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Lee Hong Ki

Lee Hong Ki 01

Name: 이홍기 / Lee Hong Ki (Lee Hong Gi)
Profession: Singer and actor
Birthdate: 1990-Mar-02
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: AB
Star sign: Pisces
Family: Younger sister
Talent agency: F&C Music
KPOP group: F.T. Island

TV Series

Melting Me Softly (tvN, 2019)
I Hate You, Juliet! (Oksusu, 2019)
A Korean Odyssey (tvN, 2017)
Modern Farmer (SBS, 2014)
Bride of the Century (CSTV, 2014)
Noriko Goes to Seoul (KBS, 2011)
Muscle Girl (TBS, 2011)
My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (SBS, 2010)
More Charming by the Day (MBC, 2010)
You’re Beautiful (SBS, 2009)
Style (SBS, 2009)
On Air (SBS, 2008)
Unstoppable Marriage (KBS2, 2008)
Kkangsooni (EBS, 2005)
Neh Sontob Kkeuteh Bichi Nama Issuh (EBS, 2004)
Magic Kid Masuri (KBS2, 2002)


How to Steal a Dog (2014)
Our Heaven (2013)
Winter Child (2005)


2009 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (You’re Beautiful)

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Lee Hong Ki 45


  1. 1 : violet Says:

    Lee hong ki is so cute.and he is still look childist,but I like him very much.hope his new drama,you’re beautiful,will be succesful

  2. 2 : Shanna Says:

    This guy is amazing! cant wait to see the new drama XD

  3. 3 : imuyachan Says:

    Honggi fighting!!! his drama Ure Beautiful is so funny…..highly recommended…

  4. 4 : tjtj Says:

    oh my goshhhhh!!!!! he’s so cute and really fun !
    acts well even he’s young !

  5. 5 : abigail Says:

    ur so cute!!! 🙂

  6. 6 : Nancy Says:

    he’s adorable in every move in your beautiful series oh man he got talent obsolutely! keep it up Lee Hog Ki!

  7. 7 : Yanna Says:

    u’re acting is very excellent…
    u’re talented.
    very well done.
    God bless you

  8. 8 : dk-is-azn!!! Says:

    ommmggg he is waaaaaay tooo cute!!!

  9. 9 : Saralyn Says:

    I love the way your face expression totally REMARKABLE and PRICELESS ever!. Every moves you make such a cutie and adorable! i LOve you too much.

  10. 10 : Cyety Says:

    WoW your really amazing here in this series now I seen your acting I will of your series from now on….You’re the best just so adorable in every moves you make! YOU’RE SO FUN TO WATCH and make me adore you more and more….AJa! God Bless.

  11. 11 : Veronica Says:

    Can’t wait to see you in next episode your beautiful. You really entertaining people your such a great one actor! keep it up!

  12. 12 : Frances Says:


  13. 13 : Nabila Says:

    My first time I saw you in this series I really salute you WoW you really GENIUS ACTOR in your role! love to wacth you. Hope you will make more series/movie!

  14. 14 : Tanny Says:

    Love HongKing, Love FT ISland :X

  15. 15 : YRBrocks Says:

    you look much better with a black hair rather than a blond one, but your still cute in You’re Beautiful, keep up the good work and God Bless Jeremy…

  16. 16 : jo Says:

    You are so adorable.you are well loved in this drama you’re beautiful.Take good care and may you have more blessings to come.

  17. 17 : iera Says:

    he’s so cute!!! and adorable too,,haha

  18. 18 : iera Says:

    go hong gi.. aja2 fighting!!!!

  19. 19 : malley Says:

    you are soooooooooooooooooooo cute…
    sarang hae oppa..
    youre funny in ur beautiful….
    its suit you well……..
    good work oppa….
    hope you will act in more interesting drama again……..
    id loved 2……..

  20. 20 : Gye Says:


  21. 21 : michelle maleha ali Says:

    hi lee hong ki ur so amazing….and super cute nd fuuny goshhhhhhhh sarang haee oppa i cant w8 2 see in your episode take a good care,god always there with you’ you are my favourite actor 😉

  22. 22 : boram kim Says:

    Lee Hong Ki!! you’re amazing and so talented. You have such an adorable face in “youre beautiful” just thinking about the series makes me miss you!!!!! FABULOUS ACTOR!! keep up the good work!

  23. 23 : Anna Says:

    u’re amazing..and also cute..u’re very talented in ur carier..hope success in your life..

  24. 24 : Xeti Says:


    here’s the link below:


  25. 25 : Flo Says:

    I just watched you’re beautiful and his performance as Jeremy was great! Really funny and cute, but the part in the bus when he got all emotional… That nearly made me cry. His nice acting made the character really loveable and I hope to get to see more of his work soon!
    Keep it up 😀

  26. 26 : Doina Says:

    to the people who loved this series You’re BEautiful.
    H U R R Y!!!

    Sign if you’re with us!



  27. 27 : efryll Says:

    hi lee hong ki… i’m a fan of yab, it’s really good, and your really good too, hope to see you in some other show soon, god bless… hope yab has season 2…

  28. 28 : Joyce Says:

    YEAH go go go go!!! we will make it to TOP GOAL! Everybody fight all the way!


  29. 29 : Ruth Says:

    HOORAY FOR JEREMY you’re such amazing actor n singer!!! AJa! HOpe to see you soon in your drama!

  30. 30 : jezzel Says:

    i love you so much……….your so cute…………i love your voice……….i cant live my life without you……………..thank you for making me inspired……….

  31. 31 : Onigiri-chan Says:

    I like you so much!! You are so cute.. 🙂
    Would you be my boyfriend? Hehehe, kidding 😉

    Keep smile, your smile always make me happy!

  32. 32 : Anna Says:

    lol where was he in On Air?!

  33. 33 : Farzi Says:

    He’s so0o0o co0o0ol >_< I luv the way he acts in U r b e a u tiful … Go0d luck (^_^)/

  34. 34 : upa Says:

    oppa ganteng bget…
    aktingnya jga bagus…
    jereemy i love u

  35. 35 : Leia Says:

    Lee Hong Ki you were so cute and awesome in you’re beautiful!I really love your character,Jeremy,so keep on going and try your best!And no matter what some people say,you look adorable with black or blonde hair!<3

  36. 36 : Jade Says:

    i totally love lee hong ki. he’s so cute. his expressions in you’re beautiful were so adorable. and he’s so talented too. totally love him. <3 hong ki fighting! love you! can't wait for hong ki's next projects.

  37. 37 : catherine Says:

    you act with your hair blond and with your cute smile!!i like you for that!keep acting funny!aja!

  38. 38 : nov13vi Says:

    u’re very cute n natural…i love ur eyes, i don’t know why ^^
    it gives peace and warm feelings…
    keep improving ur talent…
    and i love ur voice…
    good luck oppa~

  39. 39 : jeremy lover Says:

    he’s only 19??OMG..how can i believe it?jeremy..i totally in love with him..but knowing he’s only 19..it get me frustrated..haha..nvmind..he’s rock,love u cutie

  40. 40 : usha Says:


  41. 41 : mitch Says:

    AnnyonGg-haseyo…uhm..i like you better when your hair is black..
    hahah your role in the Korean drama series your beautiful is so cute, and i’m just curios about your real characteristic. Hope it’s the same..you make people laugh,,ahah how nice!

  42. 42 : aori japan Says:

    oppa,, i really love ur act in you’re beautiful. good job,, two thumbs up for u 🙂

  43. 43 : usha Says:

    hi jeremy chongbal sarang heyo………….u r chongbal epuda ^^anyoung.

  44. 44 : Coral Says:

    u’re cute … more cute with golden hairs . 🙂

  45. 45 : Miss Hm Says:

    You look pretty.
    Sorry to be blunt though, but, you seem more of a girl than a guy.
    Take it as a compliment, heh.

  46. 46 : ladiigodiva Says:

    Oppaa!!! You’re so cute in You’re Beautiful,, as expected from your crazy habits, hahaha 🙂 I LOVE IT! HAPPY NEW YEAR and keep healthy! 😉

  47. 47 : Minni Says:

    Jeremy is so cute 🙂

  48. 48 : Arai Says:

    Happy new year jerremy…more success to you

  49. 49 : F.T.N.O.1 Says:

    i love FT
    love hong ki
    love jeremy 😉

  50. 50 : Michezant Says:

    hi,,,i watch you’re beautiful and you’re so cute.

  51. 51 : Helena Says:

    Hyong Gi.. i love you’re voice…

  52. 52 : MAROON12 Says:


  53. 53 : natot Says:


  54. 54 : n Says:

    I love Jeremy he makes me laugh all the time and when I come home from school I lissten to F.T Island or I watch Your beautiful!!!!!I LOVE IT!!!!!I wish Lee Hong Ki would go to Prague!!

    P.S I love you JEREMY!!!!

  55. 55 : penitha Says:

    saranghae LEE HONG KI…

  56. 56 : cutekitty Says:

    hIh i saw your drama ! jeremy wAs SoO CUtE ! i liked jeremy character so much! he was cool ! wait for other dramas!!!!!! ________;-D emmm your<>wass sooooooo gOoOoOoD!LIKE THAT

  57. 57 : cutekitty Says:

    i shoud repair it:D emmm i hope mv wass sooooooo gOoOoOoD!LIKE THAT

  58. 58 : littlekind Says:

    do u ppl kno what other movies hes been in other than your beautiful??????????????/

  59. 59 : simsika Says:

    jeremy looks very good

  60. 60 : simsika Says:


  61. 61 : [email protected]@hh Says:

    saranghae honggi oppa!!
    i hope one day i go to korea n meet u!!
    i hope one day i have the chance to kiss u!!

  62. 62 : kai Says:

    i love you .. i want to be with you !!

  63. 63 : Naneki Says:

    Lee Hong Ki-shi,

    Please bring FT Island to the United States for a tour. I’ll be very grateful. You were so good as Jeremy. Many happy returns.

  64. 64 : minoko Says:

    i’m real fan hong ki oppa! beautiful face and your nice voice amazing me. wish you lucky and happiness

  65. 65 : despratefann Says:

    i love love u lee hongki!! u totally changed my life..
    ahah as in hana kimi..i lost weight!! ahah omg..i love u!!
    i really want to meet you!! maybe a huugg even!! <33
    please please PLEASE come the us!! in cali please!! i love love ft island..my family is getting irritated because i ALWAYS talk about ft island..waiting for more movies of you!! i love you!!
    sarahangyo oppa!!<33

  66. 66 : febri Says:

    omg , you look so handsome , saranghae:)
    you look so different in you`re beautiful !!

  67. 67 : PRIMACATH Says:



  68. 68 : sunny Says:

    hong gi…
    you look handsome always…

  69. 69 : lyla Says:

    very funny.., jeremy make me laught….,

  70. 70 : Rachael Li Says:

    (: i think Lee Hong Ki is very cute, he has a great smile & his eyes just catches my attention, love his voice & songs too. ilovesyou <3.

  71. 71 : xiiin Says:


    your so cute^^
    you have an perfect smile…
    i really like your songs!
    take care!

  72. 72 : Hay Mar Says:

    You are so cute in A.N.Jell.But Jeremy character is very like a child.

  73. 73 : anya Says:

    I’ve just finished watching You’re Beautiful..,
    all of the cast did a good job..,
    As expected you look much better when your hair is black..,
    Keep up the good work..,
    God Bless you all ways..,
    You’re fun from the Philippines

  74. 74 : Anemone Says:

    you are so funny in you’re so beautiful i really like you the most! Oppa! I will support you all the way! SARANGHAMNIDA!!!!

  75. 75 : kimi91 Says:

    I am Korean fan….I like drama you’re beautiful especially Jeremy And Hwang Tae Kyung

  76. 76 : gina Says:

    I love Jeremy too…he..he…he
    every times he came, always make me smile
    I can watch You’re beautiful over and over
    never get boring.
    FT Island Hong Ki Aja Aja Fighting
    will be your fan forever…..(^__^)

  77. 77 : Chona Says:

    you know Lee Hong Ki.. you’re a great comedian and actor.. you know why?? because i laughed and cried when i watched you in “you’re beautiful”.. actually i cried when you sang on the bus for gemma.. Keep up the good work.. Godbless you.. by the way im from the philippines..

  78. 78 : pan pan Says:

    i love u very much jeremy! you are the best and you are so cute!i am ur biggest fan forever!i’m from myanmar

  79. 79 : bina limbu(nepal) Says:

    Lee hong ki “U R GREAT” sarangeo.Always be cool .

  80. 80 : bina limbu(nepal) Says:

    hi keep up da good work.A.N.JELL are da best.U all guys r really cool.Did u all sing da song in “YOU’re BEAUTIFUL”.I mean Jang Guen seok. U may not reply me but i really need dis answer.

  81. 81 : maythu Says:


  82. 82 : mone(may thu swe) Says:

    i like Jeremy
    i am may
    i want to known your g-mail
    take care fri

  83. 83 : Ratih Says:

    jeremy neomu jaemiiss-eo..

  84. 84 : Anggun Says:

    O Mi Gosh!! Lee Hong Gi Oppaaaa …

    you’re so CUTEEEE XD
    i hope i can meet you.. hehe…

    I Like your acting in You’re beautiful Korean Drama…
    you’re childhis there… ^3^
    and.. so CUTE and HANDSOME.. i’ll wait for your next Movieee.. okokok…

    ahhh… I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. ^3^

  85. 85 : Cathy Says:

    he is so cute when his hair is not that long… :))
    but he is still cute, however, if he has long hair..hehe

  86. 86 : nomad)) Says:

    Hey fans!!!!!!! r u all really think that he will see and read ur comments????? NOOOOOO!!!!!! Don’t believe it!!!

