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Lee Tae Ran

Name: 이태란 / Lee Tae Ran (I Tae-ran)
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1975-Mar-25
Birthplace: Korea
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: A

TV Shows

Sky Castle (jTBC, 2018)
Love to the End (KBS2, 2018)
Make a Woman Cry (MBC, 2015)
Kings Family (KBS2, 2013)
Goddess of Marriage (SBS, 2013)
A Wife’s Credentials (jTBC, 2012)
Comrade (KBS2, 2010)
My Precious Child (KBS2, 2008)
Famous Princesses (KBS2, 2006)
My Rosy Life (KBS2, 2005)
Best Mother (SBS, 2005)
The Woman Who Wants to Marry (MBC, 2004)
Long Live Love (SBS, 2003)
Yellow Handkerchief (KBS1, 2003)
Who’s My Love (KBS2, 2002)
Navy (MBC, 2001)
How Should I Be (MBC, 2001)
Hong Guk Young (MBC, 2001)
More Than Love (MBC, 2000)
Days of Delight (MBC, 1999)
Goodbye My Love (MBC, 1999)
Steal My Heart (SBS, 1998)
Soonpoong Clinic (SBS, 1998)


Love Exposure (2007)
My Boss, My Teacher (2005)
Story of Man (1998)


2013 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Long Series) – Lee Tae Ran (Wang’s Family)
2006 KBS Acting Awards: Top Excellence Award
2006 KBS Acting Awards: Best Couple Award with Park Hae Jin in Famous Princesses.

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  1. 1 : Rich Cumberland Says:

    I my opinion she is a great actress and a very beautifull lady. I have seen her in several shows and was delighted with them. She is well worth the watch in both ways.

  2. 2 : love_life Says:

    Well, in most peoples opinion she is really pretty and knows how to carry her self which “dang true” the she dress and most especially she acts really well. “two thumbs up” for her acting. I simple like her bec. she is Lee Tae-ran…… and Oh! her hair style I wish I could do that also to my hair…..

  3. 3 : ricky Says:

    a love you lee!!

  4. 4 : ricky Says:

    its my birthday today…if you will be the one to greet me…i can die tomorow.:)

  5. 5 : manilyn Says:

    perfect woman!!!…so beautiful..well talented actress in the shobiz industry and i really really love d way she carries her elegant and woderful dressess…how i wish lots of projects she will have for this year…i’ve seen her in yellow handkerchief anf a rosy life…

  6. 6 : nix Says:

    I like the way she carry herself. She’s just perfect on screen with that oh so elegant hairstyle. I hope that she can find time to visit here in the Philippines coz many are looking forward to see her in person. And also I wish that a lot of her dramas will be shown in GMA 7. I wish her all the blessings in life and continue to be an inspiration ……..

  7. 7 : Gervian Says:

    i lyk her acting yellow hankechief…very natural..yup!

  8. 8 : Nas Says:

    i Love her she is cute

  9. 9 : tess Says:

    Congratulations! You are great.

  10. 10 : jimmy gloria Says:

    i really fascinated by her beauty. in fact here in the Philippines, she’s my favorite. i am an avid follower of her “yellow handkerchief.” very natural, it seems that she’s experiencing so much pain in her lovelife, is that true? anyways, keep yourself humble. I hope that you can visit our country coz i believe you have lots of fans here. I love you. I salute your acting…great!!!. regards to your family. I hope I can know your e-mail address and reply to my e-mail addres ([email protected] God bless you!!!

  11. 11 : christine Says:

    ……….she my favorite and i like the way she act,,,,,,in a rosy life………i like her very much…………….i love you

  12. 12 : Jose Rey Says:

    hi! lee tae ran your so beautiful and very good actress i like your soap opera a rosy life…………. i hope u will visit philippines i want to see you…….

  13. 13 : patricia acosta Says:

    i really like your show MY ROSY LIFE.
    keep up the good work!

