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Lee Min Ki 02

Name: 이민기 / Lee Min Ki
Profession: Actor and model
Birthdate: 1985-Jan-16
Height: 184cm
Weight: 72kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: A
Education: Kon Kuk University (Art major)
Talent agency: The Men Management / Wellmade STARM

TV Series

Because This Is My First Life (tvN, 2017)
Shut Up Flower Boy Band (tvN, 2012) cameo
Evasive Inquiry Agency (KBS2, 2007)
Dal Ja’s Spring (KBS2, 2007)
I Really Really Like You (MBC, 2006)
Be Strong Geum Soon (MBC, 2005)
MBC Best Theater “Taerung National Village” (MBC, 2005)
Rainbow Romance (MBC, 2005)
Drama City “Booyong of Mt. Kyeryong” (KBS, 2005)
Drama City “Oh! Sarah” (KBS, 2005)
Drama City “My Older Brother” (KBS, 2004)


Detective K: 3 (2018)
Shoot Me in the Heart (2015)
For the Emperor (2014)
Monster (2013)
Very Ordinary Couple (2013)
Quick (2011)
Chilling Romance (2011)
The Days of my Youth(2010)
A Million / 십억 (2009)
Haeundae / 해운대 (2009)
Oishii Man / 오이시맨 (2009)
Romantic Island / 로맨틱 아일랜드 [formerly: Feel So Good / 왠지 느낌이 좋아 (2008)
Humming (2008)
A Day for an Affair (2007)
Riverbank Legends (2006, cameo)


Pizza Etang
LG Phone & Fun
SK Telecom


Modeled for the Litmus 2005-2006 collections

Related Photo

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Lee Min Ki 17

492 Responses to “Lee Min Ki”

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  1. 301
    gheneva Says:

    i like your role in LOVE TRULY and DALJAS SPRING..,,
    keep it up..,,!!

  2. 302
    chamy Says:

    yoU act so nice…
    keep it uP..

  3. 303
    akah Says:

    i fall in love with you since i saw you in evasive inquiry agency!! HOPING TO SEE YOU IN NEWEST DRAMA!! ps: love your acting!!!

  4. 304
    maira Says:

    Hi minki!(also known as BENJIE in the Philippines)I’ve watched several korean novelas but your role in LOVE TRULY and Dalja’s Spring is truly one of a kind!!! Your such a great actor!!!Hope you’ll find time to visit us here in the Philippines…

  5. 305
    kim.yunjung Says:

    annyeong minki hyung!!
    i am a fan of love truly since day one…
    that is the only koreanovela I can watch whenever I do my assignments…
    now, still watching dalja’s spring…
    more powers to you hyung!


  6. 306
    charmaine Says:

    love you min ki…

    you’re very handsome and attractive…

    and i like your role in dalja’s spring…

    keep it up…

  7. 307
    donna Says:

    hi! how are you…you’re so cute…really…especially when you smile…you look very handsome…i dream to see you personnallly…wow…but anyway gudluck….i love you…

  8. 308
    donna Says:

    hi! i’m from phil …i really really like you…especially when you smile…your so cute…i always think of you..i wish that i could see you personnally…well, goodluck…

  9. 309
    marites celadiña Says:

    hi min-ki!!
    i’m so in love w/ u…
    such a handsome guy…
    how i wish i could see u personally.
    ur so cute when u smile…
    keep up the good work…
    dal ja’s spring make me feel in love

  10. 310

    I like ur style too much in Love Truly>!!!

  11. 311
    rhianne Says:

    im from philippines. 17 y.o.. Aneong Haseyo !!

    I just watched Dal ja’s spring..

