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Lee Sung Jae

Lee Sung Jae 02

Name: 이성재 / Lee Sung Jae (Yi Seong Jae)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1970-Aug-23
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg
Star sign: Virgo
Talent agency: EnterOn Entertainment
Education: Dongguk University (Film major)

TV Shows

Show Window: Queen’s House (Channel A, 2021)
Diary of a Prosecutor (jTBC, 2019)
Abyss (tvN, 2019)
Goodbye to Goodbye (MBC, 2018)
Jealousy Incarnate (SBS, 2016)
Mirror of the Witch (jTBC, 2016)
Warm and Cozy (MBC, 2015)
The King’s Face (KBS2, 2014)
The Suspicious Housekeeper (SBS, 2013)
KangChi, The Beginning (MBC, 2013)
Rascal Sons (MBC, 2012)
A Wife’s Credentials (jTBC, 2012)
Poseidon (KBS2, 2011)
The Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea (MBC, 2008)
Stranger than Paradise (SBS, 2006)
Lie (KBS2, 1998)
Beyond the Horizon (SBS, 1998)
Yesterday (MBC, 1997)
The Love of Two Women (MBC, 1995)


Song of Dreams (2011)
3d Natali (2010)
Dreams Come True (2010)
The Mafia, The Salesman (2007)
Daisy (2006)
Holiday (2006)
Shinsukki Blues (2004)
Dance With The Wind (2004)
Ice Rain (2004)
Public Enemy (2002)
Kick the Moon (2001)
A Day Haru (2001)
Barking Dogs Never Bite (2000)
Attack the Gas Station! (1999)
Art Museum by the Zoo (1998)
Ghost in Love (1998)

Related Photo

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Lee Sung Jae 11 Lee Sung Jae 12 Lee Sung Jae 13


  1. 1 : anna Says:

    i love the way you act in “the lawyers of the republic of korea” keep up the good work more power to you

  2. 2 : Daisy Says:

    You are my favorite character in the comedy LAWYERS OF THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA.Your acting outshines the other actors in it. Congratulations!

  3. 3 : Noemi Says:

    I could not stop watching your most recent comedy tv series. I do agree with the other comments that your acting outshines the other actors.

    But I have to add that you are really sexy…

  4. 4 : inez Says:

    omg… o love u character in the serial the lawyer of great korea
    u do well..

  5. 5 : rika Says:

    you are really cool in lawyer of great korea. I fell in love with you.

  6. 6 : kurado Says:

    I like u so much in the TV series (korean lawyers)
    u r my favorite actor
    Aja Aja

  7. 7 : ciwi Says:

    It’s nice to see U in lawyer of great korea, you’re so cool..

  8. 8 : divine Says:

    i love you

  9. 9 : divine Says:

    hope to know your e mail add thanks

  10. 10 : divine Says:

    after watching lawyers of Great Korea i cant believe im doing things like this youre sexy

  11. 11 : beng Says:


  12. 12 : beng Says:

    sarang hamnida

  13. 13 : beng Says:

    i cant forget you saranghamnida

  14. 14 : Mindy Calfee Miller Says:

    Are you from Dong Dae Mon Gu, Seoul?

  15. 15 : Jeannie Says:

    Hi Lee Sung Jae shi,

    You played the character very well in ‘The Lawyers of Great Korea’. Very cool! Keep it up.

    Your big fan from Singapore,

  16. 16 : Avs Says:

    you have very expressive eyes and it shows good emotions in lawyers of Korea drama. though i dont understand korean and i read english subtitles.. still yr face and eyes says all. great work by you, and great work by director of that drama. congrats

  17. 17 : vanessatran Says:

    I could not stop to watch The Film Lawyer, more than 20times, nearly repeat everyday before sleeping , you act really cool, I am your big fan from now on. I try to search all film which you jointed.

    Hope to always doing well

  18. 18 : mugiwara Says:

    Lee Sung Jae plays in the first 3D Korean film….


  19. 19 : Daphne Says:

    I love your character in yr latest series The Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea. You are so cool and dashing! You are without a shadow of a doubt the BEST actor in Korea! Can i contact you through your email?

    No. 1 Fan from Singapore!

  20. 20 : bubbles Says:

    i love the way he played in the lawyers of great the republic of korea. saranghe

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  22. 22 : Korea Insipiring » Blog Archive » Poseidon Says:

    […] Si Won as Kim Sin Woo Lee Sung Jae as Kwon Jung Ryul Lee Si Young as Lee Soo Yoon Han Jung Soo as Oh Min Hyuk Jin Hee Kyung as Hyun […]

  23. 23 : Arinza Says:

    The Star of Natali… (Korean Semi Porn..)

