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Lee Wan

Lee Wan.jpg

Name: 이완 / Lee Wan
Real name: 김형수 / Kim Hyung Soo (Kim Hyeong Su)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1984-Jan-03
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Height: 176cm
Weight: 68kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: O
Family: Two older sisters (second one is actress Kim Tae Hee)
Talents: Sports
Religion: Christian (Roman Catholic)
Hobbies: Playing sports, the computer, and PlayStation 2
Education: Hollywood-Min University (Physical Education Major)

TV Series

Our Gap Soon (SBS, 2016)
It’s Not Over Yet (SNS, 2013)
Swallow the Sun (SBS, 2009)
Ryokiteki na Kanojo (TBS, 2008)
In-Soon is Pretty (KBS, 2007)
Tree of Heaven (SBS, 2006)
Let’s Go To The Beach (SBS, 2005)
Snow White (KBS2, 2004)
Little Women (SBS, 2004)
Stairway to Heaven (SBS, 2003)


Northern Limit Line (2015)
Once a Time in Seoul (2007)
Veronica Decides to Die (2005)


2006 LG Cyon – Along with his sister Kim Tae Hee
2005 Hanafos
2004 Pizza Hut – Rich gold Hot & Sweet
2004 Sunkist – Fresh Soda
2004 CASS – Boogie Car


2004 SBS Acting Award: New Star of the Year Award


  1. 1 : Ems Says:

    LEE WAN is a very good actor!!!
    You’re the best!!!

  2. 2 : lirna Says:

    Lee Wan i like ur act in Lets go to the beach..its very nice..i like u and Lee chung ah be together..like very much!!

  3. 3 : kim from america Says:

    very good actor, very good looking, very good in general. keep up the good work.

  4. 4 : Christine Says:

    happy early bday!!!

  5. 5 : RATIH Says:

    A good looking guy, so talented, so natural in acting and I’m sure you’ll be one of promising K-actors in the future. “GO TO THE BEACH” and “TREE OF HEAVEN” are my favourite tv-dramas.
    So, keep up the good work and go get yr dreams!

    From Indonesia w/ Love,

  6. 6 : Farah hidayah Says:

    Firstly, happy bday…
    I like ur role in lets go to the beach..
    its natural
    infact i like everything bout u…
    pls send my regards to ur partner in lets go to the beach movie..
    keep up ur good work…
    n pls come to malaysia…
    lots of love from ur big fan…
    farah hidayah aliyas..

  7. 7 : Berlin Says:

    Oh my god, a great actor, esp in Tree in heaven… make me cry the whole show…. and…… very very good-looking…. hope to see more of your show… but dont make it a sad 1…

  8. 8 : hani Says:

    love yr acting in Tree in heaven, so touching and make me cry but I don’t like the ending of this drama (very sad ending).

  9. 9 : kelly Says:

    LEE WAN i the most cute actor for me among korean actors, i hope he makes another tv drama with lots of kissing scenes, because tree in heaven didnt have any sweet kissing scenes. and i hope it would be NOT a sad ending. LEE WAN, i wish you all the bet! i love all your TV series.

  10. 10 : mitch Says:

    lee wan I LOVE YOU! Pls come here in the Philippines!!! i bought all your tv series! omg! im inlove with you!

  11. 11 : ahnne Says:

    lee wan marry me! i really like all your tv series! pls come here in the philippines! more power to you! pls make a new tv series with SONG HYE KYO. you are going to be the best pair ever!!!!! evryone here for sure will watch it!!

  12. 12 : sharon Says:

    Lee Wan

    this is the 2nd time a wrote bout him…

    u r realy so charming…

    n ur acting is juz so good…even u not realy satisfied with it….

    thanx 4 god 2 hv let me know u n saw u even juz in tv…

  13. 13 : shasha Says:

    LEE WAN!! pliz come 2 malaysia. i really wanna meet u!!

  14. 14 : Rekha Says:

    your so CUTE… and you really look good doing roles where you have to look uncaring and etc… good luck

  15. 15 : ORCHID Says:


  16. 16 : shue Says:

    hey, lee wan …!!!
    oh meh gosh i luv ur move tree of heaven …!!!!! i wish i can be her hehe… but anywaise u r so hot lee wan ….
    i wish u can come to united states hehe….

  17. 17 : Soo-Eun Says:

    omg!! you just look alike with kim tae hee!!!
    both of you sibs act good!!!

  18. 18 : JLS A. R. Says:

    The drama caught me unaware. I was hoping that love will prevail in all consequences but the writer really knows how to suspend viewer’s opinion. The scenes were simple yet it has a lot of human touches and how should love be considered. Was there really pure love as teh character that portrays in that drama? If that will be the whole people feel, I guess, this world will not be so hard to live on.

    Hana was right, love can be more beautiful like snow or even better if someone had that kind of love. It’s only sad that the ending left her being alone but Yunsuh heart will be always with her.

    The sacrifice for love of Yunsuh for Hanah kept me intrigue and wondering, I was wishing there will be someone like him do exist in this world.

    Mr. Lee Wan you do know your job. Korea procduces good actors and actresses. No wonder they are progressing. Wished that the Philippines will follow how Korea tried to let their country be known.


  19. 19 : fherl Says:

    lee wan..hello..I’m one of the girl from the philippines who admire you so much…more strenth in your career…

  20. 20 : khAye... Says:

    Lee Wan, you’re d one.. Ur one of a kind.. ur really charming, good looking, everything.. i really like ur acting… i started liking you in tree of heaven, den snow white and lastlly let’s go to the beach which is my favorite… I hope to see you here in PHILIPPINES, You have many fans waiting for you here… goodluck to your carreer.

  21. 21 : nanee Says:

    i love lee wan!!!
    so handsome!!!
    love u…
    from nanee da singaporean gurl..

  22. 22 : nanee Says:

    lee wan!!!lee wan!!!
    i’ll always love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 23 : Carla Says:

    Oppa, Sarngheyo..love you so much
    love everything about him..
    i love his crencia commercial…he’s very cute!!!!
    i like his korean tv series esp. Snow white or taste sweet love..
    i haven’t seen let’s go to the beach but i’m very confident that it was good..
    i heard he was shooting a new series this coming march in Japan..i’m looking forward to see his new drama series…
    Lee Wan Sarangheyo…

    Tree of heaven..hhmmm i cried a lot…very sad ending…watching lee wan die in the series hurts like hell…i hate hena for pushing him away….hehehehe

    Lee Wan you are the reason why i had so many sleepless nights…love you

  24. 24 : michelle Says:

    oppa..ur so cute…..i like ur acting in heaven tree..sad story!!

  25. 25 : hqgha Says:


  26. 26 : 9221991 Says:

    oppa, sarangheyo

  27. 27 : [email protected]_gurl Says:

    i lov ur acting your so hot…..:)

  28. 28 : tou ren Says:

    you’re one great hell of an actor.. ive never seen someone as passionate in your craft. and to think you’re only 22 yrs old? bloody hell!

  29. 29 : ronoel Says:

    oh my gosh..lee wan is sooo….CUTE…he’s my 1st korean actor crush…!!!

  30. 30 : catherine Says:

    lee wan
    ur d best! and so handsome
    keep up the good work
    Stay humble, being your self may help you to gain more
    success in your career and don’t ever change.Be thankful to
    all the things that you’ve got and be content in what you have.
    By the way Kim Tae Hee is really your sister, she’s really
    beautiful no wander that your so awesome, hugable, and
    admireable person. You know what I really admire you in your
    TV series Tree of Heaven with Park Shin Hye although she so
    young but she a bit great actress, you two look good together.
    When I watch it I cried a lot really it’s very sad ending
    over…………..really really sad love stories I watch it 10x and
    everytime I saw it I can stop my self to cry as if it my first time
    that I watch it.

    Congratulation wish you good health and more
    project of course……………….SARANGHAMNIDA


    cAThEriNe dEs

  31. 31 : N.H.S Says:

    hey hey hey please Email me beacuse not only your my biggest fan me also think your really hot…….ohhhhhhh i love the movie you did on( taste Sweet Love) i think that…that movie is so cute …….me love that movie…..welll keep up the great work you are doing…….muahs bye….

  32. 32 : babymonster Says:

    i love lee wan after i watch heaven tree….its really touching! i cant imagine someone can love other ppl so deeply in this world and with all his heart and soul. this is the 1 time i watch lee wan drama series and i really love the way he present hiself. i hope to c the other drama of him…..gambateh!!!!

  33. 33 : marie Says:

    LEE WAN???? i love all about him!!!
    generally speaking,lee wan is a great actor,how he portraits himself in Tree of Heaven from a quite,stubborn Oppa to a charming,lovable Oppa to Park Shin Hye is the best!!!i cried a river in almost all episodes of that drama until end…I notice him first at Stairway with Park Shin Hye again,it was indeen a nice drama..i couldn’t stop myself from crying wen Shin Hye cooked 4 him a seeweed soup on his birthday..it’s so touching…:) i followed almost all his kdramas but to no avail,i couldn’t find the drama The little woman….i bet it would be a “hell,of a movie to be watch..”
    probably,tree of heaven is the best movie for me….
    lee wan,keep up the good work & hopefully new dramas are coming with you in it….lots of love (marie~Philippines)

  34. 34 : shanE Says:

    haha , nOw i know you ..

    younger brother of my favorite tae hee ..

    i like you toO xOo mUch , !

    kEep it up .. cHeer up !

  35. 35 : nurul259 Says:

    he is one of the most handsome guy in korea..he’s got sexy body figure esp when he is in Snow white and Lets go to the beach.. and what i can forget about him again his real character.. mostly the way he talks very soft and his eyes sexy like his sister Kimtaehee..

    i enjoy watching all his drama.. esp tree in heaven; this is his second time paired with shin-hye one of my favorite actress..they are very nice couple to be pair..

