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Lee Sang Woo (1980)

Lee Sang Woo 04

Name: 이상우 / Lee Sang Woo
Profession: Actor and model
Birthdate: 1980-Feb-13
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 185cm
Weight: 81kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Tennis, wrestling, racket ball & fishing

TV Series

Uncle (CSTV, 2021)
Golden Garden (MBC, 2019)
Mother of Mine (KBS2, 2019)
Touch Your Heart (tvN, 2019)
Shall We Live Together (KBS2, 2018)
20th Century Boy and Girl (MBC, 2017)
Happy Home (MBC, 2016)
All About My Mom (KBS2, 2015)
High Society (SBS ,2015)
Glorious Day (SBS, 2014)
Let’s Eat (tvN, 2013)
One Warm Word (SBS, 2013)
Goddess of Marriage (SBS, 2013)
Childless Comfort (JTBC, 2012)
Horse Doctor (MBC, 2012)
Feast of the Gods (MBC, 2012)
A Thousand Days’ Promise (SBS, 2011)
I Believe in Love (KBS2, 2011)
Life is Beautiful (SBS, 2010)
Don’t Hesitate (SBS, 2009)
The Road Home (KBS1, 2009)
First Wives Club (SBS, 2008)
9 End 2 Outs (MBC, 2007)
Can We Refill the Love? (KBS2, 2005)
18 vs. 29 (KBS2, 2005)


Searching for the Elephant (2010)
Beyond All Magic (2008)
Don’t Look Back (2006)
Almost Love (2006)


2019 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Weekend Drama) – Lee Sang Woo (Golden Garden)
2018 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actor (Long Series): Lee Sang Woo (Marry Me Now)
2018 6th APAN Star Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Serial Drama) – Lee Sang Woo (Marry Me Now)
2016 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Daily/Soap Opera): Lee Sang Woo (Happy Home)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Awards (Special Production): Lee Sang Woo

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : ruby lyn Says:

    ….i love you!!!!u look like christian bautista….a famous singer here in the philippines….

  2. 2 : jackie Says:

    oh my gosh! i dont want to brag but…..lee sang woo looks like my boyfriend!!!!!

  3. 3 : huda Says:

    I’m really in love with him..he’s so cute but He always get the small character in the movie/drama.wonder whether he’ll got a better charac one day=)

  4. 4 : Ika Says:

    Anyong haseyo. I’m Indonesian. I really like ur acting in 18 vs. 29. U must had been working on ur sign language. Great job.

  5. 5 : Mcjayjay Says:

    i love his acting! i love him! he looked SO hot in 9 end 2 outs

  6. 6 : Basuha Says:

    OMG, can he get a more gorgeous smile? His smile should be illegal. When Sang Woo smile you see his soul, and it is so sweet. Damm, I feel bad I wish I can talk about his acting abilities but I can’t get pass his smile. I don’t even know what he is saying in the drama I just watch for his smile. From the many good review I’m sure he a great actor. Sang Woo (fighting!) you get a more geouges smile

  7. 7 : fidela Says:

    LSW, i’m not sure if you are reading your comments but i want you to know that you are so gorgeous, handsome and very lovable. oops! i can’t believe i said that coz’ i’m a senior citizen, is that okey? i’ve seen you in first wives club, i can’t believe you are so real in there to fall in love w/ an older lady, you are so good in acting that makes me feel that i’m younger again thanks to you. i love you so much.i’ll try to see you in person before i die you don’t mind do you! god bless!

  8. 8 : fidela Says:

    lsw or se-joo, you became my imaginary boyfriend fr. the time i saw you in first wives club. you areso good in acting. you revitalized my feelings. i’ve been so depressed since i lost my husband and you made me feel younger again. don’t worry i’m not a treat to you, i’ m a senior citizen.i’m just hoping that you and washim will be together at the end of the story,well it’s up to the writer.well i’ll be away for european tour so maybe i won’t see the ending, but for sure i’ll try my best to see you in korea. i love you so much, god bless!

  9. 9 : Jenny Says:

    Kyaaa! He’s so cute…. i like him…

    He looks like Ninomiya Kazunari of ARASHI from japan…
    They are both cute….

  10. 10 : jandi Says:

    Happy birthday…..

    GOD bless u…

  11. 11 : fidela Says:

    love you so much! happy [email protected] now i’m watching the road home i’m back to life again. before i die i make sure to see you in person coz’ you’re the who made feel younger. pls. when i go to korea , don’t deny me of seeing you. when i don’t know i hope you won’t deny seeing me .remember, i have to see you before i die! LOVE YOU SO MUCH ! GOD BLESS! pls emailme ine [email protected].

