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Lee Sun Gyun

Lee Sun Gyun 03

Name: 이선균 / Lee Sun Gyun
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1975-Mar-02
Height: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
Star sign: Pisces
Blood type: A
Family: Wife/actress Jun Hye Jin and 2 son (born on 2009-Nov-25 & 2011-Aug-9)
Talent agency: J & H Film

TV Shows

Diary of a Prosecutor (jTBC, 2019)
My Mister (tvN, 2018)
My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week (jTBC, 2016)
Jealousy Incarnate (SBS, 2016)
Miss Korea (MBC,2013)
Golden Time (MBC, 2012)
Our Slightly Risque Relationship (KBS2, 2010)
Pasta (MBC, 2010)
Triple (MBC, 2009)
My Sweet City (SBS, 2008)
On Air (SBS, 2008, cameo)
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (MBC, 2007)
White Tower (MBC, 2007)
Fugitive Lee Doo Young (KBS2, 2006)
MBC Best Theater Taereung National Village (MBC, 2005-Oct-29 to 2005-Nov-19)
Loveholic (SBS, 2005)
Drama City (KBS2, 2005)
Thousand Years of Love (SBS, 2003)


Love Is a Virus (2015)
Angry Lawyer (2015)
A Hard Day (2014)
Our Sunhi (2013)
Nobody’s Daughter Haewon (2013)
All About My Wife (2012)
Helpless (2012)
The Apprehenders (2011)
Petty Romance (2010)
Visitors (2009)
Paju (2009)
Romantic Island / Feel So Good (2008)
Night and Day (2008)
Our Town (2007)
The Customer is King (2006)
The Brutal Working Life (2006)
Apple (2005)
Hitch Hiking (2004)
Priest Lessons (2004)
Mermaid Princess (2004)
R-Point (2004)
Love So Divine (2004, cameo)
Show Show Show (2003)
The Scent of Chrysanthemums (2003)
How to Please Your Boss (2002)
If You Know a Good Person, Please Introduce Me (2002)
Run First (2002)
Surprise (2002, cameo)
Psycho Drama (2000)


  • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: One Act Special Award – Actor (Our Slightly Risque Relationship)
  • 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Gong Hyo Jin (Pasta)
  • 2010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival: Best Actor (Paju)
  • 2007 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Award Miniseries (The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince)

Related Photo

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  1. 1 : Lourdes Says:


    You were not the most seen in Coffee Prince, but yet with every appearance, it made such an impact. And every time your presence was gracefully shown, it just made a difference. Although it wasn’t much, I truly did like your acting, and I congratulate you on such a successful show! ^_^

  2. 2 : lee hwee ying, molly Says:

    You are really a talented actor and look great when you smile. Good luck to your future performances!

    Molly (Singapore)

  3. 3 : nongnotno Says:

    I like your show:)

    You’re good in your work:)

    from Thailand

  4. 4 : 신지해 Says:

    야…. 오빠 진짜대단해요!!!~ coffee prince FIGHTING!!!!!~ season 2

  5. 5 : minmin/ Says:

    I’m falling in love with you 55+
    your smile…
    your face….
    your eye….
    exotic guy!!!

  6. 6 : joyce Says:

    You looked very smart in coffee prince, will look forward for your new drama.

  7. 7 : Corine Says:

    Indeed your smile is so mesmerizing and I love to hear your husky laughter. When I watched Coffee Prince, I always can’t wait for your scenes.

  8. 8 : cute nancy Says:

    nice job u have in coffee prince looking forward 2 see u on spotlight again goodluck.your “singku”from taiwan cute nancy.

  9. 9 : angela Says:

    oppa sun gyun, youre really cute!!!!!

  10. 10 : rinna24 Says:

    u r the latest collection of korean actor into my list… i really2 love your voice & acting in CP… & tis is yr 1st act that i ever watch… as mostly yr drama/movies not in malaysia market!

  11. 11 : nutthakran Says:

    I love your smile…xxx

    nutthakran from thailand

  12. 12 : kt Says:

    Hi, you have the most amazing voice! Love your performance. Seeing you in Coffee Prince made me curious to see your other works. Good luck on your career. 🙂

  13. 13 : Lilyzaleen Says:

    r u a singer… u voice sound lovely…. i like when u sing in the episode 4.. it touch my heart… great acting.. good luck to u… all the best… hope can see u with other drama..

  14. 14 : social_butterfly Says:

    whoa….. im your fan in the philippines your so gorgeous and appealing man and your so cute with those cute eyes h,mmmmm

  15. 15 : julie ann Says:

    elow lee.you know wat?ur tv series coffee prince(here in the Philippines)is now on the 3rd day, but u’ve already attracted me..hmmm..i think u’re so nice.take care! i promese that i will watch coffee prince from start to finish!Lavyah!

  16. 16 : abel Says:

    this is my first time to watch this guy on screen..and i loved the way he act and also the way he sing..

    oh..its so cute. i hope there would be another projects where he’s role would be catchy or would get people’s attention..

  17. 17 : pamela Says:

    I just love you!! im a fan, what can i do? i just love watching any korean drama 🙂

  18. 18 : sandydasassy Says:

    i don’t know how but obvously when i watch coffe prince, his character really melting my heart. At first, juz like Eun Chan, i fall wif diz guy lol. He is so cool n gentleman…

  19. 19 : Julia Says:

    Love the charisma, warm smile, keep up the good work, truly warm,warm, sincere smile

  20. 20 : katrina_chix Says:

    lee sun gyun.. i love you so much.. you really cough anyones attention if you smile… it will really ,elt my herat…hehehe hope to see again in season 2… AJA lee sun gyun…

  21. 21 : jaz Says:

    Hi.. Love ur smile..
    Take care>>>

  22. 22 : annabella embestro Says:

    i like you very much in that tv show,..youre so cute and so strange’s keep up the good work,…coffee prince

  23. 23 : annabella embestro Says:

    i like the you smile,…i love you

  24. 24 : annabella embestro Says:

    the way you smile,…

  25. 25 : gracie Says:

    i like your smile, you’re an ideal man in real life… you’re voice is very modulated and will surely melt every woman’s heart.. including me… love yah!
    keep smiling!

