Name: 노민우 / Noh Min Woo (Noh Min Woo)
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1986-May-29
Height: 183cm
Weight: 60kg
Star sign: Gemini
Talent agency: Core Contents Media
KPOP group: Current member of 24/7, former drummer of The TRAX (under the stage name Rose).

TV Shows

Eating Existence (NAVER tvcast, 2015)
My Unfortunate Boyfriend (MBC Dramanet, 2015)
Greatest Marriage (CSTV, 2014)
God’s Gift – 14 Days (SBS, 2014)
The Blade and Petal (KBS2, 2013)
Monstar (Mnet, 2013)
Full House Take 2 (SBS Plus, 2012)
Vampire Idol (MBN, 2011)
Midas (SBS, 2011)
Rock Rock Rock (KBS2, 2010)
My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (SBS, 2010)
Pasta (MBC, 2010)
Jung Yak Yong (OCN, 2009) cameo
Mrs. Town (tvN, 2009)
Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun (MBC, 2009)
Detective Mr. Lee (tvN, 2008)


Roaring Currents (2014)
Ghastly (2011)
A Frozen Flower (2008)
Story Of Wine (2008)


2010 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox)

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172 Responses to “Noh Min Woo”

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    […] No Min Woo : Park Dong Joo […]

  2. 2 : raz Says:

    hottie . since pasta i’ve falling inlove. your looks, smile and body are
    so amazing.keep up with your excellent work!!!

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  4. 4 : eugene Says:

    You rocks in MGIG. I cannot wait to watch it.

  5. 5 : anne Says:

    Keep up the good work!

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  7. 7 : Cecelia Says:

    one word to describe him… HOT!!! love his smile..=)

  8. 8 : smy20 Says:

    he’s so handsome…love him

  9. 9 : chow Says:

    so handsome!!!!!!

  10. 10 : Bhlú Says:

    No min woo lindo de morrer, quero ele demaissss

  11. 11 : yoRoseberry Says:


    he look handsome, hope have the chance to know more about him in the next kdrama..

    nice drama Gumiho love you

  12. 12 : Joey Says:

    i love you min woo oppa~!!!!!!!!!
    super hot, mega talented, what more could a girl ask for <3

  13. 13 : jh Says:

    he was in pasta?? hw come i dont remember?? Hes so cute in gumiho!

  14. 14 : vivian castle(hye) Says:

    I love you very much……and I want to your girlfriend…..
    You are my life …….You are my heart and I so love you….
    I want to know your account…..please…….
    please invite me my account…..ok…
    heartkiller.hye I love you…

  15. 15 : vivian castle(hye) Says:


  16. 16 : vivian castle(hye) Says:

    I love you …..x1000000000000000000000000000….etc

  17. 17 : L Says:

    min woo oppa….
    ur smile so hot

  18. 18 : Trixie Says:

    This guy is so perfect!!!HE is HOT and so kind. I watch strong heart show and future him in it. If you a fan of him you should watch the show to know him more.

  19. 19 : otte Says:

    I hope no longer wait till his next kdrama

  20. 20 : Phyu Says:

    you’re really great.you look kind and mercy.
    Keep Trying……….

  21. 21 : Phyu Says:

    you’re so great.you look kind and mercy..
    Keep Trying………

  22. 22 : whiteangle Says:

    I’m waiting for your next drama…….

  23. 23 : Uchy,,,;p Says:

    Can I’ know….
    Your email facebook or twitter…????

  24. 24 : Riya Says:

    He’s handsome and acts well plus he’s a singer. I did not notice him much in pasta but i think he is really cool in mgig.

  25. 25 : bebe Says:

    Is he a new actor? love him in Gumiho. this is the first time i saw him in k-dramas. I see the comments said he air on “Pasta” not planing to watch that one. but maybe now I will give it a try just to see him. I think he’s more handsome than the first male lead actor. He’s totally my type. Can’t wait to see him in his next drama. don’t know why, but just have feelings for him..

  26. 26 : ladies~ Says:

    ya! your so cool oppa!
    love it~
    your so handsome tlg kekeke!!^_^

  27. 27 : glorya Says:

    your cool!

  28. 28 : ladybugjodz Says:

    wow, i discovered you in my girlfriend is a gumiho,, you are very handsome,,, hope you made lots of dramas

  29. 29 : ratih Says:


  30. 30 : miss nominwoo Says:

    he is not under SM yet ,,

  31. 31 : bayliss Says:

    I love him very very very very much when he’s playing the drum.
    knapa meninggalkan THE TRAX?? ;(

  32. 32 : primadrama Says:

    no min woo you’re so hot dancing while playing drums.
    for me you’re so perfect… you can act, sing, and dance.
    play drums, guitar and piano.
    and with your looks.. wow…
    you’re cute, handsome, and sexy.
    you’re my dream guy…
    I just hope that you have a good character and not a playboy.
    God bless to you! You may have many projects to come!

