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Nam Sang Mi

Nam Sang Mi 02

Name: 남상미 / Nam Sang Mi
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1984-May-03
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 163cm
Weight: 46kg
Star sign: Taurus
Blood type: A
Family: Older brother
Talent agency: Yuleum Entertainment
Education: Dongdeok Women’s University


Nam Sang Mi worked in a fast-food restaurant near Hanyang University, Seoul in the fall of 2001 before becoming an actress. She was just posting her photos in the internet and that’s where she was discovered. Her role in her movie ‘Spy Girl’ is a bit similar on her story of becoming an actress. Nam Sang Mi started appearing with small roles in movies and TV dramas and started to have commercials and advertisements. Her first debut drama is in the MBC drama, ‘Love Letter’. Her first major role in a TV series drama is in the MBC drama, ‘Sweet Spy’.

In 2008 Nam Sang Mi has featured her own font in Cyworld. The font can be used online and also for mobile phones, and has expanded in December to be used beyond Cyworld to other online services.

TV Series

Let Me Introduce Her (SBS, 2018)
Chief Kim (KBS2, 2017)
Joseon Gunman (KBS2, 2014)
Goddess of Marriage (SBS, 2013)
Like A Miracle (KBS2, 2012)
Lights and Shadows (MBC, 2011)
Life is Beautiful (SBS, 2010)
Invincible Lee Pyung Kang (KBS2, 2009)
Gourmet (SBS, 2008)
Time Between Dog and Wolf (MBC, 2007)
Bad Family (SBS, 2006)
Sweet Spy (MBC, 2005)
My Sweetheart My Darling (KBS, 2005)
Not Alone (SBS, 2004)
Escape From Unemployment (SBS, 2003)
Love Letter (MBC, 2003)


Slow Video (2014)
The Peach Tree (2012)
Living Death / Faithless Hell (2009)
Never to Lose (2005)
She’s On Duty (2005)
Dead Friend (2004)
Spy Girl (2004)
Too Beautiful To Lie (2004)


2018 SBS Drama Awards – Best Actress (Producer Awards): Nam Sang Mi (Let Me Introduce Her)
2014 KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Awards: Lee Joon Ki and Nam Sang Mi (Joseon Gunman)
2014 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actress (Medium Series): Nam Sang Mi (Joseon Gunman)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars – Nam Sang Mi (Goddess of Marriage)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Long-Length Series) – Nam Sang Mi (Goddess of Marriage)
2008 Seoul Drama Awards: Most Popular Drama Time Between Dog and Wolf
2008 Seoul Drama Awards: Most Popular Actress Time Between Dog and Wolf
2007 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Acting Award for Time Between Dog and Wolf
2006 MBC Drama Awards: New Actress Award


  1. 1 : VikkiM Says:

    You looked cute as Koala in Sweet Spy. Lucky you to have acted with handsome Dennis O.

  2. 2 : oliver Says:

    your smile is really sweet especially when it comes out with sounds. your tears is making heart painful when the death husband is mentioned in the movie. well you have good future, and just hoping u can be yourself, your truly self. God bless u!

  3. 3 : switofme'-' Says:

    hello!’-‘koala…hihi…is it very cute that used the name for called as..??i like u,in the movie i c u that u r very simple person…i like your style sis!!!!!u look so cute when u r beside wif dennis o’>>>>congrats from me to u-lee soon-nae!!!!!good work”-”

  4. 4 : kim hyo ri Says:

    Nam sang-mi..she really beautiful..haha..
    i like the way when she laughing..
    kept it up unni(older sister)
    aja-aja fighting..
    love you..

  5. 5 : teddy Says:

    heiya, sang mi
    seen u acted alongside dennis oh, seems that there’s a good chemistry between both of u. good job that u have there and keep up da good work.

  6. 6 : anyss Says:

    hi nam sang mi.

    you are sooo cute in “sweet spy” with dennis.
    i hope i can see both of you in malaysia

  7. 7 : LaEtiTiA Says:

    dear nam sang-mi,

    keep up with ur good work…u’ve such a big talent, really proud of u…something that make u cute is the way u smile and laugh…

  8. 8 : Miming Says:

    I like this drama series very much….. About the love story…. between u & Dennis Oh…. but the ending very dissapoint me….. Well, I hope and of course everybody hope…… SWEET SPY II!!!!!!! (from: Miming, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia)

  9. 9 : arwenn Says:

    i love yhis drama very much.i hope to watch u n dennis in sweet spy 2.

