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Name: 믹키유천(秘奇有天) / Micky Yoochun
Real name: 박유천 / Park Yoo Chun
Profession: Singer and actor
Birthdate: 1986-Jun-04
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 182cm
Weight: 64kg
Star sign: Gemini
Blood type: O
Family: Younger brother Ricky Park (Park Yoo Hwan)
KPOP group: Current member of JYJ, former member of TVXQ
Official debut: 031226 BoA and Britney Spears Showcase (TVXQ)

Days To Complete His Military Service


Date Join: 2015-August-27
Date Completed: 2017-August-26

TV Shows

The Girl Who Can See Smells (SBS, 2015)
3 Days (SBS, 2014)
Missing You @ I Miss You (MBC, 2012)
Rooftop Prince (SBS, 2012)
Miss Ripley (MBC, 2011)
Sungkyunkwan Scandal (KBS2, 2010)
Vacation (2006)
Rainbow Romance (MBC, 2005)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005)


Dating On Earth Park (2010)
Sea Fog (2014)

TV Show Theme Songs

Solo singing career – 너를 위한 빈자리 / The Empty Space for You, Miss Ripley (2011, 9th episode)
JYJ – Chajatda (찾았다) Found, Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)
TVXQ – Cheon Nyeon Yeon Ga (천년연가) Thousand Year Love Song, The Legend (2007)
TVXQ – Harudal (하루달) Day Moon, Air City (2007)
TVXQ – All In Vain, Air City (2007)
TVXQ – Remember, Goong S (2007)
TVXQ – Geurigo (그리고…) Holding Back the Tears, Vacation (2006)


2015 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards – Yoochun (The Girl Who Sees Smells)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Mini Series) – Yoochun (The Girl Who Sees Smells)
2015 51st Baeksang Arts Awards: New Actor (Sea Fog)
2015 Max Movie Best Film Awards: Best Newcomer Award (Seafog)
2015 6th KOFRA Film Awards: Best New Actor (Seafog)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Top 10 Stars: Park Yoo Chun (Three Days)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actor (Mini Series): Park Yoo Chun (Three Days)
2014 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actor (Seafog)
2014 Supertalent of the World Season 5 – Star Night: Popular Star Award
2014 4th Shin Young Kyun Art & Culture Foundation [SACF]: Newcomer Award (Seafog)
2014 15th Busan Film Critics Association Awards: Best New Male Actor (Sea Fog)
2014 51st Daejong Film Awards: Best New Actor (Sea Fog)
2014 34th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards: Best New Actor (sea fog)
2013 49th Baeksang Arts Awards: Most Popular Actor (I Miss You)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Awards (Drama Special), Park Yoo Chun (Rooftop Prince)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Viewer Popularity Actor Awards, Park Yoo Chun (Rooftop Prince)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards, Park Yoo Chun & Han Ji Min (Rooftop Prince)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards, Park Yoo Chun (Rooftop Prince)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actor Award (Mini Series): Park Yoo Chun (I Miss You)
2012 7th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Actor (Rooftop Prince)
2012 7th Seoul International Drama Awards: People’s Choice Award (Rooftop Prince)
2012 48th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award, Actor: Park Yoochun (Miss Ripley)
2011 6th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Actor (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2011 6th Seoul International Drama Awards: People’s Choice Award (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Newcomers Awards (Mini Series), Best New Actor (Miss Ripley)
2011 47th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2011 47th Baeksang Arts Awards: New Actor (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Newcomer Actor Award (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Netizens’ Award (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Park Min Young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)



Park Yoo Chun & Park Yoo Hwan’s father passed away on 14/March/2012 while they are filming for Rooftop Prince (SBS) & The Strongest K-POP Survival (Channel A) which will be airing on 21/March/2012 & 19/March/2012. (Funeral)

Related Photo

(if you have any Micky Yoochun pics want to share with other fans, please write down the link of the photo inside your comments, Thanks)

