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Lee Joon Ki 05

Name: 이준기 / Lee Jun Ki (Gi) / Lee Joon Ki (Gi)
Profession: Actor, model and singer
Birthdate: 1982-Apr-17
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Height: 178cm
Weight: 66kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: B
Family: Younger sister
Talent agency: Mentor Entertainment
Education: Seoul Arts University (Acting major)
Hobbies: Martial arts (Tae Kwon Do 3rd degree, Hapkido 1st degree and Taekkyeon 1st degree) and watching movies
Languages: Korean, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and English
Debut: Model for clothing brand “So Basic” (2001)

TV Series

Criminal Minds (tvN, 2017)
Seven First Kisses (NAVER tvcast, 2016)
Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (SBS, 2016)
She Was Pretty (MBC, 2015)
Scholar Who Walks the Night (MBC, 2015)
Joseon Gunman (KBS2, 2014)
Two Weeks (MBC, 2013)
Arang and the Magistrate (MBC, 2012)
Hero (MBC, 2009)
Iljimae (SBS, 2008)
Time Between Dog and Wolf (MBC, 2007)
101st Proposal (SBS, 2006, cameo)
My Girl (SBS, 2005)
Drama City, Ep. 234 “What Should I Do?” (KBS, 2004)
Star’s Echo (MBC/Fuji TV, 2004)
Nonstop 4 (MBC, 2003, guest)


Begin Again / Under the Sicily Sun (2015)
Virgin Snow (2007 – Korea/Japan Co-production)
May 18 / Splendid Holiday (2007)
Fly Daddy Fly (2006)
The King and the Clown (2005)
Flying Boys (2004)
The Hotel Venus (2004 – Japan production)


VOV (Men’s Cosmetics)
Longliqi Shampoo
Samsung Anycall
Vonin (Men’s Cosmetics)
Lacvert Cosmetics
KFC Go-go
Su An Su (수앤수)
Chungkang College of Cultural Industries


2016 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Award – Lee Joon Ki (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Lee Joon Ki and IU (Lee Ji Eun) (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: Hallyu Star Award – Lee Joon Ki (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Top Ten Star Awards – Lee Joon Ki (Scholar Who Walks the Night)
2014 KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Awards: Lee Joon Ki and Nam Sang Mi (Joseon Gunman)
2014 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actor (Medium Series): Lee Joon Ki (Joseon Gunman)
2013 Apan Star Awards – The Best Acting Award : Lee Joon Ki
2013 8th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Drama Actor (Arang and the Magistrate)
2012 MBC Drama Awards:: Best Couple Awards, Lee Joon Ki & Shin Min Ah (Arang and the Magistrate)
2012 Skyperfect Awards: M.net Japan’s Lee Joon Gi’s JG Style!
2009 MBC Drama Awards: Popular Actor Award (Hero)
2008 SBS Drama Awards: Male Top Excellence Award (Iljimae)
2008 SBS Drama Awards: Netizen Highest Popularity Award (Iljimae)
2007 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Acting Award for Time Between Dog and Wolf
2007 China Fashion Awards: South Korean Artist of the Year
27th Hawaii International Film Festival: Rising Star Award (2007)
10th Annual Shanghai International Film Festival: Overseas Star Award (2007)
2007 Andre Kim’s New and Superior Star Award
43rd Baeksang Art Awards: Popularity Award (2007)
27th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best On-Screen Couple Award (with Gam Woo Seong) for “The King and the Clown” (2006)
27th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popularity Award (with Kang Sung Yeon) for “The King and the Clown” (2006)
2006 MNET MKMF Awards: Music Video Award (“Grace Lee Soo Young”)
5th Korea Film Awards Best New Actor Award for The King and the Clown (2006)
43rd Daejong Film Festival: Most Popular Actor Overseas (2006)
43rd Daejong Film Festival: Most Popular Actor (2006)
43rd Daejong Film Festival: Best New Actor (2006)
42nd Baeksang Art Awards: Best Male Newcomer (2006)
42nd Baeksang Art Awards: Popularity Award (2006)
42nd Baeksang Art Awards: ‘In style’ Fashion Award (2006)
2006 Netizen’s Choice Awards: Best Male Newcomer
2006 Max Movie: Best Actor for “The King and the Clown”

Related Photo

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1,985 Responses to “Lee Joon Ki”

  1. 1
    ailyn Says:

    i want to see him in person !!

  2. 2
    michelle Says:

    i love you forever lee joon ki

  3. 3
    Erika Says:

    Totally love him…Love his feminine look….I made a forum just for him cause I\’m totally addicted to him… http://leejunki82.proboards46.com always love him…Hope to see him in person!!!

  4. 4
    cristina Says:

    i love you lee jun ki!!! hope to see you soon!!!
    God bless!!!

  5. 5
    sheryl Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! hope tp c u soon!!!!!mwha…

  6. 6
    Sky Bluey Says:

    He is so good looking and he is very talented! ^_^ Hope Joon Ki will get all the nice movies role and all the movies he is in will be successful.

  7. 7
    SHERYL Says:

    I love ur cute smile,red lips,and ur hair…… hope to see u soon LEE JOON KI!!!!!! hope u will visit us,with Lee Dai Hae and Lee Dong Wook!!!! ur My BOY!!!!

  8. 8
    JapA Says:

    watashi wa daisuki lee jun ki! jo sim hi ka!

  9. 9
    HeLeN Says:

    LoVe U so MuWaCkHzX….!!!! hoPe 2 c u SooN…!! aLwayZ suPPorT u..!!!

  10. 10
    tan lynn dong Says:

    what do you feel about hearing alot of “iloveyou s’ ” and i want to see you in person??? you dont have an idea how many people admires and fall inlove with you just right from watching a series of your tv shows and movies.
    i wont wish you good luck because i know you have alot of it…
    just take care of your self…

  11. 11
    aty(LEE ATY KI) Says:

    i luv him so much
    good luck four ur own future..
    make a difference character..
    like a bad person u look a girl haha…
    but cute…

  12. 12
    meiyin mehao Says:

    oh..gosh…he’s my admire…he’s so handsome..and cute…
    i wish i could meet him in person….
    really…..hehe…guess not only me want to meet u in person…
    everybody does…
    cos ur such a very talented actor….
    wish u all d best in ur career and in ur lyf…
    take care…
    love you so much…

  13. 13
    imah Says:

    He is so totally my future husband..
    love him very much like u all………

  14. 14
    imah Says:

    wat can i say…
    i got his hp number..
    thanks god he know how to speak english…
    my man……..

  15. 15
    najwa Says:

    he’s very cut in MY GIRL!!!!!!

  16. 16
    crazie_gal92 Says:

    i luve jun ki….i’ve watched him in my girl and the king and the clown…so cute…if you’re jun ki fans go to lovejunki.net n register….hehehehehehehhe…..luv jun ki!! bbasya!!

  17. 17
    norazira Says:

    i love you lee joon ki.i hope to be your sister.

  18. 18
    snowfish Says:

    well done in ‘my girl’
    do u plan to visit malaysia?
    do visit malaysia.
    i hope u do.
    hope to meet u.
    hope to get contact wit u too..
    am i too greedy?
    sorry, if yes..
    have a nice day, take care… ^-^

  19. 19
    amy_rain Says:

    hm….i realy like him….
    my pretty boy……
    want to meet him in person too….

  20. 20
    aiza Says:

    everybody’s saying to you i love you…
    ew so kakasawa to hear you know? but me i will not say i love you noh!
    kasi mahal na mahal kita or ana bahebak nico(lee joon ki) i like you i love you all the cast of my girl… hope to see you soon here in philippines with all the cast of my girl…mwaaah take care always

  21. 21
    rynona Says:

    joon ki….I LOVE YOU………….

  22. 22
    pa'az_jungWoonG Says:

    Lee Joon Ki a.k.a Seo Jung Woong!!!huhuhu
    really like ur character in My Girl series..
    KEEp IT UP, Jung Woong!!! =P
    u’re really sweet!!
    take care n b good!

  23. 23
    niki Says:

    i think Lee Joon-ki look cute i hope someday i can see him in person

  24. 24
    elodas Says:

    how i wish he could come to Singapore in person…It would be great!!!Seeing him in person should be very very very very x10000 fortunate!

  25. 25
    Pumpui Says:

    When will he come in Thailand ? ชอบ Lee Joon Ki มากๆ

  26. 26
    ShAr_CuTe Says:

    Hi….Lee Jun Ki is a really cute guy….he is just so fantastic in my girl….love his smile…looks…and omg he is just so talented…hope to meet him one day….i just wish to see him…..meet him….hope 2 see ya someday…..that’s all really…i actually want to know what’s ur personality Lee Jun Ki…..i think youre a really nice and friendly guy….cute, talented and good attitude…:)

  27. 27
    cute Says:

    lee joon ki, i love you so much!!! always be your fans!!! kampateh,.,,,

  28. 28
    filippina Says:

    Hi..Lee Jun Ki ^_^
    I’ve recently saw one of your T.v. show ‘MY GIRL’ and I’d love it so.. much. Your so.. talented and your smile is so cute it could melt any girls heart. I hope to see your future T.v. show and movies coming up..

  29. 29
    Pretty_emily Says:

    Lee Jun Ki, you are such a cute guy!! I hope to see you in Malaysia!!!
    Sarang haeyo!!

  30. 30
    mag Says:

    EEEEE!!!! i really really hope i get to see u in person!!! man ur sooo cute!!! hope to see u in malaysia!!!

  31. 31
    mag Says:

    oh ya ur very talented in acting toooo!!! n your singing rawks!!!

  32. 32
    sarumi Says:

    first time i saw him in ‘my girl’ i shouted “owh…..he’s damn damn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    ok…relax…but he’s really cool!!!
    pleez…pretty pretty pleezzz… come 2 malaysia…
    lee joon ki roxx!!!

  33. 33
    Kezia Says:

    you’re perfect… i’m inlove w/ you… but i know you have girlfriend as of now… but i’m still hoping that we will be friends… if you have time try to visit philippines ok? i won’t be able to see you in person, but i know filipinos will be so happy to see you… i want filipinos to be happy… so can you? ok, just take care of yourself and God bless…

  34. 34
    Ebi Heung soo Says:

    You’re very pretty even prettier than me-he3

    But as man,you are very handsome and cool!

    love you so much^0^

    always waiting for your next project…

  35. 35
    anuzik Says:

    He!s soooooo cute!!! he was acting in my girl and was soo gentle!! Love him!!!!

  36. 36
    chafiezha Says:

    s0 s0 cuTe…..!!!!!!LEe juN ki………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u R s0 aDoRabLe……!!!!!!!!!!!!g0RgeouS…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i rEaLLy aDmiRe u………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wuLd u b mY huBby…..??????????haHahh!!j0kiNg LoL….cuZ i haV 2 mNy guYz iN mY “mR riTe” LisTs….!waKakaK!!!

  37. 37
    Michiko Says:

    O my goshness. Jus lookin at his pix makes me drool. I SO know wat I want fer the new years. LEE JUN KI!!! man, his little sis must b so lukie!!

  38. 38
    ophie Says:

    I love Lee Jun Ki..!!! Coz He is very cute…..!!! Love You..!!! When will you come to Indonesia?

  39. 39
    aZ-Lee-Naa Says:

    i like his hair, dancing n fighting skills…it was DAMN COOL…i have nvr seen anyone who can act, dance, fight n sing at the same time…if he wants to sing, he needs to polish up his vocals…(i started to sound like Simon American Idol!?!?!?!?!?!?)…anyway, keep up the good work!

  40. 40
    Lalaine Says:

    Hi! I like him because his handsome..
    He looks like a girl.. Hahaha!
    Even he looks like a girl I really like him
    because he is my one and only oppa
    sarangheyo oppa jun…
    miss yah.. hope to see you soon…

  41. 41
    mismo Says:

    ello!!!! i like you so much bcoz u look very cute and natural when you are acting. although you look more feminin but for me its ok bcoz not all people have a feminin look right?!! hope to see you soon in another drama and you can come to MALAYSIA to meet all your fans here and for sure i am 1 of your biggest fan here. will alwayz support you!!!

  42. 42
    unknown Says:

    hey!! i think your cute!!!

  43. 43
    unknown Says:

    hi…..i donnoe you look kinda funny tooo…

  44. 44
    anonymous (: Says:

    my girl was the best kdrama everrr!! and you were great in it (: i almost cried near the end when you were in your office and you started crying ): that was sad….

  45. 45
    clarize Says:

    hello…many girls are admiring you here in the philippines…n_n

  46. 46
    clarize Says:

    elow…do you like hagcha???he..he..he..just joking….many girls out here in the philippines admired you…n_n

  47. 47
    maria ikiko Says:

    annyong haseyo!!
    you are so handsome!
    a fan from malaysia

  48. 48
    michelle Says:

    ooooo….im in love with him!!!!!!!!!!
    he is so pretty n cute^^

  49. 49
    eun - kyung (kyung) Says:

    yuck…. *blah* what is up with you people and oh…! cute! ??? sorry but like blah… 😛 i’m korean and all but still… not hot. not cute. HONESTLY!

  50. 50
    bless Says:

    you did a good job in “My Girl” which i have just finished watching. you have a nice projection of your whole being. congrats and looking forward to seeing more series in the future.

    bless (nt, australia)

  51. 51
    jan Says:

    go jun ki go!!!^^

  52. 52
    iqah Says:

    jun ki..
    i like drama my girl..
    he is so pretty n cute^^

  53. 53
    Christy Says:

    Your a great actor in My Girl. I like it. Keep up on growing. Wishing you the best

  54. 54
    Annie Tan Says:

    You very cute and your smile so lovely! My friend Esther Lee is craze over you! Miss you so much since your last movie. Will be looking forward for your next movie Fly daddy Fly soon!
    Wishing you the success of career

  55. 55
    mindy Says:

    lee jun ki is the best..daisuki..u r de handsum man..cool..

  56. 56
    Ha, Min-joo Says:

    I will agree Lee Joon-ki is a very attractive man and it would be wonderful to meet him in person. But to know how and meet him and find out what type of person he really is would be an awefully exciting adventure.

    I hope one day I will be able to meet someone I do admire as an actor.

    Will look forward to his future projects.

  57. 57
    Jane Says:

    Lee Jun ki, you are such a great person. All the good things that happened to is because you earned it. I believe that your grandmother is very proud of you. Your fans love you and I love you too. I hope that you reach to the stars and be very happy. I hope to see you some more in the future. Good Luck, fighting!

    p.s. ~ yes, your nose is a masterpiece lol

  58. 58
    banana Says:

    aza aza figthing!! joon ki^^

  59. 59
    maezelle Says:

    i love you!!

  60. 60
    lvjk Says:

    i love jun ki……..anyone can send me his MV???any Mv will do………..

  61. 61
    Dreba Says:

    lvjk, i hope u like this mv – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N13cSKlCvBM

  62. 62
    Rin Hee Says:

    Joon Ki Obba..
    niga nomu yebbeujyo…^^
    I like you in drama My girl & Fly, Daddy Fly
    But I don’t like you in The King & The Clown…

  63. 63
    shasha sawamura Says:

    LEE JUN-KI!!!!

  64. 64
    beah-ho0n Says:

    (@_@)shoo addicted!!!

  65. 65
    Rekha Says:

    I never seen any guys as pretty as you before ^_~. My computer is having heart attacks cause I downloaded so many pictures of you

  66. 66
    sofie lee Says:

    hi lee joon ki, how are you honey? i am very very love you… saranghhaeyo joon ki… wo se cen de cen de hen ai ni
    i hope to see you because you are very attractive man. jia you joon ki and god bless us!

  67. 67
    deela hearts lee joon ki Says:

    hi lee joon ki~~ im deela n im 4rm brunei n im just wanna say: god!!! i love you!!! you look pretty but cute when you smile…i like you but honestly, you’re my 1st crushed!!! i don’t like you cuz u’re famous..i like you becoz i can see an innocent guy in ur eyes…anyways, gud luck on everything n may god bless u owez!!
    p/s—> add me at me_edison710176@hotmail.com

    -deela hearts you so much-

  68. 68
    mag Says:

    JUN KI I LOVE UUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. 69
    michelle Says:

    sarang heyo lee jun ki

  70. 70
    Soo-Eun Says:

    yay 70th commenter!
    your relly cute!!
    you were funny in king and the clown (i think thats the drama name)
    lol we love you!

  71. 71
    kristelle Says:

    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. 72
    jutkre Says:

    dudes ,he look kinda like a school girl….still cute but a school girl nevertheless…. this is weird 😐

  73. 73
    jutkre Says:

    *looks [forgot an “s”]:P

  74. 74
    noor Says:

    i like ur acting in my girl n that is the 1st time i saw u.hope u keep up ur good work n always b urself!!!

  75. 75
    donna Says:

    i have ever dream that u are a cool mafia..hahahaha..But in the end u shot me..it’s just dreammm..

  76. 76
    mare Says:

    wow.. all the “love”s’ and “see you”s’
    kinda freaky. heee…
    Jun Ki’s look is rare and being so talented; he should be considered national treasure like a panda, 😀 :D. i wonder if any girl would want to have surgery on their face to take up some of Jun Ki’s feature. ha ha ha.

    even Lee Da-hae said if it was up to her, she would have Yoo Rin choose Seo Jung-woong. heee heee.

    Ba Xia!!!!

  77. 77
    Lee Seon Hye Says:

    annyeong haseyo!!!!!!!!!!!! Jun Ki! Saranghaeyo!!!!!!
    I’m kinda freak of you i had opened many profile articles of yours and watched your movies. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what an amazing work. Jesus!!!!!!!!!! you’re very cool. Keep it up, visit me in Indonesia! would you??? Next year i’ll go home to Seoul i hope we’ll meet in person somewhere… i heard you had a girlfriend, jeong mar eb ni ka??
    gamsahabnida!!! giun!!!!!!!!!!!

    LoPh… Seon Hye^^ don’t forget me, Nooreul Sarang Hae..

  78. 78
    ekinn Says:

    i luv u joon ki…….sarangi hae…

  79. 79
    sallyen Says:

    I totally love this guy. He has soooooooooooo pretty, yet very hot. All combined: AHHHH, im going crazy xD !!!

    1. He looks good.
    2. He can act.
    3. He sings.


  80. 80
    mei yuan Says:

    LEE JON KI I LOVEEEEEEE YOUUUU FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    2.CUTE and
    3.i like your FACE


    OH LEE JON KI|!!


  81. 81
    ninya Says:

    ei, something to add on lee jun ki’s list of good traits:

    1) totally hot
    2) magnificent actor
    3) awesome singer

    check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBQSy5LtVkA

  82. 82
    echi chan Says:

    eii lee joon ki, I miss you.you very cute handsome and saranghaeyo 🙂
    i miss yyou much………….

  83. 83
    echi chan Says:

    eii lee joon ki, I miss you.you very cute handsome and saranghaeyo 🙂
    i miss you much………….

  84. 84
    Envy Says:

    Joon-Ki is so man when he fight.Sooooooooo HANDSOME!!!!

  85. 85
    chai Says:

    i want to go to korea to see you in person because your so cute and you are my crush. when i first saw you i fall in love with you. hehe.

  86. 86
    Annie Tan Says:

    My friend Esther Lee wonders when will you be coming over S’pore? She really wishes to meet you in real person and welcome you to S’pore. She started to grow like you more because you very cute and smile so lovely since watched your acting in MY GIRL drama last year.

  87. 87

    aniyo wasiyo!!! i love u joon ki.. ur feminin face is so cute!!! i’m ur fan from MALAYSIA.. LOVE U FOREVER

  88. 88
    mag Says:

    jun ki ah jun ki ah.. pls come to malaysia laa!!

  89. 89
    norafasyak Says:

    haiii..ciut. I’m proud with u. at 2 month ago i have see u accept many award. I’m happy when u stand up for go up in stage. first my life i see u accept award. So i hope ur always success in ur life.. pasyak… 🙂

  90. 90
    eline low Says:

    i’m frm malaysian
    well, juz wanna say tht i love the show handsome…cool.
    especially i love ur smile!
    hope to see u agian in its season 2 pre sentation….”more power”
    i love u…..i love….uuuu…….keep chat

    frm love friend
    eline love

  91. 91
    eline low Says:

    hope to plan that to coming malaysian at penang…..ok!
    just wanna see my….u and good luck!

  92. 92
    eline low Says:

    i frm malaysian
    i…hope lee joon ki can paln…to coming malaysian at penang ok !
    good luck …. more power … expecially i love ur smile….see u soon….
    thn miss u…..good friend.

    frm eline

  93. 93
    Ayla Farihah Says:

    Hi! Plez come to Malaysia…

  94. 94
    hasegawa chiyuki Says:

    joon ki .. are more than just a good looking actor.after watching his movie the king and clown. his acting skill is just beyond praise.. ^ o ^

  95. 95
    dalimie Says:

    dear joon ki….
    hii!!! wanna know more about you…
    i like your hair…..!!!!
    reply me…

  96. 96
    didie Says:

    i l0ve u so much…
    u r really cute in my gurl..

  97. 97
    bingshui Says:

    love you forever! fighting!

  98. 98
    Emily Says:

    Full of talent! Simply gorgeous and charming! His performance in King and Clown was awesome!

  99. 99
    sarah Says:

    Lee Joon Ki… I lyk you so much… Hope to meet you… Always support you…

  100. 100
    zian Says:

    you look like a girl because of your facial shape.but your a good actor in My girl!!!
    my sister and my friends had a big crush on you!!!!

  101. 101
    JoKing Baby Says:

    Lee Joon-ki is extremely handsome and co0L.. he is cute but he is co0L~~
    Hope can see more drama and movie from you. Wish you can become a succesful actor!! Keep ur good work aye!

  102. 102
    freckles Says:

    hoi gago!!!
    you know you’re so handsome
    you look like my dog!!
    his name is lee jon ki

  103. 103
    maricar de leon Says:

    gosh. i want to see you in person hope to see you in your other projects. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS YOU always. hope to see you and talk to you in person. love lots.

  104. 104
    aqua Says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love youuuuuuuuu.my love.i am from mongolia so ……….

  105. 105
    beautyful as flower Says:

    Lee jon ki.You very very beautyful and I love . hope to meet you someday.^_^

  106. 106
    Virginia Says:

    YEAH! i LOOOVE LEE JUNKI! Hotness. if i get to meet him or have the money to go to korea I WANNNNA MEEET HIM!

  107. 107
    dyza Says:

    hi. . . .
    LeE jUn ki. . . .
    i wAnnA sAy tHaT i LovE yOu! ! ! !
    i hOpe i wILL sEe yOu sOon. . . .
    yoURe so cute iN YOUr mOViE “mY girL”. . . .
    i lOvE yOUr roLe. . . .

  108. 108
    Voodovicious Says:

    To lee joon ki..no need to meet u..just wanna give u a message..

    Good actor..good job n hope u can be a good actor..K my luck always with you..

    k,peace!I do love to hear yngwie malmsteen’s songs..like you do..

  109. 109
    christine Says:

    Anyonghaseyo…oppa…chonan christine imnida… hope 2 meet u in malaysia..emm…i hope u will add me in doubley_6282@hotmail.com so have a nice day and hembo kassam…anyong!!!!!!!!!!

  110. 110
    Tika Says:

    SARANG AE OPPA!!!!!!!! SARANG AEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AIGOO!!!! I always lose my breath saying that!!!! (lol) I hope to see you in America or when I go to Korea!!!!!!!!!! **YOU’RE SO FREAKING GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!**

  111. 111
    senerity Says:

    can u be my friend i hope so i think u r not interestel all of the comments that u have read but i hope u can be my friend or a chatmate im 19 just send me a message at senerity16_lee@yahoo.com if not that is okey

  112. 112
    Cara Says:

    April 17 is not Pisces….it’s Aries

  113. 113
    sexyguy10 Says:

    Hi Lee Joon Ki,

    You are so lovely, When will you visit Thailand? Your birth day will arrive soon, so wishing you ” Happy Birth Day and Your Dream Will Come True”

  114. 114
    emy Says:

    ii..i realy2 like lee jun ki..he’s realy cute..the cuters person in this world..ye..lee jun ki sarang he yo..

  115. 115
    miera Says:



    SARANG HE YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SARANANDA LEE JUN KI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. 116
    miera Says:

    YOUR BIRTHDAY IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!


  117. 117
    Norra ( Kay Zin Thaw ) Says:

    I like Lee Joon-gi a lot. I love his style,hair, earrings, height and so on.
    I’m from Burma.

  118. 118
    Norra Says:

    I’ve seen your movie “King and the clown”. You’re very good at acting. That is the other reason I like you. i like you a lot . I’m half crazy of you. i’m quite younger than you. You’re the first korean actor that i like. Please reply me!!!

  119. 119
    Chen Lain Says:

    I love your drama, My Girl. I like your acting too, it’s pretty nice and i must say, tht i am looking forward for more of your dramas and movies.

  120. 120
    neygu Says:

    hey…i tell u man he is so soo i am outa words…the 1st time i saw lee was ummmm???4 months ago when i actually tried watching korean drama 4 the 1st time..( my girl) and then i went back watchin evey music and dance and bacially every thing that says leejunki…seriously! and i laughed so much(meaning i love it) a short english song….. some thing like come,comeon baby hahha sooo cute….. well i did watch a few movies but never had time 4 those really long drama hahahaha and above all never thought korean boys r hot????(peace).. and guess wat lee jun ki changed every thing…i will kill him 4 makin me an adict if i ever meet him..i will kill him 4 being soooo cute…i will kill him 4 being the finest art alive earth..lol..i didnt watch the one u were making with a japanese actress????love to wach that and the way u tak u drave me crazy…….

  121. 121
    chai Says:

    hi lee jun ki,,, my crush my one and only crush and idol in korea ,, i hope and i wish you and lee da hae will visit in the philippines,,, and i will wait for your new series and movie.

    Lee Jun Ki is a cute guy, the way he smile , i fell in love with you very much….

    great job!!!! good job!!!!


  122. 122
    nn_piku2 Says:


  123. 123
    beth Says:

    lee jun-ki, should visit palawan haha para masaya!!! Sarranghae!!!

  124. 124
    beth Says:

    pahabol…. if u can speak japanese, chinese, english and korean.. u should learn tagalog as well…. …what a dreamer….! haha…

  125. 125
    beth Says:

    ah.. isa pa..

    he’s such a great dancer as well.. i just forgot what MV was that.. my mom is liking u as well.. korean actors are super HOT…. i hope u will notice us ur fans here in the philippines and have a fan meeting with us.. and that woulb be great…Ü^^

  126. 126
    axing Says:

    annyonghaseyo i just want to say happy b’day. i hope u sucsess, n become a famous star ok happy b’day ok!

  127. 127
    axing Says:

    i know is 7 day again but i want become the frist one to say HAPPY BRITHDAY LEE JOON-KI

  128. 128
    jheny Says:

    hay nku i always see that say and comment to you your so cute, u…i like you……i love you…….but me i say……..mahal n kita……..ang pogi pogi mo nmn

  129. 129
    czexyl(bgirl) Says:

    hi..!lee joon ki…!
    i know you are very popular..!



  130. 130
    princess korea Says:

    lee jun ki oppa…
    saya sukakan awak…(malaysia)
    mahal na mahal kita…(philiphine)
    are you hear it in KOREA???? i hope you can hear it in there..hahahaha… dont forget to send my regard to Lee dong-wook and lee da-hae okeyh???

  131. 131
    aRe-in@malaysia Says:

    i’m the big fan of lee joon ki!!!!
    wanna 2 see him at malaysia…

  132. 132
    aRe-in@malaysia Says:

    i’m the big fan of lee joon ki!!!
    love him!!!!

  133. 133
    aRe-in@malaysia Says:

    love lee joon ki!!!!

  134. 134
    Kie^u` Mai Anh Says:

    lee jun ki ‘ s cuties in the world 7 3 7, luv 2 u !~ >”

  135. 135
    Meoo_ vn Says:

    oops, i love him so muchhhhhhhh, huhu T_T, wanna 2 see him at VietNam

  136. 136
    Kelly Chang Says:


  137. 137
    Sakura Says:

    Love u Jun ki!!!mwa.hope u have succcess in ur future!sarang hae yo!

  138. 138
    keletam Says:

    Happy Birthday Lee jun ki
    I wish you the best
    Im from Dubai and we love you all

  139. 139
    starz Says:

    happy 25th birthday joon ki!!! love ur acting & personality in my girl! sayang joon ki!!!

  140. 140
    Maricar Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. 141
    Re' n QuT!eCha Says:

    haiii lee joon ki,,,,

    we from indonesia n we love u very very very much!!!!!!!!
    we called u our pretty boy,,,,
    we hope u can visit our country…..

    Happy Birthday!!!!!
    we hope u more success in the future,,,,,


  142. 142
    hyo lee Says:

    joon ki….. u’re so cute…..
    when u wanna visit to indonesia
    i’ii stay…. waiting

  143. 143
    Cung shu san Says:

    hai Lee Joon ki, my name Adelia (Cung shu san) i am from Indonesia. i am so like your acting in king ang the clown and you so hansome and beauty hehehehe….

  144. 144
    Cung shu san Says:

    I am sorry, i mean:
    you are so handsome and beauty



  145. 145
    Nhana Says:

    I LOVE JUNKI… so special inner beauty!!!!!

  146. 146
    selvi Says:

    lee joon ki…..hajimemashite watashi wa selviana desu.douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.watashi wa kuni kara Indonesia desu.happy b’day, lee joon ki.you are so cute and hansome.kawaiiiiiiii ne……..totemo daisuki………honto,honto daisuki….ganbatte ne.we are support u.always………..

  147. 147
    deo Says:

    lee joon ki…”the beautiful” boy…lee joon ki…saranghaeyoo

  148. 148
    hero takarai Says:

    pretty boy…
    ganbette lee joon ki ^_^

  149. 149
    racel Says:

    gosh! you’re a lucky man! most of women admire you
    hope to see you in person
    hope to be in korea soon
    just be who you are, don’t change your good traits
    stay healthy and goodluck!

  150. 150
    racel Says:

    i hope that someday you would visit Philippines!

  151. 151
    racel Says:

    more blessings to come!

  152. 152
    miaka Says:

    The first korean series I watched was My Girl and once I watched that I was completely hooked! To be honest, I’ve watched a handful of korean series and movies since then but My Girl is the only one that’s left me breathless! Thanks to you and Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook! Thank you for making that series so unforgettable!

  153. 153
    putri Says:

    i just say “actually u are a boy or girl”ur face so beatifuuuuul

  154. 154
    lovina Says:

    i wish i will meet you oneday. I LOVE YOU LEE JOO KI!!!!!!!!

  155. 155
    chelsea Says:

    i love you. i from indonesia

  156. 156
    Joy Says:

    annyeong ha sim ni kka?ju meon joa jun gi shi im ni da^^saranghaeyo aja aja fighting!!

  157. 157
    lala xiong Says:

    i like it u but now i know u r nothing but want lots of money u r cute but no

  158. 158
    lala xiong Says:

    you are cute but you just want money I like you but i’m sorry u are to old too

  159. 159
    lala xiong Says:

    i’m just j/k

  160. 160
    lala xiong Says:

    yea someday i wish to see u because u lokk so hot

  161. 161
    novita rizca mega Says:

    hai soory im late to say happy birtday im lover you dont same me as they all.i want one day u sent email to me.im from indonesia your friend lee dong wook yesterday come in indonesia.i like your drama my girl i hope one day i can to meet you.but if i can hehehehe.oke i will send massage or email to u again.i love u to be my friend oke im wait your answer

  162. 162
    Jetasusie Says:

    Guess what, the people in our country are very crazy of watching the movies that u were acting in it.

    Congratulate for your talent and hope u can send us some of your movies to Tuvalu.

    See u later

  163. 163
    san Says:

    so cute… sarana hae… oppa..

  164. 164
    Rina Says:

    aningaseo,lee Joon ki…when you’re visit in Indonesia….I will wait U OK!!

  165. 165
    ruziey Says:

    i like 2 c him in my girl….
    he look too cute n kind
    but unfortunately that heroin not choose him………
    i’m frusted
    hopefully in reality they are a couple

  166. 166
    cha xiong Says:

    cutie u look so hot and sexie i just wish some day i meet u if i see u i will be the happyest women on earth i just want to cry because i’m ugly and i will never be pretty i’m so ulgy maybe u don’t even want to see. i bag u read this READ THI I BAG U I LOVE U LEE JUN KI

  167. 167
    sofie lee Says:

    Hi lee joon ki, anyong haseyo……..? My name is sofie lee. I’m your fanatic fans from Indonesia.
    Please visit my country as Lee Dong Wook ok honey?????????
    I Love you so much because you have a good acting and you are very beautiful he….3x. wo cen de cen de hen ai ni…………..
    sarang haeyo Lee Joon Ki and gbu………..

  168. 168
    astrina Says:

    i love you……!!!! forever….!!!!

  169. 169
    astrina Says:

    i love you….!! forever………..!!!!

  170. 170
    zaien Says:

    so good

  171. 171
    zaien Says:

    i like your role in mygill.lee joon ki chayo!!!!!!!

  172. 172
    KariNa Says:

    Lee Joon Ki!!! You’Re veRy…. CUTE!!!
    SarAng AeyOooOoo…. (koRean)
    AisHiteRu… (jaPaneSse)
    Wo ai Ni… (chiNesSe)
    I loVe u… (engLisH)
    I wiSh u caN coMe to my cOuntRy!!! N doN’t 4geT… U arE veRy cuTe!!! ThaNk yOu!!!

  173. 173
    Diana Says:

    Joon ki….
    I wish U to come to my country…
    I miss U…

  174. 174
    meeeeeeee Says:

    joon ki you very cute…

  175. 175
    Anita Says:

    I love lee joon ki ;*

  176. 176
    Anita Says:

    why u don’t want to visit Indonesia?why must Lee dong wook?

  177. 177
    yuki Says:

    joon ki visit my country indonesia please, and ur very pretty like a girl so cute………………………lope you (dateng ye pliss banget)

  178. 178
    vie-vie Says:

    Joon Ki………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You look very handsome….cuteeeee…..
    I’m your fans frm Indonesia….!!!!!!!!!
    when you’ll visit to my country??I always waiting for you……!!!
    Don’t only Lee Dong Wook come to my country!!!you must come to Ind, there many your fans just not me…..!!!!!
    wo ai ni…..
    luv you…..
    te a mo….
    Miz u……..!!!!!!GBU….

  179. 179
    Natalia Says:

    Hello Joo Ki!!!!
    U r very Cutey Boyzzzz….
    Kawai boyz…
    I hope U come 2 Indonesia…
    N if U come 2 Indonesia dont forget 2 call me…HeHeHe…
    Just kidding…
    I like U so much…
    Sarang HaeYo!!!

    Please reply…. 😉

  180. 180
    mandy Says:

    hello joon ki!!!!
    hw are u????? u are very cute n handsome…..
    I like u so much…
    I hope u can come 2 Brunei n dont forget 2 call me…..
    just kidding….

    please reply… 😉

  181. 181
    AURA!!!! Says:


  182. 182
    putri Says:

    lee joon ki u my love 4 ever…..ANYONG HASEO LEE JOON KI….AZA AZA WIEGHTIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. 183
    JANE!!!! Says:

    anyeong haseyo……….!!!
    your so cute i really love you so much oh how i wish someday you will be here in philippines your the most cute guy in all korean actors!!!
    you have so many fans here in philippines! your so talented!!and i also love your songs your voice so cool!!!!!!!

    S…A….R….A…N….G….H….Y….E!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!

  184. 184
    JANE!!!! Says:


    LEE JOON KI!!!!!!!

  185. 185
    yuki Says:

    lopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  186. 186
    sugarlips Says:

    lee jun ki….i am sorry to heard that your grandma passed away when you still doing your movie…i wish that you could hear what i say,but i want to say something in front of you face to face….i wish that i could contact you…but i just don’t know how…. i know that we live in same world…but differnet places….lee jun ki don’t let your smile wash away….let always smile and bring sunshine to your lofe…also sorry that you been lonely for three years….well good luck…finding the right girls lee jun ki…don’t look from the faces look inside of their heart….wish you good luck…well i’m from u.s.a. hope you go there and visit and have your concert….also i’m lonely too…in my whole entire life i don’t have a boyfriend or never been kiss…if you really wanna know my name search me…. and i know this is not your page…so yeah wish you could hear this…bye bye… have a nicest day…

  187. 187
    iCha Says:

    Lee Joon Ki,,
    I love you so much!!
    I want to be your friend. I’am 13 years old.
    I want to meet you and do you have a sister?????
    I love you so much!!
    I’m an Indonesia people….
    You are the best actor,,,,,,
    Luv you,,,,,,

  188. 188
    cHici Says:

    Lee Joon Ki,,,,,,
    I love you so much!!!!!
    you are so handsome and beautiful….
    I want to meet you,,,,,,
    please come to Indonesia.
    I waiting for you.
    I’m 14 years old….
    I want to know what are your sister’s ages now????
    Please, come in Indonesia.
    Luv you!!!!!!

  189. 189
    jEihAn Says:

    I luv you so much Lee Joon Ki,,,,,
    I want to be your sister or your girl friend.
    You are so handsome
    Please come in Indonesia
    I am waiting for you
    I’m 18 years old now.
    I want to know what is your girl friend’s name.
    I love you,,,,,,

  190. 190
    vicki Says:

    Jun Ki I really really like you. I hope you can visit your fans here in the Philippines. Stay cool, you really are talented and gorgeous. Keep up the good work. God speed!

  191. 191
    vicki Says:

    Junki I really really like you. You are the reason why I got hook in k-drama & korean culture. I hoep you can visit your fans here in the Philippines. You really are a great actor. Keep up the good work. Stay gorgeous & charming. Godspeed!

  192. 192
    lika Says:

    annyonghasryo!bangawayo! lee joon gi is a very talented and brilliant actor. I love his reprise of all of his roles. I love all his natural and charming expressions in acting or in front of the camera. Keep up the good work!I will support you always. lee joon gi mossisoyo.

  193. 193
    lika Says:

    annyong! lee joon gi is very cute and talented. I love his smile and I love his acting so much as Gong Gil in King and The Clown. The movie and Joon Gi’s act leave a deep impression for me. Too bad that his album My Jun doesn’t sell in my country, Indonesia. Joon Gi must go to Bali because Bali is very beautiful, I’ve been living there for quite sometimes and korean series were shoot in Bali. Happy birthday Joon Gi even though it’s late. Hope your life and your career will be shine brightly like the sun. Sarangae Joon Gi!

  194. 194
    lika Says:

    please come to indonesia-to my city jakarta. i will meet you and make you feel the warm welcome and smile from us here. Love and support you always.

  195. 195
    lika Says:

    for joongi’s fans in indonesia send me an e-mail so we can trade information and talk about our idol.sarangae

  196. 196
    Rin Says:

    Jun Ki, I admire your courage to pursue your dream. Good Job! Your acting, dancing, martial arts skills are fantastic…just to polish up more on the singing…but you do sing with your soul…just to perfect on the technique…

  197. 197
    farah liyana Says:

    erm……..i spent 3 hours here just to find your picture.. at last i got it….you know lee joon ki… as your fan in malaysia… i would like to say that sometimes when you smile you look like a girl.. my aunt once laugh when i said that i’m totaly going to find my Mr. right just like you… but by the way…….. i loves your smile……. hope that you will always excel in each of your film and every single thing that you dream in your life… sorry if this reply make you angry…. realy don’t mean that….

  198. 198
    farah liyana Says:

    i realy loves taek kwon do….. you know, i watched that story.. my girl and your stunt in that little scene realy make me wanna be better in my skill… 1 day i’m going to visit your homeland and learn more about this martial art myself there…….

  199. 199
    zuo Says:


    Muaaaaach,……. ^_^

  200. 200
    coreene Says:

    shut up! your comments are no sense! lol

  201. 201
    Bae Yong-jun Says:

    I wonder if Lee Jun-ki visit his own website?!I think he did.
    I hope he’ll read my message:

    I love you Lee Jun-ki,forever
    I hope I can see you in person
    I hope I can talk to you
    I hope I can hug you
    I visit almost all your website!!ALMOST

    You’re handsome
    You’re sweet
    You’re cute
    You’re adorable
    You’re charming
    You’re lovable
    You’re cool

    Although you can’t be first in my heart…you’re still second….!I LOVE YOU~!!!!

  202. 202
    Bae Yong-jun Says:

    Lee Jun-ki.You’re hot.

  203. 203
    Bae Yong-jun Says:

    I love you,Lee Jun-ki.

  204. 204
    Bae Yong-jun Says:

    I hope you can vist Kuching,Sarawak.Malaysia…There’re many fans here…and I’m one of tham…

  205. 205
    Bae Yong-jun Says:

    I love you.

  206. 206
    Bae Yong-jun Says:

    I love you.

  207. 207
    Bae Yong-jun Says:

    I love you.
    Forever………and ever.

  208. 208
    Bae Yong-jun Says:

    I’ll surely faint when I see you…SURELY

  209. 209
    Bae Yong-jun Says:

    Wow..i love you’re songs..:Foolish Love,Once in a Million,One Word and Don’t Know Love.They’re so nice.i love them…and you too.

  210. 210
    adyyqs Says:

    hi lee joon ki im from malaysia i hope you can vist shah alam,malaysia
    and i hope u read my message and good luck.

  211. 211
    alfi fadhilah hakim Says:

    Lee Joon Ki…..
    i love you 4ever
    please coming in my country, Indonesia
    you’re the best of all people
    sharang heyo..

  212. 212
    hida Says:

    i really in love wif him!!!!!!!

  213. 213
    adyyqs Says:

    hi joon ki how are u?.i hope u always happy and always smile u look so cute if u always smile and happy always…………………….

  214. 214
    Julie Says:

    Hey does he even read this notes i mean whats the point in wrighting if he doesn’t read it……..this from so one who really wants to know……..

  215. 215
    Julie Says:

    sorry! to make others don’t wright no more but i am just wondering i don’t even know if joon ki would ever want to see at the poeple who wants to see him….well bye ……..hope he answer to all you guys……..

  216. 216
    blondie Says:

    sorry! to make others don’t wright no more but i am just wondering i don’t even know if joon ki would ever want to see at the poeple who wants to see him….well bye ……..hope he answer to all you guys……..

  217. 217
    Seventeen Says:

    hmm.. im jus get know you in korean TV series ‘My Girl’.. you are good looking in TV.. jus i got a question.. y ur not the hero in ‘my girl’.. junki n you ling is couple.. y lets tat hotel manager?? aniwhre.. Good Luck..

  218. 218
    orpheo Says:

    u seem to have lots of fans….just wanna say don’t sacrifice ur stand just becoz u wanna become ‘something’. sometimes, it’s not worth it…….u’ll know it one day…..hmmm.. i do wonder…do u really read what ur fans wrote to u???

  219. 219
    SHASHA Says:

    HI JUN KI!!!!

  220. 220
    aura Says:


    ILOVE YOU!!!

  221. 221
    LeniChan Says:

    Lee Jun Ki, u’re so talented

  222. 222
    LeniChan Says:

    Lee Jun Ki, u’re amazing

  223. 223
    adyyqs Says:

    hi joon ki how are you?

  224. 224
    adyyqs Says:

    i love u forever and ever

  225. 225
    adyyqs Says:

    hi joon ki what are u doing now

  226. 226
    adyyqs Says:

    i hope ill see u in person

  227. 227
    koala_adie_soon ae Says:

    owh my God…r you a girl o man..but..dont care you look very cute.. love to see your smile….my mom say you look very girlish…come in malaysia…love you….muahhhh kat pipi you….sarang ham ni da…jung wong shiii….

  228. 228
    vivi Says:

    joon ki i love you ^_^….

  229. 229
    liv Says:

    can’t believe he gets paid to be a model. lee joon ki is so ugly. he looks like a girl – an extremely ugly one. also has a kind of rat-like resemblance.

  230. 230
    Sweety Chen(^One Of The Cute^Girl In * Myanmar*) Says:

    My Sweet Heart Lee Jun Ki. I really want to ask u a favor to visit to our country *The Golden Land Myanmar*. I also wish i want to see u in person!!! U r always and 4ever my favorite actor in the endless universe !!!
    Hey !! Jun Ki! My love 4 u is just endless as there’s no end to the universe :). I want to give u everything u want!!! I SWEAR!!.

  231. 231
    Sweety Chen(^One Of The Cute^Girl In * Myanmar*) Says:


  232. 232
    enay Says:

    lee wajah kamu imuuuuuuuuuuut bgt,pokoknya lhuuuuuuthu bgt

  233. 233
    Sung Young Says:

    do you have a gf? ( it means girlfriend if you didn’t know.)
    do u even check this things?
    love ya

  234. 234
    Kate Says:

    Love you.. So cute and cool..
    Looks kind and nice too..
    When will you come to Indonesia??
    Your fans (esp me) is waiting unpatiently..
    See you..

  235. 235
    eLoIsa Says:

    maybe pErFect…………..

  236. 236
    eLoIsa Says:

    u can do it………lee joon ki……..aja!

  237. 237
    mack Says:

    lee joon ki…saranghaeyo..i love listening to ur voice and i love watching u acting…hope to see u in the new moviez. good luck …keep up the good work! i love u…

  238. 238
    ahn ji kyu Says:

    you know whatt?my mom said that your face is most like cartoon and such as women….i think that’s true when i watch you in ”my girl”

  239. 239
    samy Says:

    Already met Lee Jun Ki at Baiyoke sky Hotel, Bangkok 2 days ago. Understood that may b u r tired fm work but still would like to tell u tht pls b smiling always to all the young students (Thai fans) as they been rushing fm school n been waiting for hours n hours, n i even saw them waiting at the hotel lobby until late nite, just hoping that might meet u even for just a minute. So, pls. don’t disappointted your little Thai fans.
    I like to be one of your fan in future if not overaged.

  240. 240
    nin(malaysia) Says:

    i think lee dong wook is handsome from you! but i still like you! and also lee dong wook! MY GIRL FOREVER!

  241. 241
    Betty Says:

    Annyeong haseyo!! I saw you at MY GIRL and your acting is great!!I hope to see more of you in Television Dramas??I also love your songs and hoping you could share me one of your best songs in CD or DVD’s??
    I you respond I could sent you back my complete address here in the Philippines!!

  242. 242
    feyk Says:

    muak tentunya ku memandang suatu kehancuran hidup
    maaf gw benci lo !!!!

  243. 243
    feyk Says:

    lo tau rasanya sendiri? tanpa suara Lee? tanpa mns disi2 lo. Jadi diri sendiri tuh sulit ya? napa rus mranin gaya lawan lo? jgn2 ….. hom….. moga ja kaga sorry lo pasti g ngerti my language

  244. 244
    Ice^Pig Says:

    hey lee joon kee
    you are very lucky because every girls in the world are love you
    But i love you as the girl not a boy
    because you face is like a girl

  245. 245
    dilnoza Says:

    hello lee joon ki. super

  246. 246
    brynyl Says:

    eelllllllloooooooooooooooooooow, there, Jun KI!!!!!!!! eI, KEEp- up the good work in acting and singing…. “GUDLUCK” …..then, God Bless!!!

  247. 247
    peach Says:

    u r so damn cute.him nara him

  248. 248
    nobody Says:

    hi *.* ^.^

    + oil , more good job wow.

  249. 249
    angelina Says:

    hellow… i’m angelina from phil…. hehehe i like you the way you act… just keep up the good work…… God bless…. hope to see you in personal…..

  250. 250
    gunZ Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i`m gunz from indonesia??
    when will u come to indonesia???
    i wanna see you…
    lee dong wook came to indonesia last month…how about you??
    i hope you will come ..ok..
    wanna be my prince??
    thank you JUN-KI….

  251. 251
    deela hearts lee joon ki Says:

    oh my god!!!!
    hello…im deela from brunei n i really love joon ki!!!
    I really hope that he want to meet his fans in brunei!!!
    oh my god..i cant believe that there is some one that is soo perfect in my life!!!
    and he’s name is LEE JOON KI!!!!
    oh well…time to go now!!!
    i just want to say that i really love joon ki..we all do!!!


    -deela lups joon ki so much!!!!

  252. 252
    black_cat_1991 Says:

    Hi, man..I’m a girl and from Vietnam..It’s quiet near Korea, isn’t it? I like you when you’re acting..It’s so cute..Lat try best yourself to make more good films..GOOD LUCK!!

  253. 253
    dilnoza Says:

    hi joon ki i’m dilya in uzb tashkent i watching my girl and you like me . you are beautiful actor

  254. 254
    nad Says:

    like your hair very much!!

  255. 255
    Afri Says:

    haaiii….how are u???my name is Afri from Jakarta, Indonesia…have u ever been there??come and visit Jakarta..
    hmmm just wanna say that u’r acting was good (when will another movie come in to Jakarta??)
    I like u’r hair very much..u’r hair was very good…nice model fit to u’r face…its remind me to a chinesse actor, vanness wu, he’s hair was a little bit same like u’r hair..
    Always be u’r self….

  256. 256
    shin bi Says:

    The King and the Clown is one of my Favorite Korean Movies…

    hope to see more of you…

  257. 257
    shin bi Says:

    The King and the Clown is one of my Favorite Korean Movies…

  258. 258
    por lieng moua Says:

    hi lee wonder what you’re doing right now. are you dating anyone? just wondering cause you’re so cute. i would really like to meet you. you’re the best and good looking too!bum-bye!!!

  259. 259
    zalat phyu Says:

    Hi 🙂
    O pa! I love you since I saw you in the TV series My Girl . I like you in the movie the King and the Clown. Your action is excellent!
    I will miss you from Myanmar 🙁

  260. 260
    Aulive Says:

    Hiii joon ki!! I’m aulive, from indonesia!!! I like u’r acting in the movie the king and the clown and also in the tv series “my girl”!! Your acting it so funtastic!!
    I really-really want to meet you!! but how??? why don’t you come to indonesia!!!??? it was great if you come here!!!
    Do you know why I’m so like you!?? couse you unique and special for me!! as a men you also beautiful!!! but I always thinking you’re a truly men!!
    OOOH GOD!! I LUPH YOU……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. 261
    E-phonne Says:

    hi aulive!!!
    gue E-phonne indonesia juga bo!
    btwtw, dy baca gak sich?!?

    Hi joon ki!!!
    u’re very cute….

    miss u….


  262. 262
    justfilipina Says:

    Someone reported:

    About Lee Joon Ki, He screamed racism and uncouthness about the Philippines and Pinays.
    Here is the Article:


    After a press conference for his latest movie “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? An Effeminate Korean Guy, That’s Who!” Lee Jun Ki made some informal remarks that have sent shockwaves through the Phillipines.

    “The Phillipines are sh!ts”, Lee remarked.

    When asked to clarify himself, Lee continued, “It’s a sh!t country. Bad food, the women are ugly, and the whole place smells like old lettuce. I’ve never met a Filipino that I didn’t want to punch in the face. I swear, it’s like they have a dumbass-making factory over there.”

    As he spoke about his deep hatred of the Philippines, Lee became more animated, frequently brushing back his long black hair and adjusting the frilly collar on his pink shirt. It was suspected that he had become tipsy from too much pomegranate juice.

    “You know who are the worst?” he asked rhetorically. “The young Filipina girls. The ones around 13 and 14 who watch my movies. Christ, they are ugly. Like little trolls. I hate their knobby little faces. When they come up to me in Korea and ask for autographs, I say “Go back under the bridge, you little monsters!””

    Lee then suggested renaming the Philippines and proposed several new names such as “the nutsappines”, “Crotch Island”, and “the United States of Boner Hounds”.

  263. 263
    justfilipina Says:

    lee joon ki,…you are nothing but a shallow, dull, narrow minded, ugly (gay-like look) and arrogant person. who are you to tell the world the wrong concepts about Philippines and Filipinas?

  264. 264
    justfilipina Says:

    lee joon ki,..if you will visit in our country Philippines, i will peel all your skin off and bury you alive! that`s what you deserve! don`t ever visit here because i will hunt you, dumbass!!! you`re just jealous,..no one likes you in our country, ugly face! you had been to our country but you didn`t shine, poor actor!! don`t sell your projects here, only fire flies will buy, you shit!

