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Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho 02

Name: 이민호 / Lee Min Ho
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1987-Jun-22
Height: 185cm
Weight: 69kg
Star sign: Cancer
Blood type: A

TV Shows

The King: Eternal Monarch (SBS, 2020)
Seven First Kisses (NAVER tvcast, 2016)
The Legend of the Blue Sea (SBS, 2016)
Summer Love (Web drama, 2015)
The Heirs (SBS, 2013)
Faith @ The Great Doctor (SBS, 2012)
City Hunter (SBS, 2011)
Personal Taste (MBC, 2010)
Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009)
Get Up (MBC, 2008)
I’m Sam (KBS2, 2007)
Mackerel Run (SBS, 2007)
Secret Campus (EBS, 2006)
Love Hymn (MBC, 2005)
Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2004)


Bounty Hunters (2016)
The Doolittle Raid (2015)
Love at First Thread (2014)
Gangnam Blues (2015)
Friendship (2008)
Our School E.T (2008)
Public Enemy Returns (2008)
Humming (2007)
Arang (2006)
Ghost Lives (2004)
Repechage (1997)

2012 Toyota Camry – The One and Only (4 Part Web Series)


2016 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Award – Lee Min Ho (The Legend of the Blue Sea)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun (The Legend of the Blue Sea)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Fantasy) – Lee Min Ho (The Legend of the Blue Sea)
2015 51st Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Actor (Gangnam 1970)
2015 51st Baeksang Arts Awards: iQiyi Star Award
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars – Lee Min Ho (The Heirs)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Best Dressed – Lee Min Ho (The Heirs)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Popularity Awards – Lee Min Ho (The Heirs)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple – Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye (The Heirs)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Mid-Length Series) – Lee Min Ho (The Heirs)
2013 Sohu Media Awards: Best Popular International Actor
2013 12th China Fashion Awards (Suzhou, China) – Most Popular Asian Actor
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor Awards (Mini Series), Lee Min Ho (Faith)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards, Lee Min Ho (Faith)
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Awards, Best Actor (Drama Special, City Hunter)
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Netizen Popularity Awards, Actor, Lee Min Ho
2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars (City Hunter)
2011 Korea Drama Festival Awards: Best Actor Award (City Hunter)
2011 Korea Drama Festival Awards: Hallyu Star Award (City Hunter)
2010 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actor (Personal Preference)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Male Newcomer Award (Boys Before Flowers)
2009 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Koo Hye Sun in Boys Before Flowers)
2009 14th Asian Television Awards: Nominated for Best Drama Performance by an Actor (Boys Before Flowers)
2009 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor (Boys Before Flowers)


Samsung AnyCall Magic Hole (2009)
Etude House (2009)
Cass Beer (2009)
Dunkin’ Donuts (2009)
Cadillac CTS (2009)
Samsung AnyCall Haptic (2009)
Market 0 (2009)
LG Telecom (2009)
Trugen (2009)

Photo Gallery

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  1. 1 : loveminho Says:

    oppa saranghae!!!!!i llove him in mackerel run. he is very charming. i miss you.

  2. 2 : lil_pai_pnay Says:

    I am looking forward to see how will you portray your character on Boys over flower. Good luck!! i watched the 2 episode and I cant wait to see you on the next episode. My goodness your WONDERFUL !!! OK!!! luv yah!!

  3. 3 : hrtz Says:

    ur charming!
    u fit the role of domyouji and dao ming zhi.;
    keep it up man!!

  4. 4 : luisacart Says:

    he’s still hot despite the goofy looking hairdo he sports in boys over flowers. lol

  5. 5 : malaya Says:

    OMG youre so hot, your very good in Boys Before Flowers! oppa Saranghea!!!

  6. 6 : charlotte Says:


  7. 7 : venessa1254 Says:

    oppa…!!!!!!!!!Sranghae. You’re so good looking in Boys before flowers!So handsome, keep it up. Looking foward. Oppa fighting!!!!!

  8. 8 : yeunju Says:

    Sooo good looking o3o
    I wish i could go to korea xD

  9. 9 : Jiannanet Says:

    Oh, my god + lord !! Can’t believe you=Li Ming Ho is the same birthday date with me… 1987.06.22, and I am blood type A too…

    I was just watching flower boys as found him abit cute and just wanted to check out…

    I can’t believe this !!

  10. 10 : Emine Says:

    Hi,Lee Min Ho is such a really great actor..You are really a cute & great looking guy…Hope to see more of ur dramas and movies.. =) 🙂 😉 😛

  11. 11 : yahe Says:

    hello 🙂
    love watching Boys Before Flowers…ur really good in acting…
    love yah 🙂

  12. 12 : Dustin Says:

    I enjoyed watching both the taiwanese and japanese version of the manga series. I hope that it will be a hit as well.. I love this drama…!^^

    I love Lee min ho…~!^^

  13. 13 : lil_pai_pnay Says:

    GOO JOON PYU!!! I love your character, I like your curly hair! hehehe,
    your getting better every episode. i am always looking forward to watch this drama to see what you are going to do next, i hope i could find your fans club. i want to join!!! If only korea is near i will go there and ask for your autograph!!! I am not sure if you ever read this messages, but just in case one day you visit this site and happen to read our messages, i just want to let you know, that I am one of your fan here in Chicago,, i love you!! I wish you all the best!! good luck..

  14. 14 : mihmai Says:

    oppa minho


    by d way im from philippines..



  15. 15 : GILDA Says:

    I like your acting it goes naturally and congratulation to all of you.

  16. 16 : flowergirl Says:

    your age same with jang geun suk…

    both r really good looking…

    if i have to choose between them…..

    oh my god i dunno who will be my choise….aah……!

  17. 17 : Aamanda Says:

    You are an AMAZING actor for your age!!!!! You are so good looking as well!! 이민호 / Lee Min Ho sama KEEP IT UP!! FIGHTING, YEAH!!!!

  18. 18 : kangmae22 Says:

    My favorite character from BOF!
    Gu Joon Pyo~~~!!!! XD
    Love his personaility- how he’s sorta mean and teasing on the outside, but lonely and loving on the inside….
    Why does he sorta remind me of Kangmae from Beethoven Virus????
    (BTW, I absolutely LOVE Kangmae, which is probably why I fell for Joon Pyo…) 😛

  19. 19 : blueberry Says:

    I’m enjoying every minute of Boys before Flowers.

    Well done to Jun Pyo and the rest of the cast.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the episodes.

  20. 20 : xox Says:

    i liked him in ‘i am sam’, kind of surprised though that he bagged the lead.
    i kind of wish lee seung ki was in this drama as one of the f4’s.

  21. 21 : cute Says:

    hi…just dropped by your page….hmmppp i like the way you act in Boys Before flowers..hmppp your so handsome….u fit the role of dao ming zhi…hope i can see you face to face..whaaa …


  22. 22 : merve Says:

    he is so cute :)))))

  23. 23 : ami Says:

    lee min ho oppa saranghae..
    i ready to become your friends since mackerel run

  24. 24 : Tina Says:

    Lee Min Ho, did a great job. you have a very bright future. You act very good in boys before flowers. I like you so much. I can’t stop watching this drama. You have good talent.

  25. 25 : LINDA Says:

    lee min ho..!!!
    SO CUTE LAH!!!

  26. 26 : sandy Says:

    OMG! lee min ho is so hot!!! he is the best for the character… hope he’ll visit Philippines, not only him but the whole cast of Boys Before flowers,, does anyone know if she has a girlfriend? waahh can’t wait to see them all…

  27. 27 : sandy Says:

    uhhmm sorry for the wrong usage of word,, what i mean is IF HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND OR SPECIAL SOMEONE,, if he had,, the girl is very lucky to have him…. :c

  28. 28 : Belle Says:

    Lee Min Ho @ Gu Jun Pyo in d BBF…
    i really love ur character in dat drama..
    how can u act so well…lol
    i hope 2 c u face 2 face…
    i think i’ve already fall 4 korean drama coz of u…

  29. 29 : Belle Says:

    u so cute & attractive min ho…
    i really shocked when u speak bout’ “Orang utan”
    in d drama…(happen in ur conversation with jan di)
    can’t wait for d next episode…

  30. 30 : anna Says:

    omfg he is so hot and such an awsome actor!!!!

  31. 31 : van-anh Says:

    Hi Lee min ho.nice to meet you!I’m Anh-14 years old.I have seen your drama”Boys over flowers” on youtube.And i love it very much.I wish i am able to meet you,or i can talk or chat with you.I dont know you read these words or not but i hope you can read it.My email address is: [email protected].I ll be grateful to anyone who add me.
    Fan from Vietnam^.^

  32. 32 : mary Says:

    ohhh all the above persons who comments says it all…or type every word…ahahahha,,,,,,,,hmmmpff what can i say..just be good always..ur shoo handsome..lol….mre power and gud health s well….tke care always..ahahha…

  33. 33 : jesse Says:


    your acting it’s good….

  34. 34 : simple_life Says:

    He is definitely on the rise.

    Great acting as Jun Pyo in BBF. Loved every second, minute, of the episode.

    Very frank & humble too.

  35. 35 : Tina Says:

    Lee Min Ho, You are the best!!!

  36. 36 : orchida Says:

    oppa i was so wrong ” i liked the way he said it ,i like him but not mre than kim bum

  37. 37 : Qiqi Says:

    Lee Min Ho Saranghae yo.. Oppa you’re AMAZING~!

  38. 38 : Qiqi Says:

    Lee Min Ho Saranghae yo.. Oppa you’re really AMAZING~!

  39. 39 : momomiko10 Says:

    omgodness u’re so damn fu*king much handsome!!!

  40. 40 : Reeya Says:

    Lee min ho, the role of goo Joon Pyo is very fitting for you. hopefully after the famous, you still good-hearted, humble and not arrogant. Love you……

  41. 41 : Tina Says:

    you the best

  42. 42 : merizan Says:

    oppa Saranghea!!!
    u r amazing …

  43. 43 : anu^^ Says:


  44. 44 : meda po3 Says:


    li min ho..chayooooooo…

    you are a good actor..

    when will you visit indonesia??????
    there are a lot of person love an actor like you..
    succes for your life

  45. 45 : roselily Says:

    I wish i could fly to Korea to meet u…
    Haven’t really seen someone like u before..
    The character Jun Pyo is displayed so well credit goes to u…..
    All the best, keep the good work going..

  46. 46 : 조안나 Says:

    이민호…super cute…. i love 꽃 보다 남자…. I will wait for the next episode on TV. Hope to see you in person…hahahahaha….

    사랑해요…오빠! (“,)

  47. 47 : [email protected] Says:

    hallow…lee min hoo…
    nice 2 meet u..im zafirah =18 yrs old =
    frm malaysian…
    i really2..love ur character in drama ~boys over flowers~…(GOO JOON PYU)…
    u r so hansome man..,
    as u know ur face look likes dennis oh..when u smile..
    hwrever…u r good a actor..
    n also i hope u can get what u want…
    such as i c u in youtube (interview) .model…
    lee min hoo…

  48. 48 : Aizhan Says:

    Hi Min Ho!I have never heard about you before.But you seem very handsome!!!I liked u.Nanin noril choaheyo!!!!

  49. 49 : Jennifer Gardner Says:

    Lee Min Ho is really adorable…I can’t wait to watch the episode 13 of “Boys before Flowers”… I love it and I really love to watch him in this series especially with Goo Hye-Sun. they look cute together. Muah!

  50. 50 : Secret Says:


    this is my first time writing in a website for any actor, but this time is different. I liked watching this drama. you are really an excellent actor

    Keep the good work^^

  51. 51 : LOL Says:

    i love yaaaaaa!
    :)) XD

  52. 52 : leeminholooooove Says:

    you seem to be a very humble person :))
    LOL. keep it up!

  53. 53 : v2n Says:

    you are so georgeous to be Go Jun Pyo. Good job.

  54. 54 : Nmalaysia Says:

    Really gorgeous and great acting skills 🙂

  55. 55 : AS Says:

    i like korean guys a lot
    sp. Lee he is so good looking. I wish i was born in korea atleast i ll be able to see him… keep up your gud work….. a special far far away
    “from Maldives Island”

  56. 56 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    LEE MIN HO…a pleasure to watch on BOF. Keep it up coz you have plenty of supporters.

  57. 57 : fizah Says:

    really talented and hansome
    lee min ho, fighting!!!!!

  58. 58 : Nic Omie Says:

    geeeeeezzzz……really talented, tall, toooooo handsome, tooooo georgeous, tooooooooo cute, toooooo childlike, toooooooo…….tooooooooo….. 😉

    wish u more bright future…. Ganbatte!!! chayoooo!!!! fighting!!!!!!!!!!

  59. 59 : risya Says:

    both your acting and face are so good!!
    really like u!
    i dont know why..it seems like i always love the main actors in BBF,Hana Yori Dango and Meteor Garden..:)

  60. 60 : tin Says:

    Go Jun Pyo , u’re really handsom and talented. keep up….

  61. 61 : Tania Says:

    LEE MIN HO!!
    he is my new favourite obsession. I love this guy
    Not only he is good looking, he so good at acting… his crying scene
    Omfg … so emotional.
    I’ve watched all the other versions and i like this one best. I fell in love with him almost immediately. *sigh*
    Can’t wait for episode 15

  62. 62 : KOREAN_luver in M Says:

    i think u r not supposed to be the hero for this drama.
    u look kinda old!

  63. 63 : Rossa Says:

    before i saw BOF i thought he looks like Kim Rae Won from love story in Harvard.But after i watched the drama he’s resemble so much of Jerry Yan in Meteor Garden .But he’s more tall and younger version of him.It was weird but is it a fate that the main character look the same.I don’t watch the Japanese version thought.

  64. 64 : rehanah Says:


  65. 65 : puteri Says:

    i love him………………………………

  66. 66 : Rina Says:

    He is both talented and good-looking. He really is a good actor…

  67. 67 : Akser Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho…
    I have really becum a gr888 fan of urs since i started watching Boys Before Flowers… its an awesome drama… and though ur a potraying a bit devilish character.. u still make urself liked by the people.. u r dat good… too good i should say… and u r definitely a gr888888 looking guy… wish u all the best for ur future…

  68. 68 : crissa Says:

    Gosh!!! He looks like Jerry Yan from the Taiwanese version of BBF, Meteor Garden! SOOO COOL!!!!

    I like this drama!

  69. 69 : tikkiglam Says:

    lee min ho acting is so good in this drama… and he’s hot!!
    i want to marry him ;p

  70. 70 : rim Says:

    an neo hasayo,

    I did know about you til i watch the drama boys over flowers.
    very impressive and you look like the taiwan version if the show.

    wow u still so young and even start acting when u 18,very surprised

    hope more drama is coming to your way.

    sarang he…..

    dont be mistaken only your look and charater

    can we communicate thru msn or email.


  71. 71 : saranghae Says:

    i’m sssssssssoooooooooo into u…
    ^_^ saranghaeyo!!

  72. 72 : Shalai Says:

    Ya Gu Jun Pyo!!

    Ahaha… curly Guy.. adore your acting here. Didn’t like u’r curly hair at first but then hahaha got used to it and thumbs up you did well in this drama “Boys Before Flowers”. It really leave a mark on my heart..

  73. 73 : LaLa Says:

    Congrats on his winning for newcomers award at 45th Baeksang Art award last nite.. YOU ROCK!!!

  74. 74 : jai Says:

    aloha,keep up the good & more blessings to come………….

  75. 75 : jai Says:

    keep up the good work ………

  76. 76 : sue Says:

    min ho oppa…………… fighting!

  77. 77 : sue Says:

    min ho oppa………. fighting!

  78. 78 : Ngoc Mai Bui Says:

    Teens Vietnamese love BOF, Min Ho oppa so much.
    OPPA, SARANGHAEYO:))…………………………..
    Name: Ngoc Mai Bui
    Address:class 9A7,Ngoc Lam school, Long Bien district,Ha Noi capital, Vietnam.
    Mail: [email protected]
    I wish I met BOF actors.They are perfect.

  79. 79 : Lizel Says:

    after I’ve watch dis boys before flower nawala ang pagka luka2 ko sa Full house and princess hour!!!! waaaahhhh smile pa lang nitong Lee Min ho.. para na akong himatayin… waaaaahhhhhhhhhh love you F4 ng korea….

  80. 80 : Lizel Says:

    F4 korean version… is the BEST among The BEST!!!!!!

  81. 81 : memiow Says:

    lee min ho are very suit with the character in BOF..and he look similar with dao ming si in Meteor Garden..but i think i like BOF more than MG..the best part is when Goo Jun Pyo being shock every time he goes to Jihoo house..he’s face so funny..

  82. 82 : bEbE Says:


  83. 83 : Tina Says:

    Congratulation Lee Min Ho! You are the best. Keep going up! aja aja fighting!

  84. 84 : yad Says:

    ur d 1 im waiting for…

    i love u Lee Min Ho w/ all my heart…… Im crazy for you!!!

    i cant take it anymore..
    come hr in Phils..

    Aja Boys b4 Flowers!! best Drama i’ve ever seen..

    God Bless ^_^

  85. 85 : Teresa Says:

    Congratulation Lee Min Ho for winning the newcomers award. I love your acting as Goo Jun Pyo in BFB. You are gorgeous and your acting skills is great. I will always support you. I really love this show. Keep it up Lee Min Ho.

  86. 86 : Your fan Says:

    I am crazy over this show BBF, it is the best show I have seen. All the 4 actors are so cute. Hope to see Part 2.

  87. 87 : Fara Says:

    I reaaalllyyy LIKE lee min ho.u r so nsem..saranyeo..aja aja hoici!

  88. 88 : EMMI Says:

    Dear Min Ho im emmi from malaysian.. im glad that i got a chance to watch u in boys over flower. it’s fun,touched, angry, happy and exciting to watch u in dat movie.. and sad to c u cry and pretend dat u want to let ur jandi go but deep in inside u loved her.. dat as really sad n touched moment anyway, i wish u will have a great career ahead.. and keep entertain ur fan with more great acting skill in future… aja!aja!figthing min ho oppa.. na..saranghaeyo

  89. 89 : senioretta Says:

    Go Jun Pyoo …… good job….
    I want to cantact with , shall I????

  90. 90 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    LEE MIN HO is the best!

    His experience at the red carpet was humbling. He handled himself with dignity & style.

  91. 91 : reeya Says:

    Congratulations on the victory in the 45th Baeksang Artst Awards as Best New comer. Hopefully in the future, stay humble person and show better. Love U….

  92. 92 : anhphuong Says:

    man he is only 22 year old and he already involved in so many dramas and movie *.0….

  93. 93 : rim Says:

    an neo,

    CONGRATS on getting the awards.

    chuka hair. your charactor in the show is so cool and u look so dashing.

    hope everything is smooth for yr career and new jobs keep coming…

    sarang hamita

  94. 94 : miss aqilah Says:

    Annyong………..Lee Min Ho.I’m aqilah your fans from Malaysian.I love your gorgeous acting as Goo Jun Pyo in BBF and also your curly hair style.I love your cool and egois look in BBF that can make my heart melt thinking of you……Geum Jan Di was lucky person because she got a chance to be your heroin in BBF.I wish i could replace her BBF………………….Wish u good luck in the future

  95. 95 : rehanah Says:

    i agree with u all…

  96. 96 : rehanah Says:

    your HOT and your COLD…….
    your YES and your NO………
    your IN and your OUT…

  97. 97 : fath Says:

    min ho….!!!
    gosh… i saw what happened in baekshang award red carpet…
    you fall…huhuhu,,,
    but that,s ok!!! coz you won the best new comer award!!!!!

  98. 98 : hipo Says:

    lee min ho!!!
    your acting is perfect>

  99. 99 : hipo Says:

    your jun pyo is better than dao min si in meteor garden
    are u so georgeous in za life??
    i’m interesting
    did any actor read fan’s comments???

  100. 100 : loveleeminho Says:

    so handsome!!!

  101. 101 : ARny93 Says:

    i lOVE yOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  102. 102 : arvin ace Says:

    yah, I love you too Goo Jun Pyo…

  103. 103 : king Says:

    hi….hope to get ur email..really impressed with you…matured, cool and excellent in this drama….tq

  104. 104 : Spanely (* *) Says:

    Hey, well I think u have talent yet you have a lot to learn in life, I thought you were much older but, your not! Anyways, I think ur the cute guy in drama mini series. Luv E.O.M.

  105. 105 : jOsiane^_^ Says:

    hey!!! jun pyo oops sorry what i mean is min ho i find your acting impressive in boys before flowers you’re really good in portraying the role, i’m impress… hope you can visit us in the philippines^_^ i know that you have a lot of supporters here and there will be more when boys before flowers will air soon at abs-cbn…

  106. 106 : dinah Says:

    hi lee min ho or shall we say go jun pyo hehehee
    i really admire your acting. keep up the good work.
    im one of your fans from vienna,austria

    ps. trying to learn korean language because of you and
    planning to tour in korea as well.

  107. 107 : fra Says:

    Love your curly hair,kekekek,though I suspect it takes forever to make them.hope to see you guys in indonesia.brgds

  108. 108 : nanette Says:

    > Hi Min ho!!! you know what your a very good actor..

    >I like your style..

    >Its very impressive..

    > I like the way you act.

    >keep up the good work and take care always.>!!!

    Good Luck to your career…^_^

    Hope we see each other.. luv u..

  109. 109 : joanne Says:

    Lee Min Ho you are simply the best!

  110. 110 : Nuuni Says:

    Hi, Lee Min Ho.. you are a good actor.. keep it up.. i also like your ringtone from boys before flowers.. can you tell me how i can get it?? please.. it would be nice =)

  111. 111 : Sefanya Says:

    Hi Lee Minho, is anyone told you that you have a great smile? I like your acting, keep moving and work harder…..Anyway we have same birth date & month…
    Keep moving and smiles……

    cheers, sefa

  112. 112 : Jaslyn Sim Says:

    This is the 1st time i watch u acting in this currect show F4. I have notice that ur acting really great and i love to watch your show very much. Keep it up Lee! All the best!

  113. 113 : jai Says:

    aloha.we are watching your drama series and we love it,wish u all the blessings more projects to come and good luck 2 your career & god bless u aloha……………we love u & always stay your on the ground & just be yourself always.

  114. 114 : lily Says:

    i love you very much
    you r very cute
    you r amazeing actor
    keep going

  115. 115 : Marina Says:

    Hey..Min Ho!!!
    U a very handsome.
    U a very fantastic.
    U a my superstar.
    U a my love.
    I want u to be my boyfriend so much and i wish i could be ur girlfriend too….!!!
    I love u so much Lee Min Ho…!!
    From Marina

  116. 116 : TJ Says:


  117. 117 : ran Says:

    love you soooo much 🙂

  118. 118 : zEl Says:


  119. 119 : mia Says:

    u’re so cute,,,
    would u be mine?

  120. 120 : sweet Says:

    Hi.. Like 2 c u at boys over flowers.. Spcially ur hair..;) Hehe..

  121. 121 : Bebe Says:

    LOVE HIM SOOOOO MUCH! u really amazed me very impressive acting as in! In every angle on the screen u r really awesome and yummmmy! ha.ha.ha for real! HOW FAR CAN YOU GO FOR LOVE? pls watch BOF you’ll the answer! usa

  122. 122 : MIN HO ADDICT Says:

    you are my new crush you are so handsome!!!!

  123. 123 : dawnnah Says:

    gReAt cUrLy hAiR in BBF!!!!
    lUv iT!!

  124. 124 : Sae Says:

    Annyonghasaeyo! Min-ho… a great actor… handsome. Keep it up!

  125. 125 : pink Says:

    junpyo!!!!! i luv u!! u r so hndsome,, tall,, i luv your curly hair in BOF…

  126. 126 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    Does Lee Min Ho have a girlfriend? I’m curious. He looks very sweet & humble and I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t have one at the moment.

  127. 127 : ANGELIE Says:

    i love u!!!!!!

  128. 128 : shikin Says:

    he’s smoken hottt!!
    i LOVE his so voice..lol

    i love you min ho eoppa!!
    BOF is the best movie i’ve ever watch!!!

  129. 129 : shikin Says:

    my bad..it’s not a movie..it’s a drama..

    lol 🙂

  130. 130 : hm5airy Says:

    you are very good actor,
    so funny too,
    i love you

  131. 131 : Renee Says:

    hi, i’m from indonesia. love to watch your drama. nice to know you.. 🙂

  132. 132 : Tiffany Says:

    Omg! he’s damn freaking hot and indescribable..! And he’s darn young..! He looks older than his age.. anyway superbly cute and SOO loving his height!

  133. 133 : teffe Says:

    take care :))

  134. 134 : mycutebear Says:

    Hy, min hoo. you’re good at BOF. I do like your curly hair. Is that your really hair? just likes my son…… now he’s 4. I hope he grows up just like you…….

  135. 135 : yanzz Says:

    hii min ho.. love your sexy lips.. love the way you speak.. its cute and love you acting too in BOF.. keep up a good work..

  136. 136 : yanzz Says:

    hii min ho.. love ur sexy lips, the way u speak and ur acting in BOF.. u have nice curly hair.. is that a real one.. anyway keep up a gud work.. will be ur big fans 4 eva..

  137. 137 : Olyvia Says:

    Hi…………i’m from Malaysia.How r u???
    I like ur curly hair.U r very handsome n cool.I want u to be my friend.This my email [email protected].

    keep that way k..


  138. 138 : zuraini Says:

    Hai !!!,

    Good luck to you.

    All the best !!

  139. 139 : Elsa:DD Says:

    u deserve the award.!
    keep doing drama(s)

    will be supporting u forever.!!

  140. 140 : diane is me ! Says:

    man he is hot
    and adorable tooo….
    i like his curly hair..
    love it!

    GU JUNPYO !!!
    I ♥ U !

  141. 141 : mepe! Says:

    but….i don’t like he’s picture up there!
    it’s not him…!!!
    i prefer him in his curly hair….

  142. 142 : rose Says:

    love n adore you lee min ho..
    i will be support u along yr career..wish u’ll get
    more n more best oppunities for the next movie n dramas…

  143. 143 : tess Says:

    i luv your acting in BBF..keep it up…

  144. 144 : rim Says:

    an neo,

    really good acting in the drama bbf….everyweek chasing the show in internet…last 3 episode

    you look more handsome with yr hair straight not curly…wahaha

    is acting very tough in korea,heard tat all of u lost weight

    do u read all e msg sent to u?

    you look good with jandi

    f4 going to japan i wish i be there but i just went last dec…

    i fm spore

    anyway hope more drama for u upcoming


  145. 145 : shanti Says:

    ommo!!! he is too hwattt!!!

    love his character in bbf!!!! he is tooo cool n handsome!!!!

    wish i cud meet him some day!!!

    love u oppa!!!

  146. 146 : FLoReNTz Says:

    Oppa,, fighting ^_^~
    my name Florentz,, i would say something for u..
    hope u’ll enjoy wit u’r job now..~~
    and for the last,,

    SARANG HEO.. ^.^

  147. 147 : Anna and dulce #1 minho fans Says:

    AISH whatever he looks hot with curly or straight
    and with that lollipop me and dulce are totally in luv with him
    you should come to L.A!
    and study over here
    WE LOVE U!!!!!!!!

  148. 148 : Hikari Says:

    Omg! You’re amazing in BBF! Kyaa >.

  149. 149 : MagicUK Says:

    i hope you find your girl one day and live happily after like my husband and me, good you luck with your career, best wishes from Caroline, U.K.

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    i luv da way u r.so neva change urslf if anything happen.i really luv ur acting in bbf.u look so cute and handsome.we r like same age n in future i wan to meet u 1nce in ma life time.till dt alwaz b happy neva be sad.u wil get success in every step u tk.

  151. 151 : sonam Says:

    asthalabista…sarang heyo to my sweet lee min ho.i dont u will read dis all comment or not.?but i like to keep coz i m in hope dt 1 day u wil read ma comment.i m from india.and its very hard to hv a korean channel in tv.

  152. 152 : rehanah Says:

    hopefully sonam……

  153. 153 : christine m'sia Says:

    Superb Jun-pyo in BBF. You played your character well. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you in many more future drama/movie. Wish you the pinkest of health always.

  154. 154 : tess Says:

    i like your acting in BOF..keep it up…hope for more shows to come…
    of the f4 your my no 1..

  155. 155 : Jung She Ra Says:

    Mannaso bangapsumnida…

    I like acting Lee Min Ho oppa….
    min ho oppa very handsome

    Are u have friendster or facebook???

  156. 156 : nuat_dong hae Says:

    i like you coz you’re actong was perfect and you are hansome!!!
    i hope that you will act with lee da hae to be a brother for her…(my suggest)
    and lee dong wook,,,,
    i like them including you,,,

  157. 157 : Sonia Says:

    Can anyone tell me when Lee Min Ho coming to London please??

  158. 158 : h2O Says:

    Anyone who knows when are they coming here in Perth?

  159. 159 : sweet_kimchi Says:

    I’ve read somewhere that LMH would like to have a movie with Ms Song.

    How about a KIM YU-NA (Korea’s adored & world champion figure skater) & LEE MIN HO pairing. That would definitely make headlines.

    I don’t know if Ms Kim Yu-Na would even consider acting due to her already very busy sked but why not give it a try.

    An excellent idea, I reckon!!!

  160. 160 : Mira Says:

    Probably the best actor to portray Tsukasa, isn’t he? Definitely he is …since was able to captivate every girls heart(s) across the world. Whether she speaks korean or not. 🙂 Truly a remarkable performance and he deserves a standing ovation for his natural flavorful talent!

  161. 161 : nuna Says:

    lee min ho oppa is different from korean guys……….ur so manly…………….thats y i love u so much…………….sarange

  162. 162 : Sarahning Says:

    I love, the way you act… I love your nose, I love your lips, I love that’s you are so tall, I love your eyes, and most I love your smille, It’s so yummy…. I love you Minho…

  163. 163 : gilda Says:

    Congratulation! Lee Min Ho your such a good actor and a very promissing one , waiting for more projects to come and hope you won’t change.

  164. 164 : shereen Says:

    Hi, Lee Minho! You’re soooooooooooo handsome and portray your role very well in “Boys Over Flower”. Good luck and many more projects for you do. I love you.

    Korean F4 you’re the best!

  165. 165 : babyfacex3 Says:

    Lee Min Ho , you rock ! 😀
    You’re the first korean actor that i liked LOL .
    so ..
    idk ..
    i think you’re cute, funny , somehow cheeky and cunning ! 😀
    bbf rocks ! 😀

  166. 166 : ami Says:

    I’m sure you’ll be in korean wave!

  167. 167 : vaibhava Says:

    gu junpyo…..!!!!
    u know wat ? u r the superb ever actor i’ve seen so far…. actually boys over flowers is my fav drama…. as i’m from india, i dont know ur korean language…but i understand it due to the english explanation.. the drama is simply superb…….
    i hope u read this lee.
    and u know wat ? my nature exactly matches like dat of jandi…
    yo… keep rocking!!!!
    love u……

  168. 168 : Demi Says:

    Hi! Can Lee speak English, uh I wanna learn korean ASAP cause I want to join Lee Min Ho Official Website but It’s in Korean language so I don’t understand the single word. Good luck in your career Lee. I’m your fan from Indonesia xoxo

  169. 169 : Demi Says:

    Hi! Can Lee speak English? uh I wanna learn korean ASAP cause I want to join Lee Min Ho Official Website but It’s in Korean language so I don’t understand the single word. Good luck in your career Lee. I’m your fan from Indonesia xoxo

  170. 170 : Demi Says:

    Hi! Can Lee speak English? uh I wanna learn korean ASAP cause I want to join Lee Min Ho Official Website but It’s in Korean language so I don’t understand every single word. Good luck in your career Lee. I’m your fan from Indonesia xoxo

  171. 171 : elya Says:

    annyonghaseo~ hehe yah! Gu Junpyo Goodluck~ ^^

  172. 172 : elya Says:

    Gu junpyo kwenchana~? im from phil. i hope you will visit our country i know you will love here.

  173. 173 : april Says:

    hi lee min ho, i’m from phil. I dreamt about you last night..i didn’t go back to sleep after that…I hope to see you soon here in the phil or in korea…

  174. 174 : Weng Says:

    i really like lee min ho, specially his role in bof as gu junpyo, everyday i watch it even the story is finished. The best korean romance comedy i ever watched!!! the rest of F4 and jan di

  175. 175 : ij Says:


  176. 176 : lildedprinxez Says:

    Lee min Ho!
    im like your biggest fan!
    you’re so damn gorgeous, handsome and HOT!!!
    wHoO hope you visit the phils!
    Ur role as gu jun pyo rocks!

  177. 177 : 4thDimensional Says:

    LMH is such a natural and handsome actor of all I have seen here for his age…

    I only liked his scenes in GJP. I feel he should of won the popularity award as well…

    I wish him alll the best.

    Love his acting with those facial and eye expressions..

  178. 178 : my Says:

    lee minho.
    i like you very much
    i like to watch ‘boys over flowers”
    good luck to you..

  179. 179 : cutegirl Says:

    LEE MIN HOO i’m so proud of you. i love your acting in BBF and i hope there will be BBF season 2. so i can see your handsome face again and i just can stop to search your photos in internet. and i hope that you, kim bum, wo bin, and ji hoo can have a world tour to meet your fans around the world.

  180. 180 : she Says:

    hope to see u again on screen,you made a good job ,you made me happy every time i watch ur drama in my long time stay here in korea ur drama is the best one

  181. 181 : evelyn Says:

    Like your acting very much….think you act very weel in BBF as compared to the rest…Besides your acting….hope you can learn English besides brushing up on acting….and this is most lacking now in most Korean actors & actresses…you are so young and really hope you can go far like Jung Dong Gun…..venture in international market too

  182. 182 : lyn cute.. Says:

    Hai lee Min Ho,
    i am lyn from malaysia..i love your character in bbf.. u have nice smile..and cute like me…hehehehe hope u best luck forever…miss u ..byeee..

  183. 183 : Bebe Says:

    I contented with BBF ending! but I want to see the wedding of JP&JD. pls…BBF sequel 2! I miss Lee min ho already I’m surfing in the internet just to watch him all of endorsement but I want something long to watch him..

  184. 184 : meen Says:

    hi lee min ho..good luck and all the best..i like your acting very mush in the bbf..its really looks real..hope to see you soon..bye..luv u..

  185. 185 : Bebe Says:

    LEE MIN HO YOUR SUCH A GERGOUS HUMAN BEING!!! hope you have more project! Good luck and be safe!

  186. 186 : ZEl Says:

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  189. 189 : lamb Says:

    he’s great!

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    everyone start to crazy over him………….

  191. 191 : stilla Says:

    Shallom, Lee Min Ho as Go Jun Pyo..you are so smart at Boys Before Flowers..u acted very well..God Bless U, n hope u will succes in acting and get what u dream for..ur have everything..you can go far that you not expect before..

  192. 192 : jueja Says:

    wish u b my bf….hukhukhuk

  193. 193 : lila Says:

    i like your curly hair in the series…

    but, what i like most is your acting…

    keep up,,,

  194. 194 : elenaplazl Says:

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! mwahh…

  195. 195 : Desi Says:

    Hi Min Ho,
    I’m desi from Indonesia. This is the first time i watch your film in Boys Before Flowers. I like korean drama series very much, many drama korean i have watched in Indonesia. But i think your different, i like your character.
    I always wait your next film. Be your self, keep fighting & don’t forget to God. GBU

  196. 196 : camille Says:

    Lee Min Ho, You’re so hot!!! luv your show,Boys Before Flowers!!!! BTW,you’re soooooo handsome! you’re the best! I hope that I could meet u 1 day!!!! TCCIC always!!!!! sarang heyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. 197 : kate anne :)) Says:

    hey min ho!!! wat’z up?? im kate from philippines…ur such a good actor and model!! –keep up the goog work..!! fighting!!!


  198. 198 : camille Says:

    lee min ho, I 4got 2 ask u wat ur IM is….. hehe.

    P.S. please IM me!!!! oh yeah, my e-mail is: camille_ang_princess… DNT 4get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. 199 : brett younng Says:

    lee min ho you are cutest man alive. i love your movies, you have a great smile, and a sexy face and body. i love. i am coming to korea to see you.

  200. 200 : Queency Says:

    You’re so great as Go Jun Pyo..
    Congratulations for your success and award..

  201. 201 : K Says:

    만약 내가 당신을 만날 수 있었다 난 가장 행복한 여자가 살아있을 것이다. 난 당신을 정말 대단하고 흥미로운 생각합니다. 당신은 내게 영감있다. 내 친구와 내가 곧 한국을 방문을 계획이다.

    키가 큰 여자를 좋아 하나요?
    나에게 인스턴트 메시지를 보내시겠습니까?
    [email protected]

  202. 202 : Lily Says:

    2 tumbs up

  203. 203 : Jane Says:

    You are the most suitable actor and the best of all the versions of this beautiful produced drama ‘Boys Before Flowers’.

  204. 204 : Vivian Says:

    he is the most attractive man i have ever met ~~~~~~~

    he is a cool hot guy ~~~~~~ love him

  205. 205 : sara Says:

    i love gu jun pyo

  206. 206 : kamia Says:

    You are the hottest man ALIVE! (DROOLS)
    I love your killer smile. (SCREAM!!!!)

  207. 207 : melinda Says:

    aww, i literally hyperventilate everytime i saw him onscreen.
    he is SO FINE

  208. 208 : emel Says:

    yaa… Gu Jun Pyo..
    You are so PERFECT….
    i’ll wait for your next drama..
    acha acha huaiting…
    wait you come to Indonesia(Medan)

  209. 209 : cyd Says:

    hey gu jun pyo your so amazing!!!!!!!!!!
    keep it up!
    will be looking forward for your next project!
    hope that your looks will still the same as the handsome GU JUN PYO!
    thats all!
    take care!

  210. 210 : Su Says:

    Lee Min Ho…where can i find ur photo gallery….pls send to me ur photo….thanks

  211. 211 : yoeltr Says:

    Good acting in BOF…..Do you like Kyoo Jun Po ?
    Congratulation for your honorable….Go Fighting!!!

  212. 212 : leila Says:

    lee min ho i love you. i love korea so much.

  213. 213 : elisa Says:


    I hope to see more of you in next movie and drama. YOu`re good. HOpe to see u be successful…


  214. 214 : irma Says:

    Hai…Lee min ho

    my name is irma
    i come from Indonesia
    I’m one of your fans
    i like u when u act to be Gu Jun Pyo

    hei…u know what?
    we have the same birthday
    i was born on 22 june 1987 too


    By the way
    when will u come to Indonesia?
    i’m waiting 4 u n your friends ( F4 )

    see u soon

  215. 215 : fiana Says:

    Boys Before Flower, its a GREAT drama….

    Congratulation yaaaa…..

    Lee min ho, I dont know Why, I think You r the next generation for Won Bin ????? he..he..
    was born in 1987, wooow, so young….
    you’re still have more chance to exist in entertaint world ( drama, film, Exc), yups…
    just b your self, b low profile, n hope you always be a great Actor, Success in your career.


  216. 216 : tmee Says:

    hi…Gu Jun Pyo…i really loved your acting…love…love…and loveeeee…..

  217. 217 : eLLA_19 Says:

    I really really like you!
    I love the way you act most especially when you are smiling….
    I Love you so much…
    I already finished watching BOF and so far it is the best among the 3 versions… Love it!
    I hope you can visit here in the philippines…
    looking forward to you…

  218. 218 : mRs.miN h0...(huhu) Says:

    i l0ve y0ur bez acting…
    gu junpy0 is s0 c0oL…
    i h0pe y0u wiLL success in y0ur acting!!
    g0 f0r it!!!

  219. 219 : fiana Says:


    do u read this comment ??..i’m not really sure…but i dont care…

    i just wanna say that among 3 actors ( japan, taiwan, korea ) u r the good looking…he..he..
    Congratulation yaaa…u r b The Best Actor For Baeksang 2009…
    must b low profile…and the important is never forget thanks to God with what u have got/reach now…
    hope u will b success in your career…



  220. 220 : FeriNa_YaNG Says:

    hI,,LeE mIn Ho…
    i ThInK i LiKE CALl You gO jUn PyO..
    aRE YOu KnOw soMeThInGs??
    i rEaLY LIkE YOu…
    yOu So CoOl In -BbF-
    I AlWaYs bE YoUr fAns,,

    I YhiNk cOz u bBf So PoPuLeR
    Go gO JuN PyO

  221. 221 : nivedita Says:

    hey !!! recently i have seen bfb n u rock … m so much fond of u dat i really wish to have a character lyk goo junpyo in my lyf too . neway all d best for ur future acting career n may u have a career full of success n fame .. peace~~

  222. 222 : thya mauliday Says:

    Goo joon pyo !!!
    Love you full !!
    I can’t crazy !

    Fighting !!!

  223. 223 : ayrah Says:

    your acting skills is
    great hope will soon
    have your next movie ……….. (^_^)

  224. 224 : ayrah Says:

    your acting skills is
    great hope you will soon
    have your next movie ……….. (^_^)

  225. 225 : Tari Says:

    Goo Jun Pyo U’re very handsome!!! I really like watch “Boys Before Flowers” because the actors are handsome especially U(Lee Min-ho)… I hope U can come in Indonesia. I’ll be waiting your next movie…
    I had been watch Boys before flowers more than ten times and I’m not bored. I hope I can get boyfriend who have character like U when u to be Goo Jun Pyo…hehehehe…
    n I wish there’s the continue of boys before flowers (Boys before flowers 2) maybe…

  226. 226 : restu Says:

    Im very fans you…^_^ i love u…

  227. 227 : Tari Says:

    Lee Min-ho, I hope U will come in Indonesia..
    I really LIKE U Goo Jun Pyo !!!!
    I can’t forget your face… I’m Sure!
    Expecially your smile…
    Oh my God! Very very n very HANDSOME!!
    and I really like the character of boys when you become Jun Pyo in “Boys Before Flowers”…

  228. 228 : Claudia Chastolia Says:

    Lee Min Ho!!!
    I know you might not read this.. but I’m still gonna say..
    I totally AGREE with all the comments below..!!

    I’m Claudia, I’m 16, I’m from Indonesia.
    I’m a HUGE fan of yours since I watched Boys Before Flowers!!!
    I just wanna say HELLO to all Min Ho’s fans who read this :))

    I REALLY REALLY wish there were a man like Gu Jun Pyo in my life..
    I don’t care if i have to fight with the evil mother as long as I’m with you Jun Pyo!!!
    That character is totally my dream boy..
    if I’m in danger, he always comes to save me..
    I feel so safe because someone will always protect me..
    I hope someday I can meet my own Jun Pyo in Indonesia :))

    And Min Ho, you acted soooo well in Boys Before Flowers..
    You are so perfect for that character, no one can replace you..
    you made me so crazy of Jun Pyo!!!
    Thanks a lot, Min Ho!

    Hope to see you in Indonesia 🙂

  229. 229 : Livi Says:

    Totally crazy with this man!! His character in BBF made an imperfect man to be such a dreamy, perfect man.

  230. 230 : Wawi Says:

    Lee Min-Ho is the best. Great actor and also a great character in BOF. Think about you day and night. And i wanted to see Junpyo and Jandi together.
    I am a big fan. LOVE YOU LEE MIN-HO you are the best. Saranghe

  231. 231 : Wawi Says:

    Simply PERFECT Lee Min-Ho

  232. 232 : vikhy Says:

    Gu Jun Pyo!! i really really love you!! they haven showed yet the BBF here in the Philippines I olready watch it on Mysoju!! tnx mysoju…Hope you can come here in Phillipines

  233. 233 : hayeena Says:

    i know that this drama of yours will be a great hit here in the Philippines and soon will hit in Asia.. we’re looking forward to see you here in the Philippines and all other members of BBF or BOF..
    like these other people saying we don’t know if you can read this but still we wish you good health, more success in your career, and a happy love life..
    please always keep your feet on the ground.. always be humble..
    always be you please don’t change, because if you do people will hate you and you’ll never know if they will still like you.. being the real you will give you the success and never forget God.. i’m not really sure but i read your profile and it’s kind a you don’t have a religion, well it’s time you do because you wouldn’t be there without him.. i have lots to say but this will do.. anyo!
    anyways, take care!

  234. 234 : Suryani Says:


    he make me had a dream some day I will come to korea. and looking for next drama…great acting, he is cools actor…!
    wish you all the best…congratulations….Oppaaaaa…!

  235. 235 : isay Says:

    lee min ho.. i really like you.. =) hahaha!! must be crazy right? even if i dont see you yet i can already say that i really like you.saranghe..

  236. 236 : sofhea Says:

    nobody perfect yaahh..
    sometimes the actor you like not such aperfect boy like in his drama…
    ~just want to remembered~

  237. 237 : apple Says:

    i really admire you…
    love you…

  238. 238 : babyit's J Says:

    i really like you !
    you look like jerry yan but your hotter ! LOL.
    i wish i could see you personally.
    i really love BBF !

    loveyoo. 😀

  239. 239 : this.is.serious. Says:

    waaaa.>that sure was funny.=))

    ur a good versatile actor Lee Min Ho. and you did a great tandem w/ Hye sun. Hope we can see ther two of you more often in the future.
    More power to the both of you.

    BBF is the best. 2 thumbs up!!!^.^

  240. 240 : this.is.serious. Says:


  241. 241 : airatotzkie Says:


  242. 242 : airatotzkie Says:




  243. 243 : Drina Ros Says:

    Lee Min Ho for me is….

    coz ur face are so much fine crafted…
    GOD must be in a very good mood when u were created to this lucky world… yeah!
    this world are so lucky to hav u as it’s KHALIFAH… hahaha

    I love the way goo junpyo acted, walked, dressed, smirked, laughed, smiled, I even so in love with ur perm… hehehe
    thanks to U minHo oppA, u Make it all the candy of my EYE…

    wish all the best in this world for u, ur health, ur career, ur love, everything… that will make u happy… will make me as well(^_______^)

    I hope u could come to see ur fanatic fans here in JAKARTA!!!!
    including me, of course…

  244. 244 : Jane Says:

    I like your portrayal in Boys Before Flowers. Though you are very young, your acting is natural and impressive. You will have a very promising future in acting career.Hope you will stay good in character and lead a healthy and meaningful lifestyle. Do stay away from the temptation of show business.


  245. 245 : lildedprinxez Says:

    SARANGHE LEe Min hO!
    you’re so damn hot!
    i love watching ur CF!
    the dunkin donuts commercial was so cute!
    Want to see more of ur acting!

  246. 246 : maria Says:

    annyeong…..Lee Min Ho
    u are so great , keep ur good acting ok!!!!
    be good with ur life every single day …

  247. 247 : corine Says:

    hi i like you so much

  248. 248 : corine Says:

    my favourite korean actor… cut boy so so so beauty
    but you are so young for me… like you in the Boys before flowers

  249. 249 : corine Says:

    Now livin’ in France…. kiss kiss from Paris and i m russian too

  250. 250 : joan Says:

    i really like you hope to see you personally… sarange lee min ho… your my inspiration…

  251. 251 : ruby Says:

    I prefer you look at the first is the gift that you have from birth till make sure that I will have sold !

  252. 252 : sofhea Says:

    go lee minho!!!

  253. 253 : junpyolover Says:

    i love u very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  254. 254 : kikio Says:

    1st time i saw u in bof…
    i automatically like u……….

  255. 255 : sanaya Says:

    you are great actor especially as goo junpyo!!
    you deserved the awrd at baeksang…

  256. 256 : gaia Says:

    when you smile in bof,
    you also make me want to smile..

  257. 257 : fansa Says:

    you good as actor
    you good as model
    you good in whatever you do..!!!

  258. 258 : yuna01 Says:

    you are very famous now!!!!!!!!!
    and i hope you will be famous forever and ever…….

  259. 259 : tutu3 Says:

    you hot babe!!!!!!!!!!!

  260. 260 : oopy Says:

    so handsome!!

  261. 261 : Kennie Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho,

    Conrats on your big success as Goo Joon Pyo.. Really2 love it. U make me laugh and cry at the same time.
    I think u’re very talented and your acting improve along with the episodes.

    I don’t know whether you’ll read this or not, but if you do I just want to say thank you for
    making me so happy. I didn’t sleep for two days straight because I can’t stop watching =D

    Looking forward for your next movie *hopefully soon*.
    Take care and God bless!

  262. 262 : eden Says:

    I just wanted to tell you these,you don’t have to go to holywood to become famous to the world you already are.

    A fan from Ethiopia!!!
    Have good luck on your side on the future succes.we’r there with you.

  263. 263 : love Min Ho Says:

    Saranghae Lee Min Ho!you did me so happy!you in everything are good!

  264. 264 : erin Says:


  265. 265 : renia Says:

    lucky you minho!!!

  266. 266 : lolala Says:

    so sweet!!!!!

  267. 267 : lolala Says:

    good job minoz.!!!!

  268. 268 : sayura Says:

    many minoz fans here…

  269. 269 : sajinja Says:


  270. 270 : karika Says:

    Wish he will get more success in the future…

  271. 271 : umia Says:

    happy 3rd aniversarry mino……….

  272. 272 : tatia Says:


  273. 273 : werra Says:

    go goo junpyo..
    i think the name fit you…………

  274. 274 : qaseh Says:

    so cool……..yeah…….

  275. 275 : poppo Says:

    at least..
    you are the one of the top most commented actor…..

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  277. 277 : precious Says:

    lee min ho,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  278. 278 : rhiina Says:

    oh God li min hoo,, your such a handsome guy
    keep it up and God bless

    ur fan from philippines

  279. 279 : christine Says:

    i love u min ho

  280. 280 : tiur766hi Says:

    your acting is the best…. I hope you visit my country… Indonesia (jakarta)… oh My God Hear our request..Amen….

  281. 281 : Jane Says:

    I have watched two of your dramas, i.e. Boys Before Flowers and Run Mackeral. I really enjoyed watching both dramas because of your natural acting and charming smiles which warm people’s hearts literally. The scripts were also good. Keep up your good work.

  282. 282 : momomiko10 Says:

    go minho!!hope to see him in more drama.. such a hot guy^^

  283. 283 : AIDA Says:

    Hi, LEE MIN HO!!! after i began watching the drama BOF, my life had changed. i fell in love with you!i wanna see you in more movies, whcih will be showed on KBS WORLD. i like this channel very much. you did a great juob in this drama. Future succes to, you, wish you all your dreams come true!!!! you should know that you have many fans all over the world!!! yours sincerely AIDA

  284. 284 : Astri Says:

    I love U mY loVe….

  285. 285 : Lira Says:

    hey there! 🙂

  286. 286 : Lira Says:

    i really like your hair hehe :p

    anyway, keep it up!
    more powers to you!
    God Bless

    hoping you to visit our country soon, :p
    hahaha, joke! just continue your profession,


  287. 287 : shereen Says:

    I miss you and Koo Hyesun!!!

    What’s your next project? Hope you will be paired again.

    God bless you always. Stay healthy and always be happy!!!

    I love you!!!

  288. 288 : che Says:

    From d start of BOF, I knew u gonna be a one hell of an ACTOR… Gud looking man… I think ur very adorable as in adorable, juz be urself & continue being humble….

  289. 289 : mharielle1375 Says:

    i really really like you..you are extremely handsome…
    can anyone give me the list of BOF soundtrack…thanks…i want the songs but i don’t know the titles..thanks!…

  290. 290 : rUsh Says:

    …wOw lee min ho..ur so cute..i like ur hair u remind me of jerry yan…r u aware dat u luk lyk jerry yan… ur so hot… i like ur character in boys over flowers…!!!!!!!

  291. 291 : rUsh Says:

    min ho…ur so cute.. i lyk ur acting it goes naturally..

  292. 292 : dlou Says:

    i think his cute…being a f4 leader fit to him

  293. 293 : Anne Says:

    Nice to have a Lee Min HO in showbiz,
    you are an ADONIS…
    So cute and so pure.. Face launches a thousand ship..
    Hope you’ll come and visit our country..
    Philippines.. There’s also beautiful spot and views here in,
    same with your show Boys over flower!
    Break a leg in every project you’ll soon have!!!

  294. 294 : carmie Says:

    hi LEE MIN HO!!!
    i really like you in
    as GO JUN PYO,,
    i wish to see you soon here
    in philippines,,
    good luck and more power!!
    take care,,
    im your no.1 fan here!!!
    i wish that u read this comment from me!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!