  12. 12 : manawphyu Says:


    good your post!. Nice site.

  13. 13 : nifa Says:

    OMG!! I have looking for him for years. After he act for 18 vs 29. Finally, i found him. I love him sooo much. He’s great. Hope he will get big character next time. Hwaiting!!

  14. 14 : Zoljargal Says:

    I LOVE YOU 🙂

  15. 15 : judy Says:

    Excellent performance in First Wives Club. Keep going!!

  16. 16 : Temuulen Says:

    hi Sang woo. I’m writing from Mongolia. You are so cute, clever and handsome. And good luck for your job. In the end Love you.

  17. 17 : Jimin Says:

    Love you!

  18. 18 : benjie Says:

    you’re not only good looking but your acting skills in first wives bright you into the lives of Hong Kong audience. Keep up the good work. Wish you success.

  19. 19 : Mary Grace Says:

    Hello Sang Woo,
    I totally agree with all your fans all over the world you are a good looking actor you can kill them with that smile, you can be sure that I will keep looking for your up coming dramas and movies. I wish you all the luck and keep up the good work. I would also like to wish you a happy birthday which is nearly approaching, you are also going to be one of my favorite korean actor that will be on my list,count me as one of your fan here in Las Vegas Nevada.

  20. 20 : sarah Says:

    he is the sexiest korean actor now

  21. 21 : rosegems Says:

    ur my idol..love u…like ur drama dnt hesitate..i agree of what the other fans say,,ur totally handsome in all angle.

  22. 22 : madeliene Says:


  23. 23 : Mzzach Says:

    Some people handsome but dont have perfect body plus perfect character. U have it all. U have perfect face with perfect body and perfect smile that describe how kind you are.

  24. 24 : Brightgirl07 Says:

    Love your smile. More photos please…

  25. 25 : noname Says:

    omg i like his smile 🙂

  26. 26 : leni Says:

    i like his character in the drama “Don’t Hesitate!”!!!

  27. 27 : fidela Says:

    wow! i can’t believe that i’llbe watching LSW again.i’ve been waiting for so ;ong to see him again. i was lucky today that DON”T HESITATE is being payed here in new york city. ijust started watching it today and i tell you this is going to be. a 110% very good. i like all the casts. LSW ilove you so much! you made my day today, god bless!

  28. 28 : dwi Says:

    i like his character , saranghae oppa…

  29. 29 : fidela Says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!! i;m speechless, don’t know what tosay. as im watching this drama seems to me i don’t want to stop watching till igot a message on the screen that ‘i’m runnjng over my minutes watching. the is so good that i don’t want to stop watchjng it. LSW is so gorgeous, handsome and so MACHO esp when he smiles i li ke very much her leading lady, she is so charming there is so much chemistry between the two of them. it tickles me a lot when ever they have a scene together.there is also hate revenge and love on the air between the oldies, thanks to the script writer.and the director, good job! LSW love you and god bless!

  30. 30 : fidela Says:

    wow! what i can say, i have to cheat myself watching this drama fr, the tv set to the internet coz’ i can wait the long series in the tv. well, i finished it and i tell this the tv drama of the year, it was so good having all the elemen ts there; love,hatred, revenge, comedy and of the love and romance, hooray!!!!!!!! to the script writer and the director crews most of all the actors. this nothing to compare esp. the ROAD HOME, it sucks. LSW this the best and also your role the 1st wives club. LEE TAE MIN is so beautiful!!!!!! and very charming i hope they are close in the real life. what a very romantic pair. i love them both very much. god bless you both! hope to see you both in another drama. good luck and god bless!

  31. 31 : Jane Suh Says:

    Lee,sang woo c,
    I don’t usually pay attention to any actors/actress, but seriously as korean guy, you are hot and handsome.I saw your talk show in regards to jokangji chub club”and you mentioned that you woudn’t care about ages”that is the real man.I wish I was in seoul and able to meet you in person, unfortunetly I am in out of states.:(.

  32. 32 : elle Says:

    He is goog looking. His drama ” don’t hesitate ” absolutely perfect..

  33. 33 : Liu Says:

    nice guy, your are so popular.

  34. 34 : denia Says:

    i like you because you looking good, and your face is very charming.
    i hope someday you will come in jakarta.
    but sorry you’re acting in dont’hesitate is not good. we ussualy say “kurang greget”

  35. 35 : ah ri han Says:

    you really impress me a lot in penthouse elephant. Well you act very well oppa. I have watched all your dramas. And,i am so happy that you finally play major role in the road home. This drama is really good. Juz keep trying and state yourself, i am always your fan,oppa. In vietnam,there are many your fans sang woo oppa. Acha acha oppa!

