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Lee Min Ki

Lee Min Ki 02

Name: 이민기 / Lee Min Ki
Profession: Actor and model
Birthdate: 1985-Jan-16
Height: 184cm
Weight: 72kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: A
Education: Kon Kuk University (Art major)
Talent agency: The Men Management / Wellmade STARM

TV Series

My Liberation Diary (jTBC, 2022)
Oh My Ladylord (MBC, 2021)
The Lies Within (OCN, 2019)
The Beauty Inside (jTBC, 2018)
What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (tvN, 2018)
Because This Is My First Life (tvN, 2017)
Shut Up Flower Boy Band (tvN, 2012) cameo
Evasive Inquiry Agency (KBS2, 2007)
Dal Ja’s Spring (KBS2, 2007)
I Really Really Like You (MBC, 2006)
Be Strong Geum Soon (MBC, 2005)
MBC Best Theater “Taerung National Village” (MBC, 2005)
Rainbow Romance (MBC, 2005)
Drama City “Booyong of Mt. Kyeryong” (KBS, 2005)
Drama City “Oh! Sarah” (KBS, 2005)
Drama City “My Older Brother” (KBS, 2004)


Detective K: 3 (2018)
Shoot Me in the Heart (2015)
For the Emperor (2014)
Monster (2013)
Very Ordinary Couple (2013)
Quick (2011)
Chilling Romance (2011)
The Days of my Youth(2010)
A Million / 십억 (2009)
Haeundae / 해운대 (2009)
Oishii Man / 오이시맨 (2009)
Romantic Island / 로맨틱 아일랜드 [formerly: Feel So Good / 왠지 느낌이 좋아 (2008)
Humming (2008)
A Day for an Affair (2007)
Riverbank Legends (2006, cameo)


Pizza Etang
LG Phone & Fun
SK Telecom


Modeled for the Litmus 2005-2006 collections

Related Photo

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Lee Min Ki 17


  1. 1 : Loty Says:

    i really liked his role opposite eugene (i really really like you), they have great chemistry together, i hope to see him in more series, really loved his acting i just love his charm. i am from the philippines and being a fan of eugene i collect dvds of her series.

  2. 2 : ahs Says:

    really like this guy… his aura is acting is so good… i’m currently watching dalja’s spring in kbs world, and wow he’s such a cutie too.. i’m from the philippines

  3. 3 : naomi Says:

    I admire his acting talent most! In Dalja’s, he can proof that having a good look is merely a complement to his great talent as an actor. Welldone Bro’! I know you’re great! But One says that people who always worry about the thick cloud would never get to reap what he saw. Just give a little faith,add a drop of hope and head on with ur dream!Hatcha, hatcha fighting! 🙂

  4. 4 : icanonlybeme Says:

    he’s so hot! i like him very much!Well, i love the way you are, LEE MIN KI!!

  5. 5 : icanonlybeme Says:

    anyway,im from the philippines,too

  6. 6 : naomi Says:

    When you’re down to nothing, God is up to something! 😉
    And by the way, I come all the way from Indonesia…Nice to meet you all here folks! Gambate ne! 🙂

  7. 7 : Dee Says:

    Yea… I like him too… Haven’t watched Korean drama/movies much, but when I set my eyes on him… uhm… I think 2nd episode of Dalja, I just don’t want to miss any of the following episodes. He got me… Would he have an email or post address? Anyone know? Just thought I’ll drop him a note:)) I’m from Indonesia too……

  8. 8 : naomi Says:

    Hi Dee…your name sounds familiar…

    Yeah, Dalja is awesome! The strong point of the story is that it is honest in its way to unravel the most common problems in single’s world. About how woman would communicate with her heart and man tends to use his brain. It’s cute and so down to earth! Bravo! Well, sorry I can’t help you get his e-mail addy. Wish I could write him one too..hehehe…Anyway, it’s nice meeting you here Dee! 🙂

  9. 9 : Dee Says:

    Hi Naomi,

    Nice to have met you here also. I guess thousand of people use Dee as their nickname, so it’s very common. Tho in my case – its just a shorter of my real one. About Dalja. Yes, not many movie would reveal that a man got to use their feelings too. But Taebong said it out loud, and that just made me like him more. Not only as the role he is playing. But as the man himself. There’s something in him that is so charming….. And the way he wear his clothes…. wonder if there’s something that won’t look good in him:)

  10. 10 : Freda Says:

    I am a Myanmar girl. I like you and I like to kiss you. You are so cute and romantic. You are the best man. I Really Really Like you movie is one of my best movie. I love you very very much. As much as the sky. If you read this.

  11. 11 : Freda Says:

    I love you Lee Min Ki. As much as the sky. I like to kiss you. You are my top 1 actor. You are so cute and romantic. I like to look at your every day. You are my man. I like you when you smile. I like the way you act. If you read this I would be very happy and very thank ful to you. I love you very very very much. So try hard on every movie. You are so charming.

  12. 12 : sell Says:

    he’s the best actor

  13. 13 : naomi Says:

    Hi Dee! Is Dee a shortage of Dewi? And yes, I couldn’t agree more, he always looks good in everything he wear. I guess, tht’s part of nature’s gift. And yes,I wish that there’re men out there who got Taebong’s character. But men, usually refuse to b outspoken to keep their cool. Or maybe I just haven’t lucky enoigh to meet one, hahaha…

    For Freda: I hope he’ll hear you 🙂 since you’ve spoken out loud enough here! hehe…P.E.A.C.E & nice to meet u here too!

  14. 14 : Shayera Chan Says:

    I Like Lee U very much. U acts so nice in “I really really like you”.
    I like the way u act. I like U more than any other boys. I hope we meet one day and be friends. I hope we can chat with each other in gtalk .do u no gtalk? if u don’t hav an account in there, then plse get an account. I would love to talk to you. Mine gmail account is [email protected] plse invite me if u hav an account. My email address is [email protected] or [email protected].
    Thank u! See ya!

  15. 15 : Shayera Chan Says:

    plse read my comment i would love u to read it. bye!

  16. 16 : ylivealone Says:

    he’s one of korea’s great actors…he plays so natural…liked him so much..- philippines

  17. 17 : naomi Says:

    huh hmmm…Iam so sleepy today…Got a piling job waiting on the desk. My glass is an empty entity waiting to fill up, my throat as dry as a dessert, yet…I think I’ll someone to kick my butt to get me wal to the pantry. How I wished I had a robot to get me drink.

    And now I’m hungry! Grrrr….Lee MinKi, can you get me some food here…??? PLease…I’m starvin! 🙁 hiks..hiks..

  18. 18 : naomi Says:

    Minki, are you a friend of Lee Dong Wook? If you are, then please tell him that I love him!!!..Hihihi…Wished I could go and see him when he visited Indonesia for his lovely serial “My Girl”. Well, I’d love to propose him to be my hubby if he wants! 🙂 He’s cool…Does he has any girl friend yet??

  19. 19 : sexy4yennie Says:

    i love this guy
    since i watched I Really Really Like U
    and now at Dal Ja Spring
    he is very nice & cute guy

    but i don’t like him at A nice day an Affair
    i don’t like caracter

  20. 20 : maylee Says:

    youre so cute!!!more power & GOD bless….

  21. 21 : aura Says:


  22. 22 : noonie Says:

    You are the first actor of your generation that always brings a surprise. Your range of emotions shows thru like a seasoned performer. You can touch people all the way to the soul and your true ora of shyness makes one believe no matter what age, to live today like it’s your last.
    Thank you for reminding my generation not to give up beleiving that your generation has it going on. Your example is one you know God looks on says, “AH, NOW THAT”S GOOD WORK IN PROGRESS”
    Stay happy and may all your dreams come true,,,,TEXAS,USA

  23. 23 : Ome Says:

    saranghanda Lee Min Ki.

  24. 24 : ss Says:

    I like this guy so much. especially his lips. And his acting is awesome. Anyway, he is good in everything.

  25. 25 : naomi Says:

    ss Says: I like this guy so much. especially his lips. And his acting is awesome. Anyway, he is good in everything.

    I agree about the lips. But his everything? as in “he’s good in everything?” I don’t quite agree on this one. Mostly when I don’t really know the guy 🙂 But still love his acting thou! Cheers!

  26. 26 : ss Says:

    Annyonghaseyo…Naomi. Sorry if u think that I’m wrong. Maybe I’m just too exicited to see his acting and don’t know how to express it. by the way thanks for your comment.

  27. 27 : thanngelay Says:

    Lee Min Ki.
    You are so smart!

  28. 28 : gemini Says:

    Lee Min Ki is not really that good looking for a heart-throb actor, but I like his performance in I Really Really Like You opposite Eugene. He made me laugh; he is so natural in his acting; witty and full of life and zest. That made him so interesting, the reason why I searched the internet for more of him. His acting is very impressive. I have yet to see him in some serious drama series. For now I will be checking in some of his movies and series for more entertainment. I just want him to know that he is very much appreciated and that he is really good in what he is doing.

