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Lee Jae Hwang

Name: 이재황 / Lee Jae Hwang
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1976-Dec-26
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: O

TV Shows

Mom Has An Affair (SBS, 2020)
Backflow (MBC, 2017)
Eve’s Love (MBC, 2015)
Take My Hand (MBC, 2013)
I Love You (SBS, 2012)
Smile, Mom (SBS, 2010)
The Queen Returns (KBS2, 2009)
Temptation of Wife (SBS, 2008)
Please Come Back, Soon-Ae (SBS, 2006)
Tears of Diamond (SBS, 2005)
That Summer Typhoon (SBS, 2005)
Kitchen Maid (MBC, 2002)
Five Brothers and Sisters (SBS, 2002)
We Are Dating Now (SBS, 2002)
How Should I Be (MBC, 2001)
Kaist (SBS, 1999)

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  1. 1 : sexy4yennie Says:

    i watched him at Tears of Diamond
    he is very cute

  2. 2 : fifi Says:

    i watch him in “that summer thyphoon”.
    he played as isanim, he looks very handsome.
    because of him, i learn korean language very hard.
    wish can meet Lee Jae Hwang…

  3. 3 : fifi Says:

    end of this month (august 31, 07), i will go to busan, to continue my master degree in communication. are you travel to busan many times?
    just want to see you…

    아마 제 질문이 너무 버릇없어요.
    저는 피피 라고 합니다. 거향은 자카르타, 인도네시아예요.
    이번 달, 저는 한국에 갈 거예요 (경성 대학원, 부산에서).
    그리고 2년 동안 경성 대학원에서 석사 학위를 취득할거예요.
    한국어가 아주 어려워요. 우리 글자 많이 부정해요.
    그런대, 시간이 있으면, 편지를 점 대답해주세요.

  4. 4 : Angela Says:

    You are so cute in That summer Typhoon. i like u so much. Hope i could see you.

  5. 5 : Nikka-Mille Says:

    I always His T.v Show hir in the phiL. title On: COME BACK SOON-AE.. Lee jAe-HwAng is really handsome… I cant take my eyes of him since the day i see him.. I love everything about him…

  6. 6 : Nikka Mille Says:

    I always watch his latest t.v show hir in the phiL. COME BACK SOON-AE.. hIS A GOOD ACTOR & REALLY EYE CATCHING BCOZ I CANT STOP THINKING OF HIM, since the day i watch his show & see him…
    Mwahhhh 4 u Lee jae-Hwang… =)

  7. 7 : ayt tara Says:

    i reaLLy Like him in come back soon-ae though he was not the Lead actor.. i wish i could see him in person to know if he’s reaLLy for reaL. His eyes meLt my young heart!!! i hope he wiLL have Lot of koreandrama to make.. i admire him..

  8. 8 : geraldine Says:

    i really like to watch please come back soon ae in GMA 7 and of course to see the most handsome guy LEE JAE HWANG………. parang hindi ka 31 parang 17…………………..

  9. 9 : jhec Says:

    you look like my crush… i love him so much..

  10. 10 : rosalie Says:

    youre a goodactor

  11. 11 : rosalie Says:

    hello! i really like you!!!
    im your diehard fan

  12. 12 : rosalie Says:

    can u send me your latest picture??

  13. 13 : yoriska Says:

    lee jae hwang ganteng banget sich ……?
    hidung mancung, mata cantik …. oh my God ….. handsome ….
    i really love you ….
    i love you jae hwang ….?

  14. 14 : alma Says:

    can you please email me if you have time…
    [email protected]

  15. 15 : alma Says:

    hi! im one of your avid fan here in the philippines.
    hope you could email me sometime. but i know your that busy. but if you have time please.
    [email protected]

    im just taking my chances. hope you’ll be able to email me. tnx!
    take care

  16. 16 : alma Says:

    hi! im one of your avid fan here in the philippines.
    hope you could email me sometime. but i know your that busy. but if you have time please.
    [email protected]

    im just taking my chances. hope you’ll be able to email me. tnx!
    take care

  17. 17 : alma Says:

    its me again.. got the wrong email..
    [email protected]
    thats it. got it right by this time. hope to hear from you soon…


  18. 18 : cookie58 Says:

    Just curious are you the Mr Lee they mentioned in the media as the late Jang Da Bin boyfriend? No offence though, I am also one of your fans.

  19. 19 : cookie58 Says:

    Have just started watching Temptation of Wife. You looked absolutely gorgeous and charming.