  295. 295 : sharm Says:

    Hi Min Ho.. You are so handsome and cute.. You have also a kiLLer smiLe which makes your fans mostLy the Filipina, hehe.. Take care Min Ho..

  296. 296 : amalia Says:

    sOoo… hOt nd cUte !!!

  297. 297 : liza Says:

    I’ve watched meteor garden first and love Daoming si charactor the most. Well Lee Min Ho also not bad but i love jihu the most. Kim hyunjoong is so cool now im addicted to We just married variety show. Cant stop watching. hehehe. Lee Min Ho jia you!!! wish you success looking forward for your new project.

  298. 298 : lyra Says:

    i cant say anything, im crazy about gu jun yo!
    hope you visit philippines. filipinas looking forward with it.

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  300. 300 : abby Says:

    lee min ho fever is now on!

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    min ho is so handsome!

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    oh..my god…
    lee min ho,u’re very-very handsome…
    i love u very much..
    and do the best as you can yupz..

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    Well,Just finish watching all the episodes of the korean drama F4 korean version,,all i can say is you keep up the good work,,your such a very amazing korean actor that i ever known,,take care and God Bless you always,,

    shiemay from philippines

  307. 307 : mnmaenmont Says:

    lee min ho……………….
    great job in BOF as gu jun pyo……………..
    i like your curly hair………………so cute………………
    can you come to malaysia………………….
    with koo hye sun as geum jan di…………
    f4:kim hyun joong as yun ji hu……………….
    kim bum as so yi jung………………….
    kim ju as song wu bin………………….
    and kim so eun as chu ga eul……………..
    will you………………………
    keep up your good work………………
    take care and wish your luck……………….
    gu jun pyo………

  308. 308 : jazzer Says:

    hi min-ho-lee can u be my chat mate co’z some of times i have nothing to bdo is to search you in internet i do hope youll agree

  309. 309 : janine Says:

    hi gu jun pyo you are so cool can you visit philippines soon i ‘m your biggest fun here in the philippines. you are a great actor promise. do you know that you are my inspiration cause i wanted to meet a guy just like you cause you are so unbelievable guy and you make me so happy because of your cute smile and by the way you have a cute dimples ;b
    take good care of yourself ! you are the kind of men i dream off
    “break a leg” always.

  310. 310 : Fang Zui Says:

    Luph u…..n.n

  311. 311 : panda810 Says:

    Hi lee min ho……
    you very very cute and handsome.
    I love you so much♥♥♥…..
    You can visit VietNam soon?
    I hope you can .

  312. 312 : Jane Says:

    Although you are a very young actor, at the age of 21+, your acting and facial expressions are so amazing. You have done BOF proud. I was attracted to this drama because you have portrayed the character remarkably well.I look forward to watching your next new drama.

  313. 313 : che Says:

    Thou, i saw ur BOF on the internet already but its exciting dat BOF is being aired in the phil….. Many viewers like it alot, i can’t blame them thou coz ur d actor dat portrayed to be d lead actor….. GOODLUCK!!!!

  314. 314 : Amera Says:

    Lee min hoo! you are
    really wonderful!
    really handsome!
    really awesome!
    really cool!
    really hot!
    really cute!
    really sexy!
    really, really, really!

    you really makes my heart melts… hehehe
    your drama series BOF is just started last week but it really
    aired so fast.. now, BOF is the drama series that many people are talking about! and watched… but me, I’m already done watching all the series and you are really cool! The way you look, the way u smile.. etc!
    I’ve been watching BOF, I think 15 times it’s because of u!
    I’m not going to stop watching you everyday!..hehehe

    I Hope you will visit the Philippines, it is really nice in here and many people are waiting for you! I’m hundred percent sure of that!

    I’m going to watch you again later!..
    I love u! I really admire you!
    I hope you will read this message of mine!
    want your reply also..

    I’m Amera
    From: philippines!

  315. 315 : amethyst_26 Says:

    all i can say is this

    you guys make girls out of their minds,,,hahaha…me and my friends used to talked about “boys over flowers” everytime,,even if we all know and watch that,,well,thats maybe usual…

    we’re looking forward to see you live in Philippines…

  316. 316 : russel Says:

    lee min ho.. hope you’re reading it by this time.. im out of control…! gosh! you drive me crazy! my wish.. to see you personally! whaaat! iloveyou lee min ho!

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    goo jun pyoooooooooooooooo!


  318. 318 : linne Says:

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    i love lee min ho very much!! he is so cute!!

  320. 320 : candice Says:

    I LoVe YoU LeE MiN Ho!! PlEaSe cOmE HeRe In ThE PhIlLiPpInES!! ♥♥♥

  321. 321 : dada && jhoi . Says:

    daedanhi kamsahmnida ….

    pakasalan mo ako………dahil ako ang because ng buhay mo

    dang ishimunkashi kagesumika.♥♥♥♥

  322. 322 : sandra Says:

    hello!!!…many says that your handsome,cute,wonderful,sexy anything that is positive about you or a good saying.but what im wondering are you a GOOD PERSON…….you know..I know a lot of person that is very successful in their career just like you they are wonderful in their physical …….and they all have bad personalities………
    now are you a good person………..????????huhhhhhhhhh

  323. 323 : scheena Says:

    hi lee min ho !!

    i have already watch ur BOF series and it is really awesome and wonderful i really like it !!

    im making a srap book of BOF right now just a remembrance !!

    hope you will visit here in the philippines

    ahhmmmm.. thats all take care !! 🙂

  324. 324 : rouella Says:

    excuse me scheena,haven’t you heard that LEE MIN HO,KIM SANG BUM,KIM HYUN JOONG,KIM JOON and KOO HYE SUN are going to the PHILIPPINES!!!!!

  325. 325 : Chen Says:

    H! Lee Min-ho your so cute and so hot…

  326. 326 : LeR Says:

    This fella make your heart really moves especially w/ his gergous smile! Are you making new drama or movies. Anyone knows?

  327. 327 : shine Says:

    hi GU JUN PYO or LEE MIN HO. hahaha. halu. i reli reli reli adore u! u r such a cutie! my GOD! u r such a very nice and wonderful actor! i salute u for dat. it seems like F4 reli exist.

    ol of u did a very FANTASTIC job! how i wish u could come and visit our country. i would die to see u ol. mwaah, i reli reli got hook on you! wat shud b done? hehehe. im ur no.1 fan GU JUN PYO! i lhub you! ,mwaah! congratz!

  328. 328 : jennelyn co Says:

    HI, lee min ho. you so cute in boys over flower and you’re so good in acting!!!! i really admire you… you make me happy talaga, thats why i am one of your avid fan.. keep up the good work and continue being you!!! take care and love you!!!!

  329. 329 : jennelyn co Says:

    uhmmm… i hope you will visit our country…. coz i want to see you personally…. hehehehehe. im such an ambitious hehehehehehehe…. we’re just here willing to support you…..

  330. 330 : dyann Says:

    ., you made me fell in love with Gu Jun Pyo..

  331. 331 : annesa Says:

    Lee min ho….
    I’m just an avid fan who adores you so much! hehe..
    HOpe you will visit us here in the PHILIPPINES..

  332. 332 : ZeL Says:

    check this out all ~ here

  333. 333 : arielle Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho!!I really, really like you so much. I hope ABS-CBN will bring you here in the Phillipines. Hope to meet you in person someday.

  334. 334 : Ashiya Says:

    Get well soon
    Good Luck on Your Leg..

  335. 335 : Drina Ros Jakarta Says:


  336. 336 : marowe Says:

    oh my god!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!
    MARRY ME !!
    GU JUN PYO!!
    TRY to visit here inphilippines!!

  337. 337 : minozful Says:

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    love you !
    lee min ho .

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    hi!!! lee min ho
    hope to see you soon here in the philippines
    i ve been praying that abscbn will bring you here and
    the rest of the f4
    i am always searching you in the internet
    can i have your emial ad???
    take care!!
    visit the phils.pls

  340. 340 : Sweet_shelo Says:

    I wrote a poem for you Lee Min Ho

  341. 341 : ana Says:

    …hi!!!….OMG!!!you’re so cute!!!!you make me love you!!!!

  342. 342 : KB Says:

    HAHA. eto pala crush ko ee :))

  343. 343 : carminia briones Says:

    i saw your personal website in japan, i cant read it coz its in your language form. I hope you’ll have a blog of your own in english so those who cant read japanese writing & korean writing can read it.. remember you are no longer famous in korea alone but in whole asia.. so pls make it in english… anyway just want you to know that i am a Big fan of yours!!! take care always!

  344. 344 : bamie Says:

    lee min ho!
    you are so handsome!
    i love you!i wish i could go to korea
    so that i can see you!

    you are the best actor..
    im your number 1 fan!!!!
    im from philippines

    and you know what you are number 1 here!
    wish you could come and visit us! 😀

  345. 345 : ABRAR Says:

    hi lee
    hoe are you
    i am abrar from K S A
    you are very amzing Actor & hondsome
    i like you

  346. 346 : agatha julliene pecina Says:

    hi im agatha julliene p. pecina live in sn fdo pampanga thank u!!!
    ur the best
    can i be ur friend in friendster add me……………..
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    Please comment me …………………..
    ur my no.1 fan…….

  347. 347 : agatha julliene pecina Says:

    i wish i can be ur fiend
    i also wish to u f4 and hye seon ku will come to phillipines………………….
    gud luck u………………..

  348. 348 : shedny_andy Says:

    hi!!!!!!!you know what??????i really love your show entitled boys over flowers!!!!1

    i really love your character there as Go jun pyo!!!!!

    i hope you can visit our country the Philippines i’m sure you will enjoy the beaches here!!!
    and i hope i can see you in personal eventhough i don’t have enough money!!!!

    take care always and i hope more success will come to you!!!!!!!
    i will always be your number one fans!!!!!!!!


  349. 349 : precious (cel) Says:

    anyeong! lee min ho am as in gu jun pyo

    u know wat i like da new F4

    bec. of the characters!

    ur oL handsome i hope i can meet u sumtymz

    i like da mozt in u is if u have ur curly hair

    i like it bec. u look handsome w/ dat style!

    keep da gud work gu jun pyo

    geum jan di love gu jun pyo!!!!

    stay da u like !!! ahahahhaha


  350. 350 : xarah28 Says:

    nive work

  351. 351 : xarah28 Says:

    i mean nice work .. i like u ..

  352. 352 : jennelyn co Says:

    Lee Min Ho, this is for you. i hope you will like it.







  353. 353 : carmela ;) Says:

    hi lee min hoo. you are really my idol. if u have time, please mail me at [email protected]. im a filipina and im watching your tv series—boys over flowers. keep up the good work!

  354. 354 : carmela ;) Says:

    please grant my request.. ive g0ne crazy thinking ab0ut you.. 😉 i’ll be waiting for your message to me.. lots of love! ♥carmela♥

  355. 355 : yyy Says:

    hy are you look like jerry yan??

    nice to see you

  356. 356 : babyjean Says:

    hMm ..
    hihi .. i wAnT to bE uR siSteR ..!!
    hihi ..impOxiBLE?..rYt!!??
    hihi ..
    bUt xtiLL hOpe anD prAy!!
    dAtX oL ..!!lAbx .

  357. 357 : dina Says:

    jerry yan’s twin, I like your act in this series

  358. 358 : maurine Says:

    you are a great actor!! Keep it up…. take care always

  359. 359 : czarina Says:

    lee min ho !
    ur TV series(boys before flowers)
    hir is *boys over flowers*
    is a sure hit hir in
    philippines !
    hope u could visit philippines
    someday !(:

    *gudluck with your career !!!


  360. 360 : cliche Says:

    you look just like jerry yan

    but in a better version,,


    better act too,

    i guess,,,

  361. 361 : keeesh Says:

    hi lee min ho! i really like your smile and the way you look. you a drop dead gorgeous.=)) i had a dvd of your series, “Boys over Flowers”. i hope to see you more often in many shows! mwuaaa!

  362. 362 : aubreymae Says:

    hello LEE MIN HO..i lOve ur Tv series Boys over flowers..

    Keep up the goodwork and i hope to see you more often in many shows!

    i love the way you smile..:D
    take care

  363. 363 : Kristelle Says:

    hello go jun pyo.. you’re so hot.. and i love watching your shows.. just keep it up.. hope your group would be able to visit philippines too…

    LOve yah.. more power..keep safe

  364. 364 : MA. TERESA Says:

    CARE ALWAYS. . . I’M
    FAN. . (:

  365. 365 : maria allein Says:

    good day lee min hoo/ gu jun pyo!!!…..since I watch ur show “boys over flowers”, I keep on dreaming that someday I could be like jan di…where in an unexpected event, I will meet F4…ur my no.1 idol now…. hope to see you soon here in d philippines together with ur group -F4….god bless you always!!!….pls. send my regards to jan di (i don’t know her real name)….

  366. 366 : maria allein Says:

    u really look like jerry yan…..pls. visit philippines because F4 really have many fans here

  367. 367 : ruelyn Says:

    hi,,,,, i’m your no. one fan,,, wish you came here in the phil. Take care always. FOREVER CRUSH ON YOU,,,

  368. 368 : cathyryn Says:

    hi lee min ho..ur so cute:)
    cuttiest guy i’ve ever seen:)hehe..
    wish you came here in the phil.
    take care…

  369. 369 : cathyryn Says:

    lee min ho is lobb….:))

  370. 370 : cathyryn Says:

    lee min ho is lobb….:))

  371. 371 : blue Says:

    .. Lee Min Ho is a very good and nice actor..

    .. you’re the best i’ve ever known!!!

    .. hope you could come visit philippines !!!

  372. 372 : blue Says:

    .. i rally hope to see more of your shows here in the philippines..

    .. because we really love BOYS OVER FLOWERS…

    .. especially your role as GU JUN PYO.. i really love the way you act there..

    .. you act so real, and i’ve seen some of your interviews in youtube you like very nice..


  373. 373 : blue Says:

    .. philippines would be glad if you would come to meet your fans!!

    .. forever LEE MIN HO fan!!!! fighting!!! ajah

    .. i hope MACKEREL RUN will be aired in philippines!!!


  374. 374 : jhency22 Says:

    can you visit us here in phil????


    i wil be happy if you do so…

    i hope you’ll read diz message!!!

    i like your personality as gho jun pyo!!

  375. 375 : SONYA Says:

    oppa, I’m very….very…. sarange

  376. 376 : hugemetyt Says:

    your smile is the best!

  377. 377 : malou Says:

    ,♥hi lee min ho,
    ur so qute! i wish u visited in phil,!
    take care!!
    allwayz luv yah!!!ahah

  378. 378 : anita Says:

    lee min ho….
    ehm…i think!!! i cant think anythink since i watch your tv drama
    lee min ho…
    i love you so much
    never and ever actor like you for me
    you is the best..
    i love you…muach…muach

  379. 379 : hAnNaH Says:

    saranghe!!! ur so handsome!! i can’t get over with ur glares and stares.. wish to see u in person… like you soo much!! ^_^

  380. 380 : thinzar Says:

    i like u.

  381. 381 : kim jose Says:

    hi lee mi-ho or jun pyo…

    i just want to congratulate you for having a very good carrer right now…

    you are so popular that when i ask someone if they know someone whose name is Lee Min-Ho…

    …they will answer yes…

    if you have an account on http://www.friendster.com, and you want to know more about me as one of your biggest fans…
    here is my e-mail address:
    [email protected]
    (Note: I’m from the Philippines!)

  382. 382 : Era Joe Cayley Says:

    hi Lee Min-Ho or Jun Pyo

    i just want to congratulate you for having a very nice, what i meant is “a very good”, carrer right now…

    you are very popular, especially here in our country…

    …that if i ask someone if they know someone whose name is Lee Min-Ho…

    …they’ll answer, “yes i know him and he’s from korea”

    …i just want to inform you that if you have an account in http://www.friendster.com, and you want to know more about me as one of your biggest fans…

    …it will be my pleasure to be one of your friends or if you want “real friends”…


    …here is my e-mail address:
    [email protected]
    (Note: I’m from the Philippines!)

    …that’s all…

    i hope you like my comment…

    bye and tnx..!

  383. 383 : anne Says:

    hi, im your biggest fan from the philippines and i wish you luck on your carer. i mean the very best

  384. 384 : anne Says:

    hi, im ur biggest fan from the philippines and nice work wish you the very best of every thing.

  385. 385 : Micmic Says:

    Haizz.. lee min ho youre so very handsome..i wish that all “boys over flowers” people visit philippines………..haizzzz……..i love you Woo bin!!

  386. 386 : jasmine Says:


  387. 387 : jasmine Says:

    Lee Min Ho look like Won Bin (my idol) Mixed with Kimura Takuya ,look so handsome, he is my ideal sweetheart 🙂

  388. 388 : nicah07 Says:

    HI! lee min ho youre my favorite actor in korea….i wish you read this
    I wish you and goo hye sun together in real life….we love boys over flowers especially lee min ho

    keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

    go!go!go! BOYS OVER FLOWERS
    very very very good ratings!!!!!

    .’.’.’.’.’LEE MIN HO♥GOO HYE SUN.’.’.’.’.’.’

  389. 389 : kristylff Says:


    i wish everythin wood turn to real life…

    from kristylff

  390. 390 : vivian Says:

    lee min ho!!!!!

    oh my gosh!! i really really like you!!!!!!!!! coz ur handsome!! i hope someday you will visit here at phillippines!!!!!ILOVEYOU so much!!!! you are my dream guy!!!!!!! bye!!! take care!! iloveyou

  391. 391 : vivian Says:

    GU JUN PYO!!!!

    hehe!!! hmmm ,,, i hope that i can saw you in personnal!!!! i really do like you!!!!!!!!!1 PROMISE

  392. 392 : sheLlav Says:

    hai lee min ho,
    from all the korean actors i have seen on television you are the hottest, cutest, handsome , charming with your killer smile.
    .i know that lots of filipinas and filipinos are eager to see you. i hope that u will grant the wishes of the filipinos that u will visit in the philippines with koo hye sun, kim bum, kim hyun joong and kim jun. the BOF is really a big hit show in the philippines and a top rated show.

    i love u goo jun pyoo, heheh

  393. 393 : mae Says:

    please have a concert here in the philippines with f4 and geum jan di!!!

  394. 394 : lovelyballerina23 Says:

    hello dear!!!!
    Jun Pyo,
    i mean Lee Min Hoo…
    I wish i could see you in person…
    i’m really proud of you…
    i really believe in your potentials and skills..
    you really are my favorite actor even i’m a filipina..
    i wish to see you someday in Korea when i grow up…
    i hope you could love me like geum jan di…
    i love you so much
    and promise me you’ll take care always
    i like you a lot…
    you really are a great actor..
    i will study well so that i can go and work there in korea..
    you will serve as my inspiration…
    i dont love you as jun pyo but i love you as LEE MIN HO..
    i hope you can send a mail to me sometimes..

    Take Care LEE MIN HO

  395. 395 : JUN-DI couple!! Says:

    I wish you will have a many many more drama with KOO HYE SUN!!
    I like your tandem!
    It will be very very nice if you and koo hye sun will have a MOVIE. 🙂
    BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS is so awesome.
    as your character as “GOO JUN PYO”
    I will always support your dramas.


    I love the tandem of GOO JUN PYO anf GEUM JAN DI!! 🙂
    Very nice.

  396. 396 : Citra Says:

    I hope you can visit jakarta,indonesia..
    I fans you..
    Your acting very good …
    Gu jun pyo..!!i luv him..!!
    Maybe you can come to jakarta i will be happy…

  397. 397 : Citra Says:

    I hope you can visit jakarta,indonesia..
    I fans you..
    Your acting very good …
    Gu jun pyo..!!i luv him..!!
    Maybe you can come to jakarta i will be happy…
    Xie xie..
    Thank you..
    Arigato gozaimas..

  398. 398 : marjorie Says:

    im marjorie im a fan of yours…
    take care…
    im a filipina…
    hope you can visit the philippines..
    luv yahhh.

  399. 399 : marjorie Says:

    your so handsome…,cute..and everything…
    visit the philippines…

  400. 400 : bamz Says:

    lee min ho’s smile puts brad pitt behind! he is incredibly hot..

  401. 401 : marjorie Says:

    i know and i feel…
    that your not only handsome your really really handsome…inside and outside…

  402. 402 : ATINE Says:

    go junpyo. iLOVEyou.

    boys over flower is no.1 here in the philippines. :))

    yur so cute! like jerry yan.

  403. 403 : charity robin Says:

    hello Lee Min-Ho!!!
    i really2x like you so much for potraiying YOUNG MASTER GU JUN PYO!!!!
    HOPE the 5 of you, willing to visit our country because the koreanovela
    “BOYS OVER FLOWERS” IS THE NO. 1 koreanovela here in our country Philippines..,
    hope 2 see you in personal, as your no. 1 fan!!!
    take care!!love lots!!!!mwah…………………………..
    hello there to the remaining 4 stars of boys over flowers!!!!

  404. 404 : dale Says:

    love ur hAir!!


    hopE you anD yoUr remAIning 3 friEnds will visit our cOuntry {philippines} …

    coZ your tv series BOYS OVER FLOWERS….

    rOckS>>> hOpe To seE u in pErsonaL…

  405. 405 : daisy Says:

    hi im your avid fan hope to see u……

  406. 406 : paula Says:

    im so enjoying your show boys over flowers in the philippines i hope you will have a concert here i will watch you if you have im your no 1 fan

  407. 407 : ♥kiZzay♥ Says:

    Gu Jun Pyo!!!!..hihihihi..i’M so much loving Boys Over Flowers.. It’s totally great! And your so handsome!..

  408. 408 : sherra Says:

    i love you …
    your so handsome
    I like you …so much
    please reply me to facebook…. ok,….
    I will wait for your reply…
    lee min ho
    soon I will come there ok…
    south korea….
    wait for me there ok….
    love lotssssss

  409. 409 : aaliyah Says:

    hi lee min ho hope u visit philippines

  410. 410 : aaliyah Says:

    hi young master goo jun pyo take care of geum jan di always

  411. 411 : Roangeli Lastimosa Says:

    hi Lee,

    Im Roangeli, from philipines.. im really love your the boys over flower story because im wishing that in my life when it will be happen to me like that the way you love Jan Di, the you treat her, the way you show your love to her and i really like it… everytime i see you, im melting.. and everytime i listen all the soundtrack of BOF, i remember everything happen the series, i like feel better and happy.. i think more than 5 times i see this movie of your (BOF)… Thank you for inspiring me Lee Min Ho.. Keep it up.. I’ll give up two thumbs up in this movie (BOF)…
    Take care of your yourself, always.. ok.. I’m ALways here for you and support you all the way…

    Saranghae… 🙂 mwaaahhhhhhhh…..

    Always here,
    Roangeli Lastimosa

  412. 412 : honey loe bautista Says:

    hi.. LEE MIN-HO. wazzup?

    you know what i really really adore you so much! i love the way you act, the way you smile you make me insane, the way you got mad you make me feel happy. cute mo eh! LOL. hope i’ll see you in person. and i want you to be my friend. hahaha. if okai lng cmu ah.hahaha. if you want to see me also just go to the PHILIPPINES.hihi.i hope you’ll visit here.our place is so so so nice and ridiculous. im your number1 fan here.hahaha. gotcha? mwaaaah. love you! see you soon. :))

  413. 413 : selle Says:

    Lee Min Ho, ur the most handsome doumyugi ever…lol… u have a superb acting skills compare to the other 3 members of f4…although i super love u all, i love you more..i cant wait for your new show…i hope to see u have more shows…hope u can visit Philippines in the future…:) xoxo

  414. 414 : nica Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho….. your eyes is so attractive to me that’s why I like you so much…♥♥♥

  415. 415 : mariele Says:

    lee min ho your so attractive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  416. 416 : cherryl & marfe Says:

    hai..we really got crazy of the story of your tv series boys over flowers..
    we laugh, we cry, & we giggle. woo!!!how nice to see u n person here in the philippines

    youre so cute, your so handsome and we love to hug you and kiss you..


    We hope to see you soon..wherever in the world even in the north pole and south pole….heheheheh..

    we will keep on supporting you…!!!

    luv yahh..jun pyo…

    extend our regards to kim bum..and tha rest of the characters of boys over flowers….

  417. 417 : stef Says:

    mmwaahhh… love you Lee Min Ho… take care and god bless always (“,)

  418. 418 : pinky Says:

    hai gu jun pyu. .
    i go crazy when i think of you. .
    i can’t sleep, i can’t eat, i can’t concentrate what im doing when your in show starts. .
    we really love you. .
    your my #1 idol. .

    hope you’ll visit phillipines and see you in person. .

    take care always and also to 3 guys and gum jan di. .

    saranghe. ..

  419. 419 : pinky Says:

    gu jun pyu i love you so much
    i almost think of you everyday. .
    hope to see you soon. .

    and hug you soon. .

    and kiss you soon. . .

    saranghe. .

    mabuhay. . .

  420. 420 : jasmine Says:

    I wish lee min ho(gu jun pyo) and goo hye sun(jan di) together in real life
    … so sweet couple…

    Lee Min Ho — You are my dream guy…. I fall in love with you

  421. 421 : nica Says:

    What can I say about this actor? well his handsome,his very good and nice actor and he is so gorgeous………… that’s all I can say to
    Lee Min Ho and pls I’m begging you to come here and visit Philippines…♥♥♥

  422. 422 : ramz Says:

    ‘..lee min ho you drive us crazy..’hopE u can visit here in our country..LEE MIN HO FOREVER..’

  423. 423 : jessel gaviola Says:

    annyeong haseo,

    nice day always ….sarrangheo..very much i hope we will meet sumday….i hope so pls come in philippines mati davao oriental plssss..i will do anything just to see u personally my name is jessel gaviola ..my friendster is [email protected]

  424. 424 : jessel gaviola Says:

    u are always in my mind ..i think i will die if my parents will not allow me to watch ur show..i am currently studying korean for u

  425. 425 : kamela Says:

    :… hi lee min ho, u know the first time i saw u at the commercial on t.v i really don’t like you that much!! but wen i watch your koreandrama boys over flowers.. iv really regret wat did i say to my friends..
    now.. i really like u so much.. hope you wud come hir at ph..
    sorry to say bout this.. but now.. i,m one of your greatest fan…

    iluvU LEE MIN HO.. u keep safe always… GODBLESS.. 🙂

  426. 426 : jAyA♥♥♥ Says:

    young mster i really lve ur t.v. shw but the 1st tme I saw u in (BOF)
    i feel afraid bcz ur bad boy in the 1st series,…
    but in the nxt series i feel good bcz ur doung evrything 4 jan di!!
    i hpe in ur real lfe jan will mke u happy♥♥♥
    and thank you 4 making me happy everyday!!!
    please vsit my friendster and leave a comment 4 me!!
    im just 12 years old and im ur # 1 fan!!
    ds s my friendster..
    [email protected]
    im waiting!!

  427. 427 : bRuE Says:

    hi Lee Min Ho,
    when will you visit philippines?
    i’ve read news from you and the other cast of BOF. Is it true that the character of Jang Ja Yeon or known as Sunny(one of the annoying girls) had passed away due of depression?Oh my…

    well,us fans,we hope you guys won’t commit suicide too when you feel depressed…

    i just wish that you have time to read our msgs to you…
    i just want to tell,

    “..take care of your health,look and find time to relax..i know you don’t time for it because of your hectic schedule..”

    i cant say im your #1 fan because everyone does says it…
    so hopefully i could say i’ll be ur last fan who will never get tired supporting you…though you live korea and im in philippines i wont mind in to it…i visit your website always ,and i think reading news from you will atleast help you to cheer you up…

    may god guide and protect you always..^

  428. 428 : Deanna Says:

    You are awesome! The role suited you, you re so cute and handsome! The time that you will visit Philippines, youll be shock..you have many fans here! looking forward for your other shows..God bless us all!

  429. 429 : regine Says:

    advance hapi b-day!
    ilove you xo much…..

  430. 430 : bridget Says:

    annyeong haseo,
    hi lee min ho!!!!
    i really like you as portaying the character of YOUNG MASTER GU JUN PYO!!!
    Hope the 5 of you visit our country,Philippines
    Boys over flowers is the #1 koreanovelela here in Philippines!!! i’m one of your fans!!!!
    good luck and more power!!!
    GOB BLESS!!!

  431. 431 : dainty Says:

    i was love at first sight from lee min ho
    actually hes my dream boy!!!

  432. 432 : song na young Says:

    i love you so much lee min ho….i want to be your future wife if you accept me…sarangheyo!!!???
    i’am taiwanese but i’am willing to learn how to speak and write korean words and languages…and i have an korean tutor…i love you so much gua ai ni,,,tiao xin….

  433. 433 : yoly Says:

    oPPa lee min ho..{.”saRang’hae!!}

    sunbae, i lab yu Xoe muCh…
    i hope that you will visit Our very own counrty
    ..i assure you-.- you wont regret anything
    coz thres so many FAns waiting for you here

    thAnks “KBS” for chooSing lee min ho to portay the role
    of “gu jun pyo”{boys over flowers”}
    THAt he was Chosen to be the new best actor of the
    “45TH BAEKSANG ARTS AWARDS” foR the year 2009

    im proud of you
    gun pyo..{lee min ho}

    advance khapi bday to you!!!

    love you so much..
    [[“” YOLY LEGASPI””]]

  434. 434 : LOVELY Says:

    HI Lee Min Ho.., I really like you’re Tv series Boys Before Flowers..,
    I like the way you smile and laugh.., oh my god.., that killer smile.., i love it.., I LOVE YOU GU JUN PYO!.., I LOVE YOU LEE MIN HO! Hope to see you Boys Before Flowers Cast in personal.., Hope you visit Philippines..,

  435. 435 : AL-EEMiNHO ♥ GU JUN PYO Says:

    i cannot describe a single word to love him !! whha ! am so obsess with him ! i really love him so much !! hugs and kisses ! love to meet him in person :] that would really shake my world !

  436. 436 : veronica Says:

    hi! lee min ho. ur so cute talaga. sana gawa ka pa ng mas maraming korean dramas.ang gwapo mo talaga. you have a baby face. oh! my gosh!!

  437. 437 : Jane Says:

    I am very impressed by the way you act in BBF. No doubt, you are a very talented actor and with such good looks and endearing smiles, your future looks bright. Treasure what you have achieved and never let fame overpower you. Stay cheerful and be humble.

  438. 438 : fatima Says:

    hello lee min ho please add me in my friendster [email protected] i ike you so much and i love you please go to the philipines okey i love you please MARRY ME

  439. 439 : kathy Says:

    hi lee min-ho,,,im from Philippines. hope all the main characters in boys over flower come here at the Philippines.you are really very handsome,wish i could chat with you at ym…[email protected]!!!!keep safe

  440. 440 : TeEha Says:

    Hi Lee Min Hoo I’m from Malaysia.
    I love to watch ur acting.
    its so nature.
    i feel its a real life.
    i start to notice you since ur drama Bof
    I love you acting like that. Being obnoxious person.
    Its suit with you..
    Hope you will visit my country soon…
    I’m Really sure that its will be hillarious.
    Every body welcomed you here.

  441. 441 : susan Says:

    i’m from indonesia.u are perfect man, handsome! are u twins with Jery yan? hehe…luv u

  442. 442 : michelle Says:

    hi lee min ho……. I’m michelle from d philippines… I really love d way u act…. you’re so cute…. wish 2 see u here in the philippines…….. you really look like jerry yan…. go go go………. jun pyo……..

  443. 443 : Myay Oo Says:

    HI, lee min ho
    I am a fun of u.We r the same age.So, I can call u lee and then i am cancer born. I am from Myanmar. If u interest, I want to your friend.If u visit my country, i am very happy.

    Be get more rising star,
    Myay oo

  444. 444 : nica Says:

    Saengil Chukha Hamnida! Saengil Chukha Hamnida!
    Sa Rang Ha Nun Oori Lee Min Ho Saengil Chukha Hamnida!

  445. 445 : nica Says:


  446. 446 : mulan Says:

    More power to you and to your team mates (F4). Also, hello to Jan Di. God Bless.

  447. 447 : Myanmar lay Says:

    hi Min Ho,
    Can i friend with u?
    I’m from Myanmar….will u visit to our country??
    Can i invite u to visit to our Golden Land..
    hey Min Ho,
    your smiles make me fool…

  448. 448 : ►♫Mi§š♂Ti╒╒Änÿ♫ Says:

    hi lee min ho ,
    hope i’ll be your friend… i really love the boys over flower .. lots of people here in phil. wacth boys over flower…… i really love the drama hope you gonna come here in phil ..

    i love ou go jun pyo…

  449. 449 : ►♫Mi§š♂Ti╒╒Änÿ♫ Says:

    hi lee min ho,
    i really love boys before flower,…. i really wacth the whole episode for just one week here in enternet….. i really miss the f4 and jandi…..

    espicially you junpyo….huhuhuhu….. more power on you and more shows to come ….. and i will wiat for your another drama and wacth it…
    hope you add me on your fansite….. love yu jun pyo and jan di

  450. 450 : cerrah Says:

    hi…lee min-ho..
    ill…going…to seoul in this coming week,,
    wish i will see u…
    and..luv your show..
    for being the ..
    new best actor..
    wish there will be a part
    stand by me..

  451. 451 : cerrah Says:

    come and explore
    all the filipino’s
    luv all of u guys..

  452. 452 : sengbu Says:

    i like you. i meet you. i love you. i introduce my self. my name is seng bu. i am kachin, i want to know you.

  453. 453 : sengbu Says:

    i like you

  454. 454 : kristine Says:

    hi.. the 1st time i saw the advertisement here in philippines that the novela will be shown in series, my brother bought the dvd complete series for us to watch it urgently.. i fell inlove with the story, the characters involve and their attitude.. the fact that you can never find a happy ending lovelife nowadays, i was touched by the story,, the scenes and the music. i admit that though i watched it many times, i always cry.. i can feel their hearts, words and feelings. thinking that jan di’s attitude is very rare nowadays, if i will compare her to my attitude, we’re opposites. she serves as my idol.why? because she’s just a normal commoner and doesn’t cares about money involved and especially, she loves unconditionally same as gu jun pyo, who is very strong in love. i can say that the summary of this novela is ” to touch every people”. It works!! how i wish i can see you guys here in philippines or if i can get the chance to meet you. i hope there will be a season 2. though i want to say this personally but i think that will be just a dream i want to say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.. YOU GUYS CHANGED MY POINT OF VIEW.. keep it up!- kristine

  455. 455 : jennieca Says:

    ..”hi lee min hoo!!!i’m jennieca from philippines..i’m 16 years old and i am truly,madly,deeply in love with you..hahahah..i want to marry you!!i want to kiss you!!you have a great smile because of your teeth!!!you look so gorgeous!!!you look so sexy and you look so perfect!!you r my dream guy!!!hope to see you soon!!!!pls visit philippines..you r driving me crazy!!!!!hpoe you will have a tym 2 read this….i rreally like you..i cant help myself for falling in love with you!!!!haaay…you rock!!!i’ve watched boys over flowers in complete series..

  456. 456 : angel deiparine Says:

    i really like BOYS OVER FLOWERS.
    i watch it ahead of the others through the internet.
    certain scenes always makes me cry..
    i guess “touching people’s heart” is one of the goal of this novela.

    my most favorite character is gu jun pyo because of his UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to geum jan di. he is sweet, though he doesn’t show it really because he’s a tough guy, but you’ll know he’s so sincere to jan di.

    i also like jan di because she’s such a strong person..

    ji hoo is so subtle. he is such a true friend!

    yi jung is so cute!! you’re so handsome..

    i hope i will have the chance of meeting you guys someday!!

    i love you guys!!

  457. 457 : queenie Says:

    BOYS OVER FLOWERS i a really great korean drama . it teaches us a life lesson . it makes us cry and laugh . the actors and actresses really fit in their character in this movie 😀 by the way , im a half Korean and i think im going to visit Korea some time . i’m looking forward of all your movies and drama’s . Hang guk FIGHTING ! haha . still practicing korean laguage :p till here :))

    – queenie :]

  458. 458 : coritha Says:

    hope for the successful leg operation..i envy you…coz u can travel anywhere…unlike me…GOD Bless

  459. 459 : judith Says:

    hi lee min-ho you know wen i firs saw you on t.v. i feel some kind i think im in love with you i knew it that im in love with you im redy to mery i hope that i can see you in personal here in Phillipines i love you so much i love you so much from judith s.

  460. 460 : krizza mae Says:

    hello ur so handsome and im ur number 1 fan here in philippines. I always watch ur T.V series in ABS-CBN channel 2 boys over flower starring kim hyun joong, kim bum, kim joon, kim so eun etc. I hope someday youll visit philipines ’cause you have many fans and We love u . More shows to come. Thank you.

  461. 461 : lyndon Says:

    i love boys over flowers because of the characters especially jun pyo and jan di. i hope ABS-CBN will bring you guys in the philippines

  462. 462 : yap-jhan-sun Says:

    I HoPE bOYS OvEr fLOWeRS cAsT wILL cOmE tO pHiLiPpIneS

  463. 463 : ihartleeminho07 Says:

    Lee-minho is suupppeerrr handsome and cute.. hope they will come here!! ^.^

  464. 464 : Bena Says:

    I love you lee min ho…
    try to visit us here in the philippines
    I’m really one of your number 1 fan…
    i keep watching Boys over flowers coz of you!!!
    take care

  465. 465 : ma evelyn i loreto Says:

    hi.. i hope to see u here in the philippines grabe ang cute m tlaga i really like your show,sobrang love n kita.

  466. 466 : marites Says:

    i love you F4 especially Jun Pyoo.
    please come visit us here in Phils..
    grabehh…love you talaga…mmmwwwaaaahhh

  467. 467 : eigh :) Says:

    hey!!! visit philippines please!!!!!!! i love your tv series!!!!!

  468. 468 : eigh :) Says:


  469. 469 : DonMil Says:

    . I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
    .you’re soooooo handsome!..
    . we hope that you will visit Philippines….
    . more power!.

    From the ”City of Love”,
    ILOILO CITY!!! ♥♥♥

  470. 470 : Angela Says:

    Lee Min Ho you are so sizzling hot! I mean EVERYDAY I watch boys over flowers and I missed 2 episodes because we have to go to Palawan but it’s ok I asked our maid to record the episodes that I missed so I can watch it. I am always ready if you throw a concert or something here in the Philippines. If need to skip school I will do it. LOVE yah :”>

  471. 471 : Lyngene Says:

    hi lee min ho..i love your hair…hope to see you in the Phillipines soon..

  472. 472 : Nyny Says:

    Lee Min Ho,
    i really look forward into your asian tour
    but mind dropping by SINGAPORE
    once at least?
    There’s some of your fans over here too.

    They come about from your Latest,
    Boys Before Flowers.
    Do come visit your fans Over here (:

  473. 473 : natalie Says:

    lee min ho come to sngapore your the hottest n cuttest guy alive i’ll love to meet you in person

  474. 474 : ms. SaRah Says:

    /…hi!!! min ho… i really wish i can see u here in the philippines..!!!!
    /// i really love u!!! hahaha…

  475. 475 : jean Says:

    hi jun pyo!im ur 1 fan!i really2 like u and jan di!i hope i can see u and jandi in person!ur a very nice actor keep the good work!good luck!

  476. 476 : jean Says:

    hi lee min hoo!ur so so so handsome!haay!i really2 like boys over flowers ur so handsome omg! u have kissable lips i like it!and i lkie the way u smile!good luck

  477. 477 : neo Says:

    hello lee min ho iam neo from Philippines i do always wacth ur t.v show me and my husband like it so much ur character in boys over flower makes us kilig always hehehe.. hope u can read my message and someday i want to see u in personal though i dont know me..i am a big fan of urs and i know ur a good person inside and out i believe in u keep d good work..
    i love you u know iam eager to c u in person and dat would be the happiest moment in lyf..i love u kissable lips and d way way u smile it melts me..hope u read my mssge. and if u have tym please e mail me [email protected]

  478. 478 : Jane Says:

    I was so happy to see you and Koo Hye Sun in the tv programme. It was a Taiwan variety show which carried an interview of both of you. I know you are both in Taiwan from 31 May to 3 June to promote BBF drama there. I also hope both of you will be able to come to Singapore soon because the drama is broadcast here every Saturday night since mid May and it is very popular here. I believe you have many fans here. You and Koo Hye Sun looked gorgeous in the interview in Taiwan. Both of you were all smiles throughout the programme. I watched it from Singapore tv station yesterday.

  479. 479 : odessa Says:

    oh my god!! lee min hoo,,!! know what? we’re looking forward to see you here in the philippines!! all the korean F4 member!!
    hope we’ll see you soon!! i love you all!! muuuaaah!

  480. 480 : Felicia Says:

    ellos Lee Min Ho! I’m Felicia from Singapore! I wish to see all the F4 members in Singapore! email me [email protected] to let me know! I really hope to hear from you


  481. 481 : fitry Says:

    lee min ho,,,,,,,,,,you socute n handsome,,,i like you.

  482. 482 : nimfa Says:

    hello!!!! you are such a nice guy….i love watching your korean drama

    i hope that you will have more work to do together with goo hye sun…both of you are such a perfect couple!!!!!!!!!!

    GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  483. 483 : `-cObiE Says:

    ,pErfEctLy maDe..
    -Lee Min Ho..
    ,i LOVE yOu..
    -hOpE u cUd viSit hErE in thE phiLippinEs ..
    ,yOu dO havE sO many FANs hErE..

    -it wiLL bE a grEat hOnOr 2 sEe yOu in pErsOn,..
    -cOz im drEaming of yOu everyDay..^^_

  484. 484 : Darling Says:

    halowwwww. . .
    ammmmhh i like u very mch and i love u 2. . .
    can u be husband. . . hehehehe
    i realy2 love u. . .

    take care. . .
    ammmh do u have a friendster???f u have can u plss add me so we can be friends. .. . .plsss.plsss.plsss or just chek my acount. . .thank u!!!!
    more powr. . . take alwys. . . mmuwwwaaahhh

  485. 485 : Darling Says:

    hellowww. . .Lee Min Ho this is darling by the way dz is my friendster acount [email protected]. . .tnx. . . .mmmuuuwwwaaaahhhhh

    “,). . . . . . .

  486. 486 : mitchy Says:

    hi,,i love you very much gu jun pyo,,
    im very happy everytime i see your pictures in the net,,especially in my friendster,,,i have plenty of your pictures,,your so handsome,,
    i really love your team up with jandi,,i already watch boys over flowers in the dvd but i still want to watch it in tv,,
    i think im going crazy thinking of you,,
    im hoping that you wil visit us here in the philippines,,
    you know that you have plenty of fans and supporters here in philippines,,
    we love you very much!
    lee min ho!
    take care always and may god bless you all the time!

  487. 487 : MuniiPyoo...x Says:

    I Love Gu Jun Pyoo Character Soo Muchh Hes Mean Cool And Veryy Veryy Funny Mann…
    I Talk About You All The Time At School Here In The United Kingdom…=]
    Heres My Addy [email protected]
    Luv YU..x

  488. 488 : yhet_18 Says:

    ,..hElLo jUn Pyo….im jUliEt,
    ,iM yOuR nO. 1 fAn hEre in pHiLiPpInES,,..
    ,i liKe yOur bEiNg exTrEmeLy cOol…
    hOpE tO sEe yOu iN pErsOn,,!!!

  489. 489 : nicole_min ho Says:

    i love you lee min ho hope ill see you again….add me yahoo messenger super_cess2002 hehehehe hoping you will go here …your the best actor of my heart …hehehehe

    keep up the good work….

  490. 490 : nicole_min ho Says:

    your the best actor of my heart hope you will go here in the philippines….i love you gu jun pyo…

  491. 491 : kaisie Says:

    gu jun pyo!!!!!u rock! hahaha Love it when u make geum jan di’s life miserable but little that u know that ur starting to fall inlove with her! when it when ur eyebrows raise up,the way u bite ur lips when u got nervous and that cute.tcue smile that u make when u think of geum jan di…even though i’m not a fond of people who have wavy hair…but because of u..well i really look good on you…i’m beginning to like them hahaha!!hope u can visit someday here in the phillippines! LEE MIN HOO! ur giving me goosebumps!!!hahaha!tke cre and goodluck to ur career!godbless!!AJA! AJA! FIGHTING!

  492. 492 : Kathleen Says:

    Lee Min Ho!
    Boys Over Flowers is the BEST!
    You`re so much BETTER than Jerry Yan!
    Good Luck!

  493. 493 : Kathleen Says:

    Lee Min Ho!
    Boys Over Flowers is the BEST!
    You`re so much BETTER than Jerry Yan!
    Please visit the Philippines soon, surely all the girls here would love that.
    Good Luck! More Power! 🙂

  494. 494 : Kathleen Says:


  495. 495 : angeline two Says:

    hello lee min hoo i hope we can meet each other in korea i want to go there to see you and also to study there hope u can read it thanks your my insperation

  496. 496 : cristina Says:

    lee min hoo i really love watching ur shows..im ur greatest fan here in the philippines..i hope that u will visit here soon..i love u so much!!!ur the best man in the world..im dying to see u..

  497. 497 : eloisa Says:

    i hope you could come here in the Philippines specifically CEBU CITY =)
    mwah! mwah! mwah!

  498. 498 : Leah Says:

    Dear: Lee Min Ho,

    You know you are the cutest person that I ever saw, I hope we meet and be friends, actually I am already learning 15 martial arts and trying to have enough money to go there and meet you. I would like to ask if you would like to have a lady bodyguard, I can if you like!, because I have already been a bodyguard since when I was young, I was protecting my friends. ……..By the way…..I like your movie(boys over flower/boys before flowers)……………nice replying you. Take care and sleep tight Lee min Ho.

  499. 499 : faye:) Says:

    hi!advance happy birthday!i like your drama series boys over flowers very much!im one of ur fans here in the Philippines..hope you can visit us someday..regards to all the members of F4.tnx..

  500. 500 : Johanna Says:

    hi lee min ho i like your show so much ur the best ……………….explore cebu……..♥`♥`♥`♥`♥`♥`♥`♥

  501. 501 : Johanna Says:

    i love u so much ………………………….your my no. 1 fan ever if i can see korean people i always remember u ……………Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    🙂 😛 “““““““““““`♥♥““““““““““`:) 😛

  502. 502 : angel cullen Says:

    why do you have to be soo damn attractive????? im soo inlove with you!!!

  503. 503 : Patricia Says:

    hey! lee min ho! i love you so much! ur so handsome….!!!!!!!!!! how i wish u can come and visit me here in Philippines! and also be amazed of the beauty of Philippines! ur so charming! take care!!!!!!! mwuaxz!

    🙂 😀

  504. 504 : sheila marlis Says:

    allow lee .
    i like u so much u so handsome, lee .
    sometimes, come from indonesia. ok ??
    and i like boy before flowers .
    please come to indonesia .
    thank you lee .

  505. 505 : kaye Says:

    all of you act so good,it’s realy gr8!
    tc both of you!

  506. 506 : cute dimple Says:

    lee min ho,u know ur so cute, i like u to be my chatmate, i wish someday we will mate here in philiphines. i always watching ur movie BOYS OVER FLOWERS………. and everytime i saw u on the boys over flowers i so admire to u………..plz ………. reply my message f u want me to be the 1 of ur friends……………….plz…..plz……….plz………

  507. 507 : khienzy Says:

    hi! i’m khien frm phil. hoping to see you in personal,i’m your big fan here in philippines…..

  508. 508 : jean ", Says:

    hello min ho!!
    i really love your acting so much,,

    and i like your personality as well,
    stay humble and more sucess!

    hope to see you here in the philippines soon!

    love ya!!

  509. 509 : merz Says:

    hai JUn Pyo..

    I soo Lyk u..

    your soo cute ang very good looking..

    im just hir in the philippines..

    waiting 4 u..

  510. 510 : sweetlady Says:

    hi lee min-ho,

    well i just want to congratulate you and all the cast of Boys Over Flower
    it such a big hit.hoping you’ll have part two of it,i like the team up of jun pyo and jan di so cool and really cute.wish i could meet you all,and honest your handsome and adorable i really like everything to you seems your perfect.and i read before that you don’t like your voice but
    there’s nothing wrong with your voice…till here wish you all the best and may GOD bless you and guide you always…….hope to see you one day!

  511. 511 : melo Says:

    “bof” is really great, it makes me feel LOVED. want you jun pyo…love u so much!!!!

  512. 512 : c'mAe187 Says:

    i really like jun pyo :p ..loveu

  513. 513 : alvin of philippines Says:

    hi Lee min ho.!i like ur role in BOYS OVER FLOWERS>! aS GOO JUN PYO.!you know im ur number one fans here in the philippines.!i hope i can see you in person.!or ako na lang ang pu2ntang korea pra hanapin ko kayung apat yung F4 ba hehehehhe.!I LUV U SO MUCH.!ur so cute talaga.!at gwapo pa.!IM SURE ur so tall.!you know dream ko tlga na mkita ka sa personal sana mangyari yun.!DON’T EXPELL JAN DI in Ur shinwa schoOL bEcAuz cGe ka ikaw ang mawa2lan ng minamahal pag inexpell mo c jan-di hehehehe.!alam mo lab na lab tlga kita at lab ka ng mga pipol d2 sa amen sa philippines sana bumisita nmn kau d2 sa pilipinas kayong lima.!JI-HOO, WOO BIN, YI JEONG,JAN-DI at syempre ikaw ung panlima .!hehehhhee gEh d2 na lang po I LUV U SO MUCH GOO JUN PYO(LEE MIH HO)kEep uP uR cArEEr.!Hheheheheheheheh.!ILOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
    kung may cellphone number ka kahit nd ka tga d2 sa philippines pde ko bang makuha.?pra nmn may contact ako sau hehehehhe bye take care Olweiz.!LOVE YOU POH>!:D

  514. 514 : alvin of philippines Says:


  515. 515 : celine Says:

    i love you so much… Gu Jun Pyo you’re the best if you have time please
    visit us here in the philippines i like you’re role in Boys Over Flowers
    i have a question for you
    do you like Guem Jan di??
    i heard from the news that you two are close with each other………..
    do you know i’m so in love with you!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am you’re no.1 fan
    i love you so so so so so much!!!!!!
    and i heard that you will come here in the philippines in august……..
    i love you so much gu jun pyo……….
    you’re so handsome…………

  516. 516 : pamela joy from the philippines Says:

    LEE MIN -HO….
    I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  517. 517 : zameela Says:

    ok..my God..
    you know Lee Min Ho..’til now i just feel so wondering to God to created you born and alive in this world..
    since the first time i knew you..i’m really fall in love with you..
    you’re something that i wish to be my soulmate..
    i adore you so…
    well..maybe..i mean nothing for you..
    i just a simply girl who live in one of country that far away from your country..but..i’ll keep dreaming bout you..that you’ll come to my country..you try to find me..and ask me to be your soulmate…

    because of you i always dreaming could get someone who really as same as you..amd of course i hope it’s you…

    i can wait forever for you…

    ohh..my God…
    hope it’s gonns be true..
    you’re the one for me…

    miz u so..

  518. 518 : Janine Nolasco Says:

    i Love You So Much!i like watching your show!
    i want to be your Girl!=))
    gosh your handsome…!
    i’m so inlove with you!
    ilovelovelovelovelovelovelove you!

  519. 519 : ga eol Says:

    saranghae !
    min – ho

  520. 520 : ga eol Says:

    saranghae / i luv u
    min ho
    lee min ho / gu joon pyo

  521. 521 : camille (philippines) Says:

    oh my
    youre so cute .
    you and yi jeong was my dream to become when i grow up please go a trip here in the pilippines .

  522. 522 : rodelyn Says:

    hey lee min ho..ur so handsome..i really like ur expressive eyes and cute smile..it makes my day complete everytime i watch BOF..pls do visit here n Philippines..I really like 2 see u and d rest of F4 and koo hye sun..i luv ur role as jun pyo and jandi as well in BOF..Goodluck 2 ur career…i love you jun pyo…mwah

  523. 523 : nikki martee apao Says:

    hi there..
    thank you for the many funny moments you’ve shared with us, your audience of BOF..
    good luck on your career..
    GOD bless you..
    hope you’ve got to visit the Philippines sometimes…
    … one of its greatest islands is CEBU…
    come and visit our province…
    hope to see you soon..

