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Lee Jung Jae

Lee Jung Jae 01

Name: 이정재 / Lee Jung Jae
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1973-Mar-15
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg
Star sign: Pisces
Blood type: B

TV Series

Chief of Staff Season 2 (jTBC, 2019)
Chief of Staff Season 1 (jTBC, 2019)
Triple (MBC, 2009)
Air City (MBC, 2007)
White Nights 3.98 (SBS, 1998)
Sandglass (SBS, 1995)
Feelings (KBS2, 1994)


Tik Tok (2015)
Assassination (2015)
The Day of Inversion (2015)
Big Match (2014)
The Face Reader (2013)
New World (2013)
The Thieves (2012)
El Fin del Mundo (2012)
The Housemaid (2010)
Disturbance in Her Barroom aka The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan (2008)
Legend of Flying Dragon (2007)
Typhoon (2005)
Oh! Brothers (2003)
Over the Rainbow (2002)
Last Witness (2001)
MOB2025 (2001)
Last Present (2001)
Asako in Ruby Shoes (2000)
Il Mare (2000)
Interview (2000)
The Uprising (1999)
City of the Rising Sun (1999)
An Affair (1998)
Park vs. Park (1997)
Fire Bird (1997)
Albatross (1996)
The Young Man (1994)


2015 51st Baeksang Arts Awards: InStyle Award

Related Photo

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Lee Jung Jae 1


  1. 1 : carol saiki Says:

    i really want to meet lee jung-jae i think he is so sexy and good actor….
    i leave in las vegas… I only been to korea one time in 1999

  2. 2 : carol saiki Says:

    are you making another movie or mini series I just finished watching air city…..I really like that show….are you coming to las vegas usa anytime in the near future Mr. lee jung-jae

  3. 3 : carol saiki Says:

    my address in united state is 2721 mona lisa st. Henderson NV 89044
    call me at 702-245-8937

  4. 4 : Eci Says:

    Lee jung jae in aircity was superb.. So cool.. His style in aircity was faboulus.. Love ya..

  5. 5 : oyuka Says:

    hi i’m mongolia.you like me you’re good actor /love you/

  6. 6 : afita Says:

    Lee Jung Jae is a powerful actor. I do agree with you that he’s good in “Air City.” He has really “good vibes” with the leading lady, Choi Ji Woo. I do believe they make a nice couple though. Charismatic and powerful couple they would make.

  7. 7 : Regina Says:

    Enjoy watching you and Choi Ji Woo in Air City. Good acting

  8. 8 : bunga01 Says:

    good drama…relax…love that…well done.

  9. 9 : fiona Says:

    hello!!!ur really a good actor particularly in Il Mare…I love the movie and
    u played the role really really great!

  10. 10 : krissyang Says:

    Superb actor. One of the best!!!

  11. 11 : Nifa Says:

    Annyong hasseyeo. U r superb actor! Congratulation! Fell in luv wiz your acting in air city coz i’m an airline staff. U did take my breath away most of time watching u in that drama. I had an experience when the pax manifest from other airline not tally during transit in Malaysia. Such a mess! Not only communications problem but we have to face the Immigration, Civil Aviation also the Airport Authorities!!! Phew…… thank God that now i’m working in the admin office.

    I luv watching your expressions which very unique…unreadable person. Remind me to my ex-boss, very reserved and miss him so much!
    Friends of mine use to say that something wrong wiz my eyes & taste toward men….coz I luv guys wiz reserved karisma, aura and most like it; is unreadable… surprise isn’t it? but i do like them especially you, Jung Jae…. saranghae……saranghae…..

  12. 12 : Jo Says:

    Superb cool. Have not seen an actor like you for quite some times. You’ve done a good job in air-city. You bring out this character. You are not only manly, but alot of charisma in this drama. Keep it up.