  36. 36 : edison Says:


  37. 37 : tippy Says:

    ur my fan in the philippines…your so very handsome..really!!!! and regards to your sister..kim tae hee..!!! and ur my crush..!!!! anyeong..!!! -stephanie”tippy”- fr: cebu city, philippines sarang hae..!!!

  38. 38 : Ruksiri Y. Says:


    I’ve never crazy Korean Actor, until see u acting Tree in Heaven.
    I hope to see u here in Thailand ka. Someday ?

    Good Health and Happy
    Thai Fan.

  39. 39 : vinny Says:

    haiiiiii… I ‘m vinny from Indonesia. Great for you Oopaa senghechukahe… do you still remember this word in heavens three.. Na chuaeo… keep fighting…. !

  40. 40 : Dolamanh Says:

    hi! i’m Dolamh From laos, this is the first time that i’ve watched lee wan series and i really love the way your acting. i’m looking for ward to see the other drama of Lee Wan, ” tree in heaven ” always made my tears come out, i like ur acting all so as ur sister’ ” tea hee “, both of you are so cut. buy the way, keep up your good working.
    really want to see real lee wan.
    Good luck for you and your family 🙂

  41. 41 : Alyaa Says:

    I just knew You .. as actor 3 days ago .. but your acting is out of this world .. I just saw Tree to heaven … Man .. I never cryed hard like that when she was in the end calling your name .. I felt really that you really died … but I loved everything about this drama .. it’s the best .. I am going to lat everybody here watch it …

    You stooooolllll my heart with your acting .. great joooooooob
    But plz in the next drama don’t died … my heart can’t take it …

    catch you later

  42. 42 : lala Says:

    good morning sa lahat.
    i was surprised to learn that he’s the bro of kim tae-hee and all i can say is that U HAVE GOOD GENES.

  43. 43 : Ariiiii Says:

    ich liebe dich … :-*
    Hello Leewan …….
    I live in Germany… I just wanna say…. I love soooooo much!!!!!!
    I’m the own girl in Germany who loves you sooooo much

  44. 44 : nanie Says:

    hiii great actor

  45. 45 : nanie Says:

    hi…you are the great actor..

  46. 46 : Caroline Says:

    Hi, Lee Wan!! I’m your biggest fan, i’m from Malaysia.I love your acting in Tree in Heaven.. You are very good in playing Hana’s oppa, you’re look cute even though you were always moody in that film. I like your personality, not very too much and over reacted.. I hope that you will go far in acting, i’ll always supports you no matter what you do, Last but not least.. If you are free add in at myspace at [email protected] and one more thing, thank you if you were reading this now.. Muah!

  47. 47 : Hana Says:


  48. 48 : RINA Says:

    Hi Lee Wan,. your acting in Tree in heaven really great with Shin Hye…..I like the way you potray yourself in tree in heaven rather than let’s go to the beach, your chemistry with shin hye does work, looking forward for your next series…you are the great actor…..

  49. 49 : kimcing Says:

    i love ur drama tree of heaven. ur perfect actor. If ur not die in drama it gona be really good. but it also fine. i was crying from start to end. ow it good chemistry and good acting. keep it up. and i love ur sis kim tae hee. ur forever fan

  50. 50 : Wani Says:

    Dear Lee Wan
    hi! I just want to congratulate you for your superb acting in tree in heaven. In Malaysia, your drama is currently on air and last night was the part where you been stabbed by that evil guy. My…. I cried like hell last night…your expression… your eyes…yes! exspecially your eyes…..even I can feel the pain that you are going through!!!!…
    I’m so damn confident that you will have a bright future in acting. I wish you all the best and don’t forget your fan in Malaysia k!
    Last but not least… I hope the ‘pure love’ that you showed us in the drama will really exist in this world…Thank you so much for such a memorable drama….

    Love ya…

  51. 51 : Winnie Says:

    Lee Wan, start to know u at ur movie “Tree In Heaven”, u r so handsome guy….will support u in the future time….

  52. 52 : ronasna Says:

    my friend and sis is crazy about u, until i watch ya movie Tree of Heaven i can’t understand. now i knew who the real actor is.

  53. 53 : farahshar Says:

    He really good in Tree In Heaven..
    Yoon Suh and Hana..

  54. 54 : Noormohamad Says:

    Hai! Lee Wan and Hana

    I feel the ending of the stroy very sad but if to make it better it should
    show how Hana will survice when you are die in the drama because she
    is married to Ryu as she said ” I Do “. However I realy enjoy the drama.
    Hope to hear the latest about your acting and with the new drama.I love all the korean drama.

    Thank you

  55. 55 : nana Says:

    Hi!I’m like your action in “Tree In Heaven”.I enjoy watch this drama series.However,go0d luck in your carier…

  56. 56 : evilrayne Says:


  57. 57 : corazon anoba Says:

    ya….lee wan is great in tree of heaven…..i got a crush on him

  58. 58 : youknowyouwantme Says:

    only a dude with a cute lookin face..

  59. 59 : arah Says:

    just finished watching tree in heaven yesterday…A very recommendable novela to watch specially to those who love tear jerking stories, though it was short compare to others!… ’twas a superb acting!!!! you’ve got me man!!! eventhough the english sub-titles is poor but just watching their facial xpressions tells it all!!!…..the story line was good…. keep up the good work! more good luck on your career! I’m one of your fans now!!! God Bless!!!

  60. 60 : toinx.... Says:

    u’re so damn hot…….wheeww!!

  61. 61 : denise Says:

    i really enjoy your works, especially snow white. it was awesome. i think you are a great actor. and i find it all the more moving in the drama called ” Tree of Heaven”. it so sad that it made me cried.I hope to see more of you in dramas. i am one of your devoted fans in heart!! keep up the good work, “FIGHTING!”


  62. 62 : denise Says:

    OPPA MASHISUO? [brother your so cool?]

  63. 63 : ex-lee wan Says:

    i loooveee lee wan.he soo cutee.in film tree in heaven,he so mystery.lee wannnnnn……y ur cutee?i hope u will succes in ur life…bye my sweetheart…;p

  64. 64 : soso:) Says:

    i luv ur acting in ‘tree in heaven’,,
    anyway,,u are so cute;P hihi
    ~always happy!:)

  65. 65 : -- 62 gloriawu Says:

    he had the best acting skills in Tree of Heaven
    can’t believe he died in the end..
    that movie was so sad,…it made me cry so many times
    but it was such a good movie
    and plus he’s very very good looking

  66. 66 : denise Says:

    i just saw part of the stairway to heaven it was awesome!!! everytime i see you, its gets better and better! oppa masasio?


  67. 67 : -- 62 gloriawu Says:

    so cute
    good at acting
    and everything good
    just love him so much >3

  68. 68 : Karn Says:

    I love u somuch. You are so cute.

  69. 69 : zarishidayu Says:

    hei dude…………………………
    the handsome guy from tree in heaven
    good luck 4 future time in acting

  70. 70 : qidah Says:

    hai….you so handsome……love you…..

  71. 71 : zoila Says:

    i love you lee wan…gustong gusto kita pati sa aking panaginip hanaphanap kita……… sayang una kang pinanganak


  72. 72 : unni Says:

    an nyong hasyeyo
    youre so cool!!!

  73. 73 : papercsr4 Says:

    i really really love Lee Wan in Snow White…. keep up the good work Stephen! FIGHTING!!!

  74. 74 : kim hyu min Says:

    anneong haseyo!!! meet me again!! Lee wan…..actually u’r face is just like one my friends.so, if i see u’r face, it reminds me of him.But, don’t worry….u still cuter than him.

  75. 75 : desiree Says:

    hello lee..ur such a cutie..i really like you..the best korean actor..just continue ur gud work..and take care always…im here to support you d way….mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhluv yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. 76 : nwe Says:


    Your are korea boy?
    i am myanmar lady .I meet to see u on the TV series.

  77. 77 : sla Says:

    i love you so much

  78. 78 : jel Says:

    hi lee wan…ur so cute and ur body is so sexy…i hope to see you someday in korea..i really want to see you in person or even in my dreams..hmMmM

  79. 79 : Dalia Says:

    Lee wan , u r da best ever can’t imagine tree with heaven with another actor not u … u r so sexy & sooooooooooo handsome .. luv ya

  80. 80 : zell Says:

    Lee Wan is a great actor,at his younger age he done a good role in Tree of Heaven as a matured one..keep up..God Bless…

  81. 81 : liezl Says:

    hi, lee wan. you are such a good actor in such a young age. you did a really good job in your role in trees of heaven. i have finished watching it in one day and its so nice, so as, your other drama snow white. you are really a great actor… keep up the good work and i’ll try to watch all your drama and movies. if it would be available here in our country (phillipines)

  82. 82 : anna Says:

    hi….lee wan….hope u read this….i like to see your face…so cute..i know you from Snow White drama…i just hope u can be my Korean friend..

  83. 83 : Tiffany Says:

    I just love all the role you played. So mysterious. You’re such a great actor. I have every drama that you’re in. Looking forward to see more of you. Keep up the good work!! By the way, I think you’re GORGEOUS!!

  84. 84 : hisfa_pink Says:

    hello lee wan,u know what! wehave the same blood type..oh!my gosh…im so shock..when the first time i saw u i was fall inlove w/u i dont know why!and i dont care of what i fell for u….by the way im fr.phillipines..still studying…..hope you have more movies…

  85. 85 : Adlene Izzarina Binti Adnan Says:

    hei there my hotty hot hotty Lee WAN. i LOVE U VERY VERY VERY MUCH. iCRIED WHEN U WERE STABBED in tree in heaven. i said 2 myself that u are toooooooo damn hot to die. i hope u would came 2 malaysia \4 any premiere. i would totally miss school 2 see u.all of my friends love u including sofiah, my smart friend who stares at the white board most of the times.marry me!!!!! my mom approved.