  524. 524 : queenie Says:


    ur so cute jun pyo of boys over flowers…

    kip up the goodwork lee min ho..


  525. 525 : jasmine:))ofPhilippines Says:

    Lee Min ho, you’re so cute. Please visit Philippines. You Rock!!!

  526. 526 : claudine Says:

    .i think his handsome:).,his face is really define, love him.

  527. 527 : claudine Says:

    .i think he’s handsome, his face is really define, love him:)

  528. 528 : eca Says:

    LEE MIN HO..



    MIN HOO,



    . . . . .. . . . ..


  529. 529 : kat of pilipines:) Says:

    hi lee min ho punta kyo dto pls alam mo ba kahit greeting message ikaw pa rin yung nasa greeting message ko sa cellphone ko. lee min ho rock’z ang kul m u rock’z bro

  530. 530 : ika Says:

    min ho oppa..
    ur so cute when u smile..
    u makes me crazy..hehehe 🙂
    i love your acting..
    ur so handsome..
    i’m fall in love with you..

    i’m ur fans from Malaysia…
    keep it up k..
    i will always support you..
    don’t worry k..hehehe. 🙂

  531. 531 : jasmine:))ofPhilippines Says:

    hi again! lee ur so cute talaga…
    pero you’re weird minsan…
    i like ur hair!!!
    u rock!!!

  532. 532 : casey Says:

    . .i love this actor!
    lee min ho rocks!!!
    your the most handsome actor i ever saw!
    your so cute! mwaaah!
    i love every inch of you!
    i’m one of your avid fun!
    take care always!

  533. 533 : MaRiellE Says:

    im so not lucky to know u lee mi ho,,, you really drive us crazy you do have na nga a blessed face at the same time unbeatable talent,, ur handsome even when u cry,,, haha but dont be flattered ur fans r quite curious about ur attitude.,,,,u know what we do have really the same lips,, promise my lips is the same as yours,,,
    to my loved lee,, keep ur feet on the ground dont show off ur pride

  534. 534 : marjorie Says:

    hi can we be friend f u dont mined ahm i have crush on u well many gurls have crush on u…because ur so cute,handsome,and loveble…i wish u can be one of my friends…

  535. 535 : bea francisco Says:

    uhm hi there my name is bea francisco from paranaque, philippines well i was thinking well i saw ur show and i wanna ask you if you and your cast have a tour here in manila, philippines. if u can do that u will make so many people happy just by having a show tour hope you could take a seat and read this message thank you

  536. 536 : kat of philippines:) Says:

    hi ur so CUTE……………………………… i like u very much………………….
    ang cute ng hair m u rock’z………………………… lagi k po kyo sinusuportahan sa bof.

  537. 537 : Patricia, Indonesia Says:

    Saranghae, u are so romantic!!!
    Please come to Indonesia ok!!!
    At Bandung west Java
    I am waiting u but u can come to Jakarta also please???
    And my email is: [email protected]
    I have friendster also
    Add me if you have yahoo YA!!!

  538. 538 : edz :) Says:

    hi le min hoo 😛 ilikeusooomuchh… :X im ur number one fan, hehe. i wanna ask you if you and your cast have a tour here in cebu , philippines. if u can do that u will make so many people happy just by having a show tour hope you could take a seat and read this message thank you. mwah:* add me in yahoo.. [email protected] (:

  539. 539 : edz :) Says:

    hope you email me. [email protected] . thanksss

  540. 540 : edz :) Says:

    iloveyouuu!!!!! wahhhhh. mwahh!!>. hope youll really come in cebu philippines.. plsss??????????????????? loveeeyouuuuu… i hope that i can take u a photo wt meeeee. hahaha 🙂 ^^v

  541. 541 : loveAndy93 Says:

    Lee Min Ho, i really have to admit that u had really done a good job in the drama…
    the most let me vexed of myself is u had oledi impressed me so much that i cant stop thinking bout u …
    actually i dunno what had happened to me myself i dislike this type of me!!!
    I really intend u after that bof…
    and u really gorgeous in looking …
    first time i saw u , the first thought in my mind is “can anyone look so beautiful?”
    and that’s u!!
    so, the drama had became my latest new obssesion, and i love this drama so much!
    all of the person in charge in this drama had really put many effort, and we can see from the NG part!!
    They had really done a good job including all the actors and actresses!
    so the i put more intentions on lee min ho, and the most disappointing is i saw u smoking!!!!
    i absolutely, definitely hate someone smoking!!
    I dont care u hav girlfriend or not(coz everyone can hav), but plz if u see this message ,STOP SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!
    It brings side effect for your health!!
    After knew that u have this bad habit, i still cant make myself forget u…………..
    Love u…(i think anyone care about u will oso advice u to stop it , coz they love u…)

  542. 542 : jonalyn Says:

    hi..does lee min hoo have a friendster??kindly give a share please………………

  543. 543 : catherine Says:

    well..lee min ho,,u are really hansome
    you’re not just handsome, cute, oozing sex appeal
    eveything to you are perfect! oh i mean handsome,, the eyes (oh shockz! u have a really cute eyes!)
    the nose!!!! i wish i have those nose like yours!!!
    the height
    the body
    and you’re very cute smile!
    i wish i could see in you in person!
    just wait for me their in korea,, i’m coming to propose to you!

  544. 544 : joanna Says:

    oppa saranghae……please give me your cellphone number….:-)mwah

  545. 545 : joanna Says:

    oppa saranghae…pls give me your cell phone number…mwah…im ur number 1 fan…hehe…love u

  546. 546 : indi Says:

    i love your improve

  547. 547 : MoNiCa Says:

    hy… lee min hoo… ^-^

  548. 548 : iene_xxv Says:

    iLoveyou Goo Jun Pyo or Lee Min Ho 🙂

  549. 549 : reeya Says:

    I hope you recover quickly from the surgery and do more projects such as photos, movies… Do not forget to come to Indonesia and met your fans.

  550. 550 : Rina Says:

    sunbae, i lov u i lov u i lov u 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 much… ur acting ur smile n of course ur height everythings i juzz lov

  551. 551 : Arwi Says:


    I wanted to say that you deserved the Award for “Boys Before Flowers”! I read the manga before watching the drama and I must say that you portrayed Domioji so very well it was astonishing! You were born to act his role! Your acting was superior to the Japanese version, Hana Yori Dango. You were born to be an actor with all this charisma. Keep up the good work, hope to see you in many other dramas.
    P.S. You look wonderful with Koo Hye Sun, just like a match made in heavean!

  552. 552 : rycka Says:

    hy …

    i’m very luv u ….

  553. 553 : ika sari Says:

    I am from Indonesia and i really like your act in Boys Before Flowers.
    Your acting all out from you, keep it…
    I want to see your act in another movie…
    God Blees You
    See you

  554. 554 : arum Says:

    hai, i am from INDONESIA….
    i like your film very much…
    i don’t know why ?
    but i really like boys before flowers movie…
    iam not only like you but also all F4…
    i have wish, may be sometimes i can meet you….
    iam waiting your reply…

  555. 555 : lee joh rie Says:

    aniong haseyo,, lee min ho!!!!!!! im joh rie, from philippines… im a big fan of yours, i even made my own korean name,,… and thats because of you!!! ur so handsome i love you,,… hope to be seeing you in the philippines, particularly in cebu…..love you so much… just wanna ask if you already have a girlfriend?

  556. 556 : michell Says:

    halo lee min ho ure so very cute i hope that u will be fallin in love with koo hye sun i hiope thatn because u are so very perfect soulmate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ure my idol thank u

  557. 557 : manya_minhoo Says:

    Minhoo… my dear… we born in the same date…
    we are the same cancer…
    im happy and proud born the same date, the same year…
    we’re compatible!!

  558. 558 : RTJJ Says:

    gu jun pyo…i mean Lee Min Ho.
    we LOVE you.
    Yo,Yo Wassup mann(Kim Joon)
    We love your drama(Boys Before Flowers)
    TAKE CARE okay?
    haha..i like come KOREA!
    okayyy,well okayy byeeee!

  559. 559 : Merry Says:

    Lee Min Ho aka Goo Joon Pyo, u’re kind and have a warm hearted.. Although u have a gorgeus appearance. u weren’t proud of yourself.. I like that kind of your side besides your gorgeus like.. I hope u’ll get success in acting or another job.. U play your role as Goo Joon Pyo very good and kinda real, make me give a full concentration of my dreams.. Could you visit Indonesia even once?TQ!^^

  560. 560 : Hwang Sun Bok Says:

    Lee Min Ho, I’m from Indonesia.. Could u visit us (your fanatic fans which the total are more than 1.000.000) in Indonesia? Your drama has already aired on our channel until episode 4.. Min Ho, I hope u’ll get success in your way and God will bless u.. Althoughyour next project didn’t get success as Boys Before Flowers, I believe U’ve already worked hard for it.. Don’t mind if someone give u a negative comments about u.. Stay cool.. I trust u..^^

  561. 561 : Ly Says:

    hay le min ho

    i like u,
    i am from indeonesia
    iam waiting your reply…( i hpe)

  562. 562 : Lee Min Ho's Translator Says:

    Thanks for all your comments about him. Yes, he do have a girlfriend. She’s Jessica from Singapore. You seldom see them out together as they’re having a long distance relationship.

  563. 563 : gene Says:

    hi lee min ho… i really idolized you…. i hope you could visit philippines.. i hope i could meet you when i go there at korea….

  564. 564 : kisses faith Says:

    hi gu jun pyo, lee min ho…

    aneong…i was amazed by ur stare..wew…i really like those eyes.can i borrow it..hehheheh.i would like to thank u coz uve been our inspiration..i wish i could go there in korea and spent my vacation with u…hoping….
    lee min ho,ur so good in acting coz u portray the rule of jerry yan…
    ur sooooooooo coolll…

    till here,
    Kisses Faith from Cebu Philippines.

  565. 565 : sisca Says:

    hellow >_

  566. 566 : nIA Says:

    goo joon pyo


    i’m Nia From INDONESIA..

    i Love ur drama ( bOys bEfore fLOwers)

    i hoPe someday caN Visit U in koRea..

    i hoPE SOmeday i caN Meet with U..

    Take carE..

  567. 567 : jajancharlie Says:

    lee min ho you are so handsome…always be down to earth as you are and keep on that warming smile forever on your face…i love you…

  568. 568 : majablancaflor Says:

    Oh, I really like Lee Min Ho though type ko rin si Jumong! I’m glad number one pa rin xa pero gusto ko rin maisama sa top c Joon Pyo… hay… kakakilig ang smile nya…

  569. 569 : jenny Says:

    perfect acting!!!

  570. 570 : ica Says:

    hay lee min ho

    I am from indonesia, i like your film ( boy before flower ) very much
    you are so handsome and cool you are perfect

    I love you lee min ho forever
    Good bey..bey

  571. 571 : Norma Ulie Says:

    i just wanna say ur drama Series more atractive than Hana yori Dango, but i really amazed with Korean drama Series that always give something different in ordinary stories.. esspecially ur movies (Boys Be4 Flower)..
    Keep Moving On !!
    Norma Ulie

  572. 572 : blabla Says:

    hi, lee min ho 😉
    I’m so desperated after heard if you have a girlfriend HAHA but i’m so happy to be your fanatic, you have a charm smile. I will love you and to be your fan FOREVER. aw awrrr
    Could you tell me your facebook or anything else? thank you

  573. 573 : dawn kuizon Says:

    hi jun pyo

    ,.what an amazing story u leave for me :))

    ,.wuth jandi as ur lady heheh!!

    ,i love it so much leE mi ho!!

    ,.my gush how i wish to see u in person,

    i know its just a dream heh!!

    ,someone like u is like a star
    ,.the brightest star heheh!!

    ,.u lo0k so ???

    ,.dont know!!

    ,i just know i cant describe u heh!!


    ,love u jun pyo forever!!

    ,ur my dreamboy as well hheheh!!

    ,keep up the go0d w0rk my dear:))

    ,.take care!!’

    ,hoping for new show to watch out!!

  574. 574 : Selana Says:

    Lee Min Ho, I am a fan of you.. No matter you’re Joon Pyo or Min Ho.. I like the other side of you.. You can be passion for all the negative comments.. I know every actors and ectresses will get the behaviour to response the negative comments.. But, I like the way u response of the negative comments.. Just be your self.. No matter about the rating of the total of audience of your next movie and series.. I believe you’ve worked hard for it.. Just keep smiling and trust your self.. I hope u read my message.. ^^

  575. 575 : Selana Says:

    Lee Min Ho, I am a fan of you.. No matter you’re Joon Pyo or Min Ho.. I like the other side of you.. You can be passion for all the negative comments.. I know every actors and actresses will get the same behaviour to response the negative comments.. But, I like the way u response of the negative comments.. Just be your self.. No matter about the rating of the total of audience of your next movie and series.. I believe you’ve worked hard for it.. Just keep smiling and trust your self.. I hope u read my message.. ^^

  576. 576 : Lovely Says:

    hi im from philippines and i am watching all ur movies here especially boys before flowers it is really a great tv series here,number one..

    im a fan of yours..keep up:-)

  577. 577 : Ronolfo Says:

    i wish i will meet you someday!!!!
    i love you very much!!!

  578. 578 : eLLeN ^_^ Says:

    Min Ho ???

    Hpe u read this !!

    I’m From iandonesian!!

    U’re so CooL !!

    I always watch u in BBF!!

    Most fav KoreaN dRama!!

    Hope u Succes in everything u do… u’re carrier specially !!

    Love U !!

    Hope see u in the future!…… Someday…… Sure!!


  579. 579 : dafa Says:

    hi Min Ho!!
    I’m dafa from Indonesia.
    I do like you.
    you have a nice smile. 🙂
    Please come to Indonesia.
    we’ll wait for you and all the cast of Boys Before Flower in Indonesia.
    I wish someday I can go to Seoul and meet the BBF cast and crew.
    See you soon !!

  580. 580 : Fitriana Sari Says:

    hello lee min ho..
    i’m fitri from indonesia..
    you have a great looking and a great smile..
    i like you so muchhhhh…
    please come here, there are so many fans of you here and we do wait for you..

  581. 581 : gracia Says:

    hy ,
    lee min ho….
    i luv u so much……

  582. 582 : angel Says:

    hello! lee min ho urin seoro cheonnune banhaesseoyo. naneun haeyo haengbokaeyo, gamsahamnida…………………………………………………………………………………………..

  583. 583 : chohee Says:

    you are my idol you’re so handsome hope to meet you someday!

  584. 584 : nicah17 Says:

    hi…. lee min ho i hope u read this
    “I WISH YOU AND GOO HYE SUN TOGETHER IN REAL LIFE she is beautiful and humble….plzzzzzzzz ………

    … 4 ever and ever….
    …lee min ho & goo hye sun againts the world………
    …..they kiss again lee min ho & goo hye sun….
    ……jun pyo♥jan di 4 everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………………………..

  585. 585 : Vanessa Rachel Says:

    Hii Lee Min Ho..

    Right now, I am thinking about you while watching ur drama series BBF.
    I know, maybe this message will not be read with you.
    But I just want to say my feelings in this comment.
    I hope I can meet you one day.
    If God let me.
    Well, that’s for now.

    Send my regards to Koo Hyun Sun and all the cast.Thxs.GBU always. 🙂

  586. 586 : Nay Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho..

    I’m from Indonesia
    your act in Boys Before Flower is very nice and very cool..

    I like U..
    I wonder someday I’ll meet U, not only in my dream, but also in my real life…

    See ya..

  587. 587 : pauline Says:

    hi lee min ho

  588. 588 : Devika Says:

    hi ther…i love ur acting in BOF… esp d part where u act so cutely slliy n wen u stare @ Jan Di wit tat intense emotional eyes… it juz swept me off ma feet lo :)… u r so versatile n cool…. keep it up… can’t wait 2 catch d serial where i can see ur full potential… i encourage u 2 learn as much as u can grasp along ur journey in life…. u hav ma full support all d way!!! Fighting!!! 😉 mmuazk!!!

  589. 589 : janus Says:

    your so cute….anD hanDsOme….would YOu minD to visIt Our Country which is Philippines…..???

  590. 590 : Och!E Says:

    i’m ochie…..in Indonesian.
    i’m very like all about u..expecially ur character at “Boys Before Flowers” !!!!!
    Not only handsome,but honest…..u are perfect boy for me! do u know,i can’t sleep if i not see ur film.hehehe… i’m sorry i’m not clever to speak english to u…but i’m happy can introduce u! loph u….from indonesian girl.

  591. 591 : Ryll JHee Says:

    Hi Min Ho!!! You really have a great smile. Love you

  592. 592 : jem Says:

    Lee min ho.. hi there..
    : D

    uhm..i just want you to know that i like you so much..and im hoping that we’ll meet here in the Philippines..ill do whatever it takes just to be friends with you..i dont know if you’d be reading this message..i just want to let all the feelings out..crazy me,, FOR LEE MIN HO >>


  593. 593 : jem Says:

    aniong haseyo lee min ho…

    here i go again..hahah…just wondering ..are you going to visit Philippines? i think we filipinas are very excited to meet you…so please visit us in manila…

    aniong for now…sarangheyo>>

  594. 594 : Aini Says:

    Since I saw ur act in BBF, i really got in crush with u…
    I adore you so much!!!!
    cant help my self when i see ur *charming* smile….^^
    when will u visit to indonesia???
    I wish that someday u will visit our country….
    Keep goin’ Goo Joon Pyo!!!!!
    With my warmest LUV!!!

  595. 595 : metha Says:


    i hate u…..leE MIN ho..,.

    you MAke ME saD….

    i sAD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  596. 596 : Vanessa Rachel Says:

    Since yesterday..I always watch ur drama series BBF..
    Because of that,I cannot do anything besides watching it..
    I don’t know why,I keep on lokking at the film..
    Untuil my mom get angry n ignores me all the time..
    Help me to find the way I stop it..


  597. 597 : ligaya Says:

    advance happy birthday!
    hope to see u in heaven…….

  598. 598 : seatea Says:

    hi!! lee min ho.i’m seatea from jakarta,indonesia. since i saw you act in bbf, i feel like something else in my heart.along time I’m not feel like this to some one actor.may be not only me feel like this.but I KNOW.this is just dream to meet you.i hope u will come visit indonesia.I HOPE U.THX

  599. 599 : Sony Says:

    You so amazing!

  600. 600 : jeazel mae Says:

    you know everytime i watch ure korean drama
    i was dreaming that i will gonna meet u someday
    when i finish my studies i will gonna go t Korea
    even you are old na!
    even here at Filipines you will gonna go here!

  601. 601 : BEE Says:

    i love ur smile!!!

  602. 602 : jamaica Says:

    Lee Min Ho,

    i love your chararcter in BBF….i love gu jun pyo…

    i wish you all the best and happiness in your birthday…

    im glad that we have the same birth date…

    fantasizing gu jun pyo, im glad we were born on same date…

    take care always….

  603. 603 : rahma Says:

    Lee Min Ho,
    I LOVE YOU…..

  604. 604 : darlaine Says:

    Lee Min Ho,

    gu jun pyo;-)….u are really great in bbf all of u the role which u portrait u did it best!……..

    and u are so gorgeous in that tele drama:-)……

    keep it up!

    take care……..

  605. 605 : Vanessa Rachel Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho,
    It me again, I’m sorry to disturb you all the time.
    I’m wondering when can we meet each other
    U know, I never have been to Seoul.
    But I’m sure, I can go there someday, I just hope that I can meet you in person.
    I really miss you. Even though you haven’t know me or see me before.
    But I want to share my feelings to you.
    I will always like you. You have a charming smile.
    Well, I know you will noot be reading this message.
    But, that’s okay, I will just imagine that you read this comment.
    Lee Min Ho, I’m sure you can fluently speak in english right.
    I don’t know about your english but I’m sure you know about it.
    If you read this message. Send my regards to Koo Hyun Sun.
    You know,u r a perfect match with each other. I hope you will be better each day.
    God Bless You Always Lee Min Ho/Goo Jun Pyo.h3
    Btw,it’s almost ur birthday you know.ur 22th birthday.well,I will send you a happy birthday words in here.
    See you soon.I am just telling you. In fact I’m from Indonesia.
    I know, Indonesia is well known as the country of poorness.
    Because there are many poor people.n its dirty of course.
    I hope, 1 day you can go to Indonesia(Jakarta).
    If you don’t want.its okay.
    Up 2 you n all your friend.
    Now I’m studying korean language.
    So, when I go there I can speak to other people around me..
    When r u going to play the 26 episode..?I’m waiting 4 it..
    Trust me, I will wait for your VISIT!!
    I will always ? you lee min ho.
    No matter what happends.

  606. 606 : Vanessa Rachel Says:

    I luv u very much.
    Permit me to steal a kiss..

  607. 607 : twistkc Says:

    Lee min ho what a name that already marked on my heart I really like you so much, I envy you, I love those lips that turns into smiles and can make my heart melt. Even though I don’t know you personally I think I can say that you are a good person inside and out though there are imperfections in you. Being with you feels like heaven but I pity my self because I know it won’t happen…ahh how I wish I can be your lover and your friend so that In y own little way I can take care of you, but I know you belong to someone that is much better than me. Much prettier and someone that has a same level as yours but of course I know were to stand and I know I’m just an avid fan of yours, I guess you have a high standards in girls aright? Especially you are the “great” lee min ho every girls is going crazy when in comes to you, how I wish you can read my message for you but sadly to say I know you can’t but I’m taking my chances that hopefully someday you will. I just hope that I can find someone like you because I know it can’t be you. Keep it up whatever you were doing right now because you inspire us and make us happy. Love lots! 😉

  608. 608 : seatea Says:

    good night have a nice dream,love u.mmuah!!

  609. 609 : reyhan Says:

    your handsome
    i love you muach
    when you go ho to indonesia
    when you go home i
    anyeonghaseyo! hye suh-ya
    chonun keke imnida!

  610. 610 : Vanessa Rachel Says:

    Lee Min Ho ssi,
    Jal jinssyo?
    nj wassemnika(Jakarta/Indonesia)?
    Ddab hasyo!

  611. 611 : Princess Sweetie Says:

    U`re a very good actor i`m really like:)

    I wish one day i`ll chatting wit u also i wish i`ll meet u..

    love U Min Ho..

    min ho sarang hae^^


  612. 612 : seatea Says:

    goo jun pyo?!

  613. 613 : isty Says:

    I LOVE U Lee Min Ho

    I LOVE U…

    I LOVE U…

    I LOVE U….

    I LOVE U SO MUCH….!!!!!

  614. 614 : cheng Says:

    i will find you when i graduate nursing..

    i’ll be ur private nurse and take care of you when u grow old..

    but i know its impossible..

    but anything can happen as long as u have faith..

    i know u have a thousands of fans..

    many says that they are number one..

    i will be the zero..without it, numbers would not start..

    advanced happy birthday..

    hope to see u soon..^c^,

  615. 615 : Vanessa Rachel Says:

    Lee Min Ho, u r the person who always inspires me in doing things.
    Your lips always makes me smile because, when you smile its so charming and I cannot compare your smile with other people coz u r the best.
    I always hope that I can meet you, but I’m sure u r not going to read this comment.
    I know, every people have different types of girls. And me, I don’t think I’m qualified.
    I of course want to be yours no matter what, but its hard you know.
    Fortunately, I always know that you have high standards of girls,preety, and many things else.
    Can I ask you some thing? When r u going to Jakarta.many koreans here really wants to meet you, do you know that?
    I am admirering you all the time. You see, I’m regret why I am born in indonesia.
    Why don’t I am being born in korean.Seoul of course. Because countries besides Indonesia is more qualified than Indonesia.
    The moment you work for a film which is fo international. You will go straight to the top one.
    And everybody admires you. You are also a model right?
    I can see the way you walk. But never mine. You will be always my prince charming Lee Min Ho.

    With Lots of Luv,
    Vanessa Rachel, Muach, I always Luv u Lee Min Ho..waiting for your arrivel.

  616. 616 : bab .b Says:

    hi!!!! my love ! i really idolized u and now i love u !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 u! Im from philippines! hope that i can meet u n person ! more power and I LOVE YOU .

  617. 617 : ilona Says:

    @Vanessa Rachel
    hello. are you from indonesia? that means you’re indonesian right?
    i’m also indonesian.
    i’m so embarassed of you. how come you’ve said those things about indonesia in this website?
    the facts about indonesia have nothing to do with this drama or lee min ho.
    i understand that you like lee min ho.
    so, do you think that he’ll pay attention to you because of what you’ve said?
    you’re so embarassing. you’re not worth to be called an Indonesian.
    if you’re dreaming to be another person with another nationality, so why do you stay in Indonesia?
    why don’t you move to another country, just go.
    indonesia wouldn’t be in a crisis if you go away.
    if you dreamt of becoming a korean, just go to korea.
    you’re so embarassing. your nationality is poor.
    I wonder, are you truly indonesian or half-blooded?
    if you are pure indonesian, such a pity.
    if you’re half-blooded, why don’t you go to your other-country-nationality?
    you embarassed our country.
    what do you know about our country? poor?
    ha. you’re so short-minded.
    you understand nothing about our country.
    if indonesia is dirty, why don’t you go somewhere else which is more clean than indonesia?
    well, if you have a lot of money, sure that it’ll be not to hard to go to foreign country and stayed there as a citizen.
    just leave indonesia.
    you’re such a no-action-talk-only person.
    what have you give to indonesia?
    you contribute NOTHING in our country development.
    maybe you’re just a KAMPONG kid, eh?
    talk a lot, understand nothing.
    What do you do in life? are you a student? or you just a sit-and-doing nothing-person?
    don’t ask about what your country had give to you, but ask about what you have give to your country.
    oh yeah. and one more thing.

  618. 618 : tatiana Says:

    i love you….

    i miss you….

    i need you….

    i’m and all friends in indonesia


  619. 619 : khirstie ace bitara Says:

    HI LEE MIN HO!!!! I’M ONLY 11YEARS OLD BUT I’M YOUR NUMBER 1 FAN YOUR A VERY GOOD ACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  620. 620 : dito Says:

    buat ilona who CALLED herself a pure indonesian. eh tat terserah orang dong kalo dia emang suka sama si min ho ya terserah dia mau di ungkapinya kaya apa. gausah norak deh lo SOK JAIM. baru belajar bahasa inggris aja belagu banget LO?! lo tauga yang ALAY. pretend like an innocent. did your mother ever teach you how to appreciate someone?! the one who embarassing is YOU

  621. 621 : Helenaaa Says:

    lee min ho!!!

    You’re so cutee !!!!

    i like you so muchhh !!!!!


    when are you going to visit indonesia?

    i’m looking forward to it


  622. 622 : sarah Says:

    oh my god
    oh my god
    oh my gooooooooddddd!!!!!

    lee min ho
    you’re so cuteee

    i’m your biggest fan !

    love your acting in kkotboda namja

    your play as goo jun pyo is really cool!!



    well, i’m looking forward to your next drama!

    keep up the good work !


  623. 623 : gorgeous Says:

    lee min ho rockssss!!!

    i like you so much!!!!!!

    i watched ‘our school e.t’
    and you were so cute in that movie


    i watched bbf now

    and i think i’m in love with you!!!!
    i keep watch it over and over again
    i’m so addicted to you !

    your acting is so cool
    your face is soooo cuteee

    wishing you good luck for your next project
    looking forward to it!!


  624. 624 : gorgeous Says:

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!

    lik u!

    like u!

    like u!

    like u!!


  625. 625 : kara Says:

    lee min ho
    i admire you so much

    when i first watch your drama (boys before flowers), i was in love at first sight!

    you’re so cool lee min ho!
    i haven’t watched your drama other than BBF,
    but i’m surely going to watch it!

    i love your chararcter in BBF….i love gu jun pyo…

    I LOVE U Lee Min Ho

    I LOVE U…

    I LOVE U…

    I LOVE U….

    I LOVE U SO MUCH….!!!!!

  626. 626 : indaaaah Says:

    this is the first time i watch your film in Boys Before Flowers.

    I like korean drama series very much, many drama korean i have watched in Indonesia.

    But i think your different, i like your character.

    I always wait your next film.

    Be your self, keep fighting & don’t forget to God.



  627. 627 : indaaaah Says:

    From d start of BOF, I knew u gonna be a one hell of an ACTOR… Gud looking man… I think ur very adorable as in adorable, juz be urself & continue being humble….

    i like you!

  628. 628 : indaaaah Says:

    Name: 이민호 / Lee Min Ho

    Profession: Actor

    Birthdate: 1987-Jun-22

    Height: 185cm

    Star sign: Cancer

    Blood type: A

    TV Series

    Boys Before Flowers as Go Jun Pyo (KBS2, 2008)

    But I Don’t Know too (나도 잘 모르지만) as Min Wook Gi (MBC, 2008)

    I’m Sam as Heo Mo Se (KBS2, 2007)

    Mackerel Run (달려라 고등어) as Cha Gong Chan (SBS, 2007)

    Secret Campus (비밀의 교정) as Park Doo Hyun (EBS, 2006)

    Love Hymn (MBC, 2005)


    Our School E.T (2008)

    Public Enemy Returns (2008)

    Humming (2007)

    Arang (2006)

    Ghost Lives (2004)

    Repechage (1997)


    The 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor Boys Before Flowers (2009)


    you’re so handsome!!

  629. 629 : karen Says:

    hi..lee min ho,

    I’m your fans.

    i like you in the film boys before flower,

    i like you because you very cute..

    i’m from indonesia

    you’re a very nice and good looking man…

    i like your smile..

    so cutee..~~


    and Boys Before Flowers is the best of drama in asia ever i see..

    THe BOYS OVER FLOWERS are so very popular here..

    God bless and have a continuous career..

    stay good to earn more good things!

    love you!!



    from your biggest fan in indonesia

  630. 630 : firra Says:

    Name: 김현중 / Kim Hyun Joong (Gim Hyeon Jung)

    Profession: Actor, singer

    Birthdate: 1986-Jun-6

    Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

    Height: 180cm

    Weight: 68kg

    Blood type: B

    Star sign: Gemini

    Education: Kyonggi University

    Hobbies: Playing the guitar, piano, dancing

    Notes: He is the leader and eldest member of the Korean group SS501

    TV Series

    Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2008)

    Spotlight (MBC, 2008, cameo)

    Hotelier (TV Asahi, 2007, ep 7)

    Can Love Be Refilled? Sitcom (KBS2, 2005)

    Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2005, ep 208)

    he’s the handsome one

    no offense, but i think lee min ho is not as handsome as kim hyun joong.


  631. 631 : firra Says:

    Name: 김현중 / Kim Hyun Joong (Gim Hyeon Jung)

    Profession: Actor, singer

    Birthdate: 1986-Jun-6

    Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

    Height: 180cm

    Weight: 68kg

    Blood type: B

    Star sign: Gemini

    Education: Kyonggi University

    Hobbies: Playing the guitar, piano, dancing

    Notes: He is the leader and eldest member of the Korean group SS501

    TV Series

    Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2008)

    Spotlight (MBC, 2008, cameo)

    Hotelier (TV Asahi, 2007, ep 7)

    Can Love Be Refilled? Sitcom (KBS2, 2005)

    Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2005, ep 208)

  632. 632 : pretear Says:

    lee min ho you are so cute………..
    I like your hair style

  633. 633 : lyn2009 Says:

    i like u so much gu jun pyo…
    ur so cool in boys before flowers..
    i like it so much…i just love to see you..mwuaaaahhh

  634. 634 : charity robin Says:

    ..,hello Mr. Lee Min-Ho.., congratulations!!!!.., your b-day is coming.., hope your always ok and your happy.., GOD BLESS YOU and your FAMILY!!!!..,LOVE lots..,always stay who you are and always smile..,

    *_”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sooo happy..,

  635. 635 : jessica Says:

    i like you!

    you’re so handsome!

    keep up with the good work!

  636. 636 : karin Says:

    my name is karin,I from Indonesia…
    i your fans, i like you in the film BOYS BEFORE FLOWER!
    I WANT TO SEE YOU LIVE, plese come here..he..he..he..
    I always open your image in google..you know?
    I know your brithday..
    lee min hoo
    1987,jun 22
    your star sign same with me,I’m very happy..CANCER..RIGHT..
    i love your acting..please writte your latter in my e-mail..please..
    bye-bye…see you later!

  637. 637 : ginevra Says:


    you’re such a handsome guy!

    when i first watch kkotboda namja, i didn’t like you.

    but after i finished watching it, i realized that i like you so much!

    your acting is so wonderful,

    you’re so good looking..

    i think that you’ll be more famous than now.

    looking forward to your next drama.


  638. 638 : ginevra Says:

    Lee Min Ho’s Translator Says:
    June 11th, 2009 at 4:38 pm

    Thanks for all your comments about him. Yes, he do have a girlfriend. She’s Jessica from Singapore. You seldom see them out together as they’re having a long distance relationship.

    is it true????????

    ohh *heartbreak*

  639. 639 : tikha Says:

    lee min ho oppa.



    wish ur my love.

  640. 640 : tikha Says:

    i heard your voice when you sang my everything in F4 5 years later episode.

    you’re quite good in singing !

  641. 641 : tikha Says:

    My Everything
    by Lee Min Ho

    ee sesang malroneun pyo hyeon harsu ga obseo
    kalsu reok beok cha eo reu neun neo reul hyang han nae ma eum
    ee sesang saem eu reo he ah rir seu ga obseo
    deo hae do deo hae man ga neun kkeutt obsneun nae sarang
    keu nu gu deo
    neo mankeum nal uttkae nareul ulkkae han saram obsseosseo
    na dabjin anhjiman

    eo jik neo ha na man bogo deutkeo shippeun geol
    nae anae neoreul salkkae hageo shippeun geol
    nal barabwa
    naui peum euro wa you’re my every
    my everything
    you’re my everything
    love for you

    eonjaena noege ikyo beon jeoki obseo
    saranghae jimyeon jil seureok nae kaseumeun haengbokhae
    Neol hyanghan saranghae yoo hyeogi kani obseo
    Manyagae ittageo haedo mannyeonil ttenikka
    Himgyeowodo naegyeottae isseojwo
    Naui jeonbureul da
    Irhneun da haedo neol jikkyo jeul kkoya

    eo jik neo ha na man bogo deutkeo shipeun geol
    nae anae neoreul salkkae hageo shippeun geol
    nal barabwa
    you’re my every
    my everything
    you’re my everything
    love for you

    I wanna be everything

    eo jik nae kaseumseok juineun neoppeun ingeol
    naegaen choeum ija majimak in geol
    neol bulreobwa seumsuirttaemada neol
    you’re my every
    my everything
    you’re my everything
    love for you

    I love you

    *woww i’m so in love with you!!

  642. 642 : tikha Says:

    try this link


    oh my god, you’re so handsome!!

  643. 643 : tikha Says:

    이 세상 말로는 표현할수가 없어
    ee sesang malroneun pyo hyeon harsu ga obseo
    갈수록 벅차오르는 너를 향한 내마음
    kalsu reok beok cha eo reu neun neo reul hyang han nae ma eum
    이 세상 샘으로 헤아릴 수가 없어
    ee sesang saem eu reo he ah rir seu ga obseo
    더 해도 더해만 가는 끝없는 내사랑
    deo hae do deo hae man ga neun kkeutt obsneun nae sarang
    그 누구도
    keu nu gu deo
    너 만큼 날 웃게 나를 울게한 사람 없었어
    neo mankeum nal uttkae nareul ulkkae han saram obsseosseo
    나 답진 않지만
    na dabjin anhjiman

    *) 오직 너하나만 보고 듣고 싶은 걸
    eo jik neo ha na man bogo deutkeo shippeun geol
    내 안에 너를 살게 하고 싶은 걸
    nae anae neoreul salkkae hageo shippeun geol
    날 바라봐
    nal barabwa
    나의 품으로 와 you’re my every
    naui peum euro wa you’re my every
    my everything
    you’re my everything
    love for you

    언제나 너에게 이겨본 적이 없어
    eonjaena noege ikyo beon jeoki obseo
    사랑에 지면 질 수록 내 가슴은 행복해
    saranghae jimyeon jil seureok nae kaseumeun haengbokhae
    널 향한 사랑에 유효기간이 없어
    Neol hyanghan saranghae yoo hyeogi kani obseo
    만약에 있다고 해도 만년일 테니까
    Manyagae ittageo haedo mannyeonil ttenikka
    힘겨워도 내곁에 있어줘
    Himgyeowodo naegyeottae isseojwo
    나의 전부를 다
    Naui jeonbureul da
    잃는다 해도 널 지켜줄꺼야
    Irhneun da haedo neol jikkyo jeul kkoya

    *)오직 너하나만 보고 듣고 싶은 걸
    eo jik neo ha na man bogo deutkeo shipeun geol
    내 안에 너를 살게 하고 싶은 걸
    nae anae neoreul salkkae hageo shippeun geol
    날 바라봐
    nal barabwa
    나의 품으로 와 you’re my every
    my everything
    you’re my everything
    love for you

    I wanna be everything

    오직 내 가슴속 주인은 너뿐인걸
    eo jik nae kaseumseok juineun neoppeun ingeol
    나에겐 처음이자 마지막인걸
    naegaen choeum ija majimak in geol
    널 불러봐 숨쉴때마다 널
    neol bulreobwa seumsuirttaemada neol
    you’re my every
    my everything
    you’re my everything
    love for you

    i love you
    you’re my everything..

    i sing it over and over again.

    i like you so much.

  644. 644 : tikha Says:

    even the translation is so nice

    I can’t express with words on earth
    My heart toward you overflowering more and more
    I can’t estimate with worldly counting
    My endless love grows deeper and deeper
    has made me laugh and cry as you have done
    It’s not like me

    I wanna see only you and hear you only
    I wanna let you live within me
    Look at me
    Come to my arms you’re my every
    my everything
    You’re my everything
    love for you

    I haven’t won you always
    My heart is happy the more I lost in your love
    There’s no expiration date for my love for you
    If there’s any, it would be 10,000 years
    Stay by my side if you feel hard
    If I ever lose my everything
    I will protect you

    I wanna see only you and hear you only
    I wanna let you live within me
    Look at me
    Come to my arms you’re my every
    my everything
    You’re my everything
    love for you

    **Only you are the owner of my heart
    You are my first, my last thing
    I call out your name whenever I breathe
    you’re my every
    my everything
    You’re my everything
    love for you
    I love you
    You’re my everything

    *ohh really in love with lee min ho…

  645. 645 : hazel Says:

    hi hello lee min ho your movies nice and romantic the boys over flower by the way im hazel from phillipines nice to meet you….hmmm…jejeje sorry for saying this, iwant you to be my friend if you ok!….if you reply me something please type my email…[email protected]

  646. 646 : tikha Says:

    oh! oh!
    and try this one too!

  647. 647 : han hye jin Says:

    lee min ho…
    no nun nae cheosarang..

  648. 648 : han hye jin Says:


    do they two really dating?

    please give me a confirmation!!!!

  649. 649 : tikha Says:


    oh my god !
    try this one too!

  650. 650 : tikha Says:

    @han hye jin:

    i’ve watched that video too.

    it seems that they are not dating,

    just like min ho oppa said, that they’re just best friends.

    we have to believe in him, right??


    oppa. yeongwonhi saranghallae

  651. 651 : han hye jin Says:


    i think so.

    lee min ho, yeongwonhi , saranghae.

    love you.

  652. 652 : kikii Says:

    lee min ho, i’m kiki from indonesia
    i am your biggest fan

    i like you so much!
    you’re so handsome in kkotboda namja

    i watch that drama over and over again

    because i like you!!!!!

    wishing for eternal success for you.


  653. 653 : marvell Says:

    wonderful drama!

  654. 654 : martha Says:

    oh my god.
    you’re so handsome.
    i like you.
    saranghae. 🙂

  655. 655 : martha Says:

    even at first people doubt your acting,
    now after they watch your drama, they can prove that their doubts are all wrong!!!

    you’re so good at both acting and singing!!!

    i like you you much!!

  656. 656 : ida miaw Says:

    I LIKE U SO MUCH………….
    U ARE THE BEST!!!!

  657. 657 : ida miaw Says:


  658. 658 : ida miaw Says:

    ur film are booooooommiing in my country!!!!

  659. 659 : ji-eun Says:


  660. 660 : ji-eun Says:


  661. 661 : nar Says:

    good day to you!! you and your sope opera ‘boys over flowers’ is the biggest hit in our counry_philippines!! we do hope that you will find time to visit our country , you and the F4. by the way, you are the most goergeous,handsome,talentded and alluring actor i have ever seen in asian television. I AM YOUR BIG FAN!!! ,God bless! and keep safe!!!!!!! mabuhay!!!!!!

  662. 662 : Arifa Dita Wiranti Says:

    Lee Min-ho is Handsome boy of Boys Before Flowers

  663. 663 : sonya Says:

    Ilove you

  664. 664 : b&a Says:

    Damn,ur so droped death gorgeos

    u’r the man to die for,haha

    do u hv a gf?

  665. 665 : kaye Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho – Go Jun Pyo!
    u know,,
    u and ‘Jandi’ really match each other..!
    i hope both of u will be together in reality!

  666. 666 : Leah Says:

    Dear: Lee Min Ho,

    Hello again!, I would just like to say advance Happy Birthday to you ,I hope you would have a wonderful birthday party!.

    Hey! I am sorry if I will ask this question to you!, because when my friend saw some of your pictures, she would just like to ask if you are a gay?………I am sorry if I ask this question….;..but keep it up in your career, you may have a better future….cute boy!…hehehehehe!

    Love: Leah!.

  667. 667 : S'ylvia Says:

    Min-ho ssi,
    Jonen Sylvia imnida.
    Indonesiaeso wassemnida.
    Sugohasyossoyo (Boys before flowers) ! \(^o^)/
    Indonesiae ga bwassoyo?
    mannaso bangabsemnida..^^


  668. 668 : shafa Says:


  669. 669 : amida Says:

    lee min ho..
    u’re so gorgeous..
    i really mean it..
    i hope u can reach all that u want..
    always low profile..
    ^ ^

    kisses and hugs

  670. 670 : machie Says:

    lee min-ho! my idol. me and my family loves you..
    advance happy bday to you! wish you all the best in life. keep safe always..

    lee min-ho forever!

  671. 671 : ENRI Says:


    eVery time you cross my mind the smile on my face & I feel sooo happy esp I can watch you everyday cuz I got my dvd BBF! Yeah!

  672. 672 : rosy Says:

    hi………..lee min ho
    i like d way u speak in ur drama serail boyz over flower
    u so handsome ,smart ,cute .
    love u

  673. 673 : rosy Says:

    wan 2 talk wid u

  674. 674 : ellen Says:

    You’re really handsome. hope you could visit the philippines.

  675. 675 : ellen Says:

    You’re really handsome. hope you could visit the philippines. I’ve watched it for several times and you guys are absolutely great. Keep it up!

  676. 676 : rosy Says:

    ve a gr8t day ….n may ur drms cum true

  677. 677 : kylie23 Says:

    lee min ho….
    you are absolutely gorgeous..

  678. 678 : kylie23 Says:

    you look like my boyfriend..
    the way you move and talks is reminds me
    of him…
    miss you so much brian!!!!

  679. 679 : imooo Says:

    my neme is imoo.
    i really like to see you in korean’s drama Boys Before FLowers
    you really, really good actor and handsome… hhehehe…”_”
    i hope you can visit Indonesia…..
    oh, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINHO” at june 22.
    ok, bye..bye…

    i’m sorrry, my english is not good. sorry….

  680. 680 : fitria Says:

    hai lee min hoo!!!!!!!! I’m your fanatic fans!!!!!you make me going crazy bacause your so charismatic. I love you forever!!!!!! I hope I can meet you and I waiting to watch boys before flowers 2 and bbf special edition!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU……

  681. 681 : shela maha Says:

    hello LEE MIN HO.. saya sela.. saya berasal dari Indonesia.. maaf y saya bicara memakai bahasa indonesia saya bisa bahasa inggris tapi tidak lancar..
    kamu keren banget saat berakting!!!
    Ka LEE MIN HO kapan datang ke Indonesia q slau mnunggu lho..

  682. 682 : monalisa Says:

    i really like your movie,,
    now I’m a 1st year student in Philippines but actually I’m pure Indonesian,,

    can u come either to Indonesia or Philippines to visit your fans here…
    we’re gonna love it,,,,

    I’ll wait you here!!

    btw,,happy birthday in 22,,

  683. 683 : imaculada maia Says:

    Hi!!!!!!!!!!Lee Min ho, i am one of girl fans with u,i am from Timor Leste.i really like your drama boys Over Flower u know your so awesome.i hope go jung pyu and jandi can be together in the real life even u both have a diference age.Btw congratulatios on your birthday.wish the best for u and keep going on and never surrender.love u

  684. 684 : wei_ni Says:


    Good luck Min Ho!

  685. 685 : elly oon Says:






    playboy coll

  686. 686 : panca warni Says:

    hi ka lee min ho salam kenal ya…

    sorry nih pakai bahasa yang kakak nggak mengerti because i can’t speak english…..

    you verry hundsome my favorite idol….

    good luck LEE MEEN HO….


  687. 687 : arum Says:

    lee min ho aku penggemar mu loh dari indonesia.
    kamu tambah keren bgt,kamu memang serasi sama ghan ji.
    i love u

  688. 688 : Tamara evanggelista Says:

    Lee Min Ho,,,,,,
    i’m tamara From Indonesia
    i’m fans you
    you very,,,,very,,,,very,,,,very,,,,handsome
    film Boys Before Flowers is the best

  689. 689 : diani Says:

    haey….. Lee Min Ho
    Greet to recognize
    I’m Diani from Indonesia,,,,,
    I like you forever….

  690. 690 : gandanggig Says:

    Advance Happy Birthday!!! from the Philippines. Ano ang gagawin mo sa birthday mo. Invited ba si Jan Di

  691. 691 : D'sHe (dEsi) Says:

    Hi Lee miN h0!
    I’m 13 yEars oLd
    U’re so cuTe!
    I vEry liKe yOur drAMa!
    I h0pe U n y0ur fRienDs in d’bBf c0me 2 iNdoNesiA
    I loVe U
    I lOve bOys bE4 fLowErS
    PleAsE c0me 2 iNdoNesia!
    I wAit U c0me 2 mY c0unTry!

  692. 692 : pujia & icka Says:

    dear lee min ho….
    u look like my ex boy
    would u like 2 be the next????

  693. 693 : katrina Says:

    lee min ho..

    i’m looking forward to meet you in person..

    i’m studying korean language for you..

    i love you a lot..

  694. 694 : dada Says:

    lee min-ho!
    dada imnida!
    when i go to korea, I hope to see you in person..
    I like your style in acting and you really give your best in BOF
    more power! kumawo.. i’m really entertained while watching your drama..take care and happy birthday! (^_^)

  695. 695 : Bliss Says:

    Hi lee min ho
    Am a fan I love your dramas and movies you are the best. Keep up the good work. Happy almost birthday wish you the best of everything and hope you have a wonderful birthday. It will be nice to see you in person when I am able to come to korea next year hopefully.. Hope to seeing you more in more dramas and movies. It would also be nice if you could visit the atlanta georgia.

  696. 696 : edz_lady90 Says:

    lee min ho
    im gonna wish u hepi belated bday on diz cming mnday..
    hope u hepi n keep up ur career k
    send my regards to ur f4 group member
    love to see ur mvie

  697. 697 : sherlis lew Says:

    Happy birthday to you Lee Min Ho. I love your drama series Boys before Flowers. You act well.

  698. 698 : shezy Says:

    lee min hoo,my name is shezy……………..
    you are my favorite actor because you very..very handsome

    BTW,i’m very like your acting in boy’s before flower’s………………………
    and good luck always for U………………………………………………………..

  699. 699 : zackeera Says:

    Min-ho ssi,

    lupph u much…………

    b my Playboy

    come to Indonesia !!!!

    b’cz kuLa tresna marang sliramU…

    “i love u”

    just come around here….
    and see….
    i’m sure there are many lupph 4 u..



  700. 700 : Resty Says:

    hi lee min ho. i’m resty from Indonesia. i really like your acting in Boys Before Flower. Oh my gosh……….you’re so handsome……. =). Hope you can visit Indonesia.
    Happy b’day Min Ho…wish the best for you.

  701. 701 : Lyndsey Says:

    Lee Min Ho aka Jun Pyo,

    How could those eyes twinkle like a star?
    How could a smile as such brighten an ordinary day?
    How could a person be smitten by someone you dont even know?
    Is it just a mirage of the mind, an illusion or a dream?
    What ever it is, i know what i feel…

    Happy birthday my dearest young master…


  702. 702 : pucri Says:

    lee min hoo…

    annyong haseyo

    min ho,,
    you are so cool….
    bikin gemes!!!


    kapan main ke indonesia…\

    di sini banyaik banget lloh fans berat kamu///

    mIN HoO love you…….////

  703. 703 : su xian Says:

    hello(: i represent singapore haha LOL! happy advance birthday to u!! i wish tat someday, u may come to singapore for a trip.. there lots of fans waiting for u! haha!! haha! u simply too handsome!! u r cute too!>

  704. 704 : citra Says:

    hi…….prince of korean.
    i like you.

  705. 705 : RIALITA Says:

    hello,how are you?I and my friend in school very like with you

  706. 706 : yumi Says:

    you are a good actor
    i wish we could be friends..
    god bless..
    take care..

  707. 707 : lorraine Says:


    your so TDH
    mean tall, dark and handsome
    lee min hoo

  708. 708 : merlinda Says:

    lee min ho


  709. 709 : ANGELICA Says:




  710. 710 : king Says:


  711. 711 : king Says:

    who are you

  712. 712 : ikim Says:

    you very handsome.. i am your fan..

    luv u…

  713. 713 : king Says:

    where is kim bum drddhdhd

  714. 714 : king Says:

    hi my name is king

  715. 715 : jandi Says:

    you’re so handsome!!!jun pyo!!!please visit Philippines!!hay love yooo!!!!

  716. 716 : Lenny Says:

    hy .. my name is Lenny ..
    I’m from indonesia ..
    I’m can’t korean ..
    I like you boys before fLowers forever ..
    huth .. plese , when your come on indonesia ..
    happy birthday 22 June .. me always waiy , your all come on indonesia ..

  717. 717 : gandanggig Says:

    Hi Jun Pyo, Advanced Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you the best in life. Is Jan Di attending your birthday, please have it post sa internet, your birthday celebration. Love ko talaga ang loveteam niyo. Curious lang, are you reading this cite. Sana naman. Because you have lots of fans here in the Philippines. C u in August, sama mo si Jan Di sa Pilipinas, please

  718. 718 : gandanggig Says:

    hello jun pyo, advanced happy birthday on June 22, Is Jan Di attending your birthday celebration. I hope you can post it in the internet your birthday happenings to see us here in the Philippines. We are an avid of you and Jan Di. We love you. Is Jan Di joining you here in the Philippines in August. We Wish that she can visit us to, of course both of you.

  719. 719 : chacha Says:

    hy….lee Min Hoo

    I’m Chacha…

    I like you

  720. 720 : dez Says:

    ai d!!!!hope u wil visit da Philippines..soon!!!!

    advance happy birthday to u!!!!!

  721. 721 : tri rahma damayanti Says:

    happy b’day yes I hope U go to indonesian with F4 n koo hye sun

  722. 722 : payoh Says:

    happy birthday 2 u GooJunPyo, i like to call u Junpyo, hope u success i ur life god bless u… i hope u invite jundi on ur birthday…please post to us in malaysia….we love both of u..

  723. 723 : danzen Says:

    hi jun pyo! I’m an avid fan of yours… hope you will visit here in the Philippines… Take care… And Advance Happy Birthday!!!

  724. 724 : kireina ka'o Says:

    happy b’Day to you
    i hope you successsssss, n can happy always….
    saranghe minho… when go to Indonesia????
    coming soon yach….!!!!

  725. 725 : ayu Says:

    n happpy b’day………………..
    lee minho can do you help me???

  726. 726 : kay law Says:

    Happy birthday for tomorrow lee min ho and wish u have fun with your friends.

