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Name: 이동욱 / Lee Dong Wook
Profession: Actor and model
Birthdate: 1981-Nov-06
Height: 184cm
Weight: 78kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: B
Talent agency: Jump Entertainment
Education: Saejung University
Appeared in Bittersweet Life with My Girl’ s co-star Park Si Yeon

TV Shows

Goblin (tvN, 2016)
Bubblegum (tvN, 2015)
Iron Man (KBS2, 2014)
Hotel King (MBC, 2014)
Gang Goo’s Story (SBS, 2014)
Mandate of Heaven (KBS2, 2013)
Wild Romance (KBS2, 2012)
Scent of a Woman (SBS, 2011)
Partner (KBS2, 2009)
Bittersweet Life (MBC, 2008)
My Girl (SBS, 2005)
Hanoi Bride (SBS, 2005)
Precious Family (KBS2, 2004)
Island Village Teacher (SBS, 2004)
Merry Go Round (MBC, 2003)
Land of Wine (SBS, 2003)
Loving You (KBS, 2002)
Honest Living (SBS, 2002)
Let’s Go (SBS, 2002)
This is Love (KBS1, 2001)
Drama City “Happier than Heaven” (KBS, 2001)
A Dreaming Family (KBS, 2001)
Pure Heart (KBS, 2001)
School 3 (KBS1, 2000)
School 2


Beauty Inside (2015)
The Recipe (2010)
Doenjang (2009)
The Man Book 198 Pieces / Heartbreak Library (2008)
The Perfect Couple (2007)
Arang (2006)


2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Awards, Best Actor (Soap Opera, Scent of a Woman)
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars (Scent of a Woman)

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Lee Dong Wook 18

1,353 Responses to “Lee Dong Wook”

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  1. 1201
    aulia Says:

    Anyeonghaseyo.. Lee dong wook ssi.. Ur the greatest actor in korea.. Success 4 u oppa.. Saranghae

  2. 1202
    jeanberry Says:

    Hi! Its my first time here.I am a Filipina and fond of watching koreanovelas..I really searched for this guy, Lee dong wook. Hes so handsome. His acting skill is very effective, even if Im just watching his drama series i feel that Im his partner that made me fall in love with him..hahahaha.. Saranghe! <3 <3 (^_^)v

  3. 1203
    Taguchi Analiza Says:

    How are you Lee Dong Wook Imiss you Im waiting for the Part2 of Scent of a Woman your the Best Actor i ever see in all the Mail actor of Korea.Always Keepsafe Good Nyt Saranghae!!!

  4. 1204
    الدراما الكورية لسنة 2012 « super asia Says:

    […] Lee Dong Wookas Park Moo Yul […]

  5. 1205
    Clive Says:

    greeting from malaysia…
    super like ——- “Scent of Woman”…….

  6. 1206
    Nurgl Says:

    Supersiniz turkiyeden selamlar

  7. 1207
    que Says:

    super duper handsome..perfect 🙂

  8. 1208
    vebian Says:

    I am super in love with this guy lee dong wook, He is so attractive and very effective drama actor. I wish someday I will meet him personally.. Love you Lee Dong Wook. 🙂

  9. 1209
    saufi Says:

    I like your acting in My Girl, Partner and Scent of a woman.. Wild Romance, not yet watch, But I hope it’s not disappointed …

  10. 1210
    Lee Dong Wook 4ever Says:

    waiting Lee Dong Wook with Eun Hye or Lee Dae Hee ( again ), Park Ji Yeon ( maybe ) or Han Hyo Jo.can’t wait, I hope it will be come true.

  11. 1211
    sneha Says:

    hi…….i really like this guy…….ur acting is superb

  12. 1212
    nona Says:

    ماشاءالله عالجمال …أنت رائع …. القمر يستحي منك

  13. 1213
    Aida Says:

    Annyonghaseyo, Lee Dong Wook si, I love your acting in Scent of Woman, the courage to love whom is not accepted by family is something very brave to do so. you had carried out the role greatly in this drama.