  10. 10 : arwenn Says:

    where can i get the soundtrack of sweet spy..the song are vry touching…plez help me to find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 11 : petit Says:

    Haiyya, instead of Chae Rim, i never like any other female actresses because i’am a female too. But Nam Sang Mi is really adorable when she plays lee soon ae. Hope to be able to see her plays good characters in future.

  12. 12 : sharmila Says:

    i wish u will continue on sweet spy2…….what will happen 2 lee soon ae….
    r u in love??

  13. 13 : azita Says:

    hi nam sang mi… i hope to see you and dennis in sweet spy 2. hope to see you in love real life too… you too so cute togehter.. good chemistry..


  14. 14 : polar bear Says:

    “KOALA”….nways u look so cute & ur smile soooo sweet!!!
    i like the way when you laughing..hehehe
    AND lastly from me… keep up the good work in future “KOALA”

  15. 15 : princessgjuquiana Says:

    Of all the Korean actresses I have watched, NAM SANG-MI so far is the best thespian of her time. “Sweet Spy” was the first series I saw her. Mind you, her acting skill is exeptional. She could easily sweep the audiences with her own expression of emotions. She has a lovable on-screen presence and superb knack in acting. She could go far in her career. The reason why I also watched “Bad Family” was because of Nam Sang-mi. Again, she has proven her acting capability. She gave justice to her role. Although, I liked more her tandem with Dennis Oh in Sweet Spy. Her partner in Bad Family was too old for her.

    Let us keep our fingers crossed that she will be paired up once again with Dennis. They sizzle on-screen and look like real sweeties.

  16. 16 : 8hundred Says:


    What a cool picture…..

  17. 17 : koala_adie_soon ae Says:

    anneyeong haseyo..hi soon ae..i really love you in sweet spy..u r very lucky to act wit agreat man..but i wonder r u really do not know to speak english..i really want to hear you say i love you with han yoo il..in sweet spy 2…is there any planning that you guys want to continue the sweet spy movie..i really hope so..and i love the way you smile and laugh and when you punch park eun ju at the last…thats great…i hope you and dennis oh will be together someday…k lah himnarahim..come to visit malaysia..im waiting for you to come here..
    when you free..plese mail [email protected]
    daaa…love you…

  18. 18 : haley Says:

    u r so blessed 2 act wif such a great n h’some guy lyk dennis..i wish there was a better ending 2 sweet spy.. d ending was real lousy n my expectations wr much much higher den tt…anyway, juz wanted 2 inform u tt u wr pretty n i love ur acting..haha..bubye!!!

  19. 19 : norai Says:

    Nam Sang Mi..
    she’s cute and beautiful.. i like the way she’s smile.. and i love all her movies and dramas.. i did watch you in x-man series… the way you dance.. hehe it’s cute..

  20. 20 : pinkey Says:

    luking cute n simple

  21. 21 : finto marcello Says:

    i like to c u in this video clip which i forgot d tittle. u look awesomely cool wif ur devilish brave. the one u became a students get involved wif mafia-sort-of-thing. gosh! i love you!

  22. 22 : fintKewL Says:

    koala! i love to c u being paired wif my beloved dennis!

  23. 23 : prissy® Says:

    i 2nd d motion… princess juquiana. (how i wish i could contact you regarding NSM and DO).
    i just finished “sweet spy” and i can’t help but ask for more.
    Nam Sang Mi, you are great. AJA! you and dennis did very well, superb, bravo.
    looking forward to a sequel.


  24. 24 : honey Says:

    You’re so simple, cute and beautiful. Hope to see u on next episode/continuation of ‘Sweet Spy” with Dennis Oh. Wishing u the Best and success in everything.

    Brunei Darussalam.

  25. 25 : No-one Says:

    Please continue Sweet Spy! Force the director to continue! Haha… Just kidding… But, please continue Sweet Spy!

    Good Luck, Nam Sang Mi!!!

  26. 26 : Helen Says:

    Can you please at least tell me when will there be sweet spy II ? How can i contact you or dennis? do you have a website for fan that run by your manager that you would be able to response back>?

  27. 27 : krissyang Says:

    There should be a Sweet Spy 2. It’s such a fun show. Love Nam Sang Mi in it and love her chemistry with Dennis. However, Dennis’ acting left much to be desired in that show. Fortunately, he has improved a lot as seen in another show, Witch Yoo Hee. It would therefore be great to see them together again in Sweet Spy 2…

  28. 28 : Junisyi Says:

    Yapseyo!!! Nang Sang Mi u r so cute and pretty… i love u so much.. i like u and dennis oh very much… u two are very sweet couple for me…

  29. 29 : aifa syameer 92 Says:

    an nyeong ha sayo!!!!!!you are very cute…nice to know about u!!i luv u!1

  30. 30 : vavanukalookaoooka Says:

    hello KOALA! i hope to see more of you and dennis oh in the future! you’re acting is very great! stay pretty, cute and lovable!