  265. 265
    justfilipina Says:

    lee joon ki,.. in your movie, the king and the clown, were you the clown? how about in your tv series, my girl, were you the girl? you look like a gay clown.

  266. 266
    justfilipina Says:

    lee joon ki said,

    “The Phillipines are sh!ts”, Lee remarked

    “You know who are the worst?” he asked rhetorically. “The young Filipina girls. The ones around 13 and 14 who watch my movies. Christ, they are ugly. Like little trolls. I hate their knobby little faces. When they come up to me in Korea and ask for autographs, I say “Go back under the bridge, you little monsters!””

    gee! your grammar is bad, learn to recognize the past and the future forms of a verb from the present form and the singular form from the plural form. most filipinos can speak english very well! you should be ashamed of yourself, you arrogant!

  267. 267
    justfilipina Says:

    lee joon ki,

    from the report:

    lee then suggested renaming the Philippines and proposed several new names such as “the nutsappines”, “Crotch Island”, and “the United States of Boner Hounds”.

    i found out that you also have new names, i got them from above:

    “feminine masculinity”, “neutral gender image”, “metro-sexua”l and “cross-sexual”.

    no wonder you`re like a gay clown,no wonder you`re like a gay because you are really a gay.the way you talked,the way you insulted the filipino people,you`re like a frustrated gay.

  268. 268
    sam Says:

    hey how are you will i just came by to say hi and i love you lee jun ki

  269. 269
    polaris Says:

    I just wanna say, Lee Jun Ki bad comment about Philippines is a LIE! Its just a cheese gossip. I read in some forum, and they admit it. Its a RUMOR a FAKE comment. someone make it up to make LJK look like a bad person. You guys do not need to believe it!

    LJK is a Rock! and I belive you are a good person (^-^)v keep it up!

  270. 270
    sam Says:

    hi i am sam will i love your move’s i love them all and i love you

  271. 271
    sunshine Says:

    u are so hensome..i like your face soooooooo cute

  272. 272
    eyah(a pinay) Says:

    Well I’ll be Dammed! He really said that??? I didnt heard that news thanks for informing the pinays out there! i was really shocked! I never thought he would do such a thing I thought he is a nice guy! well you cannot judge a book by its cover! YAH LEE JOO KI CHUGULE? dont you look down on filipinos were more talented than you guys. you come here in the philippines to study english you MORON!

  273. 273
    abby Says:

    Yo!!! i am a filipina, well, i don’t know what to say and how to react about what you said. If that’s really true you will be dead. For me, you have a good face but if your attitude is bad know one would idolize you especially here in the Philippines.. I hope that rumor is not true because i am one of your fans.

  274. 274
    yongwonhi Says:

    OMFG, will you people grow up?! Lee Joon Ki did NOT say that bad comment about the Philippines. It’s FAKE. If you’ve read or come across the artical that claims he did, you would have known instantly that it was fake if you’re a fan of Lee Joon Ki. There are too many flaws on the artical. People are too gullible. If you believe that he said that horrid comment, you should back it up before you curse at him. And you’ve got no proof.

    I think that Lee Joon Ki’s very talented in acting with minor talents as singing and dancing. Oh, he looks very good, too. 😛 He’s a good person, and I look very foward to his next movies. Good luck!

  275. 275
    annemae(prettyfilipina) Says:

    we don`t know if he said that or not,but if he didn`t,he should react to that issue,he should have corrected it,he should clear everything.but we never heard he did.there is no result if there is no action or source.what`s the purpose of the writer?something happened that made that issue came out.whatever it is we don`t know.it`s so hard to assume.

    you guys said that because you`re not filipina.it`s normal to us to react because we are hurt and who knows he never said that how about if he did.you don`t know him that much!so don`t you ever tell us what to do or not.i used to like him but not anymore.he should defend himself,he should make things clear.

    if he did defend himself,i hope someone will give that report here so that we will all know.it is unfair to him if he never said that and we`ll assume he did.on the other hand we(filipina) will be complete jerk if we will still like him if he really said that.hope he didn`t so that we can burst our anger not to him but to the reporter of that news.the one who said that is a shit!

  276. 276
    RoxyBathory Says:

    Anyeong Haseyo!

    First off, while I don’t have any intention to bash Lee Joon Ki for what he said in the Philippines, I was greatly dismayed at how he bashed the Philippines, even nitpicking on Filipina girls. Pretty Filipina is right, if that is not true that LJK shouldn’t have stayed quit in his seat, doing nothing in the first place. He should therefore issue an online or public apology and clear the issue.

    Because of what he said, I couldn’t help lashing out my extremisms against Koreans. He nitpicked on us, so I counter-bashed Koreans in my site. If Filipinas are fuckin’ ugly, then why you Koreans have to undergo a series of cosmetic surgery to look beautiful and sexy? Not only that, almost half of your population (mostly Korean women under the age bracket of 18 above) had to undergo cosmetic surgery. Although undergoing in that surgery is not bad, but that is a manifestation you are ugly, you are not completely beautiful and your thoughts are ugly that is why you did that thing. What is more hogwash? You give emphasis on mere looks than personality. BTW, try to consult a finishin school like John Robert Powers, and I’ll assure you how nonsense is your emphasis on looks than personality, because what’s the use of goddess-like beauty if you stuff yourself sluggish?

    We Filipinas don’t need to undergo cosmetic surgery but we managed to stay beautiful. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL. Even Kwon Sang Woo has mentioned to his interview on Hi! Magazine last year, that he noticed that Filipinas has smaller faces compared to the faces of Korean women. Women here have beautiful eyes and sexy bodies. No wonder, Korea has lesser half-bred Euro-American population than in the Philippines, since we are more exotic looking in the eyes of Westerners…. hahahaha! That’s all and there are no phonies or surgeries.

    BTW, I just told that to a Korean commenter in Filipina Soul. He couldn’t believe that LJK has said that, but he added that if LJK has common sense, he shouldn’t have said that. He also shared some instance when Jackie Chan “expressed” his hatred for Koreans, until Jackie cleared things up since it was made by those who make false reports.

  277. 277
    RoxyBathory Says:

    BTW, now I understand… He is damn envious on Filipina Girls! Filipinas are NATURALLY pretty while he has to undergo some series of surgeries to look beautiful. A manifestation how faggot he is!

  278. 278
    RoxyBathory Says:

    Lastly, I would like to share to you my messages of wrath, which I wrote in my blogsite, with the main article attached.

    Lee Joon Ki? Are you reading this? Because I have to say even worse than what you said. You are a cretin! Read: C-R-E-T-I-N…. Not only that, you are just a piece of dweeb, neurotic, catatonic faggot.

    Yeah, right! We admit about the shits here in the Philippines, but generalizing Philippines as a whole is downright illogical and even moronic.

    By the way you said everything shitty about Philippines made me feel can’t help bursting the shit about you and your feller Koreans!

    Bad Food? Hahahaha! Then what do you see anything bad about our fucking food? Can you list down the fucking Filipino delicacies you know? If you aren’t able to do so, then you and your brain is such a shit!

    We can admit about the shit we have in our country because of corruptions and lack of authority among leaders of different agencies, but you are your fellow Korean are even shittier because you just regard our fucking country as a cheap place to play golf and you constantly violating our law. Don’t you know that your fellaz’ come to our country because of cheaper cost of living and real estate, they seek opportunities there and you regard our country as a total shit…. So who the fucking hell is shittier now? Our place is dirty but not all parts.

    Another thing that worsens the shit in you is your fellerz who just come here as a tourist but in reality they just go here to learn English, and make a living. They couldn’t even talk about their visa once being asked. They are illegal aliens, so to speak!

    We have our fair share of illegal aliens, you also have your fair share of illegal aliens to so we are both shits. You are even shitter for making such crassy and self-righteous remarks.

    Have you forgotten Cho Seung-hui (RIP)? Haven’t you realized what a shame it is to be to have a fellowman-turned-out-to-be-slaughterer? Haven’t you realized it’s a fucking big blow in your country because you and your fellaz’ might be mistaken as barbarous homicidal assholes?

    At least we didn’t have a fellow turned out to be a manslaughterer!

    You country is prosperous, ours is poor, and yet you fucking plastic-surgery-infested-chinks just drop here to seek a living. You are not only shits, but worse than parasites as well. If your country is prosperous then why your fellows have to go another places for a living and education? If we go to other countries and making a living, at least for the benefit of our family aside from ourselves since our country is damn poor that even our government can’t provide any decent jobs.

    Anyway, if I see your ass stepped into our land, I will be the first one to kick it back to your roots, you fucking faggot!

    The most unbearable that you said is regarding Filipina Girls. You have even made yourself more ridiculous with your racist remarks. Why? Are you and your fellows not fugly? If we are fucking fugly then why your fellows have to undergo plastic surgery to be beautiful? Don’t you understand the logic behind plastic surgery, that whoever undergoes through with it are those who are having physical deficiencies? In short, FUGLY—- READ: F-U-G-L-Y…. And of course your bird-sized brain couldn’t understand even a single high-fallutin’ word like this because your English is damn poor, alongside your intonation that causes nose-bleed upon those who happened to hear it!

    Why don’t you look at our actors and actresses? At least they are not fully infested-with-augmentations-and-enhancements unlike you. At least we Pinoys don’t look faggot like you.

    Lee Jun-Ki…. you bad…..bad…. bad…. chinky faggot! FAGGOT! FAGGOT! FAGGOT!

    How Ironic upon saying we Pinays are fugly whereas another Korean Actor who happened to be miles-long more popular than you (you know him…. Kwon Sang Woo), said that Filipina women have beautiful eyes and sexy bodies. He also noticed that the shape of our faces are smaller compared to the broad-shaped faces of Korean women.

    Like the rest of Koreans, he can notice the shit in the Philippines, but why did he still managed to garner respect from Filipinos? Why he was left unabashed? Why did he still loved by Filipinos up to now inspite of his inability to speak English? Because he is cariñoso, doesn’t look merely on bad side, and simply NOT ARROGANT! Same thing with your fellow actor in My Girl Lee Dong-Wook, Kim Heung Soo and some casts and crew of Jumong. They came here in the Philippines NOT TO BASH EVERYTHING HERE AND ITS PEOPLE!

    Oh… BTW…. do you Sandara Park? If you don’t know, then you are in IMBECILE!

    Have you realized at how Sandara Park was bashed and badly criticized by Star Circle Quest jurors here at the height of the contest? Have you realized how she had her career faltered? Simple: because of her ARROGANCE, and arrogance has eaten her and her career that when she came back here, she had her supporters diminished, much to her devastation. Now she’s having a hard time reviving her career back!

    That will absolutely happen to you Jun Ki! Mariah Carey is no longer as hot and popular as before. In fact, during her Charmbracelet world tour here in the Philippines, most Filipinos gave her a cold shoulder. Her concert in the Philippines didn’t became jampacked like what other American artists did a decade ago like Metallica, Pearl Jam, Michael Jackson, PussyCat Dolls, Black Eyed Peas. Her concert didn’t became as hot as our local artists did like Regine Velasquez, Lani Misalucha, Jaya, Bamboo…etc…etc…

    Her RACIST remark almost eaten Mariah and her career! Call it BAD KARMA, isnt’ it?

    One more thing, LJK…. at least we didn’t have our congressmen/senators who always resort to brawling and catfight after the session. At least we are good sport in terms of sports like Basketball. I can still remember at how a South Korean basketeer picked up a fight with a Philippine representative Iloilo Volts when the former are about to lose that eventually lead to a basket-brawl. That was happened 9 years ago.


    To my Filipinos, I almost have nothing against LJK’s statement about how bad our country is in terms of physical features as well as our people and their attitudes. I just couldn’t bear how he generalized our country like as if were are just a bunch of moronic monsters. Sheeezzz…. I just came across with our friend Francisco Leyba, who happens to be working in South Korea and even atested how bad and racist Korean are. Sasama lang ang loob natin…. and even Whites (American / British / European) are not spared with Korean’s racist attitudes. Japan, according to them, is far very accomodating in tourists than Korean do.

    Even a Korean commenter in Filipina Soul named K_Kang has said enough. Below is his statement based on his commentary in http://www.filipinasoul.com/koreas-number-1-novela-premieres-on-gma, comment # 497:

    “i wish coreans would mingle with pinoy but it’s not gonna happen soon.
    but don’t be too friendly to coreans.
    you guys respect them but they don’t respect you back.
    you guys consider them as friends but they don’t regard you as friends.
    the philippines is just a cheap place to golf for coreans. just leave them! if they do something bad then kick them out of your country!
    we are racists and so arrogant.”

    See? Even a Korean is also concerned with fellows who are not in his race.

    Koreans especially K_Kang, Sandara Park and the rest of those living in the P.I…… are you reading this?

    By the way, I would like to express my sincerest apology for insults and remarks that offended you. It was not my intention to say such foul and derogatory terms to all of you in general. My purpose for lashing this out is just to make Lee Joon Ki aware of the scenario between Filipinos and Korean and anything similar between them. Just to make Lee Joon Ki observe his own arrogance.

    Actually, I was supposed to write an article regarding some sordid facts about Koreans and their racist and arrogant side after reading K_Kang and Francisco Leyba’s commentaries in Filipina Soul and Francisco’s own site. I just let those stuff passed after running out of words and emotions alongside confirmations by my fellow commenters like katie of eimichiko, imbestigador, zandra t, etc. Thus, let myself assumed that not all of them are like that. In fact, I myself had encountered them, and I was quite impressed with their attitude, even though some of them are just mere pasaway(obstinate). In fact, they are even nicer compared to the Chinese dudes here.

    Are you reading this? I am hoping that this apology will cool you down. I didn’t meant to be insensitive so far. Sigh!

    Cheseohanmida! I am truly sorry with the words I muttered!


  279. 279
    jung Says:

    Hey RoxyBATHORY,
    You really sound like a frustrated guy. you have pour out your anger not only against the koreans but our ‘Asian race’ while you seem to be so proud of the presence of large numbers of half breed euro-american in your country. Tell me what’s the big deal about appealing to the eyes of the westerners? who are they anyway? huh? you are happy that they are paying for the body of your girls? we the Asians ‘the Mongoloid Race’ irrespective of which country we belong to are going to unite and reclaim our rights and dues. we are the next super power and we are gonna kick people like you out who considered themselves as hald breed euro-american. you got it?

  280. 280
    justfilipina Says:

    hey jung!

    don’t you dare insult my friend, roxy like that!!! she already asked an apology!!! why can’t you forgive her, asshole!!! she reacted that way because she was very angry! she defended our country and our people! while me, i didn’t and will not apologize because i did what i thought was right! you foreigners have no right to insult other foreigners and their countries or else you will face the consequences!!! got it?!!! don’t you dare generalize the half breed Filipinas, you narrow-minded!!!! people who always generalize other people are poor-headed and narrow-minded!!! got it?!!! i will not apologize to you, you shit, you think all half breed euro-americans’ mothers are prostitutes? you are poor, damn man, prostitutes are everywhere, not only to our country, you pig face! if you have a normal mind then you know, prostitutes are everywhere, even too many to your country!!! got it?!!! don’t say ‘we’ because only you has the ‘the Mongoloid Race’ !!! got it?!!! if you kick roxy and all half breed euro-americans out, we are too many to kick your damn ass out!!! got it?!!! who are you kicking other people, kicking human beings out from the places they belong? you are not human at all! you can reflect that, not only to your attitude, but to your face as well! you don’t own our country, you shit!!! you better watch your steps! you better check your rights and what you only own!!! got it?!!! and if you’re really a man, be a man, act like a man!!! don’t kick a woman and other innocent half breed euro-americans, i will assure you, you and your country will never succeed, you gay!!! got it?!!! do you know why i hate you so much??????!!!!!!!! you have an arrogant, narrow, rude and ignorant mind!!!!! you never treated us, roxy, half breed euro-americans and their mothers as human beings and i burst into anger every time i know someone like you who can’t act like human!!! if you want a fight, so let’s fight!!!! i will face you, you gay!!!!!!!! if you don’t act like human, i will not act like human too! the way you talk and confront a woman, roxy, and treated Filipinas as a whole so badly, you are like a frustrated ugly gay!!!!!! got it?!!!!! you are just jealous, we are beautiful!!! we will not stop as long as arrogant people like you are present in this world!!!!!!! as long as we can post here!!!!!! got it?!!!!!! if you think i and roxy is one, if you think i and her is the same person, you are completely wrong! i only know her in this site! got it?! don’t you ever underestimate our country and our people! i will confront you, no matter what will happend!!!! i will die for my people and country but i will make it sure that i get even or win from the fight! i will win, not lose! you guys started this fight, it’s you that will end this! i and roxy just defended ourselves, our people and our country! if you will continue the fight, so be it!!! bring it on!!!!!!!! you should learn to respect other people and make your mind big!!! don’t generalize! if you can’t, then you will face the consequences!!! got it?!!!!!!

  281. 281
    justfilipina Says:

    jung said,

    “….you are happy that they are paying for the body of your girls? we the Asians ‘the Mongoloid Race’ irrespective of which country we belong to are going to unite and reclaim our rights and dues. we are the next super power and we are gonna kick people like you out who considered themselves as hald breed euro-american. you got it?”

    hey jung!!!

    if you will insult Filipinas again, i will assure you, if you will come to the Philippines, i will also peel all your skin off and bury you alive just like what I said to the actor here and to other not human people so that you will realize what you did to us!!!! so that you will realize how painful your humiliation to us!!!! you are nothing but the dullest, dumbest, ugliest person in this entire planet!!! got it?!!!! don’t you dare insult us again or you will taste the bitterness of insulting you, your women, your people and your country!!!!!!!!! do you like it????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  282. 282
    RoxyBathory Says:

    jung Says:

    August 2nd, 2007 at 1:36 pm

    Hey RoxyBATHORY,

    You really sound like a frustrated guy. you have pour out your anger not only against the koreans but our ‘Asian race’ while you seem to be so proud of the presence of large numbers of half breed euro-american in your country. Tell me what’s the big deal about appealing to the eyes of the westerners? who are they anyway? huh? you are happy that they are paying for the body of your girls? we the Asians ‘the Mongoloid Race’ irrespective of which country we belong to are going to unite and reclaim our rights and dues. we are the next super power and we are gonna kick people like you out who considered themselves as hald breed euro-american. you got it

    First off, I am not a GUY, but I am a GIRL!

    Why? Are you offended at what I expressed?

    Just because Lee Junki belongs to a more powerful country doesn’t guarantee that he has the right to be ARROGANT! If he has common sense then he shouldn’t have said that. I am not screaming racism here, but the bottom line of my statement is, if we are damn fugly, then why Koreans do have to undergo plastic surgery?

    To tell you, granted that Philipines is #2 in prostitution, but does that mean that Filipinas are got by Westerners for the latters’ self-satisfaction per se? Why don’t you try observing our freakin’ economy that we have, the lack of job opportunities in our own country, and the exploitation made by those who are greedy of money are the factors for Filipinas almost being reputed as “prostitutes”? You are lucky because your country is damn rich; however, inspite of its richness, then why those Koreans have to go to this country to study, live, etc…etc….? You know what I mean, and if have you totally analyzed my commentaries above.

    Again, I am not screaming EXTREMISM or RACISM here. Just for Lee Junki understand that he is illogical enough for what he has done

  283. 283
    RoxyBathory Says:


    I would like to express my gratitude for defending my side. I guess that dimwitt couldn’t even understand nor even express himself in English correctly (joke! hahahah!). My point is, I expressed my emotions NOT TO BE PROUD of our HALF-BRED RACE, but to make them realize how RACISM is friggin’ deplorable. They—alongside us, Filipinos in all corners of the world—-have the temerity to scream racism but in our own country, we have been screaming RACISM.

    They even have the chutzpah to brag being the next superpower and at the same time, putting down on other countries that are not as powerful as them. If they wish respect from other countries, they should learn not to bash other countries as well and its people. I even heard from my reliable source that Blacks and those people with dark complexion even experience grave discrimination from Koreans too. See how deplorably cheap is that?

  284. 284
    Emine Says:

    Hey Lee Joon Ki

  285. 285
    Emine Says:

    I love Your Lee Joon Ki In These Pictures.The Movies this drama Is Really Good. You’re pretty awesome!He is so Hot Sweetie.Nice

  286. 286
    can't find it...lols.. Says:

    well,he’s fucking racist thou…..how can he do that to us..we filipinos have such a unique/exotic beauty…..and it’s rare thou….

    and besides we’re hecka talented thou….

    and besides..we are worldwide race…lols…

  287. 287
    can't find it...lols... Says:

    gosh…i really like koreans thou…but when i read some comment..i’m disappointed with you guys…(koreans..)lee joon ki….if u can understand this and read this clear as what you say about filipinos..well…well..well….look to our actors and actresses..they’re hunkable and cutie thou..

    well,we’re not fair skinned just like u lee joon ki…but in your skin tone u look like a gay thou….u’re not hunky…..u’re chunky as chunky corned beef…..just kiddin’..lols…
    don’t ever under estimate us…cuz we’re better than you guys…we’re good in ol aspects thou…….lols….

  288. 288
    alicia Says:

    hi. i am amka. i like your dramas.and i love you so so much!i like to meet you!

  289. 289
    alicia Says:

    hi. i lkie your dramas. and i love you so much! aja! basha! sarangheyooo!

  290. 290
    JEZ Says:

    ya! Jun Ki…did you reallly say that damn statement!!! OMG!!! I can’t believe it, really!!!! Oh just for your sake you should’nt said that because we Filipinas are fucking silent killers!!! u know wat I mean? If you said something bad about us; you better watch your back….we’re not gonna forgive you If you really said that…but if not you should defend yourself….hmmmmm….maybe its true because you didn’t do anything….I’m really disappointed about what you have said…you’re really getting into my fucking nerves!!!! ….Who do you think you are to say that? do you really know who we are and just judge us??!!!! and don’t ever discriminate FILIPINAS and our COUNTRY!! ARASO!!!! ya!!! you better change your attitude!!! You’re like a child!!! you arrogant!!! you have the looks OF A GOOD-LOOKING MAN but in the INSIDE ITS THE OPPOSITE!!! YOU BETTER LEARN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!! GOT IT? you know what Philippines has the 3rd place in the most literated country!!! and the 2nd in ENGLISH SPEAKING LITERACY!!! so you better not humiliate us like that!! you’re the MORON!!! NOT US FILIPINOS…..mind your own shits!!!! don’t mind ours..at least we’re admitting it that we have shits…do you think that your country has no shits huh!!! just saying it because your country is rich than ours??..huh!! hell with you!!!…DUMBASS!!!!!….EAT YOUR FUCKING WORDS!!! GOT IT??….

  291. 291
    girlPOWER Says:

    yeehah!!! go filipinas!!!
    lee jun ki is an asshole!
    just ignore him!
    lee dong wok is more handsome than him!
    he’s just ai-ai delas alas!
    BUT ai-ai is more beautiful than him!!! lol! hehehe!!

  292. 292
    soso:) Says:

    lee joon ki are so cute!:P
    and i like his acting too!soo great.

  293. 293
    Empy Says:

    Lee joon ki you are hangsome and i like u sooooooooo much!!!!!

  294. 294
    -- 62 gloriawu Says:

    I love him =]
    so beautiful..hahaha

  295. 295
    may Says:

    i dunt kno wat 2 say…
    there r lots of comment here…
    mine 1 gna b 100% fail
    but i love u…cunt stop thinkin about u,,
    i cunt stop it …u and me?//
    we hav so many difference…
    haha …its funny …i’m not korean
    i cunt even speak language..
    i dunt hav chance 2 c u
    i dunt hav chance 2 contact u
    is there any1 who can help me find Lee Joon Ki??????\
    but what if…u read my comment ????
    and fall on me…well i’m gun b da lucky 1
    jus want u 2 kno dat there’s a girl who lives far far from u, who cunt speak korean language, who has a simple life , who is innocent…….is fall in love with u…4ever…and ever
    love u baby!!!!!!

  296. 296
    Jung Says:

    you people are not far-sighted enough. maybe its because of your experience of the colonialism. Don’t worry about that. You just need to liberate your mind. that’s all. Joon’s statement (whatever it may be) should be considered as his personal opinion and should be treated as one. But you people have rather engage in abusive ways by generalising the Koreans and targetiing the ‘asian race’. That’s shows that you people are naive and need to learn more about the world. cool? why don’t you people speak out the same way against the euro-american race because some individuals have made a shit comments about your people? Are you scared coz you are worshipping them? .why you have to be so proud of your english speaking ability? speak english but don’t be proud of it because for once-upon-a-time colonised countries, it’s a legacy of the cruel colonialism. UNDERSTAND?
    YOU PEOPLE NEED to grow up. when i say this i don’t generalise the whole people of your country. In fact i love your country and the people. i am talking about those people who have let themselves to behave in abusive and stupid ways. GOD bless you!

  297. 297
    RoxyBathory Says:

    Jung Says:

    August 7th, 2007 at 5:44 pm
    you people are not far-sighted enough. maybe its because of your experience of the colonialism. Don’t worry about that. You just need to liberate your mind. that’s all. Joon’s statement (whatever it may be) should be considered as his personal opinion and should be treated as one. But you people have rather engage in abusive ways by generalising the Koreans and targetiing the ‘asian race’. That’s shows that you people are naive and need to learn more about the world. cool? why don’t you people speak out the same way against the euro-american race because some individuals have made a shit comments about your people? Are you scared coz you are worshipping them? .why you have to be so proud of your english speaking ability? speak english but don’t be proud of it because for once-upon-a-time colonised countries, it’s a legacy of the cruel colonialism. UNDERSTAND?
    YOU PEOPLE NEED to grow up. when i say this i don’t generalise the whole people of your country. In fact i love your country and the people. i am talking about those people who have let themselves to behave in abusive and stupid ways. GOD bless you!


    Well, Jung, we admit about our COLONIAL mindset that we have; however, did LEE JOON KI made a point about Filipinos’ COLONIAL MENTALITY and their WORSHIPS to WESTERN THINGAMAJIG?


    He never made sense to any of his statements.

    He never made his statements clear. He just stated “The Philippines ARE shits”. “Filipina women are ugly”.

    We didn’t mean to generalize Korean people as well as the Asians as well, ‘coz I myself is Asian, pure-blooded Filipina without any manifestations of European blood.

    You are right upon stating everything shitty about our people’s colonial mentality. Because of that, our people’s tendency to look down on their own race is gettin’ worse as they kiss White asses. This rationale is what Lee Joon-Ki never mentioned nor even made a comment about it. Why don’t you go and read again the article of what he said?

    What is annoying is that Koreans, Filipinos, and some Asians have the temerity to complain on Western’s RACISM whereas in their own country, they do the same thing as Westerns do.(How inconsistent?). Oh! Are you going to think I am generalizing Koreans once again?

    Pardon us, but even if you consider Joon-Ki’s statement as his personal opinion, we can still regard that as ILLOGICAL and NONSENSE—since we have dug everything from every word he muttered. To paraphrase another Korean commenter in other blogsite few months ago (after being shocked with the news, much to his disbelief)…”if he has common sense, then he shouldn’t have said that”.

    We apologize for our misbehavior; though, but LEE JOON-KI should have contemplated what should he say. He is not even CLAIRE DANES! Though I am not favoring CLAIRE DANES, but at least CLAIRE DANES had enough logic to spew annoyances to the City of Manila—-since Manila is damn dirty, fucking smell of cockroaches,…people with no eyes, no legs and no teeth (note: don’t take the last remaining phrase literally; you’ve gotta’ decipher its meaning).

    If you are going to tell that we should explore other corners of the world, so as to LEE JOON-KI, since it seems he hasn’t explored some corners of the world. Bashing other’s race, food, climate and area with no proper reason is one hell of manifestation of IGNORANCE.

  298. 298
    justfilipina Says:

    jung says,

    “you people are not far-sighted enough. maybe its because of your experience of the colonialism. Don’t worry about that. You just need to liberate your mind. that’s all. Joon’s statement (whatever it may be) should be considered as his personal opinion and should be treated as one. But you people have rather engage in abusive ways by generalising the Koreans and targetiing the ‘asian race’. That’s shows that you people are naive and need to learn more about the world. cool? why don’t you people speak out the same way against the euro-american race because some individuals have made a shit comments about your people? Are you scared coz you are worshipping them? .why you have to be so proud of your english speaking ability? speak english but don’t be proud of it because for once-upon-a-time colonised countries, it’s a legacy of the cruel colonialism. UNDERSTAND?
    YOU PEOPLE NEED to grow up. when i say this i don’t generalise the whole people of your country. In fact i love your country and the people. i am talking about those people who have let themselves to behave in abusive and stupid ways. GOD bless you!”

    hey jung,

    first of all, i’d like to give my warm and sincerest thanks to you for your statement that you love our country and its people. what i hated about you, was because you thought all europeans and americans paid for our ladies’ bodies. that was the worst thing i can’t accept! i can’t forgive you for that if you will keep on insisting to that idea. the way you talked, it seemed that you thought all of them did that. for your information, there are millions of filipinas married or have european or american boyfriends because they love them. these people treat these filipinas as humans and real ladies… they love each other. they have respects and treat each other as equal, not like you and your lee joon ki! next time it would be better if you use the words: some, few, many, several, most etc especially if you are talking to the negative aspects. i’m sure if i will say the same thing to you, you will not be pleased. for example, you are a korean and you happen to live in our country. then, i say, “koreans in the philippines are rich because they do illegal activities. they sell drugs. they should be put to jail or if not, they should be kicked out from our country! they are the ones who give big troubles in our country!”. i’m sure you will not forgive me for these statements. only to find out that i’m talking to only one person or some. you will definitely say i’m ignorant, shallow, narrow-minded and many more. what you will think of me after this, is what you should think of yourself when you said or when you keep on saying those unpleasant words to our country and people without using the appropriate or specific words to make the statemant clear such as ‘some’, etc as i’ve mentioned earlier. i know, you don’t feel happy on my negative statements if you happen to be a korean even though i was only using them as my example. to make my point clear, i don’t actually think and say such ideas to them. i don’t think i, my people and country are beautiful and good and others are not! i’m not vain nor arrogant and egotistic like lee joon ki and you! that is only my example. i don’t say that is real or it does happen in our country. much worse to us because you confirmed it when you said so! i also didn’t like when you said you will kick those europeans and americans out from where? you have no right to do that to any people from the places they already own. if you will do that, the war will begin! i also hated you because you did not consider roxy’s apology. and the most important thing that i already forgot but you dug it, was that of lee joon ki. don’t make any excuses for him. you said it was only his opinion to us and we should leave him that way? who the hell is he?!!! you said it was us who said the abusive words to him and he was only saying his opinion and we should respect his opinion? damn him! and damn you if you are still in his side! he started these all and you added another unpleasant words… before you will react again, read the further statements and have a pause so that you can think… if i will say, “there is no koreans that i don’t like to slap on the face because they are so damn ugly! their eyes are fucking small and their faces are so fucking big! if i encounter a korean, i will tell him, go to the carnival, that’s your place! they are morons because they don’t know how to speak english. they are the dullest human beings because even if they already study english, they can’t make the simpliest sentence perfect! korea is a shit country because it composes of shit people. the places in that country are so ugly, too far from the different kinds of beauties the places of my country have.”. if you are a korean, will you be happy to my statements and just excuse me because i was only telling my opinion to your people and country? recall what lee joon ki said, “…..philippines are shits (bad grammar). ……filipinas are little monsters and trolls. ……they should go back under the bridge. …..i’ve never met a filipino that i didn’t want to punch in the face. “. lee joon ki even declared philippines as the “MORON-FILLED NUTHOLE” and many more! i just imitated a little of what he had said to make you furious, to put you in our shoes and me in lee joon ki’s shoes once. because the sad fact was lee joon ki told much worse statements than i did earlier. actually, lee joon ki said the worst words, not only worse! you know what, i felt so hurt inside when i said that statements to koreans and its country. i mean, my examples earlier. i felt like my heart was stabbed by a knife because i’m not like lee joon ki who has a shit attitude! also, i don’t actually find koreans and their country like that in the first place! i just use worst words to make you realize what lee joon ki and you had done to us! i did that, not because i want to make revenge to him because i’m not like him, but because i want all of you to reflect from what I said earlier as to how worst, not only bad, lee joon ki had said to the filipino people! i can’t forgive him if he said so not until he will apologize to us and accept that he did a foolish, terrible and worst mistake! if he didn’t say so, he should correct it so that we will know. don’t you include europeans and americans in this discussion because this is between you and your lee joon ki and us filipinos. if i will hear or read something not good from the europeans and americans, i will react the same… it depends on what they say… i don’t worship them in the first place because i only have one God. let’s go back to my main discussion. i think i’ve said enough… now, who are the ‘not farsighted enough’ as you said? whose minds need to be broadened and sharpened? don’t include the colonialism of our country once, to our discussion because that is too far from our topic.. that’s not the reason why we behave like this. we were not born yet when some freak foreigners invaded our country. if you will open your close and arrogant mind like that of lee joon ki, because i can see that you are like that the way you talk and think of our people, you will realize what i am trying to say… you should also open your close and hard-as-stone heart as that of lee joon ki. you know what, actually i like the beauty of korean women and men. but as you guys say more and more… i feel afraid of having an afair to a korean guy. i am not afraid of anyone but i’m afraid of unsuccessful relationship. i think there is always big differences between races and citizenships. and the gap will remain and even become bigger and bigger as each of them insists on its own self-centered beliefs, unfair and narrow-minded judgements, illogical or rude reasons. on the other hand, i appreciate your good side. i hate fighting but if my people and country are at stake, i will not think twice of defending them. UNDERSTAND? you get what you give.

  299. 299
    Lee Kwok Brosebois Says:

    I’m a bit appalled with these statement. Be careful with what what you say. I am a French Filipina who lives in Canada. I even promote and encourage my officemates and friends regardless of their race, white, yellow and black to watch Korean TV Series!

    But with these comment, I’m devastated. I have a high regards to you but…. I’m so disappointment.

    I love Philippines! I will visit it this mid August!

  300. 300
    RoxyBathory Says:

    @Lee Kwok Brosebois,

    to which comment/s you are referring with your disappointments? Our commentaries in this thread or Lee Jun-ki’s?

    If it’s our comments, well, we have already said enough. We have screamed our points as we lambast Lee Jun-ki and his abhorable statements against the Filipinos and the Philippines. We know we are logical for every point we lash out. We know what we are saying.

  301. 301
    Megha Says:

    hello…how are u???
    im MEGHA from INDONESIA ( Padang ),
    i really love joon ki!!!
    I really hope that he want to meet his fans “indonesia”!!!
    oh my god..i cant believe that there is some one that is soo perfect in my life!!!haaiii…
    Indonesia…have u ever been there??come and visit Jakarta..
    hmmm just wanna say that u’r acting was good (when will another movie come in to Jakarta??)
    much u’r fans here….
    U HURT ME…. uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhhu……..
    I like u’r hair very much..u’r hair was very good…nice model fit to u’r face…its remind me to a chinesse actor, vanness wu, he’s hair was a little bit same like u’r hair..
    Always be u’r self….

  302. 302
    GorgeouS eLLe Says:

    Lee Joon ki!!!!
    i LOVE you!!!
    will you marry me????hehehe
    juz kiddin…

  303. 303
    sherly Says:

    annyong haseyo……
    joon ki, you`re very cute……..
    my name sherly violencia……..
    i`am your fans……….
    and i very miss…miss..you….

    i hope you come to indonesian………

  304. 304
    sherly Says:

    annyong haseyo…..
    haloo, joon ki………
    you`re very cute……..

    i`am your fans at indonesian…
    my name sherly violencia…….
    i hope you come to indonesian……..
    coz you, i want to study korean language……….
    only for meet with you……
    but, next time…….
    after i can speak with korean language………….

  305. 305
    sherly Says:

    joon kiiiiiiiiii……………
    don`t forget me!!!!!!!
    i come from padang in indonesian…………..

    i want to meet you………..
    joon ki very cool……………….

  306. 306
    leslie Says:

    hi joon ki……………. u r so cool and cute!i’ also a tekwondo member n our school.i’m still a bgnner……….i wish u r my coach…….twanks!i’m leslie from phil.go joon ki!

  307. 307
    leslie Says:

    hi joon ki……………. u r so cool and cute!i’ m also a tekwondo member n our school.i’m still a bgnner……….i wish u r my coach…….twanks!i’m leslie from phil.go joon ki!

  308. 308
    leslie Says:


  309. 309
    mae Says:

    did lee joon ki really say that to filipinos and philippines? i’m a filipina! i’m complete jerk if that’s true! no!!! no!!! no!!! i love him much! why? why? why? i can’t believe it! i thought he is nice! maybe he did not say that! someone hates him or philippines and filipinos perhaps? but why he never reacted? i’m complete damn! damn! damn! damn! damn me!!!! why?!!! all this time i love him because i thought he is very nice! i hate him and myself!!! i want to bump my head to wall, i’m so damn! that’s better than thinking he said something worst to my countrymen and my country!!!! i hate you lee joon ki!!!! i hate myself more because i have loved you!!! you hurt me much!!! why you said that to us???? WHY?????!!!!

  310. 310
    jay Says:

    well, i don’t believe lee jun gi will say something like that to the filipinas/ philippines. let’s not believe everything we read on the internet. i definitely love lee jun gi, and i know that he is not that kind of person. maybe somebody just want to spread bad rumors about him. he doesn’t react to this issue, perhaps he didn’t know about this. let’s not judge him. i know he is a very good guy and very good to his fans. this rumor is so unfair to him. lee jun gi i will always support you! keep up the good work! stay humble and very hardworking as you are! you are my inspiration… i love you so much! mwahhh!

  311. 311
    RoxyBathory Says:

    @jay and mae:

    I have just read the source regarding issues about Lee Jun Ki and his bashings to the Philippines and its people. Well, if isn’t true, then he should have given his statement of defense in the first place. He should’ve reacted to this issue; otherwise, it is proven true.

    Even our fellow Korean commenter even added “If he has enough common sense, he should’ve said that”, to think the said commenter couldn’t believe Lee Junki would say that.

  312. 312
    mae Says:

    i dont wanna assume he never said so. what if he did?? who knows him well? if you are his friends or family, you know him well. i’m complete jerk if i’ll still love him when he feels the opposite to me because i am filipina! he treated filipinos like garbage. the words he said to filipinos are something cant be neglected if true. they keep linger in my mind, i cant forget. ooh, what i’m gonna do? what if he didnt say so? but roxy has a point. i hate myself, i still like him! better bump my head to wall to forget him!

  313. 313
    jay Says:

    well, i am a filipina too. of course those words really hurt. but i want to give him the benefit-of-a-doubt. i mean, for sure he’s so popular and others are jealous of him and its possible that someone just want to spread bad rumors about him, right? so as for me, if it’s true then it wouldn’t just be a rumor here on the net, but also in the magazines or even in showbiz news(hehe)… i love my country, so whoever spread those rumors, get a life! don’t use our beloved lee jun gi for your bad intentions. to lee jun gi, always keep smiling! i know you won’t let your fans down, so just keep up the good work! i love you so much!

  314. 314
    rhoXaNn_ Says:

    hi lee jun!!! i’m rhoxanN from the philippines!!! you know; i love korean actor and actresses!!!!! have a nice day!!!

  315. 315
    mae Says:

    is philippines that important to korea?? what if they dont mind because the news is nothing to them? i heard many friends talking most koreans in our country dont even want to mingle filipinos. i was hurt more after i heard coz i like korean men. how do we know if it did spread in korea or not, we are only in philippines? hope he didnt say it. but i cant love him more because i already have wound in my heart and not heal yet. hope i could forget him totally. hope the one said it would reflect.

  316. 316
    Angela P M Says:

    well about Lee n Phillipinos, hm,…. some facts say that if U state that U dont like someone or something,… in the end u’ll have to eat ur own word,…like my friends says that ( when she was young she didnot like Indian,… she ends up married to Indian,…funny huh,…) the other friend says that a girl looks like a horse(face) and he ends up marryiong her,… hahaha,… THIS IS TRUE STORY,… … no add salt, no preservatives no sweetener…., well i’ll probably will end end marrying the guy that i hate most,…. AWWWW,….

  317. 317
    jay Says:

    yeah, i think it’s really hard to tell if these rumors were true. but on my opinion, as long as there is no proof, i will not believe. and i really can’t imagine him saying all those words. i heard he’s been through a lot before he actually became an actor, so he wouldn’t just judge people like that. am i blinded with my love for him? well, i want it to put this way… i love lee jun gi so much! and i don’t want to hurt him by accusing him of something that i just read on the internet. i have faith in him… i know he love his fans, he is truly grateful for all the support he’s been receiving. so let’s stop it here. besides, we don’t believe that our country is like that, right?! our country is a very wonderful place. so there… lee jun gi i love you so much!

  318. 318
    RoxyBathory Says:

    well, I used to like Lee Junki when I first spotted him in THE KING AND THE CLOWN because of his ‘nakakatuwa’ feminine looks… like… more beautiful than any women out there. I liked him, but never lashed out enormous affection just like any other avid fan.

    Until I’ve read this issue. Dang! Whether this issue is true or not, I was very appalled and dismayed. Sayang! Tuwang-tuwa pa naman ako sa kanya. Competent actor pa naman.

    @mae, even our fellow korean commenter suddenly divulged the sordid fact that koreans here in the P.I. don’t even want to mingle with Filipinos. Shame on them! They are here in this country because of cheaper cost of living. So what if the cost is damn cheaper? And you know what? Inspite of their haughtiness, they were even laughed by Filipinos or given blank stare at their backs… can’t those chinks anticipate that?

    If they continue to lash this kind of stupid attitude, they should fly their asses out of this freakin’ country. They’re fucking parasites (sorry for the word! just for koreans to realize their ill-bred, deplorably cheap, uncouth and cavalier attitude). Americans, Japanese, Europeans are way more ‘cariñoso’ than these dopey cosmetic-surgery-infested denizens!

  319. 319
    P1nK_CherRy Says:

    KOnbanwa Lee Jun Ki!
    How are u?
    U are verry cute boy
    I love ur lips very much

  320. 320
    miftahul Says:

    u uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….
    dy tu my favorite q buanget……………tau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    always be u’r self………………………………………………………..

    tipe q Bngd gt loh……
    U kan slalu da dht q………….!!!!!

  321. 321
    miftahul Says:

    hi……………………….lee npa cihhhhhhhhhhhhh
    qo km tuh nGnteng buanget…………………

    km tuh my favorite deh
    yus ni tuh fans sJti km tao ga cihhhhhhhhhh
    u in may heart dehhhhhh
    gw buanget gtu…………………..


  322. 322
    ANiTa Says:


  323. 323
    pao Says:

    what is the rumor all about?! ba

  324. 324
    ANiTa Says:

    rUMor? SeE nUmB3r 262……….

  325. 325
    kexin Says:

    junki,gambateh oh…when u need some one to be there for u ,I will always be ur side and support u 🙂

  326. 326
    +++ElLeRaBbiT+++ Says:

    hello !!!!!
    annyong haseyo…… I think it mean hello . Hmmmm
    I am thai . I hope you know about thailand .
    I love Jun ki so much .

    i wish “you” get to read it.

    It’s a little hope of mine . I want to meet you!!!
    So I am learning to speak and write a Korean lang…
    Hmmmmm It’s so difficuit but i must try to learn it .
    for you ….

    +++I hope you will read it+++

  327. 327
    Hannah Faith Damalerio Says:

    ,.,hi lee

    i really admire you especially in your movies like “my girl” i really like you
    hope to see you soon,.,
    god bless you
    you can view my friendster halley_chaicee01@girlmail.com

    thank very much

    you’re so cute

  328. 328
    Hannah Faith Damalerio Says:

    ,.,hi lee

    i really admire you especially in your movie like “my girl” i really like you
    hope to see you soon,.,
    god bless you
    you can view my friendster halley_chaicee01@girlmail.com

    thank very much

    you’re so cute

  329. 329
    Undermedvetet Says:

    Lee Joon Ki – Really looking forward to seeing him in “Time Between Dog and Wolf”, I’ve only watched 2 episodes so far.
    Sadly I haven’t seen that much of him, just in “My Girl” and “Fly Daddy Fly”. I’d like to see “Virgin Snow” also, but haven’t really found it anywhere unfortunately.

    Anyway, I must say that Lee Joon Ki might just be one of the most good looking men there is! Seriously.

    Haha. q:

    Anyway, looking forward to see how the drama (Time Between Dog and Wolf) develops. I’m sure you did a good job as always! You rock Lee Joon Ki!

  330. 330
    Babyna Says:

    Why r u so handsome? huh?
    oooo i cant tolerate to see u more coz everytime i see u its so hard to believe that u r so cuteeeeeeeeeeee
    luv ya

  331. 331
    myka Says:

    your so handsome in this picture.

  332. 332
    May_T Says:

    Joon KI Opa..
    Sarang He..
    When u r going to Indonesia…
    A lot of fans r waiting u there…
    Hope u come soon…

  333. 333
    blackheart Says:

    i love lee jun ki so much

    im from palestine and i make some of palestine people know you 😀

    im happy hehe

    i like your hair and your movis

    you are great

  334. 334
    >>yOhana Says:

    AnnY0ng Haseyo…….!

    hOW ARE U…?
    lEE JOon Ki u is Very handsomeeeeeee…!
    I hope u can meet me in Indonesia..hehehehe…

  335. 335
    ariel Says:

    chonun ariel rahgo hamnida…
    choum poepgetsumnida…
    Keep in touch..
    – sorry my korean didnt right.. couse im still learning..

  336. 336
    Nanda Says:

    i just wanna say that you are one of the most ‘beautiful’ boy i ever seen.
    well,its not bad to be beautiful. lot of people like your beautiful face after all. my name is nanda,im from indonesia. i hope you can come here someday.



  337. 337
    encore Says:

    oppa.. opppa…opppa… oppa… OPPA-KYOU!

    mark your own word dude.. you’re an asian too… you’re not god.. you’re not a perfect person… so respect other people too as well as their respective country… get it?!

  338. 338
    dana Says:

    ah…he’s just so cute…

    anyway, how stupid of you guys to even believe that article? man, set your minds…don’t you think that if he really said that, that would already make a news…oh my god! i can’t filipinas are this stupid…he doesn’t even have a movie called “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?”…and why would he say that?! i’m not defending him just because i like him or whatsoever but you guys are making such a wrong assumptions…you guys believe that filipinos are more talented than any other races…come on guys, i don’t even hear any filipinos who are making name in US or European countries…you guys are close minded, just because you saw an article in an internet you already believe it?!…that’s what make you guys stupid…you judge and don’t think…IF HE SAID THAT, THAT WOULD ALREADY MAKE NEWS IN THE PHILIPPINES OR KOREA OR ANY OTHER COUNTRIES THAT HE’S POPULAR WITH…jung was right, you guys are far sighted enough to even understand things…i can’t believe i’m saying this to filipinos when i myself is filipina…well, half or 1/3 of my blood is…fortunately, i’m not as airhead as you guys are…and you guys are saying that no filipina likes lee jun ki…there’s even a site for LJK that’s made by a filipna!

  339. 339
    dana Says:

    the issue about koreans don’t want to mingle with filipinos…haven’t you guys heard of TRADITIONS!!!!!!!!koreans don’t want too mingle with filipino, or chinese, or japanese or any other races besides themselves…like what i said know facts first before bursting out….

  340. 340
    dana Says:

    he didn’t even know that such rumors spread about him…you guys are being stupid….i’m not saying i know him well, what i’m saying is if he, just if, if he really knows that don’t you guys think he would clear himself call for a press conference and deny it! wheter he said it or not…

  341. 341
    sarang hae yo jun ki oppa Says:

    omg! do you guys actually think he would say that? if he does hate filipinos (which i doubt) he wouldnt be telling the whole world coz it’ll ruin his reputation. come on guys, have a little faith i him.

    and about koreans not wanting to mingle with filipinos..not true! im full filipino and my boyfriend is full korean as in fob. he can’t even speak english that well. so idk what you guys are talking about… “koreans not wanting to mingle with filipinos”…crazy talk

  342. 342
    snow Says:

    OMGOSHER…i just love you

    you are so hot

    and again i love you!!!!!!!!!!

  343. 343
    pemalhamo Says:

    you are very sweet girl. i love korean girls. My name is pema lhamo from ladhak leh.I am nun.

  344. 344
    joymarivic05 Says:

    ei guys.. let’s just stop the issue for jun ki’s sake and also for filipinos too.. okay?!

    all we know that there were many people including filipinos love jun ki so much.. so let us disregard the issue…

    anyway, there are filipinos too making names in abroad too.. like vanessa hudgens (high school musical), nicole scherzinger (pussycat dolls), a.p.l (black eyed peas), enrique iglesias, rob schneider (european gigolo, home alone 2), dave batista (WWE wrestler), one member of sugababes (i forgot her name) and many more…!

    if koreans dont want to mingle filipinos,, i wonder why there are large number of korean population here just to study college and why not other country?! just like in FEU, there are thousands of korean students who study there (fine arts, accountancy, business admin., management) and they just loved already the filipino culture…

    lets go back to issue again.. well, i must say, all of us (fans) should stop this issue and start over again.. besides, we’re all asians and no one is perfect.. all of us can make a mistake in our lives sometimes.. we should be proud that asians like him can be more popular just like american, canadian and british artists and they can also conquer all over asia by making some dramas or movies that will make a big hit to us..

    asian popularity continues to conquer whole wide world..

  345. 345
    nadine Says:

    hey lee joon ki i hope u read this, ur so cute korean actor, when isaw ur first time in the series my girl her in philippines i think im in love heehe luv yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  346. 346
    sangay Says:

    Lee Joon Ki, i really admire you.
    you are really good looking.

