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Name: 이동욱 / Lee Dong Wook
Profession: Actor and model
Birthdate: 1981-Nov-06
Height: 184cm
Weight: 78kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: B
Talent agency: Jump Entertainment
Education: Saejung University
Appeared in Bittersweet Life with My Girl’ s co-star Park Si Yeon

TV Shows

Goblin (tvN, 2016)
Bubblegum (tvN, 2015)
Iron Man (KBS2, 2014)
Hotel King (MBC, 2014)
Gang Goo’s Story (SBS, 2014)
Mandate of Heaven (KBS2, 2013)
Wild Romance (KBS2, 2012)
Scent of a Woman (SBS, 2011)
Partner (KBS2, 2009)
Bittersweet Life (MBC, 2008)
My Girl (SBS, 2005)
Hanoi Bride (SBS, 2005)
Precious Family (KBS2, 2004)
Island Village Teacher (SBS, 2004)
Merry Go Round (MBC, 2003)
Land of Wine (SBS, 2003)
Loving You (KBS, 2002)
Honest Living (SBS, 2002)
Let’s Go (SBS, 2002)
This is Love (KBS1, 2001)
Drama City “Happier than Heaven” (KBS, 2001)
A Dreaming Family (KBS, 2001)
Pure Heart (KBS, 2001)
School 3 (KBS1, 2000)
School 2


Beauty Inside (2015)
The Recipe (2010)
Doenjang (2009)
The Man Book 198 Pieces / Heartbreak Library (2008)
The Perfect Couple (2007)
Arang (2006)


2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Awards, Best Actor (Soap Opera, Scent of a Woman)
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars (Scent of a Woman)

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1,353 Responses to “Lee Dong Wook”

  1. 1
    nancy teodoro Says:

    im ur fan

  2. 2
    nancy teodoro Says:

    aniong aseyo! i have watched your novel herein MANILA, PHILIPPINES. At first i was just ignoring it, & then later on i was became interested! I was so touched by the story, it makes me laugh!Also with moral values, and this is one thing i like most to KOREAN NOVELS! I just hope that LEE DONG WOOK & LEE DA HAE can make another novel again! I like them both, MAY THE LORD JESUS CHRIST BLESS THEM & THEIR FAMILY! GOD BLESS KOREA! MOKSSA NANCY

  3. 3
    mrs. dong-wook Says:

    hi!! good luck in what ever you do. i love you.

  4. 4
    jaypee Says:

    i really like lee dong wook because of his lonely-faced charm, which is very unique of him..

    we are really hoping that abs gets more of his shows, and i still wonder if he does have another soap with lee da hae .. they look good together,so much!

  5. 5
    Rika Says:

    I like ur movie. U are so cute 🙂 Luv u…

  6. 6
    Malaysian Lee Dong-wook Fans Club Says:

    안녕하세요 이동욱씨, Hello, we are from Malaysia will always support Lee Dong-wook in his career. Hopefully his career will continue to be much improvement such like in My Girl korean series. We from Malaysia like to say” 이동욱 아차아차 희이팅!!! Lee Dong-wook Cha Cha Yo!!!”

  7. 7
    crazie_gal92 Says:

    annyounghaseyo….i luv dong wook in my girl…so cute n handsome…huuhuhuhu…..he’s a good couple with lee da hae in my girl!! bbasya!!
    annyoung!! ^^

  8. 8
    nadia san Says:

    hai konichiwa lee dong wook san!! watashiwa oname nadia san. watahiwa kara malaysia desu. (i am from malaysia). i really love your acting in my girl. very life and natural. u are so kawaii (cute) when u smile and also very gentlemen. i think your chracter in my girl are same with your personal attitude. is it right?. and one thing i see u and lee da hae (heroin my girl) so match to be partner again in future korean drama. ok lee dong wook san ganbatte ne!! (good luck), hope u’ll be success in your career.sayonara…

  9. 9
    rina mae Says:

    hi! this is rina mae, I am a high school freshman in the Philippines.you are very,very handsome! i always wish that you would make another show like my girl or make a mall tour here in the Philippines.my whole family really likes you because you are very handsome! you are the one lee i love you soooooooo much please i have a question what are the qualities you like most in girls?once you read this message please answer my question.i will wait for your answer! love you lee!i will love you For the rest of my life! mwaaaaahhh!!!!!!! rina mae from Philippines

  10. 10
    ira Says:

    you so cute!!!!i love u so much

  11. 11
    yeelin Says:

    Annyhong hasim nika? I like … lee dong wook character act in my girl… he is very cool and good looking handsome guy….in the show…. he is really handsome….in the life too… he act this….. show reallly funny and interesting with Lee da Hae…… Anyway…., i always support you all the shows…. i am an fan of lee dong wook….haeng-unuel bireoyo

  12. 12
    Danika Says:

    Your so Handsome….
    I love the way you act……

  13. 13
    sabariah Says:

    im ur fanatic fan..
    love you..

    keep up the best work..

    take care

  14. 14
    rowena y Says:

    Hello! I am an avid fan of Lee Dong Wook. I am very much happy wacthing you My Girl. I like you with your partner Ms Dae she is beautiful. Hope you will make another novel with her. You have a good chemistry in screen and hopefully you are a real coulpe. God bless you in your career.

  15. 15
    rowena y Says:

    I want to add more that it is regreteful that i was not able to catch you personal in your 4 days visit s in our country ( Philippines ) but i was able to watched him over the television at Wowowee you are soooooo…handsome and with a kind heart. Hope you will come back again in the future and i will see to it that I will not miss it again. I am looking forward also that when Lee Dong Wook come back he will bring MS Lee Dae Hae.

  16. 16
    norazira Says:

    hai lee dong wook!i’m your fanatic fan.i hope you good luck in your career.see you soon!

  17. 17
    azizah Says:

    hello lee dong wook!i’m so happy you act in my girl.i like your style.you’re very handsome.

  18. 18
    GLyNN Says:

    Good Day to Everybody who love Lee Dong Wook…I am so in love with his calm and innocent look. He is really indeed a very good looking guy and a nice guy too. My days won’t be complete if I can’t see his face on my computer as wall paper and everyday I see to it to play the song CREEP where he sung it during his 2004 fans meeting…SARANGHEI LDW.

  19. 19
    ExGF-LDW Says:

    wow how come so many people likes you… i don’t like you because so many people likes you already….

  20. 20
    miss sizuka malay Says:

    u so hensem and really macho..
    gong chan ..i like to see ur acting in my girl drama series..

    i love u so much…

  21. 21
    elizabeth lee Says:

    Hello! I am from Sabah, Malaysia. I am a fan of you. Wish you all the best of luck in your career and looking forward to watch your show with Ms. Lee Dae Hae in future. I like both of you working together.

    God Bless U!

  22. 22
    Lya& Yoo Rin Says:

    We r your fanatic fan.we hope u will always succes in your career. love u !!!

  23. 23
    aiza Says:

    hi lee dong wook! grabe mahal na mahal kita…..(wow i love you very much) ang gwapo mo tlaga!!!(your really handsome) hope to see you soon again with lee da hae here in philippines….
    mahal kita garbe…..

  24. 24
    lin Says:

    i’m a big fan of u…i like u so much!!! good luck in ur future….

  25. 25
    Siti Says:

    Hi hi helo..my lovely charm Lee Dong Wook! im ur fanatic fan from Johor Malaysia. Im really loves the way u act in My Girl with Dae Hae. It was so so so cute..romance and fun funtastic!!
    U makes me falling in luv with ya…so sweet! I miz u and hope will see ya one day..(pray n hopely only coz i know its so hard to face with ya)
    Please send me ur cutey photo, poster or wutever things related with u to be my memory’s collections in my room!!
    If u wanna send it please post to : No 6, Jalan Lembah 3
    Taman Desa Jaya
    81100 Johor Bahru
    Johor, MALAYSIA

    Last word : SAYANG AWAK..RINDU AWAK (miss u..love u)

  26. 26
    VikkiM Says:

    Lee Dong-Wook, you are one of the most handsome korean actors around. Love your smile, and in your recent movie, A Bride From Hanoi, you look very sexy. You’ve great body ans such beautiful complexion for a guy.

  27. 27
    Glad Says:

    Hi Lee Dong-Wook,after watching your recently acted show “MY GIRL”..i find you really handsome and cute!ALL THE BEST

  28. 28
    mich Says:

    Hello! I really find you handsome and so appealing..i’ll be waiting for your next koreanovela..hope you’ll be making lots of korean dramas and movies as well..Goodluck! I love you!!!

  29. 29
    rafjhoy Says:

    saranghae oppa.

  30. 30
    faiqah Says:

    Hello, I\’m ur fan from Melaka,Malaysia and i\’ve been watching your dramas(My Girl).Your acting in this drama are fantastic. and i\’ll be waiting ur next drama.hopefully the new drama will be \’success\’like my girl.Your credit not only the handsome and cute face, but your acting. For your information, korean drama is very popular in our country, malaysia.Hopefully you can visit Malaysia(beautiful country) one day.(with lee da hae…hu..hu..hu)hope u\’ll be success in your career and love.

  31. 31
    nedwin Says:

    Aniosayo Upa Dong Wook..u,re handsome guy i ever seen..i really like ur act in MY girl..fantastic,marvellous,brilliant! if u want to reply my comment,just send it to my e-mail..last word for you,aza aza khuayti!(is my spelling right?)-Brunei Darussalam.

  32. 32
    shan Says:

    DONG WOOK !!! Well, he have a very special charm…..really makes me melt!!! Besides….i\’m relly addicted after watching My Girl. Waiting for the next lovely drama from him!! Would like to watch Arang but i totally dislike horror. Wish him all the best in his carrer!!!

  33. 33
    cute girl Says:

    whatever u doin i will support. hope u will be lucky in your career!!!!!

  34. 34
    jeff Says:

    awak jambu le

  35. 35
    mag Says:

    i really like ur character in my girl!! u act so hot n u look so hot!
    n true..u have a very special charm!

  36. 36
    koala Says:

    heiya lee,
    da first time i saw u in my girl, i was like WHOA.. this is da next PRETTY BOMB that has just drop from korea..most of da time i was hook with ur sexy, reddish and pouty lips and i even thought u are mix ( not pure korea,) but i was wrong.
    ANYWAYSSS…Good job and keep up da good effort. and remember that da fans are gonna support u always in da industry..

  37. 37
    diana_89 Says:

    hi…i am your fan…..i like u so much…..i hope i can meet u…but i no who am i….but i can meet u in my dream right….just kidding…ok lastly succesful in your carier….your sincerly fan Diana from Malaysia…..

  38. 38
    ctz06 Says:

    ottoshimnikka(apa khabar/how you going)

    bianata.(maafkan saya/i’m sorry)

  39. 39
    TaTA Says:


    LEE DONG WOOK kinda rock in the drama MY GIRL yea

    crying seems like a talent to youu hahas :))
    u cry like great uhh

    work real hard
    and .
    best wishes to youu uhh
    tts all i can do yea :))

    i love youu LEE DONG WOOK
    i do love youu

  40. 40
    Joo Chan Says:

    To all Malaysia fans,

    In order to group all of us together and bring Lee Dong Wook to Malaysia (hopefully), i have set up a petition online, requesting him to visit Malaysia soon… Below is the site


    We need to gather our ‘voice’ and ‘support’ to let Dong Wook know that there are a large group of My Girl fans here.. So, please submit your signatures to the petition now! Oppa, Malaysia fans wants to meet you badly…

  41. 41
    Sherry Says:

    Lee Dong-Wook, you’re a good actor. I enjoy your role in My Girl. Make me laugh & cry with you.

  42. 42
    dayana Says:

    hello..lee..u look so cute n handsome lol….love u…hey i hope u can work with Song Hye Kyo….ok???

  43. 43
    hazel_wook Says:

    i like to watch my girl so much……..hope there will be another new dramas that will capture my heart just like that…go go dang wook!!!!!!!!!!1

  44. 44
    hidayah Says:

    dong wook shii. sarangheyo. gooodluck for your future. bassya!

  45. 45
    ting Says:

    i really like ur acting in my girl!!!***ur rox!!!!***keep on work hard n produce more drama series!!!i really look forward to ur next drama!!!!

  46. 46
    amanda Says:

    ann yong haseyo!!! u ur so sweettt aww and so amazingly attractive..!!@!@! i ve watched ur drama serial (MY GIRL ) and guess what .. it rocks like shit hell…

    love ur charisma , ur lips ur so sexy and ur smile ur simply hookin me to watch ur show more…


  47. 47
    amanda Says:


  48. 48
    shera Says:

    lee dong wok.. love ur acting! u r so handsome and handsome! 🙂 dong wook shii. sarangheyo! bbasya!!

  49. 49
    tina Says:

    omo..why so many people like you…
    but lee dong wok…i accept that all the comment….
    For me ..
    i’m not your fan but a ADMIRER….he…he..he…

  50. 50
    valerie Says:

    Hello Mr Lee Dong Wook

    I love your acting in “My Girl”. Your are marvellous! Looking forward to your next project which I hope is not too long. Best wishes to you and your family. Hope that your career, acting skill, popularity and fame will improve every day every year. Wish you good health too. Take good care.

  51. 51
    chafiezha Says:

    mY LoVe…..!mY LoVe………..!oPsSs….!s0rRy….mY giRL…….!mY giRL…….!aHah!i waNna deDicaTe soNg fRom juStiN tiMbeRLakE,”mY LoVe” juZ 4 u,LEe doNg w0ok….!!!fEeL LucKy….???haHah….aNywaY,haPpY neW yEaR nNn w0rk haRdeR 4 uR caRieR….!cHiay0!cHiay0!nNn….waT uR rEs0LutioN 4 diS yEaR….???d0e waNt 2 c0me 2 mSia…???pLz….d0 c0mE heRe aRr….cuZ aLLz da guRLz heRe waiTiNg 4 yA LiKe cRazY! xD

  52. 52
    zen Says:

    Dear friends

    Anyone knows whether Mr Lee Dong Wook has an English website? If there is, please assist by letting me know. I love to know more about Mr Lee Dong wook. Thanks a lot. Regards.

  53. 53
    RATIH Says:

    Cute guy, handsome, natural and COOL! I watched you almost in every tv-drama where you’re involved. I never missed watching yr tv-dramas like “LOVING YOU”, “LAND OF WINE”, “WHAT HAPPENED IN ISLAND”, “THE BRIDE FROM HANOI” and the last one is “MY GIRL”. Your performance is getting better and charmed. I like yr acting in “LAND OF WINE” and the last series “MY GIRL” (I watched it two times).
    In “MG” you and Lee Da Hae are perfect and unique couple. You were so naive and she was so tricky. The story is very touching and brilliant. The stars are adorable especially the acting of three lead stars you, Lee Da Hae and Lee Joon Ki. I love to see more K-dramas like My Girl in the future starred by you, Da Hae and Joon Ki.

    Anyway, God Bless You wherever you are and looking forward to seeing your next performance on the next series. Keep up the good work and send my warm regards to the sweetest lady Da Hae and the prettiest guy that Korea has ever had Lee Joon Ki.
    So, Good luck to you all and… Anyeong!

    RATIH, Indonesia

  54. 54
    -xandra- Says:

    ei!!!! you’re so cute!!!!!!!!! hope you’ll visit philippines!!!

  55. 55
    geestin Says:

    i really like “my girl” i mean it’s the best. ur so handsome, and everything …..love u very much…..

  56. 56
    NeLaHj Says:

    You are such a very nice guy!!! U look great… I like your eyes…

  57. 57
    babytulips Says:

    I enjoyed “My Girl” very much…..fell in love with you too…..u’re so handsome and cool…all the best…waiting to see ur upcoming series……

  58. 58
    YZ Says:

    Well done! You have acted very well in MG. Looking forward to your next project. Best wishes to all your endeavours.

  59. 59
    mismo Says:

    hellooo!!!! i’m 1 of your biggest fan in MALAYSIA. hope to see you here. will u come to malaysia? i believe that there are many of your fan here. lastly love to see you on tv. i’ll be always support you in whatever things you do. hope to see you soon!!!

  60. 60
    clarize Says:

    hi………know what???i dream of you last night….im ur fan on the philippines…hope you the best……

  61. 61
    desireelynn Says:

    i love u lee dong wook

  62. 62
    desireelynn Says:

    i wish that you wil come back here in the Philippines..We Filipinos love you very much

  63. 63
    maria ikiko Says:

    handsome!!! hots!!

  64. 64
    mukgu malaysian Says:

    sarang nga yong!!! lee dong wook best of d best…stay handsome,charming,cute,macho!! i luv u my dong wook..jia yuo, gambate, kim da ra him!!!

  65. 65
    sk Says:

    lee dong wook shi…anhyong haseyo..wuri saranghaeyo…neaga and chingu ya matul shi…jungmal saranghaeyo…erm..can u come to malaysia? chebbal..puttake ri mida…saranghaeyo…chal ga…basya!!!!

  66. 66
    Debbie Mcintosh,Malaysia Says:

    Hi Lee Dong, since i watch you at MY GIRL i have fallen with you, you are so hot, saranghayo, muaaaaaaa…..

  67. 67
    JENNY KOH Says:

    Hi, Lee Dong Wook, I’m your fan from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, first time I watch you acting “My Girl” I really like you so much and I watch your movie “Arang” that was very nice. You so cute and handsome. In Malaysia, the Korean Drama is popular. I hope you can come to Malaysia.

  68. 68
    Arthur Says:

    Hello, i was very ammazed when i watch the My girl Novel in television, it was so famous in manila, philippines. Just because of Lee dong Wook good looking appearance. i hope that Lee Dong Wook could have a move together with Philippine artist. Because Lee Dong Wook is very popular in my country, PHILIPPINES

  69. 69
    bless Says:

    good acting lee dong wook in “MY Girl”. congratulations to you and to the rest of the main stars of this drama. i really had a wonderful time watching MG (good laugh and some teary moments). looking forward to watch more of your drama before MG and in the future of course.

    bless (nt, australia)

  70. 70
    babytulips Says:

    lee dong wook…..when are u coming to SINGAPORE??? missing u so much and loving u so much….***smuack**

  71. 71
    sarah Says:

    Lee Dong Wook,

    annyonghaseyo! i really love you in my girl…
    more powers to you and god bless…

    from the philippines

  72. 72
    zen Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook,

    Hope everything goes well for you. When I was watching MG, I didn’t know that I have watched your K-drama before. That drama was Loving You. And after watching MG, you became my favourite K-actor. I have tried searching your other K-dramas and I have completed three only. Indeed, you have improved your performance over time. Do keep you your good work.


  73. 73
    omsie Says:

    hi there mr lee dong wook

    am wondering if you can read all of this stuff, but if you do,,, i wanted to tell you that you had a lot of fans here in the phillipines,, hope that you can visit here..

    love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    from omsie of phillipines

  74. 74
    eya Says:

    i really love ur acting in My girl..u are so cute n handsome.. if u wanna know, u had a lot of fans in malaysia..i really-really hope that u can vist here..i hope u will success in ur life..and one more, u and lee da-hae are so match to couple..huhu,love u

  75. 75
    Cute Nemo Says:

    Hi, Lee Dong Wook

    Wow, You done a great job. Like to watch your acting in My girl. You look charming and cool. I like the character of gong chan….
    I dun no where to get your poster or related items for collection.
    Maybe i will fly to korea and get it. Hopefully can see you there too and take a photo with you……

    With love – Singapore Fans.

  76. 76
    Cute Nemo Says:

    Wondering did you read all the msg that all your lovely fans send to
    you ?? Like to know more about you and your latest drama, do you have any individual web page which i can view ? Hopefully, you can come to Singapore one day.

    Singapore Fan

  77. 77
    pinn Says:

    im his hardest fan..i like him very much and maybe he is my prince charming..hehe just joke..im very touched in his acting..

  78. 78
    maezelle Says:

    i love you!!!

    i missed you like crazy!!

  79. 79
    rogelyn Says:

    hi Lee dong wook…
    i like ur movie My girl with Lee da hae…
    i hope ur carreer is awesome…
    take care always…

  80. 80
    A S'pore fan Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook

    I heard “Arang” was screened in Malaysia but sad to say it was not in Singapore. “Strong Romance” would debut in these few days. Wishing this movie would be well received world wide. Best wishes to you.

    Hope that your movies “Arang” and “Strong Romance” would be screened .in Singapore

    Good luck and all the best to you.

  81. 81
    fizhyun85 Says:

    my love……. oh my love and i love you 4 ever…hehehehe….

  82. 82
    fizhyun85 Says:

    lee dong wook and lee joon ki, i very like your movie,and i very love your style.
    U are very macho and hensome boys in the korean movie..
    i like your face, but your face very nutral.
    i love you 4 ever and ever……r.

  83. 83
    depe Says:

    why are u so charming? i can stand to see your cutie face!
    wish u had a good career and life
    your acting as a hanndsome rich man is really inspired me
    yeah you are my dream soulmate
    i hope your acting as good as your personality
    wish u come to my country
    i am really addicted to the korea movie and so do you

  84. 84
    A S'pore fan Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook

    Heard that you have acted on “Loving You” which I have watched a few years back. I have re-watched it recently. I prefer your look a few years back. You were more chubby. You have lost weight in “MG”.
    Hope that you could put on more weight. Do take care of your health.

    Best wishes to you and do take good care of yourself. Hope to watch more of your movies, dramas and listen to your singing.

    Cheers ….

  85. 85
    illdw Says:

    hi ! lee dong wook shi
    i like u Acting. i want to see your series in 2007. but i knew u have a movie ” SR ” i saw Strongest Romance MV ,i like it.
    i like to see when u singing. it’s good.
    i hope u take care of your health. Hope to watch more your series again.


  86. 86
    feriah Says:

    hi !lee dong wook you are very hansome and cute. i like you so much. i also like to watch your movie My Girl……..

  87. 87
    shizzle8dizzle Says:



  88. 88
    jhing Says:

    Hi lee dong wook!…you’re really really cute and handsome!
    i like you so much! hope you receive many awards!

  89. 89
    eka zhong Says:

    I LoVe yOu lEe doNg WoOk I LOVE YOU.
    I wAnT Go To kOrEa, BuT I

    CaN’T tO dO It. It iS iMpOsIbLlE. So I Can OnLy yOuR DrEam EvErY nIgHt

  90. 90
    micya Says:

    LDW.. i will never ever forget ur cute face as Gong Chan. IT’S SEEM’s LIKE U R A MALAY MAN.. wonder why u just only go to the Bangkok and not Kuala Lumpur. here, u can meet ur biggest fans and i’m one of them. hope can see u again and again. lastly, every very good luck to u.

    GOOD LUCK DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! remember me; Baby Micya.

  91. 91
    tess Says:

    Anyo…..SGC & YooRIN, you made my sister & I & the rest of our family really amused in MY GIRL including my officemates, my friends both male & female. Watched many times MY Girl & beleive me…..your loveteam is made in heaven bringing people joy, laughter….hoping that you may have more similar short novels to come….we honestly adore & thousand times crazy watching your My Girl & listening to its soudstruck…. Peace & God Bless both of you & familes…

  92. 92
    shine Says:

    the one!!!!!! do i need to say more….

  93. 93
    zen Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook

    Heard that you are very stressed and could not eat due to “SR”. Hope that you have overcome it by now. Whether “SR” is sucessful in box office depends not only yourself alone but to the whole team who has made “SR”. Please do not shoulder all the responsibilities alone by yourself. Let nature takes its course. Take it easy. So long, as you have tried your best, that will do. You could count on me to support you as usual – all the way.

    I wish that “SR” would be sucessful and be the number one in box office
    for the year 2007.

    Good luck to you and take care. 🙂

  94. 94
    Fatin Says:

    Mr Lee Dong Wook…I’m also one of your fan from Malaysia. When I first watching Loving You…I didn’t notice you. But when I watch My Girl last year ..wow…I was so addicted to it. You’ve grown to be such a handsome man. ….Really love your acting in My Girl especially with Miss Lee Da Hae. Both of you are very good in acting and the chemistry between you are excellent. Hope to see more of your film or drama together.

  95. 95
    ju yoo rin Says:

    hi gong chan!!!
    to be honest,u look stupid when u sing!!
    u need to come back down to earth since u are not so good in acting!!
    so u better put ur feet on the ground…
    by the way…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!i love to hate u soooo much because u r really crazy!!!!

  96. 96
    ju yoo rin Says:

    hi gong chan!!!!
    i just want you to know that u make me crazy!!!i hate u so much!!!

  97. 97
    zhen Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook

    Ja u ….. ja u ….. ja u …..

    U seems to look tired these few days. Do take care. I hope everthing is fine and well with you.


  98. 98
    princess janelle Says:

    halu!!!!ang ganda ng MY GIRL!!!!!!azzzzz!!!in!!!!love you!!!lee dong wook!!!!

  99. 99
    Vanj Says:

    Hi, Lee Dong Wook! =)

  100. 100
    meh Says:

    aja aja!!!
    100th commenter! =]

  101. 101
    thai Says:

    hi , lee dong wook i come from thailand
    i like my girl
    i like you eye very much
    i love you

  102. 102
    LUCHEN Says:

    hi lee dong wook……… your so handsome………..
    and your so cute in my girl……
    i wish that you and lee da hae will be together again………….

  103. 103
    jith_cute Says:

    you know you are so handsome,wish that we can meet each other in person!!luv yah

  104. 104
    thai Says:

    i love you

  105. 105
    deqha Says:

    wow………. you have many fans from malaysia including me………. i love you so much……GO LEE DONG WOOK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. 106
    deqha Says:

    basya…………. go go

  107. 107
    wawa Says:

    r u my boyfriend???
    lurve ya..

  108. 108
    alyanna Says:

    your my crush..
    as in…
    i super duper love and adore you..
    im hoping you
    will visit the philippines again..

  109. 109
    Afnan Says:

    Hi from the Philippines!

    You’re wonderful Dong Wook!

    I hope you can visit the Philippines again – and with Da Hae this time. Take care and God bless you and your loved ones always!!! ;D

    By the way, you may not have seen so much because you stayed here just for a short while, but there are lots of smart and really nice girls here. Not all of us are crazy and daring. 🙂

    Take care!

  110. 110
    Danica Says:

    ‘My Girl’ is so funny!!..= ) Lee Dong Wook is a good actor! anyway, I just
    want to say “hi” to lee dong wook.. I have a huge crush on him..

  111. 111
    ka3na Says:

    Lee dong-wook!!! X]

  112. 112
    missusa Says:

    Lee dong-wook, Please come visit USA!

  113. 113
    thai Says:

    Hi lee dong wook
    thai fanclup love you very much
    please come visit thailand

    well come to thailand

    aja aja

  114. 114
    nisa Says:

    hai…………..i am from indonesia!! when frist i look you in korea drama i think u so handsome…………..nice to see you… and good luck to you..

  115. 115
    au+poo thailand Says:

    sawatdee ka lee dong wook i like my girl very much I hope you come to thai I prommiss miss you every day please come back to thailand bye bye sawatdee ka

  116. 116
    ichigo_18 Says:

    what is the title soundtrack of Pure Heart??

  117. 117
    soo-jin Says:

    you are my idol!! so is da hae!!!
    you two are the best couple i’ve seen in dramas!!!
    Da Hae and U are dah cutest couple ever!!!
    aja aja!!

  118. 118
    fresh_breeze85 Says:

    This guy captured my heart the first time I saw him on TV..
    Sooo creepin’ cute!!!

  119. 119
    nad_strike9@ Says:

    My girl is da best korean series that i had watch…i truly love gong chan n of course yoo rin…actually i m starting 2 fall in love with lee dong wook…………..hope 2 watch u r new series n film…muuuaaahhhhhh…..love u lee dong wook………

  120. 120
    haru Says:

    dong wook oppa!!!~
    i luv u in my girl! u n da hae are so cute 2gtr!!!
    hopefully there’ll b more dramas with the two of you in the future… looking forward to them!!!
    bahshya!!!~ fighting!!

  121. 121
    Mia Hilson Says:

    Leee Dong wook . I love you so much . I’v been watching My Girl for 30 times !!!! I really like you acting . i really – really hope i can see you , Lee dae hae and lee jun ki . !!!!!!!!

  122. 122
    laila Says:

    i may be late of this good news but im still lucky!! cause when i heard of you acting so good in your drama series i got curuis. i browse the net just to buy your dfvd of my girl and what a surprise!!! i got what my moneys worht. im a filipina but working abroad. that series keeps me young at hear:-D

  123. 123
    hilkira Says:

    You ‘re good-looking guy. yeah?
    I like the way you smile.

  124. 124
    egibom Says:

    hi lee dong wook 🙂 i am like so in love with you :)) hahaha..i hope we’ll get married and have kids :))

  125. 125
    kim chan sok Says:

    annyong ^_^
    i am kim chan sok, or jared (using english name)
    lee dong wook, i really hope you reading this. i hope you can grant me request: to send greeting my girl friend lee yoon kye, or angel (using english name). it will be her birthday today and i want her to surprised with your greeting. please write here for your reply. please.

  126. 126
    Lee Dong Wook Says:

    Annyong Kim Chan Sok or ‘Jared’ ^^ it’s been so long after I read fan sites. I want to greet your girl-friend a happy happy birthday! i want to say this as a friend. happy birthday again Lee Yoon Kye! ^^

  127. 127
    jillz Says:


  128. 128
    jillz Says:

    nice 2 meet u in my dreamzzzzzzz… huhu

  129. 129
    SaAi_CanDy Says:

    I want to Say…You’re verYyy MaDdd

  130. 130
    krina Says:

    hello I want to see lee dong wook shi and her my girl lee dae hae acted again in another series. They have a great chemistry and indeed a very good actors.

    Hope to see them soon.

    Im krina from the Philippines.

    Basya! Sarangheyo… Luv u

  131. 131
    JenNgu Says:

    Just finish watching “My Girl”. My own girl claimed that Lee D W is much much more handsome that RAIN…which I absolutely agree.

  132. 132
    april Says:

    Lee Dong Wook—– u shine!!! ur way better looking than rain! and Ur acting skills are more impressive than his… Truly… Ive watched hanoi bride, My girl and Arang —- u really impressed me and my family with your acting skills… continue to make wonderful films…. Be bless!!!!

