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Lee Hyo Ri

Lee Hyo Ri 01

Name: 이효리 (李孝利) / Lee Hyo Ri (I Hyo Ri)
Also known as: Hyori Lee / Lee Hyori / Lee Hyo / Cho Ri
Profession: Singer, model, and actress
Birthdate: 1979-May-10
Birthplace: Choong Book, South Korea
Height: 166cm
Weight: 53kg
Star sign: Taurus
Blood type: A
Family: Older brother, older sister
Religion: Christian
Education: Gukmin University, Kyung Hee University (major in media studies & social science)
Kpop group: Leader of FinKL

TV Series

On Air (SBS, 2008) cameo
Perhaps Love (TV Mnet, 2007)
Three Leaf Clover (SBS, 2005)


Dancing Queen (2012)
Emergency 19 (2002)


Ace Bed
Mango Drink
Dwae Ji Bar (Ice Cream)
Fruits Wax Hair Coloring


  1. 1 : sam Says:

    i lyk hyori a lot…. her dance skill cant bit even by britney spears.. wow! hav a gud health and always hav faith on GOD. gud luck!

  2. 2 : bla- Says:

    yeah ryt…ur comparin her to britney? haha… sure.. man, she aint even famous in asia.. no offense meant but, britney’s really good at dancin, i dont think lee hyo ri can beat her..

  3. 3 : 8hundred Says:

    I like her, I like her voice and all of her songs.
    And I like this picture, nice clothes….

  4. 4 : Sandy Says:

    she’s just a one sexy hot mama =D..!!!

  5. 5 : ParK HaE Joo Says:

    lee hyori is so beautifull
    i look she in she mv is mv name anystar.i look she dance with lee jun ki..
    good dance…….
    good luck hyo ri…

    PoPaTo Shi Ku aYo

  6. 6 : aura Says:


  7. 7 : hello Says:

    why is her belly button so freaking huuuuuge??

  8. 8 : dhiamung Says:

    hello lee… you are so beautiful!!! I’m out of words… WOW!!!!

  9. 9 : dhiamung Says:

    I’m from a place called Nagaland in India & our people love to see your movies here too…. In fact, there are lots of Korean movie fans here… We love your movies, Keep it up!

  10. 10 : aura Says:


  11. 11 : kimcing Says:

    i want to learn dancing from u. can u. ur so good dancing. like Brithney spear. a jaja

  12. 12 : ji hye Says:

    i love hyori! shes so freaking hot nowadays! gudluck girl!

  13. 13 : ji hye Says:

    hmm, shes going back to school this month i think.

  14. 14 : november Says:

    LHR, you are a bad example to young women as you are very cheap and act like a whore. You use your body to earn money. You are a Catholic and yet you desecrate your body. It is good that Lee Seo Jin got to his senses and left you for an elegant, classy and truly beautiful lady.

  15. 15 : lester Says:

    I do not understand why some consider hyori beautiful? how can a whore be beautiful? she is ugly as she does not respect her own body! Hope she realizes she is selling her soul to the devil!

  16. 16 : john Says:

    Yeah hyori you are the no. one whore in korea. Best for you to pose in penthouse so you can make all men happy not only koreans.
    We cant wait to see your insides – dont make us wait. Poor you no one respects you, I wonder if your boyfriends really loved you- they must have only wanted to taste your body. Get lost hyori- the world does not need whores loke you. We need good and pure women.

  17. 17 : Hi, I'm Hyori and I'm a Cheap Skank and my job is to have sex with the camera. Says:

    She has no self-respect for herself. She literally masturbates in front of young children in the audience. She should just pose for playboy.

    And why the hell is this girl horny ALL THE TIME and has the hots for idol boy bands?

  18. 18 : annika seven Says:

    oh no..she dated daniel henney!! and she can’t beat britney’s dancing skills, britney’s an american dream and she’s just a korean superstar

  19. 19 : annika seven Says:

    she’s no to britney, and is she really a whore?

  20. 20 : annika seven Says:

    i mean she’s no britney

  21. 21 : Serendipitiee Says:

    I don’t think that Britney Spears is better than Hyori Lee. Note: Britney has two children. Hyori does not. Hyori is not a whore!!!

  22. 22 : kingkong Says:

    Hyori is a WHORE! She sells her body not her songs. Also she loves to play with men. When she was dating Lee Seo Jin she was also dating Daniel Henney. So, Lee Seo Jin realized her cheapness and left her for good. Bravo Lee Seo Jin for coming to your senses ! Who wants to marry a whore?

  23. 23 : Steve Says:

    Lee Hyo Ri, I just saw your video today. I love your music! I think you need an American agent to contact you so you can make mega bucks. Good luck to you. You are so talented. I would definetly buy your music.

  24. 24 : lika Says:

    hi all, sorry m a new member here..n i just no yo ri..n i heard that she sicks isn’t?m so far from ur country..m from cambodia ..thanks..if anybody can tell me.c ya in next day..ka

  25. 25 : filipino_101 Says:

    lee hyori youre such a great dancer…keep it up girl…and dont mind those people who are low thinking….i know youre a nice person i can see it…god bless….

  26. 26 : homelessqueen Says:

    i like ur style.ur dance.

  27. 27 : Farel 89 Says:


  28. 28 : snow princess Says:

    if you guys say that hyori is a whore,,than britney is worst than her..back of britney..hyori fighting!!

  29. 29 : aung kyaw naing Says:

    i love you and your dance very much

  30. 30 : piggypisces Says:

    SeXy Hyorishhhhhh
    i want to smart and healthy and sexy like you
    i like Family Outing very much
    and if FO don’t have hyori it will lack of good food and mommy
    Do you think like me (^00^)

  31. 31 : linletphyo Says:

    i love you lee i am 20 boy . i stay in yangon (myanmar)
    i really crazy lovely you
    lee you are my princess i hope you and i are oneday meet in my mind
    lee i love you so much
    i get presents in you heart love only

  32. 32 : Busy Says:

    Lee Hyo Ri ‘s information here has one error.
    She has 2 elder sisters, no brothers.
    Both sisters are married. Hyori loves her family very much.

  33. 33 : ko oo Says:

    i like u very much

  34. 34 : irralyn Says:

    i like you….because Kim hyun joong oppa…realy like you…i think he’s got a crush on you…

  35. 35 : FarHana Dayana Abdullah Says:

    LOve YOu LEE HYORI~! with or without makeup, old or young , plastic or no plastic, i will always love you :D. i am happily saying all this , knowing that I’m a geeky girl myself. hahahaha XD. Dont stop the music~! ACt a drama with Kim Hyung Joong, I’d love to see it :D.

  36. 36 : wutt hmone Says:

    ူူူူူlee hoo yee i like very much.

  37. 37 : stella Says:


  38. 38 : emerald Says:

    congratulation on your wedding…

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