Micky Yoochun 107 Micky Yoochun 108 Micky Yoochun 109 Micky Yoochun 110 Micky Yoochun 111 Micky Yoochun 112 Micky Yoochun 113 Micky Yoochun 114 Micky Yoochun 115 Micky Yoochun 116 Micky Yoochun 117 Micky Yoochun 118 Micky Yoochun 119 Micky Yoochun 120 Micky Yoochun 121 Micky Yoochun 122 Micky Yoochun 123

575 Responses to “Micky Yoochun @ Park Yoo Chun”

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  1. 201
    JIAHARA Says:

    hahaha!! you can really tell how popular he is!! DBSK FOREVER!! compare the amount of pictures he has with other actors!! damn!! his page’s so long!! I bet JAEJOONG’s page will be long as well!! let’s see

  2. 202
    macky Says:

    hi… Hope everything is doing fine. By the way, I’m a filipina, your fan from Philippines…and always will be.

    Just finished watching the entire drama of rooftop prince. I enjoyed it very much, until I haven’t notice the time that its already 3am, but its really worth to take my time in watching this drama. Guess what? You really played the role well. I like it very much, the flow of the story is unique. It made me cried a lot, smile a lot ( though it’s been a while since I forgot to smile because i’m also in pain). The fact is, this drama really touches everyone’s heart especially me, because I can relate on the story, how painful life is when someone left you (not even an explanation, not even a single word). But that’s life everything has its own purpose and its own reason.

    Thank you for having such a nice drama, the rooftop prince, It helps me and inspires me to realize how important life is… You really fitted and suited for your role. Congrats, you did it well.

    Goodluck to your career… good health.

    ur fan forever,


  3. 203
    macky Says:

    Obviously, you’re so handsome, a good looking guy, with a cute smile… You have a unique charm, that you can easily capture the heart of the viewers. In rooftop prince, you’re amazing, you looked naturally, yet you really played your role well. And you deserved to be admired by all…

    Do watch Rooftop prince, I’m proud to say that it is a nice drama ever… it makes you realize how important life is, there’s so much to be done in life, new horizons awaits… that’s the beauty of life…LOVE.

  4. 204
    Von Says:

    Hi, I am from the US and that drama really makes you fill your soul is been toughed for love, you are a prince.

  5. 205
    DJ DIANA Says:

    NOMU, , NOMU, , NOMU, , SARANGHAEYO.. .. ^_^ I want to talk you mickey, but i dont know to tell you, if i can..
    I really happy. . .

  6. 206
    macky Says:

    I’ll be your #1 fan here in our country, though i’m far but still I’ll be supporting you as always, simply because I do believe in you. Listening to micky/JYJ music is included in my daily routine.

    As days passed, you’ll be even more and more popular. Your acting was great in rooftop prince. But you know what, if ever you’re not the one who played the leading actor in that drama, I don’t think it can easily capture the viewers heart. You know why?, because there’s something within you, you have a different aura, a unique charm that makes the viewers to like you more.

    hope there would be a rooftop prince 2 and still it should be you and han ji min.

    wish to see more of your dramas and albums…

    more success and more blessings…

  7. 207
    kati Says:

    you are so much talent in act & sign

  8. 208
    lailaiwaihlaing Says:

    oppa , fighting

  9. 209
    rory Says:

    yoochun..Looking forward for ur new piece..
    because I’m totally fall in love on ur acting skill..
    the way u laugh, talk, walk, scream n cry is so pure..
    Good luck on ur singing n acting..
    Micky yoochun fighting !!!

  10. 210
    taraLuvJJ Says:

    yoochun, please accept the offer of I Miss You,, cuz want to see you again in drama,, if son ye jin refused this offer maybe kim so eun can be your leadng lady,, i wish ^^

  11. 211
    Venice Christiana Lelis Says:

    i love you yoouchun! marry me please!

  12. 212
    rory Says:

    yoochunnie…good luck on your fanmeeting tomorrow..
    I wish I can join your fm but it’s too far from my country…
    pls come to Malaysia too..
    I hope your next drama also daebak as RTP..
    Micky Yoochun Fighting!!!

