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Oh Ji Ho

Name: 오지호 / Oh Ji Ho
Profession: Actor and model
Birthdate: 1976-Apr-14
Birthplace: Mokpo, South Korea
Height: 184cm
Weight: 78kg
Family: Married on 2014-April-12
Talent agency: Heavenly Star

TV Shows

Never Twice (MBC)
Hotel Del Luna (tvN, 2019)
What’s Wrong, Poong Sang (KBS2, 2019)
Should We Kiss First (SBS, 2018)
Oh My Geum Bi (KBS2, 2016)
My Little Baby (MBC, 2016)
Cheo Yong 2 (OCN, 2015)
Late Night Restaurant (SBS, 2015)
House Maids (jTBC, 2014)
The Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong (OCN, 2014)
Basketball (tvN, 2013)
The Queen of Office (KBS2, 2013)
The 3rd Hospital (TvN, 2012)
Strangers 6 (WOWOW, 2012)
Fugitive: Plan B (KBS2, 2010)
Chuno (KBS2, 2010)
Queen of Housewives (MBC, 2009)
My Precious Child (KBS2, 2008)
Single Dad in Love (KBS2, 2008)
Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung (SBS, 2007)
Couple of Fantasy (MBC, 2006)
Thank You Life (KBS, 2006)
Autumn Shower (MBC, 2005)
Super Rookie (MBC, 2005)
Second Proposal (KBS2, 2004)
Detectives (SBS, 2003)
Confession (MBC, 2002)
Cool (KBS2, 2001)


Love Clinic (2015)
Island (2015)
Man On High Heels (2014)
The Grand Heist (2012)
Sector 7 (2011)
My Wife is a Gangster 3 (2006)
Love Trilogy (2004)
Silver Knife (2003)
I Love You (2001)
La Belle (2000)
Kka (1998)


  • 2016 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Oh Ji Ho and Heo Jung Eun (Oh My Geum Bi)
  • 2013 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple – Kim Hye Soo & Oh Ji Ho (Queen of Office)
  • 2013 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Mini Series)- Oh Ji Ho (Queen of Office)
  • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Novella Drama – Actor (Chuno)
  • 2006 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Couple of Fantasy)
  • 2006 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Han Ye Seul (Couple of Fantasy)
  • 2004 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Second Proposal)


He married his girlfriend, a woman who works in the fashion industry with the surname Eun, on 2014-April-12 at the Shilla Hotel. His non-celebrity girlfriend who is 3 years his junior and had been dating 2 years.

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  1. 1 : VikkiM Says:

    Hi there Mr. Oh, I watched you only in Autumn Showers, and I ‘m impressed with your performance. Keep up the good work on your body – you’ve got great body, nice looks, so make the best of them, okay….

  2. 2 : Mimi Says:

    You are a great person and while you do comedy very well, your serious roles are also excellent. Keep getting better. Aja! Aja!

  3. 3 : ida Says:

    Just finished watching Couple in Fantasy…. I think you act better than in Super rookie….

    Nice watching you……

  4. 4 : Marie Says:

    OH JI HO really looks gorgeous & with that fantastic body WOW. I really liked him in Autumn Shower – this was really heavy drama. He was cute and funny in Fantasy Couple. In Super Rookie he sure acts his character very well, – he was a nasty guy!!!! He was a darling in A Sec ond Proposal, I wish he had a kissing scene here hahahah. Now I am waiting for his film My Wife is a Gangster 3, whenever I go & buy it is always out of stock, but I am getting my copy in a week.
    OH JI HO does not look Korean at all – he is so handsome unlike the other Korean actors who look skinny & chinky eyed. Also whenever he smiles shucks with those lovable eyes – I’ll go berseck. Cheers & take care. Sarang ye OH JI HO!!!!

  5. 5 : sexy4yennie Says:

    I love U Ji Hoo

  6. 6 : bear Says:

    an yong hase yo 오지호?.. just finished watching your great product “Fantasy Couple”.. you are really marvellous.. totally in love with you, you’re just so cute! ahaha.. very impressive acting, threw yourself into work actively, facial expression are so real so good.. i like the parts when you’re interacting with the three nephews….. all are lovely scenes.. and so love it when you’re scolding Sang-Shi (Anna Cho) hahahaha like it so much, so funny!! was laughing loud even i was watching it in the middle of the night =P >.

  7. 7 : bear Says:

    ..was laughing loud even i was watching it in the middle of the night =P >.

  8. 8 : bear Says:

    ..middle of the night =P >.

  9. 9 : HQlover Says:

    sexy sexy in LA BELLE..hehehe,..congrats on Couple in Trouble..you did an outrageous job

  10. 10 : Sadie Says:

    I can’t believe somebody said this:”OH JI HO does not look Korean at all – he is so handsome unlike the other Korean actors who look skinny & chinky eyed.”

    What a racist remark. What is wrong with people? To insult this man’s race and heritage by referring to other Koreans as “skinny and chinky eyed” is so tasteless and ugly.

    I don’t think the idea one of his drooling “fans” thinks that way about his people, would make him happy.

    Why would that lady watch Korean shows if she feels that way about the way Koreans look?

  11. 11 : soreda Says:

    ya…luv him very much..great body..the greatest i ever looked..haha..muah2!! hope 2 see u more..fantasy couple make me laugh n cry n angry and dizzy..haha..of cos la,if not, its not drama..hihi..”(~_~)”

  12. 12 : abc Says:

    okay, i came here through http://www.ohjiho.blogspot.com/ after stumbling on that blog reading up on this guy oh ji ho because i caught some episodes of couple in trouble. Fact, he’s a very chisled faced man, and in the sense that Asian faces (both male and female) are less so, on average. Look, he’s a model for a reason. Unfortunately for some reason the Asians in general throughout the span of time, it’s been a bit evident, yielded the front seat to white standards of various kinds. And at that, a lot more prevalent than other ethnicities have ever done. If I had to pick, Blacks for example, bow down so to speak, the white ‘image’ the least. So with that concept, it’s clear in my observation of white people out there, that by far not every single one out there is model quality chisled, but it may seem that way out there perceptionwise. I have talked to Asians in China, who asked, Aren’t Americans (white) really tall. Yes, but gee, they can be really short, too. And fat. But basically IMHO, so the commentor is partly suggesting that he’s chisled, so therefore he doesn’t look Asian, he doesn’t have typical ‘Asian’ features… There’s no concept of saying he’s a handsome Asian man, period. So why does the commentor watch these various Asian (Korean) show? Maybe he, but likely a she, is Asian.

  13. 13 : eyah Says:

    oh ji ho i’ve seen him in the movie I LOVE YOU, in the drama series a SECOND PROPOSAL, SUPER ROOKIE. One thing is for sure this guy is really realy H-O-T HOT!!!! his expressive eyes? his great body oh i know lots of girls drool over him (I’m one of those girls!) hahaha! well i really like him not just because he is realy HOT (cant help saying that because he is really that) but I think he is funny and kind wow! my dream guy!

  14. 14 : Emine Says:

    Hey Oh Ji Ho is the best

  15. 15 : Emine Says:

    I love your new series Get Karl, Oh Soo Jung!
    I really like your new drama,Get Karl,Oh Soo Jung,by the way.
    very cute 🙂

    You’re a great actor 😛

  16. 16 : nilazaw Says:

    i’m from Myanmar.
    i like u in the fantasy couple
    i want to see u
    u look so great
    try hard

  17. 17 : pont pont Says:

    i live in YANGON.

    i like u very much in the movie (couple in trouble)

    this movie name in Myanmar is “MYIT TAR HNAUNG GYO”

    i would like to eat jajahanmyaung (Pae’ kaut swear) very much.



    With Love,


  18. 18 : Avril Says:



    AH NA YAW!


  19. 19 : lee uyen Says:

    I love you so much!
    Your smile made me sleepless for a long time.
    Try and try more to be yourself.
    wish to meet y!

  20. 20 : hisfa_pink Says:

    hey!wazzupp your so hot men??????????????COOL..

  21. 21 : Lindy Says:

    I really love the way u smile in the series Fantasy Couple….I am looking foward to every episode. How I wish I am Ana & I will definitely choose u even after I regained my memory….Keep up yr good acting skill….:)

  22. 22 : angel Says:

    i really love the OST? can please somebody help what site shall i check on. and it’s true!!! i was laughing so hard alone…coz i watched it midnight time.

  23. 23 : *lover Says:

    It’s my first time watching his movies, he looks mixed to me. Yeah he is cute and handsome, has a nerdy looking or goofy perhaps. Does anyone know if this series were filmed/released before or after his ex’s death? It’s sad>>>
    I’m sorry to hear that OZI.

  24. 24 : *lover Says:

    Ooops, I forgot to say the movie name on my previous comment. It’s “Troubled Couple” or “Fantasy Couple”.

  25. 25 : Kaylie Says:

    At first, i didn’t think oh ji-ho is handsome but as i continued watching couple or trouble, i started to find
    him so attractive..he is so funny in his role and so romantic as well. I am not actually a big fan of love stories but i liked this series.it’s fun and enjoybale to watch

  26. 26 : suzette Says:

    Hi Oh JI-Ho!!!

    You’re really so handsome!!!! I have already watched your latest drama flick, “get karl ….” you have improved a lot in your acting. If in case it will be air here in the Philippines, I believe every Filipino will love you in your role. I hope someday you could visit the Philippines so I could see you in person. Keep up the good work and stay as handsome and attractive as you are!!!!

  27. 27 : Sany Says:

    This is the first time i wacthed your series drama Get Karl..
    And i got impression on u haha..
    u so cute and totally handsome when u smile….and nice body
    when you got the shower at that drama..
    wish can hug u and meet…u
    Maybe someday u can visit my country…indonesia..so i can wacthed u so close or if someday if they have tour to korean to meet the actor i will anttend..to meet u..

    U so cool,,,keep good work always..and i always wait 4 another drama… cu

  28. 28 : fell happy Says:

    I love you very much…….
    so cute and your smile is very nice……
    perfect body and i like it….u always come o my fantasy 🙂


  29. 29 : krista Says:

    gosh!! real hunk..hot body, very good acting, gifted with such face what can u ask for??tsk3 i wish to see you in person..(i think il gonna faint..hehe)

  30. 30 : mememe Says:

    I like Oh ji Ho and his smile. Hope he improve his English so he can become an international super star!

  31. 31 : okok Says:

    Ya ! I love thhat chubby Karl…it would so soft with all those padding!….and it would keep me warm the winter months!

  32. 32 : cherylicious Says:

    shiaxxx ur so cool ,handsome ,hot ,yummy …. you have tatotally incredible performance as an actor i hope you will be a hollywood star someday……in couple or touble you act as a simple one but at the same time you has a natural charisma on screen that will probably will lead you to be one of koreas most admired actos and on screen performers…wish you will visit manila….

  33. 33 : suryani Says:

    (Iban) Aku sayau ke nuan.
    (Kenyah) Akik uva’ iku’
    (Kayan) Akui nyalam ika’
    (Bidayuh) Aku nyalau amu
    (Dusun) Muhang oku dia
    (Malay) Saya cinta kamu
    (CZECH) MiiLUJii TE
    (iiTALIAN) Tii AMO
    (GERMAN) iiSH LiiBE DiiSH
    (HAWAiiAN) ALOHA WAU iiA Oii
    (LiiTHUiiANiiAN) TAV MYLiiU
    (BOSNiiAN) VOLiiM TE
    (FiiLiiPiiNO) MAHAL KiiTA


  34. 34 : sitty Says:

    handsome..irresistable…great act in get karl..i love his smile so gorgeous

  35. 35 : my_princess Says:

    he soo cute especially when he smile. Keep smiling……
    I love you Oh Ji Ho…..

  36. 36 : flutterby Says:

    fuh…. i like your movies and dramas… XD

  37. 37 : memeagain Says:

    Oh Ji Ho Wishing y’all a Merry Christmas & A Elfy New Year! Cheers!!


  38. 38 : sis from lion city Says:

    he’s HOT!! muahh muaahh

  39. 39 : panyangbear Says:

    He looked so so so hot in Get Karl Oh Soo Jung!! He became my new crush and new love after watching the drama! i suddenly forget about Gong Yoo! Though both of them are still my top crushes though.

  40. 40 : cute Says:

    he’s so cute and so HOT especially when he smile.KEEP SMILING OH JI HO you are so HOT!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  41. 41 : cute Says:

    hi.oh ji ho?how are you?I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. 42 : teena Says:

    Oh Ji-Ho, I’m from the Philippines and Korean drama series has become so famous in my country… After watching a few, I’ve seen you/watched you in couples in trouble and the other one is GET Karl if I’m not mistaken, since I can’t read Korean language, that’s what it says in the DVD cover… I enjoyed watching and yeah… YOU are sO handsome… More success! 🙂

  43. 43 : Maggie Says:

    Oh dear, Oh Ji-Ho, I feel your drama is very good and to be a famous man in the world. I love you!

  44. 44 : AMY R Says:


  45. 45 : Kar girl Says:

    I just want to say, I’ve fallen in love with U, Oh Ji Ho !! since I watched Get karl oh soo jung, I can’t sleep. then I watched fantasy couple, you always in my mind. and now i watch Autumn Shower, OMG… you really make me can’t sleep every night. Luv U… Luv U…..

    I wish you can visit Indonesia, I want to see u closer.

  46. 46 : Bang Bang Says:

    Fantasy couple is your first drama I’ve seen and really like the role you play. Then I saw “GET Karl ” , really love see your next drama again. “Oh Ji-Ho” is the first Korean actor that I really like. Aja! Aja!
    I am going to learn to speak Korean too!! ” Oh Ji-Ho keep going, Aja! Aja! Fighting……

  47. 47 : Bang Bang Says:

    keep up with your move, really like the role you play! Hope you can come to HK some day!! Aja! Aja!
    “Get Karl” was a nice drama, I really enjoy seeing it! Looking forward to your next new drama……. 😀

  48. 48 : magsie Says:

    i’m from the philippines. You and gong yoo are top of my list. More power and mabuhay!

  49. 49 : felicia Says:

    just love your acting ……great smile …..great body……madly in love with u

  50. 50 : krissyang Says:

    Definitely one of the better actors in Korea! Enjoyed watching him especially in comedies. He was superb in Fantasy Couple & Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung!

  51. 51 : Angelicious Says:

    Kang Pung Ho…
    Single Daddy In love is really great..
    You and Hari look good together…
    And hey! Your body is…
    quite… ahm…well,…
    I’m really impressed on how you play your role as Kang Pung Ho..
    Hope you’ll make more interesting dramas in th future..
    Always take care..
    You might burn yourself…
    Coz’ your really hot!!!

  52. 52 : Karen Says:

    Hi Ji-Ho

    You look very dashing and mancho in the Get Karl, Oh Soo Jung series. This is the first time I saw your show and love it! Good efforts and keep it up! Is there a fan club for you in Singapore? If not, maybe i should start one…..

  53. 53 : Emily Tan Says:

    Oh Ji Ho

    This is is first time I see a Korean Drama. You are an excellent actor. I have also bought some of your DVDs to watch. Keep it up! Excellent acting skills!

    Wishing you success in all your projects!

    Emily Tan from Singapore.

  54. 54 : Natori keez Says:

    Dear OhJiHo

    From here Singapore sending an earlier greeting to you,
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday on 14 April ….same as me…hahaa!!!
    Stay Healty, Handsome and Happiness forever ….

  55. 55 : Emily Tan Says:

    Dear Ji Ho

    May all your Dreams come True ! Happy Birthday!

    If you posess the good qualities just like those charactors you played in your drama e.g caring, considerate and helpful then I believe with your cool dashing looks, you will certaily be every girls’s ideal husband. I believe your career will go far at least for another 10 years. Cheers! Emily Tan from Singapore.

  56. 56 : alice Says:

    Hi Oh-Ji ho !

    Happy birthday to you!
    14 april is our cambodian new year day.
    wishing you good luck and success with your job.

  57. 57 : labrador Says:

    Dear Mr Oh Ji Ho,

    Great to watch your show “Oh Su-Jung Vs Karl” in Singapore and this is my first time watching your show. You are really good looking !!! I did not realise that Korean man could be that handsome ! I am impressed by your Good Look, Great Body and Excellenct Image in the show, of course good acting too. Congratulation to you, you definitely have that X-factor to be a SUPER STAR. Keep up your good work and stay sexy always ! Wish you all the best and most importantly “Happy Birthday to you” on 14 April 2008.

    from Singapore
    11 April 2008 at 5.50pm

  58. 58 : citi Says:

    He doesn’t look like a typical Korean. Wonder if there’s any mixed blood in him? Really love his smile with the dimples… What’s more important is he’s definitely a good actor.

  59. 59 : hazelnut Says:

    hi! I love ur chest

  60. 60 : anastasia Says:


  61. 61 : John Says:

    he looks great in ‘get karl! oh soo jung’.

  62. 62 : an2ni Says:

    he does look good in get karl! oh soo jung but his best series is still couple or trouble!!!………can’t wait to watch single dad in love………if you want to see a different oh ji ho….try watching super rookie!…..hehehe next to gong yoo…..he’s my 2nd choice

  63. 63 : Rachel Dane Says:

    I wil forever support you :
    Oh Ji Ho

    U are a great actor.

    The best Korean Actor (In My opinion) &
    The most handsome hunk…



  64. 64 : Rachel Dane Says:

    Sarang Hae

    FIGHTING !!!


  65. 65 : valeyati Says:

    i’ve watch your last 2 dramas, get karl! oh su jung and couple or trouble.. i started to become your fan.. i like your acting.. can’t wait to watch single dad in love..hope you will be more success in the future.. i’ll support you! so happy to share zodiac with you.. aja! oh ji ho

  66. 66 : bestcreation Says:

    hi zio
    believe tt’s what he’s known to his fans. i just started watching korean drama in mar08 or rather those that he acted in. first caught my eyes in one of those trailers aired on uchannel. can’t help checking him out. thought he’s easily the best looking guys around. effortlessly charming! love everything abt him. managed to get a few of his past series. anyone knows where i can get second proposal, silver knife, super rookie, love trilogy …??

    think he deserves much greater success in his career. or it would be such a waste and great loss to the entertainment industry.

  67. 67 : labrador Says:

    Dear Mr Oh Ji Ho,

    Glad to learn from Ms Linda A of your honorable “Oh Ji Ho International Fan Club” that you have been nominated for 2007 SBS miniseries best actor award for “Get Karl, Oh Su-Jung!”. A nomination by itself is a timely recognition towards your great efforts and passion in acting. Wish you best of luck ! Bravo !

    Singapore, 7 May 2008

  68. 68 : Malu Says:

    Well, I just got done watching Get Karl, Oh soo Jung and it was by far the cutest korean drama I’ve seen so far. You, Oh Ji Oh, are now my favorite Korean Actor to date. You actually beat Gong Yoo and Daniel Henny for me. My friend got me started on KDrama and I think you are the best looking of all of them. I wish you all the luck in the world and good luck on your English lessons. I hope you start acting in the US soon.

  69. 69 : veronica Says:

    i didn’t know about Oh Ji Ho still TV showing some highlights on GEt Karl, Oh soo Jung.
    and realised that it’s the same actor as in the Second Proposal which i enjoy watching very much.
    really attracted to his great smile !
    still anxious to show the outcome of the series, did mi-yong end up with kyung soo???
    i want to buy all DVD/VCD of all your shows but can only get autumn shower.
    hope you come to singapore.

  70. 70 : diandra Says:

    Oh ji ho…..
    I watched Single dad in love and I touched by the story of warm and lovng relationship between father and son. As a mom, I will do the same for my kids. I think your acting is very good in this drama eventhough it’s full of tears. I wish you have better luck in love in your real life.

  71. 71 : haniBae Says:

    I like your acting in single dad. I never imagined that you could act crying like that. For me, your best film is La belle, good story! and the worst; Silver Knife! Hope u can choose a good scenario before you play. Fighting!

  72. 72 : daya Says:

    Hi, I saw the drama, Oh Su Jung vs Karl. Both couple are cute and I really enjoy the way they acted together. Will support their upcoming drama and movie…

  73. 73 : tata Says:


  74. 74 : geok beng Says:

    mr oh ji ho, looking forward to your next drama/movie.
    does anyone know if he is working on any project???
    really like you acting in second propsal- very warm and sweet character and get karl – a very loving boyfriend and fantancy couple, i like watching very much.
    and not to forget single daddy in love, a very touching story, you’re very good in this series and i cried with you on certain episode.
    autumn shower is a bit disappointed on the storyline though you acting was good.

  75. 75 : SL Says:

    On Sung Jung Vs Karl is a very romantic movie and touching. I liked the way you played the role as Karl, caring and committed to love but I’m not sure in the real life whether On Ji Ho also carry the same personality.

  76. 76 : ayouwk Says:

    love your act in single dad in love..
    you’re so gentle and i can see you’re a lovely person there..
    you are so good as a daddy..
    this is the first time i watch your drama, and i like it so much..
    Now, i’m your FANS!!
    i’ve to see your another film/drama..

  77. 77 : Ja Aea Says:

    Dear Mr.Oh Ji Ho,

    Good afternoon,

    This is calling from Thai girl that I’d just to watched your act in Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung. I liked you since I watched Couple of Fantasy hthat you’re really smart and handsome. I hope you will read my comment and will reply to me someday. Fighting!!! and I’m waiting to forward your movie always.

    Sa-Was-Dee and Saranghay
    ~Ja_Aea from Thailand~

  78. 78 : Loh Hooi Teen Says:

    Mr.Oh Ji Ho,
    Hai,I saw your fantasy couple and I like it.Why??Your eyes show something that I think and think and I at last knew that.
    I joined your singapore fans’ club recently,but I did not agree for the fans’ name is ZIO.They told me its meaning.
    May I know all your face,dimples,nose,and eyes is natural from GOD???
    What is your religion?Is it same like me??
    God bless…..
    Hope to have your reply. Haha>…….

  79. 79 : marites gerona Says:

    ur a great actor esp in couple of fantasy, ur expression very heartfelt. the role suits u so well. but get karl and single dad wasnt that good. anyway, i hope u have better projects in the future.

    my wish…i hope i can meet u in person someday!!

  80. 80 : lenny Says:

    hi Ji Ho..
    i really like the way you play as Karl.. commited to love, carring person, etc..
    hope to see your next drama soon..

  81. 81 : akah Says:

    OH JIHO!!! i love your acting in couple of fantasy and single daddy in love, but please pull up some more emotion inside your character…i can’t wait to see your future drama/movie!!

  82. 82 : Rachel Says:

    Oh Ji Ho*.*.

    Great Job! in Single Daddy in Love!
    Great support for single daddy’s around the world.
    I will definitely use this show to encourage other single fathers
    that its possible to raise their child/ren, especially while being in love.
    Wow!…I had not watched a great show such as this one.
    This show really touched me and made me cry (good cry).
    Shows here in the U.S. are really lacking the values and qualities
    displayed in this show. This really helped me appreciate Korean culture!!!
    Thank you for taking on a significant role and visiting children
    at hospitals. That is very considerate of you [=)]
    Best of Luck to you and I look forward in watching your future projects!!!

    Take Care…=D!*!*!

  83. 83 : edith Says:

    Oh ji-ho, my gosh, you are so lovable, I have bought a dvd copy of your couple or trouble tv series for my personal viewing though it was shown twice already here in the Phils. I cant help but loved your smile, you attract so much. Hope you’ll make a reply on my email address.

  84. 84 : Beth of LA Says:


    I have watched almost all your K.drama and enjoyed them.
    You bring a lot of happiness and love in what you do, that’s why I love
    you so very much. You are an excellent and superb actor and I like you to know that.

    I will forever support your work. Thank You

  85. 85 : Trishna Says:

    Hi, oh
    Recently, I watched “Single Daddy in Love”, It was superb. And now it seems I am a great fan of yours. This is for the first time I have seen a Korean TV series. You look great and the most cute thing about you is your smile. I really want to have few words with you ……………..

    Good Luck! This is Trishna from Assam, India.

  86. 86 : Cherie Says:

    I am a new fan of Ji ho after I watched his performance in Single Dad in Love. I have seen his other drama and I think this drama is so far the best performance. He made me cried a bucket of tear over the drama. He is very good looking and talented. I will support him forever. Keep it up Ji ho..Looking forward to your next project soon…

  87. 87 : Charise Says:

    Dear Zio,

    i like you in get karl, oh soo jung, the image you potrayed were completely different in other series, so glamorous! i also like you in second proposal, you were funny haha!!
    but single dad in love made cried especially when you were cutting the kid’s hair…..

    Keep up the good work zio! i will watch out for your new movies/drama to arrive.

  88. 88 : Lim Siew Lan Says:


    I really love your role in Couple of Fantasy. You’re so funny and dashing !

    Siew Lan from Singapore

  89. 89 : S'poreFan Says:

    Hi Ji Ho,

    I’ve never been in any way attracted to Korean drama, until I watch Couple of Trouble. Very nice and heart warming romantic comedy. You’re a fantastic actor and you’re really charming. I wish you succeed in your career and I look forward to watching more of your projects.


  90. 90 : Chia Says:

    Dear Ji Ho,
    I’ve been learning Korean as I would like to get a better understanding of your series. I like all your series, especially the Autumn Shower, and since then, I’ve been so addicted about all your series. Will always support you.

  91. 91 : marites gerona Says:

    hi oh ji ho! I just watched couple or trouble again and i just love you so much there! Whats your new project?

    Are you in vacation? I will be glad to give you a free tour of my country here in the Philippines –beaches here are great! Wish I can meet you in person. You are so adorable and charming!

  92. 92 : sonam Says:

    hiiiiiii,i watch da movie couple of factavy n dats really gud.i like it very much .also i am big fan of urs .i wish u will play more dramas later! gud luck!:)

  93. 93 : agaesshi Says:

    I love him in Get Karl ! Oh soo jung. You rock my world honey! I wish I was you soo jung…*sigh*

  94. 94 : agaesshi Says:

    I love him in Get Karl ! Oh soo jung. You rock my world honey! I wish I was your soo jung…*sigh*

  95. 95 : June Says:

    Be it Chang ChoSu of ‘Fantasy Couple’, Karl of ‘Get Karl, Oh Su Jung’ or Kang Pungho of ‘Single Dad in Luv’……………….. JiHo, you’re great, your smiles melts hearts and your looks kills……… Of course, your acting skills is above all……….:)

  96. 96 : Kenji Says:

    Jiho, just finished watching Autumn Shower. A wonderful show that one should miss with regret. You’re really a great actor who always put in your heart & soul in every show you act. In my opinion, you’re really the best actor ever…..salute.

  97. 97 : Apple22 Says:

    Jiho, after watching Fantasy Couple on tv, i went on to purchase Single Papa, Get Karl, Autumn Shower and Super Rookie. I enjoy watching your shows. You’re a great actor, better than anyone else!

  98. 98 : Lovestar Says:

    Hello Ladies

    I am one of the die hard fans of Oh Ji Ho (Zio for short). If you love him dearly then join and register to http://www.soompi.com and press forum on the upper right of the screen. You’ll see Soompi Entertainment>Korean dramas and movies and its file under “Oh Ji Ho 오지호, ~ MBC Fantasy Couple’s Chul-soo ~” You’ll find lots of love spread by those Zio Ladies and its undeniable. Pictures, up-to date-news and lots and lots of link of Zio’s world. You’ll have a great time by just reading the discussion. If you don’t participate that is just fine. Believe me those ladies are so fun to be with, because they are so close they call themself Zio sisters and that is harmony and unity.

  99. 99 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi Zio,

    Single Daddy In Love is very sad and yes, I cried a lot. Your acting was superb though. Your “son” is very cute too! I hope you get to do more dramas for us. As for My Wife is a Gangster 3, unfortunately, I didn’t think you were not too suitable for the support role (you should have been the lead actor instead). The script is rubbish and you were totally wasted in that movie. Hopefully you’ll be the star in the next movie! Let’s all have a fan meeting in Asia – can someone organize this??

  100. 100 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Wish I can understand Korean (I have Korean colleagues in Hong Kong but they prefer to speak in English!!) but these NG clips in Couple or Trouble which you can find on youtube are so good: “[NG10]Couple or Trouble – 환상의 커플”
    Link: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=UfZYV2B7GAQ&feature=related.

    Jane/Zio fan

  101. 101 : cute Says:

    Agree with Jane that Ohjiho has been wasted in the movie. Also feel he’s been underrated as an actor. He’s professional and takes every role seriously. e.g. I have never imagined a big guy like him can really act a ‘tear jerk’ and express the full emotions required by the character (in Autumn Shower & Single Papa). Hope he’ll be given some good opportunities to make him more known internationally. Ohjiho derserves that. Otherwise, he’ll really become a wasted gem, one who has excellent looks and skills.

  102. 102 : Beth Says:

    Hi Cute

    Well said. He really is a Korean Precious Gem, so precious.

  103. 103 : cute Says:

    Hi Beth, but seems that this precious gem has not been realised or appreciated as much as he deserves. (sigh)

  104. 104 : Beth Says:

    Time will tell, CUTE. Right now Zio is busy for his fan meeting in Japan this coming November. He had just finished a photoshoot in Yokohama.
    Heard he is also going to Australia soon for another photoshoot. I think Zio is concentrating for a move to Japan. Hopefully by doing that he won’t be miss by his Korean fans.
    I don’t think there will be a drama or movie of him soon. Hopefully a drama or movie with a Japanese company??

  105. 105 : cute Says:

    I certainly hope we will see him as soon and as much as possible. Already beginning to miss him………….haha! By the way, have you watched him sing at a variety program called the Chocolate? He looked so charming!

  106. 106 : Beth Says:

    Cute , Yes I have seen him sing and that was lovely. Have you seen him in YSMM variety show. He was amazing and mind blowing in mental math, won the leg wrestling contest ‘6-0’. Did sing and this time he was wonderful. It was so funny the MC of the show gave him 1 minute to sing and he keeps on going and going till Zio finishes. MC said its not fair but since the producer or director was a lady she just let him do his way…haha that was funny and hilarious.

  107. 107 : cute Says:

    Think he enjoys singing, that’s why he didn’t care! Honestly, i feel he can be trained to be a singer, he has nice voice, all he needs is a good teacher to help him polish up. His very natural charm surfaces when he sings as he’s not acting for any character……NICE! But noticed he’s very shy to dance, always have to be forced to do it..haha!

  108. 108 : Beth Says:

    Hello Cute, Zio has his charisma when singing . He got this soft voice which I find it romantic. A little polish up he has to learn from his oopa VOICE OF SOUL. Actually he had improved in YSMM variety show.
    While in dancing he is little coy but I love his signature move..haha.
    As a person base on fan meetings many find him friendly, kind, generous, caring and compasionate.
    Are you an Oh Ji Ho Soompi member? If not you have to join. There is an earlier post from lovestar on how to register. I am an active member and i get fresh news from Zio all the time.

  109. 109 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Dear Cute, Beth and Lovestar, yes, thanks to Lovestar, I’ve registered with Soompi, but I am not sure if I’m registered as an Oh Ji HO Soompi member – will have to check on this.

    I agree with Cute – Zio has a soft and beautiful gentle voice. HK NOWTV is airing Single Dad in Love and has it in both Cantonese and Korean. Although I do not understand Korean, I still prefer to listen to his original voice. As for Single Dad, my heart is torn – wanting to watch and wanting to avoid watching it ‘cos it is so sad – it’s a double tragedy – not only does he not get the girl he loves but he also has to …! In HK dramas, they are quite good at filming two endings for the audience to choose. Wish there’s a better ending for Single Dad (sigh!)

    Even then, Zio’s acting as a dad comes across as very real and touching (I am a mom – I have a 10 year-old) and I can really feel his love oozing out for his son). I love the way he carries his son on his back and sings him to sleep. Also agree with Beth that Zio is a Precious Gem! I wish Zio a lot of success in his next film or drama.

    Btw, do you have the links for the YSMM and Chocolate variety shows — can you let me have it pls? /many thanks, J

  110. 110 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jane

    First of all try this link its all about Zio on a Japanese site.
    On SDIL i think all our hearts are torn apart in several directions. The box of kleenex i had bought was nearly gone. Zio acting was beyond especially expressing his undying love for his son and that just blew me away.
    I have an exciting news for you, he will be appearing soon in a new Kdrama as math professor after TAZZA- War of the flower wrap up. Probably end of November.
    He just finished a photo shoot in Yokohama, Japan and will be going to Australia o do the same. Fan meeting in Japan will be by 2nd week of November.
    Site of his company: http://www.heavenlystar.co.kr/sub/sub02_01.htm

  111. 111 : Beth Says:

    Hello ladies

    Anyboby could tell me what it means that my”comment #110 is awaiting moderation” Its the first time I encounter this.

  112. 112 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi Beth, afraid I don’t know what awaiting moderations means. In any case, if they have not posted your message, perhaps you could re send it and see if it gets published this time. /J

  113. 113 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jane,

    Where you be able to read my post #110. Please let me know as I could see it posted from here.
    Thank You

  114. 114 : cute Says:

    Dear Jane, I believe you can understand Chinese language since you’re from Singapore/HK.

    These links can link you to the complete versions of the Chololate and YSMM. I bet you’ll melt upon hearing Oh Ji Ho’s voice and watching his smiles…Enjoy! 🙂



  115. 115 : Beth Says:

    By the way Jane, forget my message. I think the moderator had taken the line out.
    Jane & Cute,
    Have you heard Zio is appearing to cameo on Kim Sung Su ‘My Precious Child’ on episode 7, 9 and 10. Zio & KSS goes a long when they started together to model. They are best of friends. I think episode 5 is showing right now but with chinese sub. Maybe a two weeks wait?? The drama is doing good in ratings.
    Also I hope the rumor is true he will be cast as a math teacher in SBS ‘Master of Study’ from a japan adaptation “Dragon Zakaura”
    Hopefully time slot would be better than his earlier 2008 Kdrama “SDIL”
    Lets keep our finger crossed ladies.

  116. 116 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Thanks, Beth, I see the message now but I was quite sure it wasn’t there last time I replied to you (or am I going bonkers?!) No haven’t heard of Precious Child – will try and see if I can get hold this dvd. Agree – keep fingers cross for him to be in Master of Study – but is this the lead role? Just can’t get enough of him or his acting!

    Really keen to be able to go to Japan for his fan club meeting but I have no info on the venue. The Heavenly Star site is in Korean so I am totally lost. Anyone has more info?

  117. 117 : Beth Says:


    Join us in this Soompi link. Everything you want to know is there.

    sample of his last page in Soompi:

    Look for post #1330 for fan meeting reply from one of Zio fans. You could look further back re fan meeting post, but i think you have to be a member.


    Good luck and let me know.

  118. 118 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jane
    I think i am not allowed to re-post a link that is why I got same message.

    Do join on Soompi, I will guide you. Or please go to lovestar previous post.

  119. 119 : cute Says:

    Hi Jane, my post #114 where i sent you the links for Chocolate & YSMM is still moderation. Can you see it?
    Beth, thanks for the info.

  120. 120 : Beth Says:

    Hi Cute ,

    Same with me here. If I sent a link from other source it will be under moderation. I could see your post now # 114. Jane would be please to watch the complete version of chocolate and YSMM link..
    Have you seen the latest Andre Kim fashion show featuring our star Oh Ji Ho? He was Hot hot hot. Also a portion of Factory girl – SNSD Ep 3 where Tifanny choose OJH to be their VIP guest. I think OJH appear at 10.40 of the episode. Try you tube. And then a cameo in 3 episode of “the Precious Child”, photoshoot in Yokohama and Australia. Then a fan meeting in Japan by November and hopefully will be cast as a math teacher of ‘ A Master of Study’ which is still under negotiation. A busy months ahead for Zio. So Jane & Cute how about that for Zio.

  121. 121 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Thank you so much, Beth, for the links!!! I am smiling all the way too as I watch Zio sing. Although he’s not a professional singer, his natural charm and easy personality comes through his voice and attitude – that’s good enough for me. Yes, I hope Zio gets to do a lot of activities and go on to new heights in his acting career. In fact, I find that Korea has really high standards in their shows and talents – I am beginning to wonder if they are surpassing HK/Taiwan talents now. I will also post a message onto soompi when I’m less tied up. /cheers ladies, Jane

  122. 122 : Beth Says:


    I’ll be waiting. Hope to see you soon in Soompi. You’ll feel the love for Zio over there!!
    How about you ‘cute’ would you love to join us in Soompi??

  123. 123 : cute Says:

    Yeah Beth, i hope Oh Ji ho can be as busy as possible, completing more work for us to see. Honestly, I’m not very happy he’s give ‘small’ roles, but well, that may not be their intention. Lets see what comes out of Master of Study and we’ll know. Whatever, i will continue to support OJH and sincerely wish he’ll shine above any other stars! I feel he has what it takes to be an international star. ^^!

  124. 124 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Yes, dear Beth and Cute, OJH does seem to have what it takes to be an international star! Hoping the best for him. /warmest, jane

  125. 125 : Beth Says:

    Hello Jane, Cute and ladies

    Got good news Zio is now finally cast as a math teacher/professor in “Master of Study”. Its now official! Had read it in his Heavenly Star Entertainmant Company. Its also posted in his minihompy. We’ll see the final developement of the story. As far as I know he’s not the main character but who knows story plot changes every now and then. To our Zio..FIGHTING!!!!!

  126. 126 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Thanks, Beth. Yeah, Zio, FIGHTING!!! I found archived news of ZIO via a search on his Chinese name: “吴志浩”



    Warm regards,

  127. 127 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jane

    Nice to see you on Soompi. Thanks for the link. How about you cute, would you like to join us on Soompi?

  128. 128 : cute Says:

    Zio as a math teacher/professor is a good news. To Zio: Kanbate!!

  129. 129 : cute Says:

    Beth, I’ll certainly drop by soompi when i am free.

  130. 130 : Beth Says:


    What is kanbate? Is it ” Fighting ” in Korean. Somebody told me it means ‘never give up’.

  131. 131 : cute Says:

    Yes, it means “never give up” in Japanese.

  132. 132 : Beth Says:

    Thanks ‘cute’

  133. 133 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi Cute, you’ve simply got to find time to sign up with Soompi – there’s lots of updates on our ZIO, pics of him at a baseball game (he looks so macho in a baseball hat and spectacles), latest interviews, and even pics of him in the sea! I hope you’ll not miss out!!

    link here

    As I’d written on Soompi, I finally watched all of the movie LOVE TRILOGY/电影《我爱天上人间》or “I love Shangri-La” shot in 2004 on this link: http://v.youku.com/v_playlist/f2093249o1p0.html – its’ so good – ZIO, whose girlfriend and he are totally incompatible went on a holiday in China and met this lovely tour guide and they fell in love with each other. The girl, 林心如 Ruby Lin, who plays the tour guide is a very popular actress in Taiwan and I like her very much also. Therefore, because I like both ZIO and Ruby, I’m especially taken to this movie. ZIO also sings a very gentle song at the end – simply lovely! Basically the movie can be split into 3 parts – first one third is about the HK couple, 2nd is about the couple from China and the 3rd is about ZIO… But, Zio appears in and out of the 1st and 2nd parts also. Glad that HarleyDaz from Soompi agrees that this is a good movie that ZIO has done.

    You can also find photos of ZIO via Ruby Lin’s link: link here. Enjoy! /warmest regards, JaneJCSF.

  134. 134 : lydia Says:

    hi oh ji ho you are so sweet lydia from algeria

  135. 135 : nawal Says:

    tuesday 11/11/2008
    hi my name is nawal iam28years i live in algeria
    ilove you “”””oh ji-ho””””””

  136. 136 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Beth and Cute & Jane,

    I’ve seen your conversation for few times and I also like Oh ji ho very much.. that’s why I had go to the link you show Beth and watch Oh ji ho’s photos. It was very nice to learn about Oh ji ho’s up comming activities. thank you both…….
    By the way, Cute are you from Japan? I am from HK/US……


  137. 137 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hello Lydia and Nawal, great to hear you like Oh Ji Ho (“ZIO”) and welcome to his world. Is there a drama of ZIO showing in Algeria at the moment? Which of his dramas have you seen so far? I saw Get Karl Oh Soo Jung first, then Fantasy Couple, Single Papa in Love and now just beginning to watch Rookie.

    Hello Pinky – a very warm welcome also! I notice you’re from HK too. I’ve just gotten hold of two magazines in Wanchai today with ZIO as the cover guy ): They still have copies if you like to purchase them.

    Once again, I encourage all of you to join Soompi and look up current news of our ZIO: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20439&st=1600&gopid=11492197&#entry11492197

    and feel free to share your feelings. Isn’t ZIO handsome and macho??

    /warmest to all! p.s. Beth is on holiday.

  138. 138 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Jane,

    Thanks for sharing this good news, I am going to purchase the magazine today!! 🙂 I feel so exciting…… yeah.. he is so handsome and macho…

    By the way, I already join Soompi and had found so many good news about OJH……. and why you guys call him ZIO? Is it his nick name? Please let me know…


  139. 139 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hi Pinky

    I was told this some years ago by a Zio fan.

    Oh Ji-ho given name is Oh Ji-ho. Last name being Oh.

    The Ji is pronounced chi. Zio is a different way of spelling Ji.

    Some refer to him as Oh Ji-ho or Ohzio or as we say here Zio.

    Either way you spell it still is pronounced chi.

  140. 140 : Picky Says:

    Thanks Harley Daz!! I understand now. So I’ll call him Zio too…
    Too bad I don’t understand Korean….

    Jane, I can’t find the magazine you had mentioned. Could you tell me the name of the magazine? I really want to got a copy of those… pls…


  141. 141 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi Pinky, these are earlier issues not sold at the shops/stands anymore. You should phone Ms. Chan at 3525-0505 to ask if she has more of Zio’s Magazines MRRM June 2008 issue (HKD35) and Mr Style Spring/Summer issue (HKD40 or HKD45). If they have it, you will have to go to their office at Caltex House, 258 Hennessy Road, Wanchai. It’s not difficult to get to – it’s right next to the Caltex station, opposite Emperor Building. Give me a shout if you need any help. /best regards, Jane

  142. 142 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Jane,

    Thank you so much!! 🙂 I just contact Ms Chan and she said she still have that magazine on hands…… I am going to pick it up today!! haha

    Please let me know if Zio had any upcoming good news (new movie or drama….) I am gonna to miss it!! 🙂


  143. 143 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Jane,

    It’s me again……… I just picked up Zio’s magazine……… I am so happy ..


  144. 144 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    I am so happy for you, Pinky! If you can, pls translate the entire interview for us – I did some but am too busy at work and at home. Actually, this evening as I was travelling home on the bus, I intended to read the interview again (btw the mag. is so heavy) and write down the points but a neighbour sat next to me and I had to put down the magazine and chat with her, all the way home…..

    ZIO should be in Japan this weekend meeting his fan club! (jeolous jeolous as I write!) We should have some news and hopefully photos of ZIO soon! /best, Jane

  145. 145 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Jane,

    Sorry that I didn’t read the inside story yet!! ’cause I still don’t have time to read it! I will try to read it this weekend, lets see if I have time to translate the entire interview. 🙂


  146. 146 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    No worries, Pinky ~ HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

    Enjoy your Japan Fan club activities, ZIO!! Fighting!! /warmest, Jane

  147. 147 : Beth Says:

    Hi Pinky

    Nice to see you here. I was on vacation. Heard fron Jane about In Style magazine . I was in Macau Nov 11-15. If I only knew about that magazine earlier I could have ferry to HK and look for Ms Chan. My luck was not on the right time. Oh well…

  148. 148 : Beth Says:

    Hi Pinky and Ladies

    Want to share this OJH MV.. my old time favorite .. always had to shed tears towards the end. This is what you call MACHO!!


    Music by VOS from his Oppa.


  149. 149 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Beth and Jane,

    Good to hear from both of you!! 🙂

    I will go to view Zio’s MV this weekend…… it must be very exciting…haha
    yeah…Zio is macho, handsome, shy…… that’s what I feel about him.

    Oh Beth.. can I ask you “what is your nationality? Or where are you from?”

    I am cusious to know…. only if you don’t mind..

    Have a nice weekend to both of you!! 🙂


  150. 150 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi Beth, welcome back!!! You were so near and yet so far! Such a shame you didn’t find out earlier about the magazines. But, not to worry, if you ferried to Hong Kong and back from Macau, it might probably cost you roughly the same if I posted the magazines to you. I just speed-posted the 2 mags to HarleyDaz (I finished work at 5:30 today and rushed to the post office before they close at 6).
    Think she’ll get it on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest – I hope she can scan the picture with ZIO’s “I am Mr Dimple!” signature.

    Glad you enjoyed Macau and won some $! Yes, that ZIO-VOS video is so good but there was some conversation in the beginning – do you know what it was about or has it been explained on Soompi? I’m still catching up reading the soompi thread and up to page 29.

    Have a great weekend too, Beth and Pinky! I will be having fun watching all of Super Rookie this weekend – it’s a good drama. /Best, Jane

  151. 151 : Beth Says:

    Hi Pinky/Picky

    Of course I don’t mind, I am from California. Am half chinese but could only speak preschool Mandarin. Do you speak both Mandarin and Cantonese?

    I have another OJH MV to share. This was film in Australia 2007.

    I love him with his sunglasses.


  152. 152 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jane

    Ok about that MV as what I have gathered ( I might be wrong) Zio ‘s girlfriend is introducing his brother who is a police superintendent … Of course Zio feels uneasy because he is an ex-gang member. As fate turn out Zio’s girlfriend has cancer and need a lot of money for cure, Zio end up going back to what he did before to get easy cash for his girlfriend medical and hospital bill.
    Sorry, I really do not know the whole meaning of the song.. but this is my all time favorite Zio MV and VOS song.


  153. 153 : Lia Says:

    Hi, I’m Lia from Indonesia.

    Oh Ji Ho .. his first drama I watched was Get Karl Oh Soo Jung. waw……. I was falling in love with him directly. he’s so hot. i love his body, his style, his dimples, he’s totally handsome. he’s like a prince. after that, I was hunting all his dramas. and now…. my days have fullfill with him. I join to Zio’s thread in Soompi, meet wonderful another Zio’s ladies. hi ladies…. I’m Karl_girl 😉

    I love Zio…. I hope he’ll get new good movie/drama soon. He’s so talented.

  154. 154 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi Lia/KarlGirl,

    Me too, I’m so glad I found an actor that I can like – I’m sure its both his looks and good acting skills that captivated me. Also great to find wonderful friends like you, Beth, Cute, Pinky, HarleyDaz, Hyacinth, Koala Bear, Mandi and MinahOO and many many others who love ZIO. My days are also filled with the joy of watching his movies and dramas. FIGHTING, ZIO!!

    Btw, Cute, havent’ heard from you in a while – hope you are doing well! /luv, Jane

  155. 155 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Thank you, Beth for the translation of ZIO-VOS video. I knew he had to get money to the doctor for his girlfriend but didn’t know he was an ex-gang member. /jane

  156. 156 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jane,

    I just presume he was an ex gang member. Remember on a flashback he was released on jail with his girlfriend and brother welcoming him to a new world. And when he wants some fast cash he went to his old friend for gun and monies.
    Like I say before I might be wrong but that’s how i interpret it.


  157. 157 : Beth Says:

    Hi Lia/Karlgirl

    Is that your name? If it is its a wonderful name. One of my girlfriends is also call Lia a very luvly lady same as you.
    Nice to see your input, WELCOME.


  158. 158 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Beth,

    Thanks for telling me that you are from California……. and I am from LA. But then I went back to HK and work over here….. I am Chinese and can speak both Cantonese and Mandarin……

    Thanks again …….. I really enjoy the MV……. but it was sad ending….

    BTW, Jane……. I don’t have time to translate but will try as soon as I can… 🙂 sorry………


  159. 159 : Lia Says:

    Hi Beth/ luvlilady …

    Finally I knew your name and you knew my name. as your user name, your name also a very luvly name for a very luvly lady 🙂

    Now we met here, ladies…. let’s give more comments for our lovely Zio 😉

  160. 160 : Lia Says:

    Hi Jane

    Yea.. we’re fans of very good looking and talented actor like Zio. our day will be colourful with his faces by watching him. and the plus value to be his fans, we can meet. we’re like a family now, all luvly Zio’s ladies.

    btw, I’m okay. thanks. I just a little busy with my work.

  161. 161 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    No problem, Pinky, I’ll like to re-read the articles, but will need to find time to do it. If it were on the internet, I can copy and paste to online translation – it’s easier to edit what’s typewritten but to translate from scratch takes me a longer time. /JaneJCSF

  162. 162 : Beth Says:

    Hi Lia

    Guess thats what I’ll call you here, thanks also for the compliment.
    I do agree that we Zio sisters (USZ) {United Sisters of Zio} are now like one family. Hopefully more would join us here.

  163. 163 : Pinky Says:

    Hi all Zio Ladies,

    Yeah…… it would be great to know that Zio had so many fans…. 🙂

    Anybody know about Zio’s new move? I feel mad to watch his next drama/movie………. life will be too bore without him…. Sometimes… will dream about him ….. really hope that he will come to HK again…haha

    BTW, besides Zio what other Korean actor do you like?


  164. 164 : Beth Says:

    To all Zio fans

    Harleydaz is now back on vacation and had posted wonderful news of Zio fan meeting in Japan which you all ZIO fan would love.



  165. 165 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    I have been reading what’s written on Scoompi from the beginning and now up to page 30 (it takes so long to read through as there’s so much info and wonderful photos!) So nice to see Zio treated like a king in Hawaii and how I envy those lucky ladies for being so close to him. Same goes for those who were with him in Japan last weekend 22/11/2008! /Jane

  166. 166 : Beth Says:

    Jane and Ladies

    You are exactly right wherever Zio goes He is love by every fan. He has this great charisma and appeal to them. Whenever he smile with his dimple showing every fans of him MELT!! He was not expecting to have so many fans in Japan and now has proven himself. His promotor in Japan has so many exciting program lining up for him the next year.
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N ZIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. 167 : Beth Says:

    By the way Jane take it easy reading those past Soompi Zio thread. Savor it… I actually gone through it twice. Like you said he is treated very well by his fan, so true indeed. I wonder where are those past Zio ladies????


  168. 168 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi Beth, yeah, me too – wonder where are those past Zio ladies??!

  169. 169 : Mandi Says:

    Heard that Zio’s fan meeting in Japan was very successful. I feel very happy for him.

    Zio, wish you all the best….^^!

  170. 170 : Mandi Says:

    Hi, which actress do u think matches best with Oh jiho?

    Han ye sel in Fantasy Couple
    Um jung hwa in Get Karl
    Kim Su Yun in Autumn Shower
    Jun Ryu Won in Autumn Shower
    Actress in 2nd proposal
    Han ga In in Super Rookie
    Lee Seo Yeon in Super Rookie
    Actress in Thanks Life
    Hoe Yi Jae in SDIL

  171. 171 : Mandi Says:

    Can somebody pls help me fill up the info that i missed out? i do not have complete info because just got to know Ohjiho not long. Movies included will be better.

  172. 172 : Mandi Says:

    My choice as follows:-
    1. Jun Ryu Won (she’s the only one who never torture OJH….haha)
    2. Han ye sel
    3. Um Jung hwa
    4. Kim Su Yun
    5. Han ga In
    6. Lee Seo Yeon
    7. Hoe Yi Jae (feel that there is no chemistry betw them)
    As for the rest, i can’t tell bec didn’t get to watch.

  173. 173 : Beth Says:

    Hello Mandi,

    Welcome back.

    These are the only two actress that I want Zio (oh ji ho) to be paired again.

    Han Ye Seul – Couple Fantasy
    Um Jung Hwa – Get Karl ( I think they are best of friend)

    Both of the actresses have a good chemistry on screen with Zio.

  174. 174 : Beth Says:

    These are his movies:

    My Wife is a Gangster 3 (2006) He is a supporting cast only.

    Love Trilogy (2004) Compose of 3 parts. Zio is on the last part. Jane had commented on this movie at Soompi. I think she has the link posted of that movie.

    Silver Knife (2003) Lousy storyline but what the heck, its Zio and don’t miss his macho dance…nude.

    I love You (2001) Zios earlier movie. He is supporting long hair in this movie and his hair keeps on distracting his face.

    La Belle (2000) First art movie of Zio. He is nude in most part of the movie.

    KKA (1998) I haven’t watch this so no idea.

    Let me know if you have questions.


  175. 175 : Beth Says:


    Zio Kdrama are:

    Single Dad in Love (KBS2 2008)
    Get karl, Oh Soo Jung (SBS 2007)
    Couple Trouble (MBC 2006)
    Thanks Life or Gracias A la uida (KBS 2006)
    Autumn Shower (MBC 2005)
    Super Rookie (MBC 2005)
    Second Proposal(KBS 2004)
    Confession (MBC 2002)
    Cool (KBS 2001)

    The only one I haven’t watch are Confession 2002 and Cool 2001.


  176. 176 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi Mandi – good to “see” you here! My choice is like Beth’s

    1. Han Ye Seul – Couple Fantasy (her height is more comparable with Zio)
    2. Um Jung Hwa – Get Karl (I like her too – I think she’s a good actress)

    No comment on Han Ga In, although it seems that Bongsama’s character was more sincerely in love the rich spoilt girl until she fell for Kang Ho and he gave up on her totally. I didn’t like the way Bongsama kept hurting Han Ga In, but I LOVE ZIO’s good acting, great looks and clean/smart dressing!

    I haven’t seen all of Autumn Rain and the others so cannot comment yet.

    I agree that there’s no chemistry betwn Hoe Yi Jae and Zio in Single Papa. /Jane

  177. 177 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Once again, I strongly recommend LOVE TRILOGY (2004) 《我爱天上人间》or “I LOVE SHANGRI-LA” shot in 2004 – you can watch on this link: http://v.youku.com/v_playlist/f2093249o1p0.html.

    The reasons why I like this movie is because ZIO is so romantic and natural in his character as a tourist and his part of all the three couples is the most romantic! He also sings a short but beautiful song – I’m sure this is his real voice – let me know if you think someone else sang it! I also happen to like the Taiwanese actress who coupled with him. /Jane

  178. 178 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    One of HK’s local tv stating just finished airing Fantasy Couple and is now starting on GET KARL Oh Soo Jung but unfortunately its on the high digital (high density?? not sure of the right word) channel — unfortunately, many people do not own the high digital box or HD tv so cannot watch it.

  179. 179 : Beth Says:


    I must correct myself when I said Zio macho dancing…nude in Silver Kinife. Actually he had a plate in one hand covering his very private while dancing…haha.. also at the end when he was sitting at a stool totally wasted he appears nude too.


  180. 180 : Beth Says:


    Sorry to hear that Get Karl in HK is only showing on HD channel. Its true if you don’t have an HD coverter or receiver you can’t view it. Why did thet not show Get Karl on a regular channel like Couple Trouble?

    Is Zio popular in Hongkong? I must think so base on his two cover magazine. He look so neat in all the pictures.

    Any translation on Mr Dimple? Yes you’re right it was his handwriting and signature. His permanship is so manly. I like it!!!

  181. 181 : Mandi Says:

    Jane & Beth

    Tks for all the info. Jane i finally watched Love trilogy. Like the part OJH with Lin xin-ru. She’s pretty. They have chemistry though language barrier. This is what i call good actors & actresses. Hope OJH will have more opportunities to cross borders for movie projects.

  182. 182 : Beth Says:


    Love that movie scene towards the end after the dream sequence, where the next morning Ruby Lin is nowhere to find and Zio was crazy running down the slope looking for her. The scene was just breathtaking and sweet. I would love to see them paired again.

  183. 183 : Beth Says:


    That lady actress in Love Trilogy is Ruby Lin, a popular taiwanese actress and has a beautiful face as well.


  184. 184 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    I am not sure if ZIO is popular in Hong Kong – Pinky, what do you think?? /jane

  185. 185 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    I think ZIO & Ruby Lin’s part in LOVE TRIOLOGY is terribly romantic!

    I didn’t like the Hong Kong couple – the actor and actress are both very good but in true Cantonese style, they were very loud and I didn’t like the fact that they were always fighting. Don’t have much opinion over the Mainland couple – the frist two parts of the movie seemed to take forever. But what a treat when it came to ZIO’s story!

    I also like the way he speaks English and Mandarin! I think if he puts his heart to it, he can learn and speak Mandarin very well.

    Btw, from the enthusiastic response of the Japanese fan club, should he start learning and speaking Japanese too?? /jane

  186. 186 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Re ZIO learning Japanese: HarleyDaz wrote in Scoompi (page 92): “According to all reports when Zio finished filming SPIL [Single Papa in Love] he was taking a rest by spending time playing baseball (Albatross ent. team) and spending 4 hours a days learning Japanese so he can work in Japan.” Thank you, HD for the info! /Jane

  187. 187 : Mandi Says:

    Mmm. am sure he’ll pick up fast.

  188. 188 : Mandi Says:

    Hi Jane,

    (re: 176) You have to try and get hold of Autumn Shower. In my opinion, this is a very romantic drama that is very artistically filmed at many scences. Actors, esp OJH & Actresses all very pretty and are excellent in expressing out innermost emotions of the respective characters. Although this drama was not highly rated when showed in korea, i still think it is an excellent work, better than some that drew awards. I always feel that not neccessary all those works that get awards are the best. Sometimes, it depends also on other factors. Try your luck at “Yu-ku”. Let me know if u need the url. Share yr comments after u’ve watched it. Good luck.

  189. 189 : Mandi Says:


    (182) it’s okay

  190. 190 : Mandi Says:

    Beth, i was answering to 179, not 182. Tks.

  191. 191 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jane ,
    I have watched Autumn Showers and find it OK. Three of them are beautiful actors. I didn’t find it boring at all, in fact I finished it in three days. I have heard a lot of bad acting from Zio, maybe because of the story of how he end up with two of them. That is life in reality and it had nothing to do with acting. The only thing that put me off is the ending. He could have end up with Jung Ryu Won isn’t she was the first to meet Zio in seaquarium? Also Zio and Jung Ryu Won was already forgiven by Kim So Yun and also had divrorce Zio. For me I don’t think there is nothing wrong ending up with either one of them anyway Zio love either one of
    them and that is the world we live in right now. Some of you may not agree with me but that is my point of view.

  192. 192 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jane,

    Re post 185, I totally agree with you. I only love the third part. Story was interesting and both of them (ZIO & Ruby Lin) played it perfectly.
    I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. 193 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Re 188 and 191 – thanks Mandi and Beth,

    I managed to get hold of Autumn Shower – just need time to watch it. I also have to watch Thanks Life. Cannot find 2nd proposal. /Jane

  194. 194 : Beth Says:

    Re post 188 and 191

    Hi Mandi,

    Post of Autumn Shower comment was intended for you as mistakenly put Jane’s name.

    Jane you’ll love Autumn shower. Zio was very good on that drama. The emotion he keep to himself and the agony he has, waiting for his coma wife to wake up is credibly and convincingly played. I love the part whenever he is in the shower he just cry out loud to release his inner feeling..what a lovely scene. Forget those naysayer saying he acted unemotional and stoic. That is what the director insrtuct him to do.
    Just watch his face how he react to a scene.

    As Mandi say share your comment once your done watching.

  195. 195 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Super Rookie: one of HK’s free tv stations (ATV World) is doing a repeat airing Super Rookie on Sunday afternoon from 1:00 to 3pm.

  196. 196 : Beth Says:


    Don’t missed A Second Proposal. Remember it is in this drama he won a best supporting actor. He is so good looking and lovable. You will love him completely. I loved the last 2 episode. Everything ends well.
    BTW you’ll love those 2 kids especially the elder one.

  197. 197 : Beth Says:

    Wow Jane we are crisscrosing, 3 minutes apart not too shabby.

    Glad Super Rookie is played again in Hongkong. More airtime for Zio. Maybe he’ll get recognize soon. That is good news for us Zio fans.

  198. 198 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Beth re: 196

    Wow, thanks for the heads up – will probably have to watch this via Yuko then – I’ve left my phone number with the shop that found ZIO’s dvds for me and she told me she’s been looking hi and lo but still couldn’t find it. /jane

  199. 199 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Beth, re: 197

    Yes, we are indeed crisscrossing! It’s 10:42am here in HK. I hear you had to work during Thanksgiving hols – hope you are able to get some rest! /Jane

  200. 200 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    For the benefit of our viewers/visitors of this site who have not yet joined Scoompi, here’s what HarleyDaz dug out for us re ZIO’s Japan Fan Meeting on November 22, 2008:

    Videos of OH JI-HO JAPAN FAN MEETING NOV. 22, 2008
    Nov. 27th

    # 1 http://www.heavenlystar.co.kr/sub/sub04_02…=&virtual=5

    # 2 http://www.heavenlystar.co.kr/sub/sub04_02…=&virtual=6

    #3 http://www.heavenlystar.co.kr/sub/sub04_02…=&virtual=7

    Nov. 30th (NEW)
    #4 http://www.heavenlystar.co.kr/sub/sub04_02…=&virtual=8

    Source: http://www.heavenlystar.co.kr/sub/sub04_02.htm



  201. 201 : Beth Says:


    You must tell the lady to dig deeper. Second Proposal is a must. You’ll

    not be disappointed.

  202. 202 : Pinky Says:

    (184) Hi Jane,

    Sorry for the late reply! In my opinion, I think Zio is not too popular in HK…. but I’m sure he will be popular later on…… 🙂 He is so handsome, perfect body, lovely smile…….. and a very hard working actor. I really like him. I really want to meet him in peron. 🙂

    Actually, he’s been hot for a short time after Fantasy couple. But HK people don’t like macho man..


  203. 203 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Zio Ladies,

    Can anyone tell me the link to find “LOVE TRIOLOGY ” in other language besides Mandarin?

    I rather like to listen Korean language….


  204. 204 : Beth Says:

    Jane re:199

    I am normally off on a Thursday. Weekends are slow so its OK.

    Last Thanksgiving I had invited friends so next day had to work that is the reason why I so was tired.

    Thanks for your concern, I really appricate it.

  205. 205 : Beth Says:


    What??? Hongkong ladies doesn’t dig macho man?? I’m surprised!!!!

  206. 206 : Beth Says:


    Here’s the link :


    This is where I bought it. It is very reliable.

  207. 207 : Mandi Says:

    Hi Beth,

    (191) i agree that Zio ending up with 2 ladies is due to circumstances, not bad character. In fact, i feel that Chui Yoon-Jae very pitiful (my opinion). I think his acting is marvellous in this drama.

  208. 208 : Mandi Says:


    (193) i too have difficulty in getting hold of 2nd proposal, thanks life and all works of OJH before that. (sad!) . Only managed to get some glimpses here & there. So i really hope to see new projects of OJH, have been waiting for too long since SDIL. (protest!)

  209. 209 : Mandi Says:

    (195) Good for OJH.

  210. 210 : Mandi Says:

    Beth & Pinky,

    (201 & 204) I too am surprise!

  211. 211 : Lovestar Says:

    To all you Zio ladies

    Love all your comments!!!


  212. 212 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi Beth , Pinky and Mandi

    I think Hongkong Ladies goes for men with fair skin and Zio is a little bit on the tan side. I do think it depends on the criteria of what the ladies are looking for. Some ladies might like a man with light colored skin and some may not. So Im not really surprised of Pinky’s comment.

  213. 213 : Beth Says:

    Pinky and ladies,

    Quick question what would be your first reaction if you meet Zio accidentally ??? This must be fun…

  214. 214 : Lovestar Says:

    Good question…

    I’ll ask for direction like i’m lost and strike a conversation till I ask him for an autograph and picture ( if i brought my camera).

  215. 215 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Just to let you know, under #200, I have posted HarleyDaz’s video links to ZIO’s Japan Fan meeting but my message is “awaiting moderation.”

  216. 216 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Beth and Lovestar:

    Good question re what would be your first reaction if you meet Zio accidentally? I’d be at a loss for words for sure and my jaws will be opened like they’re falling off!

    Of course, after I’d composed myself, I’ll be able to tell him that he is a very good actor and I love his dramas and movies and hope to see more of his works… oh so much more to say to him – also must remember to “complain” that we ZIO ladies are not allowed to join his official fan club which is only meant for those living in Japan!! Maybe it’ll be a load off my cheset if I write all this down and send him a card instead!

  217. 217 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Thank you, LIZ from K-Popp! for being ZIO-MR DIMPLE friendly!! /best regards, Jane

  218. 218 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi Jane, post 215

    Love your comment. Im sure you’ll drop dead and vanish into thin air
    a comment I posted in K-popped under anonymous when you meet Zio accidentally…haha.

  219. 219 : Beth Says:


    I have the same problem before when I reposted a link from other site.
    It takes three days before it was posted. So we just have to wait if the moderator approves of it or not.

  220. 220 : Beth Says:

    Re: post 216

    I second to Jane for thanking Liz of K-popped!. She gave a wonderful article of our Zio. I am sure all the ‘Mr Dimple Soompi’s Zio ladies would also thank her.

    Once again Liz, thank you!!!

  221. 221 : Lia Says:

    Hello Ladies

    Wow… a few I wasn’t open this site and waw…. so fast. There’re 219 posts now. Good Jobs, ladies :thumb:

    I don’t know from where I’ll comment, just enjoy your comments.

  222. 222 : Lia Says:

    Hello Ladies

    Wow… a few I wasn’t open this site and waw…. so fast. There’re 219 posts now. Good Jobs, ladies :thumb:

    I don’t know from where I’ll comment, just enjoy to read your comments.

  223. 223 : Lia Says:

    Opps… sorry I’ve made double posts. anyone knows how to delete it?
    hmm… I think I couldn’t do it, coz there’s no menu for it.

  224. 224 : Beth Says:

    Hi Lia,

    Nice to see you back. Did you have a nice vacation?

    We have a lot of Zio news now. Did you read K-popped news by Liz.
    She seems to like our Zio. Don’t you agree?

    Btw there is no way to erase double posting. Once you click the botton that is final.

  225. 225 : Lovestar Says:


    So happy to see you here. Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice posting of Zio on the Indonesian site. Keep up the good work.


  226. 226 : Lia Says:

    (201) Hi Pinky

    Zio isn’t too popular in Indonesia too, I don’t know why. Zio has everything. good looking, perfect body, beatiful smile with beautiful dimples, good talent, good personality. I also want to meet him. I don’t know if i have that opportunity.

    btw, have u join with us in Soompi?

  227. 227 : Beth Says:


    I know the feeling when you know you tried your very best to support an idol.
    Fo me I don’t really care if he got lots of fans or not but I am convince that the idol I cared so much has a good personality, kind, warm hearted, generous. And so I can say I won the battle because Zio has all this trait and qualities and its worth fighting till my last breath.

  228. 228 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hi Beth, Jane, Lia, Pinky, Mandi & Lovestar

    K-popped! (Liz) and Coolsmurf (Alvin Lim) are 2 of my favorite bloggers always visit there blogs for updated news on all Celebes.

    As Beth knows “Mr Dimple” is above all the rest for me.

    I’ve had the pleasure of watching almost all of his movies and kdramas with the exception of
    Zios first movie debut in 1998 “KKA” (“Naked Being”)
    3 Kdramas KBS’s “Cool”, MBC’s “Confession”, & SBS’s “Detective”
    I have never been able to find the DVD’s to these 4 anywhere.
    I would take them even without Eng. Subs to make my collection of Zios work complete. I am not one to give up after all these years of being a loyal fan someday maybe they will appear again in Zios world.

    My favorite movie has to be “Love Trilogy” even though I had to sit through a 3rd of the film before he appeared on screen.
    Thanks to Jane who confirmed that it is Zio singing in the background was an added pleasure to know.
    I’ve repeatly watched this movie with the same anticipation as my first time enjoying it more and more.

    As with every role Zio has taken on he has changed his hairstyle to fit the character.
    Recently having his cut short for the role of math teacher in the SBS “Lord of Study”. Unfortunately the series ran into problems before it went into production and reports are that SBS has cencelled it.
    I feel this would of been a great project for Zio therefore I am hoping that SBS can solve the problem and it will be done in 2009.

    Thank you Zio Ladies for helping “Zio Spread His Love Around the World”.


  229. 229 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi Lia,

    Heard you had a refreshing weekend! Good to know you have an Indonesian site for our ZIO – please let me have the link and so good of you to post MR DIMPLE there. /JaneJCSF

  230. 230 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi Lia,

    Re double posts – unfortunately, once it’s sent we cannot edit, unlike Soompi. For me though, it is the opposite – I usually typed my message but when I sent, I forgot to type the Anti-Spam word and the entire message gets deleted – that’s very frustrating. I am learning to prepare my messages offsite so I can do a copy and paste – in case I have to re-post it!

    Re Soompi, I have the same problem too when I have a long message and then Soompi goes into maintenance mode! /Jane

  231. 231 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jane,

    I was laughing about what you said once you press the button without the anti spam word everything gets erase. It happens to me a couple of times. You gave me a good idea. Copy it first once you’re done so as not to have all posted wasted.

    Same thing with Soompi. It happens to me once.

  232. 232 : Beth Says:

    Hello Harleydaz

    Nice to see you here. Thanks for your wonderful thoughts of Mr Dimple.

    I wonder where we could get all those early drama of Zio. Guess we have to do a research and dig more…hmmm

    I do love the hairstyle of Zio in Lord of Study. Wonder why SBS has cancelled ‘Lord Of Study’. Anybody know the exact reason ??

  233. 233 : Lovestar Says:


    Welcome back. Its has been quite a while. Anynews of Zio lately?

  234. 234 : Mary Says:

    He looks like a very charming man. I want to meet him in real life.

  235. 235 : Mandi Says:


    (213) i think i’ll scream before i could do anything else. Just hope it won’t be one that is too loud ah………

  236. 236 : Mandi Says:

    will of course ask him for autograph and take a picture with him using my mobile when i return to my senses. ^^!

  237. 237 : Mandi Says:

    I’m not sure about you ladies, but i’m begining to feel impatient to see new work from OJH. If “Lord of Study” has been postponed or cancelled, why can’t they give him some new work. He hasn’t any other work since SDIL, which was begining of the year. (disappointed)

  238. 238 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Beth, (205,206)

    Yes, absolutely correct!! I have asked some of my colleagues and most of them said Zio is too macho and they are scare if macho man…..

    Too bad…. I think he’s so perfect…. tall/handsome/athlete body….. ^_^ I love it!! haha……..

    BTW, thanks for the link/Picky

  239. 239 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi Mary

    Thanks for joining us here. You will find lots of love in Zio here.

