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Lee Jin Wook 03

Name: 이진욱 / Lee Jin Wook
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1981-Sept-16
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 183cm
Weight: 68kg
Star sign: Virgo
Blood type: A
Education: Chongju University (Environment Department)
Talent agency: HB Entertainment

TV Series

Voice Season 2 (OCN, 2018)
Return (SBS ,2018)
Goodbye Mr. Black (MBC, 2016)
The Time We Were Not In Love (SBS, 2015)
The Three Musketeers Season 1 (tvN, 2014)
Nine: 9 Times Time Travel (tvN, 2013)
I Need Romance 2012 (tvN, 2012)
Myung Wol the Spy (KBS2, 2011)
The Road Home (KBS1, 2009, cameo)
City of Glass (SBS, 2008)
Powerful Opponents (KBS2, 2008)
Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic
Air City (MBC, 2007)
Someday (OCN, 2006)
Smile Again (SBS, 2006)
Alone in Love (SBS, 2006)
Resurrection (KBS, 2005)


Time Renegade (2015)
Beauty Inside (2015)
The Target (2014)
Miss Granny (2014)


2006 SBS Acting Award: Newcomer Award for Smile Again and Alone in Love


Hyundai Card
Maxwell House

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162 Responses to “Lee Jin Wook”

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  1. 51
    arezou Says:


  2. 52
    Lydia Says:

    u r cute in someday! ur act when crying was so good!

  3. 53
    Azha jhe Says:

    I love u…

  4. 54
    thara(myanmar) Says:

    I love you … You are the best

  5. 55
    Is***e Ja****i Says:

    Lee jin wook !!

    Je t’adore, tu es trop trop trop ..BEAUX !

    Et très sympatique, je suis une de tes fan, et fière de l’être xD ..

    JE T’AIME !!! ^_^
    SARANG HEYO !! <3

    Mon rêve est de te rencontrer, au moins de te voir de loin !! Mais c'est impossible. . . !

    Et n'oublie pas que je suis un de tes fans !

    Mérci, d'avoir lu mon message.

  6. 56
    Is***e Ja****i Says:

    it’s still me !

    I wanted to just you want to an exellent week-end 😉 !

    Good bye & Good luck 😛 !


  7. 57
    Is***e Ja****i Says:

    Hello Again!

    And I hope you are fine ! 🙂

    Good luck, and good week !!

    See you soon ! ^^

    Bye Lee !!

    Your fan: I.Ja

  8. 58
    Is***e Ja****i Says:

    Hello Lee !!!

    How are you ?!


    And I promise you that I will post comment all the end 😉 !!

    I love you and I miss you very much !! <3

    And I wish you a very very good week Lee ! 😀

    Good bye, and good luck !

    You are fan : I.J

  9. 59
    Rita Says:

    hi Lee!
    I love u.I m a girl from Myanmar.So how can I meet with u. I have no chance to see u outside.If i have a great good luck,I think I can meet u

  10. 60
    Is***e Ja****i Says:

    Hello, again and again X] !

    How are you ?!

    Me . . I well ! 🙂

    I like this song becouse there is you !


    It’s good, huh ?

    And I miss you so much !

    Have a nice day and nice week, Lee <3 !
    (I love you)

    Good bye ! =]

  11. 61
    Is***e Ja****i Says:


    (난 내 텍스트에서 (프랑스어) 한국어 번역.)
    만약 당신이 너무 매력적인 그리고 당신은 대단한 재능을(눈을 사랑해)
    그리고 당신은 또한 아주 좋은 배우!
    정말 당신이 다시 2011 년 보려면 싫어 가지고!
    그대는 놓치지 나를 많이.
    그리고 무사히 반환됩니다 희망을…
    난 당신을 계속 희망
    그리고 난 배우 세계 최고의 일일 될 것입니다!

    “난 희망 당신은 훌륭한 주 및 다른 좋은 주 보낼 것이다!”
    행운을 빌어요 ! 😉

    그리고 곧, 리 ! (^__^)

  12. 62
    Is***e Ja****i Says:

    Good afternoon

    (I translate my text (French) in Korean.)
    you’re too attractive and you have great talent..(I love your eyes)
    and you’re also a very good actor!
    I have really hate to see again you in 2011!
    Thou miss me much.
    And I hope that you will return unharmed…
    And I hope that you will continue
    like this…
    and one day you will become I best actor of the world!

    “I hope you have a great week and that you will spend another good week!”
    Good luck!

    And soon, Lee!

  13. 63
    Is***e Ja****i Says:

    Good evening!

    It’s still me! x]
    (I believe you are fed up of me, but I can be nothing I love Lee jin-wook!) (And I do this to show my loyalty and to say that I like it!)
    And I’ll contunuer this until his return in 2011… it is my way to him prove that I like it!

