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Name: 이동욱 / Lee Dong Wook
Profession: Actor and model
Birthdate: 1981-Nov-06
Height: 184cm
Weight: 78kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: B
Talent agency: Jump Entertainment
Education: Saejung University
Appeared in Bittersweet Life with My Girl’ s co-star Park Si Yeon

TV Shows

Goblin (tvN, 2016)
Bubblegum (tvN, 2015)
Iron Man (KBS2, 2014)
Hotel King (MBC, 2014)
Gang Goo’s Story (SBS, 2014)
Mandate of Heaven (KBS2, 2013)
Wild Romance (KBS2, 2012)
Scent of a Woman (SBS, 2011)
Partner (KBS2, 2009)
Bittersweet Life (MBC, 2008)
My Girl (SBS, 2005)
Hanoi Bride (SBS, 2005)
Precious Family (KBS2, 2004)
Island Village Teacher (SBS, 2004)
Merry Go Round (MBC, 2003)
Land of Wine (SBS, 2003)
Loving You (KBS, 2002)
Honest Living (SBS, 2002)
Let’s Go (SBS, 2002)
This is Love (KBS1, 2001)
Drama City “Happier than Heaven” (KBS, 2001)
A Dreaming Family (KBS, 2001)
Pure Heart (KBS, 2001)
School 3 (KBS1, 2000)
School 2


Beauty Inside (2015)
The Recipe (2010)
Doenjang (2009)
The Man Book 198 Pieces / Heartbreak Library (2008)
The Perfect Couple (2007)
Arang (2006)


2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Awards, Best Actor (Soap Opera, Scent of a Woman)
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars (Scent of a Woman)

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Lee Dong Wook 18

1,353 Responses to “Lee Dong Wook”

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  1. 1151
    maikee Says:

    lee dong wook.. a great actor,a very good looking and desirable man! good luck and more projects for u…were always here to support u!

  2. 1152
    jodethcruz16 Says:

    i’m sooo loving lee dong wook…great actor…i’m done watching Scent of a Woman and its a 2 thumbs up for the both of them Lee Dong Wook and kim Sun ah…Looking forward to see another korean drama starring the 2 of them again…

    Scent of a WOman is a big hit now in the PHILIPPINES…
    Hopefully you could visit here with Kim Sun Ah


  3. 1153
    aivee tenorio Says:

    i really really love lee dong wook…………hope to see him personally…

  4. 1154
    aivee tenorio Says:

    i really2x love lee dong wook…hope to see him in personal

  5. 1155
    saranya Says:

    i love lee dong wook. his acting in scent of women is very romantic and lovable. In partner i like his play boy acting.. in my girl i like his slience acting …… i like a lot lee dong wook…….

  6. 1156
    ria Says:

    i’m falling in love to Lee dong Wook. Coz of his film in Scent of Woman. He’s so romantic,cool,and very protect of the girl that he love. I really want to meet Lee dong wook… I love Lee dong wook….

  7. 1157
    misx.fierce Says:

    i like LEE DONG WOOK 😀
    have a good chemistry in a scent of a woman

  8. 1158
    babyliz Says:

    i heart you lee dong-wook ur so great tlga in love scene ! i luv you , god bless ..

  9. 1159
    babyliz Says:

    supa kilIg aq sa helenas promise ..
    luvluvmuch !

  10. 1160
    Krisha Says:

    i am super in love with Lee Dong wook.. so cute and handsome.. i the way he talks, very humble.. =) Scent of a Woman is so touching and romantic.. it is a success here in the philippines.. 🙂

  11. 1161
    carmen Says:

    lee dong wook….your charm pull my heart away like a magnet…..amazing man… ..lee dong wook..scent of a woman is a heart and romantic drama….

  12. 1162
    ur fans :) Says:

    sow sexy aww ^^

  13. 1163
    Daerina Says:

    Hi Lee ure so handsome hehe just like me hahaa kiding..

