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Lee Da Hae

Name: 이다해 / Lee Da Hae (Yi Da Hae)
Real name: 변다혜 / Byun Da Hye (Byeon Da Hye)
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1984-Apr-19
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 170cm
Weight: 47kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: O
Family: Older brother
Education: Burwood Girls High School (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), Dongguk University (Theater and Film degree)
Hobbies: Watching movies
Languages: Korean and English
Talent agency: Forestar Entertainment

TV Shows

Mother of Mine (KBS2, 2019)
Good Witch (SBS, 2018)
Start Again (MBC, 2016)
Hotel King (MBC, 2014)
IRIS 2 (KBS2, 2013)
Love Actually (HunanTV, 2012)
Miss Ripley (MBC, 2011)
Fugitive: Plan B (KBS2, 2010, cameo)
Chuno (KBS2, 2010)
East of Eden (MBC, 2008)
Robber (SBS, 2008)
Hello! Miss (KBS2, 2007)
My Girl (SBS, 2005)
Green Rose (SBS, 2005)
Five Fingers (MBC, 2005)
Lotus Flower Fairy (MBC, 2004)
Star’s Echo (MBC/Fuji TV 2004)
Sweet 18 (KBS2, 2004)
Good News (MBC, 2003)
Love of Thousands Years (SBS, 2003)
Shoot for the Star (SBS, 2002)
Ling Ling (MBC, 2002)


Song of Dreams (2011)


2012 Third LETV Entertainment Awards (China): Most popular actress in Asia Pacific Region (Love Actually)
2011 Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards: Best Actress Award (Miss Ripley)
2010 China Fashion Awards: Asian Fashionista
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Jang Hyuk (Chuno)
2009 Asia Model Festival Awards: Popular Female Star Award
2007 KBS Performance Awards: Excellence Award – Mini Series (Hello! Miss)
2006 SBS Performance Awards: Top 10 Popularity Award
2005 SBS Performance Awards: Performance Award – Drama Special for Green Rose and My Girl
41st Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress for Lotus Flower Fairy (2005)
2004 MBC Acting Awards: New Actress Award for Lotus Flower Fairy

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : yeelin Says:

    annyhonghi hasim nika…. lee da hae…. You are cute …..and sweet…. ….i am fans of you….., lee da hae. the best show that u act is my girl…… u lookk pretty….and cool….. i would become your friend….one day…
    sweet dreams…..jal jayo

  2. 2 : isz Says:

    hello !!!!juz wanna let u know that i’ll spend all my ‘hari raya’ money to buy ‘my girl’ cd.YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!REGARDS FROM ALL MY FRIEND FROM MALAYSIA. send our regards to lee dong wook too.wish i could see u both someday..bye I LOVE U VERY MUCH……-NURUL IZZAH, NURUL AQILA, ADANI DANIA

  3. 3 : elizabeth lee Says:

    Hello! I am from Sabah, Malaysia. I am a fan of you. Wish you all the best of luck in your career and looking forward to watch your show again with Mr Lee Dang Wook in future. I like both of you working together.

    God Bless U!

  4. 4 : aiza Says:

    hi jasmine!!! i mean lee da hae,,,
    i am fan of you from philippines. why you didn’t come wiht julian(lee dong wook) when he came here…he was so cute of miine,but sadly i didn’t see him close and give him a kiss….mwaahh..
    hope that you’ll visit here with my girl cast soon…
    catch to see soon…… lovee you a lots jasmine(lee da hae)

  5. 5 : chuckie Says:

    Yoo-rin..i love u so much!! u are so cute and perfect person for gong-chan..heehee..I’m from malaysia…I’m so crazy with your character in MyGirl..so funny…u are meant together with Lee Dong Wook…haaahaaa..
    For Malaysian fans, u are invite to join my yahoo groups named mygirl_kdrama…please joint…Actually, anyone, anywhere can joint the groups..see ya!!

  6. 6 : tina Says:

    hello,may God bless you as always.im from the philippines,i just wish that you and lee dong wuk will make a movie and will be shown here in the philippines and i wish that we your fans in the philippines will see you soon.and were looking forward for your new drama series here in the philippines.we love you and lee dong wuk.may you have truly a personal relationship with our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.and will always include you in my prayers .

  7. 7 : ayrene Says:

    hi,we really like your acting and your really pretty,we want you and lee dong uk make a movie together i hope you will show it in the philippines.by the way im from the philippines we miss your series take care always.we love you

  8. 8 : nelly Says:

    just wanna say how are you and GOD bless you,im from philippines we wanna see you in person here in the philippines and do you have a new tv series where we can see and watch you are beautiful and we admire your acting so much.you have so many fans here in the philippines.we love you mwwahhhh…

  9. 9 : mj Says:

    lee da hae,i hope you are reading our notes,may you you also response it if you have time,we from the philippines love you hope to another show or movie to be shown here in the philippines,we really like you here.

  10. 10 : henry Says:

    hi angela of green rose,you are really pretty in that series im from philippines i hope you can have a new tv series.you are a good actress congratulations in your acting.

  11. 11 : maria Says:

    ola,how are you,miss da hae,i just wanna greet you hello and i hope you are reading our notes to you,may you continue to be humble and to be a GOD fearing person,may you have many blessings and success projects more to come.

  12. 12 : eeja Says:

    omg………..lee da hae is so cute n pretty. i thought juz song hae gyo n kim ta hae were beatiful but u are the most. ur acting is superb. i feel like im gonna cry when u were in the airport after u lie to seol gong chan shiii….. i gonna say that u are the best korean actress i have ever seen n has natural beauty as korean star that no actress ever had it before… i hope u will be couple with wookie oppa in reality. im crossing my finger……. really wanna watch lovers in bangkok because of u n wookie oppa…. bupa ti syi koya(u will be bless-u always say it in my girl)hope its spell right….hehe

  13. 13 : Rowena Says:

    You’re one fantastic actress blessed with beautiful facial features. Hope you won’t change and hope to see you again in one of the forthcoming k-series. Stay sweet and lovely always.

  14. 14 : arepeas_... Says:

    u so beautiful,awesome & gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15 : faiqah Says:

    hello.i’m your fan from malaysia.u’re such a cute girl and excellence actress.hopefully i can see ur new drama which is success like ‘my girl’.good luck in your career and love.(wit’ lee dong wook…hu..hu..hu..)

  16. 16 : mag Says:

    U ROCK at ”my girl” GIRL!!!!!
    u acted so funny!! n very emotion..the way u cry looks very real.

  17. 17 : diana_89 Says:

    hi…..i am your fan in Malaysia…..u ar so cute n beutiful……i hope i can meet u….lastly succesful in your career….Your sincerly fan Diana from Malaysia…..

  18. 18 : TaTA Says:


    yea hahas .

    youu look great uhh
    like duhh .

    MY GIRL is a nice show uhh
    i was quite dissapointed when youu said youu dont really mind choosing LEE JOON KI instead of LEE DONG WOOK yea
    but never mind uhh

    hahas .

    work real hard for acting
    and .
    best wishes
    tts all i can say

    i love youu LEE DA HAE
    i do love youu

  19. 19 : anuzik Says:

    you’re so good in acting!! I like you very mutch in My girl!! a very optimistic person!! You’re also very pretty!! go for it!!

  20. 20 : geestin Says:

    ur so beautiful..i really love my girl……..plzzzzzzzzz visit philippines.can i have an autograph of urs ??????? plzzzzzzzzzz

  21. 21 : Mei Says:

    Lee Da Hae, you did such a great job in “My Girl”!! Luuurved it =]

    I’m your fan from Sydney so visit it some time! This may seem a bit random, but did you go to Burwood Girls in Sydney?

  22. 22 : skittles (: Says:

    lee da hae!! your my favorite korean actress (:

  23. 23 : skittles (: Says:

    i’ve seen you in 3 korean dramas so far and its sooo cool how you can be a meanie in Sweet 18, nice, calm and really lady-like in Green Rose and then turn silly and wild in My Girl!

  24. 24 : clarize Says:

    anyeo seo….ur so cute in my girl hope you and lee dong wook would have another tv series…im ur fan here in the philippines…n_n

  25. 25 : maria ikiko Says:

    annyong haseyo!!
    you are my girl!!..my favourite korean actress!!
    a fan from malaysia

  26. 26 : Debbie Mcintosh Says:

    Hi Lee Da-hea, love watching you at MY GIRL and also love the song very much, pls send my regard to Lee Dong Wook, i think he is kind of cute too.. Debbie of Malaysia

  27. 27 : bless Says:

    i just finished watching “My Girl” and i did enjoy it. it was funny at the start but had teary moments towards the end. you did a splendid acting in this series. i am looking forward to watching another series of yours in the future. cheers!!!

  28. 28 : Christy Says:

    You are so cute. Wish i could watch your movies again here in the Philippines

  29. 29 : lukey7 Says:

    i think u r one of the best korean actress around..congrates!hope to see u in drama with hyun bin….u guys look cute together!wish u d best of luck from ireland…

  30. 30 : joanna Says:

    hello lee da hae… u knw what?? i’m juz 11 years old but i’m you number one fan here in philippines… and let me inform you that your so famous here in philippines… and lee dong wook and you are so compatible…. i like your role in MY GIRL… i’ll always watching that coz im addicted to u and lee dong wook… and it’s a nice story… ms. lee da hae… you knw wht we rae look a like….

  31. 31 : Adleen Anisya Says:

    hi, I’m Aleen from Malaysia…I’m 8 years old..i really love you in My Girl…

  32. 32 : debbie Says:

    hello!!…u did great….i’ve watched all of ur movies…..i’m one of ur fans…would u like 2 visit Hawaii…..free accomodation…..ha!ha!ha!!welz if u want?……ok then..keep up the good work….we love ur drama….hope to see another movie/drama of urs…..soon…..take care….&….good luck…..oh!1 more thing whose the lucky guy i mean ur “B.F”……u dont have to answer that…it’s ok…ALOHA….

  33. 33 : maezelle Says:

    i love you!

    hope to see you in your next tv series..

    your so adorable,pretty,cute and charming…

  34. 34 : Rekha Says:

    Your performance in My Girl was awsome… but the hairstyle was way >.

  35. 35 : micya Says:

    Hello Da Hae! so lovely sweet cutey Yoo Rin.

  36. 36 : iemah's Says:

    hi yo-rin….

    Vey amazing job 4 u lee da hae…1st u saw u…be a bad girl in “Sweet 18” now u saw 4 a very beautiful,awesome & gorgeous in “My girl” i’m really enjoyed watching this drama…all da besttt 4 u…..


  37. 37 : fidela daniel Says:

    My GIrl is one of the best korean movie i’ve watched. i can never be tired of watching it.it’s very entertaining, very romantic and very dramatic.it really relieves my depression and makes me feel younger. to all the casts of My Girl thank you! I LOVE YOU LDH! HAPPY VALENTINES! GOD BLESS!

  38. 38 : Fatin Says:

    Dear Lee Da Hae,

    I was one of your millions fan from Malaysia. First Drama that I watch is My Girl then Sweet 18 and Greenrose. Your acting skill were superb because the role was very diference and you did it well. I really love the chemistry between you and Lee Dong Wook and hope to see both of you in a film or drama. All the best.

  39. 39 : Jet1415 Says:

    your so beatiful. especially in green rose. you captured my heart there. i like your very good acting skill that you show in the green rose. i hope you have more shows to come

  40. 40 : cun_yang Says:

    so cute…….so beautiful Lee Dae Hee…………..Joo Yoo Rin is so ermmm………..cute…beautiful…….With Lee Dong Wook in MY GIRL was so suitable……….So padanla………..he he

  41. 41 : asnie Says:

    hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i luv u LEE DA HAE,WHEN U WANT TO VISIT MALAYSIA????????????PLISZ COME MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!VISIT MALAYSIA,TRULY ASIA, u know wat u are really2 perfect lady to LEE DONG WOOK,i’m very very very very very very happppppppppy if LEE DONG WOOK marry u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!give ur feedback 2 me plisz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iluv u very very very very very very very very veryyyyyyyyyyyy much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i do luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bbashya!!!!!!!!!!bbashya!!!!!!!!!!!u will be bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!be happy!luv u very much!!!!!!!!bye bye bye bye bye u such a beautiful pretty great girl!!!!!!!!!MY GIRL

  42. 42 : asnie Says:

    hype i want 2 meet u personally bcoz u are beautiful lady in KOREAN,n also in malaysia n also in my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like watching my girl very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!dats very touching,loving.comedy drama!!!!!!!!!!!visit malaysia plisz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 43 : Soo-Eun Says:

    i love you sooo much in My Girl
    i even chose my girl as my favorite movies for my review!
    love my girl
    love you
    keep working
    and were waiting for you to act more funny dramas for us =]

  44. 44 : never miss!! Says:

    i loveeeeeee my girl sooooo much
    keep up the good work & njoy your life every days…:D

  45. 45 : sha la la Says:

    My GIrl is one of the best korean movie i’ve watched…& the conclusion is im really3 like it..hope to see u soon in another drama…as soon as well..hahaha

  46. 46 : tai Says:

    I was one yr millions fans from Thailand. i just watched series MY GIRL i and my friends are very crazy you. i belive u born to be the super star.
    u make me find the another series u act like this GREEN ROSE and i hope u come to THAILAND.

  47. 47 : Afnan Says:

    Hello from the Philippines!

    Da Hae!!! You’re great!!! You’re my favorite actress especially because you can act well either in dramatic roles or comedic roles. I’m getting my acting inspiration from you and I’m learning from you, too.

    LOL You also look great with Dong Wook. Hehe. 🙂

    I hope I can meet you someday! Take care and may God bless you and your loved ones forever!

  48. 48 : suzeq Says:

    hello Da Hae..

    im from malaysia..
    u are my favourate korean actress.
    u are flexcible actress.
    i already watch green rose and my girl there are different role
    but u make it very very well
    hope u can make big bang for your next drama or film

  49. 49 : fidela daniel Says:

    Hi! how’s your valentines day? just want to tell you i’m watching again this MY GIRL w/ my elder sister and do believe she is enjoying it very much LDH ,keep it up on your acting, you are so good. i’ll try to get another movies of yours. LOVE U and LDW and of course the whole casts of my girl. GOD BLESS!

  50. 50 : jonbung Says:

    Da Hae Shii,

    Sarang hea yo!! byasha! Fighting!!!!!

    Love you from canada!!

  51. 51 : Asami Dan Says:

    if my teacher ask me,who is my idol?i will answer LEE DA HAE! basha! u gave me spirit to study harder,remember i love u so much.muaaah!!!

  52. 52 : jin Says:

    from the philippines one of the best…keep it up

  53. 53 : meliza Says:

    hi. . you’re so0o0o cool. .i’ve watched you in sweet 18 and i never thought you could act like what you did in my girl. .
    you’re amazing. .

  54. 54 : cha cha Says:


  55. 55 : AJA Says:

    woot! i love you da hae!!!

  56. 56 : soo-jin Says:

    hello, i’ve just finish watching My Girl and i think ur character in my girl is so cute! your the best actress! my idol…

  57. 57 : soo-min Says:


  58. 58 : Cute Says:

    Ur pretty and cute!

  59. 59 : Cute Says:

    also ur the best and ur good at acting too =]

  60. 60 : SHin Says:

    anneyoung Da Hae~
    ur yepo!!!

  61. 61 : Da Hae ur the best! Aja! Says:

    im a big fan of you!!!
    keep ur cute face and continue act in more good dramas!!!

  62. 62 : =] Says:

    you will be blessed!
    i love that line

  63. 63 : goody goood good Says:


  64. 64 : ngocnguyen Says:

    hi.Im Ngoc Nguyen,Vietnam. I love u. U are so pretty.

  65. 65 : ngocnguyen Says:

    you will be blessed!

  66. 66 : Yulia Says:

    Ayoo.Da hae u so cute…in My girl,i like u when u are together with Lee jong ki.He so handsome and also style right??I think he should be your boyfriend in my girl.Dong wook also handsome.I like him too.But Jong ki is more talended to be your boyfriend in my girl . I like all the scene in my girl..I like u very much… “(Da hae kamu sangat cantik,menarik,tertarik ,kau memang DA BOM)”I know u dont know this word right??If u wanna know this word u must learn Malaysia language,than u can find that meaning…TATA

  67. 67 : Toni Xyooj Says:

    I like your movie, my girl. THe best drama i seem.

  68. 68 : yoo Says:

    u r so sweet.. i luv ur act so much. nice job.. hope u r goin fine & get perfect guy..all d best!!!!u’ll b blessed…

  69. 69 : yoo Says:

    helo.. u r so sweet. neway, great job in my girl muvi… u know how 2 mk ppl feel pity wth u & havin fun wth ur characters.. u’ll b blessed. all d best. hopin dat u’l get marid with gong chan.he’s cute ya..

  70. 70 : JoobJoo Says:

    Hello I am such a fun of your love team. I am hoping to see some more of you guys together. I like the chemistry and I think you guys look good together. Believe it or not i think that My Girl is one of the best Love story that I have ever watched. It is well written and very well directed. Thank you again for entertaining me and continue doing a good job.

  71. 71 : llllBitter_Sweetllll Says:

    Wow…I really love watching her in My Girl drama, I think “Hello Miss” is a cool one too ^-^ I’ll wait until its air, she’s so pretty…Hope she will come to Thailand soon, I’m her fan now haha, Hwaiting Mukgu!!!

  72. 72 : katchal Says:

    hi’u know ur vry beautful dats why i lyk u!

  73. 73 : michelle Says:

    bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.waay lami!

  74. 74 : april Says:

    i love lee da hae, she is a very good actress… she really impressed me in the movie my girl… I hope i could see her in other movies and drama series in the future… =)

  75. 75 : april Says:

    Lee da Hae is very beautiful… She matches Lee Dong wook …. =) Very good acting skills….

  76. 76 : april Says:

    Lee Da Hae — You rock!!!!! =) mu know how to speak english — wow! im totally impressed with you…. looking forward for a upcoming movie with u and lee dong wook

  77. 77 : cris(from davao) Says:


    whew i really really like lee da hae(jasmine)
    and im soo in love with lee dong wook(julian)…..behalf from PHILIPPINES and to my faamily and friends,want to say to lee da hae and lee dong wook

    ‘CONGRATUALATIONS”it was a nice telenovela in PHIL.good actor and actress
    jasmine played very well,funny and lovely,and lee dong wook cought my eyes whew his sooo handsome(gwapo)his smile drives me crazy,whew…
    hope to see you soon in person especially MY BOY(julian)….we are very thankful and happy that they play that movie to PHIL…

    ==kamsa hamida==
    we love you lee da hae and lee dong wook

  78. 78 : april Says:

    hi there… i wanna show you some thing, da hae =) kindly watch in http://www.youtube.com your combined pictures with lee dong wook — entitled “lee dong wook + perfect combination” … i thing its really great when i watched it…. its sooo cute and you rally look good together…

  79. 79 : Sung Wook Il Says:

    hi!!! Lee Da Hae is a cute, beautiful, & holesome.. nice acting…

  80. 80 : hisa Says:

    anyong-haseyo lee da hae
    ur r so cute and beutiful

  81. 81 : socool Says:

    Hello Lee Da Hae,, I just finished watch both of your “My Girl” and “Green Rose”. I like your performance very much. You act totally different charactors in two different series. They are your Master Pieces. Is’nt it? LEE DA HAE Fightihg!!!!!!! You will be Blessed!!!!!
    I want to see your photos?? Is there any your own website with many colorful photo????Please reply to me.

  82. 82 : Hisami_=) Says:

    yeoboseo,lee da hae
    i just wanna say u very cute
    and u r very good actress
    i hope can go at seoul,korea
    k bye

  83. 83 : Nash Says:

    Hi Lee Da Hae. you are most lovely for me. i can see u everyday on a pics and movies. i hope i can see u in thailand.
    Best regards

  84. 84 : Ayla Farihah Says:

    Hello,i’m Ayla from Selangor,Malaysia.i hope i can see u in other film with Mr.Lee Dong Wok or Mr.Song Seung Hyun.BASHA!!!!

  85. 85 : krina Says:

    Hello again this is Krina. I was so happy that you have another shot in a drama called Hello Miss Hope it is funny and a little bit dramatic. You know we are waiting and keep waiting for another team up with mr dong wook, you are have such a great chemistry and we love you hope please please one more time and we will watch it all over over and over again just like my girl. Basya…

  86. 86 : Stefanie Says:

    hi,,, i’m your fans.. I hope you can come to Indonesia especially in jakarta. Please, come with Lee Dong Wook. ‘n please at me! thanx.

  87. 87 : Christina Says:

    hi, Lee Da Hae ur funny, pretty nandur a very good actror/ actress. Please e-mail me! well just want to say dat n plz email me!!



  88. 88 : fidela daniel Says:

    you’re so good in acting. i love you so much like my own d’ter. i never get tired of watcing MY GIRL ! it relieves my depression so i thank you very much and also to the whole casts of MY GIRL! I LOVE YOU ALL! GOD BLESS! LDH, my dear, happy, happy B-day! love you!

  89. 89 : handz Says:

    i really like your acting in my girl… seriously!! i love my girl… a lot! i hope you and lee dong hook will soon have a movie or another tv series… you’ll be bless!!! i can’t wait to watch heloo! miss…

  90. 90 : FAN OF LEE DA HAE Says:


  91. 91 : fidela daniel Says:

    LDH, congratulation!. found out that you have a new tv drama, HELLO! MISS. to start this march. i’ll be praying for the success of the drama.i knowthis willbe a top rated drama in korea coz’ LDH you are a very good actress. since i’m in the usa i can’t wait this to be in dvd. LDH, HAPPY

  92. 92 : ella Says:

    wow..congrats to ldh. i hope that it will be successful like my girl.
    but sad coz its not ldw tandem…

  93. 93 : freckles Says:

    filipinos are good in english

  94. 94 : natasha Says:

    u are so adorable……go go chaiyuk LEE DA HAE…

  95. 95 : maricar de leon Says:

    i love you a lot. i do really like you. your a good actress. hope to see your other projects. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS. i really want to see you in person and talk to see as an ordinary citizen. hope you can visit here in my country (Phiippines).

  96. 96 : nordelm Says:

    I love Lee Dae Hae. So young & yet she already won I think 3 or 4 Best Actress awards. She’s very beautiful, bright & charitable. I can’t wait to watch her new drama Hello Miss. I hope they show this drama in California USA.
    I hope she & Lee Dong Wook get together again in a new drama or movie soon. The definitely look good together, very good chemistry.

  97. 97 : nordelm Says:

    I love Lee Dae Hae. So young & yet she already won I think 3 or 4 Best Actress awards. She’s very beautiful, bright & charitable. I can’t wait to watch her new drama Hello Miss. I hope they show this drama in California USA.
    I hope she & Lee Dong Wook get together again in a new drama or movie soon. They definitely look good together, very good chemistry.

  98. 98 : nordelm Says:

    I watched the first episode of “Hello Miss” tonight in Google.
    It’s great. As usual Lee Dae Hae showed her great acting talent once more. I hope she gets an award on this drama, too.

  99. 99 : Tisha Says:

    Girl…you really look young & vibrant in My Girl…..i enjoyd watching my girl with ur screen love partner Sol Gong Chan….he’s chaming, col 7& gosh too handsome….he rocks….. hope you’l hev more movies to come as soon as possible…..

    god bless both of you…. anyo….

  100. 100 : jopet Says:

    Ms Lee..you are great & lovable actress…..i,ve watched my girl many times & found out that u made me laugh… you & SGChan are perfect team.. i hope 2 see more of your telemovies with SGChan….i just love both of your acting & youuu look good both of you..can’t you be lovers in real life…hope you will …perfect love team made in heaven….see

    cheers & more blessings to you & SGC…

  101. 101 : phil Says:

    Yoo rin & Sol Gong Chan…..you got me watching my girl …i seldom watch movies…but you…you made my day happy & i had fun laughing in My Girl…..more movies to come….

  102. 102 : nadia Says:

    lee da hae…………
    you are so beautiful n cute……….
    i love u in my girl when u are with lee dong wook……….
    may you be more successful actress than who you are now…….
    cayok to you……………….

  103. 103 : gina Says:


    i like this girl very much…
    she can difinitely make us laugh and cry… she’s totally versatile…that’s whi i like her… carry talaga niya dalhin ang paiba-ibang roles…. hindi siya nag tipong “pagsasawaan mo ” diba?

    to you…. GOODLUCk and KEEP IT REAL!!!!!

  104. 104 : [email protected]_gurl Says:

    hello lee da hae you are very good at acting keep up the good work i hope one day i can meet you and lee dong wook one day….byezzz

  105. 105 : shila Says:

    anoseyo………..very cute girl i like your hilarious character in my girl so funny,so happy, so cheer, so matches with lee dong-wook …………………
    everybody uppacekoioo …….. chan. from malaysia_your fanatic fan(”)

  106. 106 : shila Says:

    i love your attitude in my girl ‘joo yoo-rin………..wish you are the best
    himneja!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. 107 : Cathy Gebilaguin Says:

    hi!! im cathy from Philippines…

    i really do enjoyed watching your tv series my girl.. your so funny and so in love…
    take care and make more tv series….

  108. 108 : diana Says:

    hi, i’m diana from singapore. Lee da hae, u are so ceyo(cute). I realli want u with lee dong wook. I love watchin my girl. The latest of your drama, hello, my lady! at KBS world channel is so funny. I’m lookin forward to the second episode. Your b’dae is coming, saengil chukaeyo!

  109. 109 : chai Says:

    great job!!!!good job!!!!,, i hope and i wish Lee Da Hae with Lee Jun Ki will visit to the Philippines…(in my country). She is the one korean actress idol here in the Philippines, and the best tv series.. my girl and green rose….and how I wish Lee Da Hae and Lee Jun Ki will be having a TV Series or Drama Movie Loveteam this year or forever loveteam.

    Keep it up!!!!


  110. 110 : janichie Says:

    i wish that lee da hae would visit philippines!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. 111 : janichie Says:

    go lee da hae

  112. 112 : Rachel Xiong Says:

    Lee Da Hae is such a beautiful and fantastic actress!!
    I love her character in My Girl and Green Rose the best…
    But i think i’d rather enjoy watching Green Rose more because
    Ko Su is so Hot!!

  113. 113 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    i really idolized u because of what u are.kamsamhamnida,basya…………….from your avid fan here in philippines

  114. 114 : fidela daniel Says:

    Hi! again, just want to wish you a happy, happy b-day since i won’t be around on your b-day.it’s my b-day today and i’m going to europe to celebrate, hope you willbe able to read your messages. LOVE YOU! GOD BLESS!

  115. 115 : Robie 28 Says:

    Hi!! Joo Yoo Rin , im from the phillipines. i Just watch My girl last Weekend i’m so amazed to the story and i very like your character so much . I can say that, to all the movie that i watch My Girl Rules!!!! because you are so cute their and very humble even if you are a lier.

    I’m hoping for your next movie and more blessing to come.

    God bless! & Advanced happy birthday ! How did i know your birthday!
    Just think for your “Snow Man”.

  116. 116 : †Arucard† Says:

    Joo Yoo Rin!!! Your the execellent actress that i ever seen, even if it is drama, comedy, action etc.

    i hope you will visit here in phillipines.

  117. 117 : nicole Says:

    lee da hae i like you than kim tae hee i’am ur fan u are more cute than kim tae hee i hope you will visit phuilippines soon

  118. 118 : LeeChan Mi Says:

    eanni SARANGHEAYO eanni Wang Fan

  119. 119 : LeeChan Mi Says:

    eanni SARANGHEAYO!!!! eanni WANGFAN

  120. 120 : sir Says:

    Hi.. im from malaysia… im really like your acting in My girl drama… i just watch that drama for 5 time…. really crazy of me.. but you are really cute you know…. i have something to tell you… just dont wear some of clothes that exposed your body to much…. i really dont like it… this because you look very a good women, an innocent one.. so please take care of good image….bye

  121. 121 : starz Says:

    a very happy birthday 2 u!!! fell in love with u in my girl. gr8 acting & personality. love ya always!!!

  122. 122 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    Annyeong haseyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Magandang araw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think today is your birthday? Happy birthday to you da-hae wish you more birthdays to come.By the way i’m your avid fan here in philippines, i really love coz you make me smile in times of sadness, i mean if i watch you in your drama series my girl whom i always watch repeatedly in dvd surprisingly i was not bored to it maybe its the best drama series i’ve ever watch.When i’m in trouble i want to be like you as yoorin or what we call you here as jasmine because she is strong in times of trouble she still manage to laugh and make people happy in other way i feel what you are about to express, you act naturally and i really like it.You know dong-wook and you have a perfect combination i’m not lying hope he is your destiny your boy becase for me he is really a perfect guy eventually he is my dreamboy coz he is a well_mannered guy as i have observe him when he went here in philippines last july,if i were not wrong.Hope you more opportunities to come.Kamsahamnida,salamat and annyeonghi kyeseyo,paalam.GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. 123 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE DA-HAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOUR THE BEST ACTRESS WHOM I KNOW IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN IN FILIPINO.BASYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. 124 : Cung shu san Says:

    Hi…. i am from indonesia, i am so like you because you so pretty and smart


  125. 125 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    Hi! again da hae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you enjoy your birthday with dong wook.


  126. 126 : nimal Says:

    hi lee da hae i hope enjoy your happy birthday with dong wook.

  127. 127 : MISSY Says:

    lee da hae!!!! u act so well and ur just so pretty!!!!!! you and lee dong wook look so good together!!!!!!!!! hope youll do another series togther again!!!!!!!!

  128. 128 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    hello da hae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. 129 : kitty Says:

    hi m in cambodian u no u a beautiful and i love u so much nas!!!!!! da hae…..

