

  379. 379 : jerwin Says:

    opps my mistake its not yet ur bday but ill be the 1st one to greet b4 the day ^_^ Gu Hye Seon

  380. 380 : nonik wiyono Says:

    I love your act in BBF..so natural!! i think, BBF not good without you..

  381. 381 : ika Says:

    you very beautiful


  382. 382 : lina Says:

    i love your smile & your acting…
    WILL SUPPORT YOU …. Hope to see your new drama soonest..

  383. 383 : dev1 Says:

    iam fans from indonesia
    you are a pretty girl. i like everything abaut you.
    so… can i be your fans?

  384. 384 : patricia marie t. evangelista Says:

    hi im one of you biggest fan here in the philippines…hope you’ll have another show with both lee min ho and kim hyun joong …i love your trio…^_^

  385. 385 : sinta Says:

    hy..im sinta from indonesia,you so beautiful koo hye sun…

  386. 386 : rail Says:

    hy…i’m fans from indonesia..
    i think you are so beautiful..
    your best couple is lee min ho..

  387. 387 : Sintia Says:

    kakak cantik………..banget aku jadi terkesan ama kakak
    kapan2 kakak ke sini y aku mau ketemu ama kakak…..
    kakakke makassar donkk banyak yang ngefens ama kakak
    udah dlu pesan nya y kakak tha2 ^~^

  388. 388 : Sintia Says:

    kakak kesini donk kita semua mau ketemu aka kakak
    maaf kakak pesannya singkat2 saja tha2 kak^~^

  389. 389 : Angelica Wijaya Says:

    …….Hi…….. kakak aku ngefens lo ama kakak
    datang y ke makassar biar kita bisa ketemuan aku
    salut ama kakak acting kakak bagus lo kapan2 ikut
    actinya plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    kakak udah dlu ya suratnya tha2 -_- ^~^

  390. 390 : nunu nugraha Says:

    frankly speaking,, you are so beautiful..
    I am a man that didn’t like a famous thing that everybody likes,, but I tried to watch “boys before flower” on TV,, one of the reasons is I want to know how spectacular this film is, and when the first time I saw this film my question was answered. and it’s true,,, it’s really amazing movie I ever seen.. I hope that one day I want to see you in Indonesia,,, but if it’s really happen,, I want you and the others movie stars come to bogor,, it’s my homestay,, I’m waiting for you…
    keep spirit and always be success,,,

  391. 391 : just keep smile Says:

    thanks for the bof

    you are so cute and pretty!!

    fight till the end

  392. 392 : Desi Says:

    hello !
    I’m Desi from Jakarta. . .
    I LIke you. . .
    I LOVE U.

  393. 393 : charypha Says:

    akting ka2 bgs bgt dlm BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS…..
    moga langgeng ma jun pyo sampek kakek nenek y ……..
    from : INDONESIAN

  394. 394 : aNie Says:

    you are very beautiful…………

  395. 395 : putri19 Says:

    i lovers you,..
    neoreul saranghanda!!!!!!……………………

  396. 396 : Petrus Paulus Lelyemin Says:

    great person at the drama…
    you should keep on it…

    love u . . .

  397. 397 : atena Says:

    hi darling
    i love you so much.my name is atena,i live in iran.you very very sweet and nice.this is my e_maile [email protected]
    tank you very much.

  398. 398 : ade pryta Says:

    ur smile is so sweet…so warm n natural…

  399. 399 : niia Says:

    koo hye sun………

    u look so beautiful..

  400. 400 : aiza Says:

    hello cn u b my friends im aiza came the phillipines………………..

  401. 401 : aiza Says:

    hi d u wnt 2 friends m…………….

  402. 402 : go jon pyo Says:

    hI, , ,

    u very beutyful, , ,
    I hope you come to aceh.. .
    pLeace. .

  403. 403 : minozer Says:

    Hi jan di… I love ur acting in bbf… U’r inspiring me to be confidance n always be brave in every ways… Tq

  404. 404 : Citra Says:

    Love u Koo Hye Soon … My Fans !!!!

  405. 405 : Citra Says:

    Love U …..

  406. 406 : tyar Says:

    u very very smart n beatiful

  407. 407 : fitri Says:

    u’re very beautiful n a strong woman

  408. 408 : dal Says:

    ugly.. yuck!!

  409. 409 : Chuwiee Says:

    I Love y0u Gu Hye
    Seon. .y0u are T’best

  410. 410 : alena Says:

    i love gum jan di and gu jun pyo, whew!!!

  411. 411 : alena Says:

    I am a fully blooded filipino but i really do love korean and taiwan drama series,especially boy over flowers,the best tlga!!! Ang dami ko nang na-collect na cd, and lgi ko p rn pnapan0od. Luv u guys…kip it up!

  412. 412 : Syarifah Says:

    you are so cute..

  413. 413 : Goo Hye Sun is your name. No Koo Says:

    You are my sister in dream. So perfect lady

  414. 414 : yeyen Says:

    can u make a movie or drama series with dara park
    can you visit Philippines?

  415. 415 : febby ucliq Says:

    yOu are very beautiful between the Others Actress n Actor in Boys Before Flowers.
    n i like you’re cHemistry with Lee Min Hoo,Will u n The oThers go t0 IndonEsia ??

    wE are waiTing 4 Boys Before Flowers cOming, ^.^

  416. 416 : louis Says:

    koo hye sun your so beautiful!
    hope 2 see u soon…….
    every other girls here love 2 immitate u!
    everybody lovs u here!
    please visit the phillipines someday with the f4!…….


  417. 417 : myra faye Says:

    hai koo hYe Sun…..HmmmMp
    YoUR sO sO sO PREtTY…
    BAgAy nA bagAY TLaGA KaYO ni
    Kuya LEE Min hOo!!!
    i Really really .>.wla lNg Gud…

  418. 418 : myra faye Says:

    Hai Ate koo hyE sUn…
    hmmmmmp na saan nA Ba C kUya lEe miN hOo..?????????????
    taKe CaRe aLwAYs atE ha!!!!!

  419. 419 : cyndi Says:

    hi koo hye sun..!!

    idol na idol tlga kita..
    although karibal kita,k lng..
    idol pa rin kita.hehehe

    ang cute2x mo kc eh..

    regards mo ako kay lee min ho..

  420. 420 : denise Says:


  421. 421 : sima Says:

    Hi miss koo
    I and my sisters and our niece like you in Boys before flowers verymuch.
    you are the best.
    good luck.

  422. 422 : emilia sukma dewi Says:

    hiiii, i hope u be my friend…

  423. 423 : danny Says:

    haiii miss koo you beautifull in boys before flower……

  424. 424 : cherwin Says:

    hello…………,can you be my friend,.,.,.,plaese add comment in my mail

  425. 425 : dhila Says:

    hai,,,,koo hye sun,,
    you is beautiful,,
    please come to indonesia,,,,,,,,,,,

  426. 426 : bella Says:

    you beatiful,,,

    place come to indonesia,,,,,,

  427. 427 : Rizha Says:

    Hi Miss Koo..
    U’re so cute..
    I and my sister
    Is Very,,very like you..
    Please visit Indonesia..
    I hope U and Lee Min Ho
    Can be true love..

  428. 428 : sara Says:

    hai koo hye sun…
    can you visit Indonesia with F4 ?

  429. 429 : sofia Says:

    annyong hashimniga!!!!!!!!
    i hope you can visit us here in philippines

  430. 430 : Christina lukman Says:

    Hallo my name is christina. I,m from indonesia. When you and f4 can comes to indonesia ? Pleas reply . Tanks .

  431. 431 : vaji Says:

    it was the best serial that i have seen.

    i think this serial have strong infuence on every body.
    very lovly that realy impress every body.

    i wish you be successful every where in every time.

  432. 432 : elin Says:


    wher are you

  433. 433 : atiktiko Says:

    halo, i’m your fan from indonesia
    please visit to indonesia with f4 😉

  434. 434 : Donia Says:

    hy…Koo Hye Sun
    how ar u?
    my name is Donia
    i am from Timorese country
    u are the best””I like u style in BBF
    and I hope u & Lee Min Hoo can be true LOVE
    I love F4
    kixx & GBU

  435. 435 : ziru Says:

    ^ ^

  436. 436 : pacarnya lee minho Says:


  437. 437 : lupin Says:

    hai i’m your big fan. I hope u happy everyday

  438. 438 : hm5airy Says:

    i watched your cf with BI it s sooooooooooooooo kute

  439. 439 : sesehangma Says:

    u r so talent

  440. 440 : raNieSa,FaNiE,Vi3a Says:



    when do you come to indonesia with min ho oppa???????

  441. 441 : iin Says:

    you are so cutee….!!
    i like you

  442. 442 : Dinah Says:

    Assalamua’laikum… I’m dinah from Indonesia..,how do u do? I like u so much… You are so cute…,nice…,and very talented… Wish u all the best…. Amin…


  443. 443 : erny melina Says:

    Hi…Gem Jun Di, it is more easy to call your name like that rather than your real name. I am from Indonesia. I like you, because you are pretty, smart and cheerfull. we loved your acted in BBF. I am waiting for your next step. wish u success always.

  444. 444 : syaza Says:

    the one who is important in Boys Over Flower to make it success…
    congrate for all of you…

  445. 445 : lili Says:

    hi goo hye sun… aku nge fans sama goo hye sun karna sejak ada bbf aku udah nge fans sama goo hye sun sejak aku nonton pertama kali nonton bbf kapan yah goo hye sun bisa datang ke indonesia?

  446. 446 : jhay-jhay Says:

    -hi ms. koO-

    -i reaLly likE yOu-

    -i thinK we hAve thinGs in cOmmon,,,hehehe-

    -honestLy,,,i realLy likE u in bOys befOre flOwer-

  447. 447 : arien Says:

    you so cute..
    when you comed to Indonesia ?

  448. 448 : anggita Says:

    I wish you be a lee min hoo’s girlfriend ,,,,,,, 🙂

    please come to indonesia ……..

  449. 449 : hanum Says:

    when will u go to indonesia??
    you’re a great actress!! you inspiring me!!

  450. 450 : vonnie Says:

    kapan datang ke Indonesia?

  451. 451 : shamsul Says:

    okay. wierd comments. this is just a database you know….so…yeah….wierdos

  452. 452 : mied Says:

    hy..nice to see you… you’re so cute..
    I wish you to come to malang indonesia..
    thanks a lot..

  453. 453 : VURRINDA AYU KARTIKA Says:

    happy birthday koo hye sun. how are you? vurrinda in indonesian.

  454. 454 : Ftangel Says:

    i haven’t relise that hyesun was on august rush, i had watched that movie for 2 times, but i still not recognize you until i search it on youtube yesterday..
    even you was just cameo, and just got 2 second role there, but it’s hard to join in the hollywood.. so. nice try.. hha
    for anyone who never watch august rush, check it ot.. nice movie, and hye sun was there.. ;))

  455. 455 : pink Says:

    i like u
    in bof


  456. 456 : intan Says:

    i liKe uR acTing in BBf ,,, and i one oF ur fans in indonesia,,,
    wish u aLLwys succsess,,,and we want u visit to indonesia,,,,

  457. 457 : jade Says:

    ypur so pretty and a good actress.im your loyal fan in php

  458. 458 : joebie Says:

    anyong haseyo shonon joebie imneda

  459. 459 : joebie Says:

    im your #1 fan in the phil. pls. add me in friendster [email protected] and also your other friends in korea i hope that you have so many movies in korea and i hope that you are good person and you have a good health

  460. 460 : joebie Says:

    안녕, 나는 자네 # 1 Fan The Phil. 희망 : 좋고 수가 많은 영화와 당신이 좋은 건강은 언제나 당신이 하도 아름답고 잘생겼고 싶을 방문할 수 있는 필기 바랍니다. 대답에 힘입어 나를

  461. 461 : Josie Says:

    I am someone who has watched lots of movies, dramas, etc. Being a grandmother, lately I have lost my interest in watching anything on movies and television.

    On my recent visit to my grandkids in Las Vegas, I was “forced” to watch this drama that they are sooooo crazy about. It was “Boys over flowers”.

    Oh my! I did not only got hooked on watching it, i am practically addicted to it by now. The casting for the drama series was perfect. I could not get over with my admiration for Goo Hye Sun, she is PERFECT for Lee Min Hoo or even Kim Hyun Jung.

    Goo Hye Sun is sooooo cute and pretty and beautiful skin!

    Acting wise you are no doubt one of the best!I love everything about you and wish you well in your career. God bless you! I wish I was your GRANDMA too!

  462. 462 : meliza Says:

    ur very cutie like angel?
    ihope more blessing to you?
    happy ur lyf?

  463. 463 : miSS August 92 Says:

    oh u r very cute…
    n i do like u in boys over flower…

    u make a great couple with lee min ho…

    but i think u better be with kim hyun joong bcoz he is very kind n sweet to u…

    lee min ho should be with me…hahahha…..


  464. 464 : Anne Says:

    Sun is a vey good actress and a pretty woman……………… Ilike her so much………….I hope I can see him in the Philippines……

  465. 465 : Rizha Says:

    Hy hye sun..
    I’m from indonesia..
    I read in magazine like said that U visit to bali,indonesia on 2008..
    When you come to indonesia again with F4..??
    Sorry,,my english bad..he

  466. 466 : alind Says:

    girl beauty .
    so cute.
    and girls multitalented

  467. 467 : liliana Says:


  468. 468 : uthie Says:


  469. 469 : egin Says:

    hy hye sun,,,
    you are so beautiful.
    i hop you come indonesia.

  470. 470 : fanny oktafiani Says:

    you so beautiful……..

  471. 471 : dheaneaza Says:

    hei ge sun,,, you’re very beatiful girl,,

  472. 472 : MIYACA Says:

    annyong,i like ur acting u knw its so very trully act and nice ,simple and also i like ur wearing dress is very fassion ….i hope ur visit here in phillippines u know many korean vacation here i hope so ur were here..takecare

  473. 473 : beth Says:

    hi . . . . . miss . . . . sun. . . . . keep up tha good work

  474. 474 : Best Looking Says:

    fucking disgusting i hate this fucking bitch so much!!!

  475. 475 : chicago Says:

    pls portray more mature roles. Youre okay with BOF. But I need to see you in more mature roles.

  476. 476 : chicago Says:

    pls take more mature roles. I like you w/ BOF. But i guess you can tackle more mature roles

  477. 477 : chicago Says:

    mature roles please….. Although youre okay with BOF

  478. 478 : Tema Says:

    This movie is just awesome…!!!

  479. 479 : lola vionica putri Says:

    Hai, Koo Hye Sun How are you.?
    When you come to indonesia.
    I like your acting in BBF.

  480. 480 : lola vionica putri Says:

    Hai, Koo Hye Sun How are you.?
    I like your Acting in BBF.
    When you come to Indonesia with F4.
    Pleaze…… Come
    I hope your coming to INDONESIa….!!!

  481. 481 : savira Says:

    mrs.koo hye sun,how are you?
    your so cool ang beautiful somuch………….
    your girl so beauti

  482. 482 : mega Says:

    i like your act in BBF you appear sweet and cute..i like your hair if short because you appear cute..im agree if you with lee min ho becuse very match…

  483. 483 : rika Says:

    Hai KOO HYE SUN km lbh CANTIK deh klo rambut panjang

  484. 484 : lee Says:

    koo hye sun sooo pretty and charming!!

  485. 485 : zash Says:

    KOO HYE SUN,,super TALENTED!! super PRETY!! i love watching you and LEE MINHO!!

  486. 486 : mark anthony Says:

    hi i am a big fan of u
    and i am in love to you

  487. 487 : lalalalove Says:

    please visit Philippines.you have many fans here. you and f4. hope theres a BOF2.

  488. 488 : Lintang Ayu Hardini Says:

    I like you cause you very cute and funy
    I your fan

  489. 489 : rima a.c Says:

    you beutiful gril……. you smart, I like you acting uR in boys before flowers….I fans you , when you visit in indonesia( cirebon and jakarta city)…?

  490. 490 : shereen Says:


  491. 491 : sharz Says:

    a fan

    can u

  492. 492 : nadya Says:

    anyong haseo . . .

    me !
    suport boys over flowers !! kamsa hamida !!

  493. 493 : eriKa Says:

    Hye Sun,,, u is a smart women I so like u because u so beautiful,,, I’ll always see u because u so cute,,, 🙂 ,,d0es b0f have seas0n 2??because philippines l0ve u s0 much.,

  494. 494 : **SheilaMae** Says:

    anyong haseyo.,.i hope you visit here in the phillippines.,.,

  495. 495 : papatricia Says:

    anyonghaseyo Jan Di i wish that you can visit us here in Philippines Kim Bum was here in Philiphines and i am one of the fans of Boys Over Flowers

  496. 496 : ma. adrianne Says:

    …..Hi Koo hYE SuN
    …..iS IT TrUe THaT Bof HaS SeAsOn 2?iT MaKeS Me fEeL SaD wHeN It’s rAiNiNg BeCaUsE I HaVe noThInG To wAtCh AnD I’M LoNgInG fOr bOf shOw.

    …..bY ThE Way,wHaT kEePs yOu bUsY NoW?

    …..Do YOuHaVe aNy mOvIe oR SoNg pLeAsE kEeP Us uPdATeD aBOut ThInGs yOu aRe doInG NoW As wElL As wiTh oThER bOf cAsT BeCaUsE MEtEor GaRdEn hAs iT’S SeAsOn 2 I HoPe tHat bOf HaS SeaSoN 2,tOo

    …..kEeP SafE aT aLl tImEs!GOD BLESS

  497. 497 : Jandi-girl Says:

    hi!!! i’m diane..i’m ur no. 1 fan here in philipines..u know ur so cute..i am really amaze of ur face..it is very unique,,i love ur eyes very much and it is very unique too,,it is very tantalizing,,ur skin is very good..all u hav is very unique,,i wish i meet u someday,,i’d nver seen some one like u..i’m sure u hav a very good personality cuz it reflect n ur image,,i lyk d way u act it’s very fantastic..,,,and ur good in singing too.i’m singing ur songs,,!!!its very pleasure to be ur friend,,!!i wish u all d best,,keep up d good work,,i will always support you,,god bless u and take care,,,!!tc

  498. 498 : Braeden Austine Says:

    u always have a sweet face geum jan di…
    it’s impossible to see u in person, but i rily do want to see u in person w/ lee min ho….
    god bless u… hope u do understand english… coz i don’t speak korean… take good care always….

  499. 499 : rasha Says:


  500. 500 : zash Says:

    #499 RASHABITCH!



  501. 501 : zash Says:


  502. 502 : minHO Says:

    anyong haseo koo hye sun 😉

  503. 503 : SASSY GIRL Says:

    Koo Hye Sun so beautiful so cute so talented so smart!!!! your number one korean actress here in Philippines. you and Lee Min Ho is a perfect love team. We are waiting and hoping for you next project together. We love you!

  504. 504 : ***** Says:

    pretty and she’s a multi-talented girl!!!
    i’m proud of her!!!
    she is my idol…
    love Goo Hye Sun,FIGHTING!!!

  505. 505 : gedine Says:

    hi koo hye sun..im from philippines..ur so pretty and talented..we are looking forward to meet you in person..hopefully you can visit our country just like kim sang bum..take care..

  506. 506 : kimtot Says:

    Just saw your singing vids from youtube. your really so talented. I am so impress when you sing “Love Will Show You Everything” by Jennifer Love Hewitt,though your english is slang still it impress me a lot. I hope you do more songs,MTVs and shows. I also love the Korean Actor Kim Rae-Won, hope someday you two have a project together. Im your number one fan Hye Sun! Fighting!

  507. 507 : GRACE FROM INDO Says:


  508. 508 : Zawng Dau Says:

    I love you Ko Hye Son.

  509. 509 : Zawng Dau Says:

    I love you Koo Hye Sun

  510. 510 : Zawng Dau Says:

    Can you tell me Gmail account

  511. 511 : Zawng Dau Says:

    Can i chat you at gmail?

  512. 512 : MINSUN Says:

    whats new about you and lee min ho? wer all waiting for your next apperance with each other..

    min sun forever!!

  513. 513 : MINSUN Says:


  514. 514 : bente3 Says:

    she’s really good in playing the piano, what more could she wish for? she’s almost perfect..

  515. 515 : sus143 Says:

    can’t believe this girl..which planet is she from…can act, sing, play piano, direct movie n whtelse..compose songss omg…she has so much talent..besides being pretty n sweet personality

  516. 516 : ****OB**** Says:

    I’m with you on that one sus143. This girl has been my favorite since the first day that I saw her in Pure In Heart. I’m glad that so many more people are discovering and admiring her special talents as well. Her sweetness shines through in everything that she does. Just seeing her look back into the camera like hse’s looking shyly at a friend makes my heart skip a beat…

  517. 517 : sus143 Says:

    thumbs UP!

  518. 518 : MIDNIGHTKISS Says:

    Hye Sun has immediately become my Idol!
    There isn’t anything this girl can’t do or be!
    – She is a wonderful actress.
    – She is a amazing singer.
    – She’s Gorgeous.
    – She is a great drawing artist.
    – She is extremely nice and very mature.
    I wish I was like her!! ;(

    Hye Sun Hwaiting!!!! :))

  519. 519 : xoxoxoxo Says:

    i love goo hye sun, shes not all to perfect but she’s the golden girl from korea,,,,keep it up! GHS fighting!