  14. 1164
    eva Says:

    Finally Kim Sun Ah has found a new wonderful n romantic partner in movie, yes definitely the man is Lee Dong Wook….You two are so good together…

  15. 1165
    miss_dee Says:

    hi! lee dong wook ! i like ur style and ur good looking!
    every film you starring was reallly great ! i hope u can always make improvement ! love you ! fighting!

  16. 1166
    Qiestina Says:

    So handsome <3 Lee Dong Wook <3

  17. 1167
    Jeramy Ann L. Palaca Says:

    ..i dont know why I idolized you so much….i love your show “Scent of a woman… hope you read this message…LEE DONG WOOK..I wish I could visit there in seoul..I want to see you..just to see you in personal… I will be more gratefull…I like seoul..and someday I want to visit there..just to see you I’m jeramy ann palaca from PHILIPPINES..take care..IDOL:0

  18. 1168
    angel Says:

    i really really great movie………sa rang he lee dong wook.sana makita kita in person………….sa rang he

  19. 1169
    non canty Says:

    Scent of awoman nice story,,good acting lee. Aku suka lee hee( luv u).

  20. 1170
    ilovekdramas Says:

    I love Lee Dong Wook! he’s my ideal guy!

  21. 1171
    RN Says:

    I was really impressed with you and your acting especially in a scent of women drama. I always look forward to meet with you . . and could sing a beautifull song for you. . .
    I hope one day you can come to Indonesia especially coming to South Sumatra . . .

  22. 1172
    minty Says:

    Lee dongwook si ,we will support u 4ever. love you not only for his good perfromace but for his good personality.
    Thank you very much dongwook si ,thanks for give us so many good drama!

  23. 1173
    choi hyun ah Says:

    lee dong wook is a famous korean actor for me…

  24. 1174
    michael delos reyes Says:

    i watched lee dong wong in helena’s promise (scent of a woman) and i really like the it… to him personally before i die jejeje joke

  25. 1175
    fairy tale Says:

    hai,your so cute love you………

  26. 1176
    Miss Haniey Says:

    Hi Lee D0ng Wook,
    i really like u coz’ of u’re good looking and also your character in my girl film wif Lee Dae Hae! u’re soo sweet! i <3 u and i hope i can see u personally,
    heeee,miss u Lee Dong Wook or Gong-Chan!

  27. 1177
    Reagan Ramos Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook,

    Your Perfectly Awesome and Very Good Dramatic Actor In Korea.
    Everyday i watching ( Helena’s Promise ) Scent Of Woman. thank you and i admire you.Hope i can see you personally.



  28. 1178
    Chai Carabuena Says:

    Hi, Lee Dong Wook!

    I’ve been fascinated with your charm and I can’t help but to buy series of DVD’s of your movies and series so I can watch it over and over again.
    I hope that someday I can visit Korea and see you in person. I really wanted to see you before I die. That will surely makes me happy and complete.


  29. 1179
    aiurrie Says:

    Omo! Lee Dong Wook u are such a great actor. I could never resist you… Your smile is making me melting… I just finished watching Scent of woman, i love it. I think you look better with short hair. Really wanna see you in the real life 🙂

  30. 1180
    ashviny Says:

    i always like ur accting in korean drama and ur acting is soo good, that i like to see ur acting in korean drama’s!!

  31. 1181
    ashviny Says:

    hi Lee Dong Wook,
    ur character in my girl series is amazing and i like ur smile. i look forward to watch ur other dramas and i love ur acting in my girl and i hope i will enjoy others as i did for ” my girl”. ur simply handsome and amazing actor.have a long happy life!!!