  26. 26 : trina01 Says:

    elow..i really like your precious smile it seems that u dont have a problem..hehe..keep it up always..and always smile even though your not acting …….
    your smile, your voice and your acting is really impressive and that’s how i lyk u..

    pls make more films….

  27. 27 : mishelle Says:

    Lee Sun Gyun u r one AWESOME ACTOR! =]
    ur gud at like everything..singing n acting

  28. 28 : _^ysah^_ Says:

    ..your acting in coffee prince was very great..

  29. 29 : .abby. Says:

    ..wee..i really love your show..=p you look so good..=)
    .i wish you luck in your career.

  30. 30 : ady Says:

    you’re so handsome . . . gosh im crazy abt u

  31. 31 : jetro Says:

    owwwh!!! my god!! i realy love this guy promise!!!! his so cute!! and i always watch his movie here in the philippines!! and its so cool,funny ans so kilig!!! hahahah i love you lee sun gyun!!!! i realy wish you could come here in the philippines!!!! good luck to your career!!! hipe you’ll make more movie!!!! i will realy watch it!!! ahhmm before i live this are my 5 words for you I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

  32. 32 : donna Says:

    hi there! ur great when it comes to acting… esp. at the coffee prince.. i realy love that show! keep up the good work! hope 2 see u at the phil…

  33. 33 : i_am_what_it_takes Says:

    sarang hae yo…
    marry me…
    coffee prince rocks!

  34. 34 : aih Says:

    hi! i really love the chemistry of coffee prince we love it so much!.Killer smile eroll,goodlooking guy!.oPPA!!!!

  35. 35 : aih Says:

    oppa!!! godbezz.keep the good work!!!…

  36. 36 : Gerean Says:

    Hi! I like you as Han Sung in coffee prince…
    You really look good as well…

  37. 37 : nesta Says:

    he’s so gentle… 🙂

  38. 38 : ehiptio Says:

    …as aaron in coffe prince, he’s really a whiz and charming!

    …he’s role may not be on the lead but he sure is leaving a mark on the show, he’s character is really amazing and kind of romantic…

    kudos to him … i like him.. haha .. i mean i like aaron!

  39. 39 : Tricia Says:

    …i like your show..
    …keep up the good work…

  40. 40 : Tricia Says:


  41. 41 : tippy Says:

    ..EROLL in Coffee Prince in the Philippines..hehehe..

  42. 42 : yna Says:

    Hello there!i just cant stop lovin you everytime i watch you in coffee prince its truly one big success to your whole cast…I juz cant help it but to fall in love with you guys….YOU TRULY TAKE AWAY MY SADNESS!!!

  43. 43 : deborah Says:

    hello im one of your big fan of coffe prince…

  44. 44 : Noni Says:

    hi…I use not to watch korean drama..but now im crazy about this since I’ve watched Coffee Prince…Thumbs up to u guys…

  45. 45 : ESpE Says:

    hI..DiS iS mY oPPorTUniTY TO teLL mY fellINgs TO yOU….hI lee!!!!You knOW iM yoUR numBer 1 FAn!!!I reALLY wATChiNG yoUR coMEdY anD romAntIC mOVie..,,,The cOffEE prINce..!!as IN i REAlly LikE it..eSPeCIallY whEN i sAW yoU THeRe…LEE sun GyuN…..thIS is THe fIRst TIme I saY to THe CUte GUy LIkE yoU thAt i LOvE YOu VEry MucH!!!!saNA maGinG TayO Na lAng…i AM ready TO meRRy WiTH yoU…!!jUSt CAll MY naMe…IL be THeRe TO loVE yoU anD comFOrt YOu ANd TAkE of You All THe tIMe…..keep up your good work!!!i lOve YoU!!!

  46. 46 : Irene (Philippines) Says:

    hi lee sun gyun! you really have a killer smile :). i bet girls admires alot…..so you will be 33 this march, are you married? i love watching your show here in manila and i hope that the whole cast will come over to pay us (funs) a visit. do you have an email address?
    take care!


  47. 47 : erzaya Says:

    i like you so much..u r cool,romantic and sweet..really want to meet u in person..=)

  48. 48 : Mars Says:

    Hi! I agree that you truly are a good actor. I noticed that your awards weren’t showed. It’s sad to see that such talented actor like you weren’t given the recognition you deserve, nonetheless keep up the good work and i hope more projects will come your way in the future. God bless

  49. 49 : michelle Says:

    hi your korea novel of coffee prince is so good and your are so cutei i hope you came her in the phil.soon i will always watch your drama or any of your movie good luck in your charer t.y and im one of your fans and i love you asha!!!

  50. 50 : witstuff Says:

    ur smile rocks! i like it wen u smile….hope ul visit us here in the philippines, all the STARS OF COFFFEE PRINCE…… for me COFFEE PRINCE is number 1!!!!! ur cute!!! tata!!!! gudluk on ur career!!!!

  51. 51 : em Says:

    the character you portrayed in Coffee Prince really fitted you a lot…i loved your acting there…hope to see you more in your next projects…your simple but exotic look really made you a distinctive one…hope to meet you!!

  52. 52 : chona batungbacal Says:

    I really love your character in coffee prince and i’ve got a crush on you. Hope u can visit the philippines. mwahh…

  53. 53 : mac Says:

    Well, Lee Sun Gyun is in the Philippines right now, shooting some love story film (don’t know if it’s a movie or a series) in Intramuros in San Augustin Church. He looks friendly and smiled to the people taking a peek at the place.