  133. 133
    april Says:

    hi there…. you are very handsome… your one of the reasons why im learning korean…. hehehe im abit weird but seriously im really impressed your skills in acting… You really bring out the life on the roles you portray…

  134. 134
    april Says:

    oohhhh lee dong wook, i hope youll have another movie or drama series with lee da Hae, your chemistry on screen is really good… looking forward for it…

  135. 135
    ldwzen Says:

    Hi LDW

    Went to watch your “Arang” movie a few weeks ago. Rather scary but I loved the scenery. The ending of the movie was too easy to identify who was behind the whole scheme. If there was suspense, I think the movie would be better. It was good to watch you acting. Hope that I could watch your “SR” movie very soon.

    I also hope to hear about your next project very soon.

    Good luck to you.

    Cheers 🙂

  136. 136
    zen Says:

    Hello, Mr Lee Dong Wook

    Recently, I saw some of the pictures of your recently purchased house posted in the Internet. A very beautifully and cozy house. It was beautifully decorated too. It is good news to me that that you have improved on your living space.

    Keep improving – means that more projects coming your way.

    Keep going……………. ja you ……………

  137. 137
    vvp Says:

    hello Lee dong wook
    i saw k series “my girl ” your charectors in this is very appropriate for you.i so crazy 555. i tell my friends you are my brother and hope you can come to be my brother.555
    have a good things good times for you.
    from thai girl
    bye oppa

  138. 138
    Chinda Says:

    hey oppa…SARENG HAE: ]

  139. 139
    april Says:

    i watch MY GIRL this morning….;=) i really like alot ….and im learning korean so that i wont read the english subtitles… =)

  140. 140
    cris(from davao) Says:

    ===sarang hi==
    whew lee dong wook i really like your smile and its drives me crazy….

    i love you lee dong wook wish to see you and can kiss you.
    lee da hae and you are very nice match,were looking forward to your next telenovela in PHIL. hope you will do it well again and i promise to watch it everynight,and i very will, from the buttom of my heart….sarang hi lee dong wook…….

    —-kamsa hamida—-

  141. 141
    thai fanclub (vvp) Says:

    SAWATDEE KA , i come back again (‘++++’).i like your smile very much because its make me want to smile with you. when i tried i saw your smile its make me better(over crazy?55 )
    tomorrow i must go to next province i am not sure i can come to this page but i will try to do it i must come to this page again but when ? am not sure.
    in nearly end of march is my birthday, i hope i can recieve ur greeting too. i want to surprised its same lee yoon kye . please please please
    i hope you can grant my request. i am wating for your reply .
    thank you ka
    have a nice smile in everyday.

  142. 142
    april Says:

    hi there… i wanna show you some thing, dong wook =) kindly watch in http://www.youtube.com your combined pictures with lee da hae— entitled “lee dong wook + perfect combination” … i thing its really great when i watched it…. its sooo cute and you really look good together…SERIUOSLY!!!!!!! HAVE A MOVIE TOGETHER AGAIN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  143. 143
    rifhan Says:

    hello there!! i’m rifhan from malaysia..
    i met with you in my girl.. it is very fun n enjoyable story..
    i hope you will come with new drama n i can’t wait to see you back..

  144. 144
    Sugarcoco Says:

    saranghae oppa.LDW
    I hope to see you on March 28, in Bangkok Thailand.
    I can remember by eye of you in Bangkok 2 month ago.
    you are so cute and handsome.you make me a falling in love with you.
    keep your kiss just one for me
    take care
    Luk Khun

  145. 145
    DEE-Ya Says:

    hai lee dong-wok..i’m one of ur milliooonnzzz fanz out there..feel so sad as i only have the chance to watch my girl and it was ‘ages ago’….i love ur personality in my girl series..so cool..charming..serious n caring…n i hope you’re just like that in reality..now i’m looking forward to finish watching all ur dramas n movies[until now i still watch my girl when i felt bored n my frens were laughing at me]

  146. 146
    lyn....malay gurl Says:

    awak comel giler(you ur soo hot)hope u can come to malaysia(nice place)i really like ur drama my girl……

    PS:you look like a malay man

    suka awak(like u)saranghaeyo

  147. 147
    My Thai Girl Says:

    hey Lee dong Wook..we all here in thailand love your MY GIRL drama. You are so handsome and polite. Heard that you are coming to Bangkok. We will meet you soon. I;m your big FAN..Love you

  148. 148
    aka korean girl Says:

    hello-annyeong hasseyo!I am a korean fanatic from Philippines.I am now 17 yrs. of age and i really like the My Girl series because of its funny and heart warming story. I hope I can tour Korea with my idols Lee Dong Wook oppa and Lee Da Hae unni!They are no. 1 on my Korean Stars List.Hope they’ll have more series together… God Bless and Bassha!

  149. 149
    lalinda Says:

    hi…there…i came from pahang
    i never fanatic with other actors or actress before this .till i saw my girl…
    when i watched him in that movie, i just felt that i was in love….
    i really2 love you gong chan@lee dong wook

  150. 150
    norafasyak Says:

    haiii..lee dong wook. i like all ur drama. Each ur drama i like mainly in my girl drama. firstly ur face really adorable my attention to other drama. so i hope ur get perform other drama in situation romance coz ur ar very suitable for perform this action. I can support always. pasyak gong chan…:)

  151. 151
    Ronabel Says:

    hi….your so very good actor all show that your doing is very nice……..!i want to see you in person…..galing galing m talaga

  152. 152
    Ronabel Says:


  153. 153
    Ronabel Says:

    I LOVE YOU……….

  154. 154
    ara Says:

    u’re da best

  155. 155
    ara Says:

    to anybody that dong wook’s fanatic fan…don’t be so fanatic…coz he do not know u…hahaha
    dong wook, do ur best

  156. 156
    thai fanclub Says:

    hey!! want to see ur smile in thailand.
    i come to this page again .i want to tell you “I Misssssss you very much” hehehe >_

  157. 157
    Yoo Yun Says:

    great job Lee Dong Wook on My Girl! salute for your acting. you’re hot too! 🙂

  158. 158
    Yoo Yun Says:

    he’s the best, you know what i’m sayin’?

  159. 159
    krina Says:

    We like your acting in my girl with lee dae hae please make a movie together your so bagay with great chemistry. Hope you are really togehter in real life please

  160. 160
    Stefanie Says:

    ehm,, i’m your biggest fans!! i hope you can come to Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. btw, please at me!

  161. 161
    handz Says:

    i really like your acting in my girl… seriously!! i love my girl… a lot! i hope you and lee da hae will soon have a movie or another tv series… you’ll be bless!!!

  162. 162
    nunu Says:

    Gosh lee dong wook, u are sooooooo cute!!!!
    specaially in my girl. I can watch that drama 10 times a day and never get bored. I

  163. 163
    mandy Says:

    Lee dong wook just letting u know I’m crazy for u. Gosh u so young and cute!!!!Did u know you’re only 28 days older than me. bye I’ll be waithing to see u in the next drama.

  164. 164
    nice girl Says:

    You’ve done a very good job in my girl drama.

  165. 165
    teresita Says:

    S Gong Chan & Yurin love team is a perfect team in My Girl……both are tall….SGC so handsome….n Yurin –vry pretty & amusing…your acting are so real & really good….I enjoy watching & makes me feel younger.. back to 17years old…..wow!!!!..

  166. 166
    Gilda Says:

    SGChan & Yurinn….you fill my my day with fun & laughter….feels good watching My Girl……………..Please make more movies together….you’re just perfect love team….

  167. 167
    Sandy S Says:

    Lee dong wook you’re a good actor with sad charm face. Please make another drama soon.

  168. 168
    kwen Says:

    hoi gago kah.. putangina moh
    pakalaing kah
    kininam ambagel!!!!!!!!

    hehe ad me in blink0618@yahoo.com– friendster

    thank you

    die you blood sucker!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. 169
    natasha Says:

    great…..!!!!!!go go cayuk.

  170. 170
    natasha Says:

    u are really good actor….!!!!!!!

  171. 171
    kore@n_gurl Says:

    lov ur acting and ur voice…so manly lov it….i love You!:]

  172. 172
    maricar de leon Says:

    well, just want to say that i do really idolize you.as in. you drive me crazy. you look awesome. i really want to meet you in person and talk to you personally. i dont know what to say. just want to see you again in your other projects.

  173. 173
    hana Says:

    I love you.

  174. 174
    Sue V Says:

    Hey cuttie Lee Dong Wook!!!!!!

  175. 175
    Xai C Says:

    You’re soooooo hot.

  176. 176
    Nhai Says:

    Hope to see u in you other project very soon!!!

  177. 177
    LaLu Says:

    Just want to let you know I miss you.

  178. 178
    Xeeei Says:

    I like to meet you in person!

  179. 179
    Hao Says:

    You look soooooo good in my girl drama.

  180. 180
    Hao Says:

    I love to see you in other project very soon.

  181. 181
    aquarious Says:

    I just watch your asian movies ‘My girl’ I very creazy with u, U R so cute and look handsome I feel Loving U…… 😛

  182. 182
    franz Says:

    i love you!!!!!!!

  183. 183
    franz Says:

    you’re so handsome!!

  184. 184
    franz Says:

    you are the best actor!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. 185
    pachi Says:

    I jUz WanNa sAy tHaT i iDoLiZe yoU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU’re sO cute In “mY giRL”. . . . .
    i WaNt to meT You soOn. . . . “,)

  186. 186
    pachi Says:

    I WAtcH YOuR mOv!e “mY giRL”. . . .
    iM cRazY wItH You.. . .

  187. 187
    maffey Says:

    i Want To met yOU hIr IN The pHiL. . .
    i Wish yOU wILL cOmE bAcK hiR sOOn. . . .

  188. 188
    j_cka Says:

    the movie is good and I like the actors and actresses. But, dong wok, you has to improved your acting because still not look natural. can I get the sound track from my girl? Can u send them to my email because I hardly download them from website. thanks

  189. 189
    nordelm Says:

    I like you & Lee Dae Hae a lot. I just hope you have a new project very soon. Your chemistry with Lee Dae Hae was great & vice versa. I just hope that you & Lee Dae Hae are real partner in real life. You look super great together. Bashya. Apo si kayo.

  190. 190
    Widya Says:

    Lee Dong Wook you’re so cute
    My Girl is funny
    Hope you always success…

  191. 191
    nadia Says:

    lee dong wook…………….
    i love u so much…………
    but i’ve only saw u in my girl n i think that u’re really handsome……
    n i’m looking forward to watch your other series……!!!!!!!!!
    cayok to you………….

  192. 192
    senerity Says:

    can u be my friend i hope so i think u r not interestel all of the comments that u have read but i hope u can be my friend or a chatmate im 19 just send me a message at senerity16_lee@yahoo.com if not that is okey

  193. 193
    sexyguy10 Says:

    Hi Khun Lee,

    You are so smart and cute na Khun Lee, can you put more ur pic at ur profile?

  194. 194
    rifhan Says:

    hello there!!
    i’m back again..
    actually i’m just drop by just want to say hi to you..
    i’m still waiting for your new korean drama…
    can i be your girlfriend??

  195. 195
    maria Says:

    lee dong wook………
    you are so cool….
    I’m very excited with your face…
    i hope i can be your friend….

  196. 196
    maria Says:

    lee dong wook….
    i love you so much…
    can i be your girlfriend?
    i hope i can meet you …..
    and always be succsess,key…

  197. 197
    najwa_rain Says:

    my dear dong wook……….
    ur acting in my girl with lee da hae is a good combination!
    i’m proud of u!

  198. 198
    dpie Says:

    u r so cute…..i love u so much
    i hope u come to my country indonesia

  199. 199
    diana Says:

    u are so gorgeous. hope u come to singapore. lookin forward for your next drama after watchin arang, mv.

  200. 200
    nn_piku2 Says:

    hi..i love Lee Dong Wook. i hope u and lee da hae become a lover.i Pray for that.

  201. 201
    nn_piku2 Says:


  202. 202
    MAYTHET Says:

    hi.. my name is maythet.i really like “my girl”.
    there are a lot of fan in Myaanmar.
    i like u guys a lot.
    hoping to see u one day.. bye:)

  203. 203
    Michelle~ Says:

    I totally agree with all of eu!His my darling!>

  204. 204
    Michelle~ Says:

    zzzzz so boring sia!>

  205. 205
    shena Says:

    Hi! Lee Dong Wok .The first time I saw you I fall in love with you.
    OMG I can’t stop thinking of you.Love you in My girl please if you read this
    reply so I can get rid of my love crush on you..crazy loving u

  206. 206
    Marian Says:

    hello, i admired you in my girl drama series, i’m looking forward for your next project.

  207. 207
    Titha ^o^ Says:

    Lee,, I’m your forever fans..!! I hope you can know me! I just a girl who see you on a sceen (television),, but I want to know you..! oh yah,, I’m 15 years old,, I’m Indonesian,, I’m still study in junior high school..
    by the way,, do you know?? In Indonesia (my country), your film has just begun,, but I can’t see it, because I’ll have a examination on 24 April 2007,, exactly my mother will not permit me to see it..! You know,, I’ve looked for VCD my girl, but I never find it..! I want to see it before my coming examination! but,, I can’t……!! T_T (hiks..hiks)
    I hope,, I can be your youngest sister,, hehehe (just kidding)
    I hope you would like to know me.. my phone number_08170699033
    please.. give me your casset (my girl film) before my coming examination!!!

  208. 208
    Ji Young Shekinah Says:

    wei!!! hello… Lee Dong Wook… (the man of my dream)
    Your movie “my girl” really caught my heart…
    i hope to see you soon when i come to Korea… anyway I’m Shekinah from Philippines… iam a nursing student…
    til then! Bye!!!

    to sya! (thank you)….
    bye bye….

  209. 209
    rifka Says:

    annyong haseo DONG WOOK Upa (^0^)….
    i love your movie “my Girl”…
    your very cute^^ and so COLD….oo i like it,,the movie was very “PIOWO”
    im indonesian girl…now im study in Maranatha Christian University,Bandung indonesia..
    so..when you come to indonesia????????

  210. 210
    Kelly Chang Says:

    ………very handsome

  211. 211
    glaiza Says:

    i’m one of ur million fans here in the Philippines
    oppa please come back soon here in manila coz i didn’t see you personally when you came here and also bring here mukgu(Lee da hae)
    i hope i will see you together again drama or movies….


  212. 212
    starz Says:

    fell in love with u in my girl! u r such a charming guy! sayang dong wook!

  213. 213
    Maricar Says:


  214. 214
    krina Says:

    lee dong wook

    your great as an actor but please do not deny lee dae hae always anyway, she is gorgeous and beautiful. She didnt say anything about your denying her she kept her mouth shut. Anyway, we your fans hope that someday she will be your someone to be with always and she deserve it because you, in turn deserve her.

  215. 215
    cynthia wong Says:


  216. 216
    Dy Says:

    i love too see your drama .it very fantastic i like it. you and Lee Da Hea are like a real loving couples . bye . Go Go Chaiyo

  217. 217
    wana Says:

    hi…!! i’m from malaysia. hope you come to malaysia. luv you handsome boy..I LUV U (sayang awak) in malay language…

  218. 218
    wana Says:

    i’m crazy with u…..argghhhhh!!!!

  219. 219
    LeeYuCha Says:

    lee dong wook so cute and handsome!
    good luck!!!!
    From Fans In indonesia

  220. 220
    Farah Says:

    hei……! i wanna know you more. i’m very impressed to you. and i’m very like you if you act in MY GIRL. i’m fifteen years old,
    and i’m an INDONESIAN people. if you want to enjoy my lovely country i’m propose to visit INDONESIA. you have many fans in here……SO DO I..! i’m waiting you to visit indonesia. don’t forget to tell me if you want to Indonesia. oh,ya 29th april, it’s my birthday…

  221. 221
    MISSY Says:

    lee dong wook!!!!!! im so fanatic with you!!!!!!!!!!!!! your my dream guy!!!!!!! i love youre tandem with lee da hae! hope both of you will do a series together again!!!!!!! lee dong wook! you rock!!!!!!! visit us here in the philippines again! araso? mmmwah!

  222. 222
    liz Says:

    are you really gonna read these letter?
    well, we are fans who dont understand korean language, but we really do like you mr.dong wook.
    when will you come to Indonesia?

  223. 223
    Mietje Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook,

    I love your role at My Girl. You are so cool, cute and handsome especially when you showed your sad expression. I heard that you will be visiting Jakarta, Indonesia soon. Trust me there will be sooooo many histerical fans waiting for you (especially girls, ladies or even moms)!

    We’ll be waiting for you then…and I hope to see you on your next similar role romantic comedy. Keep up working and good luck to you!

    Your Indonesian Fans,

  224. 224
    vyta rin Says:

    oh … lee dong wook oppa …. i hope u come my country (indonesia) >_

  225. 225
    vyta_rin Says:

    plissss message me in keysia_yua@yahoo.it
    sarang hae mr. lee dong wook oppa
    i hope u come my city,plissssss
    i’m from gresik east java,plisss message me,ok ??????????

  226. 226
    luna Says:

    lee dong wook love u………………..
    u make me become crazy
    u’re really2 handsome n cool

    I LOVE U SO MUCH………..

    I’m from Indonesia

  227. 227
    fitria Says:

    hi..lee dong wook
    I’m one of ur big fans in Indonesia.
    you are very handsome and cute…
    i hope u’ll be succesful than now..
    you”ll be blessed..

  228. 228
    miaka Says:

    The first korean series I watched was My Girl and once I watched that I was completely hooked! To be honest, I’ve watched a handful of korean series and movies since then but My Girl is the only one that’s left me breathless! Thanks to you and Lee Da Hae and Lee Joon Ki! Thank you for making that show so unforgettable!

  229. 229
    putri Says:

    Indonesia miss u.Thanx 4 ur comiing to indonesia next time.My friends said that u are so cute n didn’t make us boring to see u. I like ur smiling…my pray 4 ur success….n…..i…wait ur next drama.

  230. 230
    anna kristina Says:

    hello Lee dong Wook i’m so like you…oh ya..you will go to indonesia in jakarta? okay i’m wait you! i’m so like you!! you is very handsome!! i like your acting in tv drama My Girl,with Lee Da Hae, what is your new tv drama? okay, thank you,to you again! i hope,i can meet you! kamsaha mida! annyong!

  231. 231
    syala Says:

    hello i am your fans from indonesia and I like you at first sight on my girl i think you very handsome and your face is very cute.I and my friends pray to you sometimes i meet you in my dream.I hope you succes 4-ever thx dong wook

  232. 232
    sazzy~princess pink~ Says:

    lee dong wook,u r very cute guy.dont u realise it??i also watch your film,ARANG……u r very cute in various style…..

  233. 233
    tya Says:

    Lee dong wook…
    I L U so Much…..
    is it true your sister study in Indonesia ???

  234. 234
    ikha Says:

    Lee dong wook you is very ga2h (handsome). My name is ikha and I from Indonesia. Wo ai ni my boy. I hope i can married with you ^-^

  235. 235
    patricia Says:

    gilaaaaa gue cinta mati ama loeeeeee

  236. 236
    Sassya Says:


  237. 237
    Sassya Says:


  238. 238
    chelsea Says:

    i very love you. i hope i can meet you and married with you. you very cakep(handsome). i from indonesia

  239. 239
    anggi Says:

    hello lee dong wook,…
    my name is anggi. I am from Indonesia. oh ya, you will visit Jakarta right??? I will wait for you… I like you in TV drama my girl. you’re so cute. And you look charming in bridge from Hanoi..
    ok see you in Jakarta…

  240. 240
    MiRa Says:

    Hi, Lee DoNg Wook…………….
    yOur aCtIng is very gooD anD eXcELLenT…..
    yOu Are haNdsoMe……..
    InDOnEsIa LikE yOu………
    wELcOmE To IndoNeSiA……………..

  241. 241
    farrah Says:


  242. 242
    ivho Says:

    i luv you so much. kamu bagus banget akting nya . i wait you in jakarta . muach bang lee bawa oleh -oleh yee from seoul. qeh seoul goncan

  243. 243
    ivho Says:

    koko lee dongwook. my name is ivho… iam very luv cause you a good actor korean expesially in the movie my girl . i hope you always eksis in the world so that i can see you always. i hope too you want you send email to me and we can as friends. what doyou like??????????
    i hope yeessssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. 244
    Hanny Says:

    Lee Dong Wook oppa….sarangheyo…
    I’m your fans from Indonesia..really nice to watch your acting, so talented and can’t wait for your upcoming movie! Keep the good work!!

  245. 245
    aqua_fa Says:

    lee dong wook, i like your acting in my girl tv series.
    i want to meet you IRL

  246. 246
    aqua_fa Says:

    i like your style in my girl tv series.
    i have question for you, “why you change style of your hair?”
    i more like you in my girl tv series…… ^-^

  247. 247
    chuzaku Says:

    I think your acting is better than me,.. wkakakak!! Just kidding..!! For me, you are so cute,, Be the best for you and good luck!! Bye and I will waiting for you in my dream,, see you !!

  248. 248
    gigi vivi Says:

    so i saw u in the movie LOVING YOU and you were kute… i heard u do a movie kall MY GIRL and lots of people sid that it’s a good movie but too bad i didn’t see it yet….. sigh….. so sad… i wanna see it bad!!

  249. 249
    sofie lee Says:

    hi Lee Dong Wook anyong haseyo…………
    my name Sofie Lee, i’m from Indonesia.
    Thank you so much for visit my beautiful country Indonesia he…3x
    i like you in my girl because you are so cute and cool………..

  250. 250
    zaien Says:

    lee dong wok you are so good.i like your role in my girl.chayo-chayo!!!!!!!!!!!!im from malaysia

  251. 251
    Angela Says:

    Hello! Lee Dong Wook
    I am a student learning Korean Language in University of Foreign Language. I am Ur fan In Myanmar. U are very cute in My Girl (Drama). U are great in acting. I hope you do the best in next Drama. I wish you are the most greatest actor in the World.
    Good Luck. Angela 🙂 🙂 🙂

  252. 252
    Angela Says:

    Hello!!! Lee Dong Wook
    I am a student learning Korean Language In University of Foreign Language.I am Ur fan In Myanmar. You are very cute in My Girl (Drama). I hope you will do the best in Next Drama. I wish you will be the greatest actor in Asia.
    Good Luck. Angela 🙂 🙂
    Always don’t be 🙁

  253. 253
    Nadia Says:

    you’re handsome.you’re the best actor in MY GIRL.i always support all your activities.
    i love you so much……………. ^_^

  254. 254
    Nadia Says:

    hellllooooooo le dong wook!!!
    i’m a student from Indonesia.i always watch MY GIRL yo see you.

  255. 255
    meeeeeeee Says:

    hiii… doong wook, im from indonesia i very happy because you visited indonesia…i hope you can visit indonesia again bye…i wait you

  256. 256
    teNy Says:

    dong wook,,,, Love U so Much,,,,

  257. 257
    fitria Says:

    Lee dong Wook……..
    I really love u……
    You’re so handsome, not only in my girl series…with the other style, you’re handsome too uhuk..
    I’m crazy about you. For fans of lee dong wook, try this link and give you comment
    In this link, he is so handsome and cute man that I’ve ever seen
    Cakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, imutzzzzzzzzzzzz,so cute and handsomeeeeeeee,so adorable…….
    OPPA, Saranghaeyoo..

  258. 258
    nikka Says:

    oppa.. i enjoyed watching your tv series.. i miss you 2 haha! see you soon.. muah *wink*

  259. 259
    nikka Says:

    wait.. dont miss me too much ok? give me a call.. chayo!

  260. 260
    vivi Says:

    I really love your acting in MY GIRL. It was so natural. Hope u will be better in your next serial.

  261. 261
    fitria Says:

    you are the best actor and goood looking that I’ve ever seen
    be blessed
    basya..Dong wook shi

  262. 262
    riri Says:

    you are so cute,,
    i luv u so much,,
    i miss u

  263. 263
    romlah Says:

    hi…how are u???Im your fan from Malaysia and im very admire on you…im very excited to see you on the televesion.. you are so good in acting..so,i wish you will always success in your career and also dont forget all your fan..Chaiyok222…..FOR THING TO CHANGE, YOU MUST CHANGE FIRST……………BYE,BYE,BYE……LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

  264. 264
    HIKIRI Says:

    hi dong wook…….what up???????? you are so…………cute…i like it so………. much!!!!!!!!luv you…….da……….

  265. 265
    Natalia Says:

    Hello Wookie!!!!
    How r U?!
    U look ver handsome when 2 come here (Indonesia)!!!
    I hope U’ll come here once more again!
    I like U!!!!

    Mizz U….

  266. 266
    hamasaki Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!!!Mr.seoul,i wanna u to visit cambodia,u have new story,i love ur smile and ur tall,i really love u so much…………………………………………….

  267. 267
    Putri Says:

    lEE dONG wOOK
    I’m A StUdEnT FrOm iNdOnEsIa
    I aLwAyS WaTCh mY GiRl
    Y0uR AcT Is vErY gOoD
    wElCoMe tO IndoNeSiA
    gOoD LuCk fOr YoU

    sEe YoU
    i aLwAyS WaIt tHe nExT YoUr FilM

  268. 268
    Putri Says:

    lEE dONG wOOK
    I’m A StUdEnT FrOm iNdOnEsIa
    YoU ArE cUtE
    Y0uR AcT Is vErY gOoD
    wElCoMe tO IndoNeSiA
    gOoD LuCk fOr YoU

    sEe YoU
    i aLwAyS WaIt tHe nExT YoUr FilM….>>>bUbYe Lee dONg WoOK

  269. 269
    kokom Says:

    hay lee dong wook lo ganteng abis deh!
    pas lo dateng ke indonesia lo tuh keren abis n pas lo yang sama olga chayooo ya terus………………………………………………………………..

  270. 270
    papaya Says:

    i like u and lee da hae so much /////////////////////
    see u soon in the new K_drama 🙂
    ByE bYe ^_^ thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  271. 271
    papaya Says:

    hey funny pooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love u, miss u somuch , u are so beautiful and joking
    i love u and joo ji hoon very much ,lee shin love chand che yun
    i see u in Best K_drama ” princess hours ” ,
    i hope u have free time to read my Comment , na ^_^
    good luck good health for u
    ByE bYe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks ////////////////////

  272. 272
    C9 Y Says:

    Dear Mr. Lee,

    This is my first time fall in love or crazy on a superstar, I love very much your acting on my girl drama, especailly when you were crying in front of grandpa, amazing touching my heart.

    Hopefully can watch you more good TV show or movie and good luck!

  273. 273
    fitria Says:

    Dong Wook Shi Fighting
    I’ll always support you
    Hopefully you’ll be Succesfull than now

  274. 274
    mizz_emonita Says:

    have my knee injured, at the time u came by in Indonesia..hiks…hiks…
    really..really..hope u will be back soon..
    on the next drama ??? *_*

  275. 275
    cdemplonz Says:

    hai woki_chan…
    at the first i saw you,,
    you didn’t so handsome..
    but you are so cute and sweet..

  276. 276
    AURA!!!! Says:


  277. 277
    Alice Ngan Says:

    I am Alice Ngan from Hong Kong. I watched your show. I really enjoy “MY GIRL”. You are so handsome!!! I will always give you my support 🙂

  278. 278
    fitria Says:

    lee dong wook, sarangheyo
    for wookie lover especially from Indonesia, please join us in
    you can know about wookie more and more
    don wok shi basya..

  279. 279
    Princess Februlina Says:

    Hy Mr Lee,
    I’m one of your fan from Malaysia. Love to see your character in drama ‘My Girl’. All the best to you in your future undertaking ok!!

  280. 280
    Bae Yong-jun Says:

    I love Lee Dong-wook…But compared to Lee jun-ki………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Lee jun-ki is BETTER.

  281. 281
    rafa Says:

    Lee…you r so cute…thanx for coming to Indonesia…
    when u come back again…??? we will wait u…
    I’m really..really falin’ love with u…
    L O V E U….

  282. 282
    mee_ta Says:

    Hi, I’m your fans from Indonesia. I’m really like you when you acted in My Girl. I Hope I can see your new TV Drama soon. Have you ever played any TV drama yet ?

  283. 283
    Mimi Says:

    Hi Oppa,

    I am Mimi from Mizoram, a small state in the northeast part of India.
    I used to watch your movie, My Girl, and I really enjoyed watching it. Especially, I love watching you. You look so cool and manly in the movie and I guess you are cool and manly too in reality.

    I really wished that I could talk to you and chat with you! Please reply me. I’ll be anxiously waiting for your reply. Sarang ngee!!!!!!!!


  284. 284
    sam:)) Says:

    aneong haseyo…..lee dong-wook
    dangshin jalsaengkyossda…hehe :)) na sarang my girl and loving you:)…naeirumun sam imnida….jungmal kamsahamnida for your wonderful korean novels…:)) i hope you and dae hae are doing well…:)) i hope to watch you and dae hae again:) bbsya!!!fighting!:)

  285. 285
    Erika Octaviana Says:

    Lee… oo Lee… Lee.. When will u come back to jakarta? I really miss u. I want to chat with u again. I want to take u to a beautiful place that u never been seen before. A really wonderful island with blue water and white sand, and naked girls too. Haaaaahaaaahaaa just kidding, dude!!

  286. 286
    Michelle Manriquez Says:

    hi!!!!Lee dong Wook.How are you?I hope you are okey.I just want to yell you that I am your no.1 fan.I really love your all movies.It so interesting to watch.All are excellent!Very wonderful.Aside from that,you are handsome and cute…I hope you stay what you are now….Goodluck to all your plans..May you continue to become no.1 all over the world…Hope to see you soon here in the Philippines…..See you….Takecare….love,mitch…

  287. 287
    Michelle Manriquez Says:

    hello…..Lee…..how are you again?I hope you are always okey…You know what i like you so much….For me you’re the best actor on Korea….With your charm and sense of humor,,everyone will fall inlove w/you,that includes me….Hehahu….joke…..anyway, I love all your movies,…All of them……Its great and excellent!!!!!!!!
    You are always my idol.I won’t never2x forget you…Promise!!!!!!
    Just always remember,wherever you are,whatever you do,i am just here when you need me most..just email me; (prettymichelle9@yahoo.com).
    so,goodluck.May you have many blessings to come and good health for all the years….Miss ya!!!!!!takecare!!!!