  36. 36 : erika Says:

    I love Lee Sang woo oppa…when him smile…omo..omo..make me melting!
    Love your eyes and smile…take care always….*smooch <3 <3 <3

  37. 37 : yuemeko Says:

    hi lee sang woo

    i love you . your style is very nice. i want to make a friends with you
    please add me
    i am not japanese!

  38. 38 : suzie Says:

    Hi Sang Woo,

    I am in love with you. I don’t watch American soaps anymore. I am now addicted to Korean soaps. I love you in Don’t Hesitate and not so much in Beautiful Life. Nothing against homosexuality, I just don’t like you portraying one. Love you Lee Tae-Im as a couple. Keep up the good work. Looking forward in seeing you many more films/soaps.


  39. 39 : Hidesato Sakakibara Says:

    You are so handsome. I hope you remember your gay fans as wel as your female fans.

  40. 40 : wahine Says:

    I reall love the acting of Lee Sang Woo in Dont hesitate.
    He is really good..
    I hope someday I could meet him in person….

  41. 41 : Yoon Hee Says:

    very good looking person.

  42. 42 : angeli Says:

    hi sang woo…
    i love your role in first wives club..
    my mom loves you also…
    I hope you will visit Philippines soon..
    there are so many koreans here..
    You will like it here

  43. 43 : ChristianAmor Says:

    Everyone who commented here already mentioned how great looking you in every angle. There is one thing more that makes me watch your dramas over and over. It’s the way you laugh or giggle. I keep rewinding when I get to those tiklish laughs and giggles.

  44. 44 : zwaebobo Says:

    ko sang woo, u r so handsome & good looking. I envy ur height & ur weight!!!! and I love u so much.. bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 45 : diefan Says:

    wow, LSW looks different in this picture.. I found him very charming, and beautiful, in the drama ‘ Don’t Hesitate’ I thought his gorgeous looking… I will try to watch ‘Life is Beautiful, next time.

  46. 46 : virgie bagay Says:

    HI Lee your so smart good looking and yummy!

  47. 47 : aabysabneja Says:

    I like LSW character in “don’t hesitate”. I’m going to buy the original dvds and safe them for my children. A very good example of how a husband should love and protect his wife and how a wife should help her husband during hardtimes. Especially , since all the actors and actress are handsome and beautiful regardles of their drama character; therefore, watching this 98 episodes will not be boring at all. LSW I love your smile . Good luck in your career

  48. 48 : zsazsa Says:

    sang woo… I fell in love with korean drama bcause of u… Love yr role in first wives club… Keep smiling..

  49. 49 : Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama | Life is Beautiful / 美丽人生 (2010) Says:

    […] Mi Hee as Jo Ah Ra Nam Sang Mi as Boo Yeon Joo Lee Sang Woo as Kyung Soo Yoo Min as Chae Young Kim Woo Hyun (김우현) as Hyun Jin Lee Kyun as Dong Geun Im Ye […]

  50. 50 : theresa Says:

    oh my God!i am so in love with you lee sang woo!!!you are so hot, handsome and you have a wonderful smile….i hope i can see you in person…

  51. 51 : FullHope Says:

    Thank you so much for your character in drama ” Life is beautiful “. I hope everyone will find a true love. Your words in this film always touch my heart. I hope you are always happy and success in your life and your carrier. Thanks again.

  52. 52 : novie Says:

    You look so handsome and very cute. and your acting is so good in “Don’t hesitate” you’re so gentle but I don’t like in” Believe in Love ” cause you love married woman. I really really like it. I hope someday I can see you personality. CU.

  53. 53 : Love U Says:

    You are very handsome.

  54. 54 : Hew Says:

    You are very tall handsome charming great acting and lovely smile.

  55. 55 : BOBI Says:

    You are very very very(manly) handsome hope to see you again soon on the screen.

  56. 56 : EAST Says:

    You are my number one actor fighting.

  57. 57 : shahan Says:

    WoW you’re so handsome and great acting hope to see MORE drama of with team of beautiful great acctresses. I still watching Don’t hesitate with a perfect lead actress so beautiful.

  58. 58 : dina Says:

    me gusta muy bonito me gusta tae woo porque cuida y protege a su amor soo huynn contra todos y todo, la respetam bastante hasta casarse, me gusta el decorado para la luna de miel, creo que voy a copiarme , en fin todo esta lindo los actores , el guion sigan adelante,desde peru america del sur donde los doramas estan causando furor

  59. 59 : Sabelle Says:

    You’re a great actor and very handsome c’mon you should be on the list of recommended korean actor…first time watching you in “don’t hesitate” beautiful drama. Pls make more drama. Aja!