    Love your fans

  727. 727 : NIA Says:

    yeoboseyo min ho sunbae,
    jeoneun nia-rago haeyo . i’m from indonesia . i’ve learn korean , but i can’t speak well.
    I’m sure BOF will have great ratings in here , as same as hanayori dango taiwan’s version . So, i hope you and the others to come to indonesia, especially yogyakarta 🙂

  728. 728 : Danica Micah Says:


    – an avid fan of yours. 🙂 –

  729. 729 : Olivia Says:

    hai ……………. I fans You…. I like The actic…

  730. 730 : king Says:

    hi we are the fans of boys over flowers

    can you send us a picture

  731. 731 : king Says:

    we love you lee min ho

  732. 732 : ayu cinthia Says:

    happy birthday to you,,lee min ho!!!!!!
    hope not to early for express..

    i really love your acting as jun pyo,.
    you look so great in boys over flowers…
    i hope there will be another story of boys over flowers
    for example, jun pyo n jan di get married, their dispute in marriage life could be interesting for watched..hohoho..love to see next story of f4’s life..
    whenever, it won’t says as boys anymore…

    wish you’ll visit indonesia especially BALI,,^^
    it will great if boys over flowers would have bali as another place to make several episode,hehe..

    God bless u..

  733. 733 : ebeu Says:

    to lee min hoo happy brithday to you,,,,,,,,,,

  734. 734 : xyza Says:


  735. 735 : bridget Says:

    annyong haseyo,


  736. 736 : MEME Says:

    LEE MIN-HO…!!
    i LOVE u??

    ………i hope u come to indonesian….?!!
    i waitimg u everytime……

  737. 737 : Lil'v Says:

    hP birthday 2 U. . . always smile 😀 your smile is my life

  738. 738 : Lil'v Says:

    always smile . . . happy birthday

  739. 739 : o9cancer8o Says:

    안녕하세요, 리 민 호 …

    당신 생일 축하합니다. 귀하의 모든 꿈이 현실로 이루어질 수있습니다. 당신의 경력에 그대로 건강과 행운을 빌어요 …

    웃고 =) 계속

  740. 740 : dinhooy Says:

    hi , lee min ho !

    Happy Birthday ..
    wish u all the best !

  741. 741 : dinhooy Says:

    hi , lee min ho !

    Happy Birthday !
    wish u all the best !

    we love you so much !

  742. 742 : Fatima Says:

    hey min ho!
    first all all i just want to great u a happy happy birthday (in advance)

    by the way, i’m from philippines!
    i’m one of your avid fans!
    i really really like you!
    your my ideal guy..

    hope you can visit our country soon!

    i love you!

  743. 743 : Fatima Says:

    i really really like your smile..

    you make me feel happy everyday!

  744. 744 : claire Says:


  745. 745 : claire Says:


  746. 746 : gigi Says:

    hello jun pyo. im really addicted to Boys over flowers. You’re so incredibly goodlooking. Your smile do wonders. Keep your feet always on the ground. Happy bday.

  747. 747 : Vina Says:

    minho oppa, wish u a wonderful belated birthday tomorrow!
    btw, I hope u will come to indonesia.. 😉

  748. 748 : popo Says:

    hi.lee min-ho, Happy Birthday

  749. 749 : popo Says:

    Happy Birthday

  750. 750 : Abby Says:

    hello! lee min ho….
    I admire u so much..

  751. 751 : Sheila Says:

    lee min hoo

    i’m realy”{ likeee u ever….
    when u come to my country ????????????
    i hope u come soon to indonesia….
    oohhhhhhhhhh u r so cute guyss…..

    lovvveee uuuuuuu mucccccccch!!!!

  752. 752 : LADY from INDONESIA Says:

    LEE MIN HO ,,,,,,,

    i’m from indonesia …..
    here, so much young girl who admirer u …

    LEE MIN HO ..


    THANKS .

  753. 753 : LADY from INDONESIA Says:

    SO BEAUTIFULL, here …

    PLEASE .
    PLEASE .

  754. 754 : tham Says:

    hi…………….filipinos love you u gu jun pyo……………………..hope you’ll visit us here with your co-star…………………………………………………………….

  755. 755 : seatea Says:

    happy b’day
    GOD BLESS U N u’r hope become true

  756. 756 : shereen Says:

    May all your dreams come true (I hope Ku Hyesun is included).
    Good luck, good health and God bless you always!!!
    I miss you and Ku Hyesun very much. Hope to see you on another project together, again. I love you both!!!!

  757. 757 : Vanessa Rachel Says:

    Lee Min Ho, sngsin chukha derimnida.
    Ya! Chukhammnida.

    I Luv u always lee min ho..I will go to seoul on june 2010..I am hoping to see you..

  758. 758 : dicah Says:


    Wish you all the best in life..

    It’s not how you fall, it’s how you stand up….


    Lee min ji

  759. 759 : sari Says:

    lee min hoo
    happy birthday yaa…..
    i love ur smile…
    just come to indonesia…

  760. 760 : han ji en Says:

    happy b’day lee min ho..
    wish u all d best…

  761. 761 : priska Says:

    Happie birthday… Wish u all the best

  762. 762 : marrell Says:

    hEllo mY hoNeyBunnYsWeeTy!!!!
    hAppY biRthDay….
    wHen u ComE 2 indOneSia???
    I dO love U…..
    I hOpe I can mEeT u…
    all ur LoVer in inDonesia is wAitinG u 2 cOme to Indonesia…
    ComE 2 indoNesia…

    I dO love U
    I do LoVe U

  763. 763 : marrell Says:

    hEllo mY hoNeyBunnYsWeeTy!!!!
    hAppY biRthDay….
    wHen u ComE 2 indOneSia???
    I dO love U…..
    I hOpe I can mEeT u…
    all ur LoVer in inDonesia is wAitinG u 2 cOme to Indonesia…
    ComE 2 indoNesia…

    I dO love U
    I do LoVe U

    I do Like u…..
    Ur aCting iN bbf is very-very maKe me FeeL”u is VerY2 aMazIng!!!
    ohh….. u very2 handsome!!!!

  764. 764 : sari Says:

    Happy birthday Lee Min Ho!!!!!!!!!! u’re more cool in 22th… i like u so much!!!!! BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  765. 765 : arum Says:


  766. 766 : arum Says:

    haaaapppppyyy birthday……
    i hope you better in 22th…
    lee min hooo is the besttttttttt……..

  767. 767 : dafa Says:

    hi Lee Min Ho.
    otanjobi omedetto gozaimasu.
    happy birthday!!
    always wish you all the best.
    hope you can come to Indonesia.

  768. 768 : iirma Says:

    Lee miN ho0…….

    HapPy biRthdaY tO yoU………

    i Hope u aLWayS bE a HanDsoMe maN……..
    i hOpe U caN Come To IndoNesia………
    i HopE U aLways bE a BesT pEopLe…..
    i Hope U aLways Be HappY……..
    i hOpe u aLwayS gIve mE aLL ….Your bEaUtiFuLL SmiLe……

    I hOpe I can mEeT u….
    i hOpE I can yOur rEaL sMiLe ……


    LeE mIn Hoo I LovE U

    LeE mIn Hoo I LovE U

    LeE mIn Hoo I LovE U

    LeE mIn Hoo I LovE U

    LeE mIn Hoo I LovE U

    LeE mIn Hoo I LovE U

  769. 769 : Sony Says:

    Happy Birthday Min Ho
    I’m your fan, Sony, from Cambodia.

  770. 770 : aena Says:

    hi lee min ho,

    happy birthday!!!!
    wish you all the best………………

  771. 771 : ptwok Says:

    happy birthday lee min ho

  772. 772 : flower 4 Says:

    Min Ho, I’m from Indonesia..
    Happy B’day to u..
    May God always bless you..
    all the way
    all the time
    I am a big fan of u..
    Do u know? In Indonesia, u’re really popular..^^

  773. 773 : Sarah Says:

    Happy birthday! i like your smile.

  774. 774 : Sarah Says:

    Happy Birthday! I love your smile.

  775. 775 : Ratna Ajizah Says:

    Hi.. Lee Min Ho Happy B’day!!!
    Wish you all the best !!

  776. 776 : Roan Says:

    hi Lee Min Hoo…. Good day to you Lee, I’m not one of your big fan but I like your character in the Boys over flower TV series… hope yuo’ll get more movies to have with nice story… Happy Birthday… and More power… aja!! ;->

  777. 777 : Amera Says:

    Happy birthday!

  778. 778 : olin Says:

    lee min ho..happy birthday..god bless you..

  779. 779 : jouley Says:

    happy birthday……
    I Love U…….
    u’re the best for me……

  780. 780 : tri juliana permatasapi Says:

    met ultah iah..

    happy b’deii…

    jgn lupha traktirannya tag tunggu..

  781. 781 : dyen Says:

    i’m dyen from indonesia,
    i love u………

  782. 782 : dyen Says:

    happy b’day to you…
    happy b’day to you….
    happy b’day …………….

  783. 783 : mifa Says:

    happybirthday lee min hoo…..

  784. 784 : mifa Says:

    lee min hoo you are so so so cuuuteee…..
    i like u so much……
    i love uuu….
    happy birthday….
    i am so jealous when u kiss geum jan di….

  785. 785 : bridget Says:


  786. 786 : lee min ho Says:

    Happy birthday!min ho
    u r so funny guys
    u have ever successful life forever

    I am myanmar. If u enjoy my country, u visit to my country.
    u know myanmar. It is nearly china,thai and india.

  787. 787 : d'pu3 lavita Says:

    happy b’day min hoo..
    we hope, we can meet u and your group (boys before flowers) in Indonesia, soon..

    i love you
    i like you
    so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhh…..

  788. 788 : eva Says:

    happy birthday to lee min hoo….. 🙂
    I’m really happy coz F4 will come to indonesia.
    and I hope i can see you all…..
    I LOVE YOU F4 forever
    good luck !!!!

  789. 789 : baka Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!
    MIN HO…
    Please don’t get married under 30..please!!!!
    let me meet u before u get married….
    anyway happy birthday!!!

  790. 790 : moenyanay Says:

    hi MIN HO …
    Happy birthday to you…..
    please be health….
    i love you so much …i try to meet you and wait for me, please….

  791. 791 : jelita Says:

    lee min ho….. happy brithday……
    i hope you come to indonesia

  792. 792 : Katherine Says:

    Happy Birthday, Lee Min Ho.
    Smiles Always, 🙂

  793. 793 : annmary Says:

    Happy Day to you…Min Ho. May your wish come true.

  794. 794 : ERLIN Says:

    happy birthday lee min hoo…..
    I love you so much…..

  795. 795 : 5358rr Says:

    happy birthday lee min ho!!!!!!!
    you know I really like you as an actor.
    more power to your career!!!

  796. 796 : nurhidayah Says:

    tOdAy I wAnNa sAy HApPY bIRtHdAy FOr u! i HoPe U cAn GEt GREaT eStEeM,tRuE lOvE ANd aLwAyS GOD BLESS YOU. aDvAnCe I’m sOrRy,CAuSe I ALwAYS mIsSeD U,BUt I DOn’t KNow WHaT hApPeNd 2 ME. I CaN cRy IF i REmMeMbEr U I WaNnA fOrGoT u,bUt i CAn’t DO iT,I dOn’t DRudgE! ACtUaLlY i’m rEaLlY tIrEd. i ALwaYs HOpE 2 MEeT u eVeN JUsT 1 MInUtE!mAyBe YOu CaN tHiNk THiS iS fUnNy ANd vEry OVeRaCtInG,BUt I dOn’t THiNk sO! i DOn’t CArE yOu’lL rEaD It oR NO,CAuSe I’lL hApPY iF i TElL IT! iF i cAn MEeT U I’lL nEvEr DIsTuRB yOu AGAiN.AcTuAlLy I’m sHy TO tElL 4T,bUt tHiS iS tImE fOr mE,IF u WAnNa mEeT mE,U CAn SEnD YOuR eMaIl TO mY eMaIl ADDReSs oR gIvE mE yOuR tElEpHoNe NUmBeR!BuT i BElIEvE,iT’LL nEvEr HApPeNd tO ME OF ALl JUsT mY dReamS,So IMpOsSIbLe. bUt I’lL nEvEr GIvE uP TO hOpE dReAmS cOMe TRuE.OnCe AGaIm, I WAnNa sAy HAPpy BIrThDAy TO mR.LEE mIn hO AND DOn’t FOrGeT,GIvE my REgArD TO yOuR fRIeND WHiCh ACtInG ON tHe FIlM OF bOyS bEfOrE fLoWeRs.FOrGiVe ME oF ALl ANd gOoD LUcK!:-)

  797. 797 : Thu Thu Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho …
    Happy Birthday ! i love u so much!
    Wishing you health and happiness on your birthday and for many more years to come.

  798. 798 : Sunshine Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho! Happy Birthday! Your a great actor! More tv series and movies to come! Hope u can visit us here in the Philippines very soon! 🙂
    Hope you can give me your e-mail add or ym add..tnx! 🙂

  799. 799 : michelle Says:

    Happy Birthday!
    wish you all the best!

  800. 800 : anna Says:

    hapi birthday jun pyo….
    u r sooooooo cute…wanna hug&kiz u..mwuahhh
    wish u cld cum hre in the phillippines…
    gudluck & may Godblezz u!!!
    more power!!AJA!

  801. 801 : nuryani Says:

    Lee Min Ho….


    I hope you add success


    I’m froM Indonesia…..

    I hope you will come to indonesia

    생일 축하합니다

  802. 802 : angel Says:

    Happy birthday Min ho…
    wish all the best for you.
    I’m from padang.Indonesia.. i hope you come to indonesia especially to padang okay…

  803. 803 : rafika Says:

    happy birthday for you min ho,
    i hope you reply my message,
    always happy n smile
    some times come to indonesia,
    thank for read my message minho

    please reply
    good luck n all the best

  804. 804 : .zahrarara... Says:

    ___i___ -=’-
    ,—=___/”” /
    this airoplant take message to you :

    chek this ::
    :: i hope you wanna be a profesional actor..
    :: i hope too you and boys before flowers come to jakarta in indonesia..

  805. 805 : rafika Says:

    happy birthday….happy birthday for u
    good luck, always happy, your carier success
    wish all the best
    thanks for read my message min ho.
    i hope you come to indonesia espeacially to meet me
    please reply, ^_^
    good luck


  806. 806 : vya Says:

    lee min hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you so swett,cute,handsome!!!!i like you!!!!!!!!when you come to indonesia?????????espesially in medan!!!!!!!i wait you in hear key,see you letter!!!!!!i hope you read my write!!!!!!!!!!kim beom tooooooooooooo!!!!!!i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvveee heeeeeeeeeeeee

  807. 807 : ann Says:

    hii jun pyo…
    u r very handsome
    i want u 2 b my forever prince….
    i alwz think about you…
    ur lyk a drug 2me..!!!!mwuahhhh

  808. 808 : parvaneh Says:

    Hi super star! happpppppy birthday; have a good time!!!
    Good luck

  809. 809 : smyle Says:

    happy happy birthday to me as well as with you…wish you all the luck and success in life…be safe always….kisses…


  810. 810 : vEna kaWaii.... Says:

    WO AI NI……………………
    HEHEHEEE ^_^

    hope you always luCky to evrything yoU do..
    gOd bleSS yoU..
    hePiiii b’dy,,, . .

  811. 811 : diana Says:

    Lee Min Ho….

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ……….. ^,^

    i hope your carreer become more success
    wish all d` best for u
    and wish everything what u want can you get in this year

    oppa, i and my friend really really like u
    miss u always here !!!!
    i`m from Indonesia, please come to Indonesia


  812. 812 : amohire Says:

    hiiiiiiii lee min hoo,
    i from indonesia…,
    i really love BBF, Especially you…………….
    your smile……….make me fly…….
    hope u`re will visit our country

  813. 813 : amohire Says:


    AlWays happy, success for ur career………..

    GOD BLess u,
    hope u`ll come to indonesia(bandung-west java)

  814. 814 : alice lacson Says:

    …elow lee min ho.! hapi bday!!!! wish u all the gud luck..muah!

  815. 815 : Mark Fajardo Says:

    Dear Lee minh-ho…………………………………………………………………….
    Gene Leopoldo cuerda is in LOVE with You…………………………………………
    as a lover……. he can’t sleep, eat , walk,talk and urinate………………….
    gene said that he wants to commit suicide if you don’t marry HER or HIM………………. i’m just a concerned citizen and a friend also…………. ao what are you waiting for marry her Or him……. HAPPY BIRTHDAY..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  816. 816 : Tamara evanggelista Says:

    lee min ho,,,,,
    I’m from Indonesia,,,,
    I hope you come to Indonesia,,,,,

  817. 817 : Sophia Says:

    Haappy Birthday Lee Min Ho! Saeng il chuk ham ni da!
    May God Bless you=)

    Anyone know is Lee Min Ho coming to singapore??

  818. 818 : cheh Says:


  819. 819 : dLy Says:

    happy birthday LEE MIN HO
    .,succes for u.,
    Iḿ from indonesia.,
    espeacially from bali.,
    when you come to bali.,
    i hope you come to bali.,
    iĺl waiting t0 you

  820. 820 : ferly Says:

    min ho…
    happy b’day…
    i hope u come to indonesia n’ success

  821. 821 : putrie Says:

    happy b’day to u min ho…
    i hope u will come to indonesia.
    always wanna be a profesional actor….
    Min ho….

  822. 822 : sherlis Says:

    Happy birthday to you Min Ho. You are so stylish…..!

  823. 823 : reeya Says:

    Saeng Il Chukka Hamnida…Saeng Il Chukka Hamnida….Saranghanda Lee Min Ho….Saeng Il Chukka Hamnida….

  824. 824 : BeyLeany .. Says:

    .Lee min hoo
    .happy birthday ..
    .i hope u get your dream this year ..
    .ilove u..
    .god bless u..

  825. 825 : BeyLeany .. Says:

    .happy birthday Lee min ho..
    . GBU
    . i Love u ..

  826. 826 : chinesemalaymyanmar Says:

    happy birthday
    i am from Myanmar
    Happy many Birthday

  827. 827 : sherlis Says:

    Nevertheless, you are the most handsome man I ever see. No matter which angle, smile or without smiling, your look is outstanding. I enjoy watching you and appreciated your smile.

  828. 828 : Nanda Says:

    Hay lee min ho…happy birthday..i.m from indonesia..i hope u come to jakarta-indonesia with ur friend in boys before flowers or kkotboda namja…happy birthday..

  829. 829 : chinesemalaymyanmar Says:

    can u connect me
    my email is [email protected]
    today is your birthday
    have a happy birthday to you
    can u send me a mail for me
    bye bye

  830. 830 : mary Says:

    good day!

    it’s been 22 wonderful years that has passed in your life
    may those years be enough for you to be more developed and mature to cope up or handle different roles..being a good individual as a son, a friend to everyone/anyone that anytime of day you’re reachable and could be a good companion especially in the darkest time in ones life, a model to all because of you ability (actor) and of being you, real you… keep up the good work and be happy always.. take care and God Bless!

    by the way, i forget to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

  831. 831 : edge Says:

    happy birthday!!!


  832. 832 : poppo Says:

    heppy bufrday my minoz……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  833. 833 : NIA Says:

    happy birthday min ho oppa 🙂 wishes you all the best

  834. 834 : irine Says:

    Hi…Min Ho…I am from Jakarta, Indonesia…
    Just wanna say Happy Birthday and JBU always

  835. 835 : charity robin Says:

    ..,hello!!!i just drop by to greet you happy birthday!!!!..,
    …,wish you the best,more b-days to come,good health,GOD BLESS YOU and YOUR FAMILY always..,take care Mr. Lee Min-Ho.., love lots as my older brother.., i admire you a lot…, mwah………………………..!

  836. 836 : chaa Luvv Lee Min Ho Says:

    happy birthday to you ….
    happy birthday to you …

    i like you and a love you so much …..

  837. 837 : irine Says:

    생일축하해, 이민호 씨~ ^^
    화이팅!~ 꾝 행복해~
    Happy Birthday…
    I’m irine from Jakarta, Indonesia…

  838. 838 : Hazel Says:

    Hi! Min Ho…

    I’m Hazel from Manila, Philippines…

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! ^.^ =)

    saeng-il chuk ka!!

    wish you all the best..and hope you are more successful in your life…

    and actually we celebrated your 22th birthday!!!…

    TAKE CARE always!! 🙂 ..

  839. 839 : Hazel Says:

    ..hope you will come in the Philippines..
    ..i cant wait for that to happened.. 🙂


  840. 840 : sophie Says:

    happy b’day 2 u ..

    i’ll be support everything u do ..

  841. 841 : eka Says:

    min hoo…i’m eka from indonesia..plizz give me email ur facebook…plizz..plizz,,,,

  842. 842 : Ayu Says:

    Hello Min ho Happy Birthday. I’m from Semarang-Indonesia. Please you come here. I love you Min ho !!!!!

  843. 843 : Chocolate Says:

    Oppa, Saeng Il Chukka hamnida!!
    God will bless u n i wish u always happy..
    I’ll always support u! Oppa,aza aza!

  844. 844 : nadya Says:

    Happy Birthday, Lee Min Hoo…
    When you come to Jakarta, Indonesia…
    Here, many people want to meet you, including me, Nadya…
    I Love You 4ever

  845. 845 : pipit eko nurfitriya Says:

    happy birthday to you mi no…

  846. 846 : Calistha Says:

    Happy Birthday Lee Min Hoo..
    I hope your carrer can sucses always…

    I like you Lee Min Hoo..
    Happy birthday to you
    I give you Bread Tart..


  847. 847 : salwa Says:

    hai… happy birthday min hooo. wish you all the best.. career. romance.. God bless you.

  848. 848 : juliana Says:

    happy birtday lee min ho….
    i am your fans…
    i really really love you.!!!!!
    you are so handsome and sweet boy over a world…!!!
    iam from indonesia,
    i hope you feel happy forever…
    go joon pyo……… i like uuuuu
    i love you…..
    when u come to my country?????
    i hope soon…


  849. 849 : patricia anne dela cruz Says:

    hi gu jun pyo (lee min ho)…..
    ur so great in acting as a leading man………
    did you know my birthday???…..
    desame as you june 22….
    A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  850. 850 : LADY from INDONESIA Says:

    SARANGHEO GO JUN PYO !!!!!!!!!!
    hope you’ll visit INDONESIA here with your co-staR …

  851. 851 : Mey Says:

    Hi Min Ho..? I’m Mey from Indonesia. HAPPY B’DAY wish u all the best.. Good luck n I hope u will come to Indonesia.I love u..! m.u.a.c.h

  852. 852 : Leah Says:

    Dear: ♥Lee Min Ho♥,

    I hope you still remember me!……………by the way Happy Happy 22nd Birthday…….I hope you have/ had a wonderful birthday today………Again Happy Happy 22nd Birthday to you ………that’s all….mmmwwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


  853. 853 : dessi dwi Says:

    y amuuuunnn…cakep bgt seh… i love u..

  854. 854 : nurhayati himati Says:

    Hello Lee Min Ho..My name is nurhayati himati from Indonesia.. Happy Birthday..I hope ypu always sucess with your carieer, life and your love…
    I like with your acting in Boys Before Flowera…YOu very romantic…I like U…Mmmmmuaaach….HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR LEE MIN HO..

  855. 855 : ARIEXZ Says:

    hayyyy Min hOOOO

    EpPy bDAY


    Luv u a EvEr

  856. 856 : arifah Says:

    lee min hoo..im arifah bijyou from indonesia….
    happy birthday to you…
    good luck for u’r carrier and i hope u will come to indonesia….

  857. 857 : pinkbutterfly Says:

    happy birthday jun pyo! 🙂 hope to see you here in the philippines!:)

  858. 858 : Monalisa Says:

    Happy Birthday to you in 22th.
    I hope you can reach your ambition, can grace from God, and I hope you give answer.

  859. 859 : Monalisa Says:


    Good Luck!!!!!!Oce……………….

  860. 860 : Prince Lulu Says:

    I just wanna say:
    “H.A.P.P.Y B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y”

    i’m uR fan From INDONESIA

    Happiness and joyful in uR life…

    keep spirit Jun pyo

    stay cool

  861. 861 : Patricia kaye Says:

    Happy Birthday I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove you so much Let’s chat sometimes (Just joking)

  862. 862 : zumie cheerily Says:

    hi lee min ho, my name is zumie#how are you? I want to say happy b’day to min ho i hope you always happy 22nd n healthy, God bless you… When are you come in indonesia, thx

  863. 863 : ENRI Says:


  864. 864 : zeL Says:

    Hope a perfect day is in the stars for someone AS SPECIAL AS YOU!

  865. 865 : cindy Says:

    Hiiiii……..Lee Min Ho

    Happy B’day

    Wish u all the Best &succes

    Stay cool oce…….

  866. 866 : sKY Says:

    It’s your BIRTHDAY think happy thoughts! LAUGH OUT LOUD (^____^)

  867. 867 : cristina Says:

    belated happy birthday!!!
    i am a fan from the philippines…

  868. 868 : Mala Says:

    Hi,,,, i mala from Jakarta, i want say :

    “…Happy Birthday 22nd,,,,, Lee Min Ho….”

    I hope you will be happy in your aniversary, everything you want can be true…..

    I hope you always sucess with your carieer, life and your love….



  869. 869 : bubbles Says:

    hi lee
    im bubbles one of your fans her in Philippines…
    hope you can visit..take care always…god bless

  870. 870 : Mala Says:

    hi… i am mala from Jakarta, i want say”

    ” Happy Birthday 22nd.. Lee Min Ho ”

    I hope you will be happy in your aniversary,,,
    and everyting you want can be true…

    I hope you always succes with your carieer, live,,,and get true love in your live…

    **** GOOD LUCK***
    # CAYO…. CAYO…CAYO #

  871. 871 : bem Says:

    hi lee min-ho… belated happy birthday…

    i hope you will have another koreanovela with koo hye-sun..

    you are really a nice couple…

    i hope koo hye-sun will be your lifetime partner and please hav tym 2 visit d phillipines, together with the BOF casts…


  872. 872 : May Says:

    Hi, Lee Min Ho-ssi..
    I’m from Indonesia..
    I just want to say : Happy Birthday to u..
    I hope in the 22th, u’ll get the blessing of God..
    May you’ll get lucky in your life..
    May u’ll always get health, love from your fans, and patience..^^
    I wonder if u read this greeting or not..
    But, i believe, u can feel how great and important yourself for your fans..
    Do u mind visiting Indonesia even once?

  873. 873 : yeda marie reyes Says:

    …….hi lee min ho!!!! i love you

  874. 874 : ovii Says:

    hi, Lee Min Hoo..

    i’m your fans from INDONESIA

    i just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY 22nd,,
    i hope u can be success on your carrier, and God always blessing you

    when do you come to INDONESIA..??

    your fans still waiting for your coming…oK!

  875. 875 : yeda marie reyes Says:


  876. 876 : crishenbar Says:

    happy birthday Lee Min Ho…
    i really admire u…like u very much in boys over flowers with Jan Di..
    season 2 please…

  877. 877 : crishenbar Says:

    The Korean version of Boys Over Flowers is also very famous in Philippines…can’t wait to see you guys in person..
    Hope ul visit our country…we’re all waiting for u guys…
    gudluck in your career..

  878. 878 : star flower Says:

    Hi!Happy birthday lee min ho.I’m your audience from Myanmar.Keep trying.I love u so much!!!!!!!!

  879. 879 : fitri Says:

    hiiiiii….. min ho

    happy birthday

    good luck

    i hope u will come to indonesia

    please, please, please

    love you 4ever muachhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  880. 880 : pinky Says:

    Hello! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m your audience from MYANMAR. I like your action in BOYS OVER FLOWER. I wish you to be successful in your life. I love you very much.

  881. 881 : floria Says:

    Hi Lee Min Hoo
    I’m from Indonesia.
    Happy BirthDay ^_^
    love you……..


  882. 882 : Irwin Says:

    Happy B’Day Min Ho Sunbae ‘ => ‘
    Wish U ALL The BEST

    Congratulation ! You act very well as Jun Pyo; cool, a little bit childish, but romantic and responsible ’till the end ! That’s very important. You should thank God coz he give you a great talent in acting AND a very very very handsome face (he he =P )

    It looks like everyone loves you now. I wonder how is your feeling read all these massages.

    Well, hope your lucky star always shine for you.. and hope you can Visit Indonesia. All your fans are waiting for you and F4.
    Arigatou Gozaimasu =D

    Your fans, Irwin

    NB : Hope you have time to read our message and reply us. Arigatou Gozaimasu

  883. 883 : Irwin Says:

    O ya.. I forget..

    Some people said that you are handsomer than Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen from Twilight movies)

    what do you think ?

  884. 884 : Tika Says:

    Happy birthday min ho
    happy birthday min ho
    happy birth day..happy birth day..
    happy birthday min ho!!

    happy birthday to you in 22nd.

    tika from indonesia ;p

  885. 885 : ocisa Says:

    Happpyy birthday to you…..

    Omedeto gozaimasu…….

    i hope u will be ok n success….
    don’t forget your fans…..!!!!!!!


  886. 886 : cintia Says:

    lee min ho , met ultah yo! mugo2 umure tambah dowo, tambah ngganteng yo koyok pacarku
    oiyo, film anyare kapan metu ? tak enteni bajakane yo .
    salam damai,
    saestu . . .

  887. 887 : tika n dewi Says:

    hi…lee min ho

    we from indonesia….

    happy birthday….
    we hope you always succes with your carieer…

    kapan ke indonesia
    kami penggemar berat kamu loch
    film kamu tuch kyenz beud

  888. 888 : Meira Says:

    hi Lee Min Ho
    Happy birthday…
    wish u all the best
    n I hope u can visit Indonesia someday ^^

  889. 889 : Meira Says:

    hi Lee Min Ho
    Happy birthday…
    wish u all the best
    n I hope u can visit Indonesia someday ^^
    I am a big fan of yours ^^

  890. 890 : tRi yuliza Says:

    happy b’day 22 lee min ho ! !

    i really,, rally love you….

    you are very,,very handsome….


    aku cinta kamu….

    i love u….

    wo ai ni…..

    ai shiteru….


  891. 891 : Rose Says:

    happy birthday lee min ho

    god luck for carrier
    always remember god yaa


    my name rose
    l’m indonesia
    so come indonesia,please because l’m look you
    l’m every like you ^_^

    so do you want someone spesial ?

  892. 892 : sheilene Says:

    hi min ho
    pls……come to philippines, you have many fans here.
    everyone gets crazy because of you especially the students here in NORMISIST Cabadbaran

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  893. 893 : suhan Says:

    i really loved ur hair style in BOF…god bless u…keep smilinggg

  894. 894 : miss_repot Says:

    happy birthday ,,

  895. 895 : Herdiana Novrianti Says:

    Annyeong-haseyo Min Ho…
    I’m Herdiana from Indonesia..
    Happy Birthday Min Ho,,,Wish u all d Best,
    and I hope you can visit Indonesia and meet me..^^

  896. 896 : lhady Says:

    hi….. lee min ho……..
    belated happy birthday mr. lee min ho…..
    i hope u will come to phillippines to……
    take care a lot ….

  897. 897 : Fitria Says:

    Hallo, , ,
    my name is fitria for indonesia.
    Do you know indonesia country? ? ? When you visit to indonesia? ?
    I like your film (boy before flowers). You are very hansome.

  898. 898 : Fitria Says:

    Your film is very good.

  899. 899 : WidiaLupH Says:

    Hi Lee. .
    Im widia,from indonesia.
    Firstly, i want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY 22nd! Wish You aLL the best!! Success in your carreer and all thing.

    I Love You! I like your act in Boys Before Flowers! Honestly, you looks Handsomer with your original Hair,straight! =)
    but,you also Handsome when you portraying as Goo Joon Pyo!
    I hope you will send me an Email, here are my Email: [email protected]

    thanks! I LOVE YOU!

  900. 900 : Kika Min Hoo Says:

    cheonun Kika yeyo…
    Oh, my GOD… What a handsome boy like you…
    U’re so perfect as a boy…
    Do you read this message??
    Do you have a girlfriend??
    I want to say…
    Saengil cukae hamnida…
    Saengil cukae hamnida…
    Sarang haneun Lee Min Hoo…
    Saengil cukae Hamnida…
    Please come to Indonesia…

  901. 901 : muryani Says:

    Happy….. Birthday Min Ho.
    When u will come yo indonesia? There are alot of fans in here.
    Please……… come to indonesia.

  902. 902 : rosalinda Says:

    hallo Min Ho!
    Happy Bithday to you.
    I very hope you come Indonesia.
    please you come to Indonesia.
    We and Indonesia very love you.


  903. 903 : Helga Says:

    Min Ho, I celebrate your birthday in my heart.. When will u come to Indonesia? I am a big fan of you..^^

  904. 904 : debora budiyono Says:

    happy birthday Min Hoo..chiayo (^____*)/…!
    you..my idol
    n you must come to indonesia

  905. 905 : haryati Says:

    happy birthday lee min ho,,:>
    when u come to indonesia…
    please…u come to indonesia
    coz we and indonesia verrrryyyyyy loooooveee youuuuuu


  906. 906 : Siti Naimah Says:

    hallo lee min hoo…
    happy brithday…
    always succesfulll??^_^

  907. 907 : debora budiyono Says:

    happy birthday Min Hoo,,chiayo (^___*)/..!
    you..my idol
    you must come to indonesia

  908. 908 : jan di 2 Says:

    happy birthday lee my honey…
    i love u so much..

    by : jan di 2

  909. 909 : selfitri Says:

    hapPy birThdaY Lee min ho,,,
    wish u all the best,,,

    i hope you come to indonesia soon,,,,

  910. 910 : glaidel joy Says:

    hi go jun
    im really really lovesyou

  911. 911 : momomiko10 Says:

    happy birthday my dear oppa^^

    love you so much..

    you’re the best among the best

    you’re good looking,charm,kawaii,kio,sexy,hot,killer smile,smart,tall

    ahhhh i just love you!!

    happy birthday..

  912. 912 : jercen Says:

    hello!belated happy birthday!!! its my birthday today, can you please go here in Philippines? cause a lot of Filipino people were admiring you…your one of my favorite Korean actor….keep up the good work..:)

  913. 913 : GLYNARD Says:


  914. 914 : GLYNARD Says:

    hi lee min ho

  915. 915 : septi Says:

    ai lope yu min hho…
    lucu banged sih kmuh. .

  916. 916 : septi Says:

    kmu lucu bange. .
    minho totemo kawaii desu. .
    minho ga suki desu. .
    love yyu

  917. 917 : Yu Says:

    hello Min Ho,

    Very happy birthday to you!
    How are you? I am from Myanmar. You are my favorite actor. You are so handsome and gentle. I like you so much in Boys Over Flowers TV Series.
    I invite you to visit our beautiful “Myanmar”.

  918. 918 : nashlene saiarra Says:

    Hi! Min-ho
    We love you very much.We hope you will come here in the philippines especially here in NORMISIST-Cabadbaran, agusan del norte in mindanao.
    We hope you will grant our wish.
    Belated happy birthday sunbae!

  919. 919 : diana Says:

    Hu Gu jun pyo…….
    i’m from Indonesia
    You are so cool!!!!! Your acting in Boys Before Flower is so nice!!!!
    I love you Gu Jun Pyo…..
    By the way I’m sorry, b’coz I can’t speak Fnglish well…..
    : )

  920. 920 : Cyra Says:

    Helo…gu jun pyo i’m cyra from philippines…. ahmm… belated Happy B-day…i hope that you will come and visit Philippines…I’m one of your big fan……

  921. 921 : jamila Says:

    hi lee min ho i really like the way you act in boys over flower i’m from guam hope u can visit here..my sister and i loves you so much..by the way belated happy birthday..:)

  922. 922 : lukitasari Says:

    hello. . . .

    min ho. . .

    you very cute boy

    please . . . come to indonesia

  923. 923 : anna ct-z Says:


    lee min hoo

    happy birthday

    by the way ur very cute and when ur come indonesian?

  924. 924 : lukitasari Says:

    happy birtday min ho. . .

  925. 925 : vanie Says:

    hY Lee Min Ho
    u’re so cool

  926. 926 : einna Says:

    anyong haseyo Min Ho!
    hope u will visit here in the phils.
    and belated happy birthday!
    take care always!

  927. 927 : ulfah Says:

    I love you..

    do you have married??

  928. 928 : ulfah Says:

    hate you….

  929. 929 : ayu Says:

    happy birthday min ho
    wish you all the best
    luv you

  930. 930 : ayu Says:

    happy birthday min hu
    wish you all the best
    lup you….

  931. 931 : Inneke Says:

    Hi… Lee Min Ho… I’m inne from Malang,Indonesia. Happy b’day… Wish u all the best… When u come to here? I like u, i miss u. I hope u will come to my country,in Brawijaya University,Malang-Indonesia. I belive u will come to my county… I will happy,if u come in Min Ho… Please come here… Please… I hope,i can take picture with u Min Ho… I hope it very much… (^___^)

  932. 932 : ellae Says:

    why did you have a plastic surgery?
    well, the nose and your eyelids!
    but, you’re still cute.
    i admit it.

  933. 933 : nataly Says:

    hi luvz,,hapi bday…i knw its too late…hope you read it…

  934. 934 : Quyen Phan Says:

    I like movie boy over flowers.I watch both Tawain and Korean, but I think I like the way you act better! You so cute in curly hair!

  935. 935 : ela Says:

    gail,f4 and jandi,ihope you will go to philippines soon!and jun pyo happy birthday!

  936. 936 : Melfa Says:

    Hai min ho….
    How are you???

    B’day are The bEst time 2 be peAcefUl..
    2 woNder tHings
    2 appReciate liFe
    2 pLan you TomorroW
    2 thank God aLL day blessing
    God Bless U!!

    when will you come to indonesia?
    Pleaseee….. Come to indonesia,!!

  937. 937 : cy Says:

    hy lee min hoo

    happy birthday to you…
    you’re my idol,,I hope can meet you.
    and please you come to indonesian, goo jun pyo!!!

  938. 938 : chey Says:

    OMG!!!!! i can’t believe how popular u r now, u have tons of followers now esp in d phils….. My friend, she’s crazy about u & i am too. I wish u all the luck in d world..

  939. 939 : shahnaz Says:

    hi,lee min ho!wow you’re so cute in boys before flower.i hope you can come to indonesia in BBF tour.and. . .happy b’day!im sorry im late to say that.

  940. 940 : najerah Says:

    hello………………………………….. you the best

  941. 941 : najerah Says:

    hello…………….po your the best actor

  942. 942 : jessie_grl Says:

    hello…blated happy B-day!
    Im from philippines
    hoping you can come to philippines..^_^

  943. 943 : laura Says:

    lee min ho, happy birthday!!! wish u all the best!!! GBU

  944. 944 : nhica Says:

    hi…lee min ho.hope you can visit philippines:)you have many fans here…
    we love you very much.:))

  945. 945 : melanie Says:

    i love u.. i adore u.. god bless u always

  946. 946 : merinda Says:

    hi lee min hoo………
    i’m merinda min hoo from indonesia…^ _ ^…..

    hppy b’rthday my honey……..!!!!!!
    i’ sorry cause my greeting late,but i will always remember you and all about you………oh my honey lee min hoo…you are so handsome n sweet..when you bring me to korea so i and you always together.i miss you lee min hoo.COME TO MY COUNTRY INDONESIA………OK.”DON’T SAY NO..”

  947. 947 : weinz aura Says:

    hi!!!!!!!! jun pyo,,,,,ur su hondsome hope you will visit here in philippines…,hope i can hug you if it is ok..!!!cause i really like you!!! I LOVE YOU US A FRIEND

  948. 948 : kimy Says:

    ya !! Lee min ho
    chonun Kimyiyeyo. chonun indonesia saramiyeyo..
    annyonghasseyo !!

  949. 949 : mz.fashionizta Says:

    ,,hi dear..ur so handsome…ur image is like an prince..by d’ way..congratz 4 ur korean drama..it’s so beautiful….bye2..tcee olweiz…muwahhhh..mur projects 2 come….

  950. 950 : shelly Says:

    hi., im from philippines., i love you lee min ho., ur so handsome.. hope to see you soon here in our country…
    congratulations for your korean drama..tc

  951. 951 : Suci Says:

    Lee Min-ho
    I’m u’r big fan
    And i hope u come to Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.
    Oh yeah!
    “happy b’day”
    I’m sorry too late…
    U’r act is very natural, nice, and i like u very much
    Because u’re very handsome, cute and u’r hair so cute ;->

  952. 952 : elysa Says:

    hi Mr. Min Ho, Lee..

    i woUld be happy if you come to Jakarta, indonesia.

    kamsa hamida

  953. 953 : mArYjAnE(",) Says:

    hi lee min ho,

    this is maryjane from phils.,we are experiencing boys over flower fever here in country right now…you are very cute,handsome and adorable..take care…

  954. 954 : rhona Says:

    hi!!Le Min-ho
    i’m ur fan from manila, Phil.
    was really gud & amazing. Just continued
    ur gud job guyz…
    Congratz and God Bless.

  955. 955 : lester Says:

    _Lee Min Ho!
    ur totally hot!
    and i really like u!
    shit! i think i’m in love!
    with you of course!
    ahahah! love yahh!
    come here in the Phillipines!
    visit us!

  956. 956 : jheraLyn Says:

    .. ihhhh !! ayyyii.., your so cute !!! especialLy when you smiling !!^^

    .. I’m so in love with you lee min-ho !!! eheheh ^^

    .. mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

    .. gudluck to you and in your love life too ..

    … I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!! please.., visits us here in the philippines !!! mwahhh !! ^^-

  957. 957 : jheraLyn Says:

    .. your look alike jerry yan in meteOr gArden but i think you are the most handsome guy i hAve ever seen !!!! mwahhhhhhhhh !! ^^

    .. I’lL support Boys over flowers fOr you !! ^^

  958. 958 : jheraLyn Says:

    … uhmm, your nose is a plAstic surgery ????

    .. welL,, i don’t think so but i don’t mind it ‘coz i adOre you !! ayiih,, your so cute jun pyo (lee min ho) !! ^^

    .. go! go! go! fight! fight ! ^^

    ::[ jheraLyn

  959. 959 : PuFh_ajj Says:

    hy. . . .
    jun pyo!!! (LeE mIn Ho)
    i’M fRoM iNdOnEsIa. . . .
    I lIkE yOu In “BbF”. . . .
    yOu’Re VeRy HaNdSoMe. . . .
    LoVe u. . . . .
    MmMmmUuUaAacChH. . . . . !!!!!!!!
    “HaPpY bHirTdAy”. .. . .. . .. .
    I’M sOrRy To LaTe. . . . . 😉

  960. 960 : love yah...... Says:

    hi junpyo
    i love you……….. im from phil.

  961. 961 : dee Says:

    Happy birthday Lee Min Ho.
    Although it’s too late to say.

  962. 962 : VEH_Q Says:

    hi lee min ho!
    you’re so handsome
    i very like to watch you in BOYS BEFORE FLOWER


  963. 963 : VEH_Q Says:

    I want to say HEPY BIRTHDAY..
    Maybe it’s to late to say that..

    i’m your’s fanzzzzz….

  964. 964 : kristine Says:

    Hi Gu Jun Pyo!
    I really admire you,,,,not just with your looks but your whole character as well.. I really want to meet you in person…please visit here in the PHILIPPINES Mr. Lee Min Ho and of course,it;ll be very overwhelming and wonderful if all of you, which is the Korean F4 and Geum jan Di will come here…you have a lot of fans here and I’m one of those…i really like you!!!!

    By the way..,happy2x BdaY!!

  965. 965 : lily Says:

    hello lee min ho you are very handsome.your style is very nice.i like you very much.

  966. 966 : marj Says:

    i love you and i like you

  967. 967 : pauline Says:

    hi lee min ho, how are you?

  968. 968 : vany and dewi Says:

    hi min ho…
    we fans your from indonesia…
    i hope bbf can tour indonesia

  969. 969 : katrina Says:

    the most handsome of the world is Lee Min Ho and all my classmates like u too but i like u most^_^

  970. 970 : vany and dewi Says:

    one again …….
    we like your style ……. and your acting
    it’s very,very,very GOOD
    i hope with very,very,very you can come to INDONESIA AT JAKARTA TIMUR..
    we very,very,very ………. fans you

  971. 971 : pitihnaung05 Says:

    Lee Min Ho,
    I’m so lee min ho we like your style.You’re so handsome .Happy birthday although it too late to say.sorry lee min ho.your face is always smiling. I would be happy if you come to myanmar welcome……

  972. 972 : Chocolate Says:

    Anny0ng,oppa.. U’re very hands0me.. I like ur acting in BBF,so r0mantic.. I had been watched it over n over again,because i want 2 c u..

  973. 973 : f4 lover Says:

    i hope f4 and jandi will have a concert here on philippines soon! i always buy pictures of jan di and also jun pyo espicially ye joeng.

    ‘LOVE U F4 and JANDI also GAIL’

  974. 974 : athya Says:

    Lee Min-ho
    I’m u’re big fan
    i really like u’re act..and i like u very much because u’re very handsome,cute n i like u’re hair, its cute :->
    oh yeah…
    “Happy b’day”
    i m sorry too late…
    Good Luck 4
    I think I m in love with u..
    i would be happy if u come to indonesia..

  975. 975 : cheara Says:

    Hello! You are so handsome in BBF drama, I love your action very much and you are a pure man in that story, Please, do like that! I’m your big fan na! Good bye (“,)/

  976. 976 : desty Says:

    …. Lee Min HOo, You’re so CooL…. can wE Meet??
    wait Me, beib!! LOve You…

  977. 977 : joy Says:

    le min hoo….?hwo are you…?wei seme mei ke ren si huan ni…?ni mei you name suai.ni te cuepa,phi ce,toufa hen cho….cho…cho………..pu kuan ni se sei,wo thao yen Ni……….

  978. 978 : Aly Kim Says:

    not be rascist or anything ( duhhh…. how can i be…. i am korean too)
    but its weird how in the movie he has curly hair bcs koreans usually have straght hair he he…. i mean i do…. and i have a whole bunch of koreans in my school and they have straight hair…. just as i thought…. tho he looks better in curls lol

  979. 979 : diiiinnaaa Says:

    gu joon pyo……
    Lee Min Ho
    i’m ur big fan…
    please if u’ve time,,,join to Indonesia…
    happy birthday Lee Min Ho
    i’m sorry too late..
    but u’re always in my heart…
    keep in my heart…only for u…
    ur lip is so cute…
    u’re so handsome…
    once again….
    happy birthday…
    join to Indonesia…
    in Jakarta city….
    i’m so exciting for u…
    see u in Indonesia….

  980. 980 : rena atmaja Says:

    Hai……Happy Birthday for U,I’m sorry if too late…My mom&me likes u very much….in BBF and ur self.
    I pray for ur succesful carrier,,,,I hope u want to visit Indonesia,especially in Surabaya….I’m ur big fans….See u

  981. 981 : pAtriciA aNn Says:

    hi..i’m pAtricia aNn but u cAn coLe mE pAt..
    uR sO hAndsOme nD cU8..
    hOpe u cOme iN mY bIg dReaM wOlrd..
    i lYk ur oUtfits nd eSpcIalLy uR 5 tYms cUrlY hAir..heHe..

    i hOpe u nd mS.gUem jAn dI wiLl bEcOme trUe loVerS..

    i wAnt u tO be mY friEnd iN mY y.M..
    hOpe u dOn’t mInd..

    [email protected]

    i u wAnt to aDd mE..

    tAke cAre..fOr u And uR frIenDz….


  982. 982 : clarence snow Says:

    it would be very great if you’ll visit us here in the Philippines!!!
    Take with you all the cast of Boys over Flowers…..
    Hope to see you soon!!!!!

  983. 983 : clarence snow Says:

    It will be very great if you’ll visit us here in the Philippines!!!
    Take with you the whole cast of Boys Over Flowers……
    Hope to see you soon>>>!!!!
    Boys over flowers, The best>>>>>

  984. 984 : racquel Says:

    belated happy b-day i hope you will come here in philippines and im ur no. 1 fan i want u to read my message

  985. 985 : racquel Says:

    belated happy bday i hope you come in philippines

  986. 986 : ecka Says:


    your act is very,very, and very good….

    ihope you can come to my contry… “INDONESIA” in JAKARTA….

  987. 987 : aya matsuyama Says:

    advance hapee bday 2 u..

    moshi2 im aya from japan.


  988. 988 : erni kusnaeni Says:

    hello lee… how are u.. i hope u feel better…btw do u have Facebook? what name is it. i’m u’r big fans in indonesia. when u come visit in indonesia?

  989. 989 : katleia Says:

    love you!!=)

  990. 990 : nissa caca . Says:

    Hi ..
    Lee min ho .

    I love ur acting in bbf .
    you are so cool !
    I love that .
    Hehehe ..

    Do you have facebook ?

    I hope there bbf will new episode ..
    I wait .

    Please ..
    Reply to my email .
    Ok .
    Dont forget !

    Chayo !.

    Thanks .

  991. 991 : Runfach Says:

    I Just want to say… Moshi-moshi

  992. 992 : airennashvilleg.halili Says:

    lee min ho
    plz add me in yahoo.ashville_27 thankz take care

  993. 993 : chilli:)myanmar Says:

    hi lee i m a girl from MYANMAR

    i like u very much in TV series (F4).

    u r so cute .

    u r so handsome.

    see u:):):)

  994. 994 : La-la Says:

    hi lee min ho…
    so much…

    You is THE BEST forever!!!!!!!!!!!

  995. 995 : mimi Says:

    hi im a lunatic fan of yours from Philippines. i love u

  996. 996 : mimi Says:

    i love u

  997. 997 : maryam Says:

    your so cute and u really act awesome………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hope you”lllllllll have aconcert here in the philippinesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!were really looking forward to it…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD BLESSSSSSSSS

  998. 998 : maryam Says:


  999. 999 : Mala Says:

    Hi… Lee Min Ho

    Hoy are yuo?
    i want very meet ant talk with you.
    when you came to jakarta? i always waiting you..

    Please give me your private email adress,,,!! 🙁
    coz i want know you more.
    Cayo.. cayo

  1000. 1000 : Mala Says:

    hi.. Lee Min Ho..

    i ever try for looking your email address everywhere but,,is very difficult..
    i dont get.. 🙁
    please give me your private email address.
    i wont talk with you….
    i biggest hope i can see & meet you.

    CATO.. CAYO.. CAYO.. Lee Min Ho

  1001. 1001 : lyra Says:

    jun pyo your so cute im addicted to you hope you and jan di can visit philippines……..

  1002. 1002 : Kathleen Says:

    Hello lee min ho!!
    i almost watch your latset tv searies Boys Before flowers,,,
    i hope you’lle find time to vist here in phillippines,.

  1003. 1003 : rubelyn layog Says:

    lee min ho
    I always watching the bos over flowers. I am collecting all kind of pictures of yours. I’m so much in love with you. 5 years from now i’ll visit you there in Seoul,South Korea. Wait for me. I love you so much. . . Take care of your self.

  1004. 1004 : rubelyn layog Says:

    Lee min ho,
    More power. i hope to watch all your movies. And i want to know more information about you. Belated Happy Birthday. I hope we will meet soon in person. Thats my Dream.

  1005. 1005 : LiNdA Says:

    helow lee min hoo…

    you know what,i really like you . . .
    i wish you all the best . . .
    i hope you can visit here in philippines . . . take care always. .

  1006. 1006 : cheara Says:

    HI! How are you doing? I have a favor question to ask you: Why your star sign is cancer? Please, reply to me! I very wonder. Good bye(“,)/

  1007. 1007 : Gina Maharani Says:

    i love ur acting.

  1008. 1008 : sweet Says:

    goo jun pyo ganteng bangt
    tiap hri w snin slasa w kg
    mau lwatin flim boys before flowers
    love you all F4

  1009. 1009 : Lucyv11 Says:

    Goo jun pyo…i love u imut bgt sich

  1010. 1010 : milez andrade Says:

    gud morning mr. lee min ho i really really admire you coz’ your best actor that i had meet!!!! tace care always i hope soon that you will visit here in philippines!!! you know since i saw your BBF i really inspired you i hope that i will see you in personal i want to touch your hand!!! pls. add me as your friend this is my email add [email protected]!! pls!! i love you!!! your my first crush..you make my day complete!!!!i’m very happy coz’ there’s a person like you!!!

  1011. 1011 : ami Says:

    lee min hoooo

  1012. 1012 : ami Says:

    i want to meet you.