  240. 240 : Beth Says:

    Hi Pinky

    You made me laugh by your comment. Tell your friends not be afraid.
    Zio will protect from bad guys..haha, he know kickboxing and all sort of martial arts.
    If its me I’ll be releive. I have a macho man defending and taking care of me. Anyway they could pick whovever they want to be. Ok?

  241. 241 : Beth Says:

    Mary, I second lovestar in welcoming you

  242. 242 : Beth Says:


    Jane was asking about the Indonesian OJH site. Can we join in? Guess we have to register too isn’t it. Please tell us what we can do to promote Zio in your area.
    Remember Harleydaz phrase: Spread love for Zio around the world.

  243. 243 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi MARY, a very WARM WELCOME to you!! Hope you’ll enjoy this chat room! /Jane

  244. 244 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    MINAH found Oh Ji Ho’s name in the Japanese drama: kekkon-dekinai-otoko (starring Abe Hiroshi) – check it out!!

    Thank you, Minah!!

  245. 245 : Pinky Says:


    For me? I’ll ask directly for an autograph and picture…… and of course give him a BIG HUG!!

  246. 246 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    What more can I say except that you (and we, ZIO-Ladies) have great taste!!!

    I have 3 Korean lady colleagues and they like other Korean actors/actresses. Pity they didn’t notice ZIO! It’s pointless “selling” ZIO to them – they have to find out for themselves. I have, however, asked them where I can find good Kimchi in HK but one said she buys from Great and City Super but they’re no good – she’ll ask her friends coming from Korea to bring some for me!

    Btw, when you have the time, pls surf the net for “吳志浩” (used by PRC) or “吳智昊” (used HK and Taiwan) – there are some comments – most people like Fantasy Couple but didn’t like Single Papa in Love – I think they are mostly referring to the storyline of SPIL – perhaps not so much ZIO’s acting – I still need to find time to read those comments as my reading of Chinese is very slow. One Taiwanese said he(or she?) loved ZIO and Ruby in LOVE TRILOGY. Ah, so much to read….

  247. 247 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Lia (226),

    Yes, I already joined Soompi! Will meet you there…… soon!


  248. 248 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Ladies, (232) (240)

    I also want to know the reason why Lort of master was being postponed or cancelled (sad..sad…sad)

    I agree with you that if Zio is my lover, I don’t have to worry about anything… he will be a good bodyguard and lover!! 🙂


  249. 249 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Jane (246)

    Yes, we all have great taste!! 🙂

    Most people in HK like Zio in Fantasy couple but didn’t like Single Papa in Love. I think they mostly like romantic story with good ending!!

    I still don’t have chance to view Love Trilogy! Will try my best to find it out!!


  250. 250 : Lia Says:

    Ladies … you’re suprising me once again 😀 there’re already lots of comments here, so fast. glad to see Zio in the list. Good Job !!

  251. 251 : Lia Says:

    Beth & Jane,

    I did the same, I’ve wrote message then I forgot to write down the anti spam word. damn, sometime I forgot what I’ve wrote 😀

    well, Jane. actually it’s not mine. it’s like soompi, almost similar. lots of thread there, one of them is Zio’s thread. but unfortunetly, that thread not too popular.

    Yes, Beth. Sure.. you can register on that site. open the link site http://www.lautanindonesia.com/forum/index.php/topic,752.0.html and you just click to register word in the right side. then you can comment.

    about K-pops, can you please give me the link?

  252. 252 : Lia Says:

    (225) Hello Lovestar ……. Thank you… keep on Fighting too !!!

  253. 253 : Lia Says:

    (247) Hi Pinky

    Good. Nice to know you’re already be part of our family in Soompi 🙂

  254. 254 : Lia Says:

    Beth & Jane

    I have a suggestion for us, for not forgeting to write down the anti spam word. Before we’ll type our comment, maybe we have to type the anti spam world first.
    a few minutes ago I forgot again to type the anti spam word. then I decided to try type the word first.

  255. 255 : Lia Says:


    Like I ever said in Soompi, beside blog maybe you have your own profile in Friendster or Facebook. Maybe you can input Zio’s part in your own profile. you can add pics or videos of Zio. I’ve already added Zio’s video in Australia from V.O.S MV in my friendster and Facebook.
    Maybe you can do it too, ladies to spread our love and also can promote him 😉

  256. 256 : Mandi Says:

    Jane & Mina,

    (244) Thanks. i tried searhing Yahoo but no clue 🙁

  257. 257 : Beth Says:

    Lia and ladies,

    Here’s the link for K-popped.


    Scroll down till you reach posted by Liz, click on kimchi kisses then it will bring you to post your comment. Remember to register first. I forgot my password that’s why I posted as anonymous.

    Harleydaz did a very long thorough introduction of Zio. Even Orchid one of the blogger was amazed!!!!

    Do not forget to intoduce yourself as A ZIO Soompi Ladies and let her know how appreciative we are of her article.

    Any Zio ladies from this site could post too.

  258. 258 : Beth Says:

    (251) Thanks Lia for giving me that idea. I’ll remember to type first the anti-spam word.

  259. 259 : Beth Says:

    Mandi (256)

    Here’s the link.


    Look for that drama , you’ll find it there.

    If you have a problem let me know.

  260. 260 : Beth Says:

    Mandi here’s the link of that drama.


    Did you know I happen to like Abe Hiroshi. If you look closely he looks like an older brother of Zio. Features are almost alike. He is very tall, taller than Zio. No wonder SBS cast Zio as math teacher Korean version (now cancelled??).
    Abe was the math teacher on the Japanese version except with a goatee.


  261. 261 : Lovestar Says:

    Thanks Beth for the direct link. (260)

    Your right, Abe Hiroshi looks like Zio.

  262. 262 : Mandi Says:

    Hi ladies,

    I came across this Variety program on Youtube. It featured interview of SDIL actor/actresses. Not sure whether you’ve watched it. Enjoy.





  263. 263 : Mandi Says:


    (260) Tks, but unfortunately it said video was not uploaded when i tried watching. Looks like i wont be able to see any new things of ojh soon (disappointed)

  264. 264 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Beth, Mandi (260) (262)

    Thank you both for shareing the link. I really enjoy it……. too bad I haven’t view “Second Proposal” yet! Can anyone tell me about the story? ’cause the lady seems like older than Zio. Is she Zio’s lover in that drama? It must be very exciting…… I am looking for that drama now.


  265. 265 : Beth Says:


    I don’t want to spill everything about A Second proposal. Let say Zio act as a guardian to the older lady because her husband treat her so badly. Zio sympathizes her. Age gap is about 5 yeras I think. Zio also sing in ASP. Here’s a link where he sings and accepted the award. Link not so clear.
    Zio portion start at 8.56

    All I can say ASP a must watch. Zio acted his part brilliantly that is the reason why he won the supporting actor award. You will love Zio in ASP. So handsome and funny. Can you be able to check on your makeshift stall market like I found in Macau few weeks back when I was visiting? I should have bought one and send you all ladies a copy. How about in Angel market in Kowloon. Do they sell pirated (opps) VCD or DVD?

  266. 266 : Beth Says:

    Mandi (263)

    Did you say you can’t watch Kekkon Dekinai Otoko. I was watching it earlir and i’m on episode 3 now. I love it. Abe Hiroshi is so funny. He fits his role perfectly. Kind of age a little bit on this movie and he’s only 40, but his body is great slim and sexy. Even his lovely butt was shown towards the end of the 1st episode…haha

  267. 267 : Pinky Says:

    Beth (265),

    Many thanks for your quick response!! 🙂
    I really appreciate that!!

    I will try to got that DVD, anyway, where is Angel market? I don’t think I have been there or heard of it before? ~m~


  268. 268 : Lia Says:


    Thank you for the link. I’ll visit that site and will give my comment if I already register.

  269. 269 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    I too have been trying to find A Second Proposal but a couple of the “reliable” shops I’ve gone to couldn’t find it.

    You can however, see most of this drama from so.youku.com:

    However, I think chapters 4 and 11 are missing.

    I haven’t got the time to watch it yet – will definitely do so sometime!

    Hey, if anyone out there can find chapters 4 and 11, do let us know.

  270. 270 : Lia Says:

    Second proposal is a good movie, and Zio won as supporting actor in that movie. I haven’t watched it, I’ve hunted the pirated dvd (opps) in my city but I haven’t found it yet.

  271. 271 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    A lot of ZIO’s videos can be found on this site too:


    Cheers, Jane

  272. 272 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi Lia, I think we are criss-crossing now! /Jane

  273. 273 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Lia (#251) – thank you for your link – I will visit it soon!

  274. 274 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Beth & Lovestar (#260 & #261)

    I tried to scan through very quickly the kekkon-dekinai-otoko episodes to see if I can spot ZIO but I can’t. Hope Beth can tell us soon after she’s seen it!

    Yes, when I saw Abe’s face from the side, at first I thought it was ZIO – their side face profile seems to look alike.

  275. 275 : Beth Says:


    My post (266) is under moderation, can you view it??

  276. 276 : Beth Says:

    Jane, Mandi ,Picky

    I’ve got good news for you. I have a client who is flying to China on Saturday night. Don’t know when he’ll be in HK. All you three ladies are from HK right?
    I am warning you copy is not so clear but translation is excellent.
    My email is [email protected]. I need one of you to email me your address so that my client could mail it to you. Last 2 episode sometimes stop or repeat just leave it don’t do anything it will just continue.
    Once you three are done you could share it with Lia.
    BTW is it legal to mail a disc in your country? What I mean Hk to HK.
    Let me know soon.


  277. 277 : Lia Says:

    Beth, your post (266) I think was missing, coz I see the number of is Pinky’s not yours.

  278. 278 : Lia Says:

    Beth, what u mean was about Second Proposal?
    waw.. Jane, Mandi and Pinky…. hurry up, don’t miss this opportunity 😉

  279. 279 : Lia Says:


    I just registered and gave comment to Liz’s blog. thx again for the link.
    There’re 12 comments, hmm.. hope that count will raise.

  280. 280 : Beth Says:

    Lia (266)

    Yeah, that was ‘A Second Proposal’ ,” ASP ” for short. I am sorry Lia this DVD was given to me. I’m sharing it to you ladies… I do not know if they could download this DVD. Up to know I haven’t got an answer from Jane, Mandi or Picky.
    I also have an extra copy of Silver Knife..good copy. Are you interested?
    send me an email.

  281. 281 : Beth Says:

    Yes Lia my post (266) is still awaiting for moderation.

  282. 282 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    BETH, re #274:

    I can see #265 where you told Pinky that you didn’t “want to spill everything about A Second proposal” and #266 where Pinky asked “where is Angel market? I don’t think I have been there or heard of it before?”. Probably your #266 is not approved yet.

  283. 283 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    BETH, #275 & #279:

    Thank you and I’ve already sent you an email – I hope you’ll get it!!! Can’t wait to receive them!!!

    Have a lovely and blessed day, and this goes to all our lovely ZIO-Ladies as well! /cheers, Jane

  284. 284 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    Re #277 – re ASP – done — hope Beth will receive my email!

    Re #278 – re LIZ blog — not done – will do so when I have the time!


  285. 285 : Lia Says:


    I haven’t watched silver knife either. but how the way for me to get that movie?

  286. 286 : Lovestar Says:

    Beth post (266) is up and running!!

  287. 287 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    BETH #266 – yes, it’s up and running – in this case all our reference nos on our messages since #266 have to be moved one up.

    Agree Abe is very good looking despite being around 40 and he has a long history of dramas and movies. I hope in time to come, our ZIO will also be a widely acknowledged and welcomed seasoned veteran actor.

    Re your Soompi link to Abe’s news – he recently got married (or was it engaged) at 43 – very similar to his role in Kekkon Dekinai Otoko – but his fiancee/wife is 15 years younger though – more like his neighbour instead of the doctor in the drama!

  288. 288 : Beth Says:

    Jane thanks for the email. I had email you back.

    I have to confirm again with my girlfriend about Angel Market. Maybe I mispronounce the place name. I am still working overtime. Will let you know later.

  289. 289 : Beth Says:

    Thanks Lovestar for letting us know its up and running.

  290. 290 : Beth Says:

    Ladies we are all crisscrosing. Its nice to know meaning this site is so active. Lots of comments and stories to talk about our Mr Dimple.

    Maybe Zio long lost brother is Abe. Could Zio get married on a later date?

    So true what you post about Abe (287). Thank You. Have you watch his video with the chimpanze??

  291. 291 : Pinky Says:

    Jane and Ladies, (269,271)

    Thank you for the link. I’ll visit that site real soon…..:-)

    Beth (280, 276)

    What a good nice!! Yes, I’d like to get a copy of‘A Second Proposal’ & ‘Silver Knife’ too! Too greedy am I?? ^-^

    my e-mail is [email protected]

  292. 292 : Pinky Says:

    Beth (288),

    Thanks again! Please ask you friend whether Angel Market is locationed at Mongkok or not; I know that there’s a famous street for shopping.


  293. 293 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hi Ladies

    WOW! Zio Ladies you are all doing a fantastic job helping “Zio Spread his Love”.
    I am very impressed!

    “Second Proposal” great Zio project, I am not a spoiler will be interested in seeing what you Ladies post after you’ve finished seeing the series.

    I’m trying to watch 2 kdramas being shown in my area (not Zios) and Tazza on the computer now added
    Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (Japan) that has Zio listed in the cast on Mysoju.com but nowhere else. I was watching as I worked today did not see Zio in any episodes. Will try and view again maybe tomorrow. I might of missed him while on the phone. Several neighbors of mine are from Japan (2 into kdramas) one said Zio had worked before in Japan the another said not so. Who do I believe?

    Beth are you watching this one? If you see Zio let me know what episode and I freeze frame and repost the pix to Soompi.

  294. 294 : Beth Says:


    You are absolutely right it is in Monkok (sorry for the spelling). But not sure if they are selling DVD. Is it still existing. I was there 6 years ago.

    I have only one copy of ASP and Silver Knife. So ladies I could ask my client if it is OK to mail it seperately. I still have to ask him. I’ll see what I can do..OK?

  295. 295 : Beth Says:


    I’m on my way home. Was emailing Jane back and forth, we just can’t stop..hahaha
    I will watch Abe’s drama tonight and tomorrow as it is my day off.
    Will let you know of Zio.

  296. 296 : Pinky Says:

    Beth #294,

    Thanks Beth!
    I know where it is now and I am sure that market is still there. The only thing that I don’t know is because the name is different. In HK, we called that street/market “women street-Mongkok”!! @[email protected]

    And I am sure they sell DVD there too! Will try to find my Zio….


  297. 297 : Mandi Says:

    Hi, don’t know why my postings kept undergoing moderation. This is a test post. Hope it will get through.

  298. 298 : Lia Says:

    Wow… Ladies … we’ve climb so fast. Keep on climbing, fighting !!

  299. 299 : Lovestar Says:


    Are you from Singapore,? I always thought you’re from HK correct me i if I am wrong. Minah another Soompi lady is from Malaysia land of K-popped! She uses Minah_00 as her username. Jane and Picky were both confuse too. Thanks

  300. 300 : Lovestar Says:


    We are crisscrossing again… one second apart. WOW!!!

  301. 301 : Beth Says:


    When i got home i call my girlfriend who was with me in Hongkong. She told me we went to 3 night market places. One in Hongkong and two in Kowloon. I remember only two but when you mention mongkok it rings a bell. You know why i remember ? My other girlfriend was not wearing her contacts and she pronounce it as MONKEY. We were all laughing like there is no tomorrow. She was so funny becuase she thought she was saying it right.
    She is from Africa so were thinking she is partly right because there are all sort of exotic animals in her country. She was so fun to be with. Also keep on mispronouncing street name and food.

  302. 302 : Beth Says:


    Forgot to tell you during that time we were there I only find some music CDs. Maybe right now they might sell DVDs like the night market in Macau. Good Luck

  303. 303 : Pinky Says:

    Lovestar (299),

    Hello, I am staying in HK now! How about you?/Picky

  304. 304 : Mandi Says:

    i’d just missed KD for a moment and it’d climbed up to 300. Hurray, lets contragulate ourselves and continue to fight!!

  305. 305 : Pinky Says:

    Beth, (310,302)

    Wow! It was so funny that you friend pronounce Mongkok as MONKEY…..I can’t help laughing when I was reading your message. 🙂

    Anyway, wish me luck la!!


  306. 306 : Beth Says:

    Post (304) and ladies

    Lets go girl!!!!! Fighting!!!!!!!

  307. 307 : Beth Says:

    Pinky (305)

    My friend Ayele told me to correct myself she spelled it Monkee not Monkey, for me its still the same pronounciation. ..hahaha I’m making her mad.

    Don’t worry she’s game.. lovely lady … i will let her read this post when she come home from work. If she say anything funny I’ll let you know.


  308. 308 : Lia Says:

    Morning Ladies….

    Good to star this morning by opeing Zio’s pages. Make this morning so lovely.
    and today is my birthday…. by visiting Zio’s pages, meet to my lovely friends here and in Soompi … make my day so wonderful. thank you ladies….. ^_^

  309. 309 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    LIA (#308)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May you have a lovely day and a blessed weekend! /JaneJCSF xoxo

  310. 310 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    Thanks so much for sharing the http://www.tremolo.co.kr/ link on Soompi – so nice to see more of ZIO in his AD video.

    Beth’s instructions: on menu bar, click “BRAND”, go to dropdown menu and click “AD”.

  311. 311 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    BETH (post 307)

    Hi AYELE! Pleased to meet you here! I hope you’re not as “crazy” as BETH! ha ha ha! Have a great weekend both of you! /JaneJCSF

  312. 312 : Lia Says:


    Thx a lots. Yes… this morning is a good morning 🙂

  313. 313 : Ayele Says:

    Hello Ladies

    My english not so good but tell you my firend beth so crazy malke fun of me all the time, not worry I am use to Beth. Nice meet you ladies.
    Oh Ji Ho so beautiful, very man and look so nice. Continue support him.

  314. 314 : Pinky Says:

    Beth (305)

    Ok, any funy things please let me know!! Ahaa..

    Hi Lia (308) – Happy Birthday to you!! You know what…….my birthday is on the 7th… same month as you! 🙂

  315. 315 : Pinky Says:

    Hello Ayele (313)

    You must be Beth’s “lovely friend”! I just want to say “Hi” to you!


  316. 316 : Ayele Says:


    I might tell Ayele to join us. She is a very shy lady but big in heart. WE use to call her our MOM. Whenever we (my girlfriends) has some disagreement Ayele is always here to solve or calm us down. Did I tell you she is from Africa. I even tell her to shout out for Zio name there.
    Said I’m bizzare, silly and outrageous! Happy we have one thing in common love OJH.

  317. 317 : Beth Says:

    opps sorry Jane (post 315)

    Ayele was using my loptop , I didn’t change my name.
    Its my post actually.

  318. 318 : Beth Says:

    Pinky she say ‘Hi’.

  319. 319 : Beth Says:





  320. 320 : Pinky Says:

    Thanks Beth! (318)

    Seems like we are talking much much more everyday! 🙂

  321. 321 : Lovestar Says:

    Hello Lia,

    I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.
    Could that be Zio in his birthday suit ??

    Wishing you another wonderful year of happiness and joy. Happy Birthday!

  322. 322 : Beth Says:

    (316) (318)

    Ayele say ‘Hi ‘ said sorry for the name blunder.

  323. 323 : Pinky Says:

    Beth (322),

    That’s no big deal!! Let’s forget that !! ^m^

  324. 324 : Beth Says:


    Do you know we made 19 responces today??!!! Keep on Fighting.

    Thanks for your email Jane and Picky.

    Jane that bollywood ‘Twinkle Twinkle Litter Star” is hilarious and entertaining at the same time. You should post that in Soompi.
    Its been quiet on that end. Wonder what Zio has been doing lately??
    I.m sure Zio would be entertain.

  325. 325 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    BETH/HARLEYDAZ (Post 324)

    Beth, you could post the bollywood twinkle twinkle little star link on Soompi on my behalf at anytime, as I had posted the Tremolo AD link on your behalf. Also, perhaps you or HD could write to ZIO’s official homepage and post the link too? Unless you’re like me, his homepage is all in Korean ~ I don’t even know where to begin.

  326. 326 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    Click here to watch hilarious Bollywood versions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=fmdAF4ihedM

  327. 327 : Pinky Says:

    Beth (324) & ladies,

    You are quite right, we have more and more responces each day! You know I keep checking on this more than checking my e-mail. 🙂


  328. 328 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Ladies,

    I will be very depressed if I can’t find your comments each day!! ~_~

    Thus, don’t let me be disappointed ok!!!! 🙂

    BTW, I have already set up an Soompi account but how come I am not able to login? They keep showing me that they can’t recognize my password. Do you guys got the same experience as mine?

  329. 329 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    I had the same problem when I first joined Soompi. You should submit the “cannot remember password” request and they’ll resend one to you. That is a one-time password only. Thereafter you have to re-set a new password.

    Try it again and let us know.

  330. 330 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hi Pinky

    Don’t be depressed I had the same problem ove & over & over.

    Do as Jane says.

    Finally discovered that if I signed in remember me to this site everything from then on was a breeze.

    I now have Zios direct link to his thread in my favorites, when page changes I update favorites.


  331. 331 : Beth Says:

    Pinky (328)

    You have to sign in . I do have the same problem so don’t get frustrated. It all happened to us.

    Me too, I checked this site and Soompi first before my email.

    Don’t be disappointed, as long as we stay active our number would go up!!!

  332. 332 : Beth Says:

    Harleydaz (330)

    You have given me an idea. I should have updated the last page of Zio’s Soompi on my favorites. That is why I have the 1st page turn on all the time. Stupid of me..haha

    Thanks Hd once again.

  333. 333 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jane

    Good morning ” Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” …..

    I hope I could imitate her and do that trick to Zio..it would be a blast!!!

  334. 334 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Good morning ZIO sisters:

    AUTUMN SHOWER – I’M HOOKED!!! I’ve just started on the 2nd disc but have to stop now due to the day’s activities.

    I love ZIO as Runzai. Runzai is such a gentleman and a real man in this plot, so far…, one who, once decided on the girl (Engui) that he likes, will only look at Yanrui with eyes of an older brother (‘cos Engui had asked Runzai to treat Yanrui as family).

    I am prejudiced already however – I like Yanrui ‘cos it was Yanrui who met Runzai first and Runzai had good feelings for Yanrui to begin with… Oh, why can’t they have better ending to this drama!!

  335. 335 : Lia Says:

    Just open this page, wow… 334 posts, great !!

    Thank you, ladies for your wishes for me…. 🙂
    Pinky …. so we have same horoscope hehe… so, tomorrow is your bday !!

  336. 336 : Lia Says:


    I’ve watched Autumn Shower. I like Zio there, he’s doing good act at that drama. I love to see his chemistry with Jung Ryu won (the girl). I can feel their sadness.
    Yea… I a little feel upsad with the ending. coz I want to see Zio and Jung Ryu Won together at the end. but I think the director wants friendship as the winner.

  337. 337 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AUTUMN SHOWER – Discs 3 & 4:

    I thought these 3 parts were particularly touching:

    Where Zio was sleeping and dreamt that it was Jung Ryo Won who stroke his head;

    where Jung caught Zio wanting to suffocate his wife and then he looked to Jung for help, comfort and love with helplessness and tears; and

    where Zio came to her apartment and she refused to open the door for him and asked him to leave but she finally could not resist her love for Zio anymore… So romantic!!!

  338. 338 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Dear ZIO-sister PINKY:


    Let’s borrow Beth’s idea for Lia – have a wonderful romantic candlelight dinner with ZIO!!!

  339. 339 : Beth Says:

    Hi Pinky:

    Birthdays Mean: cake, presents, wrapping paper, money, clothes, friends, partys and Zio. What more could you want on your birthday?

    Although I can’t wish you a happy birthday in person; I will spend the whole day with happy thoughts of you.

    Wishing you all the best on your speacial day


  340. 340 : Beth Says:


    I totally agree Autumn Shower is an excellent movie. Its gear more toward muture audiences. I think Korean audience were not ready at that time, if it was shown right now maybe it will be more widely accepted. With this kind of movie shown here in America a lot of moviergoers would welcome and embrace it. It was also very well acted by Zio and Jung Rye Won.

    Right now I am busy watching Tazza aand Abe’s Jdrama.

  341. 341 : Lovestar Says:

    My Sister Picky,

    Just like fine wine, you grow better with the years.

    Have a wonderful day and fabulous year.

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  342. 342 : Ayele Says:

    Hello Pinky,

    This is your Zio sister which Beth loves to joke.

    You think you’re special because its your birthday today. That’s complete nonsense… you’re special every day.

    Hope you have the greatest Birthday ever!

  343. 343 : Beth Says:

    Hi Pinky

    Just want you to know you have a lot of loving Zio sisters on the Soompi thread wishing you birthday greetings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  344. 344 : Lia Says:

    Hi Pinky

    This day is yours. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
    Long life, hope all your wishes will come true.
    Wish U all the best.

  345. 345 : Lia Says:

    I like chemistry between Zio and Jung Ryo Won. I like that couple, I hope they will play together again in another drama.

  346. 346 : Beth Says:

    Lia, Jane

    Re: Autumn Shower
    I notice a lot of us ladies like the pairing of Zio and Jung Ryu Won. Both of them have this magnetic feeling towards its other though its kept inside and they have the most beautiful faces.

  347. 347 : Lia Says:


    Yes, I agree with U. Both of them have beutiful faces.
    I want to see they together again.

  348. 348 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    LIA & BETH: (Posts 346, 346 & 347)

    I feel that Jung Ryu Won did not look too pretty or attractive in the promotional pictures or dvd cover of Autumn Shower, but she is one girl who, the more you look at her, the more she grows on you and I find her really beautiful.

    I truly agree that she and ZIO has a lot of chemistry in this drama. Yes, would be really nice if she and ZIO could work together again!

  349. 349 : Beth Says:

    So true indeed, Jane (349)

  350. 350 : Beth Says:

    Hello Pinky,

    So how was your day, care to share??

  351. 351 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    For your information, I’ve posted my comments of Autumn shower on Jung Ryo Won’s page: http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=376 (post 221). I think she ought to be praised too for her good acting skills!

  352. 352 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    BETH, KARLGIRL, we’re criss-crossing here and in Soompi. Logging off now!!!

  353. 353 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Jane, HD, Beth (329, 330,331)

    Thanks much for your advise! I will try again! 🙂



  354. 354 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Beth & Jane (338, 339, 350)

    Thanks for your great birthday blessing!!

    I had a wonderful birthdaydinner….with lot of presents ……. but no candlelight……..

    It was simple but happy!
    And Zio was always on my mind too..


  355. 355 : Pinky Says:

    Jane, (348)

    I totally agree with you!
    Jung Ryu Won look not so pretty or attactive but the longer you look at her, the more I feel she’s pretty and I really want her had a good ending with Zio in that drama.

    I had tears all the time while watching that drama! It’s really good though!



  356. 356 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Zio ladies,

    I had change my password in soompi, but how can I find you guys? I had search every location but still no way of finding you.. my friend!! 🙁



  357. 357 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    Try this link – you have to log in:


  358. 358 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    PINKY (post 355)

    Are you watching AUTUMN SHOWER now? I’ve only just finished disc 5 – the part where his wife is just waking up…. I wish I had more time to finish the drama quickly.

  359. 359 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Jane, (358)

    I already finished with Autumn Shower long time ago! It’s a very good drama, but so sad and always made me cry……. tell you what….. actually I never watch sad romantic drama. Only after I watch Fantasy Couple and Get Carl then I want to watch every drama of Zio. And that is the reason why I had watch Autumn Shower!! 🙂



  360. 360 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Jane, (357)

    Thanks a lot! I can get there now! I find HD over there and had leave her a hello message!

    Oops! my name over there is nat nat!! 🙂 Will change it to pinky later on…

  361. 361 : Lia Says:

    Hi Pinky..

    How was your bday? I’m sure you have a very happy day.

    Pinky, if you visit Soompi and you didn’t find Zio’s thread in first page, you have to check in the next pages. thx to Jane, you just click the link posted by Jane and you can enter immedietly. but don’t forget to sign in first.
    We’ll waiting for U there…. 😉

  362. 362 : Lia Says:

    Oopps.. my comment (361) is late, I didn’t read your comment (360), Pinky.
    Finally you can join in our Soompi. 🙂

  363. 363 : Lia Says:


    I agree with you, commented about Jung Ryu Won. If we see her, we’ll say she’s not too pretty. but when we see her more and more… especially in Autumn Shower.. we’ll see she’s so pretty. I think she’s a simple woman, but looks charming. I like her. I prefer her than Zio’s wife in that drama.

  364. 364 : Lia Says:


    Yuhuu… now Zio’s name beats Bi’s name 😉
    Bi’s name now in above.

  365. 365 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hi Pinky – thanks for your message, looking forward to seeing more of you in Soompi.

    Hello Zio Ladies

    I too would enjoy seeing Zion work with Jung Ryu Won once again.

    Zio was very busy over the weekend he and his teammates from Albatross baseball team won the Artist League Tournament.

    Then Zio and his good friend Song Jong-ho attended with other celebrities a charity event and donated their jewelry to raise money.
    Visit Soompi and see….
    That beautiful trademark smile appear as Zio gets help removing the gold necklace he was wearing. Great Photo!

  366. 366 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    HarleyDaz (post 365)

    Glad ZIO is busy — yes, isn’t his smile meltingly sweet??

  367. 367 : Beth Says:

    Hi Ladies

    Had been very busy at work till end of the year. Don’t worry ladies I will still be here and support our Zio.

  368. 368 : Beth Says:

    Ain’t we all ladies love Zio smile?? Thats one of his asset that makes us ladies swooned with infatuation and adoration.

    Keep on Fighting Zio Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  369. 369 : Beth Says:

    Hello Harleydaz

    Thank You so much for your informative information of Zio at Soompi.
    Congratulation to Zio and his Albatross team for winning the Artist League Tournament and also his wonderful deed at the charity ball.

    What a guy!!!

  370. 370 : Beth Says:


    I have read your comment of Jung Ryu Won in KD. It was a very lovely one.

  371. 371 : Ayele Says:

    HI Pinky

    Did you have a nice nice birthday party??

  372. 372 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Lia (361) & Ayele (371),

    Thanks for your concern! I had a nice birthday dinner, simple but really happy! 🙂



  373. 373 : Mandi Says:

    (365) Congrats to Zio & his team for the victory.

  374. 374 : Mandi Says:

    (365) Looks like Zio is not only great in his looks, he has a beautiful heart. Nice to know that.

  375. 375 : Lia Says:


    Thanks for your update news in Soompi. Congratulation for Zio and his teams.

  376. 376 : Lia Says:

    Yes Mandi, our Zio is so beautiful outside and inside.

  377. 377 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hi Ladies

    From Soompi – huangsy has posted the link to the Vote Netizens Award of 2008 KBS Drama Awards
    link here

    Soompi Thread
    link here

    Also here’s the link in English for the charity event Zio attended (re: post 365)
    link here

  378. 378 : Lia Says:


    So, you’re busy in work lately? thx for not forgetting us though U’re busy 😉
    keep on fighting, sis !!! don’t forget to take a rest.

  379. 379 : Beth Says:

    Harleydaz (377)

    Thanks for the link. Haven’t got a chance to check Soompi. Post a message on Dramabeans, re : Charity ball.

    Any Zio ladies is welcome to post comment of our Zio. No need to register and could edit your post in 9 minutes.

  380. 380 : Beth Says:

    Lia (378)

    Yes I will be busy till end of the year , I have to cover work for another guy.

    Happy we pass Bi, now we have to pass his friend ‘Kwon Sang Woo” .

    Continue Fighting ladies, aja aja…

  381. 381 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Dear ZIO,

    Love your new and cute short hairdo and glasses at the recent charity event! Keep giving!

    “The richest man is not the one who has the most but rather needs the least.”

  382. 382 : Beth Says:


    Did you manage to sign on Soompi??

  383. 383 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    WOW, finally finished AUTUMN SHOWER — what can I say but that AUTUMN SHOWER IS AWESOME!! That’s the feeling I was left with at the end.

    Fantastic acting, fantastic web of relationships and different facets of love, friendship and loyalty brought out through different circumstances!

    Powerful enough for me!

    more later…

  384. 384 : Beth Says:

    Hi Lia

    Could you possibly email me? You could find my email on my Soompi profile left hand side at the very bottom.

    Thank You

  385. 385 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jane,

    We are crisscrossing.

    That was wonderful. Autumn Shower is a great K drama. I sure did like it myself. In fact I have the OST downloaded. I played it most of the time. Happy for you that you have enjoyed it.

  386. 386 : Mandi Says:


    (377) i’ve tried to ask Huangsy how could i get my id. i was totally blank when i tried going to the link as its all in Korean. Would appreciate if any of you could guide. tks in advance.

  387. 387 : Mandi Says:

    Jane & Beth,

    (385) i love Autumn Shower too. i’ve watched it for 2 times and never get bored. Instead i discover new areas in the drama that’s worth watching the 2nd time i watch it.

  388. 388 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Beth (382),

    Yes, I had managed to sign in Soompi?? My user name at Soompi is nat nat! But I can’t find you yet! 🙂


  389. 389 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    MANDI (387)

    What new areas did you find?

    I am still recovering from AUTUMN SHOWER emotionally!

  390. 390 : Beth Says:

    Hi Pinky

    I frequent Soompi but didn’t see you. Did you go to : Oh Ji Ho 오지호, ~ MBC Fantasy Couple’s Chul-soo ~ . I am Luvlilady over there. I’ll check again, maybe i just miss it.

  391. 391 : Mandi Says:


    (389) That OJH is very handsome as Yoon jae, had dressed in different colours^^! Over the story, when i first watched A’Shower, i wasn’t convinced what Yoon-jae & Yeon seo’s relationship did not go overboard, although i pitied them. On the second round, i gave a re-thought over the intention of the script writer/director and came to a different conclusion. I feel this was neither a betrayal of friendship between Yeon seo & Kyue en nor a typical 3rd party intrusion leading to an undesirable affair. He had crafted a circumstances that no human (Yoon-jae) could survive in, and Yoon jae had really done what he could to the limits. Yeon seo’s situation, being torn between friendship & surpressed love, was not any better and Yoon jae. I like the characters more after watching the 2nd time & hope they could end up together. i am wondering could the complicated story be one of the reasons that viewers could not accept this beautiful drama. Its a pity.

  392. 392 : Beth Says:

    Jane (389)

    I could understand your drain emotionally. Me too especially the last episode where Zio saw Jung Ryu Won at the bookstore. My oh my i was going nuts i was telling myself come on embrace its other and say I love you and missed you but instead left each other like a total stranger.
    How i really wish they end up with each other but got a ?? ending.
    With that said I still love the drama. Somebody told me the actor doesn’t talk much but their emotion and body language say it all.

  393. 393 : Beth Says:

    Mandi, (391)

    What made you say made me want to watch Autumn Shower again.
    I have to think deep and concentrate and absorb their facial expression and be aware of their body movement since I know how the story goes. Sometimes you just can’t devote and watch their acting since you’re busy reading those sub.

  394. 394 : Lovestar Says:


    Is Zio popular in Singapore? Do you have a local channel that shows Korean Drama or Movie only? Or in order to view it do you have to subscribe to a cable or satellite company?

  395. 395 : Beth Says:

    Lovestar and Mandi,

    Here in So. California we have two local channel that show Korean Kdrama and they are rather up to date. And if you have an HD LCD TV you could watch three more additional Kdrama channel.

  396. 396 : Beth Says:

    Hello Pinky (388) (390),

    I finally found you. Welcome to our Soompi Zio world, nat nat. We are know adding more and more Zio sisters into Soompi, that is great news.

  397. 397 : Mandi Says:


    (394)Actually, i hardly watch dramas. I think there is a channel showing non-local dramas, but this include showing taiwanese, hongkong and k dramas. There are some satellite channels for subscription, but i only subscribe to the one on sports bec they are not featuring any of OJH’s works at this moment. I do not think OJH is known to many people here. Think its because they hardly show his dramas. What i know is they only showed Get Karl & Fantasy Couple so far, and both at the non-peak hours. I came to know about OJH only this year when i watch Fantasy couple one of the nights @ 10.30pm. I fell in luv with him immediately (haha). I got to watch his other works throuGH DVDs & internet. One good news is it seemed that people who have watched OJH’s dramas like him, at least among those whom i know.

  398. 398 : Mandi Says:


    (393) i highly recommend that you should. i feel this is one of OJH’s best works (my opinion). Enjoy ^^!

  399. 399 : yanti Says:

    Hi Oh Ji Ho……

    I saw you for the first time in “Single Dad in Love”….then i fall in love with u..

  400. 400 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hello Yanti,

    A very warm welcome to ZIO’s world! (ZIO is Oh Ji Ho’s nickname and we also call him Mr. Dimple.)

    We love Single Dad in Love too — hope you will share with us what you like about this drama!

  401. 401 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    My girlfriend from Japan, Ikuko, says her mother also likes korean dramas but her mom is crazy about Jang Dong Gon (I don’t blame her mom – I like him too!). She also says “Oh-Ji-Ho is very popular in Japan,too. Last month he came to Japan to meet him funs. Oh, I remember, I’ve seen his drama `fantastic couple` at my mothers house. He is a ‘leng-jai`[‘leng-jai’ means handsome in Cantonese].

    This is the site http://www.fanca.jp/cast/index.html that Ikuko sent me.

    Thank you, Ikuko!

  402. 402 : Lia Says:


    Yes, of course. I’ll email you soon. I’ll search your email address from soompi in your left profile. wait for me…. 😉

  403. 403 : Lia Says:


    Finally you’ve finished Autums Shower. glad to hear you like it.

  404. 404 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AUTUMN SHOWER (秋天的驟雨):

    This link describes the characters:

    AUTUMN SHOWER! WOW, you’ve got to watch this drama with an open mind. Having been through so much in life, I have learned to appreciate that life is not perfect – there are many things and circumstances you cannot control in your own life nor the lives of others.

    Okay, I do agree that morally, it is WRONG to commit adultery, even tho’ your wife is in a coma for almost 3 years.

    However, emotionally, if you were in such a depressed state/situation when there seems to be no more hope and you were looking after your wife because it is your responsibility, what WOULD you do, what COULD you do? WHO could you turn to for help?

    I truly enjoyed the way our human nature is explored in this drama – through the pure innocent love when they (ZIO and KSH) first met and got married; responsible love (that of a husband for a comatose wife; a mother’s love for her daughter (JRW); a mother’s love for her son (ZIO); a loyal love from a childhood friend (the doctor)…

    Then comes the realization that love can fade; love can change; love can be irresponsible; love can ruin the closest of friendships…. and they all mature and learn from it – each having to bear their own consequences…

    LOVE THIS DRAMA – AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT even tho it seemed that the rating on local tv when it first aired in 2005 was not good. The reason could be that one episode per hour per night does not help. This must be watched in DVD – episode after episode non stop — sometimes the fast forward key helps to speed up some of the slower-going scenes.

  405. 405 : Lia Says:


    Yes, I was going nuts too when in bookstore scenes. I want they meet and say “I love U” and “I love U too”. then they hug. but…… I couldn’t see it. 🙁

  406. 406 : Lia Says:

    Hello Yanti

    Welcome to Zio’s world. you’re not wrong to give your heart to our lovely Zio. coz he’s so special.

    You can join with us more in Zio’s thread in Soompi Forum.
    Here’s the link : http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20439&st=1940&gopid=11867699&#entry11867699
    (this link going to last page) you can go to first page.

    if it doesn’t work, you can open the site first.

    btw, your name seems you’re from Indonesia. Are you from Indonesia or maybe from Malaysia?

  407. 407 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AUTUMN SHOWER – ZIO’s character:

    I think ZIO has done a superb job in making this character real and practical – I don’t think he could emote more than he’d already done because he cannot overdo his character and I feel he did not under perform either. Those many times he had to keep silent and look expressionless in front of his wife who finally awaken from the coma; in front of the Lee Cheon Hee, as the childhool doctor friend Kim Soo-hyeong, who trusted ZIO in only keeping an arms length friendship with JRW; and dealing with his deep and confused emotions – I thought he was really good!

    Choi Yoon-jae – Actor: Oh Ji-ho
    (Age: 29-32/ Owner of the construction company ‘Mi-geon’)
    He’s raised by a music professor father and a very sophisticated mother. He hasn’t known any difficulties while growing up. He’s very well-read, nice, and active. He has a good sense of humor. He has a very sound philosophy about life. He’s very sincere. He’s a decent man who doesn’t come around very often. He’s very popular with women, but he hasn’t known many. Unlike his almost perfect appearance, he’s very shy around women. He started a construction company with some friends. He also participates in a project in which he builds houses for the poor. He runs his company through hard work and honesty. He’s a respected CEO. A charming and socially respected man gets confused when he realizes that he’s falling for his wife’s best friend. He’s thrown into total confusion. He loves them both. He’s become a target of criticism and sympathy.

  408. 408 : Beth Says:

    Jane : (404) (407)

    Wow , I really enjoyed your Autumn Shower overview. It makes me crack up (404). It was nicely written with emotion. Just lovely!!!!

    Congratulation Jane!!!!

  409. 409 : Beth Says:

    Lia (402)

    I have email you back. Thanks

  410. 410 : Beth Says:

    Hello Yanti

    I’m one of the Zio ladies in Soompi who would like to welcome you into our Zio world!!

  411. 411 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    LIA (405) re AUTUMN SHOWER bookstore scene

    Me too! I just want OJH and RJW to FLY INTO EACH OTHER’S ARMS with joy of meeting each other again!

  412. 412 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Mandi (391)

    Yes, I very much agree that OJH is very handsome as Yoon jae, dressed in different colours^^! I also like and agree with your views on AUTUMN SHOWER!

    As for reasons viewers could not accept this beautiful drama, I can think of a few but I’ll write later, busy now…..

  413. 413 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Jane (4014),

    I highly agree with your comments in AUTUMN SHOWER (秋天的驟雨). Even though the story was sad, this will really happen in our real world.

    Besides; I love Zio in this drama…… he’s so handsome, he is still handsome even when he’s with tears over his face. He’s so charm…


  414. 414 : Beth Says:

    Hello Ladies

    Check out Hyacinth/Ammurr Blog. Our long lost Zio sister. More of Autumn Shower on You tube. Enjoy!!!!

  415. 415 : Beth Says:

    Ladies (414)

    This is the blog. http://www.ohjiho.blogspot.com/

  416. 416 : Lia Says:

    Beth (409)

    Okay and thanks for your email 🙂

  417. 417 : Lia Says:

    Beth (415)

    Thanks for reminding about Hyacinth/Ammurr Blog. I almost forget about the blog. thx for posting the link 🙂

  418. 418 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Beth (415)

    We haven’t heard from our dear sister Amurr on Soompi for sometime now but good to see she is updating her blog.

    BTW, I tried to leave a comment on her blog but I am not successful – it seems I need to sign in?? I just don’t understand how blogs work!

  419. 419 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    MANDI (391)

    When I went into the Soompi thread on Autumn Shower, I was SHOCKED to find such negative and care-less comments. I think the reasons as to why the locals did not like the drama could be as follows:

    1. it became too slow going once Kim So Yun as Lee Kyu-eun went into a coma – her coma state went on for the next 10 to 12(or more??) episodes!

    2. one hour per night does not help. Nothing seems to change much except that of the husband and friends taking care of the invalid. There’s not much lively conversation and too much sadness and deep feelings in OJH and JRW’s characters.

    3. perhaps Kim So yun’s fans are pissed off – so there goes another chunk of the audience.

    4. Some people perhaps are not fans of OJH or JRW – out goes another chunk.

    5. Perhaps housewives and old folks could not accept the plot – unfaithfulness, adultery and disloyalty… so poop goes another chunk.

    6. This drama is too adult/mature for teenagers – the pie is sliced even thinner!

    BUT, great news for those of us who have “THE POWER”, i.e. the DVD and REMOTE CONTROL , it’s exciting ‘cos we get to watch non-stop and chase the plot and what’s gonna happen next until we absolutely need to stop and rest!

  420. 420 : Beth Says:


    You have left a comment on K-popped it is the same blog procedure.
    Honestly I haven’t left a comment on Hyacinth blog yet. Maybe Harleydaz could help.

  421. 421 : Beth Says:

    Jane (419)

    I totally agree with you. There are pros and con for that. Certain episode in Autumn Shower is slow not until the love of OHJ and JRW kick off. To sum it up all it was brilliantly directed and acted.

  422. 422 : Lia Says:


    Yes. I ever visited the blog, but I never visited again lately. I never think about give a comment, I’ll follow you ladies if you can give comments in that blog.

  423. 423 : Lia Says:


    We’ve jumped so fast. Now Zio left his friend, Kwo Sang Woo. 😉

  424. 424 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    I am so happy – I managed to post a x’mas card to ZIO tonight! The post office just closed by the time I arrived (6:05pm) and 2 guards were at the door to let people out although there’s still 2 customers at the counters. I waved my letter at them and begged and they let me in! I started to run to the counter but they told me to be careful and not hurry – what can I say but once more, kudos to the HK postal service!

  425. 425 : Beth Says:


    So proud of you. I did send mine last week. Harleydaz I think mailed her earlier.. Any Zio ladies who would like to mail Christmas card for Zio is not too late.
    WE just have to remind him in every occasion HE is in our thought and prayers.

  426. 426 : Beth Says:


    We did good. I never imagine we could reach this far. It ony show that we Zio ladies are solid and devoted to Zio. Thank You ladies for making it this far.
    I am sure if Zio knew about this he would surely reciprocate and thank us.

  427. 427 : Beth Says:

    Jane (AJ)

    Thanks for the weekend email.

  428. 428 : Beth Says:


    Have you receive my email?? I am resending it again just in case you didn’t receive it.

  429. 429 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    混血型男Daniel评判表情多 吴智昊秀投篮技术

    http://www.sina.com.cn 2008年07月08日09:02

    新浪娱乐讯 韩国型男吴智昊前天与明星篮球队队友,参加NBA在首尔的友谊赛,展示投篮的技术,甚有水准。

      踏入第二年举办的“EA NBA Madness(听歌)”本月四日开始一连三天在首尔举行各项活动。为迎接前天的最后一天活动,现场举行篮球赛事及投篮比赛,还有吴智昊及明星篮球队的球员进行篮球比赛。体形高大的吴智昊,在赛事上展示投篮技术,甚具水准。原来已打篮球15年的吴智昊,对于能参加NBA的活动,以及在现场跟效力洛杉矶湖人队的球星Jordan Farmar见面,大感高兴,但他笑言因为已年过30,有感体力难以负荷。

      至于混血型男Daniel(听歌) Henney,当日则与Jordan Farmar担任街头投篮比赛的评判。属NBA迷的Daniel穿上球衣到场,而在评判席上的他,看到参赛者献技时,不时露出惊讶的神情。

    其实,Daniel凭韩片《My Father》勇夺多个韩国颁奖礼的新人奖,演技备受肯定,而他参演的好莱坞片《变种特攻》外传将于明年上映,大可迈向国际市场。不过,Daniel认为韩

  430. 430 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Translation of post 429:


    http://www.sina.com.cn 2008年07月08日09:02

    Headline Taken direct from free online translation: Hybrid [Eurasian] male Daniel judgment expression multi-Wu Zhi Hao Xiu shoots the technology

    [Photo of Zio with acclaimed PRC actor and director Chen Dao Ming]

    Sina entertainment news: South Korean Wu Zhi Hao day before yesterday and the star basketball team teammates, participated in NBA’s friendly match in Seoul, demonstrated shooting skill – pretty good standard!

    Entering into the 2nd year of “EA NBA Madness” {listen to song here} this April in Seoul held three consecutive days of activities. To welcome the last activity of the day before, a basketball sports event and the goal shooting competition was held which consisted Wu Zhi Hao and the star basketball team’s players.

    Tall and well built Wu Zhi Hao demonstrated his shooting skill – pretty good standard! Wu, who has played basketball for 15 years, felt happy to be able to take part in this NBA activity, as well meeting Los Angeles Laker star Jordan Farmar, but he smiled saying because he is already over 30 in age, he has some physical difficulty … [direct free online translation: “inducing body strength to shoulder with difficulty”.]

    As for Eurasian-born “mixed” handsome Daniel Henney together with Jordan Farmer were on the judges panel. When NBA fan Daniel, who wore sports attire to the event. saw when the participants display their skills, he often revealed surprised facial expressions.

    Entering South Korea market
    Copied direct from free online translation: Actually, Daniel depends on the new person who Han Pian “My Father” seizes many South Korean promulgation ritual bravely to reward, the performing skill prepares was affirmed, but his senate develops the Hollywood piece “Variety Will attack the unauthorized biography to screen Especially” in the next year, might advance to the international market greatly. Daniel thought the South Korean market is more important to him, at present besides the Hollywood script, the South Korean movie and the script also is he considers the row.

  431. 431 : Lia Says:

    Hi Beth (428)

    I’m so sorry… I just opened my email and read your email. I received your resend email. I’ve checked there’s no another email. yea.. I think it’s not delivered yet. but so sorry I was late to read your email, I’ve wrote the reason in reply email. I was too excited to open Zio’s sites and forgot to open my email. so silly, I didn’t read the great news from you.

    Beth….. what can I say…. thank you.. very.. very much for your kind 🙂

  432. 432 : Lia Says:


    thx for the article and the translation.

  433. 433 : Beth Says:

    Jane (430)

    As I mention NBA madness was posted some months back at Soompi, mostly pictures. Only thing missing is the translation of Zio interview. Now you brought back memories and was delighted the interview was worth remembering. Thank you once again.

  434. 434 : Beth Says:

    Lia (431)

    Finally I have received your email. Aren’t you glad? There is nothing to apologize….of course Zio comes first.

    Wondering where are some of the Zio ladies??

  435. 435 : Lovestar Says:


    Love the chinese name of Zio/Oh Ji Ho….. “Wu Zhi Hao”.
    Jane / Picky what is the meaning of his name in chinese.? Who name him in chinese or is it a direct translation from korean to chinese.

  436. 436 : Pinky Says:

    Lovestar (435),

    I think Oh Ji Ho is his Korean name. Korean use Chinese back in many years ago. It should be the direct translation from Korean to Chinese.

    Do you agree Jane?

    Pinky 🙂

  437. 437 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    OH JI HO :

    WU ZHI HAO is his Chinese pin yin name

    吳志浩 is his simplied Chinese name and

    吴智昊 is his traditional Chinese name

    Zhi / 志 / 智 means knowledge

    HAO / 浩 / 昊 means vast

    Therefore, ZIO’s Chinese name means “Vast Knowledge”.

    Pinky, do you agree??

  438. 438 : Lia Says:

    Beth (434)

    Yes, of course I’m so glad to read your email. it will be a very special gift for me. and I have your another email, hmm… I think it’s you, a precious gem 🙂

  439. 439 : Lovestar Says:

    Jane (437) and Pinky (436)

    Thank You ladies. So, his chinese name was a direct translation from Korean. “Vast knowledge” suits him perfectly..no doubt about it.

    Ladies, What do you mean by “pin yin” ?

  440. 440 : Beth Says:


    I’ve received your 2nd email, Thank You

  441. 441 : Beth Says:


    Thank You for that re badging email. I show it to my colleague and they
    all agree. Nice one to begin our workday.

  442. 442 : Lovestar Says:


    Do you know if Soompi’s working today??

  443. 443 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi Ladies

    Liz of K-popped had featured Zio pictures from the charity fashion show.


    A Million thanks Liz…

  444. 444 : Lovestar Says:


    (442) Soompi is up and running.

    Direct link for Zio on k-popped! (443)

  445. 445 : Beth Says:


    I have uploaded Zio charity basketball photos at soompi. Zio look so young and innocent. Very good looking lad.

  446. 446 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    Thank you so much for uploading the Zio charity basketball photos at soompi!

  447. 447 : Beth Says:


    Your Welcome !!

    Anything for you and Zio , no problem..

  448. 448 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    LOVESTAR (439)

    Pin Yin or pinyin is just a system for the romanization of Chinese written characters. The reasons for adopting Pinyin included promoting a national language, establishing a means for writing non-Chinese (minority) languages in China, and encouraging foreigners to learn Chinese. It appears Pinyin is not used officially in Taiwan.

  449. 449 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    For the sake of those who have not joined Soompi, HARLEYDAZ wrote on the Soompi Post #2023 as follows:

    :ere’s a video of Zio with others at the Fashion Show Charity event with interviews.


    K-popped has posted info to this event if any of you wish to add a comment please do.”

    Enjoy, and thanks HARLEYDAZ!

  450. 450 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Jane (437),

    Yes, I truly agree with you pin yin name and the translation of his name’s meaning………. 🙂


  451. 451 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Re 429 and 430:

    I have been misled by the report by SINA dated 8 July 2008 under


    which talked about Jordan Farmar who went to Korea for the EA NBA MADNESS charity event. SINA used an old picture of the 2004 PANDA NETWORK BASKETBALL CHARITY EVENT IN SHANGHAI instead.

    The Jordan Farmar EA NBA event was covered under the following links:



    As for the old 2004 event reported on May 15, 2004:

    A “Panda Handset 2004 China and South Korea star charitable basketball tournament” was held at the Shanghai Lu Bay Stadium. Chinese actor Chen Daoming and South Korean star Wu Zhi Hao were voted the most popular Chinese and South Korean Star Basketball player respectively:




  452. 452 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    Here is a photo of ZIO in a soccer team:


  453. 453 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    451 – reposted here are the links for Jordan Farmar/Oh Ji Ho/Daniel Henney NBA event:



    Hope its’ correct this time. /Jane

  454. 454 : Beth Says:

    Jane, (451)(452)(453)

    Don’t worry about those messup. It happens sometime and put the wrong photo attached to it. Anyway those blunders are corrected.
    Happy to see those 2004 Charity Sports in China feature by Sina. This was not posted in Soompi. So you see, you got it first!!

  455. 455 : Lovestar Says:


    Thank You for posting 2004 Basketball Charity link of Zio in Shanghai China.
    Though its old news but its worth!!!

  456. 456 : Beth Says:


    Zio in his athletic best. Picture posted by Harleydaz..


    Our hunk in action!!!!!!!!!!!

  457. 457 : Beth Says:

    Sorry ladies,

    Wrong link… Here’s Soompi link… post #2045


  458. 458 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    BETH (457)

    NICE picture! Besides being a good actor and hardworking person, I am so proud to know that he’s a good athlete too!

    Thanks Beth and HarleyDaz for the contribution!

  459. 459 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    LOVESTAR (455)

    This may be old “2004 Basketball Charity” news in Shanghai, but to me it’s such a TREAT because both my favorite STARs (ZIO and CHEN DAO MING) together received the Most Popular Player awards.

    CHEN DAO MING is my all time favorite PRC actor – his portayal as China’s Emperor KANG-XI was excellent, and I love all the dramas I’ve seen of him so far.

    Glad that ZIO and CHEN got to know each other through basketball!

  460. 460 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    More photos of SINGLE PAPA IN LOVE can be found here:


  461. 461 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    More photos of GET KARL OH SOO JUNG can be found here:

    link here

  462. 462 : Lia Says:

    Hello Ladies

    Long times not visit this site. wow… climbing so fast. it’s not impossible to reach in the top.

    Beth, Jane… both of you are very dilligent to entry many links and news. Good job. thx 🙂

  463. 463 : Lovestar Says:

    Jane (460)(461)

    Thank you for sharing links of Single Dad in Love and Ket Karl ‘Oh So Jung’. Looks so dashing and professional in Get Karl, very macho down to earth in Single Dad in Love. Two different hairstyle which projected the handsomeness of our Zio. Love and adore it…. aaaahhhh

  464. 464 : Beth Says:

    Hello Lia glad to see you back.

    Haven’t heard of Manda and Picky probably business Christmas Shopping.

  465. 465 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Single Papa In Love

    Little adorable Ahn Do-kyu (안도규) has been nominated for young actor in the KBS awards. I hope he wins as he was so cute and natural in that.

    I also feel that the wonderful on-screen father & son chemistry between ZIO and Ahn Do-gyoo deserves a special award.


    Young Actor nominees:
    Kim Dong-hyun
    Maeng Se-chang (Hong Gil Dong)
    Ahn Do-kyu (Single Papa in Love)
    Lee Hyun-woo (Great King Sejong)

  466. 466 : Beth Says:

    Jane and Ladies (465)

    If you feel you have to put a comment on Zio superb performance in Single Dad in Love please do so and click Jane link for dramabeans.

    One thing nice is if you posted your thoughts and had to edit you’re given 9 mins. to do so. No need to register.

    Let give Zio our support!!!

  467. 467 : lydia Says:

    ohh he is sooo WOW!!

  468. 468 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi Lydia

    Totally agree with you!!!!!

  469. 469 : Lia Says:


    Thanks, but actually I’m not completely back. as ussual.. it’s about connection and limited times. But it’s so nice to be back. 🙂

  470. 470 : Lia Says:


    Welcome to Zio’s world. Yes, he’s so WOW !!
    U can see another his WOW more in his thread in Soompi. http://www.soompi.com
    choose forum. but you can immediately enter by clicking this link

  471. 471 : Lia Says:

    Yes, where’s another Zio’s ladies?
    You’re right Beth, maybe they have been busy in they Christmas.

  472. 472 : Beth Says:


    Mandi is on vacation.

  473. 473 : Beth Says:

    Jane and Lia (466)

    Thank You for those lovely comments at dramabeans. I added another one just to let you know.

  474. 474 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    A SECOND PROPOSAL – wow wow wow!!! What an excellent drama!!

    No wonder you were keen on me watching this! ZIO was SO GOOD!!

    I can see why he won best supporting actor! On the other hand, the 2nd half of the drama is almost all about him and Mi-Young and he gets her in the end too – shouldn’t he be the lead actor instead?? Or was this because he’s still pretty “unknown” then?

    I love ZIO’s transition from that of a dorky loafer to a caring and responsible man! I like so many parts of this drama, one of those was when Mi-Young got transformed into a lady for the charity catwalk and he was feeling dizzy and his jaws almost dropped seeing her beauty; also love his dream of them getting married. Whoa, I am so going to watch this over and over. HYACINTH mentioned in her blog that we can order A SECOND PROPOSAL (thanks, HYACINTH) but it is expensive.

    HYACINTH’s link:

    Place to buy:

  475. 475 : Lia Says:


    We all together have supported Zio. we’re all team, right? 😉

  476. 476 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    I’ve also posted a message on A Second Proposal:


  477. 477 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Dear ZIO and ZIO-sisters:

    A toast to you all at Christmas time
    When jingle bells and glad tidings add to the chime
    This is a time to remember friendship, goodness and charity
    And a time to celebrate the birth of Diety

    ~ Wishing you all a very BLESSED CHRISTMAS and HAPPY, PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR ~


  478. 478 : Harley Daz Says:

    Zio Ladies

    Warmest thoughts and best wishes
    for a Merry Christmas
    and a Healthy Happy New Year.


  479. 479 : Lia Says:

    To All Zio Ladies

    We wish U merry Christmas… we wish U merry Christmas…
    and a happy new year…….

  480. 480 : Beth Says:

    On behalf of Zio/Oh Ji Ho ladies on this thread, we wish Zio the happiest of Holiday Seasons. May your Holidays and New Years bring you great joy and prosperity.
    With our sincerest wishes for your continued sucess!!!!!!!

  481. 481 : Lia Says:

    To all Zio’a ladies

    Happy New Year !! let’s make this year will be our greetest year.
    Hope all happiness will be in our side. I wish all our wishes will come true.

    Happy holiday season too 🙂

  482. 482 : Lia Says:


    Why I always get trouble to enter our home, Soompi?
    everytime I open, always in maintenance. what about u ladies? or maybe it just me. anyone knows?

  483. 483 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    I notice that Soompi switches to maintenance mode at around HK time 7:50pm to about 9:20pm every evening. Therefore it will be an hour later for you (8:50 to 9:20) due to the time difference.

    If you’re typing a message, better do it on another draft email or word document and do a copy and paste in case it gets lost when it switches suddenly.

  484. 484 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Here’s to wish ZIO and fabulous ZIO-sisters,


    Hope this will be a great year for ZIO and us; we will see more of ZIO’s new dramas, movies and assignments
    and best of all, I hope ZIO will win best actor award in 2009!

    * Fighting ZIO! *

  485. 485 : Beth Says:

    To All Zio Ladies a Happy New Year :

    Xin Nian Kuai Le (Chinese, Singapore)

    Sun Leen Fai Lok ( HK, Cantonese)

    Selamat Tahun Baru (Indonesian)

    Akimamini coopere Omedetto Gozaimasu (Japan)

    Selamat Tahun Baru (Malay)

    Puthuvatsara Aashamsakal (Malayalam)

    Manigong Bagong Taon! (Philippines)

    and from our Zio ‘ Saehae Bock Mani ba deu sei yo! ‘ (Korean)

  486. 486 : Beth Says:

    Lia (482)

    I totally agree with Jane. Soompi goes to maintenance mode normally when I switch on to Soompi around 7.00 am our time here in L.A.

    So, don’t worry there is nothing wrong with your PC or loptop.

  487. 487 : Lia Says:

    Jane & Beth

    Thank you, I just wonder why everytime I open Soompi, it always in maintenance. I afraid it’s about cookies. but now I have known the reason, that I always open internet at that time, in Jakarta time it’s 8:00 PM. but yesterday I opened soompi at 1:00 pm, it worked.

  488. 488 : Lia Says:


    Oh yes, I wish in this 2009 we will see more Zio’s drama and movies.
    More success for Zio and his ladies (us) 😉
    We wish he’ll get many awards, more fans in all around the worlds, more handsome, more talented, more…. and more….

    Fighting Zio….. fighting Zio’s ladies !!!!!

  489. 489 : Mandi Says:

    Hi, to all Zio ladies : wish you a Happy 2009 that is filled with smiles and wealth. ^^! I have not been able to log on to soompi over the past few days, wonder am i the only one facing this problem. By the way, does anyone know about Zio’s new works?

  490. 490 : amany Says:

    great actor but why very few works..huh???
    work more..we never get enough of u..
    i wish u all the best in the new year..more dramas and more movies and many many awards coz OH JI HO is the best!!
    i wonder if i can watch another of his works online with english subtitles..i watched single dad,fantastic couple and get karl..
    in mysoju.com there is only super rookie..
    what about his movies??
    autumn shower??thank you life??second proposal???are they available on other sites???
    i will appreciate if anyone can advise me..and happy new year for all the fans…his popularity is already increasing ,I am from Egypt and i know u r coming from all over the world..

  491. 491 : Lia Says:

    Hi Mandi

    Happy New Year too.
    Well, maybe your problem is the same with me. You visited Soompi when it’s in maintenance. Just try to login in different time. I ever try to do it, and I was lucky.

  492. 492 : Lia Says:

    Hello Amany

    Welcome to Zio’s world. Glad to meet one of Zio’s fans from Egypt.
    Yes, he’s the best. He’s a fabolous actor. We also want to watch more about him. his last drama is Single dad in love. we almost can watch his new drama title Lord/Master of study. but unfortunetly, there’s problem with the production.

    Another Zio’s drama are Autumn Shower, Second Proposal, Thanks life. I think you have to watch them. I don’t really know about the sites which can watch online. maybe another Zio’s ladies can help.
    His movies are La Belle, Silver Knife, My wife is gangster 3.

    Amany. you can join with us with Oh Ji Ho thread in Soompi.
    Here’s the link : http://www.soompi.com/forums/ you can go to Korean dramas & movies and find Oh Ji Ho.

    Btw, Happy New Year too…. 🙂

  493. 493 : Beth Says:

    Hello Amany

    I am one of Oh Ji Ho (Zio) avid fan. I am also startled as to why a brilliant actor as he is hasn’t got any new Kdrama or movie.
    Lia had mentioned Lord/Master of study but got cancelled due to copyright problems.
    Try http://aja-aja.com/regular/a-second-proposal for A Second Proposal.
    Got this link from a Zio ladies on Soompi thread.
    Autumn Shower is an excellent drama as well…. Sorry can’t find any site that is available for viewing.
    Please join Soompi thread where you will meet and find love on Zio (Oh Ji Ho) as well as Zio ladies from all over the world.

    W E L C O M E Amany to ZIO’s world.

  494. 494 : Beth Says:

    Hi Mandi

    Nice to see you back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  495. 495 : Lovestar Says:


    Sorry to hear you are ill. Get well soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  496. 496 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Thank you Beth! I think this time I need to see a doc ‘cos after sipping lots of lemon and korean citrus tea, its not getting better although watching lots of ZIO’s dramas helped lift the mood tremendously.

  497. 497 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi Amany

    A warm welcome and Happy New Year to you too!

    Yes, like Lia said (post 492), do join us at Soompi – its free but you have to sign in with them first. You’ll see so many lovely pictures and more news of Oh Ji Ho (“Zio”). Let us know if you have any problem doing this.

    For instance, on New Years Eve, they played baseball and there are some photos of that posted on Soompi.

    How do you say Happy New Year in Egyptian?

  498. 498 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi Jane

    To answer your question on behalf of Amany:
    Happy New Year is “kol sana we enti tayba” in Egyptian.

  499. 499 : Lia Says:

    Hi Jane

    So you’re ill. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you’ll get well soon.

  500. 500 : Lia Says:

    Hi Beth

    Waw…. you’re so good in various languange 🙂

  501. 501 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    ZIO Ladies,

    Am feeling much better now and back at work despite the odd cough here and there!

    Have a great week everyone! /Jane

  502. 502 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Nice photos of Zio playing baseball posted by Harley Daz in Soompi (post #2167) shows off Zio’s nice body shape:

    link here


  503. 503 : Mandi Says:

    Hi Amany (490)

    Nice to know somebody from Egypt. I’m an Indonesian Chinese living in Singapore. I agree with you, OJH is given too little work. I can’t help feeling that they’re wasting him. 🙁

  504. 504 : Mandi Says:

    Lia & Beth (491/494),

    Still no luck for soompi, i’m beginning to feel something’s missing after not hearing news of OJH for sometime…..:P

  505. 505 : Mandi Says:


    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Take care and and ensure you have sufficient vitamins O, J and H plus Zio supplements, i bet that’ll help you strengthen your immunity tremendously against any viruses ^^! (Actually you really need more vit C, haha!)

  506. 506 : Mandi Says:

    Beth (493)

    I paid and signed up to this site. But it seems i’m taking forever to download one episode of 2nd proposal. i’ve not managed to watched anything as yet. Have you any experience with this site?

  507. 507 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Thanks, Mandi! I love the Zio supplements!

  508. 508 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    I wonder why you cannot log into Soompi. Wonder what went wrong! Poor you!

  509. 509 : Beth Says:


    LOL..Are those vitamins O, J and H available via mail order? I want one too.

    The link I’ve given you is from Koalabear- one of the Zio Ladies in Soompi. I’m sorry I did not know you have to pay for the services.
    I have watched ASP first on Veoh TV but was taken out due to infringement. Try Veoh TV link below. Its free you only have to register and install.
    I have seen ASP in chinese don’t know if its still there, but I went for the other one with english sub which was taken out.


    Anyway you have one more option.. sent a copy to Jane and Lia, so either one of them can mail it to you once they’re done watcing it…deal

    Let me know if you encounter problems with Veoh.

  510. 510 : Beth Says:


    So how was the vitamins O,J and H taste like, it it any good?…hahaha

    Glad to know you are feeling better!!

  511. 511 : Lovestar Says:


    Wow we have 3 Zio ladies from Indonesia… Mandi, Lia and myownscremind.

    Selamat datang to our Zio World.

  512. 512 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    A while ago, we were talking about ZIO having some resemblence to Japan’s ABE HIROSHI. In fact ZIO was going to take on the role done by Abe in MASTER/LORD OF STUDY.

    I just finished Abe’s drama KEKKON DENKINAI OTOKO – a very simple but extremely humorous story. I feel that Abe is like the Japanese version of MR BEAN except this character is more human and marriageable.

    I also keep imagining Zio in Abe’s role and Lee Young Ae (the one who did Jewel in the Palace/Dae Jang Geum) in the role of Dr. Natsumi.

    ZIO, please please, we are thirsty and need to see more new dramas/films by you!!!

  513. 513 : Beth Says:


    I don’t think Zio will have a movie or Kdrama soon. Comes Valentine Day he’ll have his fan meeting again. Wonder whats in store for him.

    I agree Zio in some angle looks like Abe Hiroshi and vice versa, both of them are slim with great facial profile. I do hope both end up playing brothers and going for the same girl…this must be hilarious and fan. They have already proven good acting abilities in comedies base on their previous performance.

  514. 514 : Lia Says:


    Glad to hear you feel better now. I know, it must be the O, J, H vitamins haha….. please to send us by email. 😀

  515. 515 : Lia Says:


    So, u also an Indonesian? wow… like Beth said, there’re 3 Indonesian Zio ladies. 🙂

    I also wonder you still got problem to log in soompi. I had problem, but I already knew the answer, it caused the time. I enter in maintenance time.
    did u try to enter different times?

    About ASP, I and Jane have got it from Beth. I just received it. if u want, u can email one of us.

  516. 516 : Lia Says:


    Yes, I think like that. Lord/Master study is our hope, but unfortunetly it got problem.

  517. 517 : amany Says:

    hey girls..
    greetings for all or as in egyptian” salamat”:))
    thank u very much for ur kind welcome..as Zio is the best,his fans should be too :))
    sorry for replying that late,actually i got here and find that Oh ji-ho `s comments should be more to express his popularity..so i just left mine and go 🙂 but i am really happy to keep in touch with u girls..
    thank u for ur help,i will take ur advices and join soompy..i am just new to the korean drama world and feel little lost but my gate to this world was Oh ji ho and i just want to see EVERYTHING about him..i hope i can watch second proposal,i read nice posts about Zio in it and now i am watching Super Rookie..girls,i can`t believe he isnot the main character???he just glows in every shot..
    sorry to hear about cancelling his project..i think he should get himself a good agent..that man should be in HOLLYWOOD..too..
    nice to see u all again and bye for now ..

  518. 518 : Beth Says:

    Salamat Amany

    Nice to see you back. Isn’t Zio super gorgeous in Super Rookie? Just love him in that Kdrama. I feel the same way as you..started to know Zio in Get Karl and from there its history. I just don’t get tired looking at him, the more I look at him I feel a rush of blood pumping through my heart.
    Did you know Zio by nature is nice, caring, generous, compassionate and kindhearted. He is all in one package!!!!!!
    We ladies are not mistaken to love and adore him.
    So Amany you came to the right place and I do hope you join us at Soompi and meet the Zio ladies.