  29. 29 : kimmy Says:

    i love his acting especially in Dal Ja’s Spring… he look so cute in that series opposite Chae Rim. this is MUST watch for LMK fans… trust me you wont regret for this one…

  30. 30 : anne Says:

    your so handsome…enewei i watch you one of the kdrama the title is love truly you’re the main cast their..you do great job

  31. 31 : diding Says:

    wish you will have Eugene, still as your partner in your next tv series, just like “Love Truly”

  32. 32 : jaja Says:

    lee min ki.your so cute.i really like the “love truly” its so beautiful.;).

  33. 33 : jaja Says:

    lee min ki

    _ur so cute
    _ur heart throb here in philippines.
    ;).take care.

  34. 34 : SHEENA Says:

    “i really2 like you”- really good to see you with eugene.ilove you LEE MIN KI

  35. 35 : kmchi Says:

    you were really really good, funny & charming in “i really2 like you”… can’t wait to watch dal ja’s spring…

  36. 36 : kmchi Says:

    Hi!! you were really funny, cool, good & charming in “ireally2 like you”… can’t wait to watch dal ja’s spring…. take care

  37. 37 : MHICKY Says:

    HI!HOW ARE YOU?what happen to you now here in the phillippines
    in your TVC series i like your some action your partner is EUGENE KIM & ryu jin LEE i like you because you is so very beautuful boy. WHEN YOU CAN VISIT HERE IN THE PHILLIPPINES YOU WILL ARRIVE RIGHT NOW AND I MISS YOU GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS TO YOU AND GOOD BYE I LOVE YOU! MMMMWWWWWAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 38 : korean girl Says:

    Hai!!!!!!!! LEE MIN KI…. what up!!! I like your acting in I REALLY LIKE YOU. You are so good and funny. I love you so much……….

  39. 39 : PALm Says:

    Hi, Min Ki….

    I like every series your action…
    I live in thailand

    When you come thailand ???

    LoVe U So MuCH>>>>>>>>> MiN Ki

  40. 40 : jajA Says:

    i really like you here in phillippines hi ilove so much

  41. 41 : jajA Says:


  42. 42 : kym bee Says:

    i love him in Dalja’s Spring!
    i love Kang Taebong!!!! =)
    super cute and charming =)

  43. 43 : saladisa Says:

    i do enjoy watching u (LMK) too..great!=)

  44. 44 : kimmie Says:

    no neun, keop-ta~ ajah lee min ki! su go hae!

  45. 45 : farahshar Says:

    I luve this guy especially in Really Really Like You!!!
    He’s so funny and charming too..
    I luv his character as Nam Bong Ki..so sweet..(^-^)
    n I’m from..M’sia

  46. 46 : mojarOO Says:

    I really really like you Min ki…HHHHHEEEE!!!!

  47. 47 : nurnadia Says:

    oh dear.. i’m melting lee min-ki… u r sooo hot!!! trust me… i hope you’ll alwez succeed in ur career… all d best 4 u… and, i love you 4eva.. n yeah, i hope sumday i can watch u act in movies as well as dramas.. cos u r talented n smoking-hot..peace.. muahzz..

  48. 48 : sanshyli Says:

    i really like this guy,,

  49. 49 : fhayla Says:

    i love lee min-ki…………….

  50. 50 : fhayla Says:

    lee min-ki………

    ur such a gud actor……….
    ur so handsome………

    i really love ur show “love truly/ i really really like you”


  51. 51 : MojaRooo Says:

    Hii.. Min Ki!!!!I admire u a lot….u r so cute!!!!!>>>>>

  52. 52 : nafida bte hassan Says:

    Hem! to be a good actor, looks doesn’t count, is the talent & LEE Min KI is among 1 of the actors who can act. He is with in the class of: LEE DONG GUN, JOO JI HOON & I wish to see him more…
    I esp enjoy him in Really2 like you, when I’m stress out in work as his jokes make me laugh

  53. 53 : nafida bte hassan Says:

    is LEE MIN KI & EUGENE dating? cause they sure looks like when they in Really2 Like You & I WISH THEY WERE coz they make a great pair…

  54. 54 : brooke Says:

    your right nafida i like the boyz youve said just add joe cheng)hope you know him in it started with a kiss!!!) hes cute at Ireally really like you!!!BONG-BONG forever(bons-soon and bong-ki) _eugene and li min-ki!!!
    cute,muscled,caring,all of the goodest of all the good traits are shown by his baby face!!!!!!!abig kiss for yah!!1MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. 55 : kamin Says:

    OMG I really like this guy >__

  56. 56 : melody Says:

    Hi! Lee Min Ki!!! your so cute and handsome!!!=)
    I wish that I could see you in personal…
    when i’m watching you, i’m very amaze!co’z your so charming….!
    GOODLUCK to your career!!!=)

    You and Eugene are perfect couple!!!!I hope you’ll become…HUSBAND and WIFE=)

  57. 57 : melody Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!
    i’m a big fan of yours…
    pls. come to philippines so that, all your fans here in philippines will see you in person!!!!=)

    (LEE MIN KI love EUGENE)(PLS. marry HER!!!!)

  58. 58 : MojaRooo Says:

    Min Ki is simply HOT!!!!!I luv this guy so much….he’s so cute….

  59. 59 : Nathalie Loves Min ki Says:

    Hi Min ki! im from philippines, i’ve watch your movie with Eugene- “I Really Really Like You(Love Truly)”, i used to watch your movies here in internet they was great!, and it’s because of you! you’re so HOT! so Handsome!!!, and your voice was great!, i listen the song that you sings here’s the URL>>>http://kayiee1015.imeem.com/music/CIegTxMl/like_a_candy_ii/ , i was totally in loved by your voice!!!.. I Love You! >3, i wish you can visit Philippines.. hehe, noting>.

  60. 60 : Theint Says:

    Hello Min Ki!
    I’m from Myanmar. I like u so much in “Really2 Like You”.
    I wish u to happy all the time.
    Many Smiles

  61. 61 : korean girlz Says:

    I love lee min ki very much. He so handsome and cute. I admire him so much. Best!!!!!

  62. 62 : NoHu Says:

    u r so gentlement, handsome,caring, funny..eventhough u r in trouble..i like ur character in this series “i really really like u”..one day, i hope i can see u in personal…………….MUAH!!!

  63. 63 : NoHu Says:

    Lee Min-Ki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I loVe U so MuCh…..u r so cute………from MALAYSIA..

  64. 64 : lohanjae Says:

    Hi! Min ki , I love you. I am your fun . I watch you everyday at TV. You are so cute. Please tell me a mail . If you write a mail to me , I’m very happy.I’m waiting you. Thank you.

  65. 65 : mega star Says:


    Lee MIn KI
    I really really like u.
    Miles & miles far away beteween us , I always love u.

  66. 66 : nadia Says:

    hi….lee min ki is still cute and handsome.

  67. 67 : nafida bte hassan Says:

    Brooke, hem wish he is an item with Eugene eh??? But I think Eugene is with Park something… Anyhow keep your finger cross

  68. 68 : daskolero Says:

    min ki is no.1 for me, watching him in IRRLY, the character he portrait there was a good example 4 those who guys out there….we her in the Philippines we idolized Lee Min ki so much

  69. 69 : Mai Thanh Huyen Says:

    Hi, Lee Min Ki ,Iam from Viet Nam .I love you so much. I spended a longtime to look for informations about you ,because I didn’t know your real name before .So luckily for me today, I just want to say again : I love you !

  70. 70 : Kay Zin Says:

    Hi, Min Ki! 🙂

    I am from Myanmar!

    You are so gorgeous and cute in ‘ Oh Dal Ja’s Spring’. I am watching that TV series at the moment. I like it very very very much and so do my friends. When I watch Really Really Like You and Oh Dal Ja’s Spring,
    my mind is refresh and you make me laugh.

    I wish you more and more popular and be the most successful actor in Korea Asia and all over the world! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  71. 71 : sophea Says:

    heeloo…LEE MIN KI 🙂

    i’m from malaysia..i hv watch your movie Truly LOve and Dal Ja
    spring..and you what?i’m right now i’m your biggest fan..hehe..
    all the best for your career…come visit Malaysia..
    Malaysia truly asia…

  72. 72 : moja-moja Says:

    hye!! i love your drama expecially Love Truly.u look so hensem on that drama.