  14. 14 : ahian delos reyes Says:

    gosh, your so very good actress, very beautiful face..for me your a goddes

  15. 15 : GELINA Says:



  16. 16 : agnes rutor Says:

    wow i also admire Tae Ran a lot!!! She is georgeous in all her clothes in A ROSY LIFE. Ganda.

  17. 17 : sarah Says:

    she is the most beutiful korean actress ive ever seen!!! she is very great in acting most in “my rosy life.i love you

  18. 18 : sarah Says:

    please come and visit our countr coz der aRE mANY FILIPINOS HU LIKE DA WAY U ACT N YOUR VERY CUTE SMILE……………………………………………………………………………………


  19. 19 : donna Says:

    your good at “Yellow Handkerchief”… and “My Rosy Life”… very touching story…

  20. 20 : nita dyah a k Says:

    i am nita your a fans from indonesia. i like your acting in my rosy life.your good actress and very beautiful.i hope your successful career in korea.your my favorite actress in korea.i loved the you smile. I LOVE YOU TAKE CARE

  21. 21 : Haidy Says:

    Hi there Lee Tae Ran youre very pretty and great actress in yellowhankerchief and Rosy Life we really like your k drama hopeyou could team up with Joo Jin Mo/Ji Sung/Go Soo and some great actors this 2008, good luck to your next k drama..

  22. 22 : shereen Says:

    hello! Good luck on your new drama on KBS. I love you.

  23. 23 : Marilene Says:

    your acting is great, i’ve seen some of your drama series. keep it up!

  24. 24 : Jae Says:

    Happy Birthday..Great actress..You GO GIRL!!! Thumbs up 4 you…

  25. 25 : Linh Says:

    I’m ­watching “Famous Princesses” film. You are so beautiful! I admire you a lot! I like the way you act as Na Seol Chil in “Famous Princesses”. Please come and visit my country.
    Best wishes for you!
    I hope I can know your e-mail address and reply to my e-mail addres ([email protected])

  26. 26 : Linh Says:

    I’m ­watching “Famous Princesses” film. You are so beautiful! I admire you a lot! I like the way you act as Na Seol Chil in “Famous Princesses”. Please come and visit my country.
    Best wishes for you!
    I hope I can know your e-mail address and reply to my e-mail addres ([email protected])

  27. 27 : Minh Says:

    Lee Tae Ran!
    I am Vietnamese. I love you so much. I look at your photos everyday. And I like Park Hae Jin. We want you and he are couple.
    Good luck to you. If you have free time, let give message to me through my email [email protected]
    I love your act so much.

  28. 28 : Minh Says:

    I have just seen 58, I feel boring. Poor SC and HN. Why do not you and he act together in the other films.
    I like both so much.

  29. 29 : Tottochan Says:

    You are the most beautiful women I’ve ever like, I wish I could see you one time

  30. 30 : tinhca Says:

    hei Zang
    I’m crazy fan of you.Please come to Vietnam with Park Hea Jin.Vietnamese love you so much

  31. 31 : amiel Says:

    hello lee tae ran,
    i’m a fan of yours from the philippines.i’m really inspired the way you act. especially in the famous pricesses.
    i’m hoping that park hae jin and you. would come and visit the phillipines.

  32. 32 : monicie Says:

    how i wish to see her again in a drama with Park haejin…

  33. 33 : bebz... Says:

    halu tae ran!!
    you are such a good actress!!

    you carry your clothes really well and you have a great body!

    you and park hae jin really look good together!
    i hope you’ll have more shows together!

  34. 34 : hill Says:

    she really is a great actress!…. i wish to see her again with PArk HAe Jin in her next drama or any project….

  35. 35 : bastien Says:

    Dear Tae Ran,
    I’m a fan of famous princesses, just would like to drop you lines saying that i love the drama, love all the casts and of course especially love you and HJ. Wishing you all the best. Hope you will announce your ‘life partner” soon. Don’t worry for HJ’s fan, we are much happier if you and HJ become a couple.