  20. 20 : Jessica Says:

    Just finished watching Temptation of Wife. I would say Lee Jae Hwang is the most handsome and charming guy in Korea, and for me no one is better than him. I like everything about him. Wish him happy and good luck for his whole life.

  21. 21 : lonely Says:

    hi, lee jae-hwang … you are really cute in “temptation of wife “
    i really like you because you have a beautiful smile… i wonder if you would send me an email at [email protected] …………i know that you are very busy but if i could receive an email lee jae even if it’s a word or two it’ll make happy for months………….i’m your big fan I LOVE YOU LEE JAE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 22 : Jessica Says:

    Finished watching Tears of Diamond, Really enjoy watching Lee Jae Hwang featured another nice man, it’s so beautiful! Lee Jae Hwang, wish you good health, successful career and happy every day.

  23. 23 : Irene (S'pore) Says:

    I really like him and his birthday is the same as mine =D

  24. 24 : rea Says:

    annyeong haseyo… im a bet disappointed about the ending of your series- the queen returns.. i thought ma sha will be your partner there.. i hope you can produce a good ending series or movie…i dont need to say take care.. because i know you are already taking care of your self.. a prosperous.. future for you that is what i can say.. i hope you can have a series or movie with han ji min..

  25. 25 : Bethelhem Telahun Says:

    Hey! My Name is Bethlhem Telahun and am from Addis Ababa,Ethiopia am so amzed while I see Ure Drama The Queen Return Hope it’s not U’re caracter hope it’s really U, U know every one that I know in my countery think that am crazy cos am addected in KBS Drama and to tell U the truth I heat the ending and hopefully I will see U in the next Drama Cos I dont know U’re fan club or e-mail addres so that I I cant say Happy Birthday to U on U’re big day, Any way cuit guy at list let me know U’re addres hope U dont mind

  26. 26 : noel j. Says:

    i really enjoy watching you act in the korean drama cruel temptation. you delivered the lines really well and i was convinced on how much you cared for gu eun jae and how much you detest
    min so hee for being such a unreasonable woman. all the best in your acting career. anyonghikaesaeyo!

  27. 27 : Jessica Says:

    Dear Lee Jae Hwang, Happy New Year and my best wishes for you ! You are always the best in my mind.

  28. 28 : Laetia Says:

    I love your acting and singing!!! And so good-looking too!! Are you going for a CD? Please act more! i would love to watch them!!!!

  29. 29 : lee jae hwang's fan Says:

    hello brother lee jae hwang… I love ur acting and singing.. U look very charming and handsome in the serial drama ‘Cruel Temptation’. I am totally attracted by you… Why didn’t u win any awards in the SBS Korean Drama awards 2009??? I was quite unhappy when i didn’t see ur name in the list of winners… Anyway… Work harder and act in more drama… I will support u all the way and buy all the drama involving u to watch and to show my support… Take care and all the best…

  30. 30 : Emma Says:

    you are one of the best korean actors i have ever seen. your acting skills are amazing and so touching. i really enjoy your drama and i wish if you can get more main leading roles in the future. You should won an award for your awesome acting by now, so i wish you get that soon. all the best for you 😉

  31. 31 : Anna Lee Says:

    Hello Lee Jae Hwang! I very love your acting and singing. You look very handsome and cute. I love best your cast in the film: ” That’s summer typhoon”. You act very well, Jae Hwang can act better in the future. In the New Year, you will be the big star and awared a lots of prize in the SBS Drama! Best wish for you

  32. 32 : hanen Says:

    ……i dont know you……i dont love you……but i want to tell you some thing a next time…..

  33. 33 : 박영애 Says:

    i like 아내의 유혹

  34. 34 : rain Says:

    I love you

  35. 35 : yee ywe phyo Says:

    You very look like with Jang Seo-hee

  36. 36 : دلال Says:

    وواااااو اخبل عليك وش مااا اجملك

  37. 37 : jihene Says:

    you are a good actor and you look like smart child

  38. 38 : J.C. Li Says:

    Dear Jae Hwang Lee,
    I am a Mauritian of chinese origin living very far away and I have been watching your movie, temptation of wives and I have been touched by your personality and you look great. You are a great actor and very handsome. Can I have your personal e-mail address so that I can keep in touch with you, please. Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon. Take care. Bye, J.C.

  39. 39 : mel Says:

    i like your smile… keep smiling…

  40. 40 : zehira Says:

    u r so cute
    i wish u al the best&to shine more&more
    take care of urself…i like u

  41. 41 : santepheap Says:

    I have saw you in drama. Hm… you perform is beautiful and romance.