  288. 288
    fitria Says:

    Wookie….love u so much..
    I’ll always support u forever maybe
    so, never give up if you fall
    many of fans support you
    dong wook shi fighting
    wookie sarangheyo..

  289. 289
    atinhothippo Says:

    lee dong wook……… ur so cute. i luv really ur drama my girl n of course ur movie arang. i hope u always succes in ur life. love u muah…. hehehe

  290. 290
    atinhothippo Says:

    lee dong wook……… ur so cute. i really luv ur drama my girl n of course ur movie arang. i hope u always succes in ur life. love u muah…. hehehe

  291. 291
    atinhothippo Says:

    lee dong wook ur so cute. im 1 of ur fan in malaysia. hope ur always success n i will always support u. luv u so much muaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hehehe

  292. 292
    chenny Says:

    LEE DONG WOOK!!!!!!!
    my GOD!!!! i have to told you that i’ve never like/love/nge-fans (you named it) like i like him…
    he’s not just cute, handsome, and perfect but he’s not arrogant with his fans…
    God bless you wookie…

    Love,,, Indonesia

  293. 293
    mandeep Says:

    hi your so cute!!!!!!

  294. 294
    leewongwook no.1fan Says:

    ur so handsome!!! i love ur acting in MY GIRL!!

  295. 295
    Silhouette Says:

    Hi! The one thing I love about Lee Dong Wook was his performance in My Girl. Lee Da Hae & Lee Dong Wook got a very good chemistry there. Do I say perfect?…Yeah! that is the word! EXEMPLARY PERFORMANCE! U got all my emotions there. I laugh, cried and was scared. Dong Wook is really an ideal gentleman! You really amazed me when you said “Sarang hae yo” (did i spell it right?). That’s the first korean word I learned from your series. I envy Joo Yoo rin a lot when you said that. It was sooo..sweet. Hope you could visit the Philippines again.

  296. 296
    Mz-Wookie Says:

    U’ re so good looking and best actor that i’ve ever seen
    i’ll support you
    hope you’ll be succces than before

  297. 297
    Mz_Seol Gong Chan Says:

    love u so much………

  298. 298
    orange Says:

    yOur aCtIng is very gooD anD eXcELLenT…..
    yOu Are haNdsoMe……..
    InDOnEsIa LikE yOu………
    wELcOmE To IndoNeSiA……………..

  299. 299
    orange Says:

    you are 9o0d actor
    yOur a(tIn9 !s very good & eXceLlen7 …..
    Good Luck……….

  300. 300
    sexy girl Says:

    LEE DONG WOOK………….!!
    you are verry cute……
    you are very handsome……………..
    I LOVE YOU…….!!!!
    Are you love me too..?

    I hope “YES”

    Muach… muach… muach…..!!!

    Ha….ha…ha… ;p

  301. 301
    wana Says:

    Mas Lee Dong Wook…
    Kenlaken…, nami kulo SITI
    Kulo tiang Jawi
    Kulo demeng sampean amargi sampean niku….
    NGGUANTENG banget…!!!

    Kulo TRESNO sampean lho Mas…!!!

  302. 302
    Diody Says:


  303. 303
    Bunga Says:

    hi lee dong wook! im Bunga, ur fans from Indonesia. im so glad u went to indonesia last month. i always support u and always be ur fans. AZA AZA !! sarangee !!

  304. 304
    lana Says:

    anyonghaseyo…na lana…

  305. 305
    Baby Rabbit Says:

    Dear Lee Dong Wook,

    Hi! I am very nice to you. I forget to pay my mail you . You are hansome and gentlement person. Welcome to come from Myanmar. I invited to you. You have free time or vacation come to Myanmar . Please reply me this mail you read as soon as. Please sent me your beautiful one photo. Looking forwards his sent mail. My mail address as follows…………..yytun6@gmail.com This mail you received as soon as possible reply me. Your photo to pay me, I thanks you.
    Ok see you later. Now I busy work. Let me stop my letter. Please reply me…………….

    Thanks, Best Regards,

  306. 306
    Louiseamore Says:

    I saw ur film “perfect couple” ,……………..oh ur so cute ………….
    nice to meet u ………. and God bless u ……………..

  307. 307
    jenica Says:

    hey! wus up ma nigga! is me ur one and only gf!!!!!!!!!!hope ur ok there i cook sumtin fo you go hope ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?ba bye mwah gwapo mo!

  308. 308
    eLoIsa of PH....... Says:

    your such a wonderful and interesting actor…….your face is not typical……your unique in other korean actors…….you have a nice eyes….i lik seeing you with ms.lee da-hee…..your perfect when your with her……seeing you makes my day complete……

  309. 309
    ahn ji kyu Says:

    annyonghakesayooo!!!saranii!!waaah!i like your personality in ‘my girl’ but I do not agree you couple with ‘kim seo hyun’.I like u n ‘joo yoo rin’ coz you 2 are so cute!!one more thing, i doesn’t like about your real personality coz you….like sexy gurlll!!!!!i gotta go!!BYE!!

  310. 310
    ahn ji kyu Says:

    i i i i!!!!!!iiiiii!!!!!!

  311. 311
    ayumi Says:

    me girl from BUDDHIST country.I FELT FOR U AT FIRST SIGHT Umm!!! quite unexpectable nah? I know none is PERFECT. what u c from outside may not b the same from inside but i just like ure personality,attitude,innocency n U. B STRONG N B STAR EVER, even if unfortunately u don get fame as like today, U gonna remain as my lifetime unbeatable PRINCE OF MY HEART.

  312. 312
    ayumi Says:


  313. 313
    Mz_wookie Says:


  314. 314
    rose Says:

    you are so cute

  315. 315
    kurapika Says:

    i luv you wooky……muachhhhhhhhhhhh

  316. 316
    vinny Says:

    oopa na chuaeo….! Na thangsin saranghe ……… !!! muachh

  317. 317
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    annyeong haseyo! you’re really cute…………………saranghe

  318. 318
    anita Says:

    hi wookie oppa, annyonghaseyoo!!!
    na oppa sarangeeee
    aza aza fighting!

  319. 319
    anita Says:

    wookie oppa, annyong haseyoooo
    na oppa sarangeeee
    aza aza fighting

  320. 320
    StaR Says:

    Hey! I saw your your drama “My Girl”! It is so good! I have never seen a drama like that before! Keep it up.

  321. 321
    sasa Says:

    hai lee dong woo i love you………???
    o ya lee dong woo kok gak mai film lg si kak aku kangen banget ama km aku tu ngeven banget ama u

  322. 322
    wahida Says:

    hello!! i’m wahida.I fans drama my girl.you are the best!!

  323. 323
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    Cheer up! Lee Dong Wook, hope you’ll be bless more. Take care always……….too with Lee Da Hae.

  324. 324
    daniel wijaya Says:

    i am your big fans ..i am china but stay in indonesia…hope your will next movie more better…your act nice..and annyonehaseyo!!!llee,,,…cakeyo

  325. 325
    nin(malaysia) Says:

    wow! you get many respons yeah! i like you so much! you are so good when acting in my girl with lee da hae!! SWEET COUPLE….

  326. 326
    nin(malaysia) Says:

    my girl is so good drama. i like you and da hae. sweet couple!!!emm..i like your hair style in my girl. so handsome! Good luck!!

  327. 327
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    sarang hamnida and take care always……………….you’re really a great actor.

  328. 328
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    you’re adorable you know that?…………………….

  329. 329
    princess Says:

    I like you verymuch lee dong wook, you are my superstar.Kapan kamu datang lagi ke Jakarta ?

  330. 330
    sophie Says:

    i’m one of ur big fan..just drop by 2 know ur latest news..take care ya..wish u all da best in ur life n success in ur carrier..*_^

  331. 331
    dy-ien Says:

    luv u very very very much

  332. 332
    sara says whattt? Says:

    annyeong haseyo lee dong wook!!!
    i really luv watching u in my girl and hanoi bride. i hope u will come to malaysia in da future coz u have a lot of fans here. i guarantee u will be happy coming here. u r not only have good looks but also very talented, so it’s worth watching u act. last but not least, i hope u will have another great drama (maybe with lee da hae) in the future!! wish all da best to u!!

    p/s: i’ve start learning korean language bcoz of u oppa, sarang heyo!
    dont forget to visit malaysia!!!

  333. 333
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    magandang araw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! salamat na binisita mo din kami dito last year sana babalik ka pa soon.

  334. 334
    lory Says:

    i like this guy… keep it up…

  335. 335
    Beatriz Babaran Says:

    I enjoyed watching My Girl!! I hope he could make more of that kind movie??? I hope he could have the time to respond to inquiries!

  336. 336
    Betty Says:

    Hello!! I enjoyed watching MY GIRL, and you’re a great actor!!Your character in that drama was great! You must do more of that kind drama with Lee Dae Hae?? I like the way you smile, your eyes are beautiful too. That’s where I noticed when you guested at one the TV stations here in Manile. Your smile mean a lot to me!!

  337. 337
    Mz_Hyunki Says:

    wookie sarang heyooo
    to wookie lover, especially from indonesia
    please join in ldw indo, this is link…

  338. 338
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    your such really good actor for me! keep it up and god bless…………..

  339. 339
    Mz_ldw Says:

    to wookie lovers especially soompi member please vote him be soompi king round 2..this link..http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=141841&st=0

  340. 340
    Mz_ldw Says:

    to wookie lovers especially soompi member please vote him be soompi king round 2..this link..

  341. 341
    alunk's Says:

    i think u allways get a lovely word and i think that it is unspecial for u. but now i really want to say…..will u marrie me?

  342. 342
    HQlover Says:

    U did a terrific job in MY GIRL…

  343. 343
    angelina Says:

    hellow im enjoying watching my girl…hahahaha…. and i like you the way you smile….

  344. 344
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    GOOD DAY! DONG WOOK………………..

  345. 345
    gunZ Says:

    hi dong wook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    when will u come again to indonesia…???
    i wish u will come again..
    coz i like you ..the way u smile n all about you..
    your acting in my girl is so cool….
    ok..dong wok..
    succes for you..
    n god bless you..

  346. 346
    brynyl Says:

    yoh, hi,… Yah, thank you for the visit here in the Philippines, hope that you can still remember it (he,he,he)… I watched your visit here in WOWOWEE and hoped that you liked that game show and our country!!! my comment for your acting in My Girl is too late, My Girl was aired here last year pro ngayon lang ako nag-comment.. (whahhehehe) nice acting together with Lee De- Hae.. Continue your good work for your fans here in the Philippines, “Lee”……. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  347. 347
    Mz_ldw Says:

    wookie saranghee
    to Wookie fanatics.. i am inviting you to join in [URL=http://dongwook.proboards80.com/]http://dongwook.proboards80.com/[/URL]
    PLEASE VOTE HIM in Asian Hearthrobb in

  348. 348
    alunk's Says:

    i always waiting for your reply my letters, and hope you always smile untill the end of your life, because i really interested with your smile….’-‘…wooky i love you so much!

  349. 349
    lala Says:

    he’s adorable and hope to see more of him in the future.

  350. 350
    Hui2 Says:

    aloooow….I’m your fans…KEEP SMILLING ‘N CIA YOU !!!!

  351. 351
    Shadelassy Says:

    you make my whole world spin in ecstasy*happiness* i did not doubt to drown in your charms (especially in My Girl), I have created a lil dreamworld, for you and me, feel blessed that even in this world you were with me, enchanted by your smiles * with the other people tpp!* delighted by your graceful personality (not that “kind of graceful” for a woman).. in short I am thankful that I have known you on TV. You made e happy, so as the people that watch with me. We are your fans. I can be the 101th – but it doesn’t matter. I am (or WE are) just here, to support your other series that will be shown here in the Philippines. Thank you. Kamsahamnida! (GOd bless… and *Saranghe* – sorry ive to spell in that way…)


  352. 352
    dilnoza Says:


  353. 353
    alyaa Says:

    From me to you … you really made me laugh hard on my girl .. I had through bad times in my life and watching this drama really soft my world .. I never saw a korean drama before .. and I my friend called me one day to tell me that she have a great korean drama .. I didn’t care first becauce I know that I will not understand the laug because I am araban girl … but thank god that I watch it because it was just what I need it that time … seeing the drama and laough .. hahah .. I spend 11 pm to 4 am watching the drama on my computer ..

    I just waiting for you to show me what you have new .. I love your acting .. you really got hard time in MY Girl because what she kept doing to you .. but anyway .. love yaaa …

    Thanks Lee Dong

  354. 354
    srin Says:

    hello Lee Dong Wook,
    i’ve watched u in my girl,arang and hanoi bride but i must tell u that i enjoyed watching u in my girl.maybe its due to the fact the chemistry between u da hae is fantastic albeit hilarious also.Congrats to all of u.watching all the korean drama makes me want to learn the language which im trying my very best to…thank u for the enjoyable time i had watching my girl..Best of luck in your acting career..

  355. 355
    brooke Says:

    ireally like u in my girl you really makes me laugh specially when your with lee da-hae!!! MY GIRL is ur bezt film or drama and arang!! luv yah forever!!!

  356. 356
    brooke Says:

    sarang hamnida!!! sarang-heo!!! kumpakushi kaeo!!!AJA AJA!!! Fighting!!SEE YAH IN MYGIRL 2 next year(2008)!!!

    ””””””’luv yah oppa!!!”””””””

    julian in phil;)

  357. 357
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    Annyeong haseyo! DONG-WOOK. I’m really happy for you that you appeared again in a music video. Congratulations! you made it good again. You confess that you are not good in martial arts but for me you’re really great, keep it up. I salute you for your humble attitude. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  358. 358
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    I’m hoping soon that you will team up again with LEE DA-HAE for a drama series coz both of you look very nice and attractive.

  359. 359
    Yuni Says:

    I hope you will cast in another movie w/Lee Da Hae. Both of you are a match couple, love your acting.

  360. 360
    diana Says:

    lee dong wook why u very handsome???
    hanasamu desu.
    and lee dae hee is kirei desu.
    i like u, i miss u,
    good luck for u all

  361. 361
    shin bi Says:

    you’re that guy from Loving You right?

    I really liked you in that series already…

    hope to see more of your shows/series

  362. 362
    shin bi Says:

    you’re that guy from Loving You right?

    I really liked you in that series already…

    hope to see more of your future shows/series

  363. 363
    mitch Says:

    your so kinda hot and handsome in this picture…….
    hope you will read this message……
    i’ll wait for your reply

  364. 364
    ma.leonora rumeral Says:

    hellow,i love watching my girl.i love you

  365. 365
    computer Says:

    i didn’t watch my girl but iknow it’s a great show
    you know you look good
    not like song il gook
    he’s very ugly

  366. 366
    Alunk's Says:

    how are you wooky…?i hope u always be happy everytime. wooky, u know what? now i was doing my assigment in my college, i was very busy, but i still want to send a message to you, i hope u will reply every my message. wooky….i’m very interested yu since i watch u in TV talk show in Indonesia i feel that i found my dream boy…really, i’m not kiddin’_so please give me u’re private website cuz i want to be more close to u. i wanna know what’s u’re feeling day by day, and what’s u’re experience or u’re problem, cuz i know that u’re a normal person, so i’m sure that u also have a problem. trust me, i will keep u’re secret.

  367. 367
    ZuQMa.. Says:

    hello wooky. love and love you so much…
    you are so cute..
    would yo come to Indonesia again…I really support you in everytie because I love you….
    oh ya wait come in Surabaya(indonesia)..
    see you in the other time in television..
    with all of my love…see you…

  368. 368
    sakinah Says:

    lee dong wook why u very handsome??? i really like u in my girl you really makes me laugh specially when your with lee da-hae…..I spend 2 pm to 12 am watching the drama on my computer …. and i will see you
    IN MYGIRL 2 next year(2008)!!!

  369. 369
    Alunk's Says:

    hi…wooky….how are u?
    u know what? now i’m free….ugh…i was do my assigment hardly….
    now i miss u so much, tell me about your feeling that u feel yesterday,tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.ok wooky now let me enjoy my holiday in my small village, c u….

  370. 370
    diane Says:

    i didn’t expect na sisikat ang boyfriend ku nang ganyan…..
    but despite na kasing sikat nya ang sun, he never changed…
    he is still the man i love and the man who loves me……

  371. 371
    Mz_Hyunki Says:

    opa love so much..
    to Wookie fanatics.. i am inviting you to join in http://z4.invisionfree.com/leedongwookindo/index.php?
    PLEASE VOTE HIM in Asian Hearthrobb in
    Go to Top of Page

  372. 372
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    DONGHAE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BASYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  373. 373
    anna Says:

    hi lee dong wook. I want to know you more. I really really like you. So can we meet each other for I have a plan to visit korea this year. Don’t get a wrong idea, I just admire you so much. I want to prove that you are a humble and kind person for real. Goodluck and i ‘ve always been waiting for your coming project.

  374. 374
    adyyqs Says:

    hi… im adyyqs from malaysia you arecool actor im enjoyed watching in my girl and good luck….

  375. 375
    sana lee Says:

    Hello dong,

    I really like u in my girl. u’re very handsome.

  376. 376
    zalat phyu Says:

    🙂 my dear 🙂
    I want to say you how much I like you .when I first saw you in the TV series of Island Village Teacher .I …..love you!
    aza aza fighting 🙂

  377. 377
    E-phonne Says:

    hi dong wook!!!!

    I’m E-phonne from jakarta, indonesia

    you’re very cute when you was in indonesia….
    you’re handsome too…

    miss u….
    luph u….


  378. 378
    evilrayne Says:

    cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute …………..
    I dunno wat to say sorry!!

  379. 379
    YEYEN Says:


  380. 380
    sunshine Says:

    i loveeeeeee uuuuu!!!!!! u are my hero…

  381. 381
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    magandang araw!, annyeong haseyo!. lee dong wook ssi you know for how many days from now it’s your 1st anniversary for coming here in our country the philippines and i’m hoping soon you’ll come back again together with lee da hae ssi already maybe for my girl part 2.

  382. 382
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    maraming salamat if you remember this word that made me so happy when i heard this from your mouth at least you’ve learned some of our basic language mean to say kamsahmnida. thank you very much too for visiting our country hope you enjoy here much.

  383. 383
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:

    please be healthy and thank you so much, you’ll be blessed.

  384. 384
    진 사 민 Says:

    loved u in my girl!!!
    ur great in everything u do!

  385. 385
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:


  386. 386
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:


  387. 387
    jasmine yoorin dahae Says:


  388. 388
    kaka Says:

    Annyeong haseyo ! wooki I LOVE U !!!!!!!!!!!!

    i will looking for boyfriend like you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,>_

  389. 389
    a-lin Says:

    oppa dong-wook…aja..aja..HWAITING!!!!!!!
    BEST of luck in everything you do…never give up…looking forward to see u in drama or movie…

    mahal kita…aku cinta kamu, wo ai ni, te amo, sarangheoooooo oppa dong-wook…Hwaiting…hwaiting!!!!

  390. 390
    july 30,2007 Says:

    You’re so gwapo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    as in!!!!
    Hope I can meet a guy na kasing gwapo mo!!!!!!

  391. 391
    marisaosb Says:

    You are one of God’s best created person! Keep your luck on your heart and not on your head. Good luck

  392. 392
    joeylen Says:

    hi lee dong wook…i like u very much…ur so cute,and also ur very handsome..!!!ur a good actor in my girl…you know wat,i’m ur # 1 fans…

  393. 393
    joeylen Says:

    hi lee dong wook…i like u very much…ur so cute,and also ur very handsome..!!!ur a good actor in my girl…

  394. 394
    Raquel Says:


  395. 395
    Raquel Says:


  396. 396
    Raquel Says:

    ang gwapo gwapo mo talaga!!!! Grabe na to….

  397. 397
    Amanda Says:

    Hai Lee Dong Woo……..
    Qw Manda, Qw dari Indonesia…
    Aku suka banget liat kamu…
    SMoga kamu berhasil ya.

  398. 398
    soso:) Says:

    really2 love u, lee dong wook!
    u are so handsome!and i love u with lee da hae in ‘my girl’,,soo cute!;P

  399. 399
    Empy Says:

    lee dong wook you are very handsome.i like your role in my girl. luv ya!

  400. 400
    -- 62 gloriawu Says:

    so handsome!!
    I loved the movie My Girl =]

  401. 401
    ADRIANNE Says:


  402. 402
    sella Says:

    lee dong wook is very handsome and i very like him

  403. 403
    jazzmin_chriscelle Says:

    ……leee don wook ….
    i love u so much!!
    …..merry me…….

  404. 404
    GorgeouS eLLe Says:

    i love you!
    hope to meet you in person…

  405. 405
    nafida bte hassan Says:

    ADRIANNE, ur comments is great… ha3

    LDW look at bit pan asian i.e Daniel is he pan asian??

  406. 406
    chayoo' Says:

    anasayo!!!! i luv u lee dong wook…so cute n talented…i hope u are happy with lee da hae ya………….n hope u smile alwayzzz

  407. 407
    anis Says:

    really luv ur acting(my girl)..really luv u..like ur smile..hope one day i can see u..u my idol!!tke cre

  408. 408
    rhoxaNnE Says:

    Hi… lee dong wook!! im the big fan of you… i hope that we see each other someday…!!! i’m rhoxann from the Philippines…im your loyal fan… your so
    very popular here in the Philippines… i hope so that you’ll visit again here in the
    Philippines… I’m studying here in SPAC here in Mindanao.. i’m 1st yr. College… Have a nice day!!!!!

  409. 409
    kiki Says:

    j’aime beaucoup wooki……….j’espere te rencontre


  410. 410
    kiki Says:

    je t’aime beaucoup,wooki. j’espere te rencontre…

  411. 411
    ms_scorpio70 Says:

    hi……lee dong wook your so handsome…….God bless you always…..wish you all the best….i love you…..im from Philippines

  412. 412
    IZZAH Says:

    Aniosayoo…hi I am a big fan of you Lee Dong Wook and Lee Dae Hae. I really really really and so much really love to watch both of you acting in the My Girl drama. One of my dreams is I hope that one day I can flight to the Seoul, Korea. and I hope I will see both of you there. Hopefully, I always wish to be there..take care, I hope both of you will be success and the last I want to say is BASHA, HIMNIJA both of you AJA…..

  413. 413
    rhoXaNn_ Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook!!! Good Morning!!! i’m rhoxann from the philippines…
    i’m your loyal fan!!! you know, your so very handsome and your so very talented… i love your act in your movie MY GIRL!!! have a nice day!!!

  414. 414
    Yukizen Says:

    Lee Dong Wook right? You are cute and handsome…You are also a gifted guy,you are such a great actor keep it up…May God continue to Bless you..Dont forget to thank God for all your blessing in life…I hope you can read this message..GodBless..Zendy from Philipines

  415. 415
    InENha_white Says:

    hi, Lee doNg wook…. yoU`Re my faVouRite sTar…….!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u`re so cuTe aNd haNdsoMe maN for Me…… i`m Ina….. froM indonesia…… and I will saY: ” I LoVe u so MuCh……..???!!!

  416. 416
    cherry mae Says:

    hi lee dong wook…….. i lake u, u know…….. ur so cute and very handsome. I LOVE YOU…..!!! From cherry mae of Philippens

  417. 417
    odesa Says:

    Hi… i’m your number 1 here in the philippines…. my true name is Maria Odesa Dahuya. I’m 13 years old…. you have a good chemistry with lee da hae. I hope so that “Lovers in Bangkok” will be done… i love you… and i hope you love Lee da hae as your girlfriend or as a wife… Thank you for visiting our country… i hope you will return here with lee da hae…

  418. 418
    mardiyah Says:

    i just want 2 ask people who watch my girl,the korean drama that i ever heard…ok…dalam dram tu kan,diorang jdi pasangan couple..tapi..dekat luar..adakah diorang ni betul2 kapel???????????

  419. 419
    mardiyah Says:

    i love lee dong wook………….

  420. 420
    paula Says:

    please marry me lee dong wook..i love you..

  421. 421
    mo Says:

    i knew who u were yesterday because i watched my girl.i can’t beleive that u r older than me just 2 year!

  422. 422
    jessa katrina v. ebol Says:

    hiiiiii! O.M.G. i am soo happy about ur drama My Girl with Lee Da-Hae. hope u can Make another together with her again coz you really rock. i mean u really are good together. u know i am so happy when u came here in the philipine hope u can come again. 1 4 3

  423. 423
    ella mae Says:

    hai….ur so hadsome…and have the same brthday of my sister…kip up the gud work..

  424. 424
    stephanie Says:


  425. 425
    lia_4eva Says:

    i’m really luv your act in MY GIRL, very talented. Really really luv your smile, its make me so happy….
    MY LUV LEE DONG WOOK… Chaayoo’!
    (Your Girl – Lia from Malaysia)

  426. 426
    dwee Says:


    ni aq ce_ indonesia

    wuki kau main film apa lagi

    salam kenal………………………….

  427. 427
    renato Says:


  428. 428
    renato Says:

    can you be my friend??whatz ur email ad?? this is my email ad…
    >>>>>Philippines loves you…txtbk

    invite me in your friendser ok..thanks

  429. 429
    Janel Says:

    pakasalan mo ako as soon as possible!! baka tumanda akong dalaga!!!

    we love you here in the philippines!!! hope to see you soon!!!

  430. 430
    rosalyn Says:

    anhyeong haseyo……..how are you???hope you’re doing good…..can we be friends…hope so….”khamsahamnida..”

  431. 431
    girlz.... Says:

    u are so cute & handsome…i love you…hope to meet you..when you want to come here?????????

  432. 432
    cj Says:

    certified hot!!! i love MY GIRL..!

  433. 433
    AsH Says:

    Ur so handsome in my girl..Really hope u and da hae and be a true lover..
    Wish u alll d best of luck..^^

  434. 434
    janonemay Says:

    hi lee dong wook im jaonemay,, know what? your so cute and handsome and i think your gf or wife to be is very very lucky and i hope that’s lee da hae ,,,,,,,, sana kayo na bagay naman kayo eh

  435. 435
    Mz_Hyunki Says:

    Hi..wookie lover..I Invite you join in
    In there, you have to know bout him very much
    I Waiting you everyone…with my pleasure..

  436. 436
    wan_93 Says:

    lee dong wook,u are very handsome,i minat u

  437. 437
    bbyron Says:

    Hi there,
    I don’t know if you still have time to read all these comments…all I can say your one of the Best korean actor a remarkBle one!!! make more drama looking forward to it…. P E A C E!!!

  438. 438
    angel Says:

    marry me????

  439. 439
    ri4 Says:

    lee dong wook
    i like your smilee
    i like it

  440. 440
    ri4 Says:

    lee dong wook
    i want frindly with you
    i like you so much
    i am indonesian

  441. 441
    myka Says:

    your birhday is same to my brother b-day i wish my brother is like you

  442. 442
    ida Says:

    hi, lee dong wook………..i really luv your acting in my girl and your smile make me crazy……….

  443. 443
    Kay Zin Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook,

    You are so gorgeous and I like you very very much. You are so stylish and handsome in every TV series and movies that you have performed.

    I love you! 🙂

  444. 444
    MAZ Says:

    hai lee dong wook i from malaysian i want to be your friendship,but i know you but you do know me right.so i want to be you friend i love you very much and also like you at my girl movie i hope you dont have girlfriend when you have girlfriend i scraed but what ever i like you……………………..ok see you next week………….

  445. 445
    şermin Says:

    sen gerçekten çok iyi bir oyuncusun başarılar dilerim my girl severek izliyorum

  446. 446
    May Says:

    Hi, Dong Wook!:)

    I am from Myanmar.

    I love your smile and you are so gorgeous.

    I like you very very much!:)

  447. 447
    saed Says:

    lee dong wook..jom masuk islam.. =)

  448. 448
    saed Says:

    lee dong wook..lets embrace islam..all of u who read this also.. =)
    islam will your safety in this world and also hereafter….

  449. 449
    kiela Says:

    hiiiiiiii…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nice to know u.i like to see u acting in drama. u are so cool..good luck in your life..chayok,chayok!!!!

  450. 450
    Sitha Says:

    hello,i no u don’tno me but is ok i just 1 2 say u r a good play row ur firm so grent funny all my fimly like u oh my friend 2.

  451. 451
    Sitha Says:

    i 12 say that u r a good play row ur drama so funny

  452. 452
    she Says:

    miss you in my girl drama….ur best actor in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  453. 453
    yuri Says:

    such a cutie

  454. 454
    nizz Says:

    cakep bed…..

    jdi cwo gwe ja yux!!!………..

    i luph u!!

  455. 455
    lovely Says:

    hi…im lovely of philippines….can u you be my friend…..your so cute….lots of my friend here really likes your movie (my girl)…..im hoping that i read a message from you….im your 1 fan here in philippines…..

  456. 456
    april Says:

    im so impress by his acting skills.. I hope i could see more korean drama with him in it…. His amazing!!! When he crys he captures my heart and moves my soul… Way the go lee dong wook!!!!!!

  457. 457
    lovely Says:

    hi sir……i know how busy you are right now but i can still wait until i reserve a message from you…goodluck

  458. 458
    Sandy Says:

    I Love LEE DONG WOOK and i think he’s the sweetest guy in the whole world. P.S. the best korean actor

  459. 459
    nayah_711@yahoo.com Says:

    ur such a cute guy…take care lavyah

  460. 460
    carolyn Says:

    u know what u are one of my favorit in all korean actors!!
    ur such a great person!!
    ure so cute!

  461. 461
    mierdo Says:

    be cool n stay cool..chaiyo!! sarangheyo…^^

  462. 462
    apple joyce Says:

    uR so hAndsome… uR 1 of mY suPer cRush!! i saw u in pErson wHen u visit wowowee.. gRabeh uR so HoT!!! sTAy cuTe!!