  519. 519 : Mandi Says:


    My origin is indonesian Chinese. I came to Singapore because my dad’s business is here. i’ve been here since nine, completed my education here and am working here.

  520. 520 : Mandi Says:


    Anyone who has a heart for OJH will have these OJH antibodies + Zio Supplements developed in their blood naturally over time. They provide ultimate energy that helps pump your adrenaline. It’s the FEEL in you ^^!…..Enjoy…….:)

    Will try veoh today, hope i have luck.

  521. 521 : Mandi Says:


    No drama/movie for OJH soon? Sad……uuuuuuh

  522. 522 : Lovestar Says:


    I am glad finally you made it to Soompi. Hurray!!!!!!

  523. 523 : Beth Says:

    Mandi, Love your vitamins comment. You should copy and paste it to Soompi for the ladies to enjoy. Its a little bit quiet down there. Maybe you could make the thread rock!!!

    Have you try your luck on Veoh? Hope ASP chinese version is still there.

  524. 524 : amany Says:

    hey Beth (518)
    salamat to u dear..i never doubt that Oh Ji-ho`s character is as wonderful as his acting..yeah he is OUR MAN :))and most handsome..i got to see him in single dad..it was shown in dubai tv ,i was very surprised to know it is such a new drama(his most recent)then i got into google trying to find any data about the marvellous Pung Ho and i got here where i watched fantastic couple and get Karl..i became addicted to him..and now i got to know more fans ,that`s really fun to share our passion and i got to soompi by the name “amanyeg” i hope to join u there very soon..

  525. 525 : amany Says:

    Mandi (503)
    hey nice to meet you,,i guess singapore isnot very far from Korea..i heard that Zio often held fan meetings around there..i think u r very lucky to be near Our Man:)the korean drama made me love all about ASIA i would love to visit korea one day to visit places he had been to through his dramas like the house near the sea in get karl,also the house and the lighthouse in fantastic couple,the bus station,the market in single dad..i have a long list i dream to fulfill oneday :)))what about u??

  526. 526 : amany Says:

    Lovestar (498)
    how u got to know egyptian very well..not only a word but a whole sentence..:)) kol sana we enty tayeba too :))
    nice to meet u..i had my christmas eve watching the last episodes of get karl..i love to think that i spent the holidays with Zio..how lucky:))
    wishing u and all Zio`s ladies best of luck and health in the new year,i also wish to see like :2 dramas..2 movies..couple of interviews..and a bundle of awards in the new year..i was very disappointed that he didnot even have a nominee in 2008 in single dad..he was marvellous..how can`t they see or appreciate??

  527. 527 : Lovestar Says:

    (498) (526)

    Ahalan Wahsaahlan Amany,

    You asked me how I know New Years Greeting in Egyptian. I am so embarrass to tell you that I google it.

    Yes our Zio is not only good looking but with a beautiful character inside out.

    Wow i am impress by your knowledge of Zio kdrama shooting location. I love the island shoot of Couple Trouble.

    See you soon in Soompi, Amanyeg!

  528. 528 : Beth Says:

    Yeah Amany, you’re in the right place to know more of us Zio ladies as well as Zio. His beautiful character is undeniable. As you visit Soompi you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Zio went to Hawaii some years back and you could only hear lovely comments from his fans.

    His recent drama Single daddy in Love was not a success because it was competing with a drama that has been on for quite sometime. His chemisrty with his son was unquestionable. Only at the end that keeps us hanging and longing for more…

    Thank You for being a Zio lady and I hope we could spread Zio’s love around the world. Fighting!!!!!!!!!!

  529. 529 : Lia Says:

    Hello Amany….

    Wow…. so glad we have another Zio’s ladies. Just enjoy with our world, Amany. You won’t waste your time to surf Zio’s world. you’ll enjoy and have fun with us….

  530. 530 : Lia Says:


    I see.. You’re an Indonesian Chinese and stay in Singapore for long times. I ever went to Singapore. When I went to Malaysia, I also try to reach Singapore… although just 1 day. I really enjoy. Just visited Orchard and little India. I really want to go again next time.

    btw… I love your suplement vitamin. I order one…… haha…

  531. 531 : Lia Says:


    We made Zio climbing so fast.. beat Bae Young Jun !!! great job ladies !!
    you’re right Beth, Zio should give Kiss for us hahaha…

  532. 532 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi Amany (517)

    We are very happy you found us – hope you will feel at home in this ZIO family!

    A SECOND PROPOSAL (‘ASP”) is fantastic! ZIO won best supporting actor for this drama. He also seems to be the main lead from the 2nd half of the drama. I love what you said about ZIO glowing in every shot in SUPER ROOKIE! What a nice way to describe him.

  533. 533 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Amany (525)

    Although I’ve been to Korea 14 years ago, ZIO was not yet in the scene then so there wasn’t much to go goo-goo ga-ga about.

    But, now, I echo your thoughts about visiting the places he had been shooting … I am also thinking about the fishing village in AUTUMN SHOWER.

    If you get a chance to watch AUTUMN SHOWER, let us know what you think. I get so emotional and absorbed in melancholic feelings everytime I watch this drama.

  534. 534 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Amany (525)

    It seems ZIO is going to have another fan meeting in Japan on Feb 14 & 15. I am still trying to find out the details and hopefully be able to go there.

    Oh, if only one or more of you lovely ZIO-sisters can join me! Like I told Beth in a private email, I’m sure if we went together, Beth, HarleyDaz and I can have a riot there and paint the town red! Bet Japan will never let us in again! ha ha…

  535. 535 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Lia (530)

    Ah, Orchard Road, Little India – memories of my hometown… Laksa, mee siam, mee rebus, carrot cake…. I’m drooling…

    Mandi, eat some for me!

  536. 536 : Mandi Says:

    Beth (523),

    I’ve tried veoh, unfortunately ASP no longer available….. sad……

  537. 537 : Mandi Says:

    Hi amany(525),

    It’s abt 5 hrs travel fm S’pore to Seoul. I have many dreams thoughout my life, but i guess our common dream here is that OJH will succeed.

  538. 538 : Mandi Says:

    I’m looking forward to OJH’s work. Just wondering what is he doing now, what will he be doing in January since his fan meeting in Japan will take place in more than a month. While waiting for Lord of Study to be approved, can he accept some other work…… I’m not sure what’s happening, but it’s just a bit frustrating that things are not moving for him.

  539. 539 : Mandi Says:

    i happen to see this on youtube. Some of you might have already watched it, but for those who haven’t, pls do not miss it for it is really funny!


  540. 540 : Mandi Says:


    But OJH will remember you for sure! Good luck, and i’ll eat on your behalf all the local delights and grow to Ko Man-Su’s (OJH in ‘Get Karl”) size ^^!

  541. 541 : Mandi Says:


    I’ve pasted it on Soompi…..glad you like it.

  542. 542 : Beth Says:


    I am sorry to hear ASP had been taken out completely. Just wait for Pinky or Lia. I have sent two copies to each one of them.

    Mandi I have a request to ask you. Its better I email you my request.
    Can you PM me in Soompi your email address if you don’t mind?

    I have already informed almost all of the Zio Ladies my request.

  543. 543 : amany Says:

    hey Lovestar (527)
    u still amaze me with the egyptian vocabulary ( enty shatra gedan = u r very smart:) i really feel here like Oh Ji-ho`s fanclub or house where all fans can meet..sit together for a cup of coffee and chat and chat..and what will be better topic than HIM?? about the set location ..i really don`t know if it is the places are that special or his being there gave it that sense??i love the island too but i can never forget the scene where he was on the shore nearby the light house..just thinking and looking very innocent and cute..i had this photo downloaded and i hope i can visit the place and write few words in egyptian..that will be special for me:)

  544. 544 : amany Says:

    Beth (528)
    u know from the first moment i came here,i just loved ur word “Fighting” it really made me feel the strong bond between u Zio`s ladies and i am pleased to be one of u:))
    sorry to hear that single dad wasnot much success ,for me,it will always remain special for introducing me to Oh Ji-ho and though i wasnot much attracted in the first few episodes i always said the main actor was the most handsome korean i have seen and i adored his smile then i was attracted to the parent- son relation and got very surprised to the similarities between the san and pung ho not only in apperance but also in the way they act (smile,get embarrassed,etc)when the boy was ill,i was astonished how the father was very expressing..i cried tons of tears then it was it..i was totally in love with the man..not for the good looks but for the great talent..and i am still..and every work just proves i was totally right.

  545. 545 : amany Says:

    Lia (529)
    thank u dear..i totally agree any moment surfing Oh ji-ho `s world is not a waste actually it is a source of joy,u know i keep his photoes on my pc as my secret weapon whenever i feel disappointed or depressed i just take my dose of looking at him and his wonderful smile gives me hope:)

  546. 546 : amany Says:

    Jane (533-534)
    after finishing get karl and due to ur words before even joining u,i decided to watch autumn shower as i was very curious to see him even in a sad story as it seemed 🙁 but i was unlucky of not finding it even in mysoju due to the copyright so i didnot have another option but super rookie and u know what..it isnot a loss..i usually laughs at it and why should we mind him being second or third role,any other actor compared to him will just lose..Zio wins and i think he was smart enough in this role where he proved he is more talented to be the bad guy for change..
    about second proposal,i hope the link u gave me here will work and sure i would to see him after all the nice reviews about his performance ..

  547. 547 : amany Says:

    Jane ..
    i felt very excited about his fan meeting..i guess it will be great opportunity for Zio`s ladies to see him..give him our regards and tell him he actually have fans in places he never been to,try to take photoes as much as u can and just ask if he ever got to the internet,i saw him in many works ,surfing the net ,i wonder if there is official site with english section and if he can talks or writes to his fans himself??
    however,i just hope u can make it and let one of our dreams come true and just describe to us every single moment with him:)))

  548. 548 : amany Says:

    Mandi (537)
    i share u this dream :more success,more work,more glowing for Zio..and i began to get curious about things i never thought of :like how long is it between Cairo and Seuel,how much will it cost to travel there and i even think of learning korean :))) i think it is great feeling but needs some reality and control

  549. 549 : Lia Says:


    Wow it will be fantastic if you will attending in Zio Japan fans meeting. If the other Zio also join with U, it;s gonna be more fantastic.

    Singapore is your hometown… you’re right, lots of delicous foods there. sure you’ll miss them.

  550. 550 : Lia Says:


    I’m planning to watch ASP this weekend, it means tomorrow. I feel stress in my work, we’ll move soon to our new office. I have to prepare to packing all of our stuffs. I still have no time to watch. 🙁 but I wish I can watch it this weekend.

  551. 551 : Lia Says:


    Glad to hear you enjoy this world. Sure… Zio’s smile can make our stress gone…. 🙂 keep on putting his pics in your PC and you can also keep them in your mobile, like I do 😉

  552. 552 : Beth Says:

    Lia and Pinky

    Enjoy your weekend with ‘A Second Proposal’. I am sure you’ll fell in love with Zio once again. Love his Karoake portion towards the last three episode. He sang once again with matching tears.. so so handsome.

  553. 553 : Beth Says:

    Hi Amany (544)

    Thank You. From the very first comment you wrote about Zio there is no doubt your are one of us . Your knowledge and know how of Zio is vast.

    I really hope you could join us in Soompi. We have a luvly sister , Harleydaz who contributes lots and lots of new and gorgeous pictures of Zio. You just can’t imagine those luvly photos she share with us is just amazing..you drool everytime you see Zio’s “MR Dimple” pictures.
    Hope you won’t encounter problems logging in. We all have encounter the same problems when we first log in at Soompi. You have to be persistent .

    Once again its a pleasure to consider you a Zio Lady!

    Have a nice Zio weekend!!!!!!!Fighting!!!!!!!!!!Long Live Zio!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  554. 554 : Lovestar Says:

    Ahhalan Amany

    How was your weekend? Heard your weekend is on a Thursday and Friday, correct me if I’m wrong.

    I knew a few arabic words , not a lot. Have no practice for quite sometime. Let say years ago…haha

    Yes you could scribble love words for Zio underneath the lighthouse like
    “ana ha bik” Zio… that will be lovely isn’t it.

    I also have dream and fantasize on weekends we Zio ladies would gather around in a cafe bar and sip Zio cocktail or a cafe Zio and just talk and talk about Zio till the wee hours.. That would interesting.

    I wanted to share this funny short comedy of Zio years back. Took this from Mandi (Zio lady) on Soompi.


    Its hilarious. Enjoy.

    Ashufook maratanya Amany

  555. 555 : Lia Says:


    Thank you. can’t wait to watch it. I always fall in love with Zio every day, every hour, every minute, every second…..

  556. 556 : Lia Says:


    We’ll be waiting you to be one of Zio Ladies in Soompi. You have to have extra times to surf Zio thread page by pages. coz we already in page 111. but you’ll enjoy it 😉

  557. 557 : Beth Says:

    Lia (555)

    Zio must work extra hard if you have taken his day, hour , minute and second…

    Love your comment!!

  558. 558 : Lia Says:


    haha… U’re right. and more extra hard, coz not only me…. but all Zio’s ladies too.

  559. 559 : Lia Says:


    I’ve watched ASP, but still in the beginning episode. I’ll watch it step by step. I really enjoy to watch. Zio looks so adorable. Thank U so much Beth 🙂

  560. 560 : Beth Says:


    Yes go ahead and savor ASP. It is worth it!!!!!!!!

  561. 561 : amany Says:

    Lia (551)and (556)
    yeah,Lia,u got my secret..i also put his photoes (a selection really)in my mobile..it is very common while taking the underground to find me open the gallery and got lost in his eyes,his smile,his expressions,in brief his charm 🙂 actually i also listen to his OST in single dad,i love his voice..i don`t understand the words but it is HIM and that`s enough..i am working hard to get this song on my mobile but i need some techincal help due to vary in extension 🙁 but as a Zio`s lady,my slogan is FIGHTING as Beth said..
    i got into soompi where i really felt very late and retard..girls got to know him in 2005???oh,my God..where have i been??and 111 pages??
    but i am trying to read page by page to know how Zio`s mania was grown and also to get to know more his ladies..i am still in page 15 ..and unluckily many photoes and files arenot current now but i got to know more of his news..old news:)

  562. 562 : amany Says:

    Beth (553)
    oh,yeah,i had the logging problems even rejecting password and log name problems but i kept peristing till everything is ok:)and putting oh ji ho`s thread in my favourites is actually making my job easier 🙂
    i am very curious about his photoes,one of the ladies actually saw him in the airport and took photoes..i just dream to be her place and as i am a journalist i would love to have an interview with him :))that would be my Zio`s dream..and he should then praise me by any means even by a smile..i amnot very greedy:)

  563. 563 : amany Says:

    Lovestar (554) ahlan dear,,,
    u keep amazing me by ur words and i really love that :))
    yeah our weekend is friday so technically people enjoy thursday and friday ,also in many jobs saturday is a vacation too..we in egypt love vacations and holidays :)) for myself,my dayoff is wednesday so my weekend is more to be tuesday …very strange but it is nice to have a special holiday though it is sometimes bad to work while all people enjoy their holidays..however my weekend is dedicated to Oh ji ho since about two months when i got to know him..instead of watching one episode (my daily dose) i got to watch 2 or 3..it is really great coz i enjoy watching him..now in super rookie,i am in the mid of it and he is very attractive and really great actor..i was surprised saying in soompi in fantastic couple that his acting is improving,the thing is in what series he act ..and what role he plays and in all his works (as far as i watch)he is into the character,he is the model he is an actor who does everything to make us into the series..
    Lovestar (i would like to know ur first name)u got me another time when u just said what i will write on the light house..actually i will write more than “ba hebak” or “i love u”coz as it is obvious i am very talkative person and my job is WRITING :)))

  564. 564 : Lia Says:


    Yea… I’m sure It is worth it !!

  565. 565 : Lia Says:


    Since when u became a Zio huge fans? you’re fantastic.
    talkative is good… so you can express your love with us… 😉

    Yea… beside pics and songs, I also upload his videos in my mobile. MV from Get Karl, VOS MV with Zio as the model, his ad, chocolate tv show, etc. it can be my weapon, anytime I miss him……

  566. 566 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AMANY (562)

    Glad to know you are a journalist. In this case, I’m sure you love to travel as well as write/interview.

    I think you should seriously consider joining me to Japan to meet our very dearly beloved ZIO. We can share a hotel room and then ask all the questions.

    Details in the next message. (it’s easier to read shorter messages)

  567. 567 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Two questions that come to mind are:

    1. Where did ZIO get the blue pendant, what’s the pattern, what make is it… Any special memory re the pendant, i.e. was it given to him by someone special or on which occasion did he buy it

    2. What is the tattoo on ZIO’s leg – why did he do it? Any special meaning/sentiment?

  568. 568 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    My friend from Japan, Ikuko, has confirmed the following:

    Oh Ji Ho will come to Japan on 14th Feb., there are two events
    while he stays.

    14th Feb :Oh ji Ho new photo album exhibition

    15:00~ at YOKOHAMA BRITZ

    *Oh Ji Ho’s private video on the screen, talk show,
    a drawing, etc.

    ticket fee \14000(include Oh Ji Ho phto album and a limited
    edition poster)

    15th Feb :Oh Ji Ho autograph party;limit 200 persons only,need to
    purchase a photo album.(CAUTION!Photo album
    that incl. 14th ticket fee is NOT allowed to carry.
    So if you would like to enter two events, you have to buy
    two photo albums. One for 14th,one for 15th, Woops!)

    14:00~ at DANZERO

    *Oh Ji Ho autograph session and talk show
    ticket fee \15000(include meal&drink)

  569. 569 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    Enjoy A SECOND PROPOSAL!!! I think I may consider ordering the very expensive original dvd!

  570. 570 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AMANY (561)

    Yes, I joined the lovely Soompi ZIO-ladies from around page 71 (or so..) in Sep or October 2008 and it was great to see it grew to 111 pages!

    I am also reading back and up to page 43! Agree that it’s a shame so many photos cannot be viewed but there are other great ones! In fact, I think they didn’t start in 2005 it could be way back but I hear there was a big crash and those 2005-older messages/photos cannot be retrieved.

  571. 571 : Mandi Says:

    Sori but can i confirm your name on soompi? Tks.

  572. 572 : harley daz Says:

    Hello Amany

    I’ve been reading all your posts here and I am really looking forward to your joining me and the other Zio Ladies in Oh Ji-ho’s thread in Soompi.

    My Sisters

    I have posted some recent photos of Zio and Koalabear has discovered & posted some more great “Second Proposal” photos.

    Beth & Inez will be over whelmed with shall I say joy when they see Zio showing off his diving technique.

  573. 573 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    Thanks for taking time to post photos onto Soompi. Love ZIO’s dimples in photos for the charcoal delivery volunteer work.

    It so good to see that ZIO is actively and constantly doing charity work during the time when he has no work/assignment and therefore a lack of income.

    Shows what a wonderful and caring person he is. I am proud to be his die-hard fan too.

    He’s great in various kinds of sports too – very talented young man!

  574. 574 : Lovestar Says:

    Hello ladies

    Please check Hyacinth/Amurr blog. Nice insight of Zio long lost Kdrama

    Amany ahalan, please take your time and enjoy ojh blog below.
    Syukran (Thank You)


    Zio looks cool as Philip.


  575. 575 : Lovestar Says:

    Marhaba Amany

    Sorry about (574) I was about to tell you I see you all around Korean Drama “Fantasy Couple” I sometimes post on Fantasy Couple to add up more numbers on the most commented drama. I met Mandi from that site and convince her to join us in Soompi and now a full pledge happy Zio lady.

    When we started here on this site Zio numbers were down (about 100 on Oct 14, 2008) and now look at his number on the right hand side of the screen, its now 575 on the most commented actor and actress. Was up 475 in 2 1/2months. A fast climb!!

    I should thank Zio ladies for giving Zio the full support. Though we are not great in numbers but i can tell you this ladies are determine to put Zio’s name on the map.

    We are very please to know you came from the other side of the continent (North Africa). We have Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines & Singapore ( Asia) , USA & Canada (North America), Australia (Oceana). We need Fans from S. America, Antartica and Europe to complete the 7 continents.

    By the way ismee (my name is) Beth. >>Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

  576. 576 : amany Says:

    hey friends..
    today was a hard time on soompi..i was just reading the pages when he was in big trouble (the suicide of his ex girlfriend)i was thankful to know the full truth and i respect him as ever and Zio `s ladies who maybe as lovestar said little in number but they r a great force,strength and support..i hope HE feels that way too..i got to see the photoes where he was crying,i saw them before and thought it was a part of a role but to imagine they were REALITY and taken during an interview just after the misfortune,my heart really was bleeding at this moment,i just wished he never had such an experience but hardtimes make real men..
    however,this was a sad day for me to get to know all this drama then i was lucky to get to read about his meeting in hawaii..and to see him cheerful and surrounded by people who trully love him..Forza Zio:)

  577. 577 : amany Says:

    Lia (565)
    thanks 4 ur kind words..actually i am a fan for about two months..but he got deeply into my heart that i can`t imagine a day without a part dedicated to him: watching his photoes or dramas or writing in his forums..i saw him in single dad and he had such an impact..i now wonder if i got to know him first in fantastic couple or get karl (when he was even more gorgeous)what could happen to me??would i love him more??or try to act more???i wonder..

  578. 578 : amany Says:

    Jane (566) and (570)
    Oh..i just love ur idea..me and you in Japan??Seeing Zio in Valentine`s day??i would love that..but could it really happen??i doubt coz i have some problems to handle in my job nowadays and the time is really short but if you just can go,it will still be a relief for me and for the other ladies if i can say and who knows ,maybe in later fan meeting,we could really meet and then we will use ur experience to take as much of Zio as we can 🙂

  579. 579 : amany Says:

    Harley (572)
    thank u for ur welcome..i am actually in soompi everyday to catch what i missed..but i am still patient to post anything till now..and very soon,i won`t be able to hold my tongue…and u will really get to know a talkative devoted fan :)) greetings for all the ladies and don`t get rid of any pics..some people just need them to survive :)))

  580. 580 : amany Says:

    ahlan again Lovestar..
    i am a bit confused..your name is Beth (fighting :))so u login with two names or there r 2 Beth in here???however i am glad to be ur friend and yeah the day will come when we find Zio`s fans all around the earth..but still oldies are the goldies :)))
    i also keep my eye on the list of korean stars,proud that Zio is getting popular everyday and u know also our bonds as friends are getting stronger and i dream that a very coming day he will be on top10 andnothing will stop of getting him not on the map but on the highest top..he sure deserves that :)))
    Beth..where r u from??

  581. 581 : Beth Says:

    Ahalan Amany,

    Slonek? (how are You) You bet I am Beth/Lovestar. I have been using 2 username. I am sorry if I confuse you. Just want to add up more comments for Zio. I am Asian but lives in So. California. I have luvly middle eastern clients this is where i got phrases from them.
    I have 3 friends who are going to Cairo next month. What is the weather
    like?? Is it a good month to go. They don’t like hot weather thats the reason why they pick February.

    So what page are you in Soompi. I go by the username Luvlilady.
    I love your input here. Don’t worry about being chatty. We want more actually…hehe

    Ashufok Maratanya (See you soon)maasalam (bye)

  582. 582 : amany Says:

    ahlan Beth..
    yeah you gave me the key word “fighting:” :))and actually i read it on soompi posted by Luvililady too :))) i was just wondering while reading the posts about u Zio`s ladies and what nicknames u were using in the forum but i got a answer now..it is great 🙂 well,i happy to know u r asian and more happy to know about ur clients..i guess also u r very smart working lady to know the words,their meanings and when to use them..it is actually great i hope i can be smart enough in my korean learning career 🙂
    february is a good month to visit Egypt,actually we have a very special winter :moderate and sunny but cold at night..we even have the most famous winter resorts like Sharm El-sheik ,Hurgada and not to mention the fabulous Luxor and Aswan..ur friends should think of visting these places and i hope YOU can visit Egypt oneday..u will have a FREE-CHARGE guide and talkative friend:))
    i am in page 32 in soompi..yeah still early but i am doing great job in Super Rookie in episode 16 now and i enjoy watching Zio as ever..
    keep well and Fighting :))

  583. 583 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Amany, (582)

    Welcome to our Zio Sis’s family!! 🙂
    I am Pinky here and nat nat at Soompi, it’s nice to know you are Zio’s fans too! 🙂

    Knowing that you are from Egypt, can you tell me what is the meaning of “ahlan”? I wish I could have time to learn Korean Language too!

    Anyway, nice to know you Amany! 🙂


  584. 584 : amany Says:

    hi Pinky (583)
    very glad to know you and getting more glad to meet more Zio`s ladies:)
    ahlan=hi or hello in egyptian (to be more accurate in arabic language)
    i am really eager to learn Korean,they say it is not an easy language but i shall try..my first motive was korean dramas and ofcourse my main reason is to get more of Zio..i was wondering about his english language..saw him in Super Rookie and Get Karl,talking in english..i wonder if he only talks or understands or does both??however,i think he should work more on that,coz i want to see him in HOLLYWOOD :))

  585. 585 : Beth Says:

    Marhaba Emany,

    My friend said thanks . Now they know what clothes to bring.
    Yes I have heard a lot about Aswan and there grand fireworks, Nile river cruise (red sea) and Luxor. I told my friend to try the camel ride , I tried it once years back on a business trip to Dubai. Funny exprerience is, I fell forward when I dismounted. I think I aggrevated the camel. Its was hilarious and scary at the same time. So much for my camel experience.

    Did you know that there is a misslonely99 on you tube? She is from Bahrain.
    Maybe you’ll love to connect with her and let her know our existance in Soompi and this site. It’s nice to let her know there is a lot of Zio ladies from all over the world spreading the love for Zio.

    How are you in Soompi. Are you in page 40+ know??

    First korean word I learn is Sarangue Zio. ( I love you ). Maybe by watching a lot of korean kdrama and movies you’ll be picking words so fast that you can’t imagine. Good luck to your korean.

    FIGHTING!!!!! FORZA ZIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  586. 586 : Pinky Says:

    Ahlan Amany (584), 🙂

    Thanks for teaching me “Ahlan”!
    I wish to learn Korean too…… I want to learn Korean also because of understanding Korean drama and of couse I want to know more about Zio..hehe 🙂

    Many of the Korean movie star can speak very fluent english, and I am sure he understand and speak english………. and wish he will be in Hollywood in the near future.


  587. 587 : amany Says:

    Marhaba (welcome)Lovely Beth (i will call u so from now on as extraction of ur 2 names :))
    Riding camel is very interesting experience ,i went through it when i was kid..Camel is very patient yet strong animal and can be very furious..in Egypt u can have the best ride in the pyramids area and the best photoes too :))but other than that,i actually prefer cars:))
    did i thank u enough for the great links u sent here and in soompi??actually exploring soompi takes much of my time online coz i just don`t want to miss a video or comment..i also like the way u discuss ur fav.works of Zio..the thread is very alive indeed and yeah Iam in page 45 and very willing by the next weekend to arrive safe on shore :))
    what will help me is finishing rookie (i have only 3 episodes left)then i will take a break to be one of Zio`s ladies in soompi before deciding the next work (insha2 Allah= God`s willing)
    i would love to spread Zio`s love,ii am actually into the mission in facebook,there are various groups under the name oh ji ho and there r groups for his series (FC,SDIL,GK)and sometimes think of making a new one of SR coz i really loved the series..i will find a way to contact with another arab lover of Zio,i guess i need to sign up in youtube first..
    i hope u can join in facebook..all the Zio`s ladies..it is great in knowing updates of friends and discussing everything..
    hoping u great day..everyday:)) Fighting for Zio`s love :))
    p.s.whenever i write”fighting” i remember his expressions in SDIL.i feel power already :))

  588. 588 : amany Says:

    Pinky (586)
    ahlan ya gameel (hi lovely)
    u welcome to ask about any word and there is Beth also an great expert in languages field:))
    about the korean study..i must confess as much enthusiastic i feel,i really hop for continuous support..sometimes u get attracted to something and u just chat here and there “i will do it”and after a while,u end up forgetting all ur past intention..i hope i don`t go through that ..and i am trying to plan the ways such a language (however weird or difficult)can help in my career..anyway,i have the potential (serange oppa)and i just love Zio`s pronouncing korean or English..he has a great charisma that makes u feel his words even if u don`t understand fully..
    in soompi.i got to know about him learning japanese and u ladies discussed his English but i guess to have a career in Japan or Hollywood that needs more than Planning ,Good luck is needed too (remember how old Jackie Chan started his american career)i wish him the best of luck and effort..and for u too..pinky:)))

  589. 589 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Found an old clip with ZIO in it:

    http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjc4NzUzODQ=.html /Jane

  590. 590 : Pinky Says:

    Ahlan ya gameel Amany (588),

    I agree that zio needed is “Good Luck” to start his American career and he had a good start in japan now (lots of activities coming in Japn for zio)..

    I hope he will have more achievements this year!


  591. 591 : Beth Says:

    Marhaba Amany

    I am amaze how fast you learn about Zio’s world. Mabrook!! (Congratulation!!). This only show how devoted you are on Zio.
    I love when you said ‘Sarange Oppa’ , that was luvly indeed. Did you say that with feelings??

    You know by now Jane is going to Japan to catch up with Zio fan meeting on Valentines day and the next day after in Danzero Club.
    A few of us Zio ladies are planning to send Flower Arrangement for Zio
    on Valentines Day. Jane will act as our ambassador.
    If you are interested we need monetary fund ( contribution). The more Zio ladies join the bigger or nicer flower arrangement we will have. That is our first step to let Zio knows that we Soompi Zio ladies exist and came from all over the world. Remember this is not an obligation it’s only if your are interested.

    Have you seen the pictures Harleydaz posted on p112 today? Zio is all beautiful and gorgeous. He is shown accepting his model award.

    I will definetely mention to my friends the camel ride by the Spinx…


  592. 592 : Mandi Says:

    Here’s the link for the Asia Model Awards Festival 2009. Wish OJH will get more awards this year. Congrats!

    link here

  593. 593 : Mandi Says:

    ( link here )

  594. 594 : Lia Says:


    Same with Beth, I also amaze with you. you learned so fast about Zio’s world. Nice to meet U as one of Zio’s ladies. 🙂

  595. 595 : Lia Says:


    I also amaze with your languanges, Beth. U able to learn fast with many languanges. 🙂

  596. 596 : Lia Says:


    About the planning to send Flower Arrangement for Zio, it’s a very good idea. we, all Zio’s ladies can have opportunity to spread our love to Zio.
    Sorry if I always misunderstanding what U meant. It because of my English is not too good. 🙁

  597. 597 : Beth Says:


    Your English is perfectfly fine. We sometimes misunderstood each other because we came from different parts of the country. So don’t you worry you are not the only one.

    Thank You for your reply. I email you this morning.

    Nice to know that our Zio is going to appear on a theater play.

  598. 598 : Beth Says:

    Mandi (592)(593)

    Thanks for the link. Sunghae must have love Zio to put up this link. He/She did another one of Zio’s NBA madness a few months back with Zio singing on the background at the Chocolate variety show. One of the nicest effort He/She put into.

  599. 599 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    It would be nice if Sunghae could join us here and in Soompi.

  600. 600 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    LIA (596)

    Hey, what are you talking about – your English is great!!! (Hate to say this, but probably way way way better than Zio’s!).

  601. 601 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Amany (Beth’s 591)

    I agree with Beth – you also amaze me on how fast you learned about ZIO’s world. He really grows on us, doesn’t he? The more we know about ZIO, the more we want to wish him love, happiness and success!

  602. 602 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Amany and Beth

    Off topic:
    This is for your neighbour and clients:

    Flintstones – BANNED

    A new Middle East crisis erupted last night as Dubai Television was refused permission to broadcast ‘The Flintstones’.

    A spokesman for the channel said….

    “A claim was made that people in Dubai would not understand the humour, but we have heard that people in Abu Dhabi Do.”

  603. 603 : Beth Says:


    Thank You. That was indeed WITTY AND COMICAL.

  604. 604 : amany Says:

    Pinky(590) ahlan ya gameel..Ezayek (=how r u??) tamam (alright??)
    i hope u r fine..i am very happy about Zio`s career in Japan and i would love to see him in more works..even Egyptian..lol..
    the award is very good start but i wished it was in ACTING..i really want him to be recognized as GREAT ACTOR NOT ONLY A HANDSOME MODEL OR MAN..it is very important for me..coz i really believes in him..
    take care and SALAM (=bye):))

  605. 605 : amany Says:

    Beth (591),Lia (594),Jane (601)
    thank u 4 encouraging me ..ur words mean alot to me and if ever i make any progress that`s coz of u ladies..u help me alot with ur posts and comments..Zio`s ladies r the best :)))FORZA ZIO:))

  606. 606 : amany Says:

    u will be our ambassador to Zio `s meeting..i love the idea of the flowers and i think a support note will be great and it will be even more impressive to mention names..it isnot enough to know the existence of Soompi `s thread but also to get to know there r many ladies from different places of the world..united by Zio`s love..
    you will be our heroine if u got to know a contact method with him..an email address or if u got a promise from him to consider making an English section of cyworld..

  607. 607 : Beth Says:

    Hi Amany

    In respond to an English cyworld minihompy of Zio…Harleydaz, Jane and myself had written Zio’s agency asking for an english-friendly site for his non korean speaking fan. I do not know if they take this seriously but I am sure they are aware of this.
    You could also write him a simple letter and state your country. The more we write and inform him , I think in the end probably they would listen. The more letter they receive from us the better.
    Mr. Oh Ji Ho
    Heavenly Star Entertainment
    35-7 Nonhyun-dong,
    Kangnam-gu,Seoul 135-815,South Korea

    K-popped Malaysia had featured Oh Ji Hunk once again. This site is OJH (ZIO) friendly.

    You could also post comment at Kimchii kisses. Remember to state your country so that Liz would know that Zio has indeed a lot of fans from all over the world.


  608. 608 : amany Says:

    Beth (607)
    thank u Beth for updating me with the news (shukrun gedan)
    i am really impressed with ur being active,ladies especially Harleydaz,i am getting into the mid of soompi (the late fifities)and i can see myself..how devoted fans u all r..i will take the letter issue,seriuosly and actually day by day,i got more determined to write him,knowing from u how kindly he treats his fans and that the letters WILL BE REALLY DELIVERED..but writing him isnot an easy task,i want to be brief and to the point yet sincere to express all the love i have to him..coz,remember when i said SERANGE OPPA,it was really from my deep heart if only i get to know the korean word of VERY MUCH ..i would be delighted to add it every day:))

  609. 609 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    With your journalistic background, you should have no problem writing ZIO the perfect letter!

    I am really happy to hear that ZIO will be doing a stage play soon. Worth saving up for this, ladies! Unfortunately for me, I think my trip to Japan will burn a big hole in my pocket!

  610. 610 : Lia Says:

    Beth (598) & Jane (600)

    Thank you. I still learn English, always learn. and joining Zio’s forum in soompi, this site… meet the lovely friends like U all Zio’s ladies… to communicate, talking, sharing all about Zio.. it can make me practise my English. thank U… and please forgive me if there’s misunderstanding.

    Sorry Beth, I’m afraid your last email wasn’t delivered to me. sometimes it’s happened in email. Just want to confirm, your last email title “Flower Arrangement for Zio” you talked about the counting Zio’s ladies who gave the confirmation. Was it right? sorry, I just worry I miss the email.

  611. 611 : Lia Says:

    I forgot to say..

    Thank U for being our ambassador to spread our love to our lovely Zio. 🙂

    Thank U for helping us to make the arrangement and always give us the update news. As Amany said, you’re so active. Zio should give u the extra gift kiss for U. 🙂

  612. 612 : Lia Says:


    Jane’s right. As a journalist backround you’ll be so good to write letter for Zio.

  613. 613 : Beth Says:


    Thank for your kind words. I will do whatever for Zio and spread his love around the world. That goes with all Zio ladies so determine to put Zio on the map.

    I will send you an email tonight.

  614. 614 : Beth Says:


    That was nice of Liz to mention Oh Ji Hunk. I love it, so creative.

    I really appreciate her article. She always said kind words toward Zio.
    As Harleydaz put it a ‘true Zio Lady.’

    Wondering if the stage/theater play will be a one night performance. Will that be like broadway which goes on and on…..

  615. 615 : Beth Says:

    Ahlan Shieka Amany

    How was your weekend. Did you read Liz articles on k-popped… I sent you a link of all Oh Ji Hunk articles by Liz. She is truly devoted to Zio.

    Please try to write a short simple note to Zio. Though he doesn’t responce but deep in this heart he knows our love for him.

    Well you know by now he will be doing a play, that is a challenge on his part. Its is nice to know he always try new territory to further his career.

    So you are on page 50s now. Well 64 and counting pages more to go.
    Good your enjoying and getting to know more on Zio and the Zio ladies.

    Maasalam Ashufok maratanya…..

  616. 616 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Dear ZIO sisters,

    Oops, I am getting cold feet being treated as your “ambassador”. All I wanted is to see Zio face to face, say hello, shake his hand and take a few photos maybe and just sit back and enjoy whatever our Japanese counterparts have arranged.

    Of course, I will do my utmost to leave a good impression with ZIO and Japanese sisters and let them know that we international fans exist.

    Beyond that, I don’t know if I can do anything more. So, please do not hold out high hopes for me.

  617. 617 : Pinky Says:

    Amany (604),

    I am fine! Ahlan ya gameel? Hope everythings fine with you.
    Indeed, I agree with you about Zio’s career… I not only want him recognized as Handsome Model or Man/Actor… I also want him to be known as Great Actor.

    Zio… Fighting….. 🙂


  618. 618 : Pinky Says:

    Dear Jane, (616)

    I just want to thankyou for being our “ambassador”, even if you only say hello and shake or take a few photos with zio.. I am still very happy about that.. at least he will know that you are from other country.. other than Japan and Korea….. and hope you enjoy your Japanese trip and have a wonder Valentine’s Day!


  619. 619 : Beth Says:

    Honestly Jane ‘ambasador’ description/title suits your very well.

  620. 620 : amany Says:

    i will do my best in writing the letter..I actually wrote one on the day i read about his misfortune..i was so touched and nearly cried so i put it on all the paper..i am thinking of re-writing..he only needs my support but in brief and simple words..
    i am very happy for his appearance on stage..it is the biggest challenge for any talented actor and i guess it will help in his shyness :)))
    watching him on stage will be the best experience ever for his fans..i envy them from now :))

  621. 621 : amany Says:

    Lia (612)
    yeah ,Lia,writing should be an easy job..but u know writing professionally is onething and emotionally is another..
    i don`t know if u ladies have faced my problem before:
    i feel like knowing Zio from what i read about him and what i watched..i feel he is very close to me,Oppa as in korean says,yet he is a celebrity,his job is acting and i am just one of many many fans..
    so,u would like to do as others usually do,yet u want it in ur way..
    do u got me??or it`s my time to sleep :))
    however,i will try my best..coz he deserves the best 🙂

  622. 622 : amany Says:

    Beth (615)
    ahlan ya lovely Beth..
    i havenot spent my weekend yet but as u can assume :it will be all devoted to ZIO..i am going to move on in soompi and perhaps try writing the challenging letter..
    about the link,i added it to my fav list ,the thing is u active ladies include many files or photoes in one page actually i discovered that viewing soompi exceeds the time of watching an episode:)) coz u r writing in very great,true way..i don`t like to miss a word or photo or file..some i watch imediatelly and some i postpone as my reward if i do something GREAT in work or home :))that`s my life nowadays and i really enjoy..
    sometimes i even think what i would have done if Zio`s not there and i just see him as BLESSING in my life in someway..wishing him and u all the best..FIGHTING:))

  623. 623 : amany Says:

    Pinky (617)
    ahlan ya gameel..i hope u r TAMMAM :))
    as all Zio`s ladies very excited by the stage step..any news about the play??musical or drama??i think Zio has it all:a good singing voice..a very flexible body..a great charisma and acting ability in both comic and trageic..he will make the perfect theatre man..i only pity him for the great he effort he will go through :((and unsleeping nights like us ladies :))wishing him the best and FORZA ZIO

  624. 624 : Beth Says:

    Shieka Amany, (622)

    I really feel you love Zio eternally. You sound cheerful and happy whenever you talk about Zio. I feel the same as you whenever I feel low or stress in work I go to Zio Soomi site or go through his pictures for relief. In fact last night I watched episode 13 to 15 of Get Karl. I missed him.

    You quote : i discovered that viewing soompi exceeds the time of watching an episode:)) ..haha so true. You really savor every word in Soompi . A true Zio lady indeed.

    Yes it is a blessing to have Zio by our side and for that it is our obligation to spread our love for Zio around the world!!!

    Fighting!!!!! Forza Zio

  625. 625 : Lia Says:


    Zio deserves to get that. I hope Zio will get more many fans in all around the world.

  626. 626 : Lia Says:


    You’re a new Zio lady but truly Zio lady. 🙂

  627. 627 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Amany, (623)

    Ahlan ya gameel! 🙂

    Yes all Zio ladies are very excited by the stage step and I am eager to hear some more good news of Zio… 🙂

    I feel the same way you do.. ie viewing soompi exceeds the time of watching an episode, oh well … it is so true …. but watching every words about Zio is very exciting to me… and in fact, it’s a routine job for me to view the message in Soompi everyday and I feel very satisfied after reading all zio lady’s message.. haha and I hope I could see you writing you message in Soompi or did you write it already?


  628. 628 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    Totally agree that viewing soompi exceeds the time of watching an episode! Amany, I’m only in page 43 – I think you’re doing better than me!

  629. 629 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AMANY (623)

    I agree with you that ZIO has a very flexible body..a great charisma and acting ability in both comic and tragedy.. he will make the perfect theatre man.. and he has a good voice but unfortunately, I have to differ here in that I feel ZIO does not have a good professional singer’s voice. He sounds great in karaoke and sing as an amateur but it appears he is not quite gifted in singing professionally.

    Nevertheless, we all love ZIO with his many God-given talents, and whether he can sing well or not, as long as he does his best, we will still be there for him, won’t we?


  630. 630 : amany Says:

    Beth (624)
    ahlan lovely Beth
    u r so lucky watching Get Karl:))i know u love OHJ`s look there and i think it was the first series u watched him..right??so the sweet memories r reviving:))I love this drama very much..very interesting though i don`t love Man soo`s character..but always love OHJ
    i missed my daily doze of soompi for 2 days now..i am very unhappy about that ,coz the counter stopped :)) however i am in late 60`s (pages not years..lol)
    i regret not being in soompi earlier..u suggested very interesting polls and topics that i really would have loved to participate..but u have to promise to store some for me when i am in..ok??
    salam for now..

  631. 631 : amany Says:

    Lia (626)
    thank u for yr nice words,,i am very proud to be a Zio`s lady and among ur nice company..

  632. 632 : amany Says:

    Pinky (627)
    ahlan ya gameel..i hope u r alright and doing better than me in soompi..
    yeah it takes time and it needs concentration but it is addicting too..it became one of my daily routine to view posts here in korean drama.org and in soompi..here,i keep counting comments as Beth coz i want Zio to be in the top ten soon..and in soompi..i am still waiting to finish it all before writing my first post and it`s good that i still have the chance to discuss about Zio here..i really want to continue that too..
    Zio is a great man and he adds charm to any place carries his name:in soompi..here..and ofcourse in OUR HEARTS..

  633. 633 : amany Says:

    Jane (629)
    oh,yeah..i am very excited about the theatre show,though i don`t know any korean but i still hope to see him on stage..i would be great to get that close to him:))even in my dreams..
    about his singing voice,i meant that he be good in musicals not as professional singer..though i do love his voice..
    i will tell u something:there r professional korean bands and singers but never felt curious to listen or understand their songs but once he sang in SDL i just fell in love with the OST by his voice and the vocal training video..i think he does work hard to improve his vocal abilities but still i won`t recommend to do it PROFESSIONALLY ,else it will lose its meaning when he sings especially for his fans..i think it is more sweet this way..
    and as u said..i or shall i say WE support him in all cases..he is OUR MAN..:))

  634. 634 : Beth Says:

    Marhaba Amany

    I just wrote you a responce , towards the end my computer freezes, so had to do it again.


  635. 635 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Amany (632),

    Ahlan ya gameel..I am alright and hope u can catch up with us in Soompi soon. Now you r at 60….80….100….114 🙂

    Yeah, you said “it is addicting”… was so true we all addicted to ZIO… he is so talent and charming.

    Zio is already on top ten in all Zio ladies heart and I am sure OJH has the ability to climb up to TOP TEN soon!!


    P.S. I don’t know what FORZA mean.. hehe

  636. 636 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    BETH (624)

    My daughter has just finished a 2nd round of FANTASY COUPLE and just started on a 2nd round of GET KARL. She’s enjoying it a lot!

  637. 637 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AMANY (off topic)

    I was just reading the Book of Genesis from the Bible (chapter 47 – my challenge is to complete reading the entire Bible in 2009) and came upon the part where there was a severe famine in Egypt and how Joseph helped Pharoah buy up all the fields from the Egyptians and fed them but on the condition that they gave back one fifth of their produce to Pharoah, except for that belonging to the priests.

    Are you aware of such grand history of Egypt?

  638. 638 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AMANY (633)

    I agonized with ZIO in the video singing the SPIL song – he really had to work extremely hard to keep getting the notes and his voice right, and he had to do it so many times. But glad the result of the OST was good! I do love that song.

    He is certainly one hardworking person that I fully respect.

    I’ve just been officially accepted into the Japan Fan Club (ZJFC) and in the website, there are videos of ZIO exercising diligently. Unfortunately, these videos cannot be shown to non-ZJFC members. Nevertheless, just to let you all ZIO ladies know that he really works hard to be at his best!

    FIGHTING, ZIO!! FORZA! We are all for you!

  639. 639 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    On the note of singing, ZIO also sang in the Chocolate programme but at first I thought I heard wrong, but what happened was that he had to redo the start of the song 2 or 3 times before he got it right the 3rd or 4th time (I am not sure what was wrong – was it the timing of the music or was it ‘cos he did not get the notes right – perhaps Beth, Minah, Mandi, HarleyDaz or someone can remind me). But despite the false starts, he was very nice about it and gave it his all.

  640. 640 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hi Ladies

    In SPIL Zio sang in character the way a father would sing to his son.
    The OST showed us all Zio can carry a tune.

    Chocolate was a new experience for Zio to be singing in front of a live audience. One of the VOS members chased him off the stage at the beginning of his first try. I thought Zio missed where he was suppose to start then on his second try he himself stopped and left the stage, then returned with success.
    I loved what he did and so did the crowd.

    Zio did a great job then again he always does!

  641. 641 : Beth Says:


    Please tell Stacy I am going ‘gaga with Get Karl till now, I’ve been repeating my favorite episodes. I think this is the kdrama which showcase his outfit or ensemble. So gorgeous.

  642. 642 : Beth Says:


    You know deep in my heart I adore Zio, anything he belt out i find his voice soothing, calm and mellow that I got carried away. Sometimes he tries but I don’t find him bad at all. Remember when he sing in YSMM he couldn’t stop ( though the MC told him to) because he knew he had sang it perfectly which in fact was sooo good. Zio is not a singer but an actor, so lets give him a chance.

  643. 643 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    BETH (641)

    Yes, I am also admiring his outfits in Get Karl.

    Haha, at 10 years old, Stacy is at the stage where she “hates boys”. She therefore likes Lou Shangshi and Oh Soo Jung more. It’s nice to spend mother and daughter time like that, watching my favorite actor and dramas together.

  644. 644 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    BETH (642)

    Can you resend the link for YSMM?

    I agree – I find ZIO’s voice to be very soothing too and love the way he talks in the dramas. I can even close my eyes but when he speaks I can distinctly tell it’s him.

  645. 645 : Beth Says:

    Jane (644)

    I hope this link is still working.

    Yes indeed Zio has a nice soft manly soothing deep calm voice. I love the way how he sing here. He was at ease.

    Nice to know mom and daughter are enjoying Zio Kdramas together.

  646. 646 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    Many thanks for the YSMM link! ZIO sang really well here! Oh, if only I can understand what they are talking about!!

  647. 647 : amany Says:

    marhaba ya gameel..
    sorry for the computer..i know i write long comments and it just takes time to reply me..it`s ok..waiting for ur reply and give my regards for the lovely KARL..he is always great in sports..mmmm..and in everything :))

  648. 648 : amany Says:

    Ahlan Pinky (635)
    it`s great that u r TAMMAM..i hope u become even better :))
    going on my way in soompi..it sure will take much more time than i thought but i still hope by the next week i can make my first post..very eager to join u ladies there..by the way..what`s ur nickname there??
    FORZA is an italian word means FORWARD..so it is just a hope that OUR Zio is getting up and better :)) actually i took it from football coz i am a fan of italian team ( players r very handsome there :))do u remember Zio when he played football in CF ..he was awesome and the scene was very funny:)

  649. 649 : amany Says:

    Jane (637)
    it seems u know much about Egypt`s history:)) yeah,Egypt was mentioned in Bible and in Holy Quran (for muslims)
    it is a great country,thousand of years old,it is always amazing to read about its history and even more amazing to have the chance to see the places urself..lately i visited Luxor (it is said to contain 2l3 of the world`s monuments) i took long breath and thanked God to have this great chance..what about u?u seem a FAN..did u visit my country before??
    by the way,i love prophet Joseph `s story it is very inspiring..his patience and trust in God never faded and his insight helped a whole people in hunger time..my mom used to teach me such stories in bed time,i hope u do the same with ur lovely daughter :)) it will just be marked in her memory

  650. 650 : amany Says:

    Jane (638)
    hi again..
    the discussion about Zio`s voice is getting more interesting,i even saw HD saying her opinion,though it has been while i havenot seen her here :))
    u know i first watched SDIL ..it was Zio`s first work for me ,i watched it with voices of ARABIC actors not the original voices but the beginning of the series there was HIS song,,so whenever i heard the song,it was the sign that MY DATE WITH ZIO IS GOING TO START:))that`s why i fell in love with the song then ACCIDENTLY i discovered the vocal training video and said OH MY GOD..it`s him..not only a great acting ability and most handsome face but also CAN SING ..when i listened to the whole OST..ofcourse i could see the difference between singing professionally like KIM WOO JOO (for example)and HIM..but still think he is very feeling and sincere in singing and working hard and he really touches my heart..what more shall i ask??

  651. 651 : amany Says:

    i didnot watch the chocolate show..i don`t remember if it was removed or i postponed that :((but i watched him singing in other occasions like the promotion for SDIL the one that has the cast sitting in two groups..actually the whole cast had the chance to sing abit..i love his shyness when he is asked to sing and i love his expressing face when he does so and i love his singing though sometimes it is NOT PERFECT..but SUFFICIENT for me..sometimes in musicals it`s not about having a GREAT singing voice but it about having a CHARACTERISTIC voice..remember Rex Harrison in My Fair lady..he didnot have the sweetest voice but he was sort of acting even in singing..can u get me??
    and lately in MAMA MIA..did anyone watch it?Pierce Brosnan wasnot the very good voice but he did what he should ..
    actually i am just a fan of comic romances and musicals in movies or theatres and hopefully in series (but it is rare out there)

  652. 652 : Beth Says:

    Jane (646)

    Go back Soompi from p50 and onwards. Baqinardo had a translation posted on YSMM.

    I listen to him sing once again this morning and I was laughing hard because Zio doesn’t want to stop singing while the MC told the PD to stop.
    He even had a brief look at the MC but continue on..haha

    Jane can you translate their comments underneath the video?

  653. 653 : Beth Says:

    Marhaba Amany

    Have you watch YSMM? I posted a link for Jane(645). You have to be patience. It had so many stop. I normally watch it when Asia time is between midnight to early morning. That way I don’t encounter much problem….

    Yes I am still crazy with Mr. Karl. I do not know what got into me. You said the Kdrama is dubbed in Arabic. Wow i haven’t seen a kdrama in arabic. When I watch Kdrama I always have korean on and sub in english, that way I could really appreciate their facial and body movements. To tell you frankly I love to listen Korean because its pleasant to the ear.

    I will try to look for ‘the chocolate’ link…. its in my Real Player but don’t have a clue on how to transfer it here. I tried once my message got deleted again.
    Maybe as you go along Soompi you’ll find a link over there. So what page are you in now…

    Yes our Zio is shy on varieties show but that makes him exceptional and unique. I love his shyness especially when he is call to strut and dance. Dancing is not his forte but his semi sexy move melts me..hehe.
    Seeing him beaming with gladess with matching dimple. …..

    Ashufok baadem

  654. 654 : Beth Says:


    Just to let you know my message (653) for you is awaiting moderation.

    We sometimes got this…no worries

  655. 655 : Lia Says:


    Chocolate and YSMM episode Zio are the fantastic TV Show. U have to watch them. You can see Zio Singing in live….. and in Heroine 6 Zio also singing. He’s fantastic. 🙂

  656. 656 : Lia Says:


    Wow… finally we can pass Dennis Oh … !!
    Congratulation…. Fighting !!

    Beth…. so we can receive special kiss from Zio? 😀

  657. 657 : Pinky Says:

    Ahlan Amany & Beth (652, 653)

    I am so agree with you two, I had watched the chocolate show not long ago.. and I also found that zio’s shyness expression was so attractive and I really fell for him.

    Pinky 🙂

  658. 658 : Beth Says:


    You are doing well with the greetings, Keep it up!! Yeah Zio is so sweet on those variety show.

  659. 659 : Beth Says:

    Lia (656)

    We still have to go on fighting!!! WE did a good job. Next is Hyun Bin…

    Forza Zio!!!!!!!

  660. 660 : amany Says:

    Beth (653)
    marhaba lovely Beth
    Shukrun (thank u) for the reply..it deserved every waiting 🙂 i checked the link u sent to Jane and it turned to be very long (72 min) ofcourse never enough for Zio but with no subtitles and watching it in WORK…very difficult with all these stops as u said..so i will just give it a whole day to JUDGE ZIO`S SINGING CAREER:))though,i know the answer from now ..it will be great to find the chocolate show..actually yesterday i was very thrilled to see him singing in KBS 2004 and yeah who could bring tears to his co-star and repair the pain by rose but OUR ZIO:)) he was so romantic..also i watched his HOT appearance in factory girl..wow..could u imagine calling him on phone(we Zio`s ladies)then got to see him in location when he would be friendly as ever and SHY when described as HOT..
    oh Beth,,i kept imagining that..us in the place of those girls..to have party in honour of Zio..he could there dance alittle and sure u will be amused :))all of us :))
    as u can guess i am going on 80s in soompi..and doing great in life just becoz of Zio`s and his ladies being there..
    salam ALAAN (NOW) AND ASHOFEK MARA TANYA(see u another time)

  661. 661 : amany Says:

    Lia (655)
    i will follow ur advice..actually i can `t miss anything related to Zio but sometimes as Beth said the many stops made me bored so i just save the page and get to the other posts..it is even worse when u find the link not working or u find urself totally clueless in KOREAN page :))
    but i will manage..it isnot our slogan : FIGHTING :))

  662. 662 : amany Says:

    Ahlan Pinky (657)
    i second to Beth,u r doing great in greeting ..would u like to move to another level..just kidding..
    it is really great we all share each other not only Zio`s passion but also the love and respect to all our culures and backgrounds..
    yeah Pinky i love his shyness and his simple way of reacting..i don`t feel him a SOPHISTICATED STAR..living in another world..He is just a great man whose personal qualities in addition to his acting abilites really make him WELL-DESERVED STAR..
    salam (bye) for now :)) and keep fighting..FORZA ZIO..

  663. 663 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Okay, if we are to keep this going up the list (and for those who cannot access Soompi), I am posting the translation of the article that I found through googling ZIO’s Chinese name:


    Monday 4 June 2007

    [Water Electrician] Oh Ji Ho says he has very good “predestined relationships” with females, and he has had five 5 girlfriends in the past. Good looking and graceful mannered Oh Ji Ho has also been rejected by a senior girl student. Although he claims himself to be very rational and would not immerse too deeply into any role so as to not being able to pull himself out of it, he acknowledged that there had been “sparks” with ladies in the entertainment circle and romantically involved.

    Oh Ji Ho, who came to Taiwan last week to promote Fantasy Couple and was very charming [to the extent to “emitting electrical vibes” – direct translation!] indicated that when he was 18 years old and began to be interested in the opposite sex, for two years, he was secretly in love with his school leader’s girlfriend, who is also a senior student. After the two years, he plucked up courage to talk to her and they became friends and kept in touch. After he left the army, they went out officially but a month later, she “gave him the boot” and they separated.

    Oh Ji Ho has done several romantic dramas and earlier in his career, he had also done some fully nude movies. He said “because movies are very topical, and added to the fact that I am a newcomer and the director was willing to give me the opportunity, I therefore performed to the best of my ability.”

    Asked if he will get into a role too deeply and thus fall in love with his leading lady, he indicated that even if he has very good feelings for her, he will not fall in love with her but doesn’t deny he had been romantically involved but as to who is the lucky gal, he will not divulge.

    Oh Ji Ho is also very filial, he gave all the money that he earned to his parents and also helped them buy the house [or purchase property]. He says he does not have much of a mind for handling finances but firmly believes that “whatever is spent should be earned again.” After having worked several years, he only bought a USD8,000 (approx. Taiwan Yuan 264,000) designer/branded watch to reward himself. Besides leather bags/wallets, leather belts, he is not too fussed whether they are designer/branded or not.

  664. 664 : Picky Says:

    Ahlan Amany & Beth (658, 662)

    Thankyou both!! 🙂 I will keep up with the greeting in order to get go ahead of Hyun Bin … haha

    Zio is really a great actor and I am sure he will be on top no. 1 …sooner or later, right?


  665. 665 : Lia Says:


    Yea… keep on fighting !! The next is Hyun Bin.
    so, Mr Hyun Bin…. watch out !!

  666. 666 : Lia Says:


    Yes… for Zio, we have to feel fighting always 🙂

  667. 667 : amany Says:

    hi Zio`s ladies..
    today is the the Chinese New Year..so happy new year everyone..i wonder if u have a certain celebration in ur countries..anyway..a new year means a new start and lots of plans and hopes..i hope the best for Zio in his career and personal life..i hope he keeps his glamorous smile which brightens our life..i hope his popularity reaches the whole world..
    so what r ur hopes for Zio in the new year..
    p.s..i know we made the new year wishes in 2009 but come on Chinese new year is different :))

  668. 668 : Harley Daz Says:

    Happy Lunar New Year to All Celebrating!!!

    Sorry Ladies I have not been around much. I will be back in my own home tonight and will try and catch up with you all.

    Loved Zios moves on the dance floor in “Super Rookie” too bad it was so short.
    From what I’ve seen of Zios dancing I think the man could use some lessons from West Coast Beth!

  669. 669 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    ZIO sisters:

    If you click into ZIO’s official Japan Fan Club:


    you will find a video message by ZIO. (anyone can access this). With my dear friend Ikuko’s kind translation from the Japanese subtitles, here’s what ZIO says:

    “Hello everyone, I’m Oh Ji Ho. Finally my first photobook will be released on 14th February. To celebrate this, I will hold events and autograph sessions on the 14th and 15th. I’m so glad to see you again. I wish you good health and happiness. Looking forward to seeing you next month.”

    It seems however that ZIO has more to say in Korean but unfortunately, Ikuko doesn’t understand Korean.

    Luv, Jane

  670. 670 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    THANK YOU for your efforts in translating ZIO’s message for us!

    Luv, Jane & the ZIO international fans!

  671. 671 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Amany (667)

    Well said! I echo all your good wishes for our dear ZIO!

    FIGHTING, ZIO!! in the new year of the Ox!

  672. 672 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    BETH (668 by Harley Daz)

    Ooohh la la BETH, over to you for dancing lessons!

  673. 673 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Oh, talking about dancing, I was just re-watching A SECOND PROPOSAL, episode 6 where ZIO was working in the sauna and there was a group of ladies dancing and he was dancing along with them – he danced VERY WELL there!

    What a wonderful wonderful drama this is! AMANY, you should try and get hold of this drama (or email BETH who may be able to help you!)

    ZIO is fantastic in it and won the 2004 KBS Drama Best Supporting Actor award.


  674. 674 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    re 673 – A SECOND PROPOSAL

    My mistake – I meant in episode 8 (at the very end)!

    AMANY, you might was well catch a glimpse of his dancing here at 67.09 minutes:


  675. 675 : amany Says:

    Jane (669)
    thank u for sharing this with us..sure the japanese are very lucky to be addressed by Zio in such a welcome message..but hey,i will take it also as a fan and tell myself he was meaning me as well saying (looking forward to seeing u and wish u good luck and health:)i will even think of more lovely words,unfortunately ur friend didnot translate :))
    FORZA ZIO..i still wish for Arabic site and fan meeting ,perhaps in Egypt..who know??i will never lose hope and keep FIGHTING

  676. 676 : amany Says:

    by this post,WE ALREADY BEATED Lee Da Hae..beautiful actress maybe but not as beautiful as Zio :))
    from soompi,i know how hard u worked for Zio`s beating all records here..so CONGRATULATIONS and miss ur posts 🙂

  677. 677 : amany Says:

    Jane (671-4)
    thank u for the link..i watched 68:48 minutes wishing to see only 49 seconds from 67:09 to 67:58 and it deserved waiting:))
    Zio is cute as ever..i love him singing,i love him dancing and i love him walking( didnot i tell u that it was his way of walking,putting his hands in his pockets that made me fell in love with him:))soooooooooo cute..
    the dancing was quite familiar to airobiks and belly dancing..but he did it in his way..and i loved it

  678. 678 : amany Says:

    Jane again 🙂
    i would love to watch ASP..u ladies are speaking very high of it ,i was keeping a link from d-addicts with eng subtitles ,i tried it today but sadly didnot work :((
    i remembered Beth`s advice about VEOH,sadly again the site not permitted in Egypt..ordering it online is very expensive for me..so,i am still thinking of a way..there r 3 dramas for Zio not watched yet:ASP ,AUTUMN SHOWER,THANK U LIFE (which is surprisingly not mentioned by any of u here or in soompi..no Zio`s lady
    had watched it??i was just wondering..
    p.s..from the link u kindly sent me:ASP seems a very interesting,humane drama :):(

  679. 679 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AMANY (678)

    Re THANK YOU LIFE, ZIO doesn’t have much airtime nor many scenes in this – he plays an actor with marital problems but he acted very well for his part. He is also VERY HANDSOME in this and his clothes are extremely nice – I was hoping our ZIO sisters could post those photos onto Soompi too.

  680. 680 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AMANY (678)

    Re AUTUMN SHOWER – do a ctrl F here for these two words and you’ll find lots of wonderful comments.

    Re A SECOND PROPOSAL – highly highly highly recommended!

  681. 681 : Beth Says:


    Re: Thank You Life
    Yes he looks fantastically gorgeous….super well dress and handsome.
    Love his role here, perfectly acted but I still prefer ” A Second proposal”
    Harleydaz maybe could post some still shot of Zio from that drama.
    Actually there is a few around. Ammur could maybe dig it out from her vault and could repost it on her blog.


    I remember when I was crazy in love with ‘Get Karl’ again and again , Ammur did post some hot pictures of Zio in shower (head shot).. oh la la …
    Amany are you there.

  682. 682 : Beth Says:


    Don’t get too excited. Call me if you need help!! I’ll send Zio right away or maybe not …you’ll get worse…haha

  683. 683 : Beth Says:

    Marhaba Shieka Amany

    Khefalic (How are You)
    Yes I am still here been busy…
    Thank You for keeping up with Kd-OJH. Of course I want his name all the way to the top with all you ladies help.
    Sorry if you were unable to watch the complete link Jane posted of ASP ( A Second Proposal). It takes me 1 1/2hour to finish the whole 60 plus minutes but the interesting part is where Zio participated in the aerobic dance class. Its more like your doing an egyptian dance where you have your hip swaying back and forth and he was good at it. Zio is good in shoulder movement too. I do not need to teach him dancing lesson.
    Only slow dance maybe I could give him a point or two.
    Hope harleydaz could freeze some of those portion and post it on Soompi.
    If you want a copy of ASP let me know. I’ll find one for you.

    Hope you are doing OK with Soompi.

    Maasalam (bye) for now,

  684. 684 : Beth Says:


    Oh.. you did watch Zio’s move I though you didn’t finish watching it. I’m sorry. Completely misunderstood you.


  685. 685 : Beth Says:

    Jane (670)

    Would also like to thank Ikuko-san for her translation on http://www.ohjiho.net/.

  686. 686 : Harley Daz Says:

    Zio Ladies

    Oh Ji-ho dances in “Super Rookie”

    mysoji appox. 1:28 minutes into the episode.

    source: http://www.mysoju.com/super-rookie/episode-14/part-2/

  687. 687 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Thanks Harley Daz! (686)

    Here’s another small bit of ZIO dancing in A SECOND PROPOSAL (14:09 to 16:56) – he’s shaking his head very much like in SUPER ROOKIE:


    Enjoy and FIGHTING ZIO!!

  688. 688 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    From the youku.com website A SECOND PROPOSAL, to me, it seems like ZIO’s eyes are much bigger than in GET KARL.

    Let me know if you disagree.

  689. 689 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AMANY (Jane’s 687)

    You might as well continue watching on after ZIO’s dancing in A SECOND PROPOSAL – there’s the bit where he “slept” with his neighbour and see what happens when she woke up…

  690. 690 : amany Says:

    hi Zio`s ladies..
    i hope every one of u is doing fine:))i am very excited and i want to share that with u..
    remember my desire to learn KOREAN..i started my first step and applied to the Korean Embassy in my country,they r giving language courses…the problem is they accept only few:((i don`t know how many applied or how many will be accepted but i feel great to take the step whatever the outcome will be and i promise if i join the course and become a good student (i hope)i will help as much as possible in korean translation…i actually dream of that..they say; the language is difficult,u should waste ur time learning a language u willnot use,etc…they say much but i am very determined and of course u know my beautiful big reason “ZIO”so wish me luck :))

  691. 691 : amany Says:

    Jane (679-680)
    oh dear Jane lots of thanks to u and lovely Zio`s ladies for talking much about his programme(the 72 mins length)i enjoyed every second in it,though i didnot understand the saying but i just felt how much Zio is a great attractive man..he acts simply and can attracts a crowd with his stories and he tells jokes..he is shy at dancing and showing off but once he takes it easy,he shines as ever..i fell in love again in this video and i loved his mathematical abilities,my major at high school was mathematics so i really APPRECIATE smart men :)))
    thanks again,i wonder if we can find subtitles with the video,the joy will me more:)
    p.s,,i love his co-star in Get Karl,very attractive and Zio surely admires her..

  692. 692 : amany Says:

    Jane again
    i took ur advice and typed autumn shower in youtube and i watched very interesting videoes..i also read about the drama..i sure would love to see it oneday..but the extract of the downloaded file isnot opened in my computer and i guess it is a public problem coz other users in d-addicts mentioned that too..
    i had my hopes on the embassy in finding dvds but nope an employee mentioned U CAN FIND IT IN THE INTERNET.. very clever of him :))

  693. 693 : amany Says:

    about second proposal,i had the idea of going on watching even with chinese subtitles but i can`t differentiate very logic things like “the arrangement of the series..which comes first or second:((
    and about thanks life there is no link about it here in kd.org
    strange???or i wasnot looking sincerely..
    from ur review,it seems interesting..Zio is wearing his best there?? very eager to see it..

  694. 694 : amany Says:

    Beth (681)
    u were calling me :)) sorry i wasnot there..welcome back..come always to continue fighting Zio is on 11 th rank now..very soon he will be in the top 10
    APPLAUSE for Zio`s ladies..
    i am always here coz this is the only place i find it USEFUL to be talkative :)) Zio takes points for my big mouth:))

  695. 695 : amany Says:

    Beth (683)
    it`s ok dear..maybe i wasnot clear enough but u did reassure me when u said the aerobics class was really containing belly dancing moves ..yeah,i should believe my eyes then..i loved when the ladies stopped dancing and starred at him..did u notice how shy he was in the video (YSMM)even when the whole group dance but then he made little simple moves ..very charming..
    in soompi i am at page 93..HD is doing great job sending the fans meeting in Japan..in last november…what can i say?? lucky japanese:))
    p.s i thank u for ur kind remark about ASP..i would love to have a copy but i don`t want to bother u..anyway,u r too sweet just by making the offer..

  696. 696 : Beth Says:

    Ahalan Amany

    Zio has to learn a step or two on belly dancing from an Egyptian lady like you. We could already see his ability in hip swaying… He would look very sexy by doing those move..

    Wow you are now on page 93.. Yes, Harleydaz always send us beautiful and gorgeous pictures of Zio. Isn’t she a sweet lady.

    Good luck to your Korean class. Hopefully in due time you’ll be our interpreter.

    Thanks for taking Zio to the top 12 and counting. Thanks to you all Zio ladies.

    Heres the Soompi link for Thank You Life/Grcias A La Vida. ..

    Take Care

  697. 697 : Beth Says:

    Amany and ladies

    My Post (696) is awating for moderation!!

  698. 698 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AMANY (690)

    I wish you success in learning KOREAN and learning it speedily!

    Can’t wait for you to translate for us what ZIO says in his video messages!

  699. 699 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AMANY (695)

    Yes, HARLEY DAZ always does a great job posting lovely photos of ZIO onto Soompi.

    THANKS, HD!!!

    Pity we cannot do same in this chatroom.

  700. 700 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi Ladies

    Anybody knows where Mandi is. Last time I heard she is on a business/pleasure trip.

    She has a lot to catch up with Zio once she comes back.

  701. 701 : Lovestar Says:


    Anybody knows about this big poster ad of Zio on the building??

    Is this in Japan for his Fan meeting comes February 14?


    Scroll down to see what I mean.

  702. 702 : Lovestar Says:

    Ladies (701)

    Forget the link. The user had change a different Zio wallpaper. I think Zionism changes it from time to time. Sorry for the confusion.

    This wallpaper right now is a Samsung cell phone ad by Zio. He dresses elegantly!!!

  703. 703 : Lovestar Says:


    I want you to watch this. We Zio ladies are longing to dress in wedding gown with Zio.. His smile and dimple so, so sweet!!!


    Enjoy and stop daydreaming with Zio!!

  704. 704 : Lovestar Says:


    Here’s another one , first few minutes are comical part from ” A Second Proposal”, rest of the link is photoshoot from Autumn Showers plus Zios interview.