  520. 520 : MEME Says:

    shes just born with a great personality, something that s not fake..if am a guy i would definitely get attracted to her…i wonder what lee min ho feels for her…go goo hye sun!!we love you…filipinos loves you….

  521. 521 : oneandonly Says:

    shes just born with a great personality, something that s not fake..if am a guy i would definitely get attracted o her…i wonder what lee min ho feels for her…go goo hye sun!!we love you…filipinos loves you….

  522. 522 : MIgZzz Says:

    i saw koo hye sun dancing with seung ri! .. is so cute together .. i wish seung ri and go0 hye sun love each other .. hehehe 😛

  523. 523 : fan101 Says:

    go hye sun is a very special lady, it’s impossible for lee min ho not to fall for her…their relationship blossomed deliciously along the way during BOF keke … MINSUN!

  524. 524 : Ms. Dea Says:

    Anyeonghaseo. . . . You is very beautiful women koo hye sun. I hope you can come to my country is indonesia.

  525. 525 : Muhhamad Says:

    hi…koo hye sun u are beautiful…can u add me at facebook…here’s my email [email protected]
    I always watch your drama in boys before flower…
    dont forget add me ^_^

  526. 526 : Biondi Jourdan Says:

    hoo hye sun
    my name biondi jourdan
    I from indonesia
    I a fan you…… Read More
    you very beautiful……..

  527. 527 : mik Says:

    she’s like baby face…so sweet smile n face…

  528. 528 : hyesunforever Says:


  529. 529 : S U M E N Says:

    i love Koo Hye SUn. her face was like a porcelain doll beautiful! when is the BOF2??

  530. 530 : hannahbanana Says:


  531. 531 : sushimae Says:

    …………oooohhhh………. …….i don’t know but, ….oh my god what is this feeling..>? I really liked it when she is working so hard giving so much effort. At least unlike me that doesn’t continue just because there’s something bad happened and just quit.

    your’e so simple…i like you 🙂

  532. 532 : hannahbanana Says:



  533. 533 : xoxoxo Says:

    koo hye sun is pretty and she is very hardworking in her work…her artistic talents and music talents are also very good u know?she is never being very show off to others that she has a lot of talents…she is also quite humble..

  534. 534 : K I M M Y Says:

    Love Goo Hye Sun!!!
    she’s pretty,she can singing,good in arts,be a good actress,be a director&novelist!!!
    what else???she’s my idol!!!
    Hye Sun unnie,FIGHTING!!! FIGHTING!!

  535. 535 : KoreaForever Says:

    She got plastic surgeries on her eyes, nose, and her jaw. Her before face was not ugly like most koreans, but she is not natural either. all korean female celebriteis had plastic srugeries. About 75% of korean male celebrities had palstic surgeries.

  536. 536 : marg145 Says:

    booh….. u just got jealous to her beauty  hehe!!

  537. 537 : FONDA Says:

    she is natural beauty….I like her becasue her personality is as good as her appearance…..she is a very nice person with many talents.

  538. 538 : fox5 Says:

    im so inlove wd this couple 🙂 their off screen scenes are sweeter than jandi-junpyo scenes at BOF wahaha..i luv Minho and Hyesun!! and i think even BOF staff love them together LOL coz most of their BOF bts are on MH and HS talking and bantering …

  539. 539 : sassy Says:

    i believe minho and hye sun are having a mutual understanding now. it’s just that pesently, they have their own career to take care of, that is why they need to be extra careful of their actions. the similarities in the teeshirts, jackets, hats, caps, shades, bracelets, & sneakers i believe is for their own satisfaction that is…a shout-out that says…THEY BELONG TO EACH OTHER!

  540. 540 : shereen Says:

    I agree with you, sassy and fox5…. that is why I never miss a day without checking what’s new on youtube about them…. I love them, they’re so adorable and perfect for each other 🙂

  541. 541 : Syahid(Indonesian) Says:

    Hi.I LOve You(♥) Koo Hye Sun … ^^ Hihii!

  542. 542 : S U M E N Says:

    please give me site on how to become updated about Koo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho. i really love to see them together.

  543. 543 : ilovekoohyesun Says:


    😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  544. 544 : ~OsT-Mpv_syahid~ Says:

    주식 혜 선 ..
    꽃 소년하기 전에 자신의 사이트에 대해? 주식 어떻게 됐을까?

  545. 545 : oppa Says:

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    Koo Hye Sun is really pretty, she looks really young for her age… FIGHTING~!

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    she is totally pretty in every way…im her fan!!hehe…and i agree with u!she is damn pretty!!

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    A beautifully put together tribute and a great pair of songs to tell the story. “Personality” is a word that greatly describes much of the vibe exuded by our Hye Sun and using her own sweet voice singing the slow version of the theme from Pure in Heart is the capper. It’s hard to keep a dry eye and I defininitely got a lump in my throat. Thanks for the inspired work, Defroster9, and thanks to all of the fans of GHS for letting your hearts be the judge of this wonderfully gifted person…

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  551. 551 : obbor4 Says:

    You’re welcome. I’ve been there since the PIH days too. “Yang Gukwha” is still my favorite of GHS’s characters (or anyone else’s, for that matter!) Looking forward to seeing Hye Sun accepting her best actress award this year.

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    she has a natural beauty that korean actresses doesnt have…a sweet and a charming face…more series to come…

  554. 554 : Leanne from Phil Says:


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    Its called NATURAL BEAUTY.She has BABY FACE that’s why she’s sooo CUTE.I LIKE AND LUVE HER.:D

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    I want another series having them as the main leads. One more series! One more series!

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    My name chressiana
    anyoungha seo?
    Your so beauty,
    n’ smart. . .

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    Koo hye sun co2k bnget jdi geum jan di,krna stiap lgi aktingnya mendalam bnget pkokx bkin orang terharu,truz hye sun and lee min ho sweet and perfect banget…mending jadian aja…!!

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    a MODEL
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    a AUTHOR


    what more????

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    we love koo hye sun! ur the BEST!

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    u r very cute..lol
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    hope u r alright..god bless u.

    take care.

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    i like u’re in bbf. i’m lovin’ it !
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    Greetings knows from me MITHA..

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    PLeaSe add Me!!! you’re beautifull… Thank you very much..

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    Koo hye sun co2k bnget jdi geum jan di,krna stiap lgi aktingnya mendalam bnget pkokx bkin orang terharu,truz hye sun and lee min ho sweet and perfect banget…mending jadian aja…!!

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    U’r The Most Cute Girl in This World…..

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    yo ti amo mi Hye Sun.

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  620. 620 : JR Says:

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    kinda miss ya. hope you will act in a new drama soon cant get enough of you… luv ya… i find that you are not faked actress… you hav great a personality….. Wish you sucess in everthing.


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    Gud Luck to your carrer!;)

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    till here!!

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    a fan from manila philippines!

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    keep on your spirit in act..
    i always support you whatever you do in entertaiment!!

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    i’m a big fan of u.i like yr acting especially in BOF.i think u r the best,attractive n charming.i hope u can do yr best. god bless u.fighting!

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    Good luck and kee pu the good work

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    in janine frm the philippines…your charming personality just keeps on rocking me!
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    take care of your health! you’re loved!

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    You must be A MISS UNIVERSE…
    Cuz… U Very Cute
    Very Pretty
    Very Sweet… etc…
    HmHm,,, May I give U a Question??? ok, U have a Relationship with Lee Min Ho??? ok, If That’s Right, I’m Sooo Happy,,,
    Cuz, I Like U and Lee Min Ho too,,,
    see ya,,

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    HAVE YOUR HAPPY DAY…..koo hye sun

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    koo hye sun

    u know ur so fantastic
    i hope u have movie
    with yoon eun hye
    because u are both good actress

    i love you GUYS.

    tc of ur career..

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  660. 660 : tenzin Says:

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    Hy, Koo Hye Sun. How are you?
    I like your acting in BBF.
    When you come to Indonesia.
    I’m waiting you forever.

  664. 664 : de_rozelle Says:

    Anion Saiyo.. ( trial)

    Hi….. Please come to Malaysia…
    We love to see U n F4 members comes to Malaysia promoting BOF drama…
    We wait for all of U here………….

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  667. 667 : mingyen099 Says:

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  668. 668 : meioka Says:

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    I am very happy to see you in BBF . can i get your send my your photo ,please? thanks

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    hi geum gan di . i luv ur acting inBBF.

  672. 672 : chiyo Says:


  673. 673 : chiyo Says:

    haha! advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    I wish all the best for you!

    MINSUN is L. O. V. E. . . .!!!

  674. 674 : Anne Says:


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a good one…. I loved you & min lee ho together in “Boys before Flowers”… such a perfect couple… Hope to see the both of you together in another drama…..

  675. 675 : liuda Says:

    happy birthday Koo Hye Sun i like you so much)

  676. 676 : miea Says:

    kure or kotboda namja..right of kotboda namja

  677. 677 : meioka Says:

    salamat ulang tahun lah buat dikau,semoga dikau panjang umur, murah rejeki, dan sukses selalu, n I hope you always happy in your life and you will get all what do you dream! The first word it’s mean HAPPY BIRTHDAY but i use in my local language, do you want to study? if you want you can get it in [email protected] I will wait you

  678. 678 : leeminhoers Says:

    advance happy happy bday koo hye sun! we sooo much love you!

  679. 679 : shereen Says:

    I wish you good health, long life, and all the happiness you deserve.
    Good luck and God bless you always!!!

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  682. 682 : Amee N. Says:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOO HYE SUN!!! (I’d like to be the 1st to greet you)I wish you more TV & Movie projects, whether it be drama or comedy… and commercials too.

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  684. 684 : SHYTYPE* Says:

    happy happy birth day!!!!!!!!!!
    i miss u so much!!!!!!!
    u are my no. idol korean
    !!!!all my fav. is korean!!!

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    hapui birthday YOon Eun Hye….heipi birthday!! >__

  686. 686 : ANNE of PHILS Says:

    happy bday my number one idol.My wish for you is to have more projects to come. More happiness.More love. wer waiting for your next koreanovela. we love you!

  687. 687 : Lea G. Galang Says:

    HAPPAY BIRTHDAY Koo hye sun. Hope to see more dramas you acting with LMH. Both of you are really great in BOF . May happiness always with you.

  688. 688 : Dara_Jim Says:

    Happy birtday!!! I love you so much ^^ you’re my idol and my inspiration. I want to be more like you, you’re so beautiful and your singing is nice. I wish you more jobs in films and dramas coz I love your acting ^^

  689. 689 : PRINCESS JEN Says:

    HI,,.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
    i really like as as an actress
    you’re so beautiful like me (hehe)
    i 1st saw u at bof and its a top rating back then!! it was aired 2009!!in Philippines,..and now i am addicted to ur other series
    “Pure 19” GO GURL!!!!!!!!!!
    how i love to see u again with lee min ho

    again happy b,day!!! SARANGHE

  690. 690 : Mavin Sio Says:

    Heartfelt wishes are leing sent to say that may you find happiness galore and infinite joys in each of Your Life’s way.
    Have a memoralle
    Happy Birthday Just For You KOO HYE SUN

  691. 691 : XoXo Says:

    happy bday to you happy bday to you happy bday happy bday happy bday koo hye sun! you are the sweetest the prettiest the uber talented korean actress,, more power!

  692. 692 : Ms. Katips Says:

    MAy yOU have a Happy hAppy bday with your Love oNes!

  693. 693 : minsun Says:

    happy bday koo hye sun!!

  694. 694 : Lia Says:

    i’m your fan from Indonesia.i want to say ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ HYE SUN….
    i wish you success in your STUDY,in your JOB
    n your LOVE ( MINHO )hehehe

  695. 695 : MAGANDAAKO Says:

    happy birthday to you koo hye sun! stay beautiful inside nd out! we so love you here in Phils,.

  696. 696 : Lea Magalang Says:

    Miss Koo Hye SUn. I love you so much. Keep up the good work. You are a most beautiful person I’ve ever could find. Hope you know you mean more than what is worth on TV. I am glad the world found a superstar shining so delightfully. So jealous of people that are around you any time. Wishing you a happy and meaningful birthday!

  697. 697 : MARTHA Says:

    happy birthday to you! we love you oo much! hope you spend ur bday with lee min ho,,;) we love ur loveteam! more shows for both of you.

  698. 698 : leemarie Says:

    wishing you a happy bday lovely girl.

  699. 699 : **** Says:


  700. 700 : SLIM Says:

    You are my dream.

    happy bday!

  701. 701 : filipina Says:


  702. 702 : TOMHie Says:


  703. 703 : MhieTOM Says:


  704. 704 : nastaran Says:

    Wishing you all the pleasant things that you deserve,a present full of happiness,a tomorrow blooming with more joys… may your life be adorned with happiness wishing you love and luck on your Birthday
    Happy Birthday Honey

  705. 705 : chiyo Says:

    belated happy birthday!
    we all love you!

  706. 706 : Josie Says:

    Happy Birthday Hye Sun! More power to you on your numerous projects and endeavors.
    What a drive you got! You have almost everything that the world has to offer, first and foremost is your beauty and wonderful personality. The other popular actresses are beautiful too but does not have the elegance and sweetness that you have. You are truly an asset to the movie industry and to all aspects of life that you are into.

    Please donot forget that we your movie and drama fans are anxiously waiting to see you again . It does not matter who you are teamed up with, you help boost their popularity.

    If I was a director I would love to direct your movie, if I was an actor, I would love to be teamed up with you, if I was a producer, hey! I would make all efforts to be able to produce your movie as it it will 99% be a hit!

    Goodluck Ms Ko Hye Sun, we your fans in the US loves you!!!

    The Ladybug at


  707. 707 : farshad Says:

    hye sun Hi! I’m from iran_Isfahan.

    Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Chukatirimida & Good Luck………

  708. 708 : mona Says:

    happy birtday beautiful

  709. 709 : ariska Says:

    Koo Hye Sun
    You’re is the best!!!

  710. 710 : Jessica Sunnies Says:

    Hi, Goo Hye Sun…
    I really like your cute face.. It’s more like doll to me..
    Nice to meet you… Love you…

  711. 711 : Ferinalusia Says:

    geum jan-di…i hope iam like a you…

  712. 712 : Hana Says:

    hAiii…koo hye sun unni…
    im a big fans on you..
    i really like your acting so much…
    because of you,i like to watching korean drama,and im a fans on
    korean drama…
    and because of you i learn korean language..
    im from Malaysia,and zero with korean laguage..
    so i start to study korean language immediattely because
    of you…
    you looks like a dools..
    i like your face,your eyes so big and pretty,
    like your smile and your voice to…
    your are really talanted person i saw,you are:
    *Movie Director
    *Screenplay Writer
    *Master Of Ceremonies
    *Music Video Model
    *Comercial Video Model
    *Pianist etc
    and to fans with koo hye sun,please support her ok..
    and if you want know about koo hye sun please search,
    ( Unofficial Fan Page Of Koo Hye Sun )
    To hye sun unni,i will support you for everything yah,i hope you success with your career and become most favourite actress in korean yah..
    Fighting 2x…
    Saranghaeyo ^_^

  713. 713 : efryll Says:

    hi, i’m a really big fan of BOF, ur really great in that series, keep up the good work, God Bless

  714. 714 : illy Says:

    ihh,,, cwntik bngetzzz,,,,
    pngen aq kya kmuu,,,,,

  715. 715 : ongsang Says:

    HI…. Koo Hye Sun – Geum Jan Dee^^ /o/
    Happy Birthday to u. i really luv of BOF, ur very cool.!!
    Really LOve you<3

  716. 716 : iera Says:

    gosh!!! geum jandi!!! saranghae!! love u sososo much!!! come to malaysia soon,, please…….

  717. 717 : bolbi Says:

    good luck to your movie ” black magic”!

    and we’ll all wait for your comeback into the small screen next year!

  718. 718 : budz Says:

    hi goo hye sun.. i really admire u interms of ur acting, singing and most especially the way u smile… im a big fan of yours hir in the philippines… i hope u can come hir and visit ur filipino fans… good luck and godbless u always….

  719. 719 : liuda Says:

    i know it`s kind of late a little bit,but happy birthday!

  720. 720 : chiyo Says:

    MINSUN forever!

  721. 721 : iceahcool Says:

    …^_^ hi koo hye soon…

    …BeLaTeD HAPpY bIrTdAy tO YoU mY DeArEsT….

    …i hOpE SoOn gOd gIvE Me a cHaNcE To sEe U iN PeRsOn…

    …BeC. siNcE I SaW U oN BOF(bOyS OvEr FlOWeRs)..

    ….I’M AlWaYs InSpIReD….beC…i LIkE Ur rULeS tHeRe As gEuM JaN DeE

    ….aNd uNtIl NoW i’M AlWaYz wAtChiNg yOu In bOf aGaIn aNd aGaIN…

    ….i’M Ur #1 aViD FaNz HeRe In phiLLiPiNeS….I’LL dO hOpE tHaT yOu aNd

    ….f4 CoMinG HeRe in PhILLIpInEs……..I ReAllY LoVe yOu Koo HyE

    ….SoOn NoT BEc. YouR’e An AcTrEsS BuT BeC…OF WHAT YOU ARE….


  722. 722 : wathchaever Says:

    Your such a flirt koo hye sun , your flirting with lee min ho

  723. 723 : [email protected][email protected] Says:

    very be lated happy birth day!!:)

  724. 724 : aja Says:

    I saw some of your latest photo’s today’
    and I’m very surprised when I saw your short hair again’
    why did you cut it?
    but you still look great!

  725. 725 : mahatma debarosan Says:

    hi,koo hye sun. . i am really proud to be one of uR fan. ……….

    i hope that u will appreciate it..

    jeje..i hope that more birthdays 2 come♥♥♥

  726. 726 : wisnu Says:

    ya alla kopek

  727. 727 : aiia Says:


  728. 728 : Arslan Wattoo Says:

    I LOVE YOU KOO HYE SUN ur F4 Team is awesome….. Really Love you All People GOD BLESS YOU i love you F4 so much even you dont know me i m Arslan Wattoo From Pakistan

    ______########## I LOVE YOU ###########__
    ________=##### KOO HYE SUN ########____
    ___________2###ARSLAN ###########=______
    _FANS ______#############___________
    ______FROM ___##########_____________
    _PAKISTAN ____=#######2______________

  729. 729 : Mandeepgrg Says:

    Hi.. Koo Hye Sun.
    First a ” BELATED HAPPY BITHDAY” to you. I dont know how to appreciate you but one thing is sure that you are the best among all that i have seen. AFTER seeing your “Boys Before Flower” you have been an inspiration for me that a person who never give up love, friends and family responsibility. I pray to God that your eyes never get tears and your preety smile never disappear from your face . GOD BLESS YOU………….

  730. 730 : Hien trang Says:

    Hi, GOO HYE SUN unnie.I am vietnamese.I am a big fan of you.In Viet nam,there are so many fan who always love you and support you.A love never change! We love everything about you-your eyes,your smile,your face,your mind,……Please come viet nam,we’ll wait you! LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!

  731. 731 : glester Says:

    anio enaseo koo hye sun i wish you have time to visit here in philippines because boys over flowers was very hit here.I like your role in boys over flowers because you have a strong personality.By the way happy birthday to you i wish you all the best more shows to come.And keep smile always. saranghamnida….

  732. 732 : flora mae Says:

    koo hye sun..im from philippines..
    and i love the way you act..i love you..
    it inspire me..
    keep it up..
    i love you..

  733. 733 : jezzel Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!!……….your so beautiful………..i watch BOF everytime……..coz i am addicted to BOF……..hope that you will come here in philippines……….i want to meet you in personal……….I LOVE YOU JAN DI!!!!!!!!!!!1

  734. 734 : fatin Says:

    u n lee min ho
    look soooo sweet~~
    why u don’t couple
    with him???

  735. 735 : korean lover Says:

    you look so cute . i like you so much . you must be suitable with lee min ho , wanna see you date

  736. 736 : Rhoody Says:

    u’re soo lovely cute, i’m a girl and i adore u, u make me feel like someone close or a family, and u’re a goooooood actress, Good Luck xD
    Egypt here

  737. 737 : akito Says:

    i love geum jan di personality…. she cute, have a bad temper, alwayz think of others bside yourself…..love that kind of person…. i wish thts was your real personality……well even though i dont really know you but really wish that you will happy in whatever you do….. please, please dont do something that will make you cry or regret…. i will really miss geum jan di……..and plus, please bcareful when you were driving……. nomatter you do aza aza fighting in what you seek in your life

  738. 738 : aiida velove Says:

    i like hye sun so muuuchhh ….
    GBU …

  739. 739 : ReL Says:

    You do Good in BBF Hye Sun,,,!best regardas from me

  740. 740 : Aurora Says:

    Annyeong Hasseo!!!…
    Hai Hye Sun…!!!…how are you??..and,how about your job too??
    I’m your big fan from Indonesia…I’m always watch you in drama asia “Boys Before Flowers”…you look diffrence…you more like a princces..more beauty :D…i hope you not stop to be a actor…
    i just wanna say Hyyyy….and I’m alway pray to your sucsess…Byee

  741. 741 : silfi Says:

    koo hye sun

  742. 742 : silfi Says:

    ko hye sun
    i love u

  743. 743 : lendi Says:

    Anyong haseo
    i know you can’t read this message of mine personally becoz of the thousand supporters you have but i always trying to wrote it to say how much i like you…You know what your the most admirable koran star for me…i always dreaming that someday i can see you personally….