  87. 87 : nomad)) Says:

    Hey fans!!!!!!! r u all really think that he will see and read ur comments????? NOOOOOO!!!!!! Don’t believe it!!!

  88. 88 : nomad)) Says:

    Hey fans!!!!!!! r u all really think that he will see and read ur comments????? NOOOOOO!!!!!! Don’t believe it!!!!

  89. 89 : nomad)) Says:

    Hey fans!!!!!!! r u all really think that he will see and read ur comments????? NOOOOOO!!!!!! Don’t believe it!!!!!!

  90. 90 : nomad)) Says:

    Hey fans!!!!!!! r u all really think that he will see and read ur comments????? NOOOOOO!!!!!! Don’t believe it!!!!!!!!

  91. 91 : nomad)) Says:

    Hey fans!!!!!!! r u all really think that he will see and read ur comments????? NOOOOOO!!!!!! Don’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. 92 : nomad)) Says:

    Hey fans!!!!!!! r u all really think that he will see and read ur comments????? NOOOOOO!!!!!! Don’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. 93 : nomad)) Says:

    Hey fans!!!!!!! r u all really think that he will see and read ur comments????? NOOOOOO!!!!!! Don’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  94. 94 : nomad)) Says:

    Hey fans!!!!!!! r u all really think that he will see and read ur comments????? NOOOOOO!!!!!! Don’t believe it!!!2

  95. 95 : nomad)) Says:

    Hey fans!!!!!!! r u all really think that he will see and read ur comments????? NOOOOOO!!!!!! Don’t believe it!!!3

  96. 96 : memo Says:

    i like it when he blond and the same this style

  97. 97 : krissy Says:

    cute love him BIG fan<3

  98. 98 : anya Says:

    For Nomad
    We all know that there is a probability that he will not be able to read our comments
    This is just a way of showing what we feel
    Take care

  99. 99 : SOGOL Says:

    ih im sogol from iran.and i think you are so cote .
    i enjoy watching your drama.i love korea and im sure one day i will visit your country and i hope meet you in person.and in persian DOOSET DARAM it means I LOVE YOU OPA

  100. 100 : acel Says:

    …wow jeremy…hooooh….i really love his blonde hait..luverrrr

  101. 101 : .................... Says:

    hi i just wanna say u r soooooooooo cuteeeeeeee.
    my little jeremy or lee hong ki

  102. 102 : ct Says:

    i love you’re voice and the way u play ur character in you’re beautiful drama.
    i can’t wait to c ur next drama/movie besides ur albums
    best of luck n keep up the best in ourlife 🙂

  103. 103 : coniix Says:

    ..Ur so handsome!! believe me !
    i know for sure that ‘ur beautiful ‘ would be a great hit here in philippines!! I would be glad if you could come and visit our country>.. <3

  104. 104 : maythu Says:

    i like lee hong ki
    try fri

  105. 105 : ayepwint Says:

    I like you .
    can I invite your g mail
    please give me your g mail .
    good luck

  106. 106 : timoria Says:

    i like him,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!

  107. 107 : ase Says:


  108. 108 : violette Says:

    hongki oppa ure the best….. u are so handsome ….. o my god ……. how am i going to say ??????? nan chhongmal chhongmal chuha eo.. oppa FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. 109 : violette Says:

    hongki oppa, ure the best …….. u are so handsome ……..oh my GGod …… how am i gonna say?????????????????????? NAN CHHONGMAL CHHONGMAL CHUHA EO ………. OPPA FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. 110 : anya Says:

    I’ve just heard that Ft Island will come here in the Philippines this coming Friday..,
    Too bad we won’t be able to see you..,
    You can go to Boracay if you want to..,
    It’s a nice vacation spot especially this summer

  111. 111 : nastaran Says:

    Happy Birthday honey

  112. 112 : ct Says:

    happy birthday….
    may God bless u

  113. 113 : Ashiya Says:

    Happy birthday to you Lee Hong Ki hopefuly you will have a wonderful life with all of F.T ISLAND members please come and make a concert in CZ!!!!생일 축하합니다

  114. 114 : gina Says:

    Happy birthday Hong Gi
    Wishing you have wonderful life
    You really have a great voice
    and every time I Listen to FT island, really really make my day.
    so thanks for keep up a great music.
    jongmal saranghaeyo♥♥♥♥♥

  115. 115 : SiSSie Says:

    my favourite korean band singer now an actor!!!sooooooo cute jeremy,love you…wish you all the best in all of your career,be healthy and happy,happy late birthday LEE HONG GI!!!

  116. 116 : SiSSie Says:

    one in a million talent!!!

  117. 117 : klarizze Says:

    i really like you.. im a big fan of yours, especially when you played the role of JEREMY!! i just hope that i’m go mi nam hahaha.. i really like the episode of you and mi nam, it is when you are declaring your love for her.. i cried a lot because of that.. =p i hope i can see you but that’s impossible.. take care of yourself mr. lee hong ki..

    belated happy birthday also.. God bless..=p

    N J
    G E
    H R
    A E
    M M
    N Y

  118. 118 : Glaze Says:

    Hello…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Many blessings to come and God bless you always and in your career. I will always watch your’e Beautiful and also your band…Good Luck and more career to come…Take Care always.

  119. 119 : rani Says:

    you have such a unique voice, i can recognize it everywhere.
    and your role as jeremy was so well played!!!!
    you were so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love you

  120. 120 : jeconiix Says:

    .. thanku for so coming in the philippines it is a great show! ur so handsome .. i love ur voice!

  121. 121 : emelyn Says:

    ang gwapoh moh jeremy!!!
    i lyk a guy lyk u!

  122. 122 : shin woo Says:

    you’re so cool XD

  123. 123 : khymie Says:

    jeremy you are so jolly i like it

  124. 124 : samantha Says:

    jeremy naiinlove na ako sa iyo

  125. 125 : miyako Says:

    hong ki oppa u so cute ….^^

  126. 126 : bobby Says:

    you are really damn cute oppa luv u so much

  127. 127 : bobby Says:

    you are really damn cute oppa

  128. 128 : Real Says:

    Hallo! Unexpectedly, you’re just 2 days older than me! ^^;

    I was born on March 4th 1990…

  129. 129 : nadia Says:

    you are the best.( i realy lllllloooovvvveee you )

  130. 130 : ..... Says:

    oh hongki soooooo cutie luv ur voice and now really admire as an actor

  131. 131 : ..... Says:

    one in a 10million talent:)

  132. 132 : jeremy x hongki x sarangehayo Says:

    he caann singg beaautifully anddd acttt !
    he makes mee meelllttt (x

  133. 133 : annika Says:

    kawaii!!!! >.<
    i mean "cute" i've watch "you're beatiful" i was touch at ur scene, when u were telling "go mi nam" u like her…in ur "magic bus" and u sang very great! kawaii!!!!!

    =annika of philippines=

  134. 134 : jeong yong hwa biggest fan! Says:

    oppa!!! saranghae!!!! ur xuper cute too!! i love u n ilove jung yong hwa oppa too!!! saranghae!!! ur acting is so cute in drama ur’re beautiful xuper childish makes u look cuter!!!

  135. 135 : cherie may Says:

    hongki-sshi! u were so cute in you’re beautiful! and know? im starting to love your band – ft island- when you came here in the philippines.. more power to u hongki-sshi.. hwaiting!

  136. 136 : ..... Says:


  137. 137 : danielle Says:

    love you jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you have such a nice, cute but in the sama time powerful voice!
    it touchs my heart!
    while you were crying in YAB in the bus scene i couldn´t hold my tears either
    and the scene with the ice commercial………………no words
    its one of the best moments i ever seen in a drama!!!!!!!!

  138. 138 : sigh Says:

    kawaii. i love you dramas.

  139. 139 : sigh Says:


  140. 140 : jeremy-yellow is cute Says:

    what is the emai address for lee hong ki ? he is so cute and hot when he is sleeping he sings great and cool.i want to be his girlfrind!

  141. 141 : nadia Says:

    i always have the dream
    that i will met you somewhere in the world
    that you feel in the moment you see me
    that i´m your soulmate…:-)
    and than you will never let me goooooooo

  142. 142 : nadia Says:

    U R

    U R

    U R

    U R

    U R

    U R
    So LUCKY

  143. 143 : nadia Says:

    your voice is soooo perfect and mature …
    even i can say that your voice is much older than you…
    iiiiii loooooveeee yooou sooooo much…

  144. 144 : nadia Says:

    i love every thing about you … you were best in “You’re Beautiful”

  145. 145 : Yuki Says:

    Waaah I love the songs of F.T island!!! Lee Hong Ki is so handsome!! for me he is the no. 1. I hope that they’ll have a concert here in Philippines

  146. 146 : nadia Says:

    U may miss me, U may ignore me, U may even forget me, But one day if u wanna c me, Dont search, just c ur shadow, i wil be there…Trust Me!!

  147. 147 : mimadandelion Says:

    you’re good with blonde!!!!!!!! love love love!!!!!!!

  148. 148 : nadia Says:

    i love you from BOTTOM of my heat
    from your Number 1 lover NADIA

  149. 149 : nadia Says:

    hello agin myyyyy love .i will never forget you….

  150. 150 : rani Says:

    hello my cute jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. 151 : rani Says:

    lets make your site nicer 😉

  152. 152 : rani Says:

    dear administrator
    would you add this photo please
    thank you

  153. 153 : rani Says:

    please this photo,too
    thank you

  154. 154 : rani Says:

    you are so cute!!!
    and you are a drinking buddy of my sukkie
    so i like you,too

  155. 155 : rani Says:

    ok jeremy now i have to go back to my jang geun suk!!!

  156. 156 : nadia Says:

    I will give you one kiss to go
    I will give you one kiss to go to sleep. I give you two kisses to dream. I give you an endless row of kisses to, when you wake up in the morning, think of me.

  157. 157 : nadia Says:

    Let the Most Beautiful
    Dream come to you Tonight,

    Let the Sweetest Person
    Come in your Dream Tonight.

    But don’t make it a Habit
    Because I’m not Free Every Night.

    Good Night

  158. 158 : rani Says:

    hong ki
    do you know
    i love your version of promise the most…
    psst…don´t tell it anybody
    sukkie don´t get jealous 😉

  159. 159 : rani Says:

    i hope you will stay friends with my sukkie forever 😉

  160. 160 : rani Says:

    good night!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. 161 : rani Says:

    hi cutieeeee
    how are you today?

  162. 162 : rani Says:

    dear administrator
    would you please add this photo

  163. 163 : rani Says:

    and this photo,too please
    thank you!

  164. 164 : rani Says:

    we all love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. 165 : nadia Says:

    ur love is like water in the ocean it last forever,
    ur kiss is like a remeberable story,couse i will always rember it,i love you.

  166. 166 : nadia Says:

    i love you my love …
    good night….

  167. 167 : nadia Says:

    HAPPY kissing DAY, coz i want to kiss you every day….

  168. 168 : nadia Says:

    i love you forever….

  169. 169 : nadia Says:

    i have a biiiiig problem in here , and it,s for not having you here with meeeee
    what should i doooooo?

  170. 170 : nadia Says:

    ohhhh… my little chick…love you till death…

  171. 171 : nadia Says:

    i wish that someday… you sing a song for meeee… because i love your voice tooooo much….

  172. 172 : nadia Says:

    is any body knows why SOME other sites our destroyed for EXAMPLE
    “Jang Geun Suk” or Kim Hyun Joong ,coz i cant post my comments!!!

  173. 173 : nadia Says:

    i think i should just maintain my love just for you!!!!!
    and you know that iam always here for you….my love!!!

  174. 174 : nadia Says:

    When you long for something, it means you love it…

  175. 175 : nadia Says:

    my endless love for you……………………….

  176. 176 : nadia Says:

    marry… marry…marry me
    marry… marry…marry me
    la la … la la la….

  177. 177 : nadia Says:

    do not go anywhere … im STILL here baby….

  178. 178 : nadia Says:

    i miss you so much that it hurts…

  179. 179 : nadia Says:

    2day i want 2 say usomething………………..2 say u………kiss me and say Goodbye

  180. 180 : rani Says:

    hong ki my dear
    until i can leave comments at sukkies site again
    i have decided to leave comments for you

  181. 181 : rani Says:

    you have an extra ordinary voice!!!
    so cute!
    thats why you were perfect in the role of jeremy

  182. 182 : rani Says:

    maybe i will make you no.1 here
    you know we are really crazy
    and you are a good buddy of my sukkie
    thats reason enough

  183. 183 : rani Says:

    i know i´m crazy don´t mind 🙂

  184. 184 : joshua Says:

    hey . . .ur funny in the drama . . .you’re beautiful . ..

    hey add my e-mail

    [email protected]

  185. 185 : nadia Says:

    Love under the stars… they seem very far, but you are so close the star I love the most…

  186. 186 : nadia Says:

    hi rani

    are you one of the fans of Jang Geun Suk…
    i think you are!!!!
    so come here more to help this site too
    coz my love for Lee Hong Ki is very Igneous….

  187. 187 : nadia Says:

    Love is hard and will always be, but remember somebody loves you and that one is ME !

  188. 188 : nadia Says:

    baby!!! i will love you more and more each day…

  189. 189 : nadia Says:

    Tomorrow there is an other day.A day i’d rather spend with you….without you there is no joy, only pain

  190. 190 : nadia Says:

    i love you

  191. 191 : Neda Says:

    pls my dear AdmiN !

  192. 192 : nadia Says:

    i have “Lee Hong Ki” pictures everywhere with myself
    coz i dont want to LACK him even for a moment…
    and even now iam just looking at him…
    just god knows how much i love him …
    i wished that he knew…

  193. 193 : nadia Says:


  194. 194 : nadia Says:

    hello AGAIN
    my everlasting love!!!!