  54. 54 : mrj Says:

    If and only if…there would be real in this world… I hope it would be you..your character in coffee prince..(–,)..hhhmmmm

  55. 55 : karen Says:

    hi!!! hope to see you in person…i love your character in coffee prince..you’re such a romantic guy..i love your smile..take care…

  56. 56 : janice reyes Says:

    hi! i am from the Philippines.. today, february 25, 2008, i saw you at one of our malls here (glorietta).. i tried to approach you, but you just waved your hand.. anyway, i am so glad to have seen you face-to-face.. my mother and sister are so happy to also see you..
    i love watching Coffee Prince!

  57. 57 : janice reyes Says:

    hi to mac! just read your message.. oh, how i wish i could see him again! until when is he going to stay here in the Philippines? i’ll be waiting for that film he’s shooting now.. if it’s okay with you, kindly give me updates about the film and his stay in our country (through my email).. pretty please! thanks a lot!

  58. 58 : josephine Says:

    hai there…… i luv ur movie coffe prince . i wish i could see u in da real person! hehe especially gong yo!!! hehe …

  59. 59 : sarah Says:

    nice but his so mysterious!

    Keep up the good wrks!

    God Bless!!

  60. 60 : evon Says:

    Undeniable you’re one cute guy..The character you played in Coffee Prince is just unforgettable to me. Wish you’d come visit Kuala Lumpur..Hope to see you act in more Korean dramas.

  61. 61 : lhance Says:

    hi??????,,,, y don’t u change your venue, you’ve try philippines to shoot your movie, i think it will success, bec, all filipino was, love the korean novela u know that,just think it,{joke only} i wan’t to meet u personally , that’s it.

  62. 62 : crb Says:

    you’re the best actor on coffee prince, imo
    and you bear a strong resemblance to my brother!

    i love your voice too…

  63. 63 : bircan Says:

    hi i am from turkey i watched coffee prince i like your voice your performance and …..i love u so much hope to see u more

  64. 64 : Nora stella Says:

    Keep cool ahhjussii!!!!!hehe

  65. 65 : SONIA(FRANCE) Says:


    i am sorry my english is bad, I am a french girl , 29 years, i adore you in coffee prince, you are a good actor and you are very cute too. i am very sad , because in france there are many american actors and not asiatic actors, then, welcomed in france, there are same an asiatic cinema festival to”deauville” , then , welcomed.
    take care of yourself
    kiss from France

  66. 66 : Cristine Says:

    Annyong haseo….
    nice acting… you’re really cool and mysterious….

  67. 67 : Mikee Tuiroc Says:

    ur my idol!

  68. 68 : Honest_thailand Says:

    I’m from Thailand
    You are warmest-man ,I very like you and hope that you and family has good thing and good healthy

    and Hope that will visit to Thailand
    Lady from Thailand

  69. 69 : rath Says:

    I very like you in coffe pince but what to know you in you are I think I will love you more and more. I m thai lady 🙂

  70. 70 : lee ye rin Says:

    Annyeong haseyo, Mr. Lee Seon Gyun!!!
    I really like your character in Coffee Prince, especially your voice when you sang on the phone for your girlfriend in the drama…
    You’re soooo CUTE!!! I really like you…
    I’m one of your fans here in the Philippines..
    That’s all…kkkk Haeng bug hae! ^^
    Hoping for your endless success… Keep it up!!!

  71. 71 : poom Says:


    Many women are fall in love with your character in Coffee Prince. Fantastic drama….

    Look forward to see Coffee Prine II !!!

  72. 72 : cinta Says:

    oppa….. saranghae

    love your smile, your voice and everything about you…

  73. 73 : Romantic Blue Tea Says:

    Lee Sun Gyun….please contact me ([email protected])

  74. 74 : Romantic Blue Tea Says:

    Lee Sun gyun…please contact me ([email protected])

  75. 75 : fedilla Says:


    you really….really….FANTASTIC!!!
    sorry my english is not good…..^_^

    i hope we can keep contact!
    you really2 nice guy
    i like your character in COFFEE PRINCE

    nice too know you Lee Sun Gyung

  76. 76 : zesbaki Says:

    You seem to have lots of fans….well….down here I’m the only one who knows you..

  77. 77 : deanti Says:

    Hi Mr. Lee Sun Gyun…
    Im sorry if my English not good, Iam a Indonesian girl, 17 years.
    I like you when I wached you in the Coffe Prince. I like your character, you are so sweet and nice guy. you are the best actor. I love you…
    keep nice and success always…

  78. 78 : deanti Says:

    Hi Mr. Lee Sun Gyun…
    Im sorry if my English not good, Iam a Indonesian girl, 17 years.
    I like you when I watched you in the Coffe Prince. I like your character, you are so sweet and nice guy. you are the best actor. I love you…
    keep nice and success always…

  79. 79 : mPee_chAn Says:


    I’m fRom Indonesia..

    I Like d’ wAy u aCt..

    Btw, U Look really cUte whEn using gLasses..

    Ganbatte ne..^^

  80. 80 : aucha_ahjussi Says:

    i like u so much..
    ur face looks alike my boy..

  81. 81 : tiffany Says:

    ur act very good!im waiting for ur next movie..mwa luv u

  82. 82 : Shuhui Says:

    haloe there! my friends and i like you in coffee prince! wish there is coffee prince II ^^ we hope you can take more movie and drama


    Ur smile ur voice & ur handsome look makes all of us fall in love 4 eu ^^
    btw when u wear glasses it is kinda cute ^^


  83. 83 : Ruxberry Says:

    I am your fan club, I have tried your series and your movie, that you acted. I like your walking act and your sofen style.. gonna to be your fan club website, let me know. Thank you so much!

    Form a Thai lady.

  84. 84 : Leo Says:

    Hi Mr. Lee Sun Gyun…

    I’m Zimbabwean.

    I like your performance in the soap Coffe Prince. I like your character and enjoyed the performance of your fellow cast members.
    I hope to see the films you acted..
    Be Blessed…

  85. 85 : deadlyoo Says:

    i love yr character alots…..in coffe prince…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. 86 : Jaja Says:

    Hai Mr Lee,

    I’m a Malaysian. I love your character in Coffee Prince, especially the scene with Eun-Chan. All the best to you.

