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Moon Chae Won 02

Name: 문채원 / Moon Chae Won (Mun Chae Won)
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1986-Nov-13
Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea
Height: 168cm
Weight: 46kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: B
Family: Older brother
Education: Chugye University for the Arts (Western Painting degree)
Talent agency: Barunson Entertainment

TV Series

Criminal Minds (tvN, 2017)
Goodbye Mr. Black (MBC, 2016)
Good Doctor (KBS2, 2013)
Innocent Man (KBS2, 2012)
The Princess’ Man (KBS2, 2011)
It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl (SBS, 2010)
Road Number One (MBC, 2010, cameo)
Take Care of the Young Lady (KBS2, 2009)
Shining Inheritance (SBS, 2009)
The Painter of the Wind (SBS, 2008)
Mackerel Run (SBS, 2007)


The Mood That Day (2015)
Love Forecast (2015)
Beautiful 2014 (2014)
War of the Arrows (2011)
Our School E.T (2008)



  • 2013 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple – Joo Won & Moon Chae Won (Good Doctor)
  • 2013 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Actress – Moon Chae Won (Good Doctor)
  • 2013 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Medium Series): Moon Chae Won (Good Doctor)
  • 2012

  • 2012 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress Awards, Moon Chae Won (Innocent Man)
  • 2012 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Awards, Moon Chae Won (Innocent Man)
  • 2012 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards, Song Joong Ki & Moon Chae Won (Innocent Man)
  • 2011

  • 2011 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Awards, Best Actress (The Princess’ Man)
  • 2011 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (The Princess’ Man)
  • 2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards with Park Si Hoo (The Princess’ Man)
  • 19th Republic of Korea Cultural Entertainment Art Awards – Outstanding Actress Actress (War of the Arrows)
  • 19th Republic of Korea Cultural Entertainment Art Awards – Best Actress (The Princess’ Man)
  • 27th Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards – Best Dresser TV Actress (The Princess’ Man)
  • 3rd Asian Jewelry Awards: Diamond for Actress Category
  • 9th Korea Lifestyle Awards by Dong-A TV: Best Dressed Female Artist
  • 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actress Award (War of the Arrows)
  • 48th Daejong Film Awards: Best New Actress Award (War of the Arrows)
  • 2010

  • Seoul Drama Awards (Polls): Best Actress in Asia (Brilliant Legacy)
  • 2008

  • SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Moon Geun Young (The Painter of the Wind)
  • SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (The Painter of the Wind)
  • 16th Korean Cultural and Performing Art Awards – Best New Star (The Painter of the Wind)
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    224 Responses to “Moon Chae Won”

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    1. 101
      cho cho Says:

      I like moon chae won and her perform.Moon is very beauty and the princess man drama in park Si ho is couplet. I hope Moon has many successful in work. HAPPY Moon Chae Won

    2. 102
      Shoeshe / wonhoo Says:

      hi mdnora are you still here?…..
      oh my god i don’t know what to do right now,i’m really mad.i tryng to make my temper calm down but i just can’ t stand it.how can they write a stuppid comment for our chaewon in(psh….u) thread.they saying a bad words just because mcw don’t want to added syuting another two episode in tpm and she only say she would commite suicide by bitting off her tongue bcoz it was too hard.i think she just right can we as human not sleeping for three day and night and syuting nonstop without any rest.the worst thing that’s makes me hurt is word” her success is going to her head”,””did she think she’s really princess?”.i just want to answer in their face” YES SHE IS A REAL FRINCESS”.
      Psh ever say thos word in stardate tpm interview but in a good way and make me smile.but for this one tsk tsk tsk…..
      for me mcw not only care for herselft.but she also worried about psh condition too.bcoz the director say that psh went three day and night without sleep so mcw know what she’s doing for her another half.they have to know without mcw great acting maybe tpm not as success as now.and about the chemistry between them,of course it’s not only psh who can made every love scene come out beautifully even psh saying that mcw beauty is the reason his great acting in tpm. i just want to hear a news that wonhoo alraedy dating as soon as possible so they have to accept mcw as a girlfriend of their beloved actor no matter what…..
      ah…i’m fell good now after i bring allthing out from my mind
      to mcw and woonhoo family thread in soompi,don’t get made just like me ok! i know very clear,that you all have a big heart and love peace not just like thos people who make dirty comment. to all wonhoo and mcw fans i love you all from deef my heart and for the antis just go to the sea and enjoy a salt water while you swimming but be carefull from a hungry shark hehehe…..

    3. 103
      Shoeshemoonie / wonhoo Says:

      hi mdnora where are you?i need your help,please tell me how to write my post in mcw thread and wonhoo thread,i’m just success register to soompi but i don’t know how to put my writing…mdnora do you now view minute ago i’m just reading new post from miracle in mcw thread,and i can’t stop my tear,as mcw fans i know how her feeling after reading that cruel comment from psh fans,my heart is really hurt,i know very clear that mcw is suffering too that time for filming tpm bcoz of sleeping less and her hard work for bringing a beautiful drama to us. she deserve all that’s awards.her success is not bcoz of him.before mcw join tpm,she already get many award so just shout up for her antis….

