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Kwon Sang Woo

Kwon Sang Woo 02

Name: 권상우 / Kwon Sang Woo
Profession: Actor and model
Birthdate: 1976-Aug-05
Birthplace: Daejeon, South Korea
Height: 182cm
Weight: 70kg
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: O
Family: Wife/actress Son Tae Young, son (b. 2009-Feb-06) and daughter (2015-Jan-10)
Talent agency: BEL Actors Entertainment
Education: Hannam University (Fine Arts Education major)
Hobbies: Swimming, weight Training, basketball and boxing
Religion: Roman Catholic

TV Series

Fly Dragon (SBS, 2020)
Mystery Queen 2 (KBS2, 2018)
Mystery Queen (KBS2, 2017)
Temptation (SBS ,2014)
Medical Top Team (MBC, 2013)
Queen of Ambition (SBS, 2013)
Dae Mul (SBS, 2010)
Cinderella Man (MBC, 2009)
Bad Love (KBS2, 2007)
Sad Love Song (MBC, 2005)
Stairway to Heaven (SBS, 2003)
Into the Sun (SBS, 2003)
We Are Dating Now (SBS, 2002)
Delicious Proposal (MBC, 2001)
Legend (SBS, 2001)
Man and Woman (SBS, 2001)


CZ12 (2012)
Shadows of Love (2012)
Pained (2011)
71-Into the Fire (2009)
A Story Sadder than Sadness (2009)
A Destiny (2007)
Almost Love (2006)
Running Wild (2006)
Wild Beast (2005)
Love So Divine (2004)
Spirit of Jeet Kune Do: Once Upon a Time in High School (2004)
Project X (2003)
My Tutor Friend (2003)
Make It Big (2002)
Volcano High (2001)


2010 SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Stars Award (Dae Mul)
2010 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actor – Drama Special (Dae Mul)
2005 Korean Movie Association Special Prize
25th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popular Award (2004)
40th Baek Sang Art Awards: Most Popular Actor in a Movie (2004)
2003 SBS Acting Awards: Best 10 Stars Award
2003 SBS Acting Awards: Best Popularity Award
39th Baek Sang Art Awards: Best New Actor for “My Tutor Friend” (2003)
40th Daejong Film Awards: Best New Actor for “My Tutor Friend” (2003)
2002 SBS Acting Awards: New Star Award


  1. 1 : Beauty - Philippines Says:

    Loved your role in Stairway to Heaven with Miss Ji_Woo Choi. The story was full of emotion and you did a good job.

    Aside from watching in Philippines TV for months, i even bought a DVD to see the story again.

    You should come and visit the Philippines to see all your fans here.

  2. 2 : aprilsu Says:

    no matter how long the road is, no matter where i am, i will give you my most sincere blessing……….work hard !

  3. 3 : meera Says:

    hey man! im really………. love you !!!!will support you 4eva.

  4. 4 : rynona Says:

    hmmmp..dont noe what to say…but i want tell you that i will support and love you so much.

  5. 5 : anne Says:


    like ur acting and looking forward of your new series..
    by the way..we share the same birthday… 5th august ..;)

  6. 6 : amy Says:

    No matter what the gossip are………………………………….ur fans support u forever……………………………and ever…………………………………….

  7. 7 : kim hyo ri Says:

    i love him..
    sarang ham ni da..

  8. 8 : glare Says:

    i love u forever!

  9. 9 : Love Destiny Says:

    I just love ur acting in stairways…soooo cool n soooo romantic…keep up da good work…hope to see u soon in next drama series…

  10. 10 : jeanette Says:

    i lyk him corz he’s so handsome …………….and romantic……………hehehe……………. i hope u can visit here in philippines…………….. more power………………………

  11. 11 : Debbie Mcintosh,Malaysia Says:

    Hello Kwang sang woo, you are my most fav. korean actor and you really thrill me at running wild and stairways to heaven and and sad love song too. Love to watch you acting at make it big, keep it real, love you muaaaah…

  12. 12 : honeys_sangwooFAN Says:

    I was one of your fans from Malaysia. I was thrill with all your drama and movie. I have seen you in many of your drama and movie like Stairway To Heaven, Sad Love Story, My Tutor Friend, Love So Divine, Running Wild, Make It Big, Once Upon A Time In High School, Almost Love and I’m still searching for your drama and movie that I have missed, because Stairway To Heaven drama’s is the one that introduce you to me. I’m very honoured to be one of your fans. All the best and good luck!! Luv ya!!

  13. 13 : cun_yang Says:

    hi allzz 2 Kwon Sang Woo fans out there…….Wow!!i like him very much…….He is a cute guy……..He can cry also…….Ermm………i like him very very very much……Muahhh………..Yesterday,,,i watched her movie ” LOVE SO DIVINE “…with Ha Ji Won right??ermm………so cute both of them…………And Gud Luck 4 Kwon ……………i will support u always n forever…………

  14. 14 : deqha Says:

    first time i see u in korean drama ‘stairway to heaven’ and thats the beginning i like u. hope your successful alwayss…. from malaysia

  15. 15 : deqha Says:



  16. 16 : aprille Says:

    caught him in stairways to heaven..
    i still remember that my eyebugs really darken after I finished watching the final episode.
    it was aired very late at night but it didn’t hinder me from watching
    even though i have to wake up really early the following day
    i don’t see his “prettiness” at first sight.
    i thought he’s just another cute face in a drama series…
    but wow!i fell in love with him the very moment he cried…
    he’s gorgeous in any scene and angLe..
    especially when he’s crying..
    if I’m gonna have a baby who looks like him,
    then he will be very unlucky
    coz i will always make him cry by all means..

    i already watched my tutor friend and love so divine.
    im really stunned by his skills in action maneuvers..
    i just love the way he kicks and his stunts..
    he’s good in action scenes too..

    i thought Roman Catholic doesn’t exist in Korea
    so it made me shocked when my friend told me about the movie.
    Kwon-sang-woo a seminarist??bloody h0w??

    my peeps showed me his video in youtube when he sang
    BO GO SHIP DA with a tuxedo..
    i didn’t know he can sing.
    he ended up shouting though but i think it was fairly go0d performance
    or his fans won’t be so thrilled and gave him standing ovation!!!!

    one of our famous singer tagalized Bo Go Ship Da and it cLicked
    but i rather watch kwon-sang-woo’s shouting performance than a nice smooth professional one
    i think you should visit Philippines so you’ll realize how thousands of fans love you..
    it will be a history that Philippine girls will always remember..

    One word dude..y0u rock!!

    And another three words for you…
    MAHAL KITA!!!!


  17. 17 : nadirah Says:

    you are too wonderful. hope you can be more success in the future

  18. 18 : TOMBO Says:

    Stairway to Heaven .. made me cry!T^T

  19. 19 : yen122676 Says:

    hi kwon,

    i’m from pasig, philippines. i always watch your films whenever i got the chance, you are indeed one of the most outstanding actor now a days, you act as if it was real……continue the great job. hoping and praying to see you soon in person or hope you could send me a picture with a message and signature in it. take care…..muah!

  20. 20 : Grace Says:

    Thru stairway to heaven, I found the pure and persistant of unchaging love even if plotted by unspeakable act by greedy and selfish family members but the true love never fails and always come true, it was most memorable drama I ever watched, thank you for acting in.
    I know you will be a best actor, son, brother, uncle, and to be bridegroom; don’t worry about the time and age someone probably will be waiting for you to be a bride somewhere, when time comes you will see right in front of your eyes.
    See you at the screen soon, take care.

  21. 21 : ting Says:

    Hi Kwon!

    For me your a great actor. I’m really touched everytime i’m watching your movies or drama series you’re really a good actor. You can portray well your character. I hope I can meet you in person. I have a collection of your movies and drama series and even your pictures. I wish you good health always and more projects and movies. Take care and GOD BLESS YOU!

  22. 22 : Lezah Says:

    Hello Kwon.

    I really love your movies. I even have a copies of it. Hope you’ll remain nice and down to earth.. You’re great in acting and a little in singing. Keep up tha good performance..

  23. 23 : StaR Says:

    Heyy! Ur REALLY HOTT! Good job with wat ur doin and hope u accomplish wat u want to! I luvv ur movies and adore u. i’ll be cheerin 4 u where evr u r! lol :>

  24. 24 : joy Says:

    more movies or drama with choi-ji-woo

  25. 25 : vinny Says:

    annyonghaseo. I m from indonesia and i like u re act in every sequel of your film. then you re the best. aaaaa chaa

  26. 26 : Linna Says:

    if only you can email me some sweet message of love………. thanks for the sweet dreams. Malaysia with love.

  27. 27 : HQlover Says:

    You are the reason why I got into Korean drama…i’m your #1 fan. I hope you can start acting in tv series again. REally feel that you are an extradionary actor. YOu can make anyone cry. Good luck on ur new movie. Good luck your career.

    Sarang Hae OPPA!

  28. 28 : Gemini Says:

    .. as i am writing this, i just finished the day’s episode of Stairway to Heaven. this is the 4th time that I did watched it, but still gets carried away by the story and, of course, because of Kwon Song Woo. He is fondly called here in the Philippines as CHOLO. This is the first drama series that everyone went gaga over watching everyday, in fact became the top rating show in prime time television. since then, it had its three replays. Kwon did a fantastic performance, making us cry in so many scenes. He delivered so well, so much so that he became an icon of a true and talented korean talent. After Stairway was shown, Kwon was reported to have come to our country for a holiday in the marvelous Boracay beach. Sadly, he refused to have an interview. It could have been an opportunity for the fans to have a glance at him while he was that popular. Yes, i understand that he valued his privacy but a little for his fans would not hurt, don’t you think.

    Well, there will always be a next time, but there is only one KSW whome we adore. Hope that he could make a follow-up drama. We would love that…., right KSW?

  29. 29 : eyah(a pinay) Says:


  30. 30 : faridatul Says:

    really luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    heeeeeeee…………….every movie or drama that u act,i definetly wii watching themmmmmmmmmmmm………
    huhu…….so sweeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttt

  31. 31 : nurul Says:

    tomorrow is ur birthday right?
    hepy bezday..
    i luv u with all my heart..
    sweet fans

  32. 32 : nurul Says:

    oh god..
    u r totally make me crazy bout u..
    luv u like crazy..

  33. 33 : mani Says:

    Today is your birthday
    Happy birthday and best wishes
    I’m from Iran ,your movie sad love story was touching me a lot and I couldn’t see your in pain and crying .I would say that you are a hero .

    Good luck for you

  34. 34 : Emine Says:

    Dear Kwon Sang Woo!!
    I wish you have a very, very Happy Birthday!
    Kwon Sang Woo & to wish you many more.
    Happy Birthday to a wonderful actor 🙂

    You’re a great actor and I love your show and movies. 😀

  35. 35 : layla Says:

    wawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i’m really going to crazy about him please please if there is somebody who knows his number phone please tell me i’m waiting your answer

  36. 36 : GorgeouS eLLe Says:

    i loved your role in stairway to heaven… wow…
    i’ve got carried away by the story and also by the way you act in the story!
    you are a brilliant actor!
    you know what? i even bought a DVD for me to watch it continuously…
    keep up the good work!

  37. 37 : ACHREF+MOUNIR Says:

    we are from tunisia. we are two boys and we see your serie with kim hee sun in sad love story and you are the best . you are very strong man . finaly happy birthday to you we love you very much. our phone number +21695924895

  38. 38 : Dubai-gurl Says:

    I am Mona from dubai…I am madly in love with kwon sang woo…anyone knows his email address…here is mine [email protected]

  39. 39 : layla Says:

    hi, kwon sang woo i’m layla from morocco i’m so so happy to say that “i love you from the buttom of my heart”, you know only one thing if i have the chance to realize it , i will choose to be with you, for this feelings i wish i wish and i wish you to see my messegs, please read my words please and call me on my cell-phone : (212) 71170119
    i’m waiting your call.


  40. 40 : irms Says:

    Hello Kwon Sang Woo,
    I wish there could be somethig beyond to give to you, you are so HAUNTING!!!! really can’t keep the story, the SAD ON YOUR FACE OUT OF MY HEAD!!! Luv you so much more more more more drama and movies to come! pls stay healthy and be safe!! from U.s.A.

  41. 41 : bbyron Says:

    HELLO there,
    Sad Love Story drama is beautifully and is a visual masterpiece with KSW ability to act his incredibly expressive eyes revealed mixed emotions of anxiety, sadness anguish, disappointment, disbelief and pain. It touched my heart, hands down, this actor his role in stairways to heaven his tears enhanced, cried whole heartedly, really meaningful one. I do recommend it for everyone who loves a bittersweet love story and remembers what it was like to fall in love for the firts time. KWANG SANG WOO hope you can make more drama, comedy, romance, action your a PeRfecT actor so handsome!!! Pls stay healthy and be safe!! Please send me a foster or picture my add 3115 Nimes Ln. Oxnard Ca 93036U.s.A I will support you ForeVer. I love you all the Way!!! BabyRivera

  42. 42 : ebetH Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo you are VERSATILE actor!! I love this movie it is one of the best that I have seen all year! All the songs are just fantastic and I played it so many times strongly recommended! please watch it really worth it!!!!!Fovere fan from USA

  43. 43 : LyN Says:

    hi everyone!
    Stairway to heaven will make you cry, the best Kdrama especially when KWon SanG Woo is in there…ohh he will be loved the Sad Love Story he is such a true lover in this film, well always in every film! your are Superb, marvelous, fantastic actor ever!!! Looking forward all your drama and movies..luv u much muaaahhh!!

  44. 44 : MeRnA-phils Says:

    hI Kwon Sang Woo,

    Your such AmazinG actor!!! the moment i’ve watched all your drama you made me cry! I keep praying that you always be happy and stay healthy foreVer. You are very remarkable actor the way you cried in every film touched my heart…very unique actor…hope you can send the pictures for my sis #41bbyron. P E A C E !!!!

  45. 45 : nAnIeUSA Says:

    The Sad Love story is such a sweet story, It is so clean and refreshing! Its romantic and really makes you think about what is important in liFe! Great acTor you are!!! to all the procedure pls make more drama and movies for Mr Kwon Sang Woo very awesome actor!!

  46. 46 : SaM Says:


  47. 47 : leTyUSa Says:

    me & my husband watching your drama its a non stop crying of coarse im the worse one…very remarkable drama i’ve ever seen! looking forward for all your drama, comedy, romance and action!

  48. 48 : Emine Says:

    Dear♥Kwon Sang Woo♥ 😛
    Happy Birthday Kwon Sang Woo!
    I wish you a very happy day..
    Keep up the great work in all you do 🙂 ♥
    ♥ He is so pretty ♥ 😀 ♥
    ♥ This drama is great
    ♥ He`s so cute ♥ So great ♥

    ♥ Sincerely Yours ♥ Much Love You ♥

  49. 49 : eulee Says:

    Hi, really like your performance in stairway to heaven, keep the good work…looking forward in seeing your upcoming project…wish you all the best!!!!

  50. 50 : jane Says:

    ukinam and ang katimo forever

  51. 51 : Nora from CA, USA Says:

    Stairway to Heaven is my most favorite Korean drama not only because of the beautiful storyline, but because of Choi Ji Woo & Kwon Sang Woo. They are my most favorite Korean drama couple. I hope they will be together again in a drama or movie very soon, please no sad ending. They have excellent charisma, acting talent & chemistry. It will be great if they get together in real life also. Their chemistry in Stairway to Heaven is superb. I’m sure in real life, too. They are two beautiful people in and out. God bless.

  52. 52 : Joyce Says:

    Hi, Sang Woo,

    I really loved most of your drama and movies. But, I also hope to see you and Kim Sun Ah from My Lovely SamSoon to team up together. Coz both of you are really matched. Think about that.

  53. 53 : khay Says:

    boyfriend type…

  54. 54 : Babyna Says:

    hey cutie pie,
    i’ve watched so many movies of urs n everytime i see, its so heart touching coz i cant blink my eyes wen i see u
    I LUV U so much muwaaaaaaaaaaa muwaaaaaaaaa

  55. 55 : rhomanze Says:

    i like your impishness in stairway to heaven and into the sun.
    hope there will be more projects for you.

  56. 56 : kiela Says:

    Hiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how are u?i hope u fine.good luck in your life

  57. 57 : snow Says:

    you are so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. 58 : Shang2 Says:

    u r d most cutess,Smartess n hansome actor in korea , I lov all ur movie + drama….n hav seen most os ur film..
    am really crazy abt u….best of luck

  59. 59 : lovely Says:

    your so cute…..i really like you….

  60. 60 : LeO Says:

    hi KSW
    I watched the stairways to heaven YOUR A GREAT ACTOR! Please make more drama with all the beautiful korean actress Lee Da Hae, Song Hye Gyo, Jung Ryu Won, Eugene, Han ga in, Kim ta hee. from U.s.A

  61. 61 : cherry Says:

    i love him very much since he acted in Sad Love Song.. he is very hot!!!

  62. 62 : cherry Says:

    I love u… u have a large number of fans in Malaysia. i’m waiting for your new drama…

  63. 63 : nour Says:

    i love u … since i watched sad sonata… i became interested in korean dramas…and movies
    wish u luck

  64. 64 : bori Says:


  65. 65 : rinna24 Says:

    i don’t really love you in stairway 2 heaven but choi ji wo yes… BUT all your movies…2 tumbs UP!!!.. hhehe.. i just bought sad sonata but have not find the right time to watch as bznss as work.. will update 🙂 but u r top on my list.. stay charm & cute alwiz.. really2 lurv yr smile and yr eyes.. so captivating.. KSW

  66. 66 : elansis Says:

    i’ve never seen a bettr actor than you. i love the way you cry in “Stairway to heaven”….you know what???? i cried throughout the film. Choi ji woo and you make such a great pair and you also said you love acting along with her the most,dint you,Great body???? PLZZZZZ……starr 2gethr the two of you and with the happiest endin,araso???? i wonder why you love sad endin so much…
    Aniyo,Greek god,you are damn handsome man….and really cute.
    Waiting 4 the terrific drama where the two of you starr 2gether….

  67. 67 : mia sara Says:

    really lurve u in sad love story..
    i think u look perfect wit kim hee sun!!

  68. 68 : arianne Says:

    hi……….. you know i luv your movie.

  69. 69 : dorkey Says:

    hey… i love that show of you in that one movie… Teacher Friend, i think it was and that other one you did with that one girl… forgot the title, but it was still kool… stay adorable… lolz…

  70. 70 : rose mae Says:

    you`re a very great actor…i really love the way you act specially when you cry…you and cho ji woo are a great pair…hope you can make another drama together with her and make more movies!..and also we want to see you acting in a horror film because you act greatly in actions,dramas and comedies…people here in the philippines really love you…more SUCCESS on your carreer!!!

  71. 71 : hiroshi Says:

    stay cool and kakkui…a perfect actor!…japanese guys loves you acting…..more POWER!!!

  72. 72 : miyuna Says:

    i really love you!!!..when i grow up,i want to be your girlfriend…please stay handsome!

  73. 73 : remy rose Says:

    i wanna hug you when you cry….i wanna kiss you all the time!!…i love you so much KSW!!!!

  74. 74 : marilyn_japan Says:

    sugoku kakkui ne….daisuki dayou!… i love you and choo ji woo…god bless!!

  75. 75 : nice_japan Says:

    i love you so much!!!me and my family cried so much when we watched STAIRWAY to HEAVEN….do more drama with choo ji woo please…..