  87. 87 : momomiko10 Says:

    evryone love ur acting in coffee prince..u deserve that award..well keep up a good work..fighting!!

  88. 88 : Citra Says:

    Hi….. Lee Seon Gyun-shi
    I love ur acting..
    but i love ur voice more…
    I’ll be waiting 4 ur next drama..

  89. 89 : Elnaaaaaaaaaz ! Says:

    you’re good and handsome ! I love your character in coffee prince.you’re such a romantic guy!

  90. 90 : riska Says:

    I’m one of your fans
    I love your act, even I just watched 1 TV series
    Do you have facebook?
    Can your fans becaome your friend?
    Tq so much
    I’ll waiting your next movie or TV series

  91. 91 : fuu..chi Says:

    i hate your manner,, too weak!!

  92. 92 : tan Says:

    AHJUSSII……saranghaeeeee!!!! so sweet so cute…

  93. 93 : amazingmama Says:

    hi mr you had the nicest voice in world ,,,love you in coffee prince..\

  94. 94 : kleir Says:

    Hi, I love your voice, I watched Tripple first, then i saw you in Coffee Prince. Actually i have to look for a copy which is in Korean, so i can here your voice. Fortunately I got one. Hope you have more Korean dramas.

  95. 95 : U.S.A. Says:

    Just wanted to comment on your voice. The first time I saw you was in The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, then in Loveholic. You’re an excellent actor, yet the tone of your voice is absolutely beautiful. The embodiment of a true baritone. So rich and clear.

  96. 96 : wow gold Says:

    This is my first time comment at your blog.
    Good recommended website.

  97. 97 : Karen Pang Says:

    Hi Sun Gyun,

    Started watching ‘Pasta’ last week simply because I am an Italian food lover. Really no idea who you are because I have not watched any drama you acted before.

    Love your voice and tonality instantly on 1st episode of Pasta. Really enjoyed watching the drama- interesting plot, good acting and lots of chemistry between you and the leading actress. Plus the yummy yummy Italian food ^_*.

    Well done Sun Gyun, looking forward to watch the next episode of Pasta.


  98. 98 : vie Says:

    Currently watching Pasta. Really attracted by your voice and the way you walk. Kinda sexy swagger. Sigh…can really swoon at your attractive voice.

    Very good acting (love your facial expressions) and excellent chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin.

  99. 99 : annmasae Says:

    really enjoying your role in series Pasta as an arrogant chef in love with one of his employees!!

    keep up the good work!!!

  100. 100 : melanie Says:

    You can really act in any role given to you!You are the best!!!!!!keep up the good work and goodluck! forward on your success….

  101. 101 : Karen Pang Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  102. 102 : ven Says:

    Happy Birthday “Chef”. Love your acting in Pasta.

  103. 103 : jo Says:

    Amazing Drama. Your acting is superb/very well executed. I highly recommend this particular kind of Kdrama. I’m sure you’ll be well entertained ‘coz it’s full of exciting moments in every episodes.Fighting everyone.Looking forward for your new project/s in the near future.GOD BLESS Lee Sun Gyun and more graces/success for you to gain.We admire you!!!

  104. 104 : jo Says:

    What I’m recommending was Kdrama PASTA.

  105. 105 : melanie Says:

    you are one of the best actor that i considered! I’m proud of you…..You are one of the BEST ACTOR! Goodluck! God Bless…..I like your Performance in PASTA!

  106. 106 : aleth Says:

    I’m from the Philippines….love you chef!!!!

  107. 107 : adrienne Says:

    hi chef, just finished watching pasta….very good acting, nice story. you know there’s something about you that i can’t explain…maybe it’s the way you walk…so sexy….

  108. 108 : teptep Says:

    OMG i soooo agree with adrienne.your walk.super sexy.and your voice.and your smile.oppsss.i think i’m falling for you.didn’t expect that at all!haha.anyway i really enjoyed watching pasta.thanks godbless!

  109. 109 : adrienne Says:

    lee sun gyun looks better with short hair =)

  110. 110 : quiceberrylady Says:

    Wow,,, Choi Han SunG… now Choi Hyun Wook.. You are one of the best for me… Chef… I want you to yell at me too… haha…

  111. 111 : sri murni atila devi Says:

    Hi….I think everyone will agree that you are doing good at pasta…
    you are amazing!!!!
    Love you lee sun gyun….

  112. 112 : ephy Says:

    i so like your personality as chef in pasta.. will you be mine? lol.. hahaaaha… can you cook some pasta for me CHef? 🙂

  113. 113 : meyri Says:


  114. 114 : ysay Says:

    i like u so much!!! hope u can fall inlove wid me too… yes chef!!!!!!!!!

  115. 115 : DEYSI Says:

    me pareces genial soy de peru , tas super, me gusta tu papel duro y suave a la vez com una balanza equilibrada ….

  116. 116 : alchocholic Says:

    lee sun gyun aka the chef. I just LOVE your performance in PASTA and kind love your sarcastic chef than alex character. Together with GHJ you’re have such a good chemistry
    love the storyline,love the character, and of course love Pasta

  117. 117 : lina Says:

    i like your acting in pasta especially when everybody calls you chef

  118. 118 : lina Says:

    i love your acting in pasta,i am not bored to watch it

  119. 119 : roli Says:

    it’s kinda weird but i have watched many korean drama but this one really captures my heart. there are so many korean actor better-looking than you are but you really captured me. The way you act and project as chef and the way you bring love in the kitchen. You really is great so all of the pasta characters…

  120. 120 : [email protected] Says:

    i love u Chef 😉

  121. 121 : Cristina Says:

    I really love your korean drama Pasta…hope more comedy drama coming up…Good luck…

  122. 122 : Anggraini Says:

    i like pasta korean drama, especially his acting… cool n nice

  123. 123 : Zafar Says:

    A Pakistan-USA man like Korea, Korean peoples and now Lee Sun Gyun’s ‘PASTA’
    Anybody advise how can I find my Korean gold fish?