  86. 86 : khay Says:

    i like your cool type mode…

  87. 87 : Eileen Says:

    Hi Lee Wan, I really like you in Snow White^^. 당신이 진짜로 여기에서 계속하고 재료를 밖으로 검사하면, 그리고 당신은 전자 우편이 있는 경우에 경우에, 당신은 저 만족시키기 위하여 그것을 보낼 수 있다. 당신을 감사하십시오 (Im not sure if I typed it right)

  88. 88 : mrk Says:

    i did not know at first he was in the cast of stairway to heaven,

  89. 89 : moja-moja Says:

    hye!! i looooveeeee your drama expecially summer beach. you r so cute in that drama

  90. 90 : analie Says:

    is very nice and the best 4 mE OKEY

  91. 91 : yuri Says:

    such a hottie, i love ur dramas keep acting

  92. 92 : mandy Says:

    Lee Wan are old are you? You look quit young and hot to me.

  93. 93 : jenny Says:

    You sooo hot!!!!

  94. 94 : Laraio Says:

    Wowow you’re just sooo fine.

  95. 95 : flower J Says:

    Hahahah I didn’t know you were her little step brother in the beining!
    I talking about stair way to heaven!

  96. 96 : sara Says:

    you have a shine cutie face

  97. 97 : samatha Says:

    I love your drama very very much.

  98. 98 : Boine Says:

    Tree of Heaven is a good dram, beacuse you were the actor.

  99. 99 : Paiace Says:

    Lee Wan, hope to see more film from you.

  100. 100 : candy Says:

    Lee Wan! You’re absolutely terrific! Hope to see you act in more shows! Especially with Shin Hye! 😀 Take care. (:

  101. 101 : rahel Says:

    moshi!! moshi!!…Lee wan, u are gud actor….i really enjoy when i watch u act on movie “Tree in heaven”…..that movie so sadness…often i watch that movie….hwever i hope u will success in ur carier n try hard to achieve what u dreamz…thanksss…(“,)

  102. 102 : nayah Says:

    Lee wan….. i love u…”sarangheo”..wow a very good actor… i think im fallen inlove with you..haha….be safe …muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  103. 103 : your fan Says:

    You’re sooo hot!!!!

  104. 104 : kim Says:

    I love your smile alot.

  105. 105 : Rose Says:

    Gosh I can’t stop looking at your pic.

  106. 106 : Jona Says:

    Keep up the good work lee won

  107. 107 : Sharon Says:

    Love you soooo mcuh.

  108. 108 : cindy Says:

    Wowo what a good actor.

  109. 109 : Brinty Says:

    Hey it’s it you in snow white.

  110. 110 : gunna Says:

    Just want to stop by to say hi.

  111. 111 : Andrae Says:

    Lee won, what a cuittie face.

  112. 112 : joana Says:

    hey lee won. When r u gonna make a new drama series

  113. 113 : mierdo Says:

    ur so hot lee wan… hope u can be my fren someday….i love u…sarangheyo…!!! ^^

  114. 114 : nayah Says:

    lee wan ..miss u..i think im going crazy everytime im watching ur movie….wow ur so romantic…love you

  115. 115 : nayah Says:

    i loved u wen ur eating ramen at tree of heaven..lol…muaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  116. 116 : nayah Says:

    good kisser too…takecare

  117. 117 : fanie Says:

    the cutest boy i’ve ever seen………
    can’t wait 4 ur newest drama…

  118. 118 : lee wan Says:

    annyong haseyo
    i really wanted to thank you for your whole support
    i just drop by here to see comments.
    sorry but not all i can understand pls. speak english

  119. 119 : ryn Says:

    hi lee wan..i’ve juz finished watching tree of heaven (tks to my friend who recommended me that drama!!).gosh..its such a sad story & u did a gud job of acting as oppa yunshu(hope its a correct spelling)..im waiting for ur new drama,Pretty Insun.may u succeed in ur acting career…cheerio 🙂

  120. 120 : Traci Says:

    Dearest Lee Wan

    You are the best the most gorgeous and handsome korean actor

  121. 121 : k Says:

    Lee Wan …. Oh my god … I dont know how to describe what I feel rite now !!! But first of all is I love your movie … love it so much … I kept watching your movie over n over … I think I need a new DVD now … LOLzz … Espcially ” Tree in heaven n Let’s go to the beach ” …. The first time I seen it I were like .. oh my gooooood this guy is so good … n he is so cute … I like his smile a lot … n kept remember what he said ” if my feet isn’t cold so my heart will be cold ..” … anyway , i love to watch more your movies or dramas…. n I hope you’ll success in your career … n more successfulllllllll ….. love ya !!!

  122. 122 : huidan Says:

    lee wan..i like your eyes 🙂 they are charming..
    best wishes
    i’ll support u all the way! 😀

  123. 123 : Destinypinkiss Says:

    Dear lee wan ure da best n keep up da gudwork n stay charming… Luv yea… Mwahz…

  124. 124 : shey Says:

    hi pls. come here in the philippines ur reallt good actor

  125. 125 : shey Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!1 helloo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  126. 126 : Jodie Han Says:

    lee wan…

    i really like you since i watched stairway to heaven..you looked good with park sin-hye

    snow white…you’re also cute.

    tree in heaven..your acting is so good to be true! i wish you can come in the philippines with park sin-hye..because you have so many fans here.

    ♥ you!!! take care!!!

  127. 127 : mikansakura Says:

    the first time i saw u in tv i thought u r go soo.sorry…but u too really look alike..luv 2 see u in tree in heaven n stairway to heaven..

  128. 128 : kris Says:

    know what you are really cute and i was touch and kilig when i see you in tree in heaven…

  129. 129 : cristine Says:


  130. 130 : lirna Says:

    Ur so handsome but unfortunately..i dun like ur height…..but i can accept it….

  131. 131 : k Says:

    happy birthday lee wan! im a fan of your work.

  132. 132 : rahel Says:

    Lee wan ur awesome….i really enjoy when u act….hope we can meet someday….hehe just joke….hwever, wish u Happy Birthday..i hope its not to late wish u besday….byez…

  133. 133 : Angel Says:

    Hi Lee Wan, know your name by watching Snow White, great acting, I think you look great when you hair are colored, and I do believe I will enjoy your TV series and Movie, what is your web site address? Good Luck on your acting career, God Bless.

  134. 134 : Samantha_Dominique Says:

    Lee Wan’s the hottest and sexiest drop-dead-gorgeous actor ever to play a role in drama… He made me cry a lot in Heaven’s Tree.. He had expressive eyes that made me gaga. Love his smile… HOT! HOT! HOT!

  135. 135 : hanna-mayuki Says:

    hi lee-wan you know im so touch in your role your so hansome i hope i can see you in person because im 1 of ur avid fan……………
    you know that i loved the role you play @ you know that you were fitted in every role you play………
    …..your an angel to my eyes…….

  136. 136 : SarAh Says:


    i’ve been searchin’ da internet and i searched for korean actors/actrsses….. i saw ur name and i checked it……
    i thought dat ur very cute……..hehehe…….. since i don’t kn0w y0u and i just saw ur pic. ones…. all i have to say is ……. take care and alwayz keep up d’ gud work….. GOD BLESS u and ur family……. alwayzzz……..

  137. 137 : SarAh Says:

    anyway,so you’re als0 fund of computers???? well if that’s so i think we have the same hobbies…… d’ u have yahoo messanger??? if u do….. can u plz. add me in my yahoo messanger??? here’s my yahoo messanger, [email protected]……. hope 2 know u more….. ^-^

  138. 138 : Jan Says:

    Hi Lee Wan! I’m a big fan of yours! I was born and raised in Canada, and I discovered Korean movies about 2 years ago. I wasn’t too interested, since I thought they were too sad for me to watch, but then I watched Trees of Heaven. I liked the girl, but you were the only reason I kept watching it. Not only are you good looking, but you can really act! I’ve watched the movie over and over again, and every single time I always cry…..in fact, just listening to the music makes me cry! That’s why I can’t listen to that soundtrack when I’m driving, otherwise it’s too dangerous! I also immediately went out and bought Snow White/Taste Sweet Love, and also loved you in that one! I think you are an exceptional actor, not only because of your looks (many actors look good), but because of your depth and emotional ranges while you are on the screen. No matter if you are the main character or a minor character, you always manage to grab viewer’s attention, and not every actor has that ability. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep looking forward to your great movies! Is there an address I where I can get an autographed picture of you? Happy New Years!

  139. 139 : pie Says:

    hello lee wan. im also one of your big fan her in phillipines. one of your siries, stairway to heaven.was air her in phillipines in abs- cbn. i hope u can visit phillipines like lee dong wook ang kim uegine did………
    i really like u as sn actor,, and also youre sister. pls add me her [email protected]…….thankyou and i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. 140 : b* Says:

    hii…. wish i can see u …. for real.. even if it was only for once… takecare

  141. 141 : sween Says:

    your drama entitled TREE OF HEAVEN is so good even though the ending episode is very sad thing.. i almost cried too in the moment where park shin hye is dying from intensive care unit. i almost touched what you did for her in your character role.. as in ALL efforts that you have done just to make your loved one feel happy and special..

  142. 142 : ynnah Says:

    hi lee wan! will you add me in your friends list? oh my god… you are so c…i just cant resist it…i like your movie a tree in heaven….

  143. 143 : ynnah Says:

    hi lee wan!!! oh my god!you’re so cute1 i can hardly resist your charm! will you please add me in your friends list?… [email protected]…im an avid fan of yours… i like your movie, a tree in heaven…. i always cry qhenever im watching that….that was so great!i also love the girl there….take care.