  60. 60 : sarah Says:

    thoroughly enjoyed The Road Home and the couple who protected their love – Lee Sang woo and Jang Shin Young — just the perfect match

  61. 61 : LSW FAN Says:

    I like your character in Dont Hesitate n Life Is Beautifull ..Your Acting is the best especially with Chong Sang Euy as A Gay in Life is Beautifull very natural ..I dont know what times i Wacthed this drama ..you are great body and very Handsome..I like You n good luck….

  62. 62 : A Thousand Days’ Promise » The most popular korean site in Iran Says:

    […] Rae Won as Ji Hyung Soo Ae as Seo Yeon Lee Sang Woo as Jae Min Jung Yoo Mi as Hyang […]

  63. 63 : lorryline Says:

    Hi! Your name is LEE SANG WOO or LEE JUNG HUN? What is right? Where you in HEART STRINGS as Im Tae Joon? I’m confused. coz LEE JUNG HUN In HEARTSTRINGS doesn’t look like a 31 yrs. old . as your B- DAY is Feb. 13, 1980. I also want to say u got a really nice and good vocal chord. Was that u who really sang thart song where Park Shin Hye and her band group accompanied u? May I know the title of the song pls.? Thank if u could tell me the truth and answer my questions. Stay as young , cute and handsome as u are!!!!! AIGOO!!!! GOD was so good showering plenty of blessings to YOU……..

  64. 64 : Feast Of The Gods | Says:

    […] Yu Ri as Go Joon Young Joo Sang Wook as Choi Jae Ha Lee Sang Woo as Kim Do Yoon Seo Hyun Jin as In Joo Joo Da young as Ha In Joo Jun In Hwa as Seong Do […]

  65. 65 : Achara Says:

    Hello, I like your character in First Wives Club. Your acting so cool! Wishing you are always happy and success in your life and your carrier. Your real life how many in your family ? Thanks & Best regards

  66. 66 : elaine Says:

    First time I saw you was in Thousand Days Promises, you were so eye catching there. I like your acting too. Now I can see you again in Feasts Of The Gods. come on Oppa, give us your best acting, don’t make us disappoint, okay? Btw, I also admire your perfect body in your swimsuit *wink*

  67. 67 : Lily228 Says:

    Lee Sang Woo, I like you in Feast of God as Kim Do Yoon/Haemil. 🙂
    You have managed to sway my heart to your side (competing with Choi Jae Ha) with your strong & attractive personality as I watch FOG. I hope you will end up with your love, Go Joon Young.

    You are a natural actor with charm and have won yourself a new fan, me……. Fighting!!!

    All the best! 🙂 🙂

  68. 68 : Dicken Says:

    Thank you,” Kim Kyung Soo” . It’s really nice character. You made me had to cry and laugh with story of KS and TS in ” Life is beautiful”.

    Wish the best to you, Lee Sang Woo

  69. 69 : Feast of the Gods « Korean Chingu Indo Says:

    […] Yu Ri as Go Joon Young – Jung Min Ah as Joon Young (child) Joo Sang Wook as Choi Jae Ha Lee Sang Woo as Kim Do Yoon Seo Hyun Jin as Ha In Joo / Song Yeon Woo – Joo Da young as Ha In Joo […]

  70. 70 : raine Says:

    Is he the same as Lee Seung Joo in korean drama Brain? I think he is. I can not find Lee Seung Joo in the web but the image is similar.

  71. 71 : KDaddict Says:

    @lorryline–63, raine-70,
    No he is not in any of the dramas you mentioned. You r confusing him with sb else.
    I love him in First Wives Club. If you like him, you should watch it. But I haven’t liked any of the dramas he picked tp star in since then:
    The Road home, Don’t hesitate, Life is beautiful, I believe in love, A 1000 D’s promise, Feast of the Gods.
    None of these dramas r star-making vehicles.
    Better luck next time, Lee Sang Woo-ssi!

  72. 72 : Iris Says:

    Another one of those “awwwe” comments lol anyways I love the way you act in all the dramas and shows ive seen you in..you leave me breathless at times and I love it…keep up the good work “sang woo”:) keep smiling and you will make alot of people smile..