    4. 104
      mdnora Says:

      Hi shoeshe / wonhoo,
      I m soo proud of u posting in MCW welcome back.
      I do apologise for not being here earlier.

    5. 105
      Shoeshemoonie / wonhoo Says:

      hahaha….no problem friend
      now i finally join you in soompi.i try to posting everyday in both mcw and wonhoo thread.so see you in there.hope to see your posting often.

    6. 106
      cleo Says:

      First of all, they couldn’t compare the strength of female and male.

      Secondly, the biting tongue thing is just an expression! not a threat and people should not take it out of the context.
      Enough said!

      People with clear mindset will know the difference and attacking others out of no where with poor/weak arguments is just.. o.O. 🙂

    7. 107
      wonhoo Says:

      @cleo :yes you right friend im agree with you 10000000 %

    8. 108
      mdnora Says:

      Hi wonhoo and cleo,
      You both are right. MCW is such a sweetheart. She likes to joke around. And it was not her who could not extend. SY had a movie to make. Was SR protectin SY again?

    9. 109
      wonhoo Says:

      Yeah your right mdnora.but why his fans can’t see that fact.maybe they too blinded by a jealousy. from all his co- star,only chaewon that they dislike.do you know why?it’s bcoz sihoo often praising chaewon morethan to the other his co-s before but it’s not her fault.she’s too beautiful to be ignored by her romeo

    10. 110
      Chai Says:

      I would be so happy if they extended the drama. However, its well done whether he is blind or not. I love every epi od this drama. It’s so touching

    11. 111
      The Princess’ Man « Saranghae All korean Says:

      […] : Moon Chae Won as Lee Se Ryung Park Shi Hoo as Kim Seung Yoo Song Jong Ho as Shin Myun Hong Soo Hyun as Princess […]

    12. 112
      banTai Says:

      hi guys…i got something interest comment
      This is the cuting comment from one of the biggest korean drama forum..
      And how interesting to see METS popularity lately..

      Actually dont you think KSH acting is better than LMH from BOF?!…from my opinion,KSH can replace LMH in BOF,but LMH can’t be LH in METS..LH does’nt exist without KSH..that from what actually i feel..and the other one..,you want to see KSH and HHJ in another sageuk..,and i think that was interesting couple..,but for me.,along this 2 or 3 years , the most Outstanding performance actor and actress in korean industry right now is Kim Soo Hyun and Moon Chae Won..So,there is no doubt i actually have a dream to see this couple next !!! i also love them. Truthfully.,I want another ‘Sorry,I love You’ soon..and i got laugh coincidentally because KSH and MCW also was the best and powerful actors if talk about emotion acting.It’s not that i want another MISA.,but i mean i want
      to watch another ‘cruel,hard,tearsjerking and pain love story drama’ just like MISA..We already got how skillful KSH and MCW acting.,their tears.,crying.,&
      facial expression.,was superb damn good!! they also act perfectly with their great ‘eyes movement and voice’..In fact.,i never seen such actor or actress that
      have this complete abilities..they can make viewers cry with them just by even one of that ability..SO.,how happily will it be if LKH will make a drama to be lead
      by KSH and MCW..it will be dream come true if can watch naturality,powerful,outstanding,and emotional acting from this combo..isn’t it?????

      i think this KSH, MCW and LKH is the perfect combo..hahaha
      how nicely if this is a reality fact!!

    13. 113
      lotusinmud Says:

      MCW i love you…you’re so stunning & gorgeous.
      great actress!! good luck & may god bless you!!

    14. 114
      Urnchai Says:

      Please pick nice guy

    15. 115
      SeRyungFans Says:

      Loveeeeeeee moon Chae won!!!!! She’s beautifull!!! 🙂

    16. 116
      Rose Says:

      i hope june and july will pass quickyl so that i can see moon chae won’s face in new drama. everybody knows how crazy i amfor this actress. i’ve been pictured song joon ki and moon chae won together where he’s pleasing her not to go hahahah, where moon chae won’s tears are always flowing and song joon ki’s heart is always hurt for torture the woman he never knew that he will die for her any minute. hope it will be like this.

    17. 117
      Lorem Says:

      Who is saying bad things about Chae Won? Let me at them!

    18. 118
      Sinopsis The Princess’ Man | yanatamath Says:

      […] Utama Moon Chae Won as Lee Se Ryung Park Shi Hoo as Kim Seung Yoo Song Jong Ho as Shin Myun Hong Soo Hyun as […]

    19. 119
      asiandaddict Says:

      September is approaching near and I can’t wait to see Moon Chae Won with Song Joong Ki together in a drama….

    20. 120
      maureen Says:

      moon chae won is a wonderful person,love and admire you alot

    21. 121
      marcel theris quiambao Says:

      moon chae won is so beautiful!1 i like her!!