  347. 347
    PINAY ANA Says:




  348. 348
    justfilipina Says:

    dana said:

    ah…he’s just so cute…

    anyway, how stupid of you guys to even believe that article? man, set your minds…don’t you think that if he really said that, that would already make a news…oh my god! i can’t filipinas are this stupid…he doesn’t even have a movie called “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?”…and why would he say that?! i’m not defending him just because i like him or whatsoever but you guys are making such a wrong assumptions…you guys believe that filipinos are more talented than any other races…come on guys, i don’t even hear any filipinos who are making name in US or European countries…you guys are close minded, just because you saw an article in an internet you already believe it?!…that’s what make you guys stupid…you judge and don’t think…IF HE SAID THAT, THAT WOULD ALREADY MAKE NEWS IN THE PHILIPPINES OR KOREA OR ANY OTHER COUNTRIES THAT HE’S POPULAR WITH…jung was right, you guys are far sighted enough to even understand things…i can’t believe i’m saying this to filipinos when i myself is filipina…well, half or 1/3 of my blood is…fortunately, i’m not as airhead as you guys are…and you guys are saying that no filipina likes lee jun ki…there’s even a site for LJK that’s made by a filipna!

    first of all, most of us who reacted negatively against lee jun ki’s news are females. most of our names are obviously female names. some just placed the word ‘filipina’, just like me, in the name space which means a female filipino citizen, not a man. so don’t use the word ‘man’ as your expression next time. it doesn’t fit in your sentence. it sounds awkward.

    we filipinas are NOT STUPID, it is you dana that is STUPID! there is no smoke if there is no fire! therefore, there was a reason or cause why that article came out and we don’t know what was that! the reporter of that news would not write anything like that if he didn’t have any reason. that news is not yet being confirmed therefore we are not sure if that one is true or not! so don’t be so sure of something that even yourself is not sure. you are definitely STUPID if you insist! if you are sure, then why you think so? where are your proofs? what is your basis of believing that? if you don’t have proofs and just make sure of something because that is what you want to believe, you are actually deceiving yourself because of your STUPID feelings for that guy. then you are absolutely STUPID! haahahaaa! i am not sure whether that news is true or not but as long as i don’t see any other news that will counteract that one, that will remain as true! that news is my basis of believing something as of now! if you want us to believe that he didn’t do that, then show us your proofs to counteract that news? don’t make us believe your shallow and STUPID explanations! we are not STUPID like you! if we should not believe in one article, then we should not believe in all articles as well! what’s the difference among them after all?! can you justify?! all articles will be useless if we will follow your nonsense statements!

    you said, “he doesn’t even have a movie called “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?” if he doesn’t have a movie then why you mentioned a title? i can’t understand you. so who is more STUPID now? next time, before you criticize us filipinas again telling we are STUPID, make good of your grammar first so that you will not eat you own words! okay?! because i really hate people who generalize others like you did. you said, “filipinas are stupid”. i hate more those people who can’t understand other’s feelings. we are the victims of racism here, so you shut up!!!!!!!! you don’t have any idea because you are not the victim and you seem STUPID and narrow-minded enough not to realize our side! if you have any idea, you didn’t react STUPIDLY the way you did! too bad you ignited my anger! my anger turned to rage because what i hate most are those racists who don’t even have something to brag like you and your NOTHING LEE JUN KI!!!!!!!!!

    you also said, ” i’m not defending him just because i like him or whatsoever but you guys are making such a wrong assumptions…” how sure are you that we were making the wrong assumptions? do you have proofs to justify your statements? you are sure of something that even yourself are not sure? who is more STUPID now? don’t make us STUPID and force to believe in your own very sure assumption which is null and void! the way you talked, we know whose side you were defending for. i definitely know how a neutral person reacts and you’re not!

    you also said, “you guys believe that filipinos are more talented than any other races…come on guys, i don’t even hear any filipinos who are making name in US or European countries.” I NEVER KNOW THERE IS A PERSON EXISTS WHO HAS AN EMPTY BRAIN AND IS AS IGNORANT AS YOU ARE. YOU ARE PROBABLY THE ONLY PERSON WHO DOESN’T KNOW THAT THE FILIPINOS ARE VERY TALENTED EXTENDING THEIR TALENTS NOT ONLY AROUND ASIA BUT AROUND EUROPE, USA AND ALL OTHER CORNERS OF THE WORLD! I wonder why you don’t know about it… let me ask you, do you have a television at home? if you have, do you use it? if you do, do you watch tv news? why are you so ignorant? we filipinos often excel in other countries even in the USA in almost all fields– sports, showbiz and entertainment industry, academic fields and a lot more! please do the research. i pity on you. there are so many things that you know nothing about!

    you also said, “you guys are close minded, just because you saw an article in an internet you already believe it?!…that’s what make you guys stupid…you judge and don’t think… …jung was right, you guys are far sighted enough to even understand things…” it is you that don’t think. it is you that can’t understand. it is you who are stupid and have the closed mind. i’ve said enough but i want to add more… do you know what ‘farsighted’ means? it means seeing objects at a distance more clearly than those near at hand or seeing to a great distance. its other meaning is WISE, as in foreseeing future developments. so what jung and you were trying to say when you used the word ‘farsighted’? did the two of you try to say that we are capable of seeing an object from a great distance more visibly than the object on our hands or that we are wise enough to predict what will probably happen in the future. hahaahaa! that sounds funny! very funny! NOW, WHO ARE THE ONES THAT DIDN’T THINK? YOU EAT YOUR OWN WORDS! let me guess, you were trying to say that we are capable of seeing or understanding the BROADER PART OR THE DEEPER PORTION OF IT AND NOT THE LITERAL PART. am i right? i’m sorry, it’s the only sentence that has the closest meaning possible but not the real meaning anyway… oh i get it! you were trying to say we can’t see or understand the article near us more clearly or profoundly because it is the article far from us that we can see and understand more visibly or sharply. it is still far out! hahahahaaa! my advice to the two of you is think first before you use a word. then try to understand it. don’t be stupid! how can you analyze what was happening around you if you can’t even think of the most appropriate words to use in your sentences? how can you understand us if you can’t even understand and fix your own sentences?

    you also said, “IF HE SAID THAT, THAT WOULD ALREADY MAKE NEWS IN THE PHILIPPINES OR KOREA OR ANY OTHER COUNTRIES THAT HE’S POPULAR WITH…” how can it be a big headline news if lee jun ki is nothing to filipinos? he is not a big deal to them… media will only focus on important people. that comment of lee jun ki is just a trash! most filipino people are not interested to him. so if he is in the headline, no one will buy the newspaper, only fireflies! his comment to the philippines is just the comment of ignorant and narrow-minded persons, not intellectuals and educated ones. intellectual people’s comments have depth, substances and are often convincing and just! on the other hand, korea might neglect that issue because that was not also important to them. philippines might not important to them or it was lee jun ki that was not important to them. therefore only few people know.

    you are definitely have closed minds! you only believed on one side even without proofs. but the other side has one proof yet you didn’t believe in it. you assumed of something that doesn’t exist. it doesn’t exist because no article say that lee jun ki didn’t say so. you were so sure of what you believed without any basis. don’t you say you were not defending him. you can’t convince intelligent people. don’t make them stupid by forcing them to believe on your stupid explanation. you closed your mind and understanding from our side which is very bias! you judged us right away without understanding our part why we reacted that way. that is a huge issue and something can’t be neglected if true. yet you never even had the second thought that the issue can be true because nothing counteract it, you criticized us right away! you should respect our opinion if you don’t want to taste the bitterness of our rage! but you didn’t respect our opinion because you two have closed minds. so be it! bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you said, “oh my god! i can’t filipinas are this stupid…” and then you said, “i can’t believe i’m saying this to filipinos when i myself is filipina…” you are a filipina? and you couldn’t believe you were saying that? i can’t believe YOU ARE FILIPINA! how come you are so ignorant about the filipino talents? i don’t believe you are, maybe you were only pretending to be one to use that against us! but if you really are, i’m ashamed you are one of us! you should not say you are a filipina because that is a BIG slap to your face! if filipinas are stupid and you are a filipina, then you are stupid as well! hahahaahaha! eat your own shit, dana!

    but you also said, “well, half or 1/3 of my blood is…” no wonder you have poor english because you are not a full-blooded filipina. filipinas have good to excellent english!

    you also said, “i’m not as airhead as you guys are…” yes, you are not like us because your head is nothing but a hollow skull! no brain inside! hahaahaha! you don’t even know if you have half or 1/3 filipino blood! hahahaahahaaa! you are not even sure of yourself or the basic knowledge about yourself so how can you convince others to believe you that you are sure of who lee jun ki really is? if you happen to be a witness in the court, you end up being an incompetent witness! so you can no longer help lee jun ki… since you can’t provide evidences to counteract the proof of the other, lee jun ki will be convicted as GUILTY beyond reasonable doubt!


  349. 349
    justfilipina Says:

    dana Says:

    October 1st, 2007 at 12:24 am
    the issue about koreans don’t want to mingle with filipinos…haven’t you guys heard of TRADITIONS!!!!!!!!koreans don’t want too mingle with filipino, or chinese, or japanese or any other races besides themselves…like what i said know facts first before bursting out….

    it is you that should know facts first before reacting!!! i am a friend of the one who said that news. i saw myself the newspaper telling that koreans don’t mingle with filipinos. we even discussed about that afterwards. a reliable friend of mine supported that news because he was been to cebu. then another told us the same. i read roxy’s korean friend’s posts about that issue myself. he said the same and added more worse things most korean do. i even experienced myself how racists most koreans are! but not all! don’t say far out ideas! traditions have nothing to do with the topic!

  350. 350
    justfilipina Says:

    dana Says:

    October 1st, 2007 at 12:28 am
    he didn’t even know that such rumors spread about him…you guys are being stupid….i’m not saying i know him well, what i’m saying is if he, just if, if he really knows that don’t you guys think he would clear himself call for a press conference and deny it! wheter he said it or not…

    it is you that are stupid beyond reasonable doubt! how sure are you that humor didn’t reach him? you should realize that you don’t know him well! he might do what you expected him to do… or he might not do that… an arrogant person can never be humble if he, himself, never recognizes his mistakes. if he never said that and heard that article, then your expectation might happen. but if he said so and didn’t have regrets, he would never deny or counteract what he said. he might leave that as is. i don’t think he didn’t know about this issue. this site is in the internet.

  351. 351
    justfilipina Says:

    sarang hae yo jun ki oppa Says:

    October 5th, 2007 at 9:34 am
    omg! do you guys actually think he would say that? if he does hate filipinos (which i doubt) he wouldnt be telling the whole world coz it’ll ruin his reputation. come on guys, have a little faith i him.

    and about koreans not wanting to mingle with filipinos..not true! im full filipino and my boyfriend is full korean as in fob. he can’t even speak english that well. so idk what you guys are talking about… “koreans not wanting to mingle with filipinos”…crazy talk

    that’s not a crazy talk! that happens! i am a friend of the one who said that news. i saw myself the newspaper telling that koreans don’t mingle with filipinos. we even discussed about that afterwards. a reliable friend of mine supported that news because he was been to cebu. then another told us the same. i read roxy’s korean friend’s posts about that issue myself. he said the same and added more worse things most korean do. i even experienced myself how racists most koreans are! but not all! THE ONE THAT WILL SAY IT AGAIN IS THE ONE CRAZY!

  352. 352
    ANiTa Says:

    DAna said :

    “oh my god! i can’t filipinas are this stupid… you guys believe that filipinos are more talented than any other races…come on guys, i don’t even hear any filipinos who are making name in US or European countries…i can’t believe i’m saying this to filipinos when i myself is filipina…well, half or 1/3 of my blood is…fortunately, i’m not as airhead as you guys are…”


    HeY dANa!

    tHe waY yOu taLked AbouT FilipINAs,yOU CAn nEVer bE A fiLIPina.thE WaY yOU CRiTICIzed FiliPINAs,yOu’Re likE a sTUpiD DESperatE FOreignER!It’S veRY oBViouS you’RE An ArrOGANT raCIST! tHEre iS RAcisM iN yoUR sHAllOW minD!aLL You DId WaS CRIticizEd FIlipiNaS wHo HAteD yOUr FReaK JuN Ki And LOOked DOwn All FILIpinoS WHEn YOU Said,”i don’t even hear any filipinos who are making name in US or European countries…” tHAt’S NoT ThE ThouGHt Of A ReaL filiPINA! No FilIPNA CaN EveR DaRe To LOOk DOwN HEr OwN bLOOD aND FElloW ciTIZENs! YouR iGnoRANCe aBouT FIlipino TAlentS IS noT aN exCUSE wHY yoU tHinK FiliPINOS nEVER EXCeL In OTHEr cOUNtRIES mENtioned! FoOL YouR ASs NOt Us! nO FiLIPiNO CiTiZEn oR EveN in lIttLE BlooD oNLy wHo DoesN’T kNOW ABout WhAT WeRe HappEning In ThE PhiLLippiNES anD FiliPIno TalEntS in pArtiCulAR.nO LOve FoR tHE FilipiNAS AnD PhilippINES.nO KNowLedgE AbouT thEm.To Be DiREcT To ThE PoiNT,I dON’T cONsiDEr yOU As FilipinA!

    YOu wERE JuST PREteNdiNG tO Be oNE To HiDE yOuR tRUE iDEntiTY,MaKE uS Not THinK oF RAcisM AGAiN, MAkE uS NoT HAte oTHER NatiONAliTIES Or RacES, mAKe US tHInk thAT OthER FilipinAS HAte Us And THAt wE WErE ThE ONEs wHo cOMMittEd miStakEs nOT youR JErK LeE JuN Ki AnD OtheR fOoL PeOpLe iN ThiS SitE AnD mAKE PeOPLe bELIEve THEre ArE stiLL FIlipinAS whO LOvE youR ‘SHit’ LEe JuN kI.He iS aS sHIt As hiS DeScriPtioN tO PhiliPPIneS!

    WHy?WerE yOU aFrAID oF FIlipInoS hIdinG youR TruE iDENtiTY oR NAtiOnaLITY aND mAkiNG OuR nAtIonAliTY As YoUR SHiELD?HAHAHAHAHA! YoU mAKe mE LaUGH!

    ThEre iS OnE ThiNg,yoU WerE NoT SURe WheTHer yOu’rE A HAlf oR 1/3 fIliPInA As YOuR MathEmAtiCaL comPUTatION oR GuESSing SAid.HAHAHAHAHA!SeE WhaT YouR GuEssING COulD Do!VeRy ObVoiUS!WhY WaS THaT YoU WerE noT suRe If YOu ReAllY HaVE ThE HaLF Or 1/3 FilIPInO BlOOd?WerEN’t YoU FaMiliaR wITH YOuR PareNTS AnD GrANNy?Why WeRe You NoT SURe?BeCAuSE YOu JUsT GUESsed!HoW ComE YOu HaVE ThE KNoWLEDge OF YOuR FilIPino BLooD BuT YoU DoN”t KNoW HoW MUCh FiliPIno BLooD Do YoU HavE?

    Or iF Not,MayBE yOU Are A TruE HaLf Or 1/3 FilipinA As YOu SAiD…BuT bY bLooD onlY noT bY HEARt! A truE fIlipInA At HeaRT wOULd nEVEr saY thAT WaY To filIPINAS.ShE WoUlD ALwayS ConSideR THeiR FeeLINGS AnD THe StupiD neWs iTsELf!iF shE CouLdn’T BE on TheIr SiDe,At LeAst At thE MidDLe!ArE’nt YOu AShAMEd Of YOuRselF?BeTTer you DIdn’t SAy YOu’RE A FilipINa!

    TakE noTE,YoU sAID, “oh my god! i can’t filipinas are this stupid…”yOu SAid THAt tO All FilipinAS bEcause YOU diD nOT SAy ‘SOMe’ or ‘MosT’, INclUDINg yOU iF yoU ARe!HAHAHAHAHA!


  353. 353
    mighty_girl!! Says:

    hey!!!grabe ka girl(ANITA)!!!!u know ur just writing/giving opinion w/o ANIMO!!!!as if naman na di ka pinay noh!!!!grrrr…cguro di ka nagbabasa ng news noh?!dami kaya mga achievements ang mga Filipinos!!be proud of ur OWN!!

  354. 354
    ANiTa Says:


    before ka magcomment diyan intindihin mo muna ang mga binabasa mo, mukhang hindi mo yata naintindihan ang mga sinasabi ko dito! hindi ako ang nagsabi na walang achievements ang mga pinay no! ba’t mo kailangan ipamukha sa akin yan, alam ko naman yan, yan pa nga ang ipinaglalaban ko dito! ba’t sakin ka nagagalit hindi naman ako ang nagsabi na walang achievements ang mga pinay ah! ako pa nga ‘tong nagtanggol sa mga pinay dahil pinay yata ako! ako pa nga tong galit na galit sa nagsabing, “come on guys, i don’t even hear any filipinos who are making name in US or European countries…” baka sa kanya ka pumapanig na ang tingin sa mga pinay ay mababa kasi mukhang galit na galit ka nga sa akin!

    to make my point clear mighty_girl, IT WAS DANA WHO SAID, “come on guys, i don’t even hear any filipinos who are making name in US or European countries…” NOT ME!


  355. 355
    ANiTa Says:

    mighty_girl said :

    October 18th, 2007 at 1:27 pm
    hey!!!grabe ka girl(ANITA)!!!!u know ur just writing/giving opinion w/o ANIMO!!!!as if naman na di ka pinay noh!!!!grrrr…cguro di ka nagbabasa ng news noh?!dami kaya mga achievements ang mga Filipinos!!be proud of ur OWN!!



    for your info just in case you don’t know, i am very much proud of my country and nationality. you will know that if you try to analyze my previous comment and DANA’s whole comment too. i was just trying to scrutinize DANA who said she is a filipina yet didn’t have the love for the philippines and filipinas! i was just trying to reveal her true color which is definitely not a FILIPINA. the way she talked, she was definitely telling a BIG LIE! she knew she has a filipino blood but didn’t know if it is half or 1/3. what a BIG LIE! she was so ignorant of filipino talents and didn’t have the love for the filipinas and philippines. SHE CAN NEVER BE A FILIPINA! she can never fool intelligent people only dull ones! she defended lee jun ki who has the stupid and shit comment about Philippines and filipinas. she was so angry and insulted filipinas without considering their sides. she thought filipinas never excel in other countries because she never heard so… now, are you happy with what she said? SHE KNEW SHE HAS FILIPINO BLOOD BUT DIDN’T KNOW HOW MUCH BLOOD DOES SHE HAVE! HALF OR 1/3? WHY DIDN’T SHE KNOW HER MOTHER’S OR FATHER’S NATIONALITY AND BLOOD WELL THAT SHE WAS NOT SURE IF SHE HAS HALF OR 1/3 FILIPINO BLOOD? HOW COME SHE KNEW SHE HAS IT BUT DIDN’T KNOW HOW MUCH EXACTLY? WHAT MADE HER THINK IT IS PROBABLY 1/3, DID SHE COMPUTED IT WITH MATHEMATICAL COMPUTATION? YOU WILL ONLY BE SURE OF 1/3 FILIPINO BLOOD IF THREE PERSONS CONTRIBUTED HER BLOOD AND ONE OF THEM IS A FULL-BLOODED FILIPINO OR FILIPINA. HER STATEMENTS ARE ALL VERY STUPID! SHE WAS JUST MAKING FOOL OF US BECAUSE SHE UNDERESTIMATED OUR ABILITY TO ANALYZE SENTENCES OR MAYBE SHE WAS REALLY NOT ABLE TO ANALYZE HER OWN STATEMENTS WELL BECAUSE SHE IS NOT INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO CONVINCE OTHERS TO BELIEVE HER LIES. she indeed an arrogant racist! she just used our nationality to use that against us to cover her own identity and justify her means! i just tried everything to reveal her BIG LIE! if it was not a lie, if she is really a filipina, she indeed never has the heart for the filipinas and neither does she have that heart for the philippines. but you seem happy of what DANA did because you hated me who hated DANA and just supported justilipina’s comments!

    i know philippines and filipinos very much because i am a filipina and live in the philippines. so why were you telling me i’m not reading a news? i do not only read newspapers often, i also read lots of magazines and watch tv news daily. i know there are so many filipinos who excel in many countries around the world not only in the USA in almost all fields. there are too many of them! so what’s wrong with you? why are you so angry with me? are you in DANA’s side? have you realized what she said to your nationality? before you react again review her whole comment in the past. so that you will realize it is her who needs your comment, not me! IT WAS YOU WHO JUST WROTE OR REACTED WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THE WHOLE SITUATION AND NEITHER DID HAS DIRECTION… I AM NOT WHAT YOU THOUGHT I AM!

  356. 356
    ANiTa Says:




  357. 357
    carolyn Says:

    ure handsome!!
    wish i can meet u!!
    u are like vaness wu in taiwan!!

  358. 358
    ppptiki95 Says:

    dun give dude..

  359. 359
    apple joyce Says:

    loVE yah!! u seemed like vaness wu!! kip it up!! ur so good in MY GIRL!! =D.. newei, i came from da philippines…

  360. 360
    ballpen Says:

    wow! peace be with you all. you can’t blame anyone if he/she doesn’t like you, but the fact remains that you are you. a filipina a filipina, a korean a korean, a dog a dog. that’s just how it is.

    “TRADITIONS!!!!!!!!koreans don’t want too mingle with filipino, or chinese, or japanese or any other races besides themselves…” – dana
    uhuh! do you really believe that there is such a tradition?! many koreans are coming here in the philippines to study! and your saying that they don’t want to mingle with other races?! they swarm like ants in our country and some of them are even my classmates in school. sigh!

    yun lng. i just want to vent out my opinion sa sinabi ni ms. dana.

  361. 361
    thain hlwar phyu Says:

    I like very much in My Girl series & Time between Dog & Wolf series.
    He is the best actor in any character. More than successful in further.

    Best wishes.

  362. 362
    justfilipina Says:


    we were not blaming him for not liking us filipinas! we just reacted angrily and violently because that was what he deserved! he was telling something not an educated person can do based on the report! that was our right! he and you can’t blame us for not liking him either because the truth is until now we still do hate him a lot! i mean ‘we’ because many of my friends hate him up to their very soul! you know filipinas and philippines are not like that! that is so unjust to our part! i wonder if you really are a filipina or some foreigner who just knows tagalog. you admit his comment about our women that we are ugly? you agree him telling that some of our girls are like little trolls and monsters who live under the bridge? you like him telling, “i’ve never met a Filipino that i didn’t want to punch in the face”? you agree with him telling, “philippines is a shit country”? those are just few of the many worst words he said about us and you admit you and your country are like that? i wonder if you have ever read his comment about us that made you say that. if you did, i don’t think you are really a filipina even if you know tagalog. a lot of foreigners know tagalog. if you are really a filipina, i wonder if you still have very little pride left in your heart and mind that made you said we should not blame him for insulting us as if you agreed to everything he said! he is indeed a racist and you like him doing that to you? IF THAT REPORT HAPPENED TO BE TRUE, I CAN NEVER IGNORE THAT AND I CAN NEVER FORGIVE HIM UNTIL HE WILL ADMIT HIS MISTAKE, HAVE REGRETS OF DOING IT, APOLOGIZE AND NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! SINCE NO ONE COUNTERACTED THAT ISSUE, THAT REMAINS AS TRUE! THERE ARE NO SMOKE AND ASH IF THERE IS NO FIRE!

    you said,”…you can’t blame anyone if he/she doesn’t like you, the fact remains that you are you. a filipina a filipina…” the way you said it as if you agreed to what lee jun ki had said to us and our country. look at the mirror, are you really ugly that koreans should punch your face? look at the women around you, are they ugly too that koreans should do the same? do you believe these girls he mentioned really look like little trolls and monsters? do you think punching a face only because of its ugly feature is just? if you really think so, i can’t blame you if you agree to lee jun ki’s comment. but if you do, i pity on you! i don’t think there is a filipina who is in the right mind that will say ‘yes’ to these questions. if someone will, i’ll pity on her! even if we are not beautiful if we are, we should not allow anyone to remove our pride and dignity from us! EVEN IF WE ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL IF WE REALLY ARE, AT LEAST WE HAVE THE BRAIN, LET NO ONE HARM US!!! being ugly if we are is not the reason to allow people to insult and just punch us in the face without any other reason! an ugly face can never be a hindrance to live in a normal life like any other person in this world. what lee jun ki had said to filipinos and philippines is more than just punching our face because the wounds in our hearts are too deep! they don’t heal easily unlike bruises cause by punches. they won’t heal as long as his as-dirty-as-shit words keep on infecting our wounds! those bacterial words of him should be removed and cleaned from our wounds and only then the wounds will heal! it is him should do that!


    the report about lee jun ki’s comment to filipinas and philippines is in pg. 6, #262.

  363. 363
    ASIANDOLL89 Says:

    ohmygod,i dont believe any of these crap. so much drama!! so CHILDLISH. you guys saying leejoonki is saying this and that about you people, your doing the exact same thing and what makes you any better to say that about others peoples races. i read ones comment and someone called him a chink wtf? hes korean your saying all these bull about someone esle race and culture and you think its FINE but when you ASSUME someone talks about you and your country its all jerry springer in here. in reality you only like buttsuckers, how can you assume that thoses are his actual words that came out his mouth.. OH WHATEVERRR..

  364. 364
    jo Says:

    Lee Joon Ki, The Faggot.
    haha. you suck big time. your grammar is full of shit.(i’ve read the interview and I was laughing my ass out) dude, you’ve got to stop the insults against Filipinos. I am not a Filipino but i’ve got to say what I think about this issue. Filipinos aren’t that bad, i’ve been to Bohol and Cebu and the people are so hospitable. (The women are pretty too, and the men? gosh, they’re damn gorgeous.haha) Filipinos don’t despise Koreans, infact there are about hundreds of Koreans in the Philippines. Filipinas are naturally beautiful with their tan skin and all that. To tell you honestly i’ve seen a survey which stated that guys of different nationalities prefer Filipina women than Korean girls.(skinny.haha) I mean, just compare these two celebrities. who’s prettier and more talented? Nichole of the Pussy cat dolls or Boa? I think you guys prefer the lead vocalist of PCD. who is infact Filipina. Another fact, top nurses all over the world are mostly Filipinas/Filipinos. So, LJK don’t judge and generalize people okay? Look at yourself first and stop the “racism-thingie” aryt?

  365. 365
    katya Says:

    what the hell is Jun Ki’s problem? if ever this rumor is true? damn, he’s a whore.

  366. 366
    mary elaine Says:

    despite of the intrigues, i like u…but why say somethong like that…i’m not sure if i can hate u coz i know nothing of it…and i want u 2 know many filipinas like u,including me…hehehehe..saranghe(“,)

  367. 367
    ballpen Says:

    u know, u should write a novel. joke lng. i’m not saying that i love the filipinos being insulted (i’m a filipina after all)…it’s just that your reactions are a bit exaggerated. i’m not mad of lee jun ki….i’m mad of what he said (if he ever did), so we should prove him wrong. by the way, i haven’t read the article about what lee jun ki said about the filipinos….i’m gonna read it after this. and i agree to what jo said. peace na tayo, darling. *sayaw darling sayaw darling, ipakita mo ang iyong galing…*

    and oh! by the way (again) lee dong wook is much prettier than lee jun ki. hmmmph! ehehehehehe! XD

  368. 368
    snow Says:

    Is this interview verbatim or was the report just translated to English?

  369. 369
    snow Says:

    Please post more details about this interview. Thanks.

  370. 370
    Amanda Says:

    I’ve just come across this old bit of news today and I this whole fight everyone is getting into is kind of ridiculous. I don’t think there’s actual proof that Lee Joon Ki actually said those things – so why are we getting so worked up? I’m not defending him, if he said those words. I’m Korean and I have many Filipino friends (who I love to death), and yeah there are many racist Koreans – but isn’t everyone a little racist? You’d be lying if you said you weren’t. And the population of non-racist (by that I mean visibly racist) Koreans are a majority in Korea. And I think you people are going a bit over the top by insulting the Korean people because of something ONE Korean said! You’re mad? Fine, I can’t stop you. But if you just turn to insulting Koreans and calling us ugly and inferior to Filipinos, are you much better than Lee Joon Ki? No, you’re stooping to his level. Call him all the names you want, I don’t care. But remember that even if someone says something horrible about you, everyone is equal. No person is better than any other just because of their nationality or looks.

    (BTW: Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls is only like a quarter Filipina. She’s also of Hawaiian and Russian descent.)

  371. 371
    ray of sunshine Says:

    can anyone tell me where can i see or read that interview please !!!!

  372. 372
    snow Says:

    It’s posted here:

    justfilipina Says:
    July 13th, 2007 at 10:53 pm

    Someone reported:

    About Lee Joon Ki, He screamed racism and uncouthness about the Philippines and Pinays.
    Here is the Article:


    After a press conference for his latest movie “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? An Effeminate Korean Guy, That’s Who!” Lee Jun Ki made some informal remarks that have sent shockwaves through the Phillipines.

    “The Phillipines are sh!ts”, Lee remarked.

    When asked to clarify himself, Lee continued, “It’s a sh!t country. Bad food, the women are ugly, and the whole place smells like old lettuce. I’ve never met a Filipino that I didn’t want to punch in the face. I swear, it’s like they have a dumbass-making factory over there.”

    As he spoke about his deep hatred of the Philippines, Lee became more animated, frequently brushing back his long black hair and adjusting the frilly collar on his pink shirt. It was suspected that he had become tipsy from too much pomegranate juice.

    “You know who are the worst?” he asked rhetorically. “The young Filipina girls. The ones around 13 and 14 who watch my movies. Christ, they are ugly. Like little trolls. I hate their knobby little faces. When they come up to me in Korea and ask for autographs, I say “Go back under the bridge, you little monsters!””

    Lee then suggested renaming the Philippines and proposed several new names such as “the nutsappines”, “Crotch Island”, and “the United States of Boner Hounds”.

  373. 373
    snow Says:

    link: http://www.buhaykorea.com/2006/10/14/did-lee-jun-ki-really-say-that/

    did Lee Jun Ki really say that?
    Author: Betchay

    i feel sorry for him now that so many pinoys are irked by what he didn’t really say… the article might have been purely a joke but not all readers are aware of that… but what i don’t understand is why pick on the philippines when the author hasn’t been to the country as he claimed in his explanation on why he wrote that article here… hasn’t he heard of claire danes?

  374. 374
    harhar Says:

    hehe this was like a year ago or so.. in the first off, i havent heard of that movie or that he’s making a movie which has that title ^____^

    moving on.. i dont wanna comment on that racist thing anymore. that’s a very hot topic; hotter than the hottest celebrity on earth or the korean band HOT lolzz.. everyone has his opinion when it comes to that but it’s a way way bigger issue than just an insulting comment made.so for this matter, i’ll let that racist thing pass.

    dont get me wrong, im a filipina %100! pureblood, not mudblood XD i would have been hurt had i heard anyone say that but i would like to believe actors are one of the most (if not the most) pretentious on earth. that’s why they’re called actors in the first place XD they would try to mask and hide everything just to give an impression that they are always the best.

    lee jun ki is an actor right? why would he drink that whatsoever kind of juice if (especially) he knows he’s gonna have a press conference? that is if he is in his right mind to think of that.if he or anyone would say that, i dont think he’d say that to a bunch of press people (unless they are writers of Desperate Housewives who intentionally made a comment on filipino doctors that was supposedly for their own concept of fun and jokes)

    just trying to view it on a different angle. im kinda a fan of lee junki but at the same time im a filipino. i hope you got my point XD

  375. 375
    harhar Says:

    ** edited for typo errors.. sorry XD

    hehe this was like a year ago or so.. first off, i havent heard of that movie or that he’s making a movie which has that title ^____^

    moving on.. i dont wanna comment on that racist thing anymore. that’s a very hot topic; hotter than the hottest celebrity on earth or the korean band HOT lolzz.. everyone has his opinion when it comes to that but it’s a way way bigger issue than just an insulting comment made.so for this matter, i’ll let that racist thing pass.

    dont get me wrong, im a filipina %100! pureblood, not mudblood XD i would have been hurt had i heard anyone say that but i would like to believe actors are one of the most (if not the most) pretentious on earth. that’s why they’re called actors in the first place XD they would try to mask and hide everything just to give an impression that they are always the best.

    lee jun ki is an actor right? why would he drink that whatsoever kind of juice if (especially) he knows he’s gonna have a press conference? that is if he is in his right mind to think of that.if he or anyone would say that, i dont think he’d say that to a bunch of press people (unless they are writers of Desperate Housewives who intentionally made a comment on filipino doctors that was supposedly for their own concept of fun and jokes)

    just trying to view it on a different angle. im kinda a fan of lee junki but at the same time im a filipino. i hope you got my point XD

  376. 376
    justfilipina Says:

    ASIANDOLL89 Says:

    October 30th, 2007 at 8:40 am
    ohmygod,i dont believe any of these crap. so much drama!! so CHILDLISH. you guys saying leejoonki is saying this and that about you people, your doing the exact same thing and what makes you any better to say that about others peoples races. i read ones comment and someone called him a chink wtf? hes korean your saying all these bull about someone esle race and culture and you think its FINE but when you ASSUME someone talks about you and your country its all jerry springer in here. in reality you only like buttsuckers, how can you assume that thoses are his actual words that came out his mouth.. OH WHATEVERRR..


    ASIANDOLL89, you’re the buttsucker!!!

    i know i’m the one you were referring at because your comment is next to mine!

    you said that i was just making a drama?! how dare you! what i said in my previous comment was not just a drama, it was obviously based on what i felt about that issue at that certain time! it so happened that i have the brain to analyze things… you don’t! that was why i reacted that way and had so many things to say! if you have the brain, you had understood why i reacted that way… but you didn’t understand me!

    you thought i am childish just because i reacted that way? do you think keeping silence and smiling are the best things to do after all the worst insults that you and your country receive? do you think it can make you a mature individual? i don’t think so! it only signifies that you are an idiot because you understand nothing that is why you just smile and don’t react after all the insults and racism! we are humans, we’ll get hurt! we have brains and have the freedom of speech! it normal to react! THINK WELL! USE YOUR BRAIN IF YOU HAVE!


    you said, “what makes you any better to say that about others peoples races. i read ones comment and someone called him a chink wtf? hes korean your saying all these bull about someone esle race and culture and you think its FINE but when you ASSUME someone talks about you and your country its all jerry springer in here.” i don’t know if you were still talking to me when you said this part. but i want to make my side clear! I NEVER CALLED HIM A CHINK. I DIDN’T SAY ANY BAD WORDS TO OTHER RACES WHO DIDN’T HARM US FILIPINOS. IF I SAID SOMETHING BAD OR WORST WORDS, I POINTED THE EXACT INDIVIDUALS WHO DESERVED THOSE WORDS! I DIDN’T GENERALIZE PEOPLE! TO UNDERSTAND ME BETTER, READ ALL MY COMMENTS IN THIS SITE! IF YOU CAN UNDERSTAND ENGLISH VERY WELL, THEN YOU WILL KNOW I AM TELLING THE TRUTH! IF I SAID SOMETHING UNPLEASANT TO A CERTAIN RACE, I WAS JUST MAKING AN EXAMPLE TO PUT MY FEET IN SOMEONE ELSE’S SHOES AND HIS FEET IN MINE! I THINK THAT’S A CLEAR EXPLANATION! I HATE RACIST BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER BEEN A RACIST IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!

    we assume he said so because like what i have said no one counteracted that issue. there should be evidences that would counteract that issue to make us believe he never said so! there is a report telling he said so, we can’t just assume he never did it and just smile and let that pass!!! NO WAY! ONLY IDIOT OR INSANE PEOPLE CAN LET THAT PASS! i can’t just let that SHIT comment of him pass! that’s a lesson to learn by everyone including us filipinos. NO ONE IS EXEMPTED. ALL OF US SHOULD WATCH OUR TONGUES AND OUR DEEDS AND RESPECT OTHERS IF WE DON’T WANT TO TASTE THEIR ANGER!

  377. 377
    justfilipina Says:


    thank you very much! very nice comment!

  378. 378
    justfilipina Says:


    you said, “…it’s just that your reactions are a bit exaggerated.”

    i don’t think i was just exaggerating things or that i was just overreacting! expect everyone to be different from the rest! you should realize that everyone is unique! that was how i felt and you could do nothing to change that! LEE JUN KI’S COMMENT TO THE FILIPINOS AND PHILIPPINES IS SOMETHING THAT WOULD REALLY IGNITE FILIPINOS ANGER AND RAGE! better understand and respect others feelings why they reacted that way! i was just using the other way to make you realize how worst lee jun ki had said about filipinos and philippines just in case you didn’t realize it because i seemed that you were defending him. now i know, you hadn’t read the report about lee jun ki’s comment to filipinos and philippines yet when you said so… whatever your comment about that issue, i respect that. you should repect mine too! NO ONE CAN EVER FORCE US WHO HATE LEE JUN KI TO LIKE HIM! NO ONE CAN EVER FORCE US TO BELIEVE HE NEVER SAID SO! SECURE THE VALID AND RELIABLE PROOFS AND I WILL BELIEVE! THE OTHERS MAY BELIEVE IN THAT AS WELL! A VIDEO OF THE INTERVIEW COUNTERACTING THAT ISSUE OR AN ARTICLE THAT IS OBVIOUSLY FROM KOREA IS ENOUGH TO ME. I DON’T KNOW THE OTHERS…

    like what you said,”…peace na tayo” PEACE TAYO, hindi ako galit sayo.

  379. 379
    justfilipina Says:

    Amanda Says:

    November 2nd, 2007 at 8:49 am
    I’ve just come across this old bit of news today and I this whole fight everyone is getting into is kind of ridiculous. I don’t think there’s actual proof that Lee Joon Ki actually said those things – so why are we getting so worked up? I’m not defending him, if he said those words. I’m Korean and I have many Filipino friends (who I love to death), and yeah there are many racist Koreans – but isn’t everyone a little racist? You’d be lying if you said you weren’t. And the population of non-racist (by that I mean visibly racist) Koreans are a majority in Korea. And I think you people are going a bit over the top by insulting the Korean people because of something ONE Korean said! You’re mad? Fine, I can’t stop you. But if you just turn to insulting Koreans and calling us ugly and inferior to Filipinos, are you much better than Lee Joon Ki? No, you’re stooping to his level. Call him all the names you want, I don’t care. But remember that even if someone says something horrible about you, everyone is equal. No person is better than any other just because of their nationality or looks.

    (BTW: Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls is only like a quarter Filipina. She’s also of Hawaiian and Russian descent.)


    you said, “…isn’t everyone a little racist?” if you are, go ahead! but i’m not a racist. i have never been a racist in my entire life. sometimes people just push others to believe of something because of their own actions. but i never generalize people, i always say the words most, some, many, others, not all and etc in my sentences. i always refer to individuals not the whole group.

    if you were referring at me, i was not insulting the koreans in general. when i talked about the news that koreans don’t mingle with filipinos, i was just defending my friend who said so because someone thought it was crazy but it was not! it was in the newspaper. the ‘one korean’ you were referring at who said some bad things most koreans do to filipinos is just one of our many references. many of my friends have different bad experiences with the koreans. but like what i said,”..not all!” if i said something not pleasant to some foreigners in this site because they deserved it! most of the time, they insulted us first! the way they said it, i could sense their arrogance and being racists! most filipinos in this site just fought back! if you try to scan one of my comments, i just pretended to be a racist to put the other’s feet in my shoes and mine in his shoes to make him realize everything. but that was just an example. i am not like him, i mean that one named jung! i am not lee jun ki, if you thought i am!!! i can never be him, he is as trash as a shit like what he said about filipinos and philippines if he really said it! no one in the right mind would ever said that to certain nationality and country. BUT IT IS POSSIBLE THAT HE SAID SO AS IT WAS BEING REPORTED. i just taught him he a lesson! he deserved it! i never said koreans are ugly and inferior to filipinos, if you were referring at me. i am not blind nor deaf! i see lots of people including koreans! i hear and know what is happening around us daily. how can i ever say koreans are ugly and inferior?! if i say most filipinas can speak english well doesn’t mean foreigners don’t. it all depends on the individual, not the race. i just criticized those individuals who saw others mistakes and discrepancies without realizing their own mistakes and discrepancies! no one is perfect, that’s the fact! most people are aware of that fact and accept it! but people react if comments are already unfair!


    my message to lee jun ki and those people i insulted back:


  380. 380
    D_K_O Says:

    where does this rumor come from??? can anyone tell me??? wanna read or see it for myself if its really true or not… onegaishimasu ^_^

  381. 381
    mae Says:

    D_K_O, roxy posted the report in filipina soul. she was so angry. justfilipina copied it and posted in this site. she was so angry too. justilipina is my friend.

  382. 382
    D_K_O Says:

    i read what she posted but what i want to know is WHERE did she read about it?? can we find it here on the internet??? or is it from a tv show??? *curious*

  383. 383
    ballpen Says:

    mabuti pa manood nlng tayo ng naruto shippuden o dragon zakura. it’s fun and no lee jun ki attatched to it. ehehehehe! just visit crunchyroll.com. nice ang dragon zakura and proposal daisakusen. japanese actors cla.

  384. 384
    Rahhh Says:

    I think everyone here is getting a little emotional.
    Yes, if ljk did say that the women in phillipines are ugly, it is wrong of him.
    Because first of all, women and men in korea (especially the actor and actresses) go for cosmetic/plastic surgery.
    That is a fact we cant deny.
    At least, even though the women in the phillipines may not be extraordinary in looks, but they are natural. Natural beauty, which is so much better than fake noses, enlarged eyes and double eyelids, sharper chin, breasts enhancement, perky butts, etc.

    But this report, for all you know, is fake.
    Why would ljk say something to the public so openly to ruin his own reputation and image?
    Nevertheless, without any prove (except for the article), we should not jump to conclusions and start slamming ljk with harsh words.
    When you start to become famous, there is always people trying to harm you.
    So there could probably be some anti-ljk fan who wants to bring down his rising popularity.

    And why react so violently if the report were true?
    If he said you guys were ‘ugly’ and whatsoever, prove him wrong.
    Instead of writing crude words, show to ljk that you guys are definietly not what he percieved it to be.

    The way yall are behaving right now is as good as trying to support ljk’s statement on the phillipines and filipinoes.
    Yes, i do understand that since it was your own race that was being critisized, you feel the need to stand up and defend it.
    But why stoop to such low levels of screaming indecent words and target the whole of korea and asia?

    Be calm, and prove those statements ljk had said wrong (if the report is true, that is)



    After a press conference for his latest movie “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? An Effeminate Korean Guy, That’s Who!” Lee Jun Ki made some informal remarks that have sent shockwaves through the Phillipines.

    Btw, there is no such movie “Guess who’s coming to dinner…”
    He didnt even act in such a movie, nor have i heard that such a title or even movie exists!
    Maybe i got the wrong idea, it could be the name of the press conference whatsoever.

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

    And those who got insulted by ljk’s remarks which i believe to be untrue, should prove him wrong by behaving magnanimous.
    Forgive, and be open-hearted.
    This is the only way to prove what ljk said, is wrong.

  385. 385
    maiza Says:

    hi. how r u?.Hope u were fine.

  386. 386
    shin bi Says:

    i think that’s not him, coz he’s well aware of the success of my girl in philippines.

    besides, stereotyping and insulting happens all the time… koreans experience being stereotyped all the time… dont we all experience it?

    am half filipino. and i guess filipinos are not just used to hearing being stereotyped.. within regions in the philippines, there are lots of stereotyping like for example, since i am from baguio (there are lots of koreans here by the way), people ask if i have igorot blood, and when i say yes (coz my father is partly igorot), they ask if i have “”tail”” … its hurtful all the time.. and i just say, “no we dont have”.. i also hear like “bisaya kase yan, mga katulong”… i mean, within the country itself, there are lots of hurtful comments, insults or stereotyping against one another… so why should we be angry when we hear others say or do so?

    since we or filipinos strongly react to comments or stereotyping or insults as such, other countries just cant help but keep on doing it because they find it fun that filipinos are “pikon”… (take for example ABC of USA== after the desperate housewives episode, another comedian joked that filipinos are not good in speaking in english, i think..)

  387. 387
    justfilipina Says:


    lee jun ki deserved all those words! even worse words than those! he should learn his lessons! he should suffer the consequences he made! he just found his perfect matches i must say as we were quite many! it was very unfortunate of him he bumped people like us! you should know that you have no right to stop or teach us on what we should do! you know nothing about our feelings! if you are like that, so be it! if you are the kind of person who just say very nice words to lee jun ki if he would insult you, go on! but i’m not! we are not! you should realize that every person is different from the rest! that was how i react if i am angry! those different reactions from other people were based on their emotions at those times! better understand the uniqueness of every individual! don’t push them to be like you or do your own way. they are not like you! you are just making your mind NARROW! don’t pretend you are clean! no one is! if your mind is normal, you know how to get angry! maybe not in this site, not in this situation yet as you were trying to say everyone should behave nicely after all the insults of lee jun ki. but you can never be always mr. nice or miss nice if you are already angry. haven’t you been angry in your entire life? of course you have been for many times already! what did you do often? did you just always smile and say very pleasant or nice words to the persons involved? YOUR STATEMENTS ARE NONSENSE! only abnormal people don’t know how to get angry.

    I DIDN’T STOOP TO HIS VERY LOW LEVEL! you better review and analyze the whole situation well! if you can’t, then i’ll do it for you! filipinos didn’t say bad words to lee jun ki before that comment of him. but he insulted the filipinos and their country. HIS COMMENT WAS SO RUDE AND UNFAIR! i and some filipinos in this site insulted him because we thought he deserved those words. we just insulted him back! he did deserve those insults from us! those descriptions of him were true! they did describe him! so how could they become indecent if they were really the EXACT words for him and so they were being used?! LEE JUN KI SHOULD REALIZE HIS BIGGEST MISTAKE!!! we had our reasons why we said so, he hadn’t! if he had, it was the dullest and cheapest reason ever! while mine was logical and justifiable! HOW CAN I BE OF THE SAME LEVEL AS OF HIM? THINK!


    you said,

    “If he said you guys were ‘ugly’ and whatsoever, prove him wrong.
    Instead of writing crude words, show to ljk that you guys are definietly not what he percieved it to be.

    Be calm, and prove those statements ljk had said wrong (if the report is true, that is)

    And those who got insulted by ljk’s remarks which i believe to be untrue, should prove him wrong by behaving magnanimous.
    Forgive, and be open-hearted.
    This is the only way to prove what ljk said, is wrong.”



    don’t try to get the dust from a person’s eyes, you just don’t know maybe yours is bigger than a house can accommodate! don’t pretend to be clean, you’re not even a saint! even GOD knows how to get angry! YOU WERE JUST MAKING FOOLISH STATEMENTS!

  388. 388
    justfilipina Says:

    shin bi,

    i admire your comment, not irritating. but i stick on my own point of view. to be frank, i don’t agree to all your ideas but i respect them. everyone has his own opinions, ideas or point of view. i agree to some point of yours.


  389. 389
    mae Says:

    rahhh, why command people to be somebody they are not? why teach them what they should do or not? people are different from one another. they think and act differently. there are billions of people in this world. comments always vary.

  390. 390
    ANiTa Says:

    RaHHh, d0N’t pREAch! wE aRE nOt iN tHE chuRch. A-H–H-A-H-A-HA! jUst kiDDIng! DId I St0oP doWN t0 LEe juN Ki’s leVeL? O-H-H-O-H-O! N-O-N-O! iNTElliGenT peOpLE CAn nevER bE dULL. DuLL pE0plE caN neVEr Be IntElligenT. DOn’T be ABsurD, bE reaLISTIc! hOW cAn PEopLE ACt tHE WAy yOU wANt THem To bE whEn thEy hAVe THeiR oWn miND tO THink ANd Act AccorDINGLy. thiNK FiRSt BefORe yOu TYpE yOUR coMmEnt. OKAy?!

    yoU wANt us To fOrgiVE LeE JuN kI? aRE yoU TRying TO SaY thAT He rEAllY DId SOMethING BAd AnD WE SHoulD foRgivE hiM? HoW cAn We FoRgivE A PeRSOn iF THEre iS NothING To FOrgivE? sO YoU conFiRm hE DId It! H-A-H-A-H-A! yoU makE mE LAuGH! aNyWay, tHe JuRy Is STiLL opeN foR everYboDY TO GIve Pro0Fs oR stANd AS wiTNEss. mAy YoU caN SecuRe tHe BesT pROoF oR witNEss EvER! yOUR statEMentS ARe NoT effEctIvE! beTTer lUcK nExt tIMe!

  391. 391
    Paula Says:

    That’s ENOUGH! Digging out the issue again and again will never end it! It will only worsen it! People always has something to react. They always react. We don’t know what’s really true. Leave the issue behind. Move on. It’s just a nightmare to everybody! There are many beautiful things to appreciate and discuss.

  392. 392
    joy Says:

    that’s right! bury it & never dig again. bury it enough not to leave any residue & smell. never mention it again. it doesn’t bring any good to us. we are all childish & nonsense if keep digging & repeating everything. stop it. zip your mouth. behave your hands, don’t type about it. that’s it! life is good! have joy & enjoy everybody!!! OK?

  393. 393
    Dont worry about it Says:


  394. 394
    chabori Says:


  395. 395
    ray of sunshine Says:

    i totally agree with joy & paula !! y can’t people learn to let go ? y dwell on something that APPARENTLY happened more than a year ago ? i understand that everybody is different & unique individual who has his/her own mind & opinion ! but honestly isn’t it time to move on & get on with life than wasting more time & energy with such issue !!! did he say it or didn’t he say it , it’s in the PAST !!!!!!!!!! to b honest i’m sure that everybody have talk or comment about others at times , so do u or that person(s) carry on insulting each other endlessly ????!! i just think EVERYBODY IS BEAUTIFUL IN THEIR OWN WAY !!! HAS ANYBODY HEARD CHRISTINA AGUILERA’S ” BEAUTIFUL ” !?! i think that song said it all !!!! have fun & enjoy life !!!!!!

    PS. I’m just airing my opinion !!!

  396. 396
    law Says:

    me dugo ka palang igorot
    parang ak pero gwapo tayo

  397. 397
    blackpearl Says:

    you guys, stop getting so worked up. he did NOT say that about filipinos. here are some valid reasons:

    1) the article is from the YANGPA website. filipinos, let me explain. “yangpa” is korean for “onion”. and “the onion” is a famous satirical magazine. “yangpa” is the korean counterpart of this english magazine.

    2) the writer of this stupid “yangpa” tabloid/blog made an article a few months ago mocking lee joon ki’s feminine looks. he got hundreds of “hate” replies from joon ki’s filipino fans. the writer was annoyed by the vitriolic comments of the filipino fans that he made another article about how lee joon ki “said” all those racist things about filipinos. of course they were NOT true, so the writer erased both articles to stop drama from spreading.

    3) lee joon ki is known for visiting the philippines during summer for vacation. why the hell would he say that about a country he loves to visit?? even if he were dead drunk, he would NOT say that.

    4) lee joon ki has a huge fan base all over asia and he is constantly stating in his blog that he will continue to work extremely hard to gain more popularity all over asia. if he wants popularity, why would he say such low, racist comments outright about an asian country??

    5) be reasonable, you guys. don’t make conclusions from reading an article by some anti-fan loser who is just jealous of joon ki’s popularity. make conclusions AFTER you actually SAW joon ki say such things or saw a video of it. OR there was an article about it from some reliable source (aka a newspaper, for example) other than a dumb satirical blog “yangpa”.

  398. 398
    marlou Says:

    let it go! just forget it. and if it happen again wat it the best way to do? Fix ur self and be good exmple to the youth that mostly your fan. We admire ur fasioned sense but pls. be reasonble. take care ur self. CAREFULL!!!!
    From: Malou
    Davao City, Philippines

  399. 399
    almari Says:


  400. 400
    sueanne Says:

    you,re so cute.i like the way you dance and also your acting in ‘my gir’l..

  401. 401
    ballpen Says:

    oi advance merry christmas sa inyung tanan!! weeeeeeeehh! in english, advance merry christmas to all of you!! everyone, be good or santa won’t bring you any presents…ehehehe!XD

  402. 402
    elva Says:

    i really admire LEE JUN Ki

  403. 403
    wawa Says:

    i like him so much…..so cute..so cool..feel like want cry too in MYGIRL..all da best..aJA..BAsyha^__^

  404. 404
    sundae Says:

    i am lee joon ki’s fans from malaysia. i really admire him because of his cute face and his talent. I REALLY HOPE THAT ONE DAY HE WILL GO TO MY BELOVED COUNTRY AND MEET ALL OF HIS DIE HARD FANS HERE!!!so i wish him ALL THE BEST & GOOD LUCK!!!!

  405. 405
    Rukiya Says:

    Muka namang babae si LeeJunKi sa picture na ‘to 🙂

  406. 406
    RoxyBathory Says:

    to blackpearl (comment #397):

    I have read your commentary since yesterday and I was so enlightened with the truth about Lee Junki, and an anti-fan blog Yangpa. I am now relieved and no longer carrying resentments towards the said actor and it was Yangpa who is the real racist. At the same time, I would like to apologize sincerely to Lee Junki for my unjust attacks and bashings on him. It really irritates me when hearing from other nationalities some racist attacks they are throwing against those whom they regard as inferior. So, being the offended one, it was natural for me to spew counter-racist attacks, whereas I myself is not a believer of racism and I really really hate that idea with much passion.

    Now you’ve made things clear, I would like to thank you blackpearl for enlightening statements.


  407. 407
    nabilah Says:

    (Iban) Aku sayau ke nuan.
    (Kenyah) Akik uva’ iku’
    (Kayan) Akui nyalam ika’
    (Bidayuh) Aku nyalau amu
    (Dusun) Muhang oku dia
    (Malay) Saya cinta kamu
    (CZECH) MiiLUJii TE
    (iiTALIAN) Tii AMO
    (GERMAN) iiSH LiiBE DiiSH
    (HAWAiiAN) ALOHA WAU iiA Oii
    (LiiTHUiiANiiAN) TAV MYLiiU
    (BOSNiiAN) VOLiiM TE
    (FiiLiiPiiNO) MAHAL KiiTA


  408. 408
    peipei Says:

    wow, you acted so well in time between the dogs and wolf! i am so amaze by your acting

  409. 409
    yuri yang Says:

    Wowowo I haven’t never ever think you were cute until I watch between dog and wolf. U look soooo cute in the drama. U look totally different form my girl. U look stronger and cuter in between dog and wolf.

