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Lee Min Ki 02

Name: 이민기 / Lee Min Ki
Profession: Actor and model
Birthdate: 1985-Jan-16
Height: 184cm
Weight: 72kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: A
Education: Kon Kuk University (Art major)
Talent agency: The Men Management / Wellmade STARM

TV Series

Because This Is My First Life (tvN, 2017)
Shut Up Flower Boy Band (tvN, 2012) cameo
Evasive Inquiry Agency (KBS2, 2007)
Dal Ja’s Spring (KBS2, 2007)
I Really Really Like You (MBC, 2006)
Be Strong Geum Soon (MBC, 2005)
MBC Best Theater “Taerung National Village” (MBC, 2005)
Rainbow Romance (MBC, 2005)
Drama City “Booyong of Mt. Kyeryong” (KBS, 2005)
Drama City “Oh! Sarah” (KBS, 2005)
Drama City “My Older Brother” (KBS, 2004)


Detective K: 3 (2018)
Shoot Me in the Heart (2015)
For the Emperor (2014)
Monster (2013)
Very Ordinary Couple (2013)
Quick (2011)
Chilling Romance (2011)
The Days of my Youth(2010)
A Million / 십억 (2009)
Haeundae / 해운대 (2009)
Oishii Man / 오이시맨 (2009)
Romantic Island / 로맨틱 아일랜드 [formerly: Feel So Good / 왠지 느낌이 좋아 (2008)
Humming (2008)
A Day for an Affair (2007)
Riverbank Legends (2006, cameo)


Pizza Etang
LG Phone & Fun
SK Telecom


Modeled for the Litmus 2005-2006 collections

Related Photo

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Lee Min Ki 17

492 Responses to “Lee Min Ki”

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  1. 351
    chris Says:

    hi, hello

    just wanna say thanks for being my inspiration…
    i always here to support you!!!

  2. 352
    antwine Says:

    hiiiiiiiiii philip i just wanna say i really admire you pls reply to my accoumt antwine_11@yaho.cm

  3. 353
    antwine Says:

    i love you

  4. 354
    rochel Says:

    hello i’m you’re no. 1 fan i’m from philippines youre so cute pls add me on my yahoo i.d rochel_007@yahoo.com

  5. 355
    sam Says:

    you are no. 1 in my heart!

  6. 356
    fRiTz Says:

    you are so cute!!!
    i adore you so much.
    be strongm….

  7. 357
    jess Says:

    i loveeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu……..

  8. 358
    mina Says:

    ..wAahHh..i reAlly loVe yOur aTtitUde inuR series dAljAs spring..hope your attitude in real lyf is like that..mWaaHh

  9. 359
    mina Says:

    ..ue so cute..hope to see u..plss add my acCt in fs and to my ym..mina_yawasap03@yahoo.com..loveyoOo..

  10. 360
    michie Says:

    hi there Lee Min-ki (이민기)
    i really like you and your dalja’s spring series.. good luck to your career ….tc

  11. 361
    michie Says:

    I always watching dalja’s spring even in you tube, and I felt so good every time u smile..
    You rock..good luck

  12. 362
    quennie Says:

    eiz lee min ki,im an avid fan of urz from philippines..hehhe…….ur so cute……u make me melt evrytime u smile…..hehehe……i love ur role in dal jas spring its funny and great…….i really love ur eyes and i mean it!!!!!!!!!promise!!!!!!

  13. 363
    che Says:

    saranghe :p
    visit phils again, soon

  14. 364
    andrea nang Says:

    hi lee min ki or benjie or philip i like your attitude your every thing i love you for ever and ever im your first no1 fan since lovetruly to dalja’s spring this is my email ad or ym pls ad me ok


  15. 365
    andrea nang Says:

    anyeng ha seyo lee min ki i hope you ad me eunchan_go@yahoo.com saranyo lee min ki anyo ha seyo bye ………..

