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Lee Min Ki 02

Name: 이민기 / Lee Min Ki
Profession: Actor and model
Birthdate: 1985-Jan-16
Height: 184cm
Weight: 72kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: A
Education: Kon Kuk University (Art major)
Talent agency: The Men Management / Wellmade STARM

TV Series

Because This Is My First Life (tvN, 2017)
Shut Up Flower Boy Band (tvN, 2012) cameo
Evasive Inquiry Agency (KBS2, 2007)
Dal Ja’s Spring (KBS2, 2007)
I Really Really Like You (MBC, 2006)
Be Strong Geum Soon (MBC, 2005)
MBC Best Theater “Taerung National Village” (MBC, 2005)
Rainbow Romance (MBC, 2005)
Drama City “Booyong of Mt. Kyeryong” (KBS, 2005)
Drama City “Oh! Sarah” (KBS, 2005)
Drama City “My Older Brother” (KBS, 2004)


Detective K: 3 (2018)
Shoot Me in the Heart (2015)
For the Emperor (2014)
Monster (2013)
Very Ordinary Couple (2013)
Quick (2011)
Chilling Romance (2011)
The Days of my Youth(2010)
A Million / 십억 (2009)
Haeundae / 해운대 (2009)
Oishii Man / 오이시맨 (2009)
Romantic Island / 로맨틱 아일랜드 [formerly: Feel So Good / 왠지 느낌이 좋아 (2008)
Humming (2008)
A Day for an Affair (2007)
Riverbank Legends (2006, cameo)


Pizza Etang
LG Phone & Fun
SK Telecom


Modeled for the Litmus 2005-2006 collections

Related Photo

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Lee Min Ki 17

492 Responses to “Lee Min Ki”

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  1. 51
    MojaRooo Says:

    Hii.. Min Ki!!!!I admire u a lot….u r so cute!!!!!>>>>>

  2. 52
    nafida bte hassan Says:

    Hem! to be a good actor, looks doesn’t count, is the talent & LEE Min KI is among 1 of the actors who can act. He is with in the class of: LEE DONG GUN, JOO JI HOON & I wish to see him more…
    I esp enjoy him in Really2 like you, when I’m stress out in work as his jokes make me laugh

  3. 53
    nafida bte hassan Says:

    is LEE MIN KI & EUGENE dating? cause they sure looks like when they in Really2 Like You & I WISH THEY WERE coz they make a great pair…

  4. 54
    brooke Says:

    your right nafida i like the boyz youve said just add joe cheng)hope you know him in it started with a kiss!!!) hes cute at Ireally really like you!!!BONG-BONG forever(bons-soon and bong-ki) _eugene and li min-ki!!!
    cute,muscled,caring,all of the goodest of all the good traits are shown by his baby face!!!!!!!abig kiss for yah!!1MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 55
    kamin Says:

    OMG I really like this guy >__

  6. 56
    melody Says:

    Hi! Lee Min Ki!!! your so cute and handsome!!!=)
    I wish that I could see you in personal…
    when i’m watching you, i’m very amaze!co’z your so charming….!
    GOODLUCK to your career!!!=)

    You and Eugene are perfect couple!!!!I hope you’ll become…HUSBAND and WIFE=)

  7. 57
    melody Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!
    i’m a big fan of yours…
    pls. come to philippines so that, all your fans here in philippines will see you in person!!!!=)

    (LEE MIN KI love EUGENE)(PLS. marry HER!!!!)

  8. 58
    MojaRooo Says:

    Min Ki is simply HOT!!!!!I luv this guy so much….he’s so cute….

  9. 59
    Nathalie Loves Min ki Says:

    Hi Min ki! im from philippines, i’ve watch your movie with Eugene- “I Really Really Like You(Love Truly)”, i used to watch your movies here in internet they was great!, and it’s because of you! you’re so HOT! so Handsome!!!, and your voice was great!, i listen the song that you sings here’s the URL>>>http://kayiee1015.imeem.com/music/CIegTxMl/like_a_candy_ii/ , i was totally in loved by your voice!!!.. I Love You! >3, i wish you can visit Philippines.. hehe, noting>.

  10. 60
    Theint Says:

    Hello Min Ki!
    I’m from Myanmar. I like u so much in “Really2 Like You”.
    I wish u to happy all the time.
    Many Smiles

  11. 61
    korean girlz Says:

    I love lee min ki very much. He so handsome and cute. I admire him so much. Best!!!!!

  12. 62
    NoHu Says:

    u r so gentlement, handsome,caring, funny..eventhough u r in trouble..i like ur character in this series “i really really like u”..one day, i hope i can see u in personal…………….MUAH!!!

  13. 63
    NoHu Says:

    Lee Min-Ki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I loVe U so MuCh…..u r so cute………from MALAYSIA..

  14. 64
    lohanjae Says:

    Hi! Min ki , I love you. I am your fun . I watch you everyday at TV. You are so cute. Please tell me a mail . If you write a mail to me , I’m very happy.I’m waiting you. Thank you.

  15. 65
    mega star Says:


    Lee MIn KI
    I really really like u.
    Miles & miles far away beteween us , I always love u.

  16. 66
    nadia Says:

    hi….lee min ki is still cute and handsome.