  144. 144 : dimple smile Says:

    Lee wan you r so smart and so handsome
    you are the korean actor who i like very much
    Good luck


    BYeee 😉

  145. 145 : shawo kyi Says:

    i like you so be with me ok
    misssssssss youuuuuuu
    u r so cute.
    be more in movie

  146. 146 : mae** Says:

    chum yrev uoy evol I…”,

  147. 147 : Sartika Says:

    hi!! u r the BEST!!!

  148. 148 : thalia Says:

    hi!!!!!!!!!! upa ilikeyour moviie the one that the little is tree in heaven can isay to you that 143 thank you pls. add me to your friendster my email is [email protected] or [email protected]

  149. 149 : joana Says:

    i really love this guy..i’m one of his avid fan..i love him more when i watched tree in heaven and snow white..he’s so cute.love you so much

  150. 150 : kim lee Says:

    lee wan sarangheo ………..
    You so hotz………………….

  151. 151 : romnick Says:

    hi lee wan,,,,,,,,i really like you,,,,ur so hot and sexy!!!!!!!hope will meet in future,,,,,,love you so much,,,,,,take care and god bless

  152. 152 : romnick Says:

    can i know ur email address,pls………i just want you to be my friend,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  153. 153 : lyne_bear Says:

    hai i am a girl from Malaysia…. i have watch your drama… you are really cute… i hope i can be your friend always, can i? i hope you will be success in your life..!!! smile always…
    [email protected]

  154. 154 : Zhen zhu li Says:

    Lee Wan!
    I want to watch your movice ” three heaven”.
    I has watch once time your .This movices I once more to watch.
    Please you send me this movice (or)your photo send to my Mail account?
    I want to pray you only get the best things.But I am not a lord.So you may be Happy & Healthy!
    I hope your’s answer.

  155. 155 : devin Says:

    your performance in tree of heaven was well done. i’m a dude and i actually cried for you. oh and you were good in in-soon is pretty too..i didn’t like you there so apparently you did what you were suppose to. hope for the best in you to come out in the next drama.

  156. 156 : +!!LeMoNgRaSz!!+ Says:

    HeLLoWw….u Such a SexY guy…LurV u…

  157. 157 : is Says:

    he should hock-up with Shin Min Ah there about the same age

  158. 158 : shally Says:

    hi mister lee wan, are you close with your sister tae hee? just wandering coz i never seen the two of you close together. but well, i really like the two of you, the way you act. good luck always and God bless.. saranghamnida!

  159. 159 : fionn Says:

    you are as cute as your sis….

  160. 160 : rachell Says:

    lee wan love u!u know ur so cute same as to ur sister!i love to watch ur duet of ur sister i saw in youtube!i love ur voice and how u act in heaven tree!

  161. 161 : hazelnut Says:

    he’s so familiar to me

  162. 162 : keshia Says:

    hi lee wan, im a girl from vancouver bc. and just wanna say that after i’ve seen the “tree of heaven” im so touch……. i mean ur really good and your so cute, and frankly so hot nice body!!!!!!!!! hope u send me an e-mail someday….. and by the way i like your figure like that at “tree of heaven” better than the “snow white” and “in soon is pretty” and the hair too…… and i love the way you look through the eye…. feels like your looking at me deeply… god bless you always and hope more drama for me to watch….

  163. 163 : Jean Says:

    love you so much.. you are so cute.. hope to see better performance from you.. always support you..

  164. 164 : Lily Says:

    Hi,I like you in Snow White,you look cute and a good match with Kim Jung Hwa.Good luck.

  165. 165 : Haidy Says:

    Hi, Lee Wan ,Im from the Philippines, we really love your role and acting in Tree of Heaven such a great drama that fits you well and your leading lady Hana, Will looking forward for more drama of your’s soon…Hope the best in your career…. Live well!!!!

  166. 166 : Fadya Says:

    Hello Lee Wan, I’m indonesian. I’m one of your admirer. I have boy friend that his face is like you so much. Since i saw your act in your drama “tree of heaven” i always want to be Lady Hana that she always care to her “oppa”.

    Now,I will act like Park Shin Hye……

    Oppa..Sarang He Yo..

  167. 167 : Shirley H0 Says:

    Lee Wan is really cute and charming. I wish he can act in more shows , I have almost finished watching all his dramas except In soon is pretty. I feel he really can act very well even though he is still so young. I look forward to see more of your shows!!!

  168. 168 : amira Says:


    ..i fell in love with LEE wan when i watch the drama snow white. . he seem familiar to me.. is he a singer?? He really act well.. Wish you all the best . . . We will alwayz support you..

    amira singapore.. tc!! FIGHTING!! 🙂

  169. 169 : sunshine Says:

    omg he is so cute!!! first saw him in let’s go tot he beach
    ahh he s so cute…. i fell in love with him since then ahhhhhhhh

  170. 170 : analyn Says:

    Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! lee wan your my idol i really watch a tree in heaven cause i

    really like you there your so cute

    take care always

    hope i can see again you in your comming movies here in phil. i really

    appreciate you and in tree in heaven you fti with park shin hye shes so

    nice and so beutiful


  171. 171 : 캐스린 조이 Says:

    anneyong hasseyo!!!! lee wan
    Tree of Heaven is my favorite korean drama in the whole universe
    i like the way act, smile, talk, n everything…….
    keep up the good work……..
    i will allways here to support you
    sarang hae yo ung woi nei……
    am i right?????
    god bless u……
    n also im from phlippines

  172. 172 : shirley Says:

    lee wan is such a hottie!

  173. 173 : yunxiu oppa Says:

    i really like u a lot!i love ur hair,ur body,ur skin,ur eyes,i love all about you!i really love u in tree of heaven..that movie was so touching..that iv always wanted 2 cry..huhuh :’

  174. 174 : r41n_dr0p Says:

    your performance in tree of heaven was great.. I LOVE IT.. it is my favorite movie… cant wait to see what you come out with next ..

  175. 175 : Haidy Says:

    hi! lee wan, you’re really a great actor,we really love your k drama LET’S go to the beach really amazing story and Tree of Heaven,hope we can see again you and Park Shyn Hye with your new love story drama.good luck…kam sa ham nida !!!!

  176. 176 : Wan meilane Says:

    i lvs lee wan.

  177. 177 : Wan meilane Says:

    lee wan
    i want to know you gmail.i want to be your friend.may be your friend.

  178. 178 : ivy Says:

    opah, ur such a good actor i really admire u, especialy the korean novela a tree of heaven, itz such a good, touching korean series, many more blessings to come… take care alwys.. more power!

  179. 179 : merly Says:

    keep up the good work. may god bless all your works in tv/movie. May god bless you too healthy body. You are such a really good actor. Im so much love you with your partner in tree of heaven and in snowwhite,hana and ma young hee!

  180. 180 : merly Says:

    May all your dreams come true,wishing and hoping you will visit our country phils. someday. Wishing more movies to come and in tv also. Sana makita kita sa personal.Take care of yourself,regards to your family. Hello to my cousin gizelle,kathy,gie ann, teresa,meryll,my inaanak aljhan.Hello phils.!!!!!

  181. 181 : Pornnatcha Says:

    Unyong hanseyo!!! Lee wan!!!
    I’m Nat.
    I and my sister are your fanclub.
    I like your movies.
    I and my sister will wait your movie.
    Bye Bye

  182. 182 : leelee Says:

    hey lee wan i would really like yoy to continued playing dramas and be the main guy. you’re co cute and i enjoy all your movies that you played. please continued on filming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. 183 : snow Says:

    Hi! Lee Wan,
    i like you very much at tree of heaven.i want to see you & love you now & forever…….bye….may god bless you..

  184. 184 : zinme Says:

    I really like watching your drama and movies
    I am your forever fans

  185. 185 : snow Says:

    hi! anneyong hasseyo…Lee Wan …..
    i really like you & your sister.can i know your e-mail address please.i always want to hear your voice ,want to see your face & crazy about you………pls send me your photo to my e-mail.

  186. 186 : Hlaing Hlaing Than Htun Aung Says:

    hi…Lee Wan….nice to meet u…I am from Myanmar..Do u know My country? I am a doctor….I watched Korea Drama since i wass a child.I have seen u at the drama…I can’t remember the name..in the story the actress is a baker…u r 5 years younger than her…I started to like u from that time…u acted so well in that….& also well done in Tree of heaven…. i cried a lot when i see it…fighting..Lee Wan..Pls remember that someone is praying for u from Myanmar…..;) My mom is so like ur sister too in Love story in Harvad…..bye…if u have wish,U can contact me at Gmail….

  187. 187 : nady Says:

    Dear Lee Wan,
    I live in Myanmar.Do you know it?Please visit to our country.If you do, I will treat you in the best way.Your action becomes good.I like your action in Tree of Heaven more than other movie.Try your best.I will clap for you.

  188. 188 : Phyu Says:

    Hi , Lee Wan….,
    After i watched ur drama , ur shadow always reflect to my heart . Plz trust me ! I love you ! i wanna know ur mail address ….
    i hope to see u again with me in my mail………….

  189. 189 : Surene Says:

    Hi Lee Wan,

    Great Job! in Tree Of Heaven!
    Great support for Tree Of Heaven’s around the world.
    Wow!…I had not watched a great show such as this one.
    This show really touched me and made me cry (good cry).
    Shows here in Singapore are really lacking the values and qualities
    displayed in this show.
    Best of Luck to you and I look forward in watching your future projects!!!

    [email protected]

  190. 190 : Na Says:

    U look similar 2 a man i love.his name’s Sak. I love him so much but he already has girlfriend. M trying so hard 2 4get him but i still can’t.