  73. 73 : iammee Says:

    you have been just added to the list of my favorite korean actors. seeing you smile really made me smile as well. i just hope for your continued success as an actor, i really like to see u again in another drama. your new drama feast of gods is about to be finished, after that i’m sure i will truly miss u but i am hoping you’ll be casted again in another good project. more power and goodluck!

  74. 74 : Sue Kencana Says:

    falling in love with u in feast of the gods….keep up a good acting…

  75. 75 : htayapril Says:

    fall in love with u in feast of the gods…Goodluck

  76. 76 : CD Bone Says:

    Life is beautiful made me so frustrated in Life hehehe, because I dream of a love life like Kyung Soo and Tae Sab, but it can only happen in movies or it might happen but one in a million. I like the movie drama but the only thing which I don’t like is that you keep you viewers think of what will happen next to the scene between Kyung soo and Tae Sab. It uses symbolism which makes me anxious all the time. Like when they have kissing seen behind the three roses, the engagement ring which place over the other after the marriage of Ho sub, the whispering, Why whisper? in the scene they both knew that there is only the two of them inside the room. The movie drama makes the viewers more intensely imagining the beautiful things happen after the scene. Why not show it, what’s the purpose of televising the drama if we only keep on imagining the romantic scene. I’m so disappointed but feel happy about the drama. Lee Sang Woo is really good in the drama but he acts like a real man not a gay considering the his voice. Song Chan Eui really acts like a gay in the drama series. He really know how to move like a gay and how a conservative and discreet gay should act. I’m very much please. Love the movie but I felt anxious about it. Why not like the movie “no Regrets” “Frozen Flower” which really show the romantic scene between gay people. According to what I’ve read from Korean stupid view on gays that SBS cut many romantic scene because of Korean movie regulations. Why those Frozen flowers and No regrets seems not afraid of the regulations about broadcasting such beautiful gay themed movies? Very Disappointing but still I love it really love it, It’s some kind different from most Gay themed movies. Tae Sab is a doctor and Kyung Soo is a photographer. Very nice story depicting Korean stupid views of gay people.

  77. 77 : htayapril Says:

    I just finish watching Feast Of The Gods.I am going to watch all of your drama.
    Now you are one of my favorite korean actor

  78. 78 : kcp4lsw Says:

    Your character, DY/Haemil in the Feast Of The Gods will appeal to wide range of fans. Very impressive acting. Bravo Lee Sang Woo!!! You have gain a brand new fan. I ditto #77

  79. 79 : ami Says:

    I LOVE U LSW….
    noreul saranghamnida… 🙂

  80. 80 : jedi Says:

    LSW will join the Horse Healer, the bad news his not the lead actor. *.*

  81. 81 : htayapril Says:

    I like the drama “life is beautiful”. I like Kyung soo and tae sub together scence .so cute.lee sang woo is the most handsome in this drama

  82. 82 : Anvy Says:

    All drama you act so great. I love Heamil/ Kim Do Yoon in Feast of the gods and Tea Woo in Don’t Hesitate so much. Hope see you soon in next film. Love you 🙂 oppa. You’re No1

  83. 83 : Hagen Says:

    Lee SangWoo the Korean Actor.
    He is very famous in Korea and I hope he get famous in globally.
    I love you.
    I will support you forever.
    Lee SangWoo Fighting!!!!

  84. 84 : Hagen Says:

    I have known him first from the movie “beyond all magic”.
    He acted very innocent man who had beautiful heart.
    He acted charactor “Jun” he captured my heart then.
    Beautiful wonderful person Lee SangWoo.
    I love you!!!!!

  85. 85 : widya Says:

    lee sang woo..i love u so much..

  86. 86 : widya Says:

    i hope get the miracle to see u in real life..
    Really..really love u LSW..!

  87. 87 : Princess Bari Says:

    After “Feast of Gods” , it’s the good news that I will see you again in “Horse Healer”. You are very good actor and I will follow all of your drama. Bravo et bon courage

  88. 88 : Princess Bari Says:

    after “Feast of Gods”, it’s a good news that I will see you again in “Horse
    Healer” I have followed you since “18 vs 29”. you are very good actor.
    I hope to see you in the dramas again and again. Bravo et bon courage.