  124. 124 : indonesia-indah Says:

    chef,,,,,,,i want your pasta,,,

  125. 125 : mel Says:

    i think you’re a great actor..

  126. 126 : ade vitria Says:

    abis nonton film nya lee sun gyun…paju…

    duhhh,,,,jadi ilfil neehh ma ajussi…

  127. 127 : dodo Says:

    do you know if lsg has a website or a fan website?!
    how can i see more about him exept here?!
    thanks a lot

  128. 128 : Liisa Says:

    yes, chef.

    ^ this’s simply LOVE !

    but seriously, lsg’s acting skills = daebak !!!
    kay, your smile somehow is killing me^.^

  129. 129 : MONALIZA Says:

    Lee sun gyun
    hope you could visit our country, i do really like the way you look and your smile i watch pasta in love several times and never tired of watching you sarang hameda

  130. 130 : MONALIZA Says:


    take care always. God bless

  131. 131 : MONALIZA Says:

    hope i’m also a chef so that i could go near you, hope i’m pillow in your car so that you could lean on me anytime you’re tired. chef you’re really amazing.

  132. 132 : ORLI Says:

    I really love this actor, I hope to see him in more movies I saw him in the film pasta, I Just love this amazing player.

  133. 133 : ynia_dea Says:

    i am your big fun!!! you were so great in PASTA and i fell in love you nyahahaha!! toinkz…i already saw you in coffee prince and you already caught my attention there. you are a great actor and hope to see you more. gud luck and God bless!

  134. 134 : slc Says:

    first time see ur movie already fall in love wit u.hehe …..cant help stop think of u (pasta)

  135. 135 : monaliza Says:

    sarang hamnida chef

  136. 136 : Shoegirl Says:

    Chef, please come to Singapore! 🙂
    chef chef chef…

  137. 137 : Sandra Says:

    Lee Sun Gyun, you are cool =)
    Once you visit Jakarta, don’t forget to invite me….. your biggest fans.

    Your ‘pasta’ drama was very nice and memorable….but kissing scene is very bad ! why its look like both you and Gong Hyu jin is hiding the kissing scene. come on…..

  138. 138 : Penny Says:

    first time watch your drama series – Pasta, i was falling in love wif u 🙂 cant stop my mind to think of u every mins..
    u looks so cool

  139. 139 : Puput Says:

    I’m your new fans from Indonesia. Look foward another drama from you..

  140. 140 : yuting Says:

    I love “pasta” so much and your voice.
    You should be great singer. chef……

  141. 141 : Jayne Says:

    Oh, LSG, you have really done it this time! I got a crush on you on Coffee Prince, but now, after halfway of Pasta, I’m totally in love… Your acting, your voice, heck, even the way you walk or put your hands on your pockets, all sticking in my mind. Keep choosing a good script with interesting character, you can do it!

  142. 142 : sepid Says:

    I love “pasta” so much.and i love u
    you are wonderfull & very lovely

  143. 143 : toh quan ming Says:

    lee sun gyun
    i like your acting such as ” the white tower ” and ” pasta “

  144. 144 : persepolis iran Says:

    the best

  145. 145 : jamil-IRAN Says:

    hi chef.I love the way of your acting specially in PASTA.your behavior is good & your walking is more lovely.I really love your pesonality

  146. 146 : roya Says:

    hi chef you are the best in pasta and i love you

  147. 147 : mehrnaz Says:

    Hi,chef.I really enjoed watching pasta,but I cant imagine the series without you,you are the reason that this TV series is so lovely.I love you chef.

  148. 148 : rwkawa Says:

    i watch pasta in gem tv persian and i like the chef very much his a best acter in korean his is very funy ….i wish i could speik korean …

  149. 149 : sode Says:

    hi lee
    im sode ,i like you anding in pasta
    i want to have your email address if it is possible
    have fun

  150. 150 : parizad Says:

    hi dear chef i love so much i watch pasta in gem tv persian i hop com to korea and i love love love so much chef and i love you lee

  151. 151 : farzane Says:

    i watching u evryday,
    i love u realy,
    u are sweet & beauty,
    u are the best,
    i loee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,
    i send u massage plz answer me,
    i love u & i wish see u near
    farzane in Iran

  152. 152 : febri Says:

    I love u so much chef….

  153. 153 : farzane Says:

    u dont give massage in the answer usualy?
    i love u very much
    far in iran

  154. 154 : farzane Says:

    من هر روز فیلمی که از تو ضبط کردم را نگاه می کنم
    این یک خوشبختی هست برای من که مثل تو توی یک روز به دنیا امدمو من 2 مارس 1985 متولد شدم
    من دل شکسته ای دارم چون نامزدم را از دست دادم
    نامزدم مرد
    اما با دیدن تو شادی به دلم همد
    اما تا وقتی تو را می بینم
    ممنون از این همه شادی

  155. 155 : aney_aby90 Says:

    annyeong chef…
    love to watch ur movie..
    i think u’ve got the natural talent…
    love the way u shout..

  156. 156 : Lena Says:

    Hi,i hop you are fun.i’m your fan and i love you.

  157. 157 : Mozhgan Says:

    your characteristic in this serial is the one that i really go in it. i have something like this before.. just like this but fortunate or unfortunately i can’t have a relationship on that but i hope i can have it here with your answerssss

    be in touch

  158. 158 : elizabet Says:

    I love u and ur pasta.ur the best actor i,ve ever seen.I wish i could visit u

  159. 159 : Maisy Says:

    Hi Sun Gyun

    I like watching you in the Pasta show. Great acting! Just saw the 2010 KBS Award show where you won the Best Actor for Single Drama, way to go!