  33. 33 : jing2x Says:

    your so hot no min woo… ur so handsome… i like u so much!

  34. 34 : jing2x Says:

    hope you’ll visit philippines…

  35. 35 : Charlie Says:

    Love his new TV drama “Rock Rock Rock”

  36. 36 : Thinzar Says:

    you are so hand some I hope you are not a play boy.I love you very much I like you in my girl friend is a gumiho.You can become a perfect actor soon

  37. 37 : hO_cHA_GiLL Says:

    Oppa Saranghae…:)

    Happy new years oppa…

  38. 38 : Lynn Says:

    How come “ROCK ROCK ROCK” is not in drama List?

  39. 39 : Lia101 Says:


  40. 40 : ruby placheta Says:


  41. 41 : zatie Says:

    i lUrvE u!!=)

  42. 42 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Super hot,, your page is smoking?! Saranghae min woo

  43. 43 : kyhla Says:

    DREAMY LOOK REALLY! I was amazed watching you in my girlfriend is gumiho.

  44. 44 : Jajay Says:

    I watched ALOT of kdrama there are so many handsome actors but only 1 actor that I can tell all perfect face is Lee min ho but now you’re the # 2 so gergous face!

  45. 45 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Seen your latest pic, wat an abs!!awesome than lee min ho

  46. 46 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    admin pls accept this pic






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  49. 49 : Mu Ji Gae Says:

    U have to be more hardworking yo…… so that u can get more awards and be top superstar…… Ganbate yo!!!

  50. 50 : viesa Says:

    Just finished watching MGIAG and i have a new fave actor, No Min Woo! He is so hot. If Playfull Kiss hadnt been produce and finished yet,i think Min Woo is more suitable for the role of Baek Seung Jo,since his face is a little bitchy and snob (: Kim Hyun Joong is too mellow to be a snob Baek Seung Jo (still love him though)

  51. 51 : azlin Says:

    hello..i love u so much….

  52. 52 : isshma Says:

    Wow!!!! what a nice skin he have……so lovely….

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    […] ChangMin MC Mong Micky Yoochun Min Suk Moon Sung Geun N Na Yoon Nam Goong Min Nichkhun No Joo Hyun No Min Woo No Young Hak Noh Hong Chul Now O Oh Dae Gyu Oh Jae Moo ★ Oh Ji Ho Oh Kyung Soo Oh Man Suk P Park […]

  54. 54 : HunnieB Says:

    ommo, his face is very smooth…very beautiful man
    hopefully, he’s not gay.. 😛

  55. 55 : sarah Says:

    iam sarah from egypt , i love you so much , ur series my girlfriend is gumhio was fantastic and adorable , imagine i dream about you yesterday now iam glad to see u in my dreams . i wish go to korea and see u :)

  56. 56 : ieyla Says:

    im ieyla from malaysia….
    u so cute…i love u so much….
    ur drama my girlfriend is gumiho really fantastic…
    really like its….hope can meet u….

  57. 57 : marie Says:

    i think he should be given a main character in the drama becauze he’s acting is good and i’m really love him!

  58. 58 : constance Says:

    He’s such a lovely boy. He has the look plus the height there’s no lacking in him. I hope he’ll be notice and have the opportunity to showcase his talent. : )

  59. 59 : menotyou Says:

    damn hot.. can’t take my eyes of him.. i want to see him in more dramas..

  60. 60 : eleonor Says:

    I hate it!!!!
    I’m starting to fall in love with him, how can he be soooo hot????!!!!

  61. 61 : dee Says:

    U look nasty n hotttt..totaly hot!wan 2 c more of u..

  62. 62 : Ynie Says:

    Wow……No Min Woo you are beautiful boy

  63. 63 : kurnia syahni Says:

    sumpe…h!i never thougt there’s a man who is really georgeus like you and i’m in love…with you!!!!

  64. 64 : Taebincutelilsis Says:

    Min Woo looks TOTALLY different now then when he was with TRAX. You would not recognize him at all,but he was just as hot then as he is now and just as sweet.

  65. 65 : shaira_3o Says:

    Hai no min woo im your fan from phil.