  410. 410
    nounou Says:

    yes i agree.

  411. 411
    joymarivic05@yahoo.com Says:

    Because of My Girl drama popularity,, oh my God,, people got commotion here… (joke!) I don’t mind the issues taken from some sited then posted here… I just want to make post message here to tell all the fans (like me) that we will keep our faith to Jun Ki no matter what happens… right guys! (^_^) keep supporting to him…. and other future projects coming to him….ü

  412. 412
    clover Says:

    I love jun ki. love love love. my love……..ove……….ve………..e………

  413. 413
    bobohtun21 Says:

    Lee Joon Ki, my favourate actor ,I like you.
    TIME BETWEEN DOG &WOLF ,(MBC,2007) ,the most I like TV series
    I love the character of Lee Soo Hyan
    I want to see you ,
    Now ,I’m 19,I will come to Korea about 25.
    Please wait for me
    I want to be your brother.Try ahead for all of people those loving you!
    I love you ,Joon Ki………………
    may you success in your life, …..

  414. 414
    bobohtun21 Says:

    I love you

  415. 415
    bobohtun21 Says:

    I love you!Lee Joon Ki ,my favourate actor .

  416. 416
    shwe yin Says:

    Shinning star ,Joon Ki .
    Your very lovely for all
    I want to talk with you about your film .
    with best wishes,

  417. 417
    bobohtun21 Says:

    I love you .

  418. 418
    yin yin Says:

    I love you for my whole life.

  419. 419
    AYA Says:

    i love you ,wo ai ni,

  420. 420
    mia Says:

    to all LJK fans(and anti-fans of LJK, if there is any…i hope not):

    to be honest, all those things tht LJK said bout phillipines, its obviously not true. if its true, y isn’t there any videos or articles bout tht rumour? i think tht LJK did not even noe tht such rumours existed or else i guess he will defend himself and say tht he did not say such things.
    but when u ppl read bout the rumour, dun u guys find it weird?

    lyk: -“The Phillipines are sh!ts”, Lee remarked.
    -When asked to clarify himself, Lee continued, “It’s a sh!t country. Bad food, the women are ugly, and the whole place smells like old lettuce. I’ve never met a Filipino that I didn’t want to punch in the face. I swear, it’s like they have a dumbass-making factory over there.”
    -“You know who are the worst?” he asked rhetorically. “The young Filipina girls. The ones around 13 and 14 who watch my movies. Christ, they are ugly. Like little trolls. I hate their knobby little faces. When they come up to me in Korea and ask for autographs, I say “Go back under the bridge, you little monsters!””
    Lee then suggested renaming the Philippines and proposed several new names such as “the nutsappines”, “Crotch Island”, and “the United States of Boner Hounds”.

    i said its weird because how can he say these things tht sounds so dramatic? like little trolls, little monsters, etc. it sounds more lyk someone telling a story, a story lyk lord of the rings or harry porter.

    but i’m glad tht roxy bathory agrees with wad blackpearl had said. at least, now there is no more argument bout wad LJK had said bout phillipines. erm, so justfilipina, i hope u had cooled down and accept the fact tht those rumours are not true. 🙂

    from: a great fan of LJK- love him loads. haha

  421. 421
    mia Says:

    and btw, there is really no such show called “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? “

  422. 422
    almari Says:

    i love him

  423. 423
    143LiLaC Says:

    i like him no matter what happen..i know age doesnt matter..estod kerrer so aler Lee joon ki.

  424. 424
    JangLaC Says:

    i like you promise…will you marry me?…hehehe..im just kidding..you know im so young..

  425. 425
    143LiLaC Says:

    i love you so much…you rock my world!!anD heaRt!!!

  426. 426
    WWw Says:

    I like u in My Girl.
    Fighting Lee Joon Ki!!!!!!!!!!

  427. 427
    amiza shayeeda Says:

    how are u???
    miss u…

  428. 428
    lexy Says:

    joon ki,love you…i hope that’s not true!that you told daw that phil. girls are ugly…but stil love Ü pa rin…heehehehe!

  429. 429
    cLaRa Says:


    Sarang hae yo!!!

    ur new drama “Time Between Dog and Wolf” ROCKS!!!!!
    tat become my MOST FAV drama ever!!!

    jia yo!!! hope to c u in chinese drama soonnn!!!!!

  430. 430
    yurie Says:

    U look very handsome in beweet dog and wolf….

  431. 431
    youa Says:

    All I can say is you’re sooo cute!!!

  432. 432
    LilaC07 Says:

    Lee joon ki you are so cute..i want to be with you NOW!!!!

    a biLLion of i Love You Lee joon ki!!!


  433. 433
    May Lynn Says:

    Merry Christmas!

  434. 434
    May Lynn Says:

    Love you more than anything.

  435. 435
    paulette Says:

    i’m falling for you!!!!!!!!!^-^

  436. 436
    Philippine Expat Says:

    The reason you cant find links to that article is because the stupid bitch lied about it. It wasn’t an article. It was a promo script of a cartoon made by a third party about the movie ‘King and Clown’ before it even came out.

    A cartoon that was promptly pulled because stupid people got offended at being called stupid. Their own stupidity for not understanding what they were watching/reading. And of all the respondants here…also stupid….for not ONCE trying to google the lines of that lie she called an ‘article’.

    I have lived in the Phils for a year now and the best advice anyone ever gave me is to never call a filipina ‘stupid’ to her face. And that is so true….90% of them believe their education system here makes them intillectually equal to educated persons in non-3rd world countries. This simply is not true…………and boy, to the EVER get pissed off if you try explaining that.

    And true to human nature all across the globe, peoples sensitivities get ruffeled when you verbalize the obvious truth. I have learned to shut my mouth and let them go about their way…except in medical matters. I refuse medical care in this country, 3 times I have had it. And 3 times the doctors and nurses were total failures in diagnosis and treatment.

    …But about this forum…hundreds of people replied on something they were too stupid to look up and see was false. Pure irony…it was false…but they prove it true by their actions.

  437. 437
    Joyce Says:

    So far had watched three of your show ‘King of the clown’, ‘my girl’ and the latest drama ‘ the time between dog and wolf’ . Really like your acting in ‘the time btw dog and wolf’. Lastly wish you a Merry Christmas and all the very best in your future. – Joyce fr S’pore.

  438. 438
    khoua vang Says:

    OMG u look sooo cute in time beweet dog and wolf!!

  439. 439
    annie_calaguas@ yahoo.com Says:

    you are so cute and handsome I hope i see you someday please visit to philippines someday I want to see you please… for give me…. advance merry,merry christmass take care

  440. 440
    kc Says:

    wow i finally know your real name!!!!
    ur very very handsome …..
    i wish you will visit here in the philippines…….
    i wish to see you soon……

  441. 441
    Theola Says:

    I Love Joon Ki so much much and much more than i love my boyfriend…

  442. 442
    Theola Says:

    You’re handsome boy…
    em… a prince charming…
    I hope you can visit to indonesia, especially surabaya…

  443. 443
    kezang Says:

    I luv korean movies n i beleive u r a damn good actor….u gotta lots of fans so would not like to praise or sumthing like that cus its frustratingor u r used to all those comments which means if i forward ma views sayin u r cute or awesum that wud make no difference sooooo only one thing frm my end…well carry on ur superb job…cheers!!!!

  444. 444
    momo-chan Says:

    my goodness u r so cool,and hot. way cooler than my boyfriend. i hope you could visit hawaii,that would be ah-mazing. plez take care and_
    I LOVE U!!!!!!!!

  445. 445
    angela Says:

    I love u more than my boyfri who is in myanmar. He looks like Kim Hye-Sung. But i love u. When i was crazy to him i like him.But now u r my best lover

  446. 446
    angela Says:

    I love u more than my boyfri who is in myanmar. He looks like Kim Hye-Sung. But i love u. When i was crazy to him i like him.But now u r my best actor and i love u alot.

  447. 447
    angela Says:

    hi plz send me ur p0hoto to me and ur email to angela94@mail2world.com .ok “I love u forever n ever.

  448. 448
    kris Says:

    i really love you so much….

    I will always support yoour projects…

  449. 449
    almari Says:


  450. 450
    jaY@ Says:

    hi..u r so handsome!!!i will support u 4ever….

  451. 451
    Kezia Says:

    Lee Joon Ki is very cute, handsome, and cool….
    I love you forever Lee Joon Ki.

  452. 452
    nicole scherzinger Says:

    you rock,…

  453. 453
    anies Says:

    So handsome……cute…..

  454. 454
    Pei Yan Says:

    연기를 너무 잘 해요.

  455. 455
    jade Says:

    wow…cute guy…

  456. 456
    cheri Says:

    awwww u so cute saranghae mwaaaaaaah……….

  457. 457
    ballpen Says:

    happy new yr to all! my wish for this new yr is “blog peace” ^__^

  458. 458
    gulz313 Says:

    i love Lee Joon-Ki soo much..

  459. 459
    ms betiru Says:

    damn boy i just can’t stop stairing at u…you look so gorgeous and handsome…there’s everything that i like about u,esp the way u smile and move…anyways “I LOVE YOU!!!”

  460. 460
    sc961387 Says:

    he looks gurly

  461. 461
    jharna Says:

    you are a gud actor, may god bless you …… love you…

  462. 462
    Lee Says:


  463. 463
    zhafhe Says:

    hi junki you veri perfect boyz,, n you so cute

  464. 464
    azalia Says:

    hi junki,, you perfect, cute, sweet,n nice heee2

  465. 465
    fedha Says:

    u are best actor n handsome…..^^!

  466. 466
    Franssisca Says:

    wow…cool guy…

  467. 467
    dana Says:

    ah…i wish aoi miyazaki is not married yet…she would be perfect for you…at least, that’s what i think…ahehe….anyway…..woohoo!!!!!!!!LJK is love…wahehe

  468. 468
    stripe_girl_13 Says:

    yur my dream boy.
    how i wish
    to meet u
    in person….

  469. 469
    lei Says:

    you know??????????
    i admire you so much………………..esp. in my Girl…………….

  470. 470
    Lea Song Says:

    I love you

  471. 471
    baby86 Says:

    hi..nice to see u in acting…i’m the one of ur fan..wish u luck for ur career. u r a handsome guy….

  472. 472
    ratatouille Says:

    joon ki, your the perfect definition of perfection! XD

  473. 473
    clarieth Says:

    hi!!!!!your handsome!!!!!!!LUV YAH!!!!!!!!

  474. 474
    Aya Says:

    uhm…no offense people but…he has some angles that…sometimes…he looks like a….well…i guess you know what i’m gonna say…..but he’s a great actor though especially on my girl and the king and the clown….hope you’ll have more projects….

  475. 475
    Karla Says:

    hello Nico!
    I’m Karla from the Phil.one of my Favorite Korean movie is My Girl
    and you are also my Fav.

    that’s all


  476. 476
    cappucino.. Says:

    you’re cute! loved ur acting.. XP

  477. 477
    rabiatul Says:

    you are so cute… can you be my brother

  478. 478
    rabiatul Says:

    hai, lee joon gi you are so sweet. i like to see you espesially in my girl

  479. 479
    patmah Says:

    i really luv u’re acting especially in MY GIRL..u are so cute..

  480. 480

    wow…cute guy…

  481. 481

    Lee Joon Ki is very cute, handsome, and cool….

  482. 482
    kira Says:

    moshi moshi
    Watashiwa kira dezu yurushku.
    ogenki deska?hai genki dez
    hope you’re ok i dont really believe thatyou can read this kinds of messages because of your hectic schedule hope we’ll meet someday.

    as a friend sarang hamida/sarang he am i correct?

    bye for now

  483. 483
    kira Says:

    I also know some languages the same as you do. but I am much fluent with english. I also like song hye kyo she’s really good right? In acting,playing piano, figure skating angd so much more but don’t mention singing. just kidding. hope for your reply joon ki…. from kira

  484. 484
    fAntAghirO Says:

    i really love you!!!!!!!!!!

  485. 485
    nanie Says:

    well,,,,,love is hard

  486. 486
    che Says:

    hello lee joon ki from the way u carry yourself and the way u look i didn’t know u really could act a drama scene where u should cry but when i saw u on ur tv series having those drama scenes i was amazed that ur not just a beutiful face but a real actor so i adore u.

  487. 487
    Baby Says:

    hello Lee..your so hensem,very cute…I LOVE YOU…

  488. 488
    OREN-GURL Says:


  489. 489
    OREN-GURL Says:

    lap u lah

  490. 490
    yellow-gurlz Says:

    hai….u r hensem boy

  491. 491
    thit thit lwin Says:

    hi my love,
    you are my favourite actor .i love you so much.

  492. 492
    lyne_bear Says:

    hai… i am a 17 years old girl from Malaysia… i love your acting in My Girl… iope you can be my friend… can you? i hope you will be succeed in your life….

  493. 493
    tiramisu Says:

    Hi, Lee Joon Ki! I came from Malaysia…Long no story from u….!Anyway gud luck in everything u do….

  494. 494
    star Says:

    didn understand why u are so popular
    until i watch my girl.
    you are the type of guy that young girls wil fall in love with
    cos you are so attractive ^^

  495. 495
    notick Says:

    i luv joon ki

  496. 496
    khwarnyo Says:

    Dear Oppa!
    How are you?I hope you are in good health!
    I like your song very much.I am Khwarnyo.I live in Myanmar.
    Please send me your photo.
    Wishing you good luck!
    Your friend;

  497. 497
    bintang Says:

    hii jun ki “anata ni aishimasu”,,,, your fans

  498. 498
    bintang Says:

    hii jun ki >>> dangsin uL SaRang Hamnida

  499. 499
    anjeanette Says:

    He’s cute..And i like him in My girl but LDW is the best..keep it up man! 🙂

  500. 500
    crazz Says:

    iiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv u loaaadddzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………..muahhhhhhhhhh……muahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  501. 501
    monica Says:

    his movie fly daddy fly n flying boys can b found at http://www.crunchyroll.com.
    virgin snow, the king n the clown, time between dog n wolf , my girl can b found at http://www.mysoju.com, drama city ” what should i do?” can b found at http://www.youtube.com

  502. 502
    karen Says:

    why you are so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeee???????????
    i really want to see you. i lvoe your acting all the time.

  503. 503
    joy Says:

    i really want to see your acting in iljimae…………
    i hope it well be soon seen in the Philippine television………i really love you junki as in…..!!!!!!

  504. 504
    hyunnadia Says:

    I like you acting very much…you are so cute and handsomeeeeeeeeee..

  505. 505
    pink Says:

    i really like you!!!!!!!
    your so cuteeeeee………….
    hope to see you in personal!!!

  506. 506
    ochi Says:

    when u will come to indonesia???

  507. 507
    arylle Says:

    hi lee joon ki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i hope you visit our country PHILIPPINES!!!! i love you very much!!!
    i like you acting in Time between the dog and the wolf!!!!!!! i like all your movies~!!!!!

    Arylle 🙂

  508. 508
    krissyang Says:

    LJK was great in Time Between Dog & Wolf!

  509. 509
    law Says:

    from where is your father?
    igorots are handsome but not all me mga panit din na feeling gwapo

  510. 510
    Thida Says:

    I’m Thida from Myanmar. i like ur acting with “My Girl”. I want to see u in outside. Be a hapy day for you?

    Loving you,

  511. 511
    Thida Says:

    LJK, Birthday wishes for you in coming April 17. Happy birthday and many happy returns to this speical day. God Bless you!

    Loving you,

  512. 512
    sweet coco girl Says:

    selsho kam hameedah
    selsho kam hameedah

    have a happy birthday
    sarangyeh oppa

  513. 513
    sweet coco girl Says:

    selsho kam hameedah selsho kam hameedah
    have a happy birthday ….

  514. 514
    sweet coco girl Says:

    selsho kam hameedah selsho kam hameedah
    have a great and a happy b day
    i love u ilove u i love u

  515. 515
    winnie Says:

    I love all your acting movies especially “My Girl”, he are cute, cool & homesome, buttt hopefully U not a playboy in reality. When U want to come to Sarawak, Malaysia?? I hope to see here…

  516. 516
    fatin arinah Says:

    You so handsome but your hair make u look like a girl.It dose`t matter but I`m wishing to see you

  517. 517
    belinda Says:

    he’s a sosy type of guy but he’s cute and a boyfriend material type

  518. 518
    belinda Says:

    i’d love to kiss him!!

  519. 519
    tin zar Says:

    hope to see u in person………:P

  520. 520
    janey Says:

    oo.. I like all your acting movie.. you r very special & happy birthday 17 april comming soon..!! hehe.. no flower.. no present. 🙂

  521. 521
    mai Says:

    alot of kiss’s from (KSA) and happy birthday baby ^ ^ ,,

  522. 522
    prettymE Says:


    hapi bdei!

  523. 523
    yumi Says:

    hi happy birthday to you. you are very wonderful actor and very handsome. kiss…

  524. 524
    Koh Says:

    Hi, I’m from Singapore n I like LJK in Time Between Dog & Wolf. He’s so man & cool there, I can keep repeating this drama lots of times. Happy Bday to LJK no doubt it’s alrdy over. Wishes him all the best in his acting and wat ever he does. His acting is really really really really superb.

  525. 525
    afiqah Says:

    hello,hppy brtdylated to you…hope u hppy always n like you say to lee da hae u want 2 married her..i dont know u mean it or not..but i hope is truth coz i like look u 2…i want look u n her in a drama better than ‘my girl’ n u n lee da hae become the main characters..i’m realy sure the drama will be the best drama of the year n i will waiting although i so far from korea..gud luck to u 2..

  526. 526
    trendy Says:

    happy birthday

  527. 527
    miSs_imPerfeCt Says:

    LeE juN ki,

    beLated haPpy biRthday….saRanGhe….i reAlly liKe you In yoUr moVie The king anD the cLown…yoUr reAlly gReat…aLso in mY giRl…saRanghe oPpa

  528. 528
    yanti Says:

    eppy belated besday!!..wish u all the best n gud luck on yr acting career..like to watch u in My Girl drama series..look cute..psl come over to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in ur tour program..

  529. 529
    sheena Says:


  530. 530
    fye Says:

    i would like to be ur friend and know more about you…i really hope that you can visit malaysia….all the best for you….happy belated birthday

  531. 531
    fye Says:

    opps!one more thing…can you please add me at pinkylurve_mir@yahoo.com…do you ever read this message??i hope that you dont ever let down your fans…they really love you…that is all i want to say…bye…

  532. 532
    fye Says:

    hey!!iwanna be ur friend…add me at fye_Sept.Angel@yahoo.com

  533. 533
    ikaty Says:

    hy lee_jun oppa
    m still nt believing dat m writting(sumbody pinch me!)uhmmmmm……u r da coolest guy i”ve everseen n u knw wat f i ever want a guy i wnt it to have a guy lyk u n ma greatest wsh s to meet u someday vry soon.u meant a lot to me .
    love you lotsa lotsa huggssss n wshes

  534. 534
    -LYNN- Says:

    for me..u look like a sweet girl…
    n it really true went u cry…he..

  535. 535
    Ami Says:

    Lee Jun-gi sshi.. FIGHTING! *sends you lotsa hugs*

  536. 536
    fly Says:

    u r the first person i see in my life that hAVe face same as character in comic

  537. 537
    sandra Says:

    hello, lee jun ki ur so handsome ,,,,,,,,……….!!!!!!!!! youre very good at acting ………… i love ur music video w/ kangta . u two look like a brother . i hope you will make more dramas … god bless

  538. 538
    trizzang Says:

    JUNKI fightings !!!
    sarange oppa
    ur the BEST!!

  539. 539
    dianne Says:

    i want to know your e-mail. can i get your e-mail?

  540. 540
    Hee Ju Says:

    준기 my love~~

  541. 541
    Zuheila Says:

    espeero k todos tus proyentos salgan bien cuidate, me necanta ver las series en k participas y espero muy anciosa tu proxima produccion,

    !Kero, kero, lee jun ki!!!!

  542. 542
    jemaya_10 Says:

    gosh,., you’re so handsome…… uhmmppp… hope can be your friend your so cute,., hmmp… when can you visit philippines??

  543. 543
    ZIRa & aDa MALAYSIA Says:

    thanks for giving your hapiness to YOO RIN (MY GIRL)…..


  544. 544
    kat Says:

    lee joon ki YOU SUCK!

  545. 545
    the sp Says:

    kat Says:

    May 10th, 2008 at 12:43 pm


  546. 546
    kat Says:

    to the sp says:

    hey do not over react ur so OVER ACTING! u dumbass are u his boyfriend?! hahahahah U DNT CARE IF I DONT LYK HIM.. and i dnt care also if u LIKE him ..
    mind ur own business ok ur not even his mom… ok?!
    dis is my comment so just keep quiet there and give ur comments to himm too. this is in my own opinion asshole so please?!….
    mind ur own business?! huh?! hahahhaha

  547. 547
    Suzi SanthMcby Says:

    I’m from Myanmar. May I know your e-mail address?

  548. 548
    amy Says:

    oh really i don’t find words to express my admiration for u lee joon ki I was reaaaaaally crazy about your acting in my girl you were reaaaal angel
    for the best (amina from morocco)

  549. 549
    panyangbear Says:

    im starting to like Lee Joon Ki. i guess his drama Time Between Dog and Wolf is nice, gotta buy a copy someday! im excited, haha!

  550. 550
    Mystery girl Says:

    Hi,i don’t really like to be a fans of someone.But when i wacthed your drama MY GIRL,i’m starting to like you.But don’t get me wrong.i’m not like those other girl that love and admire you like crazy.i just like your acting that’s all.why do you have a space for people to write to you?do you answer them???i know you are to busy but giving people waiting for your reply especially those all gurlz who really like you,you gonna make them waitng,and waiting.But,doesn’t matter.That is your problem.Juz wanna say,i wish you with all the luck.oh ya,if yiou not to busy,do please add me at virgo_2gorgeous@yahoo.com.Bye for now!

  551. 551
    lene Says:

    actually lee junki is my ex-boy friend . . . .
    hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahh joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  552. 552
    fye Says:

    Sarangun himdunka bwa oh himdunka bwa
    Marul hal sujyocha omke mandunikka
    Oh himduroso oh himduroso
    Ijen nunmuljyocha naegen sachinka bwa

  553. 553
    mona Says:

    hi my name is mona in iran

  554. 554
    mona Says:

    you know i lik you ok?

  555. 555
    angela Says:

    u r xo kule junki ya

  556. 556
    dreamangle213 Says:

    Hi! I want to see u in my dream. so long

  557. 557
    panyangbear Says:

    i first liked him on Time Between Dog and Wolf. Very good actor! You surely deserve those awards! I’ll be watching Iljimae soon. =)

  558. 558
    Asma Says:

    Hello ! Lee Joon Ki … you are very good actors dramas “My Girls” so happy. I hope to see you the next dramas. So cute and handsome guy ….

    Bye … bye

  559. 559
    Snow Says:

    Hello,Joon! I will like you forever.FIGHTING!!!

  560. 560
    mystery girl Says:

    hi there,hah,i’m right.U didn’t reply to ur fans,right??Oops,sorry i’m a little bit harsh but i’m right.Maybe u r to busy..hmm…oh well…bye.oh yeah..i am looking forward to see you in malaysia.eventhough that will not come true…but who knows,maybe u will come to malaysia..bye..for ur information they,my sis called u the perfect man.Do u think it suits u??bye.mr.Lee jun ki

  561. 561
    mystery girl Says:

    do u really to have all those girls who admire u,who says you are so hot,i love u,want to see u in person and all that??well,i guess they really i mean really love you.How about you make a website that tells yourlife all the time??oh wait,can u do that??hahaha,i guess thats a silly seguesstion of mine.they always said good luck and take care so i’m gonna say wish u with every hapiness in the world…bye mr.lee joon ki

  562. 562
    panyangbear Says:

    After watching Time Between Dog and Wolf, i just can’t get him out of my mind. Hahahahaha! i started to like Lee Jun Ki more and more. I’ll be waiting for a copy of Iljimae. Saranghe! =)

  563. 563
    panyangbear Says:

    Damn it, i forgot i already posted a comment here fews day ago. hahahaha! im so preoccupied with Lee Jun Ki!!! oh my God!!! so stupid of me to not notice him in the first place!!! i was just blown-off! oh Lee Jun Ki.. nice nice nice fingers!!!! aaaaaww.. crazy crazy crazy.. LOL =)

  564. 564
    xuer Says:

    Ooo….I first fall in love with him when I watch the ‘king and the clown.’ But then I tot he was just a pretty boy who was lucky to get a role that suits him. Then then I watch “The time between the dog and the wolf” and I was like totally in love with him “extremely man” character. Woohoo….girl- like was good but acting as a real man was even better. And he proved his acting chops in the show extremely well. Fall in love with him totally. And I can’t wait to watch Iljimae!!!! Way to go Jun ki!!!! (^-^)

  565. 565
    Singapore young auntie Says:

    He is so handsome with perfect features.
    I love his acting!!!! He is the best actor I have ever seen. The two show(drama and movie) I like most are “Time between dog and Wolf” and “King and the Clown”. He has acted it so well that I had watched the two shows few times. I hope to watch more of his shows.
    Now, I have been spending most of my night time watching him from Youtube. Look forward to see more of his new shows…..

  566. 566
    ahaha Says:


  567. 567
    moon come!!!! Says:

    allopz!!!!!!!!! hye lee joon ki!! i’m the one of your fans!!!
    sobona eh (actually) lee joon ki is my ex-husband………
    kwang kwang kwang….. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

  568. 568
    lucy Says:

    hello joon ki

  569. 569
    Lulia Says:


  570. 570
    AdRyL Says:

    The BEsT KerEan AcTor that I EvEr MeeT!!!!
    Jun_ki!!!! You ArE My BeSt IdoL foREVEr!!!!!!
    I’m SeRiOuZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

  571. 571
    onlly_human Says:

    jun ki is the best korean actor…:X:X:Xl

  572. 572
    Faye Says:

    My first time watching Lee Min-Ki drama – Times between dog & wolf. He really acted so well in this drama. He is really talented. Can’t wait to watch Iljamae…

  573. 573
    mary grace prasas Says:

    u r just like vaness wu
    ur so handsome and u really look great wid ur role in my girl
    take care

  574. 574
    Emine Says:

    You’are so beautiful actor!Lee Joon Ki is so pretty.
    It`so very good drama!! 😀 😛 😉

  575. 575
    park soo in Says:

    does he have a girlfriend?

  576. 576
    so pyay myint Says:

    HI ! I am from Burma (Myanmar) .there is only two drama series of time between dog and wolf and my girl .thats why I want to watch more drama series of yours .
    I love U ,Jun kee ,Please distribute more drama series!

  577. 577
    Sai Tay Za Nyo Says:


    my friend

    i very like you are action. please come to Myanmar . Our nation is very like u. I very like ” The King of The clown.
    good Luck

    fighting !

  578. 578
    saku Says:

    Jun ki! ur really cool and ur the best actor eva! i felt really sad for u when i was watching My girl…but anyway best wishes for everything!keep up the great work~^^~

  579. 579
    saku Says:

    Hi jun ki again! plz come to auzzie melbourne! lots of ppl are waiting for u! We love you!!!!!!

  580. 580
    May Chit Says:

    Hi Brother Jonn Ki,

    I like your TV series “Time Between Dog & Wolf” and “My Girl”.
    I like your Tae Kwon Do kicking.
    Our Myanmar peoples also like your action.
    Looking forward your good movies.

    Have a nice weekends.

    Your’s audience
    May Chit(Myanmar)

  581. 581
    May Chit Says:

    Konbanwa…….Joon Gi San,

    Joon Gi san wo taihan suki desu.(action & kunfu)
    Joon Gi san no me’ wo moo suki desu.

    Jaa,,,mada ne’.

    May Chit San

  582. 582
    nang nye nyi Says:

    Joon Ki ..
    I love u v much ..
    don’t give up ur dream ..
    we all be here for u ..
    aja aja fighting !!!!

  583. 583
    saku Says:

    OMG! ur so funny in iijimae!! So cute!
    keep up the great work junki!!

  584. 584
    khaing Says:

    Hello! Jhoon ki
    My name is Khaing. I am from Myanmar.I like your acting so much.
    I like your TV series Time Beetween Dog And Wolf, My girl .
    And your film The King And The Clown. Ur very good actor.
    I love u so much. Bye!

  585. 585
    khaing Says:

    My name is Khaing.Ur very good actor.I like u very much.
    Jhoon Ki,I love u.

  586. 586
    seruni Says:

    i always want to as u..
    how u can keep your skin away from acne?

  587. 587
    minn minn Says:

    hi how are you?
    i like you actor

  588. 588
    fhe Says:

    lee jun ki

  589. 589
    ljkbigfan Says:

    Im watching Iljimae online till ep 10…..
    One word : PERFECT!!!!!!!
    The story line is so so so good… and your act.. oh my GOD… how touching and perfect for me and for our KST’s fans!!!!
    We really love you Jun Ki!!!! Forever!!!!
    We are so proud of you until now!!!
    Keep up your good work!!!!

  590. 590
    jenny c.c. Mei Says:

    hello….lee joon ki.nice to meet u..ni hao ma?????i like to watch your movie……you act in every movie is like a real……..sa-ra-hae-yo……arigato…

  591. 591
    jenny c.c. Mei Says:

    opps….i almost forget to tell u that i had watch “time between dog and wolf”…i only can said that is REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY THE BEST DRAMA THAT I HAD WATCH………………..HOPE YOUR CAREER WILL BECOME BETTER….

  592. 592
    KoreanFan Says:

    Lee joon ki…really like him after watching time btwn dog and wolf…his acting is fabulous!!!! can’t wait to watch iljimae =)

  593. 593
    Lee SY Says:

    Dear Jun Ki, after watching your movie and “TIme Between Dog & Wolf”, I can only say that you are really a very good and talented actor. Keep up the good work and continue with your killer smile man!

  594. 594
    saku Says:

    hehe! i just checked out ur album MY JUN i love the song ‘don’t know love’! and everything else…^^ Keep up the hard work junki!!^^ ijimae is awesome too!bye~

  595. 595
    anzie Says:

    hey dude.. my oh my.. really admire your acting skill in TBDW. you look handsome in that series. watched you in entertainment weekly recently… seriously you need a hair cut.

  596. 596
    May Chit Says:

    Hi brother Jun Ki,

    Awaiting your new Movie series from Myanmar.
    I wish you fine & well.

    Have a good day…

    Your’s Forever Audience
    May Chit

  597. 597
    초수 Says:

    준기 씨,안녕하세요..
    Time between dog & wolf drama series를 보고 준기 씨를 너무 좋아했어요.
    특히 준기 씨의 눈예요.제가 한국사람이 아니고 미얀마사람이에요.그래서 제 메일에 잘못하는 것이 있으면 좀 이해해줘요.준기 씨의 메일을 알고 싶어요.
    준기 씨를 좋아하는 사람이 저뿐만 아니라 우리 미얀마사람들 다 좋아해요.
    기회가 있으면 준기 씨랑 만나고 싶어요.

    건강하고 하는 일마다 성공하기 바란다.

    _ _ _ 초수

  598. 598
    chohsu Says:

    준기 씨,안녕하세요..
    Time between dog & wolf series를 보고 준기 씨를 좋아했어요.
    준기 씨를 좋아하는 사람이 저뿐만 아니라 우리 미얀마사람들 다 좋아해요.
    준기 씨의 새로운 series도 보고 싶어요.준기 씨의 메일도 알고 싶어요.
    저는 한국사람이 아니고 미얀마사람이어서 제메일에 잘못하는 것이 있으면 좀 이해해주세요.

    건강하고 하는 일마다 성공하기 바란다.

    _ _ _ 초수

  599. 599
    Lee SY Says:

    Hi Anzie
    Where can I catch Entertainment Weekly? Is is a channel from cable TV? Would love to watch LJK in that program.

  600. 600
    Zaskia Says:

    Hi, Lee Joon Ki. I just wanna tell you that I love Time between Dog and Wolf. I think it is like happen in real. Just so real. You’re such a great actor. I’ll wait your new TV Series. Basha (like You Lin always said in My Girl)!

    Indonesian Love You….
    Zaskia from Indonesia.

  601. 601
    lavenderqueen Says:

    My love joon gi! I like you a lot.You are the only korean actor that I like. I want to be fri with you. I’ve found a boy who look like joon gi. I like him because he looks like you.

  602. 602
    May Chit Says:

    Hello Bro


    I like u very much

    Have a nice weekends….

  603. 603
    Mai Says:

    Haha, loved you in My Girl. You probably don’t like hearing it, but you’re very pretty and cute!! ^_^

  604. 604
    jesica Says:

    Oppa, you very cute, saranghaeyo….!
    I hope iljimae will be success

  605. 605
    Jkannie Says:

    Hi you so adorable and cute boy! Your popularity risen so mch! Keep it up good work

  606. 606
    lulumaw Says:

    I like u very much.i want to watch your movies.I want to see you.I want to talk to you.My dream is to become your lover.i want to get your phone number.

  607. 607
    aaa_nia Says:

    ….hi!!!..i lyk ur eyes!!!!!!!!..ur so handsome!!!!!!!!!! please visit also in phil….SARANGHE!!!!!!!!!!!……KAMSANIEDA

  608. 608
    tigereyes33 Says:


    i genuinely think you are more than a pretty face!!!

    you’re really an awesome actor….love all your work!!^^

  609. 609
    Disco Says:

    u r the coolest guyl i have ever met.

  610. 610
    Disco Says:

    u r the coolest guy i’v ever met.

  611. 611
    jesica Says:

    Oh…my love you very cool
    will you marry me ?

  612. 612
    jesica Says:

    aku tunggu di indonesia

  613. 613
    jesica Says:

    I’ll be waiting at indonesia

  614. 614
    monica Says:

    Please, come to indonesia

  615. 615
    monica Says:

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    monica Says:

    I love U

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    monica Says:

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    I love u

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  619. 619
    monica Says:

    Hi you so adorable and cute boy! Your popularity risen so mch! Keep it up good work

  620. 620
    nn Says:

    I’ll be waiting at indonesia

  621. 621
    kyar nyo Says:

    oh! you are very cool.i love you.my love jun ki.Fighting

  622. 622
    deeda Says:

    Really luv your acting skills especially in TBDW! OMG,you’re even better in Iljimae and I do hope you will win award. Wow, you’re really a versatile actor!

  623. 623
    tigereyes33 Says:

    HI!!!! again!!!

    wow, i’m so impressed with your acting in Iljimae….kkk

    i watched your movies and series again!!! i kept falling in love with you ^^

    kkk……do your best!!! saranghe!!!

  624. 624
    khawla Says:


  625. 625
    ceryl Says:

    …anyeong juseo!!!!you’re very good in acting!!!
    …I really love the way you act,no doubt…why you ‘ve got many awards.good luck!!!

  626. 626
    Hlaing Hlaing Than Htun Aung Says:

    hey…fri…wish u to get more fan..I love u,,,,

  627. 627
    jasmine Says:

    Joon Ki I love You . Don’t forget me/////////////////////

  628. 628
    jasmine Says:

    Joon Ki I love You.Don’t forget me.///////////

  629. 629
    Lena Says:

    wow. u r THE best korean actor ever. hahaaaa! i’m sure you hear that a lot. I’m Bengali- American by the way. Lolz. Surprisingly, I watch Korean dramas and i noticed this a few days ago, u r da only one who managed to lok….handsome…evn wen u r injured….preferring to Iijimae. I shouldn’t be saying this. I’m only fourteen years old…teenage celebrity obsession. Anyway, I talk too much so I’ll end it here. Good luck and hopefully you do more dramas in the future. You are really talented.

  630. 630
    khin nyein su Says:

    hi u ko i my girl mhar sa thi tar .”k” kar nla kyat tal

  631. 631
    lover Says:

    hello, joon-ki!!! i’m a big fanz of you!! really luv u in virgin snow.. ur acting in ‘my girl’ as Seo Jung-wong really attract me.. i’d luv ur acting.. when will u come to Malaysia?

  632. 632
    Keira Tan Says:

    Hi Lee,

    You have a wonderful looks and talents. Hope to see you performing
    in Singapore. All the best.

  633. 633
    elfthw2 Says:

    joon ki . so cute . ………..

  634. 634
    Linda Phua Says:

    Hello Jun Ki, keep up with your acting skill……………I don’t understand Korean and did not know that Korean dramas can be nice until having watched one of the dramas acted by you.

    Linda of Singapore, 2008

  635. 635
    blackcherry Says:

    I like so much your acting and your style.
    I want to be a friend with you.
    If you want to be a friend with me, I request you to send your photos with cheerful smile to my g-mail ( 83blackcherry@gmail.com)

  636. 636
    lovely girl Says:

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  637. 637
    yunjae Says:

    hi joon ki ur so hensem n pretty.luv you veri much n i oso do admire ur acting in my girl.kip it up da gud work.will oways support ya!

  638. 638
    stephy Says:

    anniong joon ki u re superb man n i lik u soo.. much in my girl.

  639. 639
    jeje Says:

    iljimae is the best i love you

  640. 640
    jeje Says:

    wow, i’m so impressed with your acting in Iljimae….kkk

    i watched your movies and series again!!! i kept falling in love with you ^^

    kkk……do your best!!! saranghe!!!

  641. 641
    jeje Says:

    I like so much your acting and your style.
    I want to be a friend with you.
    If you want to be a friend with me, I request you to send your photos with cheerful smile to my g-mail ( 83blackcherry@gmail.com)

  642. 642
    song Says:

    Totally love him…Love his feminine look….I made a forum just for him cause I\’m totally addicted to him… http://leejunki82.proboards46.com always love him…Hope to see him in person!!!

  643. 643
    song Says:

    oh..gosh…he’s my admire…he’s so handsome..and cute…
    i wish i could meet him in person….
    really…..hehe…guess not only me want to meet u in person…
    everybody does…
    cos ur such a very talented actor….
    wish u all d best in ur career and in ur lyf…
    take care…
    love you so much…

  644. 644
    song Says:

    hi joon ki ur so hensem n pretty.luv you veri much n i oso do admire ur acting in my girl.kip it up da gud work.will oways support ya!

  645. 645
    nenek Says:

    HI!!!! again!!!

    wow, i’m so impressed with your acting in Iljimae….kkk

    i watched your movies and series again!!! i kept falling in love with you ^^

    kkk……do your best!!! saranghe!!!

  646. 646
    geblek Says:

    my friend Lee Joon Ki,
    I want to friend with u.
    I like you very much.
    If you want to become friend with me, you reply me.
    You send me your photo.

  647. 647
    geblek Says:

    ljk congargulatios cause iljimae got success

  648. 648
    geblek Says:

    love him very much

  649. 649
    geblek Says:


  650. 650
    geblek Says:


  651. 651
    dong-dong Says:

    Hello Jun Ki, keep up with your acting skill……………I don’t understand Korean and did not know that Korean dramas can be nice until having watched one of the dramas acted by you.

    Linda of Singapore, 2008

  652. 652
    dong-dong Says:

    ei guys.. let’s just stop the issue for jun ki’s sake and also for filipinos too.. okay?!

    all we know that there were many people including filipinos love jun ki so much.. so let us disregard the issue…

    anyway, there are filipinos too making names in abroad too.. like vanessa hudgens (high school musical), nicole scherzinger (pussycat dolls), a.p.l (black eyed peas), enrique iglesias, rob schneider (european gigolo, home alone 2), dave batista (WWE wrestler), one member of sugababes (i forgot her name) and many more…!

    if koreans dont want to mingle filipinos,, i wonder why there are large number of korean population here just to study college and why not other country?! just like in FEU, there are thousands of korean students who study there (fine arts, accountancy, business admin., management) and they just loved already the filipino culture…

    lets go back to issue again.. well, i must say, all of us (fans) should stop this issue and start over again.. besides, we’re all asians and no one is perfect.. all of us can make a mistake in our lives sometimes.. we should be proud that asians like him can be more popular just like american, canadian and british artists and they can also conquer all over asia by making some dramas or movies that will make a big hit to us..

    asian popularity continues to conquer whole wide world..

  653. 653
    Neny Aries Says:

    lee joon ki so nsem guy…
    I love drama korean…

  654. 654
    liena Says:

    your acting is very good as you….
    you so cute….
    aza2 fighting….

  655. 655
    MIERA Says:

    my mother said your face like a girl.
    but don wory, i think thats why everyone loves you so much.
    good luck with your carrier.

  656. 656
    mikee balindong Says:

    ..oooppppaaaa!!! ur so cute’.. i love u so much!!!!..ur so cool !!!.. SARANGHE !!!

  657. 657
    JACKIE Says:

    hi!!!niko…….i luv u so much!!!!!SARANGHE!!!!!take gud care of urself!!!!i love you LEE JOON KI,LEE_DONG_WOOK,JO-HYEON-JAE,WON BIN,AND DANIEL HENNEY!!!!!mwaahhhhhugggs and kissesssss!!!!!!!!Q

  658. 658
    me again!jackie!!!xempre addict qoh aneh!!!+ Says:

    hmmmmmm?????????????????/i wonder f who is dat very lucky girl dat is meant 4 u!!!!!!i SARANGHE u so muchhh!!!!!!!if i cud change DESTINY,i want YOU and ME!!!!!!!we live hapily ever after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pero ambisyosa raq,cenxa nah!hanggang FANTASY nalang ka!!!!perooooo on my night dreamssss YOU AND MEEEE!together…….mwaaaahhhhh

  659. 659
    tasahamnida Says:

    i don’t know you but you’re gorge…

  660. 660
    cloud_white Says:

    hai… great acting in my girl.. of course i’m not expecting u reply.. juz want 2 wish gud luck in ur carier..

  661. 661
    reek Says:

    hey, Kee!
    first wish u always successful in ur life.
    when flower blooms, rain falls and sees snow time i will remember u.
    bcoz i like ur acting, really great but u must try hard in some characters.
    i want to see u in future.
    wish i can always see u in films.
    so help me & try hard in film,bye bye & see u in dream.

  662. 662
    desert rose Says:

    hello there,
    is it really possible that lee jun ki might read my comment ? oh my god i lost all what i was planning to say waaaah
    if u read it by any chance i want u to know that Im a big Saudi fan of yours .there are alot of fans who reallllllllly love u in the Arab world due to ur superamazing acting ability and ur good choices of the dramas u played in , i loved all ur dramas and especially iljimae im still postponing watching the final eposide i just cant endure the feeling of not watching u in any drama so i will keep it till u perform a new drama LOL
    i hope u get award for ur role in iljimae if they dont give u one come to Saudia Arabia i will give u better than that >>>>>oil wells lol
    plz dont join the army now lets enjoy watching u in a drama or movie and plzzzz since u are known internationally and since u love ur fans as u already said in ur fan meeting . why dont u hire a translating team who will translate every commercial ,interview … etc into English
    u dont know how much it hurts not knowing what are u saying and how many times i begged the uploaders in youtube to translate what u saying but no one listened 🙁

    im an Arab fan of yours and u really SUPERAMAZING

  663. 663
    azramina Says:

    senin neyine aşık bu kızlar anlamadım bence kim jeong hoon senden daha yakısıklı alınma ama ben bir türk olarak ona aşıgım sana degil…

  664. 664
    Sarahning Says:

    Lee joon ki….. love’s you so much…. you just like japan’s animation to me…. I love your role in Time between dog and wolf and Iljimae, you’ve didn’t see like a girl… lost of your feminim style.. and I like you that way. saranghae… aku cinta kamu and please come to my lovely country, indonesia. i’ve waiting..

  665. 665
    tom Says:

    Come on people. A white guy wrote this to have some fun with Koreans and filipinos.

  666. 666
    jai Says:

    aloha,ljk i wish u all the blessings, and more projects good luck and god bless u

  667. 667
    Lover Says:

    Hope God blesses you and that you’ll draw closer to Him~ 🙂

  668. 668
    DupontDee Says:

    Jun Ki see, well done!!

    I’ll be watching you from where I’m. Be courages as always. I hope some day I could write a script for you that could help you gain more awards.

    I agreed with others of your fans the idea of hiring a team of translators that could help your fans all over the world understand what you say in any event or interview. It is very important for your fans to understand what you would say about everything. I noticed in all that you’ve said and done in your journeys as an actor, your words had touched millions of your fans heart, especially me.

    I know it’s hard to be a public figure in your country (S.Korea) to enjoy your private life. I believe you’ve endure it because you’re so good.
    So, keep doing what you’ve been doing and more because it will help a woman like me to enjoy some excitement by watching your works of entertainment.

    DupontDee – New York – Sacramento – USA

  669. 669
    anna_san_0104 Says:

    lee joon ki,
    you’re a talented good looking man.. you deserved all the best..!!! goodluck on your career!! Looking forward for you to be a INTERNATIONAL STAR from asia like Jet Li and Jackie Chan… more projects to come!!!
    Take care always!!
    I will keep watching you coz ur acting is great!! a World-Class 🙂

    From one of your Filipino fans,

  670. 670
    Maritza Says:

    Hola, no se quien lea el mensaje, pero la verdad es que “mi girl” me gusto mucho, y no solo a mí sino a toda mi familia fue muy divertida, y Lee Joong Ki hacia un papel muy interesante, aunq parece un anime, se veia bien, espero que siga adelante y que Dios toque su corazon y lo lleve a los caminos del Señor y sea muy Bendecido, gracias por los Koreodramas y definitivamente no es por ser mala ,pero se llevan de encuentro a als novelas mexicanas y el final no siempre es el final feliz clasico es lo q más me agrada.Suerte.. Bye

  671. 671
    butterfly Says:

    first time i saw u in tv, i thought u r a girl… but then when i watched MY GIRL.. youre kinda cute…

    but still looks like a girl indeed..

  672. 672
    coconut Says:

    Hi Kay..

    I love your character as Kay..really suit with you..
    Talented and energetic…Well done!

  673. 673
    coconut Says:

    Between…could somebody change the above image to latest one..

  674. 674
    PrincessForever Says:

    I love watching Ilgimei! It’s such a good historial drama!

  675. 675
    Quinn Says:

    hey guys! annyong hashimnikka!

    can you guys help me get over 4000 comments under Song Hye Gyo’s name? if you dont know her….or havent heard of her then thats fine
    just so long as you leave a msg…anything

    just look for her name on side list!….i would really appreciate it….and you will be blessed with goodluck!


  676. 676
    xue hua Says:

    hi my dear
    u are my one of favourite actor.

  677. 677
    julymoe Says:

    joon ki
    i love u very much. i love so much your acting and u style i love drama korean.i want to see u.i want to get your email address. i want to u photo.please u sent me your photo u reply me
    thanks, god bless u
    my gmail address ‘mumupaw@gmail.com’

  678. 678
    fofo-ksa Says:

    I am a girl from Saudi Arabia, I want to tell you that your fans and lovers often here in Saudi Arabia and I am one of your most admirers in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world and the whole world
    I wish that I correspondent in Saudi Arabia and do not hesitate to take Emily from the site.
    I love you very very very much lee..
    ((You learn how to love you and I hope that out of you))

  679. 679
    daewe Says:

    I like your movie.
    U try.
    I want to be friend with u.
    Please reply me.

  680. 680
    Kat Says:


  681. 681
    shirin Says:

    i love you youre the best 🙂

  682. 682
    taha Says:

    my girl is the best i love you

  683. 683
    reena Says:

    just want 2 be ur friend,i want 2 go 2 korea n see u.i’m from malaysia.if u don’t mind.i admire u just as actor but want 2 know about u more coz i don’t like rumor.i admire u (acting only) but doesn’t mean i’m crazy about u.

  684. 684
    Myatnoe Says:

    i love you so much.
    can u reply me?
    i also want your photoes and mail add.
    if u dun mind cann u give me?

  685. 685
    amanah or cay Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!!! lee!!!! how are you? i’m one of your fans to!!!
    i love you so much!!!
    did you get my poem last year?
    your so handsome… i have been watch your movie: my girl, the king and the clown, and dog and wolf!!!
    please and my friendster just_4_fans@yahoo.com or leejungi_143@yahoo.com.
    by the way i live in philippines!! i be waiting for you!!!
    take care!!!
    please add me love ya!!! muaaaaaaahhhh

  686. 686
    tyco Says:

    lu u

  687. 687
    celeste Says:

    love ya….. lee jun ki…….. muakkkkkss

  688. 688
    tagu cho Says:

    your acting are so good.u are my favourite actor.

  689. 689
    naaaligato Says:

    😉 hi, me gusta muxo tu actuacion:
    ne hiciste llorar en tu drama de my girl
    espero seguir disfrutando de tu talento k demuestra
    en tu trabajo

  690. 690
    siti Says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeee le jun ki very much.gooooooooooood luck

  691. 691
    tagu cho Says:

    I like your acting style. you are very likely to girl.But I like all of your acting.I like your
    romance character.But I like your action character(K) more than romance.you are more
    handsome with short hair style in K character.you are very lucky as you are very handsome and there are many people who love you.so I don’t want to love as other because you may not know my love.You will be my favourite actor forever.I want to know your email address.Can I?

  692. 692
    Era Says:

    lee joon ki, my god! you’re so handsome..

  693. 693
    mannequin Says:

    and so? im a filipina, and i actually don’t care whether korean people don’t wanna mingle with filipino people as long as they say straight to my face that they don’t really want it. besides, let me tell you.. we are not in the old centuries it’s already 2008 so stop talking about traditions, old traditons, im sure there are new traditions for the new century.. unless you’re not liberated people.. oh poor you guys i wish you can adopt the new happenings this 2008!

  694. 694
    suki Says:

    Good luck to you! =) My Girl was great….(*^.^*) p’al-ting!

  695. 695
    misuka Says:

    lee joon ki, you are so handsome . also i love your acting. and keep moving forward

  696. 696
    Allysa Says:

    try hard, i force you everytime.

  697. 697
    Allysa Says:

    try hard, i always force you.

  698. 698
    tagu cho Says:

    you are very handsome.I like your action acting very much.I want to know your
    email address.please connect me.my email address is “tagucho@gmail.com”
    I will hope your reply!

  699. 699
    donga-soonii Says:

    does anyone actually get a reply from him?

  700. 700
    donga-soonii Says:

    Because if he does i would….T_T I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

  701. 701
    naykha Says:

    wish u always get success in your life, always besides you!

  702. 702
    Zoua vang Says:

    I want to know that this actor is have olny his email. I want to know that his singer ablum to where? I want to buy his music to listen I love him a lot.

  703. 703
    L.O.V.E Says:

    i love your smile…..
    wish u alwayz get success in your life
    i’m alwayz beside you!!!

  704. 704
    HaWa Says:

    Lee Jun KI is my idol . He is Kool and pretty ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May His song is sad tango >.

  705. 705
    HaWa Says:

    Lee Jun ki is the best . He ‘d just sang 3 songs on his fan live .One of them is Sad Tango .
    Take manga and anime be center . COmpass we have whole world

  706. 706
    Hanami Momoka Says:

    I LOVE JUN KI!!! The first I’ve seen him was on ‘My girl.’ I was literally yelling at the tv and cursing the directors for leaving him out like that. tsk.

    \(^o^)/ ~BANZAI


  707. 707
    sozan Says:


  708. 708
    sozan Says:


  709. 709
    Erwin Says:

    Lee Jun Ki, I heard you are sued but I will support you till the end. Your most loyal fan in Singapore. =) FIGHTING!!! AND I KNOW YOU ARE NOT IN THE WRONG =)

  710. 710
    Junki-Storm - KST Says:


    We are Big Big Fans of You from KST … We feel so worry and sorry about the problem you have to face with your agency recently… But Jun, we want you to know that you got our big supports because You are always our Heart, Love and Everything …. So we believe that you would get through this wisely….


    GMG Family ….

  711. 711
    mahdokht Says:

    hi, lee jun ki. you are profesional actor, i love your play.
    i am iranian, and i love korian drama, i love my girl drama. in the series you was perfect and kindness.

  712. 712
    capri Says:

    Mr. Lee Joon Ki, i have watched all three dramas; My Girl, The time of Dog and Wolf and Iljimae that you have acted and i have enjoyed each one with the improvement in your acting. Iljimae is the best. i wish you all the best in your future endevour and hoping to watch more of your coming masterpieces. Your ardent fan.