  89. 89 : SUN-FACE Says:

    I hate the drama “Life.Is.Beautiful”
    homosexual is against the law of nature or God creation
    My heart breaks for Soo-na
    after watching LIB
    I couldn’t sleep for weeks

  90. 90 : Feast of the Gods เสียงเกาหลี ซับไทย 8 แผ่นจบ « SERIES 53 Says:

    […] Yu Ri as Go Joon Young – Jung Min Ah as Joon Young (child) Joo Sang Wook as Choi Jae Ha Lee Sang Woo as Kim Do Yoon Seo Hyun Jin as Ha In Joo / Song Yeon Woo – Joo Da young as Ha In Joo […]

  91. 91 : ayu Says:

    saya sangat mnyukai anda lee sang woo…..merindukan kamu sebagai haemil/ Kim do yoon. anda dan sung yuri terlihat sangat indah dan serasi sebagai pasangan dalam FOTG…saya sangat menyukai drama ini karena do yoon and joon young. God luck for you lee sang woo…<3

  92. 92 : Zid Says:

    Luv to know u
    hve any email or Facebook?
    Add me [email protected]

  93. 93 : Michelle Le Says:

    I Love Lee Sang Woo in drama Don’t Hestitate and Feast of the Gods I hope you have more drama, I really love you Lee sang woo and Lee Tae Im in drama Don’t Hestitate nice couple good luck.

  94. 94 : LyArisa Says:

    I just hope LSW is not a gay (literally)… His genes should be use to birth more beautiful babies in this world.. But if he is gay for real, what a waste~~ Anyway, I still love LSW as Haemil..

  95. 95 : christin Says:

    i already like your act from 18 vs 29,,,, u are so handsome there,,, and become more mature now,,,, love you so much n hope next drama you become the lead actor,,,,,

  96. 96 : P. Sone Phyo Says:

    so lovely in LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. I want to appreciate his brave mind to act as a homosexual couple it that my favorite TV series.

  97. 97 : P. Sone Phyo Says:

    I like this movie so much b’coz it brighten a light for my future to withstand as a homosexual.I’m also so very pleased to see the love scenes of Song Chang Ui and Lee Sang Woo.I hope I wanna have a lover like them.

  98. 98 : Joy Says:

    I felt in love with him since Don’t Hesitate and then trace all his series before and after, and from all of his series and movies, i love him in Don’t Hesitate more than others (still).

  99. 99 : Lee An Says:

    You have earn a new foreign fan after I watch the FOG. I’m searching all of your movie, especially one that you play the lead role. Fortunately, you had a cute actress matching w/ you. Otherwise, it’s a terible ruin if you had an ug. one.

  100. 100 : [MBC 2012] Horse Doctor RAW E1 | Says:

    […] royal physician.Baek Gwang Hyun (Cho Seung Woo) will be the aspiring Royal Physician. Lee Sung Ha (Lee Sang Woo) will be his rival. Kang Ji Nyeong (Lee Yo Won) would be the female physician involved in the love […]

  101. 101 : Horse Healer Episode 1 « popv Says:

    […] Gwang Hyun (Cho Seung Woo) will be the aspiring Royal Physician. Lee Sung Ha (Lee Sang Woo) will be his rival. Kang Ji Nyeong (Lee Yo Won) would be the female physician involved in the love […]

  102. 102 : richard26 Says:

    I am totally vitalised by your drama Life is Beautiful.
    I share every minutes of the character you and Song Chang Yi protrayed in that drama.

    I cry in certain episodes and I really eel so happy with the ending.

    keep up the good work, Lee Sang Woo, for you are different from the other Korean actors.
    I will continue to watch out for your drama/show even though I do not know Korean.

  103. 103 : jang mi na Says:

    hi lee sang won

    im nina, from the philippines..

    i wish i could meet you in person in the near future,

    though im not the sporty/athletic type of person but i do believe you’re gonna like me for what i am..

    coz i like you a lot and i do believe that you are a good man…

  104. 104 : Yun Says:

    Previously I only watched K-drama because of the fashion and not really fond of K-drama because it seems the actor specially young actors are not good in acting but lots of people like them because they are handsome, good at fashion and lucky with hit drama. but since I watched Feast Of The Gods my eyes are for Lee Sang Woo. So impress with his acting skill and i started to find out about his activity but it seems that not many people notice him. After reading about his personality witch is not much I really impress with his statement about himself and do learn also apply his life motto for my own life.
    Anyway personally I think his acting skill is great compare with Favorited and top Korean actor now days and great personality.

    so Thank you Lee Sang Woo and Fighting!!! Wish you get hit drama that will make people notice your skill….

  105. 105 : mylz Says:

    Lee Sang Woo – You should have won a recognation too as Excellence Actor Award in “Life is Beautiful” along with Song Chang Ui. You both has that charisma of moving the viewers with your GREAT ACTING! I Believe in both of you….It’s really a JOB WELL DONE!!!! I really like the character that both of you portrayed! Though in other people’s point of view its not normal to fall in love to the same sex but in that character you showed to society that everyone is capable to fall in love whoever you are! It doesn’t matter if that love is in opposite sex or same sex! As long as you are happy and you are true to yourself!! A very great great acting! Scriptwriter Congrats too, for bringing such an awareness storyline…..!!!