  31. 31 : min khant Says:

    hi . l am interested in the movies that you act . From my point of view , there is no one in the world who can rival as beauty as you…….

  32. 32 : hazelly Says:

    kaya siguro ang gaan ng loob ko sayo kasi magkabirthday tayo…type na type ko talaga yang smile mo na yan..very sophisticated…

  33. 33 : Pout Sa Says:

    hello !
    my fri…
    how are u?
    ur very cool at sweety spy drama….i like ur action…aja,,fighting…(sarangal…)

  34. 34 : frank Says:

    hello! hop u would atleast get to read ma msg.
    just knom me as tour biggest fan in india.
    ur really cool in “shes on duty”….decent n caring.
    is der newayz i can keep in touch wit u?

  35. 35 : stellar Says:

    So sweet, so cute!!!

  36. 36 : jessica daniels Says:

    It’s my 1st time to see nam sing mi…She and dennis complement each other in this series.They look good together..SWEET SPY is currently airing here in the Philippines..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

  37. 37 : Hannah Says:

    I watched Sweet Spy and Time between the Dog an Wolf. She is very adorable, very pretty and excelent acting. Sweet spy is one of the most favorite Korean dramas. I have watched again and again and never feel boring. Every her movement in the movie looks really funny. Hope to see more her dramas. Nam Sang Mi uni, aja aja, fighting!!!

    If you are a fan of Korean drama, you should watch Sweet spy and TBD&W. Highly recommended!

  38. 38 : Hannah Says:

    We are waiting for Sweet spy with the same casts.

  39. 39 : yban_naruto Says:

    koala!!! i’ve been searching like crazy for an information about nam sang-mi, my gosh she amzed me very much. her acting is so natural and she’s so very good. i love sweet spy and the three of them have powerful chemistry. she looks good with dennis and she also have certain magic with lee joo hyun. the story is very touching. koala is very beautiful, her beauty is natural and innocent looking, i hope she wont do anything that would change her pretty face. because for me she is very lovely…yes, i believe she had the loveliest face among her contemporaries in korea…keep up the good work and more power koala!!!

  40. 40 : avhie Says:

    i really u coz ur juz simple yet so beautiful! excellent acting in sweet spy and very good chemistry with Dennis Oh.. hope to see u more esp. in sweet spy 2?! hehe

  41. 41 : REA Says:

    ur beauty is natural even without make up ur still pretty!! i like the way u smile. the way u laugh, u talk.. i love it.. and ur acting is super natural!!!.. i am one of ur million fans from phillipines.. papa DENNIS and u have good chemistry!!! great tandem!!! i love it!! hope papa DENNIS and u give another chance to make another tv series or show and movies!!! i am waiting for that!!! take care “NAM SANG MI” love u..:D

  42. 42 : faye Says:

    koala…sweet spy II….PLEASE

  43. 43 : nesle Says:


  44. 44 : loyd Says:

    eow there sweet “KOALA” . . hehe . . your so cute together with Dennis O , , please continue your tandem together with Dennis O OK on sweet spy2 . .

  45. 45 : jose Says:

    GO. .GO. . Dennis and Nam sang mi . .

  46. 46 : jade Says:

    your sweet like in sweet spy hope sweet spy has part tow……….

  47. 47 : jade Says:

    hope sweet spy has part two……….love dennis and nam sang mi……..love thm both sweetttttttttttt

  48. 48 : __alliyyah Says:


    Han Yu-IL and Lee Sun-Ae,,hope to see you in Sweet Spy 2……… Gud Luck in your career………

  49. 49 : __alliyyah Says:


    Hope that there will be a Sweet Spy 2…… Dennis Oh and Nam Sang Mi is so good…..

  50. 50 : fleur Says:

    anyaseyo…u r very cute….like u acting with lee jun ki

  51. 51 : Violet Says:

    Hi, I’m totally agree with Nesle. Lurve NMS and Dennis Oh in Sweet Spy. Their chemistry is very strong and alive. Hope they could be couple in real life!! I also agree that the ending was not interesting at all. But if there’s Sweet Spy 2, then it will compensate back the lacking.
    Go super sweet & innocent Koala & super gorgeous Dennis!!