  744. 744 : Angie Aw Says:

    Hye Sun onni !!!!! Saranghae !!!!! Hwaiting !!!!!

  745. 745 : kiara Says:

    i love you koo hye sun ………. you love kim bum …………. and you love fans you …………… i minta facebook you to chating2 you……………….i fans forever from italia

  746. 746 : Fifa Says:

    You’re so cute in Boys before Flower..; p

  747. 747 : endah Says:

    hye sun.give up..and i miss u fulll.sranghage taemune hye sun

  748. 748 : Howi Sierra Says:

    Youre so pretty~ good looking! From you Number 1 Fan!


  749. 749 : cris Says:

    hi geum jan di
    i really like you alot you so cute,even my daugther love watching youre show she 17 yr old australian girl.we like goo jun pyo so lovely & handsome yoo ji hoo.take care when we go for holiday in korea hope to see you or you migh come here in australia.

  750. 750 : annie Says:

    hi geum nam di, ur acting drama “boys over flower” was really good.i like the way u performed and this is my favourite drama till then,why didi u take 1 year leave from movie?? i heard that u r going to debue in direction.so best of luck for ur upcoming projects. khamsamida.keep in touch.

  751. 751 : cez Says:

    hai koo hye su…
    i am ur # 1 avid fan here in philippines….
    u know what i really like u as an actress..
    i always watch u in BOF here in philippines…
    ur so gud… i hope i can see u in person….
    a lot of ur fans here waiting for you…
    god bless you always….
    take a bunch of care….

  752. 752 : rosdip Says:

    hey Koo Hye Sun
    here’s ur die hard fan
    BOF was fantastic…..
    i am from NEPAL, its a small asian country
    u are so natural beauty
    luv u
    pls do write to me
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  753. 753 : rosdip Says:

    lets break d record evy1

  754. 754 : rosdip Says:

    luv u

  755. 755 : rosdip Says:

    u r damn beautiful

  756. 756 : marj Says:

    hi,koo hye sun a.k.a geum jan di of bof,i have heared that your a multitaleneted actress and you prove it,really like the way you act…your making the drama into reality…well, its good to know you i hope i’ll meet you sumday coz i wanna be a korean actress same as you:)if possible.I’m marj from phil.

  757. 757 : stephie Says:

    hi KOO HYE SUN,,,, i really like u’r acting at the film!
    n i want to tell u something…… maybe we could make a relationship first….. i’ll be wait for u’r reply…… ^_^

  758. 758 : Farisha1998 Says:

    Hi Ko hye sun i really love your acting..
    i really want to be like you..
    i’m Farisha from Malaysia…
    i hope i’ll meet you someday cuz u are very pretty…^_^
    here is my e-mail

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  759. 759 : Dian Says:

    hey koo hye sun…
    i’m your big fan…
    when you come to indonesia??
    a lot of your fans and me too here waiting for you…
    god bless you always…
    take care..

  760. 760 : pathetic man Says:

    whoaaa…kakkoi ne’
    you know what, I just didn’t like the series when my pal watch it every time, she spent her days to finished the DVD, i couldn’t stand it, and one night I stole the dvd from my friends’ room then I watch it at my house..
    And now i know why she tore fall..I just stick on you while watched the series you’re such a cute girl..in my heart of heart i just feel like to own you hahaha that’s funny was it… but I really greatfull to have such a woman just like you instead the lips is so similar, and I always thought she was you..you really punched me over and over Hye…
    well good luck on your career…

  761. 761 : ain Says:

    hi…koo kye soo..im very admire u & lee min hoo at BOF…very cute couple & u look very beuty..hope u & F4 will succses…im from malaysia n welcome to Malaysia…AZA AZA FIGHTING..here my email address..just add [email protected]..

  762. 762 : lyka Says:

    pwede mo ba ko add sa friendter

  763. 763 : rozaidah ibrahim Says:


  764. 764 : shrutijoshi Says:

    hey Koo hye sun…u were so awesome in BBF…….i liked ur acting so much…..too energetic n sassy type role suited u soo much…………

  765. 765 : shrutijoshi Says:

    hey Koo hye sun……..love u soo much……u were so awesome in boys before flower……ur role of Guem Jan Di totally suited ur attitude……energetic , warm hearted n sassy type!!
    awaiting for ur new movies……

  766. 766 : shrutijoshi Says:

    I wanted to know how korean girls are so beautiful????

  767. 767 : Grandma Ladybug Says:

    “BOYS OVER FLOWERS” was “Love at first sight” for me. So far I am on my 6th drama series, and I am still VERY POSITIVE that BOF is so far the best and most entertaining drama of all!!

    Why? Because it has the best cast ever put together, from the lovely and talented Go Hye Sun to the little boy Kang Sang not even one of them fall below expectations in their acting ability.

    Whoever picked the actors and actresses to appear in this movie deserves an award for “Best Casting Ability” or Best Talent Scout. The music Director likewise is highly commendable for picking the best music adaptation for the drama.

    The popularity, good looks, and suave manner of Kim Hyun Jung who is the leader of the Boy band SS501 , the excellent acting ability and charismatic personality of the newcomer Lee Min Ho, the handsome face and perfect smile of Kim Bum, and the over all bundle of appeal that Kim Joon is, all of these factors on top of the perfect choice of having Goo Hye Sun to portray “JANDI” made this drama for me the overall winner !!

    A whole world of praises to the director and producer of this series. You are all commendable and worth of admiration. Goodluck for the year 2010!! Thanks for the enjoyment and happiness you all have given me and my grandkids( teens and preteens) while watching.

    Miss Go Hye Sun, we love you and we want to see more of you in any endeavors that you choose.

    Ladybug Grandma…
    he surprisingly

  768. 768 : Grandma Ladybug Says:

    “BOYS OVER FLOWERS” was “Love at first sight” for me. So far I am on my 6th drama series, and I am still VERY POSITIVE that BOF is so far the best and most entertaining drama of all!!

    Why? Because it has the best cast ever put together, from the lovely and talented Go Hye Sun to the little boy Kang Sang not even one of them fall below expectations in their acting ability.

    Whoever picked the actors and actresses to appear in this movie deserves an award for “Best Casting Ability” or Best Talent Scout. The music Director likewise is highly commendable for picking the best music adaptation for the drama.

    The popularity, good looks, and suave manner of Kim Hyun Jung who is the leader of the Boy band SS501 , the excellent acting ability and charismatic personality of the newcomer Lee Min Ho, the handsome face and perfect smile of Kim Bum, and the over all bundle of appeal that Kim Joon is, all of these factors on top of the perfect choice of having Goo Hye Sun to portray “JANDI” made this drama for me the overall winner !!

    A whole world of praises to the director and producer of this series. You are all commendable and worth of admiration. Goodluck for the year 2010!! Thanks for the enjoyment and happiness you all have given me and my grandkids( teens and preteens) while watching.

    Miss Go Hye Sun, we love you and we want to see more of you in any endeavors that you choose.

    Ladybug Grandma…

  769. 769 : Daletha Says:

    oh my god !!
    hi, Koo Hye Sun ..
    im from Malaysia !.. as soon as i saw the one of the few episode of
    Boys over flowers.. i couldnt take my eyes off you and all F4 members ..!

    you act so great in that drama, [ it was my first korean show when i was watching] ..

    im proud to be your fan !.. all the best , and hope to see + hear from you soon ^^ ..

    Take lots of care !

  770. 770 : THN Says:

    Hi, Koo Hye Sun I am from Myanmar. i first saw you in the film of Boys over flower.
    I like you as soon as I saw you. Then, I watched all your movies. Can you visit
    our country? I and your fans are waiting for you.
    Here is my mail

    [email protected]

  771. 771 : sya :) Says:

    hi. happy new year.
    hi sis koo hye sun (^^,)
    i’m from malaysia.
    i love watch ur drama, boys over flowers.
    now, tht drama is showed in one of our tv station here.
    its funny.. not yet the 5th episode, i already asked my brother to dload the drama from the internet, but it was so slow. i cant wait to watch the next episode. the next day, i rushed to the dvd’s shops & i bought the dvd. eventhough i’ve finished watched the dvd, i’m still following the drama in the tv & sometimes, i watch the dvd over & over again.
    haha. anyway, i love to watch u with lee min ho. i hope u two will be together.. forever?

    * always remember, i’m ur fan in Malaysia!! please do VISIT us, ok? (^^,)

    ~sya 🙂

  772. 772 : THN Says:

    Hi, happy new year
    May god bless you.
    I want to see you.
    Please tell me your address
    If I reach South Korea, I will see you
    I think you are the most beautiful in the world
    I have watched a lot of Korean dramas
    But I have never seen an actress as beautiful as you are
    You are not hot
    Your beauty is innocent
    I never saw any your bad moods
    Good luck in new year

  773. 773 : shereen Says:

    You deserved the 2009 KBS Netizens and Honorable Actress award. And getting the “Best Couple” award together with Lee Minho, WOW!!! You really are the best couple for me. Your many fans misses you so much, I hope you will do another drama together.

  774. 774 : shereen Says:

    You deserved the 2009 KBS Drama Netizens and Honorable Actress award. And getting the “Best Couple” award together with Lee Minho, WOW!!! You really are the best couple for me. Your many fans misses you so much, I hope you will do another drama together.

  775. 775 : ritchel Says:


  776. 776 : hanah noelle Says:

    hi koo hye sun..i am your fan..i wish u would visit here in philippines with the f4..please text me because u are my only fan. here is my number 09184945135…and please add me in friendster this is my email [email protected]…..thank you so much!!!!happy new year

  777. 777 : Jason Says:

    hey Koo Hye Sun,I hope you can come to Malaysia with Lee Min Ho to promote your drama Boys Over Flower.It is now airing in here.Please come.I am sure many people would like it.PLEASE!!! Thank You and All the best in the future.

  778. 778 : jam Says:

    hope you visit here in the philippines with the F4..
    thank you..

  779. 779 : love Says:

    low…koo hye sun,i hope i can see u in person..hope alsou will visit hre in phl…god bless!

  780. 780 : Delta Says:

    hi i m ur fan Koo Hye Sun……. how r u n i wish if m ur fren coz i wanna make u my fren so plz if i m able to b ur fren so plz add me in ur frend list too.at [email protected] plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  781. 781 : amie Says:

    hi… goo hye sun
    i am amie from indonesia
    i very hate you

  782. 782 : eumae Says:

    hello koo hye sun or geum jan di im your biggest fan pls visit here in philippines more power and gud luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  783. 783 : mesya Says:

    Hey,I think you’re pretty if you’ve a short hair not long hair because you like old if you’ve long hair,so please cut your hair…..

  784. 784 : cindy Says:

    hi koo hye sun u very beautiful
    and happy new year
    by cindy

    i love you koo hye sun

  785. 785 : Erlyta Says:

    hi koo hye sun i like you you is so beautiful this email in my facebook [email protected] this my number 085727023670

  786. 786 : Nadira Humaira Says:

    Hi khoo hye sun saya nadira saya tinggal di indonesia saya harap kamu bisa kemari dan bermain degan saya dada

  787. 787 : Mary Says:


    Miss Beautiful

    your my idol among the Korean actresses..

    your so beautiful and cute.

    You and Lee Min Ho are fitted.

    hope you are always the love team up.

    we are waiting for your next show!!!

    I Love You…

  788. 788 : dark vader Says:

    love you so much
    please contact me [email protected]

  789. 789 : Josie Says:

    After seeing 8 dramas and 8 leading ladies, Ms Go Hye Sun is still the no.1 in my opinion. Goodluck for the year 2010!!! We want to see more of you.

    I think you should be an actress while you are still young and be a movie Director when you get older. We want to see you more in the movies!!!

    Grandma Ladybug…

  790. 790 : Josie Says:

    Dear HyeSun,

    When are you going to visit the USA? Me and my grandkids ae waiting for you in Las Vegas. Goodluck!! Take care and try to get lots of beauty sleep. We love your beautiful face..

    Grandma Ladybug

  791. 791 : iris Says:

    please visit the philippines

  792. 792 : Malou Says:

    Dear Koo Hye Sun

  793. 793 : Malou Says:

    Dear Koo Hye Sun

    I would like to appreciate your decision to be a director, designer and other interest that would enhance your career. I like you with Kim Hyun Joong. I would like to see you personally in the future. Happy new year!!!

  794. 794 : arou Says:

    will you marry me?? (>///_ ///<)

  795. 795 : rutch Says:

    hi gu hye sun/gu hye seon!!!!!!!!!your so cute and your so famous here in the philippines. your drama series Boys Over Flowers aired here in philippines twice. I hope you can visit here with lee min ho. Your team up are also famous here in the philippines. Happy New Year to you and to your family!!! And please send my greetings to lee min ho. Take care always!!!God Bless………..!

  796. 796 : hening Says:

    Hello ms hye sun..I like your character on boys before flower as Jan Di..It’s really heroic and powerfull woman you are! Although I have seen the same character in Meteor Garden, I still like you most.. bravo! Jan Di has influence me to not giving up to fight my life, my dream..Hope you will come to Indonesia especially jogjakarta with your boyfriend Gu Jun Pyo of course..ups I mean Lee Min Ho…

  797. 797 : yanx... Says:

    hy koo hye soon…
    i love you…
    i hope you are visit me in bandung with f4…
    and pliz add my fb,,, in [email protected]

  798. 798 : Justin Says:

    elow koo hye sun i love u ….. (^_^)

  799. 799 : nobody Says:

    don’t you have another picture??you are cute, but not such as kim so eun… sorry…i was joking..ha!ha!ha!

  800. 800 : June Says:

    OMG u look so adorable in this BOF drama..wishes u all the best for u career…

  801. 801 : Iisse Says:

    Hii koo hye sun
    I’m iis in Jakarta,Indonesia

    You very cute,beautiful n smart
    Please visit to Indonesia and add me in [email protected] this is my facebook

    Good luck for you

  802. 802 : Paula Says:

    Anyong Ha-Seyo! Arumdapta un Koo-Hye-Sun! Sarang Hae Yo un Lee-in-Ho! 🙂 Chal ji-nae-shŏ-ssŏ-yo? So ,Han-gu-gŭn dae-dan-han na-ra-im-ni-da. Sarang-Hae-Yo!

  803. 803 : Arvin Says:

    hey there Koo Hye Sun A Big Fan here in the Philippines
    I like your Shows!! your a Very Good Actress & Singer
    I like Your Roles in Boys Over Flowers
    I Hope Your Career is shine until to top
    God Bless You!!
    More Career to you

    – Big Fan Fr. Philippines
    – Arvin

  804. 804 : sunako Says:

    hi koo hye sun,,,im from philippines,,,ur so beauteful and smart,,,i wish u can vist as in philipines thats all bye

  805. 805 : sunako Says:

    hi koo hye sun

  806. 806 : manolita lerida Says:

    your character as jan di has portrayed how should a girl or a woman would react to situation where there is so much restrictions or problems encountered in life. The strength of a woman is so powerful that it can move mountains or any hindrances. I do believe you have successfully portrayed a powerful girl or woman. Good Luck and may you have all the blessings in life. God Bless You always.


  807. 807 : aimi Says:

    hi koo hye sun!!!
    i’m from malaysia…
    i really like you, because you are so cute and smart!!!!
    i hope you, lee min ho,kim, and kim so eun can visit malaysia when you guys are free…
    i really want to meet you guys!!!
    love you!!!

  808. 808 : amma Says:

    cantiknya . . . andai aKu seperti koo hye soon
    ehm. . . . gug kebayang deh gimana

  809. 809 : Fitry Says:

    Wduh. .
    Koo HyE sun t cntik bgt eah,bbiR’y mRah, .
    SksEs truz. . I L U. .

  810. 810 : Novia cahaya Says:

    koo hye sun,, qmU gag keLihtn sprt umur mu y6 saat nI,, q fikir Qmu msh seumuran dengan Lee min h0,, tp ternyata,,! You very beautiful,, ^succes^ koo hye sun, I’m Like y0u,,

  811. 811 : Cora Says:

    Geum Jan Di keep making movies I am your no one fan

  812. 812 : liana Says:

    hi,i’m from malaysia.koo hye sun,you very cute n beautiful.i like you.

  813. 813 : Riza Mae Colades Says:


    I’m Riza Mae Colades,17 in Philippines, Butuan City

    [color=#993300]^^ Hey Ate Koo,,,,♥♥♥[/color]

    First of All, I would like to congratulate you for being the leading lady of the best KOREAN DRAMA entitled: BOYS OVER FLOWERS, we are very lucky here in the Philippines that we have seen you the best drama together with the F4 and it was very interesting. We thank you very much because you have inspired us of your role as Jandi; the scenes sometimes shows emotional, happy, with comedy, and in love.I am now dreaming that someday i can come to my dream place in Seoul Korea and i Hope to see you.
    Thank you, thank you and I love you ate….♥♥

    GOd Bless…and may you have a great journey in your life…Good Luck…


  814. 814 : Jane Balen Borinaga Says:

    Good day!?…Koo Hye Soon! Hope your doing well…

    I’m your avid fan here in the Philippines…You know, you did great in Boys over flowers, I really love the story is just so powerful and emotional, it’s so hard to describe. Its completely underrated…. and no one really gives a second thought, but should be huuuuge….Plus, it bring tears to my eyes, so that’s a big deal. =D Especially the role of yours there as Jan di and the F4, They all compliment each other so beautifully. ….Thanks for the great TV series…Send my best regards to you & the F4…mwoah…Take care always…
    ots of hugs & kisses….JB

  815. 815 : Jane Balen Borinaga Says:

    Good day!?…Koo Hye Soon! Hope your doing well…

    I’m your avid fan here in the Philippines…You know, you did great in Boys over flowers, I really love the story is just so powerful and emotional, it’s so hard to describe. Its completely underrated…. and no one really gives a second thought, but should be huuuuge….Plus, it bring tears to my eyes, so that’s a big deal. =D Especially the role of yours there as Jan di and the F4, They all compliment each other so beautifully. ….Thanks for the great TV series…Send my best regards to you & the F4…mwoah…Take care always…
    Lots of hugs & kisses….JB

  816. 816 : Alca mae Abonales Says:

    hello…… Koo Hye Soon !

    Know what , your famous here in the Philippines….

    i do like your character in Boys over Flower….its amazing!!!!really impressed me..

    your a fighter…you never give up until you have reach the top…ITS SO INFLUENTIAL!!!

    thanks a lot for the nice acting…yOU dEsErVe thE besT!!!

    May God Bless you with abundance..

    Hope you can visit Philippines…dON’t woRRy yoU arE verY wELcOmE !!!!!

    ………i’ve seen the enterviews of yours by the 2ni1


  817. 817 : Alca mae Abonales Says:

    Hoping you can make a reply…..if possible to all of us, your avid fans.
    I’ll wait tell the end…….chayks!

    LOve You Very MUch…………..

  818. 818 : MAY MOE ZAW Says:

    hi koo hye sun
    I’m may moe zaw
    I invite you in the facebook
    please accept my invitation
    bye bye

  819. 819 : nina rica Says:

    hi koo hye sun i’m ur number one fance

  820. 820 : nina rica Says:

    hi! koo hyen sun i love to watch
    boysd over flower every day

  821. 821 : cinderella Says:

    goo jun pyo & geum jan di best coupel

    f4 & hye sun come to indonesian please

  822. 822 : shila Says:

    hye koo hye sun..
    you are very cute girl..
    i like u so much..
    i want to be your friend?????
    can i?????????
    add me [email protected]
    i hope so..

  823. 823 : Josie Says:

    Hi Ms GoHye Sun! I am visiting my grandkids in Las Vegas, NV and they still have a hangover from watching Boys Over Flowers last year! They can sing most of the songs as well as dance to the SS501’s music.

    It’s not only them but me, their grandma can’t get over it. So you and the entire cast have made a great contribution to the people by promoting happiness and enjoyment.

    The world around us is full of troubles, ailments, sadness, that happiness is a very elusive thing.

    So my advice to lonely people is before you think of anti- deppressants and drugs, watch dramas !! And don’t you even laugh at this . Try it! I am serious.

    If you have no pep, don’t have the desire to go home early, missing your loved ones, reminishing your youthful days, and have lost your appetite for noodles, watch Boys Ove Flowers and other Korean dramas ( especially the ones with Go Hye Sun and the F-4 guys in it) .

    After doing this, let me know if you can still laugh at this comments.

    Way to go korean dramas, actors and actresses, writers, producers Directors, the whole cast and crews, keep up the good work! you are in the right profession.