  705. 705 : amany Says:

    Beth (696)
    ahlan lovely Beth
    so,i am not the only Egyptian lady in Zio`s life??what a shock :((however i guess he is very smart and learnt quite well..indeed,many countries through the world teach the dancing lessons stating its importance for health and body..some talks about its ancient egyptian origin from pharaohs especialy the movements of hands..it was religious movements for them..
    thank u for the good wishes and thanks for correcting me he is still 12 but after i take my usual task in sending here he will be 11 very soon..:))

  706. 706 : amany Says:

    Jane (698)
    thank u for good luck wishes..i would love to be ur translator just wish me to be a clever student if i was accepted..the course is two years long..and i don`t know how long it takes to feel ur progress but starting a new language is always difficult but sure the motivation helps..let`s wait and see..i don`t want to be daydreaming about both the course and Zio..right BETH??

  707. 707 : Beth Says:

    Ahalan Wahsa alan Amany (705) (706)

    Slonik? (How R you) I didn’t notice I was correcting you..
    Tell you frankly I have a crush course on Belly Dancing. It was a quick one . I just know the basic belly/hip movements. Its from an exercise class. Unfortunately my instructor settle down and move to another state. I sometimes still dance for exercise. (just basic movement). For me any music is fine provided you keep on swaying. Yeah I love the hand movement too but found it difficult to control. Poor synchronization.

    An Asian belly dancer?? I hope someday both of us could entertaint Zio till his eyes drop..haha Though we don’t have that wedding dress, at least we did get to perform. Shien Tammam, ehhamdulala (did I say this correctly).

  708. 708 : amany Says:

    Beth (703-4)
    ahlan lovely Beth..i am “tammam” fine..el hamdo liallah (thanks to God)
    thank u for the lovely links..it`s always great to see ojh..he had many weddings in his series..i love most the one in Get Karl..i like his look in white and his bride was very beautiful with her flowers crown..also the place was in front of the sea..this is my perfect dream wedding:))
    i have nothing to watch for Zio these days except for reviewing here and in soompi ..i am thinking of choosing a good drama in mysoju (not starring ojh)coz i should recognize nomatter how much i like him,there r still good dramas without him..what do u think of that??wise or stupid??

  709. 709 : amany Says:

    Beth (707)
    there is still along way to get Zio to rank 10..but we should do our best to make it the Valentine`s day present..is it any early date??let`s just try and see :))
    ur information about belly dancing is much better than mine..i guess even Zio can do better than me in this field :))my all info about exercises is WALKING..i love walking very much and it is all i need to keep in shape..
    what about slow dance??love to watch it..never had the courage to try it..ofcourse,it will be different when Zio comes ahead and asks for my hand saying “shall we dance??”or even danceta sinorita:) daydreaming again?? i really want to stop but how can i while Zio seems to come from the world of dreams:))

  710. 710 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hi Amany (708)

    Away from Oh Ji-ho start with the man who started it all
    Bae Yong jun “Winter Sonata”.

    Others I’ve enjoyed done by some Zios friends

    “Golden Bride” with Song Chang Ui & Song Jong ho teammates of Zios with the Albatross baseball team.

    “Lovers in Prague” with Kim Min joon

    “Full House” with Bi (Rain) & Kim Sung Soo

    “One Fine Day” with Gong Yoo

    The new hit drama
    “Boys Before Flowers”



  711. 711 : amany Says:

    hi HD(710)
    thank u for ur kind recommendations…i watched winter sonata before as u said it was the gateway to the korean drama mania but that was 4 or 5 years ago,i guess it would be nice to watch it again after being “fan”..
    i will tell u when i begin to share opinions,i really love the way u judge things..u r very reasonable and objective ..

  712. 712 : amany Says:

    HD,Beth,Jane,Pinky,Lia..and all Zio`s ladies especially from soompi
    as proceeding in soompi,i really appreciate ur input..i think Zio`s thread is the most updating and trustworthy site in ENGLISH..the non korean fans should know more about it..
    i told u before about facebook there are about 4 or 5 groups for Zio`s fan..the biggest one contain about 260 fans and the least contains 10 fans..there r also groups for his series where his fans discuss them (the biggest is for FC and the least is GK)in between there is SDIL group..
    i know u doing much effort in this site and soompi but sure ur visits there will count..

  713. 713 : amany Says:

    Zio`s ladies again..
    here r the links
    oh ji ho group
    fantastic couple group
    single dad in love group
    get karl group

  714. 714 : amany Says:

    i think u must sign up in facebook first to view these groups but u can visit them even if u r not members..
    i wanted u to know about these groups..and i will post the soompi thread there to make the conncetion between Zio`s lovers..
    actually ladies,from viewing soompi i got to know some info about Zio (thanks to his active ladies)and i posted some photoes and links to the non soompi members in these groups..(i hope u don`t mind that)
    u may notice there r no deep discussions in some groups..it`s only about his hotness and the usual mistake of being mixed and the new rumour which i heard about in arabic forum is his being orphan!!!
    i am trying to make difference..i amnot well known and insider as u ladies..but trying my best to make these groups alive and spread Zio`s love..so what do u think??

  715. 715 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AMAMY (714)

    Thanks! Would be great if you could be our ambassador for the facebook Zio-folks!!

    Please let them know about this site, Soompi and the Japan fan club http://www.ohjiho.net so that they have another option to chat with us and have more up-to-date info about our beloved ZIO.

    Well done, Amany!

    FIGHTING for our ZIO!!

  716. 716 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AMANY (713)

    Thanks for the facebook links. If I had difficulty logging in with Soompi initially, I had major major difficulty dealing with facebook. I tried to post a message onto one of the facebook links you mentioned but it disappeared after I pressed a button (can’t remember what button now!)

    Actually I signed up with facebook a long time ago under “Jane Chang Greenwood” but never seemed to be able to navigate it – I am giving up on facebook once more! sigh…. Will just stick with this chatroom and Soompi!

  717. 717 : Beth Says:


    Got computer glitch. This is the only site I could get into. Hopefully I could recover all Zios file…sigh…..

  718. 718 : Lia Says:

    Hi Amany

    Waw.. thanks for the facebook links of OJH and his series group.
    I was looking for OJH page in facebook but hadn’t found it yet. and now… you’ve found them !! Thanks. I just add the groups.
    You know.. in facebook, we can find many artists pages and we can add become a fan. but in OJH pages, they’re groups.

    Amany, I saw u did great job. You’ve promoted OJH very well in facebook.
    thanks for being our ambassador. 🙂

  719. 719 : Lia Says:

    I just posted the links (Soompi & K-OJH) again in Oh Ji Ho group in facebook.

  720. 720 : Lia Says:


    I hope your computer will be fine. and all Zio’s files are safe.

  721. 721 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    BETH (717)

    Oh no, so sorry to hear about your computer glitch! Like Lia said, hope you will be able to recover all of ZIO’s files!!!

  722. 722 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    LIA (719)

    WELL DONE! Thanks LIA and AMANY for helping ZIO spread his love around the facebook world!

  723. 723 : amany Says:

    Jane (715-716)
    i was so happy about ur reaction Zio`s ladies and many thanks for ur support..i just feel that Zio was able to make a large community here ,in soompi and on facebook and that`s really great we can make them together..yet every place has its speciality..i guess soompi will be always the best for updating news and photoes with that great work u ladies especially THE INSIDER HD:))does..
    here in koreandrama.org will always be the place where we can see ojh`s rank and his fans comments and i really think u made it very warm homelike place..
    and in facebook:it`s all about speed..u can spread everything..discuss many topics and corrects many info..
    Zio `s ladies ALWAYS FIGHTING:))

  724. 724 : amany Says:

    Jane again
    i tried to search for ur account to add u as a friend and see if i can give u any help..i amnot an expert in facebook but surviving well :))
    i don`t know about the account under name “JANE CHANG GREENWOOD” i found no results,either the account is cancelled or u made it private that doesnot appear in search..
    i suggest to make a new one and inform me and we will do it together..sure u will add much enthusiasm to facebook as always:))

  725. 725 : amany Says:

    hi Lia
    very happy to see u in facebook..i loved ur displayed pic..u look very beautiful :))
    i agree with u that facebook is very wide world..there is almost group for anything..and the fan pages are much fun..sometimes i keep searching for a certain movie or actor and get amazed by the number of results :))
    i will never forget my happiness when i wrote OJH name at first and find the results then get with people who really love the man but with u Zio`s ladies it is not about loving the man but knowing him better with the videos,the interviews,the photoes u posted..I OWE U THAT..

  726. 726 : amany Says:

    thank u for re-posting the links..i don`t know if mine didnot work,i spent the whole day searching in soompi for OJH`s series threads till i found them then post them
    in both his group and the series group..
    i am re-posting again here if they can be of any help..
    Super Rookie

    Get Karl

    Couple of Fantasy

    Single dad in love

    A Second Proposal

    Autumn Shower

  727. 727 : amany Says:

    sorry for ur computer…i hope u can repair it very soon..we miss u already so come back fast Zio lady..
    p.s..i only have 10 pages left in soompi..i was very happy to be able to catch up with u..
    then i discovered the threads of the series in addition to thanks u life thread which u and Jane told me about..again pages and pages to go..but this time i will just take a look not examine everything as in ojh`s thread..
    all these pages for Zio here and there proves one thing”there is much love for this man “and it is amazing how few people (compared to others` fans)
    can make a great effect..FORZA ZIO:))

  728. 728 : Lia Says:


    That’s our job to helping Zio spreads his love in all around the world.
    Thanks to Amany who found the groups in FB. Good job, Amany 😉
    You can register in FB too, Jane. 🙂

  729. 729 : Lia Says:

    Hi Amany

    Thanks. I’m so happy we can meet in FB. And finding Zio’s groups in FB makes me happy too. It’s one of a little thing to help Zio spreads his love in all around the world.

    btw, which one is you in the pics Amany? 😉

  730. 730 : Beth Says:


    Update Computer : I am glad I ‘ve Zio files back. I am still having a problem with Soompi.

  731. 731 : Beth Says:


    Amany quote: guess soompi will be always the best for updating news and photos with that great work u ladies especially THE INSIDER HD:))does..

    So true Ms Insider and thank you for feeding us all the fresh and up to date news and pictures of Zio. Your tiltle fits you prefectly.

  732. 732 : Beth Says:


    So far this is the only site I could chat without any problem.

    I see you in Facebook, so luvly of you!!! I am on the first stage , still got a lot to learn and get use to it.. So many members that adore Zio..

    off topic:
    Was that your neice on the yellow dress? She is so cute.

  733. 733 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hi Beth

    Wondered where you were and why you were missing from Soompi.

    I’ll give you a update.

    Yesterday I posted a few photos of “Biker Zio” on a bicycle dressed in racer clothes. The man looked cold he requested his Zio lady Inez get him a hot chocolate with some of her homemade cookies. Of course we all know Inez would oblige and that she did.
    Zio’s an awesome sportsman….!!

    I neglected on purpose to post a link or say where the photos came from.
    I wanted to see if anyone knew the series??????

    From Jane
    Wow thanks! Any idea when these biker photos were taken?

    Hours later I posted more photos and a poster with a link to the series. I added scenes from “Thank You My Life”

    Jane posted:
    Oh yes, HARLEY DAZ, thanks for reminding me – these biker photos are indeed from THANK YOU MY LIFE! How can I forget so easily!! /Jane

    Beth I think you will be very happy with the following:

    Reposts of Quotes from Kopped Sisters-

    Hello Zio ladies,

    Has anyone seen this drama? Is it any good? 🙂

    Jane & Koalabear responded (to much to repost)

    Hello Jane,

    Thank you for your opinion on Thank You, My Life 🙂 Doesn’t sound like something I would like to watch since Oh Ji-ho has so little scenes in it :-P. Hee hee….

    Best regards,
    Liz 🙂

    Liz has joined Zios World. Fantastic!

    On KD/OJH “The Insider HD” compliments of Amany
    On Soompi “Biker Chick” compliments of Inez.
    Nice Tags! Thank You!!!!
    Wonder what Zio would tag me?

    “We are Zio Ladies Helping Zio Spread His Love Around the World”

    Zios Ladies represent:
    CA, USA
    NY, USA

  734. 734 : Mandi Says:

    Hi, Hope all of you are well and wish all my chinese friends a belated 新年快乐 !

    Lovestar(700) thanks for remembering me. I started work on the 3rd day of CNY after a short break of 2 days back in my hometown. Hard life

  735. 735 : Beth Says:

    Harleydaz “The Insider”

    I have sent you an email telling you why I went missing in Soompi all of a sudden. Had to organize all my data to my new desktop. Those that we’re gone I have them back.

    On Thank You Life… I knew it went I saw Zio biker photos. Guess I was late. Its nice that K-popped Liz is now paying attention on our Soompi site. That was nice of her. Our effort on “kimchi kisses” was not lost.

    I think we have to have a competition on who could come up with a nice TAG for you..hehe


  736. 736 : Lovestar Says:


    Thank You for reposting Soompi comments I missed. Do appreciate it a lot.

  737. 737 : Lovestar Says:

    Ahalan gameel Amany,

    I can’t explain why but this is my fourth draft. Everytime i reaches the end of my mesage I gets cancelled. Its just gone. Well as you said everything for Zio we have to be patient.

    Nice seeing you in facebook. Its like your second home. I am amaze how vast Zio fans are…they came from all over the world. Remarkably astonishing!!!! Wow I can’t believe how Zio has touches our heart. The phrase ” We are Zio Ladies Helping Zio Spread His Love Around the world” is coming true. Unbelievable!!! Zio must be elated if He knew about this. Most of them commented to see him in Hollywood.
    Please invite Doja and Nouran to join in Soompi and bring the love of Zio Soompi to Facebook. I know some members can’t reach Soompi and find Facebook easier to post and I agree. BTW they don’t know who Zio is. I leave that to Ms Insider, HD.

    I intentionally posted the dream sequence wedding scene PHOTO of Zio in A Second Proposal to see if you are paying attention. Yes indeed
    you are. I am single but got Zio photo on my page..hehe. You caught me alright.

    Again we have to keep on Fighting!!!!!Forza Zio!!!!!!!!!!!!Aja Aja!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  738. 738 : Pinky Says:

    ahlan Amany, (708)

    I had the same feeling as you do… hence… I am now watch Second proposal (since I never view this drama before :-)) and besides I also watch East of Eden by Song Seung Hun…and The Snow Queen by Hyun Bin…. also HD had recommended “Full House” is quite good too!!

    Hope you will enjoy this drama while waiting for Zio……

    Pinky 🙂

  739. 739 : Pinky Says:

    Amany (713) 🙂

    Thanks for the link, I will visit facebook later on….. today I am so busy to catch up the messages here and in Soompi ….. 🙂

    thanks again!!

  740. 740 : Lia Says:

    Hi Beth

    Thanks. I just saw your page in facebook, in the name luvli lady. I saw U in Amany’s page. I just added/invited U to be my friend. Yes, many people adore Zio, they want to see him in Hollywood. I really want to see him in Hollywood too.

    Yes, she’s my niece. Her name’s Shafiqa Salsabilla, she’s usually called Fiqa.

    Glad to meet Zio Ladies in Facebook. It would be interesting if all of Zio Ladies can join in facebook. Our world can be larger and with many Zio’s pages in facebook also can make us to spread Zio’s love more.

  741. 741 : Lovestar Says:


    Welcome back to Zio World!!!! I am sure you had a wonderful ‘Chinese New year”

  742. 742 : Beth Says:

    Hi Lia

    I did send you email back to join you as a member. Please check if I did it right.

  743. 743 : amany Says:

    Lia (729)
    talking here..talking there :)) that`s really fun..
    u became a facebook navigator in a short peroid :))u even joined another Zio`s group..i really like ur way of doing things..so simple yet confident..
    good job Lia..let`s spread more love..and enjoy the outcome :))

  744. 744 : amany Says:

    HD (733) THE INSIDER :))
    u know i think the title suits u very much..it is not a compliment..u really do much in catching up with the updates..judging the trustworthy from the rumours and give us the conclusions and GREAT PHOTOES TOO..
    i enjoyed the updates as much as Beth and hope to join soompi soon to get more connected with u :))

  745. 745 : amany Says:

    hi welcome book..long not see or hear from u..i hope u r doing great in life and especially in work 🙂
    yeah Life is BITTER..but adding a spoonful of Zio will make difference ..

  746. 746 : amany Says:

    ahlan Beth (737)
    i am really happy u r enjoying the facebook..many fans of Zio (yet i wish for MORE)the best thing there is SPEED..u can quickly comment on a photo or write on wall or discuss a topic..it takes much less time compared to soompi..but in soompi really deserves every hard work..coz u Zio ladies turned it to Zio`s place..a warming,updating,loving place..and i really notice that bond between Zio ladies which is TRUE and UNIQUE..
    i loved ur displayed image of Zio…he is THE MOST HANDSOME GROOM EVER:))u did it on purpose to test me??and i passed:)) i am learning to be observant Zio lady from u all,reading soompi and finding U DID NOTICE A TATTOO ON HIS LEG,HIS SHOES IN RECEPTION,ETC.. how can i compete with that??simply anything contains Zio CATCHES MY EYES :))

  747. 747 : amany Says:

    Beth again..
    Doja and Nouran became soompi members,i don`t know if they posted anything yet coz i am still on page 105 BUT U CAN SAY I AM ON MY WAY:)
    i hope many fans from facebook join soompi or here very soon..and we still have to spread love in KD coz HE WILL BE IN THE TOP 10 VERY SOON..i was planning for the valentine as deadline but i think we can do it EARLIER:))or i just hope so..FIGHTING ,,FORZA ZIO AND VIVA OH JI-HO( the last slogan from Nouran)

  748. 748 : amany Says:

    Pinky (738)
    ahlan ya gameel..
    thank u for ur recommendation and i DO know how u feel right now watching Second Proposal for the first time..coz i am watching it too :)) i got an old working link thanks to LUVLI BETH in aja-aja it takes much time to download but it deserves every waiting..I watched EP1 and I LOVED IT COZ IT STARTED WITH HIS FACE..THE BEST START:))but still thinking to watch another non Zio work with it..i will take a common vote from ur list and HD`s..maybe FULL HOUSE..
    p.s i was thinking before of MY PRECIOUS KID..coz of Zio`s cameo but still ongoing in mysoju and it can`t count as non Zio work :))

  749. 749 : amany Says:

    Pinky (739)
    we r waiting for u in facebook to be ur new home as here and in soompi..
    i knew from soompi u r nat nat..right??but which is more accurate picky or pinky??

  750. 750 : Beth Says:

    Ahalan Gameel Amany

    Here is the latest update news of Zio. Supplied by Minah_00 and our Insider HD.

    I’ll let you do the rest at Facebook, Ms Ambassador.

    Fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Forza Zio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  751. 751 : Mandi Says:

    Amany(745), thanks. Zio has definitely made a difference in my life. From career (100%) centered life to career (dropping%)+????????. Although i’m grateful to him for he’s the reason that i got to know all you wonderful ladies, think i will still blame him if i loose my job because of spending too much time on the internet, haha ^^!

  752. 752 : Mandi Says:

    Beth(750), it’s a wonderful news Zio’s at work again. All the best to Zio.

  753. 753 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Lovestar (741),

    I sure had a wonderful and busy CNY!!!!!!!! 🙂
    Frankly said, I do miss all my Zio Sis during my CNY holiday! The reason why I’ve away for so long is…….. I can’t login to Soompi with my desk top at home……… I’ve been trying a few times and then give up…. do you have this experience before?

    Anyway, I am back again..haha……


  754. 754 : Lovestar Says:

    Pinky (751)

    Yes I have this experience when I change to a new desktop at work this weekend. Now everything is in order. You have to be patient.
    .. Glad to see you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  755. 755 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hi Mandi

    Nice to see you back in Zios world here and in Soompi.
    I wish I did catch Zio at the mall. I’d get to use the Xmas gift my man got me. He says I have to carry my camera with me all the time for Zio moments….heheheh….
    Now am I ever going to catch Zio shopping at the Westchester here in NY?

    Hi Pinky

    I can log on from my work computer and my home computer. I have a laptop that I only use when I am on the road. Otherwise it says in its case. With the laptop at times I can’t get into Soompi. Posting any pictures is impossible and my emails Beth can tell you I never know if they went through.

    Does anyone have any answers?


  756. 756 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi Amany, so glad to meet you “in person” at last! Like Lia said, you are so beautiful! Love your photos with your friends too (or are they relatives?). Did anyone tell you that you and Riham look quite alike?

    Glad we belong to Zio’s family!

    Re your eating noodles – what kind do you eat? At X’mas I tried eating Korean spicy noodles Korean style, spiffing hot out of the pot/lid with kimchi on the side and a bottle of soju! That was so fun! By the way, my Korean colleague just returned from her home holiday and bought me a packet of cha chan mien (the brown sauce noodle that was often eaten in Fantasy Couple – I haven’t tried it yet – hope it tastes just as nice as the way they portrayed in the drama!

    In return, I lend her Fantasy Couple. She says she hasn’t seen this drama – I hope she’ll like it and she’ll also get to like our dear ZIO in time to come!

  757. 757 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Hi Lia, very happy to also meet you “in person” at last! Love the way you look in glasses! I notice you share the same birthday month as Amany. We’ve just missed Beth’s birthday!

  758. 758 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    Did you notice we posted our messages (755 and 756) at the same time (11:12pm?) It must be morning your time.

    I’ve had a long day today – so much work I haven’t time to post anything onto Soompi or here nor replied in lengthier emails.

  759. 759 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    Off topic: as you said – couldn’t Facebook get any faster?? You can tell I am a very impatient person (am learning to slow down!) It’s good to be able to post personal pics and info., and glad we can set the privacy mode so that no one except friends only can view each other’s profiles (I only realize I can do this today!!)

  760. 760 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Re New MBC drama “Queen of Housewives”

    Does being casted mean ZIO’s only being considered for the role or has he already been confirmed for the part?

    I am sure not only I but all those of us who love ZIO are hoping to see him in another drama soon!

    We also wish him a lot of success in the new one!

    FIGHTING, ZIO!! Aja Aja!

  761. 761 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    MANDI (751)

    Welcome back to ZIO’s world! I’m sure ZIO added lots of fun and spice to your career life too!

  762. 762 : Mandi Says:

    Haldydaz (755), Beth & all, i’m always marvelled at the 1st hand news and pics of Zio that you ladies could get hold. NICE…& many thanks ^^!

  763. 763 : Mandi Says:

    Jane(761), INDEED!

  764. 764 : Mandi Says:

    Jane(760), i’m a little confused here. So is Zio being considered or confirmed for this role? I hope its the latter for i’ve been looking forward to watch his works.

  765. 765 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hi Jane

    From what I understand Zio has excepted the role in “Queen of Housewives” for MBC. Contracts as you know can take a few days to settle and sign. Heavenly Star has not confirmed and agree with you feel after the last disappointment I feel they are making sure this series is a go before they confirm.

    MBC America web site had posted in Dec. that “Someone to Love” was to go into the time slot after “East of Eden” in Mar. The cast was picked and script reading was in process when the series was cancelled due to production costs same as “Lord of Study”.
    Korea is not the only country where actors are taking pay cuts it’s happening here in the US also.

    I noticed we were posting around the same time here and it went through. I’ve had times when I’ve been posting on Soompi the same time as another and lost my post. I’ve learned to write off line then cut and paste to Soompi saves time and curse words.

    Jane (759)
    I am laughing and it feels so good. Facebook agree it’s slower than a snail going down hill.
    I signed up then trying to post. Short message – hey I’m a woman from NY with a large vocabulary when it comes to Zio. No one can shut me up.
    I had much to say and it refused me over and over. Will post more tomorrow. I’ve had it!!!!!
    And it says 1000 words. Don’t believe them.

    I second – welcome back!

  766. 766 : Harley Daz Says:

    One correction it’s late and I’m tired please excuse my using the wrong spelling (excepted) in my first sentance of my post (765)

    It should be…..

    From what I understand Zio has accepted the role in “Queen of Housewives” for MBC.

  767. 767 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Harleydaz,

    We both had the same problem, I can log on from my work computer and can’t log on from my home! Don’t know why…..this is very frustrated!! 🙁

    And I had went to view facebook yestersday. Well, I had difficult to log on to facebook at home too!!

    Really hope that someone can me or give me an answers!! 🙂


  768. 768 : Beth Says:

    Harleydaz (765)(766)

    Thanks for the update. We are all eagerly waiting and excited for Zio new drama.

    No big deal on your spelling. We all do commit mistake. Its part of our life.

    Thank You for starting the catch phrase:
    “We are Zios Ladies Helping Zio Spread His Love Around the World”
    If you have notice most of us Zio ladies are now using this slogan more often and that is a good sign.

    I agree Facebook is slow and got cut off very often. I find it complicated.. but I love all Facebook Zio ladies does to Zio. They deserve a phrase. Well done!!!!

    I also find this site easier.

    Hopefully we’ll get more news of Zio kdrama tomorrow.

  769. 769 : Lovestar Says:

    Pinky (766)

    I think I could solve your problem. I had this problem for months same as yours, now I could sign on in Soompi either at work , at home or at my friends house.

    You always had to sign out on your email if you sign in on Soompi by doing this Soompi could only recognize a single entry and that you can open Soompi with no problem. THis is what I have observed so I got a smooth signing on in Soompi. I am not a computer wizard so try it if you still have a problem then maybe it works only on me!

  770. 770 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jane (760)

    Hopefully will have more news of Zio or you can ask him yourself. Remember to ask for an English site.

    Did you see what Minah_00 posted on you in Soompi? She is beginning a countdown for you on your Japan Fan meeting trip.

  771. 771 : Beth Says:

    Mandi (752)(762)

    Thank You. Hope you are settled now.

    We are all eager and waiting for confirmation of Zio new Kdrama.

    Don’t worry it will be all posted here and Soompi.

  772. 772 : Beth Says:

    Gameel Amany,

    Where are you?? Haven’t seen you here lately.

    You know by know Zio is appearing on a new Kdrama. No firm confirmation yet.

    Are you done reading all of Soompi?

    How was your noodle? Love your pics in Facebook!!

    See you soon!!

    Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!Forza Zio!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  773. 773 : Beth Says:

    Harleydaz and Ladies (768)

    My apologies…I made a wrong spelling too

    It should be:

    They deserve a praise (not phrase)… they do sound alike ..haha

  774. 774 : Pinky Says:

    Lovestar (769),

    Thank you for solving my problem! 🙂 I will remember to sign out today. I just add the link as my favourite in my work PC and never sign out. I think the problem is here. I will sign out and see if it will work… 🙂


  775. 775 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    BETH/MINAH_00 (770) re Minah_OO’s countdown for Jane seeing ZIO

    Ha ha ha, yes, I saw it – it’s so funny! Thanks, Minah_OO!

    Both Ikuko and myself are very excited! Whoooooooo!!!!

  776. 776 : Lia Says:

    Beth (742)

    Yes, you did the right. We’re already as friends in facebook.

  777. 777 : Beth Says:

    Jane (775)

    We all Zio ladies are excited re your trip to see Zio in Japan.

    Remember to bring with you small notebook that could fit in your bag so that your could jog down what Zio convey to her fans. Take it easy as language will be your problem.

  778. 778 : Beth Says:


    Thanks. I think I did it. You are an active member over there!! Glad you had supplied them all info of Zio.

    Lets spread Zio love around the world!!!


  779. 779 : Lovestar Says:


    I forgot to mention when you FIRST sign in on Soompi there is a bar which you have to tick/check. It say “REMEMBER ME”.

    If you can’t sign in you have to wait and come back in 15 minutes or more. Log off in Soompi. Multiply sign in on Soompi is a no no.

  780. 780 : amany Says:

    i am very proud .HE IS IN THE TOP 10 ..and yeah we can make better together..
    p.s..it isnot about NUMBER it is about affection..just think in more than 700 posts how many friends u got and how close we become..and ALL THANKS TO ZIO..

  781. 781 : amany Says:

    Ahlan Beth (750)

  782. 782 : amany Says:

    i am grateful for the same reason..he really changed mylife in someway..introduced me to good friends AND RAISED MY EXPECTATIONS IN MY MAN..i don`t know if it for good or bad..but i won`t worry for now :))
    about work,very agree..the past days soompi ladies were making much life in facebook and here ,i was trying to steal moments from work to know the updates,,my colleagues used to see me sitting on the computer,laughing for no reason (in their opinion) i am trying to keep Zio love AT HOME ONLY..but i miss him whenever i have stress so i just try to have a glance and work hard resisting:))
    however,MANDI, Zio ladies are known for their strength and ability to do everything well..i think we can mange it in work and here :))FIGHTING..

  783. 783 : amany Says:

    u welcome dear..here and there..I WISH THE WORLD FULL OF ZIO FANS..THAT WILL MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE:))
    about the noodles,i loved it as Han ya seul character and when he taught her how to cook it,i dreamt to take a PRIVATE LESSON:))so from that drama,whenever i feel depressed or love to amuse myself,i got the instant noodles and cook it then watch OJH drama..a very good remedy for stress..i advise u all:))
    i didnot find the exact noodles with that special black sauce but never lose hope..even dream of going to korean restaurant and try it ORGINALLY..we have asian restaurants in my country (chinese,japanese but i want KOREAN for now:))

  784. 784 : amany Says:

    Jane (759)
    i am impatient as u r but u know learning things gradually is more effective that`s how i got to facebook with a help of a colleague..she sat with me for an hour then i did it with some others including MY BOSS:))
    i love a quote from SUPER ROOKIE
    if u want to learn,ask questions..and luckily my job is ABOUT ASKING QUESTIONS..
    i second to the privacy settings make u feel much better:))
    u know Jane..i am the one who have problems with soompi..
    i can even reply ur PM ,,the search engine in soompi always down:(( perhaps i need to ask soompi experts soon:)

  785. 785 : amany Says:

    Ahlan BETH (772)
    here i am:))at ur call and beck (quoting from ASP.EP.1:))
    this has been a very busy week in job and the coming week willnot be much better i predict,i work in DAILY newspaper which is very tiring compared to WEEKLY OR MONTHLY MAGAZINE..and there is a big stress called DEADLINE..however,that makes u imagine how important Zio and his ladies in my life..U REALLY HELP ME TO CALM DOWN..
    in soompi, i have finished all MY HOMEWORK,except for some videoes that didnot work and i kept my sites in my fav list to re-watch again like cyworld,k-poped,zionizm posts in youtube and ohjiho.net..
    it was nice to be mentioned by u ,Jane in some posts before i even sign up..i really felt welcomed already..thank u :)) ASHPFEK FE SOOMPI QAREIBAN (SOON)

  786. 786 : Beth Says:

    Ahalan Gameel Amany (785)

    I saw you in Soompi and Doja too. Yeah Facebook Zio ladies. Now we have Zio soompi ladies and kd_ojh ladies.. Zio is getting internationaly popular among us. His fans are spread all over the world. Hope one day Zio acknowlege us.

    I see all of us are professional Zio working ladies..but we still devote a part of our time to read and browse news of Zio. That only show our love, commitment and dedication for HIM… Never get tired of our Zio.

    We all share the same feelings whenever we’re down or stress…. all we have to do is open any site of Zio that would alleviate our pain. So true indeed.

    Noodles. We have a lot of Korean shop/supermarket here but found no exact noodles to try and explore. They are all written in korean. Next time I will grab a korean ‘guy’ to explain it for me..haha

    Ashukok…. Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  787. 787 : Mandi Says:

    Beth, tks for introducing me to veoh. i managed to finish watching silver knife during my off days. i like this romantic comedy very much. Zio’s very cute in this movie. I like his true love for his girlfriend, Minseo, esp the parts where he cried for her forgiveness. Minseo, is sweet looking and very matching with Zio. Unfortunately ASP is not avail anymore.

  788. 788 : Mandi Says:

    Tks valley girl for the update on new drama in soompi. The characters in the story sounds crazy… Hope they tilt film towards comedy style to make it lively and fun to watch. Comedies seem more audience appealing and is especially good for people living in cities full of stress both at work & home. Wish this drama will be a success like FC, and wish OJH (also a cheating husband in AS & Thanks Life…his luck)… all the best ^^!

  789. 789 : Mandi Says:

    Beth(786), if you could give me your PM, i’ll scan & share my favourite korean noodle with you. The ‘za-jian-mian’ that Han yel sul (‘na-shan-shi’) loves is included. If they happened to be available @ one of your supermarkets, you can cook it the way ‘chang chu-su’ taught.

  790. 790 : Mandi Says:

    Amany(786), you’re better than me. i’ve tried using PM in soompi once, but unable to do it again. Just not sure why the network is always not cooperating, or i’ve used it the wrong way……

  791. 791 : Mandi Says:

    Ladies, thanks for introducing facebook. Another nice place to visit ^^!

  792. 792 : Lovestar Says:


    Zio new kdrama article in K=popped. Thanks to LIZ and translation by Joe Gimm from Newsen


  793. 793 : Beth Says:


    No need to thank me. Anything for Zio…

    I could acquire an extra copy of ASP, let me know if you are interested.

    Do you have my email or PM me in Soompi.

  794. 794 : Beth Says:

    Mandi (789)

    Yes, yes, yes ..please let me know the name of that noodle .

    No need to PM me. I have sent you email few months back RE: Flowers
    but got no reply. I know you were on vacation. I have sent you another email right now …let me know if you receive it, then will start communicating.

  795. 795 : Enri Says:


  796. 796 : amany Says:

    Beth (786)
    still new to soompi..ladies,u r very fast :)) i got there and find many posts after mine and detailed ones :))
    happy for life there..OJH works again so WE SHOULD WORK MORE FIGHTING :))
    yeah,dear,,i think i am not the only one trapped in an exhausting job but as u say really Zio calms all pains..
    to give u little example..today wasnot exactly a perfect day in job but one friend from facebook..gave me a precious present ( ringtone from SINGLE DAD) actor`s version of course,i was trying to download the song on my mobile for weeks and she did it today..then IT WORKED:))
    it is a simple thing yet it brightened my day..
    about noodles,lucky u,MANDI will help,i found in the supermarket dozens of noodles BUT THEY R AMERICAN..not korean and still can`t decide which one id my DREAM NOODLES:)))

  797. 797 : amany Says:

    ur words give me hope ..lol..i made my first post then tried to get into settings to learn more..i achieved alot since i added being female and from Egypt,Cairo :))
    well done,amany..FIGHTING:))

  798. 798 : amany Says:

    Enri (795)
    welcome and WELL-SAID:))
    did u watch ALL his movies and series?if yes,u r a lucky one ..FORZA ZIO AND FIGHTING:))

  799. 799 : Lia Says:

    Beth & Ladies

    I’m so glad we, all Zio sisters can meet again in Facebook. beside we can connect for Zio’s world, we can also can know “in person” as Amany said.

  800. 800 : Lovestar Says:

    Hello Enri

    Welcome nice to see you here. I could see you love Zio. I enjoy watching him all year long non-stop….haha.. of course resting period is my beauty sleep.
    Please drop in anytime if you want to share and ask more about OH Ji Ho(ZIO).

    “We are Zios Ladies Helping Zio Spread His Love Around the World”.

    Join us and the more the merrier!! Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  801. 801 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    ENRI (795)

    A very WARM WELCOME to you to ZIO’s world and family! Hope to hear more from you.

  802. 802 : Beth Says:

    Hello Enri (don’t worry i am just reposting this to a new page)

    Welcome nice to see you here. I could see you love Zio. I enjoy watching him all year long non-stop….haha.. of course resting period is my beauty sleep.
    Please drop in anytime if you want to share and ask more about OH Ji Ho(ZIO).

    “We are Zios Ladies Helping Zio Spread His Love Around the World”.

    Join us and the more the merrier!! Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  803. 803 : Beth Says:


    I haven’t receive the email from Mandi. Darn will have to wait for Jang Chul Soo noodle..hehe

    Honestly I am still having a hard time in Facebook. Will try again if my mind is all cleared up.

    Take it easy at work will you… we need all Zio ladies to be healthy so that we could go on Fighting.

    I saw Doja mention in Soompi “top 10” , I don’t know if she knew we are referring to this site. Can you please guide her on this?? You are our ambassador of Facebook.

    Take Care

  804. 804 : Mandi Says:

    Beth (794), I know i sounded very dumb. But i can’t seem to see your message anywhere. Pls guide this dumb girl over here……. or can you teach me how to upload pics or videos in soompi? Tks for offering ASP. I really hope i will get to watch it.

  805. 805 : Mandi Says:

    Enri(794), WELCOME :):):)

  806. 806 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Lovestar, (779)

    Do you mean I have to tick the “Remember Me”, so Soompi can remember me the next time I login?

    Because I had tick the “remember me” last time and it still can’t log me on… 🙁

    Anyway, I will try again……… thanks! 🙂


  807. 807 : Luvlilady Says:

    Mandi (804)

    I am Beth or Lovestar in Korean Drama. You see when we first chatted in KD- Couple Trouble I was using Lovestar, since everybody knows me as Beth I started to change my username. Sorry for the confusion. But I am still using both in Kd-ojh.

    Click on my username Luvlilady in soompi and go to view member profile and my email is on the 5th to the very bottom., left hand side of your screen. Let me know..

  808. 808 : Lovestar Says:

    Pinky (806)

    Yes sometimes you could not get in multiple entries, I think Soompi gives you 3 try only. You have to sign out and come back after 5 or more mins. You have to be patient. On my new desktop I try it for three days , finally. On my loptop only twice and i was in. Remember when you’re in you have to save it under favorites. Good luck!!

  809. 809 : Lia Says:

    Hi Enri

    Welcome to this Zio’s world. 🙂
    Yes, very well said. Zio is excellent.

  810. 810 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    INEZ wrote in Soompi (post #2393):

    Five Good Reasons Why We Love This Man

    His dimples
    His smiles
    His passion
    His talent
    His kisses..
    His overall sex appeal….’nuff said!!

  811. 811 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    HARLEY DAZ wrote in Soompi (post #2394):

    HD says she Loves me for
    My manly sexy voice
    My ability to convince everyone I am the character I portray (TALENT)
    My LOVE for sports – Baseball & Water Sports
    My enchanted smile
    My love for my fans

    Ladies what about you?

    Hey HD aren’t you going to agree with My Spice Girl Inez – “My overall sex appeal”?????

  812. 812 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    BETH wrote in Soompi (post #2395)

    I love Zio because of :

    His sulptured adonis face
    His inner beauty
    His mathematical skills
    His catwalk
    His Movie “‘La Belle” oh la la..

  813. 813 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    For the sake of those who haven’t joined Soompi, I have copied INEZ’s and HARLEY DAZ’s Five Good Reasons Why We Love ZIO onto this chatroom.

    Unfortunately, these two (810 and 811) are “awaiting moderation”


  814. 814 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AMANY wrote in Soompi (post #2396)

    1- i love his looks..he has a selection of expressing looks (happy,sad,angry,patient ,EMBARRASSED which is my fav:)

    2-i love his smile..looking at him smiling brings hope and happiness to my heart and face..

    3-i love his talent as actor and his ability to be into the character and PERSUADE the audience..i love his passion in acting..not only a job but a purpose in life to make others happy

    4-i love his simplicity,he is very down to earth person,shy and true yet he can attracts all the attention when he talks,sings or only looks

    5-i love the way he does things : take poses at photosessions or only walk..i love his fighting move..very encouraging and motivating )

    he reminds me of the song “U R TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE..CAN`T TAKE MY EYES OF U )

  815. 815 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    LIA wrote in Soompi (post #2397)

    I love Zio because of :

    His smile and his dimple (so sweet, cute, and innocent)
    His good looking face (what a handsome face)
    His body (OMG !!!)
    His intelektual, his smart
    His sexy voice

  816. 816 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    JANE wrote in Soompi (post #2399)

    What I like about ZIO (this is before seeing him in person):

    1. ZIO’s beautiful heart – caring and devoting a lot of his time and money to charity and volunteer work

    2. ZIO’s genuineness and humility: I think there’s an “easiness” about him and love his shyness at the same time when he faces his audience and fans

    3. ZIO’s beautiful smile and dimples

    4. ZIO’s intelligence (remember his Chinese name means VAST INTELLECT or VAST KNOWLEDGE?) – great acting skills and making us believe the character he is portraying

    5. ZIO’s athelete prowess – he’s good in many kinds of sports

    Basically, I think it is ZIO’s inner beauty attracted me and his outer beauty is a BONUS!

    I hope I have even nicer things to say about ZIO after meeting him in person and not having to retract any of the above!!

  817. 817 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    INEZ told me in Soompi “you go and scream for us Zio Ladies of the house here..scream LOUD you hear!”

    YES, MAAM! I hope I will not lose control! I actually would like to try and relax, sit back and enjoy the events (all 4 of them if possible – the night fan meetings on 14th & 15th Feb are yet to be confirmed by the Japan Fan Club/Management.)

  818. 818 : Beth Says:


    Yeah, we are missing ‘cute’? Have not seen her in any Zio site!!

  819. 819 : Luvlilady Says:


    Doja responce from Soompi (2403)


    Doja, We Zio ladies of KD-OJH will be waiting for you !!!

  820. 820 : Luvlilady Says:


    How are you getting along in Soompi??

  821. 821 : Harley Daz Says:

    Congratulations to Oh Ji-hos friend Kwon Sang-woo and his wife Sohn Tae-young for their new addition to there family a beautiful baby boy 3kg (6lbs. 6oz) born on Feb 06. Mother & son are home doing well.

  822. 822 : amany Says:

    I think we r doing nice job in every Zio place :))I love the way Jane added the soompi answers here :)) Thank u for doing that,U SHOULD BE BUSY PREPARING FOR THE BIG DAY :)) yet u can`t forget ur friends in KD..i think that`s very nice of Jane :))
    p.s..didnot u check the facebook topic about our questions for Zio?? till the last time i saw it, WE ALL R VERY SHY,NEARLY FAINTING TO SEE HIM FACETOFACE:)) only Doja was able to come with question “WHAT`S UR SHAMPOO??:)) the miss interviews CAN`T ANWER HER OWN QUESTION TILL NOW :)) I hope U DO FINE INFRONT OF HIM AND HAVE ALL FUN AND RETURN WITH THE GOOD IMPRESSION U ALL R EXPECTING :))

  823. 823 : amany Says:

    Beth (803)
    ahlan ya gameel
    ok,i won`t envy u anymore concerning the noodles,lol ..i hope u get in contact with Mandi and enjoy the noodles to the utmost :))
    Concerning Doja,i will tell her again about the place..i think she will like it..posting here is THE EASIEST :))
    i hope u r doing fine in facebook world and glad whenever more Zio ladies join…by the way,i have problem in my computer,i amnot sure if iit is the pc itself or the internet connection..i am writing from work but i miss being free reading,writing AT HOME..my only concern is that no damage will happen to ASP episodes,i downloaded 7 till now and i was thinking of copying to cd to keep it..it is a very nice drama but as the computer is down,yesterday`s episode was the worst to view,the subtitles werenot matching the events and it was so slow BUT BUT the only thing that make me patient is Zio appearance in EVERY EPISODE even for a short while I GOT RECHARGED BY SEEING HIM:))

  824. 824 : amany Says:

    HD (821)
    it `s great to bring the news here,actually KWON is very popular in arab countries for his series “sad lovestory” and his the man of dreams for my best friend in portraying JO-YONG (sorry for the bad spelling)
    good luck for him and wishing the best for Zio in his personal life and career..
    p.s..i feel like Zio is a very good friend..that cares for his friends and they can rely on..i love his appearance in sad or happy occsaions and the why he dresses so simply,as attending sopmething private without planning to attract attention or showing off..HE IS A GOOD MAN as far as i see and waiting for Jane to judge it IN FACT

  825. 825 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    AMANY (823)

    Re A SECOND PROPOSAL, you’ll be very happy to know that it will be all ZIO from one third of the drama onwards! Truly my most fav drama of him!

  826. 826 : Lia Says:


    Good Job. Thanks for copy the 5 reasons we love Zio.
    Actually 5 is not enough for us to describe why we love Zio. We have lots of reasons why Zio deserves to be loved by us. 🙂

  827. 827 : Lia Says:

    Congratulation for Zio’s buddy, Kwo Sang Wo who has new family.
    His baby boy must be so cute.

  828. 828 : doja Says:

    hello ladies
    i m in KD too now.
    actuly jane invite me so thanx jane..
    wishing its interesting like the other website even zio made any thing interesting
    i thing he s magnetic man his name attracting us 2 join all forums in the world
    i guess same ppl here amany & jane & every one we r realy agreat fans so lets fight ladies

  829. 829 : Luvlilady Says:

    Ahalan Gameel Doja (819) (828)

    I was about to go to Facebook to tell you that I had put your 5 reasons
    here in Soompi.
    Nice to see you here. Welcome!!!

    We shall continue Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  830. 830 : Luvlilady Says:

    Doja (829)

    Sorry… on my sentence ‘here in Soompi’
    it should read ‘here in Kd-OJH.’

  831. 831 : doja Says:

    hello ladies ..i guess im the missing one here ,hi amany ,beth,jane,mandi,lia

  832. 832 : doja Says:

    LET HIM SAY MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    & LET HIM KNOW ABOUT US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  833. 833 : doja Says:

    sorry girls now i just got the idea from down to up,i guess i cant be stupid fan 4 zio:))
    i saw ur comments thank u beth 4 adding my reasons “yhank u ya gameel”
    actuky i like this place ,& thank u again jane

  834. 834 : doja Says:

    3 comments to be the 8 thats easy i will write comments till i die

  835. 835 : doja Says:


  836. 836 : doja Says:


  837. 837 : doja Says:


  838. 838 : amany Says:

    WHAT AN ENTRANCE :)) SO EFFECTIVE..U MADE HIM NO.8 thank you..i love the way u r discovering here and i hope u enjoy..
    i love this site very much,it contains basic info about actors,actresses and dramas:through this site i got to watch get karl and fantastic couple and through this site i had the single dad ost and THROUGH THIS SITE I GOT TO KNOW WONDERFUL LADIES,i really love here and feel as home,i hope u feel the same and LET US FIGHT HERE 🙂

  839. 839 : Beth Says:

    Hi Amany (823)

    I am sorry to hear your computer was not working at home. Maybe your PC need to relax because of Zio. He made your PC overwork ..hahaha

    I am still waiting for Mandi for my noodle…

    I think I am getting acquainted with Facebook…but sometimes it does die on me??!! Wonder why?

    As what Jane said it will be Zio from the third onwards and you will find him sweet, lovable and cute. Most of us Zio ladies agree this was Zio breakout k drama as a star …and winning Best Supporting Actor was worth it and deserving!!

  840. 840 : Luvlilady Says:

    Doja (832)(833)(834)(835)

    I agree with Amany, Your GRAND ENTRANCE was a BLAST!!!!!!!!!

  841. 841 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Loverstar (808),

    I had sign out from my office PC and then try to sign in at my home’s PC. I have try a few time before Soompi…. haha……. but I think I am quite stupid…… after I log in to soompi I don’t know where to find OJH forum, so I decided to wait until I come back to office this Mon… gee


  842. 842 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Jane (816),

    The 5 good reason why I love Zio are:

    His dimples/smiles
    His athletic looking body
    His passion
    His talent
    His shyness

    And he is very sexy….


  843. 843 : Mandi Says:

    Luvlilady/Beth (807), sent you email 2day. Let me know if you received it.

  844. 844 : Mandi Says:

    Repeat of What’s good about this man on FACEBOOK…..

    1. His great Personality (a man with a golden heart)
    2. His Talent (in acting, mathematics & …..singing !!! + bias)
    3. His Fighting spirits (never gave up despite 3 NGs @ live show ^^!)
    4. His very warm & sincere SMILE (brightens your day)
    5. The most obvious reason….his close-to-perfect Looks

  845. 845 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    A VERY WARM WELCOME to you joining us in this chat room and becoming a ZIO-sister!


  846. 846 : Luvlilady Says:

    Mandi (843)

    Yes i have received your email last night. Looks like its yummy. Thanks

  847. 847 : doja Says:

    thanxxxxx ladies
    i loove this place bkz of u ladies … actuly i guess zio is attracting the good ppl 🙂
    any way i will continue my comments 2 make him no.7

  848. 848 : doja Says:

    hay guys nobody hereeeeeeeeeee

  849. 849 : doja Says:


  850. 850 : beth Says:

    Doja (848)

    You are not alone …. I am here..

  851. 851 : amany Says:

    glad to know Zio`s is appearing even more in the drama but UNFORUNATELY my computer isnot working any more ,the past days it was resisting but it COLLAPSED TOTALLY..glad i still can post from work but CAN`T WATCH THE DRAMA ,for the time being,though i got very attracted to it:(((

  852. 852 : amany Says:

    Beth (839)
    u discovered the illness ,dr.Beth:)) yeah, my computer was swallowing too many Zio pills but i thought it was enjoying it as myself but IT WAS OVERDOSE :((
    however,i am surviving with the help of the computer in work and my mobile..
    what about facebook?? getting more familiar ?? i hope so…i don`t get what u mean by “it sometimesw die on me” is it too slow?? it sometimes happens but it is nothing compared to SOOMPI MAINTAINENANCE :))
    let me know if there is anything confuses u, only days ago,i discovered how to control the news appeared on ur profile..i was posting too much about Zio that my friends (not familiar with him) were wondering but now ,i can control that by deleting ( there is an icon “EDIT” appears in the right of ur news ,clicking it u will find delete”that will help if u want any news of u to stay PRIVATE..

  853. 853 : Lia Says:

    Hi Doja

    Very warm welcome. Now you already join with us in Zio’s world. not only in facebook but also in Soompi and this KD-OJH. Glad we have another Zio Lady. Fighting !!!

  854. 854 : Luvlilady Says:


    It is nice to know that when Soompi is on maintenance there is a message that say:
    Soompi.com Daily Maintenance… Back in an Hour
    at least by that message you are aware there is nothing wrong with Soompi .com and also let you know there is nothing wrong with your PC or loptop .

  855. 855 : Beth Says:

    Hi Ladies

    Koalabear had also join facebook. Almost all Zio Soompi ladies are in Facebook now!! Another way to spread our love for Zio over there!!

  856. 856 : Beth Says:


    Glad to see Harleydaz on your Indo site. Valentine poster of Zio is very attractive. It speak for itself. So enticing and desirable!!!!!!!!

  857. 857 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hi Doja

    Nice to see my new Zio sister who enjoys some of the music Zio and I do. Welcome!

    Zio Ladies
    I made a surprise visit to Lias Indo site for Zio with a special Valentines Day card.

    We Certainly are Zios Ladies Helping Zio Spread His Love Around the World.

  858. 858 : doja Says:


  859. 859 : Luvlilady Says:

    Ahalan Doja

    Nice to see you here once again. Check out Lias Indo site which Harleydaz had posted on (857). We are truly indeed Zio ladies spreading Zio love around the world!!!!!!!!

  860. 860 : doja Says:


  861. 861 : Beth Says:

    Marhaba Amany

    How is your PC treating you? Did you find the right medication?….
    Sorry to hear your PC won’t take ASP for downloading. I offer you before I have a spare copy of ASP..not the best but watchable. Your DVD unit should be REGION 0. Meaning it read PAL, SECAM or NTSC
    I do not know what region code is Egypt. OR buy a cheap made in china DVD unit and it will read any Asian drama copies from Asia.

    With regards to Facebook editing I will try … I actually haven’t gone to review the whole Facebook..
    When I say it dies on me ..meaning I can’t get through Facebook. Its like sometimes you have trouble getting in on Soompi.

    Glad we all Zio ladies are exchanging and sharing ideas in all Zio site .


  862. 862 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    DOJA (860)

    Dear dear Doja, are you a computer wiz kid – you said you wanted to go to Egypt to fix Amany’s computer! Hey, come to Hong Kong and fix mine too! /luv, Jane

  863. 863 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    I registered on Lia’s Indo site about 15 minutes ago but still haven’t received the confirmation email to activate my account.

  864. 864 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    Sorry to hear your computer died on you! Hope you’ll get it fixed soon or buy a new ZIO-powered one altogether!

  865. 865 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    DOJA, you are NEVER alone! ZIO’s love is with you and so is ours!

    Perhaps it’s just the time difference we’re not logged in together!

    You go girl, you’re doing GREAT!


  866. 866 : Lia Says:


    Yes, a very wonderful Zio’s Valentine Card from Harleydaz. I was suprising when I saw HD’s name there.

    Well, I got limited and bad internet connection lately. It moved very… very slow. I couldn’t open many sites. damn. made me stress. I seldom to visit Zio’s sites lately. everytime I open, then I knew I’ve missed a lot. but I’ll keep on trying.

  867. 867 : Lia Says:


    Thanks for visiting Zio’s indonesian forum site. I was suprising to see U there, and also the wonderful Zio’s valentine card. I always try to visit that site and spread Zio’s love. I hope my internet connection will be good soon.

  868. 868 : Lia Says:


    Thanks for register in that site. I hope you’ll get the confirmation soon.

  869. 869 : amany Says:

    thank u dear for supporting mein hardtimes..i never realized the importance of my pc till the past days but things r better and i am waiting for a technical help EITHER FROM U(it will be a good excuse to see u in person) or i should ask my bro..he was abroad the last month and he will come back by the Valentine`s,,i hope with his help,my Zio plans in Valentine still works..i was planning for a long ASP dose:))
    p.s i am very happy u r here,before u r here,i told Ladies my Valentine`s wish about top 10 and now with ur help and all ladies i think
    top 5 isnot very far :))

  870. 870 : amany Says:

    Ahlan Beth(861)
    thank u for ur care..things r better now,but still have problems ( minor ones ,el hamdo lillah(thanks to God) and i really hope in few days i come back to my best routine ever: eating noodles and watching Zio:))
    yeah dear u offered to save me before with ur copy but i was impatient to see him that`s why i prefered AJA AJA(with ur help too)
    but u know what i miss mysoju,watching online as many episodes or different series is much more fun and EASIER but i was dreaming of having my own copy of the series by making the downloading myself..
    the only thing that upsets me sometimes “when the sound proceeds the events..it happened in ep.6 and 7 and i HATED THAT:((
    yeah,u r right about facebook being slow sometimes which really is IRRITATING but still happy that Zio ladies can manage to keep the place alive..all of u r really addition to facebook :))
    thank u for being my good friend and FIGHTING 🙂

  871. 871 : amany Says:

    Jane (864)
    where can i find Zio powered computer?? from LG or LK..lol..
    i would love to have such a computer that opens only Zio files and sites and i will never get bored :))
    however,my pc isnot bad..( or i am trying to convince me)it managed to download or show many Zio`s works..if just it stay like that,i WON`T ASK FOR MORE..i am loyal to Zio and loyal to my pc:)

  872. 872 : Mandi Says:

    Hi Harleydaz

    Wonderful work, tHANKS !!! I think OJH had done well in all his kissing jobs but love the one with Han Ye Sel best as FC is my favourite work of his so far. I have not watched ASP, Cool & I love you but the pics look good to me. General comment: ZIO’S THE HOTTEST LOVER !!!!!! ^^!

    Wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day

  873. 873 : doja Says:


  874. 874 : doja Says:


  875. 875 : doja Says:


  876. 876 : doja Says:


  877. 877 : Enri Says:


  878. 878 : amany Says:

    where r u today?? i miss ur fighting spirit :))
    let`s get ready for the VALENTINE`S..i will be glad if u join Zio and me in OUR CELEBRATION..i will make u good noodles and u get the speakers and let us choose any drama,when it comes to ZIO ,i amnot picky :))

  879. 879 : amany Says:

    u remind me of myself,whenever i watch a new drama,i feel loaded with emotions so i come here and write my comments,it is a relief to find people who share u the same passion so come always and visit soompi
    to catch up with the news of OJH,he is making a new drama “queen of housewives” for more info click the link
    single dad is a very touching drama ,don`t feel weird for being sentimental..i think one should feel weird ifnot touched by the true performance of OJH and the cutest kid ever SAN..i am a PUNG HO admirer and this drama was my first OJH.so i can understand u PERFECTLY:)

  880. 880 : Lia Says:

    Hi Doja

    Yea.. you made Zio in no. 7 !! that’s great.

    Doja, Amany and all Zio Ladies


  881. 881 : Lia Says:

    Hi Enri

    Yes, Single Dad is a very emosional drama. we’re crying a lot.
    The relationship between father and son… is so touching.
    I love that drama too.

  882. 882 : Mandi Says:

    Lia, Amany & Enri (881/879/877),

    I second.

  883. 883 : Mandi Says:

    To Zio & all Zio ladies,


  884. 884 : Pinky Says:

    To all Zio ladies,

    Wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ^m^!


  885. 885 : Jan Says:

    Hi Zio Ladies,

    This is my first time here but I can see we are all huge fans of Zio. I’m so excited for Jane to see Zio in person!! Have a wonderful time!!

    Happy Valentines Day to everyone!!

  886. 886 : Asem Says:

    Hi. I am from Kasahstan. St. Valentine s day! Your Friend!

  887. 887 : Lia Says:

    Hi Jan & Asem

    Very warm welcome. Nice to see you here, join with all Zio’s huge fan (we call us with Zio Ladies). Enjoy this world 🙂

    Happy Valentine too 🙂

  888. 888 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hello Zio Ladies and Welcome Jan & Asem to Zios World in KD/OJH

    Our Soompi Zio sister Minah had posted a link to a beautiful photo of Zio that Koalabear posted for all to see.
    Adorable Mr. Dimples with his cute friend.

    I Love it, I Love it, I Love it!

    Please check it out.



  889. 889 : Jan Says:


    Thank you for the warm welcome! I see a lot of the Zio ladies from Soompi, too. Hi, to you all!!

    I just noticed the list of “most commented actors/actress” list to the right. I’m so glad Zio is moving up fast. I’ll do my best to post here more so that we can get Zio to the top!


  890. 890 : DOJA Says:


  891. 891 : DOJA Says:


  892. 892 : Esther Says:

    I watched all his series and am really attracted by him. I like his serious role in Autumn Shower but also the light-hearted role in Couples in Trouble. I’m now learning Korean and I would like to understand Korean drama better.

  893. 893 : Mandi Says:

    Hi Jan, Asem & Esther. Welcome to Zio’s world.

  894. 894 : Mandi Says:

    Thanks Minah & Kolar Bearfor the news & the pic on Soompi. Zio’s smiling so happily. Is that his pet?

  895. 895 : Mandi Says:


    Thanks always for providing the most updated news & pics of Zio. I’m really happy for him having lots of activities in Japan. This shows he’s in demand there and will be good for him. Hope he will also begin his singing career in Japan. He’s going to charm more people. Of course i hope he’ll not give up dramas/movies in Korea, as it’s always nice to see Zio. I wish OJH will have some big leaps in his career in 2009 ^^!

  896. 896 : Lia Says:

    Hi Esther

    Welcome to Zio’s world. Join with us in Oh Ji Ho thread in Soompi too.
    http://www.soompi.com 🙂

  897. 897 : Esther Says:

    Hi Lia and Mandi
    thanks for the invitation, will check out the site.

  898. 898 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    I’M BACK!!!


    Also got a chance to go up on stage to tell ZIO and and all the Japan ladies that there’s a big international community out there in the world who LOVE ZIO!!

    Shook his hands so many times – he grasped our handswarmly and gave everyone a hearty handshake – so real – from his heart!

    What a lovely HANDSOME guy!!

    So much to write but so little time. It’s 11:30pm, literally stepped home about 20 minutes ago – haven’t unpacked.

  899. 899 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Asked him about tattoo – he said he did it casually, at first he thought he’ll put the tattoo on his arm, his shoulder or body but then wised up ‘cos he needs to take of his clothes as a model or in dramas/films, therefore had it on bottom of the leg instead. However, he did not say the pattern and the President of F3 Management came on stage and said it’s “Top Secret” – we should not talk about it anymore (ohhhh, now we are even more curious??)!

    Btw, the Japanese fans did not know about the tattoo until I raised it (on behalf of the International fans!)

  900. 900 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    Photo albums are very heavy – hard cover – how do you want them posted to you? I asked ZIO to autograph it to HarleyDaz – he looked at the name, and then said, “Oh, I know who” and he signed it! Did the same with Elizabeth and he said “oh, Beth”! Also autographed for Natalia (Pinky).

    Also gave him our extra flower Valentine sign on Valentine’s Day itself (don’t think he had a chance to see it on the flower arrangement so I thought I’d better do something) – he has just finished with the show and was on his way out of the hall and he walked past my table (I sat in the middle of the room) and I quickly shoved the card to him!

  901. 901 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Had tea on Sunday morning with the private fan club group before going to the event on Sunday afternoon – about 30 went to this; met the “manager” of the fan club as well as Zionism herself. Will pass contacts to HD and Beth later when I get organized – will be VERY busy catching up with work tomorrow!

  902. 902 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    My feeling after the 3rd event on Sunday evening??

    Like “My Fair Lady”

    I just want to dance all night, dance all night and float on mid air!!

    Must also tell you something extraordinary about ZIO – another day on the last night, after almost everyone have left the hall! But, unfortunately, I really must sign off now, get a wash and go to sleep!

  903. 903 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Can one of you ladies copy all of my comments on my behalf and post them onto Soompi! I am really too beat to do this now!

  904. 904 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Will I ever get to sleep? Read Soompi briefly – good news for all!!!

    ZIO’s new drama QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES will air in Korea on March 9th (if I heard correctly from the interpretations).

    However, he also confirms he WILL BE DOING THE STAGE PLAY IN JUNE about the story of a Robber – this story is apparently quite popular in Korea. He will play a cop. He says he’s already memorized all his lines!

    He asked if anyone will go and see his play!!!

  905. 905 : Beth Says:

    Welcome back Jane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I bet that was one trip you would cherish in years to come.

  906. 906 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jan

    Nice to see you here supporting Zio. Thank You

  907. 907 : Beth Says:

    Hello Ashem and Esther

    A warmest welcome from the Zio ladies. Its nice to have you with us.
    As Lia said join us in Soompi. And for Amany and Doja they are the Zio ladies from Facebook.
    Any question about Oh Ji Ho (ZIO) please feel free to ask any one of us.
    We are sisters of Zio here and also Zio ladies spreading Zio love around the world!!!!!!!!

  908. 908 : Luvlilady Says:

    Marhaba Amany and Doja

    Slonik? Temmam, ehhamdulala (How are you, fine)
    Sorry I have been away on seminar. Had a lot to catch up with both of you.
    How was your Valentine Day? Anyone or Zio?..haha

    Our ambassador Jane had a good time. We will be injecting her a lot of fun questions.

    Its nice to know we have new Zio ladies joining from different part of the world and that is our main goal. Hopefully we will grow and prosper
    …and will continue FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  909. 909 : Jan Says:

    Hi Esther & Asem,

    Welcome aboard! I’m new to this site, too!!

    I can’t wait to hear more about Jane’s experiences meeting and talking with Zio!!!

  910. 910 : Mandi Says:

    Jane & luvlilady, first, i’ll like to say a BIG Thank you to our wonderful Jane and luvlilady for sharing. Although i couldn’t be there, i could feel Zio’s lovely personality from the vivid descriptions. Think i’ve supported the right guy after hearing from you. But pls Jane do continue with the part on what’s so extraordinary about Zio after you’re settled ^^! Cheers:):):)

  911. 911 : doja Says:

    HOW R U???

  912. 912 : doja Says:


  913. 913 : doja Says:


  914. 914 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:


    A very warm welcome to ZIO’s family! Hope you’ll have a great time sharing with us what you like about our dear dear ZIO!


  915. 915 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Actually, there were two EXTRAORDINARY THINGS that ZIO did:

    #1. On the 2nd event (Sunday afternoon), I were seated next to the only male fan (KIMIHIKO-SAN) who had hearing aids on both ears and brought along a Korean flag with him. Our table (2nd last in the hall) directly faced the door where ZIO has to enter and leave. When the door opened for ZIO to enter, the boy waved the Korean flag. At the end of the afternoon event when ZIO was leaving, ZIO had to walk past our table and the boy took out his camera (but pls remember we were all forbidden to take photos!). When ZIO saw the boy, he stopped (ZIO was standing next to me!!) and posed, with the thumb and finger from each hand pointing at the boy (like a gun) and with a big smile of course. Sighhh, what a wonderful sight to behold!

    #2. On the 3rd event (sunday night, final event), at around 10:10pm when almost everyone have left the hall except for the restaurant people, KAZUKO-SAN and KIMIHIKO-SAN and me (we were packing up our stuff), a staff from the restaurant tapped KIMIHIKO-SAN on the shoulder and said ZIO wanted to see him. When Kazuko heard this, she too wanted to go along but I restrained her ‘cos ZIO did not invite us, only the boy (on second thoughts, I think it was a BIG MISTAKE – WE SHOULD HAVE TAGGED ALONG!!!). Therefore Kazuko and I left but as we were walking slowly towards the tube station talking and dancing and laughing, we saw the boy coming behind us. We grabbed hold of him and drilled him asking WHAT HAPPENED? WHY DID ZIO want to see him? Was that staff member a relative or friend of his who had “connections” and therefore got him to meet ZIO privately?

    To which he replied, NO, the staff was not a relative; but its just that ZIO wanted to take a picture with him – ZIO took two pictures with him using an instant camera and he showed us the photos.

    WHAT AN OBSERVANT, WONDERFUL AND CARING PERSON ZIO IS!!! I hope these two extraordinary caring deeds from ZIO will never be erased from my memory!

  916. 916 : Luvlilady Says:

    Well said Jane. That was one astonishing mahhvelous experience you’ll cherish in your life.

  917. 917 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    [Quote from Koalabear in Soompi (page 124):

    I’m not as brave as you as a fan of Korean Actors but that gave me enough courage soon to attend a fan meeting …”]


    I was also very afraid to attend the Japan Fan club. However, I was very fortunate indeed to have IKUKO as such a good friend who took care of me the entire journey. IKUKO after escorting me to the restaurant, however did not attend the 1st event. I was feeling alone and quite scared when I queued up to go into the DANZERO; and also my legs feeling wobbly as many eyes were watching me changing the flower card sign and taking photos of the flowers and talking to myself as I was videoing…

    As I sat down at the table, the other girls did not talk to me (nor did they talk to each other except for two who knew each other). I decided I will have to FORGET MYSELF; PUT ON A BRAVE FRONT and start talking to them in order to break the ice. Thank goodness that KAZUKO-san could speak English albeit a bit rusty ‘cos she hasn’t spoken it for a long time.

    By the 3rd and last event, (which IKUKO also did not attend), KAZUKO and I had gotten to know each other better and her tongue was “loosened” and could speak English more fluently! By then, we “became buddies” and were depending on each other’s company in the midst of yet another set of new strange faces at our table and the restaurant.

    But, in the end, it was definitely because of all our mutual love and admiration for ZIO that everyone got to have fun and started sharing why we attended the event, and what we like about him, etc…

    KAZUKO said of all the other fan club meetings she’s been too, ZIO’S is the BEST! It’s like a close family!

  918. 918 : Jan Says:


    All I can say is WOW!! Your experience only adds more fire to why Zio is so special to all of us! What a memory you’ll cherish for the rest of your life! And Zio was standing right next to you, to boot!!

  919. 919 : amany Says:

    hi ladies
    very happy to see new faces..we r increasing in NUMBER AND FORCE:))
    WELCOME JAN (our dear JAN from soompi..right?happy to see u here and there :))
    WELCOME ASEM ( i am wondering if u r male..however it is good to have a new fan :))
    anoher lucky fan who saw ALL his works?? wish i can say so soon:))
    salamat (greetings) for u all..i really missed the place :))

  920. 920 : amany Says:

    ahlan BETH (908)
    I hope u had special VALENTINE`S DAY..and all Zio ladies..sure JANE had the most wonderful one :))
    i had my plans with DOJA..but i was abit unlucky that day..however with ZIO in my mobile..listening to his song and viewing his photoes i can be patient till my computer is fixed and be able to watch him again..
    thank u for ur thoughtfulness an i second with DOJA..u should be happy and proud that Zio knew about u :)) he is a very thoughful man..nowonder we love thim ………………………………..THAT MUCH :))

  921. 921 : amany Says:

    first of all : WELCOME BACK :))) one of the most important thing i was missing these days is UR DIARY :)) u write in a very true and full of feelings way..u r so thoughful to write us before getting ur rest..u sure knew that Zio ladies r very curious..i am feeling ur impression about him and the story u old about the little boy whom he took photoes with or the way he greeted the fans..very warming..yet not surprising for me..i was sure about his kindness FROM U LADIES and from u again u proved it..
    very excited about the new series,hope mysoju will be kind enough to share it with us and the play i would love to see him as thief :)) rather than a cob..but i have nodoubt that he will be able to attract audience whatever role he plays :))and yeah,i dream to watch him ONSTAGE :))
    i dream and feel dreams not that far..from few weeks,i was dreaming to study korean and thanks to GOD,i am studying it now ( i took only 1 lecture and my prof name is OH:))
    so my dear..i have to thank u for being OUR GOOD AMBASSADOR and i feel great that he knew about HD and BETH..they worked hard for that and they earned his recognition :))
    still waiting for more details and more photoes..i think the coming days we will be very busy remembering the special meeting and watching the new drama :)) WHAT A HAPPY NEW YEAR:)) ELHAMDO LILLAH (THANKS TO GOD)

  922. 922 : Mandi Says:

    Jane (917), You’re great! I want to thank you a million times for making us feel that we’ve walked thru the event with you. I feel very touched ^^!

  923. 923 : Mandi Says:

    Inez & Kolarbear, Tks for the photos posted on soompi. Look forward to QOH:):):). By the way, i’m not sure what names you’re using here.

  924. 924 : zionizm(japan) Says:

    I am zionizm of the YouTube site.
    I encountered Mr.ZIO by an event of Yokohama (Japan) the other day.
    He was the person that both the smile and the character were splendid entirely.
    And I was glad to be able to encounter dear Jane.
    English is weak and cannot leave a lot of prose. I’m sorry.
    And thank you!

  925. 925 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:



    I’m so happy to meet you, Kimi-san and everybody else but especially to see ZIO, ask him a question and hug him (and smell that beautiful lime perfume scent on him!! Hot! hot! hot!

    Hope to see more Zionizm sisters on this site! /luv, Jane


  926. 926 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hello Zionizm

    Welcome to KD/OJH!
    I send you warm greetings from my beautiful state New York, USA.
    So very HAPPY to meet you here!

    I often visit your blog, I was so flattered when I saw “That Oh Ji-ho Kiss” as your banner for Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry about not asking it’s fine with me.

    Take care!

  927. 927 : Jan Says:

    Hi Zionizm,

    Welcome to this site!! I’m pretty new here, too. I have watched many of your Youtube videos of Zio which were terrific! You are so lucky to have met Zio in person like Jane. Please post often!