    Do take care.
    Love you guys.
    Ps: in case PHJ is your partner:
    @ PHJ: pls take care of LTR and make her happy. She deserves to be happy.

  36. 36 : nicholas Says:

    Yes, you are beautiful indeed. I watched you in War Of The Roses and Goodbye My Love and you were great. You truly deserve all the awards that you won. I also watch an interview with you in Entertainment. From the interview I see that you are a very nice and humble person. Be strong and stay healthy. God bless.

  37. 37 : rheafel Says:

    im ur avid fan here in philippines..i like u to be my friend..by the way im rheafel from philippines..first tym see u in chill princesses ( famous seven princess ) ,,u so beautiful..i like ur character as a soldier and friend/love ones of adam ( hanam )..i like u..i like also the other cast especialy ur 3 sisters..til here..i hope more blessing to come..gudluck..

  38. 38 : cyra Says:

    ,,hi.,im from philippines,, i luv u lee tae ran!!

  39. 39 : olive Says:

    you is good korea actress

  40. 40 : Goldenlee Says:

    To my lovely sister,
    I am your fan from Vietnam, hope to see you as soon as possible.
    Be happy in your life, happy with your love (esp PHJ), … so that make me happy, too.

  41. 41 : Comrades | Korean Drama List Says:

    […] Soo Jong as Lee Hyun Joong Lee Tae Ran as Lee Soo Kyung Lee Duk Hwa as Park Woong Kim Roe Ha as Park Il Kwon Hong Kyung In as Yang Sang […]

  42. 42 : JJ Says:

    i just saw her in goodbye my love & wow i didn’t recognize her right away, she’s already a beauty then but these days she’s changed to a more gorgeous lady! good acting too!

  43. 43 : Michelle Says:

    Hi I am a fan of yours and also a fan of Park Hae Jin and I really like watching famous princesses or chil princesses here in the Phillipines I am a Filipino fan of yours wish that you and Park Hae Jin will have another series together like in Famous Princesses :))) <3 Yeon Ha Nam and Seol Chil forever :))

  44. 44 : hamid Says:

    i love you i am from iran.

  45. 45 : marie Says:

    Am a fan of Lee Tae Ran and Park Hei Jin after seeing Famous Princesses i hope they will have another series again. I love their chemistry . . .

  46. 46 : Alicia Says:

    I don’t usually watch Korean TV dramas because they are so long and slow! But I found it a real pleasure watching the whole series of the Famous Princesses!! You are a fantastic actress, naturally beautiful and elegant. Wish you find your love just like Seol Chil did. You have my blessings!!

  47. 47 : Bryan Says:

    Dear Miss Lee Tae Ran

    The only thing I can say about you is that you are God’s gift to nature.

  48. 48 : A Wife’s Credentials | Novelas Coreanas Says:

    […] Hee Ae as Yoon Seo Rae Lee Sung Jae as Kim Tae Oh Jang Hyun Sung as Han Sang Jin Lee Tae Ran as Hong Ji […]

  49. 49 : Comming Soon Drama : 결혼의 여신 / Goddess of Marriage - KOREA FANS CLUB Says:

    […] Min Soo as Song Ji Sun Kwon Hae Hyo as Song Ji-Sun’s husband Lee Tae Ran as Hong Hye Jung Kim Jung Tae as Kang Tae Jin Jang Young Nam as Kwon EunaHee Jang Hyun Sung as No […]

  50. 50 : John Whitmeyer Says:

    What’s with all these Vietnamese women. They all act so stupid in this site. They all must be less than 16 years old!
    Fans are nothing but brainless stupid people

  51. 51 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Tae Ran ssi
    Now I am watching King’s Family acted by you.
    I enjoy it soooooooooooo MUCH !!! 🙂

  52. 52 : Ashley Says:

    I admire Lee tae Ran so much. She’s great actress.

  53. 53 : Tribute To Lee Tae Ran Says:

    Celebrating 130K Fans in her Weibo

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