  463. 463
    nayah Says:

    hi cute miss u…

  464. 464
    jaya Says:

    he’s very handsome.. really!!! ahhh!!! even i’m a filipina, i love korean guyz talaga!!! the main reason is him!! haaay…

  465. 465
    chan guo tan Says:

    hhhheeeeeeeeeeyyyyy! you are so cute..i mean the cutest guy evvvvveeer….hope i can see you somewere…hey just asking…can you e-mail me..heres my real mail cescafua@yahoo.com..hehehehehehehehe just hope you can mail me!

  466. 466
    zila Says:

    dear lee dong wook

    i love your character in my girl very very very much.i watch the drama everyday after coming back from work.the character suits you very much.i wonder whether the real you is like seol gong chan or not.i hope to see more of you after this.take a good care of yourself.really looking forward to see you.

  467. 467
    mary elaine Says:

    i definitely like his character in my girl,the patience to wait 4 joo yoo rin…ofcourse i like him 2…saranghe…i’ve been learning korean language 4 u giuyz…hope 2 meet u soon(“,)

  468. 468
    Carissa Says:

    Get attracted to your look from MY GIRL drama. I have bought the DVD of MY GIRL and I watch it everyday. You are so cool and handsome. I am your fan from Singapore.

  469. 469
    Carissa Says:

    Dong Wook, tomolo is your birthday. I hereby wish you a VERY VERY HAPPY AND MEANINGFUL BIRTHDAY. HOPE ALL YOUR WISH WILL COME TRUE.

    I m so in love with your acting, your look, etc. I just love to watch you.

    I have difficuly getting your DVD over in Singapore except MY GIRL.

    Miss YOU……

  470. 470
    Carissa Says:

    Dong Wook,

    A Very Happy Birthday to You.

    Miss You

  471. 471
    ahn dee @ malaysia Says:

    anyong ha se yo..
    sange chuka hamnida..
    hi, happy b’day..
    may god bless u owez..

  472. 472
    babyfee Says:

    anehasehyo leedongwook upaah !
    seni chukahehyo !
    sa rang hae yo !
    may you be mine !
    happy 26th birthday !
    please come to Singapore !
    hehe , *french kisses*
    ILY ,

    faraaah (:

  473. 473
    maiza7902 Says:

    happy birthday

  474. 474
    Kaizer Says:

    …Mr. Lee Dong Wook its your special day today am I right? HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! Hope your career will continue to progress and I hope also that you’ll be known in the world. Your Korean Drama Series “My Girl” is so beautiful and magnificent! I hope you’ll be doing another drama like this and it should be with Ms. Lee Da Hae. Both of you are perfect match. I will be glad if you’ll have relationship with each other and in the near future both of you will be married…hehehe…Take care always both of you… bye guyz….

  475. 475
    sya Says:

    Dear Lee Dong Wook,
    Happy 26th birthday!!
    Love u..Muax!

  476. 476
    Jan Says:

    Happy birth day LEE DONG WOOK wish you be a handsome man for every girl in the world. My Girl is the most favorable movie that I have never seen before, I like your character so much because you are warm and romance. As one of your fan movie I alway find every news which related to you and every year in your birthday I will wish you from distance.

  477. 477
    babyfee Says:

    hot hot hottie , omfg ! sarang hae yo !

  478. 478
    ija Says:

    don’t ever be a stubborn man!!!
    keep your atitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  479. 479
    Jan Says:

    Lee dong wook you are so warm, I like your acting very much. Miss you

  480. 480
    chabori Says:


  481. 481
    ayelet Says:

    Hi lee dong wook

  482. 482
    dian Says:

    hi dong wook! your role in my girl really suits you well and i kinda like you when you were getting cheesy with yoo rin. hehe!

  483. 483
    dian Says:

    and belated happy birthday! =)

  484. 484
    belle Says:

    he’s hot 🙂

  485. 485
    staR Says:

    OH Ma Gosh is that Gong Chan of My Girl!! Hahaha! Ever since I watched My Girl with Lee Dae Hae and HIM I loved him! He is coool!

  486. 486
    mia sara Says:

    haii there!!
    u have same birthdate as i am..
    i’m 20th diz year..
    wish u hepi belated befday!!
    stay cute k

  487. 487
    dorkey Says:

    hey… you’re so cute… my sister is in love with you… lolz… stay fine… take care….

  488. 488
    Lauren Says:

    He’s hot hot hot!!

  489. 489
    FIFA Says:

    lee dong wook!!!!! you’re really a great man!!you have good looking and talent..since i see u in my girl,i already like u!!!chayooooo!!!

  490. 490
    shane_mcdelyn Says:

    u’re suppose being couple with lee da hae……ahakz,,,,,,,just kidding,,,,,anyway i’m just wanna say that u are so handsome!!!!!!!….

  491. 491
    viola Says:

    LUV U SO MUCH….!!!

  492. 492
    ArobeLLe Says:

    I love you!! your so handsome!!

  493. 493
    fan of yours Says:

    I’m in love with you.

  494. 494
    paoa Says:

    Hi there u’re my best friend dream man.

  495. 495
    ila Says:

    hai.how are you.i really really like your acting.hope to see you in malaysia!!!!!

  496. 496
    seria Says:

    u so sweet………. i luv u acting……….

  497. 497
    Nana Says:

    COOL actor!!

  498. 498
    aimee Says:

    hi lee dong wook im ur avid fan i alway’s surfing on korean website just to see ur face and save it to my file even if i dont understand ur native language i just try to find a words that can understand i hope u will visit philiphines again to see me there i hope i can see u somewhere in my dreams always stay happy as i am god bless you anyong!

  499. 499
    aimee Says:


  500. 500
    nadia_ir Says:

    hi lee dong wook!
    really lurve your work especially in my girl.
    hope u can achieve more in your life.
    u r proven to be a talented and flexible actor.
    anyway, happy belated birthday to you n keep on doing your best!
    wishing u all da best in upcoming new year n dont forget to visit malaysia in da future! we are waiting for u!!!

  501. 501
    kita Says:

    u look handsome..wanna know something…my bf look like u..that y i luv him..

  502. 502
    VENESSA Says:

    very smart and very handsome.i like it.i like your filem.very good i like it.

  503. 503
    ipop Says:

    Hiiiiii wooky….(can i called u like that? ^_^),
    i like u when i watch yr act in Tv(my lady), u r so cool, calm, confident n handsome……cute too, hehehhe.
    i know it was late but i wanna say H@pPy B-d@y to u n to u…….
    wish u all the best!!!!Chayooooo!!!!!

    hopefully i can see u, hopefully!!!!

    Do the best all you can do!

    S@r@nG h@3!!!!wooky….S@r@nG h@3 Yo……

    indonesian girl here, good luck!

  504. 504
    misskorea Says:

    wowwwwwwwww…u r so handsome….lets know me k….i luv korean actor…..hihi….remember me k….(ina,ain,zura)

  505. 505
    chingu91 Says:

    hello!lee dong wook sshii..your act cool in my girl..have a strong chemistry with lee da hae..love u both..hope they become a lovers in real life coz u both very suit each other..hahaha..fighting!!

  506. 506
    luvvly hyun _trah Says:

    i’m in LOVE with uuuuuu…………..hope we will meet one day……..when i study there……….pray 4 my success……..
    SA RANG HAE YO !!!! ^_-……*muah…*muah

  507. 507
    becoolbabe Says:

    I’m still waiting for you
    and i will continue waiting
    Luv u so much:)

  508. 508
    annie_calaguas@yahoo.com Says:

    So cute i like u and your so handsome advance merry,merry christmass i hope this coming christmass i meet you take care….I have friendster YOU go to my friendster okey…..

  509. 509
    madihah Says:

    happy belated birthday to Lee Dong Wook oppa. I hope that you can keep up your good career & also your reputation. May God always with you & whatever your hopes & dreams will be fulfill. Gambatte Kudasai & ki o tsukette. Sayonara.

  510. 510
    keanne_23 Says:

    hi, you’re so cute…always take care and keep up d good work!!! i hope i can see you in person…

  511. 511
    WWw Says:

    I like ur action in My Girl.
    Fighting Lee Dong Wook!!!!!

  512. 512
    jie Says:

    dear LDW…

    i love seol gong chan very much.keep up the good work.Hope to see more of your drama after this.i love you more in drama than film.

  513. 513
    Noraima Bagundang Says:

    I like the way you act!!!!!!!!!

  514. 514
    amiza shayeeda Says:

    hello seol gong chan…
    hye lee dong wook….
    how are u??

  515. 515
    hikaru181262 Says:

    Lee Dong Wook is well-loved at all times! Ganbante ne Oppa LDW!

  516. 516
    youaee Says:

    Everytime I watch my girl drama make me miss u alot…

  517. 517
    Imuyachan Says:

    Oppa…. pliz do more projects.. ur movie Perfect couple is proving that ure not a specialist for handsome rich boy role only.. oppa fighting !!!!!

  518. 518
    grape Says:

    oppa!annyong! how are you? I always admire you! fighting!! I’m waiting your next shining role!!!

  519. 519
    khoua Says:

    Yes please make film……I miss see u….pls more more drama with yoo ree….

  520. 520


  521. 521
    SappaWappa Says:

    >Hoi Lee Dong Wook, gua suka dengan lu beb!!Lu bila mau dtg Malaysia!!
    >>im u’r die hard fan..Keep up gud work bro!!

  522. 522
    suquin Says:

    muakss.muakss.muaksss.muaksss.muakssss..love u so much..all da best man!!!

  523. 523
    riku Says:

    don’t cry…

  524. 524
    riku Says:

    vote ya!!!!
    be like spiderman
    don’t be like batman

  525. 525
    alyssa Says:

    anyong!you are sooooooooo cute,cool and hensem.i loveeeeeeeee you!!i hope you will act in more movi or drama.SARANGHAEYO!! ^_^

  526. 526
    daisy Says:

    he is good actor and one of the handsome actor in korea…

  527. 527
    mikansakura Says:

    people said that u are a superman…but u really look like an ultraman in my girl…so handsome…keep on acting…basyaaa!!!

  528. 528
    fallon18 Says:

    merry christmas to all the fans of LEE DONG WOOK!

    anyway, you’re all ryt that he is so good in MyGirl! and also handsome. .
    no doubt about it!

    miss you so much, hope you will be doing series this year. . so excited to see you on the act again. .

    goodluck anyway with you upcoming movie with yoo jin! i know the public will like it!

    pohaek bearyo to all!
    let us keep supporting Lee Dong Wook! 😀

  529. 529
    farhana_malaysia Says:

    u very handsome..i admire u so much..

  530. 530
    mattsanluis Says:

    simply the best!

  531. 531
    Singa Says:

    Ya rite…you so cool in My Girl. I like your style…so handsome

  532. 532
    yusz_sabah Says:

    anyong…. 🙂 it is the second time since i didn’t watch any korean movie after winter sonata…hehehe…i hope that u will come 2 malaysia…taste the delicious n fresh seafood especially when u coming 2 sabah…there are lots of seafood restaurant….u can say i’m a seafood promoter…… 😉

  533. 533
    jee Says:

    dear ldw

    did you really go for the army service next year?i’ll wait until u come back

  534. 534
    tati Says:

    Congratulation to u,wookie. Two thumbs up for your MY GIRL. PERFECT COUPLE is cool, too. Hope u’ll b more macho in the next movie.

  535. 535
    tati Says:

    Congratulation to u,wookie. Two thumbs up for your MY GIRL. PERFECT COUPLE is cool, too. Hope u’ll b more macho in the next movie.I’m waiting….

  536. 536
    kris Says:

    your so handsome…

    as in!!!


    love to see you here in Phillipines again and again….

  537. 537
    kat Says:

    whoah..is it really possible that a person like you lives in this world?!lol:D

  538. 538
    cool gurlz Says:

    Hai Lee Dong Wook,I’m know you would not read this but I hope you still effort to sucess in your job…..so direful!

  539. 539
    YASMINE Says:


  540. 540
    cheryl Says:

    can you be my husband????????????????????????????????? hehehe.

  541. 541
    gema Says:

    dont be MAD if I call you I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH>>>>>>>??????

  542. 542
    jhyniee Says:

    your SO HANDSOME!!!
    i really wish i can see you!!!
    you definitely looks like my brother…

  543. 543
    diOdy Says:


  544. 544
    grace Says:

    i really LIKE U!!!

  545. 545
    myintzu Says:

    Lee Dong Wook Shi, Congratulation!
    At “My Girl” & ur action as GC made me crazy.
    I viewed “My Girl” repeate & repeat again. Every time I saw GC, I like u more & more.
    I hope to see if u make a trip to Myanmar.
    And Want to see more & more of ur dramas.


  546. 546
    myintzu Says:

    Love u so much!

  547. 547
    myintzu Says:

    I Love u so much.

  548. 548
    krissyang Says:

    Another fine actor that seems to be left on the shelf… Hopefully with all these comments, the producers & directors will sit up & take note..

  549. 549
    joy Says:

    you are so handsome!hahahaha:)):))
    i really love my girl!
    ohh and yeah thanks for visiting the philippines…

  550. 550
    sarah Says:

    waaaaaw lee dong wook you are soooooooo
    good looking . keep the good work. we loved
    you when you did [my girl] and we still love

  551. 551
    Via Says:

    haahaaaa…lee dong wook..you’re the best!!!!

  552. 552
    stellar Says:

    Not sure if you are the best but certainly enjoyed watching you in My Girl…

  553. 553
    lolita Says:

    hi,i like u.u are so handsome.can u send me your email address and your photo.i hope u will send me.my mail address is butterffllly@gmail.com.

  554. 554
    mhay Says:

    its nice to see you in your pic..u are my inspiration in my life.hope u have more telenovelas to be launched here in the philippinesl.

  555. 555
    HNIN PWINT Says:

    CONTACT ME 095153988

  556. 556
    sammy Says:

    first of all, i’m sorry for being a 556 commentor…sorry…hey, i heard that you will go to military soon. In my country Malaysia, they only goes for 3 months, but you have to go for 2 years???don’t worry…i’ll wait for your next drama…your acting is soo good especially for the character Seol Gong-chan!Thumbs up!!

  557. 557
    mina Says:

    ann yong haseyo!i’m ur biggest fan…i’ve watched all of ur film..and da best is my favourite..my girl …u look so cute in da film…

  558. 558
    zarah Says:

    ….. lee dog wook

    ur so good!!!!… i hope i can find a man like u!

  559. 559
    gulz313 Says:

    he soo hensom….i’am a big fan of him!!

  560. 560
    mira hisham Says:

    dong wook…i’m ur big fan…i enjoyed wacthing u in my girl…you’re da best…good luck in ur job

  561. 561
    amira Says:

    dong wook!!!!!!!i like u so much…u r so cute…huhuhu…..hope u can a man as cute as u in my country…hehehe…

  562. 562
    erzaya_areya Says:

    handsome guy..i really like you…u look very handsome in my girl..also funny and lovable..

  563. 563
    Wonder Says:

    Hi, Mr Dong Wook, what is your next korean drama? Your acting is very good after I saw “My Girl”, touching and lovely. Looking forward to see your next korean drama.

  564. 564
    sc961387 Says:

    wow u should feel lucky u have so many fans

  565. 565
    Wonder Says:

    I am not Lee Dong-Wook’s Fan, but happen to watch “My Girl”, I enjoy his acting with Lee Da-hae and will like to follow up to watch his new Korean Drama. Can some of Dong-Wook’s Fan tell me what are his new Korean Drama after “My Girl” and is he still act korean Drama? Because I can not find any of his new show in the market. Thank you.

  566. 566
    ja9 Says:

    HI JULIAN… u knw wat wen my girl was viewed here n da philippines.. i olweiz stay l8 at nyt jz 2 watch ur evry epsodes… my parents wre scoldng me coz i got big eye bugs ..haha bt i dnt blame u..my girl is my favorite comedy korean series..i hope ul hve anoder prjct w/ lee da hae.. uboth hve that xtreme chemistry i really lyk u both…. saranghi

  567. 567
    aaron Says:

    i hope u will contact to me.my gmail is aaroncoke3@gmail.com

  568. 568
    suzanne suzanna Says:

    wow.. million of fans u have..
    i juz falling in love with korean drama
    espesially ‘my girl’…
    hope to see some1 lookin’ like u here..
    in my cauntry..hahaha
    do the best in ur carreer..

  569. 569
    LeNg n LeLz Says:

    i LovE LeE DoNg_wOok… ahaks… nOpz i mEaN Luv His aCtiOn…!! he2…
    QiriM cHaLam Amm…

  570. 570
    janey Says:

    hi! Lee Dong Wook! You are the best! You’re cute too! you’re the best!

  571. 571
    janey Says:

    hi! i love you so much! muahs! my sister’s in love with you!

  572. 572
    karla Says:

    hello! how are you? when will you act again because i love your shows and also your movie My Girl…………that is the highest rating all over the Philippines………i wish you will do another Korean drama….that’s all……..

    thank you………

  573. 573
    jhyniee Says:

    please go back to the philippines!

  574. 574
    shiela Says:

    hi………lee dong wook im here inday wakwak……….hahahaha……can you be with me tonight….i’ll wait for your text……my room is very ready for you to come…….i love you honey……..mwwaaaahhhhhhhhhh………..tsup..tsup….tsup…………aaahhhhhhhhhhhh

  575. 575
    florenda Says:

    Hello lee.how are you???hehehe im your no.1 fan here in the philippines.Im looking forward to meet u in personal someday coz that is my greates dream i hope you dont mind.hehehe u know ur a very good actor specially in my girl.godbless!take care

  576. 576
    fallon18 Says:


    lucy imnida. .
    kasamhanida 4 d rep d mr dong wook. .
    thnks 4 d goodluck, really appreciate it!

    anyway, pohaek bearyo!
    come visit philippines again!

  577. 577
    sweeti Says:

    Lee dong wook you are so nice and cool xD
    I love your films

  578. 578
    xanthe j pajiji Says:

    i love you so much’ dnt’ you know we have the same bday

  579. 579
    xanthe j pajiji Says:

    i love you so much’ dnt’ you know we have the same bday i hope i’ll meet you in person……and im you no.1 fan ……………..

  580. 580
    xanthe j pajiji Says:

    i love you so much’ dnt’ you know we have the same bday i hope i’ll meet you in person……and im you no.1 fan ……………..i’ll never 4get you.

  581. 581
    xanthe j pajiji Says:

    i love you so much’ dnt’ you know we have the same bday i hope i’ll meet you in person……and im you no.1 fan ……………..i’ll never 4get you.xanthe

  582. 582
    Tifa Says:

    You have great talent at crying! Makes me cry too when you cry for Ju Yoo Rin! =)
    I LOVE YOU!!

  583. 583
    ANNE Says:


  584. 584
    kelly Says:

    OOOhhhh my god!!!Your soooo hot dong wook!i love your style and your looks..how i wish i to meet you in person…

  585. 585
    tmh Says:

    i like ‘my girl’. especially lee dong woo’s acting and actress
    and i like the story and acting. i enjoy very much korea dramma

  586. 586
    karen Says:

    hello……congratulations for your show my girl…Im karen and Im your number one fun here in the phillippines… hope to meet you,coz i really admire you very much…to meet you someday will be a fulfillment of my dreams…

  587. 587
    elvie Says:

    i enjoy to wtch MY GIRL…………….lu u

  588. 588
    stripe_girl_13 Says:

    your such a good actor for me yur so hondsome…………………i hope u see in personal and i want to hug u and kiss u……luvvvvvvvvvvvvv uuuuuuuu toooooooooo

  589. 589
    lei Says:

    i really really loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you……………
    you are sooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………….

  590. 590
    sandy Says:


    i like the drama My Girl. u & yoo Yin are so pretty.
    next! u have many successful win.

    bye bye.

  591. 591
    dana anthony Says:

    lee dong is my favorite korean actor!!! wish that he will visite the philippines again!!!!
    torillos_dananthony@yahoo.com – ym

  592. 592
    arma Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wok, Im from Brunei, hope to see u come to Brunei, it juz in the Borneo Island coz it nice to meet a favourite actor in person.. hope to see u here

  593. 593
    iLa Says:

    good luck and do your best… I really enjoy my girl drama… hope you and lee da hae more success… BASYA!!!

  594. 594
    wirdanie Says:

    you and lee da hae is a cute couple..
    even most of my friends admire you..

  595. 595
    bhabes Says:

    hi! you know many filipinos miss your show like MY GIRL because it is funny.

    and you are one of the best actor in the world.

    thank you and that’s all…….

  596. 596
    zig Says:

    wazzup men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ur so handsome nd cute…………..
    im ur fan from philippines………
    im zig……
    ur so great!
    great job men. i luv it!.yah!……….
    keep up d good work.
    may god bless you alwyzzzzzzzzzzz…..
    good health 4 u nd 4 ur family………….

  597. 597
    Avid fan Says:

    hi…..you look very,very handsome……wow….i even printed your pics/photos….so cute….
    i admire u very much,you and da hae…..
    hope to see you both in the same project….
    “MY GIRL part 2”
    God Bless!

  598. 598
    rem_lee Says:

    hi. . .wazzup. . . do you remember me??? hows your brand new life now without me??? just joking . . .

  599. 599
    rem_lee Says:

    hello. . . hows your life without me??? i guess its hard for you. . . but you are the one who start ending all of these . . . by the way happy valentines day. . .

  600. 600
    Pat Says:

    Hi LDW love to watch you and LDH acting together again.

  601. 601
    mocha.. Says:

    i think u n LDH r the sweetest couple ever! luv u guys both..! XD

  602. 602
    mira Says:

    i love watching my girl and i have watch it many times.you are too cute,handsome,smart and i more like if you can be my ………………..

  603. 603
    janine marie Says:

    hi…………lee dong wook…….ur so handsome,good looking, and nice person………..

  604. 604
    venus Says:

    hi! u r a good actor & love watching u in my girl.. are there anymre dramas coming up? cos i tink this 2 yrs u busying with movies? hope would c u in another funny drama soon(:

  605. 605
    ruby Says:

    hi….d’ best and handsome lee dong wook!!!!!
    see you here in the philippines………..
    here in cagayan de oro city…many koreans are here living in cagayan de oro…… i hope you will visit our city of golden friendship….

  606. 606
    ARIS Says:

    sarang dah hae yo…..anyong ha shim ni ka…….
    WE LOVE YOU do you love LEE DA HAE? i hope so….
    you are the best loveteam i ever seen……
    an nyong hee ka ship shee yo…………

  607. 607
    joana Says:

    one of the most handsome korean actors…..love this guy so much

  608. 608
    rabiatul Says:

    i love watching my girl… you are so handsome… and you are a good actor….

  609. 609
    mistrious Says:

    your so very handsome i hope that you visit again in the phillippines….
    sarageyo…more blessing to come….

  610. 610
    she2x Says:

    like u too julian..u’re 1 of the goodlooking korean actors..

  611. 611
    jessel Says:

    i like u . i like to marry u

  612. 612
    reeva Says:

    you’re so handsome and cute

  613. 613
    tenxin Says:

    u are soo cute……i just adored u in ”my girl” …lookin forward to watchin ur other series….all da best and may god bless u muah ^^

  614. 614
    riyoma91 Says:

    hye! saranghanda! u so cute in my girl!!!!
    hope to see u again wit dan hee…

  615. 615
    Wani.. Says:

    Hi…u look handsome in “my gurl”..my frenz say dat u are so charming…they like u very much…they send their regards 2u…i hope u will act seriously…baissya’…ganbatte kudasai’…

  616. 616
    che Says:

    greetings from the Philippines! u really captured the hearts of filipino people especially women including myself of course i wouldn’t be writing anything if i wasn’t charmed by u so here i am making a comment for u. there are many korean drama series and comedies that we get to watch on our local television and its just so nice to see other asian actors but when i saw u, u were the first korean actor that i truly liked so more power and have a healthy lifestyle

  617. 617
    snowflake Says:

    I’ve liked you since you appeared in “Secret” as a supporting actor.

  618. 618
    nini Says:

    Hi.. Lee Dong Wook,

    U r a good actor, can’t miss to watch My Girl. ur acting with LDH really cool & lively. very compatible..
    first time i see u when i watch precious family.
    really like ur acting & looking forward for ur upcoming drama & movie

  619. 619
    che Says:

    just a simple hello from a fan of yours

  620. 620
    OREN-GURL Says:

    moshi..moshi..lee dong wook

  621. 621
    sheila Says:

    lee dong wook!!!!

    u’re such a handsome guy!

    your face exactly same as my boyfriend’s face!

    damn love u!!

  622. 622
    venus Says:

    any up coming show of him? as he simply awsome!

  623. 623
    zig Says:

    Dont know how can hav his recent photo. want to go to seoul to see him also.

  624. 624
    che Says:

    hello dong wook i hope u could have a project with jeon ji hyun coz ur both gorgeous im sure u’d look good together

  625. 625
    d!nA Says:

    HAllo Lee dong wook , i am like to your movie first, my girl so like you movie…………..!!!!good byee………

  626. 626
    cHeChA Says:

    Aku sangat mengidolakan lee dong wook , aku juga sangat menyukai filem2 yang pernah ia mainkan , aku ingin dia tau hal itu tapi sayang aku tidak bisa berbahasa inggris jadi aku pake bahasa indonesia saja ^-^he…he…he…

  627. 627
    zhenzhuli Says:

    I want to say that ” you may be able to face anythings without difficulty!

  628. 628
    xanthe Says:

    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu………….so much

  629. 629
    Seng Says:

    Seen you in My Girl. You are cool and handsome and wonderful as Kong Chan. Keep up your good work.

  630. 630
    Asma Says:

    Hello! my guy Lee Dong Wook Im from Malaysia. I like so much Korean Dramas especially “My Girls” with you and Lee Da Hae so happy and very “touching inlove”. I hope you and Lee Da Hae the next comedy love dramas. Please email me your feeback for my response to you. My email askama65@yahoo.com

    Ok bye! see you a next dramas. Good Luck and so happy happy …

  631. 631
    Cicilia Says:

    You are a good actor

  632. 632
    Renzel Says:

    Good actor with a great personality and good heart. Keep it up. We, your fans, will always support you.

  633. 633
    carolyn Says:

    he is such a very good actor…

  634. 634
    star Says:

    u rox!
    my girl rox! lee da hae rox!
    be it lee dong wook or cui gong can
    U ARE THE BEST! =)
    looking forward to another drama series featuring you !

  635. 635
    rosalinda of phil... Says:

    im dha2 of phil. i want to be ur wife.. ! for me ur the onlu one korean actor that make me attracted… love u…muahh.,ur so hondsome…

  636. 636
    paiaye Says:

    i first know you in My Girl

    you are very nice and handsome

    when you came to thailand you look so nice (i seen in picture because i’m

    not in BKK)

    like u so much

  637. 637
    eearah Says:

    omg lee dong wook.i luv u very much.i like ur appearence in my girl much than in hanoi bride.hope u alwaz success.pashak.

  638. 638
    citi Says:

    His acting in Loving You, Hanoi Bride & Precious Family was not memorable. However, he seems to have improved a lot in My Girl. Maybe he is better in comedies. Let’s see how he does in Bittersweet Life, his latest drama…

  639. 639
    gia Says:

    Hi… Sweety…. You are so…. Handsome and cute …. ever since i ve seen My girl i am totally crazy after you………you are great……………………………………………………………… Love you

  640. 640
    anjeanette Says:

    Yes Yes.You are so handsome!! You’re hot!! Among all the male korean actor, YOU ARE THE MOST GORGEOUS of them all!! I like you in My girl..Lee da hae and YOU, are match..You do have good chemistry together..And YOU act well..I hope, you two will have another drama…Sarangheo Lee Dong wook!! waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

  641. 641
    yasit Says:

    your handsome!!!

  642. 642
    zvex Says:

    hi !

  643. 643
    shahnoza Says:

    hi,Dong Wook.i firstly saw my girl.i’m in admiration.i’m fr uzbekistan.i ‘d like offer u any roles there.if u’r agree please inform me.my @-h.shahnoz@yahoo.com.

  644. 644
    loveroftv Says:

    no doubt… Lee Dong wook is one of the cute’n handsome looking guys in Asia that I currently know exists… I do like him best in My Girl as well as his role there… Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook should consider in being a couple because they have strong chemistry with each other. My Girl, as well, is the best drama I have watched so far. 🙂

  645. 645
    loveroftv Says:

    PS. the current display picture of Lee Dong Wook in this page should be changed into a much better one. 🙂 tra la la…

  646. 646
    admin Says:

    how about this pic?

  647. 647
    hyunnadia Says:

    I like you acting in MY GIRL and HANOI BRIDE..love you forever..

  648. 648
    hyunnadia Says:

    Can you visit Malaysia..all the best for you…

  649. 649
    nana Says:

    nana says;

    yu are so handsome guy………….. can u come t malaysia
    i luv u so much
    i luv u like my boyfriend………
    u and my boyfriend are very same
    i luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  650. 650
    syah Says:

    syah says;
    i want u and lae dae hae be couple k??????????
    because u and lee dae hae are very sweet couple in my girl
    i luv u acting at my girl
    so sweet u know??????????
    u are hamdsome guy in the world
    but my bf are the handsome guy in the world

  651. 651
    thameechawlay Says:

    u are good looking….:-) i m one of ur fans

  652. 652
    thameechawlay Says:


  653. 653
    ochi Says:

    i love u
    i love u
    love u………..
    love u…………
    do u believe it???????????????
    please add me at ochi_07@yahoo.co.id

  654. 654
    joanne chuah Says:

    great acting…n love the cool looks..

  655. 655
    fatin Says:


  656. 656
    John Says:

    he’s really dashing. i’ve grown to like k drama after watching ‘my girl’. looking forward to watching his new drama series.

  657. 657
    sweet coco girl Says:

    hay you !! why did you have to be born with such a good looking face and body ???? why ??
    was it to make me fall in love with you any ways your too good keep up the good work …

  658. 658
    fatin arinah Says:

    He so handsome

  659. 659
    xhy__ Says:

    LoVe you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  660. 660
    mary lyn Says:

    anyeongsyo! how are u? dong wook i like u your so handsome and i like ur movie to my girl and i like your couple with ms. lee da hae ur da best couple in kbs and i love the all the cast in my girl saranye take care thanks!