    Best regards,

    Jan (Aiko)

  928. 928 : DOJA Says:


  929. 929 : DOJA Says:

    HAY JANE ,,

  930. 930 : DOJA Says:

    TO JAN
    & MANDI

  931. 931 : Jane Says:

    My dear lovey sister DOJA (929)

    We are not allowed to take any photos or videoing of ZIO at the 3 events. I have however taken some of our Valentine flower arrangement – will post it on Facebook later – very busy for now.

    I hope HARLEY DAZ will also be uploading photos from ZIO’s photo album when she receives it. /luv, Jane

    ** ALL for ZIO and ZIO for ALL! **

  932. 932 : Beth Says:

    Marhaba Amany (920)

    Thank You for your lovely comment.. I am still taking Zio one step at a time…hehe. I am impressed he still remember me. I think I wrote something that he won’t forget….. I propose to HIM…. got you…hehe. I think 2 cards I sent I sign Beth and one Luvlilady.
    Please don’t make yourself difficult, as I said I have a spare copy of ASP. Email me will you? I hope you are making progress of your Korean language. I bet your first Korean sentence is ‘Sarangke Zio’. Am I right? Good Luck .


  933. 933 : Beth Says:

    Ahhalan Doja

    Do not worry you’ll get your chance meeting Zio. First send him a letter with card and let Zio know your are Syrian… he will be surprised. Hope Amany will do to. Make it simple and short. He will be amazed how far his Zio World goes. Isn’t it we are Zio ladies spreading Zio’s love around the world? So this is your chance. I think from the flower card Jane gave Zio he should be aware of us now…. Zio ladies of Soompi and Kd-OJH.

    Thanks for your multiple input in KD-OJH.

    I know you’re fierce,, a Zio fighter and will not give up Zio. You go girl!!!!
    Lets continue…FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  934. 934 : Luvlilady Says:


    I know I have been saying Thank You a lot of times..its like a broken record but honestly how can’t I? You really did an amazing job for us Zio ladies. I love when you said you shove our greeting cards to him. Your presence of mind was wonderful. Never in my wildest dream I would think of that. So here I go again “A Million Thanks” from all of us Soompi , Facebook and KD_OJH ladies .

  935. 935 : Beth Says:

    Hello Zionism

    Finally I got the chance to see you here. Did you know while I was surfing a few months back, July i think, I saw you in You-tube. I immediately told Harleydaz/Lin about YOU. She in fact write a few lines on your site. I even ask Harleydaz/Lin if i could invite you to Soompi.
    My only problem is communication, then Jane told me from her email she met you and was actually seated in the same table.. I was caught by surprised!! Finally after all those months of linguiring question you showed up.
    Thnak You for joing us here. As what all the Zio ladies said, we all enjoy Zionism. Zio must be proud of you.
    Please visit us here often as we do on luvly Zionism.
    Once Again Welcome !!!!

    Beth/Luvlilady /Lovestar

  936. 936 : Jane Says:

    The valentine tradition in Japan is for girls to give their guys chocolates – every departmental store is filled with chocolate stands and promoters! The following month, March 14 (if I remember correctly), guys will reciprocate and give chocolates to their gals. They do not give flowers like we do in Hong Kong and Singapore.

    Day 1 ~ 14th Feb 2009 ~ Valentine’s Day 1st event, 2 – 5 pm

    Everyone queues to enter the Danzero Restaurant; we were asked to write our phone numbers on the back of the ticket stub which we dropped into a box. Zio’s goods/stuff (hooded jackets and t-shirts, key chains, photo frames, plastic file folders, environmental friendly bags, Zio’s photo album, etc..) were displayed at the foyer for sale. I was told that the ZIO-symbol, that of a SUN symbolising “the Sun is always Shinning” is designed by Zio himself. I am not sure if all the other goods are designed by him or personally approved by him.

    Inside the restaurant, there are several lovely floral standing bouquets, including the Soompi Ladies one which is in pink). There’s a big sign above our flowers that says “Happy Valentine’s Day Oh Ji Ho”. However, the words on the message card placed below the flowers by our florist is quite tiny so I immediately changed it to the Valentine Card that I brought with me. At first was quite conscious of many pairs of eyes staring at me and I felt wobbly!

    The floral arrangement from the ZIO JAPAN FAN SITE (http://circle.cururu.jp/himemonogatari) is a big heart shape of beautiful red roses.

    It was crowded and hot as besides the 250 to 300 fans, there’s also lots of reporters – everyone was waiting in anticipation!

    I was seated in the middle of the restaurant, seat no. 55. Each table consists from 6 to 8 persons. I sat next to Ms. Kazuko-san.

    A short video presentation of Zio’s dramas, films, modeling clips was screened.

    Then we all shouted “Oh Ji Ho-shi”; door opens, ZIO bows, enters restaurant, distributes packets of 6 to 8 cute little chocolates with the ZIO SYMBOL on it and a photo of him on the package for each table and works his way to the stage.

    He wears a light color checked shirt with grey vest and denim blue jeans, hair roughed up like the way he looked in A SECOND PROPOSAL – very young, very fresh and very very handsome! He looks very thin, very tall and much much better looking in person than his photos/dramas/films do him credit.

    Zio greeted us in Japanese and Kazuko-san says he apologized that he is “a poor Japanese speaker”.

    Once in a while, I would tap Kazuko-san on her shoulder to ask what is happening or what is being said. Kazuko-san also had an extra pair of binoculars that she graciously loaned me. Kazuko-san apologized she is not fluent in speaking English! (No apologies needed, Kazuko-san – it is I who should apologize for interrupting you so often!)

    The hostess starts to ask Zio questions with his photo album in her hands. He answers mostly in Korean. Most is lost to me but when she turned the page to a photo featuring Zio’s back in the beige jacket crossing the road which is found somewhere in the middle of the album, she asked him to turn around – Kazuko-san tells me the hostess likes his muscled back and that that photo was the first photo shot for the album. There was a brown door in the building and apparently, when Zio wanted to go inside the building, he was not allowed to do so (I am not sure what’s the name of that building).

    In one of the photos, Zio placed his finger on his mouth and the hostess asked him to imitate the same action and expression.

    After the hostess had interviewed his photo shoots, it was lucky draw time – 3 to 5 persons were picked per game. Each is allowed one question.

    For one game, Zio drew the stub, then dials the number and the person’s phone that rings will go out.

    In another game, each one was given a balloon, places it in between her and Zio and Zio has to hug/hold her tight and use his chest/strength to burst the balloon! It was easy for the big balloons and he failed a couple of times with the smaller balloons! Hot hot hot!! Phew!!

    In other games, he simply draws a stub, reads the number and the persons come up, each ask a question, gets a handshake or a hug and then he signs a posters or a t-shirt for them.

    One fan asked whether he had a girlfriend or how he spent his Valentine’s day to which he replied “I don’t have a girlfriend (lover?) so you are all my girlfriends (lovers)!”

    After the games, fans wanted him to sing. He obliged but unfortunately he could not remember the words and the fans sang along for him instead.

    Afterwards, everyone queued up, he presented each person with a photo album and a FIRM handshake and says “Thank you”!

    When he finished, he leaves and walks past my table (I took the opportunity to hand him an extra Valentine Card (same as the one on the flowers); once outside, he bows again and the doors closed.

  937. 937 : Beth Says:

    Hi Zionism

    Sorry spelling mistake:

    linguiring should be lingering
    Thnak You should be Thank You
    joing should be joining

    So do not worry if your english is limited..we all are! I made lot of mistake too. Only important thing is we are all for Zio…. we all speak the same language . Ok?


  938. 938 : Beth Says:


    Wow, just Wow. So vividly explained!! How did you do that? I bet you don’t have a communication problem. You went directly to his mind.
    Thanks once again!!!

  939. 939 : Jan Says:

    Amany & Doja – It’s a pleasure to “meet” you, too! I think it’s so great that I’m able to meet so many people from different countries who are Zio fans. I hope we can all get together for one of his fan meetings. We would have the best time ever!!!

    Jane – Thank you for posting your play by play experience at the fan meeting! It really felt like I was there while I was reading it!

    Harleydaz & Beth – I’m so excited that Zio says he knows both of you!! How great is that!! You’re on a first name basis with him!!!

  940. 940 : zionizm(japan) Says:

    Hello, everybody!!
    I thank for welcoming me.
    It is a very nice thing that ZIO friends increase across the country.
    I want to regard this encounter as important.
    In addition, I visit it!

    “That Oh Ji-ho Kiss” which Harley Daz-san you made is splendid! Because it was Valentine Day, I have used it with my blog. I am sorry to use it without permission. Let me say the words of thanks here. Thank you!

  941. 941 : Jane Says:


    Day 2 ~ 15th Feb Sunday – 2nd event 2pm to 5:45pm

    Ikuko and I had tea and cakes with a group of about 25 ladies. This was privately organized by the Manager of the Cururu.jp fan site. Our dear Zionism (who posted many Zio Youtubes) and a young lad, Kimihiko-san, also attended.

    Kimihiko-san wears hearing aids on both ears and is very quiet. I got to know these lovely super Zio-ladies and told them Zio also has many fans throughout the world. Some from this group super-imposed Zio’s face onto chocolate wrappings; another did a pin button and gave one to each of us. One gave us some coffee packets (no, she did not super-impose Zio’s face on them); and another brought Zio’s favorite perfume by Comme des Garson “Energy Series no. 8 – Lime”.

    After tea, we went to the Danzero.

    This day, we each get a free photo album from the foyer counter ourselves; and then we were told that if we bought a combination of a hooded jacket and t-shirt, we could take a group photo with Zio – you could imagine the frenzy of activity of excited fans at this announcement in the very small and crowded foyer!

    Once we were allowed into the restaurant, they once again screened the same video.

    Finally, doors opened, Zio dressed in black leather jacket, black shirt and black pants bows and enters the hall.

    Ikuko and Jane were seated directly facing the door, together with the lad, Kimihiko-san, at the second last table (seat nos. 94 & 95). Kimihiko-san took out a Korean flag and waved it at Zio.

    The hostess once again took out the photo album and interviewed Zio pretty much the same things as on the first event on Saturday. Some of the things he said were:

    – his favorite food in Japan is sushi;

    – he lived near the seaside when he was little and Yokohama reminds him of his home town.

    – because there were many photos of him taken on a cruise ship, he says he would like to propose on a ship and; when he grows old, he wants to live by the seaside. He then asks: “When I get old, will you still be my fans?”

    – he says recognizes some of the faces of his fans.

    – during the photography (the photo showing him in a short-sleeve white t-shirt and checked pants with a football) he saw a pair of kids, brother and sister. He wanted to them to take a photo with him but then girl started to cry.

    – he says he wants to have children as he likes to play with children.

    – when he posed for the semi-nude photos, he said he did feel shy.

    – he says the best way for him to know the country better is to visit all the old places.

    – there are other photos besides those featured in the photo album – he will upload them onto the website.

    – after the new drama has been screened, he may return to Japan.

    – he will also do the stage play in June. He has already memorized his lines. He has always wanted to do a play. This is about an old robber’s story – this story has been very popular in Korea. He then asks if anyone will go to Korea to watch his play.

    – this photo album of him is a major debut

    – he says he wants to learn Japanese

    – when asked about learning Korean, he says writing Korean is very difficult. He then asked if there’s anyone in the audience that are learning Korean and to raise their hands – several did. He encourages them to put work harder learning Korean.

    – about the design on the t-shirt, it’s a shining sun which symbolizes “always shining”

    – about photo of hands behind his back, he says this reminds him that we should use our hands for good purposes and not for bad deeds.

    – re musclely body photos – he says he’s been training and exercising his body for over 20 years and was hoping to get good offers for films and dramas…

    – re semi nude photos – in high school a girl who his senior said he looked like a nude sculpture but he didn’t like her remark and he broke the sculpture.

    – re letters and presents that he received – he opens each and every letter/present himself.

    – re photo of him with a cigarette and asked if he smokes, he lowered his head and quietly says “yes”. He says he it is difficult for him to quit.

    – re photo of him in café posing with his fingers shooting at someone, he was actually pointing/shooting at a restaurant staff at the time.

    – He will return to Korea on 17 Feb to start work on his new drama, Queen of Housewives (“QOH”).

    – QOH will air in Korea in March 9th. In dramas, he tries to forget himself and immerse himself into the character role totally.

    – At the November 2008 fan meetings, he announced he would appear in a Japanese drama and he apologized that it was cancelled [I guess he must be talking about the Korean version of the Japanese “Lord/Master of Study”]

    – He will remember us his fans forever

    – He likes our smiles and wants us to smile at him always!

    Game time:

    Ikuko’s number was picked so she went up on stage. She told Zio that it was me who came all the way from Hong Kong to see him and wanted to ask the questions. He immediately asked me go join him on stage! Wow!! My heart was thumping away madly and I felt all weak and wobbly!

    I introduced myself and told him that he has fans internationally from all over the world ~ I named several countries off the top of my head!

    I then asked about the tattoo on his leg. He said there’s no special meaning; he just felt like doing it; at first he thought he might do it on his shoulder or arm or body but after thinking about his career as a model and actor, he did it on the leg instead. [Sumiko-san, President of F3 Management and Japan Official Fan Club later came onto the stage and told us to not talk about the tattoo anymore and to keep it as secret ~ I wonder why??]

    A fan asked about his maths skills – he said he learned the abacus when he was young and he represented Korea against China and Japan and he won a prize (he did not say which prize, i.e. champion or second or third place – just that he won a prize in the competition.)

    He was immediately given some maths questions, although he got the first one wrong, he got the rest correct. On 3rd and last event, another fan asked about his maths and he did some maths games again, got numbers from each table, did some mental calculations and got them right! He then revealed that as a habit, when he is driving, he often looks at the number plates of the car in front or behind and do mental calculations.

    10 groups of those who bought the hooded jacket and t-shirt took turns to take photos with Zio.

    Next, 250+ fans queued up, each with their photo album and turned to their favorite photo in hand – Zio autographed each album. (For me, he grabbed my hand with both his hands, looked me in the eye and said “Thank you” twice! wow, what a great feeling!) I also said “Thank you and God Bless you!”)

    The signing took a long time. When he finished, he stood up, did some stretching and said his arm and back hurt from sitting down and signing so many albums. (Both Ikuko and I felt very sorry for Zio!)

    When ZIO was leaving, he had to walk past our table again and the lad took out his Korean flag and camera (but pls remember we were all WARNED and FORBIDDEN to take photos!).

    But, when ZIO saw the boy, he stopped and posed for him (ZIO was standing right next to me!!). Zio posed with his thumbs and fingers pointing at the boy (like a gun) and with a big smile of course. (Ahhhh, so wonderful to see Zio’s kind act for the boy!)

  942. 942 : Jane Says:


    Day 2 ~ evening of 15th Feb, Sunday – 3rd event & final event, 7 to 10pm

    There’s only about one quarter of fans at this but there appears to be some sponsors and “VIPs”, including the Japanese photographer who took the photos for Zio’s album.

    Dressed in a dark suit, with matching vest, white shirt and red-blue color tie (if I remember correctly!), he says he was surprised the night before as his entire bed was filled with chocolates – he’s never had so many chocolate gifts in his entire life! (remember in Japan, girls give guys chocolates!!)

    The lad, Kazuko-san and two other beautiful ladies decided to get a last minute ticket to this event and we all sat together at the first table directly in front of the stage!

    Questions and Answers:

    Who is his favorite Japanese actress? Takako Matsu

    Guess which Japanese actor he resembles – his answer was Abe Hiroshi and we clapped!

    One says she likes all of Zio and especially his eyes. She also asked what kind of girl he would like to marry.

    He replied that when he was younger, he did place much emphasis on appearance like good looks but now that he is older, he looks more for character. I think this fan then said “Please take me to Korea with you someday!”

    When do you intend to get married? He says his parents badly wanted him to get married and they have given him 3 years as an ultimatum! He said something which I didn’t “get” and afterwards he says perhaps he may never want to get married after all!

    We played the same maths and balloon games.

    Once again, he autographed the photo albums (fortunately, there’s less to sign).

    When he left, this time everyone was in very high spirits and started to hug him, which he obliged.

    I could smell his lime perfume as I did so! Ahhhhh!!! I was elated (so were the others!)

    At around 10:10pm almost everyone had left the hall except for the restaurant staff, Kazuko-san, the lad and myself. We were packing our things and bags. A staff from the restaurant tapped the lad on the shoulder and said ZIO wanted to see him.

    When Kazuko heard this, she too wanted to go along but I restrained her ‘cos ZIO did not invite us, only the boy (on second thoughts, I think it was a BIG MISTAKE – WE SHOULD HAVE TAGGED ALONG whether Zio likes it or not!). Therefore Kazuko and I left by ourselves but as we were walking slowly towards the tube station talking, dancing and laughing, we saw the boy coming behind us.

    We grabbed hold of him and drilled him asking WHAT HAPPENED? WHY DID ZIO want to see him? Was that staff member a relative or friend of his who had “connections” and therefore got him to meet ZIO privately?

    To which he replied, NO, the staff was not a relative; but its just that ZIO wanted to take a picture with him. ZIO took two pictures with him using an instant camera and the lad showed us the photos.

    My impression of Zio:

    Intelligent; observant; caring; wonderful, genuine; much more handsome and good looking in person than in photographs and dramas.

    When I can think of other qualities, I’ll let you know. Enjoy and TRY TO GO AND SEE AND SUPPORT ZIO’S STAGE PLAY IN KOREA IN JUNE!!

  943. 943 : Jane Says:

    IKUKO-SAN and KAZUKO-san:

    Once again, on behalf of the INTERNATIONAL FANS and myself, we THANK YOU both for your intrepretation!

    Without you, Jane would not have understood what’s being said or what’s going on!

  944. 944 : amany Says:

    do u realise what u r doing to us??? U R TAKING US TO HEAVEN.. i really wanted to count many times i laughed or sighed at ur words..COUNTLESS.
    what i can say..is that i keep smiling and feeling so good coz u were there..i doubt if i could describe the events so vivid and warm as u did..QUOTED FRROM ZIO THANK U THANK U (TWICE:))
    quick notes:
    1- i love ur description of him..i believe in ur impression..no much to add about that except i would love to have the same experience one day with the same happy outcome
    2- ur friends are very generous,especially who gave u her turn to ask ZIO..this is one true friend`s deeds..and very glad u didnot act as foreigner or something there..there were ways to understand and interact and i think that makes ur experience A BLESSING BY ALL MEANS..
    3-i loved the way ZIO was turning every question..adressing his audience..i loved his asking if we still love him when he gets old..YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH..BEING THAT GOOD MAN,I BELIEVE HE WILL AGE BEAUTIFULLY..
    4-i second with his saying to know a country u should visit the old places..
    5-i am really wondering if this bond between us is A USUAL THING between people who share the same passion?? I FEEL IT IS SPECIAL..MORE LIKE FATE AS BETH DESCRIBED BEFORE..WE CAN SAY SIMPLY WE R ONE FAMILY OR COMMUNITY and the arrival of ZIONIZM here just prove that..WELCOME LADY..
    p.s i was reading in soompi what u said about ur daughter teasing u at smiling for no reason while writing and i was PICTURING u doing so before u even mention and i can picture all ladies NEARLY LAUGH AT THE SAME LINES OR SIGHING..i don`t know how to describe that BUT WE R UNITED IN FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS.

  945. 945 : Beth Says:


    I get so emotional reading your encounter with Zio. By your vivid detail and explanation I could really feel I am with you seeing Zio thru his eyes.
    Tears just can’t stop flowing. I do not care if my colleague sees me in this state. I am so happy knowing Zio as a kind sweet, loving , romantic warm hearted human beeing. Like I said whoever end up with him is one lucky Zio lady. Thanks Jane once again!! Love you sis.
    Let continue …FIGHTING… Zio as always SHINE thru us!!!!!

  946. 946 : Jane Says:

    I quote HARLEY DAZ from Soompi (post #2512):

    “… Oh Ji-ho is a so special! To me Oh Ji-ho is one of South Korea’s Finest Treasures” …

    I raise a toast to HARLEY DAZ’s wonderful way of describing our dear ZIO!

  947. 947 : Jane Says:

    “Zio says his parents badly wanted him to get married and they have given him 3 years as an ultimatum! …. and afterwards he says perhaps he may never want to get married after all!”

    I felt sad after hearing this. When I hugged him, I couldn’t help saying to him “Please get married and have children as you will be such a good father!”

    Of course, getting married just for children is not the right reason. However, I truly hope ZIO will find the right girl, have lots of happiness and share their lives together and have a little Zio or two!

  948. 948 : beth Says:

    Jane (946)

    I agree on what harleydaz said. He is ONE Precious Treasure.

    Actually Hd had mention it on her earlier post sometimes 3 months back.
    Nice to mention it from time to time.

  949. 949 : Harley Daz Says:


    You have a way with words when it comes to Zio – really enjoyed reading (944).

  950. 950 : Pinky Says:

    Dear Jane, (947)

    I have the same feeling as you do. When I saw the message that Zio says he may not get married after all… I keep mumble to myself “no zio no .. I rather like to see you marry a good wife be happy all your life….. ”

    OJH is so good&kind that I think he deserve to live a happy life with his beloved one…

    Pinky/nat nat

  951. 951 : Jane Says:

    The other night, my daughter wanted to watch GET KARL, OH SOO JUNG again (this drama is also known as “LOVE HUNTER” in Japan). When the dvd was put on and I saw Zio’s face on tv, it’s such a funny feeling for me because he is no longer simply a good and handsome actor that I admire from afar. It’s a different feeling now that I have met him in person and experienced his beautiful and humble personality and generous heart!

  952. 952 : AndeeChin Says:

    Well said Jane! Waiting for the day to meet him! You’re one lucky gal!

  953. 953 : Jane Says:

    ZIONISM has uploaded the video presentation of ZIO’s collection of works on:


    This was the introduction video that was screened during all three events before Zio entered the restaurant.

    Thank you, ZIONISM and F3 Management!!

  954. 954 : Jane Says:

    Information from Koalabear on


    Here’s 40 seconds preview of ZIO’s latest drama QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES:


  955. 955 : Jane Says:

    The following information was provided by HARLEY DAZ from soompi (post #2546). This is the interview ZIO did in Yokohama on 14th Feb, same day as the 1st fan club meeting:

    Link: http://blog.naver.com/wnsdmlrmsu?Redirect=…gNo=90042722793

    Note: you may encounter difficulty with this link as this naver site starts and stops often

  956. 956 : Jane Says:

    More promotional photos of QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES – information provided by ZIONISM on Soompi (post #2560, page 128)


    Korean Daum 내조의여왕 Cafe:

  957. 957 : Jan Says:


    You now have a personal connection with Zio which is so wonderful! (Post #951).


  958. 958 : beth Says:


    Forgot to ask you does Zio know this site?? Did you ever mention this to him??

  959. 959 : Luvlilady Says:


    Its so nice to see Mika-J (Zionism) contributing so much news of Zio and thanks to you Ms Ambassador (Jane).
    Liz of K-popped is another one, she enjoyed our thread and we enjoyed her blog likewise.
    Isn’t it nice that we are all spreading Zios love around the world?
    Nice job ladies!!!!

  960. 960 : Luvlilady Says:

    Shieka Doja and Amany

    Khefalic?? (How are you?) We’ve been missing you.

  961. 961 : Luvlilady Says:


    Check this out. ‘My Precious You’ was included in Zio resume.

    Please scroll up, see TV shows.

  962. 962 : Luvlilady Says:

    Sorry what I mean “My Precious Child” (You)

  963. 963 : Jan Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m so glad Luvlilady mentioned this drama. If you want to see Zio in “My Precious Child”, you can watch this drama on http://www.mysoju.com. He makes a cameo apperance in episodes 7, 9 & 10. He looks wonderful as usual.

  964. 964 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hello to Everyone

    In the summer of 2008 I decided to join other Zio fans by posting in Soompi very happy I did.

    I got a request to join KD/OJH and add my input every now and then.

    Recently I started to post photos in the forum for OJH in Indonesia Lia’s country.

    Now Facebook Oh Ji-ho actor that has over 700 fans listed and growing I joined. I’ve been posting photos of Zio’s movies and last night I finished posting his kdramas with the addition of his new one “Queen of Housewives”, I also gave an update for when the series will make its debut March 16, 2009 not March 9th.

    Currently again watching “Couple or Trouble”/”Fantasy Couple”

    I need another me!

    HD is HAPPY to be Spreading Zio’s love with everyone else!

  965. 965 : Harley Daz Says:

    By the way Ladies I’m in NY for me it’s 3pm Thursday Feb. 26th not the 27th as stated on my post before this one.

  966. 966 : DOJA Says:

    hello ladies
    i miss you soooooooo much.
    hello beth how r u sweety thanx for asking about me:))
    (sheika is commonly used in gulf countreis sweety but i m happy that u paying effor to wellcoming us in our language)
    i was wondering which epispde in (my precious child zio s joining so thank u for telling me)

  967. 967 : DOJA Says:

    my lovely jane
    how r u sweety???
    u r the best embassodor ever thanx for the photos & emails
    i m mysoju fan too its nice website bkz of zio drama ofcourse
    u really increase my love to zio u showed me how nice he is & how intellegent & smart.
    so thank u again & take care.

  968. 968 : DOJA Says:

    sweety i like the idea that ur daughter is a zio fan too
    & get karl what a drama its full of comic & elegant zio
    even i didnt complete it yet but i m wondering about the end is it sad ???
    who will get marry (soo jung)
    i really love this show even single papa still my fav
    love u
    fightinggg zio sis

  969. 969 : DOJA Says:

    & beth why u r absent from FACEBOOK.
    we really missed u in the group.
    but i guess thee is new mambers like ZIONIZM & CARLA
    any way keep in touch sweety & i hope u r always tmaam “OK in arabic”
    miss u all i was busy in the last days but jane told me that she is waiting for me in soompi & kd so i’m here 😀

  970. 970 : Harley Daz Says:

    Trying to post from work when I am busy not a good idea.

    Here’s the link to synopsis in English for “Queen of Housewives”
    MBC has labeled it “My wife is a Superwoman”


  971. 971 : Pinky Says:

    (964)Harley Daz,

    Many thanks for your updated!!

    Can’t wait to see “Queen of Housewives”!


  972. 972 : amany Says:

    Harley Daz
    thank you for ur post (949)..when it comes to Zio,it `s heart talking :))
    and more thanks for the updates.. about the new drama in MBC..it seems interesting,i am smelling a get karl`s scent ( in the ages of cast :)) and the concept of work,love,marriage..i believe it can be as attractive ( or even more,i hope) but..but..but…
    DOES THE ARRANGEMENT OF THE NAMES IN CASTING MEAN ANYTHING??HE IS THE LAST ONE :(( it won`t make any difference if he GLOWS as usual but i would love him to MORE RECOGNIZED..HE IS A GLOWING STAR 🙂

  973. 973 : amany Says:

    thanks dear for checking up on me :)) u r luvly lady,nodoubt ..
    the past days were WORK,WORK,WORK..very tiring but fruitful,el hamdo lillah ( thanks to God) i have a new start ( i keep remembering so-jung quote a happy start is better than happy ending 🙂
    also the course was getting tough introducing a very different language for me..but now,i can read abit but still my vocabulary is very few,they say many people quit after sometime but i am not the quitting type..( or i hope so)
    about our Zio,my assignement in feb was finishing ASP but i didnot do it :(( finished till ep.7 with all the computer problems.i think i will surrender very soon and ask for a help from my luvly friend:) coz really i love this drama,it is more about family..i hope i can find more time for the drama..it is very cold in Egypt nowadays and i can`t help going to bed early:)
    so,i gave u the full report,wishing u r doing great in ur work and personal life..and always aja-aja fighting for the best..

  974. 974 : Jane Says:

    Taken From ZIO JAPAN OFFICIAL FAN CLUB (http://www.ohjiho.net/)

    2009.02.23 アメブロ

    アメブロをはじめました。ZIOのブログ (クリックしてください)
    > こちらは、公式ホームページがシステムの都合上、カテゴリーの変更&追加が難しい ため、掲載誌の報告など、はやく皆様にお届けしたいと願う情報を載せていきます。


    2009.02.03 ameblo(‘ameblo’ is a name of blog service)

    ZIO has started his own blog at ‘ameblo’.

    Please visit: http://ameblo.jp/ohjiho/entry-10212257147.html

    The official ZIO fanclub website has some difficult of the change and the addition of the category for the convenience of the system.

    So,you can read the latest ZIO’s news, like featured magazines that we’d like to inform you right away at this blog.

    Check it out ! ! ! ! !

  975. 975 : Jane Says:

    Re HARLEY DAZ’S post #970

    The new drama’s title “MY WIFE IS A SUPERWOMAN” sounds very appropriate too!

  976. 976 : Jane Says:

    AMANY and DOJA,

    I know you two have been very busy in FACEBOOK but really good to see you back here and in Soompi!

    HARLEY DAZ is also doing a great job posting photos and news onto the FACEBOOK OH JI HO site!

    Well done ladies!


  977. 977 : Harley Daz Says:

    Zio Ladies

    I have received emails and been asked by Amany KD/OJH regarding MBC’s listing of the cast on there web site for QOH.
    Oh Ji-ho’s name in the cast list and the profile of the role he will play appears last. Does it mean anything?

    When you access the link I have posted above you will see
    MBC’s English title “My Wife is a Super Woman” I perfer that to “Queen of Housewives”

    The bolded font for the roles Kim Nam Joo, Lee Hye Young, Yoon Sang Hyun and Oh Ji-ho’s are cast for suggests to me these are the 4 main characters.

    Of course we all won’t know for sure till we see the opening credits to the series when it debuts.

    Oh Ji-ho is still a leading man in the eyes of his fans.

    Reposted from Soompi

  978. 978 : Luvlilady Says:

    Hi Amany & Doja

    Thank you for asking my well being I am fine also busy at work.
    Both you really are the Queen of Facebook. Sorry for not being a regular.
    Enjoy reading your post in Facebook. Thanks for dropping by here and Soompi.

  979. 979 : Beth Says:

    Jane (975)

    “My Wife is a Superwoman” seems like comedy title for me. “Queen Of Housewives” a better tiltle, more on a serious side. What do you think ladies. Any additional comments??

  980. 980 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Beth, (979)

    I second agree that “Queen of Housewives” is a better title. I think this title is more “Fresh” for me.. haha 😛 In fact, there are too many film use “My Wife is a…. or My girlfriend is a…… as title, right?


  981. 981 : amany Says:

    hi ladies..
    Beth (979)
    Pinky (980)
    i want to share u in the discussion about the title…
    i agree with u both that queen of housewives is much attractive and “realistic” there is much fantasy in “superwoman” than takes u to remember superman,spider man and such comic characters..i don`t mind if the series is realy taken from comics:))if not,why the confusion??especially as Pinky said there r much dramas under title “wife or girlfriend”
    the only good thing about the new title is the word “MY” which shows clearly that OJH`s character is the first man leading role..( it`s all or MOST about his wife.right??”and maybe this is taken into consideration in publishing the drama and reviewing it in media..
    however,another good point about the drama :its dealing with housewives issues..it will seem attracive for many audience who r mostly housewives :))

  982. 982 : Jane Says:


    Wow, I admire your analytical power and attention to details. It didn’t cross my mind to link the “super” with comics.

    Indeed, the very word “MY” is also a give away — i.e. the story is “told” by her husband, who is a major or main character. Well done!

  983. 983 : Beth Says:

    Amany, Jane and Pinky (980) (981) (982)

    Re : Queen of Housewives/My wife is a Superwoman

    Well said , I totally agree !! Second title more on comic and superhero/fantasy.

    Well done ladies on your best idea!!

  984. 984 : Luvlilady Says:


    I see you posted on Soompi the perfume of Oh Ji Ho / Zio.

    Can you share it with us here??

  985. 985 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    One of the eau de toilettes that Oh Ji Ho likes to use is Energy C Series 8 (Lime) by Comme des Garcons.

    The scent is light and fresh, it invigorates you and wakes you up, makes you feel alive and be positive.

    A picture of the perfume can be found here:

    link here

    If you cannot find it locally, you can order it via the Dover Street Market (“DSM”) e-shop or via Luck Scent :

    link here

    but shipping costs from both these places are unbelievably hefty!

  986. 986 : Beth Says:


    You should see fresh link of Zio 2009 Tremolo Fashion Wear ( spring collection) courtesy of our Soompi Insider, Harleydaz aka Biker chick


    Thank You

  987. 987 : Jan Says:

    Harleydaz & Luvlilady,

    The 2009 Tremolo photos of Zio are just fabulous!


  988. 988 : Luvlilady Says:


    Have you been to Soompi pp131 post #2620 posted by Harleydaz and check it out?


    Thank You

  989. 989 : Jan Says:


    Yes, I saw the “jaw-dropping” photos and I have to say…Zio cannot take a bad photo. He makes the clothing he’s modeling look so good!


  990. 990 : Luvlilady Says:

    hahaha… thought you might said that, Jan. Yes I agree no bad looking picture. Everything from top to bottom plus his gorgeous manly look is precisely taken mahvelously and magnificently by his photographer.
    Tremolo is sure lucky to have Zio as their model for so many years!!
    As what Harleydaz would say ” Korea’s Finest Treasure ” Very well phrase indeed!!!

  991. 991 : amany Says:

    hi ladies..
    the photoes of tremolo are “first class” very great.. i remember the first tremolo pics in soompi..the ones with Super Rookie look ..they were marvellous and he looked like “nice guy” then there were another photoes with much art effects,i didnot like it very much coz i was missing Zio in it but the new ones are the best so far..in my opinion..he looks so “MANLY,HANDSOME,MATURE” AND “KIND” ..i loved most the one he was reading a book at corner..HE LOOKED SO INTELLECTUAL AND ATTRACTIVE :))
    I agree with u all,the camera loves his face and he acts comfortablely infront of it so he has no bad photoes..

  992. 992 : amany Says:

    where r u ?? i miss u here very much..i know the past days u were very busy with studying but WE NEED U HERE..there r much fun in soompi..HD is surprsing us with new photoes..gorgeous as usual:))
    Beth picked us some from “the beginning album”..what a beginning:)) very effective..
    and Mika-J is providing us with vidoes..our Ambassador Jane is still full of amazing tales from her nice experience and all the wonderful ladies are here in KD and in soompi..so come back again especially here coz i always love UR ENTRANCE:))keep well and finish Zio `s call fast..”a wink” and “a smile” :))

  993. 993 : Beth Says:

    Amany (991)

    You said it beautifully. So far the recent 2009 collection is one of his best. Yes the camera love his face and he comes out very stylish and elegant in his pictures. Love the whole package!!!

  994. 994 : Jane Says:

    QUOTING HARLEY DAZ’S message on Soompi @ Mar 4 2009, 09:18 PM, Post #2658)



    Special Thank You to Liz for being a great Zio Lady and Joe Gimm for the translation”

    Poor ZIO re a rumoured “rich” girlfriend – sounds believable that he doesn’t even know what she looks like!

    ZIO is NO DOUBT a very very eligible well-educated and well-mannered gentleman, besides good looks and a great “hunky” (thanks LIZ of K-Popped, I’m just borrowing your word”) body – won’t most girls want to be linked with him too??

  995. 995 : Jane Says:

    KAZUKO-san reiterated in her email to me that she really enjoyed the fan meetings; she said and I quote:

    “It was definitely the happiest meeting that I’ve ever had and the great memories I have of it will never fade.

    Jiho’s display of mental arithmetic skill was truly awesome, wasn’t it? Especially when he did additions in public!! He said he has a first degree [ dan in Japanese ] in mental calculation and a third degree with the abacus. Amazing!!

    That was the first time I saw him in person. I have to say, as you said, he is great looking seen up close.”

  996. 996 : Jane Says:

    QUOTING from KOALABEAR in Soompi (post #2654):

    Hi ladies! the official site is up:


    For photos:


  997. 997 : Jane Says:

    ZIO is very likely to be holding a birthday celebration in Korea [in May perhaps] and there will be further news for the Japanese fans to set up a tour to Korea for this occasion! Lucky Korean and Japanese fans!!!

  998. 998 : amany Says:

    hi ladies :))
    it is great to know the news about the coming drama..i am wondering why KD isnot adding any info..i am waiting till it happens to add more comments and make it a POPULAR DRAMA from the very beginning..:))
    about the rumours..i think Zio can handle as long as they rnot insulting or “hurt feelings” rumours..and by being more and more successful,more rumours r expected:)) i wish him happiness “in fact” not rumours..
    today was a very special day,i was trying to write my name in korean when my friend suddenly asked me if i can write “OJH”`s name..i felt very “shy” as if i am facing him..trying to figure the letters..then i wrote it “WRONG” at first then i realized my mistake then wrote my name ..it was a good feeling..a slow progress but i enjoyed it..i even think of adding some korean words in MY NEVER SENT LETTER:))
    p.s our teacher`s name was MR OH..i was telling my friend it means “intellectual:)i am using ur soompi data,ladies..now our teacher`s name “a female”this time is si min jang = the very beautiful..
    she is very beautiful indeed..I WAS SAYING SHE IS MUCH LIKE LIA:))
    take care ladies and let us celebrate the “MILLENIUM” soon :))

  999. 999 : Beth Says:

    Hi Amany

    Speaking of Lia I haven’t heard from her quite a while. I hope its not internet problem she is dealing. Last time I heard she has a neck problem and was moving ..work related… to another location. I hope she is doing fine.
    God job on your korean. The only word I know how to write is Zio name 오지호. I find it easy to write. I recall when I sent a card to Zio I started with ‘ Dear 오지호’ in my own penmanship.

    Yes we are celebrating our Millinium soon.

    Lets continue FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1000. 1000 : Beth Says:

    Hello Doja,

    Amany was missing you so as the Soompi ladies and Kd-Ojh ladies.

    Its alright to be busy but we want your funny and jolly inut her. Oh Ji Ho
    ” 오지호” must be missing you also.

    Our Millinium is coming soon. Wish you be with us in celebrating.

    Let continue Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!! All for Zio and Zio for all.

  1001. 1001 : Beth Says:

    Hello Kd-OJH ladies

    Thank You all very much for supporting our beloved Zio, Oh Ji Ho, Ji Ho, 오지호, Mr Dimple, Oh Ji Hunk (Liz K-popped) . Never could we reach this position without your undying support. Lets continue to show our love for HIM.

    Fighting all the way ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1002. 1002 : Luvlilady Says:

    Hello Ladies

    Re Doja (999)

    Since we are missing Doja this is her responce to my email:

    “hello sweety sorry for the delayed replay ur msg my pc needs fixing so i m using my mobile u r realy so lovely just as ur name thanx for asking about me and greeting me in my languge …plz say hi to the all ladies specially jane …wishing u all the luck in ur work and in ur life.”


    Sukran (thank you) Doja,

    Now we feel better knowing you’re OK but not your PC.
    Hope to see you soon !!!

    Ashufok (till then) /maasalam (bye)

  1003. 1003 : amany Says:

    BETH (1000)
    this is a special congratulations for THE MILLENIUM
    millenium means :
    this special recognition in this site can be a relief but never enough for US,WE R FIGHTERS NOR OUR ZIO COZ HE STILL DESERVES BETTER:)
    congratulations again “3ala el ALFIA= MILLENIUM”

  1004. 1004 : amany Says:

    u r luvily lady as always:)) thank u for the good news about DOJA..i am really missing her but always glad coz Zio ladies r here..
    About Lia..
    i only know her news from facbook status and she seems tired from work,i guess..i hope she is doing better and we can check up on her very soon..
    take care ladies and enjoy ur weekend:))

  1005. 1005 : Luvlilady Says:

    Marhaha Amany (1003)

    Love your Zio millinium and Soompi comment.

    This is what I quote: (Soompi)
    Amanayeg I totally agree with what you write. No matter what Zio look we are still here for HIM. Your input is always fun, full of character and life and honest. I could see you love Zio so much that you’ll go all the way to protect him!!! Am I correct?

    Thank You for being a true blue Zio sister.


  1006. 1006 : Lia Says:

    Hello Ladies….

    Long time I didn’t come here & Soompi, so sorry…
    Yes Beth & Amany. I got hard days lately. I was in unhealth. My neck and also influence. Thanks God now my neck is better, just still in flu.
    And my work, ufhh… still in stress. always busy and come home late.
    my internet connection also uncompromise. limited connection and limited time. that makes me seldom can open this site and Soompi.

    Like ussual, I always left behind of Zio’s update news. 🙁
    So, his new drama will be changed the title? My wife is superwoman? is that’s right? it sounds funny. I just hope Zio will be the lead and has lots and main parts of this drama.

  1007. 1007 : Lia Says:

    And I forgot to say…..

    Wow….. OJH now already reach more than one thousand !!!
    All Zio Ladies, you rock !!!! :thumb:

  1008. 1008 : Jane Says:

    ZIONISM has posted on youtube an interview of ZIO’s visit to Yokohama on Valentine’s Day 14th Feb 2009 by a Japanese TV network – it shows him distributing Valentine chocolates, interview regarding his first photo album and bits of the balloon game that he played with his fans. ENJOY!!

  1009. 1009 : Jane Says:

    More “Queen of Housewives” videos from Zionizm :



  1010. 1010 : Luvlilady Says:


    Receive your email and thanks for the wonderful message. I did sent you a responce back.


  1011. 1011 : amany Says:

    welcome back..u have been much missed here and in soompi..hope ur neck ache is much better..ALF SALAMA ALEIKY:)) try to watch out ur sitting poses especially if u spent alot of time infront of pc or doing desk work..ur remedy pills will be shown soon on MBC..hope u enjoy and we wait for a big success..i just noticed that OJH`s big hit “fantastic couple was MBC production..it is an encouraging sign.IN SHA2 ALLAH

  1012. 1012 : amany Says:

    thank u 4 posting the links..i was surprised to get into you tube main page instead of the SPECIFIED page..then i searched ZIONIZM to find the videoes..i don`t know if it is my problem but in soompi,it was much easier..however,it really worths watching..
    Zio is fabulous..and he has much attention but it seems to me that the main role is for his co-star ACTRESS..(still not memorizing the names:(
    can`t judge the chemistry yet,though they seemed nice together in the wedding scene..waiting for the drama anxiously..
    p.s IS MBC RELATED TO KBS BY ANYWAY??i have just found kbs world in our receiver satellite and became very optimistic of being able to watch the drama..we have ARABIC CHANNEL UNDER THE NAME MBC but can`t find the korean one:((

  1013. 1013 : amany Says:

    my dear luvily lady..
    thanks alot 4 ur email..and can`t wait to have my OJH`s dose:)) i am back to aja-aja downloading the series ASP.ep.8..and waiting the naughty neighbour to change to responsible man..this drama is very CLASSY..and well-made ..thank u again 4 ur kind help:))

  1014. 1014 : Luvlilady Says:

    Amany (1012)

    I have mentioned in my earlier post in Soompi that Zio might have his luck on his recent drama since its also an MBC production.
    Inshalah, ehamdulala.


  1015. 1015 : Beth Says:


    Have you watched Mika J (Zionism) “‘I LOVE YOU” Zio 2003 movie video link?
    It was edited brilliantly. Love the background music too. Who sang the song?? Anybody?


    I totally went crazy loving it!!!

    Thanks Once gain Mika J

  1016. 1016 : Beth Says:

    Ladies (1015)

    Sorry I posted the year wrong for the movie “I love You”

    It was a 2001 release instead of 2003.

  1017. 1017 : Beth Says:

    Amany (1012)


    No they are not related. In fact they are of rival company.

    Three stations are vying for ratings in Korea Broadcasting Station,
    namely KBS, MBC and SBS.

    Please scroll up and take note of Zio TV shows, beside the name is the
    station releasing it. Araso? ( in korean ) [OK] or [alright]?

    I am picking Korean words by watching the drama.

  1018. 1018 : amany Says:

    hi Beth..
    thank for the info..i am abit disappointed coz i was so close of watching OJH on korean set..that would be awesome but still counts on mysoju to provide us with the series and perhaps with ENGLISH SUBTITLES:))
    i made a long search about SBS and MBC and it seems they can`t be tracked in my country.ooooops..( i wonder how to say it in korean)
    i think (not sure) tha araso = understood coz the reply is arah ( i know or understand) not sure yet,also learning it from the drama..from the course,i am still practising HELLO:))

  1019. 1019 : Luvlilady Says:

    Marhaba Amany

    Take it easy (sway sway) on your Korean language. Sometimes I learn new words but I don’t put in down in writing so I easily forget it. Its not very easy to learn the language especially if you don’t practice it often.

  1020. 1020 : Jan Says:

    Hi Amany,

    I also agree with Beth, learning a new language takes time. I have a friend who has been learning Korean from a native Korean for over a year (once a week) and she is still unable to converse, My friend can pronounce Hangul (Korean language) words but does not know what they mean.

    I’m sure you will make progress because you have the “fighting” spirit!!


  1021. 1021 : Beth Says:

    Ahalan Amany,

    Jan just said the magic word “FIGHTING SPIRIT”.
    Yes Amany you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fighting!! Aja..aja

  1022. 1022 : amany Says:

    hi Beth (1019-1021)
    u r totally right..i wasnot giving the language practise enough time..even if i have time,i still prefer to watch drama instead of studying..so,i found myself too late..and i have AN EXAM after two days..there is a slight line between taking things for fun and neglection..and also a thin line between taking it SERIOUS and STRESSFUL..i hope i can manage to hold on THE RIGHT LINE..coz i really love the language and want to learn it..so
    thank u for the support:))

  1023. 1023 : amany Says:

    Jan (1020)
    hi dear..thank u 4 ur WISE saying..yeah,it takes time and i should be patient yet persisting..i still have problems with writing and pronouncing..we rnot into sentences yet but it quickly evaportates coz i only take 3 hours weekly lessons..AGAIN PRACTISE AND PRACTISE..
    and i am really happy coz there r many available online sites to help and discovering korean speaking channels added more fun to learning..
    thank u for being so kind and supportive..i always say ZIO LADIES R THE BEST:))

  1024. 1024 : Jan Says:

    Hi Amany,

    I wanted to let you know that I really admire you for choosing to learn a new language. Languages are easier to learn when you’re you’re children but it’s so great that you’re taking the time to do so. Much success to you!!

    Just watching the Korean dramas, I’ve learned some common words & phrases, so when I’m out shopping, etc., sometimes I run across Korean women chatting and can understand a few things. (Like, right now?; just a minute; where is it?).

    Keep on “Fighting”!!


  1025. 1025 : DOJA Says:

    I missed u all soooooooooo much,i hope u feel the same.
    thank u for the postings i’m really happy that u talked about me & u missed me.
    i missed koreandrama alot & the first thing that i looked at at the screen is nomber of the postings it passed the 1000 elhamdolilah “thanx god”
    & we r almost close to NO.6
    so LETS FIGHT..

  1026. 1026 : DOJA Says:

    for posting my msg if i knew that u will post it then i could write more sweet words to the lady any way thanx again that so nice of u.
    very happy that u know alot of arabic words wishing u will learn the languge as AMANY does with korean :))
    so whats zio latest news i was absent 4 almost week bkz of the network & my pc also it was doubeled on me & i dont have time in my work so i couldnt open koreandrama & i was checking facebook through my mobile..soooooo i burning to hear about him.

  1027. 1027 : DOJA Says:

    MY lovely freind AMANY.
    well i’m good i read ur post thank u sweety for asking
    i hope u donig well in ur exam hoping get A just to make zio happy if he knows that u learned his languge.
    so dont worry sweety u will do great i heared that u have female teacher instead of mr.ho i wish that she s lovely as him.
    soooo how s EASTER DAY going on egypt i didnt ate egg but i painted it hoping u enjoyed it.
    take care sweety.

  1028. 1028 : Jane Says:


    New Types of Husbands to Sneak Onto TV Screen:

    Marriage requires many things– from caring and understanding to sacrificing and communicating. MBC’s new drama “My Wife is a Superwoman” showcases the role of Korean wives when they were traditionally the ones who had to endure sacrifice and completely support their husbands, also known as “naejo ” in Korean.

    Starring Kim Nam-joo, Oh Ji-ho and Lee Hye-young, the 16-part series will feature the stories of three couples tangled up in different relationships and situations.

    The 37-year-old Kim, who has returned to the spotlight after an eight-year hiatus, will be the “superwoman” Cheon Ji-ae who struggles to regain her own status and also her husband’s.

    “As a mother of two and an `ajumma’, I thought this was a perfect role for me. Times are difficult these days, and I liked that the drama is bright and upbeat”, Kim said, referring to the Korean term that means married middle-aged woman, at a press conference.

    Cheon, who was once the most popular girl in high school, marries the smart Ohn Dal-soo, played by Oh, dreaming of the perfect marriage. But when she realizes that Ohn is an underperformer at work, she is determined to support her husband and help him climb the corporate ladder. The determined Cheon meets her match, however, when she discovers that Ohn’s boss is the husband of her childhood enemy, Yang Bong-soon.

    Promising “naejo” was primarily the role of wives when men were the main breadwinners. Wives would stay home, take care of the children and finish up house chores before the husbands came home to rest and prepare for another busy day ahead. The traditional belief was that the more fit the wife was for “naejo” culture, the better off the husband would be out in society.

    A short conversation between America’s former first lady Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill also shows how the current Secretary of State believed in the importance of her role as a wife. The couple stopped by a gas station only to find Hillary’s former boyfriend was the owner. When her husband told her she could have ended up as the owner’s wife, she replied that then the gas station owner would have become the president. Incidentally, South Korea’s first lady Kim Yun-ok also defined “naejo” as the “opposition party”, for sometimes you must harshly criticize your husband’s deeds.

    As many women nowadays often choose their careers over staying at home and solely supporting their husbands, the drama will try to bring back the passionate wives who supported their husbands, though with a modern and more aggressive twist.

    “In the drama, Cheon follows Yang and helps her with house chores, shopping, and sometimes even cooks for her, which is harder to do when the person is someone you hate. For me, I think the best `naejo’ is to help the husband feel comfortable, which is necessary to go out and work well”, Kim said.

    Married to fellow actor Kim Seung-woo, she also added that her husband didn’t need the help, or naejo, because he was nothing like Ohn in the story.

    Kim’s husband made a cameo appearance in the drama, making a “wejo” move, referring to the husband’s version of “naejo”.

    “I decided to appear in the drama just to support my wife, who is returning to the television screen after many years”, Kim said, smiling at the shoot.

    With high expectations in bringing the tactics and strategies for supporting diffident husbands to the small screen, ” My Wife Is a Superwoman” will start airing March 16 at 9:55 p.m. on MBC.

    Source : http://www.koreatimes.co.kr... ( English Korean )
    2009/03/10 By Han Sang-hee Staff Reporter

  1029. 1029 : Jane Says:

    Zionism provided us with this clip of OH JI HO appearing on OLIVE TV (올리브TV http://www.olivetv.co.kr) which was aired last week. Here, you can see him eating dried cuttlefish which is one of Asian people’s favorite snacks.

    link here


  1030. 1030 : Jane Says:

    Here’s two more videos by MIKA-J(ZIONISM) for the 2001 Movie “I LOVE YOU”:

    「アイラブユー」予告編 (Trailer)

    「アイラブユー」 MV

  1031. 1031 : Jane Says:

    This is an interview of OH JI HO during he was filming or after he was filming FANTASY COUPLE (also posted by ZIONISM):

    ファンタスティック・カップル (INTERVIEW with OH JI HO)

  1032. 1032 : Jane Says:

    Sorry, if you cannot access the youtube video (OH JI HO INTERIVEW) via this link:


    then try searching the words : “ファンタスティック・カップル” (do a copy and paste!)


  1033. 1033 : Jane Says:


    I think I will also try and jot down the Korean words that I hear from the dramas so I can remember them better! Wish I have the time to learn Korean too!



  1034. 1034 : Lia Says:

    Hi Amany (1011)

    Thank you. Beth gave me recommended to see Dr. Oh Ji Ho. Seeing him can make me quite better. I feel very well now.

    Yes, Fantasy couple is from MBC. I hope Zio has more drama again in MBC.

  1035. 1035 : Lia Says:

    Hi Jane

    Waw.. many video links. Thank Jane.
    My wife is a superwoman will be airing on this march. wow… it’s not long time anymore.finally We can see Zio in new drama again.

  1036. 1036 : Beth Says:

    Jane (1028)(1029)(1030)(1031)

    Love all your links. I enjoyed Zios deep manly voice and his genuine unique laughter.
    Can’t wait for his new kdrama QOH. So it will be a 16 episode. I’ve notice most of Zio drama are 16 ep except ASP and Super Rookie but he is not the lead character.
    Thank You so much for your Hans Cinema article. It does give us an idea what its all about. Love the paragraph of Bill and Hilary.

    Thank You once again for sharing with us.

  1037. 1037 : Beth Says:

    Lia (1034)

    Nice to know you’re feeling better. Continue on your medication prescribe by Dr Oh JiHo it works doesn’t it?!!.

    Take it easy and we’ll continue FIGHTING for your DR OH.

  1038. 1038 : marian Says:

    hello jane! its nice to read this site about Zio. i was trying to visit the other site you mentioned, but i guess they’re doing some repairs. dont you worry, i’ll try and get hold of “single papa in love” and see how the drama goes. but my favorite would be Get Karl… and Fantasy Couple. i love him in romantic comedies, it’s just so natural for him, would you agree?
    anyways, have a nice weekend and hope to read more about Zio soon. 🙂

  1039. 1039 : Jane Says:

    Hi Marian,

    How nice to see you here!!! A VERY WARM WELCOME TO YOU!

    Yes, Soompi usually goes into maintenance mode for around an hour to 2 every evening Asian time but you won’t be disappointed ‘cos there’s lots of lovely pics and latest news of our dear ZIO!

    See you there too! Ga ja (let’s go!)!

  1040. 1040 : Jane Says:

    Taken from Minah OO from Soompi (post #2738):

    More news and photos on MY WIFE IS A SUPERWOMAN a.k.a. QUEEN OF HOUSEWIFES:


  1041. 1041 : Jane Says:

    Taken from Koalabear from Soompi (post #2739)

    Koalabear started the Soompi thread on MBC’s MY WIFE IS A SUPERWOMAN a.k.a. Queen of Housewives 내조의 여왕:


  1042. 1042 : amany Says:

    hi ladies..
    missed u all..
    thank u 4 ur support in my learning KOREAN battle :)) i am fighting and though i was stressed BECOZ OF EXAMS..oh,i forgot that feeling but it was good to study and feel that i lcan learn..
    there`s someting i would like to tell u..i wasnot feeling good at it..i wonder what will u feel :)) my teacher in the course was trying to teach us to write our names in korean letters,so i tried to write mine and showed her my notebook..with a quick look,she asked me “DO U LOVE OH JI-HO??”
    yeah,ladies i was writing his name in korean on my notebook..very childish but i was studying..lol//
    however,i replied “YES” she said “not good”
    i got very surprised and said “WHY??”
    she replied “OLD” i got more surprised then she said “TALL”
    p.s she is kind of short like myself:))
    i told her “well,u should like him for being tall..even if u r short..”she didnot reply//
    that day,i was very surprised,i can understand that some people like some actors and others not..i dont mind different opinions but i don`t understand her reasons”old and tall???” so where is “handsome,kind,talented??”

  1043. 1043 : amany Says:

    i am glad u r getting better..yeah DR.OJH is the best..i miss his medications:))
    well,Lia..now i want him to make more dramas with KBS..in order to see him:)) MBC..isnot available in my country:((
    however,who cares which channel,as long as it is successful drama and he is well treated in the script and media..i don`t mind..

  1044. 1044 : amany Says:

    now my dear i admire every korean for being good in the language :))
    it is great u can understand even abit..i think u r very smart..
    ..actually,since the course whenever i see someone who looks korean,i try to follow to listen to the language but it rarely works..lol..
    i hope after awhile,i can be able to understand even abit from their talks..my personal wish is to understand a Zio song oneday:))
    i will keep fighting as long as there r wonderful friends supporting me:))

  1045. 1045 : amany Says:

    Jane (1033)
    i second ur nice idea,dear Jane..writing the expressions will provide u good vocabulary..and i hope i will be able to write the expression in korean language if i know it..(still can`t type korean in my computer yet)
    however it is fun andi think it is great that korean dramas ( and Zio of course) gathered many fans who became not only interested in watching but also in the language and culture..FIGHTING:))

  1046. 1046 : amany Says:

    welcome back…very very glad u r here though u got first to queen of housewives section in KD but it`s ok..i always feel happy to be in the same place with u:)) it is an honour doc..
    well,u faced the computer problems..they r very irritating..hope u can do well and ur computer remain in shape coz WE WANT TO GO FOR RANK 5 SOON..we still have much to do but i always count on u..
    about the course,i love the new teacher..she is very friendly,her only defaut not liking OJH:((however,she explains clearly ..
    u mentioned EASTER my dear..it is still soon for celebrating it in Egypt..i think in April,maybe..i don`t colour eggs but i love salted fish “RENGA” ..
    i wonder if it will be vacation as MOWLED:)) i love VACATIONS now as i can enjoy them even by sleeping..
    take care dear and show me ur beautiful teeth by smiling :))

  1047. 1047 : Jan Says:

    Hi Amany,

    Thank you for the kind words but I really do not know very much Korean…. just a few phrases and words from watching the dramas. I know a little Japanese but I’m at the 1st or 2nd grade (at best). I plan to contact some cousins of mine in Japan and “try” to connect with them. All of our parents have passed on so the connections that we had, have disappeared. Communication will be difficult once we get past “how are you, I’m fine” but I’ll try.



  1048. 1048 : DOJA Says:

    thanx jane for the videos i will watch them i’m realy love to see him talking & loughing.
    ofcourse u saw him in personal so u feel different
    thanx 4 the photos even it scares me in the biginning bkz i thought its hes real wedding after u telled us that he s parents want him to marry
    but OMG what arelief when i discovered that its from the drama.
    any way he will be the most fantastic groom to the luckiest bride.

  1049. 1049 : DOJA Says:

    Ahleeeeeeeen Ezaiyk???? “how r u??”
    i m glad that i m back too, u cant imagine how i felt in the last days i realy missed u.
    i post in drama s page before u i thought its a neglected page & no one will post on it , actuly i couldnt keep my self from writing when i saw it in the main page.
    wish u all the luck in ur EXAM but sorry is it assesment or final i think korean are fast going in every thing.
    so u didnt celebrate the easter yet will we celebrate it here we didnt eat Ringa & fesee7′ as u do in egypt but we paint eggs & send it to each other & its not vaccation too hoping u will have it & plz dont mention sleeping bkz even the word makes me feel sleepy :))

  1050. 1050 : DOJA Says:

    how r u my dear???
    i read that u were sick,i hope u r fine now with dr.ZIO medications it relieves my headache.
    u talked with the ladies about KBS &MBC actully i dont know them so my channel will be MYSOJU & i will wait the drama to be posted on it to watch it :))
    take care of ur self sweety.

  1051. 1051 : Harley Daz Says:

    Hello Ladies

    Sorry I have not been here posting I have stopped by every few days to catch up on all the interesting posts.

    I see a new Zio Lady has appeared – welcome Marian to KD/OJH and please do visit often. As you can see
    we ladies always have something to say when it comes to our Zio.
    Right now I am focused on his new kdrama with great anticipation like everyone else.

    I’d like to extend an invitation to you to join Zio’s world in Soompi. I think you’ll enjoy all the fun with the Ladies who post here and many others in Soompi.

    Thanks to Oh Ji-ho I have been blessed with many sisters from all over the world who like myself are
    “Helping Zio Spread His Love Around the World”.

    Hi Amany

    I do get MBC never know what will be shown. I don’t think it will be “My Wife is a Superwoman”.
    So I’ll be looking for the series to appear on Mysoju or somewhere else.

    Hi Lia

    Wonderful to see you here and doing better, BTW – WE (meaning Zio & myself) left you a gift.
    link here

    Take Care Everyone

  1052. 1052 : Jan Says:

    Hi Ladies,

    I initially posted this on Soompi but am posting here also:

    Yeah!!! Let’s all learn Korean!!

    Here’s link to a site that has some common Korean phrases and expressions:


    It has both the romanized (phonetic) Korean and the actual Hangul characters.

    Here’s another link for an English-Korean phonetic dictionary and other stuff:


    At least it’s a good start!!! Fighting!!!


  1053. 1053 : Beth Says:

    Hello Marian

    Nice to see you here. My favorite Zio kdrama is Get Karl and Couple Trouble as well. Isn’t Zio a cutie….

    Well the ladies here said it all. Please visit us often and see you soon in Soompi.


  1054. 1054 : Beth Says:

    Marhaba Doja

    So your PC is now fix. That was nice seeing you active once again.
    BTW for that email you sent thru your mobile phone I am sorry if i copy and paste your message. I was so happy to know you’re doing well . As for my part…feeling so excited to know your OK I just post your message without even thinking. Bianni (Sorry)
    I was laughing when you say you thought Zio got married from the photo pic you saw from the kdrama QOH. Did your heartbeat skip a lot?? Don’t worry Zio will be a good husband and hopefully produces a dozen offspring.

    Hope to see more of you…enshalla….


  1055. 1055 : Luvlilady Says:


    Korean Drama has a page for Queen of Housewives. Please go and check ….Amany and Doja are already posting.

    See you there!!

  1056. 1056 : Lia Says:

    Amany (1043)

    Yea… Dr. Oh is a great doctor.
    Well, actually I don’t understand about tv station. MBC or KBS for me nothing different, coz I don’t have both the channel 😛 But yes Amany, KBS is more international coz there’s KBS world which can watched by more people. In Indonesia, many people have the channel from tv cabel.
    Although I don’t have the channels, but I can find the dvd here. So, I believe I can watch Zio’s new drama. Yea.. I also hope his new drama will be success.

  1057. 1057 : Lia Says:

    Hi Doja (1050)

    I’m fine dear, thanks. Dr. Oh did his gread job to secure me ;))

    Same with me, I also don’t understand about the tv channel. I’m just waiting for the dvd.

  1058. 1058 : Lia Says:

    Hi Harleydaz

    Waw… thanks for the special gift. We all spread Zio’s love.
    Fighting !!!

  1059. 1059 : Lia Says:


    So, there’s already his drama site. thanks for reminding to us.

  1060. 1060 : Jan Says:

    Hi Marian,

    I also wanted to welcome you!!! The Zio ladies here and on Soompi (please visit there, too) are the best!!

    Come by often!!


  1061. 1061 : DOJA Says:

    my lovely BETH
    nevermind sweety i didnt bother from posting my msg,i was so happy when i saw it & saw ladies response to it so thank u so much sweety.
    any way again & again u surprising with ur arabian phrases i’m sure that u have arabian freind.
    i guess u r waiting for the drama too, but i’ll wait mysoju to post it so if u watch it before me just give an idea about it but with some details like what hes wearing,his hair cut,……… “just kidding” u will never stop if u start writing about him :X
    miss u soo sweety.

  1062. 1062 : DOJA Says:

    thanx god that u r ok,glad to know that .
    so u r waiting for dvds actuly i guess u have alot of options more than we have in arabic countries for me i will wait mysoju as i said or i will wait the drama to translated to arabic as it happen in ” single papa”
    take care.

  1063. 1063 : DOJA Says:

    Dear BETH
    about the wedding pic u will lough more & more if u saw how i turned to yellow =)),& my heart actuly stopped so i couldnt feel any beats :))
    but OMG its from the drama “elhamdolilah” “thanx god”.

  1064. 1064 : DOJA Says:

    HI JAN
    thanx for the websites actuly I LOVE EVERYTHING KOREAN “the country,the ppl,the food & the languge”
    so these websites maybe will help us to understand some ZIO s sentences may be.”good reason to learn korean”
    my freind AMANY is taking korean course & i’m sure that it so helpful to her.

  1065. 1065 : Beth Says:

    Marhaba Doja,

    I hope you are doing OK now that you know that wedding pictures posted is from Zio Kdrama.

    You are absolutely right, I could go on and on and on about Zio. I am like you I will never stop talking about him. He’s our cutie pie.

    I also cannot wait for the drama to start. Please check Koalabear Soompi thread. I am sure there would be lots of Soompier downloading in advance than us.

    So glad to see your message in Kd-QOH. Thank You

    Fighting all the way Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1066. 1066 : Jane Says:

    I am so EXCITED!!! One more day before MY WIFE IS A SUPERWOMAN a.k.a. QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES will be aired on national Korean TV!

    How I envy those living in Korea.

    I will have to wait like the rest of you, either Mysoju or Veoh or for the dvd when the entire drama is finished in Korea. CAN’T WAIT!!!


  1067. 1067 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi Jane

    I am impress with your Korean language in ‘Kd-QOH’

    Well done!!!

    Ladies one more day!! We are on a countdown mode.

    We Still and Shall Continue Fighting and Spread Zio Love Around The


  1068. 1068 : Lovestar Says:


    Have you notice Zio kdrama ‘Queen of Housewives, or ‘My Wife is a Superwoman’ is now added and listed in one of his Kdrama work history/summary. Scroll above.


  1069. 1069 : Jane Says:

    LOVESTAR (#1067)

    Re Korean words ~ all I did was search for the words I wanted from the English-Korean phonetic dictionary posted by Jan on #1052 did a copy and paste!


    In other words, I cheated, but, it is better than nothing, Dohng-ee-hah-dah (agree?)

  1070. 1070 : Jane Says:

    JAN (#1052)

    Kahm sah hahp nee dah (Thank you!) – those Korean language links are so so helpful!!!

    Bet Amany will find these of big help to her Korean language course too!

  1071. 1071 : Lovestar Says:

    Jane (1069)(1070)

    I knew it but its still a great help for us lazy bunch. Our only problem is the pronunciation. We actually pronounce the word as what is written.

    Amany must be glad…. we are supporting her with her Korean language.
    You are not alone we are all here for you. arasho (OK)


  1072. 1072 : Jan Says:

    Hi Jane (1070),

    You’re welcome! I started researching the Korean language when I wanted to learn to pronounce some of the words that were spoken in the dramas. They often said them so fast that I couldn’t get it but at least the translation (subtitle) was there. How many times have you heard the actors say: “Moraguyo” (polite form for “what!”) or “morago” for informal. I even learned how to say “be quiet!” because the mother-in-law in a drama said it so many times!!

    Lets’ keep learning!


  1073. 1073 : jane Says:

    BETH directed me to look into http://www.koreaxu.com/ and I found these after signing up as a member:



    Also, by searching Kim Nam Joo’s Chinese name: “金南珠” and the Chinese title “内助的女王” of MY WIFE IS A SUPERWOMAN a.ka. QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES under http://www.youku.com, I found these:


    I LOVE YOU MOVIE (in Korean with Chinese subs):


  1074. 1074 : Lia Says:

    Thanks for the links, Jane.

    So yesterday is the 1st day of this drama. What do you think about this drama, ladies? I hope this drama will get success, coz Zio deserves to get that because of his hard working.

  1075. 1075 : Beth Says:

    Lia and Ladies

    Found preview of QOH ep 1 and 2


  1076. 1076 : Mahdi Says:

    Hi ladies, hope all of you are doing well. Actually I’m still not home yet but really can’t wait to get back to here& soompi. Managed to catch a glimpse @ soompi., & am very impress to see the contributions by all u zio ladies. Tks very much for it’s always nice to hear about zio. Hope his new drama will do well. Will catch up with my good sisters again when I’m back. Take care^^!

  1077. 1077 : Jane Says:

    From Mandi (Soompi post #2777)

    Episode 1

    youtubelink without subtitle:

  1078. 1078 : Jane Says:

    Sorry, my mistake – it was from Minah_00 and not Mandi! (Soompi post #2777)

    Episode 1

    youtubelink without subtitle:

  1079. 1079 : Jan Says:

    Hi Lia (1074),

    I am certainly hoping that QOH does well in the ratings. Unfortunately, that’s what counts in that industry. I definitely believe that Zio can carry a drama because of his looks, talent, charisma and as you mentioned, he is very hard-working and commited to his projects. In every drama I’ve seen with Zio in it, he always stands out.

  1080. 1080 : DOJA Says:

    u look just fabulous we missed ur drama soooooooo much
    i didnt understand what he s saying but its ok to me its enough to hear his voice
    but u know what i like the most his little doughter,she s so cute & her asian haircut just so cute too…she reminds me of san in “single papa”
    zio is the greatest dad to the cuttiest children even in the dramas.

  1081. 1081 : Jan Says:

    Hi Doja,

    You are so right about Zio always playing a good dad or uncle in his dramas. He is so natural with them, I’m sure he will be a great dad when he has his own children. You can tell how much the children really like him.

  1082. 1082 : Luvlilady Says:

    Hello Mandi (1076)

    You have a lot to catch up… better hurry home. We Zio ladies miss you too. See you then..soon ..OK…

  1083. 1083 : Luvlilady Says:

    Doja (1080) and Jan(1081)

    I agree with what you said. Zio would one day be a great, fantastic, brilliant Dad to his kid. Whoever ends up with him will be one lucky lady!!

  1084. 1084 : Beth Says:


    Has anybody seen Episode 2 of QOH/MWS…

  1085. 1085 : Jan Says:

    Hi Beth (1084),

    Watched episode 1 last night but haven’t watched episode 2 yet but plan to tonight (youtube is blocked at work). Thanks for posting the links to the 2nd episode. Those ladies are too much. Just loved watching Zio!

  1086. 1086 : Jane Says:

    2nd episode: there’s definitely chemistry between ZIO and KIM NAM JOO. I feel sorry for her role though, she’s like OH SOO JUNG now, she has to suck up to her former classmates who seemed to be doing much better than her.

    I am beginning to like KIM NAM JOO a lot – she’s not the beauty-queen-georgeous-looking type but she comes across as the reliable, stable, sensible, intelligent and down to earth sort of woman that perhaps man like to marry. And, because she not georgeously pretty, at least other actresses are not threatened by her except by her superb acing skills. I feel she could come up for best actress (best Ajuma of the year) award! I hope I am not wrong.

  1087. 1087 : Jane Says:

    Sorry to spoil this for you but it’s so funny — absolutely love that staring-drinking-staring-drinking scene! Can’t help chuckling to myself!

  1088. 1088 : Jan Says:


    Is Zio in that scene? Can’t wait to see it!

  1089. 1089 : Beth Says:

    Jane (1086) (1087)

    Did you notice Zio facial expression on the fight scene?? He still look so handsome, if ever I have a guy like him getting mad over me I would just go over and kiss him. He is so adorable..ha ha Don’t you agree ladies??

    There are two scene which I love.

    Ep 1… straw competition. I do not know how it works but I just have a good laugh.