  42. 42 : Smile, Mom | aznwave.com Says:

    […] Jung Hee as Kang Sun Young Lee Jae Hwang Kang Min Kyung (???) Lee Mi Sook Kim Yong Gun Park Won Sook Yoon Joo Sang Hwang Bo Ra Go Eun Mi Im […]

  43. 43 : jeffrey sagun Says:

    hi there, Mr. Lee jae Hwang. I really like ur character…. I kinda relate… This is from Philippines, ur story is getting interesting… hope to see u here in our country mr Lee…

  44. 44 : altheza_philippine Says:

    hello! you’re such a good actor..i’ve watched your two t.v series- i like both! hope to see you coming here in Philippine! =)

  45. 45 : charielyn Says:

    i have watch you in temptation of wife. you act so good as Min Gun Wu and i like your acting. i hope to see in personal. your so handsome. God bless Lee Jae Hwang….

  46. 46 : chaepenn Says:

    “we are dating” the first drama i’ve seen you w/ chae rim. your so handsome there and i like the way you act. and now i started to watch ” temptation of wife” hope you end up w/ the lead actress there. she’s so pretty and a very good actress.

  47. 47 : jon coronel Says:

    i think were not letter A… coz were meant to BE…

  48. 48 : gracia Says:

    Hello…, u look good but i think u look much good in personal…, u have so good acting in temptation of wife…take care and Godbless….!!!

  49. 49 : nana suki Says:

    so cute… i love you..hope youll visit here in the philippines…

  50. 50 : marrys26 Says:

    lee jae hwang your very handsome look korean actor..and also great charming smile….wonderful….

  51. 51 : Romielyn Says:

    your so cute…i hope there is time for you to visit here in the phillipines..

  52. 52 : kath Says:

    ur so damn handsome. HOT

  53. 53 : carerl Says:

    hi,,ur so cute,, i hope to see u somewhere in the philippines,,,

  54. 54 : carerl Says:

    hi,,ur so cute,,i hope to see somewhere in the philippines,,

  55. 55 : chesca Says:

    ur so cute specially when u smile..

  56. 56 : chaepenn Says:

    hi belated happy birthday. may you have more projects to come and hopefully w/ chae rim.

  57. 57 : princess joy Says:

    hi…you’re so cute and handsome.

    i wish that you will visit here in the Philippines someday…
    more project to come.
    thank you.

  58. 58 : karen Says:

    you are also my favourite one!!
    Love ur acting………..and u .:D

  59. 59 : Camille Garcia Says:

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ i`m from philippines.. i`ve always watched your movie (TEMPTATION OF WIFE) your great! 😀 take care.. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  60. 60 : hyacinth Says:

    ive watch ur drama series and ur so cute!!! i hope u visit here in the philippines.. so i could see you live… haaay… you look like an angel from the sky…

  61. 61 : yulia Says:

    you are so handsome! u look like Paolo Bediones also a celebrity here in the Philippines.

    You are the only korean actor that i like.

  62. 62 : Christine Says:

    Belated happy birthday!!!
    I’m from the Philippines who really love to watch your soap, temptation of wife.

  63. 63 : BANESSA Says:

    ….hi….im ur 1 fan

  64. 64 : BANESSA Says:

    hi ….again… hope you will visit our country so that i could see u in person….

  65. 65 : BANESSA Says:

    hehehe…. ur so handsome…LIKE IT……

  66. 66 : ailyn Says:

    hello lee jae hwang, you’re very handsome,, i like the way you act.. very commendable…

  67. 67 : anna Says:

    i love you lee jae hwang!!!

  68. 68 : let Says:

    youre so cute i like the way you act!! and i love youre voice

  69. 69 : gisela Says:

    hello,, ur so nice and a very good actor,, may u always continue to smile,, and Godbless u always,, hope that u may visit the philippines,, i am an avid fan of your soap ,, temptatiion of wife,,

  70. 70 : indah Says:

    You are my dream man in this world.. Figthing jae hwang ssi

  71. 71 : List of Korean Actor « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Kim Yong Gun Kim Yong Hee Kim Yoo Suk Kim Young Ho Kim Young Jae Kim Young Joon Kim Young Kwang Kwak Jung Wook Kwon Hae Hyo Kwon Oh Joong ★★Kwon Sang Woo Kyung Joon L Lee Bum Soo Lee Byung Hun Lee Chang […]

  72. 72 : swestina Says:

    Hi… The first time I saw ur face, I feel u’re look so familiar, I’ve watched ur drama series (cruel temptation) and spend many time to finished, hope ur face always there in each episodes… I love ur act, perfect n so natural, especialy if u’re look so sad.. Makes me feel what u’re feel.. I just hopefully that someday I could see u in live peson. Thanx

  73. 73 : adinda Says:

    Lee Jae Hwang…ur good actor, I saw you first in temptation of wife…
    ur character as gonwo make me like you…
    ur so handsome n look like a gentle man..