  160. 160 : linna Says:

    i love you we should get married

  161. 161 : nemo Says:

    Actors are liars it is what we pay them to do.

    so why would you say Lee Sun Gyun I love you and i want to be with you.

    Heck! you do not know him at all, all you see on that screen is a polished liar delivering his lines as directed.

    Not to ruin anyone’s parade But you should say Lee Sun Gyun i love your work. Because lets face it this is a contract……. lie to me and i will make you filthy rich.

  162. 162 : bubbles Says:

    saranghe chef 🙂

  163. 163 : bubbles Says:

    you stole my heart chef and i won’t give it back 🙂

  164. 164 : bubbles Says:

    i just can’t stop lovin’ you everytime i watch you in pasta 🙂 saranghe chef

  165. 165 : mommy najmi Says:

    love you chef….

  166. 166 : kelsey Says:

    I want to watch your movie Petty Romance can’t wait till it’s available to me <3

  167. 167 : monaliza Says:

    you’re the great chef…. saranghamnida chef……

  168. 168 : micLtoe Says:

    YES Chef!!! saranghe CHEF!!!

  169. 169 : Nita Yudasari Says:

    Hi Lee Sun Gyun..
    I Really like your acting..
    And my favourite is pasta..
    I really like watching Pasta,, the great acting with Kong Hyo Jin, Lee Ha Nui, and Alex..
    Yes Chef..

    Sarangheyo Chef..
    Please come to Indonesia..

  170. 170 : tista from indonesia Says:

    i think i crazy because you chef……
    I LOVE YOU chef……………………………………………

  171. 171 : tista from indonesia Says:

    i think i crazy because you chef,
    everiday i mant looking your eyes,your smile,n your smile..
    I LOVE YOU chef……………….I LOVE YOU…………………..

  172. 172 : de sapodilla Says:

    i just wanna say “i love you chef”

  173. 173 : namirha Says:

    Saranghae chef…
    I love u so much when I see your acting, Your acting is really nature…
    I like it…
    saranghae chef…
    I hope I can study to make a delicious pasta with you…

  174. 174 : sofie Says:

    lov u chef…I hope and I wish I could find someone like u…

  175. 175 : wida nurulhidayah Says:

    oh akang cheff, aing teh reuseup ka sia kaang……saraghae kang ganteng!!!

  176. 176 : wida nurulhidayah Says:

    hey kang koq hese asup c

  177. 177 : nenk hearts Says:

    ohh ieu akang chef u kasep teh,,, nembe nyaho da nenk mah…
    urang jajan yuk ka warung tegal…..

  178. 178 : nayyaw Says:

    Kreend abiss… Akting n Gantengnya pooll

  179. 179 : Mill.meid Says:

    Cakep banget…
    Pas d film pasta cool abizz…..
    Luph you full….. 😀

  180. 180 : Tattye Says:

    q skaa bgett chef nya.. cool abiezz.. louphh u chef

  181. 181 : Diah A Hidayat Says:

    CooL ab!zzzzzz.. TatapaN mata tajam mu itu Lho.. LovE yOu Chef..

  182. 182 : yessy Says:

    I Love You CHEFFFFFF

  183. 183 : shanty Says:

    you looks so sexy in pasta…..one of best k drama I’ve ever watch

  184. 184 : ratna Says:

    chef love u hmmmmm ngegemesin banget cehhhhh

  185. 185 : ratna Says:

    chef chef chef *sambil natapin foto chef*

  186. 186 : nae Says:

    tampan n cool banget c kamu chef…jd gemes pengen nyium….hahahaha LOL 😀

  187. 187 : dwana wawa Says:

    iih chef nya keren banget. jdi pengen jadi asisten chef nya cool abis !

  188. 188 : chika Says:

    yes chef…..yes chef….
    ih cool bgt sich…
    gw ska bgt nich tipe2 kya gni…
    ultah nya sama ih ma gw.. bintang nya jg piscess…
    your star sign is same w/ me….

  189. 189 : imfireflies Says:

    helyah! cheeeeef ganteeeeeng aduh cool cool haaaa melting tiap dia ngomong wadaaaaaaah :O love him a lot!

  190. 190 : shella Says:

    i love u so much chef :**
    you soo cool :))

  191. 191 : bubbles Says:

    i really really really really love u LEE SUN GYUN!!

  192. 192 : rlndnrc Says:

    ganteng parahhhhhh wlpn udah tua. cool……….

  193. 193 : ida susanti Says:

    chef cakeeeeep…. hehehehe…

  194. 194 : trice Says:

    Yes Chef.. YOURRRR FIRED!!!!!!

  195. 195 : devita Says:

    ih,chef ganteng buanggetcc cihhhhh……
    love u…….

  196. 196 : bunga chefLee SunGyun Lovers Gong Hy Jin Says:

    cheff mank ckep tp synk ska mrah”,,nnn kq pasta mw abs sechh,,,khan ne acra bru

  197. 197 : bunga chefLee SunGyun Lovers Gong Hy Jin Says:

    chef gnteng tp syank ska mrahh”,,huftt ne acra khan bru kq dhmw hbis sech…

  198. 198 : yen ling Says:

    ganteng dan berkharismatik 😀 luv it..

  199. 199 : ovi Says:

    kacep banggeut duh tua juga, keren……………..luv u chef….!!

  200. 200 : cherry Says:

    Lee sun gyun just got my heart…yesss chefff…Love you chef..:):)

  201. 201 : grimmjuen Says:

    seperti bukan chef,,
    tapi kamu berwibawa,…

  202. 202 : delby Says:

    oppa you’re so cool
    I like you so much
    I love your song and your style
    oppa , visit Indonesia please
    oppa saranghaeyo

  203. 203 : shanty Says:

    i luv uuuuuuuuuuuu ………..