  661. 661
    Sara Says:

    Hye dong wook. I like ur drama My girl very much. U seem so sweet n handsome!

  662. 662
    Sabrina Says:

    u r very cool!!!!!!!!!

  663. 663
    Nge Lay Says:

    Really good acting!!i can’t sleep all the night

  664. 664
    HSu Says:

    really fascinating!!!!

  665. 665
    Angel Says:

    i like u soooooooooooo much

  666. 666
    SAMMY Says:

    DUDE ! You’re so hott, good-looking, handsommme and just Oh-My-God! And the drama My Girl, OMG you were. . . hmm, I just don’t have the words for it b’coz you just have the finest looks for a hot-looking guy and a very sweet personality.

  667. 667
    anlie Says:

    take care…. take some rest, don’t work too hard….

  668. 668
    yanti Says:

    hi..really admire u in My Girl…u n Lee Da Hae r a matching couple..sweet n beutiful together..hope can watch u both in new drama series in future..why not both of u dating together??..eheheh…hav a gud life!!

  669. 669
    sheena Says:

    weeeh!!!!I really love My Girl…ur so cute…

  670. 670
    fye Says:

    hi!i would like to be your friend and know more about you…visit malaysia whenever you free….all the best….please add me at pinkylurve_mir@yahoo.com

  671. 671
    lelit b pastoril Says:

    hi…..im a filipina from philippines…..everybody loves you over here especially with you as love team of lee dae hae in My Girl…..when are you going to be paired again…..hope you two can make another movie as beautiful as My Girl…..take care always

  672. 672
    siti nur amirah Says:

    you are sooo…….. cute. Best of luck on your career.

  673. 673
    comet Says:

    really hope to see u one day…keep it up!!

  674. 674
    -LYNN- Says:

    u ask me if ur was HANDSOME,i said NO.
    u ask me if ur was FAT,i said YES OF COURSE.
    u ask me if i WANTED to be with u forever,i said NO. u ask me if i would CRY if u walk AWAY,i said NO..I WOULDN’T
    fOr ME…..
    the only thing FAT.or BIG,about u is ur HEART.
    I DON’T WANT to be with u forever,but i NEED to be with u FOREVER
    and baby..i would’t CRY if u walked away..

    sincerly from: -LYNN-

  675. 675
    agnes Says:

    u r toooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome.the day i saw My Girl, i went crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy of you.i hope to see one day.pliz do come to india.

    love u,

  676. 676
    ymai Says:

    Hi, Lee Dong Wook…im from the Philippines, You know,I;m not really into Koreanovelas but since i started following your show, My Girl, i began to get hooked….You’re really good looking, honestly..i like the way you acted in My Girl…I am one big fan of yours..since then, i started searching you in the web..luckily, i have found wonderful sites with u in it…It only makes me sad that ABS-CBN is doing a remake of My Girl..i dont want them to spoil the original story. especially that they will have local artists to portray your roles. i just dont want it that way..i wnat My Girl to stay as it was…no remakes…HOpe to see you soon on screen with Lee Da Hae…

  677. 677
    Amalia Says:

    sarang heyo!!!!

  678. 678
    ymai Says:

    Hello My boy, Julian….it seems i just can’ get enough of you….don’t u know that my friendster account has your pictures in it..? i just can’t help but upload it coz ur so good looking…and mind you, you’re my password….don’t tell…heheheh…:p Anyway, keep it up coz you’re such a good actor….Hope to see more of you on screen…

  679. 679
    Rechal Says:

    Hi handsome, I like ur drama My girl & Loving you very much. After watching those movies my nights are sleepless, i went crazy of you. l like you so much. Hope to see more of you on screen…
    God Bless U……….
    Love U……..

  680. 680
    lihongfang Says:

    i can’t speak korean but i admire u much.well,u’re really excellent in ‘my girl” and “ha noi bride”.i love the way u act.hoping best things will come to u.your fan from VIET NAM.why don’t you come back to my country in the near future?bye!

  681. 681
    nunu Says:

    omg you finally make a new drama…….

  682. 682
    adii Says:

    lee dong wook i verry like u when first time i saw u in my girl drama . HOPE U SUCSSES IN UR LIFE !

  683. 683
    adii Says:

    I very like u because ur face same like mt boy friend . can ihave ur phone number May god blees u

  684. 684
    adii Says:

    ia ur first fan ca u give ur phone number!

  685. 685
    maylnov Says:

    Hi LDW

    Wishing you success in your current MBC K-drama – Bittersweet Life which Episode 1 has been aired just a few moments ago.

    Best wishes to you.

  686. 686
    nuradiilah Says:

    you are handsome i like to see u in my girl you r face just like my boy friend when i miss him i always take alokk at ur pitcure cute……….hope u sucess in ur l;ife

  687. 687
    vida Says:

    your sooo cute and loveble, you made your leading ladies change acting like kids because your so adorable, love your new drama i just finish two episode and as always nice pick, I first saw you on LIVE THE RIGHT WAY and i knew you will become famous, love the My girl and mary go round love you

  688. 688
    Kumi Says:

    Hi.. Lee Dong Wook
    I love to see your drama. So keep it up do the best. I wait for you to coming here again. Your face so beautiful. I won’t forget your smile.Nice to meet you.
    God Bless You..

  689. 689
    lynn Says:

    hOW r U????
    i’m JuSt WIeRd..wHY People iS FOllInG IN LOvE wiTh u..withoUt KnOwing iNsiDe Of UR HEart..

  690. 690
    cutiebabe Says:

    Your so wonderful, i like the way
    you smile, i like you so much.If it is possible i want to see you in live or at least talk with you throught phone just wanna hear your voice

  691. 691
    jemaya_10 Says:

    i almost watched all the movies that you did… stay cool and handsome!!!!!!

  692. 692
    noor yussuf Says:

    i like you much…you are good in acting in my girl..all my family like to see you in mygirl…iam very hope taht you will reply this to me…and you know iam your fan…ok..bye

  693. 693
    noriza Says:

    so smart and good actor

  694. 694
    juliet amgao Says:

    i like you im wishing that you will be in one movie with yoon eun hye.and more blessings for you to come.

  695. 695
    judith baiguen Says:

    im praying that you will do more projects and movies.dont you know that you have alot of fan.

  696. 696
    JOA Says:


  697. 697
    MADO Says:

    when i will see you again?i miss you so much!im old enough to be one of your avid fan but i cant resist not to express my feelings to you.i know your such a nice guy i wish if ever you will choose your lover,just like YOON EUN HYE,you are match each other.You look like her.

  698. 698
    MADO Says:


  699. 699
    ODIT Says:


  700. 700
    JOA Says:


  701. 701
    Cm22 Says:

    He’s so Cute! I can’t wait ’til his next drama comes out. I fell for him in “My Girl”!

  702. 702
    sue ho Says:

    OMG!! he’ so damn gorgeous!!! how i wish i could meet him…. my heart nearly stopped when i see him in “My Girl”!!! anyway all the best for his career.. fighting!!!!

  703. 703
    reychelle Says:

    ,,i love him,,my girl is my most favorite korean novel,,i like lee dong wook so much,,actually,i keep pictures of him,,and i also wrote the whole story of my girl,,,i copy all the script,,while im watching,,

  704. 704
    kimli Says:

    he is the cutest guy i’ve ever seen the first time i saw him in my girl i cannot utter a word all the best lee love your big fan kimli

  705. 705
    Ana kartini Says:

    hallo lee dong wook.I like cinema that you have in staring.Anytime inviting to Indonesia again,I am wait in here.soon

  706. 706
    accelrose Says:

    my goshhhh…….nakaka inlove siya sa my girl…..sana my kasunod pa….
    goodluck you and more power!!!!!

    godbless you!!!!

  707. 707
    Imuyachan Says:

    I met lee Dongwook when he came to Indonesia to promote My Girl. he is very handsome in person… my oh my.. i wanna see him in Bittersweet Life 🙂 Oppa jjang !

  708. 708
    ANDI Says:

    i want to friend.i like my girl

  709. 709
    adi_ejah Says:

    dong wook is my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i can say that he is da most handsome guy i’ve ever seen in my whole life

  710. 710
    jIetZ Says:

    hi lee dong wook!
    i like ur acting in my girl. u are so awesome.
    i want see ur acting with lee dae hee again. both of u are looking good together. luv u!

  711. 711
    jdw Says:

    I MISSS UR SMILE DAMN MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  712. 712
    jdw Says:

    please!!!!!!!!!!!come to malaysia u have a lot fanz here sarangheyo!!!!!!!

  713. 713
    KAMOLA Says:


  714. 714
    grace a. Says:

    pls have another comedy series with lee da hae..ur good together..
    or maybe part 2 of MY GIRL!!!!!hehehehe

  715. 715
    fan4ever Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook, I’m from the U.S.A. Watching you in my girl, get me hooked on Korean drama. You and Lee Da Hae did a fine job. I enjoyed it alot. Hope to see you both in future project. All the best for you.

    Your new fan

  716. 716
    chamy Says:

    hola lee dong wook..
    I’m looking forward to see you in person…
    I really like the way you act and portray your role…especially when you portray your role in mY girl..
    I really love seeing you with Lee Da Hae…
    what’s the name of your younger sister?
    maybe she’s so cute like you…

    I like your eyes and the way you smile…
    I watch ..Arang….so nice…
    I wish that You and Lee da haE will be a real life partners someday…
    you’re so stunnin’
    i just can’t take my eyes of you…
    dOng wook…
    you’re so perfect…
    hope to hear from you soon…♥

  717. 717
    mary grace prasas Says:

    Your so so handsome
    i cant control my feelings everytime i watch my girl dvd
    ur such a good actor
    keep it up…
    im really looking forward to meet u in person..
    take care always and god bless
    love yah so much…

  718. 718
    Andy Says:

    Wow!!! I just finished My girl AGAIN… LDW is so handsome… He really could melt a woman’s heart… I just love him. I pray the best for him and LDH!!!

  719. 719
    eiram Says:

    love your acting in my girl, your very handsome like gong yoo…

  720. 720
    Angel Says:

    Lee Dong-wook !!! Fighting..!!!!
    I’ll always be your fun…

  721. 721
    saku Says:

    OMG! i watched My girl and i think you and lee da hae is the best couple! Its a great drama! i hope you do another drama with lee da hae…! hehe..Fighting!

  722. 722
    barbs Says:

    Omg! LDW. I think your very handsome. I just finished watching MY GIRL and I think you and LEE HA DAE are very cute together. Hope to see you in person. You’ll be blessed. =)

  723. 723
    lalaine Says:

    hello lee dong wook, im one of your fans from philippines i love your tv series “my girl” your a good actor and you so handsome i hope u have another drama with lee da hae.. we love you so much idol..

  724. 724
    love99 Says:

    ur looks are GORGEOUS!!!!ur smile is soooooooo cute.Wanting to see u ‘n’ lee da hae act in the next drama. fighting!!!!!!

  725. 725
    htet htet aung from myannar Says:

    HI HI HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OPA!!!!!!!KEE DON WOOK.
    I want to ask u 1 question. Is lee dar hae your sweatheart?
    Iwant to know PLEASEANSWER ME. Ilove your acting very much. what are u doing now?I want to visit your house , if i come to korea . WILL U INVITE ME?JUST KIDDING:P 😛 😛 he he If u have read my letter ,reply me.OK??????*****

  726. 726
    mugku Says:

    sarang heyo!!!!!!!!!!u are my man

  727. 727
    ckin Says:

    iii lee dong wook
    nice acting
    looking gud
    fun 2 b with(i think so)
    dats u i guess…..
    hug n kisses..
    laf yaa**

  728. 728
    cathy herrera Says:

    hi lee dong wook its me cathy from philippines you are so adorable..i really adore you, your my type kind of guy. i really love your comedy love story series MY GIRL with lee da hae its inspire me a lot and makes my day so complete. I had a copy of it so that i can watch it all over again. When I go to Korea the first thing I’ll do is to make sure to see the two of you in person.. I hope it happen very soon. and one thing sumday i will name my children after you and lee da hae. Til your next comedy series again. I love you both! mwah! -cathy h. (manila, PH)

  729. 729
    rainbow Says:

    you’re sooo cuute…n kind…keep up the good work…come to indonesia again yaa…we’ll be waiting in line…

  730. 730
    aaa_nia Says:

    …oooopppppppppppppppaaa!!!!!!!!! ur so cute…i luv u so much..!!!u are my ideal man>!>> hope u can visit Philippines,,..SARANGHEYO……OPPA!!

  731. 731
    rh@n!3 Says:

    y ampuuunnn tambah cakep aj…SARANGHAE…

  732. 732
    maha Says:

    Hello opaaa im from SAUDI ARABIA
    i like you so much , your handsome sweet and nice , i wish i could go to korea someday and see you in person , the first time i saw u was in MY GIRL i love that drama , you and lee da hae did a great job in that drama

    keep the good work
    *big hug*

  733. 733
    bu bu kyaw Says:

    Hello Dong Wook Opa………

    nice to meet u.i like ‘my girl’ series very much.Whenever i watch this movie,i always forget to breath.I love Lee Dong Wook.I want to be u r friend.i’m from Myanmar.My e-mail is littledolphin12@gmail.com.Please reply me as soon as u read my message.

  734. 734
    kyar nyo Says:

    i like you very much.i am watch your ”My Girl”.this drama is very good.i like this series.you are very cool.

  735. 735
    devi Says:

    hi seol gong chan sshi…………..h r u.i had watched ur MY GIRL……………..u r so…………..sweet………..wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wat a acting…i like ur comedy & romance in my girl……………after seeing u only i learnt korean…..im waiting for ur reply……………..I LOVE U SO MUCH…….TAKE CARE………BYE…………………………………………….

  736. 736
    ceety~9o Says:

    Leedongwook!!!!i luv him since the furst time,i saw him in tv…he just like my prince charming!he got everything that ones men should have……he is perfect!!DaHae is so lucky to have him as his beloved person!!but,i hope those both couple will happy ever after….i just luv them both!!!!!dong wook!!!Da hae!!!!!!!muAh!!!!!!

  737. 737
    ceety~9o Says:

    oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sarangheyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! malay says saya syg kamu!!!!!!do visit malaysia!!!!!

  738. 738
    diane Says:

    hello……….just wanted to share my opinion…actually me and my friends really love the series “my girl” eventhough its about years now since the series became so famous but still we’re watching it over and over again its because of the un-explainable chemistry this two characters…and if ever there’s a part two we do hope so…and how we love to know about it..thank u so much..it’s diane from philippines

  739. 739
    Reem Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook

    i am Reem from Qatar

    I really like your role in “My girl” series, it was amazing

    I hope to be your friend

    Your series is the first korean series that i have seen , and it was very nice.

    I like how you act , hope you all the best

    al7ooob_85@hotmail.com , i hope you will reply

  740. 740
    smiley Says:

    hi lee dong wook…i m from india from the dtate manipur..pple out here rae crazy abt korean dramas n muvies..n i really like ur acting..n sure u r really gud lokking..i have been watching like anything..hope u will contine 2 make good movies…..so that we can get 2 see u more….
    n really love ya….keep it up..
    god bless you!!!

  741. 741
    armie Says:


  742. 742
    Jhassmine layne Says:

    Ahhmmmm….hi! & hello lee dong wook…
    i have a question for u…why all korean actors you are
    d’ most handsome i’ve ever seen in all koreanmovies?
    i hope u will visit again her in the philippines
    b’coz many also koreans here staying especially
    here in cagayan de oro….so i will wait ur visitation here!
    so i will say gudbye now…an nyong hee kah ship shee yo!
    take care & godbless ur projects…..:>

  743. 743
    joyce Says:


  744. 744
    joyce Says:


  745. 745
    sasori Says:

    u’re so handsome..
    and i really really like you in “my girl”
    hope i can go to Korea to see you in person..

  746. 746
    lunastar Says:

    love Lee Dong Wook…and his acting!!

    but i wish he would keep the same hairstyle like in My Girl…no offence, but the photo on this profile doesn’t give credit to the gorgeous looks he has in the drama…

    but…i still love him!! 🙂
    hope he does a lot more dramas when he comes back from military service!

  747. 747
    ViDa Says:

    احببببببببببببببببببببه موووووووووووووووووووووت …فدييييييته وااااااااااه بس ااااااااااه منه حلووو….جعله من نصيبي

  748. 748
    Chirstina Says:

    You are so adorable and manly .Keep trying !Fighting !;-)

  749. 749
    Neny Aries Says:

    Sooooo nsem guy…
    I love uuu
    Korean my life…
    My girl best drama…

  750. 750
    tharsaw Says:

    how ni
    ah nyun har say yo
    gaw gar saw june ei ni tar

  751. 751
    viviana Says:

    hola pues yo digo q es un papasote y
    me gusta mucho
    jeje al igual q a estas lokas q tengo aqui a lado
    lo amo lee dong wook
    i love you

  752. 752
    kathleen Says:


  753. 753
    butterfly Says:

    i like you better with clean looking face… not the face i watched in bittersweet life…

  754. 754
    jessica Says:

    i dont like u acting in bitter sweet life….why u acting with women older than u…not match with u…i hope u can acting with chae rim….i think she match with u….

  755. 755
    farah Says:

    hello LDW….I like you in my girl n i like ur acting…i hope i can go to korea n meet you…u r a good actor…love u lee dong wook

  756. 756
    farah Says:

    alo ldw…when u want come to malaysia…all ur fans in malaysia wants to meet u…i hope u can come here…

  757. 757
    ceciliajong Says:

    lee dong wookie, how sweet n hensoom u are.ur my favourite guy…

    luv ya.

  758. 758
    tomatotje Says:

    oh, i really really like it , how u acting n your apperence in bittersweet life, outstanding actor should have difference looks appear on the screen.
    Keep working hard!!

  759. 759
    Jennie Says:

    i like u in My Girl.u r so cute in My Girl. but i dun like u in bittersweet life. i hope u dun act like that . u r my boy.love u ……….lee dong wook

  760. 760
    SHER Says:

    i like him………

  761. 761
    secret Says:

    your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  762. 762
    secret Says:

    i love you as well as yoo rin cheo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  763. 763
    secret Says:

    i always be updated to you

  764. 764
    kristine Says:

    halloooooooooo….. you’re really handsome….love yahhh… see u sooon!hahaha… u and lee da hae are perfect couple ever… hope you’ll do a tv series together again ….

  765. 765
    khantaung91 Says:

    Hi you are sweet actor man.I like to my girl movie.
    Please give me your photo and you are Email address.
    I wait for your report mail.

  766. 766
    -april19- Says:

    oppa! i heard you’re gonna undergone military training!!! i’m gonna miss you! God bless!!

  767. 767
    -april19- Says:

    Sorry for the word guys,”UNDERGONE”! It should have been “UNDERGO”! HE WILL UNDERGO MILITARY TRAINING!! to be explicit, he’s gonna be entering military services!!! I just felt upset, I mean desperate after watching his goodbye message to his fans on you tube!!
    Anyway, I really love you oppa!!! hope when you come back, you and LDH will make another drama!!

  768. 768
    Quinn Says:

    hey guys! annyong hashimnikka!

    can you guys help me get over 4000 comments under Song Hye Gyo’s name? if you dont know her….or havent heard of her then thats fine
    just so long as you leave a msg…anything

    just look for her name on side list!….i would really appreciate it….and you will be blessed with goodluck!


  769. 769
    geles Says:


    i noe you are a fan of song hye gyo.
    but if ppl really are a fan of her,they will comment her without any ppl tellin them so…nobody ask me to rite comment for ldw….i really like ldw!
    i kept seeing your comment on every page!!!!
    sry,i just want to tell you that ppl have their own idol….diff ppl will have diff comment on diff actors/actresses.
    i hope you can continue to support song hye gyo…

  770. 770
    geles Says:

    i LOVE you!
    i like your acting in my girl!so cuteeeeee………
    wow,if i can see you in person,it will be my happiest time in my life!!!
    continue to work hard,i will wait for your next drama.

    saranghae oppa!!!xD

  771. 771
    daisy Says:

    Yes, that’s right! We’re posting comments here, not because we are obliged. It is because we want to, from the bottom of our hearts!

    LOve you dong wook!

  772. 772
    aina Says:

    hye dong wook..i like your acting in my girl..u are so handsome..when u wany come to malysia..all u fans want to meet u..

  773. 773
    aina Says:

    i hope i can meet u n can be your friend..u have to be work hard k…love u LEE DONG WOOK……..

  774. 774
    mey-mey Says:

    hallo, LDW nice to know u. I’m from indonesia, would u like visit my country again???… I’m so really-really wants to meet u, ooh..don’t u know, that I like u so much….hahahaa.
    ….can I be ur friend????????

  775. 775
    Uthe Says:

    Loveeeee youuuuu Lee dong wook….

  776. 776
    superman Says:

    I hope u can visit the Philippines again!

  777. 777
    aina Says:

    i like your new background friendster..so beautiful..u are so handsome when u wearing glasses..i love u..

  778. 778
    Aung Kyaw Myint Says:

    man…. We’ll never get a chance to have a good conversation anymore I study too haarrd lah. Oh and I tried to download gms today and it completly fucked up my computer xD
    hi you…?

  779. 779
    geles Says:

    i writng here again.
    Has anyone watch bittersweet life/la dolce vita?
    is it also as cute and handsome as he did in my girl?
    recently watch it again…he so cute!LOLS
    aja fighting!
    love you always forever

  780. 780
    pra lee Says:

    aneyosayo…………u’r so cute…can i be u’r fren,i like u’r drama,which is my girl..hehe…we are from malaysia…………..

  781. 781
    -april19- Says:

    Guys did he leave already??? He said he’s going to enter military services??
    Please…………….. I just wanna know!!

  782. 782
    Stallar Says:

    i love him very much i also very like his movie i wish he can become my husband i also can’t sleep at night coz i miss him so much

  783. 783
    asd Says:

    Hello. I want help.i should send text and present for ji jin hee ,lee youngae ,song il gook, park soo ae.please help me. This is not sure for me there donot answer for me. I wand my things send whit thereonly this.please help me. I hope read this text someone or help me.please.i want one mail address from there.please.i am a one grand women.i am not young.please help me.

  784. 784
    aina Says:

    hye dong wook..how are u…u are the best..love u dong wook…

  785. 785
    hazanaini Says:

    i love your drama my girl
    plz reply me

  786. 786
    Hilola (Uzbekistan) Says:

    Lee dong Wook ты класный. Я тебя обажаю 🙂

  787. 787
    ani Says:

    hi 2 ol just wanna ask if lee dong wook already in his military service??? pls… somebody answer me i’m dying to know ur answer…..=

  788. 788
    eRm Says:

    is it really true that you and Da hae are couple in real life??well..if that would be the case..then..I’m so happy for both of you!! you and da hae had always been one of my favorites since the time that i had watched your drama “My Girl”, both of you really looks good onscreen….totally cute!!

    you and da hae are undeniably meant for each other!!..hehehe. ..hope you and her will always stay young and cute and I hope that I could really see you two in personal….

    DONGHAE FOREVER!!!(the best!!)

  789. 789
    Amira Says:

    i love korean dramas…
    my girl is great…
    greetings from Turkey…

  790. 790
    Chaimoon Says:

    I hope they will replace your picture in this page because it does not do you justice! There are a lot more of your photos which show your real handsome face and your great physique. Paging the one who maintains this site!

  791. 791
    Lee Dong Wook Says:

    Hello everyone. ^_^ Nice to see many are commenting here. ~~

  792. 792
    adrifsina Says:

    hello…well,guys…I’m a fan of this prominent actor…he’s good in acting,but need more concentration to feel the character…chaiyok2!…may GOD will always be by ur side…

  793. 793
    Kelly Says:

    Hi Mr Lee Dong-Wook,

    Find you left the message at this website, is that true wrote by you ? and I like your acting in My Girl : Nature + superd performance. And think it will be your one of successful performance, right ? Was your first leading actor in My Girl?

    Always be your fans, handsome guy, A Za !!!
    by Kelly from China, Shenzhen

  794. 794
    Lia Says:

    aNd NeVeR sAy GoOd bYe…
    ViSiT InDoNeSiA aGaiN, PLeAsE…
    I wAnT tO lOoK YoU agAiN,, mY WOoKiE…

    LoVe fRoM yOuR fAnS iN InDoNeSiA…

  795. 795
    FARAHFZA Says:

    HELLO HUSBAND,YOUR BIRTHDAY IS COMING ! LYAH! hahaha,dont mind my crap ;D

  796. 796
    surebhi Says:

    hey hi lee dong wook..
    u were simply fabulous in my girl..
    u and lee da hae were excellent n cute..n rest is d history dont need 2 say..
    wud like to be frnds with u…em id is kites_123@yahoo.com
    waiting 4 ur reply…

  797. 797
    linbrunei Says:

    hi…I love your character in my girl, the perfect couple and bride from hanoi…You are so cool. Hope another movie you can get the different character…good luck for your future..u look cool like my hubby…ha..ha….good luck…

  798. 798
    Hilola Says:

    HI.I very much you respect greetings. You such cool. You so well play roles. I very much wished to go to Korea but … …. At you soon birthday?! I still will write to you and I will congratulate. And at me soon birthday. If you will congratulate me on my holiday it awakes for me with very big gift. 1119hilola@list.ru

  799. 799
    Hilola Says:

    Oops. I apologise have incorrectly translated the text

  800. 800
    eya_cute Says:

    Annyonghasayo lee dong wook..
    im ur fans from msia.
    i went to korea last year before christmas..
    i want to see you, i really admire you..
    u’re acting in my girl is very good..n u melt my heart..
    keep up your good work, basya!!
    sarange.. Mmuaahhhhxx!!!

  801. 801
    eya_cute Says:

    happy birthday my love..
    senge cuka hamida!!
    Luv ya!!!
    wait for me..i’ll go to korea again next time..
    miss you so much..

  802. 802
    Hilola Says:

    Hello Lee Dong Wook.Happy birthday to you. will be happy always. And I very much want that you have congratulated me on my birthday on November, 19th. 1119hilola@list.ru

  803. 803
    -april19- Says:

    Happy Happy birthday Lee dong wook oppa!!
    Wishing you many many more birthdays to come!!
    God will always bless you!!!

  804. 804
    chocolate Says:

    An-nyong-ha-se-yo Dong Wook Oppa and Se-ngin-cu-ka-hae-yo!!
    I hope you always happy… I like you and your acting so much,you seem so cool and romantic,hehe… So i’m waiting for your new koreandramas ho… Always support you,AZA AZA!!!

  805. 805
    Myra_choCo Says:

    An-nyong haseyo! SaeNg eeL chokka hAeyo to you! Wishing you all the best in your life and in your carrier as the Best Korean Actor..Good Luck & Smile Always! Aza2 Fighting! Hehee..

  806. 806
    arina Says:

    happy birthday lee dong wook. sorry because i say that to late . love you 🙂 LEE DONG WOOK 🙂

  807. 807
    oyhe Says:


    just do your best and ignore those people who want to fail you..

    good luck to your career!

    hope to see you in person!

    god bless you always!

    wish you to have more projects, good health, long life and more bdays to come.

  808. 808
    phoenix Says:

    hi…..Lee Dong Wook
    happy belated birthday
    may god bless u always…

  809. 809
    nAzhAtUl Says:

    hye..u r so handsome..erm,u show me your good perfomance when u kiss lee da hae in my girl’s drama(the last episode)..i hope tha u will come to my country,malaysia because u r so famous here..sarangheyo!!!

  810. 810
    danna Says:

    hi..kumusta?(that’s how are you here in the philippines)..i don’t know if you’d take time to read this..but i really think you’re good looking…your drama “my girl” had good ratings when it was aired here in my country…hope to see more of your series…GOD BLESS 🙂

  811. 811
    yuni Says:

    wooooaaaaaaa.u r so gorgeous…hmmm…wonder when will u can make it to malaysia?????????????u already come to indonesia,but why didnt u come here….u r popular here….gotta tell your personal assistant!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  812. 812
    it's_me Says:

    hello lee dong wook . . .
    luv U,,
    u’re so sweet,,

    good luck,,

    muach . .

  813. 813
    Mygirlrocks Says:

    i love watching my girl!!! my favourite korean drama of all times!!! you look really good too!

  814. 814
    d3w1 Says:

    I hope one day I can met you.. 🙂

  815. 815
    pratima Says:

    hey u doing well
    i hav heard dat korean r not gud n true lovers as they luk in movies is it true
    o how r u ?do u luk the same as u luk in pictures
    red hair doesnt suit u i guess
    ur personality luks gud in my girl short hair is better
    u hav many fans crazy of u gud sign 4 u
    although b happy n a true korean n a true lover

  816. 816
    phyu Says:

    Hi ,Brother
    I love to see your series “My Girl”
    Go ahead . as you can do very well .
    Be peace and happy.

  817. 817
    kylie--glee Says:

    after seeing all the comments above,i dont know what 2 say..
    btw,*heart* “my girl”

  818. 818
    luli Says:

    your my idol,,,ilove your movie,,my girl,,i love it love you!!

  819. 819
    mysteriousgirl Says:

    hi for ur information ur hensam i dont like u ilekejo hyun jae most pangit k

  820. 820
    ji-mue Says:

    Hello Lee Dong Wook
    I am your fans in thailand. like you and your acting so much,you seem so cool and romantic. Snow man is your mascot. hope to see you in person! wish you to have more projects, good health, long life and more days to come. If you reply me I hope one day I can met you.
    god bless you always!
    Take care.

  821. 821
    tia Says:

    hey!!lee dong wook!!! i love u + ur movies can’t wait to watch ‘heartbreak library’. i want to meet you in personl and kiss you!!!!!!!!!hope i can come to korea someday to go on a date with you!!!! love you lots!!!!!;-}

  822. 822
    mygirl's fan Says:

    erloow handsome.,,!!!hepy belated befday!!hope u will success n hepy olwez.,,luv u..mmuaahxx..!!=)

  823. 823
    aben jam's Says:

    hello!!!!dong wook i hope you are fine out there in korea. you make a cute couple with eugene in ‘heartbreak library’ hope you to can get married someday cos you 2 make a cute pair.i love so much datz y im giving you a special request. hope you reply me back so i can come and meet you!:-] bye love ya

  824. 824
    yani Says:

    hope u will happy always.