    I liked it ^_^

  12. 312
    nikki Says:

    heLLo KANG TAE BONG! ..


    wAs reaLLy PHILIP is the eNgLish nAme f0r TAE BONG???

    i’M niKki fRoM PhiLippines ..

    i wAtchEd uR iNteRviEws oN y0u tUbE,,

    it wAs rEc0rdEd 2 wEekS bEf0rE tHe eNdiNg oF DALJAs SPRING ..

    i fiNd yUh a LiL bit oF JOKER!

    c0z yUh reaLLy Lo0ks a mAn witH c0nseRvAtivE peRs0na ..

    bUt oN tHat iNteRviEw i sAw,,

    y0u`rE reaLLy COOL mAn!

    h0pE t0 sEe m0rE oF y0ur sh0ws!

    i h0pE GMA7 w0uLd gEt aNotHeR dRama

    wHicH wiLL bE tHat YOU aRe tHe PROTAGONIST ..

    m0rE POWER! ..

    LhUv yAh! ~.^

  13. 313
    fRiTz Says:


    i really like the way you portray your roles especially in Dalja’s spring

    for me you’re one of the BEST Korean actor.

    KEEP IT UP!!!

  14. 314
    Hee Soo Says:

    love u Minki oppa~

  15. 315
    Mulan Says:

    You have a strong appeal in various Korean Drama. I’ve watched I really really like you, evasive inquiry and dalja’s spring. You are so simple but an adorable one. Keep up the good work.

  16. 316
    jonalyn Says:

    hi…how are you?I mis your cute eyes..i wish someday will see each other here in the Philippines..I watch your Korea Novela here our country..i miss you..see you.. always take care..kip up the good work.god bless!

  17. 317
    Lara Michelle Says:

    Hi Min Ki! Its my first to visit here..I’m one of your fans here in the Philippines. I hope to see you someday.I really love how you deliver your lines and how you act..It’s really great watching you in television..hoping for your success and more koreanovela to come..we filipinos waiting you to come hre.god bless..

  18. 318
    moon Says:

    LEE MIN KI I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 319
    mykee caoc Says:

    hi!can you be my friend??????????please add me up;;;sassygurl_6408@yahoo.com

  20. 320
    jonalyn Says:

    an nyong haseyo!!
    sarang hamnida………..
    youre so lovely in daljas spring…
    I really like you….
    take care always..

  21. 321
    rianne Says:

    you act so nice keep the good work always

  22. 322
    miorjt Says:

    u r so cute
    Min Ki
    Keep good job
    Bye Bye!!

  23. 323
    laj c'na Says:

    ..elow lee min ki or philip of ” dalja’s spring”…u know what i really2x like the way u act..it’s so real!!..promise ur a best guy of all….keep it always!…i love you..>


  24. 324
    laj c'na Says:

    .lee min ki,..make a reply on my message plz. as soon as possible…..thank you so muc…we hope filipinos you will sometimes visit here in our country for a fans tour just like that and in order to see you in real..is it ok that to you..best guy you always in our heart…


  25. 325
    DaDa - Thailand Says:

    I like u more. I have heard that you have been in Thailand for xman # 40 but I missed. Your series not yet on air in Thailand so I just saw some. Waiting for your coming to Thai again. You have already sat in my heart 🙂

  26. 326
    fRiTz Says:


    lee min ki…

    you are so cute, i really,really really like your smile…

    for me you are a great model…

    i hope you can visit Philippines again…

    take care… i support you all the way…

  27. 327
    fRiTz Says:


    pls…. do watch evasive inquiry agency…

    it’s a nice drama….

    i rate it 8 out of 10…

  28. 328
    aejean Says:

    i wish will meet someday!!!
    from pinas!!!
    take care…(–,)

  29. 329
    elaine Says:


    eloW.. mr. min ki lee.. uhmm im 1 of urfun in love truly and in dalja’s spring… i want to meet you.. ehehe,, take care always.. ehehe.. lubyuah.. muahhh..

    =)..love you//**

  30. 330
    She Says:

    Hi Lee Min Kee…:] Im one of your greatest fans in the Philippines.. I watch Dalja’s Spring.. Chae Rim and you look good together on tv.. Hope there would be another soup with Chae Rim again.. Perhaps Dalja’s Spring 2!!heheh.. Take Care.. Hope you can visit here in the Philippines..

  31. 331
    micHi Says:

    i really admired you Lee Min Ki.. you’re so cute.. and your killer smile,, oHh my gosH!!! and i really like your role in dalja’s spring..hope you can visit hir in the phiLippines.. i really want to see you personally.. keep up the good work.. goodluck to your career!!!