    Ep 2… like what you said staring, glancing, and vice versa ..drinking with an intent look and yeah the fight scene, good for Zio he flies out first to hit him…

    Overall love episode 1 and 2

  1090. 1090 : Beth Says:

    Jan ( 1085)

    Thank You…. that staring, glancing scene is on ep 2-6 ‘last 3 mins’ and ep2-7 first ’15 mins’. You will definitely enjoy it.

    Let me know what your thoughts on ep 2.

    Please check your email..

  1091. 1091 : Luvlilady Says:


    I have posted Episode 1 and 2 of Queen of Housewives in Soompi .

  1092. 1092 : amany Says:

    Isn`t it great to go for a while and come back finding OJH is a place up in the list?? WELL DONE LADIES..U R DOING GREAT JOB AND OJH MUST BE PROUD OF HIS LADIES..
    p.s sometimes ur (or shall i say OUR) enthusiasm and passion remind me of CHARLIE`S ANGELS:)) we can be ZIO ANGELS..
    actually for me,U REALLY R ..with ur kindness..friendship..and support..
    best regards 4 u all..and a CHEER FOR CHARLIE:))

  1093. 1093 : Jane Says:


    I love this word “ZIO’s ANGELS”!!


  1094. 1094 : Beth Says:

    Marhaba Amany

    I am gald to see you once again!! Hows your Korean language?

    Have you watch ‘QOH’ ep 1 and 2 ?

    I agree with Jane … we are the ‘Zio Angels.’


  1095. 1095 : Jan Says:

    Amany (1092),

    Thank you for coining “Zio’s Angels”….I really like it! I’m sure all of us only want to protect him and clear his path so that he can succeed in his career and in life which is what I think real angels do.


  1096. 1096 : Beth Says:

    Jan (1095)

    LOL I really love your comment. So true indeed.

    Yes…Zio Angels…..Fighting!!!!!

    Zio for All and All for Zio…aja aja

  1097. 1097 : Jan Says:

    Hi Ladies,

    I’m enjoying the drama even w/o the subs because it’s Zio’s drama. Once we can watch it with subs, I’m sure it will be even more enjoyable. With episode 2 Iwas able to better understand some of the characters pasts and their interactions with each other. OOOH! CHOI CHEOL-HO is very attractive, too. Man, can he stare!!! With his wife he’s very indifferent, if he was really into her, he should’ve been chasing her around the room.

    As JCSF said: “Also love ZIO’s uneasy expressions when he was being stared at because although CHOI knows who ZIO is, ZIO has never seen CHOI before and wondering what this guy wants of him!” I always love Zio’s subtle facial expressions. He does it so well.

    Kim Nam Joo seems like she’s on the receiving end of all of the grief she dished out when she was young. I felt so sorry for the “ugly duckling” when she wasn’t allowed into the club and Kim Nam Joo appeared to not help her out. That’s pretty painful and demoralizing.

    Yes, Zio’s wearing the same hairstyle as in Single Dad. He looks so good. For a change I like to see more of his forehead (kind of spiky on top)…. like in Couple or Trouble. No matter what hairstyle or clothing, he always looks good! In this drama, I feel like he’s playing a nice average guy. He’s kind, easy-going but dominated by his wife. He doesn’t seem to have much drive which is probably why he needs a wife like Kim Nam Joo to push him through life.

    I’ve seen Kim Nam Joo’s real-life husband in a couple dramas and enjoyed his performances. He’s playing the guy on the bridge (cameo)with the hard hat talking to Kim Nam Joo.

    I’m so glad that QOH has been uploaded to Youtube! Can’t wait for episode 3!

    And the rating for the drama went up from the 1st episode…HOORAY!!!

  1098. 1098 : Jan Says:

    Hi Ladies,

    For those of you who would like to take a step further in learning Korean, here are 2 more links to sites for learning Korean;



  1099. 1099 : Jane Says:

    JAN (your post #1098)

    More LEARNING KOREAN sites ~ this is wonderful!


  1100. 1100 : amany Says:

    hi Zio`s Angels:))
    i am glad u loved the name and it really suits u..can`t find a better explanation than JAN did..and i loved our slogan “ALL FOR ZIO AND ZIO FOR ALL”yeah JANE:))and can`t forget our style “AJA-AJA FIGHTING” right BETH??
    i am reading ur comments about the drama and it makes me more attached to it..still in episode one (part 4)
    to be honest,at first i didnot feel good comparing the start of other dramas especially FC and ASP,which started with ZIO in the screen,that is the best introduction ever for any drama,in my opnion:))
    but i said i will wait till he comes then everything will turn GREEN or BLUE (depends on ur fav colour ..lol)and it happened..we r into three couples so we have to accept that the three need to be introduced to us audience EQUALLY OR CLOSE TO THAT:)) after that,we can judge better..
    however,a new drama for Zio is always a good event and i believe he will do his best..it is just the beginning and we already enjoy..and more joy is on the way..so ANGELS,open up ur eyes,hearts and minds for more Zio`s passion:))

  1101. 1101 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Jan, (1098)

    Really appreciate for the links. 🙂
    I feel so exciting to learn more Korean…. haha……


  1102. 1102 : Beth Says:

    Hello Jan

    Wow, more Korean language link??

    Amany are you taking notes. More for you to learn….

    Thanks that was nice to re acquaint Zio language for us Angels.


  1103. 1103 : Luvlilady Says:


    Please check this link!!!


    or go to Korean Drama, Queen of housewives (Kd-QOH)

  1104. 1104 : Jan Says:

    Beth, JCSF & Pinky,

    I had been hunting around for a while for “how to learn Korean” websites. When I can, I check these sites out to see if I can learn anything. I also think making flash cards will help out a lot. Maybe, not so much with the pronounciation, but I think you’ll be pretty close. I think the grammar part is probably the most difficult, just like with any other language.

    Kim Rae Won is catching up….. need to post more here!! We’re going to pass Kim Jeong Hoon very soon!!!

  1105. 1105 : Jan Says:

    Beth, JCSf & Pinky,

    I just re-read what I posted and realized I sounded like I know a lot of Korean. What I meant was I always hope that I can learn something that I can retain in my memory. Learning anything new can be so overwhelming!

  1106. 1106 : Beth Says:


    You comment is just fine. No need to aplogize. We all would very much love to learn Korean phrases. Araso.

    I use ‘araso’ quite often at work and now my office mate call me Ms Araso…ha ha

  1107. 1107 : Jane Says:

    Re-watched the 2 episodes of QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES – I am beginning to find ALL 3 guys to be really hot!!

  1108. 1108 : Jane Says:

    LUVLILADY (post #1103)

    THANK YOU (Ku ma wo/Kahmsahhahpneedah) for the


    it helped so much to undersand what they are saying with Chinese subs although my reading Chinese is a bit cheoncheoni (slow), so I pause at every sentence to read all the words properly – 1 hour becomes 2 hours but well worth it!!

  1109. 1109 : Jane Says:

    JAN (your post #1104)

    Love your idea of making flash cards – I’ll do the same (anything to help me learn Korean, not just to learn it quickly, but to retain it in my brain!

    p.s. had some yummy kimchi for dinner tonight.

  1110. 1110 : Luvlilady Says:

    Jane (1108)

    You are not alone. Even with english sub sometimes I have to pause and read it twice and digest it. There are instances where it just zoom for a second and you want to get the thought of their conversation.

  1111. 1111 : Jan Says:

    Jane (1109),

    I’m having a difficult time retaining new stuff but I attribute it to having so much stuff stored in my memory (like a hard drive) over so many years that it’s starting to overflow!!! He he he!!!

    I love kimchi!!! When I was growing up in L. A., my brothers and I used to it like salad!!! It’s very addicting!

  1112. 1112 : Jane Says:


    I also like that moment in the final scene of Episode 2 when ZIO, after hitting his fist against the wall, turned around and muttered a gentle “ow”, just when his former college friend SO HYUK (President’s wife) walked past.

  1113. 1113 : Beth Says:

    Jane (1112)

    Queen Of Housewives :

    Good observation. Even when Zio is hurt he still look so mighty charming.

    Yes I do love his expression… awww …and Sun Woo Sun (President’s wife) passes by and glance over at him…. nice……..

  1114. 1114 : Lovestar Says:


    Still on Queen of Housewives :

    If we all find the three men hot…hot…hot in Queen of Housewives
    the Kdrama should then be name KING of Housewives…..ha ha

  1115. 1115 : Jane Says:

    LOVESTAR: (post #1114)

    Love the new “title” KING OF HOUSEWIVES for those HOT guys!

  1116. 1116 : Lia Says:

    Hi Beth (1075)

    Thanks for the link. Very good preview. I’m glad to hear Zio ladies like this drama. I have to be more patient to wait the dvd out in my country, maybe I can find this drama after it’s already end. Though I can’t watch this drama in full in internet because of not good connection, but at least I can watch parts of this drama.

  1117. 1117 : Luvlilady Says:

    Lia (1116)

    By now you should have received email from Jane with both episode 1 & 2 translation.

  1118. 1118 : Luvlilady Says:


    Thank You so much for taking your time to translate QOH for us Zio Angels. You are definitely a born Zio Angel. I am so glad to give you the link.

    Kamsahamnida (Thank You)

  1119. 1119 : Jane Says:

    Should I post the English translation onto this and Oh JI HO’s chatrooms? Will it spoil it for the others?


  1120. 1120 : Beth Says:

    Jane (1119)

    Re: Queen of Housewives Ep 1 and Ep 2

    This site is dedicated to Oh Ji Ho fans so I don’t think it would spoil the thought of this exciting and hilarious drama.

    Go ahead post your translation. There will be a lot of OJH fans who would thank you for this.

  1121. 1121 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Jan, (1104)

    yeah… I also feel that the grammar part is very difficult to understand/learn… I will start with the vocab first …….

    Well, I believe flash cards are quite usefula too!


  1122. 1122 : Jane Says:

    For the sake of the non-Korean speakers, I am posting the English translation to the 1st and 2nd episodes. I hope I am not spoiling this for anyone. Enjoy! (pls excuse the grammatical errors, etc..)

    Kim Nam Joo as Chun Ji Ae = JA
    Oh Ji Ho as Ohn Dal Soo = DS
    Lee Hye Young as Yang Bong Soon = BONG
    Sun Woo Sun as Eun So Hyuk = SH
    Choi Chul Ho as Kang Joon Hyuk = KANG
    Yoon Sang Hyun as Ma Tae Joon = MA
    Kim Chang Wan as Kim Hong Shik = KIM
    Nah Young Hee as Jang Young Sook = JANG


    JA singing, ugly duckling Bong Soon says JA is pretty whereas the other classmates criticize JA.
    In class, girls asked JA if her cousin studies in Technical college and whether she can set up a date with them. JA asked why they were interested and said those guys are spoilt kids [I think] and they told her that those boys are intelligent and go on to university [JA apparently didn’t know about this.]

    After the date/straw pointing scene, Bong asked JA if she intends to develop further with Kang. JA says no. Bong asked if she could go out with Kang but JA didn’t allow it either and then asked Bong to get her some food. Bong rebelled saying she hated JA’s attitude and doesn’t wish to curry her favor anymore as JA didn’t treat her as a real friend. On hearing this, JA said she will start dating Kang.

    Next scene : wedding (JA’s narration: Being a women, there was the time when I actually became [felt like?] a queen and that [wedding] was the time.)

    Next Scene : tea with ex-classmates. Ex-classmate asked JA is it because your husband is too good to you and therefore you’ve forgotten your friends? JA says no, my husband is very busy everyday. Ex-classmate Ying asked JA what it’s like to have a jobless husband, and the previous “queen” now has to work to support her 4 year old to kindergarten; who could tell this was to change for JA and encouraged saying good times will come again “fighting” JA! Ying said her mom heard this from JA’s mom. JA was embarrassed.

    Ying is opening another shop soon. JA then asked Ying what it’s like for her husband to have a super young 25 year old by his side and that he is co-habiting with her too – JA said she didnt want to be gossipy but her mom heard this from Ying’s mom. JA further said pls do not comfort me; its you we have to comfort; who could tell this was to change for Ying. JA “admires” Ying for being strong and taking it in good stride and encouraged her “fighting!”

    Next scene, JA scolds her mom on the phone for gossiping and airing her dirty laundry.

    Next scene, overdue bills; sees DS playing cards with friends. He’s surprised she came back early as he thought she was to dine out. He introduces her to his group saying they are the cream of the crop and all share something in common – jobless. She asked him to go outside and he said why not speak in there. His friends tell him to go and check what’s happening but he said he is nervous and his heart is beating fast.

    DS: are you angry?
    JA: daughter will follow me. For the past 7 years you havent’ earned more 10 million won? [or is it 100 million won?] – this proves you don’t have the ability.
    DS: what are you saying?
    JA: each splits half for the house; you must pay me the support money on time but [“alimony??”] is not necessary.
    DS: what?
    JA: I cannot bear this any longer. You have no determination, no spirit, no job. Being with a person like that makes me lose hope. I’m tired of quarelling with my mom over you, tired of lying to my friends that you are working. Also tired of you hanging around those jobless friends. You’re already jobless for 1 year ~ haven’t you had enough by now? Arent you afraid something will grow in you buttocks? Look around – others are successful – arent you jeolous? If you continue to go downhill like that, arent’ you ashamed? Arent you the chief of your jobless gang? You’re so clever you should know what I am talking about. Let’s make it clean – lets separate.
    DS: Wife wife! Chases after her.

    Next morning JA asked her daughter which boy she likes in school. Daughter said someone’s name but mom preferred the other boy who’s father is a lawyer. Daughter says she likes that boy because he is gentle. JA says what’s the point of having someone gentle – if you look at character like that you will have big trouble in the future. JA told her to look first at salary, 2: family background; 3: [assets??] JA says she’s really tired of someone who is nice and gentle but with no ability.

    DS appears: daughter says daddy is wearing a suit, DS ask her if he looks smart and she says VERY! JA says she understands why her daughter is curious at seeing her dad in a suit – it’s a change from his everyday sports attire.

    DS tells JA he is going for an interview [JA looked indifferent]. DS continues – its QUEEN’S FOOD [JA turned around immediately] this was recommended to him by one of the gang last night and the salary is a lot higher than other companies. JA says why are you wearing that necktie and DS looked surprised and said what? JA said mom bought you a necktie from the duty free shop – wear that one instead. DS looked happy, says okay and followed her to the room.

    JA asked how many are vying for that role. DS said himself and one other. JA said why is his friend who is also jobless not go for the job himself instead recommend it to DS. DS said his friend found out there’s a problem – apparently the other candidate is the nephew of the personnel director and his friend and others have given up ‘cos he thinks he has no chance. JA says is this kind of “internal” politics still happening in this date and time? DS says it’s a fact. JA said “aren’t you a Seoul U-grad? DS said, pls stop thinking that Seoul U grads have great ablity – cant you tell from living with me that it’s not true. JA said if this is the case, she cannot understand why he studied so hard to get into Seoul U. DS said, neither can I understand why! JA said, no matter whether that’s the nephew or son of the personnel director, you must succeed! DS said “what, okay”? JA fixes his tie and said what I said last night is not a joke. I will divorce you if you cannot get the job. DS gives her a “sneer” – JA pushes up the knot and said “ARASO!”

    Next scene JA gets money from the lady selling the bag [I cannot understand why – perhaps she worked parttime selling “fake goods” and hasn’t got paid then] JA rang Ying and met them at beauty salon… then asked if Ying’s brother works for QUEEN’S and asked for contacts. Ying pretended to have forgotten to bring her purse and promise to phone her brother if JA will pay. Ying says apparently QUEENS is “runned” by women; women’s influence is great. It’s dangerous to provoke the company director’s wife else that husband might be “sacked”.

    Scene changes to how those women suck up to JANG (company Director’s wife).

    Next scene: JA and daughter – daughter says they have to pay for English tuition but JA says she needed to money for something urgent. Daughter says everyone is learning English but JA says there are some things you do not need to pay to learn, like JA herself joined a lot of activities at school and she is no. 15 in class but her dad DS did not take part in any activities but still got no. 1. Therefore JA says perhaps their daughter will be no. 7 (averaged “genes” from JA and DS) so she need not worry.

    Scene changes to gym where JANG is exercising and JA does her best to get near including being invited to her birthday… and gained her confidence. ….

    JA finally tells Jang that she would like to move into the QUEENs apt block and be her neighour as they are such good shopping buddies as her hushand is applying for a job at Queens. JANG says she likes JA as she is different to the other wives and says JA has no ulterior motive to which JA looked a little guilty and sipped her tea. Jang promises to speak to her husband KIM (which she did – she also asked him why he hasn’t bought her a birthday present to which he replied that all those women who bought her present is kind of because of him.

    Somewhere in the between the “sucking up” scenes, JANG n JA met SH in the lift, JANG tells JA that she doesn’t like SH and told JA of SH’s arranged marriage to the president [MA] and SH thinks herself as the Queen of Queens food.

    JA goes home drunk after the birthday party. DS asked her why she drank so much as she doesn’t know how to drink. JA says she must be like her mom and obtain a filial daughter title and she would have gotten into Harvard had she learned and tells DS not to treat her badly. DS tells her he is very sorry for what he did to her – it felt as if life is like a football match, into the 2nd half 45 minutes he did not manage to shoot the ball into the goal and then DS realizes she is already asleep.

    SH goes to the hotel where MA was and told him to get ready for the important office function. MA says why don’t you divorce me catching me in the act. SH says he’s childish to even think that – if she divorces him, he’ll be able to marry the girl that he loves. She also did not marry him because she loves him; it’s only because it would affect the compnay’s business if they did not do that. He reminds her of their agreement that after marriage, she will not interfere with his personal life. She belittles the girl in his hotel room but MA defended her saying even then, she’s still a good girl as she had to support her brother & sister’s schooling. She says he’s trying to be kind hearted! He then tells her although they knew each other from young, he has never treated her like a woman and never have any sexual reaction towards her and hopes she will give up on him.

    DS hands over his application (he had forgotten a photo or something the day before and had to go there again). The guard tells him to wait as he will take him up to that department. DS who has an excellent memory remembers SH. SH, in the lift, tells her husband to look at all those working employees below who bowed to them; SH says she will have an affair with one of them even tho it’s not for love and hopes that MA will know what it’s like to be betrayed… DS catches SH crying in the toilet (SH is crying because MA said he does not treat her as a woman, no sexual reaction, etc..). SH acknowledges DS as her senior. DS said when he saw her downstairs and everyone bowing, he thought she is the President’ wife. She got emotional at this and started to cry. He asked what happened and she says “nothing, bye..”

    At a later scene JANG tells JA that besides her husband and the Personnel Director, there’s one more person who makes the selection and gives her the contact.

    Scene changes – JA steps into lift and got her heel stuck – she criticizes MA for not helping. Then Ugly Duckling opened the door and told JA that this is not the first time they have met, and JA was stunned at the realization.

  1123. 1123 : Jane Says:

    Kim Nam Joo as Chun Ji Ae = JA
    Oh Ji Ho as Ohn Dal Soo = DS
    Lee Hye Young as Yang Bong Soon = BONG
    Sun Woo Sun as Eun So Hyuk = SH
    Choi Chul Ho as Kang Joon Hyuk = KANG
    Yoon Sang Hyun as Ma Tae Joon = MA
    Kim Chang Wan as Kim Hong Shik = KIM
    Nah Young Hee as Jang Young Sook = JANG

    Episode 2:

    Flashback – Bong was not allowed into the disco and Bong says it’s alright, she doesn’t like places like this and can go home. JA says “go home then”. JA says Bong reminds her of a silly and backward friend of hers and Bong tells her that she is THAT silly and backward girl. Bong asked if she got a shock and JA said a little. Bong said Jang already called to inform her that her husband is looking to join Queens but didn’t realize it is JA’s hushand. JA makes an excuse saying she just wanted pay homage to the “Queens family” as her husband might join the company soon. Bong said, okay then, try and suck up to me anyway. JA says it is not necessary given their previous good relationship. Bong sarcastically says she doesn’t remember any kind of good relationship. JA says that was all in the past and Bong shouldn’t be bothered about it. JA then tells Bong she is very pretty to which Bong said JA looks a little old. JA then says Bong has a good surgeon but Bong says it’s nothing and she didn’t do much to her face, she merely fixed her teeth. JA said something about complex and Bong picked on that and asked if JA’s complex is her husband – at such a age he is jobless and she has to run around for him – how can you deteriorate to this situation! JA was leaving and Bong slams the door at JA. JA did not realize she had left her phone behind.

    Jang asked if JA and Bong’s relationship is not good. JA says infact it is extremely bad, it was because of a man – flashback – she’s been dating Kang and that Kang is going to her house that night. Bong overhead and sabotaged their meeting by asking a little girl to give JA a x’mas card message that says Kang cannot come over to see her. JA then catches Bong and Kang “hugging”. Jang tells JA that no matter what JA has to try to get along with Bong.

    JA returns home, DS tells her to go to her mom’s house because her brother will be there too. JA makes over to look plain and “poor” asked her daughter not to wear the pretty dress to which her daughter asked why is it every time they go to grandma’s house she cannot dress pretty.

    At mom’s house, her brother had done a write up of a research and started boasting about a chance to go abroad, etc… DS looked at the writeup and honestly and naively said that this is not new, the same thing had been written before and he had read it several years ago. The brother said he must be “blind/mistaken” but JA interrupted reminding them that DS has a photographic memory and anything that he had read, he never forgets. Mom gives her some money and asked her if she felt ashamed to still take money from her parents who live on collecting rents and retirement fund, then asked her to go out to get the food. JA saw crab and was happy only to find out that the good stuff is reserved for her brother. In the car daughters says the kimchi smell is too strong. JA complained about her mom’s biasness giving her brother the crab. DS innocently said that because her brother likes to eat crab. JA says she likes to eat crab too and will work harder if she can have the crab. She warns DS he has to succeed so that her mom will treat them the same. DS says why do I have to succeed just for eating better. JA says she must have been out of her mind to reject so many guys who chased after her and chose him. DS said pls don’t say this as our kid is listening.

    Next scene: Kang comes home and Bong treats him like a king. She pours red wine and Kang asked what’s the special occasion. She says she has something to celebrate from something that arose from her schooldays.

    JA and DS looks for her mobile phone. Bong invited JA invited over.

    Bong then says her parttime maid did not come and if JA would help her out to which JA gladly agreed. Guests arrived and Bong asked JA to go out to see for herself and JA says that’s not necesary and Bong proceeded to tell her who they are. JA realized she’s been tricked and said Bong should not have done that. Bong then asked her to serve drinks and she day-dreamed splashing juice over Bong but then humbled herself ‘cos her husband will not get the job if she did that. Bong then suggested they go to the spa and asked her friends to join as members. JA didnt have enough money and said she doesn’t like these things anyway and would like to go home to which Bong said in revenge, “go home then!”

    SH wakes her husband up saying she’s made an excuse for him not being at work [I think]. He then asked her when she is going to do it. SH said “do what”? MA says the affair. SH says “do you think I daren’t”?

    MA rams into JA’s car, he calls her an ajuma and she got offended and called him arashi?[atashi?] JA asked for his namecard, he decides not to give the Queens’ food one and said he hasn’t got a card. He gave her some money saying its enough for her run down car. JA asked for his phone number, then pretended to hurt her neck.

    Scene at hospital – she tells DS that MA must be a jobless guy but drives an imported car. DS asked his wife to try and understand the feeling of a jobless person. She says sorry to DS but says that guy’s behaviour is rude but extremely rich. DS says it is still not good to use this method to “cheat” a jobless guy. JA says she’s just spoken with her mom and was told that her aunt also did the same thing and settled out of court and got 300,000 Won. DS said if it was a jobless like him then it would not be good to cheat him, but since this is a super rich guy then it would be okay. JA agreed and said they are getting lucky.

    Next scene: Kang in the study room, Bong told him she has made an appointment with the wives to go golfing together and Kang agreed. Kang asked if Director Kim is going too and she says if Kim’s wife agrees to go, Kim will have to go. Kang says okay. Bong then asked, “do you love me, I’ve never heard you say it once.” He asked her to go to bed early. She flashed back to how she sabotaged them, telling Kang that there was thief and she’s frightened and wanted to rest. He gave her tea and then said its time to go and meet JA, she then rushes after him and “hugged” him. Back to present, Bong then asked Kang if they were hiring. He asked how she knew about this and she said Kim’s wife told her. He exclaimed “that woman!”. Bong asked if he’s already decided on the candidate. He said the personnel director wants to recommend his nephew also. Bong suggests he hires the nephew as it would do him no favor to act against the personnel director. Kang asked why? Bong said it’s because Kim’s wife has another candidate in mind and already asked the candidate’s wife to Bong & Kang’s home. Kang got angry and asked why invite that kind of person to their home. Bong said it was because Jang asked her to – he told her to ignore Jang in the future.

    Scene at hospital again – DS asked “tasty? I specially bought this”. JA says its delicious and that hospital food is horrible. DS said she’s really not sick so why keep on staying in hospital and wearing hospital clothes. JA shushed him up saying the insurance people have started to investigate. JA asked him if he has handed his application to Queens. DS said he still has to hand in an advertising plan for new products and is working on it. JA told him to hurry up with it and DS said it’s not that easy. JA said whatever it takes he must succeed or else she will divorce him – interview or no interview – he must be prepared. JA picks up the phone, DS asked who she is calling. JA said you must thank your capable wife. She wanted to tell Jang about her accident but then found out there’s a funeral. She gets DS to go home to change.

    At the funeral palor, DS was reluctant but she gave him the divorce ultimatum again and he followed her immediately. She cried but Jang said her mother-in-law died of old age [in Asian culture, this is a “happy” funeral] and that she never got on with her mother-in-law anyway. JA introduces DS to Jang who told her husband.

    Kang saw JA taking trash out, Bong introduced them. In the washroom, JA realizes that Kang is the other person deciding the candidate.

    Staring/drinking scene – JA introduces her husband and Kang as a director. Kang finally asked DS to pour him a drink too.

    Earlier SH and her mother-in-law? went shopping Mother-in-law then asked SH to go to the funeral even though Kim and Jang’s rank is lower than hers and she should some day take over as head of the women association from Jang. SH phoned MA to ask him to go and once again he lets her see his “affair”. Ma tells the girl to accompany him tonight. SH tries to call MA again but the phone is switched off.

    Back to the staring/drinking scene –
    DS told Kang “let’s not drink anymore as I can no longer take it”.
    Kang said “it’s the end of the road isn’t it – to have to “sell your wife” to find a job.
    DS said “what?’
    Kang said “why do you have no confidence in your ability? Why let your wife run here and there?”
    DS asked “what did you say?”
    Kang said: if you wish to find a job, do it uprightly – through your own ability, don’t go around “beggin” others. Being a man, aren’t you ashamed? Your wife has gone to thrown out trash. That kind of woman never does that kind of work.
    DS slams the table, stands up [he said something which I don’t understand – something like whatever you’ve just said you think that’s life? ]
    Kang stands up and insults him further and DS flies over to hit him.

    People stopped both of them,
    Kang said, no problem – I was just teaching him a lesson.
    Bong said ‘husband, blood” and stares at JA.
    JA slaps DS and asked DS to apologize to the Director.
    DS tries to explain the situation to her but she refuses to listen and insisted he apologize.
    DS walks off.
    DS hits the wall and turned around and gently said “ow”.
    JA is outside looking for DS while Kang goes past in the car watching her plight.

  1124. 1124 : Jane Says:

    Translation of Episode 1 is “awaiting moderation”.

  1125. 1125 : Mandi Says:

    오랫만입니다 안녕하새요

    The feeling of being able to post on soompi & KD again is so nice! Unlike most of you, i do not have anything to contribute, but I really enjoy the many nice pics and interesting topics posted by all of you…. Thanks to my 자매의 ^^! I’m now trying to catch up with Soompi, KD as well as learn K Language Wave!! mmm……….I certainly miss the fun you guys had

    My comments on 1st 2 eps. of QOH….. OJH looks very handsome, and his actions are kind of, CUTE!! The 3 actors are COOL. But i think i’ll need some time to get use to the actresses though.. I think its because they have very korean looks, unlike most of the korean actresses whom i’ve come across so far. But they’re good in they acting. As for understanding what’s actually happening in the show, will need Jane’s help

    A BIG thanks again to all my sisters here for everything.
    후애 다시 뵙갯습니다 ^^!

  1126. 1126 : Mandi Says:

    Jane(1122) tks for the detail translation, now i know what is happening…POOR DS!! JA pls do not slap too hard, you’ll disfugure his handsome face!!

  1127. 1127 : Mandi Says:

    luvlilady (1082), tks for remembering me…hug & kiss ^^! 사랑합니다 (saranghamnida)

  1128. 1128 : Jan Says:

    Jane (1122 & 1123),

    I watched eps. 1 & 2 again with your translations and it was that much more enjoyable to know what’s going on!!! Thanks for taking the time to translate it for all of us!

  1129. 1129 : Jan Says:

    Mandi (1125),

    I just wanted to say HI! Until recently, I was never much of an online poster but since coming to KD and Soompi I’ve really enjoyed meeting people from around the world with the common love and respect for Zio (OJH). Hope to see you often here and Soompi!!

  1130. 1130 : amany Says:

    thank u 4 much for the translation..it was a big help indeed..i was very retarded in watching first episode..but after reading ur translation,i felt watching is more interesting and i DO UNDERSTAND what`s going on..
    it is too early to judge but i feel the drama is very down-to earth..about everyday life…and i believe the next episodes will be more fun..
    p.s Zio `s Angels..are totally right about the handsome men in cast:))and i also like the women especially the boss`s wife..she was starring before in a famous KD (sad lovestory) as the hero`s mom and she was very persuading:))

  1131. 1131 : Lia Says:

    luvlilady (1117)

    Yes, I’ve just read Jane’s email. By reading the translation I already enjoy that drama. 🙂

  1132. 1132 : Lia Says:


    Wow…. Thanks for all the translations, and also for the email. 🙂
    Very interesting drama.

  1133. 1133 : Beth Says:


    Re : Queen of Housewives

    Just finished watching episode 3. Agree of what Harleydaz said : ZIO IS A SCENE STEALER!!! so true indeed. He comes with flying “‘A”’ in all his scene in this episode. Its actually building up his side of the story. Ohn Dal Soo is a very kind, warm hearted, intelligent , easy going kind of a guy and he potrayed it with aplomb, confidence and poise. I think in some way Zio is Ohn Dal Soo. He sings once again and this time he nail the right note forget the last portion its part of the story.

  1134. 1134 : Mandi Says:

    ojh you are such a dare devil to climb up the bridge & stayed up there for such a long time……..i was worried dead!!

  1135. 1135 : Mandi Says:

    ojh, work harder on your vocals for you have potential to become the next Pavarotti……haha ^^! You’re so cute no wonder Su Hyuk likes you.

  1136. 1136 : Mandi Says:

    Jan(1129), ‘Annyeonghaseyo’. It’s my pleasure knowing all you Zio Angels. Hope to see us all more often at Soompi, KD-OJH, KD-Fantasy Couple & KD-QOH. I’ll try my best whenever i’m home ^^!
    ‘hue dasi boepgetseumnida’ (see you)

  1137. 1137 : Jan Says:

    Beth (1133),

    I agree with you! In whatever drama I watch Zio in, he always shines bright! I’m enjoying his portrayal of Dal Soo and the chemistry between him and his wife. I’ve found her to be so natural and endearing. Ep. 3 was great! Watching him hanging around home watching the soccer game on TV and snacking on chips made me thing he’s probably really like that. It was so fun to watch. Another funny scene for me though it was subtle, was when the little girl dragged the little boy away from Dal Soo’s daughter (?) at the picnic and his daughter made that irritated face by curling her lips like the adult women often do. The timing was perfect. Can’t wait for ep. 4!

  1138. 1138 : Mandi Says:

    Haledaz, Tks again. Ep is getting more interesting. I like the part where OJH did all he could to win at the ball game. He’s such a genuine person compared to the rest. If this is the reason that cause him unsuccessful in the real world, its not entirely his fault….. Nice to see the rating for ep 4 increased. ‘Kanbate, QOH!!’ ^^!

  1139. 1139 : Jane Says:


    Good to see the ratings going up! Hooray! FIGHTING!!!

    2009-03-16 Ep.1 8.0 (8.7)
    2009-03-17 Ep.2 10.3 (13th) 10.7 (13th)
    2009-03-23 Ep.3 9.6 (15th) 10.1 (15th)
    2009-03-24 Ep.4 11.2 (12th) 11.8 (12th)

  1140. 1140 : Jane Says:

    I find KOH (“KING” OF HOUSEWIVES is my nickname for this drama ‘coz of the HOT GUYS!) to be a good and easy drama to watch with a good story line and great acting from all of the cast.

    So far, the feeling is “COMFORTABLE”.

    I like KIM NAM JOO very much and admired her as an intelligent, rational and stable girl in the melancholic and sad movie “I LOVE YOU” (2001) with ZIO where she had feelings for him but he merely used her to revenge his girlfriend.

    Now, however, its lovely to see them re-united on the screen as a hilarious couple.

    I’ve also been trying to find the right words to describe ZIO’s character in this drama:

    – A nice, academically intelligent and handsome but simple and naive guy?

    – An amiably pleasant, kind hearted, handsome but a bit of a nerdy fellow?

  1141. 1141 : Jane Says:

    I am also trying not to be biased towards ZIO, so I tried to be very critical of his acting, but, I GIVE UP!

    He’s so good with his expressions, with the way he speaks and acts…. No wonder we are all enjoying this drama so much!

  1142. 1142 : Luvlilady Says:

    Jane (1140)

    I think Ohn Dal soo is a very “straight forward” kind of a guy, no more no less. Sometimes in life you have to bend a little bit but base on his character he doesn’t want anything to do with bad or evil. As we say it again Ohn Dal Soo is a warm kindhearted and intelligent human being.
    Let not forget also he love his wife dearly!!

  1143. 1143 : Beth Says:

    Jane (1139)

    Nice to know ratings is picking up. Lets hope for the best when BOF ended all of them viewers would come flocking and watch QOH..

  1144. 1144 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Luvlilady, (1142)

    Really agree that Ohn Dal soo is a very “straight forward” kind of a guy, and I think he’s a very intelligent / warm hearted person…. all he need is fortune.

    I haven’t seen Ep 3 and I can’t wait to watch it!!

    It’s a good drama!


  1145. 1145 : DOJA Says:

    hii ladies
    i guess u r doing a great job “ZIO’S ANGELS”
    the drama seems great to me specially with JANE s substitute,so thank u so much,
    ZIO is looking great man JUST AS USUAL.i will watch the 3& 4 episode & tell u my opinion.

  1146. 1146 : Lia Says:

    Hello Ladies

    Now the discussion of course about QOH. Though I don’t understand yet, coz I havent watch this drama in complete with subs but I enjoy to read your comments 🙂 when this drama in end eps, I have to hunt this dvd in my country soon.

  1147. 1147 : Lovestar Says:

    Hello Ladies

    Harleydaz had posted in Soompi that Queen of Housewives is now listed in Viiki.

    Link: http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/Queenofhousewives

    There is a nice introduction of the 3 couples.

    If you can’t get in Viiki because of weak connection go to:


    scroll down till you see :

    Watch Online with English subtitle

    Its only episode 1 with english sub….

  1148. 1148 : Luvlilady Says:

    Pinky (1144)

    Episode 3 and 4 is already posted by Harleydaz on Soompi.

  1149. 1149 : Mandi Says:


    (soompi) Wow! this is one of my favourite scene in ep 3. I couldn’t help laughing at this part where Dasul fought so hard to the goal while his yabo (honey) was dead worried that he might offend the boss and the rest (sigh)…..what can i say about this dear honest Dasul????………….the entire scene was so hilarous!

  1150. 1150 : Mandi Says:

    I am beginning to like Kim Nam Joo. I think she is good as Chun Ji Ae as has very expressive eyes that are able to show the different feelings of the character at different situations. She can really make you laugh. But i pity her whenever i see her being insulted or bullied by those rich ‘tai tais’ (wives). I’m anxious to know what’s going to happen in the next ep., esp after the watching the preview at the end of ep 4 where OJH and KNJ laid crying in a coffin. I wonder what’s going to happen to this poor couple who are very decent people ^^!

  1151. 1151 : Mandi Says:

    Kim Nam Joo and Lee Hye Young are great in acting. Sun Woo Sun (Eun So Hyuk) is beautiful and has a sophisticated look. The 3 actors are COOL!! I have a feeling that the ratings for QOH will pick up soon. Good luck to QOH.. & Continue Fighting!!!

  1152. 1152 : Mandi Says:

    I hope Ohjiho will be able to find time to pick up Japanese fast so as to facilitate his work there.

    오지호시, かんばてください ^^!

  1153. 1153 : Jane Says:

    SO HYUK (President’s wife) was feeling on CLOUD 9 thinking of the time she spent with DAL SOO and him singing to her. Who can blame her??

    I would too if I spent time with such a gorgeous, kindhearted and gentle person!!

  1154. 1154 : Jane Says:

    MANDI (#1152)

    Re ZIO picking up Japanese FASTER, I agree!


  1155. 1155 : Jane Says:

    It’s fantastic for me to see ZIO (in real life being so intelligent) to act as someone so simple and naive. It is really hard if you are not good in acting.

    The way DAL SOO is bullied in the office also reminds me of Eric Moon’s role in SUPER ROOKIE.

  1156. 1156 : Jan Says:

    Zio does such a great job in comedy. I had read that comedy is much more difficult than drama because timing is everything. The delivery of a comedic line(s) has to be done with just the right facial expression and at the right time. One second too early or late will kill ruin it. Zio does it so well.

  1157. 1157 : Beth Says:

    Jan (1156)

    You’re right on the dot!! Well said!! Definitely comedy is more difficult to act than drama. Timing is the essence. This was already proven and discuss by so many actors.

  1158. 1158 : Beth Says:

    Jane (1155)

    Yeah… we are going back to Super Rookie babie…but this time its the other way around….

    Fighting Ohn Dal Soo.. aja aja

  1159. 1159 : Mahdi Says:

    Jane(1155), yep, the part where dasul was being bullied in the office reminds me of eric in super rookie & the handsome lee bong Sam ^^!

  1160. 1160 : amany Says:

    An nyeong ha se yo :))
    u r very much into the drama that i really envy u..u r discussing the details and it is great u all r enjoying it..for me,still very busy with work and course that i only watched one episode and waiting to watch it again on mysoju ,hopefully by the end of the week..so,i am just passing by to say “an nyeong” which means hi and goodbye in the same time:))
    so take care all Zio`s angels..and see u later INSHALLAH
    p.s..kam sa hap ni da Jan shi for the language links..they were very useful for me..i was following Beth and Jane advices and taking notes:))

  1161. 1161 : Beth Says:

    Marhaba Amany (1160)

    Nice to see you drop by. Take it easy at work. (sway,sway).

    Yes we are enjoying QOH to the fullest. Its drama and comedy thrown in.
    Zio is definitely enjoying this drama of his.

    Nice to see you with your Korean greetings!

    Take Care

    Ashofuk Maratanya (Later)

  1162. 1162 : suzana Says:

    I like Oh Ji Ho in his office suit, so smart-looking! I think you are a great actor, a natural one!

  1163. 1163 : Jane Says:

    Dear ZIO-Angels AMANY and DOJA, you are not going to like what I am saying here, but it’s something to “get off my chest”.


    Because ZIO’s hairstyle in King of Housewives is the same as that in SINGLE PAPA, I decided to watch SINGLE PAPA again.

    Much as I enjoy ZIO’s superb acting, expressions, actions, handsomeness and his lovely, adorable and cute “son”, unfortunately, I still do not know how to appreciate the leading lady, HEO YI JAI, who acted as Jeon Ha Ri — I still find her to be much too skinny, i.e. skinny arms and skinny legs – she reminded me of Olive Oyl, Popeye’s girlfriend!

  1164. 1164 : Jane Says:

    “KING” OF HOUSEWIVES — I find the some of the situations in this drama to be quite relevant in modern days e.g. sucking up to bosses and their family, etc..; insensitive schoolmates and developing inferiority complex; the satisfaction of revenge; and also re fake goods as shown in the last scene of Episode 4 where Bong Soon insisted on bringing the designer bag to the shop for repair/exchange.

    In Hong Kong and throughout Asia, it is rampant for people to buy designer “AA-quality” i.e. excellent fake bags/goods at 10% or even less of the actual price. I couldn’t help but be anxious as to whether JI AE can get herself out of this embarrassing situation or perhaps she cannot escape this inevitable humiliation.

    In any case, if she cannot afford a real bag (neither can I!), she should not have given the fake in the first place. Speaking up for intellectual property rights, it serves her right to be backfired. But, I do like JI AE very much and, of course, hope for the best for her and Dal Soo!

  1165. 1165 : Jan Says:

    Dear Amany (1160),

    You are very welcome! I’ve found several “learning Korean” sites that also seem very useful. I’ll post more soon.

  1166. 1166 : Mandi Says:

    Jane(1163), I couldn’t help laughing aloud in the office while i read your description of Heo YuJai — Olive Oyl !! My colleagues stared at me but I pretended not to notice them. I’ve always felt that ojh and the rest had worked hard for SDIL, yet there’s something inadequate. I actually have intention to re-watch it when i have the time to clarify my doubt. Somehow after hearing from you, i can’t help but agree that the female lead was not quite noticeable, a little dull compared to actress like Han Ye seul, Um Jung Hwa & others. She seemed inexperience to take lead role. This also reminded me of one of the variety program, i think ‘Sang Sang plus’ where ojh, Heo YuJai & (what’s the name of the actress who acted ojh’s first girlfriend) were invited for some interviews & games. I noticed most of the questions were answered by the other actress when Heo YuJai kept quiet most of the time. When asked to sing, both ojh & the other actress could do it except Heo YuJai. She looked quite lost, ojh helped by giving her a suggestion to sing ‘gimmie gimmie’ and she avoided looking wierd. See how gentlemen is our ojh ^^!

  1167. 1167 : Jan Says:

    Hi Suzana (1162),

    Me, too! I think Zio looks so good in a suit. You get to see Zio in a variety of suits in Super Rookie.

    Also, it’s nice to “meet” you here. Hope to see you post often!

  1168. 1168 : Jan Says:

    Jane (1163),

    I thought Zio did a super great job portraying a single, lonely dad in Single Papa along with the young actor who played his son. I could not see any chemistry between him and Jeon Ha Ri. She seemed too young for him and her vivaciousness seemed “over the top”. Maybe that’s what the director wanted…..?

  1169. 1169 : Jane Says:

    JAN (1168)

    You might be right – perhaps it was what the director wanted. Although ZIO did a super great job portraying a single, lonely dad, he had no say as to who he wants as leading lady either! He has to go along with whoever has been picked!

    Just a very unfortunate double tragedy storyline and lack of chemistry and not such great acting by the leading lady that might have caused the downfall of SINGLE PAPA.

  1170. 1170 : Mandi Says:

    Amany(1160), have not seen you for a long time. Hope to see you back soon, take care ^^!

  1171. 1171 : Mandi Says:

    Actually, i feel ojh very good looking in QOH. Apart from looking Kang Pungho & Jang chusu at times, i feel he look very japanese at some scenes. eg. when he’s on top of the bridge.

  1172. 1172 : Lia Says:

    Hi Suzana (1162)

    Yes, you’re right. I like Zio in office suit too. Looks smart and elegant.
    But he’s also looks handsome in casual too. I love to see his suit in Super Rookie and Get Karl the most. Looks so elegant.

    Yea… he’s a very natural actor, especially when he’s doing Chul So character ini couple or trouble. I never stop laughing even I watched that drama many many times, he’s so natural and innocent.

    btw… nice to meet you. Another Zio lady here 🙂

  1173. 1173 : Lia Says:


    What are u discussing about OJH in QOH and single papa?
    same style of Zio? what about the character? Zio character in QOH is a comedy isnt it? sorry…. remembering I haven’t watch the drama in fully yet, so I always asking about your opinions. By hearing your opinions, Zio ladies…. already made me happy while waiting the dvd out in my country. I believe it’s not too long anymore.

  1174. 1174 : Lovestar Says:

    Hello Ladies

    Can anybody explain rougly what happen on the last scene of Episode 5 of QOH where the ladies came barging in while Dal Soo was doing his presentation?

  1175. 1175 : Lovestar Says:

    Lia (1173)

    All I can say I am glued to this drama. It is so fun… you won’t be bored!!
    As of know I am watching without translation but enjoying every minute of it what more with translation.
    As fo Dal Soo (Zio in QOH) you would love him more on this drama. His character is so amusing, entertaining and full of life.

  1176. 1176 : amany Says:

    Beth (1161)
    An nyeong ha sae yo CHINGO:))
    mi an hap nida..sorry for being away..i hope i can organize things..u see the last days i was preparing for exam in course..i should be old enough not to fear of having exam but i am afraid i amnot..all the stress and tension like a school kid but as the exam is postponed AGAIN..i think i should live normally:))so i began by watching first episode and second on mysoju..( it appears that the second one isnot complete yet)
    however..i began to understand why u all love the drama..besides starring OJH and the good cast..the story is really interesting and i find it great to have more than one line and all are intersecting in an unpredicted way..for all who watch only one episode,i believe they will turn to sincere audience to the drama..i am really enjoying it and it took me away from stress ,work and got me instead to joy..waiting for more..
    forza OH JI HO..you should be sparkling coz it is ur month..handsome man..

  1177. 1177 : amany Says:

    Jane (1163)
    hi dear..re single dad in love again:))
    speaking for myself,i don`t mind any criticism for the drama..the cast..the story..the end..i am very open to hear anything provided that it is away from CRITICIZING MY BELOVED PUNG HO:))u r saying that ha-ri wasnot a good match..for me,she was fine..not excellent but just fine..she wasnot very beautiful and skinny as u said but i thought Pung ho loved her character: the way she was hanging to him,the way she was trying to take care..even her spontaneous actions and the fact she is more like a kid needs watching and protection..their love story was different and i appreciated OJH for being modest in choosing his other half..that was bonus added to his kind heart,forgiving spirit and responsibilty:)) to know my opinion : i even loved San`s mother more..the actress was very superb and was doing great job in portraying the lover`s part and the mother`s part..
    don`t u think that the president`s wife in QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES..happens to be like her alot: in her beauty,haircut and attractive looks?? or it is me again in remembering SDIL:))??
    however,i guess the new character is obviously different and OJH is adding simple touches that made me enjoy even more:for example in first episode feeling unease in wearing the suit or when she threatens him while putting his tie:))i don`t need to remind myself it isnot PUNG HO anymore but in training suit..i can`t help doing that:)

  1178. 1178 : amany Says:

    Jan nim (1165)
    kam sa hap ni da for ur kindness:))
    my fav list of korean sites is getting too long already:)) at first i felt lost having many sites with different ways to learn korean then i decided to choose only one or two to keep working and studying through them..i am enjoying the language away from exams and homework which arenot fun at all :))also grammer which is abit weird..however,i hope things get better by time and Zio`s angels support is really encouraging me to do better..
    p.s..sometimes i just envy OJH for speaking korean so fluently :))but i remember he too is learning japanese and sure he sometimes has my feelings .

  1179. 1179 : amany Says:

    Mandi (1170)
    hi dear..
    yeah long not hear from u and Zio `s angels arenot much around in facebook too:((but it is always nice to hear from u and Mandi..i am really enjoying ur comments about the new drama..they really encourage me to watch more carefully to catch ur notes:)) and i love the way Zio`s angels are discussing every episode..glad u all love the drama..and enjoying Zio`s performance..hope i can move faster in watching to keep in pace with u all..take care
    p.s when u laugh loudly,don`t mind anyone..this is the best feeling ever..so laugh whenever u can:)

  1180. 1180 : amany Says:

    i just discovered i havenot talked to u for a long time..and i missed u alot..i hope u r doing fine in work and u r not exhausting ur back or neck with much work..take good care of urself..and u will have to wait till dvd??u rnot watching one by one episode??for me,i am speaking high of mysoju when they update the drama..and when they r late…i can`t tell u how bored i got..

  1181. 1181 : Mandi Says:

    Luvlilady & Jane

    Thanks. I managed to watch ep 5 & 6. I enjoyed the show very much as the storyline gets more & more exciting.

  1182. 1182 : Mandi Says:

    There are two parts that i feel particularly touching. First the part where Dasu & Aijae laid in the pit. Both bagan sobbing then they hugged each other & cried aloud like little children. Poor couple, they were actually very suppressed by the very mean people (Bong in the case of Aijae & Kang in the case of Dasu) around them but simply could not handle them due to their disadvantaged positions. Dasul & Aijae are very decent people who are merely trying very hard to achieve better lives but unlucky enough to meet people like Bong & Kang. Next is where some of you’ve mentioned…where Dasu dragged Aijae away from kneeling Bong and hugged Aijae at the riverside to console her after she’s being insulted by Bong. It’s soo…. warm.

  1183. 1183 : Mandi Says:

    Bong’s really very cruel lady. She’s very mean to make Aijae her caddy cum servant and also made her pay for her tow fines. If she genuinely treated Aijae as a friend as she claimed, she also wouldn’t have exposed her at the shop for the imitation bag. She could have warned her at somewhere else. Looks like Bong is all out to revenge and one wonders what’s she going to do next.

  1184. 1184 : Mandi Says:

    Soo-hyun is interesting. She’s really charming. Just wonder how’s Dasu going to resist the advances of this very attractive lady… From the info given so far, looks like Dasu, who has a weak character will fall in her hands and make a big mistake…huhu!!

  1185. 1185 : Mandi Says:

    Ma tae-joon looks a little cheeky, but i think he’s a nice guy.

  1186. 1186 : Mandi Says:


    Thanks for updating the ratings. QOH is a good show and deserves good ratings. Best of luck QOH ^^!

    Now I can’t wait for the next episodes………..

  1187. 1187 : Lia Says:

    Hi Lovestar (1175)

    Yes, I believe it must be a very fun drama. I amaze you can watch and understand the storyline without subs. I know Zio character in this drama is so intertaining. I can amagine Chul Soo ;))
    I already watch in youtube, but can’t full coz it can’t watch perfectly.
    but I already enjoy to see him…. though I don’t understand the storyline 😛

  1188. 1188 : Lia Says:

    Hi Amany

    Thank you. Yes, we haven’t talked lately. Well, I’m okay….. but now I can’t browsing internet much as before because of limited connection. 🙁

    Yes, I never watched any episode in full. Only open youtube just a few minutes. the connection is so slow. I will be more patient to wait the dvd. I believe after the drama ended, the pirated dvd will be out in my country. I will always waiting for Zio. I never open mysoju, I don’t understand 😀 and the limited and slow connection made me can’t be patient to watch it.

  1189. 1189 : Luvlilady Says:

    Anybody knew whats going on between Tae Joon and Ai Je towards the end of Ep 6? Never see it coming.

    He even bought back the pawn wedding ring of AiJe. Was it love or pity??

  1190. 1190 : Beth Says:

    Marhaba Amany

    Nice to see your long greetings. Take it easy… all of us Zio Angels are enjoying Queen of Housewives. A must watch…

    Ashufok… (Later)

  1191. 1191 : Jane Says:

    LUVLILADY (#1189)

    Here’s the synopsis for Ma Tae-joon

    (age: 35, So-hyun’s husband/ company president) / actor Yoon Sang-hyeon
    He was very much in love with another woman before he was forced by his parents to marry So-hyun in an arranged marriage. He knew So-hyun since they were kids and never found her adorable or attractive.
    Rebelling against his parents, he carries on numerous affairs while married to So-hyun but then…
    HE FINDS HIMSELF ATTRACTED TO JI-AE who is devoted to her husband and will do anything to make him successful.

  1192. 1192 : Jane Says:

    AMANY (1176)

    Re Exams — not only you – na du! (I too) am horrified at exams (of any kind!)

    The same when I have to give presentations or training sessions (all internal), my stomach feels queezy and my knees shake badly before the start. Fortunately, once I’m up there, the quizziness starts to go away and I force myself to stand straight, tall and firm!


  1193. 1193 : Jane Says:

    MANDI (1185)

    Na du, I like Ma Tae Joon too. He looks like once of my cousins!

  1194. 1194 : Jane Says:

    MANDI (1184)

    re how is Dasu going to resist the advances of this very attractive lady…

    I hope he doesn’t do anything unfaithful to his wife!

  1195. 1195 : Jane Says:

    Re actress LEE HYE YOUNG (aka BONG SOON) – check this out!

    Link here

    Lee Hye-young, whose versatile talent spans acting, television hosting, and running her own fashion brand, published “Lee Hye-young’s Beauty Bible” on Mar. 23. She is a fashion icon in Korea, becoming a successful fashion brand CEO and the longest-running host of the “Style Magazine” show on cable channel OnStyle.

    Lee worked hard on her first book. She was involved from the very first phase of planning it, and spent more than a year on research and writing. She writes about her fashion principles as well as secrets of her beauty, advising on how to enjoy a bold challenge instead of being afraid of it and how to balance being cute and sexy. “If you make yourself a bit busier, you can upgrade the look of your body, face and hair without spending too much money on it”, said Lee.

    “This book contains the know-how I have gained through countless mistakes and trials. I chose the word ‘Bible’ because this book includes everything about beauty. I like myself now more than when I was in my twenties, and I feel more confident about myself than ever. I hope this book can be a good companion to women who dream of being beautiful”, she added.

  1196. 1196 : Jane Says:

    MANDI (1182)

    The part where they slept in the “grave” is very touching indeed. When JI AE got up and helped DALSU up, she says, we are now “BORN AGAIN” and we will START OVER and then they hugged and cried!

  1197. 1197 : Jan Says:

    Jane (1191),

    I was wondering what was going on with Tae Joon and Ji Ae. Thanks for clarifying the situation. He’s very nice looking, too.

  1198. 1198 : Mandi Says:

    (1189)Beth, my feel is, he might have tried to make things difficult for Ai Je in the beginning because she tried to extort money from him over the car accident, but after observing her over several incidents, he felt that Aiji is actually a simple woman who has a straightforward character and would do anything to help her husband. He might have found this woman someone interesting and pitiful and hence began to develope good feelings for her. I think Tae Joon himself is a kind hearted person.

  1199. 1199 : Mandi Says:

    i just read one posting on soompi where Bong asked her husband would he marry her if she was not pregnant. Wow, this is something interesting i’ve missed because i dun understand korean, looks like things are getting complicated…….!!

  1200. 1200 : amany Says:

    hi Zio`s angels
    sorry to interrrupt the nice discussion about King of housewives:)) but i need u in a quick question about the address of Zio..i amnot sure if it was posted here before and the change of agencies is confusing me about the address i found..so,could any of u plz re-post the ACTUAL RIGHT address.. kamsahapnida 4 ur help

  1201. 1201 : Beth Says:

    Marhaba Amany

    Heavenly Star Entertainment
    35-7 Nonhyun-dong,
    Seoul 135-815
    South Korea


    Fighting….Forza Zio!!!!!!!!

  1202. 1202 : Jane Says:

    MANDI (1199)

    When Bong asked her husband would he marry her if she was not pregnant, he was very “diplomatic” and said “I’m busy and have to do some work now”.

    He did the same thing to her when in episode 2 Bong asked him whether he loves her, and his reply was, “I have work to do – you go to bed first.”

  1203. 1203 : amany Says:

    hi Luvily Beth
    thank u 4 ur help..i think i will send a letter at last:)) i am very excited cpz it is his first birthday since i became a fan :))

  1204. 1204 : Beth Says:

    Hi Amany

    I am sure Zio will be elated to have a fan in Egypt that loves him dearly.
    Will Doja do the same too??

    WE shall continue Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1205. 1205 : Lia Says:

    Hi Amany

    So you’ll send him a letter? that’s great. say him that he has many angels … all Zio ladies here love him so much. 🙂

    Fighting Amany !!!

  1206. 1206 : amany Says:

    Hi Beth
    thank u 4 ur support..i honestly hope he realizes his popularity and i am glad finally get the courage to write him..it is a huge step for me but i am enjoying it:))
    about Doja,i know she wants to support him by all means and she is doing great job in facebook and added much to KD..ALL FOR ZIO AND ZIO FOR ZIO :))

  1207. 1207 : amany Says:

    Hi Lia :))
    yes dear.i FINALLY wrote him a letter..and will send it very soon INSHA2 ALLAH..hopefully he can get it by his birthday (or still during this month:))
    Of course,i mentioned Zio`s angels and told him that we love him for the talented actor,the handsome man and THE GOOD PERSON he is>>
    i wish him a very happy birthday and the series is just amazing:))
    Fighting..Forza Zio:)0

  1208. 1208 : Beth Says:

    Hi Amany (1206)

    Have you check out Soompi recently?? Mika san had sent photos and article of Zio when he got hurt in SDIL boxing scene. Poor Zio and I know it is very painful!! Check it out!!

    Are you following his new drama QOH? His rating is doing well right now .
    He once said in an interview that he wants 20% and is now achieving it. Good job….Zio, and we should be happy for him.

    And we shall continue fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1209. 1209 : Jan Says:

    Beth (1208) and everyone,

    I am so happy for Zio!!! QOH is a certified big hit!!! I’m sure the ratings will continue to go up!!


  1210. 1210 : Harleydaz Says:

    Ratings EP 7 2009/04/06
    Nationwide 20.0 2nd
    Seoul 20.7 2nd

    Congratulations to Oh Ji-ho, Kim Nam Joo, Lee Hye Young, Sun Woo Sun, Choi Chul Ho, Yoon Sang Hyun, the rest of the cast the director Go Dong Sun and the writer Park Ji Eun for making “Queen Of Housewives” so very enjoyable to watch.

  1211. 1211 : Beth Says:

    Hi Harleydaz & Jan

    At first I thought my eyes were fooling me ..am I looking at the right rating figure?? Walla!! my eyes vision was indeed normal .

    This is what OJH was trying to achieve 20%, Wow this will be his best Birthday Present to himself!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulation to the actors and crew!!!!!!!!!!

    We still should continue FIGHTNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1212. 1212 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Beth, (1211)

    Me too feeling happy because OJH had increase the rating 20%!! Indeed it was a ver good present for Zios B-day. 😛

    And hope the rating will increase in the coming EP.

    OJH FIGHTNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1213. 1213 : amany Says:

    hi Zio `s angels..
    as i have watched three episodes so far..i can understand why the rating is getting up..every episode is an addition: big events( past and present) and all from our daily life..u can`t help putting urself in any character`s shoes..u may lack social abilities like dal soo or u may suffer from the neglection of a dear one from the president`s wife..u may feel u r struggling in life for ur family like dal soo`s wife and everyone got the time when he feels a bit unlucky compared to others.. i really like the drama..and i am happy for Zio..he sure deserves a special birthday after such hard and sincere work..FIGHTING:))

  1214. 1214 : Jan Says:

    Dear Zio Angels,

    I really believe with the success with QOH that the time is now for his career to soar. He’s not just a handsome guy put into a drama to attract the ladies but a bonafide great actor. Don’t you all agree?! There is one American actor who everyone thinks is so good looking and can act but when I’ve seen him in movies, all I see is the actor, not the character he’s portraying. Zio literally becomes the character and sometimes he’s not really so handsome in the role (because they dress him down or his hairstyle is not so becoming) but that’s what he’s supposed to play. In QOH, he’s playing kind of an average guy and I’m enjoying watching him play Dal Soo. I am so happy for Zio and am looking forward to his coming successes.

    Love to you all,


  1215. 1215 : Mandi Says:

    Wow, I’m elated at the ratings! Congrats to QOH & ojh ^^! I’ve not managed to watched ep8 but ep7 is definitely exciting. I hope the ratings will continue to shoot up as i feel this is really a great drama. The story is not a typical drama featuring couples and families fighting over usual matters, it encompasses complications involving politics in wive’s clubs, relationships all the way from the past, unique personalities & many more to discover. Besides, the main actors/actresses are very convincing in their respective roles. Overall, the story is very interesting and always very unpredictable, henceforth keeping people curious over what’s going to happen next.

  1216. 1216 : Mandi Says:

    Jan(1214), i totally agreed with what you’ve said……..cheers for ojh ^^!

  1217. 1217 : cute Says:

    I like the part where Aijae took care of Dasu after he got drunk. Lucky you Kim Nam joo, you get to pat and kiss ojh………..

  1218. 1218 : mandi Says:

    Jan(1214), i totally agree with you. ojh is the best actor i’ve come across so far. His perfect looks is a bonus point.

  1219. 1219 : amany Says:

    u said it very beautifully..sometimes i feel U SAID IT ALL,NOMORE TO ADD:)) i agree with u and dream of all good expectations for his future..he really deserve to be in the first row..he has it all except for good luck..wish him and all Zio`s angels all the best..

  1220. 1220 : Lia Says:

    Hi Amany (1207)

    I hope you’ll get the best, Zio will read your letter on his bday and…. wish you’ll get his reply. 🙂

  1221. 1221 : Lia Says:

    Congratulation for Zio, his drama already on 2nd place. I hope it will be no. 1 soon.

  1222. 1222 : Jan Says:

    Hi all!

    I’ve gone back and watched all of the QOH eps. available on mysoju because I watched it on VIIKII with and without complete subs. Mysoju is easier for me ‘cuz I can click to get the next part more easily than on the viikii site. I love QOH to begin with but after seeing the eps. one after another with subs, everything makes much more sense and it is really, really good. It’s a very sophisticated drama with excellent dialog, acting and background music.


  1223. 1223 : joanna Says:

    Oh Ji Ho, I want to rub your face, so rubbery, so handsome! You act so well in Queen Of Housewives. I am now your fan.

  1224. 1224 : amany Says:

    Zio Angels
    all my dear friends..
    i have a surprise for u all..i always want to give u a present to express my gratitude for having wonderful friends..like u angels..
    here is
    this is a quiz i created on facebook..especially for u..
    i hope u take it and find it fun..
    i always was wondering why there isnot enough OH JI HO`S `stuffs in facebook but this time i decided to be POSTIVE and change that..
    now if anyone will search for his name..he will find a special application..
    i really want ur opinions..and i really hope u love his birthday present..
    if u do,invite ur friends..we want to make it POPULAR:))
    take care all of you and happy birthday

  1225. 1225 : Jane Says:

    Dear Zio Sisters and Zio Angels AMANY, BETH, CUTE, HARLEY DAZ, JAN, JOANNA, LIA, MANDY and PINKY:

    I’m back from my holiday (actually it’s the kids’ holiday) and finally able to log on and saw episodes 7 & 8!

    Wow, what can I say, QOH IS SUCH A GOOD DRAMA!!!

    What you all have said is so true – OH JI HO is not only a handsome chap but such a great actor! I am truly seeing DAL SU in the drama, and not OH JI HO at all.

    ALL the lead actors and actresses are good in their respective roles and such an interesting plot, my goodness!

  1226. 1226 : Jane Says:

    Re Ratings

    After a week of absence, its such good news for me to find out that QOH’s ratings have taken such a HUGE leap ~ Yipee!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS again, QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES! and I echo HARLEY DAZ’s well wishes:


    Oh Ji-ho
    Kim Nam Joo
    Lee Hye Young
    Sun Woo Sun
    Choi Chul Ho
    Yoon Sang Hyun
    and all the cast,
    the director Go Dong Sun
    and the writer Park Ji Eun

    ****** WELL DONE and GREAT JOB! ******

  1227. 1227 : Jane Says:

    YES YES YES! This will be one of OH JI HO’s best birthday ever!

    So happy for ZIO!

    Very happy also for our wonderful JAPANESE ZIO-sisters to personally go to Korea to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on 14th
    April and give him more moral support!

  1228. 1228 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jane

    Welcome back, we so missed you very much. Did you have a wonderful trip? Yes our On Dal Soo is climbing way top in ratings… His big huge Birthday Present? you bet!!!!

  1229. 1229 : Luvlilady Says:

    Marhaba Amany,

    Can you please check you email??

  1230. 1230 : Luvlilady Says:

    Marhaba Amany,

    Can you please check you email??

    Syukran (Thank You)

  1231. 1231 : Jane Says:

    I’ve said this before – my daughter and I absolutely love Jeong Soo-yeong as KANJA in Fantasy Couple!

    It’s so good her again in “KING” of HOUSEWIVES as a funny/weird girl.

    It’s comfortable also to see many familiar faces in the extended/support cast in QOH.

  1232. 1232 : Jane Says:

    I have “matched-make” a few friends in the past.

    However, I feel that in Jeong Soo-yeong’s (aka Jung Soo Young aka “KANJA”) character as JI-AE’s good friend, JI HWA JA, she is totally unsuitable to be matched with MA TAE JOON.

    If TAE JOON was uglier or weirder looking, I might think they’ll make an ideal couple, but with TAE JOON’s good cute looks, etc.. I wouldn’t even think of JI HWA JA!

    What do you think??

  1233. 1233 : Jane Says:

    As for KIM NAM JOO, at first I did not realize she is the lead actress in MODELS with JANG DONG GUN and HAN JAE SUK until I re-watched the drama:


  1234. 1234 : Jan Says:

    Hi Jane (1225, 1232),

    Welcome back!! You were definitely missed!! Hope you had a great time with the kids.

    As far as matching JI HWA JA with MA TAE JOON, that’s probably going to be very tough. Maybe if she were to have a total make-over….maybe. Tae Joon’s character has really grown on me. It’s so cute to watch him go out of his normal character and be so enamored with Ji Ae.

  1235. 1235 : Jane Says:

    Thanks, Beth (1228) and Jan (1234) ~ one of the best holidays despite the exhaustion looking after a bunch of very active tweenies!

    I agree, Jan ~ perhaps JI HWA JA should have a total makeover like BONG SOON.

    It appears not just us but more and more who watch this drama are being won over by TAE JOON’s kindness and the way he is besotted with JI-AE and acts as her guardian angel – every woman’s dream of a nice gentleman too!

  1236. 1236 : ziolov Says:

    just pop by to wish Zio “Happy Birthday”!

    Very happy to read here that QOH is doing so well n in 2nd spot. Congrats to Zio n wish him even bigger success this year.

    n to all Zio babes, angels, sisters out there – we will continue to fighting for Zio!

  1237. 1237 : Jan Says:

    Jane (1235),

    It’s so cute to watch his demeanor change when he sees her or is with her. His face really softens with her. And she’s oblivious of his attention since she truly loves Dal Soo…. oh, I forgot, she thinks he’s unemployed!

  1238. 1238 : amany Says:

    Is it ordinary..to count days..to choose words..to take long breath before saying “happy birthday” i don`t know coz i never cared that much about any actor before..now i am proud to be ur fan and i hope i still the same naive fan even years later,,the only change i wish for is that u become a bigger star ..the first korean star (perhaps international..why not..u have the potential)i truly wish u a very happy birthday..i tried in my own way to give u a present..but u r surrounding me by all kinds of presents..when u sing..when u act..when frawn..and of course when u smile..
    p.s enjoy ur day..coz i am planning to spend a long time watching u..happy birthday again and again..
    in the new drama..there was a sentence when JI-AE was getting to the maximum to win the sansonim `s affection..she told her on her birthday”thanks madam for being born” i can`t say the same but i will say “thanks mr oh ji ho for showing up in my life..u added much life to it:)

  1239. 1239 : Lia Says:

    Hi Jane

    Welcome back, glad to see you back. How’s your trip? so, it’s your kid’s holiday. I’m sure you had great days with your kid.

  1240. 1240 : Lia Says:

    Hi Amany (1237)

    Beautiful words, Amany. Yes… our Zio has been giving us beautiful days. To be his fans, make us happy 🙂

    Happy belated Bday for our Zio
    Long live, may God always bless you
    gives you happiness, success, and good health
    Wish you all the best 🙂

  1241. 1241 : Jane Says:

    Dear ZIO,

    *** HAPPY BIRTHDAY ***

    Unni Jane

  1242. 1242 : Beth Says:

    Dearest Zio

    Happy Birthday
    You are very special
    And you deserve the best
    I wish you a wonderful life
    Filled with love and happiness !!

  1243. 1243 : Luvlilady Says:

    Dear Zio/JiHo/Oh Ji Ho/Mr Dimple

    Wishing you a year filled with the same joy and happiness you bring to others….Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1244. 1244 : Lovestar Says:

    Dear Oh Ji Ho/ Zio

    No one deserves a Happier Birthday than you.

    Although I can’t wish you a happy birthday in person.. I will spend the whole day with happy thoughts of you.

    Congratulation to your new drama Queen of Housewives!!!!!!!!!

  1245. 1245 : mandi Says:

    Dear Ohjiho,

    Alll the best to your career and wish you’ll find your ideal partner soon….


  1246. 1246 : Jan Says:

    Happy Birthday, Zio! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! You are one very special guy!!! Although I don’t know you personally, you have given me much joy and happiness through your work! I look forward each day to learn more about you.

  1247. 1247 : amany Says:

    Hi Zio angels
    i spent the day watching “i love you” movie..it is my first time to watch Zio in a movie so it was a very good experience..though the movie was very sad ( why all the suicides??huh..life is still sweet)however,Zio was handsome as always..mmmm i took my word back : i even love him with a long red hair..it is about the cute expressing face:)it was nice to see his co-star in queen of housewives..so the chemistry was OLD??she was (and is) very beautiful..it was nice to see him so young and innocent..though he is getting more handsome by growing up..
    however,that was “birthday” experience and i really enjoyed despite the sad movie..happy birthday Zio,i hope u had a special celebration urself as u deserve a big one coz this year(till now) u have done great job.
    i really appreciate all ur good feelings and very proud to be his fan and ur friend..miss u all and wish u all the best..

  1248. 1248 : cute Says:

    Congrats to the QOH team for the rising ratings, you guys derserve that. QOH, CONTINUE RISING!!

  1249. 1249 : mandi Says:

    i’m addicted to QOH, i re-watched the earlier episodes and look forward to what’s next. I feel the big part of the credit goes to the leading actors/actresses. They’re really convincing in their roles.

  1250. 1250 : Jane Says:

    Like Cute said (1248),

    CONGRATULATIONS to QOH for the good ratings!!

    Don’t stop ~ keep going up!!!

  1251. 1251 : Jan Says:

    I am so happy for Zio’s success with QOH and he is so deserving!! Such a great script and great co-stars, it was destined to be successful!!

    Bravo, Zio!!!

  1252. 1252 : Lia Says:


    Is there article about Zio’s birthday? I really want to know how was his bday. Is that right, he’s spending his bday with his family?

  1253. 1253 : Jane Says:


    If only MBC will get all three of the HOT KINGS into the SAUNA at the same time! The ratings will soar through the roof!!! ha ha…

  1254. 1254 : cute Says:

    Jane(1250),………….then the heart rates & temperatures of the audiences’ will also soar to sky high ^^!