    Take care of yourselves out there. We need your continous supply of happiness!!!

    love you all,

    Ladybug Grandma
    [email protected] ladybugco.com
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  824. 824 : rosedy Says:

    hello there. ^_^
    I’m an avid fan of yours from the Philippines and
    BOF has really hit our TV screens!

    hope to meet you soon.
    you’re such a great actress!

    you’re pretty. .

    intelligent. .

    talented. .

    and looks like you’re really kind. .

    you’re my idol. .

    always be safe and more power!


  825. 825 : cresia Says:

    your role in boys before flowers is wonderful. i think in reality, you are a great person and a good best friend. i hope someday, we can meet by God’s will.

  826. 826 : gee gee Says:

    Hope we can watch you on TV and movies too. I thought you are the one who will play on your movie and directing too. You should play the role and better of you.
    Good luck and more drama and movies too come.

  827. 827 : Linazita Haron Says:

    Hai! I’m a malaysian and a big fan of you. Though I’m 45yrs ol yet ur one of my fav. actress. I’ve been watching yr drama BOF online and even on tv. now I’ve been watching yr drama Pure19 online again. All the best in everything You do.

  828. 828 : danica Says:

    hi!.. im a bif fan of you here in the Philippines… Hope you can visit our country and saw you in person… Your so beautiful..
    Good luck and more power in your career..

  829. 829 : ameLia Says:

    im come from indinesia…
    pLease come n join indonesia…
    because im n friend wait you come indonesia..

  830. 830 : nadira Says:

    hai koo hye sun my name nadira you my idola

  831. 831 : dina alvita Says:

    Hello Sister… i’m is yaour big fans.. Do you know???.. You very nice, cute, and beautiful… Good job for that… ;D

  832. 832 : dina alvita Says:

    Hello Sister… i’m is your big fans.. Do you know???.. You very nice, cute, and beautiful… Good job for that… ;D

  833. 833 : Vanessa Says:

    Goo Hye Sun you’re so beautiful and you are acting so good in Boys Over Flowers, I am your fans too! Go! Goo Hye Sun

  834. 834 : Diar Says:

    Hai Goo Hye Sun. How ARe You? You Beautiful Girl. THank You.

  835. 835 : janis Says:

    ooohhh… she’s really cute, she looks like a porcelain doll… 🙂 can i take her home??? 🙂

    i was surprised when i saw her personal info, i couldn’t believe she’s already turning 26 this year…

  836. 836 : amber Says:

    hi miss hye sun.u look so cute in the tv and i like your hair.

  837. 837 : ISNA Says:

    hai . . .

  838. 838 : reen Says:

    Hi! Goo Hye Sun, sweet smile….

  839. 839 : cinta Says:

    hi….! me cinta a long live me always thinking of you and dont forget you really beautiful……. koo hye sun I LOVE YOU………..

  840. 840 : cinta Says:

    hi……. me cinta a long live me thinking of you and dont forget you really beautiful KOO HYE SUN I LOVE YOU……. BY C1NTA

  841. 841 : NayLa mUt3'z t0e Says:

    My name is Naila,
    i very like you miss, because, you’s very beautiful and cute girl.,
    when you come to indonesia .?
    I wait you,
    I LIKE YOU, I WANT to As y0u,
    what y0u n0w with Lee min ho .?
    .i like y0u ., 😀

  842. 842 : NayLa mUt3'z t0e Says:

    my nam3’s nayLa
    i’m still class 7 .,
    i’m fr0m ind0nesia
    when y0u c0me t0 iNd0n .?
    K00 HYE SUN, y0u’s vEry beautiful, i want to as y0u.,
    k00 HYE SUN I LIKE Y0U, I LIKE Y0U.,;-)

  843. 843 : FYZAH Says:

    i am fyzah from MALAYSIA
    can u be my friend…….
    u very cute and prety…………..
    I LOVE U SO MUCH………………….

  844. 844 : Marcha Elcha Says:

    hi…Gu-Hye-Seon,im from Indonesia…You’re so CuTe…if you have a girl frend?

  845. 845 : icha Says:


  846. 846 : fafa Says:

    cute girl.
    are you really play in august rush ? great !

  847. 847 : jovelyn Says:

    Hi Goo Hye Sun,,,I’m Jovelyn from Philippines!!!!!
    Anneung aseyo!!!!I’m one of your big fan here in the Philippines..
    When I heard your songs like Sarang Ga and Mianhe I decided to study Korean language just to understand the lyrics and also to understand your interviews and your t.v. programs…
    I hope you and Lee min Ho is already dating…haha…
    Goodluck to your career and more power….

  848. 848 : loving U Says:

    I love Koo Hye Sun…^^

  849. 849 : Rebecca Says:

    Hi,Hye Sun
    Im from Vancouver B.C.
    Love you,you so beautiful。

  850. 850 : Diana Says:

    惠善,我爱你!!Hi Hyesun, I so love U…

  851. 851 : James Says:

    Hi! I’m a Sunmi from Taiwan, hope can see you at Taiwan again, I love you forever. Ku Hye Sun, Fighting!

  852. 852 : hm5airy Says:

    hi girl
    i wanna say that u r very beautiful and bure

    i like your smile alot .

    congrats 4 your last award in kbs .

    people critisized u 4 your dressing but i think u dont need to dress up , your pure soul and smile are your breaty.

  853. 853 : mean Says:

    Hi! I’m mean ffom the philippines. I really like your show Boys Over Flower. I admired you for being such a great actress. You have an angelic face and a sweet smile. Hope you’ll visit the philippines soon with F4.

  854. 854 : nana Says:


  855. 855 : clara's hye sun Says:

    jan di , km bruntung bgd sihh bs main film brg lee min hoo , kim joon nd kim hyeon joong …
    ak pgn bgd jd km ……….
    gmn siih rsa’a main film am mrka ??
    kpn rncna tour k indonesian ????????????

  856. 856 : regina Says:

    hi… i hope your ok with your career and a’m looking forward that you’ll visit us here in the philippines just like kim bum…

    your filipino fans loves you so much…

    we love boys over flowers it’s really nice…….

  857. 857 : adae Says:

    so cute!!!i like ur character…

  858. 858 : pachhya Says:

    hey koo hyu sun u r really lookin so chweet in boys over flower hehehehe ^_^

  859. 859 : alexa Says:

    multi-talented koo hye sun.a true living doll.so cute!

  860. 860 : nor Says:

    i love you.sye sk yngk awk berlakon.

  861. 861 : aira Says:

    hi koo hye sun im aira from phlippines i really like you and lee min ho your chemistry really nakakaklig ovvvvverrrrrr i wish you can visit us here in philippines because many pilipinos admired you and you had lots of fans here wish you visit here with lee min ho wishing you a gud luck to your career and your always welcome here in phlippines love yaaaaaaa saranghe

  862. 862 : aja Says:

    hey guys!

    HYESUN confirmed her next project after her upcoming movie MAGIC (she’s the director)

    she’s going back into acting!! yay! a new drama!! can’t wait!!

    goodluck to your new movie!!

  863. 863 : kath Says:

    hi!..i’am kath bete from philippines.. i hope you could visit here in philippines together with the f4..im such a boys-over-flowers-addict.. you inspires me a lot in finding my dream, your character as guem jan di really build me up to be a stronger person..hehe..sounds corny but really,,as i watch along boys over flowers it made me realized of pursuing my dreams–which i really bought a copy(cd of boys over flowers) of my own so that i could watch over and over again everytime im down or upset…i must be fighting!! it also taught me of never giving up!! aja!! more power.. xoxo..

  864. 864 : febriana Says:

    i like boys before flowers, im ana a from in indonesia ,hope can see you at korean again ,i love you forever goo hye sun

  865. 865 : are-u Says:

    hi..hye sun..you are so [email protected] like jan [email protected] pyo in bbf,so hot..yuo are my favourite actress.i like your smile.gud luck and miss u

  866. 866 : etika Says:

    haiiiiiiiiiiii kak goo hye sun,,,,,,, you beutifull bangett,
    I pens u di indonesia

  867. 867 : mugiwara Says:

    she wins prize for her directorial debut

  868. 868 : Christy Says:

    hai, hye sun onna…..
    i’m some of your fans in INDONESIA….
    i think, you’re a great actress
    and, you and min ho oppa is a great couple at screen…
    would you like come to INDONESIA with F4, please???
    i’m waiting your reply….


  869. 869 : tina Says:

    you did very well in boys before flowers that i have watched it so many times and am still watching it. i pray am your first fan from Ghana Africa.<>

  870. 870 : tina from Ghana Africa Says:

    Koo Hye Sun,am going to get you more fans from Ghana Africa unless you not interested. i wonder if you read this messages you receives.<>

  871. 871 : eleven。 Says:


    KuHyeSun.We love you.

  872. 872 : Ara love hye sun Says:

    hye sun love you so much??

    when the bbf seasson 2 start???

    iam verry exited….

  873. 873 : alexa Says:

    the multi-talented actress and
    a true living doll of korea.

    love her so much!

  874. 874 : Freda Says:

    Hi!geum jan di ur so beautiful talaga!!!!u know ur my idol here in the philippines !!!!saranggi jan di

  875. 875 : sukreena Says:

    I’m proud to be your loyal fan. May God bless you and success be with you always. Hope to see you more in your next drama. Love you always.

  876. 876 : shereen Says:

    Good luck Ms. Director on your movie MAGIC!!!
    I hope Lee Minho will go to your premier çause every MINSUN fans love to see you together. I miss you both.
    I LOVE YOU!!!

  877. 877 : oyunbileg Says:

    Wish u all the best and success

  878. 878 : niken Says:

    koo hye sun………..you…is beautiful girl………
    koo hye sun……..
    im…very-very misss you ALOT
    i like u……………………………
    n i love u…………………

  879. 879 : joy ann Says:

    annyung hahsi yoh!

  880. 880 : aisyah Says:

    malaysian love you

  881. 881 : amorian Says:

    no!!!that’s not BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS,,,


  882. 882 : jandi Says:

    hello miss hye sun., wooh idol . .
    gudluck to ur new movie.. . .
    same with shereen., i wish not i hope. hehe i wish lee min ho will go to ur premier in ur movie.. yeah we really love MINSUN ., haha.
    ur very talented girl., multi-talented person i’ve ever known. . and very cute face. baby face ehhe., i admire u. . ur one of inspiration of everybody. gudluck to ur career and LOVE LIFE i wish u and lee min ho will end up together in the church., hehe becase ur very good looking couple., perfect. . LOVE LOTS AND GODBLESS

  883. 883 : chell Says:

    hello. i seen u in rated “k” WIth korina sanches-roxas. she interviewed u. i really like ur smile, ur faced is very fresh and such a nice skin. . ur very pretty., hehe i really like to compliment., at least im telling the truth., hehe i eard that u have a new movie and u r the direction, the actress and the composer also., hehe gudluck gudluck., ur very gifted., i admire u miss koo hye sun., i wish lee min ho will court u. as soon as possible., hehe., i’m afraid bcoz ur age, ur becoming old maid., hehe GUDLUCK TO UR CAREER AND LOVE LIFE ALSO.,TAKE CARE., IDOL.

  884. 884 : CHI Says:

    all filipino LOVES U VERY MUCH esp., MINSUN couple.. Good luck to ur career . GOD BLESS., TC^^

  885. 885 : b.o.f.lover Says:

    hi ..mss koo hye sun. . i hope someday u and lee min ho will have another movie together. just like boys over flower., i love that. . the best. u and lee min ho is the best couple in south korea., the best couple ive ever known. . ur perfect combination.lol yeah. . !?gudluck to your new movie. and to your career. . Godless. 🙂

  886. 886 : pinay Says:

    .,koo hye sun.

    very pretty. . .
    very cute
    very beautiful
    very nice skin
    very nice lips
    very talented girl. . .

    ur a gifted.,
    i wish u will visit us here in the philippines
    ur the best korean actress..
    ur very nice also. .

    Godbless u. .
    Gudluck to ur career,. .
    i wish lee min ho will court you. your very good together.
    i hope u will work together with another movie. .

  887. 887 : jandi.lover Says:

    .,koo hye sun.

    very pretty. . .
    very cute
    very beautiful
    very nice skin
    very nice lips
    very talented girl. . .

    ur a gifted.,
    i wish u will visit us here in the philippines
    ur the best korean actress..
    ur very nice also. .

    Godbless u. .
    Gudluck to ur career,. .
    i wish lee min ho will court you. your very good together.
    i hope u will work together with another movie. .

    i only agree to “pinay”

  888. 888 : melanie Says:

    your really really cute….

    talented and smart

    your my idol…

    good job

  889. 889 : amantebate Says:

    Ku Hye Sun is very popular here in the Phils. Her face is known almost to all with respect and admiration. We wish to see more of her. Ku represents everything beautiful about Korea and the whole of Asia.

  890. 890 : felipina Says:

    koo hye sun’s really., talented., she’s the best korean female i’ve ever known., she has the personality, and talents., i love her., she’s becoming my inspiration everyday.,!! goodluck to your carrer, hope there’s more tv series, movies, etc. with lee min ho,

  891. 891 : jina Says:

    koo hye sun is the best.,!! goodluck to you, i hope the movie you directed will be successful, will be., lol 😀

  892. 892 : jodi Says:

    i love your smile.,so fresh., and your skin so white so nice., hehe.. i hope i’ll see u in personal.,!!iwish to go in Seoul south korea., just to to see you., goodluck to your new movie

  893. 893 : ms.cute Says:

    your’re the best female korean.

    your so cute

    i love your smile..

    hope 2 see u in person

    goodluck to your career.

  894. 894 : kate Says:

    you’re such and inspiration..

    the most talented korean idol 😀

  895. 895 : mia Says:

    koo hye sun gots everything, looks, brain, acting, directing, singing, author, artist, what else can’t she do? she’s one of a kind korean actress.!!

    really such an inspiration of everyone., goodluck

  896. 896 : cathy Says:

    your such an adorable person!!! u are an inspiration to the youth of todays generation.. 😀

  897. 897 : princess Says:


    😀 i’ve read you have directed a movie., im looking forward with this.,!!
    so exciting., !! goodluck to your career.,!!

  898. 898 : kris Says:

    one great and amazing person!!!
    always keep your feet on the ground and I know you will go place because you’re beautiful inside and out

  899. 899 : jovx Says:

    koo hye sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love you!!you always inspire me!!!!!!!!!!keep it up

  900. 900 : gyanimamacha Says:

    excellent or mind blowing act by koo hye soon. . . . . .. . .
    i just luv it. . .. . . . .. .

  901. 901 : Setiya Says:

    Hey Guys
    Why don’t you fight for our idol actress to increase number of Her comments? Why?
    Don’t you love her?
    If your answer is Yes , then go on guys . Let’s fight!
    Increase number of comments.

  902. 902 : Neda Says:

    The pain that accompanies love , intention , and responsibility also gives delight.

    Strange , the desire for certain pleasures is a part of my pain.

  903. 903 : neda Says:

    cheghad shoma bi bokharin

  904. 904 : neda Says:

    난 당신의 팬이

  905. 905 : kim ti ya Says:

    안녕 얘들아
    왜 당신은 우리의 우상 여배우에 대한 그녀의 의견의 수를 늘리기 위해 싸우지 않지? 왜?
    그녀를 사랑하지 않는가?
    당신의 대답은 ‘예,있다면 그때 가서 친구들. 싸우자!
    덧글의 수를 늘리십시오.
    it’s SETIYA’S msg guys in korean

  906. 906 : kim ti ya Says:

    사랑 의향을 함께 고통, 그리고 책임도 기쁨을 준다.

    이상하게도, 특정 쾌락에 대한 욕구가 내 고통의 한 부분이다.

  907. 907 : kim ti ya Says:

    당신을 사랑합니다

  908. 908 : kim ti ya Says:

    나중에 보자

  909. 909 : chin Says:

    i agree with setiya., lets do a lot of compliments to our precious idol. koo hye sun. the most talented korean actress i’ve ever known and ever beautiful inside and out…, i love you.,!! woooot gudluck to ur career., i will the movie u directed.,!! ur such an inspiration.,!!

  910. 910 : faye Says:

    koo hye sun. . love u.. ur my idol!! ur a great person!!^^

  911. 911 : Setiya Says:

    I love you KHS!

  912. 912 : solmaz Says:

    u were greate as jan di………………..
    I wish the best for u……….

  913. 913 : jandi Says:

    ur the best person., koo hye sun

    ur so great!!!. . i will watch the movie u directed. . !!

    godbles., u idol!!

  914. 914 : setiya Says:

    love love love

  915. 915 : setiya Says:

    pls upload this

  916. 916 : setiya Says:


  917. 917 : setiya Says:

    dear admin
    tanx alot :-*

  918. 918 : jiana Says:

    u are very good actress….
    I like u as jdn di….
    I wish u all the best..

  919. 919 : hye jin Says:


  920. 920 : chin Says:

    ., haha

    ur the best koo hye sun…

  921. 921 : abu marli Says:

    Meni geulis pisan

  922. 922 : chin Says:


    listen to her song.,
    her voice so cute,.,
    love her.,

  923. 923 : chin Says:


    this is love song, the other one is fast version. . !!
    she’s amazing. !!

  924. 924 : chin Says:


    koo hye sun is really good. ehehe

    listen to this. . and download if u want. . her voice is so soft. .

  925. 925 : Devjana Shrestha Says:

    you are too good. love your smile 🙂

  926. 926 : ferehte Says:

    lovely pic of koo hye sun

  927. 927 : ferehte Says:

    now she is a DIRECTOR too!

  928. 928 : ferehte Says:


  929. 929 : ferehte Says:


  930. 930 : LION Says:

    she is really cute.I like her most among korean actresses.hye sun fighting!

  931. 931 : yudis ra Says:

    very beautifull ……………..

  932. 932 : fereshte Says:


  933. 933 : fereshte Says:


  934. 934 : Neda Says:

    Oh Koo Hye Sun ! How lovely you are !
    I miss her .
    I want to see her in another wonderful drama .

  935. 935 : chin Says:

    just want to share this news, koo hye sun is the number one top 10 most gorgeous woman in korea. wooohh!!! love it., she deserved that., love her so much., she’s so lovely. . !!!! so talented. . !! so cute., lol


  936. 936 : solmaz Says:

    u were exellent as jan di….

  937. 937 : chin Says:

    really love you., hye sun., ur so cute i watched the grad. event of bof., in japan., you really love to wear black color., hehe wis u ol da best idol. .

  938. 938 : chin Says:

    ., just want to share this all hye sun lovers. .


  939. 939 : jayne Says:

    ……ur so cute geum jan di……

  940. 940 : cyenta Says:

    u are beautifullllllll……..i like your styl.sisterrrrrrrrrrr.gambate

  941. 941 : neda Says:


    how beauty you are my KHS!

    please add this my dearest …

  942. 942 : neda Says:


  943. 943 : neda Says:

    please …
    don’t you have any pics of her?
    if you have share it!!!

  944. 944 : jamie Says:

    i’m a big fan of yours…i really really really love the way you smile…and your talents just wow! hoping you and lee minho will do another drama together…

  945. 945 : cherry Says:

    I want to meet her some day, and when that time come and I want to be her best friend. I love You Koo Hye Sun, I think of you every day in my life, Thank for being one of my idol. You are so preety. God Bless You.

  946. 946 : kim sun hye Says:

    hye -sun unni is my all time idol and she really is so pretty , cute , and beautiful ……. unni hwaiiting aja aja aja …………. good luck to your directing career

  947. 947 : chin Says:

    can u put koo hye sun’s endorsements to added her popularity., stay pretty and cute., hye sun., love u so much., such a talented woman.,!!! GOD BLESS U!!

  948. 948 : rachel grace Says:

    hi chingu……you are so pretty
    i hope i see you in personal……………….take care

  949. 949 : neda Says:

    pic link

  950. 950 : chin Says:

    helo miss koo hye sun., ur so cute.,!! keep up the good work., your so smart, your my idol., hope to see you soon., lol^^ TC ^^

  951. 951 : ghazal Says:

    oh…really i dont know what should i say…
    I am so happy..i had not slept for 3 days to finish ur film..
    ur really fantastic..
    i love u honeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  952. 952 : neda Says:


  953. 953 : liza Says:

    …hi geum jandi abashi,ur so beautiful and kind, im liza from phillipines,i’ll olwas watching ur movie,da way u act ur so cool i like it.and i hope u will cntinue dat…saranghe!! GOOD LUCK!

  954. 954 : MANA Says:

    guem jan di!
    i m mana from nepal. i watched ur serial boys before flowers.
    although al of ur team made it superb,ur performance is excellent.
    in nepal, most of us are fans of ur movies

    all of luck 4 ur prosperous career!

  955. 955 : neda Says:


  956. 956 : neda Says:

    ku hye sun my lovely girl

  957. 957 : junelyn Says:

    you’re so beutiful and talented you like an angel………cute………..

  958. 958 : cheap jerseys Says:

    What a great post! Just one suggestion:If you add some pics, it would be easiler to follow!

  959. 959 : raqs Says:

    the best ka talaga…..overrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  960. 960 : lorna Says:

    yah… really love you Jandi. am from Manila, Phil. hope you’ll make a part 2 of your BOF. . . . really is a BIG BIG hit …. really really love you…. just the way you are….stay happy !!!!!!!!!