  130. 130 : jessica Says:

    hi da hae my lovely princess u know i love u so much n the way u act is so cute i love u so much miss u i love u

  131. 131 : miaka Says:

    The first korean series I watched was My Girl and once I watched that I was completely hooked! To be honest, I’ve watched a handful of korean series and movies since then but My Girl is the only one that’s left me breathless! Thanks to you and Lee Joon Ki and Lee Dong Wook! Thank you for making that series so unforgettable!

  132. 132 : evhalien Says:

    hy,………da hae.i’m ur fans from indonesia
    u’re so cute,i hope can see u facely,so mizz u come here..

  133. 133 : nora Says:

    Hello Miss is another hit to me for Lee Dae Hae. Once more she showed her great talent in acting. Hello Miss is the best romantic/comedy airing right now. I’m very impressed with Lee Dae Hae & Lee Ji Hoon. Their chemistry is very good & they look so good together. They are both good dressers & actors. I love the facial expressions on Lee Ji Hoon on several episodes when he’s with Dae Hae’s character Su Ha. I recommend this drama very highly. I think Lee Dae Hae will be the next Choi Ji Woo because she’s a very good, versatile & very beautiful actress. Like Ji Woo, she already won 4 or 5 performance awards & she’s still very young (24 yrs. old).

  134. 134 : hihi Says:

    Hi Da-Hae… I am ur number 1 fan…I watch My Girl alot of times le… U was so cute in My Girl…i hope to see you face to face.. u and Dong-wook is so compatible… haiz

  135. 135 : hihi Says:

    Hi Da-hae… u was so cute in my girl as Joo Yu-rin i love the drama… it is romantic, funny and so cool… i watched it over and over… you and Lee Dong-wook, Gong-chan are soooo compatible..haiz

  136. 136 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    YOU’RE THE BEST OF ALL THE BEST ………………………………. LEE DONG WOOK AND LEE DA HAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! saranghae forever. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

  137. 137 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:


  138. 138 : ParK HaE Joo Says:

    Yoo Rin u look so cute…
    u so beautifull
    im your fan….
    yoo rin good luck
    yoo rin
    po patho shi ku ayo…

  139. 139 : rmok Says:

    Hello Da-hae :
    My daughter bought My Girl and watch it late night many time.At first I dont have interest to watch whole chapter but the moment i saw you cry i feel touch with your talent.I will find time to watch all series.Now plan to look Green Rose or other Drama act by you.I wish that you will got great succes and if come to Singapore pls e mail me so that i can inform my daughter.I am Aries too.

  140. 140 : nora Says:

    I’m hook on “Hello Miss” romantic comedy drama starring Lee Dae Hae & Lee Ji Hoon. I already watched 14 episodes.
    10 episodes already have English subtitle. I’m so hook I even watched the ones without English subtitles. I kinda understand a little from watching previous Korean dramas & remembered some words. This drama is so good, I can’t wait to see episodes 15 & 16 which will be aired on 5/7 & 5/8(these are the last episodes, so sad I’ll miss waiting, but I’ll just watch them again & again. I hope they get another drama together or maybe Lee Dae Hae & Lee Dong Wook in another drama in the very near futre. I love both actors with Lee Dae Hae (both have good chemistry).

  141. 141 : karina Says:

    How aRe u Lee Da HaE???
    U aRe veRy…… Cute at My GirL!!!
    CuTe… ^^,
    And U aRe veRY bEauTifuL!!!
    Sarang AeyoOooOooo….
    Ciayoooo!!! =)

  142. 142 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:


    i guess you’d say
    what can make me feel this way?
    my girl(my girl)
    i’m talking ’bout my girl, my girl


    sabihin mo na
    kung anong gusto mo
    kahit anong gagawin para lamang sa’yo
    sabihin mo na
    kung papaano mo mapapatawad.


  143. 143 : eddie her Says:

    hey there lee da hae you are so cute i like your movies hope to see your next movie. Love My girl and Green rose yea and try to keep on doing more movie. Love you……..bye

  144. 144 : Natalia Says:

    U look so cute in my girl…
    When U come 2 Indonesia?
    Why U didnt come here with Wookie last week!!!
    U n wookie ‘ll be great couple!!!
    I hope u ‘ll be couple in fact!!!
    Banzai!!! 😀

  145. 145 : karina Says:

    Da hae!!!
    You’re beautiful n cuTe!!!

  146. 146 : Jenna Says:

    hello! greetings from Singapore..I’m a huge fan of yours, and you really have superb acting skills~ hopefully both Lee Dong Wook and you could come to Singapore in December to promote My Girl.. i’ll definitely be back in time to catch you both! x)

  147. 147 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    Lee Da Hae,
    a korean actress
    blessed by heaven with beauty and talent.

    Enchants me!
    with her disarming smile
    that never perished in anyone’s heart.

    Energetic and sencere,
    wise and smart
    why she bloom like the flowers in the spring.

    to face challenges
    just to reach her dreams.

    in everything she has
    why i admire her much.

    cheerful actions she made
    fade my sadness away.

    An angel
    who guide me through my path
    going up above the mountain.

    Ever ’till eternity
    you’re my best actress
    coz you give me INSPIRATION. Basya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. 148 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    you know i saw u last night in arirang channel in the program showbiz extra u attended the premier night of ha suk-jin movie untstoppable marriage i think and u were interviewed. When i saw u i lost my fear because the wind blows so strong it seems there was a storm here last night actually i am always watching this program showbiz extra just to see u and also lee dong wook. Really! u never change you are still very cute………………..take care always! ingat ka lagi! i am just concern to u and to ldw.

  149. 149 : santa Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!!yurin and kong chan,,,,i really love u nas,u is great girl and funny girl//i like ur simle ,i want to visit in korea,i want see ur face and lee dong wook,i hope that u and LDW play new movie again…………….

  150. 150 : Luv Says:

    hi, nice acting, hoep to see u next movies.
    have a nice day

  151. 151 : nora Says:

    I think Lee Da Hae was stunningly beautiful in Hello Miss especially on episode 2 parts 5 & 6 when she’s modeling on
    the Dream Body contest & episode 5 parts 6 when she had a red top & white mini skirt, so sexy & beautiful. She looked so good in all the Hanboks & clothes she wore on this drama. Lee Ji Hoon looked so handsome on all his outfits on this drama, very executive-like. Love them both.
    Hope they get together again in another project.

  152. 152 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    Hi! hello, da hae. You know i want to visit korea someday just to see you and dong wook. Sometimes i dream both of you and it make my day really beautiful and refreshing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. 153 : Crystaline Fabian Says:

    Hi Lee Da Hae!! An Nyung Ha Seyo!! I know you are so overwhelmed with all these feedbacks from your fans. I admire you a lot especially the way you played the role of Joo Yu Rin in My Girl. You are so flexible and I think I consider you as a versatile actress. Keep up the good work and looking forward to your upcoming drama. By the way, you and Lee Dong Wook looked good together!!! You will be blessed!!!

  154. 154 : AURA!!!! Says:


  155. 155 : fidela daniel Says:

    Hi! how are you ldh?how was your b-day?hope you had a good and happy one. guess what? i’m back fr. europe and my grand’ter borrowed my dvd, MY GIRL so i’m so bored one night i’ve been looking to diff. korean channels and wallah! i found the HELLO MISS drama. i jumped for joy. it’s so enjoyable and an honor to watch your drama. tonight was my 2nd night to watch therefore i can’t wait for the next that long. hope the have it everyday but i know it’s impossible i’ll just wait for the dvd to come. LOVE YOU and GOD BLESS!

  156. 156 : nora Says:

    I read in one of the topic that this person didn’t watch Hello Miss because she’s not Lee Ji Hoon’s fan. Sorry, to tell this person that she missed one of the best romantic/comedy. When I first watched Hello Miss, I didn’t even know Lee Ji Hoon, but I did watch it because I like Lee Da Hae a lot Not only she’s a great beauty but she’s also a great actress. Lee Ji Hoon, I think is very handsome, tall, talented (a good actor & singer) & has good personality. Don’t take me wrong, I still like Lee Dong Wook, but I think Lee Ji Hoon did a great job in this drama.

  157. 157 : Bae Yong-jun Says:

    Love you always Lee Da-hae.
    I hope you can visit Malysia.Please not in Kuala Lumpur….PLEASE…IN kuching,Sarawak,Malaysia…..Please…There’re many fans here.

  158. 158 : missy Says:

    annyeong ha seyo!!!!!….. bbsyahh….. sarang he lee da hae!!!!!!! yefuda…….

  159. 159 : fidela daniel Says:

    Hi! ldh can’t go any day w/out seeing you in the internet, you just relieved my depression. the message fr. BAE YONG JUN is that byj of winter sonata? if so oh my GOD! i’m just hoping and praying hard that one day they will be a drama love team in the future.. if so what a box office hit. maybe i’m dreaming but what the heck. it might comes true.

    fidela GOD BLESS!

    hope to see you here in usa

  160. 160 : Tina Chang Yang Says:

    Hello!…..Lee Da Hae….i’m one of your fan..i love your drama so much “Green Rose and etc,” god bless you for the rest of your life. I’m looking forward to see your new version again, please let me know if you do not?..hehehe..love it..I’m a Hmong girl from United States of American. Please keep up the good work to whatever you do…best wish…

    Tina Chang Yang

  161. 161 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    bok padeusil kkeeyo if i were right in your korean language.

  162. 162 : note Says:

    fan meeting of lee da hae khub
    if lee da hae see comment please anser at [email protected]
    I am from thailand
    I meet lee da hae
    thank you

  163. 163 : note Says:

    I meet lee da hae
    fan meeting from thailand

  164. 164 : note Says:

    wish lee da hae send mail to

  165. 165 : note Says:

    i holp lee da hae sent mail

  166. 166 : jen Says:

    …you’re so pretty…you’re really my idol!!!

  167. 167 : jessy Says:

    i like your funny character..i just wanna be like u..

  168. 168 : note Says:

    I make website fan meeting give lee da hae

  169. 169 : leedahae no.1fan Says:

    ur so pretty!! i love ur acting in MY Girl and GREEN ROSe!!! talented actress!! pls visit Philippines.!!! pls pls..

  170. 170 : thanh Says:

    I think you and ko soo is a best couple, why don’t you have more plan to work together in future? keep on going. I like you

  171. 171 : fidela daniel Says:

    Hi! it’s me again.ldh, can’t go day w/out thinking of you esp. i don’t have MY GIRL dvd, i left it in florida for my grand’ter to watch so i havew to go to the internet just to see you. let me tell you ldh, since i’ve started to watch the HELLO MISS, you hit another jockpot. i pray to GOD ypu’ll get aN AWARD SO lee ji hoon. bOY! HE IS A VERY GOOD SINGER, VERY ROMANTIC AND WOW! HANDSOME TOO. I BELIEVE A NEW love team WAS BORN!…….. TILL NEXT TIME AGAIN AND LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!

    god bless to all CAST OF hello miss!


  172. 172 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    Hi! Lee Da hae you know i am collecting photo of yours and Lee Dong Wook also because i am really your huge fan of your drama series my girl even it ended last year here in the philippines. I still watch them on dvd, obviously i was’nt bored watching it repeatedly. Annyeong……………..GOD BLESS YOU.

  173. 173 : shin.bear Says:

    i juz love u lee da hae.ur my fav actress.juz wanna say i luv u sooooo much n gud luck wit ur carrier n keep acting great romantic movies/drama.i’ll b waitin 4 ur latest story.luv u 2 much…i’m addicted 2 u.i wonder who’s gonna steal ur heart……??hope u get married soon coz i juz can’t wait 2 see ur cute babies n ur husband.. (“,)

  174. 174 : Helen Says:

    Sister Lee Da hae, you know i like your acting very much. I’m from Cambodia…..I live in Phnom Penh… my mother my sisters and i love to watch your movie very much, you are so cute and you make us laugh and sometimes cry too. You are so beautiful in the world….. We have watched your movie name My girl it has alot of funs….and sadness too.. But you can act very well…..you know in Cambodia always talk of you in every places and everywhere. May be all over the world. You are so popular. We love you so much sister Lee Da hae.
    Luvs: Helen

  175. 175 : snibblez Says:

    i love you in hello miss! great drama! =)

  176. 176 : fidela daniel Says:

    Hi! LDH, it’s me again.i;ve got tell you what happened to me Agin today.i.ve been so bored and very depressed so i went on a shopping spree and guessed what? i bought most of your tv dramas and you know it’s very expensive here in usa but i don’t mind it coz’ like i’ve said before it relieves my depression.and you know what? i got already the HELLO MISS, iwas very surprised but i guessed i was lucky today. i also got the ff..sweet 18, green rose, my girl etc …Again, ldh , you are so good in hello miss,you are so cute and beautiful. pls. stay sweet but you;ve lost a lot of wt. and you look good don’t loose anymore.

    Till and GOD BLESS!


  177. 177 : koala_adie_soon ae Says:

    hi we r like twin you know…hehe love you so much…send my regard to yoo rin n gong chan sshii…

  178. 178 : floyd Says:

    hi.. I’m a big fan.. from the comments I read you have many fans from the philippines.. I’m also a filipino.. just wanna say you did a great job in “hello my lady”.. I’m looking forward to your next projects.. hope you can make a movie here in the philippines we have great stars too.. Godbless and more power!

  179. 179 : nat Says:

    i like u in my girl an hello miss

  180. 180 : Baby Rabbit Says:

    Dear Lee Da-hae,

    Hi! I am very nice to you. I forget to pay my mail you . You are pretty and attractive girl. Welcome to come from Myanmar. I invited to you. You have free time or vacation come to Myanmar . Please reply me this mail you read as soon as. Please sent me your beautiful one photo. Looking forwards his sent mail. My mail address as follows………….. [email protected] & [email protected] ……………..This mail you received as soon as possible reply me. Your photo to pay me, I thanks you.
    Ok see you later. Let me stop my letter. Please reply me…………….


  181. 181 : nabil Says:

    I dont undesten english,but i like you are freand

  182. 182 : fidela daniel Says:


  183. 183 : fidela daniel Says:

    Hello miss ldh, it’s me again, i can’t help it but to let you know that i’ve finished watching the hello miss. wow! you did it again,ldh. you are really a very good and versatile actress. another masterpiece of yours.and lee ji hoon boy!he is so handsome,good singer and so far i believe he is one of the best dressed male actor in korea. i love his suits. okey till here and GOD BLESS! to all the casts of the ‘HELLO MISS’. congratulations to all!


  184. 184 : vivian Says:

    hi da-hae!!!!i’m such a big fan of yours!!!!!u’re really diffrent from other kr actresses,much prettier and better in acting:)i really hope u’ll hav a sucessful career and hav a great life,and still be pretty 4eva!!!! by the way i’m from malaysia ,plzzz come to malaysia with dong-wook and jun ki(u and dong wook look like u’re made for each other!!)anyway,i wish u all the best 4eva…muakzz!! love,

  185. 185 : eLoIsa Says:

    her eyes is her best asset……i notice that most of the pretty faces of korean actress had a bigger EYES not the ordinary type of korean female that has chinky eyes…..

  186. 186 : eLoIsa of PH....... Says:

    i’m a fan of yours…..but i didn’t know lot about you……i’m satisfied to see your blooming face…

  187. 187 : ahn ji kyu Says:

    saranii!!i always make a wish to joint my study in korea or seoul university….during the time that,i would going to see you and lee dong wook and the other actor &actress i most like..i also like to go to japan.i must study hard to be there!!chayiokk!! aja aja fighting!! ganbatte!!

  188. 188 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    annyeona haseyo! you know da-hae i registered in arirang website because i want you soon to be featured in daily mail because i want really to be updated about you. hi! to dong-wook also. hope you more opportunities. thank you. annyeong…………….next time again.

  189. 189 : eliza Says:

    you’re funny in my girl..

  190. 190 : suhada Says:

    lee da hee,you look so cute in drama my girl.i like u and actor dong wook

  191. 191 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    I’m hoping soon that your latest drama series will be aired here in our country and i”m sure it would be a big hit again but of course i’m still a donghae fun. Cheer up! Lee Da Hae, hope you more opportunities.

  192. 192 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    This song is really memorable for me coz Seol Gong Chan try all his best to get your attention and this is our own version. I hope i got it right,

    listen girl
    i have something to say
    the thing i’m feeling
    yet’s the the thing i can’t express it
    because i love you
    you’re the only one for me, girl
    now give me a chance
    so just listen
    you went your way, yeah
    and you left me long ago
    for me a never dying
    that you feel the same way for me, girl
    now give me a chance
    so just listen
    but now i’m hurting
    coz your eyes keep looking away
    where’s it grow with a sparkling gaze
    where’s a look at me the smile
    i need it saying girl
    need to walk or made me fly
    so give me one more chance
    please girl
    please make me yours
    i can’t give in, give you up
    before and now
    my life so less, can’t go on
    i need the world and you
    when you are mine
    i’ll never go
    can’t you see how, how i’m trying
    please, please girl
    for my love will always stay the same………………….

  193. 193 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    and of course da hae i didn’t for get your dangeun song too! you know while you are singing this you are so cute……………….this is also our version and i hope this is right too, i’m not sure but i do all my best just to copy this:
    jasmine song!
    you want to see me? oh yes!
    to be with me? oh yes!
    i love you, you love me
    oh yes!, oh yes!, oh yes!
    do you like me? oh yes!
    do you love me? oh yes!
    i love you, you love me
    oh yes!, oh yes! oh yes!
    you want to see me? oh yes!
    to be with me? oh yes!
    i like you, i love you
    don’t ever change my love
    please promise me my love
    coz i like you
    i will always be here to make you happy
    though i’m annoying at times
    i just here to comfort you
    if you feel sad
    promise i will always be here to make you happy.

  194. 194 : anis malaysia Says:

    i love u….

  195. 195 : anis malaysia Says:


  196. 196 : anis Says:


  197. 197 : nin(malaysia) Says:

    hi da hae. you look so cute in my girl drama. i like you. and also dong wook. you are great couple. hehe

  198. 198 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    annyeong haseyo………………….

  199. 199 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    yeah! they are really the best couple, i love them.

  200. 200 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    sarang hamnida too…………………..wookie and mukgu

  201. 201 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    hope i can collect more of your photos……………but of course dong-wook too! take care…………bye.

  202. 202 : princess Says:

    Sangrahamida Dae Hae. You’re very beautifull.I like you’re acting, very naturaly. Lee dong Wook was began went to the Jakarta. When you will go to the Jakarta ?

  203. 203 : sophie Says:

    hola..hola..love 2 c u in my girl movies..u r so cute..wish u all da best in ur life..take care ya..

  204. 204 : dessy_m'sia Says:

    hye..lee da hae.. love u so much. u so cute… very cute. i like u’r acting in my girl. u and lee dong wook are very cute couple.. misszz u n all actor n actress in my girl..

  205. 205 : dessy_m'sia Says:

    what’s up! what’s up..! hye lee da hae… i’m again.. yes! because i’m one of your fan! i like to see you.. u’r face n u’r acting in my girl are very nice. when u want to come in Malaysia.. ???u know, u have many fan in m’sia.. come here with lee dong wook n i guarantee that u will be love Malaysia.. love u..

  206. 206 : dy-ien Says:


  207. 207 : sara Says:

    hello!!! i really luv u in my girl. i really hope dat u will have another drama with lee dong wook in da future

  208. 208 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    hi! hello, da hae.how’s your day? hope it’s been a good, good day………………..

  209. 209 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    i’m hoping that too! in the future that they will team up again soon…..

  210. 210 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    how i love!, u and dong wook in my girl coz u have really a good chemistry.

  211. 211 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    god bless you always!!! hope soon i can meet you personally not just in dream.

  212. 212 : Percila Louis Says:

    Hey, u are such a great actress…. i really luv u in My Girl…. it is a great drama… very funny and romantic…. it is the best drama… better than winter sonata…(it is juz only my oppinion) because i enjoy watching funny and romance drama more than sad and tearing romance…. Heart cannot stand it ….^^ anyway…good luck! and hope to see u one day… hahahaaah!

  213. 213 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    your such really a good actress for me! keep it up and god bless!…………..basya!

  214. 214 : krizz Says:

    ..she’s a good actress and very beautiful
    ..i like my girl very much..
    ,..take care..

  215. 215 : kmchi Says:

    you’re a very good actress & really liked My Girl & Hello Miss….. you were really great in Green Rose, hope you can team up with Go Soo again… looking forward to seeing you on the Big Screen!!! take care

  216. 216 : sophie Says:

    she is a great actress especially in my girl and hello miss… love her..

  217. 217 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    GOOD DAY! DA HAE……………

  218. 218 : brynyl Says:

    halooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!! Da- Hae, nice acting in My Girl and Green Rose,,,,

    Hope you’ll also visit the Philippines like your partner in My Girl, Lee DONG wOOK HAD…

    Keep- up the good work Da- Hae!!!! Gudluck for everything!!!

  219. 219 : acee Says:

    Lee Da Hae, so pretty!!! I like you in my girl so funny!!!! Great loveteam with Julian (Lee Dong Wook)!!! Hope to see your next drama Hello! Miss!!!!! ^_^

  220. 220 : dilnoza Says:


  221. 221 : brooke Says:

    see yah in chapter of MY GIRL 2!!! LUV YAH AND DONG WOOK(julian sa pinas!!!)


  222. 222 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    Annyeong haseyo! Saranghe………………..

  223. 223 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    Hello! You look really pretty. I’m hoping soon that your latest drama series will be aired here in our country, i’m sure it would be a big hit again like MY GIRL. I’m really excited.

  224. 224 : Imuyachan Says:

    Dahae ssi.. hwaiting ! she;s a great actress n also very pretty too 🙂

  225. 225 : yoorincute07 Says:

    Lee Da Hae,i hope you will visits Malaysia.I hope you and Dong Wook will acted in a new drama.

  226. 226 : yoorincute07 Says:

    you’re so cute!!!

  227. 227 : lexuz alpha Says:

    Lee Da_hae….
    Nice name….
    Good face….
    Great achievement in works ^^

    See You in your new movies and dramas…..

    Go-go Lee Da_hae !

  228. 228 : kimcing Says:

    i love ur drama my girl. i’m ur big fan. jajajajajja^_ ^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. 229 : shin bi Says:

    you were really great in Hello Miss…

    Nice Drum Dances and you really look good in Hanbok… somebody commented that you are one of the Korean actresses who really look good in it…

  230. 230 : akoyanz Says:

    you look good

  231. 231 : appelez moi iam Says:

    Lee da hae…
    nice name with good person (je l’espere bien)…

    votre drame que j’ai observé est premièrement “my girl”…
    votre action n’est pas mauvaise, mais vous devez s’améliorer…
    mais maintenant je finis toujours pour observer “hello miss”…
    je pense que votre action dans “hello miss” est un peu meilleure que dans “my girl”…
    Okey ? ? ?
    vous êtes ainsi beau, charmant, mignon, chaud, et probable magnifique (espoir d’I je n’ai pas tort)…
    je vous attendrai pour visiter l’Indonésie…

    I’ll be supporting you…
    I’ll be your fans…
    add fs of mine at [email protected]
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  232. 232 : maricel tobes Says:

    …you know!!!!!!!!!!da hae and dong wook i really,really love you so much!!hehehehe!!!
    i love my girl very much ,,,,,,because it’s so cute,funny,wonderfull,and also very romantic!!!!!!! my girl is the only one of my favorite movie in korea!!! only no.1 in my heart!!!!hehehe,,i love you da hae and dong wook!!!

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    is no.1 from the bottom of my heart,,,it’s true and i am promise!!!!!! from phillippines…only on olongapo city.!!!hehehehe!!! SARANG!!!

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    very desirable!!!!!!!!!!

  237. 237 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

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    i’m E-phonne from Indonesia
    i luph your act in my girl….

    miss u…


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  241. 241 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

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  242. 242 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    Hi!, but for now i am waiting for your drama series “Hello Miss”, to be aired here in our country the Philippines maybe soon and i am so excited for this. i’m sure it would be a big, big hit again like “My Girl” but still i’m a solid donghae fan.

  243. 243 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    so GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. 244 : Sophia Says:

    OMG, UR THE BEST ACTRESS!!! i love u!!!

  245. 245 : Nordelm Says:

    I read some comments below HanCinema news article stating that Lee Da Hae had a plastic surgery. She already stated in one of her interviews that it’s not true. Why will she? She’s already gorgeous, there’s no room for improvement. She looks the same as she was in her first drama to the newest one Hello Miss. She absolutely speaks good English because she graduated at Burwood High School in Sydney, Australia. Her father & brother still live in Australia. She visited them last year. She’s not copying SHK acting style, she has a style of her own proven by her 4 best actress awards from 2004 thru 2006. Pleasse research before you comment (needs facts, not rumor). Does she has a boyfriend? Maybe, I will be very thrilled if LDW is her boyfriend. They sure look great together, chemistry & all. LJH will be okay, too. Who knows. Time will tell.

  246. 246 : rosy Says:

    hai Lee da hae i love you so much your face look so fablours my god! you look good with dong-wook, may god bless you. i can’t stop watching my girl. take care please sent me your photo along with dong-wook.

  247. 247 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    Yeah! you’re right nordelm “need facts not rumor” before they comment. I do believe that her beauty is not fake its natural.

  248. 248 : jasmine yoorin dahae Says:


  249. 249 : Leah Says:

    hi.. lee da hae i like your movie my girl # one her in the philippines, i hope you have another movie her . i watch your movie hello Miss i like it its very funny.

  250. 250 : Brenda Says:

    Ehlow Lee da hae!!! I would like to say hi to you and to your fellow cast members of My Girl. I absolutely LOVE this tv show. I got hooked watching this tv show when I was in the Philippines visiting family but when I came back to America I was sad because I wouldnt be able to finish watching the series. But later on I found out that on youtube it had all the episodes from the tv show and so from then on I finished watching the show on youtube. My Girl was one of those shows that you just can’t stop watching because you want to find out whats going to happen next. I have gone throughout the internet trying to find a way to be able to contact Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae, and Lee Jun-Ki I was looking for e-mail addresses, addresses in Korea where people can write to you like some people also do that to the actors from the Harry Potter movies. The reason why I have been trying to contact you guys is that I wanted to ask you guys if I could have a signed autograph of each of you. I really enjoy watching you guys on screen in your tv shows and movies, & I’m like your biggest fan!!! I would be so happy and really appreciative if you guys could e-mail me back answering my question at [email protected], or if you guys can send me a signed autograph of each of you guys to my address which I can email to you, if you said yes in your email back to me!!! I’m 15 years old and in the tv show My Girl I felt so connected with Yoo-rin. Thank you sooooo much for taking your time to read this, & it would mean so much to me if you guys could each send me a signed autograph, I would be soooo grateful!!!! I just bought the dvd box set of the show, but I’m sad though because the 3 of the 8 dvds were messed up, so now I will have to get replacements. Thank you soooo much!!!!! God Bless You All!!! Wishing you guys a gr8t day!!! Buh-Bye!!! You’ll be blessed!!!

  251. 251 : waina_mysia Says:

    Ola lee dae hae… I like u so much! i love your dramas especially My Girl..it such a great drama I ever watched..Sincerely! u know what, I had been repeatedly watch your drama.. I heard that you have another series with Lee Dong Wook..what’s da title? I am waiting for that!

  252. 252 : nicole Says:

    the most adorable n cutest address korean actress i have never seen in ma life is the one n onle lee da hae..she is the rising star…she got a gret talent….sha acts so welllll…………am out of words…..wel she deserve any awards…………keep fighting lee da hae…you rock………..

  253. 253 : jemimah Says:

    lee da hae…you rock……..i like everything about you…..you act so well……especially in the movie my girl……u inspire me so much…..you r da best n da best of all…u make ur country proud…good going girl……u r a versatile person….dats wat i love to say to u…..u have done an accellent job…..keep working…u r the 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

  254. 254 : yongjin chan Says:

    i’m confused…is lee dae hae have a boyfriend?
    cuz i typed in her name 4 the drama ‘my girl’ (joo yoorin) and it said that her boyfriend is lee jun ki? on some website that was said to be made by joo yoorin
    and i thought..that isn’t joo yoorin boyfriend in the drama, soel gong chan (lee dong wook) is.


    can some1 explain plz

  255. 255 : vhanne Says:

    hello lee da hae… you are the gurl that i want to see,, please visit the philippines,,, i want to see…hahahaha^_^i’l wait for your next tv series, damn your so pretty. i can’t to see, take care.. bye

  256. 256 : brooke Says:

    kahit na tapos ang my girl sikat pa rin kahit itanong mo sa kahit sino sino dyan!!!sana maging kau ni dong-wook kasi mas bagay kayo noh…..si jun-ki kasi.well.well……….akin sya hahaha..si dong-wook kasi past BF ko pero ngayon jun-ki na hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahh, sowi ka nalang.

    pero ganda ng role mo sa my girl the best….sana may part two ng mygirl(syempre kapamilya ang magpapanood para swak sa panlasa)………..

    GO!GO!GOI! leedahae do your best para mas maraming shows mas maraming ka-aadikan hehehe….Solid than stone fan!!!ako noh!!!

  257. 257 : Moenyar Says:

    Hello dear all,

    This series”lotus flower” airs in my country & I’m too eager to know the ending. It’s really interesting.

    Is she end up with the shaman, forgot his name(Kim seong min)? (or) with Jong Soo(Her mother agreed to be with him).

    Really appreciate if you pls. reply by return the ending.


  258. 258 : soso:) Says:

    lee da hae!:)
    i really2 like u,,u are so cute and pretty too!
    and u are good actress too.