  76. 76 : normie_japan Says:

    i love you…i wanna marry you!…cho ji woo and you are a very loveable partner….do more drama with her please…

  77. 77 : rose_phils Says:

    me and my husband like you so much….more SUCCESS!!! STAIRWAY to HEAVEN is a great drama of yours…you made me cry so much!

  78. 78 : raffy_phils Says:

    like you MAN!…such a great actor….stay COOL!!!

  79. 79 : jay_phils Says:

    can you visit philippines??we love you here so much!!!

  80. 80 : rommel_phils Says:

    a perfect MAN….a versatile ACTOR!!!…more blessings….

  81. 81 : myla Says:

    your such a good actor. Keep it up.

  82. 82 : myla Says:

    your such a great actor. keep it up. fighting!!!!!

  83. 83 : Rita Says:

    Kwan Sang-woo you are a great talented actor and so handsome acting along with the ever beautiful sweet lady Choi Ji woo who is also great and talented. My friend introduced me the Korean drama and she lent me the DVD Stairway To Heaven. Oooh I love the 2 of you so much. I cried from the beginning until the end. The love story is so dramatic and touching indeed. It’s a joy to watch the two of you. I had seen the DVD twice. And I goona watch another time again before I return the DVD back to my friend. I am still searchin in town and wanting to get Stairway To Heaven for my collection. You two make a great pair. I would like to see both of you acting more often together again in the drama and movie. I hope in real life the two of you can be a couple cos

  84. 84 : Rita Says:

    Sorry continue again. Message not finish yet. Hope in real life you two make a great pair if both of you are still single. Cos you two match each other. And both of you are also from the same faith a Roman Catholic like me. I gonna watch more of your other drama that you have been acting and also that of Choi Ji woo. Because of you and Ji Woo that I am now interested in watching more of the Korean Drama and movie. This si the first time that I am watching the Korean Drama. And I really love and enjoy watching. Stairway To Heaven is my favourite. All the best in your acting and God bless you always. God bless Ji Woo too. Take care. Happy acting! Please convey my greetings to Choi Ji woo and tell her she is a great talented beautiful actress and I would love to see the two of you acting together again more often in the Drama. I LOVE YOU TOO.

  85. 85 : Nana Says:

    Amazing actor

  86. 86 : aimee Says:

    hello kwon sang woo im aimee from phillipines i alway’s surf through internet to see ur cute and hondsome looks i hope to meet u in person and get an authograph of urs pls come and visit my country u came here in manila but unfortunately i hadnt have a chance to see u bcoz im sick so if u have free time pls visit again so i can see u n and take care always as take care of ur picture

  87. 87 : piany Says:

    you’re simply the BEST!!!!!. . ..

  88. 88 : madihah Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo san, o-genki desu ka.Genki desu. Hajimemashite, watashi wa Madihah san desu. Dozo yoroshiku. Ki o tsukette & gambatte kudasai. Kwon Sang Woo san please be confident with yourself & never give up. Keep up your good career & reputation.

  89. 89 : Hazel Says:




  90. 90 : Brenda Says:

    ur the greatest korean actor i have ever saw

  91. 91 : April Says:



  92. 92 : mary Says:

    just wanted to say i love you and rock the world with your talents

  93. 93 : jae hoon Says:

    kwon sang woo sshi
    my name is kim jae hoon
    your my favorite actor and sung yuri is my favorite actress
    if i see you two both starring in any korean drama
    i would be the happiest guy in the world

  94. 94 : jerald Says:

    KSW, my sister loves you alot
    but i’m coming to be a fan of yours
    i watched sad sonata and i loved it
    i hope you will come back and do another drama

  95. 95 : brittnay Says:

    kwon sang woo
    i watched stairway to heaven and sad sonata
    your my favorite actor in korea
    i’m looking forward to watching your new drama ” bad love “

  96. 96 : rhealyn Says:

    is this the guy from sad sonata?

  97. 97 : destiny Says:

    your so hot, i’m not a fan of you but
    damn your the hottest guy i’ve seen

  98. 98 : erika Says:

    ksw, i love you a million times
    i love the way u cry it makes me want to cry too
    i’ll be watching your new drama ” bad love ”
    i watched the preview in youtube
    i was just jumping up and down and can’t wait to watch it

  99. 99 : haneul Says:

    sang woo fighting

  100. 100 : emily Says:

    i saw images of u and your hot
    i just love the way you smile it makes me happy

  101. 101 : fantasy Says:

    best smile, face, body and everything

  102. 102 : amber Says:

    man, i just love this guy

  103. 103 : deserre Says:

    will you marry me? lol

  104. 104 : joseph Says:

    my two sisters and i are a big fan of you
    my brother, jeremy hates you but i beat him up
    so i’m looking foward in your new drama ” bad love ”

    my sisters and i says:


  105. 105 : alex Says:

    i wanna see you and lee da hae together
    i think you guys are a good couple

  106. 106 : asia Says:

    is this guy from stairway to heaven?
    if it is ” I LOVE YOU ” alot

  107. 107 : angelica Says:

    i love you and hyun bin
    but i think your the hottest guy ever

  108. 108 : sang woo Says:

    eh, we get the same name, yes i’m korean
    my last name is kang…
    two things i comment this guy is because

    we have the same name and i think your the cutest guy in korea
    i’ve seen you around seoul alot

  109. 109 : nur Says:

    my x-manager looks like him.. serious!!
    especially while he plays his role in Stairway To Heaven..
    waiting for a man like him in Malaysia.. hehe :p
    i like you mr.kwon!!


  110. 110 : JOa Nne Says:

    im very impressed with the show & of course your charming charisma…

  111. 111 : Meiraba Says:

    Hello,sang woo,ur hair looks very nice 2 me n i wnt my hair 2 b same as urs,can u tel me whch cosmetic gel or something do u use over ur hair.reply me as soon as possible.
    My e mail
    [email protected]
    Ok gud bye n ni8

  112. 112 : tsiny Says:


  113. 113 : tsiny Says:

    hmm…i’ve gone through all the messages tat are left by ur fans…everyone seems to like n love you..wat can i say then …no fresh n interesting words tat i can use to describe u anymore isnt it…ur fans had used up all the wonderful and amazing descriptions to describe u…well u see..tis is my first time to leave comment/message to u, sang-woo…but i really ever doubt tat r u really going to read my message?im really curious… anyway i would like to wish u HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS!i want to be the first one to wish u merry christmas…hope u can receive n read my message…I LOVE YOU..as much as u love………^^

  114. 114 : Sarah Says:

    Hi Kwon Sang Woo

    I heard you visited Australia for photo shoots recently…I wish I knew so I can pay you a visit…at a distance maybe, because I DO respect your privacy and your work ethics. I hope soon you will have another opportunity to come down Under again, and if I am lucky enough I can see YOU in Person, it would make my day… Or if I am even luckier, can I shout you a beer (eventhough I don’t drink) but this is our way of Aussies’ hospitality..I LOve your SMILES, so much, it made me happy everytime I am sad….isn’t that funny….I don’t even know you …only what you protrayed in your roles in TV but you captured so many people and make them happy…just seeing you in their TV screen. Please SMILE and Don’t Cry so much…YOu are a Beautiful person. YOu know what? you are doing good deed for a lot of people, just being YOU and your smiles…Best wishes always and have a top Xmas and new Year.
    I am your new fan from afar…I would be dreaming if you reply to my email…it is impossible right?? yes I think I know the answer…but thank you anyway.


  115. 115 : tsiny Says:

    Its me again,Tsiny!…i would like to live my hotmail address to you..its [email protected] hope someday you can ‘pay me a visit’ through my hotmail…please dont tell me that it is impossible…ok?i really miss you a lot..sayonara

  116. 116 : Sarah Says:

    To all Sang Woo fans,

    Please tell me if you guys know if this charming, beautiful smiles Sang Woo ever read his fans’ emails on this website or if anyone ever received acknowledments that this guy that we aLL LIKE “REPLY” to his fans’ emails???…

    THanks ALL, and Have a merry Xmas and Good luck with all your dreams..


  117. 117 : nea yuu Says:

    i love sang woo, cause he’s hansome, so cute
    i want some day i can meet him
    i hope its come true,
    lovu sang woo

  118. 118 : nea yuu Says:

    please give me more information about sang woo, every one who love him, if you have some information about sang woo, call me at
    [email protected]
    or call me at 085295864534
    okay, i waiting for you
    sang woo, i love when you was smile, so handsome

  119. 119 : Noraima Bagundang Says:


  120. 120 : tsiny Says:

    Hi sang-woo

  121. 121 : karma raymond Says:

    OMG… im from da small island of palau and watching your korean movies dang you hoooooottt burning hooooott… i love n ur very honsome cute and good looking i dono what 2 say know but hope to meet u very soon planning on it… sarangeo…sarangeo….

  122. 122 : labniya Says:

    hey Kyon SAng im frm Nepal.I wann say dat i love u very mucchhh.u know i don like Korean movies But when i saw ur movie”My Tutor Fren ” i got addicted towards u.Now i watch so maany korean movies of urs.love u but u r too older for me.Anyways i already made u my bf.

  123. 123 : Mi-Rae Says:

    Annyong Haseyo..
    Sang Woo, Aja! Hwaiting!….
    the best ever guy i have ever seen.
    perfect… and fantastic acting….
    wish to see more of you……

  124. 124 : Mi-Rae Says:

    Annyong Haseyo..
    Sang Woo, Aja! Hwaiting!….
    the best ever guy i have ever seen.
    perfect… and fantastic acting….
    wish to see more of you……

  125. 125 : labniya Says:

    loveeeeeee u verrrrrrrrrryyyy muuchhhhhh kwon sang.

  126. 126 : tsiny Says:

    i love you so much…….

  127. 127 : tsiny Says:

    Dear Sang-woo,
    Hi!Its me…tsiny.How are you?I hope you are fine…and so your family.Recently, i was busy searching for your news,drama and movie.I had watched all the preview and they all seemed interesting.Haha..good job Sang-woo…erm…you know…i am still waiting to watch your new drama with Choi Ji-Woo…will my wish come true?Will it be possible?I hope so…haha…seems you worked again with Kim Ha-Neul in your previous movie=Almost Love…i hope you can make drama with Choi Ji-Woo again…ok?But..please no sad-ending….your drama with her-Stairway To Heaven…struck my heart so deeply and badly that till now it is still unhealed!!!i mean it!!!i mean for your fans …please make more dramas with her…

  128. 128 : Aika Wijaya Says:

    Mery Xmas….

  129. 129 : I + Z Says:

    Hi Sang Woo..miss u so much, looking forward to your next drama hopefully with Choi Ji Woo (hope to be a sad story) I just simply love sad movies,. It makes me cry out my sorrow that is buried deep down in my heart. Each time I watch stairways to heaven I will cry even I had watch them a few times. Can never forget your smiles whether cheeky or true and your tears. SERIOUSLY LOOKING FORWARD FOR MORE OF YOUR MOVIES !!!!!!!

  130. 130 : riku Says:

    kwon sang woo….right??anyway…..fight!!
    sad story?…well,do your best….

  131. 131 : kezang Says:

    YOU ARE MA BEST ACTOR FOREVER AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN.All the best for your carrer…luv to watch movie and u r fantastic actor…

  132. 132 : mikansakura Says:

    hello there!although ur not my favorite actor, im kind of like ur acting in sad love story and stairway to heaven. such a deep feeling.i didin’t cry anyway..eheh…
    merry xmas..

  133. 133 : nawel Says:

    hi, how are you kwon? I love you very much, I wait your new drama bad love, you are the best on all the earth

  134. 134 : nawel Says:

    i love you very much kwon,you are the best, i hope that i meet you soon and i’m waiting your new drama bad love. my dream is see you face to face

  135. 135 : tsiny Says:

    Hi!Mr.Kwon Sang-Woo,
    It’s me again…Tsiny…^^haha…miss you a lot!!!How are you?I’m kind of feeling a bit dissapointed with Malaysia…because until now…I haven’t seen your movie/tv series appears on the tv screen…haiz….just forget about it…haha…hmm…really curious to know what is your next plan?Are you going to make new drama?…or movie?Hope it’s going to be more exciting and different from your previous works…hey…today is Christmas Eve…I would like to wish you Merry X’mas and hope you can fully enjoy your Christmas night with………….haha….though I don’t know who is she,I bless you guys can have a great night…love you…tata~

  136. 136 : kodit84 Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo oppa, merry christmas & happy new year. May your life will fulfill with cheerful & happiness. Sorry because my English writing is not so good. I hope that oppa can understand what I’m trying to said. May God always blessing you & your family. Always smile………..

  137. 137 : marian Says:

    gwapo, talaga!
    mahal na mahal na kita, kwon sang woo!

  138. 138 : jayson Says:

    this guy is the best korean actor i’ve ever seen
    hope to see you more in korean dramas :]

  139. 139 : anne Says:

    wow! kwon sang woo’s new drama bad love is awesome
    i’ve reached up to episode 8 when he got hit by a car

  140. 140 : anne Says:

    this guy is just the best!

  141. 141 : jessyca Says:

    man, he’s gorgeous…
    i don’t know really much about korean celebrities
    but so far this guy made my heart drop

  142. 142 : trevor Says:

    best korean actor 4 EVER!!!!!!!

  143. 143 : adam Says:

    kwon sang woo, merry christmas and a happy new year
    hope to see you in another awesome drama

  144. 144 : jaclyn Says:

    OMG, he’s my prince charming

  145. 145 : tyler Says:

    dude i do really look alike like you
    my ” girl ” friends kept bugging me how hot i look because
    of a korean actor

    but damn i do look stunning and attractive

  146. 146 : charmaine Says:

    omg, do you really look like my favorite korean actor ksw?

  147. 147 : shylaine Says:

    i’m so addicted to you!!!!!

  148. 148 : sarah Says:

    oppa, sarang hey yo

  149. 149 : theasil Says:

    man, it took me a while to find kwon sang woo’s picture
    but now that i’ve seen it
    he is gorgeous better then rain, song Il gook and joo ji hoon

  150. 150 : Catherine Says:

    i’ve seen him from sad love story
    he made me cry because of those tears
    and he has the best smile ever!!!!

  151. 151 : JonJon Says:

    you rock!

  152. 152 : derick Says:

    he’s a good, talented actor
    you should seen him in stairway to heaven
    he had charms

  153. 153 : junel Says:

    your an awesome actor, dude

  154. 154 : shannon Says:

    hope to see you someday :]

  155. 155 : suzette Says:

    Hi Cholo,

    Well that’s your screen name in stairway to heaven here iin the Philippines… You’re really a good actor same with Mr. Lee byung hee, I only choose film and Tv series that I would watch since I have limited time. I am a nurse by profession but I always find time to watch your movie and drama. please visit me at my site at [email protected] and care to reply… Hope to see you soon in bad love….

  156. 156 : kris Says:

    i do really able to watch all your movies and thier were great!!

  157. 157 : Meiraba Says:

    Hi its me again, i 4got 2 wish merry christmas.so i m wishing u ha p merry christmas 2day.bye

  158. 158 : lei thandar Says:

    Very nice actor!!I like him alot!!Try ur best….

  159. 159 : min Says:

    he ia very talented actor!!!

  160. 160 : Mae Says:

    you make my day alot outgoing, kwon sang woo!!

  161. 161 : hyunbinlover Says:

    use to love you so much but
    now in love with hyun bin!!
    anyways can’t wait to see bad love

  162. 162 : jhyniee Says:

    hey sang woo…
    we miss watching you in our televisions here in the philippines…
    you such a great actor!!!
    i love your tandem with ji-woo…

  163. 163 : emily Says:

    hes really a very good actor hes the best for me, keep it up ill wait for ur upcoming korean drama, love yah

  164. 164 : judee Says:

    i hope u have a new tv series
    good actor i ever seen specially when he cry

  165. 165 : judee Says:

    hi song woo
    hope u have new tv series
    i like this actor very much

  166. 166 : judee Says:

    a good actor i ever seen

  167. 167 : kimi-chan Says:

    i really miss him, anyways, did he finished his military training?

  168. 168 : jac Says:

    loVe u so Much..specially STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN..Damn cOOL..

  169. 169 : ms betiru Says:

    loooveee uuu sooo muuch…ur soo handsome!!!i think u have a really great personality from da way i look at u..love ur movie stair way to heaven…it’s just a romantic and sad movie i ever watched…ur movie show me of how real love is…it really touch my heart…love ya to death…

  170. 170 : sara Says:

    i dont know what i wana say he is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing
    i dont see some one like him in all of warld
    hope to contact him

  171. 171 : arya Says:

    kwon sang woo………………u r truly an adonis!!! u drive me crazy!! u were simply amazing in ‘stairway to heaven’. hope to c u

  172. 172 : shawo kyi Says:

    hey kwon sang……….

    i always watching ur movie or drama and i like all the drama and movie of ur specially stair way to paradise, love so didive,my totur friend, and so on
    m tibetan who loves to watch ur movie . i love you so much
    and u r my DIE HARD FAN.
    please visit me at: [email protected]
    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii llllllllllllllooooooooooooo vvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    be more at movie
    i alwayz watching ur movie

  173. 173 : jaz410 Says:

    hye kwon.. how are you? i’m a big fan of yours.. when you release a new movie or drama again?

  174. 174 : sc961387 Says:

    wowowowowowwoow so many comment do u feel lucky

  175. 175 : Joanna Says:

    KSW you are the best … saw u in person the last time u came over to Singapore (you were not feeling well that time) … hope to see u again but in a healthy way, ok? Glad that u became RC because I m RC too! You Take care and all the best brother SW. n_n

  176. 176 : Nicole Says:

    Hi, KSW!

    I don’t know if you ever read these things, but I just want you to know that you are the one who got me into the Korean addiction when I watched your Stairway to Heaven on Phil TV. From then on, I have watched each and every series of yours. Right now, I am following your series “Cruel Love” at KBS World… I am looking forward to get hold of the DVD for this series to make it part of my collection of KSW body of work. I hope he comes back to Manila for a visit again. I love you!!!

  177. 177 : RACHELLE Says:

    ..hey KWON SANG WOO.. you’re so cute..I really like you in STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN.. hope to see more tv series with you..more power and more blessings..i luv yah..mwaaah..

  178. 178 : nesta Says:

    tsk..tsk… cry-baby!

  179. 179 : migz13 Says:

    hi cholo/ KSW:

    you’re so cute..you rock!! =P

  180. 180 : tsering dolkar ukyab Says:

    hey kwon,
    ur a gr8 artist and i luv u’r movies especially almost love..hope u continue showing great movies to ur fans lyk me.. luv u.. hope u visit nepal someday..wud luv to see u

  181. 181 : Agapeh Says:

    Dear Mr. Kwon Sang woo,
    I’ve been watching your drama “Cruel Love” and I want to congratulate you for your acting there.It’s quite natural and that is why I really like it.Of course the story line it painful, but your acting makes it seem real.I just found out that your mother was a Roman Catholic christian.I’m a christian too and have decided to pray for you and your faith. So whenever you face hard times just know that there is someone somewhere in this world who is praying for you. I wish you could write a few lines yourself.
    Wish you the best.

  182. 182 : simpleGirL Says:

    Gwon Sang Wu,

    do you have any plans of getting married?! come to think of it, you have great family and great career but you dont seem to have time for your own love life.. enjoy life! dont work too hard… 😀 i think you need someone whom you can share your happiness with.. a lifetime partner.. i hope destiny would bring you both in each others arms… so i can see you happy and very much contented in your life.. happy not as an actor but as a simple guy who wants a simple life 😀

  183. 183 : anjali Says:

    i may be someone in ur fan’s crowd.but ur only one in crowd of many star 4 me.