  961. 961 : neda Says:


  962. 962 : neda Says:


  963. 963 : neda Says:


  964. 964 : neda Says:


  965. 965 : yana98 Says:

    hemm….you look so beautifull girl,i want to ask you something you have boyfriend?who?ans please…..i not reporter but i is your fans club….

  966. 966 : hye jin Says:


  967. 967 : hye jin Says:


  968. 968 : hye jin Says:


  969. 969 : hye jin Says:


  970. 970 : Spooney Says:

    she always look young and sweet….:D
    very talented one

  971. 971 : ui Says:

    cantiknya seperti aku

  972. 972 : shoshlev Says:

    안녕하세요 ,샬롬 ! {*^_^*}
    KHS I think you’re very talented actress, and you talented in painting too, I really like your drawings, I think, as far as I could see,in the youtube ‘ through your style is Reclamation, is surreal. In any case , from interviews,is possible impression the , you’re a girl egghead very wise, you’re pretty cute your smile and captivating everyone around you, and you have a baby Pace with 2 dimples, and I think in personally,you’re and LEE MIN HO an amazing and beautiful together, and don’t let to differences ages of influence Between you .
    Between me and my husband also has, my neighbor is married to the young from her six years, the numbers not talking
    just heart and love and hug ” talking”.

  973. 973 : keihpopgoddess Says:


  974. 974 : ugi meiliya Says:

    hye sun’s unnie I like u

  975. 975 : kobanzame Says:

    your look beautiful. i love watch boys before flowers. your acting is perfect

  976. 976 : rupture Says:

    the dramas very perfect i like it a lot n thnk tht others too like it, i liked ur role n the entire team was good. its the best movie i ever watched……………….anyway the film was good. we hope we wiill be able to see its other part tooo………any way bye

  977. 977 : rupture Says:

    remain healthy ………….. u should ………………………….cause its for ur fans .n its ur carrer toooooooo ………………..reamain good…..

  978. 978 : Shiella May B. Aloro Says:

    ur da best actress!!!♥ koo hye sun!!!☻ keep up da good work!! minsun fan me!!!!

  979. 979 : indah Says:

    hai cewk cute habis ini yg tegar pemberani ???????mantap???????????habissssssssssss ce 1 ini ma mirip ma aktris indonesia agnesmonica?????????????y g sichhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok kan mga indonesia ada f4 y

  980. 980 : Neda Says:

    Hey guys , pls leave comments in english then others can understand them.
    I know you wanna leave these comments 4 her not 4 the other fans but in chance 1/100… if she finds this page she can’t read ur msgs bc she certainly knows ENGLISH and KOREAN not the other langs!
    Then pls leave ur msgs in ENGLISH & HANGUL.

  981. 981 : Neda Says:

    The way that is 1000s kilometers is starting with one step.
    We have to take this step strong
    I won’t be disappointed I have to reach my dream

  982. 982 : Neda Says:

    I Love you KHS !
    I can’t stop loving you!
    Guys , maybe you think I’m a boy but I have to say I AM A GIRL~don’t think wrongly
    I Love her as a nuna
    I can’t Love other k-actresses as like as you KHS
    I’m interested in the others

  983. 983 : Neda Says:

    Kim Bum acted in MBC drama
    Kim So Eun is acting in KBS drama
    oI Min Ho acted in MBC drama
    And Kim Jun in japanese drama
    But KHS!
    She didn’t act in boy drama yet…
    ~_~ ¿_¿ ¡_¡

  984. 984 : Neda Says:

    I know she will come back with another wonderful, different and beautiful drama or movie or sth else!

  985. 985 : tika Says:

    hei jan di pa kabar kapan ke indonesia aku suka sama goo jon pyo kim bum kim joon and jihu sukses trus bw bbf and kapan keluarin film baru? i love u

  986. 986 : yuka Says:

    hai jan di kapan ke indonesia q menunggu nich kapan keluarin film baru xlo keluarin film baru harus pemain bbf yua (ngga juga sich ) pokonya sukses terus bw bbf oh yua titip salam bw f4 yua oh yua q pnya lagu bw jan di dengerin yua
    “arti sahabat”
    aku bermimpi tentang hari ini masa2 ini lah yang tak kan bisa q kenang slalu “(reef)” kau tak sendiri karena q bersamamu temani aku sampai akhirnya aku sssukkkksssseeeesssss bbbbbuuuaaatttt “boys before flowers” ku tunggu kedatangan mu

  987. 987 : shoshlev Says:

    GHS has you all. Wisdom, beauty, talent,
    and i most love in you , it’s your humor,
    and of course your charming smile.
    Incidentally I do not know Who separate from who LEE MIN HO or GHS, but I don’t understand, how he is broke with you after so many flirtations,and the all world saw.How if the love real he is ending so quickly. He just not a real man, in my opinion, he is a traitor, and probably the success of so many players made him lose his head.i like lee min ho but I don’t appreciate him as a real man that should fall in love with him.

  988. 988 : tika Says:

    kita bersahabat

  989. 989 : Neda Says:

    hi KHS
    hows everything?
    you know what?
    neo , nae maeum e yo

  990. 990 : Neda Says:


  991. 991 : Neda Says:


  992. 992 : Neda Says:

    koo hye sun my love

  993. 993 : Neda Says:


  994. 994 : Neda Says:

    these are some pics about FIFA WORLD CUP in HANGUK
    I think you will like it guys

  995. 995 : Neda Says:

    hi koo hye sun
    how`s everything today?
    i hope you have a good day!

  996. 996 : Vee Says:

    I like to be her friend…..
    koo hye sun…i hope we can know each other…..

  997. 997 : Dara Says:

    hy beautiful….
    geum jan di,better called it.
    your perform in BBF is the best….
    2 thumbs up for you….
    hope you and lee min hoo can be best couple forever..

  998. 998 : Neda Says:

    내 사랑스런 친구

  999. 999 : Neda Says:

    내 사랑스러운 여자 네 귀여운 얼굴을 사랑해

  1000. 1000 : Neda Says:

    난 영원히 당신을 사랑합니다

  1001. 1001 : Neda Says:

    당신이 날 때까지 허용 …

  1002. 1002 : jessey Says:

    Hai,,, hope everything is fine…
    when is her new drama will be air???
    cant wait to see her acting…
    nice & super cute star in seol…

  1003. 1003 : icha Says:

    i like you because you so cute. sweat and beautiful……..

  1004. 1004 : Neda Says:

    love you koo Hye Sun
    love you my lovely yeoja
    kgotboda YEOJA

  1005. 1005 : farida Says:

    so beautifullll . . . . . . n_n

  1006. 1006 : Akanksha Says:

    hi ko hye sun.I am your huge fan from nepal. u know my country is very beautiful and u are as beautiful as my country.Lastly i want to say plz eat a lot and stay healthy.

  1007. 1007 : charity cruz Says:

    hi preety woman…
    U r not only a beauty but full of talents keep up w/ ur good work. am praying that after BBF U r working on another i have watched BBF n HEARTS of 19 more than 10x already thats how much i love U. take care n hope 2 see another drama of yours b4 d end of 2010. SMILE ALWAYS N D WORLD WILL SMILE AT U…GOD BLESS N MORE POWER…

  1008. 1008 : sabi to my unni Says:

    hi koo hye sun u r so preeti just lve u

  1009. 1009 : terry Says:

    i like u…

  1010. 1010 : Wordpress Themes Says:


    Loved your article, thanksfor the read……

  1011. 1011 : priya Says:

    aaniaasyo geum jan di maannasgasabnida………sry my korean lang. is very bad……so i like u very much in BBF so ur upcming film is magic,so create ur magic ok.bieeeeee tc n stay in touch n 8 d last bt not d least best of luck 4 magic…………geum jan di fighting

  1012. 1012 : 내다=neda Says:

    love you

  1013. 1013 : 내다=neda Says:

    당신을 사랑 내 …
    당신이 날 때까지 허용 …

  1014. 1014 : valeria Says:

    hola soy valeria, chilena… me encanto tu papel en la serie bbf… fue genial pareces muy simpatica muchos cariños y suerte para el futuro esperando verte de nuevo en otra serie juvenil bye bye…

  1015. 1015 : IaN Says:

    keren swangaddddddd
    muda & multitalenta ….

  1016. 1016 : diefan Says:

    just watched ‘Pure 19’. that was a beautiful series. Magnificent kdrama. I loved it. Cheers to you Gu Hye Seon.

  1017. 1017 : Ares Says:


  1018. 1018 : yuni Says:

    jandi…..lanjutin lagi filmx dong, bilang kesutradara…..penggemar ingin lihat go jun pyo dan jandi setelah menikah>>>>

  1019. 1019 : 내다 Says:

    dooset daram ye alame
    har chi begam bazam kame

  1020. 1020 : adist Says:

    Dear Koo Hye Sun..

    I’m adist from Indonesia, I like your movie BBF..when U come to Indonesia??

    I hope U and Lee Min Ho is really to fall in love specially no friends..

    One day i hope U and Lee Min Ho will be Married & have family and child.

    I really like U and Lee Min Ho, Mmuuuaaach…

  1021. 1021 : vievie helvie Says:

    HAI,,I am vievie from indonesia..I like you Ko hye sun…I hope you and Lee min ho fall in love,

  1022. 1022 : wirimeng Says:

    heh, sore ye…
    gw kaga bs bhasa koreaaaaaaa
    yg penting nih ye, lo jgn kali2 deketin lee min ho
    kl mpe ketauan nih ye…liat ajee, liat aje gw smperin lo ke korea tahun 2016, ok!
    haahhaahahhahah(sory, im just kidding)

  1023. 1023 : sikos Says:

    semalm aku mimpiin kamu…
    gara-gara kamu sih cute abis…

  1024. 1024 : 네다 Says:

    내 사랑의 구혜선
    당신을 사랑합니다 …
    난 이유를 모르겠
    난 내 사랑 금액 몰라
    하지만 난 알아 내 행복의 이유입니다

  1025. 1025 : Sheri Says:

    I really like her; she’s really talented and wish her all the luck 😉

  1026. 1026 : suria Says:

    I really like her in boys over flower; she’s really talented and wish her all the luck

  1027. 1027 : SARA Says:


  1028. 1028 : nicky Says:

    YOU,beautiful girl(yeoppota)

  1029. 1029 : chin Says:

    CAN u please stated there. all products she endorse? lol.. haha i will much love it. if you put it in her profile.


    koo hye sun. please do another tv series.!!! .
    i miss your acting on the tv.!!!
    i wish if you have a tv series your leading man will be jang geun suk!! haha i geuss you two are perfect for another tv series like bof..! but not the story , but the role rather in bof and you’re beautiful..hehe

  1030. 1030 : chixax Says:

    latest news


  1031. 1031 : Venze Dorren Says:


  1032. 1032 : chixax Says:

    NEWS about her. last august 25 2010


  1033. 1033 : phuntsok Says:

    u look soo cute and beautifull in boy over flower i am from nepal and love u too much .

  1034. 1034 : chixax Says:

    how r u.?? i miss ur acting on screen!!!
    i hope this coming months will now have ur drama.

    i really like u with jang geun suk., though u do not have drama together but. i love u both., he has a new up coming drama.. his lead actress not yet confirmed. i hope will be his leading woman!!

  1035. 1035 : chixax Says:

    her pic.

  1036. 1036 : chixax Says:


  1037. 1037 : chixax Says:

    koo hye sun soo cutee!!!!!!!!!


  1038. 1038 : chixax Says:

    love u lotxx…


  1039. 1039 : chixax Says:

    another pic again..


  1040. 1040 : chixax Says:

    koo hye sun with rain…


  1041. 1041 : chixax Says:


    she’s so talented.. really

  1042. 1042 : chixax Says:

    this is so cute..!!


  1043. 1043 : chixax Says:

    sooo elegant woman.,!!!


  1044. 1044 : chixax Says:


  1045. 1045 : chixax Says:

    i love her cute smile..!!!!


  1046. 1046 : chixax Says:

    ei., u posted all the pics i shared.. i will give again later the links..

    love lots koo hye sun…

    i really miss ur acting. huhuhuh..

    please do another drama.,this time with jang geun suk!!!!

  1047. 1047 : chixax Says:



  1048. 1048 : chixax Says:


  1049. 1049 : chixax Says:


    playing piano

  1050. 1050 : chixax Says:



  1051. 1051 : chixax Says:


  1052. 1052 : chixax Says:


  1053. 1053 : chixax Says:

    with rain


  1054. 1054 : chixax Says:

    supah cute


  1055. 1055 : chixax Says:

    as a vague girl


  1056. 1056 : chixax Says:

    look like a doll


  1057. 1057 : chixax Says:


  1058. 1058 : chixax Says:


    lady in yellow


  1059. 1059 : chixax Says:



    really cute

  1060. 1060 : chixax Says:

    with rated k interview

  1061. 1061 : chixax Says:


    with rated k interview

  1062. 1062 : chixax Says:

    soup collection



  1063. 1063 : chixax Says:

    koo hye sun really pretty i love her white soft skin..!!



  1064. 1064 : chixax Says:



  1065. 1065 : chixax Says:


    your so pretty

  1066. 1066 : chixax Says:


    koo hye sun with her cute dog

  1067. 1067 : chixax Says:


    i thinks this was her primary in her twitter account,..

  1068. 1068 : chixax Says:


    oh mu gosh.. look like JANG GEUN SUK.. but this is koo hye sun..!!!

    arg.. look a like.,?? promise.,

    try to see this then you view jang geun suk account here and find the picture they really alike..!!!

  1069. 1069 : chixax Says:


    koo hye sun with her art work

  1070. 1070 : chixax Says:


    another soup collection

    really cute.!!!

    love u forever

  1071. 1071 : chixax Says:



    she’s totally beautiful..!!

  1072. 1072 : chixax Says:


    pretty hye sun

  1073. 1073 : chixax Says:



    she’s totaly cute.!!!!

  1074. 1074 : chixax Says:




  1075. 1075 : chixax Says:

    wooohht. i gave alot of picx. of her.,



  1076. 1076 : chixax Says:



  1077. 1077 : chixax Says:

    koo hye sun at jamsin baseball stadium


  1078. 1078 : chixax Says:

    koo hye sun Endorses SKY Izar Smartphone’s



  1079. 1079 : chixax Says:

    i post a lot of pictures..!!so i hope this will be posted soon..

    that’s all for today., grr.!!!

    miss koo hye sun’s acting.,!!!

    so lovely woman!!!

  1080. 1080 : 네다 Says:

    i really miss her
    i wanna see her on any screen
    are you guys as same as me?

  1081. 1081 : chixax Says:

    latest news of koo hye sun

    Ku Hye Sun – Launching a Smartphone Application Loaded with Her Creative Work

    An application loaded with GHS’s work and information is creating news.

    Upto now, celebrity application was usually used by the entertainers to advertise his/her album or movie or drama, but only one at a time.

    However, the uniqueness of GHS’s application for smartphone is that it can be utilized to view all her various types of work as if viewing an exhibition.

    One of the GHS Application is called ‘mini exhibition’and it contains GHS’s work on Gummy’s album jacket as well as her musical composition, trailer for YoSool, her interview as a director and some sketches of her filming.

    It also is loaded with her first album ‘Soom=Breath’ and her single ‘Brown Hair’. You can even see her cf for Beauty and Smart Concept.

    GHS Application is available and serviced at the Sky Station and will be also available through Appstore starting early part of September.

    Towards the latter part of this year, GHS will revisit the livingrooms of the public through a new drama, THE MUSICAL. She plays a medical student of a famous university but who dreams of becoming a musical actress.

    Original Source: joynews.com
    Translated By: susAmerica @ Ku Hye Sun Soompi

  1082. 1082 : mary Says:

    noona wish u will visit phil.y ur so talented share ur secret plsssssssss.

  1083. 1083 : chixax Says:

    [CF] Ku Hye Sun – Internet Campaign CF 40s Ver.


  1084. 1084 : chixax Says:

    Netizens choose Goo Hye Sun as female actress with best skin

    Netizens have chosen Goo Hye Sun as the female actress with the most ceramic-like skin in a recent poll held on the community portal site, DC Inside.

    The survey was held from August 24th till the 31st, and it asked, “Which female actress among these makeup models has the best ceramic-like skin?”

    Goo Hye Sun earned 1,442 votes out of the 4,343 total, coming in at #1 with 32.7%. True to her background as one of the first internet ulzzangs, one of Goo Hye Sun’s best features is her clear white skin, earning her the nickname, Flour Doll.

    Park Shin Hye followed after, coming in at #2 with 16.3% of the votes, primarily due to her cute cheeks and milky skin. Go Hyun Jung came in at #3 with 7.9% of the votes, mainly for her ageless skin.

    cre allkpop


    love her skin..!!! and her cute face.!!

  1085. 1085 : D Says:

    what book(s) did she write, does it come in english, and if it does where can i get it/them?

  1086. 1086 : D Says:

    i am a big fan and i was wondering what book(s) did she write/ is she still writing? do her books come in english? if yes where can i get the books?

  1087. 1087 : chixax Says:

    she wrote a book titled TANGO.. dont know it there is english version now.. i also wondered if they could translate from korean language to english.. so that we as a big fan of her will also knew what had she wrote there.. wooott.!!

  1088. 1088 : chixax Says:

    news by now..



  1089. 1089 : 네다 Says:


  1090. 1090 : JANET Says:


  1091. 1091 : 네다 Says:

    ldn,kd ]di?
    من دوست دارم و دلم برات تنگ شده

  1092. 1092 : chixax Says:

    news update

    Director Ku Hye Sun Third Movie Stars Nam Sang Mi


    Actress GHS has challenged herself to make her second short film.

    GHS has recently completed filming portion of her short film,named You. She is currently finishing up/editing the film.

    This film is a story of a father and a daughter and, like , has the flavor of fantasy in its 10 minute content.

    Female lead is acted by actress Nam Sang MI and the middle-aged actor Choi Il Hwa will act as the father.

    Last September 7th at the Gyungido NamYangJoo JongHap Set location, GHS posted her message on the tweeter, after having completed filming her movie. In her tweeter, she writes of her appreciation to Nam SangMi who worked hard for the movie.

    Translation [email protected]

  1093. 1093 : SARA Says:

    You’re so beautiful !
    Be succesful in your life !
    S.M 😉

  1094. 1094 : lololollololololololololololololololololololololol Says:

    You’re cute !
    😛 (lied )

  1095. 1095 : 네다 Says:

    @ chixax
    thank you GIRL
    for your updates and pics

  1096. 1096 : chixax Says:

    its my pleasure dear….
    here’s another news that makes you smile until you sleep..!! hehe

    Ku Hye Sun this time, she is ‘Dancing Koo’…Revelation of her Dancing Skill

    GHS, who made big news wearing the Sailor Moon outfit, now is making news by showing her hidden talent in dancing.

    Soon after being confirmed for the role in THE MUSICAL drama as a young woman dreaming of becoming a musical actress, GHS immersed herself in practicing dancing. Finally we have discovered her hidden dancing talent through two publicized photographs. Due to such revelations, the public’s curiosity has been amplified.

    The first publicized photo is of GHS dancing playfully on the college street along with Park Gyung Lim who also appears as a friend in the drama.

    That day, GHS came to the film location and started to practice dancing steps with Park GyungLim. It was still early in the morning on a weekday and very quiet. Almost immediately after GHS started to dance, a crowd of people gathered to create quite a commotion.

    Not too long ago, College Road became famous due to GHS filming dressed as the Sailor Moon. College Road has again become a news due to GHS again.

    Crowd of fans watching GHS’s smooth and lovely movements started to yell out . Producer stated with high praise:

    Not only that, GHS was able to show her powerful dance moves that are hard even for male dancers with such skillfulness that the professional choreographers clapped for her.

    In THE MUSICAL, GHS plays GO Eun Bi who has failed 80 auditions. But, that day, GHS was filming a scene where Go Eun Bi heard about an audition to select male musical actors and tries for the part dressed as a man.

    Because of that, GHS had to master high level, male, group dancing steps. The day of the filming, GHS practiced until dawn, pushing herself to master the forcefully energetic stepts to keep up and keep beat with all the male choreographers/dancers. She did such a great job that the entire staff gave her an applause.

    The Musical is a drama about the passion and the romance among the producer, composer and actors who come together to make the best musical possible. The staff leaves for New York’s Broadway in mid October and then plans to stand before the audience.

    Translation [email protected]

    this is good really good..!! i can’t wait to see the musical.. lol

    GHS, who made big news wearing the Sailor Moon outfit, now is making news by showing her hidden talent in dancing.

    Soon after being confirmed for the role in THE MUSICAL drama as a young woman dreaming of becoming a musical actress, GHS immersed herself in practicing dancing. Finally we have discovered her hidden dancing talent through two publicized photographs. Due to such revelations, the public’s curiosity has been amplified.

    The first publicized photo is of GHS dancing playfully on the college street along with Park Gyung Lim who also appears as a friend in the drama.

    That day, GHS came to the film location and started to practice dancing steps with Park GyungLim. It was still early in the morning on a weekday and very quiet. Almost immediately after GHS started to dance, a crowd of people gathered to create quite a commotion.