  191. 191 : zar phyu Says:

    hi Mr. Lee Wan
    When I watch ur movie ,I was crying in tree of heaven.I’m very like ur action and ur face,so I love u somuch.don’t lie relly love u.I miss u somuch I hope ur movie see a next series.I think U’be good actor.
    Try your best.
    Take care Lee Wan.Have a nice day.

  192. 192 : nth452 Says:

    hi ! Huyng Soo “opa” sarang hae yo
    i am fan’s you ! i can’t spoke English well ! i don’t know write
    i want to meet you in VietNam
    i like you in ” stairway to heaven” (like best) and ” snow white ”
    hope………..i will meet you “opa”

  193. 193 : cesz964 Says:

    hi jelo..hehe i’am ur great fan in a tree in heaven ur so good actor..
    well..u know when i’m wtchng it i cry it feels..ur so good person and handsome..gud luck to ur career..love [email protected]
    plz add me in ym [email protected]

  194. 194 : kyar nyo Says:

    you are very cool.i like you very much

  195. 195 : haymar Says:

    u come to myanmar country.i very like u.

  196. 196 : Beth A. Says:

    Hi lee wan, u know i want to see you in person, i really like you in a tree in heaven, you act well there, i hope i meet you someday, God blees and take always LOVE YOU

  197. 197 : prasta Says:

    its not that i want to say i like you ,like other fans you have but want to say i want to meet you ……and looking forward that you will add me [email protected] is my id.add me
    bu bye

  198. 198 : anne Says:

    uppa… sarangheyo….

  199. 199 : emieylia Says:


    i’m from Malaysia..i luv u very much..!!!u are so cute..
    i had see u in ‘Summer Beach’
    that was a nice drama…especially when u are the main actor…….


  200. 200 : zar lay Says:

    Kim Hyung Soo
    i saw your movie in previous day.i very like you.i want to friend with you.if you become friend with me,you reply mail from me.

  201. 201 : debypar Says:

    hi lee wan,
    How are you? i am one of your person. I am from myanmar.i love you so much.your are so handsome and a good looking boy.And i watch your movies. i like you best in tree of heaven. and can i know your mail address please.and byebye! aza aza!

  202. 202 : lina Says:

    You are the best and the most handsome korean actor. I like every dramas that you acted. you are so talented. I hope to see your new drama soon. good luck! fighting!!!!!!!

  203. 203 : mizz lee Says:

    i’m ur no. 1 fan in the phil.
    i love you and i want to see you in person!!!!
    i hope many projects will come to you!!!!

  204. 204 : Vin castro Says:

    lee Wan you’re such a good looking guy, adorable and handsome . good luck and more movies to come. i like the way you dress up. love you

  205. 205 : Haidy Says:

    L Wan, you are such a cute guy, hope you could make another k drama with Park shyn Hye, nice couple, like in Tree of Heaven, one of the world class k drama to watch….

  206. 206 : laisen Says:

    hi lee wan m a gr8 fan of urs…. n wana b ur fren……. hope u will accept me as ur fren…. ill b eagerly waitin 4 ur reply kk…. til den bye n t.c…. sarangeoh…

  207. 207 : laisen Says:

    wel if u wana chat me den here”s my i.d……. [email protected]…. ill b eagerly waitin 4 ur reply kkk……. pliz………. do reply me back kk or else i will cry………… hehehe… jst kidin… neways bye….ee…..ee…….. aza…. aza….. fighting..

  208. 208 : Nicole Sanchez Says:

    You look really handsome.
    And I’ll remember that one show, “Snow White”
    I hope that you continue being successful at your job & being an inspiration somehow
    hehe ^_^
    And I also wish that maye.. I can meet you someday.. [i doubt that’ll will ever come true though..]
    Stay nice and cute!
    If you ever get the chance to read this, please reply… if you can or want to..

  209. 209 : Nicole Sanchez Says:

    my email : [email protected]

  210. 210 : joy Says:

    hi Lee Wan.your a good actor. I like your drama summer beach.together w/ Lee Cheng Ah

  211. 211 : Rebecca Says:

    Hello! Finally i’ve found your name…just wanna say hi and that i like your movie…tree of heaven which i recently watched

  212. 212 : zar phyu Says:

    lee wan
    How are u?I remember u. I love u so much. You are innocent boy. bye . aza aza! fighting.

  213. 213 : winlai Says:

    lee won
    i am from myanmar. i love u. u are handsome. i want to see one time.
    i want to make friend with u

  214. 214 : ruby Says:

    lee wan
    may all be peace

  215. 215 : Nicole Says:

    I really like your performance and your style.
    I want to your fun but i don’t know your fan website
    I like your best in tree of haven series.
    could i can know your mail address please.

  216. 216 : Wai Ya Mone Phoo Says:

    i like ur action….. i am one of ur audience…..

  217. 217 : maya Says:


  218. 218 : Laurain Says:

    Hi Lee Wan. I really really like you the most in taste sweet love.
    You are so handsome.

  219. 219 : rl Says:

    keep up the good work, you’ll go places. 🙂

  220. 220 : sheryl Says:

    hi lee wan. i really like your dramas tree of heaven, lets go to the beach and snow white. i hope you’ll have more dramas and movies to do. you are really a great actor. you melt our hearts and you make us cry and you make us laugh all at the same time. you are really a versatile actor. i hope we can see you here in las vegas. you take care always.

  221. 221 : marivic Says:

    i love you oppa…..

  222. 222 : serenity_16 Says:

    mahal n mahal kita lee wan…
    pls add mo ako…
    [email protected]=)

  223. 223 : Namziuwi Nagaland (India) Says:

    Though we are thousand miles apart and you don’t even know me but I’m 1 of ur greatest fan. After watching your drama “Tree of Heaven” I’m in love with u. You melt my heart and you make me cry and you make me laugh all at the same time. I really luv you please accept me as ur fren. Good luck and hop more movies to come…sarange-o!!!

  224. 224 : Namziuwi Nagaland (India) Says:

    Giv me a reply pliz I’ll be eagerly waiting for your reply.

  225. 225 : Visa Nisa Says:

    “Rain is not only drops of water it is the love of sky for earth they never meet each other but send love this way”. Likewise i know i can never reach you but i will send you my love like the sky do for the earth. I’m visa from Nagaland (India) and i am 1 of ur craziest fan and i luv from the depth of my heart, u don know me but i’l always keep you in my heart, do remember me sometime (a girl from the corner of the world is always remembering u and luv u till she dies).

  226. 226 : khin thandar aung Says:

    Lee wan
    could you mail me your name of your movies.
    I am in mandalay ,myanma.I would like to be a friend of your.

  227. 227 : ifaa :D Says:

    Hello Lee wan .
    i love you acting in ‘stairway to heaven’ . 😀 .
    your favourite phrase is ‘ do you or dont you like me ?’ .
    haha . 😀 . and you will be 25 soon , in two more months . ;D.
    andand you is super duper good looking , i should say . 😀

  228. 228 : maythukha Says:

    how are you?i like you.
    i like Tree of Heaven.
    i miss you and i meet you.
    my name is maythukha.
    bye bye
    you love sister
    [email protected]@com

  229. 229 : miko Says:

    LEe wan….love ur drama…
    pls act alot more to us…

  230. 230 : miko Says:

    Lee wan is the best…

  231. 231 : maythukha Says:

    happy birthday
    you love
    sister maythukha

  232. 232 : maythukha Says:

    happy birthday
    i meet you.
    you love
    sister maythukha

  233. 233 : anne Says:

    Hi Lee Wan!, I’m watching Taste Sweet Love for the second time, Iwathed it twoyears ago, I still love it. You were great! I’ve watched you in Stairway to Heaven, and Tree of Heaven, in both you really gave a great performance. I plan to watched all your shows :b

    More Power to you!

    God Bless 🙂

  234. 234 : pheonixgurl Says:

    hi lee wan………………….GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you rock my world……………………….

  235. 235 : lina Says:

    Hi Lee Wan.I just wanted to say that you are the cutest guy.I like everything abot you.I like your hair,your style and maybe im annoying but I love you.P.S I like you specialy in Renaissance you are so cutteeeeeeeee.bye

  236. 236 : leena Says:

    For you Im just one of your fans who is obssesed with you,but believe me its not, I dont know what is going on with me,I think about you all the time,is like Im in love with you.I know its impossible even to see you, I live in other part of world,You will be always in my heart and I dont know why ??

  237. 237 : arantxa Says:

    hi..i watched satirway to heaven and tree of heaven..u acted damn well…ur damn cute n hot..lol..plz keep on acting..so dat fans like me fall in love wid u more..sarang-hae..anyo..take care

  238. 238 : arantxa Says:

    hey..i wrote 2 u abefore..m lukin forward 2 more of ur movies..plz don’t stop acting..ur reallly gud in it..i find u ssoooo cute..hope i meet u sum day.i know dis is stupid but i really wana meet..i know its possible.but still i’m keeeping hope..i’ll wait..ur sum1 who’s really sweet..i hope whoever is ur gf or who’s gonna be..hope dat she’s sum1 who deserves u n u too deserve her..may all gud things happen 2 u..i hope ur all films be ahits..cyta n t.c..i’lll write 2 u again.i promise..sarang-hae..anyo oopa yunxi…

  239. 239 : kzar Says:

    i am from Myanmar. i like your style. i am your audience. i love you so much. i like you best in tree of heaven.and can i know your mail address please.i wish your successful life. God may bless you.bye bye:)

  240. 240 : arantxa Says:

    hey….plz give me also ur email id..at least i can chat wid u..even though i can’t meet u..ofcourse u won’t give me ur id so easily but plz u can trust me..i won’t give ur id 2 ne1..i promise..i won’t break ur trust..sarang-hae..anyo oopa..miyanei..khasima..lol..m learing korean..neays take care..n do give ur id 2 me..i’ll write 2 u sum day else..actually i’ll be going sumwhere else..so won’t be able 2 write 2 u again..cya..keep on acting..luv ur movies..