  73. 73 : athira Says:

    hello lee min ki.. u are so hansome. i happy u succes always

  74. 74 : Qi Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ki, I am from Singapore. I really admire your acting skills, and you really look handsome and mature. Hope you’ll be success in your career, and do take care of yourself due to busy work such as acting. I like all your drama(especially Dalja’s Spring) and movie(A Good day to have an Affair), , Rainbow Romance really funny too. All the best in the things you do. =)

  75. 75 : yuri Says:

    i love the drama i really really like u its so cute and ur so fine as well

  76. 76 : CJ Says:

    hot!! good job in Really Really Like You

  77. 77 : claire Says:

    You’re cute in I REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU (love truly)….

    keep up the good work!

  78. 78 : mierdo Says:

    stay cool min ki!!!!! i love u best…!!!!!!!! ur the hawtest ^^

  79. 79 : bimbomin ki Says:

    hey min ki… i admire u alot n ur one of my fav korean hottiez…!!! i luv ur acting in truly luv n sumtimes i wish that im bong-soon… hehe.. ^^ good luck in ur -future
    -n…ur looks… ^^ i luv u….muwah….

  80. 80 : aLice Says:


  81. 81 : airline Says:

    I love you so much

  82. 82 : Horizon Says:

    Hi Min Ki! I like u so much specially in Dal Ja’s spring and I really really like u series. I’m from Myanmar.I like ur acting.

    I wish u all the best!

  83. 83 : May Thet Htar Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ki!

    I’m finding out about you on internet very long time. I got it today which is lucky day for me. I’m from Myanmar. I like your movies (especially Dalja’s spring). I’m always your fans. Wishing you be successful in your life.
    Lee Min Ki, Fighting!
    I love u.

  84. 84 : W T J S Says:


    Im find about you internet many time.I’m from myanmar.I like your series I Really Really Like You(Love Truely)and Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.You are excellent actor.I like your acting.I wish you always successful.
    Fighting Lee Min Ki

  85. 85 : A T W Says:

    You are very handsome.I watch all yr movies and series.I like I Really Really Like You and Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.If i watch yr series,i want to cry(expecially I Really Rea
    lly Like You).I watch this many many times.

  86. 86 : WTG Says:


    I like your action.Always successful.

  87. 87 : Wha Says:


    I like you and Eugene in Love Truely series.

  88. 88 : Wha Says:

    You are very handsome.You are best actor.Fighting Lee Min Ki.

  89. 89 : MM Says:

    I like your smile.I like your movie(expecially Oh Dal Ja’s Spring).You are Kang Tae Bong in this.I like Chae Rim and U.

  90. 90 : WTA Says:


    I watch ur movie now.I watch ur movie every night.U are very very handsome in Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.
    U are always handsome.
    Keep good job Lee Min Ki.

  91. 91 : NBK Says:

    I dont know ur name.So i spent many time to fine ur name.U made us laugh in Love Truely and Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.Ur action is natural.In Love truely,u are angre if u drive.I Like this.I Like U and Eugene.
    Lee Min Ki
    U are so smart.!!!

  92. 92 : NBK Says:

    U are too smart.I like U.
    I want to see u many many series and movies.
    Fighting !!!!

  93. 93 : NBK Says:

    I like u very very much.

    Keep good job!!!!!Min Ki>!!!!!!!!!

  94. 94 : WAT Says:

    Lee Min Ki
    It is ur real name..
    I like ur action.
    Always successful.
    Always smile.
    If u smile,u are too handsome.

  95. 95 : WAT Says:

    I Like u very much.

  96. 96 : WAT Says:

    U are so handsome and smart!!!!!!!!!!!I love u.

  97. 97 : WWW Says:

    R u sleep now?I wach ur movie now.It is too good.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fighting Lee Min Ki>>>>

  98. 98 : RRRR Says:

    I love u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>

  99. 99 : TTTTTTTT Says:

    U r so cute.I like ur series(expecially Love Truely).
    Lee Min Ki
    U r too smart.

  100. 100 : A Says:

    Im from Myanmar.I like ur movie and series very much.
    Love truely and Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.
    I wish u r always successful.

  101. 101 : WT Says:

    Lee Min Ki

    U r too handsome.I !!!!!!!!love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u very much.

  102. 102 : WT Says:

    I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Like u very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. 103 : Yuri Says:

    Lee Mn Ki
    U r so cute in Love Truely.
    If u smile,u r too handsome.
    U r excellent actor,
    Wishing u r always happy>>>>>>>>

  104. 104 : Yuri Says:

    Good Job in
    Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.
    U r too smart.
    I like u very
    All my friends

  105. 105 : WE Says:

    Lee Min Ki
    In YGN,u r
    popular now.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. 106 : WRTY Says:


  107. 107 : WRTY Says:

    Lee Min Ki
    U r most popular in our country.
    I want to watch ur many many series and movie.
    Fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. 108 : WRTY Says:

    Ur smile is so cute.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. 109 : WRTY Says:

    U and Eugene r too perfect lover.
    Lee Min Ki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. 110 : o Says:

    I like ur series.
    Love truely and Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.
    In Love truely,I like ur character.
    U r popular actor.
    I like all ur action.

  111. 111 : EE Says:

    I watch ur movie.
    u r always handsome.
    I watch ur movie many many time about 89 time.
    Fighting Lee Min Ki!!!!!!!

  112. 112 : WT Says:

    I Like ur clothes in Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.
    U r look like young man in this.

  113. 113 : WT Says:

    I like ur smile and action.
    Keep good job.

  114. 114 : WA Says:

    U made me laugh in I Really Really Like U.
    I Like this movie very much.
    In this,i like ur character and action.
    In this,Sometimes u r sad.
    If u sad,i want to cry.
    IRRLU is good series.

  115. 115 : R Says:

    I Like u very very very very much.

  116. 116 : R Says:

    I like ur action in IRRLU and ODJS.
    Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LEE MIN KI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. 117 : WTA Says:

    Lee Min Ki
    I write many many letter.I hope u read all.I’m from RGN.

    I Like ur series I Really Really Like Like You and Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.
    In Love Truely,u said ur mother is dead because of u and u cry.
    I Really cry in this time.So u made me cry and laugh.At first ur action r laugh.If u drive,u r angry.Last, ur action r too sad for us.If i watch lsat,i cry.So u r excellent actor.
    I hope i watch many many ur series and movies.
    Keep ur good job.U r most popular now.I love u very much.Wishing u r always successful and always happy.U r too handsome and smart.If u smile,u r too handsome.Always smile.
    fighting Lee Min Ki.

  118. 118 : Candy Says:


    Fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God bless you.

  119. 119 : thain hlwar phyu Says:

    Hi Hi,

    You’r very popular in our country (Myanmar).
    I like your acting & your style.
    More than fighting.

    Best regards.

  120. 120 : bRidgEt_vAnG Says:

    omg.. lOve lEe minki sO muCH.. hE wAs sO adOrablE in “i rEally really likE yOu” lOoking fOrward tO thiS drAma.. kAUse lEe miN ki is in it.. mwAh.. sArangheyO.. mWah.. kiSsEs.. tOos.. uR sO hoT..

  121. 121 : kEllie Says:

    he’s hot!!

  122. 122 : luciE Says:

    Hey..!! Lee Minki I love you!!

  123. 123 : WWWW Says:

    U r very popular in RGN(Myanmar)Now.
    I Like ur Style and clothes.
    Fighting Lee Min Ki.

  124. 124 : TYU Says:

    I like ur action in I Really Really Like You(Love Truely) and Oh Da Ja’s Spring.U r very popular in our country(Myanmar).Always successful in ur life.
    Fighting Lee Min Ki.
    I Like ur action and style.My friends too.

  125. 125 : TYU Says:

    I like ur series very very very much.
    Fighting Lee MIn KI

  126. 126 : ttt Says:

    I like ur series very very very much.Always successful ………………………
    Fighting Lee MIn KI

  127. 127 : TYU Says:

    U r so cute.I like ur style.
    Always successful in ur life.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. 128 : TYU Says:

    Lee Min Ki

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    u r so smart and so cute.
    Good job in Love Truely.?????????>

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    Hey Lee Min Ki
    Is it ur real name?

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    Fighting Lee Min Ki.

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    I like u very much in Love truely and Oh Dal Ja’s Springl.
    Wishing U always successful actor.

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    I like ur simple style.
    I like Love truely very very very much!!!!!!!!>>

  136. 136 : Yu Says:


    U r too hot in YGN(Myanmar)
    Kee good job Lee Min Ki.

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    I like ur style.

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    I like u very much

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    Keep good job

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    U r excellent actor.

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    I like u very much.All my friends too.

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    Wishing Always successful in ur life.
    Fighting Lee Min KI.

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    Lee Min Ki
    Always successful actor

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    If u r smile, u r too handsome.
    I like ur style.
    U r very popular in Myanmar now.
    Keep good job
    I like u very much.
    Fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lee Min Ki>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Lee Min Ki
    I like ur action in I Really Really Like You(Love Truely) and Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.U r excellent actor.
    If u r smile, u r too handsome.
    I like ur style.
    U r very popular in Myanmar now.
    Keep good job
    I like u very much.
    Fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lee Min Ki>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Lee Min Ki;
    I love u.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Lee Min Ki
    U r look like gentle-man.