    Not too long ago, College Road became famous due to GHS filming dressed as the Sailor Moon. College Road has again become a news due to GHS again.

    Crowd of fans watching GHS’s smooth and lovely movements started to yell out . Producer stated with high praise:

    Not only that, GHS was able to show her powerful dance moves that are hard even for male dancers with such skillfulness that the professional choreographers clapped for her.

    In THE MUSICAL, GHS plays GO Eun Bi who has failed 80 auditions. But, that day, GHS was filming a scene where Go Eun Bi heard about an audition to select male musical actors and tries for the part dressed as a man.

    Because of that, GHS had to master high level, male, group dancing steps. The day of the filming, GHS practiced until dawn, pushing herself to master the forcefully energetic stepts to keep up and keep beat with all the male choreographers/dancers. She did such a great job that the entire staff gave her an applause.

    The Musical is a drama about the passion and the romance among the producer, composer and actors who come together to make the best musical possible. The staff leaves for New York’s Broadway in mid October and then plans to stand before the audience.


  1097. 1097 : 네다 Says:

    KeeP Fighting My Dear Actress Koo HYe SuN

  1098. 1098 : 네다 Says:

    من نمیدونم چرا این دختر رو این همه دوست دارم!؟
    واقعا خودمم موندم چرا

  1099. 1099 : cookie58 Says:

    When will we get to watch new drama of yours????

  1100. 1100 : 네다 Says:

    la la la la la …..
    love ya love ya

  1101. 1101 : chixax Says:

    news uptdate….

    Ku Hye Sun will pairing with Wu zun in New Drama “Absolute Boyfriend” ??

  1102. 1102 : chixax Says:

    news update……….

    Ku Hye Sun will pairing with Wu zun in New Drama “Absolute Boyfriend” ??

    吳尊回鍋偶像劇 4年身價飆6倍
    中國時報【洪秀瑛/台北報導】吳尊和楊丞琳合拍《陽光天使》,海外版權賣得嚇嚇 叫,已吸金3千萬,八大再幫他打造新偶像劇《絕對達令》,一集酬勞約30萬,已與羅志祥不相上下,《絕對》並撮合他和韓版《流星花園》女主角具惠善搭檔, 她一集酬勞1萬5千元美金(約47萬台幣),20集的戲,她就賺進千萬元。

    當 年吳尊拍《公主小妹》時,一集酬勞5萬,因收視率高,拍《籃球火》時漲到12萬,同戲的羅志祥約20 萬,言承旭則高達49萬。吳尊前年轉戰大銀幕, 不過,《梁祝》及《錦衣衛》票房都不理想,去年底又回 偶像劇市場,拍《陽光天使》一集25萬,再接《絕對》,已是絕對一哥,酬勞從最早的5萬漲到30萬,4年身價翻了6倍。

    他與「飛輪海」成員擔任台灣觀光大使,今年3月曾 到韓國推展觀光,與具惠善合拍主題曲MV《Touch Your Heart》,她當時說最想找吳尊合作,這次改編日本漫畫的《絕對達令》,兩人順利搭檔。

    八 大連著3部偶像劇主角都有韓星,外界看法不一,《絕對》拿新聞局補助金,有人認為應多培養台灣演員,八大則說,外籍藝人有海外市場,戲劇不該受限,也是一 種行銷台灣的方式。

    credit Yahoo News

    The part in Red mentioned about Hyesun, it says GTV will produce a news drama “Absolute Boyfriend” (Zettai Kareshi), a remake of Japanese Manga, in which Wu Zun will partner with Ku Hye Sun for this project

    NB: Zettai Kareshi was remade as Japanese drama last year, starring Hayami Mokomichi and Mizushima Hiro

    Cre translation [email protected]

    Another Article


    Currently, WuZon is commanding appearance fee equal to that of Nah Ji Sang due to the high popularity of his latest drama with Yang SeungLim called . The drama, has been decided to star WuZon and Korea’s BOF star, GHS. GHS commands $15,000 (in American currency)per episode while Wu Zun commands $30,000 per episode (in Taiwan Currency). The drama is to be about 20 episodes.

    Wu Zun’s commanding salary has gradually gone up since he starred in . His attempt at a movie did not do as well that he quickly returned to dramas. Now he is about to star in and his place as an actor is well established. In the last 4 years, Wu Zun’s fee has jumped 6times.

    Wu Zun and Fahrenheit are Taiwan’s Tourism Ambassadors and has gone to Korea in March to carry out their duties and also has made a CF/Music Video called with GHS. Soon after they completed the Music Video, GHS has agreed to doing a project together with Wu Zun. Luckly, the Japanese manga remake of the story, , has become available and both Wu Zun and GHS have been selected to be stars of the drama. However, Taiwan viewers are not that positive about Taiwan’s GTV dramas using Korean female stars as leads of their last three woo-sang-geuk (does this mean modern dramas?) dramas. Viewers feel the need to develop and utilize more Taiwanese actors and actresses. However, GTV commented that foreign actresses are able to be active in international arena, dramas cannot have such restrictions, and that this is the way of the Taiwan.

    Credit Translation [email protected]

  1103. 1103 : chixax Says:


    Ku Hye Sun Attend “ARTiSTAR” Exhibiton Event


  1104. 1104 : chixax Says:

    Ku Hye Sun Update Twitter


    She also update her Minihompy with same pictures


    부산에 다녀왔습니다. 함께 일하는 친구와 낮부터 맥주마셨어요. 오징어도 소리내어 씹었지요. 오랜만입니다. 이런짓. 아참! 머리도 조금 더 잘랐습니다.
    I just returned from Busan. I have been drinking beer since the afternoon with a coworker friend. I even chewed the dry squid loudly/noisily. It has been a long time. That type of behavior. Ah! I also trimmed my hair a little more.

    Credit Translation [email protected]

  1105. 1105 : coralaganao Says:

    Is that true? I am very if that news is true.

  1106. 1106 : Boys Before Flowers « Viobluechie's Blog Says:

    […] Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di aka Makino Tsukushi […]

  1107. 1107 : chixax Says:

    .soohh true. hye sun and wu chun. will have upcoming drama.. named “Absolute Darling”

  1108. 1108 : chixax Says:


    so cute.. short hair

  1109. 1109 : Sieta Says:

    So beautifull in this white dress…. Wait for the new of you,girl…

  1110. 1110 : cristine mae magpusao Says:

    i like you ghs vey much
    i wish that you will come on the philippines next tym

  1111. 1111 : cristine mae magpusao Says:

    i want to see the new movie of ghs
    here in the philippines

  1112. 1112 : aku aku Says:

    hello everyone..
    hi admin
    i like so much her. and i’ve some beautiful pic her.here’s link below..

    Admin can u replace her pic profile with this link….
    shes beauty here..so cute

    thank so muchhhh…
    love GHS…

  1113. 1113 : chixax Says:

    i love koo hye sun.. she’s so pretty.. esp. when she has still have her long hair




  1114. 1114 : linda Says:

    You are really good as an actress. I have watched BOF several times and you were great. Just a few days ago, I’ve searched for your “pure” drama and luckily I found it. It was also good and heartwarming. God Bless.

  1115. 1115 : ric Says:

    well…she is awesome….cute…she makes everyone’s heart go weak with her smile…i recently watched boys before flowers..it took me three days to complete bt i don’t regret even though im busy..cos its worth….

  1116. 1116 : golshan Says:

    hi dear hye sun i very love you you are soo asam actor dear ilove youre move boys over flowers that’s soo good you like my older sistar oh my name is golshan iam girl
    bye honny

  1117. 1117 : ruthi Says:

    את שחקנית נהדרת המון אהבה israel

  1118. 1118 : golshan Says:

    hi dear hye sun how are you today honey? every think is good? ihope you will succeed

  1119. 1119 : Boys Over Flowers « K ADDICT Says:

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  1120. 1120 : Crystal Says:

    hi ku hye sun as Geum jan di.. ur so nice and beautiful.. and ur compatible for Lee min hoo.. hehehehe ur absolutely nice actress and singer.. good job..

  1121. 1121 : chixax Says:

    Ku Hye Sun @ TIFF Q&A 2010


    koo hye sun really cute,….

    so gorgeous in all outfits..!!!

    just really love her styles…!!!!

    she’s so smart also…

    Godbless my dear hye sun….

    wish to be high rated nationwide in your drama with wu chun..!!!

    goooooo..do your best.!! wooooottt!!

    take care of yourself….mwuaaaahhhpxxx

  1122. 1122 : anne Says:

    advance happy b-day!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    i wish that you can have more b-days to come and more more projects!!!!!

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    she’s so pretty and very sophisticated in this picture..

  1127. 1127 : messi Says:

    I LOVE U **KHS**

  1128. 1128 : messi Says:

    when Is her new drama coming?

  1129. 1129 : chixax Says:


    still feminine .. really cute.!!

  1130. 1130 : chixax Says:


    this picture is very manly? lols..!! still love her chickssss!!! sohh cute smile.:))

  1131. 1131 : chixax Says:


    she really love black .!!!

  1132. 1132 : chixax Says:


    great face.. perfect.. such a small and cute face ever!!!

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  1134. 1134 : malley Says:

    sarang hae!!! domo yippo!!! fighting!!! miss u in other kdrama..

  1135. 1135 : Future And Past Says:

    When You Smile… I Imagine a Blooming Rose
    2 Lovely Things… 1- Your Smile 2- Your Tears

  1136. 1136 : proudtobepinoy Says:

    watching BOF for the 2nd time… love it still.. love you jun pyo and jan di.. gwapo mo tlga lee min ho!!!

  1137. 1137 : iloveghs Says:

    your really beautiful and so talented! i love you hyee sun!!!! we will support you in every project you’ll make!

  1138. 1138 : faisal Says:

    i’m from indonesia….

  1139. 1139 : chixax Says:


    i like her white skin.. soooooooooohhhh cute hye sun.. :))

  1140. 1140 : Dicki before flowers Says:

    i love you so much…

  1141. 1141 : chixax Says:


    hye sun is so cute.. lovely face..!!

  1142. 1142 : okka Says:

    very hot actrees

  1143. 1143 : chin Says:

    lovely lady.!!! :))

  1144. 1144 : mae Says:

    cute 🙂 😀

  1145. 1145 : france Says:

    i miss ur acting,.. huhu 🙁

  1146. 1146 : jill Says:

    im looking forward 4 your upcoming drama with wu chun!!!

  1147. 1147 : clara Says:

    i just wish.. that next year or other years.. u will be playing in drama with JANG GEUN SUK! 🙂 hehe i just love you too.!! ur just perfect very talented persons.!! really love if that would be happen!!

  1148. 1148 : lia Says:

    koo hye sun!! idol!! ur my inspiration!! love lots!! ur very amazing!!!

  1149. 1149 : pricila Says:

    just saying here that ur the best actress!!! ur adorable.. lovable.. u inspired me everyday.. every single works finished..

  1150. 1150 : pricila Says:

    i really miss ur acting onscreen hye sun!! when will u comeback? soon??? what date?. 🙂 😀 love u idol!!!

  1151. 1151 : carla Says:

    hye sun… we miss u..!! we hope to see u on another drama!!

  1152. 1152 : gianna Says:

    love..love..love..love.!!! hye sun so smart!!!! ur so perffect,.. talented girl ever!!!!love yahh!!!! i wish u happiness!! i hope ur next project will be good together with the hottest male koreans JANG GEUN SUK, KIM HYUN JOONG.!!! i wish one of them will be ur leading man!!! hehehe :))

  1153. 1153 : barbie Says:

    idol..i miss you..!! 🙁 bof is really great. that drama makes u popular here in the philippines. 🙂 Godbless

  1154. 1154 : chin Says:

    merry Christmas.. hye sun..!!! God Bless u.!! :))take care..

  1155. 1155 : Laura Says:

    hey! she did a plastic surgery?! lol
    dont trust she is fake!!!!
    like KHJ ;p

  1156. 1156 : pat Says:

    huh?? plastic surgery?? and KHJ? kim hyun joong? really???
    even though!! she is still SMART,talented!!! pretty… so on!!!

  1157. 1157 : pat Says:

    ohh sorry. u mean!! KHJ? is fake?? hahaha.. u sure? lol..!!

  1158. 1158 : wafa Says:

    love..love..love..love you Koo Hye Sun

  1159. 1159 : bea Says:

    idoooooooooooooooooolllll!!!!! ur so pretty!!!

  1160. 1160 : kristina Says:

    koo hye sun!! so smart! i like the way she act.. im so sad i haven’t seen her acting this year. hope next year.. i will saw her onscreen.. Godbless hye sun idol!

  1161. 1161 : inangbayan Says:

    geum jandi.. koo hye sun!!!!pinoy really really love so much!!! ur such a great actress..!! u are very popular..!! u are very talented girl.!! fighting!!! koo hye sun.!! what is ur new drama???? take care..,

  1162. 1162 : carmie Says:

    ii miiisssss uuuu HYE SUN!!! i hope ur books have an nglish version.. so that i can by read it..!! i haven\’t seen yet ur book here in the philippines.. and hope ur drama that u r directing will be successful as u are right now.!! Goodluck to you my IDOL! gogogogogo!! 😀 🙂 🙂

  1163. 1163 : carmie Says:

    ii miiisssss uuuu HYE SUN!!! i hope ur books have an nglish version.. so that i can buy read it..!! i haven\’t seen yet ur book here in the philippines.. and hope ur drama that u r directing will be successful as u are right now.!! Goodluck to you my IDOL! gogogogogo!! 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1164. 1164 : BLInKX Says:

    everyone!!! koo hye sun have a twitter…follow her..!! she twit sometimes.. but i don’t understand what she twitted coz i don’t understand korean language! lol. 🙂 jandi!! love.love.love.love.love.love u!!

  1165. 1165 : bella Says:

    hey .. ur so smart!!! i adore u!! u almost perfect!!! i really love ur skin.. so milky!!! i hope to see u in person!! ur really amazing!!!

  1166. 1166 : victoria Says:

    hye sunnn!!!! soooooooooooooo cuuttee!!!

  1167. 1167 : jane Says:

    i love you soooooooooooo much!!

  1168. 1168 : jilliane Says:

    i like you in BOYS OVER FLOWER wondering if u have another drama so that i could watch u again. im so jealous with ur skin. its just perfect!

  1169. 1169 : keira Says:

    koo hye sun..!! i like u with jang geun suk..lol im wamdering if you two will pair up of a drama.. what will be the result…well it will be super duper perfect.hahaha anyway, you are very smart.

  1170. 1170 : kimi Says:

    Your the Best!! LOVE LOTSSSSSSSSSSS!! keep up the good jobs.. you’re the most talented actress I’ve ever known!

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    love you hye sun! i support you whatever drama of yours.. whoever ur leading man!!! love so much!!!

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    jandi i miss u! ur so cute

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    hello again… i will comment here everyday.! ehehe. really really cute

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    hye sun.!! im here again!! gudmorning!!! advance merry christmas

  1176. 1176 : ilovekdramayesforever Says:

    u and wu chun is great!! can’t wait ur drama together

  1177. 1177 : ilovekdramayesforever Says:

    take care always hye sun!!

  1178. 1178 : ilovekdramayesforever Says:

    im back again!!! im always updated about you.. the last news about u was about the Toyota you we’re endorsing.. i guess!! :))

  1179. 1179 : iloveyouforever:)) Says:

    geum janDi! :))

  1180. 1180 : iloveyouforever:)) Says:

    merry christmas hye sun.!!

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    MERRY X-MASSSS.. CUTE HYE SUN!! Godbless. :

  1182. 1182 : faye:::)))) Says:

    Geum Jandi.. merry Christmas.. always take care of urself okay?

  1183. 1183 : faye:::)))) Says:

    please specify her endorsements also. thanks. hope you read this!

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    merry christmas IDOL!! take care always.!!! love yaahhh!!!!!!!!!

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    hello.. im back. :)) lol!! Meri x-mas to all.!! :))

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    you can email at this message.taravat

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    I miss u very much!!

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    hi hao.. hye sun.!! :)) i miss u so much!!.. i wish i could visit ur cafe manolin.!! i wish i can go to ur place..arrgg!!! ilove ur smile.!!

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    wooooott!! hye sun… ILOVEYOUSOMUCH!!! waiting for ur next DRAMA!!!

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    goo hye sun is a great actress!!

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    merry x mas to you

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    iloveu hye sun!!.. i hope t see u in S.korea wen i go there..lol so. so. so. so .so……pretty

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  1194. 1194 : ASIA Says:

    does anyone know here that goo hye sun will attend on KBS award?

  1195. 1195 : tinker:) Says:

    geum jan di…. love the name.

    ur such a beautiful girl and ur expressions are the best 🙂 and multitalented really..

    ur the type of girl that gives light to a dark room everytime u smile..

    keep smiling girl… 😀

  1196. 1196 : beni Says:

    cutie! wishing u a very happy and successful new year ahead….love ur acting…stay happy..

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    hye sun… happy..happy new year.. hope u have a drama this year!!

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    wwoooot.!! koo hye sun..!! HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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    IDOL… iloveyou.. happy happy. new year!! God Bless YOU!!!!

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    i love your play in boys befour flowersmove………

  1202. 1202 : ASIA Says:

    HELLO HYE SUN… i missyou. :))

  1203. 1203 : parmis Says:

    hi,hye sun…happy new year…
    you are the best,i really loved your role in boys over flower…
    i wish all the best for you .

  1204. 1204 : janina Says:

    koo hye sun… definitely miss ur acting. :((

  1205. 1205 : maebelle Says:

    oh!koo hye sun is very beautiful!wish have a second move wth f4!good job

  1206. 1206 : ASIA Says:

    oh.. hye sun thanks for sharing your beauty secrets. 🙂 really pretty!

  1207. 1207 : jen Says:

    love u hye sun

  1208. 1208 : king Says:

    hye sun is really beautiful

  1209. 1209 : ASIA Says:

    cute HYE SUN .. 🙂

  1210. 1210 : ASIA Says:


    i LIKE HER.. :))

  1211. 1211 : taravat.korea Says:

    Hello Koo Hye sun.Im Taravat.Im a girl and very cute……….oh you are very cute and good Actress./Please give me your individual Email address.Thank you.good bye koo hye sun.

  1212. 1212 : jean Says:


    ur asking our e-mail address.!?;)

  1213. 1213 : ASIA Says:


    GHS has been asked to make the trailer for the 13th Seoul International Women’s Film Festival. According to the article, there will be a showing of her filming the trailer on location in Feb. and then showing of the actual trailer at the press conference for the 13th SIWFF. It appears that the festival will be held from April 7~14. Her trailer is also drawing much attention because she will be using the new Nikon’s DSLR camera. When her trailer is made, it will also be shown in Nikon’s home page promoting the DSLR camera.

    Translation [email protected]
    Cre http://news.nate.com…/20110126n06726



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  1215. 1215 : carina Says:

    i love koo hye sun……….,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hello your soooooooooooooooo beautiful.imiss your telenovela.

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    imiss your face in telenovela

  1217. 1217 : carina Says:

    your so beautiful

  1218. 1218 : laila Says:

    hello there hye-seon! i love the way u act…i love the f4 drama too…u r sooooo beautiful and kind and really talented sweetheart! and u r lovely!

  1219. 1219 : hyunsun's fan Says:

    i miss her so much !! does anyone know who is hye sun’s boyfriend ? I hope she has one now …..

  1220. 1220 : yoo da Says:

    yah ce nih mang imut, tapi gak tau kenapa gua gak ngefens ma doi yah? lo liatin gak? tu wajahnya kok memper ma si jessica jung snsd ya?

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  1222. 1222 : ann Says:

    hi hye sun i love the way you are!!! you’re so amazing….!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    what is email goo hye sun??????????????please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am Taravat.byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  1224. 1224 : green Says:

    She is very talented…
    her first directorial film was great!!
    can’t wait for her second directorial movie…Looks like it will be more interesting…

  1225. 1225 : Lilia Says:

    Hello Gim Chandi, how are you? You my favourite actres.

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    AKIN C JUN PYO HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! NDI XA SAU….AKIN XA!!!!!!!!!!

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    _LAHAT NLng inagaw mu!!!! sau na nga c ji hoo…. pati bah naman c jun pyo hehe…….

    love ur roles hahah…..

  1229. 1229 : dinaz Says:

    hey unni,happy women’s day..realy admire u 4 ur work n achvmnts at sch a young age!ure gr8 unni..

  1230. 1230 : Chin Says:


    hye sun..!! love you.!! ur the best!!!

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    <3 <3 her so much!


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    i love u,so beautiful,iam eli from iran,you are the bestttttttt,kissss

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    you are very beautiful and very look like me. when i see boye before flower i and my friend are very shoking
    in iran is new year celebrate
    happy new year

  1234. 1234 : constance Says:

    KHS – I find u shouldn’t had act in BOF.

  1235. 1235 : (^_^) Says:

    why not??
    she did realy well on it.why do u think she shouldn’t have dine this??!!

