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Lee Yoo Ri

Name: 이유리 / Lee Yoo Ri
Date of Birth: 1980-Jan-28
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Profession: Actress
Star sign: Aquarius
Family: One older brother and two older sisters
Education: Gyewon Art College
Religion: Christianity (used to be Buddhist, but converted to Christianity in 2002)
Talent agency: Pan Entertainment

TV Series

The Witch Is Alive (CSTV, 2022)
Lies of Lies (Channel A, 2020)
Spring Turns to Spring (MBC, 2019)
Hide and Seek (MBC, 2018)
Strongest Deliveryman (KBS2, 2017)
Perfect Wife (KBS2, 2017)
Father is Strange (KBS2, 2017)
Pinocchio’s Nose (KBS2, 2016)
Another Miss Oh (tvN, 2016)
Heaven’s Promise (KBS2, 2016)
Super Daddy Yeol (tvN, 2015)
Come! Jang Bo Ri (MBC, 2014)
Your Woman (SBS, 2013)
Blue Tower (tvN, 2013)
Yellow Boots (tvN, 2012)
My Daughter The Flower (SBS, 2011)
Sparkling (MBC, 2011)
Daring Women (SBS, 2010)
I Love You, Don’t Cry (MBC, 2008)
Mom Has Grown Horns (KBS2, 2008)
Love and Ambition (SBS, 2006)
Young Jae Golden Days (MBC, 2005)
Precious Family (KBS2, 2004)
Argon (MBC, 2003)
Wife (KBS2, 2003)
Yellow Handkerchief (KBS1, 2003)
Loving You (KBS2, 2002)
This is Love (KBS, 2001)
The Lost Empire (KBS2, 2001)
School 4 (KBS2, 2001)


Love Song (2007)
The Customer Is Always Right (2006)
Bunshinsaba (2004)


2018 MBC Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actress (Weekend Drama): Lee Yoo Ri (Hide and Seek)
2017 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Ryu Soo Young and Lee Yoo Ri (Father is Strange)
2017 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress – Lee Yoo Ri (Father is Strange)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Daily Series) – Lee Yoo Ri (Heaven’s Promise)
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Producers’ Choice Actor of the Year (chosen by PDs from KBS, MBC, and SBS): Lee Yoo Ri (Come! Jang Bo Ri)
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Daesang: Lee Yoo Ri (Come! Jang Bo Ri)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award (Serial Drama), Actress (Sparkling)
2011 Korea Drama Festival Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Sparkling)

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Lee Yoo Ri 22


  1. 1 : Cara Says:

    You did well as the villain in “Loving You”.

  2. 2 : gary s.g. Says:

    holiss:excelente,una muy buena actriz q cautiva con su belleza.
    ♠♠♠♠♠es super linda.

  3. 3 : losess Says:

    excelente actriz,y una belleza que no se explica.
    te quiero mucho y te admiro mucho tambien.
    aunq no la conozca se nota de q es una excelente persona,muy linda por lo demas.

    tu admirador de chile(calama).
    —————–>la mejor—————————————->lejos.
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ te quiero mucho.

    LEE YO RI:la mejor——————>lejos,♥….

  4. 4 : betty Says:

    excelente actriz.

    de hecho la mejor.

    ademas es super linda,yo la admiro muchisimo.

  5. 5 : Baby Rabbit Says:

    Dear Lee Seung-yun ,

    Hi! I am very nice to you. I forget to pay my mail you . You are pretty and attractive lady. Welcome to come from Myanmar. I invited to you. You have free time or vacation come to Myanmar . Please reply me this mail you read as soon as. Please sent me your beautiful one photo. Looking forwards his sent mail. My mail address as follows…………[email protected] This mail you received as soon as possible reply me. Your photo to pay me, I thanks you.
    Ok see you later. Let me stop my letter. Please reply me…………….

    Thanks, Best Regards,

  6. 6 : donna Says:

    Yellow Handkerchief.. i i like this series…

  7. 7 : Eugene Vu Says:

    She looks so cute in ” I love you don’t cry” I love to see her with Lee Sang Yoon as Jang Hyun Woo in that drama. Unfortunately, they got the divorce at the end. How sad!

  8. 8 : kyaw swar win Says:

    hi……how are you? can i friend with you?

  9. 9 : kyaw swar win Says:

    HI…………………… How are you?Can i friend with you?

  10. 10 : jo Says:

    I love your acting…Sweet and Superb indeed!
    I watched your Loving you,”I love you, Don’t cry” drama seem’s like the drama of my lovelife too.I was carried away for all of your great performances.
    I’m also watching your ongoing Daring Women.
    Hope you’ll have more projects to come..GOD BLESS.

  11. 11 : David Maloney Says:

    I loved “Daring Woman”, you warmed my heart with your acting, you come across in such a loving and warm manner…I look forward to seeing more of your work

  12. 12 : christine Says:

    i find her very pretty in i love u don’t cry

  13. 13 : Rosemarie Says:

    Can you tell me what web site I can go to to watch episodes of Daring Women. I need to get caught up. I am in Hawaii.