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    Ur smile is so cute

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    U r so cute.

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    but just in REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU.
    with Eugene and Ryujin.

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    like your cold and expressionless face on Dal Ja’s spring..
    such attitude can melt any female’s heart…
    wonder if a carracter of tae bong really appears in reality..

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    u’re very cute and handsome…
    good luck
    waiting for u’r new film

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    I love u very very much?

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    u r like this in the real life ?
    i dont know why i write this comment, im not sure that u will read this or not !!!
    but i hope u will …
    maybe sometimes u can reply ?…

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    They are excellent drama.
    Fighting Lee MIN KI?????>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Always smile Min KI……………


    I wish always successful.
    Yr all drama are excellent.
    I like it very much.

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    U r very handsome actor.
    Also ur action are good.
    Fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  198. 198 : yun Says:

    Min Ki
    Keep good job.

  199. 199 : vhenchze Says:

    Hi Mr Lee Min Ki…

    Your such a good actor…. i really lyk d way u ARE!!!
    keep up the good work and more blessings to come.

    I miss ur smile!

    rocks my world

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    Min Ki
    I like ur action in Oh Dal Ja’s Spring and Love Truly.
    Keep good job.

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    I like ur style ..
    I wish u r always successful.>>>>>>>>

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    Fighting MIN KI??????????????????????

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    U r excellent actor.
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    I like ur smile.
    I wish always successful.

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    u so handsome guys…………………..

    take care……..love u……………..happy new yeras……..

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    ///i just want to say that you are a good actor///
    and you are so cute…
    it is fun watching your korean novela which is LOVE TRULY///
    good luck to your career and may you have a good health..,,,

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    Lee Min Ki
    I like u actor Oh Dal Ja’s Spring
    I like u very much

    from Thailand

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    verry good in acting..i admire you a lot….

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    how are you?
    you are my favorite actor from korea.
    i want to see your new movie….
    take care

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    more project to come.. your d best!!

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    so good,,love yuh!!happy birthday bro!!

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    Hallo Lee Min Ki.. Happy birth day 2 u. Wish u all the best in your life
    Can’t wait your next movies and dramas…

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    happy birthday to u..wishing u a very happy new year..hope to c u in malaysia soon..hehe

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    Lee Min Ki
    Happy Birth Day
    Wish all the best you life, good health,
    success and happy for job.
    take care,Fighting
    I like u

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    I late one day.
    But i wish u r always successful and happy in ur life.
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

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    u r too handsome.
    I Like ur action in Love Truly.
    Happy Birthday to u for 16!!!

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    More smile !
    Good luck !
    A za a za fighting !!!!

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    U r so cute.?

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    U r excellent actor.
    I like u!!!!!!!

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    Fighting Lee Min Ki!!!!!!!!

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    U r too handsome in this.

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    I like u!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I like u!

    Keep good job>>>>

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    your so hott. i love you
    (0.-) to you

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    love truly..
    i hope i’m eugene kim to kiss you!!
    hope to see you in feels so good!!


    thanx 4 visitng the phils.


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    Min Ki
    I like ur character and style in love truly.
    It is a good drama.
    Keep good job Min Ki!!!!!!!!!!!

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    fighting Min Ki!!!!!!!

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    It’s too good drama for me.
    I watch it almost every day.
    I like ur jokes in lovetruly.!?????

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    Keep good job Min Ki

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    Keep good job!!!!!!!!!!

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    Really handsome.

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    U can make our smile and cry by watching ur drama.
    It is really.
    Keep good job Min Ki!!!

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    I’m from Asia.
    So i don’t understand korea language at first.
    Now i understand little korea language.
    because i learn this about 2yrs.
    Because i want to talk with u.
    he he ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I like ur drama very much

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    ur WonDerFul..
    I LUv Ur Style
    Keep Ur StylEIn Dal JA Spring’s

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    after watching the Daja’s srping, I start linking lee min ki a lot. His act is very good. The way he look and smile…ohhhh..touch my heart. I hope that
    i hope he will play new dramas that he is the only playing the same character…

  277. 277 : thameechawlay Says:

    hey prince

    you are so charming..the way you look make feel something inside my heart….i can’t speak korean language..but i will learn it sonner or later..coz i ……you..

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    hi lee min ki!!!
    i like your action in i really really like you especially in dal ja’s spring…….
    keep up the good work!!!!
    you’re so cute!!!!!
    sarang he hyo!!!!!!

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    hy lee min ki..like u so much..take care..

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    How r u>
    I want to say u specially that is yr too handsome/

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    Lee min-ki

    I’ve been watching the Dal Ja’s spring so many times and I still like it. Lee min-ki played the in the drama was extremly good. I hope they will make another drama that has him in it. Chareim is the best too, she is improve a lot..two thumb up.

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    i like you… your a cutie

  286. 286 : liza Says:

    lee min ki..i like you so much..take care..(^-^)”)

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    My world is a little nicer just because of You……….

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    Hi, Lee Min Ki…im from the Philippines…i really enjoyed your role in Love Truly/I really really like you…you were so cute there…i get hooked…u know, i am always searching the web to get new insights about you…. hope to see more of you soon…keep it up…

  292. 292 : frwpot Says:

    U t too handsome boy.

  293. 293 : ymai Says:

    Hi Agent Nam….i really just can’t get enough of you…i really love I Really Really Like You/Love Truly….i especially enjoyed your hospital scene with Eugene..It’s so romantic….I just can’t help but play it over and over again through YuoTube…:p You’re so cute, really..and funny, too….Hope to see more of you and Eugene on screen.. Keep it up and good luck…

  294. 294 : Hee Ju Says:

    love your smile~~

  295. 295 : analyn Says:

    hi agent nam i really watch love truly

    you so handsome

  296. 296 : Leilani Says:

    I’ve watched Dalja Spring, I Really, Really like You and Evasive Inquiry Agency, I can say that you’re really GREAT! I love watching you with Eugene and Chae Rim. I hope to see you more on screen.

  297. 297 : jhang Says:

    elow! lee min ki,
    hope to meet you someday, even its very impossible to happen.
    i really like you…
    wish you a lot………..

  298. 298 : shirley Says:

    i’m very xcytd abt dalja’s spring..u make a nice tandem with chae rim and also eugene kim..i heard dt u hav a big crush on yoon eun hye..is dt true?..

  299. 299 : Tarisa Says:

    Hi Min Ki

    You’re so cute, I’m from Thailand and you came to Phuket already. I saw on VDO clip. Hope to see you in Thailand again. I love your series ‘ really really I love you’ I really love your action * v *

  300. 300 : Sarah Says:

    Hi.. U r so cute.
    I like u performed in Dalja’s spring. Look forward to see ur new
    show 🙂

  301. 301 : gheneva Says:

    i like your role in LOVE TRULY and DALJAS SPRING..,,
    keep it up..,,!!

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    yoU act so nice…
    keep it uP..

  303. 303 : akah Says:

    i fall in love with you since i saw you in evasive inquiry agency!! HOPING TO SEE YOU IN NEWEST DRAMA!! ps: love your acting!!!

  304. 304 : maira Says:

    Hi minki!(also known as BENJIE in the Philippines)I’ve watched several korean novelas but your role in LOVE TRULY and Dalja’s Spring is truly one of a kind!!! Your such a great actor!!!Hope you’ll find time to visit us here in the Philippines…

  305. 305 : kim.yunjung Says:

    annyeong minki hyung!!
    i am a fan of love truly since day one…
    that is the only koreanovela I can watch whenever I do my assignments…
    now, still watching dalja’s spring…
    more powers to you hyung!


  306. 306 : charmaine Says:

    love you min ki…

    you’re very handsome and attractive…

    and i like your role in dalja’s spring…

    keep it up…

  307. 307 : donna Says:

    hi! how are you…you’re so cute…really…especially when you smile…you look very handsome…i dream to see you personnallly…wow…but anyway gudluck….i love you…

  308. 308 : donna Says:

    hi! i’m from phil …i really really like you…especially when you smile…your so cute…i always think of you..i wish that i could see you personnally…well, goodluck…

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    hi min-ki!!
    i’m so in love w/ u…
    such a handsome guy…
    how i wish i could see u personally.
    ur so cute when u smile…
    keep up the good work…
    dal ja’s spring make me feel in love

  310. 310 : KOKOKOKOK Says:

    I like ur style too much in Love Truly>!!!

  311. 311 : rhianne Says:

    im from philippines. 17 y.o.. Aneong Haseyo !!

    I just watched Dal ja’s spring..