  1013. 1013 : ami Says:

    i love you in bbf.

  1014. 1014 : ami Says:

    lee min ho..
    your fans in indonesia wants you to come here

  1015. 1015 : risva Says:

    hy, joon pyo..
    my name is risva..
    i’m from in indonesia..
    i love you joon pyo !!
    i love f4 !!
    don’t forget add me in [email protected]
    okay … ^_^ …
    Don’t forget add me..

  1016. 1016 : Mala Says:

    i always waiting you in jakarta, Indonesia..
    i willy,,,willy want see, meet add talking with youu,,
    please give me private email address,, Lee Min Ho..

    CAYO,,, CAYO,, CAYO.. Lee MIn HO…

  1017. 1017 : jasmine shalika Says:

    lee min hooo! OMG you’re so handsome,i love you soo much. please come to indonesia bbf cast. i can’t wait to see you. xoxo 🙂

  1018. 1018 : geane lee palmes Says:

    hi go jun pyo
    i lab u so much

    sai2 2

  1019. 1019 : sherilyn Says:

    hi Lee Min Ho!!!

    i’m from the Philippines,your show,BOYS OVER FLOWERS is the top rating tv show here,,you have a lot of Filipino fans here in the Philippines,,,

    I HOPE YOU AND THE WHOLE F4 TOGETHER WITH MS. KO HYE SUN will visit our country and have a concert…THank YOU and God Bless You…


  1020. 1020 : marzieh Says:

    hi dear
    I saw Boys Before Flowers.
    because of you that was the best TV Series that i saw until now

  1021. 1021 : Jesisca cute Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho…

    Love you so much..

    Do you know we have the same birthday date..

    Happy Birthday for us..

    Wish you all the best..

    Love from Indonesia..

  1022. 1022 : vira Says:

    just curious, r u anything like goo jun pyoo?
    anyway, big fan here… hope u’ll always be successful…
    great movie, bbf..
    aza aza fighting!!!

  1023. 1023 : Catz Says:

    You’re not cute but handsome and cool,Am i right?

  1024. 1024 : apple Says:

    hi there im apple joy from the philippines elow there you know what your my idol and your very handsome hope you can visit here in the philippines especially our place in cagayan all of the peoplr her love you much pls visit us and hope i will see you love you much and take care always

  1025. 1025 : diana ross puzon Says:

    hi lee min-ho!

    i am dianne in short from the Philippines. hope u can visit our place in Pomponan, Baybay City, Philippines. I’m a student taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel Restaurant Tourism Management at Visayas State University. Hope you can visit us someday here in our beautiful place. I will be the one who will guide you to tour around our beauty spots.
    I hope that you will be successful always in your career.

    I love you so much! mwuahh!

    Take care always!


  1026. 1026 : Ruth Says:

    love BBF so much,,esp. you.. ^^
    would u come 2 Indonesia plz?! hehe..
    all of fans in here really hope that..

    ol d bez 4 ur career..GB n_n

  1027. 1027 : tiana queenitta Says:

    hai lee min ho .
    you Look so handsome guys !

  1028. 1028 : Chamz Says:

    Hi, Lee-Min Ho .. Im Chamz from Philippines .. I really love your show, Boys over Flowers .. And I really admire you .. Hope you can visit here in the Philippines .. Hope to see you soon .. Take care always ..

  1029. 1029 : pinky Says:

    Hello! I’m a girl from MYANMAR COUNTRY. I like u very much. Keep trying! I wish u to be successful in your life. I love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1030. 1030 : hanha Says:

    hi jun pyo sna nmn punta u d2 pinas kc gus2 tlga kta mkita in person………fan mu tlga me……..hope 2 c u……..(–,)

  1031. 1031 : miles Says:

    anyeoung!!!!lee min ho!
    love the f4….its a phenomena in the philippines……aja!!!!gu jun pyo…a very handsome and radical role…it fits you….love you..hope you vicit the phils…i would pray 4 it…hehehe…

  1032. 1032 : sheyren kheyrenni Says:

    Hi…minho, I know you from bbf ur is look so cool in that. I hope you can come 2 my country 2 see what is amzing of indonesia ,do you want 2 know? , that’s right?
    in here much people want meet you and look your face how much your handsome please we always wait 4 you

    Warmsweet for you


  1033. 1033 : Mary Says:

    Hello Min Ho.

    Happy belated birthday. 😉

    I like your smile and I love watching your ” Boys Before Flower”, you’re so handsome and cute.

    All the Best

  1034. 1034 : Emil Says:

    Hallo. . .
    Min ho “goo jUn pyo”_
    i am froM ind0nEsian,i’m vEry likE U so mUch hehe. .
    BeCaUsE youR look so hands0mE and cUte. .
    I loveeeeee y0uuu

  1035. 1035 : Sony Says:

    Lee Min Ho
    I like your acting as Goo Jun Pyo

    Your brother from Cambodia
    Hope you success in your career

  1036. 1036 : mitch of dubai Says:

    hi! BOF is very successful! congrats to all of you! your acting is very impressive and you’re great! i’ve watched the taiwanese version of F4, and you guys, are all amazing! you’ve done your part very well! keep it up! more tv series to come! i like your eyes, they’re sooo expressive.,

  1037. 1037 : vero Says:

    wish u all d best…..JBU

  1038. 1038 : edith Says:

    hello lee min ho i like you and take care of your self

  1039. 1039 : oik Says:

    hai minho !!
    hapi birthday .
    im sory if im late .
    i hope you always hapi and healty !

  1040. 1040 : Ryll JHee Says:

    So charming in BOF.. You really have a contagious SMILE… Keep smiling..

  1041. 1041 : randy fauzia ikhsandi Says:

    Hi……….Lee MIn Ho….how are you today?I love BBF and I’M very very like you because you very HANDSOME,COOL,GOOD LOOKING and very very CUTE….

  1042. 1042 : iz Says:

    lee min ho..my bestfren really loves u..

  1043. 1043 : dijkstra Says:

    Lee Min Ho…you’re a becoming ahousehold name here in the philippines,hope you can visit us here,my mom is so addicted to you,she watch boys over flower everyday just yo see you,she even wants me to download all the theme song of the show…please visit us here!!!

  1044. 1044 : yani Says:

    lee men hoo you the best acting.i’m like ………
    love you ………….handsome

  1045. 1045 : Wahyu Says:

    Hello Lee Min Ho oppa!!
    i’m your big fans!! no words that i can tell to you again!!
    Aja, aja, fighting!!!
    By The Way, Oppa, please come to Indonesia, OK, we always wait you here.

  1046. 1046 : Tata Noble Says:

    Hello there. this is from the Phils… I really like your series boys before flowers… Such a delightful and interesting to watch.. whoow… keep it up, boy

  1047. 1047 : Ria Says:

    Hello..my prince,go jun pyo,i’m always calling you my prince charming,dreaming you in my dream,because you really charming,cute,charismatic.but,i’m jealous if you romantic kissing in your acting.i’m always waiting you come to jakarta,indonesian.dont forget to send email for me in [email protected]

  1048. 1048 : nangsmlp Says:

    omo!!! oop pa lee min ho , you are so cute , hee hee . Come and visit to Myanmar. We’re waiting for you. OK. love u!!!!

  1049. 1049 : lisya Says:

    hiii lee min ho…
    my name is lisya from indonesia..

    youre is the best….

  1050. 1050 : dian wijayanti Says:

    lee min ho…….
    i like your acting it’s so good you know !
    can you visit in indonesia…??

  1051. 1051 : kartika cutez Says:

    hiiii,,, lee min ho..
    my name is kartika from indonesia,, and i`m your fans..
    i like your acting in boys before flowers aka gun jun pyo,,
    your acting is very cool…

    please come to indonesia,,i will always wait…

  1052. 1052 : aprilya kleinkind Says:

    hy lee min ho ..

    i like your acting . you’re handsome …. hehe
    when you come to surabaya(indonesia) ? please , i’ll wait you 😉

  1053. 1053 : randy fauzia ikhsandi Says:

    hi….Lee MIn Ho.how are you to day? I’M very like you.when you come to DAYEUHLUHUR(indonesia)?please I wait you? ^_^

  1054. 1054 : May Tan Saung Says:

    Lee Min Ho
    I like for your acting
    pls reply to me

  1055. 1055 : lanie Says:

    hi im lanie im from philiphines i really like u

  1056. 1056 : lanie Says:

    i im lanie i reall like u in boys over flowers

  1057. 1057 : rasyiqah ikramina Says:


  1058. 1058 : poetri amira Says:

    hhhiii…. sunbae lee min ho

    i like you ,and you are cool

    do you like koo hye sun in first kissing???????????


  1059. 1059 : poetri amira Says:

    please come to INDONESIA


  1060. 1060 : fahrina nahdhiyah Says:



  1061. 1061 : achil Says:

    We are from Bintang Indonesia Magazine, the only one magazine in indonesia to discussing the film’Boys Before Flower’ , would like to invite Lee Min Ho and other artists in the film ‘Boys Before Flower to come Jakarta, Indonesia, in order tour asia in August-September. we seek information via email to [email protected]. thanks

  1062. 1062 : Sheilah Marie Turbila Says:

    your so cute!!!!!
    . . ever!!!!! hope i can meet you in personal…..

  1063. 1063 : Rahma Says:

    Hii Lee Min Ho .
    I like your face and your height .

    do you have facebook??
    please reply in e-mail [email protected]

    I’ll be waiting for you geudael gidarilgeyo .

  1064. 1064 : arti Says:

    I love you ……………………lee min ho

    my names is arti from indonesia.. i’m your fens… i like your acting in BBF gun jun pyo

    pleas come to indonesia….. i love always

  1065. 1065 : rizza Says:

    hi… i like you… come here in Philippines!!!

  1066. 1066 : star flower Says:

    hi !keep trying .we always love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1067. 1067 : mega Says:

    i love you full…….

  1068. 1068 : RheNeE Says:

    lee min ho your so “cute”

    i love u only u ..

    i hope you came to indonesia . ok.ok !!!

    i love u forefer ,, muachhh . muachh . muachhh, 🙂

  1069. 1069 : udontknowme Says:




    WE WANT °°MinSun°° BACK!!!!

  1070. 1070 : Mena Says:

    U r so cool..
    I love u..

    I like ur act..Its amazing..
    hope 1day u come in indonesia..

    Success always 4 u.

  1071. 1071 : tere1330 Says:

    Girls, I understand he is handsome (maybe some of you even think that’s an understatement!).

    I also believe he’s quite a good actor (though very amateur).

    But please girls, let’s refrain ourselves on professing “love” online.
    Its elating but seriously would he take you seriously?
    Im telling you (and Im positive), he wont!

    Also, some msgs here seemed to be a little pathetic.

    If you really like BOF, be like Jan-Di.
    Be the one being pursued.
    Dont chase men.

  1072. 1072 : loveng Says:

    HI!!!LEE MIN HO i am yr fan yr so cute n handsome

  1073. 1073 : dinda Says:


    Lee min ho..


    I like u…

    Success 4eVer..^_^

  1074. 1074 : risva Says:

    hi, lee min ho. . . !!
    my name is risva from indonesia..
    I like your face n acting in Boys Before Flower..
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    “when you come to indonesia ??”
    oh y, don’t forget add me in [email protected]
    i always waiting for you..
    okay..!! ^_^ !!..

  1075. 1075 : risva Says:

    hy, lee min ho !!
    I love lee min ho and f4 in Boys Before Flower..
    Come to indonesia (medan), please..
    [email protected]
    I Love Lee Min Ho…99x !! 🙂 !

  1076. 1076 : Jessa May S.Corimo Says:

    Hi i like u much.Lov u lots

  1077. 1077 : Jessa May S.Corimo Says:

    I love u

  1078. 1078 : ms. lee min ho .. Says:

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  1079. 1079 : eyez Says:


    tere1330 – hope you come online again …

    I TOTALLY agree with you! ha ha ha ha …. I wasn’t gonna leave a comment – but just browse thru until I came to your comment … & I just had to ….


  1080. 1080 : iima Says:

    hi min ho,,
    i like all about you!!!
    you’re so good looking and charming!!!
    you are the hottest man alive

  1081. 1081 : daniya Says:


    kpn2 bwat film lgi ya……


  1082. 1082 : sherly Says:

    lee min ho ..
    i luph u so much _
    your so handsome, cute .. very” like you goo joon pyo ^^

  1083. 1083 : sherly Says:

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  1084. 1084 : Sony Says:

    you guy are so good looking!

  1085. 1085 : Liezl Cabarrubias Says:

    hi lee min hoo hope ull add me as a friend! tnx!

  1086. 1086 : Liezl Cabarrubias Says:

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  1087. 1087 : cristina sansano Says:

    i am your avid fan..

    and i like your series boys over flowers..

    i am indeed hooked..

    i dont have the chance to never watch one of your episode..

    whats your official website?

    i want to become your fan..

    and were hoping that you will be able to visit us here in the philippines..

    we were waiting for that moment to happen..

    i love you so much..

    god bless you..

  1088. 1088 : kiershe Says:

    ohh my gosh lee min ho…. u drive me crazy!!!!!

    i can’t help falling 4 u!!!

    hope 2 c u hir n the philippines;;;;;;

    take care ‘coz i olweiz care!!!

    ” i love u hir 2 da moon” mwahhhhhhhhhhh

  1089. 1089 : dyaz Says:

    Lee min ho…!

    how r u??

    i think u very-very HANDSOME!!

    okay succsess your job..!

    i waiting u in indonesia..

  1090. 1090 : rupinder Says:

    gu junpyo i love u a lot,
    i love ur hair style, i m longing to meet u, i m waiting for u i india.
    may god bless u !!!!!!!!!

  1091. 1091 : snow Says:

    hi lee min ho ( goo jun pyo )
    i am from the country of myanmar
    i like ur series very much
    u always keep trying
    i always give support to u
    good luck fri

  1092. 1092 : loveng Says:

    Hi Min ho..
    I’m Jade from Singapore.
    I like your charming n adorable face.
    Hope u can come to Singapore..
    Your fans are waiting 4 u..

  1093. 1093 : mhariz Says:

    hi lee.. hi der im mhariz from phillippines and im your avid fan hir!!! hope you visit soon!!! i just cant help falling inlove with you!!! you drive me crazy>>> ilove you so much!!! mhuahhh hope you responce to my messege..tnx!!!

  1094. 1094 : roxxane natividad Says:

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  1095. 1095 : Yuliantari Says:

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    죄송 단어가있다면 그 하나.

  1096. 1096 : Imee Says:

    ……….im very happy that you have a show. i wish your happiness. im still your fan forever

    thank you that you make me happy

  1097. 1097 : selfi fitria Says:

    lee min hoo
    i’m from indonesia
    i like you so much
    when you come to indonesia
    i’m waiting for you everyday
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  1098. 1098 : valerie Says:

    you are so hansome, lee min ho! my friends love you too! I’ll be waiting for you!

  1099. 1099 : nicole Says:

    hey! hey! hey! my name is nicole but you can call me nikki!
    and im a bbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiigggggggg fan of you!!!!!!
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    who cares if young….(7 yrs old)but I still whatch your series!!!!!!!
    i realy! realy! realy! realy! realy! looooooovvve you!!!!!!!!!!
    hope I i meet ya!!!!!!!>.

  1100. 1100 : mOna Says:

    hi,miN hOo…
    mY naMe’s mOna,I’m indOnesiaN…
    I likE all aboUt U,whEn tHe firsT tiMe I sEe U in bOys b4 fLowerS…
    U’r sO cUte,hanDsomE,n perFectioniSt…
    I’m onE oF U’r aVid fAnS,,,
    I hOpe wE caN tO bE a friendsHiP n I hopEfUL U caN coMe tO indonesiA…
    cAN U repLy mY waLL,???

  1101. 1101 : sheena_chakikay Says:

    i’m your solid fan here in phillipines…..may i met you

  1102. 1102 : farin Says:

    hi…min ho i’m from indonesia. I like you.

  1103. 1103 : archy Says:

    u are very cool.may i have ur email addrsss?

  1104. 1104 : shereen Says:

    Thank you LMH for supporting Koo Hyesun in her art exhibit.
    How thoughtful of you and Kim Joon, too.
    Keep the bonding tighter!!!
    Love it!!!

  1105. 1105 : Nindy Says:

    hi… nice to meet u………
    i come from indonesia……….
    i like your country…
    its so lovely……….
    and are until to day both of south and north korea still break…???
    would you like to giveyour email letter for me..
    i would like to know about south korea many others…..
    Good luck

  1106. 1106 : lyra Says:

    belated happy bday jun pyo…………..you and jan di have great chemistry…………..hope you and jan di have more shows together…see you soon…………

  1107. 1107 : Dian Jegeg Says:

    hai..lee min ho…
    i’m from Bali…indonesia..
    i just wanna tell u.. i’m falling in love with u…
    i know its impossible to meet u…
    but i hope if u come to bali u can tell me…n i hope meet with u…
    my i know ur email address…
    i wont to know more n more about u..n i hope we can possible that friend…
    love u lee min ho..

  1108. 1108 : Qing qing Says:

    Hello F4… Nice to meet u.
    I’m Indonesian and live in Pontianak City.
    I really really like four of u… Although i little bit hate the curly hair of Jun Pyo…:p
    And i hope i can go to your country and meet F4. Although it seems to be a high imagination for me.

  1109. 1109 : queenie Says:

    do you know that you are very famous here in the Philippines…
    I Love you’re ating style you make me love you!!

    I hope you can all visit here in our country..

    Stay sweet!
    And I hope that you’ll read this!

  1110. 1110 : vero Says:

    helooo…mayi know ur email address???
    you’r very cool,im grazy of you nenenene….

  1111. 1111 : lauren Says:

    hi lee min hoo….

    i’m from indonesia..

    i hope meet u soon….

  1112. 1112 : rachel Says:

    hi lee min ho…
    im kinda speechless but
    i just want you to know that
    were dieng hard here in the
    philippines to meet you like the
    first f4 fever,,,

    your the best icon
    we will support you


  1113. 1113 : hazel Says:

    .hi jUn pyo!

    MARRY ME!!!WHETHER Y0U LIKE IT OR Y0U LIKE IT.. Y0u d0n’t have any ch0ice!.haha..kidding asidE im a huge fan of yourS..lo0king f0rward to sEe you in perSoN..

  1114. 1114 : dila Says:


    nice to meet you….
    l am dila…..

  1115. 1115 : lee min hoo Says:

    your soooooooooo……….cuuuuutttttttteeeeee

  1116. 1116 : GERIZA Says:

    ill be crazy watching over you…..im your solid fan here in philippines.i love you………….go!go!go!GO GEUN PYU!

  1117. 1117 : GERIZA Says:


  1118. 1118 : clarise Says:

    hi lee min ho you know you’re my idol!i like you’re tv series boys before flowers as gu jun pyo.i wish i could go there in korea to meet you but i don’t have much money.i wish i could see you in person.i’m you’re number one fan!!!!!!!!!!you’re my idol!!!!!!!!!!i wish you’re career will be fine…..see yah soon……..

  1119. 1119 : ana Says:

    uR sO fAmoUs hEre iN d PhiL.
    hOpe u HaV tYm tO gO hEre aNd viSit Ur fAnS
    yOu aNd kOo hYe sOon hAve a gReAt cHeMistRy..
    i lOve tHe bOth oF YoU,i lOve uR lOve tEam!!
    lOvE yOu!!

  1120. 1120 : ana Says:

    ..hOpe F4 oF kOrea wUd gO hEre iN PhiLipPines..
    im aLmoSt cRazY abouT yOu!!
    taKe cAre..
    YoUr sO hAndsOmE!!
    i bEliEve tHat you and koo hye sun werE rEaly meant for each other..

  1121. 1121 : rio Says:

    hi jun pyo . . ..

  1122. 1122 : kuntum Says:

    hi . .
    I doN’t nOw, what i wAnt say wiTh u. .
    Hhehehe. .
    I’m from INDONESIA. .

    I hope u can visit and meEt your fans in here. . U’re so cool, funny, and handsome too. .
    If u reAd this, help me for say hello to F4, kyo hye sun, and kim so eun. .
    Please . .
    Thanx for your time ^^v

  1123. 1123 : kuntum Says:

    hi, jun pyo . .
    UpSs, i mean lee min ho
    I doN’t nOw, what i wAnt say wiTh u. .
    Hhehehe. .
    I’m from INDONESIA. .

    I hope u can visit and meEt your fans in here. . U’re so cool, funny, and handsome too. .
    If u reAd this, help me for say hello to F4, kyo hye sun, and kim so eun. .
    Please . .
    Thanx for your time ^^v

  1124. 1124 : diyan elisabeth Says:

    Sorry, i can’t speak in korea language.
    U are my favourite man..
    So, don’t make all girl broken heart coz u!!!!
    I think now u are so favourite girls, that is true??????
    i hope
    God Bless U

  1125. 1125 : Mina_maniez Says:

    i like u minho………………
    i hope u always happy!!!^_^

  1126. 1126 : sakuya_hatamoto Says:

    hello….lee min ho….
    I’m your big fans..
    Do you know,,,,i always watch u in tv and dvd
    Och ya…
    please send greeting to f4 and koo hye sun


  1127. 1127 : Rania Cendikia Sylviana Says:

    hi… hmmm i’d like you…. nice too know you,if jut by tv.hihihi…
    by the way.do you have fb?

  1128. 1128 : NIKKI Says:

    Hi,,Lee Min Ho,,,how are u there? im your avid fan here in phillipines ,,,hope u can visit here,,,take care always,,Keep up the good work,,God bless you,,,

  1129. 1129 : NIKKI Says:

    hi, Lee Min ho,how are u there? take care always,,God bless you

  1130. 1130 : Khaira Says:

    Hi, Lee Min Ho…
    Your act in boys before flowers is very good.
    I like it..
    you looks cool and arrogant but you still looks handsome.
    Yeah..you are very handsome.
    wish your career success…

    Hope you and all of boys before flowers actors and actress will come to Indonesia…

  1131. 1131 : flez Says:

    hi guem jun-pyo at boys over flowers

    hope your okey and may god bless you

    love you,,,

    plz tell your friens too,,

    take care,,,,,,,,

  1132. 1132 : flez Says:

    oh i forgot to tell you

    advance happy birthday

    love you,,,,,,,,

  1133. 1133 : lia Says:

    Handsome, cool, nice guy, I believe that being your friend is one of all women’s dream.. ^_^

  1134. 1134 : retta Says:

    ooooooooooooooooooooo LEE MIN HO you so cute and very handsome
    i’m from Indonesia

  1135. 1135 : retta Says:

    LEE MEN HO you so cute

  1136. 1136 : ga shin Says:

    argL,. aish. kyopta do!

  1137. 1137 : geane lee Says:

    low………….gu jun pyo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i really2 like you…

    hope 2 see u sumday……

    a wnt 2 b ur bride hope u wait 4 me….

    see me here n phil.

    i know u wil like u..

    im ur fan 4ever!!!!!!!!!!

    love you so much,,……

    by d way 8z me jane lee….


  1138. 1138 : rika chan Says:

    lee min ho..
    I think u’re so handsome..
    i really like u’re acting in BBF…
    I hope I can go to south korea to meet F4 soon

  1139. 1139 : Tenzin Says:

    He is so good looking and did a marvelous job in Boys before Flowers… i love his acting and arrogance in the drama.

  1140. 1140 : jeslyn Says:

    hello!! am jeh from the philippines…
    am also a fun.. simple message for you sunbae…
    good job for a good act you’ve shown for f4 boys over flowers…
    just this… i’m seeing that you are vulnerable in managing your emotions huh!!… there will be a lot of challenges you need to undergo… i know it… were born in the same year 1987… we sometimes fall because of our emotions…have a great one dear.. bye bye

  1141. 1141 : Brittz* Says:

    ohh my.
    i love you alot.
    i love the song “my everything”
    it’s my ringtone(;
    i want you to come to america.
    i love your acting and you are the cutest guy in the world.
    please come to america.
    i want to meet you really bad!!!

  1142. 1142 : Your Love Geum Jan Di Says:

    Hi.. Lee Min Ho Sunbae!!!!!! i’m geum jan di from Indonesia… hehehe.. I like your acting in Boys Before Flowers!!! i like your curly hair as Gu Jun Pyo… I think Gu Jun Pyo is annoying, but he is gentle, kind, cute and really kind… he is my favourite boyfriend style… i hope meet with you soon… i really want to go to South Korea… but i think i can’t… so, just come to Indonesia… try it… i’m waiting you sunbae…

  1143. 1143 : Sabina Fransisca Says:

    Hai, Lee min ho ! ! i’m Sisca from Indonesia. u’re so cute. i’m interest with your act in Boys B4 flowers as Go jun pyo. Very kind, cute, childish but is funny. i hope u can come to indonesia. i luv u so much ! ! ^-^

  1144. 1144 : dian wijayanti Says:

    i love your acting…

  1145. 1145 : irsha Says:

    hi lee min ho
    i’m irsha from indonesia
    i’m sorry
    i can’t your language
    waw your acting very co0l,amazing,and so cute
    i just want to say
    i love you so much
    i know you can answer my comment
    because your activity very solid but i hope
    u can answer my comment
    if u can answer
    to [email protected]
    i hope to you

  1146. 1146 : agni Says:

    hi lee………..

  1147. 1147 : euphoria Says:

    saranghe leemin ho! txt me or call me. 09084816191. im from the phil.

  1148. 1148 : esha Says:

    hi,Lee Min Ho …
    i’m esha from Indonesia
    How do you do?
    May i be a your little friend?
    please reply Ok,,,!

  1149. 1149 : thennyl Says:

    i just love the way you are…great actor, a singer, a pianist, a product endorser…what can’t you do, lee min ho?

    i’ve never admired a someone before this much but i do now in your very own person.

    i hope you will be well always…and please do come to the Philippines…millions love you here!

  1150. 1150 : jellina rim Says:


  1151. 1151 : wanda Says:

    lee min ho… sarange… ;*

  1152. 1152 : ♥RhOzS3 AnN3♥ Says:

    hi your my no.1 adol from phillipines hope u will visit in philippines

  1153. 1153 : MERZ G. Says:

    Know what..your so popular here in the philippines.. You’ve really done a good job in your role as gu jun pyo.. Keep it up.. More shows to come..hope with your f4 group and with geum jan di..

  1154. 1154 : Sevele Says:

    Hi!!! Lee Min Ho… You are so cool, handsome……….., I love you so……… much!!!!!! I’m from Kohima Nagaland(India). So please……………………… visit kohima. You are perfect! You are the Best! I wish you success in all that you do.

  1155. 1155 : Amanda Says:

    Hey!!! you are so cool. You act so well so don’t stop it.You are so cute, smart, handsome…etc. Love you

  1156. 1156 : aureoLa Says:

    hi, Lee min Hoo . . .

    i Love youR roLe as gu jun Pyo . . .

    that was so reaL . . .

    Are you realLy have something love with Geum jan Di ? ? ?

  1157. 1157 : dzuumeicuh Says:

    min ho- ssi . (:
    i really admire you !
    saranghae ! 🙂

  1158. 1158 : linley Says:

    helo gu junpyo,your so cute and handsome

  1159. 1159 : linley Says:

    i love you gu junpyo

  1160. 1160 : sophie Says:

    hi oppa..

    you make me so crazy..

  1161. 1161 : shariz a. cantiga Says:

    ang gwapo mo poh , grabe to the highest level !!!!!!!!!! adik na qu seu ….

  1162. 1162 : siti cunuy Says:

    aq dr indonesia!!!!!!
    salam kenal’a………????
    oia,,u ok bgtz dh akting’a!!!!
    to ming se ajj klh!!!!
    u th krenzz.cute,cool,ganteng,lucu,n pokok’a ok…bgtz dh!!!!
    salam bwt kel & tmn” u……
    terima kasih…

  1163. 1163 : tia.rainbow Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho.
    how r u? I hope u r fine.
    btw, several time a go I watched Boys Before Flower and I love ur role as Jun Pyo. u r the best actor and several of my friends love u so much.
    I dunno exactly about ur self n ur life but I hope u make ur life better in the future.good luck and see u^.^!

  1164. 1164 : ♥♥♥sayzkie♥♥♥ Says:

    love you
    lee min ho

  1165. 1165 : annisaa aprilia Says:

    hi lee min ho^_^ how are u ? you is cute,cooln the best i like you ,i miss you , love you bye……………………….

  1166. 1166 : ris uli Says:

    hy lee min ho…
    i’m from Indonesia..you are my favorit actor in BBF and you are so handsome..
    i like your acting in BBF. ..
    and do you have fell to koo hye sun?
    i hope you and koo hye sun meke a true love…
    i think you two is a good couple..
    when do you come to indonesia..??
    tell me,, oc?…
    see you…

  1167. 1167 : sekar Says:

    hai lee min ho, iam from indonesia,bbf is my favorit movie,u face like jerry yan,meteor garden has came to indonesia when bbf came here? u are ……very cute …handsome…imagened to all girl who admired u acting….bravo lee min ho…hope u movie next give u big applause…

  1168. 1168 : fenn011 Says:

    hello, your a really great actor,specially in the boys over flowers,,, but there is something that i wanna let you know,,you may not know me but,,, i will try my best to get in korea and to meet you up in personal,,, you may call me as one of your fans,but you got me just on tv and in computer,,,,goodbye,,,,

  1169. 1169 : Nurul Hasanah Says:

    Hai Lee Min Ho!

    I’m from Indonesia,
    BBF is my favourite movie!
    I like your acting as Gu Jun Pyo!
    I love U so much Lee Min Ho
    you very handsome!You are my soulmate!

  1170. 1170 : keiah Says:

    hi!!!!!!…. i am keiah from philipines you know i adore you soo much lee mi ho if you know i have a lot of your picture here in my cellphone you and kim bum are the best!!!your soo handsome and hot!!gosh!!how i wish i can see you here in the philipines!!and i realy like your rule in bof you and jan di are made for each other!!god!you are a good couple…bye the blated happy bday to you and to kim bum also!!i wish you all the best guys!!and more projects to come!also congrats in your best actor award!tc always!!keep on smiling!!

  1171. 1171 : bubu_chacha Says:




  1172. 1172 : Ryll JHee Says:

    Saranghae Min Ho….. U r just superb!!!!! Not to mention AWESOME……

  1173. 1173 : i love Goo Jun Pyo Says:

    i love yow! hehe

  1174. 1174 : i love Goo Jun Pyo Says:

    i love yow so much! hehe

  1175. 1175 : i love Goo Jun Pyo Says:

    ur always in my heart. ;D

  1176. 1176 : i love Goo Jun Pyo Says:

    i will never foget you

  1177. 1177 : i love Goo Jun Pyo Says:

    by portraying as goo jun pyo.

  1178. 1178 : i love Goo Jun Pyo Says:

    can get off with u.

  1179. 1179 : i love Goo Jun Pyo Says:

    your my obsession.

  1180. 1180 : i love Goo Jun Pyo Says:

    im always dreaming of you as my man.

  1181. 1181 : i love Goo Jun Pyo Says:

    hopefully i will see you soon.

  1182. 1182 : i love Goo Jun Pyo Says:

    your the man that i need. haha

  1183. 1183 : i love Goo Jun Pyo Says:

    crazyy forr youuuuuuuuuuu

  1184. 1184 : i love Goo Jun Pyo Says:

    i like your nose bridge. haha

  1185. 1185 : i love Goo Jun Pyo Says:

    your my soulmate

  1186. 1186 : i love Goo Jun Pyo Says:

    saranghe oppa

  1187. 1187 : Ririe Says:

    hy,,lee min ho i’m your fans from indonesia,,i very like you coz you so…handsome.^^i like your smile ^_^ i hope you can visit indonesia,,i hope you and geum jan di have true love hehe..love you^_^ so much…muach!!!

  1188. 1188 : doi Says:


  1189. 1189 : rita Says:

    ” i Love yo so much ,, a like your smile ,, your face .. you are very handsome!! i’m your fans from indonesia.. ^^

  1190. 1190 : minsun22 Says:

    oh my i hope lee min-ho like koo hye sun…hope to see them in personal…..and i hope they like each other and they love each other in true life like the story in boys over flowers…lee min-ho/gu jun pyo and koo hye sun/geum jan di….the rich young master who fallen in love by the poor girl highschool…..

  1191. 1191 : suci Says:

    Lee miN ho……..” YoU’re SWeet,cuTe n HandsoMe boY…i kNow yoU at bOys beFore Flower,,i LIkE YoUr SmiLe….,,iT’s VerY niCe,,
    I’M yOuR fanS fRom IndoNesia,,,,,
    I hoPe yOu To viSit IndoneSia…”Love yOu…”

  1192. 1192 : mIcahaRan Says:

    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LEE MIN HO!!
    I wish you could come here in the philippines I love you!!!!!!!!!1
    take care!!!

  1193. 1193 : FOOFOO Says:

    hiiii Lee Min Ho
    Iam from Saudi Arabia
    I love You Sooooo Much
    I really want to visit Korea because of you and meet you
    Thank you so much for this serias (Boys Before Flowers) It Is the Best your role is amaizing and you is soooo funny and so cute

  1194. 1194 : ata Says:

    lee min hooo….
    i very2 like your smilee…
    so sweett…=)
    youu are very2 handsome..
    pleasee visit me in indonesia..okay??

  1195. 1195 : Hoofi Says:

    Hello Lee Min Ho ^_^

    How are U ?

    im from Saudi Arabia .. & i love you so much ..
    i like Boys before flowers sooo much because of you ..
    you are the most wonderful actor in it at all ..
    you are so funny & cute ^_~

    Keep it up .. because there is a hundreds of fans of Korean Drama
    in Saudi Arabia .. & for you espicially ..

    Warm Regards for you 🙂

  1196. 1196 : Marina Carvalho Says:

    LINDO D+

  1197. 1197 : Nawang Says:

    i love u minho,,,,
    hi,im from indonesia………..
    i love minho
    i love jun pyo

  1198. 1198 : agni Says:

    hi lee……..
    i hope you will become my friend!

  1199. 1199 : F. N. E Says:

    Lee Min Ho !!! >,

  1200. 1200 : frances Says:

    hai lee love you much and we relly love you here in philippns i wish you can visit here love you much yu are so cute

  1201. 1201 : tatum Says:

    hiii lee min hoo,.,,.,
    i love u,.,,.,.^_^
    come to indonesia please,.,,.
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    [email protected]
    add me please,.,.and thank you,..,

  1202. 1202 : zeni Says:

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    i love you so much … n_n
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    [email protected] add me ok !!
    you’re so the best

  1203. 1203 : Syaerra Says:

    hye lee min ho,,,
    i’m from malaysia,,,
    love your face,,,
    cute lol,,,
    whwn you want to coming malaysia,,,,

  1204. 1204 : [email protected] Says:

    lee min hoo… i love u… ^o^
    you’re so cute,,,

  1205. 1205 : numb57 Says:

    Lee min hO!!
    ur sO cUte!!

    we Love yOu..

    speciaLy da charActer
    that uR portrayinG in
    the kOrea nOveLa..

    “bOys over fLowers”


    we Love it..


  1206. 1206 : JC Says:

    Lee Min Hoo you’re so handsome . . . !!!!!
    Come to Philippines!!!!!

  1207. 1207 : anne Says:

    i love you gu jun pyo..pls marry me..

  1208. 1208 : dewi.... Says:

    hy……..lee min ho
    i’m from indonesia……….

    come to indonesia please…..
    and F4 KOREA…please…….


  1209. 1209 : Nhier Says:

    Lee Min hoo..
    I like u ……

  1210. 1210 : chyntia dwi yan Says:

    hello LEE MIN HO,i love you so much.I WANT TO GIVE YOU KATA MUTIARA :



    PLEASE,IN READING????????????????????????

  1211. 1211 : Debby Says:

    it’s really good to know that you do well after your surgery in early june.
    But so sorry i couldn’t join with minoz fans club to cellebrate your 23 birthday at last 23 june, because of distance…..
    mianhae minho!!!!

    SO…please just come to Indonesia to satisfy your fans here!!!
    I beg to you….

    I believe there’s a lot of fans here that want to meet you, just like I do!!!!

    Saranghae Lee Min Ho…..
    Chongmal saranghae…..

  1212. 1212 : Sst Says:

    Lee Min Ho!

    you are so cute and handsome!
    my dream man! ;D

    hope to see you in Singapore!

    love you always, Sst.

  1213. 1213 : grapes Says:

    what is the good point of u???/ why do all the people like u…
    so weird….

  1214. 1214 : Rania Says:

    hy oppa..
    i’m Rania from Indonesia..
    i like u so much..
    n my friends too..

    i hope u will come to Indonesia..
    BBF so booming in Indonesia..


    kamsahamnida… ^_^

  1215. 1215 : asyifa rahmaliany Says:

    you very handsome,cute,and sweet..I somach you
    =I love you=

  1216. 1216 : rica Says:

    hi i want u 2 know that i love u

  1217. 1217 : andreane Says:

    oh boy….lee min hou you are very very……………………handsome!!! ^_*. I like you!! so come to my dream,please…!!! and waiting your come to INDONESIA with F4

  1218. 1218 : ayemyatthuzar Says:

    hi! i like u so much .I’m from Myanmar.I want to talk with u.

  1219. 1219 : KaNyA Says:

    LeE mIn HO….my name is KaNYa…from INdOnEsIa..Sorry too late 2 say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you…i think u”re the best GOO JUN PYO 4 me more than another version…i’ll always waiting you with F4 come to INDONESIA…ILOVE YOUUUU….

  1220. 1220 : celina Says:

    have a nice day..
    enjoy your life..
    gandand araw sayo..
    mabuhay ka ng matiwasay..
    pogi mo kasi hayup ka..

    mahal kita..
    mahal ko keyo..
    ingat ka lagi..
    wag kang papagutom..
    alam mo ba un..
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    kaya wag kang magbalak pumunta dito..
    kundi mapapatay ka..

    joke lang..
    joke lang..
    ingat na lang..


    love yah..


    basahin u ng pababa..
    matatawa ka..
    punta ka dito kung gusto mong wakasaan
    ang buhay mo..

    ate kuya
    oamilya ko..

  1221. 1221 : irene Says:

    you know what i like your t.v series boys over flowers its so nice and good very romantic…….keep up the good work and god bless thank you,,,,always take care…..

  1222. 1222 : hazumin Says:

    hi remember me?your so very handsome…im so loyal to you…hahaha…just look at my friendster…mwahhh

  1223. 1223 : admawati Says:

    hai…LMH, you’re so cute and sweet.
    i’m so excited when i watched BBF (3 times)
    i hope to see u and Koo Yye Sun in Malaysia (in personal) 🙂
    …nice to know someone like u, LEE MIN HO.

  1224. 1224 : dee Says:

    dear leemin ho

    i just wanna say i looooooooooooooooooooooveeeee yoooooouuuu

    since i see you your very handsome man i loe you

  1225. 1225 : rosalie janaban Says:

    hey!!!!!! know what? i never thought that there”s one like u ……. i like u even i didn”even see u in personal. i wish i could …. but please can u wait me until 2017 b coz im going there but 4 now i cant b coz im still studying here in philippines … so i hope u have a good health @take care of ur self coz u will going 2 see u near in the future…….. im very thankful 2 god tha t He create special u ….. add me please @ thank u….

  1226. 1226 : Windy Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho…

    I’am Windy from Indonesia, I realy like you.
    You’ re so Handsome and Cute.
    please You played in another Series together with koo hye sun again.
    Coz I Love You Both…


  1227. 1227 : Rina Says:

    lee min ho.,
    i’m rina from Indonesia,,,
    i’m very like you,,
    you are so handsome,,and cool.
    i want to meet you!!
    what your e-mail???
    when will you come to indonesia??
    i’ll be waiting for you!!Lee min Ho..
    I love You so much..

  1228. 1228 : siti cunuy Says:

    lee min ho…
    ai se te ru…
    i love u…
    wo ai ni…
    …………. (^,^)………

  1229. 1229 : IFa Says:

    HaLLo Lee min Ho. . I’m ipHa Form Indonesia. . I Like you. . You very very Handsome and cooL, , Perfect. . ! ! I Love U so much. .

  1230. 1230 : IFa Says:

    Hay Lee min Ho. . Your very very Handsome and coOL, , perfect. . ! ! I’m Like you, , I Love U so much. . IpHa from Indonesia.

  1231. 1231 : mina maniez Says:

    minho luph u……..

  1232. 1232 : Ayu febrianti putri Says:

    Hallo???Lee min ho(“,) l am axia from indonesia u very handsome but no

  1233. 1233 : ummah Says:

    hiii …. kim hyun joong
    i love you and your friends in boys before flowers !!!!!!!!!!!
    when you want to come to my country in INDONESIA ??????????
    IF you and your friends not busy …
    me very like boys before flowers ….

    please … come to indonesia .. i will wait you and your friends …
    i know ,,,,,,, you so very” kind and friendly …. 😀

  1234. 1234 : udci bbfLovers Says:

    luvv u full

  1235. 1235 : joniza Says:

    lee min ho,Im one of your fan…hope to see you someday..you know i want to work to korea someday because i want to see you…i want also to be an artist in korea…after i finish my study,i will start to study korean language…take care always..you are one of my inspiratoin…

    i wish to continue your blessing…


  1236. 1236 : cynthia Says:

    Lee Min Ho, saranghae..

    Kamshahamnida, you act very well in KOCHBODA NAMJA(Boys Before Flowers).
    In Indonesia, many of BBF’s fans waiting for you. We don’t force you, all BBf artists, to come to our lovely Indonesia. But we hope more to all BBF’s artists to make a press conference in Indonesia. Thank’s for the chance and the attention. God bless u all…

  1237. 1237 : cEciLLe Says:

    hApi b_dAy yOunG mAsTeR gu jUn pYo. . .

    WIsH u LaCK.. . .

    i reLi LykZ U. . .

    plZ viSit OuR cOuNtRy. . ..

    . . .aGen. . .

  1238. 1238 : cEciLLe Says:

    . . . hai im CeCiLLe fRm PhiLs. . .

    ur tRuLiLi hAndSoMe. .

    i hOpE i can c u In peRson. .

    . . .LUv u fULL. . .

    dOnt 4gEt mEeEe. . .

    . . . .

  1239. 1239 : cEciLLe Says:

    . . . uR mY iNspiRaTiOn. . .

    . . .LEE MIN HO. . .

    wen i sEe u on t.v

    my liFe is cOmPLete. . .

    . . .If w/o u My lYf is uSeLess. .

    . . . luV u Lee min ho. . .

    . . . take care. . .

    . . .smile!!!!


  1240. 1240 : chocofreak Says:

    eY lee min ho….
    uh damn kute n fo uh m learnin hw toh talk korean
    N i luff ur curly hain in boys before flowers.. keep up da gud work… Buh pie.. Muwahhh

  1241. 1241 : admawati Says:

    hai… good morning lee min ho 😉
    …wish u all the best and always smile, may god bless u
    …i hope to know more about u…keep email me.

  1242. 1242 : rain Says:

    hi lee min hoo

    ur so cute…

    belated happy birthday >>>

    wish 2 see u in person,.,.,


  1243. 1243 : rain Says:

    ur the hearthrob of korea,.,

    i hope i can visit korea soon,.,.,

    always take care,.,.,

  1244. 1244 : hariza Says:

    ich liebe dich lah pokokmen…
    ra pengen sg liane…

  1245. 1245 : Meryl Says:

    I l0o0ove u

  1246. 1246 : Dina Primasari Says:

    Iam Dina, from Indonesia exactly…..
    Iam so interesting to Watch BBf
    BBf is the most intersting drama serial in indonesia now…

    I think you and Bbfcrew can come to indonesia early…
    All of indonesian wait for this…………

    We really love Boys Before Flowers

    LOve u…………..

  1247. 1247 : ketrina Says:

    hi,,, Lee Min Ho
    i love u so much,,,,,u r so handsome & u r my dream boyyyyy….could u mind if we become fri,, huh.. add me plz [email protected] & thanks..
    i always love u,,,,,,,,,luv u luv u luv u

  1248. 1248 : Yohana Says:

    There are 16.000 Korean family in Indonesia, why you do not come here with your BBF friend’s? You have alot of fans member here, and also Korean drama film fans member, I think they must be very happy if u come to Indonesia, and will buy all your films.

  1249. 1249 : jit Says:

    Please Vote for the BOF Cast and BOF so that they can win in the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009. ( I personally voted for BOF as best drama, KHS as best actress and LMH as best actor even though KHJ,KB,and KJ:( were also options since I love MINSUN. KHS and LMH need to be together.)

    You can vote here.
    Also vote for them in the Japanese and Korean Websites so that they aren’t behind on those. There are pictures so you can figure it out.

    *Voting period 7/13/09-8/30/09
    *You are only supposed to vote once daily but after voting once, close the site, delete the cookies, then go to the site and you can vote again.

  1250. 1250 : sey Says:

    ..joon pyo…how are u…if u are not busy can u bisit in philipines because u have a many fans her..iam ur no.1 fan……and lee min ho i like very much…..and can u be my husband i really really like u….if u are 2 bisit in philipines plz come in my house…dis…817 st. dominic betis gua2 pampanga…by the way iam russelle valencia

  1251. 1251 : lor Says:

    _.saranghe go jun pyo………….
    _.hope you will vist philippines with your friends kim bum,kim joon,kim hyun joong and specially…….. aaaaaaaaahhhhhh..,,,. your pretty and beautiful friend hahahaha geum jan di or kim so eun _……. saranghe lee min ho

  1252. 1252 : enny Says:

    halloooo…lee min ho.i’m enny from indonesia.everyday,i always watching boys before flowers..i’m is jan di…i luv u so muuuuach…

  1253. 1253 : vanessa Says:

    hi lee min ho.
    im vanessa
    i really like to watch the boys over flower
    because its very romantic, just like a true story in real life…
    i hope u can visit the philippines soon..
    because many fans of boys over flower are waiting
    here at philppines….to see u all in person….

    thanks ( kumsamida) and more power
    to all the cast of boys over flower….

  1254. 1254 : tristen Says:

    ur da best..
    keep it up

  1255. 1255 : janet Says:

    hi ‘Jun Pyo”…

    I’m one of uR aviD fAn’s..

    I always watch “boys Over Flower”^^..
    Ur so gOrgEous,Handsome..and I hope ur Kind and not Snob in Person..hehehe..

    Hope U can VisiT us here in the “philippines”..very SooN..

    More ‘pOwer and SucceSS in Ur caReeR..’

    ‘tc’ ‘gbu’mmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…^^..

  1256. 1256 : janet Says:

    hi ‘Jun Pyo’

    I’m one of ur aVid fAn’s..^^..

    I always watch “Boys OveR FloweR”
    Ur so GorgeouS..,HandsOme..and I hope ur kind and noT SnOb in pErson..^^..

    More ‘poWer and Success” in ur CarEeR..

    Hope u can viSit uS hiR in dA “philippies”..

    ‘tc’ ‘gbu”


  1257. 1257 : AmELzzzzz Says:

    ohayo gozaimasu………………
    lee min hoo i like you i hope you can price live e-mail you

    arigato lee min hoo………………….

  1258. 1258 : aira Says:

    lee minho is the coolest among them……

  1259. 1259 : yvon Says:

    gosh!!lee min ho when will you go here in the philippines??

  1260. 1260 : vera Says:

    what his age is as older as mine, but his height is soooooooooo…..incredible taller than the boys in my country!!
    and also his face look older than boy in common

  1261. 1261 : bi Says:

    min hoo sunbae…
    ur ugly,mad,stupid,
    uR SO cUte ^^

  1262. 1262 : Goen Says:

    Love u,,,

  1263. 1263 : eldian Says:

    oh my god,… why you look ssssoooooooooo handsome,..
    when you come to my country (indonesia),..
    i’m waiting for you,..

  1264. 1264 : caroline george edang Says:

    hi, although i’m 36 years old but i really like the ‘ flowers before boys’. It remind me of my love journey with my first love (and he is my lovely husband now).Thank u for acting very well in the drama.

  1265. 1265 : STAR Says:


    hope to visit u and da Rest of da Cast hir in da Phils.

    i lUv Ur CheMisTry Jun Pyo And Jan Dii..

    uR soooo CUTE together.. I kIp On Smiling whly Im Watching Boys Over Flower…

    hope to have more upcoming korerean Telenovelas..

    U Reli Great In aCting..

    kip up da gud work!,..

  1266. 1266 : STAR Says:

    elow also to my co employees hu r also AVID fan “of BOYS OVER FLOWER”

    especially Lee Min Hoo.

    Ello To Ms. KAT, CLAIRE And JULIE…

    and to all da pepol hu Support boys over flower!,..

  1267. 1267 : desya Says:

    so cute..
    success for you,.

  1268. 1268 : mariela Says:

    hai lee min hoo,,, im a fan of yours…
    your so handsome,,,waaaa i really love you ,,

  1269. 1269 : zugiess Says:

    hi……. jun pyo,
    I hope u will vist indonesia with your friends,,,,, I like u all….. everyday I allways watching boys before flowers….
    if u will vist indonesia beri kabar ya…………. aku akan menanti kedatangan kalian semua. aku akan selalu menjadi pengagum number one for u. much……………….!!! sorry aku tdk begitu pandai speek english, but i akan bljr lebih giat bhs english………..

  1270. 1270 : Ratu Nurmaya Says:

    haiiiiiiiiiiii…………Lee Min Ho….
    how are you??when you visit in Indonesia??I’m waiting For you,,,hehehehe,,because I’m like your smile,, : )

  1271. 1271 : Ratu Nurmaya Says:

    haaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…………….Lee Min Ho………
    how are you??when you visit in Indonesia,,,i’m waiting for you,,hehehe,,because i’m like your smile,, : )

  1272. 1272 : :) Says:

    hi Lee Min Ho
    I want to tell you that you played the best in the film :boys before flower.
    I am happy that I coud leave my comment hear.I am iranian&I think that it was the best movie I have ever seen.I am a medical student.I have no time for watching films. but it was an EXCEPTION!
    I am happy that you finally chose a medical student(I mean jandi!)
    be succesful always 🙂

  1273. 1273 : mila karmelia Says:

    lee min ho oppa…sarange!!!!!!!!

  1274. 1274 : ghazaleh Says:

    heloo lee min hoo haow are you today , do you have sait Earmaking?

    Im ghazaleh az Iran

  1275. 1275 : nana Says:

    if u manage to c tis message jus wanted to tell u , really like d way u act in bbf so touching

  1276. 1276 : poonam Says:

    sarangee jun pyo i m ur greatest fan ever i m frm nepal
    hope to meet all members of F4 n especially u one day
    till than tc n u all b successful in ur carear
    best wishes
    n hope u will read my comment n reply too

  1277. 1277 : jhuvanaville Says:

    i love you

  1278. 1278 : Adelle Says:

    Hi:-) hope this will reach u. Thats was an excellent performance at BOF. U played a very difficult role but u did it good. Run the race an finish it well. U will go far as an actor. Hope to meet u one day. Godbless and keep healthy.

  1279. 1279 : joyce Says:

    hi..how are u

  1280. 1280 : joyce Says:


  1281. 1281 : Yuni Says:

    Lee meen ho. .

    I love you . .

    I need you. .

    I like you. .:-)

  1282. 1282 : Yuni Says:

    Hi . .
    I’m yuni from indonesian. .
    I just wanna say
    you very cute. .
    I hope you can visit to indonesia.
    Thank you. . .

  1283. 1283 : Yuni Says:

    Le min ho. .
    I’m yuni from indonesia. .
    16 years old
    I just wanna say
    you very handsome . .
    I like you. .
    Hope you visit to indonesia. .
    Thank you

  1284. 1284 : miSz Says:

    … i love you “Lee Min-Ho”!!!

    i really love your show boys over flowers ..!
    more powers to your career ..
    take care!

  1285. 1285 : jayne dizon Says:

    hi lee min-ho [jun pyo] yah know im your n0.1 fan here at phils.

    i hope you can visit here with kim bum….

    well,im always watching boys over flowers♥ ilove itt…

    at channel 2…§♥

    jaine is my name



  1286. 1286 : sweet sweet Says:

    hi….lee min ho sunbae…i really really like you lee min ho…i was everyday dreaming about you..hope you will visit in the philippines..there are lots of beautiful spots here in the philippines…You can really enjoy it…
    I was hope to visit at korea so that i can see you in personal…you know what go jun pyo..i really like watching “Boys Over Flowers”..because of you…Bye2..SARANGHE lee min ho…Hope there is part 2 of “Boys Over Flowers”…mwaaah..