  184. 184 : ww Says:

    hi Kwon Sang Woo u are very beautifull and nice and a good actor

  185. 185 : paula Says:

    hola ps no se la verdad es el mejor actor coreano que conozco , le pone vida a sus personajes y les da una magia que lo hace demasiado interesante,ademas es hermoso

  186. 186 : jolen Says:

    this guy rocks!

  187. 187 : nandar Says:

    Hi, how are you? I am myanmar girl . I like your action. You are attractive actor for me. I want to see your face everytime. I want to go to Korean country. You know! Sorry ,i don’t think so! One day i meet u but i see your face everytime. Have a nice day.

    Bye bye
    Your loving

  188. 188 : nandar Says:

    you reply me quickly . Wait a day! ok , u see

  189. 189 : carolina Says:

    Hi my name is carolina, and I would like to know that I am your fans like you were my partner kwon porfa am in the USA – chimbote my number is 351019 and my mail is [email protected] porfa agragame very well thank you and adore respondeme The promo is in December this year bye!

  190. 190 : carolina Says:

    Hi my name is carolina, and I would like to know that I am your fans like you were my partner kwon porfa am in the PERU – chimbote my number is 351019 and my mail is [email protected] porfa agragame very well thank you and adore respondeme The promo is in December this year bye!

  191. 191 : naren Says:

    ksw, i love you!
    ur the best actor in the world….
    hope you’ll cum to the phillipines

  192. 192 : ogy Says:

    had watched stairways to heaven & cruel love & found yr acting very natural & the emotions flow very freely….it makes us wonder how you create that kind of realistic atmosphere!
    we started to be a korean drama addict since watching my girl & hope you cud work on a project with the leading actress since both of you had
    tremendous talents n are able to captivate the viewers with yr excellent acting skills.

  193. 193 : nandar Says:

    나는 당신을 사랑합니다. 당신은 매우 친절 – 마음을 사람합니다. 아나 사랑 이야기합니다. 나의 좌우명은 함께 공유에 대한 사랑이 진정한 사랑합니다. 질투하지 않고 사랑을 한 작업이 완료되지 않았습니다. 당신은 아직 화려한 – 5181, 그렇지 않나요? 당신이 여자 친구를 지금, sangwoo합니다. 보여! 나는 한국에 가고 싶다는 당신의 얼굴을 볼하지만 모든 time.bye

  194. 194 : jonaliza Says:

    you are such a handsome man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. 195 : jonaliza Says:

    hi!!!!!! I’m jonaliza from philippines and i am one of your fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. 196 : Salma Says:

    i’m salma from morocco , you are a handsome and you have a nice smile realy i like it morover i like it your films specialy Sad Love Story
    i hope to see you in the truth because you are the best acter for me
    I know that this is impossible
    but i hope so

    Good luck in your professional life

    big kisses for you

    bye kwon

  197. 197 : sheng Says:

    hey kwon sang woo

    you are so so so so kute n i rellie like u …..i love to watch ur movies and yeah….your’re a good actor….hope to see you one day when i come visit korea….welll bye…

  198. 198 : Nora from CA, USA Says:

    I’m still waiting for your collaboration with Choi Ji Woo in another drama real soon. You’re the best drama couple. You both look great. Stairway to Heaven was my most favorite Korean drama. I had watched it several times & each time I cried, so sad & yet so romantic (a very deep love). The best drama I ever watched. You looked your best on Stairway to Heaven. You & Choi Ji Woo are my most favorite couple of all time (superb chemistry). Please don’t forget her. God bless you.

  199. 199 : Basuha Says:

    SANG WOO! I always wanted to yell your name like that, sexy huh….Love you in Bad Love, Make It Big and my favorite Almost Love. I love your acting damm you hot….with clothes and without. I wish you the best with your acting career and looking forward to see you in Fate. SANG WOO, HEY SANG WOO do you know how hot you are? Love you in jean and when you wear a black shirt and my favorite that short leather jacket you have on episode 19 of Bad Love I could have eat you up when I saw you in that……… Have a Happy Valentine’s day
    God Bless

  200. 200 : Tina Says:

    You an awesome. i loved your acting very much…

  201. 201 : patmah Says:

    u are so talented..really luv u’re acting in Bad Love..
    When do you want to act with Song Hae kyo..???

  202. 202 : shirin Says:

    u are the best in korean actors , i am Iranian, i like u and your views. please send to my address my response. please…..

  203. 203 : shirin Says:

    u are very talented in cruel love, i want to know about your culture, because i am Iranian, please say your E_mail address.

  204. 204 : shirin Says:

    u are the best.

  205. 205 : Kelly Says:

    Dear Sang Woo

    From the 1st sight i saw you, i fall with you, you are really a great actor !!

  206. 206 : sarah Says:

    ur the best.
    i love you ksw

  207. 207 : tracy Says:

    u r hot Korean man alive!

  208. 208 : tracy Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo: Are you really reading these messages? If you really are proven it to me by email me at the email address I have listed.

  209. 209 : shirin Says:

    hi: I am Iranian, I like your movies and i know about your E_mail. please send me, i amnot korean, I live in Iran and I like u. please read my messeges.thank u.

  210. 210 : shirin Says:

    hi: I am Iranian, I like your movies and i know about your E_mail. please send me, i amnot korean, I live in Iran and I like u. pleasemy read messeges.thank u.

  211. 211 : khaing khaing Says:

    Dear Mr,

    I like u so much.u are the best actor in my heart.

  212. 212 : Lorine Says:

    You are a good actor, and very handsome. Keep up the good work.

  213. 213 : Lorine Says:

    You are a good actor and very handsome. Keep up the good work.

  214. 214 : r.ahmad Says:

    I just want to look at u.please come to sulaimany.

  215. 215 : r.ahmad Says:

    It is in south kurdistan.

  216. 216 : fiet Says:

    I’m your big fans from jakarta, indonesia…… I really love your acting and personality.. Keep up good work. God Bless You…….

  217. 217 : fiet Says:

    You are a great actor…. Why don’t you come to hollywood and be the next world idol….. I’m sure you can do it….. You have to show your talent to the world… I love you, take good care…

  218. 218 : OREN-GURL Says:


  219. 219 : Nora from CA, USA Says:

    I wish you & Choi Ji woo get partnered again in another drama or movie. You looked great together in Stairway To Heaven. Two beautiful people with beautiful complexion & great personalities. I just hope & pray that my wish comes true. Love you & Ji Woo.

  220. 220 : lhaze Says:

    Hi, Kwon Sang woo.
    I really loved watching this new drama BAD LOVE!! but nothing can ever top the drama STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN which was the first korean drama that I ever watched. U and Choi ji woo looked perfect together and hopefully you will both work together again. So keep up your good work. Also you are my sister’s favourite korean actor other than Kim Sung Soo. So she would love to see you if you ever visit USA (madison, WI) and moreover she wants to write to you as your best FAN ever and so would be great if I could get your e-mail address as a gift to her.
    Thankyou and good luck with your future dramas!!!

  221. 221 : oskar_masud Says:

    dear sang woo
    ilove you so so so so much and iam crazy about you please send your yahoo to my e_mail i’d like to chat with you please and iam from kurdistan and iwould like to come korea when i finished my exams you know what i have many picturesof yours on my computer and you are hot korean man bay honey i love you

  222. 222 : bena Says:

    I think your over rated, you aint as cool as you think you are, you we’re okey at first but i think you got a big head now, your latest drama that just ended was suck, it was so boring, your acting shows that you care more about your self looking cute more than doing a good job like you have done before…. WAKE UP!!!!!

  223. 223 : Nordelm Says:

    You looked your best in Stairway to Heaven. You & Choi Ji Woo is my all time favorite drama partner. I hope & pray that you & Ji Woo collaborate again in another drama or movie very soon before she gets married. In one of the Air City interview, she stated that she’s ready to get married as soon as she meet her Mr. Right. I wonder who will be the lucky man?

  224. 224 : ogy Says:

    I’m sori to say that you are the one who shud wake up instead of KSW.
    The story line for BL or CL is rather mediocre but his presence & performances makes it rather interesting otherwise we wud not hv fllw-up till the end. To us, KSW is not that great looking as compared to other actors but he is Damn Good in his acting career!

  225. 225 : nikoo & niloufar Says:

    hi honey….

    we are you’r iranian fans, u act very well special in crule love,

    we love u, have great time & hopfully see you soon.

    love u………..

  226. 226 : nikoo & niloufar Says:

    hi honey……..

    we are you’r iranian fans, u act very well specail in crule love,

    we love u, have great tim, hopfully see u soon,

    love u……….

  227. 227 : gemini25 Says:

    Hi Mr Sang Woo,

    Your acting is great in Bad love. I love your smile and the whole acting is great. You should have a tv series with Jeong Ryeo Won.

    Keep up the good work.


  228. 228 : gemma Says:

    hi!you are really great in “bad love” and “sad love song” im from the philippines.hope you will have more tv series this year.

  229. 229 : jajo Says:

    kool acting keep it up .

  230. 230 : permanasari mulya Says:

    i love you so much…mostly as jonggi…keep cool!keep cute!

  231. 231 : jUstiN Says:

    he’s funny!! aNnYeOnghaseyo!!

  232. 232 : janice Says:

    Looking for U & SSH movie of “Fate”. Hope can see it @ Singapore Soon…..

  233. 233 : moonshadow Says:

    u r so cute in your thefaceshop ads!

  234. 234 : destinypinkisss Says:

    dear sang woo

    How r u? well juz wan to say love ur act n hoping u can add my email at [email protected] so tat we could chat all nite long….

  235. 235 : owei Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo, if most male loves as deep as you love in your character in Bad Love, well life is this world is like heaven… From bit role in Delicious Proposal just years ago, to a lead role in STH, SLS..You sure can act my favorite..

  236. 236 : owei Says:

    i really admire the easy way you can produce a tear, and control its drop, may it be on the left eye or right eye.. i wonder where you find the right feeling to emote your needed acting, for the character you are portraying..

  237. 237 : owei Says:

    i will look forward, and wait for the melodrama series, where you will be on the lead role paired with Song Hye Gyo.. your chemistry with Lee Yo Woon is not bad also..

  238. 238 : froggirl Says:

    Look no more! for you have found the person who you can communicate with 24/7, 365.

    Straight from the heart! no nonsense, we have more in common than you think!

    Trust you had a good Easter! Good luck with the acting career!

  239. 239 : ALTAF Says:

    hi sang woo

    I like your act when you smile or cry and when you angry i think you make me fall in love with you i wash i can learn korean language to visit korea and see you but i can’t becuese my family not agree so keep working and …….good luck

  240. 240 : hyunnadia Says:

    I like you acting in STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN.when you are crying it is so touched in my heart…

  241. 241 : magsie Says:

    You are a very talented actor. Keep up the good work. Dont do drugs pls. Live a healthy life that you may enjoy a longer success in your movie career.

  242. 242 : janice Says:

    Kwon Sang-Woo you’re one & one BEST actor…… Keep it Up:o)
    Stay happy & healthy. from singapore fan….
    Looking u to come to Singapore.

    Btw, who can forward me Sad Love Story OST to me…….please please i been looking up and down…..soooo long please .thank you

  243. 243 : katie Says:

    hi sang woo! u juz drive me crazy…
    luv 2 c u at “CRUEL LOVE”. pls sent me ur email…
    hope 2 c u in brunei…

  244. 244 : Alana Says:

    Dont you people think that you are a little too obsessed with these actors, and do you think that they actually read these pages….
    Just enjoy the shows and keep your comments to yourself.

  245. 245 : owei Says:

    Way back in december 2006 in an interview you said, ” you want to be in a very romantic, very ideal, very dream worthy kind of roles, where you could be accepted and love by public”… well i think, your role in “Bad Love”, it is it! Imagine wasting bucket full of tears for your lady love.. Not so much with “Joan”, but with “In Jung”, considering she’s the most hated individual of your half sister, and once the woman of your brother in-law! You surely edeared yourself to the female viewing public.. Much more you entrusted all your life to GOD.. So theres no way for you to go astray and be depressed.. You will never be abandoned..

  246. 246 : Marylynette Says:

    Hi Kwong!

    I’m so proud to c u and Choi in my favourite drama “Stairway to Heaven”
    So hopefully to c u two in the next drama or movie! Dont separate your lovely partner KWS, Choi Ji Woo is my best actress that I’ll never forget in the future. Yu two are so cute and look match in a romantic relationship.

  247. 247 : Hui Yen Says:

    Hi.. Anyonghaoseo Sang-woo.
    I’m from Indonesia. i know it is so far from Korean.
    Just want you to know have someone very loves n like you especially when you are smile..your eyes that can say something… every day i’m waiting for your news. you are my light,just see ur face in picture my heart is so comfort.. :>
    I love you Sang-woo… I’m still waiting for your movie or drama.
    Be the best Sang-woo… “CIA Yooo”
    Kiss far from me Muaacchh…

  248. 248 : suy_eng63 Says:

    hello….just love you so much for your superb acting! no matter what you do, you are simply lovable to watch….i love you bth in stairway and bad love….! would love to exchange places with in jung in bad love! more power and take care always….

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    hi. i watch your t.v series into the sun and stairway to heaven.gosh is so perfect to a love story i wish you make more t.v series. love u

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    I love all your dramas. Your gentlemanly character most wanted and loved by women. Hope to c u partner with Yoon Eun-hye soon. You will make the best pair ever, m sure.

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    Love to watch your acting…you’re so…handsome and charming. Keep it up KSW..

  252. 252 : Mulan Says:

    I’ve watched again the drama series stairway to heaven. It really makes me cry but its satisfying although sad ending but still i love it. KWS you’re so adorable actor and also Shin Hyun Joon very good in acting. Like Choi Ji Woo and Kim Tae Hee did a great acting too.

  253. 253 : Nordelm Says:

    Stairway to Heaven is the best drama ever. I had watched it several times & got the same reaction everytime. I think Stairway to Heaven is your best drama performance. You & Choi Ji Woo are the best drama couple of all time. I just hope that you & Ji Woo be in another drama or movie real soon. I miss your partnership. You & Ji Woo looked great together & worked great together. Please don’t forget Choi Ji Woo, your best drama partner.

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    kwon sang woo ur so cute and hottest!i love to watch how u act!very good!sad love story!stair away to heaven and dating now i watch all!love u kwon sang woo

  255. 255 : MEL Says:



  256. 256 : magsie Says:


  257. 257 : wawa jamal Says:

    I love to watch your acting .!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love to watch your smile

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    I don’t understand why Choi Ji Woo & Kwon Sang Woo don’t have another project together. Your fans are waiting for your collaboration. I’m sure it will be a great hit if both of you collaborate in a drama or movie. BYJ & CJW collaborated twice, First Love & Winter Sonata & LBH & CJW collaborated twice also, Beautiful Days & Everybody Has A Secret. All these collaborations were successful hits. When will you be partnered with CJW? I miss your partnership, the best one of all the dramas & movies you performed. You belong to each other. Hope you’ll be together soon.

  259. 259 : fiti Says:

    stairway to heaven is the best drama ever…..kwan sang wooo im telling you the truth…I reaaly love your acting with your partner….and i rellay love your smile and your crying…..keep it up sir

  260. 260 : Kellie Says:

    I first saw Kwon Sang Woo in Stairway to Heaven & I fell in love with his character, Cha Song Joo. Song Joo was a man who was willing to give up everything for his one true love Han Jung Suh (Choi Ji Woo’s character). He gave her his biggest & greatest love. What a man. I wonder if this type of man really exists? Can you be like this man KSW? I saw some of your other movies & drama, but your performance in Stairway to Heaven was your best. You looked your best in that drama. I’m hoping that you & Choi Ji Woo get partnered again in another project very soon. You & Choi Ji Woo are the best drama partner of all time. I wish you both the best of luck in your future projects & lives.

  261. 261 : Nora from CA, USA Says:

    I saw some of the comments regarding your collaboration with Choi Ji Woo & agree with them. We as KSW/CJW fans miss your collaboration. What should we do to convince the producers & directors that your collaboration will bring big success like Stairway to Heaven. Maybe, we should sign a petition & sent them to your agencies or the movie/TV industry.

  262. 262 : sally Says:

    Hi Kellie I have the same mean about him. There are also his another drama with name (Sad love story) Ilove him in this type of drama it´s very nice…. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH

  263. 263 : shirley Says:

    KSW is really really a very good and a natural actor, just by looking at his facial expression is his acting can already touch me to tears. At the moment I”m watching another of his great love drama “BAD LOVE” .. watch this drama it is also very good.
    Mr. KSW, whether you ever read this comments or not, its my personal view, your work well done and pray God Bless U with more of this kind of dramas and win lots and lots of awards on the good work to entertainment people.

  264. 264 : NOLLY Says:

    hi….i’m really fall in love with you.Very cute and smart guy…love u so much.Keep it up…i’m always with u

  265. 265 : Haidy Says:

    hello! Kwon Sang Woo, Im from the Philippines, we love you’re acting in Sad love song and Bad love your leading ladies are all great as your love team in your korean drama, we’re looking forward for more of your korean drama soon, stay healthy and well, good luck to your career…..

  266. 266 : J Says:

    Kwon Sang woo….. great actor.. watched stairway to heaven and also say love story…looking forward to watching his other movies….really talented and definitely a hottie….. much all the way from the island of Fiji 🙂

  267. 267 : J Says:

    oops i meant SAD LOVE STORY…..

  268. 268 : shey Says:


  269. 269 : Farzaneh Says:

    I’m from Iran & i’m 22 years old .
    I love u & i really like your acting in “Sad love story”.
    I think you are hansome & talented actor .

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    ang cute mo………you are so cute……………….

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  273. 273 : irang Says:

    Kwon sang woo, Im a Filipina residing in the southern part of the philippines, Im one of ur fan, can u have another drama with chiojiwoo I really like to see u again in the drama like Stairway to Heaven, please have another one

  274. 274 : irang Says:

    Hi! ! Sang woo, I just want u to know that you are the one who got me addicted to Korean Drama when i watched your STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, from them on I always looking forward of seeing ur drama I even collecting all your DVD for my collection. I hope you can have another drama especially with Choijiwoo, I love watching both of u, pls. Even I cannot see you in person but you always in my dream. love u! ! !

  275. 275 : josie Says:

    hello, kwon sang woo, u’r very cute. and u act superbly in stairway to heaven. I love u. hope that u can visit philippines. keep up the good work. and i’m looking forward on u’r nex big project with jena (choi ji woo). i love u’r look also in dating now. love u & hope that u can read my message.

  276. 276 : diana Says:

    Kwang Sang woo i like you to watch your acting, u r really good. I’ve watched sad sonata. It really makes me cry for a long time. It’s very touched my heart. Baxia KSW!!

  277. 277 : alyna Says:

    oh God u r jus awesum…ut acting da looks…m jus head ova heels in luv wid u….lukin forward 2 see ur nt movies n ya pls do act in more dramas like stairway to heaven …it was mindblowing…luv u gOD BLess

  278. 278 : anna Says:

    you’re the most talented korean actor I’ve seen. I just have to look at your eyes and that’s it, you just melt me away. I love to see you with Song Hye Kyo. I think you’ll make a lovely pair. all the best and you’ll make more kdramas.