    I liked it ^_^

  312. 312 : nikki Says:

    heLLo KANG TAE BONG! ..


    wAs reaLLy PHILIP is the eNgLish nAme f0r TAE BONG???

    i’M niKki fRoM PhiLippines ..

    i wAtchEd uR iNteRviEws oN y0u tUbE,,

    it wAs rEc0rdEd 2 wEekS bEf0rE tHe eNdiNg oF DALJAs SPRING ..

    i fiNd yUh a LiL bit oF JOKER!

    c0z yUh reaLLy Lo0ks a mAn witH c0nseRvAtivE peRs0na ..

    bUt oN tHat iNteRviEw i sAw,,

    y0u`rE reaLLy COOL mAn!

    h0pE t0 sEe m0rE oF y0ur sh0ws!

    i h0pE GMA7 w0uLd gEt aNotHeR dRama

    wHicH wiLL bE tHat YOU aRe tHe PROTAGONIST ..

    m0rE POWER! ..

    LhUv yAh! ~.^

  313. 313 : fRiTz Says:


    i really like the way you portray your roles especially in Dalja’s spring

    for me you’re one of the BEST Korean actor.

    KEEP IT UP!!!

  314. 314 : Hee Soo Says:

    love u Minki oppa~

  315. 315 : Mulan Says:

    You have a strong appeal in various Korean Drama. I’ve watched I really really like you, evasive inquiry and dalja’s spring. You are so simple but an adorable one. Keep up the good work.

  316. 316 : jonalyn Says:

    hi…how are you?I mis your cute eyes..i wish someday will see each other here in the Philippines..I watch your Korea Novela here our country..i miss you..see you.. always take care..kip up the good work.god bless!

  317. 317 : Lara Michelle Says:

    Hi Min Ki! Its my first to visit here..I’m one of your fans here in the Philippines. I hope to see you someday.I really love how you deliver your lines and how you act..It’s really great watching you in television..hoping for your success and more koreanovela to come..we filipinos waiting you to come hre.god bless..

  318. 318 : moon Says:

    LEE MIN KI I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  319. 319 : mykee caoc Says:

    hi!can you be my friend??????????please add me up;;;[email protected]

  320. 320 : jonalyn Says:

    an nyong haseyo!!
    sarang hamnida………..
    youre so lovely in daljas spring…
    I really like you….
    take care always..

  321. 321 : rianne Says:

    you act so nice keep the good work always

  322. 322 : miorjt Says:

    u r so cute
    Min Ki
    Keep good job
    Bye Bye!!

  323. 323 : laj c'na Says:

    ..elow lee min ki or philip of ” dalja’s spring”…u know what i really2x like the way u act..it’s so real!!..promise ur a best guy of all….keep it always!…i love you..>


  324. 324 : laj c'na Says:

    .lee min ki,..make a reply on my message plz. as soon as possible…..thank you so muc…we hope filipinos you will sometimes visit here in our country for a fans tour just like that and in order to see you in real..is it ok that to you..best guy you always in our heart…


  325. 325 : DaDa - Thailand Says:

    I like u more. I have heard that you have been in Thailand for xman # 40 but I missed. Your series not yet on air in Thailand so I just saw some. Waiting for your coming to Thai again. You have already sat in my heart 🙂

  326. 326 : fRiTz Says:


    lee min ki…

    you are so cute, i really,really really like your smile…

    for me you are a great model…

    i hope you can visit Philippines again…

    take care… i support you all the way…

  327. 327 : fRiTz Says:


    pls…. do watch evasive inquiry agency…

    it’s a nice drama….

    i rate it 8 out of 10…

  328. 328 : aejean Says:

    i wish will meet someday!!!
    from pinas!!!
    take care…(–,)

  329. 329 : elaine Says:


    eloW.. mr. min ki lee.. uhmm im 1 of urfun in love truly and in dalja’s spring… i want to meet you.. ehehe,, take care always.. ehehe.. lubyuah.. muahhh..

    =)..love you//**

  330. 330 : She Says:

    Hi Lee Min Kee…:] Im one of your greatest fans in the Philippines.. I watch Dalja’s Spring.. Chae Rim and you look good together on tv.. Hope there would be another soup with Chae Rim again.. Perhaps Dalja’s Spring 2!!heheh.. Take Care.. Hope you can visit here in the Philippines..

  331. 331 : micHi Says:

    i really admired you Lee Min Ki.. you’re so cute.. and your killer smile,, oHh my gosH!!! and i really like your role in dalja’s spring..hope you can visit hir in the phiLippines.. i really want to see you personally.. keep up the good work.. goodluck to your career!!!

  332. 332 : Diana Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ki!!!
    I am your new fan from Indonesi^^
    I like your role at i really really love the best and love dal jas spring too^^
    You are so cuteeeeeeee!!!!^^
    waiting for your next drama^^…

  333. 333 : rhanie Says:

    Lee Min Ki…ur acting in evasive inquiry agency it’s really really funny…but I don’t like with ur hair cut, that’s so old school..

  334. 334 : marge30 Says:

    Jjin Jjah jjin Jjah Joh Ah Hae Lee Min Ki, hahaha!! 🙂 NO pun intended. I really like you since ive watched the Love truly. Cant believe your in a such young age when you did this tv series. Your so hilarious & charming. I like the transformation of your character from being jerkball to being a funny & loving man. Your eyes alone can act. That’s why i wont miss any single episode. Btw, im planning also to watch Dalja’s spring after this. Ive heard a lot of good feedbacks in terms of story plot, characters & acting piece. Good chemistry with Cham Rae, like your tandem with Yoo Jin in I really really like you/Love truly. Keep up a good job! There’s so many things ahead of you. Good Luck!

  335. 335 : marge30 Says:

    ooppsss…. i mean Chae Rim, sorry peeps! 🙁 newei, i hope you can visit again here in Manila coz i miss your 1st visit last feb. 🙁 how sad!!!!! I hope you can do more drama series like Dalja’s & LOve truly. 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

  336. 336 : blackcherry Says:

    I like so much your acting and your style.
    I want to be a friend with you.
    If you want to be a friend with me, I request you to send your photos with cheerful smile to my g-mail ( [email protected])

  337. 337 : melody Says:

    ,,,, hi philip,,khang”I’ve watched several korean novelas but your role in LOVE TRULY and Dalja’s Spring is truly one of a kind!!! Your such a great actor!!!Hope you’ll find time to visit us here in the Philippines…
    i’m so in love w/ u…
    such a handsome guy…
    how i wish i could see u personally.
    ur so cute when u smile…
    keep up the good work…
    dal ja’s spring make me feel in love
    please add me up;;;[email protected]

  338. 338 : lou Says:


    you are so cute and adorable…
    i am one of your die hard fan….

    i hope you can have more projects…
    keep it up!!!

  339. 339 : sasori Says:

    halu lee min ki…my,my,my..
    you’re so cool in Dalja’s Spring..
    u’re really cute..

  340. 340 : autumn Says:

    …anyong haseiyo min ki oppa!!
    i’m rily one of ur avid fan!!
    i truly love ur tv drama series
    esp.dalja’s spring!!
    …and ur very handsome!!
    ..keep up ur good talent!!


  341. 341 : fritzie Says:

    lee min ki,,,

    you’re the best!!!
    i hope to see you in person,,,

  342. 342 : shanne Says:

    wow, such a versatile actor!!
    good looking model!!!
    successful career!!!
    what more you can ask for…

    keep it up!!!
    i am here to support you!!

  343. 343 : cris Says:

    hi lee min ki,

    you are such a great actor, i hope you can have more projects to come…

    hoping you can visit Philippines again..

  344. 344 : stella Says:

    hi min ki im from malaysia.i so much like ur acting in i really2 like you coz ur veri funny n oways makes me laugh.gud job=)

  345. 345 : shin Says:

    you rock!!

    very cool actor

  346. 346 : jonalyn Says:

    an nyong haseyo….
    how are you dear????

  347. 347 : stephy Says:

    hei min ki i reli lik ur character in love truly.love truli is ma fav includin u.you r hilarius in tis drama ur da type of person who can act in different way n style.anniong n god bless.!!

  348. 348 : jessah Says:


    i am one of your avid fan here in the Philippines…

    i hope i can see in personal..

  349. 349 : sam Says:

    lee min ki,,,

    Aneong Haseyo!!!

    you are the best…
    keep up the good work


  350. 350 : antwine Says:

    hi philip i really love you i want 2 have one night w/ u someday

  351. 351 : chris Says:

    hi, hello

    just wanna say thanks for being my inspiration…
    i always here to support you!!!

  352. 352 : antwine Says:

    hiiiiiiiiii philip i just wanna say i really admire you pls reply to my accoumt [email protected]

  353. 353 : antwine Says:

    i love you

  354. 354 : rochel Says:

    hello i’m you’re no. 1 fan i’m from philippines youre so cute pls add me on my yahoo i.d [email protected]

  355. 355 : sam Says:

    you are no. 1 in my heart!

  356. 356 : fRiTz Says:

    you are so cute!!!
    i adore you so much.
    be strongm….