  259. 259 : -- 62 gloriawu Says:

    LOVE HER!!
    she was so funny in MY GIRL =]

  260. 260 : tina Says:

    we miss you lee da hae,here in the philippines loves you

  261. 261 : tina Says:

    i really like you miss da hae,take care always hope you have many more projects to come

  262. 262 : tina Says:

    do you have a new movie that we can watch here in the Philippines

  263. 263 : tina Says:

    hope your read all our messages.your a great actress lee da hae

  264. 264 : tina Says:

    we love you here in the philippines,hope to see you in person and i just wish you come here in the Philippines

  265. 265 : tina Says:

    when are you going to make anew series with lee doong uuk,youre a perfect pair,we really like you lee da hae

  266. 266 : [email protected] Says:

    hi! yu know im your no.1 fan here in phils. i like you so much i hope you came in phils. soon……………god bless you………love you………………………….

  267. 267 : jason_indonesia Says:

    hi…I didn’t know u before I watch my girl.I’m amazed with your acting.For me there’s no other korean actress better than u..I hope that u’ll be more famous in the future n become South Korean icon.wish u all the best for your life n your career.I hope u visit Indonesia in the future.Good luck n God bless u

  268. 268 : nAimAh Says:

    i haTe d peeeeeeeTure Th0ugh….

    i h0pe s0meb0dy will change iT c0z she l00ks sweaTy and i haTE ThaT kinda l00k…

    buT i sTill l0ve her…

  269. 269 : GorgeouS eLLe Says:

    wow… a very gorgeous girl…
    wish to see you in person…
    you should come and visit us
    here in the Philippines everyone here loves you!
    including me! of course!

  270. 270 : anis Says:

    really luv ur acting in my girl..i wish i had a sister like you..wish u gud luck..

  271. 271 : kiki Says:

    je t’aime!!!

  272. 272 : IZZAH Says:

    Aniyasayoo….hi Lee Dae Hae. I reallyyyyyyyy love your acting in the My Girl drama with Lee Dong Wook…I hope that one day my dream to flight to Seoul, Korea will be achieved. I hope that I will see you and Lee Dong Wook there. wish me luckkkkkkkk. HIMNIJAAAAAA Lee Dae Hae & Lee Dong Wook, AJAAA & BASHAAAAAAA.

  273. 273 : robert Says:

    lee da hae…….youre a splendid actress…

  274. 274 : Sally Says:

    You are sooo pretty and a good actress as well! You should come here
    in the Philippines. We love you!!

  275. 275 : rhoXanN Says:

    Hi!!! Good Morning and have a nice day!!!! hi i’m rhoxann from the philippines!!! hi Lee Da Hae.. you know, your so very beautiful… and talented!!! i like your acting in your movie MY GIRL!!! you know, your so very popular here in the philippines!!! have a nice day!!!! mwahhh……

  276. 276 : rhoXanN Says:

    Hi!!! i’m rhoxann from the philippines!!! i’m your loyal fan here in the philippines!!! you know, your so very popular here in the philippines!!! you know, i like your act in your movie MY GIRL!!! i’m so very loyal fan in all the korean movie!!! i hope that you’ll visit here in the philippines… i love you all!!!!! have a nice day!!!! taje care always!!!! mwahhh

  277. 277 : ann_yram Says:

    anyong haseoyo!!
    i’m an avid fan of yours.. i watched “hello! my lady.” and i love it.. it was nice and fun.. keep up the good work…

  278. 278 : Brenda Says:

    Ehlow Lee da hae!!! I would like to say hi to you and to your fellow cast members of My Girl. I absolutely LOVE this tv show. I got hooked watching this tv show when I was in the Philippines visiting family but when I came back to America I was sad because I wouldnt be able to finish watching the series. But later on I found out that on youtube it had all the episodes from the tv show and so from then on I finished watching the show on youtube. My Girl was one of those shows that you just can’t stop watching because you want to find out whats going to happen next. I have gone throughout the internet trying to find a way to be able to contact Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae, and Lee Jun-Ki I was looking for e-mail addresses, addresses in Korea where people can write to you like some people also do that to the actors from the Harry Potter movies. The reason why I have been trying to contact you guys is that I wanted to ask you guys if I could have a signed autograph of each of you. I really enjoy watching you guys on screen in your tv shows and movies, & I’m like your biggest fan!!! I would be so happy and really appreciative if you guys could e-mail me back answering my question at [email protected], or if you guys can send me a signed autograph of each of you guys to my address which I can email to you, if you said yes in your email back to me!!! I’m 15 years old and in the tv show My Girl I felt so connected with Yoo-rin. Thank you sooooo much for taking your time to read this, & it would mean so much to me if you guys could each send me a signed autograph, I would be soooo grateful!!!! I just bought the dvd box set of the show, but I’m sad though because the 3 of the 8 dvds were messed up, so now I will have to get replacements. Thank you soooo much!!!!! God Bless You All!!! Wishing you guys a gr8t day!!! Buh-Bye!!! You’ll be blessed!!!

  279. 279 : jessa katrina ebol Says:

    hello!!!! Lee Da-Hae i am so happy about your novel “My Girl” it’s From the Philipine. i am really happy hope that someday you could come or visit the philipines.

  280. 280 : ella mae Says:

    hello…ur so lovely….i lyk d way u act…

  281. 281 : nadia_san Says:

    aniyo hosayo lee da hae!! konichiwa!! ,

    hi my name is nadia and i’m from malaysia. actually i’m fanatic fan for korean drama and also japanese drama and for your info as a right now i already bought more than 100 korean drama including korean movie. i really love and admire with your acting. very natural and cute too. of course for me u are the best korean actress compared to others. i can’t wait your new drama “hello miss” release in malaysia. i hope one day you can visit to malaysia because maybe you don’t know that you have a big fans here in malaysia. i hope one day i can flight to korea and that is my dream. ok lee da hae i wish u good luck and success in your life. bye sayonara. LOVE MALAYSIA AND KOREA!!!

  282. 282 : sele Says:

    Hi! Im a fan of urs from Phils. Im currently watching Hello Xiao Jie. I first watched Green Rose then My Girl. It seems whomever ur partnered with, u hav a good chemistry w/ ur lead man. so i cant really pick who is better partnered with u since i love ur leading men hahaha
    i like ur acting but please forgive me if i comment one- some acting expressions in Hello were same in My Girl. I mean, Im not an actor and definitely not an expert critic but I hope more improvement and less ‘lee da hae’ habits or mannerism.
    i love ur hands, ur face… so beautiful. i enjoy watching ur series. keep it up! More good projects to come. and a good boyfriend 🙂 God bless.

    p.s. will it be possible that u and kim rae won will work together? or kang dong won perhaps hehe

  283. 283 : carine Says:

    hai im carine frOm phil,i like yOu alot ur gorgeous and awesOme take care gOd-bless…..

  284. 284 : Via Says:

    hay i,m your fans from Indonesian……
    Do you know you are so match with Lee Dong Wook in MY GIRL…
    ok see you

  285. 285 : kent Says:

    Hi Miss Lee Da Hae

    Hi my dreamgirl, You so beautiful and cute. i wish to have a girl like you. and i will love her forever. Thanks your my inspiration. i love you.


  286. 286 : kent Says:

    Miss Lee Da Hae

    i wish to have a girl like you. im from phillipines. if someone look a like Lee Da Hae. i want to be your friend. [email protected]


  287. 287 : kent Says:

    to my dreamgirl

    my email is [email protected], im from phillipines

  288. 288 : ryan Says:

    Anneyeoung lee da hae!

    I really want to see you in personal, I also like you very much, since then when I had watched you, I felt that I want to have a girl like you, I know, its quite impossible. anyway, I pray that you visit here in the philippines, you have millions of fans here. I am excited to your new projects, do you have any? I wish so.. Keep it up lee da hae.. I love you so much…

  289. 289 : patkyi Says:

    hey…my cute lee dae hae…can i be ur friend?…i like u so much… lotus flower fairy,green rose,my girl(these movies)all r my like..i like u very much….i love u so much…can i get ur photos?…u r so pretty…i m always ur fan…..

  290. 290 : cj Says:

    you are so pretty! you’re so good in romantic comedies.! keep it up!

  291. 291 : margaret lun Says:

    Hello!My sister ,

    I like your movie.

  292. 292 : Pyae Phyo Aung Says:

    Miss Cho Wan.
    I Like You face & Smile.
    You very BEAUTIFUL madan.

    Kindly reply by mail.
    My mail is [email protected]

  293. 293 : naimah Says:

    again… anyone who moderates this page… pls change the photo of da hae dat ur showing… hehe… i dont like it… she looks sweaty… i hate it… but i love da hae though…. n_________n

  294. 294 : ainul syazwani Says:

    hai da hae.you so cute and pretty.i’m from malaysia.i can’t wait to see you.i hope you can visit malaysia.you can go to muar

  295. 295 : Gadone Says:

    Good day “Miss Cho Wan”
    May I introduce myself?
    My n is Gadone Lay.
    U very good actress.
    I like u.
    Good luck Cho Wan.
    You remember me now reply mail posssible.

  296. 296 : sasoo Says:

    hi lee da hae i love ur drama a lot god bless u a lot good bye i hope u`ll read my message thanx

  297. 297 : Crystal Claire Says:

    Hello Lee Da-Hea…..

    I’m your number 1 fan, I really really adore you…your my favorite korean actress….Hope you can visit here in the Philippines…..
    I love all your movies.

  298. 298 : LL Says:

    Hellow,lee dae hae…L like u very musch!I love ur drama movie especially Lotus Flower Fairy.Pls tell me,end of this story.When are U come Myanmar.

  299. 299 : kth Says:

    she’s leg look like feel good.

    mail : [email protected]

    love u

  300. 300 : salvz Says:

    you are an ANGEL…
    you are the prettiest actress in KOREAN SHOWBIZ

  301. 301 : Yana Says:

    she’s my most favourite idol……………………………..so pretty girl

  302. 302 : chedss Says:

    Anyong, you’re one of the pretty faces in Korea and one of my favorites…i’ll be waiting for your next drama

  303. 303 : edgar Says:

    hi… lee da hae… pls tell me where i can buy more of your dvd… especially lutos flower… pls… thanks

  304. 304 : yuri Says:

    so cute in the drama my girl, keep it up always

  305. 305 : bonnie Says:

    loveya lots.. fabulous acting skill in

    all the best!

  306. 306 : bonnie Says:


  307. 307 : snow Says:

    i love her in My Girl
    she is so FUNNY!!!

  308. 308 : nayah Says:

    hello…..im nayah from philippines…wow ur so preety, funny…i really love watching of all ur series movies esp. MY GIRL….i love u and Mr.Lee dong Wook….good match…take care always

  309. 309 : nayah Says:

    jack of all trades ……..ur d’ best……saranghe ……God bless!

  310. 310 : THANDAR AYE HLAING (MS.) Says:

    Dear Sister,

    You are very simple and cool. We are very loved to you.


  311. 311 : jaya Says:

    saranghe yo jasmine!!!! very much!!! forever!!

  312. 312 : dal Says:

    Lee da Hae, the most versatile korean actress I’ve ever seen. All kinds of roles suited her like she could have multiple identities. She could look from rugged to formal, from serious to sassy and she still look good. Hope to see lots. God bless yah.

  313. 313 : chan guo tan Says:

    you are b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.

  314. 314 : amalia Says:

    Lee Daa Hae!!!! I always luv her acting n performance!!! she’s cute and funny… she’s the best entertainer!!!!

  315. 315 : lovely rose Says:

    helo~~ur good at acting

  316. 316 : ahn dee @ malaysia Says:

    u r so cute..
    love to watch your acting..

  317. 317 : gerlande Says:

    hiiee!!!i frm singapore
    i really luv ur acting
    continue to work hard
    n stay cute n pretty
    “my girl” n “hello!miss” are very nice
    hope to see more of ur drama
    takes care….^^

  318. 318 : khin Says:

    hi!!! da hae
    Mingalarbar (greeting from Myanmar)!!!!!
    When I watch your film lotus flower fairy, I appreciate your acting.
    You are so cute. I invite you to visit my beautiful country Myanmar.
    I wish you – stand at the top always!!

  319. 319 : ija Says:

    wish you will success 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!
    lee dong wook is the best couple 2 you, in your acting

  320. 320 : hye0 Says:

    lee da hae, i really love your acting. you look so cute and acted well in all roles. i am looking forward for your next drama..=)

  321. 321 : rey dioso Says:

    hi… lee da-hae im rey from u.k. i think you are the best korean actress, and you are as beautiful as an angel. i wish to see you in person.

  322. 322 : johnwoo Says:

    i am wai thu .in myanmar

  323. 323 : billiey Says:

    i really like you…you are so cute…

  324. 324 : billiey Says:

    i wish that i will meet u one day…i really want to see u face to face..

  325. 325 : pink Says:

    hi lee da hae, you are my favourite actress among all artise. you acted very well in green rose, my girl and hello miss! i will always support your drama! 🙂

  326. 326 : shane_mcdelyn Says:

    lee da hae is so fun….u go girlllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!ahakz

  327. 327 : soso Says:

    i will support you forever!

  328. 328 : thinzar Says:

    hello.my lovely sis DaHae I love U very much.
    UR so cute in Hello miss!
    UR my favourite attress.I love U sis!!!!!!!!!

  329. 329 : thinzar Says:

    hello my sis DaHae .YR my favourite attress
    UR so cute in Hello miss & sweet 18
    I love U very mush
    DaHae onni Sanglang Hae yoo….

  330. 330 : p0a_l Says:

    you are my favourite actress and i will always support all your dramas.

  331. 331 : hat Says:

    MY fav actress. you are very cute in my girl and hello miss.

  332. 332 : popo Says:

    you are so cool in my girl.

  333. 333 : htet su aung Says:

    lee dahae,
    i like your action.
    i want to meet you.
    i think it will become one day

  334. 334 : quen Says:

    lee da hae, you are my no 1 fav actrees. i really love your acting in my girl. you are so cute 🙂

  335. 335 : peipei Says:

    lee da hae, i am looking forward to all your dramas!

  336. 336 : misskorea Says:

    sape ni?x brape famous sangat kot…tp comel la gak….sy bagi markah 60 jer lar…hihi…:)ina,ain,zura

  337. 337 : chingu91 Says:

    hello!lee da hae unni..u have a talented acting..u can act various roles in drama..from sad to hilarious especially in green rose n my girl..u r my best korean actress..forever n ever..no one can beat u..hehe..fighting!!

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    aarrgghh..!! my precious angel of my heart………

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  341. 341 : ppel Says:

    you are my fav actress. you make me cry and laugh in my girl

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    Da Hae, Love you. Would you be able to have a cup of coffee with me?
    [email protected]

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    Enjoy watching Hello My Lady, and the other handsome actors. That was a good show. You are a good actress and beautiful.

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    the way u act in MY GIRL…so fantastic…
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    oh..forgot ur trademark in my gurl..”issaramicchimatt!!!”

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    your so beautiful….

    i will love you forever…

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    how ya doin???
    u r the best.
    i like u very much.
    there is no other actresses like u..
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    especially me..
    nice to noe u..

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    I saw the article on your new drama “The Robbers”. You look great as always. I’m eager to see this drama when it get aired here in USA or maybe it will be shown in the internet. I hope so. I wish you & Lee Dong Wook get together in a new project. I read that LDW will be in the military soon. Probably when he comes back, he’ll have a new drama or movie with you. You & LDW look great together.

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    just hoping because you really look good together!
    i just really like you and idolize you’re acting skills!

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    u’re sooo cute….hahaha..

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  374. 374 : lolita Says:

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  376. 376 : michelle Says:


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    Da-Hae!!! SaRangAeOe!!! I like ur acting in “MY GIRL” very much!!! Pls fon me!!! 017-6343968 is my h/p no!!! Remember 2 fon me!!! I LOVE U VERY MUCH!!! SaRangAeOe!!!

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    Anneyoung Lee Da Hae

    Do you have a boyfriend?I wants to c u.u live in Seoul,
    right?Can u tell me your address,phone no.and email address?Your acting
    is very good.I like your Drama acting in Lotus Flower Fairy.i love u very much.When r u coming to Myanmar?

  384. 384 : Mary Says:

    Annyeong-haseyo Lee Da Hae.I really like My Girl, you did very well.maybe someday i will come and see you if you still stay in Australia with your family.



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  386. 386 : Princess Jane Says:

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    i really lyk ur prtnership w/ lee dong wook… i lyk da way u carry urself n my girl.. da way u tease julian.. i really adore u… ur very beautiful.. very versatile.. u can do drama, comedy, and u cn evn be a villain…u knw wat my friends call me jasmine coz i dress my hair da way you do n my girl… haha.. ur my favorite among all da korean actress..good lick GOD BLESS U olweiz…

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    annyeong haseyo jasmine…!!!!!

    i really lyk ur prtnership w/ lee dong wook… i lyk da way u carry urself n my girl.. da way u tease julian.. i really adore u… ur very beautiful.. very versatile.. u can do drama, comedy, and u cn evn be a villain…u knw wat my friends call me jasmine coz i dress my hair da way you do n my girl… haha.. ur my favorite among all da korean actress..good luck GOD BLESS U olweiz…

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  390. 390 : sammy Says:

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    hope to see you in other dramas. 😀 iloveyou. Green Rose was sad and you are a freakin awesome actress. continue acting great in dramas!
    언니… 파이팅!!~ ^^

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    And I love this Drama and I love you so…
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    wish you all the best. 🙂

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    I’m indra from Bandung, Indonesia
    I have seen your film, My Girl, It’s very dramatic…
    I hope you want to come to Indonesia… And I hope I can meet you when I go to Korea….
    You’re so cute….
    Be the best actress….!!!! Cayo….. Semangat (indonesian language)

  402. 402 : Marian Ruth Manugas Says:

    Hi! Lee Da Hae, how are you? By the way, I’m Marian Ruth Manugas from the Philippines. You know what, you’re so cute. I really love to watch your movies especially my Girl and Green Rose. I really hope that you’ll visit here in the Philippines, and I wish to see you:-)

  403. 403 : Marian Ruth Manugas Says:

    It’s still me, Marian Ruth Manugas from the Philippines! I forgot to tell you that in our school, my friends used to call me Jasmine even if it’s not my name. It’s because here in the Philippines, you’re name in the movie My Girl is Jasmine. That’s why, I follow your name because I am a very fan of you! I Love You You Lee Da Hae, I hope I can also have a Prince Charming like Lee Dong Wook– your loveteam in the movie My Girl!

  404. 404 : Marian Ruth Manugas Says:

    Anyong Haseo, Lee Da Hae! It’s me again, Marian Ruth Manugas from the Philippines. How are you? Busy working? I hope you’ll have a great day today. Bye! Till next time, God bless you and your loved ones. Take care always. I love you idol:-)

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    I LOVE U
    I LOVE U
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    I LOVE U,

    Have a nice day, Have a good dreams.

    A man who want to look at you forever,

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    It’s me again, everything’s ok. I wish u are in good health. U known u are 3 years older than me, so i want to call u “ma ma” will u be angry for that?
    U know there have lots of people who sent a comment to u, but there have one thing i wish, that u saw my letter and u can understand my mind. As i say i want to look at u, it’s really, so now i tried hard and one day i will come to korea and I want to introduce myself, but there have one thing, sometimes i feel so tired and i really want to meet with u, so would u mind to send a mail to me? If u sent a mail to me i’m a happiest man in the world. And it can give me more strength, so Pl.

    Have a nice day, Have a good dreams.

    A man who’s waithing your letter.

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    I miss you,
    I miss you,
    I miss you,
    miss you like crazy.

    Bye Bye, Have a nice day, Have a good dreams.

    A man who’s waiting ur message.

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  410. 410 : ogy Says:

    we enjoy watching yr acting & drama’s
    hope that you cud work on a project with Kwon Sang Woo
    we admire both of you tremendously….

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  415. 415 : 088 Says:

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    ur my idol……yah.
    luv yah!…………

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    keep up the good work……we love u

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    pls response me….

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    your da best, keep up the good work! ^~^

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    you look very beautiful Lee Da Hae. i like the look when you in the Hanbok, it so beautiful, it like a natural beauty, i like it very much.
    wish you all the best and take care…..bye

  426. 426 : Renzel Says:

    I really appreciate your acting in My girl rather than the acting you’ve done in Hello Miss!. You’ve done justice on the character of Joo Yo Rin. I hope you and Wookie can do a series again just like you’ve done in My Girl. You really have the chemistry together. God Bless!

  427. 427 : ARIS Says:

    anyong ha shim ni ka…..right here from philippines
    im fun of watching MY GIRL>>>>i think do you really love
    LEE DONG WOOK in your actual acting……
    please have more movies with dong wook, because i really love
    when you are in drama or in movie…
    sarang dah hae yo…….WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!:)

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    Hi, LDH you are so cute…. you are very suitable with Lee dong wook…. both of you are romantic… i like watching my girl you are so sweet…..

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    “My girl”, “green rose”, “Hello, Miss”, I’m looking to see “Robber”, I love you, Go ahead, i hope to see more good performance, From HKG

  430. 430 : mayang Says:

    i know she has upcomming tv korea novela at abscbn, i think hello miss, coz i saw last time in tv commercial,way back 2007.

  431. 431 : lee da hae ♥ lee dong wook 4 ever! Says:

    i absolutely adore lee da hae!!!

    im so addicted to my girl!!!

    lee da hae ♥ lee dong wook 4 ever!

    yepp so true!

    i wud be dream cum true if lee da hae and lee dong wook were together and if i got to meet them!!!! haha!

    anyways buhbye for now


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    anyway, holy crap!!!!!!!
    ii can’t belibve its u!!1

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    hi,Lee Da Hae…u look so cute in “my girl”…so,b da best actress in Korea…i hope u will visit Malaysia n like it…ok??!

  434. 434 : 099889 Says:

    you are one of the best actress in korea

  435. 435 : nini Says:

    hello Lee Dae Hae…

    U r very beautiful & sweet gal, i like e way u smile.
    and ur acting in My Girl really lively with Lee Dong Wook, u guys a real compatible couple. love u…

    Can’t wait to see ur upcoming drama with Lee Dong Wook

  436. 436 : che Says:

    hi im just one of ur fans who really like the way u act. u really could cry without so much effort which makes u a natural born actress aside from being a beutiful woman so keep it up and more power

  437. 437 : che Says:

    ur such a wonderful woman in the tv series where i’ve seen u. i just hope u r that kind of person in real life coz i like u there. god bless u

  438. 438 : che Says:

    i watched one of ur interviews and u said there u didnt smoke and drink and its just so nice of u really coz i heard most of actresses do have some vices and hearing u didnt have those vices it just add to my admiration for u so keep up the healthy lifestyle

  439. 439 : mayang Says:

    i think she have show in abs , yung hello miss!

  440. 440 : papa andi Says:


  441. 441 : abby Says:

    so funny in My Girl..

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    hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hope u doing fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hope u will have a part 2 of my girl. .u and lee dong wok r perfect match.

  443. 443 : meriam Says:

    hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am ur avid fan of my girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am also ur no 1 avid fan and also 2 lee dong wok

  444. 444 : xanthe Says:

    ur so beautiful i admire u so much’………ur so great i evan get carried away by ur acting skills hope more projects to come ……gud luck on ur lyf”^.~tc alwiez….xanthe

  445. 445 : AsYNouR Says:

    hai i really like u in ur movie ‘ my girl’ u are so cute…

  446. 446 : lyne_bear Says:

    i am from Malaysia…you are too cute for me… i have watch your drama …. i love watching you in Green Rose with Go Soo…. i never thought that you have bring truely a different character in My Girl with Lee Dong-wook and Hello! Miss… i really respect you as my favourite actress!!!
    my e-mail is… [email protected]

  447. 447 : claudine Says:

    anyonghaseyo!your such a wonderful,great,very good actress.hpoe that you could come here in philippines,you have meany fans here..
    your team up with dong was loved by everybody,but in my opinion,your team up with jee hoon was much better, when you are together you look vey great in each others arms…

  448. 448 : star Says:

    you are ADORABLE ! !
    even girls cant help but think so =)
    i really admire yu lin. tc

  449. 449 : notick Says:

    lyne_bear, awk wt mlu malaysia la..

  450. 450 : jajo Says:

    you are very beautiful,i wish to see you one day.love you.

  451. 451 : miza Says:

    I start become a fan of korean drama after wacthed your series in My Girl. Now I am looking your latest drama (robber). I hope that you can work with Lee Dong Wook in new drama. You realy have the chemistry together.

  452. 452 : eearah Says:

    hya da hae.i like u in my girl.u r talented.i can’t wait 4 hello!lady anymore.daaa…

  453. 453 : ishaa Says:

    i hate u da hae becoz you are very over acting
    i like ur face ur pretty but i hate u sorry

  454. 454 : anjeanette Says:

    No, she isn’t overacting..But it’s ok, we have our own opinions..But for me, LEE DA HAE, is awesome..She do have cute face and and very talented..i like you in MY GIRL..hope you will have another drama with LEE DONG WOOK, you two have good chemistry..i like you both! =)

  455. 455 : jUstiN Says:

    she never did any movies yet?

  456. 456 : tza roo lin Says:

    why the real lee da hae was totally different compared with her character in the drama..i am so frust

  457. 457 : Ching Hwe Says:

    Lee Da Hae.. I like you so much.. Everything.. you’re so beautiful.. but, i was so dissapointed when one day my friend (who also like you) said to me that you’ve got a plastic surgery for your face.. i was so dissapointed.. and until now, i want to know the true.. She said that 80% of Korean Actress have got a plastic surgery like you.. Because of that, even if my face is not as pretty as your face, but i’m happy because it was my “real” face.. Thank you..

  458. 458 : karen Says:

    you look ssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    beautiful. i love you acting.
    so keep tring.

  459. 459 : Lina Says:

    Pretty Lee Da Hae, you are one of the best actress I’ve seen in Korea after Han Chae Young. I heard that you speak many different laugages such as Korean, English & Mandarin…
    Recently you have tried hard to sing” I Love Rock & Roll” & is cool when you played the drum, you’ve did a great performance, keep it up!
    You did well in “My Girl” & “Hello Miss” but “Robber” is not as good maybe because of the actor is not so good looking enough standing beside you. Comedy is still best for you cause you are fun, lovely & beautiful.
    Hope to see your next drama series & movie soon, your singing album as well.

  460. 460 : shahnoza Says:

    h,LEE DA HAEu’ role i my girl so beatiful.u’r really talat .actress. i’d like to see u as in comedy. because i image u merry and seriosly.thanks u.

  461. 461 : a fan ^,^ Says:

    like u so much..u not just a pretty face..but also talented..really enjoyed the drama of my girl..full of humor..love..sad..congrats..when will come to malaysia..

  462. 462 : MAERSKI Says:

    LEE DA HAE is the best! I really enjoyed her films! hope she’ll do movies this year and lots and lots of drama’s.

    fingers crossed!

  463. 463 : Ho Ho Ho Says:

    Your performance is very charmful and active. We like you very much.

  464. 464 : samuel Says:

    you are my favorite korea actress.
    you did well in My Girl and also Lotus Flower Fairy.
    i hope to see you in new dramas and new movies..

  465. 465 : chanmyae Says:

    Le Da Hae is my favorite actress……she is cute……i love her

  466. 466 : shaheraff Says:

    OMG,lee da hae is my idol.eventhough im just 14 years old. love lee da hae.saranghaeyo. 😀

  467. 467 : shaheraff Says:

    oh wait, can anybody answer me?
    how come da hae is different then her personality on tv?
    anybody can explain to me? is she bad or something?

  468. 468 : king shine Says:

    Hi,lee da hea I want to be your friend

  469. 469 : samanosuke Says:

    Hi Lee dae hae,
    I am your auditor of you.
    Your action can attract to my mind..
    I want to meet on online..
    Can you invite me your friendships..

  470. 470 : NARYN Says:

    you looks so cute.i like you very much as your boyfriend like you….haha….SARANGE YOU….

  471. 471 : NARYN Says:

    u look so different in Green Rose.i’m very shocked when i saw your acting in My GIRL and Hello My lady.your acting are very good and stay in my heart………love u very much…..send me a smile .pleazzzzz.i’M from malaysia….i’M YOUR BIG FAN…

  472. 472 : Monica Says:

    Hi, Da Hae Lee, I love you. I like you. You are so beautiful like a fairy or an angel. Lotus Flower Fairy is very good. You are so active in “My Girl”

  473. 473 : santa Says:

    I still believe her best performance is in Robbers. Such an underrated series.

  474. 474 : kiep Says:

    hi byun da hae?
    can i know your address in korea or australia.
    coz i want to send you letter…
    but then it should be really ok if u give me your email?
    ok thats all…plss….i dream bout u all night and day…
    my email….
    [email protected]..
    your secret admire and fanatic

  475. 475 : belinda Says:

    so you’re an aussie!! ur so cute spexaly in my girl..did u also star wid lee ji hoon??? HE’S MINE!!

  476. 476 : Tienne Says:

    I like all your drama, Lee Da Hae!!! They were always fun to watch.
    I think you need to start starring in Daeha series. I believe you will play good and off course….you will me be more famous than ever..

    See you on your next drama…..

  477. 477 : alison Says:

    i lk u lee da hae..u r cool

  478. 478 : alison Says:

    lee da hae,u r cool..hope i cn go 2 korea 2 c u n the other stars..

  479. 479 : alison Says:

    apusayo,anninghasayou!!lee da hae my ambition is being a actress.Bt i dun thk my parents wil lt it cme true.i really hope i cn b lk u..hope my wish cme true
    although i am jz 13..hihi..tata….

  480. 480 : mary lyn Says:

    anyongseyo! how are u? lee da hae i know ur busy today too shooting i like you lee da hae your so sweet and fabulous and wise girl too ur couple i like to u is lee dong wook your the best couple or loveteam i like ur movie in the my girl and all the cast pls leave my messege sarangye da hae thanks!

  481. 481 : afiqah Says:

    hello,lee da hae…how r u?hope u hppy alwys..how’s u rltionshp with lee joo ki?i hope u 2 become a couple one day…i waiting a gud news from u 2…hppy always….-AFIQAH FROM MALAYSIA

  482. 482 : january.thu Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!you are so beautiful. i always your fan.