    Brèf, I hope you’ll well Lee! “lol”
    (I, no, I have a flu (but step influenza h1n1… hihihah))

    And good luck, and good health!
    See you soon!
    I miss you! 😀

    Saturday 26 February 2010 22: 26 (in france)
    Your fan you love *kiss* 🙂

  14. 64
    Is***e Ja****i Says:

    Good evening, (again and again…) 😀

    I think you’ll well, even very well!
    I look forward to the year 2011.
    for two reasons:
    *1* the first is that in 2011 I’ll finally be able to remove my dental equipment!
    *2* And the secand is: you’ll return as an actor ! (^__^)

    I te sohaite an excellent weekend and week ! 🙂

    I love you..Jin-Wook…(kiss)

    * Is.Ja* your fan…. :’D

  15. 65
    Is***e Ja****i Says:

    Good afternoon!
    How are you? 🙂

    If you got excited or sad, I suggest you listen to this music:

    ==> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h7y1CZ2hqg


    It is soon spring (March 20)

    Ah yes, there you only 42 week before your return!

    Good Luck!
    Kiss ! 🙂

  16. 66
    Is***e Ja****i Says:

    Hello Lee!

    I am really sorry for the delay, I am sick I have a sore throat and fever!
    But this is my serious step! And in addition I had a small problem of conextion, ohlala is not my lucky day!
    You apologise for I am a little cool stuff for you!

    Click here ==> http://moe.mabul.org/up/moe/2010/03/21/img-18481542o05.png.html

    Oh I hope that it you have pleased…you know I’m really zero has this kind of thing!

    Before that I forget, still you as 41 weeks before your return!

    I love you too…
    And takes good care of you,
    Good luck!

  17. 67
    Is***e Ja****i Says:


    I am sorry for the delay! : D
    I hope that you are not sick…
    but me I will really not well, I got excited because my mother is already left for vacation for 7 days, I’m alone with my father and my brother!
    Otherwise it remains te than 40 weeks! 😛
    Now I’ll go do my homework! (oh no, I hate to do it!)
    and after I’ll wash my hair!
    I expect you Lee!
    I miss you…(K)
    Good bye! 🙂

  18. 68
    Is***e Ja****i Says:

    Hello, Lee!
    How are you?
    Personally, I’m very well! 🙂

    But here I am talking about alone… maybe you do not even read my comments! :/
    but it is nothing! 😀

    Oh yes! Today is the Easter!
    And I’re you doing a little creation:

    I hope that you’ll love her… 🙂
    and as I had said the other times, I am too null to be kind of thing!

    Alalah..I speak too!

    Oh yes remains you as 39 weeks before your return!
    only 39 weeks! 😛

    Bye Bye! 🙂

  19. 69
    Is***e Ja****i Says:

    Sorry, sorry for my erreur !
    Voici l’adresse de l’image :


    I’m very very sorry… 🙂
    Bye 🙂

  20. 70
    Is***e Ja****i Says:

    Hey Lee!
    I am really sorry I could not send a message on Saturday, because I was at my grandparents, so far from home, and increasingly they do are not computer… I hope you my forgive. :/

    But otherwise, today (15/04) is my birthday!
    I had completely forgotten, that it was today! I just have my 1 * years!
    AH remains you less than 38 weeks! 😉

    Good luck!


  21. 71
    Is***e Ja****i Says:

    Hey, Lee!
    How are you?
    I hope your fine!

    I am very contante, because I’m on vacation,
    It is finished school, just for two weeks.
    Aah I’ll sleep when I want to play on Stardoll.fr comencer…
    Then remains you as 37 weeks before your return!


  22. 72
    Joe joe Says:


    u know it’s really hard to find u

    anyway , finally i found u..

    I really like your smile ^^

    And also try hard …so u can reach the top

    u r the best attracted actor i hv ever met

    bye ….

  23. 73
    April Says:


    Excellent acting, you can touch the viewers heart when you smile and when you cry…

    Keep up the good work 🙂 and i hope more good opportunites.

    Take care always.

  24. 74
    Is***e Ja****i Says:


    I hope your fine! 🙂

    I do nothing has said… Oh yes is soon summer, and I’ll go on vacation!
    But it’s a pity I won’t be able to send messages a month…

    Remains te as 36 weeks front your back… so it ‘ s soon! ^^
    You’ll return in October.

    Good Bye! 🙂

  25. 75
    Nordelm Says:

    Miss you Lee Jin Wook. I’m looking forward on your safe return from the military service on 3/7/11, a little over 10 months to go. I wish you all the happiness. God bless you always.