  1287. 1287 : 'naLz082492 Says:

    hi jun pyo,

    love u

    i really like your smile…

    i hope u cud come here in the philippines…

    love lots oweiz…

    its annalyn villeza here!!!

    dont forget my name.. ok?

    love lots


  1288. 1288 : diny sulis Says:

    how r u lee min ho…

    im from jakarta, indonesia… maybe you want to take vacation in Bali???

    Indonesia have a great place like heaven and nice people

    hope u come here

    wish u all d best…. \(^_^)/ saranghae, oppa hehe

  1289. 1289 : nyca Says:

    eLOw LeE miN hO !! ^_^

    i’M nyCa, uR nO. fUn iRr iN tHe pHiLipPinEs .. 🙂

    hOpE yOu’LL cOmE aNd viSit iRr iN thE pHiL. tO sEe yOu iN pErsOnaL. aNd kiSs & hUg yOu.! Heheh’ ^_~

    iLOvE yOuR sMiLe, vERy bEaUtiFuL sMiLe. ^_^

    sARaNgHe LeE miN hO !! mWuAhHh’…! 🙂

    aDd mE uP iN uR fRieNd iN fRieNdStEr
    [email protected]

    iLOvEyOusOmUcH !!! ^_^

    bE miNe gOo jOoN pyO … 🙂

  1290. 1290 : tachioong Says:

    i like you so much lee minho :))
    please come to our country,indonesia
    we’re waiting for you to come here !
    and you will always welcome to our country

  1291. 1291 : kamzen Says:

    hi there lee min ho,.,.,i really like you,.,.,as in,.,.,i always think and dream of you,.,.,when will you come and visit here in the philippines,.,.,i want you to be my friend,.,please e-mail me at [email protected] or kamzy090106,.,.,please do leave a message,.,.,i have something to tell you,.,.,till here,.,., i really like your movie series “boys over flowers”,.,.,i’ll wait for you’re message,.,.,and also please add me as you’re friend in friendster,.,.my e-mail address is [email protected],.,.,saranghe,.,.,

  1292. 1292 : cj Says:

    i am happy your going in august in the philipines o my god because my birthday in august 11

  1293. 1293 : Sheene Says:

    A w0nderful day to you.. Haha.. You have so many fans out here.. You’re really a star… No! You’re the m0on that can’t hide fr0m the stars.. I kn0w your far to reach 🙁 imagine fr0m korea to philippines.. Just stay what you are. Keep your fo0t on the ground.. I said to0 much… Hehehe.. You’re my id0l..

  1294. 1294 : astri elhadz nurdin Says:

    hi min ho sunbae….

    I always watch BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS….

    I like you….
    please come to our country INDONESIA…

  1295. 1295 : Tika Purwani Says:

    Lee Min Ho.. please come to Indonesia..

    I’d love to watch Boys before flowers.

  1296. 1296 : jhane02 Says:

    annyeong haseyo!! anyong hasipnika?
    je ireumun SEONG-EUN ieyo
    naeil bwayo!!!

    Im a Filipina, hope you will visit our beautiful paradise

    GoD BleSS and MoRe PoWeR!!!!
    sarang haeyo!!!!

  1297. 1297 : Karin Says:

    Love u so.. Min Ho oppa.. T^T

  1298. 1298 : joanny Says:

    i hope we meet as soon as possible…
    you know im ur avib pan…
    love u….

  1299. 1299 : Dana Says:

    lee min ho, . ..
    hello, i’m from indonesia . .
    are you know, in indonesia very much your fans . . . .
    so we very hope to you n all boys before flowers team can come to our country, please . ..

    coz, WE LOVE YOU . . .

  1300. 1300 : khairiah Says:

    gu jun pyo…
    geum jan di..
    I hope ur love story is real..

    n’ i hope you’ll visit indonesia with kimbum, kim joon, kim hyun joong,
    and koo hye sun of course..,,

  1301. 1301 : STAR Says:

    boys over flower rocks!!!,.. 🙂

  1302. 1302 : ATIssi! Says:

    hi sunbae! I’m from Iran. I love your acting in boys over flowers! Good job! you’re a powerfull actor. I wanted you to know that you have a lot of fans in Iran too!! I wish you succeed in every thing.
    Take care of yourself, eat well, be healthy and…
    Be Green 😉 Aja…!

  1303. 1303 : Yessi edward Says:

    hii. .lee min ho
    i am yessi from indonesian. .

    your very cute
    i like u. .

  1304. 1304 : Lee nha Says:

    hi lee min ho…..!!!!
    i’m lina from indonesia. I like your acting in “boys before flowers”.
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH……because you very cute.

  1305. 1305 : chelsa muwady Says:

    hi, lee min ho, i’m from indonesia.
    i one of your fans.
    i’m very interisting with you.
    because you very.. very.. Charming.
    if you have facebook, please add me in [email protected].
    i don’t know your address facebook.
    because some people faked your facebook.

  1306. 1306 : Jeanette Lee Says:

    Hi Lee Min-ho
    I like you acting in “Boys Over Flower” and realise you sing well in “My Everything”. You are great and keep up with the good work.


  1307. 1307 : yetty indonesia Says:

    annyoo sunbae…

    would you visit Indonesia..?


  1308. 1308 : yetty indonesia Says:





    love ‘u muaach

  1309. 1309 : aby Says:

    lee min ho you make me go crazy! hope you’ll visit the philippines!

  1310. 1310 : Desak Made Asriyuni Says:

    hello…Lee Min Ho..

    I’m from Bali -Indonesia, I was born on 22 June 1978..

    I like you in “boys before flower”
    you’re very cool but romantice…

  1311. 1311 : irha Says:

    hi……….Lee mi hoo…..
    i’m Irha from inDoNesian……
    i am very very Like You N f4……..
    c0me To My CounTry Please…..
    love You So Much……..

  1312. 1312 : citra Says:

    hyyyy……MY Name ciTRa..
    h’phieee b,day….
    i pray so that
    god always blezzz u…
    oh…i’m from indonesian…
    i like ‘bbf’
    LUV U n F4 so MUCH…

  1313. 1313 : Dhea Says:

    I am dhea,from indonesia…i hope you visit indonesia,indonesia is g0od place!!
    Indonesia waiting you forever with f4,hye s0on and kim so eun..etc
    i waiting you forever,.remember me DHEARIKA from indonesia! Okey.,

  1314. 1314 : jenelyn Says:


  1315. 1315 : ekha Mekha Says:

    Lee Min Ho…

    i Love u……………

  1316. 1316 : senorita Says:

    hi MinHo, i’m sasanti 🙂
    you know, you do have a great number of fans around the world -well, I’m too!- since you are so gorgeous and also because your excellent acting .
    keep it up ! always do your best for everybody who loves you 🙂

  1317. 1317 : MISS Says:

    Hello Min Ho… You are so cute and your smile is CONTAGIOUS… Ha ha..
    Love you

  1318. 1318 : pamela agnes e. marcos Says:

    lee min hoo ilove you please go to the philippines

  1319. 1319 : teddy22 Says:

    Oppa!!! Love you!!!

  1320. 1320 : Sony Says:

    Are there any other new drama of you?

  1321. 1321 : luzvimindapagaran Says:

    hAi…i’m uR #1 dIehArd fAn…hOpe yOu wIll hAve a concert heRe in dA phIllipines…jejejejeh…lOve u!!!! 😉

  1322. 1322 : ayu Says:

    i love u sooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh….muach………..

  1323. 1323 : elena Says:

    ang pogi mo!!!

  1324. 1324 : kristine monteclaro Says:

    annyo sunbae……………………
    i hope you will visit in philippines ilove u

  1325. 1325 : Dian Says:

    Welcome to INDONESIA.. ^^
    “APA KABAR?” (means “How are you?”)
    hopefully always make people keep interesting on LEE MIN HO.
    stay healthy and keep smiling for every fans all over the world,
    b’coz it makes every girl “full of love”.
    “TERIMA KASIH” (means “Thank you”)
    We, from INDONESIA will always waiting for u and Boys Before Flower.


  1326. 1326 : alleli panelo Says:

    hei come back here in the philippines
    im your long lost sweet heart
    didnt you miss me
    and dont you remember me

  1327. 1327 : fenny sestiyora Says:

    lee min ho, i luv u

  1328. 1328 : pink Says:

    hi min
    welcome to USA

  1329. 1329 : Dila Says:

    Hy lee min ho
    i’m dila from indonesia
    when you will come to indonesia
    in batam
    thx u

  1330. 1330 : aneetha Says:

    hi min ho..
    i luv u…
    i mizz u..

  1331. 1331 : Annisa and Mira Says:

    Hai… Love u Lee min ho… We like u so much. especially ur acting. Keep spirit in ur life, ur career, love and education..

  1332. 1332 : igna and nindi Says:

    Lee min ho,how are you?we are from indonesia.we love you so much…

    when you come to indonesia,,especially in cirebon..
    we always watch bbf,,and we very like bbf,because this film is very interesting.and we very love F4 korea especially you.

    and don’t forget if you come to indonesia,you and F4 must meet we..OK.

    we love you
    we miss you
    we need you

  1333. 1333 : Sophia Says:

    Lee Min Hoo

    I really really like you. i watch Boys over flowers like a million times. Gosh your so good and cute… stay cool and take care.

  1334. 1334 : vivian Says:

    i think i never bored watch BOF, because of you
    so handsome boy and good actor…

  1335. 1335 : HUANG CHIU LI Says:


  1336. 1336 : king Says:

    hello what e you doing

  1337. 1337 : king Says:

    thank you lee min ho

  1338. 1338 : Deea Aprilea Says:

    hai, hallo…………
    iam from Indonesia…………. you know this country?
    ……..Salam kenal……..

  1339. 1339 : Cherlyn - Singapore Says:

    Hi 이민호, i’m currently watching boys over flowers dvd and find that you are very cool, cute, handsome and most of all you acted very well. Take care and all the best for your future.

    Hope you can come to Singapore soon….will support you always =)

  1340. 1340 : ai_xinwa Says:

    hallo..lee i’am from indonesia. do you know indonesia

  1341. 1341 : aulia putri Says:

    Huy lee!how do you do!I’m aulia putri,from Indonesia!I really-really LV you!oh my god.I can belive,cause I can give a comment to You!I think you more handsome when you at Boys Before flower.thank you.

  1342. 1342 : Giorgie Gabriella Says:

    i love u ao much!

  1343. 1343 : aulia putri Says:

    I hope,I wish you can visit Indonesia,and meet me.ok.I always dream about it.thank you.

  1344. 1344 : angelie dullias Says:

    hi i am just ur number one fan
    belated happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  1345. 1345 : vicha Says:

    hi,, I am vicha
    how are u. . .
    when will u come to indonesia?
    I waiting U

    lee min ho I luv U. . .

    u are so sweet
    and I like it. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    u are good acting . .

    good luck to U. .

  1346. 1346 : love u Says:

    you are really really handsome and your acting prowess is superb keep it up!

  1347. 1347 : wihda Says:


  1348. 1348 : alice Says:

    Hello! Oopa

    I think u r very good in acting.Do u have a girl?Is she Pretty?But i love u. I wish your dream will come true& become Hollywood star.fiting oopa.

  1349. 1349 : artha Says:

    hi….im artha from indonesia
    you know indonesia?///
    sunbae when u come to indonesia??///

  1350. 1350 : Bella Says:

    annyong haseo….hi, i’m Bella….i love watching boys over flower,especially this movies show us in this world there’s really a true love…i never imagine that after watching this movies,my life changed…now,i’m more confident of myself…never imagine that one day i can meet lee min ho in person,because his role in bof really,really,really can change one’s life…Kam sam mi da…

  1351. 1351 : jonna Says:

    Do you have friendster? If you have please add me I’m only 10 years old. [email protected]. I’m also Gum Jandi ‘s fan. can you say to her to add me please.

  1352. 1352 : aulia Says:

    hayy!!!!!lee min ho…

    I Am aulia FrOm IndoNesIan…

    yOur Very cUte,,
    i love you lee min ho

  1353. 1353 : Ivan Gabrial Fangidae Says:

    Many people in my school like you. Lee Min Ho is the Best

  1354. 1354 : ella Says:

    i love u……………………………………………..!

  1355. 1355 : ella Says:

    i love u………………………………….!

  1356. 1356 : ella Says:

    i love u……………………….!

  1357. 1357 : dewi Says:

    Hi,,I haven’t know you yet,, but you’ve already made me cry,, I am from Indonesia,, and I really want to met you and see you right in the eye, and shake your hand,,^^

  1358. 1358 : popo Says:

    saranghae oppa ^^
    can you visited my country in indonesia ?
    i love you so much

  1359. 1359 : Rena Says:

    Min Ho-ssi.. I am from Indonesia.. U and Kim Bum the most popular Korean guy in my country.. Can u visit your big fans here? Even Once? ^6

  1360. 1360 : DESI AYU Says:

    Hello Lee Min hoo.
    I am Desi from Indonesia.
    I like Boys before flowers……………
    F4 Is The Best………..
    your very cute and handsom.

  1361. 1361 : yeselyne Says:

    hi lee min hoo..

    im really like u.

    please come to my country, INDONESIA.
    please reply.

    i love u sooooo muuuccccccch..
    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuu..

  1362. 1362 : Ma. Angela Del Gallego Says:

    hi lee min ho,

    I am angela, I’m 8 yrs old, im your avid fan here in the philippines, your so cute. do have frendster? pls add me to your frendster im waiting for your reply.

    hope to see you here in the philippines.

  1363. 1363 : yollanda Says:

    hayyy Lee Min Ho i’m Yollanda from indonesia

    i like you so muchhhhhhhhh

    when you come to indonesia????

  1364. 1364 : ika Says:

    hai . . . . .oppa . . .i’m ika from indonesia.U and kim bum the popular in my school . . .when you come to indonesia ???????????????

    saranghae . . . .oppa………

  1365. 1365 : helen christin Says:

    Hi.. Lee Min Ho
    you are look so handsome..
    I just wanna say I love you,,
    please replay to my email…

  1366. 1366 : panks Says:

    hi lee min ho
    u look so cute.i like ur role at boys bfo flower.its so cool.take care

  1367. 1367 : jane Says:

    hi Lee Min ho..=) you did a very good job in b.o.f.. hope you and the other 3 f4 members will visit the philippines.. take care..=)

  1368. 1368 : Moe2 Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho,

    Your action is sweet and good. I am from Myanmar and I am very pleased to see your F4 movies.

    Have a nice day forever.


  1369. 1369 : arezou Says:


  1370. 1370 : ayu prameiswari Says:

    Hello Lee Min Hoo

    I am Ayu Prameiswari from Indonesia
    I like Boys before flowers
    i just wanna say i love u,i miss u
    your very cute,hansome,childish
    your ackting very good……….
    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  1371. 1371 : htetmyatnoeoo Says:

    i am htet myat noe oo

  1372. 1372 : htetmyatnoeoo Says:

    i am myanmar. i like u. i like boys before flower movie. i love u.

  1373. 1373 : DeL2a Tamboenan Says:

    hy…lee min ho i like your style u’re so handsome and charming i hope in one a time i can meet u i’m so boring to see u in tv i hope u can give the better to your fans.and add me yach in [email protected], i wait u ok man GOD BLEzz U deCh dada.

  1374. 1374 : htetmyatnoeoo Says:

    where are u live?i account is [email protected].u invite me.please!
    thanks u.
    bye bye.
    see u take care.

  1375. 1375 : marietha Says:

    LEE MIN HO….

    WOO AI NI….

  1376. 1376 : tinah :) Says:

    hi there ..

    hope you can visit here in the philippines ..

    many fans are waiting 4 u ..

    good luck and take care 🙂

  1377. 1377 : amor Says:

    yup. your rily handsome.=)
    see you in my dream. hehehe

  1378. 1378 : VINDA Says:

    I Love your acting……………!!!!!!!!!!!11

  1379. 1379 : VINDA Says:

    your facebook?????????????????????

  1380. 1380 : aNdrEa Says:

    ^_^hi lEe miN-hO!!


    ^_^hOw aRe yOu??

    ^_^wHatz uR nEw nUmbEr??uR nOt txTing mEh noW!hAhaHAh!!!

    ^_^jAz tXt mEh,uQei??

    ^_^bYe!!tAke cAre aLwayZzz!!!


  1381. 1381 : dhian novia putrie Says:

    hai…lee min hoo
    I am dhian form indonesia

    pertama kali aku melihat kamu
    aku suka banget ama karakter yang kamu perankan
    kamu benar2 hebat sekali

    sukse buat kamu…

    i love you…..so…..

  1382. 1382 : gil Says:

    Hello lee min ho……
    i’m gilang from indo
    do you have facebook
    this is my facebook : [email protected]
    add me plaese my fb

  1383. 1383 : izze Says:

    you is very smart

  1384. 1384 : izze Says:


  1385. 1385 : NaNdA Says:


    CkEp X cH??

  1386. 1386 : NaNdA Says:

    hY,,, LEE MIN HO!!!!!……

    I’m ” nHiiYa” from iNdOnEsIaAAA…..

    I like uUuU…. SOoOo mUuCH…



  1387. 1387 : pinkyje Says:

    OH MY GASS!!


  1388. 1388 : STAR Says:


    more upcoming telenovelas!,..

    cute, smart, tall, handsome…

    wat u can ask for?..

    its flattering if u cud visit us in da phils!,.. 😉

  1389. 1389 : Nophie Says:

    Lee min ho..
    You are very handsome..
    I am nophie from Indonesia..
    I love you..
    When you visit to Indonesia..
    I waiting you…

  1390. 1390 : Lee Huylou Says:

    hi Lee min ho, i’m Lee huy lou.the sound of our name are similler.i’m the only 1child in my family so i wish u could be my older brother n is a cool guy as Goo jun pyo.i lov u very much my handsome older brother.^_^u are the BESTest in my happy time.i 1 2 see ur new drama after Boys befor flower very much.pls coming soon na brother…!

  1391. 1391 : Lee Huylou Says:

    hi brother could u add me 2be ur sister?in boys over flowers drama i’m cry cos of u n older sister Jam Di alot the special when all of u in Macao.everybody the same me ort?

  1392. 1392 : aly Says:

    hey lee min-ho….i think ure a gr8 guy..u knw?ive neva found a person til 2dae lyk u who has evrythin i lyk in a boy..nwz 2 be frnk,i wana meet u somedae..m 4m india(the northeastern part)..ope 2 c ya soon…bye n tc…

  1393. 1393 : CUPA CUPS Says:

    gu jun pyo..i luv u..i m a big fans of yours

  1394. 1394 : Sabina Fransisca Says:

    Lee Min Ho, how are u? u’re so very handsome, cute, charming. I’m Sisca from indonesia. when u come to my country ? ? many fans are waiting 4 u. love u so much . . . ^_v

  1395. 1395 : lee nda ho... Says:


  1396. 1396 : ayha Says:

    lee min ho,…..you veriiiiii handsome……
    very cute….
    i liKe you……

  1397. 1397 : lee nda ho... Says:

    hy…. lee min ho

    Iam indah from Indonesia

    i love you so much…hee…!!!!!!!zzzzzzzzzz

  1398. 1398 : retno agustin Says:

    love u…………….min hu ………..

  1399. 1399 : [email protected] Says:

    mrip mntan Gwe…hehe..

    minho…………….kpan maen ke sini….

  1400. 1400 : tiara Says:


  1401. 1401 : indah Says:

    hai min ho,you are so cute,i luv u so much. I’m waiting for you n F4 to come in Indonesia. See you soon,mmmuach…..!!!!

  1402. 1402 : lolA Says:

    i like your potrayal….

  1403. 1403 : len86 Says:

    hi handsome,,when u will come 2 malaysia,,i really like u,,

  1404. 1404 : hazel Says:

    hello lee min ho you’re so handsome and adorable.

  1405. 1405 : nurida Says:

    hi,handsome.I’m waiting for you n’ f4 to come in indonesia

  1406. 1406 : nurida Says:

    hi,cute boy i like you so much

  1407. 1407 : MOENYI Says:

    youre my everything, min ho!
    would you like 2 come 2 indonesia?

  1408. 1408 : thetlae Says:

    Hi gentle man.
    I love u acting & i love boys before flowers.I am from Myanmar. When u will come to Myanmar. I really love u . Please come & visit to Myanmar.byeee

  1409. 1409 : thetlae Says:

    hi lovely min ho,
    I want to know u mail address. I want to talk with u if i have a [email protected] this my gmail address. please give me u mail add. I love u so much sweety byeeeee.

  1410. 1410 : nickyta Says:

    min ho….
    i luph u….
    you are so handsome n cute with ur curly hair. [email protected]@

  1411. 1411 : maria Says:

    gu jun pyo.. . .
    please come n visit to indonesia

  1412. 1412 : Mhymi Says:

    Hai..Lee Min Ho.. Love u so much and kim bum too..when u come to indonesia??
    You always in my dreams .. See u soon bye you fan of indoNesia..
    Just,Call me Mhymi.. By the way..can i get u’r adress with kimbum? Please ‘cuz i very like u and f4korean..

  1413. 1413 : fitri Says:

    ………. I I
    I I I
    I I I
    I I I
    I LOVE I I
    I I I
    I I I
    I ; ;
    I ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

  1414. 1414 : fitri Says:


  1415. 1415 : lia-chan cool Says:

    hi coolboy how are u today? are you want to answer my commennt? i’m junior high school.

  1416. 1416 : alvin guuuanteeng Says:

    hello boy my name alvin .I comment you.You are poor

  1417. 1417 : rizalia Says:

    dear lee min-ho, im from malaysia and i watched your drama recently and you’re so talented. I adore u so much and now a big fan of yours. I had a wish and i only wish for your private e-mail address. Best regards.

  1418. 1418 : nana Says:

    hy lee min hoo…. you very handsome….

    when you come to Indonsia(jambi)?

    I’m you biggest fan….


  1419. 1419 : depy Says:

    Hi,Lee Min Ho…! I’m Depy from Indonesia. I like your ecting in the Boys
    Before Flowers. Goo Jon Pyo handsome….Please come to Indonesia. I want to meet you and maybe…We can talk with speaking Korean.

  1420. 1420 : sara Says:

    hi dear min ho
    i hope that you see dis comments,cuz every body loves you, i don’t know why som actors are so selfish plz dont be like them cuz you’r our cute goo jun pyo,and plz act in others drama cuz i know its imposible to me that i can see you in real life so i want to see you in drama.i’ll be waiting for youuuuuuuuuuuu

  1421. 1421 : R_A_Y Says:

    anyo haseo goo joon pyo(lee min ho) and so yi jeong(kim bum) i love u 4ever……………………………………………………….
    nice 2 meet u……..

  1422. 1422 : loyal arum Says:

    lee min ho I will always love you forever eeeemmuuuuac

  1423. 1423 : arny Says:

    I am very in love with you .. when you to indonesia? you’re the soul .. I need to talk let alone confused .. because I love you the same .. i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much… i love u so much…

  1424. 1424 : sharon T. Says:

    mr. lee min hoo right?i have watched your multym show boys over flowers and I’m glad that our country had shown as your romantic and beautiful show..you knoe what your the best..’coz you hve everything..you’re so handsome,you’re famous,you are rich,you are so blessed bec. you have it all,but don’t forget God ‘coz he gave it all to you..i wish someday we’ll meet each other here in Philippines..don’t forget me if you where here..bye..always take Good Care of your self..May God Blessed you always..

  1425. 1425 : nenchy_cikay Says:

    lee min ho….i’m nenchy from indonesia,i’m very…very…love you…
    i’m will very….very happy if you want come is my country,
    i hope you can visit my home…

  1426. 1426 : nungky Says:

    i like u,r acting

  1427. 1427 : leni ann Says:

    …hi lee min ho?

    …im your biggest fan…
    …i really want to see you in person
    …hope you visit our country

    ..i always watched your show boys over flower…

    …take care,,,,

    ,,just passing by….

  1428. 1428 : Loveme Says:

    Y0ur my dream b0y

    LEE MIN H0. .Jun py0!

    I like jerry yan buT, i l0ve y0u leE min h0o. . Im dying everytime i saw y0ur faCe. .

  1429. 1429 : Addicted Says:

    Im so madly,dEeply,crazy inl0ve to y0u my LEE MIN H0O. . .

    Y0ur the best k0rean star

  1430. 1430 : sovi Says:

    hey…how do you do lee min ho.
    what your nick name..?
    ok but I think, i will call u min ho…
    u have a great act in BBB movie…
    nice meet u….

  1431. 1431 : JAN DI Says:

    hi! Lee min h0o/g0o jun pyo .hmM i reALly liKe y0u i thiNk i’m falliNg f0r you.wilL u catch me?:)lol ..i’m one of y0ur adDict faN.h0pe i cAn meEt u in pers0n.mwaah byee

  1432. 1432 : sunshine Says:

    Lee Min Ho,

    u r the hottest man alive!

  1433. 1433 : rizalia Says:

    dear lee min-ho, luv ya.. luv ya.. luv ya.. luv ya.. and how’s in the world can we get contacted personally? Are’nt you coming to malaysia? luv ya..luv ya… always

  1434. 1434 : mariana Says:

    hi……lee min ho i am mariana, i am from indonesian country i am very very very like your acting, you are very hand some people in this world i hope you can come in indonesian country thanks for you attention……i love you…..

  1435. 1435 : dedek Says:

    happy b_day lee min hoo
    i like you…………..
    godbless you

  1436. 1436 : dedek Says:

    ni haa?
    hpy b-day lee min hoo….
    godbless u

  1437. 1437 : marie Says:

    hes very handsome

  1438. 1438 : laa lonely Says:

    hi lee !

    i like u so much..
    i think u are very cute boy^^

    keep fighting !!

  1439. 1439 : Yuli Says:

    keren bgt lo…….
    pokoknya TOPBGT lah……

  1440. 1440 : I love Min Ho 4ever Says:

    You are so great…
    I wish you came to Vietnam…

  1441. 1441 : me_ShOFI Says:

    Lee min hoo sunbae…..
    I love U so much……….
    please visit us in INDONESIA………….. in FanSclub of boys before flowers………..

  1442. 1442 : nini de$marani Says:

    hy lee min ho
    how are you?

    I COME From indonesia in palembang.

    you are very hand some
    I like you lee min ho
    I Love you lee min ho

    please you and team T-MAX get to indonesia.


    please add me in your facebook r your e-mail.

  1443. 1443 : oelly Says:

    hi…..lee min ho
    i hope you n F4 come in to indonesia….. love yuo so much

  1444. 1444 : Arinda Says:

    Lee Min Ho Sunbae SarangHandhaaaaaaaaa………………………

  1445. 1445 : maricel ocampo Says:

    hi lee min hoo…

    your so handsome.

    hope you’ll come here in the philippines .

    your series boys over flowers is super hit here because of you and jan di.

    iloveyou gu jun pyo…

  1446. 1446 : CIANZ Says:

    U’re So HanDsome brothEr……
    Ur PerfoRman’S Very amaZing in Boys Before Flowers………..

    I verY liKe U………

    God Always Bless U…..


  1447. 1447 : mau tau aja Says:

    hi,min ho!please come in indonesian?

  1448. 1448 : Dark city Says:

    Top 10 best korean actor :-
    1.LEE MIN HO
    2.kim bum
    3.lee jin wook
    4.joo ji hun
    5.kwon sang woo
    6.gong yoo
    7.lee joon ki
    8.lee dong wook
    9.kim hyun joong
    10.hyun bin

  1449. 1449 : Last house on the left Says:

    Top 5 best korean drama
    1/boys over flowers
    3/yuhee the witch
    4/coffee prince
    5/east of eden

    Top 5 best korean movie
    1/death bell
    2/someone behind you
    3/hello school girl
    4/antique bakery
    5/naked kitchen

    Top 5 best korean actor
    1/lee min ho
    2/kim bum
    3/jae hee
    4/kim joon
    5/kim hyun joong

    Top 5 best korean actress
    1/yoon eun hye
    2/koo hye sun
    3/shin min ah
    4/kim so eun
    5/lee da hae

  1450. 1450 : tanti Says:

    F4.. u very cute.

    wHen u come to InDonesIa???..
    wHat your numb HP….?????

  1451. 1451 : me Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho
    I like u so much in F4 lover. I want to see another films like this. I like ur acting and ur smile. Ur smile can make me something felt. U are so handsome man I have seen in my life. Good Luck . Fighting!

  1452. 1452 : Cloud Says:

    Lee Min Ho “cute” !

  1453. 1453 : laila fibriyana Says:

    F4 datang keIndonesia doong!!!
    tapi jangan keJakarta doank.. ke Kal-sel juga..?! 🙂 😀
    i love f4 so much!!! ummmeeeeeeeeuach!!!

  1454. 1454 : Rita Says:

    I’m rita from cambodia. I love u face and ur hair and ur act in the story bof. I’m fan of u , kim hyun joung, kim joon,koo hye sun, exspeiclly KIM BUM. I LOVE F4 I’M FAN OF F4. This my emile: [email protected]

  1455. 1455 : anggie Says:

    i love gu jun pyo ..i love gem jandi ..i love lee min ho ..so much .i hope dreams come true for meet you come in jakarta city ..amiienn (:

  1456. 1456 : anggie Says:

    i hope meet u in jakarta city

  1457. 1457 : anggie Says:

    i love u bbf so much ..so,i hope you read my mail. im sory i cannot speak korea and english better .

  1458. 1458 : niang Says:

    lee min ho u r 22222222222 handsome right from head 222 toe.

  1459. 1459 : maria Says:

    hi lee min hoo….
    i fans you from indonesia…i very like your acting in boys before flowers..do you know? in indonesia very much you fans..i hope you can visit in indonesia,,,
    i very like you so much….
    visit my facebook : [email protected]

  1460. 1460 : yolanda Says:

    hallo lee min hoo,,, how are you?? i’am very like you,,, please come in my home,or come in indonesia,, please… i want to meet you,because,i’am very like you,,, lee min hoo,please come in indonesia,. pekalongan city is my home,,THANK YOU I LOVE YOU LEE MIN HOO………………. n_n

  1461. 1461 : Diki Says:

    wat can i say??? i mean… wow!!! there’z just no words 2 explain how gud an actor u r… ur very versatile and not 2 mention a total eye candy!!! anywayz… if someone asked me 2 pick i’d pick u ova zac efron or chace crawford anyday dude!! u’re incredible… keep up da gud work and hope u really make it internationally big, not just in korea!!! luv ya and i’m like ur biggest fan dude… anywayz… come 2 nyc sometime so i can get an autograph or something…

  1462. 1462 : angel white Says:

    gu jun pyo ccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttteeeeeeeeeee

  1463. 1463 : Last house on the left Says:

    Gu jun pyo

  1464. 1464 : xxL Says:

    Hi! Junpyo wassup?

  1465. 1465 : CLoCkWiSE~ Says:

    I like u.. And i always support you..

  1466. 1466 : CLoCkWiSE~ Says:

    4 EVA

  1467. 1467 : CLoCkWiSE~ Says:


  1468. 1468 : SHAMPOO Says:

    Kimbum and lee min ho cute

  1469. 1469 : Flower 4 Says:


  1470. 1470 : devi yunita sari Says:


  1471. 1471 : Mhymi Says:

    I’m Mhymi,ilha,and shita..from Indonesia
    When U come to Indonesia?????
    please add me that my email [email protected]
    Love U Lee Min Ho UUUUUUUUmacccch

  1472. 1472 : PUTRI SARI YANI Says:


  1473. 1473 : vhina Says:

    i love u jun pyo

  1474. 1474 : virdeeee Says:

    hi!!!!!!! lee min ho
    i so so like u in boys before flower. i want to u go to indonesia. and it`s so lombok. cozzzz iam live here. that lombok the beach is perfecft………….

  1475. 1475 : veby Says:

    HaI LeE mIN hOo .., I LikE U’r aCtiNg aS Go jUn pYo in BbF .., kEep LIke tHaT oK .., ThaNx ^_^

  1476. 1476 : ckien Says:

    hellooow……lee min ho. u know what’ im one of ur number one fan’s in philippine…..!!!i want to see u in personal.. i hope u visit us here in phlippine.u so very handsome and i like the way u acting like a serious guy … i love you soo much mwaaaaaa…… take care always….

  1477. 1477 : Mhymi Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho..
    I’m u’r fan of indoNesia..
    When u come to my country??
    I hope u can visit later ‘cuz u has many fan’s in iNdoNesia meNtioNeD me..
    In InDoNesia yoU so PoPuLar and FaMous uNtil aLmOst all MaGazine for yOuTh have eDitioN aBouT F4 and u’r Poster of coUrse..
    I hope too U cAn fine always hoWever u haVe many Job’s..
    Can I get u’r exlusive photos and u’r email adress?
    Mhymi_ho.co.id is my e_mail and please add me..
    Please LeE mIn Ho..

  1478. 1478 : nhia Says:

    hy lee min ho

    you soooo soooo romantis and cccccuuuuttteeess bgt

    when you come in indonesia city…… ?????????????????????????

  1479. 1479 : angel Says:

    hy lee min ho….

    how are u?

    you my favorite in bbf
    i love u o much

  1480. 1480 : mayang Says:

    hi lee min ho,
    how are you???
    i fans you from indonesian,,,
    lee min ho,i like your acting and your smile…..
    because your smile very-very cute…….
    i love f4………….

  1481. 1481 : wita Says:

    oppa saranghae….
    how are you???
    i like your smile and your acting…
    in bbf you very-very handsome!!!!!!!!

  1482. 1482 : poepoe Says:

    Dear Min Ho (Jun Pyo),
    Congratulation on your success! I and my friends are like to you & F4.
    May you have the best of both the worlds.
    Please do try again. Fighting!
    I wanna many many say to you.
    But . . . . . :'(

  1483. 1483 : Nicole Jade Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho!
    You did well in your Boys Over Flowers, …..you’re very cool, acted
    very naturally and of course……you’re one of the best actor I’ve ever
    seen. KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!Hope you will not change and I’m hoping for your success always. You’re very handsome…. the only guy whom I saw very different. Hope you’re going to visit also the Philippines so we can see you personally. I love you very much!!!! Hope to see you soon.

  1484. 1484 : angel Says:

    Hi Jun pYo Uhm i Like u so mch hope to see u in korea.,mWaaHh bgay kau ni Jan di.,(Jan Pyo)

  1485. 1485 : Tetei Says:

    Oppa da to chhua.Your my idol.
    I love to watch korean movies
    In which you are the actor.
    Esp.Boys Before Flower
    I really like your character.
    My e.mail address is [email protected].
    And Im from Mizoram
    Your almost welcome to visit this email
    Long Live F4

  1486. 1486 : esmeralda Says:

    hi…really like ur boys before flower…keep up the good acting….

  1487. 1487 : belangi Says:

    lee min hoo cooooolllllll…………..!!!!!!!!! hi i’m from indonesia,u are good looking boys…

  1488. 1488 : linda Says:

    I like you…. Lee Mng Hoo

  1489. 1489 : ida Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho

    i LiKe U SOO MuCh FoR LEE miN HOO

    Good LuK YOW

  1490. 1490 : ade Says:

    Boys Before Flower’s crew….when will u visit Indonesia??? we love uuuuuuuuuu

  1491. 1491 : boffan Says:

    yo lee min ho wen r u going to the philipines !?

    i like your tv shows !

    바람막이쪽 최소한도 ho 사랑 당신의 텔레비젼 쇼! 당신의 얼굴 같이

  1492. 1492 : Ayodya Shindu Says:

    GOOD SERIES, nice to see u. you’re the tallest man in F4. do you have girl friend? your girl is the luckiest in the world, she can had you. but you not handsome enough like Zac Efron. When u come to jakarta?
    see u. God bless u

  1493. 1493 : de_rozelle Says:

    HI….LEE MIN HO….
    I’m DEWI from Malaysia…
    It’s very enjoyable watching your acting in BOF drama… Keep ur work!!!! …
    I’m really admiring your smile….
    Come n visit Malaysia…
    SMILE ALWAYZ!!!!!1

  1494. 1494 : princess may Says:

    halu..min ho..Im your biggest fan Princess May from Philippines…
    You know when ur hair style is curly like ur best drama boys before flowers you are more handsome there…

  1495. 1495 : nadia Says:

    i love u!!!
    ur very handsome!!!

  1496. 1496 : big Girl Says:

    i love you so much mmmmmmuuuuuuuuuaaaaahhhhhh………..

  1497. 1497 : zyrene Says:


  1498. 1498 : ma'sumah Says:

    kerrrrrren bangggggggggggeeeeeetttttt
    bkin hti ce klepek2

  1499. 1499 : ma'sumah Says:

    hi………. lee min ho………..
    i like u,becous u so sweet,cute,cool.i love u so much
    when u come to indonesia??????

  1500. 1500 : anissa swastika Says:

    ehm…nice to meet you lee min hoo…
    ehm ..hi , my name anissa , i come from indonesian ..cry but i not smart speak english…hehehe what ever…””
    i like watched your television …ehm by the way your acting amazing and your face in drama good looking …facta , your fans very much in indonesian like as me …hahaha
    oh yach … you very bussy know ??? exzactly ….””
    you actor , handsome , smart and bla…bla…bla”
    than me just your fans 12000000000000000 in indonesian …

  1501. 1501 : rabbit Says:

    i also love you ha ha …..you smile only one word can say-wish you can come malaysia

  1502. 1502 : tin Says:

    OMG! Lee min ho you are so cute. I wish i can meet you in person

  1503. 1503 : poepoe Says:

    Hi Min Ho (Jun Pyo)
    Are you remember me? I have been watching bbf movies again and again.
    I wanna come to korea. but it is impossible cos i have no money. i inviting to you from Nargies Land.
    bye bye

  1504. 1504 : inese Says:

    i love u lee min hoo
    pliz your and friends come to indonesia. . i like boys before flower.

  1505. 1505 : stroberi Says:

    hi min hoo,you’re so handsome……… i like your smile, maybe someday i can meet you…..:)

  1506. 1506 : stroberi Says:

    hi min ho..you’re so handsome, i like your smile….i hope someday i can meet you:)

  1507. 1507 : dhe Says:

    hi min hoo…
    i like u so much…
    i am from indonesia….
    can u give me ur phone number????
    am ur fans…..
    luph u…..

  1508. 1508 : ir,ma Says:

    i’he same zodiac with u!!!!
    i like your style in BBf…….
    you’re so cute

  1509. 1509 : Ichan Says:

    Lee Min Ho
    Youre good actor…
    I Like U…

  1510. 1510 : Farel 89 Says:

    Lee min ho… I like lee min ho. I have heard his song “my everything” such a lovely song.. Love it =D

  1511. 1511 : lone lone Says:

    i love u very much Lee Min Ho.

  1512. 1512 : Khin Mar Oo Says:

    I need u Lee Min Ho so I love u very much.

  1513. 1513 : echie Says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii looveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu LEE MIN HOO…………………..I LUV U FULL

  1514. 1514 : honey Says:

    u’r so cool….

    would u like to come to Indonesia….

    we wait for F4….

  1515. 1515 : poepoe Says:

    Hi Min Ho,
    Have a nice day! You will try to Penetrate until Hollywood. I always looking for Hollywood Film @ your successful. You should reply me because i had been written to you daily (u should remind me) and i had many download your photo from internet. I pretty like you. My email is [email protected].
    bye for now, take care! Good Luck! your hargyiimaa

  1516. 1516 : STAR Says:

    wish u my love!!..

  1517. 1517 : white & white Says:

    nice to meet with you guy.
    I admit you’re really handsome.
    But I don’t really like you.
    Do you know why?
    Cause I like Choi Si Won alot.

  1518. 1518 : Phyu & Phyo Says:

    Hee hee!!!
    Nothing Lee min ho.
    I wanna say i don’t like you although you’re handsome.:P
    Have a nice day.
    Sweet dream.

  1519. 1519 : pia Says:

    li min hoo,
    i love you,
    coz, you so cute
    n very cool, nice …

    love you my star

  1520. 1520 : bonkz... Says:

    i really like u oppa min ho…
    can u come to indonesia…cause i no money to came korea….
    can u give me ur personal email???
    luv u so much….

  1521. 1521 : bonkz... Says:

    luv u lee min ho oppa…..

  1522. 1522 : sheila may Says:

    lee min ho saranghae and i wish your my love ijen negehlo wa yo nado moleugeh sulleh ineh ohneuldo nan iluhkeh nan ni appeh suhsungijiman sarang ggok malheh ya anayo ilihkeh wonhago itneundeh youngwoneul yaksokhal dan han saram geudeh janayo

  1523. 1523 : uchan Says:

    I LOve Lee Min Ho
    lee min ho so cool

  1524. 1524 : AtiQ Says:

    Hai minH0!!!
    How are u? I’m MIN0z’e froM Indonezia.Do you kn0w indones

  1525. 1525 : nheta Says:

    hay………….lee min ho you know me?i live in indonesia i’am very…very…very………………………………………………………………………………………love you…….because you is very handsome and perfect in my eye……i love you fulllllllllllll…………………………/////////

  1526. 1526 : vea Says:

    Hi lee Min Ho..when you come to indonesia???

  1527. 1527 : yoLLAnda Says:

    hiii Lee Min Ho

    i’m YoLLanda ,fans fr0m Ind0nesia

    0h God, you are really hands0mE….

    When you come t0 indonesia???

  1528. 1528 : vivi Says:

    hai lee minho,,
    i’m minoz from Indonesia,,
    when yoou will come to Indonesia?

  1529. 1529 : tari Says:

    i love you lee min hoo
    my name is tari
    pleas your friend come to indonesia

  1530. 1530 : uthee Says:

    haiiiiiiii lee min ho, me from to indonesia…….
    u know?????????????? u very2 handsome and perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bytheway, i want know call u number??????????
    smileeeeeeee u……..
    min ho nice to meet u!!!!!!!!!!!

  1531. 1531 : aNie Says:

    i wish your my love…,,, oppa… !!!

  1532. 1532 : aNie Says:

    and now…,
    i know,
    you are my love

  1533. 1533 : Lyza Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho… How are you… Hope you are Fine…I’m Lyza from Philippines… I like you in you TV drama Boys Over Flower… Your so cool and handsome in your role as Gu Jun Pyo… Hope you will visit Philippines because you have a huge fans here… Always take care…

  1534. 1534 : nami Says:

    lee min ho
    I love you Full…

  1535. 1535 : nila Says:

    lee min ho
    I love you Full

  1536. 1536 : Mia Says:

    so many fans here huh !!
    what a thin chance to snatch him outta million girls lol !!
    Just that i like his smile and his absurdness, real dumbo cant differentiate between “Pride & Privacy” – i love that part- i tried raw ramyum yesterday and wasn’t that bad huh !! – how he loves to see jan di go mad, will i ever meet you my dearest fantasy king??
    I don’t know, where are you and where you came from, but i am hardcore lover of yours, the only guy who actually put off Edward Cullen outta my mind, and that ain’t no minor thing, i mean that’s really huge thing, atleast for me. I like the way you make your hair, the way you dress up, the way you smile and the way you talk.
    What else would i ask to the lord and the lady, then to spend a day with you, talk and finally get a smooch from you. I think i am making it too long but again i think, words are never enough to describe you and to jot down the love i have for you.

    I just wish you all the best, if fortunately i met you someday, then i don’t think i will be able to take a step ahead neither a step back, time goes by and so will you, and i will miss you again darn !! lol

    Much love and luck to my dearest Gu Jun Pyo!!

  1537. 1537 : Meehan Says:

    Hey Lee Min Ho shi,

    you know what… now i’m learning Korean jux b’coz of u..
    though we dun live in the same country, I want to speak the same language with u… that’s why…

    love ya Oppa!!!!!

  1538. 1538 : maena Says:

    lee min ho…
    sarang hae yo.
    you’re so cuteeee….
    good luck!

  1539. 1539 : rani Says:

    oh my god…………..
    u very handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1540. 1540 : nan ei khine {myanmar} Says:

    i like u but i dont love u

  1541. 1541 : dian putri pertiwi Says:

    hAi. . .
    Lee mIn hO,,
    YoU’rE So vErY HANDSOME, AnD Cool.

  1542. 1542 : evelyn Says:

    hi lee!I’m 1 of your fans from “aruba”one happy island.i’ve watched the drama “boys before flowers”and i was so impressed by the story especially by the cast.Wished that you guys can visit my beautiful place where you can meet different people and peaceful place for everyone.Count me as a friend.thank u!

  1543. 1543 : cool Says:

    ohh! u have so many fans…good luck!!!

  1544. 1544 : Maya Says:

    I like Jun Pyoo with Jan Di because she could be her self than with Ji Hoo,she always try to be sweet.

  1545. 1545 : annie beth libres Says:

    lee min ho i want to see you in personal
    place come to philipines i love you

  1546. 1546 : MAY2X Says:

    hai junpyo love you thanks for everything

  1547. 1547 : MAY2X Says:

    hai jun pyo always tayo forever husband and wife..

  1548. 1548 : AtiQ Says:

    Hai min…
    I’m atiQ,min0z froM indoNEZIa.I just wanNA say your acting is very goOD n your voice is nice hear.Minho sarangeo.I hope you more succez n i usually pRAY to your.

  1549. 1549 : hE will oLweyz b My Gu jUn py0. Says:

    cAn’t haLp it!
    i wish i could ask lee min ho’s email.
    hope you’ll come to visit the Philippines soon…

  1550. 1550 : ROSE Says:

    le min hoo

    please come to indonesia

    i also love you

    please come indonesia

  1551. 1551 : VietnameseFan Says:

    I hope you will be happy like Jun Pyo. Success in your work. And have time, have health to come everywhere for your fans. DOn’t forget Vietnam. :X

  1552. 1552 : VietnameseFan Says:

    I don’t think you are too handsome like the orther fans, but i still like you because of your faculty. your performance in act make me realy admire. You are not the best actor, but with me your Jun Pyo is the most memorable. Try!

  1553. 1553 : VietnameseFan Says:

    http://leeminho.vn/ please come there, this is your family in Vietnam. We just can do it for you. :X

  1554. 1554 : zee Says:

    hy sunbae, min ho.. i’m zee 19 years old from indonesia,, i like u as goo jun pyo and very like u as lee min ho,, many fans in indonesia like u in Boys Before Flowers,, when u want visit ur fans in indonesia,, very hope you can come to my country,, n i just wanna say,, oppa sarangheyo

  1555. 1555 : chiput Says:

    hay,lee min hoo.i like u in bbf.i hope,u come to indonesian…..please replay my message.success in your job….

  1556. 1556 : dee Says:

    Really look like Jerry Yan, hehe..

  1557. 1557 : LeelynzL Says:

    Hi Lee min ho……..
    I’m one of your many funs here in the Philippines. Your really so handsome…… Hope you can come here in the Philippines…
    Love Yah…….

  1558. 1558 : Susan Says:

    Hi…Lee Min Ho….I really like your acting at Boys Before Flower you’re looking good, cool, handsome, brave, I hope you can visit us at Jakarta, Indonesia because so many your fans at here….

  1559. 1559 : tashiayu Says:

    Lee min ho,annyong hashimnikka. . .

  1560. 1560 : tashiayu Says:

    Lee min ho, annyong hashimnikka. . . ^^

  1561. 1561 : Its U Says:

    My everything

  1562. 1562 : aNie Says:

    sarang gok malheya anayo…

  1563. 1563 : cheesecake Says:

    huaaaaaaaaaaa i like you so muchhh
    i hope u’ll succes in your work. don’t forget to come Indonesiaa
    i wanna to meet youuu 😀

  1564. 1564 : Syiva Says:

    anyong hasimnika..

    lee min ho..


  1565. 1565 : nurul mardiyanih Says:

    anyong hasimnika….
    let me introduce my self…
    my name is nurul mardiyaniH
    I am from indonesia…
    I am fan you…

    many fan you From INDONESIA..
    please come there…

  1566. 1566 : starly Says:

    hai lee min hoo…

  1567. 1567 : rico Says:

    ur so cute…

    my god..

    i hope i have the chance 2 see





  1568. 1568 : Someone from S'pore Says:


    I wonder if you are anything like the character in the show, Boys over Flowers? Like being rude (opps…at times) but a sensitive person?

    Hmmm, anyways, you did a really great job protraying the character in the drama show! Looking forward to see more of your great works soon!

    Cheers! 😉

  1569. 1569 : Hmmm Says:

    Your comment?! Lee min ho VS kim bum.. Who will be the winner? Which one did you prefer? Which one did you like? Which did you hate? And why?

  1570. 1570 : hala n anmohire Says:

    LEE MIN HOO………………………
    ur is very hansome guy…………the most hansome for us

    we hope u`ll come to our country…………….
    btw bt org INDONESIA yg suka ma korean drama

  1571. 1571 : hala n anmohire Says:

    Lee Min Hoo………….


  1572. 1572 : april bacsal Says:

    ..hi!! lee min ho…how are u? i hope u be fne..luv u.can i get ur cp #??????????plz..

  1573. 1573 : rail Says:

    hy..lee min ho..
    i’m your fans..
    i like you very much in film boys before flower..every night i always see you in my television..

  1574. 1574 : rail Says:

    you are very handsome..
    your face like my contry face..indonesia

  1575. 1575 : azel Says:

    hi i want to meet u here in our place i wish that u will come here im ur fan wish u all luck

  1576. 1576 : dy_ans Says:

    Like him so much!!!
    perfect face…perfect smile!!
    waiting for your new drama!!

  1577. 1577 : Rebecca Anrini sianTuri Says:

    I Luv You….
    you aRe so cute for me..

  1578. 1578 : sima jafarian Says:

    mr lee
    you are very good in Tv serial(boys before flowrs).
    Good luck.

  1579. 1579 : [email protected] Says:


    well, I’m waiting for your next drama..

  1580. 1580 : [email protected] Says:

    love bof!!


  1581. 1581 : charypha Says:

    moga langgeng ma jan di………..
    from : INDONESIAN

  1582. 1582 : angelica Says:

    anyong yaseo….. i really really like the way you smile……..pls do reply…kasamnida……

    i love you

  1583. 1583 : sinopz Says:

    Ooh …
    OOoh ..

    L E E M I N H O !!!!
    I L O V E Y O U F U L L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I N D O N E S I A N .
    I will keep YOU FROM Terrorists


  1584. 1584 : Lee-Kendy Says:

    I luv U 🙂
    hope somedAY you will come to Viet NAM
    and also hope someday i will come to korea….
    to meet U :))

    saranghe :X

  1585. 1585 : Lee-Kendy Says:

    link here

    link here

  1586. 1586 : aNie Says:

    buat orang indonesia…
    yang suka banget ma BBF, terutama LEE MIN HO….
    selamat merayakan hari kemerdekaan kita….

  1587. 1587 : Gaby Says:

    asal lu tau yaHh……….
    gw tuch suka bangetz sama lu tpi lu gk pulang” k’indonesia udah 3 kali lebaran nd’ 3 kali puasa……..
    bWt lu cuma satu yaitu ””’ I LOVE YOU FULL”””’
    Hha Hha Hha,,,,,,

  1588. 1588 : Tyas Says:

    Lee Min Ho,

    My name is Tyas,
    I know you when your TV series, Boys Before Flowers, had been shows in Indonesian…

    I like you and your character…
    if you have time, please visit ti Indonesian,
    I’ll waiting your coming,,,

    See you and
    God bless

  1589. 1589 : sarah Says:

    lee min ho……….


    i hope you can come to indonesia.

  1590. 1590 : kamille Says:

    i hope you visit ur millions of fans here in the philippines. we are all looking forward to see all of BOF (boy over flowers) cast. we love BOF! BOF rocks! and you Jun Pyo rocks!

  1591. 1591 : Dewita Says:

    Aq cinta km min ho
    U’Re s0 cute

  1592. 1592 : diala Says:

    i like your parsonalety and i wanna meet you some day im from syria i and i just wanna say:good luck

  1593. 1593 : goldfish Says:

    lee min ho
    Be Happy….

  1594. 1594 : goldfish Says:

    lee min ho
    be happy!!!!