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  16. 16 : vincent Says:

    advance happy birthday!

  17. 17 : KDaddict Says:

    Miss Lee Yoo Ri:
    We all love to hate Geum Ran in Twinkle Twinkle (also called Shining or All that Glitters). Her expressions in this series are beginning to show her dark side, around ep 20.
    With a movement of the mouth, eyes, or cheeks you make us hate her, despise her. It is a thankless job playing a bad person in a show, especially the enemy of the leading character, whom everyone loves. I just want to thank you for doing such a good job. You make the show so much better. Fighting!

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  20. 20 : Happy Says:

    she’s so beautiful
    i love her eyes

  21. 21 : iammee Says:

    her looks seems to be different now. did she get her face done?

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    […] Yeon Hwa (Lee Yoo Ri) is a nice girl who her life is turned down by her stepsister because being framed as a murderer. […]

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  25. 25 : de crystal Says:

    u r amazing… i like ur style…good all ur act

  26. 26 : Yellow Boots | LoveDrama's Says:

    […] Yeon Hwa (Lee Yoo Ri) is a nice girl who her life is turned down by her stepsister because being framed as a murderer. […]

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    […] Hyun Joo as Han Jung Won Lee Yoo Ri as Hwang Geum Ran Kim Suk Hoon as Song Seung Joon Kang Dong Ho as Kang Dae […]

  29. 29 : Mety Says:

    incredibly sweet, you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
    met.hor7 at gmx .ch

  30. 30 : Mety Says:

    So süß! Du bist das schönste was ich je gesehen habe!!!

  31. 31 : dorie Says:

    To me, Lee Yoo Ri is the best actress. I have watched so many K dramas
    from historical to romance, family dramas, all sorts….but I find her so captivating. She’s on top of my list, together with Lee Bo Yang.

  32. 32 : sangjhoon Says:

    after watching i love you dont cry drama i’m now one of her fans n can’t wait to see more of her! i started watching yellow boots to see how good this drama i heard about! fighting!

  33. 33 : sangjhoon Says:

    i just finished watching you in yellow boots & i just loved this drama! you’re good as yeon hwa! i hope to see you in your new drama Your Woman soon – all da best to your career!

  34. 34 : dorie Says:

    Lee Yoo Ri, hope to see you again with Lee Sang Yoon. This time, he should be the lead actor. You have have such good chemistry. Love you both. With the many many K dramas I’ve watched, your dramas no matter how long they are, I watch them all. You are such a brilliant actress. God bless you Lee Yoo Ri. I want to meet you one day.

  35. 35 : dorie Says:

    I love Lee Yo Ri. She is so good. Kudos, thumbs up in this Yellow Boots Drama. You are the best. I’ve watched so many KD dramas already, but you’ve got the whole package, beauty, talent and personality. Good job.

  36. 36 : donna Says:

    Who is she marry too and if she has any children ? Has personality that comes across the screen, talent , beauty without a doubt the woman who is laying her rival is no beauty and not so talented ?

  37. 37 : pudziah Says:

    Lee yoo ri is so talented n she is very pretty. She has acted so well in “your lady” koreaaan drama. She is someone with such a beautiful heart. We want to see her acting more “kang jung hoon” as in your lady. They are both just perfect to act together. They hv such fantastic chemistry. I love to see and watch both of them.

  38. 38 : linn linn Says:

    really nice and artistic in all your art.

  39. 39 : zakari Says:

    excellent acting…. you deserve to be praise

  40. 40 : wilmalyn Says:

    Good actress indeed especially in come back jang bori….her character there is exceptional very effective a new attack for villain characters….well deserve for praise for acting awards…well done aja aja fighting lee yori♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥winner

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    […] Na Yeon (Lee Yoo Ri) adalah seorang wanita yang ceria. Dia mendukung pacarnya Kang Tae Joon (Suh Joon Young), yang […]

  43. 43 : Jemiah Pabito Says:


  44. 44 : Ibamelada Majaw Says:

    Lee yu ri i love to watch your drama . I like very much your acting .I would love you to act more coming drama with main role .You are very beautiful.I am your fan.

  45. 45 : Ibamelada Majaw Says:

    I would love you to act more coming drama with main role .You are very beautiful.I am your great fan.

  46. 46 : Gislena Says:

    Obrigado para aqueles postagem maravilhosa!

    Eu realmente gostava de ler, és um grande autor. Vou Lembre-se de marcar seu blog e
    será eventualmente voltar um dia. Quero encorajar que definitivamente continuar sua grande trabalhar, tenha
    um bom manhã!

  47. 47 : Sujie Says:

    I’m a new fan of lee yoo ri.. she nailed every characters in her drama… i can’t believe i never notice her when I’m a kdrama lover.. She’s so amazing… i love her natural characters.. it’s like, she’s really herself in every drama she’s in… I love her so much😭😭 keep moving forward… I’m looking forward for more of her dramas and reality shows she’s in.. don’t stop 😁

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