  195. 195 : joyZee Says:

    I do. we’re married now!chadan!!! chu wa hye!

  196. 196 : nadia Says:

    hello my love
    today iam abit Fidgety
    i wished i could be with you…
    coz being with you is my greatest wish…
    i love you for ever…

  197. 197 : rani Says:

    hi hong ki
    i just read that you could´t change your hairstyle because of overseas promotions..
    hong ki stay blonde!!!
    it fits you perfectly 🙂

  198. 198 : rani Says:

    yay you recognized me
    i´m one of the crazy fans of sukkie 😉
    sometimes i support his buddies,too 🙂

  199. 199 : rani Says:

    dear administrator
    please add this photos



    thank you!

  200. 200 : Priya Says:

    i m just crazy about you…. and love ur hair-style in You’re beautiful…..
    love you………………

  201. 201 : nadia Says:

    oh its one of my biggest DESIRE to see you in person!!!

    but my love!!!!
    iam allways here for you even IF you dont know me!!!

  202. 202 : rani Says:

    hi hong ki
    how are you my cute little brother?
    your noona will make your site a bit nicer again 🙂

    recently i read this
    F.T.Island’s Lee Hongki shared his stories on today’s episode of Strong Heart about always going off key and cracking his voice while singing.
    He also spoke about being called a “hand-sync band,” which is a term that people use to describe bands that play with their instruments for recording, then only pretend to play the instruments during actual performances.
    Lee Hongki first talked about his mistake on SBS Gayo Daejun where he went off key. He said, “I wasn’t feeling well and I did make a mistake.” He was so sick that he had to go to the hospital after the performance.

    He continued, “After that, even when I tried really hard and did well live, people accused me of lipsyncing.”
    He spoke about being called a handsync band, saying, “It hurt a lot to hear that. We will work harder to be recognized for our talents.” What fans don’t know is that instruments aren’t allowed to be played live on live broadcast music programs.

  203. 203 : rani Says:

    don´t be sad my little bro
    you have such a unique voice
    and you and your group will prove your critics that you are talented!!!

  204. 204 : rani Says:

    dear admin
    please add this photo
    and this one
    thanks 🙂

  205. 205 : ani.wijaya Says:

    are you male or female???? it’s confuse me……

  206. 206 : nadia Says:

    hello my lovely prince….
    its me again !!!

  207. 207 : nadia Says:

    I wish I was a teddy bear, that lay upon your bed,
    so everytime you cuddled it, you cuddled me instead.

  208. 208 : nadia Says:

    my love!!!
    iam very proud of you …
    coz ,every body knows that you are the one .
    and have a best of the best voice in the world…

  209. 209 : nadia Says:

    yestarday i ask my heart some thing is missing what happen to you. it says their is no heart i miss you my dear .

  210. 210 : rani Says:

    whats your problem?
    do you need attention?
    its so low of you to go and leave this kind of rubbish on the sites of the anjell members!!!
    i hope i won´t see you and your silly comments again on the sites of my idols!
    please go and support your favourite actors/actresses and leave sukkie and hong ki alone!

  211. 211 : rani Says:

    dear admin
    yay sorry its me again 😉
    please add this pics




    thank you my dear admin
    you are the best!!!!!!!

  212. 212 : nadia Says:

    when ever i miss u.. I will look for you in my dreams.. or try to hear ur voice in ur songs.. and put my right hand across my chest then i feel you in my heart……….MISS you
    my love…

  213. 213 : nadia Says:

    very nice new pictures!!!!
    honey…. you are reallllly BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  214. 214 : nadia Says:

    here is an other photo
    pleaseeee add this too…

  215. 215 : nadia Says:

    dear“Lee Hong Ki”
    may be i never get the chance to see you in person but
    You are always here for me …
    so you give me the courage to stand alone.

  216. 216 : novem Says:

    how are you ?
    I want to your e mail.

  217. 217 : nadia Says:

    iam in love!
    in love with what?
    in love with love…
    in love with you !!!
    you are love!!!
    love is mine …
    you are mine…

  218. 218 : nadia Says:

    hi my little lovely bird
    i will never forget youuuuuuu.
    thats why iam here again!!!

  219. 219 : nadia Says:

    “Lee Hong Ki “Lee Hong Ki
    “Lee Hong Ki “Lee Hong Ki
    “Lee Hong Ki
    “Lee Hong Ki “Lee Hong Ki
    “Lee Hong Ki “Lee Hong Ki

    you are my BUTTERFLY …

  220. 220 : nadia Says:

    hey my love .
    i just want to say something to you…
    guess what?
    its very OBVIOUS!!!
    iiiiiiiiii looooveeeee yyyyouuu….

  221. 221 : nadia Says:


  222. 222 : nadia Says:

    One day u will ask me: What is more important to you, me or your life? I will say: my life… You will walk away from me without knowing that U R MY LIFE!!!

  223. 223 : Laira Says:

    Cutest Boy Ever…………..
    Aja…n good luck..all the best n keep fighting..
    ANJELL 4 ever………love 4 ever

  224. 224 : nadia Says:

    here i am again!!!
    today like everyday i miss you!
    thats why i come here to say hiiiiiiiiiiii
    ilove you!!!!

  225. 225 : nadia Says:

    hello hello hello
    “Lee Hong Ki”
    my loveeeeeee
    please remember me !
    coz iam always here for you!!!

  226. 226 : nadia Says:

    a sweet little rabbit
    a sweet little rabbit, just like you, because I love you!! kisses…

  227. 227 : nadia Says:

    There are 4 steps to Happiness: 1. You, 2. Me, 3. Our Hearts, 4. Together!

  228. 228 : sandra mae Says:

    lee hong ki…youre sooooo cute…super..you have a great voice and i like it so much,,take care always..

  229. 229 : sandra mae Says:


  230. 230 : may oo Says:

    ယူကyour beautiful ကားမွာခ်စ္ဖို့အေကာင္းဆံုးဘဲ။

  231. 231 : nadia Says:

    i love your smile coz…
    A smile is the lighting system of the face, the cooling system of the head and the heating system of the heart

  232. 232 : nadia Says:

    hello again my loveeeeeeeee
    i missed you soooooooo much today
    you know that ,i will never forget you
    iam always think about you…
    even when iam not here…
    i shoud AMUSE my self with your pics & songs

  233. 233 : nadia Says:

    you know !,every body knows that you have a lovely voice
    and iam proud of you…
    you are the best baby!!!

  234. 234 : fereshte Says:


  235. 235 : fereshte Says:


  236. 236 : fereshte Says:

    ok ..
    i know..
    i have to go

  237. 237 : nadia Says:

    I want to hold your hand
    I want to hold your hand
    And when I touch you
    I feel happy inside
    It’s such a feeling
    That, my love!!!!, I can’t hide

  238. 238 : nadia Says:

    ******I LOVE YOU*******
    ****** Hong Ki*******

  239. 239 : alanna Says:

    Nice to meet you, lee hong ki ^^

  240. 240 : alanna Says:

    Nice to meet you! Lee hong ki ^^

  241. 241 : nadia Says:

    24 SmileS..



    For You,

    i send you 24 smiles
    One For Each Hour.!
    So ThaT You Keep SMiLiNG 24 HOURS!!

  242. 242 : nadia Says:

    you know!!!
    Genuine success comes only to those who are ready for it.
    Good Luck

  243. 243 : ..... Says:

    such a cutie

  244. 244 : nadia Says:

    hello my dear
    how are you today?
    me! thank god ,iam fine!!
    i hope that you also be as fine as me.
    i just wanted to tell you that i miss you sooooooo much!!!
    I wish you were here with me!ahhhhh
    coz i feel like DYING in ABSENCE of you….
    you know that!!! sooooo dont make me wait!

  245. 245 : nadia Says:

    love…“Lee Hong Ki”….love

    love…“Lee Hong Ki”….love

    love…“Lee Hong Ki”….love

  246. 246 : nadia Says:

    ( . . )
    _ * _
    i i
    you are my king
    iam your queen

    ( . . )
    / 99 \

  247. 247 : elin Says:

    hello Lee hong ki,who’s that nadia,your lover or something?:(
    Any way,nice to meet u,such a cute face……well,bye!!

  248. 248 : elin Says:

    if i ever see Lee hong ki in real lif,i’ll for sure faint onto the floor!!

  249. 249 : han kin Says:

    fighting ! i think , you are smart i like you .

  250. 250 : nadia Says:

    “Lee Hong Ki”
    it’s me again !!!
    imissed you verrrry much my love ,ahhhhh,don’t know what to say,shhhhh
    i think i’m going crazy ,oh god
    jut want to say (i love you)

  251. 251 : nadia Says:

    Hong Ki
    i’m sooooo sad….
    just like a heart broken girl…
    a crazy in love girl …
    i dont know what to do with my heart !!!
    i think i’m sick…
    there is no cure for it except your love…

  252. 252 : nadia Says:

    some day i’m gonna see you and when it’s happen i will tell you how i feel,coz my love for you will never die…
    you are like a water in the DESERT for me…
    i need you to be alive…
    so wait for me …

  253. 253 : nadia Says:

    Kiss Me In The Light..Love Me In the Dark..Hold Me ’till The End.And I Promise I won’t Break Your Heart

  254. 254 : nadia Says:

    I think U r very careless!!!U come & leave things behind!!!! See now what u have left??U just came in my mind & left a smile on my face….

  255. 255 : nadia Says:

    H H O O N N N G K K
    H H O O N N N G G K K III

  256. 256 : nadia Says:

    just you hong ki….

  257. 257 : nadia Says:

    lee lee lee
    lee lee lee
    lee hong ki……………………………………………………………..my love

  258. 258 : nadia Says:

    dear lee hong ki;
    To the world you may be just one person,
    but to one person you may be the world.

  259. 259 : nadia Says:

    the love of me & you ………
    is like a endless path………..

  260. 260 : nadia Says:

    Sometimes, I wish I had never met you.
    Then I could go to sleep at night not knowing there was someone like you out there.

  261. 261 : nadia Says:

    Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can

  262. 262 : nadia Says:

    hi dear
    how are you today!!!
    love you…

  263. 263 : nadia Says:

    “I cannot show you I love you. Time will show you I love you.”

    love you “Lee Hong Ki”

  264. 264 : nadia Says:




  265. 265 : nadia Says:

    i love you with my all 6 SENSES
    the last sense is you…

  266. 266 : nok gurlz Says:

    i love u lee hong gi

  267. 267 : Sandy Says:

    You so cute ….
    How can I say anymore.
    I Like U.
    I dreamed every night about U……..

  268. 268 : nadia Says:

    dear hong ki:

    A day without your love is a day without life.

  269. 269 : nadia Says:

    hello my love!!
    iam back agin and i want to show you my love …

    88 88

  270. 270 : nadia Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 I LOVE YOU 🙂 🙂 🙂

  271. 271 : nadia Says:

    hello my darling
    whenever i come here i feel much close to you…. in here i feel solace & comfort.
    do you know why?
    coz its your place Exactly like your home…
    so lets live happy in our dwelling place…
    ha ha ha

  272. 272 : dickyi tsomo Says:

    rock lee hong ki

  273. 273 : dickyi tsomo Says:

    hey u r too sweet
    i like u very much in u r drama u r beautiful
    hey reply me lo i will be waiting for u r reply
    n ya i m a student i m really interest on u man coz u r like ma bro
    take care eat healthy food
    one thing i tell u that i m a tibetan girl from india

  274. 274 : dickyi tsomo Says:

    miss u so much ma dublicate brother

  275. 275 : nadia Says:

    hello my LUSCIOUS love!!!
    iam here again!
    🙂 🙂

  276. 276 : nadia Says:

    🙂 come to me baby 🙂

  277. 277 : nadia Says:

    dear hong ki:
    They learned me that one hours equals 60 minutes and that one minute equals 60 seconds, but they never told me that one second without you can last for ever!

  278. 278 : nadia Says:

    i love you mre & more each day….

  279. 279 : nadia Says:

    The Person Who Loves You A lot Will Always Do
    Two Things Extremely For You:

    1. CARING


    2. HURTING.

  280. 280 : nadia Says:


  281. 281 : nadia Says:

    😛 😛 😛

  282. 282 : nadia Says:

    😀 😀

  283. 283 : nadia Says:

    iam here again!!!
    so… let me say i love you.

  284. 284 : nadia Says:

    hello my love i miss you toooooo much…
    today i feel even more Lonely without you…
    please … please … say something !!!ohhh
    i think iam going crazy…!

  285. 285 : nadia Says:

    love me !! hold me!! kiss me!!
    and let me be the one for you….;)

  286. 286 : nadia Says:

    i really love to call you this…

    “Lee Hong Ki” my love!! 😉

  287. 287 : Carrie Says:

    Hey, I guess I’m a new fan of yours ! You rock ! 😀 good luck in whatever you do .. ^^

  288. 288 : nadia Says:

    my love for you will always shine like all the stars of sky…

  289. 289 : nadia Says:

    the word of love really really suits you…coz you are loveeee 😛

  290. 290 : nadia Says:

    hello dear admin
    please add these pics of my love thanks



    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4334460510/sizes/o/



    🙂 🙂 🙂 thankssssssssssssssss.again

  291. 291 : nadia Says:


  292. 292 : Anjell loverz Says:

    hong ki u r so damn cute

  293. 293 : Anjell loverz Says:

    Childish jeremy soooo cute.. I watch youre beautiful again and again n i never bored thats because hongki,JGS n yonghwa so cute

  294. 294 : Anjell loverz Says:

    i love ft istland. Especialy hongki.. The song that make me like him love sick and reo reo i love that song very much

  295. 295 : Anjell loverz Says:


  296. 296 : Love sick Says:

    hong ki you are the best!