    Ur so handsome and nomu nomu nomu chuahe !

    hehe ‘ <3

  66. 66 : Iliana Says:

    No Min Woo is really a very talented artiste. Good acting, great drummer, can sing,play the gitar and piano. Wow, can the directors please cast him in a leading role soon?? I can’t wait to see him in the leading. The last 2 dramas ‘Midas’ and ‘My GF is a Guhimo’ he didn’t get the gal – so sad for him…

  67. 67 : choosy Says:

    ur sooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeee :))

  68. 68 : trie Says:

    no min woo is really cute

  69. 69 : trie Says:

    he really portrayed his role in his best way!
    I really adore someone like him. :)

  70. 70 : trie Says:


  71. 71 : riah Says:

    ang gwapo mo grabe

  72. 72 : haNA Says:

    No min woo…..u so cute, i’m fallin’ in love at the 1st sight in my girl is gumiho….

  73. 73 : aira marie Says:

    more dramas i love it!!! so cute :)

  74. 74 : atika helena Says:

    oppa….dangshin so cute…pls more drama..

  75. 75 : jeanny Says:

    no min woo….ur so handsome tlga…

  76. 76 : megfox Says:

    More more more dramas, hot guy!

  77. 77 : jaeme Says:

    soooooo hooot !!!!!! 😀 wew !!! sooo talented !!!

  78. 78 : Sasa Says:

    Indonesian; KEREN!!!
    English: Cool!!!

  79. 79 : milleth Says:

    my daughter is so in love with you… we watch all your tv series. pasta.my girlfriend is gumiho and midas.. aza aza fighting.. good luck to your career..God Bless

  80. 80 : yeppeun youlle Says:

    i really have fallen to you….fighting uppa!!!!!

  81. 81 : jodiag Says:

    ur so gret…specily in (my gf is gomihoo)
    good luck mr prety…
    love u…!

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    […] his role in his upcoming movie. But their set up change when a half human half mystical creature No Min Woo as Park Dong Joo, living as a veterinarian learned that Miho been released and now living as a […]

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    […] his role in his upcoming movie. But their set up change when a half human half mystical creature No Min Woo as Park Dong Joo, living as a veterinarian learned that Miho been released and now living as a […]

  84. 84 : nadyarini Says:

    you are so pretty handsome

  85. 85 : inge5577 Says:

    How old were u in that pic? U look so young ;D love u very much NMW, u r so nice person •̃⌣•̃

  86. 86 : dezz Says:

    min woo oppa saranghae….i love u soo much….i really fallen in love with u….you’re soo great actor,great singer and talented musician…you can play piano,guitar and drum very well…i watch all your drama series,,especially midas,,your acting soo great(eventhough finally you died…i was cring!!!TT___TT)……*o*…..
    min woo oppa…saranghae….keep fighting!!!jia you!!!!^_^_v
    -your fans from indonesia-

  87. 87 : S. Says:

    I have read you Will play à ROle in full house 2. Aza Aza fighting no min woo

  88. 88 : Aiushta Says:

    You’re such a pretty boy..!

  89. 89 : sayran Says:

    hhhiiii min woo oppa,,,wwwoowww you so preaty i love you so much you like a flower.good luck my love.i love you

  90. 90 : tati Says:

    woow, love ur acting in midas..pretty boy…

  91. 91 : 11.)***mY gIrlFrIend Is a gUmiHo*** « myfavoritekoreannovel Says:

    […] his role in his upcoming movie. But their set up change when a half human half mystical creature No Min Woo as Park Dong Joo, living as a veterinarian learned that Miho been released and now living as a […]

  92. 92 : inge5577 Says:

    Can’t wait for Full House 2 yuuuhuuuui (´▽`ʃƪ) finally u will play as lead actor in drama, ooooooh ♥ u very much. I’m wondering what cosmetic u use? Coz ur skin is so soft Ϟ beautiful hmmmmmm better than some girls (•̃͡-̮•̃͡)

  93. 93 : mahsa Says:

    hi dear
    i want see u
    I like you very much
    If you come to Iran, I will be happy.Please come to Iran

  94. 94 : mahsa Says:

    It is strange.
    Still Persian girls, you have seen. I am the first one. I’m very very happy

  95. 95 : inge5577 Says:



  96. 96 : AMIRA Says:


  97. 97 : Jamie ;) Says:

    You’re so freakin’ HOT. Can’t wait for the Full House 2.