  357. 357 : jess Says:

    i loveeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu……..

  358. 358 : mina Says:

    ..wAahHh..i reAlly loVe yOur aTtitUde inuR series dAljAs spring..hope your attitude in real lyf is like that..mWaaHh

  359. 359 : mina Says:

    ..ue so cute..hope to see u..plss add my acCt in fs and to my [email protected]..loveyoOo..

  360. 360 : michie Says:

    hi there Lee Min-ki (이민기)
    i really like you and your dalja’s spring series.. good luck to your career ….tc

  361. 361 : michie Says:

    I always watching dalja’s spring even in you tube, and I felt so good every time u smile..
    You rock..good luck

  362. 362 : quennie Says:

    eiz lee min ki,im an avid fan of urz from philippines..hehhe…….ur so cute……u make me melt evrytime u smile…..hehehe……i love ur role in dal jas spring its funny and great…….i really love ur eyes and i mean it!!!!!!!!!promise!!!!!!

  363. 363 : che Says:

    saranghe :p
    visit phils again, soon

  364. 364 : andrea nang Says:

    hi lee min ki or benjie or philip i like your attitude your every thing i love you for ever and ever im your first no1 fan since lovetruly to dalja’s spring this is my email ad or ym pls ad me ok

    [email protected]

  365. 365 : andrea nang Says:

    anyeng ha seyo lee min ki i hope you ad me [email protected] saranyo lee min ki anyo ha seyo bye ………..

  366. 366 : manilyn Says:

    hi lee min ki your so very cute and gentle!!!
    i hope you more project !!and be succesfull
    your so great im inlove with you!!ahahahha…
    take care always!!mwuahhh

  367. 367 : mikaela Says:

    hi 🙂 when i was watching dal ja’s spring, i realized how cute you are. because of your role there. i love it so much. you’re so sweet! i like you. more power and projects. i hope there is dal ja’s spring 2 because the show’s ending is not satisfying. i love [email protected]! i like you so much. hugs and kisses :))

  368. 368 : andrea nang Says:

    hi lee min ki its me again how cute you are im just a collage student i think always if i will save my money by working i will get my passport to follow you there at korea saranyo ayo ha seyo bye:-)) muahhhhhhhh
    always remeber ad me [email protected]

  369. 369 : andrea Says:

    NI HAO lee min ki!!!! i like you very much!!! grabee!!!! ur so cute, handsome & kind!!!!

  370. 370 : andrea aguilar!! Says:

    add me @ friendster [email protected]!!! ahihihi take care lee min ki!!!!

  371. 371 : andrea nang Says:

    im not andrea aguillar im andrea nang im not her we are not same, we are just same in name but im not her shes typing comments after me ok ilove uuuuuu bye

    note:sorry andrea aguillar but im just clearing that we are not the same sorry were peace : shake hands peace na tayo:-)

  372. 372 : rizydine saagundo Says:

    hi!!!.., im fan of yours.. i want only to say hi…!!! and goodluck on your career..

  373. 373 : christine Says:

    hi lee min ki… hope you can really read this… please visit us in the philippines! you have a lot of fans here! we love you! xoXO,,=)

  374. 374 : mashoo Says:

    I love the way u act in dalja and am sincerely love your love team with chae rim! I wish you came her.. LAB YAH

  375. 375 : Kyneth Says:

    hi lee min ki!
    I really love the way u act in Dalja’s Spring.
    and I really love the way you act!
    Your role really suits you best!
    Hope there’s a ”Dalja’s Spring 2”
    Dalja and you really makes me laugh and giggle everytime i watch your show!
    pls pls! let there be a ”Dalja’s Spring 2”
    GOD BLESS! ^_^
    View my Friendster, Lee ^_^
    thanks! ^_^

  376. 376 : angelyn lawan Says:

    you should always trust in yourself and whenever you make a movie,you should always put your heart in it.. believe in yourself…

    im a friend beside you… keep up the true you..

    more power..

    [email protected]

  377. 377 : angelyn lawan Says:

    yes… i may be attracted to you…but im not like other girls who tells it anywhere..

    i am a girl with a sense and its my first time to idolize someone.. i hope your not like other people who are judgemental..

    i hope and i am looking forward to meet you as a good, helpful and an enthusiastic person…

    thanks for the inspiration you have given to many people… and im one of those..

  378. 378 : Mary Beth Says:

    .,hello Mr. Lee min ki!

    im an avid fan of yours from the philippines.,uhm, hope you find time reding all our comments., we greatly appreciate it if you do., hehehe., thank you!

    you know what, you surely got a pair of tantalizing eyes., and i really love watching and staring at them over and over again.,
    take the best care! more power to your career,aja!

  379. 379 : Jennifer Barrameda Says:

    hi Lee min-ki! i really fond of your handsome face. im an avid fan from philippines.

  380. 380 : Jennifer Barrameda Says:

    hello lee min-ki, i am an avid fan from philippines.

  381. 381 : Jennifer Barrameda Says:

    i relly like your tv series daljas spring, please add me up- sweertjenny21! thank you and god bless you!

  382. 382 : cherry monique Says:

    hi! lee min ki your so handsome!!!!I really like your tv series DALJA’S SPRING your a very good actor!!your my IDOL!!!I LOVE YOU SO MUCH3♥!!!
    I hope you will come here in Philippines particularly in cebu!!!!By the way I’m 14yrs. old!!!!!Pls. add me in your yahoo [email protected]!!!

  383. 383 : ery Says:

    hi LMK..
    u are good actor
    ur acting so innocent and natural
    i already watch ur drama ‘Dalja spring” and “RRLY”

    i’am from Malaysia
    add me [email protected]

  384. 384 : ery Says:

    hi LMK
    i like ur smile..

    i want see your drama with yoon eun hye

    can u add my [email protected]
    p/s i know u are gud person

  385. 385 : tricia ocampo Says:

    hi lee min ki….
    i relly like your attitude….
    i think of you like a true person,,,
    you have a big sense of humor…
    i feel so happy whenever i watch your dramas…
    you act naturally…your so funny,,,,
    and your very handsome
    you are my crush in korean actors…
    aja figthing
    keep up the good work..
    stay what you are and many works to come!!!
    hope you can visit philippines once more…i heard you went to boracay to shot a film….can we be friends??kamsahamnida!!!saranghe Lee min ki

  386. 386 : lalaine Says:

    love you idol

  387. 387 : mj Says:

    hi philip..
    how are you?
    i miss you..
    i hope your doing fine..
    your my idol..

  388. 388 : grace lee Says:

    i love my honey lee min ki..his going to marry me soon..watch out for it!!love you honey lee min ki..tnx to all of you suporting my honey lee min ki..i love you all..im grace english name of my korean name lee chun yun..God bless

  389. 389 : star Says:

    hey i also hope there’ll be a dal ja’s spring 2! just watched the show..it was wonderful…pls pls come out with dal ja’s spring 2 k?

  390. 390 : eujin28 Says:

    hello Min ki ssi

    i love your confidence soooo much! keep up the good work and hope to see you on more more kdramas!

    luv yah!


  391. 391 : Chela Says:

    나 는 첼라 입니다. 안녕하세요.
    Hi, my name is Chela. I’m from México, I love the korean series and I know you for Dal Ja´s Spring. I hope see you in the other drama.
    My english is not better but I’m learning more english and more korean.
    I want know Korea, it’s my dream.
    You are special person…처음 뵙겠읍니다 !!!

  392. 392 : fRiTz Says:

    hi lee min ki,,,




    BEST!! CUTE!!

  393. 393 : meghan Says:

    Lee Min Ki…
    what a talented actor!!!!!!!!
    you are my fav actor. I started to know you from Dal Jas Spring.
    you were so cute in the drama…
    After that I watched you in IRRY… you were so good in there too.
    Keep up your good work
    I’m looking forward for your new drama…

  394. 394 : jhoan Says:

    you so cool

    i rily enjoi your acting

  395. 395 : su myat Says:

    I love you so much!

  396. 396 : XTing Says:

    Although most likely you will not see this posting, but if you just happens to…

    the first time i saw your acting is in the drama Be Strong Geum Soon. You may not be the main actor but your role in the show did leave an impression. Then not long later, i came across your next drama IRRLY, your character and fashion taste is so unique, i really really like it. The last one that i have watched is Dal Ja’s Spring. The role is so much more mature and different from the previous 2 drama. Too bad i have not watched your next in line drama Evasive Inquiry Agency yet… i am still waiting to see if i am able to purchase the drama in my country… Umm… oops! it seems that i just went to outerspace… hehehe actually just want to give you a pat on the shoulder. Great work, keep it up!
    *one of your fans*

  397. 397 : bebe Says:


    I’ve like you since you ‘re a model.I like you very very much in drama, ” Really Really Like You ” . I requested you please don’t shoot SEXY movies as ” A Good Day to Have an Affair ” . I don’t want to see you with other girls with sexy.Please! Ok! My friend show me your sexy movie but I don’t want to watch it and don’t watch it. But I watch your sexy movie on Arirang TV and I hate you.Please don’t shoot sexy movies. Please………! Ok…..!