  297. 297 : Love sick Says:

    i love ft island, i love their song. But i never seen ft island perform at music bank lately. Anyways i love cn blue comback stage last friday yong hwa so handsome and cute

  298. 298 : Love sick Says:

    i want youre beautiful season 2

  299. 299 : nadia Says:

    i miss you sooooooo much my love
    how are you?
    love you!!!
    today i just thought about you the whole time when i was at university!
    and i just want to be with you more & more!!!

  300. 300 : nadia Says:

    MY LOVE 😛 😛 😛


  301. 301 : nadia Says:

    hong ki my dear…..
    i will allways here for you no matter what!
    i just want to show you my endless love
    so please remember me!!

  302. 302 : nadia Says:

    wow …
    i love to add more beautiful pics of you to see your handsome face more & more !!!
    you are the only one for me!!
    so i love to see you all the time
    hope some day see you personally 🙂 and show my TRUE love to you!!
    love you…. 😉
    just wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  303. 303 : nadia Says:


  304. 304 : nadia Says:

    dear lee hong ki:
    i start everyday of my life just with the think of you…
    and just with the think of you i can go on…
    you are like a Heavenly love melody to me…
    a melody which Repeated again & again in my mind and my heart
    and never ends…
    some times with a think of you iam in another world.
    in heaven…a place where God and the angels dwell…
    you are my LORD.. the owner of my heart…
    think of you is like a spring breeze to me…which i love to feel it all
    the MONTHS of the year…
    whenever i see the night sky i just IMAGINE your BEAUTIFUL face in the depth of shining stars… and wish to be with you…
    maybe i shouldn’t be like this but i can’t…coz its some thing that merged with my soul…
    my love!
    i just want to tell you ,i love you till the end of the world!!!

  305. 305 : nadia Says:

    😛 😛
    this is me and you

  306. 306 : nadia Says:

    good night my love wish to see you in my dreams … zzzz

  307. 307 : nadia Says:


  308. 308 : nadia Says:

    “Lee Hong Ki”

    Day & Night only your thought,
    Other than you no one in my heart,
    You are MY ANGEL that is a fact,
    You have became beat of my heart,
    Love you still my soul will depart…. 😛

  309. 309 : rani Says:

    hello hong ki!!!
    i missed to see you on the screen as jeremy..you were so adorable..maybe we will have a chance to see you in that role again…
    recently i read that you want to compose your own songs…thats a great goal and i´m sure you will achieve it!!!
    you remind me of myself and my fighting with the others for jang geun suk 😉 you are full of fighting energy and love for your idol!
    from time to time i will try to drop by so that you don´t feel lonely here 😉
    keep fighting my dear!!!!!

  310. 310 : Love sick Says:

    i love hongki too

  311. 311 : Love sick Says:

    i love hong ki
    i love yong hwa
    i love jang geun suk

  312. 312 : Love sick Says:

    gooood morning hongki!!

  313. 313 : nadia Says:

    my dear kong ki !!!
    iam here once again…
    you know, i will never forget you!!!

  314. 314 : nadia Says:

    hi dear rani :
    so happy to see you here! iam very glad that you want to support my love too…
    iam also one of the fans of jang geun suk just like you & i think he is sooooo sweet .
    and some times i leave comments for him too…
    but my love for kong ki is everlasting… he is soooooooo adorable!!
    anyway good luck !!!
    😛 😛 😛

  315. 315 : nadia Says:

    L O V E …
    L = Lake of Sorrows .. O = Ocean of Tears .. V = Valley of Death .. E = End of life….


  316. 316 : nadia Says:

    love you hong ki 😉

  317. 317 : Love sick Says:

    good morning hong ki

  318. 318 : Love sick Says:

    hong ki u r soo cute.. i watch ft island concert dvd’s again and again n i never bored.

  319. 319 : Love sick Says:

    wo ai ni

  320. 320 : love Says:

    ka wa yi

  321. 321 : nadia Says:

    hi Love sick:
    good to see you here!!
    lets support our prince… ha ha

  322. 322 : nadia Says:

    my love “Lee Hong Ki”
    iam here!!! kkkkk
    please pay a little ATTENTION… ommmm
    coz…… you really know that i loveeeeeeee you sooooo much
    and i want to support you till the end…..

  323. 323 : nadia Says:

    LOVE ( hong ki) YOU

  324. 324 : nadia Says:

    just remember meeeeee
    your number one lover!!!!

  325. 325 : nadia Says:

    Life is nothing without LOVE, love is emotion & Kiss is practical, don’t get emotional yar just b practical so STOP luving and START Kissing


  326. 326 : nadia Says:

    “Lee ”
    Hong Ki
    Hong Ki
    Hong Ki
    my loveeeee

  327. 327 : nadia Says:

    kiss kiss kiss 😛 then GOOD NIGHT

  328. 328 : rani Says:

    dear admin
    please add this pics

  329. 329 : Love sick Says:

    hi nadia:
    thanx.. Yes.. Lets suppor our prince haha

  330. 330 : Love sick Says:

    good morning my lovely sweet hong ki..

  331. 331 : nadia Says:

    hi rani:
    thanks for the pics, he is sooooo nice
    iam sooooooo happy for you my love… you are soooo BEAUTIFUL
    HA HA HA 😛

  332. 332 : nadia Says:

    hong ki my love!!!
    i just looooooove to call you that……

  333. 333 : nadia Says:

    hello Love sick
    good to see you again!!!!

  334. 334 : nadia Says:


  335. 335 : nadia Says:

    goody good night to youuuuuuuuu my everlasting love… ba bye!!!

  336. 336 : nadia Says:

    hello myyyy loveeeeee….
    what’s up!!!!
    how are you?
    love you!
    kisssssssss 😛

  337. 337 : nadia Says:

    today i miss you sooo much
    I wish you were here!!!
    just wanted you to know…coz i know you miss me too!… haha
    i keep coming here!!!
    ok oppa!!! 😉

  338. 338 : lee Says:

    so cute…

  339. 339 : nadia Says:

    iam back again my lovely love…
    kisses 😉

  340. 340 : nadia Says:

    A smile is a curve that sets everything straight and wipes wrinkle away hope u share a lots and receive a lots 4 days 2 come

  341. 341 : nadia Says:

    honey iam waiting for your new songs and i know that it must be wonderful…
    coz you are wonderful…am i right? ha ha
    i loveeeee your voice and i think you have the best voice in the world
    thats why i never get tired to listen to your songs even 100,000 times
    sooo please be more & more active and make me happy my love!!!
    ok my dear oppa!!!

  342. 342 : nadia Says:

    my dear hong ki:
    yesterday i bought a couple ring for me and you and it has a kitty shape just like you and me….. one of them is yellow and the other one is red ,the yellow one is for you and the red one is for me. today i put both of them on my fingers and went to university …
    my friends liked it and i said the story… ha ha
    soooo lovely… i just only thought about ourselves, and from now on
    i will keep these rings to myself for the sign of our love… may be one day i’ll get the chance to give your ring to you sooooo again wait
    for me my love ok my love!!!

  343. 343 : sahar Says:

    نادیا اگه ایرانی هستی به فارسی جوابمو بده!

  344. 344 : sahar Says:

    oppa sarangheyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  345. 345 : nadia Says:

    hong ki + nadia
    hong ki + nadia
    hong ki + nadia = EVERLASTING LOVE 😛
    hong ki + nadia
    hong ki + nadia

  346. 346 : nadia Says:

    dear lee hong ki

    In My Life I Learned How.

    To Love
    To Smile
    To Be Happy
    To Be Strong
    To Work Hard
    To Be Honest
    To Be Faithful
    To Forgive


    But I couldn’t Learn How To stop Remebering You. 🙂

  347. 347 : nadia Says:

    hi sahar
    welcome!!! in here wow !!!

  348. 348 : nadia Says:

    Love is a war.
    This war will end
    when life will end…………………………my love

  349. 349 : nadia Says:

    love is a seed
    planted by GOD
    and watered by man………………………………..oppa . ha ha

  350. 350 : nadia Says:

    I want to hold your hand
    I want to hold your hand
    And when I touch you
    I feel happy inside
    It’s such a feeling
    That, my love!!!!, I can’t hide

  351. 351 : nadia Says:

    i love you 😛 😛 😛

  352. 352 : nadia Says:

    The Person Who Loves You A lot Will Always Do
    Two Things Extremely For You:

    1. CARING


    2. HURTING

  353. 353 : nadia Says:

    hello dear admin
    please add these lovely pics…


    thankssss. 😛

  354. 354 : nadia Says:

    and this:


    again thanks.

  355. 355 : neda Says:


  356. 356 : neda Says:


  357. 357 : nadia Says:

    hello my love iam back again
    today, was one of my hardest days coz i had my first final exam at University!!!
    thank god!!! i did it very well!!
    and now iam soooo happy….
    just wanted to tell you!! ha ha ha
    love ya!!

  358. 358 : nadia Says:

    wow…dear hong ki
    your pics, made this place sooooo beautiful
    since you are beautiful… 😉
    ohhhh, such a lovely atmosphere!!very lovely…

  359. 359 : nadia Says:

    I will back again!!!

  360. 360 : nadia Says:

    Dear hong ki
    I was in front of the tv ,WHEN i remembered one of my saddest memories.. 🙁
    then i thought, some times it could be so good if we were able to forget our bad memories…
    and just remember the good ones!! heeee
    what do you think ?

  361. 361 : nadia Says:

    good night my love, sweet dreams!!

  362. 362 : ninaz Says:

    where R U from?????

  363. 363 : ninaz Says:

    heh! che jaleb pas irani hasti? rooze madaretam mobarak! jedan kheyli aqayedet rediculese! ker kere khandas manke harvaqt ho3lam sar mire miam inja khial pardaziyaye toro mikhunam! barikala nevisandeye khubi mishi 😉
    rasti ye chizi oppa male mane ha~!!~!!~!!

  364. 364 : nadia Says:

    hi my love..
    The smallest word is I, the sweetest word is Love and the dearest person in the world is you. thats why I Love You 🙂

  365. 365 : nadia Says:


  366. 366 : nadia Says:

    dear hong ki:
    Enter PIN code…
    Enter PIN code…L,
    Enter PIN code …LO
    Enter PIN code…LOV
    Enter PIN Code LOVE…..
    PIN Accepted……
    ;^ U ^; to v my *Heart*…

  367. 367 : nadia Says:

    love you
    love you
    love you
    love you
    love you…………………….
    ……………………….LEE HONG KI

  368. 368 : nadia Says:

    Hi Moon,

    My love is Going to Sleep.

    Tell to your Brother sun to raise tomorrow late.

    Because my dear wants More relax.

    Good Night.


  369. 369 : nadia Says:

    are ninaz nanaz !
    man irani hastam o hech ebaee az in moozoo nadaram. vali mesl in ka to ba in ghazeya
    moshkal dari? hamena ka ma irani ha peshraft namekonem chon chashm didan ham degaro
    nadarem vali kharajeha ta yak hamvatan khodashon ro payda mekonan koli tahvelesh megeran!
    badesh ham dega aghyede man ro nakhon!! hommm
    chon man baraya to namenavesam! ok!
    khastam yak bar baraye hamesha javabet ro badam chon hal javab dadan ba mojoodati
    mesl to ro nadaram!

  370. 370 : nadia Says:

    oppa! iam very sad coz i dont like to destroy the lovely atmosphere of here
    but Unfortunately some people dont let to keep it…

    Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.


  371. 371 : nadia Says:

    Dear hong ki
    I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am think about you.

  372. 372 : nadia Says:

    LO 😛 😛 😛 VE


  373. 373 : nadia Says:

    HI dear hong ki
    did you slept well last night?
    i hope so!
    how are you today my love?
    i wish you a veryyyyy nice time…
    always be healthy and happy!
    good luck!

  374. 374 : nadia Says:


  375. 375 : nadia Says:







    please add these pics too thanks a lot…. bye 😀

  376. 376 : nadia Says:

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛
    HONG KI = LOVE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  377. 377 : nadia Says:


  378. 378 : ninaz Says:

    nadia joon qasde tohin nadashtam! man khodam kheyli doosesh daram am abishtar jang gung sook ro doos daram kari ham b aqayedet nadaram omidvaram baham shad bashin manam poshtetunam 😆

  379. 379 : Liiiinng Says:

    I ♥ You ( Lee Hong Ki )

  380. 380 : nadia Says:

    ninaz jan! khoshalam ka in tori faker mekone!
    chon vaghan kheli khoba ka adam ba aghayed ham dega ehteram bazare!
    omid varam az in ba bad ba harfhamon baes ranjash hamdagha nashem…
    (It is better for us to feel bad, rather than to make others feel bad)


  381. 381 : nadia Says:


    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T V W X Y Z oops! i miss “U” 🙂

  382. 382 : nadia Says:

    (((I MISS YOU)))
    (((I LOVE YOU))) 😛
    (((I NEED YOU)))

  383. 383 : nadia Says:

    my love! i will be back again…then BYE NOW !!!

  384. 384 : tahoora Says:

    cute , I love him (;

  385. 385 : nadia Says:

    its time forrrrr what?
    HA HA……
    for……………………………say a big hello to you my love****

  386. 386 : nadia Says:

    dear hong ki
    now ,i really dont know what to say !
    so i will come back later!!!
    ok! 😛

  387. 387 : nadia Says:

    hi tahoora
    wellcome in here, please come to support our prince!

  388. 388 : nadia Says:

    dear hong ki…..
    today i’ve got so tired .
    i had so many things to do and the weather was too hot ,so it bothers like death…
    but with the think of you i could resist…
    most of the time you are my Saver!
    so thank you my love for being my hero!!

