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Lee Hyun Woo (1966)

Lee Hyun Woo 01

Name: 이현우 / Lee Hyun Woo (Lee Hyeon Wu)
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1966-Mar-06
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
Star sign: Pisces
Education: Parsons Design School in New York, Graduate School of Kyeongwon University

TV Shows

Ruby’s Ring (KBS2, 2013)
Salamander Guru (SBS, 2012) cameo
Oh My Lady (SBS, 2010)
Dal Ja’s Spring (KBS2, 2007)
Common Single (SBS, 2006)
Wedding (KBS2, 2005)
Sad Love Song (SBS, 2005)
The Woman Who Wants to Marry (MBC, 2004)
Attic Cat (MBC, 2003)


The Forgotten Bag (2011)
Before the Summer Passes Away (2007)
Ssunday Seoul (2006)
My Boyfriend is Type-B (2005)
S-Diary (2004)

Related Photo

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Lee Hyun Woo 1 Lee Hyun Woo 2 Lee Hyun Woo 3 Lee Hyun Woo 4 Lee Hyun Woo 5


  1. 1 : Rekha Says:

    at first I didn’t like you or well I didn’t find you cute but as I saw you act it really was touching in the drama “Attic Cat”.

  2. 2 : grace Says:

    you are really great…. I love the character that you portray in attic cat.

  3. 3 : grace Says:

    나랑 결훈해줘, 2년후 내가 널 놓아줄게. 하하하하하하! send me a mail if yes……[email protected]

  4. 4 : Valenn Says:

    the first time that i noe u, is when i watched dal ja’s spring.. well, i think that u are pretty good to act as mr.eom..
    good luck!! =)

  5. 5 : Marcris Says:

    When Isaw you in DalJa’s Spring. I really really like you Mr. Eom um… Very cute. Ups…thus IBrowse your picture directly.

  6. 6 : b2bqueen Says:

    I ask for the favourite song and why? your email?

  7. 7 : Smitha Says:

    I fell in love with you when I first saw you act in attic cat. Then I heard your songs and fell for your voice.. And want to know you more as a person…

  8. 8 : nikki Says:

    at fiRst i diDn’t fiNd yUh atTrActivE ..

    bUt tHe m0rE i Lo0k at yUh,,

    tHe m0rE i rEaLizE tHat y0u’re s0 CUTE!

    hEhe ..

    i L♥ve y0u’rE roLe oN DALJA’s SPRING!

    g0odLuck oN y0u`re cArEeR!

    m0rE sh0ws t0 c0mE! .. =)

    GOD bLeSs! ~.^

  9. 9 : fRiTz Says:


    i like your role in dalja’s spring

    you are such a good actor….

    keep it up!!!

    take care…

  10. 10 : kim mona Says:


  11. 11 : jennifer Says:

    when i look at your face on tv…the longer i watch the more handsome you came to me….i dont know why

  12. 12 : mel Says:

    i’m sorry…. i never watch your acting before… but i think you’re a great actor..

  13. 13 : Yelena Solovey Says:

    oh, I think ur beatuful dad day lol

  14. 14 : Yelena Solovey Says:

    I like shun min woo..I can call daddy shh

  15. 15 : Yelena Solovey Says:

    I like shun min woo I caall daddy

  16. 16 : Vichy Lin Says:

    ^_^ -I just finished watching Attic Cat, and I absolutely fell in love with your character! It’s weird though because I usually never root for the guy that doesn’t get the girl because there’s not much substance to him. But, your portrayal of Yoo Dong Joon was really quite powerful despite the lack of lines! Very good use of body language and expression. ^_~ Anyway, it was my first Kdrama, and I really enjoyed it! XD Kudos on your performance. -I’ll be looking to see more of your work!

  17. 17 : Sinopsis Oh My Lady « loveufull Says:

    […] Rim as Yoon Gae Hwa Choi Si Won as Sung Min Woo Lee Hyun Woo as Yoo Shi Joon Park Han Byul as Yoo Ra — Oh, ada Park Han Byul, ceweknya Se7eN Oppa… Wah, […]

  18. 18 : adib Says:

    you are really cool!!! DAEBAK…

  19. 19 : ruzie jay Says:

    i like lee hyun woo when he serious

  20. 20 : Lady Salieri Says:

    I’m in love with him *_*. His acting in Dal ja is awesome, also in “Oh my lady” Want to see “Singles game” but I can’t find =(

  21. 21 : [SBS 2010] Oh My Lady | Says:

    […] Rim as Yoon Gae Hwa Choi Si Won as Sung Min Woo Lee Hyun Woo as Yoo Shi Joon Park Han Byul as Hong Yoo Ra Moon Jung Hee as Han Jung Ah Yoo Seo Jin as Lee […]

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