  32. 332
    Diana Says:

    Hi Lee Min Ki!!!
    I am your new fan from Indonesi^^
    I like your role at i really really love the best and love dal jas spring too^^
    You are so cuteeeeeeee!!!!^^
    waiting for your next drama^^…

  33. 333
    rhanie Says:

    Lee Min Ki…ur acting in evasive inquiry agency it’s really really funny…but I don’t like with ur hair cut, that’s so old school..

  34. 334
    marge30 Says:

    Jjin Jjah jjin Jjah Joh Ah Hae Lee Min Ki, hahaha!! 🙂 NO pun intended. I really like you since ive watched the Love truly. Cant believe your in a such young age when you did this tv series. Your so hilarious & charming. I like the transformation of your character from being jerkball to being a funny & loving man. Your eyes alone can act. That’s why i wont miss any single episode. Btw, im planning also to watch Dalja’s spring after this. Ive heard a lot of good feedbacks in terms of story plot, characters & acting piece. Good chemistry with Cham Rae, like your tandem with Yoo Jin in I really really like you/Love truly. Keep up a good job! There’s so many things ahead of you. Good Luck!

  35. 335
    marge30 Says:

    ooppsss…. i mean Chae Rim, sorry peeps! 🙁 newei, i hope you can visit again here in Manila coz i miss your 1st visit last feb. 🙁 how sad!!!!! I hope you can do more drama series like Dalja’s & LOve truly. 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

  36. 336
    blackcherry Says:

    I like so much your acting and your style.
    I want to be a friend with you.
    If you want to be a friend with me, I request you to send your photos with cheerful smile to my g-mail ( 83blackcherry@gmail.com)

  37. 337
    melody Says:

    ,,,, hi philip,,khang”I’ve watched several korean novelas but your role in LOVE TRULY and Dalja’s Spring is truly one of a kind!!! Your such a great actor!!!Hope you’ll find time to visit us here in the Philippines…
    i’m so in love w/ u…
    such a handsome guy…
    how i wish i could see u personally.
    ur so cute when u smile…
    keep up the good work…
    dal ja’s spring make me feel in love
    please add me up;;;uichangco_melody@yahoo.com

  38. 338
    lou Says:


    you are so cute and adorable…
    i am one of your die hard fan….

    i hope you can have more projects…
    keep it up!!!

  39. 339
    sasori Says:

    halu lee min ki…my,my,my..
    you’re so cool in Dalja’s Spring..
    u’re really cute..

  40. 340
    autumn Says:

    …anyong haseiyo min ki oppa!!
    i’m rily one of ur avid fan!!
    i truly love ur tv drama series
    esp.dalja’s spring!!
    …and ur very handsome!!
    ..keep up ur good talent!!


  41. 341
    fritzie Says:

    lee min ki,,,

    you’re the best!!!
    i hope to see you in person,,,

  42. 342
    shanne Says:

    wow, such a versatile actor!!
    good looking model!!!
    successful career!!!
    what more you can ask for…

    keep it up!!!
    i am here to support you!!

  43. 343
    cris Says:

    hi lee min ki,

    you are such a great actor, i hope you can have more projects to come…

    hoping you can visit Philippines again..

  44. 344
    stella Says:

    hi min ki im from malaysia.i so much like ur acting in i really2 like you coz ur veri funny n oways makes me laugh.gud job=)

  45. 345
    shin Says:

    you rock!!

    very cool actor

  46. 346
    jonalyn Says:

    an nyong haseyo….
    how are you dear????

  47. 347
    stephy Says:

    hei min ki i reli lik ur character in love truly.love truli is ma fav includin u.you r hilarius in tis drama ur da type of person who can act in different way n style.anniong n god bless.!!

  48. 348
    jessah Says:


    i am one of your avid fan here in the Philippines…

    i hope i can see in personal..

  49. 349
    sam Says:

    lee min ki,,,

    Aneong Haseyo!!!

    you are the best…
    keep up the good work


  50. 350
    antwine Says:

    hi philip i really love you i want 2 have one night w/ u someday

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