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Name: 이종석 / Lee Jong Suk
Profession: Actor, model
Birthdate: 1989-Sep-14
Height: 185cm
Weight: 65kg
Star sign: Virgo
Talent Agency: Wellmade STARM (2015), YG Entertainment (2016-present)

TV Shows

While You Were Sleeping (SBS, 2017)
Seven First Kisses (NAVER tvcast, 2016)
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (MBC, 2016)
W (MBC, 2016)
Go Ho, The Starry Night (Sohu TV, 2016)
Pinocchio (SBS, 2014)
Doctor Stranger (SBS, 2014)
Potato Star 2013QR3 (tvN, 2013) cameo
I Hear Your Voice (SBS, 2013)
School 2013 (KBS2, 2012)
When I Was The Prettiest (KBS2, 2012)
High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged (MBC, 2011)
Secret Garden (SBS, 2010)
Prosecutor Princess (SBS, 2010)


VIP (2017)
Youth Blood (2014)
No Breathing (2013)
The Face Reader (2013)
R2B: Return To Base (2012)
As One (2012)
Ghost (2010)
Sympathy (short film) (2005)


2017 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Lee Jong Suk and Bae Suzy (While You Were Sleeping)
2017 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Wed-Thurs Drama) – Lee Jong Suk (While You Were Sleeping)
2016 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo (W)
2016 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Mini-Series): Lee Jong Suk (W)
2016 MBC Drama Awards: Daesang – Lee Jong Suk (W)
2015 Korea Drama Festival Award – Top Excellence Actor: Lee Jong Suk (Pinocchio)
2015 51st Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Actor (Pinocchio)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Top 10 Stars: Lee Jong Suk (Pinocchio, Doctor Stranger)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Awards: Park Shin Hye & Lee Jong Suk (Pinocchio)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Special Award: Lee Jong Suk (Pinocchio)
2014 27th Grimae Awards: Best Actor (Pinocchio)
2014 9th Asia Model Festival Awards: Model Star Award
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars – Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Mini Series) – Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Best Couple: Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Excellence Actor: Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Best Couple: Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Excellence Actor: Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)
2012 KBS Drama Awards: Rookie Actor Awards, Lee Jong Suk (School 2013)

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Lee Jong Suk 43 Lee Jong Suk 44 Lee Jong Suk 45 Lee Jong Suk 46 Lee Jong Suk 47 Lee Jong Suk 48 Lee Jong Suk 49 Lee Jong Suk 50 Lee Jong Suk 51 Lee Jong Suk 52 Lee Jong Suk 53 Lee Jong Suk 54 Lee Jong Suk 55 Lee Jong Suk 56 Lee Jong Suk 57 Lee Jong Suk 58 Lee Jong Suk 59 Lee Jong Suk 60 lee-jong-suk-61 lee-jong-suk-62

182 Responses to “Lee Jong Suk”

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  1. 51
    rana Says:


  2. 52
    Christina Says:

    Good acting in “I hear your voice”. Future will be yours. Fighting!

  3. 53
    helga Says:

    like this guy b’coz “school 2013″, but love this guy b’coz ” i hear your voice”…at the end of ep 8, when you (so ha) kiss the girl you love, your firstlove for the first time with tears …ouch man!!! that’s scene priceless!! i love your act, fighting ^___^

  4. 54
    violet88 Says:

    Soo Ha ya.. pls don’t do that.. pls don’t resolve to be a killer.. nooo.. u don’t deserved to be a murderer.. MJG is too hideous for you to even lay your hands on.. come on writer-nim.. am begging u not to do this to this lovable boy.. he’s a fantastic character so far.. high possibility to be my fave hero character of all time……

  5. 55
    I Hear Your Voice / 너의 목소리가 들려 (2013) | My Little World Says:

    […] passionate and macho former police officer who becomes a government lawyer. Meanwhile, Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) is a 19 years old boy who has the superpower to hear people’s thoughts. Together they will team […]

  6. 56
    Norlelahwati Says:

    Anyeong haseyo .. Youre so sweet and fresh..
    Love to see you smile . OMG its contagious…
    Keep up the great acting…

  7. 57
    Moon Says:


    please use this as profile picture, please. Thanks 😀

  8. 58
    Zeez Says:

    I like u a lot in “I hear your voice”! Great acting!! I teared a lot..