  279. 279 : chaterine Says:


  280. 280 : analyn Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!! Kwon Sang Woo i always watching your tv series

    the stairyway in heaven when i watch i cry because it is so nice story

    and i see in sad love song here in phil. it is not yet finish your name

    there is jeric i always watch cause i can relate in my life

    your partner in dating now her name is sundy i feel regret that i can see

    the final episode or the ending

    i see you also in into the sun

    i really love your all series and i always watch that

  281. 281 : [email protected] Says:

    I love to watch your acting .!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love to watch your smile

    from thailand..you know……i only hopethat some day chance to visit Thailand and i,ll be so happy if you get the chance

  282. 282 : jessy Says:

    i like your acting so much,as i know ; my tutor friend;sad love story; love so divine,i like when you cry in the sence that is fantastic, you look smart and handsome with tear. i am waiting to see your new movies or series i hope you are healthy. take care yourself,don’t work hard. jessy Thailand

  283. 283 : serene Says:

    You are very very.ry.ry.ry.ry CHARMING. Nice body,maintain it…..

  284. 284 : Mystery girl Says:

    Hi there,i really like your drama series stairways to heaven.Do please add me at [email protected]

  285. 285 : ستاره Says:

    you are very beautiful

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  288. 288 : aen Says:

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    hae! kwon sang woo,i hope u will hear from me. i’m one of ur big fan.i luv wachin u acting in staiway to heaven,love so divine,sad sonata, my tutor friend. u look so cute when crying ………caiyoo! in ur career!!!(-

  290. 290 : roro Says:

    i love you

  291. 291 : eujin27 Says:

    kwon sang woo

    you’re really a talented actor and with a very nice body!

    luv yah

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    your such a great actor. keep it up. fighting!!!!!

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    any partner is accepted….

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    very very very handsome…. nice to stare….

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    your eyes like a star,all time bright

  297. 297 : Haidy Says:

    Hi! KSW youre a great actor we really love to watch your k drama like Sad love song and Bad love, hope you could make a k drama with Lee Boo Young/Lee Dae Hye/Eugene and Park Eun Hye.. good luck

  298. 298 : CK Says:

    Any new projects?

  299. 299 : huwinny Says:

    omg!! he’s so cute, especially in BAD LOVE. He’s such a sweet guy in that drama.

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  301. 301 : may Says:

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    and you r big star

  303. 303 : Emmy Says:

    LUV YOU !

  304. 304 : alireza.....from IRAN Says:

    سلام من عليرضا از تهران –ايران هستم .امروز وقتي ديدم كه دوستان زيادي مثل پريسا ، فاطيما و متين و ….. از ايران از اين سايت ديدن كردن و مانند من به اين سريال و ساير سريالهاي كره اي علاقه مند شدند خوشحالم چون تا حالا اگه فكر مي كردم كه تنها من هستم كه اين سريالها رو مي بينم اما خوشحالم كه ديگه تنها نيستم و از ايران هم دوستاني هستند كه اين سريالها و كانال كره kbs world رو مي بينند . با اينكه به فرهنگ ايراني افتخار مي كنم اما چيزي كه مرا علاقه مند به ديدن سريال ها و فرهنگ كره كرد اون شباهت فرهنگي كره و ايران و صداقت و سادگي اي هست در ابراز عشق و علاقه در سريالهاي آنها به چشم مي خوره و البته بايد به هنر پيشه هاشون هم اشاره كرد كه واقعا خوش قيافه هستن. من كه از ديدن cruel love & full house & my lovely sam soon لذت بردم. اگه در ايران مي خواين اين كانال kbs world رو بگيريد مي تونيد روي ماهواره عرب ست اون رو پيدا كنيد در حال حاضر روزهاي 2 شنبه و 3 شنبه ساعت 11:30 شب تهران يه سريال جالب گذاشته و 4 شنبه شب هم سريال THREE DADDIES AND ONE MOMMY از اين كانال پخش مي شه . و چون زير نويس انگليسي داره به يادگيري زبان انگليسي هم كمك زيادي مي كنه.
    و از اينجا به Kwon Sang Woo و Hyun Bin , Rain (비) مي گم كه بخاطر فيلمهاي زيباتون ممنون و اميدوارم روزي برسه شما ها بتونيد به ايران بياييد و از كشور ايران ديدن كنيد در ضمن به عنوان يك مرد بايد بگم كه شما خوش قيافه و جذاب هستين و من به شما حسادت مي كنم .و دوست داشتم دخترها هم منو مثله شما دوست داشتن.

  305. 305 : alireza.....from IRAN Says:

    Hi every one
    Thank you Rain (비) &현빈 / Hyun Bin (Hyeon Bin) and Kwon Sang Woo , u are verry good actors and HANDSOME , LOOKER and cute . I see your serials in iran and in kbs world .

  306. 306 : ikram Says:

    the beautiful actor!! oh hiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! go to the best! we love you ….i am ikram from tunisia

  307. 307 : Narges.lran Says:

    Hi kwon sang-woo 😉

  308. 308 : mira..... Says:

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  310. 310 : mai nhia yang Says:

    hi! sang what do like color?

  311. 311 : longley M.N. Says:

    Hi! Sang
    How are u ?
    can i want to be your firend?

  312. 312 : longley M.N. Says:

    Sang Wan Woo u’r very cute only for me … ha…ha…ha…haaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love u baby.And I miss u very much…ha…ha…ha… kuv hlub koj ha..ha…ha…kuv nco koj….ha…ha…ha…haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I miss to night ha …ha…ha… I love u only baby ha…ha…ha…haaaaaaaaaaaa

  313. 313 : longley M.N. Says:

    Sang Wan Woo u’r very cute only for me … ha…ha…ha…haaaaaaaaaa
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love u baby.And I miss u very much…
    ha…ha…ha… kuv hlub koj ha..ha…ha…kuv nco koj….ha…ha…ha…haaaaaaaaaa
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I miss to
    night ha …ha…ha… I love u only baby ha…ha…ha…haaaaa

  314. 314 : fadwa Says:


  315. 315 : ngaonii Says:

    wooo i say.yah its always tempting to see pictrs.cause u r just really great .wish i have a boby like u.but maybe im short er dan u.im 5 ‘7.u r just greatttttttttttttttttttttt.

  316. 316 : shane Says:

    You’re my really favorite korean star.
    ***I will love you forever****

  317. 317 : plumeria Says:

    you are very handsome……..excellent performance on stairway to heaven.

  318. 318 : n FROM IRAN Says:

    سلام علیرضا من هم یکی از طرفداران پروپاقرص سریالهای کره ای هستم مخصوصا فیلمهایی که سانگ ایل گوک بازی میکنه خوشحالم که می بینم هموطنانم هم سریالهای کره ای می بینند چون دوستای من همیشه فیلمهای هندی و ایرانی می بینن و من همیشه فکر میکردم خودم درام های کر ه ای می بینم

  319. 319 : Vivian Says:

    Hello Kwon Sang Woo,m a big fan of urs. I really love ur “stairway to heaven”, and Cruel Love Your action was superb. You are very handsome, elegant, determined, focused and strong willed. I loved your character in both dramas. Please do some more dramas soon / 2008. I learned that you are a devoted catholic, am a catholic too. Love you in Christ and pray that you will be successful in all aspects of life. One who marries you will be very lucky.

  320. 320 : neda(A)...from Iran Says:

    Hello dear kwon sang woo, I love youre acting in sadlovestory.now I’m one of youre fans, best wishes just for U !!!

  321. 321 : neda(A)...from Iran Says:

    Hello dear kwon sang woo, I love youre acting in sadlovestory.now I’m one of youre fans, just not for your beautifull face for your beautiful heart ! best wishes just for U !!! aaaaaaaand Ilove U

  322. 322 : neda(A)...from Iran Says:

    Hello dear kwon sang woo . I’m agirl from Iran and i’m so happy that you have alot fans in Iran because I’ one of your bigest fan in the world!! I love your acting in Sadlovestory. youre so beautiful. I wish that i could see you some day. Best wishes for U !

  323. 323 : alireza.....from IRAN Says:

    hi everyone
    if you see derama koreian in iran ,you hove to see in satellite ”arab sat”” and see KBS WORLD , you can see many serials korean in chanel.

    سلام دوستان
    اگر در ايران مي خواهيد جديدترن سريالهاي كره اي رو ببينيد بايد از كانال ك بي اس ورلد كه از ماهواره عرب ست پخش مي شه استفاده كنيد در ضمن توصيه من كنم حتما سريال كرول لاو رو حتما تهيه كين و ببينيد كه در كان سانگ وو بازي عاليه اي داشته .و اگه سوال داشتين به وبلاگ من مراجعه كنيد و من حتما كمك مي كنم.

    so kbs world in arab sat

  324. 324 : AH JONE Says:

    u r my favorite Korean Star.You are very lovely.
    I wanna to be your younger brother.I’m from Myanmar.
    Pls reply me with yr photo.

  325. 325 : anzie Says:

    Have always love you since long time ago… Started watching you in a drama… its about navy officer, can’t recall the title.. Best of luck to you.

  326. 326 : shara Says:

    I am a great fan of urs.I just love the way u act in movies.Hoping to see more of ur movies.JUST LOVE UR ACTING.

  327. 327 : 3alia Says:

    Hai,i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    je taim/sara niu/wo ai ni/tiemo/tikaro/
    iam from egypt. we all love you.i watched sad love story and i couldnt find another serias translated to arabic. i wish to watch stair way to heaven/bad love/………..
    i wait any one to help me

  328. 328 : ary Says:

    Hi…. sang woo, I think I always fall in love with you……….
    In Indonesian we can say GUE CINTA ELU…. SELALU..

  329. 329 : WE_ONE Says:

    I’m the one who love you

  330. 330 : Jenny Says:


    You are far the best actor that I’ve watched from Korea…you are very handsome with a nice body and a killer smile…very intelligent and the acting is just superb…I’ve watched and love all your shows, what can I say, I’m your no.1 fan from Hawaii…by the way, no sad ending-I hate it

  331. 331 : naung Says:

    Hi I’m your favorite fan. I like all of your series and I love it.your style is very fantastic and I want to be like you!

  332. 332 : mandana Says:

    hi,i loved your acting in sad lovestory it made me cry at the end
    we all love u
    with best wishes

  333. 333 : Irene Utayde Says:

    Hi Kwon Sang-woo, im a big fan of yours from the Philippines, i really loved your character in bad love it makes me laugh and at the same time it makes me cry- the way you sang the song ‘I WANT TO BREAK FREE, IWANT TO BREAK FREE’ ID LOVED IT! its my 1st time to watch your teledrama and i am amazed coz its really great, i do hope you can make more great movies, keep it up man! Oh by the way, id like to take this opportunity to greet you an ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May the good Lord bless you always and your family and i wish you good health and more bithdays to come! and more projects also! Sarang he yo idol! i really hope you can visit our country im sure u’ll love it!

  334. 334 : pema Says:

    heya!! m a g8 fannnn of yours kwang sang woo umm…..plz add me lus ma id is [email protected] any korean plz i beg yew plz add me

  335. 335 : HANSAM Says:


  336. 336 : ayelet Says:

    fan people sad to say he has a girlfriend already her name is sohn tae young a korean beauty but i do much prefered if he dated to kim ha neul they look together on/off screen (sigh..) just a comment!!!..

  337. 337 : selva Says:

    Hi girls
    for all of Kwon san woo fans out there

    he’s getting married to his girlfriend in 29th september

    and this is the site of that news:

    link here

    bad luck girls

    he’s not avaliable anymore

  338. 338 : ayelet Says:

    yep he’s going to married soon

  339. 339 : fifi Says:

    he’s going to married.he’s not availablo anymore…….hahaha…..

  340. 340 : Irene Utayde Says:

    Anyong ngaseo Kwon Sang woo, i’ve read from the internet that your getting married this coming September, finally you’ve found true love and the right woman, im happy for you, but i hope you can still make more great movies. You know the girl is very lucky to have you, husband material! But i cant see any similarity on your looks to both of you, according to the old adage, if you look like each other your meant to be, but i dont think so! well i know your inlove with each other so LIVE HAPPY AND BEST BEST WISHES ON YOUR WEDDING! CONGRATULATION IN ADVANCE to both of you! Sarangheo!

  341. 341 : Irene Utayde Says:

    I would like to greet you and advance happy birthday also! I wish that you’ll last until forever with Sohn Tae young!

  342. 342 : marge30 Says:

    well…. its about time to get married. After all your in a marrying age eh..!

    newei, congrats & best wishes to both of you! 🙂

  343. 343 : Fernanda Says:

    Te amo te amo me fascina tu trabajo i love you quisiera verte aunq sea 10 segundos en persona

  344. 344 : Fernanda Says:

    Te amo te amo me fascina tu trabajo i love you quisiera verte aunq sea 10 segundos en persona
    Me encantan mucho las pelis y series coreanas lástima que no puedo conseguirlas todas un saludo desde Ecuador

  345. 345 : Fernanda Says:

    No puede ser se va a casar…xq me encantas y también tu trabajo de corazón te amo y me encantaría muchísimo o me hubiese encantado que algún día te cases con Cho-ji Woo me paracen perfectos el uno para el otro pero bueno te deseo lo mejor del mundo y que seas feliz suerte

  346. 346 : emieylia Says:

    hi… have a nice days….

  347. 347 : Samar Says:

    I am from syria , you are very popular in the Arabe world after watching Sad love song . you make me fan of the Koreans drama.

    I love you, keep goining ,best wishes .

  348. 348 : romi Says:

    Hi! i’m romi from algeria i have seen the serie “sad love song” and i have realy enjoy it i love you so much kiss

  349. 349 : Leani Royo Says:

    Hi! You’re super cute. I would like to greet you a happy birthday!!

  350. 350 : jane Says:

    you’re a good guy. you’re fans love you so much. so don’t worry about everything. they will understand it soon and will accept your decision heartily. ok. keep on fighting… congratulations…

  351. 351 : Jeannie Says:

    Dear Mr. Kwon,

    Your performance in “Bad Love” is very impressive! Make more good shows after you get married. Your real fans will support your decisions and be happy that you are happy.

    Love knows no end. Congrats to you and your honey.

    Jeannie of Toronto, Canada

  352. 352 : Myra Says:

    Dear Kwon Sang Woo,

    Have been enjoying watching korean drama, most especially, if you are the lead actor. You are the reason that prompted me to visit Seoul, Korea last March. Have the opportunity to have a picture with you even if it is only a poster of yourself. That is just fine. Did have a great time in Jeju Island and also at Lotte World – i’ve seen the location where “Stairway to Heaven” is shot. Looking forward for another of your drama series . . .

    Vancouver, BC, Canada

  353. 353 : Myra Says:

    P. S.

    Happy Birthday, KWON SANG WOO ! ! !

    God Bless . . . always, myra (“,)

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    belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    and also, best wishes to you and your future bride! so beautiful!
    i’ll pray for you guys to be together!! ^^,

  355. 355 : azenith1022 Says:

    Hi! mr. kwon sang woo, i’ve finished watch of ur latest series “Bad Love” nd it was so nice….God Bless!

  356. 356 : emy.india. Says:

    hai.iam ya fans, i love ya performance, and you keep it up.

  357. 357 : ida Says:

    Dear Kwon Sang Woo,

    I’m really enjoying to watching korean drama, especially if you are the actor. Love your acting in Cruel Love. Hope you will success in everthing you do. Will support you forever.

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    I like you at the first sight….

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  360. 360 : KUDZAI MUSUNGO Says:

    Wats up Gwon sang-wu Iam Kudzai from Zimbabwe and love you so,so,so much and its more than the love Park Haen was meant to give to you. Why did you fight with Geong yeong at the beach (joking).I will be very greatfull if you, pay a visit to Zimbabwe as your directors did, send me your email adress and lastly if you acn help me with my scripts


  361. 361 : mayra Says:

    I have watching “sad love song”in Dubai TV, and “bad love” in mysoju, you have a good performance and amazing charisma. Hope see you in another work. Kiss from Algeria. mayra

  362. 362 : Quinn Says:

    hey does any body know Song Hye Gyo’s most favourite food in the world? and its not bibimbab!!

    if you get this right..then you will be blessed with good food always!

  363. 363 : bintan Says:

    dear mr. kwon,,,you make my heart beating loudly!!!!

  364. 364 : Nifa Says:

    Annyong hasaeyo…bugushippo….chukahaeyo in BAD LOVE! Frankly speaking, I never like u before. I’ve seen u acting most of yr movie also drama but u really kill my heart in BAD LOVE.

    Wiz yr robust body & sharp feature, I believe any girls fell in luv at the first sight. U look comfortable acting wiz Kim Ha-neul but in BAD LOVE, r u really in luv wiz yr heroin, is it during yr casting or out of casting too?? I felt tt I’ve seen a different person in u in BAD LOVE compare to yr cheeky, arrogant, hot tempered person in most of yr movie or drama.

    What’s make my mind changed towards u tt seen yr soft hearted, soothing eyes, humble touch & wish I’m the one tt u hug & cuddle….hah, what a dream….anyway, got to go now….wish u all the best for yr future…saranghaeyo & tan yo o gesseyo…

  365. 365 : varandhorn Says:

    Kwon song woo, cheers your ating is excellent. Best Korean Actor.

  366. 366 : sarah Says:

    hi… im verry enjoy to many pic &ur slum


  367. 367 : Daisy Says:

    Loved his performance in LOVE SO DIVINE and in WE ARE DATING NOW. I am looking forward to seeing more of his movies and tve series.

  368. 368 : kate Says:

    Dear Mr. Kwon,

    Anyong hasimnikka?pogoshimnikka, I saw you in personal in Seoul. I worked in your nice country 3 years back ago. I’m one your avid fans since i’ve been in your country and offcourse your company in movie.I watched all your drama and movie and the most memorable and never be forgotten is your drama SAD LOVE STORY i wish you can produce a more part 2,3,4 … of this drama.well, congrats in your latest teleserye.

  369. 369 : kate Says:

    Dear Mr.kwon,
    Anyong hasimnikka?pogoshimnnikka..i’m one of your avid fans, i watched all your drama and movie. I worked in your nice country 3 years back ago and I saw personal.The most memorable i’ve watched in your drama is the SAD LOVE STORY never be forgotten in my whole life and i wish you can produce more part 2,3,4…i bought a vcd of this for a remembrance.well,,congrats in your latest teleserye..keep up the good work.TAKECARE IN EVERYTHING YOU DO..GOD BLESS IN YOUR FAMILY,YOUR LOVELIFE AND YOUR CARRIER..

  370. 370 : shereen Says:

    I’m your fan from Philippines.
    May you live happily ever after with Son Tae-Young and good luck to both of you. Hope to see you soon do more drama shows on KBS.

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    Hi Kwon.. my name in Lina. I’m from Indonesia.. Just want to say to you that, u r the best that i have ever see.. u have a character, i like u n i’m fans with u.. Maybe too far that i can see u.. so just can see ur movie n ur website.. Kwon, u r the best. Hope u always success in everything u do.. i know that u can… I like when u smile kwon… kiss far from me… Muachh….

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    i am your fan
    i like you
    i wish you to be a great star

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    i hope i can see you in Malaysia…
    i am your biggest fans here..
    i love all your movies….
    i admire your smile, funny attitude and all about you do…
    when i watch your movies, i though that i acting with you…
    so don’t forget to read my comment okay???
    and i hope that you will always be happy in your life….

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    i am your big fan…….

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    Kwon song woo i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you so much

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    After I learned that KSW is listed in the top 10 hallyu stars, I watched MY TUTOR FRIEND, but wan’t impressed. I recently saw Love, So Divine; We Are Dating Now; and Bad Love. I must admit he is has an amazing acting range, the characters he plays are so different. He is now on my list of favorite actors.