  389. 389 : nadia Says:

    oppa !
    i want to have all your albums…
    you know ,i love your voice, since you have the best voice in the world!!!
    i will never get tired of listening to your lovely songs even if i listen thousands of times

  390. 390 : nadia Says:


  391. 391 : nadia Says:


  392. 392 : nadia Says:

    ohhhh hello my love!!
    iam back again to support you with all MY ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ heart!

  393. 393 : nadia Says:

    YOU ARE SO SWEET!! lovely & kind
    😛 love ya !

  394. 394 : nadia Says:

    hello dear hong ki my love!!!
    these days iam too busy with my final exams…
    thats why i cant have a continual visiting from here .
    so dont be sad my sweety coz i promise ,
    that i will come if i have more time ! ok
    bye now…
    love ya!!!
    kiss kiss kiss 😛

  395. 395 : Amelina Says:

    OMG!!!LEE HONG GI!!I LOVEEEE U!!cum to Singapore again..and let me marry u!!we are like 6 yrs apart..wahahahh!!im ur NO 1 fan!!waahah..so CUTE!!

  396. 396 : Amelina Says:

    Hello, My Hong Ki..
    doing school homework now..so sian..my school stress us a lot..aiyah..like this can commit suicide one..just now, somemore got cheerleading practice..i don mind but so sian..i also need to train 100m and 10 by 80m for sports day..suck, right??sigh..

  397. 397 : Amelina Says:

    Hong Ki dear,
    I’m still so sianz…U noe, u’re always my star..im in the dark..and u cant see me..:(..
    I dun really expect u to marry me..cuz i noe im not a star too..but if u want me to shine together with u, come to Singapore and look for Amelina at CGSS..or add me add [email protected]!!i love u!!

  398. 398 : Amelina Says:

    hi hong ki!!!
    i finish homework..already..at last..wow..I’ll be going holiday to Pulau Tioman 13/ June/10..hope it to be fun..sigh..i feel like going spa…i want go sauna..wahah…
    Love u Hong Ki!!

  399. 399 : Amelina Says:

    My dear Hong Ki!:)
    How are u?i am now in the national dental centre of singapore…changing my braces..braces make me look ugly lor..cant wait to take them off!!den YAY!!i will haf perfect teeth..my studies are okay, my appearance are okay..i want to be perfect \..that’s all..that day, an international company asked to be a model but i rejected!!SIGH!!y did i reject?!?!REGRET..anyway, i hope to be like a doctor or lawyer when i grow up..Hong Ki,,,U give me the encouragement to go for my goal..Hong Ki, say this to me..JIA YOU, AMELINA!!

  400. 400 : nadia Says:

    hi Amelina
    so happy to see a new name in here!
    woooow, you like HONG KI too….
    lets support him together…
    😛 😛 😛

  401. 401 : nadia Says:

    LOVE YOU HONG KI ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  402. 402 : nadia Says:

    i really really cant stop myself to not coming here…
    coz i looooooove you soooooooooo much
    and i miss you every single moment!
    so, i have no choice except visiting here!!!
    LOVE YOU 😉

  403. 403 : nadia Says:

    U R
    U R
    U R

    MY DEAR HONG KI…………………oppa 😛

  404. 404 : nadia Says:

    U Know KISS!!! so don’t waste any time come on ! and KISS ME
    BABY!>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 😉

  405. 405 : nadia Says:

    if I met you on tomorrow I would still give you my heart
    If you should say, “do you still love me?” I’d say, “Till death do us part” 😛
    I LOVE YOU>>>>>>>>>

  406. 406 : nadia Says:

    DEAR HONG KI ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    All my love for you FREE!wishing u a very happy life, full of my love!

  407. 407 : nadia Says:

    The Heart of Love just for you my LOVE!!!
    -# -.- #-.
    # “#” #
    “#. . #”

  408. 408 : nadia Says:

    dear hong ki:
    You are always in my heart, here and everywhere, There is no one in the whole world that makes me feel this way.

    😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  409. 409 : nadia Says:

    “Lee Hong Kiiiiiiiii”

    LOVE YA……


  410. 410 : jamie Says:


    Lee Hong Kee, hope u doing well!!!!!!

  411. 411 : nadia Says:

    hello my love
    for the victory of South Korea in football match!!
    good job!

  412. 412 : nadia Says:

    bye bye bye….
    SWEET DREAMS******************


  413. 413 : nadia Says:

    today iam very NAUGHTY…
    really wants you to be by my side!
    coz i can’t stop thinking about you…
    hey! don’t think negative 😉
    i just want to kiss you with all my heart…


  414. 414 : nadia Says:

    LOVE YOU****

  415. 415 : nadia Says:

    * 😉

    * 😛
    * 🙂

    * 😀

  416. 416 : nadia Says:

    hello hello my love
    Kiss Me In The Light..Love Me In the Dark..Hold Me ’till The End.And I Promise I won’t Break Your Heart


  417. 417 : nadia Says:

    ITS ME AGAIN>>>>>>

  418. 418 : Amelina Says:

    HI HONG KI!!!
    i just came back from holiday..holiday so boring…i just stay at a stupid resort swimming, that;’s all…wahahah!!hong ki, I MISS YOU!!!

  419. 419 : nadia Says:

    hi Amelina
    nice to know you ,please visit here more
    so we can support our love together!

  420. 420 : nadia Says:

    HONG KI!!

  421. 421 : nadia Says:

    my heart is always beats for you …
    in every breath i desire to live for you…
    with each word i want to say I LOVE YOU>>>


  422. 422 : mel Says:

    you’re so funny…

  423. 423 : Carol1646 Says:

    Youre SO CUTEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! and we’re the same age.. Hehehe..

    Your act at You’re Beautiful IS SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    I really love the banana photoshoot part.. hahahahahaa.. <3

    Hwaitinggg for your NEXT new dramasss!!!!!!!! ^^v

  424. 424 : nadia Says:

    Love is heat.You are sweet.
    When two Lips are meet.
    Love is complete.


  425. 425 : nadia Says:

    Love is the best medicine, and there is more than enough to go around once you open your heart.

    *LOVE YA* 😛

  426. 426 : nadia Says:


  427. 427 : Jamie Says:


    How r u, like u so mcuh, u r so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  428. 428 : nadia Says:

    hello my love…
    i miss you sooooo much!
    wish you the best my dear!
    love you with all my heart!
    LOVE YA 😀

  429. 429 : nadia Says:

    HI my love
    today i’m going to listen to your newest album…
    and i’m really really happy to have your new album!
    but please be more active! since i’m always waiting for your new
    works! and now i truly wish to see you in a new video !

  430. 430 : Neda Says:

    oh hong gi sshi
    I miss you very much
    i love as like as a cute older bro.

  431. 431 : ZoZole Says:

    you’re the best 😉
    I would like someday to be a very good actress, just like you
    Good luck 😉

  432. 432 : sahar Says:

    it was great

  433. 433 : nadia Says:

    Do u know, what I say, what I think, what I feel, what I wish,
    you want to know? I MISS U SO MUCH.
    **** LOVE YA****

  434. 434 : jamie Says:

    Hi Hong Ki

    CONGRAT!! for new album, already download all the songs! Good Day!

  435. 435 : nadia Says:

    in the last few days i was so gloomy becouse of some sad
    news… hope you will be always happy & cheerful like ever!

  436. 436 : nadia Says:

    ★★★I LOVE YOU ★★★
    :P‌‌ 😛 😛 😛

  437. 437 : Amelina Says:

    Hi Lee Hong Ki!!I love u!!long tyme we no tallk!:)sorry i was busy:(..heh..btw, i love u..i love u..i love u..

  438. 438 : nadia Says:


    The only thing worse than being alone, is being without you.


  439. 439 : sabita Says:

    hi jeremi oppa i love u

  440. 440 : Xueli Says:

    He's hot and cute!!! [:

  441. 441 : nadia Says:

    HI dear oppa
    it’s me again! love ya to the end
    good luck my dear! 😛

  442. 442 : nadia Says:

    😛 😛 😛 LOVE YA 😛 😛 😛

  443. 443 : nadia Says:

    Hello my love now its my summer time vacation and iam sooo
    happy! just wanted to share my nice feeling with you…. 😀
    wish you a happy happy time for each day of your life!!!
    KISS KISS>>> 😛

  444. 444 : Shannon Says:

    Lee hongki.
    Many fan girls scream for you (:
    Even meeee the way you acted
    in you’re beautiful was the perfect
    role for you. Your more of a cute
    type. But yeah I hope to see more
    of your future works. ~ Your cute
    and you know it <3 So keep on
    smiling because your smile is your
    charm to make girls fall for you.

  445. 445 : Chee Says:

    He’s So Cute with His BlonDe Hair!!!!Hope To Meet Him One Day!!!!

  446. 446 : mary Says:

    you’re the hottest out of the A.N.JELL. i love u forever! love u forever! i love u so much! ilove u i lov u i love u forever sarangeh

  447. 447 : nadia Says:


    ” If you’re going to make me cry, at least be there to wipe away the tears.”

  448. 448 : nadia Says:

    HI HI HI
    HA HA HA

  449. 449 : anita shrestha Says:

    love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  450. 450 : Xxyy Says:

    i think brown or black better than yellow.
    you’re have a nice face .
    hope u be successful always

  451. 451 : nadia Says:


  452. 452 : nadia Says:

    Sarang Hae
    Sarang Hae
    Sarang Hae

  453. 453 : Lee_da Says:

    you are cute and humoris …..,saranghae…

  454. 454 : shak3ah Says:

    i love ur work alot!!! loves u 2 🙂 u have my heart <3

  455. 455 : Mju-Yuri Says:

    Hong Ki,you are so handsome!I’m Vietnamese and i think you are my idol!I really Love u so much!You are the lighest star in my sky!Luv U!I just wang to meet u once!i love U!

  456. 456 : chianna Says:

    ure so cute ♥♥

  457. 457 : tinh dang Says:

    he is so cute and funny!!!!…..

  458. 458 : uyun Says:

    hmmmmm……..after i look he’s beautiful (korean drama), i think ever see u but i’m forget. so… i konw u is a F.T.ISLAND vocal. I like F.T.ISLAND music… you’re music good and nice, coz i like pop music. Keep Fighting

  459. 459 : Amelina Says:

    Hi Hong Ki dear,
    sorry i didn’t write to you for SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long..I miss you a lot..I have been damn busy recently..sorryyy…Anyway, today for my school, we had sports day…AND, it screwed up thanks to the RAIN..i couldn’t run for my CCA today, I couldn’t cheer for my house today..and i can’t CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!WAHAHAHAH!!SO SAD!:(my friendforgot to bring my birthday cake they bought for me..so SIAN can..anyway, dear hongki..i go now, kay?

    Love, Amelina:)

  460. 460 : Amelina Says:

    OH YA!!DEAREST HONG KI!!i told my friends and posted on my facebook wall that i m going to marr u today..HEHEHHEHE!!!(:

  461. 461 : nadia Says:

    HI Amelina

    WHAT’S UP?
    please visit more! have a nice time & bye

  462. 462 : nadia Says:

    dear Hong Ki


  463. 463 : nadia Says:

    I love you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  464. 464 : nadia Says:

    Let the Most Beautiful
    Dream come to you Tonight,

    Let the Sweetest Person
    Come in your Dream Tonight.

    But don’t make it a Habit
    Because I’m not Free Every Night.

    Good Night

    😛 😛 😛

  465. 465 : nadia Says:

    HI MY LOVE !!!!


    KISS KISS>>>>

  466. 466 : tarhie Says:

    hi hong ki oppa….
    i am your big fan…
    i really love all about you….

  467. 467 : nadia Says:

    love * love * love *
    love * love * love * 😛 😛 😛 😛
    love * love * love *“Lee Hong Ki”
    love * love * love * 😛 😛 😛 😛
    love * love * love *

  468. 468 : nadia Says:

    HI it’s me….
    How are you my love?
    ME? thanks i’m fine…
    just wanted to tell you , you are always in my heart!!!

  469. 469 : nadia Says:

    NADIA + HONG KI = LOVE 😛 😛 😛

  470. 470 : KDRAMA – You’re Beautiful « (," Its A Drama World ",) Says:

    […] Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung Park Shin Hye Go Mi Nam (Male) / Go Mi Nyu (Female) Lee Hong Ki as Kang On Yu / Jeremy Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin […]

  471. 471 : nadia Says:

    I LOVE YOU>>>>>> 😛 😉 😀

  472. 472 : xuan Says:

    saranghae oppa ~ hwating !!! 😀

  473. 473 : nadia Says:

    HI MY LOVE! 😉

  474. 474 : Fadhila Says:

    hi my brother i’m fadhila .me ,my family,and my friends,we are your fans club .please come to here ,come to indonesian bandung we love you and a.n.jell ,please come to here .i hope you and a.n.jell come to bandung .please .
    sarangheo :*

  475. 475 : chelle Says:

    annionghaseyo homg ki

    ure so cute!!

    i love all your song.. and i watch ur tv series..

    ur so giid..

    good luck!!!


  476. 476 : karen Says:

    he’s a young looking guy…………….
    baby face . i love your smile..
    sana akin na lang ngiti muh hahaha love you..