  9. 59
    ann Says:

    I love you in your role in “I hear your voice” I will be looking forward to your next projects with much gusto!!! You are indeed a promising actor! I have to agree with your fans , the last part of episode 8 in I hear your voice is really beautiful! Fighting!!!

  10. 60
    agnesia Says:

    luv you soo ha …

  11. 61
    agneschoi Says:

    okaaay, now you’re on my bias list oppa :p

  12. 62
    Summer Says:

    His new film (2013):
    -No Breathing
    -The Face Reader

  13. 63
    Dwi Says:

    Lee Jong Suk.. Unyuuuuu ^^

  14. 64
    bigeye46 Says:

    thumb up and work hard

  15. 65
    celine Says:

    In the middle episode of your drama ‘i hear your voice’ i started think who’s another the posibility young actrees will be matching with you in the next project drama. And i don’t know why Park Bo Young (A werewolf boy) crossed in my mind. Ah park bo young? I think you both will be a school cutest couple, i wish you both will be lead! Sometimes later, there was an issue abt ljs has been considered for a new movie where pby will be a women lead. Wooow! Altough that’s movie it’s doesn’t matter! Expansion the news, ljs already taken sign with the movie and early this month they start to filming! And the movie will on theather this last year! Omg, my dream just comes true!! Definitely, can’t wait! 😀

    The title of movie is ‘Blood Boiling Youth’

  16. 66
    violet88 Says:

    Celine @ 65

    So LJS did take on the project with PBY? Great.. can’t wait.. heard it’s another high school boy character rite? doesn’t matter to me.. coz i trust Jong Suk will play the role in another color just like he did between his School 2013 ‘Go Nam Soon’ and IHYV ‘Park Soo Ha’.. he’s very talented.. and there’ll be plenty of time for him to try other roles, he’s only 24 rite.. so don’t mind others coz you look good in school uniform..

  17. 67
    melani Says:

    oppa.. annyonghaseyo

    jal jinaessoyo??

    oppa.. kerennnn dch!!!

  18. 68
    tibetan bhomo Says:

    1st saw u in Secret Garden n find kind of cute but nothing special & just now i finished watching I HEAR UR VOICE n i fell in love with u…hope to c u more in drama especially in leading role(main hero)…good luck with ur future project n keep entertaining us with good drama…FIGHTING

  19. 69
    myeon Says:

    i can’t believe i never interested to you before, and now after i’ve watched i hear your voice, i’m going crazy about you. lol.

    my favorite park soo ha, fighting!!!!!!!!

  20. 70
    ar_ni Says:

    OMG i just know for a long time i’m curious abot who is model in nicole kara mv !!! and now i know is you 😀

  21. 71
    chocoholicx Says:

    oppa!!!! fighting….
    looking forward to watching ur new drama

  22. 72
    jiigii Says:

    with average acting skill high kick 3 and school 2013 he failed to get my impression, I also noticed in high kick 3 that he was rather competible to Baek Jin Hee as his nona though only few scenes. His acting talent blooms through I hear your voice. Thumbs up LJS. You become the new “Noona and Ajumma killer”. Hope to see you in the new dramas paring with young actress but with the same or better acting when paring up with Noona type.

  23. 73
    celine Says:

    Yes, another school uniform for ljs in Blood Boiling Youth. The movie tell teenagers’s love story in high school era 80! Available on theather at first semester of 2014.


  24. 74
    Marya Susi Mardiana Says:

    OMG….i never intetested 2 u before, i wached ur act in school if 2013…i dont like it…but ir act on i hear ur voice very amaze… now i am starting to like u….fighting!!!!