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

  385. 385 : Mercedes Says:

    I’m ecuadorian…..you sing lovely and i watched stairway to heven so two years ago….and you’re really good actor …….

    ojala puedas aprender español y puedas algun contestarm y tambien espero poder verte pronto… ya q aui las peliculas y series japonesas no yegan mucho……cuidate mucho…….sigue asi eres grandioso

    kisses and hugs……Mercedes

  386. 386 : jenswan Says:

    LOVE IS PATIENT,LOVE IS KIND.It does not envy,it does not boast,it is not proud.It is not rude,it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered,it keeps no record of wrongs.LOVE does not delight in evil but REJOICES with the truth.It always PROTECTS,always TRUSTS,always HOPES,always PERSEVERES…..LOVE NEVER FAIL….again BIG CONGRATS TO U BOTH…..

  387. 387 : Nifa Says:

    Annyong hasaeyo…chukahaeyo for u & yr beloved wife as a newly wed yesterday…may everything goes well as u wish for always! I’ve just read it the news quite late last friday, so hope u hve a wonderful life every second of it! May God bless u two wiz full of luv tt u really hope & wish for…What is important is, TRUST EACH OTHER..FORGIVE EACH OTHER..try to adapt yr life wiz her life, give & take always, u will reach the FULL UNDERSTANDING, LUV EACH OTHER EVEN WHEN U R ANGERED….THAN U WILL BE REWARDED BY GOD in yr golden age later on….

    Chukahaeyo again & tan yo o gesseyo

  388. 388 : winnie Says:

    hi there KSW,i’m one of your million fans here in the philippines.Congratulations on your last endeavor.i miss you.hope to see you again on t.v.you just would’nt believe how much i admire you.and thre was a point in my life that i wanted to be in korea just to see you personally.you’re really my kind of man.good luck to you and God bless.

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    i WATCHING you’re series ” STAIRWAY FROM HEAVEN ”
    you are soo cute
    ika from indonesia

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    I love you Kwan Sang woo…….wish u all the best from the bottom of my heart.No matter what,I’ll always love you and will always be your number one fan…………………..I LOVE TO LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    hi i love your drama sad love story it s soooooooooooo cute and im frome iraq
    thanx alot kwan sang woo and happy maird se yooo

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    hallo kwon sang woo.I’m from isreal and I’m a big fan of yours.you look amaizing and the first time that you made me notice yours talent was at
    the drama-“sad love song”.after watching “bad love” you made me the impression of an excellent actor.I WISH YOU full of happiness with your
    wife.keep up the good work.sarangha.

  402. 402 : maricel Says:

    hello kwon sang woo.Im a big
    fan of yours.i watched your movie fate,cruel love,sad love song,and my tuitor friend.ur so amazing.i wish you full of happiness in your life.GOD BLESS YOU.take care always.from maricel m.

  403. 403 : sabeen Says:

    hi my name is sabeen from syria,…..
    iknow kwon sang from siril was translate to arabig and from first time isaw him i fall in love …………
    soo if some one knowes any thing about my sweety kwon pleas e-mail me on:[email protected]
    iloooooooooove u sweety kwon

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    my love sang woo i miss you all the time .what can i do?iwill still love you .MARWA.EGYEBT

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    People who love each other‏،‏meet each other‏،‏No matter how long a road they travel,in the end,they return.love is something that returns!I want to see you so much I would die.Sang woo(sarangeee)your fans Marwa.

  406. 406 : Simon Says:

    GOD BLESS YOU.take care always. ^^

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    hello ksw i wanted to wish u good luck in ur new drama
    i wish u all the best

  408. 408 : sara Says:

    Do you really heard us and you want to respond and our correspondent sangwoo

  409. 409 : Namatai Says:

    I only watched sad love song in the many dramas that you featured. At times i couldn’t imagine you were acting coz everything seemed real.
    That was nice man. But why then that catastrophic end. i was left heart broken and shatered.
    i look forward to watching more of your acts. best wishes

  410. 410 : may lay Says:

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    sa rang he yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    i am Tun Ohmar Kyaw
    i am from Myanmar
    i like u very much
    even i can say,i am crazy to see your action
    at first ,i notice u as your appearance is like my elder brother
    then i begin to appretiate your actions especially in “INTO THE SUN”
    but i like all your work
    i know you will be very busy,but if u have even a minute to reply my letter,i will really over the moon
    thanks for reading my mail
    i belive u will be successful more than now
    may u be a brighter star
    yours sincerely,

  414. 414 : Soum Says:

    i’m Soum (little orange) from Thailand. I started to see u in Stairway to heaven drama. you acted really good. I like the drama and i cried while i was watching it. I couldn’t stop crying. it really touch my feeling.
    try ur best in what you do. u will be success.
    many or ur thai fans want to see u, u know? pls visit thailand if u have time!

  415. 415 : MARIXA Says:

    hi im from peru… i love him ….

  416. 416 : Quin Says:

    recently i watched Sang-woo in Cruel love… at least this time a happier ending than Stairway to Heaven (the other drama). I enjoyed Sang-woo acting very much—- especially his mischievous ways of teasing his partner… Sang-woo do hope u will share with us more laughters in your future projects..

  417. 417 : Aretha Says:

    Happy 2009 Kwon!

    I luv u man. You leaves me breatheless. If I ever see u I will cry N tell u how much I adore u. You are simply an angel that is missing in heaven. U are absolutely something else.

    My Love

    From Your Biggest Fan


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    how r u
    ur b-day is as same mine
    i find u very cute

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    Hey,u too cool.I liked your films and must say you are good looking

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    bueno en la pelicula sad story love me parecio encantador ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  421. 421 : Jasmin Says:

    primeramente felicito al actor kwon sang woo, por su excellente proganismo en la novela sad history love, que continuen los exitos para el.

  422. 422 : Simon Says:

    Mr Kwon, do u hear me? pls make a lot of movies and drama comes out haha ^^ .we all are need your acting ,You are simply an angel that is missing in heaven. U are absolutely something else..hmm what im talking is your act can give many people of spirit to living on ..so plss haha

  423. 423 : Yan Naing Lin Says:

    Happy 2009 Kong
    hi……. kong sang woo !!! i’m from Myanmar, wish you always success!!!!
    i belive u will be successful more than now

    yours sincerely,

  424. 424 : Evelyn Says:

    You are amazing!!! I love “sad love story” drama. Here in Peru – South America, we all love you i’m your fan number ONE !! kisses from here

  425. 425 : shady Says:

    love me.I’m from iran I love “sad love story” drama
    i love you very very much kwan sang woo

    i live you i love you i love you
    iiiiiiiiillllllllooooooovvvvvveeeeeyyyyyyyyoooouuuuuuu hhhhh

  426. 426 : dams Says:

    Hi Mr Kwon,

    I am an indian female, a great fan of yours and the moment i saw your film ‘ stairway to heaven’ i am addicted to korean films and really you are amazing, talented and having a good physique and handsome and you cry so much in the film. The film is very touching and if it really happens in true life then u r the best of the best.

    My email is [email protected]

  427. 427 : haein Says:

    salut kwon sang woo

    je suis fransaise

    j’ai bien aimé votre drama sad love sang

  428. 428 : sima,australia Says:

    this is sima from australia,origin in nepal.i’m so lucky to find u through this webpage n like ur style.think, u’r nice person in off screen.kindly like u….can u plz response me plzzzzzzz …….on my mail.i’d so lucky.
    thank u!

  429. 429 : sima,australia Says:

    hi won-sang,
    nice to see u through this web n like ur portfolio.
    u’r really nice actor whom i want to see ever in screen,oh sorry i’ve not itroduce my self yet….sima,it’s my name from australia n origin nepal.
    i’s in korea for travel just last sep 08..i did enjoy there, met nice people, feel really good n wish i’d go again there…….south korea is such a really nice place with lovely n kind hearted people.
    won-song,would ming plz to reply me when u get this mail plz….
    n thank u!

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    Oh boy you are handsome as years goes by. Love you so

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    Hi!! Kwon Sang Woo

    How are you?? I am a huge fan of urs… I really love your perfomance in all the films you have done… You are really handsome and it is true that you are the Salman Khan of Korea…. I also love Korea and one day i surely will be there to visit….

  433. 433 : MARWA Says:

    My love sangwoo l miss you so much .iam MARWA from Egypt.*sarangee *ihope visite Korea .when iwatch you ilove the life.you are my life.your fans MARWA

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    hello guy,
    I really love u! especially ur hot body and hot face make me feel, i’m fall in love with u! i don’t know how to contact with u! but i hope when u come to visit Cambodia, u will find me! my mail is [email protected]
    Love u!
    kisses and hugs

  435. 435 : simple_life Says:

    It’s good to know that we’ll be seeing more of KWON SANG WOO for 2009.

    Is is true that he has a drama in the pipeline ready to air in April?

    Korea has so many talented actresses and it’s a wonder on why Yoona will be on this drama. Her acting in YAMD is enough testament that she cannot act.

    More power to KSW.

  436. 436 : CHELLE Says:

    HI!!!!KWON SANG WOO….i’m chelle from the Philippines..i,m a big fan of yours..you know i have your picture on my wallet…i love watching KOREAN dramas and movies especially your movies “STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN and ‘”SAD LOVE SONG”..I wish you SUCCESS and HAPPINESS in your lfe….KWON SANG WOO….SARANGHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  437. 437 : lian Says:

    I really love your prepormance in stairway 2 haven,your sooooo good there and one of my favorites korean soap.

  438. 438 : smarties Says:

    congrats for your marriged and always CHIAYOK!!!

  439. 439 : toka atef Says:

    dear kwon sang woo

    i love you so much i adore you
    i am learning korean specially for you i saw your drama sad love story its the first time isee you in my life you are so handsome and flood of affection i am egyptian i wish to see you in korea and have a nice time with you #sa rang hae yo# # kwon sang woo#

    NOTICE:you are the only one in my life ,my dream is to travel korea & to love me

    your beauty flitter:Toka sang woo

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    congrats 4 your marriage………….lovvvvveeeeee you

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    Hello kwong love all yours films continued to makes us dreaming.I love all yr movies. love u a mauritian fan

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    hey kwan sang woo i love u…i love u n i love u non-stop.why did u get married so early.plz wait 4 me till im able 2 earn m 4rm arunachal pradesh(india).plz wait 4 me in airport whn i’ll come there but 4 know sent me ur snap m waitin 4 ur reply

  443. 443 : jennifer Says:

    hai , kwon sang-wu .. i’m from malaysia sabah here .. i’m a big fan of yours. love to watach your tv drama or any movie , you look so macho to me really .. maybe someday you will have vacation someday here .. God Bless you take care always ..

  444. 444 : fatma Says:

    hay know sang-wo toi mon amour de moi ilove youuuuuuu moi avec le marocan


  445. 445 : jihane Says:

    مرحبااااااااا انا اذعى جيهان اتمنى ان تقوموا باعاذة الفلم الكوري بفناة ذوزيمممممممم
    (sad love story ) moi avec le maroc ilove you know sang-wooooooo ilove…. ilove ……..


  446. 446 : veronicah Says:

    He is so handsome, and also a very good actor, keep up the good work,huge fun

  447. 447 : vannia_solano Says:

    hi kwon sang woo,…this is vannia,…i really like you so much,..im your a big fan,..i wish you came here in kodiak,… so i can seen you in personal=]cuz your so pretty handsome and hottys=]

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    hi kwon sang woo, you are best actor. I wish for you and your family health and success

  449. 449 : saeed Says:

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    hi kwon sang woo,…

    i love you kwon

    most beautiful man

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    hola a todos amo las series coreanas desde que vi escalera al cielo la mejor serie que vi en mi vida luego me enamore de know sang woo q es lo mas know sang woo i love you!!!!!!!!! oppa………oooooooppppppppaaaaaaa te amo!!!!!!!!mi msn es [email protected]

  452. 452 : parvaneh Says:

    only you

  453. 453 : Sonia Says:

    I love almost all your dramas and movies…ur acting is just amazing. I would like u 2 av a same hair cut as u had in my tutor friend you look quite hot with it…take it as a good suggestion. oh and congratz on aving a baby boy. x

  454. 454 : parvaneh Says:


  455. 455 : kal Says:

    LOVE KSW !!!!!!

  456. 456 : Tian Tian Says:

    Hi, I think you’ve looked all of our comments. You’re so strong and smart.
    I like your body-structure. I’ve heard you’ve got a baby.Congratulation!
    All of your movies, the one I like best is Love song of grief(with Kim Hee Sun). Your hobby is basketball? Me too.
    So,I would like to stop my writing, see ya!Kwon Sang Woo

  457. 457 : emi Says:

    i know you’re married but i still adore u…!!

  458. 458 : felicia Says:

    love ksw 4-ever….. you acting is just amazing, i like your body. So sexyyy… i love you so muchhhh

  459. 459 : silvy Says:

    ooouuww…you are very handsome
    I have seen you in sad love song and stair way to heaven
    be succes 4 you!I love U so much

  460. 460 : Cynthia Says:

    I am your Malaysian fan. I don’t understand Korean but I still get addicted to your TV series. No chance to watch your movies yet. Your acting is wonderful…my heart jumps up and down when you smile and laugh and down when you are sad. I cried many times watching ‘bad love’ in Malaysia but I also laughed loudly at your cute facial expressions. You are adorable and congratulations to a happy love life you deserve!

  461. 461 : dina m Says:

    i love sang woo so much i can’t even live without thinking of him he’s every thing to me and he’s the only person i love and i think he’s perfect and i love every thing about him i love his smile soooooooooooooo much
    sarang hae yo sang woo

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    hi how are you i am rima laktineh from syria i love you so much , you are the perfect see you…….

  463. 463 : baby girl Says:

    i love you kwon sang woo put i lyric you i like you sooooooooo much and i liked ur songs and ur movies and ur series put i hope sad love story it make me cry in the end and my tutor friend make me smile i want to meet u dear love you (walaa)

  464. 464 : mio maya Says:

    hi my name is maya from algeria i like kwon so much i can’t even live without thinking about him he’s the only person i love any one knows his e-mail contact me this is my e-mail [email protected] sarang hae yo kwon

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    I love yooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuu Kwon sang Woo. Veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyy byutiful nays.

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    hi we love you kim sang woo we lov sad love story we are from kurdustan iraq you very beautyfull man our lovely

  467. 467 : maria del mar Says:

    soy de popayan colombia, me encantan las novelas coreanas la npvela escalera al cielo es preciosa me encanto quisiera que asas novelas las pudieran pasar en canales colombianos para ver si asi la gente de colombia deja de pensar en el mal y al menos sepan que tienen corazon y alma como todo ser humano.
    bn te felisito de todo carazon austedes los coreanos por esa personalidad de novelas sor realmente buenas bien aqui te dejo mi msm: [email protected] bye bye

  468. 468 : devi Says:

    hi kwon
    hope u r happy ..! i m one of ur manipuri fan, i m crazy with ur korean movies and dramas, i like ur smile… God bless u and ur family.

  469. 469 : tha` tha` Says:

    hello brother !

    I like U. I want to see one time.

  470. 470 : rosalie jose Says:

    hi there Kwon Sang Woo, i have a crush on you. please marry me!!!! we have the same birthday. i really admire you a lot. please send me your latest photo. you really look like my son. godbless. i love you.

  471. 471 : Phu Says:

    I still like u!
    Be healthy ur family…..

  472. 472 : aya matsuyama Says:


  473. 473 : lulu quadra Says:

    Hi Kwon:

    Since i watched your telenovela “Stairway To heaven” here in the Philippines i already begin to liked you both, i mean you and Choi, but after that drama i dont seen you and Choi together, Why?.

    Hope to see you together again.

  474. 474 : iz Says:

    happy wedding day!

  475. 475 : Tata Noble Says:

    Hello there, Kumusta! a greeting from the Phils… this is Tata Noble. I’m so happy to watch all your drama series here in the Phils… Hope you can visit us here… Hope you can post your wedding pictures, huh.. I have not seen much of your bride before.. i do watch her in marrying a millionaire… but please post some of your wedding photos, oki

  476. 476 : sheeh Says:

    i love u ksw!!!!!!1

  477. 477 : sheeh Says:

    i hope u can visit phils der r many girls dying to see u…ur one of a kind actor…best wishes to u and to ur wife.!!!!!!!

  478. 478 : hazel Says:


    .h0w i wish im the grL y0u maried.haha..neverthelerS,im stil ur fan.g0dbleSs;-)

  479. 479 : sun woo wan Says:

    i love your character as oh dae san in cinderella man…your acting is superb. wish you success.

  480. 480 : liezel Says:

    my all time favorite actor… love you soooooo much!!! hope to see you…. 🙂

  481. 481 : andrea saldaña Says:

    me gustaria conocerte eres muy guapo y por eso eres mi amor platonico sueño contigo,me encanta la serie de escaleras al cielo te deseo lo mejor del mundo soy de ecuador y este es mi correo [email protected] si algun dia ves esto recuerda que te quiero mucho y espero que me escribas.besos…………

  482. 482 : miabella Says:

    Hi Mr. Woo ( aka Cholo) i am your avid fan from the Philipines. i really like you, the way you act on screen, looks so natural. I hope to see you personally in the future

  483. 483 : Ramlan Says:

    Anyong haseyo, fisrt time watching you acting in Sad Love Story my heart bleed and I fall in love with Korean Dramas, soon after my wife become an addicted to it, we share vibes together with your acting skill and would love to visit South Korea this winter season.Your drama in Stairway to Heaven my ghosh hit so heart to my wife she woke up eyes swollen due to crying after watching the drama.May you always in good health with your families.YourSingapore Fan.

  484. 484 : chaimoon Says:


  485. 485 : Diana Says:

    Hello Kwon-Sang-Woo. I know u first time in STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, u r very handsome in there. I hve watch most of ur movies. However, ur character in movies, u act very well n i like u however. U r more more handsome with gentle-man style! If u r free, Ps reply to me! I want to be fri with u.

  486. 486 : ivy Says:

    is it ok to call u mine………..? I love you ……….. pls come and visit the Philippines and see me …………….. pls……. ill welcome u frm. the bottom of my heart……………

  487. 487 : ivy Says:

    i love u………. pls. visit the Philippines……

  488. 488 : ivyarana Says:

    i luv u……………….

  489. 489 : anna maria matias Says:


    im your no.1 fun in the philippines.You really struck my eyes unto you!!im so sad that your married but happy coz you found your soulmate.Do you have plans going to philippines someday?
    if you do pls make one of your guest….just looking at you makes my day and nite complete.I really admire you since the stairway to heaven to this new drama CRUEL LOVE!!!gosh you really make me cry!!!!i even have big eye bugs already coz when i see you almost cry…im crying to the max
    Love you kwon san woo!!!
    hope you pay attention to me…just a pic with dedication will do….

    anna from the philippines

  490. 490 : Faye Says:

    Hello my man Sang-Woo…Well, you are such a hunk and I can’t say enough about that body I first saw on Bad Love….woooooooohooooohooooo….yeah, I was beside myself when you took off that shirt and my whole party went crazy with our barbecue chicken and sodas, we just went blank for a moment and my friends started to drool all over you…anyways, thanks for letting us have our fantasy moment….You are still my number one actor and keep on having good movies…Oh and I cried so much on Stairways to Heaven I mean I had swollen eyes for days had to wear sun glasses going to work…oh well, I just wanted to congratulate you for the birth of your new son…your wife is gorgeous too tho’ she needs to put on just a little more weight to make herself perfectly proportioned….I’m glad you live and care for your mother I’m telling you, not a whole lot of people do that nowadays…you will be abundantly blessed for that….take care and give us more juicy dramas…your fan in American Samoa…..faye….we have a fairly large population of Koreans living on my island and also, I have many relatives half Koreans and that is another reason we watch so much Korean shows here…..chow……kahamsamnida….