  13. 213
    phoo wai khine Says:

    i like the movie of roof top prince because it is different from the other movies.that movie made me smile a lot and cried.i like your acting and hairstyle.i will always be your audience.:-)

  14. 214
    haku Says:

    handsome.. love

  15. 215
    rory Says:

    chunnie, congrats on ur winning for the most popular actor in SIDA…for me u’re not only popular but also a very multitalented artist..wishing u all the best on ur career..MICKY YOOCHUNG FIGHTING!!!

  16. 216
    SShie Says:

    Hi Micky and Han Ji Min!!

    Annyeong hase yo!! ^^

    I love your new drama “Rooftop Prince” and guess what? I’ve watched it 3x all over again and again. I am addicted to your love team and the whole story is awesome, good work to both of you and the whole cast. 2 thumbs Up!!! V^^V
    Hope you will have another drama w/Han Ji Min again soon!!! Looking forward, from one of your fans from Philippines –


  17. 217
    sksi Says:

    you’re so so ….handsome. i admred your smile, your acting and ….

  18. 218
    rory Says:

    Admin, I would to share this great photos of Micky Yoochun..
    Hope u will like it because for me it was too gorgeous!






    And I hope u can update the awards that Micky just got a week ago in SDA..Thanx admin^^

  19. 219
    htatmyatcho Says:

    I am micky fan forever!

  20. 220
    Dede Says:

    Why is yoochun called Micky on this site, but nowhere else.

  21. 221
    tyarachunnie Says:

    luv u yoochun oppa….^^ u are so handsome and ur smile so cute…u are so talented in acting and singing etc..luv u…[ sorry ..my english is so bad ]

  22. 222
    rory Says:

    Yoochunnie, really can’t wait ur new drama..Wishing u all the best to portray that detective character..I believe in you Park Yoochun!!!

  23. 223
    janine Says:

    Yoochun i think i like u.
    Godbless and Gudluck.
    I wish in our next life, we can be together as one.
    I had seen ur movies, i cant help myself to not fall inlove
    with your characters that you played so good that makes my
    heart beat jump. its sad that i cant make u mine. somehow, someday
    And maybe just maybe God may be kind enough to hear the cries of my lowly
    and selfish heart

  24. 224
    janine Says:

    Sarang hae, ilove you, mahal kita, Ke amore, Ti amo, Te dua, Te amo, Iwove you, Volim te, Palangga ko ikaw, mahak kita Yoochun and i wish for your good health, long and duccesful carrer and happy love smile always

  25. 225
    rory Says:

    chunnie, because of ur amazing acting skill i’ve become a JYJ fan and I even search everything about ur former group TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki…I’m really surprise that u are actually an amazing singer, rapper and u can composed songs too..U are very talented for having many skills and I really love ur style, so down to earth, have sense of humor, that’s good then..U have amazed me PARK YOOCHUN..Saranghaeyo..Wishing u all the best in ur life, family and career..Hope u can get more awards end of this year..
    Anyway, good luck on ur next drama “I MISS YOU”..

  26. 226
    macky Says:

    … like u so much…

  27. 227
    overdosesexiangel Says:

    Love Micky!!!!!!!

  28. 228
    overdosesexiangel Says:

    Rooftop Prince! I like the best of one. I like you a lot. love Mickyyyyyyyyyy

  29. 229
    sandy Says:


  30. 230
    everyblue Says:

    Micky! up coming drama “Missing you” can’t wait see it.

  31. 231
    botrey yoochun Says:

    that so cute yoochun

  32. 232
    precious_macky Says:

    hey… what’s up? hope to see more dramas …

  33. 233
    [KBS 2010] Sungkyunkwan Scandal Completed | Says:

    […] network: KBS2 Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-30 to 2010-Nov-2 Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55 Micky Yoochun as Lee Sun Joon Park Min Young as Kim Yoon Hee – Bang Joon Seo as young Yoon Hee Song Joong […]

  34. 234
    miricia Says:

    For TV Show Theme Song, admins should add ms.ripley ost called “empty place for you” he sang the song

  35. 235
    October 23,2012 YUCHUN FIRST DRAMA [ Sungkyunkwan Scandal] « PaRK YooCHUN SGFC Says:

    […] Micky Yuchun as Lee Sun Joon Park Min Young as Kim Yoon Hee – Bang Joon Seo as young Yoon Hee Song Joong Ki as Goo Yong Ha Yoo Ah In as Moon Jae Shin Seo Hyo Rim as Ha Hyo Eun Kim Min Seo as Cho Sun Jun Tae Soo as Ha In Soo Kang Sung Pil as Im Byung Choon Kim Dong Yoon as Seol Go Bong Chae Byung Chan as Kang Moo Ahn Nae Sang as Jung Yak Yong Park Geun Soo as Yoo Chang Ik Kim Ha Kyoon as Choi Shin Mook Kim Young Bae as Go Jang Bok Im Young Pil as Ham Choon Ho Kim Jung Kyoon as Ahn Do Hyun Jang Se Hyun as Kim Woo Tak Hwang Chan Woo as Bae Hae Won Joo Ah Sung as Nam Myung Shik Lee In as Park Dal Jae Jo Sung Ha as King Jeongjo Kim Gab Soo as Left State Minister Lee Jung Moo Lee Jae Yong as Ha Woo Kyu (Minister of War) Choi Dong Joon as Moon Geun Soo (Minister of Justice) Kim Ik Tae as Prime Minister Chae Je Gong Kim Mi Kyung as Ms. Jo (Yoon Hee’s mother) Han Yun as Kim Yoon Shik (Yoon Hee’s brother) Park Dong Bin as the Minister of War’s steward Kim Kwang Gyu as Hwang Ga Ryu Dam as Soon Dol Sung Hyun Joo as Beo Deul Im Yoon Jung as Aeng Aeng Jung Hye Mi as Seom Seom Lee Min Ho as Bok Soo (petty thief) Kim Dan Yool as Bok Dong (page boy) Park Chul Min as Hanseongbu official Yoon Hyung Goo Lee Dal Hyung as Goo Yong Ha’s father Lee Won Jong as shaman Bak Soo (cameo, ep8) Oh Na Mi as Hyo Eun’s friend (cameo, ep10) Seol Ji Yoon as retired gisaeng (cameo) […]

  36. 236
    fahrani Says:

    live him,he’s cute and he gonna have a drama qith yoon eun hye,love to watch his act in new drama

  37. 237
    Upcoming Dramas | Hold the Aegyo Says:

    […] Jung Woo (Park Yoochun) has been a homicide detective for 2 years and he is looking for his childhood love. Lee So Yeon […]

  38. 238
    OK OK OK Says:



    You are a very charming guy. U are also a very good actor 🙂

  39. 239
    everyblue Says:

    Micky! U r so cute. i love u so much. we are always support & always love you!!!!!

  40. 240
    Mickyninne Says:

    Micky Yoochun! he has a lovely long eye lashes that is why I feel envy..:D

  41. 241
    areis Says:

    I fell inlove with this guy after watching the first five episodes of “rooftop prince”! he’s just soo awesome, soo cool and so funny there! this man is a very versatile actor. watch miss ripley to find out guys!

  42. 242
    Vivi Says:

    im falling in love with Park Yoochun after watching Rooftop Prince, like your character, handsome, kind, wise..hohoho, cant wait for your next drama ” Missing You”..

  43. 243
    DeDee Says:

    Love Yoochun … cute boy…♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  44. 244
    chia Says:


  45. 245
    [MBC 2012] I Miss You | Says:

    […] Jung Woo (Park Yoochun) has been a homicide detective for 2 years and he is looking for his childhood love. Lee So Yeon […]

  46. 246
    loveangel Says:

    Chunnie! ❤

  47. 247
    Jezebelle Says:

    Missing you Micky!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 248
    survivor Says:

    Cute Baby!!!!!

  49. 249
    laluna Says:

    Missing you.. Micky Yoochun & Yoon En Hey nice couple..Missing you.. Micky Yoochun & Yoon En Hey nice couple..Missing you.. Micky Yoochun & Yoon En Hey nice couple..Missing you.. Micky Yoochun & Yoon En Hey nice couple..

  50. 250
    pinklady Says:

    Cheo Ha!!!!! Love much!!!!

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