  74. 74 : shinta Says:

    luv u lee jae hwang

  75. 75 : jang seo hee and lee jae hwang Says:

    anyng haseyo . i am the one fans in the philipines.. when i saw ur fce i think im so inlove with you…, and when i saw jang seo hee i think shes ur wife ,, b’coz ur handsome and she is a beautiful.., i whish i could see you in personal

  76. 76 : jang seo hee and lee jae hwang Says:


  77. 77 : mujah Says:

    hai Lee Jae Hwang i am your fans

  78. 78 : Helda Rosa Says:

    Hi Jang I like your act on your drama on Cruel Temptaion..^_^

  79. 79 : 3 Says:

    look different with men gun woo, but cool.

  80. 80 : Riesa Says:

    You are so cool, I really like you. Are as cool as you look ?

  81. 81 : Tanty Tanza Says:

    i want meet with u..huaaaa.. ;(
    i like ur acting in temptation of wife as gun woo..nice man,cool, 🙂

  82. 82 : fe.jurado Says:

    more drama series for LEE JAE HWANG

  83. 83 : cookie58 Says:

    Your smile is a killer. Good work in all your dramas. Hope to see you in more dramas and keep up the good work.

  84. 84 : Gerlie Says:

    Nice drama Temptation of wife, I Like your acting LEE JAE HWANG

  85. 85 : thea Says:

    i really like you! 🙂

  86. 86 : candy Says:

    i love you so much
    since temptation of wife..
    you are so cute..

  87. 87 : mina Says:

    i love you..

  88. 88 : sabrina Says:

    you are the best! I Loooooove all your films “Tempetation of wife” was ammmazing!
    *you are so cute!*

  89. 89 : vida Says:

    hi.how rae u?
    i am iranian.
    i love u my dear.
    kiss u

  90. 90 : marjan Says:

    i love you so much.you are so handsome.i know it is late but happy birthday.happy new year.

  91. 91 : nazanin Says:

    hi i think iranian realy love u 🙂
    I love u :):x

  92. 92 : naseem Says:

    moi aussi je t’aime ; je t’adore! vraiment…

  93. 93 : Khoosheh Says:

    I love you so much, you are so handsome, cute and gorgeous, I love your acting specially in temptation of wife, you are the best!!! :**** :XXXX

  94. 94 : maedeh Says:

    hello how are you.i am maede and i am from iran i looove you so much you are very cute and a gane i looooooooooooooooooove you so much

  95. 95 : maedeh Says:

    i am sorry but how old are you.

  96. 96 : nazanin Says:

    Do you read these comments mr.lee jaea hwang? do you know how much i love you?:D;)

  97. 97 : Khoosheh Says:

    May I have your email?!!! :** :XX

  98. 98 : nazanin Says:

    you dont see my comment?:(

  99. 99 : mycel nojadera Says:

    i like you jae hwang….

  100. 100 : Anna Swell-Bell Says:

    not bad!

  101. 101 : sophia Says:

    hi,now they translate in our state,i really like u when u are gun wu.best of luck with jang seo hee

  102. 102 : Sangteii Chhangte Says:

    Like u so much since Temptation of wife as gun wu,….

  103. 103 : sang sangi Says:

    please reply me,i think u really match this film the most.please reply me

  104. 104 : crystal Says:

    hi, my name is crystal, this is first time i’m watch your fim, ireally like the way you acting, i really want your email, but i don’t know how to connect to you so please reply to me.

  105. 105 : Uugii Says:

    Hello!!! Lee Jae Hwang. I am your real fan from Mongolia. I would like to relate with you…. Please send your mail address PleEEEaaasE

  106. 106 : orn Says:

    I like series…I love you.

  107. 107 : fena jean Says:

    hi! nice to see and know about you, you are one of my korean idols..

  108. 108 : megan Says:

    Hi! Lee jae hwang I’m your udge fun from the philippines.Most filipinos wants to meet you,so please visit our country we were be grateful so much….if you do!:)

  109. 109 : angeline Says:

    Hi lee jae hwang! You look so handsome in temptation of wife….
    Have you already watch the filipino remake of it? It is also remarkable try to watch it….:)

  110. 110 : victoria Says:

    your handsome.. i like your drama ”pls.come back soon ae” and ”temptation of wife”.

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  112. 112 : Gigi Says:

    Im watching Mom has an Affair – pls have more tv shows

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