  477. 477 : karen Says:

    love love love wahihihihihi

  478. 478 : Cornelia Says:

    JEREMY!…I`m not a fan of those korean band,but because of you and JOLIE I really do now!…the dog is so lucky she met you…

  479. 479 : deborah Says:

    you\’re acting was great and nice, i like it so much.. i\’m not kind of person was emotionally but i have been teary eyed and sad when you cried in the bus because of park shin hye in the scene, oh it was so sad:(

  480. 480 : 007zhel Says:

    saranghaeyo lee hong ki…. you’re so great… I admire the way you smile and your acting in You’re Beautiful… You made me cry while I’m watching that drama…. Please visit to the Philippines… SARANGHAEYO♥♥♥

  481. 481 : atena Says:

    In the you are beautiful I love Jeremy and Tae Kyung.
    mr lee I like you.you are beautiful,tall and best

  482. 482 : nadia Says:

    really missssssssssssssssssssss you these days…
    you know! I will never forget you!!!
    LOVE YOU TO THE END>>>>>>>

    😛 😛 😛


    U>>>>>>OPPA!!! 😉

  483. 483 : nadia Says:

    I LOVE YOU>>>> 😀
    😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  484. 484 : atena Says:

    you never answer to proponent?ha?
    Please if you read it answer to me.If read.

  485. 485 : pricisillia sony Says:

    sarang he yo!

  486. 486 : Sarah Jane Says:

    hello!!! you know im a big fan of yours!!! and also with your band.. you are all cute and charming…

  487. 487 : jaira Says:

    “saranghaeyo ihanmadi cham johun mal”
    ♥♥♥i really like u!!♥♥♥
    …i also like jolie and Ft island!!!!
    ^-^ God bless u more!!!!!

  488. 488 : khoiriyah Says:


  489. 489 : NUR Says:


  490. 490 : NUR Says:

    sana akin kana lang… SARANGHAEYO BABY! you are so cute in “you’re beautiful” Koreanovela…! i can’t stop admiring you!!! MWAH!

  491. 491 : nadia Says:


    I’m back again really really love you!!!

  492. 492 : nadia Says:

    HI my love long time no see !!! HE HE HOW ARE YA!!!

  493. 493 : nadia Says:


    there is no perfect life but we can fill it with perfect
    moments like you, my life!!!

  494. 494 : nuph Says:

    he is very cute,,
    i love his smile,,

  495. 495 : nadia Says:

    •HI MY LOVE>>

    •2 DAYS ago i saw you in KBS music bank!!!
    •with your new hair color(wow) you were soooo great!
    •aaaand!!! more than that your Performance was sooooooo
    •wonderful!!! Really really love your voice!!!

    •Sarang heyo !!! 😉

  496. 496 : santi Says:

    iam your fans from indonesia

  497. 497 : anne Says:

    i’m really a big fan of yours,..
    wish you would visit philippines,.
    you may not be able to understand it,but

    MAHAL KITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  498. 498 : jhen Says:

    anyong haseyo HONG kI juwaheyo gogogofighting iWILL give you a TWO tumbs UP even i cannot see you in person or in live consert i just wana say this ALWAYS SMILE EVEN IF YOU HAVE A PROBLE JUST SMILE YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY IF JUST DO IT jajaja jejeje tahaha wahaha hehehe

  499. 499 : jhenny Says:

    in your ONE SMILE youllMAKE MILLION fans CRAZY right SO PLEaSE dont let me see your SMILE couse i dont wana be CRAZY IN LOVE Wiht YOU jajaja jejeje wahaha tahaha chunchunni

  500. 500 : nadia Says:

    I ♥ 😛 ♥ LOVE ♥ 😛 ♥ YOU ♥ 😛 ♥

  501. 501 : nadia Says:

    😛 NADIA + Lee Hong Ki = ♥ LOVE ♥

  502. 502 : eugene Says:

    Love you so much. Jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!!Lee Hong Ki

  503. 503 : RISTA Says:


  504. 504 : SARI Says:


  505. 505 : nadia Says:

    * .-”’-.,.-”‘-. +
    ( ! SWEET ! . *
    + “. DREAMS .” 😛 MY LOVE
    * . “‘-.,.-’” + .

  506. 506 : nadia Says:

    i love the way you sing
    i love the way you look
    i love the way you dance
    LOVE YOU>>>>>

  507. 507 : nadia Says:

    Hello my LOVE long time no see…

    MIsssssssssss you Soooooooo Muchhhhhhhh
    now i’m listening to your beautiful voice,i mean your lovely
    new album “beautiful journey”…wish some day we can go on a
    journey together…although whenever i listen to your lovely
    voice it’s like i’m traveling in our dream land…with you &
    only you…wish someday my dreams come true with you!!!

  508. 508 : kasandra Says:

    grabe ang cute mo talaga

  509. 509 : ayu Says:

    I LOVE U lee hong ki

  510. 510 : You’re Beautiful « K ADDICT Says:

    […] Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung Park Shin Hye Go Mi Nam (Male) / Go Mi Nyu (Female) Lee Hong Ki as Kang On Yu / Jeremy Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin […]

  511. 511 : Nadia Says:


  512. 512 : Nadia Says:

    😛 😛 I LOVE YOU 😛 😛

  513. 513 : Hay Mar Says:

    Why did you reply all comment?

  514. 514 : loudy E. Fernandez Says:

    hi lee hong ki im really your fun, i hope you can come to philippines, and your so cute, sarangheo, ” i love you” and thank you very much………..

  515. 515 : Rowena says Says:

    hellow,, i really like your songs
    im one of your fan
    LOVE YOU!!!!

  516. 516 : Nadia Says:

    hello my love!!
    iam back agin and i want to show you my love …

    88 88

  517. 517 : Cerys Says:

    ^_^ I could happily listen to his voice forever, the F.T island songs really inspire me and his acting on “You’re Beautiful” was amazing, my favourite singer. 🙂

  518. 518 : Nadia Says:

    Darling! I LOVE YOU…
    YOU’RE so far…
    I miss YOU…
    Really I miss YOU…
    Bcoz I want 2 kiss YOU!………


    LOVE YA!!!! HA HA HA


  519. 519 : melody Says:

    wow! ur are so cute !

  520. 520 : Nadia Says:





    LOVE>>>>> HeHe

  521. 521 : Nadia Says:

    ******** I *********
    *******L 😛 VE******
    *******Y 😉 U*******

  522. 522 : BARSHA Says:


  523. 523 : ashley Says:

    hi jeremy or lee hong ki, i am so proud to tell everyone that i am your biggest fan… you now what my room is full of your beautiful lovely face….. hope you will come and visit Philippines.. i will wait for your arrival…. 🙂

  524. 524 : Nadia Says:

    [email protected]@@
    [email protected]@@
    Roses are red and the sky is blue …….. and I love you! 😉

  525. 525 : inaa adil Says:

    saranghaeo…..lee hong ki…;)

  526. 526 : christine Says:


  527. 527 : susan Says:

    hi honggi ,
    my friend and I always fight for u . I love u a lot
    susan .

  528. 528 : Nadia Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  529. 529 : Nadia Says:

    😛 😛 😛
    As we grow older , As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you…
    😛 😛 😛

  530. 530 : Nadia Says:

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 😉 😉 😉 😀 😀 😀
    HONG KI = LOVE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 😉 😉 😉 😀 😀 😀

  531. 531 : NANA Says:


  532. 532 : Nadia Says:

    I love you so much..

  533. 533 : nadia Says:

    I will always loves you and I won’t stop this till the very end…

  534. 534 : jojo Says:

    hi 🙂

  535. 535 : Nadia Says:

    Wishing you best of luck my dear…….

  536. 536 : iin Says:

    jermy ur eating banana soooooooo cutely…..

  537. 537 : jia Says:

    hong ki oppa saranghae,,,,,,,,,,,

  538. 538 : theresa anjellics Says:

    i love u 0ppa h0ng ki…^_^
    always take care…^_^

  539. 539 : kittiya Says:

    i like leehongkivary love

  540. 540 : kittiya Says:

    youcome thailang or not i miss youleehongki

  541. 541 : nikka mae_ lee hong ki cute 143 Says:

    im so proud of u hong ki oppa

  542. 542 : mars Says:

    I want to see you in more teleplays or movies! In my opinion, you can do best of you in movies instead of songs along! you can be an excellent actor! please take real advantage of yourself! ps: i will support you forever~!!

  543. 543 : mars Says:

    sorry, it’s alone not along.keke~~please come to china, you have more than 4586781 baidu popularity here up to now~~!!

  544. 544 : amber Says:

    you look so cute in the tv

  545. 545 : arinah Says:

    i hope you come to malaysia ……you always in my dream

  546. 546 : Ky0 Says:

    hi Bro how u been i wish i can came to korean

  547. 547 : jolin Says:

    hi, hong ki u so cute !!!hope u can be the best drama!!

  548. 548 : hO_cHA_GiLL Says:


    Happy new years oppa…

    i always miss u…:)

  549. 549 : kawla Says:

    Happy new years

  550. 550 : kawla Says:

    why can’t you come to tunisia !!!! we all love you and love korae

  551. 551 : ShaIjan Says:

    .,;,.LoVe YoU So MucH HonG Ki HoPe ThAt U Can ComE hEr in ThE PhiLiPpinEs.,;,.w3w LoVe u TakE Care AlwAys.,;,.

  552. 552 : stephenie Says:


    2011 is at your doorstep……..
    Life is short,
    Break the rules,
    Forgive and forgot quickly,
    Love truly, laugh uncontrollably,
    and never regret anything that made you SMILE.

    Wishing you all the BEST in your career……
    Happy New Year 2011

  553. 553 : sora Says:

    lee hong gi happy new year
    ilove u veru much and love your songs and waiting for new things
    sara from syria

  554. 554 : utari tarigan Says:

    hy kak hong ki,aq utari tarigan,aq tinggal d makassar(indonesia),in no hpq (085298395418)hubungi q ya kak,klw kakak mw k rmhku,nama koreaku park ywai,aq mw blg kakak it tampan n lucu bgt,aq pengen bgt jd kekasihx kakak,i love you kak LEE HONG KI,UUUMMMAAACCCKKHHHH,BY UTARI TARIGAN

  555. 555 : mahshad Says:

    i hope be fine and be happy
    iam iranian and i wish you were hear i think you are handsome

  556. 556 : sadjnskajf Says:

    Hong-gi ckep bgt……..

  557. 557 : Sam Says:

    ur very funny just stay and be yourself… ur special:)

  558. 558 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Hey our hong star is active on twiter,, he loves to take pictures even he just awake….

  559. 559 : Lisa Says:

    You look so great in Beautiful Journey Concert at Taipei.. Bkin daku tambah cinta! Hong ki, i will be waiting for the next concert..

  560. 560 : Nadia Says:

    Hello….MY….LOVE….MISS YOU!

    The morning sun fades away,
    Only to start another day.

    A clock goes tick, the heart goes thump,
    For seconds, days, and endless months.

    Life cannot be without these it’s true,
    But I have no need for them without you.

  561. 561 : song hye bin Says:

    anyo hong ki oppa …
    are you okay ….??
    i see you on tv in oh my school and i feel worried about you
    cuz i see your lips bleeding …are you okay..???

  562. 562 : lonely gurl Says:

    being a lonely person is so stresing , i wish i could be like you and be happy. i admire you, lee hong gi. .

  563. 563 : yeshi Says:


  564. 564 : song hye bin Says:

    hong ki oppa anyohasayo
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you & i want you to be healthy and dont get sick and have a great time …sarangheyo

  565. 565 : fatima Says:

    hi iam fatima
    iam 15 and i really love you
    iam a big fan of you and i like your acting and your personality
    please ………………write to me
    best wishes

  566. 566 : efa Says:

    i love u!!!
    u’re so cute n funny!!
    i’m love someone who have that personality!!
    saranghae oppa!!

  567. 567 : regita Says:

    i like lee hong kiii
    you forefer…………………………………..muach…….

  568. 568 : kim han byul Says:

    ANYONG OPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  569. 569 : kim han byul Says:

    ANYONG OPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SARANGHEO OPPA(SUMBAE)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  570. 570 : kim han byul Says:

    I REALLY LOVE KOREANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *LEE HONG KI!!!
    AND *UEE!!!!


  571. 571 : pari Says:

    oOoOo i love u hong ki ,iam iranian u are famous in iran
    i kiiiis u

  572. 572 : azlin Says:

    hai!!!lee hong ki..u look sweet couple with min(miss a)in oh!my school…i love u….saraneeeeeeeeee…..

  573. 573 : bahare Says:

    hi.i love lee hong ki he is so cute.i hope he be fun

  574. 574 : mahsa and sara Says:


    Iam mahsa and Ilove Lee hong ki….

    I come from Iran….and Iwill live in southkorea next year….

    I LOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooVE

    Lee hong ki…..

    Tanks alote for his pictures

    best wishes……………

    mahsa and sara

  575. 575 : Beloved Says:


  576. 576 : Beloved Says:

    hello oppa!

    LOVE YOU!!!

  577. 577 : sakura Says:


  578. 578 : Beloved Says:

    MISS YOU!!! (V_V)

  579. 579 : kimbaelli Says:

    hola me llamo kimbaelli y quiero ser fans de lee hong ki

  580. 580 : farida Says:

    i hope, i could meet him someday!!! <3<3<3
    he's my ideal type!!!
    love you lee hong ki!!!

  581. 581 : mindy Says:

    I hart yuh<3<3

  582. 582 : Rhea Says:

    Lee Kong Ki, your so cute and funny when I saw your acting in a drama scenes. Your so awesome on playing drum. You really did well … Wish you have a great career in the future 🙂

  583. 583 : mahsa Says:

    this pics are veryyyyyyyyyyy g00000000000000000d
    hee hong ki,I L0VE you………..
    i am iranian
    good byeeeeeeeeeeee

  584. 584 : mahsa Says:

    lee hong ki
    ( ‘_’ )

  585. 585 : kim Says:

    oh!!!!!! lee hong ki ur tooooo cute…………………………143

  586. 586 : shadow Says:

    hi lhk!!!!!!!!……
    you have like face & i love your face
    … have a very gooooood time!!!!!!!