  483. 483 : january.thu Says:

    i always watching your movies.so good. i think you are most beautiful in the world.Please dont cut your hair!i like your hair in GREENROSE AND lotus flower fairy but now you are so beautiful.I am sorry.please forgive me.i dont say your hair is not good.LEE DONG WOOK AND YOU ARE …….. . i say your hair is so good now. dont work alot! i dont want you fever. PLEASE REPLY ME! I give my email adddress.
    [email protected]

  484. 484 : afiqah Says:

    happy birthday to you..happy always,i like you smile so smile always coz thats look you always young and more beautiful…so,if u get this hope i will be you fan n i give you my friendster mail…[email protected]…i realy want to be you fan…thank you…

  485. 485 : january.thu Says:


  486. 486 : january.thu Says:


  487. 487 : aix_guiRl Says:

    da hae.

    beLated haPpy biRthday….saRanghe…moRe poWers aNd moRe pRojeCts…caNt wait to see you aGain on sCreen aFter a veRy loNg tiMe in gReen rOse aNd my girL wiTh go SoO,leE doNg woOk anD lee juN ki…gamsameDa…

  488. 488 : SAMMY Says:

    Hmm. . . . sorry for the late wish. SANGIL CHUKAEYO (I think that’s how you spell it). I hope are your wishes come true and you’re so pretty! I love the drama My Girl that you were in. I think that YOU and LEE DONG WOOK make a great couple. Actually, I know so! AHAHAHAHs You’re such a good actress and god, did I mention that you’re pretty, AHAHHAs
    And I agree, I wanna go to Korea to meet you, and other acters/actresses, uhh. . . like Lee Dong Wook. (>.

  489. 489 : yanti Says:

    hi Joo rin..really like ur drama My Girl till now..still wacthing it recently..u n Dong Wook r a gud couple..u two got the chemistry..wish u n he will be really dating..happy belated birthday..n gud luck..ur fan from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia..hope u will come here for a fantastic holiday..waiting..

  490. 490 : sheena Says:

    She is really pretty….hmm…She acts good….She is really a best actress..I really love My Girl…huhu…U r my idol…

  491. 491 : atien azira Says:

    hello!!sorry for wishing your birthday late.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!hope u always happy with your family.

  492. 492 : atien azira Says:

    oh god!!you are so pretty!!!i always dream to be pretty just like you!!!what’s your secret to look always beutiful???????

  493. 493 : lelit b pastoril Says:

    hello my dear….hope you and lee dong wook can make another movie….you know here in the Philippines you two are very popular and longing to see the two of you will make many movies or television dramas, love story, and comedy…..take care always and belated Happy happy birthday God bless

  494. 494 : zzzLovezzz Says:


    -such a brilliant actress! she can nail any kind of role and that’s really amazing! a big salute!

    – from an actress to a singer- she can pull of a rock show with her sassy attitude. and oh, in case you guys fail to watch the MFMK 2007 awards, she had one hell of a performance (esp the drum solo she did!)

    – she’s an inspiration to many and she’ll always be my all time fave actress! belated happy birthday to you Lee Da Hae! and keep doing what you love!

  495. 495 : january.thu Says:

    heY!you are so beautiful in model show.it is in ……. .i like you verymuch.

  496. 496 : izzah Says:

    Oh, Lee Da Hae..
    My favourite korean actress of all..
    She’s cute, beautiful..

    Stupid la kalau ada orang tak minat kat dia,

  497. 497 : Kimiy-chan Says:

    What’s her email add? 🙂

  498. 498 : malaysian fan Says:

    youre so cute ….my girl…lee da hae …do you have email adress

  499. 499 : The_Beast Says:

    Lee Da Hae-beautiful,alluring,adorable. Everyman’s fantasy! Everywoman’s jealousy. Love all your Dramas; good and not so good!

  500. 500 : The_Dwarfs Says:

    Ode to Lee Da Hae,
    You make us laugh, you make make us cry.
    In the fantasy world of make-believe you make your character come alive.
    You are so talented, it must be God’s little gift to us, reminding us that live is not all a grind.
    You can act comic, you can act serious, and you can cry so well.
    You can move with grace and poise, smile with sweetness and charm and yet you can sing and dance a Rock and Roll.
    What’s more can one say, You are a real jewel in Korea!
    You are a class act.
    You light up our lives with your roles and make our mundane life interesting.
    Your look redefine our Asian beauty look, and make us proud of you.
    If per chance you meet with any criticism, remember it speaks more about them than about you.
    Happy belated birthday!

  501. 501 : lihongfang Says:

    hi, lee da hae! “happy birthday”.i like the way you act in “hello,miss” and “my girl”.it’s so cool.you acted very well .wish you be always pretty and smart like the chacracter in your film.your image is in my heart and other audience forever.i am waiting for your new success!good luck
    your fan from VIET NAM.

  502. 502 : halfeez Says:

    hye… lee da hae! “happy belated birthday”.i like the way you act in “hello,my lady” and “my girl”.it’s so cool.you acted very well .wish you be always pretty and smart like the chacracter in your film.your image is in my heart and other audience forever.i am waiting for your new success!good luck
    your fan from MalaySia

  503. 503 : ifa Says:

    ai lee da hee…
    i love u so much..
    i’m really admire u..
    u’re the best actress at this moment….
    i will waiting for ur next movie…

  504. 504 : Rechal Says:

    hye… lee da hae! “happy belated birthday”.i like the way you act in “hello,my lady” and “my girl” I’m hoping that your latest drama series will be aired here in our country, i’m sure it would be a big hit again like MY GIRL.
    u’re the best actress at this moment….
    Take care and may God bless you and your loved ones forever!

  505. 505 : dae nah-shii Says:

    i love her in my girl! go get it gurl!

  506. 506 : chye lin Says:

    Tall, beautiful and talented. Come to Singapore.

  507. 507 : kee loon Says:

    hello, i’m one of your fans from malaysia, i like your movie so much!! Hope that i will see the movie that u act such as My Girl or Hello Miss!! btw, u act very well and good luck to you…most important is wish you beautiful and cheerful always just like sometime in Hello Miss there.

  508. 508 : Atinpeace Says:

    you’re so cute. i love u….

  509. 509 : Atinpeace Says:

    one day, i want to meet you. can you wait for me. you’re so cute.

  510. 510 : jemaya_10 Says:

    wow your so cute,,. and beautifull too,., keep up the good work…

  511. 511 : safuan Says:

    hello,I am your no1. fan from Malaysia.you are very cute and beautiful.I am like your acting in hello ,my lady and my girl.You are very talented.i hope you will be the best actress in korea.

  512. 512 : hirose Says:

    hi…how r u….ur r so cute…i’m 1 of ur fan…can u come 2 malaysia? me n my family oledy go 2 ur country..we also visit the jeju iland…tat place was very intersting…..ermm….r u going 2 the olimpik sport in beijing? please reply my msg ok…papai…muahhh

  513. 513 : hirose Says:

    next yearss..we went 2 soel 2 visit my cousin…i hope we can meet there n get ur autograf n take some pic with u….

  514. 514 : ZIRa & aDa MALAYSIA Says:

    I AM UR BIGGEST FAN DON’T UR KNOW……………:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    can i be like u?
    i want to be as strong as u!! (MY GIRL)
    u have given me spirit to face many problems..


    hi.i’m your no1 fan from Malaysia.remember me.i hope will meet u at korea.
    i will be there during my practical on board of ship.i also want wish u best of luck for your journey of your carrier.

  516. 516 : Leilani Says:

    You’re great in Robbers, Hello Miss, Green Rose and of course My Girl! Superb acting. Keep on doing entertaining korean dramas. More power!

  517. 517 : Cm22 Says:

    Lee Da Hae is the best! In Green Rose she had such a serious role, but in My Girl, she was so happy and cute!

  518. 518 : chee Says:

    you’re soooo adorable. :]
    i hope to seee you in a new drama soon.
    maybe you’ll work with Dennis Oh.
    i think you and him would make a cute tv couple. hehe :]

  519. 519 : sindarella Says:

    hello lee da hae! love your character in my girl!
    hope to see u in Malaysia…..
    wish u good luck in your career….u’re soooooo cute

  520. 520 : reiko Says:

    hello.. nie hao… i just want 2 say “I LOVE U”

  521. 521 : Annie Ong Says:

    Hi Da Hae, i love to watch your show, especially My Girl, watch many times and still love it so much.

    I will always support you !!

  522. 522 : hidayah Says:

    Hi Lee Da Hae!!

    I dont know are you going read this, but my friends and I are really really going crazy when we heard “Ju Yoo Rin” or “Lee Da Hae”!

    We really love you and good luck!!

  523. 523 : sofea Says:

    i love your movie so much.
    i hope to see in malaysia soon.
    i also hope to see in a new drama
    maybe you`ll work with Kwan Sang Woo.
    I love your movie especially My Girl
    you are so sweet………..
    When you`ll come here,Maalaysia?

  524. 524 : Far akma_ju yoo rin Says:

    yea boo sae yoo….lov ya so much Ju Yoo [email protected] Dae Hae..hope to see ya in Malaysia soon…muaaahhhhzzzzzzzzzzz……

  525. 525 : ahaha Says:

    fighting!.. aja!

  526. 526 : reiko Says:

    twice oredi i go this webside.. hehe…. if u read my message.. thank u. LOVE U ALWAYS…..

  527. 527 : jIetZ Says:

    hi, I’m ur No.1 fan. i like ur acting.
    the most i like ur acting in HELLO MISS AEGESSHI. u such a very nice girl. but in My Girl ur acting like so funny. whatever is i like all about u.
    I’m from MALAYSIA. I think u have so many fan in Malaysia.
    Why not u come here…..
    ok…. thats all. keep it up ur character. I luv u alwayz….

  528. 528 : sarah Says:

    Lee Da Hae is the best actress 4eveeeeeer…
    i love you LDH go go go Bbachyaaaaaaaa…..^_^

  529. 529 : Hilola Uzbekistan Says:


  530. 530 : KAMOLA Says:


  531. 531 : yana_earthvois Says:

    I’m one of your fans in M’sia.
    i really enjoy your acting..
    keep up a good work!!

  532. 532 : grace a. Says:

    i wish you visit here in the philippines.i love your acting and your such a funny person.ur the number one for me.nAkzZz
    i like you very much.

  533. 533 : lee da hae fan Says:

    to all fans of lee Da hae..
    plz do have a comment for her….
    so that she become no. 1 for the most commented actresses and actors..

  534. 534 : Edel giroN Says:

    Helo lee da hae…u KNow what?..i’m 18 yr old guy wh0 want t0 seE U…i’m taking up nurSing..ANG 2 yearS i wilL be graduAting..I h0pe that when i finish my stUdy nd get s0me m0ney,i wilL fly to korea just to see y0u..UR VEry beauTiful nd gorgeous..I hope ulL reAd this…becAuSE i am TOTalLy inl0ve wid u..09276620300..my number…im fr0m philipPines…so take cAre,godblesS..and be blesS..

  535. 535 : Larrrralovveee Says:

    umm…helo umm right know im in US so its really hard to find shows where you and dong wook are working togethercuz i really like you and him as a love team weelll hope to hear it from you ……. TC

  536. 536 : nelle Says:


  537. 537 : nelle Says:

    i really like you in hello miss

  538. 538 : lalhruaizela Says:

    I really like you. I mean you’re a perfect actress and I really like your serial “The Green Rose”. You’re also….pretty. I wish I could meet you one day.

  539. 539 : Hello Says:

    Hi there! I am about to start watching all of you tvseries. I have watched already your other series, Hello!Miss, Green Rose, and My Girl and I agreed to the rest of comments. You’re an excellent actress! You act so realistic. When you laugh; I laugh, When you cry; I cry too. Kim from Philippines here.

  540. 540 : Patrisher Genna Says:

    Hey!u r so cute gurl.i luv u..u r good in acting.SOOO COOOOOL gurl.!!!

  541. 541 : EMO Says:

    hi!u r so cute.fighting!!!!

  542. 542 : kim jae ha Says:

    she’s very cute in my girl

  543. 543 : eujin28 Says:

    you act really nice, you should have played the role of yi nok in hong gil dong, (sorry for fans of sung yu ri)

    but i like you so much because you don’t act in front of a camera but in a natural way looks like reality

  544. 544 : susuna Says:

    i love korean movies which is you acted. good luck and best wishes

  545. 545 : susuna Says:

    I want to meet you and take a picture.

  546. 546 : Angel Says:

    Lee Da-Hea….why r u so pretty? I love your cute face..anyway, I’ll be always your fun. Fighting.!!!!!

  547. 547 : Kim Says:

    je ireum..kim immida! how are u? you know iam ur biggest fan.. g0od lucK!

  548. 548 : saku Says:

    Hi lee da hae! you were really cute in MY GIRL! i think you and jun ki make a better couple thou…. i hope you do a drama with him!!~^^best wishes…’you’ll be blessed!’

  549. 549 : heba Says:

    really, u make me love the korean drama and follow it , we have a lot of people who want to follow any thing for u here in egypt.

    your role in my girl was fantastic. and u gave me power to face my problem with my boyfriend because i have a problem like with u in my girl. but mine will be unsolved forever.

    always i say to myself , fight like u and now i am trying to overcome and fight.

    good luck and wait more from u

  550. 550 : Jane Says:

    so gorgeous! u’re my no. 1!

  551. 551 : lalaine Says:

    hi lee da hae, im one of your fans from philippines, i love your tv series “my girl” i like your acting your such a funny your so beautiful and very good actress. we love you much…..

  552. 552 : xxx Says:

    LEE DA-HAE, the BEST actress…………………………..

  553. 553 : saku Says:

    HIYA! lee da hae! ur a really funny actress and ur smile is really natural! ur a great actress! i love you in MY GIRL! i think you and JOON ki is a really good match. keep up the hard work!^^

  554. 554 : Jos3phz Says:

    LEE DA HAE you’re so awesome in Robber and I love your smile it touches my soul keep it up girl and I love you =) Hope to see you again in your coming drama .. God bless always.

  555. 555 : dream Says:

    I’m from singapore and i love korean drama alot.. i know you through sweet 18 and then my girl and hello miss… i love ur acting alot n u r very pretty… please come to Singapore !!!

  556. 556 : Mr.Thet Says:

    Dear Ms.Lee Da-hae

    I’m Mr.Thet, Myanmar and the one who is watching your movies and your aduience. I used to watch your Movies from Myawaddy Channel which presented from Myanmar. We like your performance so much and we want to meet you. Everynight, we have to wait and watch your movie sections.
    You are so attractive lady. Especiall your body structure, your styles, your apperance, your performance can be bewtiched our Myanmar audiences… You are so pretty …
    As conclusion, I’d like to get your reply or acknowledge if you get my comment. Pls, keep in touch. My email address is as follow…
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  557. 557 : Mr Quang Says:

    lee da hae is the best girl

  558. 558 : Mr Quang Says:

    lee da hae can add nickname sogoku19922007

  559. 559 : cathy herrera Says:

    hi lee da hae its me cathy from philippines.. im an avid fan of yours. wish i was you. you know what you inspire me a lot in your comedy love story series MY GIRL. you and lee dong wook really are so perfect couple. Sumday when i have children i will name it after the two of you. stay sexy, faboluous and glamorous. we both have the same smile kip smiling. You’ll be blessed! mwah jasmin! -cathy h. (manila, PH)

  560. 560 : aaa_nia Says:

    Hi!!!!!!!!!..know wat??..,you’re my favorite Korean actress..you’re so beautiful..hope you have time to come in d phil….SARANGHE!!!!!!!!!!!……………KAMSANIEDA

  561. 561 : Vy Says:

    Hi, LDH ^^ I’m 1 of your fans in Viet Nam. I really love u as Yoo Rin in My Girl, you’re so cute with Dong Wook. I always love u and I hope u and DW will be together! ^^

  562. 562 : Haidy Says:

    Hello! Lee Dae Hye your really great in ROBBER with Jang Hyuk perfect macth with that k drama,we really having fun watching it,good story line,nice theme song and all cast are good and fun to watch,good luck girl!!!!!

  563. 563 : soe nge Says:

    rarely watch Korean movies and My Girl is the best film I ever seen. Fighting Yoorin!

  564. 564 : esther :) Says:

    omg Lee Da Hae unnie you’re really pretty and fabulous at acting !
    i loved watching My Girl ! BEST DRAMA no lie.
    &&+ Ju Yu Rin was so cute n comedic in it n that was why i was so hooked on that drama. i am now your fan

  565. 565 : Kellyvara Says:

    You’re so ugly. I love watching ‘Hello Miss’ but it’s sad that you act in that drama. You’re just not the right actress. I don’t know why, but the way you act isn’t natural. Please learn from Han Ye Seul or Yoon Eun Hye. It’s my suggestion.

  566. 566 : leeanne Says:

    how dare u kellyvara to comment like that to da hae!!do u have any
    eye deffects hah?..i may suggest also to have an eye check up!!ok!!

  567. 567 : rubi Says:

    Hi…..Ms. Joo Yu Rin!….An nyeong ha se yo!!!
    pls. add me…[email protected]
    gamsahamnida……..I love u so much…….

  568. 568 : joeleean Says:

    Hello My Girl Jasmine….u know what i am so inlove with u
    ur so pretty korean i’ve ever seen…especially in Ma-i geol
    pls.add me [email protected]
    sarang hom ni da……:>

  569. 569 : Kellyvara Says:

    Ok ok, Lee Da Hae is pretty, alright. But She’s look much mature (or older) I might say. She only acts well with Senior actor. Like in “Hello Miss”, she look a bit older than Lee Ji Hoon. He’s such a handsome little prince, while Da Hae is like his elder sister! But overall, I love the drama she acted.

  570. 570 : blackcherry Says:

    I like so much your acting and your style.
    I want to be a friend with you.
    If you want to be a friend with me, I request you to send your photos with cheerful smile to my g-mail ( [email protected])

  571. 571 : princess Says:

    Anh nyoung ha sae yo!Da hea.I am cheata,Cambodia.I just want to let you know that i love your charactor in ”My girl”very much.Iwant to see you in more other film again. Bye!Bye!Anh nyoung hee ka sae yo!

  572. 572 : Tedi Says:

    Just finished watching My Girl very enjoyable and fantastic acting.
    You studied in Sydney, surprise.
    I am from Brisbane.

  573. 573 : lunastar Says:

    Lee Da Hae’s such an amazing actress….loved her drama My Girl….my favourite drama yet!!

    hope you do many more dramas in future…especially with Lee Dong Wook ^o^ those two make a great couple!! 🙂

  574. 574 : yhan_cute Says:

    Hi lee Da hae,.Sarang he!ur so cute,i like yah style,guyz frm da phil,tx me,.09064194640,.il w8,.han sang tyuk bu heyo,.

  575. 575 : Haidy Says:

    World class korean drama ROBBER Lee Dae Hye with Jang Hyuk watch this k drama surely you will enjoy watching it, promise, wonderful drama.

  576. 576 : isz Says:

    you’re my princess…i love u

  577. 577 : zaw Says:

    I like you

  578. 578 : momo Says:


  579. 579 : -april19- Says:

    Da hae, sarang ha ni ka!!!! God only knows how much i admire and adore you. I’m going to ” virgin of guadalupe” tomorrow, it’s a kind of sacrificing for a wish!! I will pray for you…every night i really pray for you. You’ll always be in my prayer!!
    Me and my little sister have conflict in a lot of things, but despite that fact, we are one when it comes to you! You made us unite!!
    For me it’s a blessing from above knowing such a person like you. You’re name and all about you carved and embedded unto my heart. It can never be erased.!! I love your laughter,you smile, your tears…everything about you, especially your attitude towards your fans!! I hope i can meet you!! God Bless! Sarang he!!

  580. 580 : linda tan Says:

    Dear lee,

    i really like all the drama act by u, u can really act up to all
    the different role.



  581. 581 : fert Says:

    hello lee da hae..wow..your such a beautiful gal.You really captured my heart..hehe..hope i can see you in person.please visit the philippines..


  582. 582 : secret Says:

    i am a huge fan of you and lee dong wook keep it up hope i can know you better

  583. 583 : kristine Says:

    u’re so cute and pretty… you’re one of the outstanding actresses in korea for me…

  584. 584 : khantaung91 Says:

    Hello,I think you are very beautiful actress.
    Please give me your photo and address.
    my mail address is [email protected].
    I waite for reportmail.

    Bye Bye ledahae

  585. 585 : Mary Joy Says:

    Hi!! miss lee da hae… I am your fan here in the philippines hope to visit our country soon……by the way, i watch all of your shows here…you are a good actress…if you want to e mail me this is my e mail add. [email protected]

  586. 586 : Mikhael Says:

    Hello Miss Lee Da Hae……I’m a fan of you, you are so beautiful…. You are a good actress… i like your show Hello My Lady,that is so beautiful.. I hope you can visit our country soon..You are so pretty… We love you!!!!!!!!!!!

  587. 587 : Mikhael Says:

    Hello Miss Lee Da Hae……I’m a fan of you, you are so beautiful…. You are a good actress… i like your show Hello My Lady,that is so beautiful.. I hope you can visit our country soon..You are so pretty… We love you!!!!!!!!!!! Please reply my comment if you have a free time, just add me here’s my email address. [email protected]

  588. 588 : Quinn Says:

    Do you think Lee Da hae will answer your msg’s people! Come on! She’s cute and everything but I think Song hye Kyo is WAY BETTER! Lee Da Hae’s look is normal for korean girls in Sydney!

  589. 589 : -april19- Says:

    That’s your opinion Quinn!!! if you think kyo is a way better than her, then we can do nothing about that!!!! All we know is we love and admire her not just because of her pretty face!!! We can see something about her that you can’t see and you’ll never ever see!!

  590. 590 : Quinn Says:

    To -april19- :

    If April is truly your name, then you have a really nice name!

    As for Lee Da Hae! She use to go to the school not far from mine..I know what she is like in peson….and trust me when I say this! Song Hye Gyo is way better! hehe

    I was wondering…would you be able to help me get over 4000 comments for Song Hye Gyo?

  591. 591 : -april- Says:

    Quinn, we have different views,insights and opinion!! I really don’t want to argue nor dispute with you about that thing!!! If you don’t like Da Hae then pursue hating her!! but, just one thing, be considerate and open- minded!!

    By the way Quinn, how could you say or what particular aspect can you say that Da hae is better than Kyo? Is it the beauty? or attitude?

    Well, if it is for the beauty, I admit that Kyo is really pretty!! but, in terms of attitude I know Da Hae is really a good person!!! I think it is perceive the way she response to her fans, even in the way she laugh, she smile and she talk and I know you’re gonna ask me if how sure I am about that thing or ask me if I really meet Da Hae personally!!!

    But Quinn, despite of that fact I just want you to know that there is something about Da Hae that makes me admire her or let say moves me like Kyo did to you!!

    Anyway Quinn, aren’t you satiated or tired about comparing Kyo and Da Hae??*SIGHS*!!!

    Lastly Quinn, I think it’s not about who’s better?? It is about who tattoed and embedded unto our hearts!!
    God Bless!!!!

  592. 592 : geles Says:

    i agree with -april-.

    we just want to support our favs….
    of course i hope ppl will comment on song hye jyo,she’s pretty…

    but i hate it if ppl comment bad about ldh!

    she’s cute,pretty and kind!!!she looks so friendly!
    i hope i can see her in person!
    hope she will have another drama with ldw:)
    that’s my wish…hope will come true….
    -the sweetest couple-

    saranghae ldh

  593. 593 : -april19/april- Says:

    To Quinn:

    We’re posting a comment here not because:
    1. Somebody’s IMPOSED it or tell us to do so
    2. Somebody commanded us
    3. We are OBLIGED
    4. It needs to
    We posted that comment because WE WANT TO! WHOLE HEARTEDLY and it is our WILL to post it EVEN THOUGH we know and we are aware that Da Hae can’t read this. We know that it is just a wishful thinking.
    We’re posting a comment also because we want to SAY, EXPRESS and EXCLAIM how we love Lee Da Hae. THROUGH that way it make us feel PACIFY and EASE!

  594. 594 : daisy Says:

    Whatever happens, let us continue supporting lee da hae!

    By the way guys, try to look at lee da hae’s blogs! It’s all about her newest drama entitled “east of eden”!
    But I’m just very much worried about her now, she’s very skinny.
    Also her newest endorsement for samsung!

    Love you so much Da hae!

  595. 595 : Cecilia Says:


    Hi…Ms. Lee Da-hae!!! you know what I’m really one of your fan here in the Philippines….I wish I could see you in person…because I really love you you’re so beautiful and very good actress I love your shows, My Girl and Green Rose… I hope you may read this because it’s my dream to meet you in person in fact my ambission is to have a successful job, To be a famous Car Drifter in whole wide world and to live there in Seoul, South Korea….
    I lOvE yOU Ms. LEE DA-HAE….. I will always support and love you…….
    Ms.Lee Da-hae, I also would like to have your reply plzzzzzz…..
    at least with your reply I woiul be very happy….
    here’s my email add… Thank You so much….
    [email protected]

    always take care!!!a nd I will always support you….

  596. 596 : Cecilia Says:

    Everyone let’s continue support Ms. Lee Da-hae,
    she’s the best…..
    Ms. Lee Da-hae we love you so much…..
    especially me…..

  597. 597 : geles Says:

    u have lee da hae blog?
    what is it?
    are u sure it’s hers?
    if anybody noe her blog can tell me too^^


  598. 598 : ivy Says:

    hi, I love you . I like your video . My girl is very good. I am sorry. I like you. bye bye . don’t forget me IVY)

  599. 599 : Bo Bo Kyaing Says:

    Hello, lady………
    you are so beautiful………..

  600. 600 : you a na Says:

    hi!! im ur no.fan!! i hope 2 see u in person…always tke care..im waiting for your shows..

  601. 601 : bheann Says:

    my Idol Lee Da Hae…!

    I hope to see you someday…

    I really like your drama “My Girl” and “Hello Miss”……..


  602. 602 : ashley Says:

    hi i am your bi big fan i love you lee da hee

  603. 603 : -april19- Says:

    to geles:

    Yes, I think daisy is right…try to watch lee da hae’s blogs!!! just type that on google!! youcan see da hae’s really skinny now!! I’m very much worried!!

    I heard a news that she fainted during her taping!! She’s trying to portrait the character rendered to her!! She undergone physical fitness just to be ‘FLEXIBLE’ in order for her to suit the character!!!

    Her newest drama is ‘EAST OF EDEN’!!!

  604. 604 : jaeheeliza Says:

    ..hai..you should eat alot….
    so sad both of my favorites, jae hee and dae hee are now skinny…what happend…
    wish that you can do a project with jae hee…
    since both of you are a ood actor/ actres…
    hope to see both of you personaly…
    good luck

  605. 605 : Anna Says:

    AAAAHHH!!! >.

  606. 606 : Anna Says:

    hello !

    i am big fan should i be worried too?

  607. 607 : L.O.V.E Says:

    my idol Lee Da Hae…

    I really like your drama”MY GIRL”

    LOVE YOU!!

  608. 608 : Kyaw Says:

    Hi you are my likely most actress in the world.I think you are very beautiful and cute. I am from Myanmar. Myanmar fans are like you. I invite you if you have a chance, you should come to Myanmar.Myanmar people are honest and hospitable. Please come to Myanmar.I bless you more successful and good luck.

  609. 609 : acOr Says:

    lee da hae!!!

    you are my most idolized korean actress in your country!!
    i hope to see you someday.I really like the way you act in ‘MY GIRL’
    you made me smile and laugh whenever i watch that movie again and again.i like your personality. i considered you as one of my inspiration in my life.i know you dont care but i just hope that you and dong-wook will do a movie together again.. i would love to watch and support you both for your drama. wish you the best!! take care of yourself!

    i go crazy million times a day thinking of you.
    you are my idol!

    you’ll be blessed!!!

  610. 610 : acOr Says:

    lee da hae!!!

    you are my most idolized korean actress in your country!!
    i hope to see you someday.I really like the way you act in ‘MY GIRL’
    you made me smile and laugh whenever i watch that movie again and again.i like your personality. i considered you as one of my inspiration in my life.i know you dont care but i just hope that you and dong-wook will do a movie together again.. i would love to watch and support you both for your drama. wish you the best!! take care of yourself!

    i go crazy million times a day thinking of you.
    you are my idol! by the way, im from philippines..
    hope you can come here!!! filipinos are hospitable and generous..
    thank you

    you’ll be blessed!!!

  611. 611 : June Says:

    Hi Lee Da Hae,

    Hey your beautiful funny and full of life you bring smiles to everyone
    wish you the best ……

  612. 612 : mexy Says:

    Hi!!!!!my Idol!!!I am from Philippines!!!How’s my beautiful and cute Idol in this world!!!

  613. 613 : mexy Says:

    I want to met you… in personal jejeje i am so glad!!!

  614. 614 : mexy Says:

    What is your next show?

  615. 615 : Tshering Phuntsho Says:

    u r seductive and amazing.. Love the way u r… Keep it up

  616. 616 : hazanaini Says:

    good luck 4 everything u do..
    i like u

  617. 617 : aungnaingwin22 Says:

    hay,i love u.

  618. 618 : my girl Says:

    hi………!!!! i’m yoo – rin from malaysia. firstly, i’m so really happy because i can message you.i want your email address and i really like your drama “my girl” and “hello my lady”. i hope to see you someday.i a big fan you.i’m 12 years old and i hope you accept me as your friend.see you at malaysia beautiful and cute girl.


    yana and aliah

  619. 619 : witty cat Says:

    are you really read this message.. well whatever it is i’m really tension right now because i need to submit my assignment immediately
    hahaha… its funny i’m telling telling you this right …
    okey… good luck for everything i like your drama especially my girls , i wish i were lucky like yours..
    bye… you’ll be blessed..