  713. 713
    Rose Mellon, virginia USA Says:

    Hi! Jun Ki…,

    Like your acting..You’re cool.

  714. 714
    June Says:

    Hello Jun Ki,

    Love your smiles and yes your performance either movies or singing or dancing etc….it sure does touch some of us. Lee Jun Ki there are so many stars floating in the night of the sky to choose from what if I said I’ll choose you would you be able to let me hold on to that star and make sure I am not lost?

  715. 715
    hnin nwe nwe soe Says:

    I Love Your Smile

  716. 716
    kaka Says:

    I like your smile and your style.I watch your series and I like all aspecility “my Girl”,”Time between Dog and Wolf”,”the King and the Clown”.I want to see you online.I hope you read my letter.Take care of your health.I say forget,I live in “Myanmar”.Do you know myanmar?My country have many intersting places. You visit my country.That time I will happy.I hope you.I like you.

  717. 717
    my girl Says:

    hi………..!!! i’m yanaliah is your bigggggg…..!!! fan. i’m from malaysia and i’m 12 years old.i’m a short girl and cute.i hope i can see you at malaysia.I hope too you accept me as your a little sister.you look so handsome with your style hair.i like your drama korean such as ‘my gir’ and ‘the time between dog and wolf’.see you at malaysia handsome guy…. BASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck! i hope you health.

  718. 718
    arantxa Says:

    hey der!..my friend yabom is ahuge fan of urs..she loves u like hell!….well just wanna say dat ur agreat actor..ur smile is really nice so keep on smiling,acting n singing..anyo!

  719. 719
    swanlee Says:

    Congratulations to our dear Jun Ki for winning the most popular actor award in the recent online polls in Korea and Japan. Only you can command that kind of % – close to 60% of the votes (total voting are 34 millions)! Wah, you are fantastic. Hope to see more good works of yours – wish you all the best!

  720. 720
    sarita Says:

    hey dear,
    i am really great fan of your.its really good to see your movies.please give me your personal e-mail address so that I can chat to you more often.

  721. 721
    cathyzik Says:

    sorry guys!! but Joon Ki is dating with pop singer and actress Lee Hyo Ji. they’re a sexy couple, not?

  722. 722
    Junkinampyeon Says:

    Lee jun ki is truly an extraordinary actor. I love watching all his movies and TV series every now and then and I don’t get tired of it…..
    i hope people won’t listen to his detractors and would just appreciate his acting ability….he’s definitely more than a pretty boy..

    more power to LEE JUN KI!!^^

  723. 723
    tin zar Says:


  724. 724
    sharnge Says:

    I can die for you
    for real…

  725. 725
    fatin Says:

    joon ki you are so cute!!!!i like you so much!!!!

  726. 726
    Roe Says:

    I like you so much!!!!!!
    You r cute and handson.
    You r great actor!
    Your acting in Time between dog and wolf,Iljimae is splendid
    Keep Doing!!!!!!!!!
    Agha-Agha Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  727. 727
    lynda Says:

    i like u!!!
    u are so cute!!!
    i always besides u.
    lurve u..

  728. 728
    mogii Says:

    hi i8from mongolia my e-mail monkh_flower@yahoo.com ok i*m big big fan

  729. 729
    tagu Says:

    May you be successful in your life.
    I am always waiting your movie.

  730. 730
    youguysaregay Says:

    get off his nuts, quit dick riding

  731. 731
    Bizel_cutie Says:

    ljk and lee hyo ri is not goood couple hah!!!!!!!!!


    THATS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  732. 732
    april Says:

    any new drama????? I like u in my girl but i love u in iljimae.

  733. 733
    rosvanjel Says:

    ni hao jun ki!
    hope you fine!
    anyways…hope u’ll visit philippines like wat lee dong wook have done!
    wo ai ni ke ai!

  734. 734
    pretty_jo Says:

    you are so cute!!!love your acting in my girl!!

  735. 735
    kim eun hae Says:

    hello???joon gi…u r so cute,,,i lov u so much………………can i know what ur album.want 2 hear ur voice everyday….love u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  736. 736
    pUrPLe gUrLz Says:

    I like u so much..
    you are a good actor..
    i juz want to know, are you single??

  737. 737
    angel Says:

    good luck ^^

  738. 738
    miss geisha Says:

    maybe u will never read this. but i still write it :”>
    from: geisha
    to: LJK
    actually I have never fallen for korean actors, since they are only cute. I only admire ones with much more than that.
    and u r the one, tehee.
    I decided to watch one of uf films, “my girl” because I heard that u wore cross-earings and necklaces, which are the sign of elegance. I really love those, so I just think maybe I should see who u r. U know u were really cool. “Love can’t be hide in my life, love can’t be pain in my life”, neh? I discovered that u can speak many languages, and that was unexpected from a korean actor . Next I searched for ur profile. U can do many kinds of material arts and u must have many … erm, experiences in ur life since u live alone. that’s wat I like about u.
    In “the king and the clown”, as they said, “even a girl can’t be that beautiful”. I still fall for u even if I’m a girl ^^ It took a lot of efforts to act like that, and I think u r really incredible. U r now the most beautiful guy in my heart :)) but u must be really manly inside :-j I believe
    well I have to have dinner now so this is it. But I can write even longer.
    hope u will be single 4eva =))

  739. 739
    carta Says:

    I have seen all of your movies…. Iljimae is one of my most favorite drama series and Your acting was great… I’m hoping to see more movies and dramas with Lee joon ki…

  740. 740
    rachmadsiregar Says:

    I LOVE YOU From Indonesia

  741. 741
    natalitin Says:

    hi lee jun ki
    i want to be friend with u

  742. 742
    natalitin Says:

    hi lee jun ki
    u r so cute. I wish u to success with flyingcolours

  743. 743
    tinzawhlaing Says:


    lee joon ki

    i wanna to be your friend… and i like yr performance.i’ll welcome you to come to my country(Myanmar)..if u have a freetime..

  744. 744
    June Says:

    May the almighty bless you with everything best in life!

    I know you will never be in here to read everyones writtings to you.
    But I hope someday you will……..because in everyone and each of our hearts every writings that we wrote to you is special.

  745. 745
    suchochomyint Says:


    i love you
    from myanmar girl

  746. 746
    duka Says:

    I love you so much….he is only mine…kisss

  747. 747
    nilez Says:

    hi…am a huge fan!i really like your smile and how you act….by the way am from the Philippines….you really a good actor…because of you i started watching korean movies and tv series….keep on making good movies…God bless you!!!

  748. 748
    nAzHaTuL Says:

    hellow..i luv u so much..u make me crazu..u r a cute boy..muahhh,,,,,(”,)

  749. 749
    chitoomay Says:

    dear jun ki
    i love you. i like your lip.

  750. 750
    sally Says:


  751. 751
    Jun Ki - Love from the World Says:

    For Lee Jun Ki – Love from the World

    Love from the World – A Mission Impossible

    Recently Jun Ki updated his CY, with “I Love You All” in many different languages.
    At this difficult time for Jun Ki, he still thinks of how to convey his love for fans in different parts of the world.

    This court case against his former company is the most grueling challenge he faces since he came to fame.
    As fans, what can we do for him at such a difficult time? I have spent some time thinking about this.

    To let him know that fans from around the world will always stick by him and believe him.
    We will forever support him, in the face of trouble we will never give up on him.
    No matter what comes in the way, we will not be moved.
    This is because our love for him is the most beautiful kind in the world.

    But, how do we show him our love? How do we deliver our love from the world to him?
    ….. I know!

    We can make a giant tapestry with blocks of patchwork made by fans from all around the world!
    This Love from the World quilt will be made up of patchwork blocks created by all of the Jun Ki family!
    Can you imagine this quilt with love messages in different languages hanging on the wall in his office?

    For full details: go to the website http://sites.google.com/site/junkilovefromtheworld

    To participate, please view the project details & timeline here:

  752. 752
    cho zar Says:

    why you are very handsome?If you have the secret,please tell me!

  753. 753
    miss geisha Says:

    if we meet in Korea, then we r predestined 😡 and I will give u my cross necklace 😡
    *dreaming* =))

  754. 754
    KIO-wawa Says:

    hello.. i love u performent… i from 1 of your fans.. i hope that u will get what u want.. i always pray for u…=)

  755. 755
    KIO Says:

    hello.. i want to say that i like u eye.. i from malaysia.. i hope that i can see u here.. FIGHTING!FIGHTING! BASHA!!!!!!

  756. 756
    twin sister Says:

    hi lee jun ki
    I like your movies.I am myanmar girl.I pray your best actor.

  757. 757
    laminlay Says:

    Hey! i sent u email.why don’t u reply me?

  758. 758
    juliemae Says:

    hi…………… your so cute

    hope see you in person

    in my dreams………heheheheheh

  759. 759
    nYcQ_tYcO Says:

    hi.. oppa….. u’re damn cute…. really luv ur acting in my girl especially when
    u cry… also in virgin snow n iljimae…. man, ur good… hope to meet u soon… luv u oppa……

  760. 760
    pratima Says:

    do u really cry much
    though it suits u lot
    u hav chinky eyes
    u luk gud wen ur hair is long
    keep smiling it suits u most

  761. 761
    rosvanjel Says:

    love oppa jun ki!
    he rocks!

  762. 762
    Phyu Khin Says:

    Joon Ki,
    I like all of your movies.I’m from Myanmar.I want to say I like your nose and eyes.I would like to meet with u one day.

  763. 763
    amber Says:

    hi Joon Ki ^^.
    love me

  764. 764
    fify Says:

    hye cute…. just wanna 2 say hello…. n Y dont u come 2 malaysia…? u have so many fans from here… just make suprise 4 them… hope u became the best actor… :D……. n hope 2 meet u one day….

  765. 765
    phyu Says:

    hi jun ki
    i like ur movies
    iljimae is great!!!!!!!
    carry on!!!!!!!!!

  766. 766
    wai Says:

    you are so cute .i am myanmar girl.i am from mandalay.
    can i add you in friendster?

  767. 767
    kylie--glee Says:

    AAAAaaa……………….OH MY GOSH!
    you look way way way…(x1000000000000…00) beautiful than me(T_T)

  768. 768
    Zeeya Says:

    Lee joon ki! i just wanna say sarang eyyo.. oh my god i just can’t imagine if i am yours. you have a good looking in everything. huhh but i dun wan to kiss and hug you cause i am a muslim girl but nothing is impossible to have you. “uppa shi ko wei yo” if you want please add my email zeah_3112@hotmail.com

  769. 769
    sella Says:

    hai lee jun ki!. I’am from Indonesia,
    you are so cool, I hope you can came to indonesia….
    and I just wanna say “Goog job for your movie” because I’am is very very like it. and see you!!!!!^_^

  770. 770
    sella Says:

    hei jun ki!. I’am from indonesia.
    I hope you can came to indonesia, that’s my dream.
    I just wanna say ” Good job for your movie” I like it. See you!.

  771. 771
    sella Says:

    hey jun ki!, I’am from Indonesia.
    I hope you can come to Indonesia, that’s my dream.
    I just wanna say ” Good job for your movie’ I like it.See you!

  772. 772
    nur suziliana zakaria Says:

    hye lee.im suzie from malaysia.

  773. 773
    khet nyunt wai(julia) Says:

    why are you so cute?i am myanmar girl.i want to say i like your mouth and eye.Do you have gmail account?please tell me your acc.My acc is juliar96@gmail.com.bye

  774. 774
    khet nyunt wai(julia) Says:

    Why are you so cute?i am myanmar girl.i want to say i like your mouth and eye.Do you have email accouny.my acc is julliar96@gmail.com.bye bye.

  775. 775
    arifa Says:

    you are so amazing. luv to see u acting…gud lucks…..

  776. 776
    Nina Says:

    I like your acting. you are very handsome

  777. 777
    arifa Says:

    hepi new year..

  778. 778
    linne Says:

    ……just want to know u more and more…

  779. 779
    shary Says:

    hallo, my name shary from indonesia.
    ljk, long time no see???
    I MISS U..

  780. 780
    Lin Sandar Oo Says:

    Hello Lee Jun Ki, although it is late, Happy New Year From Myanmar.I like you so much. You interest me so much. I want to be your sister when I’d watched your serie “Ijimae”.Why didn’t Yong love Bonesou?.I want to know. But i will like you forever and ever. I hope one day i would meet you and be your best friend.Would it be?Don’t forget that there is a sister in Myanmar for you .It’s me.

    May you be always lucky in your life!
    BYE! Lin Lin

  781. 781
    moe hnin Says:

    i want to meet u.

  782. 782
    cho zar Says:

    hi lee joon ki
    u are my favoutite actor!why u are very handsome?

  783. 783
    Lin Sandar Oo Says:

    Hello, Nice to meet you again.I sent you a message yesterday. The number is 780. I want to meet you in the future. I do hope. I want to watch your new film.

    May you be always lucky in your life,
    BYE! Lin Lin

  784. 784
    Atul.908 Says:

    Hy,,lee jun ki. .if u wnt to knw. .i admire u n jang geun seok. .u 2 is a handsOme bOys n vry cutee. .plz cOme to brunei. Cuz i wnt to meet u n if u cOme my dream will be real. .i vry like ur hair n ur nOse. .hehe~i wnt to say[S].[A].[R].[A].[N].[G].[H].[A].[E].[Y].[O]. .plz add my email. .(Little-sweet_cple184@hotmail.com)PLZ!

  785. 785
    Sandra Seah Says:

    annyong haseyo!!
    Lee Jun-Ki,
    you are so handsome!
    I LOVE U!
    a fan from Malaysia.
    7th January 2009

  786. 786
    santy momoriee Says:

    i haven`t some word to write now ,,,,but i just wanna to say….
    lee joon ki, you are so amazing…..good luck lee joon ki…..you`re the best….

  787. 787
    Stacy Says:

    Lee Jun Ki..You’re So HOT & COOL!!
    I Love you so much.. 🙂
    Your shows are one of my Favourites..
    All the best!! Take Care & GOD Blessed You!!
    Love Stacy..

  788. 788
    harriet Says:

    i love u junki!
    ur such a great actor and a talented person
    ur too perfect….super handsome!

    i will always be ur #1 fan!
    Hope to see u someday!

    i’m looking forward for ur upcoming drama.;

  789. 789
    sin li Says:

    do you actually read this. (ごめんなさい。)gomennasai. not doubting you but just curious. because. it feels funny like i am talking to myself….HAHAHHAHAHHAHAXD… Ijimae is good. I will support your other shows~ and. your acting is…..(すごいい!!!)SUGOII!!!! (さいこ。)saiko!. *bows* i don’t know korean. even if i can speak. so i will learn it soon. 〔一緒にがんばりましょう。)Issho ni ganbarimashou! (わかりますか。)wakarimasuka. ByeBee. oh you just got another fan by the way. byes.

  790. 790
    lily Says:


    “Iljimae” nice show…keep it up…(include all de show)..

    please (take care) 잘 지내요 and all the best in your working life!
    (God bless you!) 이거 야단났는걸! 수고하셨습나다 …

  791. 791
    aks Says:

    Lee Jung Ki , what r u doing now

  792. 792
    ajem Says:

    hey joon ki im a really big fan of yours from india . you are a really cute and a handsome guy !!! good luck for whatever you do!!!

  793. 793
    zaahirah Says:

    he is my favorite actor and i like his acting….keep up the good work lee jon ki…and u have a veri great package there…hopefully u will be a versatile actor in the future…

  794. 794
    su Says:

    Joon Ki,
    You are so cute !!!
    I love your acting & performant .

  795. 795
    su [Myanmar] Says:

    Joon Ki…
    You are so cute. I love your acting & style.
    Fightingggg !!!

  796. 796
    Jeanne Says:

    I luv jun ! I will support Il ji mae!

  797. 797
    Lin Sandar Oo Says:

    Hello again Lee Jun Ki,
    I hope you would read my letter. I really want you to be my best friend. Could I be your friend? I like your action.Really.
    May you be always lucky in your life!
    BYE! Lin Lin

  798. 798
    appirenz Says:

    so handsome . i really like you . fighting

    i’d love to see you .

    goodbye /

  799. 799
    gurnoor Says:

    hey lee jun ki!!!!

    u r da hottest lukin guy eva…
    u r just so adorable especiallu wen u cry u luk so cute !!!
    i wish u could just chat wid me once or just send me a mail on ma id
    i would be really happy!!!
    i just love u!!!!^_^

  800. 800
    gurnoor Says:

    hey lee jun ki!!!!

    u r da hottest lukin guy eva…
    u r just so adorable especially wen u cry u luk so cute !!!
    i wish u could just chat wid me once or just send me a mail on ma id,
    i would be really happy!!!
    i just love u!!!!^_^

  801. 801
    jocker Says:

    I like your style.I hope you will respond me.I wish you always get success in your life.

  802. 802
    jocker Says:

    I like your style.I hope you will respond to me.I wish you will get success in your life.

  803. 803
    peace Says:

    jia you jia you! make sure to get more comments. lol

  804. 804
    May Chew Sandi Says:

    I like your hair style .

  805. 805
    May Chew Sandi Says:

    I like your hair style.

  806. 806
    rainthit Says:

    hi,jun ki
    i want to chat with u!

  807. 807
    rainthit Says:

    can i know ur gmail address.
    can u send me?
    my gmail-rainthit@gmail.com

  808. 808
    rainthit Says:

    hello,i buy ur photos a lot in my home.

  809. 809
    S.L Says:

    not so bad… only one things ugly..that’s your eyes

  810. 810
    Elit Says:

    Good Job Lee Jun Ki. I like your movies alot. Continue to make us hapy 😉

  811. 811
    Melania Says:

    hola soy de Bolivia y actuas marabilloso mi cumpleaño es el 31 de diciembre con cariño

  812. 812
    iho Says:

    I LIKE you

  813. 813
    vanesah Says:

    ○○♥♥hi junki♥♥○○

    ♥♥○○ how are you?○○♥♥ im one of your fan..i like you for being a good actor and for being so cute..u look good in tv huh…just keep up the good work…hope to see you soon here in philippines..;-]○○♥♥♥

  814. 814
    jun ki fans Says:

    i very like junki . ♥♥♥

    i very like he at iljimae drama .

    he is so coolllllllllllllllll

    your style is so great . and so handsome !!!

  815. 815
    thuzar Says:

    i love u so much

  816. 816
    OHDANG ! Says:


  817. 817
    Mary Says:

    Hi.How r u?I am from Myanmar. I want you to friend with you.

  818. 818
    Licious Says:

    Hi wish ya a happy niu year 😀

    Ur always be my fav actor.

    I luv ur acting especially in Iljimae

    Well..thats all i want to say

    Good Luck !

  819. 819
    Panda Says:

    Have seen My Girl, King-Clown, Virgin Snow, Iijimae, which I somehow felt something lacking in Iljimae in terms of acting(over-acting?)& also the unresolved “empty” promise made when U are supposed to reconcile with the real-mother, & the promise to take care of Bong-Soon? well, that leave viewers unsettled with the abrupt ending, please post on the intention for the end please, is it to make way for another sequel? Yeah,1 thing, please keep those eyes, those are the real treasures,DO NOT DO ANYTHING T O THEM..if not all Koreans will look the same HAA! A-JA!

  820. 820
    ciwi Says:

    your face is very beautiful, i’m envy with U!

  821. 821
    Harry Aung Zin Says:

    I love your acting style in Ii JI Mae
    you act the best
    I love you and I like you
    I want to friend with you
    Can you let me

  822. 822
    swanlee Says:

    You are a pretty boy, but most importantly, you are a very good actor. Keep up the good work! Happy Lunar New Year to dear Joon Ki.

  823. 823
    Khine Says:


    Mr. Lee Joon-ki..

    Greeting from Myanmar.
    You are my best korean actor. I love your smiling eyes and all your actions.
    If you have time, let me see your kind reply.


  824. 824
    trina Says:

    i like this brother

  825. 825
    zarafi Says:

    jun ki.i love the way u treat ur fans,u r really considerate with them.i’ve just seen u in my girl, i like the way u perform ur role,u did well.u r a good dancer too.i hope u can cme to malaysia n have ur life performance here.keep doing well,hope u can pursue ur dreams and hapiness.
    sarang ne o…..

  826. 826
    sawanah Says:

    well hello there…. you heard this many and many times.. but then once again.. its my time to say it.. you sure are very adorable and cute… i love your movies.. and how you act in them even when youre not the main character… welps… if you ever come and perform in the U.S hopefully you can perform in Wisconsin or at least near it… take care and God Bless=D !!!

  827. 827
    poeti Says:

    U are cute.
    Do you send your photo me?
    If so, I’m thanks!

  828. 828
    thiri Says:

    by thiri

    you are very handsome .i love you so . live happily your life time

  829. 829
    hnin Says:

    hi, my lovely

    i like u so much

  830. 830
    yin zar chi Says:

    Dear Lee Jon Ki,
    May I introduce myself. I am Yin Zar Chi from Myanmar. Do you know Myanmar? If you know about a storm named Nargit, I think you know my country well. I want to say that so many audiences including me like you and hope you never surrender whenever you face difficulties of your life. If you want to visit and you are interested in Myanmar’s beauty, I am warmly welcome to Myanmar. Thank you for your patiently reading. I look forwad for your kindly reply.

  831. 831
    suyatmi Says:

    hi lee joon gi ang nyo yasayo i love your verry much

  832. 832
    suyatmi Says:

    lee joon gi you are a great exellent actor ilove you verry much. your drama”time between dog and wolf is verry good,that time when i wacht it,i wish you will get award from it.and thank god my wish come true..you get the best exellent actor award from it.. i m verry happy. and your iljimae i love it verry much. i love yuo

  833. 833
    anis Says:

    hi lee jun gi… i love you very much.. your heve a beautifull eye,so please do not do anything to them.otherwise i will defficult to reogise you. good luck

  834. 834
    princetongirl Says:

    Hi Lee Joon Gi! Hey i think you already noe me cuz i left a comment in 1 of ur webpage. Anyway i totally love your style in My Girl…. 🙂 Btw, do u have any girlfriends??? Don’t think that i’m so curious naw.. 🙂 juz wanna noe… 🙂

  835. 835
    Mint Says:

    Hi Lee Joon Ki,

    Happy Valentine’s Day. i really admire you from my girl. THough i did not watch the movie but i saw the music video and really like it. YOU really acted well and i love your style, including hair, dressings and your acting too. I HOPE you will acted on more dramas and movie too. Hope you have a great day and success in your life. P.S. Sarangheiyo!

  836. 836
    princess Says:

    hello..how do u do..im just wanna to says congratulations..hope u will do better than yesterday…

  837. 837
    Maggie Liem Says:

    oppa junki!!!!!
    i’m maggie from indonesia..
    i’ve met you at JW Mariott..
    i hope meet you again…
    and i wish..next time you’ll come to indonesia…and make a fans meet..or
    maybe your concert in Jakarta..or your film promo..
    any kind or your reason to come to Indonesia..i’ll wait it..
    i hope i can met you when you’ll return back to korea next 17..
    thank you for your coming to Indonesia…^^
    Happy valentine

  838. 838
    hanamaya midori Says:

    omG i luv yu
    yu amazing actor x3
    yu lik a role model fer me
    i onli seen my girl so far
    buh i prob wuld get to all de dramas and such dat yu are in
    i grew up in new york so idk much jap or korean or all dat

    oh i rlly hope i get to see yu if yu ever get to visit in new york city~

  839. 839
    Aizhan Says:

    Annionghaseyo.OPPA!!!Im your fan from Kazakhstan.I like your movies.Korean dramas are very popular here.We all respect u.Ihope whenever Iwill meet with u.Go ahead!!!

  840. 840
    sonam Says:

    really lyk ur actin

  841. 841
    Ginny Moe Says:

    “O Pa” ………

    aza aza fighting……

  842. 842
    Han Thu Says:

    I like your smile and your activities!

  843. 843
    Han Thu Says:

    I like your smile and your activities.

  844. 844
    ElMazYoNa Says:

    Hi How are You

    you are cut and Nice

    I wish go to Korea and see you

    I wish from you come to saudi Arabia

    Because i am From saudi Arabia

    good bey

  845. 845
    nwaynway Says:

    I like your acting.
    I wish you willb be happy .

  846. 846
    than than soe Says:

    mingalar bar

  847. 847
    than than soe Says:

    i like you very much.

  848. 848
    Kizuna Says:

    When I first saw you in My Girl drama, I thought you were a girl XD, you are a beauty :), but I admire you not just for your look, but for your acting skills. Do your best in the future too! 🙂

  849. 849
    jing Says:

    annyeong haseyo!i’m a fan of yours here in the philippines..

    i do admire your acting skills..i first saw you in the drama, “My Girl”..you were great especially when you cry..since then, i searched the net about you..i hope you will do great in your future projects..do well and take care..

  850. 850
    fify Says:

    anyong haseyo..apa khabar lee joon ki?hehe..i really like ur acting!that is awesome n fantastic!u are handsome boy..haha! i hope u success with ur life n i always support u untill 4 ever n ever..kumauooo… =)

  851. 851
    Shwe Yi Thinn Says:

    Hello Lee Joon Ki,
    I like your styles and your acts
    Wish you more famous than now
    I will always waiting yours

  852. 852
    honeyMolina Says:

    ahmm. i like you hah……a like long hair you know…..Godbless

  853. 853
    honeyMolina Says:

    ahmm. i like you hah…..smile alwAYS….Godbless

  854. 854
    sya-sya Says:

    hai lee jun ki!! nice to see you in internet with look at you pictures.. i just want to know who your lover.. is it true that you were in scandle with boa… i’m sya-sya from malaysia… you can call me sya-sya6… sarangae (not you)… aja!!aja!! 🙂

  855. 855
    sya-sya Says:

    sarangae my cats… meowww… lee jun ki !! is it true that you were in scandle with boa… you can called me sya-sya6……from malaysia….aja!!aja!!

  856. 856
    rainy heart evans Says:

    love u since my girl….u a good dancer to….ne sarang el da jo…..

  857. 857
    lyn Says:

    hi!! lee joon ki ur so cute talaga!!! i like urs smile and ur eyes!!! hope will see u in person!! ur so cool!!!! take care god bless!!! advance HAPPY B-DAY more blessing

  858. 858
    karen madrilejos Says:

    ..hi poe im your # fun…im karen from the philipphines..!!your so lucky b’coz you have everything you want…and most exactly your every women wish can we be a chatmate…?so we can better know each other plz3x by the way this is my email add karenmadrilejos@ymail.com…i will wait for your response gudbless take care and i love you..!!

  859. 859
    karen Says:

    An nyung haseyo!!Lee Jun Ki. Im karen from the Philippines i really love your movie. Im working in MGC LASEMA. in Makati..A koreaN SPA..tAKE CARE AND gOD BLESS MY MOM ALSO LIKE YOU.. hOPE YOU DO A MOVIE AGAIN..hope also we become a good friend even in just in email..my bestfriend now is in korea also cause his taking military service..i do love you fighting skill it reminds me of my brother.. He love aikido.Just take care and always pray.. dont forget to love those people around you especially those you have trust you and helping you..Jalga haseyo!!Smile always!!!

  860. 860
    karen Says:

    Ah Your going to celebrate your birthday on April 17.Well maybe im busy at that time.Still i want to greet you “SAENG IL CHOOK HA HAE!!!!!!!Smile!!!

  861. 861
    Melanie Says:

    Hello Lee Joon Ki, just wanna tell you that you did an excellent acting in Time Between Dog and Wolf drama, love it! Anyway, advcance happy birthday and keep up the good work….

  862. 862
    anne Says:

    hye lee jun ki.. i think you is the most popular actor in the world.. i really like your stail expesially your hair stail.. you is the popular actor in malaysia too..

  863. 863
    Laurennnzzz Says:

    HI..Lee joon gi ssi…Uuuhhh…why you so shining? why you so beautiful? iluv you so muchhhh….hehehe. I Know it’s sound ridicoulus…but i really really like you. I hope you read this comment…From your fans, Arita…^^ Btw, my sister is pregnant now. She never know you until she see iljimae.. And she tell me that you so handsome… I like when you fighting.. you look cool..^^Ok..Annyong.. Good luck for your job…GBU

  864. 864
    sabina Says:

    lee joon gi,well however u are a star and i am a common nepali gurl…i hope to meet you in my whole lifetime

  865. 865
    naMie Says:

    …I just want to great you a happy2x birthday and wish you all the luck and God bless to you…hope to see you even a second of my life….

    ..KEEP SMILING:)….

  866. 866
    sheryll Says:

    hi lee jonki sshi…. why you so handsome and i like your smile.i saw your smile feel me better.stay what you are and don’t.advance happy birthday.you advance three days from me.my birthday will be on the 20th of april.good luck and stay heatlhy.

  867. 867
    Zash Baker Says:

    Hi Lee Joon Ki.. M from Brunei (Asia).. Love you in The King & The Clown, My Girl, Virgin Snow, Time Between Dog & Wolf as well as Iljimae… I’m wishing for Time Between Dog & Wolf 2… Any updates?

    Won’t it be great if the producers & author/screenwriters can combine Sweet Spy & Time Between Dog and Wolf Together? And Nam Sang Mi can play both roles (as Lee Soon Ae & Soo Ji Woo) as girlfriend(s) to both Han Yoo-Il/Sam Shik (Dennis) and Lee Soo Hyun/Kay (Lee Joon Ki)… N bring in also the cast from both series esp Lee Joo Hyun (Kang Joon) and Jung Kyung Ho (Kang Min Ki) Won’t that be sweet? At least there will be sequels to both drama series.. and with the combined cast.. I bet it will be a power drama..

    So anybody who knows the producers (Choi Chang Wook – SS & Kim Min Jin – TBDW) or/and author/screenwriters (Kwon Mi Kyung, Kim Ki Ho, Lee Sun Mi – SS & Han Ji Hoon, Yoo Young Jae – TBDW) please foward this idea to them… Thank you… v ^_^ v Dated: 09/04/09

  868. 868
    jeanylou Says:

    hello lee jun ki…………..i love you……….is it ok with you if i call u my sweetheart????i hope u don’t mind. you’re really cute or should i say beautiful. You really have a killer smile that would send away storms…everytime i see your smile i feel that my day is already complete. Good luck to your career and take care always…i love you very very much…..i hope you’ll stay single and wait for me….

  869. 869
    *~$!-!/-\|/-\ Says:

    I like him so much!He is very good looking!!!

  870. 870
    *~$!-!/-|/- Says:

    I am waiting for his new daramas!

  871. 871
    Mia sidek Says:

    Helo junki oppa^^im one of ur big fans here in brunei…I really like

  872. 872
    katrina Says:

    hi lee joon ki..you’re so cute..hope we’ll meet.nyahahah..take care..i love you!!!

  873. 873
    unloved Says:

    i’ve been reading all the comments and i might say…


    you got a fighting spirit placed in a wrong fight. Yes, there is a possibility that ljk said those words but that is not right to put the whole nation in only one genaralization, i had an argument with another person in youtube telling that koreans are one and the same.

    He is by the way, a businessman, from what he said. I just want to comment on this. NOT all koreans are the same. NOT all filipinos are the same. We have different feelings, different heart, different style, different views.

    there are filipinos who are not like you, ready to defend your country with all your heart. there are filipinos who wanted peace and prove people that they are wrong in their silent ways. Everybody is different.

    I mingle with a lot of foreigners everyday, i have friends from around the world and a lot of them are different from one another but everybody have their own sense of sensibility and stupidity.

    Since they are foreigners, when they are in our country, we are to be hospitable to them because when they loved the country, there is a posibility of more jobs for our countrymen. They should act upon our law.

    and if we are in their land, we are suppose to act upon their law.

    LJK might or might not say those words. but for me… a rumor like this didn’t even get in korea and its just the fans being worked up.

    LJK’s fans, i really admire you guys, even with rumors like this, you are still with him.. rock on girls and gents ^ ^

  874. 874
    Emine Says:

    Happy 27th Birthday Lee Joon Ki!I wish you the best day ever.Enjoy a wonderful day with ur friends & family 🙂 😉 =)

  875. 875
    wilson Says:

    Happy birthday to u.

    wish u all the best and handsome forever….

  876. 876
    *~$!-!/-|/- Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  877. 877
    megi Says:


  878. 878
    adeline Says:

    happy belated birthday!

    i love u.

  879. 879
    a fan of jun-ki Says:

    I love this show..so good!!! lol..xD reali!! i love it!!!

  880. 880
    Cathy Says:


  881. 881
    nicole Says:

    u are very handsome.

    u have a good acting skill.

    i love so much.

  882. 882
    uka Says:

    Kim Hyung Soo ta ix xoorxon shuu bi taniig urgelj xundelj yavdag ta urgelj iim aldartai xeveer bgaarai tgd bas oroitson ch gesen happy birthday bi mgl oxin bnaa xxx lol……….

  883. 883
    suyatmi Says:

    Hi LEE JOON GI happy birthday 27th. I wiss you a happy life and succes for ur carrier. lee joon gi i…………… u

  884. 884
    Jidas Says:

    LJK.Oppah..Keep up ur hard work.Ur dramas are quite interesting…I hope I can meet with you one day. And I’m from Malaysia.Yeah!Good.Right. Happy Birthday.

  885. 885
    y8ylee Says:

    hihi!! i am from malaysian!!!!!

    really hope to meet lee jun ki!!

    when lee jun ki will come to malaysia??????

    ah… hunger to meet u ah!!!

  886. 886
    nomin Says:

    bi chamaiggoe jujigchin gej boddog aja aja amjilt

  887. 887
    sumyat(luna) Says:

    i am myanmar…i want to ur fri…lee…i like ur face…and ur hair style…i wish u.. ur other famous than..i hear ur good news…
    i wait ur email….pls return for me….

  888. 888
    patricia naing Says:

    hi my name is patricia naing . i really like you . try your best .

  889. 889
    smileyjosha Says:

    i reaLLy like you., ur so handsome

  890. 890
    shirin Says:

    hi lee junhi how are you ? my name is shirin i live in uzbekistan i like your movies i am your big fanat . so much i like your serial.. Can you sent me your photo”s in my email thahk you bye

  891. 891
    musana Says:

    hi joon ki ..
    i like u smile n u eye,

    at malaysia u drama iljimae ..

  892. 892
    annealexis Says:

    Your acting is convincing even though i’ve seen some expression in iljimae is repeated from time between dog and wolf. You did played the contrast of the two characters well in iljimae and is happy for you to have won top excellence award.

  893. 893
    mayese Says:

    FIGHTING!!! Lee Jun Ki!

    Godbless and Keep on smiling!! ~~,

  894. 894
    paingzaylin Says:

    i like your hair style and boy style please you send you photo new and you tell ” what you make your hair style’ please u send me may mail ok or not
    im very like your hair style.

  895. 895
    S Says:

    i m a Malaysian.Deeply obsessing with Joon-ki.

  896. 896
    asal Says:

    hi i am iranian ,کارت دارم pleas

  897. 897
    asal Says:

    hi lee joon,i live in iran (term 6 it) i no speak english ,i can speak you? باید حرف بزنم باهات

  898. 898
    Eda1981 Says:

    lee jun ki, when you will visit Malaysia, loads of fans is waiting for u here!!
    please do come ..sure its gonna be extremely crazy and exciting…

    i wonder whether you have been to m’sia before?

  899. 899
    baby girl Says:

    hey my love jun ki i don’t know what i will say now i love you so so so so soooooooo much do you know i want to travell to korea to meet you and i will do that i will travell to meet you thank you for every thing songs and moveis and series we are like you lee jun ki see you my hero you are my dreamboy see you my love i really want to see u any thing ur email i love you (nada)

  900. 900
    Phyo Thinzar Khin Says:

    I love u because U look like my boyfriend.When i see u,I feel so sad n want to cry.Because I miss my boyfriend who left me alone.

  901. 901
    chillicorn@gmail.com Says:

    Whenever I see u,I miss my lover who left me alone.But I am still loving him.

  902. 902
    berf Says:

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  903. 903
    Arwi Says:

    Your acting in My Girl was really moving. You performed your role very well, and I agree with one of the drama’s line, which is that sometimes, you do look like a girl! Iljimae was so strong both in action and emotions! You proved you can do all kinds of roles.

  904. 904
    hanh Says:

    HI Lee Jun Ki.I don’t know you invite this link,aren’t you? But if you invite even once, can you reply for me at http://www.pooh1810@yahoo.com.vn

  905. 905
    chillicorn@gmail.com Says:

    I am still loving him.

  906. 906
    hui shan Says:

    ppl comment here is korean people?

  907. 907
    nieyna Says:

    hye… sy minat sgt kat awak,,,,i admire u so much… ur acting in my girl is so exciting. i love it so much… i’ll never forget my girl 4ever and ever. luv u so much….

  908. 908
    shalley Says:

    my dream prince how do you do?I’m myanmar girl.you are my favourite actor.I like your style.I hope I will meet you one day.if you come myanmar country,I always warmly welcome.I wish you will receive many success.bye bye

  909. 909
    tary Says:

    first time i see lee jun ki in my girl, and then i really like him. he very…very…oriental, i hope he never been have plastic surgery, i like lee jun ki from his eye. LOVE YOU

  910. 910
    Citra Says:


    Lee Joon Ki-san no koto daisuki !!!
    nihonggo nara hanaseru yo. nihonggo gakka nandamon.
    kankokugo ni mo kyoumi ga arukotode, benkyou wo hajimeru koto ni shita yo. Lee Joon Ki-san ni renshu dekiru to ii na….
    ohenji wo omachi shite imasu.
    Onegai !!!!

  911. 911
    chilli Says:


  912. 912
    chilli Says:

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    Do u know this country?

  913. 913
    chilli Says:

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    If u have a time ;can u visit our country .

    I very like u .


    MY NAME IS Aye Su

  914. 914
    pinky Says:

    HELLO! I’m your audience from MYANMAR. I like all of your TV series. I want to u to come my country. DO u know MYANMAR COUNTRY? I LOVE U VERY MUCH. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  915. 915
    sweetbashi Says:

    Hi ! joon k , Im one big fans of yours, here in japan ,you’re the only
    one for me, my favorite versatile actor ! you’re so hot in time between dog and wolf ,and very lovely in king and clown ! especially iljimae ha ha ! lots of funny scene ,,, nice love it ,,,,,,, goodluck 頑張って下さい
    いつまでも 愛してるよ。。。。

  916. 916
    jassicagugu Says:

    How are u?
    I like your acting.
    I love you.

  917. 917
    Donnica Says:

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    Regards 😮 Katrina.

  918. 918
    Tata Noble Says:

    Hi there handsome fellow… this is tata noble from the Phils…wow, such a great, great smile.. a very refreshing young man.. prince charming & a man of dreams to all the young ladies ( even to small tots) he-he-he… Such a good person to look at…. hope to see you act on other dramas again.. we will look forward to it.. keep it up

  919. 919
    hideta Says:

    Dear Jun Ki,
    I really love you, the way you acting, dancing… You’re very talanted. I’m looking forward to see your future dramas) So work hard and take care 😉
    And thank you for making me love k-dramas =*
    P.S. I’m russian) And there is lots of your fans in Russia))
    And it’s really sad that you’ll never read this message)

  920. 920
    jassicagugu Says:

    I love u
    I love u
    I love u
    I love u
    I love u

  921. 921
    July Says:


    firstly, i want to tell you i love your smile and style.
    actually your are the most favourable actor in my mind.
    Iijimei is my lovest film and i love Iijimei, you.
    I wish you had a perfectful things in your life.
    and you could get everything that you wish.
    Please be smile and I Love You……

  922. 922
    Shwemoenyo Says:

    hello brother !!!

    I Like your style and your smile.
    There are many audience in our country including me…
    If you have a leisure time, please come to our country.
    Our country is Myanmar, Yangon.

    I wish you could make any movies and films in Myanmar.
    Warmly welcome, I Love You……

  923. 923
    Kim Rae Hwa Says:

    i love you .

  924. 924
    fenn011 Says:

    lee joon ki,,,,,, well, i wonder what is his real side,i mean, what is his life behind the camera,i dont like him, but he make me very curious about him and his life,its like his a part of me,, i dont know,,,well just wanna share what i feel,,,,, goodbye!!! thats all,,

  925. 925
    lee yumei Says:

    annyeong hasseo….
    i’m Mei from INDONESIA in manado city…^_^
    I don’t know if that makes joonki this link ..
    here I just want to say if I joonki inspiration ..
    and I hope that a day later, I met with joonki …
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    and I am very sorry for not meeting with joonki ..
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    yumei … ^ _ ^

  926. 926
    aling Says:

    really do your work very well..hope in future u have a lot of achievement for acting and modeling..u have a cute face and i like your smile..good luck..wish your have a good future..

  927. 927
    amber Says:

    hin joon ki ^_^
    i love u so much n i wish u came to Melaka ok ^_^

  928. 928
    hnincherry Says:

    hello brother !
    I Like your style and your smile.
    If you have a leisure time, please come to our country.
    Our country is Myanmar, Yangon.

    I wish you could make any movies and films in Myanmar.
    Warmly welcome,

  929. 929
    pia Says:

    you’re new MV is so fantastic..
    i love J-style..
    and your dance is so sexy..!!

  930. 930
    hanamaru Says:

    Lee Junki is an actor from Korea .I see him for the first time in the movie. He acts as Gonggi in the movie “The King and The Clown”, therefore, he has fame. He acts in several dramatic movies, for example, “My girl”, “Virgin Snow”, “Fly Daddy Fly”, etc. He is the superstar of Korea. In my view, I like Lee Junki very much for three reasons.
    First, he is good-looking. He has a beautiful face. His face makes him become presenters of a lot of goods. Besides, he has a healthy smile.
    Second, he has acting ability. For example, movies he acts have high popularity and he is act in drama movies very well. Directors hire him to play the leading role in drama. Although he is young he acts excellently.
    Finally, he is man of my dream. He is the most famous in Korea and Thailand. So he has many fans. Reputation makes him have a lot of money.
    In conclusion, I think he is the ideal man of every woman. Because I like his healthy smile and acting. Do you agree with me?

  931. 931
    farshad Says:

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    خدا نگهار تو و خوانوادت و آرزوی موفقيت بيشتر.

  932. 932
    diana Says:


  933. 933
    thntthazin Says:

    Hi, Lee John Ki. I like your voice and your action. I always watch your movies. I want to get your photo. Have a nice time with your family and get more success.
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    My country is golden Myanmar.

  934. 934
    yeemon Says:

    lee joon ki ,, in my opinion, you are the best actor , i like your action in ,”my girl” .. with best wishes,

  935. 935
    arezou Says:

    hi dear lee jun ki,
    i love ur dramas,iljimae & time between dog & wolf,
    thanks & GOOD LUCK!
    im an iranian girl.

  936. 936
    lia Says:

    hai.. jun ki……i love your smile very much i wish you good luck and always happy in your life
    your frend from indonesia

  937. 937
    airi Says:

    you is handsome boy very much

  938. 938
    airi Says:

    i love you

  939. 939
    dania haziqah Says:

    hi,lee jun ki i like your movies and your drama.i like your drama injilmae and your movies my girl…….bye…bye

  940. 940
    dania haziqah Says:

    Hi,lee junki i like your style and i like you smile,your very my favourites artis and my favourites actor.i like your voice to…… i love you so much…bye

  941. 941
    Anita Says:

    dear Lee Joo Ki……………..
    I like your acting so much and your handsome.
    I love u……………

  942. 942
    lovjunkii Says:

    This boy is cute and he can acts. Loved it when he fights, and moved by his tears. Wish to see more of him in K-drama. Suitable partner in the drama will be Song Hye Gyo or Lee Da Hae or Han Ga In. This girls can act plus their pretiness are at par with Jun Ki. Don’t like watching a drama when the hero is more good looking than the heroien.

  943. 943
    Lin Sandar Oo Says:

    Hello, Lee Jun Ki.
    Nice to meet you 🙂 I didn’t post here for a long time.
    Anyway, I like your performence.
    Wish you to get the best of your life! Hope to be your best friend.
    If you want to, anytime you’re welcome.
    With Best Wishes, your forever fan
    Lin Sandar Oo

  944. 944
    mikun Says:

    You’re so handsome and I love you so much!!!You become my obsession.But,I also admire you as an actor because you are really brilliant and amazing!
    I’ll be your fan forever…
    More power and success!!!

  945. 945
    cassy Says:

    my ever lovable junki. i really admire you and can’t get enough of you. i am looking at your pictures everyday and it makes my entire day well and inspired. i love everything about my junki…one cute, talented, gorgeous, sweet, nice, adorable fella i ever laid eyes on. have your pictures on my wall.

    saranghaeyo JUNKI!!!! 🙂

  946. 946
    mimi Says:

    He got it all…charm,good looks,multi talented personality(can sing,dance and act) and very manly.
    I love you more and more everyday!
    Hope I’ll get the chance to see you in person.

    Junki,I love you so much my heart ache!
    See you in my dreams…

  947. 947
    annie Says:

    i love korea & korean dramas & korean actors specially lee jun ki. you are the best..i love you . from iran good like cuty.

  948. 948
    lljimae Says:

    XOXOXO Jun Ki…aaaa. when is your next drama?

  949. 949
    alma Says:

    you’re so hot and sexy!see you in my dreams…
    looking forward for your next drama..
    can’t get enough of you!

  950. 950
    lily Says:

    yuo’re so cute…
    I love you

  951. 951
    ati Says:

    hi lee joon ki
    my name is atena,i live in iran.i like you smile,eyes and movies.you very god actorand model,your very nice and cute…..I love you so much darling…

  952. 952
    ati Says:

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  953. 953
    shereen ismet Says:

    i like to watch the show you acted like and i am fancy of watcing this 2 show.

  954. 954
    shereen ismet Says:

    hello i am sheren i like the show you acted in and i like your hairstyle so cool…i like your acting in and guess what?? that is my first korean show i watch i found it very intresting so fell in love with korean movies…i love your acting so so much..

    shereen ismet
    joo seng rd singapore

  955. 955
    phyu Says:

    Hi,Jon Ki,
    Firstly,may I introduce myself.I’m Phyu Lay from Myanmar.
    I love your smile so much.You are very innocent and you’ll be a good actor
    one day.
    If so,I wanna get your photo from mail.But, I dare not hope.
    If you have time,please send yr photo.

  956. 956
    phyu Lay Says:

    My mail is candylady101@gmail.com

  957. 957
    Elena Says:

    Good day!
    Interestingly, actors answer the admirers?
    I am not the wild fan, me before is still far as in my understanding, the actor needs to be loved not only for he is roles. And about his soul we there is nothing we do not know.
    But I would like to tell, that I have arrived for work to China and once have seen a film with you in the evening…….
    You submit the beauty and a smile.
    Thanks!! For me you as light in a window when I feel badly
    Thank you!

  958. 958
    zizi Says:

    hi…lee joon ki
    i’m ur big fans from indonesia….ur one of the best korean actor that i like…when ur next K-drama..? i like ur act in iljimae n time between dog and wolf…

  959. 959
    mimmy Says:

    love you forever!!
    see you in my dreams…dreams are my reality…
    you are the most handsome man on earth!
    i love everything about you…

  960. 960
    mira Says:

    aniyo’asayo…..Lee Joon Ki..
    i like your smile and your acting…..
    you make all girls in the world crazy if see your smile…
    i hope you’ll be the best actor in the world…
    sarang han in uh….muaxxx….
    himnija!!!!! kra…aniyong!!!!SAYONARA…….

  961. 961
    poe ei Says:

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    Your loving sis,
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  964. 964
    colakim86 Says:

    lee joon-ki your acting is so…………… awesome hope you can keep it up and always stay in good health and always pray to our heavenly father so you can received more blessing and if challenge came or trials that you think you can’t face it remember we can learn from trials that came to our lives we are here supporting you always and hope we can meet someday I’m a big fan of yours thanks for making a great movies and tv series that we enjoy watching keep the good work and take always……………… we love you

  965. 965
    SAFIEY Says:

    annyeong haseyo. ny name is safi.you so cute.i love your hairstyle,you are so cool when you smile

  966. 966
    SAFIEY Says:

    i hope you come to malaysia : p .be your self

    my mail: isafilee@yahoo.com

  967. 967
    Atefeh Says:

    Hi Lee jun ki. I’m from iran. I love your act in my girl and iljimae. you’re so popular among my friends. Good job!!
    I wish you success in every thing!
    Eat well, be happy and take care of your health!!!

  968. 968
    Emerald Girl Says:

    Hi!I like your acting.You r very handsome.I’m from Myanmar.In my country,a lot of people love u.I like u forever.Bye Bye…..

  969. 969
    mimi Says:

    You are a great actor in Iljimae! I’m totally smitten with you.Keep up the good works!You are ultra talented.Also,you are handsome beyond compare.But you are also a kind and down-to-earth person.You give your very best in everything you do and you are total fun!!

    Love your smile the most!There’s nothing like you…


  970. 970
    Roxzan Says:

    heyah…i’m from Samoa..small island located in the pasific oceans…
    i love watchin foreign dramas…especialy da koreans n philiphns…
    Lee you rock!!!..
    gosh i never come across a animate firgure to be real…hehehe…i like watchin animate cartoons n u luk lyk one of dem…sexy…cute…adorable…n cute manners

    can n ask…y do u guys don’t kiss so well in movies….it is bcoz of ur customs? oa sumfing else…i need i want to no…plz

  971. 971
    safiey Says:

    hallo.annyeong haseyooooo.

  972. 972
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  973. 973
    snow Says:

    nice to see you.
    i want to know your next dream?
    good luck your job or your hobby

    good bye

  974. 974
    snow Says:

    hi jun

  975. 975
    anti lee jun ki Says:

    who in this world would like this shit
    holy crap
    in the king n clown, hes a frickin trans
    who in this world would like thsi hole

  976. 976
    reina Says:

    @anti lee jun ki,hey back off!!get lost!!you are a mean and spiteful person! if you have nothing nice to say about Lee Jun Ki, I suggest you don’t come and post something here.Also, get real! you dumb! The King and the Clown is only a movie and Lee Jun Ki’s charactrer in that movie is not his real character in everyday life.Who are you to judge him in what he potrays in his dramas and movies?ahh,wait you are a LUNATIC! right?because only a LUNATIC can post a mispelled nonesense.

  977. 977
    edzha Says:

    lee jon ki….

    hy…… 😀

  978. 978
    safiey ziey Says:

    heheheheheheh hai :p

  979. 979
    Elizabeth W. Says:

    ‘anti lee jun ki’, what an ignorant, imagination-free ass you are! Lee Jun Ki gave a truly great performance in The King and The Clown and he deserves all the recognition in the world for that. Now crawl back to your tedious and stifling ideas about desire and embodiment (I bet in your hideous world the word ‘straight’ stands for some sort of achievement, you effing bellend!) and leave reflections on love, friendship, comradeship to intellects and sensibilities far better than yours.

  980. 980
    smriti Says:

    hi lee. ur so quit in ‘my girl’ movie. and i love ur smile very much. so that always smile and be happy

  981. 981
    Jane Says:

    Dear Jun Ki,

    I really like your performance in My Girl. Jia you!

    Fan from Singapore

  982. 982
    lyah Says:

    aniosayo jun ki oppa…i can only said good luck and success always…….. saranghae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  983. 983
    Mayl7 Says:

    I use to look down on this guy because he has such pretty, feminine features. I thought: “psh, he only has looks, I bet he really has no talent.” Then, I started watchingd a few of his dramas and realized how charming he really is. This guy can really act! I was so moved by his crying scenes in Iljimae. I feel bad for having judged him based on his looks before knowing anything about him. Lee Jun Ki is great. I will definitely follow his career from now on.

  984. 984
    greenapple Says:

    cute and sweet guy huh..
    i think u ur perfect guy ever…
    telented, inteligent, u got everything….. hope so,

    wish u luck.. all the best.

  985. 985
    thandar Says:

    hey.. joon ki
    you are good look.
    this is my e_mail address …miss200925@gmail.com
    If u have free,, i wait u for chatting.