  32. 1182
    eva Says:

    I like watching you sing together with Kim Sun Ah….its sooooo romantic…wish you both could be lovers in real life…

  33. 1183
    Wild Romance » The most popular korean site in Iran Says:

    […] Lee Dong Wook as Park Moo Yul Lee Si Young as Yoo Eun Jae Kang Dong Ho as Kim Tae Han Oh Man Suk as Jin Dong Soo Hwang Sun Hee as Oh Soo Young Jessica Jung as Kang Jong Hee Im Joo Eun as Kim Dong Ah Lee Won Jong as Yoo Young Kil Lee Han Wie […]

  34. 1184
    Wild Romance | HALLYU WAVERS Says:

    […] Lee Dong Wook as Park Moo Yul Lee Si Young as Yoo Eun Jae Kang Dong Ho as Kim Tae Han Oh Man Suk as Jin Dong Soo Hwang Sun Hee as Oh Soo Young Jessica Jung as Kang Jong Hee Im Joo Eun as Kim Dong Ah Lee Won Jong as Yoo Young Kil Lee Han Wie […]

  35. 1185
    Wawa Winter Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook 🙂 Actually I like your style in Scent of A Woman.. Hehe 🙂
    Okayy,goodbye 🙂 I hope we can talk again!!

  36. 1186
    Taguchi Analiza Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook i like your style and role in scent of a Woman you are so gentle,Sweet,and faitful i wish Kim Sun Ah and you we could be lovers in real life and iwish to meet you in person pls try to visit me here in Japan and ireques to the part 2 of Scent of A Woman very very soon.

  37. 1187
    XXX Says:

    how are you ,good night,<i love you

  38. 1188
    Taguchi Analiza Says:

    ilove you Lee Dong Wook Take care good night i wish to meet you in personal what do you think it is imposible im sorry im getting crazy for you

  39. 1189
    Taguchi Analiza Says:

    Lee Dong Wook Happy New Year I wish you all the best this year More Movies and More Dramas.To you and Kim Sun Ah Welcome 2012 Have More Dramas andMovies to do.

  40. 1190
    lili Says:

    He deserves the award is a great actor
    I’m sure in the new drama he would be an excellent and lead it as only he knows …
    love him

  41. 1191
    tietn Says:

    happy new year lee dong wook ….. when are you coming back to Indonesia? 🙂

  42. 1192
    tietn Says:

    happy new year lee dong wook ….. when are you coming back to Indonesia?

  43. 1193
    Chantyy Luvichie Says:

    Oppa lee, I love you so much,, i have ur eyes, ur lip, ur nose, everything ’bout you lah,,, uhhhh nice boy,,, :*

  44. 1194
    Chantyy Luvichie Says:

    Oppa Lee Dong Wook!! I love you so much!!! I like ur smile, ur lip, ur nose everything ’bout u lah,,, huuuu oppa come to My Country!!! Love you so much oppa.. SARANGHEYEO :* =)

  45. 1195
    INFO : KBS2's "Wild Romance" | Says:

    […] Lee Dong Wook as Park Moo Yul Lee Si Young as Yoo Eun Jae Kang Dong Ho as Kim Tae Han Oh Man Suk as Jin Dong Soo Hwang Sun Hee as Oh Soo Young Jessica Jung as Kang Jong Hee Im Joo Eun as Kim Dong Ah Lee Won Jong as Yoo Young Kil Lee Hee Joon as Ko Jae Hyo Lee Han Wie as Kevin Jang […]

  46. 1196
    Nancy C. Noora Says:

    Hello Lee Dong-Wook, I was fascinated by your acting and of course by your good looks in the Scent of a Woman. It really touched my heart to see you act. No wonder you have gained awards for that magnificent acting of yours . You deserved it!!! Because of you , now I wished to go to Korea to meet you personally and have a picture beside you. Keep smiling because in that many hearts will also be smiling back!!!

  47. 1197
    Taguchi Analiza Says:

    To Lee Dong Wook Congratulation You deserve it your the best actor for me Keep up the good work I love You.

  48. 1198
    Sue Says:

    I like your acting in My Girl and The Partner……both are awesome. In Scent of Woman i think the actress is too old for you……however, your acting is still the best.

  49. 1199
    Kaye Vasquez Says:

    iloveu lee dong wook..
    because of u..
    i think i’m going crazy.. :))

  50. 1200
    Kaye Vasquez Says:

    Hoping 4 the part 2 of Helena’s Promise (Scent of a Woman) .. :))
    i have a gift..

    \\\\ Me.. ////

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