  106. 106 : yen Says:

    Wow i luv u so much with that lovely smile in First wives club shown only in singapore november 2012 which was a 2007 old production. You are so sweet when you told Obasan husband that you like the Obasan who is simple and attractive and so cute.

    The Obasan is so cute and adorable too !
    I really luv your SMILE. Hope you visit Singapore one day and send email to inform me OKAY

  107. 107 : lucia21 Says:

    doresc sa te vad in tot ce ai jucat

  108. 108 : OK OK OK Says:

    Hope to see u in LEADING role. U CAN do it !!!!!!!!!!!!

    U r very CHARMING !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  109. 109 : retno mutiara Says:

    aduh..lee sang woo oppa senyumannya manis bgt

  110. 110 : Donna Says:

    frist time watch yr drama feast of god, quite impress, hope to see u more on big role in future. 🙂

  111. 111 : htayapril Says:

    Congratulation Lee Sang Woo.I am so happy you got excellence actor award.

  112. 112 : MBC Drama Awards 2012 Nominees and Winners Revealed! | EnteRvrexWorld Says:

    […] Miss You) Actress (Mini Series): Lee Yoon Ji (The King 2hearts) Actor (Special Production): Lee Sang Woo (Feast of the Gods & Horse Doctor) Actress (Special Production): Son Dam Bi (Lights and […]

  113. 113 : wiwinzin Says:

    saranghae oppa…

  114. 114 : htayapril Says:

    I am totally agree #105.

  115. 115 : mufasa Says:

    i think lee sang woo has the nicest voice and the most beautiful face and facial expressions. when i first saw him in 18 vs 29, i fell in love. i did not like the feast of the gods story, but i love LSW. probably my favorite korean actor, maybe even more than oh ji hoo and lee min ho. saranghae oppa fighting

  116. 116 : Bdel Says:

    Wishing you a very happppppyyyy birthday! Hope to see you in a new drama as the main actor. More great movies and dramas for you! Stay close as much as possible to your fans,ok?

  117. 117 : htayapril Says:

    On your birthday I wish you all the best and may all your wishes come true.
    Hope to see you as the main lead in new project

  118. 118 : Korean Noona Says:

    This is a man that i like!! Man with a few words but action more. So nice, gentleman, cool but warm inside, funny with straight face and silly sometimes …

    Your skin colour just perfect (not too white like the other actors), it makes you more macho.

    You always look nice whatever you are wearing (especially when you wearing long sleeves collar shirt @[email protected])

    I wuv u sangu ah 😍😘❤💋💘💋💋

  119. 119 : Horse Doctor (마의) | styrn Says:

    […] Gwang Hyun (Cho Seung Woo) will be the aspiring Royal Physician. Lee Sung Ha (Lee Sang Woo) will be his rival. Kang Ji Nyeong (Lee Yo Won) would be the female physician involved in the love […]

  120. 120 : san Says:

    I like your smile most

  121. 121 : saiedeh Says:

    i love your smile

  122. 122 : saiedeh Says:

    hello. i live in iran. i love you. you are very kindly and attractive.

  123. 123 : Ttuk Says:

    Dude, your performance in Goddess of Marriage is great. Let it rip!

  124. 124 : KZ Says:

    Well, love your movies lots. Reminded me of my bf last time who was also a Korean. He was so sweet but passed away.

    Keep up the good work, miss ur show. It eases my losses of my bf when watching ur show. Gay life is so torturous without him !

  125. 125 : trang Says:

    hi lee sang woo.i’m writing from vietnam.
    i love all dramas of your,you ‘re good actor and you ‘re very very charming.i’m your fan and i always belong to you.

  126. 126 : liza Says:

    keep up the good work, Lee Sang Woo, you are different because of your smile.

  127. 127 : htayapril Says:


  128. 128 : Li Na Says:

    Are this really can reach him (lee sang woo)?

  129. 129 : cikepalhijau Says:

    i’m just fall in love with Kim Do Yun smile 😉 (banquet of the god)

  130. 130 : malian Says:

    Just look at that smile

  131. 131 : Alwine Says:

    You’re so charming…..

  132. 132 : lee dawt Says:

    I love your smile… lee sang woo. Work hard.

  133. 133 : Miki House Says:

    I love your stunning and charming smile. One day, I would like to attend one of your birthday fan meeting. Good luck with your acting.