  98. 98 : Dimple1220, Nepal Says:


  99. 99 : Ariendcagirl Says:

    No min woo <3
    love u so much,,,^_^

  100. 100 : Sarah Says:

    Hi, You Are A really Handsome Actor…I Liked Your Cast In My GF Is A Gumiho , Show Evryone That You Have More Talents, I’m Looking Forward To Your New Dramas…
    I Wish You A Happy Life (*^_^*)

  101. 101 : inge5577 Says:



    why Gisaeng Ryung isn’t in the list of ur movies?

  102. 102 : cydageunsuk Says:

    nO min woO dAebAkk!!!sArAnghAe soOo mUchH!!!yOu’rE soO grEat mAn!!!LOVE U at pAsta!!!nOmu nOmu sAranghAe oPpA!!! <3 <3

  103. 103 : si_cacing Says:

    faggot no doubt.

  104. 104 : devi Says:


    i love you….saranghe profesorr

  105. 105 : My Girlfriend is a Gumiho « ashabrina2428 Says:

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  106. 106 : inge5577 Says:

    what about Vampire Idol, does NMW join on VI as lead actor?

  107. 107 : ratna Says:


  108. 108 : inge5577 Says:

    @si_cacing : Hey u, don’t be a jerk! We don’t care whatever he is, he’s masculine or feminime. He’s still our NMW, we’re still ♥ him. :ppppp
    (admin please erase his comment, It’s sucks…)

  109. 109 : namicka saiiang mamah Says:

    cool …

  110. 110 : fanz Says:

    He tall and cool his body cool

  111. 111 : kateeeeeeeeeeeee Says:

    Saranghae oppa min woo.more power. Lovelots xoxo 😀

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  114. 114 : jemia Says:

    oppa u r so cool.so keep it up.i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  115. 115 : jemia Says:

    u r my mr.prfect.

  116. 116 : DOT..DOT.. Says:

    Aah!!! he so….. cool and handsome…i love it

  117. 117 : morgan Says:


    I want to eat you alive!!!

  118. 118 : helen Says:

    hi park dong joo ‘i love yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou may Helen in the iran

  119. 119 : andrea Says:

    i like u soo muchh…………….. :))

  120. 120 : kim yeri Says:

    I really do not know, min woo oppa was in pasta
    he is best singer *my opinion

  121. 121 : ainnur Says:

    OoooooppAaaaa…… !!!nOmu nOmu nOmu saRanghAe chO’a.. **oOpPa**:)
    lov to hear ur song “Can I LOv U?????……. emm.. can i????.. hehehhehe..
    LOv the sound when U play Piano… & Gitar… OppA…. take a good care of ur self OK…… U looks so thin.. do sleep well, eat well & take a nap when u hav a time.. just think about me… hehehhe.. lOV U LOts…

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  123. 123 : zenia&tnte devi~ Says:

    ih, km imt imt imt bngt tau,

    i love you, gantengng

  124. 124 : fatima Says:

    I love you I want to speak with you please on my Alqpolajpna roka_fati_fleur@hotmail.com

  125. 125 : Jae Says:

    Love his performance in My Girlfriend is Gumiho. His character was endearing and awe inspiring and he played it perfectly!

  126. 126 : Lee Kyung Nan Says:

    No Min Woo OppA u’re Perfect no one else in my heart just only you <3

  127. 127 : Vahdaneh Says:

    *write Now ur Rock Rock Rock is on KBS WORLD Oopa …
    Oopa Ur SO Lovely , Who can not Love U??

  128. 128 : nina Says:

    he’s handsome, thin and ellegant alure, like a prince…just saw “Midas”

    always he had something special when we saw him – like in “Guminho” too….even he don’t say a word, the way he look and smile, or being sad …the way he play to the piano, and btw l love his hands !

    wish you the best,and love you, No Min oppa!

  129. 129 : Naddyyyy Says:

    oppa, u r so the amazing one!!!! Youre so lucky that u are very good looking and have a such great voice. Love u No Min Woo oppa, and always do.

  130. 130 : Chang Jijoong Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh … Oppa No Min Woo. You’re even more pretty than Han JaeJoong.

  131. 131 : no min woo Says:

    I feel sorry about you because you are not so well known as super junior. You can’t compare with them. You are much better. I wish good luck and i hope i will see you in this life.

  132. 132 : bianca Says:

    Min woo:
    i see this side of you, and think you are good looking, talented, etc…but i know tht you have gone through really tough times too…and your life isnt perfect…after all you are human like me…i pray tht God will fix your broken heart and tht he may bless you even more!! :3

  133. 133 : Vea Says:

    No Min Woo!!! aww..so handsome><

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  138. 138 : negisa Says:

    so coooooooooooooool

  139. 139 : zoekie Says:

    No Min Woo .. u really handsome .. ur eyes make me collapse .. n ur abs make me melt .. very handsome n addicted

  140. 140 : Drama – Full House Take 2 : MyKoreanArtist.com Says:

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  141. 141 : jassica Reem Khalil Says:


  142. 142 : sara Says:

    Dear Admin,
    He is not under SME anymore. It was from 2004-2009. He’s working with Core Contents Media since 2009. Thank you.