  1595. 1595 : wenny siregar Says:

    awak suka filmnya.
    tapi napa penuh dengan kebetulan di situ.
    untuk negaraku mari tingkatkan karya bangsa.
    adek ku fans berat ama si ketuanya

  1596. 1596 : ariezkha Says:

    i love u bbf.i hopcant from indonesia

  1597. 1597 : Zza_En_CieL Says:

    Ough my ghosT,,
    weisSSS, kueren buanget sech ne org,,
    toLong cariinT dunk, d Indonesia ada kgk org yg kyk dy???

  1598. 1598 : Chay Says:

    I’m Chay from Indonesia…
    You’re my fans…
    Coz…your action in BBF so cool….
    I hope you will come to Indonesia….
    I’m waiting to you come…

  1599. 1599 : ina Says:

    hi Lee Min Ho,
    u’re my idol,
    very cute,
    and the perfect boys . . .
    luv u . . .

  1600. 1600 : cancer girl Says:

    min HooooooooooOOOOOOOO>>>>&
    you so Cute boys…

    i’m very like boys………..

  1601. 1601 : phutree Says:

    hy min hooo…………………..
    u are so cuit…..uhm…..,always keep smile ,ockay???!!!!

  1602. 1602 : phutree Says:

    hy min hoooo…………………,
    i think u are so cuit….,your act are so fantastic in BBF,
    always keep smile ,ockay?????!!!!!

  1603. 1603 : nhia Says:

    hi Oppa!!!
    i very like your acting..
    you’re very cute…^^
    love U oppa!!!!! T_T

  1604. 1604 : ade pryta Says:

    …wish i have a boyfriend like u in real….^_^

  1605. 1605 : sabrina Says:


  1606. 1606 : agessi Says:

    min ho… your the best…

  1607. 1607 : syafirah Says:

    Lee min ho you is so cute…..

  1608. 1608 : lia dan ayu Says:

    kak Lee Min Ho

    Rambut k2 tuh cakep’y d lurusin jgn d kritingin cz jlek tw,,tpi wlw pun aku blang kya gitu tapi k2 te2p ja cakep…

    Salam yach bwt kak Ji_hu cz aku ngefans bget sama dy

    miss you………….

  1609. 1609 : niia Says:

    HI………Lee Min Hoo

    i’m your fans… i like you’re act in BBF
    you’re so cute, handsome.. and you look so cool

    u know?? i hope, i can to see u sometime…

    ok.. C U

    4 lee min hoo : always success.. I LOVE U

  1610. 1610 : tasya Says:

    hei Lee Min ho..??

    I’m fans you…??

    i’m and my friends like you..???

    come to indonesia..??


  1611. 1611 : dian wijayanti Says:

    i love your acting…
    you’r so cold and funny…

  1612. 1612 : dian wijayanti Says:

    be your self….
    and just do it

  1613. 1613 : dian wijayanti Says:

    come indonesia please…

  1614. 1614 : minozer Says:

    Annyong min ho…I like u so much in bbf…keep do a great job cz I’ll always support u in every ways… Hope we can meet someday ^o^// wish all d best for u always (‘,*)v

  1615. 1615 : Purple star Says:

    Hai Lee Min Ho,

    You are very handsome, I love it when you are laughing :), hope to see your new drama soon

  1616. 1616 : KEZIAH Says:

    hope you visit http://mykeziah.blogspot.com/

    please..please..i just need feedbacks..i dont care if its positive or negative

  1617. 1617 : CASSY Says:

    Hi Min Ho, Love watching you in Boys Before Flowers. Good acting. Keep on smiling your charming smile oppa

  1618. 1618 : am Says:


  1619. 1619 : riztya Says:

    Lee Min Ho…!!!

    wHeN uU coMe tO INDONESIA..?

  1620. 1620 : naomi Says:

    you have a lethal smile , that’s why all girl in indonesia likes you

  1621. 1621 : haje Says:

    hai … brother lee
    how are you …
    when you will acting more at new serial drama korea ….
    i waiting your next serial ….
    i’m your fans from indobesia
    and when you will
    invitation to indonesia ….
    if you dont bussy
    please add me at my face book
    [email protected]
    thanks ….
    wish you all the best …

  1622. 1622 : maria Says:

    Kenalan dong,Kami sekeluarga nongkrongin terus.Jangan lupa kami ya ,kalau ke Jakarta undang kami ya.Salam buat jandi,serta rekanan F4.Salam sayang dari kami semua.I love You Full.

  1623. 1623 : pawi Says:

    luv your smile….
    keep smiling….

  1624. 1624 : Suju fanz Says:

    Today is KIM KI BUM’s birthday

  1625. 1625 : Carla Marie Pileo Says:

    LEE MIN HO…you’re so HANDSOME ever!!!!

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1626. 1626 : KimKyuKyu Says:

    Lee Min Ho
    I wish you so happy in your life.
    And your life is peaceful and successful.
    I am from Myanmar.
    Myanmar people is very like to you.
    Welcome to Myanmar.
    Our Country is beautiful place.
    Have a nice life………..
    Bye Bye

  1627. 1627 : sachan Says:

    min ho……
    i hopeyou have a wonderfull life in you’re country korea……
    i’m from indonesia….
    in indonesia so many you’re fans…….
    i hope you can came to our country….
    just meet and greet with us….
    we are so miss you much……..

    and the last i want to say,,,you are so handsome and cool guy i’ve ever seen…………

  1628. 1628 : mariea getho Says:

    hi, lee min ho,,,,,

    u’r a true best actor….
    i like u….

    so,when u come in indonesia???
    i’ii be waiting u…..

  1629. 1629 : Jan1tiu Says:

    Annyonghaseyo. . . Ottok’e Jinaeseyo. . . Kamsahamnida . . .☺

  1630. 1630 : enina Says:

    Like you so muccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  1631. 1631 : [email protected] Says:

    i’m really fans of youuuuuuuuuuu

  1632. 1632 : mari Says:

    hello idol your the actor i ever saw in a korean series,wish you to come visist philippines

  1633. 1633 : mari Says:

    hello lee wish you to come visit our country, Philippines

  1634. 1634 : Chuwiee Says:

    I very like go jun pyo’n lee min ho. . Te2p sukses n dtnggu BBF 2 yUa_love me 4y0u

  1635. 1635 : ufi Says:

    hi min ho! saranghae.. you are the best! i wish bbf can visit indonesia…

  1636. 1636 : azel Says:

    hi! leemin ho how are you im your fan here in philippines i hope you will come in our city ilike youre cute face i like u so much always take care 143

  1637. 1637 : nwe Says:

    hello nice to meet you.lee thankvery like your acting..
    you’re very cute…^^
    love U oppa!!!!! T_T

  1638. 1638 : yenny riana Says:

    hi,,,, lee min ho………

    i’m your fans in indonEsia,,,,,,,,,

    you’re so cute………..

  1639. 1639 : ratieh Says:

    yeoboseyo oppa min-ho….
    jeo neun ratih rahmawati ieyo….
    indonesia saramimnida….

    do not forget your visit to indonesia!!please..


  1640. 1640 : moet Says:

    hi Lee Mi Ho oppa!
    i like your acting
    i love you and i miss you

  1641. 1641 : desie Says:

    i like acting you and geum jandi
    you love song hye gyo ya ??
    why not koo hye sun ??

  1642. 1642 : moelily Says:

    hi, min ho
    you are so good looking. i want to make a friend with you.i would like to be first friend.i need your photo.my g mail is [email protected] gmail.com.

  1643. 1643 : chelsea Says:

    hi lee min ho oppa……
    I’m very like your action & style;I hope I can to see u sometime.
    I like u so much .bye take care

  1644. 1644 : mari Says:

    min ho,ur act in bbf is really cool…havnt see any other movies of urs..bt sure i ll try to find out other movies of urs…

  1645. 1645 : mari Says:

    u r really owesome!!!!!

  1646. 1646 : goldfish Says:

    lee min ho
    Be happy with your lover
    see you

  1647. 1647 : same Says:

    Mr. Lee Min Ho, Congratulation. You are cool, handsome, great body and height. You play your role excellently in Boys Over Flowers. Anxiously looking forward to seeing you in drama soon. Great Director and producer, please give him leading role as soon as possible May God’s blessings be with you always, Mr. Lee.

  1648. 1648 : aNie Says:

    are you know ???????
    i love y0u…………………………………..
    forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  1649. 1649 : Viietry Says:

    hi lee min ho …
    Congratulation ….
    You’re so nice … I like your smile …
    So, please always keep your nice smile …

  1650. 1650 : noviana Says:

    lee min ho . im very love you ……. i’m from indonesia !!! you are very handsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1651. 1651 : yunisa virliana Says:

    i like you smile..
    iam fans you form indonesia..
    come to indonesia???

  1652. 1652 : mikka_07 Says:

    lee min ho ur so cute………come to visit us here in the philippines together f4………..did you know that we love you here in the Philippines!!my schoolmates and classmates and also me…loves you because you are the idol of our school…………………………….BAGAY KAYO NI GUM JAN DI………………SANA KAYONG DALAWA NANAMAN ULIT ANG MAG_loveteam………………………………………take care always!

  1653. 1653 : VIVIAN Says:

    Hai…LEE MIN HO
    Iam your fans.
    when you concert in indonesia?
    i like your smile

  1654. 1654 : ummu Says:

    hi…………lee min ho
    i like your smile
    i wish to see with you…….
    see you oke……….

  1655. 1655 : louis Says:

    we love you!
    naloloka ang lahat sayo!
    hope 2 see you! please ………………………………come visit the philippines!

  1656. 1656 : zahra azhari ramadhania Says:

    I loPh lee man hoo…..
    so you are somehand…..

    from: zahra indonesia

  1657. 1657 : juztine Says:

    .Lee Min Ho ..
    .nice to know u ..
    u are very nice ..
    .I Like U ..
    .I from Indonesia ..
    .It is a big country ..
    You must go to Indonesia ..
    In Indonesia, u can Look sunset in beautifuL beach ..
    Many peopLe in Indonesia Like u ..
    so ..
    .I wiLL wait u in here ..

    xoxo ..

  1658. 1658 : dita Says:

    hi ,,, nice to meet you

    i’m dita from Indonesia. i’m very interresting with your acting,,, very good actor i think
    maybe you can come yo indonesia

  1659. 1659 : Dwita Ayu Cancerly Ni made Says:

    Hii….LEE MIN HO
    I’m dwita from BALI
    it’s so nice if you come to BALI
    have you to visit BALI before???



  1660. 1660 : HANNY Says:


  1661. 1661 : rikaa Says:

    whuaaa . lee min ho
    i likee youur smilee ..
    your curly hair too [email protected]@

  1662. 1662 : Li Sa Says:

    helloo LEE MIN HO!!
    i like u so..
    u’re so cool, so cute, so handsome.. and u’re so tallented..

    be my PRINCE!! hha

    I’ll waiting for your visiting to INDONESIA..
    they are so many people like u and many girl so crazy about u over here…

    COME to INDONESIA please!!


  1663. 1663 : [email protected] Says:

    Hi…..Lee min ho
    I’m Rima from Indonesia
    I like u so much because u’re so cute….
    I hope u can be my friend (^_^)
    but its impossible
    Its just will be real in my dream

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1664. 1664 : renna Says:

    ur so cute

  1665. 1665 : renna Says:

    cn u be ny friend?Pls add me at my [email protected]

  1666. 1666 : emilia sukma dewi Says:

    i like you……
    soooooo, cuuuuut

  1667. 1667 : emilia sukma dewi Says:


  1668. 1668 : BeLLa min Hoo Says:

    I wanT go to kOrea for meeT u mY bRoTheR…
    iF niGht I dReam u…

  1669. 1669 : amoy ajjah Says:

    i love lee min hoo…
    i miss u n i need u Lee min Hoo

  1670. 1670 : Dinda Nuzula Qaera Says:

    haiiiii……Lee Min Ho
    i”m your fans from indonesia
    i”m very very like you
    when you go to indonesia?????

    good luck!!!!!!!
    Lee Min Ho


  1671. 1671 : danny Says:

    min ho i love you cause you very-very handsome and cool……………….

  1672. 1672 : Da'zz Says:

    Your smile very addictive…..!


  1673. 1673 : cherwin Says:

    hello,.,.,please add comment in my mail,.,.,im addicted to u,.,.

  1674. 1674 : dhila Says:

    hai min hoo,,,,

    I your fans in indonesia,,,
    I like you smile,,,
    please come to indonesia,,,,,,,,,,,

  1675. 1675 : NiCezhEL Says:

    …lee min hoo!!!
    …im the one of youer avid fan!!
    …ca n you go to the philippines?
    …gosh!!i want to see you.. take care alwayzzz!!!
    …LAv YaH!!! see me in my friendster
    [email protected]

  1676. 1676 : NiCezhEL Says:

    ..lee miN hO!!!
    ..Im tHe OnE oF YoUrE
    ..aViD fAN!!!
    …cAn yOu Go To
    ..GoSH!!I waNt tO SEE you..
    ..yOuRE drIvInG mE cRazY!!
    see Me In My FRiEnDSter
    [email protected]
    ..aLwAyZZ tAkE caRe!!!gOd BLeess!!!mOre PrOjEcTs To.

  1677. 1677 : sandi Says:

    Hi,Min Ho oppa.How are you?Min Ho oppa is very handsome actor,model and singer.I love you very much.I always love you.

  1678. 1678 : abu Says:

    lee min ho u r soooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooo cute! i lub u!!! way u smile, shout every thing.
    i want to meet u plz do come n visit nepal once!!!! plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    gu jun pyo!!! i lub u a lot

  1679. 1679 : jhaziel Says:

    ..hai Lee Min-ho…
    I really like you;;
    hope you will visit Philippines…
    thank you
    GOD Bless…!!!

  1680. 1680 : Hang Says:


  1681. 1681 : keretey Says:

    ;;;;;;;;;elow love youwwwwww sowwww muc gho jhun pyohhhhhh tak ker olwayzzz

  1682. 1682 : bella Says:


    LEE MIN HO,,
    i like your smile,,,
    i wish to see with you,,
    see you ok,,, ^_^

  1683. 1683 : bella Says:

    I LOVE U FUUL,,,,,

  1684. 1684 : ratna .... Says:

    hi …
    you look so hansome … and you look so nice …
    i love you so much …

  1685. 1685 : febri Says:

    lee min ho cakep ajah.. tapi menurut w sih min ho cocok sama koo hye sun. klop banget dua2nya sama2 cakep… w dukung banget tuh min ho-hye sun jadian, sama kaya song hye kyo-hyun bin

  1686. 1686 : aNie Says:

    you are the best !!!!!!!!!!
    do you know, we from indonesia..
    and, we love you, LEE MIN HO…….

  1687. 1687 : Snow Says:

    hi…I like u so much.You r my favourite actor.

  1688. 1688 : griffit Says:

    lee i’m your really-really bigfan i come from indonesia can you come to indonesia once i love you so much i like your tv show i like your smile and i like you go jun Pyo (lee min ho

  1689. 1689 : dhae Says:

    lee min ho npa kamu bgt sempurna dc…! kayakx g ada yang bisa nandingin kesempurnaanmu,,, Q sangt mengagumi kesempurnanmu..

    I LOVE YOu………

  1690. 1690 : Rizha Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho..
    I’m rizha from Indonesia..
    Lee Min Ho,,I Love U full..
    I like your smile,,
    I like your style..
    I hope U and Koo Hye Sun
    Can be true Love..
    And I hope F4 and koo Hye sun
    Come to Indonesia..

  1691. 1691 : Mega Says:

    huy Lee Min Ho,,,
    gila akting di bbf Keren Abiz
    Kapan main k’Indonesia???
    tau ngga cew” sculah aq pd ngfans ma qmyu
    tyz pd g’ktinggalan nntn bbf
    duhhhhh kapan yua pnya cow sekerenn seimut qmyu?????

  1692. 1692 : tyrahjenn Says:

    hiiii lee min hoo…im one of your fans here in phil. i really like your smile..and your eyes..is very…u know i cant defined it..

  1693. 1693 : enui :) Says:

    hi, lee min ho!
    i’m the one of your fans in Indonesia!
    will you come to Indonesia? Please!
    I’ll be waiting for you here .
    you know? your face is very handsome and so cute!
    i like your smile!
    and you’re so tall, i think .
    i’m very jealous to you because of your height . Haha
    lee min ho, i hope you’ll come to Indonesia.
    and if you come to Indonesia, don’t forget to go to Bandung city.
    see you!

    [ lee min ho! i love you! ]

  1694. 1694 : sara Says:

    oh minho your perfect boy…
    when your come to Indonesia ?

  1695. 1695 : Yunalistya♥ Says:

    Lee Min-Ho…
    You’re awesome !! 😀
    I’m one of thousand fans of u in Indonesiaa!
    U’re cute and also a nice actor …..
    nice work…
    when u’ll hav tour in Indonesiaa??
    would u come to medan,north sumatera.
    call me : 08192108197
    THX… Gamsa-hamnida… 😀 XD

  1696. 1696 : ♥Nabila Nubeela♥ Says:

    u’re good lookin’ 🙂
    have talents…
    I luv u Min hooo! 🙂
    u’re a nice actor…..
    u’re act was nice in Boys over Flowers~
    By the way,,
    when’ll u got tour to Indonesia??
    I’m waiting 4 u ..
    I want ur signature and take a few pictures 🙂

  1697. 1697 : Christina lukman Says:

    Hallo,lee min ho my name is christina i,m from indonesia. Lee min ho i love you full. I like your acting in boys before flower. I,m is your fans. Oppa,i love you. When,you come to indonesia? Lee min ho i love you so much.

  1698. 1698 : vaji Says:

    it was the best serial that i have seen.

    i think this serial have strong infuence on every body.
    very lovly that realy impress every body.

    i wish you be successful every where in every time.

  1699. 1699 : shanty Says:

    I’m your fan from Indonesia. I like your style. U’re so sweet..

  1700. 1700 : guem jan di Says:

    when you meet with me ?
    after we loving together……..????????????????

  1701. 1701 : jam co Says:

    Hey lee min ho!

    You are a really good actor. You easily caught my attention in boys before flower. You are the best, i know! Congrats for your award!

    And even until now.

    Hope to see you!

    Best wishes and Love!

  1702. 1702 : lady Says:

    LOVE U LEE MIN HO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1703. 1703 : Donia Says:

    hy…Lee Min Ho
    how are u?
    my name is Donia
    I am from Timorese country
    im really like u style in BBF
    u ar so perfect ride
    can I ask u email address???
    I want be friend with u
    success always ok!
    kixx & GBU

  1704. 1704 : Amy Says:

    hEY Lee min ho how are u !!!!!!!!!!! do u have any drama with the same guy from BBF pLZ TKE CRE


  1705. 1705 : novi Says:

    hai Lee Min Ho…

    I’m your fans from Indonesia.
    I very like you…
    can you come to Indonesia ?

  1706. 1706 : mutii Says:

    i luv u lee min hoo…
    will u marry me??

  1707. 1707 : mutii Says:

    hai min hoo… ^_^

  1708. 1708 : pacarnya leee minho Says:

    MY LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE , i love you sarangeyo !!!!!!!!

  1709. 1709 : istrinya Min Hoo Says:

    jangan colek”lakig awaq iia..

  1710. 1710 : m Says:

    hi you are a good actor

  1711. 1711 : poyo2 Says:

    perasaan r kowang nie…
    die kan cowok aku….
    ala…die untuk kowang yang menyokong die….
    so teruskan la menyokong die….
    jangan sokong die sebab nsem jew…
    sokong sebab karier die….

  1712. 1712 : Eden Bautista Says:

    hi lee min-hoo… I am Eden Bautista from the Philippines and I really like your Korean series “Hana Yuri Dango” “Boys over Flowers”… I really like this show and it beats my heart so fast… I like the way you act on that movie and at one point of watching, I find yourself embedded with a pleasing personality… I love you Jun Pyo! hoping that you will visit our country especially Davao City… All of us wanted to see you… I am your fan… I miss your movie… hoping you’ll be alright…

    If you want to have some communication with me, here’s my friendster/facebook account:

    [email protected]

    hoping you will grant my request and the request of millions of Filipinos who are very fanatic to you… Hoping I will see you soon…

  1713. 1713 : angelica Says:

    anyang yaseo

  1714. 1714 : wila Says:

    namaste…i do love your act…do you have face book…will be a good friend with me???????????????? i ‘ll wait 4 you?????

  1715. 1715 : Miki Says:

    I love Oh Ji Ho’s dimples!

  1716. 1716 : aisha Says:

    visit the philippines!!! sometime

  1717. 1717 : phoopwintwai Says:

    Hi min ho.Do you hear Myanmar,the golden land.I am Myanmar girl. I love myanmar as well as you.I invite you to visit to Myanmar. If you will come Myanmar,I am very happy.Can i know your E-mail address.

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    I love u

  1719. 1719 : [email protected] Says:

    hi min ho. i love u. what should i do with my love? could i have ur email?

  1720. 1720 : aNie Says:



    do you love me ?????

  1721. 1721 : raNieSa,FaNiE,Vi3a Says:



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  1723. 1723 : Riecha Says:

    Gu Jun Pyo………….
    Lee Min Ho……..

    I come from Indonesia.I like your acting in BBF.
    U’r very cute n handsome……

    i want ask u,do u want come to my country?
    u must know that my country is very beautiful.
    every people hope u can visit my country with u’r friend in BBF.

    I LOVE U………………………………….MINOST
    OO.I’M FORGET,are u have a good relationship with Goo Hye Sun?

  1724. 1724 : su thet hnin Says:

    hi,ju phyo, how are you? i hate you.so, you are very pretty,what and why is very pretty

  1725. 1725 : Mella Melyana Says:

    Lee min ho oppa..
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    Your face,your acting,
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    Min HOO sarang hae

  1728. 1728 : zamziah as-syafii Says:

    i miss u lee men hoo…………

  1729. 1729 : Sachi Says:

    Oh Lee Min Ho is a great actor. I;m very like your acting at BBF
    Waiting for your next drama or movie. Oh your so great, best, oh there’s no world can express yours.
    Just be the best ok

  1730. 1730 : Sachi Says:

    Hi I’m Sachi from Bali, Indonesia. Do you know about Bali? I hope you come to Bali and visit your fans here. Love you from Sachi.

  1731. 1731 : siska Says:

    Hy LEE MIN HO,,,,

    i’m sIska from mEdAn…

    I’m vEry2 yOu’re aCting iN boys before flower….

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  1732. 1732 : erny melina Says:

    hi..lee min ho. Have you heard about Bali Island, in Indonesia. I am from Indonesia. I am one of your admire. I like u when you play on BBF. I like your smile very much. I am waiting for your other TV drama or maybe you wanted to play in big movie. Keep in success for you… God bless u.

  1733. 1733 : Viona Says:

    KPNN…DTG K SCHOOL aq y……bpk peNabur crbn…..

  1734. 1734 : shazryna Says:

    hye…lee min [email protected] jun pyo my favourite actor….im shazryna from malaysia i very like u…comes u have many fans here…i want see u always smile….hope u be a famous star…fighting2!!!!!peace

  1735. 1735 : lor Says:

    .wow i really2 love boys over flowers specially you jun ppyo..
    weew congratZ i love it…i hope there`s a boys over flower part 2 hahahaha….saranghe

  1736. 1736 : deniz Says:

    hi ı watched boys over flowers when two days ago. ıt is really beatiful ı love it i hope lee min ho come turkiye.we are waiting for you . do you know turkiye ok

  1737. 1737 : pujA Says:

    hellooo u were great in boys before flowers loved it n u look great in curls anyway u r sooooooooo sweet ya some ofur habits in da movie was like a bad bastard bt yeah jst couldnt stop lovin u

  1738. 1738 : syaza Says:

    hello lee min hoo…
    u r very cute n look very romantic in Boys Over Flower..
    i like your act…
    congrate for your award and for Boys Over Flower…
    wish you good luck in everythings you do…

    do you have yahoo messenger?

  1739. 1739 : fatma Says:

    hello saranghae appa!!!!
    aq berharap bisa ketemu dengan mu

  1740. 1740 : cherry Says:

    hello there. you did great in Boys over Flowers. we ejoy watching it so much… continue on inspiring people…. cherry here —cebu city,phils.

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  1743. 1743 : geum jan di indonesia Says:

    annyeonghaseo oppa… min ho sunbae.. no.. i more like call you jun pyo sunbae… ^_^ you’re so cool in Boys Before Flowers-Kkotboda Namja… I like all about Korea… it’s fantastic… i want to meet you in Indonesia… just come to Indonesia please… i’m waiting you… oppa….

  1744. 1744 : firdha Says:

    my boy friend . you are a really good actor . i very like you . handsome i love love love you .

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  1746. 1746 : whdya Says:

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    lee min hoo is soo cool.,

  1747. 1747 : via Says:

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    Chonun via imnida

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    I’ll be waiting for u .

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    i want see you
    when you camed to Indonesia with F4 ?

  1749. 1749 : Hyon-joo(Boloro) Says:

    Dear Lee Min Ho
    From Mongolia! You are really cute and smart. also good actor and model. I’ve heard you can’t speak in English. so, i desided to start learn korean. I just came to korea (about a week ago) and started learning korean. maybe a year later, i will be good at korean and I WANT TO MEET YOU. Sincerely , Your lovely fan, Hyon-joo

  1750. 1750 : myrna Says:

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    But,i hope u can read this
    I like u,bro
    and also love ya
    i m ur forever fan

  1762. 1762 : Liz Says:

    Aww ur soo cute my sister like ur movie alot I really really like ur movie Boys before flowers ur cute in it with that sweet smile u have ^_^ LOL

  1763. 1763 : liem s l Says:

    good actor! Will try to see your next action…

  1764. 1764 : fibby Says:

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  1767. 1767 : pink Says:

    hi min_ho
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    yoon eun hye
    it would be very great!
    many fans will like it
    i swear!!!!

    and hope in would only
    appear or aired in
    not in gma(yuck)
    i hate gma so much

    hope my dreams
    would come true

  1768. 1768 : pink Says:

    hi incha…
    wherever u are!!
    im a great fan also
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    i like u coz u like min_ho

  1769. 1769 : pink Says:

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  1782. 1782 : Loephiez Says:

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  1785. 1785 : Sally Says:

    Hm…I don’t really know why I’m writing this but maybe I don’t know this will reach you somehow. If you ever decide to come to America to visit and happen to be in CA at the same time It would be great to meet you and become friends not in any wierd way or anything like that haha. [email protected]

  1786. 1786 : Sally Says:

    Oh yea to add into that haha….Not that it won’t be great to meet you and all your only just a year older then me and with your growing acting career I don’t see how you can enjoy the best time in your life. Have fun because you know the best parties are out here! haha

  1787. 1787 : Josie Says:

    Dear Child,

    You are at the top of the heap right now and not only may but will even reach Hollywood. Stay as good as you are, keep your feet grounded, and treasure the moments you have now.

    Congratulations on your recent award. I consider you the best actor at the Boys Over Flowers drama. You and Goo Hye Sun compliments each other, what a perfect match!

    I hope to see more of your movies in the future, especially one with Goo Hye Sun, she has beauty and qualities that surpasses any of the other young actresses out there.

    Way to Go son! God bless you and I know all your wishes will come true!!

    Grandma Ladybug

  1788. 1788 : reva Says:

    you’ve grown lots, taller and…
    nope, i dont want to say you’re handsomer
    you’ll tease me if we meet later
    why I write here ancase I can text you?
    well, I lost my cellphone, and also your number ^___^
    anyway, almost all my friend crazy about you, gosh!!!
    if only they know how you really are…
    *shake head frantically*
    mail me soon, okay?
    oh, you look great in that beer commercial btw, but the dance suck
    say my greeting to your umma

  1789. 1789 : desi Says:

    hello !
    you very cute and handsom ..
    i like you perfomance ..

  1790. 1790 : sara Says:

    ‘re a beautiful child

  1791. 1791 : khaing Says:

    Hi,Lee min ho

    you are so handsome,i like your performance and your voice.I want to get your e-mail .I love you.You are my dream.I want to meet you .But it is very difficult for me.Do you know Myanmar country,my country is so poor so i think you don’t want to come my country.But my room is fill with your picture.I LOVE YOU!

  1792. 1792 : rabina Says:

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  1793. 1793 : DIAN SINAGA Says:

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  1795. 1795 : Prisca cornelisz Says:

    Hii. . .min ho^_^

    why u very handsome,cool,etc. . .???
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  1796. 1796 : Ali Says:

    Hi , Lee Min Ho
    I`m one of your fans in IRAN (bushehr , nuclear city of IRAN).
    We (I and all of my classmates and my sister) all love f4 , koo hye sun and BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS drama.
    We will be very happy to see you in iran espesially in BUSHEHR.
    be successfull

  1797. 1797 : !! Says:

    you’re handsome..

    but. .

    Kim Bum is more handsome than you!!

    by the way, you and koo hye sun are such a great couple. .

  1798. 1798 : miSS August 92 Says:

    lee min ho….

    u r very hands0me….

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  1799. 1799 : miSS August 92 Says:

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    luvvv u….

  1800. 1800 : Palaw(SweNwe) Says:

    Hi,Lee Min Ho

    You are very clever in F4 Lover. My wife and I like you. If you can come to Southeast Asia-Myanmar, we will really welcome to you. And please share to us with your theme and action.

  1801. 1801 : Anemarie Says:

    … Hi lee min ho
    u are so handsome, talented, and cute!
    I am one of your fans in the philippines.

  1802. 1802 : dio Says:

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    Please hurry ya…ya..ya

  1803. 1803 : Sapphire Says:

    HI, Min-ho
    How are You?
    I want to meet you. I’ m sapphire Htut from Myanmar.
    Your acting is very good. You are handsome & good-looking.
    I LOVE YOU.A song you sings “My Everything” is very good.
    IF you are free,please come to our country.
    You are so cute.

  1804. 1804 : panmyat Says:

    hi ,
    you look like with my friend.
    so, I knew you.
    I am one of your fans in Myanmar

  1805. 1805 : panmyat Says:

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  1807. 1807 : setareh Says:

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  1809. 1809 : setareh Says:

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  1810. 1810 : christina Says:

    hello,lee min ho my name is christina i”m your biggest fan i”m from indonesia. when can you come to indonesia and visit all your fans in indonesia? i wish for you to have a great success. god bless you.

  1811. 1811 : Mami Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho…
    We think u are very talented,cute and cool.
    I am one of fan from Mizoram.

  1812. 1812 : sherlinta Says:

    Lee Min Ho. . . . .saranghae. . . .i love you

  1813. 1813 : susan lama Says:

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  1814. 1814 : purwanti Says:

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  1815. 1815 : chatrien Says:

    Hi,,Lee Min Ho!!!
    I love you so much.

  1816. 1816 : asandra Says:

    annyeong heseyo..u look very handsome in curly hair and good looking (bof)f4 but in secret campus u look very augry anyways saranghae lee min ho.do your best…i will wait for your next drama dont take to long…..bye………

  1817. 1817 : asandra Says:

    hai min ho, i hope a second part of boys before flowers and ending i want u marrige jandi

  1818. 1818 : Lee-Kendy Says:

    Wanna to through a day for tomorrow I’m more love a person…
    Wanna to through a day for tomorrow I will see you again…..

    Love UUUUUU!!!!!

  1819. 1819 : debrine Says:

    Hi, im one of ur fans from Indonesia.
    there’s a lot woman crazy about you here..so i hope you can visit Indonesia, which is very beautiful country and nice people..
    well see you at Indonesia..(hope soon)
    Semangat!! ^^ God Blezz u..

  1820. 1820 : amnah Says:

    hi lee min hoo ……i’m amnah alkaff from palembang,indonesia
    im one of your fans in indonesia and i hope you can visit to indonesia especially palembang,indonesia

  1821. 1821 : alexa Says:

    he is ok

  1822. 1822 : lily Says:

    I’m lily from Surabaya,East Java.I like boys before flowers very much. my bestfriend too.I hope you visit Indonesia.especially Surabaya.I guarantee that Indonesian people is kind and the country is very beatiful.

  1823. 1823 : savira Says:

    hello…. Mr.Lee Min Ho
    you are so handsome, talented, and cute!
    I am one of your fans in the Indonesia

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  1827. 1827 : arezou Says:

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  1828. 1828 : rika Says:

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  1830. 1830 : ami Says:


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  1833. 1833 : nindya prabawaty arifin Says:

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    i love you gu jun pyo

  1834. 1834 : lexa Says:

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  1835. 1835 : Debbie Says:

    hey dude…you look so cool

  1836. 1836 : Debbie Says:

    hey dude…i wish i could know a lot more about you…huizzz

  1837. 1837 : virgo Says:

    hy……lee min ho…my name is putri… i am your big fans from indonesia…..in jakarta
    when can you come to indonesia?? indonesia have a lot of unique things to explore
    good luck lee min ho…..I love you…..bye…

  1838. 1838 : juejue Says:

    lee mi ho

    How are you? You are very handsome.I am one of your fans in Myanmar.
    Your acting is very good in F4. I want to be your friend.I want to meet you.When you are free ,you come to Myanmar. You are welcome.
    May you always happy…..Bye.

  1839. 1839 : andara Says:

    hello . . .
    my name is andara. . . .
    i just want to say good luck for you. . .
    i hope you come to Indonesia soon. . .
    you have many fans here. .
    sorry but my english not to better..
    because i am still 2 SMP. . .
    GooD LucK foR yoU. . .

  1840. 1840 : andara Says:

    just want to say don’t laugh after you read my comment. . .
    ^^ GooD LucK foR yoU. . .

  1841. 1841 : Leli Alifah Says:

    hii,,lee min hoo
    i”m verY like yOu.i love..
    n i always wish to my god caN meet witH yOu…
    do you can meet with me???

  1842. 1842 : grace Says:

    hey..am grace nd am frm england. am a big fan of u even if i can’t speak korean bt i luv ur dramaz♥

  1843. 1843 : zinzin Says:

    min ho
    my name is Zin Zin Win Lat. i am Myanmar girl.i looked f4 movie.very good. i like you.

  1844. 1844 : zinzin Says:

    hi friend
    Do u sitting in gtalk chatting. i want to know your gmail account.

  1845. 1845 : the daina Says:

    lee min hoo you very handsome, cute, i love you…………
    i miss you……….

  1846. 1846 : the daina Says:

    lee min hoo you very handsome,cute
    I love you…………
    I miss you

  1847. 1847 : racel Says:

    hi min ho im your fan here in philippines ur so cute your face is handsome

  1848. 1848 : Swe Swe Win Says:

    Hello Lee,
    How r u? i’m from Burma. Now i watch F4 movie series.
    In F4, you are so handsome. i like your style. May i know your email address? & do u have girlfriend?


  1849. 1849 : COHRIE Says:

    hi..lee min ho..im form the philippines..i lke ur role in boys over flowers..ur good actor..i like you soooooo much..

  1850. 1850 : nthy Says:

    hi min hoo..i’m tanti,,u can call me nthy
    i’m from indonesia
    how r’u? i hope u so fine
    i just wanna say, u’r so handsome,cute…
    ‘n i think u’r multi talented.
    ‘n btw,i hope u can come to indonesia
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    and i like u style be barista.
    coz barista it’s my dream..
    thx ‘n bubye

  1851. 1851 : amelia Says:

    hy…………………min ho
    my name is amelia
    i’m from palembang,indonesia
    I hope you visit indonesi, espesial palembang

  1852. 1852 : amelia Says:

    hy…………………min ho
    my name is amelia
    i’m from palembang,indonesia
    I hope you visit indonesia, espesial palembang

  1853. 1853 : sunako Says:

    hello how are you??

  1854. 1854 : Sinta Says:

    HY . . Y . . Y . . Y
    lee min hoo . . . . .
    By the way, pa kbar ?
    Di boys before flowers u cool banget . . . . . . .
    So cute . . . , , , , ,

  1855. 1855 : titin sartika Says:

    hy,,,im titin from jakarta,indonesia,,,im verylike u’r act in bbf,,i hope u want to visite in indonesia…

  1856. 1856 : sovi Says:

    i wish….
    may i wish be an angel 4 u….

  1857. 1857 : ALIEFIYAH THOYYIBAH Says:

    hello min ho .how are you ?…love u
    i from jakarta,indonesia you is cool

  1858. 1858 : pema Says:

    hey lee min ho!!!
    i’m a gr8 fan of urs but im sure u will certainly not care coz u hav so many fans…
    i’m like any other fan of urs:)
    but hope u will atleast see wat i wrote…
    i hope u will be a gr8 actor n if possible plz try to be the best!!!!
    im sure u can…
    im from Bhutan its a country in asia… southeast asia… hope u will visit it once… plz do come if u hav time:)
    till then hope u will takecare of urself…..

  1859. 1859 : ichigo Says:

    hello. . . . . . . . . . . . . . lee min ho

    you are my thinking my live. . . . .
    kwe di celuk lek min pacul lho nyang kanca2 ku . . . . . . . .
    i love you pulllllll . . . . . . . .

  1860. 1860 : loveeable Says:

    Gu Jun Pyo!!!!!!!! Loved you and Geum JanDi in BBF!!! Best drama ever. Wish you would be in more dramas. I can’t seem to get enough of you! I wish the F4s will visit America like you do all the other Asian countries (I’m so jealous). Keep up the good work and hopefull I’ll get an e-mail from you.

    PS. I wonder if he even reads english!

  1861. 1861 : mega Says:

    goo jun pyo im your fans from indonesia..
    i like your action in BBF its very natural..im very agree if you with geum jandi,in fact on world..because you and goo hye sun is very match…i like your acting in the last episode in BBF you appear sweet and handsome…

  1862. 1862 : JAN DI CUTE Says:

    OH! MY GOSH!!!!!

  1863. 1863 : JAN DI CUTE Says:




  1864. 1864 : Smitten Says:

    Just hoping that you will be Hye Sun’s steady boyfriend… You TWO look cute and very much compatible.. aja aja fighting.. Stay handsome.. Min Sun Forever..

  1865. 1865 : miualmaz Says:

    miho. . .//////////
    how are you…….???
    i love u ever…..

  1866. 1866 : miualmaz says Says:

    i luv everrrrr…../////

  1867. 1867 : suzana Says:

    aaaaaaaaa………. gu jun pyo…… u’r damn cute huh???? lop ya loadszzz
    ……….. niwayz take care……….. muah…..

  1868. 1868 : rusyaidi Says:

    GJP…when is your next drama..can’t wait to see your handsome face….

  1869. 1869 : emoy Says:

    busyeeeeeet. . . . . . !!!! lee meen hoo guantenge gak audu billa.
    ortunya buatnya dulu gimana ceee. . . . !!!!!!!????????
    pokoe lope u 4 ever

  1870. 1870 : junica Says:

    hi im rica pearl from iloilo city, philippines……… do you know why is it junica? its because of combination of your name jun pyo and my name rica……. please visit our country……. until now i am hoping that you will visit our country…. even just a one step in our country is enough for me.. i am just a freshmen student, and i know that i am too young to admire someone like you…….. i am your number one fan….. see you there……… im begging you….. please dont disappointed me……… saranghae………. mwahhh……….

  1871. 1871 : rica pearl Says:

    DO YOU KNOW that i am very LUCKY in my life? because when i saw you, it makes me feels im in a PARADISE. WHAT DO I DO if your around.. i cant FIGTH THE BAD FEELING cause i know that IM STUPID.. THE HEART SEEMED TO DO IT RIGTH NOW is only to look at you… i cant figth myself cause i LOVE YOU.. I WISH YOUR MY LOVE but i know you dont care for us, so the STARLIGTH TEARS falls from my eyes….. give us ONE MORE TIME to love you cause your MY EVERYTHING…. JIGEUM MANARREO GAMNIDA very soon…….

  1872. 1872 : babyearthdragon Says:

    I always watch ur film,u r cool ……..,I’m from Myanmar.I hope ……..

  1873. 1873 : Crown Says:

    Hi Goo Joon Pyo,

    u are so so so cute.I want to meet u just once.but i know that it’s impossible coz i couldn’t come Korea and I am now staying in Myanmar.
    but the only thing I can say is ” I love u so much”

  1874. 1874 : weni Says:

    lee min hoo emang kamu udah pacaran ya…? kalo belum pacaran sama goo hye sun aja kan cantik salam ya buat kim joon , kim so eun , kim bum , goo hye sun. GOD BLES YOU

  1875. 1875 : amalina amiera Says:

    i like u minho….!!!
    u are so hansome….hope u hepi always!1 ;D

  1876. 1876 : swastika Says:

    hi i love you so much please accept this poor fan by giving your yahoo id i love you so much

  1877. 1877 : tere Says:

    lee min ho…. we my sis loves watching boys over flower….you r terribly handsome….her TV default is you…i like you too….good luck n more movies…anyo…

  1878. 1878 : Phukaow Says:


    I have just watched the last episode of boys over flowers. I would like to say that you and the other actors played very well as same as in the cartoon book. Please send my regards to the directors who brought out this movie to all of us.

    By the way, why do your guys have beautiful hands?

  1879. 1879 : lyka Says:

    hi… how are you…. are you alright..???? i like to meet you a real personal… please come to the phillipines in ilocos norte laoag… please!!!!

  1880. 1880 : mon Says:

    how are you?U are so cute.I from Myanmar,Yangon.I hope you visit Myanmar.Have a nice day.

  1881. 1881 : Jinky Says:

    make your days bright and happy! be good and don’t forget to ask god for guidance…god bless you!!!!!!!!!

  1882. 1882 : Jinky Says:

    kim bum visited our country, Philippines .
    So you visit also here…so that we can see you personally…you have so many fans here…they fan of wathching your movie entitled boys over flower!!!!!!
    God bless you always!

  1883. 1883 : Khine Zar Says:

    min ho
    i’m from yangon , myanmar
    i love u very much
    i ‘m always looking forward to ur next movies and series
    i will be ur audience forever
    khine zar

  1884. 1884 : MINSUN Says:



  1885. 1885 : Desi Says:

    Min hoo ai shiteru..
    Sarang hye yoo..
    Love you so much..
    Dang tardok sude nai min hoo
    Sayang q..
    Boasa sek ganteng ho? Holong ni roha ki tu ho min hoo,

    By: Desi san nago minhoo

  1886. 1886 : Amanda cs Says:

    Lee Min Hoo, you’re sooooooooo………………………………. handsomeeeeeeeeeeee…………………….. We (Amanda, Sendy, and Mira) LOVEEEEEE……….. You so much. We’re your biggest fan. We want to watch BOYs beFore FloWers again.

  1887. 1887 : sassy Says:

    i believe minho and hye sun are having a mutual understanding now. it’s just that pesently, they have their own career to take care of, that is why they need to be extra careful of their actions. the similarities in the teeshirts, jackets, hats, caps, shades, bracelets, & sneakers i believe is for their own satisfaction that is…a shout-out that says…THEY BELONG TO EACH OTHER!!

  1888. 1888 : tilly Says:

    Gu jun pyo, i am in botswana in africa, you know what i have watched several korean dramas and thought i liked some actors there, hey, that was before i watched boys before flowers you are a hit dear soon i will come to korea and you know what i will definately meet you. currently we are watching jewel in the palace in our national tv botswana television. we now know a lot of you guys we also watched All in and a lot others.

  1889. 1889 : awonshang cynthya Says:

    hi m awon n 1 of ur greatst faaan…….ur smile s a peacemaker 2 my soul…… kip smillln n let da world b ursssss…..gdday aheaddd. may god b wd u.. deo gratiasssssssss

  1890. 1890 : awonshang cynthya Says:

    jun pyo , sexy smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!………. blive n praying dat u wud b able 2 visit INDIA sum dae…… VISIT INDIA ! V R DAMN LONGN 2 C U …. U VE GOT LOTS OF FANNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSS……….. HERE IN INDIA…… TAK CARE

  1891. 1891 : FIKA Says:

    Hi min hooo…………………………..
    i’m your fans……. I’m from Indonesia…..
    I like your acting, if you have time I hope you can visit in Indonesia.hmmm…… my englsh language not so good he…… I hope you can read my message.God bless you….

  1892. 1892 : Pwint Phyu Says:

    Lee Min Ho O~pa…..,

    I dreamed u last night……..

    You are my sweet dream…..

    I’m from Myanmar, i wanna meet with u…….

    If u can , plz give me your mail address……

    Thz so much for ur smile to create my sweet dream ….

  1893. 1893 : ILOVEBOF Says:

    Jan DI and Jun Pyo forever and ever and ever and ever!

    I want another series having them as the main leads. One more series! One more series!

  1894. 1894 : Ms. Makulet Says:


  1895. 1895 : MINSUN FOREVER Says:

    i saw your latest pic with Koo Hye Sun (boysbeforeflowersko.multiply.com) you guys so sweet!!! i love seeing you and Hye Sun together. hope theres anothere project for you too guys. and hope you appear always with her. AJA!

  1896. 1896 : andriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiani Says:


  1897. 1897 : andriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiani Says:


    I Luv u full


    aki gk tau mau bilang apa

    yang jalas dirimu gk bakal tau perasaan ku

    ya kan????

  1898. 1898 : andriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiani Says:

    aduuuuuuuuuuuh bahasa Indonesia aja aku belepotan palagi bahasa korea ntu

    au agh gelap

  1899. 1899 : andriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiani Says:

    can u Reply me ?
    please try to replay my message…

    pelit banget seeeeeeeeeeee

    gk jd la q suka ma mu

    I Hate u
    very very hate u

    cuma krna dirimu seorang lee min hoo
    aku jd gk tenang sleep

    aduh aduuuh
    liamat da dkat ne

  1900. 1900 : naryoung Says:

    hello!! Min Ho
    I like you very much. I am from myanmar.
    I watch your film and movies always.

  1901. 1901 : naryoung Says:

    Ohh my god!!!
    I can’t wait it. I always want to see you.
    You are my dream boy.
    I always wish – LEE MIN HO to be my friend.

  1902. 1902 : KHS Says:

    Lee Min Ho and Koo Hye Sun FOREVER!!!!!

  1903. 1903 : kim.i.am Says:

    LEE MIN HO!! love your smile and your acting just so adorable.

  1904. 1904 : lonelone Says:

    hi how are you?

  1905. 1905 : mami* Says:

    who could b better than u????wish u 2 be ma fran,i’ve been eagarly waitin 4 ur movie…..u handsome hunk.

  1906. 1906 : mami* Says:

    who could b beter dn u?u…..handsome hunk

  1907. 1907 : Pleasure Says:

    I never thought I could fall in love with a Korean guy, but after watching Boys before flowers, Im like Oh my God!!!! I want to go look for a hunk in Korea!

    Boy you are sooooo hot!!!!!!!!

  1908. 1908 : razel Says:

    hi saraghe im ur fan ihope youlle here

  1909. 1909 : nunie Says:

    U r the most popular guy here in Mizoram, even though m sure u never heard the place b4, u r so handsome n i dont think i lie when i say most of the gals fr young age to old fall in love with you.

  1910. 1910 : tanni Says:

    hi lee min ho
    how are you . my friend was always missing you
    .you know she is your fan. bye

  1911. 1911 : Miles Says:

    HI, How’s everything goin on Lee Min Ho? Hope to have ur new movie or even t.v series this coming year, actually, I havent heard any update bout u but Me and my friends are willing to hear from you and same with all the cast of BOF. I’m sorry bout what happen to Jang Jeon, from her saddened death.

    But anyway, Life must go on…. Cheer up…..

    Hope to hear from you.


  1912. 1912 : athia Says:

    HI LEE MIN HOO……..u r so handsome love u very muc….. lots of love n caRe from India….. take care !!!!!sarange……….!!!!!!

  1913. 1913 : kristine Says:

    hello wer love you very much lee minho i love you and we always support you in boys over flowers and we like your role there and we will always pray for you and always support you in all movies.

  1914. 1914 : jumagul Says:

    I love you Lee min hoo respect forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1915. 1915 : opie Says:

    I really like your play as Go Jun Pyo in BBF. I hope you do your best in other drama. I can’t wait for seeing your new drama…….

  1916. 1916 : Thandar Oo Says:

    Mingalarbar (Greeting Burmese) Lee Min Ho,

    When I watched your movie, I want to see you everyday. I met you in my dream. Our life is very far. If you are sky, I’m earth. So how to meet with you. I try to see with you one time before I’m dying. This is my wish & my ambition.

    When you saw my message, you note you have the Burmese gril spectator. Bye

  1917. 1917 : mira Says:

    min hooo
    kmoe guantenx bgetsz

  1918. 1918 : awonshang Says:

    hi …..wats up?ve a g8t evening k dude luv u

  1919. 1919 : same Says:

    You are great.

  1920. 1920 : Funky Says:

    Hi LEE MIN HO you are great actor I’m big fan of you,we are can’t wait to see yours new series I hope you’ re doing very well.
    Love and support all way

    Funky in Australia

  1921. 1921 : StevenShaa Says:

    Lee Min Ho hope you always happy and have a good life standing with your hopes.

  1922. 1922 : nunie Says:

    My fren is so in luv with u!! but who am I 2 blame her!! coz I hav fallen in luv with u too!!!hehheh

  1923. 1923 : akui kajau Says:

    hye..oppa..how’s life?l0ve you..=)..GBU…

  1924. 1924 : Pramita Says:

    Hi Lee min ho…you are very cute boys, Your acting is very good and you are the best actor in korea…so where do you come to Indonesia? I love you full….see you….

  1925. 1925 : cleng Says:

    after BOF where’s LMH, we’ve expecting a lot from him esp. when we were inform that they will come to the Philippine….

  1926. 1926 : eli Says:

    hi ho!! min ho!! i noe u will not be seeing this, but haha, anw, i will most probably be going to see u tmr!! yayay and cheers for me:D
    im going to start learning korean now, as i’ll be visiting korea nxt year!! yay and yay and yay and cheers for me!!!kamsahamida and anyung!!!:D:D
    yox gurlx.x

  1927. 1927 : snow princess Says:


  1928. 1928 : EatEat Says:

    Lee Min Ho ………….
    Fever very much !!!!!

    ………………..Eat-Eat From Thailand

  1929. 1929 : Raz Says:

    Hi lee min ho when is gonna be your next drama anyone knows is he making one? Man I miss your top notch acting!

  1930. 1930 : minoz forever Says:

    Lee min hoo sunbae sarangheyo….

  1931. 1931 : dindut Says:

    hye,,,,lee min hoo
    how are you…I am your fans in INDONESIA…
    When you come here,,,,,,,Lupzzz U….

  1932. 1932 : anggelina Says:

    lee min hoo…


    nice to know you,,

    lee you make me fall in love i don’t know why?????

    that i know this felt just to you…

  1933. 1933 : li min ho Says:

    hi li min ho
    i love you very much
    i’m myanmar girl
    i want to meet you now
    i love you gu jon phyo.bye

  1934. 1934 : girls Says:

    hai..guys..ur acting are so good..but u are childish in the boys before flowers

  1935. 1935 : Eenee Says:

    i don’t like he who is he hnnnnnn…………..

  1936. 1936 : mingyen099 Says:

    hi… min ho..you’re doing very well with BBF..congratulation. I hope for your success in the future project. Never give up and stay healthy.

  1937. 1937 : shri Says:

    Hi Lee min ho,
    loved ur series(boys before flower) n hav become a crazy fan of urs…..m from india….n want 2 see more of ur work….al the best 4 ur future……..tc

  1938. 1938 : The Moon Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho!
    We are from Myanmar and your everlasting fans. You are very popular in our country, especially for the girls. Would you like to come to Myanmar. Myanmar people are very friendly. If you come to our country, We’ll be very happy.Are you studying at the university? Do you have girlfriend? We know you are very busy, but if you send us mail, it will be wonderful.if not, we’ll not be your fans anymore. sorry for that.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.
    Be successful in your life { Gu John Pyo }
    The fans from Myanmar

  1939. 1939 : farahfarhana Says:

    hello u min hoo..u’re very handsome:) i really lile ur stylee.boys over flower is the best drama ever;DD can i get ur email pls.im from malaysia,,

  1940. 1940 : meioka Says:

    I like to see your style in BBF , very cool! But I am believe you is the people have full attention to every people terutama buat fans mu, so you harus tetap ramah, ok?

  1941. 1941 : pooja Says:

    hey lee min ho my go jun pyo i love u so much. u r so cute n handsome . i watched ur serial bbf it was gr8. i m gr8 fan of urs. i love all f4 gang. i m frm nepal. love u guys f4 and BBF rocks.