  241. 241 : ASMA Says:

    I really like your way of acting ….you are just so cute…
    I am one many fans in the gulf…
    hope you all happiness in the world…


  242. 242 : style Says:

    hi Lee Wan
    U r so cute..I like u…u’re great in tree of heaven!!!!!!!
    I’ll wait for ur new quality movies.
    Lee Wan…Carry on!!!!!!!!!

  243. 243 : septembergirl Says:

    hi hi
    i love u
    i always pray for ur good!!
    aja aja!!!!!!

  244. 244 : ladyjhulye Says:

    hola….i luv u lee wan…
    u act so gorgeous in snow white drama..

  245. 245 : Lee wans nr1 fan Says:

    Happy Birthday Lee Wan I wish you all the best IM your nr 1 fan I love you

  246. 246 : a fan.. Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Lee Wan! (I love “Tree of heaven”) ^^

  247. 247 : Vin-Philippines Says:

    Lee Wan, Belated happy Birthday! I’m one of your avid fan from the Philippines. I wish you more success in your career, good health and the best in your life. You’re such an adorable and good looking actor. You’re the best. Good luck and more movies and television shows to come this 2009 and the rest of the years. I Love you!

  248. 248 : zaahirah Says:

    i like all of his drama,especially he is the leading actor in the drama that he acted…for sure hes good in acting all had a great package…

  249. 249 : eun_kyung Says:

    nice to meet you oppa… ^^
    im 1 of your loyal admirer in malaysia…
    i have watched all the drama & movie that u acted…
    i really love all the series…
    especially “tree in heaven” =)
    so touching… T.T
    really hope that u can extend ur career to hollywood…
    you are really good in love drama series…
    really hope to see more & more of love drama series that you act…
    don’t forget to take good care of yourself….
    that is the most important…
    write till here oppa…
    bye ^^

  250. 250 : rain Says:

    lee wan
    u are so great
    i love u

  251. 251 : yanina Says:

    ola estas bien lindo

  252. 252 : ellisya Says:

    hi..lee wan..
    u are handsome actors..
    i’m from malaysian…
    we luv u..

  253. 253 : cookie58 Says:

    U are cute and young up and coming actor. Keep up your good work.

  254. 254 : code06 Says:

    i like u alot
    i also born on 3rd jan
    but i m older than u
    aza aza fighting

  255. 255 : ni-umma Says:

    ONE: you guys are all morons if you’re going to think that Lee Wan is going to read this.

    have a good day. 🙂 eat vegetables.

  256. 256 : margz Says:

    wazz up! wazz up! Mr.Lee Wan
    im margz from philippines.i saw you in TREE IN HEAVEN
    actually i admire you so much because you act so great.
    i hope you will have more projects to come in your career.
    i wish you all the luck and blessings and dont forget to pray to god.
    i hope we will be friends.bro,stay fit and healthy.here its my email add [email protected] how l wish you will send mail to me i will be happy.
    until next time.take care and more opower to you!
    ti’ll here,

  257. 257 : Micha Says:

    Tree of heaven(or hell) 0mg its so sad so touchin..i not really watch asian much but this1 (grab from library) after watches manytime just have to say something..both of u great act..those eyes! can talked with out said a word but when u spoken its was so beautify “we called handsome voice”so passionnate i can felt the pain its pull my soul out i was wonder is some1 like Yun suh! excist in this world? In the same time i wish some1 love me deeply with all his soul like Yun suh! but i dont want to b Hana! have love that cant touch!..Thanks Lee Wan now i know some ur language.

  258. 258 : vivi Says:

    i am big fan of lee wan and his lovely sister kim tae hee

    i hope i will have some frinds from korea china and japan

    my name is vivi i am 22

    if any boy interested please call me


    please caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall me
    i looooove u

  259. 259 : trang Says:


  260. 260 : trang Says:

    hi lee wan !! u r so cute and very good act . i like u alotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt hihhihihi well keep up ur good work , PS can u reply thankssssssssssssss bye

  261. 261 : johnny Says:

    Hallo Lee Wan
    I Saw U in TREE IN HEAVEN, I’m really like your acting, when i watched that movie i can feel your sad…how can you do that lee?…
    and when u smile, u look like Jet Lee actor.
    Tank u for this movie Lee…i’m really like U.
    Keep on shape and i’ll be waiting your next movie…

  262. 262 : Jackie Says:

    I have to agree with many comments already posted here! You are a super talented actor! You strength lies in your ability to make people FEEL what you are acting. I loved you in “snow white”, that i watched “tree in heaven” which was so sad, i was no, OMG this has to have a happy ending…i wanted the two of you to really kiss, you guys act very well together! I enjoyed your performance so much eventhough you die in the end, that i watched “Let’s go to the beach” now i am watching ” in- soon is so pretty” I’ve just started but I know it will not disapoint me.

    You do have very expressive eyes! They do indeed talk with out to saying a word, you are very nice to look at, you command your audience!!! Plus , you are very sexy. I was happy to learn that you will be leading in other dramas too.

  263. 263 : sunako chan Says:

    i like me very much, you are the better actor, and i love you

  264. 264 : tisha Says:

    you’re so great!
    i love you.
    i really do.
    i hope i can see you personally.
    im from philippines.
    i do appreciate your efforts very much 🙂


  265. 265 : Joyce Says:

    Hi Lee Wan.. Im from malaysia…. I love ur acting especially in the drama tree in heaven… keep up da good acting..sarangheo

  266. 266 : emilie Says:

    hi! i’m from the Philippines. You’re so cute and your eyes are very expresive. Hope you can do a movie again with Park Shin Hye

  267. 267 : mina Says:

    hi lee wan.i am from iran.i and my family love your acting in tree in heaven.you have nice eyes.when i whatched this movie i cried for some hours for u and hana and for all of lover.be success full for ever.i love u.

  268. 268 : yolanda Says:

    ola lee
    soy de peru
    quiero decirte que actuas muy bien
    tienes una gran carrera por delante
    deseo poder conocerte algun dia

  269. 269 : 'ofa Says:

    I really love ur acting Lee…but da sad thing is is that u died da last part of the drama Trees of Heaven n dat made me very sad…but I still like u alot….you rock….sadangheyo;)

  270. 270 : kkp Says:

    I wonder that you’re now 25 years old.You look like so young.It may because of your characters you act in your movies.How about you in your real life?I think you may have a happy life with your family.I am so glad for that.Your characters that you act in your movies are so sorry.
    Just to know,I am your fan and I am 9 years younger than you.
    I wish you to get success more and more.

  271. 271 : marie Says:


  272. 272 : marie Says:

    hi.. lee wan u look like jet lee! i watch u on taste sweet love, i love it so keep in on n i pray for u to succeed on ur acting
    god bless u
    u r my favorite actor
    im from mauritius island

  273. 273 : JM Says:

    i dunno if Lee wan can read this.

    hi Lee wan, i really love the drama “tree of heaven”! you looked very stunning and handsome in it! i luv you!

  274. 274 : maryam-z Says:

    dear lee
    i am an iranian girl from ramsar citty
    i love you very much and i hope to see you very soon.
    please come to iran.

  275. 275 : oshin Says:

    dear Lee wan
    I was really moved by ur performance in “Tree of Heaven”.everything is so good about u.may jesus bestow all the happiness and success upon you.please keep up your hard work.my best wishes are always there for you.take care n SARANG HAE YO!

  276. 276 : vikki Says:

    Hey my Lee Wan

    I saw your video Tree of Heaven. I like you so much when as a student there. I though myself coz I loved your eyes. So I want to get your email address. I know that you are fare away me. Because I am Myanmar girl. Do you know Myanmar Country? There is the one of Asia Country. I am really wanna you as my really brother. Really , Really , i talk you. I want to be your sis. Can you reply me to my mail address (vikki06.gmail.com). I wait your reply mail. If you have a free time, plz reply me. OK!


  277. 277 : kartika... Says:

    lee wan…..
    u are very handsome….
    I like U….

  278. 278 : moet moet Says:

    hi Lee Wan
    i like your action on movie

  279. 279 : naychi Says:

    Leen Wan,how are u?Are u single?i like u very much.i want to speak with u.So, may i know your email address?

    lease reply me.And,i want to get your photo.please send into my mail.my mail is [email protected]
    Naychi Aby

  280. 280 : tanni, chokey Says:

    hi lee wan

    i like your movie tree of heaven . i like your simle . always keep your smile own your hand some face. take your self.

  281. 281 : memi Says:

    Want to talk to Leewan. But only a dream.

  282. 282 : memi Says:

    추가되었습니다 주부?

  283. 283 : meai Says:

    Not many days.
    Fit the next.
    But thinking of you.

  284. 284 : meai Says:

    I want to see you every day.
    This massage compensation
    Date Missing

  285. 285 : meai Says:

    I talk to you.
    It is enough.
    But you want to know that I want to talk to you can get the feel of my awareness.

  286. 286 : meai Says:

    I do not want is just people, but you see in the picture.

  287. 287 : meai Says:

    I want the people beside you

  288. 288 : meai Says:

    I know that hope is too much.

  289. 289 : meai Says:

    It me mad
    After I terminate the fans to see you.
    In your work that I see for the first time ever.

  290. 290 : meai Says:

    But I never messy play.
    You will see that one.

  291. 291 : meai Says:

    I know that hope is too high.
    But I forced my heart.
    I’ve never had a this before.
    I just do not want a Fan Club.

  292. 292 : meai Says:

    Corean think I would go to meet you.
    But that is not found that.

  293. 293 : meai Says:

    I do not want to tell people like you love.
    Because the true love does not need to say.
    I could tame.
    Because it is not just about that.