  24. 24 : Arinza Says:

    Natalie is a masterpiece sculpture depicting beauty of a woman. The identity of the woman depicted in the sculpture is unknown. “Natalie” is then presented to the public at an art exhibition held by sculptor Hwang Jun-Hyuk . On the last day of the exhibition Jun-Hyuk tells art critic Jang Min-Woo about a passionate affair with modern dance student Oh Mi-Ran. Art critic Min-Woo tells Jun-Hyuk that Mi-Ran loves him. Jun-Hyuk and Min-Woo have different memories surrounding Mi-Ran and they begin to unveil the secret surrounding her.

    Also Known As:나탈리
    Country:South Korea
    Subtitle: English
    Genre:18+, Drama, Romance
    Cast:Lee Seong-jae , Kim Ji-hoon-I , Yeon-woo Hyeon-jin , Kim Gi-yeon-I

  25. 25 : sooxian Says:

    You are really the best in Poseidon. Love watching you in that drama. You are like the main lead. The other 2 leads are less convincing, as they seem to want to look good on screen all the time, rather than give their characters full development. Thank you for making Poseidon so real, without you the show will really look fake.

  26. 26 : Bengia Achlal Says:

    Sir I’am only to say dat i’am great fan of yor.n iam still enjoying yor movie’s everyday , n i watched your movie like DAISY more than 50 times, you did great job n just great-great-great …….great & great from A Bengia -Arunachal Pradesh India

  27. 27 : olive Says:

    i love you attraction

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  30. 30 : [MBC 2012] Rascal Sons | Says:

    […] Son, Yoo Hyun ki (Lee Sung Jae), a widower and single dad with a daughter. He hasn’t opened up his heart in a long time, but […]

  31. 31 : sam Says:

    Love the eldest son couple, cannot bear the old father and youngest son .I fast forward most of their part.

  32. 32 : KDaddict Says:

    I like Lee Sung Jae playing the eldest son in Rascal Sons. He plays sb who is around 40, who is still a great catch n very attractive. He looks good with his onscreen gf Myung SY. They both have subtle, natural acting style. Haven’t seem his other works tho.

  33. 33 : [MBC 2012] Rascal Sons RAW E25 / SUB E18 | Says:

    […] Son, Yoo Hyun ki (Lee Sung Jae), a widower and single dad with a daughter. He hasn’t opened up his heart in a long time, but […]

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    […] as Dam Yeo Wool Yoo Yun Suk as Park Tae Seo Lee Yoo Bi as Park Chung Jo (Kang Chi’s 1st love) Lee Sung Jae as Jo Gwan Woong Lee Yeon Hee as Yoon Seo Hwa (Kang Chi’s mother) Jung Hye Young as Chun Soo Ryun […]

  35. 35 : Gu Family Book/Kang Chi, The Beginning | Korea & Me Says:

    […] as Dam Yeo Wool Yoo Yun Suk as Park Tae Seo Lee Yoo Bi as Park Chung Jo (Kang Chi’s 1st love) Lee Sung Jae as Jo Gwan Woong Lee Yeon Hee as Yoon Seo Hwa (Kang Chi’s mother) Jung Hye Young as Chun Soo Ryun […]

  36. 36 : Ttuk Says:

    Lee Sung Jae is in the 1999 movie “Ghost in Love” with Kim Hee Sun (doctor in Faith), but that movie isn’t listed here.

    Webmaster fix??

    (@Ttuk from admin: We just updated his profile. Please take a look)

  37. 37 : Nii - Naa Says:

    you are very terrifying in kang chi the beginning….. 🙁

  38. 38 : jo Says:

    great guy….

  39. 39 : minmin Says:

    Very good actor. Even though I hated the character Jo Gwan Woong in the drama Kangchi that he Lee Sung Jae played, I was very impressed by his acting. It was so remarkable that he can transform himself into that character and take us back to that era. Just remarkable! And this is the first time I’m seeing him like this – wow! From looking like this to the evil Jo Gwan Woong. Job well done.

  40. 40 : LY Says:

    I’ve always got mixed up between Lee Sung Jae and Jang Hyung Sung. They look so much alike. Off hand, I really couldn’t differentiate between the two of them.

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