  52. 52 : spylittlecam Says:

    i really love her! her smile melts my heart! her acting is really natural and when tears starts to show…my heart breaks… when she laugh its like music to my ears… i have been searching all her movies,dramas, and info about her and thanks to other people i manage to find this site ^_^ haaaay i really hope there would be sweet spy 2! i watched her movie DEAD FRIEND and sad to say i was not frightened but i cried coz i found out that nam sang mi was not the lead actress and her role really breaks my heart onto pieces……..

  53. 53 : anonymous Says:

    i think that the story would be interesting if sweet spy 2 will be produce…

  54. 54 : blaze Says:

    I like your style.You are wealth as a actress because of your acting is very attractive.

  55. 55 : angelkix Says:

    hi i am you number one fan here in the philippines…you know what your tandem with dennis oh it’s so impressive.i fell in love both of you..anyway what is your next drama series?

  56. 56 : angelkix Says:


  57. 57 : rurrippe Says:

    hi! i love their tandem (dennis oh and nam sang mi)! they are the best love team ever that i ever watch.. hope their would be a sweet spy 2 in the future.. just like what they said, the ending was not that interesting. or maybe, hope they’ll appear in another series as tandem because they rock!!! they are so beautiful and handsome! love you guys… hope to see you both soon as tandem!!!

  58. 58 : 16phoebe16 Says:

    love nam sang mi,…i’ve watched all her films and no wonDer she’s really great,…she’s really funNy in bad family.pls keep ur responses coming let’s all hope for sweet spy 2…i think korea must give her some recognition.
    her acting ability was very natural,she can even portray her character well.
    and i’m very impressed in her music videos,…pls. check out 4 words that are hard to say by lee seung gi and vintage blue-love is mv hope u enjoy it as i enjoyed it.

  59. 59 : yuZu26 Says:

    hi! Oh.. i really really like nam sang mi so muuuuch,,, :>.. she’s not just great in acting but also she’s a natural beauty and love her smile so cute and look so innocent!!!
    Hope to see her and dennis oh together again in sweet spy 2 ..
    i wish there will be, i wish i wish i wish,, or another drama..bcause they really2 look good together, theyre like real lovers!!!
    Goodluck and do your best always NAM SANG MI… ur d’Best!!! 🙂

  60. 60 : ye min thaunt Says:

    Just smile,you caught me along the night
    I am watching sweet spy.You are so lovely.
    I am your fun. Keep trying. We watching you

  61. 61 : John Says:

    you are so innocent in perfect family…….i like you very much…..^_^

  62. 62 : cutiegirl Says:





  63. 63 : rowena Says:


    you are beatiful

  64. 64 : jc parlan Says:

    helo ur pretty …… gud luck ….. stay sweet as u are…godbless

  65. 65 : jc parlan Says:

    helo .im in the philippines…. gudluck

  66. 66 : norieys Says:

    nam sang mi are not cute!!! but she is so beautiful!!! i love her style n the way she talks n everything!! i was watching her in time between dog & wolf, bad family and sweet spy.. n ur so good.. argh i like it.. ehehehe.. but now im watching her new drama Gourmet with kim rae won..

  67. 67 : igor Says:

    your so cute… hope you visit in the philippines …

  68. 68 : rechelle Says:

    I want to see you in person… I love watching wanted perfect family!!! you are so cute and beautiful there……..

  69. 69 : ji woo Says:

    One of the most beautiful actress in Korea!
    I love her so much especially in “Gourmet” & “Time Between Dog & Wolf”, these series are a must see, she’s amazing in these Koreanovelas!

  70. 70 : joyce Says:

    hello !!! I’m Joyce!!!you know your so cute!!!can I get your email add & friendster add? thank you. you know I’m fan of yours!!!

    wuo sang ni!!!

  71. 71 : joyce Says:

    hi!! you’re so pretty!!!i want you to be on gma7 again in your tv series, gourmet!! I wish!!!!

  72. 72 : ching mei Says:

    i hope nam sang mi and dennis oh will make sweety spy 2. i love them

  73. 73 : hangyoomin Says:

    i love your smile, it alway in my dream. i will love you forever because you very very beautiful.Alway miss you x x x

  74. 74 : dfr529 Says:

    to all nam sang mi fans – join – http://www.namsangmi-global.webs.com ^^

  75. 75 : aicon rachel Says:

    hi.. i’m from philippines. i never used to watch korean
    series until i saw SWEET SPY. i love you both.. i hope
    you and dennis oh will make it to SWEET SPY2. wait,
    i wonder what you guys are in real life.. i’d be glad
    if you’re really couples. haha 🙂 more power koala!