  491. 491 : Biatch Says:


  492. 492 : nhing>>>phils Says:

    hi! you’re the other one i admired most in korean actor in terms of acting ang good looks! You’re so good in stairway and cruel love and I’m always looking forward every night to watch it…Congratulation on your newborn, goodluck and more projects to come!!!

  493. 493 : charity Says:

    hi! KSW ! love ur acting! Kip up the good works! Advance happy B-day on aug. 5. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS !

  494. 494 : charity Says:

    hello ! we’re always watching cruel love here in d phils. u hav many fans here. i’ve saw u last 2007 at mall of asia through body shop promo. looking forward to see u again. I luv also ur song Bo Go Ship da in Yuotube. ur such a very good singer. How can I avail ur movie fate? Ji Sung is also my fav. Is there English sub for that movie?

  495. 495 : Guia Says:

    Hi kws! i am one of your avid fan here in the philippines, i almost watched all of your tv series and im still waiting for your upcoming and latest tv series.. Well, one of my dreams is to see and meet you in person but since you’re a big celebrity one, i know it will never be happened., so i stick with my mind that even when you come over in the philippines, i will never meet you, but i will promise that i will support all of your tv series and movies and im still your avid fan here.

    Anyway, the last one that i’ve been watched from your tv series was the CINDERELLA MAN. By now, im just waiting for the copy of ROAD NUMBER ONE, is it your latest? or are you still have more?
    thanks for this space, more power to your career and god bless!

  496. 496 : charity Says:

    hi …………………… always take care …………

  497. 497 : sokha Says:

    Hi all korean star i would like to say ” I love all korean star especially Kwon sang woo ” .

  498. 498 : shamim Says:

    kown sang woo i love you. you are my favorite actor.
    Oppa…Happy birth day to you.

  499. 499 : parvaneh Says:

    my idol ! happy Birthday

  500. 500 : charity Says:

    hi! happy happy b-day ! May u have more blessed years to come. God bless and more power !

  501. 501 : Susan Says:

    Hi KSW….happy birthday…..May God Bless You always….and I really like your acting at your tv series Bad Love and Cinderella Man….because you’re so handsome, tall, and you’re a good man I think…..

  502. 502 : Bexmae Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo. KUDOS!!

    I SUPER DUPER LOVE your ACTING and how YOU CONSTANTLY make me CRY with your movies..

    Keep on doing great movies and tv series., For I will surely be one of your number ONE followers…

    I’m really hopeful of seeing you in person or either have the chance of watching you while your shooting for films and tv series!!

    God Bless., to your family

  503. 503 : akbar Says:

    hi i love you .love your work .and love your filling
    you are no.1

  504. 504 : dee Says:

    Really like ur act in Bad Love!! I like ur smile too, it’s so cute ^_^

  505. 505 : ines Says:

    salut kwon sang woo , votres films et votre séries sont impécables:)))))))))))))

  506. 506 : beverly Says:

    i like the way you act. . . you make me fall in love. .i like your smile. . keep it up!!!!!!! more movies and television to come. . i love you!!!!!1

  507. 507 : afrooz from iran Says:

    hi.im afrooz from iran.i saw you yesterday in “sad love story”& from yesterday im your really fan.i pray for you so much becauze i love you.
    i wish to speak with you.i want your health from god.now it that you are the best.bye

  508. 508 : charity Says:

    hello ! how r u now? as i have said before, i’ll always support u. Ur the number one actor in korea. looking forward to ur hollywood movie wid nicholas cage and cameron diaz. Good luck to u and ur family. keep up the good work. Aja! aja!

  509. 509 : charity Says:


  510. 510 : charity Says:

    hello ! how are u now? hoping that you’re always find. God bless You!

  511. 511 : afrooz Says:

    have a nice day nice boy!

  512. 512 : minozer Says:

    Oppa jaljayo^*^ btw I always love every single ur drama… Ur acting is very excellent…good job^m^

  513. 513 : charity Says:

    hi ! have a nice day

  514. 514 : jed Says:

    hello oppa….. how r u ? hope ur olways fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  515. 515 : myr Says:

    hi ! i luv u so much………………………

  516. 516 : esther Says:

    hello. nice role in bad love…. more movies & dramas to come……..

  517. 517 : malou Says:

    hello…. i love ur acting esp. bad love…. ds week will be the last airing here n d phils….. im so sad… luking forward to ur new tv series……
    luv yah….

  518. 518 : charity Says:

    looking forward to your hollywood movie. i hope ur acting will recognized in hollywood and more projects to come not only in asia but all over the world…. Keep up the good works….. always supporting u !!!

  519. 519 : mayeight Says:

    Hi …… Kwon sang Woo…. I admire you so much… In fact,
    I love you too…..

  520. 520 : mayeight Says:

    HI………..Kwon Sang Woo……. I admire you so much… In fact I love you too………

  521. 521 : jen Says:

    always smile coz you look very handsome when you smile that’s why i like you so much

  522. 522 : arezou Says:

    i love ur acting in sad love song!

  523. 523 : KimchiLee Says:

    Hi KSW

    You are a very good actor but you have been choosing the wrong scripts every time.. bad pairing with heroines too… especially in Bad Love and Cinderella Man. Although the storylines are quite good, the bad pairing really spoiled the series.. especially in Cinderella Man.. Yoon Na is just too young for you.

    Your best suited heroines:
    Lee Bo Yong
    Han Hye Yin
    Kim Hyun Joo
    Lee Da Hee

    Top the list to suit you would be Lee Bo Yong.. I thought both of you were so well matched in the movie – A story sadder than sadness..

    Please.. if you choose good actress and good script.. maybe you will have more fans visiting your websites then.. oops sorry..not you to choose.. i hope all the directors will take note when casting you in a drama next time.. GOOD SCRIPT WITH A MATCHING HEROINE for you..

    Good Luck!

  524. 524 : arezou Says:

    good actor!

  525. 525 : arezou Says:

    salam,kimchilee,nice to meet u here,too!

  526. 526 : charity Says:

    congratulatons!!!!! I like ur ” new you” in cinderella man. Your such a versatlle actor. You can act n drama . acton . as well as n comedy. loong forward to your hollywood movee.

  527. 527 : KimchiLee Says:

    hi Arezou!

    its bec you are in this site i made some comments on KSW.. i see you also like KSW.. I love his acting.. you shld look out of some of his nice movies:

    1. My Tutor Friend
    2. Love So Divine
    3. Sadder than Sadness

    all above are his nicest movies.. The first 2 are comedies.. he can really act! I also love him in Sad Love Story..

  528. 528 : emna Says:

    hi ksw how are you ? well i love you so much and hayein too

  529. 529 : arezou Says:

    hi kimchilee!
    i love sad love song as the best korean drama!
    & i love KSW acting,he is really a very good & talented actor!
    his cry,make me cry!very nice actor!

  530. 530 : arezou Says:


  531. 531 : arezou Says:


  532. 532 : kkk Says:


  533. 533 : kkk Says:

    i love u

  534. 534 : arezou Says:

    the best!!!!!

  535. 535 : charity Says:

    hello ! love ur acting in cinderella man. hope to watch road number one. but we have no copy yet here in the phils.

  536. 536 : ruby ann Says:


    You are the BEST! You are good in drama and comedy. You are a very good actor. I wish you can visit Philippines again. Your acting in Bad Love or Cruel love is very very good it really touches the heart. God bless you always!

  537. 537 : melanie Says:

    i saw you in Bad Love and i have a crush in you ever since that time then i dont even know your name then after 2 years i search your name in the internet then i watched the Cinderella man, i dont like your partner in this drama i hope you will have a better and prettier partner when you do teleseries and movies, esp. you can act any role and you are sooo cute and very goodlooking guy!!!!a very good actor!Good luck and hope you do more tv series and movies esp. in Hollywood!!! you are very qualified!

  538. 538 : bayan Says:

    hi. you are grate,cute and handsome. i love you very much. you are my number one. god bless you.

  539. 539 : Ms Laydia Says:

    You are very handsome and lovely.

  540. 540 : Ms Laydia Says:

    Hi…………………………..KSW laydia love your acting

  541. 541 : melanie Says:

    i wish you give me some pictures of you! I just dont know where to get or buy them….everyday i watch all your tv series or movies…Can you kindly send me one of your pictures? but how? Help!!!!! I love You!!!!KSW

  542. 542 : arezou Says:

    hi KSW!
    i love ur acting in sad love story more than bad love.

  543. 543 : arezou Says:

    anyway u r a very handsome & talented actor !
    but i think i love sad love story because its storyline is very very very beautiful & sad!

  544. 544 : arezou Says:

    & also i dont like lee yo woon as in jung in bad love!
    i dont like her character & her acting & she isnt beautiful in my eyes!

  545. 545 : charity Says:

    hi ! whats up now ? how are you. Im sad that somebody got the holliwood the green hornet movie I thought it was for you. by the way i know that more good movies will come in your way. Ur such an excellent
    actor. keep up the good works.

  546. 546 : arezou Says:

    hi kimchilee!
    in sad love song,i love episodes 14,15&20 very much!

  547. 547 : arezou Says:

    i like watch a love scene between jun-young & hae-in when jun young died in the last episode!
    its too sad,he died lonely!!!!!!!!!!

  548. 548 : arezou Says:

    & in a story sadder than sadness,i prefer to make this story as a drama not a movie!because we had to watch this movie same a fast forward drama!& i like watch K,s die at last.

  549. 549 : diana2209 Says:

    Hi there oppa …
    my name is diana and i’m from malaysia. I just wanna say a few words to u:

    Congrats on the birth of little luke (i’m sure he’ll be a wonderful person as his papa)

    Thank you for being a wonderful actor…i read that some said cruel love(bad love) was a bit failure but i really love the drama. Excellent acting oppa. and that what brilliant actors do. you touches heart, your acting moved me…thank you and continue making good drama/movie… i love it when i see u doing different characters in drama/film…it shows how versatile you are

    Oppa, continue being you…i admit that all i know about you is from what i read n see on the internet, however, i’m sure under all that toned and beautiful muscles, u have a gentle n loving heart. Your mom must be a wonderful woman to have raised a good son :-). Stay the same…

    Last but not least, whenever you feel down or tired, remember, you will always have your fans that will support and pray for you (i’m one of them). It was kind of sad that you got married (LOL), because you are not available anymore. However, you have found the love of of your life so, we the fans should support you all the way. May you n your family be bless always. Take care oppa n be happy.

  550. 550 : arezou Says:

    good luck dear KWON SANG WOO!

  551. 551 : arezou Says:

    hi again dear KSW in this new day!!!!

  552. 552 : arezou Says:

    & in this new page!

  553. 553 : kate Says:

    Saranghee!!! KSW ur son so cute as u…

  554. 554 : arezou Says:

    hi KSW & dear friends!

  555. 555 : Sony Says:

    agree with JPH.
    IM Yoon Ah is too young for this lead actress with Kwon Sang Woo.
    KSW acts naturally as usual.

    I didn’t finish the drama yet.
    But it’s fun to watch.
    I appreciate the storyline.

    Fighting Cinderella Man!

  556. 556 : Sony Says:

    Your acting is so natural and really amazing.
    I’m a FAN of Yours.

    Keep Fighting Brother!

  557. 557 : Sony Says:

    Your drama Bad Love, now it’s living in Cambodia.
    Most of my friends love you.
    Especially men here love your acting since The Stair Way to Heaven.

  558. 558 : arezou Says:

    i hope i can watch cinderella man!!!
    but i dont have time,now! 🙁

  559. 559 : melanie Says:

    How i wish you could send me your picture…I really love it…pls……..143….

  560. 560 : arezou Says:


  561. 561 : arezou Says:


  562. 562 : Ei Ma {Myan mar } Says:

    hello I am Ei Ma.I love you. Come to visit Myanmar .

  563. 563 : arezou Says:

    i love u in sad love song as SUH JOON-YOUNG!

  564. 564 : charity Says:

    hello ksw! belated 1st wedding aniv. to you and son tae young. May God bless you always. More movies to come.

  565. 565 : miss hawa Says:

    hi.i’mfrom malaysia.
    i really like e sytle.
    especially in cinderella man as oh dae san..
    dae bak in ur life..
    dae bak!!!!

  566. 566 : charity Says:


  567. 567 : charity Says:

    Hello, KSW, just wanna greet u again. God bless ur ” Tea Us ” coffee shop. More Blessings !

  568. 568 : charity Says:

    Nice acting in cinderella man ! more movies to come! Your such an excellent actor. You can portray any roles. A versatile one. Keep it up !

  569. 569 : sousou Says:

    I wish I found in the real life someone like u, a friend and a lover, god bless u, ur too good

  570. 570 : Pam from Phils Says:

    your so handsome, i really like your acting, very great actor

  571. 571 : teacher elana Says:

    im so impressed the way you act so natural.The first time that i patronized your Tv series until morning.That makes my life so tired but i Dont care. FIGHTING!

  572. 572 : nina Says:

    i watched cinderella man is very good and all ur movies or tv series if u a the actor then i will choose cuz i know and i believe u that ..you a great actor but in cinderella man both of u are good but just not good and not match as Bad love
    I like Bad Love more and i feel move of the movie and how great u a and much more feeling …
    You always good…
    I enjoy all ur moviessss
    thanks so much

  573. 573 : charity Says:


  574. 574 : MARZIE Says:


  575. 575 : الدلوعه Says:

    ilove him so much andiwant watch alotof working

  576. 576 : Ita Eryani Says:

    I like your acting in “Stairyway To Heaven”. You look very handsome. Saranghae….from Indonesia.

  577. 577 : fina Says:

    hi kwon sang woo m fina i live in cambodia i like u in dramma staiway to heaven how about ur wife?

  578. 578 : ARMAN Says:

    Hi Kwon, Im a iranian boy, my name is arman 19 year old.
    can i friend with you?! this is my wish that i friend with you.
    plzz reply my pm.
    Kwon i love you so much. you are realy beautiful man.
    i hope you reply my message.


  579. 579 : ARMAN Says:

    Hi Kwon, Im a iranian boy, my name is arman and 19 year old.
    can i friend with you?! this is my wish that i friend with you.
    plzz reply my pm.
    Kwon i love you so much. you are realy beautiful man.
    i hope you reply my message.
    this is my heart wish kwon.


  580. 580 : sara Says:

    HI sang woo, i realy love you so soOoOoO MUCH , i don’t know what to say except that i tried hard to reach you after long looong time & finally i got you,,,, sang wooooo sarangheeeeeeeeeeee very much

  581. 581 : bouchra Says:

    hi kwon waw
    i love u and i loved sad love story cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool i from morocco

  582. 582 : charity Says:

    Hi again KSW Congrats to your new business cologne – perfume. more power also to your coffee – tea business. Your such a succesful man. You deserve all the blessings because you are also a religious man. You’re active as a roman catholic member.

  583. 583 : farah Says:

    hi kwon i like u so much u r so sexy and so handsome:D i m from lebanon and i watch ur series especialy STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN it s a nice and wwaaaaaaaaaaw series mwaaaaaaaaaa

  584. 584 : Mazy Says:

    I love him alot.Kwon sangwoo is my favorite actor.I can,t belive he get married.I love (Stairway To Heaven alot).(saranghe Kwon Sangwoo)

  585. 585 : Mahnaz Says:

    Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kwon sangwoo. I,m Mahnaz I,m from Iran Irealllllly,realllly……………love you. And Ican,t belive you get married when I know that I was sad. ireally like (Stairway To Heaven).Please answer my e-mails.

  586. 586 : Nguyen Says:

    hey 🙂
    i think your very talented and i love all your movie! i have all of it!
    your wife is very pretty 🙂
    and i i hope you keep on making great film for us.
    i don’t really watch asain movie until i watch one of your film (stair case to heaven) then i love it your so awesome 😉 im not Korean tho haahaaa

  587. 587 : j.sls Says:

    pooooor guys and girls

  588. 588 : charity Says:

    hi KSW. hw r u 2day! hope ur always fine.

  589. 589 : arezou Says:

    hi dear! 😉

  590. 590 : mamoula Says:

    salut kwon song woo enfin j’ai réussi a vous voir dans kbs et arirang vous étes mon acteur préferer vous étes le meilleur je vous aime je suis une algerienne je réve de faire un film avec vous j’aime toutes vous dramas surtout peut étre un jour je vais réussir a vous parlé directement . PRENEZ SOINT DE VOUS ET J4ATEND TON NOUVEAU FILM AVEC PASSIANCE .au revoir

  591. 591 : Berenice Says:

    Hi, Mi name is Berenice and im mexican who lives in u.s.a and i love how yuh act in your tvnobela. I want to know if you could give me some advice. Since i was 7 years old my mission was to be actress or a singer. I enijoy music alot but some reason after another im still notihing what i what i be. Is really hard being here in america. I miss my country but i cant go back Embarassed . I wanted to find a country who can give me opportunity and who can open doors for me and give help me to get to where i wanted to be since i was 7. Even though i dont speak well engislh . I guess im not the only one to learn a new language. Sometimes i feel alone and lost of what i want. I dont know where eles to go and look. I think of my family and thats reason im still here in this country hoping somthing good will show up but it’s seems impossable to see that day to come. But i feel sometimes is over and thiers nothing eles for me out there becuase i dont do what i really love and as time past away i feel my life is ending slowly. But i have faith and illsuion that doors with opportunitys going to open for me. But where to go? who to ask? I feel sooo lostt sometimes. The only thing keeping me going is my family. Please Help me Kwon sang woo. I also know that you where going to put up a acting school for people and i think you still acting as a carcer. I would love to go vist korean and learn to be come be a actress. Please send me some advice I be okay if you could at least email me. Im fine with that only nothing eles but some advice from you….It will really help, I would love if thiers any chance if you can help me but if that’s to much is okay, jUSt advice from you be the best thing ever of what i should do. ….. My email is Zitla[email protected]

    Take care kwon sang woo . Hope that many good things come in the way in your life . You and your family too.

    Sinearly with respact that i love your work, Berenice
    P.S In case you wondering how i found about you, is from that telenobela called stairway to heaven in chenal passions . I see it till the monring but now thats ending is sad . But is in spanish thats how i know about it. even though I really love your work and enjoy it. also hope you have more changes to keep on acting on movies…..Your friend and admire Smile Smile

  592. 592 : areej Says:


  593. 593 : Super Junior fans...! :D Says:

    hye …. 😀
    i just wanna says that you are great when you are acting you are crying …
    so i just wanna you to keep it up …
    my mom also like you acting ….
    hehehe …
    ngee~ 😀

  594. 594 : fatin Says:

    i like ur face
    when u at movie
    my totur frend…
    u such a handsome guy

  595. 595 : farnaz Says:

    Dear Sang Woo
    u are best of the best.

    big big kisssss & good luck

  596. 596 : shakila Says:


  597. 597 : farnaz Says:

    Dear KSW

    happy new year & best best wishes

    a deep kiss for new year!!

  598. 598 : muthi Says:

    KyOm sang WO.U’R ACTING IS VERY GREAT!aku suka itu.by the way SELAMAT tahunBARU ISLAM 1muharram 1431H.MOGA TAHUN BESOK MENJADI ORANG YANG LEBIH BAIK LAGI!arachi? he…….h…….. ur to you mo ngerti opo ora with my words.ho….ho…

  599. 599 : charity Says:

    Hi ! KSW , happy New Year ! My wish are more movies, telenovelas , businesses to open and projects to come in your life …… Blessings for your wife and son and soon to be kids…… God bless !