  143. 143 : Saudi girl Says:

    No Min Woo You really wonderful I hope always to be the hero of the drama we love and we watch the drama with all the passion

  144. 144 : fransiska Says:

    cute bgt…bening..he he he he he :)

  145. 145 : Full House 2 « keukey's world Says:

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  146. 146 : barbara Says:

    I never post comments and have no idea who will read this. No Min Woo has a lovely voice. The song “Can I Love You” is amazing! I’m telling everyone it is my new favorite song. The song needs to be released as a single so people like me can purchase it. I will keep searching for it. Have a nice day.

  147. 147 : sahel Says:

    i wish to see you in melodrama romance or medical drama i think you are better in romance acting no comedy

  148. 148 : kireina Says:

    As a pretty boy or as a gentleman..
    Azaa (ง’̀⌣’́)ง

  149. 149 : nia gabriela Says:


    칠레, 애정에서, 하드 작업을 계속하기 위해, 그는이 뭔지 잘

  150. 150 : noona Says:

    min woo..fuhhh..he is so damn cool..finished
    watching full house take 2 n midas..i like his face skin..soo clean….

  151. 151 : nara Says:

    i just wanna say….
    i luv you no min woo oppa

  152. 152 : rara's Says:

    i like everything about u in korean drama..:)

  153. 153 : zanzana Says:

    Best of luck to you

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  155. 155 : chempaka putih Says:

    too girlie…………

  156. 156 : sally Says:


  157. 157 : Zeez Says:

    I like u a lot!! U are so good looking and talented!

  158. 158 : Korean Drama “Pasta” | Fan Drama Says:

    […] Tae Ho as Sun Woo Duk No Min Woo as Philip Hyun Woo as Lee Ji […]

  159. 159 : lyieta Says:

    you look romantic and relax with your medium hair style……

  160. 160 : misscleopatrax Says:

    사랑해요 forever 여보!!!

  161. 161 : Sim Says:

    No Min Woo is playing Yeon Nam Saeng (Yeon Choong’s younger brother) in Sword and Flower (The Blade and petal) at the moment. Can you add it to TV Shows? :)

  162. 162 : siti Says:

    Dear No Min Woo

    The first drama I watched you act was Midas. Like most korean actors you’re tall and handsome/beautiful. But that drama has so many beautiful and handsome guys and all were very talented. And all the credits goes to jang yuk. Sorry to say that! I guess you’re doing okay and attract all the female fans. This year I watched you in Full house take 2… and you’re doing great. The character just suits you well. Carry on the good job and hope to see you as leading actor in your new drama. Now I am trying to watch you in gumiho… hope can spare the time for an one hour everyday. your fan forever.

  163. 163 : MIRIAM Says:


  164. 164 : IVONA Says:


  165. 165 : hwanjanim Says:

    love you since Pasta till…now and tomorrow and the next daaaaysss…(the girlier you are, the sexier you get..) aigooooo

  166. 166 : crestina Says:


  167. 167 : Julz Says:

    In my opinion No MinWoo oppa is underrated! He is full of talents but not getting enough recognition.. He can play 3 kinds of musical instrument and he is also a good actor….and of course he is a very good looking beautiful man! (Giggles). His album Icon is not the best but at least it’s better than what you call average..
    Well, anyway I came here not to pour out my sentiments about Minew! I just wanna say -> Oppa, Whanjas loves you, FIGHTING!!

  168. 168 : alya Says:

    Dear min woo,

    After full house take 2 i really miss to see you as a leading actor in any dramas. You really did great in full house and midas. All the best for you.

  169. 169 : anabelle Says:

    after greatest marriage,missed you alot. bae soo bin got my heart twinkle twinkle after greatest marriage. how about you? when you will make new drama again?

  170. 170 : nida Says:

    dear NOMI Keep it up. Good Luck :)

  171. 171 : aya Says:

    love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu good luck

  172. 172 : Maktub Says:

    Min Woo is the best korean actor! Most talantes: sing, acting, can play 5 kinds of musical instrument and more talants. Also soooooooooooo beautiful! “Greatest marriage” – so good job. then I see moment of this drama or hear OSTs, it sore my heart.

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