  825. 825
    marice Says:

    …………hi…..lee dong wook…………im your fan from phils……your the best i swear………..i hope i can see you in personal hug you as well i hope i can kiss you…. i really like your movie entitled my girl……..i love you……… i wiss i can go there in korea just to meet you………………..god bless you…………….take care always………….

  826. 826
    bere86 Says:

    you are the best!!!!!!
    🙂 god bless you always!!!!!!!!

  827. 827
    yani Says:

    dream come true…happy always.

  828. 828
    aquo blue Says:

    hi lee… hw ar u???i am very miss u… when do u visit in indonesia again????

  829. 829
    milia Says:

    hi lee….how ar u..

  830. 830

    Damn,he’s hot.He’s mineeeeeeeeeeeee!

  831. 831
    feme Says:

    hi lee…. im very fond of you. i like you very much. the best korean actor i ever witnessed to act. hope you come back here in the philippines. love you always. take care

  832. 832
    clausenspier Says:

    hi WOOKIE ,,,u know u own a perfect smile on earth…

  833. 833
    silkam_pinx Says:

    U MAKE me smile when u smile…U make my day complete…IN short I do adore U…….

  834. 834
    nursepinky Says:

    U need care?u need help?u need love?Whatever u want i will give…just smile to make my day complete…..

  835. 835
    Rcbugay Says:

    Hello… Im one of your fans here in Phils., I just finished last night your drama Bitter Sweet Life. I like your role here and I admired your acting but I feel sad in the end. You made me realized that if you love someone you have to protect him/her in any circumtances. Im little disapopinted in the end coz I like happy ending everytime I watch drama series. But of course not all are happy in the end.. Aja…Take care always!

  836. 836
    fiana Says:


    i’m from indonesia, ehm…when u visit here again. wait for your new drama, i hope its will be a drama about romance n comedy too, like My girl…

    hope your day will be a nice day & be success in your career too!!!!


  837. 837
    Aizhan Says:

    Annionghaseio,OPPA!I am your fan from Kazakhstan.I like your drama MY GIRL!U r the best actor!U look very romantic in this film.Be always happy and I wish u a succes in your career.Go ahead!I hope whenever i will see u.Here there are many your fans.God will always bless you!!!

  838. 838
    rainbow Says:

    Hello, sorry i can’t speak korean. I just watched ur movies, my girl…too late i know 🙂 but that’s fine. I enjoy to watch ur acting and lee da hae. Keep fighting!! ^.^v
    Although u find many obstacles in ur way, it will make u stronger. Believe in urself, but do not too proud when u see urself as well, bcoz many things to be considered 🙂
    Give ur best ^.^

  839. 839
    nova Says:

    an-nyong-ha-se-yo wookie……….. im one of ur fans…when ul come again in idonesia… sarang heyo

  840. 840
    malaysia jae hee fans Says:

    hi Lee Dong Wook. i hope you’re in the pink of health. i think you’re very cute but your acting is not avaiable in malaysia and when will you come to malaysia

  841. 841
    ElMazYoNa Says:

    Hi Lee Dong WooK
    You are very Nice I love You Very Much
    And I wish see You in Some Day

    good Bey


  842. 842
    nuat_dong hae Says:

    hi lee dong wook!!
    what you doing??
    can i ask you something??
    do you in love with lee da hae??
    bcoz i like both of you!!
    the handsome one and the pretty one!!
    i hope that you all will get married!!
    just kidding!!
    that’s all!!bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  843. 843
    ElMazYoNa Says:


    How are you ??????

    I wish for you a happy life

    pasha ^_^

  844. 844
    Athirah Says:

    i alwayzz dream to share my life with u..huuhu..so,,can we get married??? huuuhu…i’m just kidding .luv u..muahhhhhh

  845. 845
    Yerbabe Says:

    You are super cuuuuuuuuuuuuute.
    I love watching your movie “My Girl” =)

  846. 846
    uchie Says:

    nice to see you again………

  847. 847
    lieyZA Says:

    good luck for your career…
    hope to see you in person…..

  848. 848
    ran Says:

    i’m your fan #1…
    i luv u sooo much….
    u r the best …
    remember …
    lee dong wook…. fighting

  849. 849
    cutie Says:

    i hope to see more of you on tv!

  850. 850
    cutie Says:

    i hope you come back in our country!

  851. 851
    NILRAD Says:


  852. 852
    cherry Says:

    Hi! Lee Dong Wook!u r my favourite actor. i like u a lot. I wish u to become a successful director and actor as ur ambition. u r very good-looking with Lee Da Hae. I am from Myanmar. if u have free time, visit to myanmar. I am always u .

  853. 853
    siska Says:

    hello Wooky u’re my favorite corean star

  854. 854
    shikin Says:

    lee dong wook is so stylish..
    he’s so handsome!!!

    i love you!!!!:)

  855. 855
    meha Says:

    dong woooooooooooooooooooooooook..
    i hope u make the hits movie like “my girl” again..
    so i can enjoy u’r pure n sweety face again..
    btw, when u’ll go to indonesia again? me and my 3 big sisters are u’r huge fanz. we’ll be waiting for uuuuuuuuuuuu……….

  856. 856
    sheridan Says:

    wazzup lee dong wook how are you? i just wanted to say that are you guys gonna make another my girl? like my girl 2 i wish you will cuz i’m a big fan of it. i’m a filipino but i’m in canada now so can you tour canada or someting? thank you i wish you could do what i told you….

  857. 857
    radishchan Says:

    안녕하세요! 난 당신의 팬이 예요! 난 당신이 행동하는 방식 정말 당신을 좋아해요. 당신의 경력에 행운을 빈다! 나는 당신의 모든 미래를 보여주는 것을 볼 것이다! 내가 당신의 이전 작품을 즐길 수 있었는데, 그것을 즐길 확신!

  858. 858
    radishchan Says:

    그런데 .. 난 이제 번역기를 사용 합니다만, 현재 귀하의 언어를 공부하고 있어요 .. 그래서 다음 시간, 나는 내 스스로를 쓰기에 덧글을 남길 것입니다!! 신의 축복!!

  859. 859
    anne Says:

    hye… how are you? i`m your fan.. i really really like you.. you should come to malaysia.. you will feel some peace here..

  860. 860
    KARINA Says:

    hallo….i am glad to see your picture now..you look very gerous in my girl..

  861. 861
    KARINA Says:

    i love you..

  862. 862
    quirky Says:

    Wookie!! You have my full support forever!! You’re my most favorite Korean Actor!! You’re so handsome, cute, fabulous, kind-hearted, lovable, adorable, comely and very attractive!! Many Asians love you really!!! I hope to see you again doing another tv drama/s this year 2009!! I won’t miss you ‘coz I always think of you!! If anyone would ask me who’s my most love and idolize Korean or Asian Actor….?? Definitely, no doubt.. I pick you!! I hope You and Lee Da Hae are together as a couple in real life or will get married soon!! hihhihihihihihi…… but if not, I hope you would find and be destined to someone who would truly love and adore and care for you!! Hey! But who else stupid and freak woman in this world would ever refuse someone like you?? I don’t think so.. Anyway, Wookie I tell yah that you have a very strong and solid fanbase here in the Philippines since the hit Koreanovela “My Girl” was shown here on 2005!! I love you!! I hope and pray that your career would bloom and glitz even more in this year and so on…. You have all my prayers!! God bless you!! Muah! =)

  863. 863
    meryll from the Philippines Says:

    hi there milky boy! when you came here in the philippines, you’re just but handsome, good-looking & i really like your hair in my girl.. i just wish it will be your hairstyle forever.. hihi (laughs)

  864. 864
    meryll from the Philippines Says:

    good luck in your career, ok?! keep up the goodworks.. God bless you as always and take care a lot! mwahh^^

  865. 865
    naMie Says:

    Praise be Lord Jesus Christ!!

    Hi there Lee Dong Wook! Im not 100% sure that you can read this message of mine but the hell I care! All I just wanted you to know is that stay what you are right now because thats one of your best asset…I couldnt imagine my self idolizing korean actors before coz i thought it was just a fool action….But seeing you on our T.V screen in “MY Girl” changes insights…I hope to see you but…….hahahaha….its just a big dream…..but, who knows right? By the way, the beauty you have right now is a gift from God and we shouldnt ignore it like what you did…But the beauty within us is the best gift we could ever give to HIM for all the blessings we recieved and will be recieving……..

    THank you for painting a smile in everyone’s face…..

    Keep up the good work and GOD Bless!

  866. 866
    ling Says:

    Hi?handsome boy dong wook..are you f

  867. 867
    ling Says:

    Hi handsome boy dong wook ?
    Are you fine today?

  868. 868
    ling Says:

    Dong wook……fighting …hope you good luck everyday….

  869. 869
    wawa Says:

    i love your character in
    my girl….

    i love it so much…..

  870. 870
    ling Says:

    love you so much….fighting dong wook.

  871. 871
    karen_arkren Says:

    i just watch your recent movie heartbreak library or the man who book 98 pieces…. everytime i look at you, there is the enchanting feeling of awe for you…you’re such a nice person to look at…yeah i remember you, you went here in the Philippines, and every filipina girls were really crazy about… you, you have such a mass appeal…unforgettable face…hope that in the near future i could see you in person….when could that be????….but i hope that it will come true…take care always, more projects to come…God Bless LEE DONG WOOK>>>>:)

  872. 872
    rose Says:

    I pray you will have all the blessings in every aspect of your life…most importantly… happiness that you truly deserve.

  873. 873
    chechebelle Says:

    people from different places adores you so much…not only for that looks but the wholeness of your being…I hope you will never get tired of visiting my homeland…. Philippines!
    Take care and God Bless!

  874. 874
    fiana Says:




    waiting for your next drama or movie….

  875. 875
    mechelle Says:

    zreig shes a girl.she always say this

    when ever lee dong wook smile it always mesmerize me and when he cries
    it makes me pain too! she keep watching my girl over and over again

  876. 876
    la min thhiha Says:

    hi i live in myamnar .i see you movies

    you and me are very far
    in myammar all people like you movies
    example9(my girl) all people like you this movies

  877. 877
    kristine Says:

    he is sooooo cool in My Girl. i hope he maintains the hair cut. i liked it so much… his facial features are really glowing with that hair style. when i watched the drama Loving You, i didn’t even recognize him. he looked so different.. I hope to see him more in the movie industry with more of the ‘ideal guy’ roles. His appeal is more likely of Dennis Oh except that Lee Dong Wook is more “native” than of Dennis.

  878. 878
    marie Says:

    hi Lee dong wook
    im from mauritius island,i watched My girl n i was crying alot,u r my favorite actor n i think u will have another chance to see u again with ur partner lee da hee in another tv drama.keep it up! n i pray u will succeed,n u r welcome on my island!reply me if u see this comment.god bless u!

  879. 879
    miasara Says:

    hi mr lee,
    i’m mia from malaysia..also one of your fan..
    i love your cute face very much..
    hope u will come to malaysia soon..
    make lots more of comedy romantic drama or movie,k…
    because it suits you most..
    your latest movie Arang is horror,i cannot watch it..
    huhu..i’m kind of scared..
    keep up your good work,k..
    love you so muchhh…

  880. 880
    marivic Says:

    hi.. im marivic from philippines
    take care.. god bless.. luvyou…muwaah..

  881. 881
    graciela Says:

    graciela here!.
    hi!.. i admire you so much!. i’ve watched your drama series, my girl,
    you’re so adorable!
    and very handsome!
    i hope you’ll visit your fans here in the philippines.
    more power to your career!
    we love you =))

    -graciela. ^^

  882. 882
    Elaine Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook!I love you!! You are so cute~~~~ ^____^

  883. 883
    riez Says:

    hello..lee dong wook..i like the way u acting…hopfully u will come to malaysia..i want to see u face to face….dream…

  884. 884
    chemi dolkar Says:

    Respected Mr.lee dong wook ,
    m tibetan nd a very big fan of u.i had watch ur drama my girl 10times still it is very interesting story.m mostly attracted by ur character.my success be always shower on u. can i call u my oppa?
    with ur big fan
    chemi dolkar

  885. 885
    miss m Says:

    mr.lee dong wook,i like your performance in my girl and another dramas.you are very handsome and look alike a good brother in my girl with lee da hae…
    i hope you will get what you want in your life…
    may a good life..

  886. 886
    Sunshine Says:

    simply….. loved him in “My Girl”…………..

  887. 887
    milia Says:

    hiiii dong wook!!!!!!how are u………i very miss u ….are u fine…what your next film and drama….u are my fantastic….when u want to come malaysia…i really want to meet u…i want to talk to u face n face….u are so handsome…i very like u when u acting my girl….

  888. 888
    jibs Says:

    hellow!!!!!!!!!!!! hw are u! hpe ur always ok byeeeeeeeeeeee

  889. 889
    Arwi Says:

    You performed really well in the drama “My Girl”. It was a great pleasure watching you and Lee Da Hae in hilarious scenes. You were a cute couple.

  890. 890
    cherry Says:

    hi ! Lee Dong Wook. You are my favourite movie-star . i wish u to be happy all the time . i m from Myanmar . i would like to invite you to come to myanmar . Fighting . i like the way that u acting in My Girl.

  891. 891
    Citra Says:

    Hi !!!!!!!
    I love to see u with Lee Da Hae-shi in My Girl.
    Wish u’r couple in real life…

  892. 892
    pucri Says:

    i’m pucri from indonesia
    u ever come here..
    are u remember it,….

    dong wook(wooky)
    love u

  893. 893
    iz Says:

    2 cute 2 say..

  894. 894
    Tata Noble Says:

    Hi Mr Lee Dong wok… This is tata from the Phils. I really see you such a very fine actor.. keep it up

  895. 895
    moet moet (myanmar) Says:

    hi Mr Lee Dong Wook
    i like you

  896. 896
    ching Says:

    Come to Singapore! xD

  897. 897
    unca Says:

    lee dong wook

    i have you came to indonesia …..

  898. 898
    **KiiSH** Says:

    LEE d0NG W00K? HEHE !! i’M kiShAREY, BUT YUH CAN CALL ME KiiSh F0R Sh0Rt. HEHE ! AND i’M WiLLiNG T0 bE Y0UR fRiENd, iNCASE Y0U NEEd 0NE.. hEhE !! JUSt kiddiNG. HM, ANYWAYS, Y0U ARE S0 G00d L00kiNG. (*bLUSh*)

  899. 899
    Ning Says:

    Can’t get u out of my mind after watching “MY GIRL”. I’m totally going nut; going around searching every of your dramas and movies. I love those photos of yours in Adida Ad. Please come to SINGAPORE!!! All the best to u; smile and be happy.

  900. 900
    SriDiFiTi(code11-9-7-2) Says:

    Hi, Cousin Wookie
    We are from SINGA-ISLAND,weluvualways

  901. 901
    SriDiFiTi(code11-9-7-2) Says:

    Hi, Cousin Wookie
    We r from SINGA-ISLAND,

  902. 902
    ruby Says:

    hi lee dong wook… i liked you the first time i saw you…your acting is one of a kind. you acted great in MY GIRL. I’m so crazy about you.. I’m from northeast India and we love korean movies… i hope the best for you and may you continually shine in your work. i like your co-star also… another lee who plays jung woo in my girl….. and joo yoo rin’s acting is so good.. i don’t know her real name so i can’t write to her….. muaaah….. love you… please reply…(if possible)

  903. 903
    samantha Says:

    anyeong hasseo!!
    wow, I love you since I saw you in my girl movie. I hope you’re always be “succes” in every movies you act. Osh!!!

  904. 904
    Diana Says:

    Hi, Lee-Dong-Wook! U r very handsome(that’s what i think). I like u very much in MY GIRL movie. If u r free, Ps reply me! I want to be friend with u.

  905. 905
    lily Says:

    hi. i love to see you in partner,
    you play so well and i hope to see you in meny dramas in the future.
    thank you .

  906. 906
    Shirlnet Says:

    Hey Dong Wook!
    Do you have a chinese name? We could not find your chinese name online.

  907. 907
    mojoo Says:

    Dear Ruby, the actress who play Yoo rin is Lee Da Hae, she is very famous and talented actress.

  908. 908
    anonymous Says:

    Hi Dong Wook,

    Just dropping in to say that you’ve done a great job in “My Girl”. I hardly watch Korea dramas but I’ve enjoyed every single episode of this show.

    Best wishes from the Garden City Singapore.

  909. 909
    aisuzieya Says:

    forever a fan! love LDW! come visit us here!!

  910. 910
    jing0124 Says:

    u know ur so cute….i like u…made diffirent from the usual….thats lee dong wook!!1

  911. 911
    Catty Says:

    Hi LDW. I like you since My Girl, but not too obsessed as i think there are more outstanding actors than you. But since i catch you in Partner, seems like i have to move your name to a higher category. It is surely an improvement for you. I can see the inner conflict you’re having in Attorner Lee character. And you did a good job in convincing people for your attorney character. Simple-minded, smart, stubborn, compassionate, lonely and loving person.
    I’ll definitely looking forward to your new movie/drama afterwards!

  912. 912
    tyrababy Says:

    Hi LDW,

    Enjoy waching ur new drama PARTNER. love u so much.

  913. 913
    faye in american samoa Says:

    lee dong wook

    i watch you on KBS drama the Partner and I tell you you instantly become one of my favorite Korean actors…..wow…you are really good in the show and I like that you like your brother’s lover in the show and you really show your acting ability by getting hurt so much so becos you know deep down, the woman wants your brother not you. Then you go through the motion that is so surreal and I really feel your pain it’s amazing. I guess becos I went thru’ the same situation in real life and I can really identify with your character. so, keep up the good work and make us more exciting in our little island in the pacific…oh yeah, we have a nice population living here so, i get to go to their stores and ask them for some korean phrases so I can really understand your shows. sometimes, i watch drama without english subtitles and that is very hard just watching actions and have no idea what they’re saying…..

  914. 914
    AmI Says:

    hmmm…. luv his lips….
    n woa he’s a model?????
    cool yo….

  915. 915
    Paula Says:

    I am from the caribbean island called Dominica. Imagine that all the way over here and u have a fan. You are actually one year younger than i am. Love your movies and dramas that i have seen so far. you are honestly a great actor. Looking forward to more dramas and movies from you.
    One love, stay cool an positive.
    Dominica fan Paula

  916. 916
    mahima Says:

    lee donghook ez mi favourite korean actor i like him very much.

  917. 917
    rafa Says:

    wooki…finally u’re come with new drama…can’t wait to watch..sarang hae…love u full…

  918. 918
    maena Says:

    you’re perfect guy.
    very charismatic!!
    sarang hae.
    aza aza fighting…

  919. 919
    taewoog Says:

    sooooooooooooo cooooooooooll

  920. 920
    kler Says:

    anyone want to watch Lee Dong Wook new drama with english subtitles can watch it on viikii or youtube. here is the links


    the videos are posted by 7thedge

  921. 921
    Hazel Lee Says:

    Hello Dong Wook, I fell in love with korean movie now after watching my girl! It makes me go crazy now and trying to search for any other show that you act! Can’t wait to watch your new release movies. You are so cool 😉 keep it up.

  922. 922
    Nadja Says:

    Hi, Lee Dong Wook, I really enjoed watching you in Partner. Your acting is amasing. I’m really looking forward for your future works) Sorry, I’m not good at compliments just now you have great funs in Russia too!

  923. 923
    fatima mae Says:

    hi im fatima your my idol……………..keep up the good work….

  924. 924
    litfuse Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! i really enjoyed partner..your really cute heehee:) lol
    -your fan

  925. 925
    Suzii Says:

    Hi,Lee Dong Wook…………When i first watch My Girl, I fell in Luv with you…..U R soooooo Cute………..

  926. 926
    nina love Lee Dong Wook Says:

    hye my fav idol!!!!!!
    i love u so damn much!!
    i’m from malaysia….
    ur birthday same like me!!!!!!!!!
    im 6 nov 1996..
    quite young rite??
    i juz wanna say,

  927. 927
    Marjan Says:

    Lee Dong wook , you’re so niceeeeeeeeeeeeee n cute ,specially in My girl Drama:)
    hope to see more new dramas of you.
    GOod Luck:x

  928. 928
    Daisy Says:

    hi Lee dong wook, i’m starting to like u on Partner.
    I hope u’ll become lovers with Kim Hyun Joo as both of you showing a stong chemistry in Partner.
    Good luck to you..

  929. 929
    lexi Says:

    i see u in (the partner)
    u are sexy man but i dont khow ……..are u single???
    i am iranian girl and i like see u in korea but i cannot.
    i hope that u leave a reply for me.
    so i am writer and ……………..
    i like u.

  930. 930
    cda Says:

    lee dong wook you look so handsome man….
    i like watch your face…
    i hope you ang lee dae hea can acting like in my girl okay???

  931. 931
    jiha_cute Says:

    hye lee dong wook.. you look so handsome when acting in my girl muvi. i like to look your face because you so cute..(“,)

  932. 932
    ruby ann Says:

    You are very good in Partner. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to watch another drama or movie of yours. God bless!

  933. 933
    eeQa Says:

    hope you always success !! =)

  934. 934
    ruby ann Says:

    Where can I get an up to date news (in english please) about my favorite Lee Dong Wook? Is there a site of LDW where he interacts with his fans?

  935. 935
    jas Says:

    hi Dong Wook. because of you i got hooked on korean dramas and movies. I’m going nuts. but u are still my fav. Please take good care while in the army. definately miss u lot. my dream is to see u one day.

  936. 936
    miss yu yu Says:

    I am from Myanmar .
    I like your action,style and face.
    If you have time please sent to my mail yours photo.
    I would like to get and hope your photo .
    hope you always success !!
    I LOVE YOU …..

  937. 937
    mira Says:

    oppa, i like your acting in my girl drama cause you’re so cute..
    your couple is Lee Da Hee right????
    i really hope u and Da Hee is really couple…
    keep your work and succes always because you’re amazing…
    always smile cause you’re so cute if you smile..

  938. 938
    mira Says:

    i just want to say that i love you so much…
    make your fans proud of you..
    when you want come to Malaysia…
    i’ll be waiting for u…
    anyway….hope you succes always…

  939. 939
    pa Says:

    i miss u so much , wookie.

  940. 940
    lila Says:

    Yoboseyo! LDW,I love u’r act so much! U’r style n act in my girl n partner very good! Sarangeyo! U are the real actor n models! I love u’r movie n sarangeyo! I hope u can reply my mail! Cham kumapsumnida

  941. 941
    Sarahning Says:

    bittersweetlife, weeeuw… ur so hot oppa….. 😀

  942. 942
    Sarahning Says:

    hey ur great too in partner….. so cute with kim hyun joo….
    more luv…luv….u…..:)

  943. 943
    Lovldw Says:

    You’re sooo cute and handsome…wish you all the best in love and life…saranghaeyo…

  944. 944
    miss hawa Says:

    hi..i’m realy like you..
    ur style n everything..
    hope u wil success in ur life.
    dae bak..:)

  945. 945
    lolo Says:

    hi lee dong wook…
    i love u coz u so handsome..
    my friend also like u…
    she’s said u is her husband…

  946. 946
    ruby ann Says:

    Just want to say hi to my favorite korean actor 🙂 Take care always and GOD bless!

  947. 947
    kim.i.am Says:


  948. 948
    mikki Says:

    Wookie!! You’re simply THE BEST for me!! You are all-in-one package! Your’e very very handsome, good-looking and nice! I admire you sopo much Wook! I hope to see you in lots of tv shows, movies, commercials, magazines, etc…! I really like you in “My Girl”.. you’re so clean, handsome, gorgeous and freshly-looking there! I hope your latest tv show will be shown here in the Phil! I wish you only the BEST AND GREATEST THINGS in life! Stay as who you are.. You never look old as you get older..you’re still the Lee that I admire since then… you look so young even after your military service! I hope that you would find the right lady for you someday.. someone like “My Girl” Lee Da Hae..who would really take good care and love you forever. Stay healthy and take good care of your health always! You are a very fine young man and any lady would LIKE YOU AND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU!! You are perfect for me.. among any other korean male stars.. you’re so CUTE, HANDSOME, BOYISH, LOVABLE AND CHARMING! I see you are OOZING WITH SEX APPEAL! Hahaha… I love you Wookie! God bless you! I’ll always admire you as long as i live! Muah! Take care! Many loves you!=)

  949. 949
    solmaz from iran Says:

    hi , lee dong wook i like night after night, song il gook came to iran and i want see u in iran , come to iran please

  950. 950
    tho Says:

    i lIkE everything on you. very good in everything. Gud luck n success your whole LiFe.xxxxxxxxxxx

  951. 951
    nyamdoh Says:

    hye….u r so cute n cwit…love u..may GOD bless u owest n 4ever………….

  952. 952
    binita gurung Says:

    i luv u so much oppa.u r my world’s sexiest man. i hope i can meet u soon.n please add some more photo,plz plz……..luv uuuuuuuuu.

  953. 953
    Ei Ma {Myan mar } Says:

    I love you

  954. 954
    pixie Says:

    Wookie oppa! I love you so much. And i’m missing you so much. Always waiting for your comeback. Love you, forever and always…

  955. 955
    pixie Says:

    I’m missing you so much…

  956. 956
    fitry Says:

    hy gong chan,i am DEDEW from indonesia….i love u so much,,,,please visit to indonesia againt…..u so sweeat,,,,,

  957. 957
    benna Says:

    hi!!! this is benna from the philippines you are popular here in our country nice acting skills, and your too handsome..looking forward to watch your all series and movies. happy birthday!!!! maligayang bati sa iyong kaarawan!!! kamsahamnida oppa. can you be my chingu?? dong wook shi.

  958. 958
    benna Says:

    happy birthday!!!! oppa, can you be my chingu??

  959. 959
    princess Says:


    Luv u, Dong wook! Nice acting…keep the great work up! Aja…(^_^)

  960. 960
    sangita Says:

    hi dong wook….i luv u and a very happy bday……………..

  961. 961
    FFK Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBY ♥_♥ Two years is a long time 🙁 You ok in there?

  962. 962
    Hilola Says:


  963. 963
    meioka Says:

    happy birthday, I hope you always succes in your work ,always happy, and you will get what your dream, sorry I am late!

  964. 964
    nelly nathaliz Says:

    lee dong wook..love u..fall on u

  965. 965
    nelly nathaliz Says:

    happy bithday my seol gong chan..i’m a girl from malaysia..hope to meet u..love u…

  966. 966
    nelly nathaliz Says:

    thinking of u ………everytime!

  967. 967
    nelly nathaliz Says:

    erm..when u go to malaysia??

  968. 968
    DiDi Says:

    Happy belated Birthday!!!!!
    Hope u enjoy ur bday…

    Not sure wat to say. First time entering such column:p

  969. 969
    khine Says:

    though it is late, i’d like to wish u..Happy Birthday

  970. 970
    Ika Says:

    Sorry for wish you ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’.Love you.

  971. 971
    eugene Says:

    Love you so much!!!

  972. 972
    wathchaever Says:

    Hi !!!!!!!! your so cute ……………

  973. 973
    nurfa Says:

    hyype!!!! you are so handsome guy… i am very like you…

  974. 974
    kathy Says:

    We enjoyed seeing you in My Girl and Hanoi Bride. I hope you get to fulfill your dream of coming to Hollywood to act. Love from the USA.

  975. 975
    like u... Says:

    hyep…lee dong wook…speaking jawe please…hehehe

  976. 976
    zohre Says:

    lee dong wook shi,i want to tell you that you were great in ‘my girl’
    you reach your aim at least about me and i can navar forget your role in ‘my girl’.
    specially your eyes,your looking really charmed me.

  977. 977
    callalily Says:

    I want to kiss my Gong-chan all time Because your character in “My Girl”. THANK YOU ka..( Wow! birthday same me but me not 1981 ) From Thailand ka..

  978. 978
    Dilla Says:

    OMG i hate you =p kidding

  979. 979
    betty la fea Says:

    you r so gorgeous!!!
    saranghamnida =p

  980. 980
    Ami Says:

    I wonder whether he’d ever have a chance to read those comments??? If he does, thanks God!!!

  981. 981
    H.E.G Says:

    He has a perfect nose…

  982. 982
    quiNceberrylady Says:

    He is handsome! 🙂

  983. 983
    lynico Says:

    more movie with
    lee da hee
    lee dong uk
    park se yun


  984. 984
    bluepearl Says:

    hi there…i don’t usually leave comments and honestly this is my first…i’m doing this due to the reason that i really fell inlove with your TV show “My Girl”…i want also to add that you and Lee Da Hae really did make a good pair in that TV show (that’s the main reason that i love the show)..i wish it would happen in real life…it’s like you were made purposefully for each other..i really think that you will make a very good couple (in looks at least; i jz don’t know in intrinsic personality)
    by the way, i really did love the role you played and the performance you showed…and so did Lee Da Hae(i would say it was a very difficult role, to be funnny and later cry…)..
    i love everything in it..and to be honest, that is the only show that i followed through till the end (the only one)…i’m really thankful that i was able to watch it continuously in the net (a million thanks to the one who uploaded it at Youtube..well, i don’t know if i can find another show that could quench the love that i have for this show (currently looking through in the net but none yet as of now)..

    well, i guess all i could say is “congratulations” to the whole crew…JOB WELL DONE…keep up the good job..

  985. 985
    Joyce Choong Says:

    이동욱 씨,

    안녕하세요. 새해복 많이 받으세요!