  25. 75
    rika windiyani Says:

    OMG i am very like u in IHYV, park so ha love u so much
    i’ll be waiting your new drama

  26. 76
    Cc Says:

    Very good acting in “I hear your voice” ! Fighting!

  27. 77
    auroradey Says:

    oppa, na no johahae:3 hwaiting oppa 😀

  28. 78
    Maryjoy Yoo Says:

    Happy birthday…your did the best act when I hear you’re voice. !, I love your acting. ! The was great.

  29. 79
    agnes kim Says:

    skillful for such a young actor; eyes and lips are used to great advantage; keep it up!

  30. 80
    Nii - Naa Says:

    you look like mc caulay culkin (home alone’s actor)
    so cute….

  31. 81
    dian haerani Says:

    i don’t know why im thinking like this.. I think his eyes and his cuteness reflects just like LJS sunbae… one of the Korean actor, Kim Jae Won (scandal, may queen, can you hear my heart).. well its just a short thought, what do you think? ^^

  32. 82
    Sohehh Says:

    Love you in drama ‘ I Hear Your Voice’,,so cute and handsome park so ha

  33. 83
    Choi Jong Hwa Says:

    Na, mani mani chowahaeyo.

  34. 84
    aqila Says:

    Give me more Lee jong suk korean drama…’im waiting for jong suk next drama.Lee Jong Suk Fighting…Succes for you.

  35. 85
    aqila Says:

    Jongsuk-ah…chukkae for win excellent male award on Korean Drama 2013,You’r so awesome,dae bak..last year you win best new rockie award,this year you wg.gn excellent male awards..Next year??i will pray & support for you got Top excellent male awards.Amin..Love from Indonesia

  36. 86
    bblve Says:

    i’ve fallin in l0ve with u, at drama i hear ur voice, u are so cute,, hahaha everytime i see u my heart beat so fast haha.. I wish to see u in m0re drama that u are the lead act0r.

  37. 87
    Sonia Longjam Says:

    I love you tooooo…… much Lee jong Suk. i wish to see you in more drama. Every time i see you i think, i m going crazy coz i like you soooooooooooo…. much. Sarange

  38. 88
    Sonia Longjam Says:

    I like your Lips, Eyes, nah! i like all about you. you are so.. cute. words can’t express how much i love you. And i like all your drama. specially i hear your voice. Love you sooo…. much from India(manipur).

  39. 89
    rm018 Says:

    Omo. At first I was not attracted to him but after I’ve watched I hear your voice I see his ability and his charisma. My god I already fall into this guy! He is so damn hot! 🙂


  40. 90
    Wulan Says:

    Very good acting.. i love it! can”t wait for your next drama.. fighting!! love you much from Indonesia.

  41. 91
    thy Says:

    Sarang hae oppa

  42. 92
    wulan Says:

    Lee Jong Suk ^^~

    Love Love Love You ^^~

  43. 93
    mmmm Says:

    lee jong suk
    oppa saranghi <3

  44. 94
    MARAru Says:

    kawaiii aishiteru

  45. 95
    suzyfan Says:

    un acteur a suivre de pres
    all the best LJS

  46. 96
    rody Says:

    i want to tell you that you are hmm ……..how old are you now? and why you are soo cute? lol i like you soo much but expecialy your movie ……if you want to speck with me you have my email

  47. 97
    Saadiyo Mohamed Says:

    He really looks like the may queen actor..maybe they are related somehow..cutey oppppppa!!!

  48. 98
    Khanh Says:

    Kyahhhhh!!!!! He is too cool and also very cute!!
    Anyone knew his Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram account or something else please tell me 🙂
    Honestly, find his account is really hard :”(

  49. 99
    maknaee Says:

    Oppa, you’re such a good actor <3

  50. 100
    thạch thảo Says:

    A tuy k đẹp bằng Lee Min Ho nhung e rất điển trai, lại đóng phim hay nữa. E thic a r đó

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