  13. 13 : aileen08, Philippines Says:

    Lee Jung Jae! the ability to act….. the mysterious looks…. and the voice…. Hope to see him in another series in the future……

  14. 14 : madi Says:

    i really enjoyed air city… you and cjw has a good chemistry. attention, to the writer and crew… please make a sequel

  15. 15 : Mark Ng Says:

    Can anyone tell me which Korean Serial Drama is he acting? Or he is categorised as movie actor only?

    The White Nights and Sandglass that mentioned in this webpage cannot be found under the Korean Drama leh.

  16. 16 : Yetty Says:

    i love the action Lee Jung Jae in the Air City he is great!! the best actor in my heart…i like the way he looks and talk and i love his voice…romantic voice..im sure he is romantic man.. the best chemistry with choi ji woo so i hope i can see them again with another series in the future…plez..plez.. from Brunei…

  17. 17 : Yetty Says:

    Yes Mark Ng..i also looking for Lee Jung Jae drama series or movie but i didn’t find in the list korean drama…it really upset me too..anywhere i can see you again Lee Jung Jae next new drama…my dear…definitely i watch you acting..from Brunei..

  18. 18 : Yetty Says:

    Dear Lee Jung Jae please let me know for you carrrier pogress for next acting..send to my email [email protected]…i always follow up your activity i hope i can watch your next kdrama soon…..thank you..Love you always….

  19. 19 : maytiptip Says:

    your TVseries,Air City is my favourite series. I Like your acting very much.

  20. 20 : panyangbear Says:

    Air City rocks because of this one big hottie!

  21. 21 : T-Mo Says:

    I really like your acting. It gives nice feeling after watching the drama especially you and Min Hyo Rin. How do you feel if you really face like this movie? You don’t take any advantages from the little girl even you have a chance.

  22. 22 : ledah Says:

    Just a fan…from sg…..nice acting… im think is veri suit u…. friend?…haha

  23. 23 : ledah Says:

    nice acting till now… can be friends?…haha

  24. 24 : ledah Says:

    i hope u can update me to his email for ur next upcoming drama… (=
    my email is [email protected]

  25. 25 : Catrina Says:

    Lee Jeong Jae had a wonderful performance in ‘Air City’. I love the story.

  26. 26 : mane Says:

    love to watch this series, Air City, it’s great.
    also i love both of you Lee Jeong Jae and Choi ji woo.

  27. 27 : LJHfan Says:

    i’m currently watching this online & enjoying your role – i think you’re the James Bond 007 of Korea! i first liked u in Il Mare! 2 thumbs up for your role in AC!! U & Choi look good together! 🙂

  28. 28 : LJJfan Says:

    i meant LJJ fan not LJH correction! 🙂

  29. 29 : tita vergara Says:

    april 5, 2011

    … yesterday i again viewed air city, just love and enjoyed viewing, ms. choi ji woo your partner is soo lovely and beautiful, i love both…. belatd hapi bithday (march 15,) God Bless !!!

  30. 30 : Ann Phet Keosavanh Says:

    I luv you Lee Jung Jae… You are the best actor ever!!! Hope i can meet you one day… You are my inspiration=)

  31. 31 : Triple (트리플) « styrn Says:

    […] Lee Jung Jae as Shin Hwal Lee Sun Gyun as Jo Hae Yoon Yoon Kye Sang as Kang Hyun Tae Min Hyo Rin as Lee Haru Lee Ha Na as Choi Soo In Kim Hee as Kang Sang Hee […]

  32. 32 : linda sygit Says:

    I realy realy realy love this man.

  33. 33 : beth Says:

    Lee Jung Jae is a great actor. He handled all the roles in his movies/dramas so well. He really knows what acting means. Thumbs up!

  34. 34 : LJJ fan Says:

    It seems that the role Ji Sung in the Air City is only for Lee Jung Jae. So emotion, so handsome… Both of you: LLJ and CJW are very excellent !!!!

  35. 35 : amy Says:

    love uuuuu….u 40 now…are u married?hehehe

  36. 36 : Klover Says:

    Where’s The Thieves?

  37. 37 : Alwine Says:

    I’m looking for Korean Movie “IL Mare”…

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