    I like your smile ever since I started to see your drama “My Girl”, “Partner” & Scent of Woman. & now looking forward for your new drama “Wild Romance”.

    Wish you have a meaningful life as KJW in the drama, to treasure people around us who we love & being loved.

    Keep it on & Fighting!!! ^_^

  14. 1214
    heidihana Says:

    LDW . love you so much. You are great actor. you acting at Wild romance awesome.Happy valentine days…

  15. 1215
    saufi Says:

    Lee Dong wook and Lee Da Hae, I really wish that both of you perform in One Drama again, and become hero and Heroin respectively…

  16. 1216
    Smile Says:

    Annyonghaseyo, Lee Dong Wook si, I love this actor…he acts so well and sooooooooooo handsome and when he smile he will break your heart….

  17. 1217
    popikachu Says:

    I really like wookie, the second man after kim hyun joong. starting first fascinated by the drama my girl today (wild romance) and also because he had come to Indonesia for the promotion of drama my girl. he is very open and simple humble .. aigooo so, I love love love your personality and nice namja.

  18. 1218
    popikachu Says:

    나는 그들의 wookie 갖고 노는 여자 파트너가 운이 입술을 느낄 느낍니다. 어떤 키스 장면 씨를 즐길 수있을만큼. 리 동 욱 … 😀  ᄏᄏᄏ

  19. 1219
    nuchy Says:

    I like your acting !you’re the Best Actor. Just see Wide Romance. I’am

    very happiness while see you every time. love you.

  20. 1220
    SALLY Says:

    i loved ur acting in scent of a woman i have to say that i had impressed,really..now im watching wild romance and ur acting very well and very different and i think that is what making a good actor “the variety”..one more thing.the sad romantic roles like scent of a woman u r doing it verry well..so keep it up and ur fans are waiting for ur next,please dont be late…

  21. 1221
    SALLY Says:

    admin,can u change the leading photo.ther are more beautiful photos right here..thanks in advance ^__^…

  22. 1222
    admin Says:


    Which Pic do you like ?

  23. 1223
    SALLY Says:

    @admin, I think 6,9 and 10 are better for a PP!!! what do u think??
    and btw there are afew pics here :(…

  24. 1224
    admin Says:


    Please take a look for his latest profile pic.

    Hope u like it. 🙂

  25. 1225
    cherry pelias Says:

    like you so much lee dong wook,..im so dying to see u in person…:)
    god bless..

  26. 1226
    cherry pelias Says:

    saranghae… na cherry imnida from philippines:)

  27. 1227
    Wild Romance Korean Drama « Saranghae All korean Says:

    […] Pemain: Lee Dong Wook as Park Moo Yul Lee Si Young as Yoo Eun Jae Kang Dong Ho as Kim Tae Han Oh Man Suk as Jin Dong Soo […]

  28. 1228
    SALLY Says:

    thanx alot about the pic,U R the best admin ever ;)…

  29. 1229
    SALLY Says:

    and btw i liked the pic so much :)…

  30. 1230
    SALLY Says:


  31. 1231
    chunli Says:

    omg!!! i love him!!! love his movie scent of woman!!!

  32. 1232
    SALLY Says:

    @chunli,i agree with U…

  33. 1233
    liya tamalia Says:

    Since I was watching lee δσπϱ wook at scent of awomen ,I thing I like him very much..saranghae…iam searching everything about him..can’t wait to see you on the movie…

  34. 1234
    y Says:

    handsome :————)

  35. 1235
    Shilpa Says:

    M shilpa , from india i love to watch Lee dong wook drama and movies … I like korean drama and movies a lot….lee dong wook is my favourite Korean actor…saranghae lee dong wook

  36. 1236
    Prita Says:

    Such a pretty handsome guy! I love everything about you physically. I like your chemistry with Kim Sun Ah when dance tango in scent of a woman scene.
    Please visit Indonesia, oppa! saranghae….