  620. 620 : che Says:

    Yeppeun DaHae^^

  621. 621 : adrifsina Says:

    hello…miss da hae,you’ve proved to us that you can act for any kind of characters…well done!may GOD will always be by ur side…

  622. 622 : Kenny Says:

    Dear Miss Lee Da Hae,

    You are the best female actress i have seen. I watched all your movies. You are perfect in acting and you really like an angel drop from the sky…wish you all the best and god bless you..


  623. 623 : Kenny Says:

    Dear Miss Lee Da Hae,

    I’m from Malaysia. You are the best actress i have seen. I had watched all your movies. Your acting is perfect and you really like an angel drop from the sky. Wish you all the best and god bless you. Must take good care of yourself. Baxia!!!


  624. 624 : thuryainwin Says:

    hi, i miss u

  625. 625 : siti Says:

    hello miss lee da hae..
    i like you very much. i’m from malaysia..
    i’m very excited if you willing to come to malaysia.
    i love you so much..!

  626. 626 : lynda Says:

    i hope i can go to Korea!!!
    i want to see u ..
    and all korean actor & actress.
    wish me!

  627. 627 : bluestar Says:

    hi…!! i’m from myanmar(burma),situated west of the thailand, china and east of the india, important country for geopolitic. i really like your drama ‘my girl’ and ‘hello miss’.i think you are really like an angle from the heaven. you are my most idolized actress in the world. i want you to come myanamr and see you someday. myanmar people are honest, hospitable and generous. by the way, are you really read the messages from fans. myanmar fans are love you very much. i wish you good luck.

  628. 628 : bluestar Says:

    hello! I am from Myanmar(Burma). I really like your acting. You are so cute and pretty. I want you to make a movie together with Lee Dong Wook. You have so many fans in Myanmar.I hope you can come to Myanmar.I wish you the best of luck in your career.

  629. 629 : derelle Says:

    lee da hae! you’re really the best..
    i like the way you act..you’re so cheerful and beautiful
    god bless always..
    continue in putting smiles on our faces
    thru your acting..
    more projects and a movie too.

  630. 630 : leza Says:

    aja! aja! fighting..miss you lee da hae..

  631. 631 : macel Says:

    hello my lady!you do possess the real beauty of a korean lady.i kinda like it.hope i do, too.unfortunately, i’m not a korean.*lol*

    wish you happiness in your career:)keep up the good work madam.*winks*

  632. 632 : rosvanjel Says:

    ni hao piao liang!
    hope ur doing great in your career!
    hope you’ll visit philippines soon!
    ni piao liang..wu piao liang! wo men piao liang!

  633. 633 : pretty_jo Says:

    im a big fan of yours….love your acting!!!it make me cry….i wan to see u i personal….

  634. 634 : lynnie013 Says:

    lee da hae is very pretty even though she pose for the cam with no make up^^ love it…
    a true essence of a korean princess. so natural.
    da hae can also act differently. first series i ever watch of lee da hae is green rose. a good actress. she act very dramatic. hehe! not the OA type. then my girl. she’s so cute saying “aja aja” and “you’ll be bless” i came to be her addict fan when i watch hello, Miss! good acting too. its a revise mygirl with a version of a formal korean clan princess. thats when i realize she’s very talented and her beauty is so natural. very soo. hope i can meet her. im going to korea. soon^^ hehe! watch out for me lee da hae. hehe^^

  635. 635 : lynnie013 Says:

    i just happen to know that lee da hae is very good in speaking english. hehe! maybe because she stays sometimes in australia and her parents are still there. she’s also good in singing and dancing. wonder why she dont sing and dance as her profession?

  636. 636 : nick Says:

    i love you . i hope you wiil be my friend .

  637. 637 : beth Says:

    wow you’re so beautiful!!!!!
    hope we can be friends!!!!!!
    takecare always!!!!!

  638. 638 : rachmadsiregar Says:


  639. 639 : jen Says:

    hi..lee da hae..an young ha seo..i really love your movies..i have watched almost 5 of your movies and all are very satisfactory..i hope that you will visit us here in the philippines..i’m you big fan..

  640. 640 : Nikk_o Says:

    Its beatiful your dram, its nice…and I like you.!!!

  641. 641 : pheonixgurl Says:

    hmmmmmmmmmm……………..my girl

  642. 642 : fara &erra Says:

    im from maaysia…….hahahah…i love my girl so much and so the people that act in that drama…….

  643. 643 : rachmadsiregar Says:

    Kalau pacarku seperti kamu, dua minggu full ga tidur-tidur, sanggup deh mandangin wajah kamu

  644. 644 : nAzhAtUl Says:

    hye lee da hae..u r so beautiful or we call “cun” in malaysia..i hope that u will come here with lee dong wook and lee joon ki..luv u..sarangheyo!!chayok3!!!hu..hu..hu..(”,)

  645. 645 : danna Says:

    hello da-hae…you rock girl…i’m one of your millions of fans here in the philippines…i’ve watched my girl when it was aired here in my country two years ago…and i still can’t get over it ’til now…i got a bit dissappointed when lee dong wook visited our country alone…well it would have been a nice if you also came…i’d still be hoping you’d visit my country someday…love you 🙂

  646. 646 : it's_me Says:

    lee da hae…

    i luv my girl so much,,U’re so prety there..

    love U ..!!

  647. 647 : thwe Says:

    i miss u
    from thwe

  648. 648 : aty Says:

    hii…..I m your fans from Indonesia,I really like your drama My girl,best couple with Lee dong wook.

  649. 649 : lurvejazz Says:

    you are so adorable!! 🙂 i enjoy watching you act in MY GIRL (ALOT!) and hello!miss.

  650. 650 : April Says:

    Hello Ms. Lee Da Hae.

    “My Girl” is the first Korean drama/movie I watched, and I enjoyed it so much (the kissing scenes are very beautiful, right background music, and right people :)). My Korean friends in US never told me how amazing Korean dramas/movies are. I’m very picky on movies/dramas, especially on romance genre. But you and Lee Dong Wook made it very special. You have talent & physical attraction, both of you like … were made for each other (I read a lot of fans ‘special wish’ for you and LDW, which I’d be gladly join them to say “if only” – well, he is single, you are single … except I’m wrong *LOL*. Hey, a lot of good looking people coupled in movies, but they don’t leave special feeling (and wishes) like those who watched My Girl). Good job!!!
    And because of My Girl, now I’m playing catch up with Korean movies&dramas. Can’t wait to see both of you coupled again in the other movies/dramas. Of course please make it a happy ending one, like “My Girl”. Keep on the good work!!!

  651. 651 : jasmine Says:

    so beautiful!!!

  652. 652 : jasmine Says:

    sooo beautiful!!

  653. 653 : ruby Says:

    lee da hae… hallo..
    i am yr fans..^^
    u r so preety…
    i love to watch the movie u act as you ling in my girl…
    tat is my favourite movie~~ hopr tat i gt chance to go to korea n meet u!!^^

  654. 654 : JEZTER Says:

    She has an inborn talent in acting…

  655. 655 : juliemae Says:

    hi jasmine…. my sister is a big fun of yours
    and me too…

  656. 656 : ieka wany Says:

    hello lee da hae…
    i am ur fanz..(“,)..
    u ur so pretty…
    i lurve u so much!!

  657. 657 : chanchan Says:

    u are so beautiful. i want to be your friend.

  658. 658 : deadlyoo Says:

    i will 4evER be yr faN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! greats!!!

  659. 659 : -april19- Says:

    Guys, I just want to inform you that LDH is facing a “controversy” right now!! She quitted “East of Eden” her new series that is currently airing in korea right now! She’s physically and emotionally burdened!
    Let us pray for her!!!!

  660. 660 : kylie--glee Says:

    loveyr movies!!!!
    keep it up!

  661. 661 : Ais Says:

    hi there..

    Lee Da-hae is the BEST!

    She’s so nice!

  662. 662 : Loni Says:

    You’re a wonderful actress – don’t let anything pull you down Dae Hae – we believe in you! Baxia!!

  663. 663 : almira Says:

    hello!!! im your fan here in philippines!….i love my girl so much!!!!!ur so pretty i hope you will visit the philippines coz we love u so much!!!!GOD BLESS YOU!!

  664. 664 : nanoosh khan Says:

    hi i love your actionf u r soo good and really cute ans sweet girl .. i love hello miss and i love speacially my girl really great great show
    and i just want you to know i’m from kuwait i mean kuwaiti nationality and u r soo popular her in gulf countries in fack all girls i know my friend or from websites forums love my girl and love u soo much .. god bless you

  665. 665 : tasya Says:

    your acting is very good.i like your acting in my girl with lee dong wook.who is your boyfriend?

  666. 666 : asma Says:

    I love lee da hae >> !
    The series (my girl) is very beautiful ..
    My sister was like lee jun ki

  667. 667 : zeyaroo Says:

    She is the pretty girl i have ever seen.

  668. 668 : zeyaroo Says:

    She is the prettiest girl i have ever seen.
    She is my special one.

  669. 669 : zeyaroo Says:

    She is the prettiest girl i have ever seen.

  670. 670 : Korea Celebrities' fan Says:

    Aja Aja fighting! Lee Da Hae

    U r the best actress I have ever seen. I hope u will become more popular and successful actress than SSH and LYH.

    U r younger than SSH and more beautiful & have talent than LYH.

    Be strong!

    I wish u to be the most successful actress of ur career. I look forward ur upcoming dramas and movies.

  671. 671 : aty Says:


  672. 672 : rosvanjel Says:

    piao lang huh…?
    hehe!hre i am again..uhmm i just want to ask..wen u and oppa jun ki wer taping the drama my girl did you fell in love wid him..?

  673. 673 : Melania Says:

    hola sos de lo mejor sigue asi

  674. 674 : Melania Says:

    Hola sos de lo mejor

  675. 675 : ellyn Says:


  676. 676 : Bitera Says:

    hai………. lee

    U r so butiful.

  677. 677 : norly Says:

    hello miss!!

    i’m from malaysia but now i’m in uk.
    i love to watch all the dramma u act…
    i hope u will success in all thing n have a wonderfull life ok…

  678. 678 : bobo Says:

    u are the most beautiful and cute woman ever i seen
    good luck beauty princess

  679. 679 : Vicky Says:

    Hi there Da Hee……. im a great fan of you all the way from Malaysia i really admire you in My Girl ure such a talented actress, funny n cheerful girl… All d best to you in your acting career….. Do u have bf? He is lucky guysss in d world to have you…..muaaahhhh

  680. 680 : fiana Says:


    i’m from indonesia…..

    wait for your new drama or movie….

    hope your day will be a nice day n be success in your career…


  681. 681 : hanim Says:

    my name is hanim
    i`m come from malaysia.
    can u give your mail please……
    visit me at [email protected]

  682. 682 : Sony Says:

    Hello Ms. LEE Da-Hae
    I’m your fan from Cambodia. I heard your have a bad health recently which cause you didn’t finish the drama East of Eden. You know i’m shock. I eager to watch your new show. Wish you get better. Come on Ms. LEE, fighting. I wait for your new lovely, funny show. You are the best.

  683. 683 : Aizhan Says:

    Annionghaseio,ONNI!I am your fan from Kazakhstan.I like your movies MY GIRL and HELLO MISS.U r the best actress.Be always happy!!!Korean dramas are very popular here.We all respect you.I wish a succes in your career.We LOVEyou.Uriga noril sarangheyo!!!

  684. 684 : princess Says:

    we love u…….me either my friends…..i love to see u in my girl..very cute…..send my regard to other actor who are acting in my girl..bye

  685. 685 : kipp Says:

    hi honey,
    how have you been?
    take care.
    will always love you!
    k peace,

  686. 686 : no-umma Says:

    @hanim: her email is [email protected]
    @ellyn: her phone number is 756345312735573542425. Extension 41752725450211527524. When they tell you to press the star, press pound instead and you’ll be connected to her cell
    @Bitera: ur name sounds like a bacteria
    @aty: hallo.
    @juliemae: are you trying to get jasmine’s number? get off the net

    I know i have no life 😀 But neither do you so ha. FOOLS


  687. 687 : u.r.e. Says:

    your fan! i like you so much and you are so pretty you are.i love so much more.you are so cute girl.

  688. 688 : paul Says:

    hi da-hae Lee! i hope i spell your name correctly..we just saw your tele novela here in albay philippines..your are very good actress and so with your partner in greenrose.good day!

  689. 689 : firah.. Says:

    i’m yr fan…
    u looks c sad in drama..but..
    sooooo..cute..u know..
    hop tat i can go to korea n met u..
    face to face..
    wit also lee da wook..
    lov u all…
    miz “my guZzzz”….

  690. 690 : juz a fan Says:

    OMG!! i juz got to know that she was from Burwood Girls High.. where im attending. So amazing..

  691. 691 : idna Says:

    she’s so gorgeus..i love her much..

  692. 692 : rachmadsiregar Says:

    from Indonesia Loves you baby

  693. 693 : honeyMolina Says:

    i really love youre movies specially My Girl….May God Bless u.

  694. 694 : honeyMolina Says:

    i really love youre movies specially My Girl….May God Bless you always

  695. 695 : fidah Says:

    hi lee da-hae… i’m ur fans from malaysia… i like to be ur friend…^_^
    wish u luck in ur life…. luv u..


  696. 696 : ramba Says:

    i love lee da-hae veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery much

  697. 697 : teng Says:

    hi,,, im one of your fan here in the philippines,, i’ve watched you in “MY GIRL” and “HELLO MY LADY” hahaha its really funny,, hope to see you in person,,,,good luck!!!!!!

  698. 698 : anna Says:

    she’s really beautiful in east of eden, i like her with straight long hair than curly. she looks regal and refined in east of eden, very beautiful, its just sad that her role their is rubbish, she wasn’t loved by the man that she love…..

  699. 699 : sookyung Says:

    i’m watching east of eden right now and its really boring, lee da hae was the only one worth watching so i fastforward it to her scenes and its sad because her role isn’t that nice because hye rin loved dong wook but dong wook loved ji hyun and its really annoying because she was supposed to be the love interest of the two lead brothers but it didn’t happen cause lee da hae left the show…..

  700. 700 : mojoo Says:

    love u very much, you have such a very unique talent, not many actress have it, keep up your good work. just leave behind the eoe nigthmare, u just so much eye catching than “them”.

  701. 701 : aviles Says:

    hi i’m your no. 1 in europe ,ireland i am from the philippines we have a version of my girl but, i think korean version is better.
    Just want you to know i’m visiting south korea with my friends.


  702. 702 : Jen princess Says:

    i love you jasmine! im one of your fans!

  703. 703 : wawa Says:

    i’m from malaysia…

    i love you…
    in my girl..
    you’re so cute…

    i’m one of your fans

  704. 704 : thea Says:

    hello! I admire your acting skills from Hello Miss to My Girl. Your such an amazing and beautiful actress. May God bless you as you bring joy to watchers…

  705. 705 : adenaline Says:

    ..hi!….how are you??

  706. 706 : adenaline Says:

    …i wish you ‘ll make another korean drama series…lee da hae is so sexy..!!!…i hope that your partner will be lee dong wook again in the next series…

  707. 707 : cite Says:

    miss u…

    when u come to Indonesia call me oke…

  708. 708 : Kristine Says:

    I so love the way you portrayed Joo Yoo Rin in my girl. I see myself in you in that series just minus the sense of style. You’re way way ahead of me when it comes to that. hehehe.. keep it up. I do hope you’ll have another series with Lee Dong Wook. You’re such a cute couple.

  709. 709 : sherry Says:

    my hubby and i are great fan of lee da hae and le ji hoon. both of them are funny, cute and suitable for each other. we want to see the work together again in the future

  710. 710 : mira u. Says:

    hi!. i’m just wishing that there will be a second part of “MY GIRL” coz me and my cousin really really liked it so that’s it still waiting for your appearance with lee dong wook in my girl. oh and i’m greeting you an advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😀

  711. 711 : CLLC26 Says:

    i really love you and lee dong wook together!both of you are great how i wish that there will be another season of MY GiRL or just another korean drama that both of you are the main cast i really`2 love ur tandem&& advance happy birthday!

  712. 712 : aileen flores Says:

    Hi! Lee Da Hae a.k.a. Angela (Green Rose) & Jasmine (My Girl),

    These are the two greatest Korean dramas among all Korean Dramas i’ve seen. Hope to see u again in another drama like these two. I like you a lot coz you’re a very good actress and so cute as well.

    Advance Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  713. 713 : armond creg quiroga Says:

    hey joo yoo rin.. bye the advance happy birthday 2 u…. i know that your such a sexy woman and a good actress as well… i really love you in my girl.. i hope 2 see again in abs-cbn.. yes your right i’m from philippines.. i hope that you will visit our country.. philippines is very a nice place… good luck to your future career.. dont worry i’m here 4 you always.. keep it up… tira2x

  714. 714 : Kаsаnа Says:

    Hаррy birthdаy.

  715. 715 : thinsukyaw Says:

    happy birthday!

  716. 716 : deneze Says:

    hey… lee da hae.. i’m from philippines and i’m just requesting to have a my girl 2..i’m a avid fan of yours and lee dong wook…if i were given a wish i would like you to be my sister…you know i have a ipod but the only movies in there are my girl.. i love you.. joo yoo rin and seol gong chan 4ever…by the way what’s your cell and tell number…

    always your fan..
    you and wookie and # 1…

    love you…saranghe….popatishi kuwayo…..( you’ll be blessed) 🙂

  717. 717 : dennis Says:


    I LOVE U.


  718. 718 : aung mon thant Says:

    Very Important

  719. 719 : 나오엘 Says:

    alam i’m from arabe world i like my girl

  720. 720 : jinjanhot Says:

    I am waiting for you,my lov,LEE DA HAE

  721. 721 : aung mon thant Says:

    Pls., Can You give me your gmail. I want to become your friend. later should be lover

  722. 722 : aung mon thant Says:

    contact [email protected]. OK.

  723. 723 : jinjanhot Says:

    hi, i’d watched your movie my girl for 2 times.It is good well enough to won oscar.i always wish to meet you.Would u mind sending me your e mail address.

  724. 724 : mary Says:

    love you Da Hae!
    i”m ur fan
    wanna pretty like u

  725. 725 : mary Says:

    love ya da hae!
    i like u so much
    u r really cute

  726. 726 : Spring.da hae Says:

    Love da hae….so so cute …
    take more images and more drama with Lee Dong wook
    U two look cute couple…………

    Hope you ” best luck and success”

  727. 727 : aung mon thant Says:

    Hello, I want to tell you. I see you in my dream. In my dream, you & me are sweet heart. you are very pretty like snow. I can see you in your drama movies. But You can’t see me. If you sad, me too. I’m sorry because I can’t gave you every things. But I LOVE YOU so much. You are older than me. You are 25 Years Old. I am 20 Years Old. My birthday is June ,88. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

  728. 728 : aneca Says:

    you rock…
    hello i love all you movies and all your dramas personally…
    hey see yah soon when i visit korea hehehe…
    im a huge fan of yours…

  729. 729 : Nai Nai Says:

    Hi,Lee Da Hae
    I have seen all of your movies. The one I like best is My Girl. I’m one of your fan from Myanmar(know as Burma). I hope to see you in Myanmar.
    Take care of your health…………………..Bye Bye!
    ………………………………………………………………………………..Bye Bye!

  730. 730 : pan khet Says:

    i love you very much. your so cute. my family love you.

  731. 731 : stephanie Says:

    ….elow lee dae hae ur
    such a very good actress.hop dat u hav some more projects to do
    with lee dong wook or lee joon ki……hop dat u cn visit philippines……

  732. 732 : Amera Says:

    Hi.. Lee da-hae!
    Hope to see you soon on your New drama series for this year 2009..

    really like you!
    Love yah!

    I’m Amera
    From: philippines

  733. 733 : janhot Says:

    hi,lee da hae

    you are also pretty in ………Hello miss ..model show

    i’m waiting your new serie for…… 2009 Drama Special Performance Award

    i love you my princess

    be god bless you…..OK?

  734. 734 : a mum Says:

    i like u n lee ji hoon – good luck both of u n stay healthy

  735. 735 : Bum Says:

    hi there, Lee Da Hae!
    aww. 😐 i miss your tandem with Lee Dong Wook in My Girl.
    i hope that you`ll still have more projects with him and also Lee Jun Ki. 🙂

    more power to you. :))
    i can`t wait to see your upcoming projects. 😀

    please visit the philippines. 🙂 you`ve got tons of fans waiting for you here. 🙂

  736. 736 : strawberry_caashews16 Says:

    ur very pretty….
    hope to see yah soon…..!!!

  737. 737 : strawberry_caashews16 Says:

    I hope that you and mr. dennis oh…
    will have a drama together…
    I know that you will be a great tandem…..

  738. 738 : miss m Says:

    hello…lee da hae..
    i really like your perfomance in my girl and green rose.
    you are so cute in both of your dramas.
    hopefully you can come to malaysia and meet with your fans in malaysia…tq…
    i luv you..

  739. 739 : shwe zin oo Says:

    hi!we have seen u r series and we are fun of you and want to meet u too…..Thanks and good luck ,wish you the best actress….

  740. 740 : zayne Says:

    I think you’re a good actress!

    Hope you have more show coming out! Especially Comedy one those are great!!!


  741. 741 : baby girl Says:

    oh my god i love you lee da hae do you know i want to say to you dede not lee da hae i like you u r sooooo sweet and i like my girl soooo much ( nada )

  742. 742 : Arwi Says:


    I wanted to say that you’re a great actress! You were wondeful and hilarious in My Girl! OMG, how many times I laughed watching you in your funny scenes! I hope to see you in many other dramas. Good luck!

  743. 743 : Citra Says:

    Lee Da Hae-shi, kawaiiiiiiiiiii !!!!

    ganbatte ne !!!!

  744. 744 : December Says:

    I like you so much.

  745. 745 : reyangel Says:

    hi every nigers…..^_^..

  746. 746 : Renthlei Says:

    Hi..u r more attractive than other celebrities all over the world. I like to remain ur fan always. One thing I like to give u as a blessing is that ur date of birth, month and year are same with me. Have a prosperous live…[email protected]@@

  747. 747 : komon Says:

    hello, how r u? I have sweet heart

  748. 748 : ash Says:

    hi i like ur personalilty and ur acting..its really amazing ………………..u r one of the gift by god to this world ,u r trully angel….keep on doing the best

  749. 749 : Thae Thae Says:

    You birthday and my birthday are same. you are my best actress in Korea movies. I like all of your movies . I love you so much . My birthday is 19.4.85. Have a nice future!
    Bye Bye!

  750. 750 : chelai Says:

    hi i love u meahhhhhhhhh

  751. 751 : chelai Says:

    hi lee da hae..im ur no# 1 fans in the univrse i love u sow much in my ewhole much….

  752. 752 : Eugene Vu Says:

    I have read a newspaper. It said that Lee Da Hae had done the plastic surgery(her nose and her eyelids) Is that real?

  753. 753 : Icycold Says:

    I love GREEN ROSE.I love the movie that you starred as Cho Wan. I don’t remember the title.I just remember your name.I really love you.Good luck,Lee Da Hae.please reply me a mail if possible.Thanks.

  754. 754 : samantha Says:

    whoaaa … I love you too after Lee Dong Wook . You’re so funny, when you’e (as Yoo-Rin) take some oranges at Gong-Chan’s garden. That’s my favourite part in all of the content of all the movie.
    Hope you’re succes to in every movies you act… ♫

  755. 755 : jing0124 Says:

    hi ..lee da hae..i really love your tandeem with go soo…bagay na bagay kayong dalawa…nakakakilig…how i wish kayo ang magkatuluyan!!!!

  756. 756 : farshad Says:

    hi lea da hae.i am a iranian. I see one a movies
    [MY GIRL OST:ju yoo rin] and Very Very Very happy.
    you’re very beauty.i love yu rin.
    Hope you’re succes to in every movies you act… ♫

  757. 757 : Hein Aung Khant Says:

    Hi Lee da hae.. I like your actions and movies. 🙂

  758. 758 : Abi Says:

    hie, lee da hae i love ur acting especially in my girl as joo yoo rin. honestly in east of eden as hye rin u r on another side of u. i love to c that smile on ur face.. u should tell the director to let u act in a very cheerful movie cus u r cute in any way n such sweet beauty…. anyway u are the best actress in korean n u have my support in all way… smile always…:)

  759. 759 : SARA Says:


  760. 760 : Sabina Says:

    Lee Dae Hae Im your fan N111111.Love you sooo much you are the besttttttttttt 😀 😀 😀

  761. 761 : shein Says:

    lee da hae, i like your style. and do u like your style?

    good luck ! fri

  762. 762 : kipp pan Says:

    hi everyone.
    hope lee da hae in the best of health.
    as i compare the old picture(2001 beauty pageant)
    of lee da hae and the latest one.
    i saw big difference in these two pictures.
    that is:
    1.the two ears were not the same.
    2.the nose might be more sharper if she did Plastic Surgery(as anyone wants their nose look like johnny depp, among the mankind that had great nose).
    3.but i agreed with the two eyes(as koreans do not have double eyelid, and im still her fan.but kinda confused rite now.

  763. 763 : kipp pan Says:

    hi everyone
    bianeyo aegeshhi(lee da hae).
    we always heard about this quota
    “nobody is perfect”
    “and don’t judge a book with its cover”
    and i don’t have any rights to judge LDH.
    as i don’t like some people spread bad news about LDH.
    we can see now that people like to spread bad news than good news.
    we are in (New millenium)entertainment era so bad news always comes first in this era.
    so let us pray for lee da hae to achieve success and happiness in life.
    i think it is much better if we think positive and positive thing will come to us.
    Best of luck Lee da hae.
    GOD will always love and bless You.
    Himnija lee da hae! aja aja Basyah!

  764. 764 : boy to man Says:

    i’m your fan
    wishing you happy forever

  765. 765 : dee Says:

    Her acting is very good! As an actress, she can prove to her fans that she can acting..really like her acting in hello! Miss

  766. 766 : Pakkan Says:

    basyah! you’r superb in acting. Sooo…o cute!! in MY GIRL. Just now I’m watching GREEN ROSE, can’t leave you so enchanting to see you. LeeDaHae wish you all the best.

  767. 767 : Jeneva D. Baleña Says:

    Hi! how’s your day hope it is fine

  768. 768 : Marjan Says:

    Hey Lee Da Hae , you’re the best actress.
    Love you alooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttt:-*
    Hope to see more new dramas,
    Good Luck:-x

  769. 769 : saldon Says:

    i like ur acting lee dae hae. i am ur great fan
    love you always

  770. 770 : saldon Says:

    look so hot. i like ur acting

  771. 771 : cranberi Says:

    Lee Da Hae…anyeong haseyo…you look so cool in my girl korean drama…i like to watch it…is there any chance that you wil appear in a drama again with lee dong wook?? i hope there is…so nice to see you two to be together,,,,,……///////

  772. 772 : miorhazrin Says:

    lee da hae….when you visit malaysia…tell me….i have lot orange to give u 🙂

  773. 773 : ging ledesma Says:

    anyeong haseo,u know i really like your movie hello my lady.

  774. 774 : cutieme Says:

    hey! i wish that u’ll have a drama with lee dong wook, again! ur so cute together,

  775. 775 : miss yu yu Says:

    Hello .
    L . D . H
    I am from Myanmar country.
    I like your action .
    If you have time come and visit to our country.
    bye .

  776. 776 : queen Says:

    my gush!

    lee dae hae

    u know ur so fantastic
    i hope u have movie
    with yoon eun hye
    because u are both good actress

    i love you GUYS.

    tc of ur career..

  777. 777 : jhad22 Says:

    lee dae hae,, i really like u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…ur acting and ur face….ur so beautiful!!!!!!! and for me best actress ever!!!! i hope u will visit here at d Philippines….looking forward to ur movie and more drama/comedy series…

  778. 778 : asandra Says:

    u are the furture of lee min ho.i hope u 2, be a pair in same drama

  779. 779 : sweetlady Says:

    good day to everyone!
    i am your big big fan Ms Lee Da Hae…you got a package!
    keep up the good work, stay healthy and happy always.
    i really do wish Mr Producers / Mr Directors would pair you up with Mr Oh Man Suk and Lee Joon Ki soon coz it would be a top hit! a blast! uhhh…can’t wait…
    success breeds success!
    let’s cheer for Ms Lee Da Hae!!!

  780. 780 : aurora Says:

    I’m a big fan of Lee da Hae when is her drama coming out???? I can’t wait to see her in drama again..from your #1 fan in Alaska….

  781. 781 : anis Says:

    i luv your acting…….how i wish I meet you……


  782. 782 : kriyalie Says:

    ….♥♥♥PANGET MO!!!♥♥♥….

  783. 783 : brill Says:

    you are so cute….

  784. 784 : salbiah Says:

    who’s pretty ? lee da hae vs song hye kyo.

  785. 785 : Mr. Lim Says:

    Lee Da Hae I love you

  786. 786 : buivantruong Says:

    hello lee dae hae I’m Truong I come from Viet NAM I love you forever

  787. 787 : buivantruong Says:

    my number phone 0982526582 bye bye

  788. 788 : meioka Says:

    I just have finish watch the series Hello Miss and I like your action, chayoooooooooo………!

  789. 789 : asianstar.info Says:

    you are very cute
    i love you Hey Lee Da Hae

  790. 790 : efryll Says:

    hi, your really cute and funny, i’m a fan

  791. 791 : som Says:

    these days i am watching ur drama heaven’s faith.i am really crazy about ur acting.hope u r doing find and well with ur daily works. may god bless u in every action and step u take ahead. am one of ur fan from bhutan. wish i will meet you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.

  792. 792 : ryusLee Says:

    an nyong hase yo Lee Da Hae!!!

    u so ciuttttttttttt larr.. please come to Malaysia someday!!!

    i lap u ^_^”

  793. 793 : Salma Says:

    Unni nooomu juwayo!