  986. 986
    aimee lagahit Says:

    hi lee dong wook happy new year, ^_^ but im gonna miss you aniong

  987. 987
    dl-Qlin Says:

    lee dong wook is so great n he is even more perfect when he’s wit lee da hae

  988. 988
    Yvonne & Padme Says:

    hello, annyong haseyo,, happy new year to you , hope this new year will bring good health, good wealth and prosperity to you and your family,, after watching the “My Girl” and “Partners”,, i m looking forward for your new series… i love to watch love story ,, especially you and lee da hae,,nice movie,, keep it up…. Message From Penang, Malaysia)

  989. 989
    lexi Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook,i`m lexi.
    i liked your role in partner…….you were best ……..
    i don`t know what i say….
    but i want to say u,i like u very much.
    u are handsome and attractive like me….
    ha ha ha ha

  990. 990
    dhebbie2t Says:

    hi..you’re so cute

  991. 991
    e.m Says:

    BASHA TITEN MAN…I LUV UR ROLE IN MY GIRL…wish u n Lee Dae Hae hve anada flix for me…gudluck mah man…luv frm me…

  992. 992
    gracia fitri Says:

    LDW you so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!miss you so much

  993. 993
    gracia fitri Says:

    LDW you so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!miss you!!!!!!!!

  994. 994
    Kido Says:

    im a big fan of yours! My daughter likes u very much! its been 4 yrs. when it was shown here in the Philippines but still we keep on watching it in the net during our free time. i love it!

  995. 995
    lyla Says:

    wo shu ai.., like u make me grazy…

  996. 996
    elnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz Says:

    hahaaaaaaaa , Your act in Partner is better than past . Thats good enough for your face But try harder Lovely Dong Wook ^_^

  997. 997
    Fitrie lilian Says:

    You look so cute with your new hair !!!

  998. 998
    elnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz Says:


  999. 999
    elnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz Says:


  1000. 1000
    elnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz Says:

    1000 …………………………………………………………. yooohoooo….

  1001. 1001
    elnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz Says:

    And now……………………….. 1001 ! 😀

  1002. 1002
    Hilola Says:

    Hi LEE DONG WOOK!!!!!!! how are you? I love you

  1003. 1003
    pushpa Says:

    lee dong wook

  1004. 1004
    grace Says:

    you’re a best actor and also very handsome. filghting…aza..aza..saranghe..

  1005. 1005
    Ida Says:

    I really like you

  1006. 1006
    tight pink pussy and asshole Says:

    LDW please make some porn videos. I wanna see your cock before I die. Much better if I could try it. I wanna taste your cum and see your facial expressions right before you ejaculate.

    Make my dreams come true LDW.

  1007. 1007
    qiara Says:

    im very2 like u very much
    when u’ll come to malaysia?

  1008. 1008
    jin keog Says:

    soooooooooooooo cue
    i am in love with dongwookshi
    please let me see you
    lee dong wook shi

  1009. 1009
    jin keog Says:

    love you dong wook

  1010. 1010
    jin keog Says:

    let me be your girlfriend

  1011. 1011
    jin keog Says:

    i love you

  1012. 1012
    jin keog Says:

    my love is bigger than the earth
    all that love for you

  1013. 1013
    jin keog Says:

    i hope that
    i am joo yoorin
    to be your wife
    like you

  1014. 1014
    jin keog Says:

    soo sute
    & lee dongwook shi is wonderfull

  1015. 1015
    jin keog Says:

    sooooooooo wonderful
    now ……………..1015

  1016. 1016
    jin keog Says:

    i love you forever
    jinkeog & dong wook
    in love for ever

  1017. 1017
    anny Says:

    My name anny I come from Thailand!!!!!
    Now! you are soldier. Good luck….
    when you have time , Welcome to Thailand .
    Take care yourself ,My friend wait you series…..
    Love you Thailand

  1018. 1018
    nurul Says:

    hi lee dong wook…
    how are u…. i really like your act as Seoul Gong-chan n partner with lee da hae as a yoo-rin. booth of can bring the caractor very good, very touching n etc… and i hope u 2 can coperate another drama again… n also hope u 2 visit 2 malaysia 4 meet ur enthusiast..

  1019. 1019
    ina Says:

    Hi oppa,

    Just want to say I hope you reply me cuz I have so much to say to you.

    God bless you oppa.

    With spirit of friend from Indonesia.

  1020. 1020
    melanie Says:

    Hi! when r u having a new drama again? hope 2 c u soon! wish 2 c u soon….. Take Care…

  1021. 1021
    Yumi Says:


  1022. 1022
    deena sn Says:

    lee dong wook u are so handsome…..when will u come to Jakarta Indonesia, please come to my country

  1023. 1023
    AuLia aVers Says:

    i’m very love you………………………
    you’re very amazing for me…………
    you’re soooooooooo handsome…….
    when will you come to INDONESIA?

  1024. 1024
    kim Says:

    you are so handsome, i want you come to usa,

  1025. 1025
    mety nurfatekhah Says:

    hai lee dong wook, iam waiting yor drama ..when your new drama .good luck

  1026. 1026
    aein Says:

    hi lee dong wok..
    i admire the way u act..
    i like ur eyes..
    u r so handsome..
    may god bless u..

  1027. 1027
    christine Says:

    hi my love! youre my long lost husband!!!! when are u coming home? im longing for you my love…. i will never let you go again.. im still looking for you around the world. where you now? please come back.. im dying.. i love you so much… im your wife from the PHILIPPINES

  1028. 1028
    grace Says:

    Hi, annyeong he-seyo,
    i was keep on repeated to watch all your previous drama. wish the time can pass fast and able to watch your drama soon….saranghe..

  1029. 1029
    grace Says:

    Hi annyeong he-seyo,

    i was repeat to watch your previous drama recently….wish the time will pass fast and able to watch your drama soon…saranghe.

  1030. 1030
    vasco Says:

    oh man ………….u so cute i luv yo movie mygal …………..can u pliz send a lot of yo movies cauz the only movies ive watched is my gal….send it 2 fiji……….have a gud life…………..

  1031. 1031
    Vee Says:

    Hello!!!????help me please……
    who knows his official fans club????
    I wanna know all bout him………

  1032. 1032
    diefan Says:

    this guy is sweell guy.

  1033. 1033
    aprilmyint Says:

    hi /actor lee dong wook
    i likes u among korea actor
    i lives in myanmar country
    do u know?

    u are favourate in myanmar country
    u hote u inv my gmail
    my mail is peri1482gmail.com
    i wish to u health

  1034. 1034
    Hilola Says:

    Hi ))))) ILY

  1035. 1035
    rhodz Says:

    …..bonjour mon amour lee dong wook!!!!

    i hope you are always in very good health….
    can’t wait to watch your latest series… i am sure it is really good coz you are on it….
    welll, just hope you goodluck…saranghamnida!!!je t’aime!!!

  1036. 1036
    eunicy Says:

    .. dong wook… i really love both you and lee dae hee in a series..
    hope to see you together in another series..
    i really love your tandem…

  1037. 1037
    RIE Says:

    i’ve just watch your drama in My Girl. well, hard to say that maybe i start to admire you. ooh just love at the first sight hahaha kidding

  1038. 1038
    nora Says:

    love you and missed you on tv hope you’re doing fine with your military service can’t wait to see your next project “:”:”: fighting’;’;

  1039. 1039
    naz Says:

    I never bore watching my girl over and over again..
    Hope you can finish your miltary and get soon come back to korean drama

  1040. 1040
    007zhel Says:

    hi… you’re so handsome… i admire you so much
    i love you♥♥♥

  1041. 1041
    trixie Says:

    …………….oh ure so handsome lee dong wook …..I want to see you in personal…………….god bless you……

  1042. 1042
    grace Says:

    I really miss you….miss your drama….wish all the best to you!!!

  1043. 1043
    naz Says:

    When you’re military service finish?
    Miss u..

  1044. 1044
    grace Says:

    yes, me too..miss lee dong wook so much. i think his military service still have 1 year to go…..wish him all the best during this time..

  1045. 1045
    Fida Says:

    OMG… Just luv to watch u with lee da hae in My Girl… Hope both of u will be 2gether in da next drama… =)

  1046. 1046
    saranghae nara Says:

    hye lee dong wook.i hope you happy always.

  1047. 1047
    jhei Says:


  1048. 1048
    chow Says:

    still waiting for your comeback!

  1049. 1049
    liz Says:

    I did fall in love with the korean drama “My Girl”. From start to end, I just love every minute of it. Lee Dong Wook, you are so handsome and very appealing. Your performance was great. This is unforgettable drama.

  1050. 1050
    allenif Says:

    gosh… you still look gorgeous even in a military uniform. hope to see you with more projects once your service is over. fighting!!!

  1051. 1051
    Alis Says:

    I wish the best for you.. Love n peace!

  1052. 1052
    jamila Says:

    hi, Dong Wook…i hope after your military service you will make more drama series and movies. I want you to know that your fans here in the Philippines are very proud of you for your hard work in the Army…keep up the good work!!
    You’re one the few handsome Korean actors who can really act,hope you will showcase your talent after you discharge from the Military.
    Hope you will visit your fans here in the Philippines….we are waiting for you…SARANGHE….Stay healthy and be Happy….God Bless

  1053. 1053
    boracay Says:

    Anyeonghaseo!!!Wookie…you’re very handsome in your military uniform….i’m always searching in the internet for any news about you because i really miss you.I hope you will finish your mandatory service soon and make new projects that your fans can watch.
    You’re a brilliant actor and of course very handsome…i really like your acting in PARTNER,,,hope it will have a second season.
    Patiently waiting for your comeback…you have many Filipino fans.
    you are very welcome in the Philippines…..mahal ka namin!!!!

  1054. 1054
    brightgirl Says:

    how are you Oppa Dong Wook? I’m always praying for your good health and success. I’m excited for june 20,2011….the day that you will finish your national service…and go back to your showbiz career.Please make more drama series and movies so that your fans can watch you more often.
    Take care of your self especially your beautiful face and skin (lol).
    God Bless and more power!!!

  1055. 1055
    chow Says:

    hope to see you soon! godspeed!

  1056. 1056
    syaa Says:

    i love his shades in the above picture LOL

  1057. 1057
    graymatter_10 Says:

    Hi,Oppa Dong Wook!! it’s been a long time that we haven’t heard any news from you.Hope you’re doing good…waiting for your movies and Drama Series in television.
    Saranghe….always take care…

  1058. 1058
    Nour from Singapore Says:

    Muacks muacks luv you. Gosh u r soo handsome and your skin is fantastic. Do u speak english? Please do cause your non-korean fans are many and crazy for u..Will you marry me!!!…

  1059. 1059
    emaz26 Says:

    i’m really crazy & can’t stop watching My Girl…Soul Gong Chan & Hoo Yoo Rin..,muahhh to both of you! 🙂

  1060. 1060
    emaz26 Says:

    Love / Sayang from Malaysia…
    Ema Najmah 🙂

  1061. 1061
    amira Says:

    u are so handsome !!

  1062. 1062
    namira Says:

    i love u.. u are u cute..

  1063. 1063
    nikita Says:

    i really love ur act ! ur one of the best actor i ever seen !!

  1064. 1064
    naf Says:

    saranghae…lee dong wok oppa…

  1065. 1065
    mekjah Says:

    all the best for u…..

  1066. 1066
    laucky_jan15 Says:

    my girl drama so…………….best

  1067. 1067
    jena Says:

    cant wait for ur next project !

  1068. 1068
    Deewa Says:

    Dong Wook,
    Just recently started watching Korean Dramas, only on my first one. And I think I’m hooked, because of your acting. I’m an Afghan-American nursing student in the U.S. and i’m excited to see more of your acting. I think I’m hooked. Best wishes for a long and successful future. Take Care.

  1069. 1069
    wawa Says:

    Hye …………..
    Juz wanna say….wish u all the best and hope to see u in more drama…
    one of my favourite is “My girl”like to see u with YooRin…Saranghe…

  1070. 1070
    miss lee dong wook Says:

    pulang dari wamil kapaaaaaaaan……
    hope to see you soon….
    cai yooooo

  1071. 1071
    fatemeh Says:

    HI,I’m Iranian. I think you are one of the best actor that i see you in the world .I hope to see you just for once.

    «with the best wishes for you»

  1072. 1072
    A. Scha Says:

    hope to see you in more korean drama..
    your acting was so good in PARTNER…

  1073. 1073
    sona Says:

    I am from Nepal, first time i watch the korean moive n it was “My Girl”. i really liked the darma and ofcourse you n your acting.

    From then i becam a fan of urs. I alwaz think of u. n hope to have a guy like u in my life.

    I wish all the best for your sucess in your life. Hope to watch more moive of yours.

  1074. 1074
    dddddd Says:

    cant wait to see u wokie oppa…
    miss u soooo bad

  1075. 1075
    mikah Says:

    miss him tooooooooooooooo!!! haha

    like sudden i leave a comment. but i’m a fan of him. XD

  1076. 1076
    zomega Says:

    So I’ve heard he’s serving the military. How nice. The only thing that might interest me in joining the military would be the chance to shoot rifles haha.
    Oh anyway. It’s only his tv series My Girl which I saw on TV and I enjoyed it. Well, the beginning of it. I don’t like heavy drama on TV. But he’s got an amazing character to portray and I think he did a fair job in terms of acting. It’s actually his character in the series that made him likeable. Some of the clothes that he wore, OH I LIKED them (not to mention he looks nice too).
    I do hope he finishes national services in time so he can make comedy series hehe. Another team-up with Da Hae would be nice. (if they’re still ‘that’ famous which I don’t really know because I’m not from Korea and I’m not an avid fan)

  1077. 1077
    beuty angel'z Says:

    just want 2 says..
    apy are good day…

  1078. 1078
    zomega Says:

    hihihi I just watched Heartbreak Library. For some reason, I really liked how the movie was ended. Others think it was not ended well because there wasn’t enough romantic scenes between them. I would like to think though that the way LDW’s and Eugene’s character evolved along the story pretty much gives us an idea of how their story as a couple starts. (If LDW gets to read this *which seems impossible since this isn’t a fan site*) I do hope you get more movies or series ‘coz you look better than some of the actors in Korea. .\/…

  1079. 1079
    sam Says:

    im still a believer, he will make a come back. Go lee dong wook

  1080. 1080
    Lisa Says:

    I love Ldw so much.. He’s so cute and down to earth. His eyes n smile make me melting.. Ughh..

  1081. 1081
    Nita Yudasari Says:

    I miss for watching “My Girl”The great couple in “My Girl” Lee Dong Wook and Dae Hee.. 🙂

  1082. 1082
    Nita Yudasari Says:

    “ARANG” is one of the great horor movies..
    The great acting by Lee Dong Wook..


  1083. 1083
    maryann Says:

    When is LDW going out of the military? I hope he start soon with the TV series with Kim Sun ah. I have great hopes he’s doing another one with Lee dae hee but how come Korean stars rarely teams up again with the same actors?

  1084. 1084
    Noreen Says:

    Hi oppa,

    Just can’t wait to see you make a come back in your acting. I really hope to see you having another series with da hae. I ‘ve been watching my girl for few times and I really miss both of you.

  1085. 1085
    SAADIAH Says:

    2 more days for him to discharge from military. can’t wait…….

  1086. 1086
    devy Says:

    Anneyong haseyo… Lee dong wook, you n lee da hee is a nice couple… I hope I can see both of you in another series, but please, I don’t enjoy “bittersweet”, its awkward thought… Your acting good in my girls, arang, heartbreak library, strongest romance, but big No for bittersweet… Hope you healthy, take care, and congrats for your military service….^^

  1087. 1087
    lee yun Says:

    oh great ur discharge in the military…im waiting for ur ur new drama already!!!!fighting

  1088. 1088
    Nithya Says:

    Hi gong chan ,
    u r amazin n looks cool in my girl . I really really really luv u . . Especially ur smile . .u don believe me i keep on watchin the film regularly though i don get bored on seein . . I’m
    frm india . . I feel i not got a kind of joy n happiness in my country films . .i wish u to ‘ve a gud career ahead n pls reply to me if possible . . Bye . .

  1089. 1089
    Stephanie Says:

    You have the sexiest back on Earth! (Your arms are awesome, too). I really hope to see more of it in dramas.

  1090. 1090
    lupus675 Says:

    he will be back in sbs’s drama ‘the scent of woman’ paired with kim sun ah.. hope that’s comedy-romance drama. i

  1091. 1091
    Mia Says:

    Hi Wookie, I really hope your producers there will make MY GIRL 2. Really want to see you with Da Hae again. You two complement each other very well in your acting. Perfect couple is the two of you. Natural chemistry that affects the lives of others in all parts of the world eg. me in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I also hope one day you’ll take some shots at our lovely beaches here. Kam sa hame daaa….. (if i get it right :))

  1092. 1092
    rikaernika Says:

    where have u been..? cant wait see u another new drama…uri kidariyooo ! bogosipoyo….

  1093. 1093
    maverick Says:

    i love your cute face and ur drama My Girl has been the greatest love drama for me.. 🙂

  1094. 1094
    Fatin Says:

    i like u,lee dong wook…..
    i love your handsome face in my girl’s drama…
    i also very love your lover,lee da hae….SWEET COUPLE!!
    i really really really love lee dong wook n lee da hae….

  1095. 1095
    Nita Yudasari Says:

    really like Lee Dong Wook in horor movie “ARANG”.. 🙂

  1096. 1096
    star Says:

    hi… dear lee dong wook…my sister(samira) loves u veryyyyyyyyyy much…she is 16 years old…she hopes that u see one day….she is love your smile…we just watch my girl film several time…

  1097. 1097
    Korea Insipiring » Blog Archive » Scent of a Woman Says:

    […] Sun Ah as Lee Yeon Jae Lee Dong Wook as Kang Ji Wook Uhm Ki Joon as Chae Eun Suk Seo Hyo Rim as Se […]

  1098. 1098
    Esira Says:

    Love you in Partner…

  1099. 1099
    Scent of a Woman | Kpop Entertainment Says:

    […] Sun Ah as Lee Yeon Jae Lee Dong Wook as Kang Ji Wook Uhm Ki Joon as Chae Eun Suk Seo Hyo Rim as Se […]

  1100. 1100
    farzane Says:

    i love korea
    i lova Lee Dong Wook
    i love my girl

  1101. 1101
    mona Says:

    can’t wait scent of a woman :))))

    dong wook fighting!!!!

  1102. 1102
    grace Says:

    Lee Dong Wook..fighting…saranghae..

  1103. 1103
    sara maharjan Says:

    i like u…………..u r too gud…………

  1104. 1104
    guialanterna Says:

    i miss the movie of ‘”MY GIRL”
    GO GOhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! fight lee dong wook”^^

  1105. 1105
    mary Says:

    my name is mary .i live in iran.I love your actor in film my girl. veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good actor in my girl. Ilove korean

  1106. 1106
    Jessayyee Says:

    Can’t to more of him in Scent of A woman i’m lovin it so far. Fighting!

  1107. 1107
    Genesis Says:

    I hope to see you in the future, I will try to visit your country if I have the chance. I wish you all the best and have a fruitfull years to come now that you had your army training finished. I know that you would like to be a Hollywood actor and time will come That your dream will come true. Be humble always and feet must always on the ground , this is why the fans wants on their idol to become, no matter what is your status always looked back on what you have started and this will bring the best in you . I will always support your movies and dramas. By the way Scent of a Woman is a good Drama for starter and people may get a lesson learn in this drama.. Bye for now and May God Bless You Always

  1108. 1108
    Mia Says:

    come to Malaysia and make MY GIRL 2 here!! :))

  1109. 1109
    its me Says:

    LDW always the best my favorite actor in the world.. i will always your fan..
    LDW is the best couple with LDH.. i love them..
    i wish they can meet in new film..
    Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae = handsome and beautifull = PERFECT COUPLE

  1110. 1110
    angel ella Says:

    I’m angel from Manila, Philippines. I’m so in love w/ the lead actor,,he is so handsome and I want to love him..just dreaming.. hope u can visit our country and if that happen look for me and I can die,,ahahhahahaha…i love u..can’t wait for the next episode..(^^,)

  1111. 1111
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    […] her father. Because of this, she accept the job order of  rich heir hotel owner Seol Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) to post as his long lost cousin until he found the real one, to grant the wish of his ill […]

  1112. 1112
    sonam Says:

    me too,cant wait to watch scent of a woman. lee dong wook was so smart n cute in my girl , i really loved his acting and his role. thumbs up!
    now that u r back from army hope ur future plans and carrer shine brighter and more success comes ur way. ”fighting”

  1113. 1113
    Scent of a Woman (여인의 향기) « styrn Says:

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  1114. 1114
    Yona Says:

    이동욱씨! 화이팅!!

  1115. 1115
    Yona Says:

    이동욱씨! keep your spirit up! We will always support and love you! ALWAYS xxx

  1116. 1116
    pendar Says:

    lovely Lee Dong Wook, it seems your smile is very charming n so many people love it, so smile for ever

  1117. 1117
    Lulu Says:

    LDW good actor…..

  1118. 1118
    patricia Says:

    Your performance in Scent of a Woman was truly amazing!Thanks so much.

  1119. 1119
    ruth Says:

    LDW good acting in scent of women,LDW please visit to Indonesia, and journey to bunaken island,..very so beautiful seaword

  1120. 1120
    snow Says:

    oppa…you are very cute in my eyes.fighting oppa

  1121. 1121
    clarita Philippines Says:


  1122. 1122
    clarita Philippines Says:

    ohhh….. my Seol Gong Chan, (Lee Dong Wook) hi! im your #1 fan here in PILIPINAS,i like your eyes,i like your smile and most of all i like u very very much. I miss MY GIRL 2, KANG JI WOOK best actor (SOW) ” MAHAL KITA-SARRANGEO”

  1123. 1123
    awesomedanielle Says:

    dong wook, please mary da hae. you guys look sooooo good together in MY GIRL. i just watched MY GIRL this week in 3 days. MY GIRL is my first korean drama EVER and I LOVE IT. i love the both of you (DW & DH). hope you guys get together and make a 2nd MY GIRL.

  1124. 1124
    7.) *** mY gIrL *** « myfavoritekoreannovel Says:

    […] her father. Because of this, she accept the job order of  rich heir hotel owner Seol Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) to post as his long lost cousin until he found the real one, to grant the wish of his ill […]

  1125. 1125
    zha Says:

    Hi Dong Wook..you’re really handsome in SOAW..your smile is very sweet especially with your red lip and I think your acting in SOAW is rely nice…can’t patient to see you soon in another kdrama….

  1126. 1126
    hi Says:

    smile sweet :*)

  1127. 1127
    Nayani Says:

    I really like your acting!!!

  1128. 1128
    angel rose Says:

    “How are you going to stop your feelings, when you’re like this?” cute, cute .. cute . dont no how many time i play scent of woman tango episode.. arghhh

  1129. 1129
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  1130. 1130
    sweet girl Says:

    yes.. “how am I going to stop my feeling when iam like this..?” kyaaa… you’re soooooooooo…… manly.. I’d love to learn tango with u .. ^_^

  1131. 1131
    pendar Says:

    i dont know whether you read these comments here or not,if yes i wanted to ask you to provide English language for your official website,it made me so sad that i cant visit it only because Im not a korean.Dont you wanna be international?

  1132. 1132
    yesseh Says:

    heart you yah -_- gantengnya masa alaaaaaaaaaa duh

  1133. 1133
    husna Says:

    saranghae lee dong wook <3

  1134. 1134
    XeeRo0 Says:

    Great Drama, Scent of a Woman … Really enjoyed !!!

  1135. 1135
    ojaswi Says:

    u r so handsome…

  1136. 1136
    yoorin Says:

    to drama producer..
    please make the comedy and romance drama again for the best couple Lee Dong Wook and the beauty actress Lee Daa Hae..(My Girl 2)..PLEASE…

  1137. 1137
    Roundeyedclown Says:

    He is just super gorgeous in Scent of a woman!

  1138. 1138
    mesa1806 Says:

    Happy 30th Birthday!!

  1139. 1139
    Clarita Philippines Says:

    “happy happy birthday 🙂

  1140. 1140
    rosalind Says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! i just known your profile and i m so happy to know ur birthday in exactly today!!!!

  1141. 1141
    razel Says:

    happy b-day lee

  1142. 1142
    razel Says:

    I’m so excited to watch your koreanovela her in the Philippines…the helena’s promise…soon….

  1143. 1143
    NAVYA Says:


  1144. 1144
    NAVYA Says:


  1145. 1145
    KIM HYU IN Says:

    oppa wookie…saeng-il chugha haeyo…..
    *******hangsang seong-gong*******
    fighthing…nae salang…

  1146. 1146
    zyrelle_02 Says:

    youre so cute

  1147. 1147
    my korean drama: SCENT OF A WOMAN « Says:

    […] to relax and somehow see an island that once she had seen in her dream. There she met Kang Ji Wook (Lee Dong Wook, My Girl), the only successor of the company she had work with. Ji Wook is a handsome, powerful man […]

  1148. 1148
    sangeetha Says:

    u looks good…………………. urs acting is awesome in mygirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    keep doing well

  1149. 1149
    Hay Mar Says:

    I luv u so much, Wookie… :*

  1150. 1150
    dallilla Says:

    I can’t stop to watchin’ u cz….ur so handome…..
    How can you be like that???

  1151. 1151
    maikee Says:

    lee dong wook.. a great actor,a very good looking and desirable man! good luck and more projects for u…were always here to support u!

  1152. 1152
    jodethcruz16 Says:

    i’m sooo loving lee dong wook…great actor…i’m done watching Scent of a Woman and its a 2 thumbs up for the both of them Lee Dong Wook and kim Sun ah…Looking forward to see another korean drama starring the 2 of them again…

    Scent of a WOman is a big hit now in the PHILIPPINES…
    Hopefully you could visit here with Kim Sun Ah


  1153. 1153
    aivee tenorio Says:

    i really really love lee dong wook…………hope to see him personally…

  1154. 1154
    aivee tenorio Says:

    i really2x love lee dong wook…hope to see him in personal

  1155. 1155
    saranya Says:

    i love lee dong wook. his acting in scent of women is very romantic and lovable. In partner i like his play boy acting.. in my girl i like his slience acting …… i like a lot lee dong wook…….

  1156. 1156
    ria Says:

    i’m falling in love to Lee dong Wook. Coz of his film in Scent of Woman. He’s so romantic,cool,and very protect of the girl that he love. I really want to meet Lee dong wook… I love Lee dong wook….

  1157. 1157
    misx.fierce Says:

    i like LEE DONG WOOK 😀
    have a good chemistry in a scent of a woman

  1158. 1158
    babyliz Says:

    i heart you lee dong-wook ur so great tlga in love scene ! i luv you , god bless ..

  1159. 1159
    babyliz Says:

    supa kilIg aq sa helenas promise ..
    luvluvmuch !

  1160. 1160
    Krisha Says:

    i am super in love with Lee Dong wook.. so cute and handsome.. i the way he talks, very humble.. =) Scent of a Woman is so touching and romantic.. it is a success here in the philippines.. 🙂

  1161. 1161
    carmen Says:

    lee dong wook….your charm pull my heart away like a magnet…..amazing man… ..lee dong wook..scent of a woman is a heart and romantic drama….

  1162. 1162
    ur fans :) Says:

    sow sexy aww ^^

  1163. 1163
    Daerina Says:

    Hi Lee ure so handsome hehe just like me hahaa kiding..

  1164. 1164
    eva Says:

    Finally Kim Sun Ah has found a new wonderful n romantic partner in movie, yes definitely the man is Lee Dong Wook….You two are so good together…

  1165. 1165
    miss_dee Says:

    hi! lee dong wook ! i like ur style and ur good looking!
    every film you starring was reallly great ! i hope u can always make improvement ! love you ! fighting!

  1166. 1166
    Qiestina Says:

    So handsome <3 Lee Dong Wook <3

  1167. 1167
    Jeramy Ann L. Palaca Says:

    ..i dont know why I idolized you so much….i love your show “Scent of a woman… hope you read this message…LEE DONG WOOK..I wish I could visit there in seoul..I want to see you..just to see you in personal… I will be more gratefull…I like seoul..and someday I want to visit there..just to see you I’m jeramy ann palaca from PHILIPPINES..take care..IDOL:0

  1168. 1168
    angel Says:

    i really really great movie………sa rang he lee dong wook.sana makita kita in person………….sa rang he

  1169. 1169
    non canty Says:

    Scent of awoman nice story,,good acting lee. Aku suka lee hee( luv u).

  1170. 1170
    ilovekdramas Says:

    I love Lee Dong Wook! he’s my ideal guy!

  1171. 1171
    RN Says:

    I was really impressed with you and your acting especially in a scent of women drama. I always look forward to meet with you . . and could sing a beautifull song for you. . .
    I hope one day you can come to Indonesia especially coming to South Sumatra . . .

  1172. 1172
    minty Says:

    Lee dongwook si ,we will support u 4ever. love you not only for his good perfromace but for his good personality.
    Thank you very much dongwook si ,thanks for give us so many good drama!

  1173. 1173
    choi hyun ah Says:

    lee dong wook is a famous korean actor for me…

  1174. 1174
    michael delos reyes Says:

    i watched lee dong wong in helena’s promise (scent of a woman) and i really like the it… to him personally before i die jejeje joke

  1175. 1175
    fairy tale Says:

    hai,your so cute love you………

  1176. 1176
    Miss Haniey Says:

    Hi Lee D0ng Wook,
    i really like u coz’ of u’re good looking and also your character in my girl film wif Lee Dae Hae! u’re soo sweet! i <3 u and i hope i can see u personally,
    heeee,miss u Lee Dong Wook or Gong-Chan!

  1177. 1177
    Reagan Ramos Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook,

    Your Perfectly Awesome and Very Good Dramatic Actor In Korea.
    Everyday i watching ( Helena’s Promise ) Scent Of Woman. thank you and i admire you.Hope i can see you personally.



  1178. 1178
    Chai Carabuena Says:

    Hi, Lee Dong Wook!

    I’ve been fascinated with your charm and I can’t help but to buy series of DVD’s of your movies and series so I can watch it over and over again.
    I hope that someday I can visit Korea and see you in person. I really wanted to see you before I die. That will surely makes me happy and complete.


  1179. 1179
    aiurrie Says:

    Omo! Lee Dong Wook u are such a great actor. I could never resist you… Your smile is making me melting… I just finished watching Scent of woman, i love it. I think you look better with short hair. Really wanna see you in the real life 🙂

  1180. 1180
    ashviny Says:

    i always like ur accting in korean drama and ur acting is soo good, that i like to see ur acting in korean drama’s!!