  587. 587 : theresaanjellics Says:

    hong ki..i`m your fan…
    we love you oppa…

  588. 588 : parmida Says:

    youre beautiful

  589. 589 : daniie miryu Says:

    wow!!!….hongki oppa rocks!!…….. love u…

  590. 590 : kurnia syahni Says:

    iiiiyh…!you are so cute..!makes me fly high!;

  591. 591 : iLove Hallyu! Says:

    saranghaeyo oppa! ur our hongstar!~♥♥♥

  592. 592 : Salona Says:

    U r so cute. I really love ur image, really wanna see u in reality. all the best and take care

  593. 593 : I love Hong Ki Says:

    Hello oppa

    You are like a lot
    I love you so much

  594. 594 : park Says:

    Dulchigochigoya..yong wooni kamsamida oppa sarangheyo youre always in our hearts yong wooni!!!!!

  595. 595 : hoi em Says:

    lee hongki ILove you…..i am iranian

    hoi em, xia tian seems to be crying l really don’t get you you 1 jllst said that you’ll accept the rricipal’s offer why did you hare to make xia tian uaset ehen she as ked you and let it end up like this? xia tian seens to be eally upset this time h’s like everyday who kinws what she ate wrongly today do what you want nobo dyis stopping you take ti hoi em 🙁 😡 :-*

    name: hoang uyen ( hoi em )
    birthdate: 1981-Oct-03
    height: 176cm
    weight: 58kg
    blood type: A

    name: hoang uyen
    birthplace: Hoi An
    17 Phan boi chau phuong son phong Thanh pho hoi An Quang Nam
    10:34 2/11/2011

  596. 596 : Ruby Jane Tormon Says:

    I LOVE YOU LEE HONG KI very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SARANGHEYO!!!!!!!!!

  597. 597 : christelle Says:

    you’reee soooooo adorableee!!! OMG!!!
    i really really really really love you…

    LEE HONG KI forever!!

    you’re acting in you’re beautiful is soooo…is soooo.. is soooooooooooooooooo CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    <3 i want to see you in person.. XDDD

    you'reeee tooo cuteee..

    and i love you're voice XD i love your songs 😀 <3 <3 <3


  598. 598 : amy_aqua Says:

    hong ki oppa…

    Good luck in everything u do..
    always remember that u hav a lot of fan that support u:)
    i hope u always happy in your life…
    like the sweet jeremy…..^_^

  599. 599 : Azita Says:

    thankU for beautiful pictures
    sargheo LEE HONG KI………..

  600. 600 : adoralyn Says:

    hi mr. lee

    i am 29 years old from philippines.
    i’ve been your avid fan since i saw you in oh my school w/ simon D.
    Its been a quite a while that i’ve been listening your music though i don’t understand korean.
    I just like the husky voice you possess.For me its soooooooooo sexxxxxxxxxxxxxy.

    stay safe mr. lee

    admires you a lot,

  601. 601 : amgie loblob Says:

    i love lee hong ke so much…

  602. 602 : elham Says:

    wow..he’s so handsome,i love lee hong ki soooooo much

  603. 603 : adoralyn Says:


    i am 29 from philippines. everytime i go online i always browse google and look for mr. lee hongki picture. hehehehehehehe
    my co worker said ” are you not over yet with that boy?” and i replied not yet. then my co worker just give me shrugged shoulder.hahaha

    i like his message for her girlfriend in the future.
    i sympathized it.

    god bless,

  604. 604 : judi Says:

    i love “hello hello” soooo much its so energic, i love it,
    good luck dear lee hong ki

  605. 605 : fariba Says:

    aniogeseyo jeremy.
    I am 17& im from iran and i love korea(hongok).
    you are my favorit singer.i hope you send me email.
    its my email adress:[email protected]
    (nan kidario)
    good luck

  606. 606 : bahar Says:

    hi.lee hong ki.you are very beautiful.i am iranian and i love korean movies

  607. 607 : tanha-barbi girl Says:

    hi dear.i am iranian and im 18.

    i love u very much

    please see my weblog: http://www.tanha-joooon.blogfa.com

  608. 608 : Muramuro Says:

    Oppa, I’m your huge fan.
    I’m 12 and my country is vietnam.
    Pops, please send me email…
    My only wish is see you on the real life for one time.

  609. 609 : viesa Says:

    I love Hong Ki! He is so cute and such a free spirit and his voice is AHMAZING!

  610. 610 : Akio Says:

    đẹp trai đấy .
    i’m live in vietnam

  611. 611 : zahra Says:

    cute but not it all
    gdluck 4 ur

  612. 612 : Love Song Says:

    ★☆★ 사랑합니다. ★☆★

  613. 613 : Little miss Says:

    I LOVE U

  614. 614 : rachel ann Says:

    elowwwwwwwwwww mr lee hong ki im your number one fun
    youre so cute lee hong ki(jeremy) ihope you make a movie with dara park
    ilove u

    i relly relly like u

  615. 615 : rachel ann Says:


  616. 616 : (한국 드라마) My K0rEan DrAma Ser!es « mY naMe is "G i a N" Says:

    […] Go Mi Nam (male version) or Go Min Nyeo (Female version), and the leader/vocalist of popular bands Lee Hong Ki (F.T. Island) as Jeremy and Jung Yong Hwa (C.N. Blue) as Kang Shin Woo. The story begins with the […]

  617. 617 : matilda Says:

    hi….lovely hongki
    im iranian and im 20.i hope see u in future.u and u songs r perfect..
    i hope send me [email protected]

    good luck hongki <:

  618. 618 : HELLO HELLO Says:

    😛 LOVE YOU!!!

  619. 619 : sherly Says:

    hello hello oh No good bye good bye!!!!
    hiiiii i like ur song”hello hello” so much,its so energice
    and u r so cute i love u when u smile so much
    love u

  620. 620 : elham Says:

    hello my idol, i miss u so much..

  621. 621 : nanci Says:

    i like u so much.. u r so cute
    love u love u love u forever..

  622. 622 : Uee Says:

    saranghaeeee oppa

  623. 623 : Shiroi Hana Says:

    I love Hong Ki as my little brother! You’re so cute. Your voice is AHMAZING!

  624. 624 : rebeKa Says:

    hi LHK, i hope everything is going well for you. take care

  625. 625 : elli Says:

    Do you have new drama? u r so handsome. Pls make more drama!

  626. 626 : melina Says:

    hi lee hong ki oppa
    u have so many fan in all around the world, and im one of them.. im ur big fan and i love u so much,
    good luck oppa

  627. 627 : shadi Says:

    thank u for new lee hong ki’s pics, wow!he is so handsome and cute i love him so much..

  628. 628 : pani Says:

    love you forever..

  629. 629 : elli Says:

    i love u so much u r so handsome and cute
    fighting oppa

  630. 630 : star's fan Says:

    Your acting is cool and hope to see your next drama soon

  631. 631 : sharon Says:

    you are my idol, i love you so much..
    please take good care of your health and be happy forever..
    go0d luck my dearest

  632. 632 : beautiful mind Says:

    love ya oppa..
    kiss you..

  633. 633 : Jamiee~ Says:

    ^O^ hongki is doing another drama!!! In his twitter he said,”ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋdrama start!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ” lolz I can’t wait!!

  634. 634 : blue girl Says:

    you are a sambole of a perfect man,u r so handsome,beautiful, goodlooking and nice
    i love u so..

  635. 635 : blue girl Says:

    oh jamiee r u sure? when? i cant wait too
    thats great

  636. 636 : ANNA Says:

    did you kn0w that you have a big place in my heart, many times my eyes search you on the street And i ask myself” may i see you one day?” its my big dream!

  637. 637 : †jane† Says:

    you are so cute, i love you so much and i cant wait for your new drama
    fighting oppa

  638. 638 : elham Says:

    saranghaeyo oppa..

  639. 639 : selena Says:

    you are so beautiful as a love song baby..
    i love you..

  640. 640 : Ssi Says:

    im ur big fan, you are best korean actor, i love u so much..

  641. 641 : Momo-Chan Says:

    당신을 사랑하는 이홍기!

  642. 642 : shainy Says:

    i like u and when i see your series my heart beat fastly for you,sometimes i smile with you sometimes i cry with you but always i love you…
    good luck oppa..

  643. 643 : hyuna Says:

    i love you forever & you have one big place in my heart forever

  644. 644 : elli Says:

    fighting oppa..

  645. 645 : catty Says:

    i love you with all my heart & i want you soooo…

  646. 646 : lhiez Says:

    i love u

  647. 647 : sharon Says:

    hi dear hong ki
    you are so cute, i love Your act in “you’re beautiful” so much, your role as jeremi was so nice and it was a big suprised when i saw you felt in love with goo mi nam!!!!
    oh dear i love you sooo much..
    kiss you

  648. 648 : jojo Says:

    you r my best actor <3 <3^_*

  649. 649 : happy girl Says:

    I love you so much!!! you’re such a real name that all girls are looking for I hope you’re in real life like that or better!!!

    I love your smile!!

    saranyéééé oppa

  650. 650 : blueberry Says:

    ohh..my prince charming………i love u so much!!!why u always look great charm,,really stole my heart and make me thinking about u everyday…your eyes make me crazyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

  651. 651 : cute rabbit Says:

    i love u so much..
    hug you and a 10000 times kiss u..

  652. 652 : red wine Says:

    hi lee hong ki
    you are so cool and so handsome, your smile is so beautiful, i love you and your lovely smile
    have good times

  653. 653 : nanci Says:

    i realy love u so much..

  654. 654 : go minam Says:

    hope u happy ..

  655. 655 : marya Says:

    Hello cute n handsome, you are really attractive all girls’s heart in the world, including me,god bless u

  656. 656 : elyna Says:

    I hope u will be happy , good luck in ur life and will be the best more and more

  657. 657 : gayel Says:

    i love ya oppa..

  658. 658 : ace Says:

    oppa…u are soo funny.i like ur style.love u.:*

  659. 659 : katy Says:

    i realy love you.. please take good care of ur health
    kiss you darling

  660. 660 : chichi Says:

    oh!where are you honey??i really really miss you..

  661. 661 : mehrsa Says:

    lee hong ki fighting!! we will always support u

  662. 662 : LiLi Says:


  663. 663 : saghi Says:

    If kisses were water, I will give u sea.
    If hugs were leaves, I will give u a tree.
    If u luv a planet, I will give u a galaxy,
    if friendship is life I will give u mine.luv u..so much..

  664. 664 : UEe Says:

    l0ve y0u l0ve y0u l0ve y0u..s0 much..

  665. 665 : moon Says:

    u r a big star, please always stay shiny, i love you..

  666. 666 : maya Says:

    hello my idol
    how are you?
    do you have new drama?
    what are you doing ?
    i think i fall in your love badly..

  667. 667 : nana Says:

    i like your acting in your beautiful

  668. 668 : nana Says:

    thank u so much admin for new LEE HONG KI’s pic, they are so cute and beautiful

  669. 669 : kiyana Says:

    you r so cute,i love u so much

  670. 670 : katy Says:

    i love u so much
    .aja aja…fighting…

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  672. 672 : mahboobeh Says:

    خيلي نازه
    مرسي به خاطر عكسا

  673. 673 : pink cat Says:

    i love u jeremy i love your show yu’re the beauty from libya misurata al-somood

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  675. 675 : chanbi Says:

    he’s so cute. . .

  676. 676 : mharty Says:

    i really like u lee hong ji hope i can meet you someday.. i think i fell in love with you.. I LOVE U VERY MUCH!!!! hope you read this .. it’s my pleasure

  677. 677 : hoya Says:

    i love u like mharty says,maybe more…

  678. 678 : hoya Says:

    if i become star, someday in korean and if u read this msg i will tell u that im hoya(sara)

  679. 679 : fatha iman Says:

    i love your cute face,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hope can meet you one day…

  680. 680 : Nadia Says:

    Hey.. Hong Ki oppa!
    miss you so much! Today I watched your new MV “Like The Birds” and it was sooooooooo beautiful..! just like you! hehee!!! wish you all the best…and hope to see and hear more good news from you!
    Sarang heyo…!

  681. 681 : shinigami Says:

    i love you hong ki <3 <3

  682. 682 : anna Says:

    hey! Lee Hongki… u look so good! 🙂 i like u from now on,, 🙂 you look better if your hair is black…. ^__^

  683. 683 : anna Says:

    you really are cute!!! i wish i could see you in person,,, ^_^

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  685. 685 : Momo-Chan Says:

    Love you Lee Hong-Ki! I also love F.T. Island! I LoveLoveLove you sooo much! Keke

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  687. 687 : bindu Says:

    hi! Lee hong ki.i luv ur smile but not ur cry.hope u wil b hapy 4ever

  688. 688 : amyrast Says:

    sarang haeyo ft island..

  689. 689 : mary Says:

    good.i like the Behavior

  690. 690 : CRNA Says:

    like your cute face your nice voice

  691. 691 : niena Says:

    hong ki i like your voices. since i hear u sing in your drama i was fall in love with ur voices. and when i know your group i always hear ur song..
    really really like it.

  692. 692 : amber Says:

    omg hongki you r sooooo hot luv u wit blond hair better

  693. 693 : Kiru Juvy Syles Says:

    hey there ! u look so cute….and i really liked ur character in “you’re beautiful”… if that is ur real character,then there’s my thumbs up for u !!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S: your voice suits ur cute face…

  694. 694 : sozy Says:

    i so love u lee hong ki u are so cute i ilke see u and i ilke talk with u pls don’t forget me ,,,,,,,,, i love u lee oppa <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 for u :]

  695. 695 : jasmine Says:


  696. 696 : suzilawati Says:

    hong ki oppa so cute and funny^^

  697. 697 : Maryam Says:

    Hey Hongki ,
    God bless you ! Wish you all the best . . Love ya


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  699. 699 : dorothy Says:

    jeremy is the best role ever that portrayed by hongki!!! 🙂 i miss jeremy! 😀

  700. 700 : asd Says:

    Hong ki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best ever! motherfuckers!