  794. 794 : yungko Says:

    Sanranghae Lee da hae so much<3 <3<3

  795. 795 : yungko Says:

    Saranghae Lee da hae so much I’m from Burma and you should make a movie with Go soo again you look cute together.<3<3

  796. 796 : richelle berdin Says:

    hi..im richelle im dreaming to go there in korea its my favorites place,i wanna go thre,i dont have enough money!i want to know whay korea i almost see in internet…i love it,,,hope i can go ther evev if a once in my life

  797. 797 : richelle berdin Says:

    or anyone else who can help me to go there,its the person i always wanted,i almost dreamin in placethay i dont believe,i cant explain how happy am i to see the place ok korea…hahaiyz….

  798. 798 : richelle berdin Says:

    tnx,,i also love korea

  799. 799 : richelle berdin Says:

    tnx..i love korea so much

  800. 800 : moli Says:

    sooo cute and beautiful, keep up your good work, love your acting.

  801. 801 : Blessy Says:

    Hello My lady Da Hae, please keep up the good work…You’re really good on drums………..You RoCk!

  802. 802 : Super Junior fans...! :D Says:

    hye lee da hae unnie …! how are you …? i hope u fine … i just wanna says that .. you are so cute n great in acting … i really like when you acting you are crying … it will make me sad too … so .. i hope that you always be the greatest actor … hehe … ngee~ 😀

  803. 803 : roychel Says:

    hi jasmine,

    i hope u can see ur snow man..
    i love u..

  804. 804 : CORINE SHERIDAN Says:


  805. 805 : jinjanhot Says:

    hi da hae lee,
    love u.
    miss u.
    long for u.
    Because u are my favourute princess.
    aja aja……………..da hae

  806. 806 : Sony Says:

    Lee Dae Hae back!
    she back!!!

  807. 807 : geum jan di Says:


  808. 808 : geum jan di Says:

    ……you are so pretty on my girl with lee dong wook…you are both extravagant…

  809. 809 : Souad Says:

    Big Up from France and Algeria !
    Da Hae I really like your Drama (my girl and hello miss)I wish you the best for the futur.
    Take care and don’t forget : “On t’aime”
    Bonne Année 2010 Allah bless you !

  810. 810 : nana diana Says:

    hye lee da hae..i like your personality..you are very beautiful and talented..i already watched your drama my girl..you know many malaysian people like your drama..i hope you will succes in your career..

  811. 811 : eaint thaee phyu kyaw Says:

    your movies is very grade. i like your movies

  812. 812 : lynico Says:

    more movie with
    lee da hee
    lee dong uk
    park se yun


  813. 813 : bluepearl Says:

    hello princess…i left a comment for Lee Dong Wook so i am leaving a comment for you as well…gosh, you truly are a real beauty(blessed with talents)..anyway, as i have left at Dong Wook’s commentary page, i really loved your TV show with him…MY GIRL….i really love the performance you had in that show(very funny and God, you could cry as well) over the top performance (for that)..and as i told him, the two of you will really make a good couple in real life..hehehe….i wish it would happen…
    you know what? MY GIRL is the only show that i followed through till the end (i finished it actually in two days and i even had to force myself to put off the laptop at past 3AM due to work)…

    go girl…BASHA!!!!!…keep up the good job….

    well, i know you won’t be able to read this comment (because i know these sites are for business ventures and of course for development at all aspects of the industry) but don’t worry, i will always be your number one fan (jz as the others claim..hehehe)..
    well, congratulations again…AJJAAAHHHH!!!!!

  814. 814 : Mitha miranti Says:

    I think…
    lEE DA HAE have to with LEE DONG WOOK
    Who are agree with me?>:<

  815. 815 : jinjanhot Says:

    Hi,Da hae lee
    Happy new year 2010.
    I wish u could pass this year with many
    good health.
    Sorry for being late to say and wish u happy new year 2010.
    aja aja …… ….. ……
    Bye Bye…………………….my princess

  816. 816 : Yvonne & Padme Says:

    hello, annyong haseyo,, any new series with lee dong wook,, really look forward for this,, hope my dream will come true soon.. keep it up (msg from Penang, Malaysia)

  817. 817 : dhebbie2t Says:

    i really love the “My Girl” and the “Hello Miss”

    I’ve watched Hello Miss several times, coz i bought i dvd..

    Looking forward for your new TV shows

    Good Luck

  818. 818 : grass Says:

    lee da hae u r very beatiful like angel

  819. 819 : zokelei Says:

    i am a aud: the most i like album
    ????My Gal??
    it’s so ……..
    and can u speak KACHIN language fluently?

  820. 820 : e.m Says:

    hellocious Lady L u r my numba one actress n i admired u da most…i luv ur acting in MY GIRL n it drives me crazy becoz u n mah hunky Lee r perfect 4 each adas…wish u all the best in the future… muj luv frm me ur one n only true sistra…yeah i mean it…snd mah regards 2 Lee Dong Wook…tc onie…mwahz

  821. 821 : bk Says:

    my godness.. this girl is so so so so so cute…. she can damage my brain if i didnt stop thinking of her. wish you all the best.. besafe always im here always to support your career hehe just a audience more safe love you mis L.. your the best for me for all of the korean actress i love you mis L.

  822. 822 : harry Says:

    …………..uh your great..haha

  823. 823 : janessa_^_^ Says:

    you are my favorite actress.. you are the first one.. you are very beautiful.. I want to be like you.. hehe..

  824. 824 : Putin Says:

    I am from Myanmar.You know Myanmar,Golden Land.I love You!

  825. 825 : Susan Says:

    Hi! Lee,
    I’m from Philippines & now working in Vietnam. I’ve known you ‘coz of in My Girl & I admire you so much because of your very good acting as Yoo Rin. I watched My Girl so many times ‘coz I really like the story. Even up to now I’m watching it in You Tube.
    Keep going! You’re the best. “Basha!!!!”

  826. 826 : lulu Says:

    i love all her show, and she really pretty

  827. 827 : sky high Says:

    you are beautiful and attracting………

  828. 828 : sky high Says:

    [email protected]

  829. 829 : pakou Says:

    i’m one of your famous fan.

  830. 830 : kkzayarminlwin81 Says:

    You are pretty Girl! You are haven!

  831. 831 : Ole4ka Says:

    Самая потрясаяющая девушка планеты!!!

  832. 832 : nejed Says:

    I like you……

  833. 833 : hlaingthazinsoe Says:

    Dear Lee,

    How are you! I hope your good health and successful in your
    life.I like your performence in every TV series.
    Please ,you sent mail and your photo for our frindship.

    With best regards,


  834. 834 : grandis Says:

    so many school kids in here..if want to read good review in chuno, just go to soompi forums, very intresting discussion there, hmm I thought this place will discuss the same thing, but turns out to be war between LDH fans and her antis..
    aiyaa, don’t know why people become like this, maybe a slave in their own mind.

  835. 835 : domos Says:

    completely mesmerised by your role acting in The Slave Hunter. and when checking out your profile, found out you are the girl of my dream!!

  836. 836 : fatane Says:

    hello i praise you. your beautiful.

  837. 837 : kip Says:

    ur cute n beautiful..n a really great actress 2.in east of eden,i keep regretting that ur not the one who become lee-dong-chul’s lover coz i personally think that u n song seung hun would make a real banging couple if being paired together in any movies/dramas..

    nway,dont forget 2 take care of ur own health..

  838. 838 : nurul Says:

    hi lee da hae…

    how r u.. hope u r fine.. i like ur act especially ‘My Girl’ n i hope u success with ur carier…Welcome 2 Malaysia 2 meet ur supporter

  839. 839 : gurlzz Says:

    i’m really agree with nurul,..i hope u ‘ll come to Malaysia to meet ur fans here..most of Malaysian really like ur acting especially in ‘my girl’..n i’m 1 of ur fans too.

  840. 840 : semra Says:

    i love lee da hae
    she is the best…!
    chuno fighting..!

  841. 841 : semra Says:

    ohhh my love, she really pretty and great player i always love you

  842. 842 : Leonora Says:

    I was shocked when I saw your birthdate. You and I have the same birthdate and also blood type..haha..i admire you. You’re too cute in My Girl and also in east of eden. More blessing.

  843. 843 : farah kapoor Says:

    dear Da Hae Unnie,,

    my name is Farah from indonesia, before i saw u i just big fans of song hye gyo n full house,but since i was saw u in my girl, i just felt in love with u all of my heart,u r my dream idol n sister, u pretty, cute, taller, have a gud body n skin, u r very talented, u cn sing, dancing, acting also playing drums, i ilke so crazyy to you, very addictd, u r the ones of korean actress who speak english very well, also speak japanese n chinesse. wooww u r a complete packed..

    wish u can come to indonesia soon, i ilke when u get interview in tv u always smile at people, u are very warm person n very damn BEAUTIFUL…

    love you Da Hae Unnie^^ sarangheayoo… ^^

  844. 844 : nadia Says:

    she is acting good in the slave hunters.

  845. 845 : Jamie Says:

    hi!!! i love u in my girl!!!!!!!!! ur soo pretty :))))))

  846. 846 : adah Says:

    hai…i’m adah from malaysia…
    love too see u in slave hunters…
    ur really pretty love u…

  847. 847 : AuLia aVers Says:

    unnie…. you’re so beautiful……
    i like when you with lee dong wook in my girl movie
    i’m very agree if you be with lee dong wook
    it’s sweet couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  848. 848 : camille Says:

    advance happy birthday!!

  849. 849 : joseph Says:

    Happy birthday Lee Dae Hae, u so beautiful and your acting is really good. Keep it up and I love u.

  850. 850 : cielo mae Says:

    yobo-seyo da hae lee?im your bigget fun inn the philippines.i wish we could talk and see each other and i want to go in korea to see you ..i like the way you act

  851. 851 : cielo mae Says:

    hai? yobo-seyo da-hae lee?i realy like you since i saw you in my girl last 2006,i wish i could see u and lee dong wook but just only a dream funny but i like you to know that im your biggest fun in philippines!!!!im just only 12 years old ……..you are very pretty,talented in acting,(‘_’)

  852. 852 : syuhada Says:

    yi dahae, yoou are so beautiful… I watch you in hello, my lady!

  853. 853 : joseph Says:

    Happy birthday to you and lot of love for you. Like to see you more in the future shows and take care. Love you and God bless you.

  854. 854 : namjilmaa Says:

    happy birthday to you wish you happy you are beautiful
    from mongolia

  855. 855 : namjilmaa Says:

    hi happy birthday to you wish you happy you are so beautiful
    from MONGOLIA

  856. 856 : Rianne Says:

    hello lee da hae ssi!!happy 25th bday! i wish u good health,and blessings! be strongalways!and stay humble as u are:)) god bless

  857. 857 : lee Says:

    Hi dahae, i admire u very much. U’re tall pretty,have a beautiful eyes & forehead, u are just like an angel. I’m from malaysia, chinese guy. All the best to u.

  858. 858 : liivei Says:

    oh my god! why are u so preety like dis. and i really admire the way u act.

  859. 859 : aein Says:

    hi pretty..u r so talented in acting + with brain..i like ur acting in my girl..4 ur infos,,im ur biggest fan..n i want u to come malaysia..muah2x..

  860. 860 : vera Says:

    hay lee …iam vera,iam indonesian i like you so much,,and i hope one day i can meet you…
    your acting is very good,,^-^

  861. 861 : tinaungcho Says:

    hi lee

  862. 862 : tinaungcho Says:


  863. 863 : Sherub Says:

    me too really love u!!! m from bhutan. Ur acting is really good n i m always hoping to c ya once… LOve u so much!!!

  864. 864 : Sherub Says:

    hi lee, love ya so much

  865. 865 : ifah Says:

    hello..u are so cute..i am realy like to watch u in my girl drama…i am also like lee dong wook

  866. 866 : vasco Says:

    hi lee da hae im vasco its my nickname…..i luv yo movie easpeacilly green rose n my girl……..im 1 of yo crazy fan………..i hope i can meet u…………..i hope u will go out with lee dong wock …………….oh n remember kip smiling…………….

  867. 867 : taeKi Says:

    i just learned recently that in the East of Eden, your role was suppose to be torn between the Brothers, dong chul and dong wook. . . . but, unfortunately, the story didn’t go that way. .you just dissapeared from the scene., . im very sad. .. i just watched it because of you. . . huhu. .

  868. 868 : Korean Series Powers ABS-CBN and GMA line ups « EnteRvrexWorld Says:

    […] Perfect Match […]

  869. 869 : dandio Says:

    Lee Da Hae, most beautiful, most talented, smart, and one thing other girl can’t catch up with you…you are so FUNNY, very rare combo indeed.

  870. 870 : dandio Says:

    keep it up girl, hope you will go higher and higher, and don’t be afraid with all the -ve things in this ent world.

  871. 871 : Shanno Says:

    lee da hae.
    You make fans proud.
    I hope to see more of
    your future works.
    and yes as other people
    had said, you are beautiful
    and talented. So keep on
    smiling because you
    would make people around
    you feel happy.. you
    are magical ^__^

  872. 872 : Shannon Says:

    Sorry my name isn’t shanno hahaha xD
    Its shannon 😛

  873. 873 : jobe Says:

    hi hyu rin…im one of your BIG fan..youre so beautiful,and youre acting is fabulous…i have watched my girl and it was really addicted,ive been watching it again and again,i hope that you will do drama again with gong chan(lee dong wook)you really look good together…

  874. 874 : SHIELA Says:

    ,hai da-hae lee your so beautiful…i love watching your movie green rose….

  875. 875 : chow-chie Says:

    you are very good in heaven’s fate!godspeed!

  876. 876 : dandio Says:

    Hi Dahae-can’t wait for your on big screen debut. Please update us more. LOVVVVVVVE you.

  877. 877 : fitria Says:

    hi da hae, love u… i can’t be patient wait u on big screen debut with dong wook… miss u 4ever…

  878. 878 : eunicy Says:

    .. dae hee… i really love both you and lee dong wook in a series..
    hope to see you together in another series..
    i really love your tandem…

  879. 879 : JmdelaPeña Philippines Says:

    Lee Da Hae hope that you have another Drama series both of them Go Soo… I really like for the Green Rose…

  880. 880 : dandio Says:

    I really love all your dramas, wish I can see you almost everyday.

  881. 881 : lovely moon Says:

    Hi! my sis I love your style and action and your smile. TRY your BEST for you and us. Thanks

  882. 882 : da hae Says:

    you are one beautiful, gorgeous korean actress and thats coming from a female fan. Waiting for your next korean drama project.
    Hope it is not a saguek but a modern comical genre as the lead.

  883. 883 : dandio Says:

    Lee Da Hae just started her Twitter-you can join her.

  884. 884 : RIE Says:

    i love your acting in my girl, i really got the power of character you built 🙂

  885. 885 : brenitt Says:

    hello miss lee da hae! i’m really like your acting and you are so pretty.i hope you can visit here in philppines.You have many funs here and we expecting that you have another movie and show.

  886. 886 : anizah Says:

    lee da hae..
    i really love u in ur drama my gurlz ang also in hello my lady.
    u;re so cute..:)

  887. 887 : ba ji ngan Says:


  888. 888 : dandio Says:

    Lee Da Hae in Haru, omnibus drama by KTO.

  889. 889 : bblve07 Says:

    hellow, lee da hae!!
    I realy really luv u and like u so much, ur my favorite k0rean actress,,
    I luv ur acting on ur all drama and m0vies,
    And I watched all of them!!
    Im hoping 2 see u again in other m0vies or drama.. Your the bEST of all,
    FIGHTING Joo Yoo rin…

  890. 890 : bblve07 Says:

    Lee Da hae’s bEst Drama I wached is
    MY GIRL,Hello my lady and THEN Green RosE.
    But why u disappear in EAST OF EDEN?
    In CHUNO, I luv the way u act.. Promise!

  891. 891 : Fida Says:

    you are soo cuteeee…..

  892. 892 : lovejoo Says:

    i love you best in hello miss, you loock so good and cute in there

  893. 893 : Rules Says:

    I am in Australia, NSW, Sydney like you but I am born here, though I am my nationality is Chinese. Your school Burwood Girls High School is really close to my High school, mine is strathfield Girls High School. I have always been dreaming to do the exact same job your doind right now! A actress and a model! Keep on acting in new dramas and i watch out for new once from you!

  894. 894 : chow Says:

    can’t wait to see you again in a drama…….

  895. 895 : lyn Says:

    Aside from being beautiful, you are an excellent actress. Your versatility makes you one of the best in Korean drama series. “My Girl” is in my top list when it comes to romantic comedy. You are so great.

  896. 896 : bebs Says:



  897. 897 : manayekta Says:

    hiiiii dear lee da hae.u r so pretty and cute.i love u so much.you are great in green rose.hope to see you with go soo again.kiss my love

  898. 898 : Qbhoen Says:


  899. 899 : JP Says:

    Damn you, you ignorant girl! How dare you insult our English teachers here in the Philippines while in fact you can’t even say ENGLISH right! And your grammar isn’t even correct. Didn’t you know that your fellow Koreans are studying English here in our country? Just go to hell LEE DA HAE!

  900. 900 : chichi Says:

    i finished watching green rose again.you are so beautiful there.i hope you play with go soo ssi again and reach to him.wow…….i love u my beauty princess

  901. 901 : emodist Says:


    be careful beautiful one.

  902. 902 : euna~chan Says:

    whoah!~ you’re so perfect Lee Da Hae! hahaha you’re too smart to make sucha stupid example~ didn’t yu know how many koreans are here in the philippines just to study english?? hell yeah! yu koreans can’t even pronounce sucha simple word correctly~ lucky yu koreans coz we filipinos are here who have lots of patience to teach koreans like yu~ and excuse my french~ but the pathetic one here is YOU~ LEE DAE HAE! ignorant fugly bitch! hahahaha

  903. 903 : chelsea Says:

    ~~You have a beautiful face…We admire your acting prowess…but after making fun of Filipinos..Your damn nothing…don’t make fun of us because many Koreans learned English well because of Filipino teachers..we are one of the best English teachers..You don’t have right to make fun of us..Bullshit…

  904. 904 : rose Says:

    Lee Da Hae is getting into my nerves!!! who the hell you thinks you are??!! insulting Filipino English Teachers??!! if you know anything about Filipino’s then you wouldn’t be using that accent!! most of your countrymen are in the Philippines to learn English.. and Filipino English Teachers are not just teaching in their country!! they are in demand in other Asian countries as well which proves that they are one of the best teachers! maybe your prestige was all over your head so you thought you know everything that there is for you to know.. foolish of you to do such act!!!

  905. 905 : rose Says:

    Lee Da Hae is getting into my nerves!!! who the hell you think you are??!! insulting Filipino English Teachers??!! if you know anything about Filipino’s then you wouldn’t be using that accent!! most of your countrymen are in the Philippines to learn English.. and Filipino English Teachers are not just teaching in their country!! they are in demand in other Asian countries as well which proves that they are one of the best teachers! maybe your prestige was all over your head so you thought you know everything that there is for you to know.. foolish of you to do such act!!!

  906. 906 : Jasmine Yap Says:

    Lee da hae? u know what u’ve done? and u said u don’t have plan to mock Filipinos? and excuse me…isn’t that mocking?!!!! ur just following instructions? bullshit!!! and u said u did not mention about Filipino accent again?!!! bullshit again!!! damn u!!! get ur face out of that tv screen with all of ur surgeries!!!! ur pathetic!!! ur such an idiotic actress!!!! u be careful!!! just don’t even think of going to the Philippines. u might not know what’s waiting in here….hope all of ur movies and tv dramas will not be accepted by Filipinos!!! u just don’t know the capabilities of Filipinos..and by the way u only know two languages, right!!! mind you Filipinos can do better than that!!! bitch!!!

  907. 907 : Jasmine Yap Says:

    ur nothing without that damn angelic face of urs!!!! anyways….plastic surgery right?..hahaha the way u mock Filipinos it seems that u don’t have imperfection in ur body….ur such a lousy idiotic actress that follow orders without even thinking about the result of it…u think ur funny out there bitch?!!! ur not…too bad ur career in the Philippines is wasted…think before u speak…one day u might not have a career anymorre double bitch!!!

  908. 908 : Tobisan Says:

    Hey!!! You filthy animal… How dare you to insult my fellow Filipino teachers… If you think that you are good enough to speak English language, you are wrong… You are more than a dirt………. You have a beautiful face but your behavior is still annoying……Before you say anything think it first so that you cannot hurt anybody…. Think about your fellow Koreans too who studying English language here in the Philippines……………… You must be ashame of yourself……………..

  909. 909 : girly Says:

    just go to hell!!!!..biatch!!!

  910. 910 : Anti-Lee Da Hae Says:

    You must have underestimated Filipinos intelligence by the excuse you’ve given to your letter of apology. You said you didnt say the word Filipino but you were clearly asked by the TV host about Filipino accent before you mimicked it.Just shut up and accept the fact that some words could never be unsaid especially if it was said with too much air and insult. Too sad coz we did like you before. YOu dont love your Filipino funs. You actually used Filipinos to sound smart. But frankly my dear, you’re not that good. You still need to learn English more.

  911. 911 : LIRFA GALORE Says:

    “We see others as what we are.”–Buddha

    –the saying says it all–

  912. 912 : [awr-in-jee] Says:

    (O_o) Can I just LOL?? this is really serious but I think that we are also guilty especially in making fun of other people’s accents/grammar … this became a big thing because of both’ PRIDE. We (Filipinos) are good English speakers without even trying. let’s just drop this and stop generalizing Koreans.. I know a lot of polite and nice Koreans. I just pity this ignorant actress. She isn’t thinking at all. Much Side-effect on Cosmetic surgery??? hahah… uhh-ohh….

  913. 913 : KD Says:

    hell, yeah!!! she’s too audacious making that imitation wtf… what’s the matter with the accent anyway… as long as the sentences were constructed with the right grammar, correct prepositions and appropriate use of words… if I know you koreans are just jealous coz we have several famous International Icons like MANNY PACQUIAO, CHARICE PAMPENGCO, JABBAWOCKEEZ, APPLE D AP OF BEP, ARNEL PINEDA AND MANY MORE… oh!!! and also coz many korean actresses and singers UNDERGONE COSMETIC SURGERY… (MAYBE THAT INCLUDES YOU)… hell, for me there’s nothing more beautiful than God’s made… I also remember the korean candidates who joined in any renowned Beauty Peagent needs an INTERPRETER compare to our candidate they doesn’t need one, in fact, recently ours won as a runner up…

  914. 914 : lenxai Says:

    You are such a bitch!
    I have read your apoLogy,
    but that was pretty Lame!!!
    the next time you try to Lie, BE CONSISTENT, mother fucker!!!

    how i wish aLL the koreans here in the phiLippines
    wiLL just go away!!! you are a trash in our eyes!!!

    you think you’re perfect?!?!?
    just don’t ever come here in the phiLippines,
    or eLse you wiLL CERTAINLY GET IT!!!


  915. 915 : lenxai Says:

    you Love your fiLipino fans?!?!?!
    you are too pLastic!!! very transparent, mofo!

    i’d say your apoLogy was indeed persuading.
    [weLL, what’s the use of your editor, anyway?!]
    too bad fiLipinos are witty enough to notice that! hah! bitch!

    just so you now,
    a Lot of koreans here in the phiLippines are acting
    as if they are in thier territory! very gutsy!
    good thing some fiLipinos are teaching them a Lesson!!!
    and perhaps, you wiLL be next,
    as soon as you come here in the phiLippines!!!


  916. 916 : lenxai Says:

    i have read your apoLogy,
    and it was pretty Lame..
    as pretty as you!

    bitch, next time you Lie,
    take this, be consistent.. ~_^

  917. 917 : Abbie Says:

    LDH, I love your acting in My Girl. Looking forward to your next drama. Come on guys, the girl knows what she was wrong and apologized for it. Be generous and be forgiven. Cursing won’t help. There is nothing wrong with having an accent; it only proves that you know another language.

  918. 918 : lenxai Says:

    but i understand..
    you guys–incLuding the mongoLoid hosts,
    were making fun of us fiLipinos,
    simpLy because you koreans are INSECURE IDIOTS!!!
    pLease.. face the fact that we are far way better than you
    when it comes to engLish..
    it was just out of insecurity anyway.
    fiLipinos are very fLexibLein many ways!

  919. 919 : Nini Says:

    Girl, if you notice how many comments are in English and most Filipinos typed them. Not in our Tagalog words, so that you can understand how UN-finesse what you did. Girl. your face is so low, you can see the ant colony house.

  920. 920 : Alisa Says:

    Kekemon amp. Bagay sayo. Lech, bago ka magbitiw ng salita na alam mo namang ikasisira ng mukha mo, siguraduhin mong hindi pinapalabas sa buong mundo. May paumanhin ka pang nalalaman, duh, gawin mo pang tanga Pinoy. Binaggit na nga sayo yung word na “Philippines/Filipino”, ginawa mo lang kaming katawa tawa. Ulol ka. Laki ng ulo mo. Sana gamitin mo ng tama sa susunod. Kumuha ka ng translator, baka hindi mo maintindihan ‘to at magdugo ang ilong mo.

  921. 921 : Anne Says:

    “I really love you, my Filipino fans.”
    What the eff is wrong with you, are you out of your mind?!? Well, maybe!
    Can I say, “Don’t go around wandering, you might be put in an incinerator, since you’re plastic.”
    You are one awkward no-good-for-apologizing woman.

  922. 922 : JBsee Says:

    DAMN… I think they made it coz I notice mostly koreans are PERFECTIONIST that’s why many of them UNDERGONE COSMETIC SURGERY… coz they’re not contented of what they have… poor thing, they prefer to look on PHYSICAL APPEARANCE (that’s why many korean actors undergone surgery) not on the INNER ATTRIBUTES… anyway, now I have mae my point I FORGIVE you… so yeah!!! I agree that you should try WATCHING OUR FAMOUS INTERNATIONAL FILIPINO PRIDE… YOU’LL BE AMAZE and LEARN THINGS FROM THEM (((PROMISE)))…

  923. 923 : guru Says:


  924. 924 : guru Says:


  925. 925 : hazelann Says:

    How dare you!!!!! For your information, I am teaching Koreans! They said English teachers in the Philippines are really great! I am a Filipino! I am proud to say that! Look! Your countrymen are here to study with us! We are patiently teaching Koreans even though sometimes there are Koreans like you! Who are shouting us and insulting us. I am not saying that all Koreans are like you! I have Korean students that are really appreciating us! They said, “Teacher, you speak like an American or even better!” How dare you! If we will talk about accent! Hey you! Go here in the Philippines! We will teach you! We can learn a lot of things in just a day!!! Don’t you know that? We are versatile and skillful!

  926. 926 : hazelann Says:

    One thing!!! watch charice pempengco!! Listen how she speaks!!!

  927. 927 : pinaypower Says:

    And you expect Filipinos who understand korean language to truly believe that? The korean host clearly asked her to imitate a Filipino teacher’s accent… it wasn’t just the subtitle. Boooo liar lee da hae, you made a fool out of your incredible apology.

  928. 928 : gabz laurel Says:

    Shame on you Lee Da Hae!!! You don’t have the rights to insult the Filipino teachers. If you are really a smart woman, you should know what is right and what is wrong. Well i guess, you are really a moron. And don’t you ever lie because Filipinos are not only good in English, but they can also speak and understand Korean languages. You will not fool us!!! So don’t expect that Filipinos will love you, because for us you are only a trash.

  929. 929 : euna~chan Says:

    hey GURU!~ yu g to HELL wit LEE DA HAE! hahahahaha we don’t fuckin care wit lee da hae anyways hahaha poor thing!

  930. 930 : ganda_goddess Says:

    lee da hae. you don’t deserve filipino support. from now on. i won’t watch any korean series or listen any kpop anymore. im so disappointed 🙁

  931. 931 : marie Says:

    Shame on you a million times Lee Da Hae!!! How dare you imitate a Filipino teacher’s accent in a wrong way.Don’t you know that your fellow Koreans are learning a lot from Filipino teachers?For your information I’m a Filipino and I’ve been teaching Koreans for a long time so I can speak and undertstand Korean Language.You’re a big fat liar!!! The Korean host clearly asked you to imitate a Filipino teacher’s accent and you even said that our accent is a little hard-edged before you imitated a Filipino teacher’s accent and laughed.Who do you think are you fooling then???Insulting the Filipino teachers is below the belt so I dare you to come here in Philppines and talk with Filipino teachers to know how good you really are in English.I even doubt if you can speak grammatically correct English.If I know, you only memorized what you’ve said in the program.

  932. 932 : amer Says:

    Filipinos should stop patronizing her movies. The Korean people should be ashamed for having a citizen like her. Too proud of her little knowledge about English. The Philippines was once the third largest English speaking country in the world next to the U.S. and U.K. There’s an American, British and Filipino English. There is no such thing as a Korean English. Maybe aliens from other planets can use that variety. She should not be welcomed nor allowed to enter the Philippine territory anytime from now on. She should also be oustered from South Korea and be sent to North Korea where she can practice and boast her different versions of the English language.

  933. 933 : Lee Da Who?? Says:

    i love you

  934. 934 : Karla Says:

    Take a look at her face before COSMETIC SURGERY. Gross, just gross! No wonder she’s so insecure. Same goes with all the morons on that TV show.

  935. 935 : idgapos Says:

    Do Koreans condemn and ban Filipino actors and actresses when we make fun of how they speak English? Srsly man, this rage on an alleged racism is childish.

  936. 936 : quisshy04 Says:

    your so good ms. lee da hae!!! huh?! so you think your good enough with what you did?! well think again coz your not!!!!!!!!!..just an advise, next time before saying anything, think first okay..so you wont receive lots of bad words (which you deserve for making fun of filipinos accent)..hmft! you are nothing!!!!