  16. 366
    manilyn Says:

    hi lee min ki your so very cute and gentle!!!
    i hope you more project !!and be succesfull
    your so great im inlove with you!!ahahahha…
    take care always!!mwuahhh

  17. 367
    mikaela Says:

    hi 🙂 when i was watching dal ja’s spring, i realized how cute you are. because of your role there. i love it so much. you’re so sweet! i like you. more power and projects. i hope there is dal ja’s spring 2 because the show’s ending is not satisfying. i love it@! i like you so much. hugs and kisses :))

  18. 368
    andrea nang Says:

    hi lee min ki its me again how cute you are im just a collage student i think always if i will save my money by working i will get my passport to follow you there at korea saranyo ayo ha seyo bye:-)) muahhhhhhhh
    always remeber ad me eunchan_go@yahoo.com

  19. 369
    andrea Says:

    NI HAO lee min ki!!!! i like you very much!!! grabee!!!! ur so cute, handsome & kind!!!!

  20. 370
    andrea aguilar!! Says:

    add me @ friendster andrea.edna@gmail.com!!! ahihihi take care lee min ki!!!!

  21. 371
    andrea nang Says:

    im not andrea aguillar im andrea nang im not her we are not same, we are just same in name but im not her shes typing comments after me ok ilove uuuuuu bye

    note:sorry andrea aguillar but im just clearing that we are not the same sorry were peace : shake hands peace na tayo:-)

  22. 372
    rizydine saagundo Says:

    hi!!!.., im fan of yours.. i want only to say hi…!!! and goodluck on your career..

  23. 373
    christine Says:

    hi lee min ki… hope you can really read this… please visit us in the philippines! you have a lot of fans here! we love you! xoXO,,=)

  24. 374
    mashoo Says:

    I love the way u act in dalja and am sincerely love your love team with chae rim! I wish you came her.. LAB YAH

  25. 375
    Kyneth Says:

    hi lee min ki!
    I really love the way u act in Dalja’s Spring.
    and I really love the way you act!
    Your role really suits you best!
    Hope there’s a ”Dalja’s Spring 2”
    Dalja and you really makes me laugh and giggle everytime i watch your show!
    pls pls! let there be a ”Dalja’s Spring 2”
    GOD BLESS! ^_^
    View my Friendster, Lee ^_^
    thanks! ^_^

  26. 376
    angelyn lawan Says:

    you should always trust in yourself and whenever you make a movie,you should always put your heart in it.. believe in yourself…

    im a friend beside you… keep up the true you..

    more power..


  27. 377
    angelyn lawan Says:

    yes… i may be attracted to you…but im not like other girls who tells it anywhere..

    i am a girl with a sense and its my first time to idolize someone.. i hope your not like other people who are judgemental..

    i hope and i am looking forward to meet you as a good, helpful and an enthusiastic person…

    thanks for the inspiration you have given to many people… and im one of those..

  28. 378
    Mary Beth Says:

    .,hello Mr. Lee min ki!

    im an avid fan of yours from the philippines.,uhm, hope you find time reding all our comments., we greatly appreciate it if you do., hehehe., thank you!

    you know what, you surely got a pair of tantalizing eyes., and i really love watching and staring at them over and over again.,
    take the best care! more power to your career,aja!

  29. 379
    Jennifer Barrameda Says:

    hi Lee min-ki! i really fond of your handsome face. im an avid fan from philippines.

  30. 380
    Jennifer Barrameda Says:

    hello lee min-ki, i am an avid fan from philippines.

  31. 381
    Jennifer Barrameda Says:

    i relly like your tv series daljas spring, please add me up- sweertjenny21! thank you and god bless you!

  32. 382
    cherry monique Says:

    hi! lee min ki your so handsome!!!!I really like your tv series DALJA’S SPRING your a very good actor!!your my IDOL!!!I LOVE YOU SO MUCH3♥!!!
    I hope you will come here in Philippines particularly in cebu!!!!By the way I’m 14yrs. old!!!!!Pls. add me in your yahoo cherry_m94@yahoo.com!!!