  76. 76 : ryan Says:

    sangmi facebook fans group!

    link here

  77. 77 : anissa Says:

    Hello! i miss Sang mi and Dennis oh so much, please have a new movies together or Sweet spy 2.I’m waitting for both of u,really best couple!!

  78. 78 : LILIAN Says:

    Hello,Miss Nam Sang mi, i am from the Philippines,.i’m happy that i got a chance to see all your dramas and movies,Sweet Spy is my favorite, you look great together with Dennis O ‘neil.Hope you will have another drama together with your two leading men coming up.maybe Sweet Spy 2.Hope to see you in person,when i go back to Korea .Take care and more power.

  79. 79 : nisa Says:

    hope can continue sweet spy 2..love u n dennis oh

  80. 80 : olive Says:

    you is beauty

  81. 81 : sherelyn Says:

    h! im your fan from philipines not your fan no1 fan

  82. 82 : [sinopsis] Invincible Lee Pyung Kang « asianfansclub Says:

    […] Nam Sang Mi as Lee Pyung Kang Ji Hyun Woo as Woo Ohn Dal Seo Do Young as Edward (professional golfer) Cha Ye Ryun as Kwan Ja Rak Park Ki Woong as Jo Sun In Choi Myung Gil as Je Hwang Hu (Ohn Dal’s step-mother) Kim Heung Soo as Je Young Ryu (Ohn Dal’s step-brother) Yun Mi Joo as Jo Bi Yun Lee Philip Ahn Hye Kyung Shin Na Ri (신나리) […]

  83. 83 : lorelhee rose Says:

    hello nang sang mi,

    u r still the best korean actress..u always make us laugh,cry and fall in love,i just watch the sweet spy just two weeks ago and just finish it yesterday—i love it so much but i was hoping that you can ask your director to make part 2,,,pls…because the movie seems like its not done-there is more to it-its so mysterious-pls make part two of that movie-if you can with abcourse han yull or dennish oh…you guys really look good together…also i like the soap gourmet,,dat was interesting and funny too….anyways whatever you do…keep your head up,i wish you all the best in your career,family,lovelife and your health,pls keep making good movies and soap…

    sorry im not korean
    im filipina by the way
    but those are the words that
    i learned from watching
    korean movies…

    pls palye palye to make part 2 of sweet spy hehehe

    sincerely,lorelhee rose from vancouver canada


  84. 84 : fritz daryl Says:

    making me smile when i watch the korean romantic video can i add you in my facebook account

  85. 85 : Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama | Life is Beautiful / 美丽人生 (2010) Says:

    […] Mi Hee as Jo Ah Ra Nam Sang Mi as Boo Yeon Joo Lee Sang Woo as Kyung Soo Yoo Min as Chae Young Kim Woo Hyun (김우현) as Hyun […]

  86. 86 : avlish Says:

    Hi Nam Sang Mi, youre beautiful, charming, sexy and good actress…
    i really like you as a actress just continue giving us wonderful drama and movies.
    I want to see you someday, in the future i hope than i can go at korea and meet you… by the way I’m a Filipina…I really really miss seing you and Dennis Oh together in the television even you and Lee Jun Ki, more than that i hope to see you in more drama or movie together with Dennis Oh or Lee Jun Ki… you are my fave korean star together with Lee Jun Ki and Dennis Oh^^
    ….wish to have sweet spy 2 and time between dog and wolf season 2..

  87. 87 : June Says:

    Happy Birthday, and may all the wishes and dreams you dream today turn to reality.

  88. 88 : parbati Says:

    hi nam sang, i m parbati lama from united kingdom. i am pretty exited to meet in real . coz you are the most beautyful girl in this world i have never seen before.realy honestly i like your smile and acting .

  89. 89 : shohreh shi Says:

    i have many pics of yours.
    how can i attach pics?

  90. 90 : ivory Says:

    hi nam im one of your avid fan i hope you and dennis O’Niel together forever.im from philippines

  91. 91 : harry Says:

    Haven’t watched her other movies since bad family, but she did take my heart 🙂 VERY!