    22. 122
      [KBS 2012] Innocent Man RAW E1 | Says:

      […] Cast Song Joong Ki as Kang Ma Roo – Kang Chan Hee as Kang Ma Roo (Young) Moon Chae Won as Seo Eun Gi Park Si Yeon as Han Jae Hee – Park So Young as Han Jae Hee (Young) E1 Torrent […]

    23. 123
      nadhira Says:

      moon chae won is one of the best korean actress ever <3 always beautiful ^^

    24. 124
      irene Says:

      i like your work. Look forward to see your work on and on.

    25. 125
      yoyo Says:

      i love u moon chae won

    26. 126
      yoyo Says:

      u are amazing

    27. 127
      areis Says:

      korea’s best actress for me! watched almost all of her shows. (mackerel run, shining inheritance, its okay daddy’s girl, the princess’ man, nice guy) she truly is amazing! i could be her number one fan outside korea! im a filipina and this would be my first time to praise and appreciate such a talented, versatile and beautiful young actress. mansei chae won! 🙂

    28. 128
      Malin Says:

      Am your fan from Cambodia I really love your performance so much.
      If I have a chance I want to take photo with you.
      Sarang he yo Seo Eun Gi…………..!

    29. 129
      wdr Says:

      u r so beautiful n good at acting

    30. 130
      Bill Says:

      I have watched her in the inocent man, she is soooo lovely.
      & it’s a great role. i am a fan for ever. i am an American &
      hooked on Korean Dramas, even with the sub titles. good
      fortune keep up the great work

    31. 131
      jaysi Says:

      i watched take care of the young lady and moon chae won is great in her acting in that k darama

    32. 132
      Malin Says:

      Tomorrow is your birthday yeah. Happy Birthday Moon I wish you success for everything you want . I miss you…..

    33. 133
      asiandaddict Says:

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest Moon Chae Won!!! I’ve never been so much hooked in any celebrity in my entire life more than what I am today for you!!!. I wish you all the success and stay as good as you are today!!!

    34. 134
      haibara Says:

      Happy Birthday Moon Chae Won.. the first girl crush. I adore ur acting talent in Innocent Man, Princess Man, and Shining inheritance. kepp up the good work.. Hope the best for your life, career, and be healthy..^^

    35. 135
      Ging Says:

      Happy Birthday Moon Chae Won, I wish you the best and more projects to come. Innocent Man is an exemplary production, and you really shine. Your team up with Song Joong Ki is exquisite, I hope you guys will get a chance to work together again, you looked lovely together as a couple. I’m looking forward to see you in another production again.

    36. 136
      amy Says:

      MCW is the best actress.

    37. 137
      papayaga Says:

      i love her

    38. 138
      noic Says:

      Moon chae won, please visit the philippines! =)

    39. 139
      lisida3 Says:

      i love you Chae Woon ah!!! love you acting
      in Innocent man, you are my favorite actress so far!!!
      keep the good work <3

    40. 140
      ryna ca'emmm Says:

      onni geulisssssssssssssssszzzzzzzzz

    41. 141
      wintwar Says:

      I love you Eun Gi ! Iam your big fan from Myanmar….

    42. 142
      rocelie jane carpio Says:

      i loveyou so much..as i watched your korean drama the princess’man,i am very touched aout you role.. i love your love team with park shi hoo. i hpe that you could make a movie with him again.. and please visit phippines with.. saranghe

    43. 143
      KDrama: The Innocent Man « gemaholic Says:

      […] he sets off to take revenge on her with the help of his best friend. He approaches Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won), the daughter of the chaebol group executive in order to execute his […]

    44. 144
      Putri Says:

      onnie! you’re sooooooooooo damn pretty!!! im one of your big fans!!!! i hope you and joong ki are really dating :)) kekeke~

    45. 145
      Prita Says:

      iI’m your big fan! I always love your movie and drama. Your acting was superb! That’s why your project always succeed. I LOVE U!

    46. 146
      asiandaddict Says:

      Just dropping by dearest MCW… Innocent Man hast just ended and I am waiting for your next project. Anticipating to see you again with Lee Min Ho if not Kim Soo Hyun. Wish you a happy holiday!!!

    47. 147
      KBS Drama Awards 2012 List of Winners | EnteRvrexWorld Says:

      […] Joong Ki (Innocent Man), Yoo Joon Sang (Unexpected You) Actress: Moon Chae Won (Innocent […]

    48. 148
      chin.chin Says:

      .. you deserve it all !!

    49. 149
      simply_lovekorean Says:

      my favorite korean star .. congrats .. i love you so much … !!! excited for your new show .. you did great in PRINCESS’S MAN and INNOCENT MAN … can you be my girlfriend in my dreams .. hahaha

    50. 150
      asiandaddict Says:

      Congrats dearest chae won!!! You did it again as expected!!!… Waiting to what you have for us for this year. I am really hoping that this time you will collaborate with Kim Soo Hyun. I am sure, like PSH and SJK, you will be a best couple!!!

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