  701. 701 : iLabkpOp Says:

    wOah !

    youre so handsome hong ki !

    i really want to go in korea someday just to see you on your live performance !

  702. 702 : Abhlija Says:

    i just love the way you smile 🙂 it brigten my days up, Lee Homg ki <3

  703. 703 : royaaaaa Says:

    u are so magical, lyrical, beautiful
    دوست دارم جوجو!!!!
    بوس محکم!!!!!

  704. 704 : Carino Says:

    i love Jeremy!! Your soooo cute!!!!! <3

  705. 705 : leila from iran Says:




  706. 706 : Maddy Says:

    Hi Jeremy, this is Maddy from India….your love proposal song with tears was really superb………brother

  707. 707 : subi Says:


    this me subathra from INDIA (chennai )

    you are really cute…..like ur character very much…such an wonderful you are… .. the way you expressed your love to go mi nam was excellent….

  708. 708 : ky cuong Says:

    lee hong ki de thuong wa mun nheo ghe lun a

  709. 709 : Aropel Lazaro Says:


  710. 710 : jaysus Says:

    hai kua lee
    uxta kna ??/

  711. 711 : jaysus Says:

    hai uxta kna kua lee

  712. 712 : jaysus Says:

    take care 2 you

    lee hong ki super idol kta lalo n s youre beautiful………..

    sna bumisita k d2 s philippines

  713. 713 : jaysus Says:

    please visit 2 philippines

    at sta. rosa laguna ……..

  714. 714 : sairaze Says:

    HELLO !! LEE HONG KI……YOU ROCK !!!!!!!!! MUAHHH <3 <3 <3 😀

  715. 715 : taypo_ Says:

    hi lee hong ki …..ur so adorable in you’re beautiful !!!! sooo cute…… 🙂 please please visit NEPAL ok ?? u have a very handsome voice !!! lov it

  716. 716 : mohadeseh Says:

    hi oppa! you are so perfect

  717. 717 : KimMel Says:

    ALL I wAnt Is tO sEe My FaVoriTe AiDoLL ….
    wHy mOsT Of KoreAn gUy iS sO CutE ! ?
    i Love ThEm sO mUch 😀

  718. 718 : erin Says:

    u are the best my angell four me..

  719. 719 : HOngkiMeL Says:

    ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY…HonGki oPpa 😀
    Im StiLL dReaMing Of yOU … I hOpe SomEdAy … I cAn gO in kOreA sO thAt … I See yOu iN PerSOnAL … I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 😀

  720. 720 : amirah Says:

    Hongki oppa,hope to meet you in SINGAPORE,:)

    YOU ARE A.W.E.S.O.M.E,H.A.N.D.S.O.M.E ,:)keep it up

  721. 721 : kpop(leehongki oppa luvers) Says:

    hansome…i watch he’s beautiful everyday..this nite i will watch again.. ur lovers

  722. 722 : Niki from IRAN Says:

    Hi hongi …
    you and your friends(ft.island) have many fans in Iran
    I always follow your works….I love all of you ,especially you very much<3<3<3
    Thank you for everything .

  723. 723 : Peta Says:

    LEE HONG KI rulez!!!go oppaa->>candy kisses

  724. 724 : wawa yunho Says:

    woah u so handsome!!!
    i luve u s0 much!!!
    lee h0ng ki the best hihi

  725. 725 : Daphine Says:

    용인 홍기를. 당신은 필리핀 팬들을 많이 가지고 있어요. 당신이 우리 나라에 방문하고 피트 섬 공동 회원으로 콘서트를 할 수 있었으면 좋겠 ..
    그나 저나 난 당신이 미소하고 행동하는 방식을 좋아해요. 신의 축복이 있기를. 난 널 사랑해. 🙂

  726. 726 : alona linsangan Says:

    i will go to Seoul, Korea just to have a quick glance of you, maybe after 5 yrs.? because i’m still studying :))

    thankyou! keep giving me happiness from your drama, songs especially “as ever still and promise”. keep safe and god bless! 😀

    sarang hae!

  727. 727 : rona mae Says:

    yoe bo seyo im one of youre fans here in phillipines

  728. 728 : sasha88 Says:

    Hi mr lee.i like you,because you’er lovely & tasty & attractive & ….
    i’m boy 15 years. i like music & singing…
    i will wait reader & i will go to the seoul ….
    please,you help me…..elder brother…..
    i request you…..
    please,answer me……
    kiss… kiss….
    by homni…..
    loving you:sasha88

  729. 729 : Angeline Says:

    Hi HongKi , your voice is really nice . Thanks to your vocal & your song which have touched me & make me fall in love with korean song which I thought it will never happen as I dont know anything about korean , but now , I will learn & understand what you are singing . Thankyou very much for all the wonderful song 😀

  730. 730 : mahshid Says:

    i love lee hoong ki very much
    i see you are beautiful drama i like it

  731. 731 : mahshid Says:

    i am iranian i love korean because you are in korean

  732. 732 : cuteyjels Says:

    hai,, i started to like you whan i see you at the tv series “you’re beautiful”
    you are very good at making jokes
    i think,,,,,,,,
    and also youre voice,,, its very nice,,,,
    i hope you will have many projects in this year


  733. 733 : Sabau Sorina-Valentina Says:

    Hi HongKi , your voice is really nice.I love you!

  734. 734 : Bianx.. Says:

    Yeoboseyo””” Mr. Lee hong ki,
    I’m Bianca from the philippines…13 years old and still studying..
    I admit that I’m not your no.1 fan ‘coz i can’t buy all those expensive stuffs and items of you…
    i’m really trying very hard to strive more in my studies to be able to have a succesfull job in the future for me to have the money to go to korea in the near future…
    AND my inspiration is YOU…

    At first, i don’t really know much stuff about korea..i don’t even had the interest on it..

    but the very first korean tv show i watched really struck my heart… and that show was: HE’S BEAUTIFUL…

    you really played your role wholeheartedly”… i was really touched.. and when the time you cried, i also cried a bucket full of tears… if only i was there to wipe your tears…

    in the end, i really love your show… and from that day onward, i dedicated myself on knowing you and korea more,,….

  735. 735 : Bianx.. Says:

    i will keep supporting You and Ft. Island””” <3

  736. 736 : sasha88 Says:

    hi…………mr lee,i like very much you & f.t.island”
    sarang hea………….. elder brother……………
    you’er very lovely……………..
    دوستت دارم…….i like you……sarang hea…………….
    i’m iranian…………..
    good luke…….

  737. 737 : pooria Says:

    i love & adore your voice & characteristic Jeremy

  738. 738 : Gly Says:

    hi .. i`m one of your fans here in philippines.
    i hope i can see you soon ..
    take care ..saranghae ..
    i like your voice … and of course your handsomeness .. i really love it ..
    just passin` by .

  739. 739 : naz Says:

    i like your voice very much
    and i hope one day i can see you?
    pls come to Maldives
    As like FT island
    this also a beautiful island

  740. 740 : Farah hazirah Says:

    Oppa,I like your voice very much,I hope I will meet you at Malaysia,I hope you come to Malaysia again! Oppa,saranghae <3 <3 <3

  741. 741 : Farah hazirah Says:

    Oppa,i like you at he’beautiful and I like ft island,you are so handsome and cute,i’ girls and my old is 13 years old,saranghae,oppa <3 <3 <3

  742. 742 : bio linky Says:

    oppa! ilove oppa very much…oppa make crazy and love my life….
    it’s nice to have lee hong ki and ft.island on this life … I will always support ft.island as well as always support oppa ….
    I only hope that happens automatically, as well as meet oppa ft.island
    I hope that will be encountered in the near future ft.island in Vietnam

  743. 743 : parisa Says:

    hi mr lee hong ki.i saw you at you ‘re beautiful.you are a perfect actor and singer .
    good luck

  744. 744 : My GirlFriend Is A Gumiho (SBS) « hanipoollazuardi Says:

    […] policeman (cameo, ep 4)UEE as art student (cameo, ep 5)Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nyeo (cameo, ep 6)Lee Hong Ki as Jeremy (cameo, ep 16)Kim Ji Young as Samshin grandmother (cameo, ep 16)Oh Na […]

  745. 745 : sotorichi Says:

    hello beby

  746. 746 : thawab ragees Says:

    hello my name is thawab im girl and im fram in syrea

  747. 747 : Reem Says:

    Thumps up….all the way from sweden!

  748. 748 : Thy Says:

    He looks like a girl when he has long hair! He looks cute! <3

  749. 749 : dianne erika albesa Says:

    .. i really really like you !

  750. 750 : Noriko Goes to Seoul | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre los Doramas Coreanos en Español Says:

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  751. 751 : meenu Says:

    Hi , I am meenu , I am very big fan of lee hong ki…………………..

  752. 752 : agent Says:

    Are you iranain meenu?

  753. 753 : chem Says:

    waaaaa.., does lee hong ki have a girlfriend?

  754. 754 : joyce Says:

    Sangilchukahamnida lee hong ki!
    Haengbokhan 23 years old!

  755. 755 : joyce Says:

    Sangilchukahamnida lee hong ki!
    Haengbokhan 23 saengil.!

  756. 756 : mohana devi Says:

    i love this korian drama i like gominam

  757. 757 : freedomdemon Says:

    hope that he will act a new drama in this year too~!!! (*- ^)Y

  758. 758 : jeremy Says:

    his acting and character is just same with the hong chan doo in master of study, i really love his acting,hugging jolie and crying when kang shin woo sprayed water on him

  759. 759 : Noriko goes to Seoul | Hollywood Says:

    […] Reiko as Mori Noriko Lee Hong Ki as Kim Min Ha Kim Ji Young as Sam Wol Ikura Manami (伊倉 愛美) as Miyuki Oh Yong as Sang Chul […]

  760. 760 : maryory cupe Says:

    mi opa lindo espero k estes en la fila de los actores mas buenos k hay en corea. !fighting!

  761. 761 : tigerb Says:

    just watched a movie ‘rocking on heaven’s door’ – a nice one! it’s like i watched lee long ki grow up from ‘you’re beautiful’ to this one (haven’t seen his works in between), from a fun loving guy to someone who learned and accepted the facts of life and death. i think i like him better as a singer but he has good potentials as an actor. cheers!

  762. 762 : bigeye46 Says:

    thumb up

  763. 763 : bigeye46 Says:

    thumb up n you are good actor

  764. 764 : Vanj Says:

    tigerb, where did you watch “rockin’ on heavens door”. Thank you

  765. 765 : bigeye46 Says:

    praise u for acting and not give up

  766. 766 : ran88 Says:

    (‘o’) i see you really love being an actor. you’re taking even small roles. i’m glad you also explore other roles and go beyond your cute image. i salute you. continue to grow as a great actor. i’ll be cheering you. oppa, saranghae! (“,)ran

  767. 767 : unknown Says:

    Lee Hong Ki,U r so cute,wish u were my brother……….love u

  768. 768 : unknown Says:

    u r so cute,i wish u r my brother…

  769. 769 : cuity17 Says:

    Never like ur character in YAB… Childish!! But you do a great acting in BOC, n totally different.. Awesome!! Hongkii..Good job!! I’m waiting ur next drama.. Yayy 🙂

  770. 770 : Alwine Says:

    Funny… 😉

  771. 771 : amel Says:

    Lee Hong KI!!!!
    I love youu so muchhhhhh!!!!
    I like you since you acted in Bride of the century!
    You are so handsome although sometimes your hair style is unique! (peace)
    Waiing you in next drama!
    LOve youuuuu

  772. 772 : rain Says:

    Just Say….!!!!

    Love U so Much 😉 :-*

  773. 773 : tigerb Says:

    @vanj#764: am sorry i just saw your message until i checked on this actor again (i am currently watching ‘bride of the century’). i saw the movie at gooddrama.net. hope you will see this message and eventually see the movie. enjoy!

  774. 774 : roselie Says:

    hai….im the #.1 Fun of Lee Hong-Ki

  775. 775 : Cho Says:

    It’s just me or what, he’s look a like jang geun suk, he is so suited to be jang geun suk’s little brother 😛

  776. 776 : yuyou Says:

    I love your short hair.you look very cool with it

  777. 777 : bigeye46 Says:

    i will watch the new drama..wonderful and fighting..lee hong ki

  778. 778 : anjela Says:

    I love you Hongstar and modern farmer!!!

  779. 779 : swathi Says:

    You are sooo cute and childish…..
    Keep going……maintain your character

  780. 780 : swathi Says:

    Golden hair suits u…..more than black hair……jeremy

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  782. 782 : Primadonna KP Says:

    u r awesome … everything u act is so natural and great… u deserve to get awards..

  783. 783 : passey Says:

    wish to be my friend…..u look good

  784. 784 : rose Says:

    I am a Filipino, I watch everyday the modern farmer in my cp♥

  785. 785 : ANGELA Says:


  786. 786 : racha Says:

    I love you very much 💞 and i love your song you are beautiful and cute and very fanny

  787. 787 : racha Says:

    I love you very much and i love your song 💞

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  789. 789 : muhd shahrin . :) nurhafizah Says:

    episod 2 kang joo kiss Na Doo Rim

  790. 790 : muhd shahrin . :) nurhafizah Says:

    My Heart Twinkle Twinkle, Once Upon A Time In Saengchori are way better dramas than this one.

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