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Name: 이다해 / Lee Da Hae (Yi Da Hae)
Real name: 변다혜 / Byun Da Hye (Byeon Da Hye)
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1984-Apr-19
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 170cm
Weight: 47kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: O
Family: Older brother
Education: Burwood Girls High School (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), Dongguk University (Theater and Film degree)
Hobbies: Watching movies
Languages: Korean and English
Talent agency: Forestar Entertainment

TV Shows

Start Again (MBC, 2016)
Hotel King (MBC, 2014)
IRIS 2 (KBS2, 2013)
Love Actually (HunanTV, 2012)
Miss Ripley (MBC, 2011)
Fugitive: Plan B (KBS2, 2010, cameo)
Chuno (KBS2, 2010)
East of Eden (MBC, 2008)
Robber (SBS, 2008)
Hello! Miss (KBS2, 2007)
My Girl (SBS, 2005)
Green Rose (SBS, 2005)
Five Fingers (MBC, 2005)
Lotus Flower Fairy (MBC, 2004)
Star’s Echo (MBC/Fuji TV 2004)
Sweet 18 (KBS2, 2004)
Good News (MBC, 2003)
Love of Thousands Years (SBS, 2003)
Shoot for the Star (SBS, 2002)
Ling Ling (MBC, 2002)


Song of Dreams (2011)


2012 Third LETV Entertainment Awards (China): Most popular actress in Asia Pacific Region (Love Actually)
2011 Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards: Best Actress Award (Miss Ripley)
2010 China Fashion Awards: Asian Fashionista
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Jang Hyuk (Chuno)
2009 Asia Model Festival Awards: Popular Female Star Award
2007 KBS Performance Awards: Excellence Award – Mini Series (Hello! Miss)
2006 SBS Performance Awards: Top 10 Popularity Award
2005 SBS Performance Awards: Performance Award – Drama Special for Green Rose and My Girl
41st Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress for Lotus Flower Fairy (2005)
2004 MBC Acting Awards: New Actress Award for Lotus Flower Fairy

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1,205 Responses to “Lee Da Hae”

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  1. 801
    Blessy Says:

    Hello My lady Da Hae, please keep up the good work…You’re really good on drums………..You RoCk!

  2. 802
    Super Junior fans...! :D Says:

    hye lee da hae unnie …! how are you …? i hope u fine … i just wanna says that .. you are so cute n great in acting … i really like when you acting you are crying … it will make me sad too … so .. i hope that you always be the greatest actor … hehe … ngee~ 😀

  3. 803
    roychel Says:

    hi jasmine,

    i hope u can see ur snow man..
    i love u..

  4. 804


  5. 805
    jinjanhot Says:

    hi da hae lee,
    love u.
    miss u.
    long for u.
    Because u are my favourute princess.
    aja aja……………..da hae

  6. 806
    Sony Says:

    Lee Dae Hae back!
    she back!!!

  7. 807
    geum jan di Says:


  8. 808
    geum jan di Says:

    ……you are so pretty on my girl with lee dong wook…you are both extravagant…

  9. 809
    Souad Says:

    Big Up from France and Algeria !
    Da Hae I really like your Drama (my girl and hello miss)I wish you the best for the futur.
    Take care and don’t forget : “On t’aime”
    Bonne Année 2010 Allah bless you !

  10. 810
    nana diana Says:

    hye lee da hae..i like your personality..you are very beautiful and talented..i already watched your drama my girl..you know many malaysian people like your drama..i hope you will succes in your career..

  11. 811
    eaint thaee phyu kyaw Says:

    your movies is very grade. i like your movies

  12. 812
    lynico Says:

    more movie with
    lee da hee
    lee dong uk
    park se yun


  13. 813
    bluepearl Says:

    hello princess…i left a comment for Lee Dong Wook so i am leaving a comment for you as well…gosh, you truly are a real beauty(blessed with talents)..anyway, as i have left at Dong Wook’s commentary page, i really loved your TV show with him…MY GIRL….i really love the performance you had in that show(very funny and God, you could cry as well) over the top performance (for that)..and as i told him, the two of you will really make a good couple in real life..hehehe….i wish it would happen…
    you know what? MY GIRL is the only show that i followed through till the end (i finished it actually in two days and i even had to force myself to put off the laptop at past 3AM due to work)…

    go girl…BASHA!!!!!…keep up the good job….

    well, i know you won’t be able to read this comment (because i know these sites are for business ventures and of course for development at all aspects of the industry) but don’t worry, i will always be your number one fan (jz as the others claim..hehehe)..
    well, congratulations again…AJJAAAHHHH!!!!!

  14. 814
    Mitha miranti Says:

    I think…
    lEE DA HAE have to with LEE DONG WOOK
    Who are agree with me?>:<

  15. 815
    jinjanhot Says:

    Hi,Da hae lee
    Happy new year 2010.
    I wish u could pass this year with many
    good health.
    Sorry for being late to say and wish u happy new year 2010.
    aja aja …… ….. ……
    Bye Bye…………………….my princess

  16. 816
    Yvonne & Padme Says:

    hello, annyong haseyo,, any new series with lee dong wook,, really look forward for this,, hope my dream will come true soon.. keep it up (msg from Penang, Malaysia)

  17. 817
    dhebbie2t Says:

    i really love the “My Girl” and the “Hello Miss”

    I’ve watched Hello Miss several times, coz i bought i dvd..