  600. 600 : Narcissus Says:

    look at here, how many iranian are here…I thought I’m the only one from Iran who look up for KOrea.
    Nice to see attention of homeland friends.
    Uh, forgot to say,thanks 4 appealing role u play. wish u happy & healthy life beside yr family.

  601. 601 : humaira Says:

    would you come to visit malaysia always???

  602. 602 : michelle felizarte Says:

    hi !Ur are very popular here in our country MANILA why don’t u come here and visit Ur fans……….. and ms.lhet will be happy if u came here she like you a lot……….. me too a little……….

  603. 603 : kherene Says:

    honestly just wanna say your too good to be true,,

    but your the most handsome actor for me!

    hope you could visit phil..

    stay good!

  604. 604 : radit Says:

    your face shows everything,,, both happyness and sadnesss,,, i like all your dramas and movies,,, just wait for your hollywood movies,,, i really hope to see you in hollywood,,, you’re the best…

  605. 605 : emi Says:

    if the title is sad…it is really sad…..grabe…i like your movies and tv series…

  606. 606 : Natasha Says:

    Kwong Sang Woo, huge fan of yours. Hope to see more Kdramas series from you soon! Good Luck and all the Best!!! 🙂

  607. 607 : Natasha Says:

    Say, when did the Kdrama Road Number One aired over in Korea? I had not seen the drama sypnosis. Anyone who has an idea on this?

  608. 608 : Vahn Says:

    I love to see all your drama. your actings is the best.. keep going. I want to see your next drama

  609. 609 : reen Says:

    Hi! kwon sang woo,, you’re good actor, wish u best of luck!!

  610. 610 : Natasha Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo, you looked so debonair in the drama Stairway to Heaven. Love your acting. 🙂

  611. 611 : aris Says:

    when i watching stairway to heaven i just very sad and cry alot………you are so good in acting..and you have a baby face to..sarange sang woo oppa…………….

  612. 612 : Norme Says:


    Luv ‘Stairway To Heaven’ you really are good…Hope your new project will be as challenging as STH….Keep fighting…Oppa…

  613. 613 : grace chong Says:

    angyeong heseyo, wish you will have a new drama soon. saranghe…

  614. 614 : melanie Says:

    My gosh! i can’t believe how you lost a lot of weight! what happened? I saw you in the news and i wonder why.it’s much, much much better before you got married.I know that you have the best thing happened when you have your son, i congratulate you but the way you are now i don’t think marrying is the right thing you made plus there is much much much better than her…..you deserve better a good and someone you could be proud of….well that’s how life is sometimes…..huh!

  615. 615 : eko triani Says:

    kwon sang woo…………… the six pack man..

    his acting at bad love drama is so cool!!
    he is a handsome man, even he has been marriage, l still love him..!!
    succes for kwon sang woo

  616. 616 : eko triani Says:

    you are so famous in indonesia, there are so many your fans here !!
    even l don’t understanf about korea language when l watch your bad love drama but l love it,

  617. 617 : Parisa Says:

    I really love you Kwon Sang woo and I always admire your great acting , your so charming face and type, your smiles and tears are really nice and unique , your acting in Stairway to Heaven impress us so higly and we nver forget its greatness , then you were so great inSad Love Story , My Tutor Friend , More than blue and others
    I deeply hope your lasting happy common life and also wish a very great place also in Hollywood for you as you really deserve it with your tons of talents and beauty ,…. you are my number one

  618. 618 : SiSSie Says:


  619. 619 : oyunbileg Says:

    wish u all the best and great success for u and your family…

  620. 620 : sunita Says:

    sarang hae kwon i m da crazy fans of urs, since when i saw u, 4rm dat time i can’t live without seeing u. u r da world handsome guy no one iz like u.i luv to see ur drama n movie,n i like ur acting especially, when u r crying u look sooooo cute i wanna hug u n i luv u whole of my lyf i can’t forget u even i die n wishing u frm my heart, always get success in ur whole lyf.

  621. 621 : sheida Says:

    I like your series”Bad love”Ithink it is one of the best drama because of your acting…you have the real act…I wish see you one tome…I want best wishes for you&family specially for your cute baby”luke”

  622. 622 : yaongamphi vashum Says:

    Hello Kwon sang woo…

    Iam ayao vashum from India, a heart dying chronic fans of yours.I was fascinated by your good performance and acting skill in stair way to heaven.. i really love you. I looking forward to watch many more intersting movies of yours specially “Dae Mul”. You have a lot of fans in India… awaiting to see u in our country. Wish u the world best.God bless.

    with lots of Love Ayao

  623. 623 : yaongamphi vashum Says:

    Hello Kwon sang woo…


  624. 624 : mehrak Says:

    kwon sang woo , hi
    I love your series ( STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN ). I really hope to see more kdramas series from you soon, you are much better than ( SONG IL GOOK ) , please interview me your personal website.
    hope you could visit IRAN. -GOOD LUCK !

  625. 625 : jo Says:

    hi kwon sang woo – I’m from NZ and have been hooked on all your drams in the last 2 weeks! I have fallen in your love with your acting skills and every character you bring to the table! You are a highly skilled and amazing and gifted actor! I first saw you in Stairway to Heaven, Sad Love Song and now Bad/Cruel Love! I don’t understand Korean language so need to find your DVDs with english subs! Luckily a lawyer in my team is korean and is helping me locate some of your dramas! Well done..you are now my favourite actor of all time! You definitely should move on to hollywood! take care

  626. 626 : maika Says:

    teaser of KSW’s upcoming new film ‘Into The Gunfire’ is up!
    check this out…


  627. 627 : mety nurfatekhah Says:

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  628. 628 : OB Says:

    Hello dear, still i m with u and go ahead, waiting for your new product on TV screen…. OB

  629. 629 : mel Says:

    i like your picture…. so cool..

  630. 630 : kimchilee Says:

    Its very difficult to obtain your series, Sad Love Story with english subtitles.. please tell me where i can obtain good quality dvd of this with good english subtitles? no matter what the price… i love this story but very sad at the ending.. if only…

  631. 631 : charlote Says:

    hello…i really admire you when i saw you in your drama stairway to heaven its really a fantastic story but a tragic ending…still we love watching you,..hope you could visit us again here in the phils.

  632. 632 : techie Says:

    hi sang woo happy birthday may you have more blessings, good health and more candles to blow “saranghae” mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  633. 633 : :-) Says:

    Happy Birthday Kwon Sang Woo You Are Still Young And Very Handsome Congrats On Getting Married And I Wish You And Your LovelyWife The Best And Your Adorable Son 🙂

  634. 634 : grace Says:

    Hi, sang woo,
    Happy Birthday to you!!! i love your drama so much..

  635. 635 : shima Says:

    happy birth day to you oppa

  636. 636 : LuluAini Says:


  637. 637 : سریال زیبی bad love Says:

    […] fallen in love with each other. Will In Jung go back to her first love or stay with Yong Ki? Cast Kwon Sang Woo as Kang Yong KiLee Yo Won as Na In JungKim Sung Soo as Lee Soo HwanKim Ga Yun as Kang Joo Ran (Soo […]

  638. 638 : jesh Says:

    yay! KSW’s new drama ‘Daemul’ has begun filming….

    here are his first looks for the drama…


  639. 639 : kimchilee Says:

    i dont like him pairing with Hyun Jung.. another mismatch pairing for KSW..she looks a bit old for him ..!! he always get leading actress who is either too young or too old for him!! when is he ever going to get a perfect match? Who is that long hair lady in orange dress in the picture? She looks better match with KSW.. sigh.. and his hairstyle.. so flat.. I like his hairstyle in SLS better..
    I can think of so many actresses who can better pair with him .. i cannot remember their names but they are lead actresses in the following drama series:
    1) a story sadder than sadness
    2) my tutor friend
    3) lee da hae
    4) marrying a millionaire
    5) full house actress
    6) Han Ye Seul (couple trouble and Will it Snow for Christmas)
    7) Will it Snow for Christmas (the 2nd lead actress named Woojung)
    8) Jumong (hye jin as soesono)
    9) shining inheritence (currently acting in Dong Yi)
    so many more nicer ones..
    Hope the directors will choose well for KSW next time.

  640. 640 : mugiwara-ayu Says:

    I Love U, Kwon

  641. 641 : pooja Says:

    hi , my name is pooja, i m from india, when i watching ur drama and i love this ur very good and handsome actor i love ur acting. plz reply me .
    good night

  642. 642 : grace Says:

    i was very excited to waiting your new drama Dae Mul….i love all your drama….you’re the best actor!!!

  643. 643 : Icetea Says:

    Haiii… Kwon…
    Dari pertama melihatmu di Tv,ak langsung ngefans berat ma kamu,actingmu baguz terutama didrama Bad Love…
    Kapan maen ke Indonesia…? Aku menunggu …

  644. 644 : flourish Says:

    thinkin back to ur movies iv watched, i realized ‘UR THE BEST’

  645. 645 : ashley Says:

    Hi can i call you cholo ur movie in stairway, i love ur movie . I hope someday will meet u in my dream. Im ur big fan here in philippines, all ur movie i watched always i like ur acting. ur always shout …… Ok, I wish u good health & ur family, more movies to comes im ur leading lady someday… joke.. he he he…. thx!

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    […] Hyun Jung as Seo Hye Rim Kwon Sang Woo as Ha Do Ya Cha In Pyo as Jang Tae San Lee Soo Kyung as Jang Se Jin Lee Soon Jae Park Geun Hyung Im […]

  647. 647 : grace Says:


    i must watch Da mul because of you-Kwan Sang Woo. I really love all your drama…you’re number 1….you’re the best actor..sarang-he.

  648. 648 : grace Says:

    you’re the best actor forever…i love all your drama…you did improve your acting again in Dae mul…..

  649. 649 : kimchilee Says:

    oh migosh!! fans of KSW .. we better write something about him daily as he is slowly dropping below the most commented list.. let’s still keep him in this website.. so worried he will be out of the list..

    let’s put our comments everyday if we can..

  650. 650 : sweetie gen Says:

    i can’t wait to see your latest drama, Dae Mul…..i really love your acting….your eyes,your smile,your lips and everything about you…

    good luck and more blessings to come…

  651. 651 : Siti Saadah Talla Says:

    I do like his acting,esspecially in drama Stairway To Heaven.one word that I can say to him is amazing.

  652. 652 : kimchilee Says:

    I also love him in Sad Love Story..

  653. 653 : grace Says:


    i almost watched all your drama….i keep on to repeat watching…you’re the best actor….will support you forever..!! aza…..aza…filghting!!

  654. 654 : kimchilee Says:

    oh no… KSW is last on most commented list now.. please fans.. do not let KSW name fade away from the most commented list here..

  655. 655 : radit Says:

    i love the way he cry…he looks so honest when he’s crying

  656. 656 : ng del Says:

    i think he’s one the most talented and gorgeous Korean actors out there! I hope he makes more movies and tv series, esp drama!

  657. 657 : kimchilee Says:

    KSW fans… pls dont let him fade from this most commented website.. he is now last on the list.. noooooo…!!

  658. 658 : goia Says:

    you are sooo good! good looking and such a good actor. keep it up! God Bless you always. 888

  659. 659 : RAHA Says:

    hi , my name is RAH, i m from IRAN, when i watching ur drama and i love this ur very good and handsome actor i love ur acting. plz reply me .
    good night

  660. 660 : RAHA Says:

    hi , my name is RAH, i m from IRAN, when i watching ur drama and i love this ur very good and handsome actor i love ur acting. plz reply me .
    good evening

  661. 661 : RAHA Says:

    I was one of your fans from iran. I was thrill with all your drama and movie. I have seen you in many of your drama and movie like Stairway To Heaven, Sad Love Story, bad love ,My Tutor Friend, Love So Divine, Running Wild. I’m still searching for your drama and movie that I have missed, I’m very honoured to be one of your fans. All the best and good luck!!
    pls reply

  662. 662 : lyn Says:

    I admire your acting skill. You are a versatile actor and great in performing every character that you portray. Hope to see more of your drama series.

  663. 663 : KDrama : Dae Mul « Asianfansclub Says:

    […] Hyun Jung as Seo Hye Rim Kwon Sang Woo as Ha Do Ya Cha In Pyo as Kang Tae San Lee Soo Kyung as Jang Se Jin Park Geun Hyung as Lee Bae Ho […]

  664. 664 : carla jensenem Says:

    i like your acting..especially when you are crying..playing the piano…in my country indonesia stairway to heaven finished on november 4th 2010..the best drama

  665. 665 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi KSW.. you have the least comments in the most commented list here.. I want your name to still be among these.. so I hope to give my comments everyday if i get the chance just to keep you among the list here..

    I will watch Dae Mul when i have time.. I hear good views about the show. Keep It Up..!!

  666. 666 : kimchilee Says:

    hi KSW! I love you best in STH and SLS. You look the best! for your movies, i love you in My Tutor Friend and Love So Divine!

  667. 667 : kimchilee Says:

    hi KSW

    When will be your new drama?

  668. 668 : messi Says:

    I think u r good actor. like u in in drama bad love.

  669. 669 : Mama Wayang Says:

    Hey, sang woo, took a week’s leave to try n watch all the dramas n movies u were in. Must say you hv been giving me sleepless nights! But it’s worth looking like a panda for you! You are the most enchanting actor around. Keep up the good work n keep the faith! God bless!

  670. 670 : Ada Tay Says:

    I must say your ‘crying’ scenes in ‘Cruel Love’ were really heartfelt! Kudos to you!

  671. 671 : tintin Says:

    i love u so much u r really good actor ever

  672. 672 : marlar Says:

    i like your action very much kwon, i can’t say how i like you, but only one i can say, i like you so much kwon,

  673. 673 : full moon Says:

    You are sooo good! Soooooooo good looking and such a good actor. keep it up! God Bless you always. I must say your ‘crying’ scenes in ‘Cruel Love’ were so honest i like your action very much kwon, i can’t say how i like you, but only one i can say, i like you so much kwon, , You looks so honest when yu are crying i like you so much kwon

  674. 674 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  675. 675 : Natasha Says:

    ow! he was so hot in bad love
    Wishing you all the best and hope you be awarded for your acting efforts. 🙂
    Simply love the dancing moves in Dae Mul. Our Asian, Fred Astaire 🙂
    You have my vote for most popular drama for Dae Mul 🙂 Fighting!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! 🙂
    Hope to see more of your acting after Dae Mul 🙂
    Great acting as always 🙂 Love how you can portray both the mischevious and yet loving nature….fighting!

  676. 676 : Laura Says:

    ow! he was so hot in bad love

  677. 677 : noga Says:

    likeeeeeeeeeee u

  678. 678 : noga Says:

    luvvvvvvvvvvv uuuuuuuu

  679. 679 : Sandra Says:

    like your work in Cinderella Man…. wish u & ur family a Merry Christmas and Happy New year……. Glad 2 know ur Catholic

  680. 680 : wennielyn Says:

    u r such an excellent drama actor, i really like how u act:-) …. looking forward to your new tv drama and movie of the coming year. God bless u and your family. Merry Christmas and a happy new year 🙂

  681. 681 : W Says:

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2011.

  682. 682 : sari Says:

    i love u.can i be your second wife???? just in my imagine. i hope u have happy family.merry christmast en happy new year 2011.sarange

  683. 683 : noor Says:

    u r such an excellent drama actor, i really like how u act:-) …. looking forward to your new tv drama , i love you in sad love story & stairway to heaven , in bad love i dont’t like actress and in cinderella man i don’t like comedie drama because it was comedie and romance drama but me i prefer you in romance drama more and also i don’t like your hear in cinderella man i like it in sad love story very very very well and in stairway to heaven and i hope that you make a film with choi ji woo you are really the best couple . God bless u and your family. Merry Christmas and a happy new year

  684. 684 : Dinah Says:

    You’re awesome in Cruel Love and Daemul. I missed the 1st episode of Cruel Love. You’re so handsome with a great body (mozzang). Wish you all the best in life, God bless you always in your career, and lastly have a blessed years ahead with your family and loved ones.

  685. 685 : Dinah Says:

    Hi Mr. Kwon,

    I read your resume and I ammmmmmm so impressed. Your brilliant, good looking and promising actor. My co workers in office are soap opera addicts of Korean drama. They introduced me to this and I’m now addicted.. Imagine, I changed my work schedule and start early so I can watch Cruel love everyday. I wish there’s a sequel to this kind of romantic drama.

    Hope to see you more of you in the future. Keep up the good work! I.m praying you’ll get more awards for your portrayal as Ha Doya.

    Please use your God given talent to inspire viewers by making more quality drama and movies.

    Take care!

  686. 686 : Natasha Says:

    Happy New Year! Hope to see more of your drama in 2011.

  687. 687 : Natasha Says:

    To all the fans of Kwon Sang Woo, Happy New Year!

  688. 688 : Natasha Says:

    Hope you get nominated for Best Actor. Good Luck! Fighting.

  689. 689 : Jennifer Says:

    Happy New Year! Great acting in Dae Mul.

  690. 690 : Jennifer Says:

    Thanks Natasha. Happy New Year to you too.

  691. 691 : mishantoot Says:

    kwon sang woo and ko hyun jung are excellent..love the way they act!!especially him..

  692. 692 : Pegah Says:

    Happy new year kwon sang woo. With best wishes.

  693. 693 : sola Says:

    happy new yaer
    i hope the next year will bring you more success and happiness

  694. 694 : mary Says:

    hayyyyyy de verdad eres tam bello desde que te eres un amor ademas me encata tu vos aparte quew eres un buen actor obio peor estas casado eso no importa jajajaj si gue asi tengo todas tus doramas soy tu fanssss un condiciinal sigue asi sarangueeoo

  695. 695 : Natasha Says:

    Congratulations Kwon Sang Woo for winning the SBS Top Ten Stars Award for your acting in Dae Mul

  696. 696 : Natasha Says:

    Congratulations for winning 2010 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actor – Drama Special (Dae Mul)! Hope to see more great drama acting from you soon!

  697. 697 : Eddy Says:

    Happy New Year! First time reading this and I am impress. Congratulations on your winning. Will definitely view Dae Mul.

  698. 698 : Beauty Says:

    I like his acting in Cruel Love. He looked so handsome and cute. I watched Dae Mul but i still prefer his acting in Cruel love. Hope to watch more of his coming love dramas with Lee Yo Won

  699. 699 : kimchilee Says:

    wow! you won an award! Happy for you! Happy New Year!! Looking forward to more of your drama with better actresses that suits you better!

  700. 700 : tanti Says:

    All of your Performance is awesome!!! Keep a good work.

  701. 701 : radit Says:

    can’t wait for the ‘Pain’ to release…

  702. 702 : tanti Says:

    Your Performance is awesome…………..
    I like all your performance in all your drama and movie….., I love the way you sing and dance, especially in “Love So Divine”. God Luck !!!

  703. 703 : edna Says:

    i enjoy your acting very much!! cant wait to c u play in an international movie!! keep it up 🙂

  704. 704 : Barb Says:

    I have enjoyed your acting very much! Blessings on you and yours!

  705. 705 : Julia Says:

    I love the way you act…you make me laugh and cry too.. i watched all your dramas and movies…and i love it all..keep up the good work. I hope you have more movies to come….coz i really enjoy it.

  706. 706 : Hani Says:

    Congratulations! Your performance in Daemul is superb. I can’t wait on your next drama. Wish there’s another one like Cruel Love Part II and DAEMUL Part II.

    Happy New Year! Wish you and your family GOOD HEALTH, LONG LIFE, HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY this Year of the Metal Rabbit!.