  398. 398 : mary chris romero Says:

    i reelly love him… iwant to meet him in person…i love the he acts…very..romantic…im mary chris romero…pls.. if u have read yhis…pls. visit my profile…in http://www.friendster.com... i hope u could!!!!

  399. 399 : Jam Says:

    Lee min-ki.. such a great actor,,
    Witty and funny in IRRLY
    Charming and drop-dead gorgeous in Dalja’s Spring
    Wish that you’d be more popular and successful in your career!!!
    We all know as your fans that you’ll do great and be big!!!
    I hope to watch dramas from you that hit worldwide!!
    God bless

    Yoon Eun hye would be a nice leading lady for you 🙂

  400. 400 : zuba Says:

    i love you Lee min ki…….muah2

  401. 401 : salomie Says:

    halow im salomie

  402. 402 : Thut Htet Aung Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ki ,
    I am one of your audience. And I watched one of your TV series .
    That is Dal Ja’s Spring . I do like that TV series. And you are so handsome .
    And I do like your style. I want to be like you. I am from Myanmar Country.
    May you success in your life as you want !
    I will be your audience forever.
    I will love you forever .
    TRY HARD, Li Min Ki !
    Your audience,,,,
    Thut Htet Aung

  403. 403 : jobelle Says:

    im jobelle of phil. im avid fan of yours i like you since in koreanovela DALJAS SPRING nice love team with chae rim
    always take care lab u both(chae rim)

  404. 404 : amber Says:

    hi Min Ki ^^.u are so handsome and cute.u are a good actor.

  405. 405 : angel Says:

    Hi, Lee Min Ki.

    I like you so much. You’re very cute in really really like you and Dalja’s.

    Happy New Year 2009

  406. 406 : mizzah Says:

    i like u.,.,. ur handsome but ur thin.,.,.

  407. 407 : sitta Says:


    i so like u .

    i want to meet u .


  408. 408 : gelyn Says:

    Hi how are you im gelyn from phil… i like you your so cute.. a like your character in Dal ja’s spring, in be strong geum soon, and in love truly….
    Korean drama is a hit in the phil..
    may ask have you been in the phillippines..
    hope you’ll try to come here..
    keep up the good work..

  409. 409 : Lin Sandar Oo Says:

    Hello Min Ki I like your perfromance.
    I wish you become the most popular star in the world.

    See You, Lin Lin

  410. 410 : Delce Says:

    i like your performance!!!

  411. 411 : lama Says:

    You are my actor favourite
    I like so much your drama
    I look your drama version French
    it is a pity I can not speak Korean
    You also has fans in France
    [email protected]

  412. 412 : jonalyn Says:


    ” happy birth day!!! “

  413. 413 : Wania Says:

    Hi, Lee Min Ki

    Happy Birthday.

    Best Wish for only you, only year 2009

    I like you form Dal Ja’s Spring. I hope you will visit BKK.

  414. 414 : patricia6teen.. Says:

    i love u lee min ki..

  415. 415 : aung Says:

    I like you.You are my favourite actor.
    May you be happy in you life with love, kindness.
    Hold the best in you life

  416. 416 : claenne Says:

    i really really like lee min ki…

    ur character in the series i really really like you (love truly) was funny and cute…

    i wish i could understand korean… the song nam bong ki has a nice tune…

    take care and God bless…

  417. 417 : fijan Says:

    i like your character on dalja’s spring , hop i can find a man like that .

  418. 418 : NUCH Says:

    I love I kiss I like I want LEE MIN KI.

  419. 419 : Jangel Says:

    I loved your acting in IRRLY. The difficulties your character went through obeying the orders of his job and trying to follow his heart. I also love that theme song they had for you. I’m from the US and wanted to thank you for being part of such a wonderful show that transends languages.

  420. 420 : beauty Says:

    Ireally really like him ,I think he is an awesome, sexy in his own way, He really is good in his in IRRLY: Irecentlly started to watch Korean TV series and really enjoy it : I really hope to see him in more TV series in this year2009: Im from California and we really enjoy Korean TV series/Movies: Keep up the good work Lee:

  421. 421 : Mreesti Says:

    Love ya….(Nepal)

  422. 422 : Hikari Says:

    OMG! You’re sooo awesome

  423. 423 : Se-jin Says:

    Omg! Lee Min Ki ♥♥♥♥ You’re my #1 Favorite Actor! I love youu! You’re soooo cute! >.

  424. 424 : paradise Says:

    kissable lips…… seductive eyes…….gorgeous body…….. over all, have a strong sex appeal……… i really like you on dalja’s spring…. tc!

  425. 425 : elaine Says:

    hello Min Ki!!!!

    im 1 of ur fans too (from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)!!!!

    i like u very very very ……much coz u r so cool and smart and cute too!!

    im sure every of ur fans would like to know that do u have any more dramas/movies comin out for this 2009???

    please let us know we r ready the audience!!!

  426. 426 : lakergurl...... Says:

    wow lee min ki,…..ur so cute…………….really yA style n da way are…..ba!!!!ur so damn smart…………………like u gang eh!!

  427. 427 : JM Says:

    Hellos Lee Min Ki,
    Really luv to watch Dalja’s spring! I watch it over and over again as it was very funny. Esp Chae Rim. continue to work hard! jiayou!

  428. 428 : Pearl Su Hlaing Says:


    I love your style.You looks like a gentleman.I like your TV series and one of the TV series I like best is (Really Really Like You).

    Wishing you the best!

    Yours lovingly sister,
    Pearl Su Hlaing (from Myanmar)

  429. 429 : HNIN OU WAI Says:

    sarang hae yo.
    you are uert handsome.

  430. 430 : puy Says:

    I hope, you answer my e-mail [email protected]~ if you fell sad or bad ,I hope~

  431. 431 : Quyen Phan Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ki!
    I am Vietnamese,I really like your acting in movie Da Jal’ spring.Hope see more your movie!

  432. 432 : aya matsuyama Says:


    im still loving u! hahaha……

    watakushi wa anta.. saranghe.. kangaetery


  433. 433 : ruri tania Says:

    i am very very love boys before flowers

  434. 434 : goldfish Says:

    Lee Min Ki
    I am your audience.
    Be Happy…
    Have a perfect life
    See you…

  435. 435 : LEE SAERA Says:


  436. 436 : Elizabeth Says:

    ‘gemini’, there must be something wrong with your eyes, the guy is truly gorgeous! Thankfully you are more accurate in your assessment of his charm and talent. He’s compulsive viewing and would love to see more of him.

  437. 437 : junise Says:

    after seein u in DALJA’S cn’t get my eye off you….u r jus so cool! kip it up…..mmuahhhh

  438. 438 : Lydia Says:

    U r so cool in Dalja’s spring! especialy when u were a lawyer in that drama,,, perfect!

  439. 439 : jasmeen Says:

    Lee min ki I love you……can i get your e-mail…

  440. 440 : XiaoWen Says:

    hey guys,

    i am admire you more and more. 😀
    i like to watching your movie acting by you and your performance 🙂

    unfortunately i can’t understand korean,but i’ll learn
    so easily understand and listen from your movie without seeing the chinese word. 🙂

    i really hope you come malaysia and propaganda for your ‘Hauendae’ movie.
    i’m so desire to see you with face and face .
    hope my dream comes true.


  441. 441 : brandon Says:


  442. 442 : boon Says:

    Lee min ki I Love you

  443. 443 : wathchaever Says:

    Hi !!!!!!!!!! your so cute ,……….

  444. 444 : Uji Says:

    Hai..I also fan to Min Ki..Fall in love with him in I Really2 Like You & Dal Ja’s Spring. Always search about him at internet. I also watch X-man game with his had play in this game. Really cute when he had crush with Yoon Eun Hye..Like they booth. Hope they can act together in one drama..

  445. 445 : justine machate Says:

    g0sh ..
    LEE MIN KI ..

    i really love you.yes, i do..you act so well.
    you are so cute.i really wish to watch one of your tour or concerts.
    i love your shows,

    im looking forward to see you.

    here is my email:
    [email protected]!

    see yah!

  446. 446 : irene Says:

    Lee Minki made me laugh so much again for the 3rd time on “Truly Love you” ..He may not be as handsome as Lee MinHo but he sure has excellent acting skills..It’s not easy to act funnyman too. Keep it up MinKi!

  447. 447 : June Says:

    another korean actor caught my attention after watching tha Dalja Spring…very talented ..keep in good work dear..