  1255. 1255 : cute Says:

    Jane, i shd b replying to 1253 & not 1250.

  1256. 1256 : cute Says:

    Jan(1251), yup, ojh truely deserves that, & more. Hope QOH will be a great success like Fantasy couple, hope ojh’ll get some awards, that he’ll be given another good script 2nd half of 2009…….& unending good things for him. Good luck ojh ^^!

  1257. 1257 : mandi Says:

    I like to see Sun Wu Sun with ojh in QOH. She’s so hot whenever she tries to seduce Dasu, & poor Dasu always look so tortured…….. Appearance wise, she looks matching with OJH.

  1258. 1258 : Luvlilady Says:

    Jane (1253)

    Queen (King) of Housewives

    Actually seeing this hot men in the sauna part of my roof had already been blown away….they are too hot to hanndle!!

  1259. 1259 : Beth Says:

    Lia (1252)

    If I read it correctly he had a day off on his birthday and spent it with his parents.

  1260. 1260 : Lia Says:

    Cute (1256)

    Yea… I also hope like that. Hope he’ll get his best success and wind the awards again.

  1261. 1261 : Lia Says:

    Beth (1259)

    That’s great. Now it’s the perfect time for him to spend his time with his parents. Because of his busy times, made him has little time for his parents.
    by spending his bday with his parents is a very good decision. so sweet…

    Thanks Beth.

  1262. 1262 : Jan Says:

    Beth (1259),

    Zio is such a respectful and loving son to spend his birthday with his parents. You can tell he was raised well by loving parents. Now, from his parents point of view… if only he would find a nice girl to marry, settle down and present them with a grandchild. Hope he finds the girl that’s just right for him.

  1263. 1263 : Jane Says:


    My biggest wish is for DALSOO to stay firm as a faithful, loyal and committed husband to JI-AE.

    Second wish is for TAE JOON to fall in love with SOHYUN (I have no doubt that SH loves TJ in the first place – one of her aims is to make him jeolous and out of revenge of course, but if she were to subconsciously fall in love with DALSOO, then may God help her!).

    Third wish is for JOONHYUK to accept reality – i.e. JI-AE is happily married ~ stop pinning over her; truly see BONG SOON’S devotion and love for him and either go on with the marriage and his family (lovely son) and learn to be happy in it or get out if he thinks BONG SOON makes his life miserable.

  1264. 1264 : amany Says:

    thank u for the info: about how he spent his birthday..like Lia,i was wondering and i guess he was happy to spend it with the family..he really seems a family guy and that`s another good thing to be added to a long list of why he is so loved by us:))
    though he spent the day with family..but he was in one way or another..in different places in different countries..watched and enjoyed by his fans..and with all good news about the drama: IT WAS A HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDEED..

  1265. 1265 : amany Says:

    i have just watched episode 6 and enjoyed it more..Dal So is so manly in a way reminded me of Pung Ho when he worked as chaueffeur and luggage carrier to support his family..Pung ho too used to have many jobs to support his son..
    also when he gave Hyuk the jacket..So Pung ho ..So Oh ji ho..:so gentleman:))
    again he was walking with his hands in his pockets wearing the training suit..that was the scene i fell for Pung ho and Oh ji ho in single dad:))
    however..i always stop myself and Dal So helps me with his special way..he is soooooooo kind..do u notice the cheerful way he picks up any call?? his An nyeong ha sae yo smile?? so wide even the caller isnot watching and he isnot familiar with..I THINK I LOVE THIS MAN TOO:))

  1266. 1266 : Beth Says:


    I also love his sweet manly vioce. To die for!!!

  1267. 1267 : Jane Says:

    Unfortunately, after seeing Episode 10, the following 3 scenes appears as if SH is now truly playing with fire and becoming more ruthless in her pursuit of DS, even to the extent of hurting JI-AE, DS and their family.

    After the death of her natural mother, SH seems to have found her own self by wanting to live her own life. It seems she is no longer pining after TAE JOON for a happy marriage and is serious about starting a relationship with DS – the following 3 scenes are:

    1. She bravely and openly tells her in-laws that she wants to divorce TJ;

    2. When JA was dragged away by TJ re her damaged car, SH tells DS that she will divorce her husband and will go to a far away place where she can do whatever she wants, i.e. sing; dance, study, etc… She asked DS if he would go with her. [Thankgoodness] DS replied “NO”!

    3. At the last scene, when JA finally hears the rumour that DS is having an affair with a married woman in the company and was very disturbed, SH asked JA what she’ll do if it was true and JA said she doesn’t know. SH then tells JA to divorce her husband.

    I wouldn’t deem SH’s actions as an act of love for DS and pursuing of one own happiness. I call this big time selfishness.

    What do others think?

  1268. 1268 : Jane Says:

    DRAMAOK in KOALABEAER’S QOH thread in Soompi (page 19, Post #379) says there is a “darkness” to SO-HYEON’s character. I agree.

    Re DALSOO not being able to resist SH’s advances:

    We are not men so it is easy for us to judge men by women’s standards and blame DS for being indecisive (in fact, DS’s character in this drama is supposed to be weak indecisive anyway… )

    Just last Thursday, I attended a luncheon talk by a well-known pastor and Head of a Bible Seminary in Hong Kong. He admitted that he constantly faces temptation of fleshly desires such as lust (the many pretty, intelligent and wonderful women that he comes across) and materialism. He added that especially when he had been married for almost 30 years, his wife has grown older and less “perfect” compared to when they first spent their lives together, it is therefore difficult to overcome/overlook the younger, dynamic and pretty ones (I think he was careful not to mention the word “sexy”).

    How much more when SH is georgeous, so sexy and luscious and so rich and constantly luring DS (reminds me of Samson and Delilah!)

    DS, in the bed scene with JA, casually queried the issue of “infidelity”, i.e. is it possible to love your wife and at the same time love another woman – like wanting to take care of her and protecting her?

    Several times when SH asked DS why he keeps rejecting her (e.g. not answering her phone calls), DS very honestly and straightforwardly says “it is not you, it is me – I have no confidence in myself”.

  1269. 1269 : Jan Says:

    Jane (1267),

    There is so much infidelity in our society……married men with married women/single women and married women with married men/single men. They’re all immoral but I think it’s so despicable how So Hyun is trying to manipulate the unsuspecting Ji Ae to divorce Dal Soo if she found him cheating for her own gain. Truly selfish like you mentioned. Though it’s reality, still hard to watch.

  1270. 1270 : Jane Says:

    Episode 11 Preview (courtesy of KOALABEAR in her QOH thread)

    link here


    I can’t wait to see the next two episodes! But I am feeling more for JA now – she will be “doubled-betrayed” when she finds out that

    1. her husband’s “lover” is SH and

    2. that TJ is the husband of SH and president of the company — I wonder if JA will feel humiliated that all along she’s been stringed along by TJ? But, knowing JA’s street-wise personality, perhaps she’ll bounce back in no time and make full use of her friendship with TJ…. just my guess!

  1271. 1271 : Jane Says:

    QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES to be extended:

    The article says 4 additional episodes are expected to shoot, bringing the series total to 20.

    (It was announced that the 2 additional episodes to MBC Queen Of Housewives will now be 4 instead. This final decision means that the drama will end on 19th May instead of 5th of May, with the total series having 20 episodes (original was 16))

    All main actors & actresses agreed to sign a new, revised contract except Oh Ji-Ho. (MBC hasn’t yet reached a consensus with him over the extension)

    src: http://kr.news.yahoo.com/service/news/shel…7&from=rank

    Hope more people join in as viewers.

    [스포츠서울닷컴 | 서보현기자] MBC-TV ‘내조의 여왕’이 4회 연장될 계획이다.

    ‘내조의 여왕’ 제작 관계자는 스포츠서울닷컴과의 전화통화에서 “시청자들의 반응에 힘입어 연장방송을 하기로 했다”며 “당초 2회 연장을 생각했지만 1주 분량이 늘어난 4회를 연장하기로 최종 결정했다”고 밝혔다.

    현재 MBC와 제작자는 최종 협의를 끝낸 상태다. 출연진들의 반응 역시 호의적이다. 김남주, 이혜영, 최철호, 윤상현, 선우선, 정수영 등 주요 출연진들은 흔쾌히 연장에 동의해 계약을 마쳤다.

    하지만 오지호와는 의견 조율이 되지 않고 있다. 오지호 소속사 관계자는 “아직 연장에 관한 내용을 전달받지 못해 뭐라 할 말이 없다”며 시큰둥한 반응을 보였다.

    ‘내조의 여왕’은 월화드라마 시청률 1위를 기록, 불황기에도 불구 광고 완판을 이어가며 높인 인기 고공행진을 벌이고 있다. 또한 일본, 필리핀, 베트남 등에 판매가 완료됐으며 대만과 중국 등 아시아 전역과 수출을 협상 중이다.

    Source of source: By Groovier:

  1272. 1272 : ziolov Says:

    Hi again,
    can anyone tell me where I can get my hands on Zio’s photo album? I’m dying to get a copy for keepsake.

  1273. 1273 : mandi Says:

    Jane(1271), Tks for updating. This will be a great news only if Ohjiho is available. It will be meaningless if QOH comes without / or with little OhnDasu. Hope his company can do something for him ;(

  1274. 1274 : mandi Says:

    Ep 11 – i pity Seo yeon a lot, her life so torturing with her husband & mil. Its natural for her to feel happy with her sunbae, the only person who treats her with sincerity. Aijae & DAsu such a loving couple, very nice to watch them, but looks like somebody is going to sabotage them again in ep 12 !!

  1275. 1275 : cute Says:

    someone should give TJ a slap on the face or a kick on his shin bone for being such a bad husband…………hehe

  1276. 1276 : mande Says:

    Ep 11 – i pity Seo yeon a lot, her life so torturing with her husband & mil. Its natural for her to feel happy with her sunbae, the only person who treats her with sincerity. Aijae & DAsu such a loving couple, very nice to watch them, but looks like somebody is going to sabotage them again in ep 12 !!

  1277. 1277 : mande Says:

    Tks for updating. This will be a great news only if Ohjiho is available. It will be meaningless if QOH comes without / or with little OhnDasu. Hope his company can do something for him ;(

  1278. 1278 : Jane Says:


    Perhaps you could email your query to:



    [email protected]

    Best regards,

  1279. 1279 : lovestar Says:

    Guys, anybody know if Queen of Housewives had already been extended?
    I know Jane (1271) had commented about it but… was it already approved or had all the main characters agree into it??

  1280. 1280 : Jane Says:

    News of KING of HOUSEWIVES and a picture of the three hunks!


  1281. 1281 : Jane Says:

    Some Japanese super fans went to Korea on ZIO’s birthday – here’s the reports:




    Source by Mika-J

  1282. 1282 : Jane Says:

    Interviews of ZIO and photos

    original: link here

    translation: link here

  1283. 1283 : Jane Says:

    More news, interviews and photos of ZIO:

    ‘내조의 여왕’ 온달수 역의 오지호.
    2009년 04월 21일 (화) 14:12 연합뉴스

    link here

    link here

  1284. 1284 : mande Says:

    Jane, tks for the news updates of ojh, unfortunately cannot understand teh language…;(

  1285. 1285 : mande Says:

    does anyone happen to know whether ojh is able to extend his contract with QOH?

  1286. 1286 : cute Says:

    Jane(1281), do u need to have an id & password to this site?

  1287. 1287 : cute Says:

    Thx for the news updates, unfortunately could not understand, but still nice to see his pics.

  1288. 1288 : cute Says:

    does anyone know whether ojh is able to extend his contract for QOH?

  1289. 1289 : Jane Says:


    Hallyu stars such as Song Hye Kyo, Yoon Eun Hye, OH JI HO, Joo Ji Hoon etc were at the Prada Transformer [Exhibition] (located at Seoul’s Gyeonghui yard, next to the 16th-century Gyeonghui Palace) to celebrate the opening of the exhibition on April 23 at 5:30pm.

    Quoting Liz of K-Popped: “Oh Ji Ho looking dashing at the event”

    Ji Ho is spotting the “GET KARL” hairstyle here. He’s looking suave, sophisticated, handsome and of course, dashing!

  1290. 1290 : Jan Says:

    Jane (1289),

    I agree with you 200%! Zio absolutely looked so “suave, sophisticated, handsome and of course, dashing!” His photos actually took my breath away when I first saw them!

  1291. 1291 : Jane Says:


    Episode 11 2009-04-20 11 24.2 (2nd) 24.9 (2nd)
    Episode 12 2009-04-21 12 24.4 (2nd) 25.6 (2nd)

  1292. 1292 : Jane Says:


    “I’ll do whatever it takes to make my husband a success”

    After the TV miniseries “Boys over Flowers” ended on a rival network, viewers tuned into “My Wife is a Superwoman,” resulting in a twofold increase in viewership ratings by reaching 20%.

    The viewership figure for the 10th episode of the show hit 25.7%, which is a threefold increase from its first episode that only garnered 8.3% of all TV viewers.

    These stellar viewership ratings show that “My Wife is a Superwoman” is winning over viewers with its solid storyline and interesting characters.

    The popularity of “My Wife is a Superwoman” lies in its comical portrayal of a family that tries to overcome the economic downturn.

    The strength of the story and colorful characters is another reason why the show is doing well among viewers. Actor Yoon Sang-hyun, who plays the clueless company president, and actress Sun Woo-sun, who portrays his sultry wife, are enjoying a huge jump in their popularity.

    “My Wife is a Superwoman” is set to continue its high TV viewer ratings as it depicts the hilarious scheme of one wife to make her husband a success.


    MBC Global Media 2009-04-21(15:04)

  1293. 1293 : Jan Says:

    Jane (1292),

    Thanks for posting the article!

    Hooray!! I’m so glad Zio’s drama keeps moving up in the ratings! I’m also happy for all of the stars, hoping that this drama will lead them to bigger opportunities. The Korean entertainment business is so tough and fickle. One day you’re on top of the world then the next day you could be forgotten.

  1294. 1294 : Jane Says:

    [My Wife Is A Superwoman] Fedor cameos to fight Oh Ji-ho
    2009.04.27 09:00:00

    The very popular 「My Wife Is A Superwoman」 (scripted by Park Ji-eun, directed by Ko Dong-seon & Kim Min-sik) is visited next by the Russian heavyweight mixed martial arts fighter Emelianenko Fedor.

    Fedor makes an appearance as a mixed martial arts fighter and Tae-jun’s (Yun Sang-hyeon) friend. He goes one-on-one with Dal-su (Oh Ji-ho).

    On the 25th, on set for 「My Wife Is A Superwoman」 in a mixed martial arts gym in Jam-sil, the entire staff burst out into applause when Fedor stepped inside.

    Fedor appeared a little dazed to be receiving such an enthusiastic welcome while still suffering from jet lag. He found a smile, however, when he settled down with the director Ko Dong-seon and received an overview of the scene.

    In the scene, Tae-jun says to Dal-su, “I hate losing. […] I lost to you last time in basketball, but I’m learning mixed martial arts these days so let’s have a go.” But after losing yet again, Tae-jun insists that Dal-su go up against his friend, which turns out to be none other than Fedor.

    Fedor’s single line in the scene is the challenge he throws Oh Ji-ho’s way in Korean, “Let’s have a go.”

    THe martial arts director communicated to Fedor through gestures and body language, and during rehearsal Fedor picked up Oh Ji-ho and spun him around a couple of times before dropping him. Oh landed with such an explosive thud that the staff worried he might be hurt.

    Slightly bruised in the knee, Oh Ji-ho told Fedor, “I may look like a fighter, but I’m just an actor.” And he asked Fedor to go a little easy on him.

    Oh Ji-ho eyed Fedor a bit nervously as he watched Fedor slip on gloves for the actual shoot, and he informed Fedor, “The gloves aren’t really necessary…” and backed away a step.

    There was tension like a real match, and when filming was complete, Oh Ji-ho commented, “Fedor’s eyes changed when he put on the gloves. I couldn’t even look him in the eyes. I felt very helpless.” And this is coming from Oh Ji-ho who is known for being athletic.

    After filming, the actors and the staff took a commemorative picture. Fedor expressed his impressions, “I’m honored to take part in 「My Wife Is A Superwoman」. It was a lot of fun. Personally, I felt it was a great experience.”

    Infused with the excitement of mixed martial arts fighter Fedor’s cameo, episode 14 of 「My Wife Is A Superwoman」 will air on the 28th.


  1295. 1295 : amany Says:

    woooooooooow i am happy for all the good news about the recent drama:) i know Zio takes his work seriously so he deserves all the success:)) there r 13 episodes so far in mysoju but still find problems with some episodes:((
    i am still in episode 7 but i feel so interested in the drama that the part passes so quickly and it really cheer me up:))
    can`t wait to see how things going to get complex then solved…
    i wish Zio more success:
    p.s if Zio ever got into the internet ,he would be very proud of his angels` work:
    Harley Daz is providing the latest photoes and ratings in facebook..and soompi..
    Carla`s thread in soompi is getting more popular:)
    Jan is commenting in her special loving way..Mandi is sharing with her funny notes about every episode..
    and Dear Jane is getting us the newest reviews in chinese or korean..she is always there:)
    and of course our LUVLY star is cheerleading in KD,taking the dramas up in the chart:))
    Good work Zio `s angels..FORZA ZIO:)

  1296. 1296 : amany Says:

    let us consider creating a group for the new drama in facebook providing it with photoes and ratings..i think u have the data ..all we need is to put them together..
    i am ready but i need ur permission and help..
    what do u say??

  1297. 1297 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Amany (1296)

    That’s a great idea!! 😛

    Anything I can help, please let me know……. 🙂


  1298. 1298 : Jane Says:

    AMANY (1296)

    Of course you should create a thread in FACEBOOK! We will depend on you (and perhaps our dear sister Doja also)!


  1299. 1299 : Jan Says:

    Amany (1296),

    Count me in!


  1300. 1300 : amany Says:

    Zio Angels
    ACTUALLY WITH UR HELP AND FOR ZIO~S SAKE NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE..i created the group but i am waiting for u as supporters:))
    link here
    Jan…Jane…Nat Nat..
    start by joining and then make it home as here and in soompi:))

  1301. 1301 : mandi Says:

    Congrats to Ohjiho & QOH team for the ratings for ep 13 & 14. Plz continue to soar…..above 30++++ for 2nite onwards. Great work ^^!

  1302. 1302 : mandi Says:

    Can’t help praising the script writer………. the ‘exiled husbands club’, the ‘shopping’ masterpiece, the ‘act smart’ wife who keeps making mistakes in her phrases and many more……. juz wonder how he came up with all these hilarious ideas that make people laugh till their jaws drop!!

  1303. 1303 : mandi Says:

    my comments on ep 13 & 14:

    TJ can really sing well. He sounded like a professional. He has finally done something right………free his poor wife. Now they can become good friends. I like their conversation at the roof top, truthful & sincere.

    JA must be deaf to say her husband could sing better than TJ…..but i’m not any better than her

    JH deserves to be exiled from home, he’s been a bad husband. Bong might not be doing so much funny things if he had treated her better.

    DS looks very cute when he’s frighten & timid in front of his wife. Ojh is very good in playing Ohn Dal-soo’s role.

    Looks like SH really loves DS, i like her.

  1304. 1304 : harleydaz Says:

    Ratings 2009/05/04 Episode 15

    1st Place for “Queen of Housewives”/
    “My Wife is a Superwoman”

    Nationwide 26.1 (1st)
    Seoul 28.4 (1st)

    Source: TNS Media Korea

  1305. 1305 : Jan Says:

    Harleydaz (1304),

    Thank you for posting the latest stats! I’m so happy to see QOH is now #1!!! I knew they could do it with such a great story and cast.

    How could Zio not participate in the additional episodes …… without him there’s no story! And to have Billy doing a cameo is terrific!


  1306. 1306 : harleydaz Says:

    Still in 1st place for “Queen of Housewives” / “My Wife is a Superwoman”

    Ratings 2009/05/05 Episode 16
    Nationwide 29.2 (1st)
    Seoul 31.1 (1st)

  1307. 1307 : mandi Says:

    Jan(1305), Agree, QOH will be meaningless without or with little ohn dasu

  1308. 1308 : mandi Says:

    Tkx Harleydaz, QOH is a very entertaining drama………congrats to the QOH team for their great efforts ^^!

  1309. 1309 : Jane Says:

    ****** CONGRATULATIONS QOH and ZIO ******

    For being #1!!

    Congratulations to the actors and actresses, cast and crew, director, writer, producer, etc… for a job WELL DONE!!

  1310. 1310 : Jane Says:

    QOH certainly has managed to get a lot of ’sane’ people take sides e.g.:

    – TJ & AJ to be together
    – DS & SH to be together

    Personally, I would like the original couples to be together.

    HOWEVER, if TJ chases JA, then perhaps DS should go and chase SH. From my very selfish standpoint for DS, since SH truly loves DS, she will give him a lot of love and respect, compared to how he is being treated by JA!

  1311. 1311 : Jane Says:

    Re QOH:

    At first I had to pause the screen to think who is the guy staring at DS at the end of ep.15 – then it clicked!

    So nice to see our dear “Billy” from Fantasy Couple.

    The writer (or writers) sure have done a great job incorporating this part into the drama!

  1312. 1312 : Jane Says:


    It’s so good to see JA playing matchmaker/peacemaker for BS and JH.

    And yes, even tho it is easy to dislike BS for being such a b***h to JA, it is nice to see JH finally realizing what a good wife she had been to him and how she loved him dearly.

    One happy couple, two more to go!

  1313. 1313 : Jane Says:


    As for JA, how ever much she loves money, I still don’t see her as one who will betray herself for money.

    Sure TJ is chasing her like crazy, but after all that she and DS had gone through (thick and thin the past 7 years), plus having a such an adorable daughter together, I feel that JA is not one to break up her own family.

  1314. 1314 : mandi Says:

    Jane(1310), i agree with you that Dasu should consider SH (haha i’m a bad girl). Dasu is not bad to the extent to derserve such harsh treatments from JA over the years & worse of all, his daughter! The fact is that he’s really been rejecting SH’s advances, & i think the elevator incident is really out of sympathy. Which normal man will not be tempted to such indecent proposals, but is a matter of whether he could control himself……….(i’m really bias huh!) ^^!

  1315. 1315 : Jan Says:

    Jane (1313),

    I also don’t believe that JA would break up her marriage because of TJ’s attraction for her….like you mentioned, DS and JA have been married for 7 years which produced an adorable daughter. Her, sometime (or sometimes often), negative attitude toward DS was the result of the many disappointments she experienced with DS not being able to get/keep a job.

    JA loves money because she never had any, especially with DS being out of a job so much during their marriage. To me the extent of her love of money is to be able to pay the rent, food, clothing (the necessities) and I don’t think she even thought about luxuries. She would have loved to be able to buy name brand items but knew it wasn’t in the budget.

    This has been one very enjoyable drama!

  1316. 1316 : Jane Says:

    link here



    Kim Sung Min, an old friend visits Taebong

    the conversation between Kim Sung Min and Taebong.
    Billy: Hey, I was happy to hear about your divorce and flew out here

    TaeBong: What the, Billy.

    Billy: After I divorced Anna, it became really hard.

    Taebong: but I heard you got some island from Anna as a consolation

    Billy: Yeah…it’s an island called Keu Keu Island, a completely useless island.

    Taebong: Why did you get divorced again?

    Billy: because of this one really annoying bastard named Jang Chul Soo. (Oh Ji Ho’s role in Fantasy Couple) You?

    Taebong: Because of this one really troublesome jerk named Ohn Dahl Soo

    I wish they showed the scene!
    a reference to both Fantasy Couple and Keu Keu Island’s Secret (where Yoon Sang Hyun/Taebongie starred in)

    Courtesy of lilshinhwafreak from Soompi forum: post #661
    link here

  1317. 1317 : mandi Says:

    i actually find it hard to take sides. JA has not been nice to DS, but she’d really suffered a lot also because of DS. Don’t think she’ll ever betray DS. TJ is such a pest. Despite being told off so many times, he has not given up disturbing JA’s life.

  1318. 1318 : mandi Says:

    am happy that JH & BS reconciled. The more i see them, the more i feel they’re a matching pair.

    DS so pitiful to be scolded for his tie & shoes after a long day at work. So timd to say ok to throwing away the shoes even he didn’t have another pair.

    ‘Billy’ is still as comical & funny, i enjoy seeing him.

    hope TJ will help SH back to normal life, since he said he wanted to be a responsible man from now. SH is not a bad person so she doesn’t deserve such a sad ending.

  1319. 1319 : cute Says:

    to me, JA & BS are as b****y, it’s juz so entertaining to see these 2 women fighting…………they’re really good with their roles.

  1320. 1320 : Jan Says:

    Jane (1316),

    I wish the director had included this scene, too. It would have been hilarious since many, many people have watched “Fantasy Couple” (aka Couple or Trouble) and would’ve made the connection. At least in the scene, Billy said he didn’t like Dal Soo’s face. I’m so sad to see this drama coming to an end.

  1321. 1321 : mandi Says:

    enjoyed watching ojh on Invincible Saturday. At first i thought he’d be the worst because he probably had no time for practice, but he’s not……….Cool ^^!

  1322. 1322 : mandi Says:

    does anyone here know who’s the pretty girl who visited him at the shooting scene & what was she talking about?

  1323. 1323 : cute Says:

    Jan(1320), me too, i’m sad to see QOH ending, cos it’s been exciting looking forward to QOH for the past weeks :):):)

  1324. 1324 : mandi Says:

    enjoyed watching ojh on Invincible Saturday. Thought he would be the worst because he’d probably have no time for practice, but he’s not…………….cool ^^!

  1325. 1325 : Jane Says:

    Mandi, do you have the link for Invincible Saturday?

  1326. 1326 : Jane Says:

    MANDI (#1322)

    According to my source (HarleyDaz), the pretty and talented young lady is called Tiffany and she is a member of Girl’s Generation. She is 19 years old almost 20.

    Last year, Zio and Tiffany appeared together on Factory Girls (we think that was the name of the show). Each girl called a celeb to appear at a party and Tiffany called Zio.

    Right now Tiffany and Yuri have taken over as emcees for MBC’s Music Core very popular music variety show. Tiffany took a break from filming the show (broadcast date 5/09/09) and visited Zio on his set for QOH on 5/6/09.

    We understand that ZIO is very well known among all the young ladies in South Korea and considered a gentleman with them all.

  1327. 1327 : Jane Says:

    Jan (1320) and Cute (#1323)

    I too feel sad that QOH is ending. However, in a sense it is good that the drama is not dragggged out otherwise it might lose it’s fire.


  1328. 1328 : mandi Says:

    Jane (1325), you can try the following links, both posted by Minah on Soompi. Good luck. Zio appear from 30min onwards.

    ((…Rc6Scg_wiy7LtHA ))

    (( http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=288195 ))

  1329. 1329 : mandi Says:

    Jane (1326), Tks for the explanation. Nice to know that ZIO is very well known among all the young ladies in South Korea and considered a gentleman with them all.nation. He’s always been a gentlemen, hasn’t he? ^^!

  1330. 1330 : Jane Says:

    Oh Ji-ho Shines on “Challenges on Saturday”

    Actor Oh Ji-ho has joined the baseball team of the KBS TV show “Challenges on Saturday,” which premiered April 25.

    The team was founded by Lim Chang-jeong, Kim Chang-ryeol and Lee Haneul. The show realistically portrays the process of training for and winning baseball games.

    ▲ Oh Ji-ho On Board

    So far, viewers have had the chance to see how players were selected for the team from among celebrities. New members include Han Min-kwan, Marco, Brian and Kim Jun. But the team urgently needed an A-list celebrity player. And it has found one — it’s Oh Ji-ho, who received Lee Haneul’s request to join the team in the pilot episode but turned it down. Now he is faithfully fulfilling his role as the “ace” of the team.

    ▲Physical Test

    The members were surprised to see Oh Ji-ho on board but they welcomed him. Oh Ji-ho looks dashing in his green uniform thanks to his model-like physique. He debuted on the show on May 9 in Episode 3.

    This week’s episode will likely give viewers quite a few laughs because of Kim Jun’s embarrassing incident during a physical test.

    The show airs every Saturday at 6:30 p.m. on KBS TV2.

    By: Jin Young-ju, KBSi
    Source: PR Team, KBS
    Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi – Any illicit reproduction and distribution is prohibited.

  1331. 1331 : cute Says:

    i want to highlight that i’m very very very impressed at ohjiho’s expression at the end of ep 18. You can see everything in his eyes……..deeply hurt, broken heart, sad, disappointed, lost,……………. but firm. He looked calm but scary……… i feel he acted this part fantastically well. Well done, Ohjiho ^^! Anyone agree????

  1332. 1332 : Jane Says:

    Cute (#1331)

    I agree – but actually both JI HO’s and KIM NAM JOO’S emotions in this scene are very touching and realistic.

    DS, who was up the entire night at the funeral, came home exhausted only to be “hounded” by an insanely jealous wife! He felt very rueful that he cannot turn the clock back for JA and she is unhappy because of him, he feels he is a burden towards her… there’s so much “pain” in his eyes!

  1333. 1333 : Jane Says:

    Looks like JA and DS are heading for a divorce in the preview for ep 19:


    I feel so much pain for JA and DS – only 2 more episodes to go! – how are they going to patch up?!

    Looks like JA is getting a dose of her own medicine by DS seeing her pics with TJ??

  1334. 1334 : Jane Says:

    MBC’s preview for QOH ep 19:


  1335. 1335 : mandi Says:

    Tks Jane. DS, AJ & TJ looked sad whilst Director Kim seemed very satisfied. Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen……….

  1336. 1336 : Lia Says:

    QOHW will be end. This drama until 20 eps, isn’t it? I’ll hunt soon the dvd after this drama end.

  1337. 1337 : Jan Says:

    Cute (1331),

    I agree with you! Zio did an outstanding job portraying Dal Soo so hurt and disappointed by Ji Ae… such a contrast from the easy-going and kind Dal Soo I was used to. I’d never seen that side of him in a drama. I could really feel his coldness. Watching him was like walking into a freezer. Great acting!


  1338. 1338 : amany Says:

    Hi Zio Angels
    i am very disappointed..the drama is supposed to come to an end:((this is my first reason to be sad as i am addicted to the drama and enjoyed it to the utmost..it is rare thing to like the whole cast even the supporting roles..
    my second reason is that mysoju hasnot shown the new episodes (19-20) yet,i was planning to enjoy my vacation watching it..especially coz this is my first vacation since a long time..i really needed to see Dal so..
    and very curious to know (and watch)the end..
    wishing you all the best of luck.,,
    p.s this is a special drama for me..coz it is the first (on air)fresh drama for Zio to watch and follow every episode with Zio ladies..i am so proud of that:)

  1339. 1339 : Jane Says:

    Finally, QOH has ended!

    It is very satisfying to know its a happy ending!

    Very very happy for BS to help JA realize how she loves DS – as the saying goes, one good turn deserves another! Best of all, glad that JA and DS found each other again!

    It’s also good that TJ and SH are dining more often ever since their divorce as compared to when they were married and not even speaking to each other.

    In fact, I had been thinking a couple of weeks ago but forgotten to post it, that the most perfect ending would be in two years or so, to see them at a picnic, BS + JH and JA + DS each running after their 2nd child while TJ and SH cooing over their first plus TB the dog! ha ha

  1340. 1340 : Jane Says:


    once again to all the actors and actresses, casts and crew, writer and director and those who cameo’d in QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES for giving us such an entertaining and enjoyable drama!!!

  1341. 1341 : Jane Says:

    According to Hancinema news:

    “Actor and Actress OH JI-HO and KIM NAM-JOO said that if there were to be “My Wife is a Superwoman 2″ then they would definitely try to be part of it!

    The drama has been very loved and the two have been at the press meeting for the drama.

    If there were to be a season 2 for the drama, they both would love to be back but with the same people because with new people, it would definitely be like a different family.”

    Source : news.cyworld.com/view… ( Korean )

  1342. 1342 : mandi Says:

    QOH has finally ended & i’ll definitely miss the chasing for a while. I rate this a 1st class drama. It’s just capable of making viewers eager to know what’s next and strong enough to make viewers love or hate the characters. The Script editor, Director & crew of Actors/Actresses are simply SUPERP in their respective roles. Congrats to QOH for topping on the list. Lets hope there’ll be more of such high standard dramas in future & lets hope we’ll see the 3 hottie guys esp Ohjiho again SOON ^^!

  1343. 1343 : Lia Says:

    QOHW already ended. and I’m glad to hear the ending is satisfiying with happy ending. Now.. time for me to hunt the dvd. 🙂

    I hope, there will be QOHW 2.

  1344. 1344 : Jane Says:

    ZIO will arrive Nagoya Airport in Japan today at 16:45 pm for his Fan Club meetings.

    Have a safe flight, ZIO!


  1345. 1345 : mandi Says:

    Lia (1343), agree. Think it would be great it there is QOH 2. But will only be meaningful if the same casts remain. To me, there’s roam for expansion for this story & i have faith in this script editor.

  1346. 1346 : Maria Says:

    Oh JiHo is busy nowadays then.. Good for him. I always like his actings, and his baseball skill is good. I watch Invincible Saturday because of him. And I’m very happy with the success of Queen of Housewives. I hope he will win more awards.

  1347. 1347 : xavier Says:

    Oh ji ho, so you are Ohn Dal Soo? Nice to know you!!

  1348. 1348 : maria Says:

    He was Ohn Dal Soo, yes. He did a great job in Queen of Housewives, great acting! I’m looking forward to get a much dose of Oh JiHo today, he is appearing in Invincible Saturday (KBS) and Infinity Challenge (MBC) both at the same time (6.30 pm korean).. and if I’m not wrong, he is in Japan to attend a fan meeting event.. Oh Ji Ho, FIGHTING!! We love you!

  1349. 1349 : Jane Says:

    Video of Zio’s participation in the Invincible Saturday challenge”:


    News of Zio’s participation in the Invincible Saturday challenge”:


  1350. 1350 : Jane Says:

    20090522 Section TV Ent. News – QOH celebration party:



  1351. 1351 : Jane Says:

    More QOH celebration party action:

    src: Lee Jin-ju Cyworld

    videos/news links


    from Cyworld


    credits to the original uploaders of the videos

  1352. 1352 : cute Says:

    Thanks Jane, i enjoyed the programme, esp the parts with ohjiho.

  1353. 1353 : cute Says:

    i switched on my laptop 1st thing i woke up, a habitual thing happening over the past 10 weeks, but i don’t see him……………i miss QOH & Ohn Dasu 🙁 🙁 🙁

  1354. 1354 : Jane Says:

    Me too, Cute!

    Zio looks so relaxed and enjoying himself so much – he’s dancing and singing and having so much fun!

    I’m happy for him, and all the others who worked so hard these few months shooting Queen of Housewives and they did such a TERRIFIC job!

  1355. 1355 : Jane Says:


    You’ll love this – a new ZIO-Angel from Chicago USA (originally from Michigan) joined the Soompi forum.

    She said she came across Oh Ji Ho last summer when she moved into her new house and did not have cable for a few months. One night she was extremely bored and started watching the Korean channel (she thinks it was KBS) since it had subtitles and she was curious about other cultures. She started watching what she thought was a soap opera (it was SINGLE PAPA IN LOVE) and saw the most beautiful man she had ever seen in her life!

    Lucky for her, she has a good guy friend who is Korean and demanded he tell her who that gorgeous man was. She’s been obsessed ever since! Thanks to mysoju.com she also watched ZIO in Get Karl, Oh Soo Jung (she says he was so dreamy), La Belle, and queen of housewives. She’s currently working her way through Super Rookie and next is Fantasy Couple. She says ZIO is such a great actor!

  1356. 1356 : amany Says:

    yes,i loved that..that`s is TYPICALLY my story with Oh ji-ho :single dad and a wonder about the most handsome actor i have seen then my way here in korean drama.org which directed me to musoju (FC then Get Karl)Super Rookie,ASP..Queen of housewives..
    i am looking forward to meet the new lady here or in soompi..
    thank you Jane for reminding me of my beautiful Zio memories..^^

  1357. 1357 : sowon Says:

    yesterday,i met a Korean fan of Zio..when she was asked about Oh Ji-ho,she gave a SIGH :))i asked her about his dramas,she watched Couple or Trouble (Couple of fantasy) and some other dramas..i started talking about his dramas,his news,showing his photoes..she was very surprised as She is the Korean one who must have all this data..it was a nice chance..i always wanted to meet a korean fan of Zio to ask about my details..though this meeting wasnot long enough but i wish i can see her again to talk more about Zio..i can talk forever about him ^^

  1358. 1358 : Jan Says:

    Sowon (1357),

    Welcome!! Like you I would love to meet a Korean fan of Zio’s in person. There are many Koreans at my job but many won’t admit to liking any actor in particular. However, one colleague does admit to liking another actor with very deep dimples. Please post often….it’s fun to read about everyone’s feelings/observations about our favorite guy.


  1359. 1359 : mandi Says:

    amany(1356), you make me rewatch SDIL…….^^!

  1360. 1360 : Maria Says:

    Hi, I saw him In Queen of Housewives and its NGs. He is a great actor and when he smiles and laughs, people around also laughs and smiles with him. His smiles are so contagious. But when he cries in dramas, I also feel sadness. He looks so natural in those scenes. He also plays a considerable good baseball in KBS2 every Saturdays.

  1361. 1361 : mandi Says:

    It’s nice to know that ojh received a warm welcome at the Nagoya airport. He deserves it 🙂

  1362. 1362 : mandi Says:

    Maria(1360), i totally agree with you. Ohjiho is a great actor. I laugh or cry together with his dramas like Fantasy Couple, SDIL, Autum Shower, Super Rookie & now QOH. I feel he can really lead the emotions of his audiences through his professional acting skills. Above that, he’s always so hot ^^!

  1363. 1363 : amany Says:

    i think i will rewatch it with u..so bored of waiting queen of housewives on mysoju:((

  1364. 1364 : amany Says:

    i have been watching this video,posted by Zionizm in youtube
    link here
    and i am wondering:is it his last visit for Japan??or is it from the fans visit to him during his birthday??or both??
    i think i need an expert to explain to me,very curious for a good reason :))

  1365. 1365 : Jane Says:

    AMANY (1364)

    This was the latest fan meeting at MIE (a place in Japan) cum a belated birthday celebration for ZIO.

    He arrived Nagoya Airport on 22nd May 2009 and had a two-day (I think) meeting with the fans. He made soap with the fans earlier, and then went round to each of the fan’s hotel room in the evening to hand out the soap that he made and to say goodnight. He also went on a cruise with them.

    Lucky Japanese fans!

  1366. 1366 : mandi Says:

    amany(1363), have you tried watching at viikii? i’ve been watching there & has been quite smooth. You can’t miss QOH, it’s too big a lost. Do try these 2 places, good luck ^^!

    Link 1
    Link 2

  1367. 1367 : mandi Says:

    juz finished watching Come2play. Ohjiho looks most outstanding amongst the 3 hunks, as always ^^!

  1368. 1368 : vicky Says:

    Ohjiho looks cute in QOH. Wonder how he maintains his good looks, or is it god simply takes care of his face ???

  1369. 1369 : cute Says:

    As i browsed youtube 2day, i found some newly created clips on Fantasy Couple (ohjiho). This proofs that any good work will last in the minds of people for a LONG LONG TIME !!!

  1370. 1370 : amany Says:

    Mandi (1366)
    I can`t thank you enough..the easy solution is always there but i couldnot see it..the first link worked fine and i saw THE HAPPY ENDING^^

  1371. 1371 : mandi Says:

    amany, you’re welcome ^^!

  1372. 1372 : maru_bloosom Says:

    hello! its my first time to write in this website i hope you could read this mr. oh ji-ho i am one of your fan here in manila. I’ve seen already some of your tv drama’s for me you are truly one of a great actors in your country. so keep it up more projects to come. when i first saw you was in my wife is a gangster i laughed fron the beginning up to the end of the movie. then one day i saw in one of local network here in manila couple of fantasy from then on i watched other of your drama’s and it really moved me laugh and cry all the time i watched you. thanks for inspiring us to loved and to be loved.

  1373. 1373 : cute Says:

    maru_bloosom, i too am a fan of ohjiho. Do watch more of his works mentioned above, am sure you’ll be more impressed with ohjiho for he’s truly great actor :):):)

  1374. 1374 : Jane Says:

    A very warm welcome to you, maru_bloosom, to Zio’s forum and “family”!

    As some of his long time fans would say, Zio is truly Korea’s national treasure.

    We hope Zio will read this forum too and know how much he is loved and admired throughout the world!

  1375. 1375 : Jan Says:

    Maria (1360),

    I can’t agree with you more regarding Zio’s smile. When I first saw him in Fantasy Couple and saw his beautiful smile with those dimples, it took my breath away! He’s got a smile than can just makes you feel so good.

  1376. 1376 : Jan Says:

    maru_bloosom (1372),

    Welcome to this board!! We’re all huge fans of (Oh Ji Ho (nickname, Zio) and are always happy to have new fans join us. Zio is a wonderful actor who is able to show his feelings through his voice, subtle and not so subtle facial expressions and body language. I’ve watched, I think, all of his work and enjoyed all of them. He is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Please visit here often and express your feelings!

  1377. 1377 : amany Says:

    Hi Maru-bloosom(1372)
    You are more than welcome^^I loved ur saying (thank you for inspiring us to love and be loved) I very agree..
    As you,the first time I wrote here I was addressing him,carrying all feelings of admiration and appreciation,I even remember starting my first post,asking him to Work More coz I can`t have enough of him^^
    wishing HE reads that himself but then I got to meet wonderful fans who became my good friends..
    Now,I can share my passion with them and still wishing for the day,he visits here and reads all the posts and realize how much We all Love and Support him..I hope to see you again here or in soompi (Oh Ji-ho`s thread) or in facebook in any group carrying his name..
    it is always nice to meet a new fan of Zio..

  1378. 1378 : Pinky Says:

    Hello Jan (1375) & Maria (1360),

    I totally with you both regarding Zio’s smile. Zio’s simle with those dimples really caught my sight when I first saw him in Fantasy Couple. And I talk to myself that this is the Korean actor that I love the most!


  1379. 1379 : vivi Says:

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u
    leave happy
    i am from iran

  1380. 1380 : Jane Says:

    Here’s some videos of the photo shoots of ZIO’s “BEGINNING” photo album taken from Zionism’s site

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uW1v6yH5uuo

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SZMLfQWsVE&NR=1

    Link: here

  1381. 1381 : Jane Says:

    Hi Vivi,

    Welcome from Iran to Oh Ji Ho’s chatroom and his international family! Glad you’ve come to admire him (nickname “ZIO”). How did you find him in the first place?

    If you have time to register with Soompi.com, come and look him up – this chatroom site does not allow photos but in Soompi, there are many georgeous photos of Zio.

    link here

    Hope to continue to see u here and in Soompi someday!

  1382. 1382 : Jane Says:

    Another video link of Oh Ji-ho’s 1st Japan fan meeting in Osaka on Nov. 22, 2008 taken from Zionism’s site:

  1383. 1383 : Jane Says:

    Here’s a video of the Cesare Paciotti Fashion show with a short interview of ZIO:

  1384. 1384 : Jane Says:

    This very touching music video (also taken from Zionism’s site) appears to be the longer version of what I’ve watched before. As with the movie I LOVE YOU with Kim Nam Joo, LA BELLE and the VOS music video, this is another sad “ending” – however, personally, I don’t like sad endings, esp. with Zio in it!

    J 『8318』 (日本語字幕)

  1385. 1385 : Leslie Says:

    Hello Ladies

    I was corresponding at first in QOH Korean Drama site. I happen to discover OH JI HO when I was searching Korean Drama most commented actor. Wow you ladies give such wonderful love to this beautiful man.

    Is Oh Ji HO very popular in his country as he stands #5 here as the most commented actor.

    Anyway I copy and paste my written messages from QOH Korean Drama:

    Ms Jane

    I have watched Single Dad in Love. My heart goes to the young boy.
    Being a mom I know how he feels.
    I just noticed Oh Ji Ho was also the same actor in Queen of Housewives.
    Funny as I was watching QOH I keep on thinking where have I seen him before, luckily I stumbled on this site.

    Oh Ji Ho is a very handsome young lad. I rediscovered him recently.
    What a face, was he ever voted one the most beautiful faces in So Korea?
    Ms Fong was right, OH Ji Ho is so much good looking than Brad Pitt tenfold.

    I wanted to watch his earlier drama, Autumn Shower, some years back I did come across of this drama but was not really interested. Now I will revisit Oh Ji Ho in Autumn Shower.
    Did I say I really enjoyed him as an actor. I am so please watching him doing comedy as well as drama. A versatile actor I must say.

    I read Oh Ji Ho is good in sport and a model too. Can you ladies enlighten me on this?

    Thank You

    I Hope I didn’t bore you all with my long text.

  1386. 1386 : Jan Says:

    Hi Leslie (1385),

    Welcome! We are never bored to discuss Oh Ji Ho (nickname Zio). I discovered Zio when I watched my 1st K-drama, Fantasy Couple. I had never seen someone as handsome as he with his dynamite smile (those dimples!!). I agree, he is much, much more handsome than Brad Pitt. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed his dramas and movies. He is such a versatile actor, like you mentioned, plus he’s an exceptional athlete and a model. He is also a very humble, compassionate and kind person. This can be attested by Jane who actually met him. Hope to see you post often here!

  1387. 1387 : Jane Says:

    Hi Leslie (#1385), so glad you found Oh Ji Ho’s chatroom and a very warm welcome to his international family!

    I’ll ask my Zio-sisters in the other Soompi chatroom (see link below) to answer your questions as to whether he is popular in his country and whether he was ever voted one the most beautiful faces in So Korea.

    For those of us, international fans from Japan and all over the world, who have watched him in action, we have come to admire Zio greatly. As Jan (#1386) said, I have personally attended his fan meeting in Yokohama in February 2009 and WOW! he is a very genuine and humble person and a real gentleman! His handshakes are firm and warm and he says Thank You from his heart and looks into your eyes! I’ve written about my trip under posts #898 to around #936 (long read – take your time!)

    Re SINGLE DAD IN LOVE – yes, I feel the same as you — my heart went out to both the dad and the young boy (see also post 109). Even tho he is not married, Zio’s acting as a dad comes across as very real and touching (I also have a 10 year-old daughter) and I can really feel his love oozing out to his son. I love the way he carries his son on his back and sings him to sleep (I’ve done many times for my daughter too, when she was younger!)

    Re AUTUMN SHOWER – I watched it from a married person’s point of view and found it totally enjoyable because when I put myself in his shoes, it is really hard to be “stuck” with a wife who has been in a coma for nearly 3 years! Let’s put it this way, it is not difficult (and quite human, in fact) to seek consolation from someone (JRW) who deeply loves and admires him too. Moreover, he met JRW first before he met his wife.

    I also totally agree that he is a very versatile actor and a very handsome model! He is also very gifted in athletics.

    If you have time to register with Soompi.com, come and look him up – there are many georgeous photos of Zio there. His latest is participating in a tv show on baseball. Episode 8 has just been aired. Sounds like Episode 9 (next Saturday) is going to very interesting as the celebrity team that he usually plays with, Albatross, will be playing against him.


    Hope to continue to see u here and in Soompi someday!

  1388. 1388 : Leslie Says:

    Jane and Jan

    Hello nice to see you both here. Are you both sisters? Both of your name rhymes.

    I haven’t got a chance to read everything here. I am so busy with housework and taking kids to school.

    This is my first time here so please bear with me. I am beginning to come out of my nest.

    This gentleman whom we share to love had me open up. I think I am coming out of my shell, gradually.

    I am now on episode 4 of Autumn Showers. I only watch it when everybody is in bed.

    Jane you said he is call Zio ( why Zio? ) and had the chance to meet HIM on a fan meeting in Japan. Why Japan not Korea? OH Ji Ho is korean isn’t it? I am so elated to know about his warm and true feeling towards his fans and Jan you said he is compassionate , humble and kind. Wow what an impressive exceptional person he is. I could actually read his face and I think all you ladies said of him is true.

    For me Oh Ji Ho or Zio is one perfect guy. He is not only handsome with a perfect WOW body but a caring, affectionate and all the positive adjective we could add on him.

    His dimple I think is his asset. Imagine when he smile I just vanish into thin air. I am loving this man.

    I won’t be around as often as you ladies here, but i will check in here from time to time to see what is his recent moves or activities.

    Once Again thank you ladies for adding more insight of Oh Ji Ho.

  1389. 1389 : Leslie Says:

    Jane and Jan

    Hello nice to meet you here. Are you sisters? Both of your name rhymes.

    I haven’t got a chance to read everything here. Very busy with housework and kids.

    This is my first time so please bear with me. I am beginning to come out of my nest.

    This gentleman whom we share to love had me open up. I think I am coming out of my shell.

    I am now on episode 4 of Autumn Showers. I only watch it when everybody is asleep.

    Jane you said he is call Zio and had the chance to meet HIM on a fan meeting in Japan. Why in Japan not Korea? OH Ji Ho is korean isn’t it?

    I am so elated to know about his warm and true feeling towards his fans
    and Jan you said he is compassionate , humble and kind. Wow what an extraordinary impressive person he is. I could actually read his face and I think all of you ladies said of him is true.

    For me Oh Ji Ho or Zio ( why Zio?) is one perfect guy. He is not only handsome with a perfect WOW body but a caring, affectionate and all the positive adjective we could add in him.

    His dimple I think is his asset. Imagine when he smile I just vanish into thin air. I am loving this man.

    You will see me sporadically here but promise to visit once in a while to catch up with his lastest news and activities.

    Once again thank you ladies for adding more insight of Oh Ji Ho.

  1390. 1390 : Leslie Says:

    Jane nad Jan

    Hello again. As you can see there are two post of mine. At first I have a problem of sending, it said ‘error’ and was not sure if it went through. So I made a second one with a few corrections but the thought is the same.

  1391. 1391 : Jan Says:


    Zio (his nickname from childhood, Zio was easier to pronounce than Jiho) is popular in Korea but probably not as popular as we would like him to be. I’ve watched many K-dramas starring top-tier actors but none of them touched me like Zio. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the K-drama, Boys Before Flowers, which aired earlier this year in Korea but a couple of those actors are currently very, very popular in Korea. They are only in their early 20’s, Zio is 33 yrs old so he is considered a mature actor now. Fame is so fickle so I prefer that Zio’s career is stable and long-lasting rather than be super hot then fizzle out.

  1392. 1392 : Pinky Says:

    Hellow Leslie (1385)

    A very warm welcome to K-D OJH site.. 😀

    I was so happy to know that more and more ladies joining here and express their feeling about Zio. I first seen drama “Fantasy Couple” and deeply in attracted to OJH…..especially his smile…… his dimples ….. He is sooooo handsome…… the more you visit soompi forum and K-d , you will find out Zio not only handsome but also a kind, humble person.

    I know he like sports too! let’s leave it for other Zio ladies to tell you about how great he is……haha

    Anyway, nice to know you!!

    Pinky/nat nat

  1393. 1393 : mandi Says:

    yee….i can reach KD site again!!

  1394. 1394 : mandi Says:

    Leslie, welcome to KD-Ohjiho. Hope to see you at Soompi Forum soon ^^!

  1395. 1395 : harleydaz Says:

    Hi Leslie


    You asked is Oh Ji-ho very popular in his country as he stands #5 here as the most commented actor.

    Yes he is and here’s a few the reasons why I say he is.

    At the top of this page is a list of some of the awards Oh Ji-ho has won
    Here are some more
    2009 Asia Model Festival – Oh Ji-ho Model Star Award
    2008 Best Dresser Award – Oh Ji-ho
    2007 SBS Top 10 Stars Award – Oh Ji-ho

    The men listed with Oh Ji-ho are all actors/models.
    (Quote from the Purse forum posted by bag.lover)
    To mark its 12th anniversary, men’s magazine [Esquire] releases male celebrity photo book [From Far Away] for its October issue 2007. The setting of this 100-page pictorial is Australia, the featured actors are Kang Dong Won, Gong Yu, Lee Seo Jin, Oh Ji Ho, Kim Min Jun, Kim Sung Su, and Shin Ha Kyun.

    Oh Ji-ho traveled to Australia (2007) with his good friend actor/model Song Jong-ho. Oh Ji-ho did the photo shoot for Esquire magazine and then did a travel video of one area of Australia. One of the places they visited was Bare Island Park.
    Unfortunately there video is no longer available. The one Kim Min Joon did with another actor can be seen on Youtube.
    Also Oh Ji-ho was featured in the music video sung by Choi Hyun Joon of VOS (his young friend) and Lee Jin Sung of Monday Kiz Title Na Ijen NA2ZEN the video was shot in Australia

    Oh Ji-hi loves to compete in sports and he is a star athlete.
    With the youngsters he is very popular for his participation in sports.
    Oh Ji-ho is a member of the Albatross Baseball team for the Entertainment League.
    2007 he was chosen MVP.
    For 2 years (2007/08) in a row the Albatross team are the league champs.

    Some added info.
    2005 & 2006 Basketball Team Phoenix
    2004 Basketball Teal BMS
    2003 Basketball Team Venica
    2004/2006 Soccer
    Oh Ji-ho is also very involved in charities with the his Albatross teammates.

    All of the above make him the all around man, with good looks added. You’ll notice I’ve said nothing about
    his talent as an actor. I think the Zio Angels filled you in on that part. No need for me to say anything.

    Leslie asks:
    What a face, was he ever voted one the most beautiful faces in So Korea?
    June 11 2009 (Popseoul!) Han Ye Seul was voted as having the best shaped face.
    I can’t ever remember there being a contest in So. Korea for the a man with the most beautiful face.

    Currently Oh Ji-ho can be seen in the KBS2 Invincible Saturday Team Show.

    Please stop by Soompi and see all the photos of My Cutie!

  1396. 1396 : Jan Says:

    Harleydaz (1395),

    Great summary of Zio’s career! I feel he will continue to rise in popularity and have a standout career!!

  1397. 1397 : Leslie Says:

    Wow Harleydaz, you are one awesome fan!! Oh Ji Ho must be proud of you.

    Seems he has achieved a lot. I am so proud of HIM.

    I am still watching Autumn Shower and I love the story. I do not care
    who he ends up with. Or shall I say none of them? Whichever the plot or the story goes I am all for it. Oh Ji Ho looks young. I prefer his present look. He had mature a lot and a better looking lad I must say.

    Well ladies or shall I say ‘Zio Ladies’ thank you so much for your warm and friendly greetings. You are all special to Oh Ji Ho and if he ever knows this, he sure is one proud Korean Actor to reckon with.

  1398. 1398 : mandi Says:

    Harleydaz(1395), thanks for sharing info about Zio.

  1399. 1399 : mandi Says:

    Jan(1396), i second ^^!

  1400. 1400 : Pinky Says:

    Hi HD (1395),

    Thanks for sharing those info about ZIO….. especially about how he’s a star athlete…. ’cause I don’t pay much attention about sports…. hehe

    Pinky/nat nat

  1401. 1401 : Beth Says:

    Hello Ladies

    KD OJH

    Did you notice the # of figure of the actual responces (1401) doesn’t coincide with the figure above (1397) ?

    Wonder why??

  1402. 1402 : Jan Says:

    Beth (1401),

    I noticed the same thing yesterday, too. I checked the other actor/actresses and noticed that their’s were off, too. I attributed it to some program glitch. Now, we just need to overtake Yoon Eun Hye.

  1403. 1403 : mandi Says:

    that will take another 4++………….

  1404. 1404 : harleydaz Says:

    Zio Angels
    You are welcome!

    Hi Beth & Jan

    Maybe this explains why the numbers are off for responses

    “Most Commented Actor & Actress”
    (updated weekly)

  1405. 1405 : Jane Says:

    Thanks for your input on Zio, Harleydaz, and good eye too – “updated weekly” – this is new! Wonder why they changed it.

  1406. 1406 : Jan Says:

    Harleydaz (1404),

    Yes, Jane’s right!! You have a very keen “eye”!

  1407. 1407 : Maria Says:

    I watch Invincible Saturday because of him. I like Baseball because of him. He’s manly. He can be a big brother but a little brother at the same time. He is handsome and cute at the same time. He can make you cry and laugh at the same time. He is charismatic.

  1408. 1408 : Beth Says:

    Maria, I also love and adore him.

    Oh Ji Ho comes with a complete package.

  1409. 1409 : Lovestar Says:


    As you can see Zio’s number is now updated. Yeah!

  1410. 1410 : Jan Says:

    Maria (1407),

    I can’t agree with you more! He lights up the screen whether he’s in a drama, comedy, sports or just being himself. He also cannot take a bad photograph!

  1411. 1411 : Maria Says:

    Jan, I saw him in variety shows and I notice the cameras love him too, which is cool!

  1412. 1412 : Anne Says:

    I so love his dimple! So handsome! 🙂 Amazing actor

  1413. 1413 : Lovestar Says:

    Me too, anything related to Zio, count me in!!!

  1414. 1414 : mandi Says:

    mm…….wonder are all his features real. How can anyone come with such perfect features…. are his dimples real ones ^^! ???

  1415. 1415 : piggy Says:

    please change his picture here. Post something with him smiling to show off his dimples. tnx…

  1416. 1416 : Tata Noble Says:

    Wow, a hunk & very handsome man… Helo there Mr. Oh Ji Ho, this is tata from the Phils… Hope to see you more on TV Sereis.. Best wishes always

  1417. 1417 : mandi Says:

    piggy(1415), i agree. His latest fotos taken in Japan are sooooo beautiful and i hope they can replace it with one of them.

  1418. 1418 : Jan Says:

    Mandi and Piggy,

    I also hope they can put up a different photo of Zio, especially one that shows off his dimples. I think Zio has the best smile of anyone I’ve ever seen, American or foreign. When I see Zio’s smiling face, it makes me smile.

  1419. 1419 : Mandi Says:

    & it breaks my heart when I see him cry……

  1420. 1420 : piggy Says:

    i haven’t watched queen of housewives. Is it as nice as Oh karl? what’s his best show ever? I first watched him in oh karl and his eyes (while playing golf) was what struck me. haaayyyy!!!!! His dimples are just awesome!!

  1421. 1421 : mandi Says:

    Jan1418, & it breaks my heart to see him cry……….

  1422. 1422 : mandi Says:

    piggy1419, you must not miss Queenofhousewives if you’re a fan of ohjiho. He’s so cute & sweet as the character ohndalsu.

  1423. 1423 : sowon Says:

    hi ladies
    missed you all and for my Zio,i never miss him..he is in my heart ,mobile and pc..lol
    well,perhaps i miss seeing a new drama for him..i wish he gets one so soon as the two kings Choi Chul Ho and Yoon Sang Hyun..
    i would love a cheerful love story or perhaps a historical one..i always want to see him in the traitional korean clothes..i am sure he will be so attractive as always..

  1424. 1424 : sowon Says:

    isnot there any way to find “autumn shower” or “thank u life” online
    i really want to see ALL of his works..
    watching a second proposal,thanks to Lovestar,was a great experience..i think this drama is the best korean drama ever (judging the plot and the characters) about zio,he looked so fresh and attractive in the drama..
    ii wish i can see the missing dramas..watching more of Zio,makes me more proud to be his fan..he is so amazing actor ..if he is one of the most commented actors here,i would love to see him one of the most commented actors through the whole world..in local tvs,in newspapers,in entertainment shows,etc..

  1425. 1425 : sowon Says:

    i know you don`t come there so often,so i will give u the feedback from time to time:
    regarding queen of housewives:
    there is a big group called “korean drama rocks”contains over 9 thousand members,they have a nice habit of choosing the drama for the month,according to votes of members:
    to watch it and comment on it..and guess what :
    queen of housewives is the drama for july along with other 2 dramas..
    i wished it could be alone to watch it with more attention but i think the good thing about this drama is its ability to attract audience from the first episode..i don`t know but i really feel good whenever i meet a fan ot Zio or drama or read about it,it makes me proud,energetic and satisfied..
    do u feel the same too??
    all the good wishes for queen of housewives to keep the good reputation and it be the hopeful step to get Zio more into first class actors in KD..

  1426. 1426 : piggy Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I wonder if he gets to read what we write…I hope anyone from his group does and hope that they change his picture soon. He looks kinda old and sad in this picture…

  1427. 1427 : Jane Says:

    Sowon (1422)

    Good to hear that QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES was one of the July dramas of the month!

    Great to see u here again and thanks for the update! I’m a little more active in Facebook now but still having difficulty finding my way in it!

  1428. 1428 : Jane Says:

    Hi Tata Noble and Piggy,

    A very warm welcome to Zio’s chatroom and international family!

  1429. 1429 : Lia Says:

    Hi Tata Noble, Maria, Anne and Piggy

    A very warm welcome to Zio’s world.
    Yea… no doubt, Zio is a wonderful actor. not only handsome, but also talented 🙂

  1430. 1430 : Lovestar Says:

    Hello Sowon

    I am glad you love ” A Second Proposal” Didn’t you wonder why he won the best supporting actor award? Its because he was soooo good in playing his part.

    Did you remember the sauna scene where Zio was imitating the ladies move doing aerobic exercise. There was hip swaying and I just love how he does it. I keep on rewinding and pausing that scene. How I love and enjoyed that particular portion!!

  1431. 1431 : Beth Says:

    Yes ladies i also very much agree to have Zio picture change above!!!!!!!

  1432. 1432 : Jan Says:

    Lovestar (1430),

    The scene where Zio dances is one of my all time favorite scenes in Second Proposal, too. I had to show the scene at work (during lunchtime) to a friend because he was soooo cute. I like to watch that scene over and over, too. Another scene I like is when he races really hard to pass up the writer on the beach. He runs so fast that his legs almost become a blur.

  1433. 1433 : harleydaz Says:

    I am reposting a Hot Topic from KBS that Zio Angel Minah from Soompi Oh Ji-ho forum posted today and it’s in English.

    ‘Invincible Baseball Team’ Sharply Improves Skills, Challenges Celeb Team

    The members of the “Invincible Baseball Team” of the KBS2TV program Saturday Challenges have greatly improved their skills to surprise viewers.

    In the latest episode, the team members (Im Chang-jeong, Lee Ha-neul, Kim Chang-ryeol, Oh Ji-ho, Kim Joon, Marco, Han Min-gwan, Mario, Dong Ho) faced off against the top celebrities’ baseball team, Albatross. “Invincible” first scored a run early in the first inning. Their unexpectedly excellent performance impressed viewers.
    The showdown between Albatross’ pitcher Kim Song-soo and Invincible’s ace Oh Ji-ho was particularly riveting. They are close friends off the field and Oh was a player on Albatross before he joined Invincible.

    In the end, Albatross won 8-7 but Invincible was no longer considered a weak team like it used to be.

    Before the match Albatross had declared it would prevail by more than 10 runs. After the game, an Albatross player said, “Invincible was so united we thought we were going to lose. We’ll practice more and play a rematch.” MC Kim C and commentator Heo Joon, who presided over the game, also praised Invincible’s performance.

    A viewer also left a message on the program website, saying, “It’s getting more fun as their baseball skills grow. I’ve seen many entertainment programs, but Invincible is extra special for its candid, unaffected laughter, friendship of the cast and how it touches our hearts.”

    Writer : KBSi Jin Yeong-joo

    Based on game results, the team will train on the beautiful Jeju Island or be in for ‘hell training’ elsewhere. The challenge of the nine men to become the strongest nonprofessional baseball team continues every Saturday at 6:30 p.m. on KBS 2TV.

  1434. 1434 : Lia Says:

    Hi lovestar, sowon and Jan

    Finally I’ve finished a second propasal. Yea… u’re right, ladies. Zio’s performance was superb. that’s why he deserved to get best supporting actor. Thank U so much Beth.. for sharing this drama to me 🙂

  1435. 1435 : amany Says:

    i think i may watch this drama with the korean dramas rock group.
    here is the link if anyone want to join
    and with queen of housewives group
    i hope for more action,i feel so great when i find new members join the group but still the drama (on facebook) isnot as popular as cain and abel for example:(( but i trully hope by time,it gets more popularity
    about ur being inactive,i see the contrary my dear..u r trying ur best..i feel so happy to find any post or comment from u..and by time,u will discover the best thing about facebook is its being fast and easy to post and its ability to gather the lovers of the same thing..

  1436. 1436 : sowon Says:

    yeah,my dear,,i realize his hard working in the drama..he wasnot only a joung handsome man but a true actor in the drama..i liked his character he was kind of simple from above but his character is very deep and sympathetic,affectionate,smart..i liked the way he was giving advices for the kids(like a big brother or uncle) and like a kid when he plays with them..
    that scene u and Jan are talking about was very funny..for me,i liked the scene he was lawyer and defending a man in court..it was a big turn in the character but the why he treated the accused mother show his true kindness beside his being serious..i liked that..also his scenes in the bus looking at mi-young and feeling her misery..finally the dream scene with her..HE LOOKED AS MAN OF DREAMS^_^
    Luvily Beth
    i can`t thank u enough for making me that happy..and i am more happy coz whenever i need this feeling back,i will re-watch the drama..

  1437. 1437 : sowon Says:

    welcome back dear..i missed u alot..so happy u finished the drama..i wonder how Nat Nat is doing??she was watching it before queen of housewives..i do think this drama is of high quality ,and very surprised it isnot so popular( i mean online)
    i like the whole cast especially the little daughter kot-bi..if my guessing for the name is right..it has beautiful meaning..kot means flower and bi is rain in korean..the name is nice and the little actress is very beautiful and amazing..
    i love names in the korean dramas and family ties^_^

  1438. 1438 : Beth Says:

    Lia (1434)

    Anything for Zio sis.

    Glad you love “A Second Proposal”. I actually watched it 3 times, but Get Karl is my all time favorite!! He is indeed very handome (prince like), don’t you agree??

  1439. 1439 : Beth Says:

    Harleydaz (1433)

    Thanks for the article. I got problem with Soompi right now and are sorting it out with the administrator.

  1440. 1440 : Lovestar Says:

    Sowon (1436)

    Thank You so much for your compliment. What are sister for! Anything for Zio I am of service.

    Love your comment. Actually Zio had a lot of memorable scene on “ASP”.
    Be it comedy, drama, love etc… HE does excel and outshine in all categories.

  1441. 1441 : Beth Says:

    Jan (1432)

    I think one day we should do that scene together. He really look so cute doing that without malice. I really imagine he was enjoying doing that hip swaying motion. Look at his cheeky smile… so devilish and mishievous!!

  1442. 1442 : Lia Says:

    Hi Sowon (1437)…

    Thank you dear, I miss u and all Zio sisters too…. 🙂

  1443. 1443 : Lia Says:

    Hi Beth (1438)

    Thank you Beth, A Second Proposal is one of best performance of him.
    Karl Go… of course I agree… so handsome, like a prince. My heart always beating when I see him.

  1444. 1444 : Jan Says:

    Beth (1441),

    Yes, let’s do it!! I think A Second Proposal was so good because of Zio. Without him the the drama would have been just so-so. He brought his own brand of sparkle, good-looks and charm to the drama which I just loved.

  1445. 1445 : mandi Says:

    i have not been here for a while & wow, the postings had soared to 1444. Fantastic! I’m just wondering which ep in ASP u r talking abt ???

  1446. 1446 : mandi Says:

    so many news of ojh lately…..i enjoy reading them

  1447. 1447 : Pinky Says:

    Hi Mandi, (1446)

    Same here.. I also enjoy reading ZIO’s news lately….. and I really want to say thank you to all Zio Sis for posting all news about our beloved OJH…. thank you all 😛

    Pinky/nat nat

  1448. 1448 : Jane Says:

    Live Songs – QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES (Come To Play)

    YSH – 보낼 수 없는 너

    YSH – Never Ending Story

    uncut version songs

    YSH – 보낼 수 없는 너

    YSH – Never Ending Story

    OJH – 고해

    CCH – 세상이 그대를 속일지라도

    source: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/report/1742758_2018.html

    source: Midnightblue:

  1449. 1449 : Jane Says:

    For those living in Taiwan, Queen of Housewives will be airing this coming July 22 on CTV


    CTV QoH Trailer:


    Source: Koalabear

  1450. 1450 : Jane Says:

    Zio appearing in Sang Sang Plus (if you have difficulty opening the videos by clicking the below links, try and do a copy and paste onto internet instead.

    Pt 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcQassTtbxQ

    Pt 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07oN8J92b0M

    Pt 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWUZMc3GlOw

    Pt 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJRsViuv-qA

    Pt 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRHzx6eevQQ

    Pt 6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjEKazkrgtQ

    Pt 7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep-W5WBxKJY

    Pt 8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay35SxB5E7A

  1451. 1451 : Jane Says:

    Zio appearing in Golden Fishery/黄金漁場 ヒザ打ち道士
    (if you have difficulty opening the videos by clicking the below links, try and do a copy and paste onto internet instead.)

    Pt. 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNO6eJ_7TDs&feature=related

    Pt 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNJVcUz7ShE&feature=related

    Pt 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUdIsTcuIWQ&feature=related

    Pt 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0Y-NkiEIyw&feature=related

    Pt 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfaPnAh1ROU&feature=related

  1452. 1452 : Jane Says:

    Kitland from Soompi forum found one video for 2009 Busan international advertising festival:

    video link:

    source: Kitland:

  1453. 1453 : Jane Says:

    ZIO: could be appearing in period costume drama: CHUNO

    July 13th, 2009 // by javabeans

    Han Hyo-joo goes from Cinderella to Chuno

    With her hot drama Brilliant Legacy heading toward its close (and achieving a 40% rating), Han Hyo-joo has picked out her next drama, which she’ll begin filming right away. The series is Chuno [추노, or Pursuing Servants] and it casts Han in the role of a daughter to servants (sometimes translated as slaves, though there are arguments against that nomenclature) in the mid-Joseon era.

    She will act alongside Jang Hyuk (Tazza) and Oh Ji-ho (Queen of Housewives), who are two actors who strike me as seeming rather “modern” for a sageuk like this (Han has previous sageuk experience, although Iljimae was really a fusion drama). However, I have to look upon this drama with a favorable eye if only for its director, PD Kwak Jung-hwan, who also did the wonderfully dark fusion sageuk thriller Conspiracy in the Court [한성별곡]. Writing is Level 7 Civil Servant screenwriter Chun Sung-il.