  92. 92 : Gourmet (식객) « styrn Says:

    […] Rae Won as Sung Chan Nam Sang Mi as Jin Soo Kim So Yun as Joo Hee Kwon Oh Joong as Oh Bong […]

  93. 93 : sweet girl Says:

    When are they going to make sweet spy 2 ? can’t wait to see you n dannis oh are lover again ! You both so funny in the sweet spy hahaha

  94. 94 : On 3 May in Asian history | The New ASIA OBSERVER Says:

    […] 1984: Birth of Nam Sang-mi, South Korean actress and model http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nam_Sang_Mi http://www.hancinema.net/korean_Nam_Sang-mi.php http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=291 […]

  95. 95 : Ricka Says:

    hello miss Nam Sang Mi,
    I’m Rika from Indonesia, I’M really2 happy to watching U on sweet spy drama with Mr. Dennis Oh. U are so cute there n I really Like to watch the drama but i disapointed about the ending.
    so that I hope the drama sweet spy season 2 there with a happy ending between Lee Sun Ae and Han Yu IL.
    always waiting you in Sweet Spy season to. . .

  96. 96 : dhes Says:

    DENNIS OH AND NAM SANG MI, hope there is SWEET SPY part 2. we want to see again together. we love u both..

  97. 97 : irene Says:

    Love your acting.

  98. 98 : kuala Says:

    hai nam sang mi until now were waiting the season 2 of sweet spy pls . you and dennis is a perfect match. saranghae.

  99. 99 : kuala Says:

    what is the meaning of kuala?????????

  100. 100 : witlily Says:

    i very like your smiles in lights and shadows (^-^)v

  101. 101 : mylz Says:

    Nam Sang-mi…Please keep the love burning with Lee Sang-Yoon….You two are perfect couple on and off screen!

  102. 102 : [MBC 2007] Time Between Dog And Wolf | Says:

    […] Joon Ki as Lee Soo Hyun / Kay – Park Gun Tae as young Soo Hyun Nam Sang Mi as Soo Ji Woo – Jung Min Ah as young Ji Woo Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Min […]

  103. 103 : sepanta Says:

    I love you

  104. 104 : Imaobong Edison Says:

    You are one of ma best artiste….keep it up,I admire you.

  105. 105 : adesola ayomide Says:

    Nam Sang-mi!
    Hum! You really look cute and cool, i love your wonderful smile though, they are short but sharp. You work hard.

  106. 106 : Comming Soon Drama : 결혼의 여신 / Goddess of Marriage - KOREA FANS CLUB Says:

    […] Nam Sang Mi as Song Ji Hye Lee Sang Woo as Kim Hyun Woo Kim Ji Hoon as Kang Tae Wook […]

  107. 107 : mary Says:

    this girl looks a lot prettier (onscreen) than in the pics above! 🙂

  108. 108 : dorei Says:

    I’ve watched so many Korean dramas, only few impresses me. This actress is one of them She is pretty and a good actress. I watched Goddess of Marriage first and then Sweet spy. She portrays her character so unique from one to the other.

    Her beauty reminds me of Demi Moore..simple, but the more you look at her, the more she looks so perfect. She still looks the same until now, meaning, she must have not gone through plastic surgery.

    I will watch Life is Beautiful now, with Lee Sang Yoon, another fave. Too bad they are not together anymore. I will probably watch all of them.
    Sweet Spy, I hope there will be sequel.

  109. 109 : leilani Says:

    Congratulations for winning in the 2013 SBS Drama Awards,
    Top 10 Stars and Top Excellence Actress (Long-Length Series) ! You deserve the awards. I hope to see you soon in another series with either Lee Sang Woo and Lee Sang Yon.

  110. 110 : sahel Says:

    i like sweet spy i wish to see you in sweet spy 2

  111. 111 : Katherine Yong Says:

    I love her the instant i saw her in joseon gunman. She has natural beauty and smiles that you don’t find in most Korean actresses. She needs little make-up on screen to reflect her beauty. She is truly a great actress. I love you, Sang Mi!

  112. 112 : winnie Says:

    i wish you that you would reconcile your relatioship with lee sang yoon. You two look good together. Any possibility of re team up?i am currently watching joseon gun man. i so love it
    Wish you the best in your career

  113. 113 : I am Says:

    You are so gorgeous 🙂

  114. 114 : Andrew Says:

    She is a pretty actress with wall natural flawless face and her smile is so cute. Want to be her friend on facebook

  115. 115 : Patrick Minn Says:

    Great My Koala!

  116. 116 : Mahir Rahman Says:

    I Nam Sang-Mi I am great fan of yours. I like your few dramas. But I don’t like to see you with Lee Junki or maybe few actors. I just love you! ❤️

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