  1236. 1236 : Parwana Fayyaz Says:

    Dearest Koo:
    I hope you are doing well. Eat well and be energetic as always, I have seen Boys Before Flowers, as an Afghan representative. We love you all a lot, and May Allah or God bless you more and more,, for making us Happy.. Thanks
    Loves Parwana

  1237. 1237 : parmis Says:

    hi,i`m parmis from iran,
    i first saw you in pure 19,then boys over flower…
    your the best…i really love your drama,your so great in everything,
    i hope all the best for you.

  1238. 1238 : edward Says:

    hellow koo hye sun i hope you and Lee Min Ho will be a couple because you and Lee min ho are so sweet in Boys Over Flowers hehehe Iwant to see your future baby hheheheheh love you. Do you like Lee Min ho as your future husband

  1239. 1239 : edward Says:

    is there any part two in boys over flowers

  1240. 1240 : cc Says:

    hi sister!!! i really like u so much in boy over flower. you’re cute,lovely, energetically. i hope that your the best for me forever

  1241. 1241 : cc Says:

    hi sister!!! i like you so much especaily your acting in boy over flower. you’re cute,lovely, energetically. you’re the best for me forever

  1242. 1242 : nurulain nabila Says:

    hye sun,i hope you are really couple with lee min ho…i like your couple in boys over flowers drama,,you are so romantic with lee min ho,,you have to married with her,,and have a cute baby

  1243. 1243 : MAHSA 2 IRAN Says:

    HIIIIIIIII my dear!
    you are veryyyyyyyyyy nice & pretty!

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    I like you!!!

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    I MISS YOU. :))

  1246. 1246 : JANE Says:


  1247. 1247 : JANE Says:







    🙂 🙂 🙂

  1248. 1248 : JANE Says:

    this is absolutely great.. the absolute darling revealed..


    please post all the pictures on this page..esp. this two. thanks. 🙂



  1249. 1249 : angle Says:

    hi hye sun
    I love you chingo I will try that I live for working like u…fighting!
    thank you

  1250. 1250 : farahjojo Says:

    hi , my dear hye sun

    no kenchana na kenchantagoo …………. na nova nov ….sarange………….pukushipusouo………………..^^ fighting ! ori kidariq no ! ……………….
    내 가장 친한 친구

  1251. 1251 : lisa Says:

    dear ko hye sun;
    I love you…….
    wonderfull a girl

  1252. 1252 : SWASTIKA Says:

    hi how r u.i love ur acting.sarange.do more and more drmas.best of luck for ur future.

  1253. 1253 : Wall Clocks Large Says:


    I love your photos and you´ve really such a gorgeous smile!

    Best wishes,


  1254. 1254 : Ladybuggrandma Says:

    Beautiful, smart, funny, talented ,and soooo adorable! I will always be her loyal fan alongside my grandkids.

    We will all be supporting her in whatever she does because she gives joy to our lives…

    We can’t wait for your new movie or drama !

    Ladybug grandma

  1255. 1255 : nara Says:

    hi hye sun.
    i love you so much

  1256. 1256 : angelica Says:

    hi hye sun im angelica from philippines,i just want you to know that im an avid fun of yours.I also want to meet of course but I can’t and i know you have a very busy day always.n_n…
    You”re really an amazing girl you do have lots of talent…
    I know we all know..hahahaha…

  1257. 1257 : JANE Says:


    jiro wang and her..

  1258. 1258 : shohreh shi Says:

    i am shohreh from iran
    i really love all about korea and chiefly korean drama
    you face so cute
    nomo nomo choa

  1259. 1259 : nik Says:

    난 당신이 여자, 친절하다고 생각하고 강한가 그것은 항상 눈을 소원의 이해 당신 IM A IRANIAN,I think you’re a girl, kind and strong It s the wish of the eyes always understand you I LOVE U SOMUCH

  1260. 1260 : Akerke Says:

    Hi!!! I am from Kazakhstan. you are really very wonderfull actress!!! ))) we all very loves you!!!

  1261. 1261 : me_diana Says:

    Hye Sun…you are talented..wish all dream come true..gonna miss you

  1262. 1262 : JANE Says:

    the cutest,,, 🙂

  1263. 1263 : kins Says:

    u r so beautiful,gentle and cute. i am one of ur greatest fan. i hope that u would visit my country(Bhutan) anytime.
    love u a lot!

  1264. 1264 : happysun Says:

    I Love You So So much!

  1265. 1265 : mira Says:

    u look so cute in boys over flowers

  1266. 1266 : PARVAZ Says:


    NANOL SALANG HE.난 널 사랑해

  1267. 1267 : donna mae Says:

    hi ms. hye sun, i really like you your very talented actress in korea.
    youre cute when you act. and i really like your personality. i really like you so much. hope someday you visit the philippines to see all your fans here! specially me.:)love lots!!

  1268. 1268 : marizze Says:

    hi IM marizze fr. philippines. ur so cute.. IM enjoying watching u.. ur chemistry with lee min ho really great.

  1269. 1269 : NOVA Says:

    everyone’s here loveS you Hye Sun..!! We Love you So Much!!! we’re waiting your drama with jira wang..!!! so excited!!

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  1274. 1274 : mahsa Says:

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  1275. 1275 : yasaman Says:

    in boyes befor flower u are good but crazy.
    i like u .
    in boyes befor flower u play very well.

  1276. 1276 : maikee Says:

    we love you koo hye sun!!!

  1277. 1277 : Lab2x Says:

    annyong haseyo
    i really like the way you smile ur so cute
    i wish i could be like yours…..
    you’re good actress
    wish you all the best.

  1278. 1278 : salinaz Says:

    u have a nice face it’s very cute i love your acting in boys over flowers

  1279. 1279 : cheell Says:

    KOO HYE SUN IS THE CUTEST KOREAN ACTRESS I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!! I’m so happy to know her!, she’s been one of my inspiration in the past 3years!! after seeing her in boys over flower, i begun to search more about her, and interestingly, she has a lot of talents! i never regretted to know her and to be my IDOL and INSPIRATION!!! God Bless KOO HYE SUN!! Wish u all the best!!
    THIS IS one of her CUTEST PICTURE.!! please put this picture on this site.!!


  1280. 1280 : very beautiful Says:

    hello DEAR KOO HYE SUN . nae ka MYANMAR saryan myee tar. please connect to my telephone 010 807309948. iwant to speak you.

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  1282. 1282 : happysun Says:

    Ku Hye Sun Krean drama is confirmed on air on SBS TV,
    will start it’s first episode on 2 September 2011 at 9.55pm, Please give your support to our lovely KU Hye Sun Thanks!

  1283. 1283 : happysun Says:

    Ku Hye Sun Korean drama The Musical is confirmed on air on SBS TV,
    The Musical will start it’s first episode on 2 September 2011 Friday,
    Please give your support to our lovely Ku Hye Sun , Thanks!

  1284. 1284 : happysun Says:

    Ku Hye Sun I Support you & Love you Forever! The Musical on air at 2 September 2011 on SBS 9.55pm every Friday, Please give your support, Thanks!

  1285. 1285 : chin Says:

    JAAAANNNNDIIII..!! I’m looking forward to your next project which is THE MUSICAL..! and will aired on the 2nd day of September.!!!!!! sooo excited..!! guys??? will you watch her drama??… me?? of course I AM!!!

  1286. 1286 : NOVA Says:



    i think this two is good for this site… one of this pictures is the cover of her BOOK.. called TANGO

  1287. 1287 : NOVA Says:


    [Photo] Ku Hye Sun – Official Pics of “The Musical”

    THANKS.. 😀

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    oeni Hye Sun is the best. Sarange”

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  1294. 1294 : KHS's fan Says:

    My favorite K-actress. Definitely will watch all your drama. KHS The Best!

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    unni came back The Musical … HORE I am so happy.
    I can see you … Hye Sun unni.

  1298. 1298 : love Says:

    unni Hye Sun . GOOD LUCK.

  1299. 1299 : minsuN Says:

    cute , cute & cute
    beauty,beauty & beauty
    sweet,sweet & sweet

    unni Hye Sun”

  1300. 1300 : OKE Says:

    very beautiful, you came back I am happy, The Musical wil wacth …
    is teh best, you smile you very cute

  1301. 1301 : S. Says:

    I cant wait for the drama THE musical
    Fighting xxx swyt

  1302. 1302 : fran Says:


  1303. 1303 : Korea » The Musical Says:

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  1304. 1304 : fran Says:


    koo hye sun during press con. “the musical”


  1305. 1305 : riyanti melifa bae Says:

    hye sun , miss u , welcome to drama tv. hope u successs,cayoooooo

  1306. 1306 : Puput Says:

    Hye Sun miss you. GOOD LUCK ., The Musical,.

  1307. 1307 : maryam Says:

    you are so cute.good luck 🙂

  1308. 1308 : Zuhail Says:

    god luck to new drama.

  1309. 1309 : fran Says:

    please post thanks.:)

  1310. 1310 : Judy Ann Torres Says:

    KOO HYE SUN !!! i really really like you !! your my inspiration !! :)) come here in Philippines :))

  1311. 1311 : sonya Says:

    goo hye sun…. u are sooo cute and beauty…
    love you <3 <3

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  1312. 1312 : Nana BEAR Says:

    i love u very much. i wish , i will be met you for soon day, you have a nice smile, u acting drama very good, too. i’m waitng for u. suceesful

  1313. 1313 : MIKA Says:

    You are a very actress
    Keep up the good work…best of luck

  1314. 1314 : Ladybug grandma Says:

    Go Hye Sun, beautiful and so fair, super talented and very good actress! You are making so many people in the world happy just by your mere presence onscreen! Keep making more dramas, we will support you cause we your fans love you!

    From Ladybug Grandma

  1315. 1315 : Sunsin Says:

    Ku Hye Sun You Are The Best In The World, I LOVE You Forever………

  1316. 1316 : lom Says:

    She’s good in acting and cute but not so pretty as compared to Park Si Yeon

  1317. 1317 : chris labongray Says:

    i love it 🙂 ko hye sun is my idol :))

  1318. 1318 : frenky Says:

    oooo my good, you are very amazing
    i like you so much you are my inspiration,my sprit, my power and all
    becouse you i know myself. you give me much spirit and live! i wish one time we will be meet!
    n my dream i will go to korea

  1319. 1319 : che Says:

    another drama tv series for ku hye sun!!
    ohhh!! she’s the best, the strongest!! the pretties!! the cutest!! the gorgeous.. the fair skin lady!! the most sweet smile!!!! i am totally in love with super talented skills in the show-business industry!! those pure personality of her the most!! i am definitely adored her!!
    really love her!!!

  1320. 1320 : RaneeAgashi Says:

    Anyong My Koo Hye Sun…!!! I’m a big fans of you. Now I’m watching The Musical and can’t wait for Absolute Boyfriend airing and your newest drama Fly Again. Really cant wait……!!! Hye Sun Saranghe….!!!!!

  1321. 1321 : Winnie Mmoko Says:

    ur the bst gal kip t up.God bless u luv u and God lvs u mr

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  1323. 1323 : winny Says:

    i am in love wiz u since i saw your performance in boys before flowers as geum jandi…i really like u & u r cute…when r u coming back? we really missed u please please come back as soon as u can on kbs2 drama looking more cuter than jandi…fighting..i wish u luck on every thing u do..love ya u r the best!!!!

  1324. 1324 : dinaz Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our lovely fairy GOO HYE SUN..may u achieve lots of success in life.hope ur next drama will b a superhit..GOD bless u!

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  1327. 1327 : janine Says:

    Happy birthday goo hye sun… Fighting!

  1328. 1328 : eli Says:

    happy birthday to you
    do your best way to enjoy your life olso full responsility
    i’ll support you forever

  1329. 1329 : Ana Puspa Says:

    Koo Hye Sun… Fighting!

  1330. 1330 : maikee Says:

    we love you Koo Hye Sun!!!! will continue supporting you always!! we love you jandi!!!

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  1332. 1332 : Sailormoon Says:

    i love u so much. i like ur smile.

  1333. 1333 : Sukhan Says:

    I’ve seen her only as Jandi so far and she is a great actress.She makes it all look so real and looks great with Junpyo..

  1334. 1334 : min gha Says:

    Hye Sun .. Hye Sun .. I love you so much <3 <3 <3 wish you all the best :*

  1335. 1335 : fasai Says:

    my precious korean actress, have a big hit to you forever.

  1336. 1336 : negar Says:

    wowwwwwwww….go jun pio:>,i love you and the way you act…….i want to have your e mail…….please……..im waiting for your response…..

  1337. 1337 : maya Says:

    hey u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooo chweet SARANGE

  1338. 1338 : homa Says:

    how i say that they are so beautiful!

  1339. 1339 : ._. Says:

    Love <3 love <3 love <3 you so much :*

  1340. 1340 : aii sihombing Says:

    you are my inspiration. you’re talented.and just the way you are :*
    love u GOO HYE SUN

  1341. 1341 : surya Says:

    loooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee yyyyyyooouuuuuuuu :*

  1342. 1342 : fasai Says:

    love you forever, just focus on what you are:)

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  1344. 1344 : mahsa Says:

    hi,i love you,you are cute and funny,you be greate in the boy before flower,who is your real boyfriend?i wish i see you in more films.be independence forever.

  1345. 1345 : gwenne Says:

    ur pretty and good actress…love yah!!! hope u can reply me and give me ur pic with lee min ho with an autographs of urs…thank you

  1346. 1346 : Sara Says:

    Soooooooooooooo cute…………and funny
    We love u koi hey sun!!!

  1347. 1347 : Alireza Says:

    i and all my Friends love you very much!!
    alireza from iran

  1348. 1348 : Dave Says:

    i just love watching you at work. i can’t wait till season 2 of take care of us captain. one of your biggest fanes.

  1349. 1349 : sumi Says:

    love U so much

  1350. 1350 : nazakat Says:

    goo hye sun i love you! u r excellent couple with gu jun pyo!!!!!!! hooooo!!!

  1351. 1351 : vhia Says:

    Oh my beautiful lady,,,,,,
    yeaaah,,,, the greatest lady/woman,,,,
    so cute and sweet….
    saranghae baby doll

  1352. 1352 : sonya Says:

    beautiful actress…
    natural beauty, cute, multitalented actress

    i loveeeeeee you, hye sun oenniiiiiiiiiiii ^^

  1353. 1353 : vhia Says:

    Koo Hye sun,,,,, saranghae!

  1354. 1354 : Erny Says:

    Love u the way u are,,,^^good luck hye sun^^fighthing^^

  1355. 1355 : Nasim Says:

    hi dear
    I’m NAsim , from Iran
    u ‘re so beatiful and fun honey .
    I love you so much
    Have nice day my dear

  1356. 1356 : nella Says:

    i just love her as a person she seems very cool gal and kind hearted lady.. i really like her acting and the way she carry herself… Ms hye sun i wish all the best in life and happiness… GOOD LUCK and GODSPEED!!

  1357. 1357 : janenjoy Says:

    beautiful…..your my idol.

  1358. 1358 : deen ahmat Says:

    Hi Koo Hye Sun,
    I’am deen ahmat from Malaysia…
    I like your act, especially Take Care of Us, Captain drama.
    You are so beautiful actress….
    Good luck !

  1359. 1359 : Junebee Says:

    Great performance in BBF. It was a very physical role, especially in the first few episodes where the character was chased, floured, got tomatoes thrown at her, etc. I realize there were probably stunt actors in several scenes such as the jump spin roundhouse kicks. Still, a demanding physical performance on top of good acting skills.

  1360. 1360 : nazanin(I am deaf) Says:

    I am deaf.
    photo wes great.
    I am iran.
    I like Boys Over Flowers.
    I Love Koo Hye Sun

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  1362. 1362 : lotusinmud Says:

    love you..you’re great actress..
    you’re so cute and pretty.
    good luck & may god bless you!! 🙂

  1363. 1363 : Emmie1789 Says:

    I wanted to make sure i commented on this subject.
    I am enjoying your dicussion.

  1364. 1364 : cheENIE Says:

    on her profile, you need to include on her profession as a film director..
    she will always be one of my inspiration to reached my dreams/goals/ in life!!!

  1365. 1365 : cheENIE Says:

    I’m looking forward on her upcoming drama with the Taiwanese handsome guy! a member of the Fahrenheit Taiwanese boy band!!! jiro wang!!!? Absolute Boyfriend will be the cutest drama of this YEAR!! SUPPOSEDLY!! LOL

  1366. 1366 : mani Says:

    Ultra brilliant in roles and life
    I’ll see her alongside Lee Min Ho

  1367. 1367 : aicha Says:

    i love her so much

  1368. 1368 : Hachi Says:

    she was so mutch cuter in long hair *w*

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  1370. 1370 : asefe Says:

    hi Koo Hye Sun
    I am from iran (esfahan)
    Koo Hye Sun very very I LOVE YOU
    I’m very happy to come to Iran

  1371. 1371 : cheENIE Says:

    the absolute boyfriend just started!!! anyone who knows the first episode with English subtitle??
    i’ll be waiting your responses! i’ll keep on visiting this site!

  1372. 1372 : sara Says:

    hi koo hye sun.i love u.

  1373. 1373 : wanniey minsun Says:

    Hi!..koo hye sun unnie i really like you..you are best actress and i hope in your new drama with lee min ho like bof..i really2 like minsun couple..hope you are together again!…

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  1375. 1375 : intyce Says:

    Currently watching her in Absolute Boyfriend. =) I love her acting, she fits the role perfectly! ^^ I am enjoying the series so far. The male lead Jiro Wang is freakin’ HAWT!! They make a cute couple ^_^

  1376. 1376 : TÜRKİYE Says:

    çok sevdik en çookta Go Jun Pyo (Y)

  1377. 1377 : U Thura Says:

    so so cute..

  1378. 1378 : U Thura Says:

    she so cute,i wishes to good act in artist,hehe..

  1379. 1379 : cathrine douglas Says:

    my best actress you are so fun to watch jandi love you

  1380. 1380 : bahar Says:

    hiiii i love you and i love gomm jandi

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  1382. 1382 : FARNAZ Says:

    you cut i love you

  1383. 1383 : karla/slickmustrule Says:

    dangsin-eun neomu aleumdawo ! dangsin-eun gongjunim gat-eul , dangsin-i ilnyeon nae-nae seong-gong hal-tende ! dangsingwa sin-ui chugbog-i salang !

  1384. 1384 : mia Says:

    The cute girl with many talent,,,she beautiful in face and heart 🙂
    i really really like her,,,
    sweety princcess hye…

  1385. 1385 : sabrina Says:

    my beautiful princess…
    goo hye sun i love you… ^^

    Natural beauty, multitalented, i love your smile 🙂

  1386. 1386 : Dahlia Says:

    I love her 🙂

  1387. 1387 : Zhaozhao Says:

    Koo hye sun is natural beauty,humble,down to earth and multitalent…i really adore her…

  1388. 1388 : khusuma Says:

    wow…………..cute abizzzzzzzzzz <3 😀

  1389. 1389 : yusof Says:

    So….cute…and i like u drama acting

  1390. 1390 : me Says:

    Koo Hye Sun, you’re matchless in Korea but you’re first class Gedgit like Sally Field actress here in U.S. California.
    It’s all written and this how it explained why. Here are The Recaps: Your personality says it all – originality, authentically, uniquely real true and purely genuine.
    You’re beautiful enchanting adorable princess and God knows that’s reflex of who really you are.
    You’re the only one we admire the most because you’re the real role model to us, so smart, talented, gifted, modest, blessed and the best!
    Comedy suits you better coz you make us laughs! You smile so pretty and very lovely young lady.
    You’re curable medicine to our heart just you were from the start.
    You’re like a precious gem, so very special to our soul and mind. Well this is awkward but you deserve a gentleman that will treat you well as good as you and kind.
    Please keep up and don’t give up and so do we. Stay as is because we thank God it’s you and greatly honored as you can be….
    Above all you’re remarkable and better yet you’re unforgettable. We love you always undoubtedly….

  1391. 1391 : parisa Says:

    i love u

  1392. 1392 : lotusinmud Says:

    KHS..the annoy’ is great..the annoy’ make the drama is more interesting..i love it…even others hates it but i think you acted well in BOF. congratulations ! you’re cute, charismatic, adorable, face of natural beauty. i admire you and you have a pair of long and beautifull legs..be grateful..I Love you and F4.. I wish you all the best!!

  1393. 1393 : rose Says:

    saw 3 drama series wherein you had to do delivery. why is that? that’s typecasting, although short scenes, still writers/producers should not do that to you!

  1394. 1394 : shiela mae parreno Says:

    i want to be koohye sun.i really hope we met someday>_<thanks for inspiring me always………god bless you….

  1395. 1395 : eman Says:

    I hope to see you with lee min hoo all serials and movies for you bilateral wonderful, I love you

  1396. 1396 : marze Says:

    i like geum jandi… you’re talented. I’m your fan

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  1398. 1398 : Chonzom Says:

    Koo hey sun ur very beautiful

  1399. 1399 : addina Says:

    JUST WANT TO SAY, YOU HAVE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SKIN. keep it up. Your personality does not show your true age. you look so young! i love you

  1400. 1400 : BEATRICE:) Says:

    i relly,reaaly <3 u koo hye sun:)

  1401. 1401 : kim yoon hye Says:

    생일 구혜선 자세한 생일 및 앞으로 프로젝트는 항상 알아서 hwaiting!!! 🙂

  1402. 1402 : Riley Nicdao Says:

    I can’t stand this actress! She gets on my nerves!

