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Lee Dong Hae

Name: 이동해 / Lee Dong Hae
Profession: Singer and actor
Birthdate: 1986-Oct-15
Birthplace: Mokpo, South Jeolla, South Korea
Height: 174cm
Weight: 60kg
Star sign: Libra
Blood type: A
Talent agency: SM Entertainment
KPOP group: Super Junior

TV Shows

God’s Quiz 4 (OCN, 2014)
Panda and Hedgehog (Channel A, 2012)
Skip-Beat! (FTV, 2011)
It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl (SBS, 2010)


Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (2007)

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  1. 1 : Lusia Says:

    Please upload Lee Dong Hae Pictures


  2. 2 : hae-in Says:

    u’re to be GREAT ACTOR!!!
    lee Donghae oppa hwaiting!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3 : haessy139 Says:

    donghae… go go go!!!!!!! saranghae…

  4. 4 : haessy139 Says:

    i gonna watch this.. ahh.. waiting…

  5. 5 : chinam Says:

    I love him so much.
    LEE DONGHAE is such a talented actor, singer, dancer, dj, joker.. everything.. also good father in the future…ke ke ke
    Hope to see more drama of him!!
    Keep up the good work

  6. 6 : Roya suju Says:

    lee donghae is the best in super junior.i love him so much.

  7. 7 : oliviakang Says:

    Lee Donghae , fighting!!!

  8. 8 : Donghaefreak Says:

    i love you donghae!

  9. 9 : marzieh Says:

    I wish best for you

  10. 10 : marzieh Says:


  11. 11 : marzieh Says:


  12. 12 : ameng Says:

    why suju didnt come to indonesia?

  13. 13 : miho Says:

    donghae oppa, saranghae :*:*

  14. 14 : my love aktor korea Says:

    lee dong hae i love you so much…!!! I liked dancing you….!!!

  15. 15 : Hyera Elf Says:

    Oppa, i love you. Hmm, and i must be waiting this film. Oppa, we elf always support of What you want to do .

  16. 16 : Sharona Says:

    DONGHAE You’re like a SHINING STAR luv u sooo much saranghae


  17. 17 : marzieh Says:

    I’cant watch your drama now.
    I wait for it.
    I know yor’re good in it.

  18. 18 : marzieh Says:


  19. 19 : Synopsis, etc. It’s Okay Daddy’s Daughter « Aulia Karima's Blog Says:

    […] Nyeo (이용녀) as Hyuk Gi’s mother Choi Jin Hyuk as Choi Hyuk Gi Shin Min Soo as Choi Duk Gi Lee Dong Hae as Choi Wook […]

  20. 20 : anggie Says:

    donghae imutsss kale,,
    d Its okay daddy girl dy maenx bagus,,cuma bkan donghae oppa pemeran utamany,,sedih deh 😉
    pengenny seh donghae yg jd aktor utamany

  21. 21 : loren_saranghae Says:

    Lee dong hae, u very so cute… Good luck 4 U

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  23. 23 : rya Says:

    you have handsome face and you heart like an angel.

  24. 24 : kat Says:

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  25. 25 : salmonmaruko Says:

    cảm ơn vì tất cả những gì mà các bạn đã mang đến trong cuộc sống của mình.mình quý các bạn rất nhiều!

  26. 26 : maz Says:

    sarangheyo donghae..

  27. 27 : kyunna Says:

    saranghae jeongmal saranghae.. haeppa..!!!!

  28. 28 : Dhicc '85 Says:

    Hi, Donghae, youre……?( loose my word). be Agood man, always n always doing yor best. Good Luck………………… Fighting.

  29. 29 : hanie Says:

    hey dong hae!!!!!!!I love your baby face.I wish a very beautiful life for U.

  30. 30 : neni haerani Says:

    happy birthday donghae, wish you all the best

  31. 31 : zatieymin Says:

    saranghaeyo oppa…..wish all the best in ur life…..i like sweet baby face,,,,,hwaiting…..<3

  32. 32 : Nyein Chan RuthCr. Says:


  33. 33 : suzi Says:

    hi dong hae.I really really reallllllllllllllllllly love you.always be happy.best wishes for you.good luck.bye bye

  34. 34 : ilovedonghae Says:

    i really like you donghae i wish i could see you in person
    im your no. 1 fan here in the phillipines goodluck 🙂

    S A R A N G H A E O P P A !

  35. 35 : kZeogirl Says:

    oh donghae i love that your so cold hearted …….(i dont mind it at all )

  36. 36 : yanuar Says:

    i fans you forever and i like all you song .. .
    i hope you succes always

  37. 37 : elcris paquinol Says:

    sarangheyo donghae..
    dream high go go go..