  26. 76
    sainainglay Says:

    i like your style really.i want to be a friend with you.i want to known your gtalk account or any you used account.if you ok please send your account in my gmail.

  27. 77
    is***e ja***n* Says:

    Hello… 🙂

    I am sorry because I could not write a comment…
    I had problem of conexion…and increasingly I had questions so I devote my time to my studies…

    I hope your fine.. .but if the opposite is I call you a listen to this song


    Remains te as 35/34 weeks prior to your return. 🙂


  28. 78
    air jordans shoes Says:


  29. 79
    lucy Says:

    you’re cute

  30. 80
    Ruby Says:

    Hi! I like you everytime you smile every scene you made. Now im watching City of Glass. Its quite good and touching. I hope to see you in person… Goodluck!

  31. 81
    dwee_q Says:

    come to indonesia please…………..

  32. 82
    Jenny Says:

    I really like him. Get to know him in City of Glass. A very young and cute actor. Heard he is dating Choi. Wonder whether its true. Would like hear and see more of his show soon.

  33. 83
    wilma Says:

    for me he is on the top 10 list of good looking actors hahah…thats for me along with lee minho,kim bum,and the like….hes cute with beared thou….aja aja fighting…saranghee

  34. 84
    joyjoy Says:

    your amazing lee jin wook,i really like your smile,ur so sweet the way u act of the city glass.

  35. 85
    ghen Says:

    …i hope i can go to kores to see you soon..city of glass is very toucing but i hope you and jung min-joo end up together..i hope there are still next episode coming soon for city of glass..i like the way you smile..

  36. 86
    erlyn abella Says:

    lee jin wook i love your show the city of glass,i hope someday that you came her in the philippines,and i like the way u smile…

  37. 87
    erlyn abella Says:

    every monday to friday i watch your show the city of glass here in philippines,your so cute,you have a killing smile..

  38. 88
    josh77 Says:

    lee jin wok..ur so charming …cool and tall..hope more dramas to come and wishing to watch ur drama with a happy ending with the lead star..i dont want to watch you sad even in ur dramas…^_^ good luck in ur military service..now i know why choi ji woo got hooked by you…

  39. 89
    Violet Says:

    I got to know him in Powerful Opponent. At first i really dislike him and his role. but i fell in love instantly once he’s changed into a new person (can’t remember in which episod) and changed his hair and dressing style. very cool, cute and sweet smile. do i see a dimple when he’s smiling?.. he’s going to be in my fav-actor list now.. 🙂

  40. 90
    ieyra Says:

    i really like him…….
    he is handsome boy like someone……
    but i hopes i can go to see you soon….
    i like korea…..
    so sweet n beautiful places…:)

  41. 91
    ieyra Says:

    i really like him…..
    he is handsome boys like someone….
    but i hope to go korea to see you soon….
    i really like korea person….
    so sweet n beautiful everyone….:)

  42. 92
    ieyra Says:

    i really like him…….
    he is handsome boy like someone….
    i hope i can go to korea to see you soon…
    so sweet and beautiful korea..:)

  43. 93
    dwee_q Says:

    play another drama please……..
    i miss u so much

  44. 94
    eerisyaj Says:

    is it true that choi ji woo and lee jin wook has already broke up?

  45. 95
    RCB23 Says:

    i hope to see you in person… and hope to see you in new project!

  46. 96
    shernalyn laja Says:

    waaaaah he’s awesome waaaah muaaah ,,,, i wish that u have a new drama with yoon eun hye make sure that u look pretty cool hehhehe we wait ur new drama about broken hearted,,,,,,,,(^^) we love you by malaysia ,philippine and thae whole worlds hehehhehehe

  47. 97
    Before and After Plastic Surgery Clinic (비포 & 애프터 성형외과) « styrn Says:

    […] Lee Jin Wook as Han Geon Soo So Yi Hyun as Hong Ki Nam Kim Sung Min as Choi Yong Woo Jung Ae Yun as Yoon Seo Jin […]

  48. 98
    titi Says:

    You’re the hottest thing i’ve ever seen….HUGS N’ KISSES


  49. 99
    Khanit Says:

    ร๊ากกกกก มากค่ะจะติดตามผลงานตลอดนะคะ

  50. 100
    lissa Says:

    hye lee jin wook oppa! ^^

    i really like u!..your cute and handsome too.. and i love ur smile a lot!..=) your a great actor.. im really looking forward for ur next drama/movie.. i had watch most of your drama and until recently you in Spy Myungwol.. such a hottie xDD.. please act in more drama kinda miss u act n of coz ur cute smile ^^… i will always support u!.. wish u have a good and bright carrier in the future.. jin wook oppa fighting! saranghae!! ♥

    sincerely, your fan from malaysia.. ♥

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