    Looking forward for your new TV shows

    Good Luck

  18. 818
    grass Says:

    lee da hae u r very beatiful like angel

  19. 819
    zokelei Says:

    i am a aud: the most i like album
    ????My Gal??
    it’s so ……..
    and can u speak KACHIN language fluently?

  20. 820
    e.m Says:

    hellocious Lady L u r my numba one actress n i admired u da most…i luv ur acting in MY GIRL n it drives me crazy becoz u n mah hunky Lee r perfect 4 each adas…wish u all the best in the future… muj luv frm me ur one n only true sistra…yeah i mean it…snd mah regards 2 Lee Dong Wook…tc onie…mwahz

  21. 821
    bk Says:

    my godness.. this girl is so so so so so cute…. she can damage my brain if i didnt stop thinking of her. wish you all the best.. besafe always im here always to support your career hehe just a audience more safe love you mis L.. your the best for me for all of the korean actress i love you mis L.

  22. 822
    harry Says:

    …………..uh your great..haha

  23. 823
    janessa_^_^ Says:

    you are my favorite actress.. you are the first one.. you are very beautiful.. I want to be like you.. hehe..

  24. 824
    Putin Says:

    I am from Myanmar.You know Myanmar,Golden Land.I love You!

  25. 825
    Susan Says:

    Hi! Lee,
    I’m from Philippines & now working in Vietnam. I’ve known you ‘coz of in My Girl & I admire you so much because of your very good acting as Yoo Rin. I watched My Girl so many times ‘coz I really like the story. Even up to now I’m watching it in You Tube.
    Keep going! You’re the best. “Basha!!!!”

  26. 826
    lulu Says:

    i love all her show, and she really pretty

  27. 827
    sky high Says:

    you are beautiful and attracting………

  28. 828
    sky high Says:


  29. 829
    pakou Says:

    i’m one of your famous fan.

  30. 830
    kkzayarminlwin81 Says:

    You are pretty Girl! You are haven!

  31. 831
    Ole4ka Says:

    Самая потрясаяющая девушка планеты!!!

  32. 832
    nejed Says:

    I like you……

  33. 833
    hlaingthazinsoe Says:

    Dear Lee,

    How are you! I hope your good health and successful in your
    life.I like your performence in every TV series.
    Please ,you sent mail and your photo for our frindship.

    With best regards,


  34. 834
    grandis Says:

    so many school kids in here..if want to read good review in chuno, just go to soompi forums, very intresting discussion there, hmm I thought this place will discuss the same thing, but turns out to be war between LDH fans and her antis..
    aiyaa, don’t know why people become like this, maybe a slave in their own mind.

  35. 835
    domos Says:

    completely mesmerised by your role acting in The Slave Hunter. and when checking out your profile, found out you are the girl of my dream!!

  36. 836
    fatane Says:

    hello i praise you. your beautiful.

  37. 837
    kip Says:

    ur cute n beautiful..n a really great actress 2.in east of eden,i keep regretting that ur not the one who become lee-dong-chul’s lover coz i personally think that u n song seung hun would make a real banging couple if being paired together in any movies/dramas..

    nway,dont forget 2 take care of ur own health..

  38. 838
    nurul Says:

    hi lee da hae…

    how r u.. hope u r fine.. i like ur act especially ‘My Girl’ n i hope u success with ur carier…Welcome 2 Malaysia 2 meet ur supporter

  39. 839
    gurlzz Says:

    i’m really agree with nurul,..i hope u ‘ll come to Malaysia to meet ur fans here..most of Malaysian really like ur acting especially in ‘my girl’..n i’m 1 of ur fans too.

  40. 840
    semra Says:

    i love lee da hae
    she is the best…!
    chuno fighting..!

  41. 841
    semra Says:

    ohhh my love, she really pretty and great player i always love you

  42. 842
    Leonora Says:

    I was shocked when I saw your birthdate. You and I have the same birthdate and also blood type..haha..i admire you. You’re too cute in My Girl and also in east of eden. More blessing.

  43. 843
    farah kapoor Says:

    dear Da Hae Unnie,,

    my name is Farah from indonesia, before i saw u i just big fans of song hye gyo n full house,but since i was saw u in my girl, i just felt in love with u all of my heart,u r my dream idol n sister, u pretty, cute, taller, have a gud body n skin, u r very talented, u cn sing, dancing, acting also playing drums, i ilke so crazyy to you, very addictd, u r the ones of korean actress who speak english very well, also speak japanese n chinesse. wooww u r a complete packed..

    wish u can come to indonesia soon, i ilke when u get interview in tv u always smile at people, u are very warm person n very damn BEAUTIFUL…

    love you Da Hae Unnie^^ sarangheayoo… ^^

  44. 844
    nadia Says:

    she is acting good in the slave hunters.

  45. 845
    Jamie Says:

    hi!!! i love u in my girl!!!!!!!!! ur soo pretty :))))))

  46. 846
    adah Says:

    hai…i’m adah from malaysia…
    love too see u in slave hunters…
    ur really pretty love u…

  47. 847
    AuLia aVers Says:

    unnie…. you’re so beautiful……
    i like when you with lee dong wook in my girl movie
    i’m very agree if you be with lee dong wook
    it’s sweet couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 848
    camille Says:

    advance happy birthday!!

  49. 849
    joseph Says:

    Happy birthday Lee Dae Hae, u so beautiful and your acting is really good. Keep it up and I love u.

  50. 850
    cielo mae Says:

    yobo-seyo da hae lee?im your bigget fun inn the philippines.i wish we could talk and see each other and i want to go in korea to see you ..i like the way you act

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