  38. 38 : musoe Says:

    love ur SMILE

  39. 39 : han soon hee Says:

    donghae oppa saranghae ^_^
    sampai bertemu suatu saat nanti yaaaaa :*
    jangan lupa belajar bahasa indonesia yaaaa 😀

  40. 40 : ati(IRAN) Says:

    donghae oppa i love u so much
    you are number 1 for me

  41. 41 : sahar Says:

    oppa oppa*_*…..^_*…..^_^…..^.^

  42. 42 : choi hye sun Says:

    oppa oppa oppa….
    i love u forever,,,,

  43. 43 : tooma-dubai Says:

    Hi my brother…. I hope u r OK every time… saranghee

  44. 44 : elena Says:

    Currently he acts on his new drama right? Miss panda ….something. Why that drama not here? I’m looking forward to it

  45. 45 : sfyoon Says:

    doghae oppa so cute in panda and hedgehog fighting

  46. 46 : sfyoon Says:

    donghae fighting hope your dramas would bea hit

  47. 47 : minkyuwik Says:


  48. 48 : mutitaya Says:

    oppa donghae jeongmal saranghae

  49. 49 : mutitaya Says:

    dong hae oppa saranghae

  50. 50 : shem Says:

    opppa..chongmal saranghae..Hwaiting!

  51. 51 : iin Says:


  52. 52 : Maryam Says:

    u are so coooooool, saranghae as a fan

  53. 53 : hae wife Says:

    oppa…nomu johae…

  54. 54 : hae lover Says:

    I love u
    I miss u
    I want u
    FOREVER <3

  55. 55 : hae lover Says:

    as a lover
    dream about u everyday

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    […] Seung Ji (Lee Dong Hae) is a patissier who has been an orphan since young and behaviour like a […]

  57. 57 : shem Says:

    oppa…you’re really good acting out in panda and hedgehog…
    i love that line of yours..
    nomu choahae….


    […] Lee Dong Hae as Go Seung Ji Yoon Seung Ah as Pan Da Yang Choi Jin Hyuk as Choi Won Il Yoo So Young as Kang Eun Bi […]

  59. 59 : nell Says:

    annyeong. . oppa.! is sooooo cute.!
    JOAHAE.! 😀

  60. 60 : [Channel A 2012] Panda and Hedgehog RAW E6 / SUB E6 | Says:

    […] Lee Dong Hae as Go Seung Ji Yoon Seung Ah as Pan Da Yang Choi Jin Hyuk as Choi Won Il Yoo So Young as Kang Eun Bi […]

  61. 61 : Zari Hlawnmual Says:

    uh oppa you’re really cute

  62. 62 : kim yoon hye Says:

    hi oppa donghae 올 생일 더 많은 축복과 앞으로 더 많은 생일

  63. 63 : jackie Says:

    happy birthday!!!
    wish you all the best.

  64. 64 : Artemis Says:

    Oppa!why don’t u come to our country?I wish u could at least see me once!love u with my heart!kiss!

  65. 65 : Aileen Says:

    Oppa!plz come here and see u&my sis’s child here!his name is Dongra!

  66. 66 : fishy's girl Says:

    Oppa!! You looks so cute,, Fighting! Elfs are always for you. ^^

  67. 67 : Gayani Says:

    1 2 3 go……….. 🙂
    saranghae………….. <3 <3 <3

  68. 68 : yoona seung ah Says:

    oppa saranghae.. naneun dansin-eul salanghabnida.. muahh foryou

  69. 69 : park shin mi Says:

    I LOVE YOU Lee Dong Hae oppa.

  70. 70 : donghae oppa Says:

    Oppa, 1…2…3 GO I love you..I miss this line of you..

  71. 71 : Yani Says:

    I love u oppa pleace be my boy 4ever 1…2…3…go and keep smiling

  72. 72 : Yani Says:


  73. 73 : mitchi lee donghae Says:

    oppa donghae i love you i can’t stop loving you bb ♥
    plz like this page

  74. 74 : Alwine Says:

    Cute…, cute…, cute….. 😉

  75. 75 : Alwine Says:

    Hai ganteng… 😀

  76. 76 : yayin Says:

    donghae oppa saranghae. n happy birtday to u oppa…aku harap my baby yang msih dalam perut bisa lahir seperti donghae oppa

  77. 77 : richell ann Says:

    i like you bcoz of your outstanding dancing skills…your swag really amazing…i luv u donghae…hope you’ll be successful now that you’re back…

  78. 78 : meme Says:

    i just watched you in it’s okay daddy’s girl & loved your character & acting! how come you stopped doing dramas? 🙁 hope to see u again in another project! fighting!

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