  294. 294 : massi Says:

    hi lee wan
    how lucky u.
    u have many lovers,i didnt know that!
    by the way i like ur acting

  295. 295 : sue Says:

    Hi Lee Wan, i luv you!!! you’re4 so cute. Good Luck!

  296. 296 : memi Says:


  297. 297 : memi Says:

    miss U

  298. 298 : memi Says:

    i like you every time.

  299. 299 : memi Says:

    I would like to University but i miss you very much

  300. 300 : memi Says:

    I’ll give you firth in my heard.

  301. 301 : memi Says:

    Access difficult.

  302. 302 : irene lee wan Says:

    to dearest cute actor….u r de best n de cute

  303. 303 : irene lee wan Says:

    hope u will be de successful actor n can see ur cute face at tv again….

  304. 304 : memi Says:


  305. 305 : memi Says:


  306. 306 : memi Says:


  307. 307 : memi Says:


  308. 308 : memi Says:

    Today is Mather Day of Thailand.
    I would your mather is happy.
    I love your mather
    Because Parturition you.

  309. 309 : memi Says:


  310. 310 : memi Says:

    MAY LOVE Kim Hyung Soo

  311. 311 : Its U Says:

    I like lee wan in stairway to heaven and tree of heaven

  312. 312 : Lizzy Says:

    I like Lee Wan in Tree of Heaven

  313. 313 : lily Says:

    Lee Wan is so cool
    We’re waiting your next drama

  314. 314 : memi Says:

    i love you

  315. 315 : memi Says:

    i miss you

  316. 316 : memi Says:

    I want U

  317. 317 : lan nguyen Says:

    Hello, Mr Smile, how’re you? what’re you doing? I love you from the bottom of my heart! you’re so attractive… I am crazy about you (Oppa Sarang He Yo, you’re the number one Star in my heart! you’re my supper Hero! to wish you’re happy and smile always :)Sarang He Yo)

  318. 318 : .. Says:

    ..hello.. love u my idol..

  319. 319 : ..philippines Says:

    ..philippines loves you..

  320. 320 : ..philippines Says:

    ..philippines loves you…

  321. 321 : ..philippines Says:


  322. 322 : akaro Says:

    Lee Wan how come God created u soooooo handsome?

  323. 323 : Eingyinkhaing Says:

    I love you very much like my brother.
    Please invite me , [email protected]

  324. 324 : thi08 Says:

    hi lee wan
    oh my good i love u so much in the tree of heaven u look so good in the movie, i love u and park shin hye very much . i hope u and her will be in love in the real life.

  325. 325 : chinchin Says:

    you smile is very cute
    i wish u
    smile forever
    can u invite me
    [email protected]

  326. 326 : Eingyin Says:

    Hi Hi,
    Lee Wan’
    How are you?
    I watch your movies and I like them.

  327. 327 : Eve Says:

    Just want ta say…
    That Lee Wan’s work in Tree in Heaven was great!!! Great like an actor!!
    Well done!
    Wish you all the best! :-))

  328. 328 : melanie Says:

    Hi! You are one of my Favorite korean actor. You are truly cute and good in acting too!Goodluck in your career and God Bless!you are so Handsome too!

  329. 329 : Eingyin Says:

    How are you?
    I miss you very much.
    Give my love to you.
    I want to be your friend.

  330. 330 : sherry Says:

    I ‘m from egypt. I love u lee wan. I hope u love Egypt and the Egyptians. you ‘re a great actor . I adore u in “tree of heaven” .and “snow white”. I wish u do alot of series. I enjoy ur acting. I wish u read my words

  331. 331 : SeTiYa Says:

    Hi everybody
    I’m Setiya(you can call me SETI) From IRAN-BUSHEHR.
    I wanna say just this ”I’m one of his and kdrama fans in IRAN”
    BE successful everybody this is my wish and dream♥♥

  332. 332 : Reira Says:

    Hello, I’m from Puerto Rico. I see a lot of people comment here adressing Lee Wan as if he actually reads this…
    So I wonder if he really does know of this page..and if he reads it?
    Does he even know english?
    Well anyways… The first drama I watched was Tree of Heaven…
    While watching it I cried most of the time cause of Hana being so misserable without YunSu, and this drama actually made me realize my heart is still warm.. And also I have fallen for LeeWan.. so now I’m watching all the dramas he’s in… I’m currrently watching Snow White
    and he’s so cute in it ^^
    I know I shouldn’t idealize people… but I want to belive he is like YunSu.. so I often wonder if LeeWan is somewhat like YunSu?
    well… I wish I knew how is LeeWan in general…
    I can’t stop thinking bout LeeWon… T^T

  333. 333 : Kolanie Says:

    Hello Lee Wan ~ I’m a FAN from the United States
    Just want to say that…”Keep Up The Good Work” ^^
    your dramas r fantastic!! I like it a lot. esp. Tree of Heaven and Let’s go to the beach..
    I hope that someday in the future, I’ll get a chance to meet you..
    Wishing you lots of success and happiness

  334. 334 : rain Says:

    안녕하세요 정말 당신을 사랑하고 당신을 변호해 존경하고는 지구상에서 가장 아름다운 대표하는

  335. 335 : rain Says:

    나도 널 사랑해

  336. 336 : rain Says:

    내가 당신을 변호해 존경하고 나도 당신을 사랑

  337. 337 : [email protected] Says:

    ello0p…lee wan

    ur nickname soo simple….

    its okhey…actually….i like ur actin
    ur smiley

  338. 338 : Beata Says:

    My name is Beata and I’m from Poland. I’d like to thank Lee Wan for what he does in all the drama.
    You’re a great actor, handsome men (and good Catholic I hope ;P) !
    TAKE CARE!!!

  339. 339 : amnah Says:

    hello lee wan I admire you wark especially tree of hean tell you especial greeting from saudi arabia and we who follow all the korean drama fans and your own We,re all we talk and sometaimes.I admire the Arab and Muslim.and I hope to read abut to religious.wich I cherish.I wich you success.and I hop to accept all my affection.and always forward

  340. 340 : saychielle Says:

    hi, i’m from philippines and we are fun of watching korean dramas, we love your movies especialy the tree of heaven but the ending is tragic. i love the flow and your more handsome in wearing jeans pant and any shirt especialy red. i hop0e that you have more movies to come this coming years as your birthdat gift this januery 3.

  341. 341 : maria Says:

    hola eres una persona muy especial ah y cantas muy bien te deceo lo mejor

  342. 342 : p.april208 Says:

    hi how r u? i wish u will be sucessful in world
    please,u invite me
    good luck for u

  343. 343 : p.april208 Says:

    i want to be ur friend
    Wishing you lots of success and happiness
    take care!!!!

  344. 344 : nhim Says:

    Hello! Lee Wan my name is nhim and am from usa. Well let me tell u that the first korean movie that I ever watch is tree of heaven and I gotta tell u that u were fantastic in that movie. Since then I been watching a lot of korean movie and love to see more of new movie in the coming year. Anyway Happy b lated Birthday am wishing u to continue having sucessful career,health,life and having more fan supporting u and keep up the good work.

  345. 345 : ChrIstine Says:

    How are u lee wan??

    I like u so much,,
    U are so cool and handsome,,,
    I like u’r act in tree of heaven…

    Saranghaeyo lee wan oppa..

  346. 346 : Boonta Wanna Says:

    I like you act in Tree in Heaven your smile so cute I need to see you in korea I very crazy you !

  347. 347 : tin pa pa moe Says:

    hello lee wan
    mingalarbar i am myanmar my name is tin pa pa moe

  348. 348 : tin pa pa moe Says:

    hello lee wan
    my name is tin pa pa moe. i am myanmar.you know myanmar country.i like your action. i wish you very famous actor see you.

  349. 349 : tin pa pa moe Says:

    hello lee wan
    how are you?
    what are you doing now?
    i want to be your friend.
    may i know your email address pls
    you are one of my favorite actor in the world
    my email address is [email protected]

    take care

  350. 350 : Boonta Wanna Says:

    Hi Wan,

    My name Boonta Wanna from Thailand . I’m first impress you in your act Tree of Heaven. As the present I try to find your act in other such as Boy don’t cry or Stairway in Heaven take care & miss you bye

  351. 351 : Thandar Says:

    How are you?
    I always watch your movies.
    I and all my friends in Myanmar like you very much.
    Try and do your best.
    Good luck in your career !
    May you be very popular as film star in HollyWood.
    I am from Myanmar.
    If you are OK, drop me a line, please.

  352. 352 : Boonta Wanna Says:

    Hi Lee Wan

    I hope you will read my meassage . Well I continue to see your series the one cute you and girl in Let to go the beach very nice.

    I miss you .

    Boonta Wanna from Thailand

  353. 353 : naw khaing thet wai Says:

    Hey Lee Wan,
    you are so cute and i like you.
    may i know your facebook account?
    let’s meet there.
    Be happy!

  354. 354 : margie Says:

    h…im margie..from philippines….im one of your fan….in your movie tree in heaven….

  355. 355 : Rhan Says:

    Hello Wan,

    Have a nice day.
    Try more the best for all yours arts.
    May you be success in artist.
    Good luck , good health and may god bless you.


  356. 356 : Rhan Says:


    How are you?

  357. 357 : reene Says:

    lee wan , how r u doing this days? i realy realy like u…m waitng for yr nxt drama ,movie…be good ,do good ,stay healthy love u forever

  358. 358 : miell Says:

    i love you lee wan ur so cute=)

  359. 359 : hazel Says:



    u are the best actor
    in korea,,,

    u are my idol…

    always take care…

    i hope we’ve meet someday…

  360. 360 : May Thwe Shein Says:


    How r u right now?

    I’m waiting ur returning by counting days.

    Miss u so much.