  448. 448 : KDrama Diary Says:

    After watching Dal Ja’s Spring, I’m hooked up with this cool guy 😀
    Lee Min Ki, you’re already put yourself in my Top 10 KDrama Hot Actor List ^___^

  449. 449 : rsb Says:

    i first saw him in “be strong geum soon.” he is so good looking there. plus, he is also a great actor. i would want to see more of him. does he have a new soap?

  450. 450 : emily Says:

    how can i contact u?

  451. 451 : Moon Says:

    It was my first time to see lee min ke in drama called Dalja’s sprint and I really like watching him. He’s very cute..

  452. 452 : Kajing Says:

    I really really like Lee Min Ki- great actor, good looking, tall, hot, can sing. He even does not mind to look otherwise and yet he cannot hide the fact that he is too hot onscreen. I also like your new song- summer love is that right – the MV with the lucky girl that gets to be kissed by Lee Min ki so many times. And even your kaendi chu rum is very good. At first, I did not know it was LMK, but when i got the hang of it, I said Oh My God, He is so good.
    And even he seems to be typecast as a kissing bandit, he appears to be gentleman enough to his leading ladies,
    Lately, seems many girls young and noonas but all very beautiful girls are filing up to his premiere. Who is the real girl in LMK’s heart. The public has no idea except for Yoo Eun Hye. Is LMK still pursuing her? pls Lee Min ki pls give us a clue on your love life.
    i would like to see you paired again with Eugene and Chae Rim or maybe with Hwang Jini or Yoo Eun Hye.

  453. 453 : Magda Says:

    I like him and his music. What is he doing this year. I’ve seen him for the first time in ‘ Dalja’ s spring’.

  454. 454 : orange_girl Says:

    Lee Min Ki wins best newcomer at 46th Baeksang Awards for movie section


  455. 455 : marzi Says:

    hi i see daija spring and it was very romantic film and i never lost it and your acting was fabulous chokaderymida im irainean

  456. 456 : hlovate_dPAE Says:

    i love him too much!!!!wat a perfect guy!!!handsome.tall.hot……
    keep waiting 4 his new drama!!!!fans..hear diz…lets support him no matter wat…XP

  457. 457 : vibram fivefingers Says:

    oppa!!!!miz u so much!!hope u recover soon!!be well k???silly to say…but i think u the most charismatic guy ever i seen..after idol loh..XD…make a comeback soon k????miz u>,<

  458. 458 : vibram fivefingers Says:

    in fact , i am not familar with him , but i admin that he is very charming

  459. 459 : christian louboutin Says:

    Thanks for taking this opportunity to discuss this, I feel fervently about this and I like learning about this subject. If possible, as you gain information, please update this post with more information.

  460. 460 : chaepenn Says:

    i started to like him when i watch dalja’s spring. i like him w/ chae rim they look cute together. hope they do another series soon.

  461. 461 : loe Says:

    I like him in Dalja’s Spring too…

    i read that he will play in new romance film alongside Son Ye Jin…


    i’m looking forward it!!

  462. 462 : samin Says:

    i really like his films.i really like you was very good.i watched it from
    arirang tv.please send me his email address.
    my email address:samin [email protected]

  463. 463 : ruth8 Says:

    so hot .. oh still waiting 4 his new movie or tv series..mis u lee min ki….

  464. 464 : ladsa Says:

    i wait u drama romance with chae rim againt

  465. 465 : plumbumek Says:

    really really love yours dramas and music 🙂

  466. 466 : johanna Says:

    Love you work, hope to see more in the near future.
    Best wishes to you and you amily for the year od The Rabbit.

  467. 467 : List of Korean Actor « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Lee Jung Jae Lee Jung Jin Lee Ki Woo Lee Ki Young Lee Kyu Han ★★★Lee Min Ho Lee Min Ho (1993) Lee Min Ki Lee Min Woo Lee Min Woo (Shinhwa) Lee Moon Shik Lee Philip Lee Pil Mo Lee Sang Woo Lee Sang Yoon […]

  468. 468 : xhielo Says:

    i like u youre so cute and handsome..i wish we could met in person hehee

  469. 469 : ren121 Says:

    hi! Found another luv actor! u re so cute n hot when u close ur eyes in dalja’s spring, seems like wnnna kiss u lots, n u act so confidt as a lwyer in d drma! luv!

  470. 470 : dyamante Says:

    Great performance cameo in eye candy. Its crazy and amazes me. Great smile your totally different when you smile. Your persona changes with each different character. Hopefully you can work with Kim Sun Ah soon.

  471. 471 : icha Says:

    the first time to see lee min in shut up flower boy band,i like..
    i like min style…so much,
    i remember my frend’s than i look min..

  472. 472 : Caitlin Says:

    im crazy for this guy!


    […] Lee Hyun Soo Lee Hyun Jae as Jang Do Il Kim Min Sook as Seo Kyung Jong Yoo Min Kyu as Kim Ha Jin Lee Min Ki as Joo Byung Hee (cameo, ep […]

  474. 474 : sexy Says:

    i love chae rim so much and they are so cute watching together with lee min ki…i hope there’s another drama between the two because i love the way they act..so romantic…:-)

  475. 475 : mitch Says:

    … now i’m sooo hooked with Lee Min Ki..!! i first watched him in Chilling Romance and he’s sooo cute. i really really love him acting and love his eyes- too expressive and full of passion.. though the movie was very scary, still i watched it 3x bcoz of him.. hehe.. i immediately watched QUICK.. he’s sooo amazing! and now i just watched SHUT UP FLOWER Boy band but only till episode 3 bcoz i will just miss him if i continue to watch it till the end.. i don’t get the idea and concept y did they kill his character here.. i know he’s a bit busy with his incoming movies but they should give his character some justification.. i hate how he died, huhuhu,,

  476. 476 : mitch Says:

    ..i remember i already watched him before in Romantic Island but i didn’t notice his charm.. hehe.. but now i’m catching up with his movies and kdrama.. hopefully i could watched them all immediately..

    But please admin, can you change his profile picture? hehe.. thanks

  477. 477 : mitch Says:

    Lee Min Ki photos:



    pic link

  478. 478 : mitch Says:

    Lee Min Ki:

    pic link

    Pic link

    Pic link

  479. 479 : mitch Says:

    …i’m now addicted to LMK’s charm! i have watched almost all his movies and kdrama in 15 days!!! hehehe

    * Shut Up Flower Boy Band – though it’s cameo, i like his role here, cool and funny.
    * Dal Ja’s Spring – love d whole story, especially his true identity here.. but the ending is quite odd.. (they should get married) hehe
    * I Really Really Like You – one sided love for almost 25 eps! OMG.. atleast they have 2 eps for their own love story..

    Quick – good stunts!
    Chilling Romance – he’s sooo cute and funny here..
    Romantic Island – very hilarious!

  480. 480 : ROGAY Says:


  481. 481 : jeanne Says:


  482. 482 : Jae Says:

    So rockin’ he black liner!

  483. 483 : RUBY PLACHETA Says:

    hi lee min ki, i really like your song ” not in love ” in shut up flower boy band. your handsome. i think im gonna search and watch more of your k-dramas and movies. hope to see more k-series of your’s in a lead role. saranghae lee min ki. good luck……………..

  484. 484 : mahshid Says:

    나는 당신을 아주 많이 사랑합니다<3

  485. 485 : Sylvia Says:

    I love dis guy,he is one hell of an actor…..

  486. 486 : anne Says:

    he’s cute!

  487. 487 : Barbara Says:

    Just saw him for the first time in” For The Emperor “on Netflix and Drama Cool
    Oh my what a beautiful man!!!!

  488. 488 : JOANNE Says:

    Long time never saw his new project liao, drama liao.. What a pity can’t see him in “tomorrow with you” sad..

  489. 489 : “Tomorrow With You” -despre viata si calatorii in timp - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Han Ji Min si Lee Min Ki  au fost primele optiuni ale echipei de productie pentru rolurile protagonistilor dar acestia au […]

  490. 490 : Because This Is My First Life episode 1-12 – korean drama Says:

    […] Se Hee (Lee Min Ki) is a single man in his early 30’s. He has chosen to not marry. He owns his home, but he owes a […]

  491. 491 : “Because This is My first Life” - o poveste interesanta despre viata - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] is My first Life/이번 생은 처음이라”, drama ce ni-l aduce in prim-plan pe actorul Lee Min Ki in primul sau rol principal de pe micul ecran  dupa o absenta de zece ani, mai exact din anul […]

  492. 492 : DeeAn Says:


  493. 493 : Pocahontas11 Says:

    Love you Lee Min Ki

    Done All This
    1. The Beauty Inside
    2. Because This Is My First life
    3. Romantic Island
    4. Tidal Wave
    5. Spellbound
    6. Monster
    7. For The Emperor
    8. Shoot Me in The Heart
    9. Detective K: Secet of The Living Dead

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