  17. 67
    nafida bte hassan Says:

    Brooke, hem wish he is an item with Eugene eh??? But I think Eugene is with Park something… Anyhow keep your finger cross

  18. 68
    daskolero Says:

    min ki is no.1 for me, watching him in IRRLY, the character he portrait there was a good example 4 those who guys out there….we her in the Philippines we idolized Lee Min ki so much

  19. 69
    Mai Thanh Huyen Says:

    Hi, Lee Min Ki ,Iam from Viet Nam .I love you so much. I spended a longtime to look for informations about you ,because I didn’t know your real name before .So luckily for me today, I just want to say again : I love you !

  20. 70
    Kay Zin Says:

    Hi, Min Ki! 🙂

    I am from Myanmar!

    You are so gorgeous and cute in ‘ Oh Dal Ja’s Spring’. I am watching that TV series at the moment. I like it very very very much and so do my friends. When I watch Really Really Like You and Oh Dal Ja’s Spring,
    my mind is refresh and you make me laugh.

    I wish you more and more popular and be the most successful actor in Korea Asia and all over the world! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. 71
    sophea Says:

    heeloo…LEE MIN KI 🙂

    i’m from malaysia..i hv watch your movie Truly LOve and Dal Ja
    spring..and you what?i’m right now i’m your biggest fan..hehe..
    all the best for your career…come visit Malaysia..
    Malaysia truly asia…

  22. 72
    moja-moja Says:

    hye!! i love your drama expecially Love Truly.u look so hensem on that drama.

  23. 73
    athira Says:

    hello lee min ki.. u are so hansome. i happy u succes always

  24. 74
    Qi Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ki, I am from Singapore. I really admire your acting skills, and you really look handsome and mature. Hope you’ll be success in your career, and do take care of yourself due to busy work such as acting. I like all your drama(especially Dalja’s Spring) and movie(A Good day to have an Affair), , Rainbow Romance really funny too. All the best in the things you do. =)

  25. 75
    yuri Says:

    i love the drama i really really like u its so cute and ur so fine as well

  26. 76
    CJ Says:

    hot!! good job in Really Really Like You

  27. 77
    claire Says:

    You’re cute in I REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU (love truly)….

    keep up the good work!

  28. 78
    mierdo Says:

    stay cool min ki!!!!! i love u best…!!!!!!!! ur the hawtest ^^

  29. 79
    bimbomin ki Says:

    hey min ki… i admire u alot n ur one of my fav korean hottiez…!!! i luv ur acting in truly luv n sumtimes i wish that im bong-soon… hehe.. ^^ good luck in ur -future
    -n…ur looks… ^^ i luv u….muwah….

  30. 80
    aLice Says:


  31. 81
    airline Says:

    I love you so much

  32. 82
    Horizon Says:

    Hi Min Ki! I like u so much specially in Dal Ja’s spring and I really really like u series. I’m from Myanmar.I like ur acting.

    I wish u all the best!

  33. 83
    May Thet Htar Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ki!

    I’m finding out about you on internet very long time. I got it today which is lucky day for me. I’m from Myanmar. I like your movies (especially Dalja’s spring). I’m always your fans. Wishing you be successful in your life.
    Lee Min Ki, Fighting!
    I love u.

  34. 84
    W T J S Says:


    Im find about you internet many time.I’m from myanmar.I like your series I Really Really Like You(Love Truely)and Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.You are excellent actor.I like your acting.I wish you always successful.
    Fighting Lee Min Ki

  35. 85
    A T W Says:

    You are very handsome.I watch all yr movies and series.I like I Really Really Like You and Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.If i watch yr series,i want to cry(expecially I Really Rea
    lly Like You).I watch this many many times.

  36. 86
    WTG Says:


    I like your action.Always successful.

  37. 87
    Wha Says:


    I like you and Eugene in Love Truely series.

  38. 88
    Wha Says:

    You are very handsome.You are best actor.Fighting Lee Min Ki.

  39. 89
    MM Says:

    I like your smile.I like your movie(expecially Oh Dal Ja’s Spring).You are Kang Tae Bong in this.I like Chae Rim and U.

  40. 90
    WTA Says:


    I watch ur movie now.I watch ur movie every night.U are very very handsome in Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.
    U are always handsome.
    Keep good job Lee Min Ki.

  41. 91
    NBK Says:

    I dont know ur name.So i spent many time to fine ur name.U made us laugh in Love Truely and Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.Ur action is natural.In Love truely,u are angre if u drive.I Like this.I Like U and Eugene.
    Lee Min Ki
    U are so smart.!!!

  42. 92
    NBK Says:

    U are too smart.I like U.
    I want to see u many many series and movies.
    Fighting !!!!

  43. 93
    NBK Says:

    I like u very very much.

    Keep good job!!!!!Min Ki>!!!!!!!!!

  44. 94
    WAT Says:

    Lee Min Ki
    It is ur real name..
    I like ur action.
    Always successful.
    Always smile.
    If u smile,u are too handsome.

  45. 95
    WAT Says:

    I Like u very much.

  46. 96
    WAT Says:

    U are so handsome and smart!!!!!!!!!!!I love u.

  47. 97
    WWW Says:

    R u sleep now?I wach ur movie now.It is too good.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fighting Lee Min Ki>>>>

  48. 98
    RRRR Says:

    I love u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>

  49. 99
    TTTTTTTT Says:

    U r so cute.I like ur series(expecially Love Truely).
    Lee Min Ki
    U r too smart.

  50. 100
    A Says:

    Im from Myanmar.I like ur movie and series very much.
    Love truely and Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.
    I wish u r always successful.

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