    Be Happy & Healthy during ur duties.

  361. 361 : May Says:


    How about u today?

    Today is the 94th day of your servicing in Military.

    R u so tired?

    Wishing you happy & healthy.

    With Lovely,

  362. 362 : May Says:


    How r u?

    It’s 95th day.

    I miss u so much & it’s enough if u recognize me.

    It’ll be so good if we can meet somewhere & sometimes.

    Ur’s forever

  363. 363 : May Says:


    Today is 96th day of ur servicing.

    So long boring time.

    How r u?

    Want to get ur reaching day.

    Pls stay well & “I’m always be with U”.

    Urs’ forever

  364. 364 : May Says:

    Pre greeting for 16.10.10 (Saturday)


    Tomorrow is 97th day. a day is approaching to return.

    You r my idol & always thinking about u ever.

    Yours’ forever,

  365. 365 : May Says:

    For 2010, Oct 17

    Let’s think d day is Sunday.

    Reach on 98th day. A day is near to see U.

    Be amuse my idol Wan.

    I’ll send my missing to u on Monday.

    Urs’ forever,

  366. 366 : May Says:

    Today is 99th day.

    Saranghagi ))))))))))

    Urs’ forever,

  367. 367 : May Says:

    Fully 100th days. )))))))))))))

    Want to see u mostly (esp: happy ending movies with Park Shin Hye)

    Wishing U be happy

    Urs’ forever fan,

  368. 368 : May Says:

    Miss u so much.

    Urs’ Forever,

  369. 369 : May Says:

    102 Days

    Always thinking about u.

    Urs’ forever

  370. 370 : May Says:

    my idol LW,

    U r so smart & handsome in all images.

    I miss u.

    Urs’ forever,

  371. 371 : May Says:

    Hello Dear,

    It’s 104 days (22/10/10).

    Here will be The Full Moon Day of Thedingyut Festival ( Lighting the candles to The Buddha).

    I’ll thinking about u while watching Full Moon & lighting candles.

    Be Happy,

    Idol Wan

  372. 372 : May Says:

    104 day is 23.10.10

    105 day is 24.1.10

    Sorry for wrong typing.

    How better if i can get the connection with My Idol Wan!

    I’ll be always with U.

    Ur’s forever,

  373. 373 : May Says:

    106 days

    hello ))))))))))))))))))))))

    Can u hear me?

    I miss U. I love U.

    When’ll I meet with U?

  374. 374 : sarah.s Says:

    i love you so much

  375. 375 : May Says:

    It’s 120 days.

    Miss U so Much.

    I wanna be with U forever.

  376. 376 : May Says:

    121 days.

    Time is so long.

    U can’t know how much i miss u?

  377. 377 : May Says:

    123 days.

    wishing u be healthy while ur servicing.

  378. 378 : May Says:

    127 days.

    I miss u so much.

    How better if u can know about it?

    My idol Wan )))))))))))))))))))))

  379. 379 : odeza Says:

    ur so nce and cute

  380. 380 : May Says:

    Wishing to get the connection with u !

  381. 381 : May Says:

    Now U r in broad, my man.

    I’m waiting U.

    Be strongly,

  382. 382 : May Says:

    Oh my smarty man,

    Loving U So Much.

    Urs forever,

  383. 383 : May Says:

    136 days

    I want to get the way of coming to u ***********

  384. 384 : May Says:

    Miss U, my lovely Wan.

  385. 385 : May Says:

    want to say “love u so much”)))))))))))))))))))))))

  386. 386 : May Says:

    LoVe yOu, miSS u – iDoL waN

  387. 387 : mne Says:

    love this actor

  388. 388 : May Says:

    Merry Christmas, Idol Wan.

    Be Healthy & Happy.

  389. 389 : one Says:

    cute actor. his acting skill in tree in heaven was saw great. i cry with him. and i think he his the lost brother of ko soo they soo look alike

  390. 390 : May Says:


  391. 391 : May Says:

    love u.

  392. 392 : khadijeh? Says:

    hi.lee wan’s performance in the tree of heaven was great.but why does his life look so boring?

  393. 393 : nbc Says:

    lovley actor, his acting skill is so great

  394. 394 : jo Says:

    I don’t see you anymore in dramas or movies.
    Yes till now I still remember your tree of heaven it was so dramatic
    I had heartaches while watching it.I really,really cried it was so so sad drama.You did great acting in this drama.

    I also watched Snow white, My fair lady, In Soon is pretty etc.. but Let’s go to the beach was the first drama I watched.

    Belated Happy Birthday and wishing you all the best for the coming years to come.

    I’m also one of your sister’s fans..we like her My Princess drama.

    We are your supporter’s from Canada! GOD BLESS You and your family

  395. 395 : Hi Ahn jae wook Says:

    Hi Ahn jae wook How are you ? Bye

  396. 396 : khay Says:

    your such a great actor……and handsome too!!!!

  397. 397 : parisblanket Says:

    …missing your presence on the screen LEE WAN…pls. be back soon, can’t wait to see you being interviewed LIVE!…..when you’re back, hope the producer of TREE of HEAVEN will produce another love story between YOU and PARK SHIN HYE…..and this time hope it would be a happy ending…i don’t want to see you both grieving even in death…let’s give love a chance for a happy ending…weeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..

  398. 398 : List of Korean Actor « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Lee Min Woo (Shinhwa) Lee Moon Shik Lee Philip Lee Pil Mo Lee Sang Woo Lee Sang Yoon Lee Seo Jin ★★Lee Seung Ki Lee Seung Woo Lee Shi Un Lee Soon Jae Lee Sun Gyun Lee Sun Ho Lee Sung Jae Lee Tae Gon Lee Tae Sung […]

  399. 399 : emi Says:

    I like you……. you are funny

  400. 400 : iLa Says:


  401. 401 : em em Says:

    I wish you to be happy!!

  402. 402 : nazi Says:

    you like star in my heart…
    I wish 2 c u

  403. 403 : nazi Says:


  404. 404 : Lee Young Soo Says:

    그는 지금 뭐하는 거지 ?? 그는 군사 훈련의 일환이었다 있는지?? Tell Me Please (^o^)

  405. 405 : lettybug Says:

    Hope to see this dude in more dramas.

  406. 406 : fernanda Says:

    hello when you come back we miss you and please do not be too long ok.

  407. 407 : LEYLA Says:

    저는 천국의 나무 영화를 봤어요.
    영화는 너무너무너무 예쁘다.
    그래서 갑사합니다.
    저는 한국어를 배웁니다.
    그래서 행복해요^.^

  408. 408 : YDK Says:

    난 널 사랑해
    난 당신을 만나고 싶어
    나는 터키 출신이고, 언젠가 당신에게 한국에 올 것이다 !

  409. 409 : Tiptop Says:

    i like u especially in tree of heaven.i like your character in that drama.u r so handsome.u r my favourite actor.FIGHTING!!!

  410. 410 : Talent Says:

    lee wan… ur acting so good…want to watch new movies…LOVE U SO MUCH

  411. 411 : Phyo Says:

    so cute.

  412. 412 : CUTE 412 Says:

    i’m thirteen years younger than u.i really like u OPPA…..

  413. 413 : Smile Says:

    u r my favourite actor…… plz come to our country……. if u come i will be very happy more than i can say…. i’m looking forward to watch your new movies………

  414. 414 : phyuphwe Says:

    I like Lee Wan in Tree of Heaven movie

  415. 415 : Tiptop Says:


  416. 416 : Esther fosu (@FosuEsther) Says:

    opppa you are the best, you did excellent in TREE OF HEAVEN well done dear

  417. 417 : Kdrama – Swallow The Sun (태양을 삼켜라) | serbamendadak Says:

    […] Lee Soo Hyun – Lee Young Yoo sebagai Lee Soo Hyun (waktu kecil) So Yi Hyun sebagai Yoo Mi Ran Lee Wan sebagai Jang Tae Hyuk Han Ji Yun sebagai Han Sun Young Yoo Oh Sung sebagai Jeuk Seun Ri / Jackson […]

  418. 418 : ok Says:

    I liked a “Tree of heaven”.
    I’m just falling in love with Lee Wan.
    I wish you a good health and good luck always.

  419. 419 : roxy Says:

    gee,,,i just watch tree of heaven…and i was moved by your acting amazing actor!! hope to see you in some other k-drama maybe together with GO SOO as brothers…you have a lot of resemblance…i can’t thinking seems like im watching Green Rose too! 🙂

  420. 420 : roxy Says:

    gee,,,i just watch tree of heaven…and i was moved by your acting amazing actor!! hope to see you in some other k-drama maybe together with GO SOO as brothers…you have a lot of resemblance…i can’t help thinking seems like im watching Green Rose too!

  421. 421 : Merz Says:

    I’ve seen you in the film swallow the sun…Impressive! Ur such a real & brilliant actor I’ve ever seen…Hope to see you in more challenging roles & more films to come. .Keep it up!

  422. 422 : sahar Says:

    oppa odisoyo?

  423. 423 : Tree of Heaven - My Mp4 Soju | My Mp4 Soju Says:

    […] CastLee Wan as Yoon-suh 윤서 (20-22)Park Shin Hye as Hana 하 나 (18-20)Asami Reina as Maya 마야 (19-21)Uchida Asahi as Fujiwara Ryu 후지와라 류 (20-22)Jung Dong Hwan as Yoon Soo-ha 윤수하 (Yoon-suh’s father, 40)Kim Chung as Yoko 요 코 (Maya’s mother, 40)Mire Aika 아이카 미레 as Michiko 미찌코 (Hana’s mother, 40)다카스기 코오 as Iwa 이와 (40)Lee Jung Kil as Bo Seu 보 스 (50)Sung Sun Im as Mika 미카 (Hana’s friend, 18-20) […]

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