    Aside from Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji-ho, Lee Jong-hyuk (Crush and Blush, Rivals) and Gong Hyung-jin (I Love You, Dal Ja’s Spring) have also been cast. Okay, one WTF moment: I understand that Oh Ji-ho’s career has experienced a rejuvenation with Queen of Housewives‘ massive popularity, but he’s not really getting top billing over Lee Jong-hyuk, is he? (And in a historical drama to boot?)

    The drama is produced by the company behind Level 7 Civil Servant, Harimao Pictures, and is scheduled to air on KBS Wednesdays and Thursdays in October following Please Take Care of the Lady (aka the former Lady Castle).

    Chuno 추노
    Link: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Chuno
    KBS2 Wed & Thurs Oct 2009

  1454. 1454 : sowon Says:

    there is great mania about Lee Min Ho..i didnot notice before how he became so leading in the most commented but i am satisfied coz i know Zio is achieving his success steadily and that lasts more..

  1455. 1455 : sowon Says:

    Zio Angels
    a new drama is always a good news..i hope it will be a big hit too..historical dramas have big audience..and i will sure love to see Zio in historical costumes…
    my next hope for Zio is to be in MORE MOVIES>>>i love him on screen..

  1456. 1456 : sowon Says:

    regarding single dad:
    many people were rating Oh Ji-ho as a comic actor after fantastic couple..i don`t see anything bad in that coz comic actors r usually making faces but Oh Ji-ho can make u laugh loudly easily and still the handsome man..but in single dad ,he proved to be a good actor even in sad stories..i will never forget the scene he was cutting his son`s hair before surgery or when he got his examinations results..he was PUNG HO..not Oh Ji-ho..
    watching the drama again makes me sad for under-eastimating such a good drama..i wish Oh Ji-ho`s coming dramas will be more lucky and successful..

  1457. 1457 : Jane Says:

    1432 (Jan) & 1441 (Beth)

    Zio at A SECOND PROPOSAL – dancing scene – my all time favorite scene too – love his swaying hips, and yes, so cheeky and so handsome!!!

  1458. 1458 : Jane Says:

    1456 (Sowon)

    I agree – Zio is into the character – when I watched his dramas, I don’t see Oh Ji Ho, but I actually see and feel the character that he is protraying. He’s a very good actor in my eyes too!

  1459. 1459 : Lia Says:

    Sowon (1456)

    I totally agree with u. I love to see Zio as a comic role, very natural, innocent, and can make us loudly laught. but when I watched Single Dad, I though the same with you. He did his character so brilliant, we will forget Chul So or even Oh Ji Ho himself. coz we only can see Pung Ho. My opinion, Pung Ho is one of his best performance. he deserved to get award for it. until now I still wonder about the rate of SDIL. it should get the best.

  1460. 1460 : Lia Says:

    Hi Jane…. thx for all the video links.

  1461. 1461 : Lia Says:


    Harleydaz posted the link Seoul International Drama Award 2009. we can vote best drama & star.

    Let’s vote for Zio and My wife is superwoman.

  1462. 1462 : Beth Says:


    Re : Lia post (# 1461)

    Can you do this favor for us in Facebook? I know you have a lot of contacts.

    Let give Zio our love and support.

    International Zio Angels Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1463. 1463 : Lia Says:

    Beth (1462)

    While waiting Amany to do the favor, I just wrote the link in the comment of some groups of Zio in Facebook.

    Keep on voting, Ladies…. Fighting !!!

  1464. 1464 : Beth Says:


    Did you ever ecountered problem voting for ‘Seoul International Drama Award 2009 ‘ yesterday and today? I can’t even get through to vote. I see Zio total number of vote is still 332.

  1465. 1465 : Beth Says:

    Thanks Lia (1463)

  1466. 1466 : Luvlilady Says:

    Re: Oh Ji Ho ” Chuno’s ”

    I could not grasp or fathom why some naysayer would comment on an actor role when in fact he has not play the role yet.

    I find this revulsive, disgusting and inapproriate. We could only comment when he had already acted on his role and discover that he played it weak or lacking strenght of character.

    Its true the person who did the casting has shown trust and assurance that ZIO could pull through his role with great skill, aplomb and self confidence!!

  1467. 1467 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi Sowon (1456)

    I have read in a lot of articles that its is harder for an actor to act on comedy than playing a serious role. For that Zio could take any role.. be it in comedy or drama. He is a very talented actor.

  1468. 1468 : Lovestar Says:

    Totally agree with you Sowon (1454). I didn’t notice at first till you mantion it.

    He is fast catching up.

  1469. 1469 : Jan Says:

    luvilady (1466),

    I agree with you, totally! How can anyone criticize/judge something that hasn’t even been done! I believe that Zio knows his own abilities and limitations and, I’m sure, feels that he is ready. I think so, too.

  1470. 1470 : Jan Says:

    beth (1464),

    You’re right. I was able to get to where you vote but I couldn’t actually select the drama.

  1471. 1471 : Jan Says:

    Jane (1451),

    Thanks for the links to the show. I enjoyed it tremendously! Didn’t he evolve into one handsome man! I loved the photos of him when he was young.

  1472. 1472 : mandi Says:

    ladies, i send in my vote immediately once i’m back 2day. i managed to complete my vote for QOH & ojh. For those who encountered problems earlier, you might want to try it again. Think we can only vote once a day, so, lets FIGHT to increase our votes for ojh.

  1473. 1473 : mandi Says:

    Ah, so ojh has a new drama comin up. Can someone pls tell me where can i find some info on that? Thanks ^^!

  1474. 1474 : Beth Says:

    Re: Zio in his new drama ‘Slave Catcher”

    Thanks Jane. I subscribe to Hans Cinema but have missed the article. Great news!!!!!

    Finally our darling Zio in historical drama ….. can’t wait!!

    I hope he is not chase by the Zio ladies but Hyun Bin the slave catcher…I anticipate his role would have him portray more outwardly or showcase his talent as a framed runaway slave.

    Let hope and see

  1475. 1475 : Jane Says:


    Jang Hyeok and OH JI-HO are casted for the new drama, “SLAVE CATCHER” as main characters.

    Jang Hyeok is the slave catcher and Oh Ji-ho is the runaway slave. Jang Hyeok’s last historical drama was in 2003, SBS. Jang Hyeok will be looking for the woman he loves dearly while he chases the runaway slave.

    For Oh Ji-ho, it will be his first historical drama ever. Oh’s character has been framed thus ended up as a slave unfortunately.

    The drama will be aired Wednesdays and Thursdays on KBS 2TV starting this October!

    SOURCE: [ChanMi’s drama news] New drama starring Jang Hyeok and Oh Ji-ho!


  1476. 1476 : Beth Says:

    Hi Ladies (1472)

    I mentioned the wrong actor’s name originally Hyun Bin
    It should be Jang Hyuk of Tazza.

  1477. 1477 : Lia Says:

    Beth (1464)

    Yes, I found the problem too. I only success to vote once in the 3 categories. but the next day I’ve tried to vote again, when I clicked vote for drama then there’s no menu to the next step to choose the best actor.

  1478. 1478 : Lia Says:

    I’m so happy to hear Zio will be in the new drama again.
    I hope this drama will be his next great performance and can bring him to get more success.

  1479. 1479 : jan Says:

    According to Dramabeans, Zio’s new historical drama will not begin in October as originally announced. Instead, Iris, has been pushed up to begin in October.

    “News of Iris has been a little quiet lately, even as its star Lee Byung-heon readies for his Hollywood debut in the upcoming action flick GI Joe.

    The 20 billion won production ($15 million) of KBS drama has finally been given a concrete slot on the schedule: It premieres following the Yoon Eun-hye drama My Fair Lady (aka Please Take Care of the Young Lady) in October.

    Iris has shot in Japan and Hungary, and this latest announcement spurs the production into gear for its shoots at home. Originally, KBS had planned to air the Han Hyo-joo/Jang Hyuk drama Chuno in this time slot, but as they are still working out the details of Chuno’s run, they have instead moved Iris forward.

    The drama stars a bevy of high-profile stars, including Lee Byung-heon (The Good, The Bad, The Weird), perennial CF favorite Kim Tae-hee (Love Story in Harvard), a surprisingly badass-looking Jung Jun-ho (Last Scandal of My Life), sexy Kim So-yeon (Gourmet), Kim Seung-woo (How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor), and Big Bang’s TOP.”

    Here’s the link: http://www.dramabeans.com/page/2/
    See: Iris gets a slot on the KBS schedule
    July 17th, 2009 // by javabeans

  1480. 1480 : mandi Says:

    Me too, Lia, i’m so happy to hear that he’s a new drama and look forward to watching it. Looks like ojh has been very busy this year.

  1481. 1481 : mandi Says:

    Jane, thanks for the update.

  1482. 1482 : mandi Says:

    Jan(1479), so sad 🙁

  1483. 1483 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    Jan (1479),

    Thanks. I read this news too.

  1484. 1484 : sowon Says:

    hi Jan
    i know u rnot very often into facebook so i want to share you here all the good wishes of your birthday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY^_^ may all ur dreams come true in this year ..and to be enjoy more happiness,best health with the company of ur beloved..

  1485. 1485 : Jan Says:

    Sowon (1484),

    Thank you so much for your warm birthday wishes!!! I can’t believe my birthday has come around again! I hope it’ll skip me next year. My brother counts backwards now. lol.

    Again, thank you!!

  1486. 1486 : aisuzieya Says:

    love Oh Ji Ho! too sexy!

  1487. 1487 : sowon Says:

    Hi ladies
    how`s the voting going??at first,i had problems in getting into vote but by some patience,the process went easily..i was so happy when it showed my complete vote: Queen of housewives,Oh Ji-ho,Kim Nam Joo..
    those are my choices ..so good and true^_^
    however,our drama is facing big rivals (boys before flowers,east of eden,cain and abel and more) but it isnot about which drama to win,it is about which drama We ENJOYED and SUPPORTING..so let`s keep fighting and my personal wish to see Oh Ji-ho on stage soon accepting Best Actor Award..Fighting:))

  1488. 1488 : Mandi Says:

    Sowon, totally agree with you. It’s not who wins that matters. I make use of my 3 PCs to vote 1-2xs per day for ojh. Looking @ the current updates I can roughly guess the results but it’s still a pleasure sending in votes for my preferred ones. ^^!

  1489. 1489 : Lia Says:

    Hi aisuzieya

    Yea… no doubt, Oh Ji Ho is so.. sexy !! 😉

  1490. 1490 : Lia Says:

    Sowon (1487)

    Yes, I also had problem when I voted. but then I could vote.
    of course… my choice were the same with u. QOHW, OJH and KNJ.

    Keep on fighting ladies… !!

  1491. 1491 : amany Says:

    sorry for not seeing it earlier:(( but i AUTOMATICALLY did it on queen of housewives group and Lia did it in another Zio groups..i will take another round in ALL zio groups very soon*_*(in Sha2 Allah)
    All for Zio and Zio for all ^_^

  1492. 1492 : sowon Says:

    Zio Angels
    i was surprised when i was voted today as i began to notice the numbers..Kim Nam Joo had many votes(over 20,000)wow..i didnot know she is that popular..i do know that the drama is her return after years of absence but to be highly appreciated by voters that was a new experience for me..however,i do believe she is a good actress and she added much fun and drama to the role..yeah,i didnot like the way she treated Dal So many times but away from that,i enjoyed her performance..
    by the way,that reminds me of a funny part in the episode when the loveaffair scandal was relieved and one of Dalso co-workers told him that his photoes are online and he is the second on the search engine after KIM NAM JOO..do u remember???now,i can believe that is more than just a “salut” for the actress^_^

  1493. 1493 : amany Says:

    Beth(1462) Again^_^
    i did my round as i promised and i found that dear Lia actually promoted the vote in many Zio sites,i did it in the other Zio sites..
    i didnot post that to Korean dramas groups in facebook for good reasons..Boys before flowers and cain and able even shining inheritance and cityhall fans are numerous,maybe they don`t know about the vote and if they know,they will vote for their dramas and stars..
    is this an evil thinking??well,again i don`t expect Our choices to win but i am glad to join and vote for my preference,if others r doing that,it is ok..but no need to remind them or poke them..
    i am also happy coz i found few participants :posting the site on their walls and voting for Zio..
    as i always say,Zio ladies are few in number but strong in will and devotion..but we will increase,and his career will go forward..coz he deserves that*_*

  1494. 1494 : Beth Says:

    Hi Amany (1493)

    Thank You for your input and time in Facebook.

    I know we Zio fans are small in group, but we are close knit and a fighter.

    Its true we put our will and devotion to this Korea’s Finest Treasure and no one can take that from us. We will forever love and continue supporting Zio.

    Zio Fighting!!!!!!!

  1495. 1495 : arezou Says:

    u r a very good actor,GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  1496. 1496 : Jane Says:

    Episode 14 is a continuation of the INVINCIBLE SATURDAY baseball team (“IS”) vs HEROS.

    In Episode 13, the IS team failed to catch balls, their throwing and batting were lousy, etc.. However, in Episode 14, it seems they’ve gained confidence and momentum and were doing much better than the first few games. At the beginning of part 2 of Ep14, they did a brilliant tackle of player no. 3 from HEROS between 3rd base and homebase – must watch!

    After the game vs HEROS ended, they’re back to the barrack house where each is given a personalized t-shirt – each t-shirt contains a cartoon face of each team member – Zio’s cartoon is really nice. I think the cartoon face of Mario, the pitcher is really funny – they had his beard on the cartoon – looks like a monkey!

    Here’s another video of the Episode 14 game:
    In this video, Zio does a catwalk!

  1497. 1497 : Jane Says:

    Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to Oh Ji Ho and Park Eun-Hye for being appointed Goodwill Ambassadors for the 2009 International Advertising Festival!

    Here’s some very nice clips of Oh Ji-ho from a short video that works of the Ceremony held at Busan City Hall.

    Zio said he would do his best to promote the event.


    source: HarleyDaz Post #3712 from Soompi:

  1498. 1498 : Jane Says:

    Here’s my interpretation of the Game show from


    Classmates/schoolmates of both Micky Yoonchun and Oh JI HO (Zio) were invited to the show and Micky and Zio had to identify each of them.

    The clues were their classmates’ messages.

    One signed the name King Kong. Zio immediately guessed it was the tallest girl (King Kong is her nickname and she and 2 other girls formed a gang that went around protecting the weaker students.) He identified her straight away. When he stood next to her, he said she’s not that tall after all.

    She said Zio used to have dripping nose all the time (not sure if it was primary school or secondary school); and they used to tease and bully him a lot and that he did not have good sportsmanship and was impatient then – he wanted to win all the time and finally they would let him win so that he will go away and they can continue to play.

    Zio said he was afraid of her and the gang and they would bully him. She says she’s proud to see Zio as an actor and celebrity.

    Zio also had another nickname called “squid” (can’t remember why– must watch the video again – perhaps it was because he had a rather dark complexion) and there’s a girl called “black bean”.

    Black Bean turned out to be very small in size and Zio said out of the friends, she changed the least.

    Black Bean said she thinks Zio liked her as he used to tease her and pulled her hair/skirt and liked to play with her. Zio said “very sorry” because it was not her that he liked – he liked another girl! She was embarrassed.

    The reason Zio played with her and teased her was because she was the smallest in the group and had a wonderful and easy personality and if he teased her, she would not mind – in a sense, she was easy to “bully” as he could not bully others, esp. not the King Kong gang!

    Zio could not identify the guy and one other girl (she’s also from the King Kong gang). The guy said that Zio was very shy and quiet and quite narrow minded when he was young. I think Zio assured him that he has changed since.

    Overall, the friends said they were surprised that Zio entered the entertainment circle but they are very proud of him and, because they knew him from before, they are not in awe of him as much as they would be in awe of another star/actor/actress that they consider an idol.

  1499. 1499 : Jane Says:

    Zio is so good in HEY!HEY!HEY! I was laughing so much as I type! Enjoy Zio Angels!

    Interpretation of the Variety Show gig by Oh Ji Ho

    Hello everyone, I’m Oh Ji Ho. I apologize for not being able to join you in this program as I am tied up at a shoot. I would like to present you this skit [or comedy]. I hope you will all laugh a lot and have a very happy Christmas! Merry Christmas!
    “King Card Husband” [Ace Husband?]


    Girls in the café including waitress swoon over Zio.

    Zio: [looks at lady] I’m here! [Lady trips and fall, Zio catches her and carries her to chair.] Are you alright? [As Zio is checking her leg to see if she’s hurt, she thinks to herself, he’s so handsome and such a gentleman – he’s a good catch – I feel as if I have won the lottery.]

    Lady: Darling, do we still have to meet like this?

    Zio: Why, are you tired of me?

    Lady: No, I don’t mean that (then says to herself – … he doesn’t know I am feeling very impatient) Darling, lets get married.

    Zio: looks at her in surprise

    Lady: [takes out a cake and puts on her sheep hat] I want to be your lamb forever…baa baa baa. Darling, if you don’t marry me, then you’ll see what I’m gonna do! [she strangles herself]

    Zio: laughs

    Lady: why do you laugh and look at me that way, does this mean you will marry me?

    Zio: laughs some more and nods his head.

    Lady: [exhilarated, goes over to Zio and hugs him] To be able to marry such a perfect man is like owning the whole world!]

    Lady: [knitting] (but… ) Honey, you’re home!

    Zio: [drops his bag, jacket, takes off his tie and pants and let them drop on the floor, heads to the toilet]

    Lady: Although this is home, still he should have some manners [sees him in the toilet, screams, shuts the door] what are you doing, really! He was not like that before marriage, why is he like that now? [picks up his things] (This man has totally changed after marriage. But this is only the beginning.) So much stuff on the floor!

    Zio: [gets out of toilet] Ah, all comfortable! [lies down on sofa]

    Lady: what are you doing, you should wash your hands

    Zio: ah, troublesome!

    Lady: you were not like that before marriage. Why have you lost your gentlemanly ways?
    Zio: what now? [puts hand under his chin looking cute] Anyhow, I am still handsome.

    Lady: yes, on this point, I agree.

    Zio:[at the table, eats sloppily] (after marriage he has become an uncle (atashi)!) Here, try some!

    Lady: get it out of my way!

    Zio: yummy! [makes noise as he eats]

    Lady: don’t make any noise – it’s disturbing

    Zio: [puts his hand under his chin again] Anyhow, I am still handsome. Darling, are you angry? Want to see my smiling dimple? [points to his dimple]

    Lady: pls don’t smile like that anymore, if you do that, then I won’t have the energy to get angry.

    Zio: [sneezes and rice hits lady’s face] Oh, my rice! [picks rice off her face and eats it]

    Lady: You, what are you like! Oh, I’m so mad!

    Zio: [goes to corner, puts his hand under his chin again] I’m handsome! [Looking cute!] Laughs out loud

    Lady: don’t laugh, don’t laugh, I’m going bonkers!

    to be continued….

  1500. 1500 : Jane Says:


    Interpretation of the Variety Show gig by Oh Ji Ho



    Zio: lies down on sofa again; takes one of her knitting sticks and scratches himself

    Lady: go and get a wash

    Zio: ah, troublesome!

    Lady: don’t you dare sleep like that, get up, get a wash first and then sleep. [tries to get him up]. Hold on, [smells him] what? You smell terrible, quick get a wash!

    Zio: oh, scratch my back – your fingernails are long. Ooh, that’s comfortable [gets her to scratch his head too]

    Lady: okay, you don’t want to get a wash, I know what I am going to do.

    Zio: [continues to behave sloppily]

    Lady: [gets out tub] quick, get up

    Zio: why?

    Lady: you must get a wash

    Zio: no

    Lady: you said you don’t want to wash, then let me wash you!

    Zio: I don’t wanna – I’m cold

    Lady: cold? You! Get up quick! [throws him on the floor]

    Zio: I said I’m cold

    Lady: hits him on the buttocks; up up up!

    Zio: [runs away, lady chases… he lies on top of tub]

    Lady: get in [sits on him]

    Zio: I won’t surrender

    Lady: you don’t surrender?? [tries to push him in again]

    Zio: [gets up, scooped her up instead]

    Lady: stop, put me down, put me down

    Zio: [puts her on chair; runs to room, shuts the door]

    Lady: just you wait! Oh, I’m wanna die!

    Zio: [invites friends home] pls come in, lets eat first and then drink.
    Friend: Sister, tonight we have to trouble you

    Zio: [stops short] what happened?? Wife, wife, where are you?

    Lady: I’m in here [in the box]

    Zio: where? Here? [shocked as he looked at her]

    Lady: waves to them.

    Zio: wife, what happened to you. [lady scratches her back]

    Zio: what are you like this?

    Friends: we’re going

    Lady: don’t go. Come and eat! Let’s eat this together – does this look like dog mini cooper? But this is human food. See this, [takes out the bugs in the dish] take this out and you can eat it.

    Friends: [make throw up gestures and run away]

    Zio: ah, what you doing, tidy up right away!

    Lady: I’m doing what you are doing, don’t wash, don’t tidy up – that’s good

    Zio: [wants to throw up]

    Lady: in the future, lets live like this – it’s really good. [Stares at Zio and goes over to kiss him] that feels good!

    Zio: cries, I’ll go and get a wash

    Lady: why wash?

    Zio: I’ll wash alright! I’ll wash! I’ll wash! Laughs.

    ~ The end ~

  1501. 1501 : amany Says:

    I love your recent activities especially the translation of Hey HEy,i remember seeing the episodes u mentioned and laughed alot though i didnot understand a word,now i can re-watch and perhaps laugh more^_^

  1502. 1502 : Jan Says:

    Jane (1498 & 1499),

    Thank you so much for the translation of Zio’s skit. I’ll be able to enjoy it even more now. I just love him in the skit…he’s so versatile!

  1503. 1503 : piggy Says:

    WHY HASN’T HIS PICTURED BEEN CHANGED? we have been requesting that his picture here be changed to something that shows off his dimples.. What’s his best show? I have watched the 2nd proposal and Oh karl. I personally think that drama/ love story fits him better than comedy.

  1504. 1504 : Jane Says:

    Queen of Housewives – Kim Nam Joo’s Interviews:


  1505. 1505 : amany Says:

    totally agree about the picture..i have good idea for all Zio angels..let us all post this sentence “WE WANT TO REPLACE OH JI-Ho`s PICTURE WITH A BETTER ONE”
    if we all keep writing it,we will increase our comments and the admin..will listen to us..let`s go FIGHTING*_*

  1506. 1506 : sowon Says:

    Dear Admin.


  1507. 1507 : Jane Says:

    AMANY/SOWON (1505 and 1506)

    Admin does read our comments and requests!!!

    Are we happy with this photo??

  1508. 1508 : Jane Says:

    Piggy (1503) – ZIO’s photo has been changed but unfortunately, this photo does not show off his dimples as you suggested! ha ha

  1509. 1509 : amany Says:

    Dear Admin
    thank you for approving our request..for us,Zio fans..he is always the best nomatter what he wears or looks like..but we do believe that the photo is not his best and what we love about this site is being BIG HOME for all korean stars..so it should show the best of them..right??

  1510. 1510 : amany Says:

    well,the photo has changed and this is a good news..the new photo is much better in my opinion..but not showing his dimples :(((( also not a recent photo..should we vote about the photo,i think the admin will kindly approve our request..or is there a way to choose a certain photo and make it his profile photo??

  1511. 1511 : sowon Says:

    regarding amany(1510)
    i honestly think his look in get karl is his best..it is not my all time fav drama for Zio but he looked so handsome and gentleman..so himself..
    it is not recent drama or photoes but it is the best image for him (there are also dimples..lol)
    Zio Angels
    what do u think??
    nomatter what,i am really thankful we can share thoughts and express our requests..in this site..for me,koreandrama.org is a real HOME^_^

  1512. 1512 : Jane Says:

    Dear Admin,

    I echo Amany’s comments in her message of #1509 and Sowon’s in #1511.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for hearing our requests and changing the photo of OH JI HO.

    I agree that his “GET KARL, OH SOO JUNG” look is very sauve and handsome. Just wondering if you might have any of those photos in your image bank and, if possible (perhaps we might be asking for too much!) one which shows his trademark dimples too.

    Yours sincerely,

  1513. 1513 : Jan Says:

    To the administrators, thank you for changing Oh Ji Ho’s photo. One of OJH’s trademarks is his beautiful smile that shows off his dimples. I can’t help smile, too, when I see a photo of him smiling. So, if it’s possible, we, Oh Ji Ho’s diehard fans, would love to see a photo of him smiling. I also agree with Jane (1512) that OJH’s look from Get Karl was especially handsome.

    Respecfully yours,


  1514. 1514 : Beth Says:

    Dear Admi:

    Can’t complain about Zio photos but what made him tick is his trademark dimple smile. K-popped a Malaysian site is actually naming Zio as Mr Dimple.

    If you notice we all ladies goes gaga for his dimple… to die for as we may call.

    Anyway thank you once again for listening to us. We do really appriciate it.

  1515. 1515 : mandi Says:

    Dear Admin,
    thank you for changing the photo ohjiho. This is a nice picture of him. Of course it will be even nicer if we could see his latest pics from his latest works, like that of ohn dal-su. That would b more meaningful for a fan. Thanks.

  1516. 1516 : Pinky Says:

    Hello all Zio Sis,

    Really missed you all!! 😛

    OJH’s photo has been changed!! This pic is so nice…… and of course I am glad to see so much pretty pictures of ZIO. Many thanks.


  1517. 1517 : sowon Says:

    Dear Admin..
    i can`t thank you enough for being so thoughtful about us Oh Ji-ho `s fans..we are really happy that the picture changed into another smiling one with dimples..also the collection of phtoes are good..i am so happy to see many faces of my fav.korean actor on his page in koreandrama.org..
    many thanks again

  1518. 1518 : sowon Says:

    Zio Angels
    i think the displayed photo is the best among the collection..it is from tremolo with the Super Rookie look..right??
    Fighting Zio*_*

  1519. 1519 : arezou Says:


  1520. 1520 : piggy Says:


  1521. 1521 : Jane Says:

    Dear Administrators,

    THANK YOU for changing the photo one more time – I like his one!

    Just a thought — I wonder if you can download some more photos of Oh Ji Ho from his other chat forum:


    No worries ~ I’m just being greedy!


    Best wishes,

  1522. 1522 : Jane Says:

    Amany (1501) and Jan (1502) – it is my pleasure to do this for ZIO’s family of international fans!!

    So long as someone can find videos that are subbed it in Chinese, I am only too happy to translate them!

    Unfortunately, most of the videos are in Korean!!


  1523. 1523 : Jan Says:

    Dear Administrators,

    Thank you for featuring the new photo of OJH!! I really like this one of him smiling. You have to admit he has a beautiful smile!!

    Thanks again!

  1524. 1524 : Jan Says:

    The gallery of Zio’s photos are nice but most of them go way back. I hope it’s possible to update the gallery with some of his more recent photos. Zio is one actor who’s appearance gets better and better as he ages. Not to say he wasn’t “oh so handsome” in his younger years but he seems to be blossoming with age. He hasn’t reached his full potential yet!

  1525. 1525 : Jane Says:

    Our prince Zio and Kim Nam Joo’s commercial on air 08 August 09:

    website: http://card.wooribank.com/

  1526. 1526 : Jane Says:

    Ohn Dal-Soo couple: Woori bank advert

    video link:


  1527. 1527 : Maria Says:

    I agree with what Jan says. He blossoms with age.

  1528. 1528 : sowon Says:

    i was lost in your link :(( it contains so many wonderful photoes for Zio,some of them are my first time to see,so i added to my profile in facebook..
    but the ad video,i didnot find it..

  1529. 1529 : sowon Says:

    regarding my post (1528)
    sorry for ur disturbance Jane..i guess i wrongly went to Oh Ji-ho`s thread where i saw those photoes but the ad i was able to watch it through soompi..
    thank you Zio ladies for all Zio links^_^

  1530. 1530 : pussy Says:

    Indeed ohjiho is looking more & more charming as he matures. I ‘m actually watcing his latest drama ‘Queen of Housewives’ and I couldn’t leave my eyes off him.

  1531. 1531 : Pinky Says:

    Sowon (1517)

    I agree that the displayed photo is the best!! 🙂 Zio looks gorgeous in Super Rookie!

    Aja..aja …Fighting!! 😛


  1532. 1532 : Lia Says:

    Wow… so suprising !!!
    When I open this site…. I’m so suprising to see the changed photo of Zio. and also there’re some pics too. so lovely…. I like it !!
    thanks to Administrator. 🙂

  1533. 1533 : Lia Says:

    Hi Jane

    Thx a lot for the Hey Hey translations. I really love to watch Zio in here. I laugh laugh and laugh to see him though I didn’t understand the languange.
    Fantastic Zio….

  1534. 1534 : pinpoint Says:

    Recently, Oh Ji Ho has shown quite an impressive performance especially in Single Papa In Love and Queen Of Housewives. Very natural. Thank you, Oh Ji Ho.

  1535. 1535 : Jane Says:

    Latest news of CHUNO:


    …는 조선시대 도망친 노비를 쫓는 노비 사냥꾼 ‘추노꾼’의 이야기를 다룬다. 장혁, 오지호, 이다해, 이한위, 성동일, 공형진, 윤문식 등의 캐스팅을 확정했다. 장혁은 양반이었다가 병자호란을 겪은 뒤 추노꾼이 된 대결 역을, 오지호는 호위무사에서 노비로 전락한 태하 역을 맡았다.

    … is set in the Joseon period and is a story about a runaway slave and the slave hunter that is pursuing him. Jang Hyuk, Oh Ji Ho, Lee Da Hae, Lee Han Wee, Seong Dong Il, Gong Hyung Jin, Yoo Moon Shik and others have been cast. Jang Hyuk plays a noble who because of the Manchu Invasion became a slave hunter. Oh Ji Ho plays a safety escort turned slave.

    는 오는 10일 경기도 여주에서 첫 촬영에 들어간다.

    will have its first shooting on August 10th at Kyunggi-do in the Yeoju.

    스포츠한국 이현아기자 [email protected]
    Sports Hankook Lee Hyun Ah reporting

  1536. 1536 : Jane Says:

    A photo in this link showing Zio’s new macho, manly and gorgeous looks:

    Link: http://news.nate.com/view/20090806n17368

    Wow wow wow! What a hunk of a man! I don’t like it, I LOVE IT!!!

  1537. 1537 : Jane Says:

    Another hot photo:


  1538. 1538 : sowon Says:

    wow..Oh Ji-ho looks gorgeous in his new style..this Man will never look bad..i keep remembering Zio sis saying ( i think it is Minah,if i amnot wrong) that he would look handsome even if he is bald^_^
    the thing is,i thought playing historical drama,wearing traditional clothes will make less focus on his looks and more focus on his talent but nope..this man will attract attention whatever he wears..and for his talent,i have no doubt:))
    Forza Zio..you are the best!!

  1539. 1539 : sowon Says:

    totally agree about his impressive performance especially in single dad..he made heartbreaking performance and i became a fan ever since..also he was good at queen of housewives especially at the final episodes showing more of Dal so `s character..
    i find him so talented coz he made 2 dramas in a short peroid with the same style yet the characters were differenet and he was good enough to set the difference every episode till the end:))

  1540. 1540 : sowon Says:

    i am so glad that he will start shooting so soon,does that mean it will be airing on October as it was decided before or still postponed to the new year??
    however,i can`t wait seeing him in a new drama..and i hope to see him in a movie this year (insha2 Allah ) coz i really miss him on screen..

    in the same topic,i was watching a report on Arirang or KBS world (not sure) regarding the cinema industry in south korea and how it is very affected by the world financial crisis..less movies are produced and less profits are made..so sad to know that..i hope the korean dramas will always be fruitful and successful^_^

  1541. 1541 : Jan Says:

    Sowon (1539),

    I also totally enjoyed Zio’s performance in Single Dad. This role was 180 degree different from his previous roles. Being so handsome didn’t get in the way of him playing an average guy with a child. You could feel the love he had for his son and the pain that he would be leaving him. It was a hit in my book.

  1542. 1542 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    ZIO Official Blog → http://ameblo.jp/zionismj/

    YouTube → f3management

    source: Mika-J
    Soompi link:

  1543. 1543 : Jane from HK & Singapore Says:

    New drama Chuno – Soompi forum:

    link: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?sho…303202&st=0

  1544. 1544 : Beth Says:

    Thank You admi for taking notice and adding Zio new manly sexy pic ( with facial hair) on your related photo section.. bravo!!!

  1545. 1545 : Beth Says:

    OMG did I say too much. My comment is under moderation!!

  1546. 1546 : sowon Says:

    am i seeing new Zio`s pic in the Gallery?? the one with moustache and beard??wow..i was fascinated by the photo when posted by Harley Daz in soompi..he looks more handsome than ever^_^
    if i am right,then thanks Admin..again and again for adding more photoes..

  1547. 1547 : sowon Says:

    Dear Admin
    I know you are doing your best in making this site so favourable to korean dramas fans and we -Oh Ji-ho`s fans- are very happy posting here and considering the site one of our favourites^_^
    if there could be a way to post more Oh Ji-ho`s photoes into the Gallery ..i mean if there is an email or link we can upload the photoes then checked by the admin and allowed to be posted in the gallery..that would be great..and would add more charm to Oh Ji-ho`s page here..
    Dear Admin..
    please consider my suggestion and i appreciate your efforts anyway:))
    thank you for everything

  1548. 1548 : pinpoint Says:

    I hope he’ll do well in Chuno. He attracts people in many ways, sometimes he attracts people in an unthinkable way. If u see episode 8 of Invincible Saturday, you’ll know what I mean.

  1549. 1549 : Ice Baby Says:

    You are a good and charismatic actor. Keep up your good work, Oh Ji Ho. I love your facial hair. It’s for Chuno, right? You look ruggedly handsome.

  1550. 1550 : Jane Says:

    Thanks Pinpoint for your wonderful way of describing our beloved oppa Oh Ji Ho.

    Pls can you enlighten me on how he attracts people in episode 8 of Invincible Saturday.

    Thanks!! /Jane

  1551. 1551 : Jane Says:

    Dear Admin,

    You indicated “(if you have any Oh Ji Ho pics want to share with other fans, please post the photo link here)” – there does not seem to be any link to click on – pls advise.

    Thank you!

  1552. 1552 : Jane Says:

    I second Sowon’s (1546) post:

    Thank you, Admin, for adding more of our beloved Zio’s photos!!

  1553. 1553 : Jane Says:

    KBS 2TV entertainment program Invincible Saturday baseball team finally wins their first baseball match against Zoma Zoma!

    google translation http://translate.google.com.my/translate?h…cial%26hs%3DH4v

    CONGRATULATIONS, Invincible Saturday and Oh Ji Ho for all your hardwork over the past 3 months!

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this program!

  1554. 1554 : pinpoint Says:

    Jane, I cannot describe it, please watch Ep 8. It was a funny situation. It has something to do with gas, but take it this way, it’s because he is so ‘HOT’.. so the gas needs more space ha ha ha!

  1555. 1555 : pinpoint Says:

    But watch also episode 16, the Oh JiHo’s team won.. it is obvious that the team was very happy, including Oh JiHo.. some of them were emotional too.. This winning is truly a meaningful one for them. So, Oh JiHo’s fans can share there his happiness there. Congratulations Oh JiHo for the winning! You are a very good player.

  1556. 1556 : sowon Says:

    Dear Admin
    thank you very much ^_^

  1557. 1557 : sowon Says:

    i think the note the admin included means to put the link of our desired photoes INSIDE OUR COMMENT..
    i guess as u already did in Zio`s photoes with mostache and beard:))
    so,let`s post our fav photoes to share other fans how handsome our Zio is ^_^

  1558. 1558 : Beth Says:

    Thanks Admi. I got you. Same as what Sowon said #1557 we have to copy and paste photo link of Zio in our comment.

  1559. 1559 : Beth Says:

    pinpoint (1554)

    Do you still have the link of ep.8?

  1560. 1560 : pinpoint Says:

    Beth (1559),
    Yes, I do. (wink!)

  1561. 1561 : Ice Baby Says:

    In fact, the whole episode 8 is very funny. I like it, but episode 16 is very special. There were tears of joy.

  1562. 1562 : Jane Says:

    Sowon (1557) and Beth (1558)

    ARASO!!! and kamsahamnida!

  1563. 1563 : Jane Says:

    I had a funny dream last night – dreamt I was busy uploading Oh Ji Ho’s photos onto this chat site and feeling so happy and excited about it all!! ha ha..

  1564. 1564 : Jane Says:

    pinpoint (1555)

    Yes, I finally saw Episode 16 – so good!

    They couldn’t believe they won when Mario caught the last ball! Indeed they were overjoyed and emotional.

    I am glad the show is continuing – at first I thought this was going to end at Ep 16 (at the All Star Game).

    I have come to love every member of the Invincible Saturday Team!


  1565. 1565 : mandi Says:

    Ep 16 is the best so far. I like the part where girl hugged ojh and said our dear friend ojh did a great job.

  1566. 1566 : sowon Says:

    speaking of dreams..i had a funny dream too,that i was talking about Zio and telling how gentleman he is ( using your stories..lol) when suddenly he appears..he was more handsome than i thought..i felt shocked..stopped talking..then wake up but very happy*_*

  1567. 1567 : Jane Says:

    Sowon (1565)

    Yes, I woke up smiling too!

    Hope all Zio-Angels will dream of him too!

  1568. 1568 : Maria Says:

    Oh Ji Ho, i am your fan. FIGHTING!

  1569. 1569 : Jan Says:

    Sowon (1565),

    Wow! How great it was to dream about Zio!! You were were able to see him active and 3 dimensional!

  1570. 1570 : Maria Says:

    Better be careful if u dream about him, he has a killer smile. If he flashes his smile, I’m afraid u won’t ever get up from your sleep!

  1571. 1571 : mandi Says:

    invincible Sat ep 16 is by far the nicest. i like the part where girl hugged ojh & said our friend jiho did a great job. Indeed he did a great job this time ^^!

  1572. 1572 : mandi Says:

    i’ve been having problems posting on kd for a while. The post will always be waiting for comment & disappear the next day. There was once i reposted after a day & the same post repeated. Wonder why???

  1573. 1573 : bubble Says:

    Seems like ohjiho has a new drama coming up.

  1574. 1574 : mandi Says:

    Dear admin,

    Can you pls advise why am I not able to make any postings on this site? You can reply to my email address mentioned above. Tks.

  1575. 1575 : mandi Says:

    Dear admin,

    seems like it is working now. I’ll continue to monitor. Thanks.

  1576. 1576 : sowon Says:

    Dear Admin
    i hope this is working..i am writing the link for my fav..Oh Ji-ho `s photoes..
    link here

    can i write links from facebook too?there are collection of his photoes..
    thank you Admin for being thoughtful about K-dramas fans

  1577. 1577 : sowon Says:

    Dear Admin
    Here you are another photo ..i wish it can be added to the gallery
    link here

  1578. 1578 : sowon Says:

    oh yeah,it is a good feeling to see him even in dreams^_^
    we have a tradition in our culture that if you tell your dream,it comes true so many people arenot telling their dreams (especially bad dreams) also you should tell your dreams to someone you like..
    i am doing both..telling my dream to Zio ladies whom i like and wishing it comes true..In Sha2 Allah (God`s willing)^_^

  1579. 1579 : sowon Says:

    Jan (1569)
    3 dimensional dream that you can even touch but sadly i didnot..perhaps in another one:))

  1580. 1580 : sowon Says:

    Maria (1570)
    haha..that killing smile kills sadness but is very safe..don`t worry..
    and don`t be jealous..lol :))

  1581. 1581 : Jane Says:

    Yes, bubble (1573). Oh Ji Ho will co-star in Chuno:

    Official Title : 추노
    English Title : Pursuing Servants (other variants: Slave Hunters)
    Genre: Fusion Sageuk
    Main Cast : Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, Oh Ji Ho, Lee Jong Hyuk, Gong Hyung Jin
    PD: Kwak Jung Hwan 곽정환 (Conspiracy In The Court)
    Scriptwriter: Chun Sung Il 천성일 (Grade 7 Civil Servant)
    Production Company : Harimao Pictures (하리마오 픽쳐스)
    Broadcast Station : KBS2
    First Broadcast : 23 December 2009 (tentative-following IRIS)
    Broadcast Times : Wed-Thurs 21:55 (Korea Time)
    Official Site : TBA

    Set during the Joseon Dynasty, “Chuno” revolves around the world of slave hunters (known as “Chuno Ggun”) and slaves (known as “Nobi”).

    The slaves were sometimes born into the system of servitude and other times became slaves as a punishment for a crime.


  1582. 1582 : Jane Says:

    In the drama series “Chuno,” a slave hunter (played by JANG HYUK) attempts to track down one such runaway slave (played by OH JI HO).

    The runaway slave became a nobi after being falsely accused of a crime he did not commit. While the slave hunter tracks down the runaway slave, he also seeks out the woman he loves (to be played by LEE DA HAE – to be confirmed).

  1583. 1583 : Jane Says:

    Character Information: to be updated

    Dae Gil (JANG HYUK) — He was the son of nobility. During the Manchu invasion his family perished and he was reduced to the living condition no different than a slave. On the streets of the market he learned how to catch runaway slaves and he became a slave hunter.

    Song Tae Ha (OH JI HO) — He was the son of a small private escort company when he was captured as a hostage during the Manchu invasion and brought over to China. After 8 years he returned to Joseon (Korea) but he was sentenced to death. In order to escape he took over the identity of a training instructor.

    Un Nyun/Hye Won (LEE DA HAE) — Originally a slave that shared a love relationship with Dae Gil, the son of the master house. She ran away from the master house and took on the name ‘Hye Won’ and came to live as the daughter of a noble.

  1584. 1584 : Lia Says:

    Jane & Sowon

    Funny dreams. I also ever dreamt about Zio, but I forgot what’s the dreams haha… coz there’re lots of dreams about Zio 😀

  1585. 1585 : Lia Says:

    Chuno… seems a very interesting story, and will be new experience for Zio to the role. but… seems Zio will be the second lead, I though Zio and LDH will be a couple coz I want to see them together as a couple. 🙁

  1586. 1586 : Jane Says:

    There was news from Lee Da Hae’s management company that LDH has not confirmed to do Chuno yet.

    I’d say with two HOT and HANDSOME guys chasing after 1 girl (phew!!) in this drama, LDH would be crazy to refuse the lead role!!


  1587. 1587 : Jan Says:

    What I’m happy about is Zio challenging himself in a new type of role and slowly (but hopefully, quickly) expanding his appeal to more and more people. The drama producers, I think, have realized what a talented actor he is and that he can draw in viewers. His presence in a drama ALWAYS stands out. Zio will not be a “flash in the pan” but will have staying power. I have noticed some really popular actors who are about Zio’s age starting to lose their luster whereas Zio’s star continues to rise.

  1588. 1588 : Jane Says:

    I have posted some information on the Filming locations of QUEEN OF HOUSEWIVES onto the QOH link:


    Seoul Plaza Hotel

    In the first episode, Cheon Ji-Ae looks back upon her marriage to Dal-Su. The scene was shot in Xystum House located on the 22nd floor of Seoul Plaza Hotel

    Art Gallery

    Dr. Park Gallery was the setting for Eun So-Hyeon’s gallery. It is located in Yangpyeong in Gyeonggi-do province.

    Restaurant: Walking on the Cloud

    Cheon Ji-Ae fixes up Tae-Jun with her friend Ji Hwa-Ja in a restaurant. The scene was filmed in the restaurant Walking on the Cloud, which is located on the 59th floor of the 63 City building.

    Since Queen of Housewives was filmed here, the restaurant has become very popular, so recently, the “Cheon Ji-Ae Package” was introduced. The package includes the restaurant’s full course menu, a ticket for the 63 Sky Art Museum and a ticket for the Love Elevator. As you watch the Hangang river flow by, and enjoy a panoramic night view of Seoul, you will have a romantic dinner.

    Sources: Korea Sparkling and kdramafanusa from soompi

  1589. 1589 : Gamesweplay Says:

    Zio, I can’t wait to see your sexy facial hair in Chuno!

  1590. 1590 : bubble Says:

    ohjiho in traditional costumes and hairdo…..must be interesting!

  1591. 1591 : bubble Says:

    ohjiho in traditional costumes and hairdo…….interesting!!

  1592. 1592 : Seasons Says:

    I just love to watch Oh Ji Ho’s dramas!

  1593. 1593 : sowon Says:

    Dear Admin
    thank you again..i am seeing my photoes in the gallery..it is really a good feeling..you (all the site team) are the best ^_^

  1594. 1594 : sowon Says:

    Zio Angels
    where are our fav Zio`s photoes..the Admin listened to us and we should get our best photoes published here to be seen by all Zio fans,,
    let`s post as much links,i hope we won`t annoy the good Admins ;))
    p.s..i bet one visit of our Insider Harley Daz can add alot to the gallery..of specially chosen Zio photoes:))

  1595. 1595 : sowon Says:

    I am going to add these places in our trip Agenda*_* Insha2 Allah
    simply we will stay at Seoul Plaza and meet Zio on lunch at walking on the clouds Restaurant..
    imagine if we really meet him it would really be WALKING ON CLOUDS..:)))

  1596. 1596 : sowon Says:

    speaking of dreams and i know you are a big dreamer your self..can you share one of Zio dreams with us??
    p.s..i really miss you..here and there 🙂

  1597. 1597 : sowon Says:

    Dear Admin.
    here are some more photoes that i like so much from Oh Ji-ho `s group in facebook..there are variety of photoes,if you like to add any of your fav..but those are mine..by copy and paste the link,you will see the photoes..hope all Zio fans like the selection^_^

    link here

    link here

    link here

    link here

    link here

    thanks Admin for everything..and hope the best for the site and for the man who introduced me to this place..Mr Oh Ji-ho *_*

  1598. 1598 : Maria Says:

    Oh Ji Ho, u are a great model too. I like your fashion sense. You always look great.

  1599. 1599 : Jane Says:

    Sowon (1597)

    I love all those photos! Thanks, Sowon, and thanks, ADMIN, for posting them!!!

    Am busy – will try and add some links to photos also!

  1600. 1600 : Beth Says:

    Hello admi:

    I hope I did this right. Close up photo of Oh Ji Ho focusing his dimple and smile.

    link here


  1601. 1601 : Beth Says:

    Hi admi

    In reference to (1600)

    link here


  1602. 1602 : Beth Says:

    link here

  1603. 1603 : Beth Says:

    Hello Admi

    I am sorry for so many tries. Finally I got it #1602. Yeee!!

  1604. 1604 : Jane Says:

    Queen of Housewives will be aired in Japan KNTV from 12th Sep, 2009, Saturday and Sunday: 11:00pm

    Oh Ji Ho in Japan – promotional video:

    Pt. 1 (1/4)
    link here

    Source: Zionism
    link here

  1605. 1605 : Jane Says:

    Oh Ji Ho in Japan – promotional video:

    Pt. 1 (2/4)

  1606. 1606 : Jane Says:

    Oh Ji Ho in Japan – promotional video:

    Pt. 1 (3/4)

  1607. 1607 : Jane Says:

    Oh Ji Ho in Japan – promotional video:

    Pt. 1 (4/4)

  1608. 1608 : Jane Says:

    Re the promotional videos of Ji Ho in Japan, I can recognize a lot of familiar faces of the Japanese fans that I met at the Zio’s Valentine fan meeting in Feb 2009. Nice to see them!

  1609. 1609 : sowon Says:

    Dear Admin
    thanks for still posting our photoes..i guess posting from facebook wasnot easy or allowed so i got the pictures on photobucket
    here is a link for Oh Ji-ho`s album:


    and those are the pictures included

    link here

    link here

    link here

    link here

    thank you again and wishing to see them on the gallery ..
    Oh Ji-ho has a marvellous smile,i can`t get enough of it :))

  1610. 1610 : Beth Says:

    Hello Admi

    Thank You so much for putting Zio big dimple smile up.

  1611. 1611 : Lovestar Says:

    Thanks Jane for putting the link up for Zio promotional video.

    All were lovely.

  1612. 1612 : Luvlilady Says:

    You bet Jane (#1607) same old faces. I believe they are hardcore fans of Zio.

  1613. 1613 : Jane Says:

    Jane (1607),

    I loved Zio’s promotion videos, thanks for posting them here. You are one very lucky person to have attended Zio’s Valentine’s Day Fan meeting.

  1614. 1614 : Jan Says:


    It’s me Jan, I added an “e” to my name by mistake for 1611 and ended up with Jane. Anyway, they were wonderful videos!

  1615. 1615 : Maria Says:

    i love all the pics picked by the admin.

  1616. 1616 : Seasons Says:

    cool photos!

  1617. 1617 : Yeoja Says:

    You are a cool dude. I like you a lot! You have your own style.

  1618. 1618 : sowon Says:

    happy to see the new collection of photoes of smiling Zio 🙂
    he has the best smile ever..
    thank you fans for posting and thanks Admin for publishing..

  1619. 1619 : Lovestar Says:

    Thanks Admi and Ladies for picking the dimple smiling pictures of free spirited Oh Ji Ho.

    So cute and adorable.

  1620. 1620 : Jane Says:

    HAPPY RAMADAN to my Zio-sisters, Amany, Sowon, Inez and many others…

  1621. 1621 : Jane Says:

    Lia, Myownsecretmind:

    CONGRATULATIONS on Indonesia’s Independence Day, 17 August 2009!

  1622. 1622 : Jane Says:

    Zio should be shooting Chuno already! Can’t wait to see him in Saeguk costume!!

  1623. 1623 : maria Says:

    he is so cool in ep 17 of invincible sunday. i hope he’ll practice touching his toes to remain flexible.

  1624. 1624 : Jane Says:

    Invincible Saturday Baseball: Episode 17

    천하무적 토요일 E17 090815 ①

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXYu7K1VOgU

  1625. 1625 : Jane Says:

    Invincible Saturday Baseball: Episode 17

    천하무적 토요일 E17 090815 ②


    Did Zio cover his nose and mouth with a baseball glove because they were teasing him about his facial hair??

  1626. 1626 : Jane Says:

    Invincible Saturday Baseball: Episode 17

    천하무적 토요일 E17 090815 ③

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp_arzRBBp4

  1627. 1627 : Jane Says:

    Invincible Saturday Baseball: Episode 17

    천하무적 토요일 E17 090815 ④

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktrkhlJURCo

  1628. 1628 : Jane Says:

    Invincible Saturday Baseball: Episode 17

    천하무적 토요일 E17 090815 ⑤

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHBq4n1HvdU

    Ep 17 is so funny – this felt like when I went to the Halloween event at Ocean Park in Hong Kong – as we walked, spooky things/skeletons/zombies kept popping up to scare us but I remember I kept reminding myself that these were done by the staff working there and it is not real, therefore, it was not that scary even tho everyone else around me were screaming.

    Oh Ji Ho was such a cool duke here! Love the way cute little Shin Dong Ho clung on to Zio’s arm – he was really scared and screamed the loudest and longest!

  1629. 1629 : Lia Says:

    Hi Sowon (1595)

    Too many dreams of Zio, that’s why I forgot the dreams… 😀 what I remember the most only his smiles and dimples.
    What I meant that I’m high dreamer was that there’s lots of imaginations in my head hehe….

  1630. 1630 : Lia Says:

    Hi Jane (1621)

    Thank you very much.. yes, today is our 64th Independence Day.
    we have one free day for celebrate this event. 🙂

  1631. 1631 : Lia Says:

    Happy Ramadhan for all Zio sisters who celebrate.
    Can’t wait for Ramadhan, we will fasting for 1 month then we’ll celebrate Ied.

  1632. 1632 : Lia Says:

    I love to see Zio’s pics in his profile. Great choice 🙂

  1633. 1633 : Lia Says:

    Chuno will be shoot soon? Great, can’t wait to see Zio’s new performance with his new look too of course.

  1634. 1634 : Jan Says:

    Wow! I just noticed the new photos in Zio’s gallery! Great photos!

  1635. 1635 : Yeoja Says:

    Now, they say chuno will be broadcast on 14 october. the sooner the better to see you, Oh Jiho. Saranghae

  1636. 1636 : Sony Says:

    I like you acting as the pure heart husband in the Queen of Housewives.

  1637. 1637 : Jane Says:

    One of the cast members of Chuno (Pursuing Slaves), Kim Ji Suk mentioned that he is having horse-riding practice and martial arts practice.

    Wow I can’t wait to see Zio doing martial arts and horseriding also! I bet he is really going to enjoy this!

    Makes me think back of a funny scene in the Chinese drama of the LIFE OF EMPEROR KANG XI – he was on the horse and had quite a few lines to deliver but his horse just won’t keep still!

  1638. 1638 : Jane Says:

    Sony (1636)

    Glad you are enjoying it! Pls let us have your comments – love to hear from you!

    Hv you seen his other dramas??

  1639. 1639 : sowon Says:

    thank you dear for Ramadan`s good wishes..it is a very special month when all muslims are eating at the same time(eiftar or breakfast)
    all good wishes for everyone..
    p.s..i am writing that too on behalf of AMANY..lol

  1640. 1640 : Lovestar Says:

    Hi admi

    Here’s another one of Oh Ji Ho



  1641. 1641 : sowon Says:

    i have been too curious about ur dreams coz u seem to dream about Zio alot:))and of course i am curious about anything concerning my Zio:))
    so Pardon me and may you never de deprived of dreaming..i think it is a big blessing coz it is relaxing and giving us the chance to see our inner self..it is a pity i don`t dream of Zio alot but when he comes in my dreams..he makes them colourful :))

  1642. 1642 : atena Says:

    hi darling.
    my name is atena,i live in iran.
    i like you movies,your jentel,cute,lovelly,sweet…..
    i love you so much…..allweys smile.this is e_mail [email protected]
    tank you veri much.i like too meet you……

  1643. 1643 : Lovestar Says:

    Oh Ji Ho will look very realistic in action movies. I bet you on this.

    He will definitely show his martial art skills and action scene.

    We are longing for HIM to do an action movie and now we got it.

  1644. 1644 : Luvlilady Says:

    Sowon and Lia

    Happy Ramadan to both of you.

    Me too I have dream once of Zio and it made my day!!!

  1645. 1645 : Luvlilady Says:

    Hi Sony (1636)

    Yeah, I love him too in Queen of Housewives.

  1646. 1646 : Beth Says:

    Hi Jane

    Thanks for the link of Invincible Saturday Baseball Ep 17.

    I was screaming my lungs out when they won on Ep 16. I know I’m late in watching but enjoyed every moment of it. That was a sweet victory to all of them and you could see their facial excitement when they won!

  1647. 1647 : Jane Says:

    Sowon (1641)

    My Zio? ha ha ha…

    He’s our Zio!!!

    FIGHTING, Zio, longing to see u do the fighting scenes in Chuno!

  1648. 1648 : Jane Says:

    Translation of article on CHUNO by fellow Soompier, O-cha (thank you!)

    Part 1


    Action Sageuk ‘Chuno’, In Pursuit of the First Shooting

    KBS special drama ‘Chuno’ (PD: Kwak Jung Hwan/Scriptwriter: Chun Sung Il) started shooting of the new action sageuk on August 13th at Suwon Special set.

    KBS special drama ‘Chuno’, which has been in the news for the casting issue, started its first shooting with Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho as the male leads Dae Gil and Tae Ha.

    Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho who mainly act in melodrama and romantic comedy respectively will undergo an acting transformation in this action sageuk. They will be in the center of a grand action sageuk and beautiful imagery of ‘Chuno’. ‘Chuno’ is written by Chun Sung Il of ‘Grade 7 Civil Servant’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’ and PD Kwak Jung Hwan of the sageuk ‘Conspiracy In The Court’. Their meeting on this work is highly anticipated.

    온라인뉴스팀 Online News Team

    Taken from:

  1649. 1649 : Jane Says:

    Part 2 – OH JI HO as TAE HA


    Action Sageuk ‘Chuno’, In Pursuit of the First Shooting

    In ‘Chuno’ Oh Ji Ho plays Tae Ha who fell into slavery and was being pursued. He was visible from the first filming on August 13th. The scene taken was of Tae Ha reminiscing about the time when he was a part of the security escort team and friends with the prince So Hyun. He was taken as slaves and forced to leave the country during the Manchu invasion.

    On that day Oh Ji Ho was in a bloody combat and his clothes were torn into rags. Oh Ji Ho’s character Tae Ha became a sacrificial lamb as slaves but he was set on escaping and that’s the start of his character/story. Even before shooting started Oh Ji Ho has been building up his body by practicing martial arts and immersing himself in physical training for his demanding role as Tae Ha. On that day Oh Ji Ho showed a strong solid body with less than 2% body fat. The production team was also satisfied with Oh Ji Ho’s charismatic acting as his eyes never lost its sparkle even while he was bloodied and bruised.

    All this time people see Oh Ji Ho in a comical familiar image through works such as ‘Fantasy Couple’, ‘Queen of Housewives’ and others. In the action sageuk ‘Chuno’ himself as a strong and level-headed runaway slave against a massive conspiracy.

    Even while still in production phase KBS special drama ‘Chuno’ has collected much interest with Jang Hyuk (Dae Gil) and Oh Ji Ho as the main cast. The two started filming on the second day on August 14th.

    Translation of article on CHUNO by fellow Soompier, O-cha (thank you!)

  1650. 1650 : Jane Says:

    Part 3 – JANG HYUK as DAE GIL


    Action Sageuk ‘Chuno’, In Pursuit of the First Shooting

    Jang Hyuk plays Dae Gil who was originally a nobleman but after his house was burnt down because of a runaway slave he vowed revenge and went in pursuit of the runaway slave. This is how his character starts out. Though he is profitable in pursuing runaway slaves he became cruel in the process, he also is a persistent person. Meanwhile in his life there is only one love that he can never forget. The female viewers will be touched by his true and foolish self.

    Jang Hyuk will not be using any substitute actor for the extensive martial arts fight scenes. On the 15th Jang Hyuk without using any substitute actor filmed the first Chuno action scene on wires and with high speed filming. He was jumping and flying around on the wires.

    Dae Gil learned martial arts through various ways rather than a formal training. In order to portray this Jang Hyuk has to refer to Jeet Kune Do and various martial arts. On the other hand acting alongside Dae Gil as part of the slave hunter group is ‘General Choi’ played by model turned actor Han Jung Soo who showed great chemistry with Kim Ji Suk in the movie ‘Country Representative’ as ‘Wang Son Ee’.

    August 13th is the first filming for the masterpiece action drama ‘Chuno’ with Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho’s pursuit showcased in beautiful visual style and grand scale production. Viewers’ expectation are all in this body of work.

    Translation of article on CHUNO by fellow Soompier, O-cha (thank you!)

  1651. 1651 : Jane Says:

    Another article: August 18th, 2009 // by javabeans



    Here’s the first still released of Chuno [or Pursuing Servants, aka 추노], the new action sageuk drama on KBS. The production began filming on August 13 in Suwon with Oh Ji-ho; main lead Jang Hyuk began filming the following day.

    Jang Hyuk plays a man who was originally of high birth, but a slave sets fire to his house and escapes, ruining his name and his family’s. Fueled by a burning desire for revenge, he dedicates himself to apprehending the runaway slave and gives chase.

    Oh Ji-ho plays that slave on the run who, prior to his fall from grace, had been a military officer and good friends with the crown prince. His character becomes a scapegoat in a political move and is made into a slave serving government officials. He decides to make a break for it and, following his escape, fights against an immense conspiracy plot.

    Apparently Oh has been so busy with physical training and martial arts practice that his body (which has always been known for being well-built) is now only 2% body fat.

    The grand-scale drama boasts “splendid visuals” and is written by Level 7 Civil Servant’s Chun Sung-il, and directed by Conspiracy in the Court’s Kwak Jung-hwan.

  1652. 1652 : Lia Says:

    Sowon (1641)

    Don’t be so corious, I believe we must be having same dreams of Zio.
    you know…. sometimes my dreams were weird, I dreamt but then I forgot what the story in my dreams, I just remember the person 😆

    yea… of course, sweet dreams make our life colourful.

  1653. 1653 : Lia Says:

    Luvlilady (1644)

    Thank You. Ramadhan will come on this saturday in my country.

  1654. 1654 : Lia Says:

    Jane (1648)

    Thanks for the article. Zio seems work so hard for Chuno. I’m sure he will give his best performance. can’t wait to see him in strong performance.

  1655. 1655 : Lovestar Says:

    Jane (1648)

    Re: Chuno

    Wooh…. Oh Ji Ho with 2% body fat? He must have his mind and body set to this drama knowing this is his first sageuk Kdrama.

  1656. 1656 : Jane Says:

    Wow 2% body fat!! Very fit indeed!

    FIGHTING, ZIO, all the way!!! and we are with you!

  1657. 1657 : Jane Says:

    Oh Ji Ho in Japan – promotional video:

    Pt. 2 (1/3)


    Source: Zionism

  1658. 1658 : Jane Says:

    Oh Ji Ho in Japan – promotional video:

    Pt. 2 (2/3)


    Source: Zionism

  1659. 1659 : Jane Says:

    Oh Ji Ho in Japan – promotional video:

    Pt. 2 (3/3)


    Source: Zionism

  1660. 1660 : Jan Says:

    With only 2% body fat, Zio’s going to be one “lean, mean, fighting machine”!!

  1661. 1661 : sowon Says:

    thank you for the kind congratulation as Lia,we will celebrate Ramadan on Saturday..very eager for that special month :))
    happy days for all Zio fans..^_^and for OUR Zio;))

  1662. 1662 : sowon Says:

    i have been watching thank you my life..to be honest,i didnot like the first episodes and thought it rather boring but i did enjoyed ur appearance in any scene ..you are handsome and kind actor in the drama and in real life i assume:))
    however,i think this drama made me wonder about the actor`s real life..
    do u live in huge appartement or big house full of your photoes??do u spend lots of time infront of mirror??do people (eapecially women)stop u always whisphering how handsome u r (in reality) and stop u for photoes and u kindly react to that with ur shy smile..
    do u (sometimes)like to escape from ur life as taking ur motorcycle and fly away??do u feel lonely or have lots of friends??
    just writing what i feel since watching the drama..the good thing i like about ur character in the drama and wish that happens in reality is the fact :this man does lots of movies..i want to see you in movies*_*

  1663. 1663 : sowon Says:

    Zio again..
    i was saying the drama is boring in first episodes but actually by time,i began to like it then by the middle of the drama i even enjoy it..
    someting in the plot touched my real life..it was painful but ur part helped me to get over the pain..the comparison with “a second proposal” is very logic:same writer,same cast,and a woman sympathy drama..even in ur part u sang too and all people used to call u handsome and cute ..but i liked a second proposal more..it is a perfect drama in my opinion and one of the best plots i have ever seen..and ur part was more influencing but u sure dress better in this one..
    however,it is ok to make any drama..the more u work,the more opportunity we viewes get the chance to see ur talent..in ur talent,i believe and admire even more than ur looks..
    waiting Chuno to see a new Zio:)

  1664. 1664 : sowon Says:

    Dear Admin
    i hope you arenot tired of us posting lots of Zio`s photoes..the man is very handsome and limited photoes arenot enough to show all his charm..so would you kindly publish those photoes for him..

    link here

    link here

    link here

    thank you :))

  1665. 1665 : Jane Says:

    Sowon (1663)

    Yeah, waiting to see a new Zio in Chuno!

  1666. 1666 : Jane Says:

    Jan (1660)

    Love your desciption of Zio:

    “lean, mean, fighting machine”!!

  1667. 1667 : Lia Says:

    Sowon (1664)

    yea… you’re right, limited photoes arenot enough.
    seems we’re so hungry and thirsty of Zio, huh?…. ;)) of course we’ll never satisfied to see limited photoes of him.

  1668. 1668 : Beth Says:

    I agree with you Sowon and Lia… photos of Zio is just not enough. Every picture of his speak a thousand word. He is very photo friendly.

  1669. 1669 : Yeoja Says:

    Ramadhan Mubarak to all zio’s muslim fans. Let’s become better persons, Insya Allah.

  1670. 1670 : Maria Says:

    there was news recently about ohjiho in Qook TV, and he appeared as a fitness trainer. With his body, i think it’s a right choice indeed. Mom JJang!

  1671. 1671 : Jane Says:

    The following article was translated by O-cha from the Chuno Soompi forum thread (thank you, O-Cha!)


    “Body fat level went down to 7%.”

    Oh Ji Ho began a body management/shaping training for a drama. After the drama ‘Queen of Housewives’ Oh Ji Ho decided on the KBS sageuk ‘Chuno’. He has been working out in parallel to the drama shooting.

    On the afternoon of the 20th at a fitness center in Seoul Yeoksam-dong, IPTV service Kook TV met with Oh Ji Ho to reveal the process of creating a mom-jjang (great body).

    Oh Ji Ho’s body looks musch stronger/tighter compared to doring ‘Queen of Housewives’. Especially seeing his arm muscles rise up and down as he works with weights which amazes the public. Oh Ji Ho talked about the hardship of shooting the drama and working out.

    “While filming ‘Queen of Housewives’ I didn’t exercise so my body fat went up. The weight loss isn’t visible but the important thing is to increase my body muscle mass. Shooting started on the 13th so doing both exercise and shooting is really tough.”

    Oh Ji Ho’s current body fat level is about 7-8%. In the past Bi for filming ‘Ninja Assasin’ reduced his body fat to 2% and it became a discussion topic. However Oh Ji is older than Bi (6 years older) which makes his accomplishment greater. Oh Ji Ho said laughingly “I also would like to be able to say I have 2% body fat one day.”

    “My weights/dumbbells travel with me when I do shooting. I think I need to increase the weights on those dumbbells. In addition to shooting, I practice martial arts and horseback riding so I’ve been exercising a lot.”

    We asked Oh Ji Ho tips on hos to stay healthy in Summer. He said “First of all you don’t have to always go to air-conditioned places to keep yourself comfortable.” And he also said “Do exercises that make you sweat.”

    Oh Ji Ho is determined on ‘Chuno’. This is his first sageuk so he embraces the duty and responsibility willingly as the merchant turned runaway slave Song Tae Ha. Previously Oh Ji Ho has shown his comedic acting, now he feels burdened and challenged as he takes on a new (acting) territory. He was visibly worried.

    “I grew a beard since this is a sageuk. It was awkward at first to grow it. I’m still unfamiliar with the sageuk tone. I think this will be a big challenge for Oh Ji Ho’s acting life. I’m actually really anticipating this too. Please watch this unfunny role. Haha.”

    Besides Oh Ji Ho, Jang Hyuk, Kim Ji Suk, Han Jung Soo and others are also on KBS drama ‘Chuno’ scheduled to be broadcasted in January next year.




  1672. 1672 : Jane Says:

    This other article was also translated by O-cha from the Chuno Soompi forum thread (thank you, O-Cha!)


    OH Ji Ho became a daily trainer for the fans.

    Recently on Kook TV’s “MOM JJANG (GREAT BODY) DATE WITH OH JI HO” Oh Ji Ho revealed the secrets of develeping his body.

    Oh Ji Ho said “I’m not a certified trainer but I will do my best with 15 years of work out experience. I will try to help a little in order for people to get a mom jjang.”

    Oh Ji Ho demonstrated the proper exercise for chest, abdomen, arm and lower body. He demonstrated it directly and corrected the stance of the other participants. He takes a lot of pride when the participants correct it.

    Also he didn’t just do signings with fans but he also took individual pictures with each person.

    Oh Ji Ho said “I’m currently filming a drama ‘Chuno’ in which my character is sincere and not funny but when I see the fans I automatically laugh.”



  1673. 1673 : Jane Says:

    Shooting of Woori card ad posted by Zionism:



  1674. 1674 : Maria Says:

    7% fat? 2% fat? I am glad i’m not a man-eating cannibal, or else… good for healthy diet muahhhahahaa!

  1675. 1675 : Maria Says:

    Just kidding!

  1676. 1676 : Jane Says:

    Calling Beth and Amany,

    We need to ask Admin to post his latest Zio the sexy slave Esquire magazine photo onto this chat room!

    I need ice! It’s just so hot hot hot!

  1677. 1677 : Jan Says:

    Jane (1671),

    I enjoyed the OJH’s article/interview…thanks for posting it. With the dedication and diligence OJH shows in maintaining his muscular body it makes me realize… gee…. if I could do only about 15% to 20% of what he does, I could be in shape, too. LOL!

  1678. 1678 : Jane Says:

    Jan (1671),

    All thanks must go to O-cha who gave us such a good translation. We could get a free translation off Google but unfortunately for us, it wouldn’t make any sense! haha..

  1679. 1679 : Jane Says:

    Sowon and Zio Angels,

    Hv u seen Zio’s latest “rebel-scruffy-bad boy look” photos from Esquire magazine? HOT HOT HOT!

  1680. 1680 : Jane Says:

    Here’s the link to the Esquire magazine where Zio had an interview. Will wait for O-cha to give us a translation before posting the interview here.

    Link: here


  1681. 1681 : Jan Says:

    Jane (1680),

    That Esquire photo of Zio is truly mesmerizing! It doesn’t even look like our “old” Zio. “Old” or “new”, Zio is the best!

  1682. 1682 : Jane Says:

    Dear Admin,

    THANK YOU for putting up Oh Ji Ho’s “rebel-scruffy-bad boy” photos!

  1683. 1683 : Beth Says:

    Jane (1680)

    Finally you made the link work.

    Sorry I was not aware of your comment.

    Thanks admi for putting it up.

  1684. 1684 : Beth Says:

    Jane (1681)

    That scruffy look of Zio is a welcome change. We are looking at the other serious side of Zio. What a MAN.

  1685. 1685 : Lovestar Says:


    With the new shabby look of Zio I would love to lock him up for a couple of days. HE is definitely hot!!!! Wheww

  1686. 1686 : Jane Says:

    Taken from Zio’s diary: http://ameblo.jp/zionismj/ and translated by Google online (doesn’t quite make sense by at least it’s better than nothing!):

    2009-08-28 00:01:26

    Good evening.

    Today was the event in Busan.

    Honestly, a little tired (;^_^ A

    To stop by and support from those who came to Japan

    Very happy.

    Be unable to meet a lot of time,

    It is申Shi訳Nakatta reversed.

    Chuno broadcast in January next year – and I have been changed.

    Then, in Japan, the Japan office this year

    下Satsu was thinking of the Event

    It becomes impossible.

    I can not come from South Korea until the air.

    I was looking forward to meet you, too, Japan.

    I’m sorry.

    Staff, 11 the chance to meet with you in Korea about Mon

    I want you give me that.

    I have to work hard is shooting

    And I think you and seeing you in that moment

    I look forward from now.

    For more details, I would be an announcement from the office.

    Please Enjoy the rest of the summer!

    Does is again.

    Good night.



    正直、ちょっと疲れました (;^_^A