  1942. 1942 : pooja Says:

    hey lee min ho my go jun pyo sarangheyo. i m frm nepal n i love ur serial BBF.u guys rock. i love all f4 members. love u all.

  1943. 1943 : pooja Says:

    i love u lee min ho. u r mine go jun pyo. i m frm nepal. love u f4 members.and u all guys rocks.

  1944. 1944 : sunbae.04 Says:

    hi lee min ho..
    im from philippines.
    ur the best actor ive ever seen in korean drama.
    hope that ul visit here in the phlippines.



  1945. 1945 : fitry Says:

    lee min ho nal sarangingayo..u very handsome,,,n cute i love u so much..

  1946. 1946 : fitry Says:

    hi… lee, i am from Aek Nabara, I love You Full

  1947. 1947 : juanna Says:

    LMH u’re so cute…….

  1948. 1948 : lamena24 Says:


    at last i got to see him when he came to Malaysia last week!!!!!!

    your look is 100000000x better in person than pictures…..

    hope he will come again…

  1949. 1949 : sunita Says:

    HI my young master. wass up?I luv ur dramma BBF.And f4.

  1950. 1950 : syah Says:

    no offence but i prefer kim bun to you.
    that time you came to singapore and gosh many people got so disappointed.

  1951. 1951 : zitszack Says:

    Lee Min ho … thanks for coming to Malaysia … you sure do has those killer smile … i thought i would die every time you flash your sincere smile .. you r sooooo kawaiiiii!!!!! Aaarrrgghhhhh!!! i wanna screamm!!!!

  1952. 1952 : Nisha.. Says:

    Heyy!!! lee min ho..me frm nepal..i really luv BBF. Lookin forward to watch ur new films n serial. Ur killer smile ohhh its gr8….

  1953. 1953 : mariecar Says:

    crush kta promise

  1954. 1954 : ika Says:

    lee min ho….pliz come to Indonesia
    i’m waiting 4 u…

  1955. 1955 : Margo Says:

    oh gush…
    girls….are you kidding?????
    you are ALL really think that it’s a real Min Ho’s page lol lol lol

    i understand that you are love him and bla bla bla… but it’s really unreal Min Ho page here…

  1956. 1956 : Sheryl and Claudia Says:


    llllleeeeeeeeee min hooooooooooooo claudia and sheyl love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1957. 1957 : Sheryl and Claudia Says:

    Lee min ho, why did you have a girlfriend?!!!
    Do you know that we want to marry u and loved you alot.

  1958. 1958 : sangita Says:

    u r too coooooooooooolllllll…luv ya…

  1959. 1959 : Rosel S. Says:

    Lee-Min-Ho!!!!!!!!!! You have many fans here in the Philippines…Pls.visit us!!!!!!

  1960. 1960 : djauharotun Says:

    lee min ho,,,
    i fans u ,,,,,

  1961. 1961 : nova liony Says:

    I LOVE YOU 4EVER…….!!!!!!
    YOUR my Fevorite Actors……….!!!!!!1

  1962. 1962 : dytha Says:

    yeboaseyo,my name is dytha

    indonesia saranghamnida

    chehoaheyo l33 m!n h0

    i very like your acting BOYS BEFORE FLOWER(BBF)
    I LOVE YOU l33 m!n h0

  1963. 1963 : lobk.lobk Says:

    hii always take care .. i just want u 2 know that u have a lot of fans here in philippines .. lobk yah

  1964. 1964 : barudak dasdor.. Says:

    you`re so handsome..
    please come to Indonesia especcialy bandung city.
    we love you full..

  1965. 1965 : vanessa Says:

    lee min ho is the hottest in korea… isn’t he?

  1966. 1966 : Nesya Says:

    Min Ho,,
    when U will come to Indosesia,,,
    i hope U can visit to Indonesia,,,,,
    im Nesya from Indonesia,,,
    thanks before,,,
    im so glad to know U,,,,

  1967. 1967 : sara Says:

    ur n,t beatiful but ur a little handsome u was very perfect in boys over the flowers.

  1968. 1968 : fenny Says:

    oh i’m fans of u..
    i want meet you. ..
    sarangekyo min ho…… hihihihi
    i”m fenny from indonesia, next time visit to indonesia, special in westborneo.
    semangat min ho aku dukung kamu, always keep smile cz we are like u n ur smile to give spirit in we are life… cayo!!!

  1969. 1969 : MeraLina Says:

    You are soooooo sweet and handsome in BOF… and you’re a talented actor… viel Glück und Erfolg in deiner Karriere… Greetins from Switzerland/Turkey

  1970. 1970 : zuezuee Says:

    I likes Lee Min-ho.Good luck

  1971. 1971 : zuezuee Says:

    I love Goo Jun Phyo. If I meet him, I’m very happy all over the world.
    I meet you too.

  1972. 1972 : kathrine Says:

    Lee min hoooo …… wazzzzzzz up?????? I feel bad coz many korean visit INDIA but u din’t turn up . but i have hope that you will turn up some day. i went crazy when i saw u in BOF. i really appreciate your co-STAR plez convey my appreciation to all of them . I really like u all. after some days iwill keep in touch with u all. take care………………………………

  1973. 1973 : simplemaine Says:

    hi Lee Min Ho!

    OH MY GOSH!!!eversince I have watched your TV series “Boys Over Flowers” here in the Philippines, I never stopped admiring you.
    You acted so good on that series and honestly, you really gave justice on Goo Jun Pyo’s character. Actually, I think, you really contributed a lot to the success of that series. I really do hope you’ll find time to visit the Philippines just like Kim bum. He visited our country a few months ago. I know you have a very busy schedule but I’m still hoping you can come here.
    I’ve read your biography and upon reading that, I really admired and idolized you for being a very kind person and sweet and caring son and brother to your family. That is why you are given with so many blessing by God.
    If it won’t be that cheesy or turn-off, you are actually my desktop background on my computer here at my workplace..hihihihi its just that you serve as an my inspiration especially, now that my work is a teacher of Korean students living there in your countr.. >’_'<
    I wish you all the best and continue your good advocacy together with your chosen charity..
    I am really hoping to see you soon..\
    God Bless and take care always! MWAH! =* C",)

  1974. 1974 : ninafe Says:

    i wish lee min ho wold come to the philippines…..cz i really lv bof

  1975. 1975 : ninafe Says:

    wish uwold come to the philippines ill be waiting for u….oh my god i really really luv bof ….

  1976. 1976 : cho Says:

    Min ho.You are perfect boys in 4flower.pliz come to Myanmar.Myanmar is
    very beautiful country.Myanmar people is very freindship. And they are very like Korean address

  1977. 1977 : melz Says:

    min ho oppa…
    sarangnaeyo… ^^.

  1978. 1978 : anire Says:

    Lee Min Ho……

  1979. 1979 : rina minozzz.. Says:

    LEE MIN HOO oppa i like you!!
    im your fans in indonesia..
    why come to indonesia oppa?
    im wait in here..always..
    im always I LOVE YOU
    im will remember you oppa!!
    and i wish your girlfriend is hye sun unnie…

  1980. 1980 : Alda luph lee min hoo Says:

    i wish you come to indonesia
    I very..very like you…
    you my idol lee min hoo…

  1981. 1981 : nya2 Says:

    min hooo…sarang neo!!!!!!!!!!
    mizZz U….FOREVER.!!!!

  1982. 1982 : nya2 Says:

    mizzzzzzzzzzzzzz u………………

  1983. 1983 : shafirah Says:

    why you dont come to jakarta?

  1984. 1984 : LaXmEE Says:

    Hi, lee min ho oppa, sarangheyo!!

    its me one of uR dIe [email protected] [email protected] 4m Nepal….
    since da [email protected] i hab sEEn ur Drama i m wishing to see u live!!!

  1985. 1985 : ariska Says:

    Please Come to Indonesia…..

  1986. 1986 : Khine Zin Says:

    i like your action.you look likes angle.give me your email account.write you.thank you

  1987. 1987 : Holy Sumarina, GP Says:

    Assalamualaikum, Lee Min Hoo… Nice to meet you… please visit Indonesian in city Yogyakarta… I’m waiting you… 🙂

  1988. 1988 : Holy Sumarina, GP Says:

    Hello, Lee, common Saranghee Allah Subahanalahu wata’ala…I Love Allah… We Love Allah… 🙂 ,thank you…

  1989. 1989 : asianstar.info Says:


  1990. 1990 : jo Says:

    your Boys over Flowers is in demand in the Philippines.We love the F4 boys,you’re all so cute and lovable.
    Also this movie is showing at present here in Canada at multicultural channel.

  1991. 1991 : krissy Says:

    love korean shows <3 lee min ho love ur acting on boys before flowers<3
    lookd sexy ass hell <3!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE U <3

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    how are u?
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    pliz come indonesia in surabaya.
    i’m waiting 4 u.
    my addres in street gayungan 1c number 18a surabaya.
    pliz come ok.

  1994. 1994 : phyunwetun Says:

    hello Min Ho! I’m from myanmar. do u know myanmar(mandalay). do u have gmail. I want to be fri with u. I wish u all the best. my gmail account is [email protected]. if u accept my mail please u write me letter. ok?

  1995. 1995 : geum jan di Says:

    what’s up bro.. i don’t think you are a handsome person because your body is very big and tall.. like dinasour..huahua..

  1996. 1996 : mana Says:

    hi opa
    your play was god so much i enjoy your pray
    are u realy kind?
    do u readour masage
    be succes

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    Hello lee min ho.I love u!bye

  1998. 1998 : aLiNe. Says:

    yu’re the one for me …

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  2001. 2001 : Aniza Says:

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    I think Jang Geuk Suk is chasing you! You’re beautiful anyway I love both of you had same killer smile.

  2002. 2002 : fenny Says:

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  2003. 2003 : fenny Says:

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  2006. 2006 : Cindy Says:

    Lee Min Hoo is No1. I love you so much and waiting for your next drama!

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  2008. 2008 : any Says:

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    kenaa sicH kamU nggaK mampiR kE Indnesia akU kan PengEn KeteMU Ma kAmU
    :), I LOVE U
    ^~^, I LOVE U SO MUCH
    @ @

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    maybe I only one from much ur fans,,but I’m proud become ur fans..good luck..
    shinta from indonesia

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    im your #1 fan i really love “jun pyo”
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    but anyway i really like u….

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    how are you doing ?
    i’m very like you , you handsome .
    i want to meet you , now .
    do you have a girlrfiend ?
    =love you and miss you dear ^^,

  2019. 2019 : Ika Says:

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    ….YoU ArE My gU JuN pYo In my LiFe…

    ….AnD I Am yOuR GEuM JaN DeE…

    ….hEhEhE I’M JuSt kiDDiNg….

    ….Bu’T AnYWaYs…I rEaLLy lOvE YoUr’E RuLeS aS “gU jUn pYo

    ….In BOF (bOyS OveR fLowErS ) ^_^ yOu arE ReALLy cOol gUy tHeRe

    …thats why i like YoU So mUcH….hOw i wIsH bOtH OF yOu ( f4 )

    ….cOmInG hErE iN PhILLIpInEs w/ GeuM JaN dEe….

    ….i’M wAiTiNg fOr tHaT MoMEnt tHaT YoU WILL bE hErE….

    ….aNd i’M ReALLy EXCiTeD To SeE yOuR’E aNgELiC FaCe…

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    ….I LoVe sO MuCh….

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    I’m a big fan of urs =)
    lots of luv!!

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  2031. 2031 : juni handayani Says:

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  2034. 2034 : nammon Says:

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  2035. 2035 : poutree r.a Says:

    . . . . lUvE U 4 eVeR , , , , lEe MeN hOo

    , , ,, , mMmMuUuUaAaAcCcC, ,, , ,

  2036. 2036 : poutree r.a Says:

    ,.,.,kApN kiTa keNcAn sAyy ? ? ? ? ?

  2037. 2037 : smy Says:

    so sweet

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  2039. 2039 : silfi Says:

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    i’m from indonesia……….

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  2041. 2041 : she from phil. Says:

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  2042. 2042 : echa Says:

    so cute and sweet smile…i love u lee min ho

  2043. 2043 : Norme Says:


    Saw you in person in Malaysia…Love you so much…in BOF…keep fighting. muah…muah…
    When is your new project going to start…Please do more acting…
    An nyong hi – ka sye yo….for now…

  2044. 2044 : monica Says:

    hai lee min hoo you are my favorits actors I’m very love you so you is my drawing in my my life for get is famous

  2045. 2045 : suvecshya Says:

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    please come to indonesia but you come in palu because i love you min hoo. saranghe only for you………..

  2048. 2048 : efryll Says:

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  2049. 2049 : reena Says:

    nothing much to say..
    i’m always behind to support all of your works..
    aja aja fighting!!!
    ganbatte lee min ho!!!;D

  2050. 2050 : reena Says:

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    just your glory of success in your carrier..
    there a lots of fans more than thousand..i think..
    don’t make them dissapoint..
    take care and ganbatte!!!!

  2051. 2051 : Angels Says:

    We love you !

  2052. 2052 : Angels Says:

    “We are your audience”
    You are very handsome. We will be behind you “forever”
    we are students( Technical students from Myanmar)

  2053. 2053 : marielle Says:

    I hope you visit our country PHILIPPINES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I expect to see you in personal that is my wish in my birthday Dec3,2009 i watch your koreanovela BOYS OVER FLOWERS

  2054. 2054 : ij Says:

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  2055. 2055 : Han Sar Dar Says:

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  2056. 2056 : Ei thae phyu Says:

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  2057. 2057 : EnNa Says:

    hI BrO lee min ho……….wt r u doing now and how are u?if u free chat with me k ….wt ur mail….can i know?????this my mail:[email protected]…….i wish u to become a most popular actor in korean………..if i m free i come there and come to c u ……bye bro …….with love…

  2058. 2058 : maypwintphue Says:

    hi brother,
    I like you.I am one of your audience.I miss you.I am myanmar girl.

  2059. 2059 : Marjan Says:

    Hey lee min Ho , we miss you dude, u should play in more dramas, u’re cool n u act perfectly, so keep on playing , we’re waiting dear :);)

  2060. 2060 : idwi Says:

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  2061. 2061 : idwi Says:

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    i like you..you the best for me……………………………………………………

  2062. 2062 : Audrey Says:

    Hii lee min ho what ya doing i am your fans would you like too come to indonesia thanks love lee min ho

  2063. 2063 : aisha Says:

    hi !!!!!!!
    i greatly appreciate ur acting skills..an ur luks!!!!!
    am ur audience from nepal….hope to see u in my country!!!!!!plzzz

  2064. 2064 : shosh Says:

    I really like you I’m afraid you’re very young for me, [it’s just my fantasy] I can not really get you in any way, you’er the players really like the stars in the sky, you can enjoy His light, I mean your game your grace and your beauty, but we can really “Touch” you, then continue to be bright and glowing That I can enjoy your light shine .. by the way I have a weakness to Eyes and smile
    Because the Eyes and the smile are the mirror of the human soul. I think you have an amazing smile . fighting ^ j ^

  2065. 2065 : indriyani Says:

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  2066. 2066 : coleen Says:

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  2067. 2067 : coleen Says:

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  2068. 2068 : coleen Says:

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  2069. 2069 : Norme Says:


    Love your BOF….any sequel…Keep fighting…

  2070. 2070 : Bhee Says:

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  2071. 2071 : jezzel joy juaton Says:

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  2072. 2072 : indri Says:

    jun pyo…aku suka liat kamu sayang banget ma jandi, kamu cinta banget jandi, kamu ndak mau jandi hilang….matamu penuh kasih ke jandi… karuan tau….!!! jadian aja ma jandi ya, diitunggu undangannya……

  2073. 2073 : phyukyaw Says:

    my frien
    i hope you visit our country MYANMAR .
    i love your smile and eye
    i wish for you
    lee min ho

  2074. 2074 : phyukyaw Says:


  2075. 2075 : phyukyaw Says:

    everytime very happy
    everyday very happy
    i wish your friend
    i see you
    can i help you

  2076. 2076 : Ei Ma {Myan mar } Says:

    I be love you.

  2077. 2077 : May Thuzar Says:

    I like u

  2078. 2078 : fatin Says:

    what a smart guy
    did u do
    plastic surgery???
    don’t angry with me yeee~~

  2079. 2079 : wutyi Says:

    waiting for your next series.

  2080. 2080 : y.o.u.h.e.a.r.t.b.e.a.t Says:

    i wish you good luck,LEE MINHO!

  2081. 2081 : sarswati Says:

    hi,hows d days goin on.ur a such a cool guy.GU JUN PYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  2082. 2082 : sarswati Says:

    hey jun pyo u deserved 4 being a best actor.dats y keep it up.best of luck 4 ur bright future.understand.bie take care.cutipie

  2083. 2083 : Rhoody Says:

    u did a good job with the Gu Jun Pyo character, the cruelty yet the soft part 4 Jan Di… Keep it up 🙂

  2084. 2084 : akito Says:

    goo jyun pyo….thats a very interesting character u have there…… no matter how cruel that person can be… but theres alwayz soft side in their heart……….. its like his playing two kind of characters…… this drama giving a chance to know myself….. thanx a lot, i really hope f4 will alwayz stay as f4…..really love seing you all bhind the scene, i really jeolous when you guys can laugh 4 real…. mean by not faking to others… i know life as an actor can b really hard….. dont have time 4 privacy…. but hope u remember theres a lot of people out there more suffer than you….. so wish you gud luck in whatever you seek in your life……aza aza fighting

  2085. 2085 : angelica Says:

    goo jyun pyu and guem jandi must be a couple

  2086. 2086 : ruby Says:

    annyong! how are you?and how about your job? your film is very romantic! boy over flowers ! 🙂 i cried so much when i watched your film to action!i hope you also happy like the film! best wish to you! wish you to every success! wish you have a good heath! we’re friend! are you ok? i hope you ok! hjhj! i’m vietnamese! when you feel sad, you can chat with me! i will chare with you because i’m angel for you! are you ok? hjhj
    best wish to you! good luck! my yahoo is [email protected]! your angel of ss501! miss ruby.annyoong hegaseyo!

  2087. 2087 : faith Says:

    your so cUte???
    do you have a girlfriend now…

  2088. 2088 : vivi myma Says:

    min ho….
    a man which can make me always smiLe and happy…
    thankzz 4 your smiLe, coz your smiLe make me smiLe too.. hehehehe…^.^

  2089. 2089 : ReL Says:

    Lee Min Ho

    What a cool you are!…luv yu..

  2090. 2090 : Aurora Says:

    Annyeong Hasseo!!!….
    how are you??…ohhh!!..I’m Aurora from Indonesia,and I’m is your Big fan…every afternoon i never forget to watch Boys Before Flowers…when you can come to Indonesia???…”I hope you can going to Indonesia with more actor”…it’s my wishes…i hope my wish is come true…”I love U”

  2091. 2091 : sally Says:

    lee min ho i love you very much! i got watch your boys over flowers it is very intersting !:)

  2092. 2092 : Wiwit Hidayati Says:

    You always make me smile easily.

  2093. 2093 : izzah Says:

    hi..anyoeng…..i’m from malaysia..i’m one of your fan….i really want to be your friend..i watch u in boys over flower..before this i don’t know u..your birthday is same with me but my birthday is 27…i realy2 want to meet korean actress but i cant watch in tv or internet..i wish u good luck in your life..bye2..sarangheou lee min hoo!!!

  2094. 2094 : april Says:


  2095. 2095 : not only a fan Says:

    i can say only a thng i love you

  2096. 2096 : Angie Aw Says:

    Min Ho sunbae…saranghae wish u good luck would come 2 u all the time !!!! SARANGHAE !!!!

  2097. 2097 : Saviera Says:

    i love u…..
    you look so handsome in boys before flowers

  2098. 2098 : Fifa Says:

    You’re so cute n cool…i hope u can be the best actor in korea..he3 go go Lee min ho..; p

  2099. 2099 : Claudiah Says:

    Lee Min Ho,
    Boys over FLowers was a big hit here in the Philippines
    hope to see you in many coming shows. the character you portray was such a heartcracking one! ILOVEYOU! you’re such a hearthrob!!!! how i wish you could visit us here in the Philippines..your million fans are waiting for you1!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kim Bum has visited us already, it’s your turn!!!PLS????

  2100. 2100 : Reese Says:

    Hey Lee Min Ho!!! I really love your show boys over flowers…Although I am here in New York, I have subscribed to Arirang Channel just to watch you…and boy, it’s so hard to read the english subtitles but it’s worth it!!!Hope you visit New York and maybe film something here!!!!

  2101. 2101 : fareast_ysl Says:

    Please visit Malaysia and welcome our asian actor, good luck n fighting!!!

  2102. 2102 : fareast_ysl Says:

    Please visit Malaysia and welcome our asian actor . good luck n fighting!!!

  2103. 2103 : Dilla Says:

    you’re so handsome and manly smile ahahahaha

  2104. 2104 : ayessa lorrainne Says:

    Hi lee min ho! you are a really good actor. you are i dol me 4 me, you are so cute, you are so smart and congrats your award i love you rule in boys over flower super i love it. i love you jun pyo frm phillipines. If you want too have some communication with me, heres my friendster/facebook account [email protected]

  2105. 2105 : hiKAri Says:

    Te amo
    gua ai di
    wo ai ni
    ti amo
    i love you
    mahal kita
    Naneun dangsineul mucheok joahamnida Lee min hO!!!!

    gud Luck
    take care
    gOd bless yOu

  2106. 2106 : Anuska Says:

    Hi lee min ho
    You are a very good actor.I like you very much.I have no comments because you are perfect.

  2107. 2107 : jezzel Says:

    …………haie……..jun pyo…..i very very love you……hope that you will come here in philippines like kim bum……….you are my only reason to stay alive………i will wait you till the last beat of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2108. 2108 : Wii-dHy Says:

    Oppa Min Hooooooo…………

    I really like you so much……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’re a perfect actor that ever I’ve seen…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love U sooooooo muuuuuuuccccccccchhhhhhhhhh………..!!!!!!!!!!

  2109. 2109 : dahlia Says:

    hai lee min ho…
    you are really good actor..i veeeeery like you …….
    co mucccchhhhhhhh…..
    i loooooooveeeeee you
    you are so cute and veryy hansem
    anddd very perfect ….. i like yoooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu good bye
    good blezz you

  2110. 2110 : nengsih Says:

    I like uuu so much
    from indonesia

  2111. 2111 : KAREN Says:

    Annyeong Lee Min ho…
    I Love You
    Wo Ai Ni
    Ti’ Amo
    Mahal kita
    Pinangga Kita……
    Anatawo Aishitemasu….
    Wa Ga Eli
    God Bless You Always…
    May the lord god guide you

  2112. 2112 : n'ela Says:


  2113. 2113 : ANNE Says:

    ..☻♥Hi lee min hoo..!☻♥
    merry christmas and happy new year…
    wishing you a happy10x christmas vacation..
    love you …

    can i get your no.222

  2114. 2114 : ANNE Says:

    ..♥ HI LEE MIN HOO ♥..






  2115. 2115 : Syifa Says:

    HI Lee,
    Wish you all the best for future…If you do not mind my sister admired you so much and ask your FB address…thankyou


  2116. 2116 : Syifa Says:

    Hi Lee,
    Wish you the best for future

  2117. 2117 : dhentie Says:

    , u’re so perfect!!!!
    , yeah,,

    ,please visit INDONESIA,,
    ,i’ll be waiting you,,

  2118. 2118 : tenzin Says:


  2119. 2119 : cez Says:

    hai advance merry x’mas and happy new year!!!
    i am the one of ur fan here in philippines…
    i always watch u in BOF…
    i hope u can come here…
    a lot of ur fan here hoping u can visit here….
    we will waiting for u..
    god bless u always…
    stay safe and take a lot of care…
    keep up the good work…

  2120. 2120 : tenzin Says:

    hi lee min ho i’m one of your big fan so thats y i leave a message for u actualy i dont like these kind of thinks but what can i do ur acting force me 2 do it. piz plz plz do message me i dont think u’ll message me but what i can do is a little bit of hope so plz try it ok my ID [email protected] and MERRY CHRISTMASS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance oh one more thing curly hair suits u a lot………

  2121. 2121 : olive Says:

    hi min ho

    you are very hamson

    you new TV series with song hye kyo

    good luck

  2122. 2122 : rosdip Says:

    yo! Lee minho
    see i am one of ur die hard fans
    i am from NEPAL
    its a small asian country
    BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS was superb!!
    i have watched it 3 times…….
    three cheers to ur fantastic acting
    good luck for your career
    [email protected]
    [email protected] (plz do reply)

  2123. 2123 : awonshang Says:

    hi sexy merry x-mas…. njoy life,,, deo gratias

  2124. 2124 : awonshang Says:

    lover merriest x-mas 2 u.

  2125. 2125 : Mano Says:

    hai gu jin pyu….
    im frm india i can say im a verrrrrrry big fan of u u r sooooooooo smart i like u sooo much b rockkkkkk

  2126. 2126 : marj Says:

    hi,lee min ho i’m marj from phil. you really did a good job.:) I like the way you act…impressive!

  2127. 2127 : Miss What? Says:

    ho mi gosh.. hope he reads you’re messages.. tsktsk… gotta go..

  2128. 2128 : anise Says:

    Ur so handsome
    ur smile make me crazy
    Please email me:[email protected]’d
    N sent me ur FB addres
    Love u so much

  2129. 2129 : atiqah Says:

    I not like you about your hansome but like your personality

  2130. 2130 : korean lover Says:

    you are the perfect one i guess . auww ! you so cute , i’m really meant it .

  2131. 2131 : arz Says:

    hi, you are good actor. i hope you can send back my comment in my e-mail. thank you. Ganbatte ne. ^_^

  2132. 2132 : stephie Says:

    GREAT PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    n would u give me the name of u’r FB please………. i really hope so_ :))

  2133. 2133 : saira Says:

    they’re so cool
    everyday and everynight
    i am watching BOF
    so kilig hahaha

  2134. 2134 : saira Says:

    lee min-ho
    you almost ruined
    my world …
    i love you so much
    especially the way youy act?
    GOSH!! it so nice
    you so handsome
    and a attractive one

    hope you can comment back

    saira mae macapeges HERE
    your # 1 fan in the philippines..
    i LOVE YOU

  2135. 2135 : maephilippines Says:

    lee min ho.. i’m looking forward u can read my message soonest.. u’r so handsome, u’r tv series is being played here in the philippines late at 10 PM ” boys over flowers” whch i watch often.. saranghe.. takecare always..pls dont hesitate to visit the philippines.. theres a lot who wanted to see you in person, love you F4

  2136. 2136 : maephilippines Says:

    i wish to c F4..i’m your no. 1 fan.. love u all

  2137. 2137 : Preeti Says:

    i just love you sooooo much. i hope in future before i die i will meet u

  2138. 2138 : Dian Says:

    hai oppa minho…
    i’m yOur big fan….i’m suear…
    i always looking about you in web and anywhere…
    everyday i’m watching bbf or bof…
    i proud of you…
    usually i thinking of you..
    when you come to indonesia..
    a lot of your fans waiting for you…
    take care oppa minho…
    i always waiting for you n i never forget you…
    don’t forget me ..dian..

  2139. 2139 : Dian Says:

    i hope in future before i die..
    i love you forever…
    you must believe me,i’m your big fan….

  2140. 2140 : Dian Says:

    can you and f4 come to indonesia..??
    please…i know you so busy…
    but i’m your big fan….

  2141. 2141 : Dian Says:

    if you care of your fan and if you have chance..mailing me at [email protected]
    i know you so busy…sorry…

  2142. 2142 : Dian Says:

    you my everything…
    love for you…..

  2143. 2143 : alyona Says:

    I have seen boys before flowers:)) i like it very much:))

  2144. 2144 : ain Says:

    lee min hoo & F4…i hope can see u all in malaysia…boys over flower the best drama…i wish u all good luck & luv u all…

  2145. 2145 : tna n seema Says:

    hi lee min hu we r ur craziest fan of urs wer frm nepal so luv un a lot
    n loved ur drama “boys before flower” it was gr8 to watch u there,
    we luvu very muchh n hope to c boys before flower 2 sooonnnnn, welll be dying to wait 4 u….

  2146. 2146 : rozaidah ibrahim Says:

    u are very2….cute lee min ho..do the best 4 your next project..HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010…MAY GOD BLESS U…

  2147. 2147 : dee Says:

    ily . 🙁

    keep up and i’ll always pray for you ..

  2148. 2148 : jr Says:

    hello. can u add me in your yahoo messenger?
    here’s my yahoo email
    [email protected]

  2149. 2149 : chareez Says:

    happy new year 2010

    do the best for the next job, , ,you can give the best for your fans! ! !

    i just can dream to meet you. .but i know that is impossible , , ,

  2150. 2150 : myat mon kyaw Says:

    ႈI Love You

  2151. 2151 : quiNceberrylady Says:

    I really like this guy! He is my ultimate crush! Min Ho! 🙂

  2152. 2152 : shrutijoshi Says:

    I Love this guy n his hairstyle………
    loving him till now…..

  2153. 2153 : shane cutey('',) Says:

    i love u lee min ho…
    i wish that im ur gf…

    ..and im sure that all girls get jelous ;;♥♥

    my wish…♥
    …l o l…♥

  2154. 2154 : Uji Says:

    Not bad this boy. Very cute & funny boy specially his curly hair.
    Hope can watch another his drama soon.

  2155. 2155 : alexis Says:

    hi lee min ho. . .

    your so cute!!

    i love
    boys before flowers/ / / / / / / . . .

    im your bigest fan
    ill follow you until
    you love me/ / /. . .

    joke. . .

    take care. . .

    hope you and jandi
    wll be
    and boyfriends=D. .

  2156. 2156 : Beatrice Says:

    Hope to see his new dramas soon….a good actor 😀

  2157. 2157 : anonymous?! Says:

    hey..sup..u sure made a big hit here in our country mr.superstar..congratulations!anyway,,just drop by to say that..i guess..bye.

  2158. 2158 : naumy Says:

    hy lee min ho apa kabar!! kmu kren abizz deh

  2159. 2159 : iya Says:

    You are the first list of my pav star, second is edward cullen…. Hahaha,,, u can beat edward cullen, isn’t that cool…. SARANGHAE leeminho* hey, do u have twitter? I’ve follow u, but seem that u never tweeting,,, please tweet sometime, I wanna know what u’re doing,,,* T.T

  2160. 2160 : amily aileen Says:

    lee min ho. i hope u will come to malaysia again soon. i really want to see u face to fece. i hope u will always success in acting. u are so talented. love to know u 😀

  2161. 2161 : Daletha Says:

    u look charming when you’re angry, perhaps that is what keeping us as viewers attracted to you ^^.

    hehe, im proud to be your’s and Koo hye seon’s fan 🙂

    all the best !! .. from
    your Malaysian fan.

  2162. 2162 : ElizabethShengXiong Says:

    Lee Min Ho, you’re so cute. Adorable.
    You swept me off my feet when I saw you in Boys Over Flowers. I loved the way your hair looked, the way you smiled. Ahhh… you’re what I call my ideal lover. Hehe…
    I really really hope you come to America. Atlanta, Georgia to be exact. I would really like for you to come so I could see you in person. =]
    Saranghae Lee Min Ho!

  2163. 2163 : aulya Says:

    lee min hoo .
    saranghaeyo .
    yeongwonhi ….!

  2164. 2164 : asd Says:

    i love u

  2165. 2165 : nanaz Says:

    hi lee min hoo,i love you very much i want chat with you if you like add me tnx babay :*

  2166. 2166 : lin Says:

    omg!minho,you are just way too adorable………….love you as gu jun pyo and also as lee min ho………..hope you do more great movies..so that i can keep watching you…….wish i could meet you in person.that would be the best new yewa gift ever

  2167. 2167 : minlei Says:

    lee min ho is supah cute ever….he is actually my crush….

  2168. 2168 : goo hye sun Says:

    i’m goo hye sun i love 2 make that things that we do 2gether i’wont forget that.

  2169. 2169 : j lay Says:

    handsome but mad

  2170. 2170 : SABRINA Says:

    Min ho oppa,,
    nomu jalsaenggimnida..

  2171. 2171 : maehan Says:

    lee min hi

    i really do lyk u,

    keep up the gud work..
    gud luck

  2172. 2172 : jessie razo Says:

    hi kindly inform me if the cast of BOF will visiting here in Philippines 09108186754 thank in advance

  2173. 2173 : edna Says:


  2174. 2174 : Putri novallita Says:

    Hai min ho my name is
    putri novallita in indonesia
    when you come in indonesia?
    Lee min ho you very very cute
    and handsem and i luv u,,,

  2175. 2175 : sarmila Says:

    lee min ho,hope to see u in more drama n films in coming days……u were my idol,u r my idol n u’ll alwz remain as my idol person tc ur unknown fan

  2176. 2176 : shereen Says:

    For inning the 2009 KBS Drama Rookie Award and winning the “Best Couple” with Goo Hyesun, I love it!!! You really are the best couple. Please, always take good care of her. Hope to see you both in another feel good drama.

  2177. 2177 : Anonymus Says:

    I like you very much!!! Hoping that you can make more and more movies and best of all take good care of yourself.

  2178. 2178 : ritchel Says:

    kua jun pyo wag ka makipag halikan kay sandara park
    pok pok yun

  2179. 2179 : 1st fan Says:

    congratulations lee min ho!!!!!

  2180. 2180 : michelle felizarte Says:

    hi like Ur acting at boys over flower i love it!

  2181. 2181 : michelle felizarte Says:

    happy new year!

  2182. 2182 : anyminhoosayshikamaru Says:

    hai min hoo
    me fans u from Indonesia

  2183. 2183 : ocha Says:

    Lee Min Ho,,,,,,,
    LuV U FoReVeR,,,,,,,,

  2184. 2184 : jam Says:

    BOF here in the philippines is a big hit, even after now..
    i really like your tandem with sandara park, i’m a big fan of sandara park since the day she join star circle quest here in the philippines…
    by the way i have a 8yr. old niece and here mother is pregnant, when she found out that the baby inside here mother womb is boy.. she wants to name here future brother “jun pyo”, your character name in Boys over Flowers(boys before flowers).

  2185. 2185 : mary-z Says:

    hi dear lee min hoo,you are the great actor that i ever seen in my life,actully thats my idea and the other fans,i like every every every thing about u,im from iran,i will be there where evere u are,one day i hope so,be carefull ok?

  2186. 2186 : unis Says:

    happy new year!

    God be with u!

    God bless u!

  2187. 2187 : 143 Says:

    annyeonghaseyo! je ireumeun bianca imnida!

  2188. 2188 : denisse Says:

    your so famous here in the
    philippines i like the way
    u are!im crazy for u!!!!!
    my chistmas wish is
    i want you to meet in personal
    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
    ur my inspiration

    hope i see u in person

    hehehehe like you all
    cast of BOF!!!!IM FROM PHILIPPINES!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU! : )

  2189. 2189 : wulan Says:

    lee mim ho



  2190. 2190 : wulan Says:

    lee min ho I love it!!!!!!

    Your the BEST!!!!!!
    good luck…..

  2191. 2191 : Jane Says:

    hello lee min ho
    gudluck to ur career

  2192. 2192 : lwaneaimin Says:

    how are you
    i from myanmar
    i like your style
    my yahoo account is [email protected]
    contact me

  2193. 2193 : lwaneaimin Says:

    hi how are you
    i like your style so much
    i from myanmar

  2194. 2194 : wiidhyie Says:

    hy min hoo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    I LOVE YOU………….
    you are so cute………………………

  2195. 2195 : lia Says:

    hai min hoo….

    I like you….

  2196. 2196 : harta muliadi Says:

    i like your acting,, very2 good. i like
    from lombok, indonesia.

  2197. 2197 : tuhe Says:

    Hi. . .
    Min ho, how are you when you come to indonesia. I want to with you coz i Hateee you wkwkwkw. .,.

  2198. 2198 : jade Says:

    hia lee min hoo muzta kana alam mo mahal na mahal kita ako ang fan mo i love u or in japanes saranghe muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2199. 2199 : jeh ruby Says:

    i really love yaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh>>>>>>>

  2200. 2200 : frea Says:

    you is my idol. i hope you can visit Indonesia. you’r so famous in Indonesia. so, please go to Indonesia….!!!!

  2201. 2201 : thuzarnaywin Says:

    I like you. so I love you forever
    you connect me
    my gmail account is thuzarnaywin91

  2202. 2202 : amie Says:

    Hi..lee min ho
    i am amie from indonesia
    i have a friend
    her name is ifa
    she love you but only 20%

  2203. 2203 : CARRABY says Says:



  2204. 2204 : RENATA Says:

    hy,,,LEE MIN HOO im love you
    im like BBF


  2205. 2205 : Syafia Lee Min Ho Says:

    Lee Min Ho!!! Ak ngefans bgt sm km!! cz u itu ganteng bgt, siihh!!!

  2206. 2206 : venus Says:

    hi lemin ho i want to see you.But i known this is not easy .You and me once time to meet i think.

  2207. 2207 : Dawa Says:

    Hi……I’m ur biggest fan from Bhutan & I love ur acting in the drama “Boys Over Flowers”……Ur awesome!!

  2208. 2208 : Lola Says:

    Min ho…qmu tyu cwakepz bgt,,
    I love BBF

  2209. 2209 : dja Says:

    waaah…lee min ho…u’re the best….
    i really love your character in boys over flowers…it shows how you loved and cared for gum jan di…
    hope you’d visit philippines…me and your million fans are waiting for you here…

  2210. 2210 : dja Says:

    if i would have the means…i would first visit Korea,…hoping to see you in person…hehe..

  2211. 2211 : Erlyta Says:

    hi min ho . . .i like you . . .u so handsome . . . please come in indonesian i am always wait you to come in indonesian i love you and i love BBF thank,z

  2212. 2212 : rya Says:

    seNyum Qm Tuh mEnggOda bWgtz ciEh…………………
    I LikE u’r stiLe

  2213. 2213 : kim lee Says:

    i miss you min .. 🙁 hope to be with you again soon

  2214. 2214 : nadira Says:

    min ho, i am one of your fans from indonesia. I hope you come to medan one day. medan is very nice, many interesting place to visit. See U

  2215. 2215 : Mary Says:

    ……………..Hi Lee Min Ho……………

    Oh your so awesome…….

    We really,really love you. Here in the Philippines.

    We hope that the F4 will come to Philippines w/ Jan Di the very cute and beautiful…..

    You have millions of fans here.

    Hope you’ll visit!!!!!

    We love you!!!

    Your My Idol “Jun Pyo”…

  2216. 2216 : milky Says:

    I’m your follower in twitter..milqueta here..hope to see you..

  2217. 2217 : dark vader Says:

    nice!!!i like your hair
    in BOF…….

  2218. 2218 : Mzzach Says:

    love him

  2219. 2219 : maya Says:

    i love le min ho.hi always is the best.

  2220. 2220 : Marcha Elcha Says:

    Hy…Im Elcha,Im From ”INDONESIA”…I LiKe YoU! sO mUcH…,i am one of your FANS From INDONESIA…I LoVe YoUr AcTiNg and Drama Of ”BOYS BEFORE FLOWER” ^_^…

  2221. 2221 : Chelsea Baby Angelica Says:

    hy…Min HoO…Im Chelsea im From ”INDONESIA”,I LiKe YoU aNd I lOvE YoU…im one your FANS!!!,Min HoO you Handsome…..^_<,Thanks

  2222. 2222 : Erlyta Says:

    hi min ho . . . you is so very handsome i fanz you from indonesian i like you acting in BBF thanks

  2223. 2223 : amyza Says:

    hello GOO JUN PYO…….i from MALAYSIA..i love 2 see u in BOYS OVER FLOWER…u are soo handsome in the story…i hope u will come 2 MALAYSIA again…………I LOVE U SO MUCH

  2224. 2224 : eRLIta Says:

    hi Min Ho i love you so much you so cool to act in BBf on Jun Pyo its so cool I always to u come in indonesian okay
    Thank’s tu Min Ho

  2225. 2225 : yhana Says:

    ^^–heheh wApoOO!!!ni junpyO!!!

    ^^–supEr tlaga ahhhmMMmmmmppft!!

    ^^–ka gi2L ka sobrA!!

  2226. 2226 : suryatin Says:

    min ho, love you to forever.
    you are very.very handsome,i like you so much….

  2227. 2227 : anjenette Says:

    hi lee min ho im your number 1 fan i really you hehehehe and pls can we be friends or just cheak me out on my friendster on [email protected] llove yah

  2228. 2228 : anjenette Says:

    ill be really waiting for you more power to boys over flower

    xoxo aj

  2229. 2229 : abby Says:

    hi lee min ho… i am abby,, and i’m a fan of yours!! its the first time that i admire a person like you!!! im a filipino 🙂 and im longing for you to visit in the phil..:) i want to see you in person,, even from a far distance,, at least i’ve seen you!!i’m happy with that!!! 🙂 i love watchng you at boys over flower,, i kept on watching that, just to see you!!! 🙂 take care always!!


  2230. 2230 : kaye:) Says:

    hi lee min ho:)) also known as goo jun pyo. weeh ! i really glad to meet you even if its not in person but i really admire you. superr. obsesse wid you. hahaha=)) im waiting you here in the phil. haha=)) loveyou lee min hoo. so much. staysafe. hope you can read my very own comment. hahaha:))) reply is needed ha? hahaha:))) love yo again. mwa ! :*

  2231. 2231 : rutch Says:

    hi min ho!!!wow so handsome!!! I hope you can visit here in the philippines with gu hye sun/gu hye seon. hope to see you with gu hye seon in your up coming movies or drama series. You two are good together……Happy New Year to you and to your family….!!!!!please send my greetings to gu hye seon..take care always and God Bless…!!!!!

  2232. 2232 : fechan Says:

    Min ho…. tetap semangat!!!!

  2233. 2233 : heni Says:

    saranghaeyo oppa…

    luvh u so much,, forever..
    when u go to indonesia??
    by heni & avira…

    do you have facebook???
    [email protected]
    add.. pleaseee…

  2234. 2234 : Ferry Abuel Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho. Hope your doing well. I’m looking forward for more BOYS OVER FLOWER part II. Your very good as Gu Juen Pyo. Your so handsome and I’m your number 1 fan here in the Philippines. When are you going here in the Philippines. I really wanted to see in person. I wanted to take pictures with you and have your autograph. And most of all, I really wanted and wishing to have a date with you even for just an hour… Your my ideal man. Hope we could be friends. Please accept my request in facebok and please add me at friendster my email add is [email protected]. PLease… please…. please…

  2235. 2235 : thu Says:

    your jealous face is very handsome.

  2236. 2236 : ya"nx Says:

    lee min hoo…
    u’re so handsome…
    i love you so much…
    i wanna to meet you… pliz visit me in bandung (indonesia) with geum jan di n f4…
    n pliz add my facebook in [email protected]

  2237. 2237 : tubby Says:

    hey…here in the philippines we really love the way u act hope u visited our country bcoz u have lots of filipino followers….keep it up!!!hope i can find time to visit u also in korea and entertain us………..thanks…god bless!!!

  2238. 2238 : tubby Says:

    hey…im one of ur viewers of bof..here in the philippines we really appreciated ur acting skills…hope u visit the philippines bcoz lots of filipino love and supports u…thanks for reading…hope i can find a way to visit u in korea…god bless..keep it up!!!!!!!!!:)

  2239. 2239 : anti Says:

    hello!lee-min-hoo,howz lfe?im ano.one fan of you please…………………………make frendship wid meh!ur BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS was areally hit.&sarange&kamsanida …………………………………..BYE!BYE!

  2240. 2240 : ANTI Says:


  2241. 2241 : Dchy Says:

    lee min ho,,,,
    i’m indonesian…
    I love u very so much,,,
    i want to hug to u…
    youre very handsome….
    i’m very crazy because or u….
    i hope u can to come here,,,my country….

  2242. 2242 : preethi Says:

    Hi!Lee Min Ho.how r u? howz mom & sis? my wish is that always be happy where ever u are with ur family.I wish u get a very lovely & an understanding life partner.Be happy where ever u are.And if u get a chance please do visit INDIA.Bye Sunbae!!!

  2243. 2243 : preethi Says:

    Hi! LEE MIN HO Sunbae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2244. 2244 : dew Says:

    hi….lee min ho i’m indonesia,oh ya kapan nieh keindonesianya RAIN aja dah kesini buat konser,kapan nieh bintang2 korea keindonesia??????????

  2245. 2245 : ARISTAMARA Says:

    INI FOTO YANG PALING BAGUS B……………… U……………. A………… N…….. G…….. E………. T……… Z…….

  2246. 2246 : sunita Says:

    Hi U r looking so Charming n I LUV u so much.I like your acting very much.Its real………….

  2247. 2247 : Afril Says:

    Lucu sich bs nulis di coment ini..jujur aku bkn orang yg ngefans sm jenis artis manapun..tp aku senang kl kamu bs baca..teruslah berkarya selagi msh muda..mumpung msh ada kesempatan n waktu..aku senang kalo kamu bs berbgi masalahmu ke aku..walau aku bkn sebaya kamu lg..terkadang menjadi bijak bkn krn umur n waktu, tp krn tempaan hidup n pengalaman..oke boy..take care..adik ku..love u….

  2248. 2248 : rushma Says:

    i love u very much
    u are so handsome.
    ur smile is too cute.
    please come with me in date in Nepal

  2249. 2249 : novy Says:

    oppa sarang haeyo

  2250. 2250 : June Says:

    OMG a lot ppl love u so much…wish u succesful on u career…can’t wait u new drama..

  2251. 2251 : jennilynd. Says:

    hi gu jun pyo….
    im your no. 1 fan in the philippines…
    im hoping you will forgive us to visit us here and have a concert… we love yah!

  2252. 2252 : LEE MIN HO AWARE Says:

    we should hear our sound to the world that we hate this monkey (lee min ho)
    his fans and other people should know that this guy is the worst ,ugliest,monkey,donkey,cat,dog,fish,cow,goat,zebra,giraffe,ant,rat,mouse and many other animals in the world


  2253. 2253 : Nirukhuman Says:

    Lee min ho… u r my bst actor…

  2254. 2254 : Princesk Says:

    hai go jun pyu!!!!!!!!!!, . . do you have gurl friend?????????. .coz i want to be your gurlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am yours forever!!!!!!!!!!promise!!!!!!!!love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2255. 2255 : Princesk Says:

    those who hate go jun pyu,. . .tomorrow YOUR DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2256. 2256 : saru Says:

    who d hell r u 2 say such a worst thing of LEE MIN HO.hi min ho howz d days goin on?hop nice.be cute hai.n is ur hair is orginal

  2257. 2257 : phoebe ruth ligoy ligoy Says:

    hi hello idol?? can you send me a comment from you??

  2258. 2258 : injin Says:

    i like u

  2259. 2259 : injin Says:

    I like you

  2260. 2260 : sandi Says:

    Please! Read it.
    I like you very much since I was watch Boys Before Flowers
    I invite you to come my country .(myanmar)

    Please!!!.. Reply mail to me.

  2261. 2261 : kristle joy mendez Says:

    hi lee min ho..as gu jun pyo.. i really like ur character so much.. its inspired me a lot..

  2262. 2262 : azizah camelia Says:

    Hy Lee min hoo……….your smile is so sweet…I like it…..

  2263. 2263 : joeena Says:

    hi… i watch you in boys over flowers… you’re so cool… good luck in you career..

  2264. 2264 : snaiu Says:

    Hi gu jun pyo,
    i am ur big fan from ur “BOYS BEFORE FLOWER”

  2265. 2265 : cholate love Says:

    u r very handsome

  2266. 2266 : Novia cahaya Says:

    ^_^ Lee min ho, gImaNa kbr qmU, sejaK Q n0ntOn fiLm BBF, seTiap peraN y6 qmU maInkan sLaLu bgUs, jd q jg iKud mersaKan, d.saat PeraN Qmu sedIh, Q bisa menghabiskan 5 tishu Loh,,!
    Pa lg karakter yg QMU mainkan, waLaupUn Qmu dIngIn, pemarah, eg0is, tp dI baLik smUa tU qamU tUH r0mantIS, penyayaNg,! Q jd iNgin seKaLi maIn fiLm bareng Qmu, pLease c0me t0 Ind0nesia,, y0u verz2 hand s0me,, LOVE Y0U Lee min h0,, em….mUach,,,,

  2267. 2267 : geet Says:

    hi! min ho..

    u r tall n a handsome guy..

    i like your silent smile..

    keep it up…

  2268. 2268 : geet Says:

    hi!min ho..how are you handsome guy???

    your tall is plus point 4u…

    i like your silent smile..very meaningfull..

    take care..

  2269. 2269 : arlene daclan Says:

    i LOVE you JUN-PYO….
    I love you Lee Min Ho..
    Marry me…
    I love you soooohhh much…

  2270. 2270 : arlene daclan Says:

    please visit here in the CEBU CITY Philippines..
    …. ILoveyou Go JUn-Pyo ……..

  2271. 2271 : Fitry Says:

    Hae . . Jun pyo,gntEng jgA eah,mAnk top bgt dagH F4 . .

  2272. 2272 : jade Says:

    hi lee min ho im jade from phillipines ill be honest 4 u im a lisbian but not soo im just a little girl im 15 years old high school…………u r so cute and tall guy and i like u us a friend i hope my wish is cam true 2 going in the korea soon ang i hope i see u in personal ind i wanna be a actres in korea thats all lee min ho thanx 4 read my comment god blezz u min ho thank u bye

  2273. 2273 : Sakura Keiko Says:

    you’re is the best Gu Jun Pyo,,
    Lee Min HO My Everything..

  2274. 2274 : uweeekk lee min ho Says:

    lee min ho like donkey,really ugly like shit

  2275. 2275 : adik gedik Says:

    i love lee min hoo very much because he very2 handsome..I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH…

  2276. 2276 : intan Says:

    .lee min hoo love u so much .. came to indonesia okay ..

  2277. 2277 : Kevin Jecy Says:

    You will make me crazy……………..
    i love your Drama films……………..

  2278. 2278 : kat Says:

    hi lee min-ho!!! will you be able to read this? I hope so.. I hope I can see you in person because I’m super addicted to you! I’m from Philippines by the way! 🙂 And you have lots of fans here too! 🙂 I love you so so much!!!!!!! 😀

  2279. 2279 : namrata Says:

    lee min ho
    i am yours great fan. I love u.

  2280. 2280 : marlyn Says:

    hi Lee Min Ho im your fan in the philippines, your such a nice guy and a good actor specially in boys over flowers, until now i still watch it and watch it. i really like the story and the actors and actress also. im not fan of watching any series, but when boys over flowers aired, i broke my silence just to express my innermost feelings with this love story series. i love it… million times..hope to see more of your tv series…. god bless and good luck to your career, im praying for you…

  2281. 2281 : Cora Says:

    Goo Joon Pyo you the best keep making movies

  2282. 2282 : dewi22 Says:

    Lee Min Ho…hope your new drama will success like BBF, or even more..
    And your acting will be more powerful…
    Cant wait to see Personal Taste drama with you on it..^_^

  2283. 2283 : reina Says:


  2284. 2284 : lioe nyit cu Says:

    i love so much…. pissssssssssss il rangno

  2285. 2285 : Jane Balen Borinaga Says:

    Hello!!!Lee min hoo..BY the way I’m here in the Philippines..

    Your such an ANGEL…specially your face and I love the TV Series Boys over flower specially you…Your my idol…Your Angel of health,strenght, happiness, wisdom & of good hair…Some days…one Angel is not enough…Fortunately, you have the whole team….woah…tc…

  2286. 2286 : alca mae abonales Says:

    your fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    your the most handsome person i’ve ever seen for the past 20 years..

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    gud luck for yr future carrier.

  2293. 2293 : Rosie Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ho,

    It is understandable why many girls become crazy about Boys Over Flower. With your looks and characters, all women will be mesmerized with your character as Gu Jun Pyo. The Gu Jun Pyo’s character that I felt you have succeeded in potraying would be his determination and persistence to win the girl that he really fell in love with and the way he go against his mother’s wish. But at the same time as the drama progresses, I also like how he becomes more matured with his decision to take responsibility in the management of his parents’ company. Keep up the good work. Stay healthy and handsome as always!

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    God bless you always…

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  2349. 2349 : robby Says:

    i would like to see another series of the wedding and married life of gu jun pyo and jandi with their children.

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