  204. 204 : risna Says:

    I luv u chef
    I wanna be ur second wife dch hihihihi

  205. 205 : tiga Says:

    love u chef

  206. 206 : fya Says:

    you know how pretty damn cool you are..
    and i love it so much!
    hope we can meet each other, however.
    i love you chef! <3 :*

  207. 207 : dpus Says:

    ooowww…i’m very love uuu chef,,,

  208. 208 : korean drama :: PASTA :: « ~ korean around us ~ Says:

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  209. 209 : athe Says:

    you’re very handsome … I love to see your style … pasta is a good film …

  210. 210 : anggie Says:

    you are good person.. i like your acting in pasta,..
    the best chef

  211. 211 : lia Says:

    Keep the pasta hairstyle, chef. Suit for you.

  212. 212 : golden fish Says:

    ya chef..**

  213. 213 : tasya Says:

    ♥ u
    ya chef.

  214. 214 : Nad's Says:

    YES CHEF…!!

  215. 215 : inar Says:

    yey chef…
    passo faree…!!
    nomunomunomu cuaee….

  216. 216 : widya Says:

    I’m faliin’ love with u..
    I love u..
    I love u..
    I love u..
    So much..

  217. 217 : hasna 이선균 Says:

    aaaaaa love you more chef ❤
    you make me jealous to see ur love is so great to Seo Yo Kyung ☹

  218. 218 : Anna Says:

    Iam falling in love with a cool chef… Yes Chef !!!

  219. 219 : unauni Says:

    terrpikir seperti pernah melihat chef choi…
    sebelum akhirnya memutuskan membuka halaman koreandrama.org ini,,,

    hahaha ternyata benar si chef main di coffee prince… choi han sung… xixixixixi he was warm he came around… wkwkwkwkwk

  220. 220 : unauni Says:

    iya chef…

    baik chef…

  221. 221 : wira Says:

    haiiii lee sun gyun. im from indonesia…. iam a one of ur fans here… ogenki desu ka… well, sorry i ask ur in nihon go i don’ t know how to say how r u in korea… …. saranghaeyo chef… i love ur movie very much… may next day i’ll come to ur country n try to meet u…. i really expected….

  222. 222 : maria eviana Says:

    im falling in love with you

  223. 223 : sari_Koreanz Says:

    Haiyyy….lee seon gyun,I’m ur biggest fans….ur voice,ur smile n the way u walk so impressed me….I like ur hair cut & loves ur act in pasta ,that’s way I fall in love with u as choi hyun wook..but honestly I don’t ‘really’ like u in coffee prince,coz ur character is too calm and weak…oke see u than…just keep make a good drama and movie….muahhh

  224. 224 : nuz Says:

    you are so good chef…..i like you acting….and you style man….

  225. 225 : Anggie Says:

    Love you chef ^,*

  226. 226 : Gadis Says:

    I Love Your Character as a Chef ^.-
    Love You Chef :*

    For Me ,, You’re Soo Romantic Here .
    Wish all da best 4 ur Life & Career 🙂

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  228. 228 : Kazesa Says:

    cheeeefffff.. u’re my man .. Kyaaaaaaaaaa ~

  229. 229 : Kazesa Says:

    Cheeeeeeeeeefff.. u are my mannn.. Kyaaaaaaaaaa ~

  230. 230 : silvy Says:

    did someone knows his twitter,fb or official website?

  231. 231 : echa Says:

    yaaa chef

  232. 232 : rika tarakan kaltim Says:

    aduh cheef,,i think ur marriage with gong hyo jin,,,,best couple lah,,,,,LOVE U CHEEF,,,muah muah

  233. 233 : rikaernika Says:

    cheffff…otton yeojaga no choaeyo…include me..u r so handsome when u wearing chef uniform ! tangsineun nomu minam namja…

  234. 234 : ocha Says:

    adain pasta 2 donk…seru bgt tuh krakter chef yg tegas dan yoo kyung yg pntang menyerah…..like this….cheffff

  235. 235 : icha Says:

    chef, i will be miss, when Gong Hyo Jin as Seo Yoo Kyung call you!!!! ‘Chef SARANGHAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  236. 236 : icha Says:

    dangsin-i gong han-in jin daleun deulama eseo dasi jaesaeng huimang!! SARANGHAE!!!

  237. 237 : putu Says:

    I Love Your Character as a Chef and ur acting in pasta

  238. 238 : Maia Ca Says:

    Really deeply impressed with your acting,I don’t suppose that You have get married,Congratulation…:)

  239. 239 : Maia Ca Says:

    I hope GOD bless you ang your little family:):)
    and you are also keep surrender in HIM,,:):)

  240. 240 : nova Says:

    it’s good to know someone like you, specially your sincere smile

  241. 241 : rieva Says:

    i love ur act as Chef Choy

  242. 242 : rieva Says:

    no matter how old u r, u r look great

  243. 243 : ekat Says:

    i luv u chef….

  244. 244 : Khair Says:

    i love everything about him…. 😀

  245. 245 : yocie Says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii loveeeeeeeeeee yuuuuuuuuuuuu chef…
    you are my star.. 😀

  246. 246 : gysa nugraha Says:

    chef choi you meke crazy….
    ilove you so much choi hyun wook(lee sun gyun)

  247. 247 : caecil Says:

    I love u in pasta (˘⌣˘)ε˘`)

  248. 248 : vina Says:

    I Love U Chef,i want to see you again..^,^

  249. 249 : daichi Says:

    i love you chef,,,muach 10000x

  250. 250 : farzaneh Says:


    i love lee sun gyun
    he very atractive
    I am geraphic desianer in iran

  251. 251 : rano Says:

    I Love You Lee Sun Gyun!

  252. 252 : kristiana Says:


  253. 253 : somayeh sharifi Says:

    I love your film (pasta)
    thanke you. sorry my english are bad. i hope you can read frenche.
    j’aime beaucoup vos films. vous etes un vrais acteur. j’aimrais bien un homme comme vous(dans votre film:Pasta). un vrais homme solide et gentil. merci beaucoup pour ce film interssant.