    Advance Happy birthday to your handsome son (wish he looks like you).

  707. 707 : charity Says:

    hi KSW ! how are u… missing your acting… why is it you have no movies and dramas dis 2011 ? cant wait….

  708. 708 : mjjn Says:

    gud luck 4 eva

  709. 709 : blue Says:

    Love his acting always..and cant wait for his upcoming project…
    KSW’s new movie:

  710. 710 : charity Says:

    Hi KSW… hope your always fine…. miss u gain and again on screen.. hoping for a much bigger project for you… God bless you always….

  711. 711 : tintinnwe Says:

    i likeu’are action,so i cheers u

  712. 712 : jenna12583 Says:

    Your acting performance in Stairway to heaven made me one of your fan here in the Philippines. It’s very great actually. You made me cry so hard.
    Two thumbs up!!!!!

    Hope that you’ll have good health always, and right projects also…

    Keep up the good work!!

  713. 713 : Indri Says:

    I love the way you cry….

  714. 714 : Moekneecka Says:

    Love most of the movies this guy comes out in. Love that this page references other work he’s done. Am going through the list systematically. Personally prefer movies over dramas though due to time committment.

  715. 715 : rkwon Says:

    I really love Kwon Sang Woo!!! He’s a very good actor!!! Keep up the good work!!!

    To all Kwon Sang Woo’s fans all over the world, Please continue supporting all of his upcoming projects!!! Thank you very much!!! God Bless!!!

  716. 716 : jennifer Says:

    i watched him on Stairway to Heaven and was impressed with his acting. there were scenes that he didn’t have dialogue but the viewers can feel the pain just by looking in his eyes. now, after watching the cinderellaman, i’m so head over heels fallen in love with him. he is a great actor. his role in Stairway to Heaven was so serious(dramatic) and on cinderellaman, we saw the other side of him(or his acting). i never thought he could be this funny.. and he’s so sexy and cute! =)

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  718. 718 : juwan Says:

    hello I like your acting so much.You are so sensitive and cute.I wish you the succee ,handome.

  719. 719 : Rukshar Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo you are remarkable. Have’t seen your other dramas but I did watch sad love story and your acting was brathtaking. like the way you smile and yes my favorate parts were when u and Hey-in were together.
    All the best………………

  720. 720 : tita vergara Says:

    … i missed the your tandem with ms. choi ji woo, your’re such a lovable person with intense charisma, God Bless!!!

  721. 721 : ورده Says:

    ksw انته جدا رائع وانا احبك كثيرا وانته السبب في حبي لكوريا اتمنى التوفيق وانا دائم في انتضار اعملك احبك

  722. 722 : chona Says:

    i really like your acting ,you make me laugh and cry .. can’t wait for your next project …luve yuh!

  723. 723 : Ayir Says:


  724. 724 : Tarang CJ Says:

    Kwon,u ROCK literally.Wish u make ur international debut soon.

  725. 725 : OPO Says:

    U are a lethal combo of good looks & talent.Hope u keep entertaining us & kp touching many lives .

  726. 726 : nofasir Says:

    awesome…very like your acting and smile.

  727. 727 : Jessica Says:

    Kwon sang woo….i am waiting ur upcoming drama and movie….
    kwon sang woo is my number actor in the world….
    best actor…
    highting!!!!! saranghae!!!

  728. 728 : Connie Says:

    Hi there, your acting is very natural and I love your acting very much. Keep up the good work.

  729. 729 : sepideh Says:

    hi sang woo.you are so handsem and my mother loves you soooooooooooooooooooooo much

  730. 730 : Tahmineh Says:

    KSW is very professional and multypotential actor that i have seen. he is very match with any roles which played but i think in stairway to heaven was very bright and lovely and in deamul was very funny, lovely and thoughtful. all of his castings are always excellent and unique. I like him so much and wait for other his drama.

  731. 731 : Айгул Says:

    когда я впервые увидела этого молодого человека в серале “Bad Love”!!! я в него влюбилась как скажем миллионы девушек мечтающие о таком парне… Вы играли свою роль, вы играете и другие роли… но могу сказать что после просмотра хочу именно такого человека в образе Ен КИ, которые мы увидели в вас.. Спасибо вам… Я очень завидую вашей жене…

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  733. 733 : rose Says:

    Happy birthday! waiting for ur upcoming drama.. i really like ur character in bad love, i love ur smile too. good luck and god bless u and ur family.. saranghae..

  734. 734 : buen Says:

    soo hot !!

  735. 735 : Natasha Says:

    Hope to see your new drama soon. Fighting!! 🙂

  736. 736 : Eddy Says:

    Great versatile acting! Hope to see new drama from you soon.. Good Luck!

  737. 737 : juna neri Says:

    hello kwon sang woo, hava a wonderful day to you. Your my super crush and best actor in the Universe..i like your smile, your cute eyes, and everything on you.. i feel in love with you on your drama series stairway to heaven ang now big thing..haranghae Kwon sang woo..please send me pictures…God Bless and more projects to come..mwaaaahhhh

  738. 738 : hiss Says:

    ukheyyyy u chera gharib oftady??? irania hanuz pageto nagereftan looool

  739. 739 : Aida Says:

    hi .kwon sang woo .i am a iranian girl .i watch some of your movies . i like your style .your are so handsome .i love you and if you would be here i really be friend with you .i love your movie called”sad love story”you are so cute in that movie .again i love you

  740. 740 : Eddy Says:

    Any new Kdrama?

  741. 741 : Natasha Says:

    Me too….I certainly look forward to a new Kdrama from you soon

  742. 742 : negin Says:

    Hi,sang woo,i love u sooooooooooooo much.I think your acting is great specialy in cinderella man,i am an iranian girl and i think u are one of the most handsome actor in korea,u are the best,i am waiting for your new drama.

  743. 743 : Cinderella Man (신데렐라맨) « styrn Says:

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  744. 744 : sima Says:

    hey … u r so handsome
    i love u and cinderella man
    i’m from iran 🙂

  745. 745 : leah Says:

    so good looking…i like his smile

  746. 746 : yoka Says:

    Stairway to Heaven the best

  747. 747 : michelle:) Says:

    hi hello kwon sang woo,
    u are great actor ever ilyk ur eyes
    so much.. hope that someday will met up
    here in the philippines..
    hehehhe Goodluck to ur career and Godbless

  748. 748 : sorphea Says:

    My best actor ever !

  749. 749 : Jessica Says:

    You are my favorite actor!!!!!!!! u are very hansome boy!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations in your job1 God bless you! bye

  750. 750 : yoka Says:

    My best actor and so cute

  751. 751 : Bad Love (못된 사랑) « styrn Says:

    […] Kwon Sang Woo as Kang Yong Ki Lee Yo Won as Na In Jung Kim Sung Soo as Lee Soo Hwan Kim Ga Yun as Kang Joo Ran (Soo Hwan’s wife & Yong Ki’s sister) Cha Ye Reon as Park Shin Yeong / Jo Ann (Yong Ki’s first love) […]

  752. 752 : Esther Says:

    U are fantastic in sad love song,i love your acting keep it up you can do more exceedingly

  753. 753 : tina Says:

    ur my first idol,im watching u on dae mul (big things) stair away to heaven,bad love,cinderella man n u really a good actor,love u,fighting!

  754. 754 : Cinderella man « ashabrina2428 Says:

    […] Kwon Sang Woo as Oh Dae San / Lee Joon Hee Im Yoon Ah as Seo Yeo Jin Han Eun Jung as Jang Se Eun Song Chang Ui as Lee Jae Min […]

  755. 755 : chandra Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo was almost favorite Korean actor of the Philippines…for they’ve been airing most of his dramas: Dae Mul, Cinderella Man & Stair Ways to Heaven…
    And more Filipino people were love him and been fallowing him…
    U’r really good and best…as I’ve seen u’r awards…I got to like you even I’m 23 years of now…In my age…I shouldn’t admiring like you for you’r just a teenager idol…but watching your movies “my tutor friend” and these dramas I’ve got to like and love you….
    to make it prof I’ve been fallowing you now and searching to watch all you’r movies and dramas……lol….

  756. 756 : chandra Says:

    hi by the way… to make it add:

    these were I’ve watched for the whole November 2011:
    “after watching Cinderella Man…”

    Almost Love
    Volcano high
    Make it Big

    Dae Mul (Big Thing-Philippines Title)

    it’s just little but I’m still watching more….but watching those makes me your big fan…Hoorayyy!!!! More power KSW…..

  757. 757 : Areej Says:

    ilove Kwon Sang Woo since he is the best in all his drams and movies such as stairway to hevean

  758. 758 : Australia fan Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo is truly a great actor. His role in Bad Love as a fun loving artist and a business man was beautifully depicted. No one an deny his true love for Na In Jung in both roles he played. Very very fine actor.

  759. 759 : singapore e-commerce Says:

    It’s the best time to make a few plans for the longer term and it is time to be happy. I have learn this post and if I may just I wish to recommend you few fascinating things or tips. Maybe you can write next articles relating to this article. I desire to learn even more things about it!

  760. 760 : beibh Says:

    i love kwon sang woo’s face, and his acting amazing

  761. 761 : histasp Says:

    it’s late of night and it’s now the last day of the persian year. i wanted to greet my favor korean actors and actresses the persian new year. from now i am writing this comment, it’s about 8 hours and 45 minutes to arriving the new year. so happy new sunny year!
    may your life be in peace and may you reach to your goals.

  762. 762 : Alejandra Says:


  763. 763 : somebody Says:

    Oppa….any movies like “my tutor best friend”. I like to watch your this movies.

  764. 764 : dramaholics Says:

    looking forward to see KSW to a new TV series hopefully with Song Hye Gyo.

  765. 765 : OK OK OK Says:

    I love all the dramas you act bc u r a great actor. Didn’t enjoy this project – Cinderella Man even yr acting was great bc of the leading actress who can’t act at all. It really spoil this drama. All my friends also gave up half way. FYI, I do enjoy DaeMul which u act opp great actress Ko Hyun Jung.
    Hope to see yr new drama soon with adorable great acting actress. 😀

  766. 766 : Cheryl Law Says:

    Stairway to Heaven was really really good…loved him in it…so emotional and very talented and good looking..

  767. 767 : KOREAN DRAMA: Coming Soon and Now Playing!!! « Newstainment Corner Says:

    […] di sebuah sekolah Fashion Design di Paris, namun kembali ke Korea karena kematian ayahnya. PEMAIN: Kwon Sang Woo as Oh Dae San / Lee Joon Hee Im Yoon Ah as Seo Yeo Jin Han Eun Jung as Jang Se Eun Song Chang Ui as […]

  768. 768 : marz Says:

    i really liked you as an actor mr. kwon sang woo. since i watched you in television, which is entitled stairway to heaven. i really loved it. and i want you meet in person. and you are a good looking person and has a beautiful figure of your body!!! hope you will read my comment

  769. 769 : nat Says:

    i really liked you since i watched you in television which is sad sonata and stairway to heaven. but now i watching you as a twin in which is cenderella man.its very funny and maka me very intersested to know about the deferent chracter between dei san and jon he…welcome to malaysia

  770. 770 : Lhiza Says:

    anyeonghaseo, oppa! Ive watched ur drama b4 here in the Phil, Stairway to Heaven and My Tutor Friend but the Cinderella Man have caught my attention,it was great acting…keep it up! Im looking forward for ur other drama!hope u have more projects n blessings to come… FIGHTING!

  771. 771 : sunjida islam nova Says:

    you look very hot in my tutor friend.your performance was outstanding.i have become a fan of yours.love you.

  772. 772 : macky Says:

    hi, happy happy birthday…

    wish you the best…good health & more blessings to come..

  773. 773 : juna Says:

    happy happy birthday Sang woo..God Bless..and i wish you good health ang happiness always..saranghae hamnida..

  774. 774 : carles Says:

    very best actor i like bad love, cindrella man sad love good story and i love and my idol

  775. 775 : awrngqader Says:

    Anyeonghaseo Im in kurdstan-iraq Ilove kwon sang woo saranghae Ilike bad love,very best actor ……..

  776. 776 : Cha Izzia Says:

    awesome ^^

  777. 777 : shilpa chanu Says:

    hi, i dont knw wat 2 say bt i like u n luf u alot

  778. 778 : dynes Says:

    i love you CHOLO….in STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN…

  779. 779 : clara acosta ramos Says:

    hi,me encantas ers lindote en todas las novels

  780. 780 : suzy Says:

    Great actor love it very professional one of the best actors.

  781. 781 : Catherine Says:

    One of my first loves of Korean hot stars but I think you have been type casted a bit. Last movie “Pain” was a bit too cliche. Dae Mul was ok but the acting was a bit overdone. Hope you will be as before, be your natural self and the charms will shine through. Fighting! And waiting for your next role 🙂 Saranghae…

  782. 782 : kireina Says:

    The great actor,, the great husband,, please be happy ever after ^^

  783. 783 : [SBS 2013] Queen of Ambition | Says:

    […] Ae) who wishes to shake off her poverty and become First Lady. She then meets a nice man, Ha Ryu (Kwon Sang Woo) who can do anything for her. Meanwhile, Baek Do Hoon (U-Know Yunho) is another man who in love […]

  784. 784 : jaeme Says:

    you’re the yummiest korean actor ever…

  785. 785 : Night King (K-Drama) (2013) (02 SUB | 02 RAW) | Dorama x264 - MU, MF, Download Links, re-encoded Asian Drama Says:

    […] Ae ) who wishes to shake off her poverty and become First Lady. She then meets a nice man, Ha Ryu (Kwon Sang Woo ) who can do anything for her. Meanwhile, Baek Do Hoon (U-Know Yunho ) is another man who in love […]

  786. 786 : hanna Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo latest movie is CHINESE ZODIAC 2012 (CZ12)

    JACKY CHAN MOVIE watch him ….. GREAT MOVIE !!!

  787. 787 : Dede Says:

    Why does he act in so many sad movies?

  788. 788 : meow Says:

    gosh ksw got big chest almost need to wear a brassier 🙂 he’s one of my faves of all time, gosh can he cry in every kdramas i’ve seen of him! i’m enjoying his new drama but ambivalent in a way coz i feel like whacking him when he’s too stupid enough to send her to study in america! ooopps i hope this isn’t a spoiler for some!

  789. 789 : sunz Says:

    im speechless…really like him and fall in love with him evryday haha

  790. 790 : Nheesha Says:

    ganteng sekalehhh sihh kamyuuu

  791. 791 : Jakeline Says:

    Hi, Im from Bolivia… I love you…

  792. 792 : RB Says:

    OMG! I usually don’t get like this about Movies and TV series and actors, but SWK is just a wonderful actor. his acting just makes you feel the story and I love when an actor can make you feel that way. his first movie I watch was Almost Love and loved it so much , I went and googled him. I immediatly started to watch all his movies and I couldn’t wait to find his other work then I started to watch his Drama shows. OMG!! QOA is just spectacular, can’t wait for the newer episodes.Cinderlla was also good, and I just finished “Stairway to heaven” That one was just the epic drama for me. Never seen one like that before. Such a tear jerker, heart wrenching, gut wrenching, funny, frustrating at some points with the characters but in all it was just an great show. I still can’t shake the ending of off me. The Love for each other and the friendship with her step brother. The way she would call them, you can hear the love in her voice. I hope he becomes an even bigger international superstar. LOVE SWK!!!

  793. 793 : roxy Says:

    Please update his TV Series pls…

  794. 794 : MARGARITA MENDOZA Says:


  795. 795 : kimi Says:

    i wish i know u more..Kyon Sang Woo<3

  796. 796 : vienna Says:

    best actor ever…………love him so much

  797. 797 : Iman Says:

    Thank you …you are the best in my heart ..and i love your family take care of him plz

  798. 798 : NILCE TRINDADE Says:


  799. 799 : Flower Boys Over Generation in one drama? Who will be choosen? | fordreamer's Blog Says:

    […] Kwon Sang Woo  = The King of Drama , mature man, charm and […]

  800. 800 : Faye Says:

    Who does not love Sung Woo. He’s so gorgeous, he’s good to eat yeah. so, so hot it’s all I could say. Very good actor t ho’ he makes me cry when he’s sad and laugh when he smiles. All the while, I’m so inlove with his every move I wish his wife is as fit as him. She’s too too skinny girl…Put on some weight at least to make you look good next to him. oh well,…..that’s all i can say for this good looking man. Keep it up, and I will see all of your dramas and movies

  801. 801 : shey Says:

    i hope to see you and your wife in a drama series

  802. 802 : Somthuk Says:

    I like u… Ur acting in all the drama’s.

  803. 803 : Eliea Says:

    we love u kwon

  804. 804 : thadoi Says:

    u are the bst…

  805. 805 : Raizo Says:

    well done kwon..

  806. 806 : sesaso5 Says:

    Iwant to see you im from egypt and we are loving you in egypt

  807. 807 : V Says:

    After watching couple of your drama series, you have become my favorite Korean actor. You’re the best! Hope to see more projects of you in the future…

  808. 808 : Korean Drama Review Cinderella Man | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] starring Kwon Sang Woo as Oh Dae San / Lee Joon Hee and Yoona as Seo Yeo Jin. Plot: Dae San and Joon Hee are separated at birth as the rich family snatches the child once he was born without knowing that the mother actually had twins. Even though their time of arrival on Earth is just a few minutes difference, they lead a very different life. Joon Hee leads a luxurious but lonely life while Dae San leads a poor but fulfilling life. Seo Yeo Jin, Dae San’s lover, studies at a fashion design school in Paris but returns to Korea after her life is turned upside down when her father dies. Joon Hee has heart problem and needs to go for operation at another country. He meets his identical twin one day and decides to pay Dae San to replace him for the time being. Dae San happily agrees as he is in need of the money. This changes Dae San’s life as he struggles to meet the requirement of two people’s life. As people around him starts to think that he is a swindler, will Yeo Jin still believe him who went through thick and thin with her? […]

  809. 809 : Philiph Says:

    Hey!! man I`m you`re` fan when i watched you`re drama “King of Ambition” i`m so surprised by you..!! by the way when do you visit the Philippines?? I`m from San Fernando,La Union,Philippines… “Hope you visit my country”

  810. 810 : Ofeira Leota Says:

    Talofa Kwon: means hi Kwon from the tiny island in the South Pacific Ocean call American Samoa. I almost don’t have a space to write a comment to you. Almost the whole world love you so much and so your co-star Choi I like both of you. I admire both of your acting on STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN and now Temptation wow both of your characteristic reveals the truth of real life we are living on. But did you ever stop and think about the Love of God in your life, the Lord bless you with two beautiful children and they are so cute, I will always remember your family with my prayers. Stay fit I know you are and still look handsome. GOD BLESS YOU KWON AND YOUR FAMILY. KA SEI O.

  811. 811 : Ghada Says:

    You are the only one who made me cry when you cry, smile when you smile, just unconsciously controlling the way i feel, I would love to see you and your family one day… stay healthy and keep controlling fans feelings 🙂

  812. 812 : south Says:

    Ιf you are going fօr finest contents like myself, only go to see this site every day since
    it offers quality contents, thanks

  813. 813 : Mystery Queen Season 2 (추리의 여왕 시즌2 / 推理的女王 2) Says:

    […] and become a housewife with a husband who works as a prosecutor. She then meets Ha Wan Seung (Kwon Sang Woo) who is a passionate detective and they decide to collaborate to solve a […]

  814. 814 : iris Viyie Says:

    love your act and dress code in stairway to heaven movie .

  815. 815 : abeni naga Says:

    love your emotions

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