  1403. 1403 : Korean Drama: Boys Before Flowers / 花样男子 / 꽃보다 남자 (2009) | OMG-Gurubootcamp!! Movies Says:

    […] Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di aka Makino Tsukushi […]

  1404. 1404 : Anusha Says:

    hi,You are very pretty,I like so much. These days I am watching Youre boys before flowers drama .It is very interesting drama.you all very sweet.

  1405. 1405 : Tahmineh Says:

    she is one of the best among korean actress who have multi potetial in different art fields. I like her as an actress and all of her roles specially Gume Jundi whome is full of energy, love and sincerety. She always displays a workholic and briliant woman that can effects on other people so much.

  1406. 1406 : dinaz Says:

    Dear admin some of the awards she won as a director is missing..since this page is all about her so all of her achivements should be mentioned i feel.
    and for those who hate her why do u even bother to comment and make her fans angry.instead go to ur fav celeb’s page and shower ur praises there..

    (@dinaz from admin: Profile just updated. Please take a look)

  1407. 1407 : dinaz Says:

    Thank u so much admin.highly appreciate ur quick response.
    thanx again. :-):-D

  1408. 1408 : angelica Says:

    goo hye sun is very pretty!!
    she’s look like a doll.!
    love her so much!
    very talented…

  1409. 1409 : jan di Says:

    a very good actress !
    beauty,talents and brains..
    (almost perfect!!)


  1410. 1410 : JUNG HYE SOO Says:

    anyonghaeseyo! koo hye sun. is so talented and beautiful like a doll … she’s voice is so lovely .. and i like her role GEUM JAN DI a workaholic girl =) SARANGHANDA ! koo hye sun =)

  1411. 1411 : akoito Says:

    Koo Hye Sun > Beauty and Brain Lady and she’s kind hearted too! Godbless you and more power!♥

  1412. 1412 : akoito Says:

    I hope koo Hye Sun have more drama to show on tv… she’s very versatile actress. Korea must be proud of her!!

  1413. 1413 : [KBS 2009] Boys Before Flowers | Says:

    […] Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di aka Makino Tsukushi […]

  1414. 1414 : The Musical | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre los Doramas Coreanos en Español Says:

    […] Koo Hye Sun as Go Eun Bi Choi Daniel as Hong Jae Yi Park Ki Woong as Yoo Jin Ock Joo Hyun as Bae Gang Hee Ki Eun Se (기은세) as Seo Ra Kyung Park Kyung Rim as Sa Bok Ja Kim Hyun Sung as Han Sang Won Oh Jung Se as Goo Jak Kim Yong Min (김용민) as Joon Hyuk Kim In Seo as Sang Mi Lee Do Kyung as Eun Bi’s father Jung Young Sook as Yang Soon Yi Kang Ji Hoo as Hyun Kwang Seo Cha Kwang Soo as Yoo Jin Young Ahn Yeo Jin as Sun Hee Park Geun Hyung as President Yoo Jo Won Hee (조원희) Lee Ji Hyung (이지형) as Yoo Jae Joon Kim Jin Ho (김진호) as President Seo Choo So Young Jung Tae (정태) […]

  1415. 1415 : Lin Says:

    We really missed Koo Hye Sun very much … we want to see and watch her on new TV/Film drama or musical she is very versatile and her beauty is not fake like some of Korean stars..She is very natural.. Hope she will do another TV show/drama series..Fighting!!!♥♥♥ from your fans here in the Philippines.

  1416. 1416 : Take Care of Us, Captain | Novelas Coreanas Says:

    […] Koo Hye Sun as Han Da Jin Ji Jin Hee as Kim Yoon Sung Lee Chun Hee as Kang Dong Soo Yoo Sun as Choi Ji Won Lee Sung Min as Hong Mi Joo […]

  1417. 1417 : Imaobong Edison Says:

    You are Amazing Just The way you are.

  1418. 1418 : dinaz Says:

    come back soon please..miss u alot angel 🙂

  1419. 1419 : Nuntira Says:

    I like you in pure in heart .Your acting in pure in heart can touch my heart deeply. You and Suh Ji Suk are perfect with each other , hope to see both of you act again soon together. I like you Koo Hye Sun

  1420. 1420 : keekhaiying Says:

    saranghaeyo hye sun sister na jo wha hae yo

  1421. 1421 : celly Says:

    best movies ever

  1422. 1422 : LILIAN Says:

    hey KOO HYE SUN, im really proud of you.im your fan from zimbabwe.tac care.

  1423. 1423 : katherine Says:

    koo hye sun es mi actriz favorita me encanto el video musical que hace poco hizo con seo in guk espero verla pronto en un dorama

  1424. 1424 : Narrena Eglasias Says:

    I really like you koo hye sun…I hope you will get more and more love…I miss you so much…

  1425. 1425 : BRENDA Says:

    If there is something as over talented then thats her discription.

  1426. 1426 : Roeth Danielle (Philippines) Says:

    Already watched Absolute Boyfriend!
    Really like the story!
    Jiro Wang and Hye Sun looked good together. <3

  1427. 1427 : shoshlev Says:

    Where can I find a link to the drama?

    I miss her very much.

  1428. 1428 : shoshlev Says:

    Where can I find a link to the drama?

    I miss her very much.

  1429. 1429 : Maryamjanie Says:

    Gum jan di…..

  1430. 1430 : rabab stevens Says:

    u r so great….
    love u … and wish u all the best

  1431. 1431 : KIM ROSE Says:


  1432. 1432 : zamzam Says:

    real Twitter of Goo Hye Sun –> @Koohyesun119 Let’s follow and support her . thanks

  1433. 1433 : Arunima Pal Says:

    i found this show accidentally when i was just changing the channels. The first i saw the show, i became fan of koo hye sun and lee min ho.

  1434. 1434 : annebelle Says:

    I really miss her.. Geum jan di… koo hye sun unnie please act in a new drama again… really miss you in small screen…

  1435. 1435 : yun chan ku Says:

    you are very beautiful……

  1436. 1436 : Untie Says:

    @yun chan ku
    Hi again. No offense, but ku hye sun is NOT beautiful. some peoplethink she js not that pretty. The Koreans say she’s a bad actress. She tried being a director but her movies are not big hits. I like her drama boys over flowers…very good drama. I wish her luck for the future.

  1437. 1437 : tahinemoa Says:

    Ok I think Koo Hey Sun is a brilliant and very intelligent actress. She received international awards on lots of movies she is directing herself I think you should offer her congratulations for achieving all this success as a young female actress. Good on her I think she deserves any awards she gets because she worked dam hard for them as for u complaint looser u don’t have to drag her down to your level just because u don’t know better. To my opinion Koo Hey Sun doesn’t have to look beautiful for anyone because to our eyes as fans she was already beautiful in our hearts not only outside but inside too, the whole world will continue follow Koo Hey Sun’s career and I wish her every success in the future. We are proud of U KHS. All the Best for 2014 <3 <3 <3 !!Fighting!!

  1438. 1438 : Anne Says:

    waaa… finally uri yeoppeun unnie is back on a new sbs drama, Angel Eyes. waaa can’t waittttt… I hope the woman who married three times quickly end.. LOL
    But I couldn’t find the link to watch her new mbc drama, she act in a documentary saeguk drama.. but I forget the title and I didn’t see it list here too… can someone tell me please…!!

  1439. 1439 : Peredephil Says:

    I love ku hyesun irrespective of the hate she receives from anti-fans …. I’m so hyesun all the way.lol

  1440. 1440 : amaka Says:

    you my girl,ku hye sun I love your style so much carry on kudo to you

  1441. 1441 : mrit Says:

    koo hye sun s so beautiful in angel eyes must watch drama

  1442. 1442 : mayowa Says:

    love u jan di am a friend of yours bt u cannot knw

  1443. 1443 : Seyha Saya Says:

    Ku Hyesun really great act in Angle eyes..When she cry my tear drop also ,
    Love her so much,

  1444. 1444 : rikai Says:

    i may not be her fan but she got my respect as a person for having the courage to do other pursuits other than acting. I think she is very capable. She has improved a lot in acting in her new drama Angel Eyes. 🙂

  1445. 1445 : ruky Says:

    well to me she’s a beauty and one of kind…. ofcourse critics aint got no choice to than to critisize and hate, I love you Koo Hye Sun #TeamKHS you rock! #FIGHTING!!!

  1446. 1446 : Augustine Brown Says:

    I miss your actions girl, u are the first girl i has watched your movei in korea,oh my God I wish to see you!!!physical.

  1447. 1447 : Jake Finn Says:

    She’s the best Korean Talented Woman. . . Whatever bad critics she’s recieving, we will still remain admire and support this Talented and Real Beautiful Korean Actress.

  1448. 1448 : BabyCare Chubby Says:

    Pleeeeease stay stronger Beautiful KHS. You’re the most beautiful and multi talented Korean actress and director for us. LMH and KHS (MINSUN) couple.

  1449. 1449 : PEACE Says:

    I miss Guam jandi

  1450. 1450 : Diana Isam Says:

    Oh no., not the actress from Boys Over Flowers. I am only on the second episode of Angel Eyes. I have a problem with her because she over acts. She has done that in three dramas. I hope she does not do it here

  1451. 1451 : Ninnah Says:

    Hi Geum jan-di, I really like u, specially when u say those funny things,like, Goo jun-pyo, do u know what I hate must abt u? Is this ur culling heir. I love u

  1452. 1452 : harecat Says:

    …I think se’s the new ‘Karen Mok’…

  1453. 1453 : tyolu Says:

    you are really talented and dramatic. we love u here in Nigeria.

  1454. 1454 : souren Says:

    i really like ur acting koo hye sun(gum jan di) nd ur expression during ur role r awesome keep it up

  1455. 1455 : iksrayla fiyugibu Says:

    kyaaaa~ koo hye sun ddaebakk.. i like her..

  1456. 1456 : Adelanke Mercy Says:

    Your character in “Boys before flower” really change my life, is like KBS2 sit me down & write my life story. You and lee min ho are my INSPIRATION I love u all 4 this, pls keep on moving to the top you will always be in my heart because you change my WORLD.thanks to you and I’m hoping to see you one day so I can repay you 4 that, take care of yourself till then my ROLEMODEL geum jan di.from Mercy

  1457. 1457 : renuka and jithma Says:

    The BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS is the best korean drama ever. what about that dramas seoson 2???????? you and lee min ho are very cute . The F4 is great . And your acting is very good. I wish you come to SRI LANKA. then we can see you. we like to see THE BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS 2 take care my actress (geum jan di)

  1458. 1458 : HTET HTET Says:

    Gan-D! I love you so much. I hope you to come to Myanmar.

  1459. 1459 : supuni Says:

    Love ur acting jan di…..best wishes…..!!!!♥♥

  1460. 1460 : AL Says:

    Her Role as Geum Jan-Di has made me one of her fanatic fans. I love her character and manners as Great Geum Jan-Di. Wow I wish I could talk to her in person. She is the most lovable, not the prettiest, girl I have ever seen. Bon Chance! Lady Hye Sun.

  1461. 1461 : AL Says:

    Her role as Geum Jan-Di has made me one of her fanatic fans. I love her character and manners as Great Geum Jan-Di. I wish I could talk to her in person. I affirm that she is the most lovable, not the prettiest, girl I have ever seen. Bon Chance, Lady Koo.

  1462. 1462 : kasun Says:

    my heartiesly congratulations! jan di….good luck! I wish you came to sri lanka..we are waiting..

  1463. 1463 : aditi Says:

    i luv ur character as guem jan di… n plzz make season2 of this drama i’m really loking forward it to see u & lee min ho togeather… i hope u can come to india… i’m big fan of yours… ur so chidlish in BOF n i luv this… keep it up… n bst of luck

  1464. 1464 : Leah Quitua Says:

    I really super like boys over flowers….Gum Jan di and Gun Jun Pyo….thumbs up…

  1465. 1465 : Chinny Says:

    Ajhumma I love you.keep up with what you are doing is great.am chinny your great fan from nigeria.

  1466. 1466 : Miora Madagascar Says:

    fighting unni you’re best actress in korea

  1467. 1467 : jinadari Says:

    hai1geum jan di i like you soo…much.your acting bof is realy i”m proud of you.i wish you all the best & good luck.I LOVE YOU GANDI & JUN PYO……

  1468. 1468 : Gary Says:

    I really like your acting in Angel Eyes. You’ve made the scenes live. Everytime I watched Ep. 6, I couldn’t stop but with my tears falling! All the songs are great too. Though the later part of the story don’t really make sense and it drags, I’ve enjoyed and would recommend the drama to everyone!

  1469. 1469 : MICHELLE Says:

    hello my dear idol koo yhe sun… i started to love watching korean drama because of BOYS OVER FLOWER.. since then i been following all your dramas and tv series… i am a fanatic of yours and also lee min hoo.. i love you both.. and i would love to see you again together in a new drama… and now ANGEL EYES is now airing here in the Phillippines and we really love it, your such a good actress.. and i admire you in everything you do… you are so talented.. God bless you and take care always! Belated Happy Birthday to you KOO HYE SUN..

  1470. 1470 : Lin Says:

    My 1st Korean Idol since year 2009… she’s very professional, beautiful and very talented actress… that’s why now I liked S.Korean culture because of my idol inspiration Ms. Ku Hye Sun ♥ ♥

  1471. 1471 : Felicidad Bacani Says:

    Since Boys Before Flower…you are one of my favorite talented actress in S.Korea and have a good chemistry between you and Lee Min Ho..wishing together again in a drama …I like you being simple and have a heart to act…Angel Eyes is one of your best and give them good credit to your leading men Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Ji Seok..airing here in Philippines..Take care and stay as sweet as you are Koo Hye Sun.

  1472. 1472 : attivor portia Says:

    from the very day i watched bbf i saw how wonderful i fell in love with u the moment and you are still the best female hardworking actress i will alwaysa. and also in angle eyes u acted so wonderfully in fact u were the best thanks to the male co actors who made this movie wonderful. and am waiting for another which u and lee min ho my star will produce. keep it up my lady and also dont forget to come host program i cant wait love u lee min ho and goo hye sun ang long live our minsun take care my lady

  1473. 1473 : noora Says:

    koo hye sun you are my best Korean actress interms of beauty and acting and you with lee min hoo are the perfect couple

  1474. 1474 : deborah mccoy Says:

    you are a dream come true i love u lots ur my inspiration uganda loves you

  1475. 1475 : rashmi Says:

    HI i like your acting boys over flowers gum jan di he is perfect girl
    and you beautiful girl i wish you all the best & good luck

  1476. 1476 : Miora Says:

    u’re so beautiful noona!fighting

  1477. 1477 : Tandem Says:

    Oh, just saw the poster for your new drama “Blood”. Can’t wait to see it, glad to see you back on screen. FIGHTING~~~~

  1478. 1478 : Blood « Half-Personality Angel Says:

    […] a Vampire, Park Ji Sang (Ahn Jae Hyun) who works as a doctor in a hospital. Meanwhile, Yoo Ri Ta (Koo Hye Sun) plays a hotshot heiress doctor, a star physician at the hospital and the niece of the board’s […]

  1479. 1479 : Korean Drama Review AE | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Sang Yoon as as Park Dong Joo, Kang Ha Neul as Park Dong Joo (young) and Koo Hye Sun as Yoon Soo Wan, Nam Ji Hyun as Yoon Soo Wan (young). Other casts: Kim Ji Suk as Kang Ji Woon […]

  1480. 1480 : cheonsaaa Says:

    innocent and nice roles suit you better, chic roles not really

  1481. 1481 : Sky Says:

    Your character in new drama Blood is different compare to ur previous drama but u portrayed it perfectly I kinda like it n very funny. You make us smile n I m loving it. GHS fighting just ignore -ve comments keep up good work. You r so talented I away support u 👍👍❤️💗

  1482. 1482 : SehaGeomon Says:

    Orny..You are awesome ..

  1483. 1483 : isti Says:

    Dear Koo Hye Sun
    You are a great actrees
    May I call you Geum Jan-di ?
    Strongcharacter and you played well
    I like because you as Geum Jan-di are able to change character of Lee Min Ho
    Gun jun pyo
    Great great and keep great action
    okay ??

  1484. 1484 : Angel Eyes (엔젤 아이즈) | styrn Says:

    […] Soo Wan (Koo Hye Sun) and Park Dong Joo (Lee Sang Yoon) were each other’s first loves, but were forced to separate due […]

  1485. 1485 : Gayu Says:

    Being your lonf time fan, your “Yoo ri ta” character in “Blood” is my current addiction 🙂 Sooo interesting character! Sassy, kind, cute, straight forward, loveable…If u are sad and crying, I cry with u .if u smile i smile, if u are angry i m angry!! You are perfect versatile actress! Wish you get what you deserved one day!

  1486. 1486 : Shanzay Says:

    Love you Koo hye sun you are my inspiration and you make me falling love with you all over again with character yoo rita…it making me sad soon it going to end but i want more..you please came back soon with new drama or film

  1487. 1487 : sunny black Says:

    I love her acting especially in Boys Before Flowers. I wish I could be seeing you all over again

  1488. 1488 : sunny black Says:

    I love her acting especially in Boys Before Flowers. I like the way you were brave and you changed the ugly character of Gu Jun Pyo. I love you Geum Jandi I mean Ku She Sun

  1489. 1489 : Blood [2015] Complete | All About Drama, Movie, and Variety Show. Says:

    […] a Vampire, Park Ji Sang (Ahn Jae Hyun) who works as a doctor in a hospital. Meanwhile, Yoo Ri Ta (Koo Hye Sun) plays a hotshot heiress doctor, a star physician at the hospital and the niece of the board’s […]

  1490. 1490 : Lee Eun Hye – One Shoulder Mini DressNsfwnation.com | Nsfwnation.com Says:

    […] Koo hye sun » korean actor & actress […]

  1491. 1491 : Korean Drama Review Blood | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Jae Hyun as Park Ji Sang, Baek Seung Hwan as Ji Sang (young), Koo Hye Sun as Yoo Ri Ta, Ji Jin Hee as Lee Jae Wook, Jung Hae in as as Joo Hyun Woo and Son Soo Hyun as Min […]

  1492. 1492 : lovelyn Says:

    H Ku hue sun. I really love and appreciate your tallent. Even though my first Korean movie I first seen is BBF and I fell in love with you and Lee min ho and kept praying dt u guz ll hookup for real. God bless you all F4 kHS

  1493. 1493 : lovelyn Says:

    Lovelyn from NigeriaKHS and Lee min ho and d F4 in BBF. Keep moving giger in ur careers. Love all love you

  1494. 1494 : mary Says:

    I love hye sun unnie I love ur acting esp in bbf ,angel eyes and blood we love u here in nigeria

  1495. 1495 : Kg Refuoe Mohapi Says:

    I love you Goo Hye Sun

  1496. 1496 : Dreamcaster Says:

    I like and watched her in BBF, Absolute Boyfriend, Angel Eyes and now in Blood. You are a very good actress and a beautiful person inside & out. I love her as a musician as well. Very talented person. Happy that you are now married to AJH. I hope you will be together forever…

  1497. 1497 : marykate Says:

    I really like ur acting in drama pure 19 ,king ang i, strongest chilwoo,bbf , musical ,angel eyes, blood.
    i hope u accept the MBC drama

  1498. 1498 : dollyng Says:

    we really love all your dramas from pure nineteen until now we still watch your drama wish your all the best that now you are married and live happily with your husband and has beautiful children

  1499. 1499 : dollyng Says:

    we really love all your dramas from pure nineteen until now we still watch your drama wish your all the best that now you are married and live happily with your husband and has beautiful children ajh

  1500. 1500 : Daisy Vega Says:

    I first saw you in my 1st kdrama BOYS OVER FLOWER, and I believe you’re such a talented actor. Since then I’ve seen you in Angel Eyes, The Musical, Blood, The King and I, Take Care of Us Captain and Absolute Boyfriend. I loved your performance in all of your dramas but I absolutely loved loved loved you in ABSOLUTE BOYFRIEND. I even thought how silly of me because he’s a robot but I laughed so much and cried a lot too. Furthermore, the references they made to your performances in Boys Over Flower and your true nationality was very funny. I hope you continue to get the great roles to play and that you’re able to please all your fans and viewers for many more years to come. Thank you! From a sincere fan.

  1501. 1501 : gawesha Says:

    Gum Jan Di i love this name and you too.i can’t say how much i like you.Specially your actings are the best.i love it.and you are very beautiful and cute.I like your smile,talking style and expressions.you are the best actress i have seen.i like you to come to Sri Lanka.Then i can see you really.and boye over flowers is the best drama i have seen.i like you and Lee min.if i get a chance to come to your country surely i come to see you.so all the best.and do more dramas.i’m your sincere fan.

  1502. 1502 : Lizzykings Says:

    I love my KHS most especially in BBF (Guem Jan DI) and everything about her and i wish to see her more in drama

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