  986. 986
    lenne Says:

    yoboseyo …well first lee jun ki i hv to say keep it up u knw the gud actin really coz i really really liked the way u acted in” my girl” i mean who doesnt hehehhe… it really made me cry so i really hv to say lee jun ki ahgaa 😀 keep figthin coz really the way u r actin and the way u care for ur fans really made u reach the starts of fame … ur biggest fan lenne..n.n Saranghamnida.

  987. 987
    ami920 Says:

    Can’t get you out of my head…I love you so much,Jun Ki!!!

    Stay fit and healthy!

  988. 988
    babyblue Says:

    The more I learn about this guy, the more I respect and admire him. His passion and his dedication to acting staggers me. I use to dismiss him as just a “pretty boy.” But now, in my eyes, he makes every other popular Korean stars pales in comparison. I have seen all his drama and movies. His performances are amazing. Every time he comes on screen, I’m mesmerized by him… not just because he’s drop-dead gorgeous (though he is that), but because from his performance, I can understand the amount of effort he’s put into his role. I hope his career in the spotlight will be long, fruitful, and full of rewarding experiences.

  989. 989
    ashura fye Says:

    hello….. i love you so much. i am from philippines and i really really like you. i hope you will be the best actor in korea….. you are the best.

  990. 990
    LazyLoo Says:

    Someone please change that picture of Junki above. It’s so… outdated and unattractive…
    There are so many other great pics of him out there… why post that one? Looking at that, people are gonna think he’s a lil, pretty-boy sissy. And he’s trying so hard to change that impression these days.

  991. 991
    shirley jackson Says:

    Anyonghaseyo oppah, I like you not because you are handsome
    its because of your movie the king and the clown, i love that movie i wish that there’s a part 2 of that movie…
    Chowahe oppah, domu chowahe….
    keep up the good work and stay friendly and humble as your face says….
    Saranghamnida oppah….

  992. 992
    beanpo Says:

    I saw some pictures of Jun ki in Andre Kim’s fashion show and thought to myself: Junki would look so sexy as a vampire. I think he should do a fantasy drama and be a vampire in it. With his fair skin, jet black hair, and gorgeous crescent-shaped eyes, he would be the hottest vampire.

  993. 993
    asandra Says:

    hai iam from malaysia, i enjoy watching drama iljimae but i don’t like the ending..

  994. 994
    arezou Says:

    hi dear LEE JUN KI!

  995. 995
    sweetlady Says:

    aloha everyone!
    I love Mr Lee Joon Ki acting…he got a package.
    I hope Mr Producers/Mr Directors pair him up with Ms Lee Da Hae in a action (coz he sures know how to fight) and romantic (sure could make a girl’s heart thumping) drama…wow! it would be a blast!
    Let’s cheer for Mr Lee Joon Ki!!!

  996. 996
    joyuami Says:

    Hi to all,
    If you are a devoted fan of LEE JUN KI,then you might be interested to join his fan group in Crunchyroll called Junki Global Family.It’s an amazing fan group wherein you can find the latest news and photos of our beloved LEE JUN KI.It’s being updated almost everyday by the creator,moderators and members who are totally devoted to the great actor…truly a wonderful site!!!highly recommendable.

    Note that you must sign in to Crunchyroll to be able to join the Lee Jun Ki group…it’s totally free !!!

    How do I love thee,Lee Jun Ki! Let me count the ways….

  997. 997
    LazyLoo Says:

    moderator, how about we use this photo of junki for the above image:

    It’s pretty recent and looks so handsome ^_^

  998. 998
    joyuami Says:

    Oh,yeah…so smexy!!!

  999. 999
    Saaya Says:

    Lee Jun Ki,you are sooo killing me!!!
    Hope your concert in Taiwan today will turn out fine.Wish all the best!
    Ganbatte OPPA!!!

  1000. 1000
    Moe Moe Says:

    hi,Lee Joon Ki
    I’m Moe Moe(it means “rain” in English) and I’m from Yangon City,Myanmar.I’m also one of your crazy fans.I’ve watched many korean drama series and I like them very much.I wish you that you may own a happy and healthy life with someone who is special to you!If you want to share your happiness or something with someone,I warmly welcome to you
    Bye Bye!

  1001. 1001
    Moe Moe Says:

    hey it’s surprised that I’m a 1000th response to you.
    So you can call me Miss Hundred as a nick name.

  1002. 1002
    MaylyKay Says:

    I like Junki’s hair in the picture above. Just grazing his shoulder, not too long or too short….just the perfect length. ^_^…and I swear, that jawline of his is a work of art. Pure eye-candy! How can a man be so naturally beautiful?

  1003. 1003
    Beanpo Says:

    I heard Junki-shi is on twitter. Check it out:
    I think its legit because the link is posted on his cyworld website.

  1004. 1004
    mimi Says:

    I hope you’ll start filming your new drama soon!
    Hardly can’t wait to see you on screen again!

    More blessings come your way after what happened in Taiwan FM.
    Good health and more success !!!

    Wish you all the best:)


  1005. 1005
    Kay Says:

    His new drama begins airing in November, right? I heard it’s only 16 episodes. So short! Since it’s his last project before going off to the military, I was hoping it would be something big… but 16 episode is like a mini-series, right?

  1006. 1006
    PYAE SONE Says:

    nice too meet you.i like your manner.and i inviet u my country.Do you know myanmar.Welcome to my country.

  1007. 1007
    maya Says:

    ooooooooh my he is so nice h love him from my Heart

  1008. 1008
    Erina Says:

    Aishiteru yo,Saranghaeyo OPPA!!!
    Can’t get enough of you…
    Missing you this much…
    You’re so killing me…

  1009. 1009
    nikilov91 Says:

    love you sooo much….
    can’t wait til ur next drama
    wish u success

  1010. 1010
    Mona Says:

    Hi Lee Jun Ki.
    I Love You So Much.
    I Hope You’ll Be Sucsessful In Your Life All The Time.
    I Hope See You As Soon As I Can.
    Chummar Saranghaeyo Oppa.
    I Love You Lee Jun Ki.

  1011. 1011
    Mona Says:

    Oh Sarry.I Forgot To Tell You I’m From Iran
    Again I Love You.

  1012. 1012
    Mona Says:

    I Love U.

  1013. 1013
    babyearthdragon Says:

    I love to listen to J style. Good luck to u!♥♥♥♥

  1014. 1014
    PoBean Says:

    wow…look at the list of awards he has. How can someone so young get so many recognitions? Well… good for him.

  1015. 1015
    zoon Says:

    whatever you do,you cant be like our lovly sig

  1016. 1016
    Erina Says:

    OPPA JUN KI started filming his new drama Hero…yay!!! though it’s only mini series,I hope those who are devoted to him will support this new drama!!!Probable date of airing will start on Nov.18!!
    Oh,I’m so happy for him!…also,his goods sell well here in Japan…
    May you be Bless more,OPPA!!! I will pray for the success of your new drama…
    LOVE YOU LOTS(^^)v

  1017. 1017
    Tursunai Says:

    Hi,Lee Joon Ki! I’m from Kazakhstan. I’m watching your drama Iljimae.it’s a good,kind drama. I like this drama and u! I think that the cutest korean actor is Song Il Gook,then Jang Geun Suk and then u. Take care,be happy!

  1018. 1018
    jtlangel Says:


  1019. 1019
    naomi Says:

    LEE JUN KI,my love and all!…I’m mesmerized by your handsomeness!
    Wish you all the best!!!

  1020. 1020
    ayaka Says:

    LEE JUN KI,you’re sooo hot and smexy!!!
    I think of you every single day and I love you sooo much!!!
    Stay in good health always…

  1021. 1021
    fathin Says:

    lee jun ki!!!

    u so handsome…

    glad to know u!!!!

  1022. 1022
    andy Says:

    I felt very disappointed with the seoul drama awards 2009.
    Lee Jun Ki should won the award not kim hyun jeoung.

    Not fair. Lee Jun Ki is the best.

  1023. 1023
    yaya Says:

    Lee Jun Ki……….. from the king and the clown to iljimae. He is the best !

  1024. 1024
    yaya Says:

    Jun Ki is as pretty as a woman but as handsome as a man. What a strange combination. That make him so special.

  1025. 1025
    belinda Says:

    Please support JUN KI in his new drama “HERO” which will be aired beginning November 18…spread the word to your country about his new drama!It will a good drama because he is an excellent actor and of course a pure eye candy!He chooses carefully what he likes to portray that’s why it took him so long to do a drama again.
    OPPA fighting!! and you are the best!I hope and pray for the success of your new drama and everything you do…


  1026. 1026
    LJKmiamore Says:

    Impossible it may be but I wish I’ll marry Lee Jun Ki!Never felt this way to a human being before.I’m 18 yrs. old and Lee Jun Ki is my 1st and last love.I’ve decided on that!!Like the thief he is in ILJIMAE,he has stolen my heart and I will never love anybody intensely as I love him.
    I hope FATE will allow us to meet and fall in love…

    LOVING YOU OPPA from a far!!!Wishing you all the best in your career and this life could offer!!

  1027. 1027
    Yin Says:

    I cannot wait for Hero starring LJK

  1028. 1028
    loveljkforever Says:

    Sooo excited!!!At laaaasssssssttt LJK drama…my “HERO” is coming!!!
    LEE JUNKI has been my “HERO” ever since and he will be forever…
    OPPA,my everlasting love!!!

  1029. 1029
    mina Says:

    Iam mina.Iam Iranian.I love lee.
    سلام من مینا هستم. امید وارم در سفر به کره لی را ببینم

  1030. 1030
    ljkai Says:

    LJk you are my life and my soul!
    Bessings and success in your life…I hope I will meet you in person someday…
    Keep fighting!!!
    saranghaeyo,OPPA!!!I will be your die hard fan forever….

  1031. 1031
    143ljk Says:

    lee Jun Ki is the best and the most good looking actor ever!Can’t take my eyes off you.ljk!!!You are the best thing thatt ever happen to South Korean screen.Also,because of you I’ve learned to appreciate and love anything Korean…
    Love you to eternity…

  1032. 1032
    stacy Says:

    love,love junki oppa…pls. come to my country…i’ll wait for you…see you in my dreams!!!

  1033. 1033
    heroljk Says:

    soo excited for your new drama oppa!!!i hope it will have good rating…i’ll pray earnestly for its success.
    i wish you all the best in everything you do…
    go,go HERO”!!!!

  1034. 1034
    nathalie Says:

    I’m from the Phil. and a big fan of yours!I hope you’ll do a FM here in my country…
    I love you so much!Can’t take you out of head…
    God Bless you always…
    Stay healthy!

  1035. 1035
    aprille Says:

    Can’t stop loving you,oppa!!!You are everything to me,my heart and my soul!

  1036. 1036
    ljkbeloved Says:

    i’m totally obsessed with you,my beloved jun ki!!!hope to see you again in my country…or i’d go and see you in korea…
    saranghaeyo oppa…
    loving you this much!it hurts and you’re killing me…i hope i’m near you always…

  1037. 1037
    sameera Says:

    WOW!! You are an awesome actor and a very talented personality!I can’t help but admire and fall for you…I know,too, that you love us your fans and that our support and love is your strenght…thank you oppa for your love to us.I will stay by your side forever even if others don’t…
    Oh,how I wish you won’t go and enlist to the army next year,but I know that’s unavoidable bec. it’s a law in your country.No matter what, I’ll wait foerever for you!!
    I hope your new drama”HERO” will be a huge success,I’ll pray and pray to be so…
    oppa fighting!!!Can’t wait till the premier on Nov.11

  1038. 1038
    myjunki Says:

    And I’m your devoted fan forever…

  1039. 1039
    laarni Says:

    I’m soo excited about your new drama “HERO”…finally we can see your superb acting again!!
    Desperately counting the days till Nov.11,the premier date…
    oppa fighting!!!
    LOVE IS LEE JUN KI:)and vice versa…

  1040. 1040
    mysouljk Says:

    LJK,you’re so hot and smexy!!!A superb actor and I’m loving you forever!!!
    I just can’t get enough of you…
    Take care always!!!
    “HERO” fighting!!!

  1041. 1041
    ljkbeloved Says:

    Seeing you in person was pure heaven!!!I hope you’ll visit the Land of Smiles again…You’re a million fold more handsome in person that what you are in pictures.I count myself lucky to have seen you up close.
    It’ll be my treasure forever…thank you,oppa!!!
    I wish you all the best in life and more blessings to come your way.
    Till we meet again…

  1042. 1042
    cutegirl Says:


    Option 1: To watch MBC on Windows Media Player
    – Open ‘Windows Media Player’
    – Click File > Open URL or [ctrl + u]
    – Paste http://vod1.dgmbc.com/live into the box and press ‘OK’

    Option 2: You can go to these sites
    1. http://www.tvchannelsfree.com/watch/5166/Kwangju-MBC-KR.html


    2. http://www.tvchannelsfree.com/watch/4026/GN-MBC–KR.html

    counting down NOVEMBER 11th …………… please support our junk!


    Jun Ki FIGHTING!

  1043. 1043
    ljk Says:

    I LOVE YOU DEARLY!you are my immortal beloved….

  1044. 1044
    safiey Says:

    yooo i know you tired but just fighting
    you have to rest for while boyy

  1045. 1045
    safiey Says:

    crazy dizzy fanatic fan of you [not me.just little]

  1046. 1046
    lalaljk Says:

    i’m allowed to be crazy as long as it’s for ljk…aren’t you crazy too?

  1047. 1047
    Yin Says:

    Yippee! Can’t wait for Hero!!!!

  1048. 1048
    LUVJK Says:

    LEE JUN KI NEW DRAMA..yay!!!…”HERO”is coming… please support JUN KI and watch it live…It means a big deal to him if it gets high rating!!! show him your love…
    You can watch the drama raw by following the instruction posted earlier by “cutegirl”post no.1042…by watching it live,it’ll get good rating…
    You can watch the subbed version later…in order to help Junki we must bear watching the drama even though we don’t understand.Our “HERO” JUN KI needs our support now!!!
    Please bear with him before he goes and enlist in the army….

  1049. 1049
    yaya Says:

    Though bit disappointed han ji min didn’t get the role. But I always love Lee Jun Ki. Wish him good luck !

  1050. 1050
    mina Says:

    Lee JUn Ki…… all the best ! Best of Luck ! Hope this movie as success as iljimae.

  1051. 1051
    auvi Says:

    Excited to see LJK new movie. Love him since the king & the clown. And ilijimae is the Best ever !

  1052. 1052
    auvi Says:

    Love U LJK…….

  1053. 1053
    nicole Says:

    passing thru to say,hello my darling JUN KI!!!
    Will definitely watch your new drama “HERO”…I see you started shooting…
    Take care always…
    I LOVE YOU!!!

  1054. 1054
    safiey Says:

    hellow mr.hero add me at yahoo
    ; isafi_96@yahoo.com please ok .i know u tired just rest while .care your healthy. ‘agasso’.bbye

  1055. 1055
    safiey Says:

    care 4 joon ki ooonnnly

  1056. 1056
    mayumi Says:

    愛してるよ ぞっと。。。いつまでも。。。
    Loving you and missing you this much,it hurts…

  1057. 1057
    laarni Says:

    soooo incredibly handsome,my oppa JUN KI!!!
    Love you to death!!!
    See you soon on the TV screen.Can’t wait for your new drama “HERO”
    Stay in good health always…

  1058. 1058
    Eenee Says:

    you are a good actor i like your iljimae but i don’t love you ok

  1059. 1059
    Phoebe Says:

    I love you so much!Love all your dramas and songs.In fact I love everything about you.
    I hope you are happy and in good health always…
    See you soon,my heart!!!
    I heart LEE JUNKI,the man and the actor…

  1060. 1060
    DJ Carla Says:

    my heart beats faster everytime i see you..i always wonder why..
    frustrating coz i cant even touch you wahhhhhhh

  1061. 1061
    auvi Says:

    I always love LJK movie. He is always my BEst !

  1062. 1062
    heroljk Says:

    hello,my lover Jun Ki!…i love you more and more everyday,i think i’d go insane!!!
    wishing you all the luck in the world!!
    can’t wait for your new drama “HERO”…

  1063. 1063
    myhero Says:

    yay!!!counting the days for LJK’s new drama “HERO”…the trailer is very good…can’t wait!!!
    Love you,love you a million!!!keke…

  1064. 1064
    paula Says:

    i love u oppa…why must u be so handsome?…missing u a lot…

  1065. 1065
    myra Says:

    i hope i’ll meet you someday!
    i love you!!!

  1066. 1066
    masami Says:


  1067. 1067
    sara Says:

    I LOVE YOU Lee Joon Ki

  1068. 1068
    leila Says:

    saranghaeyo,oppa!you’re the best actor and the brightest star!and thank you for loving us,your fans…

  1069. 1069
    suniki Says:

    I like you very much!I’m a real fun of you!
    I want to watch your new drama!
    I have been waiting your new drama.

    I LOVE YOU !!!

  1070. 1070
    ljk Says:

    oppa fighting!HERO team fighting!
    I’m sure HERO will be a success!
    Always with you…
    Stay healthy,oppa!!!!

  1071. 1071
    arisa Says:

    loving you forever and missing you…
    can’t wait for “HERO”!!!
    God Bless you you always…

  1072. 1072
    jkhero Says:

    We’ll support you thru thick and thin!!
    Oppa fighting!!!!
    “HERO” fighting…

  1073. 1073
    erina Says:

    がんばれ おっぱ!
    Wish you all the best! and all the best for “HERO”!
    Keepsafe always…

  1074. 1074
    Thant Says:

    Hi Junki

    I want to know you because you are so handsome.I want to be like you.

  1075. 1075
    carla Says:

    LJK,mi amore!
    Love you to eternity…
    Good fortune and good health always!

  1076. 1076
    Setiya Says:

    I’m Setiya from IRAN.
    I know that Lee Jun Ki won’t read my massage then I don’t leave this for him . I leave it for myself.
    I wanna say ” I wish everybody be successful”. Just this.
    Fi aman allah

  1077. 1077
    hero Says:

    I heart Lee Jun Ki!
    soo excited to watch “HERO”
    Wish all the best for LJK’s new drama!!!
    “HERO” fighting!!!

  1078. 1078
    eva Says:

    i love you sooo much!!!
    you are my inspiration…
    keep fighting oppa!

  1079. 1079
    alma Says:

    loving you forever!!!
    hope to meet you someday…

  1080. 1080
    gina Says:

    how are you my junki?i wish you don’t push yourself to the limit.take care of your health!!!much as i want to see the actor,it’s more important for me to see you not to be stressed as a man.bad for the body and state of mind!do take and i hope “HERO” will be a success…i pray that it should be so bec. of your hardships in filming of this drama.
    i will always support you no matter what!
    fighting!my hero…

  1081. 1081
    jghero Says:

    definitely will watch hero…i love junki!!!
    the best actor ever…

  1082. 1082
    love u LJK Says:

    nice i hope oppa come to Qatar because there is big fan of him we love u and take care.

  1083. 1083
    saaya Says:

    i love ljk…can’t get enough of him!
    very excited for “HERO”…

  1084. 1084
    miles Says:

    hello my lover jun ki! i hope you are well…

  1085. 1085
    Mahya Says:


  1086. 1086
    rie Says:

    I wish you success in your upcoming drama “HERO”…
    OPPA fighting!
    soooo excited now!!!

  1087. 1087
    maya Says:

    oppa…soooooooo smexy and handsome!!!
    love everything about you…
    take care of yourself always!!!

  1088. 1088
    Thant Says:

    Hi Junki,

    Please don’t hold the dolls ,This is not match with you because you are 28 years old now.Please show self-confidence style.I want to see your great young man style.Do you think it should be?

  1089. 1089
    rikako Says:

    just be yourself oppa and do whatever you want to do!…don’t push yourself to the edge…you are perfect the way you are and I love you!
    i’m sure your drama “HERO” will be a hit,i’m praying so…

  1090. 1090
    hero143 Says:

    you are the best actor ever!!keep it up!
    love all your dramas and movies…
    and I love you so much!

  1091. 1091
    Mahya Says:

    hi dear LJK i love you andi wish the bwst for you

  1092. 1092
    ljkhero Says:

    LJK hwaiting!
    Hero fighting!
    You are my love and my hero…

  1093. 1093
    safi ^-^ Says:


  1094. 1094
    friend Says:


  1095. 1095
    ayaka Says:

    nov. 18 here comes HERO Junki…
    oppa hwaiting!!

  1096. 1096
    nathalie Says:


  1097. 1097
    jo Says:

    I enjoyed your movie virgin snow.
    More powers and take care.

  1098. 1098
    bel Says:

    have a good day,oppa!
    i hope you have some time to rest as you are working so hard lately…
    looking forward to “HERO”!

  1099. 1099
    alia Says:

    LJK,how i love you so!!!
    hope to meet you someday!!!

  1100. 1100
    annabel Says:

    oppa,i love you very much!
    you’re so handsome…
    i’ll watch “HERO” online on Wed.(Nov.18) and every ep. after that…
    JK fighting!
    “HERO” hwaiting!!

  1101. 1101
    ljkhero Says:

    Pls.pls. show your love and support to Lee Jun Ki by watching his new drama “HERO” live(raw) online to increase the rating!!Most fans around the world will watch it even though we don’t understand Korean.Will watch the sub ver. later..For Jun Ki’s sake pls. bear watching it!!!
    Nov 18-1st day of airing and every Wednesdays and Thursdays after that…
    Time:9:55 PM(Korean time)pls. adjust time to your respective countries
    Here’s the link…

  1102. 1102
    ljkhero Says:

    Pls,pls watch “HERO” live/raw online to increase rating.Support our Jun Ki!Nov.18-1s day of airing!!
    Days:Wednesdays and Thursdays Time:9:55 PM(Korean time)
    Here’s the link…
    Pls.bear watching it w/o sub,we can watch the sub ver. later…
    For JUN KI’s sake,I ask you,and by that we show him our love…

  1103. 1103
    lila Says:

    will watch!thanks for the info. ljkhero…

  1104. 1104
    cherrybaby Says:

    I will be forever your audience.

  1105. 1105
    ayaka Says:

    Good luck for “HERO”…today is the 1st episode!!!
    JUN KI fighting!!!

  1106. 1106
    efryll Says:

    he’s cute

  1107. 1107
    swenwemyint Says:

    hi lee jun gi,
    how are you?my husband and me really like you.

  1108. 1108
    hgfty Says:

    Your beautiful

  1109. 1109
    ljkhero Says:

    don’t be sad oppa…we love you!!!

  1110. 1110
    sgyfg Says:


  1111. 1111
    sgyfg Says:

    work hard

  1112. 1112
    myra Says:

    I’m fr.the Phil. and I lve you very much!
    I’m thinking of you everyday…Can you not come to the Phil. and have a FM…
    LEE JUN KI forever!!!

  1113. 1113
    sgyfg Says:

    be happy

  1114. 1114
    ABRAR Says:

    hi lee jun ke
    i am abrar
    from king saudi arabia
    before time i donot Know you
    but i watching drama (my girl)
    i liked the drama
    and you hahahaha
    you really Amazing actor & handsome &fiuny
    i hope visiting korea &learn korean
    i donot Know you read my massage
    be happy & good luk every were And every time

  1115. 1115
    Thant Says:

    Hi Jun Ki,

    be happy with peace of mind.

  1116. 1116
    megan cullen Says:

    hai oppa!whats going on?are you felling alright?take a rest if you felling tired and hear the songs from jason mraz especially LUCKY…your mind will peace and relax..i have tried it..it worked! hope you tried it….daaa…

  1117. 1117
    ljkhero Says:

    hi oppa!i intend to watch HERO online till the last episode

  1118. 1118
    sang Says:

    He is so handsome.I just adore him.I’ve seen his drama,time between dog n wolf.He acting is excellent.I’ll love to see .

  1119. 1119
    ljkhero Says:

    i’m liking your drama HERO,oppa!!!
    you’re really good in acting…
    ep.3 is great!

  1120. 1120
    Thant Says:

    Hi Jun Ki,

    I have heard about your character in Hero that you can act as Uncle naturally.That is good.And Take good character in TV Series to your actual life.That will be better.And what does mean J style? It is your name “Jun”.?

  1121. 1121
    Thant Says:

    Hi Jun Ki

    I hope that you will get a title with ‘Hero’ drama.

  1122. 1122
    hfutv Says:

    like you

  1123. 1123
    itho81 Says:

    Hot.. 🙂 great acting, great smile and eyes..

  1124. 1124
    ljkhero Says:

    you are funny and cute in your drama HERO,Oppa! i’m loving your character…love the serious scenes,too and your serious acting…
    wow!the dancing scene’s freaking funny!!laughed so hard!
    truly enjoying HERO…can’t wait for ep.5 and 6,in fact can’t wait for wednesdays and thursdays…
    I’m watching it LIVE online!!!

  1125. 1125
    ljkhero Says:

    watch HERO online !!!here’s a link:
    link here
    It’s a great drama!!received favorable reviews from drama mania bloggers around the world and Korean entertainment media…
    LEE JUN KI is really a great actor!!!

  1126. 1126
    ezirion Says:

    oppa, fighting~!! ^^

  1127. 1127
    Mika Says:

    JUN KI!!! -fangirl- eeehhh.. I wanna watch hero.. but too bad I don’t understand Korean..

  1128. 1128
    ljkhero Says:

    @1127 mika,neither do I and my fellow fangirls friends around the world!We don’t understand Korean at all.We are watching HERO onlive to support JUN KI.But believe me the drama is very entertaining…you don’t have to know Korean to enjoy it!Some scenes are very funny and Jun Ki’s acting is great!!!every media is praising him…
    A drama blogger had already recapped the 4 episodes,so if you are interested go to Soompi site,and look for HERO thread and you can read the recaps and have a gist of the story.

  1129. 1129
    korean tv series Says:

    i love your drama ..

  1130. 1130
    dgdudy Says:

    Your a very good actor

  1131. 1131
    dgdudy Says:

    I like your daramas Iljimae and Time beyween dog and wolf so much

  1132. 1132
    ljkhero Says:

    whooaa!HERO ep.6 was great!Got to see JUN KI’s famous crying scenes!He’s really a superb actor!…gosh,I cried with him!!very moving scenes!!
    WATCHING HERO LIVE every Wed. and Thu.via online…

  1133. 1133
    viola Says:

    100% supportin LEE JUN KI…..MUAWHH

  1134. 1134
    saaya Says:

    love you lots,oppa!!
    supportin’ HERO…
    Oppa fighting!!!
    HERO hwaiting!!!

  1135. 1135
    gr Says:

    I like you

  1136. 1136
    gr Says:

    I am youre fan

  1137. 1137
    gr Says:

    be happy

  1138. 1138
    Samantha ( Chae Yeon ) Says:

    oppa …. i love u ….. i need u !!!!!!!!!!!!

  1139. 1139
    Laarni Says:

    Jun Ki,my love for you will never end!!!

  1140. 1140
    ezirion Says:

    he’s AMAZING! <33333333

  1141. 1141
    miles Says:

    The best actor ever!!

  1142. 1142
    Lyla Says:

    Jun KI Is Love…Love is Jun ki…

  1143. 1143
    pjy Says:

    oppa ! sarangee !

  1144. 1144
    arisa Says:

    JUN KI daisuki….
    always my love!!!

  1145. 1145
    143hero Says:

    love your new drama,HERO!
    great acting!!!!

  1146. 1146
    lovejk Says:

    all the best,Oppa!
    I’m crazy for you!
    love you to bits…

  1147. 1147
    amktsy Says:

    my mum think you are really beautiful.
    anywya,i kind of like you too. 😀

  1148. 1148
    cookie58 Says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year….

  1149. 1149
    lorena Says:

    I love you so much,Oppa!
    Missing you a lot…

  1150. 1150
    Adorerheart Says:

    Hi!!My star Lee Jun Ki
    I am your forever fan.I want to know all the lovely things about u.how r u? What wil u do in coming Christmas? Wish u happy in Christmas..Btw,do u hv a plan to travel Myanmar,my country???

  1151. 1151
    larisa Says:

    loving and missing you so much…you’re so killing me!!!

  1152. 1152
    lily Says:

    how are you,oppa!
    happy holidays!
    hope you’ll have a beautiful Christmas!

  1153. 1153
    kat Says:

    you are a beautiful man!
    i like you a lot…
    hope to meet you one day!

  1154. 1154
    tenzin Says:

    hi MERRY CHRISTMASS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance.I have seen ur movie MY GIRL in that ur role was damn good and ur acting also so keep it up ………………………………………..

  1155. 1155
    nina Says:

    loooovvvvveeeee jun ki……
    crazy for you!!!!!!!!!!!

  1156. 1156
    lapyae Says:

    i am lapyae. i say you , ” you are very pretty boy ”

  1157. 1157
    kk Says:

    Happy new year Mr. lee jun ki.
    you are handsome.
    i hope u you will have a happy Christmas.

  1158. 1158
    lynico Says:

    more movie with
    lee da hee
    lee dong uk
    park se yun


  1159. 1159
    rai Says:

    lee jun ki .. really awesome huh.. ily.! (:

  1160. 1160
    viola Says:

    u r so pretty….u r d best!!!
    merry chrstms n a happy new year!!!
    m sooo…..proud dat m a BIG fan of urs!!!#$#@!
    how i wsh 2 marry u…..OR
    at least meet u!!!
    plz cum 2 india!!!!viola wud b waitng 4 u!!!

  1161. 1161
    nona Says:

    Can’t get enough of you!!!
    Take care always,Oppa

  1162. 1162
    tina Says:

    I hope you are doing fine,my love!!!
    Take care of yourself!!!
    Love you much!!!!!!
    Lee Junki is my love forever!!!!

  1163. 1163
    ljkhero Says:

    happy new year,oppa!!

  1164. 1164
    ladiigodiva Says:

    I’m a big FAN of you, oppa!! <3 <3 <3 HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'll always wait for any of your new dramas and movies! keep your cheers and stay healthy okay?? 사랑해 <3 <3 <3 !!! 🙂

  1165. 1165
    ladiigodiva Says:

    I’m crazy of youu~ <3 <3 <3, oppa saranghae <3 <3 <3 !! Stay Healthy and Happy New Year! 🙂

  1166. 1166
    hero143 Says:

    miss you so much!!!

  1167. 1167
    unis Says:


    i pray for u to get the most health…

    God bless u!

  1168. 1168
    silvia Says:

    love joon ki(gi) selalu …
    dteng k indonesia ya !~!!

  1169. 1169
    silvia Says:

    joon ki , am a your fans (berat ) …
    please come in indonesia …
    🙂 , 😀

  1170. 1170
    silvia Says:

    hi am silvia . ama your fans .
    lee joon ki please rea my coment …. !!!~!!!
    🙂 , 😀 , 😛 , 😉 ….~….
    pleasse !!!~!!!

  1171. 1171
    jklover Says:

    hello my lover Jun Ki!!!
    Oppa fighting!
    all the best for you this year 2010 and all the years ahead…

  1172. 1172
    lovingjk Says:

    missing u sooo much!!!
    hope to see u soon…

  1173. 1173
    jkluv Says:

    Jun Ki chu<3333333

  1174. 1174
    saaya Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!OPPA!!!yatta ne…
    I voted for you on the most popular actor award.
    you are really the best!!!
    how come your other awards are not featured here?

  1175. 1175
    Mona Says:

    Hi.I’m From Iran.
    Happy New Year Lee Jun-Ki
    Stay Healthy & Happy
    사랑히요 이준기.

  1176. 1176
    Mona Says:

    사랑히요 이준기.

  1177. 1177
    Mona Says:

    You Are Really The Best Actor.
    I Love You.
    사랑히요 이준기

  1178. 1178
    maera Says:

    I love you!
    I want to marry you!

  1179. 1179
    lila Says:

    u r soooo cute and freakingly handsome!!!
    Luv u…..

  1180. 1180
    gina Says:

    missing you much!
    i love you!!!

  1181. 1181
    Maral Says:

    Oh, Dear!!!

    Take care cause you should know there is girl who is looking at you all time and shining as a sun everywhere you are!!!))))))

  1182. 1182
    dorothy Says:

    jun ki oppa, congratulation!! Thanks to God. May God bless you. I love you and i want to be with you forever. but this is impossible .You’re the only one actor for me. love you forever and always.

  1183. 1183
    jkamore Says:

    oppa,i love so much!
    missing you a lot…
    congratulations for your achievements of 2009!
    more power!!!

  1184. 1184
    nina Says:

    the best actor ever!!!…
    i love you<33333

  1185. 1185
    mara Says:

    i’ll be your fan forever!
    more power to you this year 2010!!!
    love you a zillion!!!

  1186. 1186
    Tanbau Jar Jar Says:

    Hey! I like to u. your face and style. I always encourage on you. Try again try. OK!

  1187. 1187
    Tanbau Jar Jar Says:

    Hey! hello
    I like to u. I always encourage on you. Try oppa try . OK!

  1188. 1188
    luvljk Says:

    missing you so much,my heart ache!!!
    luv u forever,Oppa…wish i cud see u in person!!

  1189. 1189
    junki Says:

    helo,my lover!
    loving you…loving you..<333333333

  1190. 1190
    jgmad Says:

    …..ohhh,i’m madly in luv with u….sooo freakingly handsome!!!!
    congratulations!!!much,much love…
    i’m dying of love for you,oppa….ahh!!!

  1191. 1191
    Sakura Keiko Says:

    Jun Ki,, Love u forever…..

  1192. 1192
    saaya Says:

    no other words other than I LOVE YOU <3333333

  1193. 1193
    Mona Says:

    I Love You

  1194. 1194
    Mona Says:

    I Love You.
    You Are So Cut.

  1195. 1195
    Mona Says:


  1196. 1196
    sally Says:


  1197. 1197
    nina Says:

    i thinking of u oppa…luv u very much…hope i can saw u…

  1198. 1198
    ginaflor Says:

    missing you so much…oppa,i love you<3333

  1199. 1199
    Mona Says:

    사랑히요 이준기.사랑히요 이준기.

  1200. 1200
    Mona Says:

    사랑히요 오바.

  1201. 1201
    Mona Says:

    I Really Love You.

  1202. 1202
    Mona Says:

    Hi Oppa.
    My Heart Is Full Of Best Wishes For You.

  1203. 1203
    Mona Says:

    I really like you so much.

  1204. 1204
    luvjk Says:

    Oppa,you’re killing me!!!really want see you…
    I love you so much and misssing you…

  1205. 1205
    ljkamor Says:

    ljk is love…

  1206. 1206
    Rose Violet Says:

    Hi. Mr. Talented, I always watched your drama series, You are talented because, you can sing, you can act in drama, romance and action. So I wish If there is part 2 in IRIS I wish you will be the leading actor, because you are good in action. I wish you a good luck always. Even Im here in france I always see Korean TV Drama Series, but Im not korean nationality, Just only I like Korean actor and actress

  1207. 1207
    ljko Says:

    loving u sooo much…hope u can come and have FM in my country!!!

  1208. 1208
    kaykay Says:

    i wanna ask 2 questions?? you have girlfriend?? now?

  1209. 1209
    junkiluv Says:

    annyeong Oppa my lover!kyaaa….
    stay healthy and be happy always…
    love you lots

  1210. 1210
    kemvirlyplaca Says:

    hi jun ki….. ur so handsome…..
    im ur fan from phil.

  1211. 1211
    amber Says:

    hi Lee Joon Ki.nice to meet u.u look so handsome everyday

  1212. 1212
    Mona Says:

    you are so handsome.i love you

  1213. 1213
    Mona Says:

    사랑이요 (^__^)

  1214. 1214
    Mona Says:

    I Love You Very Much.

  1215. 1215
    junki143 Says:

    my darling oppa…i miss u so much!!!hope u are resting well and get to enjoy life sometimes…love you forever!!!<333333

  1216. 1216
    Kazakh girl Says:

    Annyong haseyo Lee Jun Ki oppa!!! U r so handsome,so talented! Ur acting is superb! I allways cry with u at such moments in dramas and films. Sarangheyo!!!

  1217. 1217
    Kazakh girl Says:

    Congratulations! U deserve Martial Arts Actor Award! Ur martial arts skills r the best! Also u’ve been named Top Hallyu Star 2009! I’m so glad! I like Time between dog and wolf very much! It’s a really nice drama. I’ve also watched Iljimae,The King and the Clown. I want to watch ur latest drama Hero. I hope that our TV channels will show it. Wish u all the best! Good luck oppa!

  1218. 1218
    Thant Says:

    Do you feel anxious moment like me ? Now I’m in deep.Just tell you who don’t know me.It doesn’t matter with you.

  1219. 1219
    dorothy Says:

    Hi, my darling and my hero jun ki oppa. How are you? I hope you’re in good health. I love you so much. I’ve already watched Hero drama. It is a very good drama. I like it. I want you to perform romantic drama. I hope you will. Fighting Jun KI oppa, I always pray for you. May God Bless You.

  1220. 1220
    sunny Says:

    Jun Ki oppa hwaiting!!!!!!!!!! Saranghaeyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jongmal saranghaeyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1221. 1221
    crazy4u Says:

    komawo Oppa for giving us the great drama HERO!!once again,you’ve proven your great acting skill!!…you’re really the best actor ever…
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!…you’re killing me!!!

  1222. 1222
    minako Says:

    always fighting!!!
    daisuki Jun kun…

  1223. 1223
    reina Says:

    I Love you forever!!!!!!!!
    saranghae Jun Ki!!!!!!!!!!
    hope to see you in person someday!!!!

  1224. 1224
    myrna Says:

    Take care of health always!!!!!!!
    Be happy…
    looking forward for your next activities..
    missing you!

  1225. 1225
    jgluv Says:

    Jun Ki,my forever love!!!
    how i miss you so…..it hurts….

  1226. 1226
    nicole Says:

    hope u r resting well…but hope u show urself soon…bcoz I miss u badly….oh,Oppa…missing u this much,i think i’ll go crazy soon….

  1227. 1227
    jgamore Says:

    I LOVE YOU Endlessly…you’re soooo handsome…and your smile melts me…kyaaa!!!

  1228. 1228
    kina Says:

    saranghae…oppa…you are lover….<333333333
    Lee Jun Ki is love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1229. 1229
    amber Says:

    yo jun ki brother u so handsome guy

  1230. 1230
    Tursunai Says:

    Annyong haseyo Jun Ki oppa! I’m mad about ur voice! It’s horribly sweet! Oh,my wish is ur reading fairytale to me at night.Yeah this wish proves my craze! Even so I’m crazy, anyway I’m happy to be that coz of u!!!

  1231. 1231
    Kazakh girl Says:

    Saranghaeyo!!!!!! I admire u! I adore u!

  1232. 1232
    Honey Says:

    My lovely prince i love u very much! i wish to see u in person! If i was born in Korea i’d bee closer to u…..

  1233. 1233
    kyla Says:

    loving u sooo much,oppa….!!!!!!!!!
    miss ur sunny smile…………..

  1234. 1234
    dey Says:

    I love your bright eyes… Your smile.. Perfect face.. Perfect act..

  1235. 1235
    maya Says:

    how i love u sooo much……
    how i miss u soooo much….
    my heart ache…..

  1236. 1236
    myra Says:

    i love you……oppa!!!!!!!!!

  1237. 1237
    arisa Says:

    Jun Gi daisuki….kyaaaa!!!
    genki desu ka?

  1238. 1238
    amber Says:

    hi oppa.how r u oppa?oppa u must always be a nice guy and handsome>_<.

  1239. 1239
    ara Says:

    my oppa sooooo handsome and cute………

  1240. 1240
    luna Says:

    Jun Ki oppa hwaiting!!!!!!!!! I love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1241. 1241
    avid fan Says:

    ur acting is wonderful! ur smile is shiney! ur voice is unforgetteble!

  1242. 1242
    hanna Says:


  1243. 1243
    lila Says:

    i wish you’ll not serve in the army!!!
    lonely without you for 2 years…..
    what to do???
    love u so much!!!….ahhh…

  1244. 1244
    mona Says:

    Oppa saranghae….

  1245. 1245
    marce Says:

    your great…i like the way you move and the sparkling of your eyes..and pls. be in good health always …kept it up and god bless…

  1246. 1246
    reina Says:

    Jun Ki Oppa daisuki desu…<333333
    forever my love…!!!!!!

  1247. 1247
    arisa Says:

    Missing you a lot…

  1248. 1248
    mina Says:

    love you a million…Jun Ki i miss u so…

  1249. 1249
    kira Says:

    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1250. 1250
    kira Says:

    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE JUN KI OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1251. 1251
    SULU Says:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Администратор\Рабочий стол\КОРЕЯ\Lee Jun Ki\Jun Ki\lee-junki-j-style-01.jpg

  1252. 1252
    lei1989 Says:

    Where can I watch “The king & the Clown”. I became a fan of Lee Jun Ki after watching him in Virgin Snow. He captured me with his SMILE and his gaze OMG I’ll just die if I see him in person. Jun Ki I watched you everywhere and anywhere on the net for that’s all I can right now. School is not fn if I don’t get to chithat about you with my fellow LJK stalkers on the net/ COME VISIT US IN CALIFORNIA-Please come to UCDAVIS you have lots of fans here.

  1253. 1253
    sofa Says:


  1254. 1254
    SULU Says:

    Oh! I’m sorry! I wanted to add photo but I’ve mistaken.Please,anyone explain me how to add photos here,other actors’ pages have lots of photos and why in our favourite Jun Ki oppa’s page doesn’t have any photo?

  1255. 1255
    sofia Says:

    OMG, my name is not sofa- (a typo–my bad) it is sofia. At any rate whatever my name is… I just love that SMILE the only ONE for me lEE JUN KI

  1256. 1256
    SULU Says:

    Oh! I’m sorry! I wanted to add photo but I’ve mistaken.Please,anyone explain me how to add photos here,other actors’ pages have lots of photos and why in our favourite Jun Ki oppa’s page doesn’t have any photo?

    Hi lei1989 ! You can watch “King and Clown” in mysoju.com

  1257. 1257
    nephyr Says:


  1258. 1258
    Lei1989 Says:

    Hi SULU, Thanks a million. I’m in my Anthropology class and I wondered–FROM what GALAXY did LEE JUN KI came form – to be so PERFECT. HE IS MY FIRST LOVE.. ALl the rest are just crushes.. I can’t sleep without first looking at his SMILE and the GAZES GOOD GRIEF.. I’m SICK.. really really like him. Please my apologies to all who love him. Include me in the harem hehehehehe..My “HERO” forever in m thoughts LEE JUN KI

  1259. 1259
    EDLEN Says:

    I LOVE HIM TOO. SMILE for me my HERO please BE HAPPY…from San Francisco

  1260. 1260
    EDLEN Says:

    After HERO, does anybody know what is his next project? WIll he ever come and visit the US (California in particular) I’m sure he has a lot of fans here. He was BEAUTIFUL in the movie THE KING & THE CLOWN. What a talented actor. And as always-I wish LJK the BEST OF EVERYTHING in LIFE. I wish to see you in person-just a glimpse ok

  1261. 1261
    apricotblossoms Says:

    Hi LJK- GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS to you on your next project. You made me appreciate you more everytime I see you on the screen. You are such a good actor and I just wish you’ll have more appearances in the future. WHy HERO is not well received I can’t understand but we your fans afre always beside you in our hearts and thoughts.

  1262. 1262
    calla Says:

    I like LJK so much-what with the finely chiseled features who will not fall in love with a guy like that. GOOD LOOKS coupled with LOTS OF TALENTS-acting, singing, dancing and TOP it with a KILLER SMILE and man I’m hooked

  1263. 1263
    minami Says:

    Oppa saranghae…..just can’t get enough of you…i miss you so much!!…..

  1264. 1264
    keiko Says:

    miss u…….show yourself sooon!

  1265. 1265
    luvjk Says:

    love you since ILJIMAE…watched all your dramas and movies…
    i’m addicted to you…!!!
    you always brighten my day with your smile!
    i’m thinking of you every single day…

  1266. 1266
    suhki Says:

    SMILE for us dear LEE JUN KI. You sure have the most beautiful SMILE. I first saw your SMILE in the movie The King & the Clown and wondered who this LJK is. You are one good actor & artist. STAY SWEET & ADORABLE.

  1267. 1267
    Dorothy Says:

    Hi, Everyone I love Jun ki oppa very much. I Like all of his dramas and movies including Hero. Eventhough it is low ratings, I like it a lot. After i watch this drama, I immidiately know that Jun ki is a very good actor cuz he can act in all fields such as comedy, action and also romance. No matter what, I’ll never stop loving Jun ki oppa. Jun ki oppa fighting and Believe in God. and MAY GOD BLESS YOU, too. I always pray for you. No matter what, I always besides you. I can’t replace other actor instead of Jun ki oppa in my heart. He is fully filled in my true heart.


  1268. 1268
    Ayim Says:

    I love you Jun Ki oppa since Iljimae!!! After it I’ve watched “Time between dog and wolf”,”My girl”,”The King and The Clown”,”Virgin Snow”. I want to watch all your dramas and movies! I want to see u in person and get ur autograph,take photo with u! your voice and your smile kill me! I’m from KazakhstanPlease come to Kazakhstan!

  1269. 1269
    Ayim Says:

    Your songs are great too!!! I like them very much!!! “One word”,”Pabbo sarang”,”J Style”,”I’m ready” and video for J Style are excellent!!!!!!!!!!! Love u!!!!!! Saranghaeyo!!!!!!!!!!!

  1270. 1270
    suhki1991 Says:

    OMIGOSH- AYIM you are from the other side of the globe who loves my LEE JUN KI too. It was his SMILE that really got me and his side gazes just melts me everytime. After the VIRGIN SNOW & the KIng & the CLown-I stalked him on the net. He is the BEST for me. He is just PERFECT-sings, dances and boy can he move….. and is a very good no I’ll say GREAT ACTOR. It was hard to pull off a performance lik he did in The King & the CLown… That movie is FIRST RATE with LEE JUN KI’s FIRST RATE ACTING> I cna’t praise him enough. HOpe people realizes that HERO is another good drama where the ACTING is SUPERB. GO LEE JUN KI you are one of the greatest artist I have ever seen. Hope to see (if meeting you is impossible) in California. Just a glimpse of you will be okay too. GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS

  1271. 1271
    ahai Says:

    People watch HERO and you will see another great performance of Jun Ki. He is not just an eye candy he could really act and boy can he make ME SMILE.

  1272. 1272
    angie Says:

    I believe that Lee JUn Ki is the most handsome korean actor I’ve seen. He is such a great actor too. He has a well chiseled features and his SMILE is a killer but this is not the only reason I like to watch all of his drama/movie. He is a great actor.

  1273. 1273
    Anemone Says:

    Jun Ki-oppa!!! Saranghamnida!!! I really love you in Iljimae!!!! Keep up d gud work!

  1274. 1274
    ariunzaya Says:

    leejun ki you are very good.all the best…love you…goodluck…

  1275. 1275
    luvjk Says:

    Oppa,where are you??!!It’s been a while since your last appearance…I hope you’re resting well…are you in one of your travels?…get to enjoy life sometimes…
    I’m missing you sooo bad though,I’m going nuts…waaaaaa!!!!
    Love you lots!!!

  1276. 1276
    jklover Says:

    Lee Jun Ki,the best actor ever!!!he is a total package…good looking,versatile actor,multi-talented,can dance,can sing and possesing a very good personality,total fun to be with and so on and so on…God,how i love him so!!!
    mesmerized by his handsomeness!!!!!

  1277. 1277
    Sugaaar Says:

    Youur Like the best Actor everr, So Hot 😉

  1278. 1278
    kat Says:

    There is no better actor than LEE JUN KI-he is just the most versatile of all the actors I’ve watched in Asian dramas-therefore my conclusion:::: LEE JUN KI is the BEST ACTOR IN ALL ASIA-as a matter of fact for me IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE there is ONLY LEE JUN KI. THE PERFECT GUY.

  1279. 1279
    ljk Says:

    i love you,oppa!!!!!!
    where are you???!!!
    missing you so bad!!!!!<333333333

  1280. 1280
    jklover Says:

    <333333333333333….lee jun ki!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1281. 1281
    maryjoy Says:

    hi lee jun-ki your the best the way u act,nice and handsome look,,i wish u more success im ur fan here iun the philipines..

  1282. 1282
    Ayim Says:

    Hi suhki1991! I’m pleased to know that in the other site of globe – USA peole love Jun Ki too! I love him very much! Hi is the most talented actor in Korea,not only in Korea,in the world! I’ve watched his BTS videos of “Time between dog and wolf” and “The King and the clown” and I’ve understood-he is a great actor! Saranghamnida Jun Ki oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1283. 1283
    ljk4ever Says:

    Oppa’s cyworld msg is funny!!!love the pics with the kid…
    I’m happy to see that you seem relaxed and resting well!!!
    Jun Ki oppa fighting!!!

  1284. 1284
    Putin Says:

    hi.i like u r hair style.

  1285. 1285
    ljk4ever Says:

    i’ll support you forever!!!
    all the best on your new projects…
    love you lots oppa<3333333

  1286. 1286
    saaya Says:

    Oppa daisuki!!!
    Oppa ichiban<3333333333333

  1287. 1287
    erika Says:

    Lee Jun Ki is The Real HERO^^…Hero is the best drama…

  1288. 1288
    dorothy Says:

    Hi, Jun Ki oppa, How are you? I hope you are in good health. I love you so much. I can’t resist your smile. I always pray for you. I affirmly believe in God that God will bless you forever and always if you believe in him and pray to him. You are the best actor in the world. So, keep your good working and believe in God affirmly. In my heart, you are fully filled and I can’t replace any other actors or boys in the world instead of you. Cause I’m your lady and You’re the only one for me.I always beside you cuz I love you so much. May God Bless You.

  1289. 1289
    hhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooo Says:

    u r beautiful u r beautiful u r beautiful u r beautiful u r beautiful u r beautiful

  1290. 1290
    adae Says:

    hello jun ki..i’m ur fan from MALAYSIA!!i think u have more attraction in ur personality n style..u’re great!KEEP IT UP MEN..

  1291. 1291
    mirotiq Says:

    i like all what you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are my hero,…..

    love you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  1292. 1292
    jgluv Says:

    the best actor in the world!!!
    oppa,you’re the best and i love you so much!!!!

  1293. 1293
    gjhj Says:

    youre beautiful youre beautiful youre beautiful youre beautiful youre beautiful youre beautiful youre beautiful

  1294. 1294
    snow Says:

    Hi,Mingalar Par//My brother(Fighting,Fighting,Fighting)
    I wish always be happy my brother.
    Bye Bye.

  1295. 1295
    jgluv Says:

    I love you,Oppa!!!!!

  1296. 1296
    Turi Says:

    Hi Jun Ki oppa!!!!!! Happy Valentine’s day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish you pure and beautiful love!!!!!!!!!! You are so handsome! I’m mad about you! Be happy oppa! I love you!!!!!!!!!! Saranghamnida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your fan from KAZAKHSTAN

  1297. 1297
    jgfhfg Says:

    U r beautiful

  1298. 1298
    jgfhfg Says:


  1299. 1299
    jgfhfg Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  1300. 1300
    jgluv Says:

    I love you every single day
    Miss you so much…

  1301. 1301
    elnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz Says:

    Ha Ha … 1301 ! Good job !

  1302. 1302
    ljkluv Says:

    LJK is the best!!!!!
    Oppa…I Love You<333333333333

  1303. 1303
    naruto Says:


  1304. 1304
    Lily Says:

    Nae sarang Jun Ki oppa! Love u!

  1305. 1305
    Lily Says:

    Naneun cham saranghaeyo Jun Ki ssi!!! Oppa plz don’t join the army! What will I do 2 years without u? I hope rumors about ur joining to army arent true

  1306. 1306
    ari Says:

    Jun Ki oppa love u forever!

  1307. 1307
    JGPOWER Says:


  1308. 1308
    JGPOWER Says:

    Oppa..hope you’ll accept the new drama before going to military service…looking forward for your FM episode 3…
    Jun Ki fighting!!!
    We’ll support you forever!!!

  1309. 1309
    shosho Says:

    joongi .. I love you .. I hope to see you in KSA ..

  1310. 1310
    afsaneh-i am iranian Says:

    good luck jun ki i love you.