  1181. 1181
    ashviny Says:

    hi Lee Dong Wook,
    ur character in my girl series is amazing and i like ur smile. i look forward to watch ur other dramas and i love ur acting in my girl and i hope i will enjoy others as i did for ” my girl”. ur simply handsome and amazing actor.have a long happy life!!!

  1182. 1182
    eva Says:

    I like watching you sing together with Kim Sun Ah….its sooooo romantic…wish you both could be lovers in real life…

  1183. 1183
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  1184. 1184
    Wild Romance | HALLYU WAVERS Says:

    […] Lee Dong Wook as Park Moo Yul Lee Si Young as Yoo Eun Jae Kang Dong Ho as Kim Tae Han Oh Man Suk as Jin Dong Soo Hwang Sun Hee as Oh Soo Young Jessica Jung as Kang Jong Hee Im Joo Eun as Kim Dong Ah Lee Won Jong as Yoo Young Kil Lee Han Wie […]

  1185. 1185
    Wawa Winter Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook 🙂 Actually I like your style in Scent of A Woman.. Hehe 🙂
    Okayy,goodbye 🙂 I hope we can talk again!!

  1186. 1186
    Taguchi Analiza Says:

    Hi Lee Dong Wook i like your style and role in scent of a Woman you are so gentle,Sweet,and faitful i wish Kim Sun Ah and you we could be lovers in real life and iwish to meet you in person pls try to visit me here in Japan and ireques to the part 2 of Scent of A Woman very very soon.

  1187. 1187
    XXX Says:

    how are you ,good night,<i love you

  1188. 1188
    Taguchi Analiza Says:

    ilove you Lee Dong Wook Take care good night i wish to meet you in personal what do you think it is imposible im sorry im getting crazy for you

  1189. 1189
    Taguchi Analiza Says:

    Lee Dong Wook Happy New Year I wish you all the best this year More Movies and More Dramas.To you and Kim Sun Ah Welcome 2012 Have More Dramas andMovies to do.

  1190. 1190
    lili Says:

    He deserves the award is a great actor
    I’m sure in the new drama he would be an excellent and lead it as only he knows …
    love him

  1191. 1191
    tietn Says:

    happy new year lee dong wook ….. when are you coming back to Indonesia? 🙂

  1192. 1192
    tietn Says:

    happy new year lee dong wook ….. when are you coming back to Indonesia?

  1193. 1193
    Chantyy Luvichie Says:

    Oppa lee, I love you so much,, i have ur eyes, ur lip, ur nose, everything ’bout you lah,,, uhhhh nice boy,,, :*

  1194. 1194
    Chantyy Luvichie Says:

    Oppa Lee Dong Wook!! I love you so much!!! I like ur smile, ur lip, ur nose everything ’bout u lah,,, huuuu oppa come to My Country!!! Love you so much oppa.. SARANGHEYEO :* =)

  1195. 1195
    INFO : KBS2's "Wild Romance" | Says:

    […] Lee Dong Wook as Park Moo Yul Lee Si Young as Yoo Eun Jae Kang Dong Ho as Kim Tae Han Oh Man Suk as Jin Dong Soo Hwang Sun Hee as Oh Soo Young Jessica Jung as Kang Jong Hee Im Joo Eun as Kim Dong Ah Lee Won Jong as Yoo Young Kil Lee Hee Joon as Ko Jae Hyo Lee Han Wie as Kevin Jang […]

  1196. 1196
    Nancy C. Noora Says:

    Hello Lee Dong-Wook, I was fascinated by your acting and of course by your good looks in the Scent of a Woman. It really touched my heart to see you act. No wonder you have gained awards for that magnificent acting of yours . You deserved it!!! Because of you , now I wished to go to Korea to meet you personally and have a picture beside you. Keep smiling because in that many hearts will also be smiling back!!!

  1197. 1197
    Taguchi Analiza Says:

    To Lee Dong Wook Congratulation You deserve it your the best actor for me Keep up the good work I love You.

  1198. 1198
    Sue Says:

    I like your acting in My Girl and The Partner……both are awesome. In Scent of Woman i think the actress is too old for you……however, your acting is still the best.

  1199. 1199
    Kaye Vasquez Says:

    iloveu lee dong wook..
    because of u..
    i think i’m going crazy.. :))

  1200. 1200
    Kaye Vasquez Says:

    Hoping 4 the part 2 of Helena’s Promise (Scent of a Woman) .. :))
    i have a gift..

    \\\\ Me.. ////

  1201. 1201
    aulia Says:

    Anyeonghaseyo.. Lee dong wook ssi.. Ur the greatest actor in korea.. Success 4 u oppa.. Saranghae

  1202. 1202
    jeanberry Says:

    Hi! Its my first time here.I am a Filipina and fond of watching koreanovelas..I really searched for this guy, Lee dong wook. Hes so handsome. His acting skill is very effective, even if Im just watching his drama series i feel that Im his partner that made me fall in love with him..hahahaha.. Saranghe! <3 <3 (^_^)v

  1203. 1203
    Taguchi Analiza Says:

    How are you Lee Dong Wook Imiss you Im waiting for the Part2 of Scent of a Woman your the Best Actor i ever see in all the Mail actor of Korea.Always Keepsafe Good Nyt Saranghae!!!

  1204. 1204
    الدراما الكورية لسنة 2012 « super asia Says:

    […] Lee Dong Wookas Park Moo Yul […]

  1205. 1205
    Clive Says:

    greeting from malaysia…
    super like ——- “Scent of Woman”…….

  1206. 1206
    Nurgl Says:

    Supersiniz turkiyeden selamlar

  1207. 1207
    que Says:

    super duper handsome..perfect 🙂

  1208. 1208
    vebian Says:

    I am super in love with this guy lee dong wook, He is so attractive and very effective drama actor. I wish someday I will meet him personally.. Love you Lee Dong Wook. 🙂

  1209. 1209
    saufi Says:

    I like your acting in My Girl, Partner and Scent of a woman.. Wild Romance, not yet watch, But I hope it’s not disappointed …

  1210. 1210
    Lee Dong Wook 4ever Says:

    waiting Lee Dong Wook with Eun Hye or Lee Dae Hee ( again ), Park Ji Yeon ( maybe ) or Han Hyo Jo.can’t wait, I hope it will be come true.

  1211. 1211
    sneha Says:

    hi…….i really like this guy…….ur acting is superb

  1212. 1212
    nona Says:

    ماشاءالله عالجمال …أنت رائع …. القمر يستحي منك

  1213. 1213
    Aida Says:

    Annyonghaseyo, Lee Dong Wook si, I love your acting in Scent of Woman, the courage to love whom is not accepted by family is something very brave to do so. you had carried out the role greatly in this drama.

    I like your smile ever since I started to see your drama “My Girl”, “Partner” & Scent of Woman. & now looking forward for your new drama “Wild Romance”.

    Wish you have a meaningful life as KJW in the drama, to treasure people around us who we love & being loved.

    Keep it on & Fighting!!! ^_^

  1214. 1214
    heidihana Says:

    LDW . love you so much. You are great actor. you acting at Wild romance awesome.Happy valentine days…

  1215. 1215
    saufi Says:

    Lee Dong wook and Lee Da Hae, I really wish that both of you perform in One Drama again, and become hero and Heroin respectively…

  1216. 1216
    Smile Says:

    Annyonghaseyo, Lee Dong Wook si, I love this actor…he acts so well and sooooooooooo handsome and when he smile he will break your heart….

  1217. 1217
    popikachu Says:

    I really like wookie, the second man after kim hyun joong. starting first fascinated by the drama my girl today (wild romance) and also because he had come to Indonesia for the promotion of drama my girl. he is very open and simple humble .. aigooo so, I love love love your personality and nice namja.

  1218. 1218
    popikachu Says:

    나는 그들의 wookie 갖고 노는 여자 파트너가 운이 입술을 느낄 느낍니다. 어떤 키스 장면 씨를 즐길 수있을만큼. 리 동 욱 … 😀  ᄏᄏᄏ

  1219. 1219
    nuchy Says:

    I like your acting !you’re the Best Actor. Just see Wide Romance. I’am

    very happiness while see you every time. love you.

  1220. 1220
    SALLY Says:

    i loved ur acting in scent of a woman i have to say that i had impressed,really..now im watching wild romance and ur acting very well and very different and i think that is what making a good actor “the variety”..one more thing.the sad romantic roles like scent of a woman u r doing it verry well..so keep it up and ur fans are waiting for ur next,please dont be late…

  1221. 1221
    SALLY Says:

    admin,can u change the leading photo.ther are more beautiful photos right here..thanks in advance ^__^…

  1222. 1222
    admin Says:


    Which Pic do you like ?

  1223. 1223
    SALLY Says:

    @admin, I think 6,9 and 10 are better for a PP!!! what do u think??
    and btw there are afew pics here :(…

  1224. 1224
    admin Says:


    Please take a look for his latest profile pic.

    Hope u like it. 🙂

  1225. 1225
    cherry pelias Says:

    like you so much lee dong wook,..im so dying to see u in person…:)
    god bless..

  1226. 1226
    cherry pelias Says:

    saranghae… na cherry imnida from philippines:)

  1227. 1227
    Wild Romance Korean Drama « Saranghae All korean Says:

    […] Pemain: Lee Dong Wook as Park Moo Yul Lee Si Young as Yoo Eun Jae Kang Dong Ho as Kim Tae Han Oh Man Suk as Jin Dong Soo […]

  1228. 1228
    SALLY Says:

    thanx alot about the pic,U R the best admin ever ;)…

  1229. 1229
    SALLY Says:

    and btw i liked the pic so much :)…

  1230. 1230
    SALLY Says:


  1231. 1231
    chunli Says:

    omg!!! i love him!!! love his movie scent of woman!!!

  1232. 1232
    SALLY Says:

    @chunli,i agree with U…

  1233. 1233
    liya tamalia Says:

    Since I was watching lee δσπϱ wook at scent of awomen ,I thing I like him very much..saranghae…iam searching everything about him..can’t wait to see you on the movie…

  1234. 1234
    y Says:

    handsome :————)

  1235. 1235
    Shilpa Says:

    M shilpa , from india i love to watch Lee dong wook drama and movies … I like korean drama and movies a lot….lee dong wook is my favourite Korean actor…saranghae lee dong wook

  1236. 1236
    Prita Says:

    Such a pretty handsome guy! I love everything about you physically. I like your chemistry with Kim Sun Ah when dance tango in scent of a woman scene.
    Please visit Indonesia, oppa! saranghae….

  1237. 1237
    rose Says:

    have seen 4 of your tv dramas, starting with the partner, then wild romance, scent of a woman and just finished my girl. you have evolved in your acting career, although i still have to see your earlier works, and bittersweet life is next to my agenda, which i expect would be dramatic like scent of a woman. i think that you should leave romance and get into something different, that would develop more of your talent, then you can stay on track as an actor into mature roles. good luck!

  1238. 1238
    ayu ramadhani Says:

    i love you

  1239. 1239
    aiziey Says:

    my god! i love lee dong wook since d beginning.. ur so great, so handsome, i adore u more in my girl… huhu… continue inspiring us… saranghae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1240. 1240
    iman Says:

    i love him
    he is very talented actor
    continue inspiring us
    je t’aime beaucoup,,,,,,,

  1241. 1241
    ERIN Says:

    lee dong wook for ever!!!^_^

  1242. 1242
    Kyaw Thurein Win Says:

    Lee Dong Wook u r so handsome

  1243. 1243
    ATEFE Says:

    i live in iran …
    i love lee dong wook very much…
    me & some of my friends see the ‘MY GIRL…’
    and all of our love this film and this actor..



  1244. 1244
    Wild Romance (난폭한 로맨스 ) « styrn Says:

    […] Lee Dong Wook as Park Moo Yul Lee Si Young as Yoo Eun Jae Kang Dong Ho as Kim Tae Han Oh Man Suk as Jin Dong Soo Hwang Sun Hee as Oh Soo Young Im Joo Eun as Kim Dong Ah Lee Won Jong as Yoo Young Kil Lee Han Wie as Kevin Jang Lee Hee Joon as Ko Jae Hyo Jang Tae Hoon as Yoo Chang Ho (Yoo Eun Jae younger brother) Jessica Jung as Kang Jong Hee Lee Bo Hee as Housekeeper Lee El as Mi Jin Hong Jong Hyun as Seo Yoon Yi […]

  1245. 1245
    Kdrama – Wild Romance (난폭한 로맨스) « serbamendadak Says:

    […] Lee Dong Wook sebagai Park Moo Yul Lee Si Young sebagai Yoo Eun Jae Kang Dong Ho sebagai Kim Tae Han Oh Man Suk sebagai Jin Dong Soo Hwang Sun Hee sebagai Oh Soo Young Im Joo Eun sebagai Kim Dong Ah Lee Won Jong sebagai Yoo Young Kil Lee Han Wie sebagai Kevin Jang Lee Hee Joon sebagai Ko Jae Hyo Jang Tae Hoon sebagai Yoo Chang Ho (Yoo Eun Jae younger brother) Jessica Jung sebagai Kang Jong Hee Lee Bo Hee sebagai Housekeeper Lee El sebagai Mi Jin Hong Jong Hyun sebagai Seo Yoon Yi […]

  1246. 1246
    april evelyn Says:

    i like lee dong wook in my girl, scent of a woman & lastly in wild romance. may he continue to grow in his career & have more movies to come! mwah mwah tsup tsup! Mabuhay ka!

  1247. 1247
    Mina (iran) Says:

    hello oppa last night i watched the last part of wild romance it was nice
    i live in iran
    iranian really love korean drama
    we invited u to come here

  1248. 1248
    Mina (iran) Says:

    ولی خدایی ما ایرانیا خل شدیم خودمم همینطور که نزدیک امتحانا میشینم این کره ایای خل تر از خودمو میبینم
    تازه دعوتشونم میکنم بیان ایران
    خاک تو سرت مینا
    خدا اخر عاقبت ما رو به خیر کنه

  1249. 1249
    manly mad from Malaysia Says:

    i live in Penang, dreams to see him in front of my eyes.. Truly love and like him so much… Dear LDW, i m ur secret admire…huhuhuhu

  1250. 1250
    soo Says:

    lee dong wook is the best for ever

  1251. 1251
    shirley Says:

    lee,te 1st time isaw u in te drama patner…n 4m then i like u n ur dramas n ur acting…ur acting r awesome…u looks so cute,handsome,macho…i really like u soooooooooooooo much

  1252. 1252
    enachemonica Says:

    Un actor placut si talentat.

  1253. 1253
    lala Says:

    i so love lee dong wook!!! 🙂 i hope you’ll have another romantic project with kim sun ah! you two look great together. 🙂 More power!

  1254. 1254
    novita Says:

    Lee Dong Wook
    *I LOVE U*
    Your the best artist.

    Just love you Lee Dong Wook

    when i see you in the movie scent of a women,,, ufh,,, my heart is dug dag dug dug,,, your eyes can’t i forget!!!

    Translete in indonesia
    ketika aku melihatmu di film Scent of a women, uh,,, hatiku berdegup kencang dug dag dug dug,,,, matamu TAK AKAN PERNAH KU LUPAKAN!!!!!

  1255. 1255
    rira Says:

    haaaaa so cute, cool and handsome >.<

  1256. 1256
    inga vhia Says:

    I LOVE YOU Lee Dong Wook!!!!
    movie scent of a women i like it…

  1257. 1257
    diamond Says:

    I like ur drama “wild romance” and “my girl” sooo much! And u make my heart sound like super bass boom boom boom!!!! I’m from indonesia and i hope someday u’ll come here and want to see me LOL. I know u’re not a singer but i don’t know why i really2 want have duet with you LOL wish the best for u always…and keep smiling coz it can make my days shine shine and shine ^^

  1258. 1258
    diamond Says:

    If someday i can see u, i’d love to sing for u…
    U make me wanna sing love song all the time ^^
    This one for u..

    Look at the stars,
    Look how they shine for you,
    And everything you do,
    Yeah, they were all yellow.
    I came along,
    I wrote a song for you,
    And all the things you do,
    And it was called “Yellow”.
    So then I took my turn,
    Oh what a thing to have done,
    And it was all “Yellow.”
    Your skin,
    Oh yeah your skin and bones,
    Turn into something beautiful,
    You know, you know I love you so,
    You know I love you so.
    I swam across,
    I jumped across for you,
    Oh what a thing to do.
    Cos you were all “Yellow”,
    I drew a line,
    I drew a line for you,
    Oh what a thing to do,
    And it was all “Yellow.”
    It’s true look how they shine for u..
    Look how they shine..
    Look at the stars look how they shine for u
    In everything that u do..l

  1259. 1259
    shilpa Says:

    you are soooooooooooo cute in my girl…….. realy awsome……….

  1260. 1260
    khine Says:


    how are you.

    i am from Myanmar .. i like you so much .

    you are my favourite actor.

  1261. 1261
    bernadette Says:

    you’re one gorgeous guy but so simple & yet you look so cute! i never imagined that you were already in your 30s but you look so boyish… you’re very lovable and your acting is just superb!
    keep up being a very good actor! i wish to see more of you in your coming dramas here in the philippines.
    i have seen you in my girl & scent of a woman.. you were perfect there!

  1262. 1262
    [SBS 2011] Scent Of A Woman | Says:

    […] Sun Ah as Lee Yeon Jae Lee Dong Wook as Kang Ji Wook Uhm Ki Joon as Chae Eun Suk Seo Hyo Rim as Im Se […]

  1263. 1263
    [SBS 2005] My Girl | Says:

    […] Lee Dong Wook (이동욱) as Seol Gong-chan Lee Da Hae (이다해) as Joo Yoo-rin Lee Joon Ki (이준기) as Seo Jung-woo Park Si Yeon (박시연) as Kim Seo-hyun […]

  1264. 1264
    Melie Says:

    Love you Lee Dong Wook. You’re amazing Scent of a Woman. Love you. Wonderful actor. Love to see more of you.

  1265. 1265
    wanwilai Says:

    Hi lee dong wook king of drama
    How are you
    I like you

  1266. 1266
    Anyana Says:

    could soemone tell me all the actors that palyed in this drama in the band.. Shut up and lets go korean drama.. .emial me at anyanag@yahoo.com

  1267. 1267
    Wild Romance | LoveDrama's Says:

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  1268. 1268
    mannan Says:

    oh dong wook,
    My name is manan,
    I fans you,
    Lee d0ng wook,

  1269. 1269
    [KBS 2012] Wild Romance | Says:

    […] KBS2Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-04 to 2012-Feb-23Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 Cast Lee Dong Wook as Park Moo Yul Lee Si Young as Yoo Eun Jae Kang Dong Ho as Kim Tae Han Oh Man Suk as Jin Dong […]

  1270. 1270
    ajeng Says:

    luv u..lee dong wook!!
    please don’t too skinny..it’s makes you look older..

  1271. 1271
    priyanka Says:

    lee dong wook…………………. i’m just going crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy on u!! god shud save me.. aww u’re such a hansome man.. love u and ur acting soo much… falling head over heels in love 4 u! best of luck!! keep going 🙂

  1272. 1272
    Angela Says:

    Hi, i’m from Sri Lanka. Your so cute, at the same time So hansom. I like you very much.

  1273. 1273
    ameni Says:

    i love u so much lee dong wook

  1274. 1274
    SALLY Says:

    when is your next project?????, we can,t wait for it…please we need to see you on the screen as soon as possible :D…

  1275. 1275
    Scent of a Woman | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre los Doramas Coreanos en Español Says:

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  1276. 1276
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  1277. 1277
    ttuk ttuk ttuk Says:

    Watched you bungee jump off the tower in Macau in Running Man. Awesome!

  1278. 1278
    ChocoKang Says:

    […] Physician Choi Won (Lee Dong Wook), who works for the royal family, becomes involved with the plot to poision King Injong and is now […]

  1279. 1279
    Kdrama – Mandate of Heaven: The Fugitive of Joseon (천명 : 조선판 도망자 이야기) | serbamendadak Says:

    […] Lee Dong Wook sebagai Choi Won Kim Yoo Bin sebagai Choi Rang Song Ji Hyo sebagai Hong Da In Im Seul Ong (member 2AM) sebagai Putera Mahkota Lee Ho, yang nantinya bergelar Raja In Jong Park Ji Young sebagai Ratu Moon Jung Song Jong Ho sebagai Lee Jung Hwan Yoon Jin Yi sebagai So Baek […]

  1280. 1280
    winnie Says:

    i WISHED you will be reunited with Lee dae hee. Your team up with her is the best, great chemistry.

  1281. 1281
    nang Says:

    I Like You So Much

  1282. 1282
    yupin achaya Says:

    My Girl was the tenth korean series i watched,
    You did great job that made me wake up 4 am to view you.
    I love you LeeDong Wook

  1283. 1283
    iustina Says:

    Nice fotos.

  1284. 1284
    marga Says:

    Your one of my favorite Korean actors. I love your character in “My Girl”. I’ve watched it five times already, never got tired of it. I love your smile. Stay cool, stay healthy, and do good. You’ll be BLESSED!

  1285. 1285
    Lena Says:

    Happy birthday!!! Good luck in everything!

  1286. 1286
    cecilia perez Says:

    lee dong wook his a very good actor,goodluck figthing!!!!!!!!

  1287. 1287
    femina Says:

    I realy like his acting talent in MY GIRL seriel

  1288. 1288
    femina Says:

    i realy like his acting talent in MY GIRL seriel

  1289. 1289
    femina Says:

    i realy like his acting talent in MY GIRL seriel. keep it up

  1290. 1290
    Klover Says:

    I like u so much..wish you will act in another dramas 🙂 you’re a talented actor! Fighting! Keep up and never give up ! 🙂

  1291. 1291
    bigeye46 Says:

    keep up and not give up and i support u for acting

  1292. 1292
    Cc Says:

    So happy to see you acting in Hotel King. You are such a good actor. Oppa, fighting!

  1293. 1293
    wdr Says:

    oppa!! u r the best!!

  1294. 1294
    Linda Says:

    Miss him so much, I never tired watch my girl. Awesome n funny, he just so handsome when he smiling sarang heoo oopaa lee dong wook (;

  1295. 1295
    maida Says:

    Why don’t u watch hotel king , it is the same couple…it is worthwatching

  1296. 1296
    Apple Pink Says:

    I will love you if you wasn’t in the film : Scent of a woman. I hate her cuz she didn’t suit you.

  1297. 1297
    lana Says:

    As for me i liked him through scent of a woman.. It was perfect drama.. Both LDW and KSA were wounderful, and now he is soooo pefect in hotel king.

  1298. 1298
    cemoo83 Says:

    Hi oppa. i am from Azerbaycan. I love you how you are and you re special for me. Your are my real dearm. You re like teardrops in my eyes You re the sun that always shines. You are too important for me. Stay healthy and good luck everything………..

  1299. 1299
    MOONCHAI Says:

    You’re a good actor. Keep improving and congratulations!

  1300. 1300
    meg Says:

    I love watching hotel king especially he pairs up with lee da hae. Awesome!!!

  1301. 1301
    Rosi Says:

    Oppa!! Saranghae♥♥

  1302. 1302
    Mel Says:

    LDH AND LDW -best love team ever…you chemistry is the best..

  1303. 1303
    weena Says:

    LDW is one of the finest actors in todays generation… Best Actor for Lee Dong Wook!!

  1304. 1304
    tee jay Says:

    Love you oppa

  1305. 1305
    cuity17 Says:

    I have watched all your drama (partner, my girl. Scent wmn, mandate, wild rmnc) but only HK, you impressed me alot with your acting…you steal my heart ha..ha..ha.. 2 day past after watched HK , already miss you LDW, waiting your next drama IRON Man, hope it will cure my heart ha..ha..ha..LDW fightiiing

  1306. 1306
    iin Says:

    little dissapointed you take in iron man with SSK. i think you will bad with her.

  1307. 1307
    engellyn Says:


  1308. 1308
    raechell Says:

    You are sooo lovely .. i like your work and im waiting iron man to start.. wish all the best.. fighting💪

  1309. 1309
    Drama_fan Says:

    I personally don’t like the drama My girl. Tried to watch it several times. But feels so unrealistic. Din’t like the role of the main actress. So I was not a fan of LDW as well, UNTIL I watch scent of a women. Wow!! He nailed it. Fell in love with LDW.
    You are so handsome and talented!!! 🙂

  1310. 1310
    Baby Says:

    Lee Dong Wook, I’m your biggest fans. I love you since you act in My Girl and Scent of a Woman. Your previous drama “Hotel King” is the best drama of you, I really love your acting there! You’re handsome and when you smile, ah that melt my heart! I really hope your new drama Iron Man will be success also. I hope you will win Best Actor 2014 from your performance on Hotel King, because you did a brilliant job – you act really well there. Fighting, Lee Dong Wook. I will always support you and every projects you’ll do. Love you forever!!!!!!

  1311. 1311
    lily chen Says:

    I love you o pa:)

  1312. 1312
    maida Says:

    Lee dong wook .i saw HOtel king , wild romance , kang koo story and now blade man .you are the best korean actor , you have awesome fascial expression .keep up

  1313. 1313
    usa-mary Says:

    Your acting in Iron Man is excellent. I’m really enjoying this drama!

  1314. 1314
    ET beib Says:

    You acting in Iron Man that it’s you.. funny and excellent..I can waiting next iron man episode.. just for looking your acting

  1315. 1315
    usa-mary Says:

    Hong Bin is The Man and Iron Man is The Drama! Iron Man…FIGHTING!!!

  1316. 1316
    JEAN Says:

    I love you LDW since I watched scent of a woman. I can watch all your shows and movies. The most handsome actor in the world!!!!!.

  1317. 1317
    pattengson Says:

    hi! LDW
    your acting is EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1318. 1318
    jenny lee Says:

    Happy birthday LDW. Luv ya in roommate 1, 2 & all dramas u act in. Keep up the great works and fighting. Stays healthy, merry and youthful ever.

  1319. 1319
    maida Says:

    Happy birthday wookie.wish you all the best

  1320. 1320
    glyza Says:

    you are the best Lee Dong Wook! im an avid fan of yours. i have been collecting dvds of your movies and drama! you are the best of the best of the best. i never seen other korean actors but you always amaze me especially hotel king.you really are the KING! your acting was for real. im looking 4ward 4 ur next project. im sure it will be a success in any way.please keep up the great work.God Bless u!

  1321. 1321
    YaoFang Says:

    Mr.Li Dongxu! Your 《hotelking》 was very good!hope you can get a prize!

  1322. 1322
    dushan Says:

    이동 욱, 영원히 당신 을 지 지하 고 희망 당신 이다 해 행복 했 다

  1323. 1323
    Tiedanma Says:

    I like you and Leedahae , I hope you will get marroied to Leedahae in the future!

  1324. 1324
    yaofang Says:

    Mr. Li Dongxu, I hope you and Lee Da Hae will be happy forever! Hotelking is the best!

  1325. 1325
    Tiedanma Says:

    이동국 + 이다해, 나는 매우 사랑 희망 너희 빨리 결혼 낳고 예쁜 작은 동해.

  1326. 1326
    Tiedanma Says:


  1327. 1327
    铁蛋妈 Says:


  1328. 1328
    yaofang Says:

    이동욱, 이다해, 최고!hotelking 최고!

  1329. 1329
    dushan Says:


  1330. 1330
    zhangxia Says:

    Support you forever!Your previous drama “Hotel King” is the best drama of you, I really love your acting there!💏

  1331. 1331
    zhangxia Says:

    Support you forever!Your previous drama “Hotel King” is the best drama of you, I really love your acting there!💞💍

  1332. 1332
    zhangxia Says:

    Mr. Li Dongxu, I hope you and Lee Da Hae will be happy forever! Hotelking is the best!

  1333. 1333
    Yaofang Says:

    I like you and Leedahae , I hope you will get marroied to Leedahae in the future!

  1334. 1334
    June Li Says:

    From My Girl to Hotel King, love you and Da Hae, please be together!!

  1335. 1335
    Mickey Boon Says:

    You’re the best actor.Always Love u.From Thailand.=^.^=

  1336. 1336
    Felicidad Bacani Says:

    Hello!you almost improve acting career here Hotel King and hope another team up with Lee Dae Hee…good couple!

  1337. 1337
    Soe Eithu Says:

    U r best actor, Oppa. 5ting ♡ ♡ ☺

  1338. 1338
    bona Says:

    you’re drama’s are great hotel king and my girl was the best
    hope you and Lee dae hee be together forever

  1339. 1339
    Verra92 Says:

    oppa, you’re the best for me. always love your acting.

    stay healthy, be happy 4ever.
    i hope you get married with Da Hae ri. Love you both yongwonhi !!!

  1340. 1340
    Verra92 Says:

    oppa, you’re the best for me. always love your acting.

    stay healthy, be happy 4ever.
    i hope you get married with Da Hae Eoni, Love you both yongwonhi !!!

  1341. 1341
    usa-mary Says:

    Great acting in Blade Man!

  1342. 1342
    zeedagold Says:

    great acting in IRON MAN

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    I like your dramas, partner & wild romance. Your acting skill is superb! It comes naturally. Am now watching your current drama, bubblegum and again, your acting is flawless! Hope you’ll win awards for your acting abilities. Am one of your million fans. God bless you always!!!

  1349. 1349
    czarinah Says:

    I hope u to see u with song he kyo in a drama. u r both gorgeous

  1350. 1350
    czarinah Says:

    i hope u can do drama with song he kyo in the near future

  1351. 1351
    kylie Says:

    In Bittersweet Life or LA DOLCE VITA as it is named in the tv drama, he acted with a beautiful and talented actress – Oh Yun Soo , and not the actress as named in the list of dramas as described. That must be a typo error.

    Lee Dong Wook and Oh Yun Soo were so perfect together in the drama. The music was brilliant and throughout the drama, I didn’t want it to end and longed for a happy ending for them both.

  1352. 1352
    Snow Says:

    I like this actor, but this is a case where plastic surgery went wrong. He should have left his eyes alone. Now I only see his 3 fold eyelids. It’s so distracting for me to watch him–I can’t even listen to his lines for staring at his 3 eyelids.

  1353. 1353
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