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  255. 255 : secr8 Says:


    for me your still the best, when will you have a new tv series,i’ve been looking forward for a new one. Saranghe my idol, my chef…..YOU ARE MY NUMBER 1 IDOL…

  256. 256 : elisa Says:

    Yes chef
    Love you so much

  257. 257 : rio Says:

    chef 🙂

  258. 258 : DHF Says:

    Good job chef! What is your next project? I can’t wait to see your good new drama.

  259. 259 : tiArA Says:

    yEAh ,chEf !!! 😀

  260. 260 : mar Says:

    i like your drama “PASTA”.congratulation you got best couple award.i happy if you really couple with gong hyo jin.

  261. 261 : yoo kyong Says:

    yeh, chef!

  262. 262 : dhia akma Says:

    hye gyun…i like your time you acting in drama pasta…

  263. 263 : samasmit Says:

    i like your drama “PASTA”u got best couple with gong hyo jin.love u 2…’YES CHEF!!! GOLD FISH

  264. 264 : rihani Says:

    ChEF..,,kpn ke Indonesia ?? Love You sun, great with gong hyo jin and the baby. oke… meet you cheff

  265. 265 : Emanuela Says:

    I have no words for you, you’re a wonderful actor ….. I wish you much success in everything

  266. 266 : rod Says:

    this man is seriously sexy!! too bad he’s married :C

  267. 267 : mesa Says:

    Happy to see again on 2days 1night and your boys…god to see you very happy and wishing you the best and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  268. 268 : Thai Says:

    Love so much

  269. 269 : Coffee Prince « ashabrina2428 Says:

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  270. 270 : adimu Says:

    i love you – lee sun gyun
    nan neol salanghe – lee sun gyun
    ya lyublyu tebya – lee sun gyun
    seni seviyorum – lee sun gyun
    tee amo – lee sun gyun .+”+._.+”+.
    je t’aime – lee sun gyun “. .”
    sani sevaman – lee sun gyun “. _ .”

  271. 271 : adimu Says:

    “………………..” lee sun gyun

  272. 272 : Dylan Says:

    i love you chef!!!!!! yes,chef!!!!

  273. 273 : Dylan Says:

    haizzzzz….. can’t take my eyes off you!!!! 😉

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  275. 275 : 행복한 Says:

    I try how to shout like you chef it feel good! You didnt notice that you teach me how to express my anger I love it, every time I shout my heart feel relief and congrats to your Pasta its outstanding performance I’m your no. 1 fans. YES CHEF !!! You need anger Management CHEF!!.
    ha ha ha 🙂

  276. 276 : 행복한 Says:

    honestly I dont understand the lyrics of your song “ocean travel” but you hook me up in your soft voice and I keep sing over and over again . I’m hoping if you read this can you send me your album with authograph pls. im begging you and im trying to learn Korean Pronunciation so I can sing the way you sing but my daughter keep laughing at me every time I sing sad for me.I just want to say to you is your AMAZING ACTOR AND SINGER especially with your PERFECT SMILE 🙂 YES CHEFF !!!! TY CHEFF

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  278. 278 : Please Answer Says:

    What is the name of the drama/movie where Lee Sun-Gyun is a photographer and he has to donate his eyes to someone else?

  279. 279 : [MBC 2010] Pasta | Says:

    […] to 2010-March-09Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 Cast Gong Hyo Jin as Seo Yoo Kyung Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Hyun Wook Lee Ha Nui as Oh Sae Young Alex as Kim San RapidshareFoder This entry […]

  280. 280 : uut Says:

    sorry before, my english so bad,,
    please,,tell us about your real fb or twitter address.. There’s any account but nothing right of you..
    oppa please ….

  281. 281 : Korean Drama “Pasta” | Fan Drama Says:

    […] become an Italian cuisine chef . One day, the Mamma Mia restaurant newly hires Choi Hyun Wook (Lee Sun Gyun)-a chef who went to culinary school in Italy. Upon his arrival, the female chefs are fired one by […]

  282. 282 : lyieta Says:

    Aniyaseyo….love your style…. hope you will come to our country “MALAYSIA”…..

  283. 283 : Jean Zantua Says:

    Yes! I can’t wait to see your up coming drama. I like your acting and I really love your voice!!! done watching all your dramas and movies,only to hear your voice! So excited to hear it again. takecare always!

    예! 나는 당신의 위로가 드라마를오고보기 위해 기다릴 수 없어. 나는 당신의 연기를 좋아하고 난 정말 당신의 목소리를 사랑 해요! 단지 당신의 목소리를 듣고 모든 드라마와 영화를보고 다. 다시 듣고 흥분. 항상주의를 기울입니다.

  284. 284 : Indria Says:

    Oppa, can’t wait to watch your new drama “Miss Korea”, missing your acting so much since “Pasta” ^^

  285. 285 : Alnad Says:

    First time I watch your drama is Coffee Prince.After 3years later(2010),I start watching running man.I thought LEE KWANG SOO is you.But,4 years later(2014)or now when LEE KWANG SOO starring in IT’S OKAY,THAT’S LOVE,I see the different of you guys.Sorry.

  286. 286 : vini Says:

    I am from india.i need his facebook contact please.i don’t know korean language.i watch pasta in my langugae dupped manner i realy love that. Pls tell him i really like and he have one indian fan.

  287. 287 : nandhini Says:

    hai …i love u so much…me and my family all of u r fans.. first i saw your pazta in my language tamil ..its very nice drama..i like your acting very much..plz sent your fb id..

  288. 288 : Julia Says:

    I am always impressed with your performances. You bring the right amount of emotion to the scene. I have really enjoyed watching you. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you in any show or movie. You would probably have great success here in America.

  289. 289 : dalaman escort Says:

    thanks you admin 🙂

  290. 290 : Juls Says:

    Congratulations for your movie winning first ever Oscar for Korea!

  291. 291 : laura Says:

    just one word “awosome”

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