  1311. 1311
    dorothy Says:

    Jun Ki oppa, I heard a good news about you that you are going to perform a new historical drama with the actress Kim Hee Sun. I love you so much. I always pray for you everday. You will have more blessing from God. Believer in God. He will bless you. God can do everthing. And Don’t go to military service. If so, i will miss you so much. Or Before you go, do some best dramas like romance and so on. I love you Jun Ki oppa forever and always. You are my man.

  1312. 1312
    lee kin hone Says:


    H R U?Where is your native town?What do you like?”What is your hobby?Why did you choose this work?I want to discuss about movies with you.ok?Have a nice time.

  1313. 1313
    CW Says:

    Dearest Jun Ki shi, chin up and dont ever feel down cos u’ve touched so many people’s lives and hearts, esp mine. Just like what you said in Hero, it’ll be good as long as 1 person believes. But Lee Jun Ki definitely has hundreds of thousands who believe in him! I know that I’ll definitely support and believe in you forever! So be strong and continue to be you….love u forever. Kamsahamnida Junki shi for brightening my world and life. Fighting!

  1314. 1314
    Ljkcrazyfan Says:

    My Prince Charming-Lee Jun Ki shi! U r special person 4 me. Today all my way to university I was thinking of u and smiling.U give happiness to me! I’m trying to draw ur portrait and I’ll do my best to make it like u at all,then I’ll present it to u myself.Be happy! Be the best doctor of all times on screen! Jun Ki oppa fighting!

  1315. 1315
    dorothy Says:

    Hello, to my darling and my hero Jun Ki oppa. How are you? I hope you are in good health. I miss you so much. You’re the only one actor for me. I can’t love any actor except you because you are the handsomeness and most attractive actor in the world. I always pray for you. Jun ki oppa fighting and believe in God. God can do everything. God is the most important in human life. Without God, human can’t do everything especially for Christian. I already know that you’re also a Christian, too. So, I’m very thankful to God. I believe in God that he will bless you more in your life. The most important thing for you is “YOU MUST BELIEVE IN GOD AND PRAY TO HIM WHATEVER YOU DO”. If you do like that, God loves you and he will give more success in your life. Anyway, i love you so much oppa, I’m always thinking of you whatever i do and whatever i go. I miss you so much, too.

  1316. 1316
    arisa Says:

    100% in love with you…JUNKI Oppa!!!
    thinking of you everyday….

  1317. 1317
    dorothy Says:

    Lee Jun Ki is the only one actor for me. I love him very much. No matter what, I’ll never stop loving him. Jun Ki , May God Bless You.

  1318. 1318
    Crazy fan Says:

    Hi everyone1 Plz vote 4 Jun Ki here: http://kr.rival.kids.yahoo.com/rival/favor/?ac=fav
    1.purple button next to his photo
    2.again purple button nex to orange button
    3.orange button to see results
    He is at the 2nd place. 1st place – Kim Hyun Jung
    Plz keep voting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1319. 1319
    dorothy Says:

    Crazy Fan, tell me clearly how to vote for Jun Ki oppa. I don’t understand Korean. So, I don’t know which one i will click. Please tell me. I beg you cuz i want to vote for Jun Ki oppa. Please help me.

  1320. 1320
    Crazy fan Says:

    I’m so glad that u r interested in voting,dorothy! I’ll try to explain again: after entering to yahoo page u’ll see stars’ photos,numbers as current results and purple button near them,click button near Jun Ki’s photo and new window’ll open,there u’ll see only his photo,his profile(u can understand it by numbers of his weight,hight,etc.),under them 2 buttons:purple’n’orange. U have to click purple one to vote! Orange one is 4 see results of voting! Good luck! Do ur best 4 our dear oppa!

  1321. 1321
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Fri, Crazy fan.Thank you for tell me everything. I believe our Jun Ki oppa will get 1st place. Please pray for me. So, God will bless him. Anyway , thank you very much Fri.

  1322. 1322
    dorothy Says:

    Jun Ki oppa, I miss you so much. I’m always thinking of you. How are you and your family. I believe you all are in good health. May God Bless You, Oppa.

  1323. 1323
    dorothy Says:

    I’m fall in love with Jun Ki oppa. Lee Jun Ki is the best.

  1324. 1324
    Crazy fan Says:

    Hi dorothy! I see u’ve understood! We’ll vote together 4 him! Not only we,all his fans! BTW where are u from?

  1325. 1325
    Crazy fan Says:

    My dear Jun Ki oppa! I love u very very very much!!!!!!! Wish u the biggest happiness in the world! Be healthy! Get the best role! I wish to see u in world-known action movie, where u can show ur perfect martial arts skills!!!!!!!!!

  1326. 1326
    cindy Says:

    you are the best ……….. saranghe …….god bless

  1327. 1327
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Fri, Crazy fan, I don’t know you but i know and believe you’re very friendly. I want to be one of your friends.My name is Dorothy. I’m 17 years old now. I’m now a student.(IGCSE student).What is your really name? Anyway, when did you love our Jun Ki oppa? I love him since i was 15 years old and until now. Please pray for him to get more success in his life. I’m a Christian. I believe in God affirmly. I believe God will bless our Jun Ki oppa more and more cuz i always pray for him. I want you to pray for Jun Ki oppa.

  1328. 1328
    Crazy fan Says:

    Hi my dear friend Dorothy! I’m from Kazakhstan. I’m 21 and i’m student too.I do a law.I’m muslim. I didn’t think about praying 4 him before,maybe i’m not so religious. but after ur words i’ll try to pray 4 him from Allah. He really worth it! Coz not only his beauty,but his talent,hard working.I’ve loved him for about 3 month.I saw him at first in Iljimae and there he seemed to me pretty and unusual,so i desided to watch his another dramas and chose Time between dog and wolf.I was totally captured by him,espesially his acting so impressed me!Now I’m his avid fan and dream to see him in person! And I’m glad to be ur friend!!!!!!!! Bye!

  1329. 1329
    dorothy Says:

    Hi my dear friend, crazy fan, I’m very glad for interesting in praying for Our Jun Ki Oppa. Let’s us pray for him everyday as much as we can. I heard that he will perform a new drama, called “Faith”. before he goes to military service for 2 years.It’s historical drama. You’re a law student. Wow, great!!! Cuz I’m interested in law, too. Hardworking Friend to become a great lawyer. I’ll pray for you.

  1330. 1330
    dorothy Says:

    Hi my hero and darling Jun Ki oppa, how are you? I hope you and your family are in good health. I love and miss you so much Jun Ki oppa. Don’t be afraid because God’ll be right by side whatever you do. Believe in God and pray to him everyday. So, he will bless you more in your life. Saranghe, Oppa.

  1331. 1331
    Crazy fan Says:

    Hi dorothy! i’m so grateful for ur words,that u’ll pray for me! i’m really really touched! yeah, i’ve heard too.it’s about korean medicine.it means ne’ll be a doctor? how cool it is! have u watched his latest drama “Hero”? i haven’t,and i want to see it very much! i’m surprised that u’re interested in low,cuz not many people are. oh,BTW what does it mean “IGCSE student”? i can’t understand

  1332. 1332
    Crazy fan Says:

    i forgot to say that i’ll pray for you,jun ki oppa and all my nears-n-dears!

  1333. 1333
    Nadj Says:

    Hi Lee Jun Ki, Nadj here from the Phils. First saw you in “My Girl” and i can’t believe a man can be so beautiful!!!!! I guess my personal preference change. I never realize that Korean actors are really good actors until I’ve watched Korean Dramas. Your a very good actor and Im wishing you the best. Eventhough Jo Insung stole my heart many many times, can’t forget you, your the second here. Your face reminds me a warrior, strong, tough, uncaring hot male species.
    Gosh!! i’m going to envy the one you love. (what a lucky, lucky girl!!! ) See you around ( Sigh………………. if only…………..) Chow!!!!

  1334. 1334
    quan92 Says:

    yonhwonhii saranghe…..be humble!!!!!!!!1

  1335. 1335
    dorothy Says:

    Hi my dear friend, crazy fan, IGCSE means International General Certificate of Secondary Education. After i finished this, I can attend Polytechnic in Sg. It is same as GCE O’ level. Friend, Good luck.

  1336. 1336
    dorothy Says:

    Hi My dear Jun Ki oppa, I love very very very much!!! Sarangee Oppa. May God Bless You!!!

  1337. 1337
    risa Says:

    Oppa I miss you so much,my heart ache T_T
    I hope you show yourself soon!!!
    love you always!!

  1338. 1338
    risa Says:

    tried to watch other K-actors but there no one who can replace my love for you.I find them mediocre and can’t feel that special feeling I felt when I first watched you.
    you are really incomparable!!!
    and I love you so much…

  1339. 1339
    risa Says:

    Hope to see you in another drama before enlisting to the armyT__T
    Looking forward for your FM episode III
    Wishing you all the best!!!

  1340. 1340
    dorothy Says:

    Hi Jun ki oppa, i love and miss you very very much. I’ll always pray for you and May God bless You.

  1341. 1341
    mugiwara Says:

    Lee Jun Ki is confirmed in SBS Oriental Medical korean drama ‘FAITH’
    click http://www.dongdrama.com/lee-jun-ki-confirmed-in-sbs-medicine-drama-%E2%80%98faith%E2%80%99.html

  1342. 1342
    Crazy fan Says:

    Hello my dear friend Dorothy! Now I understand a lil bit what IGCSE it is
    ^-^ but u didn’t say me where are u from.If u don’t want to say,that’s ok.Take care! May God bless u!

  1343. 1343
    Crazy fan Says:

    Jun Ki oppa,I’m so glad that u’ve accepted new role! I’m looking forward to this drama!!! Saranghaeyo oppa!!!!!

  1344. 1344
    nana Says:

    luv you so much!

  1345. 1345
    Kris Salazar Says:

    You are so Hot.. Hot.. Hot!
    Hope to see you here in the phils soon.

  1346. 1346
    nana Says:

    aishiteru yo,oppa!!
    missing you a lot…

  1347. 1347
    orange_girl Says:

    oppa will play with Kim Tae Hee in his new movie as a jockey…
    can’t wait for this!!


  1348. 1348
    dorothy Says:

    jun ki oppa i love you so much. I’ll love you forever and always. I heard some good news about you that you will perform new drama with kim hee seon and new movie with kim tae hee. I always pray for you. So, May God Bless You.

  1349. 1349
    dorothy Says:

    Hi my dear friend, crazy fan, how are you? i hope that you are in good health. I haven’t told you that where i am from? But don’t worry. I’ll tell you someday exactly. May God bless you.

  1350. 1350
    nana Says:

    can’t stop loving you,oppa!!!
    hope to see you soon in my country~~

  1351. 1351
    nana Says:

    you are always in my mind…crazy for you…
    wish you all the best!!!

  1352. 1352
    ry Says:

    youre beautiful

  1353. 1353
    ry Says:


  1354. 1354
    ry Says:

    picture http://www.google.com.my/imgres?imgurl=http://c.ask.nate.com/imgs/qrsi.tsp/6171780/8249731/0/1/A/%EC%9D%B4%EC%A4%80%EA%B8%B0.bmp&imgrefurl=http://ask.nate.com/qna/view.html%3Fn%3D6171780&h=409&w=331&sz=398&tbnid=EQERnsXLlxlTTM:&tbnh=250&tbnw=202&prev=/images%3Fq%3D%25EC%259D%25B4%25EC%25A4%2580%25EA%25B8%25B0&hl=en&usg=__h5WN4cWgCS6YMDNP2ml5r_sF7eU=&ei=rImgS4LGC82yrAfdzZz9DQ&sa=X&oi=image_result&resnum=2&ct=image&ved=0CAkQ9QEwAQ

  1355. 1355
    norah Says:

    TI AMO!

  1356. 1356
    Crazy fan Says:

    Hi Dorothy! I’m fine! And how r u? What his dramas and movies have u watched? What is ur favourite one?

  1357. 1357
    Crazy fan Says:

    Hi Norah! where r u from? “aishiteru” means “I love u”? it’s so interesting word!

  1358. 1358
    Crazy fan Says:

    Jun Ki oppa!!! I’m so happy to hear good news about u!!! It’s like my dreams gradually come true! But I like ur martial arts skills and i dream about movie with u and martial arts. Wish u all the best!!!!!!! Oppa fighting!!!!!!

  1359. 1359
    Alice Says:

    It would be such a pity if I can’t see you in person in my life time. XD I will go back to Korea for sure! Can’t wait for your new works!

  1360. 1360
    dorothy Says:

    Hi my charming prince, Jun Ki Oppa, sarangee? How do you do? I love you so much. I miss you too. May God Bless You whatever you do. I pray for you.

  1361. 1361
    mona Says:

    you are the best actor ever!!!

  1362. 1362
    feara_junki Says:

    junki oppa ur are too beautiful for me………i hope can see u personally
    can’t stop loving u ……….saranghae oppa!!!!!!!!!

  1363. 1363
    saaya Says:

    good luck on your new drama and movie Oppa^^
    all the best!
    see you in my country..woot!!
    soooo excited<33333333

  1364. 1364
    saaya Says:

    always in my heart!

  1365. 1365
    myrna Says:

    how i miss you so!!

  1366. 1366
    joebz Says:

    hello guys i’m one of the billion fans of the hunky cutie heart-snatcher LEE JUN KI…… i’m from the philippines… and i hope Lee Jun Ki could visit our country….. ‘so excited to see my DREAM BOY in person……

  1367. 1367
    mina Says:

    love you so much,oppa!!!

  1368. 1368
    dorothy Says:

    hi My Jun Ki oppa. I’m so tired today because I’m studying hard. But when i think of you, i feel better. How are you today? I hope you and your family are OK. Oppa, sarangee forever and May God Bless You forever

  1369. 1369
    mina Says:

    wi love yaiting for you my love!!!
    i love u always~~

  1370. 1370
    mina Says:

    waiting for you my love!!
    i love you always~~

  1371. 1371
    =D Says:

    you are AWESOME! <333333

  1372. 1372
    Crazy fan Says:

    Mahni saranghaeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I’ll allways be ur fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1373. 1373
    leah Says:

    love you so much!!!!!
    miss you so much!!!!
    you’so killing me!!!!!

  1374. 1374
    aaa Says:

    love love love

  1375. 1375
    Mona Says:

    hi.i love you

  1376. 1376
    norah Says:

    love is Junki!!!!!!
    Junki is love!!!!

  1377. 1377
    norah Says:

    i miss u
    i luv u

  1378. 1378
    norah Says:

    can’t stop loving you…
    Oppa miss you badly!!!

  1379. 1379
    Glaciola Says:

    I believe You
    ok fri

  1380. 1380
    Glaciola Says:

    I want your gmail?

  1381. 1381
    minami Says:

    sooo excited!!omg!!!
    see you soon Oppa!!!
    I love now and always>33333

  1382. 1382
    miko Says:

    joon ki is the missing piece in my heart
    my love
    my one life
    and my one heart for him………….

  1383. 1383
    minami Says:

    forever in my heart…
    i will love you always!

  1384. 1384
    aaron Says:

    i love it very much

  1385. 1385
    nadyarini Says:

    happy birthday n good luck

  1386. 1386
    mestika Says:

    hwoer kerenza,
    never see u before?
    who r u?

  1387. 1387
    leedongae Says:

    the one who played at HAEUNDAE is LEE MIN KI, not LEE JUN KI.

  1388. 1388
    minami Says:

    can’t believe i’ll see you soon OPPA!!!
    can’t wait sooo excited…
    love,love you a million>33333333333

  1389. 1389
    zahra Says:


  1390. 1390
    Crazy fan Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Saengil chukha hamnida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wish you all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1391. 1391
    april Says:


  1392. 1392
    parvaneh Says:

    best wishes for you…
    happy brithday

  1393. 1393
    Crazy fan Says:

    happy birthday Lee Joon Ki shi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let you be allways handsome and successful as now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1394. 1394
    nastaran Says:

    saengil chuka hamnida
    joon ki oppa

  1395. 1395
    dorothy Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR OPPA JUN KI SHII!!! I love you so much oppa. I’m the person who loves you most in the world. How are you? I hope you’re very well and happy. I miss you so much, too. On your birthday, I was so busy with my school lessons cuz i had an exam.So, I haven’t greet you yet. But i didn’t forget your birthday never. I always remember. Wherever i go, whatever i do, you’re always in my heart. Sometimes i feel tired of only studying my lessons. But when i saw your photos on my bedroom wall, i feel good again. I’m hardworking cuz your ideal woman type is hardworking, tough and intelligent like BOA, right? Anyway, oppa i always pray for you everyday. So, May God Bless You My Dear Oppa Jun Ki Shii!!!

  1396. 1396
    dogwolf love Says:

    If anyone is curious about the drama Time between Dog and Wolf, check out the review. Junki is wonderful in it.


  1397. 1397
    minami Says:

    ur in my heart forever
    luv ur fiery eyes oppa,ahh……

  1398. 1398
    maria luz Says:

    i love your smiling eyes, keep the good work , ok fighting….

  1399. 1399
    mina Says:

    I will miss you like crazy,oppa*tears*
    Take care yourself in the army!!!
    I will wait even it takes forever…
    God Keep and protect you…..
    Omo I’m so lonely now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1400. 1400
    nastaran Says:

    I will miss you but I hope you have good time in the army.
    Take care yourself,OK.

  1401. 1401
    soon flower Aalishyah Says:

    Passion is fire, lasting or temporary,
    That heats our chests, inflames us and satisfies…
    Delirium of soul, that involves body and mind,
    But to wound, to hurt, it is capable.

    Love is breeze in a perfumed morning,
    A rainbow in shades of lightness…
    Safe port, our essential fire,
    Anchor and source of pure happiness.

    Passion arrives as an annihilator action,
    But love is a perennial ecstasy…
    If the storm of passion leaves scars,
    The wind of love alliviates our pains…

    However nor always passion leads to love…
    Also nor always love contains passion…
    But both tend to join, confusing us,
    By the secret ways of seduction…

    What I want more is forever to balance
    Passion and love in the same roll of emotions…
    I want enlace me with love to your life
    And with passion, donate me, without restrictions…

  1402. 1402
    soon flower Aalishyah Says:

    i have you dear i pray for you because fright about you !

    many greetings out german ! kiseu

  1403. 1403
    maryjoy Says:

    hi,,for me ur..the best the way u act..

  1404. 1404
    Crazy fan Says:

    Jun Ki oppa u r so handsome soldier! At 1st i worryabout ur life in the army,but after news from ur CW i becae calm. U r a STAR everywhere! I miss and will unpatiently wait for u and ur new projects! Good luck!!!

  1405. 1405
    mina Says:

    I’m missing you so much!!!!!!
    Hope you are in good health always>333333333333333333

  1406. 1406
    maria luz Says:

    hi there, how are you il jimae , i really love that drama , keep up tha good work hoe to send me your picture on my e mail add . thnks and regards !!!!

  1407. 1407
    nana Says:

    Oppa,i miss u so much!!!!!!!!

  1408. 1408
    nana Says:

    I hope you’re ok in the training camp!!!!!

  1409. 1409
    nana Says:

    stay healthy and may God protect you always.

  1410. 1410
    nana Says:

    I’ll be here waiting for you and praying you’ll return safe….

  1411. 1411
    norah Says:

    ur my love 4 always
    take care urself……
    luv u so much!!!!!!!!

  1412. 1412
    lila Says:

    1 more week to go before you finish your training…
    hope to see briefly Oppa…
    miss you so much!!!!

  1413. 1413
    myrna Says:

    How i love you so much!
    i hope you’re well….
    praying for you always.

  1414. 1414
    mina Says:

    4ever in my heart

  1415. 1415
    baran Says:

    i love you.you are my heart

  1416. 1416
    mina Says:

    miss you so much!
    can’t stop loving you!!!<333333333

  1417. 1417
    tenzin choekyi Says:

    hi jun ki oppa,

    never design ur character like a garden where any one can walk but design ur charater like the sky where everyone aspire to reach

  1418. 1418
    tenzin choekyi Says:

    hi oppa
    our life is long time
    we met for short time
    u will be in our(ur fans)heart for life time
    my sweat
    we will miss u all time
    sarang hye jun ki oppa
    miss u,take careoppa

  1419. 1419
    tenzin choekyi Says:

    hi oppa
    u r so cute,sexy and hot
    we love u oppa, take gud care of urself

  1420. 1420
    mina Says:

    missing my Oppa!
    stay healthy…

  1421. 1421
    mina Says:

    love you much!!!!!
    Oppa fighting!

  1422. 1422
    amber Says:

    hi oppa

  1423. 1423
    amber Says:

    oppa u r the best actor ^-^

  1424. 1424
    mina Says:

    miss u so much!!!

  1425. 1425
    mina Says:

    I love you!!!

  1426. 1426
    mina Says:

    Oppa,i miss you so much!!!!!!
    my heart ached TT.TT

  1427. 1427
    wazabi Says:

    opa sarange….’

  1428. 1428
    anhtrubo Says:


  1429. 1429
    anhtrubo Says:

    long thanh yen thanh nghea an

  1430. 1430
    Romashka Says:

    I watched “My Girl” recently. I didn’t like the end 🙂 She should stay with you 🙂 Oh, as you in the army now so take care of yourself and be healthy! Miss you, oppa 🙂

  1431. 1431
    tahoora Says:

    is oppa in the army now ???

  1432. 1432
    mina Says:

    oppa miss you…
    i’ll write letters to you while u’re in the army..
    hope u can read them as i know u will receive tons of letters
    i’ll be wating for u ….T_____________T

  1433. 1433
    MARLAR Says:

    i like ur TV series
    i like Time Between Dog and Wolf TV so like
    i want to know ur email adress
    i want to fri with u
    can u accept my invitation?

  1434. 1434
    MARLAR Says:

    my email adress is shiyoung9000@gmail.com
    can u invite to me?


  1435. 1435
    manami Says:

    so happy to see at the dream concert Oppa!!!
    wanted to cry for happiness upon seeing you…
    I love you so much!!!

  1436. 1436
    manami Says:


  1437. 1437
    for u Says:

    Is it possible to communicate
    Because I want to share your topic and then one will not see me ^ ^


  1438. 1438
    parmida Says:


  1439. 1439
    manami Says:

    saranghae Oppa!!!

  1440. 1440
    jgsaranghae Says:

    miss you much and i love you so!!!!!

  1441. 1441
    mel Says:

    wooow… you’re a great actor… i love you so much…

  1442. 1442
    jgsaranghae Says:

    love JunKi!!!!!!!>333333

  1443. 1443
    atheer Says:


  1444. 1444
    ninaz Says:

    sarangheeee oppa araji??? sarangheeeeeeeeeeeee

  1445. 1445
    jgsaranghae Says:

    my lucky and bright star!!!

  1446. 1446
    jea Says:

    good job mr. lee jun ki for your wonderful performance in HERO… keep it up… hope to see you personally…=)

  1447. 1447
    diefan Says:

    i thought this guy is sooo good looking oh I should say more than goodlooking he’s gorgeous.. beautiful face. good actor too.. i love him in ‘my girl’ series.

  1448. 1448
    diefan Says:

    he’s sweet and very charming. HOT HOT! HOT! ^-^

  1449. 1449
    diefan Says:

    geez, I’m salivating now… whoa its hot in here.. hehe.. Best of Luck lee joon ki. muahhh

  1450. 1450
    firti Says:


  1451. 1451
    nur Says:

    luv u ………..

  1452. 1452
    gioa Says:


  1453. 1453
    gioa Says:


  1454. 1454
    jgsaranghae Says:

    oppa,i wish u eat more!!don’t like to see u thin…T_____T
    take care of urself~~

  1455. 1455
    hninwaiwailinn Says:


  1456. 1456
    jgsaranghae Says:

    love you a million,oppa!!!

  1457. 1457
    brattgurl Says:

    i love lee joon ki!!!!! ur very handsome

  1458. 1458
    jaezzy Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  1459. 1459
    Smiles Says:

    Love Your:
    Acting, Singing, Modeling, Smile, Looks, and Laughs 😀

  1460. 1460
    yalda Says:

    hi lee jun ki u are very handsome and good looking

  1461. 1461
    hisnaniar Says:

    lee joon ki…..hmmmmmmmmmm……

  1462. 1462
    luvjg Says:

    love u so much!!!
    oppa,i miss u terribly!!!!!

  1463. 1463
    luvjg Says:

    gonna be in seoul for the musical!!!

  1464. 1464
    luvjg Says:

    can’t wait to see u,my oppa!!!

  1465. 1465
    luvjg Says:

    eat more!!! u must fill up…
    sad to see your thin body T___________T

  1466. 1466
    red penguen Says:

    you eat Youth Confection????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1467. 1467
    luvjg Says:

    i love you everyday!

  1468. 1468
    [sinopsis] HERO « asianfansclub Says:

    […] Lee Joon Ki as Jin Do Hyuk Yoon So Yi as Joo Jae In Uhm Ki Joon as Kang Hae Seong Baek Yoon Shik as Jo Yong Deok […]

  1469. 1469
    junki addict Says:

    …haay!!!!!!!!totally love this guy,..from his great beauty to his great talent..I do..i’m so into you…

  1470. 1470
    LuluAini Says:

    hai! lee joon ki,piese took to me……..

  1471. 1471
    pemva Says:

    hey lee in have seen Ur movie virgin snow, it was first Korean movie i have ever seen n trust me it was awesome and from that movie i m big fan of urs. i wish i could meet u onces. hey i m from country Bhutan. have u ever heard about it.

  1472. 1472
    cZaH Says:

    waaah, you’re so very cute hmm, super duper as in, hmm, you look alike Hizoka of hunterXhunter. . hehe..Goodluck!

  1473. 1473
    luvjg Says:

    oppa saranghamnida!!!

  1474. 1474
    Carmen Says:

    My goodness, so romantic…… The way he smiles……. So sexy…… I really like his character….. Matured, charisma, soft hearted, ego, relax…..

    Love what you did. Gee…you got a charming smile…….

    I am in love with him. his charismatics, his look.
    really I can seem to find the right word the describe LJK

    Lee Jun Ki, such a sweet guy you are!!!

    Very touching – Lee Jun Ki just love !

    From Carmen Bucuresti-Romania!

  1475. 1475
    jheem:) Says:

    oppa! your crying scene in Your beautiful made me cry..
    your so cute:)

    and good songs.. ^^

  1476. 1476
    jheem:) Says:

    oppa! your crying scene in Your beautiful made me cry..
    your are so cute and your band has good songs:))

  1477. 1477
    luvjg Says:

    all the best for the musical!!!
    Oppa hwaiting!!!

  1478. 1478
    luvjg Says:

    get well soon,oppa!!!!!
    my heart aches to see you injured T___________T
    get some rest!!!!!!!

  1479. 1479
    naji Says:

    hi oppa i love you very very much oppa plz take care of your health i love you always

  1480. 1480
    Carmen Says:

    Sooooooo young & cute in the pics.

    Anyway, I love him!

    We’ll stay beside you oppa.

    Hurry back to act in great drama/movie again Jun-ki !!!

    Bye Lee Jun Ki, see you in 2 years…..

    I’ll miss u !!!

  1481. 1481
    Joyce Choong Says:

    Lee Jun Ki Ssi,

    Annyeonghaseyo. Sorry to hear about the injury. Please take care of the cut on your forehead. It must be a big wound to have 50 stitches. Take more vitamin E. Take care of yourself.

  1482. 1482
    Sonia Says:

    Lee, your smile make the day brighter and happier, love your acting and looks, take care and go for it.

  1483. 1483
    jessa Says:

    u are soooooo handsome
    one of u're no.1 fan

  1484. 1484
    jessa Says:

    love the way u act
    u are ssssoooooo cute in my girllllll
    one of u're fan

  1485. 1485
    naji Says:

    hi opppa. i miss you very much.plz take care. i be your fan forever

  1486. 1486
    mary Says:

    ماذا جرى للمثل لي جون كي ؟
    هل تعرض لأذى !!!

  1487. 1487
    marrys26 Says:

    helo lee junki…..the best actor k para s akin..

  1488. 1488
    marrys26 Says:

    ang ganda tlga ng smile u kapag kayo n ni minam ang ang uu sap go shinwoo…..

  1489. 1489
    joyjoy27 Says:

    how are lee junki…..

  1490. 1490
    maryjoy Says:

    hi..nice act,4 me ur the best actor..

  1491. 1491
    yunandarmyint Says:

    I like him because he is very handsome.

  1492. 1492
    mimzlveyesung Says:


  1493. 1493
    Najmeh Says:

    Hi oppa how do you do? oppa i pray for you since you back i love you very much oppa sarange

  1494. 1494
    Trixie Says:

    I love this guy to death!!! He is my dream guy. I watch all of his drama and I really like Iljimae drama of him. He a good actor and very perfect person!! Love him so much. I can’t wait to see him in 2012.

    Oppa stay healthy and take care yourself. Love you Lee Junki!! 🙂

  1495. 1495
    marya Says:

    oppa .. i miss you

  1496. 1496
    marya Says:

    lee jun ki .. fighting 🙂

  1497. 1497
    marrys26 Says:

    i miss you lee junki…

  1498. 1498
    milah Says:

    lee joon ki I LOVE YOU , sampai mati . dia aktor korea yg pling saya suka , pria idaman saya , sampai mati , smoga dia aktor is the best di korea !! amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin ! I love you

  1499. 1499
    little zhun Says:

    Joon Gi the best!!!!!! HWAITING~~~~~
    We will wait for u to come bac…

  1500. 1500
    marrys26 Says:

    how are u/…

  1501. 1501
    black cat Says:

    jun ki….all i can say is he really is beautiful….wow..he’s hot..

  1502. 1502
    najie Says:


  1503. 1503
    Trixie Says:

    He so HOT!!! My all time favorite actor. LOve him so much. We should provide some pics of him in this thread. I”ll send some of his pics later.

  1504. 1504
    marya Says:

    lee Joon gi wrote in his account in cyworld in Arabic Language , He wrote أحبك
    which mean i love you ^^
    did u know that friends ???^^

  1505. 1505
    lheiry Says:


  1506. 1506
    banafsheh Says:

    You are soOoOoOoOo CUTE!
    Sarang,love you,je’taim and duset daram.
    Duset daram is a word in persian language.
    I’m from iran.
    I love you sooo much

  1507. 1507
    junkibiebs Says:

    whoahh . he’s so fantabuluosly cute and awesome !

  1508. 1508
    marrys26 Says:

    hey…for we miss u..lee jun ki..

  1509. 1509
    marrys26 Says:

    hey./lee jun ki im looking 4ward your serries soon

  1510. 1510
    saranghe_jo Says:

    you are my first korean actor CRUSH!!!

  1511. 1511
    banafsheh Says:

    Ilove you sooo much
    Iwish that you were just forme
    I send you many specialy kiss(-;

  1512. 1512
    marya Says:

    Oppa .. When will come out of the army?!!
    I miss you @.@

    Arab fans

  1513. 1513
    rowerna Says:

    hi im rowena from philippines, hello jun ki or i say il ji mae, i really love that movie….im lookinng forward for your next movie…… your hot,,,

  1514. 1514
    marya Says:

    hi rowena
    I advise you watching Time between dog and walf , it’s drama wonderful
    but it’s very sad story T_T :'(

  1515. 1515
    theint Says:

    Love you

  1516. 1516
    najmeh Says:

    oooooooooooooppaaaaaaaaaaaa l love you so much.

  1517. 1517
    Gadis Anoa Says:

    I love Lee Jun Ki so much… His act on Iljimae very complicated to describe… Time Between Dog and Wolf is very amazing also…
    He’s very talented to be an actor. He can act as many different character in one movie/dorama… that’s so fantastic.

    I love Lee Jun Ki so much…
    Jun Ki… love U!!! I’m Ur big fans in Indonesia!!!!

  1518. 1518
    najmeh Says:

    i love u always oppa take care

  1519. 1519
    marrys26 Says:

    hello,.your nice if u act..great…

  1520. 1520
    nyolay Says:

    Hi Joon Ki I like u so much.

  1521. 1521
    sanaz Says:

    jon ki is nice but hi is not good i dont like it

  1522. 1522
    marya Says:

    hi ..
    lee jun ki actor has been upgraded from second-class soldiers to first class
    Congratulations ^^

    lee jun ki .. we miss you ..
    arab fans

  1523. 1523
    marya Says:

    I hope to be lee jun ki first in the list of the most comment 🙂

  1524. 1524
    marya Says:

    I have one Q ?!
    Haeundae (2008) << I don't know this movie to lee jun ki
    but .. I watched Haeundae (2009) , Because of I seeing hero lee jun ki
    But unfortunately I dont see lee jun ki in Haeundae (2009)
    if you know this movie to him , please give me the name or websit to this movie ..

  1525. 1525
    amber Says:

    hi mr.handsome
    how are you?

  1526. 1526
    ''Amelia'' Says:

    aku akan slalu jadi pengemar setia mu……..

  1527. 1527
    ''Amelia'' Says:

    aku berharap kaklee junki mau datang ke Indonesia…..

  1528. 1528
    inaa adil Says:

    i luv u…..lee jun ki….saranghaeo……:)

  1529. 1529
    fieraluphkorean Says:

    lee jun ki has same face with kibum and shin dong wook ^^….
    i luv u so much…..saranghae<3

  1530. 1530
    ....... Says:


  1531. 1531
    ....... Says:


  1532. 1532
    amileen Says:

    just keep fallin’ in love with u everyday!!!…

  1533. 1533
    Nour from Singapore Says:

    muacks muacks…i luv you..please don’t be married or gay..learn english for your non-korean fans and crazy fans like me will you?

  1534. 1534
    Dilini Tharaka Gunasekara Says:

    Tharaka(star) from Sri lanka
    Hi,Lee Joon ki your very handsome man and *My Girl* drama acting very nice.I love u very very much.*Aja Aja Fiting

  1535. 1535
    lee Says:

    Way to goooo

  1536. 1536
    Q khi Says:

    Lee Joon Ki,..
    I Love U so much……

  1537. 1537
    Momo Says:

    Hi Jun ki, how are you?

    Looking forward to see you in drama again.

    Take care.

  1538. 1538
    Q khi Says:

    where are u now,
    i can’t wait 4 new drama..
    i miss u…..

  1539. 1539
    ling Says:

    junki oppa..
    I love your acting drama in Iljimae and My Girl very much..
    Nowadays,Malaysia television is replaying your drama and Iwatch it everyday…
    I support u 4ever!!!

  1540. 1540
    maya Says:

    lee jun ki ..i miss u

  1541. 1541
    Poppy C.R. Says:

    Lee jun ki, you are one very talented, handsome and nice Actor. We enjoy all your movies and dramas. Keep up the good work, we are looking forward to your next project. Btw… you are a great Dancer too…!! Love you, Good luck and All the Best!!

  1542. 1542
    najmeh Says:

    ooooooooooopppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaa i miss you so much
    take care
    love you

  1543. 1543
    joyjoy27 Says:

    hi!your the best actor lee junki nice acting and amazing moves all the way.,.hope more drama soon…

  1544. 1544
    chos bokhor Says:

    salam khabare marget ba in site dare pitet man age sorate nete to ro dashtam to sitam koolak mikardam (dardo balam berize to delet)

  1545. 1545
    dodo Says:

    where can i hear his music?

  1546. 1546
    marrys26 Says:

    heloo./lee junki your nice the way u dance great..

  1547. 1547
    irene21 Says:

    we miss u lee junki from here in the philipines..

  1548. 1548
    irene21 Says:

    heloo…yoo ah in merry chrismass..

  1549. 1549
    marrys26 Says:

    hi!lee junki how are you./we miss here in the philipines.,your the most best actor for me..happy new year..

  1550. 1550
    arabia Says:

    lee jun ki .. happy new year
    i love u oppa
    saranghayooooooo <3

  1551. 1551
    sue Says:

    Happy New Year LJK!
    be safe,& healthy in 2011,
    much love~saranghae

  1552. 1552
    najmeh Says:

    happy new year opaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    i love you more and more
    plz take care opppppppppppppa
    love you

  1553. 1553
    Qkhie Says:

    Happy new year Lee Jun Ki
    i miss u….
    i can’t wait for new drama..

  1554. 1554
    Momo Says:

    Happy New Year Joon Ki !

    All the best wishes to you and your family.

    Cheers !

  1555. 1555
    Sunshine Says:

    Dear, Lee Jun Ki.
    I wish ur artistic creation is very wonderful n great this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR.
    Kiss u 🙂

  1556. 1556
    buguy Says:

    happy new year lee jun ki!!!!

    wish you hapiness and good health for this 2011:)

    im waiting for your next drama…

    take care!!!mwuahh


  1557. 1557
    buguy Says:

    새해 복 리 jun의기를!!

    당신은 hapiness이 2011에 좋은 건강 소원 🙂

    다음 드라마를 기다리고 메신저 …

    돌봐! mwuahh을

    saranghae 🙂

  1558. 1558
    Jessica Says:

    Happy New Year,Jun Ki oppa!!! Sae hae bok mani badeusaeyo! luv u and miss u! there’s so long to ur returning from military service 🙁

  1559. 1559
    wan Says:

    hai oppa..i like your drama..i am from malaysia..

  1560. 1560
    seven Says:

    Happy new year LJK

  1561. 1561
    Niefa_65 Says:

    Anyeong…belated happy new year! when is your next drama/movie? you look awesome after married. Any babay on the way? Good luck and all the best…saranghaeyo…

  1562. 1562
    sadaf Says:

    he is very perety he’s my love

  1563. 1563
    stawberry123 Says:

    hes really cute !!!!!!!!!!!!

  1564. 1564
    buguy Says:

    i really really want to see you in person lee jun ki..
    hope to see by myself:D

  1565. 1565
    BONE88 Says:


  1566. 1566
    Chinice from Singapore Says:

    Hi 이준기,

    Please continue to excel but keep life balance and rest well. Appreciate your efforts to make all the drama or movies so enjoyable.

    Hope you visit Singapore one day so as to allow all to express thankfulness of having great artist like you.


  1567. 1567
    dawan Says:

    hi i am an overseas fan, i love ur work, especially in my girl, i feel sad u did not end with the girl, but ur fighting skills are so good. Good luck n all the best.

  1568. 1568
    princes Says:

    im your persian fan
    i love you
    you are the best
    take care PLZzzzzzzzzzzz

  1569. 1569
    princes Says:

    vote for lee joon ki



  1570. 1570
    冯倩 Says:


  1571. 1571
    冯倩 Says:


  1572. 1572
    冯倩 Says:

    Wish you healthy happy heart。
    I am a Chinese fans~~~~

  1573. 1573
    jesse Says:

    lee jun ki………..im also a fan of yours!!!!!!!your so cute in ”my girl” sana
    you na ang lalaki na ma partner ni yoo-rin…………. super…………… nakz……..i love you

  1574. 1574
    amani Says:

    i love lee jun ki , i m his fan from saudi arabia ^_^

  1575. 1575
    dewi Says:

    keep fighting, seung gi!!!!

  1576. 1576
    rhiz Says:

    love you jun ki ssi

  1577. 1577
    S. Says:

    I miss you……….

  1578. 1578
    mona Says:

    lee joon ki I LOVE YOU
    you r my favorites’ actor
    I wish I can see u face to face
    I miss uuuuuuuuuuu

  1579. 1579
    mona Says:

    in my country(iran) is new year (1390)
    happy noruz (new year) to my friends and my love (lee joon ki)

  1580. 1580
    anjar Says:

    you are really really really really pretty
    love you oppa

  1581. 1581
    yra dee Says:

    I LOVE YOU jun ki;;;;””ur so cute”’muax!

  1582. 1582
    yra dee Says:

    sana akin qa nlang!!!!!!!!!11

  1583. 1583
    mona Says:

    dear lee jun ki you are always in my dream
    i miss u so much

  1584. 1584
    S. Says:

    Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you ……..

  1585. 1585
    june Says:

    Dear Lee Jun Ki,
    Happy Birthday..Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.

  1586. 1586
    kala Says:

    i hope u will act more movies.good luck.

  1587. 1587
    Aitul Ly Says:

    i love to see your eyes….

  1588. 1588
    iera Says:

    lee jun ki
    cute n funny guy
    i like u…

  1589. 1589
    ur dream Says:

    I dont know that when u read the comments but I …..
    find u………………………..my …………..

  1590. 1590
    tanin Says:

    I hope you are happy .we are here waiting for you.

  1591. 1591
    Joon Ki Says:

    FIGHTING in during yor arm oppa..

  1592. 1592
    leila Says:

    you are very handsome
    i love you

  1593. 1593
    tanin Says:

    AFspot gallery

  1594. 1594
    seng nan Says:

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH………………..


  1595. 1595
    Lynda199 Says:

    Love n Miss him so much (^_^) <3

  1596. 1596
    shohreh shi Says:

    i am shohreh from iran
    i really love all about korea and chiefly korean drama
    your face is very mached

  1597. 1597
    aishh Says:

    he’s soooo cute !

  1598. 1598
    shiva Says:

    hi im from iran and you are my favorite actor U R SOOOO CUTE !

  1599. 1599
    chosen bright Says:

    I don’t like this guy… not good looking either… typical asian features with such small legs

  1600. 1600
    Elham Says:

    I miss u sooo much…

  1601. 1601
    elham Says:

    I lOvE him sooo much forever

  1602. 1602
    rezhna Says:


  1603. 1603
    judi Says:

    I miss U so much, when U comeback?????? :((

  1604. 1604
    faezeh Says:

    you are my favorite actore.i am from iran but i love korea.
    i love your moves.
    i hope see u in korea one day.
    i may happy if you send me email.kidario!!!
    saranghe.(i can speek choogoom hongok)

  1605. 1605
    sherly Says:

    we are waiting for ur new drama..
    we miss u sooo much…:(

  1606. 1606
    sherly Says:

    i love ur voice ur act and everything in u..
    “j Style” is very very very energic, i love it so so so much

  1607. 1607
    elli Says:

    fighting oppa…

  1608. 1608
    elli Says:

    love u love u love uuuuu forever…

  1609. 1609
    elli Says:

    i love u

  1610. 1610
    joan Says:

    …when is your nxt movie? still waiting…あいしてる ね.

  1611. 1611
    Maria Says:


  1612. 1612
    mary Says:

    I think that he is an attractive and gentelman .Of curse he is a nice actor.I like him and think his eyes are defferent.

  1613. 1613
    reza Says:

    i lave le jun kiدلم میخواد کیرشو بخورم

  1614. 1614
    elli Says:

    when i was in disappointe in my life i saw ur beautiful drama “hero” then i learn there is no end in life when yuo have a big goal…

  1615. 1615
    Arezoo Says:

    hi … Ilgima
    Good luck

  1616. 1616


  1617. 1617
    cecilia Says:

    your acting is fantastic, eagerly awaiting your next movie and drama series, all the best!

  1618. 1618
    nancy Says:

    u r amazing, fighting oppa

  1619. 1619
    Ki | Trends Pics Says:

    […] Lee Joon Ki star.koreandrama.org […]

  1620. 1620
    elli Says:

    u r my hero..

  1621. 1621
    avlish Says:

    looking forward to you’re come back after your military service and seeing you again acting in TV.. Keep safe Lee Joon Gi.. hope we’ll meet someday^^ just continue inspiring us^^

  1622. 1622
    chira Says:

    I just saw you and knew you. When I watched you, I feel like I want to met you. Now, I’m trying to find everything about you.
    Hope you’ll come back soon from your military services.

    I Love Lee Jun Ki

  1623. 1623
    Nora Says:


  1624. 1624
    Rose Says:

    Oppa!! Miss you so so much!! Hope you come back as soon as possible!! Kiss Kiss

  1625. 1625
    yuyun Says:


  1626. 1626
    elli Says:

    im waiting for ur new drama..
    please comeback so soooooon, i miss u so much
    love u jun ki oppa

  1627. 1627
    elham Says:

    i love u very very very much & i miss u so…..
    please take good care of ur health and come back soon…

  1628. 1628
    shohreh shi Says:

    you very handsome and cute jun ki sshi,
    your smile is very nice…
    i have many pics of yours.
    how can i attach pics?

  1629. 1629
    sherly Says:

    hoping see u in new series soon,
    i love ur smile so much
    fighting oppa..

  1630. 1630
    sakina iddrisu Says:

    Hi lee jun ki, i love the way u smile, when u smile u look very handsome.I love u,please take care of ur slef.i miss u so so so much.

  1631. 1631
    sherly Says:

    i realy miss u so much,pleassse come back and tack me happy with ur beautiful smil

  1632. 1632
    elham Says:

    hello my idol,i miss you so much..

  1633. 1633
    nanci Says:

    i love you so much jun ki Ssi, you are so cute..

  1634. 1634
    uee Says:


  1635. 1635
    rebeKa Says:

    hi LJK, i hope everything is going well for you. take care

  1636. 1636
    elli Says:

    Do you have new drama? u r so handsome. Pls make more drama!

  1637. 1637
    melina Says:

    hi lee joon ki oppa
    u have so many fan in all around the world, and im one of them.. im ur big fan and i love u so much,
    good luck oppa

  1638. 1638
    Gowri Says:

    Hi this is the first time iam watching a korean drama. I watched 5 episodes in my girl. Really nice. You all made a big mass. My wishes to u all.
    Jai hoo

  1639. 1639
    shadi Says:

    hi oppa
    u must be so happy beacuse so many peaple know u as well as know herself/himself & love u so much…and im one of them.. i love u so much..

  1640. 1640
    pani Says:

    love you forever..

  1641. 1641
    elli Says:

    i love u so much u r so handsome and cute
    fighting oppa

  1642. 1642
    tanin Says:

    hope that you have the happiest moments of your life.
    hope that you will remember that you are the greatest in every thing- that you want.
    hope that you will smile even in the hardest moments of your life .
    hope that you will remember that there is no space to be filled with when- you are in our hearts.
    hope that you will remember that god doesent close any doors whitout reason.
    hope that I could have given you a hope not for when you are sad or angery this is a hope for just for this very second .

  1643. 1643
    star's fan Says:

    Your acting is cool and hope to see your next drama soon

  1644. 1644
    sharon Says:

    you are my idol, i love you so much..
    please take good care of your health and be happy forever..
    go0d luck my dearest

  1645. 1645
    (한국 드라마) Best K0rEan DrAma Ser!es « mY naMe is "G i a N" Says:

    […] Kim Seo Hyun (Park Si Yeon) have her way to win him back and his bestfriend, Seo Jung Woong (Lee Jun Ki) fall in Yoo Rin. To complicate their plans more, Gong Chan and Yoo Rin found themselves falling […]

  1646. 1646
    beautiful mind Says:

    love ya oppa..
    kiss you..

  1647. 1647
    archiezel Says:

    Best Korean actor ever.. You’re the reason behind all my addiction to K-dramas.. IDOL!!! 🙂

  1648. 1648
    lee jun ki fanatic Says:

    LEE JUN KI Oppa! Such a great actor and singer. My family and I loves you so much. Wishin’ you all the bests in life..

  1649. 1649
    erwin Says:

    Looking forward to your next dramas after your 2-year military service. I know, it’s worth the wait. God bless ya oppa!

  1650. 1650
    blue girl Says:

    you are a sambole of a perfect man,u r so handsome,beautiful, goodlooking and nice
    i love u so..

  1651. 1651
    ANNA Says:

    did you kn0w that you have a big place in my heart, many times my eyes search you on the street And i ask myself” may i see you one day?” its my big dream!

  1652. 1652
    lee jun ki fanatic Says:

    Saranghaeyo oppa!

  1653. 1653
    †jane† Says:

    i love your act in “iljimae” so much, you are so handsome and cute
    im waiting for your new drama, please comeback soon
    fighting oppa

  1654. 1654
    elham Says:

    saranghaeyo oppa..

  1655. 1655
    selena Says:

    you are so beautiful as a love song baby..
    i love you..

  1656. 1656
    Ssi Says:

    im ur big fan, you are best korean actor, i love u so much..

  1657. 1657
    hannah Says:

    hi lee goon ki .my name is hannah .i live in iran .good bye

  1658. 1658
    shainy Says:

    i like u and when i see your series my heart beat fastly for you,sometimes i smile with you sometimes i cry with you but always i love you…
    good luck oppa..

  1659. 1659
    hyuna Says:

    i love you forever & you have one big place in my heart forever

  1660. 1660
    R Says:

    oppa! Saranghaeyooooooo!~ <3

  1661. 1661
    hyuna Says:

    He’s in the Military Service…
    anybody know when is his Military Service end? and what time and what day will he come back??

  1662. 1662
    elli Says:

    fighting oppa..

  1663. 1663
    elli Says:

    oh hyuna ,It’s February 2012. i miss him too! hope this 6 mount will fly fast..

  1664. 1664
    catty Says:

    i love you with all my heart & i want you soooo…

  1665. 1665
    elham Says:

    hi dear jun ki
    last night i have a good dream of you, and when i woke up i was so exited an happy, do you know how much a little child love her/his mother? i love you more than that..
    kiss you..

  1666. 1666
    jojo Says:

    you r my best actor <3 <3^_*

  1667. 1667
    happy girl Says:

    I love you so much!!! you’re such a real name that all girls are looking for I hope you’re in real life like that or better!!!

    I love your smile!!

    saranyéééé oppa

  1668. 1668
    blueberry Says:

    ohh..my prince charming………i love u so much!!!why u always look great charm,,really stole my heart and make me thinking about u everyday…your eyes make me crazyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

  1669. 1669
    cute rabbit Says:

    i love u so much..
    hug you and a 10000 times kiss u..

  1670. 1670
    red wine Says:

    hi lee jun ki
    you are so cool and so handsome, your smile is so beautiful, i love you and your lovely smile
    have good times

  1671. 1671
    nanci Says:

    i realy love u so much..

  1672. 1672
    marya Says:

    Hello cute n handsome, you are really attractive all girls’s heart in the world, including me,god bless u

  1673. 1673
    elyna Says:

    I hope u will be happy , good luck in ur life and will be the best more and more

  1674. 1674
    shadi Says:

    saranghae oppa..

  1675. 1675
    ajoong Says:

    dear lee jun ki! hi
    first time i sow you in the beautiful drama “iljimae” and i realy felr in your love and my love every day is more than yesterday..
    i hope see you one day and i love jast tauch your pretty and baby face and see you lovely eyes, and finly kIss you..
    i love you my idol..

  1676. 1676
    sooran Says:

    fighting oppa…and come back healthy from military service so soon, i miss you so much..

  1677. 1677
    gayel Says:

    please com back of military service and stol all hearts..

  1678. 1678
    ace Says:

    oppa…u are soo funny.i like ur style.love u.:*

  1679. 1679
    katy Says:

    i realy love you.. please take good care of ur health
    kiss you darling

  1680. 1680
    khim Says:

    hOw cUte u aRE?…aLwAys sMiLe

  1681. 1681
    chichi Says:

    oh!where are you honey??i really really miss you..

  1682. 1682
    mehrsa Says:

    lee joon ki fighting!! we will always support u

  1683. 1683
    LiLi Says:


  1684. 1684
    saghi Says:

    If kisses were water, I will give u sea.
    If hugs were leaves, I will give u a tree.
    If u luv a planet, I will give u a galaxy,
    if friendship is life I will give u mine.luv u..so much..

  1685. 1685
    UEe Says:

    lOve yOu lOve yOu lOve yOu… so much.

  1686. 1686
    elli Says:

    hi jun ki oppa..
    i love u so much, u r my everything.. i’m waiting for ur new drama so badly, please come back from ur mitilary service so soon
    love u..

  1687. 1687
    sharon Says:

    saranhaeyooo oppa..

  1688. 1688
    ecco boots Says:

    In my view, in fact, doing so is right, very supportive of your point of view.
    Feel your article is very unique, great, reading your article is a pleasure.

  1689. 1689
    moon Says:

    u r a big star, please always stay shiny, i love you..

  1690. 1690
    maya Says:

    hello my idol
    how are you?
    do you have new drama?
    what are you doing ?
    i think i fall in your love badly..

  1691. 1691
    nana Says:

    i like your acting in iljimae,hero, time between dag and wolf , my girl and all ur dramas..