  37. 1237
    rose Says:

    have seen 4 of your tv dramas, starting with the partner, then wild romance, scent of a woman and just finished my girl. you have evolved in your acting career, although i still have to see your earlier works, and bittersweet life is next to my agenda, which i expect would be dramatic like scent of a woman. i think that you should leave romance and get into something different, that would develop more of your talent, then you can stay on track as an actor into mature roles. good luck!

  38. 1238
    ayu ramadhani Says:

    i love you

  39. 1239
    aiziey Says:

    my god! i love lee dong wook since d beginning.. ur so great, so handsome, i adore u more in my girl… huhu… continue inspiring us… saranghae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 1240
    iman Says:

    i love him
    he is very talented actor
    continue inspiring us
    je t’aime beaucoup,,,,,,,

  41. 1241
    ERIN Says:

    lee dong wook for ever!!!^_^

  42. 1242
    Kyaw Thurein Win Says:

    Lee Dong Wook u r so handsome

  43. 1243
    ATEFE Says:

    i live in iran …
    i love lee dong wook very much…
    me & some of my friends see the ‘MY GIRL…’
    and all of our love this film and this actor..



  44. 1244
    Wild Romance (난폭한 로맨스 ) « styrn Says:

    […] Lee Dong Wook as Park Moo Yul Lee Si Young as Yoo Eun Jae Kang Dong Ho as Kim Tae Han Oh Man Suk as Jin Dong Soo Hwang Sun Hee as Oh Soo Young Im Joo Eun as Kim Dong Ah Lee Won Jong as Yoo Young Kil Lee Han Wie as Kevin Jang Lee Hee Joon as Ko Jae Hyo Jang Tae Hoon as Yoo Chang Ho (Yoo Eun Jae younger brother) Jessica Jung as Kang Jong Hee Lee Bo Hee as Housekeeper Lee El as Mi Jin Hong Jong Hyun as Seo Yoon Yi […]

  45. 1245
    Kdrama – Wild Romance (난폭한 로맨스) « serbamendadak Says:

    […] Lee Dong Wook sebagai Park Moo Yul Lee Si Young sebagai Yoo Eun Jae Kang Dong Ho sebagai Kim Tae Han Oh Man Suk sebagai Jin Dong Soo Hwang Sun Hee sebagai Oh Soo Young Im Joo Eun sebagai Kim Dong Ah Lee Won Jong sebagai Yoo Young Kil Lee Han Wie sebagai Kevin Jang Lee Hee Joon sebagai Ko Jae Hyo Jang Tae Hoon sebagai Yoo Chang Ho (Yoo Eun Jae younger brother) Jessica Jung sebagai Kang Jong Hee Lee Bo Hee sebagai Housekeeper Lee El sebagai Mi Jin Hong Jong Hyun sebagai Seo Yoon Yi […]

  46. 1246
    april evelyn Says:

    i like lee dong wook in my girl, scent of a woman & lastly in wild romance. may he continue to grow in his career & have more movies to come! mwah mwah tsup tsup! Mabuhay ka!

  47. 1247
    Mina (iran) Says:

    hello oppa last night i watched the last part of wild romance it was nice
    i live in iran
    iranian really love korean drama
    we invited u to come here

  48. 1248
    Mina (iran) Says:

    ولی خدایی ما ایرانیا خل شدیم خودمم همینطور که نزدیک امتحانا میشینم این کره ایای خل تر از خودمو میبینم
    تازه دعوتشونم میکنم بیان ایران
    خاک تو سرت مینا
    خدا اخر عاقبت ما رو به خیر کنه

  49. 1249
    manly mad from Malaysia Says:

    i live in Penang, dreams to see him in front of my eyes.. Truly love and like him so much… Dear LDW, i m ur secret admire…huhuhuhu

  50. 1250
    soo Says:

    lee dong wook is the best for ever

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