  134. 134 : Alwine Says:

    Love your cool face… :*

  135. 135 : Marjorie Says:

    Love your acting, so kind and sincere ! Love your smile , keep up the good work, am watching Glorious Day right now and you and the whole team are doing great ! Keep on supporting and cheering you along.

  136. 136 : alya Says:

    Dear Lee Sang Woo,

    I love your acting in all your drama but I really hate you in life is beautiful .
    You have a very cute and beutiful smile. Keep up your good acting skills and you’ll be the respected actor in Korea. Your die hard fan.

  137. 137 : YukiOnio Says:

    Love you forever.

  138. 138 : JOY Says:

    Love your beautiful song and your quit personality!Good luck with you,fighting!

  139. 139 : Jorge Ivan Londoño Pelaez Says:

    Congratulation for your Birthdate, I like very much your acting…Good Luck…

    Your fan from Colombia


  140. 140 : Random recommendations for long historical dramas | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] physician. Baek Gwang Hyun (Cho Seung Woo) will be the aspiring Royal Physician. Lee Sung Ha (Lee Sang Woo) will be his rival. Kang Ji Nyeong (Lee Yo Won) who has good memory would be the female physician […]

  141. 141 : Lisa Says:

    U’re the most charming and moving Korean actor I’ve seen.
    Absolutely love u

  142. 142 : Alwine Says:

    Still amazed by your cool face…<3. Love it…

  143. 143 : bigeye Says:

    cool and charming and i watch every drama..thank

  144. 144 : thao Says:

    only you SangWoo, I love you forever, I am always your fan.

  145. 145 : Mike Says:

    Lee Sang Woo is my favorite male drama star. I would love to see him and Lee Tae Ran is a drama together. First Wives club was a good vehicle for him. Don’t Hesitate was another one. I have been a fan of his since First Wives Club. I have been a fan of Lee Tae Ran since the Fabulous Chill Sisters (I think that s the correct title). I really wish they would appear together. Lee Sang Woo plays a really strong man that has a since of integrity seldom seen in real life or dramas. Good work Sir.

  146. 146 : Mike Says:

    Mr. Lee, I watch everything that you are in. You are my favorite male star. You always play characters that are REAL MEN. I see that no one has commented since my last post. I watched the an episode of All About My Mom and I love it. Eugene appears to have good chemistry with you like the lady in Glorious Day. You are my idea of a real male star. I can not stand most leading men in English movies and television in my own Country because they such wooshes. Keep up the good work Sir.

  147. 147 : alya Says:

    Dear Lee Sang Woo

    I love you and became your fan because you’re different from the other korean actors
    1.you are darker
    2.you are manly
    3. you are stoic
    4. you are very talented and above the all
    YOU HAVE A VERY SWEET SMILE that can melt women hearts
    Lee Sang Woo the best. I love watching all your dramas

  148. 148 : queenmichelle Says:

    gosh!!!!! i love you so much lee sang woo oppa, you are the one and only korean guy that can make us woman go wild without you making anything but just looking us eye to eye….i fallen in love with you from the first time i watch you at the first wives club,from then i started to follow watching over you…..from me….one of a million woman who’s crazy over you…..i love you and god bless you, hope you in the best that god can bless you………saranghe oppa!

  149. 149 : Zen Says:

    Watching Lee sang woo for the 1st time, he has captivated my interest the series ALL ABOUT MY MOM. I wish to see more of his versatile acting and wearing a smile which could release stress. Kudos to you LEE SANG WOO.

  150. 150 : All About My Mom Episode 54 End – DramaSubtitles.com Says:

    […] from her family and especially from her mother. Jin Ae falls in love with Kang Hoon Jae (Lee Sang Woo) and marries to him. Meanwhile, what awaits for Jin Ae is her new mother-in-law, Hwang Young Sun […]

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    […] So Yun as Bong Hae Ryung Lee Sang Woo as Seo Ji Gun Lee Pil Mo as Yoo Hyun […]

  152. 152 : MBC Drama Awards 2016 (Winners List) - Lihat Lirik Says:

    […] Actress (Special Production): UEE (Marriage Contract) Top Excellence Actor (Daily/Soap Opera): Lee Sang Woo (Happy Home) Top Excellence Actress (Daily/Soap Opera): Kim So Yun (Happy […]

  153. 153 : Long Series Kdrama Review All about My Mum | Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Kim as Lee Jin Ae, Lee Sang Woo as Kang Hoon Jae, Go Doo Shim as Im San Ok (Jin Ae’s mother), Kim Kap Soo as Lee Dong Chul (Jin […]

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