  1692. 1692
    raininyday Says:

    I not like u
    U r just like girl
    So I not like u

  1693. 1693
    A-Ra Says:

    hello dear
    you are so handsome and cute, i like all your dramas and i love you so much
    good luck always in your life

  1694. 1694
    hasti Says:

    hello lee jun ki ,I love u very much and I am from iran ,u r very beutifull n attractive,but i like ur culture,my wish is that I see u directly 1 day and just speak with u not more.I will come to south korea through my purpose.take care of ur self bye.

  1695. 1695
    anjela Says:

    you are so handsome and cute i love your act and your voice
    aja..aja.. oppa

  1696. 1696
    lucky girl Says:

    OMG, i think u r a perfect man you are so handsome and cute i realy love you so much

  1697. 1697
    elli Says:

    i love yoooou..l

  1698. 1698
    eunice suwaldi Says:

    I love your acting,,,
    The king n clown, Iljimae, my girl,,,love it
    hope c u in more dramas…Good luck!

  1699. 1699
    sun flower Says:

    oppa i love u & i miss u so much..
    oppa please comeback so soon
    kiss u..

  1700. 1700
    diana Says:

    hello my king
    how are you? are everything and everydays ok? i miss you and your beatiful smile so badly..
    fighting oppa..

  1701. 1701
    katy Says:

    oppa i love u too much

  1702. 1702
    gold Says:

    u r sooo handsome and cute,
    love u

  1703. 1703
    ellli Says:

    please come back as soon as u can, hurry up pleaaaase we miss you so much

  1704. 1704
    Marwitz Says:

    I am looking forward to see him off from soldier next year. He will become Strong and Smart than before. Fighting!

  1705. 1705
    cha cha Says:

    yeah ,I agree..hi will come back so strong and smart.. fightinG oppa

  1706. 1706
    thinshweeain Says:

    You are the most handsome actor i’ve ever seen.

  1707. 1707
    thinshweeain Says:

    You are the most handsome actor I’ve ever seen.Other actors are not handsome like you.And I am writing this comment from Myanmar.Do you know our country?Our country is really beautiful.And here is no handsome actor like you.I hope you will happy if you will visit to my country.Oh.My town is Mandalay.My g-talk account is thinshweeain@gmail.com.You can connect me.So,I will stop my comment here as I have to study my lessons.

  1708. 1708
    sharon Says:

    wow, i see you have so many fans from all arioundthe world,
    sarangheayo oppa

  1709. 1709
    moon Says:

    i love ur voice and ur act, ur song”jstyle” is so beautiful and energic..

  1710. 1710
    elli Says:

    hi oppa
    h r u?
    oppa i think u today as like everyday and i miss u so much..
    today is a big day for me but thinking to you make me strong..
    fighting oppa

  1711. 1711
    SSi Says:

    lee jun ki is the best korean actor, i love him so much

  1712. 1712
    lady gaga Says:

    hi oppa
    im waiting for your new drama
    fighting oppa

  1713. 1713
    suzi Says:

    ohh, you are in military service and i feel miss u soo, u are the best korean actor,i love you

  1714. 1714
    victoria Says:

    i love you too much, u r my sunflower

  1715. 1715
    katy Says:

    you are a good actor, good dancer and good singer, so cute and handsome, i love you so much

  1716. 1716
    roz Says:

    when i fell sick i watch ur drama and realy it make me so better…
    i realy love u lee jun ki

  1717. 1717
    elli Says:

    i love you as child’s love to her/his mother…and i need to see your series everyday…

  1718. 1718
    LJKfan Says:

    i like all ur dramas ur act is so natural and u r so cute,nice and handsome i love u so much..

  1719. 1719
    marya Says:

    you are my idol.. i love you too much..
    good luck

  1720. 1720
    samaneh Says:

    I love you so much,I really wanna come to korea and meet you.
    I love you babe

  1721. 1721
    katrin Says:

    im waitig for your comeback,i love see your dancing and sinig in the stage and see your acting in drama again…
    i love you

  1722. 1722
    shainy Says:

    i miss you so much… i realy want you back..please comeback from army
    i love you oppa

  1723. 1723
    merlin Says:

    i like you so much, i like your voice too much
    fighting oppa…

  1724. 1724
    lina Says:

    your smile is so beautiful and lovely, you are so cute,i love you

  1725. 1725
    A-Ra Says:

    i love lee jun ki so much, he is a great model,siger and actor..he is number1

  1726. 1726
    sharon Says:

    im waitinG for your strong comeback, i know you will shine in stage as like past…
    i love you…mouuuuhhh

  1727. 1727
    adriya Says:

    you are so handsome…i realy love you

  1728. 1728
    melita Says:

    you are a good actor,singer,dancer and model… you are the best korean actor… i realy realy fall in love with you badly…

  1729. 1729
    angela Says:

    you are so beautiful and sweet as like a baby smile..you are more shiner than sun.. i love you

  1730. 1730
    sarah Says:

    you are my korean idol..i like your voice and your acting too much.. i love you so much..

  1731. 1731
    shella Says:

    you are my first love..
    oppa i love your acting and your voice…your voice touch my soul…
    i love you..you are so sexy and handsome

  1732. 1732
    jeena Says:

    hi oppa
    you are the best in everything
    i love you

  1733. 1733
    Aprillia Says:

    love u Forever……!!!!;)

  1734. 1734
    christian Says:

    saranghaee oppa
    and always support you ,
    god bless you

  1735. 1735
    camelia Says:

    u are realllyyy handsome & beauti i like u so much god save u

  1736. 1736
    shohreh shi Says:

    i have many pics of lee joongi sshi but…
    i don’t know how can i share these pics!

  1737. 1737
    shohreh shi Says:

    lee joongi sshi…
    you are my korean idol…
    i like your voice , your smile , your acting…
    nomou nomou nomou joa…

  1738. 1738
    melita Says:

    hi oppa
    i love you so much..you are so sexy hand handsome..i realy realynlove you

  1739. 1739
    sweet girl Says:

    wow..you are so handsome..mi realy lve you so much & i miss you.. please comeback soon..
    please tackcare and be health..
    you are the best korean actor

  1740. 1740
    nanci Says:

    you are my korean idol.. i love you

  1741. 1741
    danial Says:

    i love junki . i am from iran and i very very very very love juki. sorry. i can some speak english . good luck. bay

  1742. 1742
    clara Says:

    i like ur acting and ur voice so much..you are the best dancer in stage.. i love you oppa

  1743. 1743
    narii Says:

    hi my best actor,how r u?
    ihope you will be successful in your life
    and in your future in general

  1744. 1744
    saeng mi Says:

    Misss u oppa…always wait for ur new project until u will be finish the military…

  1745. 1745
    nora Says:

    im so happy you will comeback 4 mounth later.. im realy waiting for you.. i love you oppa..

  1746. 1746
    makeii Says:

    my mom and i are your avid fans in the philippines…we laugh and cry with you in iljimae…ur d best korean actor 4 us,a very good looking actor and we think that ur a very responsible man in person…good luck lee jun ki! we wish 2 see u and meet u!we love u so,so much!!!

  1747. 1747
    elissa Says:

    You’re a very good actor. Your acting never failed to make us cry. Will wait for your drama/s after your military service. Good luck and God bless!!

  1748. 1748
    sHin hye Says:

    i lOve you, you are the Best actor…your act is so real and sometime make me Happy sometime make me to cry…i love you

  1749. 1749
    beauti girl Says:

    I send this message to say I love Korean actors and actresses. You really get involved into your character it really touches me the artistic ability those among the Korean movie stars have in bringing your character to life. I love you all may you bring more stories to the USA an to touch another’s heart as you have mine. Lee Joon Ki you are awesome keep up hard work…

  1750. 1750
    shahla Says:


  1751. 1751
    golden eye Says:

    i love you forever you will stay in my heart always..

  1752. 1752
    shady Says:

    i miss you…

  1753. 1753
    melita Says:

    i miss you too so much.. im waiting for your new project after your strong comeback from military

  1754. 1754
    Haythi Says:

    miss u so much. Looking forward to see ur dramas soon…. ><

  1755. 1755
    your lover Says:

    hi oppa im one of your fan who think of you everyday ..you are in my mine and my heart and my dream… i love you so Much

  1756. 1756
    un hye Says:

    hi sweetheart, love you in all your drama!

  1757. 1757
    maka Says:

    Love all of his work. In music and dramas, cant wait for the next one.

  1758. 1758
    seohyun Says:


  1759. 1759
    orange Says:

    i love LEE JOON KI soo much he is so cool and handsome i hoe that he will com back of military so soon

  1760. 1760
    sarina Says:

    i lOve lee jun ki oppa…

  1761. 1761
    shalote Says:

    oppa i miss you, i want to watch your new drama,im waiting for you..i love you..

  1762. 1762
    katrina Says:

    Hi LEE JUN KI Ssi,i Love You. ~(^Δ^)~ i kiss yoooou

  1763. 1763
    krystal Says:

    I want you,I LoVe Your Smile so much, You are so Handsome and Cute

  1764. 1764
    mahan Says:

    hi oppa, i love you for yourself..you are everyting good and sweet..

  1765. 1765
    pene lope Says:

    your eyes are so atractive..you can steal so many hearts.. i love you

  1766. 1766
    jenifer Says:

    hi here in LA you have so many fan,we love you so much,im looking forward for your new project..

  1767. 1767
    angel Says:

    i like you more & more while i’m currently watching your drama iljimae….you’re adorable as ever!

  1768. 1768
    nara Says:

    i can see love in your eyes in your smile and in your lOok,you are a symbole of love,i realy love you

  1769. 1769
    nara Says:

    you are my korean idol,i like you so much

  1770. 1770
    landa Says:

    plsss create a new drama

  1771. 1771
    IU Says:


  1772. 1772
    iu marlyza Says:

    keep it up your quality~ bbasya!! (^_*) we always will support your carier…lee jun ki shii ~Aja-Aja fighting!! yupp!!

  1773. 1773
    melissa Says:

    i love your acting in every your film.. 사상해요!

  1774. 1774
    win mya mya phyo Says:

    hi,My elder brother.

    I always watch your films.I very like u.Especially in EJIME film .i always wait u new film.so,please try everytime.I always side of u .Don’t be fed-up if u face some problem.Never give-up in your life.We must face some problem in our life.U can face more than the other because u r famous person.Have a wonderful life for u.

  1775. 1775
    kozhin Says:

    mn kurdm nawm kozhin e iwam serkewtn tane vire nic nic nic………….

  1776. 1776
    shohreh shi Says:

    oppa fighting…
    you have many fan in iran
    We have always supported you because you’re always lovely
    Healthy and Be Successful

  1777. 1777
    razeih Says:

    very good

  1778. 1778
    morgan Says:

    most beautiful eyes that I’ve seen in my life! :X

  1779. 1779
    eyzah loveto Says:

    i fans you lee joon ki.u is the best and u is very handsome..<3

  1780. 1780


  1781. 1781
    Charlie Says:

    Happy New Year!
    Hope to see you on TV again soon.
    Best wishes.

  1782. 1782
    min yeon Says:

    lee jun ki ———> mine mine mine !!!!! kekeke ^_^

  1783. 1783
    sonia Says:

    Give me your night & I will show u my passion,
    Give me your lust & I will drink u dry,
    Give me your dreams & I will show u a lover,
    Give me your heart & I will hold u close,
    And I will love u till the day I die…
    love you

  1784. 1784
    sahar (iraq) Says:

    hi,my love lee junki,your smile so cut,u best in iljimae ,my loveeeeeeeeee…….

  1785. 1785
    Hero (히어로) « styrn Says:

    […] Lee Joon Ki as Jin Do Hyuk (28) Yoon So Yi as Joo Jae In (28) Uhm Ki Joon as Kang Hae Seong (28) Baek Yoon Shik as Jo Yong Deok (50) […]

  1786. 1786
    I Love Lee Junki Oppa Says:

    Oh how i missed you soooo much hope to see you act again…Happy Valentines Day oppa 🙂 Mwaaaaaaaaahhhhh Saranghae!!!!

  1787. 1787
    Charlie Says:

    Welcome back, Beautiful man
    Hope see on on tv soon 💓💓💓

  1788. 1788
    Aysha Rostami Says:

    hi. I am from Azerbaijan. I love you.

  1789. 1789
    Honey Says:

    oppa U r so cute and very good looking

  1790. 1790
    tinzar Says:

    I am Tinzar.I Myanmar girl. I live in Myanmar country. I very like Lee Joon Ki .U actor very good . I like. U smile very cute . I like . I love U. Bye BYe .

  1791. 1791
    Lia Says:

    hi lee jun ki,I hope see U

  1792. 1792
    oktiaput Says:


  1793. 1793
    DestyNovi Says:

    Oppa!!!! You’re the best actor in my heart 😀

  1794. 1794
    quince Says:

    Welcome back Joon Ki! I’m so excited on your new projects. I missed your splendid acting skills. You can carry out any role. Your facial expressions are so convincing, and so are your acts. More power to one of my most admired actors!

  1795. 1795
    thyna Says:

    sukses slalu, kapan nich ada wktnya ke indonesia

  1796. 1796
    kpop Says:

    love oppa

  1797. 1797
    Rikka(indonesia) Says:

    I am very like you lee joon ki,I always wait your new drama.
    And Happy Birthday lee joon ki,hope u always success

  1798. 1798
    I Love Lee Junki Oppa Says:

    Welcome back my one and only fave actor Lee Jun Ki!!!Happy bday!…I wish you all the best in life,good health,happiness,and wish your bday be filled with love and more projects to come!I’m waiting for ur upcoming series “Arang and The Magistrate”!my wildest dream is to meet you for real and it wud be fine with me if I die after I see you:)I’m dying to see you in person!!!Pls always take good care of yourself and always “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.” Gudaeman Saranghae Lee jun Ki oppa!!! mwah

    Hugs and kisses,
    Avid fan in Philippines 🙂

  1799. 1799
    jenny Says:

    Hi!I just finished watching Iljimae,, its great.. i really got carried into the scenes! Lee Joon Ki is really a great actor.
    More projects and stay healthy!
    May the Lord blessed you more and your family.
    I am looking forward for your upcoming series..

  1800. 1800
    shirley Says:

    u look handsome…i like u in the drama my girl…

  1801. 1801
    yukiko Says:

    ogenkidesuka,watashiha itsumo anatawo ouanshite imasu. I like you drama


  1802. 1802
    09239648377 Says:

    I think im falling for u.

  1803. 1803
    GirL_Kick_AsS Says:

    I’m so damn happy that finally ur back and Ive seen the pictures of ur upcoming series Arang and the Magistrate and Im totally excited….Saranghaeyo!

    You rock big time!!!

    From Philippines!!!!

  1804. 1804
    Irene Says:


  1805. 1805
    choi hye sun Says:

    love u oppa…
    u like yesung…
    i really really love u..!!!!

  1806. 1806
    Ralys Says:

    This guy looks like a woman

  1807. 1807
    yong sung Says:

    new look of Joon ki.. so manly.. love it…. <3 <3 <3

  1808. 1808
    kati Says:

    you are number 1 …………………………
    you are the best as a actor…………

  1809. 1809
    Gudaeman Saranghae Lee Jun Ki Says:

    Hayz,so addicted with you!can’t wait any longer for Arang n the magistrate:)

  1810. 1810
    Aries Says:

    i love u!
    Lee Jun Ki no1!
    i love Lee Jun Ki -> FOREVER

  1811. 1811
    خريد سريال کره قهرمان Says:

    […] Lee Joon Ki as Jin Do Hyuk (28)Yoon So Yi as Joo Jae In (28)Uhm Ki Joon as Kang Hae Seong (28)Baek Yoon Shik as Jo Yong Deok (50 […]

  1812. 1812
    iin Says:

    wieh ngfanz brat ni q.

  1813. 1813
    Sinopsis 아랑사또전 / Arang and the Magistrate « ♥ ga-eul Says:

    […] Lee Joon Ki as Eun Oh Shin Min Ah as Arang Yun Woo Jin as Joo Wal Hwang Bo Ra as as Bang Wool (Arang’s shaman sidekick) Kwon Oh Joong as Dol Swe […]

  1814. 1814
    Arang and the Magistrate | Raja Ngunduh Says:

    […] one day a new magistrate comes to town — a young man by the name of Eun Oh (Lee Joon Ki). Arang appears to him like every other magistrate before him, but this man doesn’t flee, and […]

  1815. 1815
    Arang and the Magistrate « Gmtn96's Blog Says:

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  1816. 1816
    August dramas, are you ready? « popv Says:

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  1817. 1817
    htethtetlwin Says:

    I like him very much
    He is very good looking.

  1818. 1818
    sharon Says:

    Lee Joon Ki… So happy to see you in upcoming drama ” Arang
    and the Magistrate ” new look !! I love it.

  1819. 1819
    ance Says:

    wow i’m now one of your millions of fans…great acting and a very hansome man…keep it up!

  1820. 1820
    [MBC 2012] Arang and the Magistrate RAW E7 / SUB E6 | Says:

    […] period: 2012-Aug-15 to 2012-Oct-18 Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 Cast Main Cast Lee Joon Ki as Eun Oh Shin Min Ah as Arang Yun Woo Jin as Joo Wal Hwang Bo Ra as as Arang’s shaman sidekick […]

  1821. 1821
    tdx3 Says:

    love the new look 🙂

  1822. 1822
    moon Says:

    you good looks, but I got the message from the photos, you have a snobbery because most of your picture often raised face!! hope I’m wrong…

  1823. 1823
    Dede Says:

    Lee Joon Ki has a very pretty face. It is very striking and quite unusual.

  1824. 1824
    maryam Says:

    haru…haru…(day by day)i tink i love him more and more…whay?

  1825. 1825
    Dede Says:

    @maryam. He is quite intriguing and I researched his history of acting. Very unique. Watched an You tube interview of him on Japanese television and boy Was I impressed.

  1826. 1826
    Lee Jun Ki vs. Jung Yoon Hak « Ich war noch niemals auf Hawai'i Says:

    […] South Korean celebrities.   Lee Jun Ki (이준기) is an actor though he also has a couple of solo albums whereas Jung Yoon Hak (정윤학) is the leader and vocalist for the boyband Supernova or Choshinsung (초신성). I knew of Jun Ki first. He became famous for The King and the Clown, which I watched and enjoyed. Lee Jun Ki.  Photo courtesy of Korean Drama. […]

  1827. 1827
    i_am_mrs.lee_joon_ki Says:

    New LJK song… ‘One Day’..


  1828. 1828
    LeeShohreh Says:

    please update his award…
    he won in skyperfect 2012 for JGstyle
    daebak oppa

  1829. 1829
    [SBS 2008] Iljimae | Says:

    […] Lee Joon Ki as Iljimae / Yong / Lee Geom – Yeo Jin Goo as Geom (child) Han Hyo Joo as Eun Chae – Kim Yoo Jung as Eun Chae (child) Lee Young Ah as Bong Soon – Jung Da Bin as Bong Soon (child) Park Shi Hoo as Shi Hoo / Ja Dol – Lee David as Ja Dol (teen) […]

  1830. 1830
    caren Says:

    hai i like you…

  1831. 1831
    Miss San raw Says:

    Hi. Jun ki I love you

  1832. 1832
    NextDoor Says:

    i hope you will have more good projects to come after Arang. you are a very good actor.

  1833. 1833
    aci Says:

    joon ki oppa…. i love u…

  1834. 1834
    bryar Says:

    i love u

  1835. 1835
    [SBS 2005] My Girl | Says:

    […] Dong Wook (이동욱) as Seol Gong-chan Lee Da Hae (이다해) as Joo Yoo-rin Lee Joon Ki (이준기) as Seo Jung-woo Park Si Yeon (박시연) as Kim […]

  1836. 1836
    Arang and The Magistrate (아랑 사또전) « styrn Says:

    […] nobleman named Kim Eun Oh (Lee Joon Ki) comes to town searching for his mother after hearing a rumor that she is staying at the village of […]

  1837. 1837
    era Says:

    you’re very talented, ur acting so good
    the one i love most is your act in iljimae… daebak daebak daebak

  1838. 1838
    lucia jia Says:

    You are the best actor!We all love you!Fighting!

  1839. 1839
    lily Says:

    You are the best actor!We all love you!Fighting!

  1840. 1840
    ngoc pham Says:

    Lee Jun Ki- best actor in my heart

  1841. 1841
    hong nhung Says:

    I choose Lee Jun ki

  1842. 1842
    Emily Says:

    I love all the dramas you performed. You are a real actor. I ‘m so proud of you, Joon Ki!!!

  1843. 1843
    [MBC 2007] Time Between Dog And Wolf | Says:

    […] Lee Joon Ki as Lee Soo Hyun / Kay – Park Gun Tae as young Soo Hyun Nam Sang Mi as Soo Ji Woo – Jung Min Ah as young Ji Woo Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Min Ki […]

  1844. 1844
    tinmimiko Says:

    i love you

  1845. 1845
    rei_indo Says:

    i love ur hair cut.. more fresh ^__^

  1846. 1846
    nia gabriela Says:

    세라 세라 세라, 읽기는 지금까지 진실 미소
    ¿SERA SERA SERA, read is so far TRUTH SMILE¡¡¡¡¡¡¡***.
    Is good at what he does, always hard work rewarded and watch your blessings sulud ***.
    그가하는 일에 좋은 항상 열심히 보상을 작동하고 감상하면 축복이 ***를 sulud.
    gracias .

  1847. 1847
    alma diaz Says:

    i really like lee joon ki he was so cute and really good actor i want to join to his fans club ive arang he was so good there i love how he smile and talk wish i could meet him in person…good luck to you fighting!

  1848. 1848
    MBC Drama Awards 2012 Nominees and Winners Revealed! | EnteRvrexWorld Says:

    […] Lee Joon Ki & Shin Min Ah (Arang and the Magistrate) […]

  1849. 1849
    Yen Says:

    My sister and I are debating what we like most about Lee Jun Ki – his beautiful eyes or his kissable lips or his great acting skills? Keep up the good work and keep smiling. I am your #2 fan and my sister is your #1 fan. 🙂

  1850. 1850
    hallyu lover Says:

    Lee Jun Ki oppa is so handsome. He looks the best when acting in a period drama like Arang & Magistrate and IIjimae!

  1851. 1851
    Dede Says:

    Well I’ll have to get in line behind Yen. I admire his body of work and have watched his interviews, with Eng Subs of course, and have found him to be very impressive.

  1852. 1852
    Momo Says:

    Waiting for your new drama in 2013…keep on your good acting !!

  1853. 1853
    che Says:

    youre so very beautiful i in love with you\

  1854. 1854
    meemu Says:

    Jun Ki oppa you are so handsome… gonna be waiting again for your next drama… 🙂 I miss you!!!!

  1855. 1855
    julie Says:

    you’re so handsome

  1856. 1856
    serbamendadak Says:

    […] Lee Joon Ki sebagai Iljimae / Yong / Lee Geom – Yeo Jin Goo sebagai Geom (waktu kecil) Han Hyo Joo sebagai Eun Chae – Kim Yoo Jung sebagai Eun Chae (waktu kecil) Lee Young Ah sebagai Bong Soon – Jung Da Bin sebagai Bong Soon (waktu kecil) Park Shi Hoo sebagai Shi Hoo / Ja Dol – Lee David sebagai Ja Dol (waktu remaja) […]

  1857. 1857
    Zimmerman Says:

    I tried to watch Arang and the magistrate but was too bore. This guy doesn’t do anything for me.

  1858. 1858
    Patricia Says:

    I thought he was good in all his projects though. Arang and The Magistrate included. Looks aside, I think through his acting I can see that he has grown and evolve to be a man – successful in shirking off his bad-boy image.

  1859. 1859
    Kamsan Aziah Says:

    Hi…i have seen the drama of Arang & Magistrate…I like it..his acting has develop and grown…compare than My Girl…Anyway wish all the best to Lee and keep it up for the new project…

  1860. 1860
    Isabell26 Says:

    I think he is one of the best actors out there right now! He’s such an amazing,brilliant and beautiful actor with a great ability to control his different characters.He show many faces in one character and that what makes the great actor so unlike many other actor,he is versatile! Yeah,he got great body language i mean eyes and many face reactions and lots of other things plus his awesome figthing skills are treat to watch!!

  1861. 1861
    kiki Says:

    @admin .. can you change this recent pic as a cover,thank you in advance 🙂

    (@kiki from admin: we can not see anything in that link)

  1862. 1862
    kiki Says:

    @admin…Oh my bad! here is the another link,I hope this works 🙂

  1863. 1863
    tigerb Says:

    this new picture, LJK looks suave, in the previous one he looks more manly.

  1864. 1864
    tigerb Says:

    just saw ‘the king and the clown’ and realized that LJK can really be pretty in drag. the character he was playing was pitiful, that he had to submit what his owner, then later the king wanted. the movie was made when he was younger and he played it very well, deserving the awards listed above for that role. i should watch more of his earlier work, and look forward to his future projects.

  1865. 1865
    tigerb Says:

    virgin snow is about young love, and ljk easily portrayed a high school student meeting a young girl and fell in love, story is very simple, and no challenge for his talent at all. let’s see what else is there to watch.

  1866. 1866
    Hsi Xiao Says:

    ur d 1…so handsome!

  1867. 1867
    paras Says:

    Annyong,, For healing how missing you,, hope you have many drama in every years.. Happy to see many girl grazy for you here^^

  1868. 1868
    paras Says:

    Perfect nose and lips also beauty eyes, even not so tall he is. But never boring want to see.. More then he’s very funny and know how to make joking with every he say or his body when he talk^
    ‘Naughty Guy Lee Jung Ki -a,, hope you always funny (naughty) in every drama you have..^
    nOW, Korea have so many handsome actor with gud acting. One of them it’s you^^
    Hope South and North Korea always in peace,, we still want to watch many drama, and more fr ‘you’,,, annyong..

  1869. 1869
    ayu edogawa Says:

    jun ki oppaaaa.. what u can’t do?? you do martial art, acting, singing, even dancing… what a talented people…

  1870. 1870
    grasya Says:

    youre such a good actor…i love your drama Arang and the Magistrate….cute loveteam with shi min ah…..

  1871. 1871
    sabal Says:

    We like him.Heis handsone

  1872. 1872
    elizaeth Says:

    chever lee joon tkm 🙂 espero k vengas ha perú xfa soy tu fan numero 1

  1873. 1873
    This Week in Drama #1 | a sprinkle of pop Says:

    […] Tae Sun (Lee Jun Ki) is living carelessly when one day everything changes. First, he discovers he has a daughter (from […]

  1874. 1874
    bigeye46 Says:

    so great actor and fighting

  1875. 1875
    grasha Says:

    Two Weeks drama is one of the Greatest to follow this year.

    Lee Joon Gi also become over the top after watching this drama

    he’s one of the Best Leading Actor in the World!!!

    Two Weeks fighting

  1876. 1876
    tigerb Says:

    i saw ‘fly daddy fly’ and ljk easily played the supporting role of training a middle aged man who had to avenge his daughter. it’s a good movie to watch, and i could see his good rapport with the leading man whom he starred with in ‘iljimae’ two years later.

  1877. 1877
    momo Says:

    I’m watching your new drama “2 weeks”, your acting is awesome.

  1878. 1878
    Patricia Goh Says:

    Lee Joon Ki, u really never fail to impress us with all your projects. U r definitely one of favorites. Really am impressed with your recent drama. Think it’s your best series so far. U have a good back staget crew for this project. But most importantly u r the life and essence as to why this drama series is so successful.

    Fight on! All the best.

  1879. 1879
    Download Korea Drama Two weeks (2013) | Khristinayulia's Blog Says:

    […] Tae San (Lee Joon Ki) is a man on the run after being falsely accused of murder. Furthermore, he discovers that he has a […]

  1880. 1880
    Cleopatra mzava Says:


  1881. 1881
    Lemonade Says:

    @Admin…pls add this, 2013 SDA:Outstanding Korean Drama Actor

  1882. 1882
    sai cabarles Says:

    your’e awesome .. i love your acting .. keep it up 🙂

  1883. 1883
    Juliyana Chou Says:

    I like all about Lee Joon Gi from beginning debut until now. His acting quality is no 1 for me. JG is the Best.

  1884. 1884
    chinwe Says:

    you are always so good in acting. You always put in your best. Again do you know why I love you so much? Cause you are a natural when it comes to acting. I know, cause I Read Threater Arts here in Nigeria. See the way u acted your fatherly role so VERY WELL, for the first time in your acting life. U ARE A VERY GOOD ACTOR. I LOVE YOU.

  1885. 1885
    chinwe Says:

    Lee Joon Ki, do u know that your movie TWO WEEKS have kept me at home all day, because its very intresting? I could leave my sit cause I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen? U are truely the best, keep it up.

  1886. 1886
    chinwe Says:

    I always watch any movie I see your face in cause, there is never a dull moment in all your movies, And I mean, NEVER A DULL MOMENT. Pls am looking forward to watch your new movie. Cheers.

  1887. 1887
    chinwe Says:

    Mr Lee Joon Ki, Pls permit me to ask, why are you so handsome, I mean, you are so pretty, so also is your actings. You really are Beauty and Brain. Cheers.

  1888. 1888
    Ruby74554 Says:

    @Admin …. Lee Jun Ki is now under IMX/Interactive Media not Mentor Entertainment anymore. Please change! Thanks.

  1889. 1889
    faryda Says:

    oppa awesome, oppa goog actor, pkoknya oppa paling ganteng, oppa harus selalu nonggol di TV, pokoknya main drama teruss…

  1890. 1890
    apiel Says:

    oppa jun ki ganteng, oppa aku mau liad oppa di TV teyuss pokoknyaaa, oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… Sarangheyooo…

  1891. 1891
    junika Says:

    congrat to you my lee jun ki oppa, you are really the best actor, im so proud of you. i’ve made some youtube bout you too in jun ika. hope you like i

  1892. 1892
    左丘 Says:


  1893. 1893
    朱颜 Says:

    I will be there with you forever, I love you,we will be together,forever.

  1894. 1894
    마가렛 Says:

    Joon Gi acts magnificently in 2 Weeks, being a caring father to rescue his daughter with his brave and deterrmination. He is deserved to get the Apan Star Award. So proud of him ~ Love him forever❣

  1895. 1895

    you are my best actor

  1896. 1896
    lilia Says:

    i just saw a drama with the name the secret angel in vicki and iam 100% sure was him the lead male but i don’t see this drama in his list somebody can check and let me know

  1897. 1897
    shellamae Says:

    i love to watch arang and the magistrate

  1898. 1898
    Imme Says:

    Oprah fitting … Love you soo much

  1899. 1899
    Temoka Says:

    Lee joon ki oppah …
    Sarnha …
    Give us the best you can

  1900. 1900
    Kiku Says:

    Jun ki oppa. Really liked arang and magistrate drama!

  1901. 1901
    siti rohmah Says:

    I’ve finished watching ALL HIS DRAMAS. and i always fall for him especially the way Lee Jun Ki acts in every his dramas and movie. He is the BEST actor in the world.
    Hopefully he will come back soon with the greatest drama such Iljimae and time between dog and wolf. : 사랑해요 :*

  1902. 1902
    She Says:

    He’s really a good actor i love watching his movies. i am his number 1 fan.more power and GOD bless!

  1903. 1903
    DAVID Says:

    i love your movies,especially ILJIMAE

  1904. 1904
    roxy Says:

    beautiful eyes…. kissable lips….!

  1905. 1905
    joda Says:

    You are the best

  1906. 1906
    JC Says:

    He is always my No 1 actor

  1907. 1907
    vanni Says:

    waiting his new role as park yoon kang at joseon shotter

  1908. 1908
    alvin Says:

    i love the way,you acted as a good father in two weeks movie…keep it up bro!

  1909. 1909
    IZ Says:

    KoreanDrama.org – I hope you add the Joseon Shooter soon.
    Thank you

  1910. 1910
    IZ Says:

    wow.. KoreanDrama.org., why is Joseon Gunman aka Joseon Shooter not yet on your database, please?

    (@IZ from admin: yes, we will updated it on next month when everything is confirmed.)

  1911. 1911
    zuli san Says:

    ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡He is sooo cute, perfect actor…♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  1912. 1912
    Sunbae Diva Says:

    Woot woot! A new drama with Lee Jun Ki oppa!!!

  1913. 1913
    Joseon Gunman / 조선 총잡이 (Ep 01) | MINI DRAMA PORTAL Says:

    […] 19th century Joseon dynasty, Park Yoon Kang (Lee Joon Ki) is the son of the best swordsman in the country. His father and younger sister then get killed. To […]

  1914. 1914
    Zena Says:

    Jun ki, I am watchin gunman of joseon and I really like it. you look healthy, handsome, and just a good actor. are you ready to settle down? There’s no mention of any girlfriend I can’t believe you’re not dating anyone. Well, good luck in you career. I am watching you from LA, California and I’m such a fan.

  1915. 1915
    GrayMystogan Says:

    Lee jun ki is one of my favourite actors…Two weeks,iljimae,especially joseon gunman which am currently watching…I love it,but I don’t know why ur sister(Yeon Ha) had to die..I really hate it when ladies die in movies, especially Korean..

  1916. 1916
    Christiane Lalaguna Says:

    Lee jun ki is one of my favorite actor. And most of
    his Movies i’ve watched was all good and i really
    like it. And what i admire most is his acting
    skills oh’ i loved it <3

    i hope i watched more and more of
    his movies soon.

  1917. 1917
    Rye Says:

    , i just started to love LEE JUN KI because of his drama series TWO WEEKS, and i fall in love with the way he portray the character, love the way he smile, talks and also, love his looks. I just finished the Time Between Dog and Wolf, and there, i was totally starstruck.

    THE BEST ACTOR ever…….Hwaiting junki oppa!!!!!

  1918. 1918
    pudji Says:

    jun ki sse…..everytime I watch your drama make my heart beat faster…..waiting for your next drama.. 🙂

  1919. 1919
    Katherine Yong Says:

    I enjoy watching Joseon gunman so much that i watch the replay. Too bad it gonna end soon . Joon Gi i is such s great actor who plays his character well.. I indeed like him co-star with Nam Sang Mi. I have also watched his fans meetings and concerts on the Internet. . He impresses me in that he is also a good singer and entertainer. His smiles, the way he talks tells me he is a friendly and humble man. Comments also indicate he is loved by viewers around the world. Looking forward to watch more of your dramas and concerts. My best wishes to you!

  1920. 1920
    paras Says:

    Luv him everytime play on story bout korean empire. He’s gud one and can’t wait for new drama. Handsome with long hair like on iljimae n josoen gungman n drama arang n magistrate best one that I like fr all drama korea. LJK, gud luck..!^^

  1921. 1921
    Korean Drama Addict Says:

    LEE JOON GI is really super cool and so fantastic in the drama, The JOSEON Shooter. His energy is unbelievable! He is one of those actors who can connects well with the audience through his acting. He is second to none – unequalled and unmatched in acting and in the entertainment industry.
    Yoo Oh-seong who plays the villain in the drama also gives an interesting interpretation to his character. The drama is so well produced. Congratulations to LEE JOON GI and the cast & crew!
    LEE JOON GI, when is your next drama?

  1922. 1922
    Korean Drama Addict Says:

    LEE JOON GI is really super cool and so fantastic in the drama, The JOSEON Shooter. His energy is unbelievable! He is one of those actors who can connect well with the audience through his acting. He is second to none – unequalled and unmatched in acting and in the entertainment industry.
    Yoo Oh-seong who plays the villain in the drama also gives an interesting interpretation to his character. The drama is so well produced. Congratulations to LEE JOON GI and the cast & crew!
    LEE JOON GI, when is your next drama?

  1923. 1923
    k Says:

    i love all your drama, your acting is excellent, especially in your new drama joseon gunman. But my favorite one is two weeks, i love the story, your role as father really touched my heart, it felt like soo jin was your real daughter 🙂 . I’ll wait for your new drama. You are the best actor!!

  1924. 1924
    nissa Says:

    Talk about handsome actor, there is soooo many handsome actor in korea.. But if we talk about handsome talented actor is must be you joon ki oppa. You played very well in all of your drama, masterpiece! At 2015 plis do a new project which brings u a new character, that will challenge u more.. Don’t forget it must be action drama, joon ki oppa suits very well in action drama… Hmmm.. comedy-action drama maybe? Haha

  1925. 1925
    Korean Drama Review 2 Weeks | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […]  Lee Joon Ki as Jang Tae San and Park Ha Sun as Seo In Hye and Lee Chae Mi as Seo Soo Jin (Tae San’s […]

  1926. 1926
    choopatiu Says:

    Love lots!

  1927. 1927
    lucy zhang Says:

    you are my angel <3

  1928. 1928
    minnieme Says:

    A versatile and award-winning actor. Wonderful singer. Great Dancer. Talented individual. One of the most sought-after celebrity endorsers. Action star. King of fusion sageuk. Hot and handsome. Drop dead gorgeous. Seriously this man is too sinful taking away the hearts of women all over the world! Joon Gi oppa fighting!! May your future always be bright!! looking forward to a new year of your explosive display of talent and charisma!! <3

  1929. 1929
    k Says:

    You are a very talented actor.
    Waiting for your new drama 🙂

  1930. 1930
    jelai Says:

    kindly partner Ms. Ha ji won to Lee joon ki in drama series with an action comedy romance genre. i think it will click..

  1931. 1931
    Random recommendations for Action dramas | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] starring Lee Joon Ki as Lee Soo Hyun / Kay and Nam Sang Mi as Soo Ji Woo. In order to avenge his mother that was killed brutally by Thai criminal syndicate Cheongbang, Soo Hyun decided to take matters into his own hands in one of his operations and cause the failure of the police operation. After that, he becomes an undercover NIS agent after staging his death. Hiding his past, Soo Hyun infiltrates the Cheongbang with revenge in mind, leaving Ji Woo behind. Under the pseudo-name of Kay, he passes through the backstreets of Bangkok. What Soo Hyun didn’t know was Ji Woo, the one he loved, is the daughter of the same villain, who killed his mother and father. While he was protecting Ji Woo secretly as ordered, he saves her and ends up losing his memory. He started thinking he was a part of Cheongbang and helped them with their bad deeds. At the same time, his job was to protect Ji Woo and they met again. […]

  1932. 1932
    jelai Says:

    I am hoping that k-dramas would have an action comedy romance for lee joon ki oppa and ha ji won eonnie.. Please please… I think they will be a good match for that drama since both can do action and they are both good in acting…

  1933. 1933
    k Says:

    Lee joon ki very talented dancer, excellent actor and can sing too. Your acting keeps getting better and better, you even look more and more handsome as you get older. Love you so very much.

  1934. 1934
    Jo Waller Says:

    Lee joon-ki – Brilliant Actor who is the triple thread – actor, singer, dancer.
    He has it all plus he is THE hottest guy on the planet.
    Joonki is my most favorite slam dunkem actor along with his jaw dropping looks, he really does have it all and gives it to us to enjoy 🙂

  1935. 1935
    Pema Wangmo Says:

    Lee Joon Ki, my Favorite actor. I m crazy for you. i love you so muchhhhhh. muahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!. Saranghea Lee Joon Ki

  1936. 1936
    Angel Eyes (엔젤 아이즈) | styrn Says:

    […] Young Ji Kim Ho Chang as Moon Je Ha Suh Dong Won as Kim Ho Jin Park Jin Joo as Kim Yoon Jung Lee Seung Hyung as Sung Hyun Ho Im Seung Dae as Choi Jin […]

  1937. 1937
    suju13 Says:

    support ur drama in scholor who walk the night…hope it will be a daebak!!

  1938. 1938
    Random recommendations for historical dramas with sad endings | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] starring Lee Joon Ki as Iljimae / Yong / Lee Geom and Han Hyo Joo as Eun Chae.  His family is framed for treason and the whole family was executed as a result. He managed to escape death and loses his memory. Hence, he is being adopted by his stepbrother’s (once) family. Character by Lee Jun Ki who left behind a painting depicting a plum tree branch to make his mark after robbing corrupted government officials to give to the poor has clever ways of going in and out of the king’s palace and disguising himself.  While he robs to give to the poor, he gets nearer to the truth he has been searching for. The picture on the sword which kills his father will eventually lead him to the person who killed his father. He falls in love with the girl whose father framed his family. Park Shi Ho’s character is involved in the deed to frame the family. To prevent his son from being silenced, his mother lies that he is that family’s son. Thus, Park Shi Ho’s character becomes Eun Chae’s stepbrother. Character by Park Shi Ho, his stepbrother, will be hot on his heels as an official in that era, without knowing the person he is catching is actually related to him. […]

  1939. 1939
    Elizabeth Says:

    My lovely bro, I really really like you. I wanna see you if I have a chance and I hope to be your younger sister. Fighting bro.

  1940. 1940
    SR Says:

    I want to kiss you_Lee Jun Ki, only in the drama ‘Scholar who walks the night’…

  1941. 1941
    Maggie Says:

    I will always love you, Lee Joon Ki.

  1942. 1942
    sohana Says:

    Lee Joon Gi always handsome lovely & cute keep going oppa best wishes for u😍😙❤

  1943. 1943
    Dolly Won Says:

    Saranghaeyooo :* I’m your fan forever :*

  1944. 1944
    Angelina Says:

    I do think Lee Joon Gi is an excellent actor; he has great acting skill and has great performance in different kinds of roles. He is a good person too, kind, hard-working, low-key, warm-hearted. Wish he has a even more splendid future

  1945. 1945
    zhunjidefen Says:


  1946. 1946
    Barbara Says:

    Lee Joon Gi is the best Korean actor and Scholar Who Walks The Night is the best Korean drama of 2015.

  1947. 1947
    aaaa Says:


  1948. 1948
    Lezde Says:

    Scholar Who Walks The Night FTW for the Best Korean Drama of 2015. It’s high time for Lee Joon Gi to win an award for the said category on this site. Always a runner-up for the previous years. He really deserves it. So please… VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!


  1949. 1949
    paras Says:

    Always wait for new kolosal drama of you

  1950. 1950
    Patricia Says:

    I’ve always been a supporter of u Lee joon ki. Esp when u were in Iljimae. If u r reading this i like to express my views about u:

    It will be good for you though that u try out other types of characters to broaden your acting career path. With the current types of dramas u have, it seems to revolve only period dramas and “heroic” drama. It’s all good and I’m not saying that your acting is bad. It’s just that it will boost your popularity more when u expose yourself to other types of drama and act in different characters. Gives us the audience something more to look forward. Hope this helps!

  1951. 1951
    Celeste Says:

    Lee Joon Gi? No words can fully describe the amazing actor and entertainer! He’s now a Hollywood star and he is now world famous – a GLOBAL personality! He has finally achieved his dreams, now that he is in ‘Resident Evil 6’. Congratulations!M
    Lee Joon Gi’s Scholar Who Walks The Night is the best drama and he is the best Korean actor. The story is amazing and unique. His eyes are expressive and stupendous. There are so many moving, touching and amazing scenes in the drama.M
    Lee Joon Gi is the top South Korean Star. He has won so many awards for his movies and dramas. Not too long ago, he won the Best Actor Award in the 2015 Seoul Drama Awards for his drama ‘Joseon Shooter’. His recent drama, ‘The Scholar Who Walks The Night’ is such a fantastic drama, the best drama in 2015. His acting performance can be considered a sterling one. He is incredible as an actor!

  1952. 1952
    Celeste Says:

    We fans congratulate Lee Joon Gi. No words can completely and truly describe the amazing, handsome and talented Korean actor, Lee Joon Gi He is going to be a huge Hollywood and global star! He has finally achieved his ambitions and dreams, now that he is in ‘Resident Evil 6’.
    Lee Joon Gi’s 2015 Scholar Who Walks The Night is the best drama and he is the best Korean actor. Such an amazing , moving and unique drama. Lee Joon Gi’s eyes are expressive and fascinating
    Lee Joon Gi has won so many awards for his movies and dramas. He is the top of the acting industry. Recently, he won the Best Actor Award in the 2015 Seoul International Drama Awards for his drama ‘Gunman in Joseon’.

    Lee Joon Gi can be considered an awesome and amazing actor!

  1953. 1953
    Celeste A. Says:

    All Lee Joon Gi’s fans support him. Hurray for Lee Joon Gi.

    We fans congratulate Lee Joon Gi. No words can completely and truly describe the amazing, handsome and talented Korean actor, Lee Joon Gi He is going to be a huge Hollywood and global star! He has finally achieved his ambitions and dreams, now that he is in ‘Resident Evil 6’.
    Lee Joon Gi’s 2015 Scholar Who Walks The Night is the best drama and he is the best Korean actor. Such an amazing , moving and unique drama. Lee Joon Gi’s eyes are expressive and fascinating
    Lee Joon Gi has won so many awards for his movies and dramas. He is the top of the acting industry. Recently, he won the Best Actor Award in the 2015 Seoul International Drama Awards for his drama ‘Gunman in Joseon’.

    Lee Joon Gi can be considered an awesome and amazing actor!

  1954. 1954
    Drama Korea Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo + Subtitle Says:

    […] conflicts and struggles between princes of Wang’s House. There, she falls in love with Wang So (Lee Joon Ki) who makes other people tremble with […]

  1955. 1955
    Rayne Says:

    All the best. I really like you and IU in moon lovers . Hope to see more of you next movies and dramas. Just do your best.

  1956. 1956
    Susy indrayanti Says:

    So handsome when in drama.i hope he will be next so ji sub

  1957. 1957
    Barbara Says:

    Im watching Scarlet Heart:Ryeo on drama fever and I love it. This actor will make your heart flutter. He is beautiful to watch.

  1958. 1958
    [PERFIL] Saiba mais sobre o ator Lee Joon Ki Says:

    […] Fonte: Wikipedia, KoreanDrama […]

  1959. 1959
    aga Says:

    Im watching Scarlet Heart:Ryeo .
    In Poland is many,many fans.
    All Lee Joon Gi’s fans support him. YOU ARE THE BEST

  1960. 1960
    Miumiu Says:

    I love u. I hope u n Iu become a real couple

  1961. 1961
    Thakshila Rathnasiri Says:

    Scarlet Heart: Ryeo is a great teledrama.My one and only loving actor Mr.Lee Joon Gi you are the best actor in the world.I would like to thank especially to the producer ,Mr.Lee Joon Gi and all the other actors and actresses for doing such a great drama.I’m watching this agin and again.I really love this drama.Mr.Lee Jooon Gi I’m proud of you.You are the Asia’s Sun Shine! I wish you all the success forever.Love you all from here Sri Lanka

  1962. 1962
    jjjzyjsinac Says:


  1963. 1963
    xirin Says:

    support him best actor in my heart

  1964. 1964
    Thơm Says:

    Lee Joon Ki là diễn viên có sức thu hút khán giả lớn nhất, có những vai diễn độc đáo và đột phá nhất, diễn xuất tuyệt vời nhất, thần thái biểu cảm tốt nhất, khuôn mặt không góc chết, không phẫu thuật, phi giới tính và chuẩn mực nhất, thân thiện, vui tính và gần gũi fans nhất mà tôi từng biết. I love Lee Joon Ki ❣

  1965. 1965
    baranak Says:

    I Love you Joon Gi

  1966. 1966
    ollyluk Says:

    Lee JoonGi, carry on. Your acting in Moon Lovers Scarket Heart Ryeo is so unforgettable & influential. We overseas fans love this drama. We thank you for always put fans your top priority. Being your fans is lucky for you always treat fans well.

  1967. 1967
    Harriet Says:

    ever since I’ve been watching Lee joon GI movies, I’ve been In love with him and I haven’t been able to open my heart to any man, I just wish I can spend a day with you.. you are the best
    and I love you so much❤

  1968. 1968
    SA Says:

    Excellent acting skills

  1969. 1969
    Frankie Leung Says:

    Lee Joon Ki, just knew him 2 weeks ago in a vedio ‘Review of the 10th Anniversary of King and the crown, he was so charming, smart but modest, so I start to watch the film King and the crown, he (she) was so attractive that you will not leave the sight from him, very very very good performance being a new actor, thereafter read about his news and knew that he is already known to be a very shining star, yes, this is the glory he deserved, add oil, continue to be shinng

  1970. 1970
    Maria Roca Says:

    Lee Joon Ki, is a great actor, very complete in his profession and worries about giving the best of it, hopefully someday he can come to Bolivia.
    Her eyes are the reflection of her soul, they are very expressive, it is seen that she is a very discreet person.
    Go ahead and you know when you feel alone, you are not, God is with you, also try to share with people who are not your environment, always keep in touch with the people of your childhood who had contact with Lee Joon Ki, is that No fame, they knew you as you are, your family, your parents that they always want the best of you.

    God bless you in everything you do.

  1971. 1971
    agata Says:

    i love u joon ki oppa!!!!!

  1972. 1972
    lee joon ki Says:

    Wish I had the moon lovers of two good care of civility itself so I will now look thin, then wanted me to be a fan of Miss Ting Thailand I love you always have to follow the work of my lifetime here. although people talk about language (Korean train very hard).

  1973. 1973
    nid Says:

    Wish I had the moon lovers of two good care of civility itself so I will now look thin, then wanted me to be a fan of Miss Ting Thailand I love you always have to follow the work of my lifetime here. although people talk about language (Korean train very hard).I love OPPA lee joon ki

  1974. 1974
    Anne Says:

    I love you oppa, you’re the best.. wishing you all the best from Nigeria

  1975. 1975
    jirapron chaibangyang Says:

    I think Lee Jun Ki’s fan event in Thailand, Miss Ting does not please his fans in a lot of my b
    rothers, we are looking forward to Thailand’s.
    💕💕Nid love oppa lee joon ki💕💕💕

  1976. 1976
    Monica Says:

    Oppa Ur soo cool.😍…. 💗

  1977. 1977
    Teresa Says:

    A perfect specimen in every way. Looking forward to seeing more amazing things from him in the future <3

  1978. 1978
    mercedes Says:

    Este bellisimo joven, es un excelente actor con una bella y aguda mirada, la que te parece estar frente a él. Me encanta su actuación en Moon Love Scarlet.

  1979. 1979
    winnie Says:

    super like all your dramas and spending late nights watching them is super worthwhile. Moon lovers OST now in repeat mode in my phone. Congratulations Lee Jung Ki. thank you for wonderfully existing.

  1980. 1980
    gdtaeyoungbae Says:

    Saranghae oppa.. hopefully you’ll accept the criminal minds lead role offer.. Can’t wait to see you on screen.. i’m totally excited on your next drama.. nomu nomu chuahae

  1981. 1981
    florian borromeo Says:


    This man is really amazing in terms of acting skills. I watched the scarlet twice and I can see his heart.

    Her leading lady and him has an undeniably great chemistry..congratulations!

    I look forward of watching future projects of him.

  1982. 1982
    Debby Says:

    Wow you are amazing in terms of acting, i love that movie moon lovers is making me go crazy. I spend my night rewatching it over and over.i love you oppa.u are d only korean actor that make nigerians go crazy gosh your acting is too real u are the best.am looking forwad for more entertainment.congrats. debby from nigeria.

  1983. 1983
    Debby Says:

    I wanna see u in person pls visit africa or if u can’t i have to meet u in korea. I have watch alot of ur tv shows i look forwad to more i wish u success u are fascinatinly amazing i love u oppa.debby from nigeria.

  1984. 1984
    CerysCat Says:

    I really don´t understand the uproar about Joon-Gi being in a relationship. What the heck were his ‘fans’ expecting? Did they really assume he´d live like a monk? Joon-Gi always stated that he wouldn´t admit it, even if he was in love with somebody, until they both are sure about their chosen partner. Yet they forced him to reveal his girlfriend. To me this means they absolutely disrespect his privacy. What a shame! I, for one, wish both of them all the best for their mutual future. … Rant over, lol.
    Joon-Gi is an amazing actor who pushes himself over his limits every time to improve his acting even more. I follow his movies since ‘Hotel Venus’ and love every single one – except ‘Resident Evil’ as I just don´t like this genre.
    For his future projects I wish him all the best, great scripts and nice collegues. Break a leg, Joon-Gi!

  1985. 1985
    Remake-ul “Criminal minds” de la tvN va avea premiera in aceasta seara - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Lee Joon Ki – Kim Hyun Joon Moon Chae Won – Ha Sun Woo […]

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