  937. 937 : koreanwhorethatstinks Says:

    wow, i am not really offended with what that “trying to be smart girl who just memorized what she said on live tv whose viewers are as brainless as she is ” said… shes just trying to get attention..well guess what, you watch out your back, Filipinos are all around and you know that.,sooner or later youll get the attention that you want in filipino ways..we will chop you into pieces and put you in a drum..you better search the internet where “pasig River” if you still want your body to be found.. now its gonna be fun..thats what you want right,,im getting my tkt to korea tomorrow baby..
    “i see you..we can all see you…”

  938. 938 : koreanwhorethatstinks Says:

    ok..so you think thats funny ha? check belows link..fuckin smart koreans

  939. 939 : Isabela Arranguez Says:


  940. 940 : Isabela Arranguez Says:


  941. 941 : rael Says:

    ani yooooooooooo…. yak what a dialect! a nursery pupil here in the Philippines can speak far better english than a korean actress like ledahae and even professionals of korea hahahahaha

  942. 942 : jecon grace Says:

    ..i used to be your fan! but not anymore!!!
    how dare you hurt us filipinos!
    you don’t even speak english fluently! :[
    we filipinos can even mimic different accent of english speaking countries!
    get lost ms. lee da hae!

    ..don’t even enter our country we dont need you here!
    a lot of koreans are better and nicer than you!

  943. 943 : yaya f... Says:

    hhahaahahhahaha how stupid miss Lee Da Hae…for your information a lot of korean are here in the philippines just to learn how to speak and write engliah correctly…..and a lot of koreans are trying hard to learn to speak english…you have a bad accent of english…..my gosh……you DON”T HAVE ANY BRAINS….!!

  944. 944 : thought replier Says:

    Please read this. This might change your attitude Lee Da Hae. I doubt if we should listen to this girl once more. I think she wants to spread out a completely painful idea which was told by her demonic personality. Do you know that it is really cruel to wound a person’s heart with a dagger full of lying rusts? I am a fan of some Korean idols. If ever you would continue to insult us with your wrong understanding, be shame of living in this world with that devilish attitude. We are all alike, we were created by only one purpose, by our only one father. You should be sorry for listening to the whispers of evil and bring your life to the path of faith to God. Be famous without showing your coward and show to us that you are not afraid to tell us who you really are without giving us doubts. If you just flow with life and avoid hurting others you will surely get to that life you wanted. I once tried this and it worked. I realized that the thing I ever wanted was with me, my family and the sight that can only see all people thinking as positive as they could. I’m sorry for you if you continue your habit of insulting. In the end you will be the one insulted.

  945. 945 : thought replier Says:

    Please read this. This might change your attitude Lee Da Hae. I doubt if we should listen to this girl once more. I think she wants to spread out a completely painful idea which was told by her demonic personality. Do you know that it is really cruel to wound a person’s heart with a dagger full of lying rusts? I am a fan of some Korean idols. If ever you would continue to insult us with your wrong understanding, be shame of living in this world with that devilish attitude. We are all alike, we were created by only one purpose, by our only one father. You should be sorry for listening to the whispers of evil and bring your life to the path of faith to God. Be famous without showing you are a coward and show to us that you are not afraid to tell us who you really are without giving us doubts. If you just flow with life and avoid hurting others you will surely get to that life you wanted. I once tried this and it worked. I realized that the thing I ever wanted was with me, my family and the sight that can only see all people thinking as positive as they could. I’m sorry for you if you continue your habit of insulting. In the end you will be the one insulted.

  946. 946 : Filipino English Teacher Says:


    BUT KNOWING THAT YOU HAVE INSULTED “US” ,THE FILIPINO PEOPLE…………. YOU NOW DEFINITELY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






  947. 947 : fluently lee yours Says:

    persona ingrata. biatch!!!

  948. 948 : DANDIO Says:

    I used to picture Filipino as ugly people, when I read the bashing, they are actually really UGLY. SO INSECURE.
    By the way, looks like same person giving the comments, she just change the username.


  949. 949 : enhum Says:


    you are so right….indeed right….

    the word PHILIPPINES – which happened to be a very intelligent country – never manifested….

    what that stupid damn male host said “PELEPENS”
    poor man….making fun of how different countries speak english when he himself can’t even speak english….

    they all should be called PERSONA NON GRATA!!!!

  950. 950 : pinoy Says:

    Haha! fellow Filipino’s don’t waste our time to this kind of girl! she is nonsense, idiot, stupid, bitch, pathetic, ignorant etc. whatever you want to call her. This girl don’t know how to say sorry or admit her mistake. Her apology is not really saying sorry if you read that. It’s just an explanation, denials and full of lies. When things happen like this, I feel so proud being a Filipino! you know why? Lee Da Hae are making fun of our English but look what’s happening, all Filipinos are reacting to her statement and proving that she is wrong. We all send her our bad comments in English and take note Filipino’s knows how to speak and write in English and last but not the least we know how to read English with understanding. In short Filipino’s are very powerful and flexible in all aspects. I just noticed is there a Korean here? Oh Please don’t be offended but I think majority of them don’t know how to speak, write, read and understand English. That’s why some Koreans can’t reacted to the bad comments of some Filipinos to this non sense actress. This is what I am saying. So Lee Da Hae next time before you do such things it’s better if you think it twice because your not insulting one person you are insulting the country itself. And you are bringing your country’s name and I think they are ashamed of you! I have to tell you something We will admit that some of our English teachers in elementary specially in far places has a thick accent. But that is because this is not our first language and we have 170 dialects but I can proudly say even we have that so many dialects we know how to speak English. But the point is, that teachers who has a thick accent taught us how to speak, write, read and understand English. That’s Filipino today are one of the largest country who use English. To add up as I said earlier Filipino are very flexible, yes we are because Filipino tongue can easily learn different language even your language, without having a hard time. One more thing do you have a Korean star in Hollywood today? Cause we have and they’re a lot! So now you better grow up and accept your mistakes! God bless.

  951. 951 : hello Says:

    m not a filipino =3 but LDH’s words were really sarcastic. *dislikes*

  952. 952 : you're plastic Says:

    As a native, LDH’s american and british accent doesn’t sound natural. So stop bragging.

  953. 953 : susha Says:

    hello lee da hae.you make a mistake about filipino.i am not filipino but you make me so sad.i’ll trying forgive you because i like you yet.

  954. 954 : WHAT?! Says:

    seriously, we don’t have to blame all the koreans. some of the koreans r extremely nice,like my korean friends here in school. i viewed some previous comments that u guys r going to stop listening to kpop n stop watching kdrama.i mean, do u have to? *O* its LDH’s mistake. dont let her insanity influences u. she’s just someone who thinks she herself is the greatest.

  955. 955 : josh06 Says:

    from the very start i dont like u..now i know why..i had this bad feeling towards u..ur acting is so poor…cant even speak english well..and so damn trying hard to imitate american and british accent??? who do you think you are? i hate you girl….

  956. 956 : Abbie Says:

    I understand that you are upset with what she said on you tube. You felt betrayed and degraded I understand too. I also know what she did was wrong and she also acknowledged her fault and made an apology for it. If you are a bigger person, you should accept her apology and move on with your life. Personally I don’t think she meant to degrade anyone. As a celebrity; she wouldn’t not intentionally does this on purpose because her status is depended on the love of the viewers also known as fans. If she had known how much her statement hurt, she wouldn’t dare to say such a thing with her career on the line. So find a way to forgive and forget. That will make you a better person. We are human and we will make mistakes, not just one or two but many that we can’t even count. I felt bad for her because she made a mistake in front of million viewers and it reappears on the media and Internet repeatedly. Personal attack, faulty criticized, and calling names are not a way to solve this problem.

  957. 957 : shaily Says:

    i totally agree with Abbie..she makes a big mistake but please accept her apology.i think that her apology just shows you that she is truly sorry

  958. 958 : annsky Says:

    Seeing the vidoe makes me hate you..And other thousand filipinos hate you now!! ur a big crap!!

  959. 959 : Celine Kupal Says:

    Korean Most Kupal Award for this Actress!

    stop insulting filipino’s english accent! for your information majority of Koreans CANT speak English! take a moment to look at yourself at the mirror before u judge others! stupid bitch!

  960. 960 : cheryl Says:

    When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:7

    Every one of us commits sin. No one is perfect except God.
    No matter how big or small our sin is, still we sin.

    Let’s stop acting that we are good enough..
    Let’s just tell Lee Da Hae that she was wronged..
    … And nothing else… coz the more we say degrading words, the more we will be stupid than her..

    I’m a Filipino…
    Her statements hurt.
    But, don’t be deceive in throwing stone to her.

    It’s wrong, and it’s enough.
    She already knows, and let her act. (Renew her ways)
    Only GOD can judge. God bless.

  961. 961 : PUta ka Says:

    Tae ka letse stupido gago lhat nang mura para sau isng makata babanat sau mag reply ka at tignan ko kung anung mangyayari sau..

  962. 962 : chel Says:

    if u dont like her, just stop visiting this profile. its the best way to give her a lesson by not supporting her.

  963. 963 : PUta ka Says:


  964. 964 : chick54 Says:

    you are really a good actress! you know what i am one of your fans here in the Philippines but i think your not deserving to be fan by us cause you really insult us!! what do you think of yourself???!! GREAT!great above all everything !!! how dare you!!!you know what you’re not perfect!!!and don’t judge as by our language!!big mistake of being admiring you!!!shit!!!

  965. 965 : >. Says:

    you know what i want this page to be lost cause your not a good actress to me anymore your so mean insulting the other country… you are a freak… what do you think of yourself good as the other speaking fluently the other language of the other country…

  966. 966 : Upset Says:

    To Lee Da Hee,
    damage has been done. she is old enough to know first what will happen or consequence of her action. apology can only heal the wound but not remove the scars. each word that comes out of her (since she is a public figure) should be studied and evaluated not once and not even twice. this has to be a lesson to everyone, especially to lee da hee.

  967. 967 : winkiiphobiia Says:

    mistakes are meant to be corrected , not to be Insulted. I am a filipino, too, and its obvious that it’s not intentional, 🙂 why? so u think filipinos dont do such stunts like that? human as we are, we all make faulty actions so we are not bound to judge her becuase of that stupid line she threw, . i respect the comments above (normal reaction, opkors) . in this situation, our broad understanding is badly needed, so pls cooperate. sometimes we have to look at the other side of the coin and just move on, 🙂

  968. 968 : WTF Says:

    F*CK YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  969. 969 : vyn Says:

    I am a fan of yours but after watching the video, i got disappointed.. Im sorry but you dont deserve even a single filipino fan.. Filipinos loved you and supported your korean drama and this is what we get from you? an insult? I am not judging you but please be negligent on the words that coming out of your mouth.. I can accept your sorry but will never forget what you did..
    Goodluck in your carreer..

  970. 970 : proudtobepinoy Says:

    I love korean actors and actresses and I hope not all are like you Ms Lee Dae Hee.. Your appology doesnt come from your heart..it is just for the sake of ur fucking image.. IM SORRY BUT YOU DONT SOUND SINCERE.. I hope our messages reached you for you to realize your mistake.. You aren’t that perfect Ms. LDH.. yes, you are beautiful but thats only in the outside..you are rotten in the inside..

  971. 971 : Abbie Says:

    LDH made a 10 seconds UNINTENTIONAL mistake on a variety show, and made an apology for it. But YOU spent minutes, if not hours PURPOSELY cursing and insulting her. who is the better person here?

  972. 972 : LDH Says:

    you are pretty on the outside but oh so rotten within. no amount of apologies will change your trashy-talking image.

  973. 973 : nashtesler Says:

    Pambihira tayo kung makapagreact sa sinabi n’ya. Panoorin n’yo na lang sa youtube yung “BALAT SIBUYAS ANG MGA FILIPINO”, so we could see things on a different perspective.

  974. 974 : lee Says:

    I was disappointed with the way she imitates Filipinos’ accent. I just hope she truly understands what she’s doing. Come to think of it, a lot of Koreans travel to the Philippines to learn and study English. I just hope no one gets to imitate how Koreans act and dresses when visiting Philippine vacation spots and airports.

  975. 975 : nathalie Says:

    miss LDH


    TO YOU


  976. 976 : kalurki Says:

    F U!!!thats all i want to say.. you should die… ahaha i have a lot of korean friends here in US.. but they r def. not like you.. you’re nasty bittttt.. watch yo fcking mouth.. i never made fun of my korean friends of other races.. so who d hell r u to make fun of us??..

  977. 977 : andrei Says:

    hey you why u saying that filipino is not good in english?????????? oh really filipino is not good in english and how about ur country do u think that ur country is good in english…fuck you………….the filipino is great in speak english …………….and the korea is not…………ur son of a bitch fuck you ………………………….you will die …….you will die……………..you will die…………………..

  978. 978 : andrei Says:

    ang pangit mo gago.matulog ka don………….kala mo kung cnu kang magaling mag english eh english kalabaw ka lang naman……….tsaka wag ka munang manghusga ng isang bansa kung hindi ka pa nakakpunta d2 ……. alam mo napakayabang mo masyado ang sarap mong tirasin sa mundo……………….letche kang babae ka …………………pangit ng ugali mo…………………………..puta ka………………………PUKING INA MO…..PUKING INA MO………………….PUKING INA MO…………….

  979. 979 : chel Says:

    cursing is not any better.

  980. 980 : Sincere apology? Says:

    Okay na sana ang apology kaso lang nag add pa siya hindi nya ma remember to imitate “Filipino” accent but rather she was asked to imitate Southeast asian accent.Tsk..tsk..Liar..If you see the video again a co host mentioned “FIRIPIN”..Ms. Perfect English tsk..tsk..

  981. 981 : lolz Says:



  982. 982 : Marty Says:

    WE ARE SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU, especially YOU. Thank the fates I was not one of those who watched and cried over your infamous TV series here in the Philippines.

  983. 983 : arven Says:

    to filipinos, ban all koreans!!! To think that they’re here to enrol english lesson and beg help regarding with their poor english… Shit! your such a BITTER actress!! pikot kang intsika ka!

  984. 984 : arven Says:


  985. 985 : Egepaga Says:

    Ms. LEE DAE HEE and staffs of that show, some Filipinos do have that kind of accent but hey KOREANS, most of you don’t even know how to speak ENGLISH… and even those who know the language, speaks imperfectly.. i’ve watched your videos LEE DAE HEE and when you speak English you sounds like a kid, you can’t even spoke it clearly.. how pathetic! We idolize you here at the Phil but we don’t know you are that mean girl! Laugh at your own country!

  986. 986 : DanC Says:

    Funny how this stupid actress made fun of the english accent of the Filipinos when most of her countrymen can’t even construct a simple English sentence. And this stupid actress even had the tenacity to consider her tweet as an apology?! That was not an apology! That was a desperate attempt to blame the TV show rather than admit her own wrong doing. Did she expect the Filipinos to accept that kind of “apology”? Just because you did not mention the word “Filipino” or “Philippines” does not mean that you were not referring to the Filipinos. This stupid actress imitated the accent as “suggested” by the male talk show host for her to do “Filipine” accent. And even if she was trying to “entertain” the audience, why, why at the expense of another country? Ms. Lee Dae Hee, you better remember that there are a LOT of Koreans in the Philippines trying to learn English from Filipinos. But don’t worry, Filipinos will not disrespect your fellowmen. Because we are NOTHING like you. We respect other people, whether they know how to speak English or not.

  987. 987 : shameful_hacker Says:


  988. 988 : Gunther Says:


  989. 989 : Dambu Says:

    hAHAMBALUSIN KO MUKHA MO grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  990. 990 : Dambu Says:

    Don’t Insult Filipino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  991. 991 : Sadtonote Says:

    I watched the video and it was in no way LDH was insulting the people of The Philippines. Singaporeans have Singapore accent when they speak English. Hongkongese have hongkongese accents. Filipinos have filipino accents. This just shows Filipino has no sense of humor! Sad.

  992. 992 : crazeelilpartygirl Says:

    Even if you apologized about you have said, Ms. LDH, the DAMAGE has been done. We, Filipinos never made fun of you, Koreans. I have a friend who is an English teacher to your fellow Koreans and I cant believe you made fun of them. Maybe without us many of your fellow koreans will not be able to understand & speak english well.

    @SadtoNote: it\’s not about having no sense of humor. If you were in our case, or your fellow country being insulted, what would you feel? Do you think this is worth laughing about? It might sound a shallow issue but we are being insulted about our accent. Specially that we are fellow Asians, that what makes it more painful.
    Actors and actresses should be careful on what they do or what they say on television because they are someone that viewers look up to. Mimicking someone from other people specially people outside your country could have an effect on the parties involved. The world is now smaller & information can be communicated anytime, anyplace in the world.

  993. 993 : Sadtonote Says:

    I am Chinese and I have spent a number of years in the UK. It is quite common in British TV that comedians made fun of Indians (people from India, rather than the native Indians) speaking English (they rock their heads left and right and speak with a typical Indian accent) and it was accepted as good humor by the general public. I find nothing wrong with that and my fellow Indian friends likewise. I am not siding with LDH but I just find that the Filipinos here overreacted way overboard on a Korean Show. BTW, the British made fun of Chinese in TV Shows by squinting their eyes when speaking. This is fine as it was in a TV Show. However, I will be offended if my fellow colleagues made fun of my Chinese origin in a different surrounding. I think we are mature enough to distinguish humour from ridicule/abuse.

  994. 994 : DramaQueen Says:

    woah…lots of dramas here….yea, overacting…..its enough guys, enough of cursing n humiliating. im a filipino but i totally agree to sadtonote. i think if indians really wanna take this kinda issue seriously, i think probably they will wanna kill themselves n even kill the ppl all around the world.

  995. 995 : DramaQueen Says:

    oh ya one more thing, i think theres no point for us to waste out time here since all of us dislike leedahae, including me. but i wont waste my time cursing her n humiliating her. i dont wanna get myself to get involved in hatreds. pointless issue =X as long as we r confident in ourselves that we filipinos can really speak fluent english. thats the whole point n thats it. chill ppl.

  996. 996 : DramaQueen Says:

    n for those who insult the koreans back about their English accent, i mean, if u do that, whats the difference between u n leedahae? u n leedahae r just the same. the bitch,whore,asshole,f U that u all mentioned, r actually referring to urself too. pls pinoys, im glad that the mistake wasnt done by our filipinos, we learn from her mistakes, we learn not to say such hurtful things. pls dont insult the other races, they will be angry n sad n hurt just like us, too. think wisely my fellow friends. <3 Philippines

  997. 997 : sayhellotojhovi Says:

    you better come here first before you criticize us! how dare you! did you know that we do much better and can perfectly pronounced and distinguished the words in an appropriate way! we know that studying english here is very cheap but then you thickhead should look into the mirror first before you make any discrimination!!!! i’m really annoyed!!!!!!

  998. 998 : weedman Says:


  999. 999 : weedman Says:

    I Wanna stick my fist in your but and grab your tities. then kill you slowly by peeling your skin stop making judgement on people you dont know fucker.

  1000. 1000 : weedman Says:


  1001. 1001 : Sadtonote Says:

    No humour, lack of sense of security, inferioty complex, over the top reaction, rude and too many swear words used in this forum…. that is how I would sum up the reactions by certain filipinos here to LDH’s act in a Korean TV Show. It was a TV Show, for god’s sake. Look on the bright side; English is our second language and having an accent with it is perfectly normal and acceptable!

  1002. 1002 : mhirahchell Says:

    What a great insult Lee dae hee… Yeah,, you’re beautiful, but you’re just beautiful outside.! imagine Your actress and famous?! and then you behave like that?! Oh, my God, akapta! I watched a lot of your korean drama,..and i think I admired you for being beautiful, but then I realize that I shouldn’t admired you! You’re nothing!
    Filipinos are much better than you koreans! Remember that! Anyway, may God bless you for the good thing that you did!????

  1003. 1003 : Abbie Says:

    LDH was unintentional offended by mimicked your accent, and apologized for it. But YOU PURPOSELY came up here, ruthlessly cursing and insulting her, who is the better person here? I used to know the Filipinos are generous people but you have proved me wrong here. We all have accent even if you are raised in English speaking country. as if Australian has Aussie accent. People who grow up in England has British accent. Even in America, if you come from a different region, you have a different accent. So what is so bad of having an accent, when English is NOT even your first language. Is it that shameful to speak with an accent?

  1004. 1004 : Abbie Says:

    You people need to grow up and stop making a fuss out of a drop of a hair. The girl didn’t do anything to deserve this. OMG, if she cursed or insulted you like you did to her here, you probably go to Korea and burn down the whole country.

  1005. 1005 : elahe naz Says:

    please cease on!!my dear friends. blame is enough.she understood that she has done wrong.we must forgive her to show her that we don’t like her

  1006. 1006 : Sadtonote Says:

    WOW! I firmly believe that those who had written here with swear words and foul language certainly do not represent the general public of the beautiful country of The Philippines! Phew! The TV Show was light hearted and LDH does not deserve what she is getting from this column here. I am surprised that the editor of this site did not delete certain vulgar comments made by some of the forum users here! The Show made me smile but it did not leave me with an impression that Filipinos speak the way LDH said it. Where is the sense of humour in you?

  1007. 1007 : mona Says:

    I am a Filipina. A student of MSU-IIT. I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t insulted by her actions. But I can tolerate it because I know she didn’t intend to insult us. I would say she’s just reckless and tactless. But those flaws of her would eventually make her a better person. LDH, think before you act. The time I was born, the first language that I had learned is english. And that was “bird.” Filipino students speak the english language fluently.

    But, thank you! Your criticism is an alarm tone to every filipino teachers. It might be the stepping stone of the Filipinos toward a better English Communication skills.

  1008. 1008 : DANDIO Says:


  1009. 1009 : aigoo Says:

    to DANDIO: you’re the one who seems to be needing some manners… and by the way, your country needs more filipinos than you can imagine… there could be more people like you there that needed some cleaning… be thankful that filipinos are poor to be needing to go overseas to work… cause instead of teaching their own kids values… they are teaching your country’s kids GOOD VALUES… oh hey… which brings me into conclusion… were you raised by your own parents?

  1010. 1010 : nino Says:

    dandio:no one told u that don’t insult to others people?be polite!

  1011. 1011 : nino Says:

    in addition it is better that you finish insulting to this girl.i’m sad for her.forget her mistake plzzzzzz.

  1012. 1012 : duoduochake Says:

    You people need to grow up and stop making a fuss out of a drop of a hair. The girl didn’t do anything to deserve this. OMG, if she cursed or insulted you like you did to her here, you probably go to Korea and burn down the whole country.

  1013. 1013 : DANDIO Says:

    That’s why I said they really need a good mother. They not even no what A and B.

  1014. 1014 : chel Says:

    narrow minded ppl. == c’mon! forgive n forget. its enough!

  1015. 1015 : justalittle Says:

    what is going on? how can some of the reactions of the Filipinos here be so rude and low grade? LDH apologised for what she has said. I think it is time some of you here apoogised too for your over the top comments.
    Although Filipinos generally speak with a lesser accent than say the Singaporeans, Malaysians, Hongkongese, (English widely used/spoken countries), they do speak with some sort of an accent. There is absolutely nothing wrong with speaking with an accent as English is just their second language.
    So, lighten up!
    I am now going to “have a drink of water, please!”

  1016. 1016 : cheyang Says:

    Miss Lee Da Hae…you’ve become a popular figure. Maybe you should be more careful of what you say. Many Filipinos have become a fan of yours because of your good acting. But then, be responsible of what you’re saying.

  1017. 1017 : faye Says:

    how dare her to insult us filipino is she a God ? she is just a visitor here so if she don’t like filipinos then she could get out of our country … ur ryt forgive but most of us can’t forget . !!!

  1018. 1018 : Sadtonote Says:

    Do you know that the British make fun of the Australians for their accents, and the Americans make fun of the British “stiff upper nose” accents, etc. Please therefore grow up and lighten up as a nation and do not let others feel your inferiority complex!

  1019. 1019 : Abbie Says:

    right on Sadtonote.

  1020. 1020 : christine Says:

    there are a lot of koreans in the Philippines that are really trying to learn english.. and the way she delived the accent is much more like koreans ..

  1021. 1021 : elma Says:

    Miss lee da hae.I am one of those who really admire you. maybe now you know how it feels to be insulted,. The fact is that you really touch my ego but its nothing to me now..no hurt feelings.Please forgive also my fellowmen as we forgive you.

  1022. 1022 : Ana Says:

    ok i’m a filipino i was raised by the poor family that i respect most and nurtured by my beautiful country:-)yeah it’s true some of my kababayans here are scorn and callous enough to insult LDH but it’s because she gave a reason to be treated like this…we cannot react like this if she give same insults also on others accent she had for example but she do it right..our accent is not like that shame on her ok…but anyway don’t insult our DH who fought home sickness, mental torture working hard receives all the insults given by others just to give their children a better life:-)so what if our country is one of the poorest you care?stop insulting us also for being soo poor and be thankful that ur exception?i hope soooo…tnx

  1023. 1023 : DANDIO Says:

    ana, ana, ana, you and your gang here really need a good mother, I will stress on this, whether you like it or not-look at the words yor gang use in this blog-good mother don\’t raise their child like that. You said LDH is rude, but did u hear she said \’SEA asia in that video, your gang just repeating the MC said \’Philipines-your country, country, country. One thing u and your gang I realiazed are the type when caught wrong, are the type who don\’t want to admit it..it is clear. Of course it a shame to admit u\’re wrong after u\’re bashing her liket that.


  1024. 1024 : Daram Says:

    I Love Lee Da Hae!

  1025. 1025 : Lee dae hee fan Says:

    i love lee dae hee.. she can play any character.. cheerful girl, happy go lucky, cuty.. woo.. i wish she deserve the best to what she was done.. i hope she success, bassya.. about ur acting in chuno series.. i dont care what ever review say, but to me u have give 200% on the character u get.. keep it up.. aja..

  1026. 1026 : Lee dae hee fan Says:

    and for sure saddess character too.. 🙂

  1027. 1027 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  1028. 1028 : cheyang Says:

    Dandio, what’s with the mother issue? I think you’re misleading the issue here. I don’t like your “gang” word. It is so absurd. Your whole argument is absurd. Sorry for that.

  1029. 1029 : gly Says:

    i believe that not all korean are like lee da hee.. let’s give other korean a benefit of the doubt…let’s just don’t care about this uneducated girl,and ban or don’t ever watch her dramas…LEE DA HEE you just humiliated your self and your country!!!

  1030. 1030 : keira Says:

    i seen her in a video.. with some koreans..its been months but that video looks like long time ago…and maybe that was a talk show!! she was telling there how are other people in every part of the globe speak in ENGLISH LANGUAGE! and i don’t want what she have acted the way FILIPINO SPEAK IN ENGLISH! she’s insulting us!! im a FILIPINO!! anyway!!! she’s kinda stupid of doing that even if that was a JOKE!!! i HATE HER!!!!

  1031. 1031 : buguy Says:

    I am a filipina, and I am one of you fans ..
    I watched for your video they say you have insulted the Filipino way in. We speak English. But I do not hate you after I watched the video and I still love you cause i know that you do not mean to Insult us. I’ve also heard you ask for forgiveness and apologized to us. Just be careful of what you say next time and be responsible .. lets all forgive and forget.

  1032. 1032 : buguy Says:

    not all people know how to speak english language. english is not our first language,atleast even just a little we know how to speak.
    were not narrow minded,its YOU…
    ..i still love lee da hae:)

  1033. 1033 : kimi Says:

    Its a joke!! Excuse me Ms Lee, you’re not a stand up comedian – you’re an actress! To make fun of other race in public is simply rude! This shows your true character – a low life and how stupid you are.
    You must be SHOWING OFF to your people how good you are in your “TRY HARD” accent in SIMPLE English. Try practicing more…BIG HEAD
    Maybe just shut your mouth and focus more on enhancing your face with surgery!!! Who knows you’ll be laughing stock at the end! lol!

  1034. 1034 : xing_jyue16 Says:

    hey! how dare you to say BAD THINGS to the other people ! 🙁

    GOOD LUCK ! 😛

  1035. 1035 : xing_jyue16 Says:

    even if you hurt as Filipinos , i still like you as an actress! 🙂

    i hope you’ll change your attitude! 🙂

  1036. 1036 : nikka Says:

    i hate you! 😛


  1037. 1037 : Sadtonote Says:

    I cannot fathom the thinking behind the people of this Philippine Nation who are so narrowminded and cannot differentiate humour from abuse. Really sad to note! There was no disrespect or was there any intention of disrespect from the beginning. Hang loose, man! Hang loose!

  1038. 1038 : sumijo Says:

    kimi is pscyho kid, probably ugliest lonely kid at school.

    lee da hae we still love you, love from malaysia

  1039. 1039 : Joana Cherwaken Says:

    at first i like your movies,dramas.. but after watching what you did to us, FILIPINOS!! i was really hurt. DOnt you know that we Filipinos love watching Korean,Taiwan,Japanese or MAinland dramas,movies etcc??? you were my best actress before but now because of that attitude your outcast and my number one now is HA JI WON!!

  1040. 1040 : Joana Cherwaken Says:


  1041. 1041 : buguys Says:

    how many times I have to say that
    we filipino are not narrow minded?..
    you and danio are just the same…
    you two, should not say any bad words to others.

  1042. 1042 : sumijo Says:

    to Filipino who still bashing Lee Da Hae, and those who I don’t know what to categorize, either stupid or toooooo stupid, you say bad things about her and when we defending her, you cry and said we narrow minded, etc, etc. Is Filipino people this BAD?. SAVE YOUR COUNTRY FIRST OKAY.

  1043. 1043 : buguy Says:

    we never said that those who defending lee da hae are narrow minded…
    you the defender of lee da hae called us narrow minded..