  33. 383
    ery Says:

    hi LMK..
    u are good actor
    ur acting so innocent and natural
    i already watch ur drama ‘Dalja spring” and “RRLY”

    i’am from Malaysia
    add me k-erysck@yahoo.com

  34. 384
    ery Says:

    hi LMK
    i like ur smile..

    i want see your drama with yoon eun hye

    can u add my friendster-erysck@yahoo.com
    p/s i know u are gud person

  35. 385
    tricia ocampo Says:

    hi lee min ki….
    i relly like your attitude….
    i think of you like a true person,,,
    you have a big sense of humor…
    i feel so happy whenever i watch your dramas…
    you act naturally…your so funny,,,,
    and your very handsome
    you are my crush in korean actors…
    aja figthing
    keep up the good work..
    stay what you are and many works to come!!!
    hope you can visit philippines once more…i heard you went to boracay to shot a film….can we be friends??kamsahamnida!!!saranghe Lee min ki

  36. 386
    lalaine Says:

    love you idol

  37. 387
    mj Says:

    hi philip..
    how are you?
    i miss you..
    i hope your doing fine..
    your my idol..

  38. 388
    grace lee Says:

    i love my honey lee min ki..his going to marry me soon..watch out for it!!love you honey lee min ki..tnx to all of you suporting my honey lee min ki..i love you all..im grace english name of my korean name lee chun yun..God bless

  39. 389
    star Says:

    hey i also hope there’ll be a dal ja’s spring 2! just watched the show..it was wonderful…pls pls come out with dal ja’s spring 2 k?

  40. 390
    eujin28 Says:

    hello Min ki ssi

    i love your confidence soooo much! keep up the good work and hope to see you on more more kdramas!

    luv yah!


  41. 391
    Chela Says:

    나 는 첼라 입니다. 안녕하세요.
    Hi, my name is Chela. I’m from México, I love the korean series and I know you for Dal Ja´s Spring. I hope see you in the other drama.
    My english is not better but I’m learning more english and more korean.
    I want know Korea, it’s my dream.
    You are special person…처음 뵙겠읍니다 !!!

  42. 392
    fRiTz Says:

    hi lee min ki,,,




    BEST!! CUTE!!

  43. 393
    meghan Says:

    Lee Min Ki…
    what a talented actor!!!!!!!!
    you are my fav actor. I started to know you from Dal Jas Spring.
    you were so cute in the drama…
    After that I watched you in IRRY… you were so good in there too.
    Keep up your good work
    I’m looking forward for your new drama…

  44. 394
    jhoan Says:

    you so cool

    i rily enjoi your acting

  45. 395
    su myat Says:

    I love you so much!

  46. 396
    XTing Says:

    Although most likely you will not see this posting, but if you just happens to…

    the first time i saw your acting is in the drama Be Strong Geum Soon. You may not be the main actor but your role in the show did leave an impression. Then not long later, i came across your next drama IRRLY, your character and fashion taste is so unique, i really really like it. The last one that i have watched is Dal Ja’s Spring. The role is so much more mature and different from the previous 2 drama. Too bad i have not watched your next in line drama Evasive Inquiry Agency yet… i am still waiting to see if i am able to purchase the drama in my country… Umm… oops! it seems that i just went to outerspace… hehehe actually just want to give you a pat on the shoulder. Great work, keep it up!
    *one of your fans*

  47. 397
    bebe Says:


    I’ve like you since you ‘re a model.I like you very very much in drama, ” Really Really Like You ” . I requested you please don’t shoot SEXY movies as ” A Good Day to Have an Affair ” . I don’t want to see you with other girls with sexy.Please! Ok! My friend show me your sexy movie but I don’t want to watch it and don’t watch it. But I watch your sexy movie on Arirang TV and I hate you.Please don’t shoot sexy movies. Please………! Ok…..!

  48. 398
    mary chris romero Says:

    i reelly love him… iwant to meet him in person…i love the he acts…very..romantic…im mary chris romero…pls.. if u have read yhis…pls. visit my profile…in http://www.friendster.com... i hope u could!!!!

  49. 399
    Jam Says:

    Lee min-ki.. such a great actor,,
    Witty and funny in IRRLY
    Charming and drop-dead gorgeous in Dalja’s Spring
    Wish that you’d be more popular and successful in your career!!!
    We all know as your fans that you’ll do great and be big!!!
    I hope to watch dramas from you that hit worldwide!!
    God bless

    Yoon Eun hye would be a nice leading lady for you 🙂

  50. 400
    zuba Says:

    i love you Lee min ki…….muah2

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