  1044. 1044 : rose Says:

    this Lee dae hee issue is getting out of hand…lets not fight over this…shes not even that popular. And pls lets not keep mentioning countries name as if our own country is soooooo perfect. The point here is she is a public figure she must be careful of what she said especially if shes trying to sell her drama outside korea. Its very unethical to make fun of other people most especially other countries, her fans should not justify her fault just bcoz u like. She says her sorry and filipinos should accept that. Now she learned her lesson, something she will not forget for the longest time.

    for those fans who defend her think if you’ll still be happy if she said same thing to your county. Its like an insult to your own family. Lets not name names. It is expected to over react when your county’s name is involved.

    and to the Filipino people lets forgive her. Everybody deserves second chance.


  1045. 1045 : Sadtonote Says:

    Rose, Agree to call truce and move on.

  1046. 1046 : sumijo Says:

    rose, you miss the point, she didn’t mention philipines, i can hear clearly she mention South East Asia (in korean). your sentences make people who don’t know the real issue and just blindly follows whatever news given believe she said Philipnes, correct your fact ok.
    Allkpop also has been slammed by KOrean media for giving distorted news about LDH’s issue.

  1047. 1047 : chel Says:

    this is getting really boring. -.-

  1048. 1048 : franNing Says:

    i believe her.
    to clarify that issue, click this.

  1049. 1049 : buguy Says:

    move on…
    its already 2011..
    its a time for all of us to move on about that issue:D

  1050. 1050 : lyn Says:

    I did fall in love with the Korean drama “My Girl” and Lee Da Hae was very effective in performing her role. This is the only Korean drama series that I’ve watched several times already and would still want to watch again and again. Being a Filipino and a Korean drama fanatic, I was really disappointed about the issue of how Lee Da Hae insulted the English accent of Filipino teachers during a program interview. Her uncaring and thoughtless actions hurt the pride of us, Filipinos particularly those who are teaching the English language to Korean nationals. We can all forgive and forget but the fact still remains that the negative side of her personality was shown and witnessed by the viewers. It is now a question of what kind of person she is and how it’s going to affect her career in the future. For now, let’s just wait and see.

  1051. 1051 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    You think your popular?? Who are you anyway,, you cant even speak english with accent,, look at your page here?? There were lot of negative and even fans are fighting,, this is embarasing but anyways apology accepted

  1052. 1052 : eda Says:

    I’, from Malaysia, many of my friends love you especially the guys. Our channel tv HD Astro just finished showing MY GIRL (last month). We love it so much. We want more of you.

  1053. 1053 : eda Says:

    and, Jang Hyuk was in my country last week, I read it in my newspaper, I wish you were here too, don’t worry you got lots of fans here. I wish Lee Dong Wook will be coming to my country too, hopefully both of you. Most cutest couple ever.

  1054. 1054 : slamdog Says:


  1055. 1055 : Lenie Cruz Says:

    Let’s forget and forgive Lee Da Hae. I am a Filipino too. Maybe she already learned her lesson. Give her a chance and If she do it again by saying something bad about us, Filipinos well we can recommend in our government to declare her as a “persona engrata” and don’t let her visit Philippines, we can also banned her drama or movies here,either. For now, let’s move on and still smile everytime we see Korean people walking in the street. ok paece to both Korean and Filipino!!!!

  1056. 1056 : Patty Says:

    Lee Da Hae.. please forgive my fellow Filipino for what they keep talking and talking about the issue you made it. Hope you will forgive is as we Filipinos forgiven you. Paece!

  1057. 1057 : Samantha Says:

    hi . you don’t know me (of corse.Durr !!) lols.
    But just to let you know.
    Your Movie, Green Rose,My Girl and East of Eden is a ‘MAJOR HIT’ here in the Cook Islands.

    Lots of Love from the people of the Cook Islands. 🙂

  1058. 1058 : samzzy Says:

    Just to update, Lee Da Hae, chinese twitter or Weibo just got more than 1 MILLION followers within 5 months-the highest for any non chinese so far.



  1059. 1059 : b Says:

    i, too agree with Patty and Lenie…let’s forget and forgive Ms. Lee Da Hae…im a filipino too……and i like Ms. LDH……….

  1060. 1060 : b Says:

    Where can i watch Lotus flower fairy…. i want to that series…..can anyone help me?……

  1061. 1061 : b Says:

    i want to see that series………oooooopppppppppppsss…

  1062. 1062 : yoo da Says:

    this girl probably my perfect type to choose.. hehehehe. top five at my sight…!

  1063. 1063 : b Says:


  1064. 1064 : liliah Says:

    you are amazing lee da hae! I’m one of your fans. Fighting!

  1065. 1065 : dandio Says:

    thank you lee da hae’s fans.

  1066. 1066 : finn Says:

    lee da hae,

    i saw your make over transformation. you did not look good originally but that was you. i used to be a fan of yours but your desire to look maybe the best in korea changed my good opinion of you. what you are doing will bring you nowhere. i did not know you are that insecure. you are very disappointing. you are fooling people with your looks. you are so different. we want to see beyond your beautiful face – the real you, but you are not. you are in the acting world not in a beauty contest. although beauty counts it’s not everything. when are you going to stop altering your face? you are strange.

  1067. 1067 : miss joo yurin Says:

    OMG. LeeDahae had a upcoming drama “GOODBYE MISS RIPLEY”with ParkYuchun,my LeeSeonJoon.
    Im exiting, I wait since CHUNO..
    Love LeeDahae forever.
    I know it will succeed..
    Fighting MYGIRL

  1068. 1068 : b Says:

    lee da hae fighting!!!……..”Ms. Ripley” 2011……

  1069. 1069 : rose Says:

    i hate you lee da hae becouse of insulting filipino people hope filipino people don`t like anymore..u a are a piece of chit..damn u!!

  1070. 1070 : b Says:

    hey!stop…we all made mistake…..its been 5 months get over it…..we all make fun to others too…soooo please stop it……its so irritating….give her a chance….everyone deserves a second chance right?!…..anyways…belated happy birthday ms. Lee Da Hae ‘Ripley’

  1071. 1071 : Mitzy Says:

    please let’s move on….tao lng po tau ngkakamali… let’s accept na her apology and kalimutan na ang kasalanang nagawa nya… nobody is perfect,…..forgive na para i-forgive din kau ng ibang tao sa mga pagkakamali nyo….. tama na ang mga masasakit na salita na yan…..

  1072. 1072 : joan Says:

    APOLOGY ACCEPTED…..MOVE ON NA…..nakakairiti na… ang tagal na yun.

  1073. 1073 : ester Says:

    the person who put the subtitles ws the one to be blame not lee da hae~-

  1074. 1074 : elle Says:

    i love lee da hae!! shes sooo pretty! love love her! ^_^ btw, my all time favorite korean series is My Girl! ^^

  1075. 1075 : elle Says:

    and apology accepted dahae! ^^

  1076. 1076 : Miss Ripley | Kpop Entertainment Says:

    […] Lee Da Hae as Jang Mi Ri – Park Ha Young as young Mi Ri Kim Seung Woo as Jang Myung Hoon Micky Yoochun as Yukata Kang Hye Jung as Na Hee Joo […]

  1077. 1077 : Miss Ripley « Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama Says:

    […] Lee Da Hae as Jang Mi Ri – Park Ha Young as immature Mi RiKim Seung Woo as Jang Myung HoonMicky Yoochun as YukataKang Hye Jung as Na Hee Joo […]

  1078. 1078 : Korea Insipiring » Blog Archive » Miss Ripley Says:

    […] Lee Da Hae as Jang Mi Ri – Park Ha Young as young Mi Ri Kim Seung Woo as Jang Myung Hoon Micky Yoochun as Yukata Kang Hye Jung as Na Hee Joo […]

  1079. 1079 : pouchun Says:

    I like her she is my model

  1080. 1080 : elle Says:

    looove lee da hae! shes so pretty and cute!

  1081. 1081 : b Says:

    LDH fighting!………..i will still be a fan no matter what…….woooohooooo……ripley….

  1082. 1082 : Miss Ripley Upcoming K-drama | All Movies in 1 Sites Says:

    […] Lee Da Hae as Jang Mi Ri – Park Ha Young as young Mi Ri Kim Seung Woo as Jang Myung Hoon Micky Yoochun as Yukata Kang Hye Jung as Na Hee Joo […]

  1083. 1083 : Miss Ripley « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Lee Da Hae as Jang Mi Ri – Park Ha Young as young Mi Ri Kim Seung Woo as Jang Myung Hoon Micky Yoochun as Yukata Kang Hye Jung as Na Hee Joo […]

  1084. 1084 : ard Says:

    i saw your latest pictures. they are far off your face in MY Girl, where audiences fell in love with you. it is difficult to connect that face with your new face. you look good enough. why do you have to alter your looks? you might push your doctor to the wall and there would be no way out for him but to step back. learn a lesson from Michael Jackson.

  1085. 1085 : misstessaxxx Says:

    Hi! Im tessa and a filipina. I would like to say that this girl is my model. and for those who comment a not-so-good thing about lee da hae, please quit it and instead, let’s just love her. Thanks you! “You’ll be blessed!” hehe.

  1086. 1086 : kish Says:

    lee da hae! my favorite korean actress, youre my role model! fighting! stay beautiful inside and out! x0x ^^

  1087. 1087 : Psychic a.k.a Haunters | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] My Fair Lady. Ada dua ke? Sebab kalau tak silap aku ada satu tajuk drama My Fair Lady jugak tapi heroin dia pelakon My Girl. Nak kena check balik […]

  1088. 1088 : maira Says:

    I LOVE lee da hae……………
    she’s my fav actress in the whole world
    she’s unique from others

  1089. 1089 : mabel Says:

    Have not seen Lee Da Hae on drama since East of Eden. Please advise on her latest outcome

    Thank you

  1090. 1090 : mabel Says:

    where can I watch her latest drama “Ripley”

    Thank you

  1091. 1091 : dawa Says:

    most beautiful woman in korea!

  1092. 1092 : lee da hae Says:

    beautiful. cute, talented, sexy, gorgeous. all in one girl

  1093. 1093 : yo! Says:

    pretty but surgery made… 🙁

  1094. 1094 : andi Says:

    she so pretty! Not surgery made. talented and cute!

  1095. 1095 : esther piry Says:

    oh yes – I also love miss Lee Da Hae, very pretty n talented, no wonder
    she’s been in autralia… , when she will play again with Lee Dong Wook..
    – cz my girl – also my fav, dama..!

  1096. 1096 : seira Says:

    very pretty!1i wanna see her with lee minho or lee dong wook in a series! loooooovvvve my girl and hello miss! 🙂

  1097. 1097 : CHRISTINA Says:


  1098. 1098 : christina Says:

    she’s pretty,talented and sexy! one of my favorite korean actress! ^_^

  1099. 1099 : ivy Says:

    i like your beauty….always stay nice….

  1100. 1100 : mary Says:

    i am maryam from IRAN.i see” my girl” .you are very good act.

    ilove you

  1101. 1101 : kosar Says:

    wow you are so pretty.i love you you arey favorite korean actress .

  1102. 1102 : kc Says:

    shes soo cute and pretty! very talented girl! I love my girl and miss ripley! stay beautiful as always!

  1103. 1103 : its me Says:

    amazing actres..
    always hope LDH can make film with LDW again.. LOVE THEM

  1104. 1104 : Kayla Says:

    love her so much specially in green rose.i hope see her with go soo again…

  1105. 1105 : newfan Says:

    Lee Dae Hee you are in really very nice,prettyt and beautiful girl.I think you are the best korean actress!I am very like your acting in My girl.I wish only good thinks!

  1106. 1106 : knawang lhamu Says:

    Shit to those who dislike her. What do they find wrong in such a perfect lady? Just see her talents and potentials. Why do they have to keep lamenting against her? I think they can’t stand the fact that what a great person she is. May god give them with eyes that can see beyond what meets the eyes. I like you very much lee da hae. May god bless u and give u all that u desire.

  1107. 1107 : momo Says:

    Lee da Hae so beautiful…
    GBU always…

  1108. 1108 : awesomedanielle Says:

    I LOVE YOU! i hope you and Dong Wook get together in real life. may God bless you guys. Please make a MY GIRL 2. I really loved you in MY GIRL. I just watched MY GIRL this week and it’s my first korean show ever! Thank you for doing such a good job.

  1109. 1109 : 7.) *** mY gIrL *** « myfavoritekoreannovel Says:

    […] Comedy, as in a real one with the ooze of romantic cute scenes from the main cast. Joo Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hae) is a tourist guide in a company that runs mini tours in Jeju Island. An ordinary woman using her […]

  1110. 1110 : LTM Says:

    I like you in Miss Ripley, you performed the cast of Jang Mi Ri great and was very beautiful in every dress you wore…Thank you for your hard work and lood forward to your next drama….

  1111. 1111 : horia Says:

    lee i like you very much ur the best in everything , style,acting,beauty and ur eligible for best things so think a bout ur religion and chose the best one and the best religion is islam so get information a bout it then you will know how perfect it is i know it is difficult to accept bt without more information how can we judge ………………..?
    wish you best of luck and hope you to become a muslim:)))
    love,horia one of your funs

  1112. 1112 : horia Says:

    lee i like u very much ur the best in every thing so think again a bout ur religion a gain and chose the best one and the best one is islam so because of yourself get information a bout it and become a muslim i know it is difficult to accept bt without more information how can we judge…………?
    wish you best of luck and hope you to become a muslim:)))
    love, horia one of your funs.

  1113. 1113 : (한국 드라마) Best K0rEan DrAma Ser!es « Says:

    […] Comedy, as in a real one with the ooze of romantic cute scenes from the main cast. Joo Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hae) is a tourist guide in a company that runs mini tours in Jeju Island. An ordinary woman using her […]

  1114. 1114 : dane Says:

    my favorite korean actress! pretty! 🙂

  1115. 1115 : jennie glamee Says:

    I really love da hae in her drama green rose…her character is so match up with her..i think her character in green rose is just like her natural character…she’s adorable!!

  1116. 1116 : jennie glamee Says:

    da hae…about ur religion,never be a muslim!!be a christian and let’s meet in heaven..he2. :-))

  1117. 1117 : Robber (불한당) « styrn Says:

    […] Lee Da Hae as Jin Dal Rae Jang Hyuk as Kwon Oh Joon Kim Jung Tae as Kim Jin Gu […]

  1118. 1118 : cmy Says:

    lee dae hae..you are awesome..you are the best..my girl & hello my lady show your beauty & who you are..saranghae..

  1119. 1119 : 蔓延 Says:


  1120. 1120 : 蔓延 Says:

    I am a fans from China. There are many Dahae’s fans in China. We would like to know more people from all over the world who loved the same person with us~~ Let us support Dahae together. If you want to know more Chinese fans, you can contact me. email: [email protected]

  1121. 1121 : JONETHA PALAO Says:

    lee your the best
    from now on i will still love you
    hope to see you soon


  1122. 1122 : MISS RIPLEY « LoveDrama's Says:

    […] Lee Da Hae as Jang Mi Ri – Park Ha Young as young Mi Ri – Jung Da Bin as teen Mi Ri Micky Yoochun as Yutaka / Song Yoo Hyun Kim Seung Woo as Jang Myung Hoon Kang Hye Jung as Na Hee Joo […]

  1123. 1123 : Adam Says:

    She so hot
    her face is cute but have a sexy body …nice ….. @_<

  1124. 1124 : lala tonia Says:

    lee da hee…?i dun know her bfore watch My Girl.. for me she is cute and i still understand if her make surgery to make her more beautiful… she have a beautiful altitude i think bcoz she excelent… fithing lee da hee

  1125. 1125 : aries Says:

    i like you working with Lee Jun Ki…we hope to see you in the Philippines with him =)

  1126. 1126 : saufi Says:

    i love you…

  1127. 1127 : yanti gek Says:

    Is beautiful

  1128. 1128 : mia Says:

    you are so beautiful, i am big fan of you

  1129. 1129 : Miss Ripley OST, Photo, Cast, Trailer, Vidio « BOY GIRL BAND Says:

    […] Lee Da Hae as Jang Mi Ri – Park Ha Young as Mi Ri (young) – Jung Da Bin as Mi Ri (teen) Micky Yoochun as Yutaka / Song Yoo Hyun Kim Seung Woo as Jang Myung Hoon Kang Hye Jung as Na Hee Joo […]

  1130. 1130 : smartzon Says:

    You are so lovely and pretty! I like you very much. 🙂 Fighting!

  1131. 1131 : safa Says:

    Peace upon you
    How are you my sister in God??
    I am an admirer
    I want to know you a page on Twitter or not??
    With peace

  1132. 1132 : conan Says:

    really beautiful…..like your acting skill…fighting forever…

  1133. 1133 : nisa Says:

    you are really beautiful and more prettier eonni! love you 🙂
    when did you played a drama again? i’m waited you 🙂
    eventually i love your acted at My Girl and Miss Ripley, but for me My Girl is more the best 😀 hehe
    fighting eonni ^^

  1134. 1134 : alyaa Says:

    hello ,

  1135. 1135 : meme Says:

    she so pretty too.. i love some of her dresses haha

  1136. 1136 : Gong Chan Upaa Says:

    Yoo Rin aah..Saranghae hehe BAsyaa!!

  1137. 1137 : mak usu pt.puasa Says:

    cite my girl ni aku dh tgk bnyk kali pn x boring..klu ada sequelnya kn best

  1138. 1138 : Ralys Says:

    Is this actress Chinese? For some reason I cannot relate to her in dramas that she is in. Not one of my favorite actresses .From the note on her biography, she was born on Seoul but she still looks Chinese.

  1139. 1139 : bronwin Says:

    your so beatiful….when did u played drama again?
    i’m waiting

  1140. 1140 : bronwin Says:

    u’r movie east of Eden i really like it!
    i like the way u act in that movie….

  1141. 1141 : jhennyCasiobuyuccan Says:

    you are so pretty. i wish i could see you personal here in Ifugao, Philippines

  1142. 1142 : eve Says:

    u’v been confirmed for Iris 2…lov it so much hope it dont hav an ending like Iris 1,,i’l definately gonna watch it coz iam ao curious to see u play with the gun and do fighting

  1143. 1143 : eve Says:

    u’v been confirmed for Iris 2…lov it so much hope it dont hav an ending like Iris 1,,i’l definately gonna watch it coz iam ao curious to see u play with the gun

  1144. 1144 : hana Says:

    hello lee da hae i’m your number 1 fan.. i love your drama, the way you act….go go go fighting

  1145. 1145 : [SBS 2005] My Girl | Says:

    […] Dong Wook (이동욱) as Seol Gong-chan Lee Da Hae (이다해) as Joo Yoo-rin Lee Joon Ki (이준기) as Seo Jung-woo Park Si Yeon (박시연) as Kim […]

  1146. 1146 : joyce Says:

    Very beutiful and acting good.

  1147. 1147 : reen Says:

    she so cuteeeeee…i like ..never bored to see her cute acting..my daughter also your fan..

  1148. 1148 : benjamin Says:

    love you! Got a fan in Africa. Would love to you personally.

  1149. 1149 : niloofar Says:

    i love you ……you are the most attractive girl i have ever seen………so cuteeeeee

  1150. 1150 : boo!! Says:


  1151. 1151 : Noel D. Says:

    How dare you insult us, Filipinos. You don’t even know how to speak the language fluently. I’ve seen ‘Chuno’, I thought you’re nice. I am very disappointed.

  1152. 1152 : Shashah Says:

    You should know us Filipino, before u insults us..I idolize some korean actor/actress, thanks god your not one of them. You know Why? your not remarkable as a person, even as an actress in telenovela. Im shockingly DISSAPOINTED..

  1153. 1153 : jaja Says:

    I am an avid fan of Korean dramas..after watching the video of you making fun of us (Filipinos), I really got upset and disappointed. Our English accent is way differ from Americans and British because we (Filipinos) speaks English “CLEARLY” that even you (Koreans) can understand.

  1154. 1154 : Shashah Says:

    You making fun of us(filipinos) because of our accent, but still some of your fellow koreans came here, to study english..You better teach them it seems that your perfect for that aspect.

  1155. 1155 : Miss Ripley | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] spring dengan lakonan Lee Da Hae. Watak dia memang menjadi. Kalau dia cerita pasal masa lampau dia memang sedih, tapi bila dia […]

  1156. 1156 : ttuk ttuk ttuk Says:

    She can knock the aussie accent any day so I (an aussie) can say shut-up to the whinning filipinos. She was taking off a stereotype, not the accent of most filipinos.

  1157. 1157 : ttuk ttuk ttuk Says:

    Lady Day, Cheers!

  1158. 1158 : Shashah Says:

    ttuk ttuk ttuk, you shut up!!! your name like chicken laying eggs.

  1159. 1159 : thatok Says:

    guys itigil!! nyo na yang masamang comments nyo sakanya alam nyo kung bkit diba sabi nga natin tao lang naman nagkakamali oo nga tao nagkakamali pero kahit ganun sya manlait hayaan nyo na eh mas maganda nga ang buhay natin pilipino di ba kahit laitin man tayo nagkukumbaba tayo basta guys isipin nyo na lang si god nagsacrifies siya dahil marami tayong kasalan pero pinatawad tayo agad hndi tayo pinaghintay ng isang taon isang minuto at isang oras di ba basta i forgive na natin sya ok

  1160. 1160 : ttuk ttuk ttuk Says:

    @Shasha #1158 You need to grow a funny bone. And your name sounds like the expression a transvestite makes before launching into an evening of carnal pursuit.

  1161. 1161 : ttuk ttuk ttuk Says:

    …and I bet my dad can beat your dad. … haha.

  1162. 1162 : Miss Ripley (리플리) « styrn Says:

    […] Lee Da Hae as Jang Mi Ri – Park Ha Young as Mi Ri (young) – Jung Da Bin as Mi Ri (teen) Micky Yoochun as Yutaka / Song Yoo Hyun Kim Seung Woo as Jang Myung Hoon Kang Hye Jung as Na Hee Joo […]

  1163. 1163 : twertar Says:

    I really. Like u.I’m from myanmar.pls don’t married. Bce I’m married no good for me.I want stay only. Now.

  1164. 1164 : marie louise ramos Says:

    fuck you..how dare you!!! to insults filipinos.. god damn it.. molliwa eomoeni

  1165. 1165 : KDLover Says:

    eh, i’m sorry, but, what happen with some of the latest comment here? i think i dont get the newest news.. >.<

  1166. 1166 : [KBS 2013] IRIS2 RAW E01 | Says:

    […] Gun (Jang Hyuk) will plays the team leader of the NSS and Ji Soo Yeon (Lee Da Hae) plays an Olympic gold medalist shooter who turned into spy sniper. Meanwhile, Yoo Joong Won (Lee […]

  1167. 1167 : Draga Says:

    Lee Da Hae Flaunts Flawless Figure and Flexibility ^^


  1168. 1168 : IRIS2 RAW SUB E02 / زیرنویس فارسی سریال کره ای آیریس تا قسمت 2 | دانلود کده فارسی-انگلیسی Says:

    […] Gun (Jang Hyuk) will plays the team leader of the NSS and Ji Soo Yeon (Lee Da Hae) plays an Olympic gold medalist shooter who turned into spy sniper. Meanwhile, Yoo Joong Won (Lee […]

  1169. 1169 : eve Says:

    @jaja,noel,shashah come one guys she had felt guilty after she says sth like that,everyone can make a mistake and we should forgive her after she said she’s guilty and feel she needs apologize,,,,i like her but i gave critics to her when she did that but after she asked for forgiveness i think she know that she did sth wrong and we should forgive her

  1170. 1170 : ellyn Says:

    come on guys she already apologize.

  1171. 1171 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Yes, she did apologized, but the damage has been done. It’s not an insult to only one Filipino but to the whole nation as one country.

    Wounds have scars.

    Just try to put feathers at the front of the doors of your neighbor, then after one hour pick each feather, for sure you cannot retrieve all. So is the offence of one.

    Yes, we can and should forgive. But we are not God. For He alone can forgive men and trow man’s sins at the bottom of the sea. But man finds it hard to forgive and forget, much more as a nation…

  1172. 1172 : @iloveKdramas Says:

    chukahamnida,unni 4 winning ‘d best actress awrd at china’s ‘3rd LETV movie ‘n drama award

  1173. 1173 : MintyStar Says:

    i dont like her.

  1174. 1174 : bblve07 Says:

    ang o-oa nyo! Forgive and forget, f ikw kya mgkmali,? Lahat nman tyo ngkkmali and natututo, we all deserve socond chance period..

  1175. 1175 : Rose Says:

    Her character should of died in iris 2. Beyond annoying!!!!!

  1176. 1176 : Che Says:

    opo toh ? Mbok rak sah mencela…hadehhh santai leswooo…..

  1177. 1177 : chaithrashree Says:

    u r really wonderful………. very cute…. in my girl…. i love ur acting like any thing………. when will you act again with doog wook…….. we are exoecting……… i love you…….

  1178. 1178 : Kdrama – IRIS 2 (아이리스 시즌2) | serbamendadak Says:

    […] Hyuk sebagai Yoo Gun – Park Gun Tae sebagai Yoo Gun (sewaktu muda) Lee Da Hae sebagai Ji Soo Yeon – Kim So Hyun sebagai Soo Yeon (sewaktu muda) Oh Yun Soo sebagai Choi Min […]

  1179. 1179 : bblve07 Says:

    stop bad c0mments pls… She already say s0rry, so just f0rgive and f0rget.. Its been a l0ng time haha…
    N0w i finished watchng her current drama iris2, very interesting and she’s amazing, im n0w watchng her chinese drama l0ve actually, ep 15.. Shes my n0.1 fav0rite k0rean actress since greenr0se,mygirl,hellomylady, until n0w.. Luv u lee da hae… My 2nd fav is parkminy0ung.

  1180. 1180 : marga Says:

    You’re “BLESSED” my dear! cheer up, Joo Yoo Rin and keep on “Fighting”. I love your character in “My Girl”, awesome. Thank you for making me laugh.I hope that in the near future, you and Lee Dong-wook would make another movie……..in the Isles of PW, some-where in the pacific. We do have beautiful rock-islands. Oh, well! I guess you don’t want to get tanned. Anyways, be cool and stay healthy. God bless you always.

  1181. 1181 : ူStevenmam Says:

    hello lee Da hae, i like so much in the whole Korean flim stars. So, try more better

  1182. 1182 : bblve07 Says:

    good to kn0w lee da hae had a new drama with lee d0ng wook again after 3years, entitled hotelier, really cant wait to see them again. Fyting myg!rl.

  1183. 1183 : Apple Pink Says:

    You and Lee Dong Wook are perfect couple :*

  1184. 1184 : tony Says:

    lee Da Hae is a very pretty girl and I like her acting. I though she did will in chuno and in my girls as well as miss Ripley. However I would like to see her with an action actor like Lee Joon Ki. She was with him in a none action roll in my girl. I compared his acting to that of dong wook and think she would be prefect in some action type dramas. Lee Joon Ki is a perfect match for her in those type of roles

  1185. 1185 : Sandy Says:

    Her acting was horrible in Love Actually—–embarrassingly horrible. I hope she’s better in Hotel King because I really want to watch it, but I can’t deal with the stiff model facial expressions she had in Love Actually.

  1186. 1186 : lisa lady Says:

    She is very beautiful and talented. I like her acting in hotel king. Da hee shii,

  1187. 1187 : aneleya Says:

    One of my fave actress. I was entertained in her role in My Girl and like her face in East of Eden. Will continue to see more of her movies… Good luck to you Lee!

  1188. 1188 : tee jay Says:

    Saranghea unni

  1189. 1189 : cheryl Says:

    that kind of girl he doest matter what they saying to other people,she pretend has looking good or images but the facts its not really good attitude…..

  1190. 1190 : boizom Says:

    You r really beautiful girl

  1191. 1191 : 铁蛋妈 Says:

    I love you very much! duoduo

  1192. 1192 : 铁蛋妈 Says:


  1193. 1193 : yaofang Says:

    영원히 지원 이동욱 · 이다해!

  1194. 1194 : yaofang Says:


  1195. 1195 : yaofang Says:

    이다해, 이동욱 좋아하는 hotelking

  1196. 1196 : Wang Says:


  1197. 1197 : shiny Says:


  1198. 1198 : June Li Says:

    From My girl to Hotel King, love you and Lee Dong Wook, please be together!

  1199. 1199 : Verra92 Says:

    Eoni, you’re the best for me. always love your acting.

    stay healthy, be happy 4ever.
    i hope you get married with Dong Wook Oppa, Love you both yongwonhi !!!

  1200. 1200 : Aura Says:

    Any updates of Lee Da Hae( my girl) ?
    Super Lee Min Ho ?
    The Sweetest Kim Bum?
    Jung II Woo ?

  1201. 1201 : LovemygirlLeeDaHae Says:

    Lee Da Hae please do new drama with lee min ho or jung II woo
    Please romantic comedy or ( rich girl poor guy)

  1202. 1202 : I am fan of LiYiFeng plus LeeDaHae Says:

    Great news for upcoming Chinese drama of my Girl ( Lee Da Hae)
    If the male lead role will Li YiFeng, that will make perfect and fulfilled the fans wishes na
    Keep on !
    Love u from Thailand

  1203. 1203 : I am fan of LiYiFeng plus LeeDaHae Says:

    Can’t wait to see the upcoming drama ” the couple of the century”
    Love to see both of u na Li Yi Feng and Lee Da Hae

  1204. 1204 : May Yoon Says:

    Dear Lee Da Hae
    Why u r so calm this couple years ( i mean 2015 until now )
    any project with Kim Bum ? ( that’s just my imagination)
    any project ? please
    I miss u so much my girl – green rose – hotel king

  1205. 1205 : May Yoon Says:

    U R very talented